18 Şubat 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

18 Şubat 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK WHOLE NO. 8928. ? MORNING EDITION- MONDAY, FEBRUARY HERALD. THrtl PRICE rwo CENTS. jnnr?UiA3'?i'<,8< T)0 TOU want WHD?EBR?? BO I OB WANT WHIBKEHUT IK) TOO WANT WHIBKKKdt BO TOU WAST WHISKERS r BO TOO WANT WHISABA.5? do vou want WHioxr.ast DO YOU WAUT WUlrikRRhr DO YOU W.vNT WUi8KK*S> DO YOU Want WKIHKKiitr DO YOU WANT WHISKERS) BO TOU WANT A MUBTACHE? BO TOO WANT A MUSTACHE? BO TOU WANT A I^UBTaSHEJ BO YOU WANT A MXJHTaCHB? BO YOU WANT A MUSTaOHE? DO YOU WAIT A MUSTACHE? DO YOU WANT A MUTTAOHB? DO YOU WANT A JUl'STAC.iE? DO YOU Want a mustache? DO YOtf WANT A MUSTACHE? W 80, ir so, w so, USE BELLING HAM'S I'BB BBLLINOHAM'fl V9R BP.LUSH HAM a celebrated CELEBRATED celebrated stimulating ONGl'ENT, stimulating" ONOCENT, BTIMULAONO- ONGl'ENT, stimulating- OSUVBST, SnMCLATINlT ONOCENT, STIMULATING-ONOUENT, STIMClATTNtT ONOUENT, stimulating ONOCENT. SriMULATINO ONOCENT, STIMULATING ONOUENT, stimulating" ONOUENT, STIMULATINO- ONOUENT, FOB THE WHISKERS AND HAIR. tU snbecribers lake pleasure in Announcing to the cltiiens "?e United States, thai they have obtained the agency fur, Are now enabled to offer to the American public, the ?f the United States, thai they have obulned the agency for, and Are now enabled to offur to the American public, - Above justly celebrated and world renowned Article. THE STIMULATING ONOUENT la prepared by Dr. O. P. BeUln-bam, an eminent physician of London, and In warranted to bring out a thick set of WIJJSKERS OR A mustache la from three to ?1i weeks. Thin article is the only one of the kind lined by the French, and in Loudon ana Paris it in in universal use. It is a beautiful, economical, toothing, yet stimulating com ?owio, acting ah if by magic upon the roots, causing a beauti ful growth of luxuriant hair. This is the only article baaed upon physiological principles, PHYSIOLOGICAL PRINCIPLES, PHY 610L0GICAL~~ principles, physiological principles, PHTSIOLOGICAL PRINCIPLES, physiological principles, PHYSIOLOGICAL PRINCIPLES, physiological principles, physiological principles, PHYSIO LOGIC Ali principles, Which ha* ever been presented to the public, for promoWng a health} growth of hair on a BALD HEAD OR BARE FACE. BALD HEAD~~OR~ BARE FACE. BALD HEAD OR BARE FACE. BALD HEAD-OK BARE FACE. BALD HEAD ~OR~ BARE FACE. Parsons having tried the various preparations new flooding fba tauntry,-ami having bwn deceived >y them, should not be diwrajiif, tout U7 one bo tit BELLINORAM' 8 ONOUENT. BELUNQRAM S ONOCENt, BELLI NOHAM'8 ONOCENT, BELLIN(jllAM S ONOUENT, ^ BEUIXORAVH ONOUENT. BKLLINGHAM 8 ONGWBNT, BELU.NGUAM S ONGUENT, BELLINOHAX 8 ONGVENT, BELIJNGILVM'S ONOUENT bellingham S ONOUENT, srtUnh is warranted to do ail that Is claimed for H. If applied to tlie scalp it will cure baldness, si d <? ?*e to SI up In place ef the bald spot* a fine growth of new hair, id according U> directions, it will turn red cr tow f hair and restore grav hair to its original color?loav 'ing it ?art, smooth and fleilbie. The Onguent is an Indispensable article in every g fntle ?saa's toilet, and after one week & use they would n otfor aar consideration be withou: It. Tbe subscribers are the only agents for the sulci* In the VMtad Slates, to whom all order* mu?t be B'Vj-tssed. PRICE *1 A box. PRICE JTj\ box. TRICE ?1A. box. PRICE $1 A box. PRICE ?1 * box TRICE ?lT~A box. PRICE ?1 A box. PRICE $1 ~A box. PBICE ITK box. ? one DOI I.ARJ A bou . ONE DOLLAR A box. I.CAD the FOLLOWING FROM THE new YORK~HEHALlJ. "ATTENTION, YOCKfl MBV." We perewlve. by the ?drertlseme nt M Mcaar*. Ilnv* U Ilecemaa A Co.. of 24 William *twt, thl : city, that'he re nowned " Miianuiatins Onfuent,'' invented In Dr. t-lltng hain, (or a iiealihy ?tlni lUiton :n (be tr?? ih of b?i.rd or w hlakera, ban now had lie American market confided to their ?feocjr. The hl*b repntaition <?( thin article tn London, Parte, and ulhtr-cities of Europ-. ktmi t.> h?ra been fully Justified by pipertonoe in this cnua.ry We fiud that Ua nraiaes at e re wjtoea amun# all rlaaMe. A few w "eka are atuti to prow I< a almost maalcal influence") up >11 tic beatd or wMaker*. The British VoUuiMeif tiaie u><d? x.cli free u* < of It a* to at? art the atUDtkMi "f the London I*unch K? e ui>rtlarou u of JHw?*r? IIEt>HMAN a CO. In anotbwcoluuui.?Herald, Ifc-n day. Keb 17. and from the strw vobk hcndav courier. Basin on *o * ?????Ill* "till n mooted quorum whnlhr r or no beard In ? pr..p?-r ad"r*ue:ii for man. and whether lis growth has nut a ttal to do with lil* Inlt'lleclua' couipll.L ?M-nta. llrwe. 91 tills 1?, II U.in ?ntblt|on, a-id t. very natu ral one too, In %m<.L man youar or old, to hare beard or rmniaiai-he; with tka latter. Mid with the forme.' in mttir case*, It la also ii> ^r'Mtion t!>a'- It "hall be dark or 'jl .rk A I ao Inclined have-Jill." to uw He liiiRnam'* <eiebr?.wl MUmu lull lis Onpuent u ha*e a speedv *nd haud-oine aha "I either An advertu< mem In; notbrr r.: tirnn tell* the vvjipfn story, an-l wt reoa*nni< Ml it t*> the attrition of those in*.-listed.? New Vork mtnday Cm. tier. F?H?.,T', IS#!. AND FROM ty.K NEW YORK MERCCW. T?t??wn? r??? ut' S-i?< r??'i ?we we that the w?L*nown ?liugftats, IV .>*?: I,. Ut* man A Co., or Nr. (4 \VU lttjy street, antwunoe :Hlu>lri|V American agrill* ?. Hel .UllkiMcn'S < eiefcated ?tin'la'lug Ungix'ti*. for the wl'Aker* aud '.r.iir, which u ei(4u.-lt 3. I.' London ami Catif Ivsll who jeirn t.> ltiurii m \ L'*!;ei *, moustaehfi w i! ca Jrillary h-ck*. It ?* tWTMIt 1 lo Mry out i thick set or v kit ani or j oioii'tael) In tr-r thiea U> ?n weeks.? Hraday ?irtui-/, Erb. 17, I tfil AN ? fUiiM Tr*?. Hl'.VDAV TIMES A i.k >t f .Che rtr?nfth o( Nmtt??. ?iw In If ? l>?:-. ar.'l the ?tienutlr " > atttr's claims t<i (a?Ot?A <ve le?t* I, now i ?, l'? t ie kMjtt- <>('e W hi* whisker* upt! m >ti?,.? b- ?. f s'blon. .r oi? !? m 'lit side of r'a?,m*U<' natuar, au?t, in re?iorlu< !he t > Its it'lent honors, de aerv*a4o Kc s pltmH Bntm ?><ne la. . n,?"ir* r*f,i?-, , fimjoan the , .panly cntp Art, Ituaevei, st (It In het. t > he ??d, wt?b Belli, ithain's pllmulatW* "nnunt, ? irr-paratiou wtrrantod ,ir. slnee a thleli i>m> ? cU( or t' itl-k rn 111 a i -w weeks, fbli ireiwiration may taJ s* il^t'.-isn A t i ,]| Wllll.im ifr-e'Stii.rfajr fun- ?? IV i7, I-'' AND KKti> THl Kdljfit >W I Ml, AND REAL* fJIK FOLLOW I\t>. AND NEa?# Till' KKLI,i?\VI V't, AND HEAD THE t*OLLoWlNU, ri.MM tnil avsD.-V atl\?. fl'Vltvv ATLAH BUHDAY ATfetS J .PR*r*.?-T r?r VI'H'ih,n ?Malf iJia nt'rn inn hi *rt\ ]c li\f of Mimir -?n V?ntU.v w?? ni/?n tp-Alro-i by a 8m* UvMing Illilr f^a? v whv? <1 ifvplny0f| th?? ai i*f n?%%iihC"nt thr ?rtmn. Hi* fncf w?< (viror^d?ilie V>wcr pift of It At of wy gi'?*n*w< lux. urfap'Would It U? b<?li?vcd^yrt *rc know Tbr f %c? to be 00? ttaf thta mAn lm? titted h* whole of ihie crop ? ?tw motiUf. fmi> thp um- of R?11i?gbom * bmi^l tUmwmthiq Onrvmnt. TM? unrfvull. <i pn pM'tition fen * yr^mofin, th? growth of whl <W r? i,n<i m m-ihoJu* mav bo J '% M V.'iDiam flroet?di?