7 Aralık 1860 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

7 Aralık 1860 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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T TT F, ' N E W Y O I! K WHOLE NO. 8856 MOKNING EDITION? FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, HERALD. 18C0. . PRICK TWO CENTS. SEBIGUS CALAMITY TO THE CITY. Two of the Main Pipes of the Croton Aqueduct Broken. The Central and Lower Part of the (ity Without Water. TI1K t HhE OF Tim DISASTER. The Botcls. Ium) ranee Companies the Poor, ? the Bich, the Ten ant Housei, in a Paiie. ! All the Factories Driven by Steam Stopped Work. SCENES AHOUND THE OLD PUMPS. ARRANGEMENTS TO PUT OUT FIRES. The Entire Police Force and Fire De- , partment on Dnty. GREAT EXCITEMENT AT THE FIRE IN MAIDEN LANE THE W1I THE FIRE WIS EXTL1GFI3BED. SPLENDID CONDUCT OF BROOKLYN, t 4#n (id*) M? Tbere was a g'eat exclt^moct yos'.jrday la this clt/, e*;'.se>) by the stoppage of tbe nsual supply of water, It M rrroarkable l ?l tho ralue of ? good a-jd onv.ant up j!y of this t lenient H not fcii ui.til wo are deprived of it; bat * r.t r U>?'. time comes how ureat <? the ocvry; those wbo scarcity aver oM U for unitary oarpoecs tudleniy ?et that tboy cannot et'irwly rfo without 1', aad re ob'ig- a to have !t for cooking If Tor noth'-rj elss. Agiln, ?uy to show tfafilr want of appreciation of itibeuuii* that tbey waste It esory moment of the day. If they aoipeet a "ceid snip" tboy da not titc the precaution U tors oil t^.e water from Uic mall, afwr having "Might" ? wir.otent quantity for, My a day'a >ise, but reeori w> ibe !a/y method of alloelrg tbe water to "ran all Might," because, as tLcy inert, 'Tr.tclng wafer never trtri**,' and tb's t>ey do in defiance of all law, and evin of pcllto requests frin tho Crotoo Board to e jcmo i in Lao O.ton :bc water la allowed to ran fur bait an hoar at a lime to "civ an ont the glair," because the ser vaiit glria ax* too lary to U .0 tho dirt therefrom. rer taps wben these w <u!d be well pail for dufn^ nothing ??ladlos" flnl that they have to "trot off to the street pomoe or by (trusts for every drop of water they ntu they will be r>'.rc <nr?t l, aod tskii warning n-;t to watte because tb ? y havo pic ty. T'jt Iceeoa ttey had y jeter day, and pcrbfpe w il' for a wetk revive, may bo again 4ts regarded aa soon w a rnll ?-; ply la oaoe more gran tod i? the city hut it Is rtu' > nceessary that If hO'.ackrep em fcish to h.vc ihc hen lit* vT water at all Bcaa.-.aji, tliey wUi have to see for tfccniso'.Tue that It if not waated at aay lime. the flret r .p, sge cf the *?*? r ca?seit *?r- ly any e*. ettemrut, a? the fil'.owlig notioe Lad appeared ia tbe city KHtrDa'c? TO TUW-TT BT.10. CaoTox A< ? mm !>?i asmsT, Nor. IV 1S*0. H"1 p elic is totifUd it,?t tho annual examina* .on aad repair of lb- avciioet *? '" t?J"= !''* ''-.ring Ihoons'Mng week; Uat f:>r U.la pu-jvoee tbr water gi' * at C rot^n ?lain wtr be closed on Tu'aday, the >tb of D-iNaber, aad rtma ib cloaca 'iuttt tbe repairs are cjtnp'ei 'l. Dur of Uie period me city wlll.ol nec:a;.ily, iltpcnd a >>ue ou the rt wrTolra w'thla it* Uuiits ft.r tta dally atipplv th a eo'-.TFc j >?i!al cvr.ry your- butoa'lcg to'th*" In rrea*' I e-iasi-piptlOB au<< vp?t ?? of ti e prcr ot year, and MM obaurlta wb.cb t'ae 3oarJ have met !ti ihetr arrange m?i.tt for a pr: ocrt .cai ad'tUoaal topply, tUe >j ^ctiiy of watrr row In *he r ?>crro!r it !?-*? thaa It lam erer been t< tic r*-n,rae- '-fit, at of ti e ana- at rcpa ri. The pnhlie, tberifare, a B-gentlr requested to av?ld all uaoeoo>fta>y *?*???. and ."or the present to be aa c?oooint oal lu tho itic of *tt?r f r Joir.ce lo and oilier pur^jice as pcftsthle TIOHA^ 8W8tS<,) Crotoa TttOUX* 1 lAlViS, } ^inodact A W. CRAV?<(, j ?>vJ. Tb~ its^i i. .a Oil Dot, howtver, t-iVe place, In conse q genre ef*Mr Lrxrv* do mg. up' it T(slt>nj the rieerro'.r, that tl e hrat* of water * i* po low thereto that It would be laisaie to fu at el! the Stpply at tbe aq :cdc -t R? tMrofore determine t to watt a more favorable opporta a'.ty T&e iacte >f t>u water being so low tin mp l?o? d to t.a e orig'rfcte t la the bt'orc mentioned waate at tbo rtcett ?'e?iia tLap ' aTarm^d tbe honaelfeep-rs ' *t tte'r pi{'^ ?boa d fttft!. But thc# reai oirs* of tiir >TorrAon wi* # f >\ < vt ?? Tbcn tl?c Iw? thirty s % ;er.b cn'ns were I'ft .a t along .be upper part o" I fib are"'?'!, rear wbrre tho dt?a?U>r no- irred. tbey were ombsdJe^Ina ?oft kind of earth to the j p'.b of about seven fe:t. S aw that tune the r'-ad.rg of tbi' tbor i ghf*,c iia< i" m gjlog oe, and it was tt-o tntontien of tbe rn.u lcl^s' g>rern meat, If oar iu' .ra>?tU)n bs coir- t, tbit tt: aiater al ase4 for t at piirjor? sborld ho earib, aa the lerci ra qa'red an e'?T*t'ou of extra f>?t. It apiwara, kow?Ter, that tbe atracU>r?, !b ?.?ad of n ag earth f>r thie pai oss, in r.ary lrr:?r cs ma.'e us.' of hrary r k This inifht not, la orHciry ra^s, hare mtd? moeh aiiisience; bi.t n tb'? It^'atoc '.t t.a? ra *cl a ? id ii not a fearful r.Viam ty. H i^ere the fault 1U'? In a ?,g this bres' h of < rat/aft we .'o rot saybut tilths'* a fault ?one art ere. IVrHr* btf re gcir.g fart>>er, i?r tbe in format!, n of in ?e wbo bare not stcc th t'mtoa p' tt nay b' \* veil to tUu tu -y ar mad. rf cist Iron, are Utt?' i .t lu^^ r'l, r i\fl r Ibe J data-d ? ciot prla o'fle, t'i esactir 'he s i : : o'.air?r as the ] >!rt? of a ?ove [i- ar- ? t ? "'if r, crly that a fir ?? ?;?-an lily ol t! -j snail eo-lof tbe C/Si?n p'f< la lewrted Into the soekat o> t?*ger>.n i thaa a tbe "amoce p pe ' These Jticll i! . ? ? ar ' ' i i "a*- rerer?''y wt ' s <: Icrcl t??etb. i, ?ot :a tM.t t ?t it rf most likely iw t toe !*? ss a i nill lea ?re oe r-c ' s r.ewbrre "C nt ?ti i>i , i of wster r roar awty a atoae;" therefore It a l lo h?- ? J a' Ira1 ft wore away His et-Hi be ntt 1 1. ? , ?? ; a ? * ' ' r< TV' ,i'-n, tb ? * ? . is. ti.ut tt< v . . ht tf r. a- I ra'lb abore i 'tt.- r " -la- ?r ?; L>r . tbi ' ?ins or i I ^Kife of tke i- '>?' f %'|.|. > eeei >u the case, cvrtatn it ts that eaity j ' '?> Cio r -g a Krir ? ? per of p'pe ?a* *f. at<i a *e \t <>f :r?s..-r f ' . > re an' w*'->i are g> 1 aerta l*, bet very bat ssae ara as nny be Jc 'jfJ fr ro the *C/.N? NUN rua FHRIK. .