23 Ekim 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

23 Ekim 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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lip t* " ? 1 Omb<i?Mrtt,Ipn|t,iM> U?i? me ud tha*, Md between my people Mid thy Mk; lor we be brethren. Separata thyself, I pray feat from m." Wby can we not Una tnlte? Mr Douglas ul his friends, I do believe, are dlposed to oome to some such patriotic position, and 1 do adsalre them for it Tho Beit mm bare everywhere abown a wlllingo ssto unite, la a ?pirlt of liberty, to defeat Lloooln Will oer n-eck n ridge friends lag behind In this noble raoe? Nothing seems to be In tbelr way bat a platform, indeed I Lai Sir ask them one plain question If. as you tay ,th? d j- j preme Oourt baa settle < the whole qomloo, and male it law In our favor,' ought you not be sattsfled? Oaa you Improve the law by patting It In a platform? Will you appeal from '.be oonrt to a part) V IT the law settles the qaeetlno, cai j settle H better by making It a political Msne? Do you not perceive that this Is agitation in tta worst form? Nay, more, do yoo not see that when you take oar legal rlghta and pat them In a platform you <le grade them? That when y >u matte slavery a party ques Una you bsmlllate It? That When you taako of judlolal decisions a political question, you subject the Court aal Mi decisions to polltioal aoletion? Ob, what madness, wfeftt madness S In this same spirit I wrete tha letter to Col. Dudley In 1M0. In that letter, after stating that all questions about (riavery have been settled as law I Insist that the people demand "that the rlghta lb us secured shall no longer fea the wind whistles fur demagogues at the bastings, nor tMs subject of Delphic sentences of platform oommenta tsrs." And afier ststuig what tne law la, I add ?'-What mere do we want? How much better can party and plat Hams do tor usf Wby any further convention ooomeo larlea? Upon what pret<>n3e, {for what butter doctrine, ti tie slavery agitation to be continued? Will not the law Mttsfy ns all? Than fellows another question In that letter, which I arpe every boneat man to answer and apply : ? Will not the people now see that the agitator has no thing la view bat bis own promotion, and taat to aocom pllsh this oar dearest rights are to be foraver attacked, the most solemn sanction of the law disregarded, and party strifes always to divide as? I then demand In that letter that w<* shall take slavery ?at of politics? "get oil all treacherous party plat torms" ? declare that we are "dons with discussing Con gressional power over slavery." and that we will demand She enforcement of tha law aa tbe sufficient remedy, and pledge myself to support any party in IStiO which ahall oome boldly aad distinctly to this poililon. And yet, strange to say, kind friends have charged me with Isoonslatency In not coming to the support of Mr. Mrecklnrloge. lor no other reason than that he baa "further convention commentaries,'* yea a platform oa slavery, yea, Indeed, a platform wboae only merit Is that M degrades tbe law to a pollt cal Issue? a party strife. The Union party alone have come ta tbe requirements sf that letter. >? But let wrangling about consistency go for the present. 1st as dtfeat Lincoln ? let us save tbe oountry ? let as avert civil war. That " Are bell " of Jefferson Is ringing louoly; let us be up and doing. I>et the people of the North now see that the reoent elections are mcvlng us ? moving us together? together, for tbe Union If wo can, lur ourselves If we must. Oannot tbe three Exeoatlve Committees take this mat ter In hand aad arrange It? If all will not, oannot two 4o It? A movement for Union in tbe riouth now will de feat Lincoln in tbe North and savo th* government. This M th i possibility now of eaviog the l ulon, and 1 doubt If M can be done in any other manner If tbe politicians and presses? the authors of all oar troubles? will ooutlnae to wrangle, will not the people aoaonntrate their votes? And bow better can they con centrate than to vote for the man, who, all admit, la na tional ; who was never connected with a faction, who aaver agitated the qaeatlon of alavery for party parponos, wboae whole Ills la a guarantee of Bdollty to tbe oooatltu tloa and tbe laws of tbe land ? My country men, aa It was in tbe days of Jerusalem's overthrow, so Is it with us now. The common enemy Is battering down the walls of our national Jerusalem, and pat within are our Simons, our Jobns aad our Eleazars, leading the people to diva ions and to destruction, to Citify their own narrow ambitions. Wbat prophet* ve we killed, what 8a t lour have we craclfted, that we should be thus abandoned by the God of our Catbers? Let aa repent of our wloltedneas let as beal our divisions? 1st as oome down from the mountains of sin and worship ft* oar temple. Then shall tha enemies of oar Union be driven sway, and Bod, even our (iod, shall return to bless aa. Yours very traly, B. H. HILL. ?oathcn Vlcwa la Regard tm Liacala'i Klectlon. TO THF EDITOR OF THB HKRAI.B. Btooe the result cf the Pennsylvania elect ten baa be Mai fully known at the South, much excltawnct has pre ?ailed la that quarter. The ejrea of the people there are ?axloaaly fixed span the State of New Yore. JX the re Mel the revolution late, all will be well; If the (altera or Mia, ami Llnooln m elested, who can roreaee the end ? The question la earnestly aaked there, aa well aa by many persona here, '? What will the Booth do In eaac the federal (??eminent tails Into the hands of the ' irrepressible ' leaden?" This Qceet'.oo now engages the serious alien ttoo of prominent men la several of the Soathera Stales. Among other plana of resistance by State authority to what they consider the cruaade against their dlale rights under the forai o f federal authority, ia that of a counter financial uoTemenl. It ia kaowa, they aay, that the tradera, merchants and Manufacturers of the North hare large sum* dus them from the South, and lb it this credit they hare b?en oeert to give through bank loana. Now, Ihcy do nil prop ite to repudiate tt-ae claims, but they aacume that they bare the piwer, through their legislatures, to sus Ci be payment o I debts due to persons beyond their a. It might be said that their people would be sred la the failed Htatrs oourts Bet where states heretofore bars CMed 'stay" laws this remody was not found successful overcoming lhe?n Besides, say they, where would Called dtatea u.arahals be fonad to lery vieo?tl ins on property? ttach a recourse on their part, bowerer much arnlem ti ed, might, if put la operation, exerclle a most die aatroun rfl?ct npon the fiuancial, coatmcrclal and manufacturing condition of the North Per eons In these pcrsultc at the North, being nu'ile t> collect weir dues, would Ihll to pay the bank*, while lh<i latter would be unable to supply the cash to parchare cotton at the South. Tbe result of smb a moretneot would not only drive the banks at m- N >rtb into suspen sk>c and bankruptcy, but would also break dow: the masularturtiig lalrreel, an1 U> a great eileot overthrow tbe preseai rail's rommertjk! policy of the ou.ntry, while, boldtag t> their money and thetr cotton, tbey say that they would ouuipel Lngland to seud her sbtpe, wl.n her cash, to pur ihsse the cotton In their om a ports TVeee are the vie* > entertained by men In the mist etc. ted Bouthi-ra -u ? ? a. We hare seen that a telegraphic daa* atch from the cotton Males annouacdig the occurrence of killing frost has wtthtsafaw days aaal up cotton #r. per lb., eq tal lo fit 40 per bale. This adrauce, on a emp of four millions cf balsa, amounts n $10 ,014,000 If one froet produce* s-> great a change x tbe oommerciai value In this article, what