10 Eylül 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

10 Eylül 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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THE noci or WALES. Hid Reception in Toronto by the Hem bert of the Law Society. THE PRINCE AGAIN IN THE BAUROOM. The Excitement Among the Orange men Inoreasing. SCUTES AROUND AN ORANGE ARCH. The Doke of Rewrustle and the Governor General Asianlted by the Mob. IETTER FROM THI DUES OF NEWCASTLE, Towwto, sept. 0, 1890. The reception given to the Print* lent evening bp the members of the Law Society of Upper Qurndi, at Os ?ood* Bali, waa a moet recherche affair. The Prlnoe arrived at half-peel nine. The barristers received him streamd In full robea, and the Bon John Billiard Chine Yon, aecreur/ of the Law Society, and also Grand Baxter of the Orangemen, reed an addreax, to which the Prince made a suitable reply. Prominent among the barristers was a full blooded AfrtMB, named Bather land, who graduated at Kings Col lege hei e, and occupies a resi*ctable position at the b?r. Be figured quite conspicuously last evening. One notioes many cases in this part of Canada of intermarriages be tween whites and blacks, but here In Toronto most people Ciave the Amerioan prtjudloe against amalgamation. Tbe Prince was then made a barrister by signing his Bam* to the Barrister's roll and rolls of Common l'leaa and Qoeeu't Bench. Be signed'simply '? Albert Edward'' la full round hand. Dancing waa then begun, and the Prince remained till twain o clck. Great feeling la excited among Interested parties be Bause dancing was allowed, as this was contrary t> agree ment, and It Is feared wt I spoil the effect of the eltisena' Brand ball of Tnesday next Much comment was also made on the prominent part Cameron took in the allair. He threatened to reaign if the Orangemen persisted In their conduct, and if had done so in the first place much present difflcu ty might have been avoided, as he main tained them In respectability by his position and talents This morning the Prince went to church, and by clr enmatane -s attending his going there tbe Ore of religious And political fhcattciam waa again fanned Into a fiame. Crowds of people lined King street, which is the most direct route to the cathedral, to see him pass. In this street many lofty, beautiful arches are erected, among which is that of the Free Basons, with its towers pre-eminent for graceful form and appropriate devices. Oa the next block below ia the Illustrious Orange arch Vhloh caused all tbia trouble, for Chtholtcs did not object is the Orange parade. It la very large, built of wood, painted to imitate granite, and has the same devices both Bidet. Pull length portraits of the Queen and Prlnoe Albert adorn Its ildew. Ia the tower above is a portrait of King William crossing the Boyne.wltk the word "Freedom'' tie low. Above are the words ?"These we maintain." Below are noitoes:?"Oar Glorious Constitution," and ''Welcome, Albert, Prlnoe of Wales." Theae were all the decorations on the arch this morning, exorpt a few ban ners end shields of usual English sty la. Around this arch, under whxb the Prince would have to past if he by Abe direct route, several thousand people were ool Jected. The Prince end suite Ml Government Borne et eleven O'clock, but drove to church by e roundabout way, thus avoiding this arch. They entered church so quickly that Abase was no Ume for demount rat ions, but several per BQM had run after tbe carriage part of the way, and than beaded it off, informing tbe crowd that the route waa the result ot design, no* eookent. Feeling then seemed almost too deep tor utterance, aqd the Duke of New Beetle, tbe Governor Gensrel, and even tbe Prlnoe. were weed In choicest BUlingsgate. Inside the church peo pie behaved very badly, rising en masse to stare et the reyel party, and a disposition to gram at the Duke was very evident. The services proceeded as usual, sat at Aha close the Prlnoe entered hie carriage sad drove off wary quickly, taking another roundabout way te avoid the arch, which la only across the street from the church. Many persons hissed as the party passed, end some, very teach excited, shoaled, ? Tear down tbe arch," and made ? demonstration tor tent per pose. Tbe peltee roughly pushed beck the orowd end order was et length reetorea, Bnt the crowd did not disperse. Boon after several Orangemen mounted the arch aad suspended five of the Bsoet obnoxious, banners bearing the portrait of King WL'Uam and lnscrtotloni of a partisan character King street was a*w thirty bloc ted np with the people, and one of the Iran tag Orangemen of Ike city ordered the banners down, end attempted to aaceod to lower them, But wax booted, polled Iron b|S footing, end tbe ladder Broken. The disturbance erased be re. but II was feared It might become more general, is It la said oa good no Shortly that fifteen hundred itoman Catholica ban- formed themselves Into a society and go armed la esse of an appeal ?a brute force Manager doaaly, of tee Grand tounk railroad, declares teat he will produce force ?neegh ic sweep the street* of Orsrgemea in a moment, if any riot is atlrmpted Grand Beater Cbmrron declares be will trample tlx ('range robe under b I feet If a riot ts caused during the Prince's stay, towards evening a oovpte ot military eimpaotw?rifle and ertlUery?marking from the fueeral of a comrade, paaaed tuder tbe arch, and saluted it with hearty cheers In whlet the crowd following them Joined. The position of tbe tern# of Newcastle oeaaot be bet ter stated than by himeeif, aad be bar given his views publicity in the feUowiag letter, eddreeeed te Mayor BisHr.d' Kingston, written while lying off that city. The tetter baa Jast bet a made pub to ? Pa?.. I* w tb Ibautav ?t ngrat that I oow una mptrir compelled to toko ib* r?tr?B? cnaraa enotrmplaird aa (MMatbla la mp iriw lo Ptr K. Hrad af iba 30.n of Aa vuat.wb .ii was maudlaiatp ooaaaaaloatad ta pot. bp fi-M ttf. n y. aid to HlM tbr I'riuot uf Walra lo pro Caad oa bla wap without aodiug at Iba clip o< Kiugaina Kboa " arr'vrd prstardlj ?? f-'uBl Ab Mtb <-..rarad Writh (Taoga daeoraitaua, aad aa orgaaiaad bodp of manp fcuLdr. d? wrartia all IM lorignlt of tbrfr ordar. with ?umvroua Saga, a Mat). and aaarp a<?napaa.m< nt wblta cbaraalr /?? awob ptuo.aa.ocip I oould bantir bn.'j lapartf lo haliar# ib t. attar earing poo and the otbar geaUaoMa who aneuri.tm..ira pouoo Hoard tba rummb-ial, ?ad fully > tplain'og 10 poo too acoltrrw trbtcb artieta mp ?drier to tba rrtnra. uir bpmttaua I took t?? Umbo y%r*y aitaplapi 00 luc) an aaaaataa. aad .ba aeoaaaarp cottar qjuroca* which moat man* It too Dfvgrmaa would bo no BitpfT. drd in ttar.r ova oadoct. an I ad ao offcaairalp la the wboca af tbair Mum tot, una, IV.it. Patau aad Roman fatbol'i--. aa to prrweirr- 111 tbrir atenl.n of prareat lug Um I rtaoa from eoo-| ting ibr fewpilamp of poor Clip, I bar* b?ro dwapfpnat 1 too frtaaa baa ctamitd 10 wrait twat.lp two boor* to gt*r iba (Hatig. mn 1 tar to ra ooaaitlar luetr raauira lb- p barr ad bored lo it, aid 11 ta lap dutp, Ihcrabira, lo aartaa tor IVmor to poraor t'? fowrowp. What t( Iba tarriicr I aaard tbr Oraagrtr.ra lo coatr* Mrrrip la ahau.a 'r in dipolar.ng la ibr praaaooe of a pmtag fviaor of aio.