23 Şubat 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7

23 Şubat 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7
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THE NATIONAL CRISIS. The Proceeding of Uie Peace Congress. Application of a Delegate from Kansas for Admission. Tlie Effect of his Vote on tlie Pending Questions. IMPORTANT NEWS FROM GEORGIA. Three New York Vessels Seized by the Governor, " Im.i fee. i lie* THE PEACE CONFERENCE. l'eb. 22,1861. While (hi' warriors of the federal capital had a |>oacoa t?le Unit total, celtbralizig the birth of Wushuitfton, the Peaci- Oobfert't.s haa hail a warlike duuoof tratloti, and came w>ar breokirg up a a row. Kaasas was the causo of all the trouble?but the State of Kansas, but the ferri lory of Ka&bfu. Mr. Stooe appearel, with credentials, to repiebent Kan?us. Hie credentials wore examined, and it appeared ib it 1|C was commissioned and Bent hero by Secretar) Beebe, late Acting Governor of the Territory of Kausaa. Charles Allen, Chief Justice or the Superior Court of M>ie?hchu*ctt8, opposed Mr. Stone's admi.-sion to a seat, on the giounc that bo did not present himself accredited by Covert or I'.obinsou to represent the Mat" of Kansas. Ho said trie Conveuiou was not called to represent Tor rilor let-, oibei'wiifO the otiier Territories of the United States would be applying lor seats. Several Virginia, and other Southern delegates asserted the right of Mr. Stone to a seat, while some Southern delegates suktolned tbe position of Judge Allen. Alter a blitwp debate, jHiru.ktog somewhat of bitter ness, the Convention agreed to refer tho subject of Mr. jjlot.e'g ngbi to a seat to the Co nailtteo on Credentials. Thnetaan importance attached to the report of tho committee ngardii'g thin teat not understood outside of the Convention except by your correspondent. It is> this: The Convention is composed of the repre sentative of twout.. Stiles, iouitcen, inclu.iiig KttiU'BS, ure not represented. Th* votes are taken by slates. H* a oenvav'AS it is known t!iat t'ju are for a c;>a Stite.ti< na> convention, aud ten are op,>o.-'.-d to it. Bo (ore the light occurred ui>oi? tho right of Air. Stone to his ee it to-eay. it was k' OW'i th?t he wax appointed by a d.<mo ?ratio Jedoralctlkeholder,audv-. itiftvorol the majority |;roj>OHUen, nod Hgn-ogt a tooslililtiim i) e. nv -nf ion. I'dN fact canscd tfce republicans. to U'lite, uudcr tbe lead of Judge A lec, apawr-t biui, as bw single vote would p? -vtw the Convent'., n from : "oding this wu >!e ii ic-siiori in the I/Cg'sKl'ires oi lit several i-Ust<*? at ow?. ll.st of the extreme Couiprom tors adTccu'-ed ?Tr. Statu s i 14UI to a Keat ixe.-ii^c it wool? dt'C''. ? c m Utotiooal conven tion. The lepu'.ilicai.s take the I'roon.i tliat the appoirt tnent or u deiegnte Ly ".n r Boob* i.-> ti? a-smiipllou of a duty which bol'i.gs only to the (ivver. or of the State. R.-iUi, tll '.v .u:.o:r (Ml th 0ou ?tile coos not reprut'cui the . ei.timent ot the people of &an*as, aud they oase-t th'-t tune will stoo* thi?. Mr. Curt)/, ol Iowa, ottered an ivn .dmeui to lr m.i- . . .01 u> ? p>T wli'ch apptus l -i. ut? tcrfi.Tj ?-?HfU <?t 1 ?4i.30?ibe prlrcip'0 ouce apphe i ... .irlt? rson to the tor l itoiy r-n.th ot the (>l?ic rivi'. U p< o i: ,v' Ibe Orittei't'cu plan, go chII-i, wa? move I by Mr | Heivi, oi Norio (urolun, as amendment to the ; ntajontj, <r t.otliiie proper.', n, intl ?i.' rej.ot.d, ?Jtv(titw-a SUi.i' VOi J.g b^aiUU i' au i oulv three I >j it. 1U* vole prix.uoed uji i ? r :? sltog-:h"r t ?o lateresiitu! t?'Im; c oUa< d ti the scciet i.hainbci of toe 4Jouteatioti. vera'. e? trio.e proposilioux wcr? vT.-rcl as aiucnd tntuls, aid vo.cd down. Iht* l-u. n u ai^o-'r?tvl i'.'O ii four o clock for dinrer. Ibis ? veuli g ihft Conventioli is i-gain in sesfioa, su.: are votin , on all wits of propositions. Unless greater hwmon> opii ioi: pu valU t%.;u now, the Oonvoi.tloii ?Will .e'jou r. without dc.e.t aDjit lng, uulesn th? ulti j Riatuni of the republican* >a wooed to, i.ajjoly, soap peai to lb< people of *11 CI the t-'tui- , th-'.iifti th? :e.t?~i of their several Lcpislstuw, for a t^)uveotlaa t > rcvi-c tli< w n .ittit' n of the I p.ted <litis. the in.pt> of ft good uiiJiy t^ that nothing will be dour. iMr..;e.hovi\et,ure leore hop-fuL lue repubio cau? *ie ti)inj to sta.ooii &?.ti.m u>tii lir. I^uv ' j j rive?, for '.he jrpoee of w/nf.-fing w th hen aud leain hif t'ews U tll'l- It. llie Case, UO ill tiait a :l40U Will ?be taken b> the Conference boive Mond?y uext, and p r biiim L?<t then. I Ibe frittics of a sctU-rr.cDt ??? Uyiig cousU'ill/ to priMv a vcle. VTTEMl'T TO ASSASSIN* A'IT. TUK fIt>N*. Ml!. Van v. vck, of nku vohu. W*iii vot.m, V'eb. '?!, lS^l A tn<.cl co\Vi*nl^y lual liitit.il u' ault ** i"* ni t?.e a ? I'alf i ast eV ver o'clock last m^iit, i'i' n ifon Mr. * in V^jck, ?o< ruber ot Congrcs* fr in tlie ? t Jtrtnt d'-'i N. V. I> P ec TUllaM, ftrrui d ?itl> t?o*i<' kait*i. Mi. TaoV^ekhad ..uslK it U?e r idei.oo of .-mlor Kt..?, <j0 t.'i|<it;i . U, and vi a- , ?????.to b.' tta? t. >rth w-* t i th'' '".i:- t io hi. \.i ' fi i -t >ut bnMt nun < aine op b?'iin.rt him, ?????: *tru? l hun *? h a bowte kn.iw in tho Ke? t over the art in-knt'e poactratnd lbs ouiti ?? ..o<t uslue eoau, p.i?.-<i ta vU(,U .?lolled i a,.? w ^he Gi'jU.^uo :iuni,ea/lj Hue ,-a a ur-k Bieiaortnu u liook liOth<f *hich wer- to t? t>rea.-v poc'.vtl oi I ' frocl. CvM', u* f <iuito rc.icli'r z . ' Mr Vv? ^vrk ftriiCU ?/. *'? ?? I Mi>?lC!r ihc*,j?w wiiicli fi bltnf ^ i**-n hwoU rUtUa utruok ? Ulj* n\ Mr. \B.iWycl- > vn J '?? <!? kmfe,whi h the ?k.-?raw?4v.t 'at. U uv . -? ahH ? .won- i> p ...to At the y-r.i- tin .e (Va ? \s ?-* tvfik'd ?T"' (eliew down w Oh lni ? i. t,:: el lii-li.atly j ?in v. h >evoiv.f and fchot i Hi t no m?, who dropped | s-rr vis < i". lit ,J?" Mri'ds. I'ta ili.ro re.lSsti tmn kr<l i*?c. Van '? > e! liown Wlih hit , 0,t. Thii ' ?*. t getinr with th ? le otof tho utie h? , ... ( ,|V, i, a erp- 1*11,* .rem toe pr 'f'ise Met.'.in..; of Vis bi t d, Wtak.ncd htm var m "h, and ot> v?, ,r ti nt ?he were ia - mr hute to f*?t? with tla ir wounded c -mp?nlou, wlv? app 'irel to him h'lpi fce sank hlnielf aloiitt" e h mstiil ?P"0 awl did not hie a^aiu. Hit ? ????'>? (*ho K,!h;,o- H i '.cktit l.Uen .tli i i . > hW *?>' ^ ho'?'? ;h i,.. i n ? <?"<??> thl"morn,r*' H? M?V, litf. ail nt thi n'oiir, e- .^ept ?" one or two eon ildm- a) fi'rr., *, Itr. l/ e,ofihe 8?ofe, w'io drodsod UW ww.no, f ml to ?he police, in the hope that the p^tle. luiglM. i>-1 ? covered; but up t> to nl*ht no trace of th* ir '.?? eienlKictf I. o. been a-eert- li Mr. \?n Wjclt U ?l' nnrvone this even u? ?o<t t? xuir-rtDj cot-S'derable P?ln -rom ,h ' w ued in hL hand, but Is m n^ ie-low d .n*er. t,r. Van v, vik .-one, account for this attack ?i>,n h m. ?.n It le K-owa out of hl? speeoh at tl.e la-t * ssi-n, . ,,.v 1 SO uv.cb excitement and dH > i?"ion be er-\e t- its Keve. lv mplnrt Hie sjst m of oUvery, nb.re.nh iled losU?~.f -av, burning, lor^ tune aste it, delivtry be receive 1 letter, i hie. imuide ef this he bas no k^wMge of ha log uoi?teo Uv ettnity iT any human being. He is a tnM who no *? vi? i .. gambling or dnukin, -aioous, and whi* b?i, a ?^?t, in .n wherv ski lied, In hit dally walk bit rvry qnHl unJ Tbe atl'rr i^viog Ikw?? known to-nlcht, crsntcs n 't n'.e lei hug, < p?