28 Ekim 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

28 Ekim 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8816. , SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 28, 1860. PRICK TWO ( 'KN"T<. AHOTTCft UHIOH BEETHG. Great Conservative Gathering At the Cooper Institute. Rpttekri of Hon. Charles J. Helme, Joihna J. lenry, Gov. Itevem, of Orrgoo, and Jamrs W. fierard. VOICES FROM THE SOUTH AND WEST. 1 POLITICAL GiRIBllDi IN THE FIELD. WHL TUB FAMMI BE BffiWLWf Cbeerfcg Intelligence trim Rev Jeney and the iBterter of Rcw Yerk. A UK ION VICrOKY PKEDICTED, Se., a?M u Last evening tbe Cooper btatltute ?u well Oiled by a leepectable asacmblsge of patriotic ctt! ".>ne who appreel ate tbe dargers which peril tbe Colon an i wbo are op posed to tbe elevation of a actional candidate to tbe Pre aidtncy. Tbe meeting wai convened under tbe auspices of tbe Unlou Ek ctoral Ticket Committee for tbe purpose of affording an opportunity to roveral distinguished South- j era cratoia to apeak upon tbe vital issues of tbe [wading ?toot ion. Bood after eight o'clock, and after tbe band performed patriotic a Ira, Mr. Joes r a I. Hkn&y, Chairman of the Fa- ' aion Committee, came fjrward and addressed the audi, eace aa follows:? sruccR or mr. iifnhy. ftuow Citjmnh ? We nave met here to-alght to take eountel together upon tbe dangnra which threaten and p;rll the oonttlluuon and the union of tbo H utcs And thai we may consider the question toresirlc ed by the Sphere of our own observation, tne oommlttie have Invited gentlemen from Virginia, Irom Ken nesy and from othtr Stales, wbo will speak to >ou flp<iQ toe sen timent whiun pervades" ad prevails in thoto teotioM. , ? These gentlemen arc dieiingui-btd not marc for their elo que nee than for their comcrvative principles, aud I t'usi will he betrd to night witn good results. I avail njself of tbit opportunity u>-*y a lew wjrds of euoou- I rageaaent tbls evening to Uio nuctlrg , and to a'l the . electois of this oily. The committee receive from our sprakoiR and other wise the molt cbee>lcg accounts fiom the interior ? (cbuera)? from tbe rural I'iswicie. Tliey tail u* that tbo whole couutry la kindling with enthusta-m for the UjIoo and for our ticket (Applause ) They tell is that the ooun'.ry ts ready toV saved, and that if the city of New York will but oo her fluty l.la ^>lu is defeated (Great choerlnj ) ] rejoice also to nay, fellow cltU- us, that things wear a more obewUg aspect every day here also. Thiouyh the ibtervrdt'ou of friends, nevci.ii nr the C >u fr<isi?nai diatriets wblcb from a plurality of democratic and other candidates were likely to go fur Ltodole. are In course of arrangemrnt. Two he w) been already ar ranged, and 1 do not dot hi that boforj anotbvr wot it Khali roll round the voter, as be goea to tbo p ill, will ilad but two tickets, i.lncoln aud antl Lincoln. ( Ap,> au?< ) B it best ot all is tbe news we receive Irom No ? Jersey We ar? informed on the roost rehaote ai.thorltv that In that HUteal'mon ticket baa bi ? n brwd, simPar in pr net pie to that which has beea adopted in this stale ? (ap I plause)? and that tar seveu votes, whUh have been conn ed In a? sre fur Liaooin, will bo cat for the oppo eitlos (Brave and chews ) And tout her territory, already class!* soil by her rovotutiooiry victories, will add anoteor laurel to bar brow ou tho 6i4i of November ? by tb. victory the will giro oecr roettonalisa ai d rtpab ImatiB-n. (CTeers ) Thus, frltow clliarnf , we see that everything Is working >n our favor. Let us w.iric ou bravely and ? lib goo t Lewi, ?nd let tuere l>o but one ?eatioietit toaalmale tbe bear t aud pervade the breasts of both cartMatee and tONDUMM Love thyself Ism? let all tbe ends ttoue i n* I at Be thy oottLiry 's aud thy Qal'l. ' Tbe Ouitnix then said ho had tbo p'.eaaar* to Intro dree, aa the flrst speaker or the ovening, Boa. Oitrloe J. Hilmr, of Kentucky :? srucn of uon. cii.vs. j. bblxb. Mr. Ilsi ?k, on rlalng, was greeted withoonilderabieen thai taam, and when the applatw- (ulieMed be I poke aa hlwo Mr. PMrmm nrnmi-l OTOgratulat* yon, I cnngretolate mjeclf, and I congratulate our common be lored country , upon a elng ?> many palrtole ir. mt'H bcr* to bight, ro?dy to raim their tolot-a and Urine for lb. rowUiuiHs and t'.o IVco (lopltmc ) Tlwugb reatvd a*d *<*nc?V >1 In the , ???' I'.tOUJk mil" j %? ft>ic jon wilt all tbo ftelt i"? o( a and tort"" tlie i M'lutlone of my native 8?*t e. thi Itfhl of heaven fleet Umbel oiko my Infant eye* from a Fie# York eu-' and I no* feel u itotikh I were I . tr h ?tm't'ng nrwn ray ciilve hi ath jei rrtrabuud by and aldr-.mof tor tlio llrsi line a band of patriot tirottorf, Who arc roe tj and willing to estond their bin-i* in OMt; w.th tbat of loyal, '.uti/U aid patriotic Una lucky la tuma.iitng lb a rm fabric or human liberty and banted 4?*o to u* by o>ir falhcrt, ul i ?related bj Uto pnfrt bloc4 tt-it patriot* eTtfihed. /?"beer*) Bira, tight jea-a ago I bid farewell to n?y Irietre und eo- fbt a temporary rrtwence In tba Antl diet >? lt>?! fu-charg* of a (e feral uatv. I'ben you b*ti >?*t emerged from a imrat ? il c <nt*et, > ttateal in wb'cti 'hire wrrc two great fa lent parti"* coatmdtvf . ercn i'iai>K<l upon the UoMUlut'.no, dia-riiu oily la ti. n-oden It* noobtrr.rtju and la It maimer In wkHUi lb* ?epertl gorerna><n,t tboald a^ralowr It. Ua my rt-' .ra 1 (ltd uce o 1 tboeo pari.ua eitinct and Uto oto-i ?l-mit-red ?l? ulrldid; and I Bid, my bona trymno, our giortoue I'atoo in darker. la dooger! CI, n ptioa my b<?rt to lira o.terance to tbMe worue, " tfe* I'oluu s lb daogn r" (Vokts? " Good fcr >oo ") Tot It It true. Kit a few yetueigoeod I < tac/wl la lb'- political borlwa a little tp*ck,a blank etoud no larger t'.io my heat, that riou<f bu <*?r*eoad, father"! ltr i>(U from the aarrnutx: Inf potltteal eleiaot.w until now a blank etxai mantl r'>Ter? mora t.<auu?hai; of tout g .01 ( oa republic I poets Uiat al-o ition, I'oo noil, rei ubhcao aectlocti part; at il? K<" tb. (fl-glit b iaai a at d appiaote ) Ur Hatv, la a rer> ftoltad ntaoer, ioqqlra<1 If tliorr waa a black raako tbertl A man to tbe audiepce rrj l ed U> ? t'^otbU ? ncof ?*>'?*? " It?cy are hiaaitf party aod not y?a " Tnla r^ftiou taf ptfee of itlell'fmxe ?pe? liljr prod'ir<-?l a roaction In tb ? if aker'a ooD-'itaaiii e and be pn>r,,)e<itsi t;.u? ? t aU?<lu lo tbat abolitiuc party, to ? free toLi parly, tae rapaMtaoa part) ? a party wbicb baa for >?a^ Mid y arn reenw-d tb" in rutimi a 'aw of Oo0fr*aa by f*oo -?f ar?? la ana-jai rrer> Mate in tbe Nortb? a law ? Mr.b baa b~"n <1 clare t enMtitatV>oal by U>?t aug^tt trlbanal, the ?>ipr"mo 0>urt ?' iba Ckltad 8ta*ee, tugltUa^ata law. fj.? p.rtj, lo tbctr Bivineeo, bare.' decla. e?l tipoa tba uoor t f be: cr.ff. tbrnigli their Wadar*. ai. i IruOi tar buatlaftaU orer tMWurth, tbat white* ai> t black* mutt stand a^oo Uie ikD'1 great r'?tf'>nn of ptUtlrai aa<l aocal equal it j or tb-e Ciiteo aoi ll be >*t*i>r it. <1 (??Worer; aorer ") \ party, my ooratrymen. tbtt propeeri by ite Icadrra I > t> aco tbe Hark m?n aide by ai'e with the ?h te tn?a at tl . |? JW ?nd kt b'rn niroloe t!?<? iksctlre franci. ? - ("N rci' j-t l-arty wboa<> doctnae wte Id ? k tl ?hi*e B'l* to th<5 letol of the A'Tt^aa. ( t ro*t? ? "rb?t ? bo" Ainttur r"1oe? "T" j aw el! t? *>ad ") Fr.n ?tb> ' ep'ni r tb'? f*nati< o party' tid It b*re |-? blrtb tbl? h**Ti-n fttiored tt" i"' (A re.oo? "!t was id fV rt. vtr' ret ") Tru> o? 8 *w- t a f :i.??olp*iio? tb<< vjhw*-1 'fur l.ooilrel lb". ftli of Ultra >a -tea n*Msr : *?< " ?c thirty tbuaOM i white 3>eo. wr mec nr>t tlj-ioren w. ?o btr.a.