-tr.-a p ?ara of eg\ lb* brtr la a ?orptre wbtcb rolraor-r mitiiuaa of rrarp fbtm of Ubrta k.eultp, at n.i ..la of rrdifinop and politlcaJ orgvnrvltoa, orbltber. aotori'oal) nlbati ra lo thr inombra of anntbor Ctaad.aad wbirb, la oar p*lwi of tw ampirr. bara repaat ?dip pruluord oft ool) die.ord and heart Hurt, nig, but Tint aad OtoodaiH-d I arret dotiblad Iba lopallp of Iba ladivtduala or. apoalug tor 1 trace# bodp I beard mp tp !??>' to thrm oa tbr gn.i.ud uf that lopallp aod of toatr food taring I old aot apk thaai lo taeniae a pginrlplo. lit to fur! a flag and alwiali from an *rlk"a of Irraa. I vabnl Iba rr.aea In aaa thren, but not to flra roabtraaoco la a awtfatp which bad ?ran A<aaprrurod tw I# Ibr mtllvr couotrjr fcp Iba errrrrtga aod lagtalatara of Oraal He tain 1 am tolo that tbap rasrt t tbi art of tutor a* a al hi !?' tbr ?m?rat*rl rrligtnn rain tbrp ran pro TP tba* tbr goal Riaaa nf Rogltalbirn arr a On. a<H I rotaataat It ta quit* ?at*rrp?<rp tor rao to ra;. dial* an oafoitu trd aod all ?urd a rbar.-r I am wpii awarr that aurb part) pioora ? i.d.farr aot lltagal In mta on. rtrp, ar tbrp arr la tag land Tba >? a enor ikiij anawar. If I aaRrd p?n, M Mapor. to atarowa ???? am loir tip; but It .? no pop* rr lo m) rrm oatranm Ima iotla 1 aa Wrc, riarp f t tbr Onto ?1??, BBlVd m U rr,' ra a law. bttl aa UlaMtrr uf tba 8m iraa, attradtwg tbr Prima or Valra bp nnmmand ot bar ^ wfp, ta aa tn*p to tbi* ?.tm y at Iba laritalloa Of Ita Lrqtatalora; and, I at. la what pa ? l 00 ?< ,.ld Ibr P urv bo planod If br wrra ?nw |n I4M Ib lough aaah a a.ear aa wm prrparad far ? m, wbirb lutpaaaa imM m br I wbl ld*a hp th> umaolal I-g aumfr, and aril jrar wrrr a tftit tba Kortb of Ira laad, wbrra br r mid r.ot ha a partp to aurh aa ?rb>hltma wrllbf.t t , .latll>| tba laaa of b!? maiilrpr llw R?p?l fl'gbrraa w|1| rrmttnar ttir rmt? wbtr<) hat baao p^pafd Ibr him, bot la anp pia-r ?b? "a ?<m|lar drnxmatrattuna ?rr a<lbrr?4 to a Plmilar ot'.ror In tl.at pure, af at Kutgr Ion w !! br tabro I aanuot twtnrlod' Ihia U-ttar ottbo >1 ? n Fl|ru|!.? Of rrgrrt that Uir OhT I ? trail.m did aot ?rcrpt tl,( offrr whwn I mala it rm through tun to p"Wrr,t tbatr addrrar Ui hoard tl a ?utmt?aa oftor Taa t'p koeartad bp Iham. *' ?! ?p tb" rit .r aad ?trod if tbr Fraabpta*ian rbure*. a miaoortiua with tba liartb at Ptotlaad It ta (miaaaihl to britrra thai thr ? mhaii afihgtbraoralioa ware W ?r ??! h; ariwpalbp ? tfb tba 1 u.duct of tbr t traogrmta, hwl I faar a-.-h a caa ?traction la inn likely to be put up to Umr dectalon I am. elr your very?.*?*???* eeryuet, NKWtxsrix Thrre waa . rumor u"0" b!<b afternoon that the Prince would leavv* "* 0!ty ?<? "orrow fer Kl agar* Folio direct, oe account ?** tbeM dsmoagtratious. Thio la hardly probable, but very pos ,lbl* According to the ofitctal progrww, u.* fo?d to ? little village celled Rig wood, tomorrow, stopping a' Sf reral plaeee on the route. For raaaona which tie ot preeeot refuses to make public, the difficultly between the Mayor end the Duke ore ad juated, and the Mayor will be preoeoted to the Prince to morrow. _ . , _ Kum O'ctoci, P M. Juat betore duak tbla evening, the Duke of Newcastle Md the Omnor General took a walk out to ace the city. *y w*re dreMed la pmia olotheo, and ware not reeog nlzed by the people until upon their return from tbe walk, and were again near the government D#6, Al *??n word passed who thoy were, a c.-owd of about a thousand pcraooa chaaed them dewo the street, booting, yeUing, and about log all kinds of opprobrious epithets. The Duke and Governor General were pushed violently against the stone gale poeta of the Government House as they wore striving to enter, and the Governtr waa considerably braised about the arms ?nd shoulders- After a parting cheer the mob then die persed the ally is quiet to night, with but few people la the streets or churches, but extra policemen hare been appointed and sentinels hers been doubled at Govern moot House. It was reported that tbe Council was holding a pec 1*1 meeting to arrange matters this evening, but this is not true. In a former despatch I stated that the Mayor waa M> be presented to the Prinoe to morrow. This is now prooounoed doubtful, but the former statement y from the Mayor himself. Besides receiving an address from Mr. Cameron, the Orange Grand Matter, at the barristers' reception last ere. nlog, the Prince opened the ball with Mrs. Ounsroa, causing acme remark thereby. The Prince was taken out of church to day by the rear, or reatry door, sod this attempt at concealment in creased the excitement. -? evening the Duke of Newcastle arranged with Su perintendent Grant tor a epeclal train to and from Col Dogwood tomorrow, to leave at eight o'clock In the morning and reach here again at seven in the even in. gather*1?^ to?'U! IUfe * rteolvc 10 le#Te lb8 city aUo! Increatkif Trade with China and Brazil. or the First Steaabast Bmtlt li_ America for Brastl?Remarks of the Brasiliaa Minister?haanch of a Ves sel for the Chlma Trade?lac ideate. At. On Saturday waa launched, from the shipyard of Mmsrs. Webb & Bell, at Greeapolnt, the first steamboat ever built In tbe raited States tor tbe empire of Bratll. It is appropriately called the Prlmelra (first), and la one of three which are Intended tor the use of our southern Im perial neighbor, and designed to ran on the bay of Rio as ferry boats. They are the property of a company in Rio organired by Dr. Kalney, of this city, a gentleman of great energy and enterprise. The launch was originally appointed to take place on Friday, Ute Ttb, the anniver snry of Brazilian Independence, but in deference ton prejudice amongst seafaring man,'who have an Invincible horror or that particular day of the week, It was post poned till the next day. The weather was very warm and fine, though a few dark clouds hovered with threatening looks, and at one time gave tangible evidence of their presence by sprink ling the little group of spectators with a few heavy dropt. They floated away, however, and the suit, once more bathed the quiet scene Is warmth and light. Two o'clock was the appointed time, but some delay occurred and it paased, atill leaving the Prtmeira Immovable on' her stocks. Meanwhile every part of tbe monstrous wooden nautilus underwent s critical examination which was highly satisfactory to such of her visiters as wen posted la shipbuilding. The arrival of a bevy of ladles, whoso presmes was as agreeable as It was unexpected in s dirty, unsheltered and uninviting ahtp yard was apparently the elgnal for florae poundings and hammerings In all. derations, which notified us of the approach of tbe grand moment. Athletic man swung ponderous hammers and bettered obstinate wedges as If they meant to fin them all the tighter. At length at about three o'clock, everything being ready, the Hon Mr. Lie boa, of Washington, Brazilian Miaistar to the Uni ted States, by whom tbe Prlmelra was to have tbe honor of being christened, stepped on board, and after the most careful