21 Ekim 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

21 Ekim 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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TOR gALB. A~" haKI OBAX'R -FOR BALK. A eMAU. ta ,4JE Fa-Jiory. wtok?teai? Mier and ?rir k'n ,jpw?r ei dw ul pwwl iiidvUiii to drv ?!?? in fifteen t:ara ijr.nir La whole jew, ladet *niuul >f lie eeaibcr. A?k y V. 173 last Ninth atreet. n.,*r Third aven je. B AC CRT FOR 8AI.1C 0* TO RINT-D lIKtl A PR J* liuble tnainere. with a iarireani 'Ecreaaicr ernnr- "w MM takeu o?er the onunter weeit;. eaiAf&et t, reaaoua Hr aelt.i.* O'lt to the applieanl. Apply to WM U. MZTCJEL. 77 Cedar *r?*C #1C AL TARD TOR 8AL? CHRAP OR TO ir-DOWi V' a uih t alnt-aa of over ftt UOO par aaaaaa. For put "i lara apply to A. M FANNING, Bowery. r l Ba!.E? TWO LARUK LADD * WEBSTITS SRW M MLCfioea. M. WOLFF A CO., H Broadway np atalra. For kalb-a sloop, of the nrTRTHBN or N!*e | if * Ifkt tona, well found in aaJ ?, auotcra, lo. Wtil be e?d very low if at piled for Immediately. HAM Lb. UoolWiP, Jm W Houtb ?l. eorner Burling a^p. | "IFOR PALR-AM OLD ESTABLISHED ORO "1RT STORE. ! r aMuated In a tra? claaa netakborb'rtd. at a bargadi to . M who baa Uie caak !o bar inaN.iir!; JFatiafictory reaaooa 1 tot aeljaff. Ad ireaa or oal. at US Fourth avenu*, norttaaal I emnier of Tklrtvth ?tre?t kaRSUAl.L 1 TO. | fOR KAIK-TU1 OMLT ELIGIBLE PHOTOIiRAPMO r Waiiery on Broadway. Rooma apacloia and elegant, aad lea u.irodatioi a uaeurpaaaed Will oeeeld low oo immediate ; am -ration to the pubilaker of l!tun; hrey'i .'oirnai, J7 l^tre- ? mtt nnxl. | FOR PALR-RURRR A BEWIWC MACHTME; COST prte ?ML will be nld for f2U, aa the ovin-r fuoi uae n a | ?aire. It ta in perfect order, ll juit having L*?i: paid t" U. J. Levy, Rnpriiotenden'. uf the above Machine '"ompauy, to have I m rep t ired. Apply at ft* Kruadway, In Lhe ,'ur I a re. ( TjH)R SALE? THE STOCK AWT> Pl.XTU.1l>' Oh' V 8ROAR r Mure, wiLk Reed it, * iiucm Attached. ln<, we at eg lard ewenue. : rR PALE? A Nir.K OON'PRCTJOMERY, IRC IT AND , Kepar ktore, wellkMked. l<ie?'e<J. f *ra '.ce K t-titg ou a l*rff tbon. iRlJfure, twolaiou r-jm ucd aUa Boa fMWM ror Bo'iaekreplne; wlil *?" aola vritbln h we?, m 'be awtwr ieavea tlie city, rrise 1200. Ok J eu / a; >o. ?#i duai aueeL F'R 8AI.K-A MANDPAOTORT OP BURR PAV.T |<ioda, tiocaled It. Port Jarvia, X. f. W ill t>e aold a*, a ({r-al Mt. .r.t r , ifc. owner batiag b iauieaa .? the rr jiilrlii* b.i 1 ?raacD< e. Ikia la a rare dunce fo a man if m-j?ler?ie naenna, a* it requires not over I ISO capital, and ?.?><? mn.-y cji _e ifertb'cd qi rlDR ike bjllda)!. Addreai O. Vot Pon I ?>rvla, S. j FR 8ALR-A RA?E CBARt;R.-TH fc 8TOOR AVJ) j Futnreaof a DriukiitR Sa:non, tnuneo. :ke beat loeau ma la ike c*-. Hatlafacuiry faaon* (lreu fgr iall'ag. Ca_ on . i tt premiaea, ISC We<t atreet. I IPO* SALR- THK BOHOOKER MART EUZ A. l?3 fl ?? r ton*, in rrn?' e^ndttion. iyinj at tfcfl foot of W*tta*lrv?l, | pi rr l?o W horib river. Kor teraia. ?u , ahick are favorable, avply toOA&HLf a. WIN AWT, at kltoC :'-. oo ?ald pier. | For balk-a rare ohaecr-the stocr a.vd i tiiurra ut a Driuklr.? and Ojater Sal : w in ore oi :fce j k??l loo.t'on? in ,be city. RMlafartory reaaooa ftren fnr sc. .nj. ' la<iulre on tbe pirmi-ef, iSj Third avoL baaement. For sale-with a lease of five tears, or a i axrart, acilte man taken ua a Partner, ? lb abna'. (1 i)JU in aatb, ( ne of .be beat ai anted Rectifying jia ra b Ifcls city. ti"w i tfctir a cord t>uaine?H, * h. :e?:J" and retail, the ona?r bfhiK \ anacle to attend to It from kavinf a large unuraot of b".alneeii , anbanl. Adda eaa boi loO Herald olBie. ) rK RaLE-A LIQUOR STORK, Sir-ATED ON THE puntr of ore "f 'be ' est bualneta aseca'a in toe < a?t aide of :lie fliy; im ai be aoid in a few dava. Per pari (V-ilar* j taq.be J AMKi (VaI.LACB, 2U FrmkUo lire-', betwocn ! ike b< ut? of 10 and 12 A. M. and f And 3 P. M. 1 rR FAI.R? THE STOCK, MA^HINIRY. *3., OF THE well known manufactory of Maiieabie iron, Oaa and I Steam FiUlma located at 1U Centre utreei iu.i>i're as > exjve. or at the Ellza^etkport Manufacturing '"otnpaoy ? of ?ee 213 Pearl atreet. FOR SALE- OPE OF THE IIKJT STAHD^ IW WASHIViJ ton Market, either for pork, beer or any km I of ouuairr produce, the location la cealral. To a per-on of ?nea, I It wcuid be a K'jod u.veatment. Apply at Alborn ? II"tel, 'iM F altos itreet. Grain distillery for bale iw kew brcns wlak, Mew Jereey, on the Rarltan river. ?i h ateana ra gtae. machinery, land, and all aeccaaary fii'.^r'-a It go jd oriier; tian rtorcboaaH a twoatory dweliln* boiaae. atablea and p>'na ?ar 1.2U0 hugs, alao, ackooner Horace H. Day, waU found and ta aood order. Kor pai tlcnlari apply to RICHaRD HARTBHORKg, 1 <6 Front ktreet Great baroai* -fob salr, thestock and fix tniaa of the Clotblnc Store Mo 141 F l'ton iir--ij> alio ; he leaaeof aall Htora up to May 1 Im J, will be aold cl ? ap for wak. Ia<iulre of 0. T. PaN jBODHB, oh the premiaea. Ol for BAM - A CHOIOB P*W 15 ht. bartho new'a sburch (Re* Mr. i ook rector): aieo, on la ft ' i Pev. Dr. Morgnn rrctnr); elan. one .n Ibe Aan-tncla ttreillev Hr. I<eaburv rector. Apply to 8. JONM8, MM Broad way, corner of I'll e uraM. ^ SKWIXO MACBINK8 FOR 8A1.K.? h?W and 8ECOND hand Macblcee .wight. wild, exchanged and repaired. Ad eaacee made oo Sen-la* Macbtnee. I.adlea learned to op* rate. All kind* of ttltchlcg dune to order with nea:-ie?t and *e*poi;h. tl. B MERRILL, Agent, 413 Hr(?d way SMiAR KTORC FOR HAt.B-DOIMi) A dOOD BlSl o?(; w!U be auld cheap aa the prop rlafcir laeiirage.1 .? ?ther bnalneas and cannot attend to it Apply at 3M< R gblh l?MH. ?O BCTCIIER* - FOR BALK. A ME AT, FLSU, VKOET < A ble and Pontry Market, mw doing ? v M?d bialneaa tuil 1 al? for a connuj produce dealer; or wi.i tell the H.mee and Lot If reqilred. in., lire at Jit Klghlh aveuae, .orner Teen- | ty aeteuih atreet. I "O'BOLIWALl URI'O BUBINR*H 'OR Skl.B-A Bl'Bl- I ?? r.rte wbleh h*e beru eetab'tahed lor tl*i Ml eevenieen yeere. aura well fltted op and a tine eet of ciatmnera i re : tea lag aa iiuuevnl i bonce 'or a nan <if modertle mean* Vi ee?meoce Vialueee ?U and V) make Ovwey. Addfeui b)l I I.IAII feet oftice. I C.4IWI -Tor 8AM. A NICEI.T FITTKI, UPO'lfFEE, iPtvU, Cake an. I Mnlag HalooTi ; bar attA'-bed. The n bargain In the r.ty for a man with a lew humivd <lo:.or? oaune o eelltrg, othi r bnaineae to attend to. In ,i!reoc tbeT .-emltee. Mo. t fcuth atreet -FOR P.U.E, A KKi-rtlTRAKT, BAR ADD Billiard Moan, Ceuae .if eel in* other bnMM to atirbd to. Inquire corner of Front street aid old tup, Van "a Mbw. SM (111(1 -A MACHI.VI >UOP for balk, with a OA" 'If. goo4 ai.jek of Umle ?n.l well loeatM, ?r1lh e it'Kxl lot o' f iito?fn Aofreee O. K bo i n? tlerold ci?e? ? ? fliWl -'<>* "ALB. A WBOLMAlK Fit KMC If vO.UUli. Hteam CoBlectloief. e?ut itemed for ? ? year* ? r ? ?r known fur the guperlnrlt) of tie niautlact iree, be wwvr m.t being ab'e. far want of the neeeitary capital to gtee to k ? b'lain- ?? tbe egteoelon that woitid mike It M prm.t abte aa It cool* be. la wtlliag to dlgpnag of It <m ?eaa.nabl* terwra to ? reetxinaible party or If prater* . e will tak* aa oo Mt? partarr w.th ?lc.inu aad will put an ejnal amount Ink' the ecaoern Ad'reu fur one week I renoh ?Wfect:tner 'lcrald $450. lost axu mi mi. (tAMB <)!? 1IIC PREMI8B* OF TUB KM ? B?K-A J Dof. The owner can hare the lame by pr< *lB| pro|Mrty aad r?) ?r eipenaee. WM. PATMt. yj Fnlton irenne. Br ?kljj LnirT- OH FRIDAY BVEM.XK. A f TH* AO ADC*' T OF M iale Bh'i. aeim.or Haofker b ef, with valet iaari harder. The Oader wtll renatre * irwarJ aad >i *thtuka4 the owner by ratoratoc It to *?. 4 Waal Twenty laood LOBT-OM FBI DAT MORNIhJ, 1?TB IKSf , IM ??OIKO froen Amity atre> t thmuh Th m^eou tu Hprtag and Brand way to Broome atreet, a Utamon.l Brenatpln. eat in bla. k ma aMl. The owner prtrea It heyonit l>a intrtaatr >M ie hem( the rtft i>* a deceaaed wife. A raward of fto will be r .Id on Me deltrery at the offlje of BeiiMon, HiKl'ni A Ob. . M>3 'iroad way. LOBT-OM BaTI'RDAT MOKKINU. ON BBOADWAT, a National O lard Itnor Bulge If thi r.nder will ret irn B to 19 Hon atreet. be will be irwordal. U. U. HKALT. T (bt -a ooi.n lxikt. biupbd mkf. am *><?. XJ ten ^iitlnn wlil be paid far ta return to TtUoni A I'o., i? Bn e<i way. I f 0?T N HRH.VR8IIAT LMt.OOf 17 T #i ? ' ?