30 Ekim 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

30 Ekim 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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THE CANVAS* IN NEW VOBIk. Decrease of the RepnbUoaii Majorities in Their Strongholds. Republican Opposition to Go vernor Morgan. Our Owego, Bath and Rochester Corrw pondenee, ?Se, Bfn iMs Oar Ow?f?C?rfMfo*d?Eie. Own*}, Tioga Ooanty. N.' Y., Oet. 26, 18W. TU fUtoflMD* Oourtfy ? TV Oninty Put D^m for Hundred and Fifty Aeputltemm Majority? The Re fmbiicant l<Urmintd Jo Scratch Oo.,mor M.rgan'i Sam* The Election vf Senator JDivat to Cvi^.'eu Pr< tided, dc. At the iait Presidential election T'oga county gave ?Kir* than eleven hundred or nearly twlve hundred, Majority for Fremont over the vote for Buchanan, uJ ??even hundred and forty -two over that kr Buchma i tad Fillmore combined. The Americans, however, wore ba poorly represented in thu district, comprising the coua ua of Tiuga, Chemuug, Schtylor and Toatpkine, the Matter being the only one that rivalled the democratic vote, while all of them gave large republican major. .*es. Sin MM there ha* been considerable cbuogo in tbc politic aspect of rioga county, and thl* year the republican ma jority, compared with tbe Fremont campaign, wll! tie re dotted nearly one third. Tne Americana have mostly disappeared: as an Independent org?u)-vlon they are entirely unknown, and the name of tfco oarty la men tioned only in alluding to the reoeut political history ?f the oouatry. When ail the opposition united upon Jones for Secretary of State last Tall, tbe republican can didate obtained a major ty In this com ty of 4-13. They wlD not only keep their ground now, bet will add a hun dred or more to that vote in November. The republicans are well organ. .ted, active ard expectant, aLj bring to their assistance the zeal of some patriotic republicans of a few who are personally interested in tbe cauvan, and ?f those who hope to gain woe sort of lnd.vidnal advan tage frosa the success of the republican candidate Tbo Po'iglas men will, for tbe most pari, support the I'nlon electoral ticket, and are doing their best, and the lew Beil and Breckinridge men m tbe county will a so go for l toe loo. Yet t^ere are some of either faction wno have expressed their Intention of scratch. ug the I'nion electoral ticket and voting only for th" elector* of th?*r own party. This would not ade<;t the interest of 1 wug las much evni if It were pretty general, fur Uiero are very few either Hre. iinrld^e or Beu men to b? found to tbe county. But the aoratcbin^ will be more umveraal on the contest 'or State and county ofliceg 1%e people of this section entertain considerable for Ltig against Kovemor Morg.tn , on account or his vetoing tbe Albany and Susooelianna Railroad bill, and appeariui Ap parently IndiUerent to the extension oi tbc Chenango canal from Blngbamton to the State line, where It w.*uid there connect with the t'ennsy rviiaaNortb Branch ctual, thns opening up a direct communicat.on with tbu coal sallies of Pennsylvania Tne feeling is more keen, per haps, than will be exhibited at the polls, for e con in the face of persona! d ^approbation republicans will suck to their candidates; yet there is little doibt hut that it will afreet flam > 01' 'Morgan's ;o some ? bat. State Senator I'lvon. on the . ontrary, is , ipular,anu will get a large vote for Congress in ibe county, and wll' be eloc'-d by a handaome m.*j< -ity In tbe district. Although .n Tioga, two year* ago, the republican candidate for Don gress received be* * bare majority, it will bo remember ed that the popularity tf Mr Arcot on the democrat;.! side, and more especially the large amount of railroad latereat that wa* brought to bear .n his favor contribut ed very much to produce that result. Tioga co nly win give over Ave hunlred majority fbr Lincoln, and nearly a simitar majority for most of the other candidate*. Uar Bath Uaeip?ad?n< e. Eini, Flcabon County, Oct. 27, 1-80 Mfffrc'. of Jle HUnixng Kantat Kx*itemeni upct frtmenf I Vote? IHltrHmtion of Ou btfwnct America**? Strong Supper- for the Union Tickrt? VncU Griff' t Opinion of Ox Furitm Moremt *t ? i'xptcloiioru cf Bi ih Partus? Ma ? jcrity of Ttuo AmimmI in Steuben County fur Ltnc Jn ? Sepulii. an Oun^rtum-n and At$emtlymtn la Ele- :-i ? Gov. Morgan U> Hun !'? Kmi Bis Ticket, dc ?fc. The repi.bli *r? In Slcubeo county will have a pretty difl'.ault undertaking when they attempt to ctouwl, or ?van to inaUlo, their Kremont majority of 1404 fjr Lui ocIe la the prevent can vast. In the former r inieat there ware unite a number of parioua who perm'lted tbeir ?ympalhtu* to be carrlod away amid tL> _ excite- , ?kern auvut "bleeding Kanaaa," who, la aeell- I ?lent are. really consort alive m>n . There arc ?ot vary ? acy of Uiis cUaa, but ? f such aa , thorn are ? fe* will rote for l.ioooln became they tb'nk | bta prtnc'ples are comparatively oooaorr itlve, bat the i moat or them will aupport the Donglal or t alon electoral ' ticket. Of the two thousand voto* caat lor > .limore in that year, though their d'atrlhutloa rarica tery much U> different townalilpa, nearly on* half will ><? f..uod am the aid* or fualon. The leaders of the d 'Pjact Am<-r|. oaaa who bare bean left aln<e 1?M bare generally joined the democratic army: and where th* loader* go boi'. or tbe rank and tie follow- bet wherever tbey may go their moral 11.II11MM will not a (count to muoh, for there wai little of crnnclealloua prlac.pl* aruuuf either ea i-ra or follower* any way. rs* t mun liciei will re ceive a vtgoron* aupport !a Una count?, muatly, or cour*e, from tbe friead* oi Douglai. whu will have gtia*d aome fluctuating roiea, more on arownt 'if ha ptur.k than the aounOceaa of bia LM.oaal po'le/. He baa enlisted in hia favor four urganizutoaa la tbe county, each or winch, but more specially the I.ltUe tiianl Artillery Club, c( lb:* piar\ haa bemt eag aged Is active lervloe on l atuul if tie Cm * mo'itnout mere fore, a number A intlueae** oombloe to iavor fua?'>n, aid tbe tlck?l will be alrnon uii?er**!!y aupportod. *ome, hut vary few. of tba liouftaa m*a who are opposed to feackiaridge arlil vol* lur l.mooln; hot aa *vtal or i?r hap* a larger number of Brack 'drlc.;i> me... wbo are bit terly eppured to Doug la*, will elf. :r rote th. oiig.na Breckinndjw electoral ticket, not ?>te at au. or luro right around lor I.laooin ? ao t' .t *o ? of ea^h fa-tioa, to ap.te the other, will aup><r. the reuubllcaa ca*did?te. t" the injury of the fuatou looremtni Brsckmiidgi ui<-n are i ppl-wd because ih*y aay tr.ey havn gaa.ra.ly ban eheate.l ia the e loru for tuiio?. i aele Gr'.tl, ? *?