aad explicit directions wars given as to bow, J when aud, where the ;baPUemal botUe of ''green ami" w ?? to be obleted, the signal was given. Slam bang went lbs great sledge hammers, tbe supports fall from bar ?idee, end tbe rvtmrlra, with tbe Imperial flag of Bras!! I Cuttering above her broad deck, glided as gracefully aad winnomely la to tbe tide as If aba were ruablag into a ?over's arms. Ut us bops old Ocean will be a lover to her. Among those preaent, besides the lad las and the Hon. Mr. I.laboa, were the Chevalier d'Aguiar, Consul General of Brazil, Ool Parka, ex member of Oongreaa from Maine, sad formerly United States Consul at Rio. Maa.ro Vin sod Everett, of the Novelty Works; Mr. Bee to, Mr. Campbell, of Rio, end several other gentlemen engaged is the Braaillsa trade. After the launch the party assembled In the office of Bimin. Webb b Bell, where Iv Raiaey bad provided those little creature comforts which, after ail, are no lasifnlfl. cent feature la celebrations of any kind. Green and ?andwtebee were In abundance, and auflhred awfully As was booming to I be occasion, toasts were proposed to so Informs! n.saner, but with aa mub aim rrltv aad cordiality aa tf It had been a regular set dumer at the A*tor or Metropolitan Mr. Lwhoa proponed, In very happy tarsm, the bea'th of the President of the Us I ted bUUe He regarded this event af lbs launch of tbe Ural a .ramboat for Braz;! aa a begmnlng to drawing mill rloeer the bonds of friendship and commerce with that reel empire, and was flat that .f* had M 1-1 ?"??"*? "?? lists is com)*. Hon with other countries lo this Important branch of bo slows aad industry. He considered it aa aveol of no -w- I diaary interest to Americana and Brazilian*, the empire was In a nourish lag condition Wtth.n tbe imt to* years fo* had made rait atrtd- a under the administration of her present Illustrious and re lightened Emperor, and It ?*e hut right, and be waa proud lease, that this great country of ennto-iwatad Bates would aid her to atUl greater prosperity. Mr Habea s remarks were warmly spplaadrd Ool Parka proposed the health of bio tUj-wt y tkekmperor of Iwusli, and drew a glowing picture of hla liberality aad enllghtoaawnt. He ventured to aaerrl that there waa do n.ruurch upon aar throne .a tba world whoar cbarac Ur waa more pure, wlaoee conduct aad example wrve more vtrtooor ead wbooe love for bis country aod enxiaty tor her welfare and adrancemeot were more exalted The health of Dr Raaey waa proposed. to which that g t>- ?n returned (banks in a tow brief and modest The health of lb* Cbernl.er d'Aguiar wne a Lao fir en ud acknowledged. Brief remark* ware u4? by Mr. Alton nod other gen Tb# tod l?? w*i* not forgotten Tfcerr wet* only ? f?w p*i??nt, but IN## lea were a boat, and the tonal ia Ibeir b e.or wae drank A brlmmlag bumper*, lb* company then aeparated W> wUI my a frw word* mora about the ateaaaar* wbteb r?r Rataay I* bow building Tbey are intended, aa ?* bare Imlorr remarked, I* rua on tba baaatitul bar of Rw?, beterreo tba city end I Tata 'fraude and nan lv> it'rye When they are completed tie win hare lb* kee'e of two otbar* told, which err to ba much Inagar and of a minimum aptd of (uieaa m.!<-a p- r hour to run from the ally to TV ta'ogn aid tbe Cutal* Ttiia geuto <i.aa eatabliahed toat w tutor a company in Rio Janeiro for running auwmara no the Amrrlean plan, after realty a year of toe*went tabor, and (Bcnurtentig tba eomblaed oppontloo of tba old Thame* boat fcrry company and the wbnte Kogltoh laSu eaoa Tba Irlttob bar* built all of tba ataaan ra bttberm for tb* liraatllaa gaearamaat, aaaqwatat aad lodiriduato. and coaaider tbrtnaairr* to bare rlgbu eaalarlr* aad al n..*t patent to tbla bnalaeaa for the future (tr lUtney ba* by tbta la-g# m* tract brnare tbetr prmttge aad opened a p'aca for tb* beautiful worka of our own co in try. Our ftrry iItinera are not only aevter adapi^i than >bnae aI aa< other country to lb* r end, but ear eu gtoea are m re <*v uomtrai eod fVr ia adeaoae tarearoa *iru rted Ic fngtaed for * mtlur poepiae# With tbla ia treduct oa Cf our rtcamcrr br one win uade*?ue'? lilia ti lf and foloa* up Ihr adrardayl, be hope* t# build within fbur yeari leutr# at'am-m or thin uompany alone ao thai we tball rery buna ?*< lb* bay of R o dot* t*d a lib oar li?bt. airy end rapid American avowra Tb# PrinMtra and ii*e mmpan* oa are owe hundred aad thirty tour feet hmf. (fir faet wtd* or* tb# g-iarda, taelee fret ilaep and m-aaore about friwr baadred maa each, and will lie almilar to ert-ry r* tprct Tb* m- del la rrry hue, an that wiib their powerful engine* of no* ban drrd aad ? Ighty boraa power, they will readily make twelre kaota per hour. Taa Pnmeira to c-uafucled wuh etl.aorulnarr atretigih, prlarlpally nf white oak, apw* aeeureiy ftrteird.and to caprbto rf naming any gea Tbe maai.eg .? her cm.atr-rttoa to highly creditable koth* *btll and eeterprto# of Meaar* Webb * Itott, and glrea great aat'afbrlloe to her ewi.er The eng'new, of ni ne ml y large powar, will be put la hy tbe re,>*bfated Noretly Iroo Work*, with erary modern iieproreiaawt and lite higbeat toy I* of Btpab lb# whole wit doubivwe be worthy of ihe *-?t etart In tito dlree-twa. Owing to tbe fkrt that t>r R. made bit eon'rnct# orer a year ago, wb<-n but little war doing la our *blp yard*, the rerael# ere but t rerr cheap, and wi'i aot probably rtwt oeer t6J 0?o to MtOuO each, d* Itrered la Rio Janeiro an i put l? work. The e.abtn* will be naaaoaily tor*# baedeixoeiy ornamented,ant fur ilihid with paieLt r? reiaibb* eeuia hoe will ??# *eb??e>er rtofed, and oer cabin* wl'l he |oil <u in Ri? Janeiro Rye Will | jno ,?,?eeoger* It I* e*prted Iha* all thiee a III be rra i tab* pert twit In the aprtng T- nake Hum |*rftwt?y am ire. tbey will not ba eppered cat.I the ingtnes ?rt put in, wbeolbey will be hauled out, giveu m addilloual thread of oakum and heavily oop persd. There wtli be, thua, ? perfect certainly W their eecurity. hUMh of m lUenuklp tor ChtM> The heeutlfhi steamship l ire Dert, bailt for the per poet of aavtgatiag the water* or China, wae Launched oa Saturday afternoon laat, from the yard of Thomas Ootlyer, Esq., toot of Forty-third afreet, laat river- Thia i* the fifth ateamer which Mr. OoUyer haa oooatructed (or the OeteetlaJa, and in about three weeka heoee be wtU launch the aiith, and la now preparing to lay the keel for the sc*rath. We may here mention that whan Mr. OoUyer launched the Pel ho, in November, 1IM, wo aaid:?"Thia maken the fourth ateamer which Mr. Collyer ban built to navi gate the waters of the Ohtaeao empire, and there In no doubt but the favorable impression which ban bano mad# en the native traders by their performanoea will con duce to the forwarding of many ordera tor similar vtamia to the United Mates." Tbts prediction haa been verified by the present orders. , ... . . . . 'The Fire Pert has been oooatructed of tha bent materi als, wbicb have been put together In a masterly manner. The model appears to be fauillean, and If we may Judge of ber speed by the velocity with which she went through the water on launching, aha will equal any of her butod er'? prerk>ui cfforU Her dimension ? ar? es fouawii.