-tia'ly tu Cotlgn ciii.ul cifci *? MISCEI .1. A N EOl'S ATT KRS. WA imwros, l eb 22, ltfel fill OIM?n.!UV<l nv TROerS A. TflB IllltTW Tbn hnn ent is preparing n special message tj >a ^reoti, Ui niwin'f tu the liou-n ivM?i** asking to oe ipfortncil what cerciwlt> e^>trd tor th" '|U:irtering i?f a !>*ly 01 Usited Males treops fitbia the OiMilct eCCoiom- i ht?. It epp'-arf '!??'? tbnrn wan r.o o!TV' ?i kn>^r'!r^ge ti , nof the pov rtimfm ?!? t thlt ??ty *? f I*" IdviiImi i? h '"4, but Itot tho \V?< | .artinei t, ictiurf under wl* <?of Uenefal COMM.sti'iotetl ih.<m h?r^ ana ,?iiiMiti"rar> measure, and to protect, In the evor.l of m? liuMKte iif ilUle.ulty, the ;>r>p<vty the iroriTTmn-it. tnn tit MT1! or W. ?#?>? " *v?, fh?' i-li'? n-eid piihilsb'-.l la en 'M n<aw?paTiers, ? tlBt? M'lHe Anders. <9 via* v?-y HI at t'ofl "'??in (pr i? ft credited. The VV u Hepaitmeat hiv>> liKtV""* lr,,m *"'u ** ,'1" ,T", IMt. an t to n-entjoo IS ru ?>f hi? being ; indisposed. Equally uutrue is the report thai be is wilh out funds. AlARV OF TUT RAfTCAI VVIT1IIJI. ?\v The repubUc'ins are becoming alarm -d. un:! there i hii appc.-oal Uif^irg down from their ultra position. HMUgh of thi-m have declared their wlllirgoess to vote for any recommendation which comet betoio ttwui trom the Frur? OtfMi to currr it. At .t?ii*t half of the repub licans tn Oorgress frcm Nev \ork, and t*o-ttair<i* of those from PernsylrnniJ, will sustain the action nf the Conference, notwithstanding a majority ef the Commis sioners fron Nrw Y'ork role steadily againM any settle ment. The fix i<rpubiican Commissioners from the Kui pire Biate arc rrgariied aa the most ultra men here. They Uo not represent the sentiment of the people of that (rreat State. llie poetpcuvmeut of Mr. Stau ton's Fore? hill Is another in. icatlon ol returning MOM. They have been appealed toby moderate men fit-m the border slave Mates to abandon this aacgeious and unnecessary mcae'ir;'. If, say these moderate men, youpftrs.Ht in it, you w ill drive us with thi cotton flutes MR. USCOtN'S ISAVt I'KtU A gent'eman who lias just arrived here from New \ or it, wl.o accompanied Mr. l.tncoln trom Pprtugfleld, an.; is inside and know.* the policy which ihe PreS.U'.uii olvcl tents to pursue, says that in his ItauRiiral he will take the stroDgeet conservative ^rouod. This announcement hits stained the ultra portion o? the republicans, and ha* materially s tronglbentd the cenaervatiyi i. Ill* W Alt IN TlJt H1.1 k llUl'AS C.iMP. The'f is a v ijj iro-..- wui still g?l.g on bore ata".n,j *he republicans. respecting the construction uf Mr. Uncolo' O-biuet. The ultra wing see! that they are to be over Hluiighrid, and aie ready to join hinds with aireelet ana dii .are open war. It is a vory pretty h^il as it stauos THlfi POLICY IT THK N W Al<VIS/v "RATK'**. One of the beav.'St cotton brokers in New Orleans h.v writteu Hot. John C<vode, reqiiestleg bis op'nton as to tho future policy rf Mr. Lincoln Mr. O-vode replied, ih.?t in his t pinion tue itc wning a im inisi'at ion willuvoi J as iar as possible, any col.!.""'" or diliictUy with the ?seeding Mates; but if a i ate of iTuim h fore d u)>on it which is k"t de.;i i. lie ptM w'lt he made a' New Orleans?first, becmse the Miss.T'ipp limit bo kept free b?- the uuan.m as vet ? r i ilie N'.mh west; aiiol second, i>e<-TUse New (die.ns i- thu oui Southern city where 'Ci re> iihii- ,e.. ??< ?? 1 vode added, "lfHC t> be tocfi-.' ? "iu u'. New Orleans i- v ?**<> adsif- -? an>t tr v>. ne-S, 1 must fwiv's< JWI te <<ell Kill II 1 th..t Vr. Covode did not talco th s ft<T itr"'>r-?' '' Uu <.}, g : tatc <.?{ allttirfc. l<K?Kt-A'il<>ftt KMl'*.' n>v. >??.. h ? .* *i? ,tw? riftr.' late Serrctv; ! yd I t just cctnet - light, which dot :? not reflect icucU > e ui e.-?m *???? loyalist t<> the (tovemnieut lie was l?'HeH> 111' t.i s-rvi , an t wb- e treasur; h*. wai. i'Odinj \r*',u It ip'trs * las', summer he ordt;ed live cvtDpaulc<r1 ' u'1'' Kiatr Irnops t<? K<n t lUi ulall, Oil III ? uttyOl I'l.-^-mn. aud tl < n ordered ail f e v.-.i;" m a-?! hor- s -tsid m ,!? - s^ld t-o that the m m lit wii tersut jr. t'.uy coup1 ueitlur leave by tin' river, wlii-h ta usually fro/.' t, up s- eatly ns Novtmter, t."r cvcrhml. In coos-(pi?"-e of o-it bai i.g suliicient tiansportaticn mater ti to convey a a i -'.e cnipaiu. '.vwv.'.i. uf sn iusuv The Vice Presideii" el i< arnvi 1 to night, and t.<olc quiet rccisis U tl ? hjicgtou lietel ?he;e ?. a..u.r W.lsoo of Massachusetts stops. . UiCi a 1 ?; ha& U"tlntg t<? prtsent in acvai ce of the sentiments to ov exj i\ ?-:d hj tho 1'ietidet.t eli et. . li imh'Vu- r< :'.!??!> :?> i?ut Ibe following n?n,od Assist mt t?urg?t i.s ot sn, Arai> wt -v r'fo cenfirmi-o ?>biit, "f l'en:.y. It anl?. MwUtn aul Wagner, uf ilar; laud, and iut?. ?.ur.o- Xo. th v.*ro Hna. 1 bo following were conCmi'd as lieutenants ia the Nuvy, to mi t'.v lie vi.cai.tiss ouwi.j ?<* by re -t.ri.ii turns, viz:?Paltcn. Higelow, (truelord, itua-i' . Coke, Siijcck, Fiicb, Rurris, Ka miaU, Wull"-. , tu-Uold, Nc l.r rj a' Pc , I'e* Uiu.1, . 1 hlilij'c 1 od i.'O ...n . van.nKl J. .idle s !? Ull L'liH i ie; Wtre ?. IituittCil -? t ;u t .St:rgC0cS in the V?\ \ , ill p'aCe '?* lli'?S( r tlr> Ie-J!? llior: IS Ml aid), <?(' a in. ?!-, was ct. fi. in-tl as Attorney nt the I i.ued Wott s lur the lustriol ot K iiisas Tlie followieg uan < d Cc t-.tois >?' < eM^as we.e con imed:?lh..Ta a K. l.an.s, ai- .o. Mi . Oiwge P Mow illn. at Voik, Me ;..acobC HewiCtt, at Old i^pr nn, N. V. Alexander Bai?e, for the distrn t ot Sdti .kMquoi, Ci.'.ilCiLla; Char'.ts 0 Phit.ip-, at Puget Hum l'airn k Fugan, at Mlddktown, Couu.: fieurjje H. H.ill, t'otsul at Gtu-j anias, and lalU^oiro ituntei, sixth Auditor of the Trenaary. Theti'iloMTlcg named J'i sti'iasters weie a so c.nllitn jrgii Whitney, at Pi ghsmton, V. V., and Tirim 15. !swarr,ut T*nc?ster, Pa. Cel. i5. S. J'.'i^Oh lies Oe-'o npi>o itej ,-ur\C) >r o( Cus t .nv tvi I.ou r. I'.o, Ky., viii Ha'd?ri.:i^n It i:, autl.oiitiv.-ly ? tnied tin' C-v.. * ??'Us or eiterj ? for the South oreiscwben tiav b en iu,i#.< . erl; dr'a uei ' in the WaohiPRtei) i'"-t <?l. <?. tt hatev , . .) ?' ?; have j -currtd has been S<nuh <>f this i- it.. Nimeroui petitmiis arc bcii g pr? e itcd \ < r<,ngrts3 t |.r?\ leg lur th-. puesagu of a S? uer-1 P?tu!.i ' I't L-w C.tntl ii en In'u .i ill-tarn i an- he ? '??' ''"l". prcmj.t and rf ml 'n u a "loi ]'bUipCUiyton,ex An slant S^n t >17 of to-, i rc.i'- u> 1 ,1 ,?c United States, will \<-.ve f? r M- .,'-oiuer<. h vug ; i-rroli-ted to is ?lniM?r i???t?or ai >r tut - 'Utturn ? ccnfedcracy. OUR WABHIXGTO.V (.oniJE.q'UMW .Y< E. WjiwiiMiT.'V, I'fii. Jl, Inol. 7' <? JV-'' m ftrJittj, i?/' iVn.-i'?Vi . '?? -n-'i,f &Mt*< i /'??ill,? H't?' /.i V i; .<? //? Aim"-, <i ? . tn it ?"gn'i'l i< >m a lit ? (i 10 .h iysi'1 liUtir." ol H ?: .J'l'.ll 111 :'U f,i!ir? . f t!il f I ? ?(.(? CM,: I'? t>y ii'r f !?>? i thi (??ople of N>? . ut i'li.lii lit , ti:u i !? . .i"! fj i f im- ii r itilH'ou pin/ "f rtu ri t".Vil'liiu 1. 11 i* iH-ii|/|.lfit ???. tb ? I1f(t ot Alt':, liiuu n -'??? >?>u Ju:?u Itiiut.v '? < ou? ?!> 'm'h t \ t i'i ? ? r 11? jy ?'Q1lll>. at;-, ant) wiiii * oli Ih< h ba'p. u.a Ji ..r ??* ?. ?./> < .r . in ut anvtliiig. hi ti ?? . liio .".I Untitling tb<t hu f. I IVI ,1 c.ci-iK' iTir' , . thin' t j, : i,nt v!u<h ). ? i not twc ,< ? *i ? , no in*i ? v WHlC.t ill!)' ? '?!'