10 Mart 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

10 Mart 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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Veriteblr HUUrjr of Ah*ia?**lm's fUf" trmwm Uarrlikarg w WukluMi | ?*? Thr Hall Splitter's RaUnM BMl< Abe U?ook> wm a cittsea Of credit end rwon, A fbmous politician he (K famous SpriufQeUl Iowa. Abe Lincoln'? friends said lo him, '<JM, Hecied though you're bee* 11mm twice three boring moafttt W MM, No holiday you've Men. " Nest Monday to your IkMH day, And we shall then repair Cato the house at Waahingtua, % take Buchanan's chair. " Three colonels and a beery (Uf, Mtiitfc WUt go aloeg?so yoe a net go la glory After me. " He#? ia,e louare captain boM, Vul see us safely through." The morning came, the oars were ta, And in tbim ail vtnm, And such a marry time they iaa4s As on the way they flaw I Cheer* rrom tbe bojs?-ears fro* the gtrls? Were never IMfca so mad; The sUmes did rattle underneath, As If Pprtngfleld were mad. On, on they llew?at every point The people rushed between, Aad Abe came forth to see hlsisilf, And Abe himself be sees. All things went woi!?the ladies bowed, Tbe Wide Awakes all smiled. And eyes wore bright as eyss awsfcs, And Abraham wm beguiled. Abe's whiskers and Abe's Jsunty Air Did quite surprise the fair, And some went wild in eostaoy, And some wont in despair. On west tbe train?the crowd rushed Ml The coming man to stay. And Mayors and Common OouaoU MM Kecelred him on his way. Arrired at llarrisburg at length, A direful tale wm told, Bow plots and counterplots were 1*14 To slay Abe Lincoln bold. At midnight to hie guarded bed A mteseeger stepped slow, Aad told old Unole Abraham A man was down below. "An office seeker, darned!" said Aba, I'plifllog high his head, "Sol" Mid tbe messenger; "amaa Who (.omee with news moat dread." "Show up the man!'' Mid Abrahasa. The atan came out of breath: "Abe Lincoln, President elect, 1 knew thy hour of death!" Abe Lincoln stared, m well he might; The man went on to my A fretful plot wai underway To slay him on his way. "What shall I dof" said Lincoln, wild. "Why, get Into s train? A special train?be sure you doa't Show l'a:e of yours again "Until you get to Washington; And there your truaty crew Will toil you more about this plot Than 1 can now tell you." Tbe messenger, all muffled up, Went straightway out the door; Whl'e Lincoln gazed with tragic look From ceiling down to floor. He called his trusty man at arms, At niidnl&bt snoring yet, And told him to get ready now? His csp ami cloak to get. Tbe man at arms stared Iinoola tfcrMgh, Bettering him quite mad. That he should want at such aa hour In eucb garments to ge clad. "And bring my cword?my trusty IWVd? I wore iu Black Hawk's strife; I'll make a handsaw of the crew Who plot against my life!" The cap wm brought?a SootUsh Cap? A cloak both long aad bUok; Quick c-o his bead the cap wm pot, The clonk put on bis beok. Thus Lincoln sallied forth at dawn, Attended by his squire, And left no one to answer mdke Should my one inquire. Bo like an arrow swift be flew, Shot by an archer strung; And stead of being shot buoaelf, Old Abe but shot along! Away went 1 .incoin In dlsgulM, And sore against his will. Till with his friends at Washington The cars at Ust stood stUL BUI Seward, all surprised to SM His friend in such a trim, Laid down his pipe, flew to the oar*, And thus accosted him "What news! what news! the tidings tell? Make haste and tell me an; 8a? why cap headed you hars eome, Or why you oome at all?" Now Lincoln had a pleasant wit, And lored a timeiy joke. And thus unto Bill Seward's ear In merry stratus he spoke:? "1 come because these cars would OOSM, And if I well forebode My friends and Bob will sooa be here? I left them on the road." BUI Seward, now, right glad to Bad tAl Abe tn merry pin, MWrned him not a single word, But to the house went in; Whence straight he came with hat aad coat? A coat long tailed behind? A hat. like <ireoi?y's. worse for wear, But comely of its kind. He he\d them up, and la his turn Ittll Seward showed hit wit.? "My head is twice m big m yours, They therelors needs must fit. "But let me scrspe the dirt swsy That hangs al>oui your fare; And step and ret, for wail you may Be in a hungry case." "It is inauguration day," Said Abe, "and folks would stare If I should dii.e st Washington And wife should dine ?>Im'where." Whfie Abe and -<cward, bosom friends, Were thus exebatgiog fun. Tbe train dabbed through to Baltimore Like cannon Irom a gun. S.x Wide Awakes upon the soad Thus seclrg it pass by, With one accord ih>y all exolalmed, And all joined tn the cry, "Stop Abe! S op Abe! a runaway.?? Not one of tlicm was mute, So they and ali that |?n? d that way Soon foinod tn the pursuit. But aJ tbe railroad gates agmia Hew o[*n in short spece; The crowd still thinking as before, That Lincoln rode a race. Aud so be did, and won it, too; Vor he got tirst to town. Nor stopped till safe in Waahingtoa The) put htm safely down. Now let us sing I<nng lire the land, And l.incoln, If ng lire he; Anu when ho next does ride s raB May 1 be there to see. Ki t mplary DtakfM Agalut ft Railway CMupkay. COURT or COMMON 1*1.1 AS. Maxtm 7 ?Drew vt. iKe Sirth Avenue Railroad 'This vu an action for tea thousand dollar* datnagee ud coiU# for Usuries suffered by the plaintiff, on the alleged ground of M?llgMMX> on the part of one of the conductors of the cars of that road on tbe 'Jitli of January, 1167. The caae waa tried owe before, the plaintiff being the mother of the boy who waa injured, and britgiug the action In her capacity ae guardian. Judge Daly delivered aa elaborate charge yeeterday. HI* address waa confined mainly ti the queatious of negligence and damagea. He held that If a person made signal* to tbe driver or conductor of a car It wa# their duty to stop it; that If the plain, tiff got on while tbe car waa lo motion, he waa gulltjr of negligence, that he renld not be found guilt) of mMmte in ii' tting on the fore part of the car, unJeaa ho had previously rioden thereon, and had read the public notice warning the public against at tempting aotraoon thereby , lh?t whera negligence ia ma tual or ee-eperatiw, Ihe verdict muat be for the de'an last, and. tia*Uf, that if the Jury were of cptatoa that the uttHgeac* W?e on the part of tbe driver, they hould be il(*ermlard ft estimating the damages by the pain andnuMruff to whieh the plaintiff had beea subjected iiad the fMt<>t>U<ty of its affecting hta future health and ^The^nry rt?der?d a verdict of fg.OOO damages for plaintiff. Mr. Jx>rter for plaintiff, ex Judge fflsasoa for the Railway OfNapany. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Battbdat, March 9?6 P. K. The Inclement weather operated rather onfavor tblj upon buatneaa to-day. Very little vu done in paper, and the money market wag dolL We heard of no transaction* In exchange. The stork market a as doll, hat prices were well maintained, aa a general rule. The commiaaion broker* report that the conaervative attitude of the border Btatet and the general belief that nothing will be done to precipitate the country into a war, are operating favorably upon their business. Or dert to bny atocka are gradually increasing. Bpecu tatora aecm generally to look for an advance In the | moat popular of tho apoonlatlve atocka -inch as 1 New York Central, Erie, *o. Thf beam are dls- I appelated by the non-arrtral of these stock* from I England; the English M* told any shares to apeak of. At this morning's board United BUtea 6's advanced 1%; Tennessee*, %; Haiena, %; Toledo, %; Book Island, %i Harlem %, Ac.; while Central fell off X'< Pa cifle Mail. %; Michigan Southern, }fc Illinois Central, y%. After the board the market was dull. In the afternoon it remained inactive till the close, the following being the last