would a Mack republican or a revolutionary .roel do? Any serixs Mtata legislative mo r emeu la at the South, leading to a financial revolution, would prove sore dtsaitrous lUac aav atmoephc ric frost that ever blighted tbe earth. Tbe hopes of all oonaervatlve m?n far the Union, for the preerr ration of our material progress, prosperity and happtaeea, la whatever part of U>s country they lirs, ?est upon New Ytrh. Let the patriotism of her people rise shore party pquabblea, and vtoOoete tbs aoaMItu Uoa sad L a loo of the oonniry PRu PATKIK The AbelltleaMs al the leath. To TUK kDITOK OF TUC KKW YOFX lUltALD. ?N Yoar, Ost It, imo There appears la )our paper of tbe lfita last an ax tract from the Charleston Mtremry, relatire lo the arrest at aio Marlboro District, South Carolina, ef oas J. K , Bttei. cs sad so#, for an attewipt at Inaarrection, la whlihKy name appears In rather aa caecvtable em aactioa, aa baring sold tbess oaa or two lavelees of fire are. a f?e ton- of the article woeld also taUmate that I was *?.?.? .. the puri??e ? t eh ? h tlry Ml li leaded. Now. Br f lit >r, ths simple facts of the eeae, eo far as f am concerned , are aa httMH ? I am ths Nww York aril of a let* somber of aompa mkm who manufacture Q rearms, aid aa T adrsruee eites I alveiy, sm daUy la tbe reel pi of sumereaa r >mmua>oa I tioee fross partiea la all perls of Uie am Airy vhosi I never Bo w or heard of, making Inquiries as to prices, he. Oa tbe Mlh Of May Isei ) received tellers from Mr J K ? ttrh'ns, ataklrg Isqulrita aa to the est ef diSerest ktads of firearms Tats I snswersd, g. ring the lalorms ties drsimd, and in a fee days reotlre* a reply, with an order enclosed and s all ig that be wm rngagsd elU. his sea in iraeep^rtmg fre'ghl across th? plaine lo Nee H?t too, aad wtabrd r?'t <>f them fo? defeace sad part for harte* As 1 e>a.- te the babu of llttlsg out efpel tlloas ef the tied, f osht anthtiig nf It, more lhaa If It had (aael.rawy ttiswro city I n p to I t>i this, slating tha. a* lie ess sa enure sfasger to me, I laelvaed h m th^svoiae, and req-inoled btm to retail the amtuat In any house h< re with vboni ho waa acquainted, t>> bs Bid to ae apnB stiipmesl of tbe goote fhla le ibe ge terotce of fivlt U which w?< referred to by the corrrsi'oO'teBt of the ttTcurg, and which wai never aent.ss H tctiss wrote sgaiu taylsg that heooull nit Laen aifrrd to pay for So large an Isrntoe an I or dertsg g.KsIs to the amouat of * 100 W lo he seat bj rspreas. ant marked C. O fl OabalU'.le ehsrsct-rs, ao doubt, to tb< uaiatltstrd, bnt very S'mple wbea erptalanl, ?It?" Gotten oa delivery " TLrii (o?^l?, to Um> am< ual of (400 36, were shipped hy tdstna' fTi-rress On any oa tbe tub of July, n b# deliver* d lo Ht*^hlr s ali*n the bill wa paid, aa I at last adrioe L'tay were still ia tie haids of u. <? r.ipresa agtst. ? itcbus sot baviag paid for th?m fliis Is s simp s siats ?sat nf ekat. with me, is an e eery < ey bvstnsaa Irs as if Mod All of the cm respondents bis-rn rtt-h.ns aad myaelf w <>a Ola la my olfi*?, aad al the Service of any aae InUrreted. 1 wish la aooelmlrv lo My, that so far from assisting, ar sees sympatatr'ag with any party or parlies, who wen It ?age any secb asbolf srsrfare upon tbe SXilal or polit.ral rights of H mtbern brethren, I am oas of tbe ?net uneompromlsiog supporters M ths rights guarsule- J la them by every oonettiuticnal l*? Very respectfuMr yo?r?. JV <KVU MkKfflN, .Ml Irv*ds-sy | I ml?e<l Italee Clre?lt Oearl. fWort Cbtef Jnsiice Nelsos. pitAWfv., or SCBOM Kaon fttxofi oorwrr. Orr 22 ?This mom eg a returs wss s?l> lo ae order t tnr a panel of petty jurors to serve la IbH lonrt, aad lo he draws from the jury bj* la Kings eon it r The clerk (Br Mtllwelt) said that he weat to dree the panel, hat ' I .mud, wbea be bad the last name required, that tbe hot was eaifrty The Omirt directed the peael to be dH riiarged laalu ter. and the jurors lo be snmpeuaatad for | tbetr ran <!ay't attiadasce Tli ? Ch ter J est Ice then dl rented Uted a psael ef slrty ae .ty Jurors he drews frrm Ibe jnrv bug is the County Clerl's odlm af tha aouaty nf New York, lo he retnraabb oa Thiraday east And far the*, thai a panel Cr thirty sn grand jurnra bv also B'swa from ike same ?fvoty. aad a's> returaable oi Thursday sevt After dtsp?fcig of some unimportant j ?MlTT* tp Ooert adjaaraM. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Monday, Oct 22 ? 6 P. M. Half of the public loan authorized at the la*| session of Congress ? to wit, ten millions of dol lars ? was awarded this day, at noon, at Washing ton. The bonds issued are five per cents, redeem able in-t?n years. At the present moment full de tails of the bidB and award have not come to band; they wHl be found under the telegraphic head. We learn from private telegraphic messages that the total number of bids was 46, and the amount bid for about 110,500,000. Of these bids 42, for $9,167,000, came from New York, leaving 11,343,000 for the rest of the country. A despatch to a lead ing banker states that the bids average a premium of j a and that all bids over par, and some bids at par, have been successful. Three. city insurance companies get a million and a quarter among them. The bank statement of to-day compare! as fol lows with that of last week: ? WVA mdina jtaSNi Sburi*. O) I'll i /><?(>. -it* Oct )? ?ltt.?i7 I.H8 3D. '.'73 768 1.1.17. 74.8K (Ml Oct. 10 1-1 SW3.W1 lBl?2? 9,2Si.9W 7ti,4M,HJ7 OccrcMe _7vja,?ti - 71,293 lucres.? - 1,8*1.510 ? 1,732,SM Tins Is an extremely strong statement. An in crease of over three millions and a half in specie and deposits, coupled with a decrease of loans, is a showing as gratifying as it is rare. It indicates a purpose on behalf of the banks to prepare them selves for the great commercial activity and gene ral prosperity which are imminent next spring, so that everything shall start squarely and on a solid basis. The curtailment in loans since the middle of August now amounts to nine millions of dollars. There is no change in the money market. The loan is producing no effect whatever, it being uni versally understood that the bulk of the payments will be made in Treasury notes. Call loans range from 5} a 7 per cent, six being the general rate in the street; short first class acceptances go at 6, and long paper of the highest grade at 7. The Sub-Treasury business to day was active; the re ceipts, including $135,000 frotn customs, amounted to $237,209: the payments to $411,000; balance this evening, $4,280,851. There was very little done In foreign exchange to-day. Bankers' bills are to be had at the unpre cedentedly low figure of 108), the best street rate being 108 j a 4, and there being a fair supply of mercantile bills at 108 a 4. A very small further decline, unaccompanied by a fall in the price of gold here, would probably lead to some experi ments in importations of gold. The stock market was better this morning, and prices advanced all round. The amount of busi ness done, however, was small, and a* soon ai the first board had adtjo irned the bears re-established their sway, and hammered prices down. At the second board the market was panicky again, a marked decline took place, and stocks closed quite heavy. The moat active atocka of the day were Central, Illinois Central and Galena, for all of which an improved demand seemed to have sprung up this morning and to have fallen oY this after noon. Central did not vary much at first, selling in the moniinr at 86$ a j; afterwards it fell to 85}, and closed that bid, against 861 &t the close on Saturday. At the morning board (ialeca advanced 1 per cent; Rook Island, 4; Illinois Central, 4; To ledo, i; Michigan Central, }; guaranteed, }. In the afternoon these stocks were all lower again; Toledo fell three per cent. Clevelacd and Pitts burg fell off 1 per cent. Pacific Mail was a shade lower, with moderate sales. State stocks con tinue steady at last quotations, without mooh activity. Southern State storks are not affected by political movements. At the close to-day the following were tie quotations: ? United Statos 6Ja 1874, 103 a 4: Indiana State, 91}; Virginia 6'a, 904 a ); Tennessee C's, '.Mi. a 4; Mis souri 6's, 774 a 4; Canton, 17 a 1:>; Cumberland Coal preferred, 12} a 13; Pacific Mail, 92 a 4; New York Central, 85) a |; Erie, 37 a 4; Hudson Rr.er,60 a ); Harlem, 1?4 a I; Harlem preferred, 4lj?45; Rea ding, 454 a )' Mi -higan Central, 644 * 4: Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 19 a 4; dc. guaran teed. 44) a |; Panama, 123} a 124; Illinois Central, 7l?4 a 80; Catena and Chicago, 74 * 4; Cleveland and Toledo, 3# a 4; Chicago and Rock Island, <i!?j a 70; Chicago, lUarlington and (juincy, 97 a }, Illinois Central bonds, 9C a 4> The politician* seem much distressed >?t now about the commercial and financial beiiricfs of ' the Presidential canvas, and each party aH?