28 Kasım 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

28 Kasım 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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ORE DAY UTER FROM EUROPE. mivn OF TttK CITY W BUTLWK. GARIBALDI'S F?RE?EIL TO THE ARMY, HIS DEPARTURE FOR CAPRERA. 1 TICTOR MLASOKI S PROCLAMiTlOS. j no Tiding* from the Prince of WMlett. SOLICITUDE FOa BIS SAFETY. AD* LICE OP INTEREST 111 HHGLiM. STATE OF THE MARKETS, Jto. Ac.. to Tba aorcw steamship City of daltlmora, Captain Petrle, which eeilod from Llrerpool ut thirty mlaut*s past tea OB the morning ni the 11th, and from Quooosuxra oa the 16 to Inst , wired hero yesterday aTteruooa Tho Hkiur> rt- u?i-? the piaco of the Cliy of Marches Mr, ItuU vmmI aot having arrived at Queeaslosra till lha I'm I ait The rewls eon re y log the Prlneo of Walei aaJ suits biul Dot bean bear J of a hen the sleamor loft Lmrpool. Yftmeia bad gooa in search of Ibe Horo After business hour* oa the 18ih (Tasstlay) the d'.rtc tor* of the Bull or Cn|laBd suddenly adranoed lUe rats of discount from d,V 6 per c?ol, owing lo lbs with drawn of ?400 000 id gold for tbe Bank of francs, end nonce thai a umllar amount will be required on Wotlacs da/ Kuarulh has published a raBtlfrslo to the Hungarians. It law? mcdv ate In term*. U ecu fortb the reasons which la hit opinion ougbl to prureut bis felli?r clllzeas from rallying to Austria. It atnocncea thai the ruvolu llonary oaau la making great progteas :a Uermany , anil declares tbat oo ibis oc ;asi>n the people will not fail to take advantage of tbo opportunity offered tbeut. Tbe oppressive nitinnl ?u>ch arfi medltited cannot, It affirms, check tbe destrs of ttermaay for uaity and liberty K->*autti, la coaelaston, declares that If be raises hla rolca, It Is only to mxomtnd hla ooaotryin?o to display prudence an! moderation Before long a cry of liberty wlli resjaou in fcj'opv and su^ccss la near at kud Tbe Oi yrntlf d? Roma of thn 1th aononnres " that not leas than 30 ot? m< n or ibe S-ap'>l!tan array entered tho PooltOcal territory ui order to remain faitUfal to their king. Tbe Pope baa directed that they (hall be ao|<piied witb mod aii J lodging, a-d that the expense aha.; I>e paid out of tba lim'ted resources left at blf dlipMal Tne local municipalities bare gi noruuilj aided tbo Holy Keillor la the matter " A terrible tragedy nocnrr?1 oc Inird the American ship Jeremiah Thompson, a* ibe wan abjot to Iraretbe Mirsoy for New Tork, en tbe 11th Inst. A seaman earned Joseph Wosberr waa so brutally treated by tbe bjalswala of tbe ?hip, baaird John Kegpaa, that be died of hla la< irles, and the boatswain, for tear of the ciaacqoon'- ?*, Ji'mpsl orer b am, and IS ??p|*?eod to hare 6m J.-owt, I, a? a man iti leen to sink s> a pasaing reiio. A subenrlplloa Lmo inn ret on tool In ! nl?ad wtih a new of priarnliug Cap: tit, Wi'ioo, of the M i.. r, With a p nture ol the resoae of the paasaorers add crew frosi the burning steamer OoonaugQl Toe painting of tbe pic; ore bad been <niruSKvl t u Ur Brlarlv , t e . mi neat martoe arl'st, who Lad been famished by Captain lie itch w tb lull perllrijlarx of the e rent Captain W iteoa Iim b?eu awa/<lrd a gold chronometer and i hain, h ? ma ? a trle*ouf>c, and cacb of the cc.'tr (en doliara, by tbe l,irerp >..l Botrit of rrade. Asaf nber r*ward, tbe ownur* nr tbeaw-smrr hare ?<*ol $1,003 D the r?,.Lam, aad >M0 to the . itlori anccre->, and Mr. Win Maienimano, the rlia rmtn of the oompai y, at* sent laptaln Wnans a enrck r r ill 0 a* K pwao?.hl girt t?r*ral dturwilri nris oai ocwrred in Kjbi.a la oce of tb?m the K<ldare street ?;lub II >os" w?a tHtlly burnt, aid ihraa amn<?ilus perished m tto flam-ja. the kas waa h?a>y. Tbe l/mdoe (V#* state* ihit the clrcutMlancs attosd In* tba Orarge <?? n,<?.>u ?t on la Oanala, oa tbe ooctsion ot lb* rtslt i>? ibe Prlboo of *? vi, will be brougBi be fore Pwliamrot early la tbe session, fas /"rta eitlogiz s the loyalty of Uia .en aut attributes ail tbo no pUaaanlnts? to tbe liisu t eg and ortrb^arlng oooluot of tbe Itake t<f N'e ?r?M> A Jk>og p-udlng law sasa of ".4ie<1dra r* ths Attir Bey Geoeral aed Patrick ' in wta'cb si>m? Amv la i Int* reata are In ??. n ??> prng'es?ljg IB the IMM Jl rt>rcr llHirt A *l?s -"led lr?i ail r-*-?ted her own >auaa, ai.d atMr-wa- . u?.< ? ourt lu ?i?eechea oocapying so r oral t-ora in their dvlirery Tba sts steacae' 1/rlaster, adrertlaed to le?r* Qslwty on tbe Mtt Inn* Jiliii, S t . wa* BOt ready f.ir aes, and there will be bo departurs from <*ai V7 till the 11. h of Umomtar, ?b*n the t'riace albert la a trtrtu^d to fad for new Tork Tae New York, froea New Tor*, pit lati Plyggouth on the Uth short ?* eoal Tbe Arabia reach Ur?rpooi early oa tbo moralu of tba Utb The atsamsbip Canadian, from (Jsabao, arrived at Loo doadarry oa the Uth last. Selltltad* tor (hi ?af??yef the rrtaee of Walae. (From tba I>oa<loa Timca. Nor. It ] For tbe last day or two surprise has beet general ' j H? I at ths ooa arriral of tse n>yai ladmn from America, aith lb" I'riuoe of Wales ua boar I, and os'cuia tioaa bare bsea aiaJt of the e. spied s'uoe Its lepar tart from I'orUaai, aad af tbe jitv at wai9b it sb>ild roaa^oenlly bo due It Moertaialjr nstsra. that ann -ty ahoala be rctertaaed on a r k^aal or sacu "ttr?m? IB lerrst, and the reluro or tbe Prtaoe to his oatlresb i'o> is otidoubtadly exmrtoi h) tbe satire t atloo ? n iBti r It ode wbtrh s family feels frr the restoration of an st> ?set member Altb- uab, ho w? rer , the r"or'sl uoe?al i.'?s adoiU of ncb< Mr ei^acai.JB, II rasnol. w? are happy to tbtnk.be Josifl d witb ?i|uai maiiaass tv? ?as bo c ceaaioti ' rriraM tbe Ma IMMM of tbe 1 Hero aad be' c?aaort, an 1 the atowaes* of tbeir piseage, to tsa?, may saggmt soma useful r*ii?etioas oa t^a ipoud aad r?aosrc<w of oar ships of war is geeeral. Tbe Prior* of Wales ssd b's ? a Me ?at>*rk?d at Pjrt 1 taad tor this ooastr> not, as ha* b*aa ?ui>j?~?1. ail as wsa crtglaally 'ateo tad. oa tae totb ait , bat oa t!i?2l*t They were to tsar* guatoa as lb > 10 tb for rartlani, and ???ark at on y?, aad to* latter of oar ?p- -'.al fw"? ? i eat eoareyiag tha lata>li?eaoa, aad datad the area >s aa for*? I a , tbe 19th. waa pabitshad la oar tm^reaa.' a of tba tk taat tne Africa, bnwer-r. wbWih left Now Y >rk aa tba M?b aad arrtred at <4?aaBewwa oa la* in inst , broagbl taformalina that his ftayal Uigboe** actuv y embarked oa the tlsl, Bo tbat the s<|sadroa, wb-a Ibeas liasa meet Me reader's sys, will bs?e baea Iwesif It re* day ? at s^t Thia, ao doubt, appear* * pr traoied r?y age to peopts familial lied with the paassgaa af we s;?aoa ret plytcg regularly arroas the Atlantic, ail msr seaai, indeed, el most laakpltcaWa wbea It is foual that aot oaly tae Africa, but Ibe Arabia, wb -n l- n Busioa oa the Slit, tea says aTtar ths Hrra, bss aclaallr arrired Is real fly. bow. rer. I Be re is bo oom^ana., s i l wees the two caaea Tba ?