26 Ekim 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

26 Ekim 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 8814. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION-FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. CRIMX IS HEW YORK. Camrt of Oj?r Ud Tcnalair. Before Boo. Judge Gould. CHABOI or ARflON ? THE CA ?? OF PATRICK TTKNTf*' MT- TEB JURY bKVKXILY REPRIMANDED BY TUE uom. Dor. 31? Judge Gould, having Inquired whether iho )?ry who conv cted ihia prisoner last nighl of anon In (be third degTee ?u In oonrt, Mid ?Became a )mry have merely the phyeioal power of ttndlig a peracn guilty of one or another often oe, they had no right, In any ahape or manner, to oonviot this prlaoner of araon In the third degree. They were told eipreealy and ezpllc tly, aa a matter of lav, that If they found that the prlaoner let the bnildlng on Are, thetr duty waa to tnd him guilty of araon in the aecond degree. By their finding they found that he kindled the tire, and they preaumed to overrule the Court on a question of law ; and I aay here, emphalloally, that It la aa absolutely moral perjury aa If they had tbcmsc'vea committed per )W7 npm the wltneaa stand. Now I will obserre that tbe Court doea not all here aa a mere matter of force, to tell the jury what the law Is; and it is just aa much mat ter of acoident (without their knowing anything of araon k> the third or the fortieth degree) whether they gave a eon vict ion that would entitle the prisoner to a new trial aa whether it ralna or shines to day. Tbe duty of the Jury Is to lake the law from the Court, and merely their having the physical power to say "yea" or "no'' aires them no right to Iransocnd the dlrocliona given. They were Informed distinctly that th? fact of tne setting on Ira was all that they had to do wiui. THE PEOPLE T3. KKRIOHT AND STEVEN?. Ex Recorder Bmith, In tta case of Enright, dealred to Mfct an explanation In reference to in affidavit which he tad preaented yeatcrday, dealring a postponement of this trial. The aUidavit ahsuld have read that the witness tad left for Connaught, and not that be had aailed in the Oonnaoght. The name of the witness who was repre tented to be at the Astor House was a diflerent person ai together; he had been there eleren years Instead of three weeks, as bad been represented by the newspapers. Mr. Clinton observed that the defendant Stevens had been wrongly Indicted by the name ef Stewart. They, however, did not plead that In abatement, because they were ready for trial and did not wish to cause any delay The District Attorney, tn referring to the caaeof Kn right, remarked that be could not be expected to read a I tta newspapers, and be really did not know whether the Conn aught was going to Ireland or coming back when tho afllda . it stated that the party sailed in tl>o Connaught Be tad no knowledge which informed him of the neceB aary falsity of the affidavit. Ho had aaked the counsel ?? atate in hia affidavit wben the Connaught sailed, ?Bd be (Mr Smith) tamed round in open ooart and ca'lod rat to hia client for information, who repeated '?three weeka ago." and aa that tallied with bia impression that H wsa that time, he supposed it to be true that the wit naaa aailed In the Connaught. He had no reason to dis trust the truthfulness of the affidavit, and therefore did ?ot require a new one to be made. The witness, John Welsh, of the Astor House, was In court. Ita Court? Yes, but tbia Is a different mat. Mr. Smith? This man hia been in bis place, I believe fbr eleven years. John Welsh wis here interrogated by tbe Court, and atated that ho knew nothing of the matter, and when the alleged crime was committed he was tn a different part of the city. 4 Mr. Smith suggested that tbe matter should stand orer till to morrow, so that an additional affidavit could be produced as to what vsaael this witness bad sailed in District Attorney? I aay that this defendant stands be rore tbe oourt under such a degree of suspicion that there ?tanld be some additional affidavit. Mr (warmly)? I aay there is no suspicion about it. and it is unfair for the Diitrtct Attorney to say so be i ore this oourt and the jurors who will try this case. Tta Court thought It better to postpone the ease t il next morning. C11AR'. I OF MCRDER IN THE SECOND DEii REF. People I Ed ii. in Ilodgdon, indicted for Uu murder Vf John Cunningham, by ilatbing imth ? Mat Itaw Heaey, examined by Mr. J. H. Anthon for proeecutlon > deposed that he knew the prisoner, also John Cunningham one llrsl at 312 and the other at 3U Second avenue; remember the day when deceased was killed; was standing on the sidewalk at the time, Cun n Ingham s rather, brother and wife, and a man alaee dead, were present at tbe time of tbe murder this A> b*twecn Twentieth anl Twenty (lrat streets, at the east side of avenue A, I was on the sidewalk laughing and joking with the men present, and on turn xng round, saw the prisoner at the bar aod the deocasc4 Sparring together? sparring openhanded? I thought thev were playing together i ha Hwmina noi?, r,vui tue deceased the deceased ran back from tbe fence as the Eicon er got to It, saying that he was slabbed as he said la. witness looked at tbe prisoner and saw tbe knire .11 his hand, tbe debased th?n opened bis shirt, and I *aw the wound ; I tbea laid hold of the prisoner; tbe deceased n wile came >:p and commerced throwing stones and bri ts at tbe prisoner, tbe prisoner tben ran away through the tack yard do not remember anything that was said before tta sparring commenced bis brother and the others pre ?sat ware quits close at tta time, none or tbe others ware sparring at tbe time tbe moment deceased sail he waa subbed 1 saw tbe knife In the bands or ths prisoner could not swear to the kn.fe tf I saw It saw a knlf, n tta hands of Cunningham before that during tbe day the blade was In tbs handle, btit there was no rivet in t this wsa about two or three hours berore the murder took place be was Handing rl<?e by the place wh.-re tta murder Wok place at the time he had the knife in bts band the ftnoe waa a wooden fence, about ei.'ht tact bifb 'roes examined by W H Anti.on for the de'ence? Cun a Ingham was a strong man the b.ade or tbe *t, ire was not fastened to the handle by a rivet it wa^ 1 sma pocket knife ^mailer than the one shown to me aa H >dg oo?'s do not know of any previous quarrel having et lsted between the two men they were together aa frien<la at ti at time about a minute or t?0 eiapeed betweeo the time be turned to look down tbe atreet and tbe time that be beard the acuiil.ng, tbe pri* .uer's race wan towards tbe decraaed at tbe t me be was moving bar* ! wards towards ths fence; the deceased bal his tack to- I wards ate. cannot be certain whether tbe decesaed's I hands were open or closed, nor whether ha bad any V""*. JJ" bands did not see tbs knife of zJEJJSi I qoarrel was over; Hodgdon retreated back about Ave yards, as near a* I aan udge. and while be waa retreat.ng did not a* any L? M", lhl* brought Hodgdon up asausat tta feooe I the. hsard the cry* of CnnSngta^ ' U*D Mw katfk- bad not known either Hxigdoa or deceased more than two months at tbe t!s ae- do not know any thing about tbe condition of H xlg don a right hand ? Michael B Cuamrgham, tha brother of tta dereassd waa then examined, and tcMided to a^ixtantialir the aanr.e facts as the last witness. Michael Cunningham, father of deceased, deposed tha' ha was present at the atabhtni Hodgdon. tta prtsnner made was remark! which the deceased Bald waa not tit conversation before women; prisoner said he would wy what be Pleased, my son u>,? Just put his tan l on prison I ar^ shoulder upon which Hodgdon w ithdraw from h.ro palled oat a knife and oame forward and stabbed mr s,n to the heart with tbe knife, J Mrs. Cnnsirgtam, widow of Jihg Cnaaingbam da rws?Hl dep<?isd that she waa standing on her own steps tar brother .a law a wife waa anting on the ata.rs read I ? ng a aewrpaper. there were persons on tbe sidewalk the pt'sooer three s plane of slate o- ?t ne on tbe ete|? he -brew a reoond one; I went up sts r* and looked out SI. , " 7 1 "*w prisoner an 1 my husband Ognt * ,mr down ?r>d r*n to b'm t beard my h.n'.an ? yrahays slab'.e I me to tbe heart." I ran to hit Hodgdon, but be got away ate tbs next house. <>oee examined by Mr w R Antbo?