14 Nisan 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

14 Nisan 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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Court mf tp|M?l>. He fore a full Bench. I BANE ?? TH* OOMNONWRALTfl?A (JBB8T10V OF TAXATION, .11?JV /?roplr at the rdati tn of the B ink jf kpelwt'i, re thr ~innnnnnu*'ri of lv , ihait?It apputrs, fr.ioa statement of Him that In the year 186#, the bank, by it* l'resi hat, tlMed te the Coastmsslocers at Taxes aud Ai??? I, the BUlemeat in writing, te required by la*, lla frapiisl ?t ?W actually paid la, or eecurel to be paid n, wan $7i#,WK>; thxt tho earn paid fo.' its r?a ?tats, esasUtiug of a banking house and lot, *u f1"1 IH 84, which, being deducted fro? tba amount of Tr1**' Muck, Ml a balauoe of $801,108 10 It was 4Mum> l.u o' iho lint inuatiooed Hum $103,000 iron in Ttr.d iii no. k uf the Ini-el Stains, and the bum elaivu-d thu tbe fum Inviw-t.-d to sucb s'ocks wai ex onetrr.vK Ucad u aud that the awresaiuaU siould he wade acvr .l.yir the Ckru:meeio ,e a dexded against the c in? (4 the ban*, aud -d the bunk for the amoiM't of lie cqdlal ?t.-ck, uf.er uodootiog (he a n mut |U 4 icr the r<id -e-ate. iho bank removed the case to the nuptenie f ourt by <e-*?.ru."i. whore the dootnoe uf the Con11. MMoLOra ?ta affirm.>.l by lue Sourt of -timolol Term. Tbc "r e *h? n appealed to the lioucul tar in, where the ju.-pmwit was utUruied witu coals. On these facta the cane comes up to thus, the appeiiale tribunal of the ritrte. Mr Br-df rd contended that there were two c'.iuww of enrpor*ti<? ??Qiaunfacturmg c.?? po-at;ous, hie*y? favor ?<: by ?toe state and taxed out? ou llieac .uai v?'u ? of m-ir stock, and o..?eje<i -o prvalliwis created by ?p c ,tl char ters olid taxed r*i ih?ir nominal capital. By ensuing, that el ore il,:>t b Ah el mi atoonli be taxed oa tbe aoeaal value o< their rook, it was not 'nlended to Increase the burdens, t>m tni the contrary, to brtr g moneyed cocpora tiou- up to the same ie?e| of favor with which ticmufao tunag oerporati ew bad been aJwaia regarded. Corpora ?oxn are no lecgw ueie.otr.Ues, ex iwins by great an J p? cnlia. privileges; they pieseut no barrier to competition, but tend direesfy to give aoilvtty to tr.ule, the employ ment of lair*, an" vhe oheapeeoa <4 production. It was not pismnle, Iheisfo**, In vl*v, of Mie groat utlll.r of benka tn the p?.ax-ton of omnmerce, the laws were no modiMed as not to promote the ready formalin* of such- uK.unia.ry lustltntlons, and therefore ft could not be pnmtbie that the Legists- ' tore intended to d-aw tighter tho reins of taxation In stead of relaxli g them In relation to such insulations. And in thees Cats of revolntl >uarr propagandise!, die org.oiizirg g.iverntnrvte, and dissolving of securities, It will be found giate ul sad refreshing to resort to the sound p Alien! phuoecphy and coualltlutioual law of Chief Justice J.>hu Marshall Ex-Judge Proa**- Corporation Counsel, and Mr. H H. An down appis-e.'- for the Tax Oommlsel-mers, and con tended the' tb* dec.sion of ?he court* below ought to be affirmed, an he ' eciaiua of the Tax Commissioners w?* ln? strict owbfo wily with law, iniamuch at that banks and ether m-mej. t sad stuck crporatious darlving inome or profit from their capital ur otherwise, are liable to tax* tloa on their capital; sad this Is so without rogtra to ths master I* which the capital has ho-m invested, and even thensha partot tli? capital has boon lost The sum paid far real estate is demoted from the amount of the capital booansc the real estate is taxed as each like balance of ospttal is taxed as personal properly. The ohHN of tbe laws of 1843 .tail leuf was not to dimi nish the bartons upon oioueye<i o >r| .orations but to In oreaee tham ay sabje tl'g tl cm to a tax i.n their surplus funds bay end tbe capital, where they had aay auch sur pins ax nerd ng ten per cent of the capital. And such surplus, large an It might be, was not before Subject to taxalfci*. The policy of taxiDg bauk? and Insurance otenpaniM oemmenoed as far back as 1833 Before that time the ty waa cnarged ca the owners of the stock. and the mode was ohaaged because it was considered teat It woa uasy te evade the payment of the tax. The I ear mod oounael eerstwUy oonteseed that ?'l the decisions of the coerts ef this State, aad of the ena iments by the legis lature alrce 18SS. showed conclusively that all storks of bonk ana taeuraaoe onmpentee were subject to feaxalloe. H. 8., part 4, sac. 1?"Ah money vd or stuck corporations deriving ae Income or profit from their capital shall be l.able te taxation a* their capital tn the manner pre scribed." First?The real estate and tho sume actually paid thcrcion "The capital stock actually paid tn and eseved, i"> be paid In axoepMng therefrom the snms paid fbr real ontate and the amount of such oapttal stc k held by the State or by any laonrporated literary or charitable institution." Mr. Bradford ropfied for tho aj pollants. Deciaire re served. 8mperl*r Court?Portle Before Hoo. Judge White. DAHAGM AOAlKST AN IMStntAMCl OOWAMT. Inrnmum Om?f??|r.?T1? platnttff, ill ooinm<m earner, effacied aa open policy rf tnfluraioa with z^bu-.u, -er ^-rsr iiimMhind kv N?bib runitnc i? *"e isow i or* . . tramp* tea "j ' ^ York ihc particular rwM EE ?????&-& OS, to b* eBW*?l IB 1* 7 ovrco of the canal were bibuxob ??on? (K $S,w? .. oanro of sw^HHHSwrs* to bolt) aerg<*? n"1 "wh'W**i ?i ai~*J m ^ low T. JKSTS-i~ ?"*" "c Hjss jsta??o?"S and rewltei 1" ? ?erdlot * * ' by tbe general HUawjuHOt'y a ft* errota of la# committed term of 'h- =>' PTtl<ir ^??^V.^.. trial Tbe defence dot by the Jvd*c v.bo pree ded ^ ^ thdt tfee boat Hud up on ibe fixn er and '>r^c_ hii?ood At Albany, wad un eon. en which the oooi wa ^ ftQ|] 0Ter)f^ii?d. On Z*A& VTuLt of the' jury w? Ageh-t this rrViSi^AJ?'* ^ G?rard -* T-c Bucltle? for oa'Pti 'ADie^ ? BOA RPWO AWP A PLlXsftftt fWaT amiable forM?^*nU?uM|A??'l Ajrr afaffcJTff?' ?*? ?? - farencee ?iefeauK?d___ " A PRIVATE A rteaentlj furnl.hed !????> wi? ?0d eara. ha.lng 1 mania, to *?d '^^?^^*?tr?l'ltoftrAdmU oae or^lw* S^e^n^A^UAiAA a.4 hSi wifa. Add.-. ? A- Hfrtld olLoB. gotnik or aenUeraea ? . y|W QgaTKBtlBW ^?lJ^JSitdrartST'P**"1 Jv etogle gentlemen, **V Ul Wall ?lreel end Kollon B*S.^ . to" IO H maWeaoa A IiARQB HQUaRM Sdwid wluP, A grate. RM Pe^/Ty ,r 11 so for two. gu Included. ^hi'r'Z^'u Z??? *** fc-"* f'mUy gift er.ood avenue. ?? ? - ? ? n_ al'BIL?TWO LARO* HANP APTKK TP* t"T? .?rA 5}ta BadruoflM adjoining ?) M?mly funil??'d Keom*,^^ 4|x(h DW Wilng a?nr,uih eacl.aua?d __ a PLRA8ANT N*ArLT rimy"""" ^"iaT aad A lt.il boom adJ'AAto*. ?|,u ft* at ^7nte"to ?*?*' ^ - ? r*W fu*"LpartUl lLx:xxsr~* x(",y a' ?fi Weet rwetfth*)?t ^-tu- ^- Aie-ue Addrc- ArtUl, 717 ?ixlh ATPB^rt* _ ? A ^ foartti a*Ki"? _ - ?? ? Ti?.n.F? **,"9" y'.-ysj1}" VZIK SS*; a. la'errle* toA? *A hAd _ a.wieoMI E.K'b OA ?BOO*D FLOOa, A Kffl ?SJK-42 A,aIl*'?ot"?'>?",?^*,,d."^1^#^;rpW?^J beat of reft ^ m three da"" 'row1 ^a?rtl ,cr"* A itrSiu! A? *1 Heroed .Ttnu^ to?-~" to-?to ana \Q|>M u nr? Wilkin tHmm I?llB B* 7 * ^|... a lib all ibe modar" Itopeoratoaala -. _ , ViMIUT CAM fed AOOOMMWDATBD WITH A M It'' 'rr . U(-? with tw i a wall helramuN. A A ptoa-anl frool R??. wtte ?w we U He4 d.-.lr?d. .to Pto ae?.nd lld^e. wl h *?r?_ 10^ Hleerknr ureal. toda??U Areeae aud W?oa mudaia ? Maoer at ? e a PC a. ~T~lad'^bati?o a riH-rr ?UJT. jtoaih'n --" ,'**f'>> l'' for"l"h lh"? 22^I? funiUtod f >T netuleiaea Parley ( arpat* token la iL il^? fir ??ird If V?wt IPn... >' 6><,. Refereueee Add.? Ipll ISH'Ai elation i., Hble Mouke Vlekih ? treat .in* aadi.o*. on t>ih n*dr kwx>k, run ? ?i.f irrbh' 1, V> le', "Uh Hoard ai?., a t'O"! r.ArfMN|i??^ Mo mo. lag to May. Oeil ai L JWIWO""? ' ~ ' - ?~ i?n Wirw OR A FMW felMOliM'l?w I A mm^fed eooommudatod wuh ~,d at MM m?feer ateeM. 7oRMTiJMANWi.y;^^i;Aory? 'swvas. rsj able jra.^ tod, Uoeeaod ^1NW%I pHce will be g aid. ,^nmr'.-"?,uAf.p.-.omoa A PROMT R.M.M *MO A Manei, oalha ***oa4 tow. ?Sn?B hie wl'e, <n a !?'33.v2sraiSSSr* """" a la liliv oefublvorboud, m ?? fe'dnde" ?"aac A PAETWRbTk AMD MM*ATM tAMLM IM fe*?*?-' rESrtf arte c;rs- ^^SsSss; tnenti no athe? lam.w lekna. Apply at m ongram atraat, fmir dnore ??*? ?' MMy ?)?