April 29, 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

April 29, 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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g/\ |.gl AT R.C ^I lOW ? ^ ^ TuMtKiiNMl- iotmomt. A Will this day (Mooda#), April ?, ai the ?o Hft M Wlllla** *treet regular se'e. "H^Sis Marine Beat ?0 ? aha Kiremaa'a rd In* 18 ? 8>|CC Rk. WO 100 K?Mom Water (taOoJi 2 ftXUra, Bk. 16 60 ? 5 Lenox Insurance M V A> . Telegraph Co 40 Bmhange. 30 SO Atlantic In. 3* lusuraaos 00 DO Ftmhiu'd Ins ju itrOM Iuuiuh. . % 40 Citizens' lnag U V. T. FlreA Marine .100 3 Metropolitan Inr >00 10 Ueoond At Ballruad . 100 JO Mercantile Fire In*... 60 U rutoo loauianee at 40 Btuyresaut Iaa r> 10 Ool. * Marine fa* 100 40 MerohanU Ins 50 <8 Eaat-flteer In a li 00 8utgers In*. 10 Home 1m 100 00 Arouo lu ?> 30 tap. A Trader*' SO 80 Howard In*. ...... jJ 104 ?e?il<M Im SO ?> Mar. A Mutual In* 100 m uSSSiaTa. *? u *<?u?k u. ?> W Wefca, Fargo * CoBx.100 SO Am Exchange 100 40 HWUMIlflm a? $MWD LeeTKtii/. Iowa 08 jer o. bend*. 4000 north SaroltM Htale ? per e. botida. 1000 AtiaaUc Mutual liu. acrip of UN. 1 410 ~ " 18?, 1 ?"^"?^ZSEftSSSuj ?.*>. Auctl mmi and Stork Broker*, Mo. 62 William street. A MORTIMER GRIFFIN A CO.. AOCTIOMBEBS. . MAOMF1CRHT HOUSEHOLD FURNITI 'in AMD BABE WORKS OF ART, At public auction. The property of a gentleman leaving for Europe, On (his day (Monday I, April 29, At the residence of Zeao llurnham, Esq , Mo. 48 West SixteeaUi atreet, Between Fifth and With avenues, Commencing at 11 o clock prejiaely ; Viz : ? Berc*i octave roiewood Pianoforte, Rosewood Drawing Room Bulla, Bronze and Ormolu Chandeliers, fu? and Mantel Mirror*, Brocade and liice Curtains, ArtlaUc Bronze fc ternary. Oil Painting* by eminent artlau, Velvet Medal ion Caipeta, Oak Buffet, liilcealon Table Rtofere, Bookcase, Centre Table, China, Glm-s and SUvcr Ware, Table Cutlery Drawing Uouni Suits, solid rosewood, carved in fruit an1 Hewers, oovered in three ooiored. of the richest description, all:? Two Tete-ia-Tete t-ofua, two Arm Chulra, two Rec io xion and eigat V-dtllioit Hack ( hairs and tw.> Pautoulls; two carved roiewood Centre fables, statu try marble tops, to matnh; Ktegerea, 1 iv d w'tli aallnwood, mirror door* am! marHlu tops; supe-h wm tairp aud Bookcase, Tuikish Arm Chairs. oavered id velvet; JLady'a Work 1'able and Writing "Desk, hilnld with mother of |>eari, made io Parts; Card Ta ble*. Marquelrie and hci* de Bow Cabinet*, bronze and or molu Chandeliers, six lijiiiU; two extra large Mantel Mirrors, richly carved frames; two do. Pier Mirrors, Kmbroidered Law Curtains, French Nhadca, pearl inlaid Stareoaoopu, with full art view*; autierb Mandolin, inlaid with tortoiie shell; Velvet Medallion . arpeis. Mosaic Bugs, Chess Table, Antl'iuu ReeeoUon rhalm, roMWood Bofa Tablet. HCPKHB HKVBM OOTAVB PTANOKORTE. lined with satlnwood. avmtrang bass, elegantly carved rote wood ease, madn by city makers; roaewood Canterbury do. 8tooi, oovered in brotade; Freach cloth Cover: Oil Paintings, by Legraud. Kuaneil, tlole, Inuuui, 8eller<-f>, auperb bronze and ormolu Clock, elegant Bronrea, Dresden and French China Vew?, liuuuuid, Cbaira, Oilrloiu, stair Car peta, rosewood aud mahogany Bureaus, BedsieaJa, Ward, robes. Hair and Sprln* Mattreaaes, Feather Beds, Blankets, oak Dining Room Buffet, Rxiensiou Table; China, Olaasand SUvervrare, Ac. Also, 1 ?r?e an >rtment of Basement Kurni rare. Hale peremptory, ram or shine. A UCHOK NOTICE.? II ODBjK SAIiK? $38010 WORTH OF JCL Bleb ard oox'iy Hcxisehoii Furnitunt, tl? gant rosewotxi 1'iaooforte, Boaew ood Parlor Halts, la broeateL ValuaMe i'aintituw. Artistic Broneea, Mar ale (Jroups, Ac , Motiday, April 29, at the elegant |>rlvate reeidence XI8 West Fourteenth Bin**, a few doors from Bighth avenue, commencing at 10>? o'clock The sale comprises tfce entire oontentsof the house. The eleont Parlor Fnrulture was mye to order, aud It in solid rosewood and s? tin b^ooatel. whole will be aold to the Idfheat bidder for cash, rain or shine, offering extraordinary tadaoxnrnlii in purciiane.