quotations: - Tennes ????. T2V% ? V%< Virginia 6'a, 75% a 76; Missouri 6's, 84% a 66; Canton Company, 13% a 14%; Cum berland Coal preferred, 6 a 8; Pacific Mail Steam ?hip, 03% a %; New York Central, 78 a %; Brie, Sf a %; Hudaon Blw, 44% ? %; Harlem, 15% a %; do. preferred, 38% a 3* Reading, 41% a 48; Michigan Central, 66% a Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 16% a% do. guaranteed,' 36% ? Y%> raoama, 114 ft 115; Illineia Central, 78 ? %; Galena and Chicago, 70% a %; Cleveland and Toledo, 34a %; Chloage and Book Iaiaad, 47% ? %; Chicago, Burlington and Qalaoy, 70 a %; Illinois Central bonds, 93% a 04; United States 6's(1881), coupons, 81% a 08. The business of the Sub-Treasury waa as follows to-day:? Receipt* $266,848 82 ?for customs 121,800 00 Pajmeota.. <60,662 03 Balance 7,684,887 41 By the arrival of the Prince Albert at St. Johns we have dates from London to 26th February. Consols are steady, cotton % a 3-16 higher, bread stuffs and provisions dull. Further intelligence Will probably be found in another column. The exohanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were 818,104,784 17, and the balances 8831,588 41. The following table will compare the exports of the seven principal staple articles for the week:? , 1860 , , 1861 WeekEnding Mch. 7. Amount. Value. Amount Value. Cotton, bale* 6.912 $1*3,617 2,174 $159,076 Flour, bbls 7,812 44,642 66,310 318,908 Cora Meal. 540 2.126 946 3,201 Wheat, busk 5,300 6.967 166,066 223,675 Corn 8,?06 3 1 73 179,562 129,944 Beef, bbls. and tcs... 1,871 M 961 3,601 81,661 Pork 1,209 22411 2,764 44,7* Total ? 8649,496 ? $961,176 Increase of week compared with that of 1860 .. 411,679 The following is a comparative statement of the value of exports from the commencement of the year to March 7:? I860. 1661. Tncreme Decrease. Cotton $2 046 646 4,431,639 1,486,993 ? Flour 697,0X8 2,517,419 1,820 381 ? Corn Meal ... 40,016 41,296 1.280 ? Wh<*t 188,279 2,678 976 2,490 696 Oorti 29 173 1 060,814 1,031,641 Beef 609 200 323,175 ? 286,025 Pork 329,707 252,891 ? 77,016 Total $4,839,100 11,306.108 6,829,911 363,041 Increase as compared with 1860 $6/166,900 At Chicago, on Wednesday, says the Trflwve:? Very little news has transpired in financial circles, and dulnees generally xeems to prevail. The opening of the cuuil gives promise of increasing inquiry for disoounts; but its influence is prospective, and bad little effect, The exchange market lias been stetdy; selling price. 7; buy ing, 6 a OS- If anything, the market is Armor. Gold nominal?buying, 6; selling, 7 per cent. The movement of the banks In the four principal cities of the Union in which weekly reports are made, as shown by their last statements, is as fol lows:? Loan*. D/iwh*. Sperie. Clrrulal'n. N York, March 2 *121,89.1,961 89,??W6 W,?H4W 8,*90 755 Boston. y?roh 4 . ?2,7?S,lUt HMSD 4 7'*.tM.'> 6,:t07 47l Ptilad'pbia, M h4 2&.0H6.M4 I4.fA4.7M r.,C<W,'MS 2X11,491 Ii Orleans, M'cU 2 14,566,364 1Q,6^475 17,MU <m.? 7,945.461 Total $2*4,291,737 USJ18,?42 <1,801,946 15,355,178 Laat W**k 221.MH.M6 146.5M.I13 64 H7?,7M> 24 907.S09 Last year 235,695,141 136,131972 4C,8^9,850 31,109, .1'46 Annexed is the statement of the New Orleans Banks for the week ending March 2:? BarJci. Ismw. Specie. Oirrulatum. DepnrUi. Citizens' $2,678,819 8 T<06,921 2,680 870 4 6^7,735 Oanal 884 206 1 630 411 789 290 1,639,532 1/ouisiana <2 621,130 3,338 619 731,371 4,7421-01 Iou. State.... 3 489,329 3,411,722 1,661,176 ?,563,074 Mech. & TnM. 883,777 1.076,139 296,030 1,054,811 Bank of K. 0.. 1,013,647 1,616,932 564,230 1,366,201 Southern 144,888 774,826 63,416 698,713 Union 1 014,382 762,539 487,220 1,073,158 Merchants'... 482,347 456,247 ?59,360 623,201 Crescent City. 793 511 458,600 167,800 837 426 America 760 >24 748,750 145,100 1072,926 Total >14,660,060 17,580,000 7,946,401 22 698,870 The following table exhibits the respective amount* of exchange held bj the various banks and also the hums doe to distant banks, the latter ijfflig comprised in the' table of deposits, as shown above:? Aan&x. Eretomge. Citizens' >3.440 *22 Qanal 2 '266 ?:? Louisiana 1.806 489 lAuisiana State 1,404 0'.9 Mechanics' and Trailers' 163 .444 Bank ot New Orleans ii48,18S Houthorn f>91,383 Unlcn 424,200 Merchants' 16,7W Ckcsoent City ? America 1,000 Totai ,^>10,601.496 1,532,484 As compared with the statement of the provioua week the results are as follows: ? Increase in short loans. >110,000 Increase in spec I* ."A>,7<i0 Increase .n circulation 045,0(0 Increase in depots 159,r>60 Decrease in exchange 218,18S Incnase in cmtant balances 61 -HI Increase in totai loans 447,147 The following circular has been waited:? Ctav&aan a*t? Toiroo Rjuukmd Oovraav's OvncH,I Cl**ti Asm, Ohio. February lxfil ) The various clsaies of boots which the Cleveland and Toledo Rallrtx. 1 Company are ready to receive t* exchange for their sinking fun J mortgage bonds art as follows, viz ? Junction P-oilread first mortgage first division bonds. Junction Railroad first mortgage second division bonds Junction Rnllroa.1 second mortgage bonds. Junction Railroad income bonds (unsecured). To'.edo, Norwalk end Cleveland first mortgage bonds. Toledo, Norwaik and Cleveland second mortgage bocds. Cleveland aaJl Toledo Income and dividend bends (va rious ist'-aa). The sicking fund mortgage bonds, offered in exchange for the fore go tog bends, are secured upon the main tins of the company's road, subject to about >810,000 only of Toledo, Norwaik and Cleveland first and second mort ?es, and also upon all other property belonging to the veiatd and To'edo Railroad Otspaoy, and als> oy a sinkic:: fund of one per cent per annum of the funded debt of the company, managed by commissioners, into whose t.vnd* the company has already paid about >100,OfO cash for investment. They are made payable in New York city in 1886, and b?ar semi annual interest coupon*- at 7 per cent, payable at the Corn Exchange Bank, New York, in January ana July They are all or the de nomination of >1.000. and are limited to the amount of three and a half millions. Exchanges have be< i. effected to the present time to the amount of considerably over one million of dollars of the various classes, lor whicti the sinking fund mortgage bonds have been issued and are now outstanding. The attention of parties now holding the remalnlne portion of the various classes named above is Invited to the arrangement thus trtor.ied them to take the new mort ae bonds la exchange for the bonds taey now hold, which are worth no more jp the market thiu. the sinking f ind mortgage bonds We wr Mid remark that the absorption of now outstanding bonds of the several issues above named enhances the se curity upon the new bonds, and therefore the value of the bonds themseiv. s? th.it in ;i fi V years theee bonds will be come the first mortgage l<onils upon a property Co-ting tw ice their amount?tbat already these bocd< htvs sold in the No* York mark* t as high as 81 per cent, and that the payment of any portion of the bonded del.t ?IU still more enhance the value of these already favorite securltiss, and rsndcr them very desirable for investment. I*artira wishing to make the exchange may do so by sending theotd bonds in sums of |1,000 to Msssrs. Car penter k Ycimilye. 44 Wai: street. New York, (who WtO issue new bonds and adjust any difference*- of Interest,) or to this office, (at our expense if sent by the United Mates i.xpress.) in either case relying .poo a prompt return of the now bond*. H. C. U-Cli, Treasurer. Stock Kuhsag*. tUrvaoAT, March 0, 1M1. >40C0 U F 6's, HI con M 100 shA NYOsnRR *6 78 V 1000 r Hi's, 1805 .. H0 60 do SlO 78^ 9000 U 8 6's. 74 cou 100 do s27 78* 6000 Treas lap-notoa 108'? 100 do *30 T8S lOOOTsanft s 68.. 70 1<M do o 78^ 0000 Tenn 6 s, 90.. 126 Erie RR aa\ 9000 N Carolina 6's. 79 fiOChi, Bur * Q RR. Tt 6000 mssoi-r; 6's... 04 si roo Harlem RR lt?