* ? e ijt t " r nnenrrel la tbe netf> bwbeol o' ? rty ir.nr, t, at 'iit-t 1ho *ho'" ii tf ? n, >?! ate aarr??.!?i ii g rwiiiry. The Arsenal ba*rm?t* w re pl'tc > ae.'er mt'-rr, \n 1 the irw e? atry roan 1 aV ? t (ne?< ; au S'kl ' -k. n?c col iacu. i mcd In tne Sf*c.3ca t'raia of tb? ?" Struct a t f the i.'eatral Ta*k Fort n ate' y bai".Bjs lo t'"t jhb- b "1 vr f"* ar 1 'ar betrcee ?tberaiaj l? dui ,e tliat ?? i ? ?i j ctobi!? ?*t ie ?r r.i h? .. cittas' ?? ? aal sap*na'*e. Wb.^n tbe il'ic'jsnfj was .rst made the ?tr"ani *aa lar from be tug < f a-.y eatfit, aad ols ?.f the "dto^rwtrt,'' If bevay bosj rai^ * (l.tkeagM M a?vee fri-m the sesrera' t! . at tal, b t afv i a t!. rt time f. und that tb? water tLcreas' two ra.irtl) to be from tiiat sou ret. flj th. 're fere gare mformat -a thereof tn taoee wlnm o thoigat a>. s ?:* !y to S'l a i Ui it Votwltbstau liog tUls, It ap pears tb -t .be r mbi inaica'ioos or conoectlots Vta?? the np,*r and lewer retenmlre wrrf nt closed till Ore o'clock ysaterdsy ra>rn lag, and ta*' ("re 'or more thaa halt a Jjaea boats the Wn'ir wis rnnnlng feons the hreeV , eot ooty ferwarl fr in the ujptr r-s?rrolr, but baekwarf from Hi hwi r no-, y rely some iktsko should bare been etatt mod at tbeee r*e rro so aa U abut the ?odgatea at Ute II rst alarm bo nr.tur s.U tber the revolt pro to serious v aot Th- ar> a'i Vss or t one result, g from the s|i >(>afs of tt- r. m og of ti a . te? cannot be to grra* as a ?" ? . s t/aksge for erer f* I >nr?, spreadlBf leetr letion "I I ; ? rty 1 crt.sps fir t"e? arm, ' In U. ? sa 1 mm ? h? i ?! of wst r ? ?? so r-ert as to tear I'; d f ? ik.- a |ctvral haTi** W tt tt rMtrf. *? r " M the (apply ?u abut off, Mi. Cnrm (?i * |U| of men (a work excavating, r> M 10 roaeh the pipe >. M a were withdraws fro* the Central Park work* and other places. ud orer a hundred wero ?. work before day l'tht. The pig wu mcrsaae ? 'i ring the day, and doubtless might be stal farther Increased, wtth advantage. There are pleaty of Idle men who would be will In* o earn a day > wages. Hie Croton managers nd en Ineer should im to thla. One bin* la oertaln, there shoul 1 no. be any delay Even when the laborers are goae to their meala there should be a seocnd faa| la rcadineea, ao that the ' work* ahoud not bo Idle a momen , aa waa the oaae yea- , terday lor roll 'en mtoutea at supper time. If the mea i wero changed hourly, working oae off and on * on, It 1 woolJ hasten mature, aa Ue men would be tn abetter i ?tateforw ik !T ibus rell red. Erery minute la of va i Jut when the city Is In danger of being burned dews or , the people of iufTv(iag for want of water. HCXNKd AKOl JCD TOWN YESTBHDAT. The general ?oese around town was far from being a 1 qu.et cne. The ery every where was "No water'"? "the ' Croton Is turned off"? ''What shall we do/" fce. The t itals *ero,mxu>' o? htm, in what may be termed, a ''pretty Us." One hotel, not many mlloe from our offloe, 1 *. r.t arrrrs the strest to a "ne'ghborlng dltio" to borrow h pitrhcr of colics, aa tbey had no water to make any with i nt'.l their carman returned. This ceitainly waa a bad mto o' aflalrr? w an \ Ions customer callinj for "co'Toe | and cikte ' an J perhaps deniei that blerslng In eon cqotcee o? the Oot^n giving out. Our reportor i v:i!t<d the tar cf s lager blcr raloon, and was ?b^nt to ta';e a '-drink of water" from a pitcher on j the conn (or, when To! II wai empty. Be asked the bar W> p?r for It, to try the (.fleets of bis reiucst, when the < it Uiler of her demanded "ten oents." " What? ten cent* 'or a ;? *?? cf watej? Von only charge six ccnt- for bler." "Yer," said be, "I would sooner sell you a glass of blcr | or t Ix rot ts that: that rater for ten. The wholesale orrt J Is Lot ?o great. For tais pitcher full I paid twenty Ore ? : ts." Rather d.?r (or water, this, In a large oity;al- i uii tt as had ax "0 b-.ard the Great Etstem. Men were to i seen coirg \Htut the olty wtth oar r els of water, selling t at teo neuts |*er galion, and eagerly It was bought up , I. ? many. ir some of the unemplojei wl'l this day lake a couple of | ails in tbc'.r hands and carry water from the ? r> dra..ts or j '?it? to the bonnes In the upper part of the c'y, they wtll J <Qbtles? And good employment aud realize .'sir nay, ir not even a haml oroe am Mia; or their labor. Sorao biys wero i ?r(,:d yesterday mvtnirg In sbove.llng the snow in the ( !?) Ha'l Park Into a pall for the purpose^of melting I'; ! h it us this wu c:aaed, it is to be supposed they did uc I am! tbeir !a!'Or pa 1 so well ai getting the water from the pump or hy. trust. although much farther otl. FCSXK* AHOCKD THE riJIF*? CIT* PARK. The rnmp In the iictgbborhood of the City Hall Pa'k beipf need for watering tbe horse* of the Th'rd aveme cars, the proprletc re tbovgbt at to keep tbs ha .i lie Inslds ?tor wooden watchbox- therefore ro i'se cool. I be made i ' this pemp l>y any but the car drivers. The exenee for ? !i dn ,-ig va.'. that '.be:o was "not ainfliclentsipply in tte w-ii lor the whoia city, andas tbeir horses wan.cl what the *i.i: eooltlcsd ttiior pjoplo mi-et go w.tbaut." Th:a r?aj he all rtry well; for persons "hava a right to uo shat tl.e> like with tat.r jwd " but oil.. r peo;>'.e did not rjem to like IV ;uk nmr at citt jiall tlacb. At >un 1 1 Uif pump a sotue af rea! Ii'e occur red yester day that wt-B both "rl9h and rare " City Hail plase runs , rom ? ittUn aiiott t ? l'tul, tn a diagonal direct Ic a, acd t rctr that olar? ? reg' n known as "fire Pjiuts. ' The deniaeus of the neighborhood turned on tn all the bca V .a of "dirt and rap," ac<! voted to the puap WHb every kind of at net I that ccul I he obtained and ca j* Wo of hold lug water, woolen ware, tn the thape it ? aal.lcba, barrels, pnlla, &<?.. There were painted patcct pal's and palla with'-.';, pnlni. There were palli with run/ IrjB fcoopa, paiit with blue painted Iron toops, pails with braaa teei*, and i*ila with aceroe'y a hoop. Tbo 1 tnT s were naariy In the same condition? some being ?')>raa row," and Krao appearing nearly m old as Uto city I'solf. One nan la ti.e ce^Lborh >od or the Now ft* cry -aid he aal sold Un new waahtubs and twenty seven pails that mo.