25 Eylül 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

25 Eylül 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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SHIPPING NEWS. ?ovmiMa mt Onw Mwuih ?Jt'l,,". .JJwpnL .a^S%...KM??rt ?Eeow... _ _ _ ?=&?:.=! frUs *?? York Soulkamptua .Oct 3...Maw Tork jy*. Hoatkamrwn Oct 4...New Tork ... .MoalhaaiptoB Oct 10... New Tors great Btstani Miiford fufen Oct If.. .Haw Tort ?Manuals UouUtaiapton Oat 13..-New Tork rom icaora. MteMr Boatoa. Bapt Mfc KawTork Beat K..JMPS ?Be New Tork .(apt g....jJwrt|?j gaapuao Haw Turk. tart j...JWW ?wwae... KawTork Boat SB,...-"ag? latmila. New Turk. Oet T....Bamfcart New York New Tork Ort j....T5roa?ak Inon., Boston. Oet S....Idraraeel ?dlnborg New Tork. Q?4 j....IJwpool ISStfc. New Tork. OoJ -Harra fWM Kew Tork. Oct 10. . . .LarCTpool Ararn New Tork Oct IS....... Harra ???- KawTork. Oct 14.... Hamburg FOR CALIFORMA. Aftel New Tork Oet I...Asp!awaa ?ertoere Light. New Tork Oet n...AnptnwaU Startswar KawTork Oct 33. ..Aigtawkil HAVANA, HATAN7AB AND NKW ORLEANS. >BHMI from New Tork 1st, ajriTin* at Havana Cth aed Kew Orleans M From Kew OrtaaM Utk, Havana Utk, ar rnk>s at New Tork 33d. STtCIAL NOTION. All pachuj'* and Uatri tntmnitd far At NkW Tflkk BaklU ?Aould bt tealod. torn nrw Tou-tm bat. ?a* aires ? BO I noon Mn. mora 1 33 ran una ? *3 I uioa mora t ?9 Fait of Hew York, September 44,1860. CIjKARED. Ship Thalstta, Stinaon. London?J O Baker A Co. Bark Mr C Napier. Broad, London?Crocker, Wood k Co.* Bark Convoy, Woodward, Cadiz?Moore k Henry. Bark Hiawatha. Hall, Mobile?eturge*. Cleorman k Co. Bng West, Appiegit, Galveston?D c' M -rray. D ink irk. Griffin, Apahu hleola. Bchr Oswego (Br), Card. Halifax?D R DewolL Bchr 11 B 8'iuir*s, rOjiiiren, Cardenas? TATAR Webster. Bear Mlaa W right, Rogers, Beaufort? Van Brunt k tlagfci. Bchr Oreron, Krauae, Washington. Bchr LavinU Jane. Ketcbuin, Alexandria?M Bedell. Bchr Jamestown. Latourette, Petersburg. Bchr U 1., laurel], Boston?J W Metre. R hr R A K Meelman, Csmp, Plymouth?Benton k Br Ok. Meaner Plane',, Wilson. Philadelphia. ARRIVED. Meamahtp Columbia Berry, Charleston, with mdaa and paa* ?eager*, to Srofford. TUestoa A Co. 23d Inst, 8 re, I<?n.i2?'d steamships Marion, hence for Charleston; same day, 6 rM, Stale of Georgia, from Philadelphia for Savaaaab; 23d, d PM, James Adger.hence for Charleston. Rhlp Dora rirsaw, Oillio, June 23. In ballast, to Foster A Btepuenaon. Klsce leaving New York June 20. 1867, the flora has vsited the following ports:?Valparaiso, Inndon, Kuirm shee. EI; Bombay, El; Butayerin. El, Mngapore, Whaapoa, Hocir Koor, Bad FraDcia^o. and < Vllao. Sbfp Talisman, Thomas, fcaEo. .Tuao 28, via Hampton Roads 3days, with guano, to Barrill Bros. aim Underwriter, Roberts, Liverpool, Aug 23, with eoal, to Charles Oarow. ? _ , Ehtp John Bright, Cutting, Liverpool. Aug 28. with mdae and 477 passengers, to Williams A G'uon. Been 10 dayt Wnf Sv 111 ltVrr^ ?hip Ocean Ranger (ef Blue HUB, Know lee, Rio Janeiro, Aae 18. with ootfee, to Weetfeidt A Co. 21st Inst, la( 37 39, ion 73 U, spoke ship Flora, from Callao for New York. Aug Id, Alexander MoKenner, of Glasgow, died, aged 13; 18th, John Adams, alias Edward Coat*a died from a wound received while loading cargo The O R pamed Pernambuoo Aug 28; mill then hail very light BE winds. Bark Fannie Hamilton, Wsas, Marseilles, Aug 4, with nkdse, to Moore A Henry. Bark Km ma F Chase (of Portland), Hall. Havana. Sept 7, with sugar Ac, to master. 12tb Inst, lat 31 39, loo 73 43, ?>> he ashr Tims, from Nassau for Baltimore; 13th, lat St 43, Ion 77 49, evoke scbr Fram es latterly. Bark Charles Edwin (of Portland), Campbell, Bagna, 10 days, wtlh sugar Ac, to master. Bark W A Phi lent us (of Providence), Cage, Savannah, 7 4#|T9, ib billaat. to muter. Bark David l-ap*l#y. Beadllng, Philadelphia, t days, wtth BMil? to ibmeter. Bark Heiress (new), Clark, Mystic. 18 boors. In balltet, to J A MoGew. Whs towel to this city by steaming Ceres. Brig Abby tlizabeth, Phinney, Philadelphia, 2 days, with to*), to neater. Brig Village Pride (Br), Lawrence, Bridgeport, 3 days. In ballast, to If J A C A Dewolf. Sc.hr V .(,1a (of Mac Mas), Haskell. Matanxas, 14 day*, with su gar. to Thus Owen A Bona; vessel to master. Has had very heavy weather the entire passage; spilt sails, started deck Susan f Rr). Lang, Halifax, N8, 10 day*, wtth Bah, to Woodruff A Hob In eon. Sehr Keaaiagton (of Charleatoa), Seven. .Jacksonville, 13 Bays, with pto*. to Frank Smith; vessel to Arthur Finnegaa. Sehr Kate Bingham ,3 masui. Fen gar. Savannah. 8 days, with couoq Ac, to Dunham A liimon. 2M Inst. OB mites SEof Bandy Honk, paaaad bark Oak. of Boston, siearmg B. Sehr B K Hall. Holmes Caries. 7 days. Bchr Marshall, Chichester, Rlchaaond, 3 days. Bchr West Wind Matthews. Alexandria. Sehr T DsPew, Edwards, Alexandria, 3 day*. Bchr Ann. Cole, City Point, I day* Bchr J G Whipple, Laoi.v m. Virginia ?rhr R H Vermilyea. Ryder, Virginia. Bchr Rio. Lawaon. Virginia. Bchr D R Talbot. Lord. Virginia. ?chr M Rogers, Fart en, Virginia. Bchr Mary Jane. Tilton. Virginia. Sehr Suwaaeet, Loper, Virginia. Bchr M CTosm, Lothrnp, Virginia. Sehr War Whoop. MeCready. Virginia, 2 days. Sehr Sea Witch. Egbert. Virginia. 2 days. ?chr J B Hpotford, lesiih. Vfiglnta, 2 days. Bchr Wave. Edwards, Virginia. 2 days. Mr B P Woo lacy, leper. Virginia, 2 days. ?chr H Martin, Sleight. Baltimore, i days. Sehr Etna, Ward. Baltimore, 4 days. Oehr j T Williams, Curtis, Baltimore. Bohr Mary. Smith. Fredericksburg. 4 day*. rchr Convert, , Boston for Albany. Bchr Highlander. .Boston far Albany. Bchr Asa Ratters. Fish, Ware ham. Bahr Ahalrm, Harvey. Newport. I day*. Sehr Diamond, Hoi ton, Mootngtan. 2 day* Bahr WUtie, Brown, New Haves, tdape. EE JtiiZ-iiSL Mr Job *,Hf. new. I ftohr Jatta RHmheth, Msrnl). Albany for I Bchr J HWUNama, -. Albany for Boa tar for 8 ,1a.iell', Albany ft* Boston. I .lames Butler, Jollne Virginia. f. By. PhUadeloaia. Btoanar Sarah. Jonas. Phtladelohm ?toamer Man. Nh-b ue. rhUndelpnm. 14 hours, hating bark Hair BELOW Bark Adelaide (of Baltimore\ Prendergsat, 40 day* ftrom ' Ryde with lose of mala topsail, fore topsail, far* topgallant an* royal yards wkh valla. Bark E aageUae. of Liverpool, 17 dayt front Ryde. ' Bark Beaver (Br, of Vermouth, lfB), Cllay, front Helvopt MyH Wind during the day BSE. ?imllaMni. California ship new* to ?epl 11 (by rosy Eipraaa). will be faand la news columns. Ito attentlre pnraer of toeamaklp Colombia, from Charles too, baa our ibaoka far paper* la adraaoo of tbo mail. ?air asoaaiar*, 8ellar. bancs at ?w Or lea w, reportaoa the 8th inatact a* a tblp eebore oa Moaalla Hboala. aippoaad la be the Mary, Oapt IrMtw, frnto New Tnrk for New Or laaaa Oapt Bettor ale* iopiate that oa the life, Uth and 1Mb. a bee off Tor togas, be eapertonead r*ry baary weather, wttb wtada froa* the *outbeaat to the aortheaet. wfetob lamed eerea t? two bo are aad to whaeh be to* eaila aad (toned rarra On the 17th. P?*e * roatre bearli * arret onrthweto 90 mitoa dk tool, aew a tolp. ruptMierd to be the ortKtmNi, wBb laammasl, fare top -fallrutmaet aad mlnrn topauat gone. Nwir Ituri, fmm New Orlraaa for New Tort, prrrtouoly reported eebore at lb* Kalue, aaa rot off aad proceeded to eee. Baa* Ettiw ??- Rant) too Roada, Her I H?Barb F.lUwan, from >ew ramie. Rag. for t barlaame. put In I err 'eablag, with 1 abort E*t Wtrr. Hept 17?Neat of the gnrda on bnnrd the ?Mp WliUam Jarre tprertoaaiy reported wrwrked on Mar?d Key*!, bare been oared by the w raebera. ??