31 Ekim 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

31 Ekim 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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?ALJDI A* AOOflOS? ?1-l.aw J. K KXLKS * OO.. AOCtlONBBRB. MAURIFIOSNT HOl'BRHOLD FOBKITURB AT PUBUO AOCTIOW. IK property of a family declining housekeeplns. This dsy, Wednsedsy, at Ike resldeuoe of Mases B Cfcap ? ... laq . Jo to Wast hUteenlh street. between Klflh and Math avsanee, m le commencing at 10H o'clock. 8a* erb mtss aeUve Pianoforte, Oil Painting*. Velvet Me dnllion Carpete. t'ler and Mantel Mirrors, I.aee Cueulnw, Xc , Ac. The catalogue oomprise* the largest and rlclest as r>runrj)t uf household Furniture offered at aum u tfela teaaon. Ihe Furniture was all made to or ler by r city maker*, and la of the beat dewrlpu m vir ? MagvlAeent rjaewond Pianoforte, the richest towl li sttumenl cffered at suction Ifali wuon , superbl" cirr*l le<* aad c vae, round ourners, lull Iron plate overstrung bat* all Ike modern Improvements. made oy city maker*; folly ieetr.1 by competent judges, and pronounced a luperlor tostruta^ni; rosewiod Canterbury da Stool, ooverel In brcade. Preach ekiih cover, Book ?M, Secretaire. Bnooignuree, iAdy's Work Table. * riling Dcak. French plate pier Mirror*, marble ala'n and meketa; two larce mantel Mlrr ira richly oerved ?Vamrs embroidered I-ace Ourtalna, Preach tlhada* Oorntoes, two m*| nIBcet t suits of Drawing Room Pur.ilture, oover ed In three-colored faun brocade, of the rtchext deeerlpikm. carved la wild roaswood, two tete a tele bofua, two Arm Chair a rece itlon aad e ght oral back Chairs roes wood Ceoue Table*, statuary marble tope, to watch ihe su t; Irnni lloeifwith satlawooi. marble 10,1. mirror d>or* and bark*. King's patent Kaay Chair., Her, Card and Uua letto Tables; OH Paintings. by Legrand. Oole, Isman, Monj? Salle re a, Kg law and other eminent aciiaU; Assumption Vlrgtu Mary, from oeiebrated painting In the 1 oar re, Parle; Htorm at Sea, by Flngeraagle; two superb match Paintings, ""ewryxl Hat btand, Chair ? to match ; oilcloth, Htalr Carpete. Rod*, Ae. Chamber*? English Brussels Cartels. KMW00i marble lav I>resslr>* Bureau*. Bed*ead? and Oommole< to match. To let lablee. Shaving htands, Rockers. Couches Aim and oval back Chain, covered In mo<(uet; sp -log and h?l Mattresses, festher Bed*. Bolsters, Pillow*, oral Mirrors Pas tel Palatine*, decorated china Toilet*, brocatel Ouitalor. Ac. Upper thambers? Mahogany and black walnut Bureau*. Ho fas. Rocker*, Waabs'anda. Ac. D'nlng Room? Solid carved oak Ballet, statuary marble top; Hertz's patent I Main* Tails, M feet draw, Couches, Am Chairs, elegant seta crystal and ruby Glassware, Deoantera. (Job lata, Wines. "Ttampagoes, Ltmonadss, Tumblers, Ce'lery, Fruit and Preserve ?leads; Finger Bowls, ruby and fold liquor Beta, gold band china Dinner Bet, ttU pieces; richly tti eorated Tee Beta. 44 plecee; snlll silver lilnner and Tea Rets, Silverware, Coffee Urn, Ousters. Cake Baskets, Napkin Rings, Spoons, Porks, Ivory bundled Table Ontlery, Ac aleo Basement aad Kitchen Furniture. Stone, Iron. Tin, Wooden and Berth so* are; Copper L'tenalla Ice Pitchers, Halvera Ac. N B ? Btraagers w'shlng to attend Ihla sale can lake Fifth and Huth aveaae stages or cars at the Astor,Houss at Moholasaud Metropolitan Hotels, will bring them wtthia a few d ion of the hruaa oorner Mxteenth street Competent persons will be In attendance to pack and ship the goods at reasonable charges M. B.? Bouse to let or for sals; possession Immediately. For farther particulars Inquire of the auotloncera. AW. PORTBR A OO , AUCTTIOHBKRS. . M AOS IFIuRNT HOt'SBHULM FT RMITURI hT PUBI.IC AL'tniON, At Ihe elegant residence No. Jlri West Fourteenth street, on WCDnESDaY, Oct 31, the catalogue ocmprialng the largest and lishest as?ortment of Hcusehol l Furulttre and Works of Ait oil e red at auction this seMoa. Superb 7 octave Pianoforte, Klegant Drawing Room Sulla. Artistic Braaaee, Btatuarr. Oil Palntlnga. bv eminent artuts, Bronre and Ormola Chandeliers, Pier and Mantel Mirrors. Brocade and l.ace Curtain*. Ac Ooasmenctng at 10V^ o'clock precisely? the entire elegant Fwnltnre and beauuiul Works of a rt ivmutned In the above , large dwelling, all of which will !>a sold without re- i serve, and must be removed Immediately from the pre- ! mlese. comprising a v*ry large and elegant assortment of | ev? ry thing essential to ? fashionable and costly furnished I reeleence, In roeewood, oak and mshogouy. Hale will r im- I mence in the dining room, with rich diver ware o? Rogers Brothers' manu'acture? Urns, flatter* Bpoons Fork*, Cake j Baskets. Dining Bets, superb French and Bohemian China, | crystal cut G lass .ruby engraved Ulaaswa e. Ivory and oetrl Cutlery. French Porcelain, elegant extenslnn Table, with o*? . dining room Furniture Parlors? Two richly carved raee- | wood Pa- lor I nlu cove'ed In three oolored brocade. In perfeH order, velvet and Wilton Carpels rosewood marble top Rte 1 seres; rosewo -d centre, sofa anil plev Tab'es, two elsganl pier | Glasses, with bases damaak ami rich lace Cuilatns. French Shsdee, Toikiah chairs, with l ounges to match; receptloa Ohslrs In brosade, degas t carved rosewood Pianoforte, wt'.h | solid pearl keys; Music Oablnst Divans magnltloent mantel , Vues, Bronzes marble groups ?' Parlor ornaments, with a ( number of choice and valuable Paintings; velvst and Wilton Carpets, elegant Chandeliers Ac. Clumbers all In rosewood and mahogany) ? Huperb Bedstead*, large aalr Mattrevses, dressing Bureaus, marble Washstands. t.'ommodes Mirrors, Prooch Toilet tolsifutl snlt af Ckambsr Furniture, In vstvet; at Uage and other Chairs, Am Chairs. Sofas, f<tfa Beds, ma hogany t hairs, < loeks. Mirror, liufraln Carpeta, Ac., wl'.h a laege quantity of good mahosany Furnltare of every de*crip Uon, OUclcths ntalr Carpets an4 Rods, marble lop Ilall Hlarnl, w Mb alt the Oss Futures In the house. Hale at IU)* o'clock precisely, rain or thine A DCTIOH HALB A To aim m Hit*. An axtrhVdtnAry ohanos for kooeokeepera MagntAonit Hcuaebold Furulture I will nl! this day, Wedneaaay, M ivlfcj o'clock prorlaklr, *11 Ike knperb and orally Fomkurs, ratnUngt MatMrym. t works at kit roar wood draa Ingrooon <nttn. cImnu kevon octave Piv aoforts. alrrotk, veltst Cnrpaik. Ac., contained In the private residence F9 W?at BlsveLth ?'ML near KiflS avenue. Theauo tkieetr ealla apeclal alien Jon of tie public In Ihia sale. aa balDK the Urceat and richest aaaortment of Houvholi Knrk'turn <>( ered nl taction this reason. The furniture waa all mid* for Ike pre lent owker. and Ik In complete order. The wh>4a wul be per mtubnly and abenlutely aold without reserve. DRaWINU HO I* FtTRKirURB. ?ooatata of ear red r wsavood mage r -a. marble lopa and Pnn -h slate duora and backa. lafiek' War* T.ible, MMHMM OMtrd Table. ataiuary marble top; two foil kullsof draalng roam Fnrnlture, el"*nnl trte k tele Rofaa; arm. Iwo reoeptloo no<1 oral back Chair*, nerved r. we wood fnmat and covered la ttkrat ookred satin Droeade of the moat expensive de? trip ? Hon. consisting af two c^na 'a Tablna. I* laid; bro aade knd lav Cnjlklos, ?i Uvhl ormolu and bnura Chandrllera. Imported from I I'arla; Candelabraa. liracketa. Treoch plate pier and mantel MIlTom, with rich (1H 'r*mm; knparb kevrek and Dresden china Vaa'k. richly deooritrd Pt rlaa marble Mtatuettea of the Heaaont. u-Uatc'ttrou^aa rapre ksntlug Night knd Morning Pwdora. l'slrtlng. Poetry v j j Or? a flirt, Ac ; ant'<|n* lava Vteea ebony card Table, vtlvel Carpel" and Kuga. 1 urklak eary t'haira. bronze Clock, runs on* month. Oil Paintings, by Roaeaan Inman. Huntington, 1 -Ho Leoardr and oOcr eminent arax a; French II ik Bngravlnga. MAU.11HCB1T BBVCN OCTaVB PI AHOFuRrK. Oarvad ten and Caae, round oarnera flnlahed all round. inlaid with pearl and aolto pearl keyk. m'tau1 Rack, ruaearool ato >1, covered tn or* cade, embrotderaad cloth orrver, Bookk and Muk<f; kali man wood Ha'. land Oilcloth, Bruaiala atalr Carpeta, Ac. Gtembsr a. accord ktory- Richly carved nwsarnod Kel?t?*da, style Lottie XIV. Hnrea.u and Commodea to match, Ward robae, dressing and unlet lables sharing rttanda, H ?.kaund?, (touch, arm Chalra. Cnrtalne, hhades, "?rrnioee, bar Mat trkkkka. Pallia we, feather ttels. Bolateriud Plllowa, Blanket*. Maels Qnilta. (Vwinternaiea decorated china totlrt Beta, oral Mirrors, dining ronsa Furniture of every klad, alki k tr.ftan U tec alia, Ac Caah depraita will bd required of every pur ahaser u evert ar Icle must be nAd. AUCTION WOTICB. M. O EDKT. Auctloaekr. Hv ?