26 Ekim 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

26 Ekim 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. ?l**tlng of tit* CommlMloBira of Public CharltlM aad Corswctloa. The Commissioners of Charltlei and Correction hali their aemt monthly meet, if }astordu> tiiarao^a, S.muoa Drajier la the oh air. The report of the Commit loo ot the Wholo stated that Ml porno ob have been committed m vagrauts to lb# Workhouse t'.nce the iMt meeting that ail the persons ou Kan i all's 1 1 lac J and City Cemetery, detailed for work from the ix'uileotiary , hsrv been orJorod lo work on tbo ?-.hoe ?hop utder contract, and their places to be tilled b> par tie* from the Workh >u?e. that th# proposal of T. L. He denberg fc Son, U> put up a large spiral heater In the It lot Bouse, at the expense of U28 It, baa been accepted ; that a draft of fl - 07 rerclred from 1'arii was refunded, the draTt in question being (or the booelit of an inmate of one of the institution! wbo d.ed before lis arrival; that Mr. John Mc'.ratb, who was appointed by the departnent to examine the baoks of the Commissioners or Kmlgralion, with a view of having an amicable rettlenient of the suit pec ding between the tco Boards, was ordered by the Supertctendent of Ward's Is'and to dtsooulinue nts labors, and that up to the present time the objest of the Board* to effect a friendly settlement has boon frustrated; that the o ill co of the Commissioners has been removed to No 1 Bond street, sod that the greater part of the Rotunda, their former otlice, is given up to fae Comptroller that the large room or that building it to be do>-oted to receiving applications for coal and other re lief 'he coming winter, and that a prnpasltion lis? been received from Mr. Hatch, of Kgretnont, Massachusetts, to preaout 100 asros of land in I'later c->unly to the city '>t New York for the exclusive benefit of tbo chll Iren ol the poor of this city win are thrown upon It lor protection and maintenance, an 1 detmel worthy of the attention an t rare of the C i ami ?lonors, the property t" be plaoe J tn the charge of four tr tix-s, to be appointed by the Commissioner* The report vas formally adopted. *r D U 1 IB iiform.M the MMrtMB that Mr. Hitch ? toads erertmg a building suitable far the care of d' ltlU.l-' Children on the ground above mentioned, a:, 1 all tbo re id '.DC -at: >o be asks >s thai the H -ard give him the charge of the children of (he c te uoder their care (a a pereua a' iste*vlew with Mr Batch, the Commissioners Inform' 1 li .ii Uial when his cont? m|. ate 1 ettabltslim-nl was realy for the reception of the children they would accede to hu , proposal, Ilie Committee of th-.- Who'e, la addition to their ordi nary report, also pres. nted the following sp-cial report ! of the action of the Board on the sublet of vagrancy ? ' 1 Commies ion aries Poblli) Cbaritio* and C >rrec tine acknowledge the receipt of tb* report of the Polio* | Just c. % a: u meeting held by them on the lU'.h Inst , Khio tacf-.i .. .eg reso'utlon ruf'Trlng to vagrancy wu ato^lej, 1 tt.it atopy ordered to l>? furnished to the department ? i'.? ;rei\ That the Board of Metropolitan Police Oora >r? and the Commissioners of 1'oMtc Charities aud < >rr?ctloa be requeatel to co operate and 1 irnlah su:h evideao* as they pos?e?s to advance the prosecution of persons who. being hahitutl drunkards, are vagr-aaU, and t : it ?? h evident* )>? furnished to th" Police Justices at tha hours set apart for the examination of perstms charged with intoslcation, to wit.? at eight o'clock A. M ana three o clock P M , daily The Commissioners ?>! Public Charltlrs and Correction t, ave the honor to respond to this res lull on, aid assure the Poilce Justice* that th.y will continue to furnish such ovideace as they have beret -'ore furnished or may here after poaMM to (MM the pr.>s;<cuti <n <>f pMMN who, l>e.nj .ubitual drunkards and vagrants," at all ho iris aud a', all t.tnes when an opp"rtunity may praeeat ittelf. The Commissioners have earnestly and assiduously, from the commenoemint cf their ofllciil orgini '/ it. oo, er leavored to change for the better the wu>e eperattoa and treatment of tlm clasi Of | k inau blllH ref. rrod to ? every lafortaatkM they j Oould obta'n, every point they nuld pr?s<>nt. to bring the previous practice, with all its ?t> munition*, to ta? notice of the courts, as well as an aVtied public, , wo fa. ? i* they had the facility and eucoaragoai^nt i of the court*, by whose authority this movement Is now p.t forth It is with great p'eaj.ire they do w Ivsrn that tte.c r iTirts have not been In vain, the action which the re;?ort of BMtce Justices, In relation to "alleged" fre quent cumiRta!*, \c. ? which report bus been put fcrth | as the consequence or "public attention having beon | drawn to the subject by the Warden and the prem," or O'amiesioaer*? ailordi ample evtdenoo that a change In | ti.e mode of treatment was demanded by cammon in lice . common sense and c >mmoa humanity. The Pnl.oe j Ju>t.cts neem, in their treatment of the question before tb''m, t<? bari' b<v-u ignorant of their e(I iris alluded to t base the r actios up?n a verbal request of the Hirdi?, aud the ? al;?gea frequent committals of the ?tail persons," ,ve They also claim to be indebted lo U.a pub ic prist, which lias, in an "extraordinary man cf. drawn them lo tlio subject," *a. Ibe i-imicesiocers of Public Charities and Correction "?gar 1 w,tb tbankfulrest the b gh appreciation evinced by the action of the Police .last ices in tbus sc an "wloOgicg the Importanoe of the Wardeu's . otmai c ommuniuatu.B referred In, and altbough they Lave given the Commissioners of Public Charities and t rrect a the Brat knowledge of his lnterfurene.n with their body in behalf ot humanity and reason, they are tree to ar?nowl?dge tae comp'iment paid bs In thus maki :ij his verbal statement the chief basts o( investiga t.on aud reform There are dltUeilties, no doubt, which r i '. .re a 1 , :?un"nt before a tj stem which hns been al lowed so loeg to slumber in disgrace can be wisely, ' a'y and fatUifely administered; but Ills never too I aM to take grounds for the right, and there shall be no Call* wai ted on our part to aid lo every way, wltu all r *r stn i gtb, to carry out any system the law allows, wa cb will reo 'er the l>-aal awislanre W> an booest egort MM ?.rts for the pniper treatuent of oilen lers ol tue itblic peacc. 8. DUtPKR, President, H4AC BCI.l., J* , lry?n?l-ln?.? JAMta B N1C11"WWN, ComutMlonen. A oopv of the rejiort was ordered lo be a oat to the tSard of Police Magistrates The weekly statement of statistic* from the instituti ins ?h awed the number new therein to be 7,64'i, which i.- a decrease of flfiy one for the past week The number a I o tied during the week was S.016, while those wbo died, were discharged or transferred, numbered 2.067. The Board adjourned for a forlsighl. Board of Alilirmn, Ttu? body met iaat evening, rrcaident I'eck In the ctair. Aldevman o*am preaeotrd a reaoiotloa directing lb* C'rotoo Dt|?rUKSl to ( ti a ?i*te?nenl ol the cumber <> f Crotoa water rectera tc taob ward la the c ty, tbe cum ber vi l eoni|>eckBtioa or the orticom and clarki employed la the Ivpertmect, ud the dat.ca performed by tusa re ?l<oetlrtly. Adopts : Tb* reoolut >oa to inr 'p*w th<> kalarlea of the err yene r%l clerk a la tbe Wris t 1 V part men t from lit Jaauary Uut, waa ealied up, who, after e>>?ne oppoeltioa ud attempt ed iMiidB<?M. an uMiiwt to loelado *a lucre we of ?1,600 to l be Iwpnty siperiaVendeul o# Lbada bad I'laoee, ? u Inaertod Tb* Ciun tbra announced that the Board could not art oa the matter to B?bt, bad tbe wh >lo subject wa? laid orar under tbe ru e The award of contract to tbe New York Subaartae Fa glaeeriog Oapaay , at tbe rata of 111,7(0, for remoTtag Cuoattoa roof, wu . warmed rna ? .nui a*t in/.ttm A resolution aatborl/ o? tb* ritreet Cittim Htoaer V) at vert in tor proi-eala to coaplet* I be ealarfern*at of tbe Battery waa adopted Th ? aattor bat been before Um Cuamoa Council for about fourteen )>?r?,aod it lb nearly t me that ? ac definite t lion aboald be ttkeo lb It r;? rttr r>*rj*m?