-x, as the entire furniture of tbe bouse is new, having all been made within four months. Elegant roaewood *'Z octave Pianoforte, with solid pearl keys cost M00. Music Cabinet, btool, and Embroidered Cover : Three elegant full suits of roaewood Parlor Furniture, in rieh brocade and velvet ; roaewood Eteeeres. splendid Bronze*, Painting*, not Va*es, Marale l'cdesttus. Bilk and L<aee Cur talaa, Turtlsh Urmnite*, with Ann Chairs to matrli ; Centre, Sofa and Pier Tables; h'loroutine Mantel and Pier Mirrors, Etruscan and Lava Ornaments, rosewood Bureana, Bod Meads, Chamber !-<ulta, superb Mat' leases, Beds and Bedding, Ijounges, bronze and mantle Clocks, rosewood and Cottage Chairs, two Sofa BedsUada, Extensioa Table, Silver a are, riah China. Ivory and Silver Cutlery, Forks, Spoons, with elegant Buoy Olaa* of every desciipuon; forming a valuable ooUsoUon of Household F u nltnre and unique and recherche Work* of Art. The erods are now on exhibition bv catalogue. 8aie to OMUBt'nc" in dining room at 10^ o'clock precisely. Sellable men will be at the sale u- remove the goods for pur chasers. Mo postponement. ACOTIOM. BKOWMB A NIf)I)OI,N wi'I sell on Tithc/sr, April 50, at 1 O'clock, in front of aaleerooma, .55 Na^.tau sueet, A Ix autl ul pair of Uones. A ilrst rate Barouche. A set of silver plated Harness The horse* aie jet bitck, Morgan breed, 8 years old, I5'| hand* hi?b, warranted sound, kind and gem e, uaed to all kinds ol noises, promot and lofty travellers, <jiilts fast and of great endurance The present owner has used them two years, and ia now itbout leaving for Jaurope. Mo other reason would inauoe him to sell them. AI.SC, A city built Barouche, by Wo- d Uroa, but littln uiftd and In good order. Also, cltjr made silver plated liaruesa, nearly new. AXSO, A fine pair of blArk Horses, 10 years old, IS hands high. ex. Odllotil drivers, jx-rie tly kind and gentle One la a trained naddtn honte "1 hev :ire equally H ?>d in sin?le as well ss double baiueea Will be sold without reaerve, the owner leewtng for Europe. A DMlMJdlHATOnS' SALE . AUCTION. A valuable lot of Machinery. Tool*, Ac., belonging to the estate of the InW Bam net B. Brhenck, deceased, will be offer ed for aale at pubJir aurtlon, at the Machinery dejiot, No 4J Oertlandt street, New York, on Monday, ApnliW, at lOu'olock WoSdworth'a 1'lanlng, Tonguing and Grooving Machines, ef various slzee and uutlllies; ai-o M'is>d worth's Hurfnriug Machines, Hllde and Screw Cutting l athes, of various styles and lengths Hand and Bench hallos, front Drills, of various sty lea, large oi aniali; Bench Drills, Bolt Cutting Machines, Meatus)* 7or Boring Car Whf ls, I'nlversal Chucks, Klahbmg and KeyMjiunii Machines, iland Matching Machines for boarda. severs! Foot Morticing Machines, Targe Iron Safe, 1 Sash and Moulding Mac! inea. Blowers, Facing and Side Cut ter Knives, various size*, Dnpn ate Oeais, Ac , for Wood worth'* Planers; Vies Anvils, Ac , Ac . togetti r wl'.h Office Furniture, mahogany Deaka, Uhairs. Ac.. Ac. lenna made known Day cf sale. T.J. b. St'HENf.'X, JOHN H. WILTttN. Admlnlstr.itors of Ihe Estate of Samuel B. Bchenck. Aoctjon notice ? a ix)T or ei?oamt hoi hb lionJ Kumlture, nmoveo for oonvemence of sale u> inv afore 72 Bixth avenue, one dnr Itelow V. aveil-y piaee, will be aoid at private sale, ihla day, at a great sac.-itiee for cash. Consulting of a double achd roaew <x>d Parlor Putt, c imprisiiu two Tete-a Tetea, <oe Ann, one Reception, and four medal lion bark Obstm, ent ered in French sitin broeatel, c ?t six months ago > ??, will be aold for $!?(/. one single solid roae wood I'arlor Milt, eousiating of onu large ^ofa, cue Arm, one Reception, *ud four medallion bee* Chairs, covered in ule gant three colored Kreri h broe.nti 1, will lie aold for $125; roaewood Etegeie, Cent re end Pier Table*, ke ?vtion Chairs covered in satin, Ivtklab Chair and laounfet, eleijtnl rose W'hkI Bedsteads, Bureaus, Waahstandu. spring Mattreeses. blaok walnut Chairs l^eungea covered in repa. one black w al nut K i tension I'abie, Bullet. Mde Table, Dining R ?m Chairs to inalco, Ac . Ac. All ol this Kurnitnre is in pert V, i order, and will be sold at a ^reat bargain E. Itttfll. Auction notice -ri.eoant bale ok house hold FiiTBlture at the late residence of H P. Dun- an, Esq , Filth avenue.? 