/.KA LUOLOW. Jh THPRSn AT, WC?V 1. At 1) o'clock, fct aakarmma M Cedar alrekt. opposite the Pon MM. Admlnlatratn's sale of Purtitnra, Plct'irea. Winea, Ac , Aa Sold by t rder of Adminlitrator, to rloaa an estate. Tke aal* will embrai e anaie arllolesnf Purnitork, (remain ln? after dlatrlbuUon Irjtn the eeinte), Wa chea, .It wrlry. Unat Ae , a?d the entire ?fek of valuable Winea Hrandlei. Ae.. eanmaralel aa foiJowa:-IM bottlee V o. P. (If"/ Crgaai, 117 boltlee pale Sherry. 117 b.atlea palk (Hard I boulaa Pe martin A Hriv'a Rkerry, (ISI7 , 11 bou.. < raapberry Uraody. i 14 bottle a Menault Hrandy. XI tottlea Mledre Whlakey ? do. | Laawrt Port, t macnurn* Hourbon, 9 oottlkk old M-own | ?beery (tittlt . M bot lee pale Kherr y.it .(uart bottlee Hum I W do. Madeira M do ( utter Hour'- a W lii?*ey. Jl do. nal> >b Jamaica Rum. 17', fallona i o , IJl4 t\ -u>k do. Reo ch Wbla her, very old and superior , IV gaum* IrMh do , ? galtook pale Hrandy, kherry. Poit Wine Ac t baxketa 1 ullaxe Mama'* Ukampacno Aleo, 17 boiek ullace) llarana dacara 1 Gold knntlnc eaee Watch Bee'aley'k railroad Umeaeepkr, wkh maaaive fi? cialna. reala, I >ew 1 Lad) 'kind Watch, tn perfect order. A1AO 1 Donb ? barrel twtit Onn, made by Laben at the laN ktnbba, ? ami ted In perfect order. AUO. Ftoe at I PatnUnge, of aaetant knd modern maatera, embrac laf Inndaeapea (Icnraa, later lora, Ae. The Moeha and other kerurttlas bekrtktof to the estate will ha knM at the Mereannlk' lichna?? nnleek dleposed of at pri t?M kale. AUO. ?Iter the abor*. a 111 be sold ae tmporter*k ked dealer 'k mock 0 1 Ine Imported and domenUc let era eoeaprteta* la (OK. Tlr (Vmkhaa. t'peraa. XnnueUa, Laaortnan. Todoch. Preaakdoe. OlHadrada*, ?etalla H-tKnntcsa. Median a. Umcba Kacallaa, Umdre Jlkoa parts' the anent trade amoac which ark On baaata, Flraroa. Mepa' ks l.naa aad o her ftronte braada. la lMhe aad MB boxsa; alko a smUl lot of lae Plaatalkma la Ww riA AVUTIOM KOTICB. ?(.BTOAdK IAI.R nr K1.P.1ANT B<MtRWUOr> Kl RMlTl'AB An kt'raordiaary opptxtnaty for purrhaesrm. Tkia day ( Wedaeeday at lU?i o'e oek. At the klegaat prtrau reel leoae, 1*3 W'eet Tare ,ty lirat etrest, a few doo-a from reteath aratitae. By nr^er of the m ortcacs*. the satire maanlllcent F irn'.ture of the b?uea which ie baaattfull . fnenlahst tkriiu* riout, Ik ^^aafisiaa} . all of wh.ch Ik tee, Banu been maae to order leaa than four rrontha urn, also a valuable sol Isetlnu at Broaraa, Painting t. Marble Uroupe and Huaia, Tasea. *c. The whole will be poaljrely er?ld wtthoat reaaree. rata or ahlna. odeiiag eitraordicai j Induneaeoie to thnee tn want a t anperb Furniture aad House Faralakiag Arttclea among which are Turklah Hnta to rich medal m allk relret three fu 1 enlM esttd maewood, covered la green and gntd. art mew and ma ram all made toorrer ked la perfect not dittos Matuarv marble lop cvatrs and a I ah ea, an per b Frenea mkat*l aal pter Mlrrnra rVh lacs Curta'na, tare rnsswood r ?blc ?agsree. wtta marbio tops aad mlrro- dn-a. rssspuoa tjhaira. ia aatln Baaretrlrea 7U octave roeewoad fiaoor.trte m ni and Cover rich B*gltsa i arpsla anperh arUa Is Bmaiea. martla Mat uar > trli I'a ntlaga. rl h \ aeee rick >-krrsd roeee aid lte-1 alrads. dnaeang Hi rev. a marbls Waahatanda ... i i aacura. r<se?r??i rbam' er ruite Free > hvira i r brataae I loeka. Arm < fcaira, In ve'vst aad hairs! Ah. *J 1as tair Mail' aasra and Heddlnp I. 'iof? In relvet an' kkiro otk; Flsarh aad aprlng eeat Ckaj-a, gold ghad?s eiteaei >? IMalng Table, It feet .oaf. oak Railet. wHk marh.e Vif, ma Cbalrk, rtch F.erck I kir.a n eraare, niykH errata! Cm <i!k?a Parehasers will *od fu, Jeecri W>e eat .togien at the kiiec A depivat slP be re iulrvd of all ptirckaeera Hale nommeaieat at IUH pieaaee ? KLenhl. * <* IC 1 1t 1. 1., Aactionc?r. A^m J. an.BOB TATLOB A CO . At'cn IWBBBk . (treat sa e at an -non of Houkeko d Furniture, Ae a be > nte aad Attractive Aac Ion kale THt* DAT aad Ti? MOBROW Of kkacnii. Wit aad coatlr BOMB WOOIt Ml MkfOO AWT anCFKHOt.n FHBSTTL'BB. At the resadence i the lai? ' kibA u k-r kprlnr-' * w.*t Btatxeea'k ktf eet. betw.ee fifth aad "li'k avmuek. Commkklhlt at IOH o'clock precteely. The Fsralture was kl mads to order br d st tlaate ty rnani faxur.ra, and ekn baaiamlned j realooa t < the kale, noeeta Ing la cart w artid r?ewond framed Aalta, of ee%en plaa-a? earh. aavsred Is French mtln brocatal r awnl Bugeres marb'e tor TaMe. ?i t , n? (.lar and mantel Mtrrtirn eh-u-e Oil ralaUBfa, Hr eaee Parlaa aad ? h'ra \ aaak knd Flgaras. wttk cfher krtv las b"*k nasf-l kad ornameataf at revea octave ptanifora rea'l kryk. roeewe>l . aee, wWA earved teg* -a vara enasr".r?e isMrtimea i Dtaieg Boom. Basemeat kad Ked < ktkkbei k tee kaaortaMWt of FaraMue*? ^rpeu. Curta'n ? Coeale. a I nvtan, ?l . -r > kl '?.aJ??are, . . t^Wiary, Faint' era, Ob. ka. Ms tdlng. Ae Brery nrtteis aa tn H MB If B iBM> M? . Oat l AHDonoit wwa-ll FRIVATB It A LB. AU. Tn I Furniture ?f a prints family r^m-rved far tka cw>v. sieece nf aale to the store 71 mith MM near Wawiley place, will be w>td at a graa- kaerlkse for cash, eonatetlag <?( rrwewtnd seven omav?naaoFtrU. sast MOO. wW bs sold for )??. ose aolll rnsewnra, Phrfcw *?<t, eniaasd la Fiwack Mo aaksl. will be w*d for ?m. m do.. asvegTla men plimB, W?1 be ?>ld for II M ose r*B Tlnlfet com fir*. ke a. Id for ?M. alar and maniel Wirrora. I4NJNJMN aad v arTlk Mtk I'egarkk. falallaga, vkaan Rrwkh Oarssta also % tkt af rvkewaaad. mahegnay aad Maafe wataot partar. kkdikuut aad dintaa room t M and BBvarwara. Call for three daya to B. BOTH. IlikMk avaaas. A^HOOTTO* nfil H'HtHiH H peeaa and Parking ^a> liak^^H B?erth atreet. betarssa Fifth aad ? 'aihl hold (>? ran ore of everr des-rlv'l ? bored ? I pa cm of thearorldL 0rwer?1 W aerms for renaovl <s I tn the r on. try . pianofortes. p*Uthg^ *araar, ? l mr% Btoragt for tamBur*. UAJLEM AT AUCTION. Auction notice.-* family declininu houhb keeplng, will dlapoee of. at private aale. all their parlor, chamber and dining ronm Parr Iture at jmal aaorltioe. vl*:? 7 oetave runewood Planu'orte. ilehly carved, made by city makers, coat HoO, fnr?2M. u>cu.no* Is tool an* Cover; ruee wood parlor Halt, anat (9(10, for $140; one da USD. centra Ta klea, Etegerea, Bonkna>e Mtrrora Painting*. Brotixea. ormolo Cloak. ChaedeUera. Carpeta, Bureau*. Bedataa/l*, MaUreaae*. Curiain* Hufl*u. eiten*4on Table, Ghtnaand Qlawara. In lobe fur three laya at 70 Weat Twenty alith atraai. aaar Fifth >'Ma. Blith avenu* oar* aad *ta?M p*M near th* houi-. AUCrlON NOTICE. ? O ROCK RI KB, LIQUORS. HEOAR3, Jtr HKNRY IlKkKN will Mil thia day. at 10* o'clock, at the ati.re, IIH William aw ret. 26 boiee Soop. AO boiea Star?h 1 StOlba thlcknry, Olive*. IllO boi.-a amoked. tterrln*, 36 ktta Marker*!, Salmon. S bbla, shad, 3 ditto Mackerel, 1 (00 '.lie. White Lead. 60 keg* Dntoh HarrlDg. Oar r?D'?. Oorke, ADChovtee, Brandy, tllii. Port Wloe. Root.'b Wh.?key, Rum, one Iron safe, one Modal of asteamhoM la > cr ? mg Ma.hlnee, 67,1X0 Begar*, 46 denujohna a*?uted Li qtioia, Ac. AUCTION NOTICE ?TO PASTIES IN WANT OF FUR nitnre? A gentleman giving up houaekeeplng will Mil h<? Fornllure, Palatltgn, Btatuirv, Ac., with a aplendld Plann. forte, atooi and oovar, with the Carp eta, Olaaiware, Parlor huli? of rt-Mwroi Fnreiture. Hedroom Suit* o' roar wood Fur riture, alth all the other FnmUuie la pari or Um whole ti ?in.t. Call for three daya at M Weat Eleventh turret. AUCTION NOTICE ?PARTIES ABOUT REMOVING ? 111 Bid It to their advantage to call on 'he great Metro polttaa Riprene, ? and SI King street and 1*0 Varich atreet. roar hrrte wagon* for removing faml lea In the country or e'ty. All kinda of atainary, oil palntinga. pier mirror*, piano U riea aad chlcaware removed alth care and at oar rtak. Oo da packed and ahlpped to all parta of the world. Fami.M* will luid tAii an igrteiDic wa? of moving T. OOU l.DHMITH, Proprietor. Auction salr-of household furniture, t> pay advaacea, ?tora?e, Ac.? A. M. i'BHTa!. iR. ? ueUoneer, 23 loarery, will Mil oo Thuraday, tat November, al K'k, nVI.Kk, mahogany and rrMwood Sofa* Teteairtea, parlor Ckair*. Itu'eaua, amgle and three q uarter Hrdateala, Waakaunda Wardro'iee, HarlTablea. ljv>king Ulaaaea. Rock era eaay Ckalra. Mrara marble top Tab lea. hair and biuk MatireaM*. Bru**el* and Ingram Carpeting, OH Cloth, Beda and Bed. ling, two large Mirror* a large 1 4 of (?hln? and u lama an . Plated wared, Kulree and Fork* Bpojoa. Btalr Rcrf*. Oaa fiturt*, Ac Ao. AUCTION 8ALE-OF FINE OIL PAINriN>?S.