28 Nisan 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

28 Nisan 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL 1 RtTru>iT, April 17 ? 6 P. M. Dalaess ooatlnuM to prevail in bu-iue*? jlrcies. Capitalist w* DOt ^ anxious to plaee their ttMt> M they were a week ago, and paper movei lea* Mk-I*y. Foreign exchange closed very doll at 106 a 106 f >r bankers' bills. The stock market opened quite boo jent'y this Rsysws M&. "ittUi" rf s>" 'J5! however, prices fell off a fraction, and the market remained dull between the board*. 1b the afternoon the jnarket was a shade lower , bit rallied, and closed arm. At the moruing board Vlrgiuias rose 1%, MUeourls 1. 1'a iflo Mail 5, New York Central 1%, Erie 2%. Read ing 1%, Michigan Central 1 %, guaranteed do. a, Illinois Centra! \x/%. Galeua fi, Toledo I %, inland, IJ-?. rhc coupon ti's of the general government fell off 1 per cent , but Treasury n ??es Advanced %. At the second board a moderate business was done, at a alight decline from the morning's prices. The following were th? closing quotation*:? United States 5's, 1874, 7 ;>% a 7i?%; Tennessee 6's. 46 a 48; Virginia ?'s, 44 % a 4S; Missouri e's.Sf^s a 40; Canton, 7f^ a ft; Cumberland Coal preferred, 6 a 6; Delaware aud dud ton Canal, 83 a 86; Pennsylvania Coal, 70 a 75; PaoiQo Mail, 70 a 7 0%; New York Central, 73% a 73%; Erie, 21% ? '<*1%; Hudi-on River,3a%a 37; llariem, I2:t^ ? 13; do. preferred, 30 a 31; Reading, 3 2% a 32%; Miohigan Central, 44% a 45; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13% a 14; do. guaraat od, 29% a 29%; Panama. ?? a IOO; lilinoli Central,; 59% a 59%; C.a'ena and Chicago. 58% a 5b Cleveland and Toledo, 24 a 24%; Chicago and Rock Island, 37% a 37%; Chicago, Hurlington and Qoiooy, 57 a 59%; Milwaukee an 1 MUslsaippi, 9% a 9%; 1 4k Croac e and Milwaukee land grant bonds, 6 a 9; Illinois Central Ru.lroad bonds, 89% a 90. The bui-ines* of tUe Sub-Treasury was as follows lo-dsyt? Receipts ST1 076 11 ?tor ruf-lorns M' m;0 (>0 Pa> mi'OUt 827.221 21 Balance 10 713 ,104 63 The American Exchange Bank lias declared a dlvld<*n1 of 3% per cent, pity able May 6. ^Tho following table will compare the exports of the seven principal staple articles for the week:? ft'e-k f'df g , 860 - ? > r- 1'Ul AprGll Am-nitU Vat ? Am-iuM. OoUoa.btlM 3 890 9^14 016 4 072 Fsnu.b'tls 28 3 if) 101 ift5 68 133 Oora aval i 7c 0 li 413 Wheat, but hols. . .43 3"0 28 2S0 Oora..,, 14 *66 lo, Ml B??r.M>u antics 4 648 81 OJi Park 8,291 63 070 Total SA60.U2S 1,102 006 Increase of <be week as comp%>ed with that of I860 641 On The following is a comparative statement of tho value of exports from the commencement of tho year to April 25:? I860 1881 lntrttut. Dc-.rm ? OoUaa 11,866,41 8,798 471 1,441 30 ? Jwir 1,496,(00 4,102 9 6 2,767,1-25 ? CjT* He*! .. 9i 791 M.4<9 ? ll^tfi VbMtu..., 806 oro 4 0V2 487 4.184 419 ? Cbrn.., 10a V66 2.tO1.6>0 1 803,346 ? Beef 906 i04 6i'8 8.13 ? 468 479 Poik... 817 HIS 606 649 ? 110,764 Total $8 84a 762 18 7?0 *87 10 470 019 eTiTiji Inoieaae as oomp? od wi>n 1880 fa 9u0.636 The movement of the banks in the four principa' cities of the Union, in which woekly reports are made, as shown by their last statements, is aa fol* low*-? I/tnmj) rirev/aHtr*. M. fork. April ?0 >14 711 *JP 97 ..KM, 763 t/Ltm.m HNS ,W ?' ?ion Aprl 'SI tf? .'"6 t'M) 19.4?0,*94 i 7-v TJ-t fl, r;? M9 6 798 nll 2,84 ,06 ? 16.916,-iVl 8,6<i? J8 1 PhiiiL a pill n ti' :?*? K MMMflM WAMB ?:?. IV al ?'<^7^-. as Im7?S7 6U 89 4I2.X9* STtiW m Last wtfk Zi/ *6* M9 l&t 630,i><1 27.207 Ul LaHt year V?8 ??t 57s T8 776 033 47 *r,8-6 32.4?,4.tt The Baltimore bankn arc preparing for 'Jie im mediate leane of one and two dollar notes. The Maryland Legislature will, It is understood, autho. rise tho isaue of noten of a t-maU denouiiuitloa among the flr?t acts of the session. The following is the weekly statement of the banks of New Orleans for thu week ending April 20, 1861, compared with the previous week:? a/t l 20 Aitrii 18. Dtf"m *. phort loss* 91.1 m 7f8 14 141 7 10 I >00 . 046.974 ppeelo i0x)6sni 10 0<7 *66 ? 31t,?6? CirrulatH>D 8.M-9.280 s Ss4 4a0 IX>a . 171 rJO rifiMWils 20 0.8 W26 21.747(157 flee .1 0*8,712 Kirbaigf 8 6ls S00 9 644 2e7 r?oo .l.ov 707 Uiataoi tx.iaix*a . 1 c>'o 1.' 3 1 '^4 "00 D'?c.. 2<?0<7 Tttal 1'*l? 7 647,767 7 076 IK6 lac., 472,2-?3 The following paragraph from the Missouri lit pnMuxtn of the 24th instant gives a little better prospect for the payment of the July interest on the Missouri State debt; ? Tljf MerchaoW fuut }? su?r<Jaj pvsod a tv* litlrrn t??n dtwiax to th<; aaiboricit-x of this Huut a Km uf m>oer fta ton portion* or eDablii g tlie H ute t > taico inures for a store ? llicli nt "r^ai i t too of tbe militi t an ' to pr j vido arms for crttuci' Wc rto jot kao?r tint these wr<s tb? woros of tbc rw 'utioo but nr atau' tOo obj?0'.. We praoucLr tbst tbc otbar baiika wi<l, It tt bo dej.rable to do *o, tnake a hk? trn 1er. If wo uciers and tooir p ?t tlo?, ther arr all id a oaiiuoo to do it, aid aucb a tton WtU at rare rHierr tno pnlil ?- from any af> >rrin.u?loo of a diversion of tli?> fubds net apart for the i>ayiu<-nt of tho July la?er?at? wp ason tlia half mUdoo of dolia'Sp>o vi'ied to be |>aid tato tbe trewury u> tbo credit of tbe Kua?J fVnnm>?totie'B by tho law which loft?li7<d tbo auspeM ?u o< sp?ci(' puf nn<o a ?? ^ nave sup I?asa that tbU B>lgbi||(>? dooe; hut fie potter la so oo Tinus y bai ?nd ru<aoua >o the pu >lic e r?<i it ma w? sro glad w? are the ntwchunts' tia?k ?t?i>p>tn forward t> re lieve the State frotu any such unfavorable Unpr< saloo. Ht4x k RMhasgr. Nkw Vp?U 27, 1MI. o?f. alia Kfi" KR 21 100 do .... . OflO 21 'xOO liar'.im UK I'i '? 