*r A r.'- ?tloo. w;tb *a ordinaac" (mm tb'' BiarJ of Coaac ji -n , wak ea> 1 op. to the effect that there (hail be aa Kef ?er and Aee.mtal Kofmoer to tie ateam Sra rr?n?e, tbe Kof tabor to receir* MOO bad tbe Awntaat ?too ? jtmr. Aw. rata CoaxaiJ aored to amend, tUat there abould be only >>oo eoftn"er t< ba appotat*<lwto be c.h ena by ' th? rompaalee. and r>n0ra<vl by the B>ard of Kagtaeara Ibe reaolotion aa aBeoded waa adopted A't<w ooafldcrable rout-re buaiattr the ft>*rd id wroel to Mocday m it, at Ore o closfc. Board of Conaetlmea. (lamr m ?n->? >f>i th? > 'wrmoiiMJt m mvi t < rtttr ?aw. Thi* B ? I n-'t Iaat rreaiag, PreaiJeot Jooee la tbe choir tbe n nutea of tbe prartoua meeting baring booo read aa1 aprrOrtd, A own mat) at as wat reoeired fma tbe Csaptroller, la reply to a r*?">'utton a-". ,te<l at tbe Iaat meeting of tb* Hoard, dee, r.a| information aa to what terry raota are tfva acd a pa id to tba city He ntakee the follow at Httawtii ? From tbe leoaeea of Peck allp ferry to Bcoeblya. K. D . Bit e bj 3tba* Nbt, fr m NY r ember. IUB, to Auyaai 1, 1M0. ?!'? Tid Tbe a .ret ea of tbt* n aaa are Abra .aa Meaor?l? an t John J'hxaob ie From tbe uaane >c t,r?i.d etreet ferry to Br^oblya, f f> . aloe aoatltb, froa Ni*<-ab?r 1, l?M, to A if tat 1, 1??0. ?USfrO Mame eorettea aa above Froa Hopba V l> Ua'M, t.mr am owe half yaan -ent OT a ferry froa Thirty aiaib atrart. s..rtb rtrer, t . N?? -leee^y. 'ro? Jaaaar.v 1, IBM, to tugoat 1,1-^0 l?.-0 No bead appear* to bare been flrea Froa Janea Wi - o. threi a >ntha' rent ?f tb* Ja-ketr , ?traet frrry, from May 1, 1160. to * nu?i I, l? J, MM 5i.ret'ea i I Brown ao I Meo'y MaUiew* Tbo l oaptroiler oboerre# that tba ahjve amunte, a* fert tbe ooe a?*lr?t Mr Wiaoa. w?ro kaba ttet we><k? *$o n t? (io<iaaad to tbe Corporal io? for oo.lectloa. ba. a? d it aot (oakider It he voaary to toka rwierc re aekaar ? aninat Mr Wiiaoa, Ibr tbe raaana that be re?ilery, ti-tk cot proaptly, paid tbe any Tot r >aa >a w waa 'ird-red v- ba prmtod Wkrera repneia of the Co?m ttoe aa Roada ao atbe* r r mailt t~?a w rr preaaeatod an.l laid orer Tbe ?*r - oaaearrad to reariod that portloa of the rb> y*'* ^ 'P***-1 ?"t U, appro^riatlay tbe rn,>M of tbe . upraac t<wart,t.?a?eat Term aadfir'n* tttotbe i-.pft, n Ooart. thua petaitUcg tba 9a^ea> Court to retain it k the r f >*e?aB?e ! a 0i?L " *be e ?raar of ->*ranty aereath tUaot aad third aTee.k.faf a a ..n aa, eaa. L be am.ropriatod tot tbe pa'p-** ' ?tert a? ib reAn a *>iltab>e t. illdlag for JO e? orab??t an1 ^?.r rbll lre? There ?raa eoaai lerable ?e??ta infora tb- naui ?f i ,? r?oo.utk?a, ta which M?a*r?. AittM I tl t k r., ? Tbe latter nt nate4 that It **m r :n >red that to? !??,, .. < rktH m^abera ware ! *rl c . tr'e art ?> atipt . r e Ha,?MHk|tM trotee of the Jewttb pert v, , at r * eeaat elort * * ? i?? l<Hited the t^ith of th* '?H'*'. a-11 *? ? ?? (rr b?l \i>) atat ' b< had ?< r a r?>t ^ *k aa fov b ikt n Ijr tbe a t ? i^?t , ,r% i if tbi . .?? bad L>t ji' i ? fern a convention, at which loe* to rote tor ali te ?ncrtll' Mr Hua >? repusl I tat there *u so trvtb ia thai atat* mp.it. an>i urgec the adoption of tbe . eooiatloa k - fines-. nut opp nod Itto [.usage of the reeoO.ition, re m v i. i -og that tiie lea.! *n worth to the ally f.O 040, and wt'CiJ aider oo coiio Je; .\t u?C-a table Uiaa to waste 111 ' public *uad s After further disst woo the B ari .-oftjerred It a->pro. j f u.< uy a rate of J) to 2. Ths Bcasd thoa ad.ouraud t.J Monday The Commfsslaaer* of Km tgrAtlon. TO TltK HNTOft Of THX MI KlLO. In your report of tae proocod'.ngs t the Comm.Mioa)rs of I migrat an j yeetcrday s Hsue. a rase ?u cttotl charg ltg Mr Nordhaus, (an author' zed>geul of our roa.n, ou the affidavit of a Mr. Steia, w.th hava^ received >41 for the pai^vo of said Stela sal Ills fa m y to To.edo. an 1 cot having carried out ba agreement We are compelled to deuy Catly that Mr. Stein ever made such an affidavit aut furthermore, Mr. I aaaerly corleesed the f?ii ty of the matter as reported, bat for certain prudent. al r-saoas Sot only ref ned to contradict tt bul declined to produce the atfi la vtt ta queatton that we might pulilisb tt The tiutb Is that Mr. Slam was in duced lo repurchase h s tickets in Cast 'o Gar lt's,{ oo cer ta ? m sr?pre?eniettons of the jieople there n respecting Mr Noriihans, Urftre cai.icg od <is, at he was directed to do in J <oould have douo. Upon learning the true position in which t-) was placed U? ma te aa an lav.t, In presence of lbs writrr and Mr Carserly, ??'tt!: (f forth trial deceived and badly tr - .led by t he employ '? s In the Garden, and tn every wa;- ixonemt'Lg Mr N'ordhaos. The rnouef was orders to be refunded to the rr.au by Mr Nr idhsus, cot becsvse he wis tu any way obliged to do >o po tbe grouaiH that he had aot fu ll'iel his contract tn good faith o? justice, bat sltapiy to aelp the mm out of a Jll<n m? int.' which '.he tmportuait.es of the Gwdea employ r< bad placed !nm Fisaily. this tsbul :no if tt: ? many petty annoyance* to wb i !.:'? ? P-i rn/'vaeia Ksitrnad aod Its employ are rmnatanHr ntlwud ky ihe Castia Oartas effleNta. that road not oe'tig represented therein, aud uo opportcaltV ll loet to_f*.*'fy the trnlh b->fo.-e the pabltc, wboroby ihe immaclia;.' purty of their acts may be sinwa, uoier the si '? 'atrooa^ ? Ike fetattrosls MoDONAL: 1 BfCH tFF. A^eaU Peaus'vanla Rat roal, No. ? Battery place. The stava Ttade. u rg d jIat^ circuit coaxv. Before fion JaIgeNels.)3 TfTi T?.B'8 ClARoa TO rtlf IV IT O f - j ?The V.jW.ij (eatlsniea w ^<31 panne .el on the t rand .'nry ? Geo f .reraaa r.ovU J 3eion,Jr., Kohi-rt W g aonn , '.'sj.el Ur!?t?y, Charles A Baldwla. Aaron N Cohiu Samaal Pswaoo Fran 'la Fow'jr, Richard 0 W M or > f :?e|>fc f Weeks, H T G Mar-] hand, !.*cb'ok C M"X?r?, SamoM M'.lbaak !/? ^ara R l'arl??.-, Jribn I'ne^w Theo. W P-nokasy, * Wm U. Soc um, I/?wU 7aa Briat, Lew i WooJbarn. Ju.ige Kelson then sai i ? (tvotlen. -a or the Amid Jury? I ho.t in my h*nd a list i of ihoi^rco:.^. l.trgrd ? tho.Icja^aaK*:aSlthe aws of the I nlW States, wfaost ci^s wi ! be s bm'tted to you by the li strict Attorney n beita.: of the noveroTieut, in th.? cours'; ul )our 'le.ibt-atlous Too ilnit three rsscs am, the Uo Kil states ag:\ rat W ..iam Warren, the -?ta a?a)D*t Nathaai'-I Gordon, ao 1 the -nmr asa iat Havi Hull, woo *re a rsons charged with tbe ir.mo of betai com eru? i n tie t ave trade Th'jr arc cuarged w tu orv log tict-n oa board the Erie, either .s roaet, r or hands, it th^ t,3ic -he was captured with acargi of s.?7.'s (some n.ne I: ofl r-d ) ou tae ^y-set of Afr.ci, and which ware afl.tr wsril Aeurered at Monrovia, an i the vessel and these per soni ord> red to thu co'iatry. Ihe vaasal . it appears, sai.ed frum Havana to the mouth o.' the toago rlrer, whirr .nbs Wx>k on boari th s cargo of s.area, being a! terward oaptored aaJ ioat to Monrov * Oue of these rersobs is ih-i'rfelas b^icg ti e mister o! lb s vessel; aootbar one. 1 believe, a mate, ani tbo other, perhtps. a hand lue a the cas-* oe la d before you by ihe ii'Sirlct Aiteruey, eo far as they have got to the knowledge of the goverumer t. The clen o, u charged In Ike caee of persons eagtged ta the a'.ave trade, is male I i.U?ha'.i;e bj tb? act of Coagiess of May 6, 1120, fourth and flftb sevuoea T.'ic fourth section declares that if any clliien o." the I nile<S SI ilea, being of the crew or ship's con;j aty on any foreign >el engac-MI .a tbesiave trale, or auy j* rson whatever bi- ug oi toe crew or ship's coat pan/ o( a-.y vessel own. d in wucle or 1a part by a ctti ?n < t the t'i; ted states or aav. gated for or In behalf of a clt:zen of the I ailed States, she.! laad from ar.y ves'el, and oa aav fore.gn shore suite ecy ne?'r!> or mulatto not held service in one of tiie Slates r Ter- tor; .j. wth lateat to tnsse rich Legro or mu atto a s.art, or shall decoy or forcibly bring or carry or rcc. 