12 Eylül 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

12 Eylül 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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ADDITIONAL FROM EUROPE, ARRIVAL OF THE CiTY OF WASHINGTON, The Homeward Trip of the Great Eastern. TBI ITALIAN XAKB&OQLXO. Important Speech of Count Persigny. far Milford Haven, Galway and Constan* tinople Correspondence, As., Ac., Ac. me screw rteomshtp City of Washington, Captain Jef kery, which sailed from I-lverpool at live P. M on the 2Slh h4 from Queeastown on the 20th ultimo, arrived be re yesterday afternoon. A portion of her newe haa already been given. A despatch from Trieste, dated Ibe 28lb, atatee tbat in earn Garibaldi should attempt a disembarkation on the i iitoial, the Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian, as er-in chlef of the Austrian army, would assume > personal and direct command of the naval force* doe I to repel tbo attack. Osrdeto and Poteusa, in CUlsbria, are already In the hand* of the Garlbaldians. At Poteaza there will be installed s provisional govern msat, which w.ll pronounce the annexation to Italy un Ger the sceptre of Victor Emanuel, the whole with the Mi agreement of (lea Garibaldi. A despatch dated Salerno, August 20. says:?An cx preas baa arrived announcing s demonstration at Foggla af people and eeldiers, who cried "Long live Victor manual! Long live lta.ian unity I hong live Garibaldi:" Two companies of the Th.ricwnth, summoned to Faggia to pet down ibe movement, joined In it Ibe Suth regiment of the llae had been seat to Potenza 8e appose the insurgents. At a short dtstano* from the town it seat forth a unanimous cry of '? Long live Victor maasel 1 long live Garibaldi 1" and when it reached Aaletta resolutely refused to march against its fellow A Naples despatch of the 28th ult. announces that the royal troops la Calabria had again been boa lea. Ibe insvrgsats of Bssllicnta were advancing toward, ?atrrno, and It was believed they would join Garibaldi amd search against Naples. Garibaldi had furnished arms lo 10,000 inhabitants of < lbs province of Basilicata. IAD TRIP OF THE CAE1T EISHA3. Vfoo Arrltil and Depart* re front Hall Ma tourntlag Norratlve or Ifoo Vujr kfr-The A mot* meat* on Board?Skit. Um, V o m tr 11 oq miens and Dlmbl*rle?Tbi Btkavlor of th* Ship and Fassemgers? Antral Homo aad Km tlx malms lie Kectp- j Uoa?The Urcat K at tern and the Navi gation Law*, Sir., Sir. OIR fiFKIAL tOUkXPrOKfiENCk. Miuoan Hivu, August 2?, l&fiO. Pew reader* will, long ere thia reaches yon, here heard ef the commotion that the coming of the big ihlp pro dace J la the little town of Halifax. Happening to shortly after Um adrent of the Prince of Walee, it lx to be hoped that It will not Inspire the worthy Blue Noses with a taale Br encitemeal, lor in their oat of-tbe-way poa'tlon It sreoid be bard to gratify. They were much annoyed to think that the eh p ooclem plated no May, but, Ilk* seasi Me people, renolred to make the beat uae of tbe brief op port antty afforded i ben to Inspect the monster reenel that tocmed so grandly in tbelr tine harbor. Ibt anchor had scarcely plunged Into the mud before a BoMll* of boat* crowded round the port gangway ladder, and excited naUre* came swarming up, dlrlng to the bot tom of their capacious pockets to satisfy tbe demands of Ida uniformed Cerberus in the little bouse on tbe after All the authorities of the town came off, many of the oAoer* of the army and tavy bringing tbelr families, en the brief Interval of our arriral and dark several red people visited the ship, forty-live of our pas i left us here. They stood around tbe starboard I way, waiuag for the tug which they were Informed maaki take them on shore, hut uo tug made its appcir. mm; ae, after walling till they wrre tired, they were obliged to make baryaia* with the boa'.men aoo( mde, get ibe r luggage down aa beat they could, and de prnX?Be'. aJtogmher rvIcing. tks ara ro asursx. In arllr of a rery .nneocaoary detour to the so th ward, the? hip made ll>e run, against llgbt bead winds and calms, (born toady Book to tbe harbor, in forty tlx hour*. Tbe MUsee run by tbe ship was <1*0 knots. Tour nautical reader* will be able from these data to figure out for Ibrw--'? bow fkr the weat but ef ber way She never ran leae limn fourteen knots by lb* log, and ono* ran a it Men n of fifty-four knot*, by bearing*, at tbe rate of mitsii toots an hour. Tbe ship of Um iwddlea was found fis be so grant oa th* run op that oa lb* arriral at Hall fox thsabte rag in ear lag stall want to work to rig out the Mot boards tiro feet further All algbt tbe bug* wheel Macs* rang with their Murdy stroke*, a* they unscrewed ?als and drew out bolls, but It was eight A M of Sun Map, August It, before tbelr task was completed At half past eight a signal gum was fired aad Um blue pator bottled Tbe revtrberatlona of the report among the kounr* brought out in* paopl* to see us aK Ctusierlsg down to the water's edge, the pier* aadsbippmr sot* preeeslrd a densely parked mas* of auWirT, while the windows aad roof o" a very bona* tbrmiabed tbelr quota ef eager gassra. High over all, at IM gat* of the frowning clladn, tbe main guard turned aok and obood round tbe motionMaa figure of tbe sentinel, ? pictures*a* group, magnified by the dim mlM of Ike aaarmiag ia?o the uture of giants Kith a cbear7 song, a hundred stout fiUawa man bed Um bilge onjalu ban, Md wid a stamp and go. that rang along the broad dock Me the tramp of s legloa of armed men, brought Um Mcbor to the bow* without a check m sisal svAST ron aoua. A* anna aa Um dnab of Ike paddles wbitanad th* water nMngs.de, Ub* colonial lag was saluted with four gnas. aad at fifty minute* post tight A. M lb* Octal Eastern, uod*r fan steam, stood out to sea. on ber way loth* fair land that gaw ber b.rth A tow minutes sufficed to lose sight of tbe gastM thousands that with bat nod kerchief waved ber "tied speed" oo ber voyage, aad aa we amrfeou tbe feat roesdaet shore, aad tbe foam tying like a mill raoe pact bar giaaefiil counter, all foil that, ualam some untoward afiMok earamd.tk* neit tobbntii mora woald aeo bar rtdmg IB the placid water* nf Milford Have* An boar s run took as clear of pilot* ground. Paddle Md acrew eaeed their biwy rrvniutmaa. for a moment rotted hank lb* aeetbiog lido, aad the groat ship lap motion Mm, while tbe pilot* dingy wee lowered aad he and hi* two mea embarked Their parting ?' hurrahs' ram* hut fatal.'y to oar ear* a* the abip gathered way agala. hit Um rigorous response from fifty trtikai throats was probably more ? si manful la Its ma 1 ha Ixat ever aad anon between the long aweiis that a?? a.ill rolling Tram Ike southeast th* little boat stmek cert bravely tor Ik* akare. fed lag qaahly to a spec* that lag waa dull aad lowering, with light winds of Nova Ac AM. twaapiag rug w reaths maaid cevetop* II from t me to tin* and bit* it km car stew Ties to of Aster icon Baking arknooesa, raaoieg insas winged before Ike wlad, stood la tor |fo* ?Md. appear lag *ad dimppmrtag la Ike *M Ilk* spec Ara*, as they glided Mssthly slong By two P. M tke wlad rreakaand aad blew tp rasp; bat this ilearod away ta the sun sal leaving ibe northers bonaoa ffoddered hp the eight of White Island aad Cranberry MgMa aa oar pori baam. sblaimi oat brichUy aad talliag Bf ton gar* 1 ha w# vers leaving rapidly behind Rigging Mt Ik* piddle fine's aeame-i to have s?wwm?d w?;i thy 1 ?Hp waa raportod la bo much red seed, and, aluio-igh lb* rwvole<>oa' were slaa ledoeed from twefve to test and a ?totof, Ike afclp's apoed waa mereased Tbe log loldol fi.'iaeo * A fiflee 1 na 1 a l.e* knots as hour. JBsaday, Augon 20 coasmea. *d with true Rank w?a BMP?'full, lowrra* tod damp. W* shivered with the re r"-"-! ?f Ike geotal warmtb w* kol so lately left, sad aeaght raTigtf a kick oatofi ao I boots againot tbe laeidi iBdktiaoBB at Mm Be-p**!