3 Eylül 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

3 Eylül 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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POLITICAL affairs. GCVEEUOB sEWAED UN THE WIHO. Oar Auburn t'orre.|><>ii<ien?e. arutsw, N Y.,8~pl 1,1860 1\>. Sia,'* for pmrciit?A Intly Send Of from thf Oily of Aulium?A /'iran.i.v Oiur.tr t'arty?fkrsl 7o\Uh<jht Otrr>o)t. :iatwn in Osyuga Gratify? Hto.w' $ bj GrU'idl Jamtt W Aye, Seftah - tkicntd and T. fit Dvmtiny, K>q ? The ' brrprntihi;" SUB Awimi. <fr , dc , dc To a*) -Sei uwr mil* on bit Western peregrin* ttons, diroct tor Niagara ram, wnore be wtM tarry with Coleman, ui the li le-nai. mal, over the Sabbath, and re sume Lj? Journey fur Detroit, Michigan, \ ,-t ibe Grand Trunk Ratiioad through Canada, on Mo'idav. He will reach Detroit cu IWcay , 4ih met , deliver an elaborately pre fared address, anil tUeace proceed to lAtuaiug, Mich., where be will also sp< *k His roate will be continued north waul and veetwitrd as litr us ?t 1 aul, Miuucso-.u, tpeaking at intermediate pointa, and thence uomcward, at the me-cy >>f lb* g<awi people on the line, parilcu'arly those o! IlnroiR, where tbe Chicago republicans have been for iraii tune laying iLcuiselvet out for the biggest tund oi a aemonsiru'ton ,n honor of the Governor Toe Governor will be a, .rap*n..4 by his daughter, Alias Fan, t -toward, Gen J. W Nye and daughter, Lieut. Gov. Pal er?< e and daughter. Hon. CharUs Frani.s Adiui?l Quu.cj, M 'SB , and bis tak-nlod son, a young lawyer of much promise; George E Bater, Esq., of Alba ny, and one or two other g ullemen. Others wilt join the party m the route. The escjrsion is expec t J to prove ono of pergonal pleat ..re and recreation, as well as of political Biguiicauce stud importance Utters received bere from Use West furnish abundant reason to predict that the progress of Governor Seward ou this journey will be a Ounliuual so men ot tr.umpbant mauius, un.led with delightful p.ta aures. As the Governor was about leaving his homo for a loug Journey, hm tow oerru u test fled their appreciation of the mac hy Uudering bint various testimonials of their eg teem and good will at parting. The first was A PHI VATS WVMCK I'AKTi. Priur to his dtpaitun it- m auburn, the worthy Mayor Of the city , bin Honor Christ ipher Morgau, entertained Governor Seward with n s-lect and rcchrrche dinner. The afUlr was private, and occurred at the mansion of the Mayor, so l t.ua alleout J hy Governor Seward, Governor Morgan (w-no is here examining practically into the mints of applications for ih< pardon of convicts in the Auburn Kbit -Priso ),Governor Morgan's quot-uliso lady, Chancellor Bian M.jor Morgan, wt'c, daughter ?nd bro tber; Mr G. W Peck, ed'tor of the auburn Daily Adver Cisrr, and otb> rs It was one of the most agreeable and elegant entertainmcnta thtt has occurred hero for a long time, and was- urraigco hy the hostess in truly admirable style for tne pleasure of tbc guests Of course there were no stl speeches made, but the conversation was pleasant, high toned and Sensible. Fifth avenue could out bavo turuisneu an entertainment in better shape, nor a company, (or the number, postfasing more intelligence and vivuc.ty The second tret mnnisl to Governor Sewtrc was A wuc AWAS.I TOKI UUUHT PROCnSIO.V. This was toe mat turcn.igbi display of tho Auburn Wide Awakes, and the first pubi c evidence that there existed some fire and enthusiasm in the rcpubiicau ranks la Cay uga county Tho (Fide Awakes numbered about 230, with owe ward unrepresented, on account of the noa arrival of their bw c-ss. They wcio acoompamc I by the Auburn Brass Band, and presented a sight woicb was ex tremely novel ana interest .ng to many Auburaian ladies W-'1 g entlemen. The public meeting wit held in the Oourt Ilouso, and lib? ptincipsi ep. skar was Geo. James Vf. Nye, of New Yoik Ml* frsxik! were di.<ct?d rosmly s^siutt [siu g.ua, and lau.iavry ?1 tb* political Gamaliel of the pre elect Everything in tbe latter *tr*!n was well received During thi speech of Gen Nye tbe Wide Awakes return ed from their march, and Gov. Seward announced to tbe hud tree? teat It waa nicest try that good order and peace and quietness should be [reserved In the good city of Auburn, and therefore guggurted tbat Oen. Nje bo Invited to speak outside. (Ap plausc ) Gtn Nye did so, and was received with great cbeering by tbe vowd. Gov?rnor Seward i flt - MtooadMBtotb W .?Awakes, * haca t Urn ed in b"'i.>w square t>> r?wir? him and the Uoveruor . and tbe tut' '*ui:al>!<- 'tuucral delivered another brief sistreh. I M Pou.croy, Esq , a lawyer of this city, and an aspl rant and e*j?. 'ant for ('"iigressloaat honors In ibis dls trict, foiiowwd, ai.d in Ine course of but remarks deciarod that ttiej w. re row ?| |(h^i (1 tn the "irrepressible con flict" with tin* rurutb, #??' that tbo republicans must flgLl r.r " they eotqurr er die (Hivemne eewar.1. r? snl. one, as well aa that of toe ttaior, at wblel Guv Win *an wa* stopping, waa vtailed by the W'i?e Awakes after ttie a. , lurnuu nl of tbe ui'-el in*, so ! ceusldriabli- enthiwiaem prevaih-d in behalf <>(' the si it. f nil torn ? ee for Governor, aid also for the Hi sue.,-refill eani'idate for the republican nomnv'i'u He l iia, i ai ' liusg" it was altogether a happy t ne >r tbi d. ppoiotr- ?u<5 altnoM dtsheartenei. republican of aubi: y, id aucurei much in faiorof the ^n? uai popu larity oi Got hewarii at tu ns to* win* iwn r* * >t lost lit a urnvtuvTB f n< in -nog- i well *? smut tg f. ature of 1**1 even ing's di i. :rat, si sua the c mfi-ein into wb'.'h the Wl. e As it'* w-'tb ffc.