-niBg. In mftal wars there were . kettl'-e, puis, boilers, mll'? cacr, dish isns, tin waah ba- j sins, pannlUBS, dlm.er j >a1li and tin hott'oa. The ketUca and hollers were of brash, oor per, Iron and tin In p>r ' c laic atd i tone wariUtcre were (*eep di?b ?, iara, bit j i.oe, aid una ociUln round article wtt!i a i.andij. that I is i ??* yercrally fir afar dlflhfcat purv ee Anythisg that cobid be laid bold ?r sewed fit far tb? ptrfm, at Icaat for a time, the paaic be.rg ?o gmeral. The pump, It n pears, ba<l br*a repaired abo.t twelve i mcnlhssiuce by Mr Soaicb a itabie kef psr n the near vMta ty,at acrsto; ?? sac slaty U.>i:ars, for the purpose of ! avh./ a fHHl ripply of wat'T with which to wash offbis carriages and water b s h< rsc? A ftki.d of h i suggested teat r.< * m a good t me for h.m to get back part of b'? out ay. "So," s vd he. "they cancot drain Iba well If iliey ?;? till 4eon eday, and It tncy only "raw the wa ter, why the iMtmtag rucam mcst bectlt ineteai of In Ji.rirg ttc well. I ?b*.n't care If thry do not break tbe tan '? the vutker " "Ail right," said th* policeman "lUttetotte tar die " Tbe potlocman then to-* bis (taiUnattbe; c >,and did net again lcare it until re ,*T?d. *>?<? \ttict'tg *cer:? here occurred The H P. "raed ti e cta'aiaata 'or water lot- a line, and madi eacU take It s t<_* n. As several ertoaa tame with bar*ela ib?< motr made lUm take a paWil and pat H lr.to their barrel, tt .an tako tbetr tun agaia ca the 1 aa Tb; ? *11 the iiralicr c'aln:?D? got vened qnl^ly, wL do the "whole Ml <.ial>^" bal io w*tt, aad yet Ufl . watt, frr ?b< c tte l.ae wa? etert he got hie water as .itokl/ ? b# ffluld put It tsii tbe barrel The ?"tc aoon ofBur >d i very gal'aut y- tog maa.ar.d overy fomaisUiat < Hint i-e p,r P*1 he* pad be (hre tbt^e of tho mea, ?o that ti ? '"car r 'at r?" fhould not at aad la the wet. il;a *.y i i*rly rar'tl ttai tirui le, for at n a ploap. ?? ie ? 4 , ?? ir - l a'red wer.cb same he t ?< her pal' ?? 1 p'reeti It to be ftilrd btit alM, nil It be arat talk ng ti be r, '"mc mi?.r*.?ct walked oil w lb the giiTipall m ir i t.tber girl or polio?mv aotte ng Mm. Wtr? tbo I ??? *aa .f'Oud c t tic Ibl i was far a^ky, auJ Ux. p"-r 4 j c < ) et" bttaa.s u laawtl for tie lota f b^r i.a'l " 1 It * '.at " ? -vfU 'o M tie wafr," said *be, "bn? to t.??etbi fi'.,lt'?im' it A ' Ail In? gfMlcma-} ,n blu^ i id . to Mtaole L. r r| |,t u?e, aad awa^ 4><! waat "la a In I' " -1'H msr at RAW RKtVUfATt Tt e | >i?ipat Hh- r-,i rtcrri I ?n 3r ?d ray aa 1 M ti ?gr?m/' ij atrial wr.a -tri' -r drd ??fr?to early morn till dewy e*a" j at If as! a huMrtJ <sj r 'acre atb*r?.?d tiumany >i,jlM at.d : i'e tt? tt.aj>??r of hao ls ??ra rea<ly to ' i#Kel'< r r, I the jr I irt i f tho ? Ciw with tha ^'^'fBtal ' Tt was tbat drrts/ the <*tr!y part of U< ?>; a < hari>' aas ua4.e t y the owners of tha ?P for fWtb j*il '?( water Irawe; t it sot bar eg seen asy tvth char, tctia, wo< i 1> glva tbe ruii >r aaattared ?) tit nti'i oad. lathe al*r ;>art of tha *aytba 1' a ' k l >'reef tha pu?". urd hard th^y worked or loi'f i 'n. f< .r tt>ef ptitvtpad, aad ta y pumped, bat li>i re tlpy pumped the aa *r at t th.ikcr ear a Mia rr,? ?< Otii p^neaiea are good at "paaplag," aa .1 ke geaera.i} Ee .rrrtwod. tii* rtap i* crWHKT imti bt ? fnted tcrta t<? the be Ritnt.norit, ef ?? jHiui' rba.'?, !(?(' i ? ir'gbt have l?e' d a tr "e i- rt er and ptrhap* a Hltta mof ragged. Tha police i na*?'c 1 the |?m; a? i did fit r bet Jo ' , saltsa tho d?. ii .bt.'.K-L jf %..{ ?a*.r Ibe ptrpie ware eery tsoiry la 1 i half dr?s H. aa< eTery oca wanted to be flrst, espe , r'ally the wf>uiru Toe floem?fl r?C4 that he would | > v>ner li*rc In dcel with tw .oty m?r. than one of the nbeny ttrtot wt mm. ri-wra mak rvt irrra raar or thk sovhrv. the p*imps ir Third a.rtet aat la f ira; straat were ta treat r'laaat. The crowds tha C <aed ta them seemed aa ir U><y wou)J nattr <nd. Tbe people Ir this elelnity Saaaaed ta ba afrali that ttey weald asrar agangeta (ft p of water thrregh tbe Croten plpea, for they appear ed t> be l*)lng la a stock itr ctaa for a moath'a ooa aninptlcn at loait. One boy was cbaanred to bring bla 1 pall tweuty three fir.ee wtthla aa ko<;r ivuibtleaa be was nippjjteg n* cr wants berldea bla own. Two men, I each holding oca handle of a wash tub. patead to aad ! fro several tlmis while oar reporter was ataadiag near the spot. torrrAiK n? nriow QtAaw. Whan 'he ap towa fbtk* came down to bti*iaew? yea terday moraiag they fonad tba basla of the fo-'nta'n fall if arate-, bet by a vary littia afl?r dar* tlie aaasa wee empt ed of ail tbe water It oeaU'sed, lt? r*;k c?r b| f?r? '?/ ?at| *-;ar to get j ibcir water H ?.a foettivtly stated that BUT cams Hem M ar ?flf m Ujj Fir it avenue to get their abare from bli reservoir pre lem. Thia sup ply is tcaroely aa good aa ih? pump's for It baa already givm oat. T1IS HTDRAKT8. The drlnklrg by' rant' ware yesterday brought icto uio for supplying the wanta of the n? edy . Tbe polktt took tbelr st>nd, or rather sea a, on tap of thorn, and de liberately turned tbe wa'er on > nd off m each pall m Oiled. At these particular apo i no barrels were allowed to be 0i:ed, ? nd thus only tbe lealdents st the Immediate ne'ghborbooda were able to take tbe water. Tbe polloe at i bese places took the matter rtrj coolly, merely re questing tbe people to keep In line, and as the water came without labor, Ifcore was bat little < xollement at thehydranta compared to that at the pomps. These byOrifits were brought into tise whenever they could be of idrtntage. SCKVK IN A BASFMKNT. One o' tbe basements In tbe "Fire Foists," by some meers bad become flooded, ant It Is moat remarkable how soon It was emptlel jesterday, when on any other occasloj it might bare krpt lu bat etat>< for weeks. I la true the water was rather alrty, bat what mattered that? The "dirty water would do for washing, surV nd by ro< n It ?aa all gone. Another baremeat, In Wbtc'i the Crotcn was running slowly, was so besieged that the owtcr had to sbat and bar bis door to keep out tbe ercwd. Doubtless force would have been used t j open fie door, had not the news arrived of the water to l>e bad at the pump In City Hall plaoe. THB CROTO WATBB BOARD KOttCK. The following notice was issued by the Orotoi Water Foard yesterday morning, and was placed cosispicuoaa'iy In all publlo placer:? Cium* Wat*r? NoTtcn ? in eontiequence of the bre*k iBf o: tb rr ata wator p i ?i on Fifth avenue, tbe water aspply la lAnch redwed. I't-raens residing In lb j central part- of ibeoity can obUln water from the hydrants lu Hard arenne, down aa low aa Fourteenth at rot t, and In i.lghtb avirue, as low as Forty aeouxid airest, and in Nu;tb avonoo rom Forty second ereol tj Kourtoeoth rtnet. Tbe hv. rant' will be by llie water nMtoo for tb 8 paipcM The utmost eco-.omv will !