~: -rtr to tfc? but' r eM af of an lefnr'.ated blank mob, KM weft ?* vm rated fro* tMd braoltf ! som tUe ?<*? (Oi^ra ) Sett, ot r ber- lita? J fHH traafplw ur J tbi* abolition fit trerl nfn tl \\ ?(*"* where u ? o{ttir???ed Tletleta IfetiodeMi rivrtb their tatt^li -'lit ? ur- n the be*''* f the pxtrlot antonre of ihc *?r of l*'J * jfrc oir ftmleai fa# ??* t?rr* ?t |J ! t hee of in i'.rn of. The ep >t tMl >?'? fce-'n reri dtted moo'tal ny the raior >?( Ih* p*lrwt? of tbe Revolntlo*, ber%?? tbe ral.ylae P".ci t.f the ahotiti^ fitw* to th h r uctry (tdpten* i V't, Hnt? <n ?? the p?|tt ??>!? '"I by '.-if *o1 <r- i wbH b W> *eu4 out bar MBUtMrHw, r >, 1 oner *?? ? lit 'I kad emOMelpotf)) tier ?? i,r?oa In thi Wea!lor<?? > a ? t.?w l<< a ttate ?' rtrretlon anj b(* *t . vh "i < t ti,r all tbe pi 'unthrooy of tl>n w< 'Id? %li r h t .1 ?i < tb t th* *<D- 1 forth brr r; . ?.! i ? fllf Itf oat tbt Woatb of ?ariia 4M pr i*we? ? ? > ?' " 1,1 beaotifhf poft'oo < 'jour t ?* i.trT ; ?'. ? i*r?, ? * > ct? up your r'eot et?eeh< ?-e at Cb^ l?a. i \ ? and ti -bile And for what" Way. h i. -.ag tai be *tK?.elng ta thtt, tbe e^ald. fro a h loet ltd'a |?-?ee*tv?e, irit? a ra^n m % tor tli1 tmppiy of ontt a and e-gar to th" *>rW ?'? In itiB. tbe Mouth pen* pared and i..>orHh 1. It t; rle4 tf ?botaaco o? tra'e In faeie of lb < 1nt.,i It r* > Itu.-v 1 ? reteBT# Wbtoi pail on tbe rerolut t.?ry >\ wbl b dlt harfei lbs Obt <* th* wur of 1M2, *at 11 rorlcb*4U>* i?opl* K"rth and Pnuth (Apotitat ) IV.; evcry ponad of c tton ra>?d a', tlie Irnlli Ike N"fl ?ra w>. Khaau, feat uhr Initfl, aad if?orer?, ree-.tn a larger prcflt lt? >tw the B mil mm planter (Cbc-r* ) hu" thf oiber (fay 1 entered lite r'tMi-aa* of * fc^tbora p'aaWr; I ??'' ?? ? ?? ?-fntttn?l t I'rtalre "Of what "'tlefta. mwm** ' !" quired. l(Of ?f'Utitt, ftftd wMI Tr? ***" * Th?y wftfUM fit# noun is ?' Ho * fiwci ?mi fof tb,P "l aak*.! Tbt an.wer woe. - fi^y Hof%. ^e Uj" T ithera p%?t?T reoelre* fee bk toaeo Mitrty ??. *? ?t.ikj Ibe lortb ra teaniibrtarer, the N trtUfr* titer Sfc?"?, the Mnrthern ?bo ?w?* ihf fhip tb?* ??* "riotta tb>- oi t?< , t: ?J *ortb( ro lahnrer and V(%rth> ft ^kkrttr *b ? e?f ry braceb acd dea?rttW?et of the Virtn f?w < . ? t4S TO of tb- |U that w. e e *t,.a <-n*t. Tb.. Son ara th* great fee*ettel*rl<w U .* a ?n fa* t h HktCli ,? - ar*. jitally ta>et?et?d A? <t *cen the pe.. ,"?'!? <> |> * *? toe ^????h?when lb* "M??y V ????" ? ' j -t? wb*tb hw gir rb pr.<tpert?|*, ?tt*h Ml given enterprise ud richness lo you, Ml wWofc has a ? do ) ou ibe moat prosperous nailoa k?w b^ou ibe lav ot the ?lobe, la sought to be impaired. Wnen they pro pose. I aey , to Impair oar rtgU to Ike proeety thai the constitution auaranlees to a*, and wbiob too tfupromu ? ouit ? f the ''mud Huki baa deolared la aa solemn a Bjurr aa tbat august tr busal oan declare, tbat ?>? nol.t wuh ti e coudltien tbat H attached to any other species i>l property , Noilh or Sooth; when I tall you thai lb la abolitlnt, tree (oil republican party would reduce you la the level of ibe African a?olally and politically, they say, gentlemen, 1 am speaking a Kiuibem ssMimenl I have met since 1 have beeo la tbla great ol .y if Sew Y rk hundreds at every corner wbo have (aid to me, "You don't understand the ri publican aenllm- ut; we are coiservstlve; we don't want tn interfere wltb your insil tutl< na " I will read to yon very abort extracts upon tbla point. I krow It la tlrtsnme to listen to eitraola but I bave a little gem bere wbiob carries oat Una idea ol these conservative republicans. I will read It if yoa will b-atken. In lnciaiapc 11* there resides a distinguished r?i 1 bltcsn who claim* to be tbe 101 <nale and aonlKvutial friend of Linooln, tha candidate for (he Presidency, Ur John 0. Dufrees. Tbla gen t<iD>n write* a letter, wbich I tin J to-day la tbe Im-ai n te a Iriend of bia in Teen 'Nee. Mr. Helm pro cucrd 10 read oopinas extracts iron tbe letter, aad pro ci tded a* f< llows ? What, I aak you, wilt (fc-rrlt Smith say ot fcim (l.'i.oom)" Will be agree to cut hla vote for tbla r<Dn.r? alive I'l. sid.n wbo, Oefrees *e) a, if eleotod Presi dent, will snppoit and enforce tbe Fugitive ciUve law? Can he ttai d itaiy Tbia ? rilorsaya that Lincoln will support t?e Afrt an Slav* trade between the stales. How can Gerrlt swsilcw this* Why, Ibis la cooservatlre doctrine, anlite black republican candidate turns out to be no repvblirsn at all (laughter and cheera ) He la for tbe ycstitutlon and for tbe enforcement of the law*. That's ? but 1 am (or. and if he stands op to tbat, tbe Union cannot be oirsulted because ibere ta not a man South of vfasi n atd Dijon's line who la not lb favor of union, wbo will not spend his very life blood ta sustain It with tbe 1 "Dstliu't on aud laws as tboy came from our fathers. Mil) Seward go tbls doctrine? What will tbat flulshed finl'iman, I'at rl|>e scholar, tbat travelling martyr, ".iin er, s*> v Can he go It? (laughter) Why, Lincoln i h ad 1 ut of tbe republican party ho don't b along to it ?troaljiy lo lb.* ooctrito But let ua see wbat I.iuC'.d li iLceil raja. I live on the banis of Iho Oliio river, on Ue Kentucky side, ?jut opposite tbe city of Cincinnati; wo have living naar 1 ? jiiel oppt?ito. a dtallnguisbod rrpabllcan, an asp'.ranl trr the PreeMiwt'al hair, a gentleman of Kreat talont. Ibis get tlen.au, fir his advocacy of tbe rights, tbe liite rut* aid ibe socability of his colored breili.ro, we* pre sented by the m wltb a silver pitcher, 'n mkeo of their b'ltb rigaril and personal frien'lhbip (lighter ) w neo the ?? grc.es coug legated to present this pitcber Mr. rial n rn f ( base retained bis ltuu.ks In a very handsome and ';uet.t *p< feb B it our friend Abo Linooln wad found ibt'e too. aid bo made a speech. Let ns s<o what be ?al<?, whether he *aa then for crforciog the Fugitive >lave law, whether he was in favor of tbe African s ave trace l et* 1 ?n ibe States, wbeiher bo Ibcu would enforcs the jrovlsicrs of tho constitution and laws aa be fouud them Mr. I.luooln goos on to say We feel therefore ihirt all l?(o?l dtstla-tlmi between tnllvl dmilsol u e axuie c< mmu' Itv, u> inc'td in huy >ncb elrrnna iton 11 ? c 1. r. oi!?ia ?n' ike 'IV e. ?-e boatll J t< tbe fvlwit "'ir li uli.it'ous ano 'niororat l>le ?ith tbe iru* the iry of Ann? limn liberty Kluvery ai.it cpptesalon mual ce>ae, or Atne. I un lirerty miial ptriib. Do rot tbe people or ibe 9outb nnde'fUnd tuguage I'.kcthai. (a \ ?ice ? '?Y's.str,'' sud che.trs ) rb?n I call spun tho ouniervalive rrpublioacj? men whj ve as (Iftplj liti netcd !n the quertlon as yourstlvca ? men wVi bare n.adc their prlnoeiy foTtoo"s from their sp-cn btloua lu r ivw ? every dollar of the money In wuose I (?:ki IS may be trac> ?1 to tbe toll of our failbfal slaved, ?t'? bun' culinri-d tho gr^it rtaplo. I call 000a thorn to leave the party and tbe niai who sat a tbat cegeoee must Hai.U ?|?n the aaruo ciualiiy wttli the whit" or Ame 1 nan iiborty muc>t ptn is a. (Cries ul "Ntv?r,uever.' ) Hut Mr Linctln goea on ? I e-?brnc? will, plenum tbla opp->rt"'iltr of d.w'arlng my uUa)'Pi"''ati( '1 iV leal oUi'an V ib? oimVit Jtlon ?b' h o?n:a< to a ; crtlor. of t#e colore.: people tbe rl^t i of auarage Th s I* tb j cen?ervatlvenes? of the ropublli.?n stn ll est"- for the l'rislo^ney of tho Called ?'tat**. I waa at V.'asl irgton th"cH'tr day, snd w*a t.>lit that ibe nefo oarberscf ih^toHy wire now preperlcg tbe sarapb.'rna ISA 'ti which their wlren were to visit ?He Wblte Ho iae oa the manjuration of Alte l.ln oln ( A volne? '? rn?> 'II be at bemo there," auU iaunhi r ) Dd uu'. think m? over aoaloss, 1 ?