'II KB BV ?. LBEDB A OO. wlU aeli at auction, on Tuei.day, April Hi, at in1, o'oloefc, ai No. 100 Kiuh avenue, between Twenty tir^t and Twenty second streets, a large and valuable assortment of elegnnt IPat data Kurno tore, roisistlng of Wilton and Briism ls Carpets, buhl Centre 'fable, ladles' cylinder carved Be< retary and other Furniture, made by Belter; knit of l'arior, spring seat, covered in blue ratin; do . in orange ratiri; damask Curtain* to match; large Pier and Msnul Olasstrs Vasos, ortn >lu Oiuiude'iet sad Braekels, grand action Pianoforte, richly carved; Centre Table, (.locks. Ac Dining room? Hoseworsl i?r so'e Bnlfet and Chairs, covered ?n rej s : repa Curtain*, China and Oia**, <aas Fix tuns, i'aiu ing* and Fngra vines, c.irved r..s?. wood Bedstead, Amour a lilace, dressing Biireaus, Ward robes, roiewood Canopy, (inr Mattresses, roeew ?d Suit, oraiige pl?sb; losewioti tfc> ?kr%*e rosew ood crimson Htili, French delaine Muit and ' urtalns to match. Cottage Hult and othfr Furniture, all made loonier. To t o sold without re aerve. A J- blbrckbr, auctioneer. ' J\? LABOE bai?e o? or?? 1.000 OSEEN HOCBE PI. AN rt and HAROT FLOWRRINM BHRim A. J BLEBCRER S BON A OO. will sell at auction on Monday, April It, at o cUxk, at the nurwary of Mr. C. Moore, on Third avenue, between Ninety seventh and Ninety eighth streets, Tor* rule, a I arte o-illactlon cif Plants, Tn- .a, Shmha. Ac, including Csnwlfas, Tea and Monthly H>r.? MagneUa*. Aaellaa, Tree I'eotuea, Flowering and Oinatneu ai Trees Bronze Tree in bloom, Ae., Ac. c*tak*uesoaa be had at Bo. 7 Ploe atreet Bale witbiut AM. MB1TO IB. ACCTIONRBK. . BT BAN'th, MKBW1M A CO., Irving BnUdlng*. Vji and IM Hroadwa/. MOMDA1 AMD TCRBD.VY AFTBRNBONB, Atin, rj and SO. at 4 o'eiock. AMERICAN AMI) POSH ION CO 1MB, MRDAU4, TO KENS, AC., Comprising many that are aoaron and valaabte, in~!'c' i* pronf, naqtrmiiat*! and v?ry ilne pierea. AJao a few choice aet<t. api s, Ac For particular* aer catalog ??. ACOTIOM BALB ?LA H UK HTfK K OF KB APT MA OB Clothing - a M CRIB f ALAR, auctioneer, wlU Mil this day (Voadert, April M/, a? IC'i o'clock, at It Bowery, atx-nt l.UlO iKaahiouab.* Garn.enta, oompdaing a general assortment Dt <a?*linere, Clu.h, iNieskiti ana flat I net lluslness, Krockaud Baok Coaia and i'ant*; siiik. Satin and Velve . Vtets, toselher ? Uh a large assort ir ent ?( Bummer Clothing Also at 12 O'clock, pew .*<?;; 10 d -zen B<ift Felt Hats, a large lot of Piece Oooda, Cloth*. I'assimerea. Satinets, , Silks, ladies and pntien^n sM<?uaix} shoes, Uaiiers, nllppers. Mrogaos. Ac. a i't-no* bale of FCRirmniR n? brookltm.~ it By PBBD A v.' iIjB, oa Monday, at K'tj o'eioe^. ?i Xt Ouirbeetand steer', nm'tiriaoig a general as?< rtmsnt of I'sr lor sad Oha?Db"<r Fnnil'-ire, Tete ? t||*a Hurnans. rhalr*. B>ua*ets and Di?ralu ( arrets, tiui ) >tlu, Klu hen Kurtdturr, A' . Ac Auction.? bedvne a nicholb, oreicK no. .w Naeeao stre-'t, vlll *ell,?uTue?day. ^pnl n,*tl1 o , , rl ai No. IH *?rcor street, tout vo|. n-id r, . i?s, >im, double and single Ilarnes", llarnest Clnseta, Fe-d h ,a, ua? and OflMM Fizsurea, HUM e Tools, Ac Ac Aironow BROWNE A MICHOLB wUi ieil, ai auoUon, on Tusa day, April .Hi, at one o''Wck in front of sal^.inonn No. *4 j sebao street, a very fln?> bucksktu Hor*a, H yea-sod, ts Ian4* high, warranted s-iund, kind and gentle, a flretr*ie travail*' and family ti T*e AJ?<>, A shifting front Bockawnv, Irallt by B*ewirter. in ?v.t order, taaatlisr with aiiver plated Harness the o*ner having no ( urther ?*? for them. Ale*, a very llgat top Wa^on UTION NOTICE. ^ n RnRT ai CTIONEKR OBNTKFL aOOHXHOLD FCRNITURB. To dual no i state, by order of artiuiuu?iratil* BZUA LITDt'ir, Jr.. will sell, >n fuqsday, Ariel! Sf>. a' l( k o'ntoik, Us# *Tf*t 4*nc#. corn?r of lliifty-ililra itrN-t a-d Lexiiup/.n a?Mi e, the < ,?itenta ot ill h iu? -I'ailof, cbainhsr, fiintm Boom and Kitchen Hiraiture. "BwlMI th> rr, i mtag of aale Auction wanes. M. V. BDKV, Attci 'HT. Kl?r*it Reetaursnt BarFlxtuies. furnBurit, A. l.i rion, Bectrs, Ac. E7.RA LVDUtW, Jr, _ Witt *et1 i? Wadr.oii , , w ,v 1, at ti^40'dlark. at 111 Ka?