25 Ağustos 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

25 Ağustos 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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T XT X XX. WHOLE NO. 8752. OUR CENTRAL GOLD REGION. Map of the Pike's Peak Mining Districts. History of the Gold Discovery and of the Operations of the Last rwe Tears. Inscription of the Mines?Quartz Mines and Placers. The Ko<-ky Mountain Gold Crop of 1850-60. Devetopement of Towns--TradeSocial and Political Ziife. Denver City, Golden City, Boulder City and Colorado City. CLOUTS AHD AGRHTLTIIUL RE301IICE4, *e.? Sc., Ao. Oar Denver City Correspondence. Dkxvsk Crrr, August I860. IV Part and Prrrmt of the Pike't Peak G rid R'/i'?u. Although nearly two years have already elaps<m since the (Sot of the existenoe of precious metals in the Rx lcy Mountains first became knowu, Incoherent and incomplete informal ion, conveyed in sporadic oewspapor ?> rroapou deitce, only has thus far reached the public ot the List in regard to the newly opened Dorado. The subjoined co-n pi la 1100 of all the faits in relation to Its discovery and Subsequent develo|?eiiicnt, togeiher with a detailed do srrl) tioo of ita mines and towns, climate and agricultural TMouroea, may tnerefore not prove unwelcome to t'te reader* of the Hkkau>. It is certainly the m m'. Co np-ofeiusive and aocurate account of the past and presnut of the Pike's Peak gold regious ever published in any Etsteru journal? I rtr ? or thx nrocovxxr A>rr> (ikadcal divbloprxixi OF TBI HOLD mnv The eastern Bud western slopts of the Rocky Mounlaius bare bwt the theatre of tbe exploit*of A iglo American ex piorets, trader* and hunters ever since the latter part of theism oeuvury. But, although mineral treasure* wore luiuil by ibem Id various portions ot the present Territory of Jfew Mexico it does not appear that sillier gohl or any Other previous minerals were discovered uortU of the headwaters ol tbe Arkansas river until a very rucent date It is true, vague rumors and hearsay talet bare, fr*nn UuDrmoi ial irtuea, nourished a bellel in, ratber thto Opr. ad a knowledge ot, the prevalence of gold in the more northern!) part of the rs g.-a of tbe Rocky \l-u jtains, ao?<>bg the niigrutury inbalntanif of tbe far Weal. ?ut direct and subsuautial evidence of that supposed fa- was Lot oDlaiu-d until about twelvo yoars ago In ?j- Sunicnor oi IMS a party in oueiu*er? aociuei tally fi it*> e n.c smali pieces of quarts act, studded wtt-i g id, uo Win banks ol tbe Canto- la IVudro, a vosteru t\.t' Itar) (-1 the Mould Platte. lu 1Mb a hunting rv.wdtlion (>f mehit-eit of tbe same fribe resulted In a similar discover > id die saute vicunly. Neiluer the ortgiual nor ~ct-a. 41.tcl dirtoveiers made, however, any allecupt at -sysvemat ic protecting or mining. tki their return V> ttie Indian territory tbiy freely rclat?d their euvu.ture The news baring roadbed some forgo r residents ol tbe Georgia gold regions *ho bad s-tiied In Um (lieroki e country, it wan communicated by Hum to ii-deji in their native dtats. Among other* ll ?tJ teamed uj Green Ruseeii, now known as tbe olsouversr ot tbe So moled "RusseH's diggmgs." 11' < to visit the reputed gold country. Adverse circura.ti.Ros pretested, however, bis departure until the rprlug of IttM, when he undertook to Journey over tbe Arkansas routs, la company with his two brothers and a Urgj parry of practical Georgia miners. during tbe spriug ot loSs, fall leaf,a TViavrre Indlin, appeared in tbe Kaunas town of lawreooo wlib r small quan.lty of arale god, w bich be claimed in hare f.mu 1 vrhile hunting on tbe source* of tbe duulb PtolU. Ills Story forthwith produced excitement, aud caused tbe organisation and departure lor "Pike's Peak" of u numerous party in the month of June. Tbey reacbod the b?se <|f the Peak In tbe latter part of July, and prosp vieI the Various streams teat wash It. Not finding. Qowev r, anything of an encouraging character, th.y turned Southsrajd. bat. ua heariua lite Lews of tbe or cacnn of lireen WusseH'* p?i tj ui tbnSmth Plaits country, rvtr.icod thjtr Mia ud took up pertnaneut camping ground* oca.' US (itniM o: the tfeutb Puute a to Cherr} creek. brerm Russell and bis followers bad fotfc-wed up lu the fcnalum Um douih 1'alU to it* sources in tbo South Vwfc, Mpn.rau Hfrttl of tu tributaries, aad unkormly (bund guto, hoi not In such queatitlea as would bars jss>Ikw.i pro.imtod operations After aa excursion In a enters direction to the base nf the Black Hula, tbo remS.DS of r.ia parly Joined the Lawrsoos company in toeir camp n Um cfcuib Plaits, near Uis present ells of Dearer at j. tb . was In September Shortly afterwarde aome In dtan traders moved tbelr rmdi and cbattels to toe ten bairn of t.berry creek, immeliaitly below its mouth, and grrre joined by the lawreoce and Georgia gold biuiore. The msi of I lie departure of eererai expeditions la eatjb of g"ld along ibe bear of and litis K icKy Moun ains made a profound aunaatioa la ibv Uiesouri river tow lie, and in tbe moolita of Beptombar and October the turipi-n; gold fsrer Orel became mauirest by ti cmOerta.xit, lor toe *ui>i>o*ed new Dorado of Binirmu p?r1MB from Kansas City, Uneven worth, St. Joseph, an al nn, vokrwtt City. Omaha and Council Bluffs On tbelr arrival no Cherry creek tbe; ni.wtly ooenmeaeed ntaumu tating tb" sand au1 gravel of iM eed and bank* sttml delay Put, althougti tbe 'color was raised," as the moult# phrvr run*, their rxiwrieoco Speedily r.,ofl trmi that of itrr preuw mors, vir ?mat pay tug depoette o. gold wert net to oe looked lor at the base of tbo m< on tains, tnt In tne nmuuMiss themselves. Impenetrable S Un<y act-arenlly promised to become >or amj m tnlba by the rapid approach of the winter Mwi, the dual *> tutton nf lb qucethm of tbe eitetroce of gold Is raying Qoai.nti!-* in the Itocsy Mountains end evidently to be <Jsfcrre<l until Utc coming tpring Instead nf gold digging, the fhrortte Anglo AmerlCkP (metiisu m town sit ing was now resorted to Town lit were tnSca up on ?>?tb the left and n*nt bank 01 berry Oroo* Tbal ,.j tne left wss railed Aurana, and that on (be right Denver City (b the 1st of lHc? mbsr, 1IM. >be s tgvrgaw number of fbg met let* no Cherry crock, aa* about three hendrsd It vn Vied but little during the following winter, the arrivals turn and di par turns fur IM Em* bums but few. The wiatsr months wrrw ptiucipaiiy dsrotod to the avertrm of log 'H>n**s and other improvements by the |4<me.e gold L ante re. But little was done in the way o vnlnirg along the bialu of ths Booth Plana and Ckerry CrTbe winter reoved, linegpeetcdly, mils, a fbet whte.h fggderi-d Ibe enduraaee of Uie many Inoooreu teste* au l privet <* incirteetAl to viww taoiatod puaition In ac uabrv-Mw flMbftrW more tolerable. In the month of Marrh he vaasuard of tic moiivii mm of r<dn thirsty adwlunw* tbat invaded the K y MmnUlLS deflBg U?S Spring and so-smr-r of 1?*? mvlo their advent oti Cherry creek. Tbe number o< am via dally 1_1|ISS f. ard the gold buawr* Unally poured in at the rate of #everal hundred per day. I^ rai-hms lb- goal of tbelr wi*ta?e?the supplied modern Pacini us, Cb rry ceec>?a short dire into its sandy - tumm Ul?t ihA MTiliny Pturi. a sb^irt IV. w edrr-ttl f.cb?. nrcouud by Mcr.ipaiovit i? Vf f4?t MUd "O no irnvinv; bvi, md E2 ZJ?J!L btifV ro?u..Uin n*m~. ?l?? yni n;w *??? r.