15 Ekim 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

15 Ekim 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ? _ , "^^flNG EDITION-MONDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1860.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. WHOLE NO. ooUo. RAUBS OF B1A1. ESTATE. V~NEW AMD ELEGANTLY FINISHED HOUSE FOB A aale, as hmnble mi, Nineteen 16 Mi-Mi, Mmm Seooaid and Ihlrd atenuea. For sale with or without the fu/| ulture. AW ly to HTHa i'TON A 00 , No. 1 I'me 4 FARM EABY OF ACCESS TO THE CITT.-THIBTT A two acrea, el Mamaronerk. Waeichaeter ?uaty, kouae, Uri.ut fruileof all i n u uuv at a baJcalu. Term* w; 0. W. 1?IT< HkTT We^cheatar. Land uttoo t Tryou Row, room 9. A OOOD FARM OF THIRTY ACRES -ABUNDANCE A ut fruhaaad MM buildtuge, near Stafford, 0-ioa , fTa?; 87 Acree, fair l.ulldtnge, quaaltUee of frttfta, eighteen BllM, North bh .?re rallioiul depot 07.SOO Fartna at all yitoee. W. ?. MELIi.'K, 407 Broadway. A veby superior Fonimr IMUU nASE ?A ojri.i Houae lor aale. on Kaal Twemv flrmt Mreet frouilog Oraaaeax-v park. Will be auld for ?lt,lM>. ou very eaaf lerma 11 ceairej rleeee rail f'-r p?iHt it!*re. klNblllilKlt A CO., SH Fourth avenue. AVBKT NICE MOIIEKN THREE STORY, HIGH STOOP Houae Tor aale? Oa Thlrt- Urst atreet. near Marilaoa ave nue bunee la well built and lu a lie order; lot 23 by KM; prioe W?. ferma t**^!W8HIMEK ? co 3t3 yoarth tTennn. D>(X)I1,YK. ? FOR UIJ, AT A BARGAIN, ON* i> brick Mora and II w.lling, on corner of Ormond place aad FuJVm ?venue, S9 feet S lucbee on Fulton avenue. and *0 feet on Ormood plane ; a)eo one brick Blare and l>welllng no Fulton avebae, Do. BA terra ? raw, if applied for aooa. Iequire of 0. TAR VOOST, Be. ill Cleremont avenue. * ^lOUNTRY 8EAT WANTED-COlfTAINING FIVE TO \J twenty MMNRIIMM? part of WhMHV eoun ty, vrfhui ooe honr of New York, to exchange for rery draira lile rlt j property and iub. The property offered It t netcip Clonab e and ver. alfcbAy em um bare" DINNER A tiOLPKN, No * Pipe at , and l.Ht Broadway XnOR BALR-OR Ml'KRAT HILL. THB FIRST CLASH JP fwtr atory brown atnne front Hoeea, with high atoopa, Pea. TV aad 81 Thirty fourth atreet. near Keurth avenue. Thnee boiMO are built on an entirely new and approved plan, ha ring three Inn? deep, replete with all the modern Improvement*, built by day*' work, hardwoxl doon and black walnut stalra. Terma to antt purehaeera. Apply to MATTHRW HYRNEH, Ob the preeaiaen thirty fourth Mr? t la a l'JO foot atreet. RWR BALM? WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, THB J three Mary House 157 Kan Nineteenth atreet; oont&ln* all Modern ImprorememU. price M M); two thirds on mortgage <f deMred. Apply to MARTIN A CORKY, &U Greenwich wreet rK HALR-SEVKNTV FOUR ACRES, TWO HOUSES and Barn, In New Jersey. slxteea mi'ea Iron depot, op paatte >?nkera; a fine alte for a q mntf reel^enoe; llae fruit and ahadr treea; land well watered Frier tiso an aere. KIWB111BKR <k CO.. 3U Fourth avenue. XIOB SALE-BROWN STONE IIOUSR NO. 103 WE IT JT Fort y eighth Mreet with all the modern Imprm-etneata; ta in perfect order, one of the beat locatioaa up to are. in quire on the prreilaaa R SALR? ON LRXINOT9R AVENUE. C JRNRR OF Thirty fifth atreet, two new flrM c'.aaa four atory Mme t Onoeaa high atoos and modern Imprnvnmnnu Inquire or of 1>. g. RNaJrP, owner, 16t Alien at E Fir balk? a first olabb four btort brown atoaefront Hoeae, repute with the modern improrementa and J be?t daaign and fluiah; parlor and hall doors and atalra black waiant . Mtoate it tut Thirty aeveolh atreet between Vonrth aad iMrinitna ave&uaa. Inquire of HAMILTON A RTER. "DIOR f AIJD-TWO FIRST CLAEB FO0R BTORT BROWN r alnae (teat Honaea, high atoopa, replete with the modern , Mtunted at 102 andlM EaM Talrty fourth atreet, lan^a of JameeOwen, Builder. near Lexington area 108 Baat Sirty fourth EE 8ALR-HV* T?TS IN THIRTY SIXTH l-TBBET, betweea Third and lextngtcm arenuan, with A loan el M. Apply to T. Mi EVIL*, i8i Thirl areane. tilJ ON M0RRAT HILL.? THR NEW FIRST m. font atory honae No. 18 WeM Thirty Math Mreet, ta the beet manner, with ail the modern Improve r iM 'ual ia hauaedlately. AJeo two vaeant lute la TilOR BALI Terma eaay. Apply to CI ? BALI IR BROOKLYN? TWO NEW AND WELL ff bnlH frame Baoeaa, IS room*, three atortea, baaeaeat and aaeeeUai Huuae WiM with %H mod era Im^rovemnnU Tneeaay Apply to H. FHlLLIPB, on the premleea. Rarer tf?S a vena a, eaat aide, alxth haaae aonth of Myrt e aveaoe. "ETOR RALE OR RRHT f The new modern brown avtne Dwelling. M Weal Tweatr aigkth atreet, three atortea. high atoop. baeement, with all late Improveaaeeta One of the moat coarentent aad pleaeant lo eaynwa In the city. $7 TOO can run on mortgage Po?ae?ai ? rivai Rev 1. or before If neeeaaary. Apply to H. T. ORRRR Wo?I>, TB Wliliam atreet, N Y. HOC** FOR SAI.R OR TO LRT-IN FIFTT FIRST Mreet, near lei lag ton avenue; atone front, four etnnee aad baaeaeaL CheetiaM houae la the oiiy of Ue Mte. Iaqiiire oa the premMce VI LI. A kiTRB AT WBfrT FOIBT-O* THK K .EVATED plateau eaM aide of the Hudaon river. From every t?a aeaefr* ta<va are line vleaa Apply lo T J. MILLER, 71 Breeeway. S C Schvurk, 00 Naaaau atreet, or to Lieut. Ratlin, at Cold spring ?O fl(Ul TO IS.fKXi ? 1TAPLE MERCHANDISE TO t^X.Wuu en h?ugef. r a Ho aaln Brooklyn, or a imall Kit) Um vicinity of New York, b* Moderately enottm and worth $4 uoo w> M.koi u. W. MaKAUAM, a and 10 Fine Mreet ?fWW| ACRES OF THE RICHEST LAND IN WEST .Ul/U am Teraa for a\le. rent or eicbange; Mtu\ted on the banhaof the river MediaA 13 miiaa weM nf Han Antnaln. It leeeveaed with the fmeM muvinet graaa abuadanea of Um Rer aad a never falling aapply of pure water Thla eatate M tnaMdan il the m<at fertile aad the heaithlett I" the wkole Ms dtaa valley. TMle gnaraoteed Ifaold In one lot 00 UIM will be lekeat Fart ran remain oa bond a< d me-t(age If retiuifed. Apply to ?kO MAOIHIN A. Baa Aatoalo. Teiaa PUR HALE. AOOAL IaRD FOK HALS CURAT, IN r murmur onUr. with a >on* 1mm, <Ma? ? cam bnalncM of MU.IWO | aarly. fW pwtiea&n apply 10 A. *. FAKEIE^T M TVECO WTHRI FOR SALI-OM A LEADIEO THO 1' nnurhrar* rcrvntli B.ta. up well I'ocknd a d <1 Hn* % ?l< rauB t nalncM. which roild OP ntneh aolarwed. Thai la w? . C In .'lire d( H. T CRKAXBR, vbomie llOoid DRXJO 8TORR FOB BALK IE WILLIAMSBURG -FOR " " F??