>ndlltoas are t rial!/ diSer sat. Ths royal eqnedma wonld Barer atlam 4 to do what ta daae ay tba Ooa aed eteamers, nor oaaid lbs "S>rt b ire baea soooeaafal if made lbs Hero, which aarries taa I'rta. e nf Walts, la boi really a "siibm " #ba is a ship < f lbs l ae rimt Clary suae rowae, aad a tan,i?f tbat fi?i|b n> laoaala Vt gnns, and * of 1,000 t>a* b?ries. he/ aa< ass are oaly of 000 h.?rae power, wh-r*as *00 b ?r?? piwtr bss beaa alloUed to tba Artals* bar oohs>rt. a frgsia of lbs *maJleat sless, carry leg it; guks or ) At ? MM of syssd aba caa steam wtb rail t> w? -? u, <t i*y a* aha bad mm baea ?r -d wbes ibe jh *i? ? oa this aakjoot wee. p?^llah?l, bal tb* tig er?, a rsasel of Ibe saase e.asi, eaisjt a i need her Bias taota Urea this ooas vwalioa, howerer, ? aoltt BHtts wbo'e r?ae Mil the l{#r < oe -a a?li u> d> sine ? a* boar alshoat laterm^si Mi f- >m tba m >?eat of ber leering f 'l's . l, sh? wou t of ejjrse, bars baeB hare loog egn. bit the tmtb la tbat Bba woaid bsre ?oth '?? Ilka sufBriSi t foal for an r such per' ir ?ia:. .-e N >o* of our lias of aslUs ships ?aot ?reh lb isa built si tb* a wt apprerad awdels? <*an *t>>w e *. tor ator* than seres or eight days' sssamMig Tbs Henows, cattderel tae ?.<sl ship Is the lea*, carries oaly sit daya' fuel, aad It waa IbaagM a miracle wbra tba freoeb prmsiad ths Napuleoa witb stowaga e^tial to tea diy I' coa ? r.mptma Tbe Hero ha*, la all proba ilPly . lea* lhaa a week's Coal OS b>a-l at ths t> n* of lear'ng TorUaa-1. aad perhaps If we put her foal at Ira ar stx days' sine* it woaM be a ear ia? irart Mow, wilb nab means It ta ^rfaat y cbn <as that ska roald aot rus s rare aeraaa lbs AtJaalio Bbawoaid probably eadearnr ai trot to mak- way aais oar rass, while tba Pnaee an! bis salts sa/oraj tbs ra peas of wbieb ta -y st >od so asaob la seed Set tb wtada bare sot beea faroraMs. Tna Arabia harass f rs ports -sAr.-ag rsaterly ga as I Ibe garo wsait hi* rs?ussa? to bsr eeesw st Last, by lbs aid af wkisb sM W"B?i make bead agaiast tb* wtai till fas* bagaa t ? fail ?>? mitbt then, perbata. mske.wsy fiif H*-mu la,>s. la dsad, was -jeigmaiiy tee ga*d. or pxalaly for Fayal, bai aha waall ?Ml' bar* tb? w?r* of bsavag sp aga:*Sl a I P^st rt rant, aba is raaiiy aot ? so a more than a Bblilag r , aod tbat a se. ag re<*? ahrej,d ta?? tbr~ ? . .. ? 1 Jt?t..< aa-mwary Wia! i* aa great matter tor sarprtse The Artads* roali d* better, ao daaM bst aba ssaat. of iwmm, wa i apm \h? H.ra It la ibrwas that ao onmparvam eaa be laatltstad be tweea a roy ag* perform l oad-r tbaaaamlitl <a* aad tv? roya?eaof tbe itoaard Bleemers Tboaa ress ds ar* rram ?d aad ouwstrwfd rtua* lj??"?l ob)eet, I hat of trm^t ! tbe sliaati at fbll apeert. aad at halt tpee-i tb-- re tbroagb logs aad darbaoa* eraaa:ng aloag day aa I aiabt with all tbs >w*s tbey oar make, aat n-.-er si. aaa ag tor aa laetaat betweew oae pwl aid lbs otter Oa tk <?* terms aad ay saoh meeas they oa* rna from Llrerpoti to Naw Tort In te* days of so. bst lb it won II aitb<tba I oourae adopted by tbe royai tadroa. Tb* n?r ? w m ,d f#nama"-> ber fasl, ?ieaming oaly wbea r\U eg wa* i-b p*ar 'rf'ae'r. aid sot a>at'e| m b ?ty er-i tbwa, antil at sal, pe .-baps, it" ? gst B?.<* bra ' tirtnat Wlad> i>vd a b?*r It-am fo rrr , Inrtca' nf lopplt '.nj b?r rh ?f ?!>>??* ? f loot mmfi u, t *1 atiX'll art U ? j .W ???- 1 v U' r " >1 -f ati'k i or tu?bW bvr >o uiuu . v*ra agaioti won ud t !de lii a'llnn, bul ln?t a all. Tti? q .iwikm ijt lurl, (r.vt II oo? l'la?'r?t.*1 bf ao ?' crumple, l>rs at the n.Htoro f tnitoy o' oar can Vral d : flic u nee Wutt wr la It of our aioa n Boat 41 a of ll? B.i'ii'7 ?e bars (pent la c?BV*rl|r.g our sailing roll a> la idV) al?ami-r*, ?n ar? apt r >rn la><? lo IniM'"" '0*1 ?e bare got a fleet ?rb*-h c-ui<i r>e njOTed W|?Mr? ?a<l BMit ob an} Service at Iho rate nf aoiue eight o- I'Mi oi'lea an bour rait i? lar from beiuf th# eaaa. Oar Biro rf war moat ai'.ll tv? more aallva lUtn st <-eairra. for i be simple reason lL?i tnty eui nuvcr ?Uia? without freah roa>|u| for mora thau a w*ek lOfOlMr. Ttej zLurt rroerr n their fu of for emf'r|r?ocle?. or f -f tin hour oi ariinc? al ttber I'm'* Ihrv mjl rely u ui thair miTaw, Ilka *hi.? of former daft rvsult <?f lata obligation la tbat, thwgb we v WinpeliaJ Ui prvrtdc our fieri ? lib strain power, ud to Inf.ar Ml to? eipoaa) of that provision we mv?t O'-vvrlli -'eaa 1'wk lo Ibw ?ai ing qualliiea oi oar vr*?o.? aa carefully aa b"'>rs. We cannot aft >rd lo ?t dfmm them, onr to baiM Ibrm oo models entailable to the use of can van fcu specially , loo nnt *? boar th la in mind now that ?e are oour mplsling a bow apacM-a u' ?<*a?(. which, -vhiie it may pros* to be formidable beyoud alamo's an a man of war or fi ?ili)( battery. It lllrcy to t?e uuuiuaiy h'lp teoa when deprived of tha nuwer of a team. rt\e H-rn, we Iruat will hare (>eo fouad a fair nailer whrn S?i!in? berame neoer??ry , but what woul 1 a W-rrlor or a Bia? , frioce do uodei *ucb eiraiatMHuoer' Woald M?y b 'l ?' , : or could lke> b? ?HI jpdi na?i*kte1 m th? Ite .1 itne ?iod? ana with a hoary Mv lire rery tnuca douil tt, aed ret the ooeaaioa before as n.av t>-rro to anow ho m tnd<ai> uaabk< II K Ui?l prorMloo abould he mwle agalaat Ibe lat ure of (Kim poarer area la ? fwrlalftbt'a nruia*. Wn bopa and ei|??l that U>a arrival o( the Hero wtl lit ?pr*Ui > MMI (??i but 11. ? very H.irr>riae wu'ca th-i ilo lay baa occasioned prores bow mocti we bare logout of our reckoning m lbs astlmate of a ship's capabilities Orapaubee frim were puahiug j on Uie a nvil to?o of Piedot-mteeo headquarter! bid **"? ".' l^lrdlolM frigata rtood loto the hay of <4eo* l" reoooBotU*. H atoerlanel that th? ??.,e in tend condition and that caawr.ui redouble and IK had b^Uww.upwMW^a^ U^r^J^iM-0/,*ort'! ^Arla enrraepondeot that i he I C M of Nu?i? W not yat made Wnowa hit to i t lead al ? f ???'* of Hata have reoommeaded francit II i ^ Matanattl Fartae ! bM breo appo.nted Viaaroy . VnMamllJ, -Joi*' J*, j Poerto and 0' *moto hav* been appotuwd boaaclUuri o i '^Tili tbe Vouvoeatloo of tbe graat Italian Perl'am?nt, wblrb ttoipwted to Uk? ple^ tn Jinuirf, tho Vioe'oy I o' Neplee eno IM Viceroy Of tlelly will e**3]*f .,u" d.? i uturi*! p .? ere, doing m thoy pieaae, both >i to laat, to I "STrS^:, ?? ?;-? ? Catrera be ?M overwne,m?'l with the moat itrittnr de^ 1 Kt7*!?-of tyrapath, from the King, the tuff, the I TmSTSS S.EWe. oa the nth Inttleal for I wrrrU>t*kK|>?c oo the IStfi mutant Tha K??. Hit I ,.1,1, lUten'r mobilizing tweuty thuuaaad Satloual Uuarda I MGm erefumannora had be*B entrusted with the mill ?