19 Şubat 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

19 Şubat 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8929. MORNING EDITION-TUESDAY, FEB WARY 19, 1861. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE PRESIDENTIAL PROGRESS. The Journey of Mr. Lincoln and Suite from Buflalo to Albany. The Prince of Kail* Ititits on tlie Engine. THE RECEPTION AT THE 8TATE CAPITAL. Immense Turnout to Receive the Great Kail 8plitter. The Addresses of Welcome aod the Replies of Mr. Liucoln. A Great Crush and a Great Excitement. THE PRESIDENT AMONG THE LADIES. Arrangements for Mr. Lincoln's Re ception in the Metropolis, Ac., Ac., 4<j. THE TRIP FROM BUFFALO TO ALBANY. L'tic*, N. V., Feb. 1?, 1801 Tbo 'rain bearing tho President elect and party left Buffalo ut a quarter before six o'clock thid morning- He waa accomp..me I to the depot by Compauy Dor tUo 8cveiit> Fourth ifg'riiem. which couefpany also acted as an fscoi t upon bin reception bere. Notwithstanding tho early hour, several hundred prop In wcro present lo bid Mr. Lincoln tarcweil. Tho train con ?lined of a baggage and two passenger cars, under tbe command of John Corning, of Buttalo. Mr. Lincoln, lumily and suite occupied a sleeping car, which was tie rear car of tbo train. Among the d-stlnguished gentlemen on the train, besides thoso previously tepoited as accompanying Mr. Lincoln, are Messrs. J- Collamer and I'hilip Itortbeimer, of Buffalo; Hon. E. W. Leavenworth and Judge rihankland, of S>ra..uee; llou A. Hubbell, of I'tica; Major J. J. Peek, of (Syracuse, Iloiacc Greeley, of New York; Gutftavus Adoiphus Kcrojigs, ?*f lJuttulo; M.iy?r Scranton, of Bo Chester; Hon A. Wescott, of Syracuse, and Governor Mt-rgnn's stuff. At Butnv.a the train stopped five minutes. Semo hun dreds wero arsembleJ tj grvet Mr. Lincoln! who, In answer to th-ir cli'ers, appealed on #i" rear platform and simply bowed. A few miles east or Batavin the train was d?tained a cboit time by a htat.-d axle on tbe forward passenger imh, The tr* n arrived at Rochester at eight o'clock. A crowd of unmfcer.ng not le*s than S.000, tilled tho eTNMW mound th: depot. Mr. Lincoln w is introduced by Mayor Scrantvn, and rceponded to liia welcome, aa fol lows.? gpftni OF MR UNTOI.N AT ROfHEHTKR# I rci.nps mvself, alter having s< en lvge audiences since leaving b<>me, overwhelm" d wi'h this vast number of f mvs ui luia hour of the uioiui'i*. 1 am not vaiu enough to b ve th.^ v <i are bore from any wish to hoc KH an -n.jivhf.iai but because I ain lor the time be eg tho reixrSrui'.me of 'b American poop ??. I could not'' I would address you at any length. I have not tho ?trccKib, evtn i[ 1 bad tbe time, lor a speech. At these mauv mtej views 'b?t are afforded mo on my way to Washington 1 apjwar merely to see vou and to lui you ww: Ze and 10 b.d JO'I tMW'U. 1 nope it will be unde/stood that it 13 Irom no disposition to dis' blice auyb'ly that 1 do not address you at grcner length. (Cheering folk wed) The pr.-sencc or a large police force kept the crowd from pre*.ng on the cars, *r -I perfect order w.^ maintained, do that Mr. L'ucolu's voioc reached elinost tbo extieme limits of the audlMtci His hoarsen.*s trouble?" him less to day than at Builalo. A su? of only sis minutes was made, Mr. Lincoln nmainlrg blinding on tho rear pUtfirui of il"1 ca." until the limits of the crowd were parsed. At Clyde an enthusiastic crowd was gathered who wel comed Mr. Lincoln wuh a siiute and cheers. Ho thanked the people for the welcome, but had no speech to make, and no time to make it ia. H ? was glad to see them aud bade them tood naotnluf At Syracuse a cr.?e d, f stimnted at ten thousand people, w?s afB, n.bled to rreeivo Mr. Lincoln. A platform, drapeu in tho national flag,bad been crected. from which Mr. Lincoln invited to nddrrw the audience, whlrh, however, he declined to do, saying that they must draw no iufereoc* from bis re"n??) to < omp.y with their ro quet n isgard to any ? ther platform with which his name was associated. Up ? ihc platform waa a lim eaple. VnrA, Feb. 18, 1MI. The special train arrived here cightoen minutes ahead of time, and was availed by thousands of people, who wtro sundii.g In a snow stOiin. The citlzcn s corps fired a salute, alio lb*crowdenthusiastically cheered. Mr. l.imoln ascended a platform which wns drawn upon tho track, au?? was introduced to the asscmi'led coooonrse by tbe Mayor. He upofce asroliows ?''Indiesa;idgi,.t.kiom,'P ? 1 have no Kpeech to make to you, and 1 shall not ha > e suf* fclrnt time to make one ir I bid. 1 hav3 appeared boro fc'.mvly to th-nk yon heartily r..r this noble rccepti.w, nnd to see jen and allow >ou to se-- me I am not sure, *t leant as tegardu the ladi^, but 1 h.ve the best of tho borgam in the sight. In conclusion, 1 ha\e only to say flsrewell." Hj was met here by tho legislative comm' lee. A few mine.tes li.ter tlie train posted on, Mr. Lincoln bowing a fa/ewcl: as he lett the crowd behind. Lai ge crowd.* ot < rdbusU.stlc men and women greeted the resident elect at all the cities on the route, an 1 at Stations where the, train did nit stop the depots were Oitot ged. Ilie I'tica r?e^-pt,< n was vi ry flne, although a bl'Bding snow *to m, wh?h de'ractcd much rrom tbo efl.-1, prsvalle.t. 11m. , rn *de ut IJUte Fa'Wi, Fonda and Hrbeneota 'y w. re I id me life IB nymbers and very entb'>?! <s'lc In spirit. At ail the sto;? impertinent b divldusis ad-heesed Mr. I.in coin in a very fsmotar manner, and offered to back lilm a#?in=t the wrrM. He v ly good uaturodly r.ubmitted V) the ft.utu courtert' 3 of the crowd, and hia r< tisrk, tnat be hid the aiivantage .if tbo crowd as to look.", elicited ch" m a no uu^h'< r. Ibe legislative comn iltee got in board all tlca, and wax mtr< .tuce ! fn Mr. f ivcolo. Tbespcoclu were waived wu all ti.lee. Messrs. B- rgen and 1'iovoct un?*p.- ted'y yoine : the pntty at I'tica juat a tlie train got un> r way. Mr. Cieeley joined the ptrty at Buffalo, an! also Mr. Cnmp. Mr. Oreeiry Slept miet of the <wnv rtewo, and while In a very grateful ponltion hnfur sMrti.xl a ?inject tor the poneiia or two arttnts ?T New Yotk Uh HraUd papers. I)ean Rlcbnioud Joined at Syrs * Am .og tb?i ( es's w?re Judg1* Davis, of New York, Alr?.k Iinkuii, of Tti. ;F Unvenw^th, Trenwrer I??sh. it er .m.' others Aimon Clapp editor of the rt.if /alo Atcj.ruJ, au?i catdidsU lor I'ostm ..ter, ? as rs' tsed a ticket, which eitlUd him '? a degree Ha threatoood ?*.at th rps, lwit 'he tr.iu p^s?M on ar.d no one waI ?wis* bly d ??? r< buff exe.-p? the <dtt.?r. Ousttvus tdoipliiin "^r.iggS] L. 8. Marshal expe. t.irt, wa<' n KarJ, a'?d w is nuusualiy attentive to Mrs Lin tolii, The sqnabbto between the ilovrmof md !eir'?K?iir. was a l"plc of .tisciissieu tn rr.eid. ntixl Circles, and much liisgunt w?t e .pr.ssed that the . l?lr iusuined such taige p .'pott* >is. tin alive Committee wa*g?n? rnl'j allowed lo bo aiorroct And the (lovern* tn the SSroOg. ThcFilrce or Rails rede on tfir eng'ne m tft o^ tho way d.wn.and expressed .Simseir a^> li ^h1/ gratiC -la' (be D-* tei hi,11>?ih . *p? 