2 Ekim 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

2 Ekim 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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I vmi or IW.IL BSTtTK. ?MALL PLACE. AT RING'S BKIlniB, FOR BALB . oeauufully ah aeled KO rn<vol ground. WIU be sold lh oals 10 sun gmohwrii. from lorn um or mora. for par* luquira At King a bridge Hotel. K2Z ?ROOKLYN.-FOB PALE; CAN PAT BT INSTALMENTS; uamr.lu.ui iiuMMLa, ilia cow tlisl sees Onok itou??. IS t Orm place, near banana place, 11 nsaoa for S2.8UU; Bear the Pnlloa. eouib anu Wall *t??t ferriee aud city era Para private rnudece ihA la splendid. T. B. JAi K6UN, ' , oa premises. rHAAM FOB HALJfi IN NEW JKB r . Wi ,i, U ebange fur city property. uineiv acres, it kaeguod houee lad outliul'..mgt, wlthm hair a mile of steamboat landtag, feraa aolra from railway Halloa, twenty in lira from this ally. Apply to Wl. H. CHAM BERLIN, ?? Rohinaoo i CB SALE-A PABM IB NK* JERSEY. ON TUB L1NB of the Northern Rallmed. about flltrwiu atlaulaa' walk Hackeaaaek Junml<? (Kelly's) atatum, eon talus thirty - I.Jar seres, with fruils of all kinds; will be sold at a Cargain, hqaire of JOHN II RKINKEKllwFF. adjiantng the prtnml Ma or W. H. BJUAKKBNUPr. 7? araeawloh street. X2VOR BALE-MO. JS WEST TWENTY SIXTH STREET; V Poswhestsr None front, rwr atnrtaa haseiaent and under aaliar; dubbed with an the ntodeni Improvements. Inquire SB ths premises rlK BALE?NO I# WEST THIRTY FOURTH STREET; a Brat clam Hnnse, finished wHh rosewood d iors and black wmteat uimialnaa to parlor story, emirs of same from base ment up and all ths modern Improvements. Inquire oa the r Emm n 11 ? ?3ra of J. _ HALE-IN BRtXJKLYN, TWO K1RHT CLASS Ibrea story and baaemeot Uooees, with all the modern nuta. 'Hunted Boa. IB and 78 Port tlreene plaoa. In P. hKKlEY, oa the premises. R BALB-A 2? 'STORY BRICK HOCSB AND LOT, JOi, by feet, situate to booth Brooklj a, nan he had ai rtenSXlM. In street. a bar rain %l OlW ran remain on mortgage. Pnt EnNe of CHARLES J. BttUCkWAT, llfc Wall i XjyOK 8ALR?PIVK DOORS FROM FIFTH kVBNPB. J1 betweeu Filth ami Uadiaoo avenuea, in Thirtieth turret, a new Iral lass brown atone Unuse. Alan, the Brat House east of Ptflh avenue. Also, a euparior Bngll.h Uaaemeut llouae lame street, between F iftb and Madison avenues. Terms easy and prices low. Inquire of MAKCUS C. RIixGR, 111 Wall at FOR SALE-TWO FIRST CLASS FCCR STORY STONE front Houses, north side of Forty second street, uear Sixth avenue, Noa. 71 ami 77, west, with rich portico doorways; shl'i t paved with Bel flan pavement. w'Ule street; houses in every respect lirst class 13 Hi} fret. Terms tosulL Inquire of E ROBINSON. 88 West Forty third street, or B SMITH, 78 West Twenty ulutb street, or id East Twenty sixth Nreet, ur ou the premises. To be seen stall hours. "EpOR SALK-TBE TWO FOCB STORY BASRMENT JP sod under cellar stone front Houses ;I8 and 40 West Thir ay fourth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues 25i!B, belli in the moat substantial manner. Terms to salt Inquire oa the premises, or of E. ROBINSON, 88 West Forty-third To be seeo at all hours. TTIoK BALK?THE LOT AND THREE STORY AND JP basement brick House No 244 West Thirtieth street, oou tadatng the modern Improvements and la perfect order, with Furniture If reqnled. Terms easy. Inquire on the pra asseea. or of CHab. WBLScII, No. IS Nassau street. B SALK-A FARM OP FIFTY TWO ACRES OF RICH tillable And, twenty miles from New York and five ml ?ntne'.walk from the Central KsUroad depot at t'ranevlfe. New Jersey. On the farm A a (good large dwelling bouse SUx40. farm bouse and all neceeearr ont buildings; two good apple etwharda and a variety of other fruit; river in front, roads on three sides; must be seen to be appreciated; would partly ex change lor some established well pavsig business. Inquire af or address E. IlAJtT, on the premises rR BALE- ON LEXINGTON AVE NCR. CORNER OF Thirty fifth street, three new brown stone four story llOBaei. w itb high stoopg. basemen A and anb-eellars noil all the modem improvements Inquire at 164 Allen strei t of D. H. KNAFF, owner. UIOR SALE CHEAP-A BRICK HOCBE. THREE BTORT. r high stoop. With all modern Improvements, lot 1UU feet Beep, hi rood neighborhood about five mluut*s' walk from City Hall. Brooklyn, near Court sueel cars Apply to B1BBOF, If Kaassu street N. Y., room IS. FIR SALE CHEAP-TWO HOUSES, SITUATE OH THE south side or Sixty-fifth street, bete ecu First and Herond unm; is two story Phllailelpbia brick: alze 18 feat 9 Inches by 45 feet, lot 100 feet, high hamunont and sub-oellar. Term* 10 suit Apply to Tikos. Hall, office of K. (i. Pierce lu flM greet. For sale or exchanoe-a fibst class brown stone Moose situated in l^imrtim avenue, between For ty-fourth and Forty fifth streets, for property lower dowa. a autre on tfee premises. XjtOH BALE OB TO LET?THE THREE 8TORT AND X basement House, Dorebeeter etnne frost situated 74 weal Forty fifth street between Firth and Sixth avaauaa. Apply lo ALBERT BORE, a Heaver street F? R RALE OR TO LEARE-A THREE RTORT RARE stent and cellar House. #7 East Twenty flfth street first i east of Lexington avenue; water and gas. price 87 MX); i fixtures, carpets, mirrors, As., so with the house, "wner ana always occupied U. Ir quire on the premises, of' LA1MHK1R Jr. Only 81,MAI osah, balaaoe five yeua. iuse. Owner sea. of WE. JN EXCHANGE.?WANTED, A HOUSE AND LOT, TIL A lage property, or a Farm, for a ilock (about Sfi.UUO) oonslst tap of Ism, hwbroideries Ribbons. Gloves Hosiery, Dress Trimmings, Fancy Articles. Ac. Address J. Klrby. 1 2>J Broadway, for ona week OTB FOB 8ALR ON THIRTY FOURTH AND THIRTY J third street*, between Madison sad Fifth avanoas. A cash tstansar will ha liberally dealt with. TBOB McEVILT, 481 Third avenue. AND FOR SALE -I 000 ACRR8 WESTERN VIRGINIA 4 Land for sale For particulars address the subeoril-er. (i. R. WAKING, Loretto Esaex oonnty, Va. fftWO EPLRNDID ADJOIN IRQ MANSIONS?ON BROOK 1 tyn Heights. between Fnlvm and Wall street ferries, Noa. fmt SB Colombia street tor sale cr to Int. together or sap with privilege lo purchase, on easy terms; one hones ItaobriMiMMlBaiBlHBlB he end finished In the beet myle. ?ota houses four mortea high, brotrn same fronts, strops sad balurtrades mass material, vary Ear-* sty la of architecture leaders Italian, ammlri la aa naaraaee and aal aarpaaaad by any of Amllar sine la Nam far*. Tha windows of tha parlor toortoa aro la one lLcka of ptala glaaa SXSBJTLissi wprasJS saadtSfivia z?S?j?us fully trimmed, lighted by a highly ornameatnd I ? stained plaaaTfrum whloh a view ofl/ei* Island in I to commanded. The eatreneee are tofty. and the lantern of prtaelptl fcala told wEh Its Jan marbk ?Jlas throughout. Tha lavatory rap lam end a spleod id Alle hen, opening oo a lawn, with every m Islli of the eototaa, sad dumb wallers sad speahtag tabes Inn under ee'lar* to second stories. Hot and cold baths am asm j man. sad walerelassu from httehaa to all tha af Goal vaults sad splendid wise vaults, all ? sRmabcva Owl vaults sad aplandld wins vaults, all ?UgBS by patsol UlaatoaaSera Tha premises ana be sees at all ttmaa Muevvtrv