10 Ekim 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

10 Ekim 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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i%D1T101i.lL FROM ETROPE. Aj/r.Tal of tho City of Baltimore at This Tort. THE ITALIAN IMBROGLIO, Aso., AO., At. Ike screw etc.. msft'p Oily of Baltimore, C?p WH?, Which (j loo from Liverpool at four o'clock P. M. oj tho MUi of Kepi m tr, and from (Jueenstown u ttn 2ftb, or rived btre \i? irdsy morning A telegraph 0 *yn >p bis ?f her di ws w (? p ,t^|? .?! la be Mshuu on F'li'bv 7ko Ismdoii Vai y JVrwi joy article of tbe ST lb reports:? Tbe funds wire v ry qu bu more flrmnoni ?u ahovn; lbe ekeirg quotation* presented ? recovery of 1-18 u> % percent, of onm mtioiuree in operations n'. toe m> meat, the frincipwl reels, perhaps, with the return of broken wtslhi r. In ihe market for British railway I locks ? freeh Bl.mulLB was given by the preparations for Fri day'? heni) Blent. Toe applications at the dmooant otlloe at tbe Bank were to a fair extent, but the general market was very eas)?best bills taken at 3>? per cent. Tbe London Timet city article reports that the funds opened this morning w About variation, and nave boon quiet ?irougbout the day lu the discount market there was rather more demand, and at the Bank a fair buslncts has been done. About ?20,4(8 In bur got! was talaea from feftk today, it Is supposed for Spain, wbtlher remit tances are still going In payment Tor wheal. Ta-re is at present no gold lor tale In the market, ad that wm oddr iag having b-in taken )eater .ay lor the India ateamer. Tbe silver from Hex,no to arrive by tho mat ateamer due #n Friday is expected to exceed a million aterling. Time wtll be required to dispose of this amount, but there ore wme larger orders for Cbiua on the market. In Uie railway market tbe transactions for tbe settle meet a mmencing to Jsy have exercised a favorable in beenre. Tbe Iloating supplies of stocks remain limit ed, but the principai cause of drmneaa Is the increoalag soobdrnro of the jMiblle iu railway property and tbe con stgscnt Indisposition to sell. Another faoure look r-iaje on Tuesday in tbo corn trade, that sf Mr. Tho#. Nokes, of West Tnurrock Mills, near "rey*. E?scx, with liabilities of about ?20 too ?e London 7\*om .ays a conviction is entertained that tbe government will be forced to rondo on the question Bnbjtci.LK rcp<e pupcr to ibe income tax. Tbe annual gathering of tho Association f ir tho Prom u Men of Becial .Scienc.- had commenced at tiUsgow. Lord fen ug ham delivered tho opening odilreM. Judge Marvin, ad New Tork, was among ihe fure.gu delegates In a'-lond ssoe. Al'l.TKJAN L'onTUOfSW. Tbe Auatriso government has irsu >d the following sig sMcset notice to marirers, dated bi-ptember 23?"Pub Mo actio. is hereby givm thai by superior orders all the flgblhoosdS and light, of tbe harbors along the Venetian shore have fcteo impended until further orders." ATT A IE." Or fiJtlTH, XINCLAfR AND CO. At s meeting of creditors of the Arm yesterday, the asoiiccU showed that they commeseed buatners la !>e ssreber, 186(5. with a cspilal of ooly ?1 .200 la 1*49 Miclr Iran; actu.es amounted to ?457 308, and luring the present year to ?121) 088 Notwithstanding the loss of dividend, It was leaolvrdtc proceed to bankruptcy, and Mb as judical ion was at ooie obtained. OFFICIAL TRADE RLTURM. lbs Hoard id Trade returns lor August indicate aeon lfeu?d nxtenstoo of tbe trade of tho country. The falling off ss regard, uur Indian markets has been more than SSQS'erar. -d by ite demand In South and North Axe.'iCS, Ttarhry an i elsewhere. The exports in August were II pM? osst ?rg? r than la August 18.59, and 21 fier ocnl larger ?Bas Ikis. Tne cou par loi n of theeigat mouths experts ! preset Is ail loc.n ueuf 2perr?nt 00 last yea-, and Id per ??at on 1648 The eipor.s of udton maoufao. ' Itm haie n..? slU red th; enmno is month!/ j nreenn: of ?4 0.9 317, or including yarns, ?rh..h ?fare for ?c(J4 hps, ht'le short of ?5,000,000. Wood. and i.utn gcodt Ugu.-s f". a large in-reose, tbe American demand being aim tho chief ttlmulus In mis ssss. No1 with."an ling tbo ,ncrea>ed importation of brebdvtcn., we lave n-t, up to the presrut time, im ported so much wheat and dour by ten per cent as Is the Iret eight n on 11 is of 1*49 the rone. Tbe losdoe nsiai, referring to ibe re-"ot articles In tbe boaii uOlciSiymrLa sof Paris, ib.uk* ihey are "eating npto ssans de term in si Mb already taken *1, we know at pro sawt is 1 hat 11 is (Miuten rut that the public opinion of ?nn.j* sbuuId he excited on the quretion??? I* u expe dient that the I'npe should qistt Rome!" All we can guess fc, tbal Napoleon 111 is about to compel Pius IX. to do ?smethisg which he does not desire to do, and perhaps does sot at tbo mum. nt dream of do'eg. li may bo toe Pope is not to be allowed to leave Lome, or bo may bo jnstly coustra c<d to leave Homo. HUH'KU.ANEorv. Mr fhsraeli was present on the 2tKb ult. at the dinner of I tbe fbqrtl Ruckingham*h!-e Agricultural Aret^ia'.or but bkbough be made . tpreih of considerable l.-ngth, it did sot m nine Ibe I ghtest ailutlou to jk> i'.ics or public of. ktrm. Tbe Louden T\~ 1 Uars our naval authorities have proemilsd to the serumptloa list marine armor was rred for notb.ng unlees It ciuld be proved absolutely perfect; and as they found no t on pistes through whlsti In tbe long rim tbey eould not sicrw-l m driving a bele, they have jumped to erroneous coo sbmtcms The advice of tbe TVm-j is net to allow oar ?slgtibi rs again to get two or three years start of as; we ?ball then Led our naval yards on*, more en- imberod unelean fabrics, sod our Iron pMad ships requiring In be built is the a-aru. an J extra-aganro of a panic. MuvrsKvnM, Sept. jk??. M. After s short combat the troops of tbe fourth soryi fFnrm. r < erupted tfce subrrbs of the Ports P a of Anroos. lbs es.my, with four pK-oes of car doc , w defending the |MM of lac town or Accuua. 2fl,tv?. The oat*' ajth-r tine at Tonloa hare r*? rrt oniera to petpare a cot*, arable a mbr <-r the imaajmrt reaenia far ibe coareyaaoe of troope. It it ?->?'rw-d th.it ihree MaauM are expected at Ma:u w lb re uforoemouU from ?agta?n. tailor* rroeire t from Athene atatr that a detarmxtra I toe <? Ifci | \ri rfibr abudrnta had tahso plane be'ore We Kirg* i* ? e, umiJ or ?? of "town wlib the Klag (Mho," "Down with A .atrlh " home i rM of " Kapilcoo biiiir" wvre a'oo li<art. Co*WA*TT.xi i? (ria Kareetlles), Pep' !? lift The Mian Laa ordcrod tha Grand Y t ?r to continue ha jonrucy in the pronaoM, la order to calm ibe agita tion which preraila la Boeaia and ibe Herargnr ata. The /awrwgJ *f Utmawfi'.' oeaiea thai there la ?ny ag lanoo talrrTia. aad atatea frria la aow traaquU. b-it a?tbi Greek Jcoee' at Bryront baa aamrted that maaaaerea were thrwaleae t at N Jeaa d Acre, two wa- reaeeU ha t ?w? ?at ihitr*r, the i maunder* <4 which had d*>:*r?d 1 that i ha jr would opre Ore oa the Iowa npoa the High Met attempt be rg made to create diMurbanne. Ureal m leery ' a*<1 Mortality preralled at Coetuctiaopie. The public J tewaeury baa deferred pay meat ?' the tatereat doe oa 1 pwbttc eeeurtttee. ad tamed ale rtee of (otirteaa per Ml oa the exchange oa London took pine. cant a Aim mm a. ItnaauRAB, Aa(u*t a, 1*00. There la I tila important polttcal new*. The robe* ( hare taken Naotttaag city, tn the ttlk dhrtrtct. Aa Aaeri M, aamed W?*?, undertook to r capture N'.afpno He MM m the attempt, aad waa arouaded. The alhea left im the reiho am the M<h of July They were to take the torta before trea'th? w lib the Uilneee The Preocti aad geaeral dleiatoa are leading etmultaoeouely at Pub tang . A ?tare engagement had takca plane with ptratea, 100 maa arere alaia, aad two Bampeaa latin aaptured. Cauxtta, Augturt 21, i?eo TV Maharajah of Ttoeaacorodiealoa too lftth of Auguat. waflm. Tha Tuna Opintoaw A'aivnah reportt that francta TL, : la the ?y j>* rtru(gM< of hie power, baa abot a goaoral la Maeae toe high tnaaos The uaise la General itaioia aad ? te mi- thai be waa executed la four boor a after hta trial byaeour mart? tnt ?Ar?t rrirwa. General Guyon baa Mewed aa or '.er of the day declaring MM reaohitloa to defend Urn Pope to the Ml TV lemdoa JAwwiny Adawrtwe i Parte cjiieapua-leat remark* iha Geaeral Uuyea well haowe that, were V ta ?eager of aa attach, oae touch of the telegraph wire* would aeod, If heedful, 300,000 mea to hta aid. True. Sept 26 1-flo The fhllowtBg dropnteh ha* been rear red a*re, ut^t tkatgaglia. 