-* l<ei Kth over all. 200 feet; breadth of beam, W '*? inches; depth of hold, 11 feet 6 Inches Her enginas era to be furnished by the Neptune Iron Works. ^ Chpt. Henrv W. Jctuiaon superintended the construc tion of the l ire Dart, which la owned by the house of Augustine Heard, Jr., tn China Operatic and Dramatic Matters. Tbe opera managers took the field early In the season, in order to secure their share of the "Southern trade," of which we hear so much among the politicians. Mr. Strnkosch evidently believes In making hay while the aun shiner, aa he gave laat weak no leas than five per Ibrmanoee, namely: on Monday, "La fioanambula;" on Wednesday, "Polluto;" on Ihursday, "Lucia di Lammer moor;" on Friday, "Troralore," Saturday afternoon, "Sonnambula." Adeltna Pnttl sang tn the "Sonaambu jn" and "Lucia" more charmingly than ever. Madame Corteel gained many new admirers in the "Troratore" and the "Pollute;" while MusMnl, who was compelled, in cooneqoenoe of the illness of Bngnoli, to bear the heavier portion of the tenor'a burthen, reaped fresh laurels in the role of Manrico. His singing of the finale of the third act, * very severe teat for the strongest voloe, made a positive ruror. On Saturday Brignolt made his rmtrie, singing Ftvlno, in tha '-Bonnambula " The favorite tenor was tn fine condition and sang deliciouaiy. On thia evening the "Barber of Seville," with Adeline PaUi, Brtgnoll and Amodlo, and F. Barlll, will be given. On to morrow Oorteai and Muaikai appear in the "Tm VtltA." Signor Mmlo's original aerio-oomlc opera "Una Scorn ema" (a bet) will bo produced about the 15th of October It In In three acts, and has been written expressly far Adelina Pattl, Signor Brignolt, Ferri, I. Barlll and Sunini who will sing the principal rofss.. Mr. Servadio is about to make a provincial tour to Bos ton and elsewhere Hla complete troupe wlU include Msdamo Corteel and Mile Gardens, prime donne, soprani; mu sancbtoli, prima donna, mexao soprano; tenors, Musi ani and Tamaro: baritones, the brothers Amodlo. Madame Fabbri will make her rentrh at the Academy next week. The theatres arc all getting ready tor a prosperous au tamn campaign. The business at#Waliack ? laat week, with Mian Jane Coombs, and at the Winter Garden, where Professor Anderson closed k triumphal campaign, and haa departed like another Alexander, sighing for new worlds to conquer, proved very plainly that a grand rush might be expected when the regular season set la. Con sequently, during this week, nil the theatres will open their doors. The Winter Garden and Laura Kaene s theatre will be opanad this evemag. Miss Ktene b.'g.ns with a new piece, announced at anjorlglnal drama .founded on "La Petite Pologne," a play which wen produced at the Salt* theatre, last June, and made what the French call a veritable success. The English author Is Mr. De Wal dsn, a clever dramatist, who has doubtkas made the beet possible use or the very strlbleg lac idea to upoa which the author of "La Petite Pologne" has cooafrutted a moat la Is reeling plot. Mae Keene, Mim Polly Marshall, Mrs Allen, Messrs. Oouldock, Daly, Burnett and T. B. Johnston play tha principal characters tn the new piece. At the Winter Garden, Mr. and Mrs Barney Williams will commence lasir (all campaign this evaolng. r'-r"* In two of thetr beat Pieces, "AU Hallow Eva" and "An Hour in SevUls." Tbe tbaalre is now under the directum of Mr. W. E Fredericks as stag* manager, Mr. A. W. Jackson ? the Meat*. The engagement of Mr. and Mrs. i WlU lama is tor throe weeks. The present is the very lest week of Nixon ? Royal Am plthaafre, at Niblol Gnrdmu the dramatic ssaann, which la to be eommeoeea wnrt M^y wllh Mr Forrest as tbe star Amatewrgym oases will find some vary Interesting information laMP. N'^ that bis theatre #111 be opshid fnr the aeae. n on Thuredev next. His oempanv tnolade# all the old favorites sad aosae importaat aStk>Mi Tbe , opening piece wUl be an entirely new vers.on of Berth* s ( ''^it^roUb. Bow^y theatre sn.euncmhl. I ?takrperean revival, "A Winter's Tale." for Uneven tag, with a itroeg neet, Including Mr. aad Mrs. Wallack, J , and every acena % other pteoo is "Oouala Tom," In which Mrs Letghton wiu Tl^h* New Bowery theatre the ' J*! P'.reeof Palmyra," is 1 rawing crowded bourns, aad It ( wITbe piaye/svery night till furt^,r ?ot?c*| H At Bnrnum's a new drama, <*U#d Joaepu and mm Brethren," will bo produced this afternoon, when Urn regular dramatic season wlU be commeceeJ Brraats' Minstrels have leeuad a new and taking pro gramme for the week. H?ley and Ampbai. ? oompauy ared rawing Ml bouaea at Mbloa Salooo. where the.r concerts will be continued during the present week Drawlmgs or the ornlmwrnra irate Lett** rt^-Wfif'O^DnT A CO.. Manase-sof the ?o 41, TO. 19, 50,7 , 73, B?. 70b 7?, M.64, 11. Dit-swana-^kam UO, ??"???"? ?.i* , 5 13, 74. 11. 8. TO. 10, til, 34, ?. 17, 11. 4C. CWeeArs ?ent free nf charge by ^lreeenge.ther .^^ WitoiP 1PDT A ro Wilmington. ixluwwre. Or to *OOD. BDDT * oo.. ku Louis, Missouri. Draeetags ?f Frsare, irsadbsatt * ''^om'ore^vvv. Oj.*w? ??? ffiFY? ei"? 1 1 81. 14. 74, 15. 71. 63, 21. 10. ?4, U. fWrTiW-aK *s rTS4J5??ri2?i,i* i??r i or? ,rta??Itlrte?*ts fav and Jwmia ???. Deeot hto real, sorwer of Panrl itwway * ?... UrrrH^^^ rssi? - w? Hmlai'i Pataat rbtaploa Flrt aid nrgtar i>reof Aafte. *1 Brnadwtr, auraar af Rarrtr auar. Otallimra W ho Itaalrr a Kin* and Kle ?aal Hal. ahoul I sail a. KMfERAClillli'l, 1U Ihatu artd Whlli, Ut IUIt*r, will Thle Day la tmrtirr ill# RKATREW ROpT IT AT wvnail.tac n?w aal a?Mab. * lid Mroadaraf, WpaaAt * faul t eh-ireh. O- Raaadin' Mrtalllr Tablal fttray, far banning Ran** la prrfmrt nrdnr. mn br oiAniand at tba tub aarlwra and lb* *arvv,? %g?n'N tbm-irbo-ii tbr oRt J. A R. HAbRllRM. Ma. T AM H '? Orartf A Habn'i C*l*brai?d Votaalaaa Rawing Marhlrra tb* baa la nan fir famllr aawing ?M Bruadwar. Raw Tart, and !? Ptnioa ana ?rooftlfa. Tbt Prlara mt Haiti at darair'i Oal tfy - Tbr oalr ua?" * Hb nf a Ibn PnAnd nta?w nf h:t Rita* lHgbnaaalba rrlixwnT ?aiaa on ublhU" n at 'I rrnj i Oabnrr J. iVMBT * ?i?To W Rmtdwtr ? Ooptrt for aalr Mr. Ilawra Rrwtag Narhlai Patiat la Sm Iradnd fur arma Ttara -Tht fart It, Ibr r*li# nf Hr Bv? t IsrraMna ana ml la ibr n??<lR<n in a i- . i. R PANII.T bRRIRil Ho HIAtwaa tn nnamwrrablr arru KMI for ibr tibma'a Bo nan aho hit trtn THR CIROTKS A RA R RR la Ibr itwi'r changing Ml htm r?r.lm? tad wurt I tic play tat di.nbt tbt Rranrl<*r of tb.a citraalon. ? piiirbaa~t tod r*>d '?* la w?ok;j or rnon'kf ia a tf i'!i'aU"t a ihroftor MS RroaJtrar. Pahllr Ttllir la Ikarrtiy alrta that THE ??*! KHRATMl tl HKK A BRWtfHI RAC*H!*? Can ?'? fa I atalatuu oa H'hrrltr A Wllaao'a Nwlaf Machlaaa. OfBrt aa Rmadwar. Raw Tort laaatb Naaaaa to tbt t alaltlatad. a TRiric or m* ptwiio tAnnii nuom Tr arfrnrttar Rtarr H<** taalbrr rad twUnn aad Rbat!* (fanhtnaa *a tsrk Ibnrh Marbli** Tbrlr "Uvrbrt art aa?b?r b nbad fbalauad at ?hn nidt anr alaallo Thraa it but oar At* In* ??. ktnr Witch In at-lha OROVER A R A* ER ?wblob kkdlrl, fattened tl th? and" alarUa and mad" dlr??t farta ia< tp'?