^ ToWmi linn ipodrhM efur a than artth oaptlA. App y At 41 Borlh MiUt Mreet, W.atawubnrg ?ALB- AT BELOW COffT. A 1'AR'll LOT Or ?ad Anaarlrai. Marbla DuM, In eloM A coooera. At CM M Twaatieth rtroet, E. T. |MR BALB-TBK BCTJCK'JflR MART ELI7.A U2 1199 JP MM, la cond condition lyln* At tha font of W?tu atrnat, ptar Bo ?0 Mar* rtoor for una. Ac , whlob at* f?T?CAbl*, appl y >? O ARRET R. WIN aET, at hia office on ?Ml piar. tha prtAOtpai au-acta. ?di1 now .lom? A food Boat low. Tha boat thuot arar oflcrad lo make rn'mmj For ? BALK? OKI OF THE SWT LICBERXO FORTRR Brooklyn It la wall located b?m* la one of ?fT* A. a apply to QBOROE BRMNRTT, M Faarl rft BALE? roR KM) A nrsiWRIBI THAT WITH AT irattoa will eiMr at :aaa' SMN a bob* without furtkaj capital Raat low. Apply from tlillll, pad 2 till t, at U0 Raat ThimaaApUrat, fourth Hoor. __ TBIOn BALE? THtaiOCK AJID FlXf L'REB OF A BI TB! g ar aha*, with Flab atari Ingu'rt At I7J #f>iaur I'jX SALE? A WHOLE* ?LR AED RKTaIL LIQUOR atnra, dofcr A pood 8a?b UAda .una "f iba bait at uxtl In city. Oond plorE aad ' ituraa Will bn ai'd for uaa half ha raloa aa Amount of < thcr budBOM anc*?amaota. Apply oalha pwmqm 9 Paah ahp TIqoobbtoec for ?alb-a firbtolasbcorbbr Aj liquor mam. W*h foqr yaara law. Amn* a Slot rata r For faM parHauia/a apply at HO staatoa airaet -DBIUAOVLTBIa' HOCK* FOR BALR OR TRADE - i WK1 ha paid ar traded far At hair prtoo, aala or trade far tMH-. *?? ? o t; IO) to rn op aald bonaa " a. r rue* RR, WUU tmabjirg, aaar tha ball lo war. QCREW FR8MWR.-RR VIRAL B')OKBr?r>IRH AI?P S hiaa aatil eUnprraM f* aala by WILL. D Am PREWB a BRO . ?ld Wafr ptrael. CTftll HXTrRF* MacMIKRRT, AC , FQR BA1.K o rm haadMaa (in Conntara, oaa Bt/wa window R?r actor, I Cm Braahan fo.,- ?haa. Tr >ak ?to?c aad Flpa. Bratdlnjr amwma mcwum at (xwt -fibjw clam dodhlr O Ihrand fcr ?W a>|tiai lo nay MO Baahlna. to eloaa tha hoal ?Ma af adaalar. Amn. aamnd hand Piaaoa aad Makxlaoaa, Flaaa Rm Ac , chaap at ltd Broaaa Mraai boat Uowary. ?rii io?>. ? ?7C - FORBALS. A!* orFICR BOBIBRBi, WITB ALL W I t). tha titnraa raaiolata, wall kwatMl aad aauhttahad. M*m\ am. Fo* panic ilan lo .itlra at TO Hlaaakar Mrnot, ihM day ? CIWI -TOR BALE AR OLD RBTABLIBHSD ORCO 9?)Uv. alora ap town, ilaa knatton. haa aa aioailaai trnda, farorah a lxaaa. aad low ran'. Thia la ofTarad Tory low. BROWW A ROBS. H Xaann at mat ? Aon/\ -FOR BALE? JBORRAT B iRO AIR ? AR OLD coll/. cilablhAad b?"waa. which, with ardtaary oara aad aMoatlaa. wi'.! eirar orar ft 000 parraar BRUWR A ROid 11 Baaata <raat ?u nan -a rark (-har< e-for bale, a firbt ' ?O.fn/V, clMaRalooq at c.iar. la ami. aatablMad Inooa ), ?w mm hnat ImaUnna Ilnwn town: la now camnta mar MBO p >r aaaah. halt af whl-h l? aVnr pnflt; aoat ba w?l l no tha ownar hna Mar aaa (ar tha aaoaay. AAlrra* F. JL. liar aid a&aa. do ?mm aaad apply. >EW IpiiUCATldsi" 7. RT ROE-B TEE CRKT BOTHLR. BO 1? TUB BTRaRORE B URaFE Far an'o t?y RfMM a TdUBET, III l?ad*n *rvat_ E ioaunoR iraon tee ceet eotele E0. 1-THR arRaE JRR'B URAVR. Ot Irw hy IE, DATfoR A JOEER ? Ann draal. B10*1"*10 ETBi-B B TR!? CRRT BpTELE. RO. I-TBR BTRAEflFR R ttdaVE For Ml* by ? H. PBTTRR k no , |n n.^,, B,<m*I"'lBitKr* * TEE CFWT EIVII.O K0 l-THK B' tAB.HR'B URaVR. For Mia by HAN'I lOB J HJWJB FAKI.RT T2 Anaatrcc* JJ*fEL-T..|^ rlf|T .ov?Ut m" n BrRAEots-B E7 IO.TW1" RE im t?r' *'f" Er?RTB00T C E MEM ROOSn, ROOMS. dW?., TO tBT. | NUMBER or FIRST CLASS FURNIHHKD AND ON fr.raiafced Bon mm to let for sli months or Immt. Two of thrm will be tot for boarding; one of them la BUnlon place, near Broadway; the other, twenty Ave rocaM and up town. V O. maBOP, lit Brot<nr. More to or i OENTEEL FCBNIHHBD H00B1 OK CAST THIR tee nth aUwet, a ear r?rul aeeaoa. to real aaUJ the ftrat of May Bu hot aad cold water throughout hatha, and all the 1 miale'n Improvements: reit $100 p?r month A gr-etlem*n I anil mate- would be willing to bnard tor part of the rent. Ap ply to O. Z. HOr-R KJl Hr> ad war, In basement. AFUBNI-n-n FOUR BTORY AMD BABEtflVT brip?uti< j?, No 81 laatTb'rtv ntolh street to tot, rood neicb' ort aad rent low Qent'eeuut and wife will txiard la p*rt payment of rent If desired. Apply to O. Z. HOUSE, 107 Broadway, In the basement ' GORNIR STORK TO LBT-ONB OF TBI BIST STANDS In the city f r the liquor trade Apply on (be promlmit, corner of First avenue and Twenty moth street oet? eeu llin b uia of four and alx P. M. rC RN 1811 ED BOUfcK TO LIT ? t ROM NOVEMUEit I to June 1 neit.^ pleasantly located on Twenty eighth street. between Kiirhth and Nla h avenues; rent sun per g*x?ih. Apply to H. ?. MlLDBKKtUEIt, No. 81 Uarmtue street fromSlio 10 A. M , or 1M Weat Tirou.y flfth street after ? P. M. TjltJH.YIBHED HO0BE TO LBT-WITH ALL THE MO F dera lnipruveaienla A rare ouanoe I >r i email fainllv to ke*t> hoiiae, rent to be tat en In Board by a man, hla wife and servant Addrwaa Z . Herald offioe. rRlf I8HKD BOURI 10 LIT? THI HOOBM NO. HT Second svenne, In perfect order thoroughly furnlshe.1 aad replete with every oouvenleaoe; to a small family only LLP TP W. WKuLB, FLOORS TUROUOH TO I.RT? TO SMALL, RKSPE TT alile families, ta the new brown atone home on Meoond Hvetiue, between Twenty ninth and Thlr.ieth streets; gaetti turaa aiul cbandellera throughout. marble mantels hit and co'd water. Rent SIS ta f.'l Apply to T. MrEvfLY 484 third avenue, near Thirty -uflh ? treat, or la th? corner drug ?Wire HOLMES TO RBNT IN BBOOKLYN? THI BRIO! Houae* Nna. 10B and li?7 Pineapple street. connected and la complete repair, having been recently painted, fnmlabed with water, gee an 1 modern Improvement, suitable for ilrat clam boarding houses. Apply to A. MBI.l.EN, 140 Chatham street. ?? T HOUSE TO LIT? A DESIRABLE DWBLLINU HOCHB, whh all the modem Improvements, with or without the 'urmture. the present orci.j.ants man and wife, VMM not object to board with the family ; Immediate pnesesaon given IX required, inquire on the premises. 