>u4a> 11 k ONE' 30X, er reoret the E?1* WAIiR BT ALL DRCtlOISTd. Or * h,w ef I he Onroent f warranted to hsre Urn deslrad ef feet) will be sentio any who desire it, kr n\?[l ulireeti. sa jmrelyj^J^I. on *coelpt of pi lor and F?^)| IA Apply WORACM U HE'TmUN A 00., j DRrooi^irra, m., H Wi'lKMtt streat, corner of BlobMute Maee. ' THE NATIONAL CRISIS. IXTEBE8TIVG FROM WASHINGTON PROCEEDINGS OF THE PEACE CONFERENCE DEBATE ON THE GUTHRIE AMENDMENT. IMPORTANT FROM THIS SOUTH. Arrival of President Davis at Montgomery. IMPORTANT SPEECDES ON THE OCCASION. The Time fbr AU Compromises Passed. Southern Eights and Institution* to be Maintained at All Hazards. leport of the Committee oo the lomspomlfiiee with the South Carolina Commissioners. TOE CONDITIO* OF THE EXITED STATES UTT, fee.) Im? THE SOUTHEEN CONFEDERACY. Arrival of Preddrnt Davis at Montgo mery?Important Speeches on the Occa sion?The Time for Compromise Past? The Southern Confederacy to he Main tained at Ail Hazards, ?fcc., <fcc. Moxtiioifj:ky, Feb. 17, ISfll. Tho trip of Mr. Davis from Mississippi to Montgomery was one continuous ovation. He mado twenty tlvo speeches on the route, returning thanks and compliment ary greetings to crowds of ladies, aud gentlemen, and military, at the various depots. ? A Committee of Congress, and the Montgomery author ities, met Mr. Davis about eighty miles off and formally received him. Two tine military companies from Col urn hua,Ga., joined the escort at Opclika, and all roar hod Montgomery last night at ten o'clock. Ho was received with great enthusiasm, a large crowd assembled at the depot, which Mr. Davis addressed as follows ;?? He said he felt proud to receive the congratulations and hospital.ty of tho people of Alabama. He briefly re viewed the present position of the South. He said the time for compromises ft part, and we are now determined to maintain our position and make all who oppose us smell Southern powder, feci Southern steol. If coercion was persisted in, he had no deubts as to the result. We will maintain r ir rights of government at all hazards. We ask nothing and v.ant nothing. Will have no comiJications. V other States joiu our confederation they can freely cov.c on our teins. Our separation fr? m the old Union Is complete. No compromise, no rron stn.cticn can now be ontertained. A large crowd waited oa Mr. Davis on his arrival a'. Dm Exchange Hotel. The ladiee were equally ooihusi astlc with the gentlemen. A quarter before eleven, a I enthusiastic calls, Mr. lmvts api>eared on the balccny and said:? KtUO* Cm/.KNS AMD ItlUCT) ":HH OK *IHS OOKirOKKATR Sranrs of Arr.itira?For now we are brethren, not in name merely, but In fact, icon of ono flesh, one. bone, one interest, one purpose and of au identity of denioorotiu institutions. We have hence, I trust, a prospect cf living together In peace, with our institutions subject to pro tection, not defamation. It m?v be our career will be ushered in in the midst of storm. It may ke'.Uat as this morn ng opened with-clouds, mist and nin, we shall have to encounter inooareuience at the beginning: but as the sun rose It lifted the mist and dispell the clouds and left the pure sunlight of heaven, so w.-ill the progrets of the Southern Confederacy carry us eafo to the harbor cf constitutional liberty and political aruality. (Applause.) Thus we haver.othing to t ear at l.omr, bo cause a* home we have homesenlty. We will Unvc nj thing to fear abroad, becaus" if war should c-rne. if we must ai i",n baptize in blood the principles for whist, our lathers hied in the Hsvolutior we shall show we ore not deguui-ict.' son-, but will redeem the pledges the> gt.vc, prtMnre the sacred right they transmitted te i;s. aid sho* tlmS Southern valor still shines as brightly iji In seventeen seventy six, 10 eighteen twelve, and ln.sr.ry other cnntlict. (Applause.) I v.-ns infonned, ray friet.is, that your kiuduess only required I should appear be.fi c you. K.tigue4 by travel, and hoarse, I am ui?ido to ?peak at any length. and came raeioly to as-iiiro you cf roy (tr?*>?.ide for these matilfsr,'rations of your x40d.wiU I eon&e.v ith diffidence and dlstr ?nt to tho dlsrhnrge cf the great deiics devolved on me bj"U te kindness ami r> nC denoe ef Ui ? Congress of the Ct.' -demte *tat??. I thanV you, friaiwis, for the kin 1 mauKestat ions <>f favor and ap probation -ou exhibit on this osbusion. Thro ij.h nry en i tire propii' S to this city T have r'cclved tin fame fat tering dcmcqstratloos of goaewc^ supprt. I dK not rogm d them as personal to tnyssif, out as tender"*' mo s- tin* humble representative * f the principles and policy of the confederate states. I will devote to the duties of the Si^li oflicc to wiiicfe hi- ve huen cal ed nil 1 have of heart, of head, of hand. If in the progre* of events my services shall be needed .'o another jxieilinc? if, to be plala, necessity shall rc^u r< that 1 sh.VI asa.o outer the raaksac a soldier. I ho^) ;o % ,|| weleom- u.?> there (.tppl.iu*s.) Now, friend*, npain thanking yei" for this manifestation of your ap)>rol,Mt/Jn allow me io bill you good night. Movwo*' ?i r Feb. Ifi, lgfll. A number of flags were prccoMod and reforred. The loromuokcaliona'iout war miShiUM vwrfI referred. A bill was report d from the oomo.i;U?e relative to citizenship. i>roicrtl>tr,? uniform rules of rattirallsation. It whs read only by, caption. Application were male .'or patents and ? opy ris'Lts. Keferrod. The rest of t)? business was transact**! ir secret *??* Km. THH LOCIttWiKA UKUHUXUBS. UAToy RmciK, ril' 14, 1*?1. It. tlio nou?? or RoprcfcnUttv?'* Mr. Liul-iy of New <?ciafc if. introduced jeKUr<l&y a jo,nt rrwfcitii.n inviting the r.;thern portion of lacuna nml Illinois whuii vivo largo i lajorltl'-a agat F.t li.--.oln, to form a pro el*very Mali: n. d join IU> s<*. mei;; confodoracy, hm rafurred to-ilay Mr. H? nr'.of Kb ft I?: i. -i/vc.-, introduced a r-volutiM' ivtumiiK tbaaka to (.n, Luc <>r Oregon, for hln m r,t fame of aid to the !*ottlh?rn WMlw #n<l In >le<?tce ef Um lienor ac I rights thereof r mulnH in hi* - re liuidaft Mr. J.hnwin. of Tent twnn ?u referred. Tli general opinion In, th?f. no war In the South x?il ltk<' v' ,c?> L ncoln'^ a?! elci?tra'ii?n force* it irpua JHE I U0R1DA LKOJf-LATl'RK. T'ltABcw-r, ?"eb. 1T, 1801. Tl.<i Legislature mlj, urncd I ait night. The tl' fllon of i-ienatun to the Ooi'gre.-^ of Omfcdorated Ptat'f wn? not i-ronght mi. TLe Mil auUwrlzinU the : site of treaMiyjH4?C to tb* im<> >n' of V<oo IOC was p i?hI. ,K tlay law wi? j* #ed. AUMfc J OB FLORIDA. Or.,- .1.01 ir.d HU)I ,I a rulrr aid .ipjx>iHa<(<>*, wM* Co 1 r0 Uli < .?"trills' MXi 1 so,0*pr!jier?, M<1 4 000 pwr rii<.-inn pin** et*. h.iv* b*eB nvefv - I ky tfi** !?<'"? T'ltl rifle* were pn|#1ww4 by lb* Oovtriwr in pocemlf-r kit. .aid ijuarfern. lAff tietaral '.??flier h?<< j?