peraons la sharps. For tormaar aa total vbTJ firms the owner, M. Thompson. No. 17 Wonter Wrest, who, aa be realdee a sbon dlnmnce nut of tha eNy (the sola reuse nf the property bring m the market). m usts sutocieat Wt la re sad panetually attend to say applicant TT ALU ABLE FARM AND COUNTRY SEAT. >7 MILD V from New York, sear New Brunsenek, N. J., fur half a ImllrafromUe Railroad siaUnna. with vanrus trmaa and toanmhvmi dally to and from New Turk, bv either nf which bntonem tonr* may be spent m the elty. Delaware and Rarl teaeanel. two mlVe distant, la well watered, 'inder the beto euMvatton. good fmeee. reacb orchard'if l.UUQ trees. ap ple term of chutes vmrlstlsa. beanies other fruit. A lares. b-uw-ap trees, shrubbery, Aa. needful for the em, sad the wham the whole In gqpd condlU-m. will be sold on favorable terms. Apply to ADRIAN H. MULLER, ? Wall street, tar HOMER MORGAN. No. t Fine (treat. VALUABLE LEABE FOE "ALB?OF IMF ROVED CITY property, near Hraadway. pav.oi a large profit part cash, balance in marohaaiHaa or eouaty property. Address Ma i bos m Herald office ^ Q0Q -r0K "GR. THE ELI0ANT BEOWM Jt'.U'Uf. stone front tilth avmp House No fifit Weil Ft Itris street sea. Eighth avei ue fine laroe Baemeg healtht and p.carnal iocs Ion. abeam and lerws easy apply as auove at one o'cloeh ?r after Mi o'cloeR. F M ntwi r/tn -foe sale, the elegant five pto XzbU.UUU, ry brown sbwe hsermrnt 1 onto, 81 tut Twn.n i,r?t street, near Hmailwav. ?rl built tJ by 711 let fad depth. vO-ai'lnte In modrrn lat vetueiit. fresco papered, and la good repair. Apply mi ti e piemtaro $25,000 within the eo-oty ot New Tort w toted, la asehange for atnr* property down tows. Bend per-JcuiaJt to hm 7US rest office. New Tork. FLR8ITURX. UCTIOE NOT If TE. ?FBRRO N8 ABOUT REMOVING _ Exp rem, M and 87 King street and 140 1 hurne wagons for ran wing families In the roun'ry or nil kinds at Fiu uBure parked and aSp-tped to all parte at toawvwtd. Ptar Glimse. Ptaaaa. Pa.rt.gs and Mtatnary re ? - the a moved with earn and at our dak. Families will Sad i way of -''X'ln.pw.mi. Proprietor A^m bedroom surf nr RWAMBLLBD fcrnttc re H tor 8Jb, tn all rotors f warranted maeufart re awn. mEd ehaataant Chamber EuNe. plain and ornamental. at FAR. RIP44TO a'g warerooma. toe Ganal glW oppoWM WaaMP. Sim i lli > 11 Is 1A4R T THE EAGLE EN AM EI.LED FURNITURE MAR0 No. <84 H-nadway flv# dw.r* an ve ttauro At tt tos _ ms'i thealra Ejegaat?'bamher Amis la a.l m, iea deusm mi noinra. at nrtom rr sn 8* and ntiwarda. Railing a4 to gee ad pneaa durmg October, Wardrobes, Msavemn. Aa A FAIR FRICB GIVEN FOE SECOND H tND FrRNI tare sod Carpels, In ready money, s II calls promptly SSlepded lo. Address lid Hu laon street, corner F"rrv. fTBlLDERNY AND COTTAGE HLDSTRADS, CRIBS, L/ Ac., la great vsrtetv Rollable eprteg tfmtreeeee, proved the beat in ise. spring Re>ts nf nil the did"eat p .isutn, Inra ItUrHM. WtM tot B*da and Lounge*, beat hair and uthsr WALKER'S. 884 Broadway. In the ba? rwtnl ? NAMKI.LED mAMBER SUITE OF FURNITURE IN all rotor* and vtylea. at nb.leaair or retail. At R24 and upward*. als>> M ?itr ???? and FalUaes** WARREN ward tn ?'analStreet. ? four dour* eert nf Broadway. IjvrRNITURK BOUGHT -THE HIGHEST PRIOR PAID JT la eask few all kind* of boneebtdd I yraBnro^ Carrma, Mirror*. Ac. Call at 4T? Third aven<i*r?v ad lrrm FnruMoro. as above. N 8 ? A good aansleimt df eecuad hand Fun ? tare always or bead. RNTTURK-WANTED. a faett having house bold Furalturn to fnrwtab e boiee I* Willi tmeb-trg. for the *m at Whites board will be given, or nwn'hiy payments made *? ? r ----- Apply, after 1 P. teu. REItH, 114 War XfTANTED?TO FUECHABR, A FAEIJtB SUIT OF TT furaRnre. maninid nr mahognay eovered la hair ePab ar brneataL A ldreaa, stallag of what R conaiew aad hiweei eaaa prtm ISRm, '?TnraRura. ' bo. IM Ileral I ofiiea T ANYBD?A "WnoWD BAND OrFTCE DISK, MEDIUM n - In aond oeier. Address Itoak, Bera d .Kl. -a VSMH priv.ieem v the frae.l dree* Medarae A. il tgwalla, NEW Verb root ngkm. a UriLD CTTHRY HR4NDT-Iput) O*LLON* FUR* TT W Id Cber-v Brendv, In ravtoue ei??d park arm, m aamtrrurvm' and sale IB wi tlee M n>: c-etomer* ty WM.T. Ui, N? 39 rwn Mr??. wim. ?****? 4 BTAND W WAhH INOTviN XAKILKT *??*7 A In a good location fur but^->d CZ?T^!?rti55T5 Erk nud laru ur vegetables. tnqtura at ?# oecoau I. iJWIB J. HKi. _____________ tHnar? ALB HOUSB, WITH OYHTW AN OLD EST AB hMitiwimnlv ut?t up US ill luccNlfiil fij? *.T"?1% Bn,?. L?m uET'TSuu55*"" * ?*? 4 Cent" street rppoeilejhe park. 1?iTin* AND ELBGANTLY FITTBD CP DRUG A euietarB ml. Mrgiatock <* Fancy "*? ?"* olr^ ^ryibiu* complete and doing ? probUble bdsinea,, sold l,, rasmeuuence of decease <>f Proprietor. u ... P fc Hutt ICS h C> , No 6 I'eulre st , uo.voeite '-be Park.^ . KABAMA. LOUISIANA AN1> </THBB BOUTllkKN, A Western una kaelern Htale Rigbla for sale or ?<*?"*?? one of the meet profitable patent# n?w In on* w? r tn ihf meet respectable lint* In tale city, who are now 'uiing m^^ee! WaGoTaFF * BBurilB*. 41 Chamber A VERY PROFITABLE KXCLfRITS MANUFACTUB In* Hnaioeae for sale?in au.-ceavful operation; doing u Urge bualntaa. and our of the very beat of chances to make money aaiely. BIGU8 k SOL'TIIIA it'K, 82 Naaeau aueet ALB, 'OB 8UADBK PUBLIC HOUR* FOB SaLB?ON one of the beet bu.Joe.Hn > Ten net la the city; 'avo?ehla lease; uw tent, whole hues gues with it: nor"nt thioUloat boneri of the kind In the cttT. C. B. HOWES A CO., No. 4 Centre aueet, oppoalie the Pork. A CHANCE FOR A *M ALL CAPITAL-SI2.A WILL PUR rhaee a botioeeo that la perfectly new; haanonompetl Hon In Ihla city or State. I1U) per mouth r.m he realtae<l, and no i lak. C. B. HOWBB A CO, No. 4 Centre atreet, opposite the Park. BAKKRIKR FOB SALE -SKVKRaL KIRBT CLASS Bnkrrlta for aalr. located no the leading aveneea and oo othergond business Ktrrets Any one waking to p'lmhaaa or loaeil a bakery would do well to call at Ml ICtUCLL'e real ea tale and baaiueae agency. 77 Cedar atreet BRF.WKRT FOB RALB?CAPABLB OF BREWINO about :?*) barrels of ale: la id full npemibu. with a goxl trade; will be aold ou reaauoaole terms. Apply at tae coal of fice, corner of Washington and Burn* atreela. BUTCHERS' SHOP PUB SaLB?CHBAP, NOW DOING a good bus'ueas A pply at 14 Un atrcet CALOKIO BNUINR FOB HALR (BKICcBON)?TWENTY four inch cylinder, tu good runutng order and nearly new. Inquire at 187 W cat Forty aecnod atreet rOB RALB?Til K LB ABB AND ALL Tint FIXTURBB OF the Orat claee Coal Yard No. 147 avenue B; U>c ieaae baa Ive yeara to run; the location te uneurpaaacd; new brick ata klas and odloe furniture, tcalaa An., at auction thin day, October 2. at 11 o'clock, by W. ABBOTT, Auctioneer. rR HALK?A COFFEE, CAKE AND DINING 8ALOOH, bar attar bed, oppoaite new Tompkins market J oat the I Mare for a man acquainted with memnera of the Seventh regi ment. Cauae of celling, other bualneaa. Apply at No. & Sixth atreet ? DVjK BALE-VERY CHBAP, AT 4.13 HUDSON BTRBIT P with or without aloek. a aeatlv fitted up aegar atora, with one room, more apartments, If required. A great thorough fare. Fob sale.?a quiet, frofitari^ business, klioi hlv aituaied In Brooklyn. Auy Luly or ?rrmb-inan of laate would find lb la a dralrabie opportunity. Addreaa, real name only. B., boi 1IM Herald ofllce. rR BALK-A WHOLKeALB LIQUOR STORK, WBLL established. Alao 100 acrea of woodlaid, and other pro perty, amounting to 44 uflO. The a hue or part will be ex ehauged tor a grocery alo-e or other good bualneaa, or an Im proved farm. Addreaa, giving place of Interview, J. F. R., Herald oMce. For balb-the patent right fob thb brats of New York, and a few other MaMa, for the Oeetlla-lng r Washing Machine, patented April 10. 