>? of wblob am* M lam sigh; wftb the curiam. The brie a N M.mr*. from Rich mnad reuad to Mobile with a earro of mahogany. p it Into tb,* port leekiag badly Tto* material* of U? bart V-mad-Ita* (prevln-ialy reported a recked oa Nlbow Eeyt, bare been *otd. end one half of set proceeds (iraa to the wrecbara for savin* the tame Macainra. AngT?Thetotp Oen RtlteW. of Rrwton. arrtrwd to this oort from Singapore bad very b-a'y weatbae aad M badly atrelrml. maklnf about 0 m-Sea of water per 7t hour* while iytog at aarbor la tb- harbor The aa<p by Ira pre* tonal r m oned la dtotreaa aaiied from Ufa part on the 17th nit for ? arcotia ,*? before reportedi Hhe aaa thoroughly re paired The report that *blp Rraj Morgan w*a off Cape (tod lOlh, re tum>n in dial ram, ? now and tobe an error. I apron*, for* rt*?tag (one, anl abort 'if pr wishma Hair. Kroe a of Rotoon), Treat, fro** Philadelphia for Port land, wei.t aaherr in the gale night uf JOth mat. at Ot-I Onthard ba t awx *he would probably be got off with the ?mirrnoe Hchr Nta Nittn, at Mobile from New Orleans. era* oompellad to throw overt.'rud dec* load at Urmpe lalaod to aava "ear atliraee report* aeteral reaasl* him and diamaated ta tbo etorm bound to Nobtle and I'raaarola (re New (>rlaaaa. Apr w**r. Hept * The Reloe lad teens, arrived at to Denis, ?union report* that on tie 10tb of March a large Atnarwaa ?hip of NtMban laden with Iron, fori' ?tala, pot totn It An rain. Madagascar. vrttb In** of bowsprit, f rr*i*el. topmaeU. and reryleaby. harts* naea la onotaet wttb ? large ship bet a 1.1 a Re nan and Madame' ar during a rale la the nig t at February to. aMah ehip. it waa supposed, had fnnadare I to Irpe* Iiman* nf 1h? ritfMirn Fear* were er-eru.aed thai toe *btp la aeeatlm amy bare been eiuar the ferrnree, a ?nates., or the Albert la (Irani, at llaera, netihcr of eluch bat bees beard of War* the gale of the MU F*b? ?r-y ttm. The (totfaa, which bad been (eat to <toH (be potto of Malaga* ear rmh of Mahe.a. bar arrlred at It Atignffm. and bad aarer tamed hat an ship bad goad am abora to the southward . Oireni v*?. Sept t?The Crttortn. Raddetor. from Mala ? for New Tor* baa bee* i mad -hroogb Iba btra.tr from .id the African rnaeL (tori Phtoaer. of .leemahip Jamestown, which arrived fast ?eewag from Norfolk, report* tb* (oitowtse veanato at amk g to Hampton Rnad* -*>'p raotber. of Boatoa, barba Agn*a. of (to KB* -a rear uf rurtotod. A its wen. of iTtoriraeoa; OcU ele, of Richmond. Major Bourse mM rt avp-ttob ai New Bedford tod.afefp Kulu miff. 415 on*, a lb a.) her whv.mg ? ppeiiadree. vedte toeFged frorr bar last .oy*r" to It?try f fbomaa. : to * v *rk ;ou. of Matiapcmeit, 1M loss. ? Mb her laveovrry as ffto harped from tow 'aat tut age, in Cfcai* H ilifftwd ?ml Heuj Ti 'laaiiiig* foe (MOP __ be la o he oontinned In liieaiaroi wbaPrr hnatani i. frua New Redfoed. oa.l'W '.be ontotom I o.' (Apt Tana i-udth, late at atop DmmM A )*r*e achr of to* tonnSuntom waa laon bed from the yard of Aaron Barwham. at atosa. aa Vadaeaday. Kb- l? owaed by rran a Uw and ihera. oMJ.orgetown, Me. A achr of MO tone waa also munched irom lb* yard ?f Jeremiah Hi tt# iww hart ramatly launebhd by l-m (|-o fireermaa AOn. it MtjaIc Brtoge (\ be* been aemed Hetrtma Hbe M tt Mjetii' Brtoge, (\ be* been named Hatom pa* * r^ghrifr J A to-'HW Of B-W rork, and w -lend-? ' r the r-r-ral fretgtolng hodne**. under the u-eawend of i apt < to r lew I Tart. The fo'towtog table iteat a i bar bora at New Trrt, bamca. jp Cbartrearti. Paeanaah, Nnatm New Ortoaa* aad fl*ni*a,? lauat aerounla frwm each of tbcea i ? Total. i IL u 10 rfi ? ? Ulllllk. S Brigs ?wp? ; Marks o Total. Brigs 1 7 Schooners. J a 1 S&v in ?iubaj<(. ..... 4 Br.gs. 9 *6 6efe?0Mm 8 U S^?? 1 7 fc*t.V*?TO*. ?1 Brigs Whalemen. Arr at New Bedford 33d. bark Liverpool, Davenport Atl?n to 0 -ran Western Ground Aug 38, via Taroaulin Gave. with 30 bbA spoil. <ect home'>> bbla ?p oil. Reports apoke >q Western Ground Aug 0 harks King ?her Kuwait. N<i, ISO sp; John '"<ime!l, do 500 do; Rothvti t. Aileron, Orleuss. 27i hpbk 25 ap 'i.'th, t'onolenua, kith. Myrtle, 30 ap; 24th, ship Darnel Wood, OU do (who reported seei-g a few dot a previous, barks Stella, Anaarv MB, and Kdwsrd 8oaallev. do, oil not states). .Heard from a hoot An* 1. ship Soohai Thorn too. Rrirga KB (81 ?a before reported; Bart stable Bronson, do, bo oil; harks H.it, trees. Alien, do, no oil ikisseuaoo; Statlra, Luce, do. 90 bbls hla wesson. B'-'ow at do 33d berk H'atira. Live. Atlantic Ocean, teat re ported with 130 bbls md S 400 do ? h nil. A letter from tiapt Pease, of bark Knreka. of Bdrnrtown, reports her it Maurttins In Angnst, arlth 400 bbls sp and 110 do ?b. Reports spoke In Juno, ship hplendtd, Norton, Kdgar towa. SOU ap. 380 hpbk. fpoken?A'lg J4 un Western Oround, bark Colon, Deiter. ?ait 38 sp; July I, bark Anna wan, Keltb, do?bad atrnck 3 40 bbl ep whales, nod as . ad but one, havioK boat stove. N o , ate, Ac, abip Deademuna, Bates, NB, 3 weeks out, dean In June, Splendid, Norton. Kdgarlovn. S00 ap, 880 hpbk. sept 30. lat 10. lun 49 30, Elizabeth, of Weatport, from MBed ford, t or a cruise. Rpokea, die. Sept 17,'.at 40 45 (not as before), loo 4810, ship Alexander, 'rotr Liverpool tor.Ilunee River, Va, 4A days oui; aame day, At 41. Ion 48, ahip Kentucky, from Boston for NUrleans; ltth, lat 4i OA Ion 46 30. ship Suranar, ? rnm Liverpool for Phtlauel ph'.a. 33 days out; 30tb. lat 40 40, loo 47. ship Wallace, of Wis ? asset, from Liverpool for Philadelphia, 44 days out?Br pilot boat K.mn.e, Wo 17 Ship Southern Cross, Howes, from Boston July 6 for Ran Francisco, A g17. lat 3 38 S. Ion 34 47. Shtp American rlagle, Upure, from IrOOdon for NTork, Sept 3, At 48 41, Ion 94a i'trk Cur lew, Ballard, from Boston for Bore Kong, Aug 21, 1a: 35 06 B, Vn 43 14 W. Brig Amelia Wheeler, 20 days from Charleston for Mor dtiu, Sept 2. 1st 44. Ion 4a ,.bf'* ? 1**on- from MaUnraA for Portland, Sept IS, la. 32 42, Ion *6 20 la* Jjy^SnaStu"tU' from8,114 Key'T!' {or "*wk,Sept 14, fichr 1 Atu.a Banded, of Baltimore, from Jamaica, bound in. ffrt 7. off Cape Cruz. ietf /usee Miller, hence for Ualreaton, Sept 3, lat 24, ion 49. Foreign Porta. AiiCi.'tr. Sept 1?Arr Ad*. Chadboorne n*r<ei>. fee XTcil. ' k-W.PremMeo1 fiewndt, iroa> Bremen Antioch, "Tonnjr,'' ^'n|''!?rioT<!4;rSS,MlHOta* fr0? York. Orletoi; Rnknti W(r>bo' uliti i ^0?cii6n,'Pr?>b8l, Sew i ftieoaber, Had Ini j?, Achaa^dS' Ok?%wS?J?l i'amMT were &t anchor off tiJ hnn. &w\ *r *>cnuicr and Giuitar i Sttlih, BaJlccr, New York- wfr*mv< 1 t I^reeident i A mo. A Robert?, Colaoo imrlS^N^ PWIvieiohU. Orleaa.; <*?*? **"??". * Bobmui x, Bept 7?Arr B G Barney Banter *t?a BoiJ.ia., bept ?-Sld Seb?atlmok!<StaM^Iino? ?Sir O^SSJif'1 .?~. JS^J^SST^raSi <?0 do Mb, Guachen. Probat from Bremen r<w an ? ^snn?'**??-*? *'>?<? FufHifQ, Sent 6-Rld Joho Spear Crockcw Ffann* O.SS5S".' ? ?pt fc^1 H^kSw ?Hd 51) fw &SiuuL^l J ' B*A*0 wtort (and at Ma^ca Slat lor K York); Si? r?U^a?iylEt!!**? M^.Bommt. Wind w'em fUfAa,*3fffe i&V ?S (tonmtVoO,^' *?? ->Ma for BYork ztLTA<yzra:f^ ?i?-? ?*. Bid from Curhkrea *tk, (J uten burrtiobieL a7m* i'if1' ??P?i8-F*pon' 2m.3' R^J.^ SwiTJSffi ,?*??? ^b4*' * 'tray; to l HaDL Bm'J*.r * *rl, MI1W, Golden Jtocket Po?a? n!:.? Ba*> frewwimr; I-n -o!n, Htifbei; Lorr \nn Ryd*r; Kate J**??* J*?Oobhe, Baker: (laa Waaler Font Berrl^pl b >' Robin. Rankin. Racer. Forajth. aad Vit~ Metall!?^',..^ ina. Harem; A B FaUernoii. KaShTi cS!^' V* y. aad LaMpo. Harmta. dim a- br* .V a BordT^iti^" &&? barbour* *3?^ V S?im?irrd BOTm,a- Wrt*k1' ^^^"bSrSSS: Joo; lib. Oaltoden HTTijTjJobUir (iTh,,? To.1' ,? **x Brtd.cwa.er, ttmR^rtSS!? mTZ.'. %2??! Sm%U,Wei Ra a-aJT'lt^: 2! '<?>? V^eU De'^ao WQrleeaa <iofS5^JasSfeaSS' *Tort: *??W.dkhm ?/''Wis, f?rt 10?Arr Sntood# Mit F& t-kBrSap* . aiVArrSSS?11 kj??'"SSsrwkliiJria^tof: "** *-*" Korti *">?*"- ?. Q-rtm, for "-1 r n^?M'. / Vor5?TVw? ? ?wn s"1*'M* J"" sTt J" b1-i 1) Jn, O naa. Adra, port^bip st, j ilea "idi Y^/t ^riisrzL ^VrrSr '?? --? aSSa^^vjwa a~?? I for do. w .rtmme. ee k't lBh E *,,tm, .4^55^t; ""il*' ?!?'.Jbljdarnam Drtem. Blort | BYmk .^.;^, '??m-rraat. Wkl!#, i jlT'* "' 'V ?2P i~fl? l"oo<le. Allan. |* York Bremen 'a No, S*D"flr J*". Broken, from I datn'l'r R*Y "rk.*" ' 7~?* ??nnJ?^ Starke, from Bourn f(0-??h?i?. A t* ?-/Td Join Bamaal. Joooa. Nortb Am? C."^r.::^'-Arr " **rrh^1- ""brvn, Ra. York; ?k ri?lim?"'" **' ^ from ig>s|w?^SF. <lMvTW iUiK?,d,. Fwhflf from mark fdi Jgyy^FWB FVl*.'elrbia far Tort! V '^1-. pliei T^A. **?"^} (rrm> "?!*'* "M A.uf j 'vf* itaarm, VP. ka .. Tvrke [am., a in btal for i?rZ-Ir "*?'? ? VTfS :**-? K. *N Wt load faTjo. * Tor* ? !",? net dai ' - n i'tn."} .^ Oinnak. Lood. for Jf i AfmTp *? F^arro, M?r?ia, RTork tmm fT* ' 77"' ,f ><7???VlTort. ?k ak <a?ar si2L ?S2T9k? VrRear |l.wfc?, 7 iw^w-fthKVyk"- hr Knm "u~"*h' ?'??twop. do no date. Kdmoad. W?kmaa, from ROrlaaaa for Brt tanicd. 8*pt I-la port Wlllard. VReken. mo. Amtrkaa Pnrta. -A'7X ' ?'- *rr h? New WorW. IP 5^1 Ji*!"* .r.T"T- "arr*,. Honton ?