100 l^Si 100 fTarlora RR pr??f. 31 100 (trading KK. all 3-' Vj 100 do 32H 360 Mob <> a RR ... 44 100 d" bCO 44 25 Ml <%> k S Ind UR 13 *? 100 MI40&N' tad g ft k 31>* 900 UlCcnKRBop .dO 10 oo {>*'? 4 ftO do 68 100 do ... . .*10 M (/0 do biO fiH 100 do 67T? l'R) do ?& &H? 10 n?', C >1 .v '-In HK 02 640 0*1 kCbtRA.... t.:s ?.?00 <1 ? 67S, ?> d.? fO 70 do ft**, 100 do b 10 67 H 16.0 <V k Col R* ... 1(4 3 0 do Wi Clii uk lai KK. 860 do 3*1, 100 do MO 37 ?0 do blO 36^ IflilP. 1?0 ink YOraRB. 200 to 7 t >4 M Erie K R 21 60 do 2< \ li 0 do ??'4 HO Chic k R I RK il7 ?40 do 37 1<XI Hut. tu RR luO Re? l tig KR !! ? l4 87 Mi li<d>a( >n RR 44 >4 jn M on Hni N' 1 g? V9 16 Kit.... 100 10 lli Ceu KK aonp 68 60 do blO 6-14 60 <lo *30 An SfO do M? f.O fial Ac ?!i r H a.. 6*^ y? Gov \ !oi R R . 24 160 do CITY COnNKKOHL HKPOHT. H*tviu'*y, April 27?2 P. M. Fiovr ? TV marliol ??-. tirra ani m io i tra'C" oT6o a ?Oo per bbl., wuh Mio* n' mtout 1?, 000 bbl*., ibouum.* t-ltra *alj ut |.'i .Ai a lb 40, and rjund hoop Obk> at 9* 00 ? V 66. Whiit wa? in go >d rtoTiiod and lc. li'jchor, with a%l?a of 41 000 h.iah. i* at II 2? ?>r ( ** J Utile ig ?hL>rtnh, II ?i iHtlfrr miwaolri" club, f 1 oi for rod Wwu-ra, iu.t 91 40 a |1 II for woit? do. Uai < I a>> d ai an ad ran v* of 11 \v buaoot a?k?. I* 44,000 b label* at M^c a 07p. for n?? telr*d, WlwrtK , ??* to? ol'l lo ; 67 V ? "*c. for Vortli era y allow, Nan 70c for old Jorwur ?ollow. P<*a waa w >Um*)| oh*i ge of nn?"l, with Bale* of 1 JM M?a , n.rl.1 l.iir ra?w at SI* 37 ^ a <11 60, uxl puma at III 37 a |I8 ?'<) Haw ww li, in. wl h ralM of 1 100 l>bl?. oxtrn me* at 111 M a |12 Wmhak tlrtn, rnlaa of 4f0 hl.ta. at lH^'o. a 10a JWIlim^ NEWS. ? _ ai.BAa*p roR Hrw roaa? rata oat. CJ * "*| aooa aiaaa ara 11 JO wwm M' ?ih w iff k av.ra II 8 fort ?f ??w fork, April 41, ItMVI, nj-ARn* tSFbIXXT" (B0' ,,W' "Mt.Kr, ami Ha $7000 0 Vl'a, '81, rgd 87 ^ Mt?0b6 a, '11, ppn 86 S6U<0 oo KB trrmupe mw 100^ 3?0 Vlrg'O'u 6 ?..C 44 11(00 luaaoiiti 6a... 3*S. ?JKIQ do :>*V l?f00 do ?0 COW ?. RR Id m b 83 (-0 4f00 Rrte KKl?la,'76 f.6 10"0 MiahUoaf bua. 76',' 2i<0 <?<> 76 n<?rbt&N ? a I b 75 60 eha Par Hail .-<4 Oo 61 16ft dt 70 10 do 71 IN Pndtoe R 1>R . . . . ! 6 i 20u N Y Oat KH.W.O 78 W>0 c.o c 78 <i 6W do o 7 "4 SM> do C 7: , 2*0 do C 7" , 210 ? 0 ?3 7: '4 ICO o aio 73 60 df> a3 tr. 1/0 < o *6 73 60 'o t3 7 J1, 100Kri< 1!K 2 <i 10* .o 21", 100 do 2.i, 8k< OND 900(0 IT 8 fa '81 con 84^ i(<0 f>aa II pc uia 101 SOW kl'M.II? a .. ?K f?00 do 40 ilOlO K.cjii'ck. ?'?. 70 60) 0 Virginia 6a... 46 Itao C6 4' 00 f>>io K? 4n.b ia 82 lCm? H!% 1WO Oo 83 1W KKKSa-bwi'M P'l< 1"00 (la> en ln.li ? 100 V hhf lluk or Com 8.'! OtO > ai t'tt ( on. puny I 100 Pacific MlnoOn 70 tO ro kit 70 100 N Y0*a RR ... 7i 60 co ?ito 7. u 10 do 7|*J AMrra, Mtnpaon. ?rtwr? 0 R ftowtn. iNtck?mi^ier il4orw>' Qlouootof ?Vuao*! A 1f^nkJnUc Heyo Pros), laehfehlt, ft (??ft Virginia, HMI ll?rh doa ? fcm lb, looaa M Om h.ik (b.a. M numu UI ,4 rt?lp? Ac *r1r.\?"eCUm'"t (Dm,*I)# I nnilon4ecrr? Pnnch * frig Olu'letu (lt*l|, Ma en, RXIwftn-V ? Mnu. pany* HMI . *4 Jom * SI* AOtU" ?*fUr ? r?? >??!?. P e * jag**?' ? "wa^\srici - ft* i"h * <*. CbJif ^ T?'7, dl 'ofcn i. MUVHik, C rr >r A ,ff3?aa p.. f*b'r A fiSte'T f^h4^*?n' Millon, Del-A C lUreon ^cbr urrj? j-Mr!^ Pcbr M qu**belhpnrt-Jrd Prrr A Co. uXk. St.? ~Jubab?" * Bo?ion? Ottlot A i.Ol ^^LP?"0 Pj ??*or? 9 w Li>wu. ?.hr ?*v"> KkJJ Rl?er? M louth. k SKSffi.'- tt^rataii'stsu Hchrrjwmfc l. tniman. Jh(U->? p v!I_ S^rgAg'^"*! Ph.lJrt hia-J W???? r?, r "ffM <meri, a, joh'.ann, om * tilrer? 0 Stuart Wo.,p 1 ooter. %loi o ?. ProrldVoon 1|?? muart. fi?oo pn"'r,<,*> "on hup >'r<>vid?uoe? I., tieunr. ri> op Carol na, , I'emna'aad H?rb t-Mu w i airuik <'?t,c ?ru, ^oniiun, Phil* e'.pbla-Loper 4 Kuk w ARRIVED. f-mi5^i.Pu L l"ty: ?ltb mdaeanj X.'JS * "? nruL N??ar.o * (}..; *id i nit. at 6 ?'? , * * bi^Ka *"* #cbr Vr*0 of i bo ouUi, U.iuod N lat *M Ut Mri)^ rh'" ?f 8,-1 n- " 4 O'ol?,k rtf v Ion ,o ? d " ? *th M " ?'? '0l ?. '? '? Iilptrl Knnn4 fl dl * pW?t*d A 1(1 StnftEDt-V, EOl rOOOf 5 *74 r? W of the 26ib, Ut .18 44) $, marked "5 V ??MhTjL ??J?u*Dl,|,r *Pi>*?*otljr flour? hwSIS J'*-00'-?- Oor t ao dt}?. Ia ^".i.ht?r,7*r Mh*d VPr7 bad w""lQer 'be enure7 ^ KLlp <Vi,?rn a. I ft"' r^Cn^lV ?"*>"?? ? "d W-. I- Z,rr? * ?<r *??'?> ?n-"c^.. N>..or ?m. * V ^*7k " for hi, "*1^1?^ 'KV.r^ V"r^;:^ 'r,m AJttVAS? ifd^.-i"10 %^i '.Tb^M^r qpK?fo; PouJmV^"' 'V m l-*, to Jn. "iol find *nd ?ne wither ?11 .he p?j. ?Jfb to.. Yft W P|1 W iB;"fhV b?no? ton. from Mo He 'o^ Llv*rp of" P Lnokao? ?r ?<?? ? "r.. m ... Agztxsz* ?? ?sssttr ? JSnwSSSZ ' iSsStatSSA It " As? """""" ? Kasas- T^ Ar^e*P{^^>1^ j;,?8*. ?-*. l?b in.t . W|.h tt ? ?Ct,,n '?T '?u?v?0lll* l(Uj??7jr^ ^5?rl ^iUT'' * by N 6S "lullen. i - l/rilrKi.-t '. U P? ??'T. fiemHn* on. [onneUnd^^^1^^^^^;;1^ b X ?*r ABhvr um, (of U?reD, tTlU l^rL, 10 ? rhi: TTiT1 0111 K">?*^n. .fain, ? dt7a *e??horMDo^riouY?i| OUri^^ * ^ with rtoe, (re^en^;!!^o^{JUS^u^^N!^ atnictedUP lte riTlT oon?t<J???? of the olmnaoi be'^J^ %cc'?bizr^ Fobr feldad. Perm Higkt t>ort*uloulh E*~KVa?iSR%?tM"."4V" uShli ^ Nor'nn .lr?y. ?)?ehill. ? d?ya. S^hrl R Jonea, <i?*oomb MaekUo. 7 dava. Wlawnrth. n ilaya. L Jr i H,r 1 ?>. Portl%Bd, S d iyi ror 001(1 St? ian Oetaror* McLaughlin. 8?JtUno?v S'ranifr fUu i. VTiJ^.n |'btU.U?lu?i a. Fleamer P T Hrarit. glddelL I'hUadfli.hia FU amrr \ ulonn. Momaon. Pblladelrbla. Bieanxti 4ii>?trwM. Jofioa. ProvMaaea K^,om 8u'e ^?Tort). Manbman. ?Z*Z''',n!v .?*,* t\ruB'v'mt- ?*?*""?. Annapoila 8t??m hip OuJi mbu (U-kB?fMrtk *btitn*. Abnapoiu Steam hit De Saw -tranaport) iohn.ton, ?rn?p?Ma (W)jm"?"T' *"???? ua'lw & .toad of ?v, - . . BEIiOW. hb p Ri>~t inte. from Llrerpor4 ?