<* . I A^imPAMTMItMTM TO T.MT?WITH OR WTPH JUT BOARD. for irenttoiren and their wi.ee, at thd ?u?mer reel miee e!??er HO. r toth ?-re?l anil ?a rm<1 e.eoua larpe rv-ritlreaa, fee. Foi furtAor pert'oula" appl? aa ST*WIUX-JW. boa himng Mnm iiODQnrcK 1 A FTReiHllED BOOM AND TWO RBDVNIMd TO LB*? A To ? sad hU wife with or w?|*eqt Biard or lo w . singe g. n'lciuen Addiees 6M -tub veoae Ahandhome at'it of room*?aiooNii flo?>s front "llh *11 improiemmu, to lot, with Baa to j tinman. Apply At ho. 6Bac jod alreet - I*i*rv A m K A MILT W,U LET TO A GNh'fLK ' ? and hi* visa large Room no* y furnished, I It llotrt Bouki first cluw; demr.hla locVon for sum tier; near Twenty third street and i.l^LLh xuuul limner . . X u'cK?cfc All <lrv.wa boy 1,1.'At -oat .Hllce AROOll. BflYABLB FOR A 1INOLB OBNTLB 4 it to let?with full br partial llo-.M; dinner at fi M. bi un has m hero improvements apply at 71 it. P'aoe. Meed u.gal Street, u <*r Hloeeke A AM A LI. FAMILY, W1I0 OWN|k HOUcB WITH . it modern improvements, with to let, with lia.-l *.w> large r sally furn'sind Rooma, aim two nut til rtoijn, Ut Hanoi. Ho minimi inMay. Apsly at ltll Mad mm atr et boi-it-en Jrfftrwui and Hlnton alroe'.s. A PaRTMKNTS FOR ORNTl/PMRH?BKBAK*\?T IF A irnuli sit. Apply at .'120 Fourth at.-eet, nsar Hroadw it. A NICELY KURNldllKD ROOM TO LET?T I A ONN tli-oi'tn, In a siriotiy private family. In Meveutrou h strict coov-nieiit to aiagiw and cars. A large I'mui itiam a wrmd tl'-y, with (u and use of ptau i. Hr-akf *st i>* ds idri d. A ilue addreajod Alloa, Herald oulco, will be promptly aiumd-l to. BOaRD ?CLINTON PLA'-'K.?TO I.NT, WITH BOARD, a rurulrhed Karlor ard Bedroom, on n^md floor also taorery | leaaaut Koomson thltRfliKT. Refer-'noe rrKjulrrd' epplyatou 111 Clinton plac.'.lane Anort east of Fifth avenue' SOaRD.-A I'llNVKMENIfORl), WRLL PURN'HHBD flr 'Ut lonn to lot, with fiwl or par'lal Board, M a idgia itlaroar. iu a rsspactable famHy Apply at M Kaat Twen ty tdphdi mreet. neor Foui tk tomnA BOA Alt-A LAUY AND gentleman oan bb well sui'cd with good Hoard and a front Room and adj du'ng Bedroom, In a small family, apply at 3D Waverluy pi too, nra> Broadway. Board.?a hinglb ohwflbkaw wasm a com fortably furnl.ihed Room la a strictly private famttv i utter need antwnrl, with Hrenh*as' and Tea forma Ubeal. Par tie- ans-wlng will paaae (tarn nuMAwr In family, Itofn exchanged. address VT. a. H, Herald u^lce. TH>ARD?TWO OR PHKKH BtVOLB OBNrr.BMllN JO can be aonoin modeled with full or partial Board, la a prt vate family, near AaahiugtoofparA, B naktyo. Add raw ML. |^o? A 014 !f?w Vorkyl'oa to fllos. TARTY OF QKNTLRMEN CAM BBOtTBB J) a dmdrable suit of Koumv canalallnic of Parlor and t vo Hedrooma, no aeooud door, alao two tdntcle Room a at 33 Clintatt place Board -to i,kt, wi ti ob wiihodt board, two comfartablc Wnlta or Kiajnia, alao ona ainipe Room, with bath and gaa Apply at AM CUnton place, Hliftith street; no mtoTing Urni of May. OGARD -OE?TLBMR? AND THRIR WIVBS, or BIB i '.J tile grmllenteti. out br accommodated with Boui-d in a 4rat ?iiua Itause. near to cam and tlagna, 13 AvhUnd p jtoc, s.?cond lacr from Wavuriey ptaos. Board.?to un, hlhts or blbqantri r' R ulahed Rooms oh second and third floors. In a first nlius house; a flae summer residenoe, and tcrme moderate to go ut partlra No 5 Murray hill Park, between thirty-fourth and Thirty-firth i treats. Board WAjfTED-roR a ladt and obntlbman, with full board for tbs lady imis, Inauultt family, where there are ao other boarders, 1 toatlon to tie bilwrea Tenth spd Twenty.third Mreel*. and Third and Blith ave nues. Address for three days giving particulars as to accom modations. terms, Ac., L O S.. bos I3g Herald ulUoa Board wabtbd? a gbntlbman and ladt (Americans) wish a well furnished Parlor and Bsdraom, with Board for the lady. Two meals per day stirred in rooms, ht-akfast at 11 o'olock, dlan-r at & Terms not to eioeed 811 Br week. Not above Twentieth street nor below Uouiion. eneh family preferred. Address Jualus, Union aptare rest eflioe. Board wanted?for four pkrjonh, one of whom is a child Gccatl in up town. Address, stating terms, Ac , P. B , Herald jfllre. Board wanted?pbrmanbwtlt, from thr int of Mav, by n gentleman wire and child, l/ooauon above Fi urteeroih street and below Thirtieth, and between Third and Flith avenues. Price not to exceed $12 per wetk. Hood references given and required. Address box 164 Herald ?Ui ce. Board wantsd-by a gbntlbman downtown. A liberal price will be paid for a good Room and Board. The vicinity of Ht. John's Park preferred. Rafe'ence lira years lo last place. Address (1 k U, box 4 614 Font otlioa. Board wanted-bt a oentleman, ur an American fatallv. In the lower part of the city; where there Is the ?>ciety or ladiaa and musicoocasionally preferred. References exchanged. Address A. B. U, box 173 Herald office. BOARn IN MADIBON BQ"ARK.?TWO OR THRBB rentleinea can Und first class Board at 30 Wont Twanty fourth siiect A desirable Ofliee for a physician also to let Apply aa above. Board in tents strbet?a lady having taebn t huuse In Brevoort place (Teelh street be .ween Broad nay and lTnlvcrsily jilaoe ts no* c-pand to nake armuae msnta with families c single nettlemen de.-lrln* Board tor the summer Water and gas throughout fho home Also batliltig coiivenlettoaa. Apply to PaUL A OURTI3, SVt Broadway. BBROOKLYN-TO RSNT, WITH HOARD, MAT 1, A large omr? nlrnt Room on th* khvikI tto>r; aUo, two ?trpla Room*, aul'able Jot *la#Cn g-mlemnn, now vii.Mat Dinner at 61-, o'tdork. Apply ?t? (Hlnton etrrrL HiBRPOKHN-TWO QBNTLFMKN, OR A ORNTLRMAJ* and btl wife. <-?D h?re if-A tto*"d. wUh Aba Room*, In I A priTate fMBl y where tl.ere Br* no chl'dren Apply at 323 Km krtt *treet, Bear Court, South Brooklyn Board jn Brooklyn.?a raw oeyti.ebkn can bo accommodated with nlraoant Roomr and partial Hoard, ? n rraw nablr term* at 44 Naaaan (treat, Ant bouse from W laMngton atrrrt Ra'erenora required BOARD IN BROOKLYN ?A C HOICK Of R'HIMd TO l?t, wl o B' ard: tha botiar la la tha be?t location, aenre turnt la South and Wall ?trnrt ferrle* apply at 136 CUnion rlrael. Referent** required. Board in Brooklyn-a orntlfman anowifr, I or two ningle (p-nt eatea ran obtain a d rlrable Room, ?ith Hoard, in a prirata fan.fly. Inquire at 134 <3ourt street, near i'arlflr. Board on Brooklyn an Dim taiblira anr gentlemen wtsMac Haard far tha auminar oaa ba wrm modatrd with large and hendeumely fnrntahed Loam*, which will ba Taaaiad by thr 0rat of May. tha honaa la Ant olaaa la ?very ruapact. Apply at Ab Henry street, Brooklyn. Rnfa nncna exchan ??4 Board wantrd in hocth Brooklyn?brtwibn Court Reerr, Warrnn and Mft? utmrta, by a ennU* maa and wl'e and two children, foor and eight year* of age, with two farnlabpit Noma*, la a h<>uaa with modern tm. prnremrnt*. Flint e.aaa rrfercacn# glren aad' rtqilred. Ad draaa J. K. J . Herald offloa. Board in wiu.iam?bitr<> -ftvr lwbt. airy Rohm, on Arm, around and third Auora, a* No. 14 South Ninth etreeu House Aral alas* aaly thraa bucks from tha ferry. Board in a frrnch fanilt in Brooklyn -to iat, to I wo grutlrtnen. a Ian* Hanm. with hot and cold * atar, paa cloart, *e. Dmaw at 6 o clock. Apply at No IVi I Union street, Brooklyn. BAboard in .ikrsry cifY ?two or thrfn orntlf nirn car. t><- *nonimod?trd with good B.ard to a prlTatr Amartcaa'amlly In.lrraay Hy 6re minntea'walk fw>m thr frrry, from ?prll 30 or May L Addreaa Richard Halter*. Jersey City Poet ofllea. ?LYLEOANTLT FCRNIHBND ROOM TO LKT FOR THR I .? *uiaahar. by th? prrwrat aot'ipant, wha t* gulaglm* thr a nntry; locatad moat daafrably. near tha New York II >tal; will be let aa 11 ataaos, wl h II jr*rj, ptoturaa aad everything i'art artca (Including g*a and ae.e af reom $111 lu eae persca. $12 to twn Adtiroaa O. V. tuty to Naahaiar com' if renin $10 < y., Hrraid offien. FVRNIRRBD ROOM" TO LRT IN BNOADWAT ? 8LR gaat fnntlabrd a.. oa A at and third floor*, au'Uhla (?* grwtiotnrn *r king Incepeudenu prriBaanit and sumtbir guanas* Ha.'*a fl at mesa, >oaU to aneurpaaagd. Ba gu Broadway, nhovr Twelfih .ir.au F si rnishkb bomb ro lht-withoct board, U g.'iitlrtnaa Idly, *t 137 Kadta-n atrrrt. L-l ?iLNIBUP.ll ROOM A lO LRT.