34 Pike street. HOl'NBH, "FCRNIBHBD AMD CNFCRNI8HBD, WANT ed.? We advertlae and rent Houses. pane of llonies and Room a. without delay. and at a mere fritting expenae. Itring In } onr deec ripUon. We will rent them on abort notice, At the low eat charge. Fifty Houiea wanted for rood tenanla. O Z HOJ>l, 207 Broadway, earaar of Fallon street, In the baaaaaat FF1CBB.-BBVBRAL TBRY F?l OFFIOMB TO LBT, ? on Aral and aeoond floora of Mo. S Broadway, with all the modern liaar ivemeo i, Orotoa water, Ae. Apply to H. MAT IX) R, 1 r o I Itasr ivemeo i SS WaahlngUm SHTBAM POWMB.-TO LMABI. BtTPIRIOR BOOMS, ? with mealy power. In the aolendld new biUldln* now oom p'.pUti* 0B lata N'a. ?], 44, 44, 48 aad W Ormae Mraat, the beat and moat central lneatka ta this dty Partlae la waal at feral oUm loanaaodattota ahoald aike toamediate appUaattoa to ? J. HOWARD, on the praadeee. STORK ?S BRfeADWAT TO I.ST.-THK H AN tlrOMI little atore In the Mnaeum bnlldlnr; a aptondid ataud for any bnalreaa; rent low, and immediate pmwewlon (Ivea The aladowa are ?o arranged aa to make a display on Brotdsay and the vestibule of the II leeum Apply on the premie** po MtT-THK LOW CR 1'ART OF A HODIS !N 1IR ?(IK i lyu. conBiatlnR of four rooms, has KU and lit urea, rent len dollars per month; ?t\nted at 377 Afelpkl street, near Fulton avenue; could lie furnished with board If required mo IJCT? TBI FIRST CLARS THRRB BTORT BA?KH CNf 1 Uoun Ji6 TbompMU street, near Waahlacton a<|uare, In iHSaplete order with all lb- modem improvement*, can ?e seen from U to S o clock Apply "o the premiaaa. r) LIT? A BOOM AND TWO REDROOWd. WITH gas, Oroton and bath and wood and wa?h Ii jo w. In very reepectabto. rtoaaant and healthy o?l*bl> whooi. Inquire la mediately at 30 King rreat, on the premises ?no LBT-THK BRCONO RTORT OF A BOC*C, NO S08 1 Wraley plaee, two Mask* from Broadway betwfea Bleecker aad Houston streets, a Raiment and gas If require! r LET? AT NO 10 ILtVINTII STAEKT, FODB Bu JRi west of Hroad*ay, l?o Bootnn on th? see.md fl*>r, fur nlslied or unlurnlsbrd Also a Haaemeat aultable for a pby rin-RirEtAI. NKW HOKMEH. IN THIRTT SR enod ?tra?t. tr4?hnd la tan heat manner, with gas and Its turee water no each Hour, w 11 arranaed for gaateel ansa l fa mtllea to eanh Coor, none others need tuoly Th mm withuig something aloe, as above should call at S7t Ninth ??eoie 1 ? HaTvB rLKT? THE OAOUEARRAN UAI.LRRT NO. 1M Bowerv. with the aaooad ana thl 4 ttw>r?L they will be let separate or together. Apply lo B. B. HUrOUlNuS, 36 John ?treeL r let-part of a hoitrr in a ooon neioh ^Ibctrhood ta M td'soo street, cooataUng of front taaement. entire aeoaHl r. >>r a.id one Hoom lu third suvr. pan of Car Br Is and Fnrnitnre lor stle Apply to C. B. BR(J^SON, No. 1 Chambers sUeet. to ui No. 4. r LET -PART OF HOUaB lit RAIT THIRTT THIRD sueet near Uxlngton avenue oooaWing of first U- or, kitchen and nart of fourth flonr; ho'iae eoatalna gas, croton ani range Apply TBI Broadway. range A pp'ly on the prsalees. or lo J AS. B rpo LKT-T 11 K HALL OF TBI NATIONAL MC8ICAL X Ieatttule, 7*8 Broartwav. for onaeetU, meetlnss. kr : will seat W per* m? Apply to the J aaitor, at the hall, from 7 A. M lot P M.. daily IJK> IN) I.KT? THK WKW BTILDIBO WO. M PARK HTKKRT. 1 tmi Centre eultabl" far nxrh* Ice of u; ?'n.l b*lti? 21 by All fret to detlh raroraMe terme will bo offeren In * deelrahte wbo will I 'll la an enrlne ?"y e orpine room, wttb power. Mui null* rented Apply la W. H SOOPIBLI), 39 WUIUm etreei, rnr ottioe Aral floor. rt.KT. AKP PCBIHTDBB POR KALI? A VERY pre?ty Cottage Bm? In bat Brooklyn haadoraaly *ur ouriied tbroajrbnat In n?npl?f order Ml ready for honee keepior only noe blank fr.>m Myrtle a.*aie care Meat tJAO lln oely to be mi la be npprteLeled. App ty M Ka. S TUlary ?utri, BmoUyii. T KT? A MKDim BT7BD THHI BTORT HtaH ?!?*? H oee, in * vmry pV'mi nelrbliorb'?'?l uo town, weet et,> bem* Fortieth Hrerl l? perfect order, wlU g*a hub. lun. ? ater eloeeu, wuk tub* eel, A<" Tb" pari ir ' Sar (iete. I i.-l.-tlm Ar H II bew-i-t if de?lre<l Rei-ilna ?ood teiieetj'n) l'i nirmi.m Won-mber L For further parUcu t;* iiUrra J H. B , bai 1,008 Poet oBca. ?no lit -the cppim part op boiltiro no. ?<? I ?Btmn* Iirffl two *nnr? we?t of Hnvtwar; either IB* wbule or ? uori rm o' it ei.itab'a f<* tatlore In mm In** r auy u*kt baaiaaaa: iKwwaania immediately Apf ly la Iba Mora. rnn Itr-A KM ALU BBACTIPCL THBBB N?OR* I Hon*, ootbe wealttteof Iba e#y. Will l>a rrrred low to ?m nee ? ki will adrai.rr the owner Uw or f?a? >eara' rant. II la In perfect order AMrtd Owner Herald olBea. run or lbaje-tbbbb firs? class bporbb, new built to beet manner, emfcable for aay boetaaae re qulrtr * rtxtn. front of Itoriheeter marble wwner of tlreea ' Maad Ue?'b et'eata. from lal af Wot amber, Inquire of . flfltH. M We* atraat. back office _______ Tiib owrkr op a small cottaoe rw carlton areiMi* Bronkl'B deetr?a b? r#M to a ?m?ll *a?i;y a few Bn>M. w> a deal able ; ?ry Ua raw will i+moitrM- |~*? m ? re-: -tired. A Idrem X f , Herald offlia, or apply al 191 ('?rlva areaue level with ike etdewajk Nene but flrei efaea ?4JU1MS ?artlee wdl be nee -il&ul with, apply to JABBB B. BO WABDS .tntfai Yweoty -iblrd etreal. m?0 It.EUAKTLT PIRRISHBO HOCSBi TO RRWF 1 Til erlrale faaillee ooly LneaMnw dearable. La Va al Ra 1? r mnoa fiaae Pa?aa^ow iwiaefllmly. 1 JO BART TWRRTT fHIRO STBRBT TO LBT.? llO Honea fowr e*ory Biglleb baaaaeewi. wttb mod era lm pmeeaiewle In eoaaaleta order lUni rruo Apply to J dtB rn^lM Baal Twewty-lbkndl Mraal, befure MA ,Ber aAer I BIL1.I AKD?. B1U.tA*im. BTILIABPS. BIb'4ARtW-A B AURTTI r??t fall Kied iwim band HtHiard TaMa for aala cheap. Tbr table b*a a womten bad aad ronad eo'hioaa, aad aaei ealletit on*er. tan in* been aaed no'y ia a private 'amity Will be eoM H>eap by ealling taUUm. BBlLLY, 157 Broadway, al I o'elorlt P. M _ DBBLAB'B BtLUARO TAHI.BB AHD A CORBIN AT10R < VMHOX*. Bew lapm<emenla patented Sept. *. IBM. Pi Viae raduead tea par aaat fur eaak. PBBLAJ* A noLLBBDBB. Pea (3 to ? Oeeby Mreak Wm. J, NBA BP'S IBPBOTBD B1LUABO TABUB wttb kta aewly treated eaablrm nlwlll R IB. ||?? aad wen kanwa to be eupertar la aay aaw la ?R ?aaafaeviry U' Poltoc alraet la. Ala . Ml. Oolmabae. Ml^lbaay. Mi. AtJaauTgi. <%at ?w - - f? Sohiu. .??. luBBsti xvxvxtr bi A * M?At'? A IRK. BMltlBwR Btl BATABBAB-tBB riBBt C .ABB SIDR Wl! BBL ?eanwMa BT aTK I t UBt R?I *. OarUm l .1 Oar in afl tali frwt. PbBaMtpWe for *r*nn?b"n <j.t irdar Oct 'Mr ID at 10 a'rmeh A M Mk paetar- Bl? m era?? M l^ron?h tk-k?t? to few Orteaoa aM In ?fya?al? potaM at *etne rm?e aa hr ir-emera 'rom m? ??