~ ?wfuiiy ?i>'l ^Sr^rJrr.^J-2-;-^ tbt v*U?}* A VM^vms ?f Arv bbJ il \ r?U l < '' UiU^ E NE M0RNI1 on?ki. both tr'bularua of the (toutla Platte, Issuing about Afux-b miles >|aii at the "ace of lUo highest range; yet they actually succeeded In finding gold iu and alongside ot tboeo two strraiu* aud lu-ir hr-nichi*, tuerchy verifying ?i eoiui extent the theory of the prevalence af targe deposit* of g> Id tig a up in tire mouiud.nn But the con- i ttuualloo uf trofcto and snow, and ilia scarcity uud dear net* of provisions, prevented the regular working >f the ntwly discovered placers in those . uv , and hence the aggregate result wufc nut very encouraging III pr> tared as the majority of the spring's Immigration wen lor a p'oi. acted gold bunt iu the mountains, the Eecuiiiig certainty of such soon produced doapondeticy ! and even ties; air A regular panic a d stampede dually n-ued, ?tui lor a long while lue exod is oontiiiu <! in such proportions an to tuointae tbo entire u'j-iuuunuieut of the country in a few dues Providence. however, had dacroed it otherwise. Or. the liiti ot May John II Gregory, the three brothers l* frets (utphewr <1 the well known luimun lolilirian), and several others, while prospering a'ong the Nurtn f ork ot \ aaquoz or Arar creek, had Hit li attention attracted by sir- ak* of quart/ extending over ttie mountains that bordered the valley, fncy opened one ot the vtius, and after removing tue rock to the di plh ot several leel, struck a cavity containing a dot like sub*urnco, a puu full ul wtucu yielded four dollars em being washed. In view of this startling fan they could well exciaun,''Eureka i Eureka I" and ins ecud the) elicited Iroin the maw of gold hunters that were like themselves, rippiug i'i>ou the mountains in cinest of gol.i,ilid not fail to prove that the im|Kutauce of tbeir discovery?tno turning point mine history of tbido velopemeut or the gold field* of the Rocky tlounia.o.s ? wu* at line rectguiked In lete than three weeks after their Ineky strike, at least 1vo thousand bumau tieings bml crowned, with wagons and oral'l animals, into wuat >.- ihttcilurui known as "Gregory's Diggings " Pros peeing holes were dug every where. fhe ipisrtz veins, that tanly checker tb-s.rfca sod summits oi the mcun lainr ot trial vicinity, w ere opened by thudo/eu; sluices appeared at ail points ol the na. row valley, touts aud pine huts literally dotted tho mining ground. Iu short, ih* j* collar stir and bustle ot a gold niiiitug cocamuuity muoo ttiemsel res quickly fell iu the very heart of the Kinky Mountains (ii tLe ttii utands that had crammed into tb Gregory gulch up U> the latter pari el Juno, hut few. UOWever. rtm1Urelr oxpcctut ous the irulh was, it u! tin. n tiuuieiabn* quail/beds of the Gregory dip tugs, ouly t? en ail in mix r contained quartz in so adv? e-i a state ol dK-otii|>ooitit>u as to render success, by the simple piocees 01 panning and sluicing, posoiblo. Tuo prova leiice of quariz so foil) discomposed us to a' ow the sept rulion ol goto without the aid ol untcbinoi , was a pe.'ii llarlsy ol' bait a dozen leuds c Jy luo owioreul tLi>so tin.tie' ctjoribouB wages, wbilo ttroio tbu uuoouutered nothing but tbo solid, stubborn, primitive rook, did uot St euro enough to pay lor the sharpening of tli r picks. Host ol ilie uniucay gold binders so di lir.-d of met? fruitless struggles wild Ibo uuy idling rook ol tUe veins tliey bsd o|>ouofl, aud being lot'i to try ttioir picas aud Shovels in clber gu eties, dctcruilucd to leave the Gregory uiu.es abd returu to tbo Mates. inn ing the lattur |>art of June and the entire month of July a ci. wu ot disgusted gold seekers passed daily Unoogb Denver ou their way to tbe Missouri riecr. jut not all of the uneueeess.'jl uujh j iiuou lb tbe retro g'.ide movements Many, perceiving tie Seusmevsa,ta ol leaving Uio country alter tbe trial of a low days or wet a* only, detenu uiu 1 to pro-pool tuo mountains uutl gulebrs uojuiuuig the Gregory mines Green K istdll led tbe van, and atur a lew days' prospoctuig struelt a placer ib a guieb, about tbjee bines so.no ol Gregory's. Hun dfedn ot prospectors gruuuully lollowcd las exa uple. aud tbe gulch iu wined be Lad tirst tound gold was uainud at let luui. una tual, wild all otter valleys, ravines, dells, glimes, glens, Aid., Ate., extending Kuuth and west ol Gi? gory ?, aud covering an area ol peiuape ton vqa ire bill, s, Ih ame tie Sletus ot tbo labors of minors alSil oaily Uun.ided better uvldcuce ot tbu mineral wiaitL ol tbe iiotk.v sou: laiuS Tbe iiiimigiitdus tbat had let; the States, lb couse queues ol tbe news ol tbe discovery ot Die Gregory nig g;ng?, and arrived lu tbe gol t region , li !y aud August, utariy all repaina to tbu same rogi. u jd to war-.s the cli?t oi tbe m.iiiiig t %ai% ibiiusai'ds inn louud lucrative employment sllbiti it, wbilo bat a lew buudrcd remalti ou in the Grog.irv minus oiigagou iu Stilleiug whatever puivi ruiQ gold bearing quartz they were able to obtain In in tbe more tut ored bods. K'deti nee bus already been m<nle to the fact that la tbe l lonth ol April many prospectors bat ventured up VsMprez I era >>r Arar creoa, aud VI Vram s fork or jnu'ucr crtca, add discovered gold iu tue banks aud beds ol tiiooe vtreunj iJlmalliMitMualj with Gregory's urtke. placers were, indeed, opened at vartois points alot.g the sou lb loik of \arquczoi Arar crock l'd-ae luiuos heiHUic seviruily huov. u as Jackson's, tbe Spanish, Chicago, I t.lon and ottrr d!ggnbs. Tbvy are situated from h.v in i^n mows a miti n 1,r.L"irv' Dnriiur the wtieral latter m U.c SUUUunr u.ituj returniJ, Uo WOVer, to ii.air old mining gronua ?jd cociiauou working u to the close 01 UlC BcaSuU lur diggings opened In the early spring od St. \ rum's or Bt uldi-i t reck, ami hover il ol :U bruucUuS worn wo.bed by but a iiU'iuo number of muicr* during the last Statu!). TDU " JHftCO wort of A SOiUlty dtscnpliou, jui Uie ijuai t/ tenia di?Cuvu'oU ui the uan region, a I til uigb uutliorotw, tlid out y ieM ' (lay uirl," aud ti >oce conkl but b? nikiio available for wai.i ui tuacuioury Hie lust wutionu.i oiggbga an ficut tiiieeu to twi nty lire wilus north c.brvgt rya, abd about twenty oniua south of the bate ul lung r I'tialt. Uiiuif the on uili of July parties of more than ordlbary In ulnrer and aateui'irceeitiM) tllap ailtloa extended tueir prospecting e.\pedil,.iaa to too very crtat <4 toe highest mt.gr, abd a Lumber pasted to toe wosloro slope, iu tp?lc Jt luu slaughter of Several slragglura by lurking bands ol I tab lnuutua. Orut i? Uie tuud watort of Greek rlvor they reuitinuod In v southerly dirt-el hhi, wnuwd tbe dividing rang), an tibaliy descended into tue aoutn I'arit. Client, on tbc bc?xi ??bil ol loo Sjulb I'Utle, tbey found trw> ? ol gold, tUkril oil claims, aud ivnntinniicod tnuiiog in regular style. 1'artiea despetehea to lanver for auppiiua having made Una discovery Ituuwu, tbe exciting new a was rwpt -ly (iimm iinbatiul iliriuigb >ut the solU.