-LABOR AIRY ROOMA r wVil furntrhrd, ta ba Irt withnat hoard, to gontlriara only L? ation ilcatrablr, 7rilot low. Apply at A) Bond atrrat FH RNlBIIBIt ROOMH TO t BT. WitHOUT BOARD.? ?rr.ilrmra drrtiing til ml? Iiirnrh-d It-> 'Willi a pOraia hutaa, will pira*a <*11 at At W.wt I wnlftb ureal, brtwenn Fifth aad Alvb avrnara FYLRNtnilFD FAKLOR AND BRDRf'liM AND flINDI.R Loran to Irt wither wl'houl Board to ftilrrn-o only, la a Aral r ar? mo.|prn bouar. wlih gaa roton, Mti'.rtra, rtrdraba* bath, A& Apply at 17A h*at Foiirlarnth a r-aU CYKMI4n> **D TWFIR WTYRB CAN Ott*IN UN I furalPU front and baafc Ranaaa ?a th- amjrttd Aw* , wltb naad Board, aad rtagla graCrtnra ran hora fn.u.ratd nr ua'arntahrd Raatna oa Iba third floor, with w withaut N*,.rl, ta haaaa 1*H Baat Hraadwny. aarnrr or fTlnnni ?'' at K*ry part af thr henna will ba ka pi naataad In p ori onirr fYRNTLBMBN AND YNRIR WIYKH < U N1 N(J I, T flRN T llrnirn may ?btaln a ?ery d<-*irab'r . uli o* N ran*, on rraoed floor, f<iri lshrd or nnfnrnlahrd. ??ith ibv I at LM Wart Portyeaonnd atrani bafaiwacra axnh oifWl. (?yrniXmrn abd TWWT* WJTWN. or NTWOI.a ORN T t'< ox n. ran bare hajn-i?om?ly furalthrd doom* <a na -wnd or third floor, with Board, dlnnrr at A o'clock; ha* .11 aawtitanoda'tonn raqntotta for a Aiat < l*a* houaa Apply at IIP Wavrr ay pta'T. tx*r WnaklMfon aquara rjDNOKBN ?1 WO OR TDRBB ilNOLK UBNTLKMHN. ?J or ? gri.liatnan and hi* wllr, can obtain Htwril, by ap pivlng at 17 Uudaon tarraca, ilraatly oppadta lha furry Rofr nOBOKFN?TWO OR 7HRNN HINHLR OR ?TT.RMRN <?** haar a abulia af newl* fumUhart Kmnu <*rcond or lord floor, aad Hoard, la a rmpil Amrrtyan family, Arr into ctya fp m frrrlaa; oragrnUantaa rnd wire uo removal. No. U. harden tWtt MM|a:idpomrlt fcrwibsbd rooms with hoard. I for alnalr gerilbtami arpwitlrmae anjiulrwirns will br )rt *< 329 Weal Fonrteratli it nrt, et inudare'e prtrna No a>o*>n( la May Rdfaianoaa axahanxad. Dinner at A o aloek JNRHHT CITY?A WNNTIJIMAN AND Wir? ('AN And fnrnl.had frx ak* with or without Hoard, or a 'aw ? ng'a grntlrnirn by ra'li ng at 11" York at rar?. Are mlfitea' * ?l\ fp ta <h- frrry, tawtta* wULIng to brrp honar o?n ha?* f'ont Har<?g*it. with largo ftvak Houaa oa aeonnd Aoor, aad bath ndjoliMMi. VTO. N WPWT TWDHTY FODRTYI NTRFNT, OFFOHITR In the fifth Arrrmr Hotel a Aaal* furnlabrd anlt of amnt meat* to Irt, with or wlthont Board In a now and flrat eiaa* pn?a*a h<.*?r rrpiraa with all the ax idem oon vrutnonea Utn nrr at to url V"f) 1 WHAT TWNNTT flFTn XT RENT -TO RNNT, A ?w ttiM o RiMifriA, on ihn nod third iottn, ?? Ih* Madlmti Park Ilenaa, oaiaeha Ratle.n park aad Worth Moanawrk frOAta tahire furniahad If prrfened. Brat of refarreoa rwinlr*4l PH?*''* BOARDWANTRlh-FOR A ORNTLRMAnI Fourteenth end Thtr ty abfhib atrrrt*, If am orrr $11 Add roar B H, hot :?3 Peat eflXMt Km Ot MS WaNTRD BY a orntlfman and wife; two Maftimlaarrl Room., 'or parlor aed hedruom. wttb Rorid, by the l*t of M*y. Hltntiloa Nat wren Srmnd and Altta ?T-nnra and below Twentieth atrrrt pr?frrrrd. Vrm* nu. I" rtorrd $13 n r w?<-k Cnd tibtad roferrac'* re RulmC Addrara Spare, ooi 171$ Poet oiDoe. ambb bto uhmcia. poem n lpt-with board ?? wiv i IV street; elegantly furnished Rowmt ' families and afcg e gcmJcu.esL Ihnaer at *u n'dlock KNOMI W'TR ROaRP-.WO onwruB*RR ai?? their wire* oaa oblate r?7 pliMiMl Hmm a<4 ?l'l'm t Iii' ktri 'aml'?, who * there *re Be nt>er teia 'wi, lanif 'XMm aud iwdnmm r-r each ad th* tppW Blrret, near Nln'fc a* en us. SINH'K OBNTLbMBN OR OBNTLgMXN AND f?Niji wlsea, v'thing B-ard will Had depnt'de Booms "l* Ti o'h si eet, betweea klflh aad Ulxth aveoeos. Re sreetee glrtm and required. npo LAT-a NBsTLT FORNIHUPD PaBW?B an? J Beirofan ?n 'be ihwiI fleer, with All <be m* piewemeiiie: hre kfeat If dmteed; ortoe, without nivels - per work Apuly At 124 FutWtj third street, fouto h i east of Third ave*>ue a lET-WITl! BO4BI>. A n*BD8tU* ?' * A ?hJ from Imn. ^Uh tiedroom *rij > utarf. r? * <vwi ? *r; i the four hUo m? on the fourth doAr suitable f r n nice u A flrvl c'aaa hi aw * Ith All the modern mpreraM 1 to Ar-pl* At id# Btgbueuih street, betwooa Bigb? *a "1*" Avrnt ee. rLIt-TTI BOARD, TD OBNTLBMR6 AMD Id ?tB vrivAS And to win a t*" geatlemaa handsome *uR? of ? "r aiahsd Honaia an second Aad third floor, em Hroad way o (i ?lie "rw Tnrk Hotel Peine law Apply At 780 drwdvat rLBP?A XITRNIBVKD BALL BBDBOOM ON TBIBP floor, Ma 3 boronth avenue, with hr?akre*t And 'OB tf rLBT-WTH B' AR.I, I* A FIRiT CLASS PRlTAfB house, No. 2*) ?tot Tbirty-aanoad street, bet suae Rlghth And Ninth AroniiM, a large 'root Ro.un tod lose!, 'Herniated on toc-oid floor, to a g-n''#?nan Mtd hit wife fa mily Mil*II and wi 1 not mora (Manor at tli o'clock rLH-TO A RINOO OBNTLKMAN, A NlCBi.T fU'Bl'bed Boom rent Taoder-.tr; rrfor*too required no mcvtng in pay. Apply at No 46 Baa Thirtocotb -troet, nnar Br adwuy. TO LFT-WITNOl!T BOARD. IK A FIHT OLA* h use. boat Filth avkous 1 Total, a largo R-oai and Cloeet, no third floor farrlmted, to one or two single . entls a?l I aq ulTo AI 826 Broad way, ?\7>*t DBSIRARLB ROOB6, WITH BOARn-9'iITA V hie for a prglmrnA and wlfa or a tintlo grnUama?. wo be had ?i 1*6 Boot Fourtooath atrnol, throe djort fro* Pworth otobua WANTBIt?BT A H1MOVB OBWLBMaN, AN OW. furnleAeABeeealn apHtaVt 'ain!lr Addrota MAiiag tartna ana I < allty, T W. hoi 4 ?? Port ofllro. WJ ANTKI>?rOWHRHAB BOOMdON 6h<V?ND PLOWrt, wit* Board flro and go, for a gaotleni>ui. wiroaad two dauxlitora; AdWlprr annum tilibepaid. addreat, ?tailn< loratloa. Ac., a. ? , Foot otnoa TT'ANTBI>? PARTIAL BOARD, WITH TWO LA-yR T? hoomt, one unfurnished, war tod by a f?mliy if thro# [lernoct. In a p'eaeart looation drwetl town nrof-ared AA dreaa, ataimg ti?m< which muat be roatrnahie, and location, X T. a., Herald oflloe. T*TANTBD?BT A ORNTLBM AM AND WIKB, A PDR T T oUhed Room, with Pwrd, In a atrlcily prlr*le famt.v . location not abo?o fhlriy fourth a* root a of wen, '? bo no tlced mini give torma nor ealondar mrmth. Ac. Urforaao ?? rxHka'icod T orm* mutt bo roaaon tbla Addmat Home, box 6,100 Fori oflkw (Ji AtWBKK. OAR INOLPDBD ?A HALL BNDROON, lfarod"b<-?1 oo tie nooond floor o bouao No. 14 Wool KlarrnR ohwet prlrate fan ily and no bocrde-", ror a <dn<le tlcmWa BoRtronoa required and giTaa. L'ae of a b.th UTH BTRl BT.?183 WKRT BCiRVKNTH 8TPRNT A nice Pafk r and tingle R om, 'or p-mAnoat t ar l??; rew'y rnperiHA, paln'ed, rarpoted and furnlnhed or uofur. nmbid. h"uac oonia ni modern Imororeineata; g Hid location. Lduner at 6 FeltrnnocH exchanged I C BOND bTREKT.?il'ITF.SOF FPRNISHaD ROOM9, 1*) on rcoDiid flior. to let. with or without Board. Virat rlaaa houae, wldi the usual Improeamenta in Hammond htr?kt, near wavbrlrtplaob.? It.) tirsi and aroiiid iluors to let, unfurid.hed, wltb good HoerC; ever, nu deru convenience: dinner herred at six o'clock; private table If desired. convenient to cars and a ages. inference* oichangtd 1Q UNION NOrhRB.-?INK LAR'iH It iOM9, IN .1 ?7 ruits with board, for cciitlcmsn and their fara'lHa; aliio. Room* for shigie gi-nllemen Th1< la ono of <h* mewt d ? titrable locations in the city. Breakfast from 7 to 1(X Otmicr at 6 o'eloek QfT EA8T TTTBNTT 8BVBNTH 8TRBBT, BBTVBBN ?") | Knurth and Madison avenues ?Furnished Hlvtlog and Bedroom communicating, to let to onn or two gentleman. Break! ast It deal rod. No mo ring In May. A f* WB8T HIXTBBNTH STREET, B8TWEBN PIKfH TI) and Ritth avenues a Proneh 'amlly baa a haoiteomely furnished front Parlor and Bedioomt also a single room to lot, to gentlomoo only, with or without breakfast, Houae first data 'Terms moderate. No moving In May. EC BAST TWBLP7H flTRK*T, KTRST DOOR PROW till Broadway ?Ftirnlshed Rooms to let wltuoul Board, single or In sulta Terms mndnrato; desirable location; no moving In Mny. Q1 CLINTON PLACE NEAR FIFTH AVENIJB?TO ?/i let. line Rfim* eu suit * o- single, with or with'nit drat class Board. Nomnvtng K erenee gi"?n aad roqulroa. Q?1 AMITY STRKKT.?FHRNMHRD ROOMS TO LBT. fu with fall or narttnl Ronrd. to gen lemon end their wire* or tingle gentle .<?? No moving in May. 93 _ _ UURBNB hTRKBT, *HOV* RPfllNO-ALYTON tit' Ronw -khfUlW furnished ttllte of Anomu; gas, Cm'cnsnd every oonv.-ntem-e fur housekeeping eoononat ?"?lly . ^"""'"*"7 ?UUeVtW r"> -...