*'!: LH '"*?. ,ro*" -V^tMiaae, 8 da**. ?a.kkajvaL SAITJm. Hv"*KTrnl^KrtUJV.Jl*V,n*JV)'1 ?? RatU>er at 1! 23 !./ ' ^ ? ' w <'Avttnii pnd NiHMtt: KmlAr/Mr ? . -li?. nlalfi P| ^!nir.BA?P" r?iiTh >rn,on' l>?erp?ifti ; t,?rka Hl'nuf.w CltJkl) l^'pdMn, Manr? llonx br1*? '^iore i U*j> k *>, Tit Wind during the day 8W. Mlace IUiwu. Akotbix Rjihd Passaci? The ellppar bark Dawn, CUpt rba*e, ficm B' cnoa Ayrer, arrired yeat< nlaj in 3d darn, being tbn fovrtb rapltf pa?-ajre In cuooruion. Distance aaU*l ?,&no Mile*. Cat tain Ml'ler, of hark I'tah a Buenoa Ayrea March 14. ha? Ixeii prcm-nt -d by Me-*r? Ha 4on Kentie Hlimi anil Nl ch 1", l aM-enijei a tn thl? tort In the a'nre testel, with a Inud a. tncietof ffr>l<* *.k mui atil'er tobaco bo?. IcrhMklud ncea aiid attention tu tn. m during their imaaBge out. Hmr. I os Kwtoot (tirV'rnm > lenfti'got at Baltimore, on tbe Mh II <*t in a ga'e from he K * arted biiwapilt. also the tH<-k work wound i be bo>va and net the r??eel I -eki'i*. on !h<- I3tb loat, f" ipe Henry bearlnK W, ?aa at nick by a aipiaU fromN* which Maw away toretaoaail matiuopmaal ??>? rail, turttnpmaal lay?all; nt-run* J bboom, and ap It fore-all and Matt), ail oerrlea uwaj inn -and malulopniaat baokauya, and the laiyaraaol the lower ringing Sir>MrH I'simcr*. from C"? York for klo Janeiro, whHb po' hack <o ?!' Tbnmaa IHfh DecemNV, In dlatreaa. after lieliiK aahore, profewded on bar vo)**? tilth ult. Brim Jni ? Hi \7 mKTH ? Chatham, April 23 ? <tohr Julia Hiiaor'h. from Uubethp .rt, with ooal for Boot, n, caine aah'T on the bar la*! c?etiir? Hbe ^charged part or cargo and cime off thla m^in nf without damage. Tbe I ri* Catliir*ue ,f<>hnaon waa aoid at auetln at Rnenoa AyruH on the 1 nt ult fur tbe ium nf Sm^OOO Buenoa Ayrea cur rrpcr, tqu:tl to $X.i<9U W lulled HtaUa currency. Rchu ?'Mat M?ro, Mayo, at Naiaau, HP, 3lat ult. iiall?d fr- m New York llih ult tn the Htb the arhr waa tnrnwu en bar (vara end", the ci'ptalu ?fura?n and Mr Miller of we* York, were a*l l?Hhed tn tbe HmtiiM aud other part* o' the rental. eirertlou ?be wonld oi ?ft In tbl* trying mner Se: rj th^ rail an ' tbe vvaintof th- fhr were cut atrar >md 2 head of cxi'le aru tv: l? i t of hat were thrown orer boanl lu ' rdcr 'o aat ? the live* of tha rt? at well a* theteaaei and undrrdeck enrgo tier c*rgo below deck had all been landed In p od condition PjLRUkKP .Ian 17? The Olrlpo. Beown. fp m Cel lac "or (#ue?t.atown, put In here ui <uy, leaky, anJ will hare to di*K tume ca-gi to get at tbe leak. Litr.hioot, Apr'.l 'S? the ?hlp Waablngt ?, of X?ork, hae arrived wre 'laa M .htle. wltb 6 fi ut or water In her|i>Ml. Mhr r n>'? In dry Irek d<tct.hrglng, and la kept all ?t by a atekin putnii. I.OROOR April H?' The hln Hortetiae, "ame. of Kkhmind Va, n ? i ort Vlilttp. loafltnc n >i.ir?ide of H..rth Jetty, London l?o.k. waa >M> nV'-nlna Ola. w ? rwit out n?r. < apt bla vn'e ar d u?>?l ? ilii-erea wore '.n v>*nl toe .hip oetug rr?.1y for ?e?, hut ap'.rairdio b- onm>n-i<) ?? >?( me <*ancer until an UMd ah .ut a nuarter ui 6 o'co k by tsw wat^hmaa ?Ut cbed to that pa't of the d.<-k. who d'-onr'-rr.l <m<ike t?an li.jt fr m ?h'- n?i <o' th" f'?i butrttway. tjnthe Matchea tm it) 4 itni'.w d tb ? ?n,' ke arxl tlrr burnt forth fiin<>ual\, and In ? aaat he wttne time MUt for the a?aiatanne .>f tbe llr<> b<i fade, who -h iMly arrived lo u'ea forow, ? lib land ?nd attain II. at'ti? ? na't e?. alt?-r niurb ei-rtlon. a-id an Immense ,nao tlt> ol wat?r h?d beeii ji^ired inUi toe for* b. ld ?>f the ?'.|p, the lire ? aa at'.pptd, hut bot unt'l mnt rart u' ibaoargitij tbe bold w*a deairoyed On et*minai|nr., it waa fouod to ronalatpf Iteeaareand 9 ca?k? of lud ar n.alehat luclier? 1 and lucifrr ?a> <t? at lite under rart o' ih- oaln deck arid baairtare nub tbtppil by (Ire. hti no to anet an ett?-nt thai It mil detain t^e a' ip ,a |?>rt i be re uae of the | idfer ra'tea d ca la *e. hare t?cn liauled oat rom the b>ld and i em '.edfrtni tbed-<rka. Naw URLatan. April ?? Nhlp Niagara, from BotfHi repnrta ae> n Marcb l\ lat 7l> 16. a P enrh ntilp ab?idooe<1 with nil wark? gene and -ea ?vraktng orer h -r h'( Ba itmnre. w|ib l"??e of ">re> tril off 11 1* In 4' nil ait w a bi IK nud M boocer, wllh l<iaeof 'ortaaHa Hrttt.T I t tar) 'a). ApHl ?-? be ahlp t'oDella Wondlde, of Po'tjaiid, Me, from f.-r ^auu>? rarg i cuatMi'g of two I -'i.oio Ire enf'i.< ?, ral'?a) alu-^ior*. omt, ?e, friuod<-red ift mtl?? north from "cllty, on the 4th 1PI. the cr-w an<j two |?M-er?er? cue Ming of I# men and t?o worn wi. Iande<l !*'? at.'l Hi I' <t je?irrda|, tn thr??eof >h? ehlp'a tutta, ha*UM| ? anvd mo t ot heli efftTta, and aman pen Ulona and other ar tinra lietoi fir* lo th- alitp It apprara hat t*e antf * jrting a leak on th>> 1'at till hut it did lr* Owe rw aartoia unil ah.nit nuatilaht of tterjd irat tae -aatlie- l? ng tine and oaarlr ealo', wb<T> It ?rat fonnd that abe waa atak n<> a gnaai d.?i nf . ataiar. aud p rantdly tee ?a-td t > aoa>armin?aa at tent tha' It waa leared Hh ?i.nd go di?n and ab? ttaa abandoned BbimlllaMoi, ibe4th and tlaitoi eared a boa' II P<. Tbe crew an<1 pa-Hetig-r . were tnk>-n a Iroarl o' th* Wary *nn?. aberfatwi'h r^^,, .i.ag"?v for Oeio*. *>.4 nr?arh? to with n two or 'hrw m'ler nf tal-plare when they g< 4 into thS r own brute awl pulled ,n ah'T'. Tae >v>ala |ir ri tnni A? bare r.t w-tj rotd h, au.;t on, and the crew trlU pr <t*-d b t t eam ?t 'o I't-nttnoe . Hmr Buna*. Marey. at Knatnn for Marl a reifieOi topi IV In a at|uaO, earned a?a)i lore t> mte >nd mtlai. oe ,ll?nt n a I hor 14 lat in* I H, W.n liv. f. e*i?rtr>oee? n aerere I hu'finane fnmi NHiot* ?fr h e ii-ih.?.m Mt ftNe?U f.irw ' and ml/ ret. top"'."