-tr latiteews, tr?uep?r<-n l*S, \C , weie thr ei while aitemp I g to thriau ibe Dliyrinthine (a.ihr around Guveriior S-ssr '* ri*1 i*ure. The hgota Ai.d tranapaieucira were u> be goer. oob-tng here and toer? inn-esn in? brs' ch-s of tries aid shrubbery, f m.ng i ke r< n.snv danr.ng ?lerritb ou a moitigbt c-iroise. ?;>-r) lusty, howsvt., waa m govt L .mor, and crlsa of | 'H rr'l 'be r id to thr White M t'lr ""Old Ah ? eoilld g.1 through b re if we can't.'' "Where's Ward Sour?" "Here's War.! y.ui??\oth- cue a. - rout'?(wubin rati tatl.iig <1 |H ah ' yt tbe slin 'iher* twi d.-nr? t i "s Cera featune??-Heilo. Bill where'S tint bacdT" "The Baud lias gobv in i ot's nan. ? (rat .y accrete.., but Chi Wme AwaVewtis lle niod Oi ne profane ther ?t) ? '?Wbere'. th- WorerqoiV "He's in the bower of '?'lore, summer b<u*e." " Anj body seen a barrel of flour in a sun.m r house*" "Ha La ' And then tbe u.icor r. 1 poll ot the Gov erai ; tu'g'.t ?h- s.eo the ugb tb" Inters'i s* nf the *' rnbiwry. with secivr in trsu'fb cb?er|og'h? b lys on U. r way ..no ibst. > ? l.guiUrd tidee oak eg who itugu.er si die ...tiueu * barse!. r of tb?* pr *??' .gs. If yo :iad seen tin tutpiih line torm of General Nye dancing tl."?u*h tb.so syl.i u grottoes by torch. ghl. and over sod noeertbisb nl and that bo<b, drr u*h tbii bouquet <4 Micblgas -o , and athwart that oed of daia.ua and po. a,.a?f o would have imam u l' Wl I'.eev.w. In bit rre priwnblj fir .y rhare.tor of tbe ?vt Oapld (sh' used to play it at tfe old t ark theatre years nrt years ago,., ba iiiti amoLfvl us aaaia fht " ners. ? aides were hues'. Ing with N.i y guilews. and it w?.. f.-.re 1 at we time to .t he w. uls lie i r to lie bo"|N-<l up Ui pv< vMt a genera1 tx Ploeti* You may have seen ** valed with vafle*ale<l b?rut..., but 'twee w t spivhv :'e? corn Ci. > ?? Uo v : rn VVAs .k.w ps?a . ' . ?'v in i l.yruihiM ?lii? in <?ivrrti.ir ik?? is s< ' '* 1 *?' i O'.gbt General N*e hs? al ?ay? tn eye to making people bafipy wbenver he gnaw. nut ii rs a*.' ?*f ?< vvnrvr* Governor Seaai and p?rty leave auburn to day at twelve noon and bike Wv twer ty mlasies to ttinscars for rtosia-neMMi Mruise at i"yrsou*e. Ibe train stopping A"u e dis'awce .b ? s tic to isk" the i<.ii.t>ai.y ot. hoard, so we to ?t od a itwptav at Hyrac ise ihe Govntif w 111 rv sell buNpeaam ik idge tonight, stay there ..i m n i. is) eye k -n i no. 4tn,'ativii, on is. Cth, ? maau. 11> th?->' , ihcbM to 'G o, W.scuiitlo; dt. ? a>., t ...rver is, Ac . ri (ifti ag by way ui Bur! ugt.ui, li wa Uv?a Ibrough flioois and lo bar? to || dtauaieilla, isuthirv t i a* a*.u Clevetaed. ???????. tuewes to I'ltta tlurg i t it'ii ir. ? .-.|,, U P g in at I hvt?.,.|'i* 0?h-M),N' V to a'dr< 0 kiw Mt-w CU i OS there rha viper, l oa U eipe. led In teiip/ SuLue thru, or four weeks lure (itin Tone In Wrtuhiltsv Ceaatfi Gin uuin plains fOkfufrmmoeL tTu.ia 1'isu.vv, August 31. 1IA0. \Vf b>0 tl.r plea. -? of ?> ug ,.nd Ucarug Gen. Ian# ?i uur quiet I.tile t wa list Witboct lbs sl'ghtrot p.ibtt,- notlre he arrive at tbe Crswampura (Toosv about hall (wet Sit o'llotw. wl.ere ha rVTia u?d t.ll the ?even o'ci ik i' a tilts id. rr.uig by whirb h>'leturar 1 to New V-"I. Tbe (vs waaipuw. ? in sight of the White Plaint ? tiirp- l!, ?! re si f.u 111 ne ?f tli? m *t '.mpc.r. Ui bwule'.four H<vo' tKmaiy strvtrgio. Ai anon m It tn hi wn llwt ?h g t aid Gsnorvl was ammg is, a u ruber of bis political li, r ds (sod .klereghn they ? ? i btni-'ou* gathered vt h. , wbsrw he wag Stop I ic ai views to pay t .m it <? - w ft ?? I r' y rv ,?e ary l? ray thai Ij.iJT <* < 1 " } < ?'G'Uvral w t. s ihat vrhs t> . ? ? *'?.?. li ever "hsraci 'riss L>? iai. re .? w " 1 r*hov Ho inf- m< .1 U. is ti.ai h .iwi li Yb i? fir v |o v <r*c upr u > a taut. ? . t .pi. it. held at. tti.j ? ??c-' ?n tli? Bits? f I., ml .tin. TI : nil \ . fn u. il ev.iitaanu ? .' i ? ut u '..i ? rted out lo I. : ? ,.?? era! m. ? ? u * eery ? '-y t 1"f ?! lb 'b* wi, s* ' '?H, In f ? ? * n ? .' the' u#ti ? ? ? ? r i .ihen to a. t u.u j r> j., .? <s iw Ftr tisa ?'oiv foil.. "The Is mocratW Plah of Wt * Pla ns" ? id 1st' f liios .11? oft* "wu'ar meetingw. S..U ok twe ,?srr 'I bf i' g Mle t" Its insnihevw tb?t the de io 1 ,-atte C?r . isle f?w th>- ' Ice rmMeticy waa stopping for ? I r,i at ti? iirswsmpi.ia. wMb great ciibtttssm f. nd tr go la ? hodyapd pay bun t'.s --<wpec??, \ ,i i ?e o'cGSb ttie O-b, lb large o un aohi) i , b, * i .n.'ri r b. dy v other c tiger*, ,*??* >i ia l ow c' .fce C"*wamp'"o aud "r tb?lr *t riy ? til U-r toaer* l*w?*??? *aweeded In bring'sg nun out. H't apt>at*rc ob ?h. | is *'f th* h- ?*? '"^b fr..m It. eve'tad CWt rb> - r a'ter V*r for *e?. -al HoPG. _ tie bist inrst tf peal geosina ealfesiiMtn W hark wit *? "St di. ' g tbif cvi.'iMt 'B. Weti al I vua as* tl'ff dwevl to I'eiuwe-nh.r by fhr. HofrUSWI J G.JkwOo! 'ttr r e- *o?b Speech ft' a'lUAi.NiS to the i1t#"ny iSf.so aernors i iJeaerai lAhw, b Hh w ? j o. insry '* were not mly hveisir .?