_| 1, not kirn, that tfy were piaj- Irg or that anything p .. i*ant waa golrg on, I Saw the kntre 10 prisoner ? han 1 as nr*r as I kn?w 1 11 ok it s my li>.stand's knife I found 1 on tu< sidewalk Nathan i feodft.rd. of tb* Metropolitan PetMe, deprissd that he found the p^raoo wn? u. l Ik-?i sUXbe I lytag on the stoop arreted the pri? urr in tbe t.>p n.?ry ,f next boat* wbere be o-eirded f.?isd a kn 'e in at. pocket Coroner .Jack man took charge of It I received another kni'e from tbo w fe of tbe decease : Joroaur warkman has thai aiao. Dr. Fugen<' Po-iptet dep.ieed that he ta one of the at leading pb;?ic;?as at Be' evue Hoep.ta! the deoea'-i wa? bri >.?bl there he i.e.: a * n.nd >n tta .eft a.d. 1.. r. was n . hem r: if or.iv r?ry S. g ,t the Mgf* ,,f |v w>und Were brought togettar: the patent d.! ,,reit? ? ".I, but he ai ,-?ar< l w?-a. in h ? i> .i-i.age waa x it arrest- d aud r>.- d ?-! ? n : nif tn n^ at i<i ,1 . ,hi o'clock ! made a p-et mortem etsminat ?n ? fjw t .r arter death there were no marine; m tie b>ty <i Ing the wound a.rea.1/ ap .S'n of the i.'t alio of t CbeM below the oart !a?e uf tbs av<'sd rib.ua opei. tne head ttare was a -.'(bt th.r ? ?- :ig r?f th? m?Ti.>r? r, - ^Vr'? 'he brain, anl a sight effuiinn of t>| ?d t*ow tta in the hraln wss otnerwwe beaKly na ia* wound had penetral<-l iak> iw 'Otfgu*eat, w > lading the atnr >r hw?w tta rtbe on the internal su" j, 'J , rD!" lhe ?t'rnum, or breaat hoos. tn if 1 s rttkM tl?! *pp*r lob* 01 lh* ^ ???? was m vat y | Pleu? the "r-"na ? "I"' "> toe efi 1 r u S- 1 w" lewe rally healthy. A H^morlhLLUrrl ,d,m,'nl' "m ,h* of death ? the wr r,nd ih# artery, causa l by ?"tk,p,. I right the breact bone was it* tf ITr It' te?aee.| had held the kalfb la hia righrhiT h.' 1. m hav? given a blow that would bava taflfiug t?! 'JUST I<r S mmona was ,?ll?d tor the ? . the priaoaer s right hand tbe hand baa ^cstvad ."vtTJ aavere D irr the tenders have h~en divided ths h Jd i crlppl*!. ud saeiess fta any TwrflfTi T - writing or worklag leweiry ^ ' ",K"' ** To the Coorl? ft does not affect the graa,, j thlDk th, prwoner oonld giaap a hammer with that hand aa an r Mber man I ttr ok he oonld give sa hard * blow with that taad vary nearly, If not qatte an, aa If It bad not b?en la ^?r r Rartongb thought him a vary civil, upright man. aad not d.spoaed to quarrel 0 Do you know of any par cular nstaace la which c"a??ct?r as s peaceful man waa put to tbs tai? 4 1 it ***** tha? part ict ar aateaee MmfUm yh^cttoo rwtaioe v P.OM Hughes never know an) thing of him but what *,M good and buccal , did Dot know any of his friends Jacob 1'belp, the person la whose employment the pri soner bad b?'es , substantiated the above witnesses Two knives were produced and identified, one a* be longlnr to the prisoner, and the other to the deceased Mr. W. B. Antboa summed up for the prisoner, and Mr Waterbury for the prosecution. The Court charged the Jury, who brought In a verdict of guilty of murdor in the rooocd decree, which Imposes a penalty of Imprisonment for life. The prisoner Is about 27 years of age. The Court adjourned to Friday morning. American Usognphlesl and Statistical Society* m PRV=KS, M ARONITB9 AJJD THB BKAT OF WAR. The announcement that papers would be read before the American geographical and Statistical Society last evening upon the location and parties of the Druse war attracted to Clinton Hall a large and brilliant au Hence among whom sat? officially unnoticed, but the observed or all? Lady Franklin, the guest of II. 3rltn "P, Hsq. At eight o'clock the meeting was c ailed to or Jer by Judge Daly, one of the Vice Presidents of the society, \\ ho of oupied the chair during the first part of the evening. Several gentlemen were proposed and e ecied members of the society, and the regular order of business was then post poked far the purpoee of hearing Dr. Joeojih P. Thorn] son's paper upon 1.IBAKON AND TITB SKAT OF WAR. Dr. TnoMinos was Introduced by Jugle Daly, and was received with hearty applause. He sail that ho bad pre pared his lecture upon the subject un'er consideration for a popular audience, and, at the request of one of the members of the society, he wouil read those portions only relating milnly to the geography and history of the Lebanon district, omitting his appeals for popular aid, and leaving the characteristics of the Druses and Maronltes to his friend Dr. Wm. H. Thompson, long a resident of that dtstrlol and the son of Dr. Thompson, the well known missionary. The reverend doctor then ( proceeded with his paper, referring at Intervals to a large map of Palestine, which hung in the rear of tbo ] President's desk. The paper opened with a brief sketch of the picturesque scenery about Beyrout, with notion of the ancient monuments thereabsuts, descriptions of the Lebanon and anti-Lebanon rarges, the valley between, anl the approaches to I>amascus, Mahomet's earthly Paradise, the oldett living city, lying bight with thousands of domes atd minarets In a sea of verdure, suoceeded. The surround ing country, with Its ruins of ancient cities, receiad brief historical notices, and the speaker said that If the Caliph Omer was curaed by all mankind for destroying the Alexandrian library because the Koran would tike the place of Its volumes, impartial execrations should be bestowed upon the crusading priest who Closed to be burned the library of Trlpolls, because it contained nothing but the Koran? all Arabic books being Korans to him. He mentioned the river Adonis, running down from the mountains and reddened by s>me ferragenous deposit, because there the abominable rites of Venus and Adonis were celebrated, and such monstrosities aa those of the Druses' religion have been at home there for (brty centuries. Bey root was pronounced the most important commercial city of Syria, and references to Tyre and SI don, completing the connection of the I.ebanon d'strlct with tbe Mediterranean coast, concluded thli portion of the led ire. Golag back Into tbe mountains, we And that what ap peara precipitous raogee of bill* are terraces, planted with mulberry trffgfor the culture of tllk worm* Lit tle town* and villages, hidden irom sight from below , apprar aa we proceed; md In these vll'agta live the Ma ronltf* tad I'ruies Here, ar In Switzerland, tboae phy aloal feature* of tbe country which make it impregnable from ^foreign foes, render It ail twe mire vulnerable when, in clrll war*, the people turn their fratracidai arraa against each other. The Pruees have control of the southern portion of the mountain*, from Pamaaoos to the fertile region* of the Houran. The Maronitee, num bering about two hundred thouaand, completely rule the uartbern portion. Having tbe feature* or tbe lo cation in on*'* mind, It i* eaey to see bow a warlike people, trained to the (word and living in tbe moun tain*, c.uld complete their work of destruction *o sud denly and thoroughly. Leav.ng thl* portion of the *ubjeot to the gentleman who should follow, the reverend doctor concluded hi* intereitlnr patwr. of which, an account of lla former de livery, no more extended repuri i* nooetaary. wito a few remark* in regard to tome characteristics of the war A* far a* religion went, the Maronlte* and Prusos m gtr have got along, like the Swia* Protectants ana Catholic*, without any difficulty ; but local and political diiiereoce* between them were playod off by the Turk* for their owi advantage, and France and England hid alao Interfered with a like oiOahneee. Year* ?go tbe Turk* had d inarmed the Druses, and twenty year* ago tbe Christians were Mot to sxtermi nate them, tbelr blabopa exhorting them to burn and de '.roy. (paring only the women The.Prusee revenge. I themselves when tbelr arm* were reel wed, in 1S46, and dnrlng the rccent war no d?ubl Iks Drnsoe Ik >ught thai tbe Marooltes were determined to destroy them. Be hail tbe authority of American mlaslenarlee for saying, that not the !