>ry |Y4)r#UIIttlO0 j Gar toe id l bad boeo appointed a General tn the arm y It \p 1&? NfipoltUo im ?M wtsicn I%ieiy in vadeo the I'aiwl territory eld W inrough treachery on Lh ? nart of tfceir Oeoe alt _ ., The I'T" l>*r ?,'?l tar th?l1' rollcf W.000 Rimta ?cu<1'> ano M-neral ?o>oy Wt 00? ratl?t rbe troopi will he b, 0t t>> the I'apal govttnm nt t > their owa country. 0<t.tr al Gtiyon, it 1? #*!d, no- ixli'f hi* p ?n tenable fliii Papal government haa everywb-ro deolel r eln-ta tt t t the *,?te .111 I ear? Kome General Lt uxir cirro b? 1 nulttod Rome oh ten monilu le?T? of as ""(^e'al F?ctl bad arrived at Turin . i ??c n oil bai be?o formed al N?p'?? It laolode* Pi'rto lu the Department or Public uatruoilon, and i Tiriiin-itlia In tUr Inte'lor Oepariment . , The fu?u>ral law of itfdlu't bai beea prDmaljakd t>r N TP?riatf?t adTlfAl from ??T Fr*??1' J' iwred the br lp-* J for the evacuation of tbo u>*n iThe.b,??oA. before u>e town were aotl rely conU ' no< 1 It w?? boped tJ aeonre tbe lo^n S"?loo of CiMtawtb'. i. taenia tt<hun?. out lu oaje th? k* raia did L01 ou;i luiite, t** bcuiba-diuaut would OiiiaJienoe id * The "departure of VI itor fnanuel tor Palermo bad 1-foa P *"xouiin?u? report ?>/ LamorK-tere of hi* proci'edlr?? ! t"^,7U>U,rt !n /'VJy -Vrvt anth.irlU lTelf "Obt-aHctia rum .ratan^l by ibe I^'jton T\m/i that l?lr Jamea Audita ^ Yo Z .u,*.V^ed tn th- British m?ion to lardj.la. U?rtb?ldt'? KartwtH Addreaa. KaI'IJM, No* 8. itoe Tn MT 0Olll*AIBOHT? I* A*MM? ^ , W . must i?o? oi<uaiOcr tbe period whl^h 1? ja?t fiolahlng al tLe taat ?ta?e but one tn our Dittonat reaurrectton, aod 1 prepare ?urrf(?ee to Qatab worthily the mai-veliwi oe ! a. id of ?he cleot of twenty r'??r?ttooi I the oompletion ol I whi. n Provldi r oe baa reserved for thto l.wtuoate m of \ yiiam Yea.younf meB, Italy o?e? Ml yn aa ua> r lakiof Wbtrh baa beeo m*r*ed by the ao^iauae of ?he 1 uurv 'ae. To tbta wunfl.rful account to juar ao^-yj * i bisl' i y a?oii>er m:>re j orlona atlll ?lll be ad ted, an t tbe Mar" ah all tbow at laat w> bia fre>? b ethren a abvrpe i ??erd forged from lb? lln*a of hl? f*n?ra T'? a n' tb.-u all of you. and tb? oppnuora and Uib mi<bl7 *Ut -ay Ul oo?ard? fnm your arm* that will ouly l?u carla for rhild'en. and ,m, who ar, tie dau?bt?ra of ih.i laod of duty must , hatra nt.'kire > Who are nob e and brave L"t t.m d d ? .triune be east out f~n amo- pt ua Provtdea* h?. i Italy with Vistor Kaiatael and by the aide ol V.otJr Kmacuel every quart cl (bou'd .i? . jfiotteci 1 ctuoe more 1 rewet m> batt e cry? To arm*, al! of ton"* tl March. 1MI, d ??* oot J?d a mlilloo of Ita.laM L %rmt ibea alaa for Itoeriy: a lax fir Italy' fettle Marrb of lofll, or, if nece^ary, uJ fabroaty, tlud ua all at ""l'taTajIi of OalatartBa, Palermo. Votur?o, 4nooo%, Caa teifl. aido and laernl, every man of thiv land wh i il I oel , a ooward or a Blav* W oo our aide Al. of ut. au o u* I a?y atandlsf roued the tl"rii>?? hero of Paieatfa, wll ?t> ae the laat blow at the rrumi?U?n ed'#ceof tyranny tucetve, voiuttaert, Uie hoeorrJ c ?-quer.*? of b?t?iaa, one word of I are vet' firm me today I am obliged to retire, but It la 'or a few day? only The hour o. "at'. ? will IJud ?ic with you af?te L-t thoae nnit ^lar0 Uieir torn.-* wbohpe catie-t oy U?e imperative d itica or Uielr rami'lea.aod ?*i?o ??' by their wo?n .* harej' a-r :wt th>' pratitude of t iro alry Td we will rer?e m'? la their bomca by their tonne*' 1 an t toe rB'T ?? p., 1 nf ibctr pebie woosd*. Al*'t from lueee, let all all idhera r*ttia'.. to gua' 1 ??.r yl r lout baa s-ra We ?b ?' 1 me.t?*e >e* a*?'.i u> sarch U.*-?h- r ' reo. inpi.w <?' eur briir.r u wo? are Ml.. Ihe aiavo* <> - ? ireot a er? !ei * aoJ a?r>-h t <etw ur it 'l- '*?' 1 tl;a'_ '"B 'bee <;?'")* 1 ? |..|ter u, the pr ,i?. - a- .-. . .< tbit a ? * n t i hai t r ? ,we ? te \ -r? ^ lh .a- ? , . . ?W- mia; rx?i?f t oeaaa la ? >uw .. rv,., ,t?< ,-Tho demwe* ?f th? *<h and nTX ^lMr ?hMb we HivtWd toe peopie or *>oibe-n lialy W declare foe ViatW K.aaaa.1, ab?aid aprr^lM the p.t.t | rW>- -.1 M I have ' already ar.aonneel to yea under U fl-rcal elrBUBsa.aoeea, t em ali I'll l" d- tver ny power Ir/o ?na ban 1? of tbe to- j Iduat* K'n? to wh mi Pr??i<?eac? naa acoorled the ?iaai?a cf ua i.r< fee y to. ... r.u? P""'? I n?"ir, US ? ivern-Beat C"rj?q ieetlr i te? t> taat o, ^ K ,t asd ? ..?? mtaa^a lu rv.a :?->'? ?t? tne Oo.rl o( li a Ma aty cer?- a tpf ff*? ^a repeeeenla.ivea ? the K -1 f V ra-'tva- 1 at t .n ?a r 'urU am ? Uie rea/on a bllitr of all ib?- rat' a*l potry. _ . Wane ? itherawirg ibr iw> ? I coafl Md to yoa B tha I lewa-ei M la. r uutry.l l-il av-ty toeuaat ea to aiaae ibat j n taie ixerc^eo te'M to mr ea>lr%?at 1 relcra y/U ray earaieat tua'.Wa, aad real e l h . i foeta* ?<?ir dttintareftaoeeit and yoer ?errto?* ! *T S a"e"vot wnwnnlc.tloi to rrder thai yon may make Wtauvav c?? T?i p?aee of It O OAKltAl.m. Ntnai. Oct jm l*'?i vie tor Katonatl'i I'rerUmallaa. { To no . tar juv >a axv mw Pt 'eta ? t"i >e a | < : %ce girei tae tbe ?>vereljn pow^rarar : tbeat notne prirvtaeea t aor-. ?? t&a a <iema teerae of tbe a?i.o? a will, not 'p on aoy aay ammiloo to re j o bii frem iae r ra. ia..?? .< ftai <g an Italian, Hy Jul *1 ' tbcreaaa w.lhth^e of a>l Ita..aca U <re tbaa ever a , ?ett.".a aronrd .rid a esftant ?>ae?a l ta htv# ber-.ntie n.oe^aary til pi t ?a mnat biw oitn da*Metbraa l?? fnra the r.a." aty f Italy, which i'< u ba rw-iiai ><e ? j we ten aaUiiah a r>ve-Bm*al feara- UaiBg a ll'b >>r f"e.!om to tfee tier pie and atnei htaeaiy n" parptea it the !hc- of f ub i i ti.nioa 1 r ly apoa the ei'i me "at C ' Ofrai ..ti o( a h-iaaat m -a Wnwevrr the law im > >a?? a oarb oa p ?ef a?1 a*.- .ree l!o-?rtJ, the goverr r.eai caa do aa much 'or t.teavb'. goadae the pe-via f tr virtue We mutt pr ire In Ba" ft thai, If the ' rr ~ala.lt e f tea* of ereew bat e.ta^uarod tha treat. ei etubiltoed for tba lent' tfwaldi m o? Italy, era too ? htar to raatort among the catvrf n at loa tbe empire of thoa< loimataate peta it plea without whtofe every eat ta it dlMtod, aad every I authority maatiaj w th oi>t> wu< ? le nnetaM* Y1CTU* KMANDEL OtrlbhMI B'fort Capwa. Onrraapoadeooa of tba I -md.ta mta.iar i.l flgMMTt JUct. S?, l'#d 1*i ?# It a diary ntlber than a (altar, aal tt it very pro babte that I will laith It with.a the walla of Cap i?. I [ came ap beee aad tak?d t?ar taidt to p Jt ina q p. i hal aaaa him on the lay a b t entrar" ? into Nap'ea ? ' bow taw h:m j'itt at he had turret, hrei hit abetmt* powr aa Dictator lato tba K ng'a huidt, tharejutt real Um I t Mr ha hat written t > Ue lUiqn t Phllartelao ta WM hlna that bear ' >nh ha matt appl? t-t tba K :,g for o'lera, aad thank 104 h m ib th? nam t of Ita y for ihj eata!t u( hit laboea. (Jarlbaidl then panted a rtt<twtt a Ir -at t . tha arm/, whieh w 11 he pm ..?bet a tar tat fall of Qapoa, ard ten deer-vw, whl bare 1 1 i^ ? pee-nalgaed by th ? King? tha ?rtt evtaarm -g all tin t Huvf <>u*.