<? W il," .111. V. li w.ll .oi'i-t tlni Uif t1 ? i.i' ? "I ttiti me ''Ik'i'Ut-T I'Cittjj li ieti, ..t 'it Ij L<t 1 ; .r I, 1 li i\ r lv?.t uhf rmim lor n. ir n vvintiomfy p <ti- /-,?fji . J" 1... I . - t ? (t ? ?!iC i.1' r't:'-* ore. t" I n.t?t t. < . 1 ? n ],II1 ll.Mll'. TH I> l*t lfHiU>r'.ll VI >M Ut" 'rill of fetich.'* well a? bnif. 1,. .i t'lit 'di si., e lusl'Mui-.t-nt \ i ci the li. I '?* ?? n ;l.' l (.? .if "Will, ?v..;i kn i; ' I t-li-tr iJ.in WJ.jti. .V i < 1 (until/ jjj, | f tnuUlliny, aw! ii." nbovl at rri. ?* i. in . i i oin'T.'' 11<- II" pt<w.i|.| -eti.-vl, i amjt one \ov., ?iiii certumi), +'?*'? ili.'.i i . lij ' I' M, .uxti ihh'%, a *H 1 ?>*#'.?}?? i '??. ' :? ti-?1 ? . -i u I I," ji. .1.. . :< .a i.t>ing. ktoro ri'b .y. a ?rt:. Iks ou'ntde rr >w?t li V-'**11;? ^ ? >. [? n n drplorabln conrtluoi. The h< t?; < are < .i gritus from cT?'ry wh' po nv.i * urc ij. ? , n- , ready for sale, but wiih * V'-rj lu-iutiu ' < li-. ? t.> i . price. Tuc words ''f fcwujo j?: ??.'? m, wi i like an ?.?b w:ind ojv?n u raiUr*nar.e I'scy ? ,<i ? . m ii, wkUtout daring lU*ir m >'iUi <'u n i... i r agaitirt, lorleit Ihom U ? ? ? j. j> t i troD.'**"' Ui< j cr**o, ind whit'hli ij l)wr !H) .?'?tit;ir) >.?b t ol' ibfir jouiiir^ ii.;; . Vbou Mi. Liim i.wil.. 'n-:uui.mnfi that" nobtxly i h . t,' Hid that ? nl; * iLf ? ?{? Itilosid'jth < umlii ? wi ild bn " 11.tl-.i > ii - i-bdiilcally dttinn bit lT"mler. iku?; ray ? Uia'.'a ti t*(l; ' nn Uuiy ate li?< myrmiOuuH i.r .??c .tt ji i-M. g up ua! do-rn tb? Atrtiuuc. >Mi u he n?i> rr, iiu..:--<l, a i ?; rtnf falu, or qutt'Tf b'? ?>? tbo nort n-n j . rivtfc ntt?i?a- ? of Mu/<>r WciJ, the) ri' (i'Ihi fJoocI. li!? |Mtii>ii< li-' jh.'i'j toil of btoOJ.^brd uii'l ir t '.'ir ?? i. u V -l if o i-'tUlO, WWHO 01?>p-Q'M I All.I Ti.'.-illA J-.>lltl';i4l!f\ llA' i ccrtnln irifl'K-.ni"'It s ? h,.ii n,i". /6?f I.' u h Ml* riBiir In) Ir-Mon I tint love ot '"'mir> it iniii,i rj)>lftco. t>y love Of belly, ai.it tii.it ?Imk-v?t (.air-'t, li. ?<n. ;?*tr 1'i.t'y, ill*; iiffH'tfcibi'itit* vf i.iiioo tail lutu li.'! Iii'udii "if iu\'b *lioau Uio nt >-t unwoith) (o bu Ciwu ?>. t ?na th.i u, rtuiply lirc.t .ie ihi j ?/? the iii'.i't uuMunii.i,^ ,.:i, ii,i i? Ca?"oiir. In |mt< i.Iimi; tlicir i'muu i . The Watorlo > of t-n > .m!,?l;ii bn'.viii ?! '? 'ft.; Hon* into whieh the ri-fmbht j't ti.nt> diviavd, uuu> Uie lf.tjorsUi|i ut Aiwafti, ' .to. -^on, ?iu iUUM, ,?u Um> urn ?il?, 'i i 1< 'vurti'Tj, nv , iuiv, Hntno>>. lal| tn* .iltra i.??t,.ii -iii-it* of tfc '?Uirji - l >ti il>u t I'j-r, on i t >e r^ml.1 out tTilh.ii i!i "otJDij,' *? f t-eu th:>l tin jii> i. u li d orvn n' ilr ? ?? h!, in .nur r,t(v,ii< , i,i ii..- ti'.ii ''i.Mthur Mf. f.iic'M'ii -K.i Mr r? w -r'i * iii ??fj??!i* t "f OOWCIOO," ??-'l > o?i Iiir? * .aniiul. uat .ou wnj iif'JVt'," |n?Wbljr hj im 'ft.4^iii. iiiiv-?f ?? Ita iin/it ?ins,"Ik- ? i?-'m<? ?*Mi' ? ?? riw i/r? ^6*b ttvaMi'M '? !??'? L' T*''" n-iiue j<itiit?l MOa, hvvttftii, Uiat "it i i '!>? >-i iim ntir-'Kb j; fe? Iiir?? of Out tlin ih- ' - |i iIiI?m:i< will tn I In "iri nit/i dh h nine, KII* jiir "T'' twrtltl f*/l4 , mjk' in Ih 'rk "? "? "??< r,.m?.i.e in tj." 11 lai', i I'll- .-'R iri i ? y ' ?n-, t >*.???!i |#eu' ??, h ' ? f f .'It' . ijt lail; 1'Wl ".B^ >"il .iV? ' MjU'k.it th? vet) thought at but being permitted to let ;oc*e upon the land the demon of civil discord. From the aturtiig |<unt tl<at slavery if a "crime,' a "bio." ? "curt*," tbe "constitution :n a league with belt and a covenant with death," they invoke th? con stitution itself as their authority fur raving which it shocks humanity to listen to. Were it cot for the murderous fury with which s 'mo of the advocate* of the Ft inton Force bill, advocate its infamous details, ore might imagine'hu a>-rc dramatic w ma iness were at the botiom of their semi nai b irous talk Huch is not the case. Minglod wltn intensely selfish disappoii. taunt at the appointment of Mr. s^.v.trJ at. Secretary of Mate, aid a detortnitutiiu ti oust him, if possible. fiom (hat positiou, in a sincere desire to wit ne?-? the realization of th^ conspiracy formed thirty veuf ago for tbe overthrow of American liberties, and to plunge the country as speedily as possible into the horrors of civl cod volt ion. The prominent ex)>ectaticn of the Feswndcu Sumner paity in the f'niled Sut<-a Senate, and of the republic an msioiitv in the House of Representative*, is that, in the ?vtnt of civil war, tbe'"destruction of slavery"-.woulU be Its liniil issue, by means of tumults wiaich migtit be f xv iw d In the slaveholdng Slates. Tne ex lourteritc pspcr of joui city h.is admitted tbia idea Into its columns, expressed in the most boendiar? and offensive l&iguage. It calls slaveholders "the trainlcs* *| a*u of some (raPgnant influence, rush it g utxKi a oe?IMt> sin' a 'rightful dm m, afevcitod animals rush into tbe dt h'.ro) ieg (lames. frt ?n which ovi ry n asoa ?t;C every natural instinct b ds tbern lli>e and escape,' ai.d sde's, "the war will be waged to crush ?the epg* of tbe reptile tha? bus liatchei the brood of traitors nnd r? volntnnists who have brought disorder, ami en lite t ai d blood-tod, and destruction, anil ruin, upin the country." Aud then, "if war between tbe scction* otct begins in esriest, It will be of nec's-ltv * war to extiiguiah slavery, as being the cn.se of cat national disorders in the pa-t, ti e threat* r,:i g disturb of the nitionu' pence in the fu ture, and t' e caute uf the war itself. Aud this war wll) be conducted on ih.t soil where the evtl sum's whlcu dcu.i.ur s reiui e?. ' Did Ald< berouti phosc" pho'ci >ever tt'er aucb beulan.'.te buubast Yet it is a< tuully b'.hiu 1 tiie ?p tit thM bus been displaced a the Ilougp 01 llepie K" 1 at'vis. In the debMes upon tie Force bill And. upon the anhai of Mr. l.ltcolp at Wasbingtm, h" wify iDsU'itP t e p lUticcil upon ana surrounded by u tiuti's ?.t tbifc school, who w'll wain every to (tetter cv bluster him into tbe it' option 1 tin i- ditto.ical siiumi s. f'oor runn. lie his not much b tiirot ari> w?; , and God kn vWH?lia; he will uo in the U.lf'st i'f the bun .< aue! It is tiftrely |Mi?sil>ii> tint be iiihi s> nil for t-'ewmd -?t once, aud put hiinscb entirely an 1 vil.oil* .iLder his guidance a uny siiupl) .?>? au aiitoaia ten Th?s ?ould be ina wisest anu m.K-i discreet cutro i<c it sort < * supercaigo. oi, board of the' .-hip of state," si d peihaps has. iHithentv enough to realize hi-threat o! ??.hrn? ir:g overboard'he t<?HM'iigers ' b it having ac ItieVile'Jj.ed iiis iLe.vper iLu e, and tbat there is a Btorn ? a . g which tliri Htens to carr\ eve>;, thiig totttebot i'iii wi.v no be tot remain tvmioi tui h m the cubtn a. ?! pe'tni! taptiiin isewtr 1 to weather r,. t >tio tenpent' Is it to be wot'iie-ed at in view of such a slate ot a'luirs bere; such utter anarchy and disc ird m the ravkit of tiii pu'ty cvU'ing into power; such brtathiiifrs of a sa>i'M' at.'i iii'ui a'eo spirit, ih?t 1'n-biiient Jedergon ruv: ah' un cul; epciu thi t'i . lo ''f the jew ^outhuru confederacy to prepare for ite worst, and to ail hun ir putting tbe secw ihk M?t<s uiroti ? our foHIng The Urtfuage of his inaugyriU i? not con nidcrid teie to be . cither threat' nmg or uo oicefrsary; but di'-eetly calleu for by th1 circntm stuLCes li wliii h he Is plifed. 