>ru?ea, but the Museciman Turk* were re sponsible for most of the barbarou* atrocities committed daring tbe late war The Moelema oat of Conitantlnople, and with no appreciate of the recent political cnangee, hate Chrietiaaa worae than ev*r ilnce tbe Crimean war and th* treaty of Pari*. Oaring the applause which fol lowed Dr. Hock*, President of the itoeletr, took tbe chair, andjetroduced Dr. Wm. H Thompson, who was received with applause. the math or mr. semtonwm. Mr. Ri m*ii rose from among tbe audieoce, and w abed the reading of Dr. Tbompeon't paper puetpoood tor a mo meat He regretted to andoonce tbe death of Mr s< hr-xsier, a member of the society and tbe author of a number of mars, allasea and models, wbo so Mealy de caned last evening After a brief tribute to tbe worth of bia departed aaanctate. Mr. Ratseli ottered tiie custom i ry resoiuttens Or J. ft Tbompeon wished to add hi* regret* to tboae of bia friend learned, intelligent, care ful, diligent, accurate, obliging and helpfal, Mr iSchroe der wa* a man rar above bia atatloc, and an ornament and moat ueeful member of the aoctety. A Teacher le alred to give hi* U~ltmoay to tbe accuracy of Mr. Scbroe der'a prodi^tion* Such map* as bis any man might be proud to leave aa a legacy to tbe cause ne education Pr H'ck followed la a tribute to tbe classical, oriental and general learr. og cl Mr ?cbroeder. hi* matuematioai ah.li ty and genai, generous natare, anil tbe rwolutlooa were 1Mb unanimously adopted. TTtK MlRfmtTC* **P Ml'-'M. Rev Dr. W H Tnowrwui was relatrod ced, and t?ro lecrtid ? ilh the r adtpg of bi* paper Tbe rough noun tale* of I ? baiioo n<nirt*hed then- thousands of bar If mountaineer*. ?bo husg garment o> on the cliff", an I, l<e*dee i ? essentia1* of hf-. managed to raise 1Mb MM He* a* oil, tobacco and tilk*. The traveller, Jawusled with tbe dMty IMMi and tbe banger* about Jerusa lew, bailed ?tth p saMfC the free, opes carriage aad ea ?y native politeness of these peop.e, maay of wbom had geaeai'g'ea of which any nobleman might be prcud. ?ome trsr'rg tbe'r decent from a line of k less named Hada, wh b i* translated by our "smith " Chria t aalty "ease l to rata tbe Maroalte* They etnbra. <vl tbe monothe.et c heresy of one Byrantine monarch and were alta< ked because they rrfueed to give It up at the bldd eg of the rext Coaatael'ne Some modern pb"neo|<ber* seemed rather to flavor Islam t*m. but the epeabst * shed they c >uld IS te Sou. 9 of lis fruits ihr?i ana had been eipneed to every tpeeiea of Intuit, ard bad been put to ?ath upon proriceliae* 'he m<?t irtlirg No woeder that tbe Cru ?a<i>r* tart' d oat, tor the great i.eart of all Europe ?welled with .nd'.. nation Whei the C' leaders did i erne they were heartily we loomed by tbe Haroeita* tat u the MaroaliHi eere her itm. long leries ofreligloui point* had to be ed)uet' d fiaa'ly the Mar >i. tea acre* t to g<re rp tbelr [? t dogma, aud tie Pope allowad tbe priests to keep their w'vee aad agree-1 to say notb ng about tbe Maronlte aaiata They have been rigid Paptet* ever ? ace tbon h expaaed to ridicule t?*aaue* their ealnte have ?< i been rerogaise-l by tbscbnreh Tbelr patriarchs aad bishops have boea tbe e.aue? of srsry civil war amoog them but ta rplta of all they hare p" ?p?r?d , and their pMyr?ss alee* they were released, by the aid o' ths Dfosee from Moslem rule has been astonishing Not .aly out of "netantiaople but eves la that cltv. the M -alarm fe#r Eur pear>e. wita *b?m they coa found ail < hriatlane -call we a km tfcem to become our maaiers ''' aaka tbe Moei. m. at tbe very moment ah-n he eatm* t? be gltiug bis ci neeat tf *s?c eebeaie of cvlliMlloa. 1 he Pruaaa are tbe beet Of the Arthi, and tbe A rah* have beet pronounced oas of tbe 'i*est nstioaa in the aorld Tli--y are brave twelr* thouaand fViiaes bava thraabed all the other aecte. including evsa th Moelema, by lurae Their self control ts vsry great, sad tbetr po 1 frees proverbial even aatoag lie Arabe Eriwn child hoed they are ac--uet'-me-: ti keep their ae 'els f inaely Tbelr religion, like J?* ilt?m, allow* them I' asaum* ai.y form of belief that may ? t the purpose . the bour, but forbids tham u> re vtal their own creed an I teoel* Ttiey are affable and ? hi#pi table, aad tbe will, the eptcioaa, the religion of their g .eetalwayr agree ? th tbelr own. Tbe Dr-iees wrre doabt eas formerly a tribe of trabc. having .btioute relati oa with the Persians aad goveread by s n teea? for, before Mahoatet, women ?eem to have beM no uadietiogniebed piece among the t uirrr met"*', t ieotwtra and the i/seeo of .*h?ba were not th* oaly aohl* womfn o' ih ee ests. and it w not cable that history ?r*-atts well of a'l thcee Arabian ijosar* and prlnci-a^e !n W .. i vpreeeed by tbe M Mlem, this tribe, by tbe wiah ol the Maronitee. made a settlement upoo the aouthern elope of the mosntaioe. and for n ne hundred golden jea r? tbelr Am<ir* reigned prnsperoutly Tbe Preses look bsr.k a ith pride to ibis reigo, sad tra-e the geaeaiogy of one ? f thair ancient cble't to >?hem by oaly three geae retlons From thf husdredi of ial?e prophets w!i < took tbe role so eucoasfnMy perforated by Mahomet 'he nrawe took tbeir religion, forming a perfect m wale of dogmee "ne of theee mock Mah"m?te. aamed Hakim, im proved upon the belief that ? brtat was formerly la earastet m ths Alia-? the All! being itrosasel ? ant aaaoncced that be was bimaeif tbe revelation an 1 laearaation of Oed. He fbend many apostles, etpecially amorg tbe Prnaea They call tbetr religion the fn-ty Ond, aad tb*eie?tr>w tbe relter'aae The will, j istis M4 tVher 'j'-ai.iiea A Vvd ar? U>? cmt.uaa ?f, ?r tbe emanations from God, ud their theck>?y coca<?U In knowing what UteM emanations are. Hamal tu the leading ud boldest preacher of this belief, ud the tint of three qualities, the 1'nlversal Intslll getce, be modeetly to be bimeelf. Hams I, however, wm not srong upon chronology, for he Inflated that he waa Pythagoras before be waa Elijah, and K1 Ijah before b? waa David. Hamal la like Christ, the Mediator and Mesalab? Hakim being God. The religions Druses, who are to the minority, neither drihk liquor, use tobacco ncr swear. Satan, In this religion, la represented aa an emanation from the Universal Intel llgence, created to punish the Intelligence, because it bo came pulled up with Its owd knowledge, one of the preach ers earned Ihirassl, becamc tired of preaching for other people and set up for a prophet, declaring that be wu the Hak m whom the people oipect. d, and are still ex pecting to ooiue from the Hast. Hams! overwhelmed the Sretender with anathemas, and made him their ^atan, ut as Duraari waa better known than ilamsl, on acsount of the seclusion of the latter, the religlomata, In apito of all their cllorta to the contrary, :>egan to be railed Druses. Now they attempt to derive th-' word froa the Arabian Urns, meaning ,4on? well skilled," but really this sect has the entirely original characteristic or being callcd niter its own devil. For th lr own