*U to the terror* of the mercantile class in orier to enrry favor for ita own candidate. Tim-, in a Lin coln organ we find a long tirade ag ainst trade * ith the South, in which the astonishing ground Is taken that our commercial relations with the slave State* are actually hurtfol to ts, and that New York would be better off if it wor? not the great mart for the sale of Southern cotton and tobacco and foreign dry goods and other wares. Such ignorant fanatki?m scarcely merits a reply. Whatever might be the effect on the country at large, there itnoques'ion but any stopp age of the supply of cotton would be disastrous to all onr large citie-: for cotton alone constitutes nearly one half onr ?sports, and paya for nearly one-half our im ports. it is the profit made on the exchange of these products which c?n?t.t ites the wealth of Kew York, Boston, Philadelphia and the other great cities of the United States. But It la not only onr large cities which would be affected by any disturbance of th* trade b?<ween the North and the South: the whole eaortry is, in a com mercial point of view, on? Iiunnaioiis machine, working iogether for a emmon pi.. -pose; if any suiaU; shAO. in the mi>cl?in? be dis'nibaJ, the whole will I ?? tfj-own iu' o' g> * r au<l supped. fca< h part of tL? coottr; ha* Km function to perform. The Ponth (Ten a (,1'ttun the Went corn and pork, the Ei?t pi(rfi"? *?rc.?; ???' h in necessary to s'l the "tli or*. V ?? coal J not pay for the foreiga good# we need without Soothern cotton; bat neither conid the Sontii pay for the Yankee boat* and shoes, dry goods and rpadca It need*, unless we stood ready to fmjr that cotton. It is hard to say 1 w Im h sec'Jon would suffer the most by any check that might be given to the commercial intercourse whi> h bs? grown up in the last half century among us. And for politician* to ?*?-rt. m they are doing, that either section could in any contingency be a miner by the Io*?es of the ( other, Is to di"plar profound Ignorance of the com monest principle* of trade and political economy. We may notice, at the name time, some willy stories wliU'h are timlisg their way into the paper*, alwxit the Southern bank* refusing to discount in conse qoence of the prospect of Lin< oln a election. These atorir ? hare a basis of fact. Moat of the Southern bank* like *everal of car banks here -are atr tlning every nerve to facilitate the movement of the cot ton crop, and hare not a dollar to spare fur other ( borrower*. A* aeon an the cotton crop I* moved, these banka ?UI be very hsppy to lend money to any customer who can offer the nsn%l security? no matter who is Pre dent Koathn-n banker* hare th?ur political preference*, no doubt, but tbey will not carry tkem *o far aa to neglect earning dividends I In the meantime, if any well established Son'hern I bo<i-e want* act ommodation. ami cannot get it at | home "iu conacqnenre of the prospect of Uncoln'a ?lection," we beg tostitethat money la nniorn mooly abundant la Wall street Just now, and that p.isw psper, with two good name* democrats, r*pu!4icans or dlsiinionl?t?, ft mstters not goes quit* r.Wlly st seven per cent per annnm. The HI tow's Central Company has tsk^n op WN.OOO of freeland bonds, which fell doe on the 1st of Sept??l>er, leaving $12,000 only outstand ing. Tbe hokvK at Ihi* pared, of course, draws no Interest, and IU g*in nothing by not present ing his bond*. The pgchange* at tfctf Bank Ck*""'?* Hons* this morning were $34,985,831 07, and the balances II 122,765 78. The Columbian Marine Insurance Company an nounce a dividend of 3} per cent, payable Novem ber 1. The sales at the Mining Board to-day were: ? 30 ha Rockland... .34 100 aba ail tr Val'jr a3 X 1<!5 do 30 2?V TOO tUnoo'k 10 ft lto Gold Hill '30 V 100 do bJO 6 4C0 do >30 X A meeting of the bondholders of the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, or consolidated Ohio and Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana and Fort Wayno and Chicago Railroad , was held 20th inst., at the office of Messrs. Win alow, Lanier ?fc Co., 52 Wall street. We have seen similar larger meetings, but none where so largo amounts wei epreaented, and none characterized by great*, an. uity. The reorganization plan is ' le considers every interest, and is very ab' uiually drawn. Un der it the old first n* of the three separate original lines u >edi..wn into one nsw mort gage on entire line of five and a quarter millions, to cover old mortgage bonds and all funded and unfunded coupons of the same. The old second mortgages and four of their coupons, whether fund ed or not, are to be merged into a new seoond mortgage on entire line, amounting to $5,100,000. The third mortgage, under the reorganization, also to cover the entire line. The interest is contingent upon earnings after paying interest on prior lines; its amodnt not to exceed two millions, and is in tended to cover tit at part of the old s?cond mort gage coupons which arc not included in the new second mortgage, the construction bonds and such of the real estate bonds as prefer tho third new mortgage bond to the real estate security they now hold. The stock remains unaltered under the reorganization plan. Tho mort gage bonds alone have tho election of the first Board of Directors. In later elections all in terests join, the first and second mortgages having one vote for every 1200 capital; the third mortgage and stockholders having one vote to every $100 ca pital. Tbc time for accepting the plan is fixed for 1st March, 1861. The foreclosuie suits are on first mortgages. A committee of five for purchasing the road when sold wa* appointed, consisting of J. F. D. Lanier, Esq., L. II. Meyer, fi. J. Tilden, of New York; Samuel Manna, of Fort Wayne; J. Edgat Thomson , of Philadelphia; as also an advi sory committee of two, consisting of Wm. Evans, Esq., of London, and Louis A. V. Hoffmann, Esq., of New York. As it is deemed necessary materi ally to Improve the road and increase the rolling stock, resumption of interest is deferred to July, 1862. The receipts till then will enable the road being put in prime, staunch order, with ample equipment, thereby enabling creater economy in ftitore running expenses. From 1862 regular inte rest on all bonds is aure, and with a continuance o( prosperous times a dividend on stock may b? look ed forward to at an early perfol thereafter. The New Orleans /'icaywtc of Wednesday Un reports: ? There iu s tolerably free supply or exchange on tho market to day, but the volume of business was not equtl to that of yesterday. The rata* for foreign did not vary, aid left oil at 108 a 108 V , the latter being tbe outsKa figure for tbe beat private alerting . Some of the baats wbo hare tgencli* on the other aide offered to draw at 108Jf, but we heard or aaiaa be!ow that figure. Drafts, with bill of lading, were placed at 100 % a X *?d 107, acl one Iidc at 107 14 Franca ruled from 61 33 a f>f ti % for good to etrlctly prime, but tbe extreme range runa down to 5f 30 Sixty day bills on l.ew York were dealt In to a moderate extent at IX a 8 and 2*? per oeol discount, thing h aome names do not pass bettor than 2)? Tbe do maud for sight was leas preselac, but tho rate is sustain *1 at par, at which the banks are willing to sell more freely In short sight there wars transaction* at X ? Si dleoooct. Tbe Philadelphia LkImU . of Saturday erenicg says: ? In the money market tbore la no change to noMoc 'n rllher 111^, |? ?