-inuu ta, on tbe I'la a?, and the oid digging*. Tbomutu.l* burned to the new mining ground, no ning daunted by tbo wearisome owuotttiu >iwt?) ol a hundred mike but on tbetr arnral they loubd U at itr accounts vmicli bad lad tbein to ub iletleku tic trip unit- tnislly n'twa rxaggerali'vis. A few appeared to lie d?mg well, out the r mi uj^j irity were sin) sear ibuig for and bad already found g-dd At usual, extravagant expectations auoo gave way to un wairai led d<s,x'udeocy, and largo numbers soon left In disgust. Many remained, novrrWcJeM, and gradually Dial ng'd to do well, liming was coulmue-l in the South far It, or tarryab digging*, until lute in tbc fait From the south rant many of tba disappointed gold bubttrs saiiiid lorih pr.spoct.ui. Tbuy orusael ins range dividing tbe waters of tha South finite In ui those nl tbc Colorado of tbe West, and, slier Journey ibg and prospjciing for some time, oblaibed lbe " Color" on ouc of Uio br.iuc.hc* ol the toe.- or K a boon kara liver, which ta liaoif a .nbu ui) ot Grand river, one of lbs two maid brxueoes or the G lorano ot too W. nt Mining operations were ffirlhwi'h e> trn<ebCk<i Tacy were Qrw greatly retarded by ttc in adequacy of tbc cuppiy uf tools, provisions, no , Ac But tbeue (iTawberks were ?<x>ii rtmoccu, In OMbbcr several hundred men were fairly at work In Uie "Bur river diggings," situated uo to loo ttii<? sou la aunt or Usurer. I'ur ing tbc r .ilower the Unprin sum prevailed to the gold rrvToos that tbe supposed rigor of the e'traate would bring the mining season to n clow n? early as drptember. Contrary to tiia i-iatiun tbe weather continued, U iwcvsr, suipr trngi) mild during tho m.tire fail, with the exeep tn* ot a few stormy itwys and snow taita of snort duralmil a regular Indian munim-r delighted tb? minert tuap of Aret e U.ti naroim net it, and fr?ra that day Didder Ul^gti K ?l h*al ?'?ando?iid. Ir (tot o<-r Uh- mmrn ootumc ocod embarking for their olo m irirt u lite Kant, wberu they wen- >ni?iu> to r|n-i)d the titter. n>e trartl turret ia the >ut>n ri-o'l.l) in crMMil na Urn tnmn adratM-ed, a. d or llir l?t of No I Tec. W. o( the Ave UMiiraiin minora toil wore at ?r irk lc tin- di.uilt ij on Uk1 lot if hvpUiuitror, but about two UitUMnd rehiaiueo Oi there, many tunre rrinrM to the towiuMter ng Koron,be* f>.'le a number, neeartbelwt cvM i.?l to the aim* troth on tfca eaetern and wnturc atop* during Uto *..tire ?inter. The ixMniouaicatloo between the fin-gory and adjoining Ditnt-e and tb? * llU-mi-i.la at the (tare of tho r-nintaina, mat no tune itit?rrii|d<ii dving Ino ja t iter, nor nMtkaa -ther in the u,(>mitain? cr?rr ao rigor una aa to Ixi-mc a 'Ooroc of hardship Hut* t mi-Ted to the Tarryall and War rlrer n.ga-i ft. xitttTrr, w<rr rut iff from all Inter kt.irar with Uu- tiiu.tr- Mid towns of the t-a?tern Bb >p" pre many wree-aa, in t?it wquct.ee til the die p mi-are oa t' e ril ruling rat jaa. To.tunatuly, tlwy had area al-> ? enough to lay tn a nb. rai nij-ply ot prnviaioua and er-<t a mf?rtab I. log m-ieea. it tnat tfci-y md not infer by their Iv-iatiOQ. In 'be way of t-.ltitag hatdly au.t thing ran done curiae the ?inter in the South I'ark uod tut the D'nr. In the rujiii-i of the I.-ati.ro alope the arriral and erwe ti ii in ito'n-ber and Norwn or if Uirt-e ataaiti quart* nulla t ..?cu a ou-.tinuaUoti of quvtk quar. log when n t Ue C'tn'lllon of tho wraiber p?-mined It Tb? inilie prtrreti, h warer, rnry rtalirllietnry and at iat of the Ilia bait to b< pilOd up UUOned, lu i-lptolatl'W of the arrlrai of ad mi intra I nam u the apt leg limb to the lowne and trtlnea the winter oM9.'?-0Q wae whiled way b) the inhabitant* aa beat they c>uld. fb? mittent | artteiilar.y were impatient t f in t ' *ulWMMy tdliM-m. and rag-wly awaBed the t -appeal cO of the warm m-wnon But although the weather waa air euring lu-orqnhr-r, January and f'eburmry. the mouth* of Man-n an*t A| ii b't-<i|?ni an unpr-ptlmtA fleqat-iwy M o> Id wind* and anew fblla. which rer-'.rrrd r.? ?ar!;-rernup teai pi nnu tig o|? rmit"r;? ibi^wio i r i.mi- p. j urtil la*' Ui ? > lLat mum* cvnuunnd bai. t earned nb le?? ti? Ctf at.d Mart* en tba Kael tu ?' m*. while on live W.nir'B. mine* Uvd to 01 iitit t'leuieeirr* without *?<?rk t"-m iiiitll tba Dm d?f n! Jnn't lata to At rll i,attr an internet I. prolueed br tho i nrwo id rib i! ! ?. < ripe on Uo her wal?r? ,.f tb Ar kan*ae, tut re??1'-<l the c mirntivr qui"ta<?ni tbat bail (iff-railed an>' nf the people of the ? it' regl' e* d ring the inUr mouth* 1 h? ret< fore I tie t;enrrnl he!lef ?-* Mat no go t eit?lnd out* of Plka'i r?*k "Tie fart of the e* lrtene* o' rlrb /.aren w many gutrhee, w%#tp-d by toe ixinma n'tLc Arkaa.M*. n ? became folly rwiablub*' and dleprnrrd tbt* CTraMOta tuppnsttloo. Alii-ady in Kibruary the trajel between the gold re fMiii and the Mteaoorl rleer, wtneb liad gr-ati> fb'1"? ?rfl during I*cetnber and .Tacnary, eap?ru*ncod a eon elder able tnrreaee In March tba nmnorlcal atreogtlr of the migration forrahadowed the ravin <m of tba coming tide In April the godlhtrrty, eager i'? row. ere onuld already be ooufml by the thmiaande ft tn tLe let ef Mat my Mad* lan 'ed weekly na CWtt rierk Not be* than eeren tb i*and team* pee*'<1 *'Tciij,b Itcorer oc their way to the mountain* during ?Aia tr.titu. 11 W, tutor, u, uuyttMtif bvlMlvvl lUl Ml W YO \TG EDITION~S ATURD A Y, OUR MIDDLE AU R MAP or TBS riEfi'8 z I in 1 ,1 npr-U"). ~f V nW "r I;'!""-;"! .If . .... ,T? C"'W ttv'S- 'v': I / V L-'VS, N .</ V> fjjj/t' ,'4?" . v . I?? ' ; _, ' .; 'v -\ *- 5fr? x"'^{ \f Athdl. ParL :Mlf: ? V- ' i&>..' Afc" #VSJ$>v:, 1 5w "'Iffy - 5 ^ I $ ' >v \v " ' J k^~ Cv -Jr*. %-; -/ ' -*' Vr t :V /; -; .,- - /f. ftfcV'-A. , i *ti ><y.4i. n?r 11 / v.X? V/iV A .; 5"'^ W/f&??. ?..*-4i < ^4; ; jwv I I T" Thr* 'lnrV tlfi'<4 ?! . n.M; MLIUiyfranlS JTiffU SlU -C lU. J 1*1 Ol I rlnillj. ('i ill ? uiultiiuikr abon' twenty thousand iuva.odth| ol<l mu B, t (tending tr?m n? ar the bu? of l/mg'a I ?ak I the suuth fork of Clear creek Tliuse tbat MOMpfMTl ooi'. with quiula milts nearly all locate i lo 110 r. oa<1 adoiu.ug gulcb<?. mid busied Uiem.Mvst vr >10 theerect'on of tin ir srurh'-ri Many acquired lul r iUir found employ mi nt iu the placers and qu*rts uitier n. mod last year, while dtoiutanct gut out insarcbof n n iln ?iV? if tbe innumerable unexplored vdivyg aid g efch*s lutervi-ii'oy between M. \ rain's and Va 'pn z's on >1 Tbe bulk of this- spring's and auium r's lmin.f ration I mace, however, for the Tarryall and H un river d gK> t J and the bcwly d.sci NNi mines ? tbe bcadwat n of liw Arkansas. the co mi., i tributaries ot tin- Urand anu tt.'w n rivers oo the Western slope and tbe sourc tb Stulb i'lalie and Arkansas are ?t present fairly lin -1 a 13 miners and pros|vcter?. Tbe lovely valley*, tbe lilylli planes, tbe rooky anJ prn Ipiutu* canon-, 'bedarr. s< elided rsvimvi-f all il-ai rog'ot resound with tbe are, tb pick and lbo above) Tbe lorty n lyes tbat divide tbe water systems of the tin slope* all bear tbe im-ks of i i csasaiil travel?id (ei?, tile sclthh energy, the ln?aliav lr MjierncsF, Uie uervju* ri Uess&eM ibal alway ? ctiarsei -r i/.e life in a (; dd country, aro every where display od lu that mighty mountain world, whose primitive eolitude but weeks ?jto was broken at lutorval" ouly bv tb ** wboop ot r?d ski&bod aavages and tbe track of tm wulic b' liter S r .lie. A* to th? result of tbe efforts of the Qfty tbonmnd m jitrs acd p'uerH-tter* tbat have for *< me w r'-ts l>,>ei, i engage" in aUeuipii. U i. S'-rabow d i'u llocky Moue'suis I of ibtir coldcn wealth. II U already evt lent tl.o IVrnfury and adj m -mr *J"? '*?