*t MturB9< from ?? tinned Willi tbojr delivery bS<J receipt. IMPORTANT mm WASHINGTON. Wa-jtmsti'V, Feb. 17,1M1. UiteUigeaice received tuluy from Uio Southeru <X?n. grfws at Mou-g jnivry atates that they are proceeding ?with great Vigor. Meet tug the sune ?lay with the Ptace j Coufereiice, they have already established a governuvut { and inaugurated in<?t extensive prciKiratoiis to do fun J j th,,;r new nat."nal;ty against all cowers, while tho ?on?- ? rabl< ^moiiii'-'ioner* have op to thid time done little else j than indulge in empty twaddle. Preiident IfcviB wis arranging his Cabinet, and it w?a understood tint the following wdl probably be the Secretary of State llerschell V. Johnson, Georgia. fcrietar) of War I'. O. llMcr, Louisiana. 8ec>clary of thr Navy... K. K. Mailory. Florida (Secretary of the Interior.. W. Foreher Miles, 8. Carolina. Post titliee |t?<purtinent.. .J. <1. Hemphill, Texas. Attorney General John A. Elmore, Aiabami. Slmuld Benjamin be made Attorney Oenor;d, instead of j Klwore, John Forsyth will go into the War Itepartment. Uresis Toombs and Slidell will probably be sent as ambassadors to England and France respectively. The tarlil' has not at yet been Used. The belief tint | the committee charged with this subject will report one i mnk.ng the duty about an average of twenty percent i ad valorem, which, on one buudxed and eighty mill.ons of ; dutiable imports, will raise a revenue of about thirty six millions of dollars, which will be ample, even .us a war ' tariff. While the old fogies of the Peace Congress are Addling, i faddling and slobber.ng over the Union, trying to pitch ap a compromise, and while Lincoln is administering ipc- , eac to sensible people in his daily balderdash speeches, I thin formi'lab.c Southern movement is daily growing into j practical shapt). Regret is expressed that tho amendments offered in the ! Senate to the Navy Appropriation bill, creating th?* o'lico of A'eistalit Secretary of tho Navy, should hive failed. It was lost by two votes. The object was to take an offi cer from the line of the nary and make him a sort of an adjutant general, having charge of the routine and detail cf the department. The necessity of ihis officer has >>een apparent for years, and it is regretted that the penny wise and pound foolish policy should have killed it ui tho Senate. The action of tho republican caucus last night iu rela tion to tho endorsement of tho Force blil proposed by Bingham, has awakened alarm among those who ad\o cute temporal; and conciliatory measures. The order of General Scott requiring tho transfer ^ OipUin iJsey, of Maryland, from tils command horo ^ another, has ivlso attracted much attention and caused ^ tidcrable remark. Captain Klsey uas applied for a ? jcurt of inquiry, in order that his conduct since i< tfttitg Fort Smith, Arkansas, and his surrender of the r at Augusta, Ga., may be fully Investigated, a blamo of the surrender, if any exuts, rust upon ( f0 per shoulders. Capt. Elsey was tho only officer in command ^ a com. pany hero hailing from a Southern State. HI and tho .selection of a Maine man to succeed ^,n. cato a disponitlon on the i?trt of General Be ^ l0 ^ lV(, none but Northerners to guard and protec t ^.lc C]ty na the occasion of tho inauguration of Mr. Lim Mr. Somes, of Maine, made an un> ompi ?m.' iO( war like speech in tho House last evening, d> *onding tern cessions from the South. Mr. Reynolds, of New York, will call u> resolute- 1 to-morrow providing for the protection ? > piblie -r i. porty of the United States, and for tho _ recapture of all property that ha? been aeiaed. He wll' j?-^Tort tfc, j,-u. position in a speech. flic Military < "mmitteo *>f the no jeotiavea proposi tion similar to that reported from tli- , fWr. ^c Select i om mitteo. and the Chairman of the Mil Uomn itte< will rrobably report to morrovr also. Commodore Ta'nall, I'tiHed State / Ki?vy, will re i; n h i cummisMon tomorrow; i'ud ten1' ;cr M ocrvk'eato tho Stale of Georgia. It wSl be reiu"m!>er? 1 that Jic e-orrcjq' at'.M ?> in tween the South Oirolln. . Cumm tsiiirirrs and t'.o I'rr.ii dent, which was .-.ubmit'.ed lo t' ao Houm, woe referred t tho fecial committee et. the 1' <Ri<leut;s me.- at-c. ? re port U in course of pro araik>t iupor. K.and ?:R*btnk mittod to the House ot, Tuerda jr. Tho committer take tie grotrict that tho Gome asione rs wex traitors t tlie c >n stK*tion,and orrmmolhat tli e President should h.ivi; rx cuW the law against trease n upon cb<Ma, la?t? st of dit nifying their preseoec in th< ? federal capital by-consent to orftrr into ejrrc ?pon<) nice with them, aik. espec iiU ly it demnng their ?emmw aicat>< n r/o.thy of being sub mttt4d to Congress. Tho I resident having tafcwr this po sitten, a od the HoiK't havi ag placed it at the <i*|v*iai of the Con mitten for ft junli iatit?n, ttany ejtpres. tne'.r view of tiue fiicte aa Uiey belle *-e due reap*' t for ?< t li?wa of the demands. ?JHO 'EA f'K CONOBKHF. JUMLS i"Hi in* vf-K rx .an of laiotmurn -onm iirv OF UPirr.H- IHE POLICY 0) THBltErCBLt CJX MKMB aar.,CTC., 3CTP. Wittxmi, l'?k, 17, IS6t. Thf Peace ( Ina-fK's is m stow coach. aod.i. minting In | bold men, wi' it ? #CW ex Coptlon?. Tfce?a?i0a yc-terdfty ' was opened by Mr. Baldwin, of Connecttcnt, who pre I scnted a rep irt ?a;>rer> Vve of the viewt< of ?o?t of tht I Northern opp wntoof tbe majority nnpirt. ft for or* n ' Convrution of tfe>? p :>ple *<r the United diaUjo for a m i ??ion of the co **iti;t-on v.fon the plan adopts' by the U -Mature of K aatusLy. Mr. r.Att.w * opposed the Territorial rrt?cj? ir tbe majority pr-MC- itlon, because it i. uot crCy in violation ?i"ui cardinal doetriueri of the reja-blican p? My, M laid down at Chisago, Tut beww it prop- ?khi t j dignify the ab'urd doctrine of i qunUtT fj'yprel fvty l.y inserting in the restitution that ! ncitht^r OuBfreaa nor Lao Tcrritoria' goranaaeot rhaJl | have poifjr lo hinder o: prevent the taking to all U?t ' t< i r it< ?}" < Mitli of the U-<' irom etui to west oa the p<>r*] ! lei of !?-? il>!g- 30 rndu. ourMi latitude of pervcae Veld to ! i.ibor i F br. ohmtary mt%icc. Ho know the people of the j tuited would war Bubmit to 8u< h dortriiK*. In deed tliley* d already ???. iderod the que'lion mid do elded b. f tte r ballot that si ? cry thall never go inU tf.o : Xerritor W*. Mr. t of \ ir(fUiia,v?: J he oppo*"d the majority report b, r*u*. it did not go lar enough. He was in fat or of th' Ci Mend. n proposition n. difl?-d ae lo hartnouUe wt;h the Vtrgk-la resolution*-. Mr. (.mtRKt o posed the mi^.r'ty proposition because .did not jiro vklJ for the diat ttitioq of territory to aoiv ry LeroaJ'to:- to be acuuirci: .south of 84 00, but ra ther restrict* fut' re acquisition I. such terms as to for | mi prohibit it, 1< tfniucb aa it i x,. irc? that such acqul < aitfon -an only be tide by the rati;., atlon of four flftha I oi nil |k members >f tbe Hen/ite, w)u h sanction it ia w all kno? i an nerer be 'btaiaed. Mr. Uu&rio waa in favor of U^. >*?:. pi.oi, wUieU> >rovid?