3 Eylül 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

3 Eylül 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. J A n it b UUttUUNi U b IV N K X !'? tniToH anti punHiuproR orrio* N. w. coknkm or naiWat *m> ftttov hts. TKKMS. iru/t in intranet Mtmry.it ?> mail irill br a ri^k Uj f/.< friiUrr ? *ttlW>' r<* *< MAW* Vi0t>*U lift: Imil.l' H EHai.l* two cnl* }~r 't t /'rru"" r//^ H-rifA/r UKHALI* h -K *i> >? ' P flOj'V or $8 |#rr annuhi, (A# Kurt/ftttin &ltttwi ? 11 ' ' tt.' ?fJ mR(r v *"t fA ?!*?*'? ""V ''V '? ' "4' " ur j-? ' ??/ /??????/, *? CbV/VrrnA' i'?. ?A# 5rA #???!??* "??? 'h **"v *fe > <*>/>*, *// 3FJ /'/ r uu.ium. rut: t\ixir > #/// i?./> on w,<.. '?? ' roir* ? am>%, or S3 imt ? , . ? OLV.M aFV 'RPFSPOSPF.^ 1 ? n> , n . '? ? ? ' '* "" '? '? 5 ?/. Alt. J /.? P.*" :V? K. . ?><.?? HI. PjkT'i It. I U.W. * ?'?!? '??? ?U. Ijt. tij *Ml> lid "ji'ii ili;,1' / uAmi to*nqju*dr*ct w? .t- ? *?< re/. >v>, ? ? Ai>yy-HTIsy% V;> " "*?' r-?ry ?'??V. 'Plr+rtUmnitit i* 9r M i tv> >' ? *?- * '* UitKALD, anA iu 1h+ / > ?; T-- ' ? , ./<;/> /'.'?/ A ' / ^ KtcuruMg, A<vip;i ani ?I auh. VnlUlur *n. 44fi ami -BMkKTh THI? (v.MKa. ACADKMY <'v fcurrenth * ?Itaj.iam 0r? lit? La a'IHI.O'H OAHPKJl HrOAd??y.?Ko"-*?-Ml 11 l'*Fr' R? AICH W'*'TttR UARPKV ? t*tor*<?o* A^ptK*i>? bi'wkrt T' tUX mmj Muwii m w m r*?nr IK> UK ? X iK, UiL>?..~- Li>N. >? AMCEASr* Domaj'tk' M??t?i ? NKW il(iWKK\ t \TBB, ."'-iwi* or Pai.mi ?A?YOCPU AMr.fc: ?. rtARi<f' M> AMKKTi V MCSKl'M. Hr I'.w.y ?I'm ^u-' K ? ill t ? !.? r ,m II k Lv? -11 i. At *?a> in t UK - Lit 111! i ri ? r > - HK \ A>Ty mivmI' i M. ? b.iolc# H*\\. *n BnxMlwAj-. fcl ?>E- A i >'i Al> - MKIUi A. adsr?y.?ftcki.MnUI PtaMr 8t?ti.i: NAT k \ ' " 1t.ilWn Ki.-ffi ? Au T>t?r OiJTttl iOT a .1. I'l AAlll ? a!*1.11 iHI Ml'tl CaNTK P.\ mi *' -I ALL. 063 Krr-H. ?..)?, s fusrv* Hob:r*4j;?? Ac. %?w Toil* IJ.M.'t** Wr|ilrmh?r ftlAilS KCS'?PE. . Oa Km tni? ||ri?l4?"Baition |).u ? ??!??? Th - Ciipih : so * ??'* !' A-shift, CapUin Su ae w, . .euro a>?v-n ru \feiD a-iiay far l.trcrpoul. Tu. wa l.? uroi* wlp rl ui tt?.a Cilf to wo'row alsosir q .arlf. ,aa: x. o ?* u, K!? ??t -ft>.r,?*i. V1 ?(;? tip ui 'one <>' I** Ul Th. Knuwaaft . rr..i? WHW tla-tsir, * IU *>? ruhlunas 4t fee t i *'n ?> wora'n* Siagl? co| :<*, In wrap m> re, ?IX celil n r eooteaU ?' tfcs Km^no* forms or twi "fniin a reli ,f?? WMeu 1<) a?<! and te'> K-aph e< lu??.IBcr Jurtn. ?na ?P ?' h0 h0JT v. pabUoal .m. _ Til.' Sews. The stetnul'p Northern I.igiit, from Aspitiw t.a the 2.*>tl. ult.. hanging the mail* .1 . ! treasure brought to IWna by the .lc amain >1 Cu? k Sam. 'waw U left Ban Fiunciaco ? .1 the Ilih ult., arrivtu M thu port y.aterluy mornini. The ;;orth?m light haa * 44,453 m trcas ire, and *04 bug* ? l Washoe silver ore,valued at lt'W.000. con ?. ,m? d to varloi parties. The news from CaHforn't b devoid of ? y ITti -u!ar if terc-t. having received rnthfr full Intelligence p< r the pony cxprtaa from ?hut <iunr,?r dot-in the past t vnth. Hamilton J. |!:.y has Instituted an action against John Wood, the uitor. to n iter 460/'O0 dufiuig ?lort. 4 so* Auction of hi* wit,. Our <lt -fiat- l.?'f and Utters fr 1 N-w (iransua iLrow no c< w light "?< " ',a,c oT 'i!r,lr* ,n llv 1. public, ft. ixpt.^uthat Of u. 0 aado, Mo? utra' ] :pal officer. hal tikon the town of Pu-u . v!'. . 'tw-r ? <n the S'ate ot Can, a, bad 1 . n rppoM ,1 t V '-piera. The elvil authorities i;. dt< t: tr r ?: u >f Ecuador. leavin g a large mim ? t ti.ore} ? < ? mtity of clothing behind. TH ? news U ' d- ru.atien. In Ecna ! < an en gr.psm it had tub , ?ce between the forces of lie&eraU f i' re- end I ranvo.in which t'.elatbr bad t? ?n routed and tad a narrow escape from being kii., d. It >- pt ol abu that Floras' Uiumph u com r indent Ca tills, cf T-ro. had quite re- 1 -,J '-cm his wr-und. A qnarrel be- | tw.ei him ar.d the C"<r gTvsa wua eapicted to j c, ur alu <?-t any day. In *?U nies?.tge he speaks , (,l tt ? Vniu-d Htatea claim as a ?? simple queaU a.1 and tnanifv"'! . ?t. which. h< w?- er, I ?? exp ed w< uld he >m *'1> adjusted. The lata ion lb .ivis 1. apt k 1 <' Oeneral IP*., a. it?? sai.l. Luteuds cBUrit.g tlatcotiufg with only a me.>, ., j. Lg , OwiiitUig tl at the Uolivi.itt* would tWc - IV h.IIJ. The nrwa from t liie ia adll the atory of peare , i i 1 rf?| . , -n couttaat to h r sistera. Com merce if leer* as .? and fdtt' alien i* well attended t A < . .n nt r otten ophyaotnoer I -?astk?. mitli f .? ?? w rf rttl t * I'-tpat .und had giv ' . c(! r ? rb. r'mian Minister, w'.oW.-enl ? pre'eat V p -er-m r?. th" c'"r B were calitd on to .plain aud ar >logf/.e Ihers i? t.offmg 1 * fi< t; Cruiral An ?:?l little tidings < f Walker. " - -resj-,uv ?- <k f' good deal rf alarm sine fr.t ta .s r? ? '? CuetalUea A ?ii?itedad, ??h. lb. i-*u d !?> th? IV- >nt ff SI wr - .a H"ot ' ?' 1 trfets to defkad the c 1 utty ac?M Invaderf. Frorr. Mm ivad.rw- ieera that the f.^vlgn Hortr U? wa.s?l'U the su'j ft if aMkMMNP r. ?V<?. V- t-:*n 01 W'f0?. U) C d J * ' 1 nr-ldM a ??,'? r. f trnt O; ?ul. f C.e dro tght it w va tt-oocht lh? in.'u-u. w id ? e awivU. ^ K-is 'sa bn-lt . wt. , f, ty; p. f , ht lobC re ruP if I M?? ?*d it Ls l tuon. K \,.v ' nt?' K to;-' 1 ? awlfp.? d? 0 if ?f MpM It. aajra:?The tt* -r i*v?h? - ?,t u ?r.?ir. ! #y?, | f 4 . f hingtr, .. M1| i , k' k,i H* -n port- t! - ; puu-U ? - t ? ; ?d? 1 an 1 at* t if ?? w d, . y ntiwtt'f *? sra* tt v c? 1 cttcr. The r?i cf '* has c n :iuded 1 It Ialnterr ' r 1 ' 15 " '?'