-.U, ?SIllll'~< or single geRiietnen. Rent low to permeiirlTptsnants 11 fi TtLBfCKMK HTRERT. TWO 81 OCR* WBwT SF JJ_IJ Broadway ?Booms, with Board, trem Si to S > per week' without hoard from $' VI U> f--< p?i we tk PernancHl end trens'rot hoarders aoooinroodnied 11 n MACDOIJGAL 8TH8ET-RMHMOND HOHnH ? J J 11 Psrtu-u'ar tttention in respectfully eaH*Mrd tn the (hove botute, which It now opened at t prlrnte family h .t?l. for thti reception of tingle gen's, or small families t red of the monotony of i? ard'ng Parties destiius of house geeplng can find every oouvenlence nt the above oat ah ment iqyl WATNBLRT PLACR, BHTWHRW WASHINGTON r square and Blith avenue ? \ genllMman and his wife ems obtale a large, hsndewaalT fnmlsned Boom on eenond floor, with two 'argn pantries t als ?, 'wo Dual* Rooms Ho mer at tit o'oloak. No moving < .n drat of May. Baferenoe richanged t 1Q7 NINTH BTRRBT, FIRST HOD8R BAST OF JO j Rrtwdsny?To Lei, Rooms suitable for a* artlni or a | hjeldan. Mr RIOHTH RTRFBT. HEAD OF LAFATKTTR t) t laoe? One of the most dhllshtful locations In the city Ku nlsbed rooms to rent la suit or almgle, with or wiib"Ul Board, to gentlemen on y. Reference required. 1 r Li PBINCB BTAABT-8Y. CLAIM HOC8B.-BLS _l?)0 gaatiy fnrwC'-sd Roorna with Hreama attaohed with all the oenvenlan.'es for heuankeeplag complete lac'd* ing gaa and t roton water, le lal te respectable families or Mb gle gastt'emaa. 169 WBNT THIRTY 81XTM 8TBRBT.?TO LIT, with Board, ear unfurniehed Parlor and Mraam at taoOed, la o gneii neighborhood. Houao with BMxlara Ina s lid pi provruiei.t# f 10 per weet for gentleman and wl'o 1Ql? HLBBCRF.R HTRRRT.?A f NR FRONT 8INT A.V7mm of *nome second floor , also other nloely 'a-m'shed Rooms, suitable for'atnlll?a and tlns'e gentlemen, to let, with Hoard. Permanent boarders preferred. Dinner at & Apply after 1 F M. mil KLM HTRFRT, NF.AR HPRINO?FCRIYIHHRO llf Aportmen'a for Immediate occupancy. The low?et renta In the city, considering the onrivenlonoe ef eeoaonvcnl hoiisekreilng Host h drt ng tnd furniture, with rtugw. or .king Utensils and linen oniaplet-; gas and Orators. <11 C WR8T THIRTIRTII HTBKRT ?*? LBT, W(f? Lit' Board, to single gentlemen, three Rn-wns; neighbor hood very ideasset Inqulrs on the premises Q<?C WEST TWRNTt THIRD STRRRT-TO LIT ?)?it ) furnished, a four story i .-own ,t0r.? 8 esse -Khali the modern Improvi menis, sultahle for a gea'A. I vnanftog bin se; location uaetoep'.iotiahla it will be rented tow to a good tenant. 71 ?> BROADWAY- NNATLT F UNI88ND AFAR' I 10 roenta to let; gas and water la t. e house The l<? ratiot), enrnrr Washing! n plane and Rreadway; Done of the ? neat la tie city. Rent nit derate 'trass moderate ? /,.> RROADWAT.-APABTMKNTR FURNISH l? OA I I) I aafutnlshed, for families, and s'ea'e aauiao fr gentlemen A good Restaurant la attoehed D the hooee. KHkTRY IIHVHI). AT WAFIMNUTON HHi>1| H. || l?N.)N alvBS. Ft)*, tv five minutes hy raitroa.1 md ?'narnh?> 'rtve Phsmsere street.?The WwdDnd Park limits e unw open lor the re <W! lion of gtteaU This tpenl 'IS Ban.u.n, >urpnna ted hy thlrt? amee of highly t.ietunwipie gwiunils la deligaiful y aNO ated ?n lha hooka of the Iltidion, la th* Inimediasa 'Dlni'y of Port Waafelngtnn aud High Rrilgn rhe 'onattoa D uamir poeeed lor beauty of grenery and reoveni'n-e a' arena It neilen' ha'h'ng. NasPng and flih ng, g ?i,hitrui Care aton U nuioadallt. and bos1 morning a ul a ternann In frmt of tba SI ace Application 'or rwns ?? t . rn?1r at lha "otal et remain oomar fifth avenue ami Tweniy toeoad at reel B OARI) IN THE COUNT*?.?A 'iRNfLIMAN AND HtN wlfeean I* accommodated ? Ph i p atn parlorn?d bt<" reowt adjoining, oa the hrtt floe n a muntrv hnuae m New Jeraey, eaev a"are. as t-> New Tnrk Very small prfvale fami ly; no o hi-r TT-wrdera plr atv of (table -ooss ?ad pasture'or a hrrsaorhnfwes, aleeptrg renra 'or servant. If dmlred, m ?b? S'Ue, bathing cmvewlant Addraas Country Board. Harald nfllre. / IOUNTRT HOARD WANTRD -A FAMILY OF RlrtNT \ adults and twa rhlldre* wait Hoard from 1st May ua'JI Oc'nber; a farm house or a pla-? where tha-e art h?i few othsr b ardors preferred la any dltmuea 'rem thselty aesy nf a resa. gddremj f, hn l.w raet offioe. atatlng terass and where an Interview may be had KKOARN AMD YOtlACtO. Matana HAYANA HRCARR-d AM NtLLI?? MsYiN. gars hy the ? ?r 1.0(0 ae lew he 10 MD me ?e efaafhther dealer la the oily. ??>>. ? NiON?? IFWHPIPRIh TM Mag CYBMAT AtryRTHlNO MBDIHM -tfll PNTHM" T borg Oedy fcprnes, ?> as advertising medium threogh whteh to reach the Ylrgtnla end N osh I aroltna mi 'ID. Is na eiriseowl. Dally MFenlatha. AMI and w,n taa'y ins drraa A F rulchfleld A Pa. retcrshurg. rn Ing Addreaa A F. rulcMlrdd A P*. Peters half, rkhtairamts. E , NOLIBH T0NBOT AND ly Fhtrr eaf'08 P " DIN 'J nertwmorraw. (nglsh Mntp.n on Tuewtar. F"" ?alo. Riiglteh Motion, flams, Reonu I h?ac " Flibefu. I -hflae Herr ng $1 ?? half h-g ? - - - - J ^ - benV'b Besf llams Ac ; IMinlop s AI a le, IB nne runuiimw, OB draiufht flfl Naden lane oo?? of Wllltann atreek frRICH ABDMON Agent. J^AJOB ANDPRNtlN WILL NRVRR 41IRRRN OB* ... whID a herrel of Mse-ry, f!,g I, , a ?? , A|? rewalee la the fort hpemw OOOtgi And In throwing "In O mioply. I he same ran he tee ted dally foe three ornte a gDas at Ba > t'ortlandt street, nortfeweat c<riser o' Broadway ? I. HH?N<:?*. TUB F1RRNF.il. THB AOT1YM and HON .ft?Ry MRM IBRN OF ftonthwark Rngtne I'ompany No W are reepentfully rw quested to Sllend a Weuta' meeting to be h id at the Rngtns house V Ann street to dse iHtindayi iiin dock P W HrapT-LaOl UtUAd. Koretaaa. Anson Uannics, Jr , Reort tary. IAL? M Avornw. A IWIOI IA LB W~ A Web _ iU(Ml r>nn< Kluwfnnt, ? . ? *>??" aid feriar ivito la bmoetaL TllwM* ruiuofi, trUedo iiwim MaxMe vkwtlffa Ac ? Bjj ? PWtsTBn, AQOkomr ??'?dap, i p-C 14, at (ha ol-?*n t pin) nwrtd nee, "A wed ruurWsott ? trees, a few <1 o-s rr .m Biguth aronaa, ounmeadng et Ulk n'otock i nateie oompriMM the enure omiUic ? af the lawc The ?layam rancr Yurahtir* ?u made i order and n la tali E72?l?'1 and M'la Iweoaft h- who). *M be sold ? 'ue p'abaei b>dd?r for oasih, rata or shine (faring ektreoadliwsrf *fcl'H t"iobe-?re, ?a the eu ire f.irultuf" ?* the bouas la ???, be lag el bee* made withta 'our months ?legem rewwi-ed 73J ootero Pianoforte. with solid pearl keys, owt |r? Music < sbin"t, atool aad *tn>>roldT?d Oore . J aire M I 'ui Bulla Of rarrwad ertor Kir'tfurr in-1 ' biocada ?l4 velvet; i.?veed r.ia?<"*a, -p unliU 1 ousts, fel ling, nob I eeaa marble .-e4??>eU Mlk end u?c ?r tanyTUrklsh Lotingra, *tib am OBabe 10 m iu-n 0 ?J a bofa^d fl~i Tablm, -T .mount Mesial -cd 1 r srtrr ?t re rear end lava vresum-n a rowvond Bur-eii <1 at e.ia,' heui ertnlte ?u <?h ateure->--? e<l it.nl d-ldl it, I"i i.tcv, bro.*r end marble CI oka rosewood en 1 S ?;i Chairs, two ofe Hrda'aeda, > tP-a-d n T*bl<, il?>v e Vicl ruin'.Ivory and -I'vor u 1?< J Forks, po u*. with ?dsvsavt huh) t,le?* if ?va> f de o-le Jon, f ir.ni't * v*.iut"'ia ct/Urcij jn or bati ?aoid fun.I ore e'd u ?l<jua ? nd rank < c'ie Bosks n' Art l?he g , da are roe on >11 hi vain 1 ?? ?*i t >."i bt 1? tr innimrni* ; J mug re .31 et IU>4 0 0 it p' oJs.lv ** Jiehle men will bo at the ea'e to remove the ptxie or pur obeaara A UOnoB WUt'lcA, ELBOANf ? ?UlktWH, ?andwxun Y ?>u~ bold furniture, being tea ml re com <? d koute, ell leale In inter for pioai uuiar, ooii/W liari of rirl. ?rvd r eaaoad Pa Inr but * hp?i BOB?. *"crin*m UjTbFH >1 o FPRM1TURR. bZKA LCuLfW. ir, will wU 00 TPAHVat aYHIL 1# At lOS o'l 'o k, at tha elsganl private maidenoa. We 311 Waal Teotitr lg'itb .treat, bet a re a dried ??y * d ?rib a?amun,