* '? familiarly knowt: in th'* laimlltf, evoreaaad hla nrnta on Urn queetioa in a moat oo ir?nveri i. ^?n I'ncle tirtd ia an uld lumbermno. oT qniok pero?p t.uu parti .alar If rnttapokru . ud ombinlng withal in* Biaat re(>reh??albl* hamt of mingling with bta iiaarp t?y nga txtreu* ornfat: " > , we m, how.-ver, >? ?ilu-l g t > b ik remark, It woald he nelth*r a ? nwan ry air pr'^xir to reproduce When vtlo that Uia U>uglaa and Br'.i m?n ha<i finally fuaed with the Br-vkwruic* lea Vra tn^Mb Mauio* of bta refMy waf 'trinity, triaitv, trinity: without fee unity I" Th* rvpnblWMUia are aM "wide amak<>," and are mac'ng great axwtioea Tbey ?spert thai ibe diaafloc.tloe in the dfciBocrat c rank*, whi .h la believed In be ^'.iteaar^at at least a* It apf^ara to be. and Ui* gradoai taealoa . toe oT republlma pr'otmlaa ta the bind* ?o*tiy i youag men. wlli wan 'tern mater 'ally la roUi*? jp a lundaoaae n.?. r ? , l.leateaaat Ujveraor OaapMU, .u1 Mr Van Valkenb irf , eaad'.daw for C>agre**, h-Hb re-' te hare, ard are working Lard i*>m* of th* r*puM?u>a <M?im tw<> Iboeaaijd flv* 6 n.lr?l, aad a few a:l?w th ?lr ?'ipeetat.nnr to roc up a* tigb a* three tbouaaad. Ta* democrat* ar* all will tag lo ..nir~te at i?**t no*, acd ne oaaioMlly a liberal s>iad?d I'aKieUt will erea ? low t?<oa that n umber. No arcurate e*nva?? bar ?*: been e mp * tai oo alth?r aide, but It I* Iwlievod an r?l auihorlty that th?y will gal about two tho iaaad n. ./ority for Uw aala la theooanty Party llae? will ha more dwt netly drawn >vi tb* -*t?te acd l-wal iaaue*. Govervw Morgan at It lie* aevevai t aa dred vctM beoaoae he retoart a ntU dlvtdlag the oouaty nf ?teube? ,?to threi- *>partte oru?t!<*, acl In t' ? tewn* whMkb ?ere e< period to b* chnaoa a* tie ? . , f MU many of tb? p. -pie will go aca>e^'. b m P. S.? v?r Va.'kei.bu'g. th* repan ie.an oaadldaw for (Viogreaa, will be e.<<toa la th? diatrict. eabra^ ii^ th* onaatie* of I.lvii^Mon aad jiaubea, fey *ie>?t three tfe n ?ud five hundred rr*)ur>ty. It i* etpaeted alao that lb* republican* will eloct the r three ?**<n-ilym<'n la tfee toauoty , iu though the democrat* c'aim <?? oa the r at I* Dir Kaeh**t*r Corrwpnadaaea. Rrtmaxu, Moaroe eounty, Oct 21, 1(44. T ? b+i*mr G un' ut wt tv Man ? //?? P*?y WOi 0? <m he KM of yo tmbtr?fy^TM mnd Obi iJmtum "f n (Aa iesui'?rioatiw rut ami ?? nm u-mn*t of <4 a-. tsjruUl cant?Mrrf CcU* 1Yanle>t?Tke Snjro Surf rap i/W?t*rm? fnyluA Iliwuti at Rt- Kt*ef?TKf It me <f Xe OUnreJ .4 pottle, M ftWfJau. So Having tiav*ll*d th-oogh all tne oentral enaatlaa *f the Hwe, and ea*va?ed, an (ar a* wa* practicable la lb* ?r?eul at aettlod ooadllioo of th* Coaling voM of Uil* ??lloa or th* (Stale, I am led lo th* followlai ooacla ?<ha ?That tt.? republican v?t* will ?hnw a ItUliig off, ? -mil a'-d with the rot* of Trem mi ia IIM, fend thai it* itanxv-rala will here and there gala aa Aaaambly lan. ??I per ha pa * member or two of Cong re** lb* feUowiag are the reanlu of my calrula. oaa ? ibany oowty will give about 900 democratic ma ^f*y, and dotibtleaa re *|en| Corning (Ha ) lo C-*gr?M. Kbeoerudy onaaty will gtv* * ama<l mejorlly for Ma e?to aad will probably elect vibbard (d?m )toO>ngnuw wklct will he a democratic gala? provided tne Hreckia ridge wee call off Nordacai Myera, or that geatMmaa hake* hin aalf quietly out of the way for III* preaeat The buy ing of of H (Taan * pap-r will not hava ian*b effect Ihl* (iraight out Breckinridge vote, ffie it |? mnv^nl e*tly wn? i that It caa be oxitrnUed aa I alf.'.i*| witlmot ai.ica riifnciilty. M ielg. oieiy ocualy la lo doubt. H gave Iomi (dew ) 4bt i?r?'i'y of la lWi, Iff laajority ?rar l.aaee*. worth (rep). Ftr Frolfcat, to ISM, It gave a torge re publican nijorii; , bo; the oombtnationa that existed to 1MB, and gave the ooonty to 'be democrats, are being ?ileottd al ihU lime, tad what the rsault will be lime cii) oLljr ibo* The republicans, howevsr , claim Mont j. merj b) *0 majority ... . tiritiiy , me remaining oonotM* la this aectloo will give republicaa majorities aa follows ? Coumui. By my. Oountit*. Rep maj. Fuit^fi 1,000 Monroe 8 000 Hcrk mer 2,600 Orttana 1 200 Ou?lcta 8 bOv Gen-sa- 2 000 Mahdifcn, over 8 000 Ni?|iri *....1000 iiLoo^sn.,, 3.6C0 Erie 1,000 CayosaT. 3 000 War go 1000 Wayne I'M Oswego 4 000 .-km.* 200 Cbatauqua 4.000 untar o 1,600 Jefferson 3,000 in round number*, the majorities for the republicans will, Id tbe counties earned, reach upwards ol 40,000, which shows a slight falling off since 1369. In tome counties tbe I oiou moveaigct progresses favor ably . in o'.bers It !a all at odds and <ndi, raffed. xued and d rjoiDtcd. tbe muGSY ooutrlbuted to support ibe ticket Qua either been Imprudently and nnwiaely expend ed, <>r there hM been cone to spenJ. In Onondaga, for (?sample, the Automata are inmucaneedof casb.and I was nfcrmed by adiatinguisbod politician there that if the Com mittee of Fifteen would rend along a little of tnat million Innd, eveu that dyed-ln tlie-wool county migbi be rescued from the bands or the republicans, wbo are anything t>u ? * happy family about this lime. Captain Myers, who 1< rust lug lor iue Assembly on the republican ticket, in Sy racuie, Is bitterly opposed and denounced by his own party, and could be easily debated, If the democrat* were :n a little stronger heart and pocket. The same cm dittos of things exists tu other oounties; but without tha sinews of war the democijta will bo uuable to avail themselves of the advantage afforded by the distraction! among the republicans. Among all tbe towns visited and counties explored tbe re is very little said about the proposed am udii'vut ui the ? ion tun. abolishing th properly qualification in legard to negro Sutfrage ? some hardly know whether the question is to be voted upon or not, and care iesa ? and il is calculated to in crease the republican \ -Ho in the ?Male son>? 10 OCO or lb 000 ?feme demorrati actually seem to cansider they bare tori ver tosi power in iho Stale, and the Lord only knows what wtll belp tbem. Rochester Is doing a very lively business at this time. Its hotels are well 61 led with travellers, merchants and others. Among the tormer '.s a parly of three Eogl ab '.'Cnlkmen, wbo are mas.ng the lour of the country in iheir own "rtvate team They are having a "Jolly good" time m picking up ornmbs of aomfort and information by the wi>side. They *.