*""! BMf " " temperature get rather more agreeaoie, ud tho sun gra. ' otoaety appeared Jo* loaf eneugh "te be taken ' and then disappeared for lb" real of the da/. At noun the latitude wasdddeg. north, longitude 66 dag. 63 mla. weal. Uia Unce nude since starting y. iter lay, 340 knots. It may be as well to observe that the distance made and th- distance run by the ship are two very d iflerent things. The one la the shortest line which can be drawn between the two points on the earth's surfhoe at which the ship was on two d ierent days, at noon; whlis the other Is the aigaag or curved line which n ship may deaerihe from having her oocrse altered, or from being carried out of her course by a current, or being driven to leeward by a strong wind. To is morning some of our athletes ferreted out the ekitlles, which were Immortalised during the passage out The ability displayed would, parhaps, not have en titled the play era ho high rank amongst the Kali'.uti of n London taproom; but much fun was elicited from the performance. One mUd looking gentleman, whose eyes beamed benignantly on the unclasslc "nine" through a pair of spectacle.-, became suddenly inspired with the ambition to distinguish himself at this athletic game. Grasping the heavy ball with a determined air he look de liberate aim, ran three steps forward to impart velocity, and?fell on his nose. The ball, which should have gone forty feet forward, went somewhat further In the rear, much to the dismay of a surly oil quartermuler, who, while performing e complicated operation with n marlin' spike and a piece of ropo, received a visitation on tho shins that In no wise tended to sweeten his temper. The mild looking gentleman picked himself np with a very red face, a black, greasy looking spot on the end or bis smlablo nose, and a bump oa his forehead. The old quartermaster disappeared In search of a quieter com partment, muttering as be ascended the ladder eomelhing about "sogers and lubbers," that we fear had reference to the mild looking gentleman. Tho roare of laughter tbat greeted tbls little eplsodo were too much for the mild 'coking gentleman; he took the earliest opportunity to "ramose the raache," and skitllea knew him no more for the rest of the passage. Though dull and cloudy, the afternoon was sufficiently clear to enable us to sight Cape 91. Mary, on the Island of Newfoundland, about half past roar P. M.: standing thence on towards Cape Race a shift of wind, at forty minutes past Ave, from southeast to northeast, brought down n dense fog that st once put an end to nil our hopes of despatches from New York. Being on the edge of the Grand Bank, and, there fore, liable to run upon the dangerous Virgin Rocks, the ship was at onue stopped for soundings, and then kept at half speed to avoid collision. Four times during the night soundings were taken, until tho gradually deepening water told us wc were midway between tho Bank and the island, whence wc steered a mid channel course. About one A. M. of Tuesday, August Zl, the fog began to lift, and being then beyond all danger, the ship was put at rull speed on a great circle course for Cap3 Clear. A lew hours' steaming carried as well to the north of the Banks and into deep water; but the cold, cheerless at mosphere of Newfoundland clung to us fully twenty four hours longer. By daybreak the wind had hauled round to the south, and tryatlls wore got on her; but It was too light to be of much use, soon got ahead again, and kept the sails lifting. A fortunate break In tho lower ing clouds about noon enabled the officers to get the usual observations, showing that we were In 48 degrees north latitude, 49 degrees 6 minutes west longitude. Die lance made 300 knots. Whales rp juted alongside during the afternoon, and rolled lazily on the same direction as ourselves, coming sometimes quite cloee, on the supposition, probably, that we were one of the party, but throwing Ihetr huge flukes high In the air as ibey sounded In a great hurry on dis covering their mistake. rtjmuLoqrm z.wi magic. We were somewhat amazed this morning on taking our usual ante prandial promenade, to And huge seven feet posters recupylng various prominent posltlonn la the ship, announcing the early adrent of I'rofea'or Jaooba, the Engh-h magician, vsntrUoqiist and Improvisators, who, under the patronage of Chptaln J. Vina Hall, the officers and paaaeagert, proposed giving an evening entertainment the next day?price of admin alon, 41?the proceeds to he preeanted to the Dread nought Seamen's Hospital ship, la the Thames. Returning from a successful trip through the United Sutra and Canada, the worthy Profeaaor and his obese fraternal relaltva, the fascinating "Sprightly," adopt ed this mode of keeping their hands In for the farewell performances tliey give in England prior to retiring to the shade# of private life. The wind soon hauled more to the south, and, though light, managed, by running counter to s northerly swell, to raise s slight watery commit>00, amid which the big ship rolled with considerable dignity, hat, at the same time, a tome what unexpected amount of Inclination. This may be accounted for from bar being very light, sss osaiost. She I-ft New York drawing twenty two feet forward and twenty Ore llret aft. The coal she took la there and at Beiltmjre, though free burning, was act equal In steam producing power to the hard Welsh coal easploysd ou the outward passage. The oocec, j' nee was that much more of it was required, and the mora so that wa had Ire pouuda more prtasure of steam Is lbs bolters. The large daily oonsumptloa lightened the ship rapidly?at least oas tfalrd of a foot par day. As was, therefore, one and a ball feet lighter already than oa starting, ant oat of water ocaaiderably below ber lightest load water line. Wednraday, August 21, commenced with mach the same kind of weather, light southwesterly winds, damp at a*-sphere and cloudy sky, hut genial, agreeable tem perature. Towards bom the sua aocaeiocially glimmered for a moment or two through a break la the clouds, sad our worthy captain and chief officer, sextant la hand. Si deed h.m must psrseverlagly about the dacks, but without much success The ehssrvsttoss, such ss they wsrs, guvs M dsg. 10 mte. N. tel., 41 dag. 44 mla. W. Ion. Instance made, 310 knots. During the afternoon the swell Increased sad the ship rotted quite ooam lerably. At sons the square sails oa the foremost were set, but the treere was light and the ship seemed to steam away fi m it, for the sails flapped at limts sa is a calm, nn, wtxana. At eight P. M. the pxaasogers flocked m ma**' down into lbs after cargo space, where, by pressing into bis aervtaw all the gay colored bunting la tfaa ahip, our gen tlemanly mate of lbs lower deck. Mr. W. A. Davis, had rigged out quite a tasteful Impromptu Ibeatrs. Prefossor Jacobs' ample stews supplied the smart brosa led dsmusk presrealtjs, the ship's carpenters rtggsd the stage, and when the curtate rose the potent wizard aad the faes ttnus "Pprtghtty" were discovered, surrounded by a mma of their glittering apparatus, little inferior 10 that displayed on temllar occasions oa tervw/rSM. It ? unnecessary hare to tell bow tedteo' rings, glows ass baadkerchteih wsrs locked is s bos bsfom the eyes at Uw fair oweew say, given