ra content* af , ooii/watlng in . ,, gr een fi^n.ed Biomnl rete-'t ore* f r nob p'ata Her Hnu altk Hr ea rl i uriftio- ~<m vort merbur top Oeoirn . ?nie? ift*e gar. . 4a; iieH V elvet ?epoetr npeta. a .per* nrm 'U no I b"Our.>t|U end Zl -lev I 'look* o*Jn? > aaae, Art A ? 1, mi aie Ki rarvrd ro vwrod l ierio one mad" by vfunar A O a.-k, ? ? ti e'niii.ee'. Aleo. be id* van haiubar tin* d inn end inertlfi ? erjier. HJokc >*erdr lew, * Hit* Jarntt H rrete'tatt 4c *Je?, auprror Mat rneaba ead other Hod d 11^. Mirror* f*<f ->elni I' a 'O, irleine R.?m furnl nre- hlrvent large Btianelnu nta'attuny l'l |.g fe.de Hulftt, labia* *t i.1*\ ? er^t qnet'tfty nf rt< t rnt <>I*ea aere, iV ctrrr, 'lutlerv, Aa. Aimi, Rltcbec rurutlur.t, with which tha aula wttl com mar re ('etelogtma mady at "haofliaeof tha enotlaaeor, 9U Cadar eiroat, npp.ak' ihe feat o'tlou A I Ollill Mi racial be e of Strew tiooda, Flovrara, Palm Lacf taooda Ob HOW Dal, 1Mb I net. et 11 e'e'eek, W OcHIT oT ud ilu /trs, Uecludleg full lltce of Son net', la fc'l atylaa, Ninltve d', delaidea 'urbaaa (tape Ao. ABd'aand Boys' ttennat Hr???i d I'elm l eaf rtetn, end other g<M?ds In the bat to wlooi pertu-u'er alien roe r> tba tr > e I* invited. Wll TOPP. Mi A O-J., auot o'i-art Woe Head It rark plvca. aud A 8 M ir j street , OCiION WOTICH.?A PaMIcT, DbCL'SlNli HOPd# > keeping will dl* oea of at pnveta -tela, ail their ?rlo-, f lartiiw > ard I lal n Hooni ?urnrintj at a frost tsur.tl jo:? lifl-<'H.i,d,m?ui r ttr I'lano . rt-t, TU 1 v g<i*ra-itred '*>?t 4AIU or f2H8, Including '-tool and 1 ovar; 'e-.nr u 1, co t JPUt for li'dft; oea glCW. Eogeies, Oniro ablat Kama .1, Bedel-ata, ?aaii?ie"dii, eoet $/Otl 'tr Kl'.'li Heddiof,An the iirritme wee all madr to ord. r for oroa 01 u ?nv, i<s-vi In me but aev-n uio the. e-.d In r. mp'Mla order. Inquire t 7u i*>?t weniv alus >in, t naar "'ith aveon A J BLBBOKKK, t UtTIumt SH. PlJUoBlluLO PUtNI PRB. A. J BLRKt'KKK MIW A CO, will a ?! on -Ta-tn?a(U?, April 17 at 1014 o'clock A M , et vo Ad We*: Tvrai iv ???>> 1. kirt-'t. betwaen flub and piith ttmurt *!? th < Purtiltun o.Ma'tied lierrlu rei al?tli g of st/rroiv, ?nr elna, Uarpeta, tnaewisjd and bro- et I ultt Una mahogany Boda*'* tin,urn, Ac . nierb a top ah aa, Malt??- aea atiAotb'r Heni'lea, o touit bedroom Knlt?, tie* t'bendeilera a ad llrackeie u'ljl rh, ehedea, Kitahen Ware, Ac , Ao Catmogue* on de. 0' a.*le a LBRBTB0RT1MBH GRIFT* A CO eUCTIONBRRrt A ALhGeAf A til) COM rial RCBBWOOD. BLeOK Wai. m:t aWD M AHOOtNT WOUdaaOLD rtHNlTUHh!. OAK DlWINOROOll eMi> BOAP WOOD CHaMHBR ?CR NlTlHtK H>'bB>>>O0 PI?MI f JttiK, RA >? tL Pa .?1INCIS, AT By order of the a. atgnee, a* ike private realdaoiv 48 Weet Ftxtrenth dteaa', brt ?ee?i Slith vnu Hava-th even nan Oocu mmiclDg to morrow (Monday), at i0>4 o'clock fr oiwy. . OCTK'W BALR.-R a ARRAM4, AUOPfOfBUR, A will w1' n Monday. April 15, et *86 Sll'h avoouo, ba tw?en tsarantrentb aud Klgra-anth etrectv, a larfe viook o' stup e end fancy Dr> Oonde, ron-'Sting o' (knainaa ll<ta KHiagea, shivj. Taoe. Fmooidrr'na, lioslarv end Oiovaa t-hlrie end Drawers; cloths. Camtmarae and Voollant; b'rew Ore's, Ac , Ac. btia poaltlva Bach article cod with ut rtaama cala fb owvwrt at I' o'clock. a CCTU K HOTICB.?1THE WELL K?OV? ST.kit or \ rich Frobrddarlaa red ljeoaa, shawls Meotlilaa, rim mlrgs aefrta and Freaoh Fancy ?o-?U wtll be eoll by U)'I"I XJA ,rD, auctioneer on bnudsy. April 15,at ?Oo'oi.'ck 1 it, and will be continued rom dny la day nntU the wbo.n b dl? Ced of. Fre v article offered w 11 )>? anid l<edlav and ???keeper* will find It 'or their in'area to attend th * ? .le E. l HlFKLDKR, 301 Canal street, thrve doors waat af Broadway. AUCTION M>) N'K?FlNl A?T-? ?T>CB PUBLIC AKR ?pe-tally Invited rt n amine 'be aupern collection of Pto turn. w*ter 'Nor Drawing* nci'iurcl", \e , beloog'ng to the collection of J P Beaamnm. K-o . now on un alil >n In our tellers, No. ? Neman ntreet h ixlng been ml* ited lil ha ropn bj bun and not uefore exhibited UKMbTB LBBD8 ACQ , Auctioneers AI'CTIOI IAU OP RPAD1 M A')B CLOTHIM?. DRT odv t". -A. M ''Rid; 4,'1*'T awllne-ae, Mrtil rail. ?? Mmwtan. 1Mb iw?*, at 10V, o el.cA. ?> xr eoworv alarge na ewfmee' Care'rare. 1 Tlh, Liner, *? argil? n,.t -,Vjri" ?Ml end Panfe; eiik, Satin, Caaaimera an 1 Velvet V-?'??, a'aia lot of teipnetiieof Ceesltnere, ? Iota, ullkn, t.lninm, -laltaeta, Diien I'brvad. Ac , alao brtout !.1 doz'n Soft iitla, lb doaea r mb alias. Ifata, Cape, Hue* Stockings, Faoc* Cood* Ad . DBIAB ? HrUIR, AUCTION RBR. Piecntor a aaU oa Monday. ADrtl l( at Mt? o'clock, at gf Cortland! street, a lot of ? Iraekery. I wo Iron safe* imoha t l alr?, L?uagv, lroa tUdlag, Hartal Ran Liknaaeeaaaf Ldn tola Aa ? atalodaen at 38 Wal> et-aat. AUCTION 8 ALB?SfUCK OF A MBRCBA*T TAILOR _ A M. CbleTALtd, aaoitoneur, XI H iwery, will eel; an Monday April 15. At 11i, o o-ck. A larg- lot o' doe-ktaa f-ncr A?d Eilsek Cnwlmerea. French And hugleh C.otn, ; Ut and F?a v Veatings. As Alao .'A lha black "ding oik Auction notice.?hu rnh am'a rrANniAB ** area* Packing KateMtshmrnt. lit and 113 Weet feieventh street, lietween Fl'th and Bixth aveunaa Homaeb'ld fnrni tun boxed and ehlpp?<l to all pn-tl of tba world trgn covered wagoaa for removing furniture of faauilaa, Fur altara stand. RW. TILTOIt, A POTIOR A BR. T1LTON. WOrRaLL A MAT, W 111 aeil at auclon, TTITRSD AY, April li, 1881, At 10k o'duuk A M . at 'bntr BALA BROOM, 460 BROaDiVAV, NT.. CAKRIAORm. BCOOiFa A D UARNBdflL A larw and dmrtiable assortment, of Superior Workmanship, ety'e and A rare ooportnnliy for bayard Oatalagaaa ready on Wediuvxlay. BPOWR A NK?HOI.rt, AUCTIfiRRRRB --WKBRRH dsv, A prll 17 at low o'clock. at tbn piirate reaiden w, Ht Lnniyt ?t?l near Chama. Brooklyn, Household Paral lure, or-on on* of Nn'swtln and Ingrs'n Carpets, Hods, bending. Pair Mat'reaaea and b>dLtuan. Chamber furni ture, Par'or and Dialog so m do, Olljiotha, btalr ? 'arpet\ Cart?lns bhadra, Window bbadoa, Mefrlgerator and Kitnlian Turn li nra. BAOWAR A RICH "LB, AUOTIONBBRM-M itTiUdd aale.?Tueaday, April Id, at 13 o'ol ?A at aar sal ear mma, Na 35 Na?wau street. 1 La he, 1 ttr p Prtna I Punch end Lit a 1 "? rga, 1 anrll :t Tirss aad other rooL connected with a aarkahop A lea, 1.0UB Uaa Ixwk fi ammere My o -dor of ABM R I'L-Rl. Moetgagee pROWNB A N10LOLA, AUOTlONBBRrt?fPKBDAT, JLf Apnl 18 at I o'clock, at the aelewoonss 16 easaaa atr at, sale of * ag<aa. t arneaa Aa . aoaaiatlng a' aaa and aaoaad bend ?*hiel ? daatTirad below;?| fonr seat Park Wagoa, I io-t'.-a b'-kiw.t I t o'r rd Vfegoa, 3 I. ght TrolUag 'u?< Light no 'op Rngfea, 3 lop Buggtea Double and kingk "aitieee la graat rariaty /TOR'TkhLi/H AALB (ADJOI7RASD BaLR).?HtCH V' a I- WaLTMRrt, euetliiaaei, aalM ta anrr >w (Mnodsy). a' 18 I a?t Bt.iadway at 101^ O'clock by tiruttl aintuo Now ate Ml parlor marble ti? Bldlartl table, Bella and 'uaa, fey nwi'bie top Tamee. one Bar Cannier, twite one Chalri Refna?r?l?w ?ad otkar Bar furniture ad g>eida m-red Titm 16 Pultaa etraat PaTRICE <M)LLINeL iwaieble (Y M. liTt, kP.rriONBRB, OKf ICB 1"7 M tUO i"TO At> J. arrtelr??' tMr l.tPI will sell oa .u?el?y ant the Idtb Inst , at htf past tea o'cbs-k, art'hnut ree-rte, .1. the flr-it :K a 'utn 'u ' onat?lu-e la honee Yo s Blnra etreei, nasr dink a'tare. ?>/:-HI egaet n? wood do'l, lu -lob art n* a lue.? tel. n-?>ot ro-e? aid Plea# msn?l and periHaewsu, rtaawerd t enti* ? ablet tlegtni raahogant ttxtetsbta -a i t?p largaatra nuhogeat eait In nmr eUta, rb*b Bruuaa ? < a tut, * ft w cb In karaelnre. La ? <birtttnsi rtnnxeu, China Yeeea, ret??d and roebogs- y Redo-ade Buret on. w enta'aaoe An, An, pur* <?aher und hair Mali net we. D'm?ra>'d fc* oetn 0 ataware, L'nirke^, etlTan Ptrku. Bps nn. As An. udcl' ihi Attokao PleanUa, Aa. AM matt bo lennated en ray of ania. CY st.YIB 1. HA7.KN. aU''TIi iRT H %. ) BY I W O'HIvg r arpet Blorn, 3HP and 37B I'anal m oil, near Voedway, TbMellAI, to. H ull itv bifPr-UAT, APRIL IB 18 AMU ?, a; U a'alaek al bla mere, J W DZMIOB will aaatlana the tale < f bin W Hi iI.B ALB rlTUOY OP BBULIBH *RU ill! ?ICs* C tRoRTINKk OtLCLellHA, K ???.Metd AJ.. AT . CCTION Aay qaantlty of yarda ?1B bn cut that the pumhaaari'? gubk rkWtlt POHBR AI'CTIflNRBR El MltbAi palK ? P IK rt-re:* OP TflCBOTTqB itklw ABD TR'tflNtl ?tf!? Of Mff If 31 II U ? B *.tiN? and PRnNK I.A trip by H AP h (IMBnCK, on tuendny, sprli At, at II 4. M an t'e 1 Bara- ? < arte' ' Paran, Madl* >n , N J., the fidiewlmg wdeei ?te.l k nil; -? MM* I ? R NIM, b< laporied Olea.- e, out af Motta. ha ln> ? rled Baraf >0. lae 1 'tilt b> h'-r elde P'N'A ry *e nnwe, out af b?lly I bonne* Alaa, OaM ' 1 by two r- ' hv bee elde by Twe Bl a CuRsurif., by 1'omg^idoew nut of Rosebud At. RhHne an, by .. wnmodorn OM of e.mo'a I M ?l? A . Pr. Irot'lagt'aokm, >n tin On its Al??, eeteeil oihnr rerr ?a oaMe tboraugS hrtd and Irar.lan Horaw 'MB* 'Ingle and In pai -n, Igeih-.r wM wweral Mnht fWrrtugea. irmting Wt#w?. t?d Harnat-. Oat* lagwee al b mil pa tb slaia ara aa? randy, aad oan M* had at our oltna '41 e-nad ay. Li I l< IIAIS AUCrlUNBBB, -MaNMmOMB fU -Hi PJ bald Pu.