'ive fcuch aegro or mulatto oa board such vessel, w ,ih mUnl as aforesaid, such c ti. eu or person shall be ad ndged a pirate, and, on ceav Dtloa, pulshol with death Tbe tltth section d<<clares that tf any sc. n't cif. Ma or pereor? that la, under the c1rouustance? atated in thii fore part of section Tour ? shall forcibly coo'.iae. detain or a l aM abet .n forcibly contli.!n( or detain. ng a boar l sv.ch a v*esel, any negro sr mulatto, wih intent to malt.' h ai a slave or shall c.ler or attempt to entl hint as a slave, or stia.., oo the U.gh seas, or anywhere n t.de water, traii?Te? or del vee b.rn over to any other reseat, with intent to make him aa'ave, or shall deliver h'? on sbors from "in o Hard sack veeeel. with Intent t<> make a slave of him. shall, on ocnvMt.on, be adjudged a p. rate, and punished by death The p^raoa charged with the Crime of be ng engaged ia tbe slave trate, accord'ng to a regulation anu s I or Congress, must either be a Mtlzso oi the l'clte-1 Halts, if emp. yod In a foreign veuel, wtilch vetssl is 1-rgsgad tn the a'.ave trade, or If be is a foreigner, the person are used of being engaged tn ths Slavs trade must bs la a vessel employed m II at trade owatJ in whole or ui part by a cittzea of the I'd, ted -tatea, or engaged In ib? trade In behalf of or for Us beni it of ae!tl/."n ??] the t'ntte! Btates? tbe govern meat or Congreaa aot cla.jiiag any jurisdiction on tbe i hi h aeaa over eases of a foreigner eag igej In th;tt trale, . and employed 1a a foreign vessel but If either the per son thus engsged 's a cillsen of the L'alted Staled, or tf ; the vessel sags.sd ta the trade Is an Amer:. an veesel. or i rather a vsaaej owned la part or U) whole by a cltiteo of the ' clti-d Matea, although tbe person may be a foreign er, the government cialma to esercl e iiirtsdictioa over it. Vou will therefore, with these expoaitioua of the lasr on this sub -ct. regulating the pacisbment of persona en gagsl In thia trade, from the teatinoay o ' .red by the governmeut, determine whether either of tbeae parties Ooim Within its ref ulati 'D* Tht re is also an >tbor ol fence In connection with this employment, under the act <>f 1H00. mootrytag ita ptnisbmenl It Is^ mads us lairtul f?r aay ciUr.ea of the l'alted ' States, or any person resiJitc therein, to eervs on b>erd of aay vessel male use of to traosp rt slaves from i oe oosstry to another, and aay sneh citizen or other per s. o voluntarily s< rvtag oo such vssael ts liable to * fine not esce<*duig ii C"0 aod impriaiwrn-Hit aot eioeodlng two years. This veaeel, I uolTStand, was engaged la tais trale, aad sailed from Havana to the Ongo river, aad was copied in ooeveyttg aegroee from Africa to Havana, wblch would bring the caae with la one of theee pro Tistocs. The Ju tgs then nailed ths attention of tbe Oread .fury Ui the law apon several ottonoes of minor Issportance which would corns before them. Finally ba alluded to the rase o I'.' 'olpb Blu-n?nb-rg, wh > was su>l?tltute I a boo<*.stnao for ths valne oi the slaver Orion, oo rtpraaents tioo It. a t t- w as wnrUi t Wine the va1 ue "f thevesse1. which stipulation bow turns out to be valueleaa, lo eonaa qrteece o( th ^responsibility ol tbe party, and In connec tion with wh eh be ts charged with penary The prac tice of rtsring straw bail, as it w** railed by the ba'. was one that bad ecme to be of no uncommon rvcurreace, ii.aeaii. h as It <v aot always tn the power of the offlser tak ng th? be to'.l scover the fraud, anl be rallad the Specie .tient'ca of the t.raed J ,ry ta this subject The Grand Jury thea ret. red. (.one Island (<mai Ketaraa Prom the ? rooaporl (LI) Watebown. OK. 20 By I ?? ktadaoaa of Geo [?' M11.1, 1- <4 , Marsha'. far ih? town of Bro'kb?Tec. ?e ars soabiod to present the fal law ng statist 'ca of that town ? Ntimbor <( dwslllD?a? 1*00. X 9JT. ISM, I 0.">7 In ereaa* jOO Numbe* of families? MOO. 2 Oil, 1*66 1 #70. l?<-rra?e. 51 Nvitber of 't.haV.Unts? l?o' 9 ?'<) !?<*>. 9J1* --0 S' Blber of farm* n 1*90. 017. i>f V?tb? 141 the naab Uot* arc ibi* .t.itributod ta the Farera. Pjst ( >mo? J*tr;cU ? '??trbf* 1 ?0O: Beilpott, &20: fork Jtltm, 1,M Wet ?i ?. t, 1J60 ."WOf 3-JO ?>tkf Point, JfcM II vsr.ie 4) New Yli'aae, 300. S>l1ea, 1)0 Coram. I4> ?' ir'.'an.l ">*? Manor, MO Yaphanb 241 r re I 'mar.^nO > >atb rtaroa . 340 W?st Moririjea, 100 Centra M r en. ?. JO. taat Morlcbao. tM Blue Pal at, 'M0. To u;. It I- p*oj*r to Mtj that the *' art ?ih ?>lt J -m not thow the Ire. Wares** In this ? wn oomf t ? * 4W|>ut*<t boundary ?jvmi on balweea Br>>*??r?n and lolly, torn* ;i00 Tlub.unli of tbc frw.- t'.? res l ag wlth:a the >?Ubl ?h<sl It* it* of tbo town %ra Included In (he ?"Mat ? etur&sof Ui? isttac baoM tbs real ta sroaae II about HO HMT.lt OA DM. HN h k* Mailr* a.i r >a a..H4*Y aj?D Trir ormaoetlM wltfe Lrwiu .* wj? u4 West Traiaa teare ? r '* rwsMaaaa aracar I r? -? ritarr r ut ntui ?.. ; k .4 II A M . ant 1 1 7 n U * A Aad 1*1 P r.M I M. Tr.-t u4 Al.aar Mali, at I 13 . r m. I *4n f ? Tt>j a?4 A ' aar < ?Uh 4>ef 1 ? ? P ]f fS nlkfa IMII tr? } ?' r ? j 4ed 1 Pea>ti?*r** Wain. 7 Ml A * Aal 1 P V ? A . M ?a4 I X P M. Pee*sb1 ! ira> ! V P W ' J ?J ? M *at ?tn? .rvu. *A4 A. M aa! It) U A ? ? a aad 7 U P 4 aad 7 F M ? N? A P ?WtT" *nt>ar"it*r, (#01 m T'1** AR1) Pahi ca itAll.auAU Per ?. *nr *n4 Tr f. ?a?i?* d.rwjjw.T^eiif* ? ?1U LAt a?wV->f* leairal Rallri*4 for FUeara Hi.TaioaA^ar aotaw w??i Rortfewooi ami #"ttUi?*ia ' ** aa4 \fi?r Wmtav. (>ri 1A 1 -*J wtii laaro Twao If fVir. arM Ktl ? S??t iri M (>? ???? ? Albaor Brnnaa TraH 7 AM. axl I P II. Atl-aay Mai.Tiaia U A. M Por < naoa PaUa t P *.. aaippUui at a r.ilai abTro Tar b villa. r ? WUw P'Alat lllA I IS ?? J J to P M m or'at ai all atetM-oa Por * hn? I'mtlim .'nafiunw Oaaoll. ?? '"HftrmSmSKiri 11 A. M aa.1 ?? P. ? (from T wr-if Mitt (troai Dapot' ?c a? a. <Uti no lirn-; Will I a?^a AJMar. Ml; *ft*af, I U 4 * -fcpreni Praia Albaar 4PM tw A.oar ' < U T M Alaaif. f A. M . Mat Albarf ? ! ? ? ?al' Trxm fhoaia Kua. 7 A. M ?.>v # a? *4 a. MaaiaM Utl? rtWaa. I 7 K A. M A.1 M , flat ?? i? at all "? *? 1 1'~ it*. 9 ii k M ao4 I ' < tMar'aa at a:; aa Biaa ?"?' 81..U 4 MOaajknt Oni? 1aM? itmt ?rw v-v u . ? r ? 14 ? -1UK !t > ?Rifrt?** P aatr* jf ?. a . .? * n 1 ,-K Pew t Uca. BO&RDIHU UO UlSOnO. Arrtr. SO IT or ROOMS TO LBT? ON BPCOND Uuof, back Pwlor and eiteuetoa, ard one eery pleaaaol B.ooi <xi rnailh flour to let, to Alu*le ffraU*asr'-. or *eni row Ard J?!r wltea .at lUBenood icnu. Bouae flret ? laaa #U ai the modem Lmprov A T TOK**S 3 J: 80ADWA F. OPPJ8IT* WASH A ln*ton pltM k ep Undid (urulahed Apartmen; with the new ImprOirrma.U ABANDHOMKLIT PORKIBHRO BACK PARLOR, ON An* floor; ajmi neatly furuleked ?l?*le Roometoreat I) gtuUeinre only, WUhoit toiil **a vid ba;h. SI *xu*Ji at# a if, oe*r Ninth atrwt, one buxk from Broad w?. ATOUNO wmow, WITHO0T FAM11.7, ( AN A< 00* naorfate a ?enlleman and lady wuta a Ira; R'?*. nicely fnrtilahed, and Board far thn lad; oaljr Oood U'lla ami piiTtlrx^ at Locnt CaU m 14 Cammeroe h.:eot. usat Blieelir. Al.A it ?s, iianokomki t n RNlaHID PaRLOR AM* Adjoining Bedroom lo let with Board. euite'' ??ft* m Urmtn and but wife (>r tvj atr gle KenUroiKA. v.ip.y at l'l'i knat !? ourteerth etreet, oppoalle thr AOadiay at M ao Re fereocoa richAOcnd. AhMALL PKIVATK fAMIl.T WOU.'.D LBT TO A cwnp'.e of geetlemer n nicely furnlehrd Room and Itrd n?>ui, with breahfaM ant dinner on Nr.uda?A Uo-jm oo'itAiae all the modem .a) y ro? em?uU- Apyi.v ??. 45 Aia.'/ ?--eet ATkRT BANDSOMBLT FC7R*I8M*l? PAP.LOit 4*0 Bedroom, aiao two Kmoou uiay now be h?1 *? .3* Prior* tut't, ?mr of H'oAtwai- Hoi ?e i-ootAim ? : m<l de.-u imi rovmenu and u occupied eicliietrely t?* gentlemen X nia If d''a'i*rt ArCJRBIBHUl KOO*. WITH PARTIAL BOAR ^ IN A ama.i family c?n be kU at 21 j*ooiJ ?UM. n?ar rtnl a"e?ue. A LABOR FRONT ROO? ON THIRD F! OUR HaXD ?oaely fural-hed. lo let w-lihoit board, to one >r two <?n tleai*n. .? pp'y at iW Fourth it'crt. aetr I#* ay- te pnee A LA* ?? AND DKSIK AHLK FRONT R OV HUIT *b;<! ( or a ? rt'ewao aa<! or two ai.