*, ore and >opWliam m >ta blartbemtln top all fro* the gatketaa^o to.e t,.?m?? , aatrr'aai" Ar I1? ? l? !?? .1* Zo H loanTti had a ealr fri.m W<?|ntW luat fore and m ?m t..p a>la an^ a, ufl,, ?T ' aatl fell 71, Ut '.7, len *7. Wbil" ly n, to In .. f, ? tr ward. curl, d away 'be 'liter int tM.f.ir the '.idfr c <n ?l ?e aecitrwd, Maned ??? bra w? fi ll JV lat l> , 1..1 t,y |n ? bur I ?ai.e - w, ahipi ed a ae? orer tbe atem, oanaalua 'he redder Mareh I. 1*1 U t l-U M f) ? atrd.al -hl>" 1U franca. ''tir'ta from Purttltfir Urtriwt, and oouined a i'tp? t ? e *? .i? ? :? ' ???if teid?>, fn.uj jf AinlMtUi* ?nM |fl| ai tbta port v?>. ttw -4 ?>t|K|!!l> "?}* Ik" Ek ??? C I, JOHU?OU. KT JIIM II I. MV B UWK ?' IM dor ?a> u.a le i >aai? day wub the &du* 0. ittlMHbr BoUina. of Baatoort, w u Mm aft aoohor off tki- morning. at :l onSnflk, roo inio by ttaa |jr"fMil?r aula. h*rtBg ? uurnbci' of bM|>? la Mw, earrytag '"*/ Uoboom, bead.VraM, book Willi*. ?4 mihu bo nprtt IwNf OM at tko ttrpe* C>u B ??urgm ') had her aide b?dlv *W Braa Jooirw (Hunt, Cm* 8?nw. orrM ed r ??4?<?ay f fxn Black hire J?. Tin Key Wool. U bonod U> ?'?Imouik, 8; p<i? Ib'o tbl* port for m?m, ba>lcg toning aleak -b he? deyir ture from Key Weal Bu a o?rgo of 1~7 Ml logwood. ?H Korrlgn foil*. Caixio. Mart* ><-Arr ?hip Mmub Cabot, *HU| Chln cha l> laid* (Mi* ud JOtb for Corki; bark Martha wenijU, 8n>ltb, Vrlbotmo (tad kid UA for <Hun*a?l; Xld "htP 'Af net, Aradford, kui Knoctm (aod aid 0 h for ?hloo?? lwanda <o load for I'/Ock Rid Uth, ablpa <i ? White, Pood'ottn, PegUnd ; Uth, M?ry Ogdt-u Bkthoway, BlB>pl"n Koada; 16th. Alice Couii *, Hliiger, do; Gleaner, Ij'qL 0 Liu '-but, KaUi iwaatUnd. I ban ?r i pain ha?k Joaepl Halo. d<?van?. fcog'and, 8*h ??'?* Abuer HtoUon. do, 'ltd, ailcgbanuane, Kmu>? phloiha I?i*cdw<> I.. ad tor ? :ork; ?d-J B- her, AlWn, do; All"gb?a Im, Harato*. do, to load for Cork lor onlcm; Abner dteieno, BtrWn, Cork; Row htandlah, HulofcUg*, CtAlJa, ui load for Ball' more 2M, J Baker aIMb, and Dlooe KaWO rt. Id aort2fth, ihlp Tarollnta, Moeoiy forOhincha Ulanda, bark Auckland, Nelaoo loading nn owner* aoeouat. At Chlncha talanda I7th, aStpa ?U?gbaoev?? Barftow. Gleaner. I not Jao >?? Hadger. Htaploa ;M It Oamp'>?U, Mora ; Rialng 4ub, obi Ifield. Mary (Ybiteu, Veaper 'toiadea ?'u? om ; n <?ilo?r?W??, MoUfllaa ; K Oardnor, Ltmooumar: %M ? aro< blef Wording; E Uineley, Outtor, and B Kimball, i on, ld? ; barka fwtdea, dnow, and jlartba Wonto-l, SmlJi, do. Coronii.. Hank 7? In port bark H W Almy, Dartv for 8aa Fracciaoo I2tb. ^ <-unv, N >*. Kaiob 29? arraofcra R L Tar. -b^ppoard, ? To'k 31ft Emma Mayo, Mayo, do (and eld April lti?nrA tiirnK&b ln?', oa Wll oa, Matantaafnr ?yont; ; -th w H Nor tli r op, Htlimaa, Wllming on n?) landed Uih on bf r rrturu) 1Mb, a <fea I#, Swmi'o*. Ubarleaton hrKiTTs ap'Hi 13? In p.irt tckra Paome , f rom ?a?bla4ftin. NO, di?g; Gr?j?d rurk, bf no". d->. 'I ahi.k haj\ uOH, Warcb ?? In p ?t ablp Edward. Proat, I trom tvr.aiig Jon 1 for Boatoo, put la for modlcal aid. *otiH to Hariniin I 8t#am<M' Mount V(-nion, %t I'o'Uand i >om Now York, w ' toru that the Buoy on the Pollock Hip U gone. 1% balcinra Toucbrd at Jar* Ik Uland Deo I9tb ahlpa Othollo, Ktlln-r. NB lb day? from iloniloia co oil hIooo InamiK *ii't ?1'l | i>ame d?y on a erul<o ?e*?): JJd, Har*e?t, M?nob-n or. d ?, noiblng Hlnoe leaving dandwlob lalanda (and rid on ? r^ut<o kno Jhu I Maguo ta, Pieme, do. HOao a nc? Inanog llo iO lulu ibou?d W>at MKmlHij 17th, lark ?tratilud-', Oi?is, ^ !? tp *ti c - leaving tionniu u boat d wrati. itftb, ?bl|> \rotlo. Phillips K?i. 1 1 ore uuwWnd'e U and, *ltb uaaaoi.?U -?me r?y tor NVora'; 9(h, ><arrlaoo, Woid NH, r.om lioanliiiu, liad tirurk tlin* ? hale? got one wh lob m?de:tt) ol>l ? ?j>it n ( lidt-inraa.o d*y lor tbn wrat); I7<h Antl>, liriunell, r 'f, mm lloiiolii n, bau akon notalog iinoo leaving (bound west tociuiw rfi ?J7tb, bark Camilla. Creation, N it fro a Hon ? luiu, and clgbt d?>? l rom the Uarqanaaa, h?d tak'B UO '>Dla n*im oil BlLie. leotlng Honolulu In Nor (aid name dty for tlu> *Kl Old at N Bedford S3d Inat, achr Palmyra, Davoi, At'aulie I Ocaii. Air at 't 1 Iowm Slat ult, b?rk N D Ohaan, Hanilln, of Bo ver y, with 'Si? b'.lb oil (and aid agvln i7Un At Axt'Osion Ia'aud. uou x llllama. Piak, lOOlibU; Cambria, Pu?M 8wh I h ll|> l?t, Uempatoart, 6?b. I'bnall, u?mp ?teiid, li * b; Et.?'ood. HcaipatuJid, *T0 bliln At Matn ii'. al Bar. Montezuma, homan, 4Uu btU- Klcctra, BruwD, 401 > bliio Maioh 9, bmcrald, t leroe, aad 1'ucllic, H j# laud, each 400 bbla. Spoken, <bc. Ship Neptune, bound tor Baltimore, apoken by pilot boat W H Aapin * nil. No 21 off Ueorgo'e Banka? cooal.^nud to , dialler k Oregan. rtretca Porta. ( Aspiitu'ai.l, April 14? ait bark Hagdalena Day. NYork. AkrOto, jipill l.v? la port brig Harriot U.iliook. j i-t hit: acrro Koui.tnin, do; Luoy Alexander, to aall about uSta; B u Knigbt. do o<>. h?nu, Marrh 9 -Aid Freder'fk, Oaffney, Falxnonth, E; 1Mb, Harriot Morednh. -avaunab. ItKifTui, April 1) ? 'Id Dobla Koaictnga. Randlah, NYork; Jo ei'pb 1'iat ooy, Wauu y, Hhangbnl (and arr at dnanaca naino day) ; 8th, St Loula, Jacobs, aidllT. HnihMRKiiATi.fi, a pi 11 4? Arr Albonl, Blanko, NYck ; Ed mund. Wibuiann. NOrleaua Off 4lb, fcduuiid, WrUmann Irom NOrieam. Hid 4th, Athena, Schilling, H tork; tulifco, x)anoem?Dn, do; Anna D? Huh, Uattcudorff. Rlckm ml. Bomimt, March U ? in port ahlp Olrigo, htnory for II xton 8lo 6tn, ablpa lianlel Sharp, Cuahlog, Calcutta, 9th, Antolopo, t'ole, I.Ueip'Xil. Bak'ki.oh a, March TO? Arr Carmen, Ring, NOileam; 31nt, Bauta ?r, Pujoca.da tioanKkCX, Apr 1 6? Sid Huena VUla, Ayraa, N*ork Bar.u'oa, Aprti 14? In pjrt achr Kaielle, for N%>rk; Barah Maria, do; Ann An-t-luv do. Coax. April 0? Arr Architect, Pntoani, NYork; 9th, F or* 8av?g , do Cahdv.?ai. ApHl 12? Arr brigs Martha Kendall, Wllllatna, 1'klUdepbPt; 1 11a t e?