-* for the "n nleoce of slavery ro'.th of 3<J 50. ? mVrxclng all the ti rritory hereafter to ?fce on that of the tin . nu.l a'teb aoq<ilaition ' city bo tn ide by a vote of three fourth* or the Senate. } JCcrib'-r of Ut< ton . ntion are I . > or, -wring elabo | u*MO tpner? -? for and in*t the majority ptoji(*iliou. ?/?ruo'if th >?e who wrtl tu*tain it are Jtovrdy Johu'ou nf luirylantl l/>g/<n of IU.nola, Km Inf .iid Uitf<v>iack of i iittk. rolloct tnd White ii. Itncaylvanta, ano J. H.Clay ofK?dtu?^cy Jt **Sl be fHfifxl by Out' of Ohio,Smili W liidiuua, W ilrnot if l\nr-> Ivania, O. wninsbicl'l. Alien a?t llout well MaanwhoacWa, rndt-wooil of Vermont, KIcM and Sop* ot Xuv York, WobJ of miiiois. lku lll ?u?i | Hotnef* of Maine, ;xd Tuck of A'i w H impalilre. An effort i. mnking to have tierlwtim reports of t'io del-ati ". Tt?e moron.cnt is urge*; by the few bol l :uon of the body, i'-at the ?jn.)orily art timid an<i daro not trust their opd oni' wlflb the public f r !n?pection. If lh< v tan have thri? i i-r^chrs rrjKirloil if. sccrot fosiott, so that t)iny r?.n revise tin t? and publi b socd portion of ti, '?n alter tlie Convention ti itnlinU>m will suit th"ir ov.-n pun- * when MMf care* anything about what thoy Huy, th? y w ill do so. It i' a pity Ihe States did not elcft lesa of tl?? fossil (iihena'l mora of the young taloat of the ccoitiy to re l*rcrr.ot them than is found in the Convention. The fos sils am o< Alined to no particular |wty, and no particulir party claims thi m. Th? rvpubiloao* of the Tear, onfurance inl< im to kill tlo plan n jioi t <1 fn m committer. They cemnt i tK'!'s and ascertained tunt it ha, only one majority. Hy Tne ailay or Wtlneaday ne*t there will ho two m>>ra States reprea< i i< i| In Mie tVmferenrr?Kam-n-tand Ml' hl gan. Thi'in Ut Mates will duf<>at the (inthrie plan. The fapnbtlraiM VM then rota unanl?noo?ly for a Vationftl '^j^ rnt n but it is not at all likely that CVm^re? ? will go ,r>>r a Ouayentlofi, Should Uiere b? no plan of adjiuMipont agreed u]*?, ?U 7?rt>oa<t>crg i? ,twn *?ted dvwu by th<; r*fubtic*n?, they :*e prepared, it ia understood, -on the eve of an adjournment, in oritur to avoid tfco refptntlbility of pre*-. ntd?g * set tlement, to move iii?) restoration of the \lteaouri compro rowe, knowiDg f jll w?U that it wi {[ not bo ^xepWd. This ? an old gain-?, but it will not r *it. The people will hold tho party responsible rtbouki ? mW^bh nt bo to feateJ. latclligence (u?t received her ? from Richmond ctatea that Lincoln's speeches are pr- ?docing bad re-uiH?. A | lfftdli g KuhuuMijumt, writing ' in one of the Couinatsaion erf, ra.yn Virginia will tike t -r positiou with the South eru republic, una maintain it tho point of the bayonet, unlem our Noitliom br-thr. a come boitily anJ honeatly forward for an umicablo an 4 satisfactory ?*4;itetuiont. It te stated here, on tho fctgb^t authority, that David J?udity >1tld and Willuni . Curtis Noyes are violently op posed ? > auy comprcmir 4 ,n the Feaca Confercnoe, and w ill by every efljrt cx> (|tc lhe prions of the delegates ol the border stavo St ete8) M ^ t, brink ui? the Cmvcn tiou. Thin k'e.1 wa? pi?p#o-;d lo ox t>c\ernor Chuse, at Ohio, by Mr. Field a ,fcw 4,yd lin e, governor King is following In Kleld |wlklli tlie Il m. Kraacs Grader * i? t>o H> Wa-shu ^ to.morrovv. MR. LINf joi.N AND TTfrRlOW WKFT>. Wabibnctox, 1 ob. IS, 1*81. Mr. Weed ^ Mr Unealn at ltnchft^r to mor row, at ten an 1 will urge him to prono-mce In his epeccli ^ Altiraiy on Tuesday 111 favor 01 a constitu tioual tail iirt an offert to hin recent speeches, which m 0l- timid are alarmed at. The rr /pnlflicHJis hero are fearful thit Mr. .ineoln will yield tr (|^0 Rii??)'?tWins of tko chief of the Albany lobby< and U hto true policy Is to withhold his opinions about ,f/.taite antil he nialfu hm iuauguial address liore 0,1 1 M 4th vf March. Aati-'Jeward, We?d & Co. leaders h?v ? ?f'o^rT>[>hed Lincoln from here to tt'.t efl'ect. <?ffE CONDITION OP THE NAVY. WA8Ki?i' T05, Feb. 17, 1801. Hbti fact!) stated tn ry donput<;h in t'..? Hnuui of tin t>lth test., that nearly thirty war vessels of tliu Uuttud ttlMee are dismantle6 aud unfit for frviee, his creatod an intense feel is g fti Congressional circles. Thoiubjeot Is now under cou kV ration beforo Kio Ilou?0 Select Com j1 afttoo on the Pretfdent's Message, and the conduot of ! Hecr'dary Toueey in relation thereto is a'jout to be re ported upon, fc view of this fact the following analysis ' o* the artual condition of the vessels named, derived i fr3'.n an authoritative suurce, becomes important. It do i vt lopes the faOt that many it ore of these vceboIf arc rorthlesa tlu? v.fts supposed. Krmafc s# x yard. The steam screw frigate Franklin, fifty guns, t*.crty ?hree fact dr ight when fully iquipped, was reconntrr.oted at Kittory, Aith all the mciorn improvements, in 1855. ' Sho is stil^on tho stork?, aw', could not be ready for aea in logs tturn*) :e year, ."^he has neither her machinery nor b?ilore en board, and Cotif-ess docs not soom diar' wd to make tli- noeesrury appropriations to complete her. Ac c-rdmjr to the judgment of the best naval at Uitect.s, 1 die is the liiieit me Jelled vesfiel In tho world. This fe; tlie ship that < :nar I'.uhu, llear Admiral o.' the W.klrti navy, ard-- lite, travelled all the way from V .it'll! jtoo to KltUry ir ltf&8,tooxamitwupo? the invita 1 i.oa u' tho Main<> and Ne:r 1 lamp- hire Ssaator*. The con I ptme lug engineer attaalcd to the adm'..-*l V. at Itc, as woll as t*> e admiral himself, pronounced her the lt"t molelled a'Kl muet hsanttftil ep> linen of naval areMt'cture they ? rv#: ?aw. SuchnTeaselelKMiid not be p rmitte . to remain ?m :'ie stocks ?ad peri- li, especially wfcan Bi.o is needed j ?i? '.lie bous t>i protect cur commoree a?tl tho 1 onor of tho ? ii* % Theaatrtaf putting the machinery, betters, stores j ?m 1 arnonmtst te tMr ,-esael and pu.ttog her thoroughly ? to r?ounissia? would amount tu ui-out $10),000. Thi i Sin stems targe,b t wheti It i? rem raberod that the , <: ickeioaaaer Niaga a, whichoarrlceonly t*r Ivoguusand ?. ?~e hundrod mmI twenty -five me*, aad wlik'a buried the v llaiitic cubic co dm:; that plums:-1 w ill ncvir I'm J it, and ?eauvtyad U? Comm.u-'ioitei* hoir , druvt-, (he ? ame amount of wnter ubat the *>raa*ito wis, with tifty j gun* anu six tuni red and twenty bmic? There ia ,'iobably no v?*(?ael the A/ncj tcsui um, y tin* woulu be : better suited ar n 1 siting buttery or casta t lioa?u? Tor ? the collection of .he revenue than the Krwikiiu, J or for the tr*#i or tat ion of troope and moron: j while she ootild not enter the iiurbnr ot' | Charleston or J.'ew Orleans, on -Account of . the udllculty in ciop.'in* the bars, the could outer S ivan nah, Mobile ami l'?>aaac4ia harbors, and aasdy reac U the forts at these placer also the forts at TortugM. and 1 ttortfl Pinki-ns and Taylor, tho combines u largetatter f by t sht guns th tn the whole of the propoeed m /en at few steamers, ewli of fhich will carry six gnut, ten I urn dieil and fifty men ar.d cont over three bundrei thnuf m l dollirs. A \ cfcsel combining so many valuable piali *e? ought not to be ullor.