-hrg ..?tree a rSvE^^^sswrtsaria JKjTSniS-CSiTSr-t4sS65~*' 1 - A rr ?h'p? ttprr fitrndfrtrd. HHiepanB. ltntl?filA* ??,? 2^ ?y?*v!^r*r ^^"-S^r^MSS-BS1 i rir h,,e2 y*.rr**- "BW. ?" III. fit Geo Durfcao B i and oca. liW Fort aM f ria. VaL ^^lama^'oimwai! KpTh?!. ii^!rortl?LhP"' ' w ? hK ?V ? """S' P'l'lrwr, Ma 3rSfT.ra ff wk , - 7 -??Fd?00 F-nohao t. Rd^er' ***' r *rk. I'Hl ;% 4#It)h ft \ .. G I -m, ria^m.'A l? aaad rla' SSj m Kh. It rrii # Adini, ,? jTymnwi, nirw If R M^iionmv' K^??2lil,,? **"*!* nnwTjiewK: * Vfc5SS; Mommr, *n4 h ? I^i-ertef. i nrene, I'h|iii4e|ekle c^bMaI ivi SU^lT^ifr ^ im SSl Md rmakito JjUfce.U Kt *n?tkpArt Her j Henikpr. H?uk, ./nH% Ann &l#?rn, And AetR^i ''oeiii, RoNwon Hmftdrpit' r>rMa> ?TB-eei,. Fa ,.. GUm^iyrowr^,^!!?'^!, ICL ,"* '<? Reed. Rletana. Rpem Rsndm. and I- M*" mT^VrtoT-^e** ,! barka aad two T'17 * Stturdar tfiid WJTW u? WfW, ?dikneiikra Cem "?H.W4 B? Pefort.abltm .foaeph llolataa. Raarliaw G|o tar Bp i rmr'a a d?nr tap. artnd RRlo*. aa ??Arr St le.i ttean abtp * R PpenM'na. Pewm. R.PI. W're; waai.a (intra r?.-??*. Be*r*e cGw oKuier loni I t.erpeol; W j, A,n.n Woerione. n,du: Parke U dm Bum.' Frew t nfT"' " '""or. Bntvm, Harm a, fler. F ircma, Be ^'.'Vlls-SE1 V .* ? *T" 'r. Ferd'e.nd B-m\ ' *a ?"">??? Jflet, MMlair. a ceaadria. t. ] wd for war An ,..'112' ' li'r "?? 1r't?rr,nl.; ?wk A-a -OB. Kir '??-??. --rare Fraaeet *na, *<red, dt J-Aaa l'R; * Station, Jr. Fhtnn-s Windsor. V& Below, a bark, u Hng Hah hern* brig sad al do. CM steamship Jos Whit ??7. Parker, Boston; ship* A Roo;oK-*r Pi ,s), H.vabvcea, Rotterdam (and aid); Braaaen (Ureal, Meyer, Loudon; bark* Tanaro. Perry, Liverpool; t'nlon Trlppe, Boston and aid); brig* Pumaa, RoMnaon, Liberia i.vnd sldi; LUttan, Be, ley, Boa Ion (and aid); sohra D L Marge*, CVowwU, Pall River; Idclia KaUy Kelly, PVovtdeecs; Klleo Perkins. tUddrMH Arlington. beamsn, NYork; Alius, HaVla. do Sid abip Lena, Allen, Rotterdam; brigs Juaepaua, West lndiaa; Chesapeake (Br) Gwvaa, Demorora. BRaZOS, about Sept lb?la port achr R Palmer, from New York die*. BELFAST, Hept 14?Arr achr Planet, Hardin*, NYork. HaNGUR, Sept 21?Ckl hrlg Moonlight, Small, Palermo; aebr Seaman. PbUdp", Baltimore. BRISTOL, Sept*1-Arr sobr .lamee R Mitchell. Morris, Kltza betbport; sloop Predertc Brown, ('arr, NYork tor Providence, bid aebr Kclei ce. Glade log, N York; sloop Senator, Kin*, do. BAKKK8 LANDING (Warwick), Sen 23-Sld aebr Mary Halt. Smith. Philadelphia t HARIJC8TON, flepl 20?Arr steamship Colombia, Berry, NYork, "hip Dooatl, Slack, Newport an*). Cld brig 4 t Jonea, Cook. NYork Sid b?l*? Samuel Welch, Arrant" Phil adelphia; Barus, Porvouo. lkexvy. Us; Tanner. Hodgkinnun, NYork; aebr* T D Wagner, Ryder, do; Lilly. Francis, Wtl niiigtnn; P Ntekarann Henderson. do 21at arr steamship M? n-uichiianU* Sam peon, Boetoa; achr W H GlJliand. Krrk kaun. ?<atou Cld sbiu Jdacalnavv, Hammer, NYork. Sid trigs .L P Snow, Smith Pernandln*; Sunny HootA, Tro ver, St Mary a Ga; achr ? lohu Roe, llammocd, w liming - ton N C 8 B Bailer. Line. Jacksonville. Dartmouth, Sept 22d-ait achr Augusta, K alley, NBed ford for NYork. kl AST PORT, Sept 13?Sid bark Virginia Ann, Uorbem. M York; aobr Heguine. Barbados*; 14th, aoliri U 'len, ('arr ill, Pbilailelpnla; 18th, Depoott, Barnard, NYork. KAST GKRKNW1CH, Sept 22-Arr achr Albert Pharo, Ca Taller, Philadelphia. PaLMIiL'TLI, Sept 21?Arr aebr Roger Farm uiee, Barlow, Philadelphia. PALI, RIVKR, Sept ts? Arr aebr* Henrietta. B reman, and Rli/abetb Davidson. Lung, NYork; James McCloskey, Steb blns, KUzabeihport, Chaw., Mill*, do. gLoUOBSTRR, Se Sept*)? arrachra Batevls. Leland, Calais for NYork; Porewt, tm-ry, Rockland for do. K F Lewis, York, Portland far Philadelphia, Orinoco, do do; Kossuth, Lee, Nsw btirvport for NYork (. ROTOR', 8riit22?Arr > hr Jenny I.lnd, Ba-ber, RondouL J ACKSONVILU, Sept IS?In port brig Angela, Mill, for PrmLlonre, ready. MOUILK, Sept It?Arr ships American Union, Mscodock; R H Dtxey, Dixey (since lost), and nandusky, , NYork; brig I) Malnoy, Madman. Philadelphia. Lavaca, P-rker, Lewes, Del achra Isaac Miller, t'arbonett and W Smith. Dorey New York; H Null Sheldon, Philadelphia, 17th, bark K Wright, Glbba. Boston; 18th. ?hr MobUe, liowev, NYork. MYBTiC. Sept 22-An achr Champion, Do iglaa, Roodoul; sloop Apollo, Freeman, do. NSW ORLKANH, Seot 18-Arr bark Cephas SterreL M'Ken non, Rockland; brig Hope, Simpson. Vera I'rnz: achr* Vir ginia Antoinette, Sbisa. do, Urillante (Met), Kaplsola, Siaal; Dew Drop, Terry, hence for Rnatan Island, reti-rrsl In dla tieaa; iiartbaldi, Garamaln, hence for Brazos HimUxo, re turned in distress Cld ship Ocean Romp, Goodwin, Liverpool; brig Balear, Ptlettl, NYork, The ship KB Sumner and brig West Indian went to sea on the 17th InsL 19th? Arr slips Georgians, Suiter, NYork; Constitution, Hlg gins. Ho,too Below barks Horace, Beets. and Alezma, Iror ell, from M stanzas cld ship Silas Green man, Webber, New York; bark A H Kimball, Grant. Boston. 24th?Arr (by tel) ships Armada, and Barnabas Webb. Liver pool. Alloe Ball, Bordeaui; Purest Cty. and Idaho, Boston; Highland Light, and Chaa Davanport, IfYork. Wl BFOIJl, Sept XI?Arr bark Bldon. Sweeper, returned on aedduct of lathing, for repair*. Cld ashr S isan A Mary, Cooper, Providence. la Hampton Roads, ships Panther, Gannett, and Talisman, Thorns a, irom Oallao, lor orders; bark Greenland, Bales do do do. N Kff BEDFORD, Sept 22? Arr achrt Chauniey St John, Dcyle, KUlabi-tbpart; Thus U Thompaan, Baker, NYork. CM aahr Car, Hammond, Pioton. N ANYUCKIT, Sept l?-rld achr Kmeltne Cheater, Bowen, Pbitadelpbin. NPWI' >*T ""?-WIGHT, H?i>t ii?Arr achra Sea Braeze^t^oomba^Dlfh. fklb.ulelpbta, Argns Norrtv Hoi ? ., , p? iw.lvaH, aiBun (?-in So ?e 1 se' fur ItfdA; San V?*', Cole, Warren for do; Hampton, Kddena, and Martha '. ane, Moll. Providence for do; sloop Wlllard, Carr, do. 23d?Kir, achr Ann S Sailor, Flak, tar NYork; and all othars bound S and W. NKW HaVRN, Sept 22?Arr achr* Porpoise, NBrunswtck; Challenge. Smith, do; R L Crooke, Johnson, do; Cleopatra, do; Cataract, do Carroll, Klper KUzabeihport, J as Biickaloo, Ben nett, do; O 0 Ac)en, Peck do; 8 P Godwin, Hobble, do; Ger trude Fields, do, bound to NBedford, sloops ManhtUan, Un derbill. do; Greyhound, Walaou, NBrimaw.nk: Pbo-nl.t. Sbep ard. NYork; Passenger, Haverstraw. Sid achraC Haddeu, N l'.ronawlck; Native. KIIrsbeth|xwt; I Merrkt, do; Favorite, N York; sloop South port, do. PKNSaCOLa, Sep M?Arr achr Jeaae Richards, Cook, New York. PHILADRLPHIA. Sept 34-Arr ehtp Kameak, Rowland, Liverpool, brigs " m Crawford, Falker, Snco. J 11 < ounce, Wnits, Portland; achr* Dingo, lo-k. lloslon; Matthew, Ogier, St John N B; Rescue, Petting 111, Portland; Anita Damon, Has ketl, IfYork; W P PhU'lps, Smith. Srulntree; Mary Stan llsh. At wood, l<(?s ton; Rdwlii Kred, Chlpman, do; Coral Queen, Mnith, do Sea Gull. ^Tackhouae, St John, N it; Kmoia. Vent, l.ynn; J It Hleecker, Xdwarda. NYork; Star, Or lwell, Itoetou; Emma A ituclah, IUoiia h York. Henry May, Iloov. r. Bos ten. cid ateaanaMp Kanafngton, Bakar. Ihmk bark Ru?a beth J. Foulkrs, Port Spain; Dries W Crawford. Falker, New born art; I'elesilna, nekett Boeton; achra Mary Fletcher, Crosby, Bath K U Atwood. Smith, A Dainond. IfaakelLand ?dwui Reed. Cbipman, Boston, Rmma, Vent, Ssituate; W P Philili s. Sndlh. Kraliiiree. PCKTSMi UTH, Sept 13?Arr achra D F, Talpey, sad Jacob A William. MaUhewa. Philadelphia; John Adams, Hatch, N Yort; ICth, Bay Bute, Terrill, do, Grecian, Matth.