* llH fpr a great length of time la glialgMMMMMi Witiilhc "? ?' r,:ev;,.,. 1 -i ,ns wh. 1 t. I ff w.-' I ?'* ?fiP' ' " J IM rj- - t. 1 ? n-r. T ? ter k? M k vgtii been arrun^cd to Ibe snti-acibm Of ail goed CMfcoIhes iu Itajrti. tn the t w r ' A I y 8e C?' fm 0 If. t I S l ? 1 BCd 1:1 >? -' 4jr"? (inMtiP,h that d.f f ?? b. > '? if. . t. ? ?t ?? her and. ft* I v * ' ?t - e id ti u rersptured fy ???:>?< 1 rwngni hara to p, rt. *? ? 1.. e. , . I * <r ar me tin* v at l >s b, ,n I) 11 n . ? ?. we preeune ?> ? nt a" ?n: V Key Wr i 0. the Wil lflr , I. t j - bahly rnt of 1 ?dh.?r prl-ea rffctiy aptttf'l end token ?n? > Key ^ u. OpeoiBT *rri ? ?'ft l''"'d |'*trr' y ir a nc c h*rofon citJT ehnrches. I>: r' of the e\ ci-? - a 111. Gtoewe'a ch"ch '.e Chur-h >fUeP - tans. Church Of the Mc, .6 C at church. V arm of the Mediator, the *^>nth H rtiet Churcll, aM Hy month church Brooa.ru. will be fcoad ,a our paper ia n om ag. / ? ;t r vf- u pf infem-'ll ftt wi' * a , .U| cj i*4t , *C iLal'.d'iCO (i A t s a v i j,.r ti ti t * " ? ! Hi' trl ?WonG reirimeit, I 1, t I , .. luu U.I ?Utitt t?.4 of WMtUBgUMi |j,. r, , pt pi that no i too ? ilt parade In full i j , i will bo of the tuoit re , , , .. i, r. The Wnshingtou prcsentati .n ? \pt ted in tliis city ou Tuvad-ty, ,, . < Una. Jatiii-i ti. Borritt, Mayor of \\? v tit T. I tore, President of the ? ? iiu i Mucttnto; Crafton Powell, Pre*i ti? Coinmoa Council; Aider into . iu. 11. Ward, Chu..mtan of the Common Coun cil: !!?.!.?rt Otild (orator ot the day). United THatiict Attorney; Peter Force, Major General "iattict tnlHtln- ft'm. H. Todd. Ksq., retired mt*r* ohuat; 11. 1.. Jackuon, F.sq., merchant; John F. r.utiu' and Joseph H. Bradley, lawyers; Jonah l>. Hoover, ex UtiitedBtaU a Marshal; Mai shall Bro wn, proprietor Brown's Hotel; I'r. M. H. (itinneil, ? harlea W, lio.tier, Jr., merchant; i'hoxnau T. Morgan. K-q., City llegiulr.ti; Charles 8. Jones, , J.i. ?- F. Halliduy, Colle-tor of Taxes' II; Invd W. Carter, lklward Hal!. John tjavaae, editor of the Stntpjt; Jaim-s fr. iiuUaud and John 1. Ctivle, of the Intcfliycncrr. rhe ejiiea of collon on rvituruuy were cotfino-l Ui 400 a 600 baiee, closing without t hangs id prtcea. m? stock taken to day il this port. th-'UirL ui>t comt>iet"ly ascer i . : ed, yet allows that i! w.il Bit vary 'uucti trota Vj.OOO oa! s. fiuur, under tli* cewa, opened a ;tlva and higher, and a! a decided aivauce, '"it cloaed tamely 10 an ad rareo vary in* Cr<>rn 6?: to 16c per barrel Wheat was n./rrahly aciieo, but, owlBf In mo advance tn freights ar. : i n ! .niWd rox-ee r.t asr rtmor.ta the martjK nltwied a tan he stock afl iat ob the c i Mia i* said to ?-?tiraci t 301 ?40 binbc Corn was lets active, wrll" sales of WeatrrT mixed were made at 05c a OSc , and yellow vt.yp"-!) stTVc.. the quantity afloat oo me canals ia wlituateu si 1 Li I 124 bushels Pork was steady and tn good request, with savsol oaw measat IIP 75, *a-t of ue* prime at |14 la?, a 114 26 Mz i e were qatet. tint at - fly. ? 1th aa!< s o' about r.*0 a 400 UL*'S a ,<1 500 boxes, <n 1 'a hhde, n tiadn, at reus given in another column Coffee was qu.et and Inert vu Freights took ain iher jump, am) large lots or wheat were er,aged for Liverpool, open ing at UM 15-t , ax-J cta?d at ltd , boibalB buu and bugs A part nl lht> i-ngugt on nts aire fur future do ''very At tha rln*< n c shipowners, Ibr r- >ti; ? vr two '?cad. as?*!i 15d . in ah'Ja h#fg Fl< ;r was also fr? .> t k'i. at S" 6d a S? Pi ,an?l to t/>r1oaat r.e |n ' A hill vi '?"el was taken tip for london, to load w'th i.-at at 14d , ir bags, and C >ur at Se 10S<1 * was ilso 'a. . lor I..verp<iol, to .oad will wh u al 'C1, , to hags, tad with 1.000 bbir 2our at Se 0d j hr C?ili**Mu"'cra lilwuio'* Klertlow? Snmrltitiiy ??** Ninrihiirii Men to rnlnnof D?hh- innate nteu are everywhere beginning to p-k therrrrlms what will be the i->n?e quetifes of the election if Lincoln, md it i that . tory c. in in thiv confederation wl b; the end of me < ountg. at heart should be prepared to answer this momentous question. The devriopements of the etitcp-iipc are biirglng cleVly to view the radical and revo lv ' .mir*. in tensions of the v.' vk rep tti.ioan party. The spirit and tone of iw campaign journals and document* leave u0 ru,)in 1,1 ipi:.')? th thorough aholitiootstn ot it* pric-i I I .es ml its candidate*. Helpers handbook of treason. Lincoln'* unmiHakeable abolition | speech* and Irtimn t'?j rut.'dly fanatical ha rangue in tfe r-eudte. are the staple expositions of th? Mark republican creed for the elrctll* ti. n or w hich every po+*ib'i' "ff. ef is nude ^ lloruve Cieel. y, whose |MmM n M a journ ili-t makes I.in: < ie<d It- ra.i-'"' -pi"** c?' hi- pvrty. | 1 and enabled him to ove-'hr-'W fcewaril. it* originator and leader, tell* th* world that he u.eatis "to labor tor its eradication (th< In etltutlon ot domestic servitude', iro n our eve. iiU'l ail other OOHQtries, a* long a. I live ? X Ii. Seward finding himself se? tissue for a 1- s* prominent lender in his party, prod urn* iha1 I Klcoin i> just as radical an abolitionist .?? him se'.r, if D't more so; that he i* enlisted foe life rr death in the "IrrepriNWi.Io conflict." act that both belong *0 "to* M is-aeh't-e'ts fed ol" iu politics. The black republican I party of that F-ite. (e ar g inn'the intense, ar. ??? i and destructive ??