>c oeoeaaary, to laiure eviu a lltu ted supply fcr flomMllo pu?p:w??e. Itur t>K this (TCr'mi ihe aupp v for rhlppnj.', CL-.-ifvto rltr, fco., w'U, >f ce<v"?lty r.e rut off tntlrc'y. lacw HTKl'HKNj, President, A. W. CKAVaN, Ch.tl Kagmeer, TUoi. la TAI'i'KN", Ass't Co'nmt??'r, Croton A iKviuct Board. I'aor t A<i\ sDrc?f>?iv r.niasr. Iwc. 6, 1800. The following o^t'oe from tbe departmoai bss bren served t:p<-n owrrrs of taanufac'.ur ag rstabl abir. :nts, and Is pnbiUhcl fbr tbe lo'orma'lon of tfcs parties con cerned ? I'roti* AyrsrrcT DVAUVttrr, r>ei fl To o?M5iibho> Cbuioji #ari?ros nasi faoti siac I'va sit> axii Iwiijks; ? \ u are her< by not i Oil to use oo watar Tor tac above pa oaos until the further do1!o?' or ibli Iward. XROS STEL'flENd, i Cnton IBOL B T iPPEtf, '? Aonoiliict . A. W. CRAVBS, ) B ard A powerful look'rn Hibernian, when renting tbe iatu>r cotire previous 'o taking It 'o his employer, said to the messenger '-Bow the J?: can ws ute what we hareo't ' got, bwt luck to y. " Tbe ut set^r vamos^, b-iM Ing h's dcss ai If !t bx* been bitten. During the morn rg ^uperiutenden . Kennciv n>tlJed tbe S' v<*ral pree'.nctK to have tbo ; atrolmea itfjnn a'.l , proprlo'crs cf factories to itop the uas of Croton trll' further not loe. Uformat'on was alto f> rn sbel the clti zens by tbe pol'ee that tbe bsratlnf of he plpts would cuttiffthe water Him entirely, ? 1th the ex option of along Rlgnth and Ninth anenues OFFICIAL NOTICE BT TITI'MAYOSt. 'n ooBKiuenco of the dlmln'died supply M water, b!? fiocorlbe Mayor baa addressed tbe folio wing lottjr to the Buperintoncent of Pelloe ? Matob's a, Nsw Yob, Doe. 0, 1M0. Ktb? ' he withdrawal of the cats! s. pj i? <+ water by tV r- ? ti npramt rea-lers It, lb my Judgment, neces rary t'. I at large a police lorcc aa can be spared for tbo purpose rt>all be rUt'oued In tbe tower or buitncas part , iftner y. to protect tbe prop< rty or tbe mnrchaots in <a*e oi P'c. I therefore rsrpeotfu'lf r<rv)ma?etid that j r n g| f* tbe r.eoef#ary orders to this end witb as Utile telay a* praetiaabie. J am yours. \ j , fiiHN' tNlo WOOD, Mayor. Jonn A Kanranr, Esq , Ueuera' Baperiuv-ndcat o' Police. FOttci norma. During tbe day the Twenty third i recioct gare ootloe tbat tbe stoppege of tbe water would not aflfcet tbe city abov. Seventy ninth rtreet. Toe police were not'Hsd to be u promp* ab possible at the On a tn tLs Tlitrd, t >utlh, Fifth, Sixth, SeveuU) and ElghUi dtstrlote. -TgiWDOATS. F learn 1* n? were aieo Informed that tbey rooiJ col ob ta'.a their inprly <1 water from the cltjr. The Union Terry Company notified the Cb'ef Kogln?<;r, Mr. Pester, that Meant would be kept op in til their boaia. at J one kept n rreerre at tacb ferry, to be wed in caw of are. Inspector Uar|**ter ?? on Jut/ all night li att o 1 flr<e. f ICTOHIg*.? TTJtlR CONDITIO*. Tbe large csU'iiehment owtcd br Mr. Green, of i?prnee etreat, thai r nppn> a almort all Up ateaui power for Uut neighborhood be* to get ll? water froja oar ataier eitiea tc k ? ]< their tt glii^e gn'ng. Thong, the ataeblntat, la tbe name nelgbbe.rboo.!, kept their p\are la full work ye?ter'!ay, but they had a large well oa 'fee r prc&ilaca, wUlch tbey aurrtcl woe 1 4 enaVe ibrm to dlrp'&i^ entirely with the Crotod, If nec *?a y ' Oib'r asachliitti'.t wrra tmfoit' rakty rot at well oif. Bun ? b.t 1 o?iy ( tab! ?Ua. nt, at Uto ecrner o* CVfl ard frankfors Mrettr, wu Idle , crteriay afar t waive 0 clock at no ?, la eonae^naace of tho wait of water Thli alone larew oat about two hundred bard*, au1 tUe It tt of motive power to their teaanta, h?i the -ilett of ?trpping tbe wrrk of two bntdred and fifty n,'.ro In tbe anr.c balldng. Hnll'a oap Tactory aae Idle at far a? tbelr w?r',? were co teamed, but. tbey were licry tn opening an old well which baa be?a tioecJ tip for orcr tea year*, and watch tbey ItteW'ly fotmd to te 'nil of ? agnat' water, Into which tbey threw itaee to purify l? Thry ra.i tbe old cry uacd to be ?'bow are yen off for amp " now it la ' biw are y>n off for water?" Th'? water crnM only b? uaed fcr tr.aklng (tram, and aaltta tin y can a^ewb?e obf a a further fuppty ttiey w.ll bare to giro op mad If g ?-^p Tot I W priatnt. Several faetoika bare taddaaty dMcorerad Ibat old tetk* tr old wel a are la tbeir immediate rie'gbbort < !, ibd p'embera b.re he<n batl'y engage! Am Ir gout ;r.? beat way to riach them. fcaubhaeintkta tr.at bare been forii ine ta^cgb to bare **Ur in tUe.r btetm i.le, have bail npall metal ft mp* flxed tor forcing t.,e acute let? , tfce vpper atorlea. p?trriK? orricr*. Harper "? large ci'aN'.ibment had toaatpetd work yr? tejday rntn tbey g't water from B.-.w-klyn 'n carta Ibclr forty two i r<t?*a were Hopped, a* wa? al?o all t?? ir.a<-btt(?y in tbe binding derartinent ae4 tbj lr>:u^ a; ;.*rit i tv?f "it frt for want of atcam Tbla ha-1 Vbe iff ? t it li re* . g fritit tLrre to fenr btjulrc l out of ex l'k,y rbl!e tbe ii-^am waa atopf'-^ Tbey ba^i a wejl la ibalr prrm r-a. ba\ a? ? olUn the cam alv n ward* i t waa lor.r a t<> be dry. rte new'rar" < r b? I to fetrb all tbei' *a^r rr*>m RrockljB or Mbar rwiita The Rntnu) t> Tloe bn !s?l a largr bogtbraU Saed in tbalr baaetnent w'tb a pipe to , rrtr rrt it wltb tlx boiler. Two rar'a mrrylrc twi re tx |tb?adi wire en .t'auaily going to atd f on B'f 1 1 j ii with aater for oar eatabllihnient, atd we are rnaW<-<! by tb?oe waaa to p. event or r na.1 ra btlrg tlliappoUted of tbelr da 'y rbirt. We are grratiy ladebted to Mr. RtioUex, Br. k Ijn V'?'