teto their owe delicate hands U kef 1 watch and ward aver sad how, te spite of all una, a wars of ths magic waad, aad Uw simple command "ram!" from ths lips of ths mighty magician, wsrs f mod sa for teat te eoawy them, invisibly, from ths box late ihsosatrs of sa oraaga oa a two that blossomed sad bow frail bsfbw ths sy?a of ths aadmass; how gsntte rrvrn't wwtrbes sad rote wsw transmitted la thsaamo mysterious way to ths innermost of s asst of boars that hong suopewSsd over ths hands of ths spectatew, or how s magic glass bet rang of IIS owa accord, te answer te ths ques twins propounded to it?never making a mistake when te lag the number tied upon la lbs mind of tbo spew Inter. These wt many etner foals of daaMerw osrved te psm away ss evening that wis most agreeably wound up by an improvised srwg oa such dtesnrdsst thamaa as "Unas Vtetere," "Starry Cobtsr, ' "Pickled Eggi" a.,4 ??Worrwterabxr tance, " wbtcb ware roggisUS by ths aodisww. There was bat ess drawback to the pleasure of u?e en terteismeat thai was the asdlgatbcd bshaviorsf the big ship. Rn.iisg akmg. with a swaggering air, whteb might have been Booms led for If flsstteg as anything strangor tlia. salty water, she capsized "l.ltlipst Hotel ' aad ths "Magic Windmill, lirti was ths foil thereof, and small ths pients late wilsh they reaotvwd Ihsmtelws. Great erne was the sympathy expressed for the worthy fTnfoswr, whs, te h? aaoetflab deotw to a/lord as a pleasant tunc, had met with SO ungrateful a return It was remarked that just altar ths cwmlusum she gave a mrei prndlgMms roll Tt?< mind of the wo?lb> Professor was rwisilovably St eveter 1 ailevwar ls to determlM Whether It was te ?e consisered as sa r*prerenal of ber approkallsa of nit rlelgb of band, te of her virtu- as Is '. (nation at ths wrfrrt liks pr-- e,1.o,? ti at bad just likn piare oa board of bar. BvwoTtr tftis may bs Ms eilcct was ths SKVSI SIMM, hwar eighteen or Iwet.ty geallrsaes had jun mo,; a ted the Seek sad were waiting to oltev their am,eta oe to > indies, Suddenly U ev sppeare?i to disoover some og 4 great Wtermt W tetwerd. fory-Uter tl?s fa.r re .reibiHtlee that ware mount as the teddsr. They irted -1 s the darkness with remarksMS speel I 'Jtssjm.ty of Jhwyaot, aad swat ?vsa, 1 as ft ooftkney sailor dswrlbad M, "qnlta V*- 1 BUM," into the pott Mapper* Bow umy no* ousted tor their absence to ttelr tfttr oompanion* M they led them gingerly along to the saloon your oovren pohdent know* not, lor the lnteoae dtagoat depie'?d on their countenance* an they alraggied book Into Ue dm light of the binnacle warned him that it wjoltl he a "eore" subjeol to retor to; ao, being a pruden t man, and a peaceable man withal, be never did refer tea lb. All night the big ahlp rolled along under a leaden sky, that threatened, bet only threnteond, rain. By nine A. If., however, of Thuradny, August 28, Urn wind got r und to the aonthwea*, freshened considerably and brou. hi up the ram moat unmiatakeahly with it. The maintop nil wan Mt tor the drat time atnoe it wan bent, an I tor the flrat time alnoe leaving ff'Mfrr that ami the real of the caavaM bellied fairly out, and began to exert some little influence on the ahlp. The wind aoon inoreaaod to half a gale, bat blowing wall on the atarboard quarter kept the ahlp much steadier, though the aea rone rapidly Noon found ua In latitude li deg. 06 mm. N., longitude 8U deg. 61 mm. W.; diatanoe made 40 knots. leaving attll 1,061 knota to our port All day long the alnil moaned mournfully through shroud* and rigging, and the rain pattered deroely on the deck. Housed in our luxurious saloon, or an tig in the seclusion of our cabins, passengers found means of killing lime agreeably, and forgave the blustering south wueter for taking posseMion of the deck in consideration of Uie yeoman's service he was doing. In the evening ibe rain ceased, the slid fell lighter and hauled more astern, but still helped the ahlp a Utile on her way during the night. On Friday, August 84, at six A. B.. while running ahead through driving mists and threatening squalls, the fog lined a little ahead aad showed ua a la/# ship rigged steamer, bound, like ourselves, to the east ward, she was crowded with i anises, carrying stud ding sails below and aloft and royals, and roUlagtnruugb the water nearly aa ram as ourselves. Nauticel eyas aad binocular glamee aoon made bar out to be the Austral asian, which left New York with the Greet Eastern. Almost immediately the wind alapped round to the N. K., and blew quite freshly. In oommou with the big ship, the Australasian bad to clew up and clew down until scarce a rag was left exposed. The large area of canvass carried by the smaller vessel la proportion to her displace ment had enabled her to hold her own pretty well with e favoring wind, but now that It was a quastion of steam log she was rapidly overhauled, and soon lost la the tog on our lea bow. ? TKorma with vhs srasw. Scarcely bad we got fairly past her when tbo screw (topped working. On inquiry aad Inspection we found that a large Iron plate, carrying one of the bearings of the screw abaft, had worked looee. This had to be shored up and wedged tight, to prevent Injury to the machinery. Unfortunately, this could ool be got at without stopping the engine; ao, much to the disgust of our chief engineer, he had to give the order to shut off the steam. Tho awkward position of the peccant pLate caused a lose of four hours and a half's service of the screw. While working by tbemaelveo the peddle engines showed that they could be relied oa to drive the ship at the rate of eigbt to eight knots aad a half an hour. The night of ter leaving New York our souuma wrmesLS commenced with greater vigor even than oa the passage out. We have several talon led amateurs amongst the c(Beers and passenger*, whose performance excite so much interest that It la now difficult to gel a seat in the gor geous ladles' saloon after eight H. If., the hour when the concert commence* Professor Jacobs A Brothers' long*, lmprorlsatorlel and vcntrlloquiai performances hare added much to the general enjoy stent, and tended in no small degree to make this on* of the most agreable passages oa recxrd. It Is tmpoMible to adopt a more efficient mode of lnduo log sociability and good footing amongst passengers than ibt-se musical gatherings of na everting. It supplies s wont which ell see voyager* must have felt, sad It Is sa tisfactory to know that the musical taste and talents of Oaj't. J V. Hall are a sufficient guarantee for oontlnuanoe while he has command of the Great Eastern. Ky midday the weather cleared up to the point of being quite ngreeaDlc, and the wind hauled a little so as to mako the fore and aft canvass draw. Tuis gave the A us trslasian a chance, the was not la sight, but there was no doubt she had crawled away abend again during the period of our detention. With this exception of an accident, not to the machine rv itself, though undoubtedly caused by the vibrations of the threw shaft, notblbg could have been more satlsfacto ry than the perlormoncc of both screw and paddle engines, no nuts required tightening, do key was driven during the whole trip. During one watch the screw engine was got up to forty tour revolutions. Just to last Its capabili ties lor such rapid woik, end nothing sould be more satislactory; but to do this continually there seems to be greater boiler tower required. Noon taw ua creeping along at tight aad a half knots an hour, la latitude 60 deg. 63 mm. N., longitude 'J4 dog 26 mm. W.; distance made 420 knots. Sunshine and rain iqualls alternated