|k ak fruat U10 Ui^uagoof Mr. LUioolc h<m*c f. He c'?.llcucs .? True rira>roriey mr.kea no iKinlry aVuit tbe ci'jr of ths I tin. or p'ane <if Datlr t?. oe *U' . tlvr s.oi'1 ir eir.rn natai s of 0"Wlik n I re(r?rd. tbsreflor", ike sic 111H of tki* c >lw- I i-M> e -liMi frow tke eleeure fraathiae aa lnoos;alll>U) wilt true daaiojrftUe pi loai^lea. ?treal tf <?! (Immense laughter ) !Qio * me the demo erai, Noitii or ijoutb. wbo au ?c. ,3es to tbat d-K'rinii. iOmh Md laagbler ) Did ibi.se great a^-Miles of de n.Ktaty. jtCerauu ami Jaikeob, wbd bo* forai two of ' ibe bright. at t'ars In the c KSteltatlne wblch diner aronad the ]<*trt -t.? wbo bave goOo Into the tpirtl lanl 1 ever prearh a'n-h a dirtrlue as mat' ( K v.>H*?? ' Mever'") 1 Can iGo Atnerlca-i people sww.'luw ttr ("No!'') Can the peopte ol my nallTe dtato, of New York, awallosr ID* Can j on a# roe to take your ana, uro.iu.l 1 ? b< ?jiniri'Wimtay dtug with tko tenacity of lb<- ivy ti lie oak, alAixl bare by Uie a Jc of a bla k mui a id 1 II bit I'llfprlcg itiat that negro is his peer? (A nn.rc aal ?brut? 'No ") Vet tbU is ibe lewnil of tbel.!nr>:a d?c trlt". (? That's so ") laere ir a great deal in >re that 1 Irtipded to read, but I See so baoly that T am oompeilei to > I mil II. 1 call upon yoa, lb< n. eunsorvaiive aea of N?w II 'k, whether you prcler BrcckmrMge, wbeUwryoupruflsr Hi II cr Dotigla* (Volcee "Pouglaa forever," aad oarers 1 10 atrlVe agaiual I.lacoln. la Ibis fusion c irdla ? ('? Yas, ?i . t To yi u, my friends of the Breck Inrldgi' pi-t> ? ynwwlibwhiml have labored ? (cheers)? 1 Say thill ato la favor rf the equal rights of each Male and of earth .?ti ?tn !? 'aiji Wat" I (eve tbe man bectese | ktow ?:aa. I I?t? b.ro lanaii be w gaUaat. and I here him herasfs, when til ? of war wa? s" in*a#. ^e lo?t his wife snd thIMrer. sbi.tilil?red b s m^ikei and na*.-' hed s> ihett tr. war In ilefenou ef u?< g i.rloua l'si<?, an 1 in nij>|o,ti.f Ur magbldo'i^dcsliuy ( beers ) I li.re hiui. 1 Met while I am plaatcd upon b-? |lslfi>rni, and bM ,?r!n ' c|j,irs ifct re cnenr'jrted, 1 tell von, gectlerneo of the Oocg I las ja-ly , tUal > u I avo a gai:?nt, a tan ulod ao 1 a n 0 ??mis leader (fnmtnlefis cheers ) Iboogb t <iflir > at h M npno some qneatmns of pnllny, I ail wnilag to ' wxi. 'u bis ban s abi u'd II lall v> b:m the law, tbo coa ?tHi.t a std the l ulor, ass ire I that be would asst.it a talihful sentinel over tbes. (AppUue- ) And th-'ugh I dlC?r wllb Mr. Hull ? (renewed cbeeelng far Bell and tbe t'plob Hckct)? I say to jou that be too, by eductlloa, by arsocial'in, by jglf that ?or ronrds him, will gnarl the renslnntioo and Colon <n a fathfbl irantcr ard hard trover l>> bla snooeeii r v it | alr-'i ss wb?a be took his fat In tbe Pr4sld> t.tal t ba r. Tbea let tbls fusion be cordial. Y<ni wbo love lbs t lis of Usee t*at<s, you wbo revers Hie eoasnluliou, ;oa wlio wc uid iraaamit 11 lo J'.ur posierily, I aay to ten. wlib the three greet bodiia re^reaet.ting tbeir re spective principles, I 1 your foslon b* cnrdtal. Birlkr for ace trac si>d strike for vi.ttnry, fCreat cheering , amid which Mr Helfte resented h:s r?st ) Tbe bard played "Hall OMombla," ater whleh the "rrsldcbt arncuncMl that Mtvertior Brows ant Ha Mr going, who bartjbrra expeeled. were not present, and tbat tbe m< fl og wvul J be atio/sssed by U 3uvsrnor SM>i us, 1 4 Oregon. >r*rrn or it* oovnwon frrrrx*. Fnrow (y>Trr?T'*i?? It 1? an treTf?r'.e<t pledaur* to ft ibai I an, able to adlreaa tbU boly of I'alon men l"t to ii'.gLt. I rtjotf# lo atu.Hng before ?aib a vaat aa aetuhly , * ho. bewarer mncta tbey may din?r opon fm? mlsrr poiata ctcfW witb the preaaat Pr'aMetiia] eanTata, ?t'T! agrse tbat at Ui'.a orltloal moment a blow ?bouV be ttrutk for lie I'n.oo and ibr moat ? nti'tj of ur f>trm<n cmtrr Whatever may ha U-. ?a dlf veer ?. -.1 agno tbnt there ta la nvr laud at the pre. ?eat ir'trefl a formidable fanat < al p*rty that ta not Bt ?o t?linla iff tbi?g.m>rtimeBt (A t 'loa? "IWa no ' ) l* It f<t ?*'ra? rdluary, my *ilo* rttlxrna, tb?l altar oar .rvrrmeai t?tc.ia<u for ??n ifcto nr?nly year* it ? t? oH be arrrrtalneri Utt tbia might? prof ??? baa b?ao ?be reaolt of an u Ity r tam or prtrrlplea, of a ivrlrg or itr ? h CiCCta wu: f tt ua. W bee cor rather* met in '87 if f# t frfm a foTcromrr t f..r tba tl!rle??n la!\ot 1??<* tfcrj trrt aa bm?t?ra ? ?? men wh-> I. ad pooa thr ?h th* firry f?rn*i-e of ?it trttor? ro? aa Northern . ra. aurritif afa'eat tbe a->ath, nor ?? Houthern' ra w*r If (t a/a)i?t tbe North, b*i barmen loaaiy. id parferl wv* ?t -??*? ?! i ? ? ti. it - b??'y p? :<rt of lav -g |o ptatrrlly tbe a ode! tepubllc ol the w -M. >te hive una oa for ?ereeiy jeafi pr<*per'r.? an 1 a ira-irg a.< .1 a -.i'iiftl y. We have |i/M on rilta ui nr d< rr ale at 4 lLrrra?1og the Lumbar of our 9tale?, aol acrwa li g la a'<l tbe r<ati:ror? wb.cb bart an :? in U* ui?t r * i r on rarth. />' th'a f' lot Wertae ?n i mpftieil to retlra ' r a fi a mrmrnta. rn aorrt it of a ann.lea indtaprauim; ? bet .a reaprtae to the rtpealal r.illa aa I cbaara for Mr. iarard. who a-sa >111101 a tbe platform, mat ,e? tie roan *2 [tared ai.d ?p< kt M follow* ? prawn or mr. awiw. Tie ?'a! of U>Ht great "lata will make a my ?tr *g irprff?liB mi tbo 0lb day of NorcraVr a?*t. I b*ra c<-adiwat? Wetlcbttlae ooaaty aai>r< our nouatry ?rra tl.cre Tb*y had one of lb? lar.--?t aa I wat ta ?hor aatte meatiaga tbera ta faror of Ux> l'ak?, aad I ' %t* ap^rt ??> ?i:cli of my role* la ai'drewag tl ?m tba' ! a?i airald tbe?? t? vary little of It left. 1M weoa I ?ea Uiat a Bouthera friend baa aa Mealy talrn ai-t. aal, Itrrr 'ore, ?wjr ;>ett?<t In rea .-a tbe au?d he ? ao fit to ai'. I aalll try to oreipy your I UB>0 aa far aa tbc mlent of air to o# will pora.lt Mr frieada, I ear fcardiy aar tbit I batoai to any party ; all Vbat i ark&owlrdaa la tbat I beloaf to toa rreat *o<". ?len..u# l ei' a party of nar c man u e >u?try. fap oia ma ) I Lara been trore abotnd for tbe la? Koctli or m ora f?r tba Wat J I I" tb'a morem^it fir tba at- ltd. j tba atari *od atr.pea of tbe do*, a t| of ocr M ittrt? (ap| la-iae)? than ' .u?r" aTi.r beea al . ??d 1H! "ra ?'* t oWse? 'Fhat la Mlttor? Waab'Bfi* waaabaaed, ' .v?d h?d ai^aaaa ) Oct ?h!ia th'y opea their batten* npoa m> I ir. ri ihem aot. Tbey ?ay jaat aa ?*.? rtra a??l?at a bale of rotter aa to lira opoa me (Uuib.* ??? ?P ptawt ) My tabla gr >aai undar tbo arngbt of >be o iiae rooa itUera wbicb I aaary day raraltra from my olt> ?bt? frutJa But tbty vaate ItMlr tl*a upon me aa I Ou; opaa t bear letteri to real them ard tb'ts td |broar tl'tn lato the flrf. (Arr'*^"" ) I h,T* *"T wwitioa wltb yoo and I wilt maintain It, ani if ymr aanaa atiruld fa'l, then I will fat* '"?ibjtHv (?pplaaae\. Toa all kaow w*<?t I bare far ' batter mjaeif that I aai prettf well kaown In New T ra <> aC aot aahaned of aaythiaf that I bar* n<-.r? r bare 1 i*1* r?aano to be an 1 ha?e beea al >ny lif. a* n i line ?'hl? **' ' aer?r etpertenced aioe* i>le*?n?e or aat afaetiov that J rrfl fl ?"o1 00 "I" 'ariea ?n>l my ni^nrtera (ii t*1'" *r''*t fi*r>t re my right t-?ad and oa my laO #?* r"* beta of tbs bard JiW domocracy, whoa I bare ao Ii eq u< n 1 1) oon tendril against. Bnl I) apttk In Mo leu guegeofBt Tammany , I Dave thrown down the .,>Mr .. t"T? imolied Ibe calumet of peece. And ye I *,u wball?ro-a regular political IJanbaldl ( Appl i ie* ) I aa enlisted to flubl the balllea of my oountr> u 1 ?ii?