-u 1 Id rvat In l.-n < .?m b> ? ?? No 6 vTp * l??.y KL tbU'Mrt i.ptOM'o Kli ti a .rna? Hot*! PaiaeMlM luimddtAtulj A:?? a ant. ' r tome o let No*. 1J Asmaij. fam::.t woumi r,F.r T< oirw: or ??para'<-. a ir.!;- rf ne?(tijr fumUho.1 Ro>in? o:i fli-at or ?xeoad door t<i r?cUem?? wlt'i uiuiia! !>o*.d -< ?!ih*n td A;',1 / a: (1 Wr?i k>Tenth at>e?t tea/ t flh atBE-j*. ATOf ? i MMR4MAI AND vrara? WISH A weu? (urai?li?d ar*?il w lh:r l atorr room with board ;; i? fir-*. Jt . ?* ?*ai 'f r?btb aTeo-'.e or BMM iMBflilB nfri. Tiraia mri Ik niowntt, A.U'ro^j a; on a. .Jt loo?ttoo - aJ tenza M s , box UK I'm odice. AT1W IINTI,lt1*?NnAN BBAOOOKMOOATBO WITH K.oaw '!>rraklaet vim i.-i, dinner m Buadaf . li r? i utr?.t in a prtfat# f amily , u> ' "hur tna itreet, betvree . Van i ai.J Kaodminl Uriutt cnuiatoa ?od?rs op"o i nstila Katjrr .I ?a e^'bauked. Addreaa A. W., box . SM Pom Oee. A PKrrATJE FAMILY OF T8-CK* ADULTS A ILL I tr an>i laotnr.y fnrnlabod ir-u-. i'ar .ir, ?na or ?i.3>. i!^*m ontWaac i il > >r. ettlar wltii partial It04rd. i>i ?ai?ta'il? .tr :.r-' fir In kttchen App'r a! W Fourth a a u it VtwMa f?ea / f^gti.h und Twenty nln;h C-reeta. 4 F t > *V? INOLAND Bf>*RD, TOOFTHKR WTTM Ji ? ?? m'.irr *rrnui Hcor f am * b *<1 or an^irnlabr ana four trrf neai.r furnuxed koubik on u,"i fanj'b a > - ca_i i.o fc '.re d 1)1 Kno-J :ne at 81 Wat Nlae??eu^ alnit Ta? Rcoraii ?rti vt-r? i >n??n: aoi lh<? hjitee, table an I faa^ly ?netcee i ina l? la trery ; *rtiivj!*r Paniea williajr t>) p*r a fair pr~t ? a :pertor >ttownaf><l?tii>B? are retpecUullr tunud to eat. AHANnsoarLT rURBtOIIRD BOOM TO LKT-TO V ??oU?Mka oulf, Uu'iae urat ci&a?. No. U9 Vet. Iwz l j accoud (tract AT 74 X?BT 7WKNTT THIRD8TMBT-A FRONT PAR lor an I Br ! room oo tb* aeit>nJ Bjor ma/ be ha: wlia B. vr t lyy^tloa near Fourth a?eun* AMU'BLT FDRNIHHKD EOO* TO I.BT TO A LADT and rrr jruni, wliti Hoar t for the Udy ou.'y, in a rva 1 fanulv; kotiea haa modem Improrementa. and ooara H.pn: t ? -J?r?a:id ?ta.rra T?>rtna t) pe we--a, Ali. eaatt. H B V%dt?,n t na:e Puet offlre. A1AD7 AND OINTUIMAN CAN OBTAIN BOARD <:? 'I for UM Ia.1j" on yl. In a priva ? taaa.ly ?ith ? h.tr.da o m :i:rct?l>>*d fn>nt Mo> n ether b kardara; U'/uae haa aii t:.? b.i?;?ra imprOTrmosta. A tire t S S. M . Mai*. a ? %n Pot,: cS.ee. Ar:-sp*:ctab!.b awirioan ladt. batino a Par. or aad M"droom attached on (1?*. n or I r nt, i an 1 awr y fivol: bed. would 1M thrm to n iter i,-ni? i A id nti.-, with Hiarl for lady <nl? I'rue moder?t?, i7 per ?r?h CouvenlMt t< aia*r? an.l c ?:?? to aU p*i:? of th*ri!y. Ia? i.rr At 1J1 Weal Niaeleenth aireet near Hnveuth a. ?&u?. firiT OF V?aT DK9IR ABLB ROOMS ON TH* SE r< idiiory to !et. te- arately or t * ? her, in thr haviv- ' a widow . ad*, w. h nit rhUdrrn 4?ut mien prof rr-rl li ? .??, at <)r a H?(erruce* App . at 111 '.Vea; T...rty arveotk Rr<i l t e*r Broadway. \ PRtVATK FAMIIiT, 0OCCTTIBO A NX* 110* SB J\ near Wa.i itreet ferry Hrona'ya v.111 lr? a eeoood v .rt l?*>m. wdh ( K?a bo: an.! ooll wat?r aid 'n,u ?a?. e<1, to two (rr.t ?mva. with p*rtial I'-oa'd for $11 perwurk. AU dr. ai W 11, O , b-i< 1 6U New York, Pi at - lice. \ HA?;*0*BI.T I I7BNKHK0 FH?'ST K'fO * WITH iv iraa, grn'.r IkH lrt, to a ai"Kie |M|M MM bo*rJ. a: a m >l>>?ate prlw No 4.' i wea:: ?tk etree' be:a . ra liroAdway and fourth avenue A OINTLKMAN AND BIS WIPK. OR TWO OR MORt O. ?tii^ .r (tent-riceo, can lie accommodate I with i ?n .arjp* fnrr.Uard H ?m? coutertlr*. 01 11 oar ?:?.!? Hoard, with an TjtM^n family, rending at No *6 la'.e Waal Ninth atrwrt, nrar 1 :f u ***1 "? H >'iae h*> All the m -dcra l-npn--. nansU. l'luner at fi o'clock. A A I.ADY IS DBtiTKOl'ft TO IK'HM FOR THB W1K ft. ter, a tow taea.ilea *:>J aint.r ?en-. rmn trttk I*. ???<! jr ? i:? ta>!e, i ( drained Tbe rati'* nooiid and thin il or, 441 twi ra'.ori cm dm floor. haedeomely furnished li?tt*< * deal rabie l> i-.a? ??*? alaee terme nviarate Apply at t,MR itroad eay. >??>>'.. TVrty retard Ih'jt. at-ooc '? airaeta, Baat *1>. AUBNT1.BM IX AKD 1118 Wtrs ARB DUIftOl'* Of ortai:: r . A} art* rats anth full Ruai l, m a pi-irate (a mi.y, where uif r < aa hate the f>?mloru <?h im?. A pe.-ma nr'.t arrang'tnrnl could be made If the *Uaat:?o, As., ahou.d b? euita' le. a::ii*Uca muit be ah >re Bights Itrrf and tetweea Fourth and hovh treaties. Address for &ree ilajs G, C., 10 F'i:th arar a Anri.KKt?ii> unr or rooms-handbowblt rflt n'sbed, wuh l'r. . at* Table. a'.eo a few a-iu'.o Koao<< at I,ltt Broa'??/, lelween Tw?ntyf!th and Ttrrnty I vlh ttreru near the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Ai.axtcar find a <ibntbki. hoarding ft.acr, at a a*?ierste prlie. bj ch!Ud( at No 2 MlU'.ca* i-.ae?. bet ween TnU ui Flier ea'.h streets, Milk a'e.rie. Kaiereaoas nohanited. KAIItM R Hl.HION. Art BNlHI(Kt) r A K\oR AHi> RtXjMR ON 8B<50."<1> door, to let, with rood Blvd. In * private Frrniih fam >ly, at 170 * a>t Th.rtt aereath at reel A fmd optviriHai: f for l?oer dealrotia at tear^ax Prsooh tad muck- KeferaocM ei oAai Kf 1 Ami (WW Iff W WW hahdkomb It Inl'W Ko?mt -hedn?mi au/1 aft i.o* main -in * ".rat rlase honaa situated b???? Math anl Twenty '>fth ?treeia. ui t F.-arthaari Cixth arenna*. where another board era arc taken. a ?oai uh family of r?-ap*o'a ullty prrlrrred. IJberai term* will le tlreo Keftreacca n.'hUinM Ad.lreee II. H., but US Poet .fliea. R. 1. A r ROUT I'ARI.OB AND ADJOIKINO HIDR30K. with private UMe, or wVfeont Hoard, also a l?'*e R m n on thethir.i flxw eiib hreahfaai It tialrrtd, may be hat at 371 r ?m street. fourth k"uaa frjaa Lafayette place. A FBW I ORIUHRO BOOKH TOR (JENTLRRBX. A. tit Broad way, Oppoadta M Mchoiaa Hotel Frail Wtottrer -ee*. Dp Malra. PBJVATB KAMII-T, LIVIRO in HOOD HTTLB !R A Bodera Moaa fmot htaaa. would let a haada tae rarlnr aa ! n< lraiMB, ? a H ?r !. In aa agreeable To< ag fnarrlad C"H>le, all. la* V> ray ft* to B? oer w??t. Beat .eferraoaa. Addreaa ?. ee:? reniad mrr*' Uera^ nRre. AriMirtroi room to i.iT~irira boabd, at U 7 Warrr ey plMi near ? aahir?>]a a .".are Aran ati FA*n,T. bbsidini irtiiirit rotRrii ?treei w. at > arm:r.n40-nt?? a t?atlea?* and h t wif-> or a t w'tfe p.eaaam fro 1 Rwma. ? to Hmrd apply at the drat hn atoae fraat io .?e i eel of Ttur4 kTtn'it. R? <erei,'*> ei-ha <?a4. AI,*R.>)f HARDBf'RBf-T Fl'BB:?r?D H\> < PAR lor ail fr iat R >tn rw a* ei on ">w, to >t. with or wiih 01 1 H -art I 11m 4r?i < tea <?a: n near *aih.n?in i'arad* Kind. <iermaae or Prenrl v referred. Fur furtbe pail c;. in'ri re R Me hi. b.4 Ha*lw?r. A A ()RJ?T].V? aN ARD LAPT, OR TWO -IROI.B UKX A t?n. oai. be acx ?nm 1Mnl wl;b pleaaaal A?nt aad BaaH 111 a reav>?etal>l? prtaa * f am../ In j .ire at Ho ^ uew*a p'jM-e. ic eueet. betarea ren;k and B treat* etreata. Wit'lama^nrr AI RIVaTB FA?1!.T, OOnjFTINO A P'. B 1 1 A HTI.T localrd, . cm' -wt. ? bo- a?-, w -lA a<c i?:n V*ta A *->np> o *en; ?m?"B elaJf and ?eat.ara?a. with a we. f- T-atiad P?r or an; " e or Iwn Hedr >?*. ar:ti 1' *rl AMtt-tFri rate Family. U era Id 1 ?. Avbobt r o* n;tn on without rbdroor ma* be ?*<1, ?'* B at Ho 11? W <wa tr ?aty e^cxki Mrret The hO"?> ? 1 teaaaat aad ibe 1 icatua Ira at# 1 a . far two >la>( Itefere ..ra raquire Afar it or oiitumkii car havr fci.i. or pai -Vi H<ia. 1 In ? ao<f era bon>- a rtrt e>BT?iiani .< Ih* tr et oeer aerfra c.17 railr ?rta aal aia jsa vc Ml Ike ferr ?? App'y *? ti Uamaiao 1 street asar Feu ft* Arnt A'B FtVIt.V W0CI.D I.KT A T.^ROB F-rV.r aeat j f ralatel.ta oa? or two se>.'..?ni?e 1 a a-'y afcd K*al.?m?u a a rah ut par; a )%r.l Apply a'. 2*.' Faai 1ei.ll. atreev nOARfl TO l.RT, w.ril >"R WIT!!')! 'T BOARD in A ? pruate fam IT a 'ivrfa k <h lae-teo' ruta^le f >' ? ViTiwlar a.?u a Bona foe A *la??e (eaUe^AA. App.y at ILt TJ\k ATeaae. Board -A At'ITR OF THRFR B '.)?? OR THB a??'eJ(' in a!en .? v, the f .? rth v > et wltA Ixard at MCUtoa p.Ate. g?r F ifth aei?-i>. I'.aaer el f' 'dfcisR. nOAT.n A L.tHUB Pol TB R"X V. Wtlx aBBIHB ed. ? *? '? *n?a?r r;*aa-stly by two u art a?ni'e ?>?n -w grnl:'m\- *0 * ? :?e t ?? li?l 1 Mil R' .ii K?fcrec.e* r? r l-ed f ?a*? .j at I. ..atasaonl eire?t, Mlweia l' ' i. '.h aa 1 8! ?cter. UK!* ? t.ADT ,t!f? .ll^rUBRAN CA* B A<.V )'?' ? IB l? ?l with "j-varl !?*? pi. rate 'am , junfewi 4 f-. ?' or* s|i 1 a t * r #-? m app r %? C2 W#et l) 1 k J M. bet?ee? Bmadwt) a- 1 F.ftB trust B Aad MtJt area *> ee;a ^ et we- a Fm Hoard to i rr. Tr ?t tt or ? -abate -t . i* a pr:-a'e ho%ia? aa tof itr; dfWtMe H na f?ai ? ? en preferred b ?? r . ??, <u?'a-?irv r?f - ! ?? I. ?? s*J -? red A r ai . vteet 1 , leeaih ?./e?t. i>etwe?a Futh a. < .?th ve.i 'a BC AR? t T 5 . t.t ? CAN \ V< M* ' ,*a ?1 a ?>! n a-i a- 3f ?? ' r , wi ! iw ? 'ea? tAVe * ? '?? ?h Fr- aid <?eraAR Is Ire 1> moAMatma ah a ooaa wo. B?.a*Pl ivrtmiom roomb ?ahd<ioi(*i.y furniM?i ?A tlmha. numlwr of lOArdan. 4? MOaUlal labia, a:i madarn ImproTcwui. loeaUun oaatral and cuar* tMtt- *o ai b?k>? aalMt mun. Board t o* <-xn?i.kman and wiph and on? Jf '.brie - ml* xeaCaaAea la a itrteUr prirat* lamUy; I ?bu *1 thtf m iJm :mprr>?n?#BU. Apj>I / At SJS krf^T* ,iUrtk atrt'tt. ttAfereci'-* eicaaai t Board in ounov puaos ? a huit of rooms for ? rent.eniAa Aud be wife or for (io(> cea'-Iaatea.

