11 Kasım 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

11 Kasım 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8830. SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 11, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. BIPORTA\T FROfl TBE SOITH. Ovr Despatches fro? Montgomery, Mobile, Macon, Augusta, Columbia, Charleston, Richmond, Taila hasse and Washintn. The Excitement Increasing in the Southern 8tates. The South Careliaa Banks Authorized to Suspend Specie Payments. 8Ute Conventions to be Held Immediately. RESIGNATION OF SENATORS TOO VIBS AND CHESNUT. Measures of Retaliation Against the Vorthern nullifying States to be Adopted in Qeorgla. FAILURE OPEPPORfS TO POSTPONE RECESSION Organization ot Military Forces in Alabama. Pacificatory Movements of the Republicans, to., Ac., As. IMPORTANT FROM BOUTH CAROLINA. FBOCKKOlNtta Or TUB J.h?? Ihl. ATTRE MM ? ATION OF MKNATOK CHSSNCT? AB8I8TANCK FROM BL'BOfBA N row BBS. ETC. Ooi.rau, Not. 10, I860. In the Beetle to day, Mr. M tribal I, from the Military Committee, reported a bill providing for the Immediate enrolment of ten thojaisd volunteer*, ud for the proper ?pguiMtloa and equipment of the bbbm. It waa made the ipeclal order for Monday. The Preeldent elated that the following communication had been laid before tbe chair ? _ _ Coithbu, Not. 10, I860 'O^ra^HojioaAiiLi thi PmtHWWirt asd Him huh o> tot 1 herewith resign the appointment of rotted States benator from Houtn Carolina. JaMKS CHEiNUT, Jr. The reading of the letter was followed by applause. Vte Senate concurred to tbe House resolution* ftxlng November 21 aa a da/ of failing, humiliation and prayer, and reoommendlsg other Southern State* to do likewise.' The House accepted enthusiastically Mr. Chusnot's real gnat loo. A bill paaaed authorizing the bank* to suspend specie payments. The Bouse then took up the Senate'* Con rent ion bill, and after a prolong d'scusaloo, and tbe adoption of amend mrnta flung the time of electing delegate* on De U>e tine for the Convention meeting oa December 17, the bill passed unanimously Tbe Senate, In nlgbt *e?lon, ooocurred with the Houae aaealmenta t> the Convention bill, and tie bill a* amended paaaed unanimously. Tfcere ic great rejoicing among the cltlien* here at tbe prrspect of early The Bute flag? a red atar, oa a white ground? i* waving from all public place*. Tto realgned federal official were *ent here a* a oom mltfee from the Chai le* toe r'llstacoe meeting, and were received triumphantly at tie cars. There wa* a grea Minute Men denxouat ration to ntghtia their honor. ^ lieapatcb** reccivod here from diplomatic sou roe* are ^ 10 aoatoJi aasurafcoaa of the readkaaa* of the Ka roan Tower* to rjooguae the Independent cotton *ov* reigntu*. ADDITIONAL FARTICrUBM. Colcmmja, a C., Nor. 10, 1900 Oo tbe cpeatng of the Bouae of Aaaembly to day for buame**, the Speaker announced thai ha had received a eommnrlcatlon from Mr Cheanul, resigning bl* noaltlun a* ? Senator of tbe lulled State* Mr Wbalst t He red a reflation that tbe resignation be aooepted He *aid that what un de, other circumstances wooid be regarded with regret could now be only reoog. alxed a* an act of loyal devot.on to S> JUi Carolina Mr. am hi made a report from the Committee oa Wajiaad M*ai.*, reoommending a bill for Ue po*tpooc Ml of the act repairing the bank* 'o bare one third of gold and Hirer to two-third* of ,heir i**ue Ti * report wa* unanlmootly adopted The neoeaaltj of prompt action for Ue relief of the bank* la (trongly urged, aa ripreaaea are dally bringing bUla from the *ur round. n< ftat-e, and demand* ftw specie are almost hourly made. A bill wa* introdnoad to provide a police la relation to piraoos coming from Stole* boMlle to the Sioth Mr. Au.a* a made a report from the Committee on Federal Kelallina, making amen meat* to the Senate bill call tag a Convention o( tbe people, by lnaerttng that aa atectioa be bald oo the Otb of Decern b*r laataad of the 6th of January, and that the Convention meet oo the 17th of December L*>tead of tbe 10th of January Mr. Black, of York, opposed the amendment. aaJ want ed more time to canvaai toe Senate bill. Mr. Taoxraoa, of I nioa. said that the agriculturist* la Ue upper oouatry wanted more time Mr Wlnsmltb laterrnptad with reaointlou relating to declaring the opinion of Sooth Oarollna and Inviting ?. ope ration. There revolution* were tabled. Tbe resolution* from the Cbar e*lon meet ng were >? Ir idnoed, when tbe Hooae went lato Commit toe of the Whole, aad a d incursion en*oed oa Mr. Aldrtch'* report frntn tbe Committee on Federal Relatione At the conclusion of the debnto the iue?t!?n wa* pot, "Shall the bill lor calling * Convention pan* and be neat toueSaaal* " Her* another dissuasion followed Mr Aldrleb aald that all bad favored tbe Senate * |>uj| bal the d*vetopem*ala the ant twenty four hour* had broaght out made decided action necessary, Telegraph mee*ag*a are cuastaatly arriving, galling oa oa to act Mraar* loyiatoa, Caaaicghaaa, Thompson aad followed la eloqoeal speeches. A vote wa* the* token by av?* aad oo**, wbeo tn* bill "a"' a I fw a Convent on wa* muulanialj pM>cd, tbe whole number preseat (oae hundred asd seventeen voting The Male Senate met at aevea o'clock thla erentig to coaalder tbe amendments of the House to the bill calling a ooaiaatioo forty one Sat ator* were present, aad all o< them voted tn favor of the blU a* ?mended so it was aaaaimousty paaaed !i la expected thai (ieorgia, Florida, Alabama. Ten* aad MwntMippi wiU go with Sooth Caroltaa. The new* of the reeirnat:oo of Mr. Toombs aa ? a^,. tor of the t ailed State* (Vn? i.eorg'.a ? balled with the greatest .-athuaiasm bare Mr SiwMiatoa offered a resolution In tbe Sea* I* that the ftovernor be re que* ted to raise ton ihouaal volunteers, '""elrttoo will be considered oa Monday. Thuievas'ogn great crowd bare assembled n front of ifc^Oas^aree Houae, rumbling over two thousand men ~ ^ foece, marching J-bU.ma.r ?reete tt<1 makm, . grmto d-piay ? &?aor Ootoork aad Cun mLT eTwm" * -"" ? a**? Mr Magrath mid that be ^ M carol m. wouJJ ant be la the van of her s star Slatea Be wm not there to prov* to them the right to secede ?e bad the rtobl to mm, The people aay .be has, ihe U, l.latore mn ?he h*?. aad Beevea will .ay Ibe h*a the right aad if ihe government at Waahltgtoa ahonld My she hM act "?hl, then let the government prove It by taklne the right away. Mr Ootsech *a,d that altkoegh thla was a large crowd bo ?l*bed to m? oh iter* la it, *ad that was Abraham Lincoln. He would Uke bin by lb* hud aad bring blm tu Um platform aad tall him to look upon that greet crowd, and then aak him if be rnr expected to w?t? a la Pre* idea tla) soeptra over the baada of that people. "Boaaat Abe," be knew, with dowaoaat eye* would aa iwer " Haver ENTHUSIASM IS CHARLESTON. Cuaujbto>, Nor. 10,1800. A detachment of the Washington aad Germaa artillery ?red a Mint* 10 nigh la front of the Mercury offloe, ua der the palm> o Sag, on the paaaage of the Omveatloa bill. Th'-e la great enibusiaam. All are for prompt no tion. IMPORTANT FROM ALABAMA. v- AH! V TIIK WItOt-K BTAT'B FUR HMMM-Hi OOVKHNOH TO CALL A COMTKNTIOK- THE XIL1TABY OBOANl/WQ, hc. Mostoombt, Not. t, I860. Governor Moore la abaent from the oapltal Oa hie re tarn he will .