30 Mart 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

30 Mart 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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MOTOI, KOOM8, TB uw?? A To I ST? IN HOUM *M WB~T JL Urmtb trniti. ?r, * Reoaaa. ml eemind ?? ?, ( Smm iritt wi'#r ud gb? ' ran l?l of Mh| MIL oo Um 4. O N P ' KHILL A TWO FBONThl) ?tO*B ABB Ultl dENT t?B A ' 'anal and <W"' now ; a fine showroom a> d edvamaaeous positioa. Hub power I' required ft Let for mm or three years T?rr,r?M '*2*^*I.r ? . . ? IDHV OAvDi ? *lVr M.rw. At a8to?ia ? t?o fubbwhbo Maw to Lit to two fentleinsn or * gsotisnMA uU wife, earner o. Orud tlmt uH McwJ ??"?"?* *? ?"* ( , A PABT Of TP*' U*> Ka t HiTT KIRSt STKBBT, J\ near Lexington a'?nu?. to Let ?Front ami ?a -k ptrtxs and bedroom. b-M-nnont, pan'ry and bedrorn ail joining; crater cas fli'ttfas. wartrobea, Ao kunt taw per anuuiua. ? -3 ? glvM immediately. Inquire on the premls??. AfiVAlL BOOM, BIMTaBLB FOR AN 0 fFICB, TO let oa third fl.wr, 419 (Sr-ad-ay. corner of ? anal street, li quire in MetrcpolUMi aeeerd ??ee, same mUdlng. A FUBNI8H1D HoUSK TO LBT? IN TKNTH BTRBST, -A near Fifth avenue. ImUn of WIMaN A TaM WIN KBL, No. 1 "int> atreet, New \ wrfc AFDRN18UBD BCUaB, HEAB M\Dl-ON HlJl'ABB, to let? *onr stories, high Ntaeatut, hro?n stone; *uo ; 2aa66; In rood order and the decant Furnl'itrr ill cmnlale, Indus iu? piaao, linen aad stiver,- with Immediate posseiaiou. If desired T? a flrat alias private family iba rent will be low. I Apply la DlhUhB A UoLDHH. Mo 8 fiaa atreet and 1.244 | Broadway. i A FIRST OLA?W FtfRNISWBD HOWB TO LBT NBaR T wentieth street ann Sifth avenue? Is la perfect ordar, Imir atorl.'a, high ?tnop, br>-n stoae fral, alamaUy tur. nished Apply to B. LA* R?f>C? A CO , 61 East Fourteenth Htrre* Atih cm af houhe to let om mcbray ElU? Fouretory brown a'oie 99 Aleo a handaomo tiouaaoa Hammond street, $700. A feur etiry houae on iliwcter street, Al.1'0; na f ourb street, ?W*),on Ninth atreet, n.ar Hroadaay" Sl.fiUV. RlNBHlMR* A WILCOX, US Fourth avenue. A1HIIEE 8TOBT BBOWK tTOMH HOUi-E OB LEX lagtoo avenue to let for t7?0, the oheapest house offered Ihiawaeun; th? house la nearly n?ur, liss all Impeevmenui, Bin! in Bioa ur^er elso a tour story hnune on B ind atreat. RINSlllMKK A w ILOOX, 34* Fourth nvenuB. A FrBMST'EL MODERN BROWN STONE HOUSE TO .A l*t, immediately? a eat, $75 per mouth: or would <*41 the furniture on easy term i to a good party; a ploaiant and de Itghilui homr for a small family. Co i bt. rlmothy plaea, Fifty secod itrect, near Eighth avenue ?0IUXNC1 WITH 8TBMI* FOWBB TO LET IN whole or In part; the psatnUea arn situated la Cherry ?treat 06 teet front, four stories high, besides basement and area substantial bottdiag, vlth large engine and boiler, and the u?ual oonna:Uon* .for manlil^ury on enoh floor Apply ta the awnnr. OBNtu O. SO'JTT, 1M broad way. DBHfkABLS BOi ?S. TWO L fTB, OOaCH HOC8E and Htable to let. leaae or for sale, No. (I UmtIkou street, BroaHyn An Bngllsb tamUy who can nppreclate the oorn fort* of 'h? Old Country wiH And this ? happy opporlunur App y on the premises, or to 4. HUNULOW, Boutague street,, near Court I\E8I RARLB HOWBB IN JBR8ET OITV TO LBT OB ) for aslle ?The first vlaae three story high basement ousa, W dnasex street: Philadelphia brick and brown atons trtmmlags; full lot; a 1 modsru fnipn vem-nta; painted and papered a?d in the very b.st oondition , Immediate ponea nlou ; rent $M0 ar for tale low Apply at 79 Worth street B. Y. " First clam fitbni8Hi?d house to let? ih West Twenty third atreet, near Fifth Arenuo Hotel; In cood order, with Fun.l ure coc plele and elegant, to a small prirate lamlly : rant low- ponseasioa May 1 For cards of ad ?nlaaion apply to DIKURB A HOLOBN, N i. 8 r iue street and 1,144 Broaoway. First floor and basement and ?'Eoond story to let, at 301 Wesley place (Mulberry Ktree'l.'near Hoik ton street; all the iandern improvement* in the hou^e, hot and cold water. Apply from 11 a. M m 4 F. M li L'KNIKHEDHOl'rtE, BBLOW FOCRTKBNT3 HTKERT, ~ near Fifth avenue, to let, for one rear froa May 1 14 use Art 66 three rooms deep, not Raglian ba?ement; rout $7,400. Apply ta FIALl* A MoLRaN, No 9 t lne street. FUbMSUED HOUSE TO LBT -A COMFORTABLY furnished basement llou<e In Kent l'wentv 0H0fli et-irt ? li hall the modern Improvements, will be let o ly lir ? term of three ytars or more, to undoubted teuaaia. Item t t.*M per annum. Addreu box l.24i Post oOica. X'll.MSRFD HOUSE TO LB).? THE SMALL TWO J/ t ory Dwelling Houie No. 65 West Twenty rtxti .reel, will. ftHM and C'roton w Uer. Apply to J. B. iUKLA.il>, 60 Wall ?iieeC Fl'bNIBHBD HOD iR TO BBBT.? A SMALL. BEATLT furnished house (II rooms), line location (near Union square), to a private famliy only. Ocoupaney April 1 or May 1 H ? Widows, ndntreeees, parties wishing to hoard a fe w friends and persons of no responslldllly will pleata not reply t> tills Lowest rent $1,UUU, with seonrity. Addrum bos 3,061 Poet oflloe. Bear llud,,ou- 'K ?U^t. neer SUtKJ".^ ? We* T wentjT-eigh th Hotel to lft ?the fibst class hotel bo. 21 Ui 27 Broadway, corner of Morris street, known a* the t^tevrne House; potaeaaion ftlkt of B*r. n*tt. For farther partln.'lars appiy to H&M lBTT A TORRANCE, No 6 Bow ling Urron. LOFTri TO LKT-IN TUB COMMODIOUS STORE 279 W aahlrgluv street. u?ar Wairen an OBiee cau be bad If necessary. Apply o < the premises Large norBB to let-bo 107 waykrlbt place, ii' rtli ?'de. n few doors from the Parade Ureund. House Sft le<-t fn at by 105 fe> t deep From IS to 9U rooms. Well ada: '? I for a ciob or b';sn.iiig house Apply to MaYNOR A BLaCKW m,L, 1,12V Broadway. rfRADLBY. Hl'TCrllNaA f <' , <2 l ast I'ourteentb atreet, or N. C. BISHOP, 144 Broad Way. LIU ax ROOMS ako 8TF.AD1 POWER, AT LOW RATES. BT JOIIV O ACPI' i(B WALKER BTREET. IIQCOR ,-TOSF. OS THIRD AVENFE. BETWEEN J K'rtv ninth ana 1- If t lath street*. 736, good stand, rhaau ivi.t. I ri> *14 H monlh . chanoe for a man to get Into the busi ness ? ??'! fitted up. Will Mil cheap thl* da/ far ckh. bh? $1^' OFFICER TO LH -NO 1 TAHK PLACE, COBNBB OF Lr.aAway. tuitab.efor lawyers, arcbl'eots, engravers, Ac Kent* B*er?!', and Imra.xllkta p wa^lon Apply to aLCI OHHANDHt,OI *al1*ti*at. OFFICES TO LK r? III 7U HHU<L* At and MO 5 NEW ?treet Apply to JAB Ei CBULE*HaNK, SB Broad w>. "DENT FR IH -THE FCRNITURE OF TWO ROOMS XV and Hum Bedrooms to be ?o!d for $1M>: ono Roam and B? daoont lets far rani af thu whale Bvnrvthini; requisite for housekeeping J MvUOWAN, I7t Weal Nlaeteenti street. Room* to let-in hocrr ? bond ?treet. well adapted for a dan Oat, merchant tailor, millinery bualnaaa, Ac.. Ac Apply en the piemlsM. Fosaeaaioii immediately Rooms and power?' to mancfacturekr -two upter Loll*, wall lighted. 'Mil ag on Canal and Wdkcr fe rrets, near broad way. with very steady p iwer. at low ra<?i to r?K|K>aalhU partiea, by JoUM UAl/DU 102 Walker street ROOMH to LET? WITH OB WITHOBT POWER, over the New llaven Kallroad depot, Centre streist, In <|Uir< of T BRWisBTT, corner or Fran.ila and Kim street*. Room* and orrtcm* to let-witm or without power, la Hie new budding* corner of Heater and Mott itrssw. Apply to T. BBNNB1T, corner ?im and Frankliu afreet* over depot STEAM POWER? WIfH WELL LIQHTED ROOMS, Ta let, at Noa 21**4 24 Fraakleri strwet. real low Apply on lb* ptauilaaa or to M. LBIFBBIR, VI Beekmaa straei, ap atalra. CTOHB?AND HOUhR* TO LET OH B A P.? TWO FINE II Was on BroaU ?ay, between Thirteenth and Four te?nlh fitreel*. wl h Wig" >Ikw window* A Hoarding H"u?, Mo. V2 fourteenth street. betwoan Filth mm and Unlm square; a.i stortea, till; Mi loems. all the modem Improve menu Apply to C. IT? I. MBA, ?0 Hast fourteenth strati, jr SI Ptae (treat, room Mo 8 QTOItE* IN BROOELiN TO BENT? TO DBDCIOIRTR, ? > bakei* and others Bight new four story MM^lfH leet deep, on the corner of Myrtle avenue and Kyeraon *?re*' ; an eie?l|?nt business location, and will be rented low to go d tenants App>y at ofHce No. 1, ov?r Fa. ton Ban a, coraer oi 1 Veai ' ' Fulton and Pearl street*. mo LBT-A BEAR FRAME BtJLRIXt, WITH RAPE A moot t-tor? In front, 29iM>, on Wmi >l<1e of Ninth avenue, betwaan Twenty fourth and Twenty- Bfth streets; r?nl for the whole $tt?i per annum. Arply to JAMhM BRITT, Ml huth avenue, between Thirty third and thirty-fourth straata. TO LET? FROM MAV I THE Wtfm PART OF THB House 1M Eaat Hroadway, with basement htth room and elcMt*. The houM will he thoroughly painted f u* a g"nd tenant. rLET-AT 02 PA*T TWRNTT FOUBT ? STREET, between Lexington and Fourth aranaea, a three a<ory aad atUe lieu**, three roam* d**p, hat air. mm and water throughout To be Men oaly hetwaan lOaad U e'eiuck A M Real |1J0* Inqnlre at- 77S Broadway mo LET? PURMWllRD OR ENFtTRNTRHBD, T'fB i three sdarv brown store Hoaaa U W?M Peetv flfih ?trwA, between Fi'ih and vima avenue*. The furniture l? yod aad^ooyala Afp y to B. LITlNOfiToN, Na. % South TO LET? tHIl fHEBIi