*i, Uarla, Uarana; J W Orlako, InUko, do; B P Mub K?iu*dell 8t ihoma*; B K tfaioo, M krv, Baltimore; n< Lin ?v i.auTalr, Wax*, Ua?ana; ffa I< Al liter, * oloy, W u* pv M ort na ; 13th, C Matthew < Colby do; 11) h, barka fcvemng t?r, Hull, Havana; Hrtlltant, CJburn, t tint-ana; i avio u m illion, feac cV. do; brb^i Bn??i, Otuer bliogr, ilalvoaion; OilB'X'i, Tabbot. otTbamas; fl P Brovu, llartucnd, Ilavar s ; trbr fl A T Nelld, Moore Charloifon; Moan or ?a>kor, Ht Tbom?a: -I A Brown, jLOanlatoo, narau naii: ? m- l'i n Vrnt l?on, Norli aaa. Hd 12 h brigi Ploet t agle. Lord, NYork- A Colby. n?rrl man, and AH lor o/, UrtHln. do; IT Kwigbt, 1'ark, Balti more; Lia//le, Vrai'e, andonn Uaraliail, negar, rtotloa: neHra It S Miller, Colby. Holmta' Hole: AXlantlo ? right, Charles Ujn. J K Pluttr, nandy Philadelphia; UOtan Bnde, Burgtwa, H' ??i>r , Utb, brli?lAn Boyd, Ullpatnok do; hpauUaa. Cut lock do Juag? Ua'haway, Lord, Boa ton: acnn C M*uuew?, K. Hogg, Nit ik 14' b, bark Albloa Llaooln, Bibber, do; bng Ambroae, l-lgtt, Bryant, do Capt*, April i? Arr Ophelia, Juhu.son, Havre. S'Jk lat, kn- ch 'rain. Burwell, Ndrleann. <o??TAi.Ti|iori.K. far h '.M? Arr Yonuewee, ITalkor, ItsalL Kid -'ttl, Armenia, Hamilton, Boat< n. Uuurr, April (J? H.d Conienator, Boydanlch, NYork. C'fcM-vr<.OM. April II ? Arr bcnk P C Alotaauor, M-rryman, P1>ll?ilelplilt.. br<K Kumanoe. Unnmn, Ai-ihl w?1i achr L*tira, Ijn Ktbornc, N>tnk;livb, bark I'lltua CammeA, n-.ipkrani, ki 'Vw ?-* t'<t n?o. hrtm a iruvwl Kalluofe, Rttnton, itth, bark a veuUtle, Parutdge, NYork; otlg ii-d ?*rnalTi*n Cntun, do, 12lh. '"vik Oeti W llitli, Potior do; lirla I'ntaUfUd'', Joi.e?, ltkltlrooro; aohr L H Lm ml >g, t'orm.B, SYwt lik m. Apnlf* -Arr leira >etad?, Hoi or Bio Janeiro, fo? Ham berg (?nd atichocod, . iKh, J I WUoeler, (ladd, London for e I oik i.ind proootoM): Flora, Brown, Barton :aud p o ceedod f>r Lond.-n. by *?b. Roberta, from Baltimore for Bronaen. Iioti'ii. ?p li ?? Off J ?im I'reddoo. from NVork tor Hull. Kai xotTU, AP'IIN ? Sid .lames W eNb. M-Hlill Bristol. flMiaouD ^ pri | #_!? la Cert ?, lluu.i breyi, Haranaah. Ot-aMow Apnl (I? ->ld Oen olrap?ou, (irahaiu, N tork (and rim Ori otiocK aani" d r). MJiiiin ?t*. A|'<il H? Arr d ip Hiinas rjitift Robln ?ou, Nt'rleain; Clyde, Pern I. itidoo for I'Udade'pbik; ltftb. brig fcaui rt-e.Uould, NVork Cld ibtli, ?ChX Mary fie rue, i Dodge, rbllndt Iplrla Marrh I? Rid Tailu'ab. Phimmer. Olbraitar I Tuimhad epril tf? \rr. oark It tl W lj?tg<\ Jarvla, NY,>rk VaU akaiM) Maiob It? Arr ablpn Johna tV'I'a, 0ba>l<vmk, Tilrj.hnsno ituii aid ISth for I'uKod 4tb. A R Mai ory, : Lr*ior. ^ Voik; 14th A"y. Wilson, B^Itimo e for Han Fran I rttro, bark H I arllng, Iteala H'?ton. Hid 7 th. barka (leorgo I heury, Uuuby, lipi loue; IJUi, Young tlreek, r.iylor, Caldora , \ r.NirK. aih il * ? ' id Hpaxk'lng ->oa, Manaon, Palermo W ATr.ai'uai', April tl ? Old W A Brown, llunuiood, N fort American Porto. BC8TON, April IB? Arr ate nier Hen Loford, Hallott, Baltl ! m >re via Nonoik. ablp Inei 1'iu r-, OaJcutt*; baika Aura, i Llndi-ey, Mobile, Hylpb, .lonea. kaltlmi re, brixa Calhalna j Mtkela Ntekl-is aatannah: Aboo t lAa-rence. f ullor, BaIh j more Urma?. P.iior, Philadelphia ; Ht Mart, Brevoor. and Dt>la?a>e Coob, fcllrabotbp.,rt; fohra King i hlillp Churai I 111, Aut Cayna Steuben Dunc*n, I y U r, M^bll? * la Oajx) Hat | tn at ?brre?bo w?ti< aaboieMthaiul gototl Ifh; d A ap jla U'B, Sianwood JaiktoBvllle; jamea Hdaa llatrb, Savannah j Ola alilp Helen R co. per. LatliAm, Luudoa; aobr Hayward, I Hanndor", j?< ra?l, UHu-Ai' rbip* P "ere, Bneko, Manila John A Aliert. Oor I ham, Nlirle?ne. Cld ?b'p \ t-rtaillea. -therVarni., Mrlhouran; b?rk MhBbattar I'.urt*. Heinindt; brig" H'get ( or) Hl.yjum Cork via iMttrfc: K W Park>-r, HtudWy, Cape flatten Hid ab'p I oVu R Coot**; narka Vernon. Saranae, *i tnhattao; brtga Hight 'antlugn, anil l-mtna: at>d fr.-m ?*<'l.iw. ah p MtiieUel lau k Hiii'.ria bi'ga Hlrenn, Hetrlver, Mediator. I ?<iH' LI'., Amll 3??? Arr bark aunn^e (Bpi, Bolg, Barcelona; brig Bel e of t ho Bay, HoLoway, Boavib; aohr Danl town aocd, lownaend NVork spkcial. nonricKs. bELl.>.VT"a M >StMT?L VKuIi aL OOLLROR KRa R U tlA MILrOK. *. n, Piutaaa <r o<" Military Snr3W7, Pathoioiry and act dent* >o Hones, will continue n't 'ou K on Mr-nday, <? tdo< *l?y ??n<1 frlday, In tbe amnhttuea ire r,f hclleMir tu.pl.-U, at 2fi 1' M Jim-ii K. Wood M D , Pro e* r of Op*ratl?o Rh.>?i y and ?Jttrgl'wl Patuolony, wll lecture on Operativo Hjrr?y rtitvetly wur I'Mfrawor Hamilton'* la-tun* Hedlrnl ooh-. tint' tha Anuy and Nary, ane oil a ho lo'etid to en ?r ih? aervtoe, by api Ijm* to l'r>fan ?or Wind Rill b * furnlabed u |th raAterl*! for operation*. | Ibire will be r o cba ca mud/1. Tb? tnfdloal prole naljn And ull who TtMntt rr'd <1 are Invito d to ai">nil I?A*t> 1'. I A ? I. OR, M !>., Pro )i Idrni of Bellerur IloepitAl Medical OollefA. OFTKB OF THR NF.W TURK LI PR I^nRAROB I omiany. lit and '14 Itn-adaay ? At an alac'loa for ' of (be Pouitb t'lB't, krld April IU, tiio fol lewlac awarla lad: ? WILLIaM h. applrton. bAMlRL it. Mil. 1. an. K seBLL D?HT, . IiBNKT I KB \*?H, and KdRKal B. COl.UNH ?<hK Boara ka'Uff h~r*i?ior? doctded to pa* In fnll tha ' aarlp "t IH4? 7, "I? ai.d loolt.al*., bar* n..w r>?olr>d to n mi i't' r (bo rad? n?oUoo of a'l ditid-nl* rier'a'vtl fr>?m 1?<] !<? ? -tilt*. IneluetTe, by paylnt JU par wot on preaaotatton of < ?rtiOr*.