281 mataa* " The caaanedade agvaei the I lor tree* of Ajocwia aad Ita appruarbea eommeacod at nud a?ht Tha fleet part otpated at ? !ate bmir " Another I ?Mpatnh * ate. b?t the Oring opnttaoe'. bet at MoreUh IV Axg a at o i -o > ?r* .'ir ho ctaa Toe V r m to acsvrys to Trieste 1 *00 gastrins prisoners of wsr, lately D)i rci'D?r i ? to ibe MniM ft the Pop*. A repor: Is cir culated t at M.sor Chltase* has be* appointed pro Dic tator of Naplta. M Ledrs Kollln la at Naples. Tha Opinion* m> i Hignor Pellairielno baa eft for Naples. H> w? entrusted by Garibaldi with a mlaston to whtob It wait easily fureaecD tbe King could aot lend himself. Muswcvrro, Sep . 28 186) Tbe brifrade of Bologna ? nd Ute battalions of the Twenty third and Twenty fourth r. glmants of Beroagheri have taken by aaaaul. two of tbe forts of Aocx na?namely, tbe forta Pelayo and P* r I to. Our troops displayed admirable courage. An muck on Fort Uardotto Is Imminent. General Brignon ha* made four officers and eighteen soldiers of tbe Papal army prisoners Italian Opinion on tlte Krcnch Ilelattons. (From the Nazxiualn of Naples, Sept. 19 ] The Kmperor of tbe French bas clearly announced the pos Hi n which be take* In tula last pbase of too Italian question. He rayk?"We will defend that which, n our up in i i.. is and en gut to remain is the hauls of the Poii till?the patrimony, namely, of St, Peter, Koine and Old lu Vtdobia Tbe ilu.rc.he* and Coibrla are beyond th.i limit, but ll the Pontiff ban soldiers to defend tbern, let bur do to; if i.ot, tbe bouor of France la not at eiaicu, and the hiocd ? f L ranee should not be poured forth to pre etrve tbem." That tbia It tbe opinion of the French government can not be doubted U baa horn aeularid liy auliripatiou tu the puinpblel entitled ??The Pontiff and the Congress," ai d even l< It bad not been ai declared, the interna' con dttone if Franc would suMIjk utl. have nolle,at.d it. If we Italians are r ot perfectly satisfied wiln the con duct tow arcs us of tbe F-mperor, ae must at Iran ivrn'ee* tbul inert never baa ben, end that It I." not within the bourds of belief that there ahotiid soon be, in Kranoe a goaeri turnt In whose prmse we Italians dojl I Hpcuk in ire loudly The republic did not dare to croea the Alps, and tbe t'rlractrts and legitimists are our eocmioa Moreover, Id France no other government could, even if It bal the will, come forward to our help more effectually, became no ether government could be stronger than this. T ie others, to b gin with the republic, which would be the moft unsteady and weakest of all, woul 1 have to en counter an lr-Xtlne war far more virulent than any Op position wlncb the present government has to put down At tbe present day the CMitiolie party in Franco Is gain P g upon all tbe others To day Vlllemuln and Thiers have btren ?? Catholics. Mor.tal-raacrt and Berrjer remain fo, while lamarlme baa bad the ernes repaired for himself. Tins party, although compounded of elements so discord ant among themselves, hut so Ooncordanl (gSt now do oat ward *p[H?ran:?, because they all consp.ro to 'he do?ru lali of the empire, render* It necessary for Lou's S'apolooD to use the gutiter caution in abandoning tbo defmce of tbe rigbts of tbe bead of tbe religion from whicb tbe an cient Kings of Franoe derived tbelr title of ".n rat Cntbo lie." Lout* Napol. cwi is eoovlnoed?and It Is seen by tbo best of proofs, that of the facts?tbat the temporal domioiou ol the Pope if the perpetual cause of perturbations and disorders in Haly. Certainly, If he wero not s > convinced, be wonld not pe-mit, bis soldiers being in R ime, tnst Piedmont should occupy llril Kooiugiia arjd intu tbe Murrl.es ant I'tribria But see with what prudence he proceeds In drawing back bis hand Irom a question wbicb, twenty years ago, m order to Ingrat'ate the Catholic* of Franco, he had uu dertaten to defend! He advanced (lowly, always auk lug to put wl'b constantly increasing prools the party ol* tbe I'eiittacate In the wrong W hat coun-wls has he n t given? What longanimity bas he net sbowLf First, be addresses u? letter to N'ey, morlrr I'.at tbe l'..pal government should put Itself Irom tbe beginning of the reiteration into a right courts; then tbe continual a lmoiillious and tbe threat to leave it alone, tbe proposal of a confederation; the abandonment of tbe Roirag j*s: aod, final y, that of tbe Marches aud I'mbria. It is all time ami trouble lost; every proposal Is repelled every conciliation refused. The Utlbouo jwrty has been entirely bi-a'en and dis torn fitted be'ire the public conscience by tbe moderation an I rcatvugM'? ntssr f it* a . ve, rar i.a Duwn to Ibis period the mora! conflict could cot be greater, and the able conduct of Napoleon the Third raucot fall to reduce tbe strength and lb is the ranks of this party. But tbat stru gth would be itailored.* those ranks would be swelled sga'u. It on?e more Napolooa tbo Third, un say ti g tbe sentiments so openly avowed by him, were, under the menace* of any army of volunteers, to abandon R?tue to the Italian revolution. They would cast out Brains', him that cry against which ur government 10 France can defend itself. They world ?*y?"You have trample) sod snuafled the tenor of France; you htve carl in the mud lire name of French arms; you have been afraid Vtus it to be sut-p.o-d that you would retire b> fore an Idea, before a principle!1 No, no; you bad your S?if ?U Idi a, a ; I licipie to oefrnd; an Idea, S T'lnclp e, which is that nf the ro?j rlty of your nbjvots?'be Catholic principle, ofleuncd in lis head, left s prey h> ita CLrmus ' 1 kfow well what we might answer to the*" words, but our answer, true and well founded *? it mieOl be, would not have at) bole upon the mind of tb<- French. Tbe moment has not arrived, tber< furt). fhr the Fruncb government to aitanilon Rome. Has .he moment arrived then for u* to attack hurt In com ba'.tug her we must expect that the French wonld tight to liiw lad, Since neither repuhlioan nor Or Ironist, nor legiinnut, sor Uosapa list would aro>d that C|-lit with us. (>u the contrary, we regret to confess It, but we mull sav It because we are convinced of It, the FrtS'h WO?Ul Oght that war with more ardor than tbat wbich Ibty Ihugbt last year for us In Italy. They would tight with mere an .or, he acre tbe enemy vrouUi present Itself stronger m the lailh of o?oqocring ll.etn There r no; a Crmcb heart wh.cb would not foal this motive of military bonor. They would light with in .re anlor, because all the cm serrslive interfile ip tbe French wonld c aiee.-.e against thi si, hot < niy from the nature < f tbe qu"?lion itsei', but also from tbe kind of soldiers wbleb nompowo and lac in Purest which dlr< cts an I alian army wbtcb go against them. Tin y would fight with more ardor hecauso, truly, we could not go sgsu.il lb< m w ith ibe s??e oonactenc, aud wr should not all go. What Italian, lu fact, coSMd, with a lt.vi.ni hand, slay the soldiers of Mafcut* and dolfermo, and Low could we. aoy of u?, have the heart >? do lit And wi.at would be the effects of Hits war short of fra tricide I T!.e absoh t* d'vWon of f be literal party of Italy, since tin reer uld sot but be a porUoo of II.at |?rty that would sol be dotg'dfy < pi* s" i to a step su buiocl-sslv raeli. And whoa as In such s proportion of forces might not be impr .cable the army of Joseph Garibaldi tltould be tlrroalM. the praca of \ illafrasca?*nd thlt w m d be the least evil which ws slumU fea>?the pewne of Villa fraera wi uld tuiws a fact, would form for many year* the barn of public right ia Italy. At this potat the Uiipd breaks down. ana the pes falls 'rom our hand, la conclusion, we acgur better counsels and we hope thai tha words ul'?not will haven meaning better than thetreedm teg. God protects Italy. Is the meanwhile Oapoa lane, ih" Pieuir cntr*e ad van.