*ve been stopping a lew days at th> (Jsboru House, which is one of the ' est regulated betels I have teen on my travel*. The names of the tourists are < apt. Stephens, late of the British army, who lost his i lgbt arm at the battle o:' inkermann, and Messrs. Thut. ano Hiram Crawsnaw, of Yorkshire. They wtll go aa far as New Orleans, and are well supplied with everyth.ng calculated to make tb?lr journey agreeable. Their trip will unuoubleuly be moru pleasurable than that of their future monarch and uot quite so expearttt. Among iho greatest euriosltles in tbe neighborhood of Rochester are tbe 1mm use uursery grounds of Mesari Ellwacger and t arry , at Mount Hope. They comprise tome six hundred ac es of land , and are declared to be the most exit naive lu tbe world. No part of Kurope can boast of doer selections of fruits ol? all kinds, and certainly Lv,l t many varieties. Tne grounds ure adorned with *in. at every sort of fruit and orna mental trees, shrubs, Hosiers, plants, in endless profusion and variety about twenty acres of blooming, blushing, beautiful roaes being among the lovely il tral attractions ofiaetjot, aiaJ a a o -ry acres be Dg devoted to fruit trees, all bearing tbe most choice, tempting and de licious looking offerings of i'omona. Messrs. E. ft U em ploy about four hundred bauds, and transact bus mean with alt parts of iho world. Travellers tarrying iu Ki-cln ster auouid not neglect to vnit tins beautiful klog dtm of to much that li lovely in nature. 1'asstEg through the grounds we have referred to, a short want will nrtng you In full view of tae boose of Vrederick longings, who is regarded by oolored people, and not a lew whiles In the North, as the apostle of their po'iiical faith and the defender an ' cbampiou of Afrtean freedom all over the world. But as a description <>f bts place aLd an aceojot r,f our interview with himself and family will make this letter too long for your columns a dei- riptlOL there if la deft* red until another oocasion. All the city and county fuixtionaries of Rochester and Monroe county genera!'y paid their annual visit to tha penitentiary In ih.s place a few da>s since. It was a large congregation of highly respeotob e and good looking men. all of wn<>m read the flsiuin daily Mr Brock way, tb.> -"i.pertntcLdent of tbe inatilut on, is certainty entitled to the highest pra>fe for the admiraole discipline, order and tysiem observable in every department, and tbe company universally a knowledged tbe faci. Mr. B. might bring < rdrr out of tbe chaos existing in other In si 1. 1 ions of tbe kind In the Stale, some ol wbisb are not far from N'sw York city. LtUtr from lion. GmaeC. Brouon. New Yokk, Oct. 20, 1800. liiirmw- The kind 'avltat.oo to nddreaa the Tooth Ward Democratic I'nioa 'Jlob of Brooklyn Hods me labor' log uBder a cold wnieh entirely prec'.u Jo* tbe thought or *pc*klng , and I chi tber* 'ore do no more than t?'iuly tu a 'ivt-ly Interest In upnoldlrg tbe constitution as It came to aa trom ibe baoiaof our fathers. By that .nstriimiint *e bare to rSect aoloranly M r <???<! that we will leave it to tho people of other dtalcs to rogulab) their owu Internal art*. re for thenieelvee. witnout any intermeddling on oar part; and wt bare no better r'glt to attack the relet - 1 of master on! servant in otfc r r La lea lhaa we h?ro to dictate tb-i lawi governing the relat >o? of buaband aij wife. p? run kO'l ttalldrr n, or gi:ardtAD anl ward. If we with to ma'n tain Ue eoclai oompact by wb >h, for nitloaal inrpoao* we hare been made one people. we mutt leave other BMMa ta B*al WM thalp 'loxiriuc atiatr* a* are do with ovrs. without regard to tbe opinions, preiul.'os cr pw *? we of other people Krr (omnKoie aft- r tbe rennsylvanla eleotioo the tide of | mile opinion (corned to be x'U'uc la favor uf re vol a Hon bit tbe current I* no? evidently chaago.1. and with pn, r aval and activity on oar pari tbeahip .?f Bute cam Lanliy fail to reed the barm of enloo axl ?it oty Tbe eotiraeol event* a ix epon tbe i**i|>>e'of ins W'atr the privilege o| deciding the preaeit c introvert?, and I truat the dun* ion will be *och aa will rehuk.' lrf? am, alleoce ,*>!ltio*l fanatic'am and impart ataatlity to that ? >rir of government under which we have a>< long Itvnl nod prepared I am, with rrt*? reap c , very tru y yo'irr, t.HRKSK C. MMiiOH. J. I DocniiW. Kaq , Hraa ideal Tenth Ward Deovcra'.w t'aiin Ulob Browtlyu. Iterftttar 'uiur VtiiiM. TO TDK KDTTOH Or THF Ultl D. New Yonc, Oct. 39, ISM, Your ramarkn m Una morning'* Haa>>, la retard to tbe B-mweity of reg "strain*, should command the earnest attention of voter* In one district of the Eighteenth ward SM native have already been rtgitlared, aul 100 more that wt!: come np to-day and to Burrow will give 700 vott. a. Now, there are only tot minute* on eleotl? > lay to vote Yon eai .late one a minute, which will throw oat 100 row* in one district ? allowing they vote jnc-aatng'T all day, and no interruption from challenged t'Wra. fifrtl.in ti.ow nu to urge n-gl*t rat ion to day and to morrow, f?om t <? clock to 9 In the evening Alan, a i)itfa of (l r ?( ?w h by ttie,ir.spector>. ol K'?rti< o In order tbal all may vote for th< writer of thla aaw many la I '.a* wbo loet tbrlr vMea at tbe !a*t Prenldentlal election by being too lale Tote early. < toe vote annexed Tetaa ? oar vote rave as the war with Mavwo? oee vme may ?are tbe Lntoi.. E1l.linjC.VTH WABL. The Va?? of Mew York aM Breeklfn. TO TBX EDITUB Or THE HKKtlD. Niw Yobk, Oct V, 1*90 Your Baastn of thla morning state i that If tbe city foil la 110.000 votea, an.! the black repcblloaa abolition. Irt* retst re of it U wOO otea, (my uatlmata, laeiodiag th- 1 0(0 polio* and other city fanattoeartea, t-eing not i-vtr It 000 blact republican voters in uiin c^merc.a) emportsm ?i to Novamber 7, 1M0), that tbe l'ai<<3 ma y rtty will be 40 000 vot<?, bat 1 btr? r -?eoo to bellav* ?1.- mvorlty of the t'aion ticket will be not iww than M> (WO r"t*a <n Nf* York '-Ity , and 1'. 000 w, K'nga cun.y, wQ oa iiiaiii tea Brni Kiya city Brglnaiatf at tho Allan, c ?tr?rt at.eea (Brc.Hya) and tcaveUlng Bp alueg tH '"aat river to WIUiaatsMrg. yoe wtiJ toj MlOOOOUO tt'iitel It. wareb.vwo< for toe itor ? p oi tr.e (lave labor wf U.? itviibern flute* aa>i Wret lad let tbo irtura of whhsfc bareboosao n H'pnairte and i \trltan a.> lltt>*i>ui,froti r?r?;r1og 'be nrn >'Mr inc<-ine for einra^" ihey cba-i ? ?p>? tiering tb-i ?ma-, aioiamrv -.itton at.d ?raia In their aaid ?Vur?