*! mrnr*4 *r io A IKIAQff, J&., m Wk?krre? Tli# K Bt (VIOAB BTATt wifl mil %So^# for ? 1 V? DU*HflIB* PK* WliMWIf *A*?Air. Ti'R HA * n?? tie Pae^n (? P , are requeued ' ? be ?* ba I by th?-^ .ulin V ?'i p'leranrei *?<a I ft. l.eH?r? T.w 'la .;t% ti trnrtred al -e mr? -'a '- 1 ?? ?<iaa?*b<W. ? ' i'*A*0 Su t ik?w' "X '? Maa. SHIPPING. f|UU BBITI8H AND NORTH AHBR1CAN UOTAL MAiii I 8TBAMHHIPR. raoa nit rose 10 umrooL 1Mb .MM flfchln UMMII . .... ? ? ? . 7$ whom bom or to urmnrooi. ?U0 OftblB paaiift ....*?*# I) Tbetalp* irran Nn fork call at Cork harbor The ahlp* front Boaton call a I Halifax nod I '-ork kftrbar. FBBNIA. Capt Jiu'ktra, ICaNaHA. > '11 at AJtAtti A, UuL J. btooa, ' AHKRl JA OapU Hoodie, AHI A Capt B (J I /it; I NIAGARA. Oepi. An<trtnwu AFRICA, CnpL Bhannon. | KUKOPA, O^t. J. UKch. SCOTIA, (now building.) I Ami vessel* oary a clear ? hlte light at maithead, green on starboard bow; red 00 port bow. PBRSIA, Judkioa. leave# N. Vork Wedneeday, October 10 0AM ADA, Andereoo, " Boston. Wednesday, Oatobsr IT AFRICA, Shannon, " I*. Vork, Wednea ay, October M ARABIA, titoae. " Bostaa, Wedneeday, o. tober 31 ASIA. I-ntt . " N. Turk Wedaeeday, Nor. 7 BUJtOPA, Hoodie, " lloMou. W?iun*t?T, N TV. H PBBBIa, Judklns, " N York. WednasiUy. Nov. U Bertha not secured until paid fur. Ad eipcr|pac?d surgeon 00 board. The owner* of the** sb pa will not be ? oooaiable fnr gul 1 all?rr bullion, iprcir. jewelry. prcuiou* atouea or mcuHa nnleaa billa of ladli g are dgnei tlierefer and the value thereo' theratu exprteeed. For freight or p>?|i apply to E OlINARU. No t Bowilug Ureen, Reduction in prick#. ATLANTIC! BTBaM NAVIGATION OOHPANt N*W TOBK AMUOALVAT UN*. TOUCHING At" BT~ JOB NR. N. P., Ta Ian* passengers. and receive Ike royal mail and govern meal detuiUcbM ootcjrUun# tibls um h been approved by lb* JLdmireltv. end ire the h?w IKON BIDt-WHBBL 8TBAMERB LEINNTBR 4 4UU<ons bort?en ?fli N HTRH 4 4 Of Urns burthen OUTER 4 tun ton* burthen PA RAN A .... .,4,4-10 um* burthei The next departure will be lb* PRINCE Al.HBKT, tnm ?w Tor*. November ? Prom Pier No. 17 Nortk river B?l? of pa?age to any part of Ireland, on a railway, au? W Ike principal rttlre 0 Borland and Bootlaud. Pint das* 1100, W0 and STt, according to atate room aooooo ?Odattona Thlrn ciaaa J30, Including cooked prorlalona. And to BL Johns. m. P.:? Plrat obtas. tit. third cias* 11 Children under twelve years, half prloe: uuder oue yen' jr ee. third elaaa passengers are required in furnish soda aw'. Persona taklnr paaaage from New Tork for the Meaner tailing from Buslaa, will receive free paaeage from New Tork to Boston. The aUamera of ttata company hare been constructed wlii the gscatnet care an regard* aafaty and oomXort, co-nbin-. with jnodel and propelling power, and are bntlt with wale debt compartment* Th-y a r are oonkdeuUy expnctwl to aorpaan l> uead and rough weatkar quallPea any raaaela erer built ?rd are replct* with eUgaDdra and coaTenlanoea An exverieaoad inrre n la attached U> eaok aklp. Peraoo? wtahin* to aend for their friends, can obtain returned ticket* at Ike folio win 1 iieaily redncd prices:? In third oat>ln from ?al way U0: in third c?Mn from any ?Own In Ireland on 11 railway, S31 60. la third oMln from tkr prlnelpal mile* of Kailan.' and ttootland, HI AHPINWaLU agentk. Nos. M and U rouih street QTKAM WKKKLT MTTOK NXW TORK AND I.IVII v* pool, landing a< d embark'M pa?ena?r* at (JueeKtown Irelftnl The >Jv*rpool, New fork ftnd rhiladelubift Htcan ?kip Comi?iu) lotrnd despatching their fall power od Clyde built Iron *leaa?hips. ClTl OP HALflMORR. ftoturdar, Oe'ober *); 011V Of' MAkcHCNTRB. flatnrday, Ootober 27 GITVOr W AnHlNOTON, Saturday, NoieubsrSi and ever.. Saturday at noon, from pier 44, Nortk river. k*Tca or rtssAua: Plrat cabin $75 <M | Rteertgc $* Ou ' do to l/>ndon .. ft) 00 1 do to Lood-io..... HUB Btrerage return tlrkrl*. grx>-l for sin moothi (U (JO I'^aarnger* forwarded to Paris, Havre Hamburg, Bremen Rouen* am, Antwerp Ac., at redvxd throuck (area. Person* Wir hi. g to b nag out their friend* can bay UakeH h?re at the follow leg rat-* lo New Vork from Urerpo >l or Qorentlown. firs' cabin. 175 MA and 9103 hteerage from IJrrrpool. $40, from Q'ieeu*town, Ml iMRHMfl have iMkhf acaomnuvlaUoa for pamen ?era and carry experienced lurgsoas l'h?> are built In eater Uabt Iron aecuona and h?re patent (Ire aunlhlla-or* <u boar I For fnrthei lnloruiatl m apply In blrerpool to WIM.IaM INNaK. Ai<-at 12 Water atreet; I" Olaagow, to WTl<l.ltM INMaN, 6 ht Kroch ><|uare; In tjiieanatown, to C. A # D HKtMOt'K A OO.t In Ijondou to KtVRN A MA EY <vl K'.-g ? ilbam ?trert In Karl* to Jl'I.RH DKcoCR, I Pin* de la Hotiree, In ) bUailr'|ihia. to JOHN O. DaLR. lit Walnut atrset, or at th> i^.t?kftuy'aottc?*. JobN O. DAIJt, Agent, U n road way, New Tork SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVR?_TO BUO'BRD TH* Adriatic? 1 he North At'antlc Htaamaklp Ormpamy wir deapatch for the abtve porta their *otea<1Wt ?>amaalp all. AN lie. Caot A. O. Oray. carrying the United Smtas oiali* or the fol neiug dsys, from Osnal atrset wharf ? Pram New lork ou haturdny. No? 17 and Dec tt. from Havre. Dec 4 and Jan IS and ko ithampton on the day aftsr leaving Ha vr? The Atlantic la urn-irelled for *Uangt? and oomfon baa wat*r tig lit compartmrt.ia, and Is lu all res'eeu'uc mplete order Pur paaaage ftps' v at the -HBce of the enmuauy & Wall street A Matted n .mher of stcond sAln paaiangt-m for wbnm etcellest accomr. >latlona b%\e bero nruvtdad, will be tain, at rs eath- 1. P BTKPHRNS, NecreUry. r'R M>l>THAMPTON ANDnATRE? ON HtTOEDAT, Nov. 10? Ihr United HtftU* mall (learner PULTON. J. A WiAu>n, co-* maivdrr ell aall from pier No 37 NurtH river, foot of Ueach alri-ei on KatunJay Nov '0, at eooo Ibla Hea mtr (uo*?rpaaMid fur aafe'.y and comfortj haa Ail; Mb eogtce miller ore*. cncl"*ed iy ??t?