>A ndtfcoit triad Big tad Ibr people art lading il sot. Ofrr It as DM ITarn* tor It I at a era (art* dent in lie p?r*nd nf ITPTHiMU I* f Hll.flRFB HFRE Toll HATR THAT Ot4l RnRtR fnR V I'flTTR, tn a? fartaof Ran wirrl< w ?? boothimi rtruiv AaraloRa rmplrr H rflrr-tt|?ril?r It I'nrjnw *?ift -ft# In. in atlrr It a parfacl I ?R IMar rnrmr uw aad r la'i ia afbaaRb f?4d bp druggiaa aad at b'talt I rfwd ft gnba atrm Rr? V-rk W W HRarOH A CO ?A Clear Co?*Wle*loi?" U Dxlrod b jr all i-r-e Dm PH aLGM ? '*ow White Onanist Ireua.' "Ladlea1 Be.****??*'" Phaloa & Boa's "Idow Whit* Orleami .^earn." Sold by all drugstr.e ? BMiUtai coa^'Hi<?<" Pfcalaa's "too* Who* Oriental Cmm.'? l*nc? 50 cents par bolLe fwaai, Shouia.r Brae"**. Klaetlc aiwk Kir. DH QLOVKM W Tr.ju aad .leadage Institute, Ma ? ?ma. Caaaamptioa. ? inrtpiemt Comawtptiaa la eerlalnly cured by I r TOBIAo' P.lmoalc L?."> 8?~up. U earra a cough a mailer of how baa au.:- tin* |1 ,?r Ulttle; aU SL * h' the druMtau. Depot. M OortlanR atrv^a. Maw Torh. Batcaalor'a Wlga, Toupaae and Hartr , Dye bar* Improvements anrpaaaloy ah others, natural a;-.d ! aaay; perfect Ci no tanning up behind. Ma 10 Bond street The Baa* Maaafbrlarlaf wad Family Maehtoee U the world, at I. M. SINUKR t CO.'S, 4M Uroef way. _________________ Beat Mew York Bklrta, Ready Made or aacetoordar. Flm class work. All sues, warranted. PX RXUC, 01 Nassau street I Radical Care of Harala.-Or. 8 M. MAKXH. of the well known house of Marsh A Oo., No. S Ye ?ay street. New fork, devotes special attention to the Surgical adaptation of bta Radical (lure Tnimea to all ease* of Ri-.uture, however complicated. A vlai' to thetr i vtsbliahtneht will eatls fy patients or their pbyaiciana that he la prepared to treat all oases requiring mechanical surgery arith akUl and aucceai. Alan a Lsr*e aeaortment of silk and IJale thread elastic Stock ings for varicose eelns. female Supporters, Shoulder braces, Ur^ruved suspensory Bandages, and instruments for physical Crlatndoro'a Hair Dye, Wig* and Ton pees?Ibebea In the world. Wholesale and retail, and the Lye privately applied No. t Asu r Hotter Fort raits fur Letters, Cards, Hats, Books, Ac -Twenty four for >1, at UOLSlKb' Card Uailsry, Hi Broadway. It yon hava an Old t'leer or Sore Lag, use Hollows}'? KUls ard Ointment The world wide repute Uon of three celebrated preparations are aan'Uclrot guarantee Of their purifying and healing properties Lhey never fail. Forty Year* of Practice on Disease*, fall, change of color and embellishment of the Hair, by GBANDJEAN, Aslor place, near Broadway Beaatlfal Complexion.?Lalrd'e Ltqald I* earl baa achieved s oelebrity as having no equal for beautify lag and preserving the completion and skin. Sold at all drug glsta . Principal depots 7J7 and IS Broadway. ' Beaatlful Women" Reenlt from the use of BliALOh 8 Liquid ' Snow White Oriental Cream." Brooklyn Photo graphs.?Bllnlatnre, Cabinet, Imperial and I.lfe stm. "Hac. H. WILLIAMSON. Istabllahed UtL Married, Komb?Morrwv ?In this city, on Thursday, November 17,18ft#, by the Key. Henry I/mnsberry. Jo'rw 8. Nofria to Hasbor R. Moitlt, to ungual daughter of James G. Buffet, Kaq ScHmoit?Lorr ? At Trinity church, New York, on Sun day, September 9, by the Rer. W. (J. Farrlngtoo, Mr. A. Tuio'hiks ScHkM K to Miss Ami On Witt Lorr, daughter of the late J. V. H. Lott, Esq., of New Brunswick, N J. Died. Brows ?On Saturday, September 8, Carounr, wife of John W. Brown, aged 87 years. The relstlree and friends of the family, and also the members of Knickerbocker Lodge No 22,1.0 of 0. F., are respectfully Inylied to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 44 Rlylogton wrest, this (Monday) af ternoon, at two o'clock. Caaaou.?On Saturday, September 8. at bis regldenos, No 18 Summit f-trct, Brooklyn. PsiRIOH Causoll. a nephew of John Carroll, Esq , DIltlTI of the parish of Dromciief, ooualy of Sltgo, Ireland, tu lbs 90th year of his age His friends and relatives, and al?o those of his brothers ? In-law. Mr. .Sheridan and Mr bouldon.are respectfully

invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) aTternoon, at two o'clock, from bis late residence, No. 18 Summit street. Brooklyn. Sligo papers please copy Cols.?on Sunday, September 9. WumnrmAD Coif yonngeat eon of Jaiuci and Mary Cols, aged 3 years and ti sooths Funeral to take place from the residence of bis parents, 114 East f ifty ninth street, this (Monday) morning, at ten o'clock. Cum ?At his residence, No. 238 R'.vingtoo street, CRakiss Caktsk, Sen., In the 67th year of hie age. The re,at VM and Oie-ida of the family, a Iso those of his sons. Charles, John sod Thomas, are requested to attend the funeral this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock. CuaSS?At Green port, I/mg Island, on Satnrday, Sep tember 8. of trismus, Ruzabsir Packer, infant daughter of Geo H and Elisabeth Chase, aged S months sad D * relatives end friends of the family are affectionately Invited t<> attend her funeral, from the residence of her parente. No. 178 West Twenty seventh street, th.? (Moo day) afternoon, at half pest one o'clock. Dkaa ?On Saturday mora ins, September 8, Mrs Ma* gakst Dras, in the S5th year of her age The funeral will be attended from the residence of her ?on In law, Geo. A Miller, ISO Baal Twenty-tret street, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock Dw-swcrj.?In Brooklyn, oc Sunday .September !> Mah OAast n. Pavaxwri, youngest daughter of Ann and Wil liam Dt\ rreui, aged I year and 2 months. The re stives and friends of the family are respertfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Mosday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of her parents, 193 Gold street, Brooklyn, without further Invitation Iiurarr ?Is Brooklyn, oo Saturday, September 8, J'VSS Drarr, aged SI years; satire of Br.dport, Dorsetshire, Iimkai Tbe fr rods of the fam'iy are respectfully invited to attend Ilia funeral from the residence of his nephew Thomas Hell, Myrtle nver.ua, between franklin a venue and Skilimas street, Brooklyn, this (Mosday) afternoon, it three o'clock Fitrs ?On Sunday, September 9, John D., son of Timo thy llyrn, aged 18 years the friends and acquaintances of the Tamlly are re speitful'y Invited tu att ad the funeral this (M >nday) afternoon, at two o'clock, frum tbe resideace of his pa rents, No 17 Worth street. Hi* remains will he taken to CSIvsry ( -metery for interment. Far as ?On TL?ieday, September 0, Join, youngest too of Jamra aa-1 Mary Fagan, of the parish of Maine, county Weitmeath, Ireland, agti 11 years, 11 months and 14 daji. Tb< friends of the family, and those of his brothers. Thomas an-l William, s-e respectful.y mv ied to attend the fnoeral. this (Mosday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from No 282 Fnat Iblrteesth atreet I'm. aw ?