| or IkS rales Ru*lne*s la dell, and th* absence or all spoculaUve movements Is tbe scb {Mtefgnsrol mifc IiMmnIMi there is mo.-o life than has prevailed for some lime past, aad prtoea are advancing. The Cincinnati any m? There was a ralr demand for money to-day, rather a'<ove Ibe a-.erage of yi-stcraay but mcrn wai no eioac i or paper, tbe rrgular hout-.-s taking all the satisfactory no curlties offered at 10 a It per oeol. Capitalists are In easy circumstances, and merol.a>: ts are moderate bor rowers at present. ?o that tb? market i? not *tr*ine.l at aoy point or in any Jegree The business Is Eastern n.i change progressed as heretofore. The dernaad was mode rate, and a xiut two thirds of t be salts were to tbe city. The market was steady, b'Hb as rega'ds prl-e and Uxie. Ill tine bir* there were *?l?a of four month* N.-w Orleans at 13 per cent, sixty and ninety day, 0 a 10 New Tort sixty and ninety day n? at equal to 10 per oent The Bt. Louis lMnao-ixt. of Friday morniu? tap: ? i be demand for money was small to day. Kxcbange MNm fcet >il quite largely railed for; the supply is only kept up by assorting Miaaoarl branch mooey. and motl dealers are compiled to Sell It at 1 per cent pre mium rr work without profit When baying, tb-y to pay premium for It. Aesorltor is so largely roa>rU<d to that i>ai kal>le funda are made (ells scarce (>ne insti tution to dsy bad *60 0(0 for a slag..? town, St wbk-.b two brssshes are located. Tbat n|>an one of itiem was re d?em?d by tbe parent bask here at a low rate. 8bouM Him assorting be continued a week .ooger, thi pressure 1 for meaty will be great, and the market pratty well Cleared of bankable funds. At Chicago, on Thnreday, some of the banki were short of carreocy during the early part of tho day, and sold exchanges at | a j. but the general Uank selling rate was 1 per cent premium. On t> street there was an active demand at i a j per (?0t. The Troy JLrma has the following in reference to an affair whioL haa created some talk:? Home m'.r'indervtamftDg having oceiirred between the N'rw York Central and the Hudson Kiver Railroad, the Harlem road baa been induce" to step into U>? quarrel as the partisan aad inetmaient of tbe Central The Barlem, (berKore, recently commenced rutin ng tbrsogh trams fro* Albany to Mr.1 York at high rates nf speed, but at Uie name fare SS charged by the Hicson liver Callroaf, viz, ?? The Harlem undertook to rnn tbrae express I r alee daily, to eompste wltti the Hudson River rnad, bat tbe new arrangement duse not meat with the su'Xmss an llclpatrd. t? see by tb* Kmmtng Patf that Harieat etock has der iaad from 1 to ( per oeat sines the arrangement, and that paper (tales that several of the direntors wbo assented to tbe cbasge now Uilnk of advising Its dlacan ttauaaos, and recommend (stag bank to tbe old rat* of speed Tbe Hudion River road since the new Harlem air*rg~mect bas largely taareaasd the feci titles ?xtasd?< to the tea veil leg public Aaclber train bas bees SCd?4, leavmg New York at fwty r*~sut*e |aM Uiree P M , and reacting Tlroy at twenty minutes past sine P II IHe t me oa alt the through ptseenf" trains h*? beeo ooael derabty re lened. ant, what le better, tbe tralaa a-* run with tbe utmost regaiarlty , aad ta almost all caese exactly en time Tbe following statement il&w* the business of tbe Reading Railroad luring the month of Heptem ber, 1*$0, compared with the aame month of 1MD 1W !'er*?vee from eoa 1244 l?T 04 li? T? 39 Merei ai dise 61 ?07 0? ?8 MI C? Travel & tit HI H UA? 71 Total Mie ?u ? MIJM ?? Traa?port"?, rnadaay, dump age rr aewal faad. aad all Cbargas I? TM S2 ltl.lAT 0* Net prcflt far the moatb. ... I. o ia-j wi ijo tM 01 Im. for prrv.ous 9 moalu 1,(49 ??'1 19 8.0 VI1 I A i Total eat profit tor 10 ao'i.tt.ilW,Tll 10 Ml C 'tl > The staUmeDts of the earning* and expenae* nf Uie Watertown and B?me Kailrnad for the month vf Beptember in WJ and 18G0 are a? f >llo w%: ? r*n\in& tVd l?Ki rasaen?e,s fit 8-7 42 11 SO "1 Ireigbt IS III UK 1* <111 >1 ?a*, ke ujl M I *17 2t Total ?M,S14 W .*.1? 14 Feyewees. Maieisin.i g road |p U4 '? 2 TO 9t Rr|*lrs of ma htaery 1 t <8 hi I I ' '1 < M*railng road * 319 It ? ISi 21 Overcharges refunded IM 40 39 Total $19,196 39 10 1f>^ SJ Net IS 018 10 ti T16 It Ihe dellrtrie* of grain at Chicago on Uie Wh Inst, were a a follows: ? Whml, (bm, fit'*, H|re, flarlej, IMt. Iws hut fan but fc? Cbaal ? 11.111 17 3M 12 000 ? ? ? *CI RR. lJWt M.7C3 1W 00 if, 7 1,1 U C * R I RR. MX 7 M0 ? ? ? ? 111 Or R R 400 tl 0M 1,000 M0 *59 *00 o n Ag K It Md 1T.SM 1.792 ? 124 4,4i? C. k H. KM. MA 21 *1* ? 479 $0 140 C,abM.L. ? 4 M0 ? Mt TM 2*0 ? To?al I.Me.l4t 041 41.M6 12, MI 2,*f0 4 All The ottralnge of the Central Railroad Company of New JeqMy for the month of September were:? IM 04 1 97 MM M *14 21 Q? per oeat) We read in the Detroit Tribune of October 13:? Tbe Detroit and Milwaukee Hallway Company, aa pre viously announced, waa *old oo tbe 4tb >r 0;U> ?rt ui <'.er a dceree of tbe Circuit Court of tbe United suttee, lu * cult to foreclose tbe third and (ourtb mort^tgua, aud wm bid in by Tbos Reynolds, of Hamilton, and Wm (ir ay, of Detroit, aa trustees lor tbe boadholuera. Tbe pur chasers bare taken all the neomsary steps for aa tmmodl ate reorganization ot Uie company , under tbe ua.ue of tbe [t'trolt and Milwaukee Railroad Oompauy. We learu that ib? new company will go Into operation early nest week. Sati*factory a-raugemfuta have beno made for tbe payment of the tloattng debt, which heretofore preyed ao heavily upon tbe credit of tbe road We cong ratul?U creditor* upon tbe very fair and liberal adjunment of Ibelr claims, and the public upon tbe cortaintr that benoefortb tbe road will ooutinue to be operated with vigor. The receipts of tbe road have been eteadliy In cr?uNc(t, and lu future promise* to be *b bright a* its past career baa been cloudy. ?lock Kiebaagt. MoNDAT, Oct. 22, 1800. 100 sha Heading RK.. i&% 100 Mloh 0?n RR.... M 100 do MO 66 150 do boo Bd 400 do 01 14 100 MIcUSoSNoUKR. 19 V 60 do hflO ltf'i l?0 do 19 V aco d<? . . . . sdo i? ?; 60 MlohS .ftNoIa g *. 46 , 850 do 46',' 100 do e30 45 ', 130 Panama RR. .... 124 ?2000 Kentucky 6's.. 104 24000 Tenn 0 h, '#0 ... 90 1AC00 Virslala ?'*.... 10000 N Caro na O'a. 6tt00 Min*i url 6'*.. .. 1000 S Y ( an ral S's. 6000 ErleR8m,'83.*10 6t00 do blO 7000 do 4000 Bud Riv RR 1 at 3000 Mieht 8pclmalcb (*000 Mich So ink fb 500 111 U n RR bonds 20100 do 9000 CM A N \Ve? lm 14 nbs Bank of Com 10 Continental bank 106 13 Park Bank 113 60 Pm Mall Co ... 93',' 10 do UJV 160 do 93 100 do 93 <4 60 Wyrm ValCoalCo 6d?, 300 Bar RR prtf ,t?0 40 100 do 46 TO.NYCrnRR 86 V 90 V 98 V 77* 97* 93 93 93 106* 98 80X Mtf 90 58 102 '4 60 llllnoiaCenRR scp 81 >( do. do do. do. do do b80 200 Her ft PHI* RR. . OtO Galea* ft Chi RR. 100 60 50 50 50 60 btiO .'*30 1160 100 160 60 200 100 100 do. do. do. do. do. do. do. .?10 .*30 *60 .