1840; It la made of zinc, and wnrka by loot treading, and forcea ike water through tie ehithea 80 Umea per minute. Wishes perfectly clean and without Injury to the cl >ihes To a poraoo with eome caah It will yield a large Income. It oan ba aeen at 73 Balden lane for a few days. FIB sale-an established MANUFACTURING h'ltlneta. with machinery, tools. Ae , complete, in the very beat order, a ad worth every dollar aaked for it, or will take a partner. BROWN A BOBS, 82 Naaeau at. Fob salb-thb lbahe, good will and fix ? tares of the Lljuor Store, corner of Broome and Kim streets. Apply In the store. IB BALB-OITB BXTKNBION TABLB, WITH Fix tures. and one large Rating Counter, all tat perfect order, intra at 72 Robinson street. Fob rale-a rbbtaukant, stock abd fixtures, ? altuaved near Broadaray, doing a good bualneaa; n rare chance, the owner must sell becausebe la aick and cannot at tend to business, tlda bouse must be aold this week at a great aaertfice. Apply to Bishop, ltd Broadway. r)R SALE?TUB I.KASK. STOCK AND FIXYUBK8 OK liquor store, 227 Spring street, doing a large and Increasing bualneaa, has a splendidly lilted up bar, ana bar parlor, aud supeiur accommodau-ma 'for la family. Spring atreet market and three Muse of steamers are close to the place., rR RALE?THE GOOD WILL AMD FIXTURBB OF A well eetabliabed Butcher bu*tares, to one of the principal streets In Brooklyn. Apply to C. WUST, No. 1 Front atreet, Brooklyn. TJIOB kALB-OWB OF THE BBBT CORNER LIQUOR JP Stores In the Siith ward; will be sold at a earrlliceTf ag pUed for to day ur will take a good man as partner, rant low room for a small family. Apply at M Baxter street. ; Ho Ram sticking bstabijhhmbiit fob balb Bo. gin Beveeth avenue. The p rear at proprietor m a bowl entering apon the manufastorlag of horse shoes by SMSJB pwwer. requiring aaura auaoa, he will eel) raaenwable hie present shop, which Is ens of the hem stands, and km the beet olaas of customed m New York. Immediate arplteatkm m me prsmmea. MB. tUMFBOJI. Boykl fob balb-oh thb kubopban flan, with a kma lease, newly furnished. This house Is m one of heal locations in the etty. Chauee seldom met with. Far I , Mpnhus apply lol?0. UK ATH. 44 Naaeau street, room Jfev ifrem ?lo 1U A. M. and t to 9H F. M. HOTKL FOR HALK-A GREAT BARGAIN?DBHI rahly mtuated. hear the city, dotng a targe full buataeaa. well furnished, and will aaammodate <ms hundred pereone. eaay of aceem both by railroad aad steamboat. B1UGS k BOCTUW1CK, SJ Ha F? laqnl T TOUOR STORE FOB S A LB.?ON E OF TH1 T/ |L, ind well eaUbllahud, haadaomely Sued up; good leave i<ang a money aaaalng bursas, and more than ordt ear, gvayd -"??^^"^rrilWICt. M Ha UYH1RR RK<T4tTHAKT 4ND BILLIARDlAWOI FOl nil 'i ..mipadtf- dolai A Iwf* ?*?7 ' of the beat looated un Braedway. hod oHered a great bar gam. A rare a^nc^ 4 ROCTHWICK. 82 Ha DOTTEXY CLdtT ?H ACXBNSACK B1YBB CLAY. OF L vurvec pery.r q tialWy. for mis la lets to salt, by B. K. JlLBUBTIB. 17 BfOfed'HU1 mL 8UARTZ ROCK AND DRAIN MTU. FOR HAIR ? Conceded *t tt? diiom tae "ulv aiil at nlM to uuntrL ucidk lo impalpable powder; having hardened nhifugg rrtod.ng curlaeee wily replaced Bitiuh a MM7THWICK, 6 Mmma km. QUART* NtLLH-THE LATrJET IMPROVEMENT*-!-A leni'd May B, liMU ?Simple, durable, rapid and rffln.nt in their ? ipemuou. a.id specially adapted to grind! ag uuarti and other hard ?ubmanren lo the Hneet powder, are anil heal log aad hara Imi mrn bearing* that pr*veat Ike admnatmi of otllo the interior ut the mi. a Apply Co THOMAS > BNNRTT, Depot Building. corner of Bo aad franklin atraeia. Maw Tork STOVE AJI 1> HOt'HR fL EM'HHJMO BUSINESS ToRHALt no the beat hoanem area** in Braoklya. -Aa old aatabhih ed aad gvd pay lag ataad. aba aoid on acooualof otraer bartag Other bMatnew. Id {una laUMdlately of SIUMIT SMITH, li? STOCB. riXTDRO AMD LKASK Of TUB OLD RaT big Houae Mo 71 Paarl alrret tar gale rag b? remodelled Into a hotel, or wild separately Alan two Sharp'a Milliard Ta Mas (or aala or lo lat. Ooaauag Houae, 71 Pearl aireet. r> t ABPKMTREH - TOR HAUL AM OI.D ESTABLISH ad Cerpeotar'e Shop, with everything ennne -ted with ihe buaioaan. In eoteee'ioaar. of dWaalnUoo of partner* cheap lor ? ?ly between t and U A. M. al 07 T enth Meet, oeer the hlackamltli a aho, mO PBOTOOILAPHRRM ?FOR MALI, TEST (7HIAP. X aa Appanuoa for taktag eteva, ellrn aire. afco a>ma ather malaria; Included. Ike whole la aaw and of Humane "a make lavage at U CHMJBTI aMMSOB, B8 HoudMa aUaat, r CIVIL RMOIMKRRM AMD SUBVBTORS.-A THBO dottle 1 raaatt tor aala. nulla aaw aad la airaliaat order, fur ruaatderahly lata ikan aoat- Apply at 9S Chatham aireet. rHABRRH-A RARK CH ANCR.-A BARRET TOR Mle didng a r-d haaneaa. la the amntry, aa tka owner i.?? to arli on aeamial at aiakneea Call fur ama we.-a at Har 1 Bony Hall, 17 Centra atraat. or addraaa Baker. Herald office. r PATENTEES OP MMAfJ. W A RICA -THE SI'S aerlben. alth capital aad inaaufartunng famltttaa. aad hai tng mlnaare with the weo>aale irate, wlb treat ? tfc perl lea deelrona of aa. unr their patent rtghta or of 'darting large aaiea of their aruako Adarraa ilam ruing article. B A tin . feara d nffiga. ?IfVlfO ?l7h-f<>R HALE A LIGHT PI.RAMAMT ?T I ' H f aad pridtatde offl. e K laloeaa with re without the . ftiturae. herniary low a deetralue local ??? Apply at 70 Mteerkar aireet two danr* fma Hea! way. f?tl.<r/\ -THIS AMOUNT WIU. PURCHASE AN OLD gZtJU aatahiNhed down town Liquor more. weU iittad up doing a good buainetm. Kent low. rang for family. Alar to leal, Mate aural Wore ? . Ineatad ' r Hour trwda. ! GA1.E 4 CO. B) Magma atraat. ap amir*. (f'fin Tng RALE. "M TARR A PARTNER 7M A JT'lUU. ?ra rlM H?r "in. The bar and reading nmta ffiW up In ben' Mr.e oa the lieel in* nghfare In the etty. Aeplyei No. ? Krte HulMlag. ap etaim. near Weal street. Ma h amend NEW ?HHl,lCATIONB. Edward dcmioam a brother, jamex r. kirk is. DM eatabliahad thukohc B- okaa lera aad PnbHehera, MP Roadway, up naif. SET If Job ICS O* TWg CAPTIVES OF TUB PROM TIER. IB pages mp plate. 10 rente. Ready at nil the Maw* PepeW. gBTH JONES IB pace* complete, Id earns. Re*. ', at all the bewt l?'p,da gRTH JOBRM; Bendy ?! a!' 