gtOM AND ATTIO BRICK llouae, Mo 71 Oreei-a street, nea- RpHtig Apply at Ho in Bread way. from II to 13 a'clorlr, or at IS Rut Twenty T) LET? OR VRET tf> W TERMS, THB afoRB 1? WlUlam street; omi'd be turned Mto two ansa ler th'ip* If deatred A'ao. at a low rent, the flrat floor of It *weka?an street Apfly to A E.ITiN>lRrON, W R*ekaia? treat rpo LBT-A DBHIRAB14I COUNTRT RRBtDMNCR, A *iloaied In WmuImuit county. Ihre- ouarter* o a mile from Wllllunahrtdge depot, on tl.e Harhtm Ralleoad and thlrtaen mltea fnim thl* <?ty. t'h' bouse I* i nnn vIjoiis, ha? >ng water, rang* An., mirrouiided bv handsrme lawn. Ailed with ahrubbeiry and ?bade t ee? , *U*rhe<1 Is a good stable, rarrla** bouM and kltrl.en gai lea For farther parUtnlar* Inquire of g. HAlCIXIh, ftt BeelWan str.et r LET-ON MOPBT PROSPE-rT, IN THE CITT OF Brooklyn, the large two story and attic dou >le hretk House with doable pl*r.tas. with about thirty In a nfin'tind, Oo*ered with fruit tr*ee of all kind*, grapeTlnee and shrab bery, situate on Butler and Douglass street* and I'ndertilll avenue, ontlgtums to Flitlb-iah avenue H -u?a contains twelve rooms, with a dae oberrva ory na the ftp alsoago d cellar with atal le ard outbulldlnea on lh' prewtisea. Wni be teataA low to a gnod tenant. Irqnl>eof TtHtMAH ILARH No. IB Fulton ait eel, new fork, or No. *0 rler-etun'. strMt, Brooklyn rLET? A NEAT TWO HIORY AND EXTBNHION i otume, haU a mile from tba City Mali, Brooklyn, en ?vpMent lo oars to all the fune*. Kent BMW. Apply In the clothing store, I4> Fulton *tr*ei, B \. A. FKKKMAN rl LET? A NEW THREE HIORV BRICK HOl^E with all ?ba rnodarn Improvametua I* n ,, nttti .ir-e', r-w.nd hou*e eest or Third avenue, un north side of the aynet Rant BVW par year. Apply at the oilkoe ot rreneh a Ifo>l , , . - s.^.j> . TO LET -AN BBO tBLTN. THE FlKaT Ofca?e HUfc, story oaaem-nt at d B*ib rellar HotiM, *>7 l?ogra .\ ? r.-e> between f'ourt and Hnltii atreel* haa a l th>- mo tern ttn .,- t?v>e-e?s ysrd nsrred gr>>*t variety of grape vine* n 'u'l (. "u, ?? .et -w Irasa Msy aeak ?v ??. ss La r.U,^ ? i*. M voart wut ?W?M, llOOMt, *BOp TO LOT. rm THIRD LwFT Of ?TUU Mo. St WAS 1 wu store* i, comer of Balden lane A;*"* ta F. 0. BM.IH, fS Ubcrtl tUwt. rl LAT-IN 8EMMA.H 61KRRT. TUB STORM jkHB rndur Cellar of H, the ffturtu Klivr of S3, a?4 tk? stitta n< or of SU, SI Ik lid 33. 1'fce r>?m< on the slath Haor otufw Willi each .Hb-r Apt?y to JAo. vOMMBB A WtfB, cornar o( lieade and Centre atreeta. rj?o L&1?? THE TbRRtt STOKi HJU? 1 HouaalMS Weatlhlrty i'tta ?te"et. *tw??n Kighth sad NlatO *?? nuaa, w1?fc *H itat modern lmpnvenseB a; good ueigVtxii htxtd ; gfi* 6mi im throughout. 'in* vinea, jirt, 4o tLai.' $MM. Inquire at 4U! blghlh ao-nua TO LBT? TIIK HotJBE HO. ttl WB?T FlrTltENTU ilrwl , 4iau 144 w eat Ktf u-?uih iuwi fba above ?'e "rat Olaaa Loupes wl<k all modern impruvetuen* a. F<ir particular* AprivtoJ *iaT?<B'*soN (M? hudaor ?4re?t. btwor* ? A M ; U< I'VTt P ? rl,BT? THKRfl HaKOHOM I'KITATB DWELLING ' hi (ollowa:? No. 17a Tenth nireet. near rtrai nit*, rout $7 ftu; Mn. 136 w fit Fifty third street, bat viMia ' Hnsaway nu'J Eighth avcnua, reut JtiiW; No. 370 Henry ntx ri Brooklyn, rent S66U For particulars inquire of ti. M. BIlvEhMaN, No. 158 Broadway TO IET ? OW REASONABLE TEEMS, TO A GOOD truant, i ha Urge marble BulMlogJB Bnadmgr, 110 feet by 2l> fret 1 Inch frout and rear, or eauliBor t? let aepar tVehr Fur rarticulurs Inquire of BBN J aMIN OaLBHA IITI, Ban - 127 Fulton street , herald Building, or of a i.ktlN iMtft H\OLB8QN. 738 Broadway. T?.^tTTiNOI^?2?. a ?J>bb bo. ? mainb ?z 22 rm LET ? PAKT OF TKB HOU8B3S ORCHARD STREET, ?una sting of frant aad rear parlor*, front basement ana tbree or four bedrooms if required, with gat alt ihvauifc. TO L^T ? TP B DWELLING 1'ABT OF THB HOUhB No 410 Fourth avenue, between Twenty ninth and Thir tieth streets the houte contains range, gaa, bath, Ac ; rent tcco. inqiilrp of >. ULa.NO dBT, 2W t?th avenue, befere Ml o'clock a. M and after 4 P. M. r LET?THE UPPER PORTION OF A BU1LD1NO IN h roadway, pear I! nion a<iuare, oa the corner of a atraet wlik pilvate entrance. Ihe premiaea are admirably noapud lor billiard or club gmrpoaaa, navlng bwn ua*d for the latter and now f mnlabed therefor. Will be rented low and furni ture told oti nap if deal red. Apply at 17U Broadway, up ataira, room No & r LET? TO A SMALL FAMILY, THB UPPBB PART of a itino story Iloune, o^alatalng the modern improve ?ui'uta, in Wi nt Forty-thud fctreot, hetiroea Ninth and Tenth avMiUL-a, eimaUting of tin! anroud st?i j and two roomi In the third otory Apply to UOBhHT (J. Ooi'.N&LL, 1M Weet Twritty-ali'h xtreet or 41U Went Waahtngtoa Uurket. r LEI? FOE TUB SUMMER, AT FIoUKlLL LaIW ItiR. a picturt-cqiie Co tage, dealgned by Vaui, tastefully f uinUU-il, w i Lb acre? of ground, adjacent to the plaoaa or 0. W. (?H-jjMii, 1- ai{. ^ Judge i>aviea and the lata Judge Kent. On the ]<lbce la a carriage houae and a table* for flee horses. A i pi v to BROWN, BALL A VAmDBKPOBL, over Broad r av V.iu.k, Where It a Ijlioti'grapli of ! be h .u> IIO LET? THE TWO BIJW STOOP, THREE STORY, baacmrrit and attle brick Hourea 140 aad 1 48 Wavorley j lac mar fclnh avepue; *111 bi- put to C 'mplet" ordtjr for g>x.d Mnaiite. Apply to L. 8U YDan, Jr., 158 U averiey plaoe. TO LET? A LARQB FLOOR, SU BV ,18, WITH OR WITH out titeara Power, at 1(J ?aut Houatou street, u?ar tha rtowcrr. lii<|Ulr? on thf invnUHus. fTK) LET-IN RROOKLTM, WITHIN FIVK MINUTES' I walk of Mr.uth ferry, three three story, bigh hto m, brica IIoum-b, water ana gas throughout. ItW, lln ?nd 112 llarn., pu street Apply at 111 Harrlaon street. Price HQ1.* f|H? LET? TO A J 'HTSICIAM OR LAWYER, 4 VKRY i. pi< i-Biit front Basement, wiih ra*n>U ran'il?l, g?-t III lurvi, *i.4 additional Bonn-, In a genteel laniily. at 111, on:o*ro: T velt'th stn et and fourth avoauo. Inquire of Dr. Strattoo, ou the premises. To L*T? THE LOWm PaRT OF HOUSE NO 11? M*th atrei't, between K r-t avenae and avenue A, coa ei-tliig o< frc.nl and back parlor, 'rein and irtck baveinent; alao one leiruotn on thiri floor; gas audbatU; poisosalun trmu May 1. Rent $Jf75 TO LET? THE FOLLOWING HOU8E8:? ?0 81 WEST HUrteenth street and 28 Bast Forty -lirst sti-aet; als > 111) Second place, Brooklyn. Th>- al> >i? are hi good oiter, and will be renied low to desirable tenant*. Apply to M. CUM BINOm, ?5 Weti Twenty iourth street, or to H. MACFAB-. LA^E, Jr., No. 7 Fine atreet. TO LET? THB 1HIRD LOFT OF 8TOBE KO. 91 NAS ?an street, oorner of Maldea lane. Apply to U. J. SMI 11 1, 23 Liberty street TO LET-?4a0? fH* FOUB STORY BRIOK HOUSE 110?a>t Vifty ninth streut, betwaoa Second and Third arem <-a. K> fMt (rott. two ?t<iry toa room m the rt ar, all in grod or<?er; built and oacupied by prnaaat owner; taraeTard, full lot, grape vines. A?. Apply to B. BO A NB, 721 Third avenue, tear Forty-sloth itieeC fpo UIT ? THE Uri'ER TART OF BOUSS, NO 86S JL Br.jar!was , either ? >geth^r or <n apartments ; a good ?oc.i tiOB forr.ny k:>id 'it biiHineas r> LET? THE FOLLOWING HOUHHS: in LEXINQ ton avenue, three story and baaeneMit, ront $8U0; 318 Lei Ington avenue, brown ? one front, $860: No* fiill, a>?7, 809, HIS -oo.nd avenue, runt til bnoond avenua. $SilU; 157 Bait Thirty accord street. I2K E*st Thirty Oral street, $700 each , 121 and 12a Kast Thirty snvsnih street, tbiiV, jw]- Forty eighth ?. i eeyweat of Secoti.l avenu-, $4110; Korty-aluth strewt, Fifty thud stisat, Filtleth i'.rect, Fllty fourth htrv-t, and ne varal others In gnxt looatloas. Apply to JOHN KaTTilBroEI, 4IA l(.i'dsv?nuo IX) LET-TI E ENtlRE fBCOND FLOOR OF STORB I No ?2 Fultoa ?trwt, Huitiilda for lawyci ?' oflioxa or *?r other iigiu busiaf ^a Rent low. Inquire In tha t?41?r (tore on tint do r. of FFETr A TIUQCkWohioW. r LET? THE UPPER PaRT OF HOUSE 67 ALLEN ?treat, naai O- >.od, with gaa and bath, to a small csntael family, teat t un b? seen between 11 aud 12 A. M. Mid 7 and V P. M Kef ere nee required. rLBT-IN SKVKNTT-aK iOND FTREBT, HETWEBN Broad ? a; an i Flghth ivrof, a two story House, car riage Hiiuw, Ac., on eighl lots of groind, pleasantly situated naar the weat*rly gate of Oentral art, at H-rnty seooad ?I'rocL Eighth avenue earn ?r 1 Mloomingdalo Mages noar. Inquire of B VAN AKfcN, 2u West Twwilj mghih atreet. TO LBT-AT FLUSHING, LONG ISLAND, A VERY 1*5 fill able cooTilrj Kisldenc*, coaLooliiti i ;Vven rt .onu, with reach House. excellent (Jardon, Ac ; la au about tan acres of Lard. The hoaru Is aurruuaded with tike bra', of a had* ko<1 trult treoa. UmsUoii one of the l|est In the vllia^s: more ground ran be had it required Alan a farm Hunte, couuluiag all koraas with Manias, Barns, .to, with f rom A) to SU .turns of lai*1, or mi. re ll required Inquire of HENRY M. BUUTl-i, 1ST F'ar. atraat, New Tort TO LKT? STORE AND FIXTURES. IN A ROOD NRIUH borhood wall auuate* for gr eery and liquor bunaosa < ountara, aoa!