29 Nisan 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

29 Nisan 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8898. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, APRIL 29, 1861. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE WAR.: Late and Ircpaitaut Intelligence froiL Washington. Tilt M ral Capital Fnliiy cored from Attack, Vigorous Movements of the Government. ?rders to Seize the Road froia the Juration to Annapolis and the Read from Baltimore to York, Pa. Vbe &oad from AnmpoHi to Waah ington Efficiently Guarded. Panic Among the Residents of Maryland. Bold Coup of the Tenth Com pany of the Massachusetts Eighth Regiment. Catting Out of the Receiving Hhip Alleghany in Bal timore Harbor. Proposition for the Living ex-Presidents to Act as Arbitrators between the Two Sections. THE EXCITEMENT AT THE SOUTH. THE REIGN OF TERRORISM IN VIRGINIA. The Erection of Batteries in Norfolk Harbor. Reported Heavy Cannonading in the Direction of Fortress Monroe. Enthusiasm Among the Southern Ladles. The Military Movements Through out the CJoantry. Arrival of Vessels of War and Trans ports at this City, Ac., Ax., die. IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. Wajwtwtox, April 28, 1S61. I lutelligencu luis jest been proniulpnW thai l?t "graphic J commuulc tion is a.g& n open to New York. It afford* the liveliest satUfatioe. The o(H< ? is besl?ged with sol diers telegraphing to their fri-nila. The city presents the appearance of an immenf ramp to night The Seventh regiment Is quite recruited from the fatigue* of constructing the railway track from An naiohG to the Junction. All or them are well, and in line spirits. Tliey gave a splendid coll** to the Massachn ?elts Kighth reglsient In the Capitol yesterday. Colonel !?flerts and Blalf maintain admirable discipline, although the men were at the principal hotels, marching thither three times dally from their quarter1' in the Capitol. Hta regiment was mustered Into servioe y ester uay for thirty days. Yesterday Col. Leflfcrts despatched Quartermaster Win chesi-cr with the regimental band to the White House, in structed to tender his compliments to the President, and taformlsg him that the bund was at his service whenever their music was desirable la the I "residential grounds. The Quartermaster waa presented by Secretary Cameron, and the U ruler was most graciously accepted, and the benlpUyed martial and spe ratio airs to a delighted au ?llence, the r resident aad family occupying the front por .tico the while. Ths influ:: or troops from Annapolis is very slow, owing to the stogie track being Inadequate. Those now here are all In good health aad spirits. The Massachusetts boys excite the greatest admiration, by their aptitude for all sorts of labor, whether mechanical or otherwise, and their wonderful powers of endurance. They left In suob ha te that they were Insufficiently provisioned, and un derwent mash hardship in coaseqiteaee before reaching here. The troop* which arrived yesterday are the Seventy first regiment of New York . one thousand and twenty strong, which arrived at seven o'clock yesterday morning, the Sixth Pennsylvania regiment, and the residue of the I ifth and Kighth Massachusetts regiments, wbiofc reached the aity In the afternoon. The Seventy first Is quartered in the inauguration ball room, the Eighth Massachusetts in the rotunda of the Capitol, aad the ruth in the Treasury tmildtof. All report a bard journey from Annapolis, the greater part on foot, with a scanty stock of provisions The Sev nty first marched orer the turnpike, for the most part, near the ratfroad, to the Junction, where they j arrived at four o'clock OS Friday morning. They waited there for the cars until four in the afternoon, and were just seated wUen they were called to arms aad formnd la tine of battle. Yells and about* were heard on all sides, and it was apprehended tl>at they had been surrounded. After three hovrs' delay they returned to the oars, but were ordered to be ready dufing the night Fires were ?sen in all directions. A part of the MaaserbasstM troops crime over the An j oa|x-ll.t branch by rail, mendkn# the road where It was injured, and in many Instance being thrown? loeomo- 1 tire, case and all ? down embuukmcats. The spikes t had been drawn aad the rails left. But as they were going slowly aad were on the look ant no one . was seriously laiored, but not a few soldiers still limp In | coascqueaoe of the bruises then received. Home of the otrosrs, who were uaaciaalated with the Massachusetts j men, proposed that the loeeasotive should be leri till morning hot there were plenty of volunteers, who soon put the train la running order again. The guard proved to be insufficient during Saturday, sines several times the read was found injured within an hour after It bad been passed over. The train carrying only the mail north waa thrown from the track Saturday aftemooa, two hours after the Massachusetts troops had come orer W. The guard has "Ums been doubled to the Junetloa, aad #very bridge be tween that pntat and the elty la protested TV re sre now here between six aad seven thousand vehin.eo.re from the North in the city. Ratweea tve aad in th" raad volunteers from ibe (Utriit sad rkiarty, art so*. ?v at* ti >|rJuii cun atstalof t-cii .*? ? j t ' ?l*e at, j : t. ? a : -X. *acitr ?.>;*, b >t .ac!o<l. ;? jei y v *~o ? .n b*a- w.r_a oo -.a eseir tfeocy. W . -v apoT - us*! between that po'ot ar,' *fc^ ^)ty, w* bctv*?n aid ten Uxm>b**4 m. o. Ijdfelnf tba T'w fftfc fr m V.?* Y ?? 1 *1 h :s ?*;* ? <-4 to night, the t- xiy tjotn atid Sixth c# No* York. I: .h J..0 u . . t'.ean. r-< l&ri tome thrMtfccu-intf t <1 at Arji inoiis. The o.. \ sjorw - . :t th.tt i >s <vc ;rre<t among tbe troops A'fti lit the rotund* of the Capitol, wh ?*? tbe t fhth Missach. s./'-'-s r g.ioent .a qifterod. iM?skof re. . skft* *i-> a deaUlly Uiro?\ n ??< wn, uil three of the f i:ap discharged. A i>.J pastil through tbo right foot of liugt'f Eorriok, of tta? Beverly > :u|-;uiy. The foot hit i w-ti .<a,|i.ivat?<t Clarke, of tbe Sixth Massachu setts refluent, wc?ItiI a lleeb ?md in bis ai m from a Basket discharged by .. pmaic, who fell down while on drill. Several of the Fifth aud Mighth Massachusetts regi ments ware injured by revolvers r. c;-*entally discharged, and have been sent houi'. Great crc<1it is given to ?;encral B.itler for opening tbe road from Annapolis, acd t> the Massachusetts men for their Yankee faculty, u> evinced in rcpatrlo * locomo tives, bridges, railroads, ships and steamboats, and work ing them when repaired. Their energy and fortitude tin der privations, which with a proper commissariat might have been avoided, are greatly eoaimer.ded. An eil'ort is making u> obtain the (ti i> >lntment of <Ieae ra) lames Latin a* Major ftenerai of tbe Western Divisioo. 