'b* Vewa Depot* iBwra. croipietg, 10 eats.. " MgwilW SET 11 JONES. na tot C tPTUKM ??T THE fSONTIER III ragaa i ?apl'ie. k) c?n:t. Ready at all the Mew* Dey ote ___ QETH JONES; f tPTi 'Rd or THS Flli>J?nEt iB nagof, ?pp.'ie, 1. -eelt. it red I at ml the Now* Depow. BUJkRUI^U AID L6DUIMU. LABOR HANIWOMK ROOM, fANTKY. GAB, AO.. UN n. funUM, to tot, wtU board, two persons ft per week, ?ouec dm mae* gend table. Parties * uthlng board will Bad ?h? a plaaaant bearding plana 143 South Eighth Wreet. M AMriM slreei, door wees aI HUth street, Wllllsmahurgh. cmij thraa ?Ailw' ? ot law. all Oie fe, WW A small farty or siholm okntijewrn or ?en tlamaa and tbatr wivaa eaa be aeoumsaudsied with beau Uj ill Room and But visas Board, In a ?elect fatally, where there are only a few boarders, by appUoathm at <8 Waal Mtne Mi alb street, corner With avenue. Ami privats family wim.no to takr ah boardera (mora for sociability than gain) two desirable yotui* gentlemen whuea vices are not eitrsvagant, will pleare addraaa C. D. W , Herald office, with particulars A permanent home la realrad, ou? baring ai conveniences and central I y aad plaaaanily located. The moat unexceptionable referencea required. A LABOR SUIT OF ROOMH TO LOT?TOGETHER OR A leparaiely. at S82 Fouilh alt eat, between Broadway aad Ike Bowery, with or ? ithtnii Board. House la vary wide, with every Improvement. Am elegant suit or koomh to let?with Board on aeeocd ll?'or of a brat claaa teniae, weet aid*. Alan one or two Booms, auitaule fur single gentlemen, Dinner At aL. Apply at lit Ninth street. Rerarannee exchanged. A SUIT OF ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS. OK A the aecond Boor, may be bad by applying At lit Waat Fourteenth atreat. near bevenlh avenue. A front room, well ru rndhbo, for two gentleman: baa pu, pantry. Ae.. alao. a single front Room, on recond floor Terme, without Board, from Rl 34 to El per week. Apply ibta week at 17 bL Luke's place. In Lertiy atreat, between Huieuu aad Bedford. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FARLOR AND BID room to rent, with Board, far the winter Alao daatra bla Booms for aingle gentlemen Dinner at 6 o'clock. Apply at No. 3d W cat 1 well tb street, near Fifth avenue. A SMALL FAULT, HATING MORI ROOM THAN A they require, would lei two plaaaant Rooms, with partial Board. House with modern Improvements. Call at 171 Waal Twenty stub street. J^T ltd BAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET, GRaMERCY Park.?Uealrable fumlabed Hooma. for fam.iiea or alngla genlltmen; house ttret class. Dinner at ti. A GOOD HOME FOR THE WINTER.?A SMALL quiet family moil let, with Board, a a ill ol hamlr-me Par lors, unfurnished, ml a very Ihw price. A,, ply immediately, at C7 Downing street, near Vartck. A SUIT OF ROOMH ON THE FIRST KI.OOR, HAND aomely furnished to let, with or without Board j .vleo Rooms ?m.abla lor famUlee and single gentlemen, at Ai BL Mark a place. AT M WKivT JHIBtYNI.YTU 81RKKT?A GRN fLRM AN and wife, or single gentlemen, can have pleasant Rooms and Board (privute table) du-.ng the winter. Neighborhood retired and quiet, near plfth aveuue. A PLEASANT Root, with liberal Board and c m forts of bome. (1 He. ry street, Brooklyn A FAMTLT WILL LET SEVERAL PLK AHA NT BOOMS, with full or partial Board. House contains all modern improvements, neighborhood td>'? rabte. Pleaee apply at 17U Wert Thirty sis lb street, between Seveetli and Eighth ave noea: use of piano, a comfortable bome; terms moderate. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR A FEW SINGLE gi-utlrmeii. can be accommodate 1 with good Board. Terms moderate. A pplv at dig Wlmton atreat, between Henry and Madia?. References eichanged. A T 17 TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERt ITT a place and Ftllh aveuue, a eutt of Rooms, furn shed Or unfurnlsbed, lo rent, Uigeiher or separate, with" Board, euiis able for gentlemen, or a gentleman and his wife. House con tains the modern improvements. AT 74 EAST TWbNTT-THIKD STREET.?HANDSOME ly furnished Booms, on first and second Boors, may be bad. with Board. Private table If desired. Location near Fourth avenue. A SMALL FAMILY WOULD LET, TOGETHER OR separate, a Hull of neatly furnished Rooms,, to gentle man w.ib partial Hoard If desired; references enhanced. Apply at ill Wert Eleventh street, between Fifth sod sixth avenue i. A TJ* IX8T SIXTEENTH 8TRKKT?A LAROR SOUTH -i'alut"*tor*iraava 10 "d A VKRY 1>ESIKABLR SUIT or FRONT ROOMS TO lit or a whole tt<?or, with full Board, In the first class nrft toorth street, dinctly Opposite Fifth Avenue Hotel, lias ail the modern improvements. Alfl-.Il'!',.fyiDI?q ABOCTFIVE MINUTES' WAIil from South ferry, la a pleasant location hare a Upm RcM,m on it-cood friar, with closet sod bath room adj .iunw K * tUoul Ko?d 10 two gentlemen whT VSHP*.^oai?' *i,,n * "toe tuugie Rrnu an Uurd lloor Address i). F. box 77f Tost oOioe, N T. WMiinoar. A, BOOM, SUITABLE FOR A STUDERT OF MEDICINE, ?? betw??n rmuin md Hiith tT?nun Aad Fourteenth end Hoba Addree* F. li. K, bja ct BrWrJa A?"'?* F AO* T BOOM AMD BEDROOM. HK'H wall and mirror*. bath. Ac ; on thlru rt'wr nert abore Rari!"*' with Hoard. In brown atone home 1,1 ju Broadway #? fcaaBo* mora Syr, ruth Are.ua Uolel, fu^ly^Ltf A ?R?PW AT lg (WW NBM ?X her) West Hlkteruih street, oan accommodate two or rhrnn ?Jog* gentbmen with nretly I,u-n).h?d Boil aEd%?53 Board. Ktfereuue required. ??? """ peruat A SMALL FAMILY WOULD BRUT A PARLOR AMD *0 Kednxma, wlh or .IBuot weal* Hon.. new nr. 1 near Hrundway Apply at JSM?eSi? ilSVew honee a?at ut Third ai en ue. and -etwuen htuth and Tenth su A UERTLEMAR AMD WIFE WILL PIBD A RK'BLY A. I urajahed room, with board, where the own forte of a homeland a food tabla are to be enjoyed. In a prtrala family R if if in* m ttchaaged. Apply at laoT A? ?milUa *' AH 2^ ?P UKPUBMMMD ROOMB *0 LET , MR* hoard, hi a beautiful loeaHon np town. The Room* are In perfect order. Ale,. twofrmt R."mtTTii flaho2: ? unlorniehnd. ApplyTO"wStog. A OC*MAW FAMILY, or THREE ADULTS, WILL AC aTiM? xS'STm^S A '*if "0 a lore, worm ltvr to meet ^ A led? sued rtqalrioc handsomslv fur otehed Apartmenu, wt:|i Hfltrd for lbs Twlr oelr, tor* t ion If it*0 "J0" RO?* mo* IBBF rwndre, wonld let three or four Koaaw B * email family euh. ut children or ... SiSK 2 wkew 53 ^'ncIe Btn ?""liS* V ,n ?d'r? ' *? A UWTLRMAM AMD I.ADT. OR TWO RTMOLB MRU "? *><-**?"daMd With a neatly funnelled Hoosb, aith fall or partial Hoard, fas, (T ate sad hot aiui ?nM water In the room. Apple at ?; .ifm. twren ItTtntt aad Kh.-I.ih aeennen **? HARPSOME Birr OP ROOMS, OR TOE NBC own . ??>ri ?? let. wit* Hmrd.al ITS Weal Poorteeiilh^^? wonld he let irparate or In enit* I tinner at at* o'cloik He' fereno* given. A PIRR SUIT OP ROOMB PI'n WISHED, WITH RATH TV room ruluatre, may be obtained by a parte of three f&vxdSELxr- ?'Vra?iihs^ Board-two tounu mrr car be ac.himmo .f octwso First and Btcotd avsoms, drat Q<>or. Board?ir a pritatr familt, to a mrrtlkmar and wife retBeit children, an iinfornhmed k<ren and ma E^*thS'SiBuur' ^ *? ????!? WITH AR KITERSIQR. snttah>s fsr a party of iwilsasu. or cvatiaaaa aad wtfa. Appiy u 4d Ulatoa Plaas, gTui strati. R?arp-a ladt ardwrrtlrmar. or twosirolr SOARD-A SMALL FAMn.T. WTTHOTTT ORILPBEB wd. leAwith Hoard, a well fnrnlehej emvmd eh.ry f^ni 1?. uI a tne dare brown n.e town, either hTaV?mt2 man and hie wife or two atngle eeotwmen who are wUhu 10 form I. <r ether ?. wee. lent u. See n I and Third MMlV Oond rr'erenree elll be reqaired and gl.en. Apply at 1*4 Raet Thirty fourth etree*. v I^OARD?7? RAW E1.XTRRSTO STREET REtB NT I> Oeerpe * rbareb, a rett d ream* on 1 leued Sow n umtng (ucnet*. tnd hoi and .?m ^w rnTT^oU e^LilZ, wife or two etngle tratlereea. JEefarence enrbSJwdT^ Bl 0iRrr"?