'ieoc?>J. Mr Vibha'd, and tssistsnt - vpcrin eodeuts ('otlwner. Cliit'ciicen, it't ar ? I ? ?ter, by ib?ir osie sad r,"i/'le nu ? ?;.v?u. i 1 -'i*?'.| ti c thank ? of VV Pr..*tdviit sod h(i< P^rti'. Thr Tr.i del r al (.?'? ? I md'.j.jt-11/ qiir't it the Astor lJ? .?e I ii-iM'W t "gu "?w York p are in a't?ri>' ? e, ?>jt 'H *>f * pc'itl'Sl <ihu wt* w H bo fef rd jw ss^s i ? th tr-n. ? THE ARRIVaL AND RECEPTION AT THE STATE Capital. AULY.NY , Fob. 18, lStil The special train bear inn Mr. Lincoln aud party reached k Mf at iwtnty minutes 1*1.11 two r. M , after a most u. light ui and rapid pa.-i-ugo trotn HuiUlo rhe two cars were well tilled by delegations which got on acd oil at ib<-ditlen nt btatione wb?re the train stopped. rho train frcquciiti; made more than a mile a minute, but the truck whb in Butb excellent or<ier tbat the p.um>n geis were tcuicely aware ol tbe immense velocity of tho train. Before <;o\ernor Morgan and tbo indomitable Bergen bad fully determine*) wb>ch ha 1 w iu,Line >ln, the ooca bu n of all their excitement arrtvej li thw aucient little city. All day yiBterdty, Suudav though It ?m, the caucuses held la all the hutels ebowed thai the arr mgd UHi.lB for tLe reception were not yet ma>e u'llnwely; but w^eu Ee'gen departed thin morning for Utioa, pe.>pl? bigan to fjei tafe, and ail were sure tbat frotnoihug was settled. Hie inside hiBtoty of this wpi*b )le about who was to dine with, who to tpeak to, wh > to sleep with the I residt nt elect will create an excitement somo day. Ibe 1'rii.co of Wales business was nothing 10 it Many pertong believed that tbe Governor would capture Lincoln after all, per force, and bear hiui away to hte uiaiibk n 111 spite ol the committee. The legislative excitement, uided by tbo natural curiosity to boo a live President, attracted crowds to Albany thia mining. The weather ljoked an) thing but promising, but still tbe people camo in from tbe sur rounding country In carr'ago nod wagon lot is, auJ, bif'ne twelve o'clock, began to take their places al >ng the route of tbe proctssiuii and in tbo Assembly Chamber. Lull, gloomy and sombre as the inornmg wan, ladies a id men planted tbeiiiS"lve8 in tlio mud along ibe stroois, aud nailed there patiently for hours. The Assembly Chamber waa crowned to sull'ocatiou. Broadway and State streets, through which the Presi dential cortege passed, were not very much d->C )"atod, cxctpt by tbe presence of tbe ladles All the public buildings, tbe hotels aud the exhibition ro >ms hung out American flags. Across ttroauway ha go ilaba wciti placed, and near tbo depnt, whore the I'KBidciil disembarked, hung a tlrip ef mus?in with the woivB:? 5 WhMoMh TO IfcK ( Alrt-t. OK TI1K KMI'IKK STATS? $ > NO COMI'KOMIMC. | '?v " " **** ****** ******** ********** ************** **-**^/ Tliin banner, tso exceedingly irwjirof**, attracted very much attention and remark On the odo side it was lied t!) the attic window of the residence of N. O. We.td, toj., a b'a< k republican; on the oilier it was fastened t<> tho window shutter of tho dwelling of J. 1$. King fiwj ? Jfitf of those natural curiosities?a democratic American, or Know Nothing democrat. Whether the bum er meant no compromise bctwot n these two gentleman U a question, -tutioii bouses ana engine h'juavs displayed all the (laga tbey could mnstcr. The I '< l.ivan made a fine show with its many flags. Many people were anxious to see the rojms which Mr. liucoln occupies, and th. y were on exhliition to a favored lew during ihe moruuig. The proprietors of the hotel w<?hed to decorate tho roorna in extra oidinaiy 6tjle, but as this was contrary to the wishes of Mr. Lincoln and bis party, the apartments were It it in their usual elegance, They cou sift simply of a sleeping room, v< rv ordinarily furnwhod, and a sitting room, upholstered in blue an 1 green, with dark mahogany furniture. Dull, kxiking pi'tares hang uj.on but do no*, adorn the walls, and the room has tiaytbiog but a cheerful and homelike air. The Sew York hotel keepers would not have given a State Senator ?ncli aeeoninicdatious. At tho creasing where the rullway truck Intersects Broudwuy, and where J.luooln disembarked, thiee lirge Hags were suspended across tho street. A platform wtm laid down upon the ground?not elevated, but placed between the nils?and by the time the truiu arrived this was covered with mud, enow ana water ny the people *bo trampled ov< r and upon it. BITi" rpe? lal train which conveyed the Presidential par ty an ived at hall |>ast tv?e? T*. M., precisely upon time, but company D, ol the Twenty tilth regiment, which was to aet as a guard of honor, was very greatly too lato. When tho train moved up, the engine gaily decorated wuh flaps, the' excitement was intense. H-juaua were covered and winelows were thronged with people all around iho extern; ere depot. Tho street was jammed up with people and carnages. The police. arri\ ir.g. like the military, behind time, were unable to do anything with the cmwl which pressed pon and surged around them. Little boys and big men < limbed under and over tho tram, only to* be pushed, kicked and thrown back. Indies essayed to got near the car With no better success. Mayor Thatcher, w hem no one seemed to Uke any paitlcular pride in honoring, was jostled and hustled about as badly as any of them, and with Ihe gr<*n.t?--t difficulty succeeded in getting a position <ip> n the platform. Finally, how ever. the policemen cleared a vacant space ten feet by sis, or thereabouts. Tho Mayor aeked if Mr. Lincoln would wait for the military, Mr. Lin colu fa'd lie would wait. The wait was a very long enc, and ancrded a fine opportunity for tho display of the relative mmclo of the poiscomen aud tho crowd. The crowd pushed, the policemen pushed. The crowd cart led ihe i?o'lcemen f?.rwar.i th<5 policemen reeoived the BEiives In tcmrvrai y joists, and planted their tec I against the ral's, their htada against tho crowd, and tlie!r elbows ev<rywhere. I'crsonal inarreis b?t?voen pe>';c*u.'i? and rinoxious ir.rtlvldr.ais relieved tho mono tony of this geneial battle, aid gave an agreeable .at -ty to the < ? inbat, as rtoi.^hty knights usAd anciently to rel.evo the regular field days by eiuglu tournaments. Ailvua confusion, twy, dl8->rdeft mud, riot aud dis cetnl'ot t. At last the soldiers srrivjJ, and clubbed nw-kcts soon clean d a way to thu car rug's and made a i-pace a pen the platform large cuo-igu to stand 'apon. Tb'a Mr. Linooln, who had passed all this v hil> .n Ihe .