-A A M. CHlfeTAl.AR, auctioneer, 23 Bowery, will aell, on Thuraday Novemier I. at II o'elick, to pay advance# and storage, eighteen OU Painting*. ia nart the following ?ui ieet* -Foeue on the Boachorna. Old Moniuiery, lledrlan'a Well, M oallgbt In Italy. ? .dilation, Horn Blano. Mounlaiu The ancela, Aurora. Adoration, Muaielana, on copper and enamelled, the above aale u well worth tie atlentlon of the trade. eonnoiaMora and other*. Auction kale-of fuerituee. paintinih. Bnuka. Ae by PRKO A CO. E, on Thur.day. at III-; A. M at 2D Butler Brett. Hnwklyn. c impraln* a general aaenriment of parlor and chamber Furniture, line Painilura and Engraving*. tiU) vol*, of valuable book*, Carpal*, Oil cloth*, Store*. Ac. AS B K'H ARDH, AUCTIONEER? flOO C4RE4 BOOTH, ? fhoe* aad Bn>gaaa, at aiiatioa, by KIi'Ha ftDd A WHITT*0, on Wr.lneeday, Oct. 31, at 10)? ci clock, at More 44 Corllandt itreet cnmprulng a full aeanrtmem of heary good*, for the fall and winter trade. Catalogue* on morning of *ale. AUOTtON NOTICE -CONSTABLE'S SALE Of DRT and Fancy flood* ?HKNRT MRKBN will mM on Thura day. Moveaber 1, at 10L, o'clock, at 1'JI Wl ham atreet, Call, sn, Delainr* fhawl*, ttklrl* Drawer*, wo I Jacket*, llo. very, Olorea, Fringe*, Lace*. Yankee Notloo*. a lot Kundriee, Ac. J B. CARE. Conatable. BALTIMORB PPECIAL BALE phi id hill park. OBBAT BALE OF FRUIT 'TREES IN BALTIMORE, or EVERY CHOICE VARIETY. ABOUT 40 000 TKBBfl. On TUESDAY MORNINU, November 13. at II o'clock precisely, we abn'l aell al public auction, by catalogue, al ' DRUID HaLL PaRR,'' formerly the realdenno of Lloyd N. Hoger?, the largeei and cbolreet variety of PKAR AND UHIhK KRl'IT TR1MM ever offered for aale ia thla country There are between THIATT THOUSAND AND FoRTT THOUSAND THKEK, all orlgl*ally Mlected with great care, and cultivated by Mr Rogera, w to la well kn'lwn throughout the o nlted State* a* a gentleman producing theOneataod choicest variety of Krul *. and juatly celebrated for ala judg mint In Horiialture, wllcb alone la* *u!B ilaat guaranty for the 1 1 ellency of tbe collation MiTI"E -t'auilo?nea will be leaned and ready for delivery the firat of November, and purctutaera will be r*i|iilrcd to re move all tbe treea before the Ut of April, 18(1. leima < aih, lu bankable funda >'pr further information apply to the auctioneer*, or for In formation reiptetlng the Ireee, *pplv to John Feaat fleij., rioriat comer o' Calvert and Fayette atreet*, Baltimore. By order of the Oomm'uioaer* K. W. BENNETT A CO. A iclloneer*. (10AI. YARD.? AUCTION NOTICB-THB AUCTIONEER J will Mil at ancilon. on Wedneaday. October 31, at 10 o'rkck, to the bigbtat bidder, the f ulnrea or coal yard, 216 Weat kl?hte*Llh street, ooaaiitlnc of Horee*. Male*. Cart* Fereenf tiafee, Ae . Ac Sale uoaitlve, rain or ahlne, aa the owner I* retiring from the huelneM '5ata!ogue? can be ha<1 al the j*j d. N B.? 1 be 1 ard to ln*M for a number of j earn. In *? rftcl order, doing a oaah boalnea* of over SBS.ODu per annnm. CIOAL ARD -AUCTION NOTIOB.-B A J. BOOAKT. J a icttcreera. will aell at auc'lon, Weilneaday. Oct-.ber SI, lt?0. tbe Flitoie*. ir... ot <Vw! Tar.t 216 Weat Eighteenth ?Irtet. Catalogue* can be had at their ro^ma, oorner Fr*nk> (ort and Wi liam atreela. #1 AV RL1 4P, IXORAS, DOUBLE CHINEN* PRIMROSES, f'rrn*. Lycopor lurr.? Ac. Ac, at auction, on Krtdav, Vovrmbrr 2. ai No 9 John itoet. at Iti1, ?'clock, a choice or ecuju of .ii.ebeii.thy i'latit* lro*? Mr. L. Met ?ud, All.u y. t. DBI RKC, AVirriONEEB, OKF!'-E 1? RnWKRT, ? will veil on Thurtcar, let of November, al Id1, o'clo k, ? ? the ptemlaea, all the Furniture of the three aU ry laoiiM, It) H. nry ?tir?t, c, ruining of maewood and mah wfiuiy Sulla, S>''?a, hure.nui, Itoange*, velvet, Ingrnln and rtr iiwl* t:*r p.m. Oilcl. 't*. ,tc ; ooe oak rklenal<<i Table iwo.etaof oah < tl.ee , hair*, a Urge aaa irtment of Bed*. II. idlnif La' e I.u . e te Alao iiu.? ? .. . ?ium.ii Wara Sal* po?.u\e, aathe houae mual ue vaoaleu the day >1 tale. Edward bchencv. auction err MORTOA iK Sale OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURN. HyE. A F. 11. SilIENCK, oo ihia day, 31*1 luet , at 10^ o'( l<*k. at UMtraaleaniom ? o. 141 Brna.l?ay, ?. aale nf ilie ei.Ure Mock of a manu'ae'urer. removed for .xmve nlroce 1 1 aale, co-aiatlng of roaewood, black walont and ma bagany Parlor Bulla, hi variona eovertng*: NM?ra an I Tit h i? any llimier Suit*, Hiring rum Furniture at variou* bind*, (Ml Table*. Etegerea. Bldeboard*. )'or*er muilIh. Sofaa, Ea*/< bal -a Bedaieada. Huipi. ii, Waaha and* U><iiige* NoukcaMa. Wardn>bea Mat; eaa*a to The above BHNC ? uperwr .juality. and I* Ui be p<?ltlve!y aold wltix.ai reeerve. HRRRT II LBRIM, Al'< TIORKKR.? IICNRT II. I.KKIM At" sill aril at aurtioo on Thitradav *n<* Tr\ ; * r Hot 1 ar d 1 at ll", t' Oix-k, at u><- ?alear.xm U Na?aa'i v mi. i^h] aale of J?| an<-?e and Mb?*r K?n~y tlon<l?. & >m .irm nr ih? baiarceol k "da Imported hy Miiwn Watakoro, Crydor .% C< of auberb ml*c> < iifneia. 8n?wl B-u*?, ml.-rr MO?MM Mnokln* I'aaea, I'uoeb Bowl*. Wrtur* IV**, Kalat *1 . ***. Inr-juerfd ijtblnet Boat Shell Bird*. 1 rays, htnv Ac. A *n. ?m'ir klered Fir* fe-rean*. Jtftnw Broom*, wtita *nk Hiure*. Wnrh H >?*a. W. rktnun Kl^rka 1 nf-fl B>wl?. Tom, "ire Hcraen*. Roarf*. Lion Hktnaand other *???!*. Al?" Dm 1 jack] m?rbla <*lo:k, bmo/e (iroup, broo/e Va*e, Fijtum, Roman brotire Vun Or lapa *n I other nitre*. Alius kraal rarleiy or Wax f.? rr* for parlor*, tofetUrr auh l?Ter*l pair iarya marble ??*?*, but-iary As. Can b* ata mr.rd a* abort OM daj before I be aa.e. H INKY B. BUH JH, AUCTIONEER. rOBl>TABl.E 8 BAlJL On Tbnraday, November I, at 10' ? o'eloek At Uae salearooma Ho. 1$, Pine street. Codimi of a Dm* tor*. EN HT B HKHTS, JB , ALVTIOBBBR. HAMPA'.srt IN BOND I roaprMfi A larav lot of Drag* ud Drnf ?tst*' Articles, Per r lain, finer Uonds, b*tr, W'Hk, nail and bat Br i*hos. dilp pery tan. Ulne, Lot?ood. Ray Rum la pnncheiaa and bat ata. (V-d I.lr?r OU. Arrow Root Iitaflaw, p*tant l-T*. Bwir boot* n?) l:ii{ I 'ajila, ?uMag Waj, (1*** HAow Oaae*. and W*l?kla, Tni?*e?. fSspsi Eta. Lance Rom. Ertrart Vanilla Mot* Polish. *>? Bt Tlrtna of aa eiecu'loo by order of BATTMEW BIKRNB. Cooatable Flrml metric! Own II , r ^ _ oa WVraday, Rmpuer 1. at U > alock, at the aalearooou Ro. ft1, Ptna *treet ben* Um ?*Ur* balaaea remaining na soul fiotn the laat **le, eneslaUsc of Via l'*y Imperial, tt! Wry, loiamaiu, Emprrm Eu***i*. Ran Roaei and Obam pacaa Coo* la' 1, alio a lot of toe imported Brsadlea, Holland Ola. Boarboo Whiskey. Ae. tola poaRlfatj ?ttbout an j ra aerre lo tlcae jfca i?a^aaiaal Hekrt n i.rin?, actiowbicr.? hbbbt b ijbds A OO *1U aaU at aitetma, oa Wadaeaday Oak ?1. at U ii clock, la front of (tor* No XI Nimn itram. a to* p%lrof bay boiaea. li J band* hltk. Ore and all year* u d, km* tail*. Kttle and kind aad aoid only fur ?*nt of use. a'ao a (iae d?r? o?a Horaa. aenraa yeara old. U .I kand* hick ?nod aaddle boi*e: on* tall, kln.l ana ?er.i1? la All barar** rery My'iah < nrer aold oo.y fnr w?nt ol uaa. alao a black tlora* U5< kand* l ib. et?ki , e*r? old, asd ?ery atyiufc. JAP CUtUIXO. AUCTtOBBIR. WILL HKU. THIM D AT. at t?a < 'rlnek. tn fortT bla b Mreet. rear Blermlh are BO* i/na N*y M*re, lArer a-%a of Haroe**. tkree lion*, aior**, Bed*. Cb*lrt, Table*. (Ynekery Af Rala portlira TOHI* P. MOHTIoifltKY, APrTtoR' tR.^-TSO CABIN 0 Hi*A*. Fl?<? *d<I Hr ntHii* at ancilna 1 ?esil?r 1. at llf'.o >lock at the More o' J Cortlaa<n aire*:, lotf?tinc men a, boyt' aad yoatk* d*>abta i ?ol* *Ld watar proof l'-?<i*. MBOCOHTT, AcnriOfticBB will tBU. ob wicr?. , . ne?(f*y. Of^.her II *tll o'eloek. at rorlkaea. oa !ba H?r rna Railn?ui It e*teb?at*r maty i-w-ter of a mile fria* I Ilia r nr lib? Hiiil on tbe road lo ?e<-x*b* l>?oa . , >p p. alt* the reaadei.r* of ban Joba tl liaakln. bio1?>a? b><n**k !d fnrnt! ire. compiialBf pnaewond Partor miH*. ; | romred In rrlaaaon ?n I *?r t r xmial . rr*e* *<w>l He<-re, I Mlrmr doom and > ?