25 Mart 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

25 Mart 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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t? wmw* BggBSSgfaEEi I T^A?ffiK^Jgyg?ia^g~~: *?cs?utx. ?isbsi7,?'5j,i? sers? so* wlli oouunenus o? the 7th of lUroh instant Persons de Efg^5^T?rrcvTOw5 sUblcsoa the trees Is-. JH u* season fNUsadrea Dreve rat*, N. ?ftHE CELEBRATED TROTTING STALLION NEW JBR X jn. by George M. Petchen, out o f Patsey Antbooy. b? Sbjt Priam. will stand the present Mtm at the stables aC the subscriber, at fordh&m, Westcheeter county, ten mile* (MM New York, from the 18th of March to August 1. at |6a CHAS. W. BATHGATE 4 oa Vu ake Hedrogi and Sicilian Oldran, Arabia oh presented MBmuVb. H. hew aid, will stand from Match 15 at $UJU chab. w. bathgate k 00. HORSE 8, VAHRlAGEg, AC. FMOR BALK? a SUPERIOR HOB8E FOBCAKT. TRUCK, | express or family use; dapple gray, seren years old, I Emm band* high, weighs about thirteen hundred, perfectly sound and kind Apply at 232 South street. TROR 8 ALB CHEAP? TWENTY GOOD WORK HORSES, F from IS to 16 bands high, just arrived from Canada West. Also, some good road Worses, pacers and trotter*, to be seen nt Wright A i little's livery stable, near the Houston street ferry, Willamsburg. N. B.? A fresh assortment or Horses every two weeks. ~BK)R BALE OR EXCHANGE? SIXTEEN YOUNG W Hones, just iroa Canada Went, from 1*H to 16 hands high, a r><3 fro m four to seven years old; all sound and kind, luqun in the blacksmith's shop 130 Norfolk street. Light wagons -dusenbury a van du?er, practical light carriage makers, 186 and 137 Chrystle street, between Broome ana Delaneey, New York. w ould la form tbose gentlemen who have not ordered in time for eprlcg riding that they have finished up. previous to entering on their spnug orders, and have on hand, a few of their oele brateu light Wagons, of the latest styles, whioh cannot be mrpascea for Hghtimes, beauty and durability. PONIES? ONE HUNDRED SHETLAND, SCOTCH AND Welsh Ponies have just arrived from Europe, of all colors, sizes and agei, from eight to fourteen banda high. In Forty second hlreet, between t lfth aud Sixth avenues. GEO. T. HALL. Road wagons. BREWbTER A CO., 371 and 374 Broome street, cor ner of Mott street, are prepared to receive orders for their superior Wsgonn, deliverable at any period during the coming season. In addition to other Improvements which have given their work the highest reputation.for durability and eleganoe, B>ey would direct special attention to their 'umproveJ Bide Bar," rendering their ? 1 ? " ' ? eUiers in strengtl ? Wagons a special l _ vite orders for every style of pleasure carriage for town and country. WANTED-A THOROUGH BRED STALLION, NOT less than four years of age nor over nine. Pedigree Must be undoubted. Address, giving size, color, ag<\ dlspoal tten, pedigree in full,Band cash price. Edward U. ulhou, Jr., Albany, N. Y. TpKCIAL MOT1CK8. ~ FAIR FOBTHE BENEFIT OF THE COLORED OR phan Asylum, will be opened at No. 744 Broadway, cor ner of Astor place, on the 2Mb, to oontinue three davs. A large variety of fine and ornamental needle work nod fancy and useful ar tic lee are offered for sale at tpoderate prioes Refreshments or the best quality will be furnished. No raf fling. To be open from 10 in the morning till 10 at night. Tickets 25 cents. [ their "half spring" Wagons superior to all gth and elasticity. Although making Road 1 feature of their business, they wouldiusoiu FOR EUROPE? A SELECT PARTY INTEND START log about the 14th of April |on a tour of pleasure through Europe, and desire one more to complete the nuns her. For particulars laildrcss W. H. Sinclair, Ne. 3 W eat Washington place, N. T. MA80NIC.? THE MEMBERS OF ABRAM'8 LODGE, NO. 2l>, F. A A. M., are requested to attend its regular Cora munieatlons at Antique Room, Odd Fellows' Hell, onTues day evening, March 16, at 8 o'clock, as business of importance ? HlnHu immn. w. *. Da vip Hask. Secretary. VronCE.? AN ANNUAL ELECTION FOR NINE TRU8 XV teee of the Knickerbocker Ice Company will be held at their office, 432 Canal street, on Tueeday, April ?. 1861. The polls will be open from 12 to 1 o'clock P. M. The Transfer Books will be cloeed from March 90 to April 9, Inclusive. Tuxo. hnowKitw, Sea R. T. OOMPT ON, Pres. Mew Tork, March 18, 1861. Notice to tax paybrb.? -offiob of thb com missloners of Taxes an. I Assessment^ Mo. S3 chambers atreet, Mew York, Jau. 1, 1861.? Notice t? hereby given that the Assessment Rolls of Real and Personal Estate of fee city and county of New York, for the year 1881, will be opened on Monday, the 14th Instant, for public inspection, and will con tinue open until the 30th day of April next Inclusive. All tax payer* are earnestly requested to call and examine the same. In order that any errors in the assessments may be oorreoted. Also, all persons entitled by law to reduction on their assess merits, by reason of oelng clergymen or for military services, and also literary and charitable institutions, by law exempt from taxation, are requested to make application for such re ductlon or exemption previous to the closing of the rolls on the 30th day of April. The following section of the act of April 14, 1859, is pub Ushed for the Information of taxpayers: ? Section 10. During the time the books shall be open for pub lie inspection, as heretofore provided, application may b* made by any icraon considering himself aggrieved by llie ?????sed valuation of His real or personal estate to have the same corrected. II' such application b? made in rrlatioa to the assessed valuation of real estate, it must be mide In writ tag, stating the grounds of cbje.tloni thereto, and thereupon the Commissioners shall examine into the oomnlalnt, and If In their Judgment the asfessment Is erroneous, they shal'. eause the same to be corrected If such application be made in relation to the assessed valua.ionof personal estate, tbe applicant shall be examined under oath by the said Commix moners who shall bo Authorized to administer such oath, or any of them, and If in their Judgment the assessment Is erro neous, they shall cause tbe same to be corrected, and Si the amount or such assessment as they may believe to oe Just, anddeclaro their decision thereon within thiuy days after ?ucb application shall have been made to thetn. No redaction ?h?Ji be made by the Board of Buaervlsors of any assessment cn real or personal is 'ate Impost under this act, unless 1 aball appear, nnder oath or atlirmatl?n, that the party ag grieved was unable to attend within the period prescribed foi ls* correction of taxes, by reason of sickness or absence from the city. (Laws or 1869. chapter 302. sen <m 9 ) A. J. Williamson, , Commissioners J. W. ALLEN, : of Taxes and J. W. BROWN. ) Assessments. BMOVAL.-WM. T. JENNINGS, MERCHANT TAILOR, to No. 8 Astor House, third door below Barclay street. R COPARTNERSHIP 1YOTICK8. BUB I HE H^MA>T WANTfT icBCHASE A MER cantlle business or a partnemulp In such In New York or Brooklyn, not to exceed $7,00U, payable in lmpi-oved pro perty situate In New York city. P. B. ROHd A PP., No. 8 Nassau street. AN ACTIVE MAN, WITH $000 WANTED. IN A FIRST class Orooery Store, dolag an exoellent business, either as partn tr or clerk ; a knowledge of the business not abeo lately necessary . C. B. HOWBS k CO., 439 Broadway, room 12. A PARTNER WITH ?S00 TO $780 WANTBD? IN A very profitable cash business. One who would take an active part. No agents need apply. Business explained at Interview. Apply to or address B. PRATT, 71 West Twenty, aeventh street, COPARTNERSHIP.? ANY INDUSTRIOUS MAN WHO wishes to be Mime partner ia a highly respectable and re munerative business, and ean command SOU! la oesh. can hear of an onuortunitv by applying In the store 1M water street, after ill A. M. PARTNER WANTBD? WITH S3U0 TO $M0, IN A NEAT and pleasant paying business, profits over 3U0 percent; already established ; large order on hand. For particulars ad dress A. Woods, box Nu. 110 Herald odioe. Agents need not apply FARTKER8HIP OB OTHERWISE -A BUSINESS MAN. with some capital, la wanted t. . asalst in tbe man u fa. lure and sale af an article already successfully introduced; larg.> profits without risk or competition. Address William Hard aastle, Herald ofllce. jTANTBD-BY THB ADVBBTISER, A SPECIAL OR ,, general partner, with $*" """ ? dry goods oommlaaloa business given to a desirable connection F?'" MnSi mnti WAXTKU ? D I ins aw<??i?aa. m ???viau va general partner, with $40,000 capital: staple domestic dry goods commission business. Decided advantages will be given to a desirable connection, the advertlier being able to promise a good, fair srodt, and willing to give security against aay losa whatever. For further particulars apply to JOHN V. SHERWOOD, Counsellor at Law, Trinity Bulldinga, Broadway. WANtED? A PARTNER, WITH A SMALL CAPITAL, In a wholesale new method Imitation Liquor business, returning $4,000 to $?,000 real proflT a year. Apply to a. HIE BOLD, 412 Pearl street, up stairs. ?PARTNER WANTED, IN A LIGHT AND . profitable cosiness. A rare chance for an active man with small capital Also, one with 92.0J0, to open an cilice in Philadelphia and New York. BEMIH A OO , 71 Nassau street. <fc KHfl -WANTED, A 10UNG MAN, WITH THIS ?J>? ;Uu, amount to Join tb? advertiser, who will furntah a like a mount, to take a liquor store that aaa been eetabllaa rd ten year*. Receipts $18 per day. No speculator need ap ply. address Storekeeper , box 1 7ci Herald odioe. AC/Wl -WANTBD, A OOOD ACTIVE MAN IN A SltJvU# M?niniasien and wholesale butter and provision Mora, as partner; one of the hast locations down town; has done a business I rem $700 to 91,000 a week the past year good stock of bntter ?n hand; also bora* and wagon Apply ?m tbe premises, So Harriaon street, aaar Washington. AC) nnn -ANT GENTLEMAN WISHING TO EN Cii(UvU, gage as partner In an exceedingly lucrative) light and pleasant cash business, a monopoly nnder prutr ' tioa of letters intent, from wblch at least $40,01 o per an if ran bs realised, may .meet with an excellent opportune applylag at an and t06 Broadway, room & ? ? ? *HH d>rnOO~A PARTNER WANTBD? Wlgftb, ma sT?7,l7U V/. sum, to engage In a very profilalils. ?uiaeturing businaas; perfectly sate and respeuAu street. F. fiT KOSb A CO., ?o. 9 J* ? - ? -JOftROW ON tfi nnn *0 9IM*^-WAjrTBi>, Tferaal (Stale in Vv.UUU bond and mortgage on vnjni opportunity to Hob >k< n, New Jersey. This is an e*c make a safe Investment. Nas<au street. p. B. ROSS A Ajg' fS5?? ? s same to Ua Hudson strer ^ ^ MORNING, EITHER IB THIRD LOST-'* *??*?> and Tenth aireeta, or in Tenth ?ruie, bird and Fourth aveaues, a b >y's mlak Fur street letwcscrd will be paid for Ita return to 1$1 Tenth < pllr A t>f Fourth avenue. TL SATURDAY, IE ELEVBNTH STREET, IO*ar 5*J?ith avenue, Peventy twp Dollars In Mils, fhn 4 who p'cM them up will lie liberally rewarded by se oininf the?- *J*a?? apply to a. W. UoodV.n, it? Fr? <;kiTn SALE I or ????* HTATE. A HOI' BE TOR SALE? OR BE] A Brock ya, 3 0 foet front Myrtle avei 1b good order; oo tains eleven ream*. g? ?kwtr baths. eh>.fce grspe vine. Price | Am pes hablb fropbrtt for kalk u>w-r >? ? iter 1 Twrty math street end |M|l aven ue. H >a<? I ??.: *uir.ee, huh stoop. brow* (tone from, end in good or der Wi 1 Le aold low as tie owner lagging out of town. in quire on i be premise*. MhOCSe" FOR SALE? OR BEDFORD AVENT7E I richly Ah NRW BRICK BTORR, FITTED UP FOR THE DRY ? goods business, 23 feel front, to feet deep, on Maine street, In the village of Haver straw. Possession gW?ji Imme diately. HRMAN B. McKESZlR. A T ORANGE, N. J.? A COUNTRY MAT OF RIGHf A acre* new the depot; flret class improve menu, rich soil, BARGAIN, $1,600 OASH-THR THREE ffrQRT AMD ? basement Houee KB But ForUath street, Murray mil. neit to I exlngton avenee, with ell modern Impr.neuenUj price $6,6UU. Inquire on the premise* or 10 J. H. DOUGHTY, |lM Bowery, corner of Broome sUset, from 13 to X (LlOUNiRY RESIDENCE, AT DARIKN, CONN.-FOR ? ' sale or to let, abont five minutes' walk ;'r >m the depot, commodious building*. with from one to thirty-live acres. Also, an old established Dining Room in ihie city. For parti cular* add it in R E. Johnson, 270 Canal street. rHAKM FUR SALE OR RXCHANGE.-A VERT VALIT ? ?blefarn>, containing 100 asre*, uudor high cultivation, I with the splendid residence and other outbuildluia, lying in |^^ini^^ml^w^n^^to^mlU^fro^^2^wLmgwi^wt^\ B ac/oes ihe Potomac Railroad peter i by the gate Land StU adapted lor gaidenlng or granary purposes. A rare anee for the gardener* to supply Washington eity market, as a I arm. If well managed, will bring an annual Income of be tween four and five thousand dollars. Will be aold or ex changed for city or oountry property in the vicinity of New York , or tuk'n in merchandise. Apply to the owner, by letuv or otherwise, No. til Lorey atreet, N. Y. Farm for sale in orange county, n. y ? this f ai m contains 61 acres of flret class land, a good orchard, well fenced, and never-failing spring*. The d veiling hones contain* ten room*, with modern Improvement*; barn*, ?ta ble*. Ac, all nearly new. To be sold only In consequence of the [death of partiee connected with It. Apply to A W. FRaKOlS, seallengraver, 429 Bread way, corner at Howard tlrcet, New York. For bale-tub three story bricr house and len*e of the Lot No. 230 Henry streut, bMween Clinton and Montgomery, with modern improvements; lot 100 t'eet In depth. 6. C. GAINES, 284 Pearl street. IT* OK BALE? TiTO STRICTLY FIRST CLASS BROWN J? stone Bouses in f help's plase (East Thirtieth street), built by the owner by day's work. Size of house a)i&2. Also two In Forty ninth street, first elasa. The above will be sold below cost. Inquire of WM. FRTT RETCH, 164 Rast Thirty, second street. FOR SALE? SEVERAL NEW TWO AND THREE ?lory brick Hou-eeon Seventy-eighth street, weat of Third avenue, pleasantly located near Central Park; thev have most of the modern improvement*, at prices from $1,000 to J A, (JUL Terms ea ay and possession Immediately. Apply to OHN TBRNEB, Eighty-sixth street and Third avenue., For bale? obeaf for cash, at nyaor, on the Hudson, a very deseirable Country Beat, consisting of four acres of ground, with every variety of choice fruit and shade i reei, a good dwelling bouse, wltb stable, barn, Ac Access to the city by steamboat and railroad several times per day. Apply on the premises to THOB. A HALLIDAY or C. DhVEH, Esq . lOi) Pearl street, N. Y. For sale? a valuable farm op over 100 acres; one hour from the city; well watered, and abund ance of fruit. .Will be sold on easy terms; but little money required <towwT if applied tor immediately. Address New Jersey, bos loy Herald office. For sale-one of the best locates houses In East Broadway (rent low), now fall of good paying boarders. Apply as 82 East Broadway. Terms molerate. For sale in brooklyn-a first class three story Honse, brown Mood, basement, with all the modern Improvements replete. Inquire on the premises, 78 Fort Green place, of J. P. BBBLEY. For sale cheap-to close up the business of Allen, Bteveos A Co. a three story House, with high stcop, bast ment and sub-cellar, with Ph ladclphla front and brown atone trimmings, and with all the modern Improve ments; bouse 20x42 feet; lot 10x100.6; situated south side of Fifty-fifth street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue. Inquire on the premises of H. E. STEVENS, or of ALLEN, STEVENS A CO., lumber dealers, corner Eleventh avenue and Thirty -ninth street. Foe sale vert chrap-a neat three story and basement frame House, In Brooklpn; BSOOeasb, the rest on bond aud mortgage If desired; also a House of the same description to exchange for vacant Lota In Brooklyn. A. ? PPNCQRB, 61 Liberty street -BIOR BALE OR EXCHANGE ?A NUMBER OP UNFI Tf nlshed House* to exchange for country or Brooklyn pro perty, at great bargain*. A splendid House and Stable ou Murray Hill, for sale; also a Farm of 300 acre*, near I'at-r son, N. J ; only $8,000. Inquire of & P. TOWNBRND, No. U Pine street, In the basement. B>OR BALE ifk EXCHANGE? THREE PARTLY IM proved Lots, on West Forty-fVrst street. If laiprovod, all of purchase money may remain on mortgage. Apply to J. B. BTEVRNB. 9J Wall street. ?IOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR REAL ESTATE OR Merchandtse? A beautiful Farm In Iowa, tea yea-s under proy -mcnt, near a thriving town, containing one hundred and thirty acre*, with a fine stream of water. Address Oad mus, 136 Washington atreet, Hoboken. fOR salr or exchange for real or PER ?onal property? the Stock and Fixtures of a Homeipa tblc specific concern, which only requires thi attention or a business man to Insure large sales aud large protila. Address B. D. P., box 121 Herald office. DIOR sale on TO I.ET-a LARUE HOUSE A.vnoLT JP building*, on about S sere* of laud, with plenty of fruit, l'? mile from Port Rlchmend. Staten lstand. Apply to R. P. WKIXS. Fir., 1'ort Klebinohd. For sai.e or to let-thr firbt clash foub ?tory Dwe.iing Hou*e, No 60 Ean Bleyeuili *treet, be tween Second and Third avenues. Inquire on the premise*. B^OR SALE OR TO LF.T-A FIVE YEAR'S' LEASE OF a first die* Hotel, situated In Broadway, nnd doing a first rate business Termi moderate. Apply ai i67 Broadway, corner o Klnth street, room No. 2. B'OK SALE OR TO RENT-THE NEW RROWN ST JKE liont House, on south ?lde of FlftePn'h ?tecet first houie west oj BlxA aveuiie, in complete order and Imuicdt r. u> possession can be bad. ^pj>ly ou the pieiul^cj, orto RAtNOR & BLACKWELL, coiner of Broadway and Tlilr.y fourth street. BNKftEE VALLEY. ? VALUABLE HONVEA KAKM for sale, eontainlng 1.100 acres, In Orov?laDd, Livingston soenty, between the beautiful vlllsgts of (ieneeeo and Oat H for grazing or grain; ouu improveu, ?uu vamaDia umuer > ??> Oeneeee Valley Canal paste* through the/arm. 0ood Build ings. a superior Orchard In foil beams, Garden unsurpassed. Can be divided lato two farms of 1,(X'I anl A0U acres each. For terms spply to D. H. F1TZHCOH, on the premises. Post office. Mount Morris: JOHN SAVAUB, oorner of Hprucn and Eleventh streets, Philadelphia, or HENRY M. FlTZllUUH, Baltimore; D. H. FITXHtfoH, Jr.. fll Beaver atreet, or J. F. BILL, No. 4 Fine street. New York. OCBE FOR KALE? AT BOSSVILLE, STATEN ? Island; a two story attic frame House, bsrn, Ac., to tlier with four afcre* of land, very ploasantly located, near ...e village, on the Woodrow road, leading ti the depot. The house 1* nearly new, In good repair, Ac. ; there Is also a repe walk on the premises. For terms, Ac., apply to JOHN MAC UBEGOR A CO., 194 Pearl street. Murray hill property for salr -thr rfRsrl clai* brown done front Houses Bos. 76 and Hi F.?" 1 Thirty-fourth street (IU0 feet street), near Fourth avenue, ra Nos. 1H7 and 189 Lexington M mo dern lmpcevements, built workmanlike nianner. on the premises from BTRNES, 83 East Thirty secood street. MILL FOR SALE-WITH DWELLING Hour Garden. Ibe Mill has two mu af stenes For foribcr id format ion applj t# JAMEl WO*'' pier No. 2 Fail Rivar. TO EXCHANdE? FOR CARPETS OR ^31lTV Rf' M dealrable Lots, near the salt water batbif' H?hing. Ac Persons breaking up houiekeeplng, or deal*"' ?PP'7 10 * STRR1.ING, MO Fourth atreet. < YALLABLB PROPERTY FOR 8 ALF-gf T u AJf the centre of Baltimore city : two let? Steam jo^ne*. now running daily and oocupied by tws14 <""arAVrJTi^ il, factuilng companlee. They will be sonat a giea _}9 cloaeanesuie Apply to H. W. A L*. Ea>T>AJ?, e>o. 2 6 Pratt street, Baltimore, Md. ... WANTED T6>URC~H^B^,THKt^*V '"OH hsscmeat Houre, In a ge* eel ?^?'jJrtieth Itniu * ^nVt or cash, t^tw^en Twelfth ** Fourth and Seventh avsnuis None l/ rT with. Address, sUuiig full particulars ? 00,1 143 Herald oflloe. OT ANTED? TO Pt RCHASR, Ttf them V^sita ff Greenwood Cemetery. hC,rk i. tLfSfl will please address bos S.H t$ 1^,,,,^ HraifET ^tk price, location, Ac , or apply ' 10 " sr"Er- 5,4 Fulton street, Rrooklyn h KSS A keeping on tbe lflng; reterpncea laiiutrtd. Addreaa wllh the privilege o*,nr ., or Inquire at 17 Merchant*' Ex box S 328 I on; ottioe, change ~BUiT OF ERA HELLED KURKITt'RE ARBDR< Kjfl ?>lor?. of warran^d nitnufa ;tur>" Ainu for $1\ 1 ' liambi i |Hu>U. plain and ornamental, at u. aotld cfaealtrON'H, 36tt Canal at reel. opposite W< osier. E? F. FARRJI848. i abllahei* ? ? ~ ICIITDR OP FIRBTTORE, MATTRE4WKS AKD A l>ddtng, bo low whotenal/' prlnea. We muat aoll to make JEV<1on?. Partlea who putvlianfl now c\n leave the aVIea till wanted. Call and aav? inoat-y at U. W. 8NE AN'fl, %.') Bmvei y, be'.waen Stanton and Houaton itreeta. EN AMP.LT.BD CHAMBER flCTTfl OF PXRWITTO1, IK all aolora and atvlea, at wholesale and retail, At fit and upwarda. Alao Matuaaaea and I'ailtaaeea. WARREN WARD, 177 Canal atraet, Four doora eaat of Broad way. EIRNITIRF BOUQHI TOR READY MOKRt i FAIR value giv.n In r-ady mow* for Furniture, Carpete, *a, Ac., at lJSblxili aveane, between Matb aad Tenth atreeta. FURNtTVRB -A OEN.LEMAN, OOIWO TO BUROPB, will Mil very cheap for ca h. hta Furniture, Carpata, Book*, Ac., oompiUtng, everything ncceaaary for a parlor, hedrootn and kltrhea. Tbe Furniture la plain but food, hav ing been ma<le to crd*r. Thl* la no httmhuf. A couple wiah Ing <o ciimmnw hotiaekMplog would Had M a ckanoa aaldom met with. Dealrra ueed not apply. Addreia Europe, box 2,88 * Poet ofilee. FIRST CLAM ENAMELLED FURNITURE, FLAIR, decorated aad grained: aolid walnnt and aak ?ata: Mat tiraaea, Spring Red*. Ac J. W. FIriHBK A 00.. maaufao turara, ISO Broadway, between Blaaekar aad Boad atraeta. C RBAT BARGAINS OF SECOND HARD FDRMITI'RB, \.T Beddlcn, Ac ?On ancoant of giving np bonaakeapteg the aubaentoer will rail, at private eale, tbe whole ef bla Ftirni turc, B?*l?lli%, An, Inm now mull tbe middle of text month. T. O. DRHLINO, 21 Weal Houaton Mraat, aoar Broad tray. IMPORT ART TO HOUBEKBBPEER BREAKING UP and other* ?C. KKNNBDT. IM Bowery, boya M aa? amount Household r.nrnltnre, Fancy (looaa, Oarpeta, Bed ding, Ac. Hood a aoM by auction if preferred. Jf. B.? Far aona having Booka to dtapoae of ar? eolldtad to aalL Storage at rerv tow ratea. TITANTRD FURNITURE IN BJOtlANliR.-A OBNTI.E Vv man, <'i?char of truatc, d?alr?-j to give lne> nation on tha Vlano in ?iohang? tor good Furnltow. For partlCi)*l?, Ac . rfdmvS- W L, Madlaoa tqtiarc fcti 0?<JR I VD1 IAU. Atlantic Bona fob balk-with all or a part of the Furniture, with ? Lmm of aloe year* to run ? thelatof May, 1MJL Apply at 32# Graenirieb iUwi. A mo STORB BOB BALE ? OR WILL EXCHANGE A far eily prot?rtr that is not mortgaged for more than I'. U worth ; or a small farm, worth from f&,600 to S3, SOU Toe Mora is ai lusted up town, uu ? capital avenue for buaineaa, and I* dalitc ? good buaineaa; there are four young Horses, twa Warns, two mm mines*, double and single, wUh Btook, Fixtures, ic. The young nan in charge will remain If ra quired. B i ??? far selling. ha* other business oi tmportauee. Any person wishing to engage in a good and safe buaineaa cannot do batter, aa thla la a rhanee ssldom offered. Apply to-day. Monday and Tuesday, at 18 Wall street, rooma !n*M 21, from mi to 8 P. M. only. 1 LARGE FIRST CLAM WHOLESALE AMD RETAIL /%. Confectionery fur aale, seventeen years established, doing a large and profitable city and country trade; leoaled In abiuuneaa thorough! are. Apply at ?i0^Br<jadwg^ wiUi A GOOD INVESTMENT. -A PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY. A well furnished, exoellent instruments good skylight, fine reception room on reoond Boor, now doing a K?od bust neaa; will bo sol* at a fair valve; porehasar taught the art, Inquire at the Gallery, 167 Broadway. ATOVRG OEM TUBMAN HAYING TWO SHIRT ABO Knu' F or a taking Gooda Stores, losated on two of tba beat buaineaa avenues in thla city, will aell eiibe* or both very low. Apply front 2 u>4o eloeh, at 74 Bleeaker street, coner of Broadnay. up stairs. ahlrt rooma. Billiard baloob for sale? our long ebtab Ushed and doing a good buaineaa. Inquire oorner Eighth atnat and hlxth avenue. Bowling allkyi for sale.? two beautiful Bowling Alleys, with Balla, Pins, Ac., will be so'd low, if applied tor before Toeaday, March 20. at 161 Sixth avenuo. -DOOR. STATIONERY AND NEWS STORK FOR SALE Jj Doing a good business at the present time; been estab lished eight years. Good reaaona for selling. Inquire at 333 Pearl atreet. ' (MIEMIeTS AND APOTHEC ARIES. ?A DRUG STORE, J beautifully areasged, with fixtures of the flrat deesrlp tlon, all ma do to order, ana a alack of the beat medicines and chtmicals, 1? offered for aale at a sacrifice of one half l<a real value, to nettle up a buainesa; the location and neighborhood very desirable, aa a large and profitable buaineaa lias been conducted on the premises for the paat flftwen yeara. Lease favorable. Apply to EI. KINS A BENEDICT, real eatate agents, Bow 1 Court atreet, Brooklyn. 1POR SALE? ONE-HALF OR ALL OF A LARGE ' bland In Weat Washington Market, with the Mood Will of a flrat rate Whoieeaie Shipping and Gommiaalon Fruit buai neaa; one which baa been talabliahed aereral yeara. Thla ia an excellent opportunity for a man who haa a tout $1,000 to enter a profitable cuah buaineaa, oneof the partuora being obliged to leave the city to attend to other property. Addreaa Fruit, box 174 Herald office. ? ? ? 1 ? For bale? tea and grocery store.? the es aex Tea Market, elegantly fitted up, and the beat atand for the buaineaa ia the eity, being beside the market and eight yeara eatabliabed, and ia now doing a large caah buaineaa. The Stock and Flxturea and good will will be aoll cheap for rash in eonaequenoe of sickness. Apply at SOU Grand street, near Eaaei. ?0R BALE? MACHINISTS' AND BLIOESMITH Tools, In lota to ault purchasers flie subi;riber will aell Lathes, Planers, Brlillng Machines, V uses and a large va riety of Toola indispensable for a machine shop ; also, a large lot of Black raatth Toola two Steam Engine*; a lot of Shari ng, Hungers, Pulleys, I'm tenia, Ac. The shop to let. Apply joEI. WATEHMAW, 8a? Cherry alreet. FOE SALE? STEAM POWER, SAL SODA AND Bi carb Soda Manufactory competent of turning: out from three to four tbouaand pounda of goods every 12 hours; in good running order. Immediate possession oin bo given. Apply on the premise*, 420 Weat Twenty-fifth atreet J. B- 8. OLIVER, Receiver. JTK'R BALB? THE LEASE, STOCK AND FiXtVRBB OF P a Urooerv Store, doing a good buaineaa. A g^od atand for liquor*. Can be had on reasonable term*. No ageata i eed apply. Addreaa M P., box U6 Herald offloe. XTIOR SALE-A FIRST CLASH DINING, OT8TER ABD r Drin kins Saloon, doing a thriving buaineaa, with a good bar trade. For full partlculara Jnuuire of WM. ELTINO, 6S Ann street, second floor, from 12 till 2 o'clock P. M. [ .t TJ^OR SALE? AT A GREAT BARflAlN, TBS LEASE, X Furniture, Fixture* and good will of an eetablished Eng lish Shade*, well locales, near Broadway. Ia one of the beat houses In the city K. LAWkENCE A CO. 82 Kaat fourteenth (treat FOR SALE-TUB STOCK AND FIXTURES, WITH three jeara lnaae, from tfce Brat Bf May, of oae of the beat Uano Storea in the city, and on one or the bmt corner* on the liglith avenue, Btted up in flrat claa* style. Will aell the leas* and fixtures wltlaut the stock. For information apply f W. PORTER, oorner Thirty-fourth street and Tenth avenue, from 10 till 4 o'oleok. No agents need ap> p'y. For sale-a dining and billiabd SALOON: haa been kept aa such for seven years Kod doing a good business; price $2,000, with lease of tne whole bouse; no ob jection to take a farm in exchange of about the same value. Addi ess Farm, with full partlftilara. Station B. For sale -one half interest in the restau runt ami bar. A partner wanted; a Qrst rate chance, and small capltul required. Apply In the restaurant, 463 Bi pad way. For sale-a first class English shades, fitted up in the liest style, and patronized by first claa* customers. The moat satisfactory reason will be given by the prtsent pioprietor why he w ishes to leave For fu'-thtr In formation apply at No. 1 Woueter street, o irner of Cana\ and Wooater. in the basement, from four to tiighi o'clock P.M. Hotel and eating hophb for sale? situate on the Fourth avenue, e?oa? by the Harlem railroad de iv, t; the Leaae, Kuruituie, Aa, will be aald cheap; it la one of the Wat locations in the city and we.l eatabhahea; ia offered solely on account of sickaess of the proprietor. Foaparticu lars apply to W. H. H'HH. 292 Fnnrth avenue. LIQCOR STORE FOR RAI-E. -|120 WILL BUY RT03K and lixtuiea, with kvaae ol Liquiir Store jU61to]?L Four t-enili street Reaaon of ^il..?, ?u. r--i"""Jr 6?r,nBDnlri % <A BMnH <*? | LIQCflR SI ORB, TSft THIRD AVENUE? LAUOE TRNE ment buildunpa In rear; will sell thia day, co*ap for e*ah; a rhance for a younR man to get into the business; iolag a Dice trade; rent fit par mouth; price $176. QUARTZ ROCK MILL AND PORTION Of PATENT for sale, conceded by miners the very ur^[edu?'"5 r< ik and oihei hard siibalan^es to iitipalpable powder, with hardened shifting grinding sun see* eaahy c?wi geo. BOt ftSilCK * W<??D * Nassau street. CTABLR FOR HALE-ON TWENT^K^OND BTRCET & 126 foot ?a?t of Elgbib Avenue, ipnvnte hUh e, w .th fine Carriage House, and alalia for Terms easy. Apply to SAMUEL oorner of Grand and Chry ?lle streets. OIXTII AV BNUE. ?$400 Ft^ T.IIj5 STOCK, FIXTURE*, O Ac .ofafancyDty G'i<H?n<J"^,T lished seven years; the siO"!- al * Tery l?w "nt Apply at CN> Sixth avenof TO OBOCER8? Ft*4 'AMILT USE.? WANTED, A FULL line of Grocer'"* in exchange for some first olasa well kn^w n brand. Moywgahala Whiskey a Ad dieaa Couinu-a) Merchant, Herald othod. ?nmnrBrV* and retail liquor btobm, o.\e Vt of on Weilt alreet; good lease, rooms for r?>?ii>- *'Ug a large money making busine** and very band S'iW up. a bargain otTei-ed. aomeiy 80UTHWICK k WOOD, 82 Nassau street. MILITARY. ifoTlt'B ? VETERIRB OF THE WA? OF 1813. AND X\ Widow* that made claim* for the >ik of clothing and arm*, *111 call at the Bounty Land Ofllee, *0. 4 City Hail plaoe, and prepare to receive tbelr certificates of allowance for the ronnry. OhN H. RA\ MOND, late Colonel N. M. - All who have not made claim* w?U pleaae caJl a* abuTe. HOl'HES, ROOMS, AC., WANTRO. g gg*a ^J????*r7enta' ^n.trel, < yl'^cular,. R k fOtIO MAX WARTa FOR HIP MOTHER, SISTER J\ uml M>lf. about five Koom *, with every omrem-ace fnThuiiprkecplug, In a private house and pli-aaant neighbor hoot, Brooklyn. Rent not exceeding f IW per year, luex cepl I' nable re erenoe* will b? furniihed. Addrwi Goorge, lioion equate l'oat oBce. A RECORD FLOOR. FRONT OR HACK BASSMENT. JX having water, |u, Ac , with two or three lloom* la the ett ip, wanted, by a tamtly of feur perona (American), no children, by tne lit of April If poaalUle. s.-venHi ward pro feried. Addroaa Seventh Ward, bo* 178 Herald nfllee. A HOI/SB WANTED? FOR A VERY DK*IRA8LR J\. tenant, a family of roar pureon*. IsMatlon belo ? Twenty *eo?nd (treet, Third and Sixth avenue*. Rent about foOtl l'o?we?toii Immediate -?r lat of May. Apply to KIN BHIMER A Wll.rox, 34.'t Koarth avenue. TTOTEL WANTED.? A PRACTICAL AND POPULAR XI hetel keeper wlehea lo hire a well fnrnmhed Hotel or ?ummer houte, or would tAke charge of or x'.pertaterwl for another party. Addreaa ti I! L , box 173 Herald ortlee. Part cp a motraa waktrd-wtth au modern convenience*. bt a gentleman, wile ami servant, in a ?mn!l genteel family; the lower part preferred, with an attic bedroom; rent not lo exceed 94141, paveble quarterly In ad \ ?uce If dcalrtd Addreaa, htatlng pat 1 cilarx, B (4 , ilemid >.?ee WAR l b D? IN iOUTH BROOK 1,1 R, BRTWEEN WaR ren and Summit and Clin on and Illeka (treeta, by a una',1 genteel American family, pan of a Home, with gai and water Partiea occupying a houae at pre?ont or thine awit taking one, w ith a view of dividing it, pleaae addreaa W, U. U. Herald efca f*TANTED-THE t'PPEE PART OF A HOUSB FOR A vt email family: fonr or #ve Room*, on *ee?nd ll-ior. Rocm* ml communicate. Room on third floor or front b?>em<nl not objectionable. Location we?t m<te, between ftpitng and Fourteenth ?tmeU. Referenoe gtvWu ari*l re quired Addreaa H , box ar>7 l'oat otioe WA RTKD? BT A PHYSICIAR A* AW OFFICR, THE reception and anr.all adjoining Room In h ba<ament houae, situated between Tw mtlclh i\n<l thirty fifth <treeta and Madlion and Third avenue* Adtirca* Dr. P., Bellovue ZToepil*). WANTKD- BY AN URMAIIKIBD PWtRICUR, AC comni"d4tk>na, between Forty-aeeoM and Forty eighth "treet*, between Clfth end Hcventh ftvemiet; a B woof* and tnoi, or Bedroom attune, with or without b.tard. Addreaa r. Van Nortlnn, 311O We?t Eighteenth *tree*. WARTED-BY A SMALL Fa MILT, W ITH NO CHIL dren, the Cpper Pert of a lloiw, with Cr iton ami ga*, below Tenth *treet ar.d between First and PORrik avenuee. Addiese >. (I., 1*5 ga?t Twenty flr*t, atrwi. WANTED? IN HOBOKBN. A SBOORD OR THIRD ?torj, unfurnlaned, for Wnekeepjn , in (he ftrg part of April, by a email unlet family, three ulur and one child. Addreee, with particular*, M. 6., Union equal* Post o4tm, New 1 ork. WANTED-IR THE SEVENTH WARD, BT A FAMILY TT or three grown iieraona, the eutlre Second Floor, of flv? or elx rooma, enaneeting, with gaa, hot and cold wate, nnd wnterclneeta ; with the owner preferred. Beet of re ference given and required. Addrem for one week E, J. H., hoi im Herald ofllce. WARTED-A SI IT OF FURBISHED ROOMS, SUIT | abie for ofliee and bedrooOL located on er In the vicinity of Broadway, between FourteMth and Canal etreelA Addreee Locae, Herald odlee, atating loea'ion and lerma. WARTRD-FOR TUB MONTHS OP APRIL ARD MAT, TT two or three Worn* unfvrnlabed. Dot exceeding fid per Addrem CY 11*""!^ SUlm atr*s< u>d preferred. WANTED TO HIRB.-A PROMIMOR OF PIARO ARD alnglng. with wife end <-hild, wiehee to hire a eee-ind or th'.M (Uk't, and give le?*rm* in perl payment of rtt'- A'td nn

J, Prefeeior, ll-.rsld c?ce. aotiag, mooMB, Ac., to lot. A WINDOW SHADE, PA^R HANOWtTAOT OKVK A ral Upholstery Store to let, u4 huA for eaie, et ahUabed eight year*, ud located on the l>?et side or Blfhtfc avenue, between Twenty eighth and Twenty ninth itrt eta. The location cannot be beat for a carpet or dry goods afc'ie, and nearly ail the stoek would suit for M liter. 1 LARGE FOUR 8TORT HOOKS VO RENT ? t) M J\ West Twentieth street; baa all student conveniences; will be pot 1b line order and leased to a good teunt for litre* 1 ? rent tWO. Weet Twenty tklrd street Ah bbaitifi l iloor of four or six rooms. ? all oountolfd, with tbe improvements; h*s private en trance ; bou.-e Ik d?w j lent from $300 to SJ60: ute of laundry. Apply at fid East Thirtieth street, or 42S Fourth avenue, south west corner of I hlrtieth itreet. A FURNISHED BOUSE TO RENT FOR BIX MONTHS, J%. on Twen-y seoond street, near Sixth avenue; fouralory, ferown stone trout, elegantly furnished throughout; to a pri vate faintly only. For cards of admission apply to JANES R. EDWAKDr, 277 W eat Twenty third street. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO RENT-ON WEST FOUR A teenth itreet. sj lend Idly located and handsomely fur nlshed; will be rented to a private family only lor $liO per month. For cards of admission apply to/. R. EDWARDS, I H77 Weet T wcsty tbird street A FURNISHED HOUSE TO RENT-ON WB8T TWEN " ty second street; three story, high atoof, elegvntly fur niahee ; or would tell tbe whole or perl of the Furniture. For eaniaof aomlsaiou apply to JAMES. R. EDWaRDS, 277 Weat Twenty-thlrd street. VERY DESIRABLE HOUSE- MOST BEAUTIFULLY located on Weat Fourteenth furtvt, in flue order; rent 91, A 100; alao a large four story House, having sevmite* n rojms, oh Lamartine place, West! weuty ninth stree'.; alloonvenlenoea, fka fixtures, heater, Ac . Ac. For cards or admission apply > JAMES U. BDA'AHBH, 277 West Twenty ihinl street. Avery debibable shall bouse on west Twenty- hird street; high stoop; possession soon alter lat of April ; rent, two. 1.1. B. EDWARD 3, 2 77 Wast Twwity third street. A FINE THREE STORY, HTiiH STOOP HOUSE brow n stone, to rent. No. t> Moorman plaoe, Weat Thlr ty.hlrd street; gas fixtures, Ac., Ac.; rent, $850 J. R. EDWARDS, 277 West Twenty third street. A LEASE OF, OR TO LET? TWO MODERN THREE story brown stone Houses .(basement, cellar, range, ter, Ac.), 824 and S28 Henry street, near Degrair, Brx>k lyn. Apply to JOHN K. MORA, 139 Fulton, street, New York, or HENRY WHIN FIELD, HO Nassau street. AT NEW BRIGHTON, STATEN ISLAND. -TO LET, A furnished Mansion ; also one smaller, with ku, baths, subles, f? uit, kitchen gardens, se,ve?l acres to each; lltua. tl< n unsurpassed, within tire minute* of the landing; posses sion 1st April. BRADLEY, 1IUTCHINS * CO., 42 East F< urteenth street, or t. 11. LUDLOW Si CO , 3 Pine street. AHOU8E T? LET ON MaDISON AVKNUE-IN which tbe use of the furniture will be given for the ird of three persons. Also a number of Houses to rent In good localities, from $-it)0 to $1,000 per annum: and furnished and unfurnished Rooms to let. Apply to JOHN M. KIBH1N, 316 Fourth avenue. k HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET- TO A J3 gentleman and his wife, for housekeeping, with a large rooking stove, water and gaa Al-o a hoom and Bedroom Tu the rear, furnished, fer $1 a week. Also a single Room Ap ply at No. 5 Sixth street. A SPLENDID FURNISHED FRONT FARLOR AND ONE j9l or two Bedrooms to let, suitable form dentist. Also a Room and Bedroom to let, to a gentleman and his wife, for housekeeping. Also single Rooms in a iirivate house with all the modern Improvements. Apply at w Prince street, near Broadway. A MBROTYFE GALLRKY TO LET? FURNISHED, A everything requisite to carry on tbe business. Apply 270 Grand street, corner Foraj lb. Avert desirable house to let-in east Twenty eighth street, having all the modern improve ments To parties renting the above a rare chance would tw afforded, as the carpeting and several articles of household furniture would bo sold at a very great aacrillee. Apply to JOHN McEIBBIN, 3*6 Fourth avenue A N ENGLISH BA8BMENT HOUSE TO LET? -DE8IRA J\ bly located, with all tbe modem improvements, gas, bulb, range, Ac. Potsesaion given Immediately. Partly furnished If d< sired. Rent reasonable to a good tenant. Apply at 128 West Twenty-fifth street. BUILDING WITH 8TBAM POWER, TO LET IN whole or in part; the premitee are situated In Cherry street, 66 feet front, four stories high, besides basement and area : substantial building, wiyi large engine and boiler, and Ibe usual connections Mr machinery on each floor. Apply to tbe owner, GENIO O. SCOTT, 166 Broad way BROOKLVN-TO LET, IN WASHINGTON STREET, part of a House, conaiaiiag of two parlors, four bed rooms on third iloor, back kitchen, with good ranee and Rtdgwood water; also, gas fixtures, Ac. Kent $.''00. For further particulars apply at FOSTER A LOPHE'B, house agents, sands street, near Fulton CHEAP RENT8.? TWO STORY BOUSE AMD LOT, 62 Oreenc street, to leaie for a term of years tor only the interest on the preaf nt value of the lot and taxes: adapted to mechanleal or manufacturing purposes, with steam p >w< r from the adjoining buildings; a1 so a valuable Lot, at the junc tion of Fifty ninth street and Broadway, ; ruining < 'mitral Park. Apply at 47 ttouvcraeur s.reet. or of PaDDUCK A OANNO>, 8U Naeiati street. OUBLE STORE TO LEASB -THE M ARBLR FRONT ? Store Noe. 60 and 62 Howard atieet, directly in thB r??tr of Arnold A Constable. 121 feet tr >m Hrnadway, 4S f -et front, forming an L on Mercer street; built for the cloth or i allot Ing buatieea. finished and Ugh tod In the best manner. niiUlre Of A. W. SPIES. 1B7 Broadway. D D bribable house, two i.ots, ooacu HOUSE mid Stable to let. lease or for sale, No. H iKniHOii street, Brooklyn. An English family who rm iipjirfx iale the com fort* of fhe Old Country will And ttil? a hapry opportunity. Apply on the premium, or to H. HOKCLOff, Aiontaguo street, w?r Court I JMiba^o ,,?w JN JKIIHET CITY TO LET OB XJ for sale ?The flm cLlk* l'>r~ ?iory high basement holme. sy Hutnei atreei. rMTadelpfcu brisk ?n.t lilmtnlnpa; full lot; ft' I modern Improvements; nalnted und I npered at.d In the very best eondltl' n , immediate po?es hoik rent $0(0 or for aale luw. Apply at 7# Worth street, w. y. IMBST FLOOR AND BASEMENT, SECOND AND PART 1 of tlilid floor to let, separately, nt $M Wesley placo Mulberry street, ue?r Houston. All the modern Improve tnr nts in the house. May be seen every day from 12 to 6 P. M LURKiEHED IIOUfB ON LEXINGTON AVENUE, r between Twenty seventh and Twenty ninth s reels, oor Mr house, all improvements, fourteen rooms. In good order, f resisted all through, three stories, high stoop, brown atone front. Will be leaned for three or five years at $1,000 |>er ?ear Apply to B. D. LAWBRNCE. 1,'Jtil Broadway, between Thirty first and Thirty second streets. FURNISHED COTTAGE TO KENT IN WESTCHESTER county, about ten mile* from the mty The house Is in excellent order, handsomely furnUhed amities san My located, with plenty of choice fiult and shrubbery. Apply to J. B. HARRIOT, 130 West Twenty fifth street. EIURNI8I1ED HOUSE TO RENT AND POSSESSION lmmtdmluly, to a private family, between Fourth nod itrgton avenues; excellent piano and every reuuls'te for housekeeping; rent $66 a month. Apply at 1 4b Leiiogton avenue. TTOUSBS TO LET.? A FURNISHED HOUSE, ON JGL Twenty fifth street, $1,000; one on Mtcdosgal street, $1,100. a handsome three story, unfurnished, on Fourth ktreet, $460; ouc on Albion place, $900; ami many other*. K1N8H1MKR * WILCOX. 348 Fourth avenue. HOTEL TO LET-CONGRESS HALL, PATER80N, N. J.? A large, first class Hotel, now la full ope rail m and of boarder*, 1ft miles from New Tork, on tb? line of the New York and Brie Railroad, located In the moat eentral part of the city. Apply to J. S. ROUEK8, 1'aterson, N. J., or HOMER MQBQAlv, No. a Pine street. New Tarfc. Light boomi Al?1> STEADY POWER. AT LOW RATES. BT JOHN GAUDU, 109 WALEBB STREET. T ARD OIL FACTOET TO LET OB LEASE- WEtll TBI JU Fixtures for sale, e'inalrting of presses, keflnv. Ac. This Factory M well known to be the most complete and oon tenteiu one in the slty of New Tork; the main building 1a 107x12 feet, three stories and basement, with steam snd gnu, and plenty of light; there la a large yatd, well paved, a pw tiou of which l?t covered by a shed, with brlek walls and tin roof, Kiti r?et; also a stable on the premises, with stalls for four horses, carriage house anil hay loft For further particu lars apply on the premlees, 7# and 7s HuUlvaa street, to RO BERT O. EVANS. MA IRON MBt BLRB, 70 ABD n WEST THIRTY eighth street, betweee nfth avenue and Broadway ?To _ _ . new, first reeta'araat below,' Rent petA monthly. let, a Dee front Baatmenl as physician's effloe, also, elegMtly furnlahed whole Floors or separate Rooms; bowses aew, first | class, four story, high N JL atones, separate or loftemer, oi n*i pmmo at thirty eighth street; all modern Improvements i ra'e. Also, Oflloe 13 Chambers street. Apply to , h II EE 11 AN, 149 Esst Fortieth street, near Third Rc TEW FIRST CLASS STORE. NBAB BBOADWAT, TO _1 let er lease? M# Canal street, betweeh Rwadway and Kim, adjoining Mr. 9. DevNn's new bolldlng? ?'t stories and basemen), 98 by M, marble front. Cheap t* a geod party. Apply on the premlsee, from 9 to 4 o'elock. OFFICES TO LET, IN THE BUILDtNO NO. 7 NEW street, four doors from Wall. Inquire of H. LIVING Si ON A CO . on the premlsea. Fart of a house to let.-seoond ob thibd stories, separate or together, of 893 Second avenue, near . .. . Ms; rent mode JAMBS M. avenue, or at 13 ( hambera street. PART OF A FUBNI8HBD HOUSE TO LET? WITH every con v ntlenee for a small family to keep house wiih, constating of a parlor, dining room, two bedrooms and a kitchen; house aontelns hath, gas, hot and oold water. Ac. terms reasonable. Apply at 97 4 Fourth avenue, oppoeite Dr. Hawks' ehnrefc. ? OOMS WITH STEAM POWER TO LB* CHEAP? j v Basement, well lighted, 48x27. one Boon on first fioor, 96x21; one Room on second floor, 03x90 Inquire at sawmill, 340 Front street, or at HAW B8, GRAHAM A CO. I? Cen tre street. STOTlE AND IjOFT^ ON SOI TH AND WATER streets, opposite the Balance and Sectional docks, to let.? Store 90 by SO I net or 10 by 100 feet, running through to Water street.. I.ofts, 40 by 10) feet, will uo let out In portion* The store la well adapted to any business connected Willi ahlpplnjt, for a dining saloon, ll<|tior store, Ac, Apply at 244 Mouth street QTBAM POWER, WITH WELL LIGHTED BOOMS. TO O let? At 99 and 34 Frankfort street : rent low. Apply on the premises, or to M. LBPFBRTO. W Beskman timet, up stairs. STBAM POWER? WITH WBI-L LIGHTED BOOMS, large and aruall, well adaptod for mechanical p-irposes; poesesalon Immediately . (tower lirst i ate; will bo rented cheap. Apply to 1. ? <1, H. WALEEB, 189 Centre street, comer of Heat nr. SHOP ROOMR WITH STEa* POWER. TO LET-IN Nes. 84, Nand RH Jsne stroet: MM Room, 88x31 feet, on? Room In betpment, "I6v34 feet, also several atnaller Bo una. Apply to tAe engineer. TO LET-THB FRONT AND HACK l'ABI/)RS AND Floor atmvn, In a very line house with all 'he modem im provements ; rent $308; or Ike seoond Floor, and bark Ko-tm y?e third aoori rent MBt ; uowssion alvcn on the 1st or Aprt. >t^lreat U,hI^1|^pIm<>, oron (be premises, 17.' Eaet Forty ninth Srcet, between Second and Third avenue*. CLBT-TnH FOUB STORT ARB BASEMENT BBOWN atone front Hons*, No. 310 Bas4 Tenth strret, o?p>?'" pktne ?i?are; modern lmnrov?menta .tad eonserlem by r) LET-A Ft'BNISHED HOI! E, AT CLrFTOW, STA ten Island, with st*b> and Nine r^its of (irt.o .d weU .haded; f'.irn*ce, gas an'' wa'er In the hetiee: lit miruiee' wa'k from the landlag. Apply at *7Mereta?it? Rx^nrtr. ?OCT? t KOOMH, CLET-n IB 11IMBB STORY HIGH BA8BMBOT I House U* fc^thlrty Jlflhsloeal, fc, iWOCI1 KUhlb uvd h avtnue*, with All the *aod*-rn improvements: too d ?elghborhood; gas tiitarai throughout, (u* vu**, yard, A? BooltaUR lB<jnlre at *41 Eighth avenue. ** rUT-THI I4WU FART OF HOURS NO. 3 Will Broad* ?t piaoe, near Canal street, on reasonable terms. Inquire at M Hammond atneL mo l*ET-TUii HOUS* NO. 361 WMT FIFTEEN* I X street ; a!sr> 144 West Fifteenth street. The above are 3r .1 class houses, * 1th all modern Improvement*. For parttcula ? apply to .1. MATHEWBON, Ml Hudson street, before 9A.M and after 6 1'. M. 10 LET? FROM 1ST VAT, THE TWO BTOBT FBAHB nt^T ?A^i" fromS Broad v. uy, corner of John street, room 7. There li a large garden and fine bearing grape vlnee, Ac., mo LBT? TUB TWO BTOBT AMD ATTIC BB1CK I X House bU Watt* streets; baa (at and Croton, and rooentlT been pet In complete order. To a good tenant Kill ba leased tar. Alao the rear Building 118 William street, suitable for ? light maaafeolurtog badness. Apply at W water street. . ? I rJLET-A BEAUTIFUL RESIDE If CB AT RIITO SING commanding an extensive view oftba Hudson rt?*r. The boose to a neat two story and high basement dwelling, conve niently built, bating eleven rooms and six closets built In. Kitchen accommodations are oomplnte : range, hot and oold I water; tine garden, with plenty of frail; carriage houae and stable. *11 iu perfect order. Apply to J. F. WILLIAMS, 441 Eighth avenue. I rixr.-tvTi.mso no. *? Leonard street, is by UIO feet; suitable for store of manufacturing; terms moderate, Inquire of TAVLOR A WILSON. 127 Reads street. mO LET^-IN BROOKLYN, A STORK NO. 88 MAINE X street, an old established lancy and trimming store, with flxtuizs complete. Possession given ImmedMtely. Rent $*W. Inquire g| B.U. bRABUBT, ? Fulton strtet i mo LBT?1 THREE HANDSOME PRIVATE DWELLING : X Houses, as follows:? NdC 973 Tenth street, near First ave / nue, rent $710: No. 136 West Fifty third street, between Broadway and Rightb avenue, rent $600; No. 370 Han:/ I street. BiockJjn. lent (660. For particulars Inquire of II. M. Bl LV'ERMAN, No. 168 Broadway. mo LET- THE UPPER PART OF A HOUSE NO. 8M i X Bioadwsy, two doors above Union sonaro, or would be let in stparete parts; a first rata location for any kind of i business. I r LET-THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT HIGH \ stoop House Na 114 West Twenty eighth street: has the modern Improvementa. Rent $6C0. Apply as par bill. TO LET-DWELLING HOUSES 110 AND 126 CHARL ton a. reel, with ail the modern Improvements, at very low rent, aud allin good order. Inquire or MaRTIlf WA TERS, 1 M Charltvn at., between Greenwich and Washington TO LET-THE FIRST CLASS ENGLISH BASEMENT House In Thirty fourth street, between Seventh and BIgb th hv i r ties ; has all the modern Improvements. For 1 ur ? the r partlculmi address box 636 Poet otlice Rent $1,000. r LET? STORES 60 AND 13 EAST TWELFTH STREET $310; Easement 817 Broadway, $S00. Also front and corner Rooms, ut #17 and 819 Broadway, from $100 to $300; entrance spacious Apply to JOHN 8. KELSO, 62 William st. r LET-TUB ELEGANT FOUR STORY, BROWN stone House, 221/ West Thirty fourth street, 66 feet deep. Immediate possention osn be given. Apply to JOHN 8. KELSO, GJ William street. TO LET-FURNISHED, A LARGE DOUBLE HOUSE, on tbo south side of Long Island, opposite Fire Island Lighthoui-e, sixteen rooms, beside kitchen and laundry, a pt.od ice bouse (tilled), carriage bouse and stabling for five horses. A 1 S3 an excellent garden, with a full supply of vege tables and fruit. For further Information apply to HDWA.KU M 1NTUR> , 120 Water street TO LET-THE HANDSOME THREE STORY BROWN ?tone House, ;?I0 Pad lie street, Brooklyn, allacent to can and ferries; be' h, gaa and water fixtures; rent $660. Ap ply at 't2H Atlantic street, Brooklyn, or Na 7 Gold street, N. Y. TO LBT- II OU SB NO. 123 (OLD NO. SI) WEST FIF teenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, wuh gas fixtures, mantel and pier glasscx. cornices, Ac. Can bo seen from twelve to two o'clock Inquire of W. II. KaD FOflD, or C. J. PARDEE, 101 West Thirty. eighth street. TO LET-THE DWELLING PART Of HOUSE NO. m Greenwich stree t, third door above Murray; occupied ten years past as a boaidinghouM;: in good ord -r; rent low. Ap ply only at JOHN LADEN'S, No. 190 Waahlngton street, near Fulton. r LET-BAST TWENTY THIRD ITREET, NO. 161 Hnu?e 26i60feet, on extra de^p lot, three stories aud basement, high stoop, with all the modern Improvements and In good order, will be let lor one or more years. Inquire on the prearises. Rent $800. TO LET-T11E TWO STORY AND ATTIC BRICK HOUSE 106 Amity street, containing all 'be modern Improve ments, bath room, Ac. The Parlor Kumlture, i*Uini> orte. Oilcloths, Carpets, < 'hairs. Extension tables, and complete Dining Room Furniture, will be let with the houae, or so'doa reasonable terms. Iuqulre on the premises. r LBT? T1IK TBRF.R STORY BRICK BUILOING, rear of 33 * est Thirteenth stieet, at present used as a private stable, for which, or lor manufacturing purposes, it Is well adaptid, baring five feet clear In the rear. ll THOMSON, 63 Pine street, upstair*. mo LET-FURNISHED, FROM MAY 1 NEXT. THH X first claas Mouse No. 36 Bast Iwellth stiee'. between Bioadway and University place. Applv to R1UUJ A CO , s6 Wall street. TO LET? HO. 11 CROSBY STREET. NEAK GRAND; three story and basement Bouse, with modern improve ments, such as gas, bam, range, hot and oold water to second floor, chandeliers, good yard, Jte Apply to D. L. UhUL), the premises. rLET? THKEE STORV AND BASKMBNT HIGH ?toep Dwelling House ho 11 East Eleventh street. Ap ply to J A M BH C. HA 1 H, 116 Naaeau street, room II. mo Ur-MltKT 8TJHY AND BASDfHNT, WITV'OM X ton and gas. contenting seven rooms, at 368 Maolsoa street. See it to like it. ' ? ' TO LET-FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, A brown stone front "ouse Itf Forty-oi?hth atreet, sou'b side, beta ecu Sixth and Seventh avenues. Applv to JOHN W. L&GGETT, If Pine street, Or to JOHN KAVANAGII. Ncrtbcait corn' r of Forty firth street and Sixth aveaue, Who will <now the house. TO LET? FURNISHED OR UNFURNISUBD, A COM plete House, newly fitted up with all the modern Im provement*, hot and oold water on every floor, ga^ and heat er. Locution In the rear of London terrace; u>dihborhood good. Will be let low to a prompt and retpouslbw tenant inquire at 290 West Twenty fourth street. TO LET-BOUSE NO. 47 BOND STBEBT, eitby for private residence, buslnesa or boarding hoase; a line set of offices lu the rear, nltable for a dentist or Phy sician ; gas and water In the house. Apply on the premises betw een the hours of 11 A. M. and 4 P. M. rfTO LET? THE FISH AND VEGETABLE STANDS IN X one ef the, best family markets In the elty, or the shop for s* la. None but a perfectly reliable person need apply at 626 Sixth avenue. Also a fine Urge Horse, suitable for a doc tor or family carriage, and a second hand Kockaway Wagon for sale cheap for want of use. Apply as above. T TO LET? THE FIBBT CLASS T1IKEE STORY AMD attic brick Houae Mo. 303 Bast Broadway, fronting Grand afreet ajuare, with gaa, Croton water and bath; ha* been a reepectable private boarding house. Apply to RICIIaKD WALTBBB, 18 Baat Broadway. O LET-A NEW DRY GOODS STORE, Zt FBET front. 60 feet dwp, located on Main atreet, village of Bavir traw, Rotk'and county. Puaaeaatou given ituiuodl atfiy. Inquire of H. B MrKKNZIB. _ r LET-STORE AND DWELLING, WO. 877 BOWERY: baa been occupied for ten year* part aa a tea, oofl oe and ? near atore: a well known aland and alow rent Apply to CHARl.Bfc jlAlLBY, Nq W Heoond avenue. TO I.BT-FOB A TKRM OF TEARS, IM THE PLBA laateat pari of Merrtaanla, a Bakery, Dwtiang Home aiid Stable; aleoaoeet Cottage, with garden, Ac. Addreae Pierre A. Ouy. allver plater ana gilder, Wo. 9 John ttrrrt. TO LET? U ITER PART OF A HOUSE IN EIGHTY, ?tith ttreet, between Third and 'Fourth avenuea, to a Hnall Amerinan family. Inquire of Mr. SILLtCK, Houae Agmt, Eighty alith street, near Fourth avenue, or SM Broome street. Bi nt $18U. r LET? TWO BROWN STONE FRONTS MOB. 191 AND 1V& Wert Forty-eighth atreet. $flU0 and $(>50. 252 and T.H Weat fori/ third atrr? t, $0.0 each; KIN Kaat Htxieeath mreov, ?700; 152 went Fiftieth aln-tt, $560, Broadway, between For ty seventh and Kortr-?lfhth ateeete. BtfiO; 270 and 77t We?t Forty-aevvnth street, $.180 and $4W; Flfir-fouith strret, be tween Eighth avenue aad Broadway, $800; 6H6 Eighth are nue. Store and I) well log, $MUl; each bare all modern improve menu Alan, handaeae new Storea and large convenient floors ?t reduord mils, on Ninth avenue, between forty aeoond and Forty -third streeta; two good earner Liquor Htorea and nu meroua ?mull Tenementa. Apply loA. P. BMITH, AU KJgbtk avenue, near Forty. fourth street. TO LET-IN BBOOBLTN, TORNBB OF QCINOT atrtet, east of Bedford avenue and near the Fulton and Myrtle avenue eara, a 26 feet front Cottage Houae, containing 10 rooma aad ride alt nalon, with eight Lot*. Bent $am. T> LET? THE TWO BTOBY AMD ATTIC BBIOK. HOUSE 157 Hudaon atreet, near St Jobn'a acinar*. Apply to JOHN W. PIMSBON. Mo. 6 Wall street, np atalra. ' TO LET? 44 WEST 8TTH sr. FOUR STORY BROWN ?tone high Ktoop, WiflO $1,26" I?<M West 47th at , two atory brown atone high atoop. . . . $00 lit) Kaat add atreet, three atory, hlgli atoop, brown atone front 719,) 16 West 62d at., three tWij high atoop, brown atone front " ..T...7T7!?... aoo 110 Weat 2Mb at., three atory. low atoop brick Houae . 600 Ihe above houses have all the modern improvementa. Also Other Houae*, from $360 upwards. ?I. A W. DBMIAM, Eighth avenue and Sixteenth at. Office o|fn from morning to 9 P. M. TO LBT-THB LOWER PART OF HO USB M WEsr Forty-fourth street, near llxth avenue consisting of Baae n 'lit, Parlor* and front CbamW In the fourth atory; hat all Ifce modern improvements, thandellera, Ac. Apply on the ptemlaea. Rent $4U0 TO LET? THE FIRST CLASB Til BEE 8TOBY AND bawmest Houae 224 Thorn peon atreet, near Waabingt-.a ?','iai e. wl>h all tbe mod?m Improvementa; gaa flvt'irea tl.iongliout Apply to JOHN OULYMW, Ml rhomptoa at. TO LBT-THB HOUBK m WEST THMTV -KJKAT lai reel containing IS well lighted rooma, with gaa and V?th: will be let moderate to a good tenant, being one of the b? at I- cat ion* for a II at clan boarding houae. Inquire at 190 WmI Thirty -Brut ttreet. fTo I.ET-FrRMUHED, FOB fix OB MINE MONTHS, 1 to a private faintly, a Brat c'a*? brown ?toM four story Etigl'ah (>wem?nt Home, nituated in Thirty -fourth etreet, near Broad * ay I'oaneaaion Immediately. Addreea 114 Weat Thirty fourth utrret. TO LET? SCITAllLB FOB ^ED. UVBRT STABLB or man ifarteHag porpoaee, 166 and 161 Meet Forty ninth 1 tree', near Klghth aienue with Dwelling, Feed SU.re aad Two hi' i v llnildlno. 60 by 00. Apply to J. H. DOUtlHTY, 161 Howery, from H to . 1 T"T LBT-THF. UPPER PART OF HOUSE MO 100 Pi?< Nineteenth atreet. eenaletlng of tke Mcond floor and ? ?ri of ihfd floor, with all modern improvement* To be aera O "> II iolroloii P. M. Apply toll. JACOB Y A CO.. 40 Ley at. TO LBT-FIBBT fLOOB, OONUSflMO OF FABLOB, dinlntrooiti, w ith dumb waller, bedrooma, kit-hen, with range and h t nn.t cold water; ien4 $3081 Heonhd Floor, four room* anil bath room, with klteben in haaement. rent lINi In Mtjn lll Be^t Thirty-third atreet Apply en the prenUMn, or to J AS. B. VAN 'LKBF~ TWBHWdwar TO J.ET? A DOOtORS OFFTCB, WITH ANOTHER R hi, U i ' red; all tt" modem f?iTuvetD*t<4*. Ap V 1 f.t ?3 WMtWltrer*, near Bi^Jnay. , HOPgM, KOOMI, *CM TO LOT. r LET- A BASEMENT FLOOR, RUNNING THBOUOH, opposite Tompkins Market, .uitable for an oyster saloon orsny fight business, with water and gas: renttlsiwr month APP'y at 86 I'rlaee street or .to. a BlxHiatreet, In the rear. rLBT-THE THIRD ?TORT OF A MODE KM BUILT bouse, consisting of tlx Boo ma with wa?r and gee, to let on realisable term* to a small family. Ajuo a Parlor floor, with French wlndews, suitable f?* a am 'lass mil liner. Terms $16 and $20 per month. Apply as 113 r LET? ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, NEAR SOUTH ? ferry, the flrst class. four story, high stoop Home. 2W Hlcka street, corner of State. Haa teas recently pa.nWd throughout. Contains hot and eoM water, (as, chandeliers and fixtures. Kent $660. Inquire at 144 avenue A, N. J. ? rro LET- at no. 43 SECOND avenue, fro* four X to six kuuau, on third story; alio part of tbe sec ind ?tarytulih gas and bath ; also the upper part of the h .mad ?0. 100 Second avanue. rro lbt.-furnishrd uouse to let to* six JL months. In Thirty-fourth street between Lexingtett and Tblrd avenues, one or tbe healthiest locations in the eity. Also, wanted, a furnished Country House, for its moot ha, of easy access to the city. Address L, O. J. . station F, for Oae week. Answers will be lmmedta'ely attended to. rLET? TO A SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS ONLY, part of a genteel, modern House, in a pleasant neigh borhood: the second floor and from oewwneni, with four large pantries. AU the modern improvements. (Jnexeep tlonable reference given and required. Apply at 220 Bait Thirtieth street. __ TO LET? FROM MAT I, THE UPFER PART OF THE llonre 1H5 East Broadway, with basement, b\th room and closeta. The bouse will be thoroughly painted for a good tenant. . TO LET ? ON REASONABLE TERMS. TO A GOOD tenant, ihe large marble Bull -ling 814 Broadway, 110 feet by 26 f< et 1 Inch front and rear, <t each floor t? let separately. For particulars inquire of BENJAMIN GALBRAITH, B?|., 127 Fult< n street , Herald Building, or of ALEXANDER ItAOLESON. 73H Brosdway. r LET? FURNISHED, IN EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, a four story iugli?li basement House with evc-y Im provement, and a flint class location. BRADLEY, HUTCH INS A CO. 42 East Fourteenth street, or E. II. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 I'lne ktreet. TO LET-TUB WHOLE OR PART OF HOUSE H LE roy i 'lace, Bleeckcr street, only one block west of Broad way; the lower part baa been occupied by a dentlit for six years. A lease can be had for a store If desired. TO LET-THE SECOND FLOOB, HAVING BATH ROOM snd \\ ui?r closet, two or three Rooms on third lli or, eitb?r with or without iront or hack basement, In a three story house In Twelfth street, west of sixth avenue; rent $430 or $MXX Inquire of the Doctor, 183 Sixth avenue. ? TO LET, FURNISHED -TWO BEAUTIFUL STONE yir'as. with magnificent lawn of several anree, Including garden, lruit, for At and sbnde trees to each, stables. Ac., situated at ElltottvlUe (north shore), Kt+ten island; perfectly Wealthy, delightful neighborhood, half an hour from Ate eity : rent $6M and |hvj. Also, to rent, a beautiful gothlc stone Cottage, ten rosss, near the shore, in EUlottville, unfur nished; r?nt $t60. Inquire at Dr. Elliott's ofllee, No. 7 Astor plate. Llglith street, or of BARRETT, BBINHMALE A BAfUil.U, 14 W all i met. TO LET, AT FLUSHING. L. I -A LARGE FRAME Dwelling, pleasantly situated, next to John H. Brower. Esq. ; 16 rooms, 13 closets, wide piazza, large fruit trees, fine lawn, location healthy, water excellent. Rent $460. Apply toWM. R. PRINCE, hushing TO LET OR LEASE? FURNISHED HOUSE M WEST Thirty flrfb street, between Fifth and Sixth aiemi The Houae Is three stories and basement, high stoop and baleony; contains all the modern improvements, the Furniture In Una order, muting It a very desirable residence for a private fami ly. Can be seen from II A. M. till 2 P. M. In mire on tbe premises. The best oity references required. For further particulars app'? to T. *. BILLY, 68 South street, corner of THO LET OR LEASE-FOUR STORY BROWN STONE ? E ngllnh basement limine 6 I West Thirty fit th street, be tween lift h and Sixth avenues; the Houee oontains ail the modern Improvements and tlrst olasa In every reaped. Can be seen from 12 M. till 3 )'. M. Inquire on the premites. For further particulars apply to T. F. RILE T, 66 South street, corner of Wall. TO LET OR LEASE? 34 BASF NINETEENTH STREET, between Broadway and Fourth avenue: a brown stone House, fonr stories, 22 by 66 feet, with butler's ex easloo. In quire of H T. GHaTACAP, 143 Urand street, or at 42 Weet 'twenty nfntb street. Can be adtn between the hour* of 1 and S P.JL TO LET OR LEASE? THE FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP modern built House. 176 East Fourteenth street, near Si cond avenue, replete with all modern conveniences. Rent $1,01)0. Inquire ou the premises, or of H. E. DROZ, No. 88 Pulton street. TO LET OR LEASE? THE BASEMENT ROOM, 6?8 Br< sdway, sultaole for a first class restaurant Inquire ol J. ? 'AM I'itfsLL, Jr.. Paelflc Bank. T> LET OB FOR SALE? THE FOUR STORT AMD basement btick Building 131 Monroe street, with all the modern Improvements, and is In complete order; will be let or leased on reasonable terms, or will be eo'.d at a great bar gain. Terms eaay. Apply at 122 Cherry street. npo Litx or f u mo LEASE OR FOR SALE-THB THREE STOBT ANI? ? bwement i rl .k building, Nos M and 2 2 Commenw ''rrt t, sul able for a workshop, heretofore used as a re frigerator manufactory.^ gocd ? oportunty for the intro ductlon of machinery, having a high cblinuer attaejed for steam i.olltr, Ac. Apply to J. Ma' HEWSO*, <47 Hudson street, btriotc B A. M. auaat'lei'6 P. M. TO MARKET HARDENERS.? TO LET, IN T11E YIL iHtf. of M'ertchciler, six miles from IHrlea br!<*g?, a < 'ottvgp and about twelve acres of finely cultivated L?nd. with ilcsiiablu oul buildings attached Apply to .A M FER RIS A BROTHER, No. 41 lanover stiest. RKNT.-TO LET. THE THREE STORY AND wwoo ba??meni House, No. lt>3 Hast Thirty first street, first house from Ce^ond avenue; contain* all the m >dero im provrmenta. Apply to R. LAUKKNCE, Bo. 41 East Tbirty tnlrd street, between Madison and Fourth avenues. <?>{;/ W) -TO LET, FROM MAY it SMALL <TOUv/. sized four story brick Mouse, with all the modern Improvement'. 211 Ravt Ninth street, first house from a?v >nd avenue. Can be seen any time after 10 o'cl->ck A. M. Apply next door. -TO KENT-THREE STOET BRICE BOUSE. *pVW. high stoop, 22x63 feet, No. 6 Hoyt street, Brook lyn, near Fulton avenue, three mlnutea' walk from City HalL Apply to WM. MACK AT S3 Fulton avenue cunn -STORE WITH FIXTURES TO LET-NO. I,21< ?POUU. Broadway, near Thirtieth street; sbetvtngs and counters new. inquire at J. Slot VKNLL A CO. H glass manufactory. Jm snd 2CS Centre street. Also best French Cisiet Wine for sate. MBP1CAL. A mm WORD TO THK BCFTERIKIJ.? TRY DR. WAR1), 483 Broadway. Hla great remedle* cure pcmuislii unci with deapaich. Both sexes ark ix a sea of ignorance and ?offering without tuat great miJIctl and pbyalUogliial eumrua, Dr. Larmont'a Paris, Londoo aod New York Medi cal Advlwr and Marriage Uulde. f <1 page*. 100 p.'rturea. Mailed by Lawrence, No. 1 Veaey utieet; H. Dexter * Co, HI >'a? hmii street. N. T. H Feiei-ou, M6 Cbeuuut street, Philadelphia, and J H. <ohu?on, 7U State utreot, Chioago; i or $1, ?r lb*- author, M7 Broadway, up atair*, daily i iaura Ciy 7 lo 9 P. M. CONSULT DB WARD, ?? BHQADWAY.? THE E4RLT application to a competent phra'dan utii rn'ieh future nitaery# CONFIDENTIAL MEDICAL ANO SURGICAL OORHUL tatlooi.? Dr. COBBBTT, member of the New York i nirertlty i Medical College i, can beoooaulted with the moat honorable cnddeuee on osruls dl*A*aes at bia private ettcee, Noe. to retire atreet and 0 City Hall place, between ?ham here and Reade aticaU. Thirty year* to ana apeiieiliy aaabiea him to guarantee permanent cure*. flee hla diploma In hla oflice. N. B? Dr. C. holda no outumuuion wltk medic* 1 na poatera. DB. H. A. BAEROW, 1M BLEBCEBB aTEEET, FOUR doora r rom Macdougal atr<vt, New York, author of that popular medl'al work. "Human Frailty," may be eooauited aa uaual, from U till i aod tnrm t to l Sunday* till 2. DR. WAJtU, 4*3 BROADWAY, IN UNAFPROAC HBD among phyalciaDa in curing certain dlaeaaea. Try hit groat ? ? mi (in h anil read hla practical treatise. D^HE. watson treats with c<>mm.stb hujcbes, and without reatralnt or diet or eiarclaeu aU diaeaaea <>( a private nature, at 4fiV Broome ?tre*t, second block weat of Broadway, from 8 A M to tf P M. Macao i caaea eared In a few day a. t DHE BALPH-OFUCEB i:WCBO?N\ STRfcKT; HJUBB 10,', to J and I to V Sunday* excepted TtR. HI >TER HAS FOR T11IETY YEARS CONFINED 1 ' hi? attention to dlaeaaea of a certain ctaaa, tn wMrh ha baa tr.-a'fd no tana than Ally tbouaaod taiaa without an tn atanc <,i failure. Hla great remedy, Dr. Hunter a fled Drop, ciuaj certain dlaeaaea whan regular treat/a i-nl aod ail other rem dir* tall; curea without dieting er restriction in the ba blta of the patient ; curea wltbon 1 1 be AlfiitUiig and a'okenlng effe.ta of all other remedies; curse In new oatea in laaa than ah hours. It roota out the p iaoii?u* talnl the blood la sure to abaoi b unless the r? medt u used. It la tl a rial, aod can not ?* obtalued genuine an j where than at the old o(L<;e, No. ;t l) Tmt(,n atreat. Book for ui thing, that treats of tie call elfe U of earl) abuae T\R WARD tf? BBOADWAV, IS DAILY CONSULTED 1} confidentially with complete add (ratifying success. At nil ia r. m. DR. OOOFEE, U DUANE HTRRRT, MAY BE CON suited on all dlaeaaea >f ? certain nature Twenty Hght ?eara siclualrely doeo tad to there complaints enables htm to warrant a ewe in all caaea. The vtoima of misplaced oonfl denca In hj edleal pretend* ra can call, wltk a certainly of be ing radically wired or no pay. MEDICAL CABD-BSMOVA.L.-DR TBTERR- OfFIJK la rmnored to 63 Sixth avenue, New York N. U.-Fo .l duraaea not treated. PBOrBONOE EESTELI.. 163 OUAMRERM WTKRBT, can be txinaulMd aa naoal, and medlotna* aent by mall to all part* of the United SUtaa SORE CCRER BT DR. WAED, m BROADWAY, TP atalra. Hla Unfortunate * Frleud aod other remedlea are the unfailing reliance. MfSlCIBAL ArVAlES.^^^ OTirB.? the ooimifm OH btebets o* THK 131 Board of Couadiaaen will bald a meeting la room No. 6 Clt? HaU, on Wedaaaday, U>e '17th io*t , alio cloek r. M., far tie pnrpoaa of hear tag patties Idtereated la tke eiteM Men of Worth street fromBaxter atreet to Ckatkam squarw. ha ii'-y.tL. i ^ af terrtooa, SKh ln*t, at 3 o'tock. AM pswoea is f*r<* of and ot>p< ??d to tke prop>?ed eitenaton ? I,eiln(r>oa areaue noHh .Jf m ?iyalith ?traet are Invited to appear before the "Trofh'r part lea Intereated tn sMWI pending before tke . n o ee are attend TERENCE PABLBY, 1 Committee JOHN RCSEf.L { ?n JOHB I. BEADY, ) BradM