-od.to remain on the stock; to por Uli for want ot th< ot'coesary fuu<'s to (It her fa. act! re kervlee. The Abbntr.h, ?.;ciity-(our guns, twtuty-6*? feel Jr.tiifclit, vMit conxtKi ileJ .u 1819, id on stocks, portt* lyd" caycd, mJ couM not *ie completed Tor eeahhert of 1 untv ila\ s nor at a Um cool than two hundred and tv,ont. tl ve thousand dollars, :tnd then she would be almost eut' eiy , Ineflclellt Hbelt tomi ared with the modern built ve-. ??!?. The ."antee frigate ft n Railing vessel of the old met el, built in 1821, but modernized by the construction nf a now buw in 1836, and could bn lined for ~ea In till fay * day.- at a cost of leu .thousand dollars. She U built U carry fifty guns. She d;ani? twenty one feet water. TIk sloopnf-war I??lf was built in 1839, At Philadol pbia. Flic returned fron her last trip about eighteen , months since, and was condemned after being examined at tbe Kiiterv yard. KLi w.? no rotten that ft? floating Ice broke through her p'aukmg about two week* ego, tad she Ran? at the wharf V.t'.orU arc now being ma le U raise her. r?*R!??rowr KAVT TAJ?. Screw frigate Minnesota, ttftv gun*, built at Washing j ton in 1855, draw twenty t'irec feet of water, has Junl been thoroughly repaired at an eipcntio of a hundred and forty two thousand dollar*, and can be fitted for sea ia t?u j diyr Side wheel stotuner Mississippi, eleven |uu, built In j 1841 at Philadelphia, draws flxteer feet four inches. is under r?palrs and cannot be completed in Ices than two month*, at a cost of about f00 000. She ha* been at ' Charlestons* ten months. This la the liw4t time she can be repaired. Several of her tituberH were broken during her last v% age, nud many of thorn are in a dccayed state. Floopof-war Vineennes, twenty ?una, la hardly worth repairing,'iu'she cjin tnake another voyage by expend- ( i Ing 910,000 upon hrr, and ecmld be made ready in about forty Uajs. She w.ia built in 1830, at Brooklyn, and draw* sixteen feet of water when equipped. The Vtiramt Is a seventy four line of-battle ship i?f ancient model, twenty-live and a half feet draft, built in ( hirlMlowB in 1948. Ae Is perfectly aeond, and could be j fitted for sea In tli: we<?k*, at a cost of twenty five thou rand dollars. On sceount of her gr jat draft and ancient < model ;h< i.-aA bo tf little value, except as a receiving ship. The line <>f-battle ship "hio was built it 1*20, draws twenty five and a iu.If feet water, timbers rotten, and unfit for sea service. She is used as a receiving ship. The sloop of wnr Preble, built in 1839 at Kittery. car rles sixteen (una. sixteec feet draught, timbers in good condltltion, and can be fitted for ses in thirty days, at a | cost of tweny-lire thousand dollars. Her model is old, but the will mak? a good tranrport ship. The brig Bainbridge, six guns and thirteen fe*t draught, built at Charlestown Ir 1542, Is now In d? k, repairing at a cat of thirteen thousand dollars, and ? ;.n be ready for mm in twolro days, if accessary HKOOMLTX YAOn. Htf friyaio Potomac, flfty gun*, twenty ono ftwt al? iriciMi draught, bu'It at Washington In ltt2l,Cftu render but very little more amice. The frigate Hrnndy w ine, flfty gune, twentf one foot Rix inches draught, built at Washington in 1M>, cannot bo ilcpemM upon for actire acr vice. ll^c alocp-of war Ha<annah. tweaty four gums. nine toon fret draught,budt at Brooklyn in 1842 In prn??i.ueotl nearly worthiest. fit-rcw fri/ato P.o.:ti<>ke, forty gun*, twenty throe feet rti ?nght, built at Co-t-irt in 1HV>, good model, fnjit under ialte. fteani being auxiliary, etui be littod fur aea in a few i'ay*. Prrow frlg.ite W:<b-mh j* in all roepcrt* rm to moilol and speed tike the Roanoke. Ph.* ba? juat beou repaired an I ?r?n bo fitted for fa id ten f"he carrier forty g'uu?, two l?e.ng pivot, wnsbuil' at ITiilad dphla iu lSo'?,d. vijtit twenty three feet. mUtDRLPMlA Nv\Y \\K.n. The sloop of war Pawnee, having returned frem a short trip to tho Gulf, is uniergOiBg another tent of ncr capacity to cirry her micuutery without breaking her luck, ) tat. he a are being m.ulo in her pjmr deck for ventilation, which wore omiUol at Urst for fear of weakening tho sh p. Qho will make another trial trip, her rtfth or sixth. If it in not ruti^'act >ry sba will probably bo Condemned, u-:vl tho 'Secretary of tho Navy, who gave the job of conatructing this -hip to a personal friend of his outs do of ihe naval constructors, will be ceiiriired. Thi? sloop w.? autuo-izod, with nix others, in 1838, and .should he render tg service, as tho oifa'TR have been, tor more ihui a year. ?ho coat four kindred thousand dolUr?. Th"' ckup ofwar Jum- Mown wis built in 1813, and, of course, is marly worn out. Model g'w>l. t*eutj two guns, diaught sixteen foet, undergo tg repilra. noH'oRT HaVv Valid. The gh'ps of the lute Columbus and Del iware are unflt fur further repairs, and should not bo rc :kouod uru.mg the liutciier of our war vssels. l.me of battle rhip New York is on the stocks. and would copt a very large sum to Complete h>r for sea. The three last named carry eighty four guns each. Frigates United States, built 1797; Columbus, built 1836, and Ran tan, built 1840, are tifty gun uli-pa. lltch are clumsy, and cannot bo used In active service. Sloops of war ri> mouth and GerniantOvm wore built l i 1843 and 1846, have done great service, and are too much decayed to be of much further use without large expense for repairs; draft sixteen feet. lings l'crry and Dolphin, of ! i guns each, bui't in 1M.T und IMC, aro b< ing put In readiness for sea. I>r ifl of water thirteen feet. The idi-i of altering the seventy four gun ships tuto FtPum< r8, cow that they aro water soaked and Ue< lyotl, i? pronounnd by naval conctructois to be Imp >Iitic and alinrst absurd. That no mnro largo r.tivitn fngi'.ej aro wantod at the prosrut tiino may bo soon from tho fad that of tho six wo have live aro n >\v laid up in ordinary. Steam sloops of light draft are really wanted, but those who arc suppoRod to know, Ray they should not all be of the pmalleot kind, but of different rates, adapted to tho various wants of the gonieo. large ships aro necessary for long voyages where rough weather prevail*, and of that claw w? aro supplied at present. KngUud and Franco aro building m my iron cused chips, and tho United Sutoa may try their experi ment. Spain had her agent* hen Some two months *lnoo in viting proposals for building Ufty large steam screw frigates, and contracts will be made for part of them, bvit they prefer wood to Iron. But some builders say that we should have woodn f'lilpn with Iron frames for two reasons-?First, that It will savo space for stowage, and secondly, it wlU not be possible to obtain live oak itmber now that (lie llv< -vik States bavo seceded, arguing tiiat no moro Umbo. ef ttuit description can be obtained, aud Iron tuubtbc Butjf.tltuted. But others nay I hat s a order to < btam th? oauie strength tho frame must bo deeper than Umwc or wood. lJobldet. fft largo purcba'sea of Uvo ouk JoatlMdc, there can bo no doubt that the I'uitod Hater lin ? enough tinifcV to last untR the snooding Stains return again. THR l.ATE SEIZURES OP MUSKETS. TKT. MVTW.BR OK OOVT.KNOR BROWS TO OOVKBNOK M<VUj HJ*?THE HKF?'t8At. MEA.PVTIK3 AND Til KIR ITPKOt?TltK QKOMtANS KXUI.TANT, ETC. (l>o;n the MllledgevVio (?la.) *><*?ri?l lulon, Fib 12 ] Our re?4erti arc ay are that the police of the city oi ; Sow Yorti, on the 22.1 Civ ol' last taonlh, seized, without I nay law! til authority, tlurty eipht boxes of tuuakulB, ?c Ippcd Ibr HtvnmAi <-ii 11"' v>' >?