*10 . b?W 86 86 V 66 >i 86 V 80 8B>< 81 200 600 IOO 60 aoo 50 50 60 300 100 60 Erie BR 38 IOO 60 60 160 150 do. do. do. d ?. do. 130 .160 60 Htrd Rlv RR. aSO 460 do 60 do *80 1060 Barlem KK 100 do *30 20 do 100 do b30 HOC Reading RR 45'," 100 do 45\ BBCONO BOAR*? 38 V 88 * 3S'? 88 88* Hl'i 61 ^ 61 V 19 19 1H V 19' do 030 do do BlO do n do *16 do *30 do btiO do *10 do *16 do tflO 200 Cler ft Vol RRbSO 450 do 200 do *30 3. .9 do 200 do *10 150 ilo.... bJO 2 .0 Chi ft R'lc I RR . 650 do 100 do 1. BO 100 Chi, Bar ft Q RR. 150 100 100 100 50 200 do do. do. do. do. do. . KtJO .?30 ? 00 HBO bflO $2000 Chi ft N W 2m t SI 60t)0 Ml Ho 21 mt b* ?il V 1000 Chi ft NWil ?* 79 6 fh* Mi k Republic :.'5 60 Pacific Mali Oo 92 '?< 50 do b30 " 60 do.... 6(0 N YOen RU. .*60 800 600 100 lCi, 1C0 100 100 do. do. do., do. do. do. . do. .no 92 < 93'; 86 8B V 60 W 86%' 88 V 80 8/1 100 r>le Krt 87 V 6(0 do. 100 do rOO 100 do bSO 100 Hudaon KIt RR. . 260 do 100 OO bflO 400 Harlem RR . . *10 100 ?io ... . bao 260 do 1C0 Harletu RR pref. 100 do 1(0 do *15 1GO do *16 37 V.' 37 87* 61 B0V 01 X l?V 18V 18'j 45 V 4? V A.'>>.' 260 ebaMlCen RR.bBO 100 do *10 260 do b60 1(0 do e60 300 do 100 do *10 100 MIc 80 * N I* gt * 200 do 100 Chi, B ft tj RR bBO 60 MiSoANIaRR b30 260 do 100 do (60 loo 111 Oen HRicr *00 300 do 100 do .... HBO 600 Sal ft Chic RR... 100 do *10 100 do b.M 100 do 1 30 100 Clev and Tol RR. 600 do 600 do 100 do *60 200 do 19 Chi ft Rock I RR. 60 do blO 500 do 201 do IOO dn 81V 82',' 8? V 81', 81 , 82 '4 14 75 tf 76 V 75 74* 75 V 76;. | 15', 76 75V 75 * 75V 43 43 42 '4' 42 V 42V 43 70 V 70 V 71 88 87',' 87 V 87 V 87V 88 V 89 60 V 65 ^ 66 05 66 (55 45 44V 88 19 V 19 19 80 80 ii 81 74 X ? 4 .1 74 V 74* 41V 41* 4U 40 W 41 70 70 68 V ?9V AD U Bukl wC New York, (tctohcr VO, IMAM. Bankt. //wnj. V* Virculatwn DrpanU. Amer ican <1,620 969 1 790 CM 146 9 9.1 3 601218 Am KichanfO 7,803 894-1.337 647 827 164 4 171.469 Atlantic 696 969 ? 3c9 84 961 826 *42 Butcher*' k Dr"c 1 760 7*7 379 761 J 02 101 I 879 *?9 HKtedway 2.020 014 441 110 275 OjS 1 990,651 Bull1* Uttd 660 069 0) 921 119,831 614.210 City 2 009 963 307.296 ? 1S36 211 Chemical 3 007 094 OK. k9d 866 244 3 160, M0 Commerce 13,463 4<H! 1 093 802 1075 5 100 * TO Citliena' H13 870 164.715 15* 966 Ml Wt Corn Kxchange. 1 Wo 618 2*." 204 120,230 I is w* Conllntntal .... 3.866 100 832 996 209,580 1 840 609 (v>mtDODw?ait. i 2>>m at 6 aoo ;7i 2*9109 ?m im ('baUian H?i6 180 137 ",10 11 ',300 577 091 Pry Book 451.229 44 906 136(162 240 2 19 Entt Hirer 390 432 ?*U'J0 04, 1 07 247 8?2 Fulton 1,423 193 82-216 238 2.VJ 1,068 MS Grocer*' tX 0 000 84 9 10 bt -'?0 416 731 Orcrnwkb "46.233 49 639 167.106 67-240 Hanover 1,668,733 108 O'.0 86 017 #jc, B1H Imp & Trader* Jeoxoll 311006 192 161 l,65O8?0 Irving *37 946 106 4M5 116 3. ) 598 8.:9 l<Mlb?tr Manof 1 W.0,776 276 217 291.071 1 062 927 Mai Italian -1 661 833 766 307 274 2 969 *77 Market 779 816 1,008.008 213 309 2.879 403 Merhanlct' 8.418 018 670 941 812 648 2.063 738 Mecb A Trad. . 1,14 - 220 2f 0.6f?i 166 * 70 1 00S 714 1 Mercantile .... 1 42J.9IB 421 819 28 892 1768 036 M-tri i?litan . . 0 ?-l 723 1.10.1677 344 311 4 loo 8*0 Market 1,711,717 237 898 1*4 2*9 1,114 212 Mnrlt-e 102>I0"1 170,46 140 247 027 006 Mrth n?)I Ai d 790.698 102 768 107 991 43 J 84* Mao uf At Mr rob 4 40 070 139 111 137 601 62* 4C6 Mi rrl.anU kl 1,127 925 300 1*1 12* 969 1.172 9^6 National 2 070.7(13 242 126 176 501 *60 704 New York 4 7x6 939 750 627 430 58 1 2 6*1 607 N AmericaD... 1 04 743 28* 067 75 283 809,267 Naaaati 1 644 060 333 730 1?7 400 1 0">5 714 North Hirer.... 061197 113 Ml 78 7 >8 600 3*1 NY Rxch 821 766 21.168 1 7 128 807 607 N Y County . . 4*,6 4*0 46 917 67,707 863 0'6 Osean 1,89V 834 330 137 183 0.5 1 203 857 OrO ntal 662 >11 83 628 104 1M 8*8 708 i'ark 4.942 196 1,732 001 176 4T.5 4 639 001 Pailflc 1 C7e,703 187 016 123 564. 817.037 People* mtti 152 477 107.107 662,2.'>4 Pb?ull 2 92 9 ua 608 060 941 682 1 663 693 F.efubllc 3 080 5gS 808 018 220 705 k 480 6*6 ?. Nicholas ... 1.119.140 144,004 94.1 .6 061.120 Hbor & leather. 2,46.'> 6kC 234.017 270,739 1 848 426 ?.? T*c lb W ard . 1.262 449 190,621 261 407 832 933 flale 8 497 061 89- < 878 26c 211 1, 606 5-6 Trfiaaeo'o . .. 1.460 478 187.396 324 434 783 447 Union 3 030 67a 497.971 218 063 1 604 819 Tote! .... >121. '"03 502 If 118,228 ? 361.99078^*1,837 an cunnKKt mi> hkihiut. MojrruT, Out 22-8 P M. Ammo ?Tbe rale* were oooLotd to aoaa.l Iota of pel* and [>earla at 6'? 1. l:a*anw wm ? Honr ? Tbe market w?? lowey and sak-4 mod* rate Price* favored parchaeera, an t closed (a favor 01 porr'.aaer*. eapecielly for common aad medlua grade* of Male and Western wbileeurt bread*. though withmit ebange of moment, were Inactive The lran*wClKta* em braced about 64,090 bile, olaeiof: within the Mlueiog range of prtean ? Poperflee Male 8* KlaiM I- lira Mat*. from eld an I new wb?*t. 8 V a 6 70 HoperBns Waatern 6 JO a 6 44 to 060 ce W.atera nlra 8 ?*> * 7 24 ft Louis ?*tr? 6 Mi a 7 ft MlW'd to ?ln ,hi ?? .i.Mwrn 6 78 a 0 1 ? 8tr*ight to ???<?! r ura *> 6 ? 7 <wt fT.otre extra raa >y and fcakera b-aal8 7 00 a 9 M Rye 3?ar ... 3 N> a 4 24 torn ?<-?'. jeraet and Rrtadfwlii* 4 w a ,1 ?i ? Caeaniar Vu'wmm fatr <1? >i,and . wM* ?ti*a of S O Wtia at 88 ?0 a 87 40 lot eitra *??. irei il.eir ?*! datl and teaer, and nr>mri *? ai 6 me<)|)in /rel-w e ar,< ra jer e*4ler Tbe aalea en?reiwi ab.11. I 6>?i tHia . ?*! * a< within tbe raage of tbe ab*ve iu?t? 'j? a Amtliem waa Irta artlre at qubiati'ioa Tbe at <e ? a traced ?'??> >1 3Wi hb'? Cora meal wa* neadrat ilie ahtve p? < **, 1 wblle aalea were limited U beei va* rather aaaw.r b tl ?ore active, with aal^a of alto il 160 00o bimhald at It 88 for |>rl?e white Canadian, 81 68 ? 81 88 'or ch>ioe Miclit yen and Keatm kr, 81 4S a II 80 tor fa<r t-> (no1 whit* fiblo. 31 88 a 81 38 fctr red and amwr Wtt'err. II 84 a tl 16 lor red Ktate II 29 a II 30 fur eboli-* wia'er W.t eooca aad low* and II 26 < 31 28 for Hilwioke* nad II 31 a 81 J8 (nr Qblcaro aiir .i* I ? trn waa *n active ) dtnasd, wttb an.. a of 1*5 0C0 bathe'*, l?ilu4la( W?l"f* n. led. *170' a 70J?6 . afl.tal and at 71 j tn iW?, ai4 mead yellow at 76o a 77c la rlora Kye wat aunlyat Rle Barley malt waa qq let at 68*. a 95- iitrley ?u firm, wltli aalea <0 38 000 h'ntbela at 74r I r 9t?*e. 6S> for Canndtan F.*?t. aeu 86 - *>' orime Wmt 1n Otia m tinned arlive an<l 8rm, with fre an'- a, at 38-^ a 40c lor Canadian and Western, aad io a 40: for 4t?(e Co?rw ?aa tteatjr *'.4 rl'": 1-.0 w tb mif lt'an* act ota The *al? tnb'i el ne>/uv Vd) b*?? Rw at 14',' J , and 100 do at p I Crtttiw ?The a\*rlrct ?#?'# 1r??r and aetlee Tbe eal"* embraced atmut 6 0^9 OaK*, r.Halrf m tbe bala if 11S? hf ' * ?a?',:Hr? ? Ttir r?i. ? were ????1v, wob a cn>l driranl for chip roo a To l.ive?|?. ?' at tut 90.M0 >> ?b>l? wb>>it ! were rryaftd, )a bi Ik aui abip'* ltn<<. at 121 a U ? I and 28 000 lo com at lid. la b'ltfe.en I at 11 I In *h p'? bem, 3 ?00bbla H to- at 8a 31 a 3a 4<(1.800 b.l-t cotton at ?a'd , 600 botea cborwr at 48a., 100 tierce* b?ef *1 8* 6d To I oadna 1 700 bbl* Bm' were eneafed al Be 94. To Mlaaflow 12 000 bnebela w leat wa'e en (aged, la rhip'a bara, at 181 To H-?men 250 c-t*e( tobacco at 36a . aad '00 botaa extra, at 24 < r*r?t ? There waa no ebtage toaotkoe la Mt .(? ra: 8la*. while ?aJea were moe'eral Oar ? Rata* TOO bait*, at 76? a Ms fur fn>i ibipptng Ms. Vr.uM waa qniet aad price* ateaty. Nivai i?ro*w< ?The market waa alt aty , with Umltel aalea of atral(bt l<>ta ap'nia tnrpeatiae, at 4ft ; ab.pemi do. al 41 ?<a. a 43c , aad or Mew Tor* 48r waa dewand ed Roam waa la >?ldy damaud at Im? we*?'? prtae*, while crude waa onchaajpd ?hj> ? I la?