<ir, prep-rlr.g :cr a right at the hotel, and in couvei-at.on with the l? gtslative committer, cmw upon the piatr. rm, or.d ws* greeted by a faint cheer. A moment, and the crowd came forward Irrc'iiiabiy and swept Mr. Lincoln before U;? Major, gncb crowd.r.g, confusion and lack of aeythleg like hrrang"'o? ut a. d order Sl.n.ting uncovered cv< n tho f'n d<-n? < let t wan hardly rccngin/, .-.1 by the crowd, and ai-xi* ly to see him ami U> I ? ecrta.ii th?t tl?y saw the tifcli' man ovweame any dl?| .-*ttion to cheer. Wlran the eyet. of the people weieso very wide open It is no won der that their n.outbs r<'tualn<-d shut, an 1 that Mr. Lin i in was not i the '-b< t m?'ntieiicd wai mere l.ko a ihout of ?alls'ac tier?-ipoo h!s arrival at the capital of ue rrent r< pulican Slate of New York. Mr. Lincoln, tired, sunburnt, adorned with huge whiskers, tracks so nnlikn the pale, "(math slii'Ven, ltd cl?'ked iml.vidua , wlw is r?|<re seoti^l u^on the po; ular pr.nls and dubbed thu "rai' splitter,'' that it Is no wonder the p?'plo did Bet recoi<. nneblm. Only bis uliimo height distingui.-lie<* him ULininlakeal'ly. Furttiuiidfd b> the crowd. :nd uneoirrortivMj' jsmtned, Mr. Lln- tlu listen d to tli' Mtyor'- ?pt;i?c!r? The Mayar m Ire tned him n? follow?. IS! KATOH'n Mr. Ijji" i.v? In beL .If nf the unstiion t'ouneil aiM Um cit z< ns ol Alt.Hiiy 1 h ,ve the IKiOof to ?ender you a oorolal weleome 'o our city. Wo trtist lhat y.)j will Moept th-- woknnv' w- eflke, nnt siraplv as a tribute of rcrp*ct to the hiph off.-o ynn are oaljea to till, but. as a tvftimoay of the g< enl wHi ?f our ottixena, witDouv dis Miction of )-a>t> , and a>< nu ?'.pi-s i- n ol itw?ir M|'pr?<ra tlon Cif yuur etniiieut iH-rsonal worth ani their e mil denco In jO'ir (>a>r<ot ?n R > *w r" 'wit ytHf pro vtotiSB'r ii 'iiucnt ?r't| the Ki te u.nhiritl i and tbe brevity if your stay nil < ompi 1 us t<i forego iho p?'".i sat? ot ext< n"ing vo von no th< t>*ct of tfceetw, outer and more bettt'it g tuMftt. lik"' hut we are hippy to kno* tb his Kioeik'iry ih' ti.irernor, r.nrt the ou'tors atid repi ' Si nl?tIves lu It}.. I/Cglhlature rre af>otit t^j re oelve you ax the guest of Iho Kmplre SOat": md in ?o dung ?luy wilt ispreeen' .the kind-esards i/C the whole p<opir.a< well us the cit'7e*i,' < tht i-ap'til. Permit me. thfrr-enie, to gr <'t yon in th11 fiaTTt" <if oi.r cit 1 ens, atnt to lepcat ihe a?sutauot of a most cordial welcome, a a tAos-S'i m.i ly. Mr M vor?1 <aii hard!? appionrute to mreelf tho f: tt'-rlng ti rls s in wbi b you p<i??munli?M ttie O'nder i?f thlf recep'lot is p> rs?.nal t> tny?-lf. I ni ist gra'e tullj ir.wpt the ho1 pitalit* tend'r"d to me, ,nd it| not deta il you or the audnnee with any evt^^do*! re niHjks at thin time. I p'canine tbv in die two .?r inrse c > rs 8 llmmi'b whlr!i I "ii ill hs* ? to ro I ^hai! tmvp ti ?ej<ai wimi w ?t. and I will tijer? l to only repnat to vs i?y tii.ibke 'or This kind re ?< pli? n. 1V brs f reply to ti'e Mayor's .)<''? ?? I. >!ngccm? lud'd, Mr IJr ,dti itM njurtit! to a beautiful In ???che, d'awn ay * ur ;..atn f. The erowi was still sn ? ?g-n-at, a I .r^ tyurec, nn.| fke eotfotu''e, ?ho ?? re > ?m?ne' of ('?U tunp lt, w je iti.> "tsnl ( .'oa.n t is' tlvs ? i com fort in ?<>u>pari?ou with ?h*l o-Oirr-d furlo" Wo-t More light-* Mwk u [? 1 'oeiuen and miUidHt, ai<>r? p wfi teg niiil crowdng, iuu<e mud, i'l uature ?u<i b?i l?u g??ge, and a* hitl ihe committee. Mr Liucolu's su't" iu l the Ooiura Cnunnln.i n.were tumM-d tut > thei c v t in1'* and moved 'IT, uii er Uie et-co I of th < Twenty trth reginreit M a L't.ooln ? n-1 her s.'iis rema to train, which run down t<i ih? Gmral ''ep>, and wore then lakeu lit c'< f t arnag? a to the !>? l?v?n House The propn hi- of tb?* cortege was uninterrupted by 1 >? cid-nt Th>' to cvmpioniiM baniei wm fu.led b> tbe w icd, aLi! ao attracted no atlent on. Th>- aid ?xalka Wd> o lined wlib p' op'c, but the oowdsw'-re ne-tberao gr?t cor m ?iitbuFiaxt'C as "p >n tho t"riue~ of Wales'recep tion Nut until be tmned lito Stale Direct di<i t???? Presi dent lave a really h- arty cbei r. J-ust al toe corner the Yoot g Mob's Christian Aasoclation displiyedtho follow ug uu<que motto:*. ?- "? ~ -?"" ~ "?> 5 W> HIIL I'KA I M'k >00, IH'.r voir MAY e?a?KMVK rnc$ ! CPMRTim< N AH IT 1H AND TMk UVH AH THKV aK* > VMrle parsing tins piece ol p liuc.il Curtail imty t'?e I'rct-uli bt wa.- ioui.ly uhoered, and >&?' rdioitts ooutinued al) tb? w.iy up.vU>te It'eet, Mr. Lincoln avoiding upri^a in bis carriage, bowing and swaying uk>' a tali c. dir Ul t stirm lor lb*; bill wa* 6'eep .o,d tbe carriage rooky. The I'api oiinu I'arlt crammed wun peooio. Ihe soldieiy, with s< nte JilAculiy. formed a line through ib i ciowd, aDd Wr Lincoln pact; d up t ? tbo <"aplV)l -top*, a national palute beiiig Bred an ho entered tbe tuildu g lie was received in the hall of the Capitol by Governor Moigan, who addressed him as fotlnira ? Aimiua-.s or Gov. tfuKi*?. Homohkp Sin? Hi< stL an ytu have oe. u to the hichest and ntoat rtFponadile ..it.ee in ihe nation oi on th-- gl > <*, anu journeying aa you are to ibe l'< do ul cap uti to enter upon your puniic duties, you have kindly mru d Aside. l.pon ih? in vit>tiou of the l-og s .ituro, tor Mie porpoM or a hriet soj< uro at tbe capiiai >f Nr? Yftk On heiulf of tbe pet-pie, irrespective o1' poiil oal opm ou, it m uty privil?'go to greet yoa a.d t>i eit?na t-> yo.i m c "dial welo^n.o. 11 yon havn found your fellow cit z iw in Im^er nunibcs elsewhere, you have not to .ud, un-l, I tbii.k, will not llu<l? wa> o?ei hoar's orapcopl* m -re laiUi lul to il>e I'tiion tbe conatit'iii'm and Ui.- lawthan J ul will meat in lbic tino lion >iod city o' ibo Capitol, rho p< oplo 'hui lt you, sir, ior ibo op(ioriun ty you li n* < thm itfloiaei lb> ni ol sung to you tb> lr g eat respect, no kit-a for yoinm-li, p< isonaily, tlmn tor tbo b.,,h uilico you are d< st ir:? d so soon In till. Mr. Lincoln, wbo app-arod pale and worn, replied In alow but steady voice as follows:? , - * ?? b?.u. v?, nv.v iuo ii t am u a i* (>l ili . I Lg/Attt e iiiid timu v ?ut4'q-i a grcUor 1.^.5 in' VuiSr,?a II l"? time slio a.hteved b-?r Datl iouI In i? pcrnHLci". I am proud in tie invited to pi** through >uur capital ami meet them, a? I now have the honor to do lam noticed by your Governor lb a ihl* reception it- given wi bom ilisilnotiou of p.rty I *<cept it more gW iy because it issa \lajo*t all 'men in this country, au<l in aov country wb?io i rooiom of thought is toierated, attach themselves to poii'ical par tlfh. It m but nrolnary charity to attribute this m ilio fact <Lat in m> attachu,g himself to t/io p.rtu which his lUi Jlll'l t J)| tit! H tho CilZ'U be'teves ho thurcoy pro II,- t.fl the l.i'ht inters I- 1,1 the ?h Je count i ; ami wu.id an election l? pirMrd, it is altogether defining h t'r.'o pe.? 16? that until ib? n. xt election, they rthool i bo na one 1 hi pie. The reception y.'U bive extended 11 aa > t? ?Uy h not given to me per s.,1 ally. It shimld not bo CO, but a* the rrpi.KHji.mv.. i.