-r the victory bat bet a won I will lay down my armi 1 retire into private nr. Therefore I hope tae repo ieia or tbe prets w ll inform the editors and tha public '< >t , ,,e '? bo manner ofuieln any ones -nding meauony monn , er?. They may as well Ure against the roc it of ?iib raltar aa against me. (Laughter and applause ) Aa a lawyer 1 have atom Hie baiter lea of my opponents for over a quarter of a ecntnry and bare never Uiuobed. But wbal la the true elate of the case? la tbia ititon tn danger of being dissevered? It never aball , (">ud "applause ) Unless mv Southern friends snouid dtoide ou doing a very foolish thing, suuh a aaUuiity will never fall open us I ntvtr bido n,y b?ad like the bird In the sand, but always lo.g at darsrr in the face I am nit a lawyer In this matter for I have net been retained by any parly; but I oaanol teal ze in my mind that tbia grand I n ion ia In danger I have, however, conversed with numerous conservative I southern men, and they all agree that their bre\hr?n i may be Induced to do something rub l [ old Abe ia elected 1 have m Iwrtu Uila matter. I keow what I fori In m y i>on? a, and that la a good barometer. What if Lincoln be t'Mtud The republican party will gel Into uover and arumb.e to prwdi r in leas tban two year*. (Cries of ' that s so ") I therefore tell my friends to wall. Let Item be in no hurry. Thta Unlen will not ao4 ih.ill not be tent asunder. I do not know much abaul Lincoln, but 1 tell j no wbat I said to a friend about him Heaald What do you know against Abe Uncatar' Rut 1 ,u>o.' jedhlm b, faking, "Wiaa do you know Is h* jf . "7 ?? ,lx seven Inches high? ti1? t^r)? abd this Is taylng a gv.j teal. Ilia friend* in trying to Improve his stiodu,,/ have pvt blm on a tall pair of rail.. (Uughir ) Tb/,' ,be ot every print sbo ' S ? C" ,'!peM put bl* ????>? at their heads ?ht.? cbalWrglr g the admlratloa ol the people. (Langhur ) Certainly tbsy are striving to put at the hrad of tins <o tertm.nln man ab?e gre-l recommendation m tbat he rau ?pl t a rail n.ei. ly by lookUg at it. (LcuJ lau^h^r I Wby, pm)s ibo Eivntnj pott ho ik a."* good * looking mau a. y. IP. (Cries of '-No. he am t ?') Taat w.? noi ?y"ng much for h m (Laughter ) What Is A*>e Lincoln? (* i'.J' 7" * . * ,J ~* ' *od ,a?*htor. ) Why sHottld Aba I.lMoin te p'aod at the head of this grout c>iuntry I Sl'r ^ *"? be ") it la truo Jh.it for ft ar ; eais be wan in Qnbgrfaa, but did yuu aver kao* ' ?" ?/ irtat natlooal q,ea:oj, or U> f 111 . 10 aD3r Kfeat uatlouai son ttmriit t ("So, never.-) Tin, f0(1r y ir* of h a U ngirrslonal raieer wa& a perfect blank, an 4 bis ounstl tuetiii i might ax well hare aert a mnv < f Ktr tw t.i repre TL ?'',U .wAn" wb" ,h,ok y?',? have tueo b'm I)um the obscurity of his vll'age lawyer'a lift t? makebim l-resident ol this grrat aud gluriou, iw,uulrv He wen a soy to the merchants ol the oountrv take oare *b< " jour ratts a4? ?t tU UuW* acutlnebt e( ibe country that you co rol cut your owu ? 7 ? ","vld U' hl< m^u'aciuriLg fricuds ? h lshorln* Wends-io the (ienuin ao I Irith )a,bon rr~ tnk^ carc nh?a yon cm your votfi tor Lincoln that yon aro not putting o.u the tiro on yotir d> n.o?i:c b. arth and rkcluolng l.ght |r,?? your Ubie, an I brlrglng mm on wife and children, w.a. n they sar that thry vote to eanluda e la very, let IVin uko car0 tnat they do not ??cli: le bread from their o?u tabl. n (^p plaice ) Ut tbeni In mind t be rat.- t' the Mtiboilif t nhrreh, which bat been rent asunder lit a poutr's vessel by what? lly the in'orn.l Bl|g?r qiv stloa l Appmnse ) Tbia ni^rer qoeitl.m the rwpublimn t>arty wjt/ld never lei r?st till the country was oroiubt lo tu.i 'I'* ,u lhc '??ow?y wHS Sle,L<Kllstri Too Hap l.H cburch was arrajed ono a^ciicst viotl.ttr N'crtb and Pott h in ?r?seqoencc or tbi? lufornal an 1 (torjai u'jnr qn*?ti n a qu.?t<. n wltb wtich the church l.al, t.v rl nt no moro toalo than the man In the moon, II th.v e be e ;?n a Uiirg as a man Ui?n> But the K^rtinj f,M .od the Aawi ufa keeps av. ry c. 4 of tie lVrrn > 1 ! 1 /"vn,n? <* H'-cJ irn, doolrloe l ^n .i H.f0"!. R* lie <>f rt pib 11I! 1 'O'llloe ?m, and umbrae.--! |u on ariioio of m o vn. He - iJitdlngi) sajs ILal, II tbe slaves were to rUo wait,^ Iteir lu.iners, and If (he arms of the general govern m w:t c?iird ?',,n 10 h#,p ib- ?. u -."1 he the du'y af tbe general fovofmcut to p?;lfv tbo S'avis br maklrg them free; anl thiis ,,ut | as end lo tbe strife. Taua (lld'ltBga would oave ihc 1 .nvea iri 'f tJ *Ub UJelr ?"Ur? 'oo *'?*??# I'ott ' andorted Ibe statrrcent. of HsMU ?d says tUat ifTcom psny o 1 n artcte wsrt cal.?d npou to put down a mutiuv ee a f' ablatio* l? the Pouth, Vt,| lo wrest it? k",' 4 Initi the Hards of Ihe Ma lts, th? r.. xt duly if tv ernirfnt weald be lo make the slarrs ?n f.co 4n,j cut item 00 m equality with tbeir mas^rs. Bit he "oul-l pffoae all si-.b doctrtnea Ml thu. nr-d h. ? d t0 m t , ?ta.cti be b?p<d wouij loDf rooiii.uo V) ware twr Ue ou'io l: . _ < jo nndrvJ3l? at.j nnaaaa la Me (tnhw.) I . ta?r ih^a "?'? B1*r* ^ W *" overthrow tUa j r.'f. ? ulh Sill lo rtfcke this country cal ro ly As Sron a* they ?n Irta power thC7 will ting at ' bo.l eg. tu t v ill n?? th<-'r power far the op rczsi m of I r" -^"uLL0l|lb? """"'T' The ?0lloa al the Anerloan lb< [marlirea oui alone ?uj inu tri ?, aoro_? u<o->c met t. When ibo p. opio ,.f Krai ? e struck fir liberty tin ? f r*ei the holurar of the ca 1*0 In wbiab th^y wore engngt.1. tu.i c.KDmitW inghtful atrocillea. Utnotanv ui.itaken iufa..f Irnt-Uom so caOul load #ur oooli, * icio 1 JwhaslMe of arfarchy and bW.h. J. We tec i'r*Jr ihT ' 1 1 '' *<Jn h,? *J""*a4 sbr>a-l that ' ff?. hA'f slave and bai' I lr?e. H?a. 11 repreastbl* eoetllot doctrine at Seward and the barartgoaa of Rtt'llrigwmo an1 rtbar i r<v hj'ian orators, bad alraady weened the oeo ! P.? 1' , ?1** >hey are lo e\p*-t from this parly V9 ft?|.i*r?d In ibr Scaih by 9oone* of mMttor* ranino tr- ti*',4Tt* * U* doolh, althcash bav I hi .TT4 PWMi * /t.r !'. .!!! ?? *4 M f'rt-He l? I ("ffcafn aa '?) turn latnn rit?T*-e wi*t '?mm are f ? orar.t of ibe fletfw bnA aa<l of th* prngvwM o f I rapublicaB ideai Ibr. ugh Ibe KorMi Tbey cer : ? 1,1 * imm -T. ? a ? ofi rebellion Wt-M are we lo eipect l-om them when they than . me lo eedereiaud ibal a repni.i<Can and ahalitioa rC" ll, r . l''," 11 In Uie nat local rapiul (QrV of It't w 11 r*vtr be," aid lncd app*toge ) & 1 IM people of tbe o*nf~*er*-y Ih'-naeleea prrvnet .i" U,^u""" le.t Will be oa !2L!rtJ_ * ,**" v later y w , 1 crown aaik pa 'Iih.T I" "? . Wt *? ?h*1 lb* Orvi of our . ' 1 "rtir ,f*. ... , | . . ,T1.n., %r , inei to 1 tude'I Uwa t .L.e latbsra. (applauae) Yea. fart m 1 1 Ui*iiUH' tar be was tba Ufd of our I rmers, who irii.ihem Ibn ngh the ttortn hv land and saa. I "T 1 " "T'o'tbe felt and tbe wildemeea. Tbat 1 " a I ? ? rri tirce which lh -y hare left u?, and 11 22T2*?' .w,r, n ?t pret-n r.n.l ah . M. And that s.rai ??re ?. , I has .?.en na ll,-. " ' " v ' r MMlMlf*VWnti*atu<1i< .1 anl reva fc.L T We "" kMf sad stand hjr lis preerpts aa our fat bera did, aci w.U eiia t?asrtaa?daBBS1?? 4 saetiSrc^of ou- slrta .a opp?. or ? ?Pp'OM MU a'avary Bihle.god and aoMU ! laitta rif u.!? re^^hlk-ae party. (Apaia-se ) 1 w 11 el'ae lh"? brief remarks hy expre-jing tse bo^ th ?t Ihe repub lean p?rty l? tble oaoaUy may ttmi Its %r* !<<? at thebardaof tbe I'd loo and rnaalltutton lover fct-n o' ?be lard; Ibal ibe rrleods of i nioa will meal . ifcellaVr ? tbe? back wuh laaaaa tbat will es *>e4 1 tte b*rd y ooaicaied B. i.ia ? f tbe R. v'ulton. 09 rmr I ?22ti! na Tba God of our ','bera and Ibe great 1 our aoceatora win be u ;? TOv a>l foa -.,1 1 SSSA * ??"pttW Mr. firm htrt returned, an-1 was greeted with a b .rsl of applause Wban si le nee was reatored be said ? I j Feller Clt'zrna? ?hea I waa obNprd temporarily It wuh draw I was reflMTlnf lo tbe urpa-ali-dei peof rear of our coatry. How thai tn aeveaiy years we, fr?m being faa 1 b'e, btca?a in many respects ojnfosacdi; Ibe tirst po eer on i-arlb. How tbat serealv years ago we were simple ? tb.i tain feeblo Ktalea, strwctch'ng al^ag tbe Atianli;co?at. Vr* ?e bare eroaaed tba moaatala barr er and ac , i rod i a reagr.lflfei I doMla. Mretcbla* (mm ocean t > ocean ao I trrm the Icy barrier M Ibe Nona to tbe iltver waters of Ibe 6?lf. Tbli we bars dcaa n only two geasrvliooa We have < ?aaosiiid tkraofn Mary obetaei.s aid diffleaitiM teba rare we bate nut dnae tt wlih mt aacrl.lcre and wiihont : baviag f. pas NSMl maay birnie epr*:,g *-< have g' e through 'iraign wars, and ws tave been obliged M ?q urr tea lavage in b s '?u savage w.ldaraasa, anl tbroi ?b uhbeuii of Ubois we 1?\ a esh.'dled lo tbe wor.d tb's vast davaiMraMBl tt tbe eOlrte af free mm We 1 reve rsfclti'Wd to the wot id tbe etlraerd'.narj sp?rtarlf of rii, gi.vemn><nt pres.d-ig mr tne ? fa

