15 Mart 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

15 Mart 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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tfcetr taremee rtepeeded Now, thd pro?v#ltlon Fag the tK(i#'n? 07 ?"??? he abolished Happily wt ha vi- ?utoe fioo* '?? kt)?4 lb..t We htve uov only irluew^ piano for 'be tnitig Hoa Of slavery uid fi r Ihe apjTfOl cleg of ntvr ? <*, but we hare li'iu to il uob!t ? brine for Ihe ab linos of ?laver> in ihe West Indies which ws? imro-iu ?-d tnio thu. House bv Uwd I>arb> . adopted unJ cart led luio effect. (Hear, hear ) At the same time that ?e w.we ad piing plaus of our own ft* the abolition of M*vviry,wo made endetvora hy treaties to abolish the clave trade carried on by other , 11atkH.it The hotora ?> a go. liemau buy a, I canuut con celve opt* what roandation 'hat we have been promot ing slatary In o her on<.rl<a ibat our efforts unhip plly, have not been soooe-s'ul. I a nut ? that ui to (*?y , successful to the extent ?>' toaily suppressing slavery or the slave trade; but all our i florin have been ravlo la that direction and to a o wisl lervbte extent they have In terfered with and obstruct! it Uu< slave trade. There U howevi r, thH consul* la inn t<> be borne in mtud, tliU while the whole nation won wdltnirness, I may say with ecihuaiawii , adopted Urn plans lor it,# suppression of the IfnglliJi slave trade u?<i afterwards of tOngltsh slavery, . there i* in other c unities no such moral public opinion maJnst Uietr slave trade or ?l ivery upon which we can count as an iflicient support either So the diplommy of Ibis country or to the rmrafeaw uts 1' to which thor-e onuntr'in may Miter for the abolition of slavery.- We have d ?e much? as ih< houorald < keut!?mao bis gone through the details I mod not repeal them ? we hive done much for the suppr sm n of the siavi trade with Brazil, and the amounts fur the <?st Iwj >e?M stite that there has b<*u u ? *???? trade carried on with tint country. There l-t a very ?reii t-alo la staves curled on bcluecn tbe coast of At< ici and Cuba ami groat uumbora of slaves have been tati odue?<! into that lultnd. Some nay that 100,000 and oth> rs that goo uoo tous of sugar an nually aru growu ano m taufsct'irud in Cuba, and almost <?tirely by slave labor This is a melancholy foci. Vfo will codt aver to aaor'i'u ahv this triuli- contintv & In tl?e flist plnte we flnri 'h .t cv*'? person in Cuba who ku efllctal eomizaac* of ih s tiii|??rt it>ou of slaves ro.;elve<t, or ut able to receive, verv ltr?e brlben. Tne sum given to procure coi nivai oeat the inno <uotion of s'aves is, to mauj [vrw iik of Am *11 satar'es an irr. slstlble teuipt t tion es|acially as ih<rf-e aitovn <he>n c.iQten*. lta"m-?)lves *nh re? euii.g still larger bribes, instead of assisting in the prevention of the t-afllr ( believe tha " ttio ( ivfcei.t (iavertor of Cuha is i-'ncero In his deoUraHon that te wish? b to euppr' si the ?1 ?ve trade. Hiere i>i no 'loi'bt that be ha* or 1 1!<< \ int>s8d irom their tmploy m? Dt Feve:al prions who lia-l h-cn ooavlcaeu of cairy.ng oc th- -lave trao.': but strl the prollt w so enornjous, the Uciliin'e are f>o great ilia, c r/ ?n of Mavett are' fetilf introduced into iho islatd And ?. hut , according to our tri^tl's, Mould bo the r<medy for i hi* elate of th iimtf Vfsst ii. wo n g under me -p.i.ish ll>g .ioo iutroiiu nit; blaree ni^liI bo cap'ured ai.d bo ore the inlx>:d comoii't-ieu and ooudeuiu^-d ?n thete aKiiu wo mnet wuh au elltclual obetrueti n to o ,r eit >r s for tho sup prtMiOTi of tbe trade ih tein irable n(mt>orc<i}S if certain c ruitvrh were placi-d tl .1 >ma<ci, am wore to in terrrpt these vwrela soii'g to <'ub?, th?y muht mate several captures. Our cnai mud rs htvo several tunes had el'n :i nt fiiua:non? ntar 'e')d :i <1 I believe thsy have titied cverj i u? i avor to eh ? \ th" nave trade as l'ar a* w ns in their js>*. r I! < *<? are met wi < h another ob-tai 'e. ?nd iliit >s th ' ??, >e ./ ,,rr or rv the Atn'riran flag ? ^hi a r, hear ? ??,.' kwii , . r ;/.rm tnr/tira m(\yt irty. I liaie retd over ami I it* ? ? ui 'in; Am T'cin novreim per* tliat the o is a laifie ^h-o oai on, ? Ih oanslderahln capi al, at Havana <v neo 'ia< reiiii?o< * itti Ne* V.i'k and w ii Li other porin "ii III ? c ist of America. The agents purchase yif,nf\a in New Yoi k and elrewh we, and these are sent -ouietiiiK - to ll ivaia nnd soraelimea directly to the ciMisi of Afiie i. I hey arrivs oil' the c.?ist, and feasor. sa js^sss^isS/SSf^ unit tlir> rlainiCil im.'uawly lor th -ir Hh lp? , t mv**A, from any wnh ??> -m ^?vr'o u lr ' ,i . ' Hilk ,'M , i v rel a viv-i impu tation ot olatea. L .V <-V;V L, na.l >?<? fKnuf .',r cr.w^1 . , ,/ l,<if /?> | /j,'U '/ ) *'' HI Hul ' met them, I thuiK, TilU Lrc'i < .tni.-s 1 B"i 1: ? " /' m v K /?<K i*f ?????'!?? j ?fc. 1/1/fc Tn a '( I > th rt'irck <? I y.-ur .hx'-s u jut tifiuU.; t:?a?U that *ou, tw i nU prU* Uvran l-ntfvn 't)"" <" f""""1 b-m.d twtfo rn r? > hZa He rn v ? ? ? <lfr* ^ tCS/Zto ' * ?* " fr"n T K' hw'-.w ...??? <?*>'"" 'fc4dr! ,Wb,; *<s' otJ'i h rat* ? f? t?" '*? ' "* t^i'' r' . h ifc-uit >. ..rW?? 'ifii h?*< "U cr?A< and iH"r i ' I ,lVnlfr\ to ?><? Wf/vl rjt? fO' ' ?'"> ?',ur J",!'; X'fo \V 1u.i!h -<!'? U for , '?" < ? ?" ""*?? "r: {'"I' - v tts ?artss ' x; - 2WV that (>.e American i.u. i wtri | tti< iux ti < r tli< ?e remnur traiw.-a "n the p?r? of the llr?u?u r^ea .^ ih .t tne> woaMnot be cooUn^K ?h< honorable nmtH in .nhw wnll aiiuthc^l-r^ou.b tMn i?f?t ?' en m\ uu^vs r. vlv r*&V ***> lual A , , S^ris J3? " -t;,';' '?.r^ or diHo'?iHft4 TtDW'W't'' 'fi"1* nf ' 4 ^ - X SvMary W r '">? "?? ^wfronnp. oir /r-m drcla^v iftnf ?? "?? '? " < ? " "?? rT"'(f, ^ ti.rf cllVctux'Hv Wl*''* lh' lv* ra" ' "lt'ra ) than (hat. / ""'<?<> '>?'? """r r' * ? ^Ti't hilt ici.i" 1 1 <Cti erf.) Hi" at*te of ih'vg*, bo# fm, te c^e l-r wb-cb I ?b.-.k n.- tU.T .be houor?J.c mj;m tKnuulir *bUe tuoy iuk< pontc *lev ubich mtfhi 7^ llVo *aT STtbS^cW.. ?,,-oW.y thj. ti,n 4i . ,(i r\ h t t> ntMivo enormous pn,atilj ?'..b ^ 70, SO u.a i?? ^/^'Tkw .* i rri?.i? trailio ^ to up ? *ubj?ct of ablior rcr? An4 tbM tW u-e.n.Moi t.^.h, 'ho^u.-r t?ti eiveu i.y ili>" Americ-ui 'I ?* 1 ' ltl?- rwi-ls ?bt b At^trlcc .u rp ??? u ?r ^ w r3 thit ther* Eboiilu bf a j-tn? ^oMtr-Ki, c mpw ^ of ???? !? ot variifli couBtrirt omp"??T?t by , ,ha stftvem bill b.uri.? <n'Y ?'?*. *mlr \ ;".,n nXTWw a wirt CB.KW-.MJ locou'i'iint.-m. Hint , (J w? m?< a \wj rraw.ot.ae | riM^-t'iun. b U, g ... b,m, M< t . <? -?oj. ? : ooin itn u.Ufri?>. I .MP'^.d ,.u.1 u u?> uati-iui sti'iil'l ?'t| * ' to I. A"'" 0;? I n*w r? rJ to th- p!>a of 'tl.n bUoT'W KoiitleiiHii f?r ibe talrodwtion S tJ? . ??.;? ":,v %? X W4KS rJiVr' I .U to t.,o r.r.>rnt <?, I sS^rir.ss Uhor n,H^. emi.nin., woo. .0K?d <?? ; ^?r,?br.?v:;,oi um,,. .5 ?r;w?r7, wo?W 1 'p-n-to'"l;tu. i hi c'n l/ 1 tio0K^"rT..1/r?U0., and lik. w_ *^',7 *fui?"|U'lo "ol 'or,, to Mi V ah t!,. u..u..r-hl. K' ?"? * ^ hfikvc >wi wi u"l b.?v ajv P1' ' ,,?.rn in (!ub(i whrb tb* r??it^?o' nnrt * ?? y P T ? ... 0,.n. ..a tril l. ttocteoh >T^1> *>" "t'PUca .'o with r?r ?<? to ?* . ?,,,<? *?dru* r.uni 1 m tbi? caw also w"! n vtniiittu' ?u<t tiUnwtM to ? >""??? vt ????"? V"? " VV >b. Va.t.e , tf >t".i 1 n tV _ .1.. n it r?tuf?i or r?port?i foi.o<a thut the ?**>?*"* *t?h r rti i n * r^rn o ?j?. ^ ...Urt-nM, M???? t<? <>..???? ,n".4-(.,\o Cui.4 h -.Tn the 'u>^!^'?>??,>lM,," n y* 1 1 ,? ?,t?nvTbi.i iu 1 5 i:r;.r' "f ?su ? ;fi id-^r-Jz f. w ft,* L't'<o e t to tow td ow*. 1 A*"" MnK .r H%rr Of HiU S:;" rfcr-^r.*. v??v. sn,'" - r'n1 'w^ u h',;" '.>" tV^vV; k would *>; , %ft,.r ,f urt* <? - tu-B t - IndU I t,i:?. whI b? lu? it''? r r*?< t*'d from thlu hta botit-f! to ?"7 ,,,? .,i ,m,i mi im'rr 'torn Roing oo Huuw <Md r.ot pr. Tont 'be uot ni .1 M w,lb the P*u. ^ t ^ frt#ni, :s,hr.r^v?^ ?r .h?c ?ho y Xfee^Tl ll?,^00^ndwMP tare b*on tnl^ducJ tuto tb- NUiin.l s '^r t nr^ . II )0)?*, While g ? ?natAsnthto >, n'',1tt^" ' ot ?ra of pr. , . rt, I., th. .>.?u.?r> . h.??i- br?n ?h# ?????" ? rkiftliK (b> *? lflh"rer? in th-? * b e of l'or'*L ? eriHhiitig thein t?. | ?ln U h.m> t ll*elih>nl ) Th'refoif. h<ivu n takna an -arlv pa t ? II* tmiiiiirTaihjn into th? MwitrMim, I e -rtunli i>to?ul<i tv inotil haonr to ?oe IrnvlarHlion to o.jr W"? loaW Inujn If . Bc? tber. o< mea to.' qu'^on? bow t? that to bo ifonw ?m toa', pir1 .if 'he -ulij'-e' t rto not ? Mb t" u Irtrea* tlie Ilwi^e. I thlth it*iio.il.l be left t<i the Oilonlnl Se | arfUrt |Liin,?r t.?? " u. aiv li pi.o M ma* t*. projiiw i ??? hit* from tiro* tot' me via an iru?j tHWtn ealcnlaie to earr? <?it th^t onjee' Tliii" ho??"; *or, 1 n ?