-nltore --R B iJiboI A CO, wtl. fell at auattoe an ineert-n, tnril Id. I ?d>!? sleek, at 17 dr-Varwt l?I|l ^ .. . ^ plear. near Boeduay, the un'lrk furniture aw?etuMng uf r.???.?* loi.npe loatlroi Pany Mheiru, Ktegereo av hogany Pinna (snWlo rtmtker) ronnwoof Table* marble tup, ' Bin r'wlner w- i|n? Drnk Inlaid nlagaat gill bandel et IVii> nt, gl'l Br.rk W, black walnut unalre rotewood I h?Y?, ro?ewn I lw and Cautre Tn dea Window Window 'bade* Buret'ia Prennh lledn, Matti unaen, rn)>4 and tapent'T "erp. I* on latt?. Rcklug Chair., Bluqna 1 Cue* wears I <noh* ObtatogtM nt tha auntienaar'a oiDna. n 3 PM?' mreat f|i ? H'lUdiW, a'ICTIURBMR. ?N AND <OMB Ho nt El. heel Purnl'tir*?B. H. L.'DLOW A CO wfli aeli At auclm on Monuay. A org |?, iftil. at Na 171 Wuet 1 entity I' tb ntreel, the entire PurnllU'e, rnulating of reeewsod Lrm gee rteatatee Uaa* hair* Mt xwee* An ' 1abl??, nierhie tip Card Beo-iner, 'rl Ing Inlaid eleg nt Hr >nia* gilt Chandellura, ( bralain* gin Hrente'a blank walnut Chalet rnaaaoort Chair* roe-wood Plaw and Centre laulea. Bnbemlan Ola?acA An; Winrtae Curtain* Window Rhode* Borneo", Prenoh Bed* w nitre see* aelred and tapeetry Cerneta, I rtlrUitSn Rockieg Chain. Hl'ooe Pbrurr* ner?i-?l book* brier? iberrt kerertr, brnnre Rtstueti#A wl'h nn an.ortmerit of Chlnaland 1 ilaeawajr* ( eta Srin# at inguee at the auuManam ? ofBc* N* 3 Hnt atraet. MALM AT Afonwr. Ea UDI> W. AUOTIO**?R. . Boi>Fv?r.? Fr-i-'ireits. a N. lA'GLt) A 1Nk will eel: at anA'av ott IMam-day. April 11 UW. at II e'elok at N% Wt r**i Twenty-lhlrd a?i?e' near fiwiru tvniui Il ?nd? tuc Houtibld Foraitur^ ail ike Miro'tu a. ?'urw1 g i Urge Krmi-.a pla'e WTOrw iIaIm; rmi b ev> gi't * mi urx nrrtw au ! I'll ( upKki w.lk nnh viiI mu-lla 'i it" iliad. a, ru.fwiud wt t ijj cmk w*A " ?f o?d a?:~hiard, wir nw wwd Placet elegant wrv l m nod Sua '.? Itr-oa ?dtk damask tw? n?w?>?<4 >ab'iw, o ced rw? wiv?d <4uk In crim en, and g'ed d-m- sk, Ceoe vurum?, gtk eud n??nii vJhaada lley*, ?? wi?id MT?'dr?*.?i with Minor; mahoasoy htire, roeewrsid H? d? cad*. Pal mmi ? nil gat trews. Velvet 'ear* try wiiwl" mid timiiaW D?'|hk mtcli ha. ?a? m. of Mor-eu 1 nrlaina > atal-guea at m-h iuc loowri' allien III B. LrinLOf, tmiTl myil J. UaMim.KB lIoVdAViiMB) Ft'g NIT ORB, CHINA AID UUAl.ttFtiN, A .. a H LUDLOW A <)0 wJl wll a' euo.on on Wednesday, April 17 UWl. at llHt e'clrck at Na. ? lit.A ro.i'rav.b sirwd, dlreotl; oepoM e Iwlag piaoe?wham the same hxa oeen ?w mavid 'or orn'ri'lrt w of u??h ndrirne ' oreMuee, cmMst ln< la part of kaiw><a>mn iwiwi Par'ar * umlmnti la >l? mark roww<v 4 and mxhagsny ll*cr<w>m Pculture, fiettJSge Kainliur* -owiwood and ?*k ditnaolva -a ' i. "th bank care merble top '1 ahloa Ftegccss r weaned Oahlne's, Reds Beddleg vw?B' and d?unrl? C'lfdi Oliciotha, headsoew China ia* HWa, "ooeriitaa Mann '.am. A ?.. Ao (jUKMii kDortOM ?vtr irntp k kuioha aitc A tlnnear. r 11) a?.|l, on Tl'waav April 11 *i 'Sanlauk M., oa the pmrnfaoe, tw* dealraie ntrta% eaoa omilslnleg Are arrea nt lend end a neat Cottage, Ousted two m'n ran at th- village of H*t*pe<wai, L 1 . aud ore hal m la wuth from th- plaak nj*d 1-iwBug from H?uii?lw.i to Israel a nnus the sup.me- r?i'd -i iw o' 'udg- .lolioioa Ts?a? <lotlagee ara P'wwii til lo.Htnd m tin o?n>? f ? dan t^oi t A ? >n vnjaao all I* a t? n M? d? Pari lanat ?>? ? b- dav o aaln, ?n t?r vt'Ita' ai >b? Il 'III tf tr .n 'hat -Twoklm, iavwi paa<a>ng?rk >a'hn ^ari.< ia<a T.?iu- I n<<n': >-o ..bli-u of tua ini'u jup ny any may r--malji on load nod m >rjt*un at 7 par ?awl ^?r fur<k*r partlnatara nat'ly to A <f al^H dOftS, *Tnai alr.at Heuip.?i<ad ar IS I nan wrnnt. Si ooklyn /lltllAT ??'A K BnSJI A1[) V41, aHLB PLiNTd.? 1/ Tbr ?< lira ht ok o' ihn Utn J A. Katicb '111 ha otfomd for aa a at nnmlofjon i boraday. Idtr lwt. at ?! o'olo k at Itla nt lanwiro O'-ennnouwa on fhn oorriiv of Phlrd ar-n-un and ?Igh'h art'ol, hrooilrn. ntitia in* at a??nn?l hondnod ()ao?n Una. af t'a meat eli'doa varlnltna? many of llman of largn (.m; alao a ta'trn wa-lnty of Aral an ernb-aolng All thn now vari? ? Jr-w al-w a raoa' ntieu?lv? awn rmn-n-of loth '.tan 1'lanta, ido1uiI7i<| a larg- co"'f :w? of (i -H.ula, tmpnrtnd at high pr' n? ai- a rarln'y of Plan * wjlt d *nr beddl-iR AH oor ?in* d?attnii? to ??norn a ?*!u*aln oo'lmlwa will dnd thlaa DMMt dnalraMn npportnn'a, aa w IJ aa thoaa ponn-M-md wl h thntradn da'n perainp?ory, to rim tb? nudnr the d'mcttoo of tba FtlPdi-on Thnnn'iro ,lronn tou??a, Uwoll log and 1*6 i oKwil) hn Iom?-<1 for lira ynwra rrma mode known on application to Mr* J H. AaUCIt. o? th? pro miaaa. ft O HORTtIN, AUfTIOeCAKR??IAI.RS?CK>M .Wl \JT. Mndavn atmot, will wJI at hla aalnor>M>m on Vottday, Ai rtl IS, by virtue of a cirltel inortgaga oanrnaoaoad Plana, with atool and cover. Alao roaeaiKxl lurultura, ?1*:?eofna, 1 hair* i alilea Mlrnrw, Jarpnia, I'waory W H KK' r*X., atvmnwf for Wortiptgeo, plOMI HOIAIO K A CCTON MA R.-J IFF tin Mg "T "roadway, wl'i atvn hla pnrai-nil attaol'-o toaalnaof "nur'-t'Old turulu m nt the rriddrueo of fanollM declining hoc'-cker (dog llryOooaa. Qrooery otoroa, Ac. Prou.pt re '?ina nude and oa.irgra macerate HOU?FtRBPAR WANTRlt-TO GO SOHB TI'STAXCB Inio -b oouniry th'ieigh the aiimoow and fa'l, a lady ?H ovrr 'J> or 2'"> yea'*<> *ce ? houi^kixi-er; she milat ho a g i id t'X'k ai d ' oi afraid a' light ?ork; no drudgery would lie ex pec ed of her uttlrt h- lp oou'd bo h d on : or two dive In a w?>^. Th? famllv would coneiet of th) hidt hertol', the ad vnnlse-, whom a single g* tlcman XI xearaof aee and one man rpevant 'Ihr lady aiu-t he neat and tldx a"d o"goat Cr-onal *i i earanoe and ageee?hl* ma'i'""*. witn anmo know lge o' Ihe world 1 he adw o u'd nostd > ally bave th i use of ? horre ao '? carrlse* - ddrea* for i.?a dava, wth fnU de arripHon ?ud where an tntnrrli w ouuld be hal Mr. Franklin, box Na 170 llarald oflloe ?TE>k. B. TIFhT ?, JR. *rOT?OWB>IB?PKRRMPTO 1 rv rale ixf GenU' F trnlahlng and banc* 'ionl-s Ac., (I?ing'he ?mire e'ork of Mr Louis ?nrl -ni, on 'ueaday. ? prll Iti. ?' 11 clock, a?'b" ato'e 7i3 Broadway, under the b'w >ork Hotel, eompilslng a large aaaonn-nt of l-nw' bnecy *t d orher Shlrtij Boeome. Co'ltrx, Prtwera, Code eh'rta, -rnauendrr* "rctt'ea, Prarfa, Hoelery. Drose ng Robea, I uner, 1 robiel aa, Draasiing "aaea, Peefuoiery. "ancy G- oda, Ac. Tr nis of salr nasb. I'a'al. guea will be ready early on n urnleg of aa e HI>. s.nPH, AlMrrfOFHMt?^<*1LL nol.L. on NOK day Anrll th, 1H61 stlOo'drck tbr rntire stock of tha at'rr M9 Third avenue conalatlng of a general aaairtment of Indies' and grtitr' tets-Dd bund t.'fotMog Purndurr, Ac , which In enn*cn'irnce of the death of the proprietor will d? aold without rrsrrve to oloee the concern. In lota to ault. OFNKY GRKBB. AUrvIONtER.?AfWlGNRB'S BALB if of ?egar* On Monday, aprll 1\ at 11 o olook, at the store '94 William street, the ato k of I'd (Ml Imported and Iwmrette Prgars PostDAoed trom Satu-day, the Pith last. Fsle positive, by order of Wee loo t A U*rt, assignea* CTBNBT OR BEN, AnOTJiNBBR?C'M MORDAT, 1 April IS. at. ?H< o'et'-ok, at tke auction store '91 WI1 Itao st-eet. Groceries, l<rird fmlt Fish. Bplora, three o? tares Brandy oae pipe of Otn, two kegs of Rom, fourteen demijohns of Wluea sod ' Iquor* HBNRT OBFF.W. snPTinNFITR. ?DtT ANI> FilfrT Go> da <in Monday April 1ft at 12 o'clock a quantity of Pry and Fanev Goods Bliewls, floilery, Glorna Greas and Piece 'nods. Beady Made Clothing. In great variety; two Bowing Vs chines. rTENRT OhBtN, AITGTIONARR -HAL-fSROGMM 191 Fj Willtsm street rivee his personal altnodon ti sa'es at ppvaie reaidsncea Every effort used to obtain good prloaa. All rales ar'.tied seme day JOB* H. RITRLHT, A0CTJONR**, RTORB 444 CANAL * tract, *111 give tali perwmal utfn'.lon to salon of Furni ture at pnvat- dnrll'nga. Km Hatate. (trooerUta, Or* OoodR An. Referaroae?John Irarltt tod Franola ralraer. h!*q , t aiblor end Vrwldril ?f Kiowl*?j Mak; Nm F Hat# m.->?r ??.! AmbroM O. Blugalani. *bu.. #*-M%ynra, A?? MdoDuHTT, ai/otionbrr will hbl'j ox mo*. . da", April is. At ok n'clork Atuo And Fort* fifth ?lreet, twnr'ro Fifth ?rd Sir'h *'?nuea. Koux imH 'nn||. nro.rruiiprletng b'ack -viral Pan- r Halt >nr?r?d In r* ji; RroaceU.Tai'extiy %od Ingrain 'an-*'*. A m%r-|a too t autre ToMee, I-arw t'urtalna ?Dd u'-rnlw i Mtrr .ra <>11 "airtlng* mahogany Wo'** fetna idea. f h? r*. nrkuhda, Gar ChapdePeri ana Hra<ket* black walnut Ha' Stand, Hal n>-air? ? ile'o-h P,xteo*1na ? intng Table, Tea J?