* It ? pi.w rmr iMt if even 'aniiiorda ^ucvwd by their v?t>-? on tb* gib of Knveml?r la eWctlng Linoo'n, ttieir ataem and wharves ? eraar to be employed er AIM up w m tr? iiTfxi-rrt i r ? is vr labor, ami a- titelr said atoree w ill to prod ana any io??mr m turir owoen, altar <i? it'iiitig ti? ?til'"*" * tail*, ?icb ownera will have 1 1 teres" ft munne' wnrK t ?r I bow own eepport. la iwrn of ne lirrn jiore livu.g la Mltweea end luaury. witb>?it per ?oe?i latrnr, span their aaid rantf and abarlbge ?p<o th* goouft nrncwed by alave iaT All thai real Oullecliag ? a? to thr \ITITCt of g?,5 OtO 000 P*r jrar In "th< .wo i-Hiaa," will >oae tbw ?? come tf lh) y annexed la electiag l.lecoia, and tb"?by aldtag him <saa3c .paM the fwir bit o aegm siavta Tt>a X'gre Kaffrage tleeetioa. TU Tin EDITOR or TIIR III Ktl.ll. Vaw Yoe ? Oct. ?? 1*0 ni-eyao rend the ;?m t? be votaB na thla aaauieg atrctMm rejard'ng the aui: rage to be exten'oj to the ao gro*e Ti.see m a mmiake ia the Jraft, wl.ieh tba Tribune weilkbowe, bet kee s silent It glvaa the aagro the prtv ? ge to rot ', but abanlve* blm from taiatloa (or at leaat'risat pr-ertii;, frnm ) ry doty, mi'itary Bate, Ar , he , tlina ? ovatleg him a' ?e Hie white man. I ,ifoi* r j vealilnted liel-Tii e!e? a, It may r'.ange many vr.Ue I am a to tn'orawd it at. for r .m<- .uexpiirable iraet n. tbe I'-weia that be la tbw ally refoee to allow atiy W iex ti> he | rr.v..l?vl ftir the rece|i?li?a o^ MBN th* ineation. thus aUowing the bill to >t* carried How la tliia * __ ________ usr BID bki ievm I* tpv flTtp.TORtnr or TrfK wHifK rack. I .link Vt ell la ttie Heglafer. to titi kr>mm or tHK ?kw*i.i>, A grvtlMiai . npon etamlmni tbe reglater In bia dis trict, fonnd ttal although bia name had been regtateroB for the last eb-clt p. it wia not now ?-:?* the b'ink also that the earner of *<*vr>ai, wb^m be knew to be I 'a foa men, bad been part ally <-raaed, or Ir correct ImltlaJa la ?erted, 'nteodbir thereby doebtieea t? oac?a Utelr rejee tlon at th* lima of voting. All the earn"* of republican* were carefully written. uJ at tho t><ot or the register Um oe? tldrate, signed by tne cumm uxiaori, stating that the UM wii correct. There h, i o doubt, ad musnfou on (M part of ibeso men to cheat honest, lulon loving, black republican detesting voiers r at 01' their rights. Look to II. and nee that your name is written & rrectly, In proper time, and be on the alert both now and on the el<* Hon da/, DtrnaJ vig ilanoe is the price of liberty. Ou guard I A NEW YORlUK. Dttllati to Hnn for Recorder* to tb? eixtob or thb ujolald. Having declined the nomination (tendered me oaao llolted) by the I'r on O-nvention of thia city, for tho of Uco of Recorder, permit m<j to say through your ooiumna that I ?m not a candidate for thai or any other offloe. You will therefore i leaae except mo from your lift of candidates b-. fore the people, and oblige, your*, so , K R. B0GARWJ8. New Yo?k. Oet. W, I960. Tll? Klertton Rtttraii TO BDITOBS, RKPOKTSK-i AND TKJ.K0BAF1IKHB M TBI STAl'E OF NEW YOKE. It It eminently desirable that the return* from the State at large on election n.ght should be aa reliable and ?ucclnct aa possible; and In order to prevent the wlraa from being encumbered with a raaia of useless matter, It will be well that the following idea* should be borne In mind ?As far an practicable the press desire to obtiin Uie vote by counties for Presidential electors and Govern or , bnt where It Is Impossible to give the full or a near approximation of tbo result by oountles, the scatter returns which may come to hand will be acceptable. The vote or all the targe cities i of coursu desirable, but that of fractional parts of citios or townships should not be allowed to pans over the w'res to tho hindrance of more Important xatu r*. As ti members of Con^roas and lbs legislature, the name and ] willies of tho parties chssen, or probably eluitod, Is all that need be telegraphed. The vote lor nicer ofl'cers ou the t-'iate tickot is not required. Attention to these points will, it is bopnd, contribute largely to tbe publication. ou the morning alter the elec tion, of an intelligible account of thu res at in tbo State. MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. Tbc Prince of Wales' Reception hi >cw fork? CeBuminlcadon firtn (be Bayer - The IMeraea Feel Snobbed, be*, be* Board of .Udarmsa. Tiia body met laat evening, President 1 ?.<* In tno chai'. A resolution d re:l*tig the Comptroller to report to the Board vutt additional appropriation will be neoeasary to deiVay tbe expenaea of printing aud advertising from tbe Common Couacll for the balance of uie preacut year waa adepted Tbe election of Geo. F. Alker as Assistant Engineer of the New Tor It Fire Department was confirmed. Ilia BBTSITION 0.- THS I'RCtCB OF WAIJB. Mayor Wood sent n a communication asking fur an an. proprlatlon o ' *4 408 to defray the expenaes incurred In the rcc* ion ol his Royal Highness tho Prime ol Wales:? Kayos h Omca, Ktm Yoav, Oct. I860. TO THS POSORAHLK TO* CoMXftV CotHOI : ? Uan.xwcn? I have tbe bouor to transmit herewith a statement, with vouchers, of tbe expenses incurred in the reccptloo and enterta'uraeiit of b:s Royal Highness tbo Prince of Wales during his lato visit to this c.ty, which, in my opinion, is properly chargeable to tbe Oorporation. It aul bo seen that tho whole aaaount ;shut fter thousand four hundred and three dollars ($4,403), a sum quite sn.all oompared with tbe brilliancy and success of tbe oo -ion. ' respectfully ask t> e Otrmon Council to make sn ap planation which will cover the amount FERNANDO WOOD, Mayor. Statement of expenses ltcurred in the reoeptMo and entrrtaiamcat of bia Royal illghneas tbe I'rinoe of Wales ? Music for tbe military , a* per statement of C I. 1'inckcey tl,M4 Music for fremens' parade 1,000 Bill? E. Bonnell lor torches for do 1,109 Bill ? E. Vac Ranst, for carriages 340 Total 4,404 New Yoax, ilct 37, 1W0 Hon. Fsxna*ho Wornv Mayor of the city of N?sw York:? Hia ? At tbe request of Ms)or <>oDeral Haudford, I have obtained from tho commaiitiar * of tbe seve-al regiments on duty at th? -ecei tier of the Priace of Wales the ni peon s tor mi**, an follows ? First re g meut. estimated at iS4 yeoond rtg'iaent, bill attached 1ST "Third regiraoat, ist mated at li>0 Meveoty Prst regiment. bill attached 142 F ith regiment, bl'l attacben 214 Huts regiment, bill tltaeticd 149 T well in regiment, bill alia.' act 10H 8< venlb repiment, bid att? he-l Eighth reg'meDt. bill atta- hod 101 Nti.th "-e^iment, bill attached loe Fifty Of lit regiment, bill attached r<0 revretb reKimi ??, Mil attached 100 Twenty third regiment, bdi attached SI Sevsatv math regiment, bill attached 144 Tout $1,TW To tb.s murt be sdded tbe expenses of tbe Fourth reg menl Lght Artillerv fir horse hire (tbey bavono mua e), a legitimate ezpenas attend tog the pe'ade IBS TiMI ?1,W4 It la include* all the etpeesss of lbs First divistoa cburgeaale U> the city on thia parade. Ke^iactfuiiy, Joi C PINCKNKY, | Co -tnh regiment, aud .Secretary of U.o Divistoa Board of offlaers. Nrw VoaK.Oat. 17. 