-r Urtt eompartmaali wh.ch be sti'es ot Her reau ta, tend*, lu the eve:it of oolhsion or itrenttlug lo keep the pnamt free to work and aecure the aafrtjr of vss ?el and paasao^e- a 1'rlse or pafaagn la aaoood cabin $74 and M0. For freight or i>aaaag* apply to bamoel M .POX, OKO HACK KN'.IC, Agents, No 7 Broadway. The Itoemer A R AGO will Mil December A IBB OP OOTOBKK ? Par fiouthamotoa aad Havre Halted -Hate* mail iteamahki V aNDKABILT. s P M. 1-efavrv. ooicieander wtlT'aafl from pier No S North rtvsr, Ns a Tork. at 10 A. M , oa Saturday, Oct. *>, with mail* P**eeagw 1 and aperle, for England aad Piaa?* Plrat cahta. kilo, aeoood ca'la MP. TWvv< cable, lo Bsrre Ht lo Nouthamptoa HO. D TOBBaWcB agent No. ? HowUag Ones. New Tark. ?ghl draft* on Uoodon aad Parts for sala. ra north orrman ixotdn ntbajlship nbw TOBB H I Von Manaen. aomauader. aarrylag thr C-Ued Htatea mal'. will sail on tUTCBDAT. Oct r at 13 o'clock M., roa UBRNBN. VIA NOUTHaMPTOB. Taking paaarsger* for LONDON. HAVKP. KOCIHaHPToN AND BBKMRN At the following Wf8? Plm aaUn. 113 . *moad nabta. Mi. *teera?e M3 Por rsttfht * paaaaee apply to uELrt^B, KBUTOBN M RKIITHBLT. No Rl Broadway. ftBB Bah Burnt axerpan packct i>ikfa(T> 1 mail gteamahlp SAIoMA, II Bhlers eomiaaader. wll Maes for HamM:ra ontkampbia. n aad tlarrs on Mia Cap, Out 1A at 13 H. Ptrst Sft' ln. (UO. seeond ea-.la, M' *?tnm A OB. B1CH tBI> m BO Alt ltl Rroadwar, N T. Tto?wa*l? HOBUtHl t will *oace?d the Waionta. r| LtTBBPOCN, ? TRR I BI.SIIRATBn<?Lll'PK?Nlin' PKRa UNOl 1>HT. will bani Into he atrva-e thiadav.at 8 o'elork. when paiaeneen muet be e bnart. aid pattlvai aalts tomorrow st V a H Koom for a fee more at liweat rale a. Aepi> nn board at pier No. ? Nortk Itver, or to P. H. D KN AhK.il . 40 roi.th street rB LIVBEPOOt. -THE BI.AOK BAIA I.INB 0?IPP?R ?hip NKPfUNE *alla lo morrow ( Dm pier J3 C-iat rlrer The 1H a At WaliS aall* tae 7t h October Par psamge apply to JAOOB WIUMlN, 108 ttnsth aUeat. LINB OP LlVBRPtXlL ANI> UMIK" tag* from or to Urarpooi aad Unii m car by t ds weil kaown liae aailtag eeekl), a ? ? ? . m, aad drafts far any amount oMdned payable to aay part 0 1 flraal Hritala ar Ireland, by applyta* to fAPaiort a Co.. No. Wo.nh*tewet. New Vom rB LTVBBPOOL-OLD M.ACK BTaB lJNB-THl packet *blp JOHN BRIOHT, lying at ptor fftog river, tails Bd October. Tba rcHPRuMDB (alls mh tXNahw Por pamagr Trora or p. Liverpool or I re Ian <1 or ma Ire land appty to WILI.IaMh A (luIdN, tu Pulton atreet fjjtOB I.IVRRPtiOL? PONITI\ RLT THK PIBNT SHIP, r October 17. the ran rite clip ear *Mp Lt'iV TUOEPf >B. Ha* wipertur ace"m?<< at on* for all claaar* ,.f pa *a?u*'r? Apply ?? board, pier 40 last rirer, or to C. A TBN BTuk, (7 Mh ileal Firht *mp r?R urmrooi, abd lobdob. -thb bIm.' dafclp NKW l?OBt.ll. 0?rl*lo Kjl .rat, (alia for LI *ora?l GoMMr tf. tnm Pww II ETfjjap Vaofcy giy U YBBfOOI. i u*MiD kHW7, aaJlo far lipnAoa OMtrtt f MM* hMb. far* AMI tomtl to liwri^t 111, do In lxrtuVm, ?If For oajpaao a?pty to THOU 0. K .CHB, S3 NooU mrppi EPB OAJJFOBIII AP TIA~PAB AHA. A Aral alMi aMMMr will !???? K?w Tart tko 1*. IIU Vial of o?ek ??<olk, '?T< whan Una* <t?Ma I all on ay. wkap tbo day <* (kpulon wfll bo tbo Mood?? M PaThoU* or win apply ? tka aaly aitoa Ba. ITT Wa? nAMW^ >wna 1) M 4UJII, A?opt i tiii bbowtio* iii pbiob Tu new oal.BAPP API' rt? AW* r1UI.AI>Bl*THlA m fll II. A IHl.rill A Okfi U. rn. Inn, ptor foot of Warroo atraat^^^^^H (*i ifeloak P ? oppIo par oukm font **? Orloaoa ? ?mrtRR OTTT Win laaoa oot m _____ m? tolMln fralaM m Wa tnoaday. ort O, ap* pill aail ???W filial op WKwaUr, uct ? ?niMsVlHB HE noi batabwah A*n rn boctii-?*bamb!iip F HCWTiVIlXB. Oft John A. Pool, pill loan plot II. Port* Bitot, oa ThnrJay. Ortnfcar 18, Mir*. I'aaaaro IB Bavaanak, w*h unaorpoaH aenmwalattoaa. Ill Than! urtaM to Bow orlaaaa M 7*, MoMK Ml. Km bt |M^^&lp4l * E rough fBBxinr abbab>mvbpt -~pob hob fWfc, Pial? mil*, <1ty Pnlpt ao4 Blrtpund. ?>??pp<*?i?? I Barf A oat PelwrOhnrw, aod RmilkaMo BaliroM* fnr I I ? iihlnup PrUlnl MaMnkW mJ I .!???? aiipiA pIaiIimm OiWw*" wl r ?*l I" UQ I ?t^T'wftflwIw IMwawQHHp fr?l?M rW??d nttf day. u1 lAroufk rooatpta fiur,|oaorf %? pWrll Bnrtfe rlTo? BwaaMi Ullmwi. np| Ptlapor toaroa ow*y Tiop a?t at * r B, lafciac froloW for Puitaat.ipA. i Wf ?*?pi mo firbpinpt. N'r.prMp KH^mi Iwrt IVraoB, orory TkiTWlv Ml P. B . Ilk IPC frrtpht .'or Jtor'Tl*. Itiy ??'Vnt iM Rlrv?rn4 "iniwk T ?K">? ' *j I ?vr.r* at I P. M t?>'ri? i-ofrhl f 'f H H <<\ ivi ?"vl RWm?f??t Pr*t0?t to Pnnawnatk .? l *nia ; or '<?* to < tty p>4ot ? mm. an." to ?>??>?. ? ? g ??<(? I'MOio l<> K<wM? ^?wmip aw* ??<0? IhoItvIpA, W M ra-va- llv. ah'Mrpo hotwooo IBo a*oo ?? '."T?'.*1I 4 Rin^BXW, S .'? ?"A4?ay. ? ? AMIHKMHt>TS. C> AUBTIRIi OOlfBIT ROwM, (10 K'*OADffAI. r hKO BONO PDBLU.X>. TW beat ?d prettleet Concert Ro*k< In UN world. RHaRT, THR ORXaT HOUTi KKN EXNONBNT or * Northern fan. The beet oomla alnger in * - ? - be bMrt every evening at the ^ UAIBTIEM CONCERT HOOM, BIS Broadway. t(W HBBN THAT (IRBAT COMIC A 'ft JTOW performing at the o ? IK I IRH 'Vincert dtfl itrtkul way, entitled HLIi'l'KRV T1MKS IN 0L1) VIRGINIA. Ill ? hi ah all the ladJee appear Admiaaion ouly 13 cenu. Mr. rifATPKi boti.er cam bi heard in hib ?real original banjo anioa end negro ecoeotriciuee every n'fbt *t the AAIKTIkJI Vvioert Room, tilfi liroedway. *4. m?elm Iterate. Remember the a pot, fit troedway. The uatetUa. /v*irrfw? concert room, eit broadwat. abovi ( T UoMuet itree* MI1H JaMBB ilnga every nlabt at the <J AIBTIER The mual popular ud at K.'ilte l*d> vnealiat ta the Concert Kona. / 1 Aim IBS OONl ERT ROOM. 616 BROADWAY, ARJVB <T DIU'i OUR PBKrOKMBRM .i e ??.eou-i from the beet In the profaatkm Mo worn o?t MM -mined fc< thla place . >AIHIK? CONCERT ROOM, 616 BROADWAT, ABOTB It NIMo'i THB HALL -?? tMMw oewly flwed op for the rail aaaaon at a great coat, imhlng U the beat In the city / i AIHTIEH CONCRRT ROOM. 616 RROADWtT, ABOTB 'l Nllto'e. OTHRR ATTRACTIONS re nightly presented at thla houae, which oaooot be lurpaaeed ?t Mi) other concert room A1KTIE8 CONCERT ROOM. tI6 BRO iDWAT, ABOTB I) Nlbl Mltfs LEONORA, ' I.