>r iho tune boing of the niiyntityof the nation. It the election b4d resulted m tiir b. i. ct.du of either of the ohot cauoldatea, lb: saiuo c? rd will} thoulrl huvv b* t u ( xtru led l. m, is i#i f > i ti tre itnsday, in their testimony of ibedev,iti,*u of tHo whole peopl.. to the ( oiistituilon aO'l 11 I ho wh'>le l/Bl'U, I.ti I of ib'-il lit Sir.) to perpoeualo our iU^Mnfons, and baud tin m dewn in thfir perfec !? >n to aucccatiiug gem t tioiis. 1 have neither tho vulce not tho strength .o j,i ai?M >ou at any greater lenitth I bag you will accept inj now grat.-1'ul thanks I'or thin devotion,uot to me, biit to ibis grt ,.t i.nd glorioi.u free count.,y. This addr. "m was accrmpanicl and followed by lou I applause, Mr. I itcoln, bowing to the vast crow I was c novcied by the committees to tho Asaerab'y Chamber. Mr. Lincoln was thou etcoiltd by tho Legl-siativo Own millee Into tb? Afdtuibly Chamber, * hut,; tUu tffoU<nu<crt Mole in Joint Bet-sion?Hjteakor i4ttlej-.,hn t>co4ijiying tho FpeaWei 'a detk. llit cxo\*d aiound the Ctpitol was so great th,.t some of the Governor's stall' ?ere uuable to enter tho bulHH# ami the V. U->aiif> of 1ki-j and the >iot loty of Cm- in .?'.up ?hch had bf*n invited to meet tho Pit-aldaut, were crowned out of g ffht. l'u.?h!ng ibrougb the throng tho i'rtudvntial paiiy entered the Ar^enibly r-oin. SCENES IN THE LEGI.-'LA1TKK. I Tfc* conic.it jo b..th house* on haior Uv, botwoon Uio j Govrmiw and the Ix-giriature, left an impr^wiw tha' fcis [ Kxroih tcy, or an oto of tho Senator# oa!lod him, h^i ''Koval llighnf'M," ctnild not havo everything tuio?n way. It was g/nerally Riipw,8?l that atiotr.-r rich woe would bo rnatu d in tho ,\f*embiy Cii'irr.bnr, b it tho backlrg donn of tho ohalroiao of tie two chitiX tt?8 rendered this ur.nccessaiy, ?3 thry, und<r j the IhHtruct'On of tlio Senate, h?d grai.ted til that was aeked for, and all fiat wi.g con template 1 by thoco who euddvored to git tho rMtii-jtiotm throegh Oie lower House on Saturday Tho moi d elf- t Is just the sumo >\s If the resolutions h > 1 born pi- ed by the Ilouw, for no [,crson could h.iro w:tn.aacd the oon trovorsy on Saturday without b?von ing f.mv!nc?<d Hit if | a vote had btca t ikcn.thoiOBulution taking tho Prcsi !ctt elect out of the Governor's hands would haro be^n aJopU I cd by at least a two thirds voto. Thin dec ded expression SKSiriSt his Kiceilency, ev?-n ia tho bouso nf his filixds, waa only prevented by tho rules of tho Ilouso be:r.g used by tlia Spealtcr, and three persona on the floor to pro>ent a dlr?;:t vote. M^ny fe.unrt iheir way to the Akw tnbly Chamber in tho m.^rn lug ut dtr the lmprvasioL that tbero would be a repotl t ton ol the scenes. S?,n after tho Oon o wa.? called to or,.Vr, Mr. Mcrrltt, of?t Uwrcnoo county, Introduced tho foilow.ng pro an,b> sn'i r? solution ? Wh?>teM, th? I tent. .,ant (lovt rnnr, wh< is l're?tdent of the Senate, Is cot.flifi n, bis to.>ro b,> sickne?.? and j* 11 be ill able to Uie..t *,ih the two houses 1.1a day in mint conveLtlen, foi Uu purpose of welcoming tho Presvlont e!?ct a." !?'d d '^n In p.'^iHf4,tT,? o( tho S-Kt Ooai mine* on rccoption of the I'tM-id- ut theref ire, Ke?X)lv\liU tho "?emtio t oncur), Th.t the ^p..*Ver of the AaeemoK be iciiueated to pree.d,- tho joint Couvon j tit.r. sn.i weic n.o tho l'resi^tnt cloet on behalf of tho l*g*i'atura. TJiia resolution wm adopto.! without u dlamenting voir0 and :ir,medial, ly rrni to tho fv-nato. A resolution waa presented by Mr. Biaodict sotting apart tho p*!Hrl<s for tho use of tbo ladi * Itir.rg tho rn-epM<,r of Mr. 1 ireoln, which wns also adopted. The resoluttoB firing up.it, thr S|^?ker of the House M the |4>M I" welcome the IV*slt'ent, was lh<. roault of ?o ; eai otnt,#m get le lobbying on Sunday anl this m. ruleg * hit b pi-omnn-ii to be is interos-lng as the ilgh' l>- lw.. t. the Governor at'I the L.gi?:.,tuie. Tho Presiuant >? ? u-m of lie Penale, Mr. lapham, ?' mod thit the ?e'..Q. tloo of Vr Littiejofct. wu> in insult t > him, aa wal ,m tlio Senate, ano t.r, that an tir?i.,e?Mbie coi.fi ct wm c*rri#wi on. It '*as said ib ,t several ot tha partes in?<r-at -d did not AM iheir bn*s on "-unday night, but wt?ro "'Jitngel In a cmtt ?t ov?r this point ad night, rte itiis aa itnur, tire wnit-nt tbeabove ,eM.|iiil.ir, passed ?.io Hoaa*', there wat a lluttci irg In the third house, the ttifmbS'S oP that fc.-siKh o? tt?? ^,gis;stnre?.eomingly takinga4?rplniereai in the (jneBtlcn, and were at onco seK-n button holing tiic S^?iators, *? l*bori?.g for a c- neurrepoe in tb4 roaoiu. tion. o'hera iktiouncli g ,t, and decliilug that it was an Insult to Ibf Heti t'e ilie fight went ->n with uie outaido Hiitil the Senate t called to order .1. eleven A. M At * <i'i?,rtec past t ;? v j. khe resolution Uaittg U?o Ipeukor of the Hoowe aa the p. .-ton to welcome the I'resetent t> t wxa .. nt t > th" "?eneut. The I'real'tent nn i.oMjo.d thit it wou.d kty introco day under the mloa. Mr Warner arfced unnu'tri ms enaaaat 'o consider the rrsoxrloa. Senau* >KM obiejUtd, a?id stated thu I he t p> 1 lust no sv I; ir.f ,!tas iliat ts?ul^ be pres?nted i <. II "-Vi'-ute. A lew to- toen's later V. Liter Millbcuse offered a rren i Intlon ptn -ely tint sam? as tb?t pMscd by Ui., flouac, I vhu h brought ih? <pieet|nBbefore thefti>oate. Senator Han nuaia w?nl< d at,wo "Vn.itor to auto the pi' prlety o' lb ? resolution. jf0 b#)|?t.>d tbat the '9 iikU, in all proc. Hsli ns was entitled to the r'g'it of ihc <1 ion, ti l he would Ilke to I("m t j- th< y kli . on drntsad rt slgn that |H4>ii|on. Senator ? Mwrenre o,^<*.| the r ?# .Mlon, su-I stated that fb. pi irrar ?<> agreeo i,p in I j t ,e j,.|?? , vn note., t. a i fiit 'Ii' 1 i '"b'tilint ^ns'-1 *thoul I ?* < I* ^ ?ri. ? li'm; I they ua4 no Pres<4< nt, tl ho hoped I'm", the/ S M ?(l s|r,r ntif, j y< rn '4 r . e.tal"iiH s*|d th it th* r >? ?? w.u h i- ?> of ,-Oo ] '?Mill g t!,? "ct tl.Hrn had 1 Ii-M1 ?? ,1 ceti .re,ver*v ^ tg 't, b?'*' ii ?h ? h-Hteh of t e . ? , yerpTt-st ' ai!<'. ? branch, b? tt? ?vu thiaMv, hut nd'.v ?' ai--Ac u ' Uwt bad I ?u er?n cirr i <1 ..n ?? ^1 <*b j'xi'iH f??1 'he Pmx eut t. with a* much Mtt^ri.ecs as oh I'acCer lzes tlmti-i UitfkH* over whcb ?h?iil i havo the job of a rur ?vim iha' puling thai wav This 0*n Imv) icy wuk dipy* etui, and he b?|ied ibat thin roaolu lK't> woiii.i he ><i on (tio tahle wb><>>' it be'ongod. 'be ci w-'iut-ii li< <1 thai the 1'ien- cut ?>< the S- na'e chould pre*><fe ?t ail joint ci i.vei.tli dk ol both heusee, and tuul wi-di>m pie-ulnl in tlie o>b* r bo ae *heo that resolution