grr*l and glor'owa wop'e jj ,w , ? n!(| ^ bM , lb* V?a do?e? Ws did it by Iillowirg Ibe I r?a? I-Ie t.r rue g'rrii a *ncc?t. ,-s, by tree- 'ng ' la Uio laelsiepe 01 tboee Lreat mea? tboee fion been.* ?wii a bo crufst^i the lesipasioaaa blltewg ef tba Atlanilj , asdf IU- Jr?t aetllanest Upon lb/se coeats two btp drtd jcars sfo ( tfpiauaa ) Vet after all we have d.^a- aa I a ^emxratie paily, we row And a great party ralri aad * ? at wt hava bees; ?' ksf MM a;! H I llase, tbat -ve hava been destroy leg Ibe country, ? aad Ihev say to na, bare, take Iroai * a paaeeaa ^ wbhb shall R* all time Make na ? uaUed, pre*. parrt.s and isv.aclble people. ( t pplanee 1 Fellew silt- ) . f. I I..W fast lir Ibe |r-. .as Ir .? ; q ??By if > ' '1 abt'i ) t know tbeta " Sad this 1Mb- | llcai. 1 artj errr ibe'onetrol ol the nallocsl (oviraneat' ' 1 t) ? , - I Had Ibrr "T ?' an> 1 v_.g |o 4,, ?-'h t*e \/ r i slcre ef tbe tseslr)! Netblag of tbe kias Hat 1 ll toil jon wbat tb-?y bavedoca. Tbey base o. MM I tba a miLieuaiioa of the e matry whloi .,<e broeght * Shfry 10 our area aed wbicb baa increased our doewui as* ?Btoadert Ibe ?agnibcaat saope af our enlerprlea. totoe ?Kid or twenty years ego tba republicans were a small I party, ;rt t*< 7 were always, from that t .ne to u:s, tie ? f hie nd"' 'table anl -a'T?i pp men'* of Wl tl .?? , ? at Itieasnrra r.f pol -? w' I 1 e rlr?n ns "*e Wreurtj ooeat. which have In nr eased tbe loma re ?M rc altos of our nona ry till il;ia dav we are tbe llrst ???Mttlal batten aa tka fane of ihe globs. (ApptoMs ) ! We have berrm* great la spile of tbi oppoaiimu of tbe i r. pi.i.i csn party, aad bow lorsootb, this Base rspub iieaa perti setose bar* ask lag yimr oealdenne, and de ?asdirg that Iber shoi.ld N pat ia possession of lbs govertment leilaw eltlzeiig, let as r lamlne briefly what Ibe rt pnli! lean party bas done when I hey had C'mieand of thr ireasnry la several ftatee. What did tbey de' By Ihelr fmlts let ns know them T eon fr?.iiate yon tbat we agree ti.ai tbe laws sfcail be -rrcjfr^. tbat tbe I a lea ead tbe constitution sbal.' be 1 maiti?,,ed. v' 'I'p'euse ) Tbey say ? ben tbey get tali | i?w?r ihat lb?".* Wli.' ff'orce tte laws, even lbs fugitive . ;? eve law. Brt, I a.** yed, basa ttoy don* n? (??Mo, bo ' ) ftesi tl <y done i in n. ae?cbiis?tl? ' Rare they d.me It 1 sWweeasIr* Have they ov?Tfd lbs Isjiinclione of Ibe 1 ? urt ??( tbe c*.uair\ f N'o, felltw atttoens, the j l^fblatarss or u H:?U? hare Ira T'O'ed BOder 1 ? '? - ? -f ? !* prr nei- nrl ef the ('n'te* ^ta'es, aad < lb' 1 ee Ci J e propiy qf Uttos MbleS Is ripe# aad undid En teed oppoe'tlon to the law* ol Onngrem. You all urw tfce of the .1 jOn Br, #u rail la i Virginia In Bnaton, I he A tha n of UMrlct, thi" iu? Jobs Brown ?m proclaimed a martyr to toe oau?. ul liborty. Tti?? waa lite statement of Andrew, Ota re puhlioan oandidate for Governor lor itiu Mitt or U^ai cliuittu, who pniclaimed Blown a hero ami a iniutyr of ! ltheriy Yitib?tl?tbe pertv th*t *?v? it will enforce Ibo ITuf tt'vx Slavu Uvr, * 111 fa ?a6 fist'Cof ib? **ta oi |im State If iialature ihrov ohnU'loe la tho diiNUh of that law Will jou trust lo law breaker*? In m?u who have net theu.aWvm In opposition to tbe constitution o( tbe I United jtalMf W..i l<l It be e n* toon prutleioe ? :o uuvn judgment to do s<>? I tblDk not ("Wo tli<uK so do ") Take Abo Lincoln and the chief of the IrrrprtMlble c nfliol, Seward, aod you will see frooi their dtclarail?i>a tnai the Ugloal oourae of the .xu-ty is not to ? top at an) thing ihort of the enutuclpaUju ol tbe aiave. Tnia speech closed tbe proceeding* of the oven log. The bain: pi*ve<i a ttaal and pleasiug parting (train, and after ? pr< mlso fioni tbo cbtlrnun to bdrg tb > demo cracv V gufcor again on an oarly day, tbo crowd aeptrat ed,ob?<iiog luatiij for the Union and their Southern brotbren. Lit th? Nrrrbanti Stamp the Sttte. TO TllK EMirOH OP THE BKKALD. New Yokk.OcI. 27,1490 I km a merchant of thla city. I, with my brothur u?er cbanta, are oompv*t'vely doing nothing. We are wait ing patiently for tbe Oih of November, hoping that th "i I'alnn tioke. may be su rceaaful. I ask my brother mer obahta why we remain patiently when we, the merchant* of New York, bavo hundreds of thousands of dollars at stelK? Yta. mtlliapB. Let eaoU and every Union loving mtrcliA! t take hta knaptack on his back, with sn.rce olean linen , and start on Monday to tho dlQsrcnt pirta of thla -*tate, beg and l?e?oech the people to love and chert h the Union, and to give their to-j>ort to the Uatoa ti.:'<?t. Let the merchants go and muko t&clr appeal to tbe people, and you m<y feet assured that *e can carry this Suit! lor the Union t It ki t Yes, my fellow mcrcbuits, lrt as ttart on Monday and stu nr. p the State, and bifora TuonJay marnlu; y <a may rily on It that we wiH have flhwfteg newt, At* There n-e many L'cton U vlrg merchant;' la Nt>?r York, and if ?key will iU't la ea met they can awe every v.il r tn 'be t taie b? fore tbo morutn< of the d.ti of Movcmner. Yea, f. ikiw merchants, If me ran be tbe in" ana of oarrying tbe State f,<r the f'oloo ticket It will be the beat oard Wtw Vt ik bantvtr pta) od? lUe card to bo callnd ti> ttr Itg ol* tbe Union. a J. K 3. Itr II;; t. ma (nt?lll?'ni't. CITY ClIl'MBKS TO-DAY. lathe Memorial chun h, Hairrooni street, cs-ncr of Warericy p a.-e, tjo Rot Dr. Chauccy, rutor of >? Xtr< ?' chtreh, will preach thia evoi.lig. -Vm* en at ten ant a bail', three aud a h?Jf add atrin BLd a u .if o'efcek. Tb. Sew jTMilcm Olj-nh C<v~!cnbor|k.n) wi!> bold pub' o Wirtbtjj at If o Valiofcal Mt'l-ul Icgii tj, 7Jj Bron iway, al tco anil a half o'clock, A M. Tbn Putciuat Fp'tocpal litre loo cbarcb, Cl ut-.n 11, J, Ait cr place, to cbar-e of th? Key. R>bert (J Die'<aoa, ? 111 I 'd dhrlroscrr ceat ten wd a half oVK* A. U and sere a ar.d n Uairp. U R"T Umr) B'aoiLard, pa?U>r, willpraarh In lbs First I uiveraaliai church, corner of ClMltttroet and Mo?{<>o place, Brot kljn, this morning and evening. In tb? eren !nrtb?-*ecoc4 W.are in rcflowol n-r Dr. Thomson bt'ok, n tilled 'Love aaj.r. nalty."' Mr. *an>ce Mattiis.>a will lcct ire iu tb? Metropolis* Kail, 178 i'rlrc< stru.t , th's evcu.u;;, al lialf past . , fkibj-ci? "Tl.e I'rul slant aadi h.miah UuW of Faith Cm uasted." V t K V Kemlrgton, of the Kpiecopni ohnrch, will J fin b lu the Tent, comer o' Brad way and Fifty eighth nr. ft. In tLc afternoon at three o'clock. Mr. Orrlllc Gard ler wl'l a.,.!rc?s Ili> fco,v?al the do* o .,f the e?:,noa. Imb'rg In tbs etrning at half past s< v*n o'clock. The Rev. H;dn?y A. Carey will prose S la the Murray H I tte; tistchn h, TT-rty f?h strut, between Fifth ??! MiU. avtimr., at I til .in ten A M and at h >vit ?? vn P M. i: wurui lecture m Um a-jrica will bo do llverod in the L.enlbg. la the niecaker street Uaireraalat (hunk, corner of ' rv.wrlog itrect, Iter. A. A. l.iverutore, editor of the 1 OriS*? /V<ju4/<r, wQ) Bre.t/di I nilif.ai h?ir 4 .Ul i^u ? 