\or MontiocUo, and car | rh tl imtl ?d?|w *ite?l tht_n In th>j state Arsenal in that ally . <>n Saturday, <t>e 'id it this nvnuh, Me'-ars. 1). t). Hodg ' l.tuB & of Ito- u. who ern cuiren; of thiR State, woduc ;rt At ti?e K"rrcutlve oll< e satialactury evidence that tv k) hundred ni Raid pot* belonged to them hb their iudlvl'iual projiwu , he t>U?frare wiidjto belong to Ala. brtina .) nadcUni'/ >P 'iotVKnoi Brow u tho protection of the f |tt<'. oi wtiifi t.jev ?nr^Xxw abiding citizens, aganst tho robbery. The linyrrt* itnmediately wrote the letter ' whiih ik copied iu !i./ li dn to t?ovrrnor Vlorgim ol the #th Inst , at.1 ?mit it Io ?,?vernor M?i Man by telegraph, ?t*rran<llnf? the -le.liiwry <i the (runs thus seized to It. l.ait'Br. oi" >iw Yurk. whom ho nominated an his urt irt to ree.iro th< in. Ttie <;overnor wltftl till liimiiap "v< , nntfi ?nil r-wlv'1 no reply to 1?? orm.ind. H- tltvit tek> .ta;?hed Ike ?j>eraU>r of the Hue lit Albany, K. V. ,tc \u<r r wln-Mhrr hi* despatch to (.Jov. llor 'an iu l ? -i i* ,vi\ M no.: -"ii livered lo hlra. The operator replied th.(: it liad. <krv. Jrfr-oun then waited till half put ti!:..- vJ icV '.?h'sJ. y ultfhl, anVlill received no response fri m 4!c Mo tyxn ? Being eati ll?l U??'. h> ? -ajimi tk* V) bra evaded and refused, ar.d i? iut l>* was ?od?r the highest obll t i atioi.v to the lit ij-.i bi of tUte fitat* >o pr*u r;. them, with j the leai-t pccaible !e:K> u^nitel all nechr'Aliet le-mid lavy I lrsa pcl7i-.r?'n by oth-v- Staiiw, I.* (rtt r. hit duty, as he , was fully a ilh"ii2' J b/ lh< Imv oi' iuUiBcb au.i the plain j ? at priD<-ipi<* of uaturiJ JnstiM to <ka, t* mak v reiwianl, Ioy fei/iDK a Butllcteut unouut of nropuw y be-Vnglng t? titi/.oiia of Uip o: ?, ?<?<* l'?rk, ruJ/v io? indoi unify the uitlxeii." of this .-tale ?vJ o luid been l obl^ ' of ttieir pro j , by conijielli/i^ IU rvlatii and dfterin K otLlr ollen ?i. r.? fiem likf atroeitier ipon our citizens la f utui *? The ICruVfjnor dor* f.ot atk XiW 1'ork to j?iy for \ he m tiakets. ?" fli'' lia? no right to eon^nel our rltixvas to "ell t 'letn to lier but bo fftat the kuus be returi ed to" their m.tiers. He therefore ord?fH fjt.ch a^inui*' ? a will , It in I na-JCably ropi** ed, prod^w this roar.it j Vi" have Mid this i? r-ULettno.l bv the law of nal ure. j Two children are Be< n iihyin^ together. A hat .in a, ?ple | and J ha* a toy. 11 Belr.e* A * apple and tak ?> 11t fr- ?"> ; bun, witbo^t just excuse, a loimeiLite!? Iw* 1 v? ; toy, Bad holds it tiil H givt* to htR applo. Che? e hell % ; noorw prep, nt with authority to do Justice !> 'twee, t j thein. mature dictati* the remedy for the injustice. I "^o It Is I Ik twrit. .-t:it? s. There bemf; to arbiter oetwneu th?m , w jth |K?Rtr to com pel the wroug doer to do jiutvc* . tho 1 law of o-iture becomtn the law of nutiont, which j authorize? the ln.rured etate to redrew Its own wm ivs, I by Fflzinft ihe property of the oflendUn; Ktate and L? Td ifc? it till it? own pro|>ert> ia returned. In this ease, the property aeijrcd in New York wa* tho 1 buvate projK-riy of individual citizen* of i.wr^Ut, t.'.ul / ihe <io\ ernor fK^.ef U|.' private propcrtv of ?'iti/?nA of I Hi w York as reprisal, and will hold it U1J Uk property at I our own citizens i? r?tm ned to them. m '-he followin? i? aoopy of the order loaned to Coluool' JaTv^on, directing hue i-cizure of the rencla: i Kwprtrt Di r.i*T>n-wT, ? *im.i norvu.i r, ua., Keb. ft?#', I'. M. ? I have demanded ol tin Ijovcrnor of New York tho prompt y lo my >x?ni, for D. C. Hodgklu* * Bonn, citizens of thl- Stale. of their Ifuii*. seized by tor polite of New Y<>rk on boaid the Muuticclio, and Jepotdled In the araenal of ihat Plate. The drmand !i*s l-m delivered to him. He bu had ? reaaonaMe time and ban made no replv. I am determined to protect the pervon* and property of the ell>z*-n? of this M*tc J4fa;n>-t all ?tv~b lawles* nlenoe, At *11 hazard*. In doing in I mil, if n*ce?**ry, meet force by force. I feel It my duty In thia <?*e to order reprl?U. You will therefore di reel Colonel Law Ion to oi ler out auflictent military torce and nize and hold, subject to my order, every ahlp now in the harbor of flavannati belonglrf to fiitieu? of New York When th? property of which our citizen* have been robbed l? retiunel to them then the ship* will be delivered to the citizen! of New York, who own tUetn. JOSEPH E. BMOWM. Col. II. R .IaPKHOS, Aid de Camp. Savannah. Ua. After the above order b*<t tn-n m<Hi Governor Brown received (rum Governor Morgan Uio evMlvt* reply, !iy telegraph. whirb I* ailmlod to in Governor Brown'* letter below, purporting to doubt the authenticity of Governor Hr< mi'* demand, an t den/lug it* official form, it( On the 8tli in*!. Colonel Jackson caused the following named ytproit. registered in New York, and belonging to citizen* of licit ftate, to be Hcizod?to wit the bark* Adjucler and 1). Coldeu Murruv, brigs W. II. Klbby and i.oldeu l?rad, and th. fchooner Julia A. Halluck. Thete THHb wiUbe returned to the New York owner* as noon a* New ^ ork return* the Run* which were uu lawfully Mlgcd by he< i<olic?', to Uilr (.eorgta o*rncr?. ,?inee the *el* ire of tbi vessel* Guvoraor Browu law mailed to the Govoroor of New York the following com munication which t-j* ik* for IUnll with 'tit further com ment ;? KlKCCTfVf Pi etur?r."?r, > Mii.i rncrvit.i>. tla.. feb * 1,161. * To hi*- liteeileo' r Cr>? ii I). Mow. ?*, Governor ot the Htate of New York, Albany, N Y.:? Kir?You aie don Uc*h aware that th" lelerrttph and nee* paper* of the city of New Y-rk, on the iJd day of ia?t month. con*eye<l vo the country *he Intelligence that certain K>*es ?f nr ?ki??*, shipped for SaM?nnah. were on thai day *elxcd bv the jv lice ol trie eily of New York while 1 >n board ino ?teame'i Monticello. On Saturday, (he 2d day of th* present mon'h. Me*?r?. D. ? Hodgkln* A Mono, of the city of M.tonn, who are citizen* ol tbi* Ht*te. and denmnd and are ? nlitled to V protrctfd by It, lll< <t In thl* oflice *a'l*t acton evidence ot the fact that twe hundred of laid m'Dk t? weit their fropeiiy, and were (elzed by the poli<*' of ti.e e|tv ol New Yor! without warrant or Icjjal authority from any eourt, ?n4 were taken from *ald ehit? and depoaltei la tue Htate Awnai on Hcrenth avenue In ild eliv. It la utideralood thai the ?iie?il>er? of the jiollcc of Nrw York who made th*- ceizure were not appointed bv the Mayor aud Council of the city, t.ut were at>j? int'd elibe'r -llri>e! v .