**>i straet, tieiws?n ann and Meeh nuMi at tee (a as ab ive, c .mprtidng marble i m Bar, U inc. .1 hegar Cooute- ijar r 'ftures, marble top Tab.' ?, euthtonea , ? '? snd -.mi', o vaaaak Utirtalna, Pieiurea, v ia* i K*i? fir rrrtt' ?, ?-r""r We%? M^1?r*. ac. . A 'f: ? A ?, CR1WT AfiA K. AI/C!T|OK*r r .( ? .4, iM *Ai y ?* 0 K' f |4? *?? Tiy lMP) lullllll foi &VOTHM. AM BXT*A0SJHWA*T OPPORTUNITY rom HOVBEKEEPKBS tnllkc trade To pumkaaa elegant _ MHMWlJ *wuoa ?.|. or U* Klin uaUgnl ggjasjajpaw^saria ts saw^s, SDMK3Tl5SSrtSs t-.-s, scire, rata or ?Kin^ wa*??? >? C>*/M)OUW A* HOUSE. ? PiiUiOIA OOMTilKIIfil nS ?bytyal F^f? aolid Bosewood Furniture. tw > Sfe Armltiaira, eight oral back Chain, two reoepU<.o ? brocaia ; both suits are uew.havtng been recently ri&Ll-fJS?1 ZSS* "*??"???? *>leliulaXIV , rosewood Mantle, Oral and Pier Mir ItiypllS Chain, rich Tapestry ?n<l tAj* CarpatA SMl and Laaa Curtains.Bsoretoiree, VbelU oaten, OtUxna.ua, Vsivet Hugi, elegant Vases and Ornaments. - . - . _ _ . DINING BOO*. ^Ow Bitwiilw Table oak Chair*, marble top Buffet, Meh rreuch and India China, silver wane, Dining and Tea Servtoe, Ulua. Eorka, Spoons, Ac. , ruby aad crystal cut CHAMBERS. Hlegant rosewood Dreaalng Bairraus, marble Wash stands, 'teh carved Bedstead* large hair Matirraaea, Beds and Bed .Bf> WudnbM, Ima-friM, sutierb Walnut trait In hair doth. Velvet Carpets. Oval (Mirrors, Broazn Clocka, French Engravings, French Chairs, Rockers, Arm Chain two hand some Bole Bedstead*, with over four hundred yarda of fine Ingrain and Brussels Carpets. Alan, n large variety of hand ?pine Mah.ganv Furniture, one Wilder's bafr, Oilcloths, Rtalr Carpcb.Ac. ho postponement, commencing at two o'clock prealaely. R. W WEdTJOTT Aucti oneer Auction kale OF BAlMOn household fur. mture ? H. L.E V Y, auctioneer, will sell on Tuesday, April 30, at 10'; o'clock, at tlie private residence, No. #0 Wait Temh street (formerly Am o?>, nearr? rnerof Wsvertevplaee. lie entire content a of said bouse, consisting In part of Tapes ry and HruseeJa Carpel*, 1 oi'gant 8 octave piaao rosewood Parlor Stilts in ..rocatr ; Burble t->j? centre Tablet, Bileu ?lon Table, Lace Cuttaius ami Milage, Mirrors, Stair Carpet. Oilcloth*, BadaMada, Siutlrewi psiuted < liam'ier iseta, Kitchen Ctanaila sail Furniture, Ac Deposit required. Good* to be removed name day Auction notice? john k. oasi.Fr a go, a uo tlontsera, will aeiliu Tuesday, ApiilBi, at 10 o'clock a. M , at No 16 Court street. Hro.jV.lyo, a large asaortm-ut of Household Furniture. Black Mal-iut Parlor Units, iu hair fllotli; mafi opanv anil black walnut marble top Bureaus ami W aahsunds, mah. gany t-'ench and Cottage Md?tead<, Mir roiK, Extension Dining Tallies, oak and biank walnut Dining H.x ra t bairv raauog*n> spring seat Chain, cane aeat inap.e do., Mru'sels. Three-ply and Rug Carpets, some fifteen In all. and of different patteius; Oil l'muunga, China, Cr ckery anil Clsssware. Feather Beds, 1 1 air K a ttre*ses f>ofa*. What Nota, Cribf, Ac. ; oue tub 09 Cooking Butter, half barrel of Corned Beef. Auction, auction, auction EXTctAO&i iNAJtV OPPORTUNITY To purchase firs' claas Household Furniture AT PCBLIC AUCTION, ON TH 18 DAY. MONDAY, AT t O'CLOCK, P. M., At the brown eti ne residence, No 79 Weai Twenty eit?h street, n?a- Sixth avenue. c> naisilng of r oscwooo 7 octave Pianoforte, rosewood l'arlor Hints, Etegeres, Centre Tables, Carpets, Mir ror*, i To. Mi, oil Paintings, Engraving*. Bookcase, Bronzes. Vasec, l.acc i uitnins. Siiade , Couchea, Uai?tand, nsewool ami nisliogsay Rureatis, He laliaJ.i, Waitivamts, MaUresa*^, I'eatber He<l?, Blankets, China. Olass and Hiiverwars, Kaive*. Folks. Ac , Tables, fcoian Bookers and niauy arttolen too uu merous to mention. Catalogues at the house eaeotutnpnc lug at 2 o'clock this atteroxou M. OtIFFIN A CO , Auctioneers. Auction notice. U. C. BDEV, AI'OTIONEER. HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD rVMStl V KE. EZRA XjUiDIiOW, Jr , will sell, on Tuenday, April :<0 at lf?