*.!/ cof S? r ? ? ir ,1-sfik eflHKva, At tbe cV?g'?Wee"*' i i ehwnnd'i r> uti' Ui tine fbrward, and f " ptout thirty minutes bold the ? rapt ntWUtrntl ofthe p ?<? p < ui an audits** honorable t?' turn iu tue behest degree, 11 th as h *tale*n>ai an i ? patriot We final be permo UP to my that, hipb an U? Utneral *torid in our Mtimv i it, up Were not prepared for a speech from himoftuu-h c< mmaodiug abililv. t'ouvneu k tta logic, impreaaive am eoir.ct in ita historical re'i rouce*. aud pomtstliue* b i h'y eloquent In In app alp, tt wit? an effort of a eery biju order, and aflbrded unquaiilled pleasure to hi* Irundr, and PtttrM strung tap: oelous of admiration Ir> n hi* political opponent# \v< were Mortdigjl} pirual with the court eon* acd f ntkn anly manuei u. which ho wl'uded to Doeglas aud l.mcoin. While bo Mprtwaail iu decided term* hi* dis sent liotn thoir vipwa, be h|mi?o of th-in In language wb'i h the trio?I fhetldlout cnuhi not 'hj??t to. The Mmirai ere* truly eloquent when be repelled the chargt that llreckinrib^e and latne and their friends ? ore dl-'Tiorirts "fn f mm," erc'aimed the General iu lnipr<**lre tone, "Rvt ry man who km>?* me and my hi*i"rj kuove tl .1 I love tin I'uioe of these States; that my life h e boon devoted to eirchgtht-nlig the bonds of this intoo, and that 1 am ready t<> ley down oiy life to teenre d* perfa'tulty." The whole ihisg wag a complete success, and Gonera! In:,, tbii* left boblud hint in Wb It Piaiueas ?'km ac.ri It of friends and a* ardent admirer* aa any mat: who was e rcr before the people for their support Miavellaneowe Political Item*. Tva Von or New Vork ?"foe strong probability i? that Liucolo's vole will vxueud Ffemout's." Tats is what the Aiuauy Journal said after Win t retorted from the bliw.*' P.opubllcau State Convention, wh re be hid every opportunity of posting himself on lbs sircugtU of the party But it may be arkcd bow that vote is to give the Sta e to tbe rail splitter. Fremont polled 276,100 votes, against a united democratic aud Know Nothing vote numbering 318.600 We are willing to overtoil the Jour not by ten ib> usaxid in tti.tua; og tbe a reugth of Liu. ,i In this State, and v. ll concede blm 286 000 ?a ? lull v ote, which, adding the rati? of Increase, <. ?.* it to be a' least 0OAOOO This vote, then, would be divided as folio** ? Union ticket uku "OO Lincoln 286 01/0 Majority against I loooln 84 000 Tint M.-.oihj Elkr:usr?Offli:a! returns >f the e: etion for Governor In 105 i luties have be. ?. re . veil,; i a-.tit lrg m he aggregate tbe follow .eg r an!; ? C. F Jackson, Dougias 72 104 S. Orr, Union .... t>5 628 H Juckson, Brecklnr dg* 10 6vj J. B. Garuenhire, b aofc republican fl i;39 For CoNURttvi ?Wm. E Inuaing has been c< uimated fo? Congress by the republicans ot tbe Twenty so-ood dis trict o bis StaU'. Tbe toat j aiv bold bjr .Ion M Llnds'ey Lee. Maim?Tbe republican comiratior* fnr mem u rs of Oorgrrss ar- now Complete. They are us follow* ? First district Jnbn N Goodwin. Second district i har; if Wait iq. Third district C. Fr*Mend<>a. fourth district tnsou P Morr.il. Fitih diurict John H Rice Sixth district Frederic* A Piu- . The delegation In the present Congress is composed en tlrely of ri publicans, and every mmi haa been lh*uwn overboard. Wt.at is the matter? Vwtroyr ?The B*eckin*idge democracy In the Flr?t District of Vermont have nominated Lei M Robinson for Cougrcss. For Bell axv Fi rrptt ?The Thibodantt (T a > Oaz^'? the official journal of the parish of Iafourcbe, heretofore neutral in politics? baa declared or Boil and Ev rctt. -vj we go. Vervost Elxctto* ?Tbe annua! State elec,Ion In Ver mont will take place to morrow. Tbe following are the names of the candidates Dominated on the ticket? Pfmncratj, KrjnMo ami. Hi'Trrnor J"H.? O /Saxe Erasl'is I'airnaiikt. t.i'ut. dot.... Hit phin TL' mas. Levi Underwood. T. 'Usurer Ja.m s S. fburstoc. J 'Un U. Page pThe following are tbe candidate* fir members of Con* griPS ? Out. K'fublietm, Pmn-i-atM. 1. E. F. Waiton. S!'.as W. Wilcox, (Doug.) I el M Kob usou, (Br. rk ) 2. Juttin 9. Morrill. Pbtiiii.der Perrtb, (Brock.) C. I Daveo(>"rt, (Iloug. C Prrtua Baxter A B vi a ".it >ug ) 6rnEiu>aT0KUi Cawrrotn rnx Hrr*? nr Pkxvbtl vasL* ?Henry D. Fester, democratic candidate for Gov ernor of rcnnsylvan.,1, and At..row i. Curttn.blarx re pi .hi.can noasinoc foi tbe >.aie oilice, lave agreed to stump tb?' State tog*tour. Hon. C. l Warusi kse?Thia g- ntU oin . t.iv r ? t -m laid aside by bis bla-k reputilican friends to the vcond CorigrcM'. 'iial Bistrh t of Wisconsin, hoa s> t hlmseli as s caiiu.dat'' lor the L u'ted Slai'-a Senate, tr. parr of tin. rburlta 1>. kre, wl. o term of tervico eti'ireswitn tii" pros#-ut t >ug i-as. b Maj*k ?Mr. Ac drew, the black rrpnbl ran candidate for Gov -ncr ol l!i sucbututts, ia now la Ualur, '-stamp lag" for I. uru.u aoo Hamlin. Kamcal AcoLir.o..i?rx a Ilujsols? The John Brown aboltttoi irta if TT.i.n swiU bulla su.' Cc .rcoiio^, at Lexlngtea, oo tbe IPih loiint. f< r the purpose of nomi nating Gi rril Sm.th Prraldert'ul e'ectors. *C??"i At ? .jt ?Tlw Mocltoti (Alabama) />-*to i -n/, in spraking ?>f a Beil and Everett moeting held lb' , says?"frutb andyuetine reoulre us to a in t that the Be'i and Fvctitt stuck a alvau.