1h - CotnmitnieMtoes be t*i < h wceasioti .16 In the cupll^l 'Kid at Moti'g > nery, ire lnc i ssunt. The Mmtgoinery adu.iul8trat.iou Ik fully ad vised ol' everj step th*t is iak< n. ami, w >tti every desire to pres. rve re .>t.ou!> ot aiiiilj with tbe North, th- y wou'u be ooth dt'i.f a to blind, I1 tiiey Were nut -live t> the p w Sibiiltv that, HLin less tlia*j six we?ka. aggri?dveact-, j e hiips tbe iLvusion ol th> ir W rritor., m iy 'on ; ilieiu mio u oetetce of their property, their homed, their instl'utiois and their fireside*. It 'te 4 deep answer ;Dg in to t'.iep"?a pet i'd or aLslctv and trouble to c\e:\ et ilghttbed, sobi r ic?Lde:t m <n in th.- coun try?:.n:i it il 10 be deplo e I tbat It Is out of lnniati ken to tij what will be the end; whether wise <ti.d s.gaciouB tneasui is, such as mniy look for troni Vr l.m oil, under the gu dance ol Mf. Sewarl, will cause prr #eritj once n.oro to d/nra an.; th<* work ot retoufctructkii of the I n . n js?siblc, or nhethor the }.i<si rity of the republic is to b< tnguiphed in iu vlia ble ruin. Wamiis0K>\ Fob. 21, lrtttl. IkM the Fi rt tf,n Jimittrn R-g-?rd Our A <rt *iai Ir mUa? Lore Lptut nt.it the y*eru * 8tMi**nt!i~ltT Eheiiiye ami Mr. I.mt'trt?A<i i<ol ?f D-&inyiiul<ii J'liiti ro*? 11 H'onot'V' fi?The I r Io>ce lixll and Mr. lloc xk I bj'tih?Ilit Innttru, <uti n Hull (ft. Tbe foiugn dipIotoMlfctH rendmp ne :r th( (owuntiit H the I uited ate ji.Bt iifKUjinrig to rcuJ'Zo the V< ii oi.s- eoiio.iion of our BatlotuU utr.urK, anil to expreM dtt; #o;lr;tude for the final ri-giiit They htvn be e tolorc btei bi ud*d by ibe decbuatkwa of prominent re pub. ? Mi)- that thtre hub nollniig tu the sectssii u more- i n ? i' ?'-hut th' govt ruOH nl ? ?? founded on groom', and | tie txeiwg iilll.tuJiio wcte rulilltd 10 do turne con blorrtitioii ihuia ibuec ?b < U us *h> utu ud a lading poli tichl change in the gtrrerinuul. l/'td !,yo:it>, the Unti*h r, bag prompt!) conveyed tod-pl tnatM ai> i o'.hi'r prin.tii.nt (vc.ct, tb?. kind't feoiiojrs etm-rtit nod iiad ro tflttij Mtjrt < M"-d t>j hi* k m t r>itfii in tch ill of th" Knifed M ? < ?(. Th< t.i ich fciutiiier smI).<i>) bits Ktvi'ii no itttvial < xprti?K.ii of tl? Mntiiueule of bh MnentKQ; but 1?. ? If till t. iri? tte i.ltiii^', p. iici We about it 'b"r? Is :.mi It-rta*oti to btltve, jifgitig tfooj tkiH ?? M-ral OoB vtnUiod I'D !li? t u trt - ..or i'ms*. h, the -ipiuiab >ti? vter, l.hs lltwiM iAverre't that he hm out neat \ ua.ized the .nrnitteticr oi' the biiMkmg ? p ot tho gvveriitii' i.i, having btBB trtiaied i.|itnth.| liiAftjf tin Ukdliltreioe of , inmn . ni rm u in 11? ?i< a.)l/t'it ?>n t, ir the H'hjcd, -.ni tin- uunr-i aiu ? < *l " Ms.vn if ei.tlie t< i fldetce in the lability of i|M ii.viitii.Mi fi-'lb the i-auie qumti r. O hor ilkltlu ..1.0 1 1 > I !"?M U..H' el Ot f?> ei^;i V<'. IIUiAU'^ (JiVO 1\ , ['-s?d tttiihr miiU uo? ili.r, it ue?|ihc hM Ike? (jlr< i. to the qui, vio iu cos q u cl IIm inlet .*t cxpr< fiwl ar.O li e oihctAi notion t?km of i. by ttn^Krejil i i 11 1 iijh ? in f."f !??, ii-1 th repr m.ui . ?*? i.f ! trei^n /..TerfcDitnU I.i re in kui (h nlj iiroi.jMMi lo u leBiWOi tho ir;'itu?<'fc t the nbj'Ot. Jnd the uioaieit<.u coiiko qi.i-?;< e- Ji.voiveti it. ibe li>-I'liltl b cl ib> l uiie . Sate* ? ih''0 in h< 1 r '? U^int.'e t .tion ott the pal ol fitf| n . ij .i .i i i. t-"i i)i?4- ?! ? r?* it k . 4 ?lD ..fc it ' ? < -i; e"' Hff'.'i t'Hi (t tha'. t?i<! B?? I ?. <,<?: t i. f rn> id. tii ot .iJjn mom toaabtfilt tbit M I'Xf ) 'o pn v-c .<.;;!?? i, ij. 0 it 'jim i !i tbi: Me. Kthe i'.'jto, of Tea . ii- '* tu i t>t Ir In*'. .1 to jiiivit"' trith lir I,ia i ii i.b tii?' m.I'jh .? ' <"tr dilltetiltKij, ou the ?rri 1 ii it.i Plt-nl'l it > Ir thu< olt>, bad uol btri tft ? 'tltenoft by ikitiu i.eh.ic dM'urMiobfi Mdu by Vr. : : <'? ii ?? ' h - i tholtoiiMiU Keprcneul.i II* i- thin BiurtiOiK i>tioi lo tlm Hu.imi kelngcilMto order l'< tuacieij a .ge cnti wtui4 liiui, inJ was I ? r.t !?!. rl.urv ol h'- W t< G( nun i. to. > <it n ,i.iOu . ii.,; Ibat to He ni m l th n pbl.lioBl vioirs w?a to be ;UtI 'br.Uvl Ut(> oxihteui'9 of the ill' ? > uk.i...-n frulct ib?) ffioh pwiUo.tna a.i Mr. l.'^wrhifo) hrti t" i.yht mi ?i. aouth. utt ' i tb Tin b. - <?f ?:wt?i??niihr.l n'run^ei? urrtviu^ ' ? r. '.tilj .? I no. el Lhiu.ui it Nw Yo.k H- ha* al .niiiy "^k r. fc pioti.lceat ik p '.on tu I'ji-rifric ot airkx ini ' i.f i| I' -i.leul ole?,t, is . hi woninit m*W f(i u>I? b| ItW CVUlU I> MAt<i ? *??.!(>? bl? W |Kin khI "ttpruii-iW i n. A. .1. ''nth r. of ' iilU milH 'MX >? Itie 'o. Ht pium I. rt | tli''i ..ir: ot th tiol en Mutt. <be lrot toe hue I). I" k/iri ii ii k, tut itiM.i'iiil ?etvi?t. He m k br'nlmr ?f ib? . it;* mu.v' mtic c.uui ate for Uov rm-r in .Ma?nu:ltii ? f it'?t,ci Bei ,i>m>n t. Holier. Aui >uu iMnw ii aola '.itlHU-fi rereullj atll*(;u |.'? 0 ner I Wbitaejr, Oo'liTior of the p< it .'f UOROB, Dr. <foor|{i- M loriutt, Ot iniUmu; M ' r t h. n U. ltt*CTF, membor of lh? Mo*?clnwetU i.ato, 'in't' ther? Mr tftfck, of ^ ir^inw, lb> iBornib^ cooe.lndad b.< < | l| iv? (?! the Vt,lnu? ii if i'mce bill. He iioooluoeil , H tB tin. u ???( bitter teriiiv irid hie remark, tn tie * th Kit.i h rthf.r.rti cm< an-.f *.i)MMIti. ibil WkMm tbrue ' i ,n?ir' ur?t ef the i-or'tr Ctrtti"1*, nc'.'.';luR Virginlt, ? "iln he nun &y aide wtlh tne eoco<liu^ M >, fMo.lih e t . j ";f:'nWj'l'T.^slwii all i.\ei- Ih' H'? i. e ill"' b ii wan i ??.'?. h. r, iil-1 oroe 'or ir ee\' M"M I', ll ; '(?' 'i i-. < OnlVuui ? iu. uy I a^'iKCl lo epi' t.i iu? kioi;: Led ? ve.y oat ft m<'-tn ai d t.i-lk . "aly r?BW? ll ? , pr? *p<?:t ui tb^ir ?rrivnc at any prm ticV n-ioli lue caorn wfo-vn.-e. ' TD/nrtre ri-om the j ollt.r il ./>nii>lrvK)t\ o1' ik Wrge tium j ?ier "f it ?? i it i^en in&L?k' i? oT tin- piwp..rt?l I ui<nt Hun , jii iit.on b.it, it wouhi kOttu thai tua Hit uu: .'to.'U mi m ' out ti ?r me ?iiit >rtal room or ? refr?bllaaB ,? ipoi, 'iib- r a' Cowirit, N. U.. or ui linftion, ttui, or |K>ihij?a b nh A 'Jtsr ami it.t or erroiuite tmnoe n b trtuR aeo mi ltti.it in tbt ^.'eiittte. that OOujr to- Uy ei?rly *eut lo'.j Ui i . itiatu lation or I hut braRrb ih'r otll diiil.i ? .tniion th< i-tMiiflw* oc.it l.en'ieutiy cixni^y itm ? i?ti< of r? fit the lio .* Hi. Uiai i<? Hale, eduor Of ?l?e HirKU l fHlOlf Mtr, rfn? r Oi'W? UiltM >1 Ma MW i iti?rof ef !*???. * f???i Hnr.i-?Kumn, fr ai the ii'.ftn rtiChr i iti ft.tigr' *?*?*?** 4Mr>ct, bvi ilnj ae-t', bi'iie<int vi ti ^tned ti- bteotre t> -elrtiie wttb w. I l> rcp,',="r" >.i In the ni xt f>ufi?^a by ?n > ot the aoh at oirrr'iaiite la (lio -?.r^ Innate. -fatM, whove prnolKai kui irV?i* tad ? . I r.' lye ? *j f or.ep tji ill nialt'"! Mn".ri'N ifltS "i? n u u ereo ?Ld iti in iul in.i rHi'e ui th'i eoviilty will by ;>f |t?ii to ; .-.t cotg'i-jt. IMPORTANT FEU 31 S XV ANN AS. JMorr At w 1 ork VtMrh Hrlxcd by the (?ovrrnor ?