*-d w** dell, at 5Tr a 86a fnrrlty rro?8~1 I* ca*k aad barren There waa ao obanfa lo aotlo* la erode whale or *|t?r*i I'kovimo** ? Httrk ? Tbe market opened with laaa *plrlt and cloned dull 11m *al-a e?nr*'wd 800 a ?to bblf , la c Indie* new me. a. at 319 38 a 319 80, and prim* tare* at 314 35 a 314 80 Bef w*i ttetdy an I la fa*r reqaaat from ike trade The eal*a *mbraa*4 about SM harrala, lao'aaiag emmtry m?ea, at 88 a 88 repacked meaa at *0 a 88 25, aad attra to at ?11 a til 8*. Bmall aalea ef beef be ma were m ade at 318 60 for Wtatera. Prime meaa waa *t**4y. wit8 *alea | ol 180 tier*** lo arrlee. at p I. I.ard waa la fair de ?and, wit* aaJaa of 883 barret* at II '? for aew, 1 ami at 13c for prime old. Butter and cheeed were heavy ?Ld dull. Km-b ? rbe market ws? quiet, with limited wlea wild In tbe range ol 4.Hc a 4 \o StiuKu? The market waa arm but qa'et, an! kalee lim'uu lo aime 200 a 800 hhrfa Juba muaooTB-loa, w,in lu ??i k'a raaje of prieea, and 03 do aelado at p U WuihKiT.? Salea of 400 barrti* Weie mads at Mo. Sales #f Ileal Estate at AacttoBa By \driao U Mailer. 4 Irta *. ? Bflih at. , 200 feet eaat of 10th ar. , aaoh 26 1 110.6, Ili'M 1 Kit d a. 68 b at. , 100 ft e of 10tb ar , Mxi00.5.. 1,840 SHIPPING NEWS. noTimiati of Occaa suam?ri< ruou kjhopi. Pmim. Lmmm. Dal*. Mor Ulty of Waahin*tae..Uvtirpqui Oct 10... Haw Tort I .mala Bonthailiytoa. ...... .Oct 10... Mew York Bohemian. UterpoaL Oct 11 Quebec Aua ... Urnrpool Oot IS. ..Hew Virh Vtau Liverpool Oot 17. . .Near York follon Houthamploe Oct IT. ..Me* York tireal Caatera Mll/ord navee......Oe> 17. ..New York Canadian Mverpooi. Oct 18. Quebec Uammonla. Southampton Oct 18... New York Buropa Liverpool Oct M> Boatoo A4rl*Ue. Southampton Oct M... New York Anelo Sajoo. Liverpool Ont B. Quebec Penrta... Liverpool Oct 27... New York North American Liverpool Pot 1 Quebec lohu Bell ? Olaagow.. Nov 3 ..NewY'irk TauUinta Southampton Nut I. ..new York Va.iderbQt. Sonthampum Nov 7 . N?w York Svionla. Southampton Not 18. ..New York FOR HI KOPK. Africa New York Oct M . . . Iiverpool Oily of Manchester.. New York Oct 27 ...tiverpool fnrt New York ?>? ? Hrvmrn North Briton. Quebec. Oct f7....Iivervool iLMjfliC rOB KIW TOKK ? TH1I DAT. Bra ri?m 6 19 | moon sbti morn 13 S tin set" 5 10 1 hiuu watbb mora 3 1 > Port of New York, October H'4 , 1HOO. CLEARED. Steamship North Star, Jones. Aaplnwall? 1? B Allen. Steamship PpHoIo, Johnson, Havana and New Orleans? Linnx-ion, t'rocberoa tin. (?hip i-ccy Thompson, Habliard, Llrerpool? 8 Thorn p am a Nephew. rhip juhn Rrtaht. Cutting. Uverpool? Williams A Ouloo. Ship CI ra, I'sjje, Philadelphia lurk Wvaudotle, Hnjt, On stantlnople- Wilier A Honghton. Brl* <Jnln?re (Br), steer, St Thomas? McOall * Pnih Brig W B Klbhy. Hh\ ilen, St liomlngo? .1 A N' Smith t Oo. Bil* t' H Kennedy, <*trslnw St PIrrre? Ureil, Son Jk Co. BrlgMiovell Petenrni Philadelphia. Bn* John Stevens, SV nipple. KUzabethport? C AG J Peters. Hchr H B J arris, t'laik, Asptawall Poet A "mall. Schr Boa ditch Colli ua Tatailoo? Miller A Houghton. Setir ?"omo < Hr). Mann. Mlnuedie? J S Whitney k iV>. Schr .1 A Kich. KOMBB Kecnaodlna? Van Brunt A Kia^bt. K.hrk'?te Krlitham. Fenrer s?r?unnh 1 1 . . n A ' in Schr Priroees (Br). (Iran*.. (?eor*?tnwn -Hmilh, Jones 1 Oo. Kcbr Otetioe, Kriiuse, VVa-hln urn, NO. Srfcr A i ok), ? rockett ' her rv^Ume? Monroe A I'a'ker. Steamer Oonoord. Noman. Philadelphia. ARRIVED. HteamaWo Bienville. Bulloch. New Orleana, Oct It. rla Ha ran* 17?h. t PM. wRb milw and waahnvera, u> l.tvln^aton, t'rocheroo A Oo 19ri- Inxt lat "i 4S l<m79 3U ?l){ni?iued bark Albion I. imo'n. from Hkran.i lor K>?l<n; s<ua? date Hud Ion, lat :<) 1 1 th/ee mulled n- hr stur of the 8vuth uteerlnB N, 2Ut, Ut .V' 3U, ion 74 15. pajtued a l ark ahowtnK a Brrmee and a white ?lgnal w-tth No in In the centre at the mizen m*? Jita.t, ?terrlDu NNK anme day. about tBmllel H of Itarnejcat paaaed ttrairrhip fkUadelphla. lUxter. bene; for llarana and New OrlPHru HteainHhln Kmnire City, Baiter. New Orleana rla Harana, Oct 17. with mdae and paarcnKera, to M o Koberu. 1 ln?L 'at 19 80. liai 79 40, al|i..illied a three m;i?te<1 icbr thowii'V white Ii|nal wltli blue cruHa, ateerlnjr N; Ut 30 51. Ion 7'J to, I nwied bark Trinity, tteer.nn A; lat 31 3d, Ion 78 41, brit; Mary Staple* k'eeiinn N. Steamship M<>nt(omery, Berry. Savannah, with md?e and p*Men(er?. te IiB Ootnwell k Co 10th Inal. 7 AM IA ml e* hW of HnUeraa, paawd iteamaklpa UuntaTllle, and Ux-uat Point, hound B Mteamdhiu Junes Adjrer Phllllpa, Charleeton. with mdae and paaaenaera to Spoflord. TUeston A Oo. TlJUi Inat. Inalde of rhurlexlon bar. paaaed ahlp lamer lane, of Wl-cas?et, bound N; 21?U 10 80 AM. It) mllea HW of Matterae. xlKOail'ed three ii aated achr M C Pelter, bonnd N . 2il 12 40 PM, 10 mllea S of Abarcum paaaed brtx Jaa M&llann, bound N, Steamab'p Jameatown, Skinner. Kicnmond As. with mdae and paaeenaers, lo Ludliun * HeUiaken. Had a heavy NIC *?lc ike entire paaaaije off Winter Quarter ShoaU ai*naIUe l ateamahip mate of (>eorata, bound s Ship KSheraau (of Bnabmi. 1 Itch born, IJrerpool, Sept 18, with mdae. to Walsh Carver A' h ian Had heavy weather, loev fore yard, waa up to Kire laland 19th mat but compel, cl to haul of) on amount of the easterly storm Ship Hkepherd Knapp, Mai tin Uverpool. Sept 19, arlth ooal to Ijswrenoc. UMes A Co Waa near the Hnok : 9th Inat. and not harms a pilot, waa obliged lo h >ol off ahure In the late Nl Bark JllMTtlnUr, Hubbard Antwerp, and the Lizard 23 dava, *tlh tndae and 4 paanaegeea to J AN Mnttb. ?rig Hareloek (Br), Deiler, Wladanr, Nti, 11 da] a, with plaa ler, to O K Deaolf. I Brig A Dole tJeldert fBr), Cochran, Windsor, NH, U daya, with pla' U-r. to D R Dawolf. Urn liennaark. t'olann, Newport M boar* Brig Nam iel Krench Smal', PoiiKhkcepate for Burton. fehr Zenith (Br, of Liverpool), Wakeuam. Ilenta 36 day*, with fr'iit. to O t Hu'ley. Hih mat let Ml 1!). luo 06 30. algual l?'d Alp (Irataam* Policy, ' ?oo?. hchr l'la-abonlaa <<>f Newport), Nlckeraon, Sydney, CB, 6 day*, with coal. to Poa k ?mall. lirhr Juliet (rt Ht ?!??? >rae, Ktl, Bart-r. Philadelphia for Fort land Put tn*<> thl* port fin repair* bavina <>n ih*- night of lha I'.b, during the atorm al-nch on flmn'l laUnd Knoll, canlbg thf wHii tu leak abo*it IkKJ ?ir >kea per hour. Waa towed lu lb ctt? by ateajiilug W '? Putnam Hr.br Hit tug Hum. Hfc'lh Rilrabethport for Boeton Heli? Jamea Henry, Wind, I ll/ahribporl lor INllmry. fcrfcr Jamea .V Hutnirl, 1 1 ?r t Kliubethport for Fall Hter. Hchr Connecticut I' rati, Rtygahathpart for Providence. Bebr Ar'on. AUitln.Klltaheihporl for Provide: co. ' I ejr K\a. Fongl* Ilina^thport for I'awtu-het i I Kohr J It Ourtl* I 'lark, Kllralieihport for Hart'ord. I | H~br Harriet k llaonab, > alunoe, lUlxalieibpu. t fir K.>* I ttaddarr. I hebr rii? ut". feck hum. Kllrabelhport for Korwlk. Hc hr Hilver 5prtng, Roberta Calalg 7 day*. b -hr Meiloo Kldrldga, .Newport i daya I lien* li<|oM. Hart Pi rt Kwen for Hiauw R-hr fcmprgea, ha-naunrth Hoodout for BoetO*. HIoop Jlaport. Bono*. Orient. 2 daya Steamer Burton. <)r??*er. Phl'adxlpbi*. I Hteam.-r Beverly. Pierce Philadelphia I Rtauarr Planet. Wiieon Philadelphia. Tba fut'oalag vraeela pot lu and anchored at Sandy Book on ! account 01 the ha. I wi-atnrr ? i hrlg JUIow. Ho-lgdon, from Phl'adelphla for Sa'ena ?oir.t.a ? eh Heekaor (mm Phi a le !ph a for Piirt.end. K-hr ' h*o?-nge. Hail, from 1'hiia.lcipria* for Ulonam I cLr Canary, , fioa Philadelphia :or Uumum. BKIvOW. One ??b!p acd one br'g, nnknown. ft*n.rn. Wind kt awuet MR, rary light. Herald Marin* Corrtapo?d*ae?. KIT ? RitT. Oct II? My la* Informed ?m of tb? arrlral of ahiii Orpka. , Ulaniaalrd. hhe haaali.oe clacharged cargo and ? 111 rent ekn i>or Xt-rlon Berry from llarana. |nt aahora on tVwk Reef old* ot tat Intt at,d by tie aid of wrecker* rot off and fame Into port. 