^k two fit frame Pretwk pla'e Pier <tl*?a>*. eiecaat rareed ro*i??f??l 7 oclaea Plaaof irle ma>1? , by Uilbeit of Bt >toa, llrunae '? and eelret CarpaMk MB aond ocaira laxlaa m*k??%af avaattna dlalai Taole dinner and tea Hew. *ll?er piawid tAaliara, Ulunaare, t^stlery. Ha reaua. Hedau ada kalr Bat'raaam feaiker tW la Pllkxr* aihl , Bol*t*r?, (liiclfAka. Ao. Tbe Rarleta train from Twenty *lt!a ? lieei i?ar?aat , tarter i **t 'txkt aad etaren * *1 ?k A. H , asd will atop at the ab"?* aUtlon MC H IT AVl tlORKIR. . E/.BA Ll'DUiW. Tr . I Win ?U aa t* f?K-?l>AT. OlT ?. At 11 o'c'oek. at i?e laienronm Po M i>dar Mreei PKBBMPlUkY PAI.B Of BLlMMM ROCKAWaY* Ae., rompri*iB? tour and tfs *ae\ Roeiaway* o? tattoua aty .ea, ? iHO B"f?t? * PKe :-i a, Barivfi* *M ? I Jatirr Parol ana HtMinaa* #*?'*?? Aa , Ae , a I of Kiperkir : make and flnlah * an aeiaral *e<ymd 1 <n l top and no lip hifilM rilaraWwi Inp Bar on -He. An. Ala.ia larpe I* > <jtr* of ' air tV and <*onb> Han?aa WU' be arid wttAnut rfawra to pay *d?n?nea Mnort un. aci tkirkkb. will?btjvob trob? . day Hot. I. at Mia'elqaR. at Hi IIJ PaRan *ree?, I between Ntamn and Wl.'iaa atreeta, by or lar of .1 t. .lite*, for ?ve*?m* t of irk m N ma* r meeen. one r?a mid Plaao'ortn. | Ml n.av^art i aalra Ibrna Tab.aa nan i?nf a. n?o (Mnaua. f'mr rff * tllatra, mie >i'wit-n Ta*>1e on* a*ar '<ba>r nmm WMfcrtaat*. oae kiyrai* I arpet. faatbar Bad aad aumerjti* 1 ? tbor artleiea. ^ ______ _ __ M' TBTI AflB RAI.B? PI ABOBOBTBB ARP RBWIBM Ma. ktaea ? A. H. 1,'RldtALAR AoH'on*er 13 Ro*?ry. | ?,U aell oa Th t'aday Mil O r!or? oa* *S "*a?" maewod I pianoforte, T ttllhert A 'Jo.. Bnetoa. maken . aiao oo* aaakn ??ay Ptaaofrrta ? ?M?i one P.bbo Wool, oae Ororar A to SarandaBOHnaaaawlaa Maeddae ill ore faarif toaiop Backtoo. By trdar a t A. JSPfBlBR. AUoreey far Han PAWRRBOI KR ? f*ti-THIB BAf, AT I0V4 O' 3LOC1 . at JoHR Bohl .BRft 'R. IA laat rfroad? ay. a larfa aa awtmeol ar oarertee^d i. i*d?ea ? ???">? of w maaa aad ?rr < lothlaa rile, de lain* and morloo Praeka nap*, toab, Blanaeka, Qnllw Rpread* aalairH (MB, m?a aad Ratoa. and nUier MM tw armaro-* In meadna Tb* aal* or tka maa'i mm Mat mill irri *T| ? Ry f.raar .f " B. URVT 1 CT>7?'> H n-larm otrael. rCBLIO ROTICB? A BBOWR HOBRB WITH BI -AtW ?ana aad tail and wbft* kind feet. adO be arid at ?ba pub lc pound, oa Trnib aran t?. bataeea I AIM and 1C1 ?rrern, WaaMaaVtn Hel(ht> Re? Tork rllr. on tofir ar, Rareaabar J. at I u o'oteek, by otdar 4 URORBI RAUL. ?AL? AW APOWIOW. -mffORTOAOB SALE or RBHTaUBANT rUTDKW, XML Ao ? By virtue at a chattel mortgage I wl 1 Mil at mo tion ob Tkoraday No*. 1, at lu A. M , at the ooraer of ilru t and Centre atreela, under Ceatre market, the contents of a Restaurant, Tables Chair*. Cul?r?, Olaaswaie Crockery, lum, Cooking I'tensU*, Ac. M. HHANLET, Jr., Attorney for Mortgage*, oflloe Marin* Court. PAWNBROKER'S BALK -ON THURSDAT, AT 10 ? o'clock. At BULL A INQRAHAM'H auction room*, 20 New Bowery, valuable variety of men and women's Cluthlng Aid various other srtlcle*. Particular* day of sale. By order of Fredubarga, m Sam Broad waj, formerly tiM Hodaon street. * PAWNBROKBRS BALK? W. N LBWM WILL Hlt.L, no Than day neit, at 16 Chathaa street up stair*. A large assortment at sen s and women'* Wesrlnc Apuarrl, Blanket#, Uutlts, Boot* am Kho. h Ac., by order of J. B. A J. Simpson. To oomtnenoe at ID o'clock. RICHABDfl K1NUBI.AND, AUCTION EKR. ASSIGNEE'S Sal.? Of UAKDHARI RICHARDS K1NUBLAND A CO , will sell, oa Friday. November X At 10 A. M., at No. 3C1 ll idaon ?Ireet, oomer of Ktng. The entire dock of Hardware, oontalned In tbe above store, a >mprt*lng a general a**ortmenl of heavy and akelf goof*. htovee. buuselun lebuig Hoods, Tin Ware, Ac. Catalogue* and guuc* will be ready early on morning of sale. SA J. BCOABr. AUCTIONEERS THDHHOAT, NOV. ? 1, at 10)? o'clock, at the auction room. No. 1 North Wil liam air ret. houaiboM Furniture. Roeewotd Flaao, Ac . 003 ?Mint of Kofai.Nahogan) Chair* aad Rockers, Bookcase, tlru* ?elf, 3 ply and Ingrain Carpet*, Oilcloth. Bureau* Wwli Man t htov* h. t lichen Furniture. Mahogan? Ibulateads, Hair Mattretaes. Bedding. Ac., alto SO OUISegar*. 1 Sewing Mat-bine, (t:el)tik, 4 Iron Safe* stove Future*, Counter*, 1 light Wagon and Harnett, Ac Ac FK1HAT, NOV. 1 At 10t< o'clock at tbe auctlcn room, on account of whom It may concern, to pat atorage and eipenaea. Lot Corn Mill*, wheel*, mllnlabed work, Ac. SHBB1FF d RALE MACHINISTS" AND CAR MANUFAC turera' Supplies ? CHaMHEBS A FAIRCHILI), auetlon eer*, will aell on Thoralay, Nov 1. at lOo'cloot. a< bl Oedar atteel near Broadway, a lar<e aaaortmant of Maahlniits' Bnp pUes, ounslsting of Locomouve 1'iocka. Brae* oouge*. Boring Balances, HeamOanfes. Racket Drill*. Ho**, Nozzles Km* ry Cloth bathaway's Sptlr# Halaace*. Bo'ta, Nalla, Washent, hpikec Handle*. hko?els Hook IV It*. Screw*. Rivets Otter*, fans. I aniens, Wlcklntr, LampiBruahee. Corundere. Hoyt'* Water (Jauges. Potash, Copper Wire, Cm* bar* Pall*, Pack ing, Rope, lauoka, Head Rack*. Locks, He<l Lead, halo meter*, Filter* t'orka. Hookn Files, Fl-e Brick, Truck, Packing Wrenches, Drake, Iron Safe, Chair*. Ac JoHN KELLY, Sheriff. SA J BOO ART, TIONKKRS. WILL 8KLL, ON ? Wednesday. Oct 31. IPSO, a 12>i P. M., the aneiplred term of Iferee year* from the lat day of May netl ensuing, of tbe preaataee Ana. 287 MO aad 291 East B<gbteenth a treat. New lork, occupied a* a woo- 1 and coal yard, together with two ?toiy brick Houae, Stable Kheda. Ac , tbereou. alio the balanoe ui atock tnd fixtures, emulating of one Machine, with table and aawa. for culling wo>l . Wood Boxes, Aie i.id Wedi:ee, no* Fee r Roi. b or**. Dart and Uaruees. two Carta do ible Slelgb, Hay CnUar. 1 nice future*. Ac.. Ac The above preaalaea are In a dralrable location and an old eatabllabt d stand. SA J. BOOABT, AUCTIONEERS. ? OFFICB NO. 1 ? North WUllam atreeL SATLROAT, NOV. I. 18flfl, At II o'clock, at the Merch vnta' Ri bange. Pat Utlon sale at valuable Heal Estate. Ry virtue of a de cree ol '.be Supreme Courtof ibe state of New fork. House add Lot known aa No. 48 Amity street; &la> Houae aad Lot kco? n a* No. ^"0 W*at Thirty third street N > . Terms mtde known on the day of aale. For additional particulars apply at tbe ofllce of Ue auctioneer*. SPLENHin PAIR OF CHESTNUT HOR? R9.-BROWNE A NICHOLS. Auctioneers will aeM, on Friday, No* 1. at 1 o'clock. In front of rUice No 35 Nasaau street, a beamiful pair of cbeatnut Horte*. M yeara o d, ltW hands high, swlmb tai>s. aplendld travellers is single n* well aa double aarnesa; at>jlab action aad <juite fast, varranted sound, kind, and g*n tle. The present owner having ba.1 them m uae Nf the paat Is inoniba aella tbem nuly on account of having n ) time to uae them I bey are a i.rst rale faml y team. SA J. BOO ART, AUCTIONEERS. SALESROOMS NO. . 1 North WllUim a reel ? Wednesday Oct. 31. at lO'i o'clock at 153 South street, mortgage aale of Barroom Kurnl tiue, oonslatlrg of two large French plat* Mirrors, tw. bar ( ounters. beer Pomp, Decanter*. Tumble*, eight stand C.ska, six Keks and :<mi?nt* one Kagate le Table, Ac. CHaBLBB F. WATfB, Att'y fjr Mortgagee. SA J. BOH ART, AUCTIONEERS -THTS DAT AT 12>? ? o'clock, at No. <2 William itreet. basement. lh? efleotsoi a Rstttursn', < unnter, Tables, Chairs, Looking Ulaaa, Crock e ry and (Jiarawnre, 4c. Thirteenth fall tradk salbof harhwarb Au.tlcn DOtee. JOHN E VAN ANTWKRPS' SO*, auctioneer will aell on Thursday. Nov. 1, at 10 o'clock, at 73 William alreet. an eitenslve aaaortat nt of American, Bir muigkam. SbeSl' ld ard Uerman Hardware, Cutlery Ac , c im prltlng in part HOdnzen pair* Sktle Straps 2'kJ pairs ladles' and men m skaua. al*n, 6 cases A ie Hand lei. 34 a .M Inches ; 18 tery fine double barrel English Hum Also, US dor *11 O. S. IhMltll File*, embracing Taper*. Mill Saws, hand and flat baa lard, second cut do , saoot* hall round and round Ml tard efj'iare Fllea, Ac Alan, an Invoice of lermai H> rdwa'e, aMglttly damaged on the voyage. Also, it dozen Blgglf s k Sonar hard and panel Saws. Also, assorted kooos Iriitn a jobber, on arcnunt of removal together with a I irge 1A of T'nware, ccmprjilng Dippers, Milk I'alla, Milk Pans. Baker*, Water Psll* eplce Bfu>'S, Match Sa'es W?si H^s ns. Ac. . Ao. Also. Kgt Ward .t Co 's celebrated l'o'k>jt t'utlery, on card*; f ai.de r?"n's A Ti.lotteon's Tab'e Cutlarv. Shears, fei^irs. Butcher Knives, Ac A ?o, American hanrtlels?