?r Vtrreyor; rtyrvt P. ^m'tb, Managing l>iiei.4"r o! tbe l'aioa >\rry (?B;e?y, for tbelr klndteaa i* aeiietli g o* la o\.r eadtavara. ?Vne of tbe i roprietnr# o' farlrrl?a refnart to -lie < tt li d the ire of tLeC.etna wblrh bapprned t? rra late their < tiabiirhmr&M tbrergb the pipea. Tbe oocee qurtre ia itat tbey have bad tbe water rut eff firm tbeir feelorkr. Tbe tame cocrae wll '?a adapted t'.war?a otber* If Ibey part it la being Octtibcrger * f)nary, tie and pirter i rewery, ooni?r of New Eoai'y tnd .laraea atreat, hare a tpleodlJ wall uhlrh r ppllra tbelr brewery with all Ute water tbey at prracnt r<<, lire. Tbey bare I at ed tbe fd'owlng notice ? 1 0o*t?o? Pt*5rarr, ? ?i?? 1m coraniwree "f tbe anpply of water from the Cum at prewat belli rw oat, we raapertfuky renueat ton to pnbhah tn yoar pap*r o morrow a^rn'ng I bat wo bare a well of water oa err eataMiabmem which will eejp'y the re rib weH. wtP. therefore, atari tbe rnglee m tbe mor?t?| to p imp op the water; bi t at tbe ?ame t.me, to prev-nf eotftniea, we wool! Kte the nap i t* a <*f tbe / ouftb wir I to p'Kf ? p-llwrnM to ?eep ? ! order. W.? shall make no obarfe, tt will *>* ??" free u 1 water. Voort, to. dorrsBiRi * rxnvY n?w*re, corner JtaiM street &uil Nm dower y. Db onus d, 1SC0. Mr. Barrison, brewer on Sullivan streit, bu a well which yield* tlx thousand gallwB an oar. Hat bob & do. | bre?er on Bherltf street, can supply four tbouan* gallons an boor. Mr. Tay'or, th> In'-rnattoTia) Hotel end Harris, Kuan A Co., ot Sherl.T *t>oet, hare wells of Urge capacity. Our greatest danger la from Ore, agates. which we cannot take suHlolent precautions. TBI FUK IX MAIDEN LANK, At the Are last evening in Maiden lan > (he greatoat ex citement provulled for fear tha water could cot be ob tained to pa; |i out, and u the plao ? waa a wholesale drug a' ore. the destruction of 'he entire blotk seem< d in ev liable. The two in first main p'p<a befog broken, the supply thiough the .jJiails wm very small iniee), scarcely ?*>ugb to ^tifl'on tho bone whi'c par* .n< through. TltoariaB^pM.:.tB of tbo Fire Department were so go ti that In a abort tlioo a heavy etrcimof water was brought from tbc river by means of the ?te*ui engine i>Uyiug ib to ilie Land oogltjca, and n jn from one to tha other till It reaobed the fire. Two or more linee ol ongtuos wcie thus firmed. What would bavo beon too roBul bad the Qt? bei n more central it ia iiapnf -ib'o for ua to ' ray, for tho (i'Btecce to tuo rlv r would havo been almost u r at la Irable. Tbc following octicts were .atuod last even! ;g ? SO CROTON WATKK. E*RKi*t rv i-.a IV mTajit ? Meintxtre in n't bo reil / a every aj#n> gf tiro notil further nettOB. T w J. G. S^rin has tteriji nn re? 'y for duty, Bv oider J Y. WaTKIHsJ, Jr , Sooreitry. PA'lI.E H?OK AND MUM* CO., NO. 4. Iii atm querioo ot 'is :<a>oit.v or water iu tho city 'be meailer! <>f ibis r.iiiApao) a.-e bo< oby aotiii ?l to it'oad ail IlrcS in the fil'b, .''*kb, tH-vfjath and K'ubth Dlr'.ricts, | unt'l further notioo J. J BOBRA3, Foreman. \\u V. 1'ii Hii .ocroUry ' CMOT<?N 6TOPTED? MK1U JTAKT!?, IOOK TO TOt'H STory:-". to wr. Bnrroa O* iaa h?rau> New Yoax, Hoc. fl, 1S60 the Olvtca bavliir stepped entirely, 1-H c*ery iwraou ; ree th*t llres *10 rclooea oerlp (or put entirely out w mid be bolter ) JC? oji a letter :a eveey atoro >r h*;:iiog Pi1kl!i .j; ?ii wuirh J*t the lo?ai patrcl order e :cr> man r? fluty, and tho polloc pot eyrry m?n no duty that ran be i -ar. d in tbo low<r '>art 21 the ctty.aad aavc m'lliona ot fropcrt) fr > m a ccetruotlve eoefl?>rattou ivei KANCE SfcCliKI vrtV. OIH 615TFB rilT? 8PIKKDU) e ONDCCT OP BH XJILTN NotwUbstalidli j? the troublo that would ri .li, to BrocMyn sbi'cld tb'y run abort of wvjr, they have n *. placed a aitiflo obstm Aion iu iro " i\ of the is l irers on tblf side of tho riwr from oktatnlng as micb .ttor&a they wanted. The (>o'y reflation iri|u> a wan, f <r tli party aautliig tho wator to mt -e au application to th< Water One Closers and obU'.u a psrmit to dr^w it from tbc hy rtnt. Oar sister cl y 'a coaduc. intMainat terlswoitl.y of ail pra'*e acd oar l-ypitt reap ::t; fir

had tt not I'*? for her kladnesB In tliui fctstot.og vs. many vast ctt.bl ji vnoLts wonM have tn ich roor>? seri ously Bv irercJ thin they n * do. We give tie f )llo#ln* as another spcrimcn of Uirir kind syuputhy with us, and n d<alre to help as in our need. The grcates'. ex^iomont prevailed throughou'. Brooklyn In reference 1? llioaloppife ui the S'cw York * .tor snp ply. At the Irrpector of Poll e oliice, n tho City fTall. a boy rccbrd in, 1 auticg ul I ou of broatb, with tho roilo^v lng BLnorncetucn ? B.">v? New Yoik's on Are, and I am ecnt over to yon. I*trs< n?> l ulk? Wo j has seut you? B?.t (wiMly, and a!m'?t out of brcatn)? They gave me a dollar to ccme over here. I* i nct. a (?n*loaal>))? Woll, bn where 1 tbo lire? Boy (earneetly)? ' They've gla" me a dollar n <u<ne over btro to i ay New York's on (Ire. 1.>- c icb <w ruily)? But where la lUo tire Iu N w York, ?? 4 what am 1 to d<iv Boy (r^t .t:ca"y)? Il.'-y gxvr me a ?!oUar? I..<"a< t^a (!n despair)? Tell tac what aoi lia <1 1* d"T n . * hat naltnl.v th a time)?-Yen are to inad oa a double nxt. in ertlne ovor toKi* Tor. th. .o is no water Uierc, and thewbolo c'ty will bo bu ot to aalMB. 1? <? 3re Is In ibe ffigltb dUtrlct I.n unuii (to a l bo. mato)?~Yon tati <! >wu tbl? b"> a r.a ae I don't know blm ud let Ike i'?rm ic ecunded. tit iBBjwtor, rather hast'iy ) Tte lade name was forthw.i.1 ecie*eJ, and tn a. arm bell wm r *iudcd (or tne engines to go It tbe Pal too ferry, and afr^eaitly to the vary ev.illent arranreti uts tbe several onmt ail? were bea/i* rattKai |?st ti.e ciiy j Hall, a id toaa taey p >ure?l lorih !rom other lonalltlet , t w?re? the '? rry At flrat It was sa' I thn th.. ilr ? w?? . in Warren Bt/eet, t j 1 thai in c }asiiiiieaoe o' '.he want o water the Jreadf^l sccli* of Ue.nmbsr, IBSt, were llidy to V re eracH'd. Tbe flftmn, ?onee^oeatly, ?.r? brisk, and In au locr^lbly shi t iIbm U>oy hit er ane<t the (cm but on rtaeiong tuo New York ! Bide they 'font that tho flo wa? .a Mai<5. o aoe, ani not is Warren Btrvcl, and that tho Nvw York nrere'n bad conn tered and aabdaod tt. Mu.-l gra t'.fl .atloB was ospreszed by tbe B*ookl)r!Us on wttB ?a Ug tbe rtlucu ef n< ir Ore o.r.ii'Aeit i at an early hoar, > wlthc .t their BwriliiBB ha\ rg t.e -n c?iU-1 into ar l.re r. qols'.tlon Ia#r<tU>r Fo'k de'ervea ss'-eta ctodtt 'or ttepr -ni"' I vacnrr 'n which be ee"^! t^e ale ito^u Be ?'??I, aud for Ilia efllcleni a'.d te reaJcred in rushlag firwa d j w't'i his stall of oifi. era to aid in tbe rtilnguM ,rg nt ! what a 'gbt lave l?a? n a learf 1 r'>nt!" ? at1 in IntttUgcncoi MtiTWl ' A?0 Uma Kit* I *1a ? v Ibc.t Ita o'clock c.: Ti M?> i. ? ii i lbs lumlM i.f . b*Jte No. 83 tWrtCea'l '. Ml *erc itl.rj"! bv Ondicf ? mar. *rP*'"n 'F '? * T'F ruilt'v l< uf ob tbo fioal dxr rt'p Oa ttit u' ?, wuat tut lb?lr eurprlao to tod UiaI liio itj rej at to ru hh other ibaa J*i.;<-? Nol rlr* * rrnldert of tbc b "to. ft ' in bleediaf profusely iron * vo.iuit m tbe ? ?*u 'n , ? 111] *" Hiwlf ?w t*e r??'i t?al tbtf Inlet t pro trvud roienl tnohne fuo ? w'ltiiuoirwMtwMi (l<ait. ) fr< m the tOecU o' ; .(? r ar*p*riij fr* m I** b!<x i), ?? tblt he ?.'?B t.eab:"> t.< g ft any n? -"?it o* th ptiur li arb'rb hit tb> irjurf. fte wf at one r.moTtJ to Be!a..J* If ft mhc" ?-< rt w r? ami* o * i*rttiMl ?ito4t -? 1 *tij: i -r u <r tbe eptetoa ti?t tv.a won** Mil ti*orc fi tat, hut ??*? tbe f?txri ?i,l m uWy i'-f * for a day irivo 'a HliBniag to miUchhiw.^i Ma''}*'* w*? <mab|e to ralat? bow or Ii wbai ;im: ?rl<: ' ? ??? to bin woi r.-llBf. AU It kurw *?? ihlt'wH-iV'V ?<me onataUSIe v.e i V'Slanta*' w. ' Ui*' 1 e fell to ' frrind taflateibia Wbttbtr ra*^ m;-d |9 n. ? fata j WBT I < Br* ? r< rut .v.? IB i V l"> *?T r I C ? umptlOB )? ll)?i be *B* <* If J 1 t 1 IM 1/ {'' i ?na *bo itabbrd MR, and lh? MTn Ml ??"? ret'r.-' '<t Mr r>f |?Ulof hinnwi lata tr nit ? the '* a ba ft bi -o n >t tied in r*mtior> to tbe OMB, b t ??* |*t lh< Ut! r m!u ibtoItH in my i lory A PIT'"* r??? ?'?w T. B'h > turi'. f retployeO 'n ttB Jcwc r *t >re ? ' 0! rt? Hmh, \0 flM Qrtr I r%T< ot ?w brr fhl J ?* ? ? K '/ **' !?*ij 01B(ltr( ? W1 1 * .1 et fkltl , bubt Dg WBt<hct. ti linn r <r4 kr?nWii I Tmitf* i lo ? ' ?' mO. ? P""i 'If of I Cr It '* Tli r '?< bi rr *r?f 'let '<?<" ?tt> * 'I. ? ?t rt ?M ? *? ' for MM j Bt|ht. nad ttvm ffum :?!?.,? ?< c.- '?> ?' v lk? tK t had boM brt ?" iir. *n 1 r '^1 lr mi ftr ? >n, in : tb? r. ?r ?' thf pf?ml? < T i r ? ,oor * .i otitrr-.* 1 | 1i1te*'t* ?fc ed tM ? ni c 'lurliif ti ?ffll'if, n t > j* ?Ir.><a i r,w to?- ? h ra m !? c ? / r Ttr Th< | f?i* t' <rka la tbc i ir ..Whr iik- Hrolt i an! traptr , imc!rj rtNiii it dlV ?v.rr> . ? i 1 to ? otct? w 't tbr R i t of lb<? b- 1 * won 1 r i"f' ttr t'-. tin-' t a nrrt?l, M l t>? ? r rn*u . >: *11 t'ar.'.i'f to t.'? cm* 't a fc*it J v. ???) t^?t !*?? 'r dar'ra lb? ffea'f" *n ' *f :st ihp, an'" |W*. ? n' t * iu '' wia? 1b^ t\9t c*a?t? up fo? trial. S?t? ?f tt? atoU# WfBtfiSea ! ?r *ny j ortl<?o "f tb-' ?" ? '? -t*!} b? Voiu raoo rartf A Tai* O'J" ? * ?V0 t ?\ ? AHiot* C rl.r* frank M. i'-.baKaibB ar t t*r." th^?,allnt?W f C b% wm taken taia emVrtf ?"* T' ?' 'ay nt?* v i>r i?coriiv<w Itaf ?BdSfctth,oii?vr1-. ? ? f &9io? Unp' .-.*1 1 :o atnt. laa a email ti u% 6cd:i>:l!b< MOO, tie irrtp?ftj >f J Ua r? loa.a 61 Kart Tb riy Oist ?trtft Tito c -Bjliinant, ( It ap$Mtf. it'i>t'?iJ h !? wair'.iBf i aa'- >o ft? Bread *?r, takiai m'.* t. ? ? t w'ti I 'm ^ i ?;t *\?rd? ? tad ft ob* >r to |{*t no pfmieat '>raftw j Bt.i '.c ti>a '.aUrral kta trntik aa atti'd Mtbeprtioa ! tri iir . tbc oc'y |*rr< la tbc la'oon a' tli. tl-rc, tit th u#bt tbty lli! kboir aoni?ibiug about tb? ftMit a! of I ilia pr , Lad ea wd tb?.r arrrat MDoti'.Bpf. 4 i flredrufarb ! *hicb, It a W.4, ran Ue tdrntia^ by Mr , PbHod wee ft red '.a tbe pcatrnaloa of oae of Um p? eon m Aaotba' of tta pr1ann?r? admlilcd that h. wae a lllc ted la tfcf arrray. and gare th? offlctra aocll tafor ma *.on aa wit! probably Irad to the reoor^ry o' tbe treat rr (art if llw eloira mnn?y. Juatlc? Ku'y 0?'mmtU? 1 , Uki prlaoccra for examination. 1 ha Jatkien Railway. New ne'e**-, Dor d. ia>0. ' he repair* a the ra< kaon ra.Uay are comptetad.aad tr- re ar?ubr mat lag over .1 nnlatcrrupledJy. Vht Itiim r llabaat. Kb* i am***, nae MM) T b- tteair*r L'abais ?a :e for No* Tor. t a Havana ?t> be JO'b art 9t??u Coinmwiiteatloa b?tw?M l?a FiaHlwo sad (Jkuwi IMPORTANT MlVrtVO OP THE CBAMCKH OP COM MFHC* ? ADOPTION Ok' A BJCOHT K WOHiVO Tilli PROJECT. The regular ni nthly meeting of tee Chain pir of a meroe took pla<e yeeter %, ? .'cletlab Pwlt jfrot l>nf. Edward K. AJlkrtnt, Charles II. Bcned.ct, Edmund tv. Oorllee ud Henry L. Sloto wom nnanimoutly ctoclel taembcis ut tho Coambe r. A:\ertbo trauaeot'ou of tome firllior biar^s of lit- i tie imr irtatee. the repor: of tho ? social ?>rom.tt u a 1 pc.t ted to ooc?lcer tha subject of tniteldlt'.cj a I'.ao of : tteamafcipe between Can onm and Oh' ja, aud draw up ' a in< mortal to Congr n*.u la tor of tho mo^carc. wa^ 1 takm up. Tba following Is 'ho i xi of tho report, ?lti the f*c*n t!f n of the introductory portion, which It of u j Import ane?> ? Yoar me mortal lst? can rooall the time, within a ahori I ten.i of jea'S, wbeu s?v jcar.ni ? or ;>ack t alt i pa sailing ' out of tbo port or New York had aim t\ coitelaaUa o trol of tho valuable trafflo batwren t'.is *uii th > prtaelpat ?(?porta of Urcat Britain aud Vi-accc: act thiy ttav lived to ?tc tbe noble vetsels, wbiuii oaoe n'^vl ?u ulgh la the tfctiiruliou of tbo traveller, aud wulch Dora t > on ?boree th>> icost coat I; mercBandtgo, degrade) to t i per vu-e i-f tbe cm'givii, ta the carrying cf c.ta1, cr J-'kory and iron and tho bulky prodrug ol our own toll Tbe hps to our sailing faok-'U of the valuable fralfl o ?bleb they mm orro tho ur.rl vailed p?>a?eseor<j is tra-o able pr.D-.urily to the Introduction, under tho 'oaierlof eareef the govemm-nt af Urr.it Britain, o' a lino ?! ateamcri Irom the i?>r of L ven ool to BaMon, via Hall ux, arme twenty years ago Indeed, witii the Cm ap pltoat'en of steam to o?v-mn nutation, thr? British go voirnunt In ingoraled that r/at -re nf mall c">ra O'luii:* tlon wltb ihi? oouutry, aiblr.ii has never failed o I iho Hup port nrretrary to Ita foil ectahltommr. t and permantut cxisence Tho iflmh flut em*>< yed "shortly pltee to others, larger ate' more pc.wer t' .l; and. ai.ltd by a ibsldr after ?cOEl'iy, they w> re aoon etabied to le'y rsompotittoo, n t j ''Dly lr the carrying <if the nu"c and of flrat e ar p > q [?err, but n tho trerspeitetioo of the rU h I tftr ic or * i gland, FVsneesnd continental Kttrope? ?u tho r.of l? merrbamilte "ah-i-h k exelii-ted iir-n sat t ug vea? l? by ihe lerjith and <;!>??<?! t.;imy t,l th r. \ rk?<* ftnj hy th hlgker raiea of inforat en. Op?>' 0'"tij oatatttishei u, Ika Rortb Atlant'e. the ?'ii" iyf-m hae i>e "n i?rlar(;e<l aril eateniliMI lo oth^r .?our.tr!?*?; to tho w'? s1 la dtoa t<> tie ras* *od <re?' eoaa'i of Bo ith to Afyie*, t. too North ind rta'-tM) wu; lb r. ?!> t ' ?bote i f ilv Mc.!.t?rra* em n:J ID" Rul Hi-a; to tha pribelfal porta ia India; ae7><M the Indian Oc aa t-' eitigoporo, and aJotg tbo ooart of Chlaa to toe taie^jo >i tho Eiat ar ) to ?urt",,i? H lias ctr-1 t ao'l oou tb no 1 tbrongh all e? a?<" ? tint>n?h all c.:nar, rearinr n or^< auneii .nur< d ** *?t il m the b-maa^d toinoiW" of 'he tnrrUs r.?na a* '?? t'o c?: ' r?"'^h pi' ? i. tbo Nortf'^rr winter; arrt ttlkwitr tho null atoautor r ?? tor.v, ar.a wheme It fc * come, by a law ?hiob u.ci 1'. 1 1 n the axt.< of arse trlutr|4>. tin moit Tal-;a*?l^ iro^( has fr.lio .* cd la iLr <? . fc? t only do tlia rair 'Ilka ant the matly dm- of Inlu and <'oi?u reatb Hiolr di'ftli .atloa by Oriental at ; l*eulns<i <r r?ia i "toamer*, bo* traV'MieiP th' rarr. r.f v a th and themeri of lotcnro? tha merchant anl the tralesman ? all whoraluo tino aid pui rtual'ty , tfc k I'io ? aorta of l-'ic'an.l \n p^'ug to orr> tarcti<g f>'ni tie v<tnot:g re? <v ?< ti vfb eh if. - i lrorn m:et or that roonlry h*a eo" wlr^lj opctiod tho ?r:iy atd at tbi? very 'lay the At -rlcan mo??4?ant, y -oUoitt vi.rn the t al f# illttf- *j >rd"<1 by h'K oa1 -prta.'nf rival, opens til* coriff^osdenoa, and ?tudki out tho went* rt ?? ?t tf the poi 'iioDf c netrler oaoned, fr"?a two to three wef I a after I i *v I ;*o U. " "ti" known t )b <T; g'?ro"? .? irpatttoicon tho <>UKr lido of the *v r I'rtfer th? ra'ron??e of ttr Brltann o M?J?*ty s rovem nn nt, m*mitl*!'rta hire mm tlio ?teamen <>f ii r p rear tii.a n>irioc ro inmiartl In n'tmbap at to pre teryi' tn'mrw'tfa* a ntil i< rvl' e wb!i-v> f'>r ca'-fy nrnl reg i'arlty . i r? eseitr 1 tbe a-'m ratloa of |bo w >r)d ; ?rbi it, hea ?pr.r! d fer th? < r,i<Te o<* ea i f a*ar moat of Ui? trurrports that wr re ti^"dr(i io i^rra n Inrvlicg irmy to the Crlmtk mil shortly after-*; la, v> a r?i i lit oi hrOMi lb lore annrl,. i irtny t i li.d < ? , i-n ind^a r\a all In revolt. With ti e rotnraof peaee th *" as uc vcti ?. r<i pri irpt to a.,fc?" r ti e .'."iha >dt> 'Jrcat ilritaiu ?rd htr al.y in time of \2r ure fonad roc^lv to 'i>*uir!^ ibetr piar< * In ttio carrjlrif i-aH?',i the i^jnntry, > r lo C itrg up new I'tee of m oiMUoicatloa tb?u ready to bo cpf'^cd A rfcac*- baa ttor been gottif oa I'tletly y?>t M'va Ir 1b tb? ?'??ri ah .i ( t tn-j it*" atid, an a ivor aroo i? -e o' the g-i at '!< ii'Ujd lor i* < Rn rtcamira. tba i tir.^t aitiv ty hMpre'atkd iklorji tba bt-,ka oi . U? I'./tfe aid the Ty r >??, wh<lo far yt ara oni *b')>yar<i? from U.traltnd t i Mn ao, ha'-o been" ftaaerUd or cooperatively mi Hue. Your mtir.orUi.'ti are a * are tna< tba wl'dom of the i lioll' > O at hna l?ii tr- a -h r >'.lt? 1 ar ? m q : r?: . :< < j >nt,noativ r (oaklM, It hw i'wiji Wn itn>H wttu a ? atUrmtaatloB tbat has never faitercat, ttU at tot-f tb tho ! mmmmmtt Fogiand, vliali/^J in all u? pa>u,basai tainod a J?g c< c . y wlt?.i'.:tb .nraU?i Is tHtory. | ii>cr>*ttn. i >r?(.' lb; i'ngiari laaow ?? rg itiita:ed by 1 i rate. ?cd other r ??.?* Al'i ct'tM It -;<t hi be the | :r,>-'sc if tho lolled ?Ut<? |>v?.tiUK,t t" idojtt a 1 cmtr.ae * anl. 'ur pol' j-. Ii f'? In !t? mcrchBB;* malt fatll'MM OuC.TUBi.tu ?lth UiClr watiU. to . enn t Ui -ti nocu 'oo;a to (u, t Mf t> ?Me, a!oi i ?'l IL" t.!gb*aya of the ?? a, Cf|uni U.T. . tn tto>. of Iba m ti f.r.iud ta r. To r i ote to oi:<- ir -ant lie i- 1: 're iU l??t irntyn? to ?o Irsatt I'.lnat LIIW? ?; .(h noi'.r** . I? II L. . ?!<;? i n') t? iri'?-rri .?? i'tf.pnrt wfc ru Ureal 3rl '.a'a tiid Frv:co !>?vo r.r lerci; t<> it ~ir* WltB5?ver Joj. trtaraabji I ? ;ra.l.- pr<* ? ' tlte ol!i. r aide of the At '.ir.i ?, w f ? ? f-.-vt' fur, ? that, ? >. ii'.i ( aa ti ? .'.i ' ? i 1 v. ! i Vaji .i ir.a'l U : nl l>> .m) . - J < i ?, lfc* gov: uO'Hit of the I ? ' 'i Sim-. i - i He n?p t ? ir.lta.c th< If I'icralKy or at *im'i i n morttfj 'ry iittercat'n. Yt r i :i.i " J.trla arc iu>t num'.ojfol thai ?o?ne yeaia a> ; tta t i %r >?' t!.o C-.'tcd Pib'.cb l.foratme, I ;';!i to the | r ."'irr .if puK.e. option In 1Mb i aril tii..t, na'.r the tafiwBaa <4 l?iip"?a- ; I I ?j.pr*ju'&t.oer, a ticc m Btoarn.-.a ?n crtah'taiMrf ' t>. rLt I' .<i \l.i ' ! > to L! rpou!?* tfh steamers a* have , d*.v r jot btenn-.a** : ft r ? pond, fur rm |?h, for |H?f? or (or cfl,r;e\.ey; ttiSt ftr a I mi they weretsa b **t of o .i t< vaiia bb 1 tin <??' (lit of the An'.rrirar. trircl'JT; I u. 'jit'i '.c, '.mlf u, ar I t; t>ug'? t?t? b <i tf ?rtni*e n F'.? - * itaJfl *b .Li l |ip i I Mat br ,nl ' tl ?: It iito Li.aU-HB Be* C r. timed. u. ! . oaMf with diifiil.i'm !.' l&bo, " n. 1 u ,? rl*li, to b<x?u.' tb!?c |r*?att> f *rv.? v. t.ils ell, ? B Spectacle V> radges ?tut > cl< i IL< tiarta ' I all tn ?b .ir ??oy tad <?< bo<>n a ?-u?tr of asBltaUec acf rile. Yo-ir Bioworiaiiata are autre ti.3'. o!!iir i.r-'B ?. f raieil U> Hrr j:m an 1 Ht*w, at a that CBt'i r a%! u:U. ??ciniat Ihe Utter all!! a o titu e u> rut ? ra! rd. ut rrcr lrlnc ^i.ly troan aa* te'an 1 f v?li' B a fc |-i rata *?? ?a'-r'S aro to it?-p tl.*. ria UariL^ t'uc t .icra?r r.aa?n Ft..?n lh*a tnr << , Jlkikf, yet ro uL?aV*fa?it?>?7; fraaa | lh '? C"Btr??t ac i.cfcllt.Bily Ci4<?r tlm far Be Idj i % \ tn U l"C Br'.l f I. g. ,?rr.;r^r.l a 1 1 It.- Bu-rt t'fbVyl I i -sa o' or oa?i. yrui Bita -r.4 '?? ^ 7 uro t ? !??? I < ?!? Jr-Bi r ,-j tito Br.t joct wh'.d '? lh" a.'jre l?im<?'liat? ; fu'ptt til r > iL li.o I 1. ^ p*fcro* hA.-n ral ,f f >t? wbe.t the aMriit;^ t vt t: ?: C-.I ? ' t. ; . t< ?h ' ' ? u 1 t" tt,. ? ? a Bin u of . -a , f ? ? t>" ?fh In wai? ra ut t ho I telle t> an to IBc p > >oiu-.ta o>rtintrlaa of ilic Ctat?rB world On on? aM? arc C4.'l orn'a and "r'jioa, w!!h ?hcfr ltr,g Ifion t *r* Mil* al?i t'ndlnjr in mineral wea'tb, 1: a n (t |tro-.i' 1H" r.il, ai.n r - ata b- n?llr in | < . 1' -it- II,' i' 'p 11 di.-rm nfji ?r> ao 1 | i kir.a, the rfcl''prlca b.'aiida, J?,*a and .twtra ia ailw j I'v" ?'lc i-) it Di' r< bar .a I Uiliw air;, iij a ?i-*i?m , reatt, Itay tv* a/o tu tu a? oC the all ?orjhtrlaa Iqr | (lit1 ig I in 1 1 1 c n.i?iu xatl u. Mi ; a 1 Be ??: r.