*a, weights and (manure*, beer pumps, Cro'on water aiid can fixtures, all in good order Inquire on th? pre aaises, No. 3*3 West IVsuty tilth aln-ot, near Tenth ainm. Eow.kRD Farley. rLBT? A TWO STORY HOI WE AND ABOUT TITO8R acn a of Land, half a mile from M llll?-.msbrld;je, Harlem Kstlr nd Inquire*! lfl hoJ iH Chambers street. fO LKT-FUBNIHHBD, IN BUST SlXTItHNTrt S1REBT, afenrsfc'ty, English kaacment Houhn, with erery Im prorwnent and a Aral Uaaa l>catlon. BRA'JLb ?. HUT'.'H. 1 No A Co., 42 Ka.tt Fourteenth street, or fc. U LUDLOW A CO., No S > tae atreeC TO LET? ON MURRAY HILL, TUB FOUR STORY browa rtone front bouse No. 04 Eait Thirty eighth atroel; all Mi? modern lmpr"> erti?nta. ciiapdellsra, Ar fan be a -on between 2 and 4 o'clock f. M. Ram law. April* la T. L KUoS A I.O , 84 and 3d Pearl treat. P LET-TWO OF THE HOW OF TWO STORY, BAHB roeut and attic brick Houses on <torentjr-tb(rd street, be^ twea-n Third and Fourth avenue s, with the ad^ufalng Lot of Orrnrnd to eaob house; boaaes to g<*>d order, with modem im pr remrnia Aiiply to C. W. BaKKR, ti lte.-km?n Mre.it, or m tbe cmer or nerenty seaond atraat and Third aretiue, of JOHN CALLAGtoAN. TO LET-TWO MODERN BUILT HOUSES, ADNKA bly -(mated for bnsinaas into at the junoM.in of the New Jersey RaHrvad with the hew 1 nrk and Rile Railroad, iln.l aoa Ctty, > J. ; Are minutes' walk frain tke ferry. Raul low Garde* plots and fruit with each plae\ TO LET? A TBIthB STORY AND BARBMHNT IROW* stoue Hoaac, bifli tintip 1*2 Weat Nineteenth timet Hu all the mod<?a rosvrulenree, In a sertteal neighborhood ami in i?rfritt good order For parti* ulars apply ta OTTO (J. ObaKF 134 Xeren'h avenua, bHwteu NineVnooth and Twea tleth atraota. New Yurk. LET -THE LAROE STORE AND DWELLING NO. SCO Orand niraet near Faasi Market. WUI be ranted (?? <JK) Ker ur ?eparata. the dwelling Is well adapted to and I* a rate stand for a boarding hutiae, being w?ll rnatilated and with all the coaveoieaces of wash and bathiag M>>s, A? Pursrealoa glrea tsf " ~ " ' (.rand struet, or 1 Porsmaloa glrea 1st of May. ln<atireo( JOHN CONUBIt, ? IAVID CONOER, 17 Beekman street. TO IJtT? TTIE STORES AND LO?TS NOR f AND 11 Odar atraet: will be let cheap to a good teanaat Iasalre of r. NLASOHBT, m Btith arenas, befare 10 a*aiock A. M. or after 4f ?. rLBT-A THREB STORY HOUSB, NO SZI TARICK street, arar Carmine, rent faOU Caa be seen from 11 to 2 o'clock. Apply at 308 Variek atreat. corner of Houston. rLET-D "BLLISO UOl'HBH 1? AND 1M CHARL toa street, with aU the modern improvemanln. at rery low rent, and all la go >d order Inquire of MahTIN Wa l KRm. 121 chailion street, bat wean Orasowich and Wash lr Jtcm atreeta. rl.m IMF. LOWhR PART OF HOPSF. NO T4 WEST Twentieth street; aered room*. Apply at the matamant, rorner ol Nixth arenas and Twenty. re^nd st , after 1 P. M. T, LBT? a La ROB ROOM ?i40 FBBT, SUITABLE for a c ub or a llffht manufactuiiaa business Aleo, a ni. eiy fnrnWiied Kl<>or with TaUi. gna and all ths rnodcra Im pn-rraienia ( all at nil Fourth arson*, batween Tweatr thlrd and l-went; fourth atreeta r LET? IN LaMaRTINE PI.ACB, TWBNTY NINTH Street between highth a ad Ninth avenuet, three flntt nlaee MiggH aioop b?wa three rnonu deep, with all the ?o MSB HfkKitMNMla. Thr Ui latlot. ran no I be inrpsaasd. Alao soaie r?ry Hne FU?ir?. In iuireo: A McBRluB, Jr., No. Sat Iwaaty -second atrert fTHi LfcT? THE IA/WEK PAST OF IIOUmE it! CLTN i ton atraat near <iran|t. Double (mil.nA, tea roora bar* haaen.ent and two good altil bedreotna Kent AM*. Inquire of J W. JOHNwOff. ?' ll* and street PLBT? TnB THBBB BTORT AND ll*HK*RNT BRinK H.?i?e im Kant Teen'y third attaet, new Hewed nrenua, with all 'he modem lmp-rrremaata; In g ?k1 order, wl'h gas thr<'(igl>oa ; house l?*47 fe?*t, large yard; rent r?? Ai.ply W M1CAL t L SlIhBllT. 134 White street Ol ?!? Broad ?ay r) I F.T- TnF. OOMMf)DlOU4 FOUR BTOBT BROWN a'ra* I.w<lllrg (-o?i?e .1# Wast Rtehteenth s'reet, be tween Ftf h snd ruth aranusa contaiaa ail the m-d-rn Inipiirtraeuls and ta In perfect order Inquire on the pea e iw a T> l.E r? FINE OFf'ICE* ON FIR><T, SBl'OND AND 4< '.rth floors or hui>d*nil No. I* Wall atesei . alao llotiMM hoa Tj an'' 24 and 1? Kiat Klghteenlh atrent, l<nt??een Sroad waj aan rlfih a'cnve; n'ailiouae No 77 weat Houston it , betarirn Lauren* and WooMW apply to D A A KIN>S " " """ " DM Ntl lO-* A M Hri.ad Mine f|?. Ne 1,1 T? FOR MlLLlNRRY OR OTHER liwht I Vii.|. , -e Ihe er?|r,. Serond Floor O' llouaeren Mrond ? - ? S*.!?*?' KOOMR, m AMr~ ^7ZX?eni* *?* EL Z11?, r> LBT-THB FOURTH FLOOR OF A HRST 0LA.68 Knell-h basement hsitae, < insisting of ail Room- ; r.mC $U |? i month Also three Rooms On third fl *>r. at $lt) ?r uimuIIi, to KmoJI r?u.i;lee. Apply r.t lot* W fwebty b'th street, near Hex entb a'eaue TO LET? UPPKR PaKT OK A THREB STORY H<> 'SB lu T< nlh mrwot. near Kecood avouttc, sontalalug a'l the modvrn improvements, for $J00 Inquire at 89 Barclay a'.ieet, baaeBiSSlt rpo LET-1HE PLEASANTLY SITUATED TWO STOKY 1 al'ir hd i l*?wBient House (KW Hudaon street. neui W.at IrrH I MW and gas, wl'.h fixtures, ootu balk, an .. i'l 1? >|-i i> ?. 511, ->f K TbOMPSiiH. Jo > r - to a 8M -LL family, withoutohilokk v, Ibe '? vni Ppper FVors of a Mixl-rn ilouae. with front 1 ssetoeni If desired, heat $300 a year. Ajtpiy between It sad 2 at 3M West J hlrty flf ik rttreat TO LRT-U1B SECOND 8TOR* OP RlilCK HO0SR I 1 04 * at Forty eighth street, between Broadway Eighth avenue consisting of five rooms, wlta hath, hut aa4 cold water, gas flitures. wateroloaet and privilege la the laundry Ihe owrer wl 1 oooupy the lower part Worn hut a small faintly need apply Can be seen from 10 to 5 o'clock. TO LET-IN JBB8BY CITY, BRICK HOCHHd, OF various sl/.ee wltk all the modern Improvemeat*. Far m r, email first slass brick Uouuea; also seat t'oit >-!>'?, at berii n Heights, adjacent to horsa railroad. Apply to JO tIN (i Bii.At I. HI. IN olDoeoorner if Grove and York streets. r LET-TO A HVsLL FAMILY, TUB UPPRR PAKT of a Urge three storv Houso containing the mo.l- 1 a Im provements, consisting of Ike aeroad floor, room on lbs third floor asd fr< nt basement; has abundant pastry room, a line waidmbe closet, tarn bath room and wash tubs, Ac. Apply at 21# W est 1 w eutleta streat. TO LET-OM CANAL 8TRPJKT, TUB UPPER PART OF the Ileusu and Basement No ;i22, sullaWw fur a ml li ner} or any light fan*y business gplendll lccaHon, and to a ftx d tenant will be let low; nearly opposite Merer street, nquirc of Mme DEMoRBBT. 47.1 Broadway. T) LEt ONE OR ROT II TUB HOUSE* 40x10, WITH Grounds sfach-d on Leaks terrace. Weal Ma/rn-tnla. Pa1' Ht.ixb waiters, hot, cold and sbewcr ba'bs and all t*e mo'le- n oi>pv- iilencea. Can b? reached by Third Avenue bal"uad, Ht'tk avenue or Ilarlein Railroad For n'raias doing business In tlie rlly are very d??irtil> e, froui tbnlr e?ay M-vvia Apply to P. A M. LEWI8 A Blta., UV Ckambeis street mo LET? 1 HE TWO STORY BttTCK DWF.LLIfO 1 Hotice, with ras and Oroion water, Ho. 62 Aia'ty street, apply to .1. B. IKELANU, 80 Wall street rLKT-Ti B THREB 8TORT BRICK HOCSR NO. 403 Hrorme street. Apply to F. A H. LBWI8 A BRO., 119 Ckambers street. qV) LET -THE OWNER AND OCCUPANT OK A NEW 1 Uuwd ktone llouxi, re|.l/?tewl'.hcv?ryeon?eiUencs;would let H pari to a small Kente>l family. Beat J.I00. Apply ?t 217 ]? a -t Fiftieth street (Beekmar 1UQ). Possession immediately. riV) LRT? IN WILLIAMSBURG. Til 8 THRKE STORY I knqlmh l-a-s-Jti'-Dt tlouae >o 2 Third atree', near 1*1 v 1 ilon avi-aue Fvnisbet, to a small family, only ?ur>. tin lurnlshed, $S80. has water aad gas; Ibe neighborhood ho except lot.nhle; tlv? minutes' walk from South Seventh street terry: or for sale; price $.y00. TO LET? NO 1> CROSBY HTRREET. NBAR GRAND; three storv House, In good H'patr with gas, bath, range, hoi and cold water. Ao. Apply to 1'. L. RRED, on the pi'4 mist TO LET-IN NEWARK, NEW "lERt-EY, ONLV FIVB miouteH' VHlk froui Maiket atreet depot, a two story 1 Hott-n, in perfect order, with gaa snd 11 1 1 jras cooaplvte, a fruit and tfgetablt) gftrden; pleasantly located ; No 92 Mew oi k avenne. For information appl"at2M Hroad Blreet, or fx# 1'roadwsy, toC .lARVis, aitist. Possession flrstof April. r> LV1--THB DWELLING PART OP HOIT8R NO. m llloecker, eofUer Wooator street, oontainiag thirty roims aid lirfr-, kitchen^ dumb waller lo second sunr I'oestatalm lltM Rent, f .290. Apldy to WM. C. AMfiRM.vN, 121 Hli fcker strett, in tl c a'ors. r' O LhT-ON lllTfl KTfcKET. BETWEEN THIRD 4ND P'ourtb avenues, near Ceii'rnl Park, two woll Hnished t?o - ! tage Hotisea; eight rooms and fine *ard enoh. Fac.i itiia good I for getting down town Kent fXM a year. Inquire at 2otl ?"eat l *trn)t or on the premises. TO LET? THE WHOLE OB PART OF HOUSE 14 LE rcy place, Blrerker s<reet only one block west of Bro id way the lower part has bean occupied by a dentist for six years. A Ittaae can be had for a store If desired. T HouJ., 4el*Hudao?itrZI?*Y BASEMENT BH t"ir Rwwl^n'i h*\' bePO Dewl7 Paln't^nlpf 'Pi.