% o'clock, at the private residence. No .'iir W'eat T wentv third stiei t. all tbe handsome Household Furniture otitained In said limine, consisting i.i part of Braase> and ingrain Cai ro's, rosewood and mahogany Parlor Furniture, elegant French plate Pier Olaaaea, Lace Curtalus, Lou;it;ns, tasy 4 hsii'H, Ac. ; also black walnut Chamber Ftuniluie, Ac. Auction notue? a obneral asbo^tment of very elegant rosewood Parlor Furniture, superbly carved rosewood Chamber 8eis. Malt reuses, Be*ls, ,ic ; also Velvet and lirusaels Carpets l'ier t Mantel Mirrors, rich Wlcdow Drapery, Mantel Clock and a. coritioun, choice </i' Paintings, osk Pining Room Bnit. fine Cut Class, China, ana Dinner and Tea Seia, Ivory Cutlery, Ac.. Ac. Can )>? li d at private sal>- for threi days, at one ha'f its value for ca?h, at No 15 Clinton place. In Eighth street, near Broadway. Doors open from 7 A. M. to 7 P. M. Perdoos c eslring anything for house keeping will tln<l it to their pecuniary oeaeflt to call before purchas'0| clm^wbere. N. B ?One superb rosewood sevan octave Piano at a great saciiti>>. Auction notice.? crockekt, olasswarb, ac., of all kinds, by J. S H. BaKTLETT, aujtloneer, on Tuesday, April 3t), at 10 o'clock, at '?U Pearl street, fluu 1 >u nnr and . . mm on Ware, in lots for dealers, for cash, prices won by tbe notice of tUise having cash Auction notice? boots shoes and fx-kturlh. tjloaing out ?s1e preiiaratury to moving. H. WlL^ON aiict/onecr, wl'l sell, for the laat time, at ly De* street, on, Tiiewa.v, April at 10 o a'.ock A M., about 500 cases Bo >ta and f-bocf . ahr . more Flitu-es, Coiialsting ol Shelving, Draw er*. Desks, Stoves. Counters. OJice Chairs, I,asts, Ac. Must be sold to vat ate the atore ASSIflNEE P SALE.? BOOTS AtCD SHOES. CHAMBER- & FAIRCHTLD, AUCTIONEERS, Ollice 1 13 N*?sau street, W i '. sell, on Monday. April W. at 10 o'clock, at 60 Warren Htreet, a large nuamitv of B' o's, Biioes, Bllppera OaiVirs, Ae., women's and oh'.ldrt ti's wear also, twoSewiugMai hlnea, oflii-e Furniture, Ac A. tlOLLhoBXEtlER, Assignee. Auction notice.? the fixtures, ptoiik and l.ease of the grocery and liquor store No. M El.lrldgc street, corner cf llerter, will be positively s.>ld at auction, ou Ttteaday, the :U)iU Inat., atl'i o'clock A.' M , by nrilerof N. LUHRri. Tbe store la In a fine location aud doing a good business. Auction salb-of oentfsl boarding house furniture. ? B. f,B t'Y, auctloneei, will sell this day, at 10>i o'cluck, at +4 Franklin h'-i el, near Jr. adway, the erlire contents of the bottse, consisting of Bureans, Tables, chairs, Mirrors, Chandeliers, irou aud other Bedsteads. Bed a, Pll. lows. Mattresses, Blsnkets, Sheets, Sewing Machine, Kllchea ( ten aiu, Carpets, Otic ?>th. Ac. B At auction.? receiybb'3 sale of pr\NO fortes, by order of J udge Leonard, .Supreme C?urt, for twoeflt of cre.llton On Tuesday, April 30, at 12 o'clock, by JOHN K. OAXLBY, corner o! Court and Jo.alemon streets, rosewood seven octave P.snofortca ami s?'tond hand Instru nicnta. I>est city manulacturera. JOHN McDONALD, Kec'r. A UCTION SALE, AT 19 JAY 8TREET - WILL BE it fold, at 10W A. M., this day. all the Furniture ot a b:.ard tng bouse, consisting of K"da, Be.ldlUK, Bureaus, Tables, Carpets, one large main gan lining 'ruble, one large oak Bis.kta-e and a number of Moves. URDETT A JONES. AUCTIONEERS, WILL SELL v tbi day, ;it 11 o'clock A. M.. at IW Tenth street. H mse bold Furniture, consisting of Bedsw-vts, Mattress j. Pillows. Sheets, Fpreads, Bureaus. I abiea. Ghaut, Ci.rpets, Oilcloths, Crockery, Kitchen Furnl; re, Ac. BY B. J. TODD. AUCTIONEER. ? FVRNITUBK BALE. Mondav, April TO. at 10 o'clock, at No 1 Varenda p'.ar*. corner of Clinton stn-ei. Brook !iti, without r?acrve. a small but nice collecttnn ot H' Usehukf l-urulture. nic.u liiig a tlrst cbiss Pianool superior quality; Brr.aeela and Ingtain (.farpcis, mahogany and other Furniture, Rltcbeu Olenitis, Ac. (1BBTRAL SALEBROOMS, J W illougbby street, corner of Pearl, Braoklya. EslMllshed Slitc'i. 1: +41. JOSEPH BEOHXAN, Aucitoneor. BEG I Lab ANNUAL SALE OK CaRPBJTH, OIL CLOTHS, .1 FRIDAY, jfti >. Families moving into houses wlieie ib",r old carpets cannot be titti d without *a6t.