-j 1000 NY 6's, 74... 106 MO do li\ 1000BrteRR4thrab 86 6 Mich Oen RR.... 67 1000 BrleRRcoiib,'71 65 280 HStNl RR,... 16U 1000 Harlem 1st m b 9f?K 60 do bV) 16s 3000BankMMtftbs 48* ianHHkM KR g s 86 3000 L*kW 1st mbs 0* 60 do sio .16 3000 do 08r.M) III Oen RR scrip.. 80 5000 t K * W Ombs. 307< ?00 do bio T9* 6 sha Bk America.. 106 160 do 79?{ 6 Metropolitan Bk.. 104 100 dd *ao 79^ 110 Oanton Co 14 260 do slO 70'. 160 Pacific M HH Co.. 84* 100 do ,sl6 79^ 160 do 84 V 10? " d0 bl# 19 ? 100 do 84 JOO do e 80 SO do blO "4 100 Galena \ Chic RR 70^ 10 Pel It Bud Cn Oo. 89>{ 60 to 70S 471 N V Oen RR..... 7hv 100 Ciev k Toledo RR not do 78V 601) Ohle k RI RR s30 ATk 100 do aft) 78 f?n do 100 do b.'iO 78*f *J00 do b80 MO <V> Ts>4 Kt) b8? M SICOND HOAKD. ffOOO V 6 6's,'!l eon. ?1J4 160 ?ha Mioh Oea RR. &? \ *000 Missouri 6's... 66* 260 do bSO 6t 1K?0 do 06 it Mil k Miss RR... 11 UMOTecn ra,'SO.. Viy, 62 sixth a? rk uo ?0C0 bio Sm ox TV. 100^ M It 8 k N I gws. 8?V? 6000 Mich si tu Uls S3 M do.. ...s4 3?S' ft eta Imp k Trn Bk 100 100 mOm RK sp.s30 79* 6 l*ncihc M SB Oo.. 83* 300 do....'... 79* ?CD N T Ceu RR 7?* 160 do aSO 79 50 d. 78UOO Ga h Chi RK 600 7 100 do T8* 20 Cleve & Vol RR.. o * 250 do T8 SO Chi & Rk. W RK.. &7:'? LOO Harlem RR.bS# 15'4 60 Chi, Bur k Q RR. 70 100 Har RR pref..bfiO 39 CITY COUUBCIAt RBPORT. Bart soar, March 0?1 P. M. AXHW.-Sn.es 36 hhla., at |? 26 a $5 31,*4 for pote "4 pearl*. Buunra.'Flour WM 5c. lower tad inactive, owing partly to tha rain storm and parti/ to the annus* in freights. Bales 8,000 bbla. Stat* aad Western, 1,000 bbls. South era, and 400 bhbj. Canada, dosing with extra State shipping brands at $6 16 a $6 25, and do. do. extra Ohio at $5 46 a $5 65. Rye floor aad oorn meal were dull aad heavy. Wheat?The tendency of the market waa downward, aad salsa were made of 68,000 buahela, at $1 41 a $1 68 for white aad $1 20 a $131 Tor rod Western; II 21 a 81 23),' for Milwaukee club aad amber Wis 00 us in, $110 a |118 for Chicago spring, and Canada club on p. t Dora was quiet, being held above the views of most buy era. Sales were made of 32,000 hnshels, chiefly Western mixed, at 69c. aOOe. for new aad 06c. a 67c. for old. Rye waa inactive at 68c. a TOc. Bar key waa steady, but in limited request. Oats were a fraction cheaper; State 34c. a 34*c.; Canada aad Western at 33c. a 34c. I'RoviMoMi amd Con-on remained as last noticed. WuiNKcr was dull at 17 *c., with aales of 400 bbls. SHIPPING NEWS. Movement* of Occam Steamer*. Anstmlartaa IdvarpeoL Fab 18....Haw York Bailed States. .Olaagow. Feb 16... .New Tork aiaagew ISrerpooL Feb JO New Tork Miaaara., Uverpoot. Feb 88....5.. Bostan John Sal ,<lannw. Fob ? New Tort FMaae Albert. Oalwav. Feb 86.... Hew Tork Liverpool Feb 37... .New Tork .Liverpool Keb 38 Partlaad learpeol. Mob 2....New Tork Bavaria. .8onthampton_ Mck 4....New Tork Ann inlkaaiptoa. Kak 6....NewVnrt Beniwua Southampton. Moh U New York Ouitad Kingdom....jBaaaow. Moh 18 flew ?ora Mew Too. Bouthaaaptaa. Mob 30... New Tors Fattoa Southampton. April 3.... New Tort Teutsaia Southampton. April i... .New Tork N8 BUBOBM. Adriatic. Mew York Mck I t Havre Olaagow New York Mch 16 Liverpool Bremen. New Yurk Mck 16 Bremen North Briton Portland Mck 16 Liverpool Niagara Boston Mch 20 Liverpool Mom New Yurk Mob ?f Liverpool Bohemian Portland Moh it u verpool Jshn Bell New Tork Mch 36 'ilugow Arabia New Tort Mch V Liverpool Arago New York Moh SO llavra FOB CALIFORNIA. Northern Light New Tork ;..Mch U....A?pinwall North Star New York Mch 21 Vapinwall Ariel New York April 1 Anplnwali KINGSTON, JA., HAVANA, MATAN7.A9, NKW OR/SK INS. Ztruj? Prom New York for Kingston, J a, oa tha 20th day of each month Buurvuxn?From New York lat, arriving at Havana 8th and New Orleans 9tL, From New Orieaua lAth, Havana 13th, ar riving at New York 23d. Stab or thk West?Prom New York tUnarrlvlnr at Havana 14th. From New Orleans 330, Havana 3Kn, arriving at New YerkSOth. Caaawaa? From New York 11th. arriving at Havana 1Mb aad New Orleana 19th. From New Orleans 2Mb, Havana 28th, arriving at New York 3d. PniLADaLTHiA?From New York 19tb, arriving at Havana 26th. From New Oriea&a 3d, Havana 6th, amvlas at New York 12th. DkBoto?From New York 21st. arriving at Havana 26th aad New Orleaaa 29th. From New Orleans 6th, Havana 4th, ar riving at New York 12th. Banna Citv?From New York Mh, arriving at Havana M. From New Orleaaa 13th, Havana 16th, arriving at New York 21 at. Qoanaa Crrr? From New York and Havana every twenty ^SavAinaa?From New York Tor Matanzaa on the 8th of each month, at 2 F M. Kaahaa?From New York for Havana via Nassau, NP. on the arrival of every alternate Cunard steamer at New Yora. NB?When the above da tea fall on Sunday the ateamera will aall 00 Monday, except from New Orleana. When the da lea fall on Mouday, the steamers will anil from Mew Or leans on the day previous. ?PBCTAL NOTICB. A*1 pwktitf+i nnd letter ? intended for On Nsw Yoan Hhuij thmili tw bailed aijuxao roa mtw roan?thu aav. 6 211 noon nuns morn 8 XI 6 011 man watbu eve 7 at Port mf Now York, March ?, 1(161, CIJ-ARKD. Steamship Angus!*, Woodhull, Savannah?Saml L Hltchtll A Rod. Steamship Huntsvil'e, Post, Savannah?H B Cromwell A Oo. Steamship Ju Adger, Phillips, Charleston?SpofTord, Tiles ten A Co. Steamship Yocktown, Vanish, Norfolk, Ao?Ludlam A Hei nekri. Steamship Chesapeake. CroweU, Baltimore?H B Cromwell Steamship CiUpw, Vail. Portland?II B Cromwell 4 0*. Ship Hhake?pere (hrcm), Kechter, Bremen?C LuUng. Hun Fleetwing, Jayne Rotterdam?h u Hurlbut A C o. Mark Atlas, Bartiett, Havana?W II Rlven-milli. Bark Albion Lincoln, Bibber, Cardenas. Bark Mary 0 I>rer, Fickett, Sagua?O A K J Peters. - ? el(Brem). r- - beeley, Rl< ry, Perkini Brtg Bloo Bradbury, Miller, draTmpi?Brett. Hon A Co. Brig stadt Basel I Brig J",leffrvy. 4 Brig H B Emery seuBrem). Wallrabe, Bremen?Rurer Bros. . Seeley, Rio ttrnnde?Simpson k (Jlapp. try, Perkins, Havana?J K Ward k Co. Bng Mar; Lowell. Johnaon, Wilmington, NC ?Master. fchi Hp0ky (Bri, Baker bt lhumus?t (1 Parker. Bohr Selana Helen, Taylo* Na?wu?B T Chase. bchr Mary C Terbeil, Thomas. New Orleans?N H Rrlgham. SelrTrojar. Shcurds, Jacksonville?Vsn Brunt k Slaght. Srhr A .lennlnfra. Lake, Plymouth?T U Benu>n A Hon. Bchr OrapeahM, Snow, Norfolk?bturgea, Clertiman A Oo. Schr Arctic. Hick*, Alexandria?Saffrrd A Dodge Schr Rebecca, Bacon Baltimore? MesrlU A Abbott. Schr Isabella, Fai.Lklin. Boston?Dayton A Oo. Sot r Era, Mayo. boston?J W HcKee Bliop llaivPMi, t'orwln, Providence?LKenny. Sloop Frederte Brown, Can, Bristol?I. kenn/. btcamrr Daylight, Spruiger, Morehead City. ARKIVFJ). StoamsMp Quaker City. Shufeldt, Havana. Mareh 5, with m i.<? Mid i>a*?engers. to Ilargoiu. A Co. 8ili mat, s AM, Cape Hatteiiu) NNW miles, passed Br steamship Karnak, hence for Nassau and Havana. steamshin Florida, crowed Savannah, wttn mdse and r>a? aengers, to Samuel L Mitchlli A Son. nth tout, 11:30 I'M. lat .17 ill, signalized steamship Star of the South, hence for baean nnh Steamship Montg >m-rv. Berry. Savannah, with mdae anc pa. ~o.igers, to H B Cromaell A Co. 8th inst, 1:46 AM, 30 tu.ies ?W of Hat era*. nlgnalizel steamship Miirl <n, hence for Oharlesun. 9th, 9:30 AM, * tie im> r !>roa(htide on the beach 2 tni e* N of Llt'le Egg Hsrbor (the Mount" Vernon, be lore reported?tee Mli-ceU. st* aiu mp North 1 aroma. I'owell, Wilmington, NC, with mdw and passengers, to 11 B t romwell A Co. ship earner I>< re, Montell. Callao, if?l days, with gnnno, to Barrtll Bros. Keb l.