>',k?t t'hl?s'es. rol'd fpsilea Iron Shovels. Ixo-as and Lstche*. Bolts, Screw a. ('it J acks, skint ling and claw UatcheU, Ac , A \ Term* four m> nibs tatx. witterh, acctionibr, wim. ?rt,l rem TT da'.ettwo ?'?M, at *54 '*i?l atreet. all tbe *?nteel Furniture of Alfred Barrnwa, K*| dmm d. <? ? H.tier of par'or Hnlta pier end maatie BHTori marble lop drea^o* end mhrr Burra le, rjrktnjt raey aad other i hair* ri'enaloa and Other T?b>?. t .Irlntha Weeh?ian<le, eelret Te|>?etr> tare* ply an ( other carpet*. aalr Mattraeare, Be.letea la. ilamaelt Cur talce ? Irrr <k u rlaae. tin acd other Ware, Moree, every ? tblog tollable fur konaekrepere acd <*b?re. WILIIAM ABHOTT, AC :T1C.REB?.-BT VIRTU* OF a cbn.tel imrlfa*a. I will net), on Tkun.lay, the Aral of KoTenrber. ai lrt)? o'elork. 'be ooatn la of Ike oyatera-id wssuvsk Qowa, Cketert, a lv*e > f ("rockery. bnan.ea *? j. C. F KLkRCK, Attorney tor Mort(a?t a. TBMLLTAM ABBOTT. ACrTIOREEB OrFiCB N'> t Vr Beat Broadway, will eel I tke I'urtllara of a 1401117, on Ihla day. ai W^o'eluM. at At.' gnat Untulon el reel: mahogany t hair*. Hmtatrade Hi. 'ran, Ma'.lreaeee, Elloken Uleualla, Ma. lust a mi ruirsiD. KtTH~u>Hr-oi? mm dat eve* ma, ocroBER r>. between En'l-m erect and Keck allp ferrjr, two br*aa he . a ei.iire.-irt ?uk*'h?ln. lbe I1n.ter will fecelra are ward of M by b a< lac them at S8 Pack altp. T OAT? BATTRPaT AlTBEBOOR LAET, MM I a Taenlkih and Twenty ?eo.>ad at 'rata tod F"-trth 11.4 HixtH atrnnee a diamond and a cart daole rta* Tke tiader will be amply r?*?r.l.-d cpm rti iralog '.ben lo So j Ha?\ Iweity itcmi atreet Lc*r-n rkwarp-an A000r*r hook cr ad eert'eemente. By >a?lnf It at tbe olttre of Wl kaa' Bpteit of t; ? Tinea or at No. 1 Beekatan ureei r* tn No. 4 will ra cure iha abore reward and tlianlu -rftlie oaraar. I OUT -A DRAFT FOR 87 *0. AT PUTT DAYS UltJBT. j on Ian tt? moot M On . made at b .n Fraai a<-> by B Dart eon M*t and aroept-ed by Ha'moit** Jo. AT. p era-ue are kerf by D.Ailied troai oeKotleuoc tbe auc. aa payment kaa been Mopped Ike tinder, by learloi the aama at Ute daak of U>?ejoy 1 Uutel, will baaukabij ARDSIV SMITH. LObT-A BI.ACK A"D TA* TERRIER BITCS, WITH a collar ni irked E H. White. H re* art wilt be pall am 'ta ret ra 10 X? < Maolaon ?i<iare, mr atable No 7 Baal Twan tj aaoond atratt. L OUT -OR MORDAT, OCT 29 "UPfORED !R A Iktrd arenne oar, between Fortr aaoaad aad TweUife atreau a plain ? ? M ? art with a ' am! Aay peraoo karinc foot d tbe uia will be auHably rewarded by rMurnia? U to Ro I Waal F.lai auk ureal near Broadway LOUT. -LIFT IR A BOOTH FEEBT OMRIBCR. O.N tta paaaaae if town, al about 3 o eloek Rkk Inat , a Parml eoatatsloa Bilk for two .Irani, marked Mr. Be-*?itk. Tka fader will be au'tably rewarded by latrlnx B w*k En tat, lUUAOo. M Park plaaa. STOl.ER? A PDHOEOP HTDBAULU' JAOK. A BE ward will b* aald far :tt rvesrarr. Afply to J. B. Buare ACa .E WaablrtU* alreat REWARD*. RWARD-LONT. A RARE ROOK (Ra 44,7fJ\ ilk Wm K J aeke^a on tbe cover. Aay mm lea?in SI eltk Wm If Jaeka^woe the 00 ?er. Aay owe leaitna tie aaaie ai lb* Uraoawp-k hano** Uaak. Blub areata, will reatire ha abo^ a reward. BEWARD -LOBT. OR THE EIH! IRBTART IE A w Blith arenue eta?e a kkrire wr,.ien Ooc immt anda ne prtated Bllpa tke abo< e reward win be paM for tka rttru 1 f the papera P> tbe ndMSBa B A WigUti S Wait ttraoA. $5 rinAnciAb M I ViRkot.iDATBD BTa'.E BTOt'E CJ*?OU ( ' dated HUfk Baook for mtm by UAAO UmHoKH DA\ IB, Id W llilaa "tre?L EOHARIlW EARKINU AB"K't ATIOR, RBW T0BE. .* Oet *1, I WO A dl?Meo.t of '.hree and a ba'f 1 er ent ai.) h?? bees ? erlared <m the rapltal av.-k of tk < bank pa . ? able ra tbe let if Ro eait-r, peoi . at ika bar.klae koaae. 1 be tranafer to ka will be ekwed f rem thai dale to im lat of Boreabar Hj ontar of Ike Board. J. II FfeBPA, OaaElar. BW TOEK ARO HARLEM) RAli-BOAD COMTAR V. ? Treaa-^rer'a I flee nir iter nf FoariA aeeane aad Twaaty ' -EB ? latereet e>m, ?e If ? lib atr?et.-Rew V- rk, Oatekar .?, I*" ? latereat oo?| <h* of ike Aral Ttor" *a*e Soada utd v md? of 1M7 will ke paid oa V** OBLEaRB ARP MOMILE ft'RPB bouoht bt AN AVUl'HT BBIJIIIRT A CO . 10 Wall alraaL PBEBIDEBT 8 OFFICE, Hl'UNOR R1TR* RATLROAP, Raw ToM, Oet Ju, 1 - ? 1 lloidera of Em aad M^rtrafe H..o^a ?ko h??e ivn erailad EMkaehrea of tbe proyrwtie of 1Mb I ?ee*aal>er laet I ? r ettend lei ike aama, are required In do an oa or before il ? wCawatw aaai. BaBOBL IIOAI, fra*ieat. rl'ATIT AI JBTB - TUB WTOBTCRTTT OFF REM OF tare*le? BKtret aafal > In ai eiriaelta aiht ? aeawat n (ly ?MEHkla knelaoae that la >ure ti make a fon tae In the lt(M keara Addraaa Oapttat, Bef aid >4Eee ? U/Wl * BARr? A'TORBR, WH5 oWR? HIE tlWR factory e,, l tocta, eia a Ika tae of BMW for -wie tear to trend kla bncaeaa wtl Hire a liberal war aentwr* f< r tke nee ?r H. aad aeraee tbe let der b. a m . Icaee >e tbe bniwt iica un,ia. A.- Addraaa t ?an ifer irer lleraili.Bne HOTICLE. KU TUTEBB WOULD LIEE TO IRFORB TBE ? poblm abrmt ooe tbr laand mllea Uwat ke kaa Hotel, the Philadelphia Houae itent>amen 1 pd a will do well to rail at LIS and 111 Fourth atreet, Rrooklya, FMIadal pkta llenaa OTBU "PAVILIOR PB ROIIAM," raRIB. "OEANH Maaoa BaabldB 171 Roa fe Blmll la fr <bI rf the l<en ere B REH ft- proprie-.r | ar^-e aad eaii'l Aj.?iiw*ni? fi,r f ami ilea aad geatlaaaaai, by tke day, week or mnetb on H SIVOEPB EOBOPBAR B' 'TBI. ROE t AMP t WABH lr at a pleaa -The akma elegant an.l prt ate hotel will he open on tbe Brat of Borem^ee for fa>a'l"ee aid e'nf la ?eti tietaaa. IMw Apartmewta to let for tbeiwlntar Flrat r'aaa Free eh Beau iraad aftaehed to tke hotel A. El TORI k 00.. Proprtetrwa rATBLLBBB. PBIVE DIBECT TO TIB BMITH eeafaa Hone. Rmaderar, arrnarof Ho teWm etreel. eoa dieted <? ? Eiwap aaa plaa Wood flare, eteao ronaaa. prompt itaaiiaw aad modatata ^?rm IB BEAD, nuifir JTOH IALK. All OLD BrTABL'bHBD DINING SALOON HO BAB, downtown for kale.-boeniion Orel rata, ud dorng . good bosln? i ; the plane hu recently txea fitted op; will Ml] Dm wkols or purl to t (cod budn? wan, u Ike o?w r o< uoot attend loll. For particulars apply to L. L WILLIAM*. M Wall street. ABIAfP IN *A*HIwOTOB MABKBT FOE 8ALB Welllo ated for regetables, butter Hd okeeee, ujkod ?* J fui-lbr, ut Faiton street, or i LOUIS J. K , ?9 tteaond 1 A RESTAURANT TOR 8AI.B? DOING A FIRST BATE business, situated la lt? wmtem part at the oily; *111 be ?old at a bargain, a* the oarrerbai other business tha' re <iulr?s bla attention Apply |o M C. fllsHOl*, lit Broadway, store Uxor. ANEW. F1BBTCLA8S tTOCK OF UROCBBIBd. WITH a good caah business established within one hour's ride of U Is city, for sale, part es wtahlug to engage In Kher bud ? tsa; stock an all and all new. App y to G. E JO.1B8, lit Greenwich street. AT 17 TWELFTH STRUT. BETWEEN UNIVERSITY place and Fifth areoua.? Board and furnished Rooms i ultable for gentlemen or a gentleman ana bla wife. House (outalna all the modem Improvements. AUTOGRAPHS, AUTOOR 4 PHS.? ORE AT BALI OF over 2 000 A ut graph U-Ucrs and Doc an entt, by I1ANUS, MERWIN A CO , IliM day, at P. M , at the irnag Ualld Inn. Broadway BUITKR STORE FOR BALB? PRICE 9UU-OR WILL be exchanged (or a good void watch Apply Id ibe tailor Hture 1,199 Bioadwsy, after 2 o'clock P. If., and cot before, for three cays BR BAD AND CAKB BABBRT FOB HALB-NOW doing a huslne m of oyer $700 a week over the counter; capable of doubling that amount Mcknesa la tha fole cauae of Mliingrul. Leaae four years and a half from if ?y neiU Tlie ir ration taon a leading thoroughfare. near Broadway. Rent on y *K0 Apply for tbla week at MITCHELL'S Buaineia Agency, 17 Cedar sl-eet CIOAL TABU FOR HALK CHEAP-OB TO LET, WITH ) long leaae, doing a csah bualneas of over $18 O0J pe r an num. Ike owner retiring from bualnraa. Fur particulars eail at the yard, 216 Wot a^htcaoth street (1IDKR FOR 8ALB.