<ane an addraai to the people stating the time at which he will oall the convention. He thinka that under the Inetruc linos of the laet Legislature he la not anthorlied to call ? oonvention ontll the Presidential ?lector* have be .lotted In December. The joint reaolntlone of the laat legislature, c tiling a convention lathe contingency of the election of Llaoola, are aa follow*.? Wfcorea*, antl slsvery agitation, perelsteutly oootlnued Id the non slaveholdiug Staiee 01 ihla Colon for moro then a third of a century, marked at every stag* of lta ' progre** by oon tempi tor the obligation* or law aad the sanctity of compact*. evlnolng a deadly fertility to the ' rights and Institution* of the Southern people, aad a let tlea purpose to effect their overthrow, even by the aub Tervion or the jomt'tution, and at the haaard of vloieaee I *nd bloodshed ; and wbereaa, a sectional party, calllag | luoir republican, oomm'tted alike by lta own acta and j sntecedent*. and tbe public avowals aa* secret machine- , tien* of it* leader* to tbe exeoutloa of theee atroctou* oetigni, bu acquired tbe aaoeadeocy la nearly every Northern State, end bo pee, by anooee* la the approaching Presidential election, w> seize the government Itaelf; ana whereas, to pet mtt Hui b *etiure by thnee wboae unmle ?akeable aim la to pervert lta whole machinery to tne destruction el a portion of lta member* would be an act el' tuUtdai folly aad madaeee almoet without parallel la history . and whereas, the General Assembly of Alabama, representing the people loyally devntod to the falta of tbe oonatltutloo, but eoornlng tbe Lalon wblch fanaticism would erect on It* ruins, deem It tlieir solemn duty to provide in advanoe tbe in east by wblch tbey may tacape such peril aad dts t>osor,and oevtee new securities for perpctuatlag tbe , ?leastngeof liberty to themaelve* and their posterity; therefore, 1 Be It revolved by the Senate aad House ol Repreeen tatlv--* or Alabama In General A**embly convened, That upon the happening o( tbe contingency contemplated in too foregoing preamble, namely? th* election or a Presl i't nt advocation the principle* and action of tbe party In the Northern State* calling iteelf the republican party ? It (ball be tbe duty of the Governor, and be la hereby re quired, forthwith to issue bla'prociamatloo calling upon the qualified voters ?rthl* State to assemble, on a Mem day, not more than fort) da;* after the date of *ald pro clamation, at tbe several plaoe* of voting In their re nt* ctlve counties, to eloot delegate* to a convention of the Mate, to canildtr, determine and do whatever In the opln- . ion of laid oonventloa tbe right*, lntereM* and honor of the stale of Alabama requlr* to be done for tbetr protec tl n 3. Be It further resolved. Tbtt aaid Onaveatkon shall assemble at tbe State Capitol oa tbe Moed*y following aald elect to*. 3 Be It further reaolved. That It *hall be tke duty of the Governor, ax too* aa poailbl*, to taeue writ* of eleo tion to tbe Sheriffs of tbe several oountle*, oom manning ilitm to bold an election on aald Monday *o designated by the (Governor, aa provldtd for la the** Joint reeulutlona, tor tbe choosing of a a many delegate* from each oounty to a?ld convention aa tbe several ooont'e* shall be cntftled to members in tbe House of Represeotat.ve* of the Geee rsl Assembly, aad aald election shall be held at tbe usual pla. ,-s or voting In tbe reapaotlve oountle*, and the polls thall be opened under) tbe rules and regulation* now go ? em lag the election or member* to the General Assembly of this Stale, and said election shall be governed la all re st* rta by tbe law* tber In existence regulating tLe election or members to the Bouse of Representatives of the Ge neral Aisembly, and the persons elected thereat aa dale salts shall be returned In like manner, and tbe pay, both mila ge and per diem, of tbe delegates u *aid oonven t or . and the several officers thereof, shall be the aame ?s t ttat Oxed by law for tbe m umber* and oilloer* of the **|il House or Ri'|>r?*entatlve* 4 Be it further Iteeolved, TT^at nople* of tbe foregoing preamble and resolution be forwarded by tbe Governor as soon a* possible to our Senators and Representatives In Cnrgress, and to each of the Governor* or our slater State* or the South. A B M EKK , j Speaker or ibe llouae or Keprrsentallvee. J I) RtTHKR. President of tbo Senate. Approved February 24. 1S60 ANDRKW B MOORE, Governor. All parties here will unite In sending disunion member* toiaeCeevratfoa. I* Nertheru Alabema the contest w"U | be bstween separate State actl m and oo-operatlon. Many I cnueatlal cltlsens are tendering money and arms to 1 Governor Moor*. Tb< Miliary are orgaalxlog Tb* military companies of thl* city, fully armed aad equipped, have tendered their aervlow to the < .overnor . Oar citizen* ar* all unanimous for disunion. A plan for secession will be organised n*xt week. TV Gonrmor. Svjreme Court Jwlytt. Cxrcuii Judg-t . both the Senatvri and all t>< L\myrtmmim, saw on*, are far dtruason The city of Mobil* wtll be aga'Mt *eoe*slon, but nme- I tenths of tbe onuatiy diatrict* are tor dleunloa. Tbe Minute Men are erganlxmg, and will have 90,000 members enrolled before the l*t of January. A meeting of the leading politicians of tbe *tate or all parties ha* Just been held, aad reaolved to insist upoa aa immediate Convention. Tbe clllzca* endorse tbe acnoa of their leaader*. Governor Moore has*not yet reached Montgomery, bet will aiidoubteUly reaade from hia Ural puailloa and <aU a CoBventloa forthaltb No otber course wtll aatiaf)- tne people. W?Tc,onEKT. Alt , Nov 10, 18M. Mr Vanory I* apeaklrg here tbia evening lu a large tnd ?blhctlaailB croad of people, who have aaaemblod at retell Ball IMPORTANT FROM GEORGIA. ALL OOOM PROM NOKTHERN M LLUIt AT lO.V BTA7BS TO U TAX BO. Haoow, So*. 10. 1M0. Tdf UlAl ir# of Georgia yesterday rtTawd lo fix a day frr tti elect loe of a Called !*lal?a Senator to eoeoeed Alfred Irereoo, agreeing to pr?tpoae the balot until Ux acii?a of tbe suw la determined A bill calling a Convention of tbe people, irtll pan la a few daya. ftrpalor Tonaba, ic? at Mtlledge*tlle, bar avowed bla intention to ree'ga, to late f fleet on the 4th of a Karcb. Bla term doea not aspire till 1 ~6t Tba Retaliatory bill w.ll oome ap to tbe H<>aae ua 111 third readmit next Toeaday. It pro*idea a tai of twenty fl*e r*r ml no all r*wte from Utatee wh' h ha** aulllflad ibe Fugitive Blare law, aad r temple jreign gooda (Ma tasattoe. iuwionatjok or ?*natob rooma mam min- o op THE FRIKKM OP LAW AKDOKDSft. ?TC. AroratA, Nor It, 1800. Baaainr Toombe baa realgned bia real In tbe L a I ted I Mate* S? nate A large mect.og ot tbe c tirana waa held Is tbe Council Chamber thta afteraoon. Mayor Kodgett preatdtag The Mayor Mated that be bad reoelved laformatlon tbat two ol oar rltlarae tad been notified to leeve by unau thorite 1 prraoni, aad that tblo meeting wm railed to eoaetder whether we abonkl protect onraelvta by npbotd lag the ia?