* oo the kutliis. and t use alio lav* Is full act. rd begun and nntit.net so (fdal a work, wi:| desire to temper tbe daring of the mie party w lb the prudeeer ol thootbar, t> the an 1 thaiocc shall aoi NNMSb scr the niberstop. the enterprise, so Urat It fail i.thily er remain uncompleted. Hardlalt, Saplti aid Rom*. Tbo aernl off* .at organ ol the Turin Uahiort ban Juet pnbliefi i lh?> follow irs elaborate dot raw of the policy puriuM by t <>uat Cbeour'e Minuirr, both with reference to tbr Neapolitan rerolultoo, and, more room It 7, to her lag drurmioed to nenipy I'mbrla and Uta Marcbea. Hararel pernio, "My tou'-h.-d VMS to I bo memoranda n tieoetritwd to I ho different Kuropoaa Onle. ara ha-, irratod with great fullniwe of drtr 1 , and the petition ?>( rardtr.a u regard! Rt.mo, Garibaldi and tbe for../n Cowrie M laid bare ta the fotluw xg uiireaarved expotl Uoa ? Ttio rail ot the Nraprl'tao gneernmrat la a tromradooa leeei n for all abMule gon runo ut* wbiob .tiempl l" d-117 tbr j-rtgrra# of tbo age a ad to rrj?cl the influence of el r tit tat loa Tbe Neapolitan government baa ratr'red in the rourae of forty year* to Mt ap aait orgastxe an administration ? hu h, whlltt (..rertag tbo whole mate like oae great not, ?cvghl t< moal.1 tbo eptrttof tbe praple, and to >u?ptrw l with priactptoa ta harmony with the policy of tbe King During tortjr joara it baa apral aaornoua an ma for tbe ta atrurii.T ard dlacipliae of tbo army, for tbe creation ..fa rooatdoral'le marine. aad d tbo hour of danger *halhaa it obtained from all tbe eflwta, from a'ftbo oxpenao.fr >m all tbe mertdcca, which It bee Impnaed upon lie peoplet Tbr v.rrplc fart that dfipot.rm wan never a princi ple of life, but a rauae of death, unto gorerameau. Three po..pi# nhom 70a oppmse, and in whom 700 at.tie every feeling of liberty and dignity, will aol loci tbem aelvii. touihod m the hour of ycur danger, hey ?ill not baetra to defend the f reramri t , lb.j will ot"; template ite run with enpremo lad .flkrence, even If they ahoiild Bid pravoke tbo name A (laribaidl laade at Mumala with 900 mra, and four montbe afterward* tb* whole Ml boo c rooted by Bonrbon d repot em p. g.v, rn 9.000.010 of oubj.ete wm* down with a rrarh A gotortitnout wnieh eneye the dea tie:01 of ?.CNM of Tta'laoe dooe not pjeeam aalBcrrat atrrrgth to roolat tbo daring .?ettrn who laada o* ita coaata at tbo Load of a few brerr young mra But tt.ia oeufiWir* foprrantitl a principle, ba nnfurla a bar nor which M to Italy tbe eyn.bol of liberty and of nt ot, and bo toot bale la the name of a prtnoe whom the Iia. tua tore and admire Tha regular diph matlata nf E trapo raterta n tbo opinion that by tbr expedition of <iaribe!<ii Urn Italian moromrat baa been dirwted fr< 01 IM Mgltimtte dtractlo*. But wtat waa tba Jlrratloo, U na, which liie Ile um mnt mi i t waa si ar t to take ?torn the moored Ibalftbe Italian people acquired e ;fl ftrat rtrragih ta be abio of Uiomooiroe to eotlle tbelr own aflaitw, the Kuropoaa diptnraaiwu oonld annrooly hare rt.c rated a hope of rat*'.tig up obetaawi egaiaat tba free an t epraianeotie action of tbe natmn It to from tb.0 octal of now lb it we miet morldne the btt.lude aaeumed by our government toward* Nap Id* and tew ard* Heme Many ralumn'o* bare been tproaf abroad, and rtttny faioebooda bare obtained rrMonro, .0 order Uitt tbe ad vet ear inn of Cc iot Qavnir ? M.nlatry mitbl paint it* ban policy an brattle to oalieaaJity, ha foreign policy a* bua tit* to then* mc per rati re prtactploa which a government ran never aveadoc, new* at tb# rink of ending itnetf ewvpt away by the ragog billow* of revolution. Tbe oortradii t.on between the <1. meet to and Br reign tanadar te of Couat Cbronr a the moel I .minora proof thai tbo policy panned by him in tbr rate policy rapahlr of rraracthrg tbe tatrroetn of tbe oat ton with tbo guardwn abj> of a conooTTattre policy The ttardsian government onnld not abandon Garibaldi, and at tbe *aae t me II could ket ahdl ?to It* auto,.rttr la the pre eon co of a m< romrat which had broe.cn cut with cut It* |W't Wipe turn. Korooe may indeed addrran r-mo*?tr*ao*? and reproof* toltardins. ? cmnci|oenceof t' eoor-peii'ui by trw .'.nan trmiga nf tbe Marrbt* ar t of t/mbrtt but 'nr.** M ixmiwUed to tclacrwlr lge ttet tbe -nly xymhvlof order ard or oueaerratleai la Itbiy .* h.ng t Kior Vm.n^.01, aad that tbe oa ) eoMtltntad power by which lb* gnrom. mi rid of Knrape are traaquiltard It that of tbe dard.niau Meti-etr gv.Tcrnment t ropean diplomacy fbrraeen the r mplwat 00 which . Ml f.rw from the fit ranee of our traopn into the d?-,-hr. ar u ,ato I mbra: bat rauld ft fra an rvart i.'na f ail ' that wrald bare happened if tbe gawrrrmeet bed *e wait'd rort, and had obrtmb from tlw * nne^nenoee ft-** btn.' d --nan the aarrgct* Ite; ? .5 ch b*d;uft lakdtf I We can oaly judge of the political situation aa It to, end M evecla here brought it sbeat: bet Juet let ?* suppose that the Ministry bed deemed It prudeat not ti allow Generals Fanu, Delia Hoooa and Cialdioi to pee* the fr Hi tler; let ua eupixwe that the revolution had been unre ?trained, that lL> people could not obtaia the help of lb*> > soldier* of our army, that wheu they raised the O'j I "Long Pre Victor bwar.nel," thay had been left to. gga rtgora of a aiale of Siege, and to the outrages of lb' Papal mercenaries. The attualion of affairs would "aavo been wholly changed; but would Europe hare had reason to re . main eat laded with that coangiV On what '? the policy of uon intervention founded uuluas on ?Le prestige, on the authority and on the ascendancy of the government of King Victor Emanuel? If France and Ebglanl firmly support a non interven tion policy, ttiey do so not only up avoid the danger* of a general war, but likewlao because mere exists in Italy a government which they deem strong enough to c u.trol the national movement In such a way that It shall attain It* scope without menacing all Europe Now it appears to us that to protest against acts which are the dlrirt oonsequence of the acknowledged position of our government is, to say the loael, lnop|K>rtune. The Sardinian government is desired andTCquoe-ed to guide the Italian movement, and their remouelrunc-H are nixie If It boldly takes s step which can alone mamtaiu Its in tlucnce, and whlcn Is looked for and longed for by tbe Italian people. Neither Franc* nor England can wish lhat our government should be brought Into collision with the eat.oral sentiment, and should outrage tbe as plrath ns of Italy, for this would be an IrropuraMe mis foi tune for the Italian uation, and would ooonstou great rn.barrsssmeut to tbe two western Powers, which nave hnhcrto secured the triumph of me not Intervention policy. Italy only askr this of Kurope: that she be left free In hi r Internal policy. Sbe aims at union uuder Victor Emanuel, but she d as not offend the rights of auy foreign Powers, nor Joes she commit anv vhUiiouoT loteruatiou hI law Neither Franco, nor Koglaud.uor Russia, nor Protein can complain of Itaiy having outraged tbe law of nations or done injury to their subjects Not ereu Aua irla Las me rigbt to protest as long as her dominions id Italy shall not be attacked The good sense of me Italians Is evident In the fact that v.ulverrcily M Is acknowledged that no attack should be made against Rome or Venire In order to avoid ilangeiB and conflicts which would threaten the peace of Kurope. And Italv asks ootblng else in return save to be left at liberty. She rarrtlloee tu the peam of Rurniw everything ti ai|utiblr with her rights; thu will patiently wait; but *h< w vbes to be constituted as a nation In the ratio man nti as hog land ?nd France and Spain. Wc ' are very little though Ausiria aod Prunla should combine to withhold their recognition of tbe union of Naples with upper and central l'aly, provided only our right to unite bo