purposes the Turks have alwnys ntlrred up religious and other ills cuss ions among the Prunes, and even among separate r.imllles, some tires by premising honors to one member Ud ivtog them capriciously to another, The cause of the recent war, said the 'lov. Doctor In conclusion, is to be found neither in the Druses' lodge nor the Marionltes' oonvent, but In tho conclaves of the pachas and oullmans at Constantinople and Da^mcua. P Dr Hocks, on bebalf of the society, returned thanks to the Rev. Drs. Thompson for their Interesting and In ?tructlve papers, and the meeting a ijournod. City Intelligence. Thi Pisic ? W?l Utukt.? The excitement amorg the anlmaJg ? the built and bent ? in their menagerie in Wall street has temporarily subsided, except among those unfortunate Individuals who have told stocks that they had sot In their poeieFaion, and who, to meet their engagement*, have now to buy or borrow upon the moit exorbitant term*, if they can even obtain them at all. Yesterday the toene waa very different from that of the pre vious day. Then every animal waa in a state of rabid ex citement, except an occasional ely fox, who, teeing far ther than otbere Into th>- future, bonght up all he coald acd held it. On the street on Wednesday, at the corner of William and Exchange place, were to be seen men running j about with "leaied" looks and whitened facet, and who would often (top tuddenly and cont ilt tome friend i u to tl.e chancoi of a fall. "How will it be?" "Will it go iow e??" "Shill I tell out?" &c., were the queries of nearly ; all, and away they would start off and try to sell, oftcuor without avail than otherwise. "Central stocks'' went down rapidly, and u they were deemed the "consul'' of this market, of course others came down with them. Western stocks fell , to sue!- an extent that they have not oven yet remcred the ahock. In fact, all kinda or "fancy stocks'" fell to a fearful depth. Yet moat renarkable of all waa the fact that "State st icks'' retained very nearly their regular value, which seemed the more remarkable when the real cauae of tte panic la made known, which it at , follows ? II MMMI that Mf of the bolder* of stock, when look '.ng at the aspect of th*- present election, and foreseeing the inevitable dlaao'utlon of the Union, became alarmed , and they, in their anxiety to turn the script Into har.1 money, "ru*hcd" too much of the foruer Into the market at ooe time. The Insecure "animals, ever oa tho look oat, caw thla unexpected desire to aell,and took frltrht. They at once began t> pour into the market what toey also held, an 1 the coesequenee waa a decided and rapid fail, and an Immediate loee of oomideooe. Although this had subsided jesterday, still, up to tho closing of the first board, there was as apparent anxle.y among the.ee who held and those who wiahed to buy. The speculators rou'.d be aeeu walking about In pair* dlacasa'ng tie api>areut reiulta and prospects, comparing memoranda one with the other; anxiously rushing into the room at the corner of the before named street to lee if the lift ha 1 been iarned , even an hour before thi usual time of expect ing It, and ia many other ways evincing a ptlofully dii tressed conditioo of m.nd But even before the list was issued the glad sign of a change in affair! took plaee, and the news of " large sale* at advanced prloes'' spread like will fire. Those wbo had to make good their contract* of jerterday began to " look glum," iiut the majority hat a imtle on their countenance*, and espresscd a salm'act .'y feeling that "all was not yet lost.'' some aatd the farther extension of the panic would be poatponed until after No vrmber 6 but they would not answer for any further length of time. AVu vtrron* Tax Lucrum or aasirrarr E.v i.im ?The elec'.lem far Asalftant Engineer, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the realgnatloc of Mr. Cnlgar, took place on Wudacaday even leg, at the houi< ? of the dlfierent engine, hose an<t book and ladder companies throughout the elty. There were but two candidates In the field, John Wiley, foreman of Fngine Company No 11, and ex foreman (Jeo. T Alitor, of Engine Company No. 3k. The following is the vote) polled:? WOff. AUrrr. BUnl Kaglae companlea 80# 806 Bone com pan ie*. 300 0M ii Hook and ladder companies.. 184 354 11 Eaglaeer* 7 6 ? Total 1,3*6 l.TM 04 1,349 Alker't mamrlty 400 The vote of Kugine Compaaiee Nos. 4 and ft were thrown out, and tue vote of Kugine Company No. U pro tested The election of Mr. Alker retlesta great credit upon the department, as he is aa efl'cWBt and valuable fireman. He will no doubt discharge th* duties assigned him wivh dignity anl credit. Fnui is Wauirs Itkot? Strroscn Di*?ua Aaon 130.000 ?Between seven and eight o'clock lait ulgbt a fire occurred n the five ttory store, No. 8 Warren street The fiame* were first diacovered on the fourth itory, aaongtt c?*< ? of hoaiery. The firemen ware prompt an I luette^'-rt In stopping th* fire b*fore it extec led much beyond t>iace '? origin. The whole of the upper Horns are oxnpled by the arm or Steinberg * LMl.cn steelier, Importer* of hoaiery, and the Out tlmr by Jac ib I. "Visa* and Brother*, dry goods jobbing merchant*. The supposed damage done to the Steele of hoaiery by (Ire and water tl estimated at about (30 000 There la an insurance on the whole stock amounting to S101J00 la the folloelrg commniea ? Vorth Amenen. li 000 Trades mens'. I'. OtO Keiief, >3 000 II ee limes' and Traders', *1C?0 Willi-, msborg City, ?4 000, W M?rW*. ?t 000 St. Merbe.la*, I3,OCO, Brooklyn, M,0?0. Membaol*', tt.000 Central I1rk. 110,000 North wfat<-rn, 12 500. Markst M000; tloodhne, M 000; firemen's. tS 000 (Vimmoo wealth. M OCO Oni-rerciai M 000 I'aeiOe. 4.VU00 K u p're City, *6, GOO: tailed State*, $6,000 Etna, I ,000 Kiremon s 1 un l, ?6 CO0 Uraoera', 6VOOO The r ?1* ?o the ti rat floor received a amsge of about $.'><)? rutty in sured in City compuiie*. Several of the clerks were in the building at the time, one of them, bearing a noise resemblng rain, went up stair*, aaw the fire, anl tbea ran to the street ami gare the alarm The origin of the tire i* at present unknown the Fire Marshal, howevee, was early at the pr-mlaes, making hi* usual llv*?tl gation The building Is owned by J. 8. l jo?,aad m amaged about 1310. insured Aevnarr to a Fnttao ?Thomas Ring, a member of Engine Company No 11, wblls ruaaiag to the fir* in War rea stree t last night, rail at the corner of Bowery an I Caaal street The wheel of the srgine parse t over hi* arm as l broke tt. Hi* fr eed* ocnreyod him to the Hospital. ^TXAMHOaTivei oa tub Hi r?OM Rivta ? Tbe steamers Commodore and Francis -*k'ddy, running betw^n New York, Albsny aad Tray, have oaly missed their coenectloa* w'th the early traiaa. North, Ra*t and Weat. three ttmea during this season ? ike Own ? odors on re, md tbe Iraocii Mt.d ly twioe, owing to their light draught of water and speed Taa Cai-tai* Wn*n Tastiai |>a' ? Me-ers <*chiffor, ?C Ibtl city, the wnen of the renowaed brig Minnie Sch rer, *h cS saved the 1fv*a of the passengers and er*w of U.e Oalway steam r r uwnanght, have received a letter from the firm of Pb?!pa k Co , or New Orleans, lo wh e,h they are laformed tl at tbe subject of intrib :t ng lo the ftind rer pre ee i tat ion to i?ptam Wilaoa 'or his n'lbie c a I'ict ha* Wa brought before the I'rsatdeDl m the Ckam ber of (owimeroe In that ' ity. The Prsitdeot ha* pro miard to eall a meeting nf tbe Chamber to coasider the propriety of taking sexn. actio* la the matter worthy or a great ce>mmer< ial elty like New rirlea- s rhelp* BO) , of that city, were the eoailgaeee ol Oaptaia Wile mi tor many years, and he ie well known to them) *<-mr or tft. V:*'*irT n? Part ?The aaaoal fsatlral of this society opened a raw dayt ago at Ike City Assem bly Rooms. No 4i4 Rraadway, aod nas ?'trac,te I gr <?t later- ?t It will be continued two day* lengsr, closing oa Saturday night Tita UaaeATViia Linaesv ?It will be *e<en by our ad vertlling columns that tbe Mere.aatlle l. brary Aseoelatioj bar* completed their arrangements f or clsaaes of initru] ti<* la the **veral kranche* . to oommeaee oa the lath o November.