>..;? i<?n chararer of ? the Massachusetts school Would not be sut ficier.ll) evident from the speeches and ac?* ot its Scran* elect-Wilson an 1 antnner-h v I laced in nomination for the gubernatorial . uh Andrews the friend ami intimate <? Wm. Lloyd C irrlson and Wendell I'hllltpw. th- open ? nd declared sympathizer with and defender of John Drown, and the nobtuthlnp ei.4or**r c? i their c< nstaut reiteration, tha' th-y L< 1 I the i compact of coafedcratto.i to he "a compact with Itell. ' T2 r-c in the Indelible mark.* whi h. in m y ' sixty day- V canvas,. wi?h a prospector suc i beierw tt-n*. the black republican . Sir* have placed upon their followers, j Lstuotcan hug to his hear the conviction I that he ? an co-ope ruin wiih U tn for a wbil ?. ' thot. either cc I'ri l 'L. f !!y Ihnt dd - ij eir *0110" or es .pe Iron 'h' misery-md ruin it Will bring If 'hoy at Jn control ' tv ,,0-v. - ot the tc'end g. Vet r, . nt it will tf-.e be ti u lute to udvW them, *nd ut ?rly tr..i'lc?? to abandon thefi suppor' Or 'e 1*1 \>' *er. 'he> wIV care te.titer for r"derate advisers nor lerwte tuppi ert Conserve > e repul It i.ms will be cast aside ' ' "sy ' here a* b-okeii ? nd ? * ol*?as thej >*- been In Mr? *a , ? |Uv y .vK ?; ? '-It * r.b. it?i"C l- nctth-a* i lofO?1-on 'hi'llp* ind John j v ptt I *,i, ittft t'a repetition it. :ae S"it'V ,.r ) ??>.* if tf> iilooJy o.us-uc.*ea w.n-?<s?l a et. Dotcisgw wxild be iomg C.'si .e.v! - ?ill be eru .eo tc ft * c It. lb- clrl *ern tU bu i i? the / "?> ?r.?. th- n . f w th. try. L'. Ci. tor araoiaer.'s eak-, that tor p.?u .? ,y?v wl.l rv ,i?cut tt tit to luuntil r?ie tee UciVy and mighty i?*.c at on e. w .t P,i;? . will! .r e! Dcre ?> ! have the admitted tacts of their intnui'-d M i ? u,ij " \ * tony *>?' eficited in th? ,, ;? *ft " ,i T| , < l,| f lb ?>.. Lincvtn'c el ? a a Pr? *idi nt. . i ?. ? r v '? tic ipp iutn ?n' ??> V <f . ?,f . ?.. .re t r ?" t"i.ir'm'V>e ^ ? ? .>? t>? I' ? d?rt ..t V . . 1 s' > sry ftp ? rii f.d a at.t; h.p :? . , ii a i.i nr i.it, .4 well {.* p , . , ? . ' ?r up. i 'it: every ? ?>. v 1' t '* S! U - >'.d | . ? > , e i l.' ' ': fCt > >fl. i, | . ; l !' *1 re tig11 In ? m.j '..if" ? v : am' the p.e , ? IV, .I.O'ftb di' ??i| ddutr i v s jud nd rfli t* '?! tae tedrf i ,r.?, . ..ii. dt Jt> ?* ot cu? torn*, as district attorneys and trsa .1? cf the Voit J :? ? ? t > ? u.- ea? .v.; ?, " , i fS; ? world h ?s never w>-' r-l -V "* nay 't i ft-r m Immediate j .rt; "j .*ti. ? int' a '.s. b I Ibe ?!> it. to i ? uvea, die P rneatofe tf lifile i* ndia n. aarl I < >u tg John Drot n*. will p trwti ? their tuiquit" is Uh. r*. n ?1 .11 cr afldence that, if a.rest, d a. Jbr< ught to trial. It will be by ma-sh .Is.pro*. u'ing at'o. 0' vs. juria and j" -?** ''e* *y nP*tbi. > t ut n iij'. who be.iavc that the c -'tsa lu wh: h hw i?e , - t Is t^e "a-sc Ot ri Cjteor. -r 7: - e* t oft! s fa. ? ?? ? ' " ' " i,:jkti, *bol'ti?x s.b t" tt) i .> ? ' ? P " ' ? ? e mot" dHutri ut* results <ii? ? the eri ui< ti but the confi'ienoe tha tnec rw hi* stamp w il j fit a* ju.ijjt-.- ? v**r him. it arrested, aud i ;?" will in ou e heeume the audacious ruler of eiely, So wul it he with (hi *? irr?*j;| conflict." Tin* underground railroad will brought to tbo light c' flay, 'hi* ft** 1 ing "f slaves will heron.e u trade of who It rt '.us .wn-> will he openly wain. heroism In the *< t *ili be worshipped, and not uluue Virginia. hi ' every Si>uttu*m ?*t;iie. will have to record it* John Brown rains, and the aboliiiou promptings to inceud Winn now nee a iu r?tiv< wii. he fit nest) ri 10 e\<*ry s'ave State true the 'Mas'ire to the Bin Urende and from the Ohio to ti ?? C?:*If of Meiico. In euch u e'a'e of th :;? th?' ?? ? :)1 I i- no i i*t 1 to rw the army and n iv n. the {"i.u.'.j .*>fil'?-S to Suppress Of e .?lug'lisb flsvery it will Old/ he neecasary to de ' "it J employment to tuipprtm taction and linen i|iari?iii In such h stu'e *1 thing* purti?-s ??.'ill driven i" the h'tb's' pl'ch ? c etcivmei ac * i ' fury *ill he perpetrated on ait si-tea, ano d .? li; itej 'he w tide C(>"Utr> will recede fari'iei and farth' r trom ihe rule ofmwoa. With the inauguration of eu -h h state <*. . tags. we would ash the merchants of Ne* York, I i iladelpl ia and Boston, wnut wnu.d be ihe value of the Sou the rp notes ynu hold. If 'he rejjty would hot bankrupt you, it would C ure you to cut cf! ill your Southern trade to i.-.-fid h it krupt y. fn nucha state of things, we would tt-k the manufacturers of Pennaylva nia, New Jersey, New York, Connootioat, Rhode (eland and Massachusetts wha' would he the i. hie to ) ou of the coie of a merchant ia Ne v York, Philadelphia or Boston if the Southern 'rule were bankrupt You would not sell a -ingle package of goods on Southern credit, and would b*ve to dimiui-b pr>>duc'ion. or over stock other avenues t; consumption. And, in 'his ense, we would ask the capital lot. 