> a?y, thit her Mnj.?ty> i nvern n -nt are aware of ih- ?il?iiiia?e? ih*t may bo oh UiumI by tn.mhr*tMj ??V>the hdi-a-bj torr-a toit?be q.'antli) ?{ f ?? tob.- a.i? -h t ??' are oSnloa that reciilatMiM ni*' b? ?r .oel oy wii?-.h the atoMUiat m.) h??r pr. in th?( Ir fut-iro b- warded i'ff Tnere * ?* , I m n>t,?^ith. p to 5p r of in mlfrr.ll. n ' PI" ' ?{ kot 1 f" ?ft into* w ""1l' '" h "f i J r. . rrwJuti' c t'.*t "i * to rut ra'i n w?irt h? ??iflV w>? Th-t f* -'I'lfitl >h, 'JO" rtamJ> * ''"*** If "' tktr-f.r- 1 rfeii fit '*>?* ? ?*'" ?*irh ? * K*" mUvttd must rutt be rrtver> t.p. CHrar. bevt I must con f<Tk, too, i liat I no i M Bow the (w-ciiiiAr iiivtauit of i(w b<&oi*Mk> KtD'ituiaii'b esoiuiiona Th* Ural a'atee (bat ?*Um? n t-M? hitherto emplaned by th.a country lor 'b? fl'ipprosioe of the slave trade h?*w failed to u coio^lifb Ihnt otuen " A'u (Until th y hwc ?m( tuaUi tiU4i,k?t (At Uarv trade, no rrvjre than have our jh: t C tuuftdrd m u> ally cOjtvayinf Ike ric?ut tvf.'vi </ yickvn# i?Avft A as Jot.tf prevailed in o?r o.m (umt liter); but IM nn-aw- referred to In the (evolution have thrown ooaincu*. in the way of ibo t-lavo traUe, just, as th? piiice lure thowu olwiaclea in the w j.y of that species ?f thiovlug Therefore 1 can cot agree in Mint (?u t o' th<* honorable gentlemin'B reso lnii' i)8 wb>^i> Mrcnia to uunly (bit our mean* bare Dot t< lidid UiM'tu'dh the i bil it vkUicl' they woro devised, lite l itur part of toe tbi'd reeol itlou poia a to a very u^ful uK-ntnirc ; hut UioloriMr Bifnu to exclude other reniecii**, which other ri iuodi<M have, in my judgment, bts n round very coudtieK e to 'ho Buppr<*aion of the slave tiade. With tbc.-e opinions, while concurring in the greater part of tbo honorable goo t lota an 'a observa tion*, and entirely approving (be ohjoot which he haa iu view, I beg to move the |>rev loiu qiu-attou (Hear, hear. ) Mr. Btxtuii shared hut hot or aJMe fncnd'a views regard ii f lue Importance of immigration iuio the Briiixh W(>et IbiIIw He bad aiwaya desired to ace the largest possible influx of Chinese and oooIwh into that part of the British tfouiinw.ni>. At one tka*, it was true, he Uiuujjln that in quiry was needed into to? mode of conducting that Immi gration; but bo hid sat tlrai bunt elf that it was humane ly carried rn. oud. uiwKr duo precautions, was highly benrtlfhl ltoth to the lalinris and the immigrants them selves Hih houor a Die f r tend tlrat resolution <,ould not be detied. It wot too true thU after all Kn^and't thcn/utt and txitlioM the Atlantic v> is i-ifx again covered " ith elite thi) ?. It woul t be wroOK, however, to imugino that hlio; iaiid'B strenuous and geuinua ellinti Uul been in vain. The cluve trm e wta not wipprohst d, but it waA eucrmoua iy dtmiuished. H'uAtn the mnnon, nf nuiny honor iM' y*n tUritn the. i tare trade hail Utn carri.il <m by the t'nitrd Sa'rs, by Central A mnua, by /Jri:il. hi) I' r'v#al, by Syam, by Turkey, by A', not*, by Lnylund hi'telf At the jm-Fcnt moment, cxcrpt ^i>am, ilierx W4B not one of thneu ctubtrii a 'lint had not renouncd ih> tra in, und tills ro Bull )'a* t i'fu mainly due to KDKlabd'x ?ndotivor< and ex ample. (Iliar, bear) The smgio fact thit tlio tiUvo trule had be< u a'>uihifate<i along tbe whole oo.iat .>f both thv Aun< ricaa via by itaoif a apiondid triumph of philanthropy. tHcar, hear ) At the presi-nt m iiuout, h'lACMer, 'he fluvo tra n again roanag UK head. Thty ifitjlit lu pe. thit <*r French i.umi /ration of nyrrnes, vhu fi had tiiry me. of th i rwi aharm t ?ritfict of the >lai<e tri dewu.rr tmm i ruult be, ai an end; hut the Cu'iiq Blave trade had bn>lton out in tbH liat two yra>s with pfoier vitlnwe. (Hear.) The otml'tct of S/><tia in all h*r4tolitiM tn thi* ma'JtT htul hoi bate atpi intuitu*. Tli.it mhiht bo th''U(<bt strong language, b it it * i< h-rulj ? trnoger liian 'hat uh d t?y Lird MiliiDSbury binj^if, who. lu Juto-, IMS, toiu the Spauiah government to their face that "her Majesty's g.ivernini'at bts a right to tequiro thiit a tern nball ba (Hit to tb<< liag'aut alxiMO l>y the Spauiah autho titles of the eDi,'#i'um?'iit?i which Soaln baa con li:i tej wi'h litis country for th- ? oppression of 'Ho sluro truce '? /? fit t, S/ain litul fiin': * > lm?in the teal ? *} ?i tun.' no ili-lmuit wrr the imiuU of he ? t'itrtm:n, iJtii thnj u f rr i/uitt i "iitt nt u> lei tluxrt If tlu- .ttu/le aMijrf stain "1 with il e infa.uyj thit Cinn- Ttii government of too (Jiutel Staf' H inquire! not lone Mg t wtiy we did uot Pitch Spain to act up lo ber cogagiunonts And auroly there vas a strong ctwo for vigorous measure* (Spain sto >ped to hoc pt -C-kKi 000 Irom us as J remuneration for jgroclu^ t j abolish 1 10 t?a if ili.il Ai m lit jj'iu|> o interest iro.ili now amount to a million. Wo h*d a ri.bt, therefore, to cotn.?i lirr to re.'pect tier stipulations. it it monnful .i* the Slate Of tbi' g* Wim with regard to ;he <!ul>a i hI ire trade, a more dt-tr> esiug project wm? opening before us (ti man ibj-rt of the. fiauthnn SOi' s i t meed iitp from I'nur i'? :?< it I, had h-4* to rrw the trwl' tn tUtvc* with Alnm Heir demand for tiim wwld ha < /??? ( .nit }Veie thit tilluiril, all lwt+ for Afri:i wntl t tmti'iA Si i' uo'ilil atid-.n V ( iwi in runis He h-iptnl HuU her M'je.i'n't r/wrrmii+U wiUrt f hi if a th instil*:: rqii it to 'hif tnergemy Yhr ikIiIo lord lit tba lead of tier Majf-t} ?* Vermont bad imp mote tliui uny living mm to pot down the si've lra< e (Hoar, beat ) The i.oMe I' rd, the Min'-terfr I or. ";!U '.flairs, h ul at way n f'r enuou 1. exert <d himself t>i lb.' H;itno wise He conti'teolly look-nl to litem ou tins tveuriou to uoopt a wed consider* d as well as a vign I0U8 [X)llcy , and ?yd hU illy the <? oun'r ./ uyt'J f iyt he tr' l j o'<?i./ thrm in dm iff tHtntm > ?/?as rufiiHc to tinithi l ite v . irii/le in httiiuin /? <"'j ? A '??, In pr,' ?>nr-' the ISri tt k rtitnmt votlt r<fu* la t* yni- the II an of th ikni.'cm rr^ifnliiiicy, r. 'nt tij* p t;e < ini that th ? AJrier- n s'air trad/ tMi vo' in- wir i At ibo buiiiJ t?n ? oi-o could not Imt fol ill it ?tu b ? ( 'ud tmn tn cv.-i^c J, or In time b^ put u-ide; and ult'.'r loii^' unl tntut tnitotw ftivli ?.i tbi-i qurut on, lie ha'! coaa^ to th ? cutc'UHl a that to ni'^f Una p'rsrnt tnd pros-K'Ctiro hi i vo t'adc wo must shift Oi.r p<jii.;y. We < ould DOt Sl'ip the slave trade by Bimpiy < ruiaio^ at sea, nor by rc <n"c ?>tiunc( ?? and protest*. Wliut wr rauM do w?a to roo ler the A'rtfuP cdi.st tLa. r- rSt')lo t > t!i > al'ivn tfail. r. Vbore wbi> r.oth'na novo I or t ho iri'll-al in fits propr??al. this very Uiiip Lad actually l??o d?iuu o*er a v.nt "xtoutof cnv.t wbt i 1 ' foimi'tl) U?et"lavo tr.ulo *ras life. Why, from tb>> Pen yal to Accra. In. ludirg 'i 0C0 mll?i 'tf Uio cm-it of (ian-tia undot tornvrlv ihc -y Inmeo' thonlitv* trade.it li>Ki bcou.ntiri i> ? -xt nK'iu'hoJ.oirlrm totho. patK'D. either tn the way of |h. ;*otMoii or or prote torito, hv France at ftenegni, by Knul.ird on the (.ambii, Sierra lioro tho Gold Coist, :ind Ia>vo?, and by tUo rioicijaim lul.il . rn, Tlio c'live trado was now entirely c mfia.vl totlut ia?- nnn'lor port'on of the ooaM ocoiti>lj.t by nntire ????.>'? (eftp. cially ih> Ktng'i/f |ialioru.>y), ani alw) to tho l'ortii((.?c d. in b. lorn Now, In the ilrttt ol iro, what 1k> proptvett w?h tb.tt . inst-'ad of vaialy ro noa utraHtur with Spain we (th<>iil< throw our wh'lo hiHu >ncu upon l*ur'njt*i Wilii her wo bad flave trado treitles; ebe derived >io probt from tho trade; her failing hud aliva} ft b? u in o n f^ver regarding l'.. All tint whk wiir.u i \vn. that the govi rrment of I'orttig*!, ?ttmulated ml petiiij# aide i by u.?, tthoulil agtl.i adep'. B'.rlu Seut lut-^-ena fo' its ?upj>rCr> Ion (Hoar, hear.) TbBy ofMiW .'o Jt if thoy would, and th-y hi 1 ovety motlre to i'o o. r^t our gov rnmout lo?vo Spilo alivw tn hor infitmotm ooum>, ami devote theniMl>oi to awakening tic <rov.mni"Dt of Purtu^aJ to their duty and their in ten -t :n til.'- matter, l/'t u . do our beat t.? iii'luco I'ortu^al to end n higher cla ' of offlcbil-*, with bntter til. ii le.-' Mi?l -npportod by sonio naval foroo, and under triia nt orders to oxcute the liiw.sayain^t "lave tra lent, uiid the : W.e tr ido there must ct . ho. Bui th u it would ). ai -olntely requisite for us to |.Uce coniul.i nt :? v.