'I be captain eatna Cown In ooe of the wreck , era and ? ai>t into the H'apral, and aonie two or Uirce of hi* crew oara U en lent to Ike tloapltal ainrr ike arrlral of the 1 a hip. bke k?t a uian the III* 1? before abe got In, and la now at guaraailne. Jndire Marrta betnc Mill abaent. the parti ea who randrrel aerrtre to Ike a hip Wen Jar* la hare by BOliial acreemeot act tied the now for The ifaaaired portion of Ike earn brouat t HMI aad tba bal<u?e baa been ahlppad to Haw 1 <r leana by acbr J W Muier. which ?UI aall Aral fair Alnd. Tba bill A H lure baa bet n repaired and la now rtoeltloR ratio for Mobile. Hlacellaneow*. The wind yet anoUniiea froa the eaatward. with fog. Tky ?tcairahlpa t'tty of W aabtDgVm. from I Jrerpool, with date* via ' QneeLalo* n to the I lib Ike T1'tn<4a from Havre and Booth ' amp tod. and Ike Ariel altk^an Pranetam mall* n / the la bet, are all about dne. Banapt the ataamrra for Aeplawall and H ' rlcar* no tcaaela went to *ea yeatarday. There are rary Many lytrg In the N .rth Rtrer ready for aaa, aoaortC wktok are at It a Nrptane, Manrheitar. Bali* of the Dee**, flty at KoAoo. . Ik M m < Union Bpleadld. IC URcrantoo, Abl*At Lawrenae. I.iicy I Tkoaapan*. and Norway, for Urarpuol; Young lag)*. Ooaaa lUegcr, and ladependenaa for fliag f a*g. Helena II rem', for Bremen, Kamblar, fur M >aterldeo 81 r Bobart Peel, for ?laa(?irg. I*rk4 ? I' Ryarana. and Thomaa Klllam, for Ism <* -J J- La I'oae for Waiteti.lao: Daney, for (hunt>*ar by; (1 * H'lti n f -t Htm Or'.eana. Marfan, for Rteh-noud: hrlga Wh )a? , for Caclt. A P Pinker , fur Ht Pierre; K'lMka, for / ".jo, fit Itaaca. for Havana. Karnait, for Rrmttai, Arme, '?*> ort. Rwalle ai.d Ter, Kiat*r*. for Ht J bna. K P. Alliance, fin Ur*g|K>e, HH. At y larantin* are tkaikip Oaaor aail bark ' T>? i it*. t an Wm J Poatar, for many year* the eataamrd and farotlta eoamander at the Meamaklp Marina, of the (^arlealoa Hoe, hr* realg r.e.1 hi* enamkaiea. Uta poet will hereafter be 01 lad by C'apt Ham VUUeg, of lata yea/i wall known aaa* abl* iiannMir on o>ir Weatern lakea, tut who waa prarlnqaly I* the old Blark Ball line of IJrarrool parhata and for aosetin* loth* Kail IadlaWada. ('apt Whiting will anon make aa for a?r)j, I. at* of frieai* by hla ktndneaa tad attention to all ?<o ancomiaay klm fa* 'ranciaro ihlp^leg aeaa to 10tk teal, br Poay Bipraea, a>,? be fonnd In (antral newa col'ima*. Pnraer C olgate. i.f at- aaiakip Jaio?? Aflger. fr <>a-te* km will r*' elra ear thank* for favor# nt> ?* or B R VitUHtn. Il'mea ffv BaJtim'ire for Boa I- n >1 Norfolk <n Matnrday, rt porta off rtac-k Biter at aach-ie, >.ark I bong lireek. aod a ahip pa>Med b ark Hi mooth of I org ?: ,,er a am'-ll bai k, kaa the appaaraara <4 being airnnt. u r implna Read*, ahip - y ?>il a Br bitg a Ka'Uiaora ir -'eled ' riganiioe with ah e rail a bera brig achra Mary Airline laaac w Mi | *ea Alicai and *?veral other* onka owa. All ike email teaae,? eare g<blag nodar wetgk Alao aaa* af|C ehr nahn'e ca the MB alia of Be well'* Potet Hwir Bo*r' Ta?u?a? "apt Preoefc, nl ahip Motea Taalnr. rg >. w T'i'l, fttirfhihea Ike f jilowlng avriaat of t?e 1 >a i?f h? ve.tel ad e ght of h'l crew Tae ahip ail b-eial f "** J -?|?C for l.irerpon', wltha ~a'go o( i m <*r and d?a a a> d o? til J.hof Kepteai1* , wtan ihr?a> day* w wet I aah .r ?t N*,*** a ,an f t, near 'a o.- .Jel.e !? . dlt-lag a Ifclrk f'W, and became a tmal wreck The 1 ' ap la a a- d ere ? rt m vued by lha wrack In aa<-? ro'ai ma'erla*. kr, and oo Ike l?k a gale a: rnn? <tp f-om th? ao'i.h w eat wth a heavy aaa maklaft. and deeti r.g I unaafe to ramaln longir on bard, all haada let lha ah hut In ci reaaortag to raa< h the ab > e, th* boat le charge of tae ae ?nrd mate < la" eg Wliai*, I tl?arp<n|i a la a?Trn m?i. wa* eept'ied, ai.d all cn boarl weea I at The foil ?w ?g day Ike aaoo d male aad fmr other tot lea vera recovered ant hicied on ah ire. i he a; ire* v| matc-laia g*rad fenrtl the era < g?il sr w.tk Ike toll, were a. Id at *ub:ie an no* aal reaitr" ! a Vint One tk maa- d do- 1 wa Ike captain aad rera-tiader of the ere a were menii ?' ed m ran, *1* at tk* llndaoa ?-<y 'o-np ny "a p at nn't. Uie ft h trkiant when the ? g K a paaiag* to -leap" >* a ftahirg i l.'iwr Bai? ?lo? Kogtoti Rcrry, from Haraea In lal'aat for **w Tor * g> t *as?ire rei Ore rh Rer a?>ii ** mile* friai k?y Wejt, at a r <1 on 1.1 I net Tk* weekere auee-e led ta retterteg tka ahip frem b?r rerlmla poaitlna oa the a>l*rao<w> '* lha Jd. **? ley Weal ? orreapoc d *rc ) ^ M Bwir I lire i a. fn.a tkmrm fnr ?ea Orteana ba/ ira rer *^"d M Kay W e.l dlanaaated wee partially d aehargad I*" . a* Jh laat and about oa* noarter of her cargi f?ea* damac^a Tiie aew aaa la and auwerial* for rapairtog eel reflttlag her war* I* k fur a ard tlate Fair fig* Baaar Heaaga al Rna lo* ?? ?*? lak nit, off MahIM Head. < oaet ot I * **'* '"2 " . ' **rrt*d away lier alaea lopaaaa a*d head ?# a .lamam rig |*d j*ry topm*a. a... r, i ta Ptaa ffowaa heaee f.w Maraelltea, pal Into faSlaMIM*! ^ part of aad waa repair lag e* th* nil. Bare Baea lam ?rar- V.irfo'k. Oat tk -Braa bark tada* try froa Breaen for Hawawe, la I* l.ya* Haven Bay. kar ng hat u.jmtM atk*gaMof Fmaff. henea um M for NK 71 mil,. ? ,Jx!?yigg- ?,?"?*". * ??*? ft!? Irak In mi *ii *"* j ??o?>k, wbU b c*uand the TWa] lo In D Uu-t for IMuXL'STf *W*T u'P'luk"u and l;: ''^i;,?^Pb^p^r^3: Hk.o Jmrn Davi? Little field, with nn*l from Pi*.to? e~. Hi* on which wu driven ou the tlet Kr,, w ! ara. L ...4", .?*" " 'fr o? Turkeruuck Sunday night vrttl probably beaot^S w It n i ifllculiy after discharging part of cargo. H.kk * bdak. Jokneoo, at Hueton frnn, Aarra on the l&th Intl. utr lliehtoal* expailenoed a brxy g?i? lrHn K tl ?N? in which she loal part of her deck load of aum uj Bats ilao apt ung aleak, which kept one pump golu* ibe whole 'tin ? ifterwarda. Bain Hit ma A Pag*. Lewie. at K??nno?h from Helfaat. Ma report* being caught la a heavy tornado no the 14th uat, off 'ape HattaraJ id which aba laat tojaall ami had wlndowa of i Her b< ua<i More In, by which UM oabln waa partially ailed with water. Ban; Aibou- a herm brie, UM unknown, went aahore a? Fort Mchenry Hat Inat, at noou Pchk W C AnriTii, before reported at K?y Writ In dla> re?i. waa knocked down on bar twain eada Sept 12 off Tortu ;aa it blowing a heavy gale from the s. The maa'a were cat may and the veaael lighted; aplit bowaprlt, loat ail aalla eioept nainaatl. a lan boat*. rlghta. 4c BlftMd jury maeta. and wa ived at Key Woa. 77th, with four feet water la her bold. Was liacharglng a part of ner cargo, In order lo get at the chalu xilta and to put Id new maata. Noarou, < wt W? We have had a violent gale from the Beat. ? lren.iv we hear of oi e hark aahore at Hank Hirer, ene bark u? i.jni haven bay, ami a acbr on Old Point; no partlculva aa ?at, lathe telegraph la lirrken. The ifairahip Roanoke, from Raw F? rk, waa in the whole of Ihi gale, but eu*talned nodaoaaca mrt arrived at her uaual hour ? (ity letter to BUwood Walter, K> , Secretary Hoard of Underwrltera.) KioJimiko Btpt 7? Hark Virginia nailed 'rum thla port laal nontb baa put hack In a leaky condition, and will have to ?n tergo aume repa'ra Brig North PolM Bailed 3d and pot back rth . lier damage In trifling, and the will proceed abr at the lltb inat.? (By Inter to kllwuod Walter, Ke<|, xecretary Board of liulrr* rltera ) Hark White Cloud, which came to Providenea wttfc a aar*o at lutn'*r from Oieeu Hav, Wla onaln, will heraaftar kail from Providence Hi? raa been retltied and atremrtbened at tk yrral ripenae I- he la 118 feet long, Ifi fret heam. t feet teptb r>f bold, ami about SUU tona register . la ^ ynara old, but haalWn raily 4 >eaia aervice. she nail* for Savannah on lb* Sid Inat, under the command of Oapt John Nelaon. Hark El Aaheib, of Weatport, 270 tona aad'achargad from h*r laat whaling voyage, waa a*il<l at auation at New Bedford .'Oth, by George A Bourne, to OUa Heabtiry. for M2S0. " Bjraurtl.m. 11 ifthao' the ahlo Ohio, 738 tona built at K?w fork in 18 to baa been aold for 112,110. I^tuwcHin? At Wilmington, Del. 15th lnat. from the yard of the celebrated Iron atenmahlo btillrera. Meaara Harlan. Hoi ilngHWorth A <'o, one of the largett Iron ateamahiua aver built n thla ooantry. In the pmaencc of hIm it MJUO people Amnng Jie dlatiugutabfd perw>na preaent waa noticed the familiar faee >f ('bar lea Morgan Kaq of New York, for whom ahe waa built. ?be ih Intern ed for the New Orleana and Oalveatna line, and ?rill lake her place about the middle of Daaambar. Hba la ?ailed the William < > Hewea ramnl lu h err of the PraaldanS )f the New Orleana. Ohio and Oreat Weetern BMlroad Oo. of New Orleana, itn.l la to be mmtnaniled by Jamaa Lawleaa, ?n formerly of the "leamnhlp Orizaba. Her dtmenalona are la tnl'owa ?length. 