* for the preaervation of orter. or allow aa unauthorized btdy of mea lo take tba law o< t of oar haada. Juba K Jackaoa moved tbat a committee of wen'y oar be appointed to prepare a aeriea of reeolulkma. Th" Cbalrmaa eelecled a respectable and latlueatkal eooimlUea, wb<i reported tbe fbllowiag - Keaoived, That we lt*e uader a government of law, aad tbat tt te the boaaden doty of e*ery good nti n a t? aee all ' oar rigbta reepeaaed aad all oar wroogi tjweilly re dreaaed la tbe forme provided by law. Keaelved, That .Se gealoe of oar tnatltotlone forblda 1 tbe pnnlahmeat of a c tiaea without a (air trial b* cry. Reartved, Tbat tbe aaeampUoa by ladl tduala, How ever laflaeatial and reapaMable of any power* rf gt> t era meat la eub*arat*a of all civil liberty, aad that Tta tendeacfee are (blal to tba *ttal 'atereeu of tbe notnmn atty. Reaoived, That If the extrtlec 'awe are taeafflrieat fbr lb protect ten of tbe rigbta of oar citiaaaa. tbe proper ? arae la te ippty lotbe leg ? la tort to amen I aa<l m tllfy them aa tba mtereaia of e>?tety may reqalra. t'al*erral eteflameal prevail*.! at tlaMa larlag tbe meeting, which waa adiraaaed by Ooloaela Camming, Wright, Cone, Pneed, Hoatgeeaery. Pord. I tactic aa<l other* Onaaer*atl*e ?eaitmeata geaerally prevailed Tbe r?*otatloaa, aa aaaoooeed , were adopted mtTiw) or T?n escewrowTir*. An.twiA, Nov It? OP. M. Ike aawwleatata are bold la k a large aad ealhueiaaUe aaeetlag bare lo eight. Tbe Sa*aaaab reeointloaa ba*e been nnaaimoua./ adopt ed, after betag ameadad, aa Mlowa ? Reaolvad, Tbat it la tba aaaaa pf thla mceMag tbat Ibe arwiy for the e:eclioa of Abraham T Uroln ta i? tola aeeee'oa. Thla resalction wu rscc ved with loud and prolonged chserlag. R>-*> ved, That the Uuka of the people of the South | ere due to the breve and galUnt meo or Um North who ettemp'ed 10 rol back the tide ot taaatMtam e. the rcoant eleeiHte Rreoived, The' thle meeting la pledged ?o enbmlt to e rele o I >axation to raise e million of doliera to era* end organ >?. the military of tbe State. A further '-?oluUoe wta then adopted, condemning the action of the uttlzeaa' meeting thla afternoon, and de claring the the reeolntloaa adapted by that meeting did not eipreae tbe seiie of the oom in unity. Ootonel Anderson, o t Savannah, !a now addraaalng the meeting, argnlag la Savor of decided aad immediate ec tloa by tbe people af the South. IV moat intense excitement prevaUa. Till LATBBT. AccrntA, Not. 10-11 P. M. The mee ci oi the Minute Men baa juat adjourned. The speeches made were very anima' lag and exoltlng, aad eilcted the moet entbuBiaatie cbeera. A i elaga 'on of ten Minute Men waa appointed to attend the Military Convention which .1 to be held neit week at Milled gev Ills. The peop'e here are greatly rejoiced to bear that Sooth Carolina baa unanlmouily peaaed the Convention bill. THE FEB! TNG IN VIHGINIA. ? FORTS MAPS TO LISA VI TH* QITCSTION TO 4 CON Flames OF THK SO LT limn STATU, KTC. Richmqbd, Nov. 10, 1800. It la eaeertalaad hare that South Carolina and Georgia will aecede forthwith. EfTorla are being made to Indeee tbem to aubm i to the action of a oonferenoe of the South en) States. but they refuae, their policy being to accom plith their purpose before Lincoln ge<i into oillce. The aubmieatonlata bare, aeelng they cannot re t'at the current of popular Indignation In the South, ate dlapoaed to favor a Southern confer ence with a Tlew to obtain further guarantee* Tor alavery, anu remove the question altogether from Ooogreaa. They are disposed also to favor tbe admission or Northern delegatea, in order to give a cooatltuttonal pbaae to tbe adjustment. The movement oomee too late, at leaat to prevent tbe aeoeaalon of South Carolina, Georgia and other Statea I have no doub<, however, but that a oonferenoe wlU ul timately be held, and ui>?n lta deliberationa will depend tbe laaue of Union or dlaunloa. If it fhlla to obtain the required guaranteea tbe wbole South will inataatly ae cede. .Allaire continue in a very unsettled condition. Doubt and uncertainty pervade all classes THE ENROLMENT OP MINUTE MEN AT NEW ORLEANS. Naw OaLBAim, Nov. 9, 1800. Placards are posted all about the city, calling a oonven tlnn of those la favor of organulng a corpa of Minute Men lb? Minute Men of thla city met thla evenlnc and pa*ied a resolution relocating the Governor to eall tbe Leptalature Into seaaloo. Blue oor.kadee are worn by a few lu tte streets. THE FEELING IN FLORIDA. Tali Aiuaan, Nov. >, via Columbus, Nov 10, 1800 Tbt- clouda are lowering. There la a profound ian? . tlon amonga' our people. Tte Legislature will un doubtedly call a convention of tbe people to derlM aome plan ' f actios. THE REPORTS FROM WASHINGTON. Wahhisgto*, Nor 10, 1400 Numerous despatches from different pirta of every Southern and Southwestern Stats Indicate that there are large number* of person* In thoae region* ready to fly to armi On bearing of Lincoln'* *l?ction all thoae who, In tbair own phrace, would ' rather light than eat," are put ting ob the dt*untou lockadee, baat'ng drums, displaying the lose * ar banner, &C., So. Their mac Ileato* are com pounded of plain truth, real good sense, Sne talk, and not a little egreglou* fudg*. Purged of the two latter in gradient*, they would be luperlor State paper*, and even with them are still jutt the thing* to create "aaaoaaitaa" dowa South. Yet there are rait miwi* in each of ihoic States who have no part nor 'at In all this vehemence passion an i display Krom these latter the ad ministration hear*, as well is from the more oiamoroc* and exaggerating sources. The former are heard most londly and frequently Jast now, but they ought not oh that aooount to be mgardsd as the ssponenti of doctrines which are most widely spread or most gene rally adopted In the sum-holding States, and it would certainly be moet unpatriotic, nnjast and unwise to Ig nore the modern lee, with whom Uie rut majority of the people in those States sympathise, for the sake of pro pitlaltag a comparatively few ambitious and exasperated leaders. The love rf the t'moo la still proroi to be a leeiwsated ltd lrradtcable sectimeol In the hearts of th? people, even of the seceding State- letter* from every one of them attest this fart. Disunion is looked on with abhor resce, a|<art from all oocnderat.oa of lis absolute Imprac t .cab ll It y Nullification baa so defenders, an t se?ssi<m Is almost as little favored by the really great mi ads of the South, although tlisre s a 1 1 ear distinction betwaer. the two theories. South Carr'ica is the seat of disloyalty to th- I'nlon, and many persons think that the sooaer she goes out the better. She has been the prolific cause of trouble for a loag series of jeer*, 'alhoun gave ber all her ooaae quence, and since his death she baa not had a atngl* stateemac tit to lead ber** If, much less the I'nlon. A Siate caaaot. In tbess days, live oa the heritage af the most re no wild aaiscsdents. Evsry Stats must have men of their own time equal to astergeoeies, aad South Qaro llaa rsesss sow to hats no such man She canaot, there tore lead the South Oa the contrary, she must follow tbs ead of other* who better understand lbs times, ber ova sitaatloa aad ber relations to lbs sistsr Statss. I say this with