-irg li tt..? -irt of tb' country. It .s ?- w at fever h-t*. with * dr"v t **;d upward Ub'icnry We -ake the a" .its* ?o rcocunt y." Pit': HBirnui ?? Vir o.i;>'.s?" e Boet> n " ol tve Bl*t n?. Mtya ? Vt'e arc lbformed, and kuow ?eyood possibo ty of d? "-t, t^st tw 'gents uf that ph. ant! *r>pic iu?t't'it -p., the I ndrrgroetid Ra.lroad, ? t? reside tc Kansas, b'iv( ircrn t ort> .gut t .1m> free 6t?tsau >a> v..*, an tw?tse s'u'is. or eo. r'-l |.> rS' ns who were m w s.rvss. I ut .ire i ow ftrrms, Bate y . iwteu aim taking ra i of Hu m SC-V) * Putwr i . tb m w re In Bostue a f-w da, * none ir i.nf <bric St* aye ng m 'atto uaaaB, i)ittu whtt-. w 'h uer little chi'd acd It it said t< have tw t very ?f f.. i'tig I" wi rura her yov at the pro.(relive ..it' re *-ee d m of bcr cbl'd,' seem.rg entirely to forget her o" l i ertf Tin' ageu;. who did this work are your ir ha.r Mv?d aoiie tlr ?? in Kane** and d >ce ?? 0 !? II. s line, eon/'. i't? < it g n.any dangtrt axwhsk soa P"t' ia* ? Hon rim,4 MUG i.tn o' C'tigiese iroiu ll?e N r ?. k, Va., disiri t. u. des i,< u Pite'fhurg on the 81st ult , iu WhWi Leu I.oc." claims of Mr Dru las. City latrlllffcnr*. Tn Awr ? ftonvuMV ?i n Ai a? ?t'r I.. ' ?' I'i i ?r, th tmhtirw.it an* j wmtc ?w at? n .'OTMM4 jmHmI*) n '? r., ? ?r, ?Hh l! r fit . '.ir. rt v?'n" nf ? t r if ! ark. M4, tvmtrarr In llr nMitMti * ft dilat l( >*l tlx mni.fn 1 . ? u . ( . ||. 1,1 pi rn tYntng iir*n*r Wfll am B an , <? ?> ?, thi ? , %/i *??) ? mj crri van I i IIM i ?? ?; l- ?' IL? l? r-|? '? a. ?K <*iti#Ju. ?. I tb ' u4< f t'-i ??. . .-I, ?*??>*, at tea * M*r??t |?k?MI tl. ,.i ?t ia? Tbn ms*r r?|* c/ mi-'U- <1 F- .?r< r l? fit* ' "ir'i'nr thn 0"rj?.r? ? toe ?*<ll???fir ?? n- i/ wbn;.eT?r *all< nr*-? f.if rranlkaf to* At tha tVfp.<f?4?? n ' do"un1 1 nan tray af daaltax ? ;t i u ? ttral prrarhnra an : * * nhtvan ham t> vf " aai ill. r ??Iff all ftarttn r rtnf t nJiiif tf*t. . it. .? lAn k<u<t M <,j?a.n?e h'al*"*.. r aat* ithaiaaa tiptri to M?ti<t r ??% 'ik iy. and unman i t uM? ? tu ,.*? <arr? Fli tt n?*Bi-na tn thn i haft uf Aptaaato. f. it >. m rim fr ui .* ?th* period )*? .Bf Mba' raratlna b?*t?f t it* mat, irtl tha l Mto Itfc ila Id tha c.tjwiilta r ?; m ' to d? ? ? ?t, raw ?!? h' rw ?in?t aa ???' IHir iv th? n i*ai<y a' tlx1 m t Lavn n'.nrit'ipn'N"r' ?*t .r ah. Ii wi rriirtr- tVrn ?..'?*>? ..***? al l' r ?t j -iC i? and taaw tut* a ok of tbahuiH a? ar* ?* t i(urn ' 1 and Hi ? -nffi-t?<!? ? ti Ihatr'iiOi -a* p',i * ? II 'in? t' * ta>t(i i 'it I mn , Jr ?l %? ? u i rurrm in tbf r ' ?' '!?',?? aty all ????* I -' <? ? ? ' i * l*r? i* i?i I ch'lti ? i?''i ua<1 pal i !. ? * "i l a*t:? ?rpa ft Ch &' B ' ? ,, # , t*< ptt. th rUf Atr t a I* a f ?t l?a|?* rt art?. ? v ' fat: *1 t ??' . ? I,. > ? \ W < . . ft Mr rnn.am. ?lfr .at ?f*a" f t> Krarntt, ? I I-Hf) at. ? ? II ? John t>i. I, W m arii ? J liai'ti ?? it . ? ? > V. *?" i *U im.J Hiaw'i f l?i n *iA J > ?*- t * *nn#ttt. K . flint * M.i * ?' iaa MMM>. f A ' I ' *?? ? I '' H* ? -> ii an ,i , .. I. < ? ? ? i ? ?**?am. R ? CWrlM La**/, f U X> a*i u .4 pnn'l?aad ta. i? ll.r Ui nri*#. null ? r il 1 1 ?' Va ' M Mf. I? i Ml ? a ' ?* M r unit?. t it **> v - ' i* i. ? i, t, fitatt a 1 ?* ? T * ? .'f I ' i KrKaia. A O Mr 11 1 A n., aa i?i' " ?' f i' hi ? ' 1/ t. ,* ??? ??*? ??? ? ' *r m i ra* ' i. i *al. btt, l|0 .rll v a * N a" * h ? nl,"* * a T 01', t at BC tlatr K'?H-r t a <'t i;1i ? ?r '.ii <i t'atricnt *; . ? .M ?? . T. i'iii? |?r * n-i^inr Ml- h< vitr .1 '! I - * ?. ' *?' Mla* h?Ui r t nd r .. ?( k tt'arma n.! ?r. ' I ntatar'niMi and MIm f ( a , /tin |\ ' ? * * r? M ' S *' n?n, ?r?.t I [I ! . ' 1,1 . >. ?' * A ?# ??!, ?ty* J ??li-? It I ' t?? tli l?? It.oaan ' iitr.- ? L R a . f 1 - r. t n K I f?J ixal : Ml: h. th? atatnt* Ir itut-H.jj- 1 "i "* ? to ! > 0r. Chad* . i" ? ... tt ? a? Ai -ih I I. 4 7 f. - i . I.i ?. f" k '? % .. ,?n.i la- " ? ' K'nr || .,f. I> i ..I' L'n; ,.1 iih II a I i ' I. t n M k ? a. 4 !?<*? t, ?i, <f I .?# , 1 ?? . . * ' r ?? *'If ft I t it ~.r Vi. I" ? I M T'Pii ??A f -rn * .? K' n .a-j. ill Ha a It. i!* - A a l'? ? H M htf Vir*.' ?i" V I U'C.t *" ? a ( faaiin X ?? f" ? * 1 ? i -i- H t *' h, * * an,n Mr Mr I .11. I "i* In Mrl><*l-' nam, I'd a, ataa Fp-m?, Mi?? It .Uhiarii, *? . 4 irMaa * ?'kt. ami ? Ptrnaa A t i J Murta* I i. a r P f " f. 4 I h MM ah. I i. ' J X?.+. . V.' I ' ?r Cui rlnr M-. ?, .,r. I. v * ? P J V I ?u ?, m -tntiM.., ? its km, A a 1 #c . f M ' .A*, at-tux; 10 in w* tt'.' -at U|itr?iti uAti Uittuittti. Plu'teni. Tlir managers art* all biiAy preparh g for the begutulng of thf* regi 'ar season, to be commenced on the 10th by tbe n anufement of tho Wuter Garden, and on the ITth at Wallai-k V and lAura Kerne's The summer season at the last named theatre haa been very successful, both in an artist* and pecuniary po.at ol vijw. It was cloted on Friday with a tiprelt to M- Jefferson, who took an aftecilonate farewell rf tbe audit) -e The theatre will reopen fcr tbe season on or about the ITth, with a new play, adapted Irom the French by Mr Pe Wailen. a clever dramatist, ss be kalntv of Burton'a theatre w;ll reoot hct. The Academy ope .r to night for the regv.'ae Italian Ppe*a se?='.n A Idles Path e cgs Arnica in the "Son" namhula," with Erran. u- Eirino ai 1 Amod.o a- the Count RoUolpho. ttn are u an red by those who have heard l?i-? 