-a <a their ranka. aad Uie otber taadt mteg aal validai c all th* a -u nt hit adm .'irtrat <n a> I' at or. fo-oa doahta mat ha tatrly aotertala-l a< t ? t*i ~ Kaft a (tiiag thta la?t decwa Thr laat ae. of ..trt <aMt'e dlr'altr'a. > almlatetrhttwi haa b*ea h'? a tthifla og tae free wo- el i of the Hefor-weJ ^nuertb al era the ,a?it? ?sail.K ?eneekoff, aod Hie Cal viola' mlt. ater. ?ra In ae?te ? it Una mnoeoetoa. whl b the lt.imrb.na hat hi wart r f ieeii A Weiliaa c* motiatioa ram ? i5re? hire lidayt't prMN t tkartbaiai wtih a a woni of h nor M >' Iha' wk 'eh ib? Mclliaaa mt*b leil ta efftr to t h*-l te Ala- rt fi lata _ta late* ttoo which tltt defeat of Wovara r-ntt?ate1 war! haidt la prepaeu* a gen?*al e. port ?* tbf *ae pal*", %a4 eep*> 'allr of ? alfi r on try t?t '?etnter, or wb'lh ha reor^ a air* pablithed fa , Bkwt f u tattle a-wtoaui 1 r *??! h nt t?tlior (? oee*. 'a ' ? eakt a, i\m4X ? Mai t f #4 t.^a v?t ?m Mbit l;4?.,.e I t-et? rf valor which yoa have stuck <nto your order of iin-c??- Have job lorfutba Ut? fainting u. itfltuu na.i" I bar*- b *o u>e < puortuuitv of mad ng (Ja'ih*idrs ?W' ui i ?>( hi? "'?l rli*r>- iu lb at memorable dat '? or > crt'iiirr It I* a ?.'<drt Ihr mi-orsly and troth I may U)t? tli r> It kt be 1* opnnaeu t" Ur iHiohtrnmrul of Capu t, as he u?k <1 iif u IU aureeider ?? Inevitable, anu be ui ? wb"l<a c? h rror ol three violent aiea>e. Who what f?< e, I lia?e heard him aa>,C?naae rvpeoaiti toe Boar N i s with rheir cruelty In slaughtering tbe loomeut oiu r> s, ?-<iQieu aud chi dren.of a ton bv a hom^trr meot, wIiim. ?e Irtln* tbtir example, ee pec 'ally when euch curlly li tium-ceaeary? Victor laitMl. bowewr, and ('??ool ravoi.r ibiii< tt a case where oruelta mav be bu tr.ono. nr possibly pi*? la rawm A'i'M above pa'try oon titieratluBS of D tn bcuaouy. Oatlbtldl'l Poverty. A Irllrr fr ui Capua of Notna fter i. la the Prtue ??)??' "Klrj Vlotur Kaiauuei ta oomioa, aul Uarl ?ai 11 i? f'?og twr.li, at I past, ia the famer al exprHait ? Oart bald) harms 'tiio t>t? IWrtery su I two a io< <W camp to bold theiuJnvl* to readier AO i<> depart. Ihey (W l> ledla p raanta in ri-n.tnit h<m Ibat bo wee abaolutoly without moi-ey, aed x ha moat Iblok hoar to procure a f<?w hundred Thia voyage Tw fa* l* that tbe maa ?ho ha? ?tvei PladaMMit eight millions of an*/**' baj ce- ??k"H a sou of pay or sa'ary for h'?a?l' Cul-?s ?a b? reeif oatl^o of itie raoic of G<?era> iu Ui ?ia>onw*e army? acd H If not thought that n? a -llerihaioi will ba*e ootbin* to lire upon bat hi* II ?? Tarm at Centra, wbtob baa blibarto never p?o dooed more than I MXW (160) a year Hunb Is the real ptailloti of tbe n>au wo< bas orwq wred the N'caprlitan B?nrN?.r, and addei oae of tbe moat splendid jewels which adoro Victc* fcmaoB'Pa orowa "? I The Pi p? llsafcrapt. ! The folloarluir tetiar bas becti adrlrrased to CaMloal [ Wu><-rr?iii ?y bis Km utnoe Oardl al tmooeHI, the leora tary of Hiait! t ? ol? H Jireas J'opa Pius IX ret i amend of tbr >ya?'t>iaiia oniierti ^o of rtt P?t>r's ?orwi tb<"mi(boui every dioces in hxr'aod to replenish tbe resoaroes of toe t'aj?i treasury al R la* R?in, OH 6 I860 Hy T<okt 'AHm?AL ? The reaooroea of tbe poplin fee enry, wbfb had already been diminished oy tb? ur ttret* of tbe ?e?ol?i?i'H>, bav ? now beoome of macMint. an It has anprriarbcd Ui<> v ry waM? of Rome, aa<l btx thus takna a?at from th Hoi? Father erery m *n< o' meet lb| tba beary rrquireroeata of bta error, of his faHhful eulij-cta. and of all those abo bare realgoed tbelr oablio troi' oymri'K, aoi have embraced axtle lo order to Sod lo Booe a rrfvge *r?m tbe erta aod ?vluciioos ?hi"Q would ttmal them from the fldaltty they hare swot to tbrlr lawful eor?r?i|n Uo<ler theae oir | cumaUbcM, our n oat H ly Patbec, who will nerer Ooa erot to aow pt any oflerlof d sums of m ?ey that any (orrrDmrOt er'i'Ot mako with eimpaote aod conditions would, on i'oe cil.fr taoJ are with ptnaaure tbe faithful of tbe Catbolir world come to his aeaistanoe with <&?<" peony Ilavir ( made known to yoor K nioiuce this d<?ire of the H"'. Faiber, I rngird as n^odlnae any ar<u?aot that 1 noifbt crjte tbat It mtfht hare aep-ndr anl fall effert <1>e o operatic* of the ep'arsoate all* po rerfully arsis! In its f*>-cutl ?n; I therefore bej you to talt> the trouble u> wrlie on tbe eabjaot t<i your o aleaguae la tne pastoral < flloe to (Cntlaod kj bee ef tbe q to aio:>l tb* tute- 1 m' ens that the faithful who are mt-uatei to th> >a may coi?or lo for assistiai their oommoo fath-r in the heavy a< xtettea wlti ? h" ru0-r? from the wlcaedoees of his rnemtea, aod of I1*** erco *h > profe?? tb^iasMres to bebls devoud ohlidrta. I arall m i self of th? opjortu ol y, while f tlsi your Emint<ne"'s hauda. a<ala to pro tree myrclf wHI prof mud respe 4, your Kmlneaoe's traly obedient aod Ccrokd servant. B 0. AVn)NEL'uL To bis Etiiincoeo Oka'fbsl Wi??* ui, London. v tnstta fFr.-'M ill" Par's Pat'le ) Borne prcalee iiit'.rniaiioo his reacaei* us relative to tbe sltuatioe of Feuloe <'bi works undertaken to out tbe roast Id e state of d.>fcooe Ocilk twrntoaied. bt/n been Inspected bv tb<> Arcbluko M*tl a I an To y bave been e*r' uteo aloof tha whole of tbe c ?st oo o.iruwl betwern tee point of tbe Uaeetra to iho B?y of Vr >ae aiirtj r-mbraces an cxt>ut of a'raut 110 k>lr uieirt-s (throe fourlht o a n4le eecb) Ta? s ( porM of B' ladolo, hlof<<?, Mvilaraooc". Mint Audre, -ta nt Crasme aod tre Porte, f. tuaied in I >? en Venice and he 'pen ???*, are now protecicd liy (o-m.'laol# f rt ttcatinus, mm o' the a ralood durlrj the last t so years aid so situated that It wocld be im^iulhle f>?r tpsw< of arar H f ir ? tbe entrance or tbetn Tne tctal nun1, r or (r.rts still belrg oocstrunU'l oi. the layooos are si(t>en Tne? are ni llrd tof> tbrr by Dieai.S of sma lor battorles. raeeeforis e 'OM d< t be takro by an/ attaik from tbe s*a They woold require a l%r1n g aod regular ri-|[e, and to bu ler tali o|*rat ?ns of that kmd an rci 'aious ui'.littry fiircs at>d a oor stuerah.p fl? t wot. 1 1 hr n? >'."etta")r Tu? moatae of tne Adlfe, tbe art-its, too ra?ll tmento, and tbe Hells bare aisi been vrtiflcil Austria, tb ex*-utii'R ?uch mo-it, bas bero IbCu'nrel by the I lea to t Veeetit mav be In a lew mnirrs the i bj 'C. of ay a'.tack by eua ou tbe perl or the Iiailacs. fbe alteotmn of tbe C mrt >/ Victna IS not rttrecu d ix du^lroly on V<"irtia, but alsi embraces ber oibi r pr*we?..in? In tbe Adrlat'r, aoi w irks are oor bell.