< >o Bat or day, September 8, Ecu ma. youngest aos of J-eepb and Isabella yogas foLiMi ?on Saturday, fepuaber I, furrw A'; airs, wife of KaadaU F. FoiM, aged 29 yenre. The re atives and friends of tSe fhmily are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the reoldrnne if her uncle Jamea R Bm.lh. No 28 Weet N.ieteeoth etreet, t! - (Men lay) aflersoon, at two o'clock, without fur ther ttviUt.um'Her rat ai will be taken to Greenwood. >h fr.eoda and acq uaiataoeco of the family are respect fully invited to atteed tbe fn-eral, fron. the ve deor- of hs perenta, 116 rirat ?tr.?et, Will ams' urg H;? remains w.il be taken to (hi very Cetuehry, this (Monday) after njoa, et two o'ckgii H-srvUN?On ^ai irday.Sept ?rn'iwr 0. at BIJpwood, L I , of intermilteat faver, Hasav H ?onui, bora la Hanover, Germssy. aged 26 years aad ft months Tbe fr.en le and ai riaiaUacea of the fhmbv are rs ?pectfull) invited In ettend the funeral, from bis late r? ? deoce. at Ridge wood, L I, this (Hon-ay) afterotioo, at two o'clock. JoHSwrow ?41b Sunday morning, September 9, M- Jorw IV Jonw-n e, a native tif Giaaguw, Seotiaad, la tbe 00th year of b<* age The frieadt aad rr-latlws sf the Ihm'ly art respectfully In Vied to attend tbe funeral, on Tuesday afternoon, at two o'dcofc. from bin late rvaldeBse, 8(4 Btrecker etreet, w tbout forth?v iaviisUe* Kawws ?On Sunday mvrstsg. Beple-nber 9. at the re s'.dmve of fc'-r tno u> law, after a long aad palsf-l tUsess, Mrs Outistn L Krans The retail vet aad frteecr, and thoe< of Nr.eon Gemeoti act funny, ar- respectfully Invited toattenl wtthwet fur ther notice Tbe fuoerm- will take place from the ree. decoe of Nelson GesMtte, No. 87 Wret Thirty second ?t'?t. em Tueedsy efteroooo.st one o'clock L nrtcneit, New Oriesas, Galveston nod Matagorda paper* Will | .ease nogy farm ?la tble cttj, on Sundav, Bspt. 9, of cbo e-a la faulum. (hoira, j - jogest daughter >tf Stepbr n and Maris Lube Isme. aged 1 rear aad 7 days Tlx fr ar*l wti, t.m ylaoe, from the rest it.re of her parents. No 2? Norfolk street, tb1> (Monday) afternoon, Imart -On Natarday, Sept I, of rooaoaptioo, Bra ma- tJWnr, In the ltib frof of fell age, a natira of Lla corked,county t riguifb Ireland The funeral wi'l Ukr place, frum the rani draco of hi* parent*. No 1 <?* Thirty foartli atrae'., n?ar Flrot araatie tb ? (I* nda?) aruino ?. at too o'c.??ak the rema'.ct ??tlbeti" ~ ~ ? wl", be taken to 'Bleary Ortnetery for 'ale-nert Mi ran ?la tbt* city, on Buniay morning, Sept 9, tr H MrCau. Nrrn-m ? At QoeoMtnwa.M Ratordar, Reptotnliar ? Captain baaui W N'mmrra, agad IT yaara and II Booths 9a*er*i from hia faMvr'e rratSauca, No ITt Baary atmrt, Rnvklta, as r.roriaj morning. at rleeeo o'clock. (> R?iur ?fti Punday. Sept 9, Okua o?, bob of Mary Br.A FrSleCtS O'Rclllf. The funeral will take place fmm the realdosoo of bla parent*. No I Prtnc* atrwl, lb la fMomday) art mooa. a tan a rb?a. r*%r :JMii ?At FrrUand, Maine on Friday, B'pVeniV* T, at ten o'clock la Uh- earning. Mabt H , wife of Oast Cbaa. It read lab* aod daughter of the late Amu# Be. Son. Tag Th- relet I rea and fr trade of the trolly are raapartfuliy taelted In attend the Corral, Uila (* ?nday) morning, at or a'fl'ek from b?*r law- reaideaea. No. 19 Rotgare piar? H- r remalaa ? ill be takao to Cypreaa BtUa for la let meet H?ir >ea ?At Harlem on natTday, IWembar 9, Firmu, Infant daughter nfNtepbas and KnaaJ. Rob aita, arid one month earn tan data ree niece-, P.mne-m ? ?t be late realdecee, Ctlharlag 9tre?t J ??? Rortirenw. In the 40'k year <g kit age. The frttwli nf the laaniy are respectfully Inrlted la at tend the funeral, thie (M'-odar) aftemnnp, at two o'elnak, a wi the iciirheta of the t utted Beathera lodge Ma. 1. rndual attendant)* le rrgueated R>.,?n** ?Oa For da j v, t*mH*r 9 Mm Baaa I. R. nana, In the Mib year of her age the fr! nde and reh?ti\ee nf Uw mm ly are reepeekfolly In- ted to attend the 'uoeral frim her late reatdenra, No s (*r rol Flare en Toi-eday morn lag, at Una OOKXfc Bar remain* WIH he tatrn to Tarry town RSater* and I alitor I a prprra pl? *?? ropy, f * mi?On Ibtnday bhu tug. at three o'r act. depteta h?r 9, Cline.in i atari r car/oa, eldeet ? n of Mra Barah L. (bitrt.tfd 9 iea>?. 1 mm th and W days Tbe retain ? an. fr?i da <d the family,alaa thoae of ha i ncle. ira H " u i -i , a-r rr?iert'elly Inr.led ta a'lend ? F n 9tl teat Hr.o.aiar, aa Turnday after t l la ? ? ii'? t<maUH at' V tM?k Id t eta?.?r< 4 ft* ta tern eat Ti-*jr? ??a Bat'xrda/, Beptatf&dr 4 Jon Tumi. ?C?o II ywit The Mead* ud acquaintances of the tally. u4 Ilka wise the member* of Si Vincent da Pool BooietV are r* epecifully informed that the remains be ooaveyed from hb , UW rtaideooe, II Parry atrvat, the (Monday; morniua, I at half past nine o'clock precisely, to St Joseph's chares, S ath avenue, and thrnoe to Caivary Cemetery for lot' r 1 meat. I Tnaisoa ?On Saturday. September I, Jon Taxmoa. after a short and serere illness, of the county of Mona hao. Ireland. His friends sad retatlvas are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, this (Monday), I rum his lata residence, No 40 Ihc-rrslcy street Waimi ?On Sunday, September I, Auor Wa?d, daugh ter of M'.chael anil Ellen Walsh, aged 0 mouths and 34 days The relatives end friends are respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral, tble (Monday) afternoon, at half paat (Veo'cloetr, from the reeldence of her parents. No 2*9 test Keigtteeuth street, between avenue A and First avenue. Wiuni'is ? In Brooklyn, on Sunday, September 9, of consumption, Mount! Wtunosn, aged 14 yours, 6 months and 10 days. The relative* and rrleoda of the fhmily, and the mem ber* of Joppa Lodge No. 201, T A. M., alao the memoen of Zetland Chapter R. A. M . are respectful!/ invlta) to attend bis fuueral. on Weonesday afternoon, at three o'clock, from bis late residence, Kosciusko timet, ussr Most ran a avenue. Nova Scotia papers please copy. WnixtMS ?On Sunday momIng, September P, of disease Of the heart. Gnoses Wii.-jamh, aged J8 ysra. The Mends and relatives are respeetftilly Invited O at U ad the funeral, at bis late rneldeuoe, No. 39 Ham .'.too street, this (Monday) afiemoon, at two o'clock. MISCELLAlVKOt'M. A BOHITROTR, BOAP MANUPAOTURMKH CAUUO J\. Prtatasa Ac.?Silicate Soda, or Soluble Glass, eminently useful for fire proofing preventing soap from shrinking,! as dungingsalt aad timber from dry rot- Msoufscltuad andros md? by b. PEUCHT WA RGBS A SON. SB (Volar sterna N B ?01'., Bye, Bom. Onruac aad Gin, la sent Powder Spirit hmilieet. Manganese and Metal* At bt. franois xavteb b college, no. o Fifteenth street between Fifth and Sixth avenue* studies have been resumed F Dl'RIH Al.LKR, President AT WM KVERDEI.L'8 SONS, lot FULTON STRKET lutu*: styles Wedding Cards, Bnvelopea Ac. < total. Uahed AT RYKRDELI.'d?WEDDING CARDS NOTES AC - 8. way eorner of Dunne street. . 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Sold at Ms Canal street (not the oomer af Broadway) ha We Caaai eject. Brand reth House. No. 4 Union sq _ *7 Sight* MMS1 No. I Union square. Camp bell'a coranr ElgnA avenue aad Twenty elg and by aL rrspecubl# dealers. Prtcs We. per box. gOOTP. SHOES AND GAITERS F*R LAPTME, GIN tlemen, boys and youths ?AH those waking V obtain beaut ful fitting pairs at moderate prices please vtsit CAH(< I, A WOOD'S establishes)at f.J7 Broadway ctweeu Houetoo and Bisector sUevte. eppoelte Laura Keen* a. COAL OIL LAMP WITHOUT A '"ItlVNEV PATENT RIGHTit FOR BALE. Tlie altcntloa of lamp manufivd.ire-a. coal o.l a-il petrj'e :m rcuns. s, and the public jjener^.