ba>. W ? i> brioiplit up It would nut nave passed and he bi'f d'but >lie &?> ate wou d tout this as it deserves, * itb < oiili n.pt S uMi ? I aphutn the Prescient pr? tern, of the Senate, gtat>d thai be bad no ieelu g whatever on the subject, a'iu mi? bat lio was cou'eui to 1-1 iho whole mutter rent wiib ib< na'e. Nuati r tfu'Ucr 'aid tha' ibe presiding oflV.er wan Hick, a ii! He -.T"tu hml no irguluily hIihImI President in tho ?"Knee tin l.ii utcmu t Govt n or, and it bee ia?o ne><^ >??) on noeaalons like ties fur both houses u tlx upon ?mii> v* m ii tor that purple Ho conauleiod the nto u tK'b c?<'? U> pun er I'auiuKU d agmn Fpok* in opposition to tho r> liiti- B*. He cou'd no believe IB u ceolrg to any ?i.cb fen ai-dn ?i t?>e lower Hours Ho <lid not consider it a- *ci> gimii ifti-te on tb>- par' >f tho Assembly; ami let bitti sav tbat be ("oke-' upon it ax in very bid tv-to foi p.ni.tieiK of tho House to appear on tho lloor of tho Htnttt 1< tb\ iD? for the reeo'utlon If ihov hat no I'resl ftlit / io tern I- t tbi in elect oii'i at OtCe; but ho believed tbal the* bud a I'usident)<r<> I'll) , und he, for one, w,u? (or bavlin hiui iii tho joint conv-nti' n, to toko bin mint i n 'he r ght Of the Spoikor of the Houxe and m'.iui a ypi ? ci* t- thu l'r< tiieiit el< ct. Hi wua not in fu\ur of Mibuiittii t> tusuib (i.-inanos ol iho Hou-o If tbo At' ? inbly bud a.ked the A nine for tins h. nor lu ? mpi ' tfu) way , ho wojIo ha to been willtug to have gruiii'd it nut not iip.in nucb a uvmaud, even to grainy Mi. l u' ejotm >'p<iikerof tbo House, or uiy otber iittlo man ol tiiut Houm>. senator fti man cunMdereii thin an insult to'hoSenato. ai.d hope1' that i?. would ii'-t b'* i hiei tallied fur a moment, lb' elected i rpeak^r ; iq um la^t Scas'in, uiid be bold ovtr niit'l hlH mcce?-'>r w.?s th "'ltd. A n?tox Fpt?i< la ft! ri it o llowUi^iM a MbBtitute:? Whereax, ihere (<?m* to bo an irreprutt ^.e couttirt goin/ ou o i to the reception of 'tie I'n ideitt ulti'.t wbieli thrcaioue the ijestmcti m of the republican put ty at lliw eapitil, Uieieiore, Kcfolveo, fhat tbo Clerk of tho SonuM f.>i lliwith t"ic gruph M> L u 'oln, and reipiest bun to switch olf ut Soho ii< i tajy an-i go to New York dirtct via l'roy. He fail th it bo oflbreil this out of ronprcl to tho feelici;i> of tb.; President elect, ho that be would not bo ct uipclltd lo aee the 'aoiiiu ia bid own party eat ibon Jtlvuf up lik'. Kukeniy eati. ttn.aor Fiero thougrit tiiin was boye' play, and moved to lay th? whole qi)' gliou cn the table, which w;ui carried b> a Vol'; Of 12 U 10. The tloiiee. too* ?? rci.e?* unt 'l tlie Bfternoon before tho rrniilt of tho v>r af ?snnom.^LJ lo Ibe House, Tke matter, therefore, wi at over, tho Ilouho in AtructiDg thiir prcfidug elllccr to Welcome Mr. I Lincoln, and tbe t^naio declaring iliii thoir pro gliiirjf (Wcr sli^ull mfiko tb<i weloming pp'cab, if tin v bu-. ;o coerce bin* Into making it. So tbo light went n during tho rtccce, with ail manner of rumor-: ri ng.i d to p. rnonal encoiDiera that would take plane b' twceo ibe two prei>i<iing<i iloera tbe momcut either at umple l to ao'iref the Preal'lent ele -t. Mi Li'tli | ihn, however,0 ".lainiC'l a. y p- rsonalfeeling in the c.ctrovir?y , ntiu n\H tli it it wn< n i' anght of lii?; ?tiitii-g pto< , that w!,it8i he n Sieved n to be tbe true oti , HUelti! ur be Speaker of ihe Houho to wclotcno the j it Mdeti elect, in th" abdcnce of the l,n itcnant Uover I nor, jet he would oot claitu ih.'t right ui it tba ; w.c) ol tbe . en -to .hul bt slvul 1. I Ibe 8*uate i emi ineu in pe hiou much linger than the , House. Sever U of the members of iho H.iiise rpent i tbo tiu.e lobbying with ilio ri' uu ora. It wiui found that tbe >s' niite would uot tonae-l to let Speaker Llttlejohn welcme M'. Lie CO hi. An ell'irt was mide to eumpru : u.i..o Hie uiatior by ?ol< cimg A uator Uolvin as the pro j per person to peil'rm that duty. This the prealdlog J oliu ers ^f cho two hotiirs onaonted to, and their fneuda | lobbied for ft. as so"n as the senate was out of the | rammlUM of tbo Whole, Senator Bell oileroil a roFolittion j oi.i:?wrrii.c Abator t oivui to ".veKonic aad address tho I'm fldti.t elect. S< na'or Rum oy r aid ihiit ho was empowered to i-tato il al Mr. Littleii'hn had no drslro *o (iiacuargu thoeo dn UM, *: a ttui*. that ^etiUbBiruj wLsUed some one ?Ue to be I pe'eeti d. I P-Di tor IjipUarn u?!d tbat as the presiding officer of i the *fttiSA,ibd ir n ' ? tfir o ?r:?a r>rne feelinn in | ?ao A. < ? o biy or hip I'm wm perfectly wllliujj ! lb . t.: ' fire f b<uld hi selected; aa th ^ would t 'tt\: tbe "tliUmlly autoa^' ut p ?p?d that tbo resolution wutiei I'f *S<j *.#d. TT" c *Uet jd this a very b.jhII bfTair, and for cr lv. l no dopir to dlAcbirgu this doty. Kcnn'tr IWitannd Mid :bnt he did not uii'ter stand this re*tt<r. Ibero seemod to be n m>Ptcry about this mrttor. But h'i should vo?,e for it ko as to have ih,? trouble ectiier'; all bo aakod wrv? that Fct ator rolvin should not pull tho lTostdcnt elect dr.wn fi? w tiio Cbkcgo flalf^rm <uid place hita behind tb?< fivatter ?o\ ereigtity platform. Fona'rr t-'piiola wuntcJ to ( now w'jit t' n mystery wos u'jont this matter. S*-me of tbi republican '-'coatore fdinuld espla n. lber* was i mystery bore He vaiite.1 to knew if the t vnc, iudivl luais tba* bad duclared la the 1 p-fcct;' ot Albany taut tuo President pro lempyrr. of the ?c- J iiatu r liquid never wclc tao tbe Pre.i'lcnt elect; that there would b# o row fi.st. It ww ev luently t'10 im.rntion of SptBrta to talk against tnut on tbo subjvet an I p, event *ry act Ira upon tbo snljsrt before tho arrival of tb'j distlBfWheJ per#oo?f:e Thi?b."tng (-? nerally Srfjiposod, r-*fs "Muii'tis w? ro ordered fo? the <Vn.a.?rs i- the cloak I room, detm.iicod to stand It out If nocen&iry k. the ! Lieantirrc an anslnt s lobby wa* rn bend was hing tho I pioctrdlrgs of tbo Ntute s-id seeing what eooVl be idono to (OcitO the p.-issago of t'iO resolution A treat f-il cf snslety was manifested oa ail aide*, wi'h tlo appearand of a conflict r ally beyond anjibicg that v mi? ever witoes^icu ;n any party-. Tl.et .i wa* an apparent scygtery about the 'fair .n tbo r in** of h< mo of tho flrmtors. fbl* mjntery win b* el'flred up T I mistake nt t tbe nature of eTuio afliia vits that Lav boeti procurcxl, an<i tbe Afri^m nudet this i hilt wtU be eihlblte 1 to tbo world u ?H his proport'ons. j After tbe matter had gone on for Home 'imo, K-rnUir lawrene*), with a promptness In deetgi.jn ?t*t erimien ' him f>much praise, m<od in si? h a way hi \at fr'nv ; tor 8t>lnej i ilown. / vote w* t ?k< n, md I ibe r?M>d'.tlot: ' i -to ting seanU>r 'olvin to dtli.ti kho ui lie-? wis c?r ried. Tlie ladiw begun t? t .iko Mielr apper. "Jice in thegi'. I l> rh p?f the lotin loai! ?i*fote o.' ? o'clock, atil r-.-ni .iJMvl j th''te pa-enlly wm'.it>(! *"or tbo urrlval of ?.Uo President I ?I ? t, 1ba do?M of tb?- Aw-inbtj Chaw>.*cr In Uio i.i?^t< t.m? w*re tockel, Move aliowed te euu-: lit m*mbers 1 und r>tl erf .-"ntitled to Hwr -j? th such 1 wl.et oh the/ I mvitod t? ?en,mp?r>y Ux-nt loe|r Wor? throw o'cl-^V ] all iho< poctfrti of the chamber ?-1 apa"* for the wili- a <aa-t crt.wded full by tbe fair se*, sou ?? ver^ iu. le tlie bar of *!'