Taa Hasbixo* (lra? ?This Ine rowspany of youag mea, oe>mmaaded by Capt. Jamea (iarvey, paaaed oar of flos yesterday, numbering sl?ty 1ve rn'iekeui, oa return r -m the r twr rth ant, ial pari.te f..r larget practl*. at Monney s Hotel . Hull s terry Tbe liuard speat a moat agreeable day ro TOR FBITOR OP TOR rttRALP. Tea reported ia your Tueadiy morn*ng paper that I wa* Ivmred la the Hamilton Insurance Company, and tbat my lew* waa $1(0 My loaa is in woo-laa patterns, heat le* th* eaatlng*. 1 am not lean red id any exwpany. I wish you we*iM publith this, as aeitber you aor any re porter ha* seen me about tbe matter. 1 w eb to ee* th * the flrtt article ia tbe city *ew*. heianse 1 dea't waat ecu or asr f>ae else to nut me dnwa as a liar J v n unajua * tv,CH>iS.?a?YcS"* NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. Arrival of the Pomjr Eiprtu? ' 1'no Politi cal Cain pal* a la Caiifoma-PtoiiiKt ?r? Dial b? (ween Mama tor Uwla and Oea. Mcl>< a*al? fi,* 10,000 Km lOuta tor K?w York, An, Ac. El. Jonm, Mo ,0;t 26 1IM0 The pony expresa, *l)b three d?ya' later la'.ellig< tee from California, arrived tb :? morning. The new j la rc y meagro. Pa* Fiuhcwco, Oct 1J, 1800 There la * partial renewal or the activity !n trvlo. Tte country demand haa revived to some extent, an I jobber* are In market 'or 'mall luppllea. Prcea are wltbrmi cbango, < x ep n ntch cases aa are noted in the follow ing? Csnd c? Sales 31i bote* adaman'lne, In lots, at 22 He. a 23 v ; dew nd fair. Coffee? 3tlei 359 bags P.! > at 16}{o., and 629 tags damag'd atl3}?a.al4v Coil Inac tive and rather heavy. In dry ge>oda a goa l bn*inc8? ia doing by dealers, staples are without movement an I un changed. Kith? UghlsaJes.dry cod,fl ,c ; No. 1 maciterel, In kitf, 13 25. Frulta, preaervea and case gooda are moro active at last qnolaltoaa, other kinds aa last reported. ? ionny baga salea at 13,'^c. The demand for butter is a stive, Iithmua Arm at 27} jo ; market mostly cleared of parce's In prime rendition. Iird? Snail transactions at 20c. for J. H Ac Co. and Alden h, 1H;. for Skalding'a. I'orlc? Saiea In lota 120 bbla. clear at $23, 160 half bbla. clear at ?1126. Bacon moderate, demand for old 13c. a 13 ' jc , for new 16c. llama dull and unchanged. Cbeeae, ISj. * -0 Carolina rice 0c. a d\c , foreign quiet, without particular movemer t. Sugars again more ae'.lveand firmer galea No. 1 china 9 ^c a 9 '?c. , choice steady at 116 ; most last ar rivals, ciusbtd, p&aaed into second hands at 14c. a 14,','c , and u.aiiv(t firm at 16c. without transactions. Foreign brandies (till dull; better feeling In Holland gin, with < onsldt-rable tales. Domestlca fluctuating Whiskey 46c. a 60c. ; pure apirlta lower, at 4? V,c. Alobol without transactions. Teas and wines quiet aa last noted. The demand for wheat coollnura steady, with liberal sa'eis tor expert, at about (1 60. The bark Trent, for I.lverposl, baa completed a cargo of 6,400 bbla. au|>ertlae Hour. The ahlp I'am Flush la chartered to load grain for Cork, limey ' Continues easy. last lU ani'r's days' engagement* were met with unusual facility, notwithstanding tb? lam ahlpmtnta of treaaure. <>rdicary biaio<?B loans arc takes at \}i per cent, l arge suma on collateral can bo uad at 1 14' per cent. There is no general news Of importance. The political canvaaa engroatea universal attention, The anxiety to hear the rcturna from Pennayl vaula, Ohio and Indiana la becoming intons-, and oven many repub lican are fearful lhat nrasylvanta anil g -. If the October etectloca In Pennsylvania and other North ern Stales go republican, there will be an immenao gain to that party here before November. 'Governor Downey, who h.is been stumping the State for Pcug'ae, expressed b la opinion In private that California will go for Ooaglaa by a large majority, and lhat tho Breckinridge ticket will run largely beh'nd the republi can. It la bellerod that the Bell and Everett mon will moatly vote for Douglas. Senator Gwln and (Jen. J N. McDougal btve been mak ing ipeechea violently abusive or each other, each ?c cualrg the other of dishonestly ref resenting California at Washington. It la rumored that correspondence ot a botile nat ire la now proceeding bet woe 1 tliem; but there la probably little danger of a duel. The Douglas papers in (Oregon are very bitter in de nouncing the coalition by wbtch a republican Senator wad elected. Ihe IVtaident of tho Senate, a Douglaa demo rrat. haa been burnt In (fllgy In the county he represents by the I>ouglas democrata. Tbia course was probably ri sorted to to counteract the effect of the char I* that the republicans and Douglaa democrat h are working Tor a common object The steamtblp Golden Age sailed rrora San Franciico on the Ulh Instant for I'aaama. with 32a paaaenkorn an i tl 360, COO in trtaauro.of w&icn $1,240,100 a cro lor New York. Tbe following are the namea of the cabin pasaengera by tho Golden Age Mrs MeCormlck and daughter, Capt. Friable and family, Mra. Dewey and mother, ('apt A Men and wl'e,Capt. Ingalls, f 3. A . O T Rankin, I', J A ; Mrs Iboebe lojan, J. W. Morrison, G N. Herman, H W Basbford and wife, Mrs. Dr Ashe and two Infanta, G. H. Boaworth, wife and three children Mra Weeks, Mrs .1. W Bridgham and two infanta. .las White and w.fe, Mr Roaenberger.Chas. Walcott. Mr Brooks, Dr. Birdaall, I*. Wells, W. B Peters, W. B Maam, W. R. Nevina, J J 1 Yatee,Capt. Charles Gill, J. Anderson, wife and infant W Hess, wife and two children Misa U F Kelloo, Wm ! lane, w*fe and infant: J. J. Bllvln, Dr. L. 0. Thompson, Mr. Harbue*. Mr Hickman, J. Acksrman J. T. Duaalyer, 1 wife and two children. J. P. Buckley, Mra. Solomon, Mrs. 'laledelland two children. Wm. Callander and wife, O T. Baratow, Mra. I>exter and Infant Uapt Royt. J. H. Butler, J. W HIU. J. Leclerie Mrs. Jani Kelly and two chlltlmi. Till* Kelly, Sam oel Satlian, Madame Ga b?l. D. M. Haste na. J. P. Haskina, D. S Murphy, Jamea MoCreery , John Mi Creery, I red H?iu,T Hovkatein and son.G. W. Allen, Mra K.Hale and two children, John Hals, John Carr, Jamea .dmllb, John Walt. C. C. Baglcy , J. Aiken and wifa, G. Aiken, Jamea Arnott, J. T. Marlette. Solomon Showfeldl, J 11 Oule, N W Campbell, A. T Darcy and Infant, Mra Hunt and two oblldren ? and 21i 'n the steerage The Treaaury Hat la aa follows ? Alaopft Co $98 199 J frligmann k On. $31 ??00 Wella, largo \ Co. . 204 600 Flint Peabody *0o. 30 COO B I ?r Id son 112 000 Tallant \ WUde .. 29 MM Abel I.|?( W 000 Frit/ ft Ralston ... JO COO laaber k Church . 94 COO Muk Brun'gan kOo 16 COO Parrott A On 8 2f 4 C T Meader k Co . 11 COO Rugsne Kelly ft Co . 7# 600 Freeman ft On 106 000 a T Haat cgafcCo.* 68,000 Tbos S. Kisks ft Co. 1* 000 I.AM. Sachs ft Co 46,000 Reynolds. Rets ftOo 10 '>00 I?vi Strauaa n$,C00 J B Weir ft Oo... 4 182 D. P. M 1 11a k Co.. . . 32 000 other shipper* ... 60 309 Henry Henttscb . . 31,100 ? Total $1 363 939 Mtwi from lUytl. OVATION TO JAMBrf RID1MTII, Till I RUN D OP JOHN mow*? TOAfcT? AND SmCDCM? TIIK IIAVTIRNa IS ElTACIEd A.