1 do not think think that it will succeed. Ceneral l'ome roy and other Kansas gentlemen urged Lute u^wo the President tbi* morning. We learn from Virginia tliat General Harney was taken prisoner at Harper's 1'erry, while on his way to Wash ington. and is now a prisoner el' war in the hauls of tbe Virgin s, authorities. It is credibly reported that the Seventh Vew Rork regi ment, -n hen at Annapolis, ottered, by their Colonel, to put down a reported slave insurrection, and General Butler has returned several uegroe* t? their masters. W>nhim:ton, April 28, 1801 . The stoamt re Baltimore and Po*hat?n returnel to the city yesterday morning, from their cruise down tbe Po tomac nnd in CliesaiteaJre bay. They report everything quiet a'onp tbe river, and observed no hostile movement whatever on either shared. A large quantity of shell was taken down on theae boats, which w.is landed at Kort Washington. Th > Mount Vernon left on a similar cruise. yesterday afternoon. The oporations of thi- Treasury Depxrtment during the last few Jays have been considerably embir rawed on ac count of the scarcity of coin. It is supposed that there are nou morn than eight m l! ion of dollars submit to government draft in the different cities, but owing to the obstruction of the roads, the Secretary of tlie Treasury has not deemed it ath liable to order its transportation hither. Tho inconvenience will, however, only be tern porary. Nothing but specie is current here now, and coin ? particularly silver?-:* very scarce. New York drafts are p.: id .n Washington bank notes, ! which are worthless. A heavy discount must be paid on Massachusetts and New York toil's even wljen they can be osed at all. Virginia, bills are worth from half to two.tliirds tlieir face. Tho President has directed tbe Secretary of War to take possession in the name of tho government of the line of railroad from the junction to Annapolis. Tbe Vice ITesident of the Great Pennsylvania Central Railroad will superintend It in connection with tiirec engineers and a complete corps of assistants. The President has also directed the Secretary or War to take possession of the line of railroad between Balti more and York, Pa., known as the Northern Central, and ha* appointed Thos. T. I'ower, of Pennsylvania, to super' intend it. 1 here is to be a general muster of the District militia at ten o'clock to morrow morning. There are three hundred and tlfty marines now at the barracks here, who have a battalion drill at six o'clock every morning, and a dress parade every alter uoon a five o'clock. The tine band of the Seventh regiment, of New York proceeded to the White House yesterday afternoon, anil complimented President Lincoln by the performance of a number of choice pieccs , including all the national airs . The music drew large number of ladies and gentlemen to the grounds. t;etcral N'je made a farewell speech last evening to the Clay Guards. He leaves Immediately for hte mission in Nevada. Tho Cay Guards arrested an Irich engineer named Wright last Bight, on his way to Alex- j andria to .join the secessionists. He was handed over to Marshal T*mon this morning, and is spending Sunday In jail. The President lias appointed A. S3. Paddock, of Nebras ka, hicrctary of that territory John Taylor Burris. or Kansas, 1'nited States Attorney for the District of Kansas. He has also appointed W.H.Watson, of the District of Columbia, fourth claw clerk in the subsistence depart ment, In place of Richard Gott, resigned Lorenzo Thoma% Jr.. of Mrginla, second class clerk in the Paymaster General's office, in place of Richard 8 Cox, resigned. Mr. K. Barriman, of this District has been appointed to a twelve hundred dollars per annum ererkships In the Pension Bureau; John C ' Pharretts, of Maryland, has been appointed Chief Clerk of the Biith Auditor* othce; William Milward, I'nitad States Marshal for the Kastern District of Pennsylvania P. Ball, United states Attorney for the Kaatern District of Ohio; L. L. l'ease, Indian Agent for the Blackfoot lud other neighboring tribes Henry D. Todd, Lieutenant in the ? Navy. J. M. Weston, Postmaster at WestfleW, Massachu setts; D. H. .lay. Postmaster at Bcranton, Pennsylvania; An- | drew B. Jackson, Register of the Land Office at Mcnoaha, 1 Wisconsin. John .1. McClelland. Receiver at the same place; Wm. H. Blair, I 'o-t master at Hamilton, ohlo. H. Btrrlcn, Chief Usrk of the Navy I department, has 1 l>een appointed Fourth Auditor of the Treasury ad fo- < terim 8. M. CYawford, a cleik m tbe Third Auditor's office, re KigMd yesterday. W. T. Taliafero, of Virginia, haa been appointed to a . first C-iass twelve hundred dollar clerkship in the Census Bureau. Avery Fmoot. of the District of Columbia. Mee senger In tbe land Office, has been removed. Following is a list of persons who are being commis sions as Soeond lieutenants in the army of the United States, to till up vacancies ? lorenxo Thomas, Jr., Dela ware; Junius R. Halloway, Kentucky; J. S. Brlsbln, Pennsylvania; Isaac Dunkelberger, Wisconsin; T. G. Turner, Missouri; E. W. Htnka, Massachusetts C. L. Ash, ; Delaware; W. S. Worth, Jr., New York, .las. Mag ruder, District of Columbia; Walter M. Wilson, Jr., and Isaac D. Ruasey, \ rglnia; Cliarles D. Wood, Indiana Wm. Randall Mautao, Pennsylvania, David Gordon, Kansas; Chat. V. Can field, New Jersey; J. A. McCool, Pennsylvania. John Fetlner and T iTummond, Illinois; Bimoo Snyder, Pennsylvania, E. B. Shields, Tennessee Geo. B. Santord, Connecticut Geo. S I.iumau, Ponn*yl- I van la. Augustus Plcasantoa. District of Columbia, Kdward Rom, New Jersey; A. W. Putnam, foonecticat; J. W. Mason, Kentucky; Tillmchast L. Hoinmedien. Ohio; John D. Devine, New Hampshire; J. Iwtd Watts Bi< Idle, Penn sylvania; Robert Clary. Utah; J??. 8nodgras? and 1*1 ward II. Lell. Pesnsylvania; I <1 ward B Wright, New Jersey Danigertield Parker. The following arc among the resignations of the week : ? A. McLean, P.. I/Ci Brown and J. G Hedgeman, o Virginia? the first a fourth class and the two latter se cond class clerks in the Treasury office W.J. N. Good win, of Ixmtsiana--n second class clerk in the Ruth Au ill tor * office. 