'he farm ei ihe n e< li uiic and the laborer of those St oh*. what will become ol your rents, your markers d joi ; wa e*. if the ranu'acturers have to diminish production. They mu't and would decline, and all the combinations of intellect, fat mora' unions und trade protections in the world could not sustain prices end wngee, even tf they could prevent universal bankruptcy. Our whole ind atrial and commercial fabric is built od the broad basis of credit, and the hbree, veins and aiteries of this an so inter i w-ini ! and connected through the whole body politic that a vital blow at the credit svstpm in < ne section v. ill bring the whole edifice crum hling to the ground. That blow will he struck >it Southern credit by the election of Lincolu. and Ihe installation of '-the Massachusetts school'' of abciitiouists in onr natiou I nd ministration. Thv John Brown Kind in Hattt?Livar tinr' Ho"*.-.?By the las' arrival frum fluyti we learn that the army of that black republic subt-i riheri to tbe John Ceowu ftiud the enormous -urn of ten piaster* and one hundred and eighty tour dollar* in Hayf! currency, the dollar beimr ?quid about six cents of our currency. The ?;;ra h bscrlbed. therefore, amounts to about twenty-one dnllnr* and a half of United Status currency. a' d thin Adjutant General Ui"he an nounce* in un olilrinl letter to Monsieur De Irirf e. adding n lint of the ?ubscriber" and the aoioun ? res; ec >ely at'a.hed to their names, tu tu which we have the curious information 'hat the General of Division subscribed ten pias ters (Spanish dollars), the Adjutant General himself subscribed the mighty sum of three collar*. un i a Colonel and a Comm uidant Quar tertnaster eaci fifty cents. riuch ate the sympa thies of the soldier* ot Ifayti with a war of free ion) to emancipate their African brethren in the United St >te*. H? ret< fore it was proclaimed, with a flour ish rt trumpets, that coflee to the value of thirty thousand dollars was contributed in Hayti to tbe John Brown fund; but it was in II -ytba pu^er. chiefly valuable as materials for manufacturing with o'd raps. Into paoer f ?r newspaper*; and when tL great contribution was reduced to our currency. It dwindled down t<> 51.K73, ?o which let n> add SJI 50. the ? U> t srrlp'len of the ..imy. nod wi w;l| Lave $1,896 f.n the s- ru to'al of the -ubscriptioa of the liaytjen republic, which was so tremendously Militated on ihe receipt of the news of the John li'rvn raid, and which paid bis memory *ueh eeMuordliinty funeral bonon when he beca m a martyr to black freedom l.umartlne raid, in re'eronre f- tbe ?nbscr!p tmti to his !i 0) t? enable hit to pay his debt*, it ? he 1 in at last found n n! in Hayl wh'ch te could u- t And In Europe !? the foregoing *t*t -m? of liberality to the w'dow and orphan* ? f the wM'e ronrfyr wk? di?d for th 1 black- o the United States be a me ? c{ the soul of Ib.jl what trust a white poet to Jebt. *hn bu rnt y -t died for anybody, etper (rem ft and w hat must be the dze of the soul ofE irope.which I.-rr. ?rtin? ?l? cl res to be smaller than that ?' lbi>H Verily, it is no wor.Jcr Lvnir ?ito is deeply in debt when bis uuancia! calcula * display stt^h poetry. Thee,. fltr p, no cumu-ct i ti nee ? frewo m more bistrucure " 1' ^le . sut.seriptian to the John B-ewa ft". ; .ud t . present ml erable condi Mono' tint ? I. forme; y so pr.?duciive u-rt so use* il to 'be world but now of no r. f te v.. ,e o uw .iiidtnat.it it were srnk bep.eu'h tfc ocean. I'i 11 ts T> Fi-t(\ t*. M I svt HTSlTTli.?We ?>et -lie that ts- ? i? s.sti<m talk of j I'usbU be ru?V ,t hmgla* men tn Massachu setts ; an If such a Citnblna'li.n cau be effected . ?<? defeat I ir<M n in that code. and reje- ? A. <! - -v. the 'yne t-' *?bu| aVd'l >nt*m. It will i ore o restore e<?tifiib-nc ? throughout tbe ? My th-f ssitMri wh'ch imid Lappea; for M --u h'i?etfs occupies the sou position to the N* 'h i at South Car dlr -i. ?? io th ? J lie} are bl" .tithe rei'fe?- 'S of evtrHHl.' ji'..ibu-, It wot;; 1 hi .. ! ? uiiytcc ? 'he ?.? me time, to , ,.?) by a i. lyiflis in lis Vote it' , ' in Si l'-V hilt nr< atra'd tb t s< lW. . . tiij.linked In i.oi cf v -sachu > ? t o-h ?>m g|ru '?(.??? , ?. j i r i ki ? ' Aioi u-n poll ; A?" i n i r R\n no- * ' s\n.?\i. ' v " r 1 a card of iotrit ?'(?? i * I tfc celebra'i : of the opening of :h? ? s'-eet r?l?way > i I ireoe, at frkeob-wl , ? ?? 'o take p cc on TLursil-i* las, Au . . 0 TKi* i s-s .tially a > snk e et er p" i. a ! cor,.' icta by \ V?nkee--Mf. G I Train of lloston. The srticm of traiei by h m irou-f?, whit h has proved such a cou- nieac" hsre, tlt'ii fairly iDHi.irirat^Ki nn the other e'd'cftlt A"?atlc and wl ' no doubt soon - a ner. "it| that it will b ; 1 ; N 1 L t 'j lesdi^f city tit Eoropo. s:;? t- ii\(i C: c.r Tin W.vrKltlNG PtACB ' r-.*?110.\ ABU. AMI SKMKNTS LN THIS ' * ''i ? ?The summer carnival U over, e fa?hh ruble cvi.rid with its camp followers 11 bung* re (in, hue begun to retreat from the wuttrug places Bid tall back upon the me v Mob is crowded with strangers, all i! ?? hotel, being ( venun with guests. Tbeaeason I - be ii u grand one tor the hotel keepers nd curious industrious persons who live at the watering places, by contributing to the enter tainment of that very interest,iug class of the e.oc tmmity described as people with more an., ej tiinti bra ax Summer resorts have their mutations us well a? other things. A few years igo Newport ww ? be "'tut" place, and much iffected by rapid persona of b.'.th sexes. Ele iT?D' wickedness oiu entrated in the sober old town. and the ai :ient inh&bi'an'a were &< much scandalized tha' they inadverte: fly charged dnuMe price tor everything. La'.'erly, bow ? er, Newport hi* become, iu ccmediumce of the cop? ervatlve Influence of the ''Cottagn ?o ciety,'" qii'te slot and amazingly aristocratic. The ex pit'Ug <-enaou at Newport was a very good ( i?e in a p? itfnlary point of view Many nl the ),!