respected. When ibo tiniou Shell he o&xttd we feel convinced that the great Powers will modify tbelr Ideas, and that me recognition wh.cu ts now refused will not be delayed. b'huuld this result be obtained without new wars, without new sacrifices of blotd and of money, the Pow? rs which how addries their remonstrances to our govern irent wl'l he comiwl'ed to acknowledge that It is due to the policy, at on- e prudent and bold, of our Sta.o, which hoc given ample guarantees to Europe, wheal it at too same time retained me direction of ibo national Italian movement. The Papal Slatee?The Pope's I'ltlma tura. Tjie Carle correspondent o' lt>? London r>*\ly .Vetoi cor roborate* tbe iUtemcut In the Ir.ndon HrraU. s I'srt* let ter. and rlafee that the Murium de fla.1i.re. the First cretary of the French Legation at Rime, arrived In I'arl* en Holiday with important despatches, the iuhetaooe ?f which 1* understood to be that, ur Una within a very short time the Emperor takes inresur.a to drive the Ficdm titesc out of the Marches and fimbria, and to r* rtcre the lYipe to the po*ae*?ion of hi* dominion* In their li,t. pnty, the Pope will leave Rome and place hi* pern in under ibe protection of aome other Power The londou iUraU I Pari* corrrepoudcnt mentlm*. a* a rt mor, that an envoy from Rome ha* arrived 10 Part* with the Pope* ultimatum to tbO effect that tf Fran 0 doe not Interfere to prevent the further progre** of the I'hd men tree troop*, bo will leave Rome forthwith. The French *at Romti In Omeral liuyo.i a order of the day. on resuming Hid ron.mard of the French garilam at R ime, he *a;?? Called on afrtah and un ler circutn?lance* still more ecrlou* than before, to protect the interest* ot Lhlboii cietn in the person i>f the Holy Father, who 1* It* mrel lepitln oie and htgbret r?pre*enative, and to guarantee i the rmiritjr of the Holy City, which H the aeat of It, we ft be i i lal t'j this prea* m.f*i >n, and rcaly if neces sary to make every mtoriiloo fur lti acivimpllanraont. Our foroea have been it creased. Iq < rder to meet the re qulrcinent* of our aituat'ou." Tie Fretiob journal* yublish the Po,>*'? reply to Gen. de None, wo the oocsalon of the officer* of the 8t?tv scuond Fre nch Uifsntry being pre* ol at to hi* Holme** He raid?"The cbur h do?.'? not alaod in need of man'* help tr fnpport of tw-r aplrltnal sovereignly, hut It t an plc-med SJn.t thai, 'or Ibe free er ere Is* of her sp ritual *overeigntv, rh-' shouid a'*o pus**#* temporal power; it I* this la.-.; power that yuj ar* celled on to dcfind in It* totegrl-y.'' A (This* In llsplil. The Nap!< ? correwpocdent of IV Lain Ion Tints, wrdt.ng n the 17th ull , give* the following tauten ol evenu in Naple* ? 11 is evident to me that lb* repoWwin party are ctlnlag strength in Nap'ee, and are lulBaaliux 'hemaelve* lato i vera dejiarimeul. During the lail two or throe day* hey'have been endeavoring to n.iaet the Munetry, and u<-h t* their let:IU nee over (larlha'dl that I hare very lilt e doubt of their ruccvee, The following combination ha* besti propi**d to the Dictator ? Flllipix.de 'torn Minister of Worship and Public Instruction It tign 1??ol* Mar me luiwrttui Miomtnr of the Interior. Onofortl Greco *nd Justice Path ten Public fki'eiy. Should i'oesi a reilgr. a* ia Dot improbable, Galto wilt he made Mir later of War The programme which ha* been submitted I* "Italian unltr, acoei tier VP-tor K nan ui l ae Ku-g of Italy; the eipuutioo of th? King from the klr i'di m; ihe fo. mat ion of an army of *00,000 moo no more anresattor* until Victor Kmanuel euuii bo po claimed King from tbe itompwiuglio " Llbertlai and th Bi>t i had a long Interview with Cart bald I. at wL?b ualv Berlaui and Mario were present. II* acrei ted tbe programme, saying. however, that b*should go to Rome at one*, net at all believing that the Freocb will attack. He called for Sir tor I, and begged him to do fer the fbs"gw nntil hi* return frost Pater row, for which place the I delator left thus morning, tog* t IMF with hw etalf, nn mi ni to return next Thursday The object bla vt*tl to Palermi ia to remoetle the Sietliana Ilk* view* aa to oe'errlcg tbe annexation. which he will be much better abl* to acoompltab bv hie presence Mean while. It la uncertaio whether eaftl wt'l anc*;?t the oill oe of pro Dictator, which ha* been offered to bun D* Hum i? described by hi* friend* a* * man cf great energy, full of origlt al power, noted for bla able vora and far hi* war io the death *g*lu*t Pspwcy Bertaul, U*>. by hi* from*. w ?i*'Xen of a* not being a Matinha?a* a ma* of great rneigy. and pt*?re?id of a-lm'mstrative powers unusual for an lialiao Aimret every mure, huweeer, t* made by the republican party, and tend* t* the inccwsa* of th*ir mftotacn The Great Kaattra. [From tbe 1>?o<io?. T\r?el of Sept. 31 1 U doe* out *ecm probable that tbe Ureal Bastere can nail on tbe 17lh of Oct >b?r for New York, a* at he* Inter Jed. witli said *be la t" taae la lajtoO ton* of coal, whicb cannot he put on board at a much g-eater rate than .TOGO too* per week In additton to una, owing to her ?crew *bafl oetng uneupported by tbe sterwpret, It baa worn nwmy nowie inches of the beartrg*, which meat, even In it* present state, cause a great deal of vtbrauon when tbe screw la In moti.ro, nod would. If l*t f > fdrth*r. materially *bake the r????! Ia all line of 0attic ahiw the acre* *baft m Invarlsbly *up|*rr?ed by the ?ternpiwt. and Ji# ahev* lrjnry to the betriaga of inch real Eastern* shaft would make It eppewr that in large vi*s*l* It I* ia di*pen**hlc, ailbough engineer* differ v?ry much t* to It* ?drmabipty. Thr** aisc out of Riur I eating po??t*ofh*v rotew hare beer Inured, It l? suppixied, daring tbe gal* she en soon tr red in H.iyh?*d harsor, win* tbe lU laled Royal tliarier went down. The Lady Elgt* DUaa*t?r. Tbe loadow Timrt glv** the following curton* clrcnm stance cowcrrntug the kwa of the l*dy tlgin?It Mare mark able circumstance eonnetiel with the I,MS uf the Lady Ugin on i*ke Superior that the sad accident to ?? place ?? the anniversary of the cipl ei.n on board to* t.reat Pastern, on her trial trip front Um Novo to Portland I Harbor, the late lamrnted Mr Herbert Ingrain, M P., being on* of the passenger* on board at tbe time of lit* o<curr?M*. Tb* i:. rated gentlemen was on thatomam .a 1 Indirectly, under Divlno Provldeoo*. the mean* of waving I th* liven Id the m*iorIty of three on board, for tt was out of ocmpUmrnt to h m that ib*y rema ned remit* from the ?ceae of lb* explosion in the dlalng saloon, and were actually ergagel in pledging bM bmltb at tb* moment wb*o the wstrr ackct of U>* fnr.nel buret with * crash aeT*r to he forgotten by the** who hrerd tt The very day before he Ten Kcg'ac.1 be pmyfully K>ked with tb* WTit?r of thw rotlce upon hi* b*i tng dee lined to mftfc* hi* voyage to lb* New World in th* '".real Hmiera. Th* Now Vwrh Fliwt*. TO THH KJlTTOIt OP T1TK ngnil.tt. We, lb* undersigned, licensed plloa of the port of New Tor* by way of Handy Hook, having seen a ? tale aire! that the pilot* w?h * repveoeatattoo la tb* Board of PUol O.wimldstoorve. beg have to stat* that we as* eat'rely mlisted with tbe pre*?at orgoalmtlon and roprre-nuiu* of th* mid Board, moat of ** having sevv*d uu -r that organ'ret loo from the begtaaWg and that. In our vto'od, It baa been ooodurtad with grant Impartiality aad da* eves' trrstlon toward* all over whom tbe Hsard hat had control, and that w* ar* not awws of say rear la which a pilot has been interfered with, excepting ? * ooaseq*eo*e of tin s .elating lb* lasre of tb* Bute of New Tork. A. C. MALGuM, la behalf of tb* pilot boat 0. W. Bunt, No- 11 ^ _ M Ml RPHY, Washlegto*. No. 4 FRKPKHIf"K BAl DItR, J. 0 J mod No. 15. At'fil JTr" H MI'RI'HV, niwowd Walt*r, Ho. T. JOHN CANNON, M*ry Ann. No 11 IHoWA* M? iRLEY, More* H, l.rlnoell, No 1. AliA ClOCdRAN, D. Mitchell, No ? KAI.IH NOW J!, J M Waterbury, N> 10. OROR-tt H W. J Rcmer, Ho. It IVM C WOfifl, Nellie. No 30 JA(Y>B imiTNlf, So 16 * HFNRY HaRALNSON, E. Fdrreet. e. rr'rw' N. Al't.VsTI H VAN flXT, Isaac Webb, Ho * All of the ether pilot* would sign ib? war* they la lew*. __________ t start ef Oyer and Trrmlnsf