*? ai ihia omor, or la nail ?eiileninui of p rw mluma. and Ju per <*??? am'tallf horaa'iar uu tha drat Mo* day It) M air B. By onlar o' tf-a ?oard PUN 'J^KKAUS, Aatnair OO) H or MALTA? ?fcR?'AN TH E LODttR, HKOOK. O ty o < aoh your nb'ffca- n<Wm your p >?!?ea? at Vno'e tain a " No 8 Ojrtie art-oua ?our Conn. 17 nonU your aid. Kb uu at onrft u. 0. cumnno. A PVTTKH r-H \NT? rtiU.1. - I.AWK" \vnot-VT.? & mm, . hare a great demand foi cai t if Cwvblng, Fuml tare, ? ? |*t? .leetliy Ac .for he ?t? ern m? k>t 1 will |)ay Ibe to lo?l?>|i prtcea ? For Mlk l>rp?*-a from $N ?o $l%t lor data, fr> it f > Ui | 8. fo "an ? from Si 1 < fti rir>?? calou or k(1dri'*a I Atihalt, IM hr-venth B\ ni-, hot n-f-n 1?rn'n>ib abd <we*l? Umt >treet?. ftmcKially attended. Ladle* Burt d>d to by ara. Abhall ALh (i*H r DMaM) FOR f Lot II M(j_ LaD'RS a<?D H> ritlemro h??lrg aay rut i ll < lothl r u't.llnre, ar pel* ?od .ie?e?rr, will iroet?e *.le b<*b- * pre* 1, rtHioj <>B or ?<1dte*?lDK A "AAalr", (W? .bird avenoe. l^utlra atteud K Ui b) *r? Harrrn \HaiRCIIaNCK FOB LaDrRN A I) U <5fS TO <v nre t tbetr ea?t off ? lo<blt>c Into ra?h alao Carp t?. frvrtl'tite and Jew?lry. A m.te by pn.| punrtuall) ailri ddd m > ilh' ihL* t'4 *eva tb b?>-bm* el *e?i N'n-.?-enih aiidT ? title' li Btm'ia l adle, allended to by Mra. B*eki?U AUOPaT DBNaND Foa t'LOnilMO -n H f> ar l ?j^nur-m<ti ? ? ^ ? aitind, a lot of rant of Cloth nil Purtitui e an*t < h t?l? I (ii*r*r'a- to pa; the hu(iieai pie? In to* ett> oy call tin an or aildriMlnn ( al U, -.J ?-veutl arraoe, ' rtamt f?pnti a nth and Tb rt'tMb <um4* UAdra> aaua< ed to by Mra HIbIl LaROB ttftUFH Pttli $*,(*? CAHT oppruointwo - * ? aril- ri to r>neehA?n f.?r mbu ? r*n leen f!?lll aula I adlee and *< n'lemen If t on ? trt t?^ aat a f?ir pH<* *nr f m' ( loilaa Carpet*, Faittltitr* and te?i-lry, tl\e Oe?i *i?n and? la to tend a oo*e to ?* tttliZ. 7? >(?'b nrtiw wh?re HM? b? IMI'I' f d J oil ?HI h- do?tt w|thl>' y??ir xAt1*! >mt<?. I a>)<?a arti pdrd t<r by Mra Minn Ku TO hlttb arnuna, be ?<M fi?;htb wiree And Waeeilay piare A OBI' At Ql A/rTlTf op U4NT (rPP OUltrtlMO kortH'nre, Caipata. *>? , WariieV Uiaupply lb? ???? ?<ri m?rk<t 1 1 ay aa ' 4 c.wi From ?IUW> tU tor ?l k (t>e-aa? . <it, 't r. #*tn|it; tiii* fr-m |t o |l Call oti or *4 *rea? A. I iteoa l|R e?at>tt> a?fnoe, lwd?een 1e-e..tj ..an t itid ' weety fifth rt-r-el* will be puootuaily Mutinied to La ?lie# at!?ri(ft<i to by Mra D WIXKN l.lliirORH. 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*e*kaold of AJkert ??i paiWDtacn. auj an* ?rt?k'ng t? ?uoh > CO* CM do ttu by addre<aiu| a DU.* U? <?4lW ? prrald oOiee. tec op# week Jhitaa >?U?f ft ?? e-li?iwd rU>Y? 1HIM It NOW A T >0 16. Wftw'1 Cn'oo ftqaara Port offloe, to your fuU unft HoM*Ukr thto tWx ' K_ IP 1HK LAJ>? who AOMM SO A MOTS TO A temleman ft) the ">t Ntehol?a Hotel April 2 i .lu. tM ?? B*k* bl? acq?a'uUroe and tignad h?r*elf ? A a ????*, * III aerd it D<Me to the mum *? twron to 'ho Met?>o 4Hi? Hotel, aiaUng wharean Interview ui ne had, abr wil cr a ly . btlae * A. h"" Mar* wouan Hirno4i?(tin pr<?? ?A?oasa IMT. tn thf thiu Oar Mftonmiot fr\>m olvoruool. wania toflod bwnol'r j.*, it:, da Nolan. or bar b-othnr, tflobaal hoi* n ? b <# ?od aboe in*k?w lirtaa In thia rttw. ??7 knowing tbeae perar.oa win oleaae In'orm 'boon ..f Ktrj'lir rtTAl, ftitd Oat I he on be heard of a* ?i "road otroat. TR&niX*K-BAV| JUST BRTUR?BD (M TP R SAlr I lie; learefor ? anhlogtoa thladay week. PWwnHttyo? crde** Mrnda* or TVMty n?it At t? > oWrt, At W suae aue?t ml bii?lD??? la In. V 111 be engaged rem under of Ua wtefc Pe parUou ar about ihs honr JA8. AL X UPUL Tub tour? maj? wbj inqtibbo a?ibr ohhi? tine Bernard At 19 DlrUlon s treat, oau !toher?H2 ? eat Thirty -fourth timet. TTTANTPD.? IWORMATION (BT BKB FRIEWD9 R1 f f rr?H og tn Hu*qu?''anBa OOunty, ?%. ) la dralr?d of Mro Mary feu-b ? dnw or Tbom<a niiah, MiO (am* 'mmi relaod about twenty llv* y?ara ?*o. And t-ana*cu-d the U<iu r t>i?>o?aa at V apd atreet, i? T. He rained vunt ve?r? In Brooklyn. Addieaa fiuab, box 114 Brooklyn loat or.i>\ L*BT A1IP W'WP I BIT BT MINT 1KB ON BOARD A JBH4BT OITl j ferry b at ? Pkroei, orntalnlnA an etMrarod p'ata of a a Jot 1'ix at Bue-.a Tt?t? * ho?rrr will returnjtin aaoae la K Jurat' el wood, 17 Meat Forty flrat atreet, Ne# fork, will bt auttabiy raw aided. TUt ? Dt'O VTHwlfeD. OM H*rU?D??-4 ' M \LL j Poo'ca terrier pup hair qut e ?hort, of a rrdilih o ilrtr, ?new?r? ?<? tb? mirna of ? pry. ^hfiever wil rpturo him t? ?It I jifayr t te plao- will recoive a Mow I rwwvd LOHT? ON KHID?* AKTRRNOOK IN <?OINO VRO 4 (?aveateuntb atr?et and Keoond anniM th?ough ben-o ">enib xtiert u> Iblrd av? ue and <lite?nth ? re? . to fourth Htenuf, or Id a Kuurtb avenue ulag* a buck la e V?-i| rha On del will U I'Uirallj Pt Warded b> leaving it at lirt Kaat Her noen'b at e?t I OBT-iN WILLIAM HioltnT, HmWfKI Ki/ulU' i ' and ?'eA' 1 ati?eta, a pocket b ok con'A'n'nit It 6t); t?o burdrrd In tweotv di?)lA? golfl piec ? And <h^ ri'imtludnr to cfiy Ilia lb* Unoer will re ?lre $MU reward by leaving the R? in r|a> No tfi2 t earl atreet. CTOLEN? KROM PORT SCntTYLER, ON FttlDAT, i* April v#, a large bay dor e and two aeat Wagon; horse about It ha' dx bUn. white <rot la fcreh-jid and amall tmnq on n'-ae. wagon nun two ?tnl nury xeita black trlieelA atr'ped with red A aultub>e reward will b? rIvoo for re ooverj o 1 the above. Lili. N. NaMDtlN, we? Kunns, Westclitster county, N. t. KKWiUtlW. dhP RFWABD? LO T. A POCKBT BOOK, OONTA'ff Jp?J log old papera nnd a note for dra ?n by W. , . Klidaui!, aid ec Jorseil br the ?ub?crlb t. All perajna are beii by for' tddun U> ni>gotlaie aAld note. Theabore iew?rd trill be paid by loArlng tno HAmo At 76 * 11 atreet W. R. BBBBS. (1>1 llAA BRWaBD? t OBT OB MISLAID, THB WILL 3M.l>UU of th* lftie Richard saoda, da'ed In Janatry lafti Ore thouK-nd dol'ara reward will