prstty squally, and by stx P. M procured a very pretty phenomenon?that of rainbows formlDg a complete circle, eighty or ninety feet In diame ter, in front of the bows. The charming women on the forecastle wbo witntrsed the sight were loud la their praistaof the "beautiful thing," and many were the amort references mode to this emblem of hope, as typify tag the future suocom of the ship and a happy wind up to our voyage The night which followed was slm.lar la character to the day, chsngrab)*, but agro-able. Tne moon, being now peat the Qui quarter, abed her mild beams over the mimic waves that, with crisp cap of white loam, aped, on s small scale, the sever osss mg undulations of those lords of the AUMlle who bod so lately rolled to sutemn grtodnur after the b g iblp. All night the cloud shadows bitted over our brood decks, and wlisa daybreak came there was our plucky llUle rival, the Australasian, fkr away ahead oa the pnrt sow. Mm won carrying a press of usevms, sad vs ? lose hauled to the wind, evidently making capital good lime, while we, wife one or two miserable iltu* rogi of rails (IS comparison to the siae of the ship), war* relying almost entirely oa our motive power. We had evidently mode up the twenty knots lost during our detention, and we acw began slowly to oiler the bearing* of our oompelt or, until in the afternoon we loet sight of her on the wee ihi r boom Many of our passengers were greatly exer cirrd en th* lubject, becssM they believed the Australa , lab would arrive at (Jueenelowo before we got to Milford; and there certainly seemed a great probability of this happening, for our route as for as the old Head of El Male was the same. 8b* wssld then have only twenty or thir ty WW. lo run to (Jueeastown, while we should has* 140 or 140 to reach Mtlford. a (vuu-umrr so vsa cajtai*. At a meeting held la the forenoon m the grand aaloos, (MM Wm. Morris. R. N., proposed, aad Judge Hasting*, of thllioraia, seconded, the lot lowing nddrem to Cftpi. J. V. Hall, oa the conclusion of the voyage, which wm car ried unanimously, aad signed by the passenger* ? _ ? , Oas*t*AATW*a. Angoal26,1140. To I Arrai* Juan Vmr Itiu ? 1'i ak bin?Wo, tbo ondertoguee. paomagere ?a tbo bob ' I o I.g utp of wbat may be cvwtodered the trial voyage of th* ureal Stair rn. ?eatre v> rspr?a our optetoa of an (veei imiat which Mr daoarvedly r idled rv mnrh Internet na both tods* of the Alienor. We are roasetoua that the trip b?a bsoe mode under vireumeuswv by ao meant far- rgMi,, ervriou-rig the full power* of the noble reaee-1 yiW la re the boons to comma ad. The foul state of the bottom. and tie Ngbi arnught of water are rroe r ? ?hv bar performooae at rai lumr* time tauuld exeeed the' nf the present voyage. At the same time, what she bar dose r idiriaat to show that, grotorally, the idm at Hmoel baa beea fully ?allied. Bar qiadiao Mason boat, aad tbe soar wah which she <ma he bandied, air as matted aa ihey are extrnjrtaaary. This M lb- more froll'jWg Ins tho fart that it wm as IMS potato ?hot those who opposed tbo ,'od.rtoktof fuuaaod tbotr ohyoc to no Th. oeb the weather boa been Rue. area f* AtloattO ptatogi i. at this ttose i f (ha year. I be ??? aad light wtade we have encouatorea have throws th* labor atoMot eaJraiv M the mirhmerv ltd Men ant run is th* advaatag* wtao* miel.t be .lorlvrd from I all ma of iha Mia. Tbe Tnirblnirj bae proved the eteeftraee of Its oostre-Oloa ly porta stag tbe eoure tripe with remmi kohls moMam toi "am. while the powtr davetoped show* thai H wtU olearr b* Mequal* to tamira ? blab rate of mood The ta-g* to? of tho t.'.lp affords Purb ample opeeo far swtoe, fur mWvna snd benb aerveamodatioa. aad for aond reotolatooa, lh?t oa ibeM gri .n Is u wall m cm ibet of sour* oboeore oil Si: ditiirMag pto-blag mrffkm, she to for boyoad aU comport ?oa with uthsr reomta, as icga?* the enmf.wt aad ins nalMin *1 poMerrera. We have, therefnre. eo h-total loo la ?com aien-tiiiff her as the faaUM aad ou>? -omfartabto prm agm this aft el. We deplre lo express our nppiohatoe* off tho Watchful tars which ohortcb-rir?oh amour-mewie having m view the wtfety of the ahtp aad pmrarm atoi to yon par ?mmlly, air. to coarey our arose of the - rtm ut toil into* w hlrh baa ever marked your drrn -aaor ( and Utaf of yjur ata ce?i lo wards nt In Mddtot you fareerall. wo Inua that your name amy be MrclJIwd with i hat of the Ureal Ktoun la slag carver of ccMtnerrtal move sad marttimo renews. Tary faNhfaOy. row*, Ac. 1 Mare TnAow the uerrm of the pamsnger* | To this Gnptsin Bell wrote the following reply ? Op oat Iktiu ftvrtarntr, at Was. AueustlA 1Mb. Girrrt* Wa. Moe.i- ftoyal havy - ? ? ?o. t-AB tan-It to always rraufyinr to a ootomssSar, an, iffordaliBMM rrmvmmUnn for ka tolti ki shlpppcSoa well of by hto pameogent aad toTLero M. uf bM owe* and bimoel' to pr mote thotr raaafort aad aofaty appreciated by toe I ihsrefora restore wtth murk pleasufw the add rem which, to the nam* at lbs itmtis r. you bovo just nrvsrstad to me. t am oquoily gaftghtod with tbom that oar trip I mm Atoenea to the Mores o' theoMeona try has hoe* ao agraoahle It w so addatooal aeUWa-4?-? tlbr Mgueturwr, tnmeof ItoMof oor f nyniMf to mp.rw ? J tho voyage. red with best wtoheo for tbetr waifaro, beheva MS la rtar*. dear tor, with much eatoean ytmra. vary fatthfully. JOHN Sin HALL. Nona saw at la totitorto 61 decrees f m In a tew ft., kwgltiMl* 16 degree* I mlsate* W dtotewM mad* Sit knots si Ann r Head, at tbe catraare of Mllfbrd Haves, was Mill 414 kaoto from up but w* had flue wpslbpr aad mnooth water, though sot -cough wind to b? at any oM koss. iowssv am Mirwoxan This eve*tag n grand tottery wm organised, lb* winner of wbtob would 'iiMiawi the pnMeaaor uf SUA Ac ? uevkl In sacb cop?, the prnreedtag wm ibnl of bnvkag llrketo mi eg certain twenty minute latarvaM of day lhereon Tbe ticket b?ring th* lime whoa tbe pilot mm <w board took the peine With the speculative spirit to character let >r of th* "free sad ?lights* od" all over th* world, nor ntiana "Off*red" a HUM ea tha did toora. apeod of the ahlp nod rbono? nf wind aad waatbar, ard tbarv ipoc oilhred a beary premium to tbo tnHira of corialn tickets Is tbe oeighhoiiwod of fhar P M. fbr their chance ftnma nf these changed hands, throe who held Ureal thinking that they bed sen* wall issagh to make real per oaot by the iperulolloa All day w* sped pli?aaUy oo oar way, with light winds aad smooth water, rrttrtag, after ft bees tifUl ovening, with tbe oertatatybf eortng the thorns of "(frees he in" ear y notl mnratag tbaaday, Aaguat tft. broke with tbe horirna rloaded with light tins* amidst which I'sMaet rack toraned Ilk* t giant sloop, tha light house ovi the summit apeesrlng like Uta top of U?e mast Hark of It lb* fhmed headland of OSpe Clear WM Mill Phrvuidrd it mlei. whlcb speedily dtopevotag beftw* the ristag mo, Wt the boM outima of the onast aad tbe rtah undotatloa of the ftebl* distinctly visible. Rub:, "g within easy dlotaao* of tbo land, by eight A. M we were abreaat of th>< (Nd Read of Klnaale, with lis tall white llghUx-vM aad euctoe-ire gletmlag ia tbe aunbeani*. Fn oa thw point we stood ' ver toward* our port, inaftlng a tfmight rut arrrm the mouth of the Irtab CbscD-i h.