8. A. I rale of Virginia, second s r>rk In the Fourth Auditor's office; A. L. Kdw* s, of Tennessee? a seroi.d class clerk la the First Comptroller's office W. A. Mud, Jr., second claas clerk In tbe Ihird Auditor's office. Jno. Green a first clans clerk In the sixth auditor's office. W. B. D? nicla, a Brst cla>-* clerk Ift tho third auditor's office. W W. Tyler, a sreond clnns clerk In the sixth auditor's of fice R. n. Nur mailt, a sccond c!a?s cleik In the third au ditor's ?<Dce; J. Rail Moore, a ~ecood class clerk In the sixth auditor s office; It Caw thorn, of Virginia, a second class clerk Hi tho sixth auditor's oftice. glu the Interior Department Census ftorean, W. R Gu llet . of North Caroline , Chief Clerk, "alary two th meand 4 peraauum. Mr. Hamilton, of Kentucky W. W Mr Crpery.of Virginia; J. P. lorbert, I'^trict of Columbia. T. C. Hancock , North Carolina; ?ohn West, of Virginia John M. Oeyle, District of Colombia; J. R Haie, Sew Mexico; Mr. De/.iar, Of Virginia; H. H. lAurance, North ? nroliaa; Mr. StagiUck , oT Virg nia, Major Raw jar, V?e gJ?ls; A. Dakar, New Mexico: V Flaherty, Dit'.rV.t ol C< ,r.'- Mr Zew?~ 5;0ct??,0l Y. t .n, twelve h.:n ?r?>. s< i til.. Cierl s. I ... i. 0 ? 1. ! ivn.Nc-rtb C.r.l'uv B. Po-S"y M i. 1 St -atfecr (!r?i (,;**? fl/JOO clerks), and M. S. I'H?, Uu. l ud I . <.?? V. V. Ifig.. .p. \ L. W. It WtlsiB, M?? n-> a: . K. On . -s.Kj.; \. H. Harboek, Ghia {Heeund C.; :S fj tto . !kt). J'ersion Dorfiu ? J. ii Wootferd, VUiyltnU W. O. Sl?U> , \ irg.cU, B. Fr?re, District of Columbia; Colon;! lungerford, \ irgin>u; W 11. Woodiey, Virginia; .l&mes K. Stfwu(, Virgin!*; W. W. Sperry, \ irgiai*; Jan. Mor ris Mar* land. 1'os.t Oil.ie Department ? Dr. Hunter, of Virginia, third J. L. Lancaster t lirti.iict cl Columbia, f mrUi cis-s, and W. A. Norr-, New Hampshire, second okas clerk m the Sef'Tal Pert ? havv resigned. Dr. fc<ncwd?n, ot' Maryland, has t>een removed. ADDITIONAL KROM WASHINGTON. fvia Per'ysville and Havre de Grace,) ' April M, 1861. j The Northern tr<<>p? are all stowod away m the various public building!. Ai>out three thousand are stationed in the Capitol. Food oi any description, with tbe evcopt.-on of fresh m'"at, has be-^n ubin'.nntly furnished to tbt ? i, and lturfc'e droves of cattle, bought for their sustenance, have just arrived. Hie soldiers all sleep on the hard door, nothing but phlows being supplied lo them. Their general health continues to be excellent. Con mumcatlon with the Vortb is still very pMoartom To moke tbe nearest nti'.roact station in direct connection *l'b N l'thi rn ci'ita, travellers have to go la carrion* for seventy five or eighty mi tea st ;tn expense of aixnit a dollar a mile. Tbe telegraph line* are as yet unrepaired. None but letter mails have been received sin e list Wednesday a week a?o. Not a Northern newspaper has come hero in tbe last tlx days, nor Is there auy prospcct of a change for the better as long as the diroot commutation via Baltimore Is not forced open. Pnttjinm "mm, April 28. 1861. After tbe arrival of the Northern reinforcements at Washington, the battalion of which Gisslus M. Clay was In command was honorably relieved from further duty. Some of the most Influential men in the battalion and in Washington immediately presented a petition to the I're sldent urging that Mr. Clay bo appointed a major general in tbe army of the United States. It was seconded by the almost universal p.inction ol' the volunteers in Wash ingtou. Tbe proposition is a subiect of consideration, and meets with no opposition from the President, if General Scott is favorably inclined towards Coionel Cl:iy. An eOurt is also making to induce the government to Appoint N. H. Bints, of Massachusetts, a major general in tbe army. Ttioso are live men, of groat practical knowledge of men and things, and are iiopular with the people. 1 he communication between Washington and Philadel phia has been extremely difficult. pirties being obliged to hire conveyances to Baltimore and thence to Havre do Grace at prices varying from twenty to fifty dollars A steamer has, however, been put on from Baltimore to the latter place at the fare of three dollars, the usnal rate beiug fifty cents. On Saturday about one hundred persons took this convey ance, but when within about ten miles of Havre de Grace a row boat met the steamer with a message from one of her owners, instructing the captain to return to Balti more with her passengers, as he was fearful tbe federal government would seisa his boat. The captain was about to obey this order when tbe passengers became somewhat mutinous, and at length a citizen of New York, who was on board, said that If a sufficient number would stand by him be would take tbem Into the stipulated port. This was promptly responded to. At Urst the captain and crcw showed resistance, but seeing the passengers de termined, 1 ielded, and the boat was steered into ferry I ville and tbe (lassengers ton led at the wharf of the Bad road Company, opposite to Havre de Grace. I The Fifth regiment o? Pennsylvania and the New York and iiiussachusctts regiment; hold service today at Wn.-hlDgion in Representatives Hall. The band discoursed sacred music. Tbe troops uro all healthy. The Btesmer City of Richmond arrived here from Rich mond to day. She lelt there on Thursday. She was seized by the Virginia troops a' Richmond on the 18th iost., and a force of Virginia troogis placed on bosrd. On Thursday last Captain Ititchli: obtained tbe release of tbe ves'-el from Governor I etcher. She brings the crews of the New York steamers Yorktown and .Jamestown, sixty men, and one hundred and twenty passengers. A Richmond despatch, dated the 2fith, gives tbe follow ing particulars of the raising of %rge bodies of tr?Q|w in all parts of that State and North < arolina ? H states that tbe ladies of Virginia are all engaged making uniforms and clothin for the troops. It ?.iys that butteries are being erccted at Portsmouth HuspitaJ and Craney Ik Land, with Dalilgren guns, and that five.vo lunteer companies from teorgla bad arrived there. TERRORISM IN EASTERN VIRGINIA. Wamhmhtox, I (Via Perrysrille and Havre de Grace), April 28, im. > Terrorism reigns supremely In lastern V irginia, in most of the tow oa I'nicu men are driven out by the bun dreds. Tne number of euch fugitive* that paws through bere on their way North is hourly Increasing. They de