Aiao, A Uiuemen' lor Ac oflice At y < Union piAce BOARD IN JIRflT CITT-A* 81 (1RAND STRUT t 1 ?aJt from (VM-UAnJt Atreat f?r. j , j\x?t aetgh bn-tuiral , pleAAAnt Roouu, bAia ud {it. Dtiiaar A> 5 rflfor enrcg raiaired. I Board wanibd -a toonu lady rsum board j id a tint rlua oarllm b > iee. InsAUaa Ao<>ra T ??a:/ | third sircM Yrrras uat l? H vw vmili Referen<-ra glren a A re<r lrod. Ali ew J H. a., but 164 Ue.a-J M ? j Board wanted? with CNFimNMHRD apart- j U1H.U. for A (eatlenaa w and hob Ir. a modern hr.' .v) Ai>i^e Fi mb ?tre?t a ya. tor and '.?*> b-Mruxua, jr t ie am md ' or "ill! door Uiret^h. D .aer Ai ?i AddrtMe bo; 2 <3 f ? 1 odo*. Board wantkd-in ru* cppbr part oh tub ! citj. lor a ladv, to a p. IMU i' tea. where 'He caq ( ivojr < the cvuif.irsao? A ijMe tc.ajA OKJe.'et.; Ad ' raaa T si , i lief a-d iflUca. Board wa?tm'-.for a ladt aud oswtlkkak. mt ?tat laai'? where tier- ere AO V.htr hoarder* boer* for t.'ia iAdr uu wtU ? p'.e??au- iVy -a Aal ttoard f t: a Ud , a. (UAUtAr. e t.<jc>Uioa bf' itr Iv ?n'.j Airrt etreet. r >? rrali-ut to <A(? and a A J l.e.u k.i:A.-*ou. HarAld a l.e Board wantnd -tw o oihT.iHiir are drsi rrm of o' * ft' BoArd, wl'.h dtcaar At ,#i o'tlick, lr A of rvapartt) llty th*T would r?q utr? % anting ram A?i ??.. toedronoii Ad-lr>? w'.'Ji fiLl t'V-.jriiAr?. BOi ; iii fcatifice. Her V.irk Ho*rd wahtto-bt a rouva van and his i*n.r f?ui wh? ' li?re ve 31 o'ier b.?nl ere A i-reM. : .a Uil '/< ' . j All ' L. 0., BfOAdwAT feat oMm HOARD VT A.VTBD ? FOR a LADY AND OINTLBK AN: l>;n a nir; fABuly, ?h?re tu?r* %re no .Hh?r u Ardert iow1 tnr t<je ,*djr or I/, witA a p "AAkat room fur '.ha ho r?'i.>o be'o* twfi'i t?r<i ? reet oaovetuaa; t) sat? Aui Kit* Adlrfoa lAflraoa ilervi ill e Bo\a:?wAVT*n-A or^tliman ih nsmsnaor ?>l'tAia.-!? % p'e*#*::! R >-.m with B iArd ' tr tli; w.at'" ?bciw th* oouforiA at botntefcn be aa.ored, lr. ? p;e?ji%o' k? r?t. n AdJraa* B.ja-v, t 1,413 i** 3J.ce ? aUa( :erai> ul AtuAtko. Boaippm -a onvunuii and wrrs or two ?lug'.e *entien-.> a. rA i ka Accomm'?lAtad wl'.h .-err pl^A mi. Ronoii Atd 1-n. l .*?;.?? il?slr?i>ie honi" arat c'.a - di. irr a; all. Ai pty wt'Ji referaaca, a> 6S Wea*. tt!> atritt ?UMt ;X15 wV^SSg^^'O.or A ?o b QJ* ait' , (-Arnsihe^' l h Mxd coii wh't Thl fn?ur ?" ^PVtyer Ho, ,JS* ?' ?mud*' if"' : [,l?-?ar .It AC1 h' r LI . T Terov. raaann Iblrt.atfe airee; f i-aouaj a?-ejuaa?Ar Boahdinq.-a r a: vats faxilt would :.it to or * (mlkn aa and ?rt'o, their front And re ir ??pe?d ut?ir Booaa, ?!th r wtjtl Board f jr teuUemsa H kun KlghlaiBth (trret. ooa b^iok a>jre Ual i ii -Arr te'.ffeea B? *J*AJ ATd Ftfli AT*Une Board wantid in hrookiyn notkmbkr i fcj ? yr-.ni m** If O'tp'. I: e?tr.''.lf r:ir?t fAait.f. re?. Urn io A Ut ?,r?b'e i... jr ai.d lo. vuW on if (or two p. pr frrred one AK v' Aa?oaetmde Iiri . 1 <raU : ,.?a:?a t Hoci i. w lb fnll u Ent Boar tf oa th- lielriit f uot. part .a! Cae epti, : Ab r !tr acoa t en &a4 r- .j-urej. A. .Ire t ?'?' i* leri.J and parti. dAta. l*er naari >i 171 Her !d c.iiicc. BBOOI r.TN -A PLRABANT 9VJT OF I KOJIT R00V3 on >be<l lo >i, w -b J 'jArd, to a fA?i]> or ru:<ii i the h- sv i? plaaian'.'v ! rated MMMMl S F ml aveo ? nut. Affix as I. wreace r.r sc t.eter u ?? icainc BSOOZI.TK I!*: 218 -A SUIT OF R0<~*8, FVR n ?aec to In to a 'uiu.?, w..b . '.oe - 1 A. > Roo.ne for *e: rmea. A, :ir Ai S7 lltarj tut-.. Kefere-cee fi chaoged. Bi k: yn btar~) -a gkntltm an and w:f?. or ?tt r!e fact eaiee wli "1 1 nood :<>\r.i and flae B an n a iTlTatcfamuy. Tkr bouaa ha- *->ea iatprareai- n t. St Hlc!^ .a a'.re -e*.- .'ur? i-aiOB 'A. o? oj.a i?a walk I roa s i.a acJ Wa!. aj.--rt ferrtsa BOABD IV BROOK 7N -A FAMU.T HAV'HJ JC?T Uliitbo it itSiere a "ijtse >f r. noa> sa.. i>a h.i ? br rtntlaaira and ihelr w" >ea or ? arle (ran: r asa Aip'.y At 1X1 Ke-j??o alrert Kef?reu-i?a -icaaajfod Board tn prci.klts-a oimlzvak av:> wt rt. ur a ;ew h,o?!? ?e- -Jewe-i i aa nnJ *oort ijarJ w ih p>ajAa: P. itr.? AtlU lii-aa atreH 'J'-a cniu.ti w.'A :roa W* ? err;. BOAi ;> IN Br:OOK!.YN-H? IIRNRT htriict. lar t? pe ?aa'. ,'eor: ~oc*a. be-aree-i Aaa'.'.T a-.i ?.Vm*:eaa eueeta. eoarea tni ut ho-ath i>r Wall at.-aa; :arry. Board .n krotklyn? <'o.NY?ni?jrr to pocth i r W? i etree: fe jr r?aatrabi< rto.ma for a crnatlamAa and < ::a or atnt;a ;e:. easea. Apply a. Jt) Il.eU ?tr?B-_ Boap.;< :n broukltn.-a oe.n tubman and mra ai i .wo a.u'.a (aotk-mea raa ba aoooaaai.-lAiad with R ? ma aal K--ard. OS mc >nJ ?t >rj aerea ra.aataa' walk M W a'.l and k. ? ,h fa?r ?a App'.y at Uu OUa.M airaat. Ha fa? toea nr OAS red Board tn brhokitn.-a privat* fakilt dk al.ea to Ma faw R < taa. w.ih full or oartU. Itoard, At TO Bute al.e ?!. er.. oaar South and Waa air eat farrtaa. Board ik bbooelte -flfabaxt front *00*8. furaiakad "t aai iratakad. no U? arcoaa atory, far a t*o l>ir ?j ad wt.r or atuc'r sw.n?.-; ca.i ba had b' app'.ytug at UT Ami: j atrart so-'tk Urotxlya. BO A ED IN BR^OKT.TE -A OIKTLKM AH OAR BF ? <-"m?odMe<l wl'-S parts! Board and jpod Bor.tn, coo trnt?r*. lo a*J fame*. Ar If It Jj r.nt o'.apa. R? f* "eneranokajned. Board ie brooki.te ?a French ladt. oocopt *? BOOM wit* *: Ik* m ? ?m :apr,w aula. m> Id l.ka t> *ee". ooa ft two f .'Blake' R >mi -a ka aaco:; 1 '"** ? ttk ltoar-1 to a rro;1ama:i ull'i ?'? aoul! and or "U?r K>ardara kepi. '.m'.'.am nw K nxniiiii tweet., m cuM* rda . rota :b? ferry; dmoar at I a ckvk. Terasa me>iW a| fra an J |u (It er ivmi rafaraacaa |i<n asn tr.nl red AdJrraa L. M U . IW Hanud oica. B< ARD IM BHOOKLTE-A FIW OKETMCVKE, AEO a rerllama.. and ai? wra ran ba auitad a ; eaaast, w*U fttrnak??d moaa. "ilk fill or |>Bf tal Kja't witiila tire m B iU-*- wa'.kaf tfc or Wal. at. art feiry A,>p > at ?<i lira ry Mrert, corner of Ooacrra BOAED Tl* BEOOEI/TE-WITHtN FIVK MIEVTBH walk of Wall mreet ferry a feouaman and k>a wife ran ' ? ?i- maodalad w <> a larae 13 pleasant front K ??>?? on ika aeooo.l Scor, ntaaly funUakei alto a atafla (?otiamaa can >>a ? aiifriilaUil. konaa awtataa bilk. K*a As. Apply at ISO ll?i r? auraat. t.atwara Pterraponl aud rtark alreala. BOARD IK BROOKLTE.-A FBOET BOOV AMD UXit H>jm ad io*atnr or aeeotid floor, to lot, wtlk g ?1 B?'d l? a rery plMaasi location. at Eo AA 0?n ?,t rnraet a faw minulot' aatk frt'tn Fnltn i and WaJ! atreet terriea *l?o or ab>ir)e front Koom, 00 n?o erate w rat Katrrenoaa*lre? an I r?'juti*d Board in b*o?,>eltx-?it a touwo mak ij* a rmata farnll'. no otkar l-jardaia b<-at of r?far?nr? fnmtpl.ad. to b? arllkts B?* rr tnutaa' walk of ailhar Fallon or Wall nraat farry. Addraaa 1 M. U , Harald oflea Board m rrooij.t* -ruiriki. board, witd a mafortaMa nil of Rooaar wttk katk ad '<tals(, f >r tam iratlaaan to?nkcr or aaaarala'.f. ta a kaxlaomaly fur atabrd botita. r.oar to Ika Howk farrr Wo mhrr >>otrd?ra taktn. Apply at W Congraae areet faur diora from Hanrr. Board mrbrookIiVK ?a fiw ?ixji.k ukrtls ro> a. or onaor tan ftmlllra rta be ? -oamoUta' w ?k Roowa 00 aar od ' ocr mat or ba^k ? :ral?kad rr "n.'