- tnwullful and aroimpllahed youn< American dauaeuae, la ? B<?nl>er or aleadld danrea every night. * IKTIE8 CONCERT RoOM. 611 BRCADWAT, ABOTB IT Ml.ln'e. 1I1B DR1NEABLBH A No 1, tret beat, but bo dlatiUed potion, no llghtalag gold ? ? thla concert room. , ?? aTKTIKS CONCKRT ROOM. 616 BROADWAT, ABOVB It Nlhlo'a. TUK >oni?G LADIB8 r? tviurt.ooa anr reapectful. alwaji attentive, with aa eye agio to the oomfort of the pa rooa. . 1A/RTUN CONCERT ROOM. 616 BROADWAT. ABOVB 7 MrAo'a ADVUWIoN ?n nee thU 'tnmenee enterulnment >>oly IS eenta, 13 oenta, 13 ?tli, IS orate, IS oenta, IS ccuta IS ceuta llornta. , 1AIKTIRB CONCERT ROOM, 616 BROADWAT, ABOVB KI hlble'a. PERFORMANCE u m-ncca predaely at 8 and dene at LI o clock. AdmfcMhm ISoeata. ' AJETIKi CONCERT ROOM, 616 BROADWAT, AROVB T NIMn'a MOM* ohEOoIhK, ha MrauaM man a?w Itvtrg or ko->wo, will lift 1,300 pounda - iLoct itrapi and other great feata. i 1A1ET1K8 CONCERT ROOM, 616 3ROADWAT, ABOVB "T Mol'i'a M It K HART, lie tical Ethiopian Comedian la the ooccert bualaeaa. In hla great original Hong and Dance. t 1 AlhTIKd CONCEET ROOM, 616 DROADWAT, ABOTB IT Nliki a "Jov, Joy. ti eeil. ui To day " 1 Ma beaultful efaorua fa ei.ag aightlv. ?nth great applaoaa, by the aourv oompany 0' A 1 KTIBH CONCERT R >U<, tit BROADWAT, ABOVB r MblD'a Hlii. BLIsW A HONS, h- great Arrnbata, Oj mnaau and Koetureri. will appear eaah night In their daring aeta of poatniing / l ? lETlBt CONCERT ROOM, 610 RROAOWAT, ABOVB I r NlSlo-e. THB TOCN I LAlIT WAITRHR, vho attend at thla plane, are the moat raepectabla yooag la lie* In the ctty. M"na othera are engaged. \tiKR JAMRX - THIS C II ARMING BALLAD18T, WHt) IN iVI wtihoat a rival, can be heard eve*y evening thla week, at e OaIETIES, 616 Broadway, la the following beaitlf til aa ? rtlnoa vlat ? I Lore the Merry Rnnthlne " "The Haunted tremni." "Ever of Thee" "Whr l*n t the Men fropoea, Vmbu"' "The Mlll*r-a Kong" "late Kearney" "red4y ? 'Neele." "The Wife a Dream.'* Admlaal"n unly IS eAata. ( t AIKTlta CONCERT ROOM, 616 BROADWAT. ABOVE IT Nlhlo'a. THE ONLT PLACE II New Tnrk wbere atrlet order la maintained. TLaltera can ' eat aaeored thla rule la atrtetlj kept. / 1 AIETlXt QONCERT ROOM. 616 RROADWAT, ABOVE 1 r Nlhlo'a NO NKCaMxlTT ,r brlngteg ynr iwvdlrera with you, for we will alwaya have >ti eSi-jrnt uttcer In attendance. I 1A1BT1K8 CONCERT ROOM. ?16 BROADWAT, ABOTB IT Wblo'a VWITRRR u? rot aubject to aay of be annoy ?aeaa whkh naually occur a other eoeeerl room , MRD. ITKAMUkKM NBoULD ROT I.EATB MEW V; Trk wttfcnwl VISTTINO Till OAirtlK-, be greateat tt aUtntl^e lu New fork city. Open every evening r<an 7 ua'U U Admlaalon IS eenta. I , AIETtBB C-'NCRRT ROOM. 616 BROADWAT. 1.T 'U6TTT WAITER OIRLB. < inn and ate them. GAJBTiEII CONCRRT ROOM. 616 HROADWAT. bkavtipul dancers. Ooaae and aee them. AlFTIBBOOKCBRT ROOM. Hlfl BKOiOWilT, AHOn 1 llnwMOB. HBMT FKRFORMARl'KH i'. ib* iJit. Raid tba pntiuui, nearly forty parfor-mtrt ???-ry ol|l* Adnivmn 13 omit*. , 1 aIKTIES concert room hi broauwat. "T MlhM X ward MlttR R WaKK 4>n(* f Tfrj Dl?ht. Call la aad hear bar. Only 13 casta. , ? aiktiu (xmcmr room. hi broadwat. 't mihm ohaki.km trri-uw aoraral o t bar mtmt brilliant rlaaraa aaok aranlng. dmltMon U caata. Ci A1KTIE# ('OKI ICR T ROOM. CM BROADWAT, A BOTE T lloualoa. MR F. Bt TI.RR. in* ( l-.airloa Haa>> Faiyar parforaa arrrrti of bit anal .ouo'.r Batakaaary nlfbt t'HI ItEAlTiri'L MIM WRL,'*. IN IIRR FABCI I < inula* daixrt *Y?ry aranlng. tnc*tk*r with b*r "Tanha* -t<*lr. ' ?h'< b a'trlt tka crawtabt nii^MInn to all who rtMt mo HAlRURK III Brwdway AOmtaat-m U oeotA ECl'iKA TH* Morr AOOOMPLUHED DANHSUK Ij la th? rtty w R appr*r at tb? OAimiS CONCERT ROOK, ?1? BROADWAT, trat y u me bt Adaalaal>* IS caata. KITH. RKAUtT AMD AFFABILTTT ARM TUB rharaciartatt* fraltm-a of tfca r io wait no Tit It era at tba MUHli LADTB O AiRTiRh, ? Brainy. OHM ??H FROTH Ft FKRIORITT, ARI> THB R0OCRRH 0 of *h? RHWOAIETJRK la iwiprxoadcnutd In IS* annala f tbnwtranabip- R Awfthttaiullaf tka hameoae uxupcuil >u ? b? kfriiJkn -a la alwayt food I ITILB ('HARI.KT PURR, THB AOBOK ATTO PRODI li rt. Will ?rn>?*r nary nt*bt at tba RBW II AlEriRd, and .11 mtij'inrn.m ?Hb hta f*UM>r, Ht? Hlba,r*i through hN is oil! |.?ra?)t# part .i manor Admlaa >a 1.1 oant* rRB TCN.tOKIAI. TROC4I.BR OF MinKRY MoORATII ' aad Hana Hanatar'aidt rhrtu n?i of laiifhtar avary "ltibt at tba MCW OA1TIIR. *14 aroadway balow BlaaAar ?tnat- Admlaaina owly 13 raeu. I'KRATIC RONOR ANDCDORD1BR RIAUTIFUI, BAI< lrtab ftmif *?**. Nafrw BaiantrMUaa Faata of ?tr>-B?tb. I i ?ratle IhiHa and arary otaar Uad of pwt arm *?<? ?t tba NKW UAlKnBk, al?hU.T_ GATB1IBR OOMfTMRT ROOM. ?1? BROAOWAT, ABOTM Houatoa arwt - Tow part miaa tba plana wbn yoa aaa It lb* dnor npaaa Jaat aa yn?i go la aa< farthar laatraoUon la itifc^roaaary. Doa t ft'rgallereeollwit 1 1 AtKrim mFOBRT room n BROADIFAT, amotb J llmartna atrial ? And aotoaly fraak air. bat a'arrtblaw ?<w ? 'rwb, oar pof rrmart ara ail fraak aad pn?Hl Ma or 'aa far Iba fell aataoa. o t-* AIITTK* COIfCBR* ROOM. ?1? BROAOWAT. A?OT? I H'<taa<a atrMii ?If jaw waal ?o irala flarb j'<*<-"aM and ?aaranwui 0 liart'a droUkry, awd u you duo t ?aaa aoaia <4 rmir l"ituiaa N ala't bla faalt f OtKKh *r RRAI Tiri'L ARTIBTIO ARO **HARA') I < I.ldf danro n akmld ?o totbwNBW OAIRMRR. ?aw llxatnw aad Blaaibar atrwMa. aai an* Utwuttay, M* , Aitwiuatoa ualy U aaa la. OTRRBOF ?TMJOFIAIf BOOR RTRlCimB BHOCLO r. tt IW * RW flAIBTIB?. (II Rrrmdway. aM aaa R . wk > oiatniT niMapiidna kow ?? Away Bka Wawt." ** la wi, dat a Biak," " OB *> Blaarktwa." ? Rouad In Harm.' i; Man Ua Uwa. Lf.VKR" OF TMB MARFBLUXm RHOtJLO OO TO tba !>BW UAIKTIBB Brnwdway, and aaa ha aatonwd tnt f?nia of M"oa ur?* oira Ik* aand?ra lla-xwMa an.! M^. ?iMa, taa wow4arfwi OnwtaniaaM. Adaill a?| l.lctaiw. L~OT^BH* OF 1MB SaUTIFUL RHOOLD OO TO THB RAW IIA1KTIFR aad aaa tba nr?Ur Waltor 'llrla, .hair *a<itr. alfaUIMf aad aii^itKa In rtatM* ua pravarMal Rot, ?mi tba tr at f>?tmbl> and anga?ia? ara aaployaa al tbto r (ITRBB OF IA4B AMD COMFORT BBOtTI.R OO TO L ttr BkW ilAlBTtRi, 611 Rmadway, whkrti la tka uely v?nnrrl R* owi la tba H?y fnrnlibad with a^iaklnaad anfa I aktaad rar Ua " r OVER" OF FIRST RATI PRIME AMD A BOFMRIOR "i ?>lar ?h.?i'd ?o totkaNBW UAlBTIBfl, ? IB Rroadwar. wbara b.ah will ha f nlrtll at tka naaaJ ?