*r:il points. t>> K'*t? a d<*n watch o\ "f nil that \\?nt forward. Hut all th - * mid bo lu %ain unl.^s at tiio i.itno tmi? w^ teal, d up the Intervals of coaat ??upiel by th- r-dliaii ? l.i and other native chiefs The p:.'t> . a!, tti n, lor whic!i ho rnotit earn.-stly entreated a favorable ?idei at -r ?n that wo should enten 1 along tli.it p"i ti m ot tl " c tin- "ame kind ef protectorate iljit hi I already pr "tuced B't-h benellcial r< -?ulti? "ii the ( old (Vie-*.' "u thoiioll OiKixt w.. .1 iio territory : but we had a i'? v. forU t'romwln h >>ur tlag wav d, and l -t bun r.i.l to the Ilotwe w hat l/>rd <ir y .-aid a. t? the result Vi ti e n . m ihore pumii' d. ?t \r,j -inall c-. ? r mr vre.l ti ihe rf-u'.'. i rrea; arnouDl of linm llilB >1 ? , eu?jle.l nLd lli. e i ! .iiiidal'oOH are laidtoi murh 'r' . r fill Ii* i-g a.'C> t.i ; >i i lid hriwaf cr. A tread . war* lave b-n . m pltblymi! . nd to The t>arb ."IU pun?bm'i.t? I >r,u-rly ii ba ' c??.ir.l, H'< url'.y ot ll'e *nd pre|>?r'v hai lie-'ii v!n rr-i;Jetelv ??iah'ii.b^d, ej.i alloe ar.d nil eni r hi I or? .i e I'm ami ullj earrad >a, trade aud indu^tii am dmly inorea.- '.on (!!? sr. hear.) Now, he wu??iiv1 for no nil Itai jr oc. ujavtion over. A few civilian ofllctaU guard* by ?o no ?? iu liaiiie;. of nulivo toldiers, aa at ibo iio!d C'oaat, was ti'l Uo hf-ke*'. They would tnoie'v want to occupy a very tea tti ? l< of at i < ?\ n'ent poiuW, putt t'j have the ti us of th" protectiv e Powers Joying, as a visible tiigu that tl?> i tun try w.'*? uni.or thoir guardHnahlp. lie w>ull not er force the protectorate by troop ' n shore? (haar, bear)? but Us practical enicaoy woui.1 arise ? ;irst, fr- m I" enabllrg the crews of men of war to Un l and flit- troy the bir.icoons ou shore, wblch, when dono by Captain Oenuian, ruin**l tlie fla^." trader* and bn>ke up the trade ? (bear bear); n*TiUiily, frcm its cm hi ing them t*i ?eize and execute us plratos those v. ho might attempt to kidn tp the pe>plc uu lor our pua-tliai .?h.p, j urt a- W" nhould do oo tue Gainbia or i.oid t<?st (Bear, bear.) T.i*t such a course wouH p it u dead step to the slave trade along the pnitecte-l caa-t there ooi. id ho 1.0 q iention. The obj.JCliona were be c wncd, weighty. At tbe outset arose the i(>t.>>4ion of ox police, (jur . xi>* u?e ought to be much lesi tU iu now. , I. r ) n ? o vesr-ls. bicked up jv tbe p v r deftiojmg tlie ba rmr.ior.s ?nd other m?:hinrry, fo le H|ok. of the trade, and by the p jir*r of htugtngtUu Klavo tta'lersa^ pirate, would U.II ui<>ro thantwsiity vos ie's on tho sea with no right of Fexrcl (Rear) the i-i.i,t;ru t of the two plats w ?k strikiu {?) evhlbiVed by c< tnpai In if the Coll Coast w?t?i th*!. of ndioiney. the former w? tho greater, yet, b -iag ou ter o ir protect ton, it no*?l*l not a rrui' r t? guarl it, wlide the latter bad oftwi, be ?aa t H, b- <n wVchel bj t.n or twelve crul.TTS Tb. n, ss-ui. it mvhl ho thought anomalous to protect people who h?l not usked I'M our protect Ion. iut, whatever the iUi"rs rm^Ut f col. lie jw op!e would be gra'nfn' f'<r the locre.i^od eocurity t'> their petentis otel th' ir projiorty. (Ilc^r, biar ) And ho was willing to We tuu proojeding oo iU> maturoi tart |ir nciplo of givlugtooir n-<in^ c. m trrrre '!.at pollco protection a-hich th m'lv chi fs coi'lu not *?r would not nif i'd (Hear.) TV stsis yt? tii II \nu.'-r icxl fhi*ilt*v ii< :hii>t't Tret e ct'- t-b* JeW'iHty ef <*)?? r unl" n*. H"' u - m< ikt i ii irnt </ otp that In * ?jfm tug r. at' it atK-r na-um 'Hat '? uni/r uiJh v- tn rhi* pio!-iti r <' ? 'I'll Ihni f iff *h>itv i ?" >y tin re a/'U uj v i th our mm (luar, hear), imln fi'h the und*i r'ltndtnfl thit mtr ?.ii.xi wote tioi ti bo bempsrwd. Hy this ar(an,("m?tit we l oiiid aifoneetibeooorcmaioli g object i <n? n.iuioly, Ih i* It w? not t bo p'licy <>f i n/I.U'1 to etteud bor do m n We should not b> ev ending our d*muoions We should Wit be grasiung nl t.e? terriutry. wo sliould not bo undertaking to ailrniniator nea ?ijalts. All wc should do ?ou!d be to establish a police friij-ervl- i'Sl on shoro HS well sa at Sea (h<1ir); *rd he enlrentid the ho.iec to Ix-ar in mind tho pro d.g os a., vanuig.v that would uocrue to Inglant, to Africa, to lli* whol ? world, If th ' "lave Iratlu were eR. ? to -lly put itov.n. Tlie etrjierlence of those few y**rs during whi? h the stave trado Marly dleappoareJ, before thelnitid Mate? relune-l the right of n arch, demou slraied that if Afri'-n could but have rest from t-'lavc w .rs a pilehty commerce would ari? ? fHear.) !she had bound|i?s reeourt' a In oil. timber, metals, coffee and cotton At *' (*?? f"'er orfvl*. t/ hat' h-^n th'nen tin' in pntir tnttii'lUien onjd I * l*udme?t, ivunl >0 v'? "'?bant avd ill i't loi" " print- (lluar ) The trade from the! p?rt of Went Alrii n wh"m e th" ?laTo homer had been driven already nm**uute>i to little less than Ci.WXi.OOO per mi num. (Hour, hear.) only put an en l to the slave trade, only gtvo poa< e to tho-o fertile regKUiS. and the w.-slth no! only *>i Kn/l*nd, but of the world, would be greatly augmented. Aft k* woul l enter into close communion with Kun po. cotunieioe, civilisntioa, Christianity, would Sf i) sbe*l their bletu-ings over tluit hapless quarter of the ul. tie (Hear, hear ) Other members spoke upon tbe rt??lttUow, when the debate wss clo-ed by Inrd P/tjsiwro*? 1 tnust say the Hoi^e in much in debted to the honorable m* m'?er who in?vod these revi hit tone for brlnt i?v undor th.lr cooiderstion a eubjeet ,4 erent interest sod importanoe ? (hear, h*'ari -and how rcr mm h we may differ from him a- to th i wo'.ltog of the wenlotMii. tbe co*irre ut?.ne ?li#r'i!*l?iu m .?t Imvi slmwn h m alhi t e II ?br'C is oo illl^rwiee ? 1 ? pinion t?.tM .-en bim a d 'he g t. rtim-nt as U> the ot.je. t tn lis stilnod (lle<r, hi'ar.) Tb'ro w?r-> s.tme e?presi*ltit.s, boeeerr, *>s? d btr U4? bmorelllo niesober, Hid re *choed by tb" h s-oraltl" m tnoer forfertb, srii Cb, If tliey ?re i-ln?<?t lo go loMh wilhoit Ct pUnsi""' mivbt oreitw a n. i??pt> ebotis'nn as to il? ir n.cioirg Ibo ti. nomole g* n'li.i.isn stat/d that ib' Fnul'sh g 've tiiH?t bad !*? r a long C'nee of Umo otico- r 'ijtsd ana pixmoivd *4 i\ ery iu?a tho nlave trftde; hot what I brieve be meait *u , (bat by consuming niave-gioa: prod no* the ooepleof F.ogland h*1 indiro Jly unooursgtd tl :vfry anu the Slav* trade. (?iear.h-ar libit it a qui btii'D which baa been frequently diacusi*d in tbm House ui d i pon ful deliberation, those who h ire urged rarllsmcLi to prohibit til* caanapttoo at tufi^rvti commodities, have not succeeded in convincing I'urlu mt nt and the country that this wm an effectual metbo i of puttie {; down blavery. 1 with It te be understood that the efforts of fci gmnd for putting down slavery and the slave trade Lave been moat exemplary, of long c v.itiuu anee, eiie.-gouc, and to a great degree successful. Thai la one tea* n why 1 object to the wording of tbo Unit re solution, became, taken nakedly and without explm* tk'n, it would Imply thut our effort* have altogether and entirely ftulod. We ourselves set the example of abolish ing the slave trade, and afterwards tbo ooniltlou of slavery. (liear, hear.) Has that reniMnod a fruit less cxampltr On the contrary. Franco has folio ?ol our example Fhe abolish* Brat the slave traits, and then slavery, and no condition of slavery now exists in any terri ory belonging to France Holland lias abolished (he slave tride. We have onnoindet treaties with :*pain und I'ortngit, giving meuis nnd providing machinery for puuiCK an oud to Uie slave trado. and we Luvo concluded treaties with the innumerable chiefs on the const of Africa, binding thein to coopTalo with us in putting an end to it In their doaiuious To My, then, that this count,) had baen euooni Aitm'! elave tiu'la and slavery in other nations is to assort ihvi whi h la ut varialice with the most notoi ijus facts, ami Is a cal'ii'iny on the British nation (Hear, ho.ir i <> ir efforts, In liiot, huve been greatly successful. The efforts of theBriiinh govercne nt have never cetsed <*v<9i t nee 1S10, when, nt the groat Congress ol Vienna, their rci.ru i-cntativea p*rsti?il?d nil the groit Hovers to *g--oe to a declaration ih tt tne slave traoe wan a disgrace t-> Ku r?pe, i he desolation of Africa, and ought to b? uni :o*rn. From that lime to tho present tho influence of the Hi Unit government has been exerted with every Clvlllaed