* -i u the inpur ww of ik fort ofrb f. er or?Tl*r a. a rar'nin aTth. abioh cpdUM tm'TMlawl r"ek prng?*'C<l a.tti 8wri>??? atoma of gold. II ?u ><ot of llu !*? i'rt'' lhathr 'bnrffiouli y ?-lda It.Hi otiUbone anything e>?r knxrn In (Woti.la.BoJ I'w i^aUyof whiflk v * dcibtad long by thr &*'?** pnb.io, w'era cbialied by alqlftf.g Ihjrtng' i fbe Aral *m k? \rtar th# fltano'-rry rf Iter flrognrjv in low, It wan, lorirBil, on nnr mttnoa thing ftr Ukaoancrt of nm>* C'nlma or tbn org'ral tlrr*"*y B"d a fa? ntt??r relna to raauae on? boa<1r??1 ptmDywrlphta aad mm p-r day to ?>p*jr baud, rnfi triiataly, i-nwoear, tl.aaa crarlcaa prnrad at.otDalitd that aor?ar. <1 la a coiriMra tlrriy rma'.t number of ciaiioa only, and et*?? la lOoao Dot i*rma?.M>tly. Attn yielding fhr ?*m? weofca Itnmmr- dally trv* t, Watr own*r?, tba "m^tcoa" aMtapacttdlr (k?.h nr-4 and fli.at'y dlaappaarad altogether, aa <1 worn o?i atnui a?a)n In "pita ot lb< moat diligtnt afl.trti Nut hit.p r.mataad lle-n hot toa Mi ton. r<-%, a to.,, fivaM hvl 14 luadc K j i?iU .la Utwurtt W?U*W lot ?4 v< f butlera < \t?riu.c." u i Iv it la u>t .*rl> to rar. from il.c tr ulha eru.t.l,kt?d o; tu hiatory of tuition.!* tod AuatraPa H.iworcr -"aloue and cr-stint tliei' aoctog ol tliad forunc .nay tr. ilicatp letup nt a art. to await tbo larger uuiutx.. fc fa. . that many tr ob taunt.* a fiUir'.it lot t, and i. ? rce icatai X* rvrti n rrar vHUc a rewaid of the* labor: tr the m an, cannot >m well dented. On itrt-b'-ad*atc-? of the .trk-aeiua, ear* (tally, au vr.u-ual.y rt'.t bar<*e.t la bale? rea;.ci ?u on I w Gut 11 ali thL j tuf t .at UiV.tlt - in tor loll r; .1 I a gold haul .1 the Gueay kt lalti*, at I act utile Oil of < en-.y U i. a III ora* o.tuilt* Tli.i Cjo vlctUai appear*, 10 dord, to have airratj t, .tlitl hi thr u mi lata tt-ai.y T<?. tiurpcrou* wa* i . tL... tvr d* 1 t .i f tV-nrc tr. route tor the hurt. gre eve'-utcr of to.a fa. I. 01 iWc tb?l appear to oc d >.?<*1 to I. .1-t <l.?*pf.-tut Mot, ti*? ?u. m>rt -.promy riaitrd tino the owner, ot qi ,rtz eruabora f>?s at tt!? car; room-ot, It m*. bo unidi'i-rati rt.u.a thtt at least four tit tna of then Mmwillgnn aa loim oak out. ?<>n'e ti tly odd h.re bum eroded during the Ian tlx wewke, ?U'!e bet 'jr a hundred mart are abodl being put up to 'ha tare ft.r tad eiiccnl n.trt'w llf the former b l four Lave ltd hr priced CHlUHWllTt Maty o?nrrt a few tr ore are .luat p*J,re cxp?a?ee. wtatl- I , moat are prrducmg nothing at all. Tht? LiMOuretlDk fact i? rtre partly to the Imporftw-tmn | of the marhuieiy , an.: t- the Ipnmire of Iti'w* ei angel lb thmr me. hap tew! venture* in rigs .I to th> giri-tar wualuu oyvrneft. Many Our.tend n o ttn.t thquartz r?*.k d' ? ? ci.t l>y far prurc r* rich aa It waa (up I pi*?.l tu l?c Hoaaaar lh;? i!.ay hr, evnry iut"'lit'en ir.lmt u lb# rep<0(1 la no* in Ice d thai quart . iouinra aa-1 mei1 ten. at lb- K..M W..unlaid* a fw?M.f t-. 01. rlhwii tf pic | Mtri ll lb* .< ? bet m It Oilifnnia I an nf t ipeo | ?i\e and (r.aucfily fatal exf rime, Vop ?W It' M of J d< ariy ali there, au.l h< re thiols bid fair to t d.e iimila. ' turn It tot' bo rain to Indulge la any ti. re or lot* p??!ilrr peica.mt<n a> lo (be ptcbable fjt'tre nf ?bl? lane <A gold | 1 nryUiui, Wi a* y.t 11 ac nr. do and ;e'.*i ap??id,ttoi i that any <iptu.lt'' pip?Miitit:o??n in that dt root ion wild b nrefdfterro'i Rut wbf tho?, of rhoo P' tr po^ajod lo fold J lit.nt.'.g, onty <'ti? out Of for j ta-o'j or ton. or fire be | likely to do ac'l or M, It U nerertbelrtui curtain, bw ' yo'i all gittiaa.*, ti ? the pu> ., y iu'..?e duwaivprra. up t" | tblr day a.e ox'tart*~e enc .go tr mc 'rr thr nnuwui j artlh'tui nt of a iniutaf o>'Bih.'iulty alt ear hrtcco IV Atlantic and Pa. II < u? ?an??a fart ?, ,.li t p Ir li.aM ; upon an 11 peiiTlootitiai iiitertcftaee i? N>>iaif if 'h* gr.at | aatiuial project, >h" f diatei^tHi of the Pactdr Ilalirnad I 1..?t-asca rrtoa ?>r 1A Minai?1 ui zut a.nse, Z rti io. <l' *KtT ?ar. Gold U found lc the Rooky dounte * Ic two Rtata*, atuch. althonfb Wtmiogly rerrai.ag hatce bet?rufc?eou( fealueee can ta reality betraoed ?o a wiam oo irce?tbo j 1 inKK. r 1/gold," tht qi.arrr ruftft. In It* Orel audbw.guMl ?ut? the gold appear* nr.bedded , In relit* jr loom of qotrt? rnrk, rur.nln* h eeery p-au'tt', i dlrrclioo r rer the ?"<?* ai d runmite rf nxtu^taior aa <r?dl I an acr<?? InterTe.rlcg TdRern and yalrbea Thr length -4 th ?r ve.te I* b.d.'ililfb. m. R.'.ne exuen I | but f. r lew, oth. r? t'f I. .ndrola ol yar^t* Tb?lr ? .ilth | rarle* from n few l.Kb'W to (nreral f?i t A* to tli?ir reeI tirwl e*t<-nt but 1 ?o'rrturee rntdd ?hua far be funned MVT'V l?I' nr'n ' I'"" "7 ">"> ?'" ? >' ? u?-|wn ' | torn bf? J to rrren?7 fort wlUtout di*.or?rtag tny !(?? of i limit*!'Mi. Tbr rook of U* <t i*r??ot T<-ln? ool'-irmly f?,a? i I It) M moro or ! ?"? ?dV?liO'' "t*?r of i. I ' bardly rrrr h*r ttr flititr ch?r*< ?or. I A pfcul?r IVslor* ot of th* r?;OH npouH <n I** >RK E AUGUST 25, 1860.-TRIPI FEROUS REGION?" SAK GOLD BZST&Z0T8. ; ' * I m W"^ 78NI .? . V ' U \ %.* j \ f > iS-*WH fef> -Vvp $ Vr Hlj 'hS lb. AU \i& u*. p" i I y- -* T J / :; //T/ -:' ,. />y n T"" / J !5 / 11 , J?sS? j Jtr * s~- I /I r f u . ' i/ /ii l^L/ _ ^/jt//^ '?V"( I1 > * */ f! ii-i&??-?yYlfoiwr Cily l kJ [ \ ' ) I! /V> W I -x'| V / A u *' ,;c\ A : ft -*77 I '.{ihCsUn. .-fnt. XV i. i i f ./.*v' < f" f r?, V'! t- w?'< "Styi. - ; \> .\^.4 ;. ' ^ - - -1 \ - i.rp. :tu>w LjntiumwwJ k' "k^-. \ (V " ' 'P?*rUf """ll . \ \ N ?*" V '* ' j * J In' jtouAu^ I v- Li y>Jr I ^ ^ ' ' \^ rr n !> '' ft represent rovta ?.?.kHM4ry tt?e rrtcuou thai look place la Ui? On% g nunes Ui July , 1S60, after a transient Buoti nf unetera,. , pnsperil) m June, *a? urninn to tine ciri nmsuocn That there is a vast quantity of (old bearing rock con

| lalnt-d In the reins discovered and u|*-oo<i laatjinaton m U.e urtgory, Kustell, Nevada ana other gulches on \ a quel's and Si. Vraiu's creuks, baa bw u ascertained by the frequent u?ui of practical miner*, an trull an by the few tflicii-Dt quartz uiilla now 10 operation, but to make as exact tatiniale of both tbe relative and aggroyale quantity of gold buried lu It, would bo an more t' resibic than 11 Blair the czact volume of the mountains tlioanarlriw in cubic feet A ?u|'joeitiou, however, that all the quartz nf the minis rrfrrrrd to la auriferous, la eutire j uu*arraut.Ml, vet a i id>< uloua fhlth iu the ueivoraal rich'loan of the rock liaa, nevertheless, already cane* I numb uulurky B|*vulalk ti in miuwig claim*. The truth la that only a portion of the veina are gold bearing, aod ill.i evtn iu tbre* the (old la cot uniformly distributed? a tact which ia likely to be a great drawback to aiiooeaaiui quails uniiing On* ci idol rock tnuy yield S2U0, while ai.i titer front Iheaanie vein will col produce <10. mens. In Ita sec/aid state the gold of th<> P.orky Mountains appear* in *? lalM-o placer*; that la. in scattered aepoaiu of mora or Irea abui ami an I Biulttiorm ear t It lea of gold, a.a>' akupiiir ut an . In the former and pr.vcut channel* of wr ier con rer*. Tteplarrr* hardly I vcr appnar on the surface ef the iru 114- ground. Tlo-y are generally found in w rial miner* eM'gnnte aa the "bea rock," beneath many foct of ailumi m*ti? r In the i laccre, aa in the quart/ veins, the gold la not rqundy u.c, oiled, that is, the same quauli rw of bed rock hardly eve yield the same pereentajre of gold, and ihu* It hi'|>p<us (liat claims will hardly ever yield uniloruily Iroui day lu day. Ti.