'clock A. M and ba.f peal aeveo o'clock P. M In tte Cbrlaltan eiap<l, & rente, nth street, Imraedl attly vtcM of futb arena*, Bdar L. H. Jain^oo, from ItiiiMij' .'If, Indiana, will prarb today, at half post l? a o'tlo;k A. U . and IV baa C. Browur, Um pastor, at half i aat Hi vea o'clock P. M. la U>e John street Method Hi Fpleoppal chart* an anal vereary will be tel.! to day commemorative of Um> dedi ctt! .a of the flrtt Mahodiat K^Ucopal church la imorloa Li, .r I eajt at nlta ? rlo. < A If , arnl jireacblag at h:?lf pa.'t uu n't i.ick >. M. bjr ??* R??. i?r. Tkooifeun, elitur M tie Ckrl ftaa A > vr*U and J-urn*l. A reuatou Mntllcf at t dart !? M ft*. H ?. i.rnl rra;' meet It ( at aH o'rlnrk T K , 00otfi;IM by I.. D. I.*lr r, aid privhing at half j?tt tev?u o'cicck P. M. by the Rer C F Hwra.of toe (iitcoo MrtH lfetbe?f ivt F|Hi I'upil cbnreli. Tte Twenty neooad aoBiTrrairy of tSa M'a alosary kaaoruton. ;f firing tti^et chirch, will be be' tl iaerroloi Addr<Mtc? will be d?lirer<l by K r Tl?> o.aa8. ltait.O|f and Rer. J. F! Bv.rtl?; alio elDf'rj; by tbe chUdraa. Sertloet to cosmc.. ie at ha f p?>i a rea 0 clock P. M. j ?The New Birth and the infferenre betw<vn the Trwoh le ?of Chrlat and of the Church O nrern.ng it" will be eT 1 'aiced at th? Iwcnt'rth itrect fnirria'ict church, be tweea J^xth and Hercnth avensae. tit ? afu.-noon by Per F- Brook*, paator. 8ar? c? at thr-ja o'o;i < P? rmon in lb? morn r. by the i a?t r Tb?? 'ter. Mr. FrotbinKhem will preach at th-> H?:l Dortbeatt oomr of Broadway act Tairty aot I rtrtf' thK moraiag and ereu Bj.at the ii~-al b .ur? Su ' : v. forthe?urnt?g, The U,ie.oa o' A rrow f.r u.i .... ..f "Mlr*l?e, what lhay Prore." Tte iff*. W 1 1 1 ; a n . ilrln lUrt.tt: h , I p-n-1. t- -?jr ir the Brtxk'yn Tabr .ra^'e, on f ultor a. uuc, oar nv ? tract. Serrloca will cooiBMaoa at ha./ |>a?l las o ...ca A. M aad at hair past aereo o'clock r. M. In t Ana'aCbareh, Rght?eatb ?tre?l. a*ar Firth a-e roc, Bar. Tboa. Oailaudet, ractor. Berrloca lo day aa mm. al. with the Toloaat balfpaet Un A M and half [Mite rea P. M , aa I la the algu lao^uafe at three P. M. The Her F C Ewer wUI preach la Ibe noralng aad eien.Bf Mai* f-ta. t<r. D. A. Arobcr, of Brooklyn, wm preach at the T. ?t, anci.oa of Ktghth annua, Broadway acd Fifty eighth airtat, at MTea o'clock thia avenUig. OBftlffATtOMa. Tb* Pr<???jrt*ry of Hirrib 7 oa ??taday 'art ordained l*th?U'?fwiktatairy,M Oaii>bia, Pla , R?r. Aietaauer I) Mucre. Tie Modr rator, R?.?. J Jtubir, prr?i i.?i aad M'r-wea the oecat!tetl<ieal f'.nik-ia, Hct. C I" Vug, [I. 0 . pr?acb 1 the aernnn; Ker R>bert Malr d?<lr*e<d tk*(tarf*: Ber Wltltam Wr!!rg nffjrrd 16? ordaml?| pr?j<r; ard R?t A. D. Moore pro**ar>o*d the beaedt, |j->o I Kcr Mr. Hi ore baa laMy a*?i!B-.rd tin tbarge of Ibe j 1 re?><i*"lai> church at liaaphla. H# u a gradaata < f the laioa rncoleg'nai K tataary of New York c iy, aa t from b .? rrptitaliori aa a rchidar and a |>rraclt(r will OoubU?aa i he very aucoeeafai to ihe aiioutry rNVTTtTIOIH. Tte ocrp-efat'oa of ibe ?.r?t rua' yteriaa church in prihAwboy.N J , b?? eilctilod a urat.inni.e call to I R?r ( bar l*a C Wallaoo, of M >rr tan, a, N Y tolMc.xns thi .r t aator. Their farmer paatcr. Iter 3. F. Cor/, waa Willi It < a. twtaly Are jttui, and baa J .at rci'.ftie-i at hia owa dutra. ReT *?. L Moor*, of Wcat M ford, N J , baa re cl *ed aa 1 an erx? d a ea I to the pat V rate 0' lb" Pr aby ter'aa tb>inh ?if;'i?*rta, t or.aoty, H. J , >a-l will rater on bw dutlca imveuiatety. P.r? W ? T I ra, of Newark, V J , baa no-. >?r t the rail to t?r pot^ra'e of U.e Tr?t (Keattoft m) frrahyta rlaa rh ?cb, Pbilarfelphla, of whltii the late Rer m?or(? UUauJitr ?aa pastor. R?r Wcp! ?b IT Wllllamah a arcrptiM a call to the Oor*rf|?' i.a?l church at ? Aibn a Bar. Vermont His Kite 1 ? and i*per* thou Id ha directed ihero M7TFT!.lMCnr*. Rtf P J larlalle, Tr-aMeol of .-at Mary 'I CoM*re. \Ta r ?>n f Bty Ky . baa rroe ved tbe BT MBteient of ? ??n>p o' "araBrab. t?eor|ia lather larinie wa* orlatnod a prteit b I?t".. and baa filled many Irrputar.t t'atlwi* la it* ih eras of IiOeMrlllt (laoe hia ordicatlM. P<? Jt" C MiOabe, of tait'ntore, hag anr.pt 1 ? c* to A te AriiDdr i r .ualjr M l " - Mr W tt'e.oflo ???btIi'o, M Kernel the r/, ' . atr , r^rr. i- ^,1 tn accept (ha rtcv.rahlp rf Christ church, If Alriaodrta, \ a. A dfpatch las beea roceired at Wwhlngton aaanunc "I tii' rr r i'rof Her. MorrU BacgB>r, no faionary to the Crow iBdiaa*. by a party of Hon*. P<t n.arlra Oiartie, a P"?an Cathoiir prliwl, ef tb? Or - r of larar tta. aad a native of Franie.hai been rr ceir.d IH? ibe Prooad PreabyUr'aa ehureh, St Loais, I ar A a t ir.tr r Bpon stori re pr?paratory to th? mtalatry. Tb? corgregitton of the pirk Preabyterlaa eharrh, of ttrn>kl|B (Rer Mr. Cuyler'e), hare atreaity ra a*?1 ? 10,1 fo to war lie their new cUufch edulr# Thl?, wlUi I jhe |lt> TPO ?a'?ed <b Aprd la*t fv?r tbeir chnrch Iota, na>?i'k ,",4, ei more ifeaa twtaiy i^onaard dollars 1 fr ? ? , i. d by tbat yo'ii g r?e (regatta* ^Wio aerio aMli ADDITIONAL FROM EUROPE. Arrival of (ba Oily or W?tiilii|t?a at New York? Tbe Illinois at H?Uf*( Htourt of Coal* Tbe atcamablp City of WaaUiagton, C?pt J. if ry, from Liverpool lOib ud Qaeousiuwu liib mat , arriv?d at this port al a lata boar last Diyht rtoa oocmatrrnd ? Ii'kkk wlhwesiuily g?!o? ff >T? to Capo Race. Tbe Vanderbllt steaaiblp lllluola, from Hi?ro 10th It* al. , via SonlbuoipiHD, boa put into Hilifita abort of coal, fcbe was to lea vo for New York to oay 11-r cap tain, lo a despatch to Mr. torroitoe, iho uguut of the lion la lb la city, reporta all well ou boar 1 The main j:o".Uij of ib'iuow* by tbuao aj~i Tiers bavo b-< b anticipated by telegraph, wi we have i?ib > publish ad European oawa to tbe 12 b, received t>y ibe (H'.atlvi Tbe tiarlbaWioun bad taken the South Hi: !aa of ? an-1 l be roya)lt>te wore ret Ir lug toaarl fluu Viotir Emanu* hid not out lor Xa, U,a, aui ba4 .aauoi a maaiieato ti tiuuibetu Iiaiy Tha R?rdiniiu.r, under Victor Emanuel In p- - ? . w .n d e ur lb Neapolitan territory at tbreo d'ffertnt ou lie 9 :i. the AuMrlans were reitiforeing tb-ir tr?*i M In liiitlria and Daimatla. Toe Fterch occupy Vllerbo, Velletrl, Clvlta Vocebla, Cast. T rull, IVlcatrino, Prase all, Albano aad V*l monotone. Tbn programme of a future Oongre-i on Italian afl'a'rs nili be examined a Warsaw, ami tben submitted for the approval of the torltsl and frenob fcnvoru mill. AO * 1c - fro in Chita, receive 1 via St. Petersburg, alato that 6 OtO I'ehlu al ilia bad been Mat u^aiutl ihoE igii?h; but tbo r. kiotX' were generally fa#, ruble to ti) t .sit?h Tbe Chinese iRsarrecti'io continues to extend. Tbe i'ope'a ofll.lal Journal bal published as article daimt* g Peter 'h pence f r >m all iho faithful, but deo'ar.ng ? bat the i'opo wiU aoocpt do subsidy fioui any sec -ir Power. News from Cuba. AT HI V Alt O* THK BTBAMS1IIP MATAM/.A*, KHOM KATAMA3. Tbe ileairihlp Malaiiaan, Oaptaln SieBejrvij, left Mi tanna at *lx l\ M. on tha JH liwt., anl arrive 1 at Htftdf Rook at ten A. M. y s e.riUy, maklrg tho paastgo In four da\s sixteen hours. The city and J arbor of Haiar -is were ua isoaily healthy. Asnrved if a rfp*rt of the slate of th* Vatuiu miketa? (laj i >1 .?