< (W* ! MJ one a yelkiw, r?nh ear* ? slit aad the Up af one <ti the . berae hent; the other * brown, wkh oee ear tplil Any errn i returnee th m. c r giving lal irmniloa 1 1 Patriot luac or Tbna. : Fat fell. Heaooa aeenue, llndaon City, New Jeriey, wili be I libera y rawardaJ LOBT-ON TTBeDAT BTBMINa. ABOUT# O'CLvX K ON Bn*dw?y, near Klghth it e*t, a ?, I lile ?'?e "laee and I Inn ter-b-r I?0f harlig lh' Ji oo Inr Alrew^r 1 jf BJ n ..il ?red | In any rernm ^rlntin# In ?ack to !?->. *7 ,tr? > <*irt place. SMI street between Unltant'y *Uce an.l Broal ? \r |og^^<mATAIJM>Rl>BR FROMU MrCABTLROF I LO*T- A -RATAI* ORI BR FRtlM i . M. "AMTLB n" Dednood I* dated . n or l.?fare A?f i t 31. '"Jl. for dry ?aede, aad ?l?wn .? B II a*h f ir i"em?it A Ha Men A ani'ebie reward wl.l ?e paid lor .ie ret orer) lyCleo.entB Hnyeen. _ _ STOI.BN A I'RA'T ?T trt.dr IATKII FRi >< PHILA delghln, rtmwB by Jemee ehlou furflwi: order of lira. FlknUua L ll'ica ne on Meaera How wd ? ? . New V'irk nty TV drat not '???eg entonied notke le hereS 'jff-en n * t j tie gntJM# m lane BI.ANOA N. IWI.1 A OO . 1SU Pnar at *2| Cer' HKWAU>*. RRWABD.-DOO L>MTT-A BOO roil TBR-tlER _ ?lat a hiow niui d rfc? a ?e tea ir l .- .. >e id rn rrt irrlng her td W ft a. Uler I7J rrring atreet, it the Iter wil-ion. RBWABP IX?T. '>? TUB ??rB. abcct fiftt a IE til Itreet and B i>mine<la.e r i*d, a free* On ? a* ?Wee, white ba. t and belly, ?b -rt Born* and n.rtel down tharnnp with a nit Any ou#gl*tng Infonnattim <4 her to Wa kuLi, vrn sr<' >ml arnaua, wlil.recetre the above reward i?K RBWABP vtBtTF.D FROM NINETT FIR^T |k) ? treat, re* tbe r :th nvan te on tbe n'rhl of b- 1Mb tnt a b'i-kekln mlorad Mare, with bleek Mrlpa down lb* nae?, ?>?ar??kl. IB', bm l? I ?h The abuve rwwartl w:ll be p?ki tar ret im to T hoaeoe Mc imw. ?7 ItlWAB^. ? I PP" IK.) TO HAVB . KEN i. < T IN 9* a tiflh arwnne "t'gn Oe ween Tw?nt nth etreei anl Abu . vd 'V loater in ent-'avel (t.nl Braraldt. tnwkel H Jj 0. on tbe h>?kta Re' "n I > Bali. II lack A Oo , Prtn-o ai d tway. who wt: pay tke reward. ? or reward wtu. bb paid for tp mod Vfcd ?er> '?( * florae Wogna aa-1 Hare-aa, ?vbwh w\e lat to a ir?! ?*> ? ? '..T drive orir;r ' be aa hour, wbleh bit rot been ralnraad The Hrree M t htrk ?rare aboot li'j ban "e high, bub MiL with n erbHe atar on Die fnrekead. a r tt I* her lore eg* TV Wafia le a aintre body, ton wagon tte paee'e of the b-?1r palnteil green, the mnnfng par painted b!iiet. rrtped wbi'e. the top woe new etnee ed 'eethet ?lred wilt bl -e n! Kb Tbe llarnaat w?* MI ver r lal ad with Dn'rb eoilar Wbnevwr will return Ibe ? -mva property or will give lefiwa auoa that will lead to Ita ieee ?er? will receive the nucte raward. THOMAN OAFMRr, Mo. 17 V ntgoetery atraet, etnej Oily. *en REWARD -l-ONT. ON VOMDAT. TUB UTH 9eltl net. a ihrae atone dtaixnd king, rawnbrehara are rgaiiieated to ad r the eune I' oflered. The above raward wBl be paid aad no yiraMima aaaad m idavtag the rlag at Id aad II w - "iKinnmM)TOB?cc?a in'riK riian or walr? S5BI WBm ALI.KN'H Umnnlated Tobanao, ? B'l* he gO*d For at gagar etoree repot IW Water ?reat. M. T. Inn/l nnn RAT A MA, D0MBMT1C AND (JWUUI .000.000 "-rare, fr . * to ??) w Bny- " tmrvaaewe af t#ee?d greet at" ^ MM* W red ?g tlpgtuca. LHBU, II ? MLK9 OK HEAL. BSTAT1. a FOOiE i.id lot in pacific nun, bboob A I'D, rear ('arlvir bouae IbM, three ? m-ret,? r?n:? for >jtO t.ud > 1 at M W fl"e* ead clear; wui be ?:?tc ji eickatra for a Farm u? ?e?j PATTUM a .'OHM. Frcperty Bubanee M SiBm rW UKGOKLYN PROPERTY FOB HALB.? ORB J**8* l> cm 1 irea li ry fcrtck Hniae, Kith BAHJU atfl? ttMk I m irw 17J Fori (irf?D place. also three s.one 'rv im d Po tlsnil aven'.e, naai ?'?*? Ur?D, Priee law f*rai racy. Apply iof-B> JA0K80M, QD lb# prem.?ee. ftHIAP HOME.-M OiW Witt- BUf A TWO STORY 00 T. V i?*e House, Burn and leu Lota, .m Uia NuaV'wn Plan Bi tjfi 2 . mllaa ? rom W :ijim?baric :errtoa nStto.-ee railroad roux'. fe,m.;^<pET Tie g, ^ ^ ^ ^ DRV!RABIB OB>V.INQ IMHM NRAR l?EWi;l"K9, l>riri> <??My, for sale or ei-bante.? 217 acrea, atune atpmoD, :0>"J, i itenuve 0 ,U uudU>g?, U ??? ><rcbitr.'a ll-.iog streams >nd tea uttful kurrout disga. DINQEE A H'JLDKN, No. (i Fine slree'. .Jd I , Jit Broadway. FA KM WANTED -A LOW l'RICSl) FABM IB W iVrKP. w tbin one honr'ii ride nf New York Oive foil par'.cu .an and addrm 1 li U , loom .'j, Ho. 1! Ha l siret . Fob bale? on tub north sidb of FifTnrra street, !>elween Recmd and Tblrd avenuee. a new Bret elaae three ? oo and baattMUti brick House, wlib under cellar wid all ncdern lxproreiaeMa. In j'li/e on ike premtaea. Tern* ?aey P)B 8 ALB? ON LUINOTBN AYKNUB, OORNBB OF Thirty Wth street, two new Brit class four story stone ?rttl Bootes. fcl.;h st"op and modern Improvements. Inquire xi Lve premllM, or of D. V. KNi.Pl", owner, 164 Allea at For sale-an rleoant brow* stork fbont blab sloop f jar slory House. CO feet deep. containing all :ke atodtrc Hccroreceuta. Lot ttllOO, situate In Thirty fourtll Br*?t. near Hroedwav. For further particulars apply to B. a R A DLET AOO.. 1.144 Br oadway. Fob sale? a good focr story, high stoop, brown atone frort House, on ibe north aide of Thirty tunth street, between Lci'mton and Fourth avenges, with all the k <ten: i?ipr. .emecui; walnut docra and stairs, built in * good aianner. JOHN W. MOWBRAY. B?CR 8AIE-THF. 1. ARCS AND VALUABLE PROPERTY. ,V kn on as the Phila<ien- rua llouae, Noe. 140. X45Ji and 147 Hcwery, will beaold at prlrme aale, In conae<,uenc? >f the loath or the la'e proprietor, Unatama A. Kau For partlsn a* Inquire oa the prcmiaee, of Bra. U. J. it AT/., Adoilnle Ja.r:i. FOR BALK-TWO HANDSOME OOTTAOB HOl'RBH, wl'.h IT'HOP. *R1 mivr!.l? mantnla. A-., eltbt room* Mve nantrlra, and aocd cellara in nachi loia it by 100 feet. I/oca lion Foriy Mith itreft 2t?) ffc: w cm of Tenth avcine, north ?tde. /pclvtiA BROWN, 1 ?U Broadway, or to EL' iEflE B'URATli, 487 lludaao atreet. t'OR SALB? A FIRST CLAR8 FOUR STORY BROWN P BeeefrotBtaw, n the beat onlar and fr^jc.jBd fcrori^b. 9nt Can tw a<xn tliroath iheday Ternu a^cy,Tun >d?t|ii?. Btiuatcd at BOTblity fvrtb ?tre?t, between Fonrth and M?dl e# aver.uee. Apply to OBO. J. HAMILTON, 2V7 Lc?ln(jtm arcnue, or on tbe pninlaei. FOB BALE ? A FEW PRIVATE RB&IBENCK8 IR Brooklyn, at ?ery low ratea, to cloae a coLcern, offering a good opportucity to pera?oa wlablna u> arc 're a home. ?Vipie of *be kouwe are e>**nt a?d l.< in acd aomc we . utile -nidcrate In alte and price. Inquire of tbe owner. 112 ami 114 Br.*<sw ay, i<k>oj No. 7, between 11 and .iVcI'ick.* F^OR 8ALB-22 WEST TWBNTY 8IXTJ1 BTTlBr'T, THE Dorcl eater atone front four atorlee, bueaent and in-lur sellar Uu ?, ?.il?hed with all ibe mjdero imprjvcwea'^. In ^u're on tbe preaalaei. RR RAI.B ?WEST FORTY BIXTH STBBET. MIOWAT (tween Fifth and "li b aTcnuea, a nen and e>>raot brown ?tote (lii iae, f ,ur r.oriea. atrirt y Bra claaa and will bear close ei .tiuuaU(.u. lerwa Jl jeral. Applj to A. P. MAN, 04 Wall Breet. rOB BAI.f-TWO FIRST CLA88 FOUR BTORY BROWN au pe front liouaee. bUb atoopa, replete with the modern knprorementa, situated at 102 and 1(4 Baet Thirty fonrtb atreet, near Lex'n' ton avenue. It quire of JaMBS OWEN, Biulder, 101 Beat 1 blrty l uurth Mret L Fob salc-thrkb two btoby and barrmwit Brick Ho'.ieee, No? 89 81 and 93 Weet Tlurtv nlrth atreet, between Broadway and ttutfe areaae, 16 feet 8 torbe* fr/nt U f-etdeep; replete with every convetieece. Apply to BAY NC B A BLACBWF.LL, 1 306 Broadway. Price M.kMleach. FOB 8 ALB? IN HOBOEEN, a NEW FIRST CLAR8 brown atone baaement Bonae, with all tbe modern lm proremente. lire nlcitea' walk I'rom the ferry Terms eaay. Apply to W M. Q. PLL MMBB, 74 Waehlngvm atreet, Hobokem. FOR BALE-TO FARMBBR, OARDRNBRS AND ME rhani? ?In tbe moat dealrutile pait of urn* Island, Farmn frnea 6 to Ml acres each, some improved an. I aotne uulmprov e l, soil very p.' odactlve and terms liberal Title perfect and n < pomrr.leaifr % to pay agents Apply to the owner, W. WIL M>N, 12b Fulton atreet. FOR RAUL? TO RUILDKRR ? THE CONVENIENT PRE mixta. Mo. 1.17 Kast 1 hirty fourth Mraol uear Third ave nue. On the prfm m i? a new and Plhelaatiaj mifmtm shop :'. i 10 feet, four atortM blih. Alio a vert harulaome ata-ile; containing a carnage ro< >m for three reblcl'*. a stable for three brrtee a convenient (flee and hay In 't offi-e cad stable hw tcr r~ WHin , Ac , d-mnlrt*" auri a flne yard and ahe.l App!