-inilak atf, attkfal! Hoard at at *??# atrra* ta ? pr'rata (aaU) p:aaaant ioeauoa. Taraa low Board :k ??ookmr of frout to let. wttk Boari, l rnVwui and or atrit!f tentlamm. laqi Jrr a: SUC Haar/, brtwr a Stale aad Atj^ . .:c airaaa BF.DKODM TO LKT? OS THK FIRST FI/)OE CAB OF pr raw v.uac rsm. raa rr acd ft.: or part.*. H->ard . la aatrtrCy prtrata faatly ar ikrrr al t.ta. 5 oiaar boardart Apply at 64i M tk a nur, near Tklrtj ?'.r>-?t. Eucoawtt.t rVMtniurn tirr* aed kiwm Knnaa to Wt. wttk or wl'.kiiat f tor part ?1 Hoard lha boo?r r?nta;ea aj tb? a >lrrn n rtvaalraret kaa raa tho< rr>i-.?bi? r?no?mu<d aad nrwlj f i.rotahad. and ta ??ry t?aira 7 loraiM. !>?tnr !a Broa 'way. la Ika t.nnfital? talaiw of Firta Area ta H Aai aad Ka.U?>a park App | at wiJ Broa.: way KLKdAETI.T FURKWHED ROT*a ? EI59LE OBMTLB> am raa !>? aroowiaodttad wt.k <* W.ik at br*a<faat or wa. drli?ktfnily ..wa^d Apply at 1J Wararlay pjaca. aaa t.n froa Broadway Tarai rarr a^darata. HpAMn.lEf Oft I OENT: ?M?K DIUitRlN'ii 1 Arar'oiaata .a a ; r tat* on?? %- al arroitm olat.'ma * r ralltac * LAwREECB A CO., K Kw F?:.rtaraik awrat. or at ??> Eaat Fo-^tara'.. alrwat. Hrfrmem r? itr^l. rlREVUSn ROOMS TO I.aT-WlTH AUD WITHOUT B--ard oaly for Udir^. Apply at 1?? Ij> rral atr>?t rr BE IMBED BOOM# TO LAT-IE THAT RP:.KND!D honaa, 174 Hn two atraa?. tkr lair e.: -?akdaaja of ?k? '.ata WII .413 B Bar> >? Thl?^ maahaklil t,>ta wxlrrn taa.rora n -ii ? ai d t* or of tfcr moa- ar *5 .ah.** ki ia?adowa <wa. All rar? w ;: ka takra to aak* a koar coat natia Taraa aaay. C?VRM!l?nEIi BOCMS TO I.ET-A PABLOR AED BIJ P r -a. ?f?tkrr or Hramr ina>:;Mniia M'<:t f' -ntakad. I( daairrd Apj f at Eo. It l?rny piaoa. H'.aai-??r imt. awa kl.vk waat of Br ad way. Eafrraa-.w r?( urad rrREIAR RO EOf *?? TO t.IT-AT ff AETTT BTR 1- r lanllam -a a J llsr;r ? .?? or ?ara V EXtRflFD Rf)f *a TO LiTT? WTTHOUT HOABr? IE rat^ :aa.ly. at in Rpr .av atra* . to pi'.'jan m'.r l^rBEI.?E?D E ? TO T,BT Tn <>Ef T' EMXI* WITH cr a If B- a-4 A t a: j. >i nd ?tr*'-.. FaV K CTEE' r s ? ? R^tSHFD BOOM* -WTT'" B *RD. FOB |IE<JI."t 'aaan an 1 a iratV FCBEI^HEP BOOVi TO L&l-A J tW F MT OI.A?> | io-th> aa atif ? ? to Jat at aiMnu rr va l?r.. rmf a } a. y at t .' ? aai ? ?t *a-? ? % - rrE*r?!'En ro<?*r-t-v"> !t a* Daowi fab'-cih a flra" #rwr an t MMM a*Wbae ? 'S arary r , a r?n.?ar# for kona? ka? rtr 1 X 't* et K-kary. -ait ?,?n Ao Alao?h? R'?^b ? t>! V ?r W?p? Aryly at KM Kaat Etna traa'k atraa- #ar? Thtrd i?a* ffBElSHtD EO<iMA-TW> OB iHr.II f lt?tM r a Ir.ta^ ? r a rmrl af I?a?lau??- r f?itjrat?a anl h M ? i?. to rt ?ttfcoi]| Ar*M ta a "?at* -aatt4 at 1 aa T? T era I Ralirtw rrEMIEHID Rf'OVs -V awti,:. FAVr'T ' *rv,? I rrttl>n?c drrtr'Tif furatakrt lioom* arlU dnwratacall [u 1?> Ei'-aVtk f.-ret ???{ ilrMM. roa aniat. w?U far utafcrd aa.* rWaa fr a? >. H prr irr*? rit lEBFOBT HOl^K rOR5KE 0 * RA*T?ORT .tap r w ? a ?"*-#!? N T -* ??.*!#? ? a* -n : t .Cr 1 mr n'i'.i 0 Iti M ? w??k H \t* ..?a.; : ,ra akad. w:tb a f ?' H ?U ,'aut at.arkai. Opa- a.. nUkt. FJ-. .'w .1 f > F ?*rf -f: r i a>t:.t i ia a ti ? .?"? ? t* r .lk t" a-.t a tM for rtrnik art r. ? AKPIUP A AO LODOHO. GRAMBRCT PARK -A BP IT Of FURITIHBBO ROOMS, oo the second Ik* of i0 faat Twenty Ural street opposite ttc Part , stuutlile for a family. may be UaX wttli A prtvae labia if deatxed. Privilege of the Part (GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WI 'K8, OB SINUUUEN X tlemeo. can be M commodal'-d ?rlita pleasant Rooms, w h Botrd Term* reaswablr Apply At ZH Watt Fotirtaao'.h Street. Refereut es e?chAOg>d GENT1EMEN WITH FAMILIES. OR BINOLh GMHTLE mm "*q be accommodated wIJi pleasant Ro)tns And rood Board. la h modern house. by sjpijlag At Do. St) (oil No. IM) West Twelfth street, now Fifth ?miu? HOME -BOARD AND RESIDENCE WANTED, IN A strictly prim* family. by a auntie gentleman Filth ave nue preferred, tort where 'be ladles Are moatcAl Address stating terms, Delta, Her kid oOoa. ____________ HOBOKBN. -PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH Board, oao be had ia a alee location, tUree rnlautes' wu frotu the f-rrr Apply At No 17 Washington terrnce. HKAi.ni, comfort, buonomt and partial iv*rtl evi be had for two or turer gent.emea of regular habit* 10 a pm <4* BwU family I. ring 6 * BMM facing tb* Uuds. n. oolylft mlr.utea' from Wall street. Address Home, box 3 iW P"? oiiiee. 93 137 i prmtci ktrrtt ST n.AIR HOL'BB, 645 648 HIGHI* IFXIRAIILE AC OMUODATIOMS CAN ItE obtained In A ti-ist olasi house, mix" era Itii jrov 'ni-oU d^uner at s:i o'clrrk Apply At A3 M. Mark's place six doors eisl cf Becoud avenue. TJANDSCMBUI FURNISHED RctOMS TO LET-FBR n ladle*, wttb or with** '. Board, At 94 Grind eireeL \T0. 1 Ot BROADWAY, ABOVE THIRTT FIRST I i. v #rt*t ?To let A Parlor And Bedrooa, furolihed, ?a HC Oil etory; or the third story (five KojmAJ, uafuru-ahed. A vory pleasai.: place. Inrilre sa a!>ore | V"0. 1? ORKAT JOKIU STREET? TO LET, THE F )UR l* nUiry aua bassm ml brown stoae Houaa. Also, No 221 Mas'. 1 nrtb et reel, near Beoond avenue, and the third floor o'. f? ). 68i llru*d?rey. | PIEASANT ROONBTO LrT-FI'KNISHED OR VSFVK i' ?b-<t wKh or without H ard. In a modera house. f.mi'y ui vil aod private; W*tl m e?rtr?; And uear BiMAdwA/, ba;a, I u if. Apply At 4! >H MaMi's plaoe SECOND BTORT ROO* TO I.BT WITH BOARI> FOR A zeotl-mAn and *1> or two?m*> alsjAf r a1! #"? R?? fcr two *eni emt*e- Hoaie contain All Modern | U?pror?w<ati. App y at No 9 Bank street. Meiereact-i ei changed ; r) I.RT-A FURNISHED FRONT ROf>?, TO A SINWLS ernUeuiAO. Inj ure at U lourt street, BrooAly a, turd floor. TO LET? A FHRN!?HKI> ROOK; AT (1 PER ITRKK, Apply W> JOHN II HOFFMAN, li OUrer ttreet. TO J.ET-A ROOM ON TH> FIRST n,O0R. NBATLT furi.ubrd, to one <>r two ear. tie men vntlout Board, or b. ??k':jit if r*<|Uir?1, with hot and oold water ran flnean1. cloa-tA location delight: ul XA?e? pa? thi door, Oi? be*t rel eierce? gK?.i In laire at 174 West Twenty Laird streci TO LET ? WIT U BOARD, ONE I,A HUK ilAOX ROOM 00 seoond llo r. w<tb ga? hot aal ro'I ?as'fr OentVmen preferred Abo At tie Kooma, with Board 2J LAiffht ?^?et, opp'jeite Bt John's Park. H'.'MKI' A P AHT V OF ORNTI.K.SfKN WH3 WTOLD T? spprerlsMtlie irnfiru of a itfiect borne to ee*ot'*te ? ith a Vdy ?f tlnroo*h!y dotnestle habits, '.n rcntloe * h i i?e fch<* will 'urnljib the sa?:e hAwtsoniely, an 1 mak?tli?t-b me c<>-? fort able, reference* eichauged. AidrMea A. J D , lie raid oSIce. WANTKD-IN brooki.tn, IN A PRIVATB family, Board and Bco??on ser nd tl-<>", for A gentleman, wife And d?, (bier, la a modern built hinse. wttl *elh. >(%? a<K< fuel; ' call n In * *ood nel,;hborh ?v1. onren'.eot to ferries or ears Par prompt and beet of re'erences giren and re gtllred. Addrens Comfort, llerall office imrANTilD-BT A f'ENTLRMAN AND WIFE A Fl'R Tf ntehfd Rrr.ia, with HoArd. In K refp-oU; le prirate laail It: loeAli'* below Twenty fifth n'reK ami ei.t! of rtroalwar, Addrees 1'ulier, box S.Juo Pest otiioe, ii.AUnsier.-ns, with re and phj, which oitist be n. id urate 0 AND 4, ABINUDON BQCARK lORNBR OF HUD90N and Henk Uresis - R*v>m#, with iV^rd, Aui'Able for faanoes sad neutieenea; refereooei re-iuuad, Oars sal itAg^ PVM Ihe door j WIRRR* FLAGS, CH AB I E* STrt*?rr._ A W*I,J, 'l furu'shed Ro to on third Moor, * -itv for one or two *entiemen. wlta Hosrd Br-, fai sod bath; dinner ai six, gen teel iocAti jo faiuUy small; o> *r t?xth a. enae cars. TK I VKRRtTT P1.ACM? TT HUSHED ROOMS TO L.\l let. without board, soli of pari jrt oa irwt door; hot And cold water la side room. 4 4 W?8T TWELFTH STRrtT -BT A RD ? DBMOHT 'l ful Hoobs to let. with P'i?rd *' It We.t ?tree'_ t*tweea Ftllh and rtlitb avenues, r e for gentl-men ml i>ir ?;?inr wniie netumrii .ilao a .'.all Roytn. Rafe ren ees eirhsnned. An WEST TWEWTTTHIRP STREET? A PKCONO rt I story Parlor nnd Bedroom to let. with Roard. to single eenilemeu orageutli man and his wtfe Dtnoer at six C7 EAST TW?I?TT ElOHTH hTRRKT TH7RU DOOR t> I from Fourth avenue ? A Cue iaree Room on the seooo I floor mutable for ? rentlaaan Ard wife, ran b- h*d with K'iard, in a first cIaas bouse One honrn. a'so on seoond Hoar, for A single INUNMA References ? hAiifed. 