-te, lu'la v. Glaaawate, mabogeny and ? oar wood marble 'ep D~ow1ig Bnroana Wa batend* maAngany Redataada, H ir Mattrwee. PaHnewia I oungea, Ac . toge'be'with a imnrral a?ao?imout of da*au?cnt ai d Iltohen Furniture, with which the aale will c womance MDorowTT. irrnoitKKK, willprll, ownm* day, Apr'l H. at ll'l, o'clock at So SA Niaonn a<?*t ui nxebold Furniture, removed for onnvealenoa of aale, Mmnugif mah aany and roaewnodJParl tr fu'U, noy'ered. in hioeetel and hair ninth RrtiaeeU ttpwt y and lagrata f'.ar nr'a maibln top centre Jdar and #nfa Tab! >*, rprrninn *abjna, dlrlnc 'ihalra Drawing Pureaiu Waaharaada. Bed ??cad* hair Matt rrana. Ixmrgaa. enamelled Chamber Rulta. Ao. An ; the whtilj to ha aula peremptory to tha hUbtwt b d dnr 'or each. PtWNRROBRR'3 Sal.* OF MKR ART) IFOMBN'S Clothing ?J FORM* Ml Mil rail na Vlouda', AvrM IS at hit arctkin (tore 15 Fart Frond* ov, a Urge enrollment of Wuuan'* Cl > biog, ?uucd to tba ixwoa Alun a large eviort mrnt of Men'a floUltg, aonalrtlng of Coata. Panta V eat Ac by o-der of J Lynch, til 'trend (treat Hal* of Man'a Cloth j"g tr rommrnro at 1 o'clock AILI.IaM ARBOTT. ACCTIONPKR, OFFt-B NO. 4 Beat t r -vlwa', will Mil. on Mouday, lftth InaL, at o'clock and following day* until the catira la amd, tba atoca ?f ? k'thlngro . at: ed in tba *V>re No. 1 .Tame* allp, corner Of < harry (tree Y emulating "f a larg" a/uortment of *prtnga> d aur . jla* toa nuuteron* to mention sale ?Kl o ,t MMrra TVTU. WlTTKmS, ATNTFIONRBR, ti l RBLL, TO *? m> rr ?*. at 1 o'clock, at 454 < anal afreet, all the genteel Fnmltnr.', Ac , of a tarjs h-unc; yalret Tap-dry, Thrw" ply and .>'hiT Carp< ta; Pai lor hult?, Heda and Redding, 'Un < Inning U? ma ai d Kbohrn Kur.ilturn, Ar Tuerdar at ICS o oio< k at Hi Wooatrr atreat all the Fumlture of the bouao. USTRUCTIOR. 1 CIR-MAN OHWTLkMaN, BOITOATRB FOB A PnT A aioUn. wau'd Ilka to Kirn lnet> ucitoaa la Warmaa, an nh nt tangcagwa Hathewmtira ar an Piano In rmnrn for full Miwd in a prirata 'amlly Ad Vena Uarfaaaa. Herald o Um Aibacbbb aurtih-1* a gbrman pbifatb family up am. It * "eeaWwa that, bealda* all the n.dinted* ? f a gawd Rumtah (lucail -n, ha moat mo'niot 1* acth tha Garmaa and Franc* laognaga* and an tha ntaaa. na.rnnion* g<*a* In thrra abHdrrn *a ardi hara Vwra sad lodglag at the hoona, and a gnud ealary Pint ataa* rnfn reonaa reoutrM. Addraaa 4. D , Herald adiea ITUM FOR WRTTiWd BfSrBB* I *R?t>XS ?ROOK a keeping |1R?leaeees nit'lm' ed. A-lthj>- ticaod ^riling ? in per unarwr. *? at eawery and JRS Fnltnn atreet, raaalm Col PaIPB the w?i| kco'? teache? ?f wrt"n? taaaaef tha beat li>?rn*t< rata the ntatn?Newport Her urr \CaDBFIBh OF PantfANbBIP a*D ?noRKHVP Ing, ">o? SB "r wd?aw, New rm k, a*d 15 ('nor', at-wt flaw a Pew ani'dlngj ?'waiyc Ado t anp-l* ?aar rneidrr grl'a'e InatrocUon at huuia aultlug tHnr o n'otueane .:al 'oreiraulara OLITKA ?. WOLDt.FITH AMhBttiA* CMkm* iN(?,-mnR?iAN oB?rri.KtfRN can aec ire aeate ca Slo-dsy, d,r of arrn'ng at DOl, r p? h S Acac-emy CW Pen way aid learn dnr.bKi catry, a: a- ta r.ccoice he d bookkeeper*. Tor only %\t, regular lei ina, S'? rir* jororr marr. drr rir trnho dbi-tbch Tj atweben nnd lew-a kan, ?im?i het Boat an erhaltan In einer rwctecb-a famll'e. um die loracha zu apreahah larnan. Ai d c * M 1. B . He-aid ofllc# jit A M IL> ?CHOOIe-A (XlgQt aTIO* A b CLhXOT f ptaa and wife, an a Baa farm In a haa-it'fu' village, within a few honre' Jon,it ay of thia <d ty, wdl tnk* Into taatr fetnlly a -mail nam' a* *r r nntta of either an tia-ier 'ha age of 'aanaan provide nampm-nt taeehera and aff -rd thegn eg <ha ?rirantagMi of a Bra* etoaa aattoH Bvavy anMafaau y ra far* no* a* ta nealtiea and akameter will bn * (forded by call tr gon m B. toTtlBUM, at thnadBaaad Fyaaala Morgan, JWCH OORf |M *TTf>B AND IRkTRl'OTTON IN Frauah gnnamllg, by two yawn* '.adlea, raoanUy arrived Itta ?treaa. third daar want or 'onrt. heaotlya ?nltla fPARHlB ARB PRBROB UKartdll TaUABT I* 1 hmnklrn -Pvtrata lamaai end a'anaa* hy twa aaUv* I Irtant prnfaanora II the boat anhnala n' the i?ty RnaHtag far twa gantk?au. with faaCtnaa far pteai'ee at tba taaoh . an' natiUeen ft PuMsn iraaia twa htaeha nan the oit< Rail Rnaklym SPAN*BR LS-PONB- nr A HfRHLT OORPRTBRF teaoher, fran Badriu. tharoegbiy acjaamted with tha TegUab IKeratnre Term*. |M for la laaaona Apply, from t ta g P. to J O , ?t tarn Conn* nth atreat. THB f*R IS RiORriBR I Hair THR swoitt) ?To uea <t properly the Long*Nan avan<a tf tenahlna wrhtag wo leveei d by Profeew r bHfl and t IrniydteleTy pro red ??eh a taring of llarta that ha aeontrad rnch a fame In Nit re pa which all acknowledged badean-ved l,**ao?* prlvata or m rlaaaea No oopytiocka Buokkeeptng, (irammar, Com K>lt ml da Ptwawor Idmglaebly aaaiatad lo tha Lndiaa' par mmi by In Icng Oaii aad aaa apnclmanj at bin kmwa, ltd Sm th avenan. THB I.BCTTRR IRAMI. TFRONBLTTIRlf?UH'TCRR BT X ART OR. RKIO* iBPOBrnoRS Og THB ARAL anO ORRDULITT OF PIOtIB PR'.PLR ON BOTH dIDBN Of TUB AT LA If Tf O, Ryatcmatta Ratal na of Money on Palaa Prvtenaaw Tha Ohmigny Hnmhtig, The lrl?h Oonreiedon fu-nhog, Ae A UK7TUU OB THB AHovR will BR OBUTBRBD THR RR * OR. BKHIR. Inaumbaat (Protectant Kptaoooali of TemplgmArUn, Dloohan of Oorfc Ireland in the LA ROB HALL OF THB OOOFRr IRBTITUTB, On BKONRnDaY.SHh Inet Door* open at 7 P. 1L Lecture to omnmeoee at KL ADMIRhION M i.BnFh Tick"'* to ba obtained at the aoat iwoininemt hotel* and book *?<>rn* M, WAffTKD. If IF KB WA*TEt ? WTTR KODW* lM "EOTm - - nj-(i ?; rem p..t lemM JWefi aitua'sd d-eosd and bevetith txu. e? tad "leech.* ?u.d *W?w t*. third tseesta. Aedieawj* latin:: ful particular.-, C. H., box US SeCddiQe^ hmall 001*0* iB T81 CiHIf TRf wanud, for a farril? cooki-Uag ci a Juuag **B?e '? wife Boat >*, ? itwis a bslr * 'brwi Rfireer* of as hr?. a travel front the city ^ .e MMM isaod pr .ferred(L \< 111 ha ?tw for the sear if found lo a year it found to .'ft a..'it ? - .lallag particulars, terms, Ac . 4 fl , mii y o * 21.1 Poet o.Dir. - LGWhUR Part % A HiiUol ? aNTID-Pa*!!?T ^ rwnstats of K*nt!einfc, wife two children and i-1 weak Rent not over f*AJ. Addreva fcUdrg fu.1 uarticular*. 11 , box 2,4'AJ PoA otlice JUshFB<"? ARI.H AMSM.'HH WIDOW LADY, with twoyi' WD son* waut* three or four douwr. U\ a th two bp wu .,on? wants three or four tii , furnished, for bouse keeping;**??* ead wa.te pip* rest *?? exceeding fi<8 a year; moobjeciioa to la** r* an ,_ , . - _ _- ,_ *jm) fflS mt 'lbl* D a rare opporinnf v for those ha-.i " " ac rnriro<laiHm? to j?? tL ni eertx.'.ii?mlv V spc t*W ir 1 bo w lrn'-r to Ova que* and reU call at 22o Clinton street i ha-, Ida Are above '* ajfllBru >t re ?Uqpilil ire t* or a hM ALL H0t*RT WaNTBD- WITH OAS AMD VATML r\ la a g< os ueigtoborbosd, below fhirtletb nt-asKi rda fn m f i*> t- $8R /..hlrees v B.C. bit (H fL. aid ofloa FtCRNI.SIIKD . ODbfl VkA-tlED?FOR HX MO?f?S, wl b t be prl? tl"g- of one year, tor a tarol'y of three; ao children ' c.u n of lire ad way .* rvitt o iqotry rod deuce piaialy l urvdah'd. wl h smell ii.ounds ten or ttvraUg mMssfruan ?u eiiv wmM WM. aei'?rv-..?? nl?<n aud re quired. Add'taa Du k, oar l,7"0 New fol k Tat ofii A B OlifcB W**ra.]>?* ? N F'l, A I'll (1KB STORT AN?? ha wnent "ee*? In o.utli Hitreklyu, with tfce neil'-ru Imrrov.rro-tii. v* > go r tolgtitmn <?d; a new honxe i>re'ar ie*l, for a tint re t idtiaa', without th.Hren. *Mt inu?i?be moderate ? dt t?, for or:-, day*, wi'h I'll1 particulars, " V. V. , a \ IWl I ObtotQi*!. Pew fork PAWNBBOKHB'8 *ir*?T8 'TAHToD?AT 2tW BRB A9 wa? ^oth*?rt tvoner of K-i1i?b ftr ct Toe elshew J'-loe pa d inr fWrnb "k r .t'fickai* f*r Iden nd\ Watebea, lewtlry Ouna Rorulverr, da li. MSdfTOV, SMI Broadway corner of Fulton street, room No A WA*TB*h~A SPIT OF THP MB OS FBPft UNKtff nisbed do ret, ?o on I or 'hlrd tlonra. tor aa kmert r*n faint y of throw adult*, In a qnl t rm ml hnu*e; l ?. wtl?n no*, below 0tr? rkr-r nor ajove mxtreutb *kre.K<, lict-'or,* tblnl and hl?th ^vwnte* Sont not to rtoccd Sol* per y v, wl-Loutgaa thi nntr add "a* J. A. P., tit Oaoal i Foareealoa w.no d lmmedtatelv T|7 APT*I>_A SBIf liF TWO qK T9RBH t R<y>MK, Tt unfiirniahed, la a private fardB nn above Hanat m wireet <w that tmlgbborb*o?l. Befe>eub?