- pincers ot the lUckj Mountain* are evidently no pr'tniti-e crowtir.us but rather the reautt t the chemi* tr tti t moohanirm of nature that Is, tbe action of air 1 nd water In ae utnlefineI (pace of time The particle* A gold that rsnuitl luuj them were originally emn.dd<*<*mn he rock of quarts veins, from which their disintegration nd tiki.siv# (tot. us graduady cheated by the eiemeuM r * tact that gctd b*ar,uf vr us have he?o aiacn.ered 10 tt>e vi. iotv oi netily at! th* piaoer*, sad that tb? | oarer god l? frequently mtr mixed with Ira^wceta of quarts, ni'iy fiv iaiu Ui'.i theory. tihile in the quarts, tin gold usually appear* la atoms nip. ircpttbie to th? cased eye, in "pla ?< " it is found aitb in a dour like form atd u Males, gruin* and niigyta, ra^gluc In w>.ghl from a ft * grains pi manv peuuy. *e (-his The in'gtat epeciaieti* toon tup to t' s time Irom 120 I > 170 dirts ? Tiaocra" or "gurh dig glng?" were dec vc?d and wurkad la?t summer on tbe "I' I" ?U .. ..... - ? 1 - - I raiti'apr. rk? Mi J tin- r nuny brmiw.bi . In Ibo ri,i..h t'ark, m tfic Di if mid Ar mlm in en," ?Uri-r?'' oul> bave lhu? fai l."?u di*C"reri.d Mid wiirl.id. TUcee an lie bond ?a m? of llir i.un nioulioord rirer aur;?a* all oibur* aa la r ict. lit A Mid ttlral Ilia qnortlon whrtbrr Ibc quartz or plane.- miiiM will prova mo m at pl< lUfbl a mrio of g ?I1 rai imt no* tot r :ti-rrd n l?f . tbu / fid < f ihe tailor .a. hv*?ver. ?IIMM tc b* Cr.uhi* that of >no t?>rui*r 1'itcer tir pule d ivatj.1 i prtmiily bkirn :. .r r ;,(>..rlm.il ?a u> in* l?>f>r mi' ff Wua-U r.ttttie riqutrea noi ouijr experience, ? ? ?in joftai.ieral.le capital. ta? t.m fc?m chop 01 1*69 AO?"nit trijrt rap ft of tuc MP) ?K*?T M*f ? Of OO! n I The pr?"lw Daunt ifiifimuting th* im* value *f Iho gn'd e-op of ?h" R<? t? Mo-totatti* up fa lb* pr?oroi time, lat ti- t j- * it'j be obu nod, ui Oiioapqaauco or tn? irrag' a/i > of ilie bur't.a* roUti-ia* of ibc ^^ i rogitxi* tu ainaaV" ol ope million of <tHilar* i? proe*ii) etit fa' from 111* 'rnib The rmfirt of ptke'r r*a* g..ld at Ih* ft Had -latri AsM> ldt*r?' 1n few York, an 111- Hiul tu Piilatal i 1 a, a idAO M "ii tlf ''I t.f J ,i) S: . tr? ui til'-it HIK J00 a'?< lb of dual to ?bipp*d I a. t bjr * pr-*? aitd about >K> 000 mora w.-li lo Hie diatta in pr|. ?at> t... ' a* dual ft.uiia at.if>*l the ??u1 jr rurrr n'r uo ii Ihe -|>*tilii|t id Ihe ana* and oi uin g allien of Moaara ' l*ik. Ittubffd A lk>.. I '-aTruouiili Oily t>*u??r?, *> tt-au H prliai* rvio a let* najra i|o, aii-l ar idimI uiiut-ra I rutipbl I 'll ruiiiplttU' outfit* ami e.iptittoa for nnuy mt'itlf.' I' rrrby av ddiug Ihe oecrmilr ?i buying at ingn I .finer pr< railing horrabotd* tt rr?y he a*lrly prot'imtyl i hat r< vera! hi ? l"nl thouiaol 'It bar*'art fib of bullion ar* yrt r?mair.u.a u III' couhiry. it I ifflttf .if I bo I'hilao.'iit. a Hint, in an ofljoial to pt 'loa ifc' roiaiiro ? i.i.i >i l*i*n"a |vak *oM, mat-n Wm* a 11 tapr valna * grain*, acalfa, mi|t(i>1<. kr ,|K>r <mi no ? Hi on pir'ttnjt >1" "1 A't-r bo .1 ' ( H I An.ai*ii' ? qnt'ifi* i"0* of 16 41 *1*r mpiii'iff 10 ST |/?*of dirt, Ac , Kr , cp*; lo 7 j*r cant. A vi rage Onem-aa. 4o4l1a a | "Amatftm i* i'tur *r'?l?J o^lootod vith q ilcknllfr and ntofW. Ii fhv T'loi'ibg i# wnoo.prilf tiona, in* imiif firt MhnoriiUnn t4 llir qotr*?n re pnrnuo^ an immiriiy ?.f lb* am*/ant and a'ft qlimit!v I'mt docrcjiancjr lie t Itn-cn 1h? ? it * afflghl md aanaynd at rtlw Th' I* it 'migtiir* of lli* p anor ftid *r.tn |ariici.<? of qia'lg proili Urft r,(]f coca i?damii lb" lali'i* Itofnro ai d ilicr i .1 lb t I Wm> fi??H t ?pMIp? * PKW por I tit*** ofallrpr (I'm M* (>'* ? r <jf if t ?t?r, thai from U>? It th? * >ulh >'*rk mi* oti iti' miik rf Arkauaat .? Uoi purwt and tu -t bono llful tli ai<f "arat.ot n.?r?wiittw or ior.* >- raw*?mcmi /xp rovn *i i'f?. If tbr ' *tr* t?)' ?r. r-fT. rt lie * jpv<A moamirr of ibe pow ,r of nao??. thr f |>r inirtnK tip an rapol jpovth of thr ki*M of M>? Pitta f?*U r?floo cari-loU luri?i?h furotirns'ip flArat of thr r*".b"<w an* r*t-nt of im i nr>lt>e'?' r?>>"n?-r Thr t"irt? form, Inrtorrt, lb. m?. I frutorra >* *ir noarlT oi? n<xl |tnra>l<>. In or ilrr lo giro 11* rwlrrs <4 lb. IImau * pacrmt iloa of i th? fofrrr n> ?l?n lop"?m*p? air ?r1> attalnM hp tboni, a ' rt? w* i.it'oti ofltar n.oM ixporUb ohm. la ?ub|Ol/ od , Tin firkl " rank t* r?m?* err. 1 Ih* B.r'for'i' at * nrirmwii' <vnl -a of ih? ?iiw ro.tni 117. || th. rntil bar; of itt? a.ni?h 11 .?? ta u?t u? alalia iwo.il t; w* nfff wiu l*enj * [ERA <E SIIEET. It or in ILK t? nonxiavd of two town t vtr aurarta *><! Ixinvi-r fn tb dwirw i,f lipii ?,'ubir tbc iw<> <*cro oouetdirtated unoor tbo comuioo, out i*e do baudHomo baav ' t ex -Got of w no b-tppeonl to beebief magistrate ol Kmrnw at tbe umo oi tneir founla ll< 01 uu the 1*1 ol NorvalMr, 186S. Oliver City conakatwt a.' Junt about dozen log houtH* of U>.< rudrwt lixcripuou On the let ol April |H< U.ilie h iu ?>fr of log .arm intex win klioiit htiioiri U. On in? pi of beptetnber n? tin- Mlll year about twie i> ttno frame bonne* ban been <>.!. 4 (? lIn following lbri-o month* >t I< 11x1 1*0 tiuirtr*: nwnv building* ol itiu nanx description ware etonled. fo (xlulu r li e Inn brl k bouse wn pot up. Tim pupuUMug nail hi iliai time u cnaM-ti fioui b*r hundred 10 ip'ii to about 1: (Ml |x i m in iil I'anient* At tine present mon.uiW Ik-ov -r ( it) nan boaot or at I* ant eight bop tre t buitm en and about hi* thousand iiibalntantn. among ibo budding* are minr very Urite and eiyiMh brick bl n-k* H.i*i lore Iota liial a > <or ago Would out hwve brought M are now veiling al Iroui ?l,(Kit> tl 000 Hie oumuvr of wbolenale and retail un ion Me boua 8 ia tome antly txld, and among tbeee tlrm*. those tbat value tln ir xi *:k by teua ol tliuobauoa of dollar* are quite frequent I 100 private bunking bouses Lave lately opened Hern die u umber <! resident nullum |<B IX very large A planing 01 ill add luimtuie faevui> Lave lab-ty Ix-eu started, and a fmudey ix alK.ut bi ng ixiaiiliabed I'be nuumor ol bote1*, re* tuuranta, turn shop*, gautbling saloons, eoacrrt lialta, ftc , ko , 1* alroa iv wonderfully large and dally nicruas ii g Tbeir d> lnoialiBtug tutturtioe it thuafar allogetuer unbalanced by that nfrbmtba* . ..J - .ut .? CT-I _ .. . uiiuur IU, and express line ol (In (filial Overland, California aub Hike's!', uk l is press Omptoy fh? principal otBots 01 Hinckley A Co '8 Mi.utiUU F-Xp'(w in also located here Two dull) mid three tr 1 weekly stage linen form u regului means ol ccttjiiiunii aliou w ith 'be lumen uu.l towns north Wt'Bt UOll bOUtll Tboutand* of imn igruuis, miuern, traders, Indians, MfXItUtis, KC , \c (lsilV |wo-8 brtnigb aud VISIt lX'nVll ( it) It would lie (tiMlcuil to tlnd u livelier place west n< St lx>U'B Two daily and two weekly p:i|H>rs are now published here, the lei titer at lilly <- i.u> per w?ek. Denver City extend < both over ite bottom ami bbilln ol tl e Soul bristle IIVI r l? location is quite picturesque Its I'udanre Irom the base of the luuaiiiam.s id aoudi twelve miles. (ioi.ur.N rrrr ranks out to Denver as to extent, Improvement" ami population It I* Kitualeo in u bcautnul valley, four Pen tulle.' aoithweal ol FktuvOl, on Casques river, I ween tin tirni and a-conn range ol' runont-aiua Tbo But bouse war built uu tbe 1st of July, lb&W, uu Ihn nghi batik ol tbe creek. Tne tow u now extends uu bolb unlets and con tan about tbicu hundred uuo til t y 1 y auu frame houses, inhabited by about one Uioin-and people Two saw mills, a uutuber ot tU.r-e- and nit ilianleal establish mints and a uew i apei utllce are located liero. \ very lively trade In carried ou wub tbe liregory and adjacent tnitea, tbe town beiug oulv twenty tullue e <at of llieiii dome Itood "placets'' hove breu louud on Vu.