}? Huts t',d not appear, but their places w.-re filled by sn ng> r?, chiefly from tue South. The profits of oe Ocean IIouw people are staled u* iv.eu thousand dollars, and the other hotels may t ;ve made half as rr.': h m' re urnong them. A gii at at .ny ?vp tn-irc pri ?ate entei rainments have been given, and curing last week .s r grand flntJe, agantleii.au imported a force ot cooks and waiters f "ore I'elmoDicos, and gave the most luxurious spread of the season. 1 he spas have had the pull over all the seaside place* th's year, although it is said that the ('ape May publican* will clear a matter of fifty or sixty thousand dollars al'.egettter. This is a bton telle, though, to Saratoga, and quite behind the profits at the White Sulphur r-utratoga hhs bceu overrun, and at the heigh' of the season 'he crowd numbered over twenty thousand persons. All ttie hotel keepers huv made tm ,11 fortunes, and at least halt a million of dollars must hive been left there during the season. Sharon, once the paradise of dull peit ple, and puiii ul.trly affected by that ex'eusiva New Knghnd fatuity koowc as the St arching tons, has become very frisky during the last year or two, ana the young ladies who never get tired of dancing and who flirt without ceas ing, declare that the Shaker village is aluum as fast as Saratoga. If Sharon persevere*, Sara i ga will be nowhere eventually. What the .-bakers think of this conduct or the part of the world's people is beyond our ken. Dreadluliy outraged, however, thep'irfilHt be. All the smaller summer resorts have dor* very well. at<1 the Canadian* are now r '.pug their harvest, which came late this year cn ac count of the prince's visit The sums expended by our people in pleasure tra\el amount to something enormous the aggregate for the two motrhs?July and August?cannot b- l-sc than two million* c; d uarx, uud will probably go over that sum. Much of this money is abso lutely thrown away bv people who make it easily at d spend it freely. Tue chief lUtug to be regren"d U. tb it the "acc inmodatb cs" fot the travelling public ate not worth one halt the money < barged tor them. EIow?tver, the sea son is over, and there is an old proverb about skilled miik which will apply to ex pended money. The gay world bo ciui back ft the me*rop"lis. whee 'a good u.uOet is l . u matter ot lupo?*> btlify, uj<1 where tbe publicans are not si eh un conscionable sinners as their confrere* it th rural districts. l.virythlng Indie iter a brisk* fall season. Tiie weather is delightful. vud tn?' i tiy t la its b? st autumn u'tire. Rumor says that aoinc It tie love af tirs at the watering placto will evt. t ,te In a n imoer ?? diamond wed urge a valuable item lor ?h* la lt?. The politicians are a. working like bearers. Dur ibg this month the cu> v ill b> visited by thou sand* of travellers ou mixed missions of busi Btv ttJ pie ..-urd, That s '.U suki ill kind* ot tru?. ? lively. The Ce.,:ral l'ark and a l tin drives about t. city will be througeu with elegant e<|Utpi?ges. The . ipera. wmch opens to-night with a company in wmch are cotisoii <1.. ed ail 'he be* artist* in :ke country, lac d In; four jwfeas *?.?.? P..tti, C,?rte*l, F tabrl and Col?on ? will be the fashi rtable am setn . ot eourw. and hu* a aore hrlllUut ,.r<-p ?> t thanerer hi'tun* The Broadway thea?re- will ail be op4't.ed in the course of tue raoniQ. T tw o leading arn*t* on the American st acc, Miss Ctx* man and ,hr. lottest, will return to ? ?? *n be. or da sftc r a lengthenei ,, ""much. ? 'tuber. In t'ctoherw- 'iaf La iush ??t pmrtncial s ar ga*:et> t ? of Wales. So, fri in this t; i< 1 ' N> vi'shxr * ishior. will hold -h | cm; .I '*-w Vo'k. which Is. next tc ^ar'* lie- g'it< at i ity in the wor'tl 8n*. T"rn\ M v in NYw Whs ?Thm . rery Ii*rn^ nrmbar of ^ou'harn m? ? prfMTU. *b'. DlUft fa*d CT> j r#r> ?turuinc reaimr a'.a i*ij i. ? Ihf \i?r?h. and particular'* in 'hi* if it?. > ?an ti .it with th* taqjnrtty ? f tha p*c >1* lcro of ?h?> Union mid d*r< Ion to th* coi *re in nitr ?ban aactinnaltatc or leca. n . rtica. wid that tb*? *oti ">la*ary nantim^at ?h h ti carried to th* at !0'0|.ll?hm?n< ot i?= poww. would br*>nk up th. . T.fai r in rh? r ?had only !>;. a '? ., ' y 1 by n? !fi?h <1 y mm of tha North are in nr.taoo wl .ii th* ooc**r*a* ru v 1 ? >'Ai ' t I ? \ w. '? UTolutkm, to flMtttr on tthich r!4* ot Mm on and i's. i : t|cy ?y i??? .r , ? 1 . tatitharii Mir or ? ? N t V h.i. N look for? . ' b .*?'; ? ? a t th* I'rdt n i ? -> i ? ? <* *?' >n?S 10 n ?? v,!>'cb baa b"??fi all '? ia r. ? * ^outb. I(d I - . i :j ??" H ?* y nwhe ? i ' i 'il ' : '' ti ? <li*!if.polr,t th-lr h i>* >? it.c 'a i ? ?;t rafuro :? . f ' b* *. ? n to * lant Ot u fi: I ? T ? T i rr' of ? ' I it har\? *r?? . ^ fa ' f#|t ait'm!/in tba ' r.tr-T ???.n ot tin fron. tbi? W,.?t Tb " ?. 5 ? u' t o.i th- c?n*ic n? i I ti in ? t a quart* r I i.rbel# ol aha*', i.d * .'? A ?r.lUion b.?nai?<r Of thl*. f ' *r, ar. ;&? t i ? n-a. will *i to Kurop", w in ? ? 1 < \ .w.'l i i?r> tiva botffriw a ?! ' T-t?- a Inrrf*- d?-*n*n1 c An.afh nii t?i. . *. H.. vi pun i i >n of proditea :? & lb* ? tt- y^ar w it un do btfdly b* tv ij .???