rtlttclancs and r*gret. but the times de mnnd ptaia speaking. aad, as a Southron, I do not chooas to sacrifice ssy section to the whtme of South Carolina So say thousands of tbs best sssa the south has aver prod seed. The Cabinet met in estra ssssloa to day at the While House, a i one o'clock Ibis occarrenoe leaked out, and, of oourss, all soru of rumors wore circulated as to the subyest* of thstr dtllbr rat loot. But It was really oas of the most inlet aad purely buslasss msstings ever bakl Politics ars not all that public men have to 4o. The ad- i mtaietrattoa of lb* departments is a much more naport aat matter, aad the Pre*. dent to day was laboriously engaged la eiemtalag the reports from h* depart' eats with reference to hi* annual meisage Wasai jHrros, Nov. 10, I960 An t \ inordinary ssastoa of the Cabinet was bald this moraiag, for the purpose it le understood, tf oooslder Ing the present alarming < uadii lea of aflair* at th* Sooth Federal ofltosrs con linos to forward their resignations, aad already there are quite a sum ber of important places vacant, such as Collectors, Drpsty Sub Treasurers aad Postmasters and It Is to meet these, sad >tber difficulties and troubles that ar* following In quick rioctssloa, that the Preeldent baa called bis adviser* together. Wbelh?r the President can do anything which will allay the ei ciWmrnt Is qnssltnnable Whether he will attempt to do ar j thing, In the pceeent excited and exasperated state of th* Southera people. Is aleo questionable It has bten suggested that he might call a contention *f all th* nates, to meet at some oeatral pels! *ay ladsptadenoe . Ball, Philadelphia- for the purj-ee of oahaly and dell berately considering the momentous questions and vital issue* Isvolved Jedersoa, during hi* almmi*trat'< a, ?uggssted a ooatt ntlea of all the States for tb< purpose af eonsissrlag as I disensslag the question of dlssniuiK>o la a multitude of coaaasllors there Is wisdom It M reported late this eveaiag that the Prasidsat is preparing aa able Horn most, la which he will urge the conservative people. North aad South, to come to the rescue? to meet la geseral oeaveatino. all lbs States to be npnassted, aad sver/Vf possible, the fearful cals I ties that ar* upoa as. One af ibe objects of the Oabtn*t Couacil to-day Is us del 44 ts be tbs ooastdsratioa of tht* in portaat doci ?'?St It is a setiosable fhet that the Prestdsnt aad Oabl net are fearfully aad alarmingly eierclasd at lbs pnsent stats of aflhlrs la lbs Sooth Tbs crisis ts upon us Are a majority of the psopie Is Northsra Statss la favor of dissolution' Tea Osrwla arrived her* from lbs West to day He njri ihat tbe tpeii lations la be black republics* piper* Id rsgsrd to L!aooin>? cab.se. are be merest twaddie THE FEELING IN NORTH CAROLINA. TO TH* kSITOX OF THK 0EHAI.D. Bajtk or TBI RarrHur, ) New You, Nov. 10, 1800. j 1 eno'ose ? deeps'.ch which I have just reoelvad from lb- Treasurer of me 9Ul? of North Carolina. Very re spectfully, R. H. LOWRY, Cashier. IUliiub, Not. 10, 1800. to tbi ' ataiuiKT i y m Bask or m Rarrnuc Ike dee patch <? Ibe New York papers, dated Raleigh, N. 0., Not. T, beglsalsg wlib "Ibe Governor and Ooua oll are In session,'' la a hoax throughout. D. W. OOIRTS, Public Treeaurcr. opinions of ran rsBsa. i From the W timing ton (N. (1) Herald ] We will bare trouble, and there's no oae lu abutting onr eyea to It; but we feel aat .red that tbe ol t "North State" will stand firm, and whatever majr be her deter mination, thai the will act for lunclff-i tolfvr ike "cot (on Stale* " [Prom tbe Wilmington (N. C ) Journal 1 Ike election or Unooln la a Mrioun thing. It means all the inauit for the prseeat, and all the Injury for the future, that such an act can do. We douM If too gloomy or too serious a view can b* taken of this event. OUalaattooa and recriminations will do Utile good. We may all know that this event baa been helped on? this movement at tbe North has been eocouraged aad In "Iteo. by the assurances fr<nu talluentlal parties at the South that the Northern aectionaliati might elect their Northern sectional abolition Prealdent, and (aid parttei would atlll be tbelr very obedient, bumble servants. All this we riae see, and nan deplore tbe results now apparent t" us. But we cannot recall the past or undo the evils I) Wtofc tM ss?s>s bare gins rise. We can only look to tbe future and provide aome real guarantees for our safe ty aad our hoeur, We are without such now. It will be matter of grave oonaiderallon for our legis lature bow this position of atlalra should be met It Is not ours now o make any f ingestions upon this subject, save tb>e, that if only hair m*y mraaures are to be adopted, It would be better to adopt uone at all. If only talking Is to be rm rt< d to, we go decidedlr against talking at all. have had too much of that already. For anything In tbe wai of true and earnest action we must have due re spect; with anything abort of this we have no oonixra. | From the Kalelgb (N. ?.) Frees | 1 he die la east Tbe deed is dor e, an t we bsveoolvto avail tbe news uf tbe great result. If Line >lu be elect ed we cannot n>.r will we prt'tend to foretell the tllect it ?tll prrduoe A dissolution of tbe Union may ?|>?*illy fellow We einoot tell. We hope be baa been defeated, and that our muntry may soon aubslde into its uomI quHt and pre?|?rous condition. If he haa succeed? t, there ia do msi. South who will sot altlrm that bta tri umph Is not tbe triumph of the --irrepressible eoetliot" i"" equality in the States, sod over tbe tlgbts ol tne t- uth. THE FEELING IN PENNSYLVANIA. rMDnnan MHOM of tub bspiblicanh in PHILADELPHIA , RTO. Pmi.ADm.pau, Not. 10, 1W0. A few dsys slnoe a republican clab, the " Eighteenth Ward Defender*," adopted resolutions tendering Ibelr

services to Abraham Lincoln to support him In hi* claim* to the Prerldenry, again* any oppoaltlon that mlxht be made by tbe Minute fen of the Bouth Thle action ore ated considerable excitement among the party loader*, who were divided In their opinions respecting the expe diency or luch action. Ttiere waa a largi* motlng of lb? Continental Club th'? evening, as I; wu i nderstood that Homo over sealous members Intended to fore, the adoption of slm.lar resolu tions. Bui inch an atUmpi waa prostrated by the energy of the more poMlto leader*, im?