nation o induce thorn to put down the suite trade, und tli y have had great succets. * * * ? Forttigul urcd to be a most active '.UHtru-ncnt of th" slave ride. I will not undertake to W17, buetuso ( know it wou.d-tiot be true, thu from the Portuguese ce?l??ni- in Africa 11 gT. at extent ol slavery does not still go on, bat it goes on ag uust the will of tue government of KUboa, and, when icpicsenialions are made to It, the government of I.itbon trait stly and l*ma title f xorcses its authoi ity to p/event tW* recurrence oft licne abomluillou*. Time vis wbeu tho Court of J.ibbun encouraged tbo ftl.vo tialo. Now it docs all itc.intodiseoura^'e it, ^nd vory little ?Uve trade ia now earned on under the Portuguese II tg II >Uaud, wticii umiI to carry on a gr? at deal, now cur'uv. oa no slave traoo Tbereloie the s'ave trartn Is now confined exclusively t'i thai centre of abo ml nations ? the I. .Ian 1 of Cuba. (Hear, lle*r ) Tbo number of slaves 1111 ported into CuM was fomi-rly compa'atlvely small, but I win so-ry to say that wit'du the last few vcars it his groa'ly inere.se I And b<>* or why has it iocroaiedi' /< i,? hum.. 1 . ? ?;? n>-?n goiYiWHrnt, fvoti in' ti rt$ fur which ttm oi'ih' prv/idjw to rfyjirct it ? /rii/i a mitlaken in 1 <? of na-inci' honor ? Is itiUrftfui to cour vUh ttiiproi/y th'it jrr- it iti >1 <?/ th ?? Atif'rieuit .if JO wi'h (wr< t/ie a'/omin t inn at' th" 't.r tradr Wl-'en we oome to sp' ,ik of S(?aln it is uupoiMi b)e to t \fit i*ss U*i stiougl) one's sonso oi in 'gott' >o at >he prodlgiite shamolits .tnd disgraciful bid laitli with which tie Sj) inlah nation hive scv;! In ref >ri noe to tlie treaties C"ncl 11I0 I ..ith l.n:;l,nd on Hi!" milter. (Ileal , I, ear ) As far back as 1817 'Uo S|?aiu ill g -vein inent boon1 thiuirolvos to put an eu 1 to tii" slave tiade, and ri'WTM )C USI.OCS) ,<a c^mpcnsaii n to lb je wbo oiitbt br soir re-rs h?' thl< oh?n?;o of jioucy In l<Ui, sit. r tho cov emmctit of Kngl md hid nuln'.y contrit>nted by He assistance and protection to ihoes tiiblishm nt of 11 free couetiiu'.b n In Spain, +?> :.sk'-d. us '.lie irilv icktn.wledgoient of our sorvic ?#, that S^iaiti wo M conclude w ith as a t?kt> by wbic'i nix ciil.i ry should be (lUiliiialie.l by tn itinl ntftit o^s .rch, plied with ooBitDitajflcs HMtbUke bi rh 'Q the M K ' ">p' 1 ? r 1?17 Ut'pln be retdered t -ii ? e a ,u uu t-fi oltKtl euu put lo that eltie trade ivlm u . , #.(?, cirried (m, ai (I ,v;;!cii ho w?t> bound t.< *!h? Ii. v\om> taini.i our ttiiuest the memory ot tha s tvcxm < hud rr-i,!u ud hf' be: g;.t|ll ' r hli tit "t*ie re omvu ei o Sfi'iiti Put' cotte u l to uuko H?ch u irtuly, ?ui , it p In ! i?, oa f,'rl> c?!r.. i] lit i !,<? .sptMHU s'uvc tr.i *<? ho;.. I u , bt.Ti an urn. b ?.biiilt-h. <| ai tint ofllrii7.il (He* ? It ^ ext.ii iiiltfu') tint i nation vvh t'i c ?? n .u V f Mi q who, 'id en . t' glv, would l<i;is-ti ifid.i u: auiig whi'-h was not pcrlocth him. -at mil ?,?u.{{hl '.rw.| su.n'l wlou taken m ilic. -^rog.to, i?i K..py s, ? b -inyjf. m ant ?lioaiir?bl.( a r-olu'ion of In It) (tbtis) Tii - c? .fi.lt ct ot Spam might Inve K i \ t'fi u Jut. * CHUM? for war, If tve bud I'loui'lr- rigour to nv.iH ( hi .?( ivcfl of it ff hiivi' ic|>- .tc(i'l> u nyii : Tiled with the -pune h i-ovcriiiiu ot in Mtrnijiii' t*.iu ? ? iiko tba! v?-..ii-h I hi.veUf;! L.->iu;:. (Altu.1t.)' Wy n?j|o frieqd haw rtantlv hpi ken t . th'ni lo thostmu tone, but I ..m sorry to rbv they hare hitheito been deaf io a re-ibe of ilu ir <iut> with r sjMct to their national outage neat, (far, hear) I tr.kt, b 'wtier, It ts only a remnant of lb it d> b iKeM fouling wlucu the arbitary government of Hwim r da\:' indicted > t> >u S|?iiu I ii .pe th.' to ho liberal principles tuid those ,;i neroux f.-t hi.gN .vlii -h b ? i( t H lo ,i pot>ular r?-pifhi ottiive uti.M'Oh ,tuution .1 (joy trt.ii i tut, will, in. tote It*, hive thurav iv, nud mat lue |x<iiie v. ill font thidr uoverniu mt t.. : ct i . a nn uoi ui'u o lu urcordm ie with bttttooal honor and good laith. (fluent I / jvpTtf fc. f.rv, <?- my n.Jlr friett-i'iut- tWsd, that we Aii' not j*< xi<*t iron< th- fnctrtm-iti ol th* Cmitfl &lat<sthn'.cu*iMii*rtv*kvkv? wi u m-itUx! i? tu-oc* tr?m a fforrrpm^t ?/ /r?r>?.- it The noverDtnfiit of th i I'niteJ ttatt f have t 'k- n WRHgt mfi.ts *? well an iho So-tnish n* Mott. They areb'itnid b/ iren'y '.o co operate .nth kt.gluid lor tlie 8u?>pr o( sUvo tram* by htittoniD^ | a certain lunonnl of n ival lorrc i;|?ou the ro?m of AfrioT lhnt rwaiKwrn' ha" t*m *io<, or fr>* julHIt il fr?in time, to lw( Ihf A mr va? ffoocntmrrit )?ity ' piTuentni llntuh CrtMiers frmix tnt<Utlinp u.ilh sUtt.s wilim utrJrr l/ir r( can jl'ig%r.n-tp( ot thiir rill, nud j?rt/ in th' of ihr thtps beirip foutKl u-X Ci/v to Aire the Ai.irri.vn H t? hit'e t met irun rroiuoj their natiomUxti/. It im woil K uourn tb.it the mere bowiuiR of a Hap in no proof o' n* li 'tiulitj. NattoD.iiiiy lm proM-d by papora, which pa pcrh.of courHe.ciujtiuiy be ? proof ilpou their iiroduo Uen. Well. ,i Kfoat difHoulty ari*e l?roor lhro<. >i%jS ngo upon the ct?ist of Cuba. We thought thit not only hho?ld thcie be /in intercept iuk f.wco on the co?t i of Afrtc.i but tb .t it would bo useful to su-tiou it BttMlxr 'orco oo the coast of ('utiii. (U ar.hc.f i [iilti c Hires imiiie?iaU.|v .irose. Antenftn e? f-wt tn fie ?la v tT'd< twn,<ha'.,1v <!<?' ,ip a fjr w' . itrnor it ,-rin-t I ur truii'-rf, (tatitina thai they c ?r? xnUrtrfttin,) the e wnti'.nre of the lh,il,A .v/,i<? Tlw Ci.it, i brat' ( mttit 'ooa the ma'ltr up, a n't, mriiiQ to the mm jvi. ,/? -n of ^ tir nm Iittutl. tiif Hnl'fti _./ ?i .v nmt ui ir t*f (''./'(/ il to vithitr x io thru' mnfrt from that pati-ni* \ly tioMo fru nd ina 'e n it lontr <i^o t pni|iOdtl to the Amen c: .1 never oirient, winch, il tney bid been rc.di, dMp,.8?d te co ncri.te witu tin id the t ..ppronleu of the -lave ?r. ili., I mink they ought to have a- . pit d. We mid the Anieii iio govfrnnical tdmid i|K>n a otil.-r"nt loot.ng oi one iin|*.-tant n*p?ct B) the act of 1^4i a Urttin t cttiiMr t' kiig a vptfc I w.v e(M in the tdavj trade w tbout pi. pern and wiWoot m y iu(!h itioi: of ut tlor -dlty . i* C'l. tit led Ui Uave it mmc naoed b. u H'ii^ii ( > jrt oi ..(imirfttty The ba> ? n' tlU'U tmi/ T /?V fA<?? '((> anil 'herrf' r.- \m<n mi ,i,.iti m rnn~,r v.te's a >h-n rr.n Iwt ? t< t'\ t/-ireg, t.,H mh.ut i.tw nf ??'? fut't.t. ?/, i* rwH, t, onyttmii. if the *?ie to tal .? the itaivr ,n'o an Amtrirmn t-o t. the), u ft:, Am. rian law ,.<j wUk A .? .hip ?'< .imrri' tn o nM U timh-mruil far the crtme of i ???.. ti. Hi :||.V t v b *t h p].( . ed (tis the cost of I ion ?h.na?arrr JtH-1 v?h da-< n,-t nn mi .r.n '.(? th, I.,r raj * ' (..?ri. ??.,?. ,<r,tr, H ;tj pn*4 of >??? ; : (.''.'( I<( ?. .'?> /.(Id an.! 1. 1 He, mr O. t/ vV u "o ^Uu ntet a H( itifcti run or fh( b c .nai an i. 'tier lean dbip, pro ( 1 >'? ? P'l P' '? i'liii. th ? itii Im-I with hi;. vt - (ie I,.. it ?,,r |m ('i<le to {..ui h h(T. Wtii, mv iioiue ir end prouo: .^i to the At not kali g vtrtirtiM,! (hit Unt.,1, ad A^erl.-ai CfOrfrt MMMUd Ii) IB QON^iH < tlMl Vb n ?' > tin t a slaver If alio bad i . t?o. ( d th. pro in < hr,, tionailty, tl 'Dr > 'b cruiww might U.k? ber. wbil?, oa tl.ootbrr Itai il, if i.lie vhow .. i Aiu. rirri p itiera aud c > ocg wh> ?n?ht 1 1 e : o by the (Vmcritan cru ,er ('?lie.,' ?tiir," and a lauMi ) <Mir proposal wa declined, uoi thcuf- re, as l.ir as that m?<r,o1 o( putting dote th f-lave trade |c Oiba in c H-cerm-H we have b.en def. ved (Hi ar beat ) It i? -dways Mtt^factfiv v lien this U.e.se l.tk. i Mpll.'t g' oat (|t)(*t'on, and bv such sn expres slon oi ( pi i ? a. V. hat heard to nl-ht ?, rtiii. ? I, .r y '?> ' ?> >'? ?? ' '????? !?' " -i ?? I re e Mat i ttt- which ti cv '? f Ibfr ty to tr.al.. to foreign got crur.tt ni I r t.wn i -trt. I CAM.(it t.^ . o(ihi) e*pre s toy cor.c ur TOce In ti:.- ( pin'.O'. Mated by my honorable friend, the mvt.b r ^cr Newport, a i,. name i? wcia'otl with ill the in oat Jirn-ral le ar.d r gt.roos (?nor'* frr fMttlog aa end to slavrjr and the tUve trade- /Anf. if rhu <t*o,n,.,a lb crime ttvh trre he ertin.mish,* , the ro,iM n) Afn.-,, ?*? '?"><* of ,wh MrUik to il, tfhitbtlnn'* to the m nt the unrl.t ,i, the imcyinattm of mo-i nm hamtu enmpn.1 Ttie -imoni.t of *iluablc pro. tiC'.,ont ?h.<;ii tniirl.t it. tin*', ???;., >|I it .(-.,: t:v ?s?,|| tli<- ntr .cent ofe ii ptm-; '.( n ?ii. bright s.. ;. tiitd Hj're f. r tin- pro.i.c tiro,, i '"l.or r .'