Btbee Il. n Judge I.igrahare. Oct. a ?,'amr* Ma**ey, in 1,,-ted for xraanlt and hsitery, with intent to till (two charged), pleaded set guilty. Remanded frw trial Francis Knr ght and torerto "lewart, iddicferi fer manslaughter, p 'tded tot g j Hy Remanded hf trial H-i tw*> s be rg re dy, lb* ??*? ?d Jtry ware dtrcbarg* i for ite f*r NEWS FROM'^UTH AMERICA AND THE WEST INDIES, ?w Bmui Ajrrea Comipoidesef. Brmao* Arses, August IS, I860. Ptaet and Prap tity?'. barge qf Bribery Againot cm Kng luA OJborr?The Tribuma Mtnpaper?Abaction tin ginet?Service* of Mutt. Alvear and Sarmiento?Pro grett of American ldeat?V known Steamer Burnt at Sea?Submarine IHegrapA to Montevideo, Sc. The affairs ot 'bit country bar* adjusted themselves so easily to the condition! of penoe that there ore hsrdly joltings enough to attract attention. Toe nation tl end Bute Uabineis arc harmonious, old jealousies an laid wide, ambition l? aallsttod, end nil are nuking money. Colonel t renfell, of tbe English army, re here left year i urrbasing boreen for the But India Company. In lome judicial lure*ligation of the account* the London Timet elated that he reported an Item of Ore hundred and forty pound* sterling for securing a law wbieu would per mit hortex to be taken out of ine country, but be de clined dating to whom it wss paid. Thli wun publlahed here nod produced a itir arooug tboee poeslbly Implies ted, and search by depoKtdon wu made In vain for the party bribed By lut pu< ket Colonel Grcxfell himself ar rived, and declared to everybody'* relief tbat be bad never made any each lUteuieot whatever. Thm I care* be rerpoaaibility on tbe law reporter of the Timet Tbo editor of the Tribuna of tbt* city te now In Kurope, and will Tint Torioua part* of tbe United dialed. Tbie counti) Isgienlly indented to tbe visits of each men to our country. Mr. Alvear, so loag Minuter from tbe Uoa ledurallcu, made blauelf felt In all these provinces an the beiold of our Institutions. Tbe present Secretary of State, I'omngo f. Sarmlento, baa done more than any other nun living to introduce Into these ooualrlea tbo free voting, free speaking and free worshipping, and the rtauV* ^l,"U wfICh nuk th0 UMgm of tbe United Hl acquired Ms views of our ii ntilutiooH oy a thorough Investigation nf tbolr workuig in avail ex tended to all parU of the Union. A proposition boa been in ado by Soaor Bertbjnet to rslabtiab a HMWM telegraph betw-vu tin* oily and Moutrvldio. U )? estimated to pal 8160,000 and be sake a guarantee of alt per cent on that capital, it ts a' muc'i needed telegraph, and It would doubtless pay will. Tbe Tribuna of th's city Is printed on an Rrlostun en gin-- pr<s*, which uuu. s 4 000 ooplx per boar. Many others are ordered from tbe United -Utter Tue daily cir culation of the Tribuna is about ;i COO The firitish brig Nairn, wbi< h arrived at this port August 1, report* a* folio?s:?About eight A. W on July 6. in IT degree* 11 luiuulea A 1st , 38 degree* 13 wloulre W ktg , be dlecovefed a large *U am-r on Bra fie is Ignorant of btr name and lug, out u o' opinion tbat ths Is Aaien-on, of large ??**, copper abeilhrrt up to IT, snd apparently new Oa ocoouut of tbe twist be ooaid not go within a cable's l< nglb lie saw no boat or per son. The funuel was still above dvex, and oa the bow appeared asberlug w heel Toe captain of to i Nairn supposed she had blowa up. No clue to .he at; ?lery can be IPund here. SOI Til AHWICAN AND WBST lSfllS MISCKLLANT. Tbe Spanish eiprOiiidiltt* to Sou 'lotnlugo. ha, lag es tabllebed themselves very couthiriably I, that island, bare lesueo a r,wp*p-T. of which a certain valiant cap tain In her Catholic Majesty'a armv is editor. In the second number of the f'o,roi, wmcb is the title of tbe oaptain s bathcg the gallont editor 'eels celled up>m to explain bis p>wiliou on the Important ijucrtuu of Hgdt literalure, ,u whu h be evf.itul'y sets no dlnim-lion be twten a brown and yellow ouver. He thus disc laree*.? With pa.n we bave to auuouuce to our (uaecribers tbat it i? imjioesible to rootiLue the publication of tbe "Mrs trriee of New York '? We bad selected this magolfl rent f?) novel with wblch to inaugurate our fraxltebm, both because it la eotlrely new in tu -se oo mtrles an 1 be caure of its own Intrinsic merit; bit it appear* tbat. In spite of It* author being a North American, and of its bat ing passed through some forty e-'illo&s 1a i tbe United ftolet, and still more in France, wbero we ourselves c< mm-nred the pobliratton of the Spaaien tratfl.liou w toe p, re?cs bave felt Ihemtelvet offended, and, tbon l> re, wc have be, n requested m di*oaalluue It. We aoetde giadiy to thai request, bat it i* uot In mm dis position to duple**" any one. and we make this explana tion to rattsfy our s ibsci iier* Tbe corr,H|?>odeni of tbe Tribuna at Bueno* Ayree, Ot the Azul, states that tbe Indian cniel, Oelriel, hoe lately been thereon a visit to col.-del Kivws, and had brought with h'.m a lirlnlaaja^l? V " ?? ~ " " wifb htm a torlMiau captive, exrbauged by a.kuiel Macrado for an Indian prisoner. She h?l left a daughter twelve year* of age, behind ber, a < .ptive ohv alaled' _ , .rnw.u ? sscl , ? t MV TC Olit the Ckicufiila was vary dtsiroua of raining pewoe Near Uuenoe A> res, at the neil known cast t-ja on tbe road to Cbox-emis, IkiuaJ'iana de frodoy died, at tbe extreme ?g" of 120, up to toe very las; day of her It's unserving the use of all btr lac t lio*, except that of brating, hi ebxb ah* was not motu detevnal than old psopu. gene,ails are. Wiibio a week of hi r tain site was. at uaual. busy wtsbmg at a n--i?n.?rh g laguna. a mmtb beforeih* wa* pronoun-ted to be dying anlr* otlxc. extreo.c mclfou, but, as ber phytlctau ?:xpresaol It, "N<i* rngsno a lodoe," ah* got better H*'d< del trwltnl abju. once more, a* active as a dam " of eix'.y fbe ww* a siewII, (lightly bunt aooiac, but always active and of a chevrfnl aiepo**lt<>a. rsnool her rw, age>i ftthty ysnrs, altendsd her fuorrai skr b in?tao<w. of Ion*cvtty are by no m*a> ? rare ta lb* feriido of (pulmes A let'?r n dwuiv tlarina, in the Vorrrin Mmantxl of Rio Janeir , after sp-aklag of tbo elections which were about to lake place, *avs:?'Wbrn not talking xbsut tbe eleet ??* every ?M ta.*? of the cukmiea. Dr. Brasqeo retnrned lately from lujalry, wbrr" be weut t-> settle in ? Itrvt Inbsbitanw of thr new colony thero e?iabitsb.-t by bun. Tnat of Tcerscfiolis, I am t"ld. is go.bg on vsry well. The colonist* are very h?pp) snd ? tk with regu larity It i* to he hoped thai tbe new rob uy of Itajs rv n.a> show tor wtir rt*"ilt Ttte U?ivercor *ti*re? no pain a lo direct llwve matter* proprrl., Sod wer>, It not in tbe coli nizatioo of this province rrouul pnwril en rjtouaeut harrassmerts Nitaslagle eomp'niut i* hoarl; the oo It r lata are i-ot, tent, becau*e Ms Kireilen;y goes a.noag iht-m, visits and encourages them, and be Is received by them with the meet vocihioo* tanas It appears trrm the rep >rt of tbe Baron de Man* to the Itareboidere of tbe Klc Jenriro Uee Company, of which h'.s Kiciltnry IS t%ail?an, thai gas l^htuig is on- ?! t ?< n? at lucrative lavisttoanle oapltat can flud in that c.ran try. tbeeewipd half yearly dividmd of ltM ibowleg a DM DTflHl ftf aitf?- e- -? ? *** 0rl11 ^ aauu?- ^ **? ***** dlTu -t,d ban tn* n OfittWuiUj 'KrtMiaf 4|loi l&AA ?o 1 IV kM., liiaL. I Ik.t at - - T.t ? _ ' "i JPL Wi , ? *>nis|aihtM lS?a %Q t \t i? ccnd'enily ariH-i|>aied that at ao i ltaat pertoi tbe ?borea will be worth mora Ihu double tutor p-eeanl va lue The cumber of bouses an 1 public bud tinge Itg tied by go* ha* qci'ilapied, aad tbe Dumber uf street lamps bee Irel i d. during tbe same period. Tbe network of mains *Mn 1* over aearly awe bwsdrnd railbe, aad tbavel are bow few rtrvcts ubiigated; bet private ooaaumptioa Ht'J pnn>i*re a great derelopemenl, rxperieaoe harlsg proved that go* afiorda tbe btel and . oea.ieet light Utai can be ,.Mali.?al. and not to.we Uiau ooe fourlii of tbe biu*e* in tbe ipooe traveread by the ma I a* betag at prs ?est lighted by iu, nwirg partly to tbe imp"imiMllly of I ror , i i ri.'cuiit,* the order* wbM-ti are r.,n*tantly '>eing Motived Last year tbe enmpaay "a iceeded in aUracting tbe ot'eal.""