- >r who have oarpets t.iat begin to look rather shabby, will And it to '.heir a .. antage t > send them to our salesrooms tn tlm? for this sale, and by attend lug tbe sate th.y tnay be ''placed by carp?t* which will lit, al auction prices." We usual; y have a very large aasor'meut of Velvet, Brussels "three ply. Ingrain anil Mair Caipets, be sides uny quantity of nilc'.oths, Bu?s Dtw Mats, Ac., Ac. Many of these sie as sood as i,e*. a il we pub ieh a cau logue on the day beiore the sale, tri which the length and Dumber of I'rradlhn In eaeh csrp?'t !s s'sted, and on the dav ot -aie eai h carpet Is spread out 4m tue main Uoorof our rapatftti* ea'.cirtwm. giving purciiaiers good oppjrtumty ior examination. Tbe riuinber of contributions from New S'?rk city to out last annual sale lesult us to bope that many more may be in dueed to try the e?i>erimt nt of sending over, aot onlytheir carpus, but any o'ber fornlture. as there ts in auct! n r<?oat In ' lie eltv of New York so weU arranged for the u-oper exht blti. in, without lh< rbk of ox bsndsonv furniture to lie sold at suction Tbe location is tnc- mos: oea nl. near the city Hall and the jut ct on ot all the railroad lines, and we say, without fear of c. ntradhuon, that so 'arge a crowd of re etws-tslile purrhasers. both ladle- and gentlemen, as usually attend our saiea Is seld. m gaihervd iu any motion r mm The additional evpense of crossing the letry to our salesroom la only about twenty cents per lo id. /! K. LBVT. AUCTIONEBR. OFFICE If.r MAODOl'tJAL V/. street, will sell, this d ly. at two o'c' 'k precisely, at IS 4 lint' in pla<y In Elg'itb street, near Br>adwa? a s tts-ra aa sortn.i m o! Heuaehold Furniture of every description, the same belog tbe ent're contents of a well furalthed biv!~e, oooalsttag In par of eleuant imewood i'arlor rtui -iarid Par lor Furniture, Pier s:id Mantel Glasses, eleg-int Window Dmpery, Msntel Ornaments, sevrn octave rosewood Piano, velvet and other < 'arpeta, SUpM hly carved rosewood itedrrom Stilts, fine Hair Mattressi#. Vi-at Ser Bed*, Ac , two sets of ersmellei K imtture One rut tllass and Silverware, alio the hiti'hen Menails, Oatsloguea at the bouse D BURKE. A UCTION BER-OFFICE IU BOWKRY, . will sen at auction, oa Monday, TO' n last , at 10^ o'olotk. on thspretnlsrs IU Hammond street, a choice se'.eo Uon of Bmieeboid Furnitnre, coni| r.singn"?e?oxJ, m almgaay and black wainut Divans, Esi> v,na.rt, Sofaa, JUonngea, Bu reaua, Featlo-r lterta. If air Ma;trasse?, B ^ssel? t'?rpe's, OU eloths, Jla, also Tai'.c Liiien, Cutlery, Plaied Ware, v.ru*erj, Bitched tt'sje. Ac. I EDWARD SCHENCK, aC'CRONKER. U ELBOA ?/? SPAN OK BLACK ilyHSER, i*H AST ON, HAltNhhH. AC By E A F. H. SCHBN0E. on luesd ?y. April at 1 odock, at then M?lesr<>.m Na Itl Broadway, an e.egi .. si an of B'ack Horses, one of tlie team is a * i*r ilorss. tli- moat snpe?ior saildie horse, wltheut exception et bei for a lady u *?o leman in foe Miu?? <..' Oew ? ork . fctnd. <jinUr and spirt - ted in every Hud of harness, and quit* fast The oitier is a Black Hawk Maiw, very haudaotno. kind and gem> In ad bare ess, and a very pleasant aud easy ?*., lie b<-a?' for 1 viv or geti' irman. They are fifteen hands high, and 'natch en tlrely hi lixika and Mtion The rliseton is nea'ly new. li perfect i*molU?m, and tba llarne*? not it ad i eed and e rial to pew. The eeublisbiB.nl can w s?*n evwy tal' day from IS o'cloe* till l a. i pasi . In Oont of the Merchants' 1 x< aaaga, or by railing at the stable Bos. X> atwt 34 Wnst Tli rteeii.i street. f^UWAlU) B1.HENCK. AUCTION EBB. !i BX'HOANT BAV huRdE, ( \JUPt ROCKAWAY AND HASNBSt, By B AF H SCHEBCK, on Tuesday, ?Hh Inst., atone o'dnk, tl IMi salesroom, *>o. 14' Br.>a<l #ay- A ftay Gone, If. !t iiands btsb, e-jht year ? old. warranlMperfectly a^isnd, kirnl and ge-tiie in ? re; y way. (uso, 'tiigle Msrusfa rn*.ie by 1 raiii'it, >tt ldtle usw, au i Coupe Bockawav City ballt, bienket, Wbip <?