\ waa within 170 miles of Sandy H?ok, but waa blown off In heavy gale* from SM to NW; haa *prung xp?r?, aplit ?ail*. Ac Ship Columbia, Hrvunt, Liverpool, .'an 26, with tadw aad aw paM"tiu*i a. to (' H Marxbal. A Co. Keb 1, Jumea Welah, a seaman, while cugagcd in reehag topaalla, fell overboiird and was loai shir Giulia (lull. Be? a. Mar*, lliea, 81 days, with mdw and 1? pwaeoger?, to E Caytua, de Ruyter A Co. Ship ( oinm idore, BliH, Boaton, S day*. In ballast, to master. Bark India (Prui . Wagner, Toulon, Jan 2, paaaed Qlbraltar 12th, tn ballaoi, to order. Bar\ "mega M"rae, Palermo, .'an 21, paaaed OibnUtar Feb 5, with fruit k<~, to Chambertaln, 1 helpa A Oo. Bark Electric (Br. of Exeter), Phillips, Gibraltar, Jan 12, with mdae, te H A hich?rda Bark h H Uamb.e. Powell, St Marks, 17 day?, with cottoa, to Bmallwnod, Earlr A Oo Brig l'ainr<l?n (of Bangor). Wi?weU, Martinique via St Tho irun, Fcbb, in baUavt, to Brett, Son A Co. Had heavy galea from W to NW Brig ( apel a 'of Provtdenoev Ace, St Johns, PR, Keb Zj, ?lth sugar, to MU.er A Houghton. Brig Village Belle (Br, of St John. NB), Buck, Clenfuegos, Feb 17, with sugar, to P I Nerlua A Son. Brig H Meana (of Surry I, Treworgy, Clenfuegos, Feb 19, wl U sugar. i<> CAE J Peter*. Brig Mary <"upen iof East Machla? , Hprague, Neuvita*, 14 days, with sugar Ac, to Simpson A Mavbew. Haa experienced very besvy weather, and has been I days N of Hatteraa Schr A.lte L Webb, Webb, Palermo, M days, with fruit, to Lawrence. Wiles A <"o. Hcbr A Bradford, Freeman. Jarmel, 30 days, with coffee Ac. to R Tbackery Sehr Jovph W Fish (of St Oeorge), f haw, Havana, IS davs, wl'h ? j?ar, to T M Ma; hew. srhr Niflbtincsle (or Providence). Bangs, ITavaaa, 14 days, with sugnr tomahter. .??chr Allen Midrtletrn, ,Tr (of Rust (Jreanwlch, Rt), "Hnple, ltst'nra* 13 d?y^ with sugar Ac to br Bord, Ttleston k Co bchr Advance (Br), Curry, CorntrallXs IS days, with pota toe?. to h R Dewi lr. bchr Aieiander Blue, Hatlaway, Cha/1 ekton, I days, with ccttnn, to master. Kchr Harriei A Rogers, . ? , Oeorgetown, 8C, t days, with mine to Baker A Dayton. Brhr Marga.'ot, Hensou, City Point. ( days, with ootton Ac, to .'as Hunter k Co. brhr.''ilia Maine. Prescot*. Horfolk for Boaton. brhr Maria A Elizabeth, Bognrt. Virg'nla. brhr C P Wliliama Rogers, slrglna. i bchr Ira Bllas lledg<a, \ trglnia. MtV B Smith, Smith, \ trglnia. bebrlbomaaC Burling, Turner Virginia. bchr Samuel H bmltb. Weeks, Ba,tlm?ir. bchr tdward Blade, Bayl?a, Baltimore bchr BcMnr., Hucklus EUzabethport for Portland. Bchr i' W Dyer. Btrout, Kllrabetbport for Boston. behrf crnella. Marker, Elizabethrort for Fall brer. bchr Kllta.'ane. Smith, EUzahethpnrt frr an Eastern port. Sshr Kim City, Michaels, Ellzateihpnrt for Newburg. Mtoof) Agent. I)s:,lela, Ellf aM-thpart for BosU.il. bU?iner Wesiehesicr. Jonsa, Frovidanc*. BUOW Br'A Oen Bailey, from . ftAilJOV F'eamsh'ps Fdlnburg (Br). LI' erpoo (psaaed the Battery at 12 Mf> Auausla, oaranaah; ,'amea Adger, char *ton; Tort tosin, Nfrfo.k, Ac. P%t*pa?a, "ottlazid. Meatrish^ Bmplre < ity, f<* Texan, with V B trtops. Ac, hM mcho-ed n: Qonraatloe. Wind this morning RB, with rain; at auiset NW, fresh. HlMellaaeoai, The steam-alp Edlnhtirg, Capt Kennedy, aalisd yesterday nt noon for Queenstown aad Liverpool, wtih the malts, 34 cabin pasaangers and lit ta the steerage. Wa art under many obligations to Purser W D Bsmpstaad, of steamship Florida, from Savannah, for favors. (?r*ibsirr Movht V ? ajroe?One of the passengers of steam shtp Mount Vernen, ashore *t Old inlet, arrived here Friday evening, and reports that the ship remains perfectly tight, and that Capt Merrill, I nderwrlters agent, eipected to have her off at high water on Saturday morning b na Bt CbOOD?WeUfleet. March 7?Bchr St (laud, rasa, of O'.ouneeter, from New Tork for Salem wl4i aesrgoof corn, rame aeh-ieoff Wellfleet yeeterdsyal ? I'M (as he'ore report ed). Crew saved Ihecszaaln reports Ihst at 7 *M yesterday was elthln S miles of Thatcher s la ion broke nmlnboom and kept off ftr Proviziaetown, but got U'Ueeard. r?t>of erew were frvstbUteu The ver?el will be aavel (The deapatch published yesterday said the srhr would Im> a tota. loss) Sloop UsiM arrived at Trovidence Hth Ids! afth 44 ;alaa ot COMob ?ar?d from wreck cf sclu N.rth Stait. A I " Mm," V I, do dau?, vctara Mermaid, Super, I'nmaoe to :, MO *p; a ' r Eouonum, of d<>, 00 spt ? rtnimk ?? o KM> 14, hark Meleo Mar, Worth, ironSaiid W ?. I TlislWU f JT NBedf jrd, touched for provistoaa. Mpokra, 4ms. But Trinity Leask, lion Boston for Uaiveston, Feb K, 1M a? !?, ion ri?. ? l ortlga Porta. Br Joan*. PR, Feb IS?In port M| ludon, of FiwUmmi, ready for Ids- _ . _ America* Ports. BOSTON, March ft?Arr bark Florence, Smith, Oteafuagoai xcbn AotiuL Barter. Mayegues via Gloucester, Kichd Yaux, Frlck, Wilmington, liel TeiegrapU-d, brig J H Jonse, from charlr*un. wbr k Rred, from PhilaMlpfiia; signal for one brig. Old barks Eleoore (Hwe), Almfeil Cork and mkt; John Carver, Uriflin, Havana; Franklin, Mitchell, Trinidad; T dialling. HicLborn. Cardenas; ackrs Bpbralm A Ann*. Dote, Havana; Wm B tfastle, Ktudley, Sabine Pass; Aoklam. Ray, and Potomac, Ray, Jacksoovllie, Saratoga, Bldridfe. Wilming ton, Dai; 8 A Hammond, Paine, PfeHMQUa; ? Many. Da vis, N'Yprk. Sid, wlndHW la iw, sehrJ MehMoa Bark David KJmballand brig J Molot/ro started, aad anchflcadla til? KoMfta GEORGETOWN, SC. March 3?In port aehra MairHtfey, for Boston; Charlotte Sfcaw, far Bath, tfld ad, aahr Prlaoffla, bftrbtdoi HOLM KM' HOLE, March ?, PM-Arr brig CMcopee, Bpar row, Matonzaa lor Bostoai sahrs Marr ManUa, Beers, Nforik for do; 0 Is Lovell, Boston/or BTortc; L Uvcr, Jameson. M Cobb, Avery, Florence, Jameeou, and Ralph Hewitt, Bucalln, Rocmard fordo. 7tb?Atrffhr Hard, Bpear, NYork for Boatao. 8th?Arr schr Revenue, dandy, l-hiladnlphla for Boaton. Bid aehra V Sharp, M Prrria, Patio Alto, U L, L Dyer, M Cobb, ? Hew III, Florence.

In port at 10 AM, wind light from NNE, brig* Jamna Davla, Maria, Ohloopee; aehra B E Sharp, Village Queen, Revenue, Hurt, Mary Mankin J MOBILE, March 2? Arr Br ship Sultana, Smith. Rio Janei ro. Cld n hi pa Harmon Idea (Br), Moran; Ida (Br). DunW and I'lhcata-iua, Weekn, Liverpool; bark U L Rutgers, Delano, Boston; Hp brig Anai-llta, Kebon, Barcelona. MYSTIC, March 7?Arr ?ehr Benjamin Butler, Crowley, Virginia. NEW REDFOKD, March ft-Arr ship Radii no, Burdett, Ho nolulu. hid brig Sea Foam, Bilggs. N York to load for Malta; ?ohm B T Chartre. Charm- (from rali-m/. and John Compton, Elliott, Philadelphia; T P Cor per, Taylor, and J W McKee. Wc i.dull (irom Sippicau), Nlork, Philadelphia, ? (from Hull), do. NEWPORT, March 7?Arr schra Samuel Hall, Padelford, and Mian tic, While, TauutOB for N V ork (and both aid morn ing of Sth> Mb, 8 AM?Arr aebr An .'el a, Baltimore. Sid thli AM, wind KB light, brig Lincoln Webb aclirs Hnrdarrabble, W Grego ry, S Washburn, C L Levering, M K Shepherd, Sophia, West ern Light, Eipreiw, Flora, Winged Racer, Deane, M U Read Lady Adams, Suaan. Emblem, Mary Anna. Mary Elizabeth, Charter Oak, R N Atwood, Iowa, Gazelle, D W bammond. J A Stetson, Roanoke, and Charles; aloopa W11 lard. Helen, and tioUl Leaf. In port brigW&ltham, repg; schr* M R Carlisle, Queen of the Cape, Grecian, and H W Morse. 9th?Arr (by telj brig Baltic, Hooper, Manaa-tllla, Cuba, for Havre. MfcW HAVEN, March 8?Arr achr Ellen Louisa, Snow, New York. PlIILADEI.ril I A, March 8?Arr cleaner Boston, Crooker, NYork t-chis 1 Rich, Cromeli, Boston; A H Brown, Rdward*. Providence: Evergreen, I'olter, and B Haight, Beebe, Sag Harbor; P ileilncr, Marts; faullae, Brown; Emma, ymlth, and A Kiilkenburg, Wiiber, KYork. Below , shloa E P Wll letts, WlUiams, and Frigate Bird, Juhm, from NVork. Cld bug B P Swell. Jeweti, Cardeuas; senrs s K Jayne, Osborne, Kingston, Ja; Pequonnock, Barhen, Laguayra, Ac; Alabama, Vanglldcr, Charleston; J Porter, rates; P lleilner. Maria. M Patterson, (lodfrev; R Knight, Kndicott, and RK Shannon, Marts, Boston ; R ft Daly, nteveng; Evergreen, Potter, and H Haight, beete, is York PORTLAND, March 7?Cld brigs Constitution, Strout, Ha vana; Trenton Athenon, Matanzas; Delmont, Glnu, and A Rowrll, Boyd, C irderiai-. PROTlNi ETO* N, March 8- Sid brig Lincoln, Hutchtnaoa (from Cardenas), Poril&nd, KchrJ J hpeucer. Dole (from M> bllei, do. In ]>orl8tii, achr F.U Tow use ad. getting undarweigh. Also, 2 brigs ana H schrs. PROVIDENCE, March 8?Arr steamer Petrel, Young, New York; achrs Henry W Morse. Beuton, Bay River, NC, tieorge Falea, Mpkf-rw n, at'.d Triumph, Aula, Philadelphia. Sid bark Warren Ilalleti, Wright (not Uallcttj, Mobile, achr Somerset, Sterling, Haltimore. RICHMOND, March 7?Arr steamship Jamestown, Skin ner, NYork; ?