.? Heme oecup^'ng tbi 3eaM of mim l.ers. Another lar-;e ceowd ??-1 lo bo <ound ? tbo cmts'd<>, nf tho Cbacsber, nt.\l/o to g<t ev?n an at ttte clannbor. Tbe p#-tr ??o <> \ys v%. i e all bloiit-ird, fcr.d woh rniybyti." g? ?tc:-t dtfiaity that tli? polao i la k?> p t'je ta t> e'ear for t'j?i uem tx>r?. "lbo ?tepao' il n Capitol Wfo lit rbl'y .-ov 'o?l wi'li foitwui **in, f, the walk-s to tur 'tuiltili.g bkiClUlAi by n "f p> orlf, a/id nil a'w? ^t ito street every ? p>+* >le place fottt d to bo a lit'lo tIci.i'oj at jve ?he ftti.ft war. ^KJ-upied by the anKtoiis erowu? ?'f mwtr. Jk4 an sNa.'aMo ?pot tool t^e (fntt?r to to <hn roofs of tho iM? er w.ta left 'uwnoupled; but j h trwi"W hilror^ex, fturm '&? ?<*, Kaf.tfs ui'lctve/thlrH >>,?* ?)>at be in >ut?' i tbo spot -vcro Wcupinl. ii ?? mhij r-x past th r?t *!'<? il- t?s ttppidfetal #? - ' ..nfnra sad baJdMl ht a Rimini-1 ? fi nf- rni Uie -^on-tio 'but 'In /?wmMjf trim lam at I te -rt to recetvo l.?m ii> Hit obcvetit, n to (?? '?!*?) ho r?*?i<i-nt iWct, ^tll tirla tlf w lh? oto* - wer? (fv'herinit in ani ?>iowt t<e tv,p t(il; fr<m ''ery dirwiM .b. r c-imo. ,\t prertMdy lift?n tnlouttr p-.<t 'brte I. M tn?> ? mi > era mad* tliftr ?ptMwianc? tint took 'to i' rt its nltli I'" rti r i' il, li?rdi> hid lb"/ t'k'-n '.boir ?? ?IS '? >r?i th" hi< ni?|? t 'tie ("Uin>>n in the >ar 1 In flNti' wf 'he C>pt'i<l iipontiecit tl.f Of p")arh of the duttinn tlsb<d k?> 'l, wh <s cai.m't ?'tat nitr,.,iu in |t t'.e poll i i.k? ? xnd l ? 'i% t - ? Utt t'?B of II ate* an^ ?<s ? ? If e capit ' ?? 'Im i tu ?) 11>? tb' -* it th* ?W- b'/ rb?n er Tr.. o on the ? i " j of cxrtfement. Tbo cry of halt won soon hoar l from ta*i toturda, a ngrial ?h?' the advance guarl arrivtd The ladle* lo ihe gaileri<s immediately r imed to choir feet, evidently anticipating that too President was ab mt to ?i k intii the Ch; miter. At half pant tnreo tho doors opened, an'! a <?noral whisper wort arom.d tho room, "There ho com"*;" but lii-tead ol tho Pr??M. nt clo t a coinruitteo from tho Com mon Council of Alhiiiy arrived The door closed, int !vo weie compelled to icmtin in sub;m uho for a few miti uom lat?r, a gentleman at my elbow remarking ttiat Mm (Joviriior must be entertaining him with * i>>n? 4|weah. At precisely twenty minutes to four ino t'oo>8 as'aia o|n ned. Ihe rap of ibo Speaker's gtvel tins tlrno prove 1 thai the d stiiigutched in<iivid >a< loi _? i. for h^l ar rivid. As he marched up tbo aii"e the entire assum bu^t c'apt>rd their hands in wel.cme of hm arr.vtl ' I be Chamber preset ted a tlueapp arai.c", belui; Ifiim-ly } OlUd, ali th?re in ihe galleries ami mott of iluwe in lit i low?r lobbien being ladies. there were a'so s^vei il it 1 dies within the bar of the House. Tho Dp aker'H desk I whs occupied by Senator Colvin, who bi lecrod by j the t-ensto to receive tho Presidt nt elect and by Sjieiit ir : l.itll-johti, who stood on the left \Vh"a Mr. [,tuouln i entered the Chamber tho wholo osFcnibiaje roue auJ gre< ted him with loud clapping of h.mds. hei>Mtor Kerry, advancing to the fjront of 'ho Spmkor's dihk, said:? A I>I>KKMH OK 8KNATOR KKRRT. 1 have the b-uor lo Introduce 'o tlio senate and Art pembly of th?5 Mute o' New Yoik, lu joiiil c?vi oliou a*feliioled, the fhn Abrahtm Liuculn, of Iliuiots, lYesl ceut elev.t of toe I .Oiled .?lu'.en. Ihe Hpeaker of ibe Aft-cnihly, descending fiom th" desk, greeted Mi. Lincoln, ard loading h.m to tbo 'e-K lotiixiui ed him to Senator Cxilviu. After < tiakiug h -mix, Sumter Colvin descended fiom tho desk, leaving \lr. 1 ti!coin alone there, and aadrtsscd h.ui from the Clerk's d< t-k as loilows :? At.nniv? of sknatoh ooi.vw. Mr. I i.icois?tii hchnlf of the representatives of tbo sovere>n people of New York wo welcome you to tho i ipitai uno to ilie reproi-t n nuvc tutl s oi tho tate. Wo welcome you an t!io President enrol of thirty million* of p<?pic, wo welc.irue yoti as tho Prvsidout elect according to the forum of itio ooustitutiou u im t'nitei JjiaUs, and ?Ui.ii, fir, jod shall lure u^-.imed, uh you wi'i bBMiHie, the otiice oi l'r> su'eut ol iho Tnito i St it. h, j you may, in the disctvugo of your couHilt'iiiou U duiiea, rely ou the mil jx/ri of the people ol tti s <re.it stat?. j (Ureal applause.) I have the pleasure. Sir, t;i uilro luoi I you to the i egitdkture < f New i'ork, tn joiut O'uvcuiiou ! lufetnliloo to welcome the I'rmaent clod of Uio Lniie-' j States. (Renewed appUusc.) Mil. IJMOCOLN'a BrEWH. Mr. lJnroln responded as follows:? Mh. I'ttfc-II KM aM> (iKNTI.KMH* OK Till: \S *Ia! KTT ItR OF TIIK ST A'l ?. I'l XfcW YfliK?II IH Willi feCllligB Of grOtl Cj.Itl dt'uie, and 1 utuy bay with firings ol ,nvi-, p rlups, grtuwi than I have recently ex|ieru need, that 1 mo. t jou lure tn ililt- piaco Tin- history ot ttiw g'eat cjtate, the rttiowu ol th>#e yreut men who have stoixl here, an.1 spoke hero iuio b'H ti heard hen\ ml cro vd around my fancy, una iliclu.o tut' to elniik Irom any atteuip' to iddit'fM you. Yet I have BOme omllitt'DW pivfu mo by the generom manner in innii jvO hwo invited nu-, und l>y tho still nii>*e generous manner in which you havo received mo to (?jK-ak fuiiter. You havo invited and received ?ue with out uihtitii tinti ol jinny I cacao*, lor a mieneut x.ipposo that tine has beer. done in any eoiwiderable degruo sm'.Ii reference to my p.-rnon-if n< rvh tu, but fit it it in done in fco far ?H I bhi iegaritr'i ut ttaip time as mo ropre -enta tlve of the ini.jori'y Ol this great nation I dou 't uot th.s ih the in th and the wbo.o truth of ttio cast), and ill b in as it rltowd be. It la much ui >ro gratifying to mo lliat this reception iiui been given to mo an tho repnuontauvo of a frio |Mnplo than It could pot-Hibly la- if ten l.'Oil me in- an evi'Jenceot di v tloti touie, or to anv olio iu iu p.-r Bi'tnily, iin't u<w 1 tlunk it w to more lllt."g thitl fhotiid ciiKo these '.laaty remarks. It ie true t.nat while I boi.i mypilt i?itn<>ut mock mudrat) the buiiibl- ?tuf ail Individual* thai havo evil Imii elevaud to ttio I'resi c't'iicy I have a mote dillicult t.vk to perform than say one uf iliem You liuvo g u< ? oubly tendered lue ?lio UDlIrd fcuppotl ol ttio ciertt knipire State. For this, in bel ulf or the Dktiou, in behalt of tho present ano iutorc of tho nation, iu behalf of the civil I awl religious libt riy f >r nil tlnio lo comu, m?~t u'atel.jlly I 00 I tb-nk >011 I do not prupcae to enter lute an expta i listitai of uny particular line ol jhjIu y a;* to our present dlPieu.t?r- to In? aueptfi by th'1 the >uimg administration. 1 in't just to y< j, to m>Helf und to all tlmt 1 should Hi e every tiling, that 1 rhoull hear everytnlng, tliat I hliouid havo oveiy light thnt ian be br?.i.gtit a-i'Ihu in reach, io older that wlieu I <io ho him^k I shall h?vo en jov?d every i tiportiimt/ to tulbt l orrrot and true r oun 1 and for Ui 'x rMaum I don t; ropono to epeaV at this tim of lh?