* ?tchan?">d. Ad street <w that tnd.ghhorbeod. Refr? eoc-a etchan,"?d. Ad drea*. by letter only to t. Hertut' d'n. 117 rlprla* street, atofe, ataUnn terms win-b mutt be moderate W ANTE J, IBMElWdi BtiT?A THNBH 8 TOOT HOVH& modorn Impyovetneata and carpeted through out Ben mederate Addieaa W S , TTerald otQco. UI ANTED?A tiOllAtri IN RRO ilCLTN, WITH1W ten roinoteH' w*lk of one of the ferriaa; rent mid not exceed $226; alno a ?wrrmeeta o' four Rooms f 'r a fauiUy at four grown pisja .n* at a monthly rent of or *!? rid dree* B, Iwx inO tleraid otiico. XI7 AN' *D?I* NEW Y(i*K OR VICINITr, THR TT whole or pan of a neatly furnidmd House gentaely located; easy of k-oea* from t'fty Fall and at a moderate rent; family mbm!! No repll's notitvd except auck a* five full t articolnrs. addie e Wolverine. L'erald oinia. WANTED-THE U'P8R PART OF A HO ajl, (>?N. slwlng of four or flv Hoemr by a small American faint ly fb? hooee tnovt oortelii water anil gas and be heated In apleaaait ne<?bborh< od on tb" east a <1? ef tkeqity. Bent not to nxrecd S2tk) per aarram Address Cuton, Herald ofl.ee. W'ANTPD?AP\KTdBNTS FOR A AnaLI. FAWH.T, v T of man and wift- on't; two or three Aooma; ren'. aot ?? exceed $10 per month; mod be near the Fulton ferry, either In >ew kork or Brooklyn. Address 1. S. I'lerao, Fasti otUce. TTTaNT P.n-TWO BOOMS AN? A RBDROOB, HNFlfR. TT r blind, for the purro-e of h iu?i'k?.iplng. by a n? wlyi:. nr arrtod couple, In a pteesael and agreeable family, who have ? mo room than tie* require; lilirheat refeience excliaagad. Adcresa for one week, poatage paid, A B , SD9 West atrees bj ~\\J ANTMD?A Ira ROB B-roRft, 8UIFABUB FOR A Nile' TT Uard rx>m; largv enough for four labia*; located tut a.. thoraaghftr*. AAdreca V. v. T., box till Herald ogloe. 11/ ANTED TO RH- T? A 8BAliL HODRR, FURNlSPKC'l " or paittal'y furnbhed. ln-Houth Pro Alyn. weal ef Coon street Addreaa, ataUng legation and rent, B. H., bux IB Herald oOlee. t I WANTED?A SMALL THRHH 8TORT AND HfOE' basement modern House by a No. 1 tenant; netghb-w hood must be good and between PlfUnnth and FarUefk streets, and Third and Sixth avenues. Lease required am moat be very cheap; cat $?00 to $008. Address Desirebkb Tenant. Herald oflloa ? 1 PBRRORAI*. A NT L ADT WIRT1 NO TO ADOPf AN INFANT FROk Its birth, about tha last of tb<s month, wtu bear of an op psrtualty by <appl>ing at Madams Ksatsll'e, 183 Chamber street (, BOB?CALL ON TTBDNHSDAT AT I; IF DNPLEai | want next fair da? .1)1, kum street I do buvturaw in \ery particular baaiae-a lo settle. Be partlcultr a'toat tb hour TUHOafOBt. fLOT?THBkF I? A LBTTER TO TOUE FULL NAMI In the Unioa square PoetwAlct A , HMB* ii? 8BAMEN WHO SBnvHB HM BOARD TMJ rnlted Ftslea ab*p f.evaat please call on THOMAS 1 BRA tha RD, 81 Wall street f IHB LaDT WHO WAS LBFT BT A (iBNTLRMil at ifcc corner of Ortnd and Birr: Htrooie on lucid* v ?>ea Its 'a*', will iwi'rtwa * I <>11 to, Union square fo?t .idler: *k d ?ni receive a satisfactory explaoathia. He 1> ino.t anx'ou . to see hnr again INFORMA'ION MaNTHD?OF JOPE-H V tN 4*1 (U ?g? 1 1 yesr*; left heme April 5; hoe dark hair- bin oy<, m ?l of [leasing ?Pirrara* J*. Had a > U t ,'*o, nl.ck jaok. b: ?n ?*>-*. Any Info-motion <f him wttl ?? tta-ik "1 reoeiv.lrfy fi'? m iher Mr* Mauafleld ooraar of Meado and r served atreeta Hol> In, M. J mmmmmm ' ? * IK *M"H 8. HI I, I,AS If n, DSKTirr, >'DRdT{?L<| 1 of Thirty sev#< ih aire'*, will ?er-d hta ao.lree. to I A Ft* Inrbet, *14 ? ?> *1 a'rew.. he will oblige *e old coat- mo' IV MA HPNRT DfRCKN WILL CALL AT ? HH tTanl o*oe la Warden atreet be wll> hear of something to kia *J I vantage. V JBWBL.?HHBRT HTBKVT IHI8 (*URi>lY> AKf Kit I noon, ad 3 O'dock, and ferry on Monday and fue*.liy i l o'clock. HAM i,*A A MUh. FOX WOULD LTKH MH8 RaFKTWR TO OAMJ again to are htr. at 14A laurau atreet, having un'orml Dately lost brr aderea* MIMP 1 F.OLA?I HATH BRBN TBR7 8IUK. flATl , wrtt'sa twice. No answer. Have yon moved* -eh* I tbla alienee* Do ?ou wish our correspondence t i iveaer i ao "farewe'L" Roroembar mo May you be A way a hanm t tatbawlabof H. L niLLINKBT, AC. ATMRA BF.LVA.no kOATHARINB STRBHT, rXl newest at,lea of Hprlng and Mummer Ronn?t*. *n rerdy N 8 ? New pattern* of Basque* '.taints Mantillas Rrbea, Bertha t'atveo. aleevea and Aprons fur ladles ant *" Tiytf Ml" ~ " ~~" " children ftanr.ped and Rmhroldared Yokes and Ha ?da ii great variety, and done to order. BONN AT BA Hi I AIM A.?NRlY dTT' He K??Dat* MOT nata ot every kind; Travelling Hennrta, if*v Mrnicq, and atraw H va, child ma a an 1 Mlaeee' foanets, Morn teg Boa lit Mlbbons at *a, wor' h tia pe. yard U diNNA' Millinery, SSI Broadway, npatalra DRHSPMAKINO AND Mn.LINP.RT \m PANIC put eta at M ,clam dODTNB'B, ltd Klghih atreet, hen..?wo breed way and Konrtb avenue i adles baring their own roa n-rlala tor bonaala, can have them made In the lateat r1 * htraw bonne** cleaned In a superior aaanner. VfTLIINBRY.?BARGAINS AT L BtNNS' MlLLlNfl'IT ITl 681 Broadway t pring and Summer Binxe's, of ? v ry dmcriplb.n 'travelling Peaaet*. 4 hudran's aad Mt.se* .ton net* and TIata Mourning Banneu ifstj cleaned U BINNe, Millinery, 581 Broadway, oppoalte the Mctrop"litar Hotel, bp ataira NtrtICK OF BBMOT AL?M * DAME MARTBLM *")?. MaP, haarem re ? fr>tn *<?. I'M fldnton place, Kloaa street, to *M Alltta avenue, wbere the will open on Moaodv. ,'nrll IS, a clofce aoortmeni of SI lllaery, a'raw laoaW, Floware, Ribbons. La c., Aa LtPRlbC PARIS FLIP ARB, K BAT ARKS AM> BltTDAL BBTB, _ ntirS, W.VBNIT1 RBH A n TT J AMKS TUORBi*. 730 BrMtdw COPABTfBRSinr NTOT1CBB. fr,nn -^A*TKRR WAN?lin, WITH ??|?, IN A tja/'f M*Ut aaaaafartit-ing biiRne.a* Ana (railem*a wl'k ordinary hnM.ea. qOAllflOHttoti* will find Id. aaevel leal nepartaaty la ao ara a geo<l aad per.uaaeo. bualaeaa " " * C. F. D., i Be/?ra*i?aa eaekanged. addraaa O. f. D, soi :M Beraid aillsa 4;tn (till) A OBNTLBMao mi, rHT \ ?P I "*/? amrtinl tft join the ailvert.we in lt,aiu *'i luting a p*>e*ivd ma hluewhirk will i*t $:>',() ?X An uiv# f'under preientd lniereat secured br i>*'ont r^ihL i,A ?n ?. W WHUK. 66 Walker slTMet attar 10 a. M. WANTED?A OOOP PLITMPRR TO TATfN o a H-n a LI oftkt ahl catab Ulied Oa* Filling rod Oa* Kit art Klorr. Wt Fourth amine; wll b* 1*1 clieip. Apply oo the pnakaa OCCLINTB A1VI> ADRINTR. DA riiWVLi. CAN ?B CUWMLLTAO AB HKhBTa fere far the naat tweaSy y**rs, on tbo Bye ord &*r, M WS Broad woy. above Twetrtn atroel Ignt nu t hearing *w ?torod .a n?wy ooeeo hd.kerto Aoeued hoyxteas. erJSo?w 0)00 rvBRrrnuk i Btliscss WwIT OF BN * ? Bb-.l! F ^VPTtu (A far $36, la all oolara. of wanaaief m?ouf,teture Al7 aoHd okeataut Cbamhar alto, pleia aad eraanieaui, at I* ? FA aRlMJ i Oh A VM i 'aaal aoawt, sppnaite Winwter. tola 1 la IMA IjIRAMRLLMk CIlAMsaA ok'iTk OF P0BNIT0B7L 1 Pi ?? ewior. and t'ylea, at wha'ooaleoa'' tele I ^ At L- -d cpwarda Also Waliraa>e? and niMuwra. VaBBBM fill VI Taaal ? treat A RAMP WAR*) VI Taaal sireaL fsnr diiera oast of 4-oadway. 1DVBMTTVBA BOVAtrx TP K Villttlt PoiOB PAJ v ?? aaah far afl kind* of ffaowwold .?*ural' irn 'a?pei* Mrrosa, Pmms, Pea. ne-d'ag. Ao, al <7$ . turd arvn ia aear Thirty fourth .tioei. or b. noto, a,U awe Fur bure oa ohao% $. B-A aasd usrnsai alwaro ea hood fe? Fubbitcab boi'iimt n*R iRadt monrt ?a fkir. ^raise |'1 ?a l> tcdy oauaay for Knrrti ore, I arpeta. Aeeka. Aa, at ICS Math aronun, heiwenp Klnih aad leni' streata [i* 1 AcT CLaKw Sea a Ibl,* D f OawiTi'A't. rl.air r deaoraied aad grajaod, solid o mi and oak ilete, MV treses* sprint Med., As J. W. FTAdWt A CO , ma-nfrr . toieaa, AM Broadway, hsawaea Blmcker and Band streets. J ( ERBICI AATBBTUMBHHTI. _ TPPTfTnRICB ?ARB JRl'KB ??MB PRANCAIA I deolro se p laser tan. awe famlB* peer ? sad goer Is Wra ???, le Plan* rt le ' haif$ an doontr ?as ?eeor * en rtUe B'i aa #1 Frank llr. ?LJ ON DRMANDIt?UHR tBBO'KBI <* l'A fLANT a! glaio, 'r- seals wiannt blew i*ond?e 1 uourant an beaoil fairs la r*nio h adreaaor an M Afiadway J. Peurlll* rUT* PFAKOPNR ATANT I N Ll* l?R KBR rt-TAN aebetA en rr*ivs eooat 1*?A tr >uver*lt tin acqnereur <i ea danneralt Id double dn prla con an cu qui o inaent'rali payer un p*1t rale ,enable netir a'ea serrir pendaat ouelni temps Fn terlraot on en t'adreaaani k N' H B, Pbelpa, J Broad wag. 1J