1M0 I Second regiment New York M; itia, to O. Wh.tbworth i Dr ? To turmabmg 23 pieres of m isir for the reception nt Uie Prices of W men $U1 11 | .re* in the Marshal eorpa 44 Received p.rmett (137 l at. 26, 1*60? Correct, G. W. B. Tompkins, Oolouel ?terly tint reg lmeut. Dr. to Jarvey B. Dsdwortb, leader of tne U>ri.st Band ? T ? wrvic*-* of 36 members of Dodworth's Band on the lay ?>f tns iltu leet f 142 Heeelved payment lav toaa, Oct 20. lHfla Nkw Yobs, Oct 24. 1S0O Whmmcm i mad '.eealved el Or C A-bwarmaelder, Fifth reclaaal, U. fi.no! 9214 -r 1 3 pleOM of BiMir, pofonm u? tte li b ot October. 1>"0 lee ived pajf . at. > >? ftafewartwMMar, Col. Fifth rcginanl K n> i ork ttla Ml.l.e Nrw Vc*K,()ct II, IMO 1*' b Re onimt. Dr. W> the Waabtafww Brea* Bud, b- . Iqoartai ? ktv i Fourteenth Ward liotal, oorour of U >ad end ClatH tb Km m f u rendered by Ik* Shad it a parade of lb la <lat. k* irnty oa* man IU to r 4aj?baJ eorpa, 10 an M $ue JrrmlL*1 J. C. PINCKNIY, Col. PUUj Raft. Nnr Vuax.Oot. IS. IMO. Tw?uth Rflmetil Now Tort "*alo Militia Dr.. *o IMpot Beadf For f>*TTX*t rendorod lllb la- 1., rec ptlea rnnee of Wake ? "? 00 Reo . red paymaal. correct D*?f*! Bt'TITHFIKI D, (M Twatfth H- k N. Y f M. Nrw Yoa*. (Jet 13, 1MQ. T?f V. Orafo.ia, Dr., 1M Brooke ilrwi ? jtoiui btc? foil bead of awalc and drum -orpe for arf'? ?roia Rafiiaeat New York maptioa of the fjine *? f MiatM, October 11 1223 Two 1 ad' tal twewtytwe dollar*. k 1%/mai c s. oiur u.A. Haoov ' T*. 'H- . 11, IMO F in r Ir lo W ?U)is (Vw ?reya ttfliib reflmeut >at.J, '?* i fer< h eenty Hi ? p(ere? ?o?lc for pej?! 1101 , meat for lit* tviad. ju-kph AIJC, T'eaauree C -re" ? ao Lrain.FoloMl Klfbia -ec'-necl Ni* -o : iieni City (inard. Dr. to fUrroy R. I?>dwartl>, lealer of lb* otoM band ? Ft* ?? relate ef tr ly #*?? member* of Do<i worth'* b M, uti iba day >1 Uie lllb Uiataat $11 r .r J X ? I10? R?* i I pa) mac I N?? Yon*. Oct 34 IMO Wn?.< b the Fifty (lPh ref . .eat, fcr par* I* of the tUi Oa* , . '11 r*<* pi loo ft the Prloi e nl * , 9 \># York. . :<ir?y-twn mnr MM, tn.'?iEMB( ta tl'M ECWOVk l.H.A] , Ooloaai Oora'-nac lia* Dndlk '(fmeat, to V Wijard iw ? For twi.ty arren j.wnao amt ai tba reoeyV.or of tba Friar* tf Male* 1 109 Raoalred pat HOHIW . KrWICK. Srm Vo?n Oct 13. IMO stm Yomic, osi. it. iw Twen'y tlitrd reftm'irt, New Yufk ?tate Miiu a, 1 1 Rob aar'* brait batit , ftr ? For munic at recr f I/ird lUafrew Ml Received payax ft Onrporatioo af the city ? ' v* * York ? 1*> the ttar' of ((flicere foraaty rlalb rafimial New York mate Miltti* October 11? Muttc faralaht j tba renapttna of tha PrtbW> of WaJea $144 Tou4 W. ?ff.K*T, C doaal iteemty a la lb rrgiaMat N T ?* M Ntw To?x , ifot If. IMO finrp?ra?ina nf ibe Clt- of N<-? Y'irk, lo Hwarl I Hwltii: lor bnreebtte f(-r !J?bt Artillery? 12 pl*o?a,12 eet?*"wn, | 49 bnr*e*. at 13 M.. Reoelrad New York, <<dl 18 IMO. of Ferc?n 1 > Wood, oao thooeanl dollar', arttaoeed by aim lo pay tba e* poaara af aim v. foe the f tre?aer, 'e Par. ado In b'?or of tna <>f Walee, aii . lo be reiarned !( a?>r K'rtalod h? U*a CmAw CbeMil JOHN Pt *fl Naw Vobk, Oe-. tt, IMO To F1?ard Vaa Ran>t, I>r ? IMO J.irerj etablee, 21H Caaal etr?iet, a*-- 9n?adw?y. Oct. 11? lo barouche, w ih a.x borsei, attending Rf-cep Ijou of lie l'rtnoe >l Wales ??i to twenty Sve barouches, wlta two tiorgra eacb 260 ToU) I. >40 Nkw Yokk. (tot 18, 1840. >ernanrio Wood, Uayor, lo K. Bunnell, I >r ? Furulibing. coin pie id, 4 XX) torches for Firemen's Parade on Oct 13, at M oenu each ?1 om For delivering lamps 30 Total $1,109 Received payment. Alderman Biitiv rnovsl to lay the oomraunicatKm on tbo table, loat. Aldeiman Uwkt opposed the roceplion of tbe commum cation be bo pad tt would be retained to his Honor tbo Mayor, w bo bad treated tbe Common Oouncll with con tempt. Be bad got up tbe reoept>oo on his o<rn account, Ud bad promised to defray tbo etpeura. Alderman 8*aicr said that tbe Mayor had acted by tbe dt.cctlOD of fco Common Council, and he Ihcrsforo would ?jie(tbat every dollar of the expenses abould be paid'lio limped that the communication would be referred to the ttmmltiee on Finns oe. Aldtrman Dahiui.h aid that the Mayor wu not author iztd toget up a public reception for llie Prlncu of Walea, tig royal Highness baring expressly declined it. Tfce Mayor got up the firemen a prooeaaloa 'n anlii -wllon of tlio furton procciuon, so that the U/rc;.ts might sene for bot'i purposes Alderman Brady wanted to know wbat rtgt t they liad to pay a cert of thla f ur thousand anci odd dollars, tbe Prinoe bad been received by ihe millionaires, and iw they bad claimed all the honor they should hear all tbo exp?nte. Though the Prince of Wales came from ibe moel liberal of European governments, yet he (Alderman Brad}) did not believe In appropriating money 10 tyranla of any kind. Bo ( Alderman Brady) was not snubbed, because he did not go in tbe way of being snubbed ; be did not believe that Mayor Wood bad any right to send In this bill to the Common Council. Be saw that "Mr. Ben nett ?!. . Ik* other papers'' bad heatied ibe list, and w);y old tbey now come lo the Common Council to defray the 1 Apensts Be had heard thai Mayor Wood entertained the Prince of Wales at a collation, but be knew l olhing about it. As lo ine proceesion, it waa a distrraot - th in lands and thousands of people who hud paid tbeir hun dreds and hundreds of doaars for peals in the windows a Broadway were disappointed; the 1'riuoe came up in the dark, Uurocgh Broadway, when nobody oould ice anything but a red coat, cocked hat and while feathers. It' tbe Common Jounoil had been 00a nerned in lb;s badly arranged allalr the populace would have thought more of li than they did 1 of the Japanese bill, and would have bunged the Com mon Counc I up In tbe Hark, they were mo euragod at 1 the dirappoiuim. 1 B? did not think more 01 the Prince, I though bo wax a decent lellow, than of any other young ' man. Be (Alderman lirady) >igreel to send tbe oommu- I mot on back to the Mayor. Alderman Pxjtuiu.H aid not mean to say that be had i been snubbed Individually, but It appeared lo hint that tU the members of Ihe Board were slighted. They ware refcsau admittance beyond tbe hotel door, and he w*a Dot avarc that any of tbe meuioors had received an invl lalion to tbo ball. Tha motion to refer to tbe Committee on Finance waa then |ui and lost, three voliog m the atllrmativ Tha docum.ui was finally referred lo lite Comm. lie 0 on Aria ml fences Tbe weekly statement of the County Treasurer and Chair, kr lain shows ? Ralan* Oct. 10 $371. 