>r (;ror|(U. tUv i.vs.ui, Feb. 22, 1*51. Governor Brown seized ye.lerday Uiv dlnp Martha J. Ward, bark Adj'mti r ant brig Harold, all belonging to citizens of New York. Tbey will be retained until the uiu are delivered up by the Plate i.f New York. PENNSYLVANIA DEMOCRATIC CONVEN TION. l'im_u>?:uniA, Feb. 21, 1881. Tbe Democratic Slide Conveutien today unmiinotisly adopUd a series of resolution* ottered by Hon. Kllw l<ewi?, declaring for Ftate sovereignty au-1 the I'uion, the rights of the :*>uth in the Torritortas, Jcc. A committee ww /ipjujiat<<l to convey tlie reiolutiotiN to the Pi evident. TI1E NORTH CAROLINA LEGISLATURE. Uiiuuu, S. C , Feb 22. ISOt. A large amour,t rf busineM remain* unfinished in tbe ftule I.eni>latue, but the day of adjournment has not, as Jot. bfl'U pUStpoU-d. Two more ralhoot btl's parsed tbe House to day. Tin- lieveeue bill, wiiU tuv Senate tmmidment, is now up iu tliu House. Tin- coutoation is about tbe I mil tax. Great anxiety s felt hi re concernit g the action of the Peace Conference, s Th? sper-ches of Mr. l.iwoin are doing their work o daikvniog the piospectsof a Cowpioui Be; blill all hjpo 1 not yet ?urrt-ndwed. BUSINESS FAILURES AND SUSPENSIONS. Boston, Feb. '22, 1841. TT.e liOBtin Cmmrrcial Hutirtin publishes, weekly, a list ol 'ho cliMigt - In business For I lie week just passed tt give the failures as iollows?In New Work, 19; in Boston 8. in rblladi !pbth, 3. in Baltimore, 3; in (Toelu liu'i,.": in Detroit. 3, iiud in other places, 21?miking a total of 150 for the week THIHTT-<IXTH CIISGUKtit. UKCONU 8KSHION. Men?(a vV.vpiiini rov Feb 22, I SOI. Mr. Tjio;i-<>\, (opp.) of \ .1, pr. tmnliil several peti tions from fin/' i h o? N't w Jersey, iu favor of the Crtl teiioeli le.-olutKiL*. Mr hi.?i , ir? p. ??f N Y.. prc-entod peli'ioas against any e^iOip'omis* a-kiii*, Coi.^rt s to put d.iwu a'l r?*b.-l IK'U Mixi ull uaiux". o? t lse drive ihi'in tr tin tUn I'mMi Mr. tbi mi tit., (ii p.) o: iu., aud Mr. Wauk, (rep.) of Ohio, prc.-e' ted petitions ? '.awst c un promise. A njn.tii r of privaie bil c wen pussed. Till. I Til 1 11 I K'Tir. Hil t Wal taken up, th' <| wo.i'li being on motion of Mr. (?wtn, (epp ) ol tal., for a t'"tiimuten of t!on!eroticn on iliB.'grii it g to he V'te in rt ir<i to th ? overiand mail, lb* lfil"S? limiting Ihe a.r'eir.t t > be paid to $SOO,(HlO, ai:d tin i-Vl at.- placing U'i !i uit. Mr l_i rn^M. ("I p ) o Cal , oppo-'- l tho mot.on, and cciiii. ii? d'h it ili< W'tk c uld re tx'iforrric for tu > sum DStned, end 'hi -enaie cou il settle the question a id n t' lea/O it t'> tfci'? ommiit'-e. the poopK o< <? lilorni* asK tor a d&il\ i/Vi'. fii.-i l:i ti' U ' ihe vol.- i*f ih^t ;Hit'' was gneu to the repub'.t* an partj solely t>n s-tieground of this question lir. iv.' > nl u aim fai.' t *? iild liuve been no dif fer ! r?' I1 bis i t ' ai'i e h id . " sIIhi-i iI bin piisitloii. llo wud bt w lined th1. ovei laud uiau aud did n t tv itit to risk !t I y iinioiii'li.et i '.i it'eli'il t'ltl the ll'MBe ameuil mei ft vnstiv inceane ' *Ii? ' 'p' nn* JMllAN DlXH .1IMS. ?Jill' I)i!i for till- p?j in. Bl 1'ir h'ippri tsi m of Itidiaii it <{? ? rlllfies in Ctiltornii bchig'he spei-i.il order, was takeu up. Tlie >/ill was elia'iixxed Idluw o'closk when it wa? p?jt pri:ed till to nioin w, aud ti: # MIMJtlL-lMt'ol-s AITKIII'ltnTIOH Htl.I. was t.Hk<-n up. Mr. tiw in r.ll. rt d an urn ndtu ut, from the onamtttee, t?'liable the S cn tsry of \V?r to r-irr>' out tl?-: coutrn-'.t vmb a W. Ybi>rr.[i?<in. [lliw is what is kuowu as tbo Clt.riqi'i: m?'ndnie:it j Mr. F?ffM '>. (rep l ?>f Me , snid lie was s.nn^wliat sufpriEt'd tbat nn auiei dnient ba t not beeu bs'oiethe < i mil luo i f IU' i re J'r t.w i?j" explained that tlie Biem?.er? of ttie commit tee wf re uot boiuiU to voki ft?r it. The amendment wan f; vi it up it/ ti e 1 e'icitiic) bill, on ibe eniund that it e< ul tw- ivisw d ol- this bill Mi. >i< u>h (ojip ) of Ark., moved to aii)ourn. He ti oiigln it cue u? Mie lioi i r ol iUa fa'Uer of his '.Vi'intiy. Mr. Kijsi.MiI tliiiiig'it >b>t Si u.ite would b> ut do iioiui^ to tin Fa;b?-' oi bis louulry by atuim iug to ilie busme-s of ihecnuuirj Tbe niotinD to adjourn WuB l<"-t A quest ten ot order was raised an to tbo right to offer in (.mendiiiei.t liom tbe Oiniiulttee of Finance, arid tho iinifDOmexit nu: Lud over to be piuited and ollnred bud feeqii#ntiv. A Ioiik dlM i.m-ii ii etsueu on a question of order us t) th'- riffM in < tl-r <?' rinm imeuiirri-ntu. Fintbi r amein nients weie ottered. Anjourtjed. HON. WILLIAM KBLLOGU AND HIS CON PTITUENrS. f'liH'viKt, Fob. 22, 1MJ1 A convention w is h< l?I at Peoria to-day to express ihe opinion of ttic i ??piilnir.Kua oi tb? Fourth Congressional district in lepurd to tbi' courso of then representative in Cot. fires-, If in. Wn. K( Ik Kg The rnsolutlulia adopt eu . eel iro tbat their principles are the sau.e as lici'ie the ejection, i xprios love for tbc Vuh n, at.(l declare tbit the (til .u must b - maintained at all buzHrttg. The fourth rrre'ntlOO says *hat we eu'er our deoid.wl pwtrlt Nili'tl *hc rt aoliitlon nffiT.d by Hon. Willi im Ke|!< ph, our n preventative in Osngrt ss hqiI wo earnestly uriff bini to an unittlieripg support of republican prin cpies at ennnc.ntcd lb ihe ? liiraito piatfoim. A motion to ami ml this leanluitnn by iti.iimg tli.it if be cat.i.ot do mi it s bis dut> to resign," wu* l<<*<t by >eus, 'tt, mtja, M- Some of the delegates did not ViHo u I'Ci tli ,s mot t n the Ilieitli rtso'ulion v. .is tben adopt.id unanimously, lievilutit is i nmplibienturj I i bntor Johnson and Ke pr< rei to lives l.ibirnJjre, Cmw and Kivis, au.l Go vi rtjur Ilicks were tbeu adopted ami ist ihe wildest ektbnala>a. The lirltii.li Sehooner (lulchstep. Bowrov, Feb 22, 1M1. The B*;t': h ?cht* r.'-r Quickstep, which wan pick d up aboti ei.i-ii a*, ton by the il?hm< rchnoner Ada, and btoogh'to this port, wss pumped out yesterday, when tLe i.uriios of four deed -e.uricn wore fouu 1 in the c.sbin. It i.? huppi wed Uut tbc mel wax struck by a squall, aad that before tbc m< n could reach th? deck they were uiowned. The Qiiirkaiop wan liotiud from New York to St. Jehu, N. U. The Batten Commnn l.'ouwell?Ci ntnrr of Hun. Charles Samni r, Boston, Feb. 22,1MI. Ihe Common Council of this r.l'y last evening parsed r< solutions, by a large majority, censuring Hon Ctwles S ninei f.?r bis rmiu. ks in tbe Senate of Iho United Kt?n ?. ri 'aMec re ihe ngners nf ihe petitii'U lor the pas sBKe or tbe Ci ltlcnikn comprooiute resolutions. ITn ilronil Commnnleallitn at Albany. lilt if**, IM. M, INI Travel aon+? tbo rirr-r at this i>oiu :a still impeded. There is t.? cro--lng (it either toe Vmitrl or dudson Kiver h?l inao terries. A low of the more rtnturewM lis to been cussing on n loot p auk a mile below, but It ifuri CL ?afe Al1 pa1 M'i irerr going mil commit from thf Wwl Rn via lertv ovir tne Hudson Kiver ltailroad, ?S the only tafe ?ne eruditions route at present. Hud ? n:. Uiv?i i.atlro.td p. s?e. gur* are lauded in tbe Union (i f?? Troj and tike tlieiVnerilcaii at the Situ- pia.-e, caiinii'g t.O interruption m t'livel nor subi ttioK Ui>ua to ji t iiiCi't v?: icuee trail.' in bo'.b thi' H'vis on iiiver und Vms Y' rk central runds are nrrivin'.' .iud iiepHrt-ng from Tiov pi 'itip'ly. ^rriJ S 'iuev.Lj have been nm1e iiy t'ui b'le'H I Hivet and Ymk Cietitr.il io>ui? to send bu<.b r siw vt 1 \r d wi-'?rar'' brand fre^bis directly tbrougb via 1ri y Witbout transhipment. Noulbtin Urtan Ntramrr Movements. 8.n ii, Feb. *i, IsAl. 'iliicie.,chip Montprmery from New tro?k, arnved be i ut i"U o'ci ek t iIh twirlligg, tlfarkrta. PlllbAI>EI.I,UlA STOCK HOARD. IIOMIiSl.PlIU, 1 eh. 22, 1M1. .