1'att' sirg 'a ti>e proviueei that her v ' e has improved, both in power and quality. Our'ug the week Mar-air" r- rti - v 4 her rvM'-.'e. At the Winte- Garden, Mr Anderson's ert-rta'rment hue continued to attract crowded houses Wo presume that he might go on for another month w .ihout sensi ble diminution in the number of hie audiences, but he has to give up il l theatre fur the cocimencemo..t of tt? regu lar anro- . nc-*t W r. lay OMMwv.ontly the six eve* ii ;? and two day performances will complete A:, ieraon's present campaign in the netropo! s.JJOf nurse every body w ill i to ere blm once mi re. At Waiiii' k'a ifci atre, Miss Jane Coombs and Mr.George Jordan ha.r been playing, in the " Wi'Vs Secret," tofull bouses The pertorn ance of these artists seems to have Biaile a fa rable Unpiof* on, nod tin-y wl'1 a, ;>ear in the fame play doring five rights tn:.re,c< rr.nre:-c ::g to morrow evening To-night there is a varied and very attractive entertainment, for the benefit of the veto aa actor and tl.an at *1 Mr. C W. Taylor. The haute uugat t- be rrr wded in rv.*" pr.-". Vblo's Gardes lias !><*er the sense of a kind of fympartic tonriament, In which ?m*t .rshriveco ;? nded with nr ro or leessurces agaii at pre. "prr >re uf tbe art Ti e same style of prrlormasM, together w itb thoee of the Zoyaraacd Hit i'v Flanlnc broilers, v. . be contl-iuel this week. At the N. w Hosrerjr theatre an rr gina!* spectacle, written for tbts bouse and calle i "Tlie Siege of 1's'myra," baa been produced w ith a magulflcuot ~\in m tcer.". It will be played every n gbt till furlhe ? no" ce. The Bowery theatre, now nndcr the direotlo* of Mr. George Wood, opvred on T;.-iedsy r.i w.ti. ev ry sign of a su-n rful ?i aeoti T: h.v.;>o baa I -r. p;,t in tin bee! order, bt tl ' 'ore at t b*1 ' the c - ta'.u The etoi W con pan> in a rery good one, and tir manager assures tl. pul l ' that t very p.,.y shall he well au.i care fully m"Otitoil. The < ;?ueg bill was "The L.iy of Lyons" (' i.u.ilt Ly Mr. T.lt; a, aad Paulina by Mrs. Kate DMtn l.yan) und ' An Olijt t of luter.st," a wel km n tarcc, ti which Mrs tv. 11. Letghton made a great hit. Mrs Leigbton ia a capita! mnrcftrww, and a mo.-t welcome contribution from tbe provincial to the mutropo litsn boards To-night Mr ana Mrs J, W Wal ack, Jr.. will commence an mgwgtxnent, play .ug in "Macbeth." Mra. Iu>.gi.tiin will appear in a new f?rce called "The Fool of the Family " At Uri 'in.'s V. .;eur.i the utual varicJ entertainn?nta w ill be given tula day and eveu.ng. The pr< grama-" 1 at B-ytntu' M'nRtrela, Pa'ace Garden, and war other C' uc.erte att i ti, rtalnments of all sorts, w ill be fo_nJ In auothi r pan of th.s pa>er. lift at ftiirvont.?-Mr Forest r:nmcrcfJ b , pfcl.tw nt.al t< ur at Baltiaioro (Boil day *tr et thea \ tro), play lag ic ?' Hamlet" on Monday, " Rlrh?Il"u" o Wadnt?day, and " t'lrgIbIm'' on Friday. It !i un iertood ' li At lii i'ocrea Lute.. la to p'.ay the abova nmeti rolet, ; witL'ttof' or "Lear " '? MaeLeti;,'' "Othello," "Hxiiard J HI," '-Sbylock," -'Cork Itiiui," -'B.Otua," "King John," ai-d' TtOKtD of Albt pa" only. The BaH.more S.n, aljui- ? Isgto Mr I. rrcM's Rat let, f*yg ? Af we < market t Vor 1a- t irp rr, fc* la Ihl actor Ii ihe world, anil of all the Hamlet* ** ever ???', 1 in o r opinion, the teat. Mar ready?whore Format I BhouhiDit.. U?< re^an..d or coi.? lurtil ? tin!,ud \ -.oVIorya t> the f' labored art*?-bad hii On-1 r"inr iirrt brilliant wmie; tho elder Hooth.C Hewn, ? 1 iTri.port, Murdoch, all ibelr r*r. fully ataborated rxeei- . Iti? r It ffltmer a- lb?* h-adof the j.wt b'lt K Teat, j Irrm the twflinilng ''I the ckir*, tf> aiiriCimtMMlta, t . ea i>. ?W the flfcaksper, as n.imi ? aJt one comn>tc an rfert nrw?exr< III nrr In the ttln'r and In the !_ i.J- .?> avery piuM^e, every <ruril, baa lla ex pre?ITC t - , t:oji at 1 t tie, a;.d every no vrmout ita mint t ip ittr-t ti <1 the appvtw.'lve audlnace re : celvn ilia a* and UriiutP Ibd eih-vltve ex,xi?,i "OJ ol j to ?' at rai.iel it I i J tb ^rtal fun. ter eitu liirreul emot'ooal r??pe-aei i-r overkow Jg w.tc at..ray i < uitia of appun. e TR" /'ofrtn' ia equally ct ratal In a r. T'.i w if "Kirhe ' 'u,' at INI ??* ? 1 ?? <;. i aut aw Mr. format in hjt Hamlet gq Monday Ut .... u _ w i.^'t it, for we sud Utat he i.a to ??(! what be i virhwdan tborouably tiefore, and that if thai grand rr p..-e ana rnwciotMaaew ??f power which tatir* i me rotn tar fn'chty worthy* of fen'if, whether .n r< ectt. " or o. application a crite-Jti ear I > Id d< t it taal-pei iiwnotai l* any where. Every a n fell fV n. h* hit with rr t a' and tr"?a-.r\ d exartrrwa, showing th? hi*b-at achievement of a-t. I *mL< .t r??ealing the an ilu> ?i.wuti'n *u alawM ? 'iltowe 4I?!< i.' ta or thr'-e i~iK??ee did h* acta to hte ! a ?r ,,?*? ?, aud ti t w? r'early Of aaloord by the fal'tti ? <f h* 'ntrrl ACtora to wtiatait tnmr 'rra ' Hot th'nw re < n;> a>-e; tental ap t* on the h txitig tea af ? ?T'. Ileadatl.rotifletut Tbiey co uld only | to I per. 'rh a ri'MHlt V, ere pt. Ot ' ?e I.' d tb" t me at i I .< 'ivji we vt ulii r' ?l ?ln witb do ?ht ur>.u htl admrab * raaderit>( "f tbe ?**?*<?