-wa, Phila delphia. PRiiVIDBNCC Sept 2t? Arr steamers Pelican. Baker, and Petrel, Kenny. NTork: achr* Addle K Hernaa, LU1. Klcliinood; Arthur 8 flmpton. chorn, .Malcbapungo Va; Allen Middle ton Jr. Hippie, Alexandria; Alexander Heudereoo. Crowell, and Geerge M Fmllh. MUla Phllr lelphta; Charity Fowler, .Mora, Cnnley and Alalia T, Hriggs. kh/abethport; Orator. ?? - ~ xmark, F ' " ' ~ Ulbba; AUda. Triable, and Denmark. Brtgbtman, Port Rwen; sloops Stooybiook Packet, Tyler; Planter. Bennett, sod Com merre. Tyler, Bllrabethport, Opera, Hatterly, Nlork. Sid aeh Ntnetta, Taylor, 8 York. XSd?Arr steamer Peng uln. WHUama. NYork; achra NUad (neen, liulae, Baltimore. Armada. Knowlea. Raupahannoek llrer 'rank Lucas, Taylor. WairUoprlg, Va; Boston. Brow ? - I Jgyo, - Ansa Smith, Smith; Huaan R Jayne, Jayna; sinaUa PurkhUl; Aolaraa. Curdery; Reven'ie Gaudy; Rnoek Pratt, Sbermae, sad John (Vmptou. klllott, Philadelphia; Mary Rltrabeth Madara, Pklladelpkla. lor Pawturket; J 8 Lane, " -"(TM ? Reward, taaatsburg, NY; RCecranUm. Klag, Readout; sloop Mary Brush, Young. Port Bweu. bid, brtg Northern Light, (Br), Gannon, NYork; arhrs H K Dyer, Tracy; Ann 8 Bmwn Brown, ? light, 11 unlicy. sod L M Kn Urott, Leeda, Phlladel V>paaWT1 CKRT, Sept 21-81,1 achra Ymellue Rickey, Tire, PhMadetpMe; Abny Weld, Huuhlua, NYork; sloop Joel liaU, Wilroi. do. RICHMOND, Bajt 71?Arr achra M M Freeman. Nlekeraou, Portland. Joaiah Achorn, Merrill. Rockland. Hid ackra Trad# wind, Barter. Sevaanab; Lucy White. Aray, Prortdenee, RC Johnson. Look wood, NYork. CM ships Peppcrville, Utll, Loo doe: Rlena (Brern), Knhlmaaa. Bremen. sAN FKANCIWOO. sept P?Arr ships Oracle, Wood, Hong Knag; lAth Klertrto Kperk. Candsgs, Boehm -id 8lh. ?hl|.? White Swallow, cmeby Melboarae. Cowper, Stsrent, Co we*; 11th steamship John L Stephana, Paoame. HT MARKS, Pept 14? Is port ships Hartley. Howes, from Liverpool, die*. Napoleon. Ilrnmmoed. from Cardiff, do. 8IPPICAM. Hept 22?Hid achr Banj Kngllah. Holies, NYork to load for Savannah. Wilmington. Sept ??Arr achr Adsle. Irelaad, NTork. Cld 21a brt?t Miner 'a (Dutchi, Van Osxnerman. RoUerdam; 22d Robert Bnice Br), Muir. Ixmdoa. WINTKRPORT, Kept 20-RM aahr A Colby, Barman, Phila delphia. MIT AWD rOI'HD. Boat u*t-m reward -is rirr long. yellow Ignawalea, with Mark hotiaai. marked H. L. Diiwrtw. A & J wrrn returning her to Ue (out of Thirty fourth UN), N. A, ahall receive the above reward. rCND-IN BTKTH A VBNCR, BETWEEN THIRTY, fltlh an t Thirty Mvthaueeta, a rooketbuuk ? obtaining a ?mal' ?mo.iLt -4 money. which tae owner ran hare hr proving prupert) andpa'Pig lor ibia adverunenteut, on app.icailoa u. Warren and Wlleoa, V Murray itreet rinXD-IN MAP'"9N AVIMl'R. OM BCNDAT, BEET, B. a Mourning f The ineer can hare the earn# by proe li.g property aad paying for ihla ad r anion worn.. ? B. J. ? EMIR. 151 Bowery rI"KI) IW BROOK I.TN-ON WEDNMRPAY. REIT. ? iR, a gold Seal aad < harm for ? watch. which ibe owner ran bare by p?.in property ar 1 paying eapenaaa Call at Wa Barke'a. IT t Mid avenue It T. fJtOCKD AMD HA7V-AT MO. Z7J HI.EITHER BTREET r A Paroaol w ? left met Saturday evening, an I le eafe for ibe owner as well ae all klnda at Teaa, Cofleee. Sugam. Me rarm any i,ne family ii ? ?*?noe better aae cheaper Utae at aay uthar bcuaa la hew Tork Try -ta WaLTKB iiORH AM A CO . ttuecMem to John II. Wood. LUPT-HAlNiB NO 11. BELONGING TO ENGINE NO. JO Ike Soder mil be auueoly rewarded by leering .1 at No. M Greenwich etreet. Lost-a ooi.n bracelet, with the initiate m. V r on the 'netde. lbr Under will be rewai Jed by lear lag M at SO Weel Twenty With etreet. Lust?ON MONDAY. IN DIVIRtoN STREET, A MA | eaede Aproa. The leder will reeelre the theatte at the owner br returning the aente to MPS Monroe now e V' the Herald'Ana. TUOrt FMButfMON. LORT.-OM BATCRPAT LA*T, AT OR NMAR AN ? rn't Pagaerreai moaaa, Mroadway, a d Am-tid Ring 1 he finder wtU be liberally rewarded by lea Hag Ibe earn- with hr ABana. ________________ | OMT-a ?CN?Tf or BRTB, IN CdERTIMB S'.IP R lj etrtnltT. t he Bw4er trfl he rewarded by leering ?.hem at Panle A kaa A 'a, MSooU Wreei Ld,T CR BTOLHN -CERTIf KJATE NO. 1751. TOR I fifty ihar-a of (la eat and i"hleag i Paton Railroad | CMapMt'tatoek. in the name ,-f AS -.ma A t o All , -we I areeeotvmed againe* leemtatnf or eeoet?tag the aarne ae ' the transfer bae been eloeoe I A "i table reward will he I paM for Ite re* ore In Hoffman A fen driofc, No 2 Hanirer | etreat. HKWARD-LOUT. ON = ATIRPAT LANT BETWEEN ? riirlat.^ber ?tree* and No tH Trent tiiee' * I ee I ii-.g, ? Ith a ReoetfH Hook the pr rty '4 BileaoR-i v The (later wUl be rewarded y Ulag'ng u to the at ire a noer. TBTAToH I.OHT OR RYOT EN-IN A M AWBON AYINCR fT Miar*e, between feurteaea Thirty etgbtli wree- t lady ? rotd enaatelled Watab. ft T..W1 ft. Rneeveh ataker A'l pewnhrnhera are re 'letted to amp aad report the earn* li officer |* J Pacta, lihah prertart. 'til r-WM are retoeep eil to delate the property and person or peraona i WANTED?AN OWNER TOR A HORSE POCND ? aetray la he Bgpteeate ward alee for Hreadeha I < ape and two boieeand <we b>g of eoltoa Thread, alao a e n ! ber at altb Dreeaee. Apply to the property elerk at the Me I ir'<polMan Pel lee (U Hnrnw MraeL HrWARDH. B reward -r-owr tbrterpat. mth tnat. -etweea hleeoeer and Canal atreeu in Broadway -aye, m lloi k, from A '.am't A Co. The abort reward will he raid In aey eae who wtll return >l to O l*eoa;ia A (1 Hariaf, (Al fcna.1 way. N H -Xkta book la of as ralue bat la the pre piiet'dW f?J RIIWARP ST < N MONPAT ITTH TN?T IN O Ro'ineoo aire-* . a a< .-*1 an Dog The af-c - ward will be paid if rw me t to Wta. h Meeke. US Beade ? e reward-lort. on ratcrday mornind, *KJ e wklte Oermaa fo? Dog Tka aboee reward will he patd oo relnrnteg kf le tl? eiJ lid' 'anal Wre-t, ? e REWARD.?LOST, A SMALL BLACK ABD TAN Vt) Pne eaawere ' > the name of Jaek. By returning h ae to No. IS MM afreet, no# door eaat at Broadteay, wt 1 re et he tke abo e reward. REWARD- I.OBT. TROM t? WERT ELMTENTH ahitat, on Midday atenWe. ? large aire blaok and Tin w~m~. f harlea St. Joke, if Weet Eieranth atreet. or to Oeorge A. Rt Joka. M Onrtlandt atreat ?in rbward.-lort. on rcnpat ArrtR aooa. near the Canal ghreet ferry, roawag rmm iiobo krtt. a *?!re? Bracelet with a pearl k ickle Tke aboee re ward Wfl Nt gteee or It* fit* raloe. If ne.-eeeary, by ragam:nj It to D. C Beaeork. B*l Broad war, up Maim. $100 REWARD WILL RE MAID MOR INBORN A Hon whteB will lead to the deieetlati at the party who Cat try fcnlswd ktHe c-irhlcei III my warer vena. W. H. wairriTH, IK rttlfW (treet A aoBTuuu QAirrm a oo. , auction kkhs. ?Q a Magnlflnenl B0mB9Ll> Fl'RMirUBB. Bar* lad omity Famtfna* _ . Aid Work* of Art, To bo peremptorily mid it __ v Publlo Aactioa, This day (Tuooiij) September?*, At tha tltfut uwog at KeeoBnmham k*q. Bo. 40 Woot BCteen b street, betweeu Fifth and dillh uvenuea: Sate OOBOnclDI u 10;, o'Uoct. ?ap*rt 7* ostive PiauoCorta. Drtwuig ivoom I iu jr. ^ _ ... Oil Painting*, by emiooat artists, ArUatie Broom Btatuiry. , ... Sevraa mil Dresden fihlni Ornament*, Bronze end ormol 1 Chandeler*. . . . . Valvet medallion (Xrpet*. Preach plate, pier lad mantel Mirror*, _ _ . _ Be< ada and lac# Curtail*, Boaewood Chamber Fundi ire, en cnite; _. ... tobd uak Buffet and Kiteukm Table, Cblr a, Olar* ant Silver Ware. tl he lur atture waaaUaaute to order, bjr Wei), Both A Oe.) DBAWlVd MsgnlAoent rueewood "X OMave Pianoforte,

The rleheet Inurnment oflered atauotion UUa season. carved le*> and caae, four round < urnera, overatrung baaa, line i With aailnwoor. inlaid with pearl, finished all round. aoli<l pearl heys, made by cltv maker* folly guaranteed; French cloth Cover, btool covered m brocade; rosewood Canterbury, de;re taire and Book -aee bole de m Marqueterte Cablneia. Cady a Work Table aod Writing Beak. Inlaid with pearl, Kogliab ttrus aal* and Medallion t arpela, Mosaic Rug*. French plate pier Mirror*. marble *1*l> and hracketa, too large mantel Minor*, richly ear rd frame,. heavy embrotderet l,aoe Curt dot, French Shade* Cornices, t .vu magnlitoest *uit* of Parlor Kur nit' ire, cove red In three nolored latin brorade of the richest do icrtpUuu, carved In *olid r eeivood; two Tele a t- Aofaa, reception and oval bank Chair*, rosewood oentre Table*, U redan marble up *> match ibe suits; Ktegeree, marble top, lined with aatlnwood, tnlrror d >or* and back. King'* patent Chain, aide pier and quartette fable*. Oil Pa'ntnga, by West. lutgvand, Cole. Kglaw. and ?iber eminent artist*; Aaeumptlon of Virgin Mary, from the oelebra ted painting m the Louvre, Pari*; Mtorm Scene, by Fingerna il*, Ao : oak Batatand. Chair*, velvet valr Carpet*, silver Bod*. Oilcloth. Chambers?Wilton and It grain Carpets, rose wcod marble top .Bureau*. Bedstead*. Commodes, Arm our a Olace, Toilet*. Wardrobes, Table de Mult, Couches, Hooker*, arm acd oval back Chair*, ooverad in moqnat. hair and eprio;; Mattretaea, Bedspreadi, Feather Bed*, Blister*, Pillow* oval Mirror*, pastel fainting*, decorated China Toilets, brooatel Curtain*, Ac. Upper charaben-Mahogany and