< hr M C Town, do SAVANNAH, Maroh ft?cld Br ahlp RoM Parker, Aberne thy, Liverpool; bark Adjuster. Knell, Cork and mkt; schrs J T Willi:.ms, Curtis, NBeoford, Sunnj South, Weeks, Fernaa diaa, Fla. WOOD'S HOLE. March A, 10.S# AM?Passing by, staamer Ben DeFoi'd, Irt.m Baltlniore for Boston. THE KIREMKIV. At a special meeting of protector engine Company No 33, held on Saturday evening, March 9, the follow ing preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted;? Wliereaa, it has pleased Divine Providence, In His infinite wi.ndooi and goodu-as, to remove from our mid."t our late worthy mcirber ana aasocla'e Peter Welch, endeared to us as he was for his many manly virtues, and that In bim we have lost unemtx-r that we reepected, aud u friend we loved; therefore, be it Resolved. That we tender our heartfelt s/mpathlea to the relatives of our deceased brother mcmi>er, and hope that they, like us, will derive consolation in the hop# thai he is goue lo a better aud brighter woi"-d Revived. That tie company attend the funeral In a body and wear tho usual badge of mourning for thirty daya. ke^olved, Tbalacopy of theaarcuoiuiions be published in the Sundny Mciciry and Herald, and lhat a eepy be present ed to the relatives ot deceased. JtaHN DROCGHT, ) w! LLI aM C( 'S UON, \ Committee, Ja MBS McuJS KKN,) SPECIAL MOT1CKS. a N ADIOURNEIJ^iiEKlISG Of TBI PAINTERS' A8 A. soc'.at'on will be held at Military Ha'L vftl Bowery, oa Mnndav March 11, 1861. RTH.Vn B. CDktRY, 1'resident. John T. Kishkk, S?oretary AT A IF.GDLAR MONTHLY MBETING Of THE Friendly A*s<>clation of Pattern Makers, haid at the F'ttuiiM t-th W ard Hotel, on Thursday evening. March 7, 1901, the 'oilowing resolutions ware unanimously adopted:? Wberras, It has pleased Almighty God, In bis wladom. to remove by death our late fellow member, albert Rowland; 'Iheie'ore, Keaolved, thai we dee piv a> mpalbize with his bereaved f amily t<* the Ions ef a go d husband aad father. May He who teVnpera t ^e wind to the shorn lamb take them under His protection Resolved, lhat a copy of theae resolutions, properly at tested, be toiw arded to the family of the deceased. Resolved, That these be entered on ihe minutes, aad that they be published in the New York Herald. AT THE ANNUA/. E1.BC1ION or the sixth avb nur Bullroed Company the f i Lowing Director* were unsmmously re-elect<d.? Sidney Mum, John Q Jones, Frvde irk De fi ruler. William H Macr, George K Howell, Chtrln H MaiahaQ, Samuel s. Bowman, Richard Mortimer, Waldo Htitcbin*, , Francis A Livingston, John H Ha 11. Lortllard Spsncer. A. Ooi J-.lxjn.njfh Zoom, And, at a rrer'fnK of the Board, held on the 7th nut, the prewnt officers were unlmoosly re-elected. T. BaXLEY MTEBS, Secretary. March 8. Mg. BO. <H F.) C. A.?A SPECIAL SESSION OP CIROLB . 211 of the t'oatineat, will be held at J*7 Bowery on Saturday evmlng, HU lust. Members of "Ouvtier Cirole" and others wishing to join aie Invited to attend. U. L. BOM^aLL. C. W. JOURNEYMEN HOrSB PAIKTER8, ATTENTION-1 rnafo. ma ting of journeymen house painters Is to be beU at Myrtle Hail, 19" Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, oaThurs day evening. Match 14, lrtel, at 8 o'clook. PLTEKSCN GUARD BALL, a I'OLLO ROOMS. To mrrrow (Monday) Evening. March 11,1861. ('oarhmrn wil he*d their home* down Broadway, and take up In reverse ortfr-r By order of the police. CT. PATRICK'S.?THE OFFICERS OK THE RESfRO O live bodies rrpr**emed in the Convention of Irish Socie ties air hei eby requested to furnish the Grand Marshal, at hm Lead lusrters. mo Matt street, with a lift of their mar sbals sna officers, on or before Monday the lHh Inst, at twelve O clock. OWEN KEKSaJi, Grand Marshal THE MEMBERS or THE NEW tokk practical Journeymen Makers' Benevoio.il Society are requested to meet at tnelr room*. 171 W roster street, at I? o clock M. on eucdsy, March Ul, 1X61, to attend the luueral of our de o-HStd brother, John H. tartan. I'atbn b Shali, Sec'y. PB1BR BOTLAN, Proa. PBIMOIVAL. A LADT, IK REVERSED CIRCUMSTANCES, HAS A tL son, a handsome, intelligent boy, 12 years old. Finding li mp<edible for her to bring him up as she would like, aha wish** to meet ?lth some esnonsible party tliat would taka htm and take an Interest In him l'leass address M. IL M., hta'lon D, Klgnth street. Bible Bouse Any person op msanh, bithrr in mbw York or Philadelphia, wishing to adopt a hraltty and pretty tio). one year and four months old, of Amsrieaa pa rentage, ran call on or address J. S , s# Deiancey -treat, N. Y , up stairs Ann fleiscbman, prom wknde*usn will please send her address :o Helman I* Ipitgen, lit drew wlch street. (Savannah papers pleaae copy.) AD. R -DID TOP BECBIVE A NOTB OP Pit IT a at the VUl.larosb'irg Post oUloe' Wli. Iou intwe- ill Bob?call at mt place or bcsine.-^ at a r clock. Wednesday; il unpleasant neit fair day Will be entirely alone. .'AS Al.h-V A.SHER. Brocks ?you did Nor meet me on thurbdat, atd not bearing from you I feared sou had lost the paper I gave you with mv address Do favor me e llh a line, If fa vorable or not to an Interview, H. M, Union square. Peat OfllPP. ARMIES STKBEf?5 ESTERDAt MORNING. I'LEASB ?end address to C. T. J., Herald oflce. c E OUT-EXPECT IOU rqpMbl TODAY (tCBDAT) or this evening If Impossible, come to morrow evening Don't fail, as 1 have much to tell yon. satisfied nilenne. * LOBE STAB. In R WUNDER. LATE OP NASSAU STREET, WILL !i. |h> ase apply at ?Milam street, rOMn No. t, aaa hear of something '<> his advantage. L'oRGBT ME MOT. INPURMAT10N WANTBD?OP MARTIH HOWRIOUN. If he will call at O'- send to TBI Pacific street. Brooklyn, lie ?U1 hear of something to his advantage. INFORMATION WANTED?OF DANIEL QUINR, A native o' < >magh. county Tyrone, Ireland Wher. last heard from was in Philadelphia. Any Information will he thankfully lecetved hy his wife, Rehear* (julnn, Au lurndale. Mass. rDDt?DON'T LET 08 PART TBUB; GRARf MB an Interview. * ?? when arid where lijiejTle^AWrej^UUo^^fp^^^treetj staU^ag m?B HEIRS OB OOBMBLHMI STEPHENS, WMOBB 1 rathe* fcopln warding house la Mew fork, are requested to aend addreas to Bob! aeon Bro 'a. W Broadway 1AM1.1. haTTIK la I'll aM, who RESIDED WITH VT V. Ilarbeek la Ohio, last yea', send a note to her ol? friend, C ML (oar* Of hmlthaonlan liousek, Imaseaiatelvt RU7.A OR BAkIkB. Willi ARB LimiOBI. rRBlvCH CLARET WINB.-IS CASKS, OP THIRTT gallons, eupotior Clam Wine, from Clermont Ferrand. Prance, for sale hy ST?JUVR\ gl, i CO,. *B and M (Centre street, B. T. ^ COAL. /lOAL ?$4. NUT H7.E; ?A Hl/ll AND BOG ?PRIME \J >|HallUes ol fresh mined Vuylkill < <?1. free of Hioae and slate no? discharging and de l?ered Goal yard S3 (Man ion street, betwten F< nrvlh and Christie near Howery EDWARD BEHf.PND 0rAL-O* TftE BBST ALItT, AND AH CSI'AL AT s lower pilee than li>m ariv "t "r dealrr In the ell). Screened arid deilvored fn.ro yards, onmer King anu Oreen wlch etreeMLNew Bowery and Roosevelt streets 8J f anal street aa4U7 ?>uaa? s',r?e(. MATTHE W CLINTON. A ^?nalki AT AVCriON. ?? WW iu.i or klhua t> i H UuCJbKHOLO K(Jo.Kiri<HK ?ani> rakh wokkm or art ? 