*. alert-he tullhe ?. ubf a an t. ere .a up aunt) aor * an fatl ia the lea.r. u >; ri,?l?ht ) tb a here p. automoceCt tho c utt "< ar-"tad ,-e )t i a t.- (t at er m wbeert be ej" he of oi'ltce hemy t' ? r firr eu-i e 1 fit ? 'm'D" trat-1'0 <?' p-i'v,r a't? r^, ?iidtrru< Aiieaantt! t the t r.arHt h?i? r could oh e. H W ttw?t a er?? ? r" ?>>e?-reent where he hnnrheti If-' tb". .1 rr af lb ly Chitrrb aaaioet tbe ko r d?p Alec of I- v- * "toe a.-I r-ar teU htr aerd a t'-ta the rl-artr.e-l rh ? , the bn'y altar, where Re t?-i. .1 t wield tbel t$ ? ? a - nn ReM tip tb< |?h a# the in jhtr we?|r>o <1 --it.I u where he *??'? p<?r r ii. of the Ireaeo.iab!' ?. v ? hte heb r. d France n- d bar th< he?d "I hw ?'<r, 111 ai a t if ra d ? r 1 the reality. V .q a if with yt-tr own - tee u ihr ? r*'?rter? rt ? ?? r i, t..r? J^'tt tb" b j berry t| et -ttUcf ( th.r I' lVtf hp ?;ieaa r gb, atgb.de at?e ai d at 'aet r'ti tteate the p>>aeraa1 it ar aa^ 't reai .e the arh ? < art mW \ ?l f ire pe-reptMMr tfee nea and at at b a 'art. A cr wdee and apprer'.ati?a booar rewarled TI e *' v T "V !*t?dt theatre frertnin) war rr nenedoo .?'a* t> a.-flt, uL^e the d ? . th e uf tb<- f 'tnrr eiaia r - Mt??r? ft"tai ai. l li> ann ? rre u>e iiitertr. wton .i h .r. t aahcea Iboci i .:.'y rrrorated, awd aiwrw baad rtp carta.n. |Atth J "y > r citekl, adiel fhe 0 ' fa.. ie? burr h -en ail re ecgeg< j, and e< w art rte of tot a-i ex,-atcd ilati/rrta E op#. Tlie eii.alin>tor* ch'rirK baa beea rlrrodtiteaf. ard aga i ,da.-ed ur't-crhe at i '? aht rahlp t?* M- Mo?.|. th-refa: ot* pi""' "arr Ita p-jt on tbe rtkgr, and a re well raactid before fa " r..<j|?idrw la eonwrqiience of l be new law, Wh?* pPd I; h.tr r .ctiay perfstrritaneew, tb j will be d moat .tow'., to it .ire -p f-tr t|M II ta emo'er plated !?? | ?e, db'iag the ?. Iter purl, 1'e.e perh-roarewe a ?V*1 tbe 1 * '. a re, Prr tnr, a'tba .Tn'r i?*?'". f " r< ir i??r at the Bnwery, aa wtib I' r audit . tl . > tl fre?o arut" ft? w formal.) the c-mpany ? ? ?' ft .tij,, P. aorta'a both ewtai hmeato. M I fr ia ? watuef, auyd* a oaaIwI del ut da T ? a" ' v t a* IVwerb a the rtl . ??? a a dratt.a t( A * lii M'ot ??*'-? k V 'f.rt a. i *f? r ;.a? t.i? full' I r *t. - ? - t.i< n il. i f the ff reo'f aiea, w? ?? ir I ? the b d m r ? . a ? y %ft-r tae " * Jk . ??' ' 't it p. t. fv If IP I of tb -' ??* actwa, I'1 e -' n nretwept w .? ? oil!. ?V ,.i'i iMf.rtt * a - rl i. .i *vl the a oil fe-tc. m ?ft',* h" eii a o if r, |?f?n f r ? "h *a apt ? ? aati tb ; r f rca ? e IB the a** -fa era-iS'-ae e, aad ii> i ti ttv yierfnrir.aa ?. t ? t ? fertf. n aeat . t - b/ th?*e tb I -eei.,'' < ij 1 aea'ly tun ?'"?wet oi the a.oti ag (it la atat<4 ti. p. gio. i -e ibi a.ng t>va -?? R h had d yf Mr. ir'wifut',"?o tha drwMila aawoti at ' ? rder en the 1? a, a;.d * ,!1 b a , rt I' a w * !?c'ed MM var Ifi*1'.- -g Menura frnw v , fir' re, M' t; *ra. f.'w done, M'a P way awd ieary c.t.'rr i a det*t< -Ml thai ,Kr' r ? of ra*?erp' r ?t? * ? I o* .??liar "art "diAj?a * m? t "Vr.r??oA*. a. ? M a.id M > Ra at tiiira, lf*al tnehmaa 'r f-? r h tb, Mr MTerwiwM Mr J. ft Oaika, Mr fVli.u* ?MI Am S 1 ? wweapr.tr, . I" apwar t i.ifnflMMN Mr. piMl rrt I* ah* rt te !..**? p*n fl a war. at W I ' V u M l it i. P ataa baa n., :? a ?i i-w*' dei ?i ?' t . ? 4 ii i ?? tfcer'? p--w? fa> yak; t d at *' !(*? ' ? 41 U> tl" 'a- PRNf C|*r? JI.iu.., < ? -.:u.i*t , t? b. , ?: i. (.. ? 1; . . f 81 pt^n^#r M Milrb' .1 bu i ^ u>cn *?1< J bruses at the at. Lot:.a theatre ) si > Ope-i fth C(X>ptT tl 0Ut (?) ft gUL.1 last WiCk ttt tbt Waln.il, dclphia (ohi.ost?lLr and Mrs Bourcloaolt ban t wc engaged at ths Adclphi, I ( t J,..,, 6L_ 1 1 it Ill'U '.ij tu the "?Colleen and Urn ?? Young octree*" Mr* Jube Wood goee to t>-e Raymarket, and Mr* Charles Howard to the Lyceum. Mr and Mr*. Charles Matt -we ure en gaged for tbe season at Drury Lane. Mr Barry Hull, van baa been playing at tb? St James theatre. Miss Kale Saxon 18 playing in London. U. Octave Kou'.Uet is bound by a written engagement to furnish M Montvny with a drama, In five a-'ti, for ttio winter geanen?th? prlncipa'. pa-ts to be entrusted to M idame Rose ? Chert and M. Lafontaine. V. ? Fir.ile Auglor baa just finished a comedy dti ma wt m I nes entitled ?" Les Eflrnmcs." MM Victor Sejour and Mot ,-art (who, of course, will retain the strictest lucog.) are giving the finishing polish to a p!?ee for tae Cirque' entitled "Les Massacres de Syree," in vtbich AM-ol Kader will figure prominently. A crltlo thus describes the tal ents and voices of Mademoiselles Vaudelheuven Duprea, and Marie Sax, who lat< !y made tbelr debut at the Grand Opera. In Robert lo Diahlc?"MlUe Vandelheaven Is an art -te without a voice. M il!e Sex is a voice a th out art." "L? Ho: Barcouk" is tl e title of ttm new op <ra