< n;ar ? ? 8loco the flh teat tboieba* been an acton I'cmaid icr^ual.tl. s a llu'ilo f.ir d.wln, which. o.i aoqcnbt of tbe'r icarrity, are ooKtsan.lic; fbii rau s Tbo i.th> r r'ntJi'e. N". 8 1 1 n ft , are vry du I, yi t bolder*, ? lUi tbo tint ?? oi able al?k*a of the lA|Ml4m?Mpaii1 their rcdi'fv 1 stork, aiww co (lMp'>?iti"u to i mil !o? r price* tbo Di:.rttt 1* 1'itti] ucre.tle'l, buyera pt/ion lor Ibei. n. raet aU) m ct* t il. a ill fenva. .? ? No aalea ma'c alrco the 8'.b; tuck re tfweftottO bhi*a , cfwt.'.ou ao?a M>b'i 'a ar.' i -iura . t stij.ment for New Y..rlt, ftoa " 4rs , s ,ris , S^ra uui ilia . aumruiBR lo quality. Mi.1. ??'? <iu ?t; curiLK tbe pree.i t *?k a eargo ot | abar.t l,*CO oba^ bt jUi fur i' ^iuau 1 m C>?fa., W a*> f^r uuai. pna y? ftw trifle 8 ba'. c torr.s lo BHtrkel; prl-,j Lut <? t o|?rcd Thv fommr crop '? a ptmn'slng "lie, lh" frew! iy cti" h.itirj; yalu-Mt ooi.alderablr lio.n l?e uto I'.ir.i-ablo ?saihrr, iDd miuy rngar ealalea will b ^.u tbvlrj riui iuf tbo lit ol Uec< Dibir. ARltlVAL OF HIE mm. AT OUABLC.STOK IKO? IIAVtM. Ch*?t;.?to*. Oct 29. lfeO Tt e fteauatiip fsabvl, freni Uarana 2^<i, l.ia arrive I. The autar market was i DCbu ,,eJ. Tba cruja were proaialrf. The lltvaaa e^rTe?r^*', 'nt of tbe Vrr vry rayt tba r? rut is nnftmcded (bat ffpata la llti.nj out a Beat at Havana to aU 11 1 amon. Tl.c Spanish Vao<xuaUai U.nliW, the ?i?akh t'^avit al laauajra, aod VM Pfan'ab tinifnu.la Irom Tllialh, bud arrived at llavana. Key Weal adtictc arc atto lo tbe V. I. The ?blp Ccrro Oordo, fro a No*Orlraca, boua ! tu Cotk, with a cargo of 1 CCO baits ef cettoa, b.ljed o? the 16ib lest no I/.g|erbead . boal, Tortufas. A tbird of be r car |0 would bar saved dry, and tbe real damage I. Tfco ijigllsh hark f.nl*^ Marten, from naive, been 1 1> Qoacastows, with n a!., ^..ay and dye woods, ha I arrived leaking and waa ualoaUiag. Coroner 'a lai|HWl> Taiai It*' i it or * Kjc 'if ? The aflray wh oil oe<-t;rrcJ (I lh* aorwrr of Oijr Hall fUu* an 1 i 'earl itro t. oa Tava Jt j i%kt, between Michael Oavenajn and Fradrrlok H>fcnet.t,?rV. i> ia tbe grooory Mere of Brary ausdaaa, riwaHed yeat*r>'?y In Ik* <lt* la of CatonafU- Gnaw r O'Ki-efa bold an tai|<t**l ujK* I he bo tjr of ?la teaied at Um New Yoik ltxpIUI, when the IWloar'r.j facta vara elicited - ;w, I , id w'tb nora* compan i</ti* wuw t< **lr? ft. bweiil a nil % fill a bo lived in the ae'lffe 1" rboMl, oh t, l e b- -erne nrif l an I ot'uer en* ol i. a U>*n ' cturi. Tl a I low v?j? returned by oa- of iMfrvrl, ? b?a tMt ruabul an tbe Mara and pruunrtaf a C'ean r, ilri . ? ji*- wrd ? a Urn heart Cavrn%n lam . 1 ? 'ni to lb? ittcaa'b, as t *>*t al>rward* ha eat uttiyrd to tbi H *ptuil la an tm mm a orodltloa. l|cu examine* tlic kj'ired taaa iso ?HjrHana footd tbai Ltf null waa i>?ilr iractnrei lvi?y |llnMl aaa Jmi-1 to I'aceared, bat b? orra Wuqaa to fail rafdJ1*, an I at an aarl> b'>ur yeaterlay Koralaf fca t*plr*d Htha hi flet ri>u aftar iu? a?< ?y, aad *? cr< ted b m? j|f at b'iapl*l->o, r!i?i?n Ittaad, w'teia be waa ?fi?ltai tlir foliowli g day I v > ? Iceman 'J'lld'-n, uf tha an ib prrr'aci. Tie riry <n thla BOB*, artar 1ue da iil.< ?a'um, rea-'ered a rotoa* af " Itaala fa>aa li.jurtai at iU? lian !? '?( tba prlaower IVa4orirk -vtuiabt , Odiakor 9, MCO " I'pca tha rati' ii on c.l Mm abur* *?rd' -t ib ? i r'toeer wa? ctiruiittf>J 1 1 ilia *' mh* to aarait tha acti >n ? f l*e limru Jury, lACaaad waa a native of Itaiaad, auJ *a* 19 >tai ?/ iU. Pollra lkl?lllnrn(?. Totiri; OruRT Atro ni* CaMji tJi? TTir-? of lb gamblers eoatplainod a4-an.1t by yoLtg Hurry apimartd bafcra Jaal; ~x Kelly, at the f/?wor i VI Ice Uovrt, yea lair day, aad ai?*Ulad tbalr raadiataa to pat ta ball. Tba a a| irtrale Itformeil lh<tn that be bad Kit d-iwn tbr iOTfttlcatkw for Toraday mnra'af o?*t. aad aatil thai IlKa Uwy nUbt raataia In the MMr of the poiictman who arrr?u 1 tb?-in. Tbe ranna of ib<t |>a>tlaa arreatrd arc aa folloat :? Jobs Mf-aart, <M>raer of Br-?1 a?v aad TclU'ti atrert, Cbarlca Rkaaom, c. >riser ?>( I'rtnci aad Marcar (In eta, atd Join Oo!loa. of s ir . ?ay TVcre arr tao of tba t?i'i 1 at larj?, hui th- y ? ; b.b'ji api?ar la eri.rl w.th th' r n . ? cl im TinBday. obea tta rare eonea sp ft r lartati|;alliia ill v*t or am Amtoar r\.. Cijcu ? A loot U?e 1 of Aufoal latt a (*rta a Hermann krnrt, a eierk la Ibit rirplry of Samuel Krocb, at Barburf , la (ierme ay, ab ?cofided, taklny attb h m a large amount of moaey !? lorj rf to hla f mployer, BK^tly tba f-wro of uv p?#i tral'a Mr flaatnrl Ea <h haaltif r?w vad Ir/'tmnti xi ? bat Frtal, hi* fornur dark. h.<l Irfl fur New York, !'tar? d lb * matter .a tlx- hauda a' Henry % n h ?'fl atju trarf h % Mnae, atmraeya, in tblaetty, wo obttlr.ed aa ntd<->- rf a?r<*l. aaJ employrd drlecliva Robert If. !?>?? )er to ferret 01. 1 tbr whereabout* of tba h|Wia Afu r a eare'ul ?earrh of many d?r* Mr Boaj rri # Thnradey laat *? ? wi ded la arr??t:af flertnaria Eraat an I tad^trg a m la |aU. *e?? *|?op? r Knler|>rlae. [rroai Iba Baliywio (N Y ) l?roncral, Del X , rittRON KXTItRaa. Tbr (MiCfal a*eul of tbe New York Amr" lated Preaa Waa n O' r tl lage a ftw da)? ato-e, for tba parpnaa of l'?-at'rf *rine rarrlrr ableb tb<' m ranali.a are ahot t to rwiplr>y frr tba parpoae of iateraep?tn( the ta ftoeid Faropraa Kramera 'ft lira leland. Toe aawia partie* ha?a. f ?r manjr ynara pa?t, (>o| 1 ;rd pif??.* at Hal'av, Mb., and at ^afy (l< ' fe . a Una they bare lirovr'l of great urn < aad hare, dunbtteaa, ootilrlbaU-*! ta to ma'l < effeelo tbe a? ctalm a a worl 1 wide rapala tl< n O r *? rereaM crV rpr.ae ta oatetrl] ptrf all IVi r op pi nf ntr? wtettief M tore aewa a|' i.H n' epecnlav**? In th* early reeaylir a of tha Knri pewa weara Protai lad by tbe r pnal *ar? ? aBd Inrptrlted. perbapt. rnmaahal hy the rxp'trr-l dtlcrmiati n if a n^ fity of t e d.rerl rw of tbe American Teiafrapa t>itnp?aiy to r far | mi the A??oe'.*lrd Ifaae, a. I ibrmaalrea 000 trol a'l tta aeea of Iba Od Wi.rld and tha Now, the t*ooc1?t cb IdWf. we ne<!er?t*n l, dan lad to intend lb? r p'??on axpr?M lo arrry point alone tha reaboard, Ir.i. N<w York to tape Haoc, where 1 I* ff .u b> X(< ba-re tbe *U ami r* |ritaroepi?d. Amner tbe Dointa tf al are lima to be covered ia addiii in to tla'ifat. aaadt Hook and Fire l?'and are, we aitderaund, M'?taok i*niat. Nantarket, llwllaad, .'i.bB*. M. f .. and <*f? Parr Tl' breed of blrda u*?d by Iba awiafra I* tba celebrated Aatwerp <*'rlera, wbleh, wbea properly traia ad aad raad, will, wa are reliably not<rrd, nj at tba rate of nretaila per m aste aad taerr'nily, from tbapotat where lliajr are tkrowa up. lo their fr n? ?a rh bird wlJ carry , when properly adlaolod lo IU NF. enoi |h lo make a ooluir o cr our pnper. and imr raaaartwtii he (rat fed W) learn tl at we bara ?a> arraa?"newt? hy wLkb we than bo able to receive by the btrda all the tnterrattaf pr toU of ea ?* *<t*Ti*' * aewa wiUiiB a ?>-w Birwwnta nfVr tho airatner a^rlrr* f la the day line) ib the etcln ty of fire lr'?od The b ^a hare Been i>?eted la eace'bai fliiarUr* ep* tbe pr? m M ot Mr ?.?. MBItb.la rare llaar.aa.l we nadi.-Maod they ara ro?B to be rat la work. Too e**a wH be aerl lo New V.rtk from lbaiear.?il'le? Bfb rat'oo rr by a rw ?1 of a?,:'' n-rurcciua, t Of alt* THE CRISIS. Revolution and ce-sion of the ?0111 ft. THE IMttlliENCY OF SEPARATION. A Southern Convention Proposed at a Public McttlEg iu M saUeippl. The Election of Lincoln a Ground of Secession. ?*V - -WV\^? "vJ-.