^to udled to the WbK.u will be on eihi&uon. until further notice, at the oBlee of the nadrrsirned. betwesu the huora at 9 and IP. M., and from 7 to ? P. M TTs Acamme lamp buran Kerotran. Coal, Carbon and the Vfla Ac Hydro Carson Oils WITHOUT UHllfWHT. SMOKE SMELL, or aav of the "Meetlens haherto auppoaad Insurmountable. I: g"ves s hrU.i, . ;,k-bt. nearly reeembi.ax gas and a very pc-alstei 1 ! ime Is portable, east'.' managed feat no marine cry', entirely safe aad caa be max ifac* .red of any required sue TLc sdI salaam of sue* a leap wtL be ee.l nridsal to - Of 00 every consumer U I This Lamp le the invention of W H Rerey Esq. of [ir Florida and the security la the same twtng g juas'.eed to Vne as be ? aicute* and owsrr ?>' eevcra s s t. q drnd rcrwtraitors la Europe aad America C.unpls.s.y ouvvr tng the mnallrm, the PATENT BIGHTS for Ui* latter are now otferkd for sal*. T<> parties desirous of ?seurtag the oonfrol of thin Infantum for the whole Totted Wales, lb* expediency In ? ixgroted of a prompt. liberal nod direct application, a* He sxalMtirn wtl only lake p aoe <se th is far determined'm the rlty of N*w York, nod that for only s limited period the paienten, tn Ma even* of a ttptrdy and leUefectorv ueeouauoo not ink * 1 leee. bavtog made arrangements for M dist?<sa ta anrdner form. Partien wishing to neg-AJste for tht same w! I 1 leas* apply to Horatio eagle, lit Canal street, near h.-oadway, E. T. Par etrr tars s ldnws as s'ove 2HAULER' LONDON OOEDIALGfN DEPOT RKMOVm from K Brudway w SI Lsberly atrar. f ? -lh svrw fwm ?deny B. BA!J>W1B A no flOBNR. BUNION*, INTBRTED NAILR. ENLARGED V Joiem aad all dweaeee o( me feet cured, with .'.pain or incneveeleee* to the palMot, by Dr EaokaEIE R rgena Chin,i abet. TBI Brjadwoy. Refers to phynMaos aad azr (suae of the etty. Dr. lbveyt s patent Arucmrnrnc platbr foe Aiitfwta! Teeth, s n? w adsrful liapr cmea: U Wa verier piece, near Broadway. D slAFREIS AND SIGHT REM TO BED Dr. YON HOWBZTftaSB. OraLat aad A trim, la- nets* ?v fi EAR TAPORKEB. Willi H RERTOEKS TILE HEARING ?a T*a BOMT 0B8YIN ATE CARER. AND ETOPS THE NOME IB THE HEAD avrneaps mars sag* aaeroaas *0 assairo aan visa* BEAD BANE Of THE EEPUNLIO,_ ? Naw Tuoa, Aug i* It 140 Dr Tea N a-hrishrr treated as* fir deafaesa very now fn. , end ssuafacb rtly Mi haaiiag waa remn-ed a ,d ana I lanes se good as ever, aad I edd my tcwunooy to hie favnr U. it ;.A ? A R. PrcaldeaA of the Har k of the Republic. t X MOW) ll/.IeK ICR the e?. known aad only to* U ms s Eu ?eaa Oeullst ai.d An. let. mat he nonawllad ua ail dlersees cf the Eye and Ear, from 9 Ulll o cloe" , at t07 he Eye and Ear, from v uu a o cioc>. at I LINTON PLACg EIGHTH STREET rtalBE ART HUBOLAE FRfWIF ? SR) URtTlBB * f' Vh? vecevt Srwa and VurglArtr* In this etty hs ve f-lly de aorruc I be tneec rlty of the article* fore* ! nana the pub IH s* Safe* m. re e?mrclai.y thoae 1 "or.r red nf t. aaw eaal true?cslied rblltad Iron o convrv the Idea thai the. are superior V< *n wnvtke ? an artk le Tber* la not a mac. .? lets r- trm -i tty scquatntmt with the nature of metals that does aid know most fettled, the utter ImponMbllRy of sabjee?ng a msas of raid iron ?r the aotloo of asy great brat without its c rack lag am the Immediate apr Urate*) of water. IhereUy r,rm.a( a certain enadnctor fir nra. An V>imtm?en*trabUHy. the harder I: m mad* Urn more rae. ^ brokea. aad w* easlieng* aer sod a!' who use safes mad* of that metal, to produre a , , .. -anm' ic civ drllM ? ?-ok-* ' r Alum rates* Fire sad NurpWr Pro, f Safe i -sg-iilsd of heavy srwesght angle linn bars and lined with the best qua! ty of htro*n*d steel, is (ha only R*'* la the rawbl that baa been rcpc.i'cily tented wWho,u 'aiUag ta a slagl* mm aim to pea ?rrr# VsHorr>v'-A OU| Mil r %mnnm frir ?( ?rh If la want ?? r#rt?in smUh Unn for hrwYna. poprrB. plat*. Ac. TImm Aaf? rn^c te***^'. Git a i v nto?-n??rT two BURtm. n?r m has i* *i?1.iju?*wr N VAMiBKHorr. Hi ?? Mraat MA DA VI RaI.MBGB. CU CARAf. hTRBRT, HAJ pp*r.*4 * !*?*? Munrtw^il rf p. an*'* ?' b#- .?m *u I f??t re. sin ? nmr >4 Fmrb pMtM-* lb*.***. tnr lb* ?.lt trsA* Rnitbwn ?n<l Wwib'tiiAMl ?ii?4 ir nli uA w? Um **? ProM* Emm trap OIIATIHT IRPRaTlllKET I* ? BrltA*!'" AL 1 P?Ath'rT - Or I.*T1PTT* tiki tit Aim* W* rl%tm - Ibis* "A" ?l)pr??lAt? b**ltb and ?-.?? maftr. Is sawnM ?I ? ??!.! r.tAin; Mil Ml **Aa?l.?, M U Wt'trlar p'AM. MB* Rraadwar White nuqw-H num m<>i r* karri i*? fmitA'- ?i *? MS* ???*? Wb?'*AAl? at-! ratal;. f W? RORB, At tirhAMAS plira. aMmmb Mew *inI An! I r-asA .a* Ah I'll Atrwh RROTt'KM !>r "aI-a 'JW WILDER I PATKRT BaLARaRDRB RAfRA qi-trr r I A RECORD TTWE*?ar?R? "4 R, JULBa ?fCR'Ht**" h flEMMipEn A tern df I baa* sstshrA'od n'lAfVr ?*- ?1 tm Bm'r.r bi-AMT ?p**4 and ntbar Ma* fab-nlaBuBB of lata. 110 RAft A CO , K3 11- ?!*?;, OsbmIw Ob* Wad Aetith ;al iv 1* ? 111.1.1 k<? pur del A ted ricra ant m *?!>? ?iO nq <inn? an rr'wm&e a*A (triARW pats aahlAf l?*t? or M*r? ?b*lls *A? ha 8 *4 si h K R?o*? \r? IM* bBmb I MB* troaRwaj eMer <* ThJrtr <!?? ?tr*SA JAMBA TEARJKiR r D. IHar..r M CRATER. __ ORAOPATWn BCBOBOR 0BRTITT Jhb M Waal Iwrnty slntb m.wm. EAtWAA PAWA.I WAT ABA ?r R ORIPTIR A RBOR.. OBRTISTR wn wr* ???a?u I . Air*, Row t orb aiw" W? Rntlr* *r**4 Brwb.TA, I* ??ri III rir i*^h> ??*> nf 1**i> n* IhMr rtBp"0*B<1 AlWBpb^At AM, ? ?.|lb<-"-. *lt *'!'*? ?A? f,? *f. (a nr m> bar |i* art* ???? *'??*? ??' Pfz* *. ?i r*r ? ?tb Ehrr It |*at> BP*"' m2fZwL 1 ^TiTTb ?fr f W'l> *??<? eiW0m ?Bbr<?|l pA?A Bf*W4 #fW 'haihiFo'f f?R trtr?TF 'W THtn u I Ir .?? !.? -i ? . ??> ?f? h*4i K** iAsI *Mi 1st 'jrttaa ??-?.jflRv.-kir^aaa P-A???? mrTSmEWA?wr* rotmcii., _ Doiolah barrack at jomw woods o? Cbp ?ater, Abpt- 11 Tin rolmliw fm aaak lliiiajm "lu '? ( ao bortahd by Uttar Prnottnnti will report at 7 o'aluota^ M oh A ednoaday morato* Bepa II. at U? Dnngtaa Oemtaf Club I ?" <* Thlr^AajnM^_Bnja3wy, la Mow m ?"0CBJZ8?. anno roLrriuiL qaewttal AJiO OX boast jonbr^wood On ??Dwi?D^J7^,47WM?b* jgat'S&Ri* imMTH m^P* j. ^HFtOK, eaedlngm 1*1 tb? democracy of _Ha *. u"^nri, ,.!^> might to totalfy their Bdelny ta Ibe Onion P^J^JuT Do U 1*1 AS AND JOHNSON rt ^ of thla ail adjolnto* ottiee ax* tnrimd lo J* I"**0- " ?* fraud jubilee of U>e democracy fcT tug m. The tuna*, ample arrangementi havo baas M1"0 mltiee u> prondr (or all .-iu . _j Th* rarto-j h del kenpara wiU erect marqtn W * l?e !"?"? (or Ibe oooreatence of g'uete _ . . . _ ? tlramhoata will lind arap* faaluuea for land ** " 1 at the duck at J on*a Wood A -? ? Kitratrataa wtl be ron by the carton* rallroa ? vym' erery dee muml*# to and from the grouadA ? __u Kr?eral Wkiun luc,udl.t|i thr I hi \>pr-? Nay 4#oe* Ma' dower will reo eeerr bal' hrur dicing tae day " A larf a aland wU be reeen ed tor ladlea. The OX ROAST AND SARBEOtrB arU lake plaoe during die forenoon. The great KRNTtJOXT OX will be elat'.ghlered by Bryan Laweuoa. M i . .AEIHO WILL OOMVXNCE ATlf M TRBOIR. "Come aa the wiala ooma, when foreata are ramled. m Come aa the we ret cm* when earlea are mraatad B/ order of Commute* of * rranr omenta 7 DOWLAS CENTRAL CAMPAIGN 01.0B. Con^entTjn'^ind* SKCT?S.PWood! SSTiirf lo 'tied to attend. By ?