> to wM>ltEVIi,Y oa Ike premiaei. 9 rR BA1 K IN BR00KLYN.-ON QCINCT STRUT, near Ni*tran<l avenue. two new. convenient &n.l well i.tiilt two U<>r j. haaenifiit and aub cellar bn:k bones, lUiM, with Philadelphia brick fronla. marble manleli, he iter, range, gaa. Ae . oa any terms if applied for aooo. frice SOU. In i|iilre of the subscriber, oa the premleea, or at II* residence. Monroe atret:, neai MuHtanJ avenue Y. C. V ROOM AM. P0? BALB CHKAP? FIRST CLASS BROWN BTONB H,. je and Lot, ll?3 Went forty eighth siren. be-ween Mith and Heveath avennee. wtih all the aaxdere impr ovetnecta; k> .aie la pat feet i rdar. Inquire ou taa premises. FOR RALB OR IX( HANOI- TWO F1RHT CLk<W brown ai"ue IIo ?h hluh Mcw.ia, naw patent liot a>r f ir nr pen In a r"?d locate i. iota or aroab 1. iUlea w ' -.Ki be takra aa ua'l pa) mint A^p!> lu KM. FaTTRST'll, No JJOtjl thirty Micjud street TOORBALS <^R EXOH ANOR? A HOOK A HI) LOT IN jT Hnbokek iio icree "f trst nai.ty f Ian I ii low. 2J0 fcrrea in Minn?a<.U and & 'nta in Kei rla. 111. Any ue'? w hat r.g ?o eaubilehi'.l bUHlncss to dispose of e he a dry jcxxle. fatey g 0 <?? or hats capa and fur? and aa Hi take thla prnpimy in whole or part payaient, may lad a p r-haser > y cailirir al tl.e 1 ank.t g and eichmiKe '?II. -e 7# 'ham1. ere ai-eet. FOR HALE or BX? H ANUB-fOR A FARM WITHIN MO unifa ?l New fork two ikive story brick II aea.n BiOOfclyn, R I) Aieo for eale. ou very see nam >lst>n< tarma. two tkraa l*ory, btili stooi\t-w H' ises. lu good I '?uun n Near Uik ctty Ad trees bo? ItM WlitlaMb .rg, Naw York F'C'K HAI.K OR KXt II a NUB FOB ti<K)D OH T I'AOCBR tj-A rery oe-ira^le country # -.t on Staten i?.aid, of tkl'ty ? i#h arree, about '>ne half mi a frxwi railroad and tteambnat lanJIi. ? v? r th S30II par Vna. a oMk pmekaaer can r-t ^ tirat Svkaia frte aL-1 .ear. Applj jIRKI.aNOA CO., 123 jiroade ay. rOR RALB. EXrilANOR OR TO l.RT-A TI1REB RTORT aud baaemrnt broanatane fn>t.t llottaa. m !.t>.orv :i areone, betwren Fifty aepond and Hf!v third ail aatt ?pnl? 10 JOliN D. ATUWkLL, or JOaKfU UBuaTANTK. 14 Tklrd arwie, yH RrtiLBOETOI.rr THKCIROANT >SW,RTRI0T1.T r #!?? fia? four alory b t'h strop bmwti ato*>? Hn ae, W Hiet Tatry bl'i alrret, a?iji>IHB* the rrstaea -e of the tubwlber, and isa ( f tke beat bntlt .a the. city. Tirana aaay. Apply to A. C. M. Pk.NNlNUTOR. al bia raaldeace. or at 1 JO M uaau rH RALE CR TO I.KT-A COAL TABl). IN 1-Uihtemth (treat, d> tat * **>' b iaiuraa. 1 nm MoTaaaoer I. INK) Inia^re of A M KANN1N0, Bowery, a ear Hoittto? Meet. ? EOR SALE OR TO LET? THB I. A ROB TWO RTORT ANO baaemrr.t tr.. ? e ...dia* Him. 9 and 11 Hoyt wroat. t"k l>a The b .tldioc la itiTS feat .ae basement !a 9 ad wuh a'aUa f"w cpwarila of for'f h rsea and wej lantUated; It waa formerly need as a lirerv stable, for tha eaat two rears aa a faetury Tb?* 1-4 la 44*136 feai. Apply toJOfl.V F. HENNBhBY , n Brtdre a'reet Braoklya. trrTLB BAT RIDE F * KM Or V. ACBBR. WITH HOME stead and ombu;ldiar?. roatlnc oa l^<a|Ia;aad riouel, and pusseiM i n rinrl railed wate* ei* we and unaqua'ted boiM inr l ties will V aotd for severs! tbouaand loliari lasa than Its Intnnaie >aloe, n i iw.s before VsnaMrl ; w \i. . ? I.ar remain f >r Hie tears 'or' rther aarttealara, priaa, term ? and permits apple to R. DAT, *17 eeonod areaua, ba f.*e 10 aed a'ter ? al 1 Tat rtmadwar froai lit p> ?. or to HIM ' ki A lloiJIBN, Ro ; rise street and 1.344 Broadway IUTH TO l.V H AN(1B.-TW0 TKRT DBiiIRABI.R LOTfl j on Ma<li? >a a' eane or a plot Is Harlem will *?a e? rka' red. -.aat' -mhered. forafirat class dwelMnr h mee n? tAwe or a bualaets rf*>pen? d toa o. LlflUKK A HUU HK.n No. S f taa sir> rt as-" l.Mt Bmadear MILLINBRT ANO OnERRMABINO. For aale. a Brmaa la Tenth street, bet w eat R^nadway ?od Uniteraay ? ??? ioeattxn a iltabie for the dreasiaakiea and B I'lne'y hnainess App'yto JOHN R Wrf.f.fR 447 Biooms street, oae dor>r Waal a C flra lway \TRW Ht f*B4 I OB RALE OB T O LIT -TH <BB THREE le Str-r >r'rk Ho ires wttk a.l wndsrn sata. a | Milliard room la o?e. bay are near Ike Brnok jn Ftftk are? te belli. la an! rai.med 30 kllnut-s fr..? Wall str^t rri. ea|t Mi ?A ?? !< >? Tarais easy. Aptly to UBO. at K> AV, lu M Ill-am atreet, lai* r.*ai. as4l TWO STOBT AND HMH Ba'KMERT BRKI HOIRE in Harlem for sale, wHk fonr 1 u of gro<iad laeiudlar tke mrfer, r<nee, trees, emtn - r*e and ma I le mantles Pri a 14 t**l. A porttce mar remain ls<|inre oo Ike prawraes t ?n>er if Fnat ateu'ia at! lUtk Rift, 0 1 RTK.'tlBN RORKRT8. ______________ : TO RriT n?R.? AND OTHBRH -fR?X)I!.TN !.0T?. D? airaMt lriiaied for aa.e, wttk a bin dlat lo*? also rhwe Intifonale Rorssk ran red where mm 1 te urprora mar's are rv ade Apply ui W F. JORDAN, U Tk.. st -eel. rioai M. /? nnn a< rks of the ri< heht land IN wrrt O.UUU em Teiaa I tr sals, rent or exnkaafa. sttuaiad oa the twrbs of the river Medina. H mi'ea weal nf Hao Ant.>aio. It iseerered with 'he i.neat mu?n'iet rrasa ah".a4anea nf tim ber and a never fauiaa supply ot sure water. Its ej'ate s ro-.aidered the ir.oet fart: e and the hea 'hieii ta the ehnle Me Mak eaBSf . Title (Varaa^eed If anM Hi oaa lot $ to i?i will , be takaa Part can rcmaia oa boo t a?d ae tgaea .1 reqn.feA. apply ?alto. MAt'lioNA Raa annalo Taiaa Til K HU.L LIRfWBT BLVBR ARRDAL koIRBC? aPPOLLO hoiiaa, N ^-eaiharll lit"'. TlrkHe. one dolla-. HI I.I.I A li l>*4. 1 BIl.t JIIPR -feu. J HAITI IWPNOTFD Rati - BD Tabiee wfb b'a newly tnreat ad riahioaa. pkteatad Na etmher Ki U-M' sad well krowa to be s< i artor to any now la t.ee Mkanf actor* 140 F^.wia street A?,al?>?? H haad Tatlae. low for raeh. HnXlABDR PHBLAN?T1KVAN whitb axdxava rah ?eei si 1 40 FnHoa itreet, at U n'r nek. oa ?onlae, t.vt, 12 when ?' m?tHrt etira'iri'n art la tke way o? # lla-iia wtll lair plaoa. ?< ntlenr Itarrer win slai boaor o? w h hie ere . aenre N At t NaH A FAKRM AN, !?? TulPia s?raa?. nlUlA?DH-FrthRAL^ABP<4MDl( RT<* XtiFNBW i ? a d ae m^ hand lahlee iwen'y par ceat lewikaieaa be b> 'iehl ? where t'kll ?o.1 eiam>ne, or IBRi y??r or.iera by man to I* H uBIFflTH 4*i Felum street BI1.LIARD TART.* WANT1D A RB'TINn HANOONR, fall sire; slate or auko?eay kari preferred a raeh trade. A : fly al fruit statj.l, sorter of Wall aad Pearl Amk HI I.I. I ABO BALI ? ? A F1NB ABR- BTNBNT oy |V RT ? Rnard Belle, of a ipetlnr itattty. at r-1 iead p' e?i aleo patea; co?presai4 ory 'fteen nail pool aod aratel'e Bella, man ifariurer' and for eaie by WM. t| WBi.LINO. tl( llrr>?e f.ree'. oraer of >w . PHELANR BILLIARD TABLM ABO CIIIBTBATION CflHTONR, New 'tBprraemef te. ; ;,;ei .e<l Bert M, l?. Pr-aere.1 n?l "?g per ee?l? fir tut nin AN A nOM.FNDm, Jll Ww#cx?y Wfm. BiWRDlHO AND LODOIIO. ABANMb.MBLY FURNISHED 101* Of ? >?>*? he , J toot? to >t, ?ith toanl, to a g> ? euuui and wife. A -to a -?w arg.e n uhr far geni.-Bseo, w .'.h or w.iho.rt BUkrd. a.?j? fU 1<N lut rtulMNUh street. I>>i irit 4i. A small private family havino more boom '.ban th?y re<i J?, weald te: ft handsomely furnlahsd iroui an c tM k hw.'.r m a ICDL' BU an.! w.fe; a>i. a toit >f J?rj oesl-aUe Rouaa, with fut'.o, Ac., on .be Kxxnd Moor whiea "HI t>? a*parviejy or ;ogether, to tiro geaUemei wiik breakfast tf desired. For p?rUcu<an, usuulra at No- It Weal thirty first street. A private family, living in noon st?lb, in a *ov'i rn bouse, will lot H Par tor kr J adjoining Bedrooma, nub Ho? rd to two or three geniiemeu w.lUng lo 1.11 ?LeraUy. AtMrrsa Twenty second bos 1(4 Herald oflire. Apartments pan be obtained for tub win. ter. for families or elpple gentlemen, la a prtrate ho'iae, opoj I olor. square Those wil.lni,- tn p?y liberally mar ap ply lo E I.aWmENiE A CO, R Etal Koar.eeDib s'jneet, or it 28 Kir. Fourteen Ik uta References gheo and ra qt:red. AHANPFOME ROOM TO LET- TO A srl wile, wr.b Kund Board; also several men at H Hf cry st reel. AT Til. MAR '8, 712 BROSDWAY. OPPOSITR WASH Id zl>n plae?? To let, k ilcely ! -iuittwd Aparuntni, wltk all the m* improvements ALARC.E BACR PARLOR ON THE FIRST FLOOR, irw!) f.imn.eci. o 1st. eltfcer with or w lhaul lt>ard. to a sei u?m?L -a J wife or two Miilt gentlemen; also a fa* a!a rl* gentlemen can ha aceomm jdai el with gool ft'ird and plraaan Km iri Locatlor 10# N...lk street, u?.tr Broadway. House with all ike modern lap.