* cor* ruct*i f r fort f In* the M <riaqne ^bmoel, wbxb takrs ><: lae wboleeabot of tbe r<?*t of cTtatia and of Hi.:.gurj tbat >a waabnl bv toe Heaof U .aroero It IS a>?' stafc o a/ pnatilre toai Venel a Is ah-tut to bare a eooattlulioD, InUbdel los.-ecra her cmpieta self (ovarn ni* t' that the rrn h ke V'attall'an w'll be ra;E'-d Floe rry, alio b?- iv>i?ted by a Senate aad an rlcetire chamber sUtit.f at \ .Lite, Kraacs< Tbe report li revtyrd thai M Thonrene, u likely to lean- the viuinry of yi relftt til. n ii?Tt y. Ti e Hank o' Franrse os tb? llib .raised its rale of dts eoui.v >ro?u 3 ^ Ui 4,, per out. Tbu 'ortuaticii ol a squadroe of reserve, to be ready la thi a.irlbK, la ixwltlvoly aauoarced. I* felare oaoti traus|?rt is lo hare a steel t'r^ler, wklcb oao ?>? taki a Wi pi r?, and will be ab.o to las J 300 m xi , a rifle foar pousaer an l aai.ma'.t .i carte, au 1 aU horsts acd iwt Ire n. u la taram* nls of troop* were vl?| dea <il"h" I er<>*y day by tbe I.vitl ? Railway to Marai i.:-# Tn-e>* troopr arr in prv?K i d to R o:o to c ?mi>U le tbe war btttallirsuf tse retUcents (lalioiixl tbere. It aaa sta^-d a tbo-ilatlrely lu Paris that a'i a>en oo unlimited It-are of abn'ooa bsl m-'iv-i or urs tin uin lu ib i i' ca Ity win re toey ars reflftered, eo .hat ?aut etl Utev may I* called upju atlh. . ?r|'e?( m -n at An- -tn u from the Krcuch m^nutaetu' eg il.sir.cti are ?at'?:artory Wbtat eooticncd firm 111 Pesia. The Bnurve had bjoyanl acd rent ?? b\lWi rhel TO 44, bat on the 1.1'b .( was depressed, and th ? clueiag qu' tain n a as 70 10 Tor MiDitierof in- lalrrlorhad adtreaaM a clre-rar to al1 Inr |tW' cle, abkib slier Stat'of tnat I t* c > e'eioeel di 1 hot pi'Liioit the PojIIOcU s ihr^n, t .ina oor to? oil j lect.>o of Ptier's pecse. says ttst, notwitisuo :in(, it oacoi I admi . tin uuaatht ru-d ratal met of i-e^rua oeol n njiriti* ?? t?r c jllrct of fi.bacn.-i 'it f,>r a forei(s pnrnwst, and n?r wblch ui\.> airmail) t two ( >r not are lo be d>?'.lvrd, or tbey will b- >dbj <Cted to ??|t.ai peaaitlea The o"i-ru k* uf lui.nduala saa be treaty I even, aa b*ut /ore Aaitrl*. An mprr ftl titer** Vfluinrrlj atpoiaUAra. DafjaSoW Find Vamb u nil MMaldr ?f War aih torr tm-rr* run ?!? at writlco w?-iitc<? r.Jall' il 10 lh> jiMirnai* i>|< to u>? pr*#t?r.l tlc;? r Hui >?-rn ourrar.t ibat Anitrla Intra -lad t> f *irt a UtxnU c aatttBtim to Vrattla, bat ft ria deaiM. I'klk*. Ho?-f K<w.f Iriltn to *pt VM h\1 ro*cli?d Kaf'ttid I Tbr Oitoiaa U>bbM>i?i4I at Ttrn Mt haalnf ?" I po?tr tnt'l) t?w tmatf of pwo, 4J miliinulMliOM ? <t?n>i i J >d<1 Jir >i Ai umy * a po. ^ uot'oa t r Pi-k:t T|) . (? *??<??. of tr.' ?? if lulff*ch?' I i*.'* eah-d Y?. * mil V. I, no Uj? >0ui VpWabor L<ur I V #13 If ft ftiL ??* b or U Mb, f?r t\-k .6 3 M/0 trarn* rrtrair.iM It ? ,Tt?'_ of tu? lam. \ tr ? r-im .r? wrra <v.rr ? M ti IV r* v ,'lh" ?fit*** of fr^'niioM. h-if lb*? had bo fnjnilvou. tb. I 'U.1^0 n*sj C- vr*;?'fl<lr<ll ?.l>w t ,?t tb? <'nt M bavo i?ru pl?> tr* liv tr old *att j' i>' ?? o t?, it ty . *i 1 ?ci>-0 ?BluaWo l.mr h*? r. D?rq .ti.?i; b-*i: l.wi at ae-ltl.?l ?. ?KI c4 li.a }< ?r. tberr ?u o i! -i; I)- la roam :nj b?c*a*? t?> Pokta. a* U? f Ilaa totMC' J for thr pur^a? wore d?*t>rt.B( Prtaco s-'ui K 1 1 'n ' i w? i npc.-frd li bt *t Uij tv A of a lore* ' in* at r air lt>? t"o too Ifamtmf Ptm bad (Ivan Curraacr to a | rapirt fhtl !* f tfnjw tiraut bad ?r?it a tait-f-a .p'r i apaich Tpiroipct ?"tou'v- ur that bo ?** tr ipp tg Itr ?r nj? h. tor . and tt<; r ' t cr ?l< 1*1*1 |*m a i ted bow aocurad, aad t'lH ? ?BnicBciaf Mi? | inpntUi t ?rt t? i g ??tr*| \ rr d.^!ninti aw ??. .> I pp^<i?titlf rtiJmnrd by tbo dt*roT"r/ Uiol t ?<?!?<?* r.t? c j ?r* r 1 * > t??o 0 TI' UhI to s r H. ' .r*nl'i <v ?r*lslj 1 'b? r+"'i wrro itm-ttrp, bit m rr mii-rd r.f '?u*.a ?? t of tettot mul & iiikutlty of M taieo4od tor I Ui\t ixarkrt Tbrro ao !o >ror? tr* ' ? t . b - ?r ??r, In tho i"o >rta-c ratrkrt f.i (b a !.?%??? Vo>*. Ml Rl nh?'f? M h i| Kc'Ci.41 Hs! * <? ? b?r oil : ??ry i. r ? -ban** t? ? 6? 5\ ' a ?? f ! Ti-aa at ?nurb >?te< tew prtlt/ a ft ?i wrl! a ppr.rtM | rV<?. ^hr At. < ?le?n ?k* | rf mar J X.i M\xa wv at F jo ct^* aod ttK at'-im frlf*1' Rart^rd ?? >t ?i<?o?Ua?. A d??ii?ub frt<? U?? Ka?? of K'jia, ilatod T'.w M'.a, (V\v I t*rrho? * IUIiM that Ui* Cblaiao Owvlllwrr* mit? | 1 tllo (Ofaotiri ti tl* MNHM .MM ?? ">? CH >*? pd tlns? tbat.of ttt* total 'adcoic'tj of r<rV ml'; n t?al?, <mj? mulloa ?b->oM b* fa;?l be'o- Tioota'a ?ra? J orarnaiot bf Ik Br, nab Irf.opo, at iru. afw ccoaidar , aW? (tar ou tboy r,?cia??d that Ujo ooi.vwttuo m?at Us flr?t ouOmitKd to tha r"llil?r >r Va t">H ?? ananifrati/ ? ilrotrr to i* 'r. t'm? aai lurow Ih ? All"* into tho ?ri? V? ?, I-oftl Jn'n, ? .t i tt j ?*.( iricti<? of a*ro? tiroc, r? ?vrod at ooor to prwrd to Tae( rhov, ?q<i jar? or4er? to lb* !opoci ar<* rd'j|(7 laoia. Tba triftta *m? S CWfmta ar<- to t!?c lib ol Oot?b^? IV- rrwa U CBiWfrUrt th" p-oi' ex ?a r*( t# w.'ro i qmM. but boi lort ?*r? ' yrf Irai Tft? import m*lirf | ? aa roaur'ai rAa?*? Trfrai ?? -a |f>iavaUj fi'm v ?rr?urr l< aSaVKI. la f'olfbta toe ktiatnun i vat svokrair, obuo tb<i art r?J? Were larjv Aaetralta. MNb orra Hl"? a?<f pajwra ara mtba 24lb af 4optam brr. Tba "U-atrar I4r?at ivuaa Lad arr? rrd out it stt?r two rtaya from U*ar(ino< lhara ha t baxi ?ia? atoif meat ia irta poiiUrai world, ?aa tb? N;'V*taoa mia tatrr bad bora rotBiUlad l'arU?ia?at laf broa pro rufaad. Tba Totontoar mor nw?l w?? (r?B?'v a*t?n tioj A fw ff?id flat f if aomr prr>m*a b*d ' -on f" .n<J at pt-ady rraab ntypa' Land, aa<t aosa rakiabl* di rt??a of praf xkw atooM ara ropnrtod Orwmarrla! a!Tair? at Malhntiret wara looktBf HatW>r, bet tba mark at* war* atifl gltituM. Tba r"'d ahi-m>npiB to Kimiaad ? toa th? tart ma'l waao oraa ill M ounaaa A DnrteM attompt bad ba*a mala by ? ?tb to orarawa tba Vtrvrta f?rii*ma?t rrow ?w '/raiAn.l wr l?tu-i tb?t a f >r?* of 1 400 m?a had altacAaJ and <tartm<rad " < rUlra paba, bit bad aot alUM hr<: toa ?t' >D^ .oi t o; tb. f'Nk. Tb? Ltd ri|b? for the t t!ampt?aih1|i Tnm f*a f ara at Caalt. !r> aj^ak'rl M ?bf rr- ?t ritro-r'ar brtwaaa Tir? *ed Paddock for i.*? a ? do and tha ebtcp n baft, /*rfP? L\ ,'k U IU l'.~, i. ri| a a. I M ?lr?e to Hurst oo Friday, t*> eoaNc him to make ? tilutnibai entry tbxrwin in Stall bridge. 0 4t owlo< t? u.? uii?> "i.rt iic l of Tom rtavem, to who u it was loot for * , ?t*rtai "''jti *n e ??< ka net, no by whoa li ni out ifiunml, ?t ??f? uiufair to hud li over Seyem a? flit" t > III tor iba lou of the Brit fur mo irwt, ?t? 1 ?>?? ??? >o take a beuodt m tne aorta, eud we I ?til!i.?ij Is. t It, (Mi bla underUklog to retaru It to 1 Vr Hu IM*. toe jeweller, la ?b<?a custody ?? h?1 f'*c. <' U ai the expiration of the wet*. We ualurally i-?l?rl?l h* bm kepi bl* word; but oo Friday, wbao ip plu-ation was ???? to Mr Huonok, we dtaoovwred (ait A)<n bad m *er beeo near the place alooe ha obla n?d | the belt He knew perfectly watt toat the *fht for the chant puwahip bad takes plane, aad that the belt wnald be requited, and >et ho look do steps wbattver to reiara It. aor din be even let us know bit whereabouts, ao that we mtthi communlcats with him It itrlkaa ua that pnwprnty haa raiaed thkl mas ao aaooh ilwn himself thai be tr utterly aetOsb, and Una la of nothing beyond