>lnaa by tka arat I WW w aitar ?tr It arac aaaw. Adiwla^aa nwiy U aawta. ?IfXrilk'IX BUT rAI.UBR BBRRIMO." ARO OTRRR TT tatlabralad Banlak ? ap ara aaaf arary n (bt br Mia R Wara. at tka NBW <i AliTini. ilTBrnwdwrny I WW 4an aboaa llowatr* ?iaaA. . AdaMow only 13 laata. rHB^OML TViACitM THB HTTT WHBRR OBRT1.BMMR I, ? UMnsusms cu a rz FRITTIMRT OIMI4I IH THB fTTTT ARB BR<1 AlfBD . aa W.M??a al Ik* RBW OAIBTIB4 IK Broadway, ba twrwit l*l**<ihar aad ?fuuaiuniifala. A4aMoa tmkf U aawta. F.wturaly aa baya admlttad. Boribt oi,n' abb itnntrui,' thb rbforuiui rai'ttdal* fbr Fr?W 'art, >wad ti apilt ralla, but If Ml ..aid rlatt lb* RBW (I * I RTIB-ka would *?IN kkf akdaa with ? (lb| at tba Ifollartaa at Bob Halt H^Irtbat mam an r abi bombb th hib bodtt? It tka Itfwtton nfUo aabad by ?lalt*r? m tba RBW 0 AtR if?* what thay whm* tlw wowdarfwl anatnrtioaa of Mcwnr Iia? Ad?HW n ncly Uwanla MI.I.K l.W'RORA - THB M"f?T FARCTM aTIMO OaM. br 'Wtb??ta ?a ttii'fw nifhUy At tba RBW QAIR * tfca ltd 'r*1a *r kNna H'^iaMi draat (Viapwwm w>0 t, 1 1 f lalaM ai only U oaatL v'l* Tl RS.fR BTAirr TIIKATRB V t HvIWIRT . i> F ? C** T ?*ad? t-y W. A forts* ? .-wt ?r Kao r 1 Majtb'.' > .. O H"t-w ? iftakr M.aa f* bet. AMlftJKWHNTU. LAURa KUNK'H THKaTHK? ADRA KKKNKd HiKATKlC. LAURA KKRN K'B TIIKMWK T1I1R1) WKK TIIIKU WhKK T LI IK I) WKKK AMI HI0I1LY OHATIKYTNO HQCCKtM HIGHLY OKaTirviNcl HD ? : Kjirt UIUULY (JttATlP YINvJ SUOCRdB Or Tin ?KW KKW WK?r i?n BRAUIIF^L pAunr pl BKaOTIFUL THRKK ACT DRAMA JHRRic act drama THMKJt ACT DKaHa or IKI?H CHARAOTFR AND OOBBTRUCTIOM. IRUU CHAKACTKK aN? tCNWlKUJTluM, EMTITLKII AILKKN ABOOK; All. KKN A ROOM; All-KIK AK ON: AIl.XKrf AKO.iK, AUJtKM ARUON; AIUKN A MX IN, AILKIN AR'OJT; AILkRN AKOON; AJUBta AHOON; AlUOy* AROOJV; OR. THM l?KW OF ULANM1RC. I.*t?r or OLAWMIKM. LMtT OF Ui ANMIR8, LAW OF OVamMiKR. LAI>Y OF UI.4NM1RK In oooaequeune of Us rrmt iucnm v.), .eh haa attfuiiei lh? proJucUoo of ihlj ben ttr 1 otajr. It Til! be rc.-xitoj to Niuirr AMD MVIRT NIOH? TILL rUSTHBR W?T TOM wttk tbe follow hi* eiceLao* cut:? (ioraian Marradan Kr J)a]y Phillip Warrwr .Mr. UTfck Father Mcraudeeo |AWig Mr. Bariiaby Hleuklnaop, [\Slorn<" at .>w Mr 1'ntm L*ny Mullteaa HurneB bhane Million Ml. Johnatw Aw; 7 Lalor Mr. Wa?? father Do*an Barton Phaddr 8beemu? Mr. jioodnch Allen Barradan, commonly culled Aile.n _ .Aro"a;, -Mtaa I*ur? Reena Kathleen Barradan M m J I\ All? hra. bam ibjr tUeukiuaop .?? Polly MarahaU Mtlly MMlBDsia Mra u*ly Flow* Nelly. . , . .Ml*i *jo ild<M3k Weird Molshy Mra /tains Laiuc Mulligan vflM Oswald ?\N0P8I8 OF BCKNWIIY AND INTJDMTS. ACT P1B8T. TH? HOTICl. AT CORK. Irish Praaan ry under (be Infli ence of llapoiaess?Whiske? in Urt uiatioii? A Hit of a r 0/0*0* trom Phaddy? ihe Mas'er'a Bride-* Coming homft? aUsbd? Weftrd Molshy and her Pro teutiaeali of Evil?ibe Amval. AJIRBN A*4j Hi It HA PAN. Tbe Htorm-Alleen'a Fears ? A Rear htng Into tbe FTeart-An karly Lore? The Pas! Revlves?Tlis Love of Cbitdnood A btruKftld between Kight and Wruu^. LOra and nonoit. Barracan? Fbillp (J one? Aileen a frigh*? Khe Tusists on an ImmeUiate Departure? Tbe Boat CapiiUed? PhiiJip In Dan far HI 18 RAVKD iir V.AUUAVAS. Alleen Orercome by Her fcw>uoaa?Ihe Departure? Weird Motebj? THB PH(?1*HKAT. Dher a Unna beeoab' tbe Ked Prophet cried? woe' to tbe < oPer!. b? IUrr^d ?u ? iiae, Misfortune to B.irradso a b >ns? find lt? k a. Whi n to it in darkrrM and storm be slisll Hrl ng A golden baired Hride, wbo would trena^le wita fear If tae Prleat on tbe "1'nn.ib" lie c kuvhum would clear. ACT ?EtOM>? BAIiKAOAJl'S HOUaB AT l.l.AAH!Ha An Int'^xKmleo Publican? Anxious iDqtiri^e- Know Thy ?elf- Mountain Dew ?Share Maeinnia? # n fnt**reated (liance at tbe Barradan'a Moeer Knvv. H?trrd and Halice A BLA.Nnr.ft A<? A I W^T AII.ftKX Bbane Determinea to ^ecure the letter? Aileeu. A iibarti.?.>5 ia>ifLr An Old Friend ? An Angel of Joui.or; -Inter. nediaUou? liar radan a Heart lAid Bare. TI1L KhlONClUATlua ^ _ BITWFBf ncrSBAjrO AND Wlfft. Tears of Joy? Deapair and Doubt overthrown. hhi aaiosii*? a ooi Nrar boao An Intoiieatad Partt ? A Man a? d a I^i<ryer DonMe Hi^bt In a New heuae- A Ktraoae MeUa^orpboaia - Dnu?k.?n t)ott fldenca? f'hane Hecurra the Letter ?CKBC IWIA W|N(i ROOM AT GiaNtflRC. THB COtSORRD Cl'P . POI BTS or A1LKRM '? I OVB *ia ai? BBS rai tabi ii tw*. cur. A Ht'^BANO'M AM l?BAT10i? T ur rnerm-y ri'i-nujin. AijT rUlHii OR*iri>(, K<K>M AT ? UVnaiKC. A^n???'i or BAKft *0 VN '?> BftOViRf. A Toftru of 1 banks? A Womaa!y Quarrel? Baraaby Lout. AILJ^KA 'a ttlkr LMIBBSY. HArM!f> ArrftiRANrR. The Interview between liu?bai?4 and Wite-Aileeu a Pray er? Barradan a Doubt LOT a A > D GUILT can bo t r. ^ togrtubr Tbe Km real* ?Alleen Conscious of brr innocence, refuses to Fly? tbe Beauties on an A 1*1 I' AT. TO T8R DORA?,H. Hbano ArsIti? Tbe 'Will ? !*atu?Ta Fear a ? A I .sat Chance -A Kviddea left l?e. Tiir roiHOR ir tpb car A Oiward'a Feare? Milly made tbe Mcmiifer of Death? Bus ptcion dog i tbe Murderer's FocUtepa bh abb ir*rii*iio MTRR SBCORI>? A HOOB AT GLARBIRB. A Peeret? A Uyrer'i Quarrel a Woman V e*ed -Curiosity? Tbe Besetting Htn SCKRB TR1Rf?? A HIIB'W A If OB. A rBU.BDl T M SIMMAt.S Weird Molftby Bbe brfnRS tbe lLtalllgeL?M of * BARRAOAR'a I'C A TH Kmiaed by tbe Nelief of tieir mast r s murder, tbe peasantry rests veU? wkrab TiiriH rrsGRARCR or ais scrroaixi w>riroTrn. AILRRfV AUOOB. BrrBI IOC HTM? A Room AT (.LAfttflKk. Philip's suspicions of Maginn a- Tfte, Preparations fop tbe MidfilgBt Mass H hai. a s Fsans-rets sad fopp* is. or Cais sad Dogs?Tbe ? rai her SCftftt LA'T-TB r rWATRI OR THB BKACfl. TUB MIWM.MT MA*S. THE AtlM* and Mohkr - Who abail aaaarf iix a ho iai iiw on Tbe aeeiwUoo acaln? Atlarn prrinriad by Waird Molakr. taa oath os the uonA?a, an. I ITIifJ moiiiiatD l**n.i?T p" RoCm tiuiltv -akaaa ? l?r'"ilv? Hin ran ir Aivrau km me. Phane feara- Ha Fr?i>?r?a v.i ?ak? the Oalk. ?ABM.Cia 1 on ma A Tarn nonfiatoo -Pity far ike i?alli?? 1 he ra'hor'e r,?. aivaooe at tba Criminal a Ra< ar<- - f hlUp ul kalhl< an. ii.rrT iauai.N Alloa. TUK OCHKStK a. Coder tba dlreci w ?f TM 'M AH BAKKTl wfll prr'orm tk^ nale'.raled Irlak Oi eri i r?, ilia Cul arn Itaana, lh? hrtree at Wale, t'otka. and tha I'no. e of Wr.,aa H- kot Un lit iairadiu-int tka national alra i ind Me* be Qur.n K'tla rtrtU ma, aa<t laakae Doodl*. torMker with aM the In Uaotal a. ..?.