~afeir.rau. Reference* ??? changed. A PLEASANT PARLOR AND BEDf.GOM TO LET, mh R"?rl, at a moderate pr: e. Apply at 36 Wy. be aienue, Williams .rg. A LABOR AMD PLEASANT ROOM MAT BIC PFOCCK rd, w.m f ill or parJal Board, by applying at 16d Im: t' iru enth ?ir?c:. A FINK CHANCE FOR GBNTLEUES TO SECURE COM. fortable bun for be winter? By calling at 120 'Jreens street, sec md d or fr m Pr.n-e, two large and one small Krr-m furnished on aeooL I doer; cu, (rtte. pantry and Da:b aljoitiD*. A LADT HAMNO A FIRST CL*?JS HOT'FK-WIin ALL fl lmpro?enenu. wtahn to receive a few faall ea and aes tlemrn with Board fur the wUiter. prlva'e table if ,-e , Ir-M, la ault or slnrfe, on flr?t or M??d fioor: terma .-??wma'ile. Ap ply at 1.M8 Broadway, -etween thirt> Brat ? Thirty j : atreela, eatt aide. A LADY I.IYINO IN A FIRfT CLASS HODSR IN Twen.y aerentb atrtet? W,*hea to let two hand*jmr!y f'tr ubhPd Rotjma wi b Boaid. Oent etren deelrotn of fir.,t clua acccmmrdatioai. home com.' ru and pieaiart *o.'iety, m%y apply to F I-awreaoe A Co., 62 Raat Kouf.een'h atrtet. Ahakpsomkly furntbhrd pari^or andothbr Korir.i M let? With t'u.l >r parilal Hoard, M a K'aUeman and wife ^dJ (inxle jet emec. id a n?w fc .be ^'b all tlra n dern Improrementa, n.i.rrnlent to *i?ae and oars; ref^reucea ?i biuiKCd In , i.re st if J Weal Ttuty fourth sire*". \ sniT OF THREE I.AROE ROOMS, CONSIST ' NO OH" Parlor . .1 two aleepin* Ho.)ma, will) e let w 'h Boart, to two or three Kantleiuea.l or a arat'^mai and ..i r. are willing to pay liberally for Crat ? !s-s areommodaUouH. P aner at ?tx Rereren'"i rxobanged t or furthei' panuu.ara la <|Blre at lt'7 Vast 1 lftren'-h street A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY IN BROOLYN , CON /R nient to theferriea. have two pleaaaiit and well fur tithed Room* to let. with B?>ard, to single grntlcmfc; dinner at (5. refeienecs enhauged Apply at 111 Dean itrett. AnANDK"MELYKl KNIKHEIt MOOTMlM To LRT to a aingle K'nUenian, wlibout b.wrd L?:ati'in ilrstclaas; giis, b*th Ac. No 4U Twentieth street, betweeu Broadway and Foui tk aveu le. A ROOM TO LET? KDBNIKHKD, FOR A 8INi;LB gen'lem n, la the ko ?e o' a sm:i!l private famllr. The rorm haa Breplaee, and re?y ar?tiy f'trnished. Terms re* ?ODable Apply st 2?J S.ith ateaua, between Pe . nteV tk and llsbtrtn h ttreeta. A PARTY OP 6ENTUABN, TWO OR FOUR, CAN BR a.' ?osiDiodat' I ?ih superior Ro>ws and Hoard at CJ St. Mart's pisoe, Klghik s'.ree., near rec-md avec e. A NEATLY FVRNISHEn APARTMENT, WITH FIRE and gas. to let to a lady an *? Dtieman, witho .t b >:ird, Dy a widow iady llvl> g alone; locality central. Ad treaa M K. L, Station D I'oat oil e. A GENTLEMAN AND WIF1 WANT BOAT-DINO IN a private ho j,e, or wb- re tkerc are b :? few b>wdera; a room on sen<td tl<?r prelerred ferms, with gas or tire, w* u?e?i-e?d 17 per wees. If Jes rab e Ike !idy would leack t .? > or three misses omsi ', A \ A idress 8. 0., bos !?; Herald Mka A PRIVATE FAMILY RESIDING IN THIRTY SECOND Hreet. f*n i commonat' t ?o respectable youn/ men, where there are do ixher boarders. They mwt g?e rood re fereci-ea. Terms miderata. Addreaa H. J., bra t.WS Post once. A'.ENTl.EMAN AMD WIFE ANT ONE OR 1 WO BIN gle rai'-leown can a. com oda'ed with I'leatint K . ms ? nd gojd Board. i)liiner at ( o'eix-k Apply at 11 B.eaosar street LADY, LIVING ALONE, WOT'LD LIKE TO MP.ET w.tha l.:dy and lieoilsmxc deainas b?n..H >me; . f jrmabed ms, Bo'? rd for the l?dy only. tSlI at liJ Ian' h street. IlroadwaT sUg^a pasa the d'or. -"??*1 Hruoklya. cfclul''*'? 0? boardera, wfc ? Adknimm as and his wire ok two bimqlk ? "???? >? tkat will roran toinher, out be . is i'- 1 ? H Hoard U1 a pr vim fan It. w hvi e :b- mafurtd of a h ma nay be enjofed. \pply at 13 Writ kuktaeatk nrr-t. Board.-to i.bt, w;th or without board in a prh-ate fhBlly. a lure hi*h Haaetrent, i ;ltab:e fir* fhtaiclat . alec a Room in? aaina.e cuUeman. Apply at 3U .1th aver a*. BO A HI) -A FRW OCNTLRY IN OK A (tBNTI.BMAN and wife, nan be aeooakn,oda?ed with Board And pleaatn Rroaa with C'.vi fcrta of a home; tenaa 93 25lof.t; alantwo {tmtg ladif, rofrrtB.ee required, Uirwi cmuioa ptauj, ?'h ai*d f*? Apr'y <t IH 1 horn nam atraet near I'rinee KOARD.-PIWIRABLK FRONT ROOWH ON ?l"OX[) and Ibird ruora,may be <>tteJt>d with full or parti a Board at III Nrai K.'etccth etreet. between Fifth and *i ? th area tea. nOAID- t OFN7LBMAN AND WIFB OK A.RINUI.R D (rnt rmao ran ha. 4 a fe*> le.itrie|y furrier 1 K- m or Knoraa, nil nuioi'ifwnri. *h?i? all iw "waf rB of h'-nn can be rcaiued. wltli air Me ainllr Addreea No. "t fr<t T rtr .ereoth .i-Nl. l>* . ecu T ."ih Mid RUlfc ateatt* a K (crtDcea ricbaitged. Board. -a small f a h ily, plkasavtlt bitua led a f?w Hey* we?t w the Rreeonrt ltr.iae, wfll let a beai.lifoli) larnlahed large aeooed etwy room, with paotraa, kfiretrlaai inbaiantlal table. (Ire and ?*? (aatldadly a deal r able bow e\ for iliteea d<..?iw per week, far twu pen ?ut. A'ar a ha 1 ro inn aame Cuor to let. A ' ireaa Mr*. H. Inl UkU. ^launi i> Poat ..a. *. BCABD-W1WT TWKN1T.MSTH STRRhT. KtAR , ' If A aver. tie; a pr< . ate fatal') of tkree a 1 ilte woolt let , Ibe en. i* mcm.'! F nor lo a etr.all fam.lv . hot.a- u own none; elegantlr lurme e<!. Aldreaa, with foil ; artie Jare. H. T . ' bo* Iktl ilara d oOice llOARD? AND A VHRT NTOK. FLRABlRT FRONT J> K"m ran be obtained la a Aral c'aea b<.uae Aar rentle Ban a ho raa appreciate turh, wiU boae c-iutf' rU. will plaaM tal at V9 Ma. dotiaal etroct tkia a e-k. gOARD-AT ? NTUTTBNANT RTRKKT, CO NT! *D I ' tma of Aitor plee? Two or ihree aioile reotlenea can arr. maodated .lb a axle or <>>'.? >< >?iu . anew bima ? hare the eoofonj ot a h?ae ran b? found, oaaeul*-,! lo rara aad au?ea Board.- a rbfi'Ktt a hlk amkri an mdt would Uke tnoNaia a child in biard. or wo Id la*> one irota Ita b.rlh lodrj aaraa; hat an aaaJl ehlidren. ih- r. fore it wlU ra ?e??? f?erv afer!loo. iik* ha?e a rn.^h>-i ? t?r? flail or a Idwaa Mra. Urnah, U AUnrnay alrect. ooraarof Uraad atrael. Board for two sivoi.it <mcnti,kmrn, ok a okn I rail and hla wife, can ha obtaiaad la a amall pdvate famll}, so oibtr boardara tthar, at IM Bea Tktrtr i.?ir_h ktrcet (irtween S.-cond and Third arenoea. Ac ' mmodaUona nratelaia. Raierecraa rti'tlrad aad *itea. Board fok okkvau orntlkmkn onk or two tie* a* a ?ent.eaaa raa I .are Laad.mr r faraiakad . koona wt h a ? c?ble artvale family The rj<Bf >rta 4 a 1 h ?a i an ba rwaliwd. Re'attoaaa en kaagad AdJ"*aa No. , r? Weat fnr ineath ?traat, betwea rrftt aad Milk ar? ' niaa. || Board in fourtrrmtb ribt -a parlor and Hedroi ra tm mt<mi <<? nr. aad a afa?le IWioai on third door. I- a f rat '<?aa trndetn ho aa. Apply Imaiadtaialy at IM #?at Krmrteaalk atr?e>, a? r Nkiaaih aett.Be. Board in jumit <ttt -two vkrt nkatlt fur r eaeo iari* froat looata eater ard gm laaarhi aid a hall n?drr>,ai may Se ?e> nred with peraanenl Board, la a prtrala faaauy. a?.t dWeat fraaa tka Oortlaadt atr?. t ferry iiaa . of parlor, plaio at *l hatferrm with tfca fanlly L'^tloa aad arl|hN>rb>od oo?t of the beat Apply a: II Raa^i aUeet Board wantid-iw a iK5PifrTARLt Herman or Trench piiralc faaiilf. '? tka 1*1 of .Norcmhar n?i , hy two oermaa reotleman tkre? wail f - utahed * km -i Far W>r aod lao itedrmaa- hi a kriM flialbly ait-.urd m'mm Tarentr tklrd freer with narual Board, arare, di"ed AdJ d iadO bri I.KK Poat oSca. Board wanted two okntlfvf.n ak? ar\ inn* to Beet wtt aaatrreahla ?'atkille faulty who wtll p-ortd- Ihran a aafklMr abla R'raa. wtA p >ruai Hard no B tfrrate tar ma Frul <e(ajl?, terma . ic? a ? re. ;*<lad. Addrea* for three da ra J R U h?? ltd HenU I oW -e Hoard wanttd-rt a qbntikvan and wttb, in a atrleily priraia raB iy Rh-hb and Helrno,B r?-i ilrad; Iwrito ba betweea Flilaarib aad fMrty ink atre?t? and *ec<ad aad Fl'lh arat >ee Addreaa with fall parte lit a. auiiirt lerwa, J J II , va Hrt Herald ofl ca. Board wantbd-for a obntlbman. wifk a*d aua. la a Wiedf m k* uae aboea Foutlh atrret ir,f'irai?ie.l ?lae and two liedior rra. or the Reer ad Fluor ikro .<k I'io aar at at i Addreaa box 1 p.a: 4Bea Boabd wantbd-in rro'iki tn, ht took or*. man tealletrea m a i?| ka' ia .a a 'atna.r wke'e U4 arm' rta of a h< a* ?ft!i beonloyrd. Addraaa H. B NaraM OAs*. Board wasttd-tvhbk roomr wbix ftr r.lakei. are .?ati'ed, with i >muMt Hoar I ta a ventael p'ltaia fatally nr boardlaf ho.?e. by a (eaileiraa. ?tfa aad two thi'dreo (k|fd II aad M a?d ?aM aerrant loeatioa ? t be between Fourth and FMth aeranea. Blaarker aad Taeat; nfih aireeta charartcr at th? kmiae n iat heoaai eepil .nal la aed for the r*rj"'rtt* areodMBodaMnaa flit par B' b wtli I# paid. Addrraa Herri, aa*, boa IU Her. Id oAa*. N T > Board wantbd-in rroobi.yn, t?>b a onm.R irae aad wlta. I/wattm wl b?n ten m'nu'ea' walk al tha fit* Hall. WO fara'ak lie f*m If wtahad Addraaa, Itattac low eat te?w?, U. box |?s Haraid attm Hoard wantbd bt two tor no (.bntlbmrn. partial Boaid, la a fentee priva e family, batwaea Fonrtk aed riktaaaOi araeta, weat pref-rrad fcooae BnatkafaBnd- 1 era '?onraolaajaB Ter?? imt to y\oead M par weak. Addraai Rabarttaa. Haraid tmm, for iwo daya. ! Boabptno -ForR tocno onrn,a?nr can bb arroanaodated wttb a alee freat Roaak. on Sie I rat tour:

a!ao an eiteaatoa Room, or 'Jte waaaa loor, wtth (nod Boar I. V> a eery re^araabia ncib'awboed; or two geali?ea aad be r wirea at l&? rdi?ffa etreac Oaly ? few boardere lakea. * BOARDtWO - A '.r.im-BirA? OAR BATB A NBATTW f iklabed Bona, with 're and (M. im *i boaee ef a a id TW ady. Where Y* -a/1 ea oj a I Aa maaf aria ?* aborra, -at tery -aaarnab * lame Foe ? ir-bar raru. ^n add-eae l? A. Fbaa, CAi ?man Pm Fe*. b#*rdi*o a?bd lod?i%o. BOABIi in bbooeIStn.-two ob tbkii single ?eal.to.ei> mi. be acoooam <1.1 ?<" wim P*rt . * . bomd a a private feml'y, where eeir ar- us other boareerf. at 176 AdMlwrn, Brooklia. SOABU IN BROOKLVit-bS WKFF WaRHBB SIKRKT, ae>-cd door from C.tiloc ar.reet. Oectleiren and their e* or a few alng e lenimea cu be aeoojunooned ?Uk I all the m oi?r veaei ie. Board n bbooklyb.-to lit, suits of roomh, wttii B ird, for na-Jwra and tadlee or iu>cle RCaUa mtm. In ,uite at lleu-y u?:, between Sim and auu Board in bbooelyb -two laboi abd on* rmall Bonn, on ike ?? o rjj floor, h&ndaomely rirnisbed, with Board, *re oCtfd by a prirue family. Tbebouaaha* all <h? modern Iniiivtrn uu, i nd l< i.le*atnijy a.t uitcd. Be e tence* nqtlred. App ly at 211 < Unton atreet. BOABD IB BROOK VS.- A FAMILY HAVIBQ JDHT Uk? a ho ae. * be re a hclne ot Rooma ran be bod b? resllaaaeu and their wl >ea or a ngle ^et..eui?n. Apply at i2!> h?m?en atreet. Reference* *?' shunned. Board ib bbooklyn -to i.bt, a large, band acme, well furnahed Parlor and Bedroom, for one or two F?uilemer, in a atrl tlv private family where there are no other boarder*, fekuauoa Paciilc atrttt, near lioyu Ad dree* boj 5,74* Poet offi .-e. BOABD IN BBOOELYN.?PLBA8ANT FRONT ROOM8, OB the ae sad ?tory. for a (ffmt'eman and wife 0 r tingle gest'eme*. : uimat'd or .<uur*!abed, -;-?y b>- obtained by ap plyini at H*7 Amity atreet, sooth Brooklyn. Dinner at aii o'clock. BOABD IN BROOKLYN -a PRIVATE FAMILY. RB pldtn* betwee* F'.!*..'C and Wall atreet NRWL h.ire a oniDodr.'J< .na for two or th ee aiufle geiitleacen. Call at 71 Henry atreet. Boaio in hrook:.in.-a (;kntteb*n and ma wife, or two or thne atng e gentlemen oan lie Meommo cate<" wrh i''ea**nt Rn'i tad ?o.*l Board In a private iaml iy, at U Poplar atraet Uuee block* fionc Fulton ferry. Board in urooki tn.-onk or two gentleum e?u be ac -ownc o tate 1 with pleaautRooma aad partial Board,on rrr.amable btrma. a1. It Nauau ttrert, flrat houae fr>? WaakiE*tJU atreeL Kef?rei-:erei > red. BROOK1 YN 1;STi.HT8.-A SCIT OF BOOM1, FPR ? Jahed, ta let. wltn Board, to a tam iy or gentlemen. the k-iuae .a pltuaatly v.eated. foo,en.e.nt to Fulton or Wall ttreet ferry. Apply at S7 lieary atreet. Reference* ei ChKCJ-K;. BB' OKI VN HEMHT8.- A OBNYLEUAB AND WIFE or taro or tkre? a'.:i*le lenilmnen r-au bt aocoinmoi'.ated wt?l Board acd p!ea?r.o'. Rooxn a: li W.Jow aueet, brtween Wall and I .'.linn lerr.ca. "I^LEQAN TI.Y FURNISHED ROOMS -8IN0LE 0EN1LB JTj men ran I-- a< i "?mo<lat?d. ml'.h or wltbou*. bre**f?st or tea; (*el ?;htfiii:y located. Apply at 13 Waverley pia<:e, one block irom llroaii* ay. Tenna rery mojerate. EliEOARTLY FLi'.NIPHKD ROOMH TO LET-FOB UEN. tlemrn, at M Prloce atreet, one block we?; of llr< ad *ay. "TUKOAhTLY Fl HNUl!*n iB.'IYR AND SIRULR to iet. *ltk or v. ltt.o I full or pari.al Hoard. The bnnte ttiriaiD* all the modern conven eaoe*, o u been tbo ro Khir reno^a'ed and newly t .mlahfd ai-.l .a ?-ry .Ifalrahly lo-aied. belt* in Br In the immediate TtcinltT of the Fifth Arenne Hoiel and Miullaon Paik. Apply at jIO Bro.kd mj. FIBfcT CLASS BOARD AT J07 BASH BHOADWAT-A dellcbt! H to ??l : uclaheil, all tke modern Improve men'.*, olneel*, baih, ?- , oonn<w'*d on at ootid ::oor, well attlled for a , ?u:!man ar.d hla wife; ererythluK kept lu beat ordfr, ne'Kkborkood Kru c'aaa. tilDRNIEHED ROOM WABTED-BY A OENTLEMAN r and lady, la a unlet eeiahbuihood ; with a widow lat'y, where ibere are r.o othrr Jb^nnlera ^ refe< red Payment in adTas'.e. Add. ta* K. Milton, Poet offlce, M Y. rl BBl.5' ?0 PARI. OR AND BRDRHOMB To I.BT- AT 76 8t. C!?nr.f i;'j ^ lr.ee, between Blee -aer and Houaton afreet*. rl'RNISHED ROOMS -A KUIT OF D18IRABI.K FRONT Kooaaa on aec >nd floor, with auala aeried in rooma; alao a larie I , lare U, mm third I' -Or, k Ith i r Witko-tl breaicfaxt, lo let, at S71 Fourth atreet, u.iirtb bone* from Lafayette place. Hoabd IN BBOOELYB-IB firbt class houbk. No IS ft men 'i atreet Suit o! rooaa on *e<-ind flmr. and bark parlor oe t?at with part lal board, In a prl.aie faml.y, :lre mlautee' **;k fran Ful'on ferry. Ii^iR GKBTLEMBW OBI.Y-FJNB. CLBAB, AIRY * Bi^rni, well fomleb' "1, one bloek mm Broadway, atnr Betiop' Utan H,u- L Apply at lul Croeby atreet. GENTLEMEB OB GBBTl.EMKN ANO THEIR WIVBH can be accommodated with I'oard and |i>uaiit Komi, or ae ond or th'rd tloora. with all the modern improvement*, n a v rl r.ie boaid'n* houae. Apply nt No | Ab.nn 1 N frriare, three door a fioaa Bank (treat, weat aide. INT1.EMEN ANO THEIR WIVKt. OR BINOLB 1BN vT tcmen. can be aecoinmodat.'d with pleasant Bornnaand B'jird. Apply at Of Weat Fourteenth atreet. Beferensee eicharget. GINTLBMEN WITH FAM1URS OR HIN'M.E (JEVTLR men e?n i itnln *??*) Ka ma, with K >aid In tlrat rlaa* bkuae No. -'J Wtat Taeif b atrtet, uekr Filth avenue. Pr% rate table If t elrtd HANPROMKI.Y FrRNISHBP ROOMS FOR RTVOLB gentlemen or gertloaien and tb?'r ?ii?, t<> 1st, with ?<??l >?? !? ??*'*??! II iojc. '? ? Bfdotu ? ilit b? aa. No. 3t? Waet FUtaaalk it) eet. HOBO KEN -fEVEEALPINE FI.tRNIfeHK.lt BOOMHTO el. wl a nr wlthcut loud Tbr hr ? v la it?, and bag all tfea modem ta)<r?rnmu. Apuly at 1" I? Vlaw plx?. TKRHEY CITT -A OKNTI.EM IN AID I. APT, ANI> rf one or two ilugle fecl.rmen, n?o he ax''nami4at?l with r<#rd and plr .last Rooms, In a small private lamtly, bv *i fl>ln| ailt) femes* itrwt, wltfeiu ituea mm ,lrs walk ol lie tany. MRS MATTHBWS.WO.no HI.KB' "K BR HTRBBT. TWO blocks weit of Brr?dway, can aoaoauaodale a few mora permanent or trarelent I <>ardet? with parlor* or*lurle r ?.tm and a Ilk or without Hoard. A very plaaaant and ocairal looa loo. KB OB TWO 8INU1.E OICRTLEMEN, OR A OENTI.B o ? U> I W" ainill.a. nr.mi.iisn. un a "?ru.? n an an<t wife. eaa ilml a Bice eau* K <>m. with f ill or partial Hoard, at M 1*1(1 t atract. House aouialni |U IJW ONB OR TWO PbBABANT ROOMS TO LMT-PlfB n:-b<d or unforalefeed, to ?laftle gent>?eii by a aaall ?aall> wltfcf 'it ch'Mrrn. Inaprtraie pwrnca with mrp-teru ??. Apply at W ? iflk itiaet, near eecoad arruua. /\NB OB H' Til PAB1.0BP TO I.BT. H AJ?P* >*tl.V " ' fnri lahed to one or two i antlaaan with hrrakfaa- if te *t?ad. Thiio erjr reaaouai a. *8 baa m "Vrn apr >r| ; *? uta H tmraai ?U l-cunr' i; aoaoa. S Ft EH PIN II BBUII1RD B?M>?8 Foil OENrktMBN - Larattoa No 1 West Twenty foti.ife #r- tl ? p< ? ta fifth Avrau< Hotel. I T? OFB OB TWO KINOLB OKWTUCMK* - TO 1 ET Redron? at l ns<- of Par!.'*, fare ?bed In a pr<??.ta faallr, a> ebudren, ?na all or pai.al B art. b<?i Iw aUoo on Ruth a<-*t.o? Broad ire* a ? ?" and Muh ?"no? ear* alwaya paaa kg ibr dour. Apply at U1 hint area -te. TO GKNTI.RMKN.? TWO RARUE PARU1JU IN AN tng'lsb I aaeaitit feor,a? f n .Ufld to en'i 'hi o c i,"uita. braakfiat. If (?r?d A 'an iwo am all Boon*, oo ooarden. Vo in K??l F'lnrto^alfe street. j mo (JKNTI.BMBN TWO BCITH OF BLBn ANTLT rtJR 1 alafetilai alfiala. f.<aateHn? o> Fario- a. d Bt l ooaaarB. oa tbe a?