^JoaN a. aal0v4g. L. F. Co*AJ*i, I gecrftarlM. ft. 0. Dowmiro. S ??crrwi?* TTNION MSN ATTEND.?ALL OITIAXNS OP THE I ?h Ward f?r?rHh!e to the < IcVEatt^a Ttak he. aa Preaident. and Ibe H n. Edward EreaeWaairiee Prrauleatof the I' tilled BUVea are reqnejded f mret a? lamartiue Had. corner of Twenty rlntb mrwet and rrenuo, third floor, 00 Monday ereutog. 10U ln?U, at wgrn o'clock 811' WA?n DEMOCRAT* RALLT.?HOI POR THB OE real. 1 hi li-tenda of Pimglaa and Jobnaoo will mats ta orraniM* at the AaaemMy Koorna Prleoe ttreaA, near Tbnaae W'U aireet- tier! Mouday eventi'f. at t P. M. By order. JOlfN A. CAROI.W, Heeretary vro taw. ? "T1! WARD NATIONAL ONION CLUB WILL MBWT It) at 6M Broadway, aa Booday erwntnR 11th Inat. at el**| o'clock Vine Wright KiotaVj, K?a , will adrtreaa tkein. AM f .lcnda o' Hell and Everett are invtied I ? he preaent. l.leuoao. ?>?' " c aKlum k.lBUV, Heeietarr. AWkTH WABD-BBBCKttBIDOE AND LANE CUVM /\j wilt meet on Mntida7 evenlM, Brptecthet 10. at EwakPa. Hi Kiglth aaenue, at alfht o clock. The Ir.euda of UraoMa rldite and lane are tntlted ^ Wn B Wiiaa. Hec. WM. MoOONEKT, Treadrer laO?T AND rorwp. B~~OT LOST ?THOMAB PflRBKBTEB AEBIVED ?*OM Cbariaaloo, 8. 0., on Tkuradar, ?U loan, lamaeen ta Pef mtaJ^r ^ a'r'Jr^h kfm A r^S oyttrr itnml. Fulton Miirkftt or lo Join Oa IfffeUi rootni Patty Nawa odlce. T OST-TO IJVEET STABLE 1,AI>.T? I j ? d hunting Watch, with gold Chain and Eey attacked. ftppSed to Idtva been left about two wteM or aa a^pjn^a_ E rerr stable up town?eipreaa wagoa. Addcaaa Grant bam Herald ofllce. T OUT?f'N FRIDAT, THE 7TH 1 MfT H'."v:t |7 SO In roid U In email hllta and email ckaag* able reward wld be patA upon tta return to lmfATfe Uouea. nxmfli. T OST-GOTNa FROM THE NOETII *JVNETO FCj^O* I i rem Fast Hirer, a p?-kage of Ufa pollataa laried *r i?i Dnttrd ktauie I.L'a Co., 40 Wad atram. and aoaaa cjoatfta and nob a think t waalelt to a Fifth areaue ataga. The *a dar will b* Uhwally rewarded by rmuruia? the? bj ma aa SO Wall all reel. No relue to any oaa but Ul,j^I'J^frCAati T CbT-ON 8AT0EDAT NIQHT, kEPTEMBKE i, A BOOt IJ cnntatalng twenty (Ire dotlara and valuable papera M ib* Ba ler will leare 'be book and papera at ike nfltae "f tdWW toy a H'tel. be will greatly obUfe the owner. Tke.ewtlibk m> qnamw.iA aakrd. tm OKT-OB WNDNWtOAT.SF.PT. ?. IN OOINO TEOSI TMi H-indway to the concert for aeamen a mfclldrea, ?? lea lalatto. an old faatbmtd gold Brooch with hair aad Ihk RSaTf.voC.h h isff~ gtag tatfdj (amiu mUn whoever will rrtum It W> m? ni.mbw iff rewirded and raeeira Ike gratoful thaaU of ika owner. i 'E"r0ncE -STOLEN FROM NO tl HANO'N STREET. I ^ on Uie nlgbt of Sevtemhert, IW. one Nme datadkeptam 1 ber T 1?S! d * wo by li GUea ta faror o* Johtepo A W.W for tab. parable tbre* maniha nfw-r data, also, oaa BaOk drawn b\ fharle# Chrtal and ah'e to far r of Joaapk Imnar. dated Ju.y II. IMS. payabta fortr day.from daw for IMS, and tkraw Notaa drown by Anto? /anwm to faror of A'lgam Janacn dated September ?. I.WS. payabta In taa* lekrt mfl Bfleoa mortka for (8S M each aJao a Oertlflu far Ore Lota to tTprro. Hill. fWtery All pmoa. are forbid aerktattog the above notaa payment baring been mopped. Aay ttwam ret urnug the abore wUl confer a favor and no quaamoa aakaA. 1 JOHNSON A WALLACE,? Bangui atrem. SU TEA TED?BON DAT MOBNINO. A BLACK AND TAW fetAle Terria*. Nelly, and the owner ? name o? the col lar. tied w Ith red talref rtb ea (3 reward will be paid fm ber rrtu-B to 7C7 Hroadwa,. up atalrv ffUIOMAs"FOEEEBTON. ?'F CHAEUWTON, ? C.. IB 1 mtaring. Ha arrived on Thurwlay aod waa om na tkm fay hi Beit I'a.eo. H toe that time mdh ng baa baar heart of htm. Bo S IS yeaiaold. good Inrktor bra a fall forehead a?A la k-e full b'aik oyra, la fairly frt.wn for htayaark aad I# w 1,1 gelt Any pa?aoa wb<> may bare deflawe kaowtar fa W L m altar be arrhed to Ilartem wUl ba remaritad. aad aara arty tec fed eipenae prompUy paid rr-ta appkeattaa ? t'be.i.a A Carlar ciater dea>ra, Fn'tmi market or to Jam W. I floe. Pal y Nrwa'dbee or No ? Baal Forty eta tab SHE Ir.tallg'ore may aiao ba lert ai Ike Foiloe 11 ewd .anevta p-oome atrert Harlem Fc:*a Statlow or at the rwatoeaee 3 Henj CarW, Basaa 1 eta ktofr. MraTHaeea Ibeboj wrmiW thro- (tilde's bt* ab.ri Nana; the at ela ba?e a eo?i|>am aad a ai are ta to# centre M? utd ka l.a met taiikla aav aetakkor toi -ty tmired ate o. ma aioa'luc to the abort add.em ta Mr naakiy aobeWed. ?KWAHD?. ^ ^ <t>r rkwakd -i" r t>N fripat the ;rn. a So aid waUh ihatu, a gilt Ol a deoaaeed bi utAcr Tka FVder Will rector* tb ? a'ce rewwrt ar.d the IhatAa Of tka orroar by re'pro tag ? to F7 A Puma* y atrrr'. BE?AED -D00 MVm. ON TCBM.AT BT1N1NO. . . ? rv,B ||ae a pecukar tance win etaad net k when aatae arimoe, c troar m rnr RE? AND -DOG ItOWT. ON TCBkDAT BMNING. |5 Be .?e nt er ? ? larae, I ack Refer Dog. He* a pec'JIm terklDi of ibe Umba aimtlarlo Bt Vium I>?ib?. wk? amad I * a ' r 117 id. *1 bat Ut-ee aetottelc bla aech altao mtaatad kkl.a *e will ratofk Mm lo ?llksklk armor r*?? a ? 'c rtk atcr. t, will reea.ra the abore reward. Twenty fot moik BF WABD. ?MUNDNft, B1BCE THE FIBE FORNTBE I/O of W oower aa 1 Howatoa aLe*u January I aaadar Bo. oooUtnlng a Hlgktaod Catform baring tka name of *? ^,rr.ie7^om. ??rorrt o. tadta *3 infcrtiuukei rtlitllf k> ih* mmoi#* nM' toikeii rw er> wtJ reratva tie abort rawer I by MajS ZSng to Went A MncbeU. aorwar U Nairn, and Futam Wrweta kfifi EXWAEP.-UMt. ol T C WD AT NIGHT L ANT. Jifil' nt town, a gold b.-.nUof *!'h _ recetie tta abore reward by toaemg Ike baaae a. IM wam Tfwentie 1 iota betwwm tavemi and klgtabamaobi. nana'. Iwnoklya. dikwe InlNe oederef A ? I anataj fta inn.a reward will he pat t ta any l*eraon cWnrnlagkafi^Wm* lei ani WiOieaia i# tat to U. Uran Eyrtta aronaa, Bottdllk ani no qaamkimi aWed m An* BFWAND-PNWNNSOININ DJ' ?"? $2i) n.rierr w,, j>>*** B-'F ? P " ?0 f,lo whit# Join** ??k#r Waiffl ka road timet**p*r oa Ibe faee, aad aaabd by Gna w\ Wet*: N T Ik* abort reward wi.l be paid on rotorn oflkd wal'htoHcm tmp.. rorrer M Ib'wvry aad itayard mram. N T The ww'*W"r 'akec by bnrgtar* r m Naw Palu. N ?. $100 I ENWABP WTL*. BE PAID ON iriWTinpA Urn for the ere rery. of tk* body rg ANDREW MAI l.hAN, of WMfSbgtnr N C , who m a tp>dmd>> ky? t imed ovorkmwiifrnm_Cf P,**?'" trip trim smn *a*m *?w? or*|."*? .?v*'? rJfCtT?a? I lent, and while al*> ' 'W New llaewn, cvmc W saeuenk waa about ? 1 aarw of aga aad "to?k"F*k) (Kto c A. waatmjk bit bad a bearr au1 verr F wt *-?yd am) m.,at *22""U co or mired wW gray balr He bad I ran. r and aa. a'. ? t ? f*e4 fBtm hrn to tarkt Ha md a aww <m ether Ibe right f* left remple addrem_aay vSs^f^1,, r#U 'f?f H#n 171 H*n!Jb * I9fl *? *? flarrw *500 !!*w,?*nraoB m run ?>??? <1 Ua ? ? ?" ?,.???? 01 tb* n?bt nf th# 7 ?? '???? ? k-rt* Buy H?rw r Mr.! Mf?n I "Af bl?h ?iUi ? hn* km* r~-- HM Mil* ?>??*# 1 *>(ll W.IM <aa f**t 'fa Tartar ?*?? Mar* ?H* ? nfrkirr *? 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All.IF ? ?Haw AHOCH p?AR MfnraOanr Bvbr Far t m . ???- 'ig'f/rwy ,r ?*THiaoi(*u MATHtVOlT I At.- A POtJTfT*** fSOT*PW <A 1,(11* , t ? mm- ?bf? i? R' ? i wM?-w#r rvrtUl ft r-r'Hip , ry buJ