-U'kii dnll. 1'enns.itania State 6'?, Kuaiiing K'?'lo .'l, 21.Vt, Worm Canal, A1 S I/'OR IsUiel Kailron'I. T'rieiuviMiri* Railroad, :I9J<(' Bight exchange on New Yo,k, par s l ltl dWcoun* . Uaitimosk, Feb. 22, lHOt. ? ur Urii' B' vv inl -tr?< t and Ohio at |v 37>4. Wheat i-t .ily: r?d. )1 36n$l HI. white |1 4i a $1 <Virn 'i Hi *?i^ow do.- a niv- : white, SAc a flic Prneisions f-f'thfy with oecbarged rales. Coflee quiet at 12t4o. a lis-. VMii-k.t'y 1I11 i at I7)fe. a 17\n. At'otlVs, Fob 21 1M1. t'ottct*?i^'i-s lo dij 700 bales, tuil <'.isi?r. Onasi * in, Feb 21, 1M1. ?^M(ki_ ^aUs of the week, t?,UW t>al.s, ;e eipia do., I-', flTC tj'e*. lite mafIret cloce 1 with n decline 01' '?c. imtjiMtirm*. Feh .'2 Inni 1-HMII s'caiiy at ?.Va |6 2^ Tor Mptrflo*. whjat Ural: white >1 :u.? fi 4&.ie<i.$i a $1 M. Oinu <*n*djr: nrw >?;:< w :>i M.-.. ?? rto. OwTee hrm: i*to, 12W^. a l.'tt-,*'. Wltskey 1 till at 17?. a 1m-. Inpttsir liiuii-t'liauibi r?. Hstore Hon Judge I.i-onard. Fss 31,?Ot#t< fF. Hriuk (\H<t nt*?ri ?>. Mut Up ?lb? order of arrest mut' be rw itcd. /?. itu m.v.r nf t)ut tlii rt? (\r-? t tf n&i k PeiL ?Th* wilt Udi." 1ii,r> eil. 5<i?<l'iC X. Uiiut i't. th* V,ii,t,r <fe.., nmt >h*. CMth W<tt Itrarr - I'be dccltion in XlSadWSM va. haick Is control i?tig Mi ihe niain qne?Lten. Oh the iiuestsw of set oir '111- -in pnonpie en wblcb ihnliijam oon e*n bi> main mined Motion to c iitlnue tb.i injunction Is deniod; flu costs, to sblns lht eveut. THE HEW YOR& WEEKLY UEitilJ*. Tli* Presidential Progreaa?Krcepllon ot the Prrtldrat Klrct ?? the St*U lapl tal and In New York Vlty-Hii l>epar ,ure un(l lieeeptlon In Phllndelphla unit Along Ihr KoaCt-8pee?h 1* ???? i/lo liult of iBdfptndiBir-Proceeding, of t'?a^r-,(-Th? stoulhrrn Confederacy ?'thr Lutrat Bewi-MarKcte, A*. Ihe Wukli IUkaiI' lor the present woek, will be ready thin morning at flovm o'clock. Among us >n tent* will bo louii.t ?in interesting account of the Journey of the President Meet to Washington?Tue lie cept ion at UieBUtt Capital and m Jfew Vork ? ity Th-' Addrctwra of Wilcome and the Replies of Mr. Llnaoln? 11a Interviews with Lad lea, Merchant*. l'oli.iciaua, Dowery boys and Volunteer HoWlieri?liepirt'ire t'rjm New Yort and Iteeeptiou in New Jerteyaud Philadelphia; lmportiu.t Spot ch of Mr. l.iuonln in the old 11 ul ot Inde pendence, A. The Latent Intelligence from W.i.h'ugtou id regard to tDe present Condition of the Country; Ke j port of the ITbOMdU'ga of Congress; Tin- Doings in the I 1'cace CongreM; Important Proceeding* lu tlia Congress i of the Southern Corfedtracy; l'roceeaiu*s of the New York legislature; The Latent News received by Tele , graph or otherwise, Kditonals on the 1'roiaiiieut hveuts of tho Lay; Iteporta of the Money, Provision and Cuttle , Mark, is; Marriages aud Death# lor the woeli, aud ad in terebtirg news matters of the preceding week ^inRio copies, in wrappers, can be had at the couuter of the ortoe, corner of Fulton aud Nassau streets. l'rico s; ? ccnta. _ Tike Morrill Tariff?The Proposed Vntici on 8Im1? TO THK KIHTOH OK THE HKKALll. Tho beau tea of the Morrill Uritl aro delightfully ill us trated in the proposed duty on steel, about whk-h Hie republican oigausuro quajrolling, ouo assuming on the Iiuvih of homo valuation that the increase ou present duty is from 61 to '.41 per cent; while the other ou the basis ol foreign valuation or invol.o coet domes that the inert-use u. more thau from Zi>? to all l*r cent. They need not have quarrelled about it, for either state ment is bad euoigti to consign the bill to perdLion. The simple facts of the case a. e these ?l'h>; bill, as originally drawn, conl lined a clause which would aimit tho duty on Steel b-'Uig levied at u home valuation Tui> b? u*g pointed out, the senate committee donned the clause u> o-,e-n" in voice" (orfortdgu) valuation. See ci.iuteaa of ?onaie mil. The memis of this inc isure liaec the lace to dutend this enormoui increase of duty, whim, by t a-ir own fhowing, nearly quadruples the prosoal duty on the low grade ot Uoimaii sui I, embracing wm? of tho m -t uteiul kinds, such as plough, couch spring, lire, ale.gh nnd In rf'h>.i i d<?I, and about doubles it on Uibie k.jde hoe, i?'K ui-1 mavhin-'ry steel, a .id so on o otbe> kinda, ?s a ? 'ane.i at tho Uble in tho Irii.uiv W,U bhow. And the whole country is to be taxed to this cituit to r.*ter a m.nulactuie con ft in its Infancy, at least so far as I lie be it to ,!i i * concetnel.tor it appi-ars that the table o; the run i i? mate* Is1 lt ad<*? wi'h nietoomls r.ow nllp?rls o' ihe coiii.ti) , t-igUHil t>> ait the lure edgi tool iu >kerB, | indis'iun usau.t>i ?nv a i?ance in the dmjr, ami deny u g il.Hl Ihe b m M'ikI,tie's ol ? eel a.e or can oe ma Sj U'"' Wit lilt t'", l?-t twenty yeats fortune alter I ?rt un?? has been M" ni-in win aitrMipf Ui m'li" I'Wt iilgeti o! I ntei I I.- i < w i*ngl< d proceasea,all of which hive bi ti.i l ' I tailed '..nil to this day t mlins lUnl the other gr- at u<e nak. i.i " ire not use the Aw ricnr orHcln, whil- t)n- nv w ;Jtr.11 i'ioiK?-e>. to nearly douti'e th*' ontv on exlia a^'* Pie. I an ai tide n t mole ?n tl.in country at all It is wkIi sMiertaioe.1 that nothing but Hie <11 m< thoi and the Swedish iron will ?nsw?-r for Deft axe nun *dg? tool sti'et, neither id wlnob ure nse<l l>> our ftoel m.ikfra ui.naer ee, then, to U,x so heavily an article o'" stieh lnd|. pei wiloe I.eee^ity to our o*u nei lMUie? whltbdiaM u.x i*>me Into cmipetitlor. with any Ame<-tc?u inauuucture. . Cuii aij\ d. i: >e ot stupidity ex eed thn ou the part of tue 1 advisera ai d frainers n this clause of this IiuiirI^k mil. IVaval lnfi'lllgrnre. j i r, mmander i sni iel I- Ha-^aid ot Hi" s'e tm gunboat piH iil.i UtHS havu.k 1 eon C UU. wneil oy a medical survey , will relutri lo the l in <1-tan-. I. el. An x. Muriay , Kxecitiv.' irtl.cer of tho Ctitnberl>nd, lit- Ixen trans ferred to the cotnniHiid of the Pisi'bO"tas. I 'Ihe I'nlted suites ahip Dale, wlinn leake 1 so as to nil and sink tit I'ertsinou'li, his loenru'-el l*v imnu-t ol 1 Discing ? mply caoks undei her. aud boviot Ivjen o .uo*- I !ir\ i'? lies at ber Moorings as u?ual. Ibe l'<Ue bis i one? l>e. n r?zi ?'?, and w, lien ex'imi >eo reoeatly it *ras I reeotnmnie.eil that 000 bo appropriated to rupur and 1 improve her. Drawtntu of the Welawa.e MaU l?ot. 1 tcrin .\o?.l , LDin 4 CO., Mana?^i> ol tlm ! t.a^w?RK Ktsrti'kT *an Miasm)1I'U'K'k>" i Dl.tiiw4Mk--t.xTiia Clam Mi. r> b. ll. lSOl. i 73. bit, 27, 67, 15, 30, 3H, 7+, ?1?, ?>*, b5, 1. 1/mjHiiBii - Hi, Feb JK?, Irdil i 62, 70, 18, 4!?, ti'i, 5,1. 12, 41, li>, 61, is'jyriiiar* contAininc with fuJ< par icui?*n, mrv\ of cliAi kc by mi?lrHlbfr to VMK lK Kl)U\ A OU. WlimlnnViti Or to WOCI>, K1>DV * ?'0., nt b^uw, Ml sourL Urawmgi of H. Franrr Co.'a Dtln ware Lett I j;oc^rr?40, Ket. '11, 1M61 C4i, 71, 72. JO, 3?, 44, 2o, ?, 25, ?;?. I'J, .>1, ;'oS!ioi.io*ikd Ia?rii'R\?i iashIA, b 'Ski. 66, 35, t2, 20, 3t>, 47, 6^. '9, Lr>, 20, til, 43. Cirrulars ?-D? tirm ol chance by Wlloongloo, Delawars. American Jn?tltntr? .... Fakmi Otti, Feb. is. lK>i > our con nilttee apt olnt <1 to punUiine i ml t US' PATKXT ,^iott -1 Cat we lK-lleT. u?' ,?cub*reo,,?lnictlonof till "' hroiiiiiK .old- much 1o tlielr ?UviiRlh and durabill'y, and i art a deeiued iniptovenimit rWnid, ?vli.ldAM ?. tVthr'fcNThK. . K SOLoK HOBINSHN. . I oratnittce. KiiU Aidi i?orn.nr\'. i Towvr?