enamelled Bureaus, bedsteads. Withstand*. Hofas, Rockers. An. Olnlng room?Solid oak Bull et^e?Ven*iou dining Table. Id leet draw; Couches, arm Chairs, eie,tint set* crystal and ruby Class-are viz: Decanters. Cobleis, . hampagne*, Lumnnade*, Wines, Ot rafls, Film, Celery and Prvs?rve stand*, Anger Bowl* Parian marble si.d ruby punch Bow^a. liquor Bets, gold band dinner pCoe Hst, 2 0 piece*; rtcb dernrcefflea Bet, 44 pleoe#; anlH silver dinner ?nd lea Beta, Silverware. Caster*, cake Basket* ivory handle labia Cutlery, Spoor,*, Forks nankin King* Ac Also a general unortmrut of basement and kttcheu Fnrait ire Terms of ial* rash. In bankable money or combed check* A J. BLRRCIER, AtTuTIONRRR. . UKKAT AUCTION NALR OF W TALCABLB LOTH. On 11th ud I2tb am, 77th, 78th and 71th Ma., belocrtng to the estate of Franera Heiidrtoka, deceased. A. J. BJ.BBCKSK. NOR * ix)? will aell at anetlOB, on Toan day, Sept it, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' hichange ? nSnllttr- ' ? ._f?? a*., B lota on w. a, bet ween 77th and 78th its. On 11th a*., 8 lota on w. a, between THth aud 79th sis. On 12th sr., 8 lota on e. a, between 78th and 79th atn. On 12th av., 8 Ma on a a, between 77th and 78th ata On 12th ev , 8 Ma on the a a corner of 77th M. On 77th at, 83 Ma n. and a a , between 11th and 12th am On 78th ah, *2 lota n. and a a, between Ulh and 18th am (wlt^nwMi^ On 79th it,. lota on a a, between 11th an 118th am , u'aTC.h at, 7 lota on a a. MM ft. eaat of 12th av. Tie above valuable property haa been la the pots-salon at the Bendrteha family for ream and la all eligibly situated for Immediate uaa The land alopes beautifully to the rWer, the water rlgbts on which, embracing a front of 2K block*, ex'end a?00 fl went of 12th ar. are of Iramenae vafce, and will be In tectiona 79th at la 1U0 ft wide, and te opened, * ruled, curbed, (tottered aad Bilged to the mer. Thia la probably one of die lorelloet tracts now for aala In the cltj, and (lea In the rear of Hurobam'a Hotel and adjoining the land of Wood. The lerma will be liberal, and large prlrUegea allowed to purehaaem The Utle la unekceptlonahle. er^^M at the oldam on the laland. I IABBOI.cn. Napa aad full particular* can be had at Ho. 7 Pine all eel A J. BLK8CKBR. AUCTIONEER. . ABSOLUTE 8*1.8 OR 88 HaRLBM LOTS ON R1PTH and bulb avennee, 130th. 133.1. Ut h and 18.1th atreeia ?A J. RI.KK' KhB. M)N A OO , will sail. ?t ?octioa. on faursiay, Heul >7, at 12 o'cloch, at the Merchant!' E-. change ?? On fifth arenue-8 Lota e a between I lit ant 131th (treat*. On Fifth areoue?8 Lot I a. a between 134lh and 136.0 alreeta. On eltth avenue?4 t. ta on the n. e. corner of 13Uth street. On 13(ith atreet?7 tgita n. a I'O feel eaat o* With avenue. On L'kkh a.reel? <> Lota a a HO feet eaat of Sixth avenue. On 133d atreet-4 Lota n. a 140 feet west?' Fourth areena On 1334 atreet?12 Lota n r. 100 feet eaat of Fifth avenue. On 134th atreet?2t Lite a. and a a 180 feet eaat of Fifth (ramie Oa 13 Tb atreet?12 Lola a a 100 feet eaat of Fifth avenue. Many of the above I. ita are <>a the beautiful plane of the Fifth aveone, aea. the residence of Charlea Henry llall, ?*>]., deceaaed. and among the lovelleet aitea of Uarlem, the Fifth avenue briny aawered aad planted w.lh elegant ahade trrea above Mouut Morrta square. THE OKA UK Of t ill WHOL8 PLOT IB EXCELLENT. TITLE PKKF8CT AND TKBM8 L1BKHAL. 8AL8 POBIT1VK TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. Napa Ac., at No. 7 Plae atreet. AH WILSON A OO, AUOTIONMEBE. ? NAGNIFL KNT HOl'rtRHOLO FURNITURE AT PUBLIC AUCTION, at the elegant roridenm No 818 Waat Fourteenth atreet. On thia day (Tnaaday). Sept. 18, the catalogue ounprtelrg the 1 riaheat ? largeat and riebeat aaaoileont of Houaehold FuraHure and Worts of Art offered at aoaOoo thia reason. Superb 7 octave Hanoi arte, Elegant Drawing loom Bulla, Artistic Bronres, Statuary, Oil Paiaiiaga, by eminent art lata. Broom and Ormoln chandeliers. Her and Mantel Mirror*. Brocade and Laeo Ourtalna, he., Commencing at 18>( o'clock prectaaly I rain ur shine), the entire elegant Pamlt ure and beautiful work* I ?^PMRMMMMHtif Art nnotateod In the lab'ove isrgr dwalUug, near Eighth avenue, all of which will be ?old without I aea I re. anl muat be removed Immediately from the premises, eompr'aing a vary large and elegant aaaoruneat of a rev) thing essential to a fashionable and costly furnished rraldcDce, tn rosewood, oak and mahogany. Sal* will o?m mrr-e'c the dining room, with rich at roe ware of Borers Brother!' man of secure, Una, IhMn, 8 poena FrrXa, (>ak# Baskets. Dtnlag Beta, aaparb Frenah and Bohemian China, rryatal rat Glass ruby engraved Olamware, Ivory ami pearl Cntlary, Frrach porcelain, elegant excnatrm Taola, with oak dining room Furniture. Pariorp?Two rtek ly carved roaovrnod Parlor MnBt, covered tn three colored brasses tn porfect oeder; velvet aad WlHnti Carpets. roe# rood maible top Etegaroa, rose wool centra sofa aad pter Tenia*, two riagant *<er Glasses with bams. damask and rich Lace Curtains, French Shades, Turkish habTl * Chairs, wbh I-nungea to match fadv's Boereury, reception Chairs in broeade, elegant carvad r aewood Pianoforte, with ?olid poarl boys; Nnstc .tab.net, Divans, magntAoeat maatel Tasto. Pmama marble gvnnps of Parlor Ornaments, with a number of ahrire and valnable PaloUaga velvet and Wilton Carpet*, elegant C hand altera he. Cbambera?All In rues wood and mahogany aunerb Bedsteads large hair Mettrraaea, drcming Hnreaua, mar'la Waahsunds, t'osamodaa. Mirror*, French Toilet seta, rosewood A moor with mirror front; full salt ot Chamber Furniture to velvet ' Stage and other < hair*. ganr Chair*. Arm Chairs, Po?ea Bote tl' da mahoganv Chair*. docks. Mir ror, icgrata < arpets. As., wfh a larga uuinttty at gov! aa.vbo y Fore" ganv Furniture of every deserlidtnti. tblelch*. sutlr Carpets and Boda, marble top ball Htaed. wuh all tba uaa FlgtorWI to the bona*. Pal* at 1 lit, o'clock prectaely. A UfTIOM NOTICE.?A PAMII T DBCLININO IIOUB8 J?, keeping will dh t haaaber aad Inning 1 will limes* er at artvale aala all tbrir Parlor Dining Room furniture at a grant aac-i .oe. A aevea octave itmetsood Flaanforta. coat SWu. far *230, melod ise Ktord sod oorwrtomo Parlor suite, aotld ?ueewoud frames, covered In Preach RrvmuaL coat 8800, for 8110. one do. far ?MR loofcooso. Etegerta, Centre Tables, Mlrrora.*LA0* O tains Oil Palnttoga. Mruaies. Carpsta. Taom. Infff i. Extern _ .. - - - - ida, Naur Table. Hurt sua. Bedsteads. Naltrsasea, Ac.. Au at half the urlrtaal cook 1 no aire fur three days, at No. 79 Weal Twaaty sixth street, near (kith tvenue. AUCTION NOTICE. BI'BFHaMH FURNITURE BXPRBBB AND FURNITURE Packing ?btaklmtiment, 111 Md U3 Weak Flaveuth street, between Fdth and Huth arenua. Hnnarb"ld fumttnre of every leeeHptioo. boie.1 aad akipphd In all parts at the world. Ptanufortee Painting*, Mir rors. Ptaknary, China and Glassware litv p asked aad moved . large oovered Wagoaa for the ramuvalud furtutur* to the mostly. Btorag* for fur attars. Faratture bought oa Com M. mutwin, Apmomnrm. Mr BaNMB, NBBWIN A CO.. Irrla# NatAlem Wt imkmlmv. reditend?r end Tb-trnday rmliA kept. M aad 17, el T ' 7 o'rloefc, Cbntee rrlrate Ubrary of ralnal.i# Kn*lt.b aad Aawrtean Beaks. i iinii Mri a nwtj of cbnloe wnrka sad ??, t acam* Hooka, IraIndia* sfMe oi Ilk iMIiH, Ac. for parlleiilara AUCTION Non?TC.-BI TI1TC* or A CHATTEL roofi/aak, RICH AND WALTER*. A irtjnneer. will art, tka Mf, al in A. M lb* raasatadar of tar r<irau ire <M tba i pc nctbem Mm oorner r,f t'ortlandt aad fk at< roaatat .:?< of :e*th?r ltendn. French. iroa. plain aad f'krr lled?'??ca Ivr yfaurcanea. Blanket* brldinr: a'an. par! tr nnd'dijWie mora fun,'iwa wak Bar. oar I onatar and Flat .ma, Hr? >!t f\u rokna,'Beak mas. ptaia plfr an i mantel Mirrora. oh craad tbrra p!r Carpet*. Pnfaa. Cbaira, marble toy Table* War,! Kt.ai ?u B-or Poa p. Mr, .tr, At! will br an It! lb la day *f<?m - r. r r * - ? 17* Hilli wan* tail and m'Hl arvt p.td for m nmnoar tWe It ?alaj, aid A. *. DepiaUa riaetad. Payments la our rant mootf. ___ A * RICHARD* AUCTIONEER-W# CASH* <or?T?. A* ore aad Br?*ao* rteu-tloo. by AfOH I BITS A Will TTWQ. on Wadnewday. NfMMrrl>, at l??i ? lor*, wt tlnra M i net: unit Arati, all of <rfe.