10^ OOtOCt ?11.000 worth of magnlhcent "illsmod riiiir. Didlh/H ana Chamber Furniture, ai|nltMit rowvotd Pianoforte, hM rot wood Parlor buiUL wHk erwj dawnpiioa of first class Furniture contained i a house No 1&2 Twenty-first (tract, between t-fventh aod fclgfath avennas, ill of whisk to new, wing bean irnto * it bin three months, aad to be pcrempto rily sold (or cash to the bightest bidder. oonstetlag ot Elegant seven octave Pianoforte, . Stool and Cover; oo?t |3t0; mipevb Parlor Furniture, en Suite, otaprlmi oh fall Salt ?olid roeewood. covered In green and g?ld brum lei, uphol stered la aheU work, oue do elegantly carved, oorered la crimson and miwi brocade, and one full Suit covers 1 in medallion moquet, all of which are perfect; rosewaol Centre, Sofa and Pier Tables; marble top Etegarei, ?Uh mirror doara a ad backs; Turkish LounfM, in mo quet and tapestry: Mosaic and Its. Ian marble Pedes tela, equestrian and statue Brontes, three Preach pier and mantel Mirror*, >Uk, d?iaslr and laoe Curtains; land scape and (old shades, over (Mjmntoof Tapestry and Wiltoa Carots. reception Chain, Turkish arm do., roaewood music Cabinet, corner Bteseres. ParlaoUfrrape, with a beautiful oal leoUoa of parlvr Ornanuuta; rich mantel Vaeas, Uniliaann and historical Painting*, Tronic ChandeUe^manATtS ir salm Boreaus, rich carved Ulitotmte, IS lwge h tlr Mat tresses, Wardn bee, Tete-a-tetea, one Bodoir Pianoforte sU octave; Preneh Engravings, Voltaire Chairs, Rocker*. Bscre totre, Cheflkmlers, oval Mirrors, extension Table, oak dining Chairs, Slit era-are. Coffee Brn?, Spoons, Pocks. Casters, fr> nch China of every description, rub; aid crystal cat Glass ar d Uoblete. Obampsff ies. Wines, Decanters, Wine Bottleo, ?? " UWISWI VtMMU|n? ICT) ?* turo, VTMMIKin, with a large quantity of beautiful cut and engraved. QUss, vorr CuUen. Ac, with a large variety of ouae furtdsnlng Goods not here enumerated, te now readv for examination bv catalogue. There will be ouae farteshing Uooda not here enumerated, all of which ?e now readv reexamination bv catalogue. There will t o postponement, commencing at'lQj precisely. KUtibdiL W. WESfCOTf, Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTICB.?ALBERT M. OKIFFIN A CO., auctioneer*. Magnificent Household Furniture. A rare opportunity to purchase first class HOUSEHOLD f-UtMITlWiC At public auction. Over $10 000 wot t h ol elegant Household Furniture to be peremptorily sold to-morrow, Monday, at the five story brown stone residence, 4H West Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, sale commencing at 10*2 o clock. Sale positive, without regard to the weather. hex en octave rosewood Pianoforte, Carved legs and case, madn to order for the present owner by city uiakt-iN, and Is in comslete order; Stool and Cover, Can terbury; two waits Parlor Furniture, covered with silk broct tel. velvet Carve'*. Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Lace Curtains, Shades and Cc raises, Oil Painting* by ancient and modern masters, picgnDt Mantel t. rnamenta, bronze and ormolu Jhan deliers, Etegeres, Bookcase, Centre Tables, Engravings, Re ception Chairs. IlaUtand, Oilcloth, stair Carpets, Bureaus, Bedsteads. Washstettds, Commodes, Feather Beds, Blankets, Counterpanes, Hair and Spring Mattresses, Bedding, Ac , Mirrors, Clock*. Brussels Carpets, oak Buffet. Extension Ta ble, Chairs, china tinner and Tea Sets, silver plated ttposnx. Casters, fork*. lable t utlery; *>so, a large assortment of baoeuient and kitchen Furniture. t A J. HLEECKRB, ACOTIONRER. . THIRTY FIFTH STREET HOUSES AND LOTS. A. .1 BLfcJH'K KK, HON A CO., w.ll sell, at auction, on Tuesday, March It, at LJ o'elook, at the MeroSaate' Ex change:? The three story nod basement, high stoop, brown stone Houses and. Lou Boa 136, 138 and 140 Bast Thirty Orth street, sooth side, lOf feet cant of Third avenue. Lots It 8i9H feet ea*h. The houses are new, aad oontels all the modern Ua provemeata. Map*, Ac , at No. 7 Fine street. A J. BLFECKKB. AUCTIONEER. . VALL ABLE BOOoRVELT >TKEET PROPEBTT A J. BLI'.i,CaKR, HON A CO. will sell at auction, oa Saturday, March 10. at 12 o'clock, at the aersfeants' Ex change, ihn i.ot and Bulidiugs No 43 ftoosevelt street, at the junction of hew bowrrv. occupied as store* and dwellings; ot 26.1 1 root by 100 feet 6 inches deep. Maps, Ac., at Mo. 7 Pine street. By order of Executors of the jn ugent estate. A UCTION SALE.?M. DOUGHTY. AUCTIONS BR, WILL J\ bell on Mouday, March 11, rommenclngat llA? o'clock, at saleroom N5 Nassau street. hou>-( ho!d Furniture, coin prising solid rohewood Parlor Suits, covered In brocatel; ma t' jtany do. In hair cloth, viz . >ete a tetes, Parlor and Arm Chair*, murble top Centre Tables, Mirror*, Brussels, Tapes try and Ingrain < arpets. Gas Chsndeliera, KxULxion Dining Tabh-x, Bulfets, Dlnin? Chairs, marble top Dressing Bureaus, Washsiands, Bedstt ads, llair Mattresses, Palliasses, Lmuges, Ac.; also two Iron Sofas, lot of office Faruituie, Desks, Ac. Auction notice.-a family declining house keepinR will dispel, at pr'.vste Sale, of all their parlor, diamber and dining room f urniture at a great sacrifice, viz: ? carved rofosvoed 7 icteve Pianoforte, In excefceut order, cost $80", t or $2 '4) trending ctool and Cover, one I'arlor Suit, solid carved kihcw,ckI frames, covered with -.Ilk brocatel, cont 9300, for $140. cne do. $1.10, Etigeres Centre Table*, Bureaus, Bmlsbtd*. Waubstauds. sella rosewood, cost $201, for $100; Mattrehhes, Bedding, Ac. the Furniture was made to order for the present owner, has been in uie but 6 months, and Is In perfect order Inquire at 70 West Twenty sixth street, near Sixth avenue. Auction notice?burnham'8 furniture bx press Packiog eHtabllshmrut, 111 and 113 V>est Eleventh sti'Mt, between Firth and Sixth avenue* Household furni tu-e boxed aad shipped to all parta of .be world, large cov ered v> ?Rons (or removing lurni'.ure into the country. Furni ture fctored. QOAJU LANDS ^ public A Auimoir. In purs'iance of a decree rendered In the Etuwlu Circuit Court, at the special term held in January, 1861, the under aigrod, as fpeeisl Commis-ioner, will offer for bale at rUBjuIC AUCTION, to the highest bidder, in front of the Court House door of Ka&awhi oouaty, Virgin a, on TbSADAT, the 1Mb April next, a certain tract if Land, be'ongln^ to the Coal Hirer and Ka nawha Min-og and Manufacturing Company, estimated to ?on tain 4.000 ACRES, (eieepi log therefrom 44 acrea (a dtsoute, aed the surface in terest la 1S9 acrea of the said 4,0u0 acre tract.) the sa-dlauds abound in CANCEL, 8?UNT AKD BITUMINOUS COAL: are situated in Kanawha county, Va., on Briar creek and the navigable waters of Coal r.rer. TSRMB OP HXLF Five per cent of the purchaee money In eaah on the day of hale, and the residue thereof in three equal annual instal ments, with interest thereon from day of sale the purchaser gtving bonds, with approved secu-itv, and a lien retained on the lands for the deferred payments THOB, L. BSOL'N, Special Commissioner. Fmibuabt 11,1861. /CONSTABLE'S 8AI.E?GEO. R. SOLOMON, JR , AUO \J tloaecr, will sell at the store. 611 Eighth avenue. on ?ood*JiMt'lm- ?' 10 <>'??* A M . Ibe stock of Fancy Goods and Show CVsos comst?a <? iur lra?e stOie. IHoMas Ml'LUGAN, Constable. DUIOli BULB3 AT AUCTION PBICEB ?HTACINTH8. 10,1(0. at ;s rents: Tulips, 10 000, at l^ocnis; Nar cteeea, 2 centa; joaqvila, 2 cents, Lltics, 4 cents; Hlow drops, 'i cents; Iris Anemones. RannneuUus and Gladlolea, t cents. Now la the I'rop* time to p'ant for early dowers. AdJresa I". MUbHaT, 189 Pearl street FOURTH WABD?AUCTION NOTIOB.-W. H. PBANK LIN will selL At the M'-rchaots'Exeaange, on Tuesday, March IS, the House ana Lot M (to sera It street, whi-h hsa bi en occupied by the present own*r as a bakery for the last eighteen years, and which. In consequence of the open ing of Chambers street, offer* an eligible Investment to ca pltalists nENBT OSEFV, AUCTIONEER.?MONDAT, MAR Oil It. at MM o'clock at the auction store IVtWiNism street, a let of OitX'enes and Fish, SOU pounds sm ked Venison, 18 caake and S) demijohns Mints and Llqvors, <75 000 Imported an' di mt-atic ecttars, 2,500 p< unda pure White Lead, Ac Also, a' Wc'elock, lot of ?!i?wl>, drv ana fancy <to<><ls, 15 Sewing Machines, 16 do?en Plated spoons, Ac. L JACOBS, AKCTIONSRR, 67 WILLIAM STREET, . corner of ( edar. L. ,<A 50BM w1)l sell as above, oa ksuday. Msrch It, at ll o'clock, to pay advances, >0oases Feit ' ats. first quality 1 000 pounds HtrawSerry aid Currant Preserve*, a lot of Wlachlte Twiat, Copnr Poun<albS, rtmndy. Segars, 1 Lwcklng Glass. 