-A0U0 BARRELS G1DEB, WAR J ranted pore juice, for sale. Skippers anil ihe trade gene- I rally who want a pure article, will find It to ihelr Interest to j call on the subscriber before piu\-ha*lnf,elsrwhere. II. tl. I LYNCH, Commission Merchant, Bo. 4 Kile BuJdlngs, Do&ne , street, Mew fork. CARROTS FOB SALB-BY THE BU8BEL OR CAR<10, at pier SJ North rlrer. F. W. F1ELI). EIGHT BBC< INI) Hand KIRK PROOF 8AFK4, WITH Powder Proof Locke various v /ea. and In rood order, for sale at a large discount from original cost, at 1UU Maiden lane, ll lrd atore above Pearl street Fob balb- FROM onb to fifty actrbb OF thb Hay View Farm, situated on Third arena" and KVty Aft* aw^BwSkJyi near By Bite, wttkE"^ -gg? g New Tork by otty oars, Inquire of bILAU BBTMOU*, ? *r. v,'? <" So%s2 rB BALB ? BUTCHERS' BHOP AND PORK PACKING Establishment. smoke bonw, laril kettle, and Hit iras complete, with a good r in of tiulom, Horae, Wagon and Har aeaa. three r flirt leaae from laat Bay at a low rent WUI b? ?old cheap for ciuh. To an enterprising man lAin U a ra<-e cbacce. BaUsfactory reaaon for selllns. Inquire on the pre mises. corner of Broadway and Twelfth street, Eaatern Dis trict Brooklyn. r?B BALK? WITH OR WITHOUT BTOTK. A WHOLB sale and retail corner Liquor Bto'e. well kictted and doing ? good trade; long lease, at a low rent. The atore la hand somely fitted up. B1QOS M BOOTH WICK. gJ Nassau atreet. FOB BALE ? THE OLD KBTaBLMBMENT OF B. 1 uerffen, syrup and cordial macaiacturer, reoUflsr and distiller, 101 Noitb Moire atrcet. Fob balk-tfb leabk. ktock and FixTrRKs of a Public House. Apply to J. HAYWARD, 143 fallen si net For sai.r-the stock akd fixtdrkhof a first ia'e Meat Market in Klgth nreone, now d ung a good luial net? > rtce tfOO. wblch inclodi a horae and cart AddrewP. R . bo i 19V llcrald office, lor Bye daya. IjtOR BALK? AM OLD t^TA^I^",tIJa*MnI<w,'nreUli'>o, pro^:e Ukle :B,itue larger k. ^sln cjtya^c IToo^. M MaaSkti street. For sale-an old ebtablihhkd Brni?K??, ma rufacturing articles in grneral iae, and netting a profit of 20 to 30 yrr cent Price |1 UtO. Addreaa J. M . box tsl He raid oflli e. rOR BALK? BTC'K AND FIXTUrtKS OF A L ADIKS' Furbishing. Ftampug and Rinbroldary Sore, wits a Neva Depot attacked, dolag a go'd bualneaa. Two Sewing Veihima Stamping >'late?. A - , will be sold low. Apply at 2I"1 East Hoost m itreet F T For balb-the lkabb and fixtcbks ?.f a wholesale and retail I l iuor Hire, now doing a good caah b islneaa. --2 Nictkatrrrt U lweea avenue A and First are cue. N. B.- No sgeuw need apply. FOR BALB-THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A SEOAB Store, with Beading Room attached. Inquire at M Third ?venae. FOR BALB- WITH OR WITHOfT STWK. TH* I IQUOR ?tore 276 Spi in* street; wll! lie sold cheap, as the owner hai other bi'iu.esa lo rdre on the prcmlara FOB BALE? a great RAROAIN-AN OLD BSTAK llibtd ruilreaa. tbi' will clear oyer H.Ouu a year Aith ordinary care and attentli n. A M K T1IBR A OO., 81 Naeaaa street POU mir-t WMKF.LFR ? wtiww ?ww lN(l MA c*ine In pet feci order, with the extra hemmer, been In w but a ?bort time. In a orleate family. Prict- ttu. ( tn be sse n at U0 Thompsua street, afier U o'cUnk M EpOR HALE THE WASHINGTON HOUSE. CORNER 1 of < 'anal and Isnren* utreeta. For nsitieal't's "all on the pienU?> ? or at 1UH Honston aireet, in tiiH rrataoran' For sale -a dining and otbttk saloon with Har atta-bed. doing a g'?J paylni; biulr"? Natl?factory re?* n? glren for selling Apply In the aaloau. 1M Weal street, between Duane and J ay strtita. rOR BALK ? ONE OF THK BK4T BAR AND LUNCH Korms down town, In a g aid lmsln>-? loratlon. For par trulart Icqulre of Mr JOHN M. WHITFiEI.I), plumber, No. 77 Fulton ? treat, or No. 1(9 Naamti street. bas^m< ut. For balk -an old kstabltmikd corner Grocery I tore, Wsgon. Harneta. Fiitnrea and suck, also Leaae of bui dlrgs, M.iibesoiJ low. >? iha oi aor moat leare the etty *e?y ti?>n; p<wanas-i-n Immediately. Apply to ll|(j?jr4ArsoL Til Wil K.-J aud It Nataau ?tierl. r'K iALR? A PIRST CLASS RR-TAURAUT AND IMoinp Saloon. newly (Iliad up aad Ootnr an oaah b'lalnma II baa haaa aauhliab* 1 for the laat twenty yaara, and ui Mtnafd la a p??t n-lphb?rt**id. R ulafautory mi "M (Iran for aaiilt (. Apply al 111 Johi^ atraal r? RALI.-THI LRARK. KTfX K ABO PIXTURRk op a t'onfeiU. i.*ry, Pruli. and )T|>r utora on vfKX lb* riftfe A.nut BotrL For partlcuiari, In , Ure ai UJ CIIbIob place. MACI1IBRRY-POR MALI. OKI SMALL IRON Plain*, ona Mall DtiL), oae Hrrtw Preaa fir anreove Baker. four do , for Mn?>r?. f .ur 1 Itboiranh Praaara. ati lieto fefiQ'-n. at TOUBO'A Machine Shop, ti Krankf irt at M 0' AIHIBKRT.? IOR SALR. A TBEMTT HOUR STRAW KagtM an I ft rnlab Hollar. So toraa (owar ne Worth Ui i'aair *0. 4, alao oac ma. iw Irnr Poa?, will throw TU" jailr aa per mmnte, tiro t;opprr Kott ra. aVmt JOO (allooa each; MaUr? Portable Ketttea fmoa I d to 3D ralUma 1Mb Applv to P ( Attain Y. dealer n new and aarond bta.l Machinery of ail klnda, Koa- 4 and t Hrid*e Kraa*. Brook!) a, mm ik farry. kTFItB. DIBIBU AMP DRINKINU BALOO*, WITH _ faar oiieaie oxpper rnm?a. n let cheap for raah. In quire at Ifit lloualoa atrsat. aornar at Tbmnpaoa. inder tba growy aton. The w? for wUIbi atadakaawn am lha pra >RLLH AM PA AM BBWTOWB PIP PI* APPURd POB ?ALB. Paeked eipreaaly far prrasnta, In hnaea, barrel*. and half harrat* Barb apple warm tad perfect. Vmplea a?v ba H? at <ba aaeary, Bo 4 Rrta boll liapa. r?u*na ?t'ea?, Pew tnrk altera oraart will ba rroelred for irnlt to ha dellrerad In aay part of Bun*><\ at the whnleaala prtoaof abi. t>iu fir fapBr lllWIkllW, Wyly 111 ROBf. L. rRLL, Be| . relhaa fain. kjupua fort oMoa. L later , ouaty Raw Tart M. A. ?' LTpub, O? mliaiiB Marahml BW-POR RAI.R A. Pl^r..PAV?)R4llI.T I." 'ATRO J? in Ft TVaaaa' eburrh -flr V>.r?aai Apply ko M. M lilin, M Reohaapa plan*. PHOTOGRAPHIC OAI.I.RRT P'R RALR-PIBRI.T L<> I eaM rm Hroadaay, with raloa ;aaae low rtnt akd A I aytap roaaerkaa nf UN Bret eLaaa A r?l oiportiiBiir ( .r an ai'let ? tb a B?d?raia nap taJ Apply at C. J. tOX'4 Ph> t pr?pbie llapot. A-l Br ?dar*y. B. V. /\0AR1/ Rbl'K ABO <IRAIN MII.U ANO PORTfOB W of Pataal for ?*>? -C?r? lad at iba mlrra lb* r^ry Mill for aT>rr? radnefnp In porfirt duat. a Ilk bardaoad abiluiK (rlcdlrf ? ufacaa raal'y raplarad HIIKJH A ROJTHWH'K, ? Baaaau ?raM. otlAPTrBO -TUB I-BOBBsirtlfRD HAS A lOT OP k* -h?fui ?. Il?i ?ra a?d P? a b ,i ' ?? t f All kitidi 3 ?arh:n?rj mwiii'a.li'ad at tba lrrar??> m.-waanl in tba baak aiaa na?. fc. C. KBTi IIAM. a>t of Tark Mraat. '?!?? > ' -.;y. rrilOT"f?*AriI?R* AMI AMHROtVPIHTM ?B artlat ib iba ahora d??'rou? m r?l'ni|ti!ahina tba profaa ktna, aad banal a pood Ual>rj to t l?i <ar or, wltb or without Ibo famaraa. say baar a# a aaab parebaaar fy addrxaa'ni A. B . *1 U Pri*rhara'a. 41 tn\um ?i aat, Itrorjklya. ataUnic proe. 1 1 \?d run pwtlwUr. WAT<-flMAK??H AI?D J BWf I4.BBH -POR PALS, A ? Jaaalry lima la a tkrlTlaat v i'i?pa ?aar Paw V >r? It kutr on ru? of rapal' n?. and la a pnol nrpo>innliy Taa p. ?wni n?t?r baa bad n fur a perl id m yrara, and Boa wlab?< v> rctir* fro* tb* 'iflalaaaa. tdiliaa Jawallar. box fTS Raw Trrt Poat oRia WHOLBfALR HRCO BCSIMJpMI FOR RALR A hnaloaaa ablrb haa Saaa ?t?' Haad for the aM 17 r?ait ?baa wall llliad np and a flaa a^ at '?oaimaant, praaantlnf aa aataoal (basra tor a m?n of modaravn saana 1 1 rnn maaaa bntiaaa a Mb and to aaaba ? ?a? A/draa boi 1.M1 P * (1 " ? TA fOR TUB OAB PITTURBR OP A flPBTRBI. 9 I U hnaaa. Ml BUS; alan I Pnfa. t Obalr*. I*M Pwal (era. I auubM>*>p (aat- a Tab a. I nmr-urr "?* oaaa, PH. a pr?*l bartaia. Apply at U Waal Port/ fourth Brut, aa mr ?nth arrana. ?urn WILL HPT THR POUR TBA RH' I.RAKR ABP ?Oi)' I Pit'nraa of ana nf tba baal wh?- laaala aad rBall Uiraar 1>;1?W fmraa oa a r>od bn*a?aa a*a?o? ap Iowa, ke ha anlK na iiwul of Om owaar laa*?n? tha aMy Apply to T OAPPNRT A CO . Bo. I Chaaabara atraai -Pf 'R PAI.R. OBR H ALP IBTBRRPT IB AB ritaaataa Mr~*?r?ta Hnatnaaa faOf aaUb'iahaJ, and makin* ow ner Will be aaknulitad with a part* at r? ?prriabHty. BliiOt A HOUTHWU K, B Baeaai alrsat ?1 cntl "All, OR A PARTMRB WABTBP. f 1 .OUVi In a MI anaraaatlla h 'itinera, ataailaal loaa twa rr^He larpajrani ktw. 7 inilaa froai tha alty. A rare nban?e for aay rm* wi.blap to eoamrvn hnaloeaa Bo dead atoat ? baad. Addreaa Soabtoa. Barald narw. ??J nnn 70 n*?.-*KT partt hatibo a mm fPO.l/Wl/ aaaa ihat wiU pay from K 000 to *? (aw > year aad wMMi p a eaoh r-iMrmrr far tba mm win addraaa with par ur; lark aad Inratlon. Oeorpa WUltoB ?. Hera 1 *1 ? $500 FOB THIRTY OATS, oca EM Tim WHOLESALE STOCK wholebalb PBIOEB, COMMENCING OOTOBBR ?, At 681 BBOaDWAT, .. opposite Tim metropolitan hotel. Id the etock will be found <,000 BALMOBaL HK1KTH at ? 