-D LKJCOR ? II AVT^IN WIDK AW Ail m, We y cater day received Hay 1 1 paper* ?P to the 6lb in*t. , with the lAteit detail* of Uaytl new* J*mea Kedpatb , ? well known abolition ml an t frleod of John Brown, waa Ibe recipient of * popular oval oe at Port an Prince, on the 27th of >??pt< mV>r, on the oe caaion o( b a depart are for the l'nite<i riiaiee. The I'ro i grew raya ? Jame* Re Ipatb? *ucb if Uie name fiat we now ae.;k I to apec tally bonor? Jame* Redpatb, one of the in<wl active I member* of the abolition tat party ? .lime* Iledp.?th, tbe indefatigable cmaocipettoniit, ooe of tbe glorlou* anrvt vora of Harper'* Ferry? tbe admirer of the almlrable John Brown, and tbe recipient of bla laat word*. TViraday Hrptember 27, waa tbe day, and tbe large Hotel <!<?* Antlll(?,;tbe place cboeen for tbe oratl>n, ao markrif by true confidence and hearty cordiality. M J M IHiral, rrecideot of the Aaaembly, openrj tbe i terciar* by aay tag ? (???nllemet? On thlaowi* - It u* are a new ten it my of aeknawledgment to all tb-*e who preach liberty e<i<iality and fratem.ty Tbe Dmt I mi litohm wli m turf ?aint labor* aid tbe triumph of the aacrol cau* 01 liberty and the rey neration of the Afr can race? Mr Jame* Reljatb Mr Redt*th, la reply, delivered a apeech In I ogliah, which waa rendered into French a* bo fp >ke, by a gent ? man prevent After thanking h,a entertainer* for Ibe horor done b ic, and alluding to tbe work of a*?l tlnonta, he raid ? The gn ar.r o* the * are*, the r rayer? o( their frl 1 1? tbe I i< < <l of tbe a??rtjra at I lar;. r ? K.i ry iitve bee. biard bef'-re tbe tribunal of tbe fcUroal The g-oat ?r> ng w>il r *>n we to an ?nd. Let ua fc >pe it will be arnvmpltrhed a* pea eably a* in Jamai< ?. I trwl that in a !?w rear* we thall nee tlarcry ranged anting the tbirgr that were i the name of all *>?<? I oamtg wlin k by peareabie mean* to eradicate tlarery, I lhark yon Htytlen*, for your *jmr*thj In tbe name of my dear fn.*n<i the *<ir Tlvora of Harper 'a Ferry and the family of John Brown I heartily thank yon lor yoir general* gifl* in th j nam of three antltlavery men who believe that tbe atave r ngbt to be delivered by force, and wb > are a! way* roady In aid la *arh an und? rtakmg. I thank tbew. baautiful Raytl country or Petinn and fieatalioee, for the lea*on thy MMory t< aehe* and tbe b?ne It Inaplrea Before taking my Mat, gentlemen. I hag you to add to i tbe fkrort >00 bar* already beetowtd upon me that of | drinking with me to I.'berty, l/piaHty and Fratern'ty? the liberty of all m-n, tbe fraternity of all ranea. the finality of all men <4 all race* , and In all parta of tbe earth Pre* lent Oel'ra'd ?u not prevent, but *?nt to llie meeting aa*nr*Boe? of bi* approval of l? ob,enU. Among tbe otber aeatimeau offered dur ng the evening were tbe follow lag ? |e*or, honor, bonor to Thaddena Hyatt tbe fervent 1 ?MtUnlM, tfca aoldler of the great canae, t e ap ?i ,. . r hnmaii ty, the friend -if John Brown aad R-lpath Honor, a tbouaand tlmea bnoor, lo tbe memory of oar well beloved brother of ear e*oi Heat Olead John Brown, the lllu*trlow* martyr of tbe ea'iae of Africa* freedom May he er ioy tbe benediction of r.od Ut ii* drink to the Maater of Thought, to t*>? King of Poeay , to the graodeat aad am1, beaolifol per *mi float 100 of mvlera deawx-racy? let u* drla* to Victor Hugo ToM de I araarrne tbe gnat philo*o|>ber of the Dine teentb reatary May thla t'luatriaaa writer who haa already given to many rr"oft "f ** nipatby for tbe Ha;i|en*, alway* abow h n.*ell to he a worthy apottla or tbe llhefty 9f the black* I*t tbe name f tbia de'eooer of the Afrioan rau*e h* upon our llpe a? It I* In onr hoartr bladevo lion to th- noble raore he defend* render* him more and ? * erthy f oar admiration To Monaieor de tamartioe, the c<ur*g*o i? d< fender of the ch'Mrea ng Afrina ' After the dlaarr. Mr Re-fpa'h wa? ecrortad by a torchlight 1 roet ?a>oe to the bark la*, and bailed with (MM A d?rree of r?rpetual ban;*birent h** been a* .ed Ht M, a? ?? w l ?;*f ?l 8atb?*<|a?. Til* UjMrB and the Thl?tfM? ACAHKMY OK MU81C. The mmod, which (u nvitturaet so brill anlly on Wedoeaday, will be oonlinutd naill ibe on I or u it week, when there will be a lempora ry r ?? Tl e wmier season will begin on the 12th November, and the following operas are promised "La Julve," "li Br v^, ' "l" puet?'> > "L'Etolle du Nord,'1 and thc"Ba'.l> in U*"i lera." On this i vesuog "Martha" will bo given, m Uermm, ly Fabhri, D'Ormy , Stlgelll ana Form * NlULo'S GAItnlW. The "Dead Heart," an Adelpbi drama, writteu by Mr. Watta Phillipe, ?? produced here la?i n'ghi. 1 ?*= etory? a rather Interesting <ne ? runs aa fallows ? Mr. Phillips prefaces the play with an acU*l pr.il ... c In these premonitory seem.*, the pride, frivolity >ai profligacy by wh.h the patrician orders were ?u i famoiialy dlstlsgutsbod lu the ro'ra of l/m ? \\ l trayed . while now and then, amid the waa^nl an ' rev, ry, the sullen murmurs of popular disomient ominously on the ear. Prominent among tie leading characters is the Abbe I*tour (Mr C 1 'h'_n ?'? in sklious and dUiolute church man, who, freaealh a pjiuino and persuasive manner, concoals a corrupt heart and ? spirit savagely vindictive He prevails upon i> ' un H Viler it- (Mr Hark ids) to carry ofl U*tl.orlno Duval (Mrs. Conway), tbo alllanced bride of Robert Landry (Mr Leeway), a youig artist, wlio is regarded with blller aversion at court as being the leader ol an lntreplu an enthusiastic band of students, whose eloquent harangues bave awaWoncd In tlie people love of liberty and scorn of their oppre*s?irn. The Count managei llect an entrance into Catherine's chamber night; her cries for help bring l.andry to b<raid; but tbe Abbe, armed with a leUre ip tashti, an. I backed by a parly or muniusleers, appears on tho seeae, and carries the artist to tbe Bastde la this dungeon be rtrrulns for eighteen years. His frien Is hiilev-j him t" be dead, and under this conviction i*tberiue gives ber band to bis rival, and becomes Countess dt Nabrie T' me wears on and the fount dies, leaving his only sm, Arthur, in the guardiaashlp of the Abbe lAtour, wb.i re tolvod to work his ruin, being urgel thereto oy a double motive? hatred of tho lad's lather, and a dishonorable paMlon for his mother, whom he hopen to mould more eai.ly to Ms |.urpcse when she Is removed from the mtlu ?d<? of her son. The heartbroken mother ludigoautly meets I-atour's overture, but how slinll sho res cue her boy from the subtle villain who is lurisit him to destruction ' Tho smouldering llrts of the Revolution have now, in 1788, burst out in furious llames, and I'arls is a scane of anarchy and bloodshed. Tho Bastile is taken by the mob an 1 micte tho prisoners whom they restore to liberty Is Robert landry, a poor emaciated creature, apparently In tbo last ttage of mental and physical prostration, w bo, however, slowly recovers his consciousness, and, in the iLVifccrating sense of freedom, gradually resumes bis native energy 6f intellect, "a learning that Catherine Duval has been married to St. Valerie he re* 'lve? on re venge. In the second act we find him an Influential mem ber of the Convention, and among his proscribed victims are tbe young Count and the Abbe, both of whim hare been Imprisoned In the Concicrgerle, and are to he son signed to tae guillotine the loilowlng morning. In vain bail the Counters sued for tnercy on behalf of her sun The "dea.l heart" of the prisoner of the IUsl lie is in sensible to the appeals of pity, and with cold disdain rejects the mother's prajer But with a refinement or vengeance be resolvos that I.atour shall die by his haud all. no The Abbe Is summoned by bis order to his private apartment in the prison, where, after reproaching him with bis crimes and the bitter wrongs he has endured at bis bands, he places a sword In bis band, an I tells him be must tight him on the s;.ot until one of them be i slain. This interview ooncludes with a duel, in which the Abbe la slain The young Count is to be the neit victim ol 1 ai dri's vengeance. Imt discovering Irom oerlain papers round In latour's pocketbook that tbe