1 Vlcr ?cuK 2 Hewing Machines; also I Road ? i^sjr Wagon; ?l?o a W Of Pictures, Bullion Scales and Weijih'a, Ac. The above wnl be sold in lots to stilt purraastrs. without reserve. Cataicguee ready at sale. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.?A. BUTTBBFIRLO WILL I sell to-morrow (Monday), at 10o'clock, on tie corner of Columbia and Broome streets, 1,800 Lots of ft omen's Cloth ing, Hed'ing, Ac. As, Ac, vis- hllx. Velvet, Delaine and Ca.leo Dresses; cloth Cloaks: woollen, broihe and eatella bbaals; B*d?, i'Hiows, bl?nkeU, yullta, < arpets Sheets, ladles' and gentlemen's Under Gtrments; Roots and Shoes, a: d WriflW <>< b< r articles too nnoer n to mention H? order of MKo O. COHRN, L P B. N B.? Neil Rate Tuesday, l?th In** , of men's and w. men's Clothing. W niches, Jewelry and loots, SOLOMON DINOEE, AUCTIONEER, BT DIDOES A HOLDBN, Offices No * Hue strnrt and 1,244 Hrvsdway. Real Estate at f'uhllca nd Private Kale furniture and Merchandise at Owetllngs and Stores. A na" n Kept fc r stores baises and oeuntry seats to !et, and o! money offered on bond and mortgage. THCRsUaY, March 23, 1MI. At 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, A beautiful Country beat. i?t Mainarone.-k, eetcb'vter ec.uniy, the residence of Walter Baker. Esq. This is cne of the moet de?lrable residences to bt- round on the Soui:d. A fine Oothlc House, has furnace, range, hot and c >id water. Osth loom, water ci.eets spestim tubes, dumb waters, and all modert impr vemi'tU, a Stable, Coach House aod all nreeasari outbuildings It Is situated three quarters at a mite Tom u e dep( t N'ne acres of.^nd beautifully laid out In garden walks; the rarest flowers, vegetable garden, and the rhoietat t f fruit such as peaches, t turns, pears, appir? and cherriee, raspberries, strawt>errle<, rurianis. Ac. In abua dunce Sale ponlUve a d without reserve. For maps and further par'iculara uppiy a', the office of the Ancttoneers. SB BCOART, ACTIONKBRP?MONDAT, MABCH1I, . at I >, o'^oek, st No 1ST tftirystle stieet ni rtgage sale ol unBni-hi-d I'sl in. t furniture, consisting of r sewoo-1 Hit nsua, eofas. Bedsteads, oak and black walnut Sideboards, redwood Parlor Mil's, lot of J timlw r aod Veneers JOHN W. NCMKHINDYKB, Attorney for Mortgagee. SB J. PlHIART. aCCTIONPRRS-Tt.'FeDAT. MARCS . 12. at llik o clock, at the suction rooms No I North WB Ham atreet, uouaehold furniture, coaalstlng of mahogaar So'a, ?'arlor Chsi.a, marble top Centre fablss, Lounges, Tol is' Tables w salutanda. U>oklng Ultaeea, i.ngravings, ferus sets and Ingrain Carpet*, < Mir loth, ? uleoee now Itag and 1.1st Carpet, mahogsny and cottage Hedsteads, llalr MaUr. ss, Wool Blankets and Ouilts Hpnag Matire-s, Window Shades. Biteneitv IMmng Tables, Hewing Machine, two ir?a Najes. Sliow Counter, two Wilder'* IrcnHafos i ne Bay tiorae On account of f irmer purchaaer, two targe awbocany Desks, aleo a large lot of Wail Paper. SHBRIEP H BALE ? BTBVBS AND STOVE PUBNITUEE. CHAMBERS B fAIBCHILC. Auctioneers, salesroom fM Nassau street. Will sell m Mr ndaf, March II, at 11 o'rionh, at their hales eeo?n Paror Mor- s. Hoc* stove*, itaegeo, Furmaoea, Hoi low ware, Un and otiM" More furniture. Tinware, Ac Also, for aeoouat of formor purchaser, 1 show Oaee. ,'OHN KELLT, Sheriff. Xtr M. wrrTFBS, ACCTf iNSER, WILL SRLL TO f? morrow, at t o'clock at 04 1 seal street, all the genteel Furniture Ac , of a family from Hoboken. comprising one Bbe rosewood Plane,, Lnoe and ether Curtains, Parlor suit, <*4)?aot Tapestry, thee* ply aod other Carpets, fine Beds, Bed- * dliig. duUtig room and kitchen Furniture, dnwslag Bureaus, China, ulsaa, Ac AMTRlHXHlf. ~ "" Madame earvbt brmovbd-bhh oan infobm her m? ny frtceds end the public on all the events of life at MB Ri' In* oa street, near sheriff ladies Sta.-; gentlemen not admitInd rB OMATBST WtiNUBB IB THB WORLD IB THM young and aoooasplished Madaaae BTROM. from Parts, who can be eonsnltnd with the strieteel oonddease a* lave, nrmeuhip marriage, sick news, Intempeeaaoe, sltaatioo*, law swHa. heelssw. travelling absent Meads, lost or stolen pro pert*. Be. Bbebosalaos seeret to'makeynu Heloved by ft?ur heart's ktsal and brlags tMethortboee lou syarato* Bsel denes 1M thtrd avecma above Twenty sevhath street eeee*d ?Mr, tAdiee, fl eeau, geaUeeaeo, M wl? fOR DALK. AWIUrBSriALMHIb rOHU HOUSE FOE, HAUL doing ? food paying business, with .oven jeers' leased? whole house, as * rrrj tow *ml; tatAhlrds at the luU nal piU to two MMMatlMHM, taurine tha bar. s* la? nuota Mmool *s , Ait, at a mere trtQ& Wtu to ?eld with m wBRMMTtto Mock, Sattaf aetocy ??? fsresiilnj. Apply a? the prenilsea, dm ?i of triml aad R5 ilmu, atoeklf n. Anam class, profitable, k a silt manaobb uaah business for sals ?A very iWnbk opportunity far h geutlaman or lady with a moderU* capital for fuittor particulate inquire At UM Atlantic street, Broukiyn. f ROCKERY 810KR FOR HALE.?THE 8TOOK, MX v turee and UtH of the well known Crosksry Wore, m at Houston atreat. will lie sold verr low, as tha preoruSar U leaving the city; or will exchange lor property 11 Jersey Otty or Bergen Apply toW. B. BRiNiJI 1U avenue C, before 10 A/M. and between ?aad 1 prlee. Apply to S. C. CLARK. HiV 4, rjBS? BTOBEH fob BALE?SEVERAL bet ml . . ta Km fork and Brooklyn, far sal* A* ply >a HEN BY HAYDOCK. Ma. 1U Maiden lane. DHUNO SALOON ABO LODGING HOUSE FOB .^^?^V.oa' NMIMe; ftr*t rate location. long leas* ^k>w ?top?ete order. Inquire of Mr. SilBB *2* Walker streets, or MAXWtLi^, Rurtttcn Pout Street ITiwut. PmH and Koof T^LIOIBLE INVESTMENT AND A BABB M'POBTU #LnMJJor * druMlat in OUawa City, Canada West.?The proprietor af one of the Imnat *ti?HlitnMi? fa thU city offers for aala the good will and Mack of aa eittadn retail Drug Store of U years' standing; the ??-?- ta ofanfa a graat loaun ment to any geaUttman wishing to emba* la the above branch, and on liberal terms, tha proprtotariSbMt log In retire from business. For particulars atiulr to H. DEXTER A CO., New. Agent? 1U Nwaail ?reet. (TT: FOB HALE?THE PROPELLER HENRf ANDB8W. V now running on the Hudson river to Albany, 160 ftow long, ? feet beam, 9 feet hold, of light draught and very fail. Also several Bargee. Apply to JOHN H. RRDFIBLD A QOu IS South street. Fob sale-new world saloon, xst hudhob street; established in 13*5; the House, Fixtures and good will of the above saloon, laoludioc a three years' lease of Mm lot, without rent. Inquire of JOHN W. THOMPSON to the store store, 397 Spring street, near llndaou. FU >R SALE?A FIRST CLASS ENGLISH SHADES ALB House, two doors from Broadway, with three years' Lease from next May. Inquire ol J R. BURKE, roomNe. 6. it Spriug street. r)R RALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTTRBB OF I No. 817 Sixth avenue, between Forty-seventh and Fartv eighth streets. The stock is small and will be sold at a bar gain. to clcee up the busineaa. A favorable lease of the hauae can be bad. apply on the premises or ol JOHN MURTHA. 626 Sixth avenue. TjlOR HALE?AT a OREAT BARGAIN, A WHOLB8ALB JP and retail IJquor Store, situated in Brooklyn, e >rn?r af Graham street and Myrtle avenue, one of tha beat tooaMs? in the oouniry. Will be aold cheap. Inquif* at 230 Pead sueet, N. Y. For sale?at a oreat babgain, a vest heave French flat* Mirror. 