>'KrL,5;5' CAR PTRD QOOD BTRCTUi OR _ gVT**?'A <" w"f PS"-' ? fall Board <m "-J reawmabt# mi ma at 181 itrnnd etreet. Lncauae Mrei ?nd oaneealnnt to aU kted* of bnmnreA ??rm Board.-a bardm>mb scrr or booms ard two an AIs E/Mtns may be obtalaad at 1(16 Wmm Ff?virts?nta The muMtbw one V ike b?t m nT,u^7i!l *** " " irepocte Bl 0iif".rT0J;*T yrni or wtthoct board, ira I * j*1"** !***? Haermi nt. einlable for a ^ ?'"?mi Arrlyat 111 RHttfCjak PI.BABART ARD WELL FPR B'LAuI]rTS:?J5i"., !Lf1??**T',,"RT Wr? t s I1 ZSfJEL 'J? i?ri Sw^eri' HhMhlid wm0rt"?L ?n? poeate ?ht? , eJAb^l fwt'I. iMrely and ?.*f..n*nly f.p Ke? JSs*"-1?"? ^;*n: uirs R?fRP-yyc U."? BOORS OR THE SK tORD fi s** ?^1. to ren?l?wen Ap..y at usrert* TARIAIR ard HA J. BED gT'^B^Tr-r'* '* R?i?n-' ^j/STOB PT.ACE.?A FAMTLT ARD ORB OB """ Br 11 'err deeerahti t- ridebe Slfib .7. *1 "A*""? PlSoe. twodnor* ?aet ef Fifth areata. Reference* etchere-d. D '?Sn:R i'LIST 'R fT.IT t S ' r sT ? I . !? * "" *'d hi* ?l - r it *iri . it n lAMJ ' rtb r " m . ? f?i mn, m 5o fi cjb;? f ao?. 1 MMAOMtt AMU IMUail*. Board and rooms wantkd by a gentleman asd wife, . laid and BUI-ae, for Jte Mulw on FHth or "aor ? on .venue#, notab. ?e Thirty h? uu? aires'. or oeloir Four teenth street Two rm.ni required on monad Mwir.'One m isl i e front Good relrrencsegiven IM required I duress Me on. box i 251 foot out x. BOAhD AND LODGINGS WaNTKD-FOR a OKt.v TUB ?BAD. with hie t?o daughters, Ul ? lampy where fre? I. ,* ?pokeu. No objection to Uobcheu tnauauAtw nuluaf. Address B . B , box 1,171 Fiat odioe. Board in hinrt kthkrt ?a rare <th amoe ro* a gentleman era wife or two Atoxic ganl'emwn ? a Urr - well fiirahh#<l square K >om ou avood if?ir, with ?< i.etn, Urr tad Oirry mmtoi: of a homo, m A asaaJI private family. References exchanged. Apply at 73 Henry tlreet, uear Market. Board wantkd-kok a gentleman and wifk, In Aitrmlly private family: two Rooms necessary. on an ooud floor. To any young jcnple having dtairanla ?soain.i dallccsaud legation, any between Forty arcood aad Fourtaenlh streets. and fourth and Huth avenues tbla ot!"s a goodebauoe to reduce expenses. Addr ru box 1,017 Boat oflloe. Board wantkd-by two or thrkk gentlemen, larior And Beorooma, between Tooth and fourteenth ?ureta, neighborhood of ltroadwav;preference woukl be given to a email, PSfllnl family where the oomforta of ? home are to he had No aecotd rata hoarding house aeeper need aniwer this Address Comfort, giving locutiox and atjla of room*, box 1,303 Post ulllca Boabd wanikd-bt a professional man. in a rettned family, near Washington a tuare for About S& per week, including light and Bre. Address J. 8., Herald oilico "DUARD WAN rXD.-TWO HKIIII.Y RESPECTABLE J) young yertleueu desire a fun lrbed Rooru with break fast, in a private faintly, heiweeu Bleeckar anil fourteenth streets Terms, lor tiro and KM Inrluded, usual utd exceed S2A per anub for both. Addreta for taroduys 11 A O., box 3,162 font olhce. Board wantkd-bt a gentleman and wife, in a private family prefer red, ettllug Boom and Bedroom. Afldr.es w A. II , Herald ottlre Hating terms and locality. Beat of re.'arencea given and required. Board wanted-hy a gentleman, wife and little gtrL four tears old; Ri?>m partly furnished; iomie t let ween r in ty and Thirty aesoud mreeta, and Second and Sixth ayeruea, rent f?0 per month, Including firs and rah. Address box 1,488 Poet office. B0ARDING.-DE81RABLF. ACCOMMODATIONS ARC otlered a few genteel parlies by a New Knirian I lady, who baa joat taken aad netvly iurnUhed a modern h ma in one of the beat locations In me city Kaieryitcaa required Apply at IB West Eighteenth aueet, a few doura west of Fifth Sfenue. Boarding?an elderly lady, American or English, who would ho * tiling to keep house tor heneif and Another lady, may hear ol a oomfortuolo home without charge. Addxexs L. K. L, Brooklyn Post office. BOAKDING-TO LET, WI"H BOARD A LARGE irout Kor m. on seooad story, well fumiabad. house ha* .ill the modern improvements Dinner at all. Inquire at 68 West Twenty seventh street. Boarding-a gentleman and his wife, and two sing's gentlemen, rum be acaommodatad win. pleasant farnlnhed hoomi. with full or partial Board, la a small, quiet family, with all tbe comforts of a h me Terms moderate. Referencea exchanged. Apply at 310 lirooma atreet Brooklyn iieiuht8.-a gentleman and wife can hare a handsomely furnished Room, with goo t Bo ird. a comfortable home fur thr winter In a genteel prlrate family, at 30 Willow street. Licatum between Fulum and Wall street ferries. Terms node rate to desirable parties. Brooklyn board wantkd-a young profss ?lonal gentleman waeta Board hi a small family, oonve nleot to the ferric. Brooklyn lleigbla preferred, requirement* * 1 ond. Addrr moderate; price must correspond. Address, with full partloo lara, Lawyer, Lie raid oMce Board in Brooklyn ? a few boarders can Had tbe cono'orta of borne In a prtrate family, oo reaa.ua ble terms, by applying at 124 Oxford street. Board in brooklin.-two gentlemen, who would occupy the same room, can And partial Hoard, and the com for L of a home, near lbs LLmtlUmJor South ferry ap ply at 2o3 I mon t* Board in brooklyn.-a gentleman and his wire, or two tingle gentlemen, can obtain Board and pleasant Booms, by applying at 17 lieory atreet, dee minutes walk of Fniton or M all street ferry. Boabd in Brooklyn -a fkw single gentle men or a family nan be accommodated with a front Boom and Bad room on second floor, furnished or uafum'abed to suit with ful Board, at 331 huts Ureal, sear Hoy l p.uamat location, l erma moderate. BOAI'.D IN BROOKLYN, 644 HKNRT STRKET ?LARiiB pleasant ,'rnnt U.->ra#, on second and third Ink, suitable for families, nl?n. hall Rooms for stogie geuUetneu, near Booth and wall ?trtei Itnha Board in Brooklyn?laror and small Rooms, with lull or partial Board may be had in a plea aant lncallna, flvr minute*' ? ,1k fnim the Smith and Wall at met (rrriva At,ply at ite llMT] street. inner qi t ougrees. Board in Brooklyn-four ok five oknti.k mm aao be aoooaunodated at reaeoaable price*. Apply at 66 Willougtaby street OARD IN BROOKLYN.-OKNTLRNKN AND WIVBB aad single gentlemen rnutiw secure hatHli itne Ronnie, with gad Board to the trat elan* bene W State ? treet, tire minute* from Wall atreet aad Month ferrlea. Helen,noea ex charged. Board in rrooklyn.-nkatlt ruRNrsnro Kmma In sell* or stogie, with food Board and h-war cirn'ort*. <ea he had on early application at No an Henry street, earner of State struct, a few minutes' walk frua South or Wall *treet ferrlne. Board ir Brooklyn -okntlrrrn and their wives or a few single genilraieu nan and pleasant K..,me. with Board, at 162 litem street, betwaaa Wall and South far B Board ir brookly?m amity ntrnwt, rrtwwmi Court aad uUntoe. A eenliaeian aad hie wife aaa ob tain Board ntth a pleaaent Room. Rooms lor other* itlau The house la otarealent to lao cats aad ianlaa. Board id brookltn.