* of tbe lnliabitanla uf llu Jaoairo to the a i van to* re resulting Work* required for tbe progressive develop" men I i f ihe tiaiertak'ng are la prueraee, an I the large tank 'e ovary ready to rec'ive I be immeo*e ga*o metrr, wbW-h is calculated to meet oil the requirements of tb" 0001 umptam. In little, during tbe moxlh of July, Ut*re ware worked in the rain it * region* arren gntd, iixty eight n.rer aad thirty roe copier mieee Tbe nura <er of person* em ployed In all woa 1,470 Tbe yield in g 4d woe 290 qsib* 1*%? I measure r.(a*l to as hundred weioi | NT, a 8TS quintal* aad Sve pound* Onpper, 10 000 quintals ? d three [> ..itde la oduitHiD to tbeae, eererol mdi TMluol* worked out gold on l direr, In email tat-nials, at Olhrr nolLt*. air . .1.1 1>? In the aggregau to toe rales of >1 080 87 S b* U>*?ftrtio, ot Valparaiso, pah wh*d tho eatrj ta >'orr *! ot the captain at lb* Tubal Call, who ro Tba Um oocUt diaroeared an Inland off the owt ot Cblla, a* MM ? At daybreak of July 13. wo worn anr priced 1 v MlM land, apparently Oftaea or IWMiy ? lb* duUnt 10 ib? real Tb* moraine ni very beautiful, and *o clear that im ooaM of Chi* waa riribl* al thr dkrtaooa M airly atlas. Tho eat re crow a*w perfectly w*N that It w*? an i*taod com pood of a white tubalaao* Thr latitude of the oeotr* wo* .11 dr( 40 in ID with, and IU Wmg.tude 78 deg Id ? Is *nt Wo bad tb* island la ii(ht until Art o'cloca la I bo areolae, aad at abovt thraa o oiooa the nam* erao lo( 1 bo watar of ibo aoa changed 110 eolor oom plainly Tho aland mm about flftooo miiaa from north to aoatb. ' Tb* oaptam ooat 00 boat nor did bo wioh to (<* aay aoaror to lb* wlond, for fW hla tiiiii might run npoa km oural. A ChiaoM noire* la a rarity worth wltaaaaiag; bat It ?eem* 1 bo Uuhnn authwttwn, ollhor rem Wok of ta*to or la nbodIKIMW to M.m* "bi#hor law, 1 dn not |*rtnit tbalr Obiaato aabjocts to indulge ta "fern aad aastm " A abort Urn* aloe* tho pniioa of m of tho warda la Baraaa bro*? m a reunion of ihw natara aad ton* charje of tb* poor foliowa, who wava bariae a alee time They fuaad lourtoaa taint m* mjoy tag vb- ooeel rea ia a rarioty of waja dnme were faabhn(. and other* bad turreadorad ibrnalraa to tna latnilmiahl Irigeia of opium amobiBf 11m pi pea aad copper* war* noadaaati d to the erowa. and tha company, wto ware pornapa the rtry <t*e of Oooliedom, war* lucked ap to atodiuto on the troablM aad groertaiatioa of Ibw life Tb* fmparnol. of Onptapo, Cblw, of Joao II. aayi there ? a poor woman ta tbuttafn who auppnrt* b*f**ir aad family by bogging Thu woman waa tatco married, aad la thirty all years of afo. By ber tr*t maniac*, watch waa id alao yaaro duration, abo bad t drwea rhildroa? Ui 1 r* boy* aad too fir Is. By lb# nonand watch ,? now of etarm y*ara' eiwteno* am* baa bad attr?n.nod acpecta to Imro aoow m r* Mb# and bar huatvuid are both bealtby, robust t rann*. aad bare alwmra nred tofctbrr ia lb* mat aieminery barmnny. But aenio Iron the eatra nrnaary fruttfalarM of thia wnmaa. It la muter fur wander that a pour man. without any maoaraes for a llrtaf bat the daily work of h? band*, sbo-iM hare bad the ooar*(* to awry t rum* M pur o hi weed, and wtxre wrote property eca*i(ted at talrto*n children. It privet tbat lor* 1* too bsa<i*troo| aad oapric uai to b* foreraad by any nrcumataana. ?a September 84 a bride* name! the 1 ?iWraae Br dfe," la n mpllmeal In tho pr.amt Oaptam i.er e-al ot (tuba, aad *itoated la l.unuobaoon, a Ibw m.le* from liar aoa, waa 1 .**?*<! aad .uaueurated by lb* po-i?h priea. of the plana Mr Tkiadl, the clmctnr of the anrk. made aa *1 eedeat ?ddr*ab, la whtca uo *??"?? la f owing term* of the pregreM made ta Haraoa and mine euiir* island, oadrr (aptala Hen era' Serrano OOMMboSn* ho* now b* r< me ? *uburb of Haraaa, aad th* bridge, which >? built eatlrel* by prleatc *uh*criptmn, ?u c no wooed only oa May IT. on which day lb* Irtt atoao w*a lad. 1 it la oonwm, mitrm to light Buaathacoa wiib raa very *<aa. ( ailed State* DWtrloi ( oart. Before Hea Judge dVpmaa ( rr 9 ? f*? f "if?d An/u ia /Vrrr L. /"ire.*?The dtfcedacl at* iad.ole.1 fn* fit i t p out ine ?.a-*r WiiffOr*. fli waa arraigned. aad pp-aded c.h ga It*. Ha trial waa ?rl sewn ft* tb* fret Tcr*o?y 'a More a her K<il|Batloa mfm Judge, mmd hb Rtuou. Kuumh of *ua Spfwuob tam, j Nnw Yomx, Oot ? 1880 To Bla ?xo8ll?B?y toww D. Muaoxx, Oovirour of tlM HUM 01 Now York:? ? . 1 resign the office of J not toe of the Superior Cnrt of the city Of New York, to which ! wen. three veer* ago, elected, lb 10 rMt|DitiuQ to Uk0 eifeoi ?hi lb? dnt di* of next moiilh I make known naf purptm at thte liui? that the rictocj may be tilled at tho general elo'i <u in N'orember. It lerm fit that thooe who elevated me to thii office should know why I resign it so soon. Mors i ban six years ago the old City Ball was burotd down, and this Court wok temporary refuge in tue lire men's lofts of an engine house in this city. It has beeu compelled to remain there erer stnoe. At the time of my election It was fully understood that a ooart house was speedily to te erected, the bar held a meeting and passed rrsolutions, which were sent to tU Board of Supervisors, who appointed a com in t tec to ex amine into the subject After full investigation It was then ascertained ana published In the newspapers of the day, that "lite rooms of the Superior Court were utterly unht for trie section of us business; ruinous t? the liealth sad dangerous to the lives of those wti> are obliged to attend with in them." Since thru three yean? have pasted, and yet not a (tone Is laid for a uew court bo>-te, meanwhile the proofs have sadly accumulated that itie rooms (f this Court are indeed "ruinous to health and dangerous in life I" Occasionally me Court has sought temporary relief by resort to surb other rooms as they mlgut chance to get; sometimes to a room iu Tammany Hail, sometime* to a room of the Criminal louri,sum, limes to the iupervlsars' room; and thus scattered, neither jurors, wiln-aaos nor suitors were always able to find where the Court was; and these difficulties ha.eopntlnued until the uaefulueas of tho Court is. In n greet measure, destroyed. The legislature underwit-,< to remedy the evil by ere sting a Building Odamission The Mayor nominated Commissioners, and the Board of dupery iters would not nor dim tuem. The Supervisors thea took the mutter in hat, J and wero desirous to erect a building without rle ay; but they soon found oot that they had do power to take tbe land of tho i*nrk for any purpose. In short, it has been discovered, after three years of trial, tbat no man or body of men in this municipal government bare any power to do any substantial thine except to stay the ai licu of every otber man sr body of men The machinery of tbe city govcr:.inebl is so cunningly devised that eaco wheel can stop toe motion of every other, and so that the whole shall by no possibility move in harmony to g< ther. No man is held responsible for anything, and no one app-are to have tho power to do anything out oils ehltf. These evils are ?ery g> nerully admitted, and very gtnerslly ihry are rbar~nd to me universal suffrage which here prevails. But universal a uh.