* H-d in con ?1u<","i t> rai ri i f nttai i ani- o^ IrtS-r * * * ill be l*r^*d# bi . >ii. Chkattsc toe Pvw. IV We.uht.3 .?.? M. v. hiuks.? Tber? is re security tor the people ugam.->t Die trauao committed against the:.. in the sale ot articles by weight and measure. They are entirety at the mercy of the seller, and have no means ct' ascertaining whether they ure cheated or not. For example, in the case of coal, about which there i? universal complaint, the purchaser cannot find cut whether he ban received proper weight or not. That there is extensive fraud in this article there cannot exist a doubt The dealers Often sell it oateusibiy as cheap us they buy i' Of course they most cheat in the weight The cheating is their entire prr fit. This is ucjust tc the fair dt -ler, whf give, hnm st we'.ght and charges r r .;-oua ble price, which the public think to^ high, and avoid hiui. while they actually pay more at a DCtninally lo #er price. Our Legislature are n'wajs too busy <t' their schemes cf pi., der and rascality to devise measures for the pic toctinc of the people in weights and mcis::r< ; otherwise they could do something ia a matter ot si!eh universal imports*. :e. In Kuropyan titie- there is ample pre auti< nt ikea attain d such fraud '.lent practi. s Public scales ought to be established in ev. ry district with worn weightntifter- appointed, and u penalty to he infiiered on nil dealer- net ? : <,:ng their carts of c al to be weighed at ft^se pitbllc scale.-, for which ft -rraP s:.m ' be churgt 3. which would make the offiofe cf p .blic weigher self sustaining; a certificate cr tt.weigher in eech case ti be given to th ? purchaser. Some - ch arra: genii r.t us this is ne^e? ;ry for the protection ot the p.-.-pie. This, with numerous other reforms, might be accooip'.Uhrd if tne voter., would take a little more trouble In see ing that only the right kind of men were -ent to the Legislature. But is leu; -.3 such c.,r nipt ru.-cals a? polluted the Capitol witt their 'present! during the last Legislature shall i&ive the control of the legislation of tae State nc a?'Od, but every evil, any be ejected from their proceedings V*jtiiokawai, o Sam II'.:-T- : ?Sam lieus ron. in a very sensible and withal patriotic let ter. has withdrawn his nan., us h ccnui late for the Presidency. Perceiving that none of the m"n in opposition to Idrcoln can be elected as lonar as they til! remain tu the field, and recog nising th defect of Lin. < In as an event cf para n our.f con-equencc in the c tning election eld Sam retires from the contest. It would be well it the other two candidates, Breckinridge and Douglas, would follow his example, and with draw is tavor of Bell or some other person who. by uniting the conservative el-mente of ul parlies a.ight be enabled tc tnte*. the is- o w tth a certainty ?f rucc*-*. NEWS FROM THE NATIONAL CAPITAL Oui Special W??lilo|ton Despatch. WiauijioTOS, Sept. m IsO'j. V -BTOD- 0? fSNAlO* SO CO -A t?Litor I -giaa w ?*' spes* to Vow \ a*. cc Wcla:s.!*y. 12th pf September He ml! then go West. sod ipei'c St CWf'.sh.l c:. th< 221. fit Cc Ttb'.H o~ th: 21th, fit C-b etnnat! oa tbe 25th. sr<l fit Indttnspn .? oc the 2ith isiiah ocraios' Lite t."jtfuu o '.rug * wett ?' the itocicp llo-nt* zs sre V.. ce. J to hsre been .-ft gfiled ty sp; .tfitr or dilfiflect cw.rr m, *1. sor.jUt reverse Thrro ere cute; of L a wL<' Bisko excursions so eg th: trttee. sal a J J g? n, ere- raps) tru a. il tbt .r owsudiaj t vest, sal set se iaio.'rocr? ?a<i I?s1stt. Ml US: ON OS IMUil A rH.V j, ,brm of M Aloys' i' ch '.feb, ^rrschel S n. it eh out Ac-ir' - thts morning on Its! sb sffs.rs te whicji b" wis rery revere on Osr'.bsidl find Queen Vtcto I UMlmil'" r- to c the r D1. M a ?i .1 prayers t" the fieetfl*. a Of tbt Tope FStbST Ju oflxisu: st i-. -: Uoejlsi' church Our Washington Cerrssponrtertre. ar??:i:t h" grt If, 1*50 A?rir*u' c' l>r*A*nt 8?lsn??'/A' I ' " ' ""At,' tl-jr?Skmll tKtre U ? r*in Apnisd Limit'. . ?The Democratic trb-p?r CijVirj 5- *ivtr.? taU. <*? tfce A'it Kr-mt, A Tb? i*re<.dent firmed rery tju t'.y rest"'ap by the latest evening trsln.su'l sfis nxt st the depot t?j th* tteeretsry of the Interior, the r.tvffl id' 11 ? -.erst, the Coaihiusiojer of J?u Bull tlngS cnl hit Private -\crv tsry There wsr no (? a? ?trst W fceyor.d tinsc rv ,.ect f_ ssiu! it'OM sut that U. fa?r,"t? tntcrcn *U: h sre d ? tursl y eV.cttsd by tbe spptsrsaee cr the chief wsjlstrste s." of bli fallow e;!SMnt; bu? these tf" bryond hi au. this (TbutJay) being coe *' the rer. !nr reerp ttoc <lsy r si the tlrratlTe 't, b ? rw?? w? ihr of-1 fr m ?- >'<?' ck till ihv , by fstie* ? t geotUmei lr> ti Of1 -rent i?i>? ?l th. L'ums v*.i'" ?si'..u wss fie? set uni.*u?*?wl, sad If ?? nutbt j,? tl . ?l ?>? r ' in. rr>? I the sai. I e?r.??;ty <'* bos. ij ttis.u sin*?g si. o.ius?rv Uu ii, K.U , i rt. I lee a- i..'.e?lrt .a im m r i> Ily. sre ?eoti.ii.-?ite ..is ply se?lwl su<1 w iteiy pre .'a lout sLw-i th. Arjincsu pem'ie ru?r ?? ' M* -? 1 leM f ??*!. ft ts, t?l?1 imt n hibirr M tos I" fr *??* tl RucWi n taintr-f h> the ie,!. *r i*>i. ?e fi ? are ? Xj "i. . i r!y > f. ?? .. - b t b; tr sir Mi- roti is i'm ? vo? lb'.'re srv tilt- * .o b*ee b si) ftf wr.b ? c .bore r.*' .<?r t- ?? -' a .? , ** a ?tr'en ,? ??'!; '.{sir* tbe Pr?sl-tut. !? lis t a r t'.rti i* uv're itierpl. ludebt- ' ti t 1' r ?e 1 f-ie MhsWTtr eiuiity * .snsrr- . |{r B *u s'"i h?