-a marribd oocplmor Iim> jatyle fgenuetneti, ran obtain Board at 65 Hicks TYOABD IN BDOOKLTN -TWO YOCNG OKRTLEMBN X) willing to room K g at bar. raa bo accommodated with a neatly fqi Tat id Roaaa. ouuvstiUul to the ferrtea. In a prl mM faaai y, where they oar hare all the o. unions of a home. For further partltulara add rare M. B., box 116 Feet offer, N. Y. Board in brook ltn.-a ubrtlrman and wink Or two atngts gentleman ma bo aooouMudatrd with Board, with a private family, near Fulton ferry. Apply at It Hlffel Board in brookltn.-a onntlknan and kin wl a or a few ataxia gentleman may had desirable <loo no. with Board, at 1(18 ( In ten Son, corner of maw. room,.lent lo Wail street and South ferries Helareeeaa required Board wantrd in kkhokltn-for a okntlk. man and hta wllr. with a p?t-eu? family, within - elklng illatanoe of aub?r h p.bin nr Wall nreet ferry. Term* muat be modern.* audrem. ataung particular*. X. t A, Herald Board wantkh in Brooklyn-a yoi nh man deatree partial ib-ard la a pr.vaie family, location ooare ateat to Futloti ferry. Addreaa, alalia< terms, K. M , Herald office. CONVENIENT TO BROADWAY AND FOURTH AYR nne XWan-ldUl Fourth Mcrel ?la three epaatmu. plea aantly attuated houses, three nr roar ma eaa sow be bad. wall NMMM table aad all the attributes of an clegaat house. Reference ueocelery I'lunar at sU. E LAG ANT PCRNtSHKD BOOKS, Rep,ate with cosl enlencee. GOOD ATTENDANCE. Booge tut dam. < entra sod coeeeolent. Ma 862 BROADWAY. ABOVE TWKl.KTII kIKKKT Elkoantlt furnished hours TO LET.-LOTA don unearepllotable the fnrnltara lobe sold, as tbe owoar Is futug at Buti ,??. Addreaa M. O.r., box lue Herald office BLE1AMTLY FURNISHED BACK PARLOR-WITII water, pantrv. gas and rcgtaler. in let. with or without Board, to gentlrmea "?ly. iu a t.ret clam bourn and private family. Apply at 176 Beet Fourteenth street, near Second are cue. rANRFORT HOUSE. OOEMBR OF FRANKFORT AND W Uiaam wrens. N. T NUigle Rorsaa from It to 17a par alght, or II In 63 per week House aewly forttmbod, with a pood Biffs ureal attached. Opoa all sight. Furnished rooms to let- without board, to II ml Use-n rmlT boom coota'no atl the aandera Improve menu Apply at >67 Foorth atrert, bat s ?*?} Rowary aad Broad way. rBNISTIED ROOWB ? BART FfFTEBNTT! NT1RKT, oa arm and aaeoml torn. Pour Ronwaa on aeennd 6 *w lo let. togethee 11 ?spars a, with <m without itoard, house newly ?Hud up. urn. bath- A* MER. BTUBTRVaBT. rlRNIRRID BOOM-I WAKTEP WITHOUT BOARD, by s stogie gentleman, a Parlor aad mead liedroom, a ua mnntcot eg between 11 road way and With avenues, aad Eight renth and Twenty thtid Wrens Address. sUUng term*, lush My aid utbur particular*, box 616 New Turk Post off ? rOBNTtHKD EOOMR TO LET-ONE FRONT PAELOR aad one taiwr R?sn on second Raor,*py> areteur Member, with or wnbout Board. Bath and gas la the bousa. Family prima, tub Ha. dougal etreet, bffeeeo Rteeeher ami Amity ffreeta rlBNTRHRE HOURR TO I JET?OR THE LOWER TART only It la three Mary, high MOOT nam*ins all Improve mei.ts, call furbwh'-il,-oil Ian la faadly. and b it l iar btu-Ax ef Biuaf say apply at 136 Thnmpenu etreet. rRRINHRD ROOMS TO LKT-TO A OKNTLEMAN aad wife. imeR Parlor oe Rrat floor with ulnar! and draw efU"B It. aad casement, every eonrealenrn d'-eirsbls foe hre."ekeepl*g. Apply at 12 Hrvrulreath street, westofRlith avenue for one wxeg. rURNiSHND ROOM TO f^T, WITHOUT HOARD, AT No, My Fourth street, sear Broadway. TDVENIPHEn ROOM TO LET-WITH OR WITHOUT g partial Board, lo a single rentlrmeo. Apply at No 61 BleecVrr strutt. a few doors raw of Broadway. Refrreri.es nr hanged. __ __ SBNl IJfM EN AND THBIR WIYR1. OR SIN'II.E OKN tlenaeu can be ?? -sum.elated w?h - '-asuei R-mms. with rd Arp . atOV Meet FuurtmmthMreeL Ttrm* raasm ble. Refereeoss axshaaged. EANDBONFI.Y FtRNIMIIRD APARTMENT* TO LET -? Front aad bach farb r oa fine 3 ?r, with elesMa. also, ?son miaud aad third A**a. wna or wffb il board. 0 Aawy UNION SOU ARE?A FBW 1I.DHANT ROOMS ?0 let for the mater, at No. M Um m eoeare iv.rner of mtt atrert. Fen-em la want of an mnor aoonmmoda oh obtain pardewlaru bp anelraf at thu benea. \NE f|R TWO CHILDREN, FROM 2 TO I 1RARR OF ) age. .-ae bare gnnri t '?la Hoard, with tbe bew of nam. ,d at'enthm, with a widow ?om*n rea lm* is Hneglyn Re runree -iweirepuouahla Aidism Ml*. Rruaan boa till He ERIYATRBOARDINO.-SRVKRAL YBRT F1.EABANT Mall fr T.I Rooms can be bad with Hoard, In a crlvut* Illy reWdlrg a So 4? Kae- MipeMi sUeei near Un< -e Muere The V-we le fee'T 1 ?'?iw?. h >s luluh k'd aad o ld Water, Ac. Ilii.-riil r|vt Tens* for two persons, tw to 116 per berk llrlervuuuw r nikaageil. R0< MR WARTRD?IMMRIH aTRT.T, IR NK* YORK OR ifrnrttlyR, w*b BuRld en 81 -far ia-y I. f-ir a f?mry nonvatiugot reatlmiai', wtpe. !wo , ai 1-en and ?*rv?n! ? frr et | ?-or ai d tr-i f edr . "w?, m -teind A'*i ? vi!d pre er a feiuevi u-r?m I?-?'i ietic? n * ii ?? ?-o ftWemuu Heel o ?e'rrsBcgf g eB acd re uryff, iddr-ea W , >? . 1.1 BerMd 'Mm. fT f "? ???? fc.lO LOIWIW I TrBATLvT^K*ltlU*U HLIOtOOME ?>? PFPKIi FLOOR, >J VJubto oaly fur ingle ge.?lem?;, ???"?? wnb a aluve, ft ui *7 per uiuath. Apply at 47 A.uly alree-_ (,ENTL?MIUI -rOUWHID ROOMS. KEOLUIUYE H??rd, %t i2 vtfe#i 1 wpntv i> nU? ?ire?t. ?sy?* 04 MC and npfiiceprionaftl*- ? ? TWO HANDSOMELY FTJBNIBHBD VJSr WMtE 1 T?,ih -card to g-ni.emeo yly.lf W^ |W?nt>Moima Mrret ue.r Kifih Asread HoUl F r purtlciilare WW" ??* | 740 l"oii. oBce. TWO NKATLT FURjriHHF.D ROOMS TO I.ET TO HI* HU? gmtteiBrii. Apply at 1'23 Cbarleti ?U'cet n?ar aitu tua Kuinlly priva?e. _ _ . Two MNULC UKHTLIMKN. OF rNtXf'KPriOMABLE ebar:io4er, deaire bowrdlnr uid lodging wih on Attractive widow Inly who has noother Indgnre and who nan UiniUb lb- romforta of homo for a good prica. Add rem Mr. Me.laon. Hew YorkFeetoBied. . fTVO OR THR1K GBNTI.KMRN OA* BF. AOOOWMO 1 laird with board m a private family up town oonraotent Dinner al fi^rlf Ch J*?, w-nhiug i*? camions of m bom-, ?w?y toquirt tiW ?? ** _ M".rpi K a RANT OC MMUMIOATIKO ROOMS. OR T -el. with I'.oard, at hi Kaet Twenty thirl iw w 1TB "nOARD-A NKWI.Y FURNISHED f r en era e whanged. Io.iulre at l? Franhita meet _n , FT FURMHHEO-TO two GENTLEMEN. A T pieal.nl hack Far lor. In Tumpkina aquaro. luquire at dS7>i Kaai Truth bit?f, in the ato.e. . 1 ?T *T 91 CLINTON PlilOl MRAR FIFTH AVIt given and required. ? bu"red. Call at ho 3t Kant Twenty fourth atreet. three dojra east of Fourth avenue v*v.?p-" ffrrr $ ?krub?.^ WANTED-A FURNI HKD "!L. teal, central kauUou. by a gentleman and wHa. reeWla* In the country. t"r occailnual (Kicupaucy- f""' '' when thei are in *>wn. or If In tie ?^tht>?f>>??^. i reataura.it. th-.e mighf be dlapecaed With. A. genteel pnvam family preferred. Addreca, w.th real nutne and n iraoer, w. II , hni tea PoatoMee. _ _ , TITANTRD-IWMEDIATEL*. BOARD FOR ^hDT AJCD VV child, private family prefened. Terma mual be mo- , derate. Addreae Baldwin. Herald -lllcc. www I Win TRRI1 OBeTLEMEN PKBIRE TO OBT UN W B-ardina^encb1 r^d?yK w 1 h thevlew oflwinnA French, Duration between d'reearr .od Fourteenth streela. Adilreaa. Injragliah. A. M . feiuld "?ee WAf?T^o"nd ortai'rt 5?>r*wlth bS^E." drraa boa 2 542 Peat oBcd. for three Java ANTED-ROOM FOR A LADY and (?IKTL*MAW, with Board for the lafy ooly, where there will be no queatlcna naked. Addrraa O. ?., Herald othoa.