*'1 '""dcrn hn /tnnj . n -^*n be had lmmediat*i J per annum BEOS. A CO.. 39 South WIW.^^V. PP>T 10 OSTHKIM r LET- SECOND LOFT OF 8T()RE, 410 BROADWAY, 30 by 46 feet; good location. Reat fTOOl Inquire on the I premises. TO LET-ROOMS ON THE FIRST FLOOR, SUITABLE for a dentist, or dressmaker. Apply at No. 1)^ Clinton place, Righth street, west of Broadway. rLRT-A RTORE, ON THE COENER OP CHERRY and aew Chamber* street, aultabls for any Kind of bust mss, with a front on ('hern, and ? front on Chambers; will rot let for a liquor store. Inquire at 87 James street, or on the premises. r LET-PART OF HOUSE, 06 SIXTH AVENUE, COR Sir Of West Washington plane, consisting or fr<?ot Base mn(, ?i?!tai.ia for 4* Parlors an3 a Bedroi:;l, oa fte s> con 'I sttiry, with oae Bedroom in Uis kttlu; gas and water. Rent $:<3.V T?K?aVZ!i"?4?,02S>HS2!%?ir SSZJP ; " mo LET? LOWER PART OOlTiGKS (SEVEN ROOMS A in eachi 131 and 125 EiihI Twenty eighth street, with gas; in nice order Also, a small, gent< el house on Second ar>-tiu?, at >4(0. Also, Noomi oa Twelfth and Downlna iitreet-, at lew reuta. J. M. JuLL, I W Fifth avenue, corner of Twenty thlrq h treat. r> LET? THE WHOLE OR PART OF A TBREB STORY ai.d Imseiten: Cottage In West Forty third -tre?-t Also i sctnevery haRii.teme nults ot* Rooms lo tn ? new brown stone bounce tii.Mh avenue, Nos. otfi, 506, MJ and (92, with water, range, huh, gas, Ac. Apply to J. VAN WA'JNBK, \ house agent. Xo it? West Fo'tf second street. Also the j \V hole or I'art oT a House No. 83 Barrow sUesL rl.ET-tnE FOLLOWING FIRST CI, *.88 THRKK story and ii'tlc high ?to>p brick dwelling U rnMi, lotted In the vicinity of Chelaea *oiiare:? No Z'<6 Went rwentv f r*t street. No. 2m Went Twentieth street N(V. 273 West Nineteenth xirret All of the above are replete with evary convenience that o&a he desired. also^ievrral very desirable Floor*, containing Are and nix rroaoa each, for small and genteel families, rrpleto wlih Cro tit> ard i! an fixtutes, and reraralo metera for eaoh floor. Ap ply to D. A. CC8I1M *N, 1AJ Ninth areauo, between Twen tieth and Twenty lirxt streets. TO LET? AHTORF, BACK ROOM AND K ITCH Kef. NO S49 HIvlnRton streoi, near the Baat river; li a good place for any business; or would five a lease of the whole h'use to a tfr-o.l tenant Apply to M. VCRVHY, <11 t'hprry ?Met TO LF.T 1MMBDIATBLT-KICB APARTMENT*, CON rifting of four Routua on the fourth Boor of %t Oann? voort street Beat $10. ? mC LET IN BROOKLYN-A THREE BTORT AND JL basement, hrown etone front Flowae, with all the rnodmu lruprovcmei.t?. In a desiri?t'le n?ighl-orh >04. Rent $ ?*>) per annum. Apply at or addreaa M Veuoy a.reet, New York. TO LBr IN BROOKLYN? FTKB STORE, BADE ROOM ami baaemwiit, well milted for a (Irooery. wh'>lran!e 1,1 ? |iior Store or Katlrg IIoui.h; n .vr the armory and Kulton ?t M AR1H0R A HON g ? tf i.d atreet, N. Y. TO LET OR LEaSB? 1MB TWO LB1H Of OB0JN0 with the Btil'dUix* thotoom Boa. M and M Ito**>n>*ae< street ani'ahle for any Mad of mrobaalcel hu?iM*e or fot ?toragr. l?o*e<*a*iuti tauusdiately Apply ta a. KINDLA?, No 6 Tryr-c r?w. " rl-ET OR I F ASS? TUB BRICK I>WBLLIN<J BOOBS and Rtorc, No. 877 Division itreot, eomarof douverneut streot a ft rat rate aland tut a grooery. Itviuim at 391 E aot Brfadwnj TO LET OB LEAXB-FUBNIBHBD BOUBX-M VK? Thirty fifth street, between Fifth and Slith avenues TW House In th-*e stories and basement, high etnop and baloony contain* all the modern Improvement*, (fee furniture In IKx oed? r. making It a very dealrable real drone foe a private fatal ly. Can he seen rron. 11 A. M. UH 3 P M lamre 00 th premlrta. Tho liest city reference* required. For furtboi ^jmteular* aiplytoT. r. RILEY, (g South atreot. oornor 9 rl.KT OR LRA8E ? FOTJB BTOBT BBOWB 8T010 Enulmh banement House 62 Weet rhlrty fifth utrvwt, ho 1 tween Kii. hand With aveaues; tho Bouwt onntalna all th" ; modern huprm, menu and th-st clan* In every reepeot Oar be aeon from 12 M. tUl 3 P. If Inquire on tho prraavtea Fo? further paiilruUia apply U> T. f? RIUtr.M South MM 1 ooroerofWall. r) LET OB LEASE ? THB BABBMBNT (Mi FBBT doep) of and aevrral fine Ofltoea ta th? bow fire proof Building Mo. HI haa*au atrvet (weat aide), between Fulton ul John Itrarta, law York. Apply to FBABUU BYRNB. 131 Naaaaa atieeV. r) I.F.T OB I-EA8B? TBE KOUB BTOBT niOH 8TOOF mrdern built houee, 170 Raet Fourteenth ?tr?*et, aear 80 ennd avonue. replato with the modern mmvenlanna*. Kent fl.CXV. Iuquuo on the preoUaca or of II. B. UKOZ, 93 Kul ib atreot rl-ET OB FOB 8 ALB ? 1IIB DOUHLB THBBB 8TOBY I>wi !Ung llouae No 118 >ourth alraot, ooruor of Beat Tenth, miita le lor a Uige family or boarding honaa. Apply to J. j. IRELAND, ?0 Ball atreot. TO LEf OB FOB ? ALE? IN HOBOEBB, TWB If alfD aotao three etorjr and nabv Brisk Houoaai lot 100 foot deep, house CO feet, aearlv now ; gaa aad water; prtoo gxgfig Inquire of ROBT. VhlSM, 13 geavlow plaao, BoCIml rLBT OB FOB 8 ALB? Til g OCEANIC HOUS* OB Cooey Island. Inquire of D. O. WINfU^OW" Bo. TOoul ItlH^ BrtwkJyn. rLBT OB FOB SALE? BBAB MORB18TOWB, N. J, A flrat olass (/'ountry Moot; rorrlago houee. bar*. aUblea, toe fiiman (filled), hennei7. Ac,, with about eight acres; *Hua tlon elevated nnd cmlni-nily healthy, beautirul spa asr) and prospect; pure waiot Introduced Into the house from a moua iata.trram. PIERCB A WaDH#OBT?, 10 Flna street rLBT, FOR SALB OB BZOIIABOB FOB 01TT F BO pert*? A three story and hoaement House of twentf Ma r? M, with two acres uf Imad, bmrn and sarrtag* houfh, at Btoomtagvlev . 8uteu Island, half a satis from raflread dewt, two mU?s from ateamhoat laiultog aad Ikme <|iar era it % mile from Piaocoo Bay; a dellght/nl i4aeo for bathlag sad fietlng. & BW) TBOs.,11 Ubxrxi atreot rLBT, FOR 8 A LB OB BXCHANOB-TWO Til ABB atoty \ ,l"k front lions*-*, with all ih? modern ln>i roro. merle, oa JefTarson stiwf, Brooklyn. Apply to J. I) MO NBLL, M Wsll street, New fotk. ; TO LKABB-TT1B BAB8IOB IfODFB AT BLO'.tflfKh rl?lr, oil >lgh:y i?iknth strviei, near I wwfik^venue, with abom fifty lots of land. In lawn aad Kardrn, for two i?? tbree J ears 10 a dealrwhlr 'nnnnt The hotisa la In gaod repair In >l<ilra 'if JOHN PaINE, *7 WaM atraat. rLRA8E OB FOB 8ALB-THB TIIRKB HTOBf ABS v%*?ment brlik building, No*. V) and t3 Oomtner** r^-et, stil'able for a workshop, heretofore used as a re frlgrrat/? iinriHfwtory \ pg| iiOUQtlalUty for I he intro ?liirUon of meahl?ery, hsvlng a bign ehimaoy attaaaed 'm eteo-ri holler, Aoply to J. M ATllivW^od, gif Budaro street, before ? A. M. and after 6 r, M. ? TO RKfT? A BULKHFAD FBONT ON WBJT 8TRKBr, adjoining the f?rrv to Hobofean n?*r Canal street. North river; alar> larg* Itnefc tteol* In \\ ?tts neart)>n?l, wlih arrosarrn 'dattona lor nlee bomae aad cood lot 1 o "or t?a st?lile 8t?N?* for oar'men nnd Woik<boi * snltahli1 for 1 Outiis ?!?-.. .or bl u'tiU.-,h, it, ^ uulj W rkticB, auo an d?*i mu. HOCWBg. nOOMS, AO.. TO lit. j mo i kah- ro? nvB Yiigy, separately ?b J. together, fl?e una OB AtUxMr Ridge etreele bo tWMD LMaaoey and Broome (u w eoOuuUd u aa iroa fo%ua drib* Joha B. Plattl, to b? vacant o* May L Apply to O.ti rnn?K?BT. n Wall street j rpo RENT? TUB COTTAGE HOLME NO. 96 BAST Y OB X It ninth street, near LriiagWa iiroaue, gardoa la trout, yard Id roar: night or nine room* *nd kitchen, Aa Alae the ikior.ad ?? loer. la , 46 I'ominlck si-reot, near Hudson; aa* gaa aud water. Apply to J AMUR THICK 100 Hudson ? ieot. ITH) RENT? ''HEAP, A PI. BAH AN* UTTLK MOL'NTBl 1 Ili uw. Ore inmates' walk fruoa railroad siatloa. Frail ard kitchen gardes. ajMtiii bus 3d, Wo^xxt 1'wat outoe, (wan TO BENT? A TflRJBH ?OBV HIGB STOOP BROWN naiio House, one of a block of tea, at th? Jun ilon of Breadvay apfl Seventh avenue It U h*nl? >111*1/ fitted up with nrr* modern c .nvenleuoe Hm DiMii maMn uwt meut la luUI, Aa, A*. Apply to A. HOOD, No. 4 Wttiittca | street. TBB THREE RTOBT BIO 11 BASBMENT HOUSE 2 V) Winl Tweaty-feoond stree? to rent, and the Furniture far sale; the w hole or a part of the name The kouse la la Una order, liaving han'MMrty fresooea parlors. A*: would r-at, i furnished. for |1,4<*I or. If tho furnluftw wan purch<ui?i, tba 1 house would be ranted for tMO. The Carpets, OilnlMas art i Mirrors. valued at $6U) would be sold to the t-oaat wlthsut j the rest of the furaltjre, if doslied Apply as above or at ?1? Greenwich street UPPBB PABT OF HOUSE JNO. 166 WEST TUIRT*. sixth street, to lat to a small family, h>uee wall lo

oated, si d bin all tue modern Improvements, ooasMtwg of stoocd floor which baa three rooms one bed room ana six cloeeW, and two bed ioooie and ona closet on third flow; good oellar and Yard. Apply on the premises from It to 1 Pent ???. _____ 11TOBK SHOP 70 LET-AT 46 WOOBTEB STREET, 1M T T feet by 90, and two Flcors, 26 by 41. 8TH AND 4TH AVRWTTB HTORBH AMD DWELLINGS to let. also No 8 Boonn.in place; also Shop to let lu Thir ty sixth street, near Eighth avenue. Apply at Nos. 443 or 303 Eighth avenue. 1 171 BBOADWAT, NR AR TWENTY EIGHTH X- 1 I 1 ?t met.? Room* to let, furnished or uufurulahed, suitable for a physician or dantlat. VOB 8ALB. AHAHH OHANOE.? FOR SALE, A RS8TAURANT, Oyster and I.unoh Roam. esUibMshud up wards of twnatv years. Is ouo of the best loratinos la Broadway. Will be s*i<l at a great bargain. Inquire at 171 West Thirteenth street, from 10 A. M to II M. aZ? cbmp- ln*ulr8 ot w. H JbEbVSo tetEj,"1" ?>? (IOaL YARD POB SALE ? MTU ATBD NXAR TUB J North river. In a populous aeighbarfaood. Addraaa K. L. L., Herald offlca. DINING SALOON FOB SALB ? IN ONE OF TUB BBST IoshUohs on Broadway, near Canal st net, and ts n aw 1 doing a K 'Od buslnens. HnUsfaotory re?sous given or setting out. Apply to WB 0. SHAW, 499 Broadway, up stain, be tween 9 and 12 A. H a? Ij'OR SALB-THE LEASE, *TOCK, FIXTURES AND I " good will of the premise* known as 153 Hudson street, corner of Beach. ^Inqulro la tlio store FOB SALB? THB LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURE* OF a first class Liquor Htora, situated lu a k >od loottlon; th4 reaseu for sUllng, as the own mi- ha< ober b>isiQ*si t < a' tend to. Inquire at Ibe distillery, 263 Iftut Thirteenth *ti?ot Fob sale? the btock, fixtures, mauhinkry, ? Ao., of faint Store aud Maaufaotoiy 242 Canal street. Address Wis. M Gambling, asabore Fob pale? <>nb copper still, two ooppeb Worms, wltli other apurte&anees for making fine Krenoh t-i'lrits, at present working and in porfeot order. *111 be sold ciuwp, as tfce ovtLer, wto han jutt purchased the peuil-vd, d es not ur.dnrsUnd distilling and will turn t)>e pi i:? to another line ot busti ens. Apply at 412 Seventh avcuua. CTOR WALB? THH ENTIRE F1XTURB8 OK A WINK V Cellar, OuiiKlstliig of Champagne Apparatus aud evf.ry Fixture m cerssrv to tbe businesa AO die b L. 0. n t Co, bt.x 18ft (1 erald ufilce. rOB *AIE-A FIB8T CLA^S RESTAUR 4NT AND Dicing Salooa, .'-tublinlad over two?t< voars, d-4usr an ,' v;?i!n.i and profitable busiacss and lu a g > >d tboiMU?lil'iire lansfaclory reasons ^ivsu for sclluig. Apply at lli Jolin =*reet. FOR SALB? the STOCB AND FIXTT RES OF THB Liquor and Oytttor baloon. No 76 Oliver street, lnolud. ins HoutehnldV Furniture; vxonm Tda'ion h for ten boarders; ? III be sold lew as the BW? waats to leave tbe city. For sale-a first claim drug t>ToRE, in a ttrat rate looaiity. Apply to H. MAXWELL, 342 Tnird avenue. |i<OK SALB? ONE-HALF INTEREST IN A LI VERT JP Htable aud light wsrou manufaolu'log btisiaen; has al ways pnld well, sltuatud in kixth streei, near avenue C. lhn retiHOC lor ceiling, as the owner has i.thar business to a'.Und to. aIp" one half of the building, which Is four stories high and 26 front by MX) faet deep. Tne ground lta?e hai 13 years to run from Ihe Hth of March, 1861. lerms reasonable FOR SALE-BARGKCASTLBTON. ld6TON8 bi* ktiiem ; In go' n oi.lcr for bu*ine?s. May n -w be teen at the f ?)t of Thirty third street, East river. Apply to B. UVl MG STON. 218 fcighih uveuue, or E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street For fale? a wholesale and retail liquor Store with Stock and Fixtures, aud four years' leaso, on ths corci t of llilrty-iirst strtet and T-ioth nvunun, must b? sold cheap aa tbe owner oannot altond to it. Ia^tiiie in ths ?tore 'tin Vai ick i treat. For SALE? A LARGE SAFE (VaLEPTINP. * BUT ler's make) ; cost #1W) cash , price $pi i; noarlj new and in perfect order, t^all at 3T Purx row, room -H. For hale? a grockiw, situated about t^bn; ty miles from tbe city ; now d' ing a gnod cash businnst runt very !<>*, imd s-ild for no laul , ouly that tho owner it> ?Idee too far from It to give it the cire It tbou'd have. Applr for tlirpe ityn at AMHJT* A 1.AIMOKN , Wo. 1JI West street, "rof Br. i-r/EKS, grocer, corner of Br adway and Forty flrht street. pOB SALE? THE FIXTURE 3 AND OOOD WILL r of i Sa'oon, with Rooms connoted, In the Hixth wur.l. Will be sold for less thaa half its vxlun, us the owner must leave tba city Apply this day to rt.Ml TH, 128 Broadway. 'fVB PALK OB BXCHAVQIi-TUK FEED STORE AND F flvA 5 ?ar?' leapft, the StooV In store Hid feed Wagon, at Wl West street, and gotd for this or uay other mer-au.lle Dosineaa. Inqulie of A. M aRIINE. Hat business fok salk? thr stock, pixturks *ii(1 Wtanc of a retail Hat Hto'n, well located and doln< a good burlneaa; will amount to about ?'i 3(10; hill ctuh, the b% Uijce good pap*!' . lu> ktfxuU treated with. Ai'dreas H., b>i 112 Hrrald oilice. T IQKiR STOFBH-TWO- OKfc POR 8120. A?OOOD 1 j Moatlrn anrl hpl?uditl chanr- for A jmart >'9unj Ul iQ Musi be ?old to-day Kritig your money, Bake fOW cuer. Ml or in <ob*r bunlntia. 'M tiiand aire?!, m ? to & XTOlItE.-FOR SAI.B A KISST CUBS ENGLISH JL.Y Ale uxl Chop Houae, with \ aiuable liitHa. the r nt uvor pUd by aleepra. A first olas* Hkiitle Alley, tne onlv ene In therity. C Re of the beat ba?mnnic mention* twice a week. Will be fold at a rea^rmable prloe na the present oronrletor la arxmit removing te the count rv for tba benetlt of bla health. For particular* inquire for ?nn week. MOUTH WICK A WOOD, 83 Nassau street PllILADRI PHIA, CHESTNUT STRBhT.-OLOTNINO btore, Stick, Pictures and Lease for aalo situated In oho of the beet loeetkiag. Keavnr for Mtlllnp. the present pi\> prleter eiifmciaa tn other bamncae For further partlculara addteae < . lyrell, Mti t beatuut street, Philadelphia. ft. PATENT FOR PAI R -OK A* ARTICLE FOK THB million, very cheaply got up. of gr-at demand and neiee slty. yitldlnr extiavagant profit* nnda sure fortune in it, by btatea and counties oa liberal terma. K'HH HWKK A WOOD. M Naaaan street, QUAkTZ BOCK MILLS AND PATENT FOR SALE? t'onoered by miners to l>e the very boat for reducing r^ak ? impalpable powder, with hardened ahtftlag grinding aur face* SaaJlr chargt d So'lTHWIQB. A WOOD, ? Naaaan street. STOCK AND FIXTURE* OF A NEATLT FITTER UP Liquor Mora, doiag a good buaineaa, will bo Mid, a a tba owner aaa oUwsr bustneaa to attend to. Inquire at US avo ntta 0. STEAM PACKING BOX FACTORY FOR BALE.? AH active man. with amall capital, can And a rare opportunity to eater Into a auooeeaf ul bualneaa aa partner or otherwise. Address B. B., boa ItB H arald offic e S-TRAM RNOINE8? ONE PORTABLE BTEAM ENGINE and Hoiler. on* bone power, amiable for coffee grinding or aay light power; t ne all hires power and botior oomplete; 0Dt eight ditto; alao a number of email Boilara In goo* order, cheap for caafa. at IB Rom street. J. FKaBRR. lO BTJTOHBRH ?FOE SALE. A MEAT, FISH, VEOBTA 1 Ma aad Poultry Market, now dotag a good bostnsss, suit aMa for a country produce dealer; or wBt soil the Route aad Lot If required laqalae at IM Eighth avaaaa, earner of Tweaty eereath etreet. r PRINTERS AMD STATION ERR. ?A PRINTER, OO log couth, will sell his offlos very low: a good Iceetioa aad a good run of work. About $40o oaaa |? all that la re 'lulred. A r dress Tom, Herald oflloe. $7oa I Tom, ] ?I WILL SELL ONE OP THB BEST LIQUOR _ _ _ Houaee in the city I here are several steamboat ifnea from the door. If not sold to day woa't be aotd at all. Apply at H4 Raade at reel. AO AAH ~roR HALr or A PLEASANT IN door moaeymaklaf bnelaaaa easily cooapreh MM wishing a i MM Broadway, CA.VfVV/ door moaey making bnelaasa; a aieaopoly easily comprehended, and will aay BMMM> par ana am Aay oaa wishing a parmaneat saah business may apply at (OS aad AVTMLOOT. A BONA PISH ABTEOLOOttT. THAT HVMHT ONE A aaa davead an, is Mifcma WlLSONTwbo UK* the ?b last ot postr rlslt as sooa as yea eater her mom. Madame Wilson la the greateet aatraloglat that erer waa kaewm. Aha wta iaroha U&pessse mt her asadeiftil soteaoa. sad tell j the create <St your whole Ufa Her yrediettous are ee trae that they surprise wen oae that eoasulis her. Some ladlee enea. Madaaaa WOeoa la 1st potaesdaa of the uMshiatud aaa gle sharma which are ever aertata In their effort. Traly aiay she be sailed a wonderful wdataa. U? A hen atreet, between Hooeton and Htaatoo, erer the behery. tm for ladtsa and ABTONIBHnO AMD MOST WOMDHRTUL-HAOAME MORROW, seventh daughter, born with a eaal aad gift of foresight; tells bow snoa aad atum yea wBl marry, and all concern a of Ufa, erea 'our very though ta. She gtutrea teas thoae who rlrit her will not regret M. Fee, SSeeata. UM Und low, ait doors fro? Hooatoa street. Oentiemsw net admitted. vr B. ? WHO HAB NOT HBAED OP THB OILS BEAT . ed Vine. PRBWSTRR, wbo haa bean oonaulted by thouaanda In this and ether eltiee with entire aatlaraotiotd cha feels confldeot she haa no equal. She wll a the name of future wife or bashaw d, and that of aer t taller if roa wish truth, gtra her a call, at Ul Third arenae, above Twen ty Bret atraei Ladtaa, M) eenU; gantletaea. $L THK OBBATB'eT WONDEB IN THE WORLD IS THH yenag and accomplished Madame BYRON, frem Parts, who ean be eooaulted with the etrlcteet oon^tl noe en tore, MMirtahiti, marriage, slekneae. Intemperance. ' tuatlona. I*-.t auita, business travelling, abecnt frieoda, loot or atnlen pro a, ta Che haa aleo a aecret to make you beloved by roitr , a Ideal, and trltig together th?ae loag separated. Ke <1 denee Ml Third tt-rniM abtrra < wentr aeveath a reet, seeond ??par Ladice, 9A cents; genlietncn, ROeeote I'M BLDRIOOE ATRBRT MaFaMR wiDitBA, OLA4R O" " v>yaul aou gtfte.l Hp .nlah lady, unveils the myatrHcs ol luturlty, love, mairiag-, absent friend*, sickne'*, pre . crib f ra ?!' ! ?iii'?it(lTmi{i| UUi lucK; u^.us, per4 y Utft or (Uriea? Aa. si lbs av Awrriee. UOTIO* KaUL? MOB0MEB (JBlthw A CO , IV J ?**" BLSGtNT RODIKBOLD FtTRNrTU KB Ob tkU <Uf, Haturday, ooaimr uoiag a 1 o'clock. iMWMUn ttaaaforle, Ro*??ood Dr? *tag turn 9 >M?, Ro*ewood and mahogany Chamber Fumltura. Oak l>|ui. g room * ur alters, U4i raiatlngs, feiatuary, ttniue*, MbT irs, A?., Ac , At ib* private wldnoe of I'bltip Bnodee Em . h'O. 48 Weit liieenth street, IwtwMi Filth aid nxth are*. bale MMMBttag at I nt d precisely Blefant Drawing boom Hu>U of B aHwoid Furniture richly nerved la iiult aad flower*. crve^-d wi b ?* In daaa.lt rose wooa Centre and Console table*, H?? M^rrar* t?p Hot* snd Mde Tabled, boaew?>d hi?g?r--i. huooigii-u ti< < kcaae, Lace and Bmcaiel t'urtam*. ull 1'alntioifa, b? eminent -rtlau; Velvet ?ad <nu?bi!ar?M(. itinl.g ro-m ? Tables Buffet*. Obslra, -liver aad ultt'swar* Tabid Cutlery, Hllver Hproes. brgrsvlugs, Aa a1??, tbe wk'4e ?i eight bedroom*, neatly urmabad with rosewood, inibogtny aud waltut l-uiniture, Uatr M all rt Fea'her iUa* l<d lJoen, ml a*, ('bain. Rocker*. M lr- or*, tfl tola, Ac m a<jmkh;kn r. ..o?b*o<>d pianofuhtb, *?ld to be one ot the Un?<t Inst'uinouU la tus c luntrv Alio, all lb- lsas?m?nt nod Kitc-hea Furniture. sale will bd poeitlve, with jut regard to we ilk' r. Auction noticb. Bxtraoidinary opportunity to mirehsae first oIuih HOlBk.laLU FURNITURE a< public auulion. Over $16,01)0 worth of Household Furniture, Painting*. Statuary Brontes, Ac , t* be pereuip orily sold at aucll >a oa till* day (Saturday), attkeelegani urivate residence, No. '9 Weat Sixteenth street, between Ki'tb and Bittb av*uuas. tale commencing a* 10 o clock, o"iui<t *( of ro-ewooi and mahogany Chamber Furniture, oak Dining Hn >u Furniture, ioeewi>od far lor Milt*, Mirrors, Paletlng*. Cloaks. Curtains, Ph*d*s, Hla'uary, Vaaus. booksaeee. fcugsres, Centra Tabli, Velvet, Prasjeln aad I ngralo Carpets SltVEN OCTAVE ROBBWi,OD PIANO *OHTK, Stool. Cover, Canterbury, Hatstaad, oilcloth, atair iiarpeta, hug*, China, Olaas nod Silver War*, Table Cut'erv, Mat tie**, Sheets, C?utte?pano* Aa Also large asaonmeut of Basement and BJtobea Furniture. a. S MaYmaRD A CO., AuotlonneY*. AM MBKWIN. AUCTIONEER. . By BaNOB, MKBW1N A CO., Irviag Buildings, KM ii n J SM Broadway. STATIONERY ABU BLANK BOOKS. lliiirstav morning, April 4, at 10 o'clock, TBA>B HaIK OF STATIOBBBV and BLiNK BOOKS. Comprising a variety of Writing aud Blank Roak Paper*, Ka v?'lo|>ea. Blank Books, Folio*, Pei.clls. Cards, Inks, Aa . Ac , Including a vary large Inrolea of Imported en* aad . ea'uold era Kamplei will be rn exhibition two day* before the sato, a?d catalogue* may be kad at the sa'earoom* Auction notice. M. C. EDBT. Aueiloww. HORSES, TOP BUOat, DaRNESB, Ac. EZRA LUDLOW, Jr., Will will on Satnrda>, March St , at 12 o'clock. In front of salesroom* 6g(>dar *trret, oopoaile the Pos ofllce, the follow ing proper!) of a (entUraan leaving for Burot>e, aad to has Jd with' ut retervc:? A stylish hay Horie, 10W hand* high, nine vears old, warranted perfectly aoun.k kind and gentle In all narnens and rxcellrnt under uie saddle; also, a light, shifting toi\ square box Watron, bulit by Duseubury, nearly new, aad a fine sat of silver plated Single Harness. Alsa, A ret y tine mouse oolor Saddle Horse, 15 haads and on* Inch liit;t>; Is an elegant, hardy aad spirited auimal. with Olauk ?Ml and tail. UCtlOS. NOTICE. _ i M. C EDET. Auctioneer HOCK AWATH, ROAD WaU INS, TOP BUOGIEB, H\S N t SH, lee BZRA Ll'DCOW, Jr. Will sell this day. at 12 o'clock at -Ale.wro iins C6 Cadar street, s treat vailrty ot shUtlng u>oand no t' P Hti);giea fo'ir and en seat Ki<'t.i*a> ?, 'jpitting Wag .n?. Depot, 'agser, and Is prat* V. ?gnn?, Ac Also, single and d ublf liarneaa, Aa. AUOTlOi NOTI >E ? M DOUUHTV, aCCTIONSEB, will xell this day (~aiti?dayi, at I01.^ o'clock at ?a!eir?m f si??tt t-treet. Houshbnid Furniture <:?rpa's, manog.in/ ? rfss, < hairs, Tete a Teles, np*e?o>d l'?r or fOii's, covered i'. l ivcsli I n?d d> niHNk ; Bookcase*, tntvhle t >t) t'entrx Ta b ? s, Turkbli l^onnges and Cbairs. oil 'atutiLgs. < as Chan ? eli> r*. Kutrns, Extension Dining Ta -leu, ??k Dln'ng > h*.rs, t ttlingnny and n seaood marble tou Drrssing Huretus, Va*h ht n H, H"d?t? ad*. Keu'hcr ISeds, H: tt>? o*. Tapcalr^ and in main Carp*ts OUcintk, Matting. A", together *i k a ceieral ii. soriment of ee. oed h^itd t uralUita A CCTION BAl.K OF KLKOAftT O 'Fl< E FJR.sia'RZ. il coasUiing o* large oak Htandirg and Sitting D.^k* Iron afe dis ks. "?! nk-,'? cs ' 'opy tag Pre*,e<j okairs, tto -U. t>tl el.ithf.CairetH. Tables, Umbrella S-ands, Ac . Ao ? 8. A J. BO GaK'i wi'l >? II 1 ut.dity, April 2, at 10 n al' tk a. if., on the t>r? uiiae*, Bo 32 fine sirt.et by order oi tu? Collect ir of Ariears erf laiesof'be ('orporatlua of tbe o-ty of New York, the ;? ??? mtiatloned articles, dlstraine 1 opia for Cornoratloaiax ilae froBi propertr a^t-a# ned to the an Ut inattrauoe tjuinpa ny, agreeably to a n oeiTer's warrant for oertun il taxes lute l **t aad cost. 1 bo abort property la nearly new. Mill wa* made by oa? of the beat manafacturers in thi* eity, aud o-wt originally $4 U 0. JOHN H. HIL.L1KR, Constable aad Collector of Arreara A1 Browne a nicholb, auctioneers? mis day (Saturday), MArcfa :*), at 1< >, o'clock, at ourgalie'lai and taiearo- n,s, 156 N tasau street, large sala of Household Fural lure, removed for convenience ol ?ale, eonsiatlng of elegant < nk and black walnut dining room Furniture, solid oak Buf fet, laige sue, rich'ij carved, u nh iimrbie slab one do. t-uialb r size, solid oak extension dining Table, polished leave* au 1 lep; two black walnut do , otk and black walnut ?hairs ai d Kldetoarcs. superb.rtsewoad parlor Suit, In figured bnv c?ti?- 1, upaolttered modern style; one. duit In gresa plush and one in r*d; > ne shall pattern Nuit* In balr ol->th; su per p teveu oitavo 1'lonoforte, city make; solid rose vood Aiiiolre a Olace. large French ptgte Pirr Mirror*, two rich malltel do , Hicrctary Hooxcase* and writing I'ab'ta, richly car?rd solid r' sewood ntw style: mahogany da, nun nus ana W uha'and* to match; hatr Mattressea, Beds, Bidding. Ac ; bat Hack*, Lounge*, nail Chairs, Refrigerator* and kl>clu-u Furniture. Auction notice.? a family declining house keepfti* u 111 dispose of at private sals all their Parlor, Chamber and Dlulng Boom Furniture at * great sscrlflca. vlx- : Carved rosewood 7 octave I'lanofbrie. in excellent order cost taw, for $2' II, Including Hto 1 snd Ct.or; Parlor Bolt, co*t jliOli, f'cr Jltti; one for $10?; Etegeies I'enire Tabloa, Hediaeaila; V\asbct?nd?, solid rmewood. oost %'M for flill Mattr??s*?, Ac. I lie furniturti wim all made toorier for the present owner, has been in use but five months, and In in in piste order Inquire at 70 Wea'- Iwcnty ailth alreet, near Itixth avenue. AUC1ION NOTICB.? FANCT OOOD , PAINTIMOB AND *n?rravlt)g..? By HUMBEnl A ruOMAB, this morning, ? t U'f, o'clix k, at S9 Ann slr at. Fancy and etapie O'y <iood<, iiosieiy, Olovts, Dress Irlmmlnir*, Cut (Moths and Ca *1 mere*, Fhlr *, Cellar*, Neck lies. Shawl*, Embroideries, V alike < Notloua Kxtract* snd Perfumery. Ac ; al*o t bales Cotton issuing. ^5 Cot to* Ua'tr?*ree. aIsj. at II o'cl <rk, a collectirn of valuable ancient and modern fraaaed Oil Pal -it li'g" embracing many cJever p ctures al'0 ao lnvo'ce of tine line and merxotint Engravings; all) 6 cases (Uit of the let) Native urape Wine. a COTION MOTIO* ? Riorf* RO WaLTBM AOO \ Uoar?;lAut Broadway. solicits *nl<-s at aitetlm of Household Mirnlture, Store* and aril kinds of prv petty oo ?moderate <crme. Reference glveu. Storage to let ef all lot la. 26 >>y 75 feet, oo moderate terma i tCTiOR NOTICR ? AlLl* k BLSWOBTH, AC 0 rk tin eci ". No 16 Murray street will attend n?ra inally to !h<- sales oi Furniture, at Be reddea'es ot I?iU.Ul?s, AUo tg iiU '\Wpf iJW ?f lb? Exchange, Regu lar sales niJo ?e? aTy U tne auction Room of Dry uoo<ln Or< cketj snd aaiahaniAze generally AUCTION NOHOB.? B17RNHAMB FURHiriTRK EX pr.'?< and l arking ErahiisbTnent, 1(1. 113 Writ Ele vrntb street, W? ?ii rlflh an 1 ntitb avenues ? Hoiixehold Furniture boi"d and shipped to all parts of the world ljuge covered wagons for ratnowug furniture lBtc the coun try. Furniture More#. AW NEXfBNSYIE GROCERY AT auction.? f. F1TZ HIMM-iNH, auctioneer (olTioe 739 Third avenue), will sell thla day ( aturcUy) at 10V, o'clock. at 7M Third sveiue, a rich asa*T' meni of (lac rhoicu uro.n-rlee, Fixtures, and tour )C r?' I, ease of ?trc; sbeap rent The ct .. k cjintiu of fresh . ra?, Coffees, Sugars, Frulta, Hutter, Flour, rtoap la gie>t variety, Counter*, goalee A? sale positive to close the Dual nraa. HROWNR A NICHOLS, AUG 1 lONKKRS, 36 NASSAU street, would r -specif lly Inform their friend* that the? arr prepared to give their prrscnal ati^nttna to sales of Fur nlture, k c . at tbo rcsldencc af famillea ">realtlagT tip home keeping or at tbetr cnoun^dloua salesrooms and galleries, op ;'.)Mie the Post otllaa. Browns a ri;holh, aucri >nkr?a-tiih DAf (Saturday), March 30, at 11 o'clock at our aalearo >ma, "3 Nassau ativit, for axouat of whotn It may "oneern ten -i.ahrganj- aeven octave ?'tan"*, th-re ros- wood do , over strung; one Whreler k Wilson s Pewlng taachloe, la ooinpU-te order; six gilt frame K reach platu 1'ier Mirrora, ooo da diV Mantel Mlrrom Brownp. a nichols, aoctionhf.rm ? this day (Katurdav). March >, at I o'chx-k, In front of aalefrootns, ?Vi Nassau street, sa'eof \V agon a, Harness, Ac., oaeeiteonloa top Box Wagon, with ei*?nalon seat, can be used for four or two persona, leather trimmed in very elegant alyla; on* extension si at Koekaway, for four or t?v? persons, leather truin.e?l throughout; two leather top Wagons, for family u?e, one do very tight, for trotting; one very linht flrai claae Road Wagon, ?o top forty pound*; RockAarays. Depot Wsg. ns an.1 a variety of top ?nd no too Vehicles, d mble and single Hameaa. (looda oa exblulUun early thla morning / 1 1IAM 0 FR3 A FAlRCmLD, AUCTtOKBR S8 ? MORT \j cage sale ?I will eauie to he sold at pusllc s action, oa Tuesday A"pnl 2, at ten o'c'ock forenoon or that day. at Noa 78 and HO Cnathsm street. Household Furniture, consist lag of Kadaaad Seeding, Bureaus, Mirrora, Tables, Carpet* Chairs, Linen, Bar and Kitchen Furniture JAMKH MARRrygR, Attorney. CALVIN H II.V7.tw, A OTIONE Bit -8,000 flRCE* Carpeting ?J W DIM ICR, fstore MX and 170 Canal street, near Bnadway), offers his ent re wholeaale "-toek of Rncitsh aad American Carpeting* at auction, on Monday, Aprtl 1, at M> o'clock. Eurehaaera, hy making a deposit on their porefcaaa oaa aead their oarne'. upholsterer ?id out any quantity of >arda required, within two day* from date of tale. TVAMlBli A MATHBWB, AUCTlUNRRR.-HAUWBOOM JL7 64 Cadsr street, opposite E oat ofllce LA ROB HA t.B OE HOf'SRHolJJ FI'KNITIJRB, Bel tig the entire l< lock, of a dealer <*ea lalng huslneaa. DAR1BL A MaTHBWi A CO will h)| at auction oa Mon day, April 1, at 10% o'clock, at 169 Howery, near liouaton street, a large aaaortaaeat of Heuaekold Furniture, rlt.:? t eaawood, asaboasar and walaut Parlor Suits, mahogany Waa aad *of a Betta. Chairs, Baay ( hairs and Boi kera; Loutifee. Hewetory aad Library bookcases. Centre and "Ida Tablee, rtldeboarda. black walnut aad mahogany Hurra aa, * ashstands, Preach and other Redatead*, I'alllAaeea, husk ?traw and hair Mattreaeea, Featker Beda, Roisters a id Pil Iowa, Blter.atoa lablea, nioing Chalre, Mlrro a, Hruaeela, Urea-ply and Ingrain Carpets. tJlloi iha, Crockery, Ola?s, Atv The whole te be aold without neerie CaUloguea early on morning of sate, . Is' OOlTOM, aOCTIoRBBR ? OBN iRBL HOU 4RHOL.D r . Furniture, OiWotha, Oarpeta, Parlor tulu, Mtamra, ma hogary aad r aewea d Furnllnre. Feather Beda, Flair Mat tresaee. An Thla day (Beturday . March 3?, at KM o'clock, at 69 Keekmaa atreei. a very large asaocaient of iwl rosewood, mahogaay and oak 'urnltura, In velvet hrocatel and rem, aNo two rueewood Plan of or tea, marble top Centre, Md* end ward la- lea, Extrn lon do , Ureaatng Burea.ua, W ardrebea, Frenaa and Ootbic Bedateada, Taneatrr, Three ply aad Iiigrain Car pete, Ollrlotha, Mirrora, Oflloe Furr Iture, Canalaa togeth-r with Feather Beda, Hair Mattreaaaa, Hlovee, kitchen Pu'nl lure. A* Alee all the haiaace of ? urntturs from No 8 Broad way Hale will be peremptory IJffRY H LBAUfl. ADOn )NESR. J HKRR i H. LBBINt k OO. will nlL at auction, on Mrnday Aprtl I at 10% o'olont. at the salear ion, a rfaaeau Kieet, Hoaeetold Furnltura, embracing agen^ral aaaortmenL removed for nonveoteoce of sale ronatattng ?f Rraieela aad ingialn Carpe a. ro?ew ?d aad mah -gany UrM^Ing Bureaua, caned n aewood and mahogany Bedsteads, mahogany mar ble top Washstaada. mahogaay Refas and Tete s Tet?a, co vrred In hair oloth , black walnut I'aeior suit, ouvered In aalr "loth , fctegerea, ulalng tablee, mahogany and phinted ?ard rohra mahogany Hldeboarda. r aewood Tete a Ts'e, In nrias annrrps; mahogany Wo k Tables l?e?lng Obalrs, rote ?o k1 Oe?k. fair Mattrenwe, roeewiod llatMands, Iron do . Bo| rer? and Plllnwa Ac, Ala<> an aeaonment of Cmokarr, Olase and Kltokoa Ware, with whloh the tale will ooo nrH nee. Hh^hi0R?^.N, AMIflO^hia? . Ill s V*t, AT Tijl e'rlo k, at the auction atore IM *IIJ*m atreet, r-a, ( offos Hoap*. ''runee, P tig Tohacoo, Hf?re\ (illvee, Hruidy, ? tin, Rum and Wklsk<y, In rasks n id demljohag; .1,'IUU lbs pure White Lesd, one riienroof -afe, Ac A ao, at 't o e.oi k, four mahoasfty .et^a letes, in dm- >o plush eight dewing 's* ''n';. .nrlouf, lot of CI t <n- Coa'? Pan<s Vesta, Dry Goods, hhawia, I /reia (looda, Bout' . Mode, Ao. NALBI AW itCTJOII. fTWir"* B LBBDB, AO 'TIO?BBB? BCRO ABfl n iMMktM Faraiture. Mm pci^orty t4 a (mllnn.i r? moving to the country ? M?Ml\ H it &M 4 UO ?IhI at aneitao an Patwnflav mate* *? at >"S o'el.a-k, it No 1 Mat Twe??y Bi?tb aureei. a oar Fl.th ?r-nw. ui elaga*.t M aoi'nv-ut or FuivKurp, all of flic elai- au4 la perf?aji 'irder, oopsis'lug o' ri< b solid r.mwind 1 ukmh nlta, cove -*d ?ttk salia dauutak . oarvid roa? ? ?>d t'eutie . aVtH, it?uiar> tu*r> bletoa, t-i*iag ??t "haira, to u>*i k furnltjra l^noe (Jur tain-, velvet AUbaaMM ( arpnt*, DruwU do Ura'm rtaom? <5arved oak fluff* t. Extecsiua Ta le. Chal ? t" match, niaboaary olau.eabU d ? ??, f Ming leaf abira Ac. kec?-,,iiui. Room ? earvad Mack are uOfl Coaeh aid Chairs, eeveltd la noh car* ?t na? wood Rte*er?r, plant Wa>a ami tui.We t"V?; maba* ay k lUnaion la le, about ti< i?n v lu lit- oil aieli *? b*.J. Beao. we, Paa*m?m l>o Hentch, Aiui*l>' ??*, ReltunH U-?. L Hmwtt, a ariand. l?m< in ?vn,? / ll, tad ntU-r ttr<t rat? artiets Hmm line eHri?n tfurea and Groups 'vs an# Figure* e egaut decorated china l?n aer Sot urtpi ???; Ja paneae Tea te? *e(Wa<Mr ver ion oiled l UHt f*. torn, silver Diniit d ltlatmr mid IVa Snvviurt, * it* ultra* Dl?kes, t?yot?r Tum nih, VegetiUe oishn-., I'mlt and Oak* Back* a, ' ui. Ulaar *are, ivn<y rahty Cutlery, roif ??o1 tiafl k aid and ( hair . and other e'rgmt l 'uLtl ..e b.iln W a>?a laraot* witk kl.?b>?i rarsltuia. HBNbjr D VINkK, AUOVKIM '?? 11 <t T*:?k<? wlU ?*?!! at auction, on 'sturdy, Marcl 10 at o'clock at their salesroom S7 na-Siu *'iv*t. opn'i.iie the Eos' i-fl're, eiegai t Household Suruiture and ft. at*, ra woved irnm llooklya I -r imnvmiiii ?? of sain coa.nt ng mt lu put aa 'oU 'wa;? hiuawioaun iuar.i'n t'amrt- c**- ?d r ?ao v uodaod bl?rk<?alnai 1'arlor uod Jt r. ?i|lu pi- Kaat.-arrnl rOhewM d kirgerc, hn*ctt Bm-.d ir -uli id a wn- >u r u^m r?aa wood ?nd Qiakogut y itiHlmooi Sul a laab ?uni -mil 'ilius* ?ra ant \\ uidioli a md to"*''**., '?' ?!>- anil H Hat Siaud. k'U frama r -r a?d . ral M.rr .r-. nnS.iKanf Tela a-iHea i"!"1 ' h? r? ?o?e?. od ai.d ihU. litiunuaa, atr Matirfk?i-> < r^fju-ry Aa . Ao < aired m-e ? .aid i"Ui?rf Mr oor 7 o< 'a? l'i.u<K ?acd? by UD4?ua A -ouis i ?'?i> rwr t ae all" (iai>>h: rv-wo df Vi, >ctarn Uno by tcit) latkxr. Also, lo pay ndtaacaa, 2Adoz r al M'-emoh Jim fi(.r? ivafl hettaf tutei, ana Vi.(W) luipur'rd aia JOHN H RliBLBI, APOTIONEER. WlLLSK!!,. IHIi day, at 2 ? 'dock, at 144 Oaaal <ir?i, a I ari{<; qaan'Ky a t 1 ouw kold KurfiUMr", comdi-linR m awr il? u>p and oMv r Huieaua. b'-faa, hoi - Brda, uaki-uan* and other Hed teada h*wi ?ud o'bt r O'ttt-aen i*e (fctnean ert 1 >og KxteoatiaQ Onlre and o'ber 1 allien ; rurtad b ir ?nd other Muttp?--?a (Vxikiag nt< vi a njUinKanv and otkir Ohalra, 1-ea'her HaAi Fn^li-h *elv?.t bruiaela and I kef Carpets, Ko'tfccKwa, W?i<|.0:?a, H?tra?;k? t ?>f r>ver A Hika. 'a .Sewt"^; Vla obl ?a 2 -e a of Ham. a-, KHnlvn liroltnra, Aa MOH^WACB HAVE.? kILLlAJlD aNI) BOtVU?a ?A loor CKAX^ItS A V'AIK 'HI CO, Auctlonenr*, * (Hire Yii H? Ni?ni ?treH, Will h 11, rn Monditt. Ajnl 1 at 10 o oloek, at N? A 19 ^trtk ?vtnu?, <he Stock and Kiitnrea Y ? Hllliard a: d fowling i4a loiin, conaUtlnc nl lour HU lard t?Mes *ad Klituren fnurTaa l'ln A'.lejaui d Pimuna |> t tramad I'aiotlnga, (lai Chan<la licra, Arm Chalra, maible top TahlM, hiuud lablaa, Mlrntra, Bar. ell'. er IMalcd and U'aai Ware, Mudov Bbadiw. Matttag, H?we?, flue Hiandlim and oilier ljrin^rn. Hegara, Ac. Alao, Lease u< pnnilM M, A". MORIOAQB KaLS? DKUO STORE KOR PiLB BICHaRD ? tlJKMH. a?eU..neer, will eel!, ikta dar, at eleven V 'duck, po.i.lveiy, the cniira Mock of drug stor* 30 Madlcon titrvct M. IXKJDT, Atton ?jr. 1> 0. H l.hl.KV AIJOTIONKKM- -ViL J HKliL, OB . IbniMlav, a it'll 4. a) I '>'c4ock, at the Merchaatr fW c^nnRc, b> oi-iU r of (I Hacaai *nd BanKlul. Piecutan tjha four a>ory brick bouHt aad lot ani-wn aa rto 1 ft8 taat Tbirtr M-roitd ?'r>-?t; bnxaa 2> ?lft lot UK fl Alao the three *4017 brick I ouna nt>d lot N? "JH Haiollton "irect, Rrooylyn; bona* 1U ?? by about 10 f ? etWeap ; I -t 1 00 Y aps at the otlioe. 43 Wat street. PAWNBROKEU'H 8ALE -TfliS PaY, AT ^LBVPH o'clock. a'TlHJ. A I^O^IAHAM'8 aitctloa room", Ifl Vtw "owi-rv, 'AO lo'* CI. t; lav Ritot, hiiea, tjnlka, VUaak etH Pltloa; ? va u*aie va'l-'y of fin VHtchaii, Jewelry ,A? , by older o' ruBn A <!o , late i-awnlt'ok r? W-mdar, large ?ale Mirn'tuie, Chair ?e-u?, lift/ abla?, Ac Pa-* nD'Okera aale V edne d??, on Ihe pr'ml' e< l?e. ,'M Righth avenue, J. hitienuao ? pawnbr ;fee*'a e.iabli*Um?nt; panieuiare ta tine ^1 4,1 ?Of? ART, AUUTIONBERS ? THH Da*. AT iO^ o'ciick, at tie auction rooina - o 1 Norn ? llllain atrnat, moriyage aa'e of Houaehold Karnltuee, HllUard Table, A* , ci nalMii g of mahogany r-ofaa I>uiugea, l'arlor <*h ura. (lot tiige i-uti', Eiteni-ion Dicing Ta lea, Unraaua, ^axhitauda, M nora, till ratntlrg*, Beoa eads, Hair Mattreaa. He itlrw, mahoii?ny Work Table*, Crocker? and OiamWare, Kuchnu tuiM'orr, tlarpeta and OIM01I1 also, one *?oger >, noarwig Mrctiine. o? a mahogany Billiard TaMe, In goo-l Oder, Qva ca ka Brandy ("iAS K WA'ft. AU'y Cor Mor ga^e^. Alao, Jftcaaka White Wine Vinegar, in bond O A J. BOO'RT, AUCTIuNRfcUH? y()?D*V, APRJIi i~. 1, at 1C o'clock, at >? S60(Jr*oil a'reet, mnr j?^ i-a'e? lha eflVc'a of a Ti? Store, cnnaintlng of U-Benand lilaak Teaii, CoUee, Srlof, scale*, w?ight* . isturts, An. MI 'HaEI. DOOD , Alt- rue/ for Mortgage* SA J. BOGABT, CTIOnEKm? MOIDAT, aPBOj ? 1, at It o'clock, at ^11 Kl'za eth ?treet, mo'-igugo ?*(?> ? Tbeeflecta f a foal *?rd, c instating of two II jraea, three Cnal t arts, four seta Hanoena, one lar<e llatfonn tsr-aln, three l>?aka, four Cbalra, tne Cloi k, rtove and titUirs-, live <-ign\ one Hay tfut'er, aeven ( 'oal bareeaa, t?o fnrt and ' o*l Boxaa 10 tn'jH of I ovl, flooring ana Huureg, one pair Iron Joel Tubs; aieo, the 1 ease of the ' reml?<-a MICUaEIi UOoDt, Attorney for Mortgagee. SHERIFF'S RaEB.-BkIBL FTIRN1TUKK CBaMhiU St fAlSuHlLI). Auettoaeer*, S'alea'o m 113 S assail etr^ac Will Dell, oa Tuesday, April 2, at H) o'cl"ci, at Noa 7S mIM ( batliam aircet, the entire Fuirlture, ftock and Fixture*, of a Large HO Bl. AND Rt.8TA''RANT, rrmprlsing a very fine asaoriment of Parlor, Bedroom, Dining bin w and Eltch n Fu'nilU'e Xi g. Iher with bar * Uture?, Uqnore, Semra, A V JOHN KELLY, kberiT. OF THE OOrnRB MINE Of THB FBRSOU Company o*> Lake Miperior. ? Tlie sale of Agale ..lin4^ towm 1 1 14 - AH and f(l uorih r^iu;- 30 and 31 west, having boea postpned, will taki- i'Uoh at mibllo an ' Ion, tlie 9th day af .Itiiv next, In PaiK FraDoe.in tea Cbaoi'iirt of Notart-a cub lie, Place du I listeleL 'Ihe first pris : la tlx?d at fl 1(1, C00 or fid W0 franca. The tract of tha location comcrifea a-viut 'i.SOfl acrca. All nece. aary in'orm-viion I >U1 ba bad by add. issuing Mr. F Rardie emy, at ulark V ma, Copper liar. xir Lake i-a^e rlor, Michigan THB BALL. 8UA8OR. THK WALL OF W-<>4lflN <ro.ii U OOH No 31, F. ABB A. M., in aid of tke Building Kuud 1 1 r"pali' tbn l.nwi of tbe late Are at f o 8 Union square, will laxa place at r*la Hall, corner of Itftk ?'re? t and irvieg put-, on ru-aday ? vtning. April t. Tickets 91, 10 ao nut % gnatlcniai and la dlea, to be bad of tke commltlee or at the d tor. CALF O Cm A copaktw mm hip wo-ricics. A PASTE KB WANTED? Wt'lH A SMALL CAnIT4L, In a well eatablidhod hueinaaa on Hr. ad way , ?? ?.-tt?a, energetic I>u?ismk dui want-d; term* ?1U be mvle "?-f . Apt ly at 42# Bn>adway, room 1 L <). B. llaff 84 t CJ APABTNBB WANTED ? 1>.ITT?K* SPECIAL OR AO tire, villi fh hd W $15,' 110. In * e?h manufacture ln? bualreaa. The money aamea lo eiitnd thA tjutiimc*. which la already eatabliahed and tun l?o largely lncraaaed. ?# agmt need an?\ver tbla Addr?*?, wtli real name and atalo ? here an Interview may be bad, u. C., bu? 1W I tar aid o'Uno. N ACTIVE PABTNHR WANTAD? IN AN OLD BsIaB ll.4),.d hral I state 'jtuin<>i>s in one of the beit looali'Kii la the ( lty will be aeaoclaied ?lili an unexceptionable party. A amall amount of capital required. Addretj box UM UoraM ( flloe. Asobbr, btbaoi m*n bavin j $3? wantbd toaaala* In an old i?ialr.l-h>d wboUxale caah buatoeaa, IferlDK to SJ.Ual p r annum A autta de man wit only be required t? fu>uab $?U. Apply at iv Cauai airool, u*ar Orebard. PARTNERSHIP.? A 0*?.TIUi*aN MERMAN) ftlTN A good bnatno-a educati and who po*ne?a> a few tbr>u ?and dollar*, wl bia tn form a i?>niHv lion with ?% pafyaamb tlah'd In tba luhao*. Hardware, or aom* |? A manufaOur Ing huaitiet* noiloe will be taaan of ag?uU AH oaiurao Dieatlom wilt be b id ia ?trl? omiMeooe Add rem A 2., Urrald ofUcn PaRT>ER WaNTKD-A BeEOtAL OR AOTI V* PART uer, * h'wan i urn lab $tt,N0ti to ?f?i OUU lb.. t>u*tn?M ta tbe manufartorf aid Mala of a maehlao of prlta? n?,<*e*alty, niuder a patent; the eielualre orlvilege It bild far ??? York. ?itn the permitAloa ta anil ot any market The b a al neaa la (atabil'bed, b<it require* additional aunitai U work U aa detlred. To any peraon who would be ?atl?tted jrlth ma xonnble profUa, a perfectly aafe nad reapectabia bualnaaa, and p!?aaai t keeorlat'ona In the bualnaaa, tbla 1a a good om portualty. Addreea, with r?al name. Irving As, Herald ?fllce. PARTNER REy 'lMD TN A SOAP FACTOR*? RUB manually built, wl' b tall modern appllanrea. well known and enJojlojt a mot opoly tbm.ifn ut the ln!t?d -ilme* tUate capital at command and appoint lntetrlew AdJ'o*a but Bm Herald ofllo Par npr ?A*rEo-<?,ir.i ?.viu-to sruL patent Klgkta In the rteatern and ???w Vork Httt-a Will ?arr*ot 1100 per moo tb with a fmd prospect of tbr*a iln<t< thai ?mount Aidie?a lor three day a 1'atnut Hera d olUen. TU o d rPt L PB.1 DHa1/BH? and MTAriOMBM Wantud? A partner to J.iId In the manufacture of Hid p* oa (wltb 'be la-e matera of tbe Waablngton madaUion Pea t't mpany a patented Pen#, the amount required will i<a an all, I' the party can noatrol a trade ()n? tU'emew wIM ?rt?t?fy tbe right party that tlila la a go. d ebanee roe making mcnay AppiT or addreaa to t? Harrlatm, IM W?at Thir ty aa*enth tlratl WAN1ED? A PARTNER, WITH A SMALL OxPITAJL, lu a wbnjaaala new method Imitation Liquor buain?a% returning $1.0 0 to $*,UUU real prolli a ye*r app'y to u MM B<>Li>, iU Pearl eteer t. up etaira d|>)/w\ ? PAR1NRR WaNiKO, IN A WBLL BtlTAB ?T?)" " liahed genu-el nmea bualn?aa ; a rare ->pp rtualtr to tbe right kma of man; no rtak or oapl'al reuntied. Apply to WRLIrf< A CO., *412 B oadway. i-orr>?>r of ^ult.in >traat -A IKtTNti HaN WITH PAUM fll HEB T d iJOw. are hundred dnllara wlakea to umhaae an Into real m moe good Bolter and t "he. ae or Prnll Htaid lo Waak ington mark-t 1 M boat of referen>-ea glren Addreaa (leorre, bo* tfO Herald o flloe, 'or nna "eek. dtrnn -fAETNEB "ANTED WITH TRIB AMOUNT iT?>UW, to join the adrertbar In Intr duclng aealuaMo aid ingenioua patent; a fortune can be reatlud rery qulokly; no humbug; oall and r?a WILLB A ? O , 113 Broadway, room Ml ViVRjirrritB;. A BED BOOM ?)IT OP BBaMBLLED FV RNITITRJI a. for tM la all (Mora, of warranted maatifaruire. AUa aolid oheatout <'hamb>-r ruiu, olain and ornamen at, at A. P. PAttlUNOruM'* M Canal itraot, appialm Voomt. k UbBafcadln UWH ACABD -8RVRRAL. AMPLICATION 4 HaTINO BBEN made for an eishaa^p of Kurn ture and other property tor Lent*) aervtara, 1 t?n mtle >he (,r 'poaitloo to all (nt aueh an arm- grmeat atMbnng thuae nnodlng aueh a -rvloea M diapoee at rurpiua Fuuu tiro o- arallable property of aim kind. Parlor and Vttttxim dultx, or part? of the aatnn, Car nMlrrura, nand'Hie a, Ha?ing Maehlnea, kr ta I am be too order) ?I'l be taken In ei<*' au*<t ior"ra. eiaa< lienlal wort; nneirepti- nable reterenaea glren. Ad<lre? Bond atreat, l!nt? n a<|?iar>- oat idlm I/NA . M.U.II ?itk? s- I I M 1 1 V n it NIT! Km IN Ej all colura aad my lea. a' whol- ?al? and retail. At $26 aiid opwarda. Alao Mattrtw^ and l'aillaa*?A wahkbN ?AHi?,r7 OanaJ atrorS rour d ora e*at i?f Broadway. l^r*Nm BE P? B "ALE. ? ? 'aiixi HKBAKINO Of r hnti>ekeef)<n? will cell ttelr Purnliura verr f'hea* A note at <;?' <* e*i Ko. J (;ftn Ktrrat irom u ,, < L^tRM't RE W?l'<'HT._r?r B I OH RUT PEXOE PalD. JP to C"?lh. fw ill kU.<1s of Id ! (li'pMi htrn'.U l*DO*' u"*4* Ae at ??B , ain areoua. rem;1fctrt? wtrth rrr. i or ny note, addreaiwtd ' nrnlMiiw aa awt LW n a *<"?" "?wwn ai?ara'>n hana for aala Lt lRNT CI.AeB Ch .MKIil.Ml ? K^tTCRH, PfiAlB I deOi.r. . d and iirehuwt . an Id -?alnn> and oak <Mi; Mat "****", ul'r<flR Ho.ta, A- J * riHHP.K * (JU. nnafl* "I'era. Mr. I,. i -ern alaeek r and R-mtl atreata no' HKUOLII W HMIITH* PO ? "Af.E CHEAP ? ? ?"'?rt?te, t^aa, -'hair*, laM-a, Redataada Ae , In qtian Itioea <1 ft.lt hr a famll' ?h"it leaH"? theelty. Apely at tm L . i?g? ^uvat, v- imn ul u .??, itiuoa-yn.