-wge snot the cause of our prtseot misgovernraent Tbe p<-ople have a right to vote, and they will ex> rcl>o It; and auy attempt to de prive ibeni ol that rirht will certainly fa L But the peo ple desire wise, and just, and able rulers, and tbey would gladly Tote for such if th y bad the op.iortunity When ibis gr> at eity shall oo? stract Its charter la har mony with those principles aulch the Almighty has im planted Ineradicable hi toe nature of man. the govern ment will be successful; any other wt.l oome to naught. At tbe approach of a foreign I'-luce we haste to do blm boner, ai I we bestow our time and our mrcy freely. If well dene, it is well. But it should occur to some of us that it is quite as Important to construct a government which oau protect us la the enjoyment if our llvrs, our liberties, our property, and tho manly virtues of a Chris tian people Tbe LilUcufty Is not great; the same amount of time, and half the money which our re*i*ciable citizens have spetit upon a dance for tho I'rince of Wales, would gire to our bohle, misgoverned, plundered city a strong, ? lasting and a good govt rami ct Tbe present is not a government? it la but the m.Hiking ghoul of so attempted government; the structure war t oilt on mo ring sand, and uo repairs or propping will save it. It must be taken down to tbe very foundation, or It will continue to settle and crack until It tumbles In with much ruin. The more Intelligent poMI-vi of our citizens give this ml jeel no united atV'utiiHi , tin y are intent on w aHh. The moment the gloomy cloud gathered from the panic vapors cf i?67 urts a utile in the West, we are all milly listening again to bo rtob?leaving justice, order nod governm-nt to take care of ibrioMlvt-s, or to he cared for by there who will trample them in lb'- dust- If the wise, the wealthy, tbe honest and the intelligent will notenm bire for good government, the wicked, the Idle and the dish Dttl will combine for In I government, and tbey will govern, and through tne forms of law, In the shape of taxation arid other legalised joboery, tbev will strip the children ut the Industrious rich of these carefully con served tstaten, leaving them in poverty tbe mire hope Mtt frrtn tne very wealth in which their childhood WHS pampered Government will be administered by some boi y, that may be relied upon; if tbe wise and good will not attend to it, fools and knaves will. Bad government aid lalee notioos of what is worthy always go together, and act and react upon each otber, as they do here. Hi nee tnia unpromising feature In oar nivUixatloa glaringly pit enta Itself?Damely, the Inrane passion for oot war u ?r.i.u? or and mari.tr icious display which every where prevails. ll lit eary to dcmnnirtrnU that, In the yet dlaoorered world, ibe-e la tot ruch another Minrtjut pvrp.e, la projorti<>u to II* real wiatto, aa that which lohabll* ibis city. To accumulate fortune by honest Industry, some my, raaurii) and lbs self denial of long years, with a rw? to tomd a family or to endow a? inatitutioa. b?? a virtue in It; that la not wbst w? aen; bat inatoed, a Van tic irU'mnalloo to get, la me immediate way, the inrant of appearing to oe Tteb. It la mat lug harlots of our wi men and rogues of our men It ta ail Idle to ex I ,-ct that in Undue'* will not be uifloeaoed by the geoo rat ti or of U*i cemmuuity in whim tbey live The young man of good nharantsr and Industrious babita, making his tolbome way up through the tboray road to hooo. able dlttii.mnn lc ih.a great w.UlcrneM of men, cannot marry, because roclely Imposes upon him rx |? t :.? a bich b> cannot x*et, hla pride rrrults at all! ancr wbirh deprives him of manly Indrprndeaoa or da grace* bis junllon amor f men. We all know the noose que'm s llrwft the sahoasi of a lawyer is dclurmlood by the money which be tu?kae; already the aunoee* of a minuter of Christ la in some degree tatlmated by the ?aar> which be rooeivra; and the time is hasl-ulng wr>.n the sucesee ol a Judge on the bench will be rasa rurtd by the money which he rhall there an simulate. If our wtar and good, rich lotelllgrnt and honest elll acta think three thing* of no moment, they will IlI them alone, aa they have heretofore done; hat they may rely upon It these Ullage will not 1st them alooe. the Supervisors hare late y shown a laudahls desire to do all they coule for the preservation of the courts. bn? tbey have no power to erect a building In any place where a court can lawfully be held. The fieedom of racatina ..aa isatorrd mc to the full ri gor of perfect health, and I am not willing to impart! It again by daily oonhnemenl id peaaened air. and atn~e there aetm* to be na power ta the present city author! lira to i affia court bouse, tad as no Jodga can perform the dot lea which belong to the office with the present accommodations. I tears lbs Beach and return to the practice of the law. And, very respectfully, remain rotir srer obadieol, EDWARDS PlKKKgPuXr. Ceart sf Otaaral lass lorn*. Before Recorder Barnard. ACQrrrrAL or bought awd rtam. On. A ? Whoa Uta Reoordcr took his seat oo the bench be discharged the Grand Jury till asxt Monday, the Grand Jury of lha Oyar and Tsrmissr now being la ?sasioa. Jamas McDonald, who, with two oonfbdarates, was lndictsd fur burglary la the third degree, was eonrtcted of an attempt at grand larwaay. On lbs night of lha ISih sf September the premises sf Frederick Msllatadt ware burglariously entered, hat the srldemoe showed that McDonald dll not taka part phyataally ta lha burglary. He stood sa the sidewalk as a spy while the othwa per petrated the crime. The Court seat him to the Male prtaro tor two yean. Jeremiah Rrardeu was convicted of amaultlng officer Ookely, of the Sixth precinct, oh the 9th of July, and re, mended Ull Friday for aantenca. la the afternoon John E ta right and Michael Ryan ware planed on Irml, r:.urged with committing laroany The Indictment was framad spoa a new staiate passed by lbs Lrgwlatur*. which pre rides that a party gunty of stealing money from the person of another ?hall be conrictsd as If lha offsoos wars grand larceny. The only wltcesa for the prosecution was John tfuaikid, a yoang man, who laatiled that is July be came from Richmond to this city, aad was tadaead to go to the Empire Hotel, la Usdar street, kept by EsrlgM. Boon after the ttraager eatared km name was pat apoa the irglater, aad Ryaa, lbs bartaadsr, took his bag from bhn. gwalkla oowcieded be would not reaaM at lha ao mbllahmaat aad asked tar bta hag, which Ryaa refased in glen until ha paid him SI I), which was the pnos charged tor a day's board The "guest" then Baked ta sea lha proprietor of the bourn aad waa pointed to ta right, who waa reading a newspaper He lotd his Ctresaoaa to the tu-l and whea he Mated that bad only seemly Are seala. Rnrtgbl replied, is 1 the classic language of the First ward, that It waa a damned Its, that he eoutd not eome from lha country without plenty of money Me then gars the straagsr nome parental adrloe, onuaaelllag hia to enlist aad so earn til a month. (Joalkla did out any ibat be would take U " adrtoe, bat he did aay "far God's take glee ms my bag aad let ma go " Roright referred hia guest to the barkeeper, who searched hla pockets aad found terrain lira reals aad tao tea seat pieces When lb* barkeeper gut all the money be enuld prtrsore, Knr xbWinetf irteo bun to glee voeikia bis hag aad to let him go Ryaa did so and tjmlkta left tha premise* ( ouaml tor lbs oefeadaols tliea morrd for the dis charge of tarigbt, an the ground that there was as art dewco to habl him. The Recorder la lunate 1 thai the erl dee re agataat him was eery slight hot after a lengthy argument by counsel ua both sM?a, hia H woe refused ta great tha mottah, thus tearing lha quest** to the dec I ?Ma of the Jary. John Bothlloogh wai nailed fo- the Aafewo* He totaitod that ha was present at ta right's Motel when the rem plaialog w i trees an tared, Jueikia mid to Ryaa that ua ooukl take all U>a money he bad. aa gars Ryaa the money, and Mr freight did sot taka part in the transae ties, except so far as referring him ha the barkeeper The Aaeietatt DWtrlot Attorney rcnred to hare panals pins to read the deposition of Martin Mulcwy, which was takes by cowerol of nounael oa both at ms (?eterei ror Arfenr ante nhjoned to the read lac of lo? fn1nr, .?t tbe ground that Mofrey was set is a At rend hoc m llfy, and aeetsg that such was the fact, be (eouagrl for the defend sow) declined to asamiue him, and left the room feeding the duahwaMi on lha admissibility of Ui? erl d. ore, the Court ad>iaroed till Tucr isy morning, lie Recorder prom.red in render s deiteion on the point At the op* 11 leg ol the Omrt ereterday mora iu? the R, ccrder derided to pemit tbs prceerulius