libretto, by M Scribe, announced for early production M* tdame-L'tjaUi and i~ Merc er wilt sin^ the principal parte. The receipts of the fur s theatres dur.n* July amounted to Sr.' Hid francs agtii ?t ?*4 flit tran.w in July 1HS9. Md'.le F'nmy I ajrc.a is at Carlshad. Th" Kasrtte dr T'atH states that a deputation of the youn< men o Pesth presented her, after the last performance of "Nor ma," with a magn'.Hc nt pegrard, the blade of sliver, the handle gilt, an 1 oruamecti d with jpreelona si'men and with the following tnerrlpMon:?"A"* Slgnorltta Ia grua, la g. ventu dl fVetb,l*'>0 " Fulli-e 1 mtlllgtwei Tu* Co-1 *>?:? Wu Th.u:?-v K" : <VTrti or lit Wu. ha?-.?On lait H.ui rday afterroon offirer Nlvea, of the Second warn pol..e, arrested L'r. Wiciham, who, it will be r<memberi J, is charged w ith being on accom plice in tbe murder of Mrr Cole, Sometime ago, in New ,ier?t y A fu1 account of the pan :culi?ra of the supposed tnur 'er and of tin manner of the prisoner's arrest will ba found la the f< wing (apart cf Sergeant Petty, of tbe -fiend ward I'i i.i ? I>?ivid i>. Wickbam. M 1 . isrtsrged with murder un 1.11 the to. low i.gnrrt mat*: < > - ? i i? reported that about , ajar g? tVi< kbam ind in ouin named Cole, residing I in Wantage, Hi ,?set rounly. New Jersey, to Insure tbe life I of h1* wife a ah -t t r-e i ?? r us to h'r expected coi flBe I tm-nt. Wtekbain resided In Huinbu'g, about teu miles I in tu Wantage. lie wo* called t, attend Mrs. Oo'e when I . Li was ikco ill ut 1 it waa (hserved by her oth"r at i tintiab'S, though not tbuuett ,.f till aM'-rwarila that Lo I (V. i *?. v< rj ?olic-tous that Wis C shouid take u par iii i*r medtciaa that he pre|iarcd himaelf, a largedoae of ui cl tu adrr.tti.sterid to t "r. About two h urs after he t ad given it to her etie wi.k found to be uextreme agony, j a- I shortly afterwards died in convulsion* Nothing, however, was ?h'"ght'f tbe affair I'll tVirkham <- tmc I tr 'ward ami cian idthe Insurance ot Mrs Oole'a 1'fa, when it was discovered that this arrangement bad been Bin v betwi en M . Cole and hintseif. Cule was tu gi t h.s e te s 1 ft- Insured lor a certain amount, on which he (Cole) w s to jisy the first iBStaltnent of premium, after which the 1 act? r was to keep :t good: but if lire Cole d ed in 1 or 04 1.1.in a., ut tbei, tnc Lot t. ? an i < ole were to di. ido ttw emovnt of Ineuraace. This having bei' me known, a pert mortem exam'rstion ni the body of Mrs f'ole w<ta had, when It was uunu that she bad died troin the el)eels of etrj Ln . ,?dmin.r o re l t > her (as alleg 1) by either t! c i.i hand or [Vietor M~. Ooie was thennrrerted, tried tin nuirdir and ai ,uilted, and the Uoctur was put uu iir iteavy boada, but eseaprj from the i u . er wnoarresti 1 bit. at tl e t-b.e. i!i gut a v.'a* and left for par:, un know ?, ainoo wturb t ? u- unf Saturday ho wua uo? beard trr m, be i iniif heen well cuuoealert oy iwrma tr thia city titlicer Niven, however, auooeeded in ojuining in Iximaiion ot I. wbi-reabouIs winch lot to hi* arrest. Tl. prteoher is c : n- ck 1 With f^me of th" roo?t re*i>ect ahie cittaea* of M'ar,ea and Sui#ei ouuntiea, N J , hia father be:rg reictea to lie a man ot grea? wealth, ex t? nve ae-jn 'in'stxe u.d full* able to give hi* ron a ri gb o. 'rat tduration H ? previouacoureo of life, or the n.i lure -u it ettoiit of his b> onoi or practice, w? b.?vo not jtt .'HA m d. Ho wtiiit gij c< ti-. nis tu accompany of ti<-r Niven to New J .-ifi to day, to hoyieldct to tht acth rttliettm W e beli' v* tbere i? a ri rsrit ot I6C0 for it" arrest of P." W (khaoi. aci tSicor N un is Just'y f nt .tl"'t Die i r ,. f, r thi .dWioua sattm Lo wi n; an t and a uotn i i d tb" capture or th" prtenoev s me Irs ??i-4|ie, W ..-kha-n tiiuw been ei itagi d u tbo buameeaof a book ag< ot, by wn.cn be man- a It; ng. A I .. : <?. i I "Mi-i.. ? t go' n.:.. i ObllaLa tgh-r, emp-oyed IB the Li -Stdw-ll u! I'sal r. Baker, ci hi BMt Thirty l.rst etn ft, ?a* trmwt lart h'et irday, r* ged with bav'.ng atoi'b sundry art'.-'ue of r ihinefrir her emptovrr Cel aarki. >w ia gi i t tat She had L<?i* a p r tu ct the missing artltl'* iaiutd "t (100, during the liC.p 41) U'ni.if"! le r t., -'fees ju lit Uuii ; or .'?r !' iri to be lo ?r I up -> ? The Rl|hiantrioiiliiit(i tn Oar htrecta? I mid l? f ill Opinion. *t n.*mt twitt??i m iti T?.Kjr. Rrforr Hne J,nig?? I i .itiuo frr. 1 -/i (I? M.ittT of s, Aj^iKt? ' ir>t V f? ?, " ' '*!' ' ' ?' " "7 ?' ni":n g tlii .. 'pr r-titli rtd tl '?'.i.v I* C;< .. i iv t|>. n if ? II gral ?m. ,Jn?t cr ?T.tr i r.v ...M a. 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Svt l, Hi tv rej'.-frece, Rrociklffi, Mr* Ti' '.'tr Ci t ? i , < f I. J* jhUr. ?Mad. Hrnca ? At Mi Idle ir ?3 li int. V. J. in Saturday, Reji' 1. id rr?r?ump: i n. M"'Kur K H .*? a 11 ? re'a II era mj <1 f- "t <f? of ?' r family are rrapectfully UiTtt*<1 to atletxl IH> ? er i ?rnr.\ lr?m 19 "t It art a I ia? , tliir i Mr? lay ?n. ? f"ur o'clock The re inatia *i.l ha Ulc to Rite'. : Obiirr/ n: Tutafa/ ?KIlMtig l?vn >?tn .satnr.!a- itr.it 1, a.,d1enly , F :*? O -ta RaniLi*, t. loved wife ??fit ana* HryJia. a#Ml 36 year4 aun t m* tiiha Tnr ftw ?>< and c ,*iatntr---? ar? r*pectftt!ljr Ire.led i utu i.<t the fin rial Iron be pewtfiytorvn church, mr aero NeM Mtkn mill' trtouUi Pireet, thta t Hon - tin ) att.-M ? i n, at ll.rea o . ? trx.iwi* ?b?o Friday, Auyiat 81, Mr* Aav !'??(.? ? * 13 it ? M'li year i t hit The 'i ?? and ?? <i ? ,.l?r n i r>? tie (air ! y a-e ri per; full; Invito' in a'tenu tli fni.e-a!, !h'?< M'inlay) morn 14 (l irai 'rln'l, In m lb? re tt<?r of berane.Nn In P?e? dt ? I ?l-?i t. ?"> ill Rn? I) i 'kirta^ a ft. II eat at i! a >.iM< rr?, Ktr Vnl 'lit.iMlllatf |Mlil(WNk I i.tft ? Ho tb,;<t*e, ?' t. 2, U*Kt lu>?l;.. v, ' ? Un?n, Imii tl au<* 1U da??, a i.at. e of I a*..? 1 !? i 1 ntihi *nri" a? i* t-i ? 