^ tiriNTKll BY A TOONO LADY, BOARD I* A RE W aprt^ble priv. e family where there are fjw brerdJre, in the vicinity o* 11!-''^ *?^, ^m aaar Broadway 1 erma mmt be modarnto. KeTereuoe given d requlred*^Addrem 12ti Chylea ah. New York. rgr AMTKIl?BOABl> FOR A OKFTLF.MA* AKD WIF* W and two rhi'.dret; two nnfurulahed R ??A w?h prn^ato (able- deraev v tty or Brooklj D preferred. itaUnK terma, which muat he moderate, antra, atatlon R. M. Y. amtrD?IK BROOKLYN. OOOD BOARD AND pleiSrt Rooma. on aeeond Hor.r, f.w two ?rn jeane-i and P i thaapM urit r?.uw or no otner k>o*riiisn ?iw TITANTKD?A ROOM AMD BEDROOM t'WFT'BNiHH W mi ?,! . MKMirtitblo houii tor two pfftoui Atidi**. .Suugtn^ "*<? l.,.l?n KT a"bPANI?H uRNTLtMA*. OF HIOII W fit .udion. ? or wHhol.t Itowrd. In w airlrt y ?rt ? , Thirty fifth Jfnred.' ilo boarding hoorea aeed apply. Addreaa for two 3aia T. U M.. Haraht "thorn. ' _.YU, rw PL ACE.?FU RNIHHKD ROOMS ARE TO _ _ m.-itZ-rrr ?trkft.-furnishfd rooms yy> 19 ik? h-n'ae haagna. hatha and the rooma are nb-ely to?mZ'J1S5?MSbSrwTal1UWe?5 W uaar Caaal eTTFIFTH AVKNOF. -Fl'RNISIIED RO?*S I>Y)B OEN | HI FI FT 11 a board; ihe entire aewwl floor, with . srtrtf ."aKSsrsifp ,*s ????? <*?? nlr" ntlier Biauna. Mngle or en aulte j (To umivermty JJd 26 ^'wrere^g ehmnr#*d. DM H i? (iM* a a nvToN HODAEE ? IiKHIRABIaE R(X>MH, OTKB* 44 taS Jg Ihl P?* to Wto ?toard. Alao -ngle ?-?? ;hi.'^pro?.:^da^-h^ot raw lewder. - IXa Referaceaa given aad required. _ TTTirPBNARD STREET. NEAR llROADWAY-^f Altl) 48LiX -nile Romn. ^ WraUjA ?' Lndginga fm Mngle or mamed pereoua. at? pi 74 oema a u'gkA __ _ -nu MTRkrr A FEW DOORM EAST OF 59 2?K5f"tK ai-F furnmhed Fartog and ?SL tff . ZTiw- ? tinrw to lat to mule ger.Uemea only, wtia ?SFrSmZ* tTc?a SB S the modere ^jprof nKK1H K JKT1KICT -A)Vff>RT4M 1W)A JD AlJT> ??-i?'!?gjBg.'saarvtS5?a 1101 'IS"2 ' 107 S?S?SS diaiiugo'F"x tre. uu, <"??? 1,1 ~ ?' ? ' j_ 11A V vniVON AVFNrE.-A OWTURIAW AKD 1 AO . ifm pan f jjii |%t ih^'T ilUH/fflMl lWO ??'*? ROCHB? lOV WJ2SSm mlumra. iii a tflr+ ?i?M ftrimiff +nu*. r.ndaome^.watad The i?a; rafrreueee gieea and regalreA. -i . r TWKI-KTII STREET NEAR SE?f<lND AVR?UE 1,1 ft Lr ? Hill . tt K?ei oima'ideating. "" wo d Li w. c" itorrt thae- Sow *ifuller. Twowngle gentle.n-u USTg^Tu^an and hi. wife wdl find pleaeaa. tocaltoe. Family private Refer, ore* evelianged ?90i Ov7t/2 h'tojr luriv aneo ^ lor a tiagie ^rei.'trtih Si w ihouOtwrd Jtelrraeree requued. .... a?r BROADWAT (CLINTON HOUSE) OVER ^jL^'UffSd hi^ new furclliire tieoa ane a Brat elaen hnoaa. Apply an above vowAwrmmmmmir huticmh. _ ntntciAK or ovkr twkmtvhyk teari au.ndiar, M a Inrra riMM near N. w Vnrk, hi I lag a Inrce prmrAire. la daair m la a peranw with a una ?apiuL aa partner and aoccraur. Add ram or ari ly I > ^>uU Hn*, lit Broadway Partner WANTEP-WTTH |*OM tMt TO tfrO. TO join tbe adicruker in ? .igbr aril proPtaMe Mmk Oaod reference -lean ami required. At pty at tan at we. XI Founh arenue. PARTNER WANTRD?WITH ttl?, IH CAM! 1UHI aeea whom there In no rtak U.n party matrolttajr double tba ami.ml at hta capita:, and dronta aauafanw j. OaU ar addraaa A, 4 LI Hradwty, earn o> Mar re IA On PARTNER WANTED?TO ENOAOR WITH TH* AD vcrt'eer, who in eireadt amaliiwhed In the pmdora flm.r and rnaualaahm Hna. ,-m a parly wah Ml or II ?? nlf la a pond paying hu< time Tit I particulara bp at U. 0 UOWl - A OO , Mo " - ca Una upoa U. M. UOWk- A OO . Mo < Ueakra at/act. oppa mm tfea n*t. PARTMRRflir ? W IhTtil, A HCMIMItort HAM, ? lib >1 I"' f I.' I'D. in ? who cm la < mintrr Wore. Ad rfreaa U N , liarald oWne Rent rci-mnao rwpilrad tl^ARTtn-A PARTNRR IN A I.PfR ATTVR MJTNiNRIRI. ff arerari it ee>ea of et*hl Ibnaeamd d tan a ic*r, M mm be left In tic one wk> mar wlnn Vi n ia?n la the i<iocaa nbilhar tr r-'-,k* -* ' tan act pnaaade or a eatery Add man K tt. A, hoi Itt liarald Hhh $150. - WARTRP A RR'PRiTTARI.HMtR AM I'ART ^ _ _ eer. to lake fill rbarr* of arid It' haw pa nig lJqmw Ht iraaitotra purii. a lerge?tr?re, three yaara i-aae, at low rani a large ahwk at Ihi Hon. II reqalme tan In aatrj nm the Inla " will take pert'aah. Apply m tha praanaaa III Waal Rraadwap. $200 lit, rr RCPt?R THR IMTERRWT OR A RR UrniK partner la a raapaatoble nan'? H ? nana, wc.l - c ' ntaarlaa til to fit par aaab to amh part-. an boom' dell;. ? nnln. Apply to T. HAIFMRT kuO-. Mat Chaw bar* atreel. $inn -fARTDHR WAMTKil, IM A Hi IHI.Y R* TUu ap-<table aaah mannfe. toi-ing luminal, a ??! am perinea eeiaUlabad and periaaocat large organ enraged; tin tar day prHM win baabowt. oap'UI for atarb taa to ei MM hitdacaa Apply to O T Ttidl'klMP. a>ai< ifacuay No. I new Rrmery. cocnar of Oil eer atrcct ? riWl -WANTED AM RMRRORfl''HA*, Of PORIR, tltlUU. loduatrtooa ha dto, as par'tier k>' ?nk< 1a building np a pcrrranctit caah bilinear Wlthn-tt ? vnpeMtVm or rtak Only Id) and an f irtker capital rcinrcl Rirai nlau cur rrtnraana itran aid daWrad Appli In ftlRTKR A ?'<). ?> Rmad way pmta 17. ?7?fl tn ???? -Rartnir wamtrd, to totn ?. I ' )\f ? her with pq *iAJ aanvt la anttiianicp a4*W alapa. wbo'naaie lath hnatneaa. trbiA pan .tar MPkiper an are and W aold oaly oa aar iat of daall to -V-M ? ? ?Wata labia I la atr? ? yuan RIVKlt A MOUTHWl' K. tl Maaaa t ^raat. ?1 r.Afl - A M AMTT WITH THK AW 1^*7 t.w.;ju? T I ? " Uka PI inraat R inataaaaTa MH| ar ? >oH f ? ?VV A/ ? UP' PI t" ' wn it 'tl w i ? i wmw ? ?i ? '' ? bur a I rat Oaaa-nrwer II , c at-re op Iwwr A ' I'aa. wVJi partwuiara Ha> oaaa bat lf? H"raid ^_l"r '* ' *M? $1II finn -partmrr WAMTRii iw A i-rr. It'.lMrty, .. jy aa . tarr ? ai an I wrt t'y l-p <a > b. mf-m wk"?a?. with iKp "li ? fort laartui ha ttfjLola BL&1-'m tff 'W j . ilia .I A bVUUHlCK.tajiMtAaiimt. WKC1AL IIOTK K| A LMOTtRRR ?CRAMMO.NII KENNEDY, ILL . """ "darber will lecture this evening. in the ?' rnnr Institute. at 4 before 8 o'clock. T.ekela 24 cents uitr M ?| le duur, 'ur the henetit o' A nunna M. K. iLoicth hobnob UH'tinnrs office ur run at randy ho>r m 1j Wsel -nieeeth sir. <-t New Turk, Oe ,? er I. 1-dB -Offers ?111 be reecived until lb- Hffi h.gatit. for lb- -l?l|verv uu.,n the wbarl *1 ruu.oy liiuk Sew Jersey. of from t 10 I U> 3 UffVlieof rough gmi.ft* or Vslisade" ?.?- . ,f aires thnl will weigh fchotil ft<?HB tfU lo 401) 1U? MM-h '1 b?i 0?Ilvry to m>utm*(ic4 within right days slier the hwhrd, hud In be completed or the Ahii of > ovemher neat About JO lo 40 ilranile Cullers cm nun at end y emplorraent hi Una Kurt by app'vmg Kt sen IT Hunk ur un board the propeller tjovernsr Floyd ?nf I'm fun. if Christopher s'rwel. N out] nead Apply but lliet law had isltMn' w< nmni. H W HHNIIAV. Oat thin hud Oom'g Engineer of Shady Hous Kurt. INKiDKL CONVENTION OP IHfO THE 1M ... a ...? clhliiui of Aigeiica Mill hold Uh hbii'ihl i ouvenpou on Sun day aad Monday. Dumber 7 and, 8 ciunuirncirg hi 111 A 4 , u Ike I'tty Assembly Room* 446 lirowtw ay. I lie pu die nr.. In Tltrd to Kltrnd llUKAI'M BKAVKK, Prteideal J M. 11m Kl.TT Kecretltry, T IQIOE D BALK KB' MKETTN<i.-THE BE lUI.Ait XJ monthly nrrilra .>r Ik* Now York Uqiior I'saUra1 kngta ly will ba mild at the Metropolitan rtouuis. 160 ilealar ??reel, oo Tuaeday evening, Oct, 2, at 7>, o'elueh. By order. P W CNlirt, PrroldruU MAW NIO NOKICB.