-re dotted with lb* soils of v urn tie based ta and out if IJverpnot. The few r?eel* we a?t. bafoc-- - no tag close la with the land, ha* beea * lltUe ? amrt*bia after taertag the Back* only oee noillarv Rrittoh bark bound rod va ra rveiotered until we began to fall into the beaten track to wards which all ?averse ta task as lb* lead The Irtab wtoi e? tan* baamtob Uta U*mm aft at *y*4 emootttly through the. waler at fifteen knots la how. Taking observations at noon, for the last time, wo found w? wore in It dag. 30 mm N., 7 deg. SI nlo. W. Jiiatunoe made since noon yesterday 311 knots I ho best day* ran tho (hip has yet performed. sxASiao root. Hie sky now got cloudy and overcast, and the horison misty la the direction wo were steering, so, as we had yet seventy-three knots to malm before maniac our port, it was half past three P. H. before oar lookouts on the pad dle boxes discerned the Smalls lighthouse standing iso lated on a dangerous rock which, but for Its Iriendly gleam, would bo fktal to many a noble ship. Soon after wards a still larger group of rocks, to tha northward, i fanciful name of called by the fanciful name ef the Bishop and his Clerks, loomed upon our vision, then s little island called Grass holme, and Lastly by degrees the crags and peaks of the Welsh coast juttMf out to the north, and slaking Into graceful swells and undulating In the direction ef MiUbrd Haven. tAKcra a mat. By Ave P. M. we were In full view of that noble bay as we hove to and took a pilot from a little cut ter that lay directly in our track, with the tuck ol her mainsail hauled up and her foreshoet to windward. This important event decided the lottery. The ticket from Bve P. M. to tweoty in mo tea past Ave was the win ner, for the toot of the welcome visiter we had now on board touched the deck just at three mlnuies past five P. M. The prise was shared by three Individuals, who, by keeo exercise of their speculative faculties, had contrived to obtain an lntereet In lbs winning ticket a few minutes previous to the decision. Of these two were Americans and the third an Americanised Englishman, returning to tee " bla folks." We learned (Tom the pilot that the largeet part of the British* Channel Beet was lying In Mllford. so we congrat ulated ourselves on enjoying a pleasant sight. As we stood In for the outer bay a beautiful lltllo iron side-wheal teamer, said to be an Irish trader, ran oat to us. She wus dressed out in gsy looking signal Bags from stem to stern, and had quite a large number of lad lea and gentle roes on board. These were very oordial In their welcome to be greet ship. Cheering and waving of beta and kerchiefs became again the fashion. She lowered a boat and two in livid vials came on board,one of whom, in navy uniform, we were informed, was the kueen's pilot, who had oome to assist his leas practised confrere. A few minutes saw us inside of St. Ann's Head and standing up a fine looking bay, strongly forl.Bed at every possible point with deU-nsive works still in progress. From the outer bay another nay, or rather gulf, opens on tha right band. This la MtUord Haven proper, and when fairly into this a noble sight presented itself. On the right of the entrance a large circular bay was tilled with a fleet of colliers at anchor, for the ships ol war had been

coaling. Outside of these lay a flue liriliab bark, proha bly a store ship, for she was light as ll' she had just discharged. Some distance ahead an American ship, be long lug to Salem. A muriMH Fixer. A mile or two wilh-n the haven lay the fleet, m iored in two lines, the intervals In the outer line being (tiled by the ships forming the inner line, so that we steamed Kt them as ir they were apparently in Indian die. y consisted of two heavy frigates, the Diadem and the Mersey, and nine line-of- balue ships, the Mare, the Algiers, the Trafalgar, tha Edgar, the Conqueror, the Centurion, the Abonkln, the Royal Albert and lbs Donegal, besides several gun bonis and small side wbeel steamers. They are all fine ships, but to your cor respondent's unprtclioed eye the Mersey was the queen ship of the fleet. Alter her came the noble three decker, the Hoyal Albert, bearing the flag of Admiral Kremautle, the (jfljeer in command of the squadron. As we approached we could make out that the decks of these floe vessels were crowded with seamen, whose dark blue shirts were relieved by the red coats of the marines intermingled with them. Suddenly a stam pede occurred in the ship nearest to as, and a crowd of smart, active follows started aloft, until every yard was covered with them mending upright and looking down upon us. Some more hardy than the rest never stopped until tbey had gained the truck, where they remained sit ting comfortably, and, m three or four instances ^positive ly standing upright until we bed passed. As soon as we were abreast of the stcrnmost veesel her crew gave us three cheers, so simultaneously that it sounded like the voioe of one man, but with such s noble volume or sound that its effect is indeecrtsable. The same thing occurred ou every one or the eleven ship* forming the squadron. Our John Bulls were jubilant, and, with eyeafhirly snapping with delight, they returned this noble welcome in kind, but eadly deficient ones, both in quality and amount. Tnere must certainly be something very contagious In genuine enthusiasm, for before we " e line were half way np the line your correspondent, In common with all his follow cltlaens, found himself shouting an lustily as any one there. He believes be received the in fection from the captain and pilot on the bridge, who soon got to cheering mush more vigorously and waving their cape quite as excitedly as any one else la the crowd. The there taken by the American passengers in the vocal demonstration gratlfled our English cousins immensely Though on the best of terms during the trip, your corre spondent oould see that there wan s warmth and cordi ality in their bearing afterwards which ia latent la the English character until evolved either by long acquaint aaoe or by some such incident as that which had just transpired. It wss a noble spectacle, and, ae many of our citlaaaa who bad never area such a fleet before truly said, worth having crossed the Atlantic to witness. Your correspondent paid for his share In the transaction by not being able to speak audibly for several hours af terwards, and being ae hoarse as a raven at this present writing. rax AUUTAL. Steaming up tha Haven?which, by the way, fir all ar^oesa of oomiaeroe, is vary UUle iaJOrtor to our own aoble bay of Mew York?we reached our aacborage at half past six V. it. This is just opposite Pembroke Dockyard, I English navy yards, but stUl one of the smallest of the nc of great capac.ty and completeness to oae who m<-a urt* It by the standard of the Brooklyn estabilsumenl. Three la a their lag village in connection with the dock yard, sad the town of Milford proper, wheh we pa? 1 . om tog tip, is growing rapidly. Vilfc the great natural advantages of the Macettaa, there Is no doubt that Mllford Haven is s pert whose name Is destined to become better knows before many years roll over mi mn.LXBs The following Is the official report of the log and per ormance of the englats ? Dm I+t y. Zonp. IP. D-t. R- martr. D M D * Aug. IT 40 42 40 04 234 Uft pilot Ifoady Book at ?? It 42 63 44 IT 324 4 40 P. U. ? 19 M 44 82 M T3 trnrrd pilot 3 .34, Ha'.l ?? 80 44 5T M 44 314 fax 4 46 P. ?. ?? 41 44 44 44 00 344 Ulldo. 440 A. M.; foft 44 24 60 14 44 M 320 pilot u 40 A.M. Kaoed " 29 41 00 32 46 344 engine* for tlx boar* '? 44 M Wt 24 24 420 off Cap*. *ad Btoppod four hoar* to aoand. ?i 11 00 14 ? 314 " 44 41 44 1 41 441 TS to 81. Aaa'a Head. sjm mm % Km4*. U.U. Dfotaocc run by abip from foody Hook to Bailfoi *--- KB in 44 60 Dhlaac* lu from llaifai HUkt iM, wtraooo of Mllford Hard* ... 