10 aaeh. l.UUO Pleree UNION PL AIDS 17 eonte pw yarA iuo ?? all wool do 37 x " IUI ?? do. DB !. AINKH, for ohlldrea IS " M ?00 ?? FANCY BILKS 7? " " BOO SILK ROBKH *17 10 eaok. 1,000 Pleoea 4 4 WAMSUTTA M I'SI.INB. . . .U^o- per yard. , BOO ?' t-4 FRENCH OALIOOBB IISo. 4 1,1*10 " BRITISH CIIINT'/.El UVa. ?' I.UUU " MANCHESTER AND HAMILTON DE LA INKS 170. " B 000 Noodle worked FRENCH ''LL1.AHH *1 each. 10.UUU Linos Cam brio HaMiK S 7 to. ?v doa. Together with other DRESS OOOIM, HIlAWUl, ULOVBB, Me.. Aflording an opportunity to aerure Bargalna thai rarely offer*. EDWARD lambkrt a oo. AMAZE1) WITH PKLIOHr AUK TUB IADIE8 AT THOHB BBAUTIPUL CLOAKS, Which for ttjlo, beauty ud ckeaporn ABB RBAL1 V I'NBIVALI.Er I ARABIANS, Mkl I 'ANH with anl without sleeve* BASQUE*, Uxkl duiuf and lotwe BHaWLKTH, BO*. BNOUS. ZOUAVES, THB Tl'RK 1BH YRxT. And every <tber ityle of (arment manufactured. Wo would earneaUy mprrM on Ihueo who ihink they mint >o to Broadway to procure taaloooable < loaka, and pay eior bitaut price*, TO CALL AND RXAH1NB. Our ?'ock of Cloela la the larxoat tu Ike el.y of New York, oar ttyle* uuaurpeaned, and our prlooe 36 to SO per cent leak tbun any other bouae la tbe city. .Mtriea' and chlldrm'a Cloak ? neatly trimmed OARMKNTS BAD* IO ORDBR AT ONK DAY'S NOTICE N. B.? All our good* warranted aa repreaented. CET8TAL PALACE KMPORIHM, No m Bowery. W. E. ROBERTS. AT 7? BROADWAT, JAMES gRaT A CO. now offer their Mag nlfloent etork of BICH BILKS AND PaBIS DBB88 GOODS At (really ndneed prlooe. A LARUE ASSORTMENT OK WINTER BONNETS. CON alatlOK of velvet and allk. will bo opened; alao two oaaea of Parlo relret Boeneta. ju?t received per laal summer, oo Thnraday, Not. 1. at Mra. HIMMONB', <37 Broadway. ROCHE B11AWLA WOOL SHAWLS, STELLAS. AltD FALL AND WINTER B11AWU9 Of every description. AT LOW PRICES. LORD A TAYLOR, ~ Noa. Ml to 417 Broadway, Noa. IHIoNI Grand alreot, Noa. 47 and 4? Catharine street Bargains in cloaks and shawls. b s mills a CO. are now ready to oiblblt tbelr now p alter na of ARAB, ZOUAVE BEDOUIN PALETOT. and other r* oenl My lea at Cloaka, just added to tbelr atoek, at Tory low prtcea. B ROCHE, LONG AND SgUABE REV KRSaBI.B, and fancy wool Bbawla, at (real bamaias at Hi AND 3*4 BltOADWAT. CLOAKBI CLOAEH CLOAKS! bargains, baroaivr Wa h^re bow on hand a superb (took of all the moat fsah looable atylaa worn FINE CLOTH ARABIANS, Wkb and without sloevee, rleh'y trimmed, at M to 18. FINE CASTOR BEAVER CLOAKS. Yen rlekly trimmed ,al M SO. >7 IS and IE SI' PBBFINE MOB. OW SEA V KK 'JLOAKS, Adorned with rich eroohet Irltamlnrs tmm 19 to til. HEAVT TBIOOT BKAVER CLOaKR AND BAkQUB, At ST. *1 80. K 24, W and fU SO. I Ad lea will find a larre aeaorUnenl In oar (took to aeieel from and at orloea wklcb cannot fail to ault. Pieaee eall Wore pnrcbaalnc W. K. PEYTON, Cloak Manufaotorar, 264 Bowery, near Hoiuton alrret. C1LOAKB AND M A NTII.l.AS. J OUARMJTTE O. SMITH kaa aow opened her FALL AND WINTBB FAPHIONS. lu'lan Opera Cloaka, Velvet. Silk and Cloth < loaka. Children's (armenla In everv atyla. 1,001 Broadway, ooa dour above Twenty alith alreei. B #111 BAP BILKS FROM ACCTION. CHe.. 75c., Sic. and SI PRE YABD. LOBD A TAYLOR, Hem 4?l to 4f7 BROADWAT. c??w.ku. r^. 4?^i.2!lK?"Tf1uat Fancy bonnkt ribron FANCY DRE?? TRIM MINOR. FA RTI< t'l.A H NOTIUB. Kvrry y*? d of fancy H uoct Kibboca In my ilnck that dnc? not contain ttc faalilonablo and praralliOK ojljra of Lta i leaaou. namely ? "MAOBHTA," "FOBIA," "8OLFBEIN0," Ac , I am arl'ln# at riactr half the Drat ooat '* no yarda raocy Bonnet Hi'ihh, coil *7#., aniline for Ha. 2 UOO > ir la '*r,.-y Bonnet Ribbon. < oat SOn , aalllur for Ita 1 ?!? alsn cleanirr otil my entlro aKk < f faacy ureal Trim minta ail l?r?a? ? rln?aa al about ONE QIaKIKR THE FIK1T oobt. J *>ly inli fancy 1 rnaa Trimmir-ia. aoal ^Vj., aallia* for t>ie. I (ill y la far cy I>i '-aa T rlwmlnra. emt Sim , aclllim for U',o. 1C III) I da fane* llrrm Trimmer" roal lie., arilllng for 3s. lliia li a i<oaHlra rl-?aln* out aalo of lb* abora r> >la for tr? itaya. all aot aold at tba rip rat! oa of that Uma will tw aailbauctlia. R II M*cy KM and M Stub ?vita-ia. (Two doorabtlo* Fourteenth alreat > F all and winter cloaer. A IX TUI LATB8T FAKIR in TLB ?o?r naif at LORD A TATLOR R Noa. Ml to M7 Broadway Ham MA to Ml Orand atraat. Noa- <7 and t? Oalharina alaaac F AbUIONABlB DRKM OOOM IK (J BEAT TA1UTT. LORD A TtTLORH. No Ml toM7 BROAUWAT. ALIO AT BTORBB Noa M ikI Ml a R A ? n RTREBT. Noa *7 aad M CATHARINR BTMIT. G RRAT BANEBUPTCT BALI. f.ADtar < LOARR MANril.f.AN AND TV MM, OoaprMnn tA? ealatra of the wall knowa Srma at I BILFIN, OKRURON A EULIOTT, MI Broadway, and W D. BIMOTT A OO , M? aad m Canal at ratt. ' Now roducd to Inaolfmey. la <??B|>aay with nUar MH| j bottira. Ikronfh tka paialyala la tba Hviilkani undo. Tfca aad^rairrrd k^rla* pnrrliaaad nf tka tire rata'' of Umi aborc bankruptcy. kaa. for iha aoa Uir a ublk eooaranird t*>? whole al ik? ?>!?? Ml BROADWAY ?kick ke kaa Bet! tad for the apaoe o f alft y daya. 1 wttk a (Ml of effecting a t"*al elaeraaae of tbr am* T* a el***at at<?.k, snaprtataf | FUrla toixrled I maka ?irk ao I e.a' >r?te Velrat iV??a. Haedieme Pvia ( Iota CVata, Arabian and /coar* Bouraoat, Aa.. Together with a I ??'!? roltaatloa of L*d Ira' rUB*. ' Iac'odlt>? K-?a?*r Ma'laRna. Ili^ira Baa Rahlr Rrla, Mlok Hartrn ^rt?. Chinchilla and RnrM Brwiwa. fltrk. Bow Marwa. Aa.. Barlnc Mas ohtalnd at a ??air nominal arte* rvnparad with in orlateal i~?t, will b? .^T?r?.l <m awl a.lrama?aona twin ailnba alvrtwt tarr^ibla la Ikr brkoldrr la ordar to elrw* ont tka wkolr wltkln tka lUklMd Ua<r. UM prwtaJaaa Mac raarlnd m br rn'l"d d?wa ... _ ? lh a pr. pari; la atHOn of dlatr^fltlna. aad tnt#Mta? anil hnaara ara rawaia' nrrd to aw aa aarly la^artlo*. Wkolraala bnyara drairooa of partial?aUn?lB tk? adraotac^ I whirl, tkla at I* oflara eaa parohaaa I* i ?*? ?ak M 0 aloek la tbo aanralra. J w PRIXTOR, Traafarar of tka aataM of Nnlp^. ?r?w?m A Kliioat. Ml Broadway Naw Tort. G"~u7vBt (HOVK*. OI/IVW ntovia Anotkat Urn Lot Jaat II aoal r ad. at Me a pair, wnrtk It. I "t*i Anaa^ 1 ?dme' t'adraaaad Rid illoraa at la , wnrtk ta. I .111 4a nrrt'a do do. do. at ta., wnrtk *. t rkrap Ma nf Utit'a Marino l"adar?htrta and Drawara. lAdlaa Oki'.drm'a aad naot I Mrrtao and tlotv n llnatarr, rhrat) RuNAUMON A NBARR5, 77* H mad way QBIAT BtlWOTtUB IB La' BB ABD BMBBninBRIBR. JAMt* iJRtr A <*) aoa a*ar Uaatr a .part MHIaillof tka t?a? ?,T mntrOBD TRir!BB Tit Br adway, fmrwr WararWy pkhaA. CIT bettbivbd tN ahw.rtbbwt or VBRT bi.? raat Parla mart* ladlra' and i?i tl? 'a Tntrwfliat and alr>? Ra*a JOHN tiATTRaCII. Troak aaaaufartnrar at d impoitar. M Broadway, cm nf Wall atmat. aaA 7W Br'wdway. mv fonrtA atro*1 wknliili aad KM \ f ltd. BR A OB A NT. Wi BROADWAT. M ^atmnr* [M ???*?. CWlBly 1 K*nt ?a TaMaa, Cka? gly yatla At popular prtnaa. Our fooda m anlarwd w?kyaai_aara by naa of tka fm M tka p'aaaa *f ?aaafa^ora. Mm* I for qnaBty aa l atria At ? rrrt^ a of M p? rral OO , 7T W* ?I?V. mmm af Warw lar ylMA. __ dht GOODS, AC. JJLA.n FOULT UK HOIK, AW* THK fashion ABU1 ihihw l*LAIN BIOH 811.18, FUBCHLA, MAOBKTA, K<*K DK NUBTA. At. Ac. "JRD * TATLOB, *<*? *?1 X) ?ff HROADWAV. U H. UACTt XV* !? bow opening hla fall Importation of LA I) I EH' FIN E FRENCH KlDULjvV ai: alzea; all aoion; beat quality 63 cenla a pair. Fall Moat of Sue Ijm and Bwbrotdarlea Full etuck of elfwaat Bib buna And lu F ranch Fit wen. Full Muck rf falT Ho aiery and Olorea. Fall ewck of White Uoooa. FlannrU, Ao. Fall nock of linen And linen cambric Uaadkerehtefa. Full (took of ladlee* Under Clothing. Fall Mock of 1 askee Notions I-adlea at* aIwati eertAln to Bad with aa a foil aaaortaaal at lha above gooda At the loweat prloaa H. li. BACY, MHiMMMM ?erord antranoe below Forteenth ?treat. s A< R1FK K OF BOUBBlBO GOOD*. B. MYKB8, (TBI NBW TORS BOUBBINQ STORE) la aeUtng off bla valuable STOCK OF BOUBNIKQ OOODB. AT 2U fER ('BUT UNDER OOBT PR1UB, Pre Tin u? to hla rvilrlng from the ho 477 Broadway, between Hrtmme and dread at glLKH AT 80 CENTS, fill, CKAT8, 79 CBNT8, 80 CBJfTB AND II 1'KR VARI), FBOM AUCTlOl - VERY CHEAP. LORD A TAi LOB, Nna. Ht Ui 361 'IRANI) 8TRHBT. Noa t7 and t8 CATb AK1NB HTHEBT. w BCLESALX CAB PET iTOOB AT RETAIL, T. H. .1 J B. CORK LINO, Import m ard obben of OaHPETM. *?!., NO. S3 