- I'atint Hiiooa. warranied to outwear twn > rdi ,:,,Xn' Maiiiilatwuid by U. M. Mini, W Mai.l u lane, New t "k (it nrnl Dmbilnwn, folonel flock, .tf*- j j,,r MardMlu t.a .. . nam ?ia*o aud r?J othera fhotograplivd ; yi stemay t>y MoLwLb Vi. oro.dway. Iliook.yn Art-l'hot?.?rMpntc.?t h:ia. II. V d 1W1. rullOft opp(NMt i runtoi .. I iMtlea* Balmoralt for C\>l?t Went her, wlu.i iHin nnd lid kid .Mips and Uniou* tor bails and par j tM, ai * i.O. h, .^7 t ..nal atreet. Ktrlnway fton'a Ovrmtrnag Grand and aqtiarr i lanoe ai.'Uo* eonxiilerrd Ih- !>??? mauufai^ | tur. d; ate ?air*nied loi li?e yeaia. War. roouw, li. and M . W alkf r otuwt. _ Wheeler 4 Wtlium'a Improved Sewing | tla4:bin> ? tt rnluti d piicea. OOici- M ?> BuwdMay. Tbi ^ We hater Hewing Mnchlnca 1 may to* U bad fee %!*\ at Mm Broadway.^ Uhm ri? ??? Refreah the Inner Man mh#n tou are In ihe Tbinltj of Cuatom Mt?ae? Why al I i?ew Kr* neb KeatifcUfHiit, 13 Mrc^d ofipoiitic | the botidi d ? arehou**' ! vth* nre the People >11 Floefclng to . lioV h c . rro d met, oppoi.ui tu. boi.d.-d *arehuu*ea! ])<cau< .l.e & - ai they art lor and more u?. J. Jmy \ lllera, D?-ntlat, IV# Grand atre?t-ne'h extiaet d wilbout pain by ? i ew pro.*w<. Hrautitul teeth luacrted, 91. Illll'a Halt "> *? Ml centa, lilark or bro*n Dep. ' M* I b?ueiay aUcet l*old by aU dmggiata. Arctic Olntoum. llntehelor'a Hall Dye?Ueltahle. Hariu I. .k and ll Maoli.ni.'i.s biack or luo>*n Kaciory, HI HareUy M?,t i-Mdnnd at plied ?l tfatt HfcL-lk'.s #.? K.etory, Id Hood i>lreet> K.wl) Intiauu Uign and Toupeea AIm, i r,'r lirewrilng and taiiUilty.nu lie ha.r' Va.i'a. unohyV. A B % mi r.LO/*, lb Bond atreet Crlatadorw'* Lair !>>??, Wig*. Toupee*? The be.t in ihe wotid ?? holew.l* and retail anil the Dye privately appi ?u, N-. <? A "tor Houne Tin-aea.?flurali A. to."a Mudleal Cnre Truar. No. 2 Veoey itre.et (Astor tlovae), opjx.idlcthechurch. ( ampbtll, ChrmUt nnd Ijwthecarf, aootb*aat?ort.. rof ?"lghili avenue and T? eniy eightb airew, Hew Voik. kedUan.^ warranted alnctly pum 1 li> Indian nnd Iterh Ooetor from Cnna ila ? I CeMT'l*- oirti.jes and ttll lila pitient* the nature of then e n.|.i? ut 'i H nea? ?itli"i?i any .nturmaiiou trom Ibam isu ehai ae i r ei.nanltailon or advice. OBiee Wl Broadway, wiUiui h a m. .u.ea' walk of the Klfta Afenoa Hotel. MlMELIiANROtN. ^ DTBRTlh EMfcjrTH KOR THK MILLION. TUh 8CM HIIILLiNO HYHI B.M. Th? Naw J <>rll M' N, aa tha na tiral ortan of lab " and ?"> p'o>m> tit Id tliH rltj , wlih a Tlaar ?? fm fliuu- iv?mi?at,l<* lo't wl?rtr llw fni^n>|r)r>K slid >*t*>r1ng rilMii, ? ? ortweau captlai >t.ii 111 .u. r?, a ill nonliniMi i.i admit >UK rMALLinT Ai>VKKi ISKMBMTH Al' uMS mifLLINO A UJ?K. and u.jMwl'yiijg u&? lUw? ?dvo^ti^? rocuUi undo: ?p(.r' |<iut* bxili, w to rtimt Mjilinl wantrd la 'tfi? Imai-?** utabHahad rttjr eirc*la!ion. bally averag" ior ilk* M.17* Imtw aw-r.g- for l?V . IimI') af**i ml* " "**' vl,.*i AH OK10IA4L ? u?K ON HEKVOV4 UKHIL.1TY ? ntloih'r aWotUmaof Importwiva to ihf ?if? i,f (j |? liammoixl. M. !?.. fnrm-rijr yroyworW umumuj. Me , In tka t yr*-<?- I . ollaf* fC*w Trtk. 'It Hammond? bonk It a . bar i.?u?> a i*?nlD? Kpxb Ih* Naw Vor* Moma .low. ul. ?lir?ra -.nonl laid il.wn Inthl* b ?k U rum rn tirrly origin* ?inJ fwrfactly icllablo in Mmwt?nt hand*. I Miffl UODKKKK, buokaallair, No, (til Hv ivlway Atniior'f addra??, ??>. llin ftroadway, corner ifon.l atrr*>l, tip atalra. ACMtTAIH CURE FOR PlLBt. ir TOU ARK trouh'd with oiUrnal or InUmal plica, tiae Dr. .r? nwr a I iir suvixiali.iT/ it la ? retain cur* Kaiaranc* H??rn Ui the tno-t mpertabia |?r?on* In iki? ttty, ?Vi aere uira4 by Ik A?' ?rj 1M Bwwtry. msrnr r.-"iro'? AT,. it r\*kp*p ?:f>ni?akv7 * *<?rw.rt to !**.* !? ,: ak ;*1 feur lay, ?'! ? Cthf* *<*l 5* *rt* 1 act * d v-s ?' .".j; le.^-d- -I .4 rvn<r*r*1 ???>? I'm*. p?'" ??"w? *" ?*<? *? >?*?* ???< pl?*?l '? ??? ?'?*? ***"?? *'**VxEHr C-*?-i iM '??! At it ? -pot ULE oOI.w. >'ai'Oi.toO^ Mr Sol-. JONES . So- :? tod 12 jiuu ?"rte1 ?tie ? A 1 ' a X kJ T OIMBI>Kr>S? ?'. r>? KB- ? tiw?v v 'Tj-rn j Uia bi auli/ully i u! and t Uiu/'rt fO llo'e aT WM I'. fcKl>*l T/B WIJ'K--'C?R*i# A and Emrlopeaol lhn ;?w?r ayje<? 1W l" il?? New Wk. I'maaliahed IH16 "IJAHTUMT * ISO.. M.KOI.K M iM I O TI .tRI.S > ? J) all sewing machinr*. ti*i<niAM CI ii.- ui.var. romw Ciul UrMl. ?cw \ ork CIORNH, BrKI'l.Sk. INSERTED KaILS, * M.AK?*? ) Joint* and all inaeaaeao# Ih* V?M I'Urmi, vr.tboat |)Hi or iMonvrnirnoe to in* tutiiont by Or /4- lURiK, wirKtW I'hlropndlat, 7?*i ?y Kef era t? ph?atiil*'.t? anil aiir gr< n? of lb.-city ?TV ?or W AM Y, UlsK.??.M OX Ml HI ACHES "? l.t If you wouid hove them i.ud th?7 wo?'l tw? natu rally you must u?- iuy I r pumt, fe tab'l aed '1&J1. whtcii v 111 <orcw ibrin lu Ritiw lu ?ix iveekH freuv tin- iir-1 aopi:ca liun. and wili uol main or injure the akin 14'an/ way ri".nu >1, w-til by mat' | o-.l<ii,e free, anywhrro R. Ii. GKaIIaM, li? .saasaii afreet. rtrw \nrfc. /unaco a AMERICAN AOKNOV a>d mathkq \.T I'.rv nih. American pnp. ra kept on tile. No. it* Utiaud, Lontlnn Iw . ('. i rUAM) CHaSGK OF I.OCATK > ?< IiAHKR. T VH/iR U "i 116 * lillani i-lnrt. will r? move next dc?.r on |U?* I at nt Ma-oh. In mi- miaii ilmr ttrtrw .^ruxril w>il l>- -..!?< <t ?n until ?r<1 of unTlfi"-. *IH ??TerC'>?trt. #1."; IV: Hu-iuom I'oal*, Hi; ..11 \ . mm C'UAHKK.IIO Will am ?? -e?*i II" JlkS KOK lllli 1N1H HTKI irg IN THE HARDEN :-TA'iE Of THE WEiT. TnF ILIJXOU i rSTHfi, RAILROAD COEEAJCE ha. k rOK hale I,*IU,M<?I acres w? *1* H l ARMlNO IJiVU t, Us TRACTS CF FOKTT ACRES AND nPHABD. ON I.ONG I HKJ>TT AM> \T LOVT PSICBE. MKl JIAMCS. KAR.V; Jib Ah'V WOREIVO SKS. ?\li?- aUeull' ii nl ii.* vnu-rpriwnK and liidiintHoui pvrujo n# 111.- u'n.aiuni } la ilin^ud i? 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It'll I. .ii 11 will. ii| i'urt tni-niy mlDlo'iiof Le-ipl< . I-.xh'l 1 aM.I bOl'l HEkN MARKETS. Ili-n* land'- an- r mlUuoua to a ruilnoarf wvi'n hu: dratf rai.it. in UiiuUi, wLit'll ocuiii-?n? witli mbei n-adn auil navl j'mJ.'h LiI.c? iwl ri\mn, iliiinalfnrdliig nn iml>rok.en commuui talit'ii wiili flit- i unlet n and Sntulrm m..rlu-n. AlTUCArlON CK CAPITAL. 'I linn '?r i' il MkI Mi.d labi.r Lave bp?n iipiiHi'rt t > fleTolnpltH tin-foil; ib<-if-miillren in ihp Mfitf In roil ami Iron ar? .i ii.iifl null teli- d. Tlip tnviirlnril> rule ifiat the mertanlr arta l.onr.nli bi pi w In ri tied ir.d 1 nrl are ruca|M>iti. wlllfollow ai an rati! .1*} In illln. in, ami In the courw i>f lite i:rj( ten ?ti.ihllir na.tual iawhaLd nrci 'u-itics of '.I'.e I'aar w.irram il.r b' iit f O at hi li*apl tlvr Imndi'M llioiihaJri peopia * HI b? < t fa^'i'J in il?-Stale of ll.iri"l* in lli? varti 'i? a*ai?u:acturltm iiBpliivmutito KAII ROAD IIST1M OF ILLINOIS. Ort-r I) i?l jirlvali' rapl' ?i li??e bi ?B <'tp>'nd?<d on Co til n ml tyateuol 111 Inula ln?nuucb aa ,<arl uf tin' in i-onie Imm wicr?! of thaat" work*, with a vvuabli* pnbue I i.ud Ii. hut!*, gi-va I > dlbiit lah ibi''' la IP i'i|?'/i*?'N me U ait li(il.t. i*i.u tuuel, coll t'lpienlij, t-very day dPertaae. Thr ?l ?1K I)KM "he Maip ib lit m ..l/ly >10,ltlV, ii.| l? and ?T|thin thr I??l lh'i< via p Iibk l-n-ii t dui'ml ?i.;?.i'.i Mi; A); aod w i- may n? annaliM i'xi?vt ibai in I'n yi-a.? It wli. wc ime eiiinci. Pl.l. K.