late Count \a lene was nit a party to his imprisonment, and that Ca therine tad married the Count belie \ Ing l*D.lry I'i Im dead, tbe cold heart warms, Landry s love for '^kerlae returns, and, resolving to save ber son s life, he mingles among tbe prisoners who are destined for execution, an nwirit to tbo ynving man's number, and is borne to the place de (Jreve. where he is about to be b >und to the guillotine, wnes the curtain descends. As insy be readily understood from tbe above return. of the plot of the " Dead Heart, ? It Is rather an mtoreat ing and en exceedingly efieotlve play. The management of Niblo's bave taken some pains to get it up properly. The icenery is very good, and the oostumos, property s, kc , excellent. We cannot say as much for the acting Mr Kfcher was elever in a disagreeable r?U, but Mr Con way, who had tbe best part, wss soslow snd pompous in It as to make the play, whleh la at the best heavy, an intolerable bore. ir Mr. C?way was not so anxious t> make "points," bis performance, as a whole, would bo mueh better. He has yet to learn how to talk naturally on tbe stage, and might take some lesaons from Mr Forrest who baa wisely llecarded tbe usa?es of the small sword and knee breeches epoch. In this drama tbe autbi.r ev i dently intends that lbs moat powerful ellecl shall bo pro duced In the moat natural, colloquial and easy way Mr Conwsy quite defeats tbe author's Intention, and there fore Mr Conwaj's rendering of the part should be re formed altogether. It may be doubted wbeth*r tbls play In Ibe beat bands, would auooeed with our audiences It is too sombre; and, not to put too fine a point upon It, dreary. It It one ot those plays which lax tbe i>atlence of tbe people very severely, and concerning which we are apt to say. afler It la all over, cm bm to' However, the "Dead Heart" was, all things considered, very well reecivel last night, and may be eel down as a rur.i (fsstfms To night Mr. Forrest will play King I*ar for tbe last time, "n Saturday Ibe "Dead Heart' will be re lieskted, and os Moaday Mr Forrest will appear as Otballo. . Cahi.otta tatti * co#c*irr. l ast night, at Dodwortb a Booms, Miss Carlolta i'atll, sister of tbe ramous prima donna, gave ber first concert in tbiaelly. an J was moat cordially received by a very large and brilliant audience. Mine Pattl had tbs is sistancc of her sister. Madame itrakoaob, of Mme Col I son, also figuorl Brignoli, Kerrl. S isial and Wm. Mar (pianist). Tbe coaoert was one of the finest ever given be'C. Mia* Pattl bas a pore high soprano voice, of re maikable power and compass, and ber cteeitioo is lhat of a finlahe.1 arttat Distinctly she is not tbo least am-wg a highly rf^ H,r ,uooe-" WU proaoosoad, and a we boi'e lo bear ber frequently In the eoooeri nwm-aa arena n wbieb abe bas no rivals hereabout* in.?? cr?nMAjr as qncgv eatrmrihm. For tliarral time tbls ssaaon Charlotte Cnshman look a Ht^ksperean |*rt at tbe Winter (larden last altthl, thus siii rdlng the h. |?"u! spertac e of tbe first tm?rl. an ac tress an I the irsl American aolor illustrating the works of the father of dramat c poetry n tbe sane season, j though en I ferent stagea. QMM Katharine is. perhaj*. j the finrst of M'?a Ceahman's characters, ber rendering r>r tbe two great c<*pt m ihe irafedy-the trial scene ail i I death sceae? being unmatched as pieces of acting, j com' in n* .mmense draaiat.c forea w lb astarlliug truth fulness lo nature. The play last n'ght v. as well pnt ofv.n tbe stage, sumcleat y true lo costume and scenery, with out that magnificat) e wb.ch appn?ches tbe spe. tarular Ttie ca t wss very respectable, embracing Couldock as j Wnlaey, who read the pari g.nerady weU, tboagii <moa i sionally monotonous In lone and s.?Be?l.at mel?lra | matic betimes H's farewell to Cro.weli, however, was ellrctively r?a?l, aad was jnatly applaufle I I'rott s Mtil Harry does not call for any particular not! ?? *11 ?ss a goodsurport to the principal chare, trr. a w h the ? great irtuU reep?d abundant honore fr>m ah thoroughly filled m all points H- nry the I gblb will be repeated to nlgbt and to morro. n.ght, with M.sa Cuali man as tbe yueen. It IS probabls, we .md-rstaad, lhat ib, will nbar , ently play the part of Wola-y No one thouli fall to sae bar, however, la Ibe dying arene It ta her tflorV Coroners' iBqlMtl. In With Howl' r>? (ana ? The atabblag a 7 ray which ore >rrni *1 the daaca bouae of Jobs lireoa Mo 2~t Water atreet, an We-faee-'ay Bight, between William Orees, a brother of tb? proprietor, ti l John HoOu it, frmlaated ratalijr Breea ootitinued to tiak rapidly dor loi the B'(ht, and at flee o'rloofe yeaterday morn af breathrd bit i art Comer BchirmT baU an ta'iueet a poo lb* body oi .lacaawl, at th* Fourth preilact atatloa h. UN, when the follow lag fa:t? war* elicited ? MoQoire, who la a aallor, eaterad i.tmi'i aalooa la enaipany witb a friend, named Hortoa.aad after iadol|ie| la aerarai triski et>?nm?M* I to rata# a llaturbaaee, f'earng Put UM prtmaer would break the faraltare ir do oodiiy term In aom<> i.f ih' Inmaiae, the praprietor order-"' bin out of lb* plate M 'luire at flrat refuted t<> oomply with the re<i'ieet, but finally conapoted t" irate On rea?.h,nK th<- allewalb, however, be drew '>?l a abealb kntfc and dart d the dereaaed to flfht hi? '*? rraaed paid bo atteottoa to tbe pr'aooer for eoeae tiaM. j but Anally be r*ae ootatde and reowwted blai tor1 away , aad aot make aurh a aolae la rroat ef tbeaaionn MoOalre, wltbou'. mak o| any reply, aprao* apm u?e debated and aUblw.i hoi in tb<> abdn^ea. infi'fnf a mortal won ad With tb<> partlro'are of the pr lamer ? flight aad ?nahr^ i#Bt taptur" oor readera *T lamlllar When taken into c?atw?y ?oa, of tbe S-^ood precinct. tMJulre flat) that Srreo in aril datooe AUh.-afh eery mob e**t^l bo did BOt appear to be etotleated in i me lea* Tbe e* ri+nf#? trap null# fOlMliWiii of IIMfMl Tri? Jury a'lor d'ie dej berai "O. rrrdrred a rerdlet of 'Death frem a ata>> at the baa da of the planner, John Mo'Soire, fW M iwo " '"poa tbe read l on of the above rerdtrt the >r:anaar aae ? Tm'tfd to the TVn.bc, \? awatt the act d <A ft* oraed i rj. the turf. T*a Koidilir Conl.at oa FuhloB Couree Ew"'"* Haw Moral Atpect Uf tbe Turf, dii,, iWc, The much talked or, and, In its way, novel afltir or a t rutting match between the horses <>r some private gen tlcmcn? profeaslunal turfmen excluded? *me oa yeattr ay at the Kathlon race coune, near the village or riutb "* "d J"C",e'1 " <?? no cut and dried humbug affair, like the mttchea b. tweeu Flora w.Th P?tchen, where It It all arranged in advance goTha t'T "f*" "'D' 1U'J WU,lre lh'' ow"er? ?Ql? hackers ?bould .ton Th ? thal "'e8e rv* cour,? retieiraaln terd?at ?e",ltmen *??<> ?<?' up the matob yot ?trtixf i , "h ?a ?CJ"r,? Wer? not of lh0 ProfiMslooal are Inovital ivVt Bub,,rl>',> ?wu f?t bortea, and everru,in' ibey would fry' their own hook. Mr. Monnot, r.rmerly ut u* Hote , o (Tired a purse or $600. To be sure, he m.y h, , calculated on the chance or being reimbursed that hu? that they figured ?p thu amount, more or loss rherc were three horn. ?t?red ror the prlre -Mr. Mmmt own horse. Tartar? Cue, dark brown, sp^ animal; Mr Jelter . Putrara-a light bay, awkward look If g horse, but powe?ed orgreat power and speed and ? haodsotne little niare si, led Belle Brandon, the name ol whowosner was not given on tLe blita. Perhaps itello Brandon . uwaer had scruples In regard to the m irailty '>r the affa'r, and thought ho would? I Nor ever -**???* I "Blush to fh,d it ra-ne " The day was all that cou.i be desired-one of thou warm balmy, brooding days peculiar to the season as if our good mother Nature, exhausted with Uere?o?