< .'tid Ivor of a bo'iae Bear the Plflfe areaao an 1 A 'to ? Maria botalaaad a few 4o?ra weet of l'.nwdwajr to let to c?n tlOMOa oaly, with <>r wltfeou'. part al IViar l liotiae r m.i alaa balfe, gas, la Addreaa T F. V Harald Jloe mwo FBorr boomh-blroantlt FUBnanp, or 1 B"00od Uoor of a Ural clasa II K>aa to l?i ?Ub Board; <laner at*-, rafe'ractaei baaged. Apylf at lit Ntatfe atrea. weal of aad war Broad* ay. TUB BE OR FOl'B TOUNW LA1MR8 (AN BB A' DM Bodaixl wtlh Board Oaly tb<a? e?r toyed on! Titv ai> ply. at JtUHntb araoua. The rery l eotof retaiaaem ?Ll bo raqiilrad TO I.BT WITH FIBJtT H.AW BOARD ANO ALT. THB crwfxia ut a bntne, Ifea eutlre aa>-ood FWmr. i umtafead or uafnn shnl. <if tfee f"ir alory booa* No. I A. Own place. M ferece aleea aad rai ^lrod. r> rrr-To simuin wtTnotrr boabd a atceh I irn.ahad k farlor. km ix.ir alao, two neatly ( rn:ah'd lornni on iblH floor, wllfe r<mr?u!?aK- fir ,.r*. real tery low. Ifee fernee is ulaaaaaUy . . ? MMiiiai derr Ivtimrrmests. Kefere ncrs e lehanted. Apply al M Baal Bioad* a y. I.BT? WITH OB WlTHOPT BOABD, TO A OBNTI.K ! ?iTiiuid nifa. or i ? ;i? e>ni.ria*ii > ?.? k Farli will fi' naira R'<nr "d|0lalB( and B i *I1 Ibe t hlrl - ,,r. haaaed. apph before 9 A. B <r after 7 I*. W 1 1 No TI Writ Twi nUetfc atr?el rpo fjrr-A i.arob. fqpawe. fi'rnikhbh room, 1 ?,ib'.i.i>> aid. Wi sibk> reoUon.'n. refaroe-^ee r? -itrod A t ply la Ibe paint et-re. 71 li-idwo utree-. TO IBT-FCRNINHBH BOOM* WITHOUT B'?VRD a pmate faali/. Applru H Koaiit tlmt. t?w lUsk I atreit _____________________ TO irt TWO LAR' I ROOM-t ON Tit! R I) FlXXiR well faraMfeod aad ooaaornd. Tar? tow. Applt al K BiO?l ?lr?et. _____ BBTANTI D? IMMBD1ATE1.T, BT 4 '1BNT' FMAN. ?? U^y. two mile rlrle. tfer 'Meat tfe??w .--vi, ea.i a ? ree. a larir* loliri.sbe l 'ront K-k aitfe he,), .ns. . r<wo. ba b, ?*? ?nd I ra oa "efnd flonr in a flrat rlaee !. ie? e?ar itwud way ? ?lw?wa Faunb ar 1 F.flaeaUi etreMa '.naer al 6 o ?t<?-k. Part ?? battr* rirh rontne to reat, fey do- t n( a >;t?- \ ) O J. Mo 'art room No V Market Raafe corner ot I'rarl as I B ft Iran ttraa**, luiltt : ^atl n. pn^e. Ac will ftad a toaaa wb>i ; will *' baa?e relri-eacaa, aad la willtng to itr a u?lr ; prtef weekly In adraara N. B ? A<!dreoe atll OMab'T M ll'ASTEP-A ICIXODIIIH OOORUB BBDOKO i TT Norm foriwflalnr e keauomaa. la a pr"'a?e feaaia. atisplHW1 wkfe i as and barton waf-r aoaeai .eat Tfea rent m m mikx'IUi m n'h. aad the location ir let ba feet* ??a Fcortkand Twenty aiitfe ilr*?t? ai.d he'.weea naroad aa i feli k n? a Addraaa Alpha elation D Bi5> H < a*. Tk' tNTFT) IMBRDIATEI.V-AN I NPURNiMIBD R(K?M TT fnr two q?ii*t y<"ia* m?a. f<r a todr'n* roaa tddre?, etat.r? I ill pMUeuUn. 1'iraaaai. Herald i<ine _ j ?TAN^ED-A Pl.RARART TNFt RNTRHBH B'?OM TT with modem l?pr'.r?menti, f.ir two qnlat ?*aiH? ? ir?n to sleep in. Addreai, w.tfe fad part'i'ilara. HsmUtoo, Waraiil ( B< e ***ART?D-BT TWO TOCBO MBX, A FI RNIUHtn TT feonai. either la th' BiTeetb or Tenth *.rd; woald pre far a fror t or hack parlrr. or a food ll'ad badron?. Addroa* IV H. W Oaraad, Hor?id '?ea. Tl'ANIRD-PAIiTIAI. ROABO. BT TWO TOCNO TT ftBiletnen la a prtrate fan 'ir or wk?ro bat a lew feonrfer* ire taken, eear Foltoo or Wall at~*t ferry. Heonfe I, a A dd -en M boilfoBarai.lofl.ea, for Iwo da) a Hatlni Uiai. ?W b anat feo rwaaoaabla. U'ANTF.P- IN BBOOBI.T*. FOB A '1BRT1.RM AN ard wlfa, a R.*>m aad Bedmon. with Board, la a a? dera fenilt boo ?* with a atrVtly prlnte faafly Referea^aa eirfeanted a d^r eea, atatiag tarma, tncladlaa Are aad **a. fern Iti Hira'd 'Hea ANTtO TWO OB THBIB CBFOBBWHBD BOOMR. oa flnrt or leeond floor, by a re?re<??'ie lad* itaa*??l feooMi aad oelpM^ haod requlrwd . witfe ar wffeoat R-ard, to eaBon >*atwo? Tfetrd aad Rtitfe avennea aad Foarth aad Tair ty flf'h itreetk Addreaa 1. II C , Berald oaco. W- ANTBD-BT THK MIDP1.E OP BOTBMRBB, FOB A gaatfaaan aad wH?. ? Rorwn aad i'*dmoa. or one largo R *??, wllb IVier.l la a atrleily prlrale 'am.ly: i ?alioa ho tweon Twaltfe ard Thirty f .aitfe >va?i. l>a*ta?*m aad Rtitfe ? "tnk Addreaa watirg tana* ae'T?dln? era and (aa. bo* . IK VwaM ?r*rdrt * w.im Until vm4 tot barwir H- t *ri in ? ?? \ VD LOO? f* C-. (J FERR1 ^ Kill ?H : AND IT ACK -TO '.FT. IN 'J ?8m ua a- .?*, a lar?e?iJed Raw, with all ik' nr od< re iit. rot'.'KCJ la, ?..t or w.ii?o..t Uuarii. Go?v?x?.e.ii JO kikf rr and krl. CLINTON ll^ACE- HANDSOMELY Fl'HN JKIIBD, ? e:J venii ?'-??<; vc let, wllfc or eltlKrtU Hoard. 12 100 I" BOND MREET.? FCRNISHKD ROD**. WITH J.?J Boi.rd, fcr fair lea or ?mgle oeraona ? Pine RoaMa ow aacoad flu r, u.ky now ue had. w.tk bufc attacked; ail t?prOf? taenia, tc. Dini.tr ct ojlvk. Good ? lti:er iocaHon. Li 1 WKr?T Kit TBKNTH 6IREET.-TO LKT. THB IK 0 L lire Second F.?vr, >ew'.y t .rnlakel la <* pr.vate fami ly, wbtra all ifce remfci "a of k noire ran be r??." /ed. To gen iWman i ariiiti linerd: to a larnily uae of klUken. Theee ro>n.a are worlk attention T f r T1H mode ate. 01 W eat Fu teenth atren, between Fink ud talk nvenuea. QQ AMITY STREET- FrRETBH ED ROOMS TO LFTT. tjO ?o ? gentleman kcd wile, or atonic gentlt men, with full or parual Bond. PR1N K BTRRKT.NEAR BROADWAY? A H AND* _ aotne.y r. related Parlor, alao aauu Hoama, |o let, far gentlemen. on reasonable term*. 1/1- WOORTtR KTRKET.-A F1W GENTLEMEN CAM lUt) obtain Board and pIMkaot Rooma; km 'od balk lu ike ___________ ___ ? ? ? ? 1 ZLi PRINCE STEBET. loo sr. olair Boon la tow completely (uroahed, w*k tke Tlawof making It ? ap< i lal'.ty for genr.ecc.ei-. Uenta caaobtala Rocwu at a mode rait price. mn BLM STREET, RIAR KPHINO.? MARION ?tX\J Houae.? Nicely f'inthktd Apar'.me' a, arranged for e? mimical ko.aakeenlng, wtih all ike convenience a, Including bed IIdcd, gee, water, Ac. Reuta low. Permanent arrange mentacan now be made for the wlLier. WERT TWENTIETH STREET ? FURNISHED Rooma to let, wltk iioard. TtROOM E~HT~ KB E l7 N E A R BOWKRY.-PCRNISH ed Rooi ? to let. to gentlemen; one back Par .or <m 240 ? 349 FOURTH 8IHEET. NEAR BROaDWaV.-TO real, a -rally foruiabtsl Room :o alugle gentlemeu. C||?J BROOME HTHEET.-TO LET, TJIM oKCONl) ?J'/O t'oor, furnlaked, with full or partial Board loaloide g?ntl> men or gentlemen and tkeir wive* II; one eootaina o ub and g&a. CiAf\ A!*11 BROADWAT (CLINTON HOI -I), OVEB UxO Mer.u.'a saloon. Elersjjt aiUla of for iemia> m'-n, new fi'mtture, bedn and oeddlcir, and aU ike an venial oea of a ftr*t cl>>a ki>>.aa. Apply aa abcre. i CLOTHING. AHRKAT 'tX .? N L) FuR 1 EFT OFF C',,OTH!N J. Furp.tjfe and Cupeta.? A* I have r?' rct-il from tke Wrat 1 wOl pay the hluhenl pricea In "?iah for I'.e aixire naoied aiticiea, w '.bout put) c kiunlu(. Adprrra <!. Hlth SIR E". l.tk avenue, let* ei-n Twenty eJi'.h and Twenty aevectk atreeta, Lad.ee attended to by Mra. M ak. A HITTER <:1IANCE FOR LAOIBH AND OENTl.EME!* . toeouvetl Uieir eta', oil' > 'loikii'R InVi .-iuh ? 1 re nlTrd a lerje order fmm tke Koulk and Went. I jfnarknt?e taat I v?t!l pay ike following prii-e* ? From Mlof^l for Kilk llrfaae;; Cuhmtrea and liaregea paid f> r accordingly; from Si to U for Pann from W to flR for ' Vxlu, a'ao. Carpet*. Fnro'ture, elry, ,lc. A aotakd' rewed to E. 134 Pev? nlk avenue, between Nlnctetnlk and Twenuetk (treeta. wlli be punctu*ily aitendeJ to. Lai'.lta attended lo by Mrf. E. A BETIEBCHANi'BTHAN EVER -LADIES AND 'IKK A tleaen, I fcave a ureal drmand (or en it of ci.iihuitr lor ihe Weatern and boutkern market; alao for F inltare, Oari^ete, Jewelr> jAe. I Ruaraniee to pay f tr Silk ilrratne from Rti to RtO; fr r Woollen i lokka, An. , tke h'gke t prloe paid for; for l oata iron* f2 toRIS; lor Pasta and Vran (ran |l cmvuJi; boota aboee, 4c. lty ralllr* ou or addreaainx HaKKTH, In Heventk aven .r, *e.v.n:l ko ia* below Tirentj Irai s'reel. yoa can be oonrluced to your aatlaf action. LaAiea aiieodea t y Mra. Ilania. * A -.RARE CHANCE FOR L&D1EK AND (iENTI.EMKN lo concert tke.r caat cfl i loikinc IqU> ruk Friim to l ) }KJ pai l lor ailk Dreaaaa. fn m >.( lo RIS (or Com and fr im Rl to SB Ivr I'knta and V>'ata. ilio woollen Ilretaet or ("arpela, Fnnilture and Jewelry. Ike k:> krat price : aid. Pleaae call at or iiddi'na tie new ?*ta' lirkmentof It Mlntz, RR Herenlk ave aue, N twi en Herenterrik and Elxkteenlk atreete. La lies attended to by Mra. Mmtz | Abetter chance still, ladies and obntlb ?en. ?A rreet demand for the Wnet?ru muitet ? Wanted, a .arae q lanllty of caal off elotkln*. furniture, car pela, jewelry. Ac. I guarantee W> pity tke beat prloea in tke dtv. A not* addreaaed lo M. Al>rakam, M3 Meventn arenue, between Twenty tlftk aud Twenty ntitk atreeu, will le puivo tnally attended lo. !?d!ea attended by Mra. A. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTH I NO -LADIES AND gentlemen kavlna any caal off rlolbinc. (uintlure or carpeta are * uaranleedto racetve aa follow a - r?.ata, fna Rl lo Rtt cowia, from RltoRlO. ailk dretaea, I r. n (ltoR3U For berege and wno.'en dre???athe btrh'at prl>e will be paid by calllug or. or ad<tre?ainK K. llarrla. iod IMN aveuue iJntioa a iendel to by Mra. Uarrla. RARE CHANCE -LADIES AND OENTT.FMEN WHO are riealroua ol obtaining tke o Unnet <*a? k price for any anrjilua article* of Wei.rtnc Apparel, .Jewelry Carpeta, Bedding or Furniture of ail kinda, new or aeoona b*?,d, can row be arcommodated t. autt themaeleee, aa the under?tgn> .1 kaa been rommlnaiooed lo pnrckaae fur a large kouaeont j Wr at. ard noil have g.mda at almnet any price A line e?Mreeeert ui I Ank?li 162 l<ev?rlh avenue, hr lwe?n Twen lu ih and T wenty (lr?t atre< ta, will be lmm"dUuely ailemled lo. i I^diea attended to by Mra A. N. B.? Pleaae aead wltkout de lay. ] AOREAT QDANTITT OF CAHT OFF ClX)THlNO, FUR nitnre. I'arpMa, Jeeelry Ac, vrant*<1. In aopply ll? Wart-in n arket. Ladtea or g?ntlrm>n having any 'o dla, we Hf wtll r?. elve the klvkeet e??b pricea 'I>r the ?*me hy calllrg or add reading a note lo A DLOak, Sid aevaatk avenue, wkk h will I e pr.EK-tually altf nded to 1 .adlea attended to by Mra. D ACAFD.-OFNTl.F.MFfB FEW AND IJCFT OFF Cloifcing pnrckarxd (or tke Weatern m-irket, In large or laig'l lota ? all kl tke at-ire or addre** ihomaa D. < 'onrov ii Centre r reel K. B. Mer' hant tailor* ka- iug any on kand w'll ple*j-e addrea* aa above. SQ (Will WOKTH OF OBNTLBMEK'H NEW AND #O.U'/U left of Clotk.rg wanted for tke Weau.m mar ? The hiKht ai r?*k i r:r? . ver j.ald ran he oMalned la h> Likable money, for large or an>all lota, by oailiag at Ike atore *r ad treaati'i Fa. Walah, 11 Oealre atreet. A TUB. MILITARY. 7th KK'jiMKXT. naTiomai. oc vk:>, uniphkw roit aa,V n.-ar'y t< ?: made I ir a i>e.-? >o feel Jl1. Inchea. t IdrrM N J . kr-i 1,01 f< at office Mew Vork. WITRl'CTIOS. ? AOARD -Till HI B*U HIHIR * I LI. HK'lfl VB NKW pnpi la daily, thla w?rk, fur loatm<*ioa in I'eamanaaip Ud Ihvih> Entry B <ikk"*? In*. ai a radutUja at twenty J.e l wt erst fro* k>? rajrn'ar rh??*ee. OI./V kH M UoUOfiMITTI. 9Z3 Broadway. Beaitipu. Itimu.-oil of th it hunt I'atrVL ? nil yraiefal of ui-oap iahro? la it ?r"< huidwr un?. l-adi-a Iralr mnf iu at,' 'n.' aa c:e?%i,t tu l laahKmtble ?n?. In 'writ* Immi ?.* l??i:?<t to in laoptcj jn 'if Pr>?f, L')N<i ?< Portfolio of Bpettraana. "61 Uroa-lway. DOI BRAR'B II AMD TRAlNINO. 1 'J HROAIIWAT I>e?r *lr? I abfild t? l? uatija to ai> f??-ltnira tint liar, know the rapid Uaprr.a'tnaut my aooa bare m? 1- ia pm> mniieblp unJrr jrur liatrurt' -.n Ai i> nJ of ikelr twelfth l? * n ikry *??' m? a av*< irnnn o* Ualr rapid n hanlwr.unt. 1 mat erafrra I ru aatnaiahed. Merer befi re ha I mi a-irh leprxntfnt Iti ao abort a luaa The ?>.?? par.l'-tiier.r ?*? ! irallk^t *a T ha.t al??ra aariHiaarf hrm to b? here'i lariiy bad wr litre. MaatiauU all/ youra, 43. ???*J>?U*u_ EVKNIMO ? l.Aw IN HERMAN BV PKOP. BIN DAN, at Ike Maw Tor* I"alver??tj. F BENCH AN H OE* MAM I.ANUUAOKS -PRoP?haOR B 1 kl.LEitlMU, IIj Broadway corner of Twelfth atreet lealabliahed UStl, will recrire new applicative fnr pi-lrate in itm-tini at d <i rraraaM.m la the afnnaald ulc4H!cti Ua I lafea. and aakr t?an?l*Uor.? if r. rreaoua.leaoa, Ac. j^fCNS. L D? OBANP VAI. S FBF.NrTl AMD KN'tl.WII aaateal and t'omaaefia K null: i ,l.Hn>la > ler ' raw. llnVArn M J ? ttparlal attention to Uie modern lasfua |r? aad co?Bjert.?i braorkee. NEW 1DC< ATIOMAI. IMIITlTirnoM MOM PRI V ATM Adult T Iltu* <V?,liinteJ hy Prof. l.OMU formerly ooett (?ail ?f the elatr nf tba HbaofreUl V i'ixe<Ma t'afreralty, Olaatnw, Ml Bmadwa*. r rnm Prof W 11a.m. nT ?awipaaa fain- ?"Prof aappy ulaal tri aananaijaUnf iiafil kaowladga, cMiaiwkn him aa a Pinfaa? ?" Sn.KTT KMfll.fHn AMD r*I.AN?f('AL ROARJJtMfl aid Day Brhool at I) Wundball atraat. noar III -ka, Riwik lya A frw mnra pupil* will ba rw^hrvl Into :kla faatitnu -a aadaror hr*rii|r .- arbolara. All braa< baa ara hare ta ifbt, LO' if icc Bifsatr nn tba ulaanforta StTIIOOI. WAMltn-POR A I.AD OP It TBARR, oom real'nt to thla city, a?> ut l.'i r a rVlc by ritllraad lit ?h?r> lie wnoM bar* the i*m fa -^a of it m# I *?tk?r wli'i arbnril adranu?<>, ?t a r?aa?ii?bie prt'-e. Oniy th-.?e who -tn neraiaad how |r> mar ??e a hoy "f aenaltli ? itla-i a.iinn aee I anaaer. At.pl/ ai M ^ rtrf Kraal coraar Uu>l??, l?jr t?i ?ay# ~ biormfitv. i RTIPn iAL TBCTIi -DR. DURUM UOMTIMUU Tl) A eiirart t??tb la tao aaconCa, *l'h-?ittbe (lukteri pa n. fir b Irarrtr.' rrt-r ?'.:i?a. Mo ettrarharfe for t? mporarr ??t? 'r riiariii* where *ril'!*?l lee h a?laa?rt?d D- R. ii HUM m. 171 rno4 atraat owe door fr .a l^anraua. om><> Miwm B'oadwuy PROH-ACR PltRt.iM. nr t? tba Artif a P ?? ? rtS aa fy Pttifed Perth, l aa r?mo r ea fra )' Mtii iu } Crat avrct Vt MIRrnvlatj.M, ft raer nf ft erver.tb atrtat, Uaina *>, .ara. Ark>n( t?'lk or m?rt the a, caa ba ed ai boat prraaur* or rata. Try it nir?;n< MB- TtwfiROMT. liana* e?Ma*ne< iha Uitenplaattr a i ?? for ifaaapad teeth, aa dlKV ?ar> d an naed ky l)r Paarana ><' ihl? Cty ant ha .nf ? m mir ' wa tralh abaerfalf rannamea I h aa a a>e ralaa h ?i. aery ea?,? 'tally '<>r frw?i i^ie'h, nr m-ra abulia ? f A It akama V II , ?' Bleaker atiwt A ?. Ilall, 1. O.. ft. Brat Tarntr fourth itrrtt, Dr Ii ake. 191 Weat Plfteantk a >e' l**tPnJ?fl?, M. D.. IM W?ai T .?nu el?hlh atreet tl W. Vr < kn M D , ' J Weal Ik rtjr ? ?and atrael, L P. . t\ra?ie. M It W te reatk him. aait man; nthera - - ? ? PAINI.M*t TOfltll ? XT RAt'TIOM WITHOCT 1HB Ca? ?rf rhHra nr m. ateawti nr or aay ?aptfytm unt HR. I'Pl HRl.t. baa lately lareataal aad paieatad aa aeptralna far the paialeea '^rarttm nt 'ewh and rtnaipa Teatim'mlala e?r I'fr oatke air. (Ha per?m? of hi(h aarttkm Bay ka MM at Pr II a reeMetra ArtlBrtal taeth arllk all hi* laiely ptl*n<^ l?prr?af naerte Tenh eiie-t. tenaa *>w. 14 Urmt atraat. rw ear of R>wery. H eaaa rte( hell wAk Dr Brtb?-U ? oime na. loin orric? . " " )jnr A ea? he oMalnad la aay inaatMr n> WlW? isrS I osmjrjtsii aar? s?5,Sr 40? Broadway. 4t m fTKDAR NTBMMT -MMMBT nr?AM, PIAMOMD Rrriker Uwh adraa??d oa Ptaaaoad^ aet or nay* ? au-kaa, watrk awaaveata. rilrar wara. 1***^ ? ** ? or bvutki for caah f>ppo*atka P-* ofco^rooaiMa. I. up atalra. Wt f'adar atreet HOEKBm, HUuns, TO LET. APHTFICIAN 8 FBOKT UA?KMKNT OFFli.E TO lei. bandar airly rurnbbed. In tie tirat claaa thr<*e itory hi* k ?toop bouae 133 Weal Twenty ?li|hth at r ret, near N.sih avenae. Tke looatioa can't be neat Inquire on tie ire in ilea. F'AXTl.IW DIOLTNIJIO HOURKKMPINO, OOlHd ?bread or wlabtuK ?? redaee i '?ir exuenaea, will Sod re ap' e?ible and careful tenanta far tb'lr boaaea, furuiahea ta xi-y Brit or lo.i ger, oa application to DINUJUt A J30LDEN. fr. 8 Pirn- atrert. OFFICER TO LET-IN NAS'AU STBEET, UNDIC ? MriarH. Duncan, sbrnnna X Oo'd Alan, a tine auu op (to ? site the Poet oQl?? and alar ?? and r immodlo a Sto-e In Mur ray atreet. DINUEK * HOLDl.V, Wo 8 tine atreet. PACT or A BROADWAY STORK TO LIT? III OHW of the beat 'o-atlon*. with a large *Iim!ow OB Broad war - Apply to JOHN llOi)i'h.R A CO., adverUaing agaaia, Kail 1'ark row, Ttmn llnlldlog. STORE TO 1JCT ANi) RTOOE AND FIXTURES FO* ? ule ?The pr> ee>.t proprla'.or tan icenpled tke pi em'? for tb* last aeren yean, and now w!?h?a to retire. Farther paiUcnUra gmtla in itv n by ea!hn* at *13 Third arenue. CTORlT(> LIT-IN T :? WABP.l.K BOir.Dllfil NO. ?