-q.ioa creek, a short distance tiotn tin dca City Tbo town u already suiiouuded by gardens an i stock farms ttonuwut cm , next to Denver, tbe olixal town to tbo country, lion about twenty Uvi miles a utile west ul norm o that place, uo..r wIuue hi. \ lam's creek mam s troni the mountains. The lloulder aums being tin poorebt worked null aoasuu, tne towii made little pioaresn U t oi.taius about uue hundred log ana a lew frame DoustS at pri sunt. cotoaaiMi cm, a rapidly improving town, lies' directly at tbe base ol l'ik< a 1'eak, alwut soveutv itniea south of D-uv?r. In Novetula'i laal about a ooztn log bou.-ea bad been put up. kow tbe oumhtr ol nuiloingt- ?xenons tw-u hundred, anions which are many ti turn and Huoie stone structures A more romantic scenery than lb.it ol tbe victuuy cauuot be imagined The celebrated boiling Spriugi are niny atxirl a tulle from Hie plate. Many think that tld.ra.io will be, in lore long, to the tsiulhe u mines what Denver now is to tbe counliy at laigu several saw mills, store.-, Ac., are located here In addition to tbe tow us above described, dusters of tog bonis s Itave be. n called Into exirlei.ee at many points on lh< plains and lu tbe tniuee, either by speculation or ue tKssity , and usHi.nitd veiy |*>inpi us nanu s; atuongftheut Mo111.(Mil. sue ku-HO.,1 , e'li'. K ii. lli.i llnvrt ili.Lrii-i Breckinridge. Mm ratio uloCity, 1 aiiou City in iti'vlSuM 1 aik, ou lIn: Blue and arkansa*, kic Itn uimit pruuiiucnt BUN The trade of the gold regict n cotupriww for tbo |ireaotit c lily lb* (boat Uiulapenoltldr uecoar.iriek of pbylical lilt! (iiouerua, provmonk. 01 ola noil kbuM, our*' cl i*-iug l.au, budding Ukiuwan tnu anisK.y, lorm the priucipaarticle* of Wane In gooua txruialung goods, dn cluthlng, fanbionubie ( inature, angura, &c , have an yet laid o U/ liml naoy ral . (oocerica mid j.rov n-miia *1 >aya rule high, tu coua* U?. i.e. . . a.?., .. . ? .-.-.u .. ~t*Wl u' uu utu p-r ihmjii , Mitt IIki 1'iaitm \ u.a?y pro nt.iaiigu * If-io W V' Jbh |?l out ut realized ou m<*i 8k ! able kl i? lot. At pr? a> lit ?l.i' market >'f the gold rcgioua m com pleuly uttilliuol In i vi r) line linuiruso ipiaiitiM* nl waits ol mi) (I'l l j'tii'L arc now su.roo tll"".gnml till country UibfT Cl'y espet.iailj .ulhr* ! oin Me el wr ol tin' ill liiai il bj the supply Ovol two Ibo.ts.tud tons ol nierrhkmiise bit- ow olh'iod lor futli' u?re, ao amoiiut w i.m n is lit ly vokK')> prima low lor m ine time yet Many Under* lulu the mil t-M ami otOcr t"?i.aouy lliclr kIk.Io in I in . it at win.lie ulc milk .a 1.* go uutn tor. InmoriT, io .port tin u: lina'Uy f out Me Stale*. The tKlablishrm-iit ol several dco mil ami knliugi' lit mm r, WiO ol kii sfcvay auo auoln k Due, will ho u itii|Ni. i a luorc ngtOkUv. r.liam'ter to Ihu mum-what coutoaoo commercial iclatiooM of tlm tviouUy. SOCIAL COMdTIJ.V. Khst In IIjc ko?l' l I * ly opci ou promoting (MirtlniiH of llie far Rest mi' aisayn too uneasy, migratory, adrcn [ Iurook, raic lor nothing s|.i ilk w lib ulrniii tin* laud o taut j'lopoiIn lit ami unlimited Ireedoiu ol luouunitlou abound*. Tin* kola ri'kioUM form uo exouptnui to tblk rule Kvcry rial* ol (Anvoim d Trp/iuf.vr in well rojirn nuled. gambler*, cypri*na, broken -dow i politician* auo *!* ( li la tors, and a by no uieana Incomnoi fable apriukilu* of runaway oebtort< ami crlmii all, i-ou*lilut< a large |*>r tion ol our *o o l) (X the bin''i.g. bloody i nlKtiU* Mat arahyk Inlrkt hot O r coiuitric*, mau v b?ve aiao - auiou scaled llieir p'tseice Uy depiedatio. I upou hot u Me prop ily and the (icrfoua ol tntty ol our cilizt uk. Ti e largeat |atrt ol our pipiilkliou, Uevrrtlteleltk, COa8181* of logbly r.ap i talilo eleiU"tiU M rebakw ami pro Iflfioral Dieti of good rltuniti*, l|?m Ir-ar-Uworth City , ,?t Jokr-ph, t'malik. Km >U City, St Loll* Chicago and otlor We*t*ru and Koli rii etna, fitvr aoltlad aiming 08 and craMdmably ekVklrd the loir of a ciety lu the tow!*, ab le the inlfcer* gcM-rally eoaM from too lobar, iLfluatrloua rural oiatrtcn of the Vt'm A b*?ry luOux of the better portion of humanity during the ia*t few month* alio produced a greater rednemvot ut tnaunen mi mo-m* Of inlrllectual Mfe little ( noticeable tbua far Every Ihk'j ta pm deeply luP reeled in material pur?uiia to Unw iin linalioi a in iltal dtrwll'tt .aocial enjoy lu-uu are of a phy * leal dear.. 'lAum only. Ball* ami partira ouuatilulr tliieeirf tin- "higher" cla?? n. white Wiw itiealrea, negro tnipalrtday , mw, ftthl* and gambling form the "I'.nniain ol niennwre" of other* The utor kWf?c? of all la?? baa provi <1 a very eerim* tnron vet iron* until a abort time ago the difficult r.n bKm i f the no tenor of (ift> Upujiund people, many of whom arr illri iM aub ail itie vice* of modern oirinaa tHn, Ui a continued rule of abmlute ai arcfiy, *.? in deed very ralitunlor ily reived uji to la*l month rhnoa then robln-rie* and fnuroera have become uncomfortably fnqtiiM, aiui caused the organization of a vigilance com nnt re for the more rift ciuai enbirrewirut o. tbo lynch law*. rot.mrat arrant*. Mftle baa beec aii< mt>uit ai d null le?* accompli*tied <n UN waj ' taluiir up fo Una uny I art momrr and ] tail a lew ambition* individuals, a-etateo by aorne livvp pomp-d oflrrr btinP ra from Un fori, got up a auounaiou ' of taice* in tb" *h*i? of cier tion* Tne organization of n li d> fvnnriit .-'mil pib-n IMI wan ftrat tie nplml, but It < niovroir at r ndii g lii a mm nig lor loua tittle, a 'wnloriai (over am#ui wna i/ii >ie>ii>i ttuvcai gen uritoii got tbr mwiri* charted delogal.w fiorn "JiJ0biaon" j b? fbrir ri?|irrtivr friend* ami ?|?eut a fruit i?* wialor In I W k?Mngto?i ae *ocry nicinbr r? of the lobby la Norein b?r, a r rrir) idm tunc .the-- fin- 'Trovi*|..pal hffNMll j govrmnitM" aa* rnt'eavcred to be put Into operation j Although a full ret 1/ oft "em, Hurt1 aa Uoveruor, trtbtor), f??aaorer, andiPir, ki , Ac, cf tbe j teirwnry, judge*, n.ii-tlt*'* IN abTilfa, neualor* ami pnnibi r* er a b t?r budge, and even "c .111 inauil.-r* of ibe tntllna," were cicaP-d. tue whole aHair proved a complete abortion At main IU> ilie leglalaior* mm IIoral voting lib-r?l ?alai in* pi tbefioielii* ai d other member* of thgot en nielli, and ei dvavofed pi enforre a tat law tor Ule payll if) ?|| I lie name, fbe people (nil an end P? Ibe i>mie fv try tefueing I* fuiurb Uie "ufl"' for "Ibe nneela of ? v?rnment At pt<*< ul, Uie "pri-vlaion*! government" I* all fun buried in vbllvhM, No oue |W>* any atleulron P ita maimap-a Itie |*?ipie of Ibe gold region* generally gt|*vp"1 aome j llilrrfrm,ve |a fhi or t" Lii|f by Outfit-**. -fc-uig diaap tainted In their exp? r.taf ion* iu tin* reapcet, Inay will bava Ui get aim g aa wed aa ctrvtim?t*t.<*?< will ? *, v -nUiit ami abucvi-fraAii kwii aw Rut two ) cat* b"V lug ia|?i I an.re lira appearattC of tb" flirt gold bonier* in the gold ngioue, a icO-nte theory a* to the rlimatn-al relation* rif tie country cannot vury ftl Iw Innnrd i.t lli? itrt) itomihi. j All lh*/ihn*r?aMiur, b-iwi tar, tiiad?< ibua far fn m na. ! tibtifh Ihi- tart that tb* clirr ??t?- tn far fri-tn twin* ? Inki*^MkH rl|liriii* > 11 *** H? mil; Iirrm mn 11 he Id lb* iif IStO-OO the av*faga l?i|?'a. tufa aai fnnrb Dilldnr It ID ID tba Wrawo <4UI<? Hill fi-w rrDilT ??'<t ?B)H iraro a*|n-r?aM*d. In Iftr t?IM-?i ] tab *i*IH all ?<bl< r Is tin- m? ii air. ??lth ID-ir ?>?ta il nii'ir?ii In lit* tnnuiiiUMia in an '|di la'lnna that 4?1 mt ntiuiri tba lib* ?.f wafer w. r# maillauad with nut j I. lolerrui'lioM. (If Mow, hardll any waa anan Hi lha tall?y? *nilf or 4 thirl) "iif Inob * !! id Ilia ' (jClinrv di*ir|*l (run till lit '4 V..MUI wr, ISub, Mi |h? I lit nf Ma), IBM i ' TT i Mrk rr pfdTad tl? tnnat d laagrarwhla pnrtmn nf tba )#ar t*.|liy niiiiii, cn'it ran-* anil inn* alnrma ?r? ra J fii i to Um- rmirMit .1 Marefe and anril. Inrltf ina ircfcth* "f *ay, Jinn, .Inly and Aoffnit, ! I'd ? Mi-.il lin*i ti <1roti|fbl n,>tir?-a"i>?t lb* I'll am In ?h* ' itiiii'Dtali a. bnai'ver raiua lOfntrrnoad fail in* to I July, a?i: t?<urrtd Hin: *! daily in * ? l*tt*r |i?ri r>( Ibai inimlb and Aiifiat. I an I y-ar'a 1m i*'it but |w?)of?4 Ui>< au|a>nBiliiH that artlfli lal tfri*?li'?o won Id ba Mernaary, frrfi for ll? print italb at f?l aardmi I luWaa. Um nuiunmni ab<>?*r* that Ml iturinc lb* run**) 'did In# prrbiu nC tin* >rar, hi.wear, want fe> j inoif UatidmafU dura Did regularly pr?*ail durlo* | I Hi* at rr nn-f ti i.Mh.t 1bi> lain of bntb lb4A and Ml ward delightful, although 1 | tb* night*. murt <i aa and avnlog* ?**" ralln-r c??l A 1 | cmnr 11} aj rt war m iranhar a>aw?t lavtriably eiiarar | leri/iV tb* rtaya until lal* III Wn?*irb?e. Tl'- difl.nnii txtwio lb* fenn? . ut-ir* nf th* ntghla And t>.?| fi? tfm i ojr |* gr??| i In !* gold region* than lb Biff VMlvf>f tUlivodfa. 1MI trt lb? Ivflfeoi VvetUtdW LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. lobe frosty until late Id Muy?io tbe moi'i'lams M Inugi r??nii reeumes that character as early ** deplee, t>? r Tbe uight air ui July sod August is ex.".oediagi/ ph-stunl ana reireebiiig iKuorsjii < ol tbe donate of the gold regions, ibe capacities ol their tillable soil, together with th * lit ? ul being able to amass wealth more rapidly ininsi'g ihau the slow toil of a farmer, bare uulil D.** rev, Med an) thing like e* tensive aud systematic (an. V i g .Muck turn,*, It is true, bare boen started in large' unit** o the quantity aud quality of nutritious grasasa in* the i'inumi aud iu the mountains prommiog gr>mt reavu Iroui paat intl pursuits lu all other bran oft si at aj'.nciilture. however, but little bus beeu dMM Nusesr<>u* jaroeiiv ta\r beau opeue t nuil plwJited fn lh? botteaa ol itn S<uib flath-aue along VwqueZ and other ereetaa. Hut ?ltbough tbe eumsvter td their crops fully atiusw li e l.ttl liiai ,? to vegetables the rapacities of tbo goM rrgiouit are equa',, it not *\>|<erior, to tlioew of tbe stoat ta men iwwton H u' be Kiurt, the ijWility produced will br ** """ *" <u-uim.i1 af.hi cereals, but expsrl tu>1.mi issSrtma oi wbrm uud barley were heated. TW ii tver*ai sehet m tt>M ?u> lriu-vt will render At bM i?e |ifi.oiJCiM-ii <>| iliu foiin?-r luii'-mlilw Wbat HMtW w '11 r wUil u,eai* well. It till v* elin,tieou> IW e -??ll m ule *h?, lilt r*"ve staeoca?rQ>, i tarae area wM .owMlee* be *1*0 dtwtag lb.' coming 'fait ami npnog. * to turn, production of Lot mucti i? el (united df 'he yiilu iHfiiore a su?i> tpianot,} lm? nevurtuelera at.? > been rHifii for Unlit- |>ur|?rcx Ti'Wi of ili- gold regions it, with tV> exccptioe of it limited wire ol bottom lauds, o u sandy unit gravelly |g tractor 111* however, no ooirser than that of ike V alu} ol the Km Grande, I'uih, ami evca curtain pur ii- lil nt Krat ce and tierloway, all ol which regions pro luce large g'ain oruiw Should the climate oiler no xcritwis ensu uctioos, the highlands along the haeo of the Kneky Mountains will before long he made to yield grata uougk ior the wants of the population. ? I tawmi Cmr, August 10,11W. Mw.tr.3 AYms? ri"!f%re and fUtrHratiem ?Stair of Mcrah A S*pl*ndtJ Held fur Home ALsfiviu?ituil itnoillfws New Pwtimger an<l Brpren Line?KHeneiun of the AN* suuri hirer 71 l-yruj.li l.ittf to /Aoi?rr?The People of Om l*>id Htfi'Hl and the Presidential Question?OomdiUm of I'rmie?it.pnrtei Indian Oitfrafrj, tte The latest accounts from the various milling distrieta turih ami south are rather discouraging. In the dig kings oil thi headwaters of the Arkansas, looked apoa out a short time ago as the richest yet discovered, a . gauge to the woise Is already taking place The pope anon of the California Gulch, that exceeded three thee ami on the 1st of tins mouth, is tbioniug out at the rata f several hundred per day So me of the departing gold hunters cress over the ranges to the west and ooa ii.ue their proapoctiug utlorts on the sources of the Kio Grand*. The majortty, however, make for this potaV ? hei.oe rhcy return to the States. They report that aosas I the best place rs on the Arkansas have suddenly givwa out Claim* that two weeks ago were held at from MAM u. to.UO can now be bought for as many hundreds. in the Gregory and adjacent gulches over a buadrsd guards mi Is are now located, hut Ovs of which are reported to do well. Or these, the mill of Messrs. dhrarer \ Co , ot ist laid Is, seems to succeed best. The trasses ol ihe UMwonssiui nulls are mostly untiring la (Mr Molts to overcome the many dilllculliea in their wag. A gotsliy number, bowver, hare already given up expertmei t og in disgust, autl sit Ui gloomy expectation of aoara one that will be green enough to buy them out. Owt, -mi in many Inslnmo* a great ileal lees. IB all they aah. Nothing very returnkable seems to be doue tu the wwf of placer <itgs<ng Id any of the old in no* The generality ol thi digsers art uot utaktug over A3 to At i*-r day, wMs , li..tibial li - voluitLm ill or in vnlnntjirilv i'iintiitii? mm. at vh table uilflnf? A well |?>BU-d I i lend, wb? in juat Ik iron. Ur? g?r 'a, inform* me that money, ui r?f, iliwl, la ?i tmngiy scarce, ami tbsl lb? buik of the minora mate jurl about enough to nita! the roust urgent phy.-idul ?ull Ibe tapid ructeeliub ol bloody dt-mls ituriuK *>? weak tirlofe mat ftiaa h. en followed iy a kind of moral calm >be o n>|*i*live equanimity, and emu apathy, wMk winch iln- majority ol our cliizeua lo .ked ujuni the r? ial?: ouirny.s upon b' lh life and pm|i?rly si laal gawt way to a utnveiMal outburst of indignation and I nil tag o anileaution ol a j'tat apinl of vengeance, after oot lam bun Mvrii rourdrra bad been adiU-i to the already (NT < ol nlnui al ralen ar of tbia youbful eoininumly lu tte iKjtee ol one wM-k the deapnrste attempt upoa tte irr* o ol tbe eoitor >4 Uae Unary Jf. .annua Jfak rp? t mu\ , arouaed our |*n)| m to a aeui>? a# loir mi|N-ralita duly in the preml ea. aud tte nubile leeiu,p i.0 ihe smtye^t of lawleianeaa la i.t w aucb aa to render ready retribution to otril doers ixilain A ryp. nntee for tbe prottcilou ol property aad : er?< n* bat been oigun-zed, and the aolivee .-operation 01 lie wealth n*t and most itiell igebt me in tier a ol our oom nonity secured. Tbe energy with waiob the euuae at i-ubiu security Is embraco-i, at leui lor trie prrweot, b wel- ui mm sualod by tbe luot tbul nearly n t-oui'aad M IN but beeii talked to secure tk* oa|itur? ol the 0nap la on jioi borilun, lain a ileateoy nig aug.-i m Morinoattam wtin kilieu too lio.U. n-ive persona about ttro w -<oka aga tMiiouib surrounded several tirnea by a number of mat atmeti puraoera, tlunr coward.oe aud stupidity enabled b Ui toeK>N|ie each t ine He la kuowu to hi makiag km wat lu tbe ; laltn ott-r ihe Southern or Araaoaia rum, atni, in rlewr of Unit fact, partus were despatched, par ekpfi ta, tn tkr Mianourl river by the VigUau k-Commlk tee ibtir iiottruciiona are in make, im ne.1lately aftar arriving, or um- .Sanla to road, and take tbe murdarav livt or otad rte- loust-ncaa of all relation* of life that charactartam tbia rnuntry eiteuua pre eoiibeblly to tlm mora' riwtrtn i.-ua larUrn auuiety unpawn u|*iu lie m-moora fall , way la eoncmled by our ntnny lu*t men m taeir puMoaa llieir mrrnpi impulat-a are reveaiad in gambling tie I la ml nswoy nous- a in broad day light flier e being litt e dam?ei ut o -aei vat kid by tuch aa have an oplultm that ttep ?l ail emir ab-ut, Uie) loilow up their rile IndulgmMk .a. illutatL fitkid kiut 1i> u?i,y tMiiK'Volent souls lo your city, that fool llfr even al?>ut tin* moral (ttfui of their felloe iu"u, t en aid spc uudy suggest this land of gold an a neat inrMInf livu, ot re<ui timlwi y propegauda fhr all but ill Hi sal ta oik r> mo bi rralxMita a* mi religion and morality is tray enequaled iti at.) other Anglo American ciitnin unity. /iSS bit * of tut) thousand descendants of Uie Puritans, IM nave tiunt^up halt a doaen ton ua but tiuUrely f >rgnUsa ihi erection of a solitary church edifice. and yet snail i? lb, unry slat* f things lo this region, she* a Mahiiiioii alon.- la m- rthipped wlib anything Ilka ato eiil). Ilia true, many rlurlcal gentlemen bar a aaada iLelr adtrut and allcuipli-d to gather fl->cks of ragitlaa mtblifrra But tbcir ruduarore bare tbua far nearly aB proved abortive, auo many a one of their number can no* im loubu elibe a,to, a lu eager pursuit uf richm muragv lehal'l- aan yet more gem-rail* a >ughl than tinme he frutV l< Mi) nfleri d U, lhe l,eeuie-fc w-irblliufii of thW latitude A ?' me*hat huiDoKeis iliuatialiou of lb* Irrrllgtsna i!iS|<<einoii oi.our people i? contained lo la I wuek'x anas' her of lb' Western Jf uiUaiitrtr, a wit k!y, published at lodoeb Ity. Hum the shape of (be folio* iog ooaaa uioatioh ? to tub nauciora apnea or rat warrens uKrunm, l>rst?a. July a. 1W Brrrural. Hie?WHS all due de'rrenue au* re. oeet, we hew )uu to ac e. I lb* a< ooimo- lot cop* of the (Art riaa tlong on,/ Jrmninl for the leal ail monies we have eeery rial fa relied one cop) of Ibla paper, bo bate rerer l een >M? ts III d a ruanniirr inr It unttl yon made t nr advent aa rr'IgtuM ed'l I I* lie I |tebe<u,g that It alii Brora baa* (V ial to ) -n ae shall to future know boar lo dispose of It 11uaiiug llial jou will appreciate tbe farnr. we remain. MSB ie?pet fully, jours, A K I'iKKi'K A <>?., Neara daaleia. be , he. Verit),the fal 'ta that Itched f .r tbe conrer?ioa at your iai< J ipeneer visil rs wonld Ood raady compensation tor tUtr utaappoiotibenl a itb tbe unclrdtAAd lo-at),or,a among our ci?tl'Z*d one* for tbe lart I weir,- mootha our people did their bent ta recun I be ><m> (It id a regular Coiled *t?lea mall onaM?. Hot, with the *taPa. Ia?i rummer tbe Poetmagter bail ral appeared to be dao.chned to do anything la (fed mam r until be bed aanertaloed tbe pleaaora of o agiaai on I be subject IhirlLg tbe laM winter, several parugg ii.v utiol in this country soil more especially our aw vrrai aoubJ he urli-gai**. lat* rsd assiduously ta Waehiar Ion for the Bp,*-lei appmpi intimia neoe.aary for tlivn tela lop id na|l fae.llltlee to onr oommnnity All they warn able to do ?aa to secure a general appropriation at MA laiO h* '-man service v> and in Pike's Peak regtoa." timer the art m question, the I'ngtmaeter (ieaeral advert- *! for bids, but fa led b> recelea ratl-laclory gov, at u it wi? uot ?t II a tea days ago that lb- joyonb aio.r mi em' nt of the i a wu'iing arrival of tbe Aral ragu iar ft I eo Hate* mail front the t.ael.was revived Hnat |..re prop,* had M, pay twenty Are cents for each leUsr and bp ,*uia f<* each De?spap*r*lhey rewired and seat, a o <*t <-b*r?ug burden on our bustneee men and minora. I v me ?.<nie ?f the lormer rlnw weekly malt bill ranged r>m A10 to 120 |wr wet, a tan which would be ona ri' He u.bderabie even >y vro bea-ry uierobtntg of ygar A,# n.ot 'qudy thus far bent by the (Vnlrtl Overload Oiilbgnla Pike r l'???h K* ireae I notpany, Is tbe traaspavtalv r <? peerei.get* ai?1 c*|,?raig matter to and from 1MB gai.p) . in likely I" he enceimctted upon befbre limg by h< % rtere fttnge (Vgnpaiiy, a gtlll inor* powerfnl said arail ) oe|realm*! Alibongh tie last meottoaad sotbpai.) bare hen. rui ping remi weekly Oincbw from Omdba cllt i, pori kearney for the l*et tnree years, tbey *wf am i) abrtaiod lew mahiug the r*wtly and diwMIM eatwrm^k t " an e*iet,?1'dt of tbeir lines to the baas ad b< B?w k ? Moon ?1n until lhe*r aortferoae rhamctsr *M* more d# finitely osoerUuned Nina, the traref aad nnpnee bueif,?ee io tbe dlrewM w of Pike's Peak ts tlmM eob?*t as Ir* feftdey the frrenr of tbelr enter peine nwa II an p- ohal'ie. tt sir line from I On aha lo tbW poAal ta row rfiwrled lo be m running ordM In A ( ? daya. He, IPS *ert wleely cure.I the control of lbs stags hnalners eeet r the rrt early < at I eprtsg, Its many ramlbAa tvw* thiougbout the ml nee are no* likely lo lumaaa M uimT ' tomere* Ui the eartern main rhaanM. Tin- Kanraa KUp Ownpari), wtuKe Una* am now Mlefiftli i> ?r r?f M Viirt Bilfjr (1M Itiilet from the tin >) jit. .pee to form a c.h.tiedloa with lb* Weatwrv at rt Kearney ht atorktaa ahraorh rout* qpthe VwtI>can Mk ?f the Haw rlrer, an that a now nutlet w'al aet ml) Im> prr?t*<l for Baot?cn Nehraeka, hut alao for all UM Mirroiiri river town* waith of A Joaepb l-arn. alan. that the Veiled Sui<a Kipreaa OoeapMT prop m> l<> rna their tiieaaatntere "rer the na* ata*e mi.t>a aliout h'lnf opened. New York dlf triU then hate a direct cxprer,* onaerttew wtrti the (p.(<t fl?|.te of the R mky Mnttourna How torn will It he before II will he 'stale to ettent ore th? ' ?' tt tnit to the allter and fold reatooe #f the Iwhr at o Wtetcm atop o' the Sierra N' ra la f Ibv i^WVivti Id a Velejfaphjo wmk >tK? Wl* M* MM