* b ?!?* ? '*'*'? ' " ot the .ete nweotui .le.s.rst ? ,srl> Der Ihe fr u'-of tl.e sd. mi tostst. sbeiei* Tie. in si y isle, S. ib. bu tt V.I. . '.r * i ? n .??* is. ther.Ibsi * nl I * ? i'""'" i.ter "its o.l >!' ? fbr the .. . tit rsrf t i ? su to he S aeTis rst r .w..r"?? . .j. - . i , * tl .ts. 'h>- ju .it U ? in ' T *'?" * ?'? ?itns I' ihK'f i: ' ' f le .t. v. 1 erer; mn ?Mi< . .? ? ? .-.SOUS . " ?> ' ? Ai- "?? ? ?? - tl ? I '? ' ? e ? r . ? r : ' ? a"' t n, ? st , r- s? el . ' ?' ; , . , it* . first h'twif igsin?t Vitoww , , ' i-r-.-tsf - i-e-t ?* 'nti'" * ' t , d . It.t ?Ith of kero*. IM1 ? 4.p ? Bol V r . ,j . ? t .??: ? to eeei.t* .>.-t mi s a-'?* s J*me? n -bs'-nr he t-?-nr*. (tnesi'l^lnttwrnlnf iternsrsH i'T ' A ? s W tt,.? StaDbkl t .t.'l ?' ' "t r- - -? lb? it' >t fr> (U N' * l?T' ? srar*si t 2,Slt,WiO bt -? the ew'u" t * s* * 'i l . i Tt ret* t? f * lh* j .'l Bslss, tr.e Tsi?? ?f wb>di is f? - ?' *1 > *\ J I ' >? ? Ml'? * ' t IC n 11' -irv* "S * te r bse 1, Vk * v S??s! Isitltlgrs'r. rtliLAl.CU'.l. -. S' r.S it in <??** " Prirbstst, l'f I * tape >lsti ? fllrh'11. s'r < ? Crl?-?a t'.re I fottns?;.<XI 11 on -i>- j.i? <i v vr, . i S-, . - rrt? . ??* . I ri ? . . r ?. prlr- *? . t. t ? > ' ' i . * lai, IS' >??' sl?* lo - r . h H?'I .. * ' isles- hioe ssrnnoed H? ?*tr b", ? $? ? f"? a"' t --tt O ttrn?Be* 'hte ft lb* rn sue I"*1 bsl"?. *<A ?-I t fs.ts the ssme 'mie ' m ?i?- ?u. .. r?* pie. r-lr IT* btes lv ? .* ?. > Is |<on, S *b? bs.es a . . ... ~ ?: |l 1 l*"v n*' r nr.rell "*t sort '*<" t."5 " ? r e ? . ?' rr'I./ *?'. . li to. hoi bo'de- oeo-.ni. sn s'rsi.. *f . r .. Blfh, SXrVjLac 'B N S T'i ' f' f ? "1 n * ? *T-r?Alo ue.it T, l*fl) Ilmt' firm ?'th * r"t* ^er > ?? w 1' hMs *t pi *? t, * a i?r 11 ? -i f ? w itf '?> ? t?ei . * ?' s ? W> I .r , tt.* In- v ? * $t 021? S ? ev se I '1"4- "S'ty *r. In rrrid-rsu iemsi I .is It' J 1!rU" f 1. SI sl II <1 U ?/ t . '*)* . I ?n - r ?;t, rr st 91 1? ? M ? r-ft ? - I 9-T b I'h-M S'H-kr k[' 'r ** 9 ?**> n ..-m ? Sl: WhlSS BW *' s-Sl fife rn flour, 16V?g 03 1414c ro corn, to Now York L?ke iapori* ami* opent-g t->*eptemb?r 1 ?MO, 11 1 bhla flour, 49,009 MC bn-b-l? ?8 64i> 619 b,lab el.- r .rr, 7:>8 C41 b.mhr'i .-at-, S.pe, t> 6l. ? b*r'oy.3l TTT 1 u8h>la rye 1 nuaj -xp.ru t'.e rime tune?77,691 boll, ft .r,8,fj? 370 bnabela wheat, fi 400.6IO beii-ia ?rn, *27,266 bugbels oaU, 0,849 L<'S"h?*ii barley, 4v 676 t L&iidkl rye Oawsao, Sept. 1?fi P M Flour uncbanrvi, 0r 26 f r| xfa state. ffl 26 for fa c - te double extra city bia,.'h. Wnrwt market opened vlh in u, >? xr I tendency one active dema-l out i loecd wi.li lire inquiry at file l:<>l<l<?b' vtewa: aa'-s 12.0W0 h ? .? red winter at 41 25 S 4.600 >usl>> Is ?hii? at *1 82, C.OtC bushel. No 1 ? biciao?p'ii'C aW#l 16 , 2 0u0 but-l. -No 2 0< at fl 12,. 1 ObO buhli ua uo a. (I 14, 24,''CO hi. . ? ? lo 'to, "'I ainu 8 'JO0 Due belt to arrive oa private teima, and 11 000 buah.-l* N'o I Milwaukee club at 61 2C or;. adtabc, - 2 - galea 10 300 hoatiela No. 1 J all - lit..- lira.' ? r|Ulet I i-uiwl freight# *--afcar r-i ;:ru.u r -ur?5c whe<t 11 t4r. a 12 , coiull-- t > New fork. lake import*?ll,0o0 bush. ir a beat, I 560lab el-corn. 7.700 b"?bela barley .'anal expnrw?106 bble f.cur, IOC 00J bueUo.e ?U- at, T',,?.00 busl.ei? corn. Kt (" ?trfcr ti e mi Dtb ef A'jgx>t?-J.tHJnh i! ur, 1.149 186 I i l.rla wh-ai 797 093 bush-I '. -ti, ? .216 buahela oatd, t. 00 nu.-pi .a ba i,-y Import* ?ii cr opmjtujt ol nartff* t? !.-P7,i2? bh - fl >ur,8.OS* ,469 Iuabi-U wb.al, 3,761.461 l i .'l el* corn, 248,108 luiMtie -i.?t?, 47 708 I is)i?ls b*ri?J, 4o.46j b'iibela rye, ?o,8nt> b.n-u. is txo?, 142,097,127 foet lumber September 8(itiun of the Common lonaill Ibe Board of Aid, mien, after a brief rnccaa, ?ul toll t?o B,st m- -ting i.t Ih-ir & pt xber geaaion '.bis evening 7: "re is totbiug gpec.al to ci mr immediately bof.ire tnoen, i ' there will be a considerable de%! of routine busuoaw tr be diBpiaed of Tfce Aldoameu have aaictloned ike Japanese till, aud It bos g.ue before the Couuciltneo for t? . action. Tbe Aldermen bare alio tUe.l upon tbe I. -iasal. iMiafhrti' law court*. but aa tbia h-a Imww ii. ? " by l.a'f a dozen p'evioua Rnarrla, 11 will be u?c,-alary fur tbe preeeet City FaiUtrg to Callow up this preiimmary eup, and let tbe work be immediately cnmm.-i.cen The Ec ?.-a ot Couaeilmeu comuiourca this evening 8a i- tbe Br- ,- d adjourn-?.:, a fee. wceb* p.uce, tboy t/aas oct<d neai'.;.' al: tbe bua.ur-sa. e tbat tbore are oni> afew r tie papere on tta calendar, as moet of the memixwe bavo beet) abs. ct from tbe city, no active atepa bave been ta?. n to fi.rr.ieh tbe b .a frr enU-rtainlcg tbe ,/apaneae, l.t tbe committee will meet early tnus moot a, aud dec; da ae to the course tbey w J! px'tce In refereuca to tbta mutter, which bog elicited bc much retnarh from tbs pub t'e preag. Srpirmbrr Terra of ti<? haw Court*. Although all ClBMtP, taeludtng those n.'Wl important pe:-ouag. t, tli& big and Iittb i".