< h are aaw aad dBBrwbKgMdi direct 'rnm tba an fvtirer* an I adapted to ta? tan In* era am f ata o?uaa aad umpixa raadf oa aortiia* of aatr. A a TCTTLE, AUCTIONEER?t)PFI'"E 1*1 HH tAIA A. waj.?*orWia?raa;?o<als Bllltari ta' lr? at 1 1*lw?< at AH Hmedwet, tfe.a d*T ? A t'.Tl frt.B -til ibflUaT atlo'rMk, *l*M Broadway, an Btilta?d T*h)n* aad "fltrra | Br artier of tba mort*a*rr tbr above hadaf b?aa im**aoti?<t fKbitlRlt K ? . fukC*. Attnrier. from B todaj;. A UCTION NOTICE ?CROCKERT AND QLaMWARK. Jx bt j. ? if. HABir.r.rr. A?tiww.-t>.?ai?r,*?pi a atlOo aioc *, at Ml Pearl euret. ,t r*o am rtmrn' whi'O'Irani!*, aaawa narry, dipt aad yellow Ware, la lata far city aad emairy itada. ACCTWW ?ali or rnorkiciit and olam irENRT il. NTAN*. will aril, in I -ta m ril dealer*, on wtiay Anp'? I* at taa 0'alMk, al ? Ha ten la-r. white MmM and eommon Ware- a Ian a fnl! amartmeat of Brooklyn and Preach Mla??war?. worthy the .'.Mr on of dralara ta a poaltlrr aad wMfcnot rearrre. Hmda oerafi y repbck#l f ir abtPf A POTION NtrTIt'K.- PHfl.ir H. TAff ANTWFRP, Jk, a rvloorer '?mrk?ry, *e . at tb? ??'*? of W. B. A B, Su.tWwe. J7S Poarl atrrra.-Wlil arli la louto taaitl ? 't Hi eowntrritralrr* on Torwtay. Baiitambar ?, at 10 0 doay. all teda of wane fraailo and e twraon Worr Ac da.- poaitim . BBOWN* ** Nil HOI A. JAr-lTIONERR* WNDWM day Rrplrnibrr M. at ma o'elork In fr >nt of twir Valr* mil w Naanan almal a Mood ?*? Mar*. 7 yaara -?4. >? , haada b ?b. wat ranted an nd aad kind tn erarr rwapr. t I k aborr atara M nnr oal rd 'or By In and aMm aad ahn la war ranted to Wei laaMa of lbrrr mlnotna to a wawon ?hn H k'nd la all haraa?a, and kaa bwrn dr?*ra by a lady. ?h* ran be j ?naa two daya pirrkma tnthraalaoa eprltnai'm to tbr aoo , tloarr a A wrtUm warrantra wttl b? elrnatotbt pnimhaaar. I DtfWI** * Krnftniji, AnrTToiii5iit'i._WBn\Mn*T. fl brpieaabar ?. al 'me n r'oey ip fmat of yalearotttna ? Hwrai. ?trert. a yery dry'rnble dari wray Horrn, U', ha- M b *k wa/ran tad touad aad kind in ml haraeaa ' yaara eld ard baa barn -n b^a lady: a dm Mia MM Hnran. r old aa tba owner baa no tbna 10 tar bhn. HROWVN A NH-HOIA, APCfrmOBM -WBIINIPDAr. feytrmber X. at dae nrlorb.in frord of aa.mmnina. 4 baman MHB aa iron *r?r Home, arma yaara iddtWaad, k nd aad iwalM AI*o t'art and H trnraa. TJROWNR A tlPHOUl, Al:(T7IOXItIR?-Wri.L RNl.t. J) a1 ? rtloa, oa Wadnaadny, Raiiterabe- M, at one o'el..*, lafmitof ibnlr aalrar. ma. M NaaBWI t?f??t. an rtonnenl pair of faailly Hranm. haya. 1? bamfa ht?h. alt yrmni ion* laila, warrartnd armad. kbtd ? nd *ent>: well atatrbrd f'W rpaed ard r??. pnaet (?ylarrn. aB day boro-a Aleo, a ?*y I belli fret. In prmd order, |o*etl>rr t'tb ka/aem To M ao.d i nbboni r -froa. ?"?? at atctio* ? ^ ABTHCK BTEVKS8 A CO.. AOCTIOREBKc;. Allmllit ??!? or _ KUtUAMT ROBEWOOD^AND^UHOaAJfl BOUtJSBOU) At the private iviki*oca No loo West rftesctb itieeW Hetwen FKtb e> 4 Seventh avesuM, lhM day (fnradef at 10*, O clock, Coelly rocwoot 'tenoiorte. Elegant Suit* of Parlor K..rnit-rr, Pier and Mantel Mirror*. 11 n wl :inrf tapestry Corpekh huaewo <1 centra TaMee, Blerarea, I noli-.ice. L.Brarv, Ae . brine the largest awrttr'nt of i.rtt clwe Furniture oBered at eu<u on this lull. I ha Mir will be peremptory oa arootml of departure for Europe. bo p.eiponeui'ul. All the 1 umKura ?es it .ute order nv Hodine. Ro? ud others of ibis city, a short >*&r siuca?ottering inducements to purchaser* seldom met with, '"utalngue* een be had at ibo homo. early :hlt mormon. Parlor*?Solid rosewood ft ume maufan*. pearl hr>?, a ublr round eoror re, full Iron fr*io? lined with satin worn, embroidered cloth cov?r, ?to 1, f'AotarbniT. mn.tc, Ac ; two elegant tolls of wind roeewood Furniture. Bide by Modine. lert May, oo erorl wlili cruoeou satin l.ro mei green end fold, elan, one salt, ri.-hij carved and covered w "h (reen velvet; large Mualc ?? x In perfect ordf r: Infra olcr Mlrrorc i Inrfc mnuiel Mirror*, rare end valuable o.l P.untim,-* by eminent native and foreign artists; French i no Engraving* elegant and costly ronewood eteg-re* mirror door end beak; Statue y marble top roeewood centra and aofa aide Table', Cooirtta, easy liounre* and Chair* Knobguure* artiaiiu Bronze* Parian marole and bieou* Fig ires, Reman Oreeileu patnud Vaa?a, inueaic Run*. I bura HolUoona, rove wood P,ao legend lace and orooatei curtain* Ac., Ao Dining Roam On* extrusion inmoar Table. carved lend, 18 :eet, oak marble tap HuBet, mirror back; onk Arm Cbalra Krgnub china UInner and Tea Seta, with (Old bauda and dec rv?|; Ivor? balaian handle Knlvea and Fork* allvir Table ripoone, Tret poor*, atlver * aster* with sot gUaa bo tlea; ailrar Ice Pllchrr full Pete Crockery, Eng.teh cut and eon aved ulna* ware. D? center* Champagne* Winer, Car.* sherrte* Oob leu. Liquors; arno. Kubyacd Bohemian ware, nr m.e eight day Clock Engravings. im-petn, 8of* eprtn* teat Cn...r* t.*r? < iirtalna. Ac. Chamber*- Ad anile roeewood '-aived lied atrad, roMwood marble lop Drew ng lloreau, wuh axing mirror: ronewood #aah?tand. cb.ua toilet Met. one dozen i urhirh Towel* Tables de mut. Amour de glace, curled hair Mattresses. feather Pillow* lied Linen, Blankets, Multl Mir r r* Clock, Crr.imcule, Rogravlnra, Lace Curiaias. I'ornic-a. Band*. Ac.; Ban v. Lounue. satia Chain; neat black walnut r It of 1 urtut ire, oiverrd with hair doth; tapontry c'trpet. Ruga, Ac. l/pper Cbamberi are furnlahed throughout with bla :k walrtu and mahocant Furniture. Redateada. Bureaua, Warb atanrta Bedding, feather Bail* 1'illown Sheet* 1 arpetaln eve rj rrom, Oil I'ainttnge. Safea ? 'heir* hair Mattrvmee, corner Stand* Bock Back, Vaee* clock* Mlrrir* Moa iulbi Hire, Lace Curtaina, Shad'a. Cornice* a old Bands, to. All the neat Basement i'nmiturr, ilrockery, dinner ,'.nd tea Tables. Refri gerator, i bandolier* }!ra-kcta, < ilclotb, Carpet, Sofa, Knives and Pork* Ac. Also Kitchen L'tenal* Ae. N. B.?Doaipe teal own will bd no bind to v ilicit | o :r oriieia ;or removal or packirg, 1 erme of eale, caah. lJT ORDER OP THE EXBCl'TOR? OP THE I-ATE JD Sarah ann Klley deceased, widow of the late Tbotoan Blley of the M a? ttm Hotel ?A R. THOMPSON, auctioneer, will eel), Thursday morning. Pent. 17. and continue ontlt a'I le C.eioaed of. cnmrnrncing at 10:, o'cleiuk each day, at the late reeideDce of the decesard. 21 Varlck (treat corner of He* h, rare t'urluetic* bnuMbo'.d In fccer&l. gold Wat-h'e, Jewelry, Ac. For description get cut-ilngneeat 7h Nassau street, Terme cuh, end delivery oil every ad^o'trnmeul EXTBiranra auciiom RALB or KLEGANT AND com.T IIOl'RIHOLD FURNITURE, 1 ommcnclrg this day (TUKiDA * j, At i0;> o'clock. At th? private reeidenue, No. P9 Wnt Eleventh street, near Fifth avenue. Mage.Qceat msewool Pianoforte bulla of Parior Purnlture, Pier and Mantel Mirrors. OU Palatial* Reja) Aim.nater CArret. Rosewood Etegeree. Boosoaas, . Library. Ae. The furniture srss All ma-le to onier one year since, mod will be peremptorily sold an ncoo-uit of departure far tbe Paoiil A PmRLuRH Cor tin a one of Horace Waters' rosewood Pianofortes, solid rosewood frame, owned 'eg*, overstrung baas, all the modern Improvements, ant new last fall. two aultaof rosewood Pur u It ore, covered with satin hrocalel, green crimson and gold ; as,in Lounge and Kaaychttm, royal Axmlnaur Carpet. Moaale Hugs, two large elegantly framed mantel Mir run; also, one pier Mirror; Ott Paintings, by emlnrat artists; rosewood Book, rase and lady's Kaoretotre; rosewood Etegeres. with mirror doors and hacks ard statuary marble tops; heavy brocatnl and lace Curtains. Cornices. Gold Lands, Tassels. Ac. roaearopd centre and anfa Hide Tables, with Grecian marble i >pe; bron/n and ormolu thirty day Clock, artietic broaze Piguree. elegant parian and bisque Ornaments. Roman, Dresden, painted Jhlna Vsaca, corner Whatnots and Divaae DINING ROOM. Oak extension dining Table, oak Bnffet, srlth mirror back; Ivory balanced bandied dig ner Knives and Porks, silver Tea bet, beautifully embossed, silver table and tea Hrooua, full aeia of white I tins. ilVoorated chioa Tea Ret of fO pieces. Din ner Ret of *o pieces, bronze el ht day Clock, Brussels Carpet lag, 11 din ng room Chairs CHAMBIRS la nulla roaeweod Bedsteads, marble top dressing Bureaus, Wtxbstard. Comrade, Tables da Mult, Armour de fllaee, curled hair