scribe the secee*ioni>ts to be anything but ready for ag gresaivc warfare. They all agree, on the contrary, that a terrible fright prevails at ibesuppow d lm|>onding in radlng of Northern troop*. In Pittsylvania and adjoining counties the negroes are growing altogether unmanageable. Parties lately ar rived from Richaaomi sute that a famine la threateulng. Klour sells lor twenty dollars a barrel Trade was abso lutely obitructed, and specie was entirely out of circu lation. The wounded Massachusetts soldiers have already got well. _______ PROPOSED COMMITTEE OP ARBITRATION. PHIUtDaLfUM, April as, 1861. C. J. IngersoU t as Invited ex Prestdsnfs Buchanan, Pierce Killmore, Tyler and Van Boren to become arbitra tors to settle the diffidence* between the North and South. There is little ex|> ctatlon here, of any rood re sulting from thia NF.W8 FROM HARRI8BURC. Harwsscri. April 'i*, IW. The Covernor'* message to the legislature will rocosn mend the passage of a stay law. The de< lanttory part will say Pennsylvania will open the route leading from the North to Washington essential to trade and transit Who thcr Maryland stays in or out of the Union, no hoat'iessi will be permitted lie between the National Capitol an I the States loyal to the Union. Rebellion must be < rushed sud the nation restored to Iti entirety, and the natlona1 property seized and possessed by the rebels reUk<-o st every espouse of treasure and blood. He will rerom mend the appropriation of not le-? than It;, 000 ,000 an ! perhapK $6,000 000. There was a requisition of the general government to day, through the handa ?f General Patterson, for twen ty-ore more regiments ? twenty of Infantry and one ca valry Thin makes the total of Pennsylvania thirty eight regiments a total of 20,600 mm. Applications for tilllnr sll the contingent are already AM In the Adjutant General's othce, save four regiments, whicb leaves a < hsnce for PliUadclphians. The Governor will also reoemmend in his metna^e the requiring of 10 000 men to be brought out. encamped, drilled and armed beyond tbe present requisition of the general government in order to form n reserve to be marched anywhere required, to (ill up the Inases occa sioned by battle or disease. Thua Pennsylvania will have 40.000 altogether In the fleld. DESTRUCTION OF THE GUNPOWDER AND RUSH RIVER HRIIXH08 CONFIRMED. Bai.nwoss, April 27, 1M1 The report of the destrucUoo of the Bush river and Gunpowder bridges la coaBrmsd. NEW HAMPSHIRE. Cu-scrmi), N. H., April 3K, IH1. Our City Council ban appropriated $10,000 to aid tbe volunteers from thl> city. At Great Kails to day the churi.bes were cloned, and s mass religions meeting was held in Market square. Tike Granite Mate Onard is under orders for the war. Haoh member hnn been presented with a nvo'vor, baSrie knife and blanket. The sHI?ss? h??s W'tM'rttfJ over $10,000 in aid of tk# volnatesen. THE SEAT OF WAR. OUB BALTIMORE CORRESPONDENCE. tUinvoax, April 2<5, 1801. IK- hhetim t'cr I It tht LtiiiiUCur,-? Union Men SesM'tiing Court k ? Unvrnor JIuJcm fir At OoiutUuilan and (At La.ua- He Velu i.itir CvmpanUs ? Woundul Mm* tukt i*Hn MdtVn, ?fv The fliection i'jr delegates, lield here last Wodnes day, shewed the whole secession aireu^ih of this city to be only 9,249 voUs, or lees th&u one third of the whole voting population. Over 30.000 votes were cut at the Presidential flection iMt Ml. This proof of the wotknew of secession restored courage to th? drooping spirits of the of the L'uion, who thereupon rncorortd front Oieir previous terror. Next day the Ntars and Stripes tos'.ed in Virions parts of the city. 1 was among the list to speak to < Governor H'cks before be took his seat In the cars for I redertck. 8tid 1 _"(jov ernor, we hopo you will do nothng at Frederick to tar nish tb? laurels you have already won. ' He promptly replied:?"! shall plant myself on the constitution and the laws, and there I Fh.il) sUmlj live or die.'' It mi thought that the whole ton delegates from this city are pledged to se cession In some form or other, Charles Pitts. is<i. , being, peihaps, the most cotwcrvativs atnerg them. Thn American flag is not displayed publicly aiiywhoro in Baltimore, exccpt over 1'ort Kcllonry and from theoti.ee of the Baltimore Pa'riot 'tally newspaper. At one of the numerous military headquarters in the city tho Confe derate bag is displayed, surmounting that of a Hag beir tog the arms of Maryland ; moat of tbem have displayed the arms of Maryland alone, and some have no I'.tg what ever. The military parade through the streets without colors. When the volunteer company were lirft cVlsd out, on Friday last, it was understood by moet of thom that it wan to put down riot and maiutain the peace and laws of tho city. They now lind themselves in the h inds of neo-hSiociiil.- and, while many of thorn would like to resign their positions, they are either too bravo or ashamed to incur the name of coward or traitor. They are to be pitied. I'u, hii.is bo persons were over in a moro trying position than these men. The l nited States hw kits and buttons on the military drotwes and acoou treiuonls are being removed by some oompanies, and their places supplied by i, there with the Slate coat of arms on them. Other*-' are wearing the large I'm tod States brats p ate on their belts nimide down. We have learned with regret that the citizens of Cir lislo, l'a., have compe ls! the students of Dickinson Col lege from Baltimore to return home, In retillation for the return of l'ennsylvania troops mtrn Marylai d. Thin In a disgrtcclul proceed lag, as the terrors and ewls of war phould not t>e ur, necessarily visited upon women aud children. Hut It In perhaps among tho loi?t of the evils which a civil war will entail upon our country. Yesterday we paid a friendly viiit to two of the wound cd HsbrtAchimt'.s nuldiers, namely, Sergeant Ames and a