COBTLANDT STREET. NEW TORE, W11J, from thla data to Feb 1, nait ntler -.heir entire nook to BBTalL BUfERB AT WHOLEBALK PRK ?H FOB CA4H. B iff r* have the aaleetion from one cf the largett wbaltaaio atocka Is the city, an. I HA VB ONR PROFIT. N. B.? Suit landing from ataaraaalp I til a. fine aaaoruneni of B&l'HBBUf, Of tha manufacture of J. CROBSLET A SOWS, yen bolovon a habt, m OUi/ No. 389 Hrnartwav, UPHOI^TERERS, PAP KB HANOBBK, AUD INTERIOR DBGOBATORH, Are bow preoand to make frum their large and aataaatn Block every atvle of OU RTAINH, DRAPKR1E8. lambrequins, ABD WINDOW* SHADES. AT PRICEH that DEFT OOMPBTITIO*. Or wfll out and retail, at a aaaall advance from eoai thetr nlandH aaaortment of BROCATBIX 8ATINR, TAPKHTRIBB. PLUBUICH. DAM AHKH . i'IIINTCKB And GOLD and PAINTED WINDOW BHADBB. They hare now ready (or eihlMtlon la their PAPER HA|Ul!Na DEPARTMENT, in addition to their large Hwt of Plain and Deoorattre Pap era. HBVEBAL CAHE8 OF CHOIOB NOVKLT1KB, }uat reoelved firm their hooae In Parte. Tha apeolal attention of famUlae luteodlna to ornament their DRAWING BOOBS, BOUDOIRS. LI Hit A RIKH, DIKING ROOKS. HALLS AND OI1 ABBBRB, I sailed lo thaea baaatifal rood a, which they intend offering a ? MODBBaTB pbickh. SOLOMON A HABT. ?n MS Broadway. BALKS OK HKAL KNTATB. A RARE <7hAN< K-WILL HE SOLD OR EXCHANOBD for lewelry, watrhee or allvar ware, 178 acrea of fine Im proved 1-and tn Maryland, ma mile from the railrovl, be tween Baltimore aal Waahlugton. For firtaar panirnlan ad dreia It. . m IK Waatarn Hotel. New Tork, fur isree itaja A GOOD IN VESTMENT -FOR HAI.R, A POOR STORY I rown atone liouae, m Mtirr?y in n'ar Fifib avenue. Tha hcuaa la only inclined, witk rornioe and roof on. A paMy wbn would f.nl>b It ran m%ka a handan Be pr n.'. ?a win be rbown on an interview ?ith the aut>acri3ar. A;pljujM.C. K HUP. Bo. Weal Iblu'eth alreet AVALDABIK FARM IN TENNESSEE FOR M 4LB OB eirhanae for drrlra'<Ia Ber.-hnndlsc. Addreaa W. I. O , box (U New York Poat office a BEAUTIFUL FARM OF -.1 ACRE#, O'lOD BPfl.D J\ Inga two App^e Ori'bKrda, A', $1 AO 30 Acre* r>id KuildlOka and Fruita. tl.IUU. Beth fluma are kcated nau Hiamfurd, Conn. Other lartra W. H BE JOB, Uil Broadway. A DESIRABLE TRUCK FAiM. NEAR POBT^BOCTfl. Vlriinia, p<aeiaain( many advamajtae, la for rale t betp and no eaay lerma. to cl are ?B wue F ..II paruauian ob iHUfd by *<!drf wing L P., boi Itb Urra'd oBihi. CASH DIFFERENCE AND A M.M0 HO0?E IN A neiahtxrini i lly, rayltii; gocd Inteieat. mil b? paid for a K?od tiruae be.o* Fortiath atreat, worth If ( U0 vt III .? , mo Wta*e bo al'!?et!<io . I arse ei 'hinge for ritf or Hojoaeu Lota. Addren lor t?o daya Gnftoa, b n 16u Herald ttti.-e. Kiting loeation. fWUNTRY HKSIDKN' EH, ON LT ONE HOTB FRO* 1 I w.u umi. ?< Y , on Orange M "minis %ni ta (.lew^Uvn l ark lor aala Apply to i??> i r.,v i. a. lag'e Kock, Orange. N. J,, or at it <>edar atnwt. Tnaa.lafa EXCIIAIlOB ?) A'-RE*). 60 UNDER FI/5I UH AND I irata anperlor l a?4. at a dai < on l,.i| li .d ral'in (6 !?', ni Hx?Ke *1 UK). Will ei I >n?a for ilmntlyn lota, l''i ior? bui'iilre malerlal or genera! mrrchaudtae. Addreaa Farm, Uoi 3.70a Pi ?t ^ulf e. FARM WA*lBf>-TBK tl'BtCBIBBR M I'IKIK >[ X OP trntiof * Farm for or* or two jr?*?ra. with tha prUHxm > ofpn(rha?? Tha toll mn?: Im i i?1 and attnatad wtUila right n.itra. lull rarrl??a, of lot mor? in*:; ih'rtv irillrn, a alar rot tajai ca, oflhln i',|j If tti.- Uttar it aho'ilj ;<? (vittlrnoua u> a <ii ??L?ra? boat IMafcr* dkilj Kit' at a?)..m th.'t* acrra. a nil iKir tin Idlnga. orchard, fnlk aitd (antra ?hr ilia for a?>( (1?Hroua of u? ifof.ain ( m?y ad'irar? i' Itallnf parti. t art ot luoail' II, prtoa, r >t? i.t, rhararlrr nt laud Ac JAM Kk H,( Ml'MlMiOff, 9 1 tfar<- ay atract. r>K HALE ? A Boot* ASO LOT TIf WBHT PORTT fourth ?tra.t. nrar Mritli armon. Mr m ihrar atoi v and ut. fa?t, built la ft >u Martial mannar, lot J* ill* f<wt Will br aol.f ibHi If applied for am in Apply Ui J. MATHI ?w ?. HI iliuaou lUrri, befof* I A. M , an J after ir m rR SAM LOW? AlIC CT ?*> ACRIR IIKAV7LT TIM brrnl Parmur I. and* In l**an?yh acta, wall locatnd anil ttaaly watered. or w.il mWn for citjr ur Brooklyo propar it. m*r<k?ndla? >r a g"*\ htm ??? HimJH A lOCtll WIOI. IB Raaaaa <i?t. FOB HALE ARD TO.I.ET ? KVIHY V4KIBTT OP RIAL, but* Pa'ow, cttjr and ?IUa?? LJi RUtm. Nhopa. Dwal IttM ao>t I .,Ua*r? for nala oe t jlrt tc tha aity an t auburn* aad la all part* A tk? ouuiit' y. ?nnay to Uoan oa Hon! and Burtaaae. J. H. AlllkllW* * ?*>.. 14 Hn-adoar. oMot 27. For mm or b\<iur<i?-ar bi.koamt man Hon ilu'iaa. with liable an 1 between four and flte arraa of lmd, altuatcd at Lawrenceulle l?o? lalaad. within * ahon diaiarre of M railroad depot. and fort* Btaataa' drive by pri me ??omrjauce from New \ rt lao wall la ? ! onl ant atoeh ed witk lar'*r and rmalJ friitta. xpp.y to P. A WII.KIRR, 10 Pin# wwl (TOR ?A1,R? A PIRHT CLABB POUR PTOBT BBOWN f rial Koaaa, Ro 1 But Thirty tftt airri-t. riwawmid aad Mack walnut doora on parlor Bon* and hlact wala it iWn*M ? raplMaorMr. Laqulra oa tka praaalaaa. O. ROB1RR. CR RAM- IK RROOKI.TR. A PI RAT ri.AM HRIOR Bnw, t.f>?n noma, all tka Iwpnraairota. No 173 Port nplara. Alan. tkr?? hrown itrm* friata la Portland noa, aaar Waal Inatnn part . |.?wtlnn aplrnJId, t?r*a aaar la <?lra ot T. B. JArKMo.N, botldar. oa tka p iwat laaa. TJIOR IAIJ LOW-TO CI.OHB A OOHrBBR. A PBW P Hoiara la Rronk'Tn. armr nf ibam nlacai.t b i 4ln|?. ww of aodxrata ??/?. anluMa frr im?.i fwa'lfa To a |.rra>? wtak*a? to aorahaaa a nwldanra thta <?*ra a r ?t opp<ai in'tr. iMolra of tka ownar. baiwcaa U ani 1 o'a*jst, at ill at.d 114 Broadway, n oro 7 ER IAIJ- WIKR AC RIM OR.PAI.MAIttn 40U PBBT fn?t on tka r1?*r ?T>i?r IU f??t daap II faat ffmi i. Op??e'i* Porr*at Paat Ulll. AultaM* f<w taaa ofa^l ? r Inc porpaaea. B. MBTMOUB, W Piaa ?tr??. n Ol'AR POR PALB- THK OWNBR OOINQ ARBOtn. a I na knuaa oa Thirty ?ar ?t (tiwt. h?tw??a Ptftk and kadtaoa a*aan*a f<mr atnry i rnwn 01mm, witk nrrj hwpmta meat and rrnTavlawra. B Bf W h%* iat ha*n oalnlad thrnafh 1 nt and ? it In prima *dar. apply 10 PIBul) A McJUBAM. aanloBrara. Wo. ? Tfa Mra?t STOCK FARM POR BAI.R OR BXOH ANOR-POR A f.rat r.laaa Baatdrnra tn ? ? ? I orfc or Rrr> hlyn Jno arraa. orarlanhin# tha Bndw>n; #Vi naaaAa. larga rwch\rt** > a iikia i??a< . ita w.;?? ?a<l aMwaaiola i.inrly Pr a, flu mu. DIBUEB A IIOLDBN, A Ptnaat. aad I 1U Itrawtway. WILL IKU. OR I.KA??-eri*Of!TB TUB WARLKM ? Mat < r >1 In 'h "irrt??n<? t IMUlBMNk $4k, ?? aad l/t. ??ihylW)ia?t prlea ka.f oaak > >aa<- 1* rapt n.ay kr ai p';ad H a'taral ma !?> ciit Pnawwtfon iit n ??diataly. loqnba it Ho Mryiara*, Imntk >?M. roo* Ra. 14 WART?I> TO PCBCIIAPB- IMPROVE!) PHOPBRTT. t? tka aaatakla ?v.ik mP Mnrra; Hill prafamA 1 0. A. HwTil, M fiaaMraat. r,m Pvlt * wholibam frbr h ataam 'Vmlarttrw ary aatali lah*l foa ?? yaara. Tka rmwr n ' halaw ah> 'or want of the aaraaaaip npilai IB pl*? 1. h a t,oair?? tha aiiaaaA'* tk%t wo ltd make It aa | mdt abta aa It eonld ba. ? wl'ltaa u, dltvwa * 11 to * r??o?naiM* p?rty. or. If p??raraWa winiahaa partaar wt k CO DP) aad pat tka aama* ?monat la tka '??la^wra. Addraaa for nna waak Praorh )V*f>?tin??r, liar aid gloa, IPOHTIXO." A^m I.ABQB mWPOl'R III. < n l> w ? T <1 r-)? ' - **p, bm ?n?r h?NMfv hm, MMN A. r II , HtriUdM lliin <!?/ rn 's . ? BtBARrTP Bt*Tl.BR RO S PBTB WLIP-B Ak T1IB UAB P IM( y<l sklfMt tfw rt?".t ?'' P*W I* I" ?'*14 Ma i for a/STIsd mnrk. B-.i ?#r *? jjjwjj 1 K il rm> tn^lAf *) ***ti \ 9* p?l ?!*' Tg**! *' *n?r*TtoBf ?* {^i naran, ^ bfwvd^i ?<*? *""" F?. m* a BPlJIBIlin RBWronROl. ?BB r>TO A H raTowkta a III* *?* >** *"**? W?h >h? ?a?r w hraatlaaap knavkoaptap. Oka ha Ma* at 111 Hiowdway, STCrtt .traat ikU dky. rR PAIJ-ARD BOW OB RXniBITTOR AT IfWTBT il.Mn?r a f?aa? rd Ptfitaih at'ral aad Rroartwmp. ;o?d r?la<>?aada,a Rawfr ladiaod Pot, aiaia to tka ona piaapai*! In tka Piwa it Wall* Pnr Mm. bM'ity and wairhfalMM Mm** ba ntrpaMad Prta? k?L 1 1 raa k ladan ! it...:an? wta paid for kta mai* ran p'waaaWon of -*? Prlara <* MafB AdmMitoa It wtR SroRTTRO-flllBAT PPABRtB<?.-AU. It ? TB PBO I BtfMd w. ~n,? ^ tkay mar r^ari * raal ai Mill BifrtMB'k be? Bt, W>dii?wdai "?nla? 'at II. at Bl'TI.BB I III Rlatk aran<<? If ft, a rii i man tml hrf c nnn ?**?AI? ?rj> RBI>WAM QABABIBB? 4LMO

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