\T PoPbl^TlOJH 'I It- lair la ixjmlly filling up with pop'Katjon Hfri.OW p?r kOLn l..i\ iiiji Ix.rti aodetl aimr Infib, uiukinti tue prenaul pupu l.itl ii :,7l9,'i>i>-a lam.i'i Ui2 per cent in ii-n vais aQ-ICULTi R ?a> PKIiIM'OTS. Ihr ai(rlcultnial prndtina nf Mini m ?ti' griper than thoa* nl an*, flii' r Male. Ihr ii'odnctH arnt nut dining tha p?al year iietriM i,iH),l?-ti tout. ih? ?In a', t inp- ImoU ap prt-atb. a M>otliUiH iiuahela, wl.ile the Cirti cr .p yields not lets iImi )4l>.iA4l.llAi bu^beiH. Il l iti-ITY OK SOIU Ni. w her'mn the u.dnt.tr i n- laiiiti-r Htura a-ich ltnm?'UUi raaiiila l? r h'a late r m ii|?.n the?- i rairii* *>.tla. hetod rimp ?d n' uderp rinU Iimui, tbe fvrtldty ol abr i ii un?ur pam-od b ai.v on ia< ei' be. iO A< I I'Ai. CI LT1VATOR.H ('im i l.?"< Ihi'ti.i' | aijy bale old l,M) lAMi v ????. Th^y aall out to actual i uliiruti rr, and et ciy c n1 rnrt rrtntaina an bLi? n.ii nl ti enllirati lite r>.ad baa k'? ti c. n?ttncu-A t lObKl' ih> "e I.Hid, at hu < lima- of $."*i,l?/ii,t?ll. In [HM th? p uulatii nol the loiiy i u.e ? (mniiea ibioiiKt Ai,ii.h it paaona ^ t.s oi iy Mis. aiuw whicb 47'.' a?? hate i c?o mlV., makiac Uir w holi p. Vo!?ll"t. Hi I. '"I a Con of Itu r i- nl. t;\IPEM't ^ " K "KOHPKhli V. Ah an r on 11 .f i be t^i |ft of ti^n penple, R may b? atated 11m HIM I' lona uf Iruntil ir?Mdiii<; Hm* b-tabala nf kia u , ml '^M',14.0 barrels Ol Hour, were lurauA'ded over me Unc laai yt nr. I-DI'CATIOV. Mfthiciica and w- rklrgni. u wnl Hod the f-.-c acbnol ifn tern to i inapeo liy ilia .'-lute and eiido ^'itd th a largn reva tu? litT the >up|??rl nf wIm I*. I t i tr rbilcwtl can Ilea IK M).'hi uf ihr i btueh aa<! achoolhonse, and gr>* up with the pti Kperitv i f the I. ading .-tale in ihi (liwit Wraiarn Ltnnlre. i'hJ: fc.- AM> 1?RMS of I A> MStM'. Tba i neea nf ti i>e Ihiii)* larv irorn $6 In ft? p*r acre, ac j eninlnit lo 1 ianor, H' alttT Ac ?ir-to im fanntng I nda i?ll f ol ui rut $li) nr )IJ per arr?: an I the ralawvr e>p< nmn of I aobduiuK 1'iali'tr Una, .<? c-iiiipaiia' flih wimhI land, ta in the ri-llool one io tee In favor if tl.e i'o?mer. 'iheieraij.il aale iol tiie I nil <>f there lend- will tie ONE It-Alt ' IMMCE^T If ADVANCK, at ?li |*i cut per aw nnt. and *lx Internet invs at di per i fi i ', j. yaliie rteja" ively ill one two. Hue. . four, ! v* and t alv > ? ai a fn.iu oa'e oi aale; and lour n^Ua for prlnilpal, , p yal le in u.ur live n? andaevrii yean, from date of ?.airj i tin ? < iitturi rtipnla<lti|i iliat one le. ib of iin tract pun sawd ?h. ll Ii'Ie: rtd i.rd i i. ti-nnd. iwl. Mideiery year for flva jiar> lionitli. cat. of nale to bat a< th > i.'l ut five jeara Otie h? I el an b ? 'e red Hi d titid-r inUivallon T?rMV I KK CENT Will His DkMVTED from the valuatK-n Ur rasL, exrepi ihc aame 'hot'lu be at UK di I ..i- L? r vie, wl en the iaeb prl?- all! lie live, dol am P> n.| hle'r. Iir tl| tlve nt 'be iauda ??.?11, cltoiate. prodne lb i i j i'ce? nt d tc m> of pa. meLt, can be bad on applica tion Hi J. W. FOSTER, Land Commla>uioer. IlUi.ola l.en'.ral Kniiioad, Chi?v^o, IlllnoUL >or llir ti tries nf (lie tow n*, v;ila(fe? ai i i i'iea -'Iiia'ed fli Ii Ihr jilinma Cent al f.ul.o d, ate patf a 18b, ll*l, liW Aa piemr'a Kailwi.jr Imide. HAK1KR * hiidl llf liK, trai.k.ki ^pun-, Npw \ crk, f-iil>|t.-!? itiin amy Till l IIII.UM..VH BIBLR I'lCIURE *??OK. !llii?'ra'ed alih I I qjravinpi t quart. 4to, muslin mil, iA icu'j. hfing the limrtli of the rtnuo ? ?...> t n ri hr hook? h iu?'P tin. al<< ill t'U | ????? i'h<U, bi <?l|'ully printed o? iinn <1 pm 11 i fi,i>t In. luil v l'|i ii.any r nr,T \??ng b .und la n ? - 'In j ilt, "."mn> ? ; er voit.uic; or tin* af(ic? complete, in neat caae, |irl?? b ni b> n?i., |).i.i?^i* frta, ot receipt uf price. 711K IH11.D' hS'r WMl.lTiI'l.lI RK BOOK lllr.alraU*! b>-itvbtt KiijiMvln^i, (toni dcsiiinii bf h!*'?le, ixubnt, \'t-k, .?cbiioi r, Ae. TIIK ( IIILDiVNf I'll Tl XK PAB1.K ROCK 4'anliiia. UiD < iI.l I'i i.?ltl-i and illy iib.ri, WJlii Mny lliiutm 11. ns i> T airlo n rt . Ir. THK < HII DRKN'R PICTT'KK ROOK OK BIRDS nio? liuUtl mill xlily onr cr?'mllin?, by W. Har?ty. TIIK dlILDHKM'8 Ml ll'hfc BOOK. ol* y( AIWI'RDW und rlln'r Xmtiriml a. IHu-iiatej wiui mi) o^e l.ngiav lue>, by ft. liaivay. IiicxIia-atlMy i utertaiain* and n?*fiil Wf like thii rla#? of child * i.ih k a ?btid n*?er ti"d of J>< kinsat and bi-ar it.U ntx.ut .tLiDialH ? HnltlBiniK Chrl.-tliui Ad\oc?ie. Ilicae fii w bor-ka tor "children" aieaaiona the mo?t ?t lia. tm ol tlieir i\a>? on r.lber alee of the Atlantic ? Prorl di ?i'?- I'reaa Beautiful of J?*?nll? lttcr?t?re, Intefnlly h. uud and lilnimN and |ir iiU?1 no ilnn-d paj,rr In lanfeeear itpi.Mi iu#.Liablr, id rhml'ii'd lira', siecond, and u.term* liiH'c, ? Fnbafc F.ipn-iw fbl* (lb?- Children ? picture B?"ik of Blidn It :ilt< gr-ber a* I.i< a a pre?ct!l:illi.n bock ioi chi.dreti w :ir.) we Hare aver wr-ti.?Ohiitrbmar. ON HKA COaHT DKt'kNI'K c. naiatir*i f H-aCoa*t ?ortltl.alloas the llflrtn IncM ?,?n anil taeeni-iie K mill a-ui > ? By Major.I HA1 NaKU, L'. H. t'ort??of Kn^nnert. IlluaUaitd Ore volume IN-o, ib.th (I ."m Thia iluy jMibllaliiHi. bent free by mall oil r? " lit of i>rlri?. I'. VAN novtKaM), Publ -h-r, Mr: Hrn<t? ay. N-?r nor*. SToi>aKi PIA90H. OMvANU, Syl'AHi: ANI? PIOCOLO. Tb? b.'?t manufarlun-d ?'?rn.omi, 6<if> Br .?d?ay CTARTMNO R*\ RLiriONd Of \ lil .oili S..IM iT* dlr ? llw i I'l'Kli.K of ti. morrow will rjo aiti full >?r lM'Ula-a?f ib>* "?/!?<? Im liar" jrwolry in .v?nvnl, Kl a 'h? nam* a of th<?* i-n^imi'd In n, At*, i?aw?r- .j1 hum tanM. CONbl MrriVK ^ KIUkNU. COIOHK, COL08, Ka?IN(4 SLOOP. PAIN IN HIDK ANr~BREAfT. MC. Ihxap <?d dn.ifar . omplainla a"< m wl p. rtalnly oiir*d by M v A l l' b ru m?.nic ha.- .m The Pul???ii. H lun <a dnUy cuilutf thi aoral oa eaof t!ir**^ o.?ii?aiiiU _ It ciirrd Mr. J. II .odam <i( i?io in ihr ?d<l*. br*MX. ?n4 anltlln* i" bloo., ?f?*> be b d two altlcl.d for inf u4 aa* '?diiced to tha la?t "Ian** "I weaklier, and rotiaidrrr# b?T"fid 'It' ir?hi,f m-dl-ltf Yr In ? 'ifllw i* at IU P.lltalir'k ?irr?C He I* now In lha enjoymeat ui ynrfaol b^,h,k. aflllrlrd rail and KTf him. Drpr.l 7*4 (iraod I 75 reula p?t bollle. V'KNK only ai'.y rAJJ. WHO V:h HOH.hKh.-I)K TOMIAM Ion Ilorar I In ma-l. In pint Wilaa, prlra iiuiy in t trnta. I? wan an tad ci-apai aud ngnlf Vnan any ?rtfolx In ?lio niarkr', for Ii?b etiia ot ruia, *afl?, lamcmtai or nil kicda. colic, Ac . Ac, llila la Bo hun.buf ariicia. \rj a botUc, li wtll ?l??? for !!?#! . I'rpot, 661'ortlattd* itrnt, Srw f.nk. Ynui II ANT BOOK FOR ACTTVF .JEKMOF^ ? or Uia u?f of \ otu'il' o a m the r laU. rowmw ORO\NIZA1MN or aN ,\KMV CORK TIIK HfcUhi IT. TIIK COMPANY TUR KKOIMKNT. THR I AMr. THK MARCH liAriONb ANO MOi'E OK CoOKINU THRM KIRU> rOHTIPItJATlON AKTILI.Ml -IUP?KKfcNT KINO^ AND C?E* MaNl'AI. f< R M?l( MTaIi* nomrll/.tMa MANl'Al. ?UK MKAVV A4TIU.tR. AM MI N11 ION. ^ . I har? read with *rra ?alliKamki? I he adranca ?>*ti of ?h?- "Hand Bm.k for Aallar Mrrlaa ? a praeuaai w?rk nf tbla dcarnpilon ? gr< ?i|y ncadad, and will l?t- |. rued oy Ita aoidlart ontni'rHnc <>or/nUM? I broach'>ut the Smc MaKMUU. L>;lTI.R.?, fohrncl Karanih r?gt,. M. T. 1 voL l'!olK 91 Will ba puMUbad III ? l*m day*. D. VAN NOHlRAf?D, rnb'iahar, l? BnMdway. NawTorb. ?JO /WUI VOM MK< Of* t'lloicl, HARK AND \ 4 OO.VUv luabla lm\ r cd Hooka, lq all d*partaaa?la .?f literature, for ?ale b? M ROt'T.iN t Co K Watb?r Mtut, i'rKM ?o wi itUcm

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