Matt-eases, fee .her Pillows, Plan See, Bed linen, Ac. T. G0ULD8MITH, Auctioneer, Edward rchbwck, audttonbbb. WAGON* CARRIAGES AMD HARKKRM by K. A P. H. M 'HRNCK, this day. the 24th Instant at one o'clock at their salesroom. No. lit Broadway, one new light Rooks way Carriage, one alegani Pbaeum Wagon, built to order by Brewster; two second "band top Wagons; new ligM top ami rand wagons. Double aad single Ilaraeea As. 1PDWARD 8CHUCK, AUCTION NEB-HOUSEHOLD JCi Furniture, Pianoforte, At - By K. A P H. HCUBNOK.? On Wadneeday. nth Inst. as 10', o'clock, at their salesroom. No. 141 Broadway, saw and earned kand Household Furni ture. comprising rosewood, mabogony and walnut Parior Ckambsr and limine doom Furniture. Also an elegant mid word 7 oetava Plaaoforta, city make. T.NDWABD RCHKMCK. AUCTIONEER. VJ Rlegant Cage and ttlrda by K A P. H. RCHKMCK ?Thla day, 26th lust. at 1 o'siosk. at their aaleeroona, 111 Broadway, a very large and r egaut Bird Cage, built fa eompartmama and tn the form of the Crystal Palace, also several very flue Oaartse. twu widow Birds, Ac. Ell. LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER.?CHOICI OLD ? Wlnea telonglng lo the late Rlepben Whitney, at auo I Una. E. H. Ui DLOw A CO. will sell at anetloa, on tkumday. ' October 4. IMP, at 1 a'stock P. M. at No. 7 BowrtseUreoa, comer of Mate street, tbe mock of very old Malsira Wine be laagisg la the Ilia Slap hen WhNaey. smbcmcjng James Oar den Duua 17* Parquhar 1711, Bramie DO*aadlAM, Howard 1H>W Mar-h A Banana 1814 Pomona MM, Mootarki 1H2R, Cm velbolBO Choice Routb Blue Madeira, via Ceylon. Ae. These Wtnea will he trtmrantaed aa that of the abo\e private stock, and none other will be offered. FCOLTON, AUCTIONEER ?LA ROB BALB OP . eri-oodhand and household Furniture of every kind aad daarrtptloa. Also tloocs damngnl by fire, tn Pulton street. P. OuLTON will aril this day f Tuesday) Rep tarn her 25, at 10',' o'clock at No U Heekinan street the entire Furniture of a bouse, removed from Hooetoo street. It will emh ae# evatr kind and deaerlptton of gooiU. from baaeoasal to al'lc, Inclod log Mlrroee. Carpets, Curtains, Paintings. mahogany aad >ak i'urutfure. doing room aad bedroom do. kitchen, Ac., .to. Also a larre lot of Oonda. but little damaged bv lire sod water St No. 106 Kniton street. Also CDS Druggist* Case. Also several Riot ra. Ae. Rale will be positive. OO. HOBTON. AUCTIONEER-BY TIRTCK OP AN , eiecntiea I will rtiMiae for sale at JO I lltxlaon street, "B the 29th Septemhe-, 1360. at 11 o'olorh. 7 Hewing MarMcea, Shafting. bbeors. Desks. Couetsrn end Drawers: old I roe It heels. Toola. Anvils CVnth Hooks. Wire. U rind since, Vice, 1 large Rigii, Strives aad Pipe* A large quaaMty at Machinery, Lead Pipe, Gaa Pipe and Ptitures. Bras Pane's, Ac. T FARKEL. ' instable. G O. HOBTON. Al'CTH'NF.gR?R A I.FJOtOON NO KB , Hudson s-r- rt -W,a srll i.w day. geptei wrMaltwo ?'clock P. M , at rib Pigh'b ?< enue. uear Fit y Urn' ? met. tbe -lock if a Fancy Dry Gooda stum of tbe usual variety, In lota in lull roosumere aad others TTINRT H. LIB DR. AUCTtOMUR-AALRRBOOM, NO. M X) Msssaa street. HBM R T H I.FKDR A (XI.. will sell at Auction on Wednesday. September Id. at II e's.ock on the pcemMsa, 'the lease and ggturea rf cellars No. It aad 14 Fulton Market, corner at Reesnm i and Promt aTeeta. Tbe purehaaert will be required to give aaltWastnry eeeurtty to the Comptroller IOI1N B. BURLKY. At fTIONKER, WILL HELL. THIM day, at Jo'. k*k. a! tM Car al street, marble op and other Bureaus, Washatauf a. 8ufaa,hota tiedv mahogany and other Hediteaea, Rxtaoahm, ( et ire aad ahtr Tables; llalr aad other Mstirr s?s. Feather Heda if - traces Wardrobes Pier, Mantel and other Glasses. F.sa'.iab Bruaaela. three ply. lagraina and other Carpets. One the. Floors. Hisakels. Cnrnformra, Bed ding, mabogat y Hca I tug mod other t hairs. To be said wub out ressri a. Mjkibubtt. auctioneer-will rbll on . Wednesday Mrptem er 2d. at UP, " Clock, al No. IDS t.raad street, one door from Mulberry street the entire sha h of se-nnd head Household Purult ore >ff a dealer fe- .tnleg the business the store constat la part at arm ad Id rwssot, aaven estava, round corners ilobly caned Flaneferta. made by Light A Newtna. a very rtydrtor lastrumeat; I'.rsaaels and ingrain Carpets. mahogany and owe wood parinr P trnltura, Mirrors, Ml 1'alnlmgs ' rather Plllnwe aad Roisters Ae , Aa. Also, a quantity of t ahlaeUnakat a T< <>|g, Bet. k. Ao. Also, a lot of tlove a, IDpe. Ar. MOODRHTT. avctihrikr-WTI.L MUa THIM s day. 1. ?? t: y, yrpt Jj. at l'"? o'ebx-h. a salesroom 4 > *e?eu street, a goorraf barorlmcntnf Household f irtuture, ( arpeta. Pier and Mantel Mirrors, roaewod and mahoscaay Tete a tries, rotas. Parlor aad <-ts( hairs, Centre and Card Tablet. t.Meesma Dialog Tablet. Nuleit. liresa ng Hursaoa. wasbalaads, -a - Bedding Ha r ?' ? ? ??? .WW Wardrolws. Loarrrs. atian.r led Had room Hulta, Aa, Aa. Hotuo tecrtsn and resign will sa.l the above tale wen wW< thy ot Uiair attent)ua OIL I.ANDR AT PUBLIC RA I.K. The tra't HA M b Kb lift KLKY, on Mll.pery Bock ?>t?s*. In Lawrenm county. Pen ay,van,a. bel'eurtag to the estate m ttenjam n t hew, dr-eraad, w-1I be o!T?ree for ea e at pubMe sucttoe in Mew Hrtghton. on Friday, tbw .?h day of OMnbar a??t. The'met la eet.tvaiad to orr.taln about 1*1 acr?a The rl prery Rocs Creek rasasa tl,r> -ih It, dt' Hag it?early Into rural partr. tbla tract baa ysan,vdad in tha B? i gbborho??i from the earlleal setijrmrtd. tor the Cll Hprlngi at d't'eraal piacee am ti. abw-h. w th Mhert of m<,r? rrraai dlaoyeerp at AMftfrqi p',ac<i oa tlier -ek, ledfate it aa probably of erlag greater promise of nil thaa any other lands le thaiquarlar. Triae of 't! lave hern -peeed and age ? MMMmnOy w irhad sear it. with many weps it prnrreea The oil is "biniasd at d-at as ere fitm (Ifieea 'o th'ttv feet from the eiufaea Prom the m raher - f app iea'H oa to tha ejenipwe. b<4h to nurehase and rent, thev ha tra osea ad'usd to divide ibe tract aad to olfe? KM pvihUe eato. It will ba laid Oft bestirvev otto four parts or aecti ua, >n srch ma asr as le give to oa< h aertloa SB rt ended and fas sear aa n?av be) s-i al Creek 1 - ledary, and ni l r alalo eaeli pmha lv fr w forty Weii'.y aoree, the tiaso, ss far as praetloaote. wl! Ire mark-d op m ibe rrnsmd, and drstgae'rlfb the pl> t aa lbs tnetbrast n rthweai. a >-iib seat and ?">lhweel tsrttira The tract ta keartly umbered. A pint nf the a trvpy will he ready la a few days aad raa -e leer at tha office nf ? P A R H-opea. in Mew Mrfghi.n and aay tn'orwiafloti e? < ernieg the ands will be |iea bt thorn, or Fulward H'? ?a at fee- Hrlghdnu. ft II* ? trnm alne to ten miles dataot ti -ta Mewresvle and twel-? -r thirteen 'rr-n Mew Brighton aad iseesrof accede from eltbsr place Th? ea> w'li take tdaee et tha ll-ima House tlfe hotel la New Bright, a nppue lc the Railway ration > at I Frlock P, N , o? the dec menttnred Tcrme ?t ae thl'd !? eaah. Ibe reaidoe le two anweal par men'a beartrg tale reek 1 ne dstevred paements tr> he eatta -agtorlly see'tied. R. B. d ? "tRIPBd A tenia to, the R ertilore of lien ,am. a Chdw dte-eaael BK'HARDB IINGMLAMP Al tTloWllB tlardwaie t;u;l?ry. Ae .i snr'loa ? lUHAItre RtNf.Hl.AND A OtA wtl sail thie day (T tee day I, t.1 luo'i lock. 11 Dwdv aeleemrSB. IfB Rro-dwsv. Muldta Reg oh. ttsrmmaad Am- '1c?o D ir.lware, comprlw ng a sdnerol a-a irlmeei of hoary and shelf g-nda. In "As M ae H tas i tty ami oouatry tr .de. dIMO. HNderce tbeffir 'd r cket Knives 900dftvee damage I Fi'ee. 109 gmea - bets* d t t ie Cutlery ft) tcms Amerteau la le Cutlery. A .arre asanrimeot Amaru an butcher, butler eoek aaApaUdt Rnlvso. Ny "rRer of the r?ee<epr. IMdntPn auparVw hood panel, rip. hotelier's sad ntAev 'awe. CntRtrfR R A LB. - V ALU A PU rAIWTIMU?. - O I HAMRRRR A PA INI HILD. Aasoeaeaga. wtlleeK on wadneeday. Mmtemhng M. at eloveo 0jW*LT mom. 114 Maaaan at. est, mm raluahl# <"1 PalaUng. emltlcd Till PqUATTBRM. Alan the wee! n'ata sopy uf 'be tame The above wdl] he am erktMf'd) at IWrmewv-rp lb* d-y.??? ?* tP'^ni? e; rbd said, 0?IN P-.I.I.T ?k-r f. ?ALU AT AUCTMM. Splendid building hitkh fod nmirr claw COUNrllPEATS. AT NfcWBOMB. Rgwwe nP???J,_COCRr ?*'?* "? FaDTITION " LEdDD a tX) will Mil by Auction, on toe prsm 'M* *' * ?