> 1'DWAFD 4CIIRN0K, ACCnONEBB KLV.UAM llOL-fcflOliD FUKNJTIiBE. B) ft A V li . S4C1IHBCB. ot lay, 'I*?tS I I'tUl, at 12 o'clock, ?t -ilo Wesi shh strei l all tae elegant Hou "SV> d Fumtture eon'si'ie*. iu the sb.iV" h ,uae, cona'st.ag t?i [>art of elepant rflsewn. 1 Pa. '.or > 'ills in brocstel i*v< "wo^sf P'ii/id forte, freneh Plate Mirror*, e>g*ai Bi s?'.ei anl Lsc s ? ur ta>ns, rose a ood rn*r' >!? i ?? rti s 4. eT.rs and l'ier latst, KerepMosi aad Aftn cha t* r?),e 'ry an l ?"?tpets, m*< w ood and ma.i ?ao j Hedsieaia, rw-wb e t t' HiTeam, W a< bHands sod tv ni ii ides V a' .ire?*ea. Be '.a and BeJding, Curtain* eteaant U ?im Bo ni rnm'tofe, i'b na Dinti"r a'ia Tes Set, S' let plale<l W s;. I 'sand' a?r? are As ; al?'N Ui* gllchen Fumi'.are, wdh wi.it h the n t wiU c mitnenc.' BMlWAKD B0BENCB AC : tOBl, ? ELEHANT j n."isebo>d fufhlture.? B A - ? OHmV, in Vottda?, B?tb 1n?t . si I >' , ? vi M " > Cdnt n i a ? near l^>ail??ay, ail ms eeit?ot llo ehoUlur. tar- r.o. lain ad in saldnod f, vl* fo*"' oi , lto dor' ? < ? '.'J r, v\- *1 Pa or BuJtS. r tiridiSK obrocaiei; r .s-yc., ' |i esse. ntewoHl mar' a lop fc. ? /*>?, Ueat eaad FlerTalHa. rtVft.h cm at " Maniei aud I'trf Gia-asa, ee-gau Ur caMi aad Lsre r.nr.1- nn>lfel!n|? 1??tire mao'e! :l day c n^. ele^sn'. r*r ?sela Carrie's elegsnt r s. - *i i; -<1 VI. re n Waahatand. ? im!n',l?* Basy >- i? r o ;n en r*-i f arttlt Wdcli n? T*""s f'al* Mattt-eaf i H ie n.srs ?i .'jt Bt'.Mia OU r?a e d iiLuro fi? chain c'. ' '?* D . ' If se'. gaat (Vl G assw ve, BuMeti VUij ?, A. Ac 8 A LKI AT AUCTIOfl . EDVUD HTH8?Ol AOOTIOWBKR?~ MAGNIFICENT CABINET FCRNITT7RE. The meiiUfaotare mi importation ot Alexia Pettier. By R. * F. B. BOHRNCk, on TiumIh, April A at 5 o'clock P. tL, ?t Wo. 60S Broadway, the entire slock of eie net Cabinet Furniture, coiuuUdi of bUck wood and jp't Parlor Suite, roeewood d\, elegant black wood and gt't Bus gorea inlaid with noreeielae; elegantly oarred rosewood J i, rosewood and btaok and (lit Centre and Pier TiUn statuary marble tope; ladies' elegant Uaok and gi? Work Tables. and other elegant Parlor IKuraltur*. roaewuod aud oilsa walaut Chamber Furniture, elegantly oarved round oornereu tied steeds, elegant warble Toy Dressing Burnaua, Wsshstande and Commodee, elegant oiled walnut library furniture, coo elating of becret ary and Library Book caeca. Tables, Iteaiintiig and Extension Cbalra, upholstered baek Chairs, Engmvtnga, Backs, Ac , and a large Msortstent of other elegant Fu al lure. The above will be an exhibition oa Monday, and the pu lie are re^eetfully invited to examine It, a s it will be pe remytortly aold without reserve. EII LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER.? HANDBOMB HOD8E . hold Furniture.? E. B. LUDLOW A OO. will aell at auction, oo Tueeday, April SI, 1 8U, at 11 o'oiock, at No. 38S Fifth avenue, Household Furniture, all the Furniture oon taincd iu aatd birnas, oooslsting in part of handsome i'arlor Suit, la crimaoa bmcatel elegant Pier and Mantel Glasasa, 1st* and brocatel Window Curtalne, rosewood oarved Md-? beard, black valnut extension HiulngTable, blaok walnut Bedroom Furniture, Armour a Olase. Wardrobe*, Bureaus, velvet aod tapeatry Carpets, Ao. ; also Kitchen FuniiUw. (dialogue* at Ihe office, No. 3 Pine street. Btt. LUDLOW. AUCTIONEER. . HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. B. H. LO D1?W A OO will aell at anotlon, on Monday, April ?, at 11 o cl*?k, at M East Thirty-seooaAslreol, between Madirou and Fourth avenues, all the Furniture, oonaiatlug of carved roaewood Parlor Hulls, in crimson satin brocalei; handsome rtde and Reception 0 hairs, in do. ; Turkish baity Obahr, carved rosewood Btegeros, mshngany top Centre Te Mes, mahogany top Fancy stand, rosewood Piano Btool, band sine L? as Curtains, Bronsa Chandeliers, Bronze. Obex and Btotucs, OtHOorniees, oak Cbalra, In morooeo, oak Kx eu alon Ta.iie Gieea Kepa Curtains. narved Mack wiunu' B?d mead. Mattnsaes mali-gany tep Commodes, bla>'k walnut Lounges, black v alnut cans ttca; Chairs and 15 sikcaae ei.aiutlltd mui le top P ? T*l| Bursans, Wisbataoda and Tables. Velvet Tspeetry, Bruss&s Mid Miree ply Cn,rp-t?, OI1 olotu, Ac ; also, cbiu.