- p lie} of tin* gon-rnmi'iit: but when the tune eomeu 11-had f j.rnk a.i well ?.?* | am able for the goul of Uio preeent and fntuie i f this country; for the good botuo. t&oNort. and ilie.Soiiili ui thisooUL'ry, for thegiod ?./ the mo ?n J the other, and ol'all hti li.'nM of the country. (Itoiiudso applause ) In the meantimo, it wo hero pitten wi 1 wo rcHtrain oursiheti; if we allow ournelvvs not lo rn < oil in a paFBion, nnd still luive coufldenco fiat the Al numbly, tho Maker of the UMv?rt-e, will, tUrxigli the In ?tnitn?et?in7 of thr ftr?at and ?n?mif,?i>i p*.j? ?, t.rln ub Ihtough tliiH a.", lie lno. tUrou^h all the other ditllcuitie ol our country. Helving ou thin, I ag^ln ttiank you foi thU getiO' uiib rtcci'Mon. (Ap^launo and chccra.) rmmed)atn.'y feCov tog the addrceu the Ppoakcr said:? Ih'1 joir.t c? i vrt.tion of the two IfouBeH will U'jw t ke h rfCfff, to glvo menil'erB of tho Senate and ASfiemMy an oppoitiiuty of inn ol net ion 'o Mr. l.ineoln. The memberB of the .Senate, Assembiy, Common fJoun cllclttcera and a few TiMtora wnro then lotro^aeed and welcmed tho l*reiid''ut. At four o clock tbe Sp<^aker caLed lo order and Mr I.lhcoln retired, an-' wax Tied by Senator Kerry atd Mr. 11 ill, of tbe Asmi.lv, u, the Kxrcutlve Chamber. The Semitora returned, tunl at livo maiutis pa^t four, oa Motion "f Mr. Knu'rick, the ii>>u*? udjoum'd. Mr. ].:&c?ln'd speech In th;; Afi emlily was listenod to with maiked bl'ence, aad greeted nith applaiiae at tho cloco. Ab soon an he had Cnltthed, and the I'.euiberi were ecued. Mr. Lincoln went down fiom the t'ppjuser's real to the front of the Clerk's de?k As ho stepped dovv one ef the pageti totdc hold of his 'auel, nu.l whdst tin y wt re thaking hacOs lir. Lincoln n?kod tho puge K he woa a Senator or a rvpr*seBiativc? tsaya the boy,"l Hin a representative," A fenoral mttodeH'. n of the memhrra took place, fipl'-cd by a general tittering laufb by tho ladies in tin gailerlea Tho ceremony of totro.liietinu laafc-d ?me twenty minuua, at the cx]iiratlon of whicfc Mr Liocjln Mia hie 8U'te accompsnled by the Joint Conuanteo, left the .haniker, nu.1 procordnd to ilio Iieiav.m llooae. Whereupon the llotiFe luituedlately adjourm I, and the aiiiioua crewd of m?n, women and children di?p?r*ed, thouduniis poehij t; and crowding UiAarda whvie Mr. IJn colli wae to ntay. As Mr. Lincoln left tlieCaritol nnd re entered hti car riage he wo:> saluted by tremendous ehoerirg, which wan continued all tl- way ?o the Pelavan. Thuriow Weed oceociparled Mr. Lincoln toh'is rwnn. After a brle? interval c" rent tho .\ew York G>nmltUw> whuh arrivod th.? morning, wrc iiiUaduced to the Pre anient elect, and many prominent Albany p.>lii.t'iui4 hi J uiieiviews with h>m. Lunch followed, and then, at 8; f o'clock, Ur. and Hii Lincoln ori.ve incognito to tiotTrtior Moegau'a ri xldei.ee, i, ml dined with him en Jam ilk rhi* eh.mge to tho ar rm;?:Miients whs cAuned h ? tho eiiorta of Mr Berg' n and the I.' g'alstlve Committee. I ire ol ih (Jovt-rt.or's suite told Mr. U icoln thit th? f.'.y'rnor would L>- very angry at this cL in^i . to whic'i Mr l.ineolii rjplhd, ae if lc ing ail patienve, "Icwl help It. j A telegraphic despatch wns reejlv^d during the da; , by Gov. rrxir Moi r?n, BUiing that Mr Lincoln wu ;Ui | lilte ut his r".ideuce. This was a^ceria n<- to have been bronchi about by the entreaties of tiovwrnor Mi.rgan e j FtalTw hoft nt BnlTalo, one of whom ia a ctuideiat-J foi Suiveyoi oflbA pott of ^>w /<>rk. at'd mvle himsell ' pnrticnlarl> obnettoua, urgtng hm claims whilst en two here. Mr Jfcrven, of the l egislative <V>miaitte?>, visited Ctlcn icet t)ie C"it?g? there, and upon tit-lug tntrolaci^l t/> Mrs I ii c u gave it full history of tho rjiitrovtrsy, andjiu toimi d lt tual the cummlt'-ee had i. gu^od rxima it th> l e'iiv-.r f.?r tho who.< party, f hi < rprewo I herself v. rj rneeh "ratilK-"! at tuat piece of news, nod statu'> ui'.t >he ut d Mr. Ltocoln ln< C<.QS?ut<sl t,. go tn tiuvernor Moi^an's much agai 11 tU.'f ovu as they had underrt oil lhai no o'.her srraago n<nia lad been DiSde for th'.m. Hiio !hri rfi4'i"?te t tha: he wrnld Intorn: r. I ineoln f th :t ( ', wbieh e ilit! at tli?-very eatliest moment. Wiereupoa the l*ves< dent elect ch npreil h < progrHmni", and lr.st"a.l of Hr'ctly t" '..I vorOor ^terkau's nsid'Hice from Ute legt OitiVO cl'ainbe", be (iiljrned the Coniinil'M) that h would ft? to the hotel, and Mrs. Lincoln iworjujgiy yrent ? ii ee'Ij ft m the c irs to the pelavan limine. I UK IRVKK. Mranwhl!.' the citlit*oa crowiieil the IV'avmj llo .*,? in ?hs ?t ot tbe 1? ve^, ivhl It wai ancoiieed f, eight ocusk. It i*'?s arranged t*?t th i recep ln te.'iM tjk i p aM In the rending ?o-ii , "hieh #i I.tg S'd Srap-d vv !1? Am' ric,"n II ik \ liees.th an et 'avll.g - f ^ r I incolt) ?,! h 1*1,ced tbo roftf'iii] hm>< t< 1 he a* ati'i ahcok hibl- with c vcb i^rs >n ,w hi. Limn won anno'inr <-d by Senator fUrrifl. I .mew of mill taiy conducted persons from the entrinco oo Bro?lw?y, through tho reeeptlon room, to th?> rtteaben street *n tr.mee gnloWra <uaich?d back and forwud between the hotel i ntl Coventor'? mansion. The crowd becuma mereuitU more exrtted, everybody wa3 tlrtd; but ur ? Line* In did n? t come. Mayor Ttatcfc<-r carce out and made a speech to tha crowd, telling then tint they should neogalae Mr. Lin celu a* u ont'ptit.iiii.imi PrfBulent, uiid ih*t he hoped tha prtStPl troubles Wui.lt foo peacefully nettled Mr. Thatcher is a Pouglas dt tnecrat, and his remarks wera alternately cheered and ltcghed ?t Finally, at niaeoclocK, tho Pnwident arrived, having b< ea e.'-orted from iho Covernor'a house with military honors by company I), tho band p aying, very appro priately, "Dixie's lAiid," Kt'Pl Kit AT OOVKllNOIt MORO IN'S. Co' Morit'u's rciuteaeo ??? lU'imloatod, and qulta i i r ivnl fo UfCli'o a/euu i tho door aud cheorcd upon Mr. !n a arrival .m l de4 irturo The supper to nit.:hi at (iovcroor Morgan's wis a pr: valeoll'uii, ruly Older peieons Ix'iux present. Veilho ? t the committee i or the -pecker of tne Ho 'so wax pre /?eiit. w,c<l was invited. but id not attend denator Han is calk i at the Covi rnor's but not until after tha supper was over. To?rus?Bd, in iho old stuff, wag a sort 01 lootmaii t" tho Presinent. A spleuilld bouquet *a8 pi'vented to the Pre ideut by tho Hail Splitters Of Albany. , TIIE EVENfXJ KECBTTIOW. About one thoosuud p> isor.s worn presented to Mr? Lincoln in tho ncepCMi room, and the cerommlea' which were very monotonous, wi re not over until nearly elrv< n o'cloc k; then lir. I.incoin went upstairs, where a ourty of n<' >rly one hnndred ladles, who had been await mg for hiin all tho evening, were pi escntoo to him. Ho tbo< k liui i!h with all, and kiFHod a little girl, remarking tliit he bad a right to do that. Contrary to