* Wednesday, October .1. at U o'clock rono, by order of the Kupnuae c, ,irt is Partition, wt'-hoct Any itierv! ?Iikiit buiUiioir u'uii for flrit qIjum oimlry * attain of wiutem Thayer, deceased, without reaerve. 8 W. Fuller ton, Jr , Esq.. nfliM. rn? property h tihlgW WroiBllML..rthof tb* village of Ntwb org, r o the bent of the Hudson r1v?r, ?t narb piuoel lasaitlns a solved! t view of the river sort surroundlag rav intry for more thati Dirty a ilea There are two lots of lj vro ?? ? Iwa lute of ? anraa each ooe of 2X ?''tee. ona of T acres; one of 10 acre a. and oae of 17 aorta, 'uuai'rtaiBg ilvar. enmoia uwt tr.li.nd n-roerr. The viae ia said by competent odgae to surpass smthlng ?a the Hudson river Tha In: of aavea a rea wtehM A vineyard <8 about 1,000 Catawba and laabella itnpavlnee til full bearing Tar id He lot ban a atone fane houee. ban, and a lane etch a/J. The 17 acra ht Jtaa a never lalling >iream o: water throurk the oautre. The premises are anr rouaded by the splendid oonatry eeete of Warren l)u.?u >. Jr., J Bui PH. U A. KUiolt, Mr* Waddell, Mm. Pair, * R id wards, F Detain* and others. Aa the view 1* (aprr nr tvacy on ihe river. In a irat ulaaa neighborhood eaay of ac. oae aed tbe land In tlie vieluity yearly Inrrenato* in value, tin oeporta any la i tiered to peraons eeek'r.g a One location for a 'O .ntry aeut on tbe Hufaon river, wbh b may nerar again otcur w.th eiual ledurementa. Title perfect. Teinria. three luarters of lha pur-base money .-an remain an b-?d and mortgage for Ave years, 11) per cent cn the day of etle ane the balance on lire let November, when the deed* will be delivered Mape of he property can be obtained from Ike auctioneers, ? ro'Johns Ihaynr. Ks<| , at bewburg Train* leave t lumbers ?L every day at 7 o'clock, and elep at Flabktl>. opposite; steamer leaves foot Jay at 7 o'clock each day, ardina alldaathaif peal 0 o'c'ork, arriving In time for be ss.e, can return by ateamer or railroad at almoat any boar afirr :>ie sale. Ibr atramec Tboa Poa ell leaves every afternoon. SB A J. HCRl ART, AUiTIOnKKBS. ?THIH DAT, AT ? 10)* o clock, at the auction rooms. No. 1 North William atrret mort*ate sale, two rosewood por or etill*, la crim son pi. ah; four oak marble ion ottnea Suits, oval Mirror, spring and hit' M.ittreeees, Sofaa. Dining room i.tLurs, Oil poyany Hurnina, Htdeb'ard. window C.irtalnn, Oar pete, ma hogary Hut Stand, mahnganv (marble top side Tnblrs. tltolng kl ,'h'B 'u?lture, mi single Harnem, Horae, Wagon aid lluraeas. WBBN WITTKRR, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL THIS day, all o'clock, at tbt ..'anal street, the Stove, P?r?l ur? and Fixtures of a saloon; Armchairs, Oniuiters, Show eases, Cbnlit, Mirrors, Ac , together with other goods. Hale positive W*. W.TTKR8, ADCTIONKRA. Wild, SELL. THIS day, it 1 o'clock, at 4M Canal street, a large aaaor jnest of new a nd secondhand Furniture, aultable for dealers aad others. constating of mahogany Boiae, rocking, easy and other t'aaira nubogaDy and other Bedsteads, hair and other Hat ireaiee, pier anu mantel Glasses, marble top dressing nod /other Bureau*, feather lied#, Pillows, .Spreads, Sheets. B aukets. dining room and kitchen Furniture, silver, ohlna, Un and wood Ware, Runes, Ac. PKRSU.IU. B~ KKTBANOHLAW.-I MUST 8KB YOU IMMEDIATE )y, m I leave town noon. JOFdl'H. tnforTation WA?FKi>_or mart daly, wtio I lived eith a lady In Ureal Noak two yeare ago A letter iinm h? m ea.ne.Uy reqwMed by her briber, at <N Chatham n:?b INFORMATION WANTED-OT DANIEL GALLAGHER. I Who nrilvrd here with hla brother Thome, oo the 11th of March, per Olaenow. When laat heard from wea m Outer Inland. Any Intoreaaitoa of htm will be thankfully reoelred ry hie father and mother, who arrleed here on the lat of thle nlonh, b? addreeatn* Jeremiah O'Sulllean, lib Kael Thirty eeventk atreel Mewapaperapletae topy. _ 1F TUB ELDBBLT GENTLEMAN, WEARING RPBCTA L c m. who rendered a lady (wearin* a rreen dreea and red -haw" .pecuniary faeor on Monoay eve.un*, bept. 17. be Iwe7n-aod 9 o' .look. In a Hprln* atroet elate, w.ll adoreae lTd" v'ha'.ham aqnam Poet oiUoe. etaun* when iutd where m tntorrtew ran bi had. he will be rewarded lor hie kindneae. ADAMK L. OT BL 8T -TOU WILL OBLIOl TOOK fr<?nd of last Tueaday eventnr, by eendltag your add rem to tamille M., Herald office, bavin# loet your former dlrwattoo . WTOTICB TO BXPIEMMNN ?THB MiN WHO TOOK uke it limiBsdMeij loXtlin A Dmforth, 16 8pr ice itrtit* yi oblfp tk? cwHf. ? AMU. JAMEB. BOB AND TOMMY. n B. E. B. CTATEN ISI.AND?THURSnAT MIIRNINQ o If it ralae then Friday morulay.. ? f? cannot attend write to me and my when yon oan. but do come. ______ , B w a WHO LETT STRANRAEM, Rn2ii2ut ab^t comm'inloate Me addremto C H-. lMH^tidoOioe. be wUleee an old friend matarnred. LOAN OFF1CBI. bt y taitndil Chamber! eMeet. E.E.?MeeaM a wrwawnlAL AND LITERARY BUREAU, Ma *80 A H^w^Adr^cea u^t Dmm^J?wtdry utd ss^as'jsrfoz pr^? gm&JTiC WOO&.ttO Broadway, up etdtre. near Broome Mreat. a A ft) CKDAR RTJ.EIT A itMikAF Cub idniMNd am ImnoDdi, in or <10001, Walchmauiye^lry.o^mM^om^oPIHml# 'be office, 10cm Nca 1, up atnlm. in cedar mroet. PAWNBROKERS' TIOEBT8 ?Op2"*-~*1 Wat-bra. Jewelry, Ae., Ac , at JOB Broadway, room No. ?. Aim money adeaneed oo the aamo. COFARTHEMHIP HQT1CN>R BABE BUMNKW CHANCE. IT a k. madn Tkat mkdh.rM V* f,?, _ _h|.h a money oaa be made. The machlnm now ^MrS^Zt 1,901 rmi omoe. A^_ yov ko MAN, WITH MO TO 9140 CAPITAL CAN tg!day mewe h maelf a hiahly plemant and pmttebm aVannhlrr at ? Thlrn arenne, ue atalm Ttxmto KtSff llmruie' .Sd"b- I loom, from 10 to 4 o'dom. r-,rtPAETNEE8IltP.?A PAHTWER WANTED, IN * 1/ rtrwelara retabbalwnt pianoforte manufan ir.ec 11 teSnem, k.h, from 16 (W> to ?l" 'J? 7^SSZ LTvu. aad re.,aired. Addrme MuMe. Butfow A, roeiottje. 1J9 pr-ng at - DBBOl.CTION OF PARTNFRNniP ??niNCOPARTNTR .hlp heretofore e.latlnr between Oeorr T- at and I w^ntfcn ftlAlTD IfliMMt IB '1* lO?m of Ml '.hit day I,^? h^?nid w?nt. All debu d* to or by me mid ssrtS:5SS2rri"5ft tens ^ h- MfWereemB Mad^ on hi. own to-ooat T'(^f? ,.?yof Peplrmber, imi. ARTHUR itLL NHa?aa Boat** Hdei awooo. W. AVOU8TlN?"ii>.ITH 18 ARBOC1ATED AN A FART nLina,"lMN fr?" ** "^AMFBRIX. HALL A OO. P?~ ?. aw gMTBRPRItlN.I MAN OF I .nam.artmm?b*mnememabll?hed. whh a hITS ??,'?? for P^tw dare eall or addrew <lra? * t,~iVe. etwlnc maehlae .Ultrwlway partner W^i-JLT^EdWVf^-aS K, tneed,.m? F..i ?Jm7will be ?!?!? '8o-nem tl'?e for emh. A.tanm. w,!h&riw^.IbW..boa l?o Hmaldcdhw. S??mm firm ami reimrwd. watRTNER WANTED?WITH A CABH CAPITAL OF Lsitjr-' ks1 stoa wajtbsi I dreee I>rn? Oeri. Herald ciee. e?'?8TKD-Ht A ONNTI.ENAN. WHO CAN OFF EM W "n^.elndo'-menu. ajr vJoerM the,,ba ro,lH. mt?i On- who haaa knowedreaf the mean, w A a latl ^Ttal. can add 1 em W. X. T. 7... Htm 1.1 <*?"?? T*ra?TlD-BT A PCnTCH OENT1.ENAN. OF A tlTM V\ ? 'ii.ehvM' a p?rtner?htp la a etj.i lr.? ? r mw.A " .b--l_L.. a..^rrtom. 1JI.1 a few h tad red i are ^T^' A Wr-w A., bo. 1M Herald Mem. Need h it | rln ir*M dealt wtth ... ? W V 8T*n A MAN. MARRIED OR BIN OLE, AN $115. pa.tner to lake i ,.11 -bane of a well pnyHe ' hper p rem .are. Ilk M4t etr-et, Act/tit WILL FCECHABB THE t?TTH"T C? A $*200 m?&? parto-r ln . rej-^nbte^.m, ^ - J; ?aaM MtA1 t'lhM ?nd C|0*F n# fid to f 1?* ^?J1' 5^ A?JlT toT TrrTNT A OO , It vUhm^erwt aitiy. -FAETNIERIUP -1WE AMOUNT *t??0 J.nIM I will aeenre to uEMNM man an 1 ?f?* M aewBI W?r-r yenr, rlenrof -ipmem. h*e y*ree?ta iwbed 1" . a-wa, airmable aad not uuedtl? Apply to LYoNN A CO * Maiden lane, o? toalre. ? rARINRR WANTED-IN a CAH1 MJt*^ At Itfh ?PARTNER WANTED-1N A Can" $4 Oil. fatooln. botorem. ^ ?JJmJ S^ma wtUetewrRa\>W 9" J^SLie a T fI -vlendloa nnUmttml. eni i*1 ' * "*^1*701, m .Feek^ TOMI'KINN No. ? New Bowery. cawarnfOI. er .treat. tfllt, PPR< HtNR ONE HALF IWTNBE8T IN $J )00 an ?.wn*ra Broleraee Biwtnewa, f illy-*la abed. gr^wmStot mwwy ^" 1 -,u ? ? laied < A--/\ TO II U00.-PARTNEB WANTED. TO JOIN $ I oil ?r'Nb' r w*k e.inal amnpnV to onefnoa a ahniemle -aah bopnam. whl-h para over H,'?* par anoore, r^rHT-ld/mly on a?wn. nf imth to rkma a. mto'- ?' ;? ? work riven and -reryihiad rnmplem. Apply 10 '?'roe a poCillNICR, 1 Naemo* AT OOOTO IB at-A ooon orro^Nrrr ro* 512?2L-jarSMs Sgrgfegj? S ssi'ss sKJUt $40.(10(1. ?'.'-?TT-T,