* produslPK such a splendid harvest as U, bl, ...j our tand. thoujbl the would Mg%t km :: a ,, l|l t rest y A*U,rUi b0*1- ,ro,n Dear Fulton forry. and boals from James slip and from the foot or Thirty fJUrth street land ?rr:r viuDwra ^ ,hc **** or u* n.,h In* Hallroad. From thcro they either look the cars which dropped them within half a mile of the eonrae or drote their own last team, over the splendid road tLat strotches Iron Hunter's 1'omt to flushing. Although the originators ut the match wore desirous ol excluding all the 'tumoral accessories or a rase course in Ihe shape or gambling tables, they did not Und it easy o accomplishment. Outside the gate two enterprising proprietors of chain and pieces of plank established themselves In the path and tried to tempt verdant specimens or humanity Into risking beta upon the location of a card. The gaine was simple. Nothing appeared so easy as to win at it few Ssysu-""" i,ffleu,u We *,u llit proprietor of one of tb?>s* extemporised sambltne Ulft.Whi*,n^"i ^'k'?g ",aiv,du?|. * ho really toemed " ' fulle enough lu his composition to cheat anyone. Ills .-asy, gentlemanl){eddr<*n and tbe otilet neti. kalarur with which he lost his double eagles? to con feder?lr?-wen charming. The gold rimmed tpecitaltt which he wore gave him quite an intellectual air If one were to hazard a guess at the business he had been broucht up to, be might hsve been set down as a disciple of Eeeu lapliir ' Mere, gentlemen.- said he m his blandest tones "" 'bree tickets with d.iieroot numbers. This is No 4' ^ ?h ?' ' rh*nKB them thus? (and b" shift' ed them fron. batid to hand so slowly that auy one could ollow b,m)-a?d now I will bet ?*> wit, any geatl^ that he r?nnol tell me which Is No ? " One o( tho spec ? H?*" "Ile * retired sea oapUln enjoying a holiday olUrs to risk M on bis ability l! select the cid The gambler only deals in double eagiea, and would ore fer to bet 1100 The maritime gentleman does not like to venture so high, but rejx aU bis offer to go MO ,n the chancs^ Ho has h* e,e on tho card. aSd of is lure to win. The owner of the establ shm. nt consents to iratify him, and t?roi?-e? If ,!, other desires it. 10 go tbrou|li the maLipulamis of the ?5?'n- Tins l.s f,eed to. Ho.losl^are^S. ?idf rbangrd that none of the siwrtaUrs can doubt whi -h is No t* It is undoubtedly ,? tl.n right hand ?i V oiir friend who follows the s< 1 does not s.*m to have llm ?"e changes of the cJto u p 2S, 1 ?Pp"'m'* astonished to Una that be bts lost his $20 Again be undertakes to l erlfy his clear ? ighltdntrs. anu this time b? ? ins. Another b>si?JTr come* in and wins $20 in the same easy wav. Wnu im ?'hill '^"tr"W',l0?,n? ,t,rab"'r m,-?n in living su h iliaLut? He it flush ol funds aod lotrs with tho b<?t grtce |K?sthl?. He even turnt bis head si as to sllow another bystander to pit a nenci mark H,ly on one of tbe oards and ^n kwes another doable eagle on that. Tbe mark is dloco vered snd another oard it tubatltuted for It g> ihi. fr"onVet ^oimrf .rn,r* 7 *?a't *""? ?? ^ '{?ODDIfl troUDd, IQd BO 006 P0>bfir?? a???w??i1,-u The retired sea capttln retir- bu?^" and marks tbe road that the cards lake They are Inroad '? whl^ 1. No aed L^i^Tt out How do you know that that is No W" aaks um. proprietor "I know it by this little turn op at uSTtLe^ repliet the knowing one, tod IbereujKm be tarM hlsbMk so at to give bit friend tbe cbtoce W remoTejtim^! fiom that card and put it on another, and thon change their relative potitlont. "Are yon tort this la %'n again askt tbe gambler, after thtt httte ?L,.?v^ ll*, 3 b?1 *IC'J lt?at It It, but I will not bet agalntt you Here wat a chance ' .r any or the btatan l5r.u, n.ke ?R0 on <-asy ?rml U r.-,u,n? ^ 07.t batardlpg bit m >n>-y an I woul t not mind puttinv . I !? ei"i I ?! 1 . w.i. ii '<? !r-eatoa i.iin I at they were not nesteated of either a watch or Ut [ MMMry amount or mnney and urged others to do u,. I SfTSt *ff "" Pl???ot W) be plocked, an I ^ 11 f 'l1*? B", i4,le rbc ?ard wat not :hante<l at all And to, at there wat notbing to be made of iha 22fi "" Mr^( mSTC* 2*2L <55S! '!"'klD? oooltdtratot, betook themtel rtt to "freth fleiilt and ptMurtt ntw." ..rP. ,u t"1 .o?' Ittibl ng coooern visible within and tbtt wat t roulette table, of which Mr M >rr surr wae the proprietor. Ho found some d'fDcnliy m opening km nett but M It tppeared Hist he bad p irebtae'l, sorn> jiart itgo, tho right snd prlvlleg , aod |?ld $3,000 iiwrt for. the managers <11 1 not f<tl authorised to p?,s.st m rooltWe'ubla"0 ' i?<1 " ^ "* *e''1 wb'r,la* 00 tb<' ' IhftLL' r" ".1" n?*r.y l?r" f"1' bear behind I I ZSJi** j!?-1** *frt. art Bve or tlx hundred I IS IMS preeetil. MMlH. f gtMa ,,lll>r ,,r , ( 1 sporting oelebrttlot A moo^ them s Mr Morns y ? r ' r"giii?tic n - 1 iw ? u>e hmiCj m X * J&5S. TB | there It to be 00 eheatlig? that evor>tblng m 11 be all U.r and Mrai|bt 11 the drivers art only boattt then UMMM. Molaighl n holds tb? rlbb m rrrir Tartar, J uiot over Pataam wbflo MmIs Brasdofi is under tbe charge uf llfram Woodrafl I'uinam is tbe fbvorlte Two to om la bto fhvor tgalnit the field are freely ''Vred, aod torn be U ar< made at thst flgi.re tartar it tbe oest 10 favw Lbe n arc having few barken at any oddt 40 1 1 trirouocet wbat s < a led t 'pool." tn t bids for the trtt |< .oioe rtsp high ItaM for tV setosid choice rwb [ttiout half, while 1 .? tael chance M f?r very iitiie Tl.e ar> rage bid st<*"l at Ih'te figures ? Pntaain $11 J bo Tsrtar, $,"-, Br'le I.rand n, $lt-lhe w^^r^ke'i,60, Ibttfgregau mm. minut %% per * y -K\ lyt, *IUr t... . r three falsa start*, lbe m j Stand Putnam has ' r" ' ' " I V ?r Is he hrnaka into t talk.,., and before he rWve^i^ ^ tl? iZtV th V"* h,m' M"* Hr" lo" IM tweer Ihe two Their relat v. ,1 slsn^e are nwSSZ III ?rwnd and Tsrtar ixsm I, rjtaTws,^ t.? e Monnot wins $M)0 h> this h?at .n a bet that Tartar would do tbe mile in lew than 8 M, m tbe rare I" the ' bett three out of Ove, I'utnam oontinu?t to b? me r?n r1le at the odds of two to one t.^'i llrt1'? "I?*?? t**10 ***?? ,b* '?a-' ? and th t o Sm ."JL?** ? 5 T?rUr close or ^ 1 km- '?"?*?' f-mm It well r* L ' Ji? ^ m*r* "a? bee dlsttstt ?"a' a splendid contest het w?tn ihe '"otnawi led r if, b it was pasted in baadaoM ?'yie by Tartar who kepi ? 00 opto of lewgths tbewf till the western turn on th<> h mrvtretrh was reached M?re Putnam gained "n bit alrersary Thetwebirtna came n reek aod neet, till, t* th?- 1 !?<??' stasd was rearbed. Putnam managed to g?t a Ml ahea<l. aod woo the heat Time, $$$ ', f+vrtK 1 1' at ?Tartar again look the le?l bat wat raste.i hy I'utnam before we hair mill potl wm reaohtd, ?ten om of 10$ lo $$ ta Pntaaai were offcrad wtbou 1 find irg taken Pulrsir kepi lb* leal, aad <mm la ia Wl . rgihs ahead Time, 8 1$. Ho Putnam was declared IK vlei >r as l Jooea took tbe puree Th* lest best sras run as twilight was 1nnm 11. . o tbe seess. **>s the fast teams were Mala on the roe carry if ?ark sporting characters to the oily whil thnee wb" denee l'd on the more demnaratU- m<?te r, mern aire ? lbe railroad cart ? had to wait aearl* ?? Knirt for tht ttvta o'clock down tram SSI \Z . flit#*' d*ffe i.n|i#aaant ^^rr?i during Zd'ay ^.,1 ? 1 . s?> wht were preaeat were unaeimrme in f<x-,*r'?? " ? . f t-tiemen s r ads.-r. ,?X natlb?M|'i Cu4li Tmetmrj to mi imtob or to* n?iur.r>. Mw romi.ool 21, IW. IB r*f*r I to ? ?tatMDool Id four report, yi?Wr VrMkr. of thr flro kl Ui<- i-tcll* workf, ?? JUlM li'Md, I brf J" n to atak* tht following ?y>rr?rtioin ? Th? fester? burnt *u bf ih? S-m Tnrli P*r?ma? GBadle < o?p?B j , of whirl) Mr A Mrancl wm riparinuiidMt Tbr NMwtrt fircrrst '??r,b?ill rmrer work*! la thM f?Stnry, bnt h#, wd *lrl, ?b?- l?nor, wltb Mr Monor w?r? ???J Hr-lfcor n??? tin* pi?rr ?m IB thr wanufwturr ??( Ullnw rtailr* for no?r ibrw irin MM K. RII)KH, Aftml of tb? N V f , C. \jq, %