>r indJ reetly by your Kzceilcticy, mrfact under the hum'- liate an thorny of the State. In thli ca*e. th. n-forr, the clilzon* of thl* State have not only been roMwd f their prPiieny hy per inn*actln( In ofllelal oapai lty under the authority "f the stale tf New York, but rmr of the public araenaU tielnnnlng to that Stale bas been made the repository of the plunder. l'?*Ur* it to be m* dttly t?protee(/he |?r>on* and pix?|>eny of th" ? Ittren* of tbi* State at iln*t the law lc? atiarki r.r *etru:-e* of the odleeri of other fltateM, a* <h>ou a* the erl-l'^i-*' in the e-t^e bad b?en laid before me, I uddre-'W d to your ??. wlleney on Halurdzy. the ?< < .nd 'lay ?I tl'l* nion'li, by tnle^nh. a lette-. wbleh / iv.i^nfterw*ril?lnr.inoed ' y the operotorol the ti le, iraph line n Albauv. h e1 t^-en delivered to ymr Ezoellene) tvliK h letter MM* III I he f llowtnf word*, vl*:? Kxni.Tiw I>vpahtwk*t. i Viri.HXIKTIM.lt, Oik Frli ;i i:i < To III* EtcMlrtw-y Oov Mo?<niv, Alhuny. y ' flitt-l bav? b?loi* nir >nu?fwu.ry. fUmoa of lb* fact?) *i ?wo btUMtred avpk#t? belonging to D. (!. llmickiiu I ??, ,'V flllttw*o?thie fMel?, were uteecA on h..ar>ut>? ?StaMoau! mllo, ?? I or ."nrnnimh, ain.l ?rit<yl bvtti p*e* of Ihjl cli/ on or about th? twenty wom,,! nf taniJv* Urt. ?Brt uii?0 from lb? ?,?| ?r.t now m th? MI:,',. Arm* nil in thi. rllw -r' J1.7 " P?."> SUtiM AWm "*1 in I he city. 'Irmaoti tltfU (he Run* v """ in inn T A?'lovornor.of I hr?b* rier," t?W. bVLmmt, S *?w To*^?'lf25^5fir. ?'<1 my ?i(rut lo reoetve hem ! lru?* no alrnlW ov r?#e ?ay be |J. r: ? rated in future Yon will oblige by ?>n>nvini mtlng your d<<'.NliiD Immediately by telegraph Very reap-. x( ul y, jour uliedent servant, JOrtRPH K. BxtOWN. r.i ih* above demand I bad reoelved no roapona- nine o'elcak I*. V on 1 ue-d.y, the Ufth day of this man h. K?* ' ii'K tbm vimr Klcelleuey bad had *utlirlent time to Ineulre oi yi ur police ofllceraaa to th? character of tbe aei/.ure cum plained oi, u unauthorized >>y you. tad Co direct the delivery to 'hi' Messrs. Hodi<kin* of their property, or to indicate jour wililnc i sa lo do ao on Hie produoilou o( evidence of owner ?hl)>, tr *nu were ii,>t eati<>Aed on tb?t point: and feellnt; '.hat the On'ittge upiiit the rlgbls of ottlzen? or thil Kute wan so xreat ft" <u ulmii of no QimoaoMSn delay on n>y pai l, at ball' past nine o'clock |\ M., on Tuetdty. the ?th Inrtanl, I lniU"! an order to ji ol. Henry K lack-on, Aid de-i'au p, in tba "ity r.f t-avannah, lniliucitn* hliu lo call out, through ?,'ol. Law ton a autlieleut ni'lilary n rce. ami to make reuii"*! by tbn M'j/ili?ol all ulilii* then In i lie harbor of rtavanmtli 'Ml.ugu^ lo cltlxena ol the State of New York In obedkiwe to tkia order I am Informed that he ha* seized the follow |i ? vewia, and v III bold tbein eubject lo my order, to wit:? Hark* Ydjuaier and l?. < 'olden Murray brl^s \Y K. Klbby and t'oldeti l.ead and aclioon* r Julia \. Hallo. W. More tho laauanieof the ab"ve uemloued older I hnvi re ceived ,i de patch aliened by your Kroelleney, in which you a. knowledge the re olpt or the despatch aeut by me to you, all ?e J ou are gleaned lo say. thai certain arm i !?d 6oen reiu i.ed in New York. Y >n furhersay of my deanttob, thit " 1 la giave ebara ter anil unollielal foi?# forbid you 'lomtak Inij action In ivga'd to It without belter authenticate! in fur I ma Ion.'' Ni vertlielcs i, yon say that you r?**pon I ??> enable no , J '? veritable,'' to communicate my wiilice by |ciu>r. 1 ntn unal.lB to pon elve *hat reaaoii you b:id to dOiibt tha' n.y -patch wa.i veritable II ?a< da'ed at I be hiooutlve In" iwriineni, and waa signed hero by ni? * on %l?<> object to It on a> i-ount of lit unofficial 1'orm It la not ouly dnt^d a' thla department. but 11'vpre*-In mate that I in.ike the u?tuaud .J (iovernorol (leorxia I inn not aware <>f tlio addition il bin gi'.ige ?? bleb your Kxcellcncy would eonaldor reijulslto to givo lo a denmnd of thla chiiiacler ' ofllrlal form " A l< HK(h> oftlctal eoi reanondence In (hia ca<? I? neitbor ill *l^d nor deslrod. Ihi owmi" wps a public 'ine Cttitena oi ibU suie have )>e?n mb ed of their moi>erly in yoiu-wtate by ollii eri uiiiler your vonliel '? but pro|ieri v la now deUunvd In a public building under vournmtrol A* the K>< eutlve of i.eoiNia, I b^vo deiuanded lia r? d-llverv to ila owner* My d. maud when ni"l haa been mei evasively by raining a lerhnl r.i I objecti on to i'? loroi, ? nleb has no i limitation In Taot, ?-< .1 >.ilii|ile ri fm.'iiii' lo the d> ma.->d ilaelf will abiiw. The rasa la one, therefore, vviilrh re.iinica aciioii, not .n<K ' y dlplo r..n*y I time the honor, therefore, to notify y-iur R* ';il#uey of lie *euure ot the \ ravels abo> e mi utloued under 'I,y U'tif-r. md that I :h?!l bid tb> lu uutll justle- be done iho injured iUi' iit ot this State above r urainl, hy ro-iMlrery of tlm nun* ? > ibvm, o. tuU. It. Lamar, ot' New 1 irk, vvboui 1 hu e ap xdnted my agi-nt In recti re them II the pn p> ity seU?d Hi rep- isul belong* to ?Itl/eua of Now fork who are lrt.-udly to the eau*e of ju*tlee?nd t. uth, and be ri|iial right* "f tlx- puople of tba Houtb<:rn Sir.tea, 1 atuJl etiret Uin ioi* nventeneo to uhirli they may tie f): *?*ed I cannot forgel howt vi-r, that ray tlrst duty Is to protect lio cltigen* of this Mate against the law tew thole..oe of Lb" iUI<<r< oriltlronx ot other nutea. It In *o dolug, Incidental n jury rhould ho doim to orderly and law abiding eiuzena of ? urh oUrndiiiR j-.tale, for just and l ull Indeoim'y 'l,ev miuu ,ook ty their own gi/vvrTiUient, which ha* brouijh'. the injury lpoii t hem. 1 trust vour Ei<vllen<\\ may have no dlUlculiy in arriving at Ito conclusion that this coinn-uiilealiuii la "official" and 'ventable.-' Very respectfully your obedient aervanW IUmKI'H E. BROWN. Plnr.o the above was in typo, on tbo Oth lajt t a?, nine o'clock'P. M., Uovoiror Hiown recclvod from O. B. lit rur, hi? a?' ut In New York, tho following? deapavh ? Nkw VuHk, Feb 9, 1HJI. To Ms EiMlk'tir; Qor. Brown:? 