-t a-id Glasaaare. Catalogue! at the oil ice. ho. y Pine ctri el WCHRECE, ACOilOKIsBiL? B.LBQANT Pj HouaeboM Fu'niture. ? ? 4 K H SCif&SCK will e l', on 1 uofdaj , :?Kh Inst., *t No 97 M'ntli Street, near Univerdty place, at itH o'clock, all tbe c. <????'. Kurnitiwe coutauied i ? aold borae:? Kocew x'id Piano' orte, cai-ved rosewood muHh, in rich bror?t?l; n>ie?ood Hookeaae, roaewood mar .le Jtop Hte gt-re. Centre and 1-ler lablei, Crutch j<l?te?iaut<al aal pier WiaiBM, rich Kilt lianii -. ele^aot La.-e Ci-rtalns, Oil l*aint Brooznt, Clocks, t liitiaAnd Parian Figure, neb Car roiM wo >'t aad nialos?aj Kelatrada, rfurfniiK, WwH a'a;-d. CcmmwH. hair Ma'treaae#, Bztouslon Oiniug Table, tofa and in hair cloth, ron -w lh> liatitand. Oiuner and Tea heta, <>laa>waie Oilclotiu, HUli t'arpei.4, H ids, Ac , Ac T70WAKD BpnUICK, ADOTIO?HBB.-BLKOANr ft llou?ebold furniture ?B AF H. 8'UhNCK will aall, Una da>. at .'lit, o'dwA, at fo Ji Clmton piatv, near .troad vav, a:l '.be ? truant douacbold /umlture cout^iund in Haul MS|k lit:? Bust WQDd Pianoforte, carvcd roaewoM I'arlor Suits, coverM) in rich natln aad brocatel ; rosewood Bookcais, rofWttood ouu blu t p Ktegprv. Centre and fler . ublea, frenoh plate lutmel Bud plrr tilssufs. eUgaut brocatel aul Lac <:tirta>ua, < il i'aiiitiiiKa ai.d JBixinzna Marbln Clorks, eii'gant 3r'iHb?> it Caiiieta, elegant tiaowcod Bed. teada, rfu'caua, V .'aakstaud'i and Commode Kasy uhalra, Loungci, rich i'a ria^i and < hina Vases, Hair 'attrcsiPR, fine black walnut E x tensinn Table, Dining Ko mChaira. China Dinuer set. e'.w K?r.'. ?:rt iHass-war*, nitcbrn Uicaaila, Ac , with whli'U the (talc v II: coimnei.ee Ij^DWaUD PBTTIN3ER, AUCVIONKXB i 1>^ PEARL STREET. CO Ma YAH n SALE. EDWARD PETTINUKB wnl teUon Monday, April St, at lOo'akMk preeiMly, at the C5a> yard. ti? Attorney sliest, all the t tock >v>niatu(vl therein, conalhiiu# of Horses, Harness, Coal ( 'arts, Kleiglm, ou* \\ngua, '< uba, Jjer^-na, 8caie?, Office Furniture, Ac ; aito one Ice liox Ha e poaiilve. 1 [ID WARD PETIINOKR. APCTIONKER, W1I.L HELL 'j cn Tnenday, Apti! at 0 o'clock, at t&e dwelling house 2M Orand street, oorner of Cbryaiie street, all the tuo'.ture, coiisifting oi i'arlor. Dimog room and Kitchen? oomtuendog with the kitchen. Bale poa.tive. IpDWARD PETTI MJBK, AITTTOMBBB, WILL HELL lion Monday, April 2'i. at 1 o'clock, at the Paclhr lioise, 1 1J Orand atraet between Broadway and Mercer street, all the stock, conaistinf of an ansortment of liquors. 1' br&'idy. Piclures. l aiothtga. Carpets, Oil cloths, Chamber furniture and Kitchen i teasels, without reaervA. ( IjiDWABD 8CHEN0K, AUCTIONEER ? PA1B OF li Trained Ooatx ? By E A F. 11 8C H BNt'K, on Tuesday, 3i ?tli inst.. at one o clock, at the]' salea room. 141 Brj*<l wht, a pair of highly trained Uoats; will ko in either aingie or dou ble baroeas; have ix en driven together lor three years; ele gant double spring Wagon and Harness complete. J FRENCH TINNED WARE, SLIGHTLY DAMAOED 1 JOHN E. VAN ANTWERP'S SON, Auctioneer- Will ?ell on Thursday, May J, at 10 o'clock, a the stor. No. 73 William street, a large Invoioe of French finned Ware, em bracing several > aies, being alight. y iiamage.1 on the ror&g? of Importation from Antwerp. Teims caan, current innuey. GEO. HOLBROOK. AUCTIONEEB, WILL BELL THIS day, April lit), at 11 o ciock. at 137 Fourth avenue a ge neral assortment ot Housshold ?'urnlture, consisting of S.> fss, Chans marble top Tables, Bureaus, Cat pets. Crockery, 6 c Cat .logues < n day ot sale GEO. FOLBRCOK, AUCTIONEER, WILL BKl.L THIS day, April ifi>, at 3 o'clock, at Wt Bbjecker stre?>t, opao site Morton, i! e contents of a wholeeaie and retail fancy uocds and To> Htore. Fancy Hoods of all kinds, German aid French Toy*, a large assortment of Fnns, China (j Kids, W.;rk botes, Reticules, Ae., Ac , allot' which will be aold without resaiee. GEORGE HOLBROOK, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE, H? Broadway, will aelL on Monday, April I9th, at 4.1 Voat Eighteenth atrect, near K It th av?nue, at ii!1, o eloc*, tue furniture Vn th.i aliive bouse, c^uaiauