25 Ağustos 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 10

25 Ağustos 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 10
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10 THE PttlXCE *JF H Vt.KS. * - - * % TnE TR P FROM QUEBEC TO MONTREAL. THE Y6V PUITLl iNi) V (TORU KTo\. ^ ^ I JflVWfijrii Po|Mil.t ri? v .tud Po|Hl- 1 lnr ^erriKiitv. IK* Church, the MMllnroiii uih! L?k\ee. 1C47HRY VJVATI< K1? AM) I XCl'tSIONS. ?. r* ?. u i> J*i>u WBB?I cimnE. Ing Chk-, OwrlW*l?e - e*s 0??r carta? (hrrflowliu; Sk<uub?al>, *rt?rB<rw tog EntteidaMu, Ovtrflowlng CbtKh?ii and (KtriKiwini; I'rlMllnts TBI ARRIVAL AT Mi>KTRKAL. Postponement of the Cirtir.oij.es on Account of the Rain FGrE SEAMEN ELOWN TP PIECES HAIOUSY BETWEEN THE FRENCH AND ENGLISH. ?aut0 FMEPAKATI01S I'VK TOE KUEPTMT. SCENES AND INCIDENTS. At., Ac., Ac. ipcclcl Dcipalcll to the Xew York Herald. MotmtKAl , Auguat 24, I860. The Trine* left Quebec at eleven o'clock yesterday eruuig, *n the Giuad'.tn et<\.noer Kingston, bu' alter gnlig a fb. rt distance tbo steward diecovcred fee bad lor gotten Ibe |>late and a *? chimed to return. A Una!start wus ma.'-' at noon and the Prince reached Vie lltUo city of laree E:rctc half tray to Montreal, at Ate in the afternoon. He landed, received ac<i repi.ed to a municipal address, k the evening there waa an illumination ami disp'ay of reworks. The Trinoe again cm barbed and started for Montreal, webere ne ;g evpeoted at about three o'clock this after. MOW. Ibc xuemberc ot tfcr I .eg .fixture arr.vei :n the steamer at Quebec .it tco o'clock .'?j* night and attended LUn T*ritio to lli s city. At the various i*>int? along the rift' /rot.J* of |>e< pie assembled on the shores, and afceereJ end waved their hale as the stoanier passed dewm v. '.to the Prince on boe.d. K&.n commence J at tan eV *'?:, aud coo'.luued until the cortege arrived oil Montreal. The Pr.nce came by the n> rib channel, and missed a cure for of sti-.unh.iatB which bat gone down to meet fe.ir. They overtook hirn however, at Bout de l'lsta. This mcrmng the ruin is failing m torrer.ts, and the ttreet* .c.rly m a state of flood. The effect of ail the do crations a completely ep led, and the city looks like a bnrlesq ic Venice. Montreal it overcharged with stranger*, among whom are rnary New Yorkers, including the New York Committer de'egated to invite the Priucw to visit the raetro[?olis 1e splto of the rain, extensive preparations are making or the procession. In alius n to the wet weather wb rh inva*,ubly greets tJbr Pr r e on his arrival at a plane, the peoplo say that aa a matter of course, the Prince of W (h)ales should have watery reception. The ram onutirued falling until about two o'clock, when the committee of citizens issued billetms stating that the proceasion and illumination would bo postponed. The notice came too late, however, to prevent great crowds from flocking to the wharf to witness the lauding of the Prin :e. Ail of the societies anil volunteer companies had prepared themselves for a parade, and they, too, marched to the dock and drew themselves up in liue: but the ?o ateluw cuuld not stand the ram, and disparted. About three the rain ceased filling, but the gloomy sky Mill injured the effect of the numberless flags and arches thrc gh the city Thousands of people were piled |ho the dock aud surrounding piers, aud presented a splendid effect. Ttie windows along the route of the procession were also filled, and some of them rented at eitraregant prices Shortly alter three the Prince's boat was signalled, and toon after rounded the island of St. Be en, opposite the city. accompanied by a Uoiiiu* of Bine large steamers crowded with people. Salutes were lire d .'rom the Plying Kiah. Valorous and Sty*, lying at anrhor n front 4 the city, and from the dock. a few persons only wire admitted through linej of soldo rj and police to the wharf, where the City Council aud Judges o robea, awaited Die 1'riace. Mayor Rodier, who expe-ta to be kn ghted, and has purchased hi* robes for the occaa.'0, was not present, as be knew the Truce wrcia loi ana. Thr ra;t; had delayed the workmen to that the mtflillcent arch at the landing was untiuished. The) were *e curd:i (If .ugaged lb couipi> ting It and carpeting the date op u> the moment the Prince's boat appeared. The tt urii?D steamers otie by oue rounded the wharf, act r*ry soon the Hoti. John Kose, Mr. Carlier and the Admiral's Secretary, arrived with the Information th?l tbe Prince would not make a public landing to day, but oruld be received at nine o'clock to mornw momiog After the procession hla Royal Highness la expected to open the exhibition at the Crystal Talare, and then to tejr the corner stone Of the Victoria Bridge, which has keen raised from its place for the purpose, and arranged st Ith rose! mery so that It ran easily be retaid. In the ereniog the briJge will be brilliantly Illuminated With a display of rockets, shells and colored Area, under Its superintendence of LtUtendabl, of Now York, ?a.d never to be equalled in thla couutry. conceding with a nammuli representation of Neptune aaitlsg down the river. Particulars of these ekhtb'.t'.oM have aiready keen published in the Ilnum During the salutes this after n -on three as,tors on koar. I the Ptymg P.sh and one 0:1 I ho \ atoroot wore sc cidentally killed hy the di'charge of a gun while loaning kefore it. IVcTloui to the Jrmissal. the rol.inleer troops were reviewed on the wharf and marched well, carrying their arms at a trail the brst. that bring the easiest and most com: itable position for volunteers The naval cflieers staled that tlte Prioco would not lard unofficially, a. be bad retiae<i tvdos.nt Hilfft* but II is pretty rerta<n that be discuhailsed idc goito an I proceeded to the residence of Hon John R>ite, n >* oecu pled by Iflr Fenw .ck Wil ani?. caim.tndan of the royal forces, preferring a c mfhrtable bod on short i> llio oh svvance nf mere etiquette w .l publicly disembark tomorrow morti.ng, at n ?e hit how h? .s to rot b Klngsv-n In time, uni. ? h# get. p re. arkatdy we cannot stile TY,e Illumination. ? tuck araa pa-lpoued to r. igbt, takes place to morrow eteuiag, and ? 11 end iMed'y he ? hnli ant sftkir Many of Uit w it .1 .a gas 'is. uta I in Vnebcu, have been tra- sported to M..n'rea- so that lb s Ilium sat ion w il be a aort or combination *ita r The feeling between the Frtbih an 1 Fug . \ : I ?' ts by no means an agrt onble one, and th - latter w?< gieet'y provoked at the attempt made I put t, " Kr- h vriwwr iu m*??i prvwuBnii j* i " ? ? '? ( * ' dancer* arrange tbnr lrc*?"? *> v- to ropiaoe' I ual a?l clors bcr# th? trench dt> the unc thing with their refcw, or place f.afa ao that the J- "nt t? buotioc m light:; above that %t the Cr |l>!t. Ua l'ia in art I hoi.?e and thr grand calbedrai, In fu" rM* af tb? wharf. the Freefh flags outouiob-rau ta? i ugiiah litre* t I?i An.' Van flag* are al*.> vir o> V< rntx-rs nf the pre-- are aril treated here, and etery aw*-nmmodalloo aborted ?oat? have i-eeo prut let f;>r \jOre thouaaud at tin brligr A .rand banket'?ill *' ' girmi to taelre htxi'ir?4 per?.<na afterwardl TU* ^ Taod ball room waa spotted for intpect.no ..0 W?ii;ead*y Dt(-hi laat, lighted a lh ouetlK.ue.nl light* A dinner wa# ^'Trn t" 'm*t?ibere of the prea? M) Snepmeyer, one of the Stw York Uxaraittrr, .a | abtent. A* '* ' <* Uc <??<a'tw apeak m the high I rat forma * Uwf r?eetved Mr | n. irpaoa, a ^radary * Hob ?raai?d<t Wood, .* aim < at. r c h'rre b * '? <*der to hare riftnter t, aitbtbaP. VrfWewaaaUa. J Itetartirm Fra Co. s,r *?*?? . of N?a Tort, I NEW YOR] wr siso t.rrr T>.cy spotted about twenty ibices last nigfct, b t ??(? o -t allowed ui arrrit lb?rn. Tb'.s even c(f .b?-> arr ?ic,j <> cti'*vo f'(ck,?c?-kcts and burglars. Many ;?o uont iierfinagca are iu town, Governor Wilato*, >' '.bode Island; oirertmr Hjck;uj.;b?ru, ot Cuu- I v 4'.I. an l the Mayors of vlaatouO and aalifai, are f. : iy.K !l" number. ! a ly Kracklin has arrived, and was ,-c vm ? i.i ? ' "?wr. ??" i W* e at-.l 4Nf i * ??? ds Ctuuitk*, Mr. Crawford, the I F; Uab Cbwt) MA fatu.ir, air Alien McNab, Hun- Mr ; 1 cf ami uevcra! members .if tnr? Nova 4cotia liCgisat.:rr, are a'.S5 here. 1 n,K? i ube c ty * splendidly Humiliated. *"h ? is not u y .bin: cir. a private illununatwn, anil it ?*exceedingly crrditahto. The bcU room is preparing :.u unequalled style. The i ro- .o- r? ^w>r'?rt mi re of trrwcoes, vases, brilliant paint ugs,'.rxaieparouciee, fotuiU'inn, arabesques and tauteru* | A plane. * reserved In the ?allery for tb' I'rinoe * box. Yb# rebhMig room* are hau?f*.itiiely prepored aud *n u??. .-(itlei supper ill be pra/lded By a peculiar arranfemiT.lDf the lata"*, (tie truster* will t?? remove 1 IPCBi oulaet with the couipao* , aud dishes ?v11 be repUoed ee eouu ae emptied AHwgvttier, arruogoni'-Ula iu M ml-redl orewdmraole, and an (t e sunset protu-ied fair wsatfcsr lo vs.rrow, t1-' Frill;: : vr i doubtless en. ?y himself w his heart's msi -nt I Toe Button i .t. cere arc litre. Rit Montreal Field Art hery jr.ve them a / nnrr to rjgh'.,?nd they taitepart iu the pruovaaion toaurru.v. His oa-.J that the Pru.ec will ttay ut a ir.\ ate residence in Hasciiton, C <*.,out to he ? J uaugurate the rule t tat he may occupy pri \ate re*.Jenc , ana licua give the mix ous No* Yurhcrc : a L'br.aoe. <h r SjiK lal uihrc CorNtpond?ac?> iji asa. , August 17, t*M Th* Ba <.? m?Hbtotftt D'.rjmwd?lu DeM^riptvm?T~i-' Hmrtx. Jut ths Prin-i?Grrtttal o/ the CHg? Tut idutiraft Otittj, Uc. The .grand ball to he given id honor cf the arrival ?f the Frmoe of Wales u Quebec will, no you are aware airouiiy, come oil on Tuesday evening. Meantime I wtU give fix. a description of the edifice which will be I be i ttif of that splendid-coirce. It stands oc ^t film* street, MT4 ? MIUWU IUU ?U!iU 11AII. It I iKP ?J tm uri^in if ttf'y feet. Its depth u one hun ired aoridweuty feet and its a ni'.h ninety feet. It in built of grac-ile, with four , heavy Coriutbiau piiiare in front. Before Cue pillars rises \ an areie-d canopy of evergreens and roars, which pro. ! trcdes tuflieiently over the street to ailow-Ui? carriage of the Pr.nce of Wale# te drive under it. The grounl under&eaih this canopy and up the tieps leading to the vestibule of lhe building will be covered with starlet cloth, so that the Pence may step on it from hie carriage. The space uio'.ernealh it will be iKumiuated brilli&ialdy by a fiery Bruiwwtck star of vari coined lights. So n>u h for the exterior of the cfuebec Music flail. The vestibule is a semi-circular apart went, immediately inside the entrance to the structure, whl.h is reached by a flight of tea steps It will Se brilliantly lighted with gss, and every burner will be wreathed withr- see and decorated with a small a Hit flag, display lug the w, tto, "Welcome to the Priuca of Wales." I Its walls will be fejtcoued with evergreens an 1 lilies, aad its floor covered w:.th a continuation of the scarlet cloth from the entrance. The ticket ollice, to the left of the rent:bole as you cuter, is dltcd up for the Princo's dress :ag room. It is carpeted with gooa Brausels carpel, and papered with the best gold aud white ground paper, with p Sectors aud borders iu dBrk brown and g- Id. The four : eeaeoue are represented b> tlgore* of females of an equal number. Ths celling is pUlu while pa nt, with a simple ; white cornice of plaster of Paris. The dimensions of the rociu are about ten feet square. The furuiture consists of three chairs and u lounge, ail of wqlcul, cushioned in black haircloth; three oval mirrors, with a auperdcial surface of about three tquare feet. Tlie mirrors will bo wroathod with white aud pink roses, aud one of tbcm will sued on a semicircular table, which contributes to the general furniture of the apartment. This table will be draped with pink satin, shaded by white network. The curtains of the windows will be of similar materiil There will stand two vae, s of beautiful (loafers on the table, wbere there will ab-> be scouted soap, hair oil aud all llie Utile Iriles of the* character considered tea*-vary for the complete furnishing of this chamber. Tho room will be lighted by nine candles tu thro* candelabra*, (id the rlgbtTiaub sid" of th''/vcftt\bnl* is the entrance to the gentle men's dr<*ss'ng room, wbi-h is lwge an I wrell appointed Between both arc- the folding doors wnich lead 1 to the hall room. Us dimensions arc eighty feet deep, I sixty l'ect wide and forty feet high. The ceiling is mostly J of stained glass, which produces a very good ed.-ct when relleclirg t!,o light from the chandeliers 1'ners is a g?|. Iery which runs ut-arly all atuund therjom, aul is supported by metallic pillars of tho fsstiou style. I'm sum mil of e?eh of these pillars will be adorned with a s.n til fug bearing the likeness of the Pr u;e of Wales aud a ' wnath of roses. Thero is a burner on each of inetn, 1 and every burner in the ediileo will be ornamented j similarly to three " the vestibule, and bear the motto j of " Welcome to the Prince of Wales." so that wherever . you turn that phrace will meet y our atteuti -u. rhe room is a narxllclograra. With elliotlcsl analut The lioor will (Kt- l "r ?ri; > '"j' -< if * ' -t 5. ?. all Mruftfiitf and crutiug facto fttwr. Hj-1 '?)?*< or 2 to f lu cl i:: rtlui.' ' ? ?m-.. Hit .1 r?? i Bvl on* of th*m. e* rpt ai'mbN* of tbt ch ireto ?u a<t rnitleim fore I n.y a*. J x>" a If n?li*r ??l ut. io-t?' man ol adro'tt a e ?f :roe I wk ua?'ior-?? til all tbe ot or ?t ; r* wuo a c 1 appl, a 1.0 Tli !! I bothought * * I - ii.' tmr. ? . rocri u.g a frieu<l. to.lb whom I tiar > !? a* {lit aiiiaiiitaiii ?pe pr topfdfat wain to tb# charge After a irl.t rorlir. I at 1'Hfth ? ; ?>.>'I d Iri obuu. :o? a : in it < ec, in g > at * a* tfio pro*? i * get .nlo tier i <th~tr? P I' lo< !, peroooa f ?il <t?i. "inioat, n? ?or? r*. . |, ) pr '-r adoi Mi >o to tUe building aoii BAn/ bigoted ci be waxed and the piatf*<rin of stejw on each side will be < carpeted. Indeed, all things, except the ! ?*. are ujw , ready. and your correspondent describes what he has al re*dy beheld. Ou the left of you as you walK towards the ' I rinmium. about half way up the ball room, is an arched t recess in the wall of the building* which sbtli contain the , armchair of bis K?yal ll'ganen*. Tins will be wreathed j ' with roses. The whole gallery will be festooned with a ' I scalloped or zigzagged chain of artificial liowers and ever i grerrs The proscenium si d step* asrcnriin to It w.ll be covered wlib scarlet cIFU.li, and cut off from th-a cove J ' immediately in the rear of it tjy sliding do irs It wi 1 be | one of tbe dining rooms; the other ts near tbe lalu a'dren j ; ing n-oni, on the gallery tu the opposite en I of the build j tng All there apartments will he well furuiaUed, and the 1 disciples of Kpieurus will also be on hand with their j many enjoyable* for 'he physical tuau. But the alcove behind the proscntum is au Interesting ' room It is here thr prince of Wales and his immediate I mi.te wid lot*' supper It is s smtil tpartment, ab *ut j fifteen Bit by eight, and there will be uo f.irnit ire in It , except the table nod chairs oecssssrv and u sofa, and j there is nothing particularly noticeable about any of ' ' these articles 1 bare already sen', you a description of i i the plate which shall he used on thts occasiou. WieatbS j ot roses and white lilies will decorate the room which is | no* b* leg pap* red tn the same manncrastheprtuc.e s dressing room The carpet w a thtjli Brutsels. It will j ( also b< light* d by catiUUs supported by gilded caudula i brus oi three branches each, in the truest aristocratic cu.totu. Tli*' seats of the gallery have been newly I rcrbiotfd with scarlet velvet cushions, aud, in short, KM whole buildii.g has l^eu wholly metamorphosed from what it wns wtieu I flint colored it Icrs than ? fortnight ( Qtlcd by Mr. Boillairge. civil engineer, oi this city. i Thus do T submit the interior of the boil room to your 1 lie eminent. a* has been previously done wan ium tenor. The city i* half country uuw, to many gruen bMfti* hove been brought into it during the lest diy or tw >, atid scattered and planted everywhere you turn, or ; r!? red tn fi net of hoopoe or puolic buildings, or made to clothe arc bet. or which halt a deHl private one* hive 1 made tin r appearance uce my latt refer-uc-? to them There bout;L? arc generally spruce or lir, and in\ariably , Uir greenest and moat luxuriant that can be ollimcl. Indeed. when you look arouud at the country and the city t s hard to ror.iectnr# bow- the- Prince of Watea wdl rr "apv be.ug more or leu of a greenhorn him'elt before he Ivans luiieda, if be hal any ?t tbe germ of th;? plant \o hta too* 11 tat Ion whatsorrer on hi* arr.ral. f\>n l ( bUme him il be hat any appearance of verdancy oa his arrival in New York, lie expect to see btm in tyuehec tomorrow and, no doubt, the telegraph will have announced bit entrance to the city before this coinwuntca tion rear bet yos. tfr**T. . August 19, 19flO n? /v, ?' t"Ancik? FiVhutwrm / fkr Jfiti.'guie?TV i f and .S>m >i?TV CYMS* ?? < CVin^iue. ,fc ,fc All the clouts of yostev lay have vanished to day, an i the r-ity la gay and lively under the influence of a clear aky, l<r.ght tuntli.oe and temperature of TO degree' Most of the flag* suspended in the vtreot* ytwtcrday have U'vu rttuoved, but there are stlil many ot them left The aichea have b?-?n mu-b reft. shed t>y the rain of y??teriay and laat n ght. and the ??m* may he attd of the evergreen and ''nra' decorations a every part of therlty The Prince of Walea rema ned qu.etiy at tne t.overror oerat's re?i tenc* yealer'ay aternoon and to day, eg opt wh- n'he drove to clitrch In - loi-auy wiiu the Ovurier Ociitril. IIm of New. astir an I fort <t lo t main* TVre w ai no rheenop I nderstand en ih-? route to church Mb* morning, but there was any auto ut of hat and han.tkrrcb ef waving. The Governor Genera'. ?ad hi* fam.iy attend Jlr ie service at the K;u?c<.pa; cathedral *i.i leather- that rtie pr.o* >t Wslea ?t tended in eomiuny with them to lay The cathedral ? a very large and nanla-'iue, but act very C-OBiK-dloui. e i. ioc n its Interior arrangements However, tiel.cveru'-r's new. m which ll.e Prince sat. we colli vied ai arranged w lb a v ew to eaee and e nhrt t -"?ca?t < toe rathe tral at ten o'clock to-day aut (bat all ts 1 do?'fs closed en ept the half of ~>ae of t? fr?.t t>>r?, ' wb: h was hold sjar by twj nr three strong men i fh? < K HERALD, SATLHDAY, French Canadian Euuan <V.ho'.ic# of ii.Suetif w?-rpointed out to me 111 the (.tttWral, where they attended Divtrws worship to day The number ot persons ,u the I'lliMu j Cvi,;? net bavetaikn far *hort of 3,009, and l r Uiirikd me r'rongly of the rate? *anec at ?ome i -f your enralioo preav hem' chare he# in New Yo-k "f Brooklyn, ! eiily in an (ncri umd dngri o Prseisely at ttie minute for 1 commencing I lie service dll the, carnage "f theG 'vergnr, with ttie Prince itf Vutl, loom in srght, ant afford j ar.ober Mrik.ng vidoneo of the punctuality "f roja'ty. kntertoy the cliwchyard, ?v*id the waving of kiTi haU'B trout ail the windows in the Mjacunt hoii'ling*. the .-wri?y.< ri Itvt ..loon till U ?to.*i op,.nrile a door I# Itie rear oi the tiuihliug, through the Prince and hie rui'e, Uif tl t-r wilk the Governor iieuer al, rtikr'J a < r they tiet ?U<hted. But llie-'-ene which Xtrn i a? they nrtrrw! into ?he?,tnm hyard waa very iniervatiui' The (tri at utviwd, whwt\ at thi* trie uumbered nctwe rtvc or m thowand porter.#, who wvri unable to procure adtii llance to the ia*rrior of the bedding, to a m? 't? covered their lujut-;, ar.it mar;' a fair hand wared u tDowy 'Aaniiltereht# in honor o" the regal youth who w a tni* iv '.heir iirrw.ee I never wituevaed *< mucn u*iatiiuiit} nor ao etv'errul and v.ruidtaaenua a morem-nt. Tne F* nice acknowledged ait by repeated bows II* was thia-'i no d reave*; in a hlana ?.*mit coat, black iudemrihat'.ee'jud a yetiirwirli veai an 1 while ' uextVr me '' Ho wove a spruce-rolored neck* - .rather #aia!|, on1 e around , ha oeck, and patent li attar.* shots. with wtrR sock#. Ho *?iwe an cnfuiury hlaot ailk hat, of tl.e -etoveplpa, j or. in other word a. the ridiculous order. Two eervaul# lefl the way tutu lh? church, and threw pen lb" t?ew wx.r for the'Governor General, who entered.'followed by *ie Prince'>!' Wales, net after him the r'oke of Newpottle, the Karl of ft Germaine, iJen*r?l Bruce, l.ord t.yon#, Admiral Milnu, .corral Williams aad^totne other -dlelingutstied men There waa tuile h scene >U the church ahen llir Pri?.iC eu'ered. At '.caal uluety per cent of the I idles and ?dty per cent of she gentlemen rose to thvir feet and rtar'J auo (trained ?i! the powc-a of their vi*i?u In Je his Royal fi.gh'iees Afu<>og the lathe# there Was U? greatest (lorry imaginable, who b> ver cui.id tee WcPritoo to satisfaction, even if taey were close la side-Mr,, while it was e? ident there was no small awMHint of urinaily auioug the gehtlerooa, who were fairly reprssMiled !u the conge .'gain >u. Atevtry I tlage of the servi-ce, when the frn.ee would rise, or ) whin he would ?it,?ir kneel, there w*9 a bua through the | whole cathedral, and an evident deeire to witoena his everv ninertnrnt. The Governor General's pew w on the J ..nlloru .,? I I... ,, 1, ii r.'li >n.l .m t n? l.-f I (l.e .1 aiH^ ..f Ih.l tlillolt i a? you filter from the front. It is ibe sii" of a doaen orj ditarv pevl. ar.d mveicd, cushioned and carpeted with i scs'let. which malt it a great contract with the (lark "lit ; colored pews cf which the re*l o? the church u> made up i in its interior, so that this pew is very cousplcuous Every ttraiiger, therefore, present, of whom there wore a large number, notwithstanding alt their effort* to exclude them, could iu a twinkling distinguish the pew lu which the l'rince of Wales sat from all the r.tt The cathedral was rot decorated in any way, nor was the order of scr vie.#! iiliferent in the least from the usual form The ; were rial by Hev. Dr. Houston, bv whom also , the ?r i nton was preached, and the prayers were read by tie- Kight Key J G. Mountain, the Bishop of Quebec. 71*0 tinging was good. the full choir, numbering about fifty {arsons, being present. The organ is large and powerful, though yoid of exterior embellishment. The orphan children, supported by the congregation, to tho number of two hundred, were present Rev. I)r Houston took bis text fti.m the third verse of the second chapter of Hebrews, containing the words ?"How shall wees capo, if *c neglect so great galyallon " He male no : ailuelni to the event of the day lu Quebec till near | the close of his discourse, wbcu he cou:luded in . the following words:?"Thero are many circumstances which gladden am btarta and call fbrth our loyalty to our ' eaithi} sovereign. Wo welcome to these province# one ; wli"(l?| io the Providence of "-od, we expect at some future day to rule over the British empire While we bad I his arrival with joy, a* a circumstance binding us to the land of r ur forefathers and the land of our butb?jfhile , we bid him Got speed, and prat that every blesstrg may rest ab indanlly U|*>n him?let "us never fail to remember that before God, tie King of Kings, we must one day ap prar. Thet shall the righteous shine firth as the sun 10 tbe kingdom of our Father. That this blessedness may ' he hi* whom we welcome among us, and that this blessefu?ss oiay beouia, we pray Hod, of His tuOulle mercy, : may grant, through the merits of Jesus Christ, His | blisst-d son, our I?rd and Saviour." The he tied ictIon heir.g pronounced, the congregation be- I ramc greatly agitated?many fs-rsons rushing to the aisle i at which tin Ivitire was expected to pass, others tried j to make their way out to see bint get into the carriage, so thai there wus a tierfeet am. Tin-PrU.ce passed out in an : aisle that was kept clear, and gut mlo the carriage with the j Governor Genera), auc drove off to his couutry rue.deuce ! <|Uictly.anU ar oe came, without guard or escort. Out side there were 6 000 or S 000 people, of all sexes, . ages tanks and occupations, wainug to lake a glimpse of j b.a pies;ieclive Majesty,*Qd ai. toe uial- portion uncover cd tli ir hi ads. liuny hones waved while handkerchiefs, ; and the Prince drove off amid a sec no similar to that j which bade him welcome tothecubotial, oily on a more enlarged scale. Thia was the las', heard or seen of the ' Prince of Waiee to day, w ho, I have no doubt, la at this I cement Joyu g the ease, quit-land comfort afforded j htm with unlimited liberality at tbe charming rural residence of 3ir F.'lmund Head, the Governor Genera of Bntirb Jforth America. To morrow, 1 lmve no doubt, will be a day of great in- i tcrt st. J will therefore, be on tho yui nine to onabie my- ! te'ir t i {tlace you in poW-sston of every necessary iofor- j in at loo. Qcxr.sc, August JO, ls60. i A R-:;al In vieni?The Prince of Wales and a Mail Agent?I'ickpockrls in Chur.\?7V London Oftrtspun dints Suffer?The Ram?7%e / Vnwwki?4iten'etre of the Prince, dc , d . This morning when 1 awoke torrents of rsia were fall ing. Everything seemed to droop its bead. The few tlogs left in the streets as a relic of the great pageant of August IS, 1560, swung lethargically from their staffs or Iit.r-, and the arches and mottoes on canvass and the rema ins of th? ,>nce living and ch<-etful ilium.ualioiis, which were in most ca cs left sboce ground until to-day, in conai juoncc of Sunday intervening. wrrc dociledly dull in aptiearance. and remain so jet. Indeed, the contrast yr ccntc I by the city an the citizens this morning to your rorr. ?pcndent on miking his dibul was .i most linking contrast to the magn.tlccnt aud lively |uigrant of Saturday and the cloudless brilliancy and gay street* o( yttlcrdsy. Many strangers are leaving the city to day, Mid the hotels will tot be ?o uncomfortably thronged to night a- they have been for the past few days Will ih< hot Is of IpictKC ever bo so thronged as they were ou ^utunlsi and Sunday Is a question which rood persons here answer in the Legal.re. But I must not lose * ght of : the l'rince of Wales. He is my tsjiecial care; therefore 1 it would he very wrong to leave his Royal Highness too long to lumself. Now , lu order to diversify matters a lilth before proceeding farther w ith bin: u his tour to v 1 * ill give yo an anecdote <T a somewhat amusing | .-huiucter concerning the youthful Prince, which I have , I .u. the tnoet uodoubud authority. lltB rH!*CB AMD A Mill AGK*f. Albert lid war J, being lift to him-elf for a iltorl time at i could not be ion < alone mi thonl getluig up irnuse I roeut for himself cf aomo description. In strolling through the town, or, more properly, the "Canadian i Oristr." he toon fell .n with a companion of the must unri fprcltng cliaracirr, who ?w, at the |?rttcular mo ment of which we are speaking, in a moat thoroughly un. lurptcknis d-pos.tioo. lb ugh be muat bave been Uiu roughly aware of the fact that the Pr.nce of Wale* was Uku iu tbeviUa{e Thia i*rsooage 1a a Mr. Stewart, n mail agent of the government, anil the nephew of Governor Htncks, of the W ludward Islands, w ho formerly edited n ncwsp?i>er in Ti ronto. on this occo .on he bad gone to ua |? as the btarend apeclal ^epatchci frmi Uie author. I ir* of . -bee to the Governor General of Britiah N'orth \merha Well, havtna enonunterM the Prince, his Royal llighnrer. immediately after exchanging -xlulattoci- with bim, fell Into cot.vei ation The-object waa Si at <>a tb pr< parationr to r?ccivc Xug and' heir in Canada, and ra j?eially In Quebec. While the dialogue went on tbr 1'rloc* evmeed much interest in everything hi* oompan on told him, asked many Intelligent locations about the people, their modes of Hying, their la: pus. e and Ifo-tr feelings, so far is ttiey regarded himarlt ai. 1 the permit occasion. He waa evidently b ,hly ,-rsiii.ed with the inforiuation thug commonical 1 to b ni All th'S time the maii agent bad fancied htm to be a "middy" from one of the men of war, never :mi ,-uv I that tlio Prltiec if Wales would be thus left to lam seir lie therefore in turn salted the Prtnee if he was irotxi tht Hero, and being informed that be was, imtuired bow the Prtnee parsed bis time on '-oard during the voyac ?a luerv winch the artful I'riucc answered with tr, rh minntenes* of d? tail and narration of eirrumslanee. I uiii'v, tin- rnatl igent inquired w here the I'rlooe waa then stopping, anil imagine bis surprise, and how be met have he, n iliarer.. tried to tiave received for answer, a* h did. "He la here?I am the Prince of Wales." The man agent turned sharply roun I, looked at the featurt?, form, and grLcral ap| tarunec of bit illustrious companion, una soen discovered from tbc likeness be had aeon of bis i'.uyal H :hurts, that be bad a:luat!y heen lu clone company, on interruptedly, witb b.m for a considerable time. The i'rlncr thin lhat.ktd his aworiate for the iuformvlon ai t cnt rta nn-rot he had afforded him. and tbeu bent h:s st ti ! i ters Ihimu Mr Stewart k??t for re fli-f tine for the rest 'A (lie day. I Tlie cIt) at liter plagued w iih i rsxroi arr.?. I from the irg- titled o? the fatted State* | t.rim pa r, for the part (hrre or fonr daya. | II would attouleh m<?( people, but perbipe | all) ii'-t ?och tMrprlte New YarVen, to learn lhat the i r liu relic* i?ve kecu iIh< moat profitable Held S>r their i oiwiat >t.r In II. cathedral leeteeilay, one gentleman ] e in' a! u ar Ui IV uoe of VTalei, had kit pocket relieved i of tl TC11 r ll?i. much tn Li* cbijrrtn. Anothrr lott | ? I ft O o :he ?aB, fir and i lady ?M deprived O' i Lfr fi-'d att'Ii againit tier ci .- ut, though It wan ae | Off. American pickpocket* t hart liren . r-i ? the tv git*]; n<-u <pn|<er cnrreapoadetit* \ ii i " i l>r a? the Amen an i<>rrerpoii<letita were treat*! i !u lotoVe it the Hennas and Siy< ra tybt Tlie art; t of i iitie of the lluMrated IjooJou pwpera r uttered by tbif tyal-m of retaliation to ttir amount of $400 So you will r-ail y peneve that Ifie pk ,-pookela hare been turning Ihr tour of klf Kuyal Iflghneae to acoouit, at troll at Mlicr jit f(f? .?.? ' Hi ha* not i ,'tne into the city at all ti lay, m, account o! the itorai. He haa. howerer, pa.d ii 'It" tlie ri" i ha . 'err Thrre w?* ttr. email anton.nhmriit among the villager*, r bo were c imr!"tely t* en hr rurprtiw when tbey heart be rr.i oo of tru among them And when tber i" ort. r. J ilia' ho and bit party were to die - in the rll*?e, their loyalty wu rouacd, and thoy cheered blin ??'r. and eiithuaiwt < ally Toe party was avrtctty prlate h.'werer, and everywhere bie Koyal Htyhneea ap. in d ji?terd?y he look the populace wholly on their * ard. ? ller.pf rtV' ced the St I awreoee In hoala to Cape t, ' u?e. the i?rty attain he lo their i arrlagee and drOTe ' Hie rindei.re ..f the t rermr'ietjern', wh*ie tbey hare r" nlin'it-d crer sini. At Pr ac, u ,*?(urning, iuJurnied t AUGUST 25, 18G0.-TRIPL the 'lovenior General tl?dt he tu delighted wtb the udvrtitures of the day, notwithstanding Wte rain. There waa tome b ^po that the ttraworita would be sot oil this ever t'g, v there was a lull o! about two bourn' , I u ration ill Him rain storm thou1. 10,000 people col "W4 ..u the *! ?na.'in tn copaerjitenee, hut bad to return disappointed. Twre wai a gen eral Taatia le ot rock'-P, a id 11 >uiau .ai,<ie>! throughout the etty, however The-a Is jiti >h parat.on aiming the ell:reus, la ordur that they *r:a> elite ? ron-1 as.pearr.ioe at the levee to tre-rrow. s. >?tu-ry ut artillery bus left theo'.ly for the town of Tb-?v liners, to give Uio lT'.nco a royal salvo when t?a Titrbi s that lauLl ou W* routs t?; Montreal The rec'pt+>u at the latter r tv, Ism iaSr.rtl.e l, will fully e>|uai, if got ?i.|.?ts that of fi'ietsu , f tl.^ |.reh-rt tndh attoos and preparations going ou lb"re v' Lakeu aa a teal of the probable. Tl.e newf*!*"* h-re have double t their cir culatum, ami many [icreiaie impure ?f.er the Nf*v YoSK Itr w IP, re|?r.taKy the Ao>. ri '-ar.u who are here at pietenl. The wv?n< ba\e been railed ..i?id to <s otfih .0 to th? glory or the present occur mi. ami several |>oet'.cel T.rtwlnctU us hav been the result rent as this e as mnoh a French ;ia an English speaking city, sotte .>1 these poems have appeared iu both language. Qr> ttsr, August 20.1S60. rr'/ur'Otrrvt k> K- eio 'h- Prbtt?Flops, f it'iup, h'owrrt, Mi!* try, Frntininity, Ih* Ksxii- of ''anifm, .'fcs I'praar i f Ike MuUi'ltde amI In-iO^oh Grn-raVy? Th- Ar-i-ival, l.arfimg. Proycttion and ?U>?ni nation, <t''. We found Quebec alive with excitement and over crowded with people Every hotel was full, private houtae were Oixupied aa terr.|>erary hotels, and even the eUanros a'oug the wharves Were used as lodging places. The struts were bedecked a.th tiigs, rows of evergreens were planted along the route of the proeesg.on. and arches '.enumerable, with inscriptions and devices welcoming the Prince, stretched across alrmwl every street. Most of the public buildup-; and mauy private houses were adorned with transparencies. At the hotel there was a tremendous rush, and such a representation trom the press was never seen in Quebec before Besides reporters tram the provincial papers, all of the leading \"ew York journals bad representatives. .\U of the member* of the Cans liau Parliament had been ordered u>; wetublc a'. Quebec,and these, with their at tendante, increased the rowd. Ihey did not appear in any cfticial capacity, however, al the reception. A uum Iter of the representatives of the Mew York swstl mob were ii'so on band 1'reciseiy at two o'clock the various military and civil utimpaMrs which were to take port in the procession ar nvt.i at the aharf. and forned in lines from the landing place to the pavilion, an octagonal shaped building, about thirty feet iu diameter, decorated with 'lags aud ever* gte*n? Tt>? front of the wharf was dressed with spruce lree# and the water police, in mi h uvts, were drswu up opposite tbe landing place Just under the guns of the citadel lay tbe Nile, tne t'.if ship of Adm.ral Milne, from which the signal gi.ns were to he tired. Shortly after iwo o clock lord l.yons. Kir Ken wick Williams! the r? htualed hero of Kars. the Mayor of the city and other notabilities, or whom your reporters will send the names and titles, drove down to the wharf, and Admiral Mttnc arrived just before the Prtsce. There were about ten thuuaaud spectators, admitted only by ticket, upon this wharf, and all along the river, ua the wharves, the house , tops the city walls, tbe Citadel, in small boas, in steam ere were crowds of people anxiously awaiting the Prince's uriivol. Very few ladies were among the com l*ui) en the reception wharf. Soon after tbe ecclesiastic* and the City Oouocll arrived the Fiioce's Beet was signalled down the river, and at three o'cuoik the Hen rounded Ike point at Cape Torment, and came Insight of tbe ''itadel. I un met lately the welcoming salute was Bred from the grand battery, and Moid prsat cheering the He.*n, Ariadne and Flying Fish, accompanied by a tint ilia ot about twenlv steamers, tame slowly up the river, and authored direci'y opposite the wharf where the Prince was to land. Ae th- ahips dropped anchor. one by one, tbey were saluted by the chiming church bells, the cheering ol tbe jatpulace aud salutes. Tits t Avnrjro. As tbe Prince stepjied upon the tandlDg, the royal en sign few up the flag stall' >1 the t'iladcl, the tiig ship Vile Bird the signal gun, the yards of the six men of ear were manned, tbe marines and soldiers p'esented arms, tbe hands of the ships excursion boats and on the wharf piaycd earn ihe yiecn, and instantly the cannon irnm the i.cct iud tbc citadel thundered out the royal salute. Atr.id til '.hit noise an<l confusion, as if heaven ami I earth wire taints to lb? music of England's anthem. the I'riccc, attf tided by hie suite, walked to the pavilion, took hi* etai.d upon the scarlet covered <taie pifp.-iri.il for bim and awaited the delivery of tbe Mayor'* addreaa. [ Bendeg tl.? officials, the reporter* only of the llunin, the 7;mrs. Frank LetlU'i and tbe I'rcss were allowed inside tbc pavilion. Tbc Mayor wax droned In hi* official robes, with a large cloak and ecclesiaa.ical brnnda. and read bis addrrrr, tlret :n French and then m Eoglith. Rm Priuoc then trad hi* reply, articulating distinctly and a :tb perfect elocution. He ap|a-arcd very tnocb r touter and more tunburut (lb:tn when be lauded at Newfoundland last mentb, and it ia certain that tbia trip, if it baa aocemplirbad nollilrg more, baa certainly given more robust health to ihi* acton of royalty, hitherto abut up with hia book* an-l hi* profe?anr* th* rnorrseiosr. The streets war* jammed with people, who appeared more French than Englifh. Every window waa occupied, and some bengal at moat extraordinary prices; banaers, with Flench and Fngliih iii*cription?, tiaatcd overhead . ani a.I waa confuiiuti ;n<l> scribabie. Tbc crowd behaved wotsc thar. a parcel of Fitc lv.ntor* on a target exreur lon. teuriug dowu tree*, fa**, decoration"?every tin n* whirl: wnn-d ohstrm tthe view?aid poshing and bustling In a meat h. istarocs manner, paying no wort of regard to women or children, and In ?ome place*, a" at St John* gutc. coming into open coutlirt wiib tbo aoldiery, wb> in tain att. mpted to keep tbe lite* The head <-f the procession came In right, through the lain, and wandered drearily |**l, with uu music au I ! s* order. First -latr.e tbc Frencb. Kuglirb and Irish work ingmcnt societies, tbe latter dressed ins sort oflnde rentable uniform. Tben inarrtod *h,.ul ten Indians, meHlIj half breed*, from tbe village of Istreitr, who were . Irttred in a most ridiculous burlesque of Ibelr ancient ! ivi imt*, autnc ot ibrm wiib hlack heavers, with hr?aI liver band* around tbem, and from their countenances were unquestionably of Irish descent on their fath is' or ' mother a' si ie. Then the national societie*, tho French, I IrUli ft'fitrh Ar.fl l-Ynlnh hnnn^ti hv Ihrmifh Ihn nm.l ! tlx (( the Set lchrum being dreeso! id Hlgldand o^lume ! ind preceded by a piper, iuk'dtcd the musical taste . of the people by attempting an execrable tune upou a dilapidated bag >ipc, aud was provl- ] denttally kept out of the hearing o* the music j loving I'rir.cr. Alter these, w ilh a full band, came the Royal Cat adiau Killer, a crack corps, belonging to tbe re- I gv.lars, and those ftpe fellows marched like real eoldlers ! Tbe tLeers along tbe route announced THK Jtl-I-K IAI H or I HI PRIMW, who wac guarded by a company of voluuteer cavalry, liueiy mounted, and preceded by the % olunteor artillery men F< r the brst time air.ee bin landing in America the Prince rode in state, since in the other cilia* whlob hi l.-ta t tailed no ruitable animals could be prxured to draw ins carriage Thf coach war a very large one,drawn by lour magnificent bay horses, whith seemed on Ore with life and vigor, and four red coated f?otmen firm ml before and h< hind, and from their ttery appearance looked like gigantic boiled lobgters, hut from the airs they assumed were n.Aaktn by anrue of the- natives for genera's of the I'ritccs suite, and cheered accordingly Tbe Prinoe aud Go vet Mr General Head nccopled the roar scat of the carriage, and were dressed in tbe unit irm of tb< British army. T'u a rii sat General Bruce, In the tame uniform, and the Karl of ?t Ccratins. in hi* usual rut of blue and gold Following this carriage we'e Blr Fenwkk Wl'llame and his s"-afl, with that of the <>o\crnor General. Tbe 1'rlnss was l.txily and repeatedly chi i rod, aul as he rtoof>ed and picked up a bocpiel Inrot, n to him by a l-tdy the enthusiasm I;new no l>ouiids All appeared delighted with his appearance 1 and suability Then followed the uaval officer!, In carriage*. Lord Lvdis uet apjmtring: and Ihen a lot of ex- 1 leches filli d u iih cltlscn*, and a number of hacks stuck rar out of fight ate'. Sound, with the Roman t*th >ilr Aenh bishof* and priests, wound up tbe prooraiion The party icci.iiipanied the Prnre about three mlka on the Si I'ulg run!, to the entrance of the lane leading l'? the Governor General's residence. where a triumphal sreb wa? crcclet. tr.d the children of tbe schools?tbe girls dressad neatly iii while?were drawn up to receive t! em The roads 'or ten txiiks around the city were decorated at interval* v tb htgs si d arrhes Lra'vlng the C'im|?ny, Uif car iagis of the Prince and bi? party drove rapidly tiic mansion of Sir Flra od Head, aud were 'roeived with a salute by the Seventeenth rc.tjirnl, the line band playing tbe national anthem, Tiie rir.ee then dined aud rusted from tbe fatigues of tbe re eptmn until late in the evening, when he di <ve to the ^Hrhano tit llou*. and took up bis u'larier*. w tnes?.ng, iitenfktio, rn? luraustt'ig. The Illumination wosjnrteed. a very fine one, far sur iwnslng anything we liave a1- yet done in New fork nue-e tue mri-iay wa* c''iiiiu* 'i i<> D<> purlieu ar *tre?'i? or kOLKT. but UK* gt'Utial Mil UUDDIOIOU* RVC'V WUlll.'U bla/ed with tight* and lr?M|?rrr(,r ?n.l it,. ,ur irch^t were radiant with UtiUran unit devote Tito pib,. luiihiitgi erpvclally beautiful. and the pyi-oc ?*r dene teemed planted with llghto. Kvery p liar ?u I monument *? wreathed with lantern* and ttx- aky ' <r uii'iea ik>u?i1 ?a? red with the eta e at the i uiii.nlIod The be?t view* of the i'iip ir ? >en rtom the v it or and from the Du-hatn torrrar . fVcini h 'th e>; which pmnU your rrrri t to r o""?n | to V tt.. I" I.I.- to oh#4 -r< -tY-r p. r r I I'll..; I>glit. V'rom the water the city ?ee?r,ed to nan in i rri it light, tbe bright wlMtaww of the CMCM overlooking fi" river crowning the bright with i clrrlet of tiro Von rould eee teio l.t:.. fTMl lb r rrr. !mt, i r, U4 ni gal b< llrr ta\ v. ur mint w ? wn.tlrg mf an a ur !.>r ? Hr .J . . . i.f hi,<1 dr'vtaf tbroigb the ve r- ? . 1 ?tt ti ut terrace Tltere theeleei wae ?,p<rb The trace* farfhcler In the rarioui houree could be dietinctly r*nd, Ihr ruin* IYWI leather* and diamond* if *. > w i -h g.itt'ird tif*4i tbo rurriHiDdinc hi?erl fairly dn/.tied the rye, which, lurnlhg tor relief to the r.vi-r r.aw, ?aw the rb>|? in Uw harbor hung with lani|>e, .* lb ifnehoc and tb" adjacent Tillage* niarltnl i>y ban*.* of light, a hilt-from tin mountain* which uliut In l!i< vl 'W hoc Sre* flamed redly up. ami above all, a* if nature beraolf look |?'t in the tlliiininatino. dance* the van liutvd, i i ague, thadc* y glenma ot the aurora tiwrca'.l* Th'* wan in ilium mat 'o worthy of the "ccarloo. and fveo tue aio could not make It leer magnificent tfremrr Aug ?t 20, Jtw |l" T .,,riu If, a ir if Ih /View'?TV Pits if Chau < t ?/>V<ii ? K yni'ii BipkUttiing?Ih /*. wV e pgbow?TV Prince Withrt to & aU tk< t'm <f Slgttl, ?V?ic Jtrff unit Che Prai'im?Tlr //w 71. Jf. rata?ntrur Balli in P' 'jprrl and tht Pfjuiro!, m Th- rrf.r?Otftt'\i CVg In KahUiit in llaik Ckwatt?Hr<e?-ribt anil IUumi nat inn rfr , ?fi. (Quebec thinned out coti'ldertbly to day. and one could rt a oomforhible dinner at the hob * without biking lit* ' rat the day prev'iova and anting neh.iadrd and sixteen i mea of rovcnly (to r. t w?u. r - ftir th ?am? artl 1 e Th. rueii.m of g gt 'ketaIbr dtaber wae atao dig* ( Dt.nued, ?t?J aMltrrr acd thii gn began to appear .ute T E SHEET. endued. Tka r jtu Of -bo iuso: Bun ;h*.t mojr* of A) w .tie.: w* enjoyed ot S-torday, and -i*tcog C'-rUa?t Wj tfcc brltbt, clear -' '.nday *hieh hw ;u8t yaared, Tt* Pr-uco w.s .. !v to go !>lbr . t:J? > Ctaudiere, bowser, icd |o t J tne l ulls be J.J, though the rr.ta fell d.gmai'y all Jay, an I bis Hoys) Highness augbi Lave seen 'julte as avicb w? r on U downward passage :f no U*i rcma.ued .omfortably at the <'o\eroors r r or:e usJ need yov.r e tlkti a bad wett'ng and a ditto cold. uiT.a uujdi os haxm. Mr. Bnrtieu. tbo secretary of Mate Rhode klani. and ilr. rpragae, tlie Conn ssSic \r Oenoral J' the e:?a-.' j*H:< Out oiocwoallt, have deen nnvvusly awaiti.a opportim.ty to *4 pe.'.r u a - 5?>c?v: >n from Provides to eci<c.t tbe Prince to vi? t tliat city, and tbey were granted an aud.ence * lii lie* T- ka of Newcastle lb s morning. The liJte a^.u red T .1 was possible thai they had journeyed to long a dislanae to pre-?at this iaviuttcn, and eeemed m ;ci. ploused w ilb the attention wl c he wan inform- d that thcv hat cerae upon this rpac.xl but.ntes. The dt)eg..;.on f brit tle I the programme for the Princa'6 cnterh.-cmen't, which consisted of a public dinner, bail, and inspect ion of the mauufacV-r.ea, \\ Governor tViiliaoiH o.fered t i gvu ip bin private roe deccefor the atcotnmo'at oti oi h e llighti--e. The ." ke replied that th : Prince was n uch in uvea led a mtcha Ltc?. and would be glad of an opportunity to v'sit the manufactories It wan Ms desire, as welt an that of the Prince, to rrntain aw lone a- pea--bm in tlie United States, as much ?the Coiiutry, aid visit as many of thprincipal cities as t.nit would p-rici!, and have* vi-w of the Western pra r o?. All of Tit" arrangements for the Ci.itod Mates,' toweeer, were left with lord Lyons, w :h whom tie would xinai.lt to morrow, and arrange tin- progrvm ue of the Pr'ocMs via ta. Thanking the del -gallon j lor tfce'.r kindtni--, the Uulce then terminated tne .nterv ew. Two representatives ->f tiie New York pre*? were allowed a brit f interview with ilu, t'r.nee tins morning, upon private burners. and are delighted at the ninthly with which royalty greeted the republican member* "f the fourth i state. Ihumpsou, of New York, thinks hi will await awhile before present ng his letters. Montreal is now the great centre of attraction, uud tbotiriinils of viewers art i'ockirg there from all quarters. Alter the departure of the morning tram to day, there fore, the streets astumed a comparatively deserted ap pcaiuuce, and the llags and arches along the streets looked decidedly shabby Id the drenching rain which stea lily continued pi fall, and added to the forlorn appearance of ibe c.ty. A ROY 11 itcur Through Sheeo streets the Prince slsrted, at about one o'clock, lor the I a!ls of < handlers, acconmaiiied by tbn Governor General, Lord Lyons, Admiral Milne ao.i such of the gentle men if the Prince's suite a* possessed water proof owts and had learned to do without the luxury of umbrellas The L?uke ot Newcastle as well aa th^Governor General exhibited a decided disinclination to venture out mto the rlorm, but out into th- storm tba Prince would go, and so the party started. Tuey drove to tho rlvir In carriages, and crossed In the tour imiil boats pmvidid lor the purpose. The Prince was drrateu in a white hat and oilcloth coat, with other unmentionables, of course, and seemed in the best possible humor, end when at length the parly were mounted on horseback, en route lor the Fails, the Prince led the parly -uch it race, up hill and K>?u dale, that ttir portly nobU men were altnnet rilted to pieces. Toe Falls of Cbaudierc are situated about ten miles 1mm Quebec, upon the little L'baudjere river, which bubbles rapidly aloi g until it reaches a precipice, over which * 'all* a distance of one hundred and thirty fret, and I'mm* boiling mass of water at Ibe bottom It Is from this 1 boiling that the name Chandlers, or cauldron, is derived. The sretrry around Is oust wild and romantic, and alto aether the Chandler# has many l)i- lerea-rue teat-ire'. which place It above tbat or Jlontmoieocy in beauty. The Prince's part) rude up, wet through with the rim, covered with mud and almost <v hauslod with their long ride and boisterous laughter, but could "but re train from au expression ot as'outshment anl dihgbt as they caught the flirt v;cw of the mignttlcent display. The rain ha.) greaiiy in-reased the volume ot water, and L'baudicre puts un its beat look for the l'rtioe, omy needing the suiiFbioe to complete its beauties As the stream tails tt strike* upon a rock, which divides :t Into three distinct currents, which, again nulling fait together Into the caulurau at the battom. Tbia feature ol Uic fall* umuidcd one of the rrinee't feather. repre aentatieua of ubico are ao prommentiy displayed all about Canada, and tbia idea was Iruely discussed and com at uu led up..n. It had been arranged that a collation was to he at r\ed a//rnco, but on account "f the rain a hut which aloud lout ly near by waa fitted up aa a temporary dining saloon, and in it the 1'iiuce and party took tbetr Pinch, the Princ* indulging In all aorta of pranka and practical .H'kea, and the whole ailsir going "If tiau the corks of goda water bottlea at a picnic in Jonea' Wood. The l'rince crossed the river at Cape Rouge, where carriages were in waiting upon the Quebec aide, and drove to the Covernor'a residence. J>* knew that the Prince bad left or reentered Quebec, and the wb-le affair waa a private excursion, at which all enjoyed themselves heartily, without fear of their J"ki,g and capers being ao lemnly reported for the papers only one Jenkins war on baud and tlu-ae who desire to know Ju?i bow uoblemeu behu' e when they make tun like common folks mutt consult hut '-widely circulated journal." hcrinc. Tirs nar. Many persona occupied thcmaelvea daring the day with entering their natm a for the levee to morrow, and pa ticntly waited their tutn to scribble their autographs ttjw.n one of the ten books w hich were opened for the purine. A delegation arrived from oilasra City with the programme lor the reception there. The usual parade ana ball, and a display ol lumbe'tnru In one hundred ami till) bark < at.ors, are the principal fciMurca. At night Mr. Iligrahatr, the proprietor of the Jsindou ll'iu>rx'*l A>k? and rimer, arrived direct from kkiglan.l, ami reported that ibe I'riuce'a visit to tbo provinces rreated no excitement and but little talk at home. The l'rince ha* been aivay before, you know, and the people are used to this nor I.of thing All these pro\ iucial celebrations dw indle intu veiy maigniUcsnt h'Isus wbenaeen fur across the Atlantic; but only wail lit1 the Prn.ee reaches the Slates, and we shall see il John Bull won't open his eye*. Ibe programme of the resepli.m at Montreal, with Indian games, parades, flrc-worka, illuminations. balls, concerts, bridge opcutngs and crystal palace a. all disphijed la red and blue colors upon a bill ore mile and three (juarter* nearly in length, arrivro uy a fueciai irati., ami wm prointDot.il/ posted in the hotels, aa If tbe Montreal tana more determined to eclipse the Quebec celebration In advance. on account of the rath, which became a hiavy tt.-im, w.th thunder and lightning during Ibe evening, the fireworks meie postponed until Wodm-r lay events/, wh.r. they will be exhibited upon the esplanade. The S? \tnt<< uib la detailed aa a guard ol honor f-r the Ptinie to morrow, the )ev<.e la to commence in the moroin|; at three a 'late breakfast, aid a; tight a State dmBt-r are lobe given, and the ship* in the tiarhor ihu (moated and in the evening comra the grand balla, for thrre ate lobe given?one by tbe citlseM, at Cartier Kail; cue by the l oyal orange Aseixiallou. and one by the city, at Music Hall. The last 1* that at mUl .h the Priuce will attend, and tbe aumptunua drcorat <>o* of tbe ball i ix.ni have already been described for you by your com f pen dents After the ball the Prince aleeps in tho Parliament II >use, ol which be take# oUicial (xwe-xaiou in the morning A salute ts to be ft red aa be enters. On Wednesday the Prince I unities at the citadel, set* the races at Koretle, and vislta the Kails ol Montnaoo ney. Qi manr, August 21, ISM. IV Ltrte? B'omsw?lu idtnlt? /odtaiu? The /Viae*?ItU Sutif? T V ll'ra/Arr? K iterwoW?.Scrao, rfc. The Princs wan expected at the Parliament H >oae aa early aa tea o'clock, but be did not arrive them till eleven, probably on account of the rata. But leet this might be misconstrued Into a case at variance with the precise punctuality which has heretofore ebaracseised all hi* movement* In the New World, It if. (terbapn, well to state that the official programme mentioned eleven o'clock A. U aa the hour at which he would be in tbe Parliament House In the meantime I must give you n>me particulars of tbe mauuor m which he was r?cei*cJ along tho route from tbe how* of the (eiverr.or Genera! to the Parliament House by tbe populace Prom nine o'cicsk rain began to tall, and tbe morning bad one - f the most gltsxny appearances fr> m that hour till ha'f past teo lb it I ever km w "tosy fingired morn" to wet* Notwithstanding th's tbe Osriidiank turned oat in foite from that hour, aud were to be seen iu grouj* all along the road, under the shelter of evrry bech bitwecn the liivrrt-'rl cueral'e residence and the city. lathe city, on the roulo the Prlnee was to pas*. tb? terete were used thro ghout on both si Irs, and the double line of umbrellas, which rose tike mushroom* aberevsr you turned your vision, was a most picturi*|uc srra le Besides this, many u../ens of carriages dn ve from sll j>art? of the city and viola tr to aoromtsiny his Royal Higboc s into the'city from the Governor's residence. tbov?h this wantonly allowed at a respectful rtistanc-. as be was surrounded by n guard of about fifty cavalry and at tb" Parliament H" te between 2.000 and 8 COO p' rfOBf ws ted hi* drf ut. A itifi office r.? guard of hocor were draws up in fftait of the Psrlismi ul House, a ilb the band, ready to receive Ibi Pru.ce ol Wale* wttb tbe ac ustomed miliary parade. It was rather amusing to be boil some of the scenes at the Parliament House among the m iliary and the populace dur.Dg tie lime tli?y swatted li- Royal HigUn?.?* ar Ihwl Tom vl cue t?t?nc? i t of tn*nv ?A nrria.-e driver. who bid do knowledge of lb* order of things got fniai>a'ed ? tli bif carnage aud two bor?ol trior g the lint- of tb* sola mt and the Jl'.J ?>s* ipoiitaa ??!'? of the po, ultoe. Being grurlly and soldi nfy urdfrtd e l *t tt.fi eomer of crixt str-*t lijr the police, both h h.v ( tr.it himself appear <1 for at instant U> I -o all lortti I of tl.'itselvf-, ami, like t -hot. the whole three of il.ttii, w.th the i.cavy cart a;* Into tb* bargain, hounded .irouoJ and alfutt put >tn f lb- 4<liet-h .l aulas' The eotiilet was t suspect gly rflinin; '<i bis musket at tlx time, and probably rua natmg ot inDom roue zrtev?nc< s, ts t ?.<s rtr; heavy J : t then, tad rvcrr nlt.er pr*s< ?t tat dr?rli*d throat fit' roofhly with the uamcrclf.il an d ah ~al wat?r. He I 1 just time I" make a spring fr.im Wbarc be was to rate h'uiat'f firm be..if run over: and wlwt'.,er it was from the i .pperr nature of the rroon I, the steep inr'ine of the strut <>a winch lit stood, or that it* was only imrtia.ly at ikened fioti fc.a rotoi "f ha had to soonsr r-rapert from one diftwiiliy Itan be w.i into anotlH-r, thr over ns tTotttad, musket, bud bayonet and all, and into the mud b" robed, t" the groat roualernat.i n of every on. -with . twenty yards sf the bayonet point, <>n rising bis uniform liad by ur means an improved appearance nor did he appear in tu* bsst mood or cJttume to cast a ha!" jf mll'tary g-aodt _r around bis K . a ft gbnee- To ' : to b.s r'.isfbrt act Uic eriiet crowd ?td even the m Mary thrmje'.-e* in eluding fotnc 1 li e cheers, set >;> a un.Yeraa' ftter Pic Mayor, tbriber in an Imitative or |oj? m -) turn I out In a cairlage 'if i l.ke > ore IU ? , r>, ihPrhwc rode, and Irtffl n fonr similar harsr> i fratt ng the ?overtor 0*r>eral'a carnage Though of joOT' it re oas to cavalry c -eorl with tli Mayor's rar.egc, J) r fuiacu aoucted m lt,ag to ri as his turt , ..A war iern appr chiiig Ute lie, tb^ ?r ler "iSonliler , ran m, orto officer along the hue, a?d for" i msnr ;m a till tba tnwutn wan discovered, M? Honof r, tti? Maine honors which were ?ubfc?xju*ul!y rinferr-td m the IMftCe of Wiiw, au.t wti- h l were orit.ually .Eleuded for hlx Royal Hirfhucaa. About two t-:l jtcs before eleven o'clock U?e Prince uarriaao came ib lib I vl the I'm 1 lament House. Bit fur a short fift.e previotikly it ?*? anuouDcc?1 by the husaa* ol the )m j.1 '? > 'n umlaut t-irenie, aud Uie romomili ari l n-uvtffirlitt wtneb lan along the. lir.rt if the military . 7he -brer ny *?un r|>re?<1 <? the i'ail lament House at tbo .. ruge ae-l '? fttiiud of guards appion-hed, and Late w^ie waved t :i tie rloit were worn off, many of theni lb> "ii-ii e .?.- .-s of loyalty ami fuu. What did their owner-. - are To?--. bad seeu lh? Priucu of Waive, wh.-.b tbey ecuridervd better than it dozen hate. After the smart;.u-?i \ he raited lev. t ertc,insure whwii sarrouoaa the Parliament Hoi K, the rovai tlat-durd of fcjiglaud was huieleil u '.be t T of it, aim ihe gutis of half a doseu war ebps, the peat it art el <4 Quebec, and thft grand bate' aid l-urham Terrace battery, kuuo Hilled io word* c thunder, which shook the whole city* that tb' Prince hat ta.Uen np his abode ?, la oa ciu, al!t rvr? rsar/aH faar hLa rain.rt fh.a by tel'aiauian kov ruui-ut 1 have already aeal you m il? ecripttcu < I this building, boih interiorly aau ?- ?.< ! "?!y He ? dri-eeed tu ibe alt ire in which ho !ai <! li. vueber., anil ho stepped from tlio carriage wstb a Jigi.t, e ay, tli*t c Utp. The ladle# made a grest rush In behold !iu night. Indeed, uotwivbatandlnic Uw rain, \ne ia.r r? prtn ulu'ivt s i f Quebe: hold their ground with on t moo. aa much tortiiurte and resolution rj tho gentlemen, and ll.e colm qucbce was that ivbcu the Pr'uce of TVa'.oo i.:d arrivo ui ihc Parliament Building Th*;y webo in gv.ch numerical fore* that lb' "lords f t .rreRbnn" woe outnumbered by tbt ir fair cotcpaniouii iu the coue'dcrable prooorliiu uf three to one. The Prn.ce, t'ter d< rcenosg from ibo carriage, bowed once or twice to :bo rnultidude of !vj aliets arouad huu,und one then reccivtiX by ' tnerak William* u^d Bruce, the A' i ctam Geyeral rf lie militia fore*#, Colonel Irvine, Aid de Camp 'o tbe<*urrrnr.r iiencral, and a number uf other dietiogu'she-t wen. Inside the building were the Bmhjpe of the I'.oaivu Catholic church ami about tifly of the principal Koniish clergy of the province, who had inarched iu ;>re\ ioualy m procession. The Episcopal B shop of Quebec and some half dozen Kptnunul c.ergy men were also in the budding. Tbe Oatholi Birhope wcro their rcben and ciujtr.ca.if when they passed in, snd as they name in a body, wit*' solemn a r and M?a< y tread, the;, attracted as much no t ce. aluicet. fur the time, as tbo Prlare uf Wales fc.m iclf. Indeed. I hare hi art that some young ladies actually naked if the l'rmcc was among them. The pemenft who were ignorant on in:.-' point could not have been cat ver> of Quebec. The mouthers of Parliament alao marched m body, and presented a fl :e appearance, and rawly, intellectual coitratt to tbe procession which just preceded lhl-m . vue. '?llv III. U7-. There were annul erven hundred persona presented at the levee altogether. The entire ceremonies, Including a.tdret ? a. lasted over three hours. An Immense thruug. ( mounds the Parliament House all day, in the hope oi' wr ing the J*i lone, hut he does not preterit himself ?' any of the w rdc ?> Among those presented at the lere?were aevrrsl Indian chiefs, folly dressed In feathers sod* fantastica!*. They came from l/>rctte, and were of the fleron tribe. riRlCT 0!V BOA ID THE STi?HAl!VD. Daring Attempt, to Murder tile Officers or the Vessol?Murder of the Saeoait Otflcer, the Sou of the Captain?UeposUlon of the Captain to the State DepartmentTimely Aid from a British War Vessel ? The Crew la Irons, Ac,, Ac. | rrom documents received at the State Depart meat at Washington, fam the American Consul at Bitavia, we take the following facts, the particulars of tho piracy on beard the Boatun cliptx r ship Staghound, near Augier. The following Is a copy of tho captain's deposit' .u ? A sail of twenty dajB brought its to Angler, where v,< got in frseh fruit, provisions, An. On tha crecing 01 ffl<r March we were all rcauv t:i sail. All harms appeared cor. ! tented and cheerful, as tncrc was no wind i ordered the men to gfit a g<>ou night's rest, intending to start ic the mormug. At ab c.it had past seven P. M . very i red an 1 exhausted from the effects of lllnest, with which ! bad i??c suffering for tome time, I !.?"! down. 1 had not been in bed more than thirty minntec when th* lirwt officer t ame running into my etaler-ruinbleed big, and arked f?r a pistol, saying "the roeo were aimed mid coming aft" 1 gave hira the pistol, ami atI. >i,pted to up, b I < mid not without asmstance. As I stepped on decs the second officer (my son) approached me. he bad received a mortal wooud; ?? h? approached he fell. 1 called th - ilewatd. and w itdsMs ariiiaiaauc .aid hun ic at comfortubl a position us p.JBile. J then look ed around, not knowing whether the mutineers had juir session of Uie ship or i <>t 1 sovu found our ailsaliou was v?!'- W 'HUIKCr. UIBI UUH' I WBB YCI/ FCIHUBIJ wounded, my Second wrtaMy tli4 third wan fullering fiom the ?|i?-clk of h foil he htiu reodw.t i f w .lay* previous, which broke hi* <oltas bone I had before m* 3* sailors, armed with b. lay ing pir.? knives, sod *rytt, .,g they could (fit, curFlig ami raring tttcc so many m. I mm. 1 walked to within trn i*rrs of them and ordere ' them to b: silci t '.hey were tuc more boisterous ami abusive. The leader ('and the mutt thit I afterwards learned n lab bed the officer*) slrj ped eut ami the others, at the rune time, began to close aruutid ma. I .eve led my pistol, and told th' in ibe mau that took another si?*| would be shot. 1 tbeu'Mdored theyn forward Not a man i mo red: all ?i? <rilet 1 then ordered a crew to iu*ti ihi boa', and pull oil to a British frtitate that tut i dropped an-j cbor about a mile and a half oil. to procure medical aid. Not a man would no. 1 then told lb -m tbe rcocud otlijci was wounded and I feared mortally, an.1 called *r vulun teersto jo. Not one could ! jet. i Mjtaiu ordered all ham a to gu fotwad After a few tuiuulce ibe l-a Jrt Mid?"Hoys, let ii* .ill ^o forward of the mahnsaat " lie started and they all followed I had *ix <|U*M?f masters tht carpenter.ami steward that had remained true I ordered our of tbi m to ukc the b ail. On their return they Drought two phy* clans, and were arroit>j>?ntr<1 hy an irmV crew rent by ih< commanderofH. B M ah.p (tori Hay), tii lake charge of ihe ahlp Ihey put tho men in iron*. The doe tors ordered the second efttcer to bo planed in the hospital at Butst i?, and ctTerM to taice him ihrre. l.ord H ?l*o *ent lor me lie derlare.1 the leader* mul.ne. r; aud murderers. uud raid they should be ao dealt with. Hi oflrred to tow my ship to ilataela. I mav nay Uinro wa? notbiag that klndner* could *urj< at that he did not ortdr Aa there war uo Auieruau man of war lu these water a, ! waa entirely dependent on strangers. I waa compel el tr decline all Lw < Iter a i-tcept to lake my nnn t? Bitavta I had already leiejrat'lied the American Cons il, reoc?liS" . him to come to Angter, and waa In ho|>c* I could jet at without the detent loo that would t>- ne??nry if 1 tut t t jet a new crew. After six <!?y* ( recei?e<t in answer keying 1 moat coma with the ihlpto BulAv.it. with i Dutch rrifate sent to tow ir.e down My men were stil in Irons, and refuted to work. On the m Tii.ug of tb< Oth our second nlli.tr breathe. 1 hi* laat. and 1 ** com ylHfl to follow tbf remains r>t my nn'y too u> ttv gray. Mr. Howard, Lral -11 -r of lli<> ^(aghouud, ?*i?t fled? 7bat us the ckdik of the 3 lit of March, about e;?ti o'clock, he was called out to relieve the aaL-a; as b< crime ot, deck he n-'lired nor of tt.e men talk-.g to Mr Hu-sey.aud aa lie (the ?ilina*) apyir i a** tl" m? strike bin; he ran or aud called nut "Iiu ro'i sir ?? aofTcerf" A* the de|a>nrtit approached Mr R t .rnej i.O deponent did not ttx n know he ba-1 hern s'abbel at iha tnouxmt deponent received a thrust wltb lh? same kn fe Immediately started for a pistol. Tbc other portion o dtpoaeot's testimony rocCrma the na;data's atatemem The tailor* all agree ui their Ujt.tuony that they aer not bartly treat. : llM the provisions *m food - v i the ere* hare c?t; rated to return to duty.acJba wad# a Cb-ar rocfeaaion They say the whole plan wa oontocUd only an h?nir before It was put into etec V<s thai they were lUrcou-Lctl with death If they refused I Jlilli With the others. Th a is said to hare beer the third nut lay that h? sscurred In these waters within the last eighteen rum lb Am Ibis case la cow before our curernmeiit. It is m<? earnestly beprd that tic ui- iris will he taken Ui hr eg tb mutineers to Justice, and that onr government will have force stationed in thise waters sufllriant to protect th lists and Interests of b*r cltisrui Domeitlr Trnsllrmt. lirri r* or Natwx enntKARSas m.a tus Storm?Tr Naluk (Mass ) 'term says ?Two or three months s r . ws announced the depart'ire of se eral wirk'.eu t> t> < South to work on rh * ?. tv I ars that nearly all oi the hare rKorced. i.ot - re :h. cltt .< ir 1 aom. ty , t> well as that aflorded la N'alick Oosoawwoitai Kov tan-.y ?Th' t>o ?s r*sn ta the l'lflh dlstrictof Obit have lamented Jamer B -ice man for Congress Tus Pnxat Kxr?*.?e ?The et Joseph aceul of the pe by cxprrss received t.y tin- .natarr.v* a nets from tl as'ht at Fait lal< eiiy, annrrneicjr th? .retention the ex pres.. l>y a flgut t>etw .. i p. rk.oa 'inn ?? and the Raai.mk h rtiitts. in whir.h rcresloen lnd.ar were killedard three soil rrs ball* wounded A :'.g ai?o oeeurr?d between ihe mat empi'yrsat Ahrll i ro> Path, t'lab. and the Indians In which tiro of the Is acre killed ? ft it.. puVA. A ig . J8. POSTAL DI&SCTORT. Korelfn bint Domestic nails. timb or ciorixo at fit kxw tors ornci. Dosx-na Worth?Alt .te -.Sale aad Canada....V, P. Huwlh and IT ?? way m . ' ..... .% a . Wsstsm mi ' a Sne RR 3 A X. and r . I' Rootli a i I - * aa a S > V <o l * , I* K??irr?iri.. ? raur ai J A.kl ni _ P " ? <WI ... ?i, r SjiraT MaltS Ow Rnadarsa mails c. ie at this iiti a at 1? ? ( ? lrftKHii Ht alaaT m hlunttr W > IP1, A. Jb? Oiar nt < l'l'iral* f !> fl'iiw : -r .t a..t a ?!?>. !*#<? * ? larvl < I/ F t it* 1'ITT Tl.a Orar Ml V fr n .'-;aph Mn > to F , ^B l*k?? N i-?-f *. . frrrv Vondat a' j ^B "Tnur?>? a? * ? V > -t, ?Omu,.| > ? m-rk Orrr'.m i in. JMtpV" ^B r?r rrtr ll< * - i , f : r !?. ^B Hi'i" I.'UMt OalliMit. < I.M- nnirtlol < ?. h ? '?i? 1 i w i a IM* part, halnf Hi" ^B Kulak >11 1-aA-apaF-h ^B wttli I'ai.i , !1m BiliiUU Ialnirla W ba ^B , *t|? V p ^B Kcori ... ttruu. for Fmitk.i?p ^B . 9a ttk* or ctotixa at rn* lokpow orric*. Hr.tmr fl-o. j.,.; Vi to n a'.ar tal^ ^B at f,M iraai.ia# "O Aim VI ir.t 1- if . .i In At lilt?>W oa tb" liih i ! rurmi... !*Y *>Y rt MaraalTfaa i h. 1. ~ , him Ac . Vm M,r?". ? ? > tl.e JiFjandJIVn Via (pnptiH ? 'i ?A AciTtai.li. Tu M?ia<- >> i s.^ H awpt.n and *u??.< ?* Vicrmct Via AAan?*> ihO*.n aod IT i Of tho Bior.ih. Num...... Vl.< Mulham;>!(> ?u lha ?h jf tha mno'h |^B Aj War* ?1 * tinalfhnlftB t . ?l? ?*?. HhniiM *nT of f?\ou K . b ' iv, * S?* w . ih? fnlK wirf riciiin.-r 1 TV* *mnh?mptn?i maiw ?r? m ;>,? mp.ni,l - v - d?'-? H1 I

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