1 ho ai uih httvn'lxt-n put At the command of the owner* lieie; please release all veatteU. <1. B. LAMAK. Vp> n tbo receipt of tho nbovo despatch th" tioveriior itiiiucdi&l-.ly imuod the following order to Col. Jaukaon ? KiKCDTIV* DKrAIVtHBHT, I Mil i.KpiiKvn L?, Feb 9?'J I1. M. f 1 >iWe just ree*lv?t a di tpilch from U. 8. Lamar, my lu New York, mating that the arms have been put at tun commands o". the owners Tho object for which ihfl seizure was mn?tr having b'? n ai < ouipbsh?.l and the right* ot the c|tuen*6f thts Ktate. IrvIiih heen vindicated, you wUl order the vi'*i-i? selz- d to he Immediately released JOSEFd B. BUOXVN. To Col. Ha.vrv R. Ja? ksox, Savannah, (la. coventor Itrown then rnturncd to Mr. lamar. at New York, the following despatch:? B*i:oiTTtTK Dvp*nr*kNr. ) Mum iMjKUi.Lt:. Keh. tf?i> 1". M. I Th' objeet of th' sei/uro b ivlu^ been accomplished, and the livbU of onr elii/en* baTiij/; been vladlivned, I have or de, i d tbi release id'the ve? iIm. JOSKl'H E BROWN. To O. B. Lamar, New Vork. TJmir the attiilr hna happily lerminitcd; and \iy a bold, diThliri Hand r?ken by tho Wovornor, tbo ri^h'n uf our cili/ciiB buve been protected, and will, wo trust, Uo re* peetcd in future. Tb ve who clo Dot rettpsct our rightH mutt be taught to Tcgpe-.t thera. NhvhI InUlltgrucc. (Correspondence vf thu Boston Daily Advertiser.] fuo OOP OtnWTKiiAii-JW, ) Sr. I'Ari. i? Numjo, W. 0. A., Heo. 10, 1*W. f ! We from WBuy on the Int, :ind arrived 1 til this port 4th inat. KmUiug that the yellow fever had 1 di-appearod, we came to anchor, &lh hist., about two in lit a from th?i town. Wc nre cow Uktng on board wood i hi d water, aii<l rail on the 12th for St. Hotoni. 'Ih< re is scanvly any news since mji last letter to you. j Th> re are very few suspicious vesieki at prwot. on the 1 roast, the recent captures having caused them to with <iriw, or at fen't to suspend traffic lor a while. Tbu i ti'Miier Kan Jacinto, Captain t. A. l)ornin, arrived ] rday. bringing the 'nail from Fernando Po. she, a well at- the other V'mIi of thu squadron, is sh irt of he. j compl* went of o Hirers mid crow, in oooesqnowo of ?h? i.ite captures of hUrers. and those soul to thu United states by order of medical survey. Ihr Portsmouth, Omimnrder Colhoun, arrived on the 8th (rem a cruit? off the <tingo rlvor and Kab*flda. A navel r< iiei'nl court martial is ordered to sit on beard the Port mouth to day for the trial of John Murphy, ono o<* the crew, on charges of "disobedience of orders" and f mnttaoM conduct.'' The new steamer Mohican. Commander S. W. OoUcu, it here, having returned to this port, i'6th ult., In conse qvenre of a leak in her boilers. Her commander hAS re quested that n survey may be held on them. IT.'i ute-un er Myntic is daily expect) d Iroru St. lliiena. The -"imter if rriiiung on the roast, from U?ngo to Fernando I'o. The (;enerul he alth of the squadron In good, although there have been several raxes of coast fever on board the Mohican. The health of ail on board the Hug ship n re markably good. At l'ith Hay the crew wwi allowed frequent runs at-hore, which, with Irish potatoes, jr., procured there, has an effect to keep all in food eoudi tiiu. We expect to return from Pt. Jflcluna by the midlife of January <a first of February; then cruise awhile ofTth>-. MHt. and if noSMble make another capture, to arrive at Porto lYaya by the Urft of April, when we expect re cche our orders for the "whitesettlement." [A letter from St. Helena, January 1, reports the O n Melintkro at that place.j l'MiKtiPT*r?HHn: i*A 8a* J.i/7vr>?, ) Sr. Part, ok I/)a*ik>, imc. io, 1840. ( We arrived here on the i?th inst. from a rrul#? to the northward. We called at Fernando Po for the mail on the -i*th nit., thence returning touched at lYm. ess Island und St. Thoiuas. Olllcers and crew of the *quadron are all well. We leavo on the 17th Inst, on a crnise. The following is a list of the efficers attached to the .San \ Jacinto?Captain, Thomas A. Pernio; First Lieutenant, Geo. W. Young; t?econd do , K. R. Rreese; Ms?ter, A. 1'. ( ooke, Chief Khgineer, Jolin Karon; Paymaster, f? F Irown; Bnrgeon, J. B. M"lscrsmlth; Assistant do., J \ 7- Itortjr;Boatswain, H. P. ttrace, Gunner, J. D. Boonim a rpenter, Wm. F. Uigbum; Sallmaker, <Joo. C. Boernm ji-j, ? -tn. Istant Knginrers, Wm. C. Wheeler Mid M. Kel |? if- 'J Pwn<1 do , J. B. Houston; Third do.. John Roon Ben, Kaviwisgh anil W. Haft; MaaterVuate, K. A Son; CkpiAin s Clerk, E. Uollaoh; Purwr i do , K. O. Sifiinf. ^ MHIral lBtfUI(cmc?. Rmrm *** K-rrm.?Ifco republican* of R&hway, N. J., intend ha TlW? *? ^"Ftratlon 8uppor on the c.en.ng of March 4. tine Rur **?A correspondent atHorneltaville, Steu ben county, V V- ? wr,tr* M ?iows:_ Thc result * 0,,r t0WB raoelln8 0I> the 12th instwt nh</?i? sn n<ri T*Cllte democratic gain of about eighty MnrMbo fX Wk?- Mr Van Pcoter, the democratic candidate for 8u reeet V.? * m"ch Ur,cer v^ majority over IV ?J?*' V*?'" "Pelican nominee, bring 10U. I.iucoln a ma.toru \ 5JJf ? ifjB. f" 54' V democratic ?s;n i VJV l. ^ ta 1,-1 district In fully eq *** w t>ic ?ho? Brooi U?* Cl?jr N?W|, Pnoorro Rahiioui Aftioarr?Ye?ter<lay morning, about one o'clock, aa < ?*" of the f niton avenue cars ?h proceeding along tl^avi *"*' nr*r hy C'uiulngham street, a sailor, named Patrick fr"m the platform The whtela weut oyer his i *?*> CM log It entnpietely off. The unfortunate man VT- 10 l,>" Ninth dm. trict stutiun house, whence i ?T*f???veJr,!<l to iboc.tt HcapitM Hyde had shipped v***' Tor Lou den < n the previous day, and ? way tu rit.t ? frtt-nd when the sad calamity b, ,01 n"n. BiitoriT Rnmnm AT tub ?The Vaehvillq (Tenn ) 1'atnri of Tuesdny List sta '?? that a difficulty ac curred at Gallatin, Tennessee, on th. ' 10?n, between Hot,. II. A. lknuett, member of tho Tenne *???'-egjalature, an<l IT. K. nnedy, in which the former wa ' snot In the bream with a I hot-gun, very dsngerouidy wo '"ding him. it in naul tliore arc hopea oi his recovery. 1. w difcutty aroae out of political di!icr?aee*. A difficulty occured at Milton, Ha., on the tfh Inst b<iwtt, Mr. James Wall and f>r Holly, in w%l h rerol' rt't were used. Wall was badly ?hot. Th" Memphis (Tenn ) Arput of the fttli says;~We learn that a few .lay* since a desperate affray occurred at a iior# rac." in Marlon, Ark growing out of a disagreement reg.nit i> g snme bet* bet?. ?n a party of resident# of that vlt inity. I uabk. to aettlo their diaagreementa regarding the bcttlnr, a aoarrel ensued, after which ilrevnw wvr* drawn and naso, and no less than flvo persons wera wounded. Mr. Craham. a farmer, waa shot by Mr Hina who is a brother, we aro lufrtlUfd, of the lawyer of that nam Grahams son, a boy nine year* ef ago, then nn derto. k to avenge his father, and. shot Ring wounduL hi", ta the arm. H.gg, ne? fired at t? toy *.adZ!^ ,?jf J?"l' t,hut1 hu recovery is doubtful A son i mjt\ V t 5^ twelv# or fourteen year* of ago, wa* 'sdly wounded bv a shot Wm. GeUUng is iu tail for w?r!*ra?Mf,!i n,h" f,hnolinR; l,,e remainder of the f?rt.c* actually eogng^j (five prraons) are confined to I t |.. ,|p, three oi th. in . wnously woun led, hut tnr r-\r;. . t itiona Of the recovt y of all of them, e*eept the child Oriiham, exist. Conr* c alendar?This Oar< Coi n , Cik< i rr?Vart 1?Son. 4.ii>, 671, 87.1, fOl, ?.?3, MT, 011 801. ri3, 010, 017, ?1?, 6il. ?38, U-:T ami. 6,11, c?, 63ft, 037. Ft ' nr*a Oirarr?0?SR4t. Tkkw? Vos 7, 8, 18, 19, 33. 21, ol, 36 to 42, 44, 46 AO, 61. #?, 68, 69, ]?. ? trnnwR Cm-ar? rnrt 1?Nos. 117!?. 11?4, 11W, 1206, 1C?.1. 1''.7, 12T0, 12"!. 827, 1017, US3. Part 2-Vis. IU, 1 12, 8??t, 28", *28, ?20 , 934, M0, 912, M>2, 9t?, Md, ! 0. 962, 18. 760' Vviuiog lUua-OKjmiuL Tout?ArfUBMsta.

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