188 68 Receipa 588,734 85 Tola $'io?,898 63 Paymau 137,0a: 01 Balate ? tot. 21 $822,871 ii A caimunlcallon waa recsived from tbe Comptroller transmttlng a copy >( asaeMtuonl lists, amounting lo ?61.P0307. Referred. The hard adjourned to Thursday next. Heard of Comacllman. This w*rd met last evening, President Jones iu the cbalr. When.be minutes of tbe previous meeting were read and apptved a communication was received from the Mayor rial ve to tbe expenses attending tbe rocepti in of the Print of Walea, which is published in our report 01 tbe preceding* of the Board of Aldermen. Tbe piper was refved to toe Committee on Ftnanoo without de bale. Mr. 1*itxsiT moved lo discharge tbe Committee on dtreeti ftm the further consideration of tbe award of contract ir paving Fortieth street, between Second and Tbtrd avtuea. Mr. Sm* seconded the motion, and In doing so In dignanllylenled a statement circulated by i'lcpbeu R. Pinckney#ho, It appeirs, la connecte-1 with the LeaJrr, to the ellst that he (Mr 3ba?r), ar Chairman of toe Com mittee on .reels, was t-j receive money from Interested partii s forrrjortlng favorably In re .'iron 00 to the con - ira-t. It (pears that Ptnckney made ihla assertion in the Clerk'S<!)ce, In the bearing of gentlemen connected with Ibe Htrd. Mr Suaw courted |<roof to abow that he ever caprnmmed his pualtion aa chairman of tbe committee ver which he preside ?, and branded men who circled audi rumors as liars Tbe comml.Uo were diach^ed from tne consideration of lli? i>aper A report 1 the Committee on Salaries and otllcea of the Aldttmea, ifavor of r.realmf an ord'.nanoo twenty lwoi?isUi.t beailb waruens, at Ihe rale or $8 per day. gavnse to a s/cy debate MesKrs. Pisckhkv at a fhaw n.? able spr?<ciiea a/ainat concurring with the other Board ?e latter remaining that tbe oflu? was a sinecure, anie would not record bis vole In U-ror of voting away 16 COO of the peopled m mey for the bem lit of a lew olt.ee iaiera The moti in to Ooneur was lost by tbs casting v? of the PresiJenl, and the paper was laid over. Tbe Board Snuired Is confirming the election of John T. A'kcr as Alalant Utgimer of tLe fire I "pertinent. Tbe rooms ?? occupied oj the .-'up' rlor Court w?ra assignr 1 lo B?t asd ladder Company No. 1 as a buna and merting run The report a the Committor on Ferries or the Board of Aldertru in *or of ratabllsbing aut lber f? rr;' betweeo New York and -rsey City, gav* riee lo a drbate, and ou motion of Mr. Saw th* paper was referred to the C >1 m. ilea on erianf thu< Board AfV-r the depbn of a law unimportant gnoerai ordara tbe Board anmrt-d till Thor-day Odltd of ??parvtaora. TVJ Bow tret av rtty aneranoo, fuperrlnr T *t?xl Id tbc chair Tbc ainute- of the lael meeting were rcaJ ud approv , aud a* bunoeee n I the day proceeded wltb A coamuaUloa m rcre;vod fr >m tbe tierlt of ihi Court of Uoaoe Pieaa, aaklLg for an addition*] wliutl wb<?e aalanraa t) be 41,000 per aonaiB lleferrad A eom?ioaUoo ?u received from U>e Comptroller Showing Ibtlale ol the troafur j Out. 25. a/ fc'l-nrn Kaoetpla frc OOt 4 41Jt3.7*) in raymcuu Mi 132 47 Total 4 "41, 64* fif Amouut oruawa ?*t 4 333.2*0 74 Balance, <. 16 4414,34*77 Tba itnar f Lducatkn teal lb a oumoi'inlau oa ataiing that tba rat ate of trai.ry required by than for Iho en ?aiog year ?uated u><l,'A0,fc00 Itcter-od. Tba day *. cl.'ery taken up br tbr reception of realg oat loan, ao<be nil.o* of TaflaeeKw in tue rag lwora and liqoaatnn o4n ikw

SuparTiw iperrue 'i ai't oflfertd a reeolat: .n t-> the eflect that thaauai a*IO ba appropriated by tbe Hjani for lite pnrpoae of flag op the r? ma where tba alec.ioaa are to be fcrM, la iltioa to Ike mm ?f 111, a way Bap prop Mated for tba p> no of root or lb* r<iai RjpWTia*!! wt vppnood lb. reeolaltoo, no Ur grouod U>al the I alreadr appropriated ebouid pay far batb thi flttla | iaad raol of aaid rwa, aad that oo addittoa waa reqeTr< A Per ao> little debate aa amendment to the arlglaal reaol niton a c'l-r. d, to tba efleot that the > m of *6 be aabei1tata<lMtee<l ?f 410 The araen]at*it >ae loot, and the orital ntolutloai *u put aad earn*.; Tbe Boar hen adjoursed aaltl N>?ea.b?r It t.b, i.aaeaai/auiaB > Ha* ? Two nf the roluBle?r? at u ? unfortunate <-*ped: i >o of Uof*. waiter ta Hjcda- Uraari K H. Harjier aad B Mat I ? are now at tb-mtad ?tauw Hotel it Waeltf. The Dmrtl tk of yeelerd afl^ninnti lb na Sp-aWa of the? ?-The/ ar rite I hcT'Tta Oiarl-eUr a a aeailhitn e ?dlt.>o and bav- oxeokra ta charge by %.n. K Fran*. our *ortby Mayor yna , wbo baa geneeoaely reilered their BM*t p"*atag waeiti'-e at bla own ox^eaee Bulb of them ar- ?ery etligeat ma. and g1*e moet ih-UHt g anooaata of the del ol Walter, aad of th- ooao'tna >f Qotatoi Rodkr. a latter m load?u with eUa n? and liaprlaooed la a a> d?o baadml f?at oader (f-wad He???a Mar [par and fed are oo ibolr way u, ia?tr bo nee 11 Ter r eeaer, a we hope ibry arill m^t with aympalhy and all aer?? jr a?.ataaoe froai aJ wbtji they w?t."? A ufutta reMctr and Smtmvl ??N ACIAL AND COMMEKCIAl. Mowoar, Oct.JW f, P. M. Tlie hk atatrinrti* of to J*>?om|i.w< fol low wi that of laat week: v Clrttlt /m fbpxtiU ?a (in Out 30. J21 602 a US 221 ? Ml WO 74 i*4 *87 <?4. ?7 1U Wl fM H 7* ? 121 101 74.00A ?!-' lrcrea?l,4i?4M 444, Ml _ 1 ~ ? ? SIM **7 ? The iraaae of loan* w*a genorally a*. ":tH . aa 'Jie II ?howa<1 ** lafRe an Incrraaa of i)r|iita am! apecta. Tbo in< re*a? In apaci* waa aottpf' t?d. Mpcciaily a? Uia Hub Treaaiuy haa bet gaining monry. It ia fair to prrauma that *Ji?Mrve ia now on tba aarendioif arale, un I. inid, thr eranta now tranapirin(5 and about to tramr* at the 8?>uth ahotiM cau?e etchun? to fall at >r Orlpana. and *p?cic to flow South war. I more My than nana!. Thor? no ehanRe In tbe money market. Money ia wort ?on rail, ail per cent, and pap?r *oea. aa beforajt 4 a 7, ?ocordln|t to length, for prime nnmea.nd H a 10 for Dame? leaa Kenerally known. Capital* are. perhapa.not ao anxioua U> lake long paper atfcy were, bat MiU it roch without much difficnlt Tbe f'elp etrhange market opened hoavily for the Boaon Vamer of Wedne?lay. The loading bunker* j* ?ilng 10"4 for *?ty day fterlinif bills, ^ and 5.174 & f?r h-M *? ?0->d :onun<'r..al bills are ollered at. 074 * 4> ?ncl '*20 a 21 J. The supply is oot so iari;*' &* it was a few days sinoe. There wa-> a smart reaction in the sto k market tliis morning, and prices advanced from 1 to 2 per cent all round. The fail ire of Saturday hat warn ed the bears that pressing thu decline too far may result disadvantageous^ for their own contracts, and several prominent operators for the fall tvero large buyers thu morning. Tlie business in Krie and Central was very large. The former rose to 294, closing 2?