private, Kdmund Cobura, the latter of the town of Dra cutt. They are both doing well, although Unburn, who is shot tUrouih the thigli, had considerable fever Ames is wounded in the head with a brick op stone, but is ablo to sit up. They we'e removed from the Central police station to their present place, No. 810 North Howard street, on Friday evening last, a few hours after they were woundod, by order of a Stciety of Peiconesies of the I'rotsUnt Kpiscopal church o; the Dioce?s of Maryland, under the auspices of Bishop Wittiugliajn If thesu men were a' their ewn bones, attended by their wives, mothers and sisters, they could not be treated more humanely and tenderly Call those angels of mercy by what name you pieae-j, but judge of their conduct and character by their Cod like acts, and there can be but one verdict an to their claims to the contidence and support of tho wealthy por tion of our citizens, while the benedictions of the poor ; and the untortuuate will fall like blePBiugs from Heaven 1 upon them. I OUR HAVBE DE OR ACE CORRESPONDENCE. Ha vrk i>k Utucr, Md. , ( (< >ppoHle Camp Susi|ueluuinaj April 2d, 1S01. ) ? J rami from t'Ma M,<hia In Washingon ? Detention at J'eri ytvtile, on Vt Sus'j ueli anna ? Mo ? ?emen U in the Vamtp ? Xeglect in tlie CumMtiuarioi Department . <?c. The semblance of warfare has thrown this jiortion of It he country twenty live years behind in the progress of civilization. The days or stage coaches and oar boat ferriage have returned to us with all their annoyances mid os#*n?e. A louruey through the morit dtsfiolic go ? vornm?nt of Kurope m really a trip of pleasure when , < omppMMt to a journey from New York to Washington in j the present riltturbetf con<!ltion of tho country. iThe trip lo I'errysviUe, on the opposite side of the hnsqutluiDna, which is now the transport depot for the l'ennsylvania and Westorn troops, a not at I tended with any unusual difficulty, except, per clisiiae, to well known or incautious secessionist Hut at th.?i point the trouble commences, anu it lac. oases I w ith the distance. Those who arrive in the traiu at half, i past one o'clock in tbe morning are the greate?t HuflV rors ' at rerryfville the-oltieerjor the night being the mon crue' persecutor. N'our correspondent, in company with a i number of other newt-paper men whs wore searching for i a - at of war. not being acquainted ?vith the most pre I curious and Irregular rule* of this camp, left the cars When the train arrived oute.de the depot, a rew mornings I aim-. , and koou found themselves prisoners to all intents 1 and |wr|io8es? detained In the o)ien air, with huts mi j ctent moving diktan< e, until five o'clock, when the omcor j of the nignt? l>utenant Oivlne, of Philadelphia, whose nnme. 1 subsequently leitrned , a? b,iiDg c?nnoctod with (he unfortunate shooting of a sentinel whom Napoleon the (.reat would have rewarded for his trustworthme? srmed anil set us at libeity. We croese.i in the morning to Havre de <.raoe in r>n o|>on boat, the fare being four thillingf a head ; and alter br>akrasting at the I'nlled States ? which has not yet seeo occasion to r, hinge its name? we proceeded in an open '? low- backed car" to Baltimore, paying twenty dollars for a seat. Thence we proceeded to Washington. But I deem it prudent not to unnecessarily frighten those who may contemplate mak ing the same journey . at tbe dltucullies we encountered have been lessened considerably within a few days. I can assure tbe timid . however , that we were not deta ined more tuan a dozen timet, nor by tbe officials or abettors of more than two governments Our pan word was '? peace"? blowing it first hoi and then cold. As may be supposed this state of attain ooul-j not long exist and I now have' , the pleasure of announce* that on- can rcacn Washing ton from this point In about seventeen bou s. by boat to Baltimore at *3, by foot to Annapolia junction, sad the r<*t ef tbe way by rail, with but itttle interruption and I feel a?tureO, by the late rcaotion.ry advices from Hahi more, that the facilitation of travel will be daily im proved, and perhaps within ten d ,yi be continued on toe old fast train principles. Itorlsg my sojourn here I have paid considerable atten t ton to tbe opposite camp, with the view of ascertaining whether tbe Crimean war has had that inituence on mill tarj men of thl? count) y which was boi>ed for by all who feel an interest In the vraUare of our common defenders ; and ss the result of my investigation I sm unfortunately compelled to state that a move incomplete system of mili tary tncimpmeTit oould r.ot be contemplate 1 The sUplo fodder of the garrison is salt pork, sandwiched between soda ? racki r?. staie water, biscuits or bread , wasbsd . ilosn s nil the river water neither coffise nor toa being alios ed them at :<ay meal. There is no chtnge oi diet. At sunrise, midday and sundown tbe poor fellows receded their rations ? salt runic and sols b 'cult, wrapped in ol.l ncwspipurd. Some seat themselves in the car platform, take their l?ono in tbf lr fists and chaw the white fat away. Others, who are ? apjiarmtly aslismeii of being seen eating In this way, steel sway U> aomc ^uiet nook, while those who fortu nately bi ought mcuey with thom go outside the cimp. dasli tne.r junk on the road and dine at the neighboring inn This slate of the culinary department Is a'resdy having its sUect ou tlie volunt< err. Tuey are beoomUig xrc? arid sluggish; their v, p|. r.ess i, all being lost, and their bl^jod becoming torpid. In fact, by this oe(rle;t of the Su|>sisience Depsrtment, Pennsylvania troops are gradually degenerating into un Illness for active si-rviee. The < ommissary should be hi Id ?uliieet to the censure ot thepuHic, and a reform hr iiurieu lately eompelte.i. | do not believe that Ihe toU.cel commanding sanctions the action or the C<flim.- u i ..p u tu,, ui, as he must re cognise its latynuhi. eiiecta on h.s men. Wl?en we recollect the tr<Kitnt?*r| in the French camp, in the t'rlmoi ? its s?jynr, its delicious cydlee, lee and v -,?? tl.r )w,. nr lt? )nt?rnitJ econ omy, and the e.? roiicnt reikis iliTofrom on the health of the Iroot#, , v, , U|,ght by military men and tbe poll' i> genoial'e, a.-i .nl.' ative ol a new dis oovery In aL- ...ih.j .nc <ii?n. ,au , -eeult ol warl'are, we ean l.iit t'en wii .? .Vm?( >, i fnantly comi' mn the C'C'i t of M, ? 0' e; wi.ri ' U. 07 V io at-sl tho im r0','*"1 1DD' !"*? i' *iti"ii . nd yoi.i > >rres(>f?ndetit leels th.'? It 1- his out k , m ,ijst ic?. to ihf troops, to hu manity , und lo Ameri mi r vi; iina to call the alien tlon of the public to tli - >immcfa1 t.efl< t I bavelict time to Slate cause. . n,i < mnot enumerate the results in this commiinicttioii as you might sup |Kse, tbe sick list must soon peinlullv tnereasn, while the csmp is ilesotnu of a I oreoee Nlghtlngal', a well as of a foyer. The A merlon Tetegrsph Company hsvo opened an of temporar.lv at the <te|>,t ?rPV n( I'errysviUe, for the s?