t>? paid for lta d -ll*o r* to the underalgard, or 'or aui-1) nvd <noe aa will l?ad to lta ^ KLr NA'IaN k OPBMUlua, 31 NAA?a'i atreet TUB ITIRlfiMlCM. J EXEMPT FIREMEN -TO t:aBLI8LE NOR WOOD, B8*, J Chairman or mo tlog of E tempt firemen, be understood 'omtnlttce of Five appointed at the m? eUng held April 22 (instant,) re. meat that you will ca'l a m?eting of ttif Exempt tr embers f ir M 'nday evodlng nn<i a 1 rll 9*, at H o'clock, to heatand take action upon a repo.t at sa.d commluw jonw O. STORM, 1 VH.LWOOUHCU, I JOHN UA-.CIA j JOHN DECKBB, Chief Engineer. In accordance wlta the foregotnc lotto* the Exempt Kim men of the City of New Yu?k urn requested to meet at Fire men's Hall on Monday craning, aprll Ii9 at 8 o'clock. Cah/uoLK NORWOOD, Chairman. Jon* T. Rollis*, Secretary. Notice? members did exmemsbrs op ful ton Fire >ngl< ? Company No. 21 a-o reqoeeted to af Und a meet.ng si th* ? nglne fa' um on Snndsy, at ll o'clock A M., tc take part In tho pari of lbs Fire drvTuie JAMB* MiCLLuuUlt Foreman. P Maihtiwo. B-cretary ? r NOII'E? 1HE ?CTIVB AND HON^BAT MR*B<tRS of rtuptro ungine Company >0. 42 aro rp.|uosted to meet at the iugVie H >u?eon 8i>uday. the 2ith ln?t , at 11 o'clock. In uniform. By oroer. J. D. OuHIa, Foreman. Jomn Mwajitom, Secretary. THB ACTIVE AND II O NOR IE ? MEMBERS OF rilN tna y nglne imuany No. 41 are i> quost'nl to meet at the engine house on HuniUy morning, April 28 at 11 o'dook, with fire cap, re- shtrt. belt and dark p int* by or tar of Wl E OuMtft, Htcretary. IT. LEffU, Foreman. HISCKLLAIHGOVB. lotted, our t it'll portions of each day devoted to the regu'atlug, posting and baUiiclug of book* at dllfemnt ofllaes tn tho rltr. aL Per D FUliUrii, Mconatant, Broadway. rences? "eters Hfnry Swift A Co, Messr* L Bdfert'W, lingers A llatch, J. l'unnett, B?| , President Bank or Ame rica. I .''OR IBB HCPHRIOH BOOFINO PLATES Of TUB ' Psgts Hl*te Oompany, apply at their yard, corner if Iwelltb street and leuth avenue, 01 to U. PJKMAN, Agout, 27 Cortlandt street, New Yoik. Gap ft ? two and o ah FixruBBs, MANnpi^TURSO and for sale, wholeea'e and ratal), at 7H Fourth avenaa. near the oornrr of tenth street. N B ?Ha* t litres fur nlahrd i j monthly payments. ITALIAN I1EP9 POB SaLE. 1 Having Imp -red per ?t?amer New Tork a lot of genuine Italian IWs, whmh arrived in a SMHStaMf good state 1 shall be ab*e 'o furnish am .teurs with pur* nuu'ne Italian within a khcrt time For price and other Information apply to C ?* HOHK, Eiohange plaee. Ageou w?oted MAULl>D'ar?L?BRATKl CHOOOLATE. FaMIL ? C bOC( LATEX, ? CKNTH CdOOOLaTE Ub ?ANT? PKRFBOTIONNB. ClIOCOLAfB A La V4N1lLA CittM OLATE DOl'BLB v ajull Lt. ni.i '()L*TE rAU BXCEI.I.ENO& LATR ORBaK bltorB. t'tUK1 LA rn CARAMHLh AH the ab^v* f horotates are made of tho U-?t materials, and warrautt J pur*. Fur sale wholesale and retail bj iIrnrt mullaro. 631 Broadwsy, and 1M and 100 Mercer strwt. VEW SPRINO Bl'TTCR-P.ECKIVED DAlLV RT It I* pr<-K?, | ?on> <he cholonst dai Ice of t tort Und, Ohemtngo. Chemung sad ? rootne connU''*t New Burx-r. In p?lU and tul-w, for ?alr hy Mll.l.Bu A CARH, 47 Pearl and 34 Bridge streets. New 1 .ok Safe wan ed.? wan 1 rd, a rbcondhahd satei mn?t he bo'h burglar and flr-^proof Any person wl thing >c sell ?u< h a ? ne wlU p esw *d?re? P H. New Vork Poat ofllca, ?UMtg | rice, size, maker * name and where It oan be seen. rllB M.W YUBE DYBlNd AMD PEINTLNU BkTAB llf lament WORKS ON STATBN ISLAND, No 95 Isanr street (late 46 lohn street!. Itranoh ofleea, 7X1 H road nay and 1.10 clerrep ?t (tre?t. BrookJyu. \\T M MAX WELT A CO, It Ocneral LphoUterera 4*1] Bowery, near the Cooper In.tl'tt.o Pespedfu ly ln'ortr tb?lr frlcoiis ami the public that Iheyare now eelllor. at rcry rf'ui e-1 oricea, ?p<lnq and t;urled n?lr VnttrviwoH. Ac , Ac ; al?"> a Mnck or lire (>? <?*> and othur Featl. er? . n Urge a? ortmcut o? t'o'Moe< and Hiiade< > M M>ur> ?f a remade. Furniture Cowered. Snifftyl, nena't^d snd Varnish ?^1. rlofnge for CurpeM and Furnunrn. | ll(>( NUN, ItOOiMM, &( ., W VJSTKD. | /lONNTEf "o< >K * A?Tltl>~ Pl'K?tlMH?D, FOR A I V small fsiu'ly: pie'e>rrd on the Kound or Hudaon, and must not be m re ttinr no hour and a half Crom the cit?, ant not f r fr< m a ilep t founding; the pia1'' mtwt be In good r rdct, with gan i n ai.d pU nty o< fnilt; bathing ind ll?hli,g (!>sirabln adi t?iriy ha ring such a place I > let , ?ic* of hoieu ro ctijrct , all' h' nr of a mi <t dclratKe tenant b) atldrreetng ' F '1 1 oms?. If Kit ih s venue QIOBMIBk Ki PtiTH. W 4NTEU ? A PURMKHBD HO r IH or arge I In ornear the ally. Is wanted In ni ciiangc for rra e?ia,e, or win uke s leaas for a t-rm ?f se\ en t?srs the advertiser bm had sceral years eii?er|.?<>> In keeping a flr?l rla?? watering plaoe. Xadreea .lamea, boi 4,197 1 oat office, N f. PA hT t.F A II .rsp WaNTmD-A KMsLL PAMILT> lonslstlng '1 f man aed wife snd baby, dea<r> aa upp^r pa t of h lloii?# In a qo d ne'ghho howl; rent n >t to etoced ?*? ? e?t of reference x given and required. Addreaa J. f., i t- <U1 office, si t log part culara PARI op A HOUSE WANTRD-IN BKOOKLVB, Nir to ecri d a mile froas Wall or Fulton street ferry, fir ? gent'etrsn Si >1 wife In answer state 1 ?ca'ton, terms, Aa ?a?r and gas Indispensable address A M , llers'd nlB * IIT ANTND-A RH?HI' FttfMJP, IH A lljl ?R WITH Vf sll the modem ImpniTemnnta, In agtog n> Ighhorh ?od n< t above nil ie rthstnet f r a lamilr of tno pewsotta. Ad dress A B boi 971 Post oil >e. WAftff D TO HIBB? T*0 Fil 4NIHI1KI) BOOMS Ft)H Itoneekrep ng. rent not orer $d a month Address A. L , bet 1.13 Poet olltce. U'Ah'KD- II r A h*Al*L PRIVATR KAMI,*, A FUR. nisbcj orp Hly fn ttished Hou?e, In iheooontrr; m?i sot be t v r one nntir - nde rrrmtth ? e|iy; oear a balding |t a <V> pr*f errrd Atldrnw, with lull partlowars, a. II , b-n 111 xrnOd 'Hlldk DKMTinTRlr. . BTIFICIAI' It'lNP. FII.LIS1 Ft HI IIRC A If hi) A i-eth ? Put In while >1*1, ?'ih<?i pressure or pn>n Arfclna Iceth or m.