71 BLXECKIR STREET. TWO DOORS E19T OF 1 1 Broadway Two wai furnishel pa'lo's to let on first fl -or; can Also scooti imndate one or |w - gen'lei^an with Roont at d Board; dinner from 5 to 7. Family Eagl sit. OAERNB STREET . ABnrX RFRINO- ALSTON House ? Rlexaotly farnlabad snfe of Booms. (AS. Cry ton and every eoneaaleaaa for ho'ir?kni'pia( eooooraloal'r; panlcnlarly sulfa >i Is for small reaphctabie families or singls leutlrmen. Rant low lo pemiAnent lenAiaa. 00 BPRINO STREET ? FCRNT1HED ROOM? TO 1 ET. * ' t/ sdj'Anln* the Presoott Honse, ojipoelte the 8t Nicholas Hotel. Usa And bath in the house mfflVMUT PUACR, NEAR SIXTH A V'KNtTl? A (tentieman an I hie wife cr two itaclr tfentlemen can ohtalti A lar*e and haadr tnelj fM-nu.-sd Rooai ou ??- 'ni boor, with two large pantries attached, bsth sad wAtar 1 wet ad'olnln*. Also, two ataxia R'xnu. family >aaU. Dinner At t o'clock. NINTH BTREET, FOl'R DOORS WBST OF BROAD jrAf.? To let without Hoard % se>>nd Flaor. e.ervnt ly ft'.raisaed. soluble for A cuitlemAn and wife or geatleosan wiehtn* to room together Also A single front Boom Parties dealrtc t first class aaoommodaUoos will do wall to call. Ap ply aa sfro.e. 1 yd ? TWBLFTH ST REIT, NEAR HROOND AVENUE l itl Bach, with middle Room coatauBlcAting: one oa third floor front, similar, family private Ten tingle gentla men or gentleman and wife will find pleasant accommodattoaa. Heard *10 par weak for two. Dtnaar at ? references *? changed. "1 A ?* EAST TW1NTT THIRU STBEKT? TO LET; HCCSB 1 TV) four story Engllah baaement. ru beth and other lm prwremetita, In anmplate order Rent (700 Apply to/. P.Ie ft). 138 East Tweaty third stroat. before 10 A. M . or after J p. k 156 Is now completely fnrniahad. with the vlsw of mahlog It a sperU Ity for gaalismsu Oeuls can obtain Rr>>ma 4 a mod? rats price. lflfl PEVENT1I A VBNt E -BOARD AND LODtl fNO 1"U for two or three slag e gentleman. Apply on third tloor. 1(1(1 KIREt'KER STRKET DEAR M At DOli '# AL ? At7 A haa4eoae aiitt of Rn>au to let, over the parlora, at a mnrerate price to permanent t??wd-r? Also R'jnme aulta ble for single gentlemen Uwattoo plaaeant. Table wail son piled Dlaaar at six. mn ELM STREET NEAR SPR1 NO? MARION HOL'BR jLd L\J Nicely forriehe.! Apartment* arranged for eraooml cai housekeeping, with all the eoavenlen> ea Ineludlaf enoking uteneUs. beet bedding, gaa. water, Ac. Keats low to respeela ble >saola Oi?l FOURTH A v ENTE. TO LET-THB S?tX>*D 1 1 floor neelty fnmiskel to a family or a party ot sttigls gentlemen, with fall Board a*1 private table er oartutl Boon! ad The house has mixieiu :mprovementa. and tht ovatioa is very central. Referenar exchanged AND 047 BROADWAY CLINTON HOI SB). O VII Meadi s salooa Elegant salts of Ruiessfor gssttie saen . tew fnrniture bads a ad be.id.ng nod All tha soev salsa g*S of a first class houaa. hraadway, PLANTERS HOTRL-TWO OR three large Parlor* and alaeptag B > m%, a first ft or ;U*oBnall Psr!-r* ar. t Be^r -as a Oil Booms for eiagla ge* tlemen, with full lt -arl Ro ms aandaomely furnished table first sl?ss terms taolerata. 7C7 BROADWAY APARTMENT* AND SKl'V I I ) | R . .m? to 1-U fars.u*! or -inf irniehed. also a ?u ? ? ? b ~*e P?rl, n lS'feH ei hgs* rhtndeliers and p er gAs< for a private clot >r genteel U isineaa. ^ iwrmtcnos. 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W r-r ? -nsk. u Abor*. ina II to S o el?wb, fnr rlrrnUn 1 w tn. ^ ___ OPAXIftH tA*00Af?E.-**'>r*MK)? WBIIR U" ' imi'Jfl.nn rtUfiMff !?u?r.r? ?Pt-> - n R?H Is !? M> froai ?*% Ml r ? ? ??">!?*? TO r i n, bf twrrn Aifbtb M?t Klhir p ?r? tt'n ii \ : > \y l\'Ai*'*n-A <iri*Ti.wAfr :PR<Tt-T \xr 'f*n ?T f it ? b-ijt ik-Vml, - ??* h ? . -i - ., '>?11 ir? I i> ? ? r ?-.! <*!??. r ip* v .ji? . 4 : Minn ?jrAP?;T is < r ? > 1 'i'Cf'* * At 57- Hi > Art ?. r f at. (11/1 ronr I'War"1 v-t r s~ ~ , CllVi < IM ?>? - ? l ? ' ? > V*cb ? ' ? ? i? ? ' <?r? *-r? ' r m "? pf* f "" im *1 t tai'i ? \ 'u* ? -r. , j,., I iUWQ K. Kl* i Ufcto .l > J, gal ? or &EUi E?1AT?. Abaokivh b -for haul thp tmbkb htobt \no biMMl Brink Houaa, M lul Thirtieth aweet . T"2 IwMy tnl fruot by furty all feet deep U* I weuty by haB Mm block At praaent oocuplad by the owner and iu the (aa* order Uu' anil i ifoloa water all through the fcu? and every metier* ancrealaaoa Fari lt> re wool 1 betold wtlfc Ike houaa I 1 da?irvl on em lerau Price 17 MM W.iMi M 1 1 in in oa band a id ninr*?aeL<ir It ua'd off Apply V> J A MJCK FnTRIGit, nr SMt ThtriteU treat A FIR4TOLAB1 COUNTRY KXAT-WATBB FB*XT. AW Prtuoe'a flay. 8 I . dU Am la/re BtiUdtnaa, Om ?nM and rtahlug otfc.- depot Would e?ehau*e Ta part prla< >.UUU. W. a ? UOK, m BroaAwar ABfACTIFCX 90*1 IN 4 F AIHION ABl.B HK1 M I larfenoj la Brooklyn, will be *trea away if there t* aa* rone left wtltnjr to improve aurh a be-, aeet *_id will take (ha deej tbA day Call on IJAYTON A JcMts, Si Nut'. etraat a uooo iKviBTHiirr -ro? BAi.r a rou* Bfosw A. broil km Hotiae on Mnfay Bti), n ear FllU utna The htuaeiaonlv eack?4 withcorrxa aai roof oa; ? party who would l.nlah it cad make a ba.i.l* 'me pro it a? wffi w an fiSrriew w'tb t*? ?ubacrloar Apply U IL I MBIOH. M Wai Ihinieih ?l.-fet BROOKLYN PROPBRTY. IN THB BK9T IXJ0ATIOWB. for aale,"or will n- oacre (or Faran Western lead* ar Mrrcbatunee. l'<U for an a aad money aav?.i-*l to biill<l w*h_ M.'nev loaned '>o Wind aat turn* .<? A;ip.y to 'Ml') V. Mown, 61 Liberty atreet Now York, at hi^ past 1 YelMk KM. CtF^TRAI. PARK T/n^ FOB 8AH-THB lot ow J the Dortbaui corner of F<lh avaana and BUaty atrial atreet. 17 2 by llOfert, a.ao two 1 xa on K rh:) uci'il itfuei, Hit feel eaat of Ftth a?en .e. earb 14 or ll>- t feet fhnee tote hie of rtxht grade. beautifully loraled uil Oeetlne.l w aA vance largely Iti va)-:? with a jib or 1 period. T wo tai rdj oaa rem* n f >r a teroa of yarn. Apply to JAMBH JR'JIK BHaNK M Broadway. CHEAP FARMB FOB S A LB ? 96 ACRBS, I WOOD. BA lanoe kl! tillable, welt ruee* and watered, One large !*? ?tor* konae, t? o large barna and all Oonvrntnnt outViildlatA la good r-pal.' t* i??; ori-barda hnr^ken a<-b'?4t aad markM bear beautiful asd btaltby lonaioa. X) raUee from Tr >r . ?nw f . In". UaU rush, bala-.i ?? in 1'. rt v i>ara Alau. a x ?jd farm of llC ten at 000 ac 1 one of iS a- re a at Sl.auO iwu dk* avail' tc rtu. ha aboie. Moat be ?o)d 'mated Utelj, aa Ike )*? er l> k 'It)* Hot'.Ui. Ad 'reaa A u Ire w Miller, bera'.i DWBU.IK0 BODIK W AKTSn-WrTHTH HkT.F A VILJB of foioii aquar# w~rth not to t <ree.l M OOl, la ei^hiu?? for k oonrkntent out of unrti rakldenre, worth M>N anitaHk. winter at id * ? jixwr, (or a oafly doing bukuteaa ta tk? Mm, Addrraa N. U B . boi IK Herald ofice. IfOB HALB-A N BAT COTTAdl HO'JSM. BlACTI F fol'.y innate 1 on h:ch groani and In a nlwl y imp rifM Delkbli iraooil. wtUt all Ux- rr. idurn Impr )va??nia. tuch aa hot knd oi'd wktrr. gw. ba? Ar. uiJi twolola of (nmal tual komrly laid oat. on '.be aonlheaat oorner of Biifbt- fo-?h atrial knd Firot k.-Mue Apaly oa ibe p.->aiina. Paaam >a {<tw lounoliueiy If de?lr-M. rs (IAM-TI* Brir.DKR8 -TUB OOKriKTF.NT PBB tiiiara, 137 KAa I Iblrty fourUi a'.reet near i h. i-l areoue Uu the ^retuia?< ta a ne * an 1 aa ^etauua: carpenter ah m 2t? 80 .'eet, four ? irtea hltjli. a!ao. a ^ery kan laotne ?'* ita ?? tamln* okrrl**e rmm for tl.n-0 wlik-lea. a aiab'.e l orthrwo boraoa, a con- on -n*. o!l!re and hay 'oft e aad j'aUle bvra ra? water, tc , ooap ><?e, ami a Una yard and ih?d Violy t-i WM MrKVI^Ton :te prem.aea >r to I. MjkVIliY, *4a Tblrd avenue. ueAr Thirty tilth at reel. TJ10R I?AI1?-TH1 TBBK? STuRY HTOH STOOP M X* feea front brown ttnna H run, Na 67 Wnt Thirty Brm at.-' i't, rrcentlj t)alntert *..?t papered ibr MiflBMft K ii dxtuee *r Wt.h It prlra til QW. V.UU) can rem I la. Apply to H. a, Klt'K. H til} Hail, atconi door, or at 43 Kkai TweaV etghlii at .