/-ommodstion oi the g*<srnrtie>,t and tb. nuMle. The printing |DJV"ment is Iis<'d '.niter the super* uioo of Mr. Washington. Ibe eilice, I understand, ha* quite a ruab of bosines^i giving the bauiaued an op vut m.yof notlfv Ing their friends taal they liave at U?t rea> be<l frieodiy t bores, asd are nrarlsg their honx-s OI R I'FRRVSVFLLE CORREK|'()Jf DENCE. I'wisrsTftut, *1., April 27, 1W. i Us />./?? in NiW to Wm+tnt' m - T?,* on IK* Ws y, 4k. fear corr'api?^ h?? arrtr?4 here witfcnt much J'fBc&Ky. An soon &? you Icara New Yort, howevor, yen begin to r >a ./.e more clearly than yon dot bare ? with tU the parades of armel men? that the country is it last !n a state of civil war. The ticket agents refute J to soil P?."?'g boy on J rluUdo'phla, and uone of the conductors could toll whethor or not trains couM run any f. rth"r than that pc int. The Camden forryboat did not Btip, as niu.il, at the Bditimoro depot, and no one could HI wh?!b*r any train would stsrt. The people connected I wiih the italtimoro road seemed equally ignorant. But at tot, by dint of diligent inquiry, i'. was s^ocrtalnel that a (ov^ruiacDt train would start upon tho Phila delphia, Wilmington and Hait.uiore R.ulro.id, for Perrys v;lW', opposite llnnndntirac e, anil upon thai w u took pa sagf with us w or e><'imo twenty iruvo'.-jis.in.'ludingono lady , and Warren I,' 'loud. >?>?! , of the Metropolitan Hotel, who goes to IVu'hingtJU upon important government service. Through :lie dim, Uaz* moonlight we rolled along very slowly. You could son the videttes pacing their beats all along the line and at Verrysville, which pi*? w? reached about two A \L,wefounJ two Peonaylvanl.1 regiments iinartercJ, tcnUn< Ik ?aar? ed the .shore, and upon the long dock reaching out ?.? idle Sut(|u?hann-i were tw o thirty- two pounders stationed. Four government transp >rts were lying at the wharf awaiting orders to mil, and all of them will be stai tel for Annapolis to-day, with part of the trcops here quartered, nnd with the horses and pro \ m ions which onuie with us on tho train. One of tho hotels here ? a genuine old fashioned hid ? ix kept by an ultra secessionist, and what with the ancient looking 1 houto, and tho ununtformed. blaelietted volunteers marching op and dawn bofore it, the pic'^re mucii re ncmblcJ thoee wo Ua. e se. n of old Revolutionary and lory ttmen. The solders havo been lodged partly tipon thi boaH and partly in the depot ? in either ciso having enly a board for a bed. Thev are anxious enough to get off and see some lighting. They comprlso the Fourth regiment , of Montgomery county , Pennsylvania, and a I'hil ulelnhi i i regiment. Otptain ste:uimau,oi' tiie Philadelphia Navy ard, has coutmi of the tran?|iorUi hero, anu guards them with a company of his .lack tare, armed w itu cut las?s?8 and working three heavy howitzers. We have uo lalo news from Annapolis. K.ight men of Um Pennsylvania regimenl there have be> a wounded by i Oarelestness in the use ol their weapons. They report | plenty ol provisions there and good quarters. one of tlio i transports entering then , on Thursday , came very near being blown out of water by the guna of tho Coostitu tion, because she nogUc'od to display hor colors. It is useless for travellers to come this way. Nono are admitted on board the transiiorts for Annapolis, oxoep upon government buslnoss oe with government, p u?ao*< . Tde road through Baltimore is reported open for ear nues, but beyond Baltimore 110 one knows how to go Pome Kay by rail direct to Washington , others declare you uiuial pedestnani/o it fo" twenty miles to Annoooii*. and thence go by rail to Washington. We slull try both chances, and roport as oon as possible. IMPORTANT FROM ANNAPOLIS. ANNAPOLIS, April 27? ? I'. M. Al'out twelve thousand triKips in all have irrived at Annapolis. Three thousand from New Vork are expected to night. I learn from good authority that no morn troops will be ordered without complete preparation for service. the continued mild weather only siivcs great suffering i >00 thousand slept in the open air last night. Taere 1 1 plenty of provisions, but the Commis- :irlat is i>adly or ganlzed. The supplies by the Kill Von Kull were timely, especially the tent cloth. Teams are in groat doman ! for transport of medical stores. The brig of-war Perry is stati"neil tho e.ntrnnce of the harbor, and a line jsirk of artllk ry on the right. 'l*he tenth com iiany of the Klgh'l lUsriaohusetts regi ment, Captain Brig./s, in a steaming, last night out oil the receiving ship Alleghany, in lialtimrre I. ?ri?or, and anchored her under Fort Molioury. Cent ral Butler says tLure is a musket guarding every rail between here and Washington. It is now the plan to plane large bodies at Intermediate stations. The Superintendent of t bo road was yesterday tind r J arrest for taking up the rails. The Maryland legislature is discussing the proposiU'-.i to ad.K>urn to Annapolis. It is c\ pec tod to assemble here by Tuesday. The Legislature will not |?ss the or Jinan o of seceti Hion, but only arm tho State Tho professors of the Naval Acme my await orders to Fort Adams, Ne * jvort, K. 1. Steamers begin to ply to the neighlMirin^ plnees. Travelers from Waeluu^ton and BaltunurS isp^.t alt ?inlet in thoee cities. Half the population of Annnpolis hive l-ftthe city. IMPORTANT FROM HICHMONI). j The crowti of tho l'orktown and Jamestown loft Kich mond on Friday night, at live o'i lock, an J arrived in this city last night, at eleven. They had to procure passes before they could leave tint city. Tlte po'.pie are vory much afraid of a famine. Their army is principally ? om posed of boys, from s>\teen to twenty ye.irs of age. Yet they say that they con lay their hands on 'Willing ton any day. Their uniform > Lorn* mule and v cry c >m mon snd coarse. A planter came to Richmond on Tlmrs day lait and sa d that his slaves and all of tho^e in his neighborhood wuuld tl|||>t for the Southern con federacy. The crcw* were |>ald in Virginia nwsiey up to the time of their leaving, nnd had to pa\ their own fare to this city. Tho m?neji wai changed at twelve per rent discount. They were charge I from ilve to seven dollars to go to l'hil<Mlelphia in tho " City of Richmond. " The C*|>*am pocketed the money and left the i>oat In the hands of hus chief mate, bo ? feared arrest on his arrival in Philadelphia. On Thursday night a German took a small American j r.agand waved it, said, three cheers for the stvh and stripes, when be wa? seized by the mob and hung to the lamppost His wife