10 feet by 3, suitable lor a bar or pier. Will be sold at a peat sacrifice, as the owner osast have money. Ifcostftlti*. Will be sold for (90. Inquire of (TIL LIAM WITIis US, at auction store; 4M Canal atreat. rR SALE.?ANY PERSON WISHING TO PUB0H4BB iromBe manufacturer a superior stoek of new "?r Goods, much below coat, will please addreaa the adietliaet. box 6,1)19 Post oUiee. ?'OR BALE?A BARE CHANCE FOR A YOUNG MAN? The good will, stock and fixtures of an old established hot I Book, .stationery and Fancy Goods Store, in a flr.t rat* builness location. Inquire of MuLAUGHLlM B&OTHHM, No. 14 Beekman street |JH>R SALE.?TEA STORE, 1U EIGHTH AVRNUK, r established seventeen years, l<<ng Leas; and Fixtures. This Is a good opening for a business man. Agents need no apply. Apply on the premises. Fob sale-the well known first glass rbk tautaut. Bar and Lunch Room, 81 and SB Pine street, which baa been very suceessi ul tor the last ei-ven year a. Satisfactory reasons given for selling. Apply on the pre mites. Foe saijb?the stock, fixtures and lbasb of the new and eommodloua Oiniog Room 4S Naasaa htreei, now in full operation. Apply on the premises between 8 A. lit and 7 P. M. EX>R SALE?THE STOCK and fixtures OF A dbt rTr m. Goods and Fancy Store: a most excellent at.nation, U,^ established nine years; will be sold cheap, part cash and the balance In approved endorsed notes; mint be sold In oonse queace of the death of the proprietor. For particulars Inquire at 148 Third arenue. lilOR SALE?THE SALOON KNOWN AH THE UNPOIf F Oyster Saloon, situated at Catharine Ferry house, to the eahi side Applj on the premises CX>K SALE?IN COBHKQUI NOR t' Fi rBEOIjOS J RE, f the well known Bectifying RstsbUsliment. 80S' Market street, Newark, N. J. Everything In beat working order, ta gether with Itorsea, Wagons, .-lelghs, Cart, Ac Apply te P. CCPF, 30# Eighth averue, N. T. Ii^OE SALE?A LONG LEAS? OF A FIRST CLAMS 1 Hoic. t o Bro?<lway doing a first rate business, aad cheap rent. Ibln ia a capital chauce for any person wishing to fro id the business Apply at 7o7 Broadway, corner Mala street, r>om No. 2. For sale cheap?one half or the whole op the Stock and Fixtures of aa old ??taul.?hed Oyster aad Dining Saloon; low rent, good oo*tlon and doing a goat business. Apply to R BLAKE, 14 Chambers street. TjlOR SALE CHEAP.?A EARE CHAR OK ?IN 010 J eatabU-.hrd Billiard Room, fltkd up haadsosaelv, da a good locaiion. would be aold cheap, aa the lady with whom It wajileft caa't attend to 1L Far particulars Inquire at 1M Weet thirty aeventh a treat between 10 and 11 A. M. For sals low?a new steam fire enoike. op Sllsby, Mynderae A Oo.'s manufacture, and almtlar ta the one now ia uae by Lexington Engine Company No. T at thU eity. For f urtuera?a;?ioulars apply to A J. OILATOOI, ?K?all street, N. VT _ P9R SALE OR TRADE?THE FERD STORE AM0 Ore years' lease, the Stock in store and Feed Wagon, at 102 West street, offering a good opportunity for embarking In this or other mercantile buaineae. Inquire of ARC HER 1CAR1 IRE. OTEIa FOR SALE?BLMIBLT SITUATED FOE business, within two b4oek? or (he New York and Bile Hudson Kir* Kailraiul comp'etely and newly fur s at?a*A ad capable ?Tl??DaodtN.?'uuwgLIX will be disposed of on favorable terms to the right partv. with a long and valuable lease, aad possession gives oa the 1st of ApriL H otel now doing a good transient aad city nesa laoulre on the premises. No. 333 Greenwich street. Hotel for bale-now conducted as a* end lish Shadea. ConUlas IS Kooms besides apacious Bar and reeding Moomi; is eligibly located aiid for sale at a great bargain. E. LAWRENCE A CO , OS Eart Fourteenth wtreet HARNESS MARKR'8 STOKE FOR SALE.-ALSO THE stock and Fixtures, now coins a gv>d bu* newt Apply to JAMES lOBIN, Bloomingdale Village 7he owner wishes to leave the city RTOTirE -F??R KALB, A FIRST CLASS ENGLISH L> Ale and chop Hotue, with valu*b.e '.?a*e. the rant over pa'd by (deeper* A flrnt clans t-klttle aU> y, the only one ta tfaiaclt> One of the beak harmonic meeting! taice a week. Will be "Old at a reae->nabli- prtoe. aa the preaent proprietor ia about ren-oving to tb* country for the ben-At of bis health. For particular* inquire for ?ie week at 17* Mulberry street. Roadside hotel for salf-ttdree milbs lrv.m Fulton ferry Coney Island rareimU* the dose Tbe oener baa made 11 .KB a year, and is retiring f rota Ihe trade Inquire of GAMAGR, 80 Hassan street, New York. jc MACELY, 93 Fuitoa avenue, Brooklyn. * 1300." ?FOR SALR OR EXCHANGE FOE WATCHER or good* ihat "-an be carried in the country, aa Oynler sal >on and Fisb Market doing a good business, ea on. o' the principal avenues Musi be sold on acoouat at deaih ia the family. For particulars address OyiUr and FWt on Market, Herald od MILITARY. RTOTICE ?veterans OF THE WAR OF ISI1, AN* widows that made claims for the use of o.othing aad arms, will call at H?e Hounty Land office, No. 4 City HaB alac and prepare to receive their certillcatea of alloaraase for the money Gen II RAt MOnD, ls<e '-olonrt N. R.? All who have not made claims will please call as above. r LET?DRILL AND MEETING ROOMS; ALSO A Basement Store, front on Broome at-wet near Breed way Mereer Hoa>e, corner of rtroome nnd Merc?r ilrwta R. B ? Second hand billiard Table for eale IBW PUBLICATIONS. PMBOIT AN ANTIDOTE faOR OF RE ASON AND WA? ?>n'a freply)?Rl ht? of Mae Common House, Ae -Vst tale's, Win y's and laylor's wr.rka for Sale, by <i. Tai?B, teacher of Narlgatloe, Hnrrrylng. Ac , S61 Pearl street, eornar ofFra:kf?rt Katranoe in Frankfort street. ert-.fl rurrd in i few ieaeons. COPARTffKRMHIP WOTIOEB. flOPARTNf-kMUr NOTICK-TKK UNDKRSIGNBB V have formed a copar aci-nhlo for the buying and seiiloc Of W'nes Liquors, Ac , at Klrlng-on atrert, in thectt/?f New %erk. 'llie day of l>MHnli?r , , _ . _ _ Deccoahcr, 1*1. The name of the Arm will >>e funk A t ANN A M ? U e L JOHN W. rUMK. ore, Ac , at W Wrlngton street, in the citv ef le ?opartnershlp to cummeore fron the IM ?er LnQI), end to terminate oa the Uth day at HPORTINO. DRANCIH BUTLER. NO 3 PB0KHUP. HAS ALL TMI JP oboic* ^reedn for sale and stoek Butler's InfatHMa Mange dire and Flea Exterminator M) eenu per botUa Bet ter's -Rreedlng, 1 raialtj, Diseases, Ae , of l>ogs." f I. Decs b arded, traiset, Ac Medicine* for all 1i rtari R BALE?A fiPI.RN'DlD COl'PLR OP SOOTBH I)i*r Ilouods, ? igkt months old, out of the best atoek la Fuji land perf -t In sh?fe aad 1st ge site This la a seldom r ' < with, as this *t-?-k l< very difficult to obtain M this ooantry, aad they sl*r> be'sg the proper ap for trvlsisg. Ts be seen until disposed ef at L BODRNBRRGRR'S, W til lam street. SPORTING.-JUI-T IMPORTPD PXrREHhLT FOR stock, Ue largest Russian Bloodhound that haa ever beea seen in theelty: ?lso, the largest aad purest breed (H. Bar nard IV f, four st Bernard I tips, Br- weeks old, Newfound land 1'upa, Black and Tsn Pups, Hull and Booth Terriwit Mask and tans; King Charles Mantels, Bng'ish rHwyhouadet I>egs of all Nreeds Addrens H. Gardner, comer o' Hroadww aadPt/tletk street, N _ fPO SPORTSMEN -FOR VALE, A splendid IP.tKH I Better, thomngh bred a: d pervert y broken. Ts be see Monday and Tuesday, at4Tf1^ Broadway, tmm 9 e'eioek to? ta the afternoon rBOATBUILDBRH AND OTHERS -WANTED, TWW Its and four 19 feel Boats, la good oider, suitable far Mh lig For c?sh pnrrhsser address Boats, (lersld omee. fsr four days, stating price aad where Uiey c*n b.. see*. TACHT RRBEt'CA FOB SALE -SHE OAK BE SON al UmafoM ~ MVWICTPhh A rrKIM. THl^MmBR ON ROADS OF TUB BOARD MT '? "XMMNO.U City Hall, on |? day 11th last, at 11 ocloct P. for the ooaidderallea s?a sMltlsB^tir the widening aad straightening 3 Broadway be tweee 'hsnolnt M Its inter-.-, -ion wttb (tleventh avenue, ad or near 1Mb street, to Its tnterarctton wttk Tenth srt-nue. a* or near I4tth ?t*eet, and for U?e traiteaHlon of auoh n?aar btiKlaeaa aa may cone before tbe oommHtaa TBRhNOE FAtiLRV, 1 OearjutlM JOHN RWSHKIJL > on _ JOHN IA ?>? AD*. ? mm*. WR Baouui. CUrk.