-re shells ean In' f|ij.-d w| h It br the illa cOTMer.JAH. PaAKtM^N, M U Ketn^ed toSbO Bmatlway. a t*et s<<1e,stimre Ct km ?<<u^re. tjt ' Alt PhlCB?- DKNTlHtHr. 14 JaRaNTB?D FIR4T " rla?a eaili i al Ui nlal la lery, Hliban-nae, n?ru?r 1w>ti>y sr oot d et?cf.( ?eaoll til patet.i (.'ttin trpe loeth be s on llur ff.tn'Jrt, In b?r $lo i*ol I, fl.4. Vu.aaoiUt, $U, Mnglo, 1 ?etb ft Five I reio inn.-. (Irs- usted IHft Dt. MA.iHm, iMxitlsi. HKminAHTS. L1NOLI II M' r.ois Fi?H blNnPK lo MOnROtT. Pi (1 'ecu Ttietle * m>p snd -<t??ks on Tnesmy. l<r,d<n hprtta. Pickled Salmon for sain. KngUsh ? uu. n l>sn.K, 1 bee?< daona, t armouth dl i?t is, A . I>nt lop s \ X Ale, In fln? eondltlee, on drsogbt T M' llaRD4t>N, Agt'Ui. W Maiden (an- , cor William st, (!(ipttiTiiiNKiiip *<?th k? ft til 11 1 10 |m,(H? - ? uKNTLRMtN of f,x ?? ? ? 'MM' nenre r.-o. ld like to Inred from g.tixn to fMVHll snd gl?e lila ttdiTl-tna1 stteudon to a r?'pect bl % ti#ioe- a aireiwlr eeiab'U??d and pajlt g fair profits. Addreaa In en, N>i lift H raid 'ff e? tt nrrm Biruri. * vs.*. Clil*??? w to wiaku* JMn the above reglai* at wfcle- _ pr- p?i l> g for acilva *? ?k* will mrM (Ik- <*#??!* ??? u rolled tin ??ba's tt tt ''liner n'r n it 3 o'e ook P ? oo I i day, tie VUt lnat , abea ihr mlla o eamp*oi ? ?til ooolo I By oidor. Jud? ? lo UMIIi U4mA J Ant* Hiooirrr, li*-ut*uant loloael (i|L Jofco >-u'ke < o A ( apt. McHugh. Oo, Q. Capt iocnelly. t? B Ott . Horn, <M It C?|K Magulra, t o. I. Cap , On L Capt O < ouvur Uv O. Oiui. - - Oo. ' CApt Co. K 0? . ? , OA K. Capt Jvka Itvuujh, Co. F. JdJu'Aot BIThP *T. ABKttluAJI Bti"lONd-A LutOB LOT Of *<aU c*n (u4gDA, tecluiluj alll 'J ftri tu all ? far aa!* at GfeRAl1 * " ?K am .oil a ookljra. boat AaII DM farry Atao *lag U(r?, of all oizw, oo'i-piaie OOOM. WOO LBN JACKETS, WH1T8 ANl> OKA s ilRrS, WUUB AMD f>Ba? DBA* Btta, HO^Ks BLUB AMD wHMB BLA'KBTB, for aaie by 8TUBOI4, IHt* * OO.. ' - 74 aad 71 Ma ty airaoA ATTENTION, OaTALRT ?A COM *aB r OP OA i AL'tf I- dow formlag, uodar CaM tlckel, ?h?ae eacieucr aa a commaixW la "wl tao * n O^uUeoaa doalr^u* ?>' J ilaiig nil pic we o.ll at Dl kel'a Atdlcg ooaArtny. no T Went ih r waatn a net. M*?m Hlth aaa tU'k aveawe, tnm 8 io IB A. K. _ AfTBBTIOJi.? BBOSOITB WaMT?D? A*tL? BODiBD id?b from B> to .W T**ni <>f a?n for *??. K O. Bawkiaa' how V oik Zouave*, quarwed la ca?t e Gordon B?-o. u 1 g kt-U< iui id I'ouib aud ibojniMoo streetaand tbe Battery. ABTaFF UFPICBK, RISNUBBaD r U "BAN 0 ? KRABt, will nel1 bU ?quit>roenw. onoaUnng of b?*vy Woe yv ?r i-o?t, Fa'lgne Capa. M-gula'ion hwo-a npva, ?*ab. ?v^4'i lettea, ?Hn patent box; Hhonliur Mrnpn. Ovarc at ilU* a*d tii'M Equipments all tu flue order, at A fair valAAtloa for iith o* delivery i- ddr**? Brigade ae aid odlo? tJAMiBB tlLKD, nMh' WHI iK, and mlUB, In 2U, 12, 14,10, 49, 00. aud 7? taehea -Me i 1 1 vv a i r * oo. B oNTiNO FLA OA ON HAND AT H0J8B~4~GRAHA1f,fl, 91 Doaoe?ir?ei, uear Broadway. B OWTB R>?VI*?-a L/^KOt ?H?Odt M tifT AbtU uuas, riatola Ae. I 0' aalr by II LBon A IX?. , ?<* Oe? strrot, up xtaira B b LTo AMI MtrtKKTH? ?X) ?U KKM M) fBfd .? ? Bella J AM Km ?. Ti . w'Iihi :,?? iir?e\ f. C1AP6 Mk AIL.IT *b,i CtiMI*?NI8l> M DtT iuButa I ai tlie sborli hi no c?. 6A B >j KL OvKn, HI Uroadway, Adkin'a Bipruaa tfoilding C1ABP KNlVB'l 0 *M I* lUVB^I-MtDUPXP 'B 8LT J for the amy , knife aad folk la ihnformo'i Ivga jki ket kutfo; >l^o kalit, trk and spoou mih ? rttlo; r-gi n>ert<?nd state antbort' ic? unpolled; or?i-r- hoi'nl -td V-O lOUcvuidte rtTolvemut alawp-toe. ffiLLi ?M h KIN . Oommlb*lon menb int, i o 91 Auim <t >?e, up?ta<n. }jtX UOVBBAOt'rt (itARU, ATBfTiuN! !i 1 he Bol a for toe mw t're oomp-toleti ti .re Won nri jar.d at d art! to b?- iunnd ?t 'he follo?iuc >i j-en itUa ped tb?t all tlie oit-ai|.l nit in bur ^ will p omp>l> enr .11 tueiu tinlveM for ol j daiy. ?ua rn on ?? aa adjourn* d meMiing. u> be b Id at tbe rlith rrgliuKut Artn.iry, ? lulu) market, oa Monday evening neit, 'Ati i ?t , a< H o'clock is oil* laft for nlgnatuna ?t tbe lollowlug plac ??:? Company a- tboaiae a Clark UN 9ooti atr^et '.onipaay B? Jobn Utdole 46 I'Ijm <.>cM Cotupany (V Jobn M U Keating 8 ? if ih ?tr. ?t MiipaDT D? John Barring I0t oro^y street Comtany K ? i. avid U Acker .133 Obamlmrx ? tr*?t Company t? Ifcoa P. Pt-er* 6 4 I'ea l#we t O mpany O? J?m<a W (ilano >2 Ja nen hIio Company H? II. C Telle ri*l . utbavnoce JABAU 0. MLKKaY, CtMmio. Jobs Phtfk, BrereUry. Flags, bbuiqi^h, q' Iur FLAUd, Banners, .-tails, Kaglna, Uoaettea, Badge*, Ornaraeataof ali klnda acq all alzoa, ou b^nd au<< to mdnr. ?Jruameutal Painting on hllk or o?.nvau of awry deanrltAioo. UOJt-ll A <1 K'\ II A a. /7 Uut.iU'tX'Kt M T. LAU ., ^ wtoleeJe and rttall, at 683 BroAdway, up atalni C. W OBOSLBf, Mtaufacmrcr. UILaOH! PLAOSI? 8-LK aMO WUoLLBB, OF ALL Mr aliea, inaau . at tur?d by the fnloa Flag .umpaay, for at klillMt'a Muaic nal -oo. SW Broadway. )LDINQ CAMP STOOLS, OA. MP OUaI id, CLUB _ 8eaiH and Walk/ ? ? oampmanta, for aale tTtOLDINO CAMP STOOLS, OAjr iiitAi v?, uuui P Be atH and A aiking Oaae Seata. ?ulLablo lor aimt ?a eanirmonta, for aale * boU r>ale and retail, at 0. LdJkWdaU 4 Co. 'A. 25 Fuitoo and Water itratU jvOB BALB-1B0MOBRBTH, WITH HRaINBaD'A OABt. C ridge Boies and Croaa Bella, liiufceta and Uidea n? * paired by oidrr, Ao W KaIIN, GunamllA, 224 Baat Elpveaili i JtMl. Flhll Alt, 13l K<utt Fifth atrno4 DiLAOM, QUUlB OOIiOAR, R ISSifBH, SPEAR*. 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