- aa. ?? Ik form d frotn H?a !''a? ??<??> 1 t9<b:><a,a oto'Ciim w.kh tLnrlbrr I*.; 'tvit 1 i" ? UdM-al< <t aril b'-'i.tnii ti' .i.?l aa l?aiy. T-'fltaoa B' mtuat u IL. a ^tr <-r t*>? fai<B u imitUkcab'T pn|i>t? i irt ri?. t I n th Alias I > ?' ?? .if a> t rra> 0 aa t-vi r'ar 1 1 . h n -b, piw nf through tha * ...M a? i.- d n.-?r tha Uoittaii r, a?- ka a r?w :a ?u i fc' >ii? .1 tl. ?ia init, BiTut f sr Ihan a l t *n. Um) will nf t ' aid tiKrBcUaiWLB theaa are loltt&# of U?e fair, re K I11 line tance-lo ' to ti.'ti tb" t'-> of i*.rr?tnv,flan? v U11.B tvw it- ta o'.ib.r unit ibi'i.rr, t'oi .fcb tu? I'nita ??a, ihe lrJi. a Oaeai, t? c U *!t -nma ?ta.an'l ?ia Kra'C?ar?i f na'atil Brn-ri tha 4tk.i-.i<! hy a aaoea dtr#*t roul<j M? and rrt-m t<aa t raa. .?.? It h> aoj ???!!. If th.; |tv, t ?' IU? -Ut r ? .<?'.! a. Bftt1^, hy tl?? f it u'.'.al !atirr- iuBo an'! mj'nal le tent, the Viarts of I'iga a it am.t/ an for . . 1 w.th 11a ? f^'ra nf Jaian f tt.ry P 1. i r.r<n ':p hi It ? Mhlt ei teat ihe vaat r?o. rn * of U na, an a*> ra I a ii ' tn i uo ? ' ? t r pr j 1 -4 at>4 n>?- tn ?.and 1 h t,jr''i.i in It.i. ' 'f, ' rsi-ranflBc t?"? gri d an 1 ri!rar 1 1 Oa rola ft?r n attita md teat of hoth emf irM, tua Ab.i 1 .t,at. rxri i.ai.ll ?ocl 1 b?, i.i?.ti nk"l. lode l? u ,'ttl n< f?>rt f. : ai k?rt ai. . - f n crt I ti ani, a"Mrt? a , if. fc"! , f trn. ? '?( Oir ? *u.t> %* (nrr ? ? , tb pefj a el It.. IV' d l<at'? wm, t giro tfi? ni.aa nary ? w y ?f. " 1 1 . id 'i r ,;d ' . la' ?r, to th . sa of r tk t a-lt. at 1 ? f la-r 1 w Hi tLi . ' 1 I a. t- mi. " ? ? . h * in Ib aaa'ied. 'ion. i a It* f it.' * .-<?( vf v. *o k : ? a- 1 Pfi, all ii rm ?<? I - a tbr. ? irb a k . 1 a I etrw ? ' - ro- :i? wuaM tnaa Mnar u ibowr?, aa l Bo, U? , ?>nl<l the (nra ? >t Auttialia, kf? 10 to Fi.atauJ t'? ihn lathniaa of PatiaAB, by that law of MMM tabkh nutt tba al '.rM?t rtiiila tf.t t> ?t \ irr ir.in ria' !(? otllB tl ? atlctit on of ttut4f?ra? to thia aoble ?clerrr*M btransa b? a-r>mp' iaii'1 ai:r/>t'l Ibflatl of rt""^n ri>n?. a^d ti hjr It* to |?? de:lv"'i iroai N are vattnMN; bieiaaa W it la wt<o? ti Ii4t i ?lit' ? ? anacatly, Ib tt 0' pew, f"r Iba Uofnoeo 1 ?f our w rr.Tce la t? e e?atii ? f war, f ? -no. t? he w:?o to a, ! rt ftiBIn Ibr pf.Mtr rtj'rey | war-*.# b ? li'nt "|> a I m?r: atllV tr if, ?Mfh ho* lifer ,(Vor?1 t/< -lM at ?? .* blr- In war '? IB pra1" ? A'.d yt>"T room 1 a If* or ar that th a ?r?at ??"p 'n o?r aovtiiry 'b prr^rraB may n??l :?? d* rrrr?d to ar-tb'T day, and the I rorof H to a*-ib?r rtn grrtr, bui that a a ?ffle:ot.t anbt'ty tie (ran?' i I" any toupauy that wli! cadertBxt to j*rfrm itiei'r.iot la ?jtit?tir<B tm(!er p oper |ua?atile? ar J e? rtioBf. Mr I.'i* a, tha cba.imAa t( lh? fonim'.-'taf ? ?or*l tbal lha report be adoptei aad tr?r?mltl?4 la Washington Cbap H. Maanun oppr#^ Ux> nao^'^B, aa Ihe'" arai tot a full BtlcnUhuee of Iba mr an hr.ra prrwl. aai bb ha ' wa? oppo?Ml to the priac'p1* ^ iTBeral faiaaiiizlo* of titan llnat, aa It tend* to kill ptbile aaterpriaa. H? ' wooM.howeaer. be wtuir* to hare a Una faballiv J In oppe? tioa to tha l i??rr?^ ??<* Raw TarK lltH>t-4iBb?l dlrad by lb? Brit'ah (fnTen r>*?t. f|* ir -y?t the poat J ponrmeat of ar' m on tb? re 'It. I> fc <t r-g ,a- , meet 1 ay of the n-.BiBbar Mr 1 </? * r'p't?4 IhBl the jai ??t !? war* a? ;tib?? n- ' *rt w ? oo:ae t.p t?j lay; tlwrefore tl.e ? attend ance wn co rear a vrbj th? repnrt aUo^d n": ? i.d Mr WriKoiui ta.d liittt the aui'jert life* r * come b<*?rc I tie Chamber for the fiur'.h ti ?e, a* 1 , ' ereiore. action npoo It ?a ii >?nfcry. The pr-> ' ? Mkm of OeDgrraa la gtlog to br one of tb'> beau-at t. -i' eeer nr oum 1. AlrgaJy > ac in' it Ijipomnt tn?ai re s paeted uto a ik v, ai.il ibrc?, mo?t Important acp*or"-'' * bate been raade; haoco It wouM Ik- well t<> fcare iaa eahjaet brioro Oijrr'fB tb ft aid at ??>.?". ?s r>*is)oJe. Wo ar?> d'lKDdlBg ou (cretin rerrloo aud lurt Igo cent Wj far )ur u>ail *>ti.u.uBlc?t!on ?ttii the I'aolflo and the isrea'. onmlnoot of Aala, wuicb aivc* rtriuin? ir.< rial rtv-il of I e Country ? a auneetority Id r. > idort'.flf | eommeioe. aa the rt.:r.i?t'n the towa from the -.aai from ll'Uoo to iwrbty days hrC'ie ?e do, Urn igu b itore baa j."; u'td out I he rnl'.u'ot of America a.< th* natural rout" to Asa In' Iral'i of ,l?p?n la llk'ltr t ) Tory '(P|xiriui>t, fur a'r' Viy there if a aim en , 'iu^ to tbia couo'.ry with a car^ i valued ai |7C0 0C0 finm Uiat ooun try. The rt of a Jtffn line to A?ia, from Oilt'ornla, would tend to Rive Mnenca a p>i?erlui? i per'.ortty for ( omnMLdtug bcr loll louro of A? at'c oom U".l ret ?Lll W alUl Mr U w a Mated that Fnglaod baa larrewd ber c o? mere? with Brazil b/the ?iibiidlzlat of Urea to '.Uat caoB tiy ot ito I'rotni, ami ibat oucafe-nmr'jip irn'tt V. * C* *?> ? >:# COO. f,r StiOCO onceffonBn.* I t ir .and, aid to nr'ber InattMa a ati imcr ooov.>yM 300 ytaa'nfr*, at MOO a t??al. n'tweo the two ixH.mrlui llarot tweed, rhowiEu' tbal llie Brttiati Kov^vurneiit a. orfeiatod the cor tract lvatCB>, by payin? or i J0 0C0. a y< ar to Use tia'wsy lino, thoe#i> tho ard ' .i>e I* also heavily riibsli1'r*il, !e r rntrip on r.?ar'? th? aa rr.ntr. The rxten of our lin^mru trooi rfrax.l ?uaouui^ to $2? oco.oro or $2^ ,0C0 000 aoaualljr, vrmie re*<-. ,t'n to rhat eo'intr? only amoant to half a mil'toa or toliar* whereas Kj {!aed? welch d<>f? nr.t import m< io on.1 ibirdct what ?e do from Drazl? actiualiy ? iporu ?a:r to d or Pniirtccn tnMllaci worth to tbat oouot'j- *" &> " l< attributed to h( r ito'ioy la inbalJtzicf ?'.wnrrt to Br ? lH. F*r>i);,< k A (oM tiMi nri"*ed tbr pr|i,o<i,;<) of eabs - ? /'i g pv .vato enti r, rlf >, an J li at?nr<>d tbo 'ail ire of t!.? i r ?!ue a ew> o n Dy atcb a policy thu .id not be rtrewfd fjih*r membcra of the Cbaifibrr followed on both it dee iL>, !> lit toe, and tbo lot! a t<i the t'iljof.t v at if t jth litat Tt<o rant, <n ti alnpt the rtt >rt of tin* i-mlttte aed forward to 0>nrr<aa theu pr^va lod, a-iJ ttc Coamber at mi alterwarda a<"jaui ce>i. /Vitdrni of tl?|iut>m-ain Siaia Couimttte*. vt tip* uiri n lr \si i>r TP": JTArr or nkw york. 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