* dtately on the opea tag o( the m.rling, District Attorney Mann rose and mad* a eugtby speech, In which, without alludln ? clrectly to this attempt to coerce tbe Booth, he < ontt?ded that now, In tbe time "I victory, the pirty sb"ul<l act with becoming dignity. They h*ve no nause 'or aiding id this semblance of strife tie believed there was a string conservative feeling In the Sooth, which was evidtneed by the large role given there tor Bell and Douglas. Abraham Llnooin will disap point none hot knaves. He will give as a pure govern ment, which will be gratifying as a refreshing change He i has no w ish hot to enforce the laws and obey the oonst.iu t.on of his country. Transylvania bad decided thseiectlon ol I.lnooln, tud tbe bad some cUims upon him Let tbe South res astarid, > hen, that she n?s nocauae to fear, for no I'enniy vauian could ever pus Uoun' Vernon * lb musket In band to array himself against his brethren Let a* rather congratulate oureelres mat iiTler all la ? strife, now, when he election Uorer.we have o<i fieiiag against any human being on tbw coalmen'.? L.i we ?till ball all the citizens of thla country an brethren, aud liuaa 'O support these lo all Uuir rtg' '??, and we will oocntenatoi do mau la ibo tbeduio* o. .rotter's bl. J. Mr. Mann'a remark! vera well receive) He waa followed by John I). W too, of the AfvrtA Ammcan, who lupported him. He conl'odcl that (he North ttould < o m> ac. and ipeak ro word to Inflame I ha Soulb W ? tare no. worked tor the emancipation of the l 'lacks, hot for IV freedom of the whites The Imoj uf cir aiUr-u, be mo unded, would no. allow oi disaolatloe. It is Idle fbr ua, than, to take any tr -le ? .out it. Let the S. nth Oarollnlana go ahead. IT. are caturally eaclted. If be (Mr Wate<u) waa a Southern ret lent, and belle .e<l that thla great party of the Nortt * are beat on Treeing all the aiarea, be would be the aa r. e aa they are no ?? juat aa ripe for reatataace. Immo late emancipation waa a wor I wbleb la their mlnda implied rapine, murder and Jsaolauon Bat It waa not tbe purpoae of the republican party to free tbe "black bar fear lana" A tbe South. \ ary moderae i on?r vallee, l'a on lovlag, antl sac tlooai reaolutloo -, were tbea adopted. Tbue the attempt to .form the rapublioan clube of thla city Into a piaae for tbe aupport of Mr. 1 nooln to tbe Presidential chair bat luen defeated. Oil 11AHK1S1VRU CORItXxrONDlMCR. Haaaimraw, pa., Nor. 9, 1M0 iWH'.i n Pi'ot Klrctsd by a P -pular it i :i:rv y ? TV Injutu e and ImpittiLilUy of a Third Ontmitiiet Democratic Ad minutr Mfn ? lh* Jncrmtcd I'oU of I't*n tytMnia?Vmocraci X<4 K*r yrmdtd ? A naJyni of ih* Pmmtyttmma OuUmieriai rnU ? TV Lf - Unction \u ? IfkMliaii Victory ? TV Smith and Im flut of North i m mrndt? Thf l gtumld y tt Lmtt Ih* I'niem Sc. You have certainly coma ip nobly lo the support of ; tbe South, aad jour great ally of tbe Kapire Mate baa ?tood by tbe (lave Si a tea with a moat aturdy enthusiasm Thla betag the oaaa, have tbe Southern State* a right to do eert their Northern frleoda, who number hundred! of I tliouaaada of freemen'' That tbe (lave Statea have : beea treated unkindly by a majority of .be population of the white Stated la readily eon ceded B-it thea we Mill bare a right to aak them why tbey to angrily tura their back* spoa their cbamploaa la the free State* Th* time will come when we will right tbe ship again It should be kept la mind that It to not tbe blact repub lican party bat baa oarrlad the day. It la tbe oppoel tton, oompoaed of all kinde of facttoaa aad fragments of rai tiooa, tbat have oombined to pcaaaaa themselves of tha official patronage af tbe general government. The demo I eratic party baa held the oiBce of tbe geaeral government for etgfet oooaeeutlva y earn, and tbe people's party, the black republican party, aad the dia appointed democrats under tbe Boobaaan aimlaistratloo. bare joined bean aad hand aad worked together shoulder to shoulder to earry aa*ppnetttoa Prsedent Into the While flouar It it sua ternary tor the different |?rttaa to bold tbe administrat e of the Cntca tor oa'y four yean at a time. Therefore afl. r eight y-ars' pwasssloo, It waa impnasible for demo- 1 crats t" keep t lie o".ces gf the nati >nal g"T.'rnmsat aay I longer I ones naked, Ih.- je months before the Bootleg t>f the Convention, wub these facta la my mtad, who wm the man that would be willing lo aland a candidate, even of tie united democracy . for tbe Praaideocy. It waa arif ? vMent to me that It waa impoaalble for tbe lemocracy to wia the PreaMency a third tiata. I prrarat thla view of tbe ooatest that our Southern friends should have a eon voicing argutttrl to abow that ii waa not within tbe true tK>unria of r?as >o to hellers ws ooald Wia. Tbe deaire tor oflloe, comblsed with a deetr<- Tor c.bance, WMa wave of so much potency (hat it ooald not bo ar rented la Ita onward oarser Many dm a ta IM iMfe imagine Hit a MM (ia a- t ? piaoe ta the demo rratlc party here Slnoe tbe election of '. ivemer earlier; bni I doa't believe there la one more bla* rspublioan la ITmsyltanla.ekoept froso the tncreaae of popalaltfie tbaa voted when Mr Marker was elecwi Then them were three caididatee lo fenasylvaaia? Wiimot. Packer an I Basel tur-t ? and It waa la eonerqnence of this dlvlatem la the racks of the nppoeitir?, they tunalng two caadtdstsa. that the deBi'cals elerted <;oeernor Packer (.nvertior Polio k ran three years before aga net < over ner lllgler. aad heat him about fjrty thouaaad The op pallKa tben ran saly a angle candidate . So with Cur tin and F'dter, the nppoalt on united opon Curt n and triumphed over Mr PcaUr by tbl'ty two thotmand It is imporiaat that car frieada South abould lor? st this sapect of tbe mse aa tt will be ??en tbat Pennsylvania baa not suffered any In her democratic stm.gtb Whenever tie old native party end a good share of the whig* coal? ce wltli the b;ac.t rej'.biwane and tha noee beaded democraia, It la not poaalble for the democracy to naery Pennsylvania. Home one will ask why It waa thought, thea. that Mr. i Poster the democratic rand date, would succeed' Many tboogfet tbat wai- possible, aa it was generailp gtvea cat tbat tbe Ml Everett party woaid poll a large veto la favor of ?en. Foster, that party being supposed ?o be ?Mb stronger than the voting maaifeated To ataow that the late election m not a black republican victory we would call the attention ot toe Sooth to the vote oc amend ing the oonatltutlon of New York to allow ibe colored population to vote, la far aa beard from, tbe vote In New York la favor of negro suffrage was 1,644, against It, 3T 471. Let tbe South pauae and count, after tbe returaa come In, the unmeuae boat or friends ib> y have in thi white State*, wbo will not only vote to sualaln their right*, but, If needs be. defend them. We are the true friends of the I' moo, aod w ? annot a' ford to ioee the aid and comfort or our Southern friend ? In itandlng by It. AS things now are, the hundred! of thonaanda wbo are on tbe aldo of the ilave states, and i wbo live in the wbtte States, are so many efficient chain plons In their defence. But tten tbe South most remain In tbe Colon ft Paul said on one oo as loo, when aone men were abont leaving bli veaael In a storm, "Except these men abide In the ship we cannot be raved." So we ?ay of tbe South, if they leave tbe Cnwn will be llasolved. It Is In tune of greatest peril that men show true courses b) meeting tbe dangers and triumphing over them. Will Ibe gallant South leave us in the midst of a great political temped? NEWSPAPER ACCOUNTS VIRGINIA. TDK RIGHT, TH* PRACTICABILITY AND TDK POLICY OK SECESSION. [From tbe Richmond Whig (Colon), Nov 9 ] Tbe heresy now so rlfs that tbe right to secede was ro served by tte States, in entering Into tbe federal compaot, and tbe delusion that secession may be nocorapltBbeit peacefully, bave furnished a theme fbr oar contemporary of tbe New Orleans I'tcayune, which It Isdlsousstng ably, olearly and philosophically . The Pvoavunt uses no part in