-.?nbt>re <>f the leghl pro r.'Mi'-o, are returning to the city, th<' business of the law co ,"t* will not be la full f t* cMii the Jury trial* are Commenced in October The courts for thi next fow wst.s wU? be cccnplcd with special term and chamber Cruee-, an J though the argument on the injunction on the ''grlG-'on ra'.:food'' scheme is set duai. for this morning, It w.U, in all probability, be p? otpohed to a fu t are dxy The Supreme Court, C'.rcu't, will be opened for Jury causes on the third Mor. Jay of > p ember, but the superior Court (tad C ion- Pleas will l t have any trials by j iry uht'l the first Monday ia October The room, pari first, rftbe Court of Cotarnon Pi"as, 13 being alun-d hack to tb state tn which it war in days of yore, and which will be decidjpdly fbr the better. The entrance will be from the top of the eta'ra under th' vestibule, and th* bench will be on the east tide. Th -grcai Washington ma-ket controversy Is not yet at an end; Itbwiogobr re the general term of the So pre::, v.- Court, and, doubtiees, ultimately Tor trial before a Jury Tbi United 8tat>e District Oourt will open tb morrowt tit C. i Tti-sday u. the month, bat will adjourn Tor two we ka more Tt. Uu.ted States C'.rcu t will < pea ca tat lUih Inst. C mplslnti are ecnr.antiy made at the office of the Ua'ted States District Attorney of the vast quantities of ypu :u? rr.^cry tla* a- hourlyd'.ssctnlnklfd througboot the a mmtnity, and it is st-aage that lazy gangs of ptun d? r ? t, toe dsptAVud to work t ncttl.. a?U peraM la tbeir unlawft; t sflc when there arc so many example* of cc'carters before tb< tn now suffering long periods <>f iss pr -onment in f t.g Htng MV are Inbrtatd that there are cart loans of spurious coin?g art dollars an t stiver, from dollar pieces t< dtmts??r. >at in thisc ty. Iufi-it .nauiy the victtao are graaraiiy asm! tradeame i end th ? later log e'"tests; but then is one icw. atioe tbr Jutoriuf the I'o't ? States C< ??-{? ? '< r ft.I to c irk" countorfe'hys, an ' tt f. :?:? j dg?a arc Justly severe open tho trans gmao.-a. We must aga.u reiterate our com,, aict of tne want of a... u?adaiioc fur rui rttate snarls MTunav our Jctgra arc declining in health fr. u the la y-re M&.id phase if nin ih> - art room?. tf.. city a*, tlir:'ties are tqiiknaertng unheard of sums of tnnu**y ot gi ty orlebrat una, ?t.ch won wlu. ,?t sufil ? to a- -,i a era building tor the admlatotrati'iti r.f ctvu a ' , ?. Just.ee. The "authorities," our k*a. legwu -iff, 11 ? Buo . , our llradjs, and our rlarrs, Willingly appr < . e < oe hundred and fire thousand doUint" au - I.annf an ' li copper colored t'riuom from Jajao, . u itw* nsrt-r enti riaic tha pvapoft ti m to ap repriate IJW) ooe to build, in the Part, court woubd: iwtion lor tie rrnaj raland litigious pcilmu of our population flora*, grc I men, pap up your old Jauaoem twor*. and let us tor tvavrn'a sake have decent court rooms tu toe city ef kew York Tbr General .?u-ssk-i.t ope?y this morattig, Judge toast*. prrs dlng OO tne bri-rb (hir r< prrU'f leaniee (nifo tee " tatftn tbe District AMaraey's office u at u 17 is p- rta .t w? w?ui<l be tried during thu prco ri t- rm, b. eonw qtxmca of lbs arcnannatio ot a la .1 nur-ber of b*ii raw#, b^ruig the forepart c cb > m itSi o* js.j a..? f ?t, the f ty Judge ?' ?p> sed < f Indtetm tils sgatr-1 a ed parties brid ie prtsoa.'f wU'r been wees a oig .a iot, ? r.;' 1 iv'g r?t id the c me ' of pet n*V< to thr T' a'tr;.'. ,0 w 1 ta te.ulefl H.rt ?t -1 't. 'y tt .s t ttjr b-Wt , ? hat etiw T top - * t -r. who ar it Hi ted In* el e/? ,1 *Sf*nei~e U.nd Itertoe win be tried, I -e? Brf -vir, r tt u 11 t n . less tnteerjt I'tiisaai Islelllgtnt e Ci tai: kort.aa, of tf.a Md,!*on t '*! >M t gat. 1' le" 11'tta S Fttltf, t'r'trt ?"wtae r-'t *t >r en irUi ; . ?S< ill I Ater.-'..gi ""m' gla K' 'fall-eh r n 1 p sadAf at IdateawoHli. Ha 1 ? - * .. it. r?l 1 . tr.e tb.rd mxe the m a *try ? I t !'r I wut of tus law. fie wUl rei! te't iu s K. STor' . V?a n , - -1 th; S? OOo ne * ? > 11 i- iBinoree ha b-eCsman .n S >t' r--t V *'j Martir 9rMfman,?f Northsnetor V ? ?i.b . ft n ? ot. o Um i?t ' .?i , wit., \e wif. "s*k< ->?? .f Ms f-.'.-Ui v.r, Met* tb e ? 11:1 Mturt fl 1: f ?t a tiling Ute / .? 1 '1 r -a^r * ', ?? 11* ^ a*.a- n.? k he b>i 11 >%?t ? , e. ?*. ei>? T; 1-r.wV 1* 1 ? ?? 11. ;>?*-? w of !?? ?????>? >!? .Itgei 4. u ? rid..,at Ibae a ') 014,1. I i a tt ? tr H jv , . ?,4lr wbi. t, t ,%,t y,- S tilt 11 ?! |? -es .o of ? nr q.. t w -,t en i- - - tn< ?la fi. .7 r t? l ie trai ?(errtwl t<> ,1. oitant 1 aiy twi | .:k 1 !? ,...f? ba or nh'i j . r. thury a Wi?. o( v gtt.te eavs tt Sor'o"* I I wy Www, t* qu.te a hnwtmea, aa- ai- ?% .<>? nae ot It w I t ai ' *a.ai, fieri oi 1 at r->a oats at t ?a I ? ot f, 1 '.'*? a* f. W-w-- VI -;? . et ia n i-irae - -d kt't o v* - ? ? a bvi<'. ' ? |r ti W*r l 'It ? ? a in ti at.-* .( ? t- 1 are %* ti m New t ?? lit f. - -iw". 1 . , nwt t; r x 1 r , ~-,i . . ** "!? 1,1 t ?<? a. I. 11 -lb tie* . I at the -t?. a p 'ft11 ?| ? IV- tote w- ulit We praer .e-t kf pa ' ibey a -u, ? ova - a p'reeet t>i as h | irkoe fir t 1,. t n i f 1 j,,. , A a ei. : ? .a ? c <> t ? m>- ain taf ? ira ea'?e were e * -rtwj f ? c l ai 1 pr , pep yard ( ae? a- t a b^it |a e l ? ? h.el' 1 ? tut be 4 sor' "f ti V' red '* ? -1 h aaoat a ? Mr aa a o'i*rt ? * > a* 1 r* * "f w-wtn ae os?mw a r. -aayiei inr,-. a m w I ?c.-ir bavnf mrbe- ibetr e t?w.: 'I o?, la. ,. - t ca isat for rw'te (lake-rwo Peafny -. bn? r >.r pnc?? f'ftflr r bit a' ? it' t * fcu.'i uig yt" :4, ra fall >rf etr 'tlnits<" rr?a . .-mr" t K wjit t,?M aa-s .? ir? h,v 1 ' ? f r tb* ' aw ?? 1 by . re- ,, %g 4 1 "d dwfMlit '? 1 WW-we ci -:+?{. II ?v (MM ?? u.. I "V k'v -JH43.

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