interceded for hhn,and she w* allowed to cot him down before life was extinct. A week yesterday there was a report that the I'awMe was e0ming np .lames River U> take the Yorktown and Tamentown. The military and Ifcob came swarm In ; i down to the rockets or wharf , the latter armed with scythes, hoes, pitchforks, and In fact everything that ' they could lay their hands upon. i A battery has been built on lame- river, about fifteen 1 miles below Richmond. It is mounted with twelve gun* belonging to the flying artillery. They are all 6 pound er?. There are six ten Inch mortars on tlie dock, one hundred snd fifty empty shells, and fifty loaded. Some of the mortars are uxeles?, as they wc- ? taken from tho Gosport Navy Yard, snd the fire has ruined them. Fight hundred kegs of powder, about -eventy flve thou tnd fiounds, were taken from the pswder magazine at Nor folk, Virginia. It was seized by the mob and placed in the market place *t Richmond . and ttron-ly guarded day and nh'ht We have received Richmond, Va., papers of Frldsy last From tbem we learn that prci>arat!on? wore made on Wednesday last for raising the sloop-or war Plymouth, which was scuttled and sunk at the Norfolk Navy Yard by the government forces there. A deputation of citizens of Norfolk, headed by the Mayor, had paid a visit to Fortress Monroe to learn If, as was reported, United States ofilcars, < itlzoos of Virginia, were detained there In opposition to their desires. The delegation were satisilod that the report was without foundation The reported blowing up of Fortress Monroe is all a hoax . ? ?perstives at the Norfolk Navy Yard had been reoom menced, by the Virginia authorities, and the workmen were busy clearing away the ruins Pome reported movement" of Bragg's army arc given us by these pipers, but nothing of any Interest whi> li can be considered reliable. A serenade wa? given In Itichmood on the evening of Thursday last to the South Carolina regiment, on which i eceasion speeches were made by diArent gentlemen, In ' eluding Alex. R. Stevens. Vice President of the Southern j confederscy. REPORTED HKAVY CANNOAPFNO IN TUB DIRECTION OF OLD POINT COMFORT. Captain Smith, of schooner <*rrin Cerol, arrived here yesterday from Baltimore, reports that on Friday, the 10th Inst. , beard heavy cannonading in the direction of Point Comfort, which < onttnued all the afternoon. IMPORTANT FROM LOUISIANA ANI> TKN NKS9EE. Cuko, 111. , April -A, 1M1. a gentleman who left New Orleamoo Friday, furnmhea the following.? The whole country between Jackson, Tewn,, and New Orleana is in arms. At every static* along the rood com pan lea were sern drilling. They appeared destitute of arms, ustor old mnslseta, fiiot guns and rifles. The tele graph lines are in the lianda of the accession lets, nnd not permittsd to give iaformntlon as to the movement* of tropps. l eading seceeaionisU at Mew OrleaM are in hoc rly (xpecintion of news of the capture of Washington Our informant was told the North should hear a? more sews until the treasury at Wsahingtoa wan In the bands of the Confederate troops, ami Prmifiiat HscoiH and dab in st prisoners All the t*oo|w except tb?-e at Fnrt PV ? ?ne w- re being rsptdty mnred North. DHPABTURB OF TKOOP3 FROM rHII-APBL PHIA OIR piiilidht.phia cokbksposdknce. I'biuukipuu, Sunday , April 1M1< TV War K fitment in FMlad-JfMa- MUitary CUM?l Dr.rtmn^-lilwde Id^wd hlfivj ArtiUcry, Mm fatty ?''? A train of trooops wan pused near Chester by the ex press which arrived in this city hurt night at 10:45 from B ill more. They were probably tho remain IwoT Oo Pare regiment, comprising six companies. They pro ceed to llavro dli Oraoa and Uke the steamer for ***?<> lis. Tho other four oomt>anies left tho former part oi last week lor Havre de Grace, having received ordera before they were uniformed. The six companies wh lett last night are, however, fully uniformed and equip ped. Auotlicr regiment also left this morning for An na polls. A regiment of eight hundred an 1 sixty io.ir rnea callod tho Pixth regiment, of Pennsylvania, CoL Nagle, are now in this city awaiting -Triers for thoir departure. They arc a lino body of men, oollected in three <i*ya from Carbon and grlniylkill counties. Two companies, the Washington Artillery and Old tlroys, ieit tbita delphiu last WeJnesday night for either Firt Delaware or Kort Mi tlln. T ie regiment was formal in Harrisburg, and en U-nday night last startei for I'hiladolphia, arriving here on Tuesday morning. Ttey were quartered in the Baltimore depot until Friday, when a Committee from the Younjr liens Christian As*oo at^jn kindly offered them the nee of t>ieir tent as long aa ttoey remained In this city, which oiler was k u.lly a*:o?|?ted. The different companies left their barracks tliln morning for (be Military Clothing Department, for the r.ir {*?? of being uniformed und .shipped. The companies *e S<m. 1 . 2 und 3 of the Anderron firays, Captain < K T. Conner, | Jshn Craig and Thomas XfciUiciuv Marion Bills, viptaio i Mg'ried; Ashland Biiles, Captain SeiUcngcr . ^aahingw? ' \u 'L?r(?, and tho Llowellcn Hides. The Mwitary IV nui.i of tho Ponnsv hauia Militia , for mor I yk l^wo ! Uirard Hotel, in Chestnut street, is one of the ^rgeirt. J t., r.ldlDgs lu tht- cily ; it is centrally "itoa ^l, .in l to well a'aptefl lor ihe purpo?o which ?t m dm d. ihere are in one room about one h'mdied cutter* in the cutting ro< ni, and throughout tho b i.l.img five hundred an.l li'ty women employed to no wuig,Md two thousand live hundred outside. I l?*T ' T* r? all at work ru on any otier day, and to .lay *b?ttwOf thirds. The v.h 1> i- mder the supnruit "ii lonce of Spei lal Agent i:obert I. Martin, who waa appo.ntea by thA dumber or tho m. mbcrs oi the Hrst regnnoi : I'enn 1 sylvan In Volunteers omplain that their arms are in elhc lent th-lr nur-lef bfltrnr tho old Hint muskets ! 'to perc," <vn lock,. There are jn-er eight hnn drrd meu iu tins legiment, ai-d they will re^eAOthJir 1 uniforms to morrow, and probably leave I'hlUi telphi* tbo ! follow In# d.i v They also complain or tne hard laro whteh is t'iven ihennan I one of them who nerved In tho Cr^siaa ww informed me tin.- wou.ing that ho never, in the worst times .received such p or ration ; as is now-given -J them. I . it l/ers of the I t?me re-iment am ar to be well satiafled Willi wliai. they receivo. aud stat< that | send in constantly bread, hotter, u'?; The Kirtst Oompsny of Hi" I lovldeuce Miuine Flyyag I ?