-Bet. Fob s alb ob to lit -thru: rjiah. hot'sk fttr:t:abea with (aa an't water, alloAtad on Ibe north At* of Thirty uicth atreet. between Mith aretua aad Broadarar; vary oonreateuL A p -r .j to S. MOON, 719 Sixth aveaae. Fiok balk-thi thbec rioby modern bbiok 1 Hooae. WWut KUWt th Breet, between Fifth k?4 Bldfc kitaut Ho iae 15>S2, lot 10"' i^^2, lot 10'' Kor term*, Ac., kpply t J Baylies a bailkt, ?o ? rneatr ?treat. rR baib-a fabw. r.v v.xrm.r.sr conditio* , wttbm one mile oft hi c'.tj of New Br maw ok, c -^xUlnlajf 1 " acrea of iaudknd * ?>4 buUdinjra. Imimra ot WaR RKN 1! aBI-KSHBRHH. id Wall atieat. Jj>OR SAT.l OB TO LIT? THB TliRKF. STORY liKJLIA ' b uifBi'ti' H" aod Lot N ) CI Weal T?r?.ty aa'?otB au>et. ,nt 21 feet " ircbm by half tba b! >nk The who'.e boaae 1 aa lataiy been put In Unro tjb rtrir. Kir further parucn lara Uijuire at No 217 aaois alnret. IjVoB BA LB OX THIRTY FOUBTH STRUT -A TlMMt r alaai bro?"n ituaa front Uouae, 2* by on a 16 kr lttW, ha-rtny a four borae atabia an1 - >aoS kouaa in Uha rear, artut a eapacioua -arrtace entranee ov Thirty 9fth otrfA Tka ho tar la nallt a id aniKoed ta the aiuat anbatautlal and aa roved atyie of architeciure, rich b ack walnut and r laaauat inn ant trtiomiuxa ptate auua all throu<k, dntrab'. f Ima ?d Set?-eeo Ft.lb and Ruth avenuea. m a haaArad font width atreet, In the tn<Mt healthy aad faahlooabie part of tot *lty aad at apleaaant rMia* d>ata< ee fr>m the Central *iA laqulre on the premlaea. No. 17 Weet Thirty fourth ttreec Farm fob bali-bkab pbfr park station, ? Lvoc I?iac 1 ttity teres, fjrtv tinier cuillrktlK wttfe [Ho'je and Bara. Wtil ae!: or eirban -e for prr perty la ar Lear the rity of New York. Adireat Farmer Barak oAaa. F IOB 8AI.K OR TO Kit HASOB-FoR CITT LOTS OB buLilluf matertala, fo ir Ural rlaaa browa at one Houam. aow nearly completed, ooouloz all lha modern laapi Apply to W. >T5oBDAN, 11 Wall atree-. room 30. UV)R BALI OR KXCHABttB-A WHOLWALB WINS C and I. i tor b ire, la Jersey City, wltaia one iloek of the ferry, on tia main (treat Haa beeu establianed for tba laat tea yeara, dutn^t a caah buatneaanf npwarda of tM thM par annua. The ou.v reauo for aa'uii* la Ibe paniaa ara reurtn* from buaineaa W.li rirhac*a for a *ood far? or car pi"*>er ty. Add reaa koi ll?) Jeraey ("tty Poal oBda. C10R BALK OS TO LRT-THB LAROBTWO STOBT A NO r baaaamt brick br.l'dtr.f Nta t*od 1 1 Hnv t atreet Broofc lyn ike Iruiutna ia aora fnm. ih? bailment la U?a4 wBfc alAJla for npwarda of forty hoJMu aad well ventllatH; It wm f.?aa?rly uaed aa a Urery atab e for the eaat two year* aa a ?Ul1* 'e#t- APP;f "> JOHN * H?N NkfSY 7t> Brt.'ka atreet, Brooklyn. own a BXADtfrn. pa hm or m ackk* r* nbw ? Tor* hlate H x s tplen'ild borne for an y family it hu upno U * raluable Kt?n r Bith. which yle It ? ItrM annual la ? omff. Ik u w?r'.h la oa?b J 50 per acre: I will aall it. an J una one ball ?n norV*?e and Ike o her fci.lf for a Uoree that oaa nx m 30 Atereee Paytoo A Jowa, M Naaaa : (treat. Silibpip hoi gi fok salr-on wrst krvkr IwuttKrM. sear Camo amare. alaooneoo Weal twa IV arcotd etrnel. r>ne Jo oa * ret Koriy el*bth tfreel, 9M en lUet Thirtieth itreet Inquire olM B. RDS<~>H. 51 Plna ?. mo ii AKur ACTUM**. -ro* rai.i o* to i.rt at 1 Rewarh, Rew.terea*. nTb'eelk >ry Kariory, ngtMaiUM .miner of Raw Jaraey Railroad avenue aae Johaaoa etmaL It waa bn.lt a a/ f uraUhad for a bat mu faotory, tor wMthRto ad Blnih y krr?|< 1 Itlacktoeby the 'Iheetomatrreidevol, witMa Uirra inanem of an boor of Raw fork ? It oau bo adapted la aianetaay manuftriurtBt porvoaan It bat an etfhtaao bona boiler and Meant p imp a <ood wall and larva uaB. ta aaaaad alory. It wt'.l he aotd oa eaar t*rai or tot to a ?nod tenant at a low rain. Ka r particular* Inquire at the foundry of 0. B * a. H. Hr?en, oa fba opponlte ooraer, or at J OH. O. RICHOI4. 9> Waahln?ton ttmet, We wart, Raw Jeraey. T\'A*T*D TO EXrH ARO*? RIAL RSTATR. WBLL T? located la the Wat for a wrll furalalied PaarMM Konaa, oa fair terma a;i t:wn preferred Any pernm baring took r i*rty may do wall by miJmmag *. T , in Hudson ureal TV'ABTKP TO KVGII ARdK- A HOL'SK AND LOT, III ?? <?r of the antl prim eroua and i-nn in* Ida ?>? of Kan ?aa. foe a am*'! uV**v or Other crnfl m talu'n* a rabia WBI Clee any ore a (no)1 trad* Addreet H H . Hera d oOoa. W mM Id pereon at prteiaely three o? Itch P. X ft (4 C/>n ? VaI.OABLB BfRIWBW PBOPKKTT .Morea. now nader reoi . la (Iraflon. Taftor co'.ntf. Va . ? ikUi u of l"aitl?ore and Obio aa?Wir*w?al en: '> .r?li In ftailroala .'lered 1? airbange f>c Kaa'f Oooda. T 10* ee N on u lr v fairj>rte?a. F. UKHaN A Jo . M Broadway, third Boor, rooai Bo. 1. KIATKiaOMAL. ABAT< HKU1R J>0?Tn* A aPHTH* ?MT. arrival la Bew Tort frotn Otllf'iato, unabae to ret ira, wnb a farh'al wife lo the nn??l beau tfai part of ibal r?*iitrf, where, owing to fhe want of ?nr.h a ><ae he wae roh?>ei. whi:?l ?l?it a? a patient of a prat if o!? f-wtme, areuauitt ed la ? : rlef ?pa-e n# fate ihr. ugk hi knowiadae ol ai ito lai *na ?aa ap'-hen by i be ?l n.r m? (hare V r t ? ba K? yoiui*. j? b'od anl nf a p'eaelnf ?prei ranee he 1 Baa hlny two and ha< :tr at far aa he letold, ih*v- a'trib'itet biai ?elf Bo atone y wanted but j'ia? etx ?b to b-ip oorer ito haary trtre'lle# eip?!tae*. hi fnali .'or bill d <v np \**lm belat row b-.i ?err taall. tBboiyb by th ? ln-'.p o: ?"rvjrki .iee ?n i h:< Own ee:f Ma mev-.t to be rich ewjun a?a-a La thraa rearet'me Stve con8de-tl.'\y wh?-w \a .rtarrea mar b* M ; ly adi1:-w n* Brn. ? ?< Herald > See N T. if e r ihtra 'U aa boneal advert newent ihla It MB AOkBTLfMAB ll TKaH* Of All* OP PBBPOB teeatrg appeal ar-e d??lree lie a< r.aio'.xi.reiW a i?dy ant Above twettr wt'h a *lrw to matrix W ?J'h ?o ib;aat. aa the adveiuaar 't r-i- i Ai" if. aa -tajna - haa tad wbera aa interview (ao be bad, Cb.:>a I. vrr?' IlluadWty "ato od i-e. A\orilO lir.NTLtBvB 3M VKAH; OP AOR WfH'fW liie a ? laamiaoee e! a j 1 and ua.. .v.e *dy witA a view to a. ty *<-n?y Bi ob ejt Aclraaa aUltat at what i me a r I p'jre ta alarVtw ,aa be had. Htrrv CUT wd. h roadway piat >4 e "Vf ?tR!BORT MA1>* 1AB1 -BHOW*B<? THB BS a v I rret how lo w,a a -over ?nd ba apeedt.y toa-rlad A new ? f<> r balk teiea I ran fur U eenla A t treat B. Vlttlain A 'W. r ohllabera 'm 5 .l?a? Pbnadeiabl e P'?t o?aa MATRIROBIAI. -A WIDOW** PABT MTIARB Of ??e jo' nt 1 ?i*lc/ holim* a t ?id poaUioo la ?>s>at?. with meaaa deairea U> It? the ar laiatanee ot a lad'- aula ble to m ro?ii1;tl<jo to ?lfa a.tb ibe ?ia?W BtoWoay b->?? tf-i -w will ir.twer ei ?pt la ?iuea?tt? Ad l'ea* for oae weak C If. rwio >a O 1'aet >??? BlSe Bo. l.o#a. Rew TorB. PKRNOrHAla. ALADf ORBt BRA to riRD B"MR PltRA ?B TO a.iopt aa luellitaat Aaierl. *ti orphan boy '. elm ake .inHitn be It W year* of a>?. *ol 't?m ? ti-rta?!a ?rtAaa?art paream. A.ldreet W Htra..t *lee ARBBPHTlBLR PBBB"!f WISHIRO TO A1?PT A heea f'tl l'ttle oepbaa Ctrl, tevao Jea.t ad i? beifflf an oppor atty by *?: reeeln* L O Her..d *1* .V . ie aewa apply rtrept pert oa at reavW'uAM'ky wb) (AD aJ.jrd Iba rbiid a Boo' bomt ?y1 treat her *a M.roira. Art lapt wi*ni\n to ado?t a fkra i ibpart ?we Aaj eld ran d > ao ?j ap, .y. ? at ua Lyla? It Hoa pitai. Ra I dreea# aire*' CtHIT.O to ACOPT A r\r HK il.TflT PKV tt.R ) child. Sfteeo ?or.tha r4d, r*8 ^ had to llopl b? 'it'M loHia <1 .Id. JAJ fo'tth Potrtb MM, Br-'tyn, R U , .a tba rear fRAK'VBi'a CABAtl.tR) V Ply' RB If BRy t'RBI RI> W. aall at t?e odic? i( >bt m cribert tend hit addrr? PaI.AROa I B- aI. A.VTF., lor i'earl at-eal. TBPCBRATI05 W ? RTPD-OP MRB. BOTUR RARE, I * bit da- tbtor V* tare* w Rare or her >?i :aa?t J '?n or i>anie and ttforwattra r?wperlln? tkalr wbareaSeita ? ild be thart'uly re.-eiT?d hr addrenli t a line vo Bd ward Kaae at Jama* White a. Ko. Ai Hew Bowary. Tl'. iEH-JI Hrrwo* AVBSrl. WHIRl I* JTRVT* W w B? afrtd to tar Bit ?iin*> ' Mb thomab LMftioot ?hoclp th;? mricr lie ? e > Mr Th ?? >t l.Hbt'mt, c ^ntrte'or. ? 'rue^y # A< t> 'irir if l. tav* * iu V irktMm. R.i*'tn-1 Vt if fa .1*1 .i. ?>' i?at9lisr <vbal>ttrae? ?ha?ed 1 >?'. ai ? nui be ?iad t-i bear front b'm. ^|B^ lI.RX.Arpf* ?WV r V' '?PA*"tH,' a * T e a ra Peai". ?. eel f?f J Ve( n?4 (MB jji aent . .ta >avaaa