- ? -,"WV\ -*?? Declaration ef DiihuIxh in favor of Lincoln. Taunt of SounUs that he will ALl n toereiug the South. Can the General Government Coerco Seceding 8tate?? unification (be Uucdiue of Jcffergoa and laAwii K inlii iti'unv u> Si ? ?'?le from the V niun, Ac., Ac., At. Tin: TUWNENCY OF DIHTTlfTOV. [Kn Ui ibe H ) .! i' r<-r, <1 iloOer 35 | We woul 1 cull toe attention of our reader* to the editorial of tiie Ntw Yokk IlKHAi.it, opi?d into tins wori) ji g's Kiifuirtr. However much wo tna.v deprecate the many hat-h ptirown wiui which tlie Hkkai.p, at times, has stigmatized Soniuern men. state* and pi lMw.jwi imurtitljittuoe de mai.iW 1 lit n ecd of Southern for lu man Iv ai I bold ii' ?uiiiH upon the sectional enemies of i Ik* Uniwa wish which the Umui.o in surrounded. Juetly apure -uiina the importance of the Union tohi ? i 1 1% city, and fully aware how deaiructive Mi all i.Mional greatness would buitn di-solution, the IIuiai n has lor month* devoted the beateuer tita (i I its tilenl*. intfucnoe and power to open i he I'M s ol the North ti> th.' imp-nding dai'i<er whit h tow threaten* alike the Nortl m l the Kouih. isorae fuctn a- argument* with wlr utiie Hi iiii.d piii"- the Northern Stau a ldu ss them>ulsea with p>.uli*r ftoco to tlie pagyle <,i Vir^uta at this tin i'. As the ilkKAi.o luvtik -t men ol all pariiea at the North to twite t">r the pre?erval?on of the I n <u,so we e It upon all men at the ith to con centrate their votes upon Mr. lb- 'kmrtdge, aa tho best mean* of <1 featlng l.ln :oin- if th<it b? po?ei ble ii?! if not, thi a, us tin' J.re-t -way to protect th*' H will fioOi ihc ^"rci-iju* >. nmu.'^ful bJ*ck republicanism ou Uic one hau 1. and fr jui the too ha '} uctlou 01 lilt) extreme i K'teru state* ou the oilu r. -bonld Virgin i i v ???? for John Bell at the ap proai I ii>g election, at ~h? will by so doing <iis coM.c<*t herself from 'he Southern S ate* and de prhe htr influence ol all Its p'i.ver. ? i she will lu Ttte apgrrrslM b? Inducing tho h llei that the a aires y M Uii ubolitiuiii/.' d. I he Southern States, tHlx their cause deaerted by Virginia, and alSin ? >1 at tlii- Bear appro i h or ultoliMoniam upon Ikfir uti burfi'M. fill wt bnnktUH a rnumett to dissolve their connection wit!i tlie Union that hns sol. ,diz<d Virginia from her an<-i :nt Htite il^bt* talis, to ti n ri'vivel aud I'-niodt llud fed' rtl l'iu ol IH'iV, 11m Nor hern r.iua'L ?, i uc-mraged by i lie vii 'o?) won by the defeat of Brta Umndge In Virginia ai l not delay the "overt act," conscious that Uotto ami his nyrviMoM, ftnm the counte DaMt that bus b? ' n gm n to bin, nil! be able t? bring allies fr >in tea i.mkaal th' ir ? uem ea. And whai will be Virginia V praapeete when tlie gr.-at prrtrer ?f the Sootl ern Stat<'? has bi vn withdrawn 'rem Ifr tap port, and unre-trs^ned fanaticism turiir all its poirer op> n the itixtitiitioa o.' slavery n tlir fm ii-maiiiii';: bordrr Sta'< s. There wtU be no r? malaiiig border Mat' s when Viig i'la has broken up the Ctl >n ??y voting tor John Bell. The Soutbern btat< - karlng once ?tis Mi|v?d th?# ?OMMrtton with the I'uion, Virgiulft will ,M*fn them, or eivil war will d? loce lit r hillb and tall, ye with tlie Mood of her best rraarM. The lb sai i> misunilere'aiKl* oe In onylnff that "tin' lb 'hmoiid Knfi'ii'rr, on tha contrary, declare* ih*i if Virginia ?hoo'd go for H^ll, tlia e nit on States will r< (raid this as a rums what we said was, that Viiglnia'a dtseition of the HonUi, by votir g for John lleil, would be regarded by thow vtatt a* prognoxii.' ot a future abandonment of the cause of con?iitutiot.al rights, and that this unuld create such an appri he i^i hi throughout tho-e State* that tliey would inntantly aoandon ? be I 'nion and (mn a Honthern MnMcran, li which, by diplomacy and arm*, they would hope '?> t i d the protection denied them in tlie federal Union. THE 1PBUE TOW BFTOBX T1IK PEOPLr.. |?r m li? i irnm ? ( leuifit) 1 ui a] Th' re i? ?>tily one question to be settle 1 in the I'retii'eatisl eleijtlon; It la tba ^xt-nt of the loyahy .f tli ?? Sooth to lu r cheiithcd in-'lt. iiious. rhe n eie i lection ol tii or that canoidaUi to the t'ra t id> ctial i hair la in*igMii< *nt lu ita h unite, cuM> ,.ai' d with the principle to he artUed. Will the - ou'li claim the InH nieasure of her risliti. demand I Uia recognition of thv doctrine of protection to her 1 ?ia\e propei ty by all the de(> flmenrs of tho go I vertment, be ?atl tied wi'h no!l , .n aj else than "pa tity stud justi'-e' Or will aha yield Ibr i time i ? nrlng jiobcy Uic w hoi* qneftion. and convinca tha Mattfi [ that, a'ter all, we are not inenrnept almu'. oureoiial I nrh ilcaea. but simply a sat of spoitamen aoJ omce I i.iini* rsf Will tli? Kouth look at the laeae. n.it in a party aepeet. but as free *eii, basing at sUhe now, a> SI II as in the fbture, vital and sscred IntereeU' The North Is now arrayed ag?iii>t thp Sooth. No candidate, no matter how i ooeervatlve. no mat It r how national, no matter how disponed to ignoro the creat question for the sake of peace and har mot v I.t lwren the section*, no matter phat may be his poiith al p< eition, can rannmit Northern support, tinle*H he u an *4rocate of the "higher law doctrkM." Tk^earit in Norembar, then, not only eleito a rrt'Ub'.H an candidal^, hot eiprensea thronyh tl In BMtaning worAi the as eetiimicj and popularly of abolition priaclple*; tlia< these docttii e* are the potiueal ssntlaMata of the p? ople; thst l.im oln ie a medium tbroagh wh'ih they ara mad* known t* the world. Now tin r. what shall tha BotitU ?ay' '?hull her ver diet be iii accotilsm e with the prevailing sentl mett of the |>< i pie. Umt hi r slave property mnat ba protect' d at ail hatarda, or ?hall she say tl.n ogli the ballot box. that this la all and no n use that she claims? To say to the repibli ara that the* have rights and they n>nst ba nuintaitH- 1, or that tliey ?iil iiot ask for all they am entitled to. Ahesdy Northern polltii ians who throw them Mire* In the arena lor otir rights, turn around and aecn>e u? nf irp latitude. What, say they, nnst I tight for the Houth when she ban not xpirit and conrsge to fight for herself Shall I fall lor a people who have not the n,i<nliood to defend their own home* and fliesldes* If thev deny that protec ts n to tin ir property i* of any {ntetest to tliem. If they ignore no vital ? question, it they are so bent upon the ? polls as to pleat a dsrger In th? f lionona who 1, tlm< will ne*' r draw out. Nil, on thoeentrary. la tl.. end de-'rey their lift., then, they have th la tut'; and l?i?i *<? <*cpra?ed, ??? warlhles*. so si driM ? s* they any kare tpejr ayt way and die, tf they ih"*e, ftotu eelf inftcting atunda! _____ rUr.fTU MFEHNU IN MIHWRHIPPI. rnt vmlIoM 'w in* or srttfc?-A ?ot-rtiliw ntstnniMi At a large on<l entbnsii.ftlc meeting of the cttl ?<(, of Carroll co un'y. Mississippi, on Friday, Cta toher 1? iBptant, relied lor the purpoae of de lihrratlrg npon the political perils that environ on ?* i people, tii? lollowitig proeeedlnga were had:? Oi mettoa, ('ol. Dan. B. Bnssell waa <?lled to ti e i hair for the purpoae of tevporw.y orgaaiaa tk?. "li e objects of the meeting were then fblly e*? plalard by Col. Braant. wnerenprw, on motlno a cottnmlttee 1?aa appointed to report permanent t ft! m r* I' Mt e meeiing, whi< h committee reported tl.c h dowWg:? _ Prisldent. Co?. William Hoolh: Vice PresldMitj, 1. 1?. M, la tr ore Datid I stg. IM Bingham. J. *. .fol t in. .1 0. M l arty, t V. Ilaftt. and Dr. H, W. Hill: P' cteiarlea, Samoel A. Nei? n and K. w, I ifeMon " nirn Hire of thirteen waa appoint. I .1,1, , " Im" re" int'ott* sipre^altf

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