> rt i iter v belonging to tho Mrst rogtment of tho Rhode I lsl ind state miUtia, Capt Tom i .kins, arrivsd hore tha mornioi; about f-nr o clock. Tney were mvltod to dioo ,t il.o Contin?nt.a tl 'tel. and about twelve in i relied iu. They were rcc-ived with loud i hsers, and i ;>S they tiled up "talis loading to the dining ro>m, tho adioh in tho liot.l welcomed Ihcm with iw ingof hvD^ Lerehiefs and > i:n>t>ing ol hands lhey n^tlibLr aoouv one hundred anu llfty men aed bavJV.wlUl .U,e?, hundred horse s. They have six ptews . .? (fourteen pmindcrs ) , fornnrly made for the . ? i,ama, six MSC arms, a battery wfgoa nr.: travcl.mg feme. The meu were picked out or thrc. h -trel, ?n for th" lafct ten oh%h Uave bceu drilliflc will Sine- tins company let t lTov idtnee another oon.p Jiy ha? ? h?n or?,Tom .he old mrmbers .M.m^ tr over two hundred leei, lhey v. ill be furnished w.tb the rifcd cannot. . and will be luasteied iuu tho U^1 Tho olliceis of the iirM. c^mpauy aro Capt ^ IirntH. Reynolds, Kemicgton Tower and BruiWf, the latter nil ranking ?s erst lieutenants. Ool Borastde w the oommanditig etl.cor oi th<- regiment, and wis i Iv Ms or in tho Cuitcd i-tates Eirvioo. ITie Colonel, lieutenant tVlouel and Maior liavo idl *6?>n ?erv?ce m 1 MexX . Tnisreg.m. nt w?h the Urst to volunteer tbe? i services, and the urst u> arrive in N\ ar.!i.nguon. Tmitr > ck.ni. i ti w lU carry a ha i tour milts, shoot with aCfcurtCjT \ three, and siglit u man at tho distance of a I a lu.lt l'.u<b in provided with a patent exploding I *?,, aa well as tho improved *rew for r?Wi? and lov. e, ,o;, U,. pic e It ? r*pe- '*? ?J**' compan;. ot the ProvMcreo Hying Artillery wlU leave ; to morrow lor W.i-Wngion, ?. (_ on i'ri ay incinin^' !nst, a man from lUltim re w?s in \s iimumtoB. 1^1 , h. ?M.i.?fed himaelf l.eely ?? stcessiou, :md gave three cheers for .lefferaon ?>a*ln and the Southern o ufo.iera- y A crowd tnd a row reuse queuec, :j.<i but for the luterferenoe ol tne pahce 'ie ?ci,lo have h< < u to;n limb fri'in l.mb. As .t wiu be was ai ret ted ?nd w .Iked off to jnll the mob h xrting and v. King alter him lo the morning he wj. discrargod, nut was tub. eqnently peer iu a ctrrage OB his way to the cars, lie would have again hetre been scijkw by tne mob, but the driver whipped the boises, k . virg the crowd behind . and before ihe L'tnouists aj-rtyed at the ,lf l?,t tiietr secession friend was on his way to Ba.timoro. It .? " ud that if tt y h id cai':,'Ut hiin uoih ng c juld nave saved him from being lynched. In Baltimore, yesterday everything was quiet. A gen tleman, who arrived iu Philadelphia last night, states that uli wns quiet, lie wau not molested while ui that i ity, r.nd say ? that he thinks no one else waul * bo if thfly di<> not ( petily exprets opjuious in favor of the Union Afc.ith. r tx-rsoo, who arrived hy tlx- same tram,avys that ... net a! Trimble is hunting up and driving out every I n leu Tan A gentleman in Hnrmau'* Hotel, In Bait i more, ye.-Urday aiteruoon loudly proclaimed h.meotf In favor of the t uion, and aid that tho Starn and ISti lpee would vet tloat over lialtunorc, and mob law be aup prrf <rd. After nxpr'ssing hlmselt thus, be walked down Baltimore street unattended, and, strange to say , wan net 1 m^hei e'is eai.l to be a strong Union foeling in Baltimore I which will not be | ut down, and the stars and Htnpen : we ie hoe ted iu three ur four place- in the morning, and when the train left last night, five or six more tiags were i PfOv1r the 'J.nnrTjlaf entrance or the Continental Hotel in I the following, painted in large black letters, on can vass ? > "fhe 'unity of g .vernment which coostitut^" yon one^ I j peofde is the mam pillar m the ediflco ct your real ? ; independence. i fin the butletm of the ContlnonUI Hotel in Philadel phia la the follow lng ? THK RglKFORCKMBNT OF FORT PIC?K>IB. W+!munc.Tux, April 17, 1M1 There can be no doubt that Fort Pickens haa been rein foiocd. Governor Wise received lite rouowmg osepap n on Saturday ? UtiNTiioiuntv, April 13, ?8el To Hon. A. H. Wb?. . By authority of the Hon. L. B.Walker, ^ecretary of War, I have to inform you, for general pubi>city>_tnat on last night reinforcement* were thrown Into l\?rt FIM ena by the government at Waahington, In violation or tne : oonvoatKin existing between that government and tne confederacy. .Ion it Tvtjot, Jk , Is written in pencil below. John Ty lor. Jr., I? w In tbla city. Where ia the Vigilant Oommittee, and where Is Bob. hie brother? rM PORTA NT M0VKMENT8 TV RICHMOND. PmijiDai.i'Hi.i, April 3H, It 4] I learn from pa.-.'M iigci h on the City of Richmond thai Gemral Tliomax J Green, of North Carolina, was Mr* naded.it Richmond on the 2Hh Inst. Ho Mid ktMM to offer thirty thousand men from North Carolina, folly armed, equipped *u>l croviHlonod, for the def'ties of ttt South. On Thu rad.? y I net es Secretary Floyd held a rufar? ce with Governor I atelier on the cour?" bent to purm in the present emergency. Mr. V"l<iyd tuw raised a brigade of li! teen hundred men In southweatern Virgin J, who are armed and equipped. Hundred! of troop* from Pe ternb'irir, South Carolina and Georgia are daily oomlaft northward on railroads in Virginia. IMPORTANT INTERVIEW WITH THE PREB1 onrr. Pwutrrtuji, April M, 1M1. wenerai line's ompany guarded the Navy Yard a?atnat an attempt to burn It which was erpsctod to be made by teoesalon sympathiser* under the guidance of Hom? of the officers that bad latoly thrown tip their m mission*. Several woutlog ezpedltlom lato Virginia were ?lno undertaken by General lane One of thaaa resulted In the capt ire nf a aecesskM flag . which was tri umphantly carried through the atresia of the cipltol Um sext day. . On Friday afternoon the Kaaaa* compaay called in a body at the White Houre to leke leave of the FreaMeal. Colonel Vaughn, of I-eavnwortb, delivered a l hart ipetch, the burden of which was that lbs loyal people of the North expccted the government to crush oet fen Southern rebellion at all hasarda. The rresident In hi* reply said ?"The last hops of pesos may not have pasted away. Bat 1 1 I hare to choose between tlie maintenance of the Dnton of these Ft ate* and of the liberties of this salts* on the one hand , and the ahsddlng of fraternal Meed sa the other, yon seed sot be at a lorn which course 1 shal) take." The l ostoffios Department has determined to asefcs no furthsr appointments at present, naleas H be to 111 to ranciea. WO.NHNCID ON K?m PAOLI