-I wo. Id gtve a ?c.|m. to It ai d th Itrntiin which would n ilirt Hie lugl.t ;? cre.'it "l-<i .... Da i . i,, , i h , nier.t Mow ever, too mam ob- ct of the u.oti. u 'a lore our I e-.s' - iht>tf,b I o not thin* tliM ob.Hct I" ? leo-lv di re I' l ? it lu th. ? cc I, tii n as It ,-t?ii( ?? ?ms to 1-e t) ,t n?. goie.tt ,1-nl otiglit to f umtirage f-e?. -mmn rittioQ into the oolonttF. I hope, nftcr the itat rreni made bj tlie ( n cor -ecritaiv fot slip Cotoiuitl I w eaitmeot? who Ii ,j fhow; tl ?>! the ?K?| urn id are fi.llj ailve to Hi. m,p ,rt nnco of IhiK iumg atKi.. thai thev luvo greatly en Cotir(U(. (T t, tt at t !? couth '? tig and 'ticreofing tcir bv jjOM.alB-dlng a - pi.lv o< In 'm- to our r..|,>ul,, _an;, ti tei tl.c general en i r ion w hi h 'in ^ beei r x prei-ii. -d i.f tlK' ?b( bttre t'.ken ptrt a the debate t inu-ht.uut he iH.i.oatilemc'lei opio-ito ? ili not think It noces i.irT to i rp- . til - rc ..ton.*, to 1 fi|?.,(oit fllc.ir lv>ar ) "in aisurr |,. m that tt I |?c uople-mant to (bo go-, prime 1.1 at., till, t .IneliMigbl '.Iff the oi . v \i' hf* ' , o p.iolif t'? bt lu v > i hat tbof ? llrr (roni bin, 'ti hit / 1? t'.al ?.|.fi.s.s w, ,g..e .vim |?m n tboao opiLka-it, aitln . if,h we cftinot aocapt h s rtwll lit n mi it sod I trnm tl? r f, r... be will hi s. ir to (I wth t be ti.cciiHM. n m ui. b h .* ttk. a p'uhsmiii will not fotce the Mi/iise to the ti *sa^ ref'^bte u**c<!%oty of Mitlng n^ntbeKo totisriu. -tioi ( lltvir. h' tr.) I have I oiiy ar.olbct word to M). It in qt. iu< right nad ma-ful II at lhn^> who are C( u ectcd w th oiir r< lontal powa moos ?hmdd urge as Mna nlv a* ibey can the expc iiei.c? It rfPW ntg f rte ab r, ivub the v iev. of auir oentoi- tho P'odi.ctlou of lb. e 1^,^1.1,^ but i toe) o i?ht carefully lo abstnir. from any nrgenient widch might he miscoa strual by oth<r naiKna ioto a de?lr? to curtail Uu? prt.d'ictk|p cf r'ral ro'otilia. It rnny be true thu Iooh# COolk* who go U> Cuba are not so well In* ml rs the coolie* who go to our cy.Wn e?. It |? Imposaib e that rreo man Imported m labours into a country whero slavery e?l*ta cun bavo the same se'urit* and tho same Ulierty aa they wmld haro in a i aintry where tilery doee not exist liut, at I lie enta* lime, caa you sopp.?<e that the proprietor* la Cuba will lastly cenpent to allrtw tbetr Ileitis to remain nn cultlvat'd. their produce Wrtlmlni h, for the want or a *'i| ply of labor!1 Tbnt ? a thing not to be expo, tal Tha CIH>K* !if# hitwr*!! il?Hr b<?ftfj? with fiUrt?, L?k? n !?% tho mr>-l nlK>itiifi.'U>U' town* from (tM of Africa, or weht*<:srna wlio, thou?b kl inaptw4 nod badly tnatw, ire still line to a eertain eii.nt If it la >?p d thai Uie o'.ject of the HrMu h col is not simply to tff -rwe tbeir own me?ns of production, but to dPnlo 1?h thai '4 i t|>er co*?, tries, th? ifl.tr, o' fngiand to po. dowti 'he pliivf iraib w.d lie ml <uri. < rdto. d. |i will l^o rt(p|?Hd that in ey are ( Mate i by a na-row co- inio-cl d K Sttany. not b? I# n^ip<( > ot bo r.nlty and of gi.ierai b< .erolctpf ; tn'', w l it from other countries ?wdug wit I. eg l<i cooperate w'lh us, llte? will uoi thomte.ret itg if st ti#, and do erer> Udiig lh their |/owor t<? dtmart ui d dolt at our jo ley, (f'hta n. ) Tlr an wo n c?t an I th? naolt,u?i< ? m wlttdnvcn. Mr. William Smith O'BrlrwN Pamphlet. Mr. O'lirien bits published the follow ng letter ? C^htkmovia, N?*h.mi h W>Kt, Feb. 18, 1M1. Mv Otak Fix? 1 beg l<> thank you for having pub iiehtd in txtauo my pamphlet relative t<> a French in

v ac i on fa) the Ha'-nm and Morning Act*. I run ret U? Had that seme i xprctoK'HS used by me have given offeuoe , quite unintentionally on my |wri. I trust, however, thai then* clmftH will nut hare iulttictw.1 ?? my frinds any wouuds deeper than thot-e which have iieeu reciprocated in the criticisms to which my pami&lut Lute given oc ca.~ion. t'|>ca the whole, I am conviuoed that numb t;ood will arise fn.iu this controversy, uud I truat th.it the asper.titK of language anil momentary i rrit.it luu which linve l*-eu connet ted with it will b soothed by a soiise Of mutual r> kjh ct tor the frKtikue;- which han be u dis played on ail ?i<1es. We Irish rtquiru t? be taught toleration of admse opinion. We hire be*u so much accutit tntd to tni?repre Buit&tion that we are disposed to ?? evai to the rcuumtracces of frkn-'s, '*"Tg'mrj insults. For 1 have ezec hum a wy prlaful dutr ? not hastily, but alter bavii n considered the subject during more thou Oflron months. fth:bt I appreciate the noble qualities of ttiuy of the men of 17U8, 1 have always rousinure I tint the proceed It'gK which they adopted with a vl< w u> nerve their rouotr) were mo. t dita.>tiotis to its lnteru?ts. K#|K*cuiliy i)i Matrons were the consuiuunct-s of twu courses o< ao twu upoa which thoy relied, name'y , the foiniattoa of sect et nock-tics, and ?n attempt to liberate this coun try by mean* of foreign aid Bad ihi y HupporU'i the ime.il jiai ty of patriots wuloh was led by tira'tm in the lrith i'ai liamrttl with the saute onerg whlh they one- . applied In the formation of (secret sorb ties, and in l<>ok- ' ma for foreign mccor, thoy wouhfchavo eventually ob tained ail that this nation required, and the Union would never have takoo (tare. VTe are menaced with a repetition of the*o errors l?y the fnrniatioaof th? I'bo-uix Scoot? , ?nd l>y tho tendency to ook to !? i ai.ee lor deliverance, which hiu been maDi'cstotf Since the battle of A.ilertuo ( have ther- fore felt ray f- If o m;x 'led to warn my country m<u agiiLHt the dai ger which is impending, aoo 1 am hsppy to Had from e.< verai private coumiuncu ions whicli 1 nave received that Mi'i.n of the most e:. bulit-in d aud patriot,., ot my (Vithohc trends ito not disc iver lu tuy U- g.ifcge that tone of otereeprrt tit w? n-h the critics who have reviewed my pamphl t in the \ ulum compUin. A Ii< Igiat itieii'!, b'lwtvor upon whose judgment and t.xporienoc 1 place much reliance, toll* me tbit >tr. Martin snd 1 ate like these ucctors wl>o formerly Sought >og icvts'igalion, t<- account for th.t aopearareo of a gnlduB tooth in the head or a lititu-ta being After the lugumeut hnd Iflfteu ftii a lot.g time, i . wxsui ieugih 'llacofored .tut tbo u-fci tnpi :on on whi h the ar[Mtnent was based w;is uulouiid.'u ; lor that no tsuch g'.llei< tooih hail been dis covered in tliu bead ot any buiiuui b mg. He assures toe th.<i louts Napoit- ji never will tnv aJe Eugtand or Irelacd, ho thai the h |x .>ud fi-ars founded upon t-'tch a c?ntin gelie> uie equally lUusorjr. lluve a ti'ii! tior, k, tti(' cotiiil y- of Can- that a ton t.ein.n nam.- 1 Vi,:ho?>lC< mvu, ?h > wrote miai* Uric;, two i?t nj in l-isli which weil .)? f rv-o to he re;i | by our stn eMs In the (J.n ic luv.Mffi., vru? soiii-m)-. porsuaiid itoui lr?-Ji (id ?. K to be oeli i*i c i frr tn I: it ?. b t uio h> !? | ft i hot Siatj|."h nvusion that h- went u gK>at pirt ol ih lit'* in meditating upou ibis couttofrnc . iue inva sion Ut-vni te,.k p-ucc. but poi r Mr ('o-u?u iii^louttd his bushitg*. Hn i sp?-i t m- fortune in preparation for it, that he rdiicou himsoll from com'.'.>riabln ilrcuiustaiic.'s Ui jxiupt rbm l ot i"> not imitate either UicW] f1 'iti i* ortho L-arnol u. ?n?rs. l/t ii i nt.t n-yh-ct the oh-ouliul iuU re-t^ of oar COUl try whilst wo diet i?b lllo-ory i?xp.-iU'iorifl 1 d tiler with trii .ii that ( in th. columns of the Acfu/ti, but I urn I, < | ip? la f?nr? ?> with It., w ril "*- m think U K Hut < iir u pir .ti ug ff uut oum i<r;ep.<udo:.C" ought nol t,. previ nt lib ln m u aog all tli" re-euan os (hit ir ? ftiTiitf-br-'l h> the institutions under wM>h we a' tun'ly live, for the purpose of 'buitiirg improvi-m^nu eub -, by Social < 1,'irtB or by legislat ,..n. T',e pa. Icy or iMr liatrntnr, iMli'p- nii n o nlno'.i the .Vit/t'en h ; ><o i.itic udvr.cii>cd, i- ijuil ? ctmpa'iolc wi'.h n r?-.-,iut.?- do-ct mi n.'itK n to t-r' tDoio, l v ml thn ro<?tu i- our oower, tho , cove r\ ??( lit' I' * i -Li tivi' indtpvt, ? oi.or* u' this c ut/ri ' woe Id now.' prtfcr Out the Irh-h rep.c. entativos fltmiM n: eft it) rub'm rather th*tt lu lAudon.lf he< v. ,o Sufficiently i.utf-i..r- to Joan itm t no cnrnitv^ of a D.-li' Mil council ; but ir the constituencies of Irnlat.l d. el xst Bid oprnr?; cl?M !H that wh'C. will b- ..ll',Me! in 'he Ctu>) "f (oik .ini-ti," It.. !?((<-. ot w. i ic for I, OU if r. (N ii--, . nw Mt? f of I'ii l| n. to* Mi* ?iif> ,j ro to p. m tv the -ocisl ..t il legislative u; pr .v m nt <>t th'-t C? V Pl'1 IX'IID.) to f .ill the ,? . ;u? .n t . obrt ? ? 'rorr. euik-Hvorir gt.. tvive th.-lr ( >un': > tlir-mirli tl.<- u^fck-s whi' h tl.cy can ut p-ps?-nt ivrnm iud. i my own |.art. I wi;i ?t"o mch fupp rt fts I mu < li< r |. atiy tuelul piop ail, vhch-r it < in u,at?? frnni an <>r-i', I'tnan, II con.Hi rv;,tii- U whig, nn o>it Ircl.'.ni (to ?" *l< r, a Vuidr Iroland Rop-a?>r or n K-koci Mi?>orni ?!. ?' (I if wf act toH-aroK cuch other in thU sob It, po-h.in w H^all And that thi-re nro a many 11 i-'simih cf C< ti.RU-b ii.toi(st in rcfiu'i* of wh iclj all Irlshti.-c Can Voti mav r'rtji iT.hcr that our ,wnt oiitr(?r?r?y orur ?a*ed in an apparent oitlor^nce of opu,ii>ti r, -psoMQr ttto ifiiuatiou of voluuuw CM-p? in 1<? l?u t. J aoi > ,.y h.i,?i.> to hid tiiat lhl? Hi-mmi i< of op'Dlo'i wna r itb -r liaigl nary thai1 r'til.aud I believe rb,t thoto aro very Irit-bm n ?ho *ould not prefer that the eceu,* >f ITSi Jhoulil he Bgaiti witix ^ed |r, Ir<?|itn i rather tu lD th'*e of 1798 Mltffi fiv v'?tir6 Ti rj itiiffftly A. II ScttivA.v, E?q. WILLIAM A O'BKIK!*. France. lh? fi Ho?(og la the address read on Mi sday, Kebrtt ary 86, in the jJenat", ta reply to the^ptKcli from the Thn no. ? Sm;k? Wbi n y jtir M .jesty by yo.ir decr. e of the 24th of Novctnbd .loi . d to extend ymir c mmnnicatl i ? with the (trtat be<iifi> of the 8iato, ucd :how of the Brent bodtesoT th? ti iite with the oouutry , the iVnate th?? iciyitatytr the runaunieiiial p,ct.iionNs tinderst 4xi Inat tl.-? coLetltutlou ri tnaiiiiNl iotiCt.and that it wiw n>ercly to I eel a tnor>> encrK?(ic m'<v? niont We rerfratuiste you, Mre. on tho anfimt ooadrmaMon ?h?ch your Majmty baa (ires to our tnwprrta lion. Irmc long neither esref.sire hbertr nor excecs ve authenty; wberrf.ro nho Hand* (onfMent ly by the rowituutiOD of 186^, the limita of which i-avc tlMr Kovenuiiot from hem* a?? . l ite, ami liberty fn nt < iflo/ d r. The ?utb<.r of this constitution, wh?e? MfilS Is in the rational Nuflrniro, your Majesty aUo I* its firm, ft Hipport, nod in jour handa il will not deviate Itom its <"-Mntuil prnciplm. Rut to tlni a plare tn it for relo nw which aro oi tb - nature of durable in-tltu'.iooe, atd which a r? tcmijnant but to c 'nut tutlonH In whi. h tbcrt> l? iicthlrg S..IUI, If not a devtatloo. We hatl these refonu3 with g'S'ltude. ai d we know how to associite onrst-Ivcs to iberr, wlih the indeiieodc t.ce which Is In our h.aitii and in ymr wibhes, atd with the moderation wnicu is cno of tho duties ot the Senato. Ibe e^pcbKion or the dumviic and rorelijn condit'on of the roiiti t(i j r . .yen lo nt by document? of im-oLti stable atllhot It) tho cc cstai.t ?oll itm e of your Majesty f r the pn -pent) snc itina cor of toe en>pirt>. >t htrre :hoie ts 1 1 r w;ih tecurlty, and eacii mm "? 'l'"' Ik' lives wit,', ?hat mi',, nalli *??; vr'tic. Vr ?nc? Cf.n*?'t tie a th?.i;t <" r I'ti.nr.f do t.< l n?f?.'ir t,, i, . , -n '.ed ? } th- ?urn;.,, ? ol . I .. tj mi Iwus r. v> i ueiuor. t^or to lighten he duties rn a'tlcl-s of ordln.ry c -uium.) ton. aid I., protlde frr tb?t volint'iry d Iii it > ""f K(v.naiett In? vo aeed of frtvh im.u^n it -J,ai iv i.niav?rntle. nor of p- bllc ci,-iu u|. wa)F <I?-I'0 ?? of bolt'K 8|>i':nsiy iisel |( ?h ftrj . oi du' h d fot ? .otiit nt t)/ the cfainit ct-:l tfeal^ , ii:,.- an.!, l- for is durtup th" ir o.tr-ti v, , it will ?fr?lt. ttnn in the Incn <n ent of cuiiMUitiea the . 'Tiuih whli h S""?rv. S'l'ff ri" ttrnr.wi'ile puMlc >?.>r|[^ a*,t car r ted on activly, without t?i*r of the ^h >ck whno sn, h tirdt rt'ik" gt> w 1 . n tarried to i-ieetts alone (ir,4iue. 'apt till abotudi-. aad or.lv Cemandb , i ciltlloit It merely wniis iii til the state of ?,(fati> ^i.r. ad Ikh'-mic- r-.-crre f(?r tctiri.ll <tittr.fU to be ecopln) ? d Ig tbe acueldtMm r.f ptilrtk! and p, ivate ?e Hh. This u, henceforth one of th > neo vary pmbs i,?t'oti?i?ci|?lty. Tr.iet s <ioet n..t f- ir ?? t'V w it, sloef in enre- -u,; ii|.on It <?!>?' me*u to clln it: sb her arinri attain ,>? tu<* ghirio of ui..u? ntd ceur.-i.e, aor t<. ui ?k, n Its m >ral pu-truu,>oy whi h *u haaiKs her cirllii tiyo. Ko- n.?s? lets rs ?he S rate have girrn their com pi t< Kdh. .-.ou to th< tac.-w.ur. t.y wb,rh>t<.r ?t y >t, t,a-< ui :t.<j 'L III" 1.1,0,1 . of tne Mii.|s<sr ol ??<,?'..> th ? dill, n ut d.pi.foet s i e'.^n.>t M the s. ,at, r?, leti -s a , an. be et O/ r?i/t n,. ?* p veo to tbe pcodticls ot luteileet -e lb Ct Inv.o- rn a re gn at I d^t ..t?(.? tne (T'tolnf .f ke ep ? n Unraluert ttod-r Uie eject th- lui-ror f.la te. o-ir ?|R( il.' ; t wil. be guiS ?vi?i more c uip Sitni s<. lOtitlcui ly tn I sia cewt he yenst.' hare a.en with livdy SM.sfacn.-n 'he rfji ca- i Ih M>i ii'uu ' -I y ,,r null. r,r;i(M.t in l.r in Klurf rei ^iotis nd ilt-rary educat iu, in itaprtiri'iir the r i, ;u a i* the cl rj. an-i m .!? n rit, g parish.", a ,t vtcartnts in ?ho rural .ht'rtct. the ev"- p mint ,4 mmti s. atmi' ( la b; tu be t help t< tl?. people It. their labor ...i* acl.vitv With th k view the Wnste tare rnpport>-d. with your Mi.ie '.y the prai-eworhy ttb-ts ot your fune i (.arns in aid tag ths c..tnn.unes t.t lb. . mpt-s, an l paitkuolarly Ihe rural ctn nmne-, ir, ih. i c tructinn Hinl n p ir i.r ..rth. in h.ire.n. t their pr? b) teres, at.4 th. |r tchoolh ..i-e? -fh.leair Irnl tinal industry is extended m dor thr protect^,,- t.nd (4 !!?(? riQ( i ri?r it i ? ^ (bit th< mor?iuf ??'* the pel i.iai:on bU-i.ld bu fuc.s. tg.-d si u- oj ?.d- w.'Up.o grefs Alter lour MsjfMy'g ?l?lt Ai^erla you desire,! tbU the gt,vi tru.ei.t <4 th? . v<m ?f sb u.d be {tn 't)d *e ri,.(rlco ttlal kn IllUrtMUUff ttevtial, t.(H lit mir c 1 le^guea, Im calrtd by jott to re%)'/..< the hop. u rel'<t'ng to in,- sin' tem of (teci-fllrabrathm of wh ru ,oe. are ani<.u? to m?ko the ? .peritrei t Ma> tbis a, ', m, in at, ch 'h" military , timet.' Is lofortlfj the etttl, oi..' u..t ?o eir.ee It, in cifusf nt' re ?ni mrtt Uwr n ).anc?o tti? r.?h ut?ts aul se- tt lly for Ci.pltf,l The flK-.m. t* o I (?vtHutS.?? of thee. I III Is wt.tt wi I p. ,, lue. <h"--i?nl a id <his IUimI ntis lo thi- tpirti ot our tm : titutlou a, d lit t'je a.lnd ol the I mpt-ror Abrmi!, S.'O, ) ' ur tin i ?s'y , by tt,# pmiKeoew of the r, mint luirnti. ns tit >o>n k veri.iiieni, ba? ea I'.btit.cd Mil- I'lit. .,' n..'id u':'t h 'rciirftl. "I d the , .nil Oenr.t of the r ut.try in the ifr K aoee and in the mrilniebancr of p.-*-. rite ai.rm -e-'-utiy . i-<- tsiim ?d by tho arm. Mine, meot <4 a (hut u-'ni bat oua >psar?l. Ihe Oipl< nial..: ,<>reep ,'i.'t..e li is piac Ii. idea light tl.. f;i .diin erft 'iidu g ,'t I , ,ne- the c m?i.le'iti i..a Mhe Is In id lo, two the rew^d t.l be' m >d' r..U* and coocdla tory policy In Hytla von Imve pl.c-1 the Sword of Kranre be twet-n the fh ' Mali popurat oii nil ?ti.?>ulm*q lanitl cism The n. nacres i?f our Caih.ilie brvth en have been sr.'ested by (ho s>ht of our h?< Nay, mote, tt?e Krenoh army, faithful ti yonrs tm- I mons, went U' the extreme l ast U) agato raise th- t'.rw^ j bsaten flow a by Asialis sttt?->slits>a Mtssl tnatiea of re llgtoa. vindicators of Fr+u L ntert eu our e?idlM?, uuilso to thoae of (ireat HrtU.?, hare eiri<ntMl an o|teoiM fot (dcas, ccn.meree and clt 'lifiitoo in the c ipiial of ifes Ct-lesll?l KBptre It was a glorious day that i* wbtcn tne It I'titm to the Ait?u.nt) a d the r?iniv tnlvtm lor lbs Ku.peror wcte heard from the ixnitre of the cathealral rs stor.-d. If w? new esst our ryss on <hs Italian rvslt-s il? we lire, like yoor Majr-ty, truck wtih ?h? sveutsot which it bss htwi the tlx aire Mnc? ?ur l?tit sew Inn Tw t lmsreaM t4 tbo hr?l order, whu h the Kmp.-ror w saed lo cionitl sts, havs fi?'h. d, ?n I ItouB Mt.-?t? is strug?liag nth ihe (VtiM of lb. tor r? pr-evf.nl t .at c.dlioi /tqr K?vrrt'B,tnt baa UN ail m?? p..l|t cal ? ill and fair flealiBg (tntb: Slight ,t ro one tm i^duu-d ait the ooe-v, Ol tho law id in. b?S, to Uia other a ?>mt?ei?miaa, fb ro yon a^p .i. l'd ?r m ?> |u?t h rti ymi >r?rn ?|g,oi<dat .m|M.i||le re-otauct. Kc. f) ?hera ^o.i wars ?ffpeted ity iiot.lo mis'ortune and p .rtifil Inline sil ttjultsMe roads w%r? oyooetl, Md r*! o,,ljr ?? ebor? b"fore tbe fWfhff of for re, foflf leri i'MKxi Wen of oou-duli:1* irt h( imIi'JmL Your Mm. Hi , mur> <?v< ? , ha* not rotfoUM tliat u' uth* i I be fault eotua >tt<-0 bv t>aof c ?a? to preteud to g Italy aikr b..vi( f einaa?tp?l6d it, aad you ,l. *ir'V to okruga** I' reach policv froan what hut (mmu ea cbtoMTaMaw-bt, not thinking that becauee it wax ue crmtuy IV inlcleie m Uvc of July. opprMwed by a formica Pow?r, tt wan n< c- bau< y to mteife'e in couitrua ii g tbr m ill ot em*LCipaied Italy. Tbi? ?> stem oouiu tei v?Mi<in, the teat Jo prevent a |ni?r?l c liagratioa, will i late the lit- >d of our ancient ritrUry with Aiut it, ucd If, nttwitta'andicg sioiKtnr p'edlc<iooa, a Ba roteec war doe* not break out ID the sp. lug it lit t* cauee your Uaieety. content with a pru<l<Nit and ttira ft'ti'udo, baa reeuted the Inducement* of ar c<iit itu^aiuLH, while you did out yield to tbe exigt-nciee of reocttoa. And (bin peace will be aa valuable a bteauig to Italy ae to ns. for Italy will not I e uudiratood by tbe world, which is regard - i! tt ber. tin ese ?hc proves tbat ehn will not agitate Ku r< pc bj b? r liberty after buying ao loan dlaiurtted it by I'tr Bi!?<ort!]DeH Let ber recotieot, above all, tbat Ca i J .< j1ic"-d baa entrusted to her the beau of tae Church, (be r' |n evolutive of the g^ili-el moral force of bu Risbity. the rel<gioue interests of 1'raace deniod of lu-r not to forget It rhe plcahing rcoollectimu of Magenta and of SnK-rittO lead as to hope tint the wiU take U icto consideration. But our flimtat bof? U in tbe tutelary and Inde fatigable band of your Moeety. .Your filial affec ti? o for a saoted cause which you .to not c<>u ouud with (bat of (be ii.lrigucs which borrow its mask baa been uq cr?a'.ogly remarked In tbe d?f?nce and raaliitonance of tbe temporal power of <be ?'>vore'gn Pontiff. And tbe Senate d<. oot b?*?tUU> to gire their fuli adbrwion to all the act* of your Iraik. moderate ut I persevering policy, for tlie futmo we 8bal! cntinue to piuco our conbuonae la tbe inoimrch wbo covtrs the Paptcy with the Krvncli iltg, who ha* us<8lb'*d at Its tr<u,n and who hae constituted himcelf the ni' rt vigilant and mo-it faithful guardian of Home and of the I'ontltcial throne. -ie. with the questions lie' ore ue which are 'ibwt to ar<?? hi r.uri pe tiance la p-rbaps lb? country where tbire io tbo least to da, Id c nb>*<|ueuo? of all that baa bi*n done. Kcveitl<eW>M<, u nation like oura c?nno. re main inactive labor au'i pn g-c;<s are ita Int. and from jour Mdjefty the ii.oct fri itml Impulee c.omee What ever hc tbe part rtM*rve<t for tbe s bate in tbe national nio\emeii., >mir M:<ji*ty may reiy npiu i'u zoal, iu de vcUUntM), and .tB love for the public welfare and for trwh. Tbe dtacuMlen of the afxjve project of address vrsie tiKed for the Chth of February. Fiitce Napoleon's projected Journey lo luly ha1 beea dc torrid. Tbe Emperor enjoined bim to remain at I'a<-ts for ihe prfs.'nt.on the ground, as -s alleged, th-it the antl clerical vie*f of the Prince ?nmi gi.e a rule ituo'didon to lla'y to the question of the I'.jjie'g tempi: il b ivo reigntj . The Archbishop of Refines mho had jail return?' fr^m Item.-, l ad he?n received in his (lloes with unusual Co D'oi htraMi'iii- of mtliusuuiin It is stated he assured tue crowu via', lie Pope would persist to the last. 1'ilocs had apu'D advance 1 iu the Paris oorn market. Flour was If. per suck mi i wleat 60c (ht sac* <ie? er Nofurther 'ight had be< n th owo on the airiira of M Wiiee Ihe impier+iou gitno<1 ground thit the bills of the ottoman g?.vi non-tit, due id the miadie of tfa'cb, Wnolll b'.' provided 'or. liie I an Bourse, on the 26th, waf. dull and a sbiulo lower. Rentes closed at 6H 6 Italy* The rumor is ropmtc' that a Piedmootese brigade would l?e n nt u> hi n o eiul.v in Htrcli, ai d it was assort ed !hat i be inhabitants of Rome wer sweetly making pn p^'utt-'M ft r thi reception oi K'tig Victor Fai.inuel. H was Silftioo thit Francis II iutocds siay ;tg <tt Kumo at> long at ilie French troops remain there. ;h'! Hx>titical foverutiiont ?as "ridei si ond to bo pre pai ii g (i r< pi> to the Fret oh p uri'itiM i?r M ne 1 i (Juot ro tiie' o iii orr or to prove that all the responsibility lor Ute tvtMs iii-r vntli tin- Fniper ir Napoleon. ah r(iei^?> ij e rav oi Ueoer il(j<>)t n had been dolared to be a calumny on tUo Pontifical government. The Fin cb were about to occupy a portion of the pro v ce ot I rneipor.c Card ir Hi tit until! I* dead. A;. M cment had occuced rti the Oi?erta Rallroa 1 by vh ch niDf perfects are reputed to have be*B klft.ed aud fi it'- ot ? wounded. Ibe Inlial slants of Vttfr'M), which was claimed as pirt m St Filer's partner , , had petit s wed the It d lan far liiimrnt for tbelr union v.':ib "bo kiigoom of it lr. This petition was exi>o<'ti.'<l to in.ogti me the deoa'to on thi R< roan ipu alien. It was thought that the i'arlitiu-ai v.ould t"?f6 ;?n i roc r tl the imy ntrvMirg to Count funnr Um> iwk if att^aodBH to obtain. b? diptoiroitio mesas the withdrawal of thi French force from Home. Tl>o I'nliaii S? tute, on the "G' h ult. , pissed , by a voto of 12 $? to 2, the p'. ject of iiw irranting the tttle of King of Italy to victor Rmamiei ard his descend tnU. Count C.ivour sjx ke a? follows, ou Ia> ing befcru the Sciu.U the bill fw ron'errlng Ihe tine:? ywuTow? lbe marTolictiR events of the last two years biwe, through a koi ies <1 utiesoec<ei Bix ocises, united into < ne StJiie aim' bt al thi. scattered m-roberH o' tht* naiiou. t?pp?'sing p tirtp.is dM, in"cod. eie* mnter each otlxr, :'.?d ofu c in eonti c< , by reason of dlv< ig<og ton Ui'Lcus .nd ditti-riug political t iews; but <Mluiie<> , a unity i f i ernoii M', b;urod on tbe eiiansniuile princi ples oi nniioi.al monarch} , h is been effinStod. Tlie consti tution of a Kirffdom of iiaiy i!< bow a fact; nad th.it iaot It is onr outy tin nllbni to tho liallun peoples and to 1 ur< po. It) order of his Majest> , una on th'- ui.aaiatous advice of ilie f'ouncil of Min'?U"s 1 have th? honir to P'eseijt to tLo Saute, met for ihat purjMwe, a bill, by which the King, our 4upu*t master, assumrs lor himself and bis succtstors tbe title ot Klug of ltily. F?i u'ully iD'erpr- ting the ti .tiooal will, ul e.tdy maulfos'od in a ti 'Hifai d ways, th" l'a'iiament on tbe solemn day of tho ro> el MM log balled Victor i'mmanuel II Kingofitaly. with the rnUMisiasm of grUituue and adOciMn Tho & uaie will re prrud to be the tlrst to solu tion the \ ?>trti or nil tbe JtalWim, at>d to salaie with a new title thrt roile d; n,u,ty which native to Ituly, and ilbistrious ft' in < iiiht <^>ciurtes of glory and of virtue, has h<-en ca'leil bj Dirlae Proridecce to srenge Italy , t > IMU her WMit't'b. and to el -so the epoch of I'al'aa o visions Hv year into, gentlemen, jou will put an end to the reonllec t! n1- of prn\ -nclal M-Klousio. , aud you will write the first page of a nt * n-itionui history . Au>lrla. ? A Vienna depp*t'b of tbe 2ftth ultima mwrti that the Kmpcror on that day signed thi* ne>r coostltuti >a The luet. which w composed of an upper am lo-r r bous< , has tbe right of ligiAlatlun. The Uuop ur .au can ?titntion remands intict. A riotous disturbance took pi ice at Peitk on tbe occa s'on i f a .tewi<-h festival ou Uie 2t(h ult. Flreatm<? ?rore i sed by tbe mliitarv pr?ilce, aod hVWll porsous weio uounatd Two o' th ' p iirol wi re ilso wouudeJ. Usmda. It is slated that Ri:m>i* was tr.king strong tnilf^aer tnraiKirtS to p'l^etit any distnrouig inaLiiVstiaieiis ou tb?- Cay of Ihe uboiitK n o' serfdotn RiM'i is said lo h'>ve pio|oi?d tbe cie luiioo of a trt ' If if ccBLtncrM with l'ru-t- a and the Zollverein. Tarkry. A botIous irS'iT'cetion ip i'wtk.I to have nrokon out ?? Kutorl' 'i MtLenx i I' ict a tsarcbi d Hg.itiisi ttie in sii- fi-tts, i'Ut he retreato1' ibidi 1 1 h's force whollr lo sudc fft to t> pe With ton" The iukuigeots woro re crivtng itntortta nts from ill paris lailla m mt China. T!ie Ta'cutta ai ? h'ca mails? ihe i ews by wbieh ha be^'o paitU.lt stitciiixtei by i'?? prince Alber ?bid re.e b. ' iiK>:in4, atei tb" Auiei icau portion iu teoeivcd b) ' hi F 1 1 a At Calcutta OB tbe '."O-h .'aounrr fa? reported oy tele g^aph \ 'a f<a<te| harui} muf hustne-s wi) d'eng, a>el Ft utsngs bad ' tv.i.nm 1 \<i sin - the ilata of Uilal \ l< C l\(hnge ?hs i.nt torid Vr? Igiti the Si nn F *< f*i ge tt ."?b.ingti'.e b id aovai ce<l to e.- 41. all 01. llAebktige at tl?N> K< eg wasqu^iM tsuady at id 9<t Im lO'lt ?em Cult ami |? ceaiuMiiuial read nl vol declining i A p"V"ti- lt^'ier tn tr I'm u K'? t, written jiiim h lore tin < e.-i ture t>r tie ir'.il, M-.tr 'h i the iob?-lB bid ttkou p< -se; -i"n of w<<). i. g, nut* 'hit an ttidi^'iibintt" slat ghter o? tbe uii.?oni.ni j bi.vteg cuMnenc>?i, tu?? s r* ni it &i lioTine* inn ?! d t?' ?nt'"fi 'o ou tho st 're of humanity , b H would r ot a.ed<ll. witn tl.i_ political uiotro it" nte of ttc it'suitt nts 1 1IK VHHV liVTKKT. Uvny, !f*h. 27 1S61 \ <;i. fff. * d< |*tth nyl that tue iron'-cuMd ship I'i..ck I'rinc* uarti?(?ll)r launched An iitjunrii" n Ini bion tii.iiiliil a$>inM p*T-?iu> ?n pvil hi IaiqOoii id ltthouriiphint: ?>< ? <if (he ki of IIhui iry . full )> rt ir.^c lo !?<? anted '<*} l/iiils ki'r*iith, hiurti a tin- urnik ?f Un' ki&fiu m ?>f M 'iitfary. It l? .-aM tin- i o'io com iM(.>ltot>'d wan ol lT.0 'W'.OtiO flnrtiifc, that a*** pet m dp have ciipagcil In the m uiul*.tnre, iBdlbat th" bw??- ?fi# all ptluM >u?<t ou thu ht ot cleliver> . n.? Aui-Utaa (ifimmNt wl!?d -ip>'i th? Pri*t?h F-? rctffi lifflc- U> Blorfere, hilt t<i r* loliu Hu?w I 'H? lined, ?bn an appfrrAtioii wa? <h>n nit>r to oui m tin oiif CMtr?n. Ibe i? rn>d for which tin Pi n oh occupation. in ^y t la la to b? prti. aaee hiui Let y t< t>*ti di'ltWW M?il. nrnu*. K ?t?. t#, 1*01 It 1& ?luted i n ff liaHe a I'-fciv ?t y UM> nu ttte ? -c uitoo of the rtii h*e ?a<f <4 tr>?- b?U ? of rtrotko?r, Atoght nt mo if> (? (? hbrurt help ??? the Hinvm ,n ai.il the Poles, tt?t ihaace took p aci> u* Wa?M?, wU?*h reuiored tho III il*wilK>CO ot' the pot 04 tiPC"*+*rj. 0?N?r*tiTi*'>rvJI, K.b 20, lfal The fat:nnruil enib ^rawicn^ut of ife* gorerntn-nt i*?n tiEUf* to ttjrrta^e Toe etrly ftrrval of Oount (hluF <Ht ft i-pcctiii raw<(|? from .HI. Pntwa ??rn la ram >'?4 Tho Marquis dr l*vaii-tt? returns hci> ? May , t i b*?ucc?e<l (d b) Martha! NaiiL At I'ai U m tfc* 27th the Turkish loan Ml t? Pamm.Ks* 2t, 1M1 Ibe Pnhv m>4 Pa%l |lv? a denial to the rumor th?4 Franc ha* Me tntemtoa of ?Mh4r^?itm her troop* from Rome OrMsal Turr hM ariiw>o in Parte. Puuh, Feb fl.lMt. A p*(*c< of Addrses was rr?4 to-day la thntVrpn 0ft gUlktlf . rfae futlewtog ib ? luminary of Ita cmt. '.,tv? Tb? admi'M the to take of the deputise on ?MM t n* the Imperial decra-, and upe^eis h -pee for the ni;.m'e"a?re of pe?c? TV a idnw th n e nifn ie< ? ?i tv>v>? thai the h>.m*ae m eetim ?hu-h Kr?uoe ha- (ul Dili it iu - j i a wi I ?'<? iM'btaitd'l We app-<iv? of t.>i? i polio* ahlch tfmr Mnjii.-ty tuw 'ol^ wo i in Ittlf ? 1 ??< (t||>l<>m?tti durttineDte uart t h?? iK-ent . e?o.trh of teim,^ to R?*.c l??f jrreft i?re..f? <4 yi?ir <l? ri?t">n t'? tn< ? I'ai ?ej, a??i fc'i?e pfeifc-rveit it* tern .ma' po<rer ?h m i -h a> 'he t r?* ai oi'?uniet?i eee and the 'n?i?t vi"c if the I p?pal f<'Who??Bt in wim- mitli hire fcu<*?d. <t ; u>ti? twite#, jour hM p -mptetety rjat Jtvd tho I r*liKlciJ.? *?rtm eiit? ?d<1 'be tmMilcn' tra-* t> m <>f Vr *ho?. i | A' reaaidu lb* lature, II < Com** L*g*l s\( ,>|i,* poymr i '? wli im>, biiug i til you w.ll iU tfk ' b?- fcuidto b> <b-- Mnit? p'in<H(xi .ui Mine feeling*' ? Ib'itil ai'.owng )our*oif t-i In <1 i.turbeO l?y lu<< I txe wb 1J1 you Lure oxpmioiottl aba wbici Ux> Mft? fTeret'd Uf. A VST K14. ViK<i.i, Kb. 2?, im. OtLC*a J advices from Term i-ay that in the C-kiWcom of ?Meiubl*(! in (hat city, tieuoral Ktapfci apoke again* ?0) reroJuHenary atU-uipUi in Unagary, Mid repre?ct.te4 I bo country a* bring at prt?eni ui,pr? pared. An iraurg-nl b**r, ?umt>oru)f 5.000 and aupported kf M?DUtD> |riu, luvr pllipil an'. s< t tlrn 1 1 the oily of ifchar. after fclUtrg Mri Umn ufi/ U&hocncdMS, Nnni of whom wore m men. P Mar, Feb 3*. I Ml. Tbe UrM ewr of b day "ays the rsatv p of P^ictien bm published a wummtmmmat in th? Hum ccmuimng ata htons ofleoi-ive in tfco goverti'nenl of the Emperor likely to arbitrarily dfeturfe the c< nrek-ooea of tin cttlzena. Hm mowlavirv't baa been an emitted to th? high juriMUoXoa ot tbe Council of State, which w charged to deoMe in tU caata of ab?irt. Tim Monitor also publish** a etrcolar add rawed ftp Count IVr* guy ?o the I'rofixtof Vietu'n relating to ik* above mandumtnU- of tbe Iti?bop uf I'oiriiera. fbe If* mtrursuf :-r"l rounidercd th ?t it wtwid be contrary I* the intentions of 'he government to ?croon njcU excewan from the jitcgou nt of publi opinion, aol I wo ill therefore, take any me.-uw?< to prevent the oublictHw < f document* in ? hu h are deolob. il. w th Huch a idactty, the secret viowa of that p <rty whirh, uncJer ibn roil c t religion, bio. no other aim ttuxn that of attacking the elect of tbe Frrucli people." Bnwis, Feb 0, mt I'rufKia hai> not, up to tue proce.-t t.m?. glvnn in bar ?ciu cfceto to iho ric'txit IVoecb project in reference M tyria. Flnanrlal and Cuninerrlal. LONDON MOVKT MA KMT. the ft ndw ou iIm 26 to * . re quint, but l>. tner, nod xxm Bf?t? closed at >f !?? o>'t>t tiruwi'vcoioi t. in tvntboian ltnr tli? ine>iii in o 'lie it) ?'*Ct.ai'go at New York. Tho Ui>* (pM?ati<*a foi opeola were H ? u lor money, and u Ji lor arcoi n' ? b>- h> ||l> of rnt'D* y in ibe di?<io'.int rant kit wa? rntbor be-'< i aiiit tbe renwnd m w tn "ii-rate. No b (minora, lmrvtr ??c l)?lw? 8 ?^r cent. f !>? .<<*? i' bur K' Id mere t'ikeii tr tl'O '.unk en tbe 26th, wbiie ?4o 000 in lorerelKoa mere witt dr* wn for Am rica. UveuriNiL, Fob. 27 ? A. M (ViT'i* ? 1h>' rele* of Mrnduy. and fi.eprltty r*?>ob9d at??t 20 ito in'it (!(? ,C<0 per 'ay) Including 6.000 ea H? c? aiu n ui.i '?? export Tbe d< maDd o mtiuuea go 4, 8u<l b' ili.f ri.vcoii i t advifrrid l?er Vingt'U ku.| I'rlnoe A t-e?t in *ult> iiiainiMtBed. Meters. ,iume? l(-?ritt&0*. r? p?'i' nti afl*?n>.e m: ant Kri^Ay's quotutifoM of fullf fin i gb'h au<l pa't a'ly bree fiKtoen Ua of u. \ruixf per p'.Oli !. Tlt.'.PF AT MANTHFSm.R. Thou- ie in uvi'ttii-iit In the t<.n? of the mwket, AH" i.K) ( B>i+i(r'avww?t H'o loweei rm.? (.? Iam ? <" K exo?-|t, i-eihape in > true auitable lor Um BU(k>'u i. muiki'i I'j.KM n ini ? -in In du n, ?i>< t.ce hi * 'o , \Vik?fl<M, N**h k Co. and ott i ?n>np'?t flmir dull, and 6J. o'unpvt Kkc^t ()'4lcl al It ? ted, lie Id. a i2c Od.; *Mtc 1 2? *15< Corn in ino'^'ti'e d<trav?d a' mi >'? viMii-nt' mi<to',U4j 0) u 874 ; yeiluw, 87s ? !Ws. , wiiite 8s< aiMK t ki\ in< ?* ? v< and .a.tli C-! tlrue dull TU.'. n dn'l ? of'eici hi Mih or ion.. ti>> ;dh a fcnd Cumberl M cut with tv I buyer*. 'hiece (!? !?, pirtialiy lower. lar.l glow ? f On n 67- Tailuw, quiet; Catchers' ASvciitUun, b?.i lii e Ntinli An>' rw an 67 . 6a. 1 ?(>.? Srg-.rt- continue qnlet. Coffee uti'iidy. Ricr< ? Nothing riolig. a."1?pi|uM pot*, '&?. Hpiritf. turpen tine nt.'W'y?Jlx Drain dull and tourer; fm.iU halos of common uh lew as 4k. 6 1 LUMPON MARKETS. V Iieat fl'rn tor good, In t dull for interior. Mmr 61. u 1h per I'M chopper Migii-ti dul"; common (it la 1 wer < offer In i.-k Tea quiel hut steady Rice quiet but fcti'ftrtjr. Tallow iu moderate demand at 69n. 6i far Y. 0. Unseed oil, 2%. 04. Scutch pig iron, 4&-t. SU. TI1K LfKST MAKKKT*. Livbkpooi., Feb 28, MW. Tlie atemiPhlp A " rrto Saxon, from PwtWnt Feb. 16, ar rived (it thi* port to day. Tbec't nmvket to day was quiet and pricee main tained wi'b dntl'' dtv. The ua'ea yeeterday sal M?r ?'0"t up hb i t 16 l CO hnl-f, of which 4,000 bales Mr* tak#e by *p.<u atera and for export. American aeewitte* remain without quotable ?bang*, rtn i<dsiidii> clixd dull, but pteudy. Provisions dul Tl>e mi otwg of the hank timtm to-d.-iy w ?e a <y>a 'B*d without having made any further alteration la the rat* ef discount. QtTj.-v Feh 28 ? 3 P. M. The Rleun phip Vigo, from New York for Mrerpari, touched at thin |-<jit to day and lanued a portiM o I bar mail*. I.IVEBrOOL COTTON- MARKET. Maiki't op? i? v. rv qu<et ni d dull Salea in fur lank '>kf only 4 (jOo or 5,0 0. Imporu, S6,9M. Pravioaetr, V6 467. DUBLIN STOCK F.XCIUKUh. IHJHUff, Feb 2D, 1?61. CopfoIf. money, !)l; conwHa account , nut quoici. New thiet-a. 90*i a >4. I.ON'nOM MONET MAKKKT. liOM>ON, Ft>h. 2?, 1961. Clcwirg pricee ? Chtwolti, for orion*)-, 01 a W \ ? far oc-ent 01 V a M*f; new threw'.-.. Wlfi a 91 V 1 he 1'.:,nk Chart turn broken up without altering tlto rat* of discount. C??KN AVtBAOEH POB KNOl.tHfP AND WAI.BH. Wbea' , 70,Hlfiqi*. at 64?. Itarl "y ,64 ItWqrs. ut.Ma 44. OMn, W.9M (|is;nt..2Sa Sd. i;ye,7sqrB. at ;t*s ta Pmuci, S.791 qr? at . ,3?.-.7i!. P?-:.s, 1 606 qrg at...4U..ld. LONDON ritOOUCK M tUKKT. I."- IK?s, Fob 2H, 1861. 8i ga>- flat. (XTee f.o!d m< adilv. Tea Hteadjr. Kttm <iull. hal'iettc >nu tive. I.illow market good. Lioaroo*., Feb. 2?, ItMl. Tbe Palest lie ?nile-l for I'ortmu 1 with ?7,609 in rpecia. (kYi ia the U?dn Ncwa.C'ity Article, Feb. 27.) Oh' -.-Ip cl *?d at a fall of ceut. 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