1 hen a-n" a'ntar.eaa ! ?r tn .tKtto'i.y tl>\tIM tn MITOd th ? funeral, from kill 11 0.. L I'liti.i.iA lilt Ttttl Itryt, ta 1 oeai'iy. in ~tr si.i rday,V).t I './/?mmrr I I, ita:;hU r of 1 o> 1 11 nnah F t a, d 4 mo lha lit ??>a? At Toled". t'lur. ? Frltay, Any at fl, .? ? m ; r,f M'?? a aaiu Maty lli.r f: ? r.afi-l at yearn. : n. n4 M na>a Tl ? frokdii . It' faml'y ar> rrtyeitf-tlty Incited tr at ItMNr fatwil fr'dh h* tale ridii'iH, flt b l Uroa l a,.y i?. T ia<ia- rrof.. oy, at tine . .ivk (ol ????4'?ib, I ar 'Ir bark faith, r.i. Md i'?y.4i / '.7 J? ?? ?'? Jlyeara.rr ji ? r, i 4 d, I . ' i?. Iv.'B ? y <>: V ? R'a-jirat 3 rl-tel, Sea V?i h A.-t-r- nafe ?? n ? at * e-r ?i ,? n ? -tni Wedin*'ay, A'ifut Jl > ' d rbtber'a, t jl,* * i ?? iid.i'i ? 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Tt.? in. . <lt i.t the fatol.y and tboae of haraou, Will .a* a I !.? -liau B McDougall. a/i respectfully invited 14 attend the (aural ftrmn her late res deuce, 12? Chart* tin t, corner of orecuw.ch (Meet, Uut (Monday) altar Q'O:., at two o'clock alifornia paper* plraae (, oy. Ui t'casM ? <ei Sunday rrv . ng mopl 2, after a ''ngT ?ny itlo'-a*, Tli i*?-, son of hr&cc.s and Lleanor UcDocjud, agrd 21 years 111 d 8 month* The inlativ ? and friends (/ the family are re?pectfu.iy invited to atu-nd the funer,ii fi- ,ni the residence of his parents, No 212 First aveaue, uus (Monday) aiterms*, at two oVnek (1 ' o>>o* ?At Saratoga Swing!, on Friday, Aoguit 31, Jo*?r m M 0'' o?.\ok, aged 2s years and 1 days. F>a rclatlvee and fries alao those o' b tab rotter ,'Chaa O'Connor, and brother In law,Owen W Bn-imau, ore ra *1* tfuliv invited 10 attend the funeral without .^Ut* r.ot -e. front No 88 Kim street, t.ns (Monday) morning * I 1 (last ten o'clock, to St. Patrick a cathedral, where* f 'i - n H'gh Mass of requiem will he celebrated for the repose nt his sott! i' ? > <a ?On -tat onlay, September 1, of a lingering ill* cr a, Sarah wife of fhorras Parker, aged 86 years 11 - tr.enda of the family are respectfully Invited to at i ' In 1 r.j. a' T' m the residence of her aon, Char'.* Vui-k-r, In Putnam, near CiaaBon Javenue, Brooklyn, tl (V -r,eay) uft.' rif o'i at t *0 o'clock. Woo* -k? At Pateraun, K .'..on Saturday morning, S- vt. 1, Mrs rxu-uaoNU Mauia RncnuoK, wifa of Thorn* i . ,1 ) da i^ht o' i'mlii, Van Buaaum, In the Wife J far of her e ie. The relative* and friends of the family are regpeetrullg lr.ilted to nit,-nd trie funeral, from her late residence. No. sc. Vula street, this (Monday) aft. moon, at two n click. Swith ?fir; Hnt'iriia;-, September 1, F'1 *x, daughter of 2r:, Kli/ahcth, rel.ct 0; U.cUiu-1 Sm-lh, tn the 28th year Of her fig.' T';e friends mo acqnalntanreaof the rim'iy are reepect fnily in . l ed lo attend the funeral, from her late reai doner, No 282 Henry street, this (Mo_ fay) afternoon, at t so o'elr k. w ith 1 it further notice svim?On Saturday, Sept l,<-fal. cerlng d'.s-iae, in the fifiii vear of her aire. Ahs S.vrri, a nat.veo: pur sh of l.ai> county Cuveu, Ireiand Ti e Irtrrd? c! the drrcf.-,eri and ttw of her 1 ?te Mts. Sla-v l.jrrb, and niece, Mrs Am Tihhets, are re spool u'ly in 1 lied to attend the funeral tb -i (Monday) aft. riu ;b. nt two o'clock, from H e residence of h*r uif ht w. Mr JrHln Tlhbets, corner or Mott and Heater tr. it without further inv tallou Hur remalna will be P.Ii -?> .1 in Olvary Cemetery Pay.. .r.n.?< m 8 ittrtay evening, Sept 2, Saaan A , wt'a 1" AtdrcwJ, Scmbler, aged 26 years, 4 months and t?i days N. the of the funeral in to morrow's paper. \ asso- sm _'m Sunday, Septcni' er 2. A?.J. I. . daugfe ter 01 t on plu s and l*a el.a A Vaurudcu, aged 4 yeart 1 10 moid Mi I e r< it er? a: d f"l"afa or the family are invited to t.VUi t ? 1 re il, tbla (Monday) Rttenioon, a< two e'e-t rk 1*1. n the r s.d, cc of h' parentis, So. 60 Writ Tvn I ty pinb r reet 'iaih..?At Hariem, tn Saturday. .Spt. 1, Ku* K. i.i j 1 ? eeist iiBngiiter of Jaiatc B. and BarriH Wn'ii t, aped 16 month* The friei-de of toe fnar? rest-elfi.'. y invited tt u'.ti 1.' the fin oral on Tuesday, at twelve o'clock, froes M Ai.drew's rburch. Uarit-m. V iv?fin Siiidar, >epten?ber 2 if- ..-let fever. K a ? M., youum-a daughte: of Jacob and ila.-. Willy, aged 21 months. T, 'r ' ' !he fiin ly ore reaper' liy Invited V at t*u 1 I funeral, this Monday) afu-rn.?>n, at 4 o'clock, from the rcs.di ncc of her i?rente( lJ HuctiLgton 6t.-e?4, Brooklyn. MIftCKLLANKora. TTBNTION. NKWbMKN <?Tfnt MORNING COURIER AND ENQUIRER U new rn ra> a: TORES rkfTfs p,r ,.4. , (tcm ^ a tk?rc w ill W, o. d, h VXRT I.IRKRAI DIhCOVbl TO r ^AT.RRg. Who i\ U . e auv; i'aJ ibrt ,j?h in? prim. *1 r.,w* MriA or a. lib uXee. let lVar! AT WM ErRRPEi.L'H K( >NH, KU fUI.TON HTRKST? i "Si '' '>*''? Wai'.'.?x Carda, Kn ,? . i (I?u >u?b^ AT10 AN!) 1J ASS HT1.KKT, A SEW SfTU ..rflcl " OAlttiia ai M. rairai-.md lo fc>srerf?rt mm At WHDLBBAI.K ?RK<?.?R? PROM H TO HI) KU loo jaacd I'm fci.? A(? ?ri*offfrM r?-?i In. oniMb O 1* U K, K M II trnwln^i * 1 PVPli nPU/fi WEDDING rAKlm NOTKh *7 SKM EaTf--'P? - ?*????rv DlAl'TITDI. complmjoiT To r,?4Tan, "w ??, Plain',, Ac and in imrut ? r**ktIi m^mTJ***' ucwm?f?*pi T'-TII.I S.I IS ? i.orTmi E, ih, , and -91 mj^Tm ' l.r .1 K.IV..U i. 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