bisownecda We must request that h> Instantly take au ee to mrsrard the belt etttirr to owrselvas or Buret, at Stnleybriage. pe?tng all ezpeuses Of ca'ilsge, he We have leaned a Ireaoo by Tom'* conduct oo Utls oocaaioa i ablet we iball cot os* 11/ forget THE VRRV LITEST. rUBH Al>r A.MOK IN TBS BiTB (IF DtKOUNT. Lordjs, Not 14,1400. About are o'clock yesterday afternoon It was an nounce* from the Bank of Eoglaad, U the subjoined soil Gnat loo, that lbs minimum rate of dlaoouut had bees rained from 4 yip ar cent, at which it was Hied on Than day 1st, lo r> per osnt>? rbr mmiKum rate of discount for bills not baring more |*?H u.ueif fire dsis to run Is rttsed to I per coot M MuR-lrfALL, Chief Cashier. This alteration In the Bank of Rcgland rats of discount was i ot known at all on the Stock Etchings, nor la finan cial circles, antu some time aTter the close of boalaea hours The I.ocdoc Timet lay* that thll step wis adopted In oncaequeoee of the withdrawal daring the afternoon of ?900 000 la gold oo aeooaot of the Bank of France, and wfcinb, tt la understood, will be forthwith followed by a further aum of ?300 000 The London Daily St m says that the drain upon the Back of Krancw continues, and prtrate letters stats that It baa become u.ors actlro duriLg the last wet-It. The directors of that establlatimont accordingly on?r a prl? for gold fb'.fi attracts It from here, aad the Bank of England, on ttoetr part, have no cholse but to persevere to protective measures Should the efflo* of gild on unue, it Is probable tnat a rise of ( i; per cent In the rati of discount will be decided upna as early as next fburrday. rti- London Timn saja that future payrentl 1se from this country will be lessened by the premature drawing of tbr Bank of France upon us Our position Is like that <>f a man who, la consideration of a certain allowance, pais, at "Lady Day," the rent that will not bs due until midsummer. But the sudden withdrawal of capital to a country where It is not jet durf nal'iratly crctlea as arti a tal Koarclty In tbe market, and enables the Bank of luiKiana fur the time to tcsist upon h'gber terms The Lonoou ftmr* city article, of Tussday eronln^, N'ov?-u.ber 14. sat a ? Tbe funds opened this morning at tbe Orm quotations of yesterday, oul a .tisequunUjr lh?y eipertfuocl ado (m? of % The auvauoe ta the tfauk of Cog land 'a rata ? ?f fltanuunt did not transpire until a' -or tt>e eluslr-g of the funk hiahangn The Joioi 4t?ck banks ?naoiac?Uat houses wtil to morrow ( *oOL.-al?y) most prvbabl.r Increase Uw-lr allowanoe lor ruooev a. call, fur ?be day bad iarmiiu4<tl at e?ob of tb?w? rilebluhaieuui when U>e acm uu<x;ut"Ct 'ro ,n the Bnic was iaa<l < Tne demand 'or dlsoount* at tbe B?ak au i In tho >pe:i uiarkot was icodrraie, and on tee 4t<<ck Htco anre (he rate* re maii.oo at _ , prr r ? ? t t-j ibe nr.*,. anwM tbia ar le'naou tbe rates on Awmrdna, Hamburg an 1 Ptrls ai rat rid Tee rallwa> market m da) baa bi?u dwwaed by numerous saJis, partly of atojk held sp oulalirely on im rroaed mooey, i.nd c.oec i ai ?u averajo dccliae >r \ to l per cest. MliUnd, LanrasQtre, Torksntre aad toe iiri at Weaiern R?>l?ay atocks ham bteo ;an tl , affeoted rke Ocai priors were at the lowest puint of toe day Tbe London Da tfy Arte* city artlcls o( the same date >ays ? Tt," Stocit Markets were materially haa ry t> day o^der Ibe u.Queiioe of t ? diaturbluK bullion ui ive n.c.l, Th ? fuiina e.luaid bearily, but tie reduotuia did a >t ekoe?i % per oent Oxiaols rterl?e s iooori irona tbe aap-oach oi ibu dir'detd period T|m< cbief n> preM>oa was sb <wa In tins British railway stacks Several deonrlptmna fell I per t, and tbe oloetcg prise* In a^ Instancos were the lowrwt or the say. \ Du?b?r of speculative holders baveeflerted sale* Tbe circumstMioe that the e*tl e n?il oi>o.m tiled this cay, t?rntnatlr.e on Thursday, retidered the market more a?n*ttlve. The ouaioess at \t< iiiaooujt hflire at tbe ftaok of Roglaad today waa brisk, man) cxatomers prrwnc for acoom-Dodation under She ap.ir> becaion of a rise In the rate la tbe open mar ketthebisi short bills waro readily taken at 4)^ per wilt 1r.-rr> waa no i.1*b of aprreb> onoa Th- aup.>lr of ffiot.ry in the bansa and other great Qnanriai ostabltsb meets is amme All long engagements, however, are aiudiuaia y arolded tuorr rom m? s^rtrr or th* rtiNd of waum. U?xin. Nov 14.1800 A I \lr M'.cen Hiniatrr* attended the Cabinet ooansll y??t*roey. tfcfler ecrew MeaaMblp H'malaya, OnpUtn Sec r< n<tvr, i,fi Hpllbeed ander rteem yertrrday at (fleeo m iiUe pa?l thrr? P M. , proceeding dowa the choanal 10 ?eich of I. or Keenly'* abip Hero, la complnnoe with la HrnctWit* lr to tfce Admiralty. A kt>a 1*1/ mouth dated I act il|kt, *ayi that t.T M?j etj'i frtjate Orlando h?* bean got ready, aad v.ntd i*acced atotward to look out for tLe Hero. Qr**a**ow*. NaT. II, MM. A d?wt?""? lo ibe London ftivt, dated aevca o'otook ??Vn!ay morale? fi)i that two or three strange ablpe arrived at Pl?m:ntb Hound early la the morbing, and are ?u^acd to be the Hero, Ariadne, and Fjlfif Fith. I'.txi in or tbb ruNCH inritaw. The l> ?iit of ib Fmpnw* Kugeeie is *et>l to be deiloata, ar< 1 It l* r< pnrttd "he la akoot to leave Part* oa a j ?ir r?j . Ui?t|h no uce kuu to know to what pi too *be la gattf. TTT* ITALIAN CAXFAIOK. Bcn?ral lamolrc'ere In r? parted the ttnry of hie Ita liar ukwipa'ga It ia adarrmeu to the Umlatar ef Aral of the ' < 'i r *1 (oTerrniint, and la dated KoaM, Novem ?vr l <t m\ jr?red oa Tuee.'ay la the Am* 4* Im Myxi, aad ft. I* mere thaa alxtaw of Ita co lon.* la tiia ?roooat of the aurreader of ?, if ??, the Ceoeral *ky? that Major O'Reilly aeked tu .a* tuiaie. Thl* wm altar twelve hoar* tght i;\?- R.t nee ware extremely fktlfoed, and ha foaad he c? ????* ot 4<|<n.t oa hta r?#rre, composed of raom:t*, &o<? detach ?