134T ta ITS 00 2,MO la 217 M DHferrxwof lofltad* 4 M Ml M 4,444 AVO. 212 64 ? U ? r**i ta* abo** it wtu b* mm tb*t in* >r*r*a* tp**d of tte nnl ba* baan Marly f<mrt#?n kanta *a fontr. No ? a* wbo b*a atfiwiil brr mrtonaan <-* during tb? trip doubt* that umtrr r?T< rahl* c rctnatancna the could aak* lb* rua tram N?w York to Urarpuol nr to Suit Hnpton la*td* of eight daya. rti'Mj *h**ia -ntaamu to rams or rutin aoarr nr.wT rasr ran* w* tsu to aiurax, rim rat rao* Hum to mroap utbi. *1 Daft each day, mdknp a* Angwl IT. Augait U. Augaat It. Anguat 24. Augaat 21. AnfMl It. Attgatd 24.. Angaat It.. Augaat 94. r? 144,22b Rmaaa ? lad Nn York at 4 42 P. K., August It l#ft foady Hook 442 P. H. Arrlrad at Haiifox August It 444 P IL foartad from Halt ki A*?aat II, at 414 a. M Pilot Ml lo A H rodaosd for u< feaora fur r<? four tloppar** to *r>uad m**w?rrtra mart rora rsar. fkerfr Total |#.4T0dO*444 ? Xutwi H IS il 44.240 14 Tt UJ44 9K40 IT,Ml ffllH ?2,TTa 4T.BT4 41 0C 44 M4 44 44 M 14' ?? (IT BIO 27 00 40 St IT 4* 44.73 ITT r* : s 144 ITt 2T4 I.Ml 2.T44 - ?NoppKl tb* *or*w oa Friday, August 24, f. r tbr*o boar*, to ***ntn* ?fl*r boarlng Tbr pr wading official aceouat of the log tmw to ba eorraet, witb tb* rrraptloa that t la not tro* that four boura ?*r* ooeti|?l*d la *ouodtag W# oaly sounded four timer, and occapfod aboat *a tv-ar ta an. The u.?anr** ran and th* tiaa* takna ara oorrsct fnsa pilot to ptfot, bat ant troai port to port. Tb* trip waa altogether aatttfee lory, tb* m*aa gpeod. 14 41 knota par boor, h-m* a nry near ai l*oacb la tb* foot*?t tin* *a raaani for aa *ntira paaaag*. All o*r pwi*r"? b*lv*r*d, and the OapUm and caftMor tn*urt*d, that ta rmp*r trtra. with a ntoan h' Uuw and A Biaart bra*** In b*r hm. ab* rould mak* th* run t? l.'Trrpool or Mrmthaatptoa la *?bl Aayt, or *t?b an hoar or two *nd?r % for. in rood Sow, tb* problem riStiM l0bf40?T*l, " Wbat nil! tb*y do wilb un The J?9** ?** nrroo MllebetP. J^jK&i^'iSuZd pre Tte mMagers <* **? H.?mld?*l by taw whether of borne ?Ml, do not TP^'l?J,e ?> No i 0f u,u journal we or lorelgn s?Mufhctur*. [?Nut u to whether ? node some comment" on the qurs??? (arflg ?lenmer could legally <*"7 P**? ?..j t^j been pro I on tbeexcureioo WPbe | Dooneed, on survey ny ,/7J~ ^.a.remenli of the safe. mi duly ??edecoor^?^ Ut? not of Parliament. We were led to CMTieeiuie i r . tion of ibt law, becauie tb# director* of tbe ?FJV iwt ern, on the occeeton of the ehtp'e trial *?????J* t ^ lend to Holy heed, advert teed to flurry much dot bend although the reeeel wee not oertincatea by the acknowledged authority*. Whet^ the ^jor* no* desirous to pay the lines for aucu breach of the lew, or whether, from the lo"^f l[? that had taken placg a abort lime previously, they were ??reed to caution by toe dread of damages, we kwwHAbut the money wae returned to thoee who J-h WL tickets, and the entire proceeding wae j?ied upon ae an m ooneldered and precipitate etop^ what ihev threatened to do, then, In Kugland, the director* Lire ilnoe oarrled out In the United dtabwt The Merchant Shipping Committee, l? reviewing the American Navigation laws, itate thai? rfiftrdn the government of the United Btet##, yonx com iWnSin&y? ? I?*" OKR~iSsSrSswsrdsa thataathe Amartoanadld not nomem y of oor ?Sf?|^?-SH?S sSsssb leneaef what le due to our friendly reclaoaallona With thle well known state of the Amertoaa law ln (oroe the managers of the Great Ea?ern-or the milk m on J* era m 11 turD6d out?*d ver lined lo 1*1? pejiong ra ,hjtirtvlrM of thla novel exouralon. The ureal aaeteru left New York on the 80tb July for ed to the Hudson on the 1st of *??"*? The sss&rei'issffi.- 5 sss were two voyagee along the eeaboard of the United (Helen, Md itoNw^oM aSLu. thereupon mime the qoentw? aa to whether she could legally make such trlpe mt llhout being liable to aalxure. Before a ahlp can be rogiaiercl ZZTftaiSed to engM? I? ort Butee. her Aroerloan ownerahlp must be pwredbojare Seautborliallon la granted. Thle cltisenablp W not diffl ?i *. ha obtained, for th6 kwi of th# State#, by fkvortn* emigration from Enropo to that oonttaont pine* Utah? S^Xy^emootJ ??ure a letter of oaturjJ. ^Wm^ni and eisyarms. Still, in the wrof the Srent Bastern, there could have been no compliance with the American law* in thla reaped, and, consequently, the ahlp wna persuing an unlawful navigation, Again, the point has been mSuted m to whether the retaUlng srss5,s& irSTrSSMaiS'^'^ torn Boose laws of tke Stales, under which an importduty taSrtMnTtf wM, mall liquors and spirits. There wea a rtunor that the American authorities re?iulnsd ?5 from the Greet Ship Comply to answerMy action on the part of the goyernment. Thla would be an awkward deoouement to the first ooeen voyage of ^e Great Kantern; but we auepect the uo Sractoinm? o7 STprieecutton would bring down on the eiecutlve too much rtdlcule to^ duce them to go on with any legal even should notice of tuch hare ^f^tldHm tao with the extreme liberality of thewmiJIm'tf'The wh ich haa thrown open our porta tothe jhlPPlng "7 ssur^/ss-: ?ss. vrs ^t^To^t wh.ch wgTC~ SKTSJtfriB W?W obewve that the canvaaatng of thin question wUI lead to enlightenment, If It does not detract boot ..rntarfto? VU>M rjf tKi> ftimtfl |||d COOgTMk B*lt tb? 6#H1 fug of American dollars wm aot meant to c^cumTent the repeal of the United States Navigation law?..We cannotj|ive the macagere credit for any eoch notion. Their treatment tfltaflbOO excure loo lata la described - ^tjAnmaM The ahlp is Btted to eccommodete 300 pemengere, ana she therefore bad to provide shakedowns or mattreeeee src^i. planking, eeiied upon a ooople of them, so ttaU manyhiul to pece the d<M!ka tuetead of getting rest of treat disorder and utter want of regulation. Then, ...in ute provisions on board were, it '" " 'I' TrJ? * m quality and adequate In amount, but thaattempt taw: nnmmodaie one hundred hungry geeeta to each saloon SSSS-U^UbSI?wllhtwtotSnt number etandtag round ready to eetse the first vacaal chair, throes? the agency of two or three miserable negro waltart, bad to obu'n their supplies from a buffet, tended by another utmule of the same Interesting raoe, to cot ES'fil ?Si T'i 1 asistissst: fsm iJTSr wSr to drink Watathaad stand. odd be found by dUlgMi aearch but no i?ler^ WbM w.ter was fortboominc, there was no soap, ana ee to c^Jn^Ptae^l** ?>mMoe as .matter of , ourse', awT supplied their plaose with pooket hand kercbiaffe. Now. If this Is ? speclntan of wt^ lhe publ^ have to expert from the mansgement of tt* Great flkrp f. g. ?ft k. ^ntasisait from taklQf [>l|llf0 the euwrlntendenoe to My shrewd waiter of a hotel at New York he would have Im^rivtaed ,ome rough end ready tables to dine at least M?hdfMa urn. an* there would have been no confbaton tf tickets had been served oat to early and tale diners. Thei oom^ panj have saved the expen litureef afaw pounda at the boat of their repnutlon as managers of a great under l*Put the threatened action fbr violating the ?*vlg*lloo taws of the .-utee Is aot the only LlSlgafen ta whlch thn managers uf the Great Beatern may poeetbly he Involved at tTfrther side of the^ttantlc. There wrwy,,?*lhere pr.b.bly never wlU h/TWj ^whlch Mme en^ temriaiDK oltlaM of the United Btatee may aoectatm tne it m bapp? VnrbM dklOOVtrtd MNB# tiB? lit?