merely partisan contests, and Is, therefore, free to consider this xubject from an unprejudiced point of new. It appeals to the snnala of butory to attest that Bo In stance has aver occurred <if change In tbe allegiance of any Slate or p?0[>le, or any section of a nation, without a rtiort to arms. Society , it says.unler whatever form It be organised, so liars tbe effect of sudden political obange an J iciirs, whatever be tbe tenure of thofr power, to love the possession ol authority, that even diffsr ? >. t i ac>s, uncongenial In character, religion, ba -,ta of thought and means of bappuem. onae eten unwillingly bound teget :er in common fealty to one ei- I icutlve Lead, cannol break ihe motaic go-, eminent thus c< Litlli. .rd into Itx irlglhal elements, gluing them liberty for rearrangement on tbe principle of uataral and na tional altlniiv, except by a terrible con* jlp'on that rpreads ruin and desolation In Its path Ttie government cf the i niftd States, Ibragb uuhke any other In Ita ma chinery, has provided no mesns of esoaplng this lsrue of blood, when any of lta oonslltaoht part* dealra to oaaumo Indepeidence. Indeed, of all forms ? >f union ever devised, that existing between ibe stalea of this republic Is the firmest, tbe lesst dissoluble. Ompex aa it is, it la not artidcial. Lightly as It teems to cons .rain tbe action of the Utaios, it interwoven through the whole social fsbric, aa It la Ibe oufgroalli of our national life T ae constitution Is not merely a skilfully wrought system of chocks and ba latces, resulting Iron the toilsome study of h tales aen and scholars, but also tbe natural expression of tbe wants, tbe denies snd tbe sympathies of tbe people, felt la millions of human hearts before comm lied to immortal Ian guage It la tbe solemn bond, beyond all revocation, by which our forefatbera pledged themselves and their pos lerity to racb other forever, thuae of each Independent, but feeble, commonwealth surrendering a part of Ita so v erelgnty for the oloser union of all to secure a nallooa power and prosperity. No provision exlsta for 'ta dlaao luiion. except b f tbe dissolution of the government II self. Bt cause tba I nion was created by tbe voluntary con tent of each of tbe original states, 11 does not follow that such coasenl can be withdrawn at will by any alngle member to the oomparl, and its obligations and dutioa, Us burdens and demanos bo avoided a government resting on such a basis would be aa unstable aa tba ever shilling rand. Tbe sport or every popui .r exoitemeul, tbe victim of every conlticV.ng Interest, of plot ing smbltlon, or momentary Impulse, It would afforl no guarantee ol perpetuity while the hours bring round tbe circuit of a stogie > ear to supp-ne thai IM0I State could withdraw ai will, la to brand tbe stateamen of tbe Ke\olulioo, oonvliiecd of the; weakness and certain do struotlon of the old confederation of tbe Staiea, of labor ing to jwrpetuste the evil they attempted to remedy. Their work, which baa been ihc marvel o' tbe world, wtuldbeno government at all. the oaths taken to sup p> rt and maintain it would be bitter mockery or serious obligations, and nolblrg would emu to invite tbe ooud dence of eltlxecs or grangers in ita protection lew nnf would it be tbao a Business partnership of limited lime Kroui Uiis uellhur |>arty wbo has entered li to it csti (Mf* exor|>t by due >>urse of law. With drawal of cue mi mber ? arms uo right. of possession ol property or control of tie affair* of tbe paruivrxhlp, un- , less li e li motions of legal Uibuals are invoked lo ro- i st;?'ii all irtWi culil MtSMftoe u dispute is settled j A Male Sei . um t, luiopi co l?? i - maiuia n its Interest nor vindu >te .is i this Tti< right t> aeee<M,o* ibe 1 other ban l, p.ac* tot government mure at in* mercy of popular whim than tte buetiMa int. rest of in-, least hut | caatlla eeleDlial mei.t in U.e c jnir> ta piared. by the law ol ib<- land Yet uow lb? cry of i>ci?u?. ? * dot/ ol the <>uth, reaoabdt ru tmy t.?cC Un wn l>< lu uy loc general doulil i/l the rrnveta of c .i,?Tv?'.l?in ill the preaci.1 COB teal, U11111M1.1U in every ? io'f tfta'.e an- ant only r?afy (o it ntfi tb? iMMeant, bu* Mia, l<?irf 1 of uu popular I* ?llr^ to hu o*B '<Ulf Mlk op.,11 'he 1 itiaaua 01 ot bar > Sun-* lu Utr u.? trail - :tE (AMMlt a IB urged uot V> wait far ?.i.m!un?B ?t?r with bar m?kr Siatoa, bat to pru'piiuie event* !?> btr Isolated m l?u .-lie M III' lira tu >1 total* l<> L< r ll? trr Jutra to forco b< r 1 plBioi k up' 11 t! ' in thou/h iBey ara 'i evcd aud ara <1 lataeltlui. Tb:a *bu?' murem* Dt of ?'*-??? lou h?a be?a ore of dtctatU* aud jirakorlpt :<? The determine' lion ? 01* nly aw>?cd lu force unity of leBUment If It cbi not other* iee b-- arc jirpiiabrd. . m ne*or artoi XI a mora obooxloue course, or Brovr I a ijix m ol at hob more daogeruoa to tba liber ly oftbe i'liI tortoBateiy iu t bate Huuee, and at tble tia e, cotrcto* asd an eu- mpt tn ortrawo will have | Utile eflect To precipitate eranta w to taalte a deadly brtacn 1 n *outti< ru a 111. 10 attempt to control the ei prrtaw b <?( opiBHJB will place the abettor* of all tucb at i U topia uiiiJar ape<' ai e*| ioi.ag> Tba con.iudtr by aaj tag ? Umillaca, we rmture to all.rtu, ? ill nal.ber bad Bur follow tti any mm ' 11 n mimrt !*be ickuoele<V-* a fealty to tbo ooiniution. aud rofanit bcr own boaor too highly to fator esiri i' mraauree before ibey becuae tae laal altrrratiTCf. lu tbe woria of the lilustrloua Jack eon, , whoee Brmory abe rwreree, abe beikvae that, ooa pared to iouLioB, ail olbrr erila }ft experienced arc light, be 1 caoae tbat bringk with It aa accumulation of ail. Till rBKflDKVTIAL Kl.lCTfOK. from tho Ktobaiuoi liiapatcb (neutral), Nor. b j It la at leant a Bat tar o' eoog ralolalioB Mat tbe pela fu' and iamii lablt rrraldrar.ai rati* are juat ruaciuded l.ar * n.e lo ?b etd * lira we looked to thn North wc | found a parly orgarluJ opta a ?rnliinenl of hostility to ' lb t ?? :iai ayrtrn. of the Mil. abd au'ialalBg aaornl aea for lb<- Oral t.tt ?? IB tbe I iilon upon ibeoae Idea of BBCiBpiomliiBg war upon 'i< r lami| mr parttaatic of that aotn'Ba* war aa ItBtnerar body of mao ? to were <1laclplloe<t and drilled aa aoldlrr*, and bora I lie stair of John Br. wn a Ktnfaa tianl of fanaliaa, cot tfcr aia at I borno.'W-alurf, rlt "Wld*Aw?ka?. Krary Inciatni or tbe r*aipaiKn or tbla farmaa aail raaatica: party, lad po by tbe areb traitor Saward and bia oosfo daratra. waa lodloatlee of batrrd aad rlBdletlrenear lo ? arda ite fViath all ? o?<- of obMaatioa lo tbeooaat itutlon and lh?>law?? all tba fael'Bj* ? I reriprooaJ affectum ba | in 1 in 1 h ? 