< tu i f variova oorpe. Major O'Re'Uy Mil ire * it.e rrm}'rbm at oaa hosdred kiliad, aad ahoat it'll Lutdn 1 woended. Geaeral I-a/n irtetere adds, aa U r I i fjfi be l.ul but three killed and *Ut vouadad. CBIKA. Tha U>n<ta? 1m psblubt* a long oommualeaUoa from i?? tun ? poo de? l la Ctlaa. Tha raptar* of aegotlattoaa lock i lace oa the 7 it, aad oa the Mh the araay ami i *ward no t'ikin Oa the 9th Lord Klgia followed, had sr tlx 1Kb tbe oatpoata of the allied foreaa had r? ch*l a f a~e iVl.O Tar( teca, fort> >re mil** from PahU The fin .< thl. k? that by the middle ef the month the BagtMh aa<f hi+u arvre nadar the wall* oQthe capltol, and that n ''?< Cfc'r< ae were rtiepeaed to raaiat, aaathar kettle meat ha. I w r> ft i rbl e*oat thia time The aatlelpat oa la flamy ? ? 1 . UoweTnr to bare bee* that the Tartar amy had be? 1 1 aw y rwwed by the European artillery, aad w ta ?hi*. pr?l>? >le that tk- app waaoe of the alllea la tha i. rnfinhaad of l>k;a woald be the atgaai foe other <? ia oc Ibe part of the Imperial maadartaa. It ? p'vbable that negotiation* aaap hare lakea . tata whKb will a'iea the army to re em ba*k fcafora the app^oarh of wtatee, bet N e tai Ikr <? ? n ; '.dy LLat the capital had bee* tafcaa acl re?*pt*d It) that It will be held through the whole a .iur her > be any reaeoa lo aattelpate daa |H 'r ra r-..-t; a p- -ee. a*, aad the trait* lo hear t y (be nrTt n.a'i t* at Uve two geoerali, la fall oe c |at . of f>? , had Impraed eueh term* rn Hie enemy a* a ill tin .-* it* food bebartor for many a year AimntAUA. I oenow. No*. 14, im* It* tiwttdW ane-tonle by the proeoat mall are a* ??. ? to?. <> an fn* aoro* time part net* baa beaa 40 U < Mil dental for ma?y artiole* of Impart for Ira a 4t?> fi o?-jtnpt?< a, but prlaea were considerably tni-.? ed by f^d aalee to the l|*lb-iaraa market L-oMi?, ?, en the ahole, waa healthy, and m may pleetlfuL Tbe !?-'*? '1 1 ef a m-wt abmndoal harveat coal.oued oa dlrtaMtad l r<? rvmklctd irm, at (M per ta*. Tfe *dnrp? '-in ?Hiey meatloa tha *topp?|a of lfr*a** ? W'.rt.:* r waller * Do , m rohaat*, with llahl !>t .?a ?. "HI 1 * to tU 000 and k**eu ta CU 00$ It vp er"r. etr*i that ko kai tbaa a mUl loa aad alaaty r?? Ui-iw.-d p < u?'? la Aaitrallaa (o<d 1* oa the way la thl* atuatry. Narkati noinrr aikxcr. Tbe nmd* h*l ?< -?o bun vet, >>?t 1 lb* Mth a fall if a la wk* et? nea . d, tbe pr.ee* b.-ug \ a ft?r ?iua*f an 1 a for ti rhe etuairdiaary ?eeamaat >' the Uirenor* >>f th Waak of Is rv? r>r Ihc raw of 1i?0""it ? out 4^ le I pt ??fl ?v? not know a tint after 'CUU4 t*i r- e*l, ?? thv; It* ( ' 't wa* not U reiofed f>?-* k%J hfc 00 partiealar prumite foe >? a: . Ifkek ? 't, ? _ Irtwa; ? r tsr* WkrlV ?*-? ? r frAtaa, a?4 t'-.f p? wpeit ef a Hk< wl*fi *1 n ls( .'iiivirtag daT, wrr ? ?;,? te^eetlTe tr 'H. ?* <? ' ?*??/* ' t . %l-s* bliabwent offer a price fw (old which attracted tt froa\ Eifkkod ?bould tbo cin ax cot tin ue it waa ttacuht not aa"v, e tbat like premium ot 11m Hae? of Koftaad would be fUituor adrauoed oo the I6lh to 6 V? per cool. l.'VBHPtXJL MAMAMTit lonruuL, Nov 14 ? K. H Ctrtrow ?The market to r?ry quiet, ?? aa'?? of Midday n d 'o<pdi>> b ily Amounting to ab?ii 110W) b*. *, la Cludii ? 1 boo bawa to ipeiulatoru *aa ?>*p Tterf yaa * tlotii iri nominally unchanged, bat th~y eru barel/ tap f(rt*d 'cm At Himwrn >u qutM, an I prior* h?d a drwtpUig teodeuo/. A partial doOUoa bad la?aa pladtf la MOM |^Hr Mxunurn ? The wind nootlnaed eiateri?, u4 a.rivala are HutUd Ueeerr Kirtikrilun, Snenoe MO U> rrport U >ur very lluw at 61 roiinrtlU3. Wbe*lqu>et nod rather earner for the lower utialltlaa; riMtoeaMrn.il* 6d a 12* 21; rf.utnern.13f 31 a 111 104 ; white Wraiern lt? M a U< ; bimtiifo, U< o 1 a lit Corn dull and frvely oCTerrd at a dwllao of It o?r quarter; raited aon yellow, BT? 6d a 38? Bt : while, 41*. kite Waketeld . Naeb k Oo call fl*rduil but uachaa?ed, aid wbratld a 21 oooaper (or Inferior. PttDYH-iom ? Buef btary I'orli Arm. but qclet Hxtoc oncbanaed I.ard fl'm al (ta aCio Tailcw drm at 6m. ? * I0i for Butcher*' AMOOiauoa. I*wu m* ?Sugar quiet, but ilaedy. Codeo wncbaasad. KUse Inactive Aahe? Heady ?mell aa'-?a nf pot* at 'i9 1 , and pr?ria at 2#? 31 t,tna???1 oil atealy , at 30< a80< 01. Rnatn? No aalua reported. Spirits of turpemne 'iulal at Ma. LOKDOK MABKrr*. Wheat quiet and prtc*a barely idaIoU'uM, *xr?i>t for prlat lott tlugari qnlst but steady. Ode- lira Tea quirt and prkve a (bade eaaier Rioa rather tighter Tal tow not much wanted, bat atoady at 00* OA. TBI L1TK3T MARKKT8. Ltrmi-ooL Kcv 15, ISdO The salt* of cotton yretordav r*?cUol <>al? Z 004 b? oa? nearly all to the trade, the market c.loael very dull, aod prior* were easier, but quotaniy nuobaug 4. rtie bread Btafla market wai dull The prorla.ou ma-net cl'iaei dull. LonK>K, Weaneedojr nlitht, N >v 11 US'* Orminto clored to day at 9l\ a 03 fjr mont'y , and 98 a flt>f for account. The latert ealra of Amertoan stocks were ? Krle Rati mad 83 a 84. New Yo-V Centra! Railroad, T7 a SO; IiliaoU Central Railroad, 27 a 27 K <M*ooaot A 8Al<KS AT APCTIOW. A_ UCTIfH VoTI<?M-Rl .ItQKSt HorrgaauLo fumni Hire ? Bj ord"* of P Kim >*11 Reoelrer A. W. PoKTKK A OO. ? mUKiMrl. Inixi'lui ?nu*ti b^riMkexpeni ? AQNIFICKRT ai>t'?KuOul? ? U K R JT'J RB at pu -ti.w kOorroii. Al tM elerant reeMerce 218 West Fourteenth ifeet. k few door* trum Ki*blb ?> e?ua, ON TUlK I?*V (WBDKBRDA.T), HOY 28 The 0atAlo*u>- cofiiprwln* tbe Lkrffert aid ririeet aaenr'okent of Hjtueoola Furniture ?.ml Wortti of An Oiler ui at aualija Uuk wuoo, Buperb ?ere? netaee Pikeofwie IClrKfct-V l>*ewle? ?o m bulla, OU I'ato'.inRk, "V emlbnnt art J'n ller a xl fkilel Rlrror*. t)"j ;a4 j>"i OTlritirt, Ae. (Vma?ndii| kt 10K o'elortc. precl* "v lb>> e tire Knmitore ai>d >fui.fiil *ork n of art eojt^jce,l In ibek?re Urn? d *eUln*, kli of moinh ?rlU t>e koid without reenrre. aad mn?t be rrmnryl Immediately m the h >:ikc '? no* to let cnosrleln, k ??ry H>rge ard fl-tfvit %??>? neut o- er'rytbtnj eekto tin to k fatklenable knrt eel* furUkbed rekl:er.r?, la ereeeood, oak aeri axwk^vn r Bale ?i oo mow? la tbu din'ti* room, mtth Hob 'Mirer dare, of tii>K*r? B">'hera' m% > tifaeture, l'ru? < 8 <??*, Forke Cnk? >Mkcw I>l lu* tet?, euperb Frrrrb knd H b-iulan < hlbk criawlc t?ll?a?. rub* en^ravi-d flae?wkre l?or? kud p?a/l 'hil^rr, Frsa> b forrelaln elegant fit- tin** Tkble with Okk l>mlo* doom Furniture l'*r|. re? tern rtrilj Okr?ad roaowwd Purl* fuJix, no rrr?'' In three c dumd brocade, In perfect o-der. *?K?t ard Wilton Oarprta r a?e-ool mirbi? top *t?Rere? mer?n.d t Voire, rota knd Pier Tkb ee. ta > eick?nt birr < Uiwt wlta baaee, dotnuJr kiid r c!i laie Cur n?t, ?rr fb (-bodee Tnrk'.'h <>alre wth Iy>on?e?tn mkt'-h, R?i*p t'on?'fcalr? In lirocadr. elr'?nt r?r\?.t rvr*?r?'l Pi?noforte *tili Killd pe?r! b*n: Mn?lo C?bltiet Dim* m?