( bid .against 29 ou Saturday; the lat ter rose 10 *2$, closing v!j bid, againat 80$ onSatur day. The Western shares wore also better, and were in active demand at the second hoard. State stocks, as a general rule, did not sympathize with ] the railroad share market. Missouris declined J, J and Tennessees and Virginias were only steady. J The decline in theso stocks, which a continued agitation of the political emergencies of the day cannot but aggravate, is calculated *o create trouble ii, backing circles, as, >n many States of tlie I nk ?, the banking circulation is based almost exclusively upon the i.-.-ues of these States. In the West especially, where the large crop has caused an increase of banking currency, the effect may prove seriously inconvenient. This afternoon stocks were still better, and the market closed steady at the following quotations: Virginia 6's, 87$ a 88; Missouri 6's, 7G$ a 4; Canton, 18 a 20; Cumberland Coal preferred, 10$ a 11$; Pacific Mail, 91$ a 93; New York Central, 82 j a .J; Erie, 29 j a i; Hudson River, 58 J a ,j; Harlem, 104 a J; Harlem preferred, 39$ a 40; Heading, 424 a $; Michigan Central, 624 a 63 J; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 16 a <; do. guaranteed, 30 j a 37; Panama, 1224 a 123; Illinois Central, 72; a j; Galena and Chicago, 69J a 70; Cleveland and To ledo, 34$ a 4; Chicago and Rock Island, C44 a $. We understand that Mr. Van Schaiek, who failed j on Saturday, has made an assignment to Mr. llcnry ; Keep. Advices from the South, referring to the decline in the receipts of cotton, intimate that they are not . due to the usual causes, but that in many parts 1 the planters are withholding their supplies, iu vi<'W of the political uncertainties of the day. The 1 effect of Uii.i policy, pursued for a few weeks, 1 would be severely felt both on the New York and the I-iverpool markets, and would probably lead to very grave inconvenience. The businesj of the Sub-Treasury to-day was 33 follows:? Ktcclpl* $360,784 <W ? For cuainms 94 .000 00 PtyncoU 233,114 61 6,014,1)^3 00 The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House Lhia ! morning were $34,888,(590 29, and the balances j 91,751,814 96. By the Fulton, off Cape Rac<\ we Lave news from Kngland to the 1 7th inct.? four days later than that by the Asia. Consols were quoted in the l.omTon market at 'S2; a i?2J? i lower. At laver pool cotton is reported as advanced l-16d. a Jd, per pound. Wheat *..? slightly higher, while a decliue In flour is noticed. At Chicago, on Friday, the offerings of Eastern exchange were moro libera' and the rates eaey at { a j per cent premium on the street, and 1 per oent at the bank. At Milwaukee, on Thurs lay, Eastern exchange was in lair supply, selling at 1 per cent premium at the banks, and J a J below the current rate on tie street. At Cincin nati, on Friday, local paper passed freely at 10 a 12 per cent. Exchange on Xcw York at sight ruled as follows: Buying. premium; selling, ' a J premium. The Albany Atlas and A -gut publishes the an nexed comparative state men' of the condition of the banks of this state ou the 30th of Juue and 2.?th of September last: - The Jun<' report ?o<?p-.*e* retires from 103 banks, and the September SCO, all there were :n operation, laclodiaf tbe Artisans' and tbr?? ie? banks, vis City Hank o4 l'uuglikeepaie l be KockunJ < X>uo I y ltatik, Nyaok, ami J. W. K"ir.tey A; t>i '? Bank, Tarrytnwn Two older Lew banks? the tfetauket, and tl W. Hotchiciss * To 'a Bank, l.jroot? are preparing to so tolo operation, and will aoon bave tfeclr note* In circulation Tb> ~e re;iortS exhibit (iurmg the quarter a Sllfbt 'n crease m toe banking capital of Lbe .-'tato at J a curros pond my Increase in kiana and discouais:? Mtmmrcm. Jun, 30, 1 H?P Hy. 29, 1800 I/<eas and discounts.. . tlM (K>H n?3 200413. 834 lOierdraf'S 44.27A 421,1/00 I hie from banks 16 363.73S 17,107 040 ?Ihie from director* 7 303 982 1,IU>9Ml * I We from brokers 4,794.847 4 6.18 siM IRnal estate 8 74S K86 S 876 800 Steele 24, MX. 219 11,710 934 Cash Items 10.4'iS tlfl 22 013 841 flocks, Ac 3MM0O34 39 038 033 BinilfaodDortfrat.ee ... 7 731.13 7.M0 V.4 Bins of solreni hanks.. . -',120 214 2,609,9i7 Bills of sosp'd baaks..., 2.106 itli ].??? and cipenre ac'4.. . 1,31b ?M 430 471* Add for otbta.... W40 063 Total resources 3304 160. 40H 311,345,64% LtrnKltum Capital fill <04.306 111,944 347 Circulation 28.830.184 31 709 1/1 1 rollta 14.440 10* 1.1 310 447 l"ue banks 3i 031.233 20 TO* 806 Ixie others 2,102,180 3 302.001 I ?e "late Treasury 2 %8 ,Kts 3 6*9 W07 I>ei?a:i? 110,404 540 110,100,400 Otic r does 4,1 31,869 2,C14,1?9 Add for otnta 400 114 Total liakll.l** Mot. 10*1408 311 246 4 .5 ?The whole of Ibis Item and portions at thoau mark>?4t forss no |?rt of the afjtrecate The following U a comparative statement of the tolls received on all the < anals of the State during the third week in < >ctober, and to the 2 id ot Octo ber, in the y ars named below: ? Third Wmk \n Oct. IWa 1 to <kt 29 1M7 $141,109 3 001 ,461 1048 107,232 2.80MM 109 840 3.656 969 1*60 170 010 ?6C!.960 1S61 140 000 2.776 496 IBM 131 472 2 641 410 1?0* 16149ft 3 049 017 1*64 102 998 3.101.943 1866 194,009 2.377 000 14 V 1*9.091 2 334 703 1*67 00,808 1,*?7 863 1458 108 036 1 780 979 1 1809 "8 334 I 361 905 j 1140 140 647 2 431 043 Amount reeesvd lor tolls lor (be tbird w?wk In OnoHer 1800 3140 667 47 I Dn In 1M0 73 967 99 I la reese In 1800 370,190 67 > Amount re* ?. v?i for tolls lor the three week* a Ort?'w>r. >800 3-'.?8 230 21 ! 1)0. n 1860 210 807 *1 Trcr?s?r In 1K#0 .$147,413 4| A?"iu?W 'wl i im ?9?' af ' " {' 1 ?n I /> Mil Ir. liMlidf I'M) Ibtrd ? ? rk fe> <?ck, b *r. 1??C 13.411 M> It Do. Ui lsi,? 1U1 *.1 >.? Wraaa* :n l*eo $1 0<w 318 ? An mi of l< i ? rwiiM Is lit 3 from 1 ?oi?bar rj tn r.lo?? o( lia'ifstios $.17. $?t Aid mj per r?nl . Hi ? ratio of ItorNW It 1V? 1M 14 1 A<u u>i: for 1*? to <*v.b?r *1 3 431 ??1 Estimated mil fee imo M.lua 47j The September report of the Receiver of Urn Cincinnati. Wilmington am] Zancvitle BnUroaJ in as follow*:? _ ten* *$* liwnim- Thrmjfh bosiscas ?147 'i4 Imal ?' .I 4t? tft Mail ?? ?W aft **;,?*? " 4 AO 1? TnU' "?mini* 10 Me M It* ^ir* u$a buetnsaa $717 W Uc*l " 11,700 93 ToUl ?arr. oft $13,44* 7$ Oriilaa ry ace noat $8* $7 Mlr*"M>i.M7 awwat J O'tO T$ UaplM. saran.nl ' J2 (} Intel jQf M r?u? J m? fwirH dortri *ert*mb?w tfl 4if M <*> band ??pv?n?m 1 l?.t:? 