* ^ * ????I J* miwihllid ftdViBtAMOQ^T by lb# UAilid i|?Bcy of tb# S^^taddttaTISd thd he tarthwllh patanted hta dunevary, which heaeeerta hne bean ^ signer* and bnUdera of thaG^Jtantar^Ba ta^mamrer, an the veaeel art? amployel ta the dlretatruw between thr couatries the patentee had no remedy; hut, the ship bevtag^taoonllnaaUy entared the ^^t~W tb; States, he advtae. the ???Hire that hw patent hen been inlrlnMd MMl b# ###b# l*#df*##-* H#W tbl# liM###WIB# mev he wnolved we Be net pressed u aav, b^ weM^y ^ thtakUntnbetter ecqo^ntamie. en its ?t tf SAannor the OMtf Bmtaru, wShAnlaw? tfUm ooentrten ta whiah they mny heretfterewad the hly ship, wtD greatly taotllUta the meramMtatf the vmeel, Md reeder the poeltKm tf maMgers ^ comfortable thM It would enem ? bnve been uaoer toe ?nniinltlr* mtandvaniuree of bar t marl nan trip. IFF AMI B TVBA1T. Oar iNMuMMpIt CarrMynaiiaii. OoMMAjmaona. August I, UN. /*oUhoaJ OrfoiMNi A iaftmd by A* 0*Ml < A* ferte? IfaHM <a AaWawl ftaafl Aa /aprtw N ?r AlWMOw ft TrmU?TU UU Difiadtim Bt Aria taw Mimmmrim, At. 9tnc* I wrote jot Int a* auj I takn ploec Ik a limtli Imb *bm to rn?M. The ell absorbing topic of the day N the prietlffe of reel eaif gorerawoct among ea, Ike Afntan As jw wan tha originator of thai omtMoral I sopprn yoo will be glad to bear tka pertloelere of lit pingyiaa. I an bappy M to/ no one eaa inform /on bettor on tha subject than /oar bumble aerraai, who baa the booor to ha oeaaf IM elect, for I em ea IL C Altar great of-positm aal tatrtgoe n tha part af tha Atotraa. tha Ar?ha aatloa haa taaU/ obliged at thh time to llatoa to tha eatee af the people ant great ita aaaaltna. Bret ik tag to ha Aeae h tha fknaatiea af tha hadp politic, the nathaal oouacll; aa ea hnaCa/, tha Mh ?H.. h tha af toreaaa, tha warh af h eartoea parte af tha ntatmpulh. la the rtatrha af the a ml hare of a aoaiaalttoa aad the prssiinop of tha rarta beds (aptrttaal beads) af tha diabrnt Ihiag want ofl a?wtl/. All lacpa/era eta were duly registered and allowed to rota ooald do either la peraoa or by I'tler, i ticket et their choice. He regular Uoket waa pa ap aad threat npoo tha people, nor nay pihaaiy awthga hhd la kehalf af thh ar that rltqea ar tadlrtdaal, hat tha peo ple were hfl aaUraty tree to retort their ewe caedtdato. The majority ef the vetae east ateetod tha peteaa, nad whan euch mdsrtty was waattag It waa puatpuasd to seethe? Sunday. la the can af the dhtrtet af Beaton, ant af etght leptaeeahlliea ealy el* ?errata tag two ante he rhneen from tha tew who had, during tha hat elect km. restored the hrgart amber of retea. Wo bars already race red tha retanas af etooUoc (Voee ?r rural districts, and fTm the I let which 1 herewith and yon, yon wlB an that eo animosity ar paithaa aptrtt h gel aredTtha good aenee af the weiawilj They ail seem to he actoated by oa<- awtlee, Tie, the good of the nai oe; been they bare neither ehewo parUaMty ear ar- reine to elese er rests, hot hare,an for, selected reliable and putri oth tore? bnken n wall n tradespeople. literary ec melt aa lllitonto. The coosrgneon h, that wo than hare whdm as well a? prarttcal oommoa aeaao h our nathaal uenrll. Letters af iMogratnhUna are poorlog in from the pro rtaees, and the sentiment of the whole Armenian nation IB esidnlly amletaknsbl*. I will ef ooeree keep you ?a teeroaf of all nr dotage, he. Too aea that eo here ast Oi y cjnqnered oar ecemiea, the nrtatocmtio oUgn t chlsto, bat mlublishud a government within ? govern- ? meat, and that of democracy itself, la tbe very heart of Turkey. Whether the euplneuem of the Porte ta owing to its helpleoe oondition, or from oo appreciative poliey to alienate any sympathy toward* Ruaela, by thai granting u* privilege* which we never coald enjoy nn'tT Kummn. domination, It matter* little. Oar Mussulman friend*, the powers that be, will be U much benefitted a* ourseive*. They will tears brow an > practical administrative ability, which they do not poo ?ee*; and Europe will learn also that if Turkey out fct? saved it will only be through us, the Armenian*. When we com* together our first care, I suppose, Will be th* mental el*Tatlon of our people; for, baviag so long - been subjected to despotic sway and foastical persecu tions, the inhabitants of the proviso**, a* yo* know,. have had little chance of mental culture. The oometocm neas of this bet ha* Induced us to club together and torus. a literary association. Our headquarter Is itlU at fisopuk Yeni Khan, where our reading room and library, am wall t patronized. The oommttu-e nave char (Od mo to thank you for your contribution sad tbe file of A nerioan saws papers which you were kind enough to send. A* this so lety 1* composed of a fow young men, with limited means, we would therefore state tha ? any contributions lrem publishers and editors in Amartoa will bn gratefully reoelved by us and the public. Pray do not neglect to seed us the Nsw York We hive acquired from It very different ideas of the Unit ed .States bom tbe very restricted notioos we had imbibed from the mimiouarles, who are the <mly American* real dent here. Since the Crimean war we nava bad many more Engllan, French and Italian*, who came to establish themselves among us. Why have we not American m? r cbaats or mechanics! It a somewhat unaccountable, bat. sous one suggested, " perhaps the Americans are all mis sionaries." As to tbe actual state of the country, I cannot give n. very encouraging account. Wo are m tha midst or a panic, and poverty and starvation are staring us In the face and driving us almost to desperation. Tha prtoc. pal cause Is the financial embarrassments of tha govern ment. Owing to the reck lees prodigality and general pe * officials, high and low, the I eolation of all the has been depleted. Government debts are not paid, not those of ibe Bullae?even tbe army has not reoelved its pay for more than eight months. As there Is a na tural connection between all classes of people, every body Is therefore suffering from this non pay meal. Tbe general suspension of businem falls heavily <c tba working classes, of whom the guild of tbs Jewellers has expressed its condition in s serlo oocnxsc manner. About a fortnight ago all the operatives, vlx: the diamond setters, burnisher*, fminers, enemelers, he., como together, and after condoling together with no bs neficisl result, they determined to bury their trade, lb that end they oollecled their implements, sad placing, them In s long box, to which poles were attached, tool their line of march through the streets of tbe >weiry bazaar, chanting the requiem of the Armenian church. Though this was Intended for fun and as a satire upon the deplorable state of tbelr trade, yet the woful aspect ot the paroders and their forlorn and hopeless eoadltioo drew tears from the eyes of many a spectator. The gov. ernment took the bint, and an erder vru* Immediately Issued to form a commission to examine the ouletaauing accounts of the tradespeople with the Sultan's palaos, which Is, 1 assure you, no small amount. To meet these exigencies tbe government has oootracted a local loaa of 08,600,060 piastres, at eight per cent a year, and the re venues of the Smyrna Custom Bouse (worth 32,900,000 a year) have been given as a guarantee. Besides, with *. view to set an example of strict economy to his officials^ tbe Sultan bss rtdooed his civil list bp 42,000.000 piastre* a year, and already twelve hundred boatmen and tour hundred cooks have been paid and dlemlmel from ser vice. Another Important event of the day Is the rumpus he twees our own (Armenian) people and the seoeder* from our church?1 mean the proselytes to Protestantism? about the burial of one of their Sock. You hare doubt less heard of it through the European journals; but ah they are stronger* to oar domestic or internal troubles, 16 la natural to suppose that tbelr reports are not free from error ner their sentiments unbiassed by prejudiee. 