<pHo?o> <?i U ' r?nn p??f >?k l'ir "r .??neaU. wlib k nnm^er of abmiw >nd ? tlukble P?l Uuii. Mi l "titou Cnrii?t? ?? f(j*i I rbkmim'k ( J1 In r???ro->d end meboeanyi? fruc?rb H?.nU*dt, l*r*? bklr U*ttret?ee [>r*mrK mirnkak tn rbie 0 mat~><1ek Si T >rt, ? renob 1 o*rt Het?; full >011 of Ob*<ni#r Fn-oltn?H la onti'Ke on^ other Cbklr* ?ro> <'h*in rof?e h ^? rtetn m* b(<tkut i bi.ir? iTiooka. Mir >r, in^rktu "*ri ?t? Ac v !h k l?r(e qikntliy of gt od nihb 'tiro tare :>f even i*??t to lioi , (ifrlntbe Htur t'?rpeu *od Hoi m?ro'e tn.i II Ul Mud. KfrhcD Wkre, Ac tkla kt l(Ht o'oln * p-koUslj, rkla or ?km? APRUNHTiLLlltR AUOTjOHIHL rOHlCi-OblimK H 4 LE? V ALU A B 'Jk PROPHITT IV THR 18) H ?Ktl 21 T W ?*!??<, CITY V* UF KK* HTKK. b?lrn*'D* te the ea'kle of rteor*e v <ie*r ADK1A" 11 wl La.Kli will eel! Ok UkUudt/, Wee. 1. HW, kt 12 o'cl?>* ?t the *.roh*n k" I*<U?kB??? Lot Wo. l?l Im> 26'b ?tre?, ?. h? tji feet ??? of Id kTk nr?. J6 feet Iruut b> 98 feet 9 Inch en deep, uow ooier leue kt MO ' ner kut ui.1 o; -n :0b kut itib Hmt. B 8., 1 tO feet ?kat of 1<< k<-e nuf 2S f.-Bt frcut bj 18 feet 9 Inchee de?p. now under I cue kt I1UII dot mnun lot >o. *? K*? 28ib rtreet 8. ? . U* feet ek?t of Ut k??ooe: nndrr lew* kt tav .n-rtenqm Iwm i>?; Uim ?ud Cru^n rmli lot SI +*t froet by 98 '??? ? incbw deep wite hoe 24.' end 20 oo the Itellera* mu of nropertr formerly b-'oecln* tnthe Corpnrktloo. he t?r>> lot* Ij-rn* to K*thrr on the * H of 2Sth et?e?l. SUB feet e?-t of let *rear?, eech StaMJ Lot X3 Ik leeeed to good teiinni kt flUO ter ka mim All of tbeee l u Hi* *klnkble for m %naf Krtortn* purpoeea For fnrlber Ini jnak?OD epplr to DAT Km tuO.t. Aiior neye 'or eetete '/7l H'^wJwky, <ooma U knd IS. or to B. (J. W ?UJ>, Architect. 12 Ueotre Ireet. ADBIaK B. MITLLIR, ADOTIOM?ER. Will Mil oo MondkT. bomaHw :ttt. At 10 o'otoch. m Mo 129 */mt iwent? Qlb etraet, between Herenth aad Sl.k ? cmaai H AHDBOMK BoUtlHOi D FlRMiTuRA OIL TAINT lhOS Ar. & netattne o> mmkiKMr knd ro?ew *>1 Ho'kk, TM% k tetek < hkln marble tor ikBle? B>ueee>k tkeeetry '%ro?tk emdoe CmUlM hmmim knd Onuoenu, Jtm Futures, tJhUt mji/i (ilAMtftm, ( >rn*meot4 A?*. elao. roM?ood Plkuo knd bteoi kid n rklletf a t Oil Pklat late CkUlocttee kt St WkU etreei. LBEr T H KICOLAT, AOOftO'MR, WTa.L SILL tbie dky |k?l?eok?|. November B kt UVi o'ciooe kt Ibe Murk urw.na. 12 * I Mtm et uri HPKI'IaI. 8 aLB M People'* Ink til 21 ArtiMoe' Bkok IM in Metni(Hi!iwn Hknk 100 Ml ' tilted kt?t?? lae. 2t .*0 ?r*Nnle |n> 1UI IU tandt -d m< M ? kir.if*ritt Ine liw Si Keller lee to 2li Mrtn-politko loe.... HO kotv-tmr*, in*. ... M ?1 Mar Ina. acHp 48 $1 0 V /UU U, ?fiit !u nop Ml 1 260 do do. <0. N) W actor laa Jk MruMne In* 2b SB 'eflenon Tne 30 ao Hronkl IB t'eolfkl AR .91) & Com eon neeltb . . ... ? ?<) lAfkjeite In. (0 ? .rekt ?eM Mar Ink KO ?0 .J.reer t.tty Inn W <J btran A Mo W Ina ><a M Kirkann In* ?J Ml Imp A Traders' Ina kO M Am Bi -baj ga Bkrk . . HW *j? Hulrkrre A l>row Bk ? ?) Berk-nkn las M SO C. Maui ? a ite'j Oe IN tlk.KO Ofima and Hnrkt?( Vklley it .R tat au>rt? <?e buads. lUW Tretortoa iaml aa I R R 1st inorto*" bosoe. 8U9UU Mlsa. sad eiisoiin L?ha ART pereeec I'ooeu'irt on ixads (k j p I llOBOol. 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Brraaa alrod by Plying Und. Danea aiied by W aaklaatoa. Boraea aad C'olaa It Jerltar Alao Oarrlva, work Bar aaa ke A aaat bar of Bar t'awa. Oai^ecaa. Waaoaa. hular klalgba. Baraeaa, ttobea, Bella, Aa 1 be KWiba>k areiu ral ro? can. froaa Pol too ferrr Brooklyn l aaa tbe plae? of aale * -rry r v?a aatnoiea. F< r full partlaolwa. pod'creaa, to aooly tithe aaa (inner re, X) Pulton Mraat, Brooklyn, aad il> Kmm Ureal. New lark. TOHE LITIEOE, AUCTIONFBR.-RBCKI7EK'B BALE V of End claee cram orure Pktnofortae ? >etler nf Jndae U-aaard. of tka Hupreaae -onrt o tka (?lf of New Trrk I will eipnae lor aaUr el ancioi on Wednaad ay, Ear. M, al Ika wararoaaaur McDonald A O IM lawary, al taafa o'oior*. Mf tbe benrM of tbe rrHtltoaa af the (ale taaa of t'ooper A Alhrrtoa laajrrn a, a larre aaaortmant nf anperlar toerj aaaaa ortare reaew od taanfortra f Lrae fl >noa kaea barn delehed b? the Reeelver wltk tee m el xporored eralaa, Irua iramre, HMM| laae Ac Ike MMfc ? aow ready f* aiawlnaEoe A ru ? rani er aartap>ale< each rlaao eal* pcaltlaw. Tor am caak JoUN MctXlNAuD, Eaeair*. MORT 1AOB FAI B ?JOHN P R(7 8EM, (ETOBB 0OE aer l-ifeon aed fane I a're'taj will e?l) oa Frtdar at MK A M.. at * Bee' T arret- eiahth etreet all la* /ernEara Ma u.^nad In tero BOH?ac?a ?U -?ako?ant Mofaa Obalre aaar ble U-p Tabiee Briwrla aid "ther larpeta. Mlrrora Uedeteaia. Beddlef. Mahogany aad other Horeaua Parmr ami K taken PuiBllura, Ac. CP WafTa. Attt'ary far Mjngafaaa PAWHRROEKR'B BbLB THIS DAT -B*T.'. A IKOEA H >M auclfcvam *U ? l UM <??. at IMriaflttoi r"T? M Kf* R.iwar? A 11 o'clock, it)' lid of 1 i"'<VnoiH rlad??a tn** toy of Mmi* an<" fltucd allk I)r?aaaa, rslmk *t4 T*it? Clnaka and M v ulutf brnrba Mil* and b a??y r> iw Mumj ?b*Mb HH-lt. akl'W ibT?i C-pa, I'aiSxtr.u iVt'1 fu?? Ac 4* Hj order of rridet?toart. !99 Eadl Kruad w?/, lata of <M H itaoa Hint PAWNBROKER'S f AUK- II LETV, AtJ'^TT ">KFEE, 7* '"alb wee >lf? oiil bal! t?U 4?t, %1 U?? >ol*fc. 4(*> Hlk u4 c4H?r I ??<a ? Qnlta. rii?k? K'lbsar*. IMib? ?baata *bt?u, >>tti l"? t? V?ati, La^raUaa. Naa c?l?. ir . bf ordmr ,J a Uut X. (.batteb ureal RT. UAZKLU, AOCTIOWUit ? *TTTilbi>k? A HtZCt.L Nww?i?i IB rtlcNir. j lh rilinl I fla , WBJ mil 1Mb CA- (TiMl>ri Mn 17. ?i Ki <v??Mfc. JT tbrlr IA" W .*L>?a ** < l/Tl*bT Aa. ComrWu Ei>*lab. U??a bo4 Amerteaa bor; ul MM ttoodb. PUiMWbrb. Ac. OUT oo^na, OnabtlMl of Ieto<-?? Of for^?n ui! dmaalta Dry Oaodb FAItOt AMU *tj?E ?08 l At Frvacb bad t?araaq Paacr tlooda. aaaaandat CM Baeaa, Aaanrt*r?i? tlbhaa f jr'amrmaiWm, rtmna Wu lbiflt, F'ocAn outa Plotta. Mate* Boiaa B?a4a Naeklaaaa. PaAa? Boaaa. rtpbb. *0., V*atb?r ?llb Ghiab. Fapar bad Wot* An Si J. ?oarer. APTTORnw -this oat, a? iik ? n'ntoeb at T torn > Bb-eat lb* btnafc bail Ptiiaraa of a IMa li.? Balnna bad Barroom cntra Tablaa Tumb'rm. " ? -* ? LoOtlac (llatb WnwOwtof). Oonbtag lltaaalla. Ac QHBEirP'B BALE MaJui EINOoUt baru*>bad?ppv*l An _ _ JO HE UJ.T. Kaix* il?pat> ?Wr'f Dated Kit toac, No* ?. 1MB SmmorgjULB -jbocbe rcw?i?Hmo ooom. ao I H aMBIR* A FaIR R1 II, boftkmaara, wi I ar.i Mi *?1. at II #r?oefc. at murmmnm US .V.Man air. rt a .nantilr Hon?a r?irml*l?? tf ? <?:?, BaaBata. Botaa. ?llio? W?r? -idr ?odA ?a JL H. 'mna. Ac , a'at> irink o' Olatbtw aao b quaatltf of M-Aal faralcra. JuHM ElL.LT, BbarUT. QI*!IWD;n AHD miOB r?U AT Al" TIOK -OH AM O RlRb A rAta<;Hll.l>. bucHniMn M II #??<?* M .a f>w~n ?/*, a 1 laatur af rtrA Fur M^la. < J? tlr?.r n, Ac. biai b of San nM f, ulMtwbr*. A r " rT*. FAKJIOOODR BOf?*fJ*J? HunVAU AT ? 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