expectation ho made no speech to them upon the bei efits of I'niou. It is hopeful that no poli ticians annoyed tbo President afterwards, for ho imme diate ty retired to his room. While riding with the May or this afternoon Mr. Lin coln remnked that "Principle composed oniy about ten per cent of our political covite?ta " Geu. Mitchell, of Congress Ilall give % groat dinner to tho President makers the Press men, thin evool'ig. Tho Ueurral \vv in hi? element, :hanipogni<, and tho aifair pacsed olVtpleudidly. The whole iec? ptif n las been a sort of ;i failure?a miserable hot eh, characti ri/ed with sn..bt-ory through out. Tho onlyp irt (hut panned oil' In any dec>nt man lier whs tho pr< ctctfings lu t> o House. Tho whole affair has opened up duvtlopemonts nud heart burnings that ??111 tuako her taller a hitler light in tho republican party. Tho committee (Wed upon tho Dolsvan for tho ladies' rcccptii n. Thero is n3 private entrance to tho hotel, in d all thn pollc ) farce In /Mb'iny eaunoi mnko a |nss?g(? through the drunken crowd for tho ladles to pass. That part of the progummo In worse than a failure. ?iajor I.enimon, of Mr. Liueolu's sulto, Hutl'ered with ? rupture by iho |?rrsi-ure from the crowd lie re t -('ay. Mr. Lincoln occupies Mr Camp's rooms at tho Delavan. TLo wife of Mr. I'reudergust got aboa d too special tram at Koudu ard rpeot tho balance of tho j aircoy In tho company of Mr. Lincoln F. veml of thoio trsve'llng with Mr. Lincoln vsort thit before making an) compromises with ih-i .South ho d' l-lres to test the qiustkm of the right of any ^tato ti t.< ceoe, b t I liavo the befct of reasons for st ittng in bis ir..iugur;.l the calling of a national convention, wh- nevor any of the Stat< s feoUng themselves nggmtveil sh-UI at-It it, will be advocated. Tie, in coriversatin.t today, eaul thHt he regarded tho Peace Cot.v?ntion hs one of tho nu ?t (Jarp'MOus elements In our present crisis. No good would come of it, and when It exploded it would aggra vate the whole atJair. Ho will iiot stop with Senator .-ewsurd, as lw* been stated, hut will put up at Wtllard's. klr. Uncoln leaves by spocial train, from tho Centra dejw t, at tiight o'clock to-morrow, under the e?o>rt 0 the Iltirgrwr -j <'orpe runs to the junction fonrU'en miles from Troy ami then f tarts for New York. The (pleudid car of tho read has already been desc'lbed. The fine Hiir/;ew-es Corps escort the President to the ears, ''rowds, disorder, fatigue and cuohl?-ry sum up the r?? cii Hon here, and petty politics and petty polUtcUns bava to day reigmd suprtme. THE METROPOLITAN RECEPTION. PROGRAMME OF THE rhJ.flWKNTIAt. RECEPTION Dt M*V YORK. There nro Tow who .ire tot interested In tho programmo of tLe fCeption to bo extended to tho Prtxudwnt elect and lw family on their arrival In tho Kmpire city. Tti regard to this mattct we have been ablo to aacertain tho !oilor;U)g facte:? In pursuance of the proceedings of tho special cotn mitteo of th? Common Council, U* members kit this city lor Albany on Haturday evening U*t to await thei* tho arrlTal of the ITfMdcnt elect and tenter to him m ferma. the hoapitalr rn of the city of Now York lhin ?w done y?f.terd?y, aft*r the arrival of the Presi dent in the State capital. Tho com trillion wilt accompany Mr. t Lincoln atd his family l*n<t unite to New York to day, over the >ina of tho Hudson River Railroad. In New York city the tectiitloa of tho Tr^ident wtl' be entirely of & civic character. From tho no * depot of tto Itudion fir. er HaUrotd, in thirtieth stroet, tho eomrolttco <f the Common Council wij w/>rnp*ny tbo l'rchidcnl atd bis party tc tin Ir rooms in Uto A.0tor llou. o. 11m) route of the proemloa will bo from tbo railroad depot in It t tietb street, down that itree'. to Ninth avenue, thenco nlc: g NibUi aienuo to yonrU*oth afreet, ibrnro up FowtMntb itreet to ltr<>?d**y, and de wa Broadway to the IT? iideatlal I'uutera in the Aetor Doom* The name" of tho numbers of lbs Ppecial Committee of the Cow.inon Council, who havegono to Albany for tho purpoe<-ef meetli'g and greeting tbo Present elect therd tn the naine of the city of New York, are Alderman Cor nell, tho Chjirmun. Aldermen Smith and Barry, and CoOTcOmou flail, J-'tevcnaoa aud flroe* rhe committee ar-- anlb<>riz>>d to proffer the use ot IhO Covcrnor u room to the President elcct upon hin arrival L<?o. In tbia room he will probably resolve hia friends cn Wcdr.cFday (to morrow). Ilore alao Mayor Wood wilt present tbo President with an hMiM of wel come in tho n .rnn oi tho comm^cHI metropolis of ?ho country? no longer the I'tiion After bearing tho audr'-.-s of 'he Mayor, It la eipected that a reply of s hultab'e nature wi I be Mde by Mr. Lincoln. It la iikeiy tho (Iniiltot wi'l then return to hia q'iart? re Tor rest an J icereatltr, preparatory "to bia departure oa Thursday morning. Thr. Presidential party will leave Albany at ten o'clock this ni'Tuij-g and arrive at the drj*>t la Thirtieth itreet V. tbr ? o'c o k I'. M. ao thn it Mill be about Tour o'clock, if do delay* J' o wade, whou he reach-a b'a hotel. Ho *111 lajive New Y jY at Dim o clock on Thursday mora* uig (or frt-titou, N. J . wlero bia sell h%it will bo iualo. It 18 bclie?ed thai the ccri nvny of reception, and tho ad'lri hh of tie Ma; or and rwpiruM of tb> PresMont, Will ? ?ccupy the greater part of the day to-morrow. TBI POI.ICR IHKAN'lRMKN'M. The Police Coniri'-aiom ra Lo*e reiclved to do all la tbelr power to tender Mr. Lincoln'a reception hero in thia Ci?y ordsrly at,U quiet Tho Metropolitans are to b? meted uut in formidable array, thirteen hundred men tiavit# b?e: s^cialij delated, under tho comma d ol t>aeral Super ui'eudent Kennedy, to preserve order lunre the pai nige of the proct t?i<? frem the railway ??"#0t to the Ai-tor florae, ?h -ro tho Pr ikdeat Is to atop. lhie Inikj f.ttrt'ha. boen <liatributed aa oltow*?On# hoadrt-4 ftid tiity u,ru at 'ho H'>d#on Ri^.t H?ilrc vl do p t, linger command of Otptam Wn ling; oaa hoodre l . C Ofty m*n under Captain B'yan, from rhutia'h atreet ? ? Twetitj third alreet; one hundred aiid fifty men uodef ' a^.aln Peabrim, in Twenty thlid ftreet t I^oadw;~j r>ne hu^dn-d and fifty men from T*eniy th r l strait to I i.urteenth a'reet, heder cor:.maid of (>?pt*tn OiiTeey; '?r.c h'irdred acd titty men under command if (^tptaln DrObett, from I ourteeoih street to P ni:i*k? ilnet; ono l utdred and City men uiider o> nimaud of Captain rom H'??iker itreet to Ckn<U #.re? i. on" huudr'xt an I Mftj men irem Caral itro?? to Murray alte-:, anl?r 'iptsla Jtmrr <*on, md twu hndr<xi nv n fr?.m M-irrn/ el e< i to Ves-oy Itreet, Mt'lar Oiptail I!? **?*c'n This force Will be dlfloed Into two ?e lion a, the (frit ? xtrii'lirg fron tte rsitr^ad depot 'of" irteenth ?tre.|, under o? nin nd "f In p?ctor I>i|M, th<> ftun (COMtM KD ON OOVTH PAQK J

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