<? Of mi Iiaed eiprvaal* Inrlba drama, by Mr. Uakar. Door* o??n at 7, tor xniaaamt >t $ Ml NIC \ I.. ? ? ABA<IJ<1P1< 1ST 7 ? ' * V K RifHKtfiKiii cuao PORTB ak balf prloo, at 678 N.itk ??in o?ar Thlrtr a Llk a'rtet la ?le*aafl? flatbed lnt*e?;iaar 1/iataBIP., ?<v?rb enrrrd lega full round ourn?n fir* vrpeniin* ?ort, 'Itmlrui bull, Prenrh Wloi. n?B powerful toor. nearly nrw U Without aptn or < ImU. nunt r?t?Sr* tod ? tr ??inr?. h?rlr* fail war ul? prloo |ttt Wul bo boaod for abtp Dirg 1/ rt r?l rod, and an <?>. joct nada for caak. Apply far four dap 1 1 mil TA *. UilT B. Ak^-b BoviwooDrru. hitiii 'httavic ri*wo tana, nearly oow. will bo an Id For $1*4 naah, one half lla TaJuo. oral rlaaa natoit Mid rally warraaied Call at Ifca Braio lanlauoa. M?K HlaS i araaaa, soar aoraar at IBirty >i itrool A QBBATLY IMPROVED PIAROPORT* A LMIITR A RR a DMITRY. Raaafaaiarara at a aow acaia onrtnoi haM, pataal htral* w?1 f'UI iroo frame (raad aad aqoaranaWorMa, BaTS PIAKOR TO MT, H#w nd opt j run. _ I.IDHTI A BRADBURY ? Pla^o~ ill ABABdATB.-A BrLKHnil) SITM-OCTATI, porn rrnind on mar Plaanforta, ap*pt aline mn<ili1it>?a lalai I with laodarapea, paarl. kr , ororatmac bva aoaltopod koya ?id Iron fniM; oaaal ariaa, Mu. wtllba aoM for MB la OMR. Apply at M Bowarj. faiiodlalaly. . BY r ERROR III WART "or k ITABMOBB SORB A wood Ptannforta. wkK-k baa boon bat little aaod aad art- 1 be ar.ld rary akoop. ran applr any day o? eraala* tbla weak at Ml Rary atreaC aaar PoRoa araaua. Brooalpa, nnowm < bom, Baaafa BBABD. *QCABB ABO CPBIBHY P1ABOB a B BOBB bare baaa awardad tbaij prtaa aaadala, for ?fca aupaatarttT at tfeatr ?aaataBara. far IBa paat BW| III "*** PIAROR t<) RBRT. /?UIYAR ABO RIBOIRO -HtHMjO* W. tiOULD, U IRImH, fna tbo aria/1 -aJ marana. Italian Opara?rf Brebuwo' Hail, eaablaa Ma P la a raw lama to i naa? SSiTSElSiY.S'SS.' " ? LMA atORClT* B1.ua" VaI.KRTIRI PAVaV ai.uI I'TT ? tna doaa* aopraim toaehoa ?MM an1 MB* a> bar prl ??t? raal t?n?o IM Tbirtl are?ti? Ml floor. n.*r ftevoat ootiife alroet ? bare alia eon bo aeon froai I all I n . k eeory Hjr BfQMOUa-OrrO BUI.LBB. TB ACKER Tip IMA NO M aad Rtaftafl. baa naand tim Ul Rmu rtraat. Mr. B. enadaaaato it-iltiaw at kiaaituao nmm , 1*1 Broadway, to Mrr,3.!^ssr ? PHIABOR. MBI^OBOBR ARO A 1411 ARDRR OBOaNR ? Mew and aarvad hand for aale or to root at treat -.ar I^HHb rfJajF, rnmm r ir . n a?BM B OhBM aAff BMfPBK Kit ftik * rail JV dara at thotr old Maaxt. Bo 7W Bmadway mtm or nt Taatk atroal, and anw a Bar tBa balaaaa of ibatr akoafe of Plaao fnrtoa at proaAJy rodneod rrtnoa for aaA. to olnaa Ike nwi. . ? "? - Wiwaca Ann i.I4i:om. v' ' u H WH1HKB*. t" O BniRBlt.-UO tMinebonna of Rtewmi a Palale* aol ? irahaai A On k Otaapnw "ne Bait l i,li1?k ko piiauBmaa Barnard A <V> '? patML PRABT1Y ?IB* niae?or naata BaraaH'k dark and palo. P< ? ? . ? HAIR Mitdaokr of W? Vooaaer A <>? ? porM Is ftnue a; Ml (tan, tram tbo eelobraiod Abbey "TOO 'l&Wtn son raaet p?a?? an 1 ?al' p'awjj< ? . a Irr In th? market t. YbaMawataPaa*. ta Road ar d'ltf pai I ?T ??" a?* ? i V*" r.un BAirii'.'' ? ' ' ' ? ^ AMrs^MEWTg. Hf/JH G AB1>KN "* tola iMiw aod Oaaager. J A MRS M. MUM. Fifth >?k of Mr. JCUWIN KOHRHWr. N1 MONDAY BVBNil?0, OUT. li. will be' pre* ted cere's Tragedy ot B1B0 LBaB. Kin* I/W Mr Rlwli Pi Bupportrd by Memri Oouway, Ftaher. t'auoll, Pernio, I'onlal, Mr* <V> way, kin Atbena, Ac.. A*. WKI)NK*>DAY? Br Fdrrtat'a fourteenth ulghL WINTER GAHI?KN. lo uikM (MuMOAT), October U, and BVKi Y NICJUT. M18B OOB1TMAN Mm ? ill appear In bar (rent rota uC MAD MKRKrMW, U the rwnautlc >lrama of OUT MAflMERlNd. Id enaariafa ne of the enorranu* crowd* nightly alt ylew thx tr. iural'>ect pervmation the public ace Mr '{iicetrd 1 1 'f UiMr uftii comfort, to eecure eeaia la ad? lir Al.l.A< K'H TIIKATBB. ger WaU*:k- Mr. Le?ter Waliack, Hta?e MR. I.K8TBR WATffl W"!fk W R M, ssws?. MRS. VERNON, MlS TR???" ?., Ac , Ac , Ac. A 1.1, pl avinu WITH FIRM, MR. JOfiM BROUOHAM fl NBW COMKDT, frxmoanoed by U? pren* and public TUB VBRT BEST or ALL HUB PRODUCTIONS. IT IB ACTED ? . EVBRT NIGHT. Mao* may be aarured an daya la ad ranee. i,*2? ?E*? Jlf *?L; 10 wiBAience at 8 o'olcok. NOTH.I: -The free Uat entirely aurpaodetf. 'I'm of the prcea ~ New bowebt tbbatrb Hole Proprietor*. ..Mom.-*, ?, L, f<* JT, momi>at, ooronuru, um, An entirely aew local /*ama, bi J". H. Howe, h ?? , THBOARBBK OF A FIREMAN/ U. unrated hj 'the fcAiown<? baauttfuJ tableaux.? Tableau 1? 7BB N1UH7 ALAhM TaWaau ?? THB BAOB *'? ?? c Br. a L By unl vernal rtestrr the thlr ' act of r nsi WIIMHN tr TH* mod?* m tutroducttfl the Fnula Mini: i ?1 Heeoe, and THB ZNVINCIBLB LIU LIT OUAJUB. rbe perfornuuice l^rannatlng ?-Hh a /aVOBXTB F AB0R gA<MUM'8 AMHIOAK MI'SBUM.? L'*dar_Uw pc-amal anperrtrtoq of P. T. BARNVBL E\BR> UaI AI?n hVK.'HNU THIB WMWL OOMMBMCIHO MuNDAT, Oct It. wfit LANT VTKKK BfT 01?4 Of THB OK1.V LIVIBQ SIaMKHB TWINS. CHANO AND BN I. WHO, WITH TWo7>F TBB < Mldrcn. wilt be na BjAlbll.on Day and ????<?? thHa havfl Afir mcu tbfM wondirful Mid fUnoruLurr Mmm Ix- lB(*. 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One of which haa two ilia tl act heaAa. bat OM l*c oataw MM kaee, and U web footed. HUM "Wi AT Id IT r> or MAN MONKBT. A mc?iT:.tere?tinr amnainr aad wosderf nl oimlBfl THB i. All t WITH UtlHi HAIB, THB P.M<>Y'? I.IUHr*IN ? UAlAJULATOB, 11IK F1NIU-T AQtahlA IN THB WUBLD. Beautiful AMiKL KIHU, KLVIN- FI8H. LIVINU (BABBB, 1 1 VINO AI.LKi ATdaS. L1V1NO CRlM'ODlLBS Be , I If I.NU MO?STKB RNaKB?, L1V1NO R ABT AMA<X>MDA& I.IVINO HAI-KT FaMIH. yreat vartetr of NBW W? F10UKB8. The WON1 BRriiL. POHTUNb TKLLBB. Om anliauoc lee 26 cent* extra. The tmaenee pm>ulartly of that ? uRKaT UlaTuRICAL DRAMA. ?OSKPB AND >118 MKKT1IRKN, Wbirb haa been performed near Blttr naaaruttya ttaaea W Aa llybted and crowded audiencea. will he ceoMuoad aadkM eeoh. br orgeat re inem and will >-e prodi.ne<l BVLRY APIlCKJKXiM and KVKHIMU 1 UIA at 8 and 7)% n rlock. NotwMhatandlng Iheee Immeeae attraoUnne. and the Cnrueiuee f*om every p?rt of the globe, the price of ___? ak? reinaiun at oe ly ti cent*. 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