> |T> Milh arrnne. between Twenty arranti and Twenty elfbtfe *t etla aultable :..rilrj pooda r r oulUnery. STORK 118 BROADWAY TO !,KT.? THE HaNMOMB little atore lu the Mttaettm btilMIng: a ap'endid itacd for any biialeeR*; rent low, aad fetinedlale ponaenaion given Tkn wlndowa are ao ari*:ii;ed a* to make ad'aplay on Br ivdiray aau the veatlbule the Miaeum. Apply <>u the premiere. CTKAM P0WEB-TO I.KAKK, 81'PBRIOB H 'OK1?. O with uteRdy power. In the ap'.endld new building now ?oaa ? K- tier on U ta Noa. 42, II, io 18 aid to <ir??ne ai"e- , thfl t aid moat central locution In the >'lty J'artlee In ma lot Tr*'. rlitaa Hreonn-ndatlnoa abntilJ make lmniedJ.ue apsl' alien to II. J UOWAhi), ou the preniiica r LET? THE BAKEKENT OF HOtTBISU BROAD# AT. corner of Twentr flrat itreei: an eicellentatano for a flna . laaa rnauiraut Inquire ct K. Ai. K. IULaLTH, 12* > um oen t atr-et, from IS to 3 o'clock rLlT-TUI RhW POCK BTOB* BBOWN NTONBI front Houet between Fifth and Hluh aTennea, tn Forty - IVTihalreel. Alao a new three >uiry Houae 138 Weat Forty* allhth au?e., ifutn ."nth nil Seventh arennea. Reu< MMJU AWHKEff L ICfiTK R_ A t:P.. 1 03 Cbaaabera ..eel. TO I.KT? A PABT1AIXY FURNIP!ltl> HO0SB v ' R ? tion of the rent au be pa'd by boardlnK the pr-M rtetrr; no objection to harmc a lew buardera taken. Acu y at n Bond dUeet. TO IJIT-T1IK BTORn, HASBMKNT AND FWONIJ Story of 131 (;r:ind alreet; pne?e?,ion (ftven inun*. a>ly, Alao fur rule, a atotk of Fanoy imd Toy Uooda. Ai ply jo JOHN UoytiKR mtirmdauen. rVH> UT? AND THE WHOLB OR PART OF THJI H'UI X ture for aa'e If deal red. a baulwine two atnry <?uute, anitable f?r a iteuteel unitiy, wttb (u water, ranfe, barker, Ar_ in rrtine urder. luqulre of O. Stl aW, 1 40 Fu.ion area .c, Brooklyn T?gKf^<^C^jyiVniTK?JITinjTB?gTJUXto i/inu?o. at Bo. 8 Pise Hreet and LSM Broadway. TO t.KT-FOR Bl SINESX PUBPOSB8, TWO F' OOBS ?I a brick Kulldin*. aftiJfi feet, lu Twenty alitb (treei, near 1 hlrd .tvtuur. -t vp'y at 12t< Kaat Twenty aiilh a. reel. TO LET, Tn a smalt family, without children, * Third Flo or, M brick botue No. 1X6 W?i t Hevrn oei.-h atreet, near Seveotli aver.tte. cocalalln* of tour nice rnnma. with all the tn.lera la prt.vemi uia. Immediate poeaealnn can be ka<t. Rent 111 per month. Inquire oo the premises, No. 1U Wen serec tn nth airrt t. rLIT ? Til R BODEBN HOURS. BTABLB. AO., 100 Beat Thirty* IntS atreet, with Immediate (K*?h?t . rertb (SUO. Apply at, 192 Broadway from 11 to IS, or at Si : Baa. twenty seventh atreet, o! PBTk.it A. U. JAOEBON. T O LET? TN ASTORIA. TWENTY FIVg BINI'TIB from Trek ilk) fi |len?ant Coltape, with Haro. ar.-l i)r>? acre of ground, Willi aa ab induce of frail and ah.? t* tree; will he let very I?<w Apply to WM. L. H. HAKRleON. ?(J and e J I>nane atreet, New i 'irk. mo LBT? TBI BTOS K NO. 128 NIK 'Fit STRUCT iOOO 1 location for a trorery or saloon. Terau moderate. Ap ply lo N . E. MHlD. 26 cortlaadt strcti, up atairt. , r I. ST? IN ROIITH BBOOILTB. A SMALL BRICK Ifonte tn |0?d order, with rM aid water; n?i -r ? -r ? .* Brat rat* w;tbla Ave ni.nntia' walk of South ferrr rent mo nerate Addrea No t Ml l'oal oBce, N Y.. forasdaya WW II 'ill TWO HT^RY ItASKVKNT A NO \ TTTO A Booth t?8 Bmonaa street twob'oeka went of Brtiadw ay; will lie let low n a nood tenant P ??? nalon immediately . Foe paniculate apply to S .1 LEVY, %V) llmoma street. TO LET -THE FOr* PT'iRT HOl'SI, 170 WERT TWt* - ty fourth ilnet, h'terien ? e'enth ard Kmhth attaaee; hi uee lu K<xd order; tent I -Ml per tt-nr Inquire on iw pre mitet TO LBT? BOOMS, NINOLR OR IN SUITS, ON BBOOBD an,l third tloora, at ike aoftkaaatoontr of Hevetih atrru.o ai d Tlilnrtiiik aired. fPO LKT-THB VKAT ELl'ilBI.K BBOOND PLOOB <*)?. A ner P ?eii. together or eeparalrly, with eleht front 'aria ? dewe, al) i front anl hiHit mneM at All) llrovi*af ; r iri rr nf TwelMi atreet. it en Ik moderate Jl'ttNB. K SIJ?i). A- William atreet. TO IT TBK THIRD ?' RONT FLOOR OF M EAST thirty fourth atrtet, conta in three rooma, large pantry ai.d water: to a an. 'I (ent?tl family real J' AO. Also the f.rsfc Floor; rent U Ml am1 M or flWthr Hoar. Almi the froal rart. of the Mr?t il.ior if W7. rent >S ft. Apply ai IB* Hprtnr atreet. r) I ET TN HOBOKSN-NO I FIFTH STKCIT. A dret rule i'Iou; rent low lo a good let int. A^p emon furniture wUeawlll be let cheap Appir \t No It Warn tactoa atreet, M PLLMMKlt A BENK'i.f. TO irr t HEAJ'-IHK kI.R(J?NT ANI) C MUfoniOl'W maeal'Hi HMN, to??tl>er w ita large olot if lin iad, 'or ? eriy .he , eauleo of the U.? llaslel Uaaaner. altnated i d Berenty alath It.-er: ^mPBierenth are, ruarlooktn* l>a B^m rlr?r, and "e i| tie -noit "? rai e In-satictis la New Y< ra. Apply lo PKKK'NS A IlROTHSKt, .'<1 Ilowery. I FT e& I. BASE? A ."I'M HER OF FIKB WBLL. _ Halted ' Xcr, la at, I tie Bajement of the new henor No. H Maeaan atreet between Fsitoo and John aueeta. April lo f BANC IB Hi KM, 131 Naaaau street. Oft BBS'S STREET, A BOYS SrilNO-ALITOBI _ _ ?- -Elerwilly fnrnlabed a ilta of E<?a?. gas Oro m Ud erary HMSWHB h< .uaek fwi tuf e--< cKj?lc*J,y ; partlAT. ?r y s- llal ia for air.a. rev| eeuhfa families ?' ?ac!? (wnileaaa. Aral low to permaaeat tenanta r, 93 OK -TO LET^ ^ TTII THREE STORY AND BIOII it'. aareaent hiich Ilcuae with mnater eella* tia Wrel Twetjy 0i Ih ? ee near Ninth a?< e Ma'd W*l i ?>. ,? ? ranaa, with ri?i? hot and nold water aed gaj thn |h I onl. and la ?er> deal race for a aoaa'.l (aalle. <'?e be aaoa 1 |r -ratio 11 A. M. An ly to WM. U B HAKR1SOF, a Daac? MtUIIAL. A? iim ADVICK OR IBBYIM H SSSuSS A.iln rt'KK dlaeaaea of pecaBar Imt" rtarre tn the eeiee ? Thin ?dl IM. Price tl ByC D. HaMMi-NI). M D, totoProfeaeor of AMtnaty, Ac In (yraeaso Nadlral ?' d'.?-?e, N. Y RnM hw l.A WIKICB, h?. > Veaer atre?. A ithur s add rasa. udB l<ri*dwav (firntr of It nd atieei. Prune 3 to 3, acdlloB e vi Din*. AswrnrsH physician can bi oonsulted at no. IB < Jroatey atreet oe all dleeeaee reqntrlss aklll. tiaptt Iw4e. exrerleaeo aed aacrsry. I. H fla la une'i ia ?d aa a fewiale My^etaa (tONSCNPTTON fTTBEO - DB. O TOOLI PBA TK *B J etc. naively oe ( '.oaueapUoe, aed eee cu/e Thoee who Itof ?f Aed Diareaiiy enred ha in o)'?r?Uon whu h la entirely free fe pals and whk h feilei e? the auSerer ae If hy aaa?rv-. Tke lector . .rteev la liermao Premh aad KailBto. ( dC'e N aae fotm or however lr<: teed Thae who are ealerfrc wMte a rhreals pain or dlatreeslne feellee oftei naa?> oaa he per Dianaaiiy cured ham nj^ratton which la entirely fr?e ?ML M IW TMIetea the a ITerei aa ' > aaaiftc linalor i orr?apr?ds la liar * 1 htrd a?t rue New 1 orB DS II. A BAH ROW IM BLIBiKER STB BIT FOOB ili?*i from Maedoueal. N Y , ailhornf that popular teA S> ' wne* "liuau Fralhy '? may be rvuaulted as nsnsl I rum U Uil I aed 'run t till S. hun.'aya till U. DR H..01HB, MS BROADWAY, <Nt4BiiEM MODB ?ate ' ar ,t r ? rea without aiarrnry H? reaadMi eirad eearytkia. Taken ellkoat iawtlw. Ds r. i-oukktt bar hehoydi frob it nc a fb street tn Hi i eati? atreea. bet w.ee~< ?haei> er* tuvd Rea-!a, heelr ( a ? rival# i? rai>e at No. t Cttj ll?U plare, ?t> i la ean he <?.? suite 1 with the moat ho'-oeat ie efleMenre la k'a apeviallt't , . N. B ? I>r C la a memner of I he New York ''al retsliy Bedtrwl Oollete. Hm hie dtpKima la Ms MBee. KOB TUB PRFsEB'i ATJON OF HrflAN UFA? PH-ate CnaaaNsUMi I?<k"TOR nt'STBR ha* fnr UlrW yeara nonr.ned hia atteaivm tri dtae>aeaof a eertain twa, la witch he aai treated no ieea than fifty thnoaaad aoes wRhot t aa laet?nee r>f fet'ura. The rewtr.l,ee are mild aed ihera m so la1arrn|iBoa tri hnaineea or rhanre of diet Ilr. HUNIEB la In e< Leuant altandanee from 7 la the ivi^rv .nc antti 10 at nlr'n. at a a old office. No. S Dtetatoa r'eet. I hai-rea Bf-1era?e aad a mre snarertewi Hei arate m m en that the patlan aats an one bni the doetor htaMatf last tOS pp trails. EBOFBSSnB RESYBI.L, IU CHAMBER* TRUST CAB be "n,. so' ted aa nS'tal m by htter to but 3 IM New York tsBod, <i8n AN lARLY URATE.- BSAO YBB Pin ATB O Bedteai Tr., t? hy Ilr Ward a re? nlarly edeealod ehp aie ?n. * holly dfrt?,t to rutie* d'aeww "fa saHaJs rig Pattenleaay NMM Pr Ward np<w any dla^^a ?p?t wtkt h a hank treaie MM reawdtee and treennenl - the It ene rraefal Ie the world- are t ?ep*red '""J* ? 5'"" J. eat la U>? mat h fttiftB ao.1 a *ort eiten 'e l prartlM than aai rthe^lii TrrT *ABD ?*** ?" * and l-ttoe Brr?dway rtSASCIAU ~ Mossy. ko?bt,-pabties in want of tmpo rary t*aa, la nai o# fr ? 910 to |I0 (TO, on ru a -eraj aerirtilee, ear oMalta the aame of OMiHOl W. FRINi H. Ml Broadway, third Boor between BowMaa aad B eeeter rla . "ATIW obujabi AND BOBILS FTT*DS NOUORT NT PI ACOUST BBLBONT A IT) . M Wallttreet. (O nnn wantbd-on imfrovbd RIAL F*TATW Jp^i.t'TIU In llarteaa. near Fifth avenue A ro?e .ae aa will be t'eee for the aaoitnl aad awren per eent letereM ta sidee . ee?niri d by bnad aad raorttace f w "we year Yhteearara eeportaaRy ae ihera It ao net. Addrta B. C. Toa.ti, bos IfStl' el Boa, ?lOtlAH WABTB?? OB BOND AND BOBT1*<?^ vl?,U\/U fat Ore yeara. on a (ret ekaa honeaia F r leealh street l ddrtw neoala, bos !#? Herald ?"a. No ?io> nnnTo ioan-os nsw voRi in is Oi eetale at all lo ieie? per oan', M.V.. a. oa Rrooki , n real eeut# Mai and seme d aorl|M?o ten |h itl it ralea. HINdEE A HOLDIN. No. B P*attr?wt Bit earraai l.Mi Broadway