1 aujifa nf tin Vnrlh and lb?"i nib.aa aaiiaadaala I alike of aamiuira who parllled their blood a?d treaaare 1 for il>? r'fbta aad llbertlea wr erjuy all rtgard for tbe I Ilia of rympalhy nd isureat. li e policy nf Uie ooran>"u I defaaew aad ?eneri.l IMjMtfll M tbe ( a Ion itaelf I ? aa loBBded BBtfer an aurrtS'Sl if tbe aoreratga I ftatra were allerly If acred, and tbe wild fury of party aad l?ternrr atu>n Wi mm power and the per'iuialtea of 1 1 flee hy liandlci k ireiber every elranl of b'ollllty 1 10 tbe South rultd tba Boar, and rea*? aad right ' gave way to itie Mere will of oainariflal powor ttbcB we teraeil to the Nxitb we beheld a accoe >f d'a , -orl without |irer??lrnt la II* bialr ry Tbe aererkl par I tire arr?) ad there aga aat on* anuther ware hilar in their lee natation* ol e*r.h otber, and actlre la the rala ib( and preaalBg of laaaaa tbal were aot'nely aad loj'iri ou> la tbeir ellerla AllercatioB of tba bom uBpmfllabla < har?it<>r waa freely iadui?e.i. aad aaear before waa there a tbe Hoath ao B'?h public apeaa.ai laaPreai leatial r*L rtjm and aerer to an little protl aad beaeflt? we may My nerer an moth to U>e graerai tajory and dl*ad*anta(e of Uie rtoslnera people Notblac oouid be more k rat* ft. I lo the romaaon eneBy, wt >.?e drill ed roborta were au-adlly auarchiac to rictory Tbe wdi Bead (of tbe Irferial rr(Mwa oovld rot gloat with ?ore pwaaurable eai' tlooa orar a lr .id la Parr.ala* tb?n did tbe pertiaana of l.laenlb orer ibe Idle lateraal war a.nong toethera pcllticiana and their paaal<?aie follower* Theee acrni i aad th'? uapr* table aireggle bare come tn ui tad I/4U4 J* ml We bare In exebaage for the dread of an eveBt. ?be event iweif. l.inco'B la elected u ,r mu"h oKire gralefBI lo a manly aeexlblllty to he atririar with Inrliluda lo re|*lr the leioriee of a oalamlty ihaa 1-1 be feartally coBtenplallBg one that we kaow not bow to ?reft We naa bow lake tiic lo r. Bklder. laexperieaeeil aad hot beaded yooug f nlieo.en who bare tatemp-ralely aad reckleatly pree^ 'mpr?. tloabl- laaaaa may bow bare leiaere to ri-ttect and draw leear?e of wiadoin . we bope fro? the error* which they bare comBitlod Kider gen tleBea, toBewbal waapiah and rxaaperaiMl, whuee iirx bare brought Utem mure rray haire ihaa dlarretioa, may, for awhile, ooropy tlwrnaelree la tbe ?ame pro!, table aalf eiBBtnatioa. th<>a?h we fear Dot with uie aame rbaooaa of beoe. l that are erjoytd by their youager ootenpora rlee , Tbe elrrtloa of Abraham Ltaoola baa IsdaM put tbla funtry n pert! W1U1 bla oornee that oaam'ty which W aabiogw n Art a>f aa a wedr* tbat would Mauredly ?put the Taloa It iwalB, t * ? aaacifcuai party la one j dirlaioB of tbe t'aioo founded on kBn?a boa tile to tbe 1 people of the < titer, eelrtng tbe rtlgna of govern meet aad I olctallag ruler* tn the nation He aaw la th e an out ragi ? an alienation of tba affcetloa and aynpathlee of the Htalae? wi i^-h, eooner or later, woo' 1 diaeolr" the lotoa. He waa right. It can oaly be a <i, ??li"o of lime ' Two people who are thua led to hate ?e another, and atruggle ngainrt each other, oaaaot loaa ooetlnae to (lee logethi r Bder tbe aaaie gortrrm-ol Mr rilia?ore, wl?o , Waa Ailed tbe aeal Aral ncrop ed by Waahingv*. pro aourced tba tr nmph of the aecticnal parly at the North J a ?t>nV;?Li ranee for the eereaeloe of tn- Hrmlhern Natae fr-m the t oion ai d wbea be -arried the arguBeat home 1 to hie fellow c't'reaa of New Tort by aahmg them whether they wonld aobm t If the *?:?, hariag the power, were lo aay thel aooe bat alatebilder* abonid noil the oflln* a i freeldeot, and ahoold preaee?l tn fill the Preaideetlal dbalr atoee with roch men the aaaafmawa reepoBae waa "No." Aad rtfhtly, Mr tbat weud be la exercise of tyranny thai make* (a^minion a ?uit of ?a? 1,'niit Yet while we oootldrr the continuation of the black r<*publioan c rusatfe an mat the South aa lacompatmio with the existence of the Cnioo, we truat thai l ha tfcuth will forbear at thta time to take soy extreme meaaure. Not that we watt for aa "overt a.:t " We do not "wait for a sign." The outrage perpetrated la greet, and oan cot be wiped out by the (allure of Ltaooln to commit an "overt act." But there are reaaoM why we ahouid wait and try to preaerve thti powerful no loo of Htataa, In aplte of fanaticism and the uncnivalroua aad uneoruputous, and the low kud depraved lnatiocta which govern the great t>< iiy of the leaders of the black republican party at the North. It if at least a reasonable conjecture that Lincoln owee c.t elevation to tte Presidency to the dlvlaloM aad dis corlaol i hose who are op|M*ed to him aad bla party. Thrse whore delinquency we may tana rat tonally con elude baa produced thla deplorable reeult, ought not to break 14) the Colon for their own fault. Beeldee, *1 or the Poutb ice at the North an Immenae body of faithfrl citizens, who oooatttote large mlnoritlee la every black republican State, who have struggled With unfaltering constancy against the baleful power of the party which bang* like a black clou 1 over the late of tbe cation They have beer true 10 the constltu lion utd to their fellow cltluns of the South Ought we nit, lor ibt ir sake*? who have been true where It cceta r.< methiog to he trne? to wait and straggle with them a while longer, trusting that they may yet role the North through accessions U> tbeir ranks trom the sober seoond thought of trustee of muled boniit men, who have fol lowed the delusive llfMa of the fanatics aad the unprin cipled demagogues who dire' t tbo fi'll agltsSton in the (reet<ial<? May we nut argue that Ibis would be wtae ar d ik/nsu'irai)', and that the South may with .ustioo to berrelf purtue tbls course! May we not hope that in four tears, by calmly awaltlrg events, a great revolution may lake place In public leotiment at the North, anl we shall again have national parties pieui.miL.iiirn tltere which shall be In correspondence and sympathy with the same parties at the Souto, and that Ihu harmony and fraternal regard of the two divisions of the In ion will bo bapptly restorer- let us at least hope that It will, and that th e I n ion la dealtrcd. In spite of the groea aberration >1 the public mind at the North, to endure through a cycle of nine bearing at least some respectable compar mi to tb< duration of the more powerful nation a of the world. CONSERVATISM IN VIKilNIA. (From the Alt xan lrla tfazotte Nov 0 ] 1 ur calculation is, tbat of the wholo vote giveu n Vlr glu e, at the recent I'rcsldt imal election, nearly every Ma Who v< u-,1 for Bell and Kverett, nearly every mac who voted for Do.glas, and two thirds of those who voted for Breekiorldge, sre opposed to revolutionary or seces sion mr vomi-nts at this time, for the more reason of Lin coin's election. They are opposed to all rasb, preclp'tate and reckless action. GEORGIA. TDK VALn or Til* soi tii to th* north. (From the Atlanta (Ua ) Inteilligenoer Colon is a very clever copartnership when the "outb can have equal rights and privileges, otherwise It is a curse, and sccossl n bec imee th' glory and prosper t> of the South. Bow is tbls, many will ask. Well, wo will endeavor 10 convince the usxlous 1; 11 r era. 10d .-'juth psys the North ? Ut'uotlea 00 fisheries per aoDum. |S00 000 Customs |*r annum disbursed at the North.. 40.COU.OOO 1'rotH* of manufacturer* 80 000 000 Froths of importers IT 000 .000 l'rttlts ol shipping. Imports and exports 40 oog too I'roliis on trsvellers M,t00,0<i0 I'rotllscf teachers and others at the South tent Nor b A 000 GOO Pr< ills o t agents, brokers, commissions Ac . 10 Ooo 000 Capital drawn from the South 30 000. 