2S0 feet; breadth of beam, M feat; depth if bold. 20 feet. Por atrength and beauty of model aha cannot ite atirpaaaed. Her engine la lo be a nar ne beam; aka will alao have a ateel boiler, which la the only one of any ataa aver built In thla country Both were bnllt at the Morgan Iron worka >n New Turk The aaliama are lo be of bard wood finlah, aid tltte-d up In the m<*t rorgeoua ityle. At Bangor, on the 17 h mat, from Ik* ahlpyard of Maatar i'roa"y, the AH, double deck bark Kcan^lnavlan, of 420 line, iealgne<l for tbe general frelgbtiag bntlneaa, and lo ba com manded by ('apt K (' tlaileon At Hrewer. on the 17th Inat frnm t*e yard of lea an Dua lling, the line bark M L Potter, of about 400 tona bur than. Whaleman. ('Id at Mew Bedford JJth lnat, bark Bnnbetm, C rowel 1, P? Clflr Ocean. A rr at Fayal Pept IS, Tropin Bird, Dtmialck. NB. landed 496 hbla in; Ulh. J II Dttvall Trehble. Provineatown. elean, Union, renter Matt, 90 bbla ap landed; Thr.ver. Small, Boeton 1?0 du do. Uth, Ocean. Con ell, HandWcb. SN) do do; 17tk, Mary * h asHti Uowlimd, MB, 10? aft landed. Lapwing, rtoule. do ISO an ahlppeil by the Beotland; Wave. Courtney, Bdgartnwn, clean, I-lh. Mary Frailer Hatbawav NB; 73 ap landed; Fanny, Bllven. do, 111 do do; Mary Wilder, Claavaland do, cieHn , lid. Meaaenver, llolmaa, Salem, M0 ap, landed; l.ydia, Hal cock, FH, .'<00 do io\ H R Loaer, Bolmee, ProvlMetown. 180 ap. not lande<l; > u pkanla, Wetherel. KB, 25 do landed, Md. k iDgtiaber RitHaell, do. ItO do not landed; Ci vilian Htireh. Provincetiwr, 170 do. not landed; 14th, March, Lewie. Matt, clean; Eaihlaen. Mooera, 18 ap landed: Orray lalt, Flaher NH 91 ap do; >Stb, Ijidoga, Devoll, It Is, clean; Dexdi none, llatea do 112 an landau. Hpi'ken? Oct 17. lat 40 20 Ion M 91 ?n aeena whaling bark, ateer ng K, ahoelng a white tlag with a red bi rdar, and black le ter U in it. Tba lkomaa Dlckaton of and from New Bad ford. i Spoken, Ac. Ffctp Joeepb (lark, from NOrleana (not Mobile) for Liverpool, Oct 8. lat 91 IS Ion 80 Khlp Brnj Jewett. bound W, Oct It. lat 42 98 Ion M 16. Hark St Mary a e pay In, from Memel for Ilaenoa Ayree, Bept 17 '0 Mart Point Bark ldn oi Hoaton, from Aui Pnye* for MaraeUlea, Oct 11, lat a? M). Ion 00 Hark Mnakingum, Taylor, hence for (ilaacow, Oct S, lat <3 41. Ion 61 10. Hark Maaonle, fleering SW, waa alfnallxed Oct 4. lat S3 S3, lf n 27 90. Hrlg John Freeman, irom Leghorn for NYork, Bept U, off OibraJtar Hrig Handy from Boeton for Jamaica, Oct 17, Soulk Skoal W by N 45 niljea Scbr M vatic Valley, from Tamp loo for NTork, Oct 10. lat 2S SI i, Ion 86 St ? scbr Thee Holoorr.be Bennett, bene* for Bavannak, Oct 17, off Hull a lalasiL Foreign Port*. Rruni Arir, An* I8-In port ahipa Parana, I*nrai -n f.ir NTork ld?; Iaabella, Norrla, f ruin Hulumar* iff *rtn aoo If (loode'l, Mcdllrery. upe, bark* Pal.idin. IFlleiin for Norfollt I Id ; Dawn, I'haae (n m NTork arr 21M; Radiant. Fllnn; T? larrra. Merrlthcw, and Oeprey, Naah, inc; Adriatic, Ibonu, rnodrtnow : bilv Mary Wllklna, Wood, for N Tort; n or limn Barclay, ChadwlA for Baltimore. ! Cai?ii*pa?. o* 1?? Arr achr* (Vamopollta, lllley, NTork; Firebar, beaTcy. V rank fort. Hid Mth.achr Kxi-han*e, Wil.iarna, Boaton ; 16th, ba'k John W lnibrop, K.arld*e, Near Work, brig Mi li. lain Kafir, llrinwrro Itoalun Kiaixiki Hcpl 18-Paaaed by, ah'p Vol*v liolm, from Or jo atiWt for N Tort. I aval. Kept 28 In port bark Kllaa rike, Uowna, from NTork f..r Maraalllft raptr (ere Mlannl) IIatajia, Oct 1*? Arr atramahln Star of the Weat, flriBu, N York (and Maitba Ann. Chan Wralev. IM, MiaBHBBpHMWMHHP I do: l(Ui ateamai lp Cabaalia. Fmltl), NTork (and aid 17th for NOrlaana; bark s w Holtirook. Hmall. d > Sid Mih a ablp Ium' Newton Merrill, Philadelphia; brlra Alum (llr) Raudall, NTork. Relodeer Url, Hava, Itoat-m. ? Id Ifltb, ba'k Ija ('iguana. Kddy. H -aim, anKra Oolden Rnrket NYork. Major Harbour. Smiih. NOrlmua. Matapzaa, Oct 14? Art ateianiahlp MaLaa/aa l..aaeranr Nf* Tort, brlira Andrew I'rtara Mr Far. and (ler.lenaa; Hue. aaa, W law, Havana. Md Hfh, achr Ileory i ' -i :i . Kydtr, VU m n?t n P?HHA"*ron. Rppt 1#? Hid aohr Orlm SlThnnaa Pukt kmwil, Oct ?? Kid achr Jamea O Ikioahttt, Coo ry, ' HYxrk. Vi m?". Oci !?? Arr brl* America Ryan. M?Uo Rimahio July 21? Arr achr Mar> (ireeniah, lirwaniah, Mon tevideo 'and aid An* 1" for ? ). Kraai'ioa. Mept Ml -Arr brtira Tilmboran, Rmail, Boat >n ; Toon* K?pul>I?, Baker, Ha.ana, Oct 1, W R Kawyar, Ho; lit,, iMIll Ht Tbo?ai?. Sept tl? Arr l-rl* J..dre Hathaway, Smith B<? ton Rid bark Trree* .li bna m, Mar.ioai-vo. Tmpipad, Oct ?? Arr bark Mary, (Jtbba, NTorh. AmcrlcM Port*. BOPT"K, Ort JO? Arr ablp ?len Berry, ''laaarea. Ardma?an; hark Kr.lar. Jobnann A ocra. Wi'A. brl? ?nna I> Torrey. Or r fin. Vain a *? hr. l>?r ri? *iw R?oue't, Alriaodrla. Karati On Urn. I'allra Phllutrlphla. Hadagaarar, II 111. KlUabrthiiort. 114 atnainrra Jo* Whllnry I ureland Sarani ah Hmi lltforil, HalMt. Nirfi.lk and Haltimn*. ahlpa Rat anl, Maiibrwa. Han , Kraixlaeo Martha. I .ana, NTork, to load for Rnt land, harka Philllpe I?rla?oja, T?rry, Hon* Knng, JuaUr? "Wwy, Weh>>?r, Hf arorta. Vo'ant. Whit iry. hurn<? ?ir*a M K Trout. Am?. fombrrlaad Ha'b<>r, Pra?.n arror ltr?>*a N i irk . nrgm , ? . rrrto*. Rryrfbta, ???bile, laaar fanir, ?bn'a. Aktuxlria; ar hra Hncephalna, Bablat*r Am Ohyra. r. l/>rhaaa Bodl<- at, PUmhOI, Ti; 'Mara, iViwrll Mlttmnrw; r.mma Am- 1 1. llardirr, if , Mfm H < aat>. Cobb. BalUinor*. Maio. and Mar tha Janr, ( ark Thiladrlphla, Florida, KcUry, .lew Tork, j Ooodarll ard ?'aWA. Hamllum. ffTork , flu-- Arr brl( Candarr, Harding, Faial. Rrl iw, at anchor I In tbc rharnrl. ablp Fear Nut fnxa I, rarpml Hl.t Hat'irdajr, artsd K b' KNB. frcah atraoncra .loa Whlina*. and hen ll? F'ird HcUiIpv aid > nnday. wind R t > N R, wttfe rain BAl/IINOHS, <?et a II? Arr bark Hylph Joeaa, Rnainn; arhr Marian A '""il-l PkHtiroo*. Frar.kf'fft. M* ruk Fort Car 1 hark llarn^JBatin N .r'o.i achia Mohawk. Ha plea. P'Dce (and aldnflHTrHrl. Mcaarni?r. Ualifai; larael I. ' Rnnw, Ccnary, K"-k]|pL Hd rhlp ?VnUurnUkl (new), John ana. Kwu fniaL v< Awlw tor Uvarpool , brlra (' llapktaa, Bamor, Itrg.t' n J? L VWr I laapa, l?-k? 'nnl'e, arhr Muperb r mrw. H" bfia), Tr???r? Bit Orand- and a mat BRA7.US. <>e? IS? to port erhra Carina. Furber, and J A Wnrwibonae, 1 rrry (torn NY"ik un NAKHllR Oct )# -Arr -chr I ,w? WhlM, A ray. NTork < 14 brt# Praobaent, Cd?crly. V?jllnl.| i?, rchr Harah A J alia, Kent, BaKJmora BRl-Toi. <>.?( fn ?d rchra Alira U HfMwm. R'ws''ls Alaaandrta, *i'? V?mi, fola. NTnrk i'IIARLI TON, Oat 1#? Arr thlp Ida l.fllv, *? -aa IJr?r P'ol arhra T |i Wamcr Ri.lar and frsiMit fa a t- v> Old >hip Kormie, Jr bi?m Mrervool, brur ttl*r a naaa. I*i da er NT- rh Md b?i* A Hnrt*. Or.-, u. 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