1 will therefore endeavor to give you a oorrect statement of th* facts. You know that every oommunity here has Its own particular burying ground, and these cemeteries have keeper* appointed to take core of th* ground*. No per son con be buried therein without a regular permit from the proper authorities. On Friday, the 23d ultimo, a member of lb* Ar sen Ion Protestant community died ok Balat, and on tbe following Burnley he was taken to our burying ground at Sdirneh-Kapoosau (the Adrianoplc gate) for interment. The keeper of the place naturally required the usual permit, which not having been oo - tamed, they were refused ndmltlsnoe. Thereupon our T re testae t brethren insisted upon interring their dead without sucb permit, and the keeper oo his part persisted la his reruns! A fow straggling Armenians, who happened to be near, becoming acquainted with the facts, tain rally took tne j*rt of tbe keeper, and n scnffle commenced. The rumor having spread Itouugh the vicinity, the multitude increased, and finally suc ceeded in preventing the forcible oocupal.on of oat grounds by the Protestants. The Protestants, being daappointod in their unjust dm mnade, resorted to th* Bigiwh sad Amort mo MlnMor*. who, unnoqusistsd with the rights of the Armssina na tion, Immediately mode on appeal to th* Purls, sad ?* i sired to our Patriarchal* to protest personally agates t this Injustice. At first their KxoeUeaciee manifesto^ I rest severity toward* the Patriarch sad tbe Armecwc ? an jo ; but when they kesimi rally atqualatad with -he sseiltn of the caee they recognized the undeniable rgbie of our natloo, at oace relented sad appealed to our gene iwity. anyiag ?Tbal Siace the deceased wee taksn to the ground It would appear uncharitable to turn off tba dead, who might still be cons dered as an Armenia*. This ap peal bed It* effort, end th* Patriarch voluntarily offered a place for interment la the oemetery ?for, nat.eaal pride being 1st Jived in the matter he was willing to aooede to the wishes of the Ambit** Iocs, who looked upon the set in th* light of a special raver. Aooordlngly a toe Imp an* two Armenian I unci lunar lee, Uaeyao OSennes Bey and Odjon Klrkor Fiend I, proceeded to the burying ground to fix on n spot. But the piece which Ufa* gentle men selected did not suit thee* d* uded brethren, who esyle then selves ta* faithful disciples of CforM. Unaware that this oonceeeton on ear pert was n mere act of gran*, and believing that thaw right* were recognised through the mterforeae* of th* Ambassadors, they Insisted that a better plao* should be assigned. The matter would, however, have seaa ad justed by e proper explanation of the ana*, were It aei for on osfortuaate ocrarrsnee. You know that " . who bed been maun* ta lime peel, doubtless through i aHglaws excitement, had on the present oocasloa -uafovtuantely become tbe spokesman of the Protostnnl*. Be, hnvtag doubtlcm relapsed ogam Into hi* former condition, font let of I Men lag to the Armenian fsaltan or tee, began to ahum them and called them hard same* The popumm, an* war* *f hie mff aberratlen. beenm* excited, sad were rvady to war him to pieoes, but they were cheeked ml ne aertdent occurred. The Interment wee, of course, pentpentd till next day, whan the Patriarch hloBMlf un der look to settle the difficulty. Upon hie arrival a* th* mot ha foaiad Rlxnh Pasha, the Minister of War, already "?era, ncoampantad by a rvgimant of no?d.e-a. Mtototod I* having n grave dag, ooetrary to the wfohm of th* pmpto, who were gcuing exasperated at hi* highhanded foym tlos towards them, and throwing thomeelvm 1* the way so m to pravaat the procedure The Pasha considered thair just laierfhrvnc* m rebellious, end ordered tha sold tan to drlva them off attha fsnid th* bey asm, and about twenty psrsms srerv wounded. The Patriarch ot earn prniieted egal*e< each nut torn uiwords an aoarmvd multitude, who only aougU todefond thalr rights le their onneacrnled ground At thw juncOam a report was spread through th* crowd that tha Potrtareh. " in to* osiimal aauaa, wbau the fury of th* alsonet ungovernable Finally , ths Paste, ? e manor en camming e oere.au snpeut, ordurud a grave to be dug outside of our burying ground md th* deed was hurled thars ? Now, knowing th* habitual quiet temper rod liberal eenllmeuls of our poople, you will doubtless wruder wball woe the secret motive which prsdumj sucb a < omiwuiem doubtlem wruder what lord sucb noommsl "'v the truth to, for the puet ? en ute i.orM have net ouaeud to i our oomm unity, not only tor mgh thair nrgm. the iadi|>r (Memmgur), but by epaciol pamph Ivt*. sod bare succeeded In awaamtng a deadly uniaanully to wards ibrm sad their proarirtae, and the more so since th* Armenians have teamed that them tum. aorta* oae avail tLeu -rivet uf the diptomatw service* of he nsahm mdovu. To* aan easily pyroelve thai Ike rami ermt was brought about through Ihe.r astro mrotollty, for why should th* TYouuiniiia pereM to bury their feud where they knew they had no right ?n tha dammed as armmfon t If so, why not oak th* Armenian e.*rgy to burr torn! U Protevtaat, wbat buntaom had they la our burying ground' It n said, bnwevur. that th* deceased, ImpWil by * *?itl*Mut <* pntrtotten hod raqoewtod, M h? dy og bonra. to b* buried ta tbaoum* bury it g ground wwh bk* forefather* Appreciating tally th* mcrudnom of such a rvquaet and eympalbltlog with hia fooling* ft aalwa ality, yut is it ream a* hie to auppaee that an la,pm. te<o would be axecutad. or hie dawiren complied vital up poee th* Nbalkh al Mam ohould turn < hrWljen md at hie dylog boars requeue to he barted in to* nnfomadaa re meter at ?ratari, or tha Ureek Patvurah thuuM dea.ro to be Interred M to. Ifophin. The nbaurdity ta v.fet deal. Tbe dacimaJ bad owned to he a member of the rtbodoi church, md bad become one of to* k. Man ?bo bnd n church of their own. an wstl as a burying (mood eierwbrr* Hec.tihelree we were wiling to to cnarttobh-towards hrtn, m we D**u alwuys been toward* etrarger*?not by rem periftmina*. but hy deads for wbvra wo* Hrrry Hartyn bwrted. and where or* the chil dren al the mimlmarfrs barwd who tor* end ta to ?enter nt Ktermedl* there w a toottwaooe a o-ir ??:ry isg ground which ladionim ton* to* ocrvpfor n and on A rare at . but a iart paaa Mora tbaa til. wfo-n all Uw trmbetmrt ef that piece were otUsMtot to annw.bal* Wv wardatb* areuCMi of th* charrh bail l.ng Ua* moou. mast, togotber wMh n fow utbars of tha vamrMac clergy In 1*04. wbru the wife it lb* ii??. ( H asm II* f" died tool fencliaeory TSpremed a f o eenenM Ih* remnme ef bis betnred epmum in a m#e 11 be am d ramnr* iham to bw awn country No *| ?oto* dwntoinn ana inn, m a-wewt to bm creed, m u* lisfly 'lyiniif it thiivule rre-i'f m Ksoai leury wa* oof U4d that toe rrmatm Would be reaeired and placed in a vault ar cellar, bat, after emrervfo ota teling W'th htm he ??* >? --??'?.lit e-naj -hepel f <b* Armenian ebnrrh to tarn would be tain tad is ton* P*r pom p. < firr. reretiHv el ill li-'ng the 1 v'mean war, U fo* 1MB of toe Bmtbb forcm vrera einiiancd at NHstoedtn. F?f n time tbetr dead, to lb* number of thrm * four, wire burtrd is tbe riemtty of ihe hoepltol. but tn?? ? euitty hetsg unauttsd to tfo-ra. toer iuq*H*d s buiyisg greund. You know tbui at K'umesls evurv mmmsnlty ka* lis earn -preml ramea?ry ("tore nU tbe r r'?h ? ' e.lbrrPrrtratnol. ? r tatltoltrw. it wue n#?nr*l to that either tbe Pro'eatsuls .<r tbe Oetb^l-* wf- 'd hur^ etroffimcdnled the Esgliub. but cm the -uotrary they objected. and th* Al ? islam wse* IS* OSly vye to I " Ihfto tt pfora ih l heir own graund, ta?H| I ary raw. -me rat ton toe mart itl M, that the Faglfoh bavu ??*? r^ar.'i5w?*5?5'i I .gey