44 T'.UI caeh M8.7M IH The Portland Advtriiter reporta that Mr. Ward, the a*e nl of tho Barings. h*? b*en to th?t city, tad ' attached for hia principals the rolling stock balutig ire t<> tie %aad Trunk on the A marl ran aide of the line at Portland I'arM, Ac- The rolling stock which originally i jaged to the Atlantic and Ht. Uwrencc Railroad Company waa mortgaged with that road, and then-fore not inclad?d in tlM Bar tog*' attachment, the aame having been kept in repair by the r ??', ) jprcl At the jm? of th>- leaae. The St. Louis .\. ?/?,< u *JUo 2*?Ui ?ay*? The packing tru. i. j ut up; roachln^, wn'n a ergo smoiint ot ui.Qt-y win t>?. i,r ?gt| ino circulation br* trarly if But all kboe- en* .?? 1 o tho bimuei* i!?\? their arrasf) n.' LU perfected for v.-r.lo f ind*, lb' ro i'O tbb'Fper* or "BbMty buea." ?& , just now Haul ui free* nteO tf oc?t, but w a** i'/Oqy >!.<?>! mat tb? L<nnoer at t>ucb 1* ?m?tl, and ihat ail the old en ^o. h , Mm oC bt. louia are moving alor.x c .mfvtablr. Ajiliclpal.cg only a me lerate fall bi.?Uit?*, uu. mercu*nta geoora.ly purifcaaed accordingly , ar.d l)t? r uucitk are now au~ witkbiiK i hem down rery b< a?.ly The lupply of J>etorn exchange continue* bct.nd tafl demand and tho tow fa?or?d oon who obiaia It from over bank counter# at three mar'-re premium are few indeed. $7000 Tenu fle, '90 . . 8>i 4Ct 0 do 87%' 2800 do 87',' let 0 Vlrglii ia 8a. . ? . 87'i "ooco UiMouri tii. . . . 7ti iOOOO do HlO 7ti MmO ra'ifoinla T?. . 93 IOiiO N V en BR 7'B 10* , 6000 Mi-.<~8pilmfre!> 97 V MOO -ich So a f b . 77 awo do 7-i 140C0 IlKen RKbJa. 9-i itoo Lu Oeeee* si.gb 18 tliB U. rr. ool'n i;* 118 12 S'btloLal Ban It . 10 J ?0 Pacific iia.i tW Co 92 6 'to ''1 V 226 N V Cen KK c 81 Stock Kicbangt. Mom, at, Oct 29, IMC to 1000 100 100 ota to loo do. ...... . ilo. ilu ?6 do.. >10 do do *30 ?6 f>0 I'annmu KK. 660 Krie RR 100 300 ICO 100 2tt> 100 100 400 350 100 300 160 do. .(30 110 ? ?o ?30 (J' SlO do f30 uO r50 80 do do do, d). CO. do. do.. 21) 30 J8\ 28 V 400 *fi* liar KK pref 100 do aoO 100 Reading KK 100 do TO M.ch Central KK. UO do b80 60 do 60 do ?30 400 do 360 do ?80 :,h O-tc, Bur \ yRK. 450 do 60 do 100 hjO do ??# Mich * a: N la KK 100 do 60 il 3 * N la g'4 *U 160 do do lo do it do *30 do *30 50 u: Cen RR scrip. . V>0 do 60 do t: to W) Co *10 t'At do i0 do (10 10O Ue* * Pitta KK ICO Sal k Chi KR.bCO -(>0 jOO 50 100 :oo 86 liud'D Klv Kl.. ?6 do ' *30 RlO blO UO do.... 50 do 7.'.o thir'.eiu K It 100 do -60 do .... (30 M .... 38>, 38 * i8 28-; 67 16 16 10'.' ?3 .810 do do do ilo do do etwfe do 030 do do gift do a.1o do *10 400 Clev .? Toi Kit.... "00 do ICO do..... bOO 100 Chic &R 1 Kit... ?60 do 484 >0 160 888 100 100 60 60 260 -?00 $3000 Virginia 8't ? itx.0 M^aouri 0'a bCOO do ?'?000 Teun 6 ?, 'i hi. . , lOt'UO Of i 1000 California 7 ?. . 2010 Mi 8r>c lmm cb leOCO M.ch S iln b 1C00 HI On KK b?. 10 ?h<- BiA S| of NY 10-.' 17 Bank of t.im 101 fOO N Y Oen KR 82 100 do *10 82 ?JO do 81 .5 We KK I JO 280 do 200 Hud River KR.. . 160 Harlem KR In'. 60 do ICJi SECOND B<MRD. 87 i iooaba Har KK pref. '0 Mich Oen RR ... SO do lO do ISO II 8ft N lad Kit 76-* 70;; 87 >, 87 V ?3 97 58 W4 ?M sot; 38 54 41 i 41 W 01 01 80^ flOW 00 ? 00 80 81 81 82 16 16 V 18 35 V 36 V 35 So V 36 V 36 71* 71 70 'i 71 71* 7 1 Si 12 <MJ 08>.? 08 V 88 1% ?h\? tih V 08 -i 08 V 88 08 88 i 32.*; 38 * 34 ?13 ifi'i 40 8i ; 02 03 10 2 . M d & N Ig'dau. S8>? do 37.^ 122 72V 72 a 70 ?0'? 70 V 86 04 84 V 84 ^ 84 2T? 700 Panama RR 100 111 Ceo KK tcrlp. 100 do 00 Oal h lb, KK 60 do 3.">o do 040 a^T .* Tol RR..,. 1>0 whl A K I RR 100 do 50 do 860Q1I, Bur ? y RR . !*tw York City B?ki, Urt. '47, lMto. Bankt. Loam. Hftcv. Cirtu n Ik pctiti. Atntricao 94.7(18,079 1,814 W6 Am Kxcluufo. . 7,004 404 1,130,283 0O'i,787 117,433 Atlantic Broa-lway 2 031 994 438 837 Bulcb. k Dror.. 1,768 JOO 344 6W2 Bails' Brad .... 690 064 T". 816 Crrn Kjchanjre , 1,762 003 247 573 umtiDMiBi .. 8 .*01,6.16 37.700 OiitununvrvaHti 1 298, ll'i 234 103 riitwni' si i hf\z i i ,2*9 Ch?ll,aa> S?1| 447 141,100 CoBMTOC 12343171 2,101.811 CtK lBlCftl 2 004 2eo 800 3)3 City 2,164.361 312.334 Hry JIM* 4 3.63 6.0 KA.it River 40 < 718 13 il>l taium I,4i(.t41 276 i?i cli. 840 815 33 766 <iro etn 573 1M2 100 107 Haonrtr 1 ?67 oM 1.9,134 lmar M2.:i<8 1*0 837 Imp * S.HOO ?71 341 (*? UUh. r Maouf. . 1 902 441 26") 3c 1 Mer fc Trader*' 1.138 ?t<l aw int Manhattan. .... 4 736 81 i 711 ISO Merchant*. 6,100,273 1 427 044 1 018 73'? 847.1*1 781 381 an i?.. 4*1 <12 'KtWI 1 *22 44.: Mechanics V.rt linns' Fl MrrcuLtll*. ... Vulri ;*>llla!j .771 Market Marine Man! K Mtrth . Mt-rb B'k'|/ui'o NortC Klvtr N. Y. tX' L'oi . Y Uouaty. .. ?.rtb America.. f.a*?au 4ai tonal 2 068,008 New York. 4 842.7*2 (M> at> I 'n 'j t, io OrtmUl .'>t ,400 ?*fk " Ftctll..| r?>p'?'? 717(0. Pacillr. 1 006 406 Kc|>iibl,? 3 174 -><0 5*t .VUlbolaa .. 1,140 >M Hb *a?d leather 2 487 (VM hr*i nlh Ward.. 1 2M 43t Male...... 3 480 M>.. Traoi ??< t; '? .. I 4"o 298 I on a 2 674 6?. 5 471 720 6710x0 >210 097 233 7ltS 2 4l?237 442 587 0 l><4 a :?? 1Mb 2M 1 0MH 062 228 770 172 06.1 1*0 nfl 90 020 11 21 147 S'? .147 .836 184 243 86(1 2x0 I tl 676 ?01 3i6 Mi. 101 3S-0 1 1N3M3 lJHPI 2 ru> 240 CI I. 811 120 ?87 109 770 v*fl on." 171 liJ tIM 311 36.". 00.1 .17 172 '4)0 643.362 143 078 3.712 010 312 980 4,375 W] OH 040 343 400 276 772 1 066 448 204 876 1,291 ,960 122 047 601,774 1*1 W0 1 030,15 * 209*10 1,M2 29tf 289 747 972,790 WSSUa 683,001 1?4 2/t8 010 276 1.9JA 5 480,730 361 410 2.196,191 ? I 271 372 132 246 230 .17 J 93 208 20' i 24<J 246,778 1 ?.. . u;j 166,017 jU 4?0 '4.809 4 4.1 J*0 fti..ll9 7', j 172 110 U10 63. 148 101 321 1 024 hi J m 170 1 Din 774 158 06;. V02T 304 606 2 tl Hi! 200 <>94 3 130 414 312 088 2 M6 087 1? '<M 1 400 1K4 M41 1.1147b 220 ,92:. 4 060 33* 207 450 1 10 04C 144 874 |6| . I I !?0t. 4. 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MamUmrm Soar ?aa Icaa bw >aal, wblta "utnana a ad Bttad krmn.la warn rakirr, with aaJ?s f about ItOO Mia, ok* laf viUita Um? raaga at tba aborr Bgaraa. Ryo floor araa (taady at oar <aotati?aa, aim aaaa af 175 bbl* Cora total wac ttra-iy, wtihla tba ran^a of oar fif.ura, wttb of 'Mo a WO bbl* VM ? TVi for 'f? orwa !n>|?rtr i (Vf? IrgiaM to tba aarkrt. ? bl'a a food 'rwuil iirrraiifd tor ? I port, and also ? fhkr mlillr-r r?ai:Bsl Tha trar?a> > loaa tor ttw lay fbnta J ap al>oat 176 OM bualMiia at tl fr for pr.nx* *h ta Ken tvir tl M> ? ft 67 f-r ?bit? Uiet ?aa. II 44 a *1 41 for gaud ? ! lie <ibk>, |l a a II at for rrd "'-ata, tl M lor an Ik r I ?a and *?.'??!?. II U a II U fnr Caaada rlu?- II Zl a II 33 lor *ar'n? apricj. 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