000 Total from tb 'M tourer* ? ? ? Two hundred lid lbut> one million* of Southern Indo* try cottr but. i! to *upport Northern l?b?r and Notlhara ( t roily toward* th? South Withdraw thi* Houthern tri bute lor the prlvlUge of roMlilaif <n iba ' ? 10 " celve colbltg In return but abuie and hoetllity, con tunuly and io]u*tlca, and turn the golden *tiearo upon I ourte've*. and will tot tbe *outb tpriac at a bound u> r ?o d wcaitb. SUecftn *nd petition, aad la a abort .me ovcttbadow our twmn* anc reudtr them powerleat European nation* Hand ready to open frw trade? rur aifU u* witb their manuUeturra an>i tajfe our pr >duB tli u* in return, if we detlre It, ard they ?A?b It ?b"*? *" tLiri*. ?ii<l will protect u* even again" oor Noriberu hietbren in tbl* ituepetdrut po?ition But we eau pro tret ourtelve* aiid Cefy the North ^ We ran Dave Tnt tH.iUi acu give prtfert lice to foreign *hi[? Wniee do wltb !,ut Noitb. ro t)?b, baia lurnlt re, . oa?c*tio?, bay, bene*. Putter. pntB.ru*, and *purton* guanoe mail" out o *u> gle ? ,| at ti planter woraia II w?u< not diapoard to dr Ma <n Southern bimetputs, we can (jet I retch, Kogi *b and t,? rnj*o el"tb?, oaMooe*. muvno*, fcc , direct, aoa mi ran e?t our ?wn bread aiiJ meal, we can make our owu *bot* bal*. clotbe*, kr , and n^1"1 ,,?n bay. giocerle*. railroad iruB* and everything we r raily n?ed, and tbia will very aoo? ?v B*tltote toe glory ?ud tower of tbe fc>>rtn. to tbe ooofojion of ibe North ,, It .. w of Houthern wealth to Xbe North aud neep iHit.no. n I ? t.ri. h tin' -nth l*W>p going North for h< aitb and cabbage tetc? tor plnaaure and Onery? wheo i lou ran do better at kome and grow ru:b In palming ! vosr <>wa anil ?e are not dependent < n toe No.tti tor 1 any rtiing, If we turn to ourael.e*? nor do we need th?lr i art?l*rre. aid or orotelion In any one tb ng * biunt> 1 on tori if n bolt, ma to carry our colton to V urot* and br I ( bark food* In ei-h?rge, will give th* Yaolnw ! maxim tpe*m* that wltl etd in giving the V rlb?rn ma ularturiog nabob* ano ?bipowutr? an abashing fever even lor. vvr into death f. .ueeblt, *e.**ato?i will be the sanation at 1 glorlftoe ii"h of tbe Soetb . .. , i, and lubmlwlon, without - t Mtt] anu without e.lUal right*. will be ruin and daalMK lH.n to tbe Hoath bet ti* be prepared and baee oar right* lu the In Ion tf we can. or out of it arybow Misfsissirri. WHAT OOVIKNOK BKOwy. Of ? Mf-'Wfim J*"-' ' "? si.aior A. li Brown, of Mi *a i?ei ppt , addreaaed ? B'irkiurldte and l?n? ?eetin* in New Orleana. a tew .-vet in ft *lnce the <>rn.xnt fketcb.-* theeoocludiif t*>r I lion of hl? addre** a* folloae ? lk.,??,ir,h? (Hi the .abject of tbe charge of dl*union, MkOMNBM fentltman remarked that m Ma Ml "ol I jetaon to be loond wbo would <l?'up?^e nirrr vt e w at i ti <*>"?? rve it by protectlri the rtabl* ^ J**? p e. But whenever tbe |overnmeut ?baU be m the band* ol Abraham I.inooln. the Ultra will >??? * *? net bef to tell you wbat to do, my fcl'^Tv?;l",w^iy b) baodin* totether pm can *u*tain yourteher . lie re^iy ?, , rap inM. .??ch other1* b?*<>m*. a* It were, and .f ! ^ I co n a^c mea Prtjideot, It t* la that emefjeory m re m I p. riant M ?* than It l^u?l*?. or Bell, or ftreciiar ?%???* | My one or more v. .tea than ihe 2?. "JJ be oaited What ? U. be d n. mm* my WiUt. oilier* reply I won't wait? 1 win r?n*t. i I have no rtkhl to dl:UU. to U?ialana bst I h-ve a rlffct to ?peak of HlnlMipf) and what.he -Ul ?o.a nd when it I* to be io?e. Ia<u *.aua may d<> a* *bo I ark u> kM no man committed W> my opinion* *11 d 1* to try aad enforce tbeae opinloo* in my own MM* in toe event of I l*;>ln'? eiecti.*. I ?I-H edviae V - J ' ? or of tbe Btate of Mi l, |H ? <>? W"J5 I .ball ad viae the leflalaiure to call a*? vwtlaB ori* people aad that tbey oall home ' (^C^r_ ' r . ^b. 'enallvt* and let tbem arouau by tbe memory m tn? ?pint ot tfeir fcelatlier* la tbe <*??? r '? 1 ~ , tire Tbe bcur ot tbreata and oppr**a?oi. iM fiown law I r "a ih N< rth *n.. it woold ao* be *tir|?ri*'Bt W' | ?re tbe Yankee* artaatr ' by U.e UiMH {? ~ I Into tub eotloo that aalmated King <'e"r?e I V ut I t ' i hem Dome aever did the Brit.*h. at New a 1,1c Her ol, ? Ih tieoeral .lar k?. o thuo w,r . l ib.-. \ aakeea have with a*. Waay a Jaetaaa would Mrta? forth, klorri a like. W, defead tbe ngbU of the *" lb All we aow aak la, egnai ngbw uader lb* coat Halloo, ?ad If wr get not tbeae, | advlae you to rptstaaee -*. k ?ion in mMiMirrr. A rorreeroad'tt of the Mobile Mrrruri, at Mm MM *M>d? tbe following letter, aader data n* OB? W - Tbe rauae <>f ftootbera right* gotw brave, yon a tbir lntaiit cty of wood*, Ml onr men are pgMtoMMM w tb a *plrlt of reatilaore even to tb* bitter ?ad u, fu'tbrr ?ed*ral tncroacl.ment* and aggree*>on* Ya* tenia) aft'-ran n tterr *aa a *,?? and enlbua-aatlc meet 1B| ol \\.ot Wbo believe in the r gbt of MMk? at l?l Ir.rman'i wareboo*e, over wblrh Hf * ' rtoe pre ?,drd and ("I Jamev W ?aa ding actod aa weretary i 'i, tafe it f Ibe rbalr the Imctor made *?? priau an-' pair .otic n mark*, eiplanatory of the object of tt meet r?. ?hl?b were warmly reaeived W f< I ton, I?'i , read the following rewolutiowa, a M.,v,f which I obtained from the obnetaf aMreton w *td to you f. r pnbltertlon. that jan nt; bow the pert le thi* *ect<rB *tand on Soother n rifbta Tie rw solution* breathe iba pure rpint of Mato rig h la and "uw ?i ?it- iM- an" ? leiermmatloo Ui eietiae tbo? r fht? la the evmit if tb* eteetWm of Aba l lnoola V, 9* I've* dincy at tbe I Blind Htale? by a purely ??wtl.mal vote H(re are tbe reaolutlona, which ware read and adopt*.. ie?iaiiT w tbout a diwenttag votoe ? Wberea* the preaeat poltMaal eirttemenl, tending ar it i?o** to the d.alrorttoo of the iMtllntiona of the *.,ith In rase of her ?nbm MM to tbe election of Abraham L n coin, and to the dli?.luttoti of tbe I *lon In eaa* f her re ?MMMa, demand* that th-M- m the ?t,lb who dr"r? hei right* f be preaervnd, and who are willing * ' d'frlty, ihoBld lake *ome preparatory *"tioB, uw f?rR*aol ied , That we leepiv deplore tbe pwrtj I WbKlh at tht* time dlv h the I" .and '*?' ' ? t on w* regard ouraelvee MTMaf roela. aad a* acting nloee for in' ?ertton with wh r h *' '' . . .,,hl ' R^VeTtbal - ?l tf -utr of thia Catwa lajjMaijagjWA* ?r?7?* a ma oelly oftfcapaapK of that ?tate, farh a meanr ^^^TrbM'tbeeirelloa of Abraham UMto to the J>?aalT d. TT , .. , r , .tav. "?'?"gai'1 " law ? W?T .,, m t*rr ; ..rpoeee hrddlng oorwelve* at all I nwe eld" to^r thTcair aad iwmI ol tba Ooraranr of |ST?iAto Of MWiMippi ?o engage in mwib work a* be may thick Wtt watrihote to tbe aatoty aad wail helag of thr '"R'aoivr^ . Ttal oar orgmn *atlon be called the Mi*ot? Men of Mieelmlppl ^ Keeoived , That tbeae reaolotton* be printed **d Mt tr> the dtftrtent eoo?ttaa la the "tata nf Mwwatppt Heeolvrd . That a eopy of theae reeoiutiona be *eet m lire I if, vero Of Of the Stole, tbe Roe John I fettn* Von will pereelve by tb. ae reaolut loan thai we *-e ai r'gbt c a tbe gcoW in thle peeti.* "< wer of '"it Iowa enmlle I lbelF r?mee "0 toe I to, i M?? '*? of whom w'H flinch from 'f*r eg tba moaH. be jt ever ao dtaoovd.nt The nai? Tb made aay ob^rtma either to tb? ,,, fbrecolng revolt 'one were lh+ rmlr tww men prwent of f P h Bwra fAM J

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