oitioer to read vhe deposition Mr Aalb<* reed ll ,a f i.l, out the case w?? eot atrenglbrned by the textlmcny. The jury, after being abaent acout an borr. returnee with ihe rrjlowtuf slgilOraul rerd c'? forema'?Wa find tbe debrtaoto but gunty. In coktaquet.re of bar'rig ibe roles uf the 1 mix u | ib!to." Ttal lYfgBt bad its r '?? rt tha betel ripwd in the bar. The Steamship Connaught De stroyed by Fire. The Mails, Passengers and Grew Saved. HEROIC CONDUCT OF THE CAPTADL HOW THE ACCIDENT OCCURRED. THE STEAMER SP1. - ALEAK. Htatory and Description of the Connaught. H?R COST AND 0MER PARTICULARS. Aw., Aw., Ac. Much interest and excitement were crested yesterday ttj the city by the publics Ion of s trie graphic despatch, announcing that the ateamahip Cunnaagbt, of the GaJway line, which waa known to bare s large number of paseen ?era on board, was destroyed by Urn within one hundred and fbrty miles of Boston. There Is now no doubt of the total loss of the magntC cent new steamship Uounaugbt, of the Gal say line, aaO alro of the Important fact that all her putsbngera and crew bare been most providentially rescued. The fact waa flrit announced in the city yeeterday about eleven o'clock A. >1 , by the following despatch, which waa received from Qoatun, where the unfortunate ?learner waa bound, and Immediately posted on the 4i> KALD bulletin:? TBI CONNACOUT DVRNBO AT SKA. Bonos, Oct. 0, 1880. It la rumored that the ateamahip Connaugbt waa burned, at aee on Sunday, and that part of her crew and peaann gera were saved by a brig, and have arrived at Rrltaatfr, Particulars soon. About half an hour after the publication of the above a eeaood despatch waa also received from Boston In reds, recce to the melancholy <1 .raster to the Gonnangbt, and IS also soon appeared on the bulletin, whtnh was sow be sieged by quite a considerable crowd, so rapWIy did the news circulate. It read thus:? SECOND DESPATCH. The Connangbt sprang aleak on Saturday, and took Ore Sunday morning, about 140 miles from Boston Light. It is reported that all the passengers and crew were aaved by the brig Minnie SchIdler. A steam tag has gone to ScituaU to tow the brig np> The Ooonanght sailed from Gal way on the a teraoon of the 35 h of September, with 483 passengers, and a srew of about 130, Including ollicers and men. Her departure was announced as follows In the British and Irish papers of the following day TBI STEAMER CONNACOUT. Galwat, Sept. 26, I860-. The Atlantic Royal Mali Company's steamer Uoonaugbt tailed to day at 2 46 P. M., with her Majesty's mails for Boston am 482 passengers, fifty o' whom ware first ?'?? Father Conway, of Ueadford, goes by thil steamer on a mission to the United diates. At three o'clock A. M of Wednesday, the 3d mat ? She arrived at St Jonas, N. F., where she landed tbc> passenger* and mails, and whence she again sailed a few hours alter ward Tor her port of destination. This was the last beard of the ill-fitted vessel until the despatch announcing her loos was received in the city. From tho drrualchee It appear* that the Ooanaughl (prang aleak on Saturday last, and took fire on Sunday, whan about 140 mliee trum Boeton. The first incident wan, fore, in all probability, the cause of the hurt, and of ell the accident* that have befallen the Oowaangbt during her short and untortnaate oar ear. Whan aha ?prang aleak tt la likely that aome fuars were entertain ed of gating her into port, and that thie danger nroemttated the crowding on of extra steam for the purpose of diminishing the time ?be had atlll to be at tea before reachmg Boeton, and thereby leaeealng the danger of founder .eg Thus it la probable that the steam ?r'l boilers and machinery became overheated and seat, munlca'.cd fire to the vsuasi't timber works adjutemg lb. machinery and Immediately forward of the talc? The third despatch from Beaton la refarcaoe to the fate of the Connaugbt, which la an abstract of the Oartato'n account of the I use, end waa published is the eve til op, edition of the Hkhald, read as fotiews ? Bonos, Oct 9, 1880. Capl Lsltch, of the steamer Coaaaugbt, reports that or. huurday, the 0th last., at sight o'eiock P. M , one bur dred and fifty milts seat of Boston, the Ocenaught spraui alsak in the cagUte room Pucoetded la kosptag ttbetoe the fires until one o'clock oe Sunday morning, when it commence J to gain rapidly, sad finally extlnguiahe t lh< tree. At half past nine o'clock discovered smoke fkon the aft smoke bole. Notwithstanding the uinxwt exer lions to prevent It, the firs gamed rapidly, and vary aooc drove the cabin passengers am deck. As the water a?< fire both gaiaed eo test the boats were got reedy to ease the passugera. There was a heavy lea running, and tor ?ret beat that was lowered wee stove. Sis. other boats were then launched seeeaarfuly. and all of them filled with pasawugw. About 1J o'er* , the brig Mum le bchiliar saw our sign ale of distress and bore dosrn to us At sevea P M commence.I the tasa ot embark leg the passengers on bonrd the brig, that wsst having attached a hawser to the ?learner. At thta time the a tar board aide or the si as mar waa very bet By half past nine P. M. all the paaaeagees were plaoed safely on bonrd of the brig. The malls of the Oonaanght were ell aaved. dept. Lsltch wee the lest person to leave the aweek. The weather wee pleasant after leaving A. Johsa frsn Wedeaedey at tare P. M. antll Batnrday, waan it blew t very heavy gale from the eoothwset. The mM seen at the steamer seas el two A. M oe me day, wbea she wee one mass of flame. The tonaeeght bad fifty cabin and four hundred at<.< seven tern steerage\tm isgers. and e crew of one boacrv and twenty four. All ware aaved. The passergrvs saved nothing except Um bribes ic which they stood. Chpt Leitch sad Mr. On, a cabin yaaarager. taaded ?' Beltuate thia morning in a bote betoaglag to tae or g, aaC reached this city this morning. It Is supposed that the lire had been smoulder,og for a long time, from the rapid progress the * made aftei M waa discovered. Oapt Ietteb la usable to seeouat for the Wnfe wbtrt filled the vessel ee rapidly agelnst all adbna of the pomps, he. ItlMVST AND wmcnimotr OP TWl COWNAt OWT. The Conaaoght was one of the four new and Spiead r atsamsei which were ordered bf the OnJway finmt'r Onmpeny for mail service hstwaen America aed Europe n January, 1869 {the wee of tree, whteh le a mart remark. able tect whee considering the tela with which she met. Pbe was about sixteen month* ta oonree of onoetrectior from the time her be. Id tag was oommerosd nam >b > was completed Bbs woe leanched from the yard of M-anrv Palmar, the famous tagftah shtpbatldare, at J arrow, kh, Tj-as, on the filet of Apr'I last Great performs* n was expected from tbe Concaught la point of rp~d, and nc exprese waa spared is render her eubeteatwl and omfortmble Her enet was over ?130 080 stori ng, or *0(0.600 By far the greater part W covered by toeuranoe la London aed Dahlia Boon after bar lar.ucb tie o n oaegM proses ded from hew birth place to d-utbamptoo whers she made her tela trip Os tble l-ip ?ie arrragr.!* arrerdlag to tbe offlctel report made to U?e Post Of." e Department of Great Britain, between Nfft/wt ari*. eightm a ka< ta an boor She tbea lay np at *?: hawip k*. to br completed an 1 finished, till the latter pwrt m Jane, Wbea sne ran to Gilwmy, for the parrews >4 rf. cetviet her cargo, eiails and pamengen fw few T-w*. Ate made an extraordinary rua of about thirty ?is b<> ra betar?n the two |? u ia OnJway tee Coeaeasbt ws? rreetvod with thv firing of catena, fireworks aed uis cberre of tbe populnee. Peepta asm* in crowds fr- ra ail parts of the eouatry to see tae largest ship that ever ca tered aa Irwh pert, and ens which It waa Umttu wo beat any of hrr predecessors .a crossing tbe Air at*; .*? t e 98th of Jaes tits Onaaangtit started on her fret voyage hut she had oefy steam- d one tt. |e wh*e a- r p e tca knocked oat her ryi nder head, and tee etewmsr Parsne, which the compei y bad promptly Lard, *a ler' tor New York the ?ert ray with tbe ms e, tte?egy-rr