-MY8TIO Tin LODGE, NO 271 F. nr J A. M ?The Members of Ue above l.u1g? are h-o ?hy mi| nested lo be puucliial la attendance Ihia iTue- Uyi at pair p at ?etru o'clock proelaaly for work 11 or .lor, MaLI'ULM CAMPBELL, IV. M. ftufc A. tokw, (ny. N'KW York PKPTKMHICK .10. 1M10.?TO THK KDI U.r of ? be Sew lork llrr?ld ? Dear ?lr?Heelog aa advrnbrneut u, y<lllr paper of Saturday, cflnvlng the res taurant 286 Bowery for stlw, I would Inform toe public that I bavr glvrn i.? enlborUi whclevrr fur so d, wt,c. Mr Rleue being only a partner wits ni aeir Hy inserting ihe ah .to yon will mocboltlg". FRANb.UK lintiiUKf. of ike Irm of Gregory A Co TUB AMERICAN KIM1.K t'NKiN A N NT VERS A R Y COM matieeH lo morrow . W.-.lnrsduyi irortnue al etne o'clock, in tke Unnnie htreei cloin-b eorner of K i/jiheib atrwrt Tba mecUn(i will roniUme UiroiiKh two d-ia Ker lira Crow ford. rrealdmt ol Marei r CnlrrraNy, <leur(la; Katun, of aadl arm 1'nlyeraiiy. Ira Turk. Raymond, uf the Polyirwlinlo lu at.tule. BrmklTn, Ulna. Profeaaor In ld-*t*. oru Unneralty, lVnaaylvaola.ConiinC.ShepberiLSIieMi.il. Ar,..uh|<e, Wvk nil, Clapp and Brewer, bear Turk, ant T.ani ar, Ailkuala, Ueorifla, are expet tcd b> lake pari In the u?trco,-?. TH* HJBI.IO IS HKRKWITH 0ACTIONKD AUAlNsT lb-- uesotlnpni ol a cerulu prouiieaory note, made by J. r mublltb A Co., iu ctncinuat . under date of dune 26 idtt) bj thewown order at alyM aaoaibe for Um aum of hi paya ble at J. Run A Co'a . 64 Brood a ay. aa the aame waa.iiwi ur tloleu ltKHNMKIMKU I1j*U4.. I'.6? Broa Iway. _ MtLLINKKY A LARUE AdrtuKTMRNT OF FAM. ANI) WINTER MIUJNRrY. At wholesale ana retail, at the luwwat oaab prteea. MRlr. W. KUtMubB. 6B7 Broadway. MADAMR IPRADCKM.TRR WEMilfNHACH NO J40 Atlantic atrrel Brooklin, will open her new importa Uuna of Winter Ibn.neta on Tburtkiuy, October 4, and mual re. ?pertftilly luviiei the bad lee lo call aad <? amice her well ta leeted patterna. Millinery. MiLLiNiRT-j a. akmhtrono will open oo t uesday. Oct bar 2. a rtcb anil well selected alork or Mill in* ry Uuode, French pattern Hate, Ac., at tit Kul tou atreet, Brooklyn. Millinery ?a labor aswirtmk.nt o? kai.l and winter Ibmutla now cpen m Mrs sK -P'K. IJU m.Ui ave nue. All deeenpuons of Bra vera and *ctta on band PARIS MILLINIRT.-MAOAMB FERRKHO, NO ? Ureal Jt new street, baa Just receive A the latest Parte My lea of fell and winter Bonnets. Caps. ifewUreaaea, Kkiwern. Keathera, Lace a. An. HOI 8K8, KUtfJIS, AtC., AFVAI.i, PCRNIdHED BOUBE WANTRTN-BY A UEN lie roan and hie lao daughters, with immediate r<?aeaai m, not abuve Twenty flflh ?trret. rent Iwtween kPUsinl SAUO. Ad dreea, wllh full paulleulars, B. K , but 3,162 Pan odice. FU rRNTSIUD APARTMENTS WANTED?T!l.L 1RT OF ^Hlfay, by a prnfeasional cenUrmAn. far himself, wife, rrewn child and servants, arbu w tO be fuuid desirable tenants. Parlor, ibree Brdrnoms and aeparate Kitcbrn, with naalrrn rouvenl i arra. In a flrat claia bouse, oonvenient and pln.wani locality, * n.l respertaMr family, references diven and rwiuirea or a final! furnished House would be taken. Addreek, a tall eg paillculara fully, but E632 Pual tUioe. PART OF A FURNISHED BOUSE WANTED ?IMMEDI ii'rly, suitable fur a family of tares para uia, with all tAe neerwar.ra for huuaakeaplngi ItcaU m ahuva Fourtb belwren Third and Ninth avenues No objection to adjoining oluea. Addreea. with full partlculara, H. A B , Htr .l.l oace. ROft218 WANTED -WANTED, BT A LADT ANO OEN llrman, a anil of mims, umaiailiig ik Parlor aud Bedruum, wllh Board for Ihe lady, le Mine nloaaaal locality above Fourth su-ret and below Fifteenth, between Broadway and Sixth avenue; aould prefer a boner in watch there are M other boarders. Address Inquirer, Herald office. Room wanted-suitable for a physioiae1* I ibr-e, a lib sleeping arc. .mmo. at uoe. loeau.m must r.q above Th rtlvih street and between l.rilngt >n end kigblb ave nues terms mialerate. Address, wllh particulars. A. M. 1)., box 161 Herald office. Koomb wamtbd in WII.UAMSBL'KO.-a ukntlc man and wife i with nit ' blldrroi want the am-ond ? or lunlnruisbr.: it a small nouae. where there would lie but me other family. locatL* within <6 etlontrs' walk of Bouib Eighth street ferry reel not to evcerd SU<JVufl7k per year. Ad dreea H. 1- W., bos 126 Ur rail office. THRHK OR FOUR KOOMH WaNTKD-FOR HOUSE aeet'ing, by e xentlemau and wife without rh l Iran in or I sear the neve nth ward preferred no tenement boose owners . need answer. Addicts aUttiig looaUou and teruis, II. 0., | Herald office. TV-ANTED?A FURNISHED BOUSE. T1IRKR OR FOU^t FT stnrlwe and basement. Address, glvtng terms aad lo I aallty W U Hsllock New York rltj WAMTED-HT A PHIHIiilAN FOR aN UFFkia, a f met Banna rot. or a front Rouse oe Ike ? ret flow, on II Madlenn avenue. Audrese Fhymcnui, Hrooaiya Poet office. WANTBD-A furnished booh fob a RMAI.I, pm .te lamlly. Also, nee for a are! rlaae boarding , bouse, an.I several anfuruMk.-d houses fie aeslmMa u-nanta. M I.aWHEM'.B A Oi , 62 Kaat l?tb sb, la we friuare. WANTRD-A NTABI.B. WITHIN THREE OR FOUR blocks id Thirtieth street and Fourta avenue, that will [| arccmmioa'c two bursas and two wag ma Apvly In tee gro I eery sows. No. 423 fourth avenue, corner Thin.-lb street W' ANTED?BY A RESPONSIBLE PARTY. FOR A fust class bar aad re'reakmenle, a xi'iable nooi. oe ur | near llma tway ketwrrn Well and Oaeal street*, rent not lo r.1 red 33 IkT per year. Addreea for two days A. B.. llera.d I < Bice. TRf-ARTED MY A SMALL AMKKICAN FAMILT, T1IRBM Ft or four H< im a wllh raa and water, la a a ..] lueaUoo. Ineicvpll nabic re'rrri iea Addreea Man eg eiaa and other | arttriilars. Henry M . Herald officio. YVASTRD?A Fl RNlsllKDIIffil'SR IN A ipiOD LOUA Ft Hue .a Bruoklya, for sit a. utbs Irom the 1st 4 Novem ber or prevl .ual) AptlyluJ B IAHHY, kd So-itk street, I corner ol Wellffirset N. T I TRf ANTED?IN KRW YORK OR BROOELYN, A SMALL FT modern built brink .i?ise In a respectavle aelgbnur k?? d. muet have sb the nrvtera coarvnuwccs. and kan.lv to Ibr cars or femes Real nut lo en eed IKJO Ad trees W. E. U . Herald uffiee. U,rANTED?IN BROOKLYN. FART op aN VRKUE Ft sb-.. h .- In ?*?".' n Igbh-.rs >vf ?. - .,-ar the --ra. fur a family rd four twrw na two ade'ta ) Must have water aad raa Kent wSk faa. r*A Si eteeed R2U a immtb Addreea for two days staling i vrUrutars. W. T B . Herald <Aa ?rANTED TO HIRE-A PRIVATE STABLE. IN THE FT tielnUy of Twen leik street Imtwecn Klf'h and Letlagbm avcanes Address A. II . Herald office slating rent WANTED TO RKNT-THB LOW MR PART f?F A OEM FF teel In.'iae. alt luted hvieeen hleswker and Fnurteeoth streets and Third and Htllh aviboss Rent nut In etc-e.1 llki per aaenax Apply liJoHR FETTRKfi.'B. IE Third are. Wanted to rent-for a term or tearr, with iu lk or XI rrilee of New Turk, e gisd IIouae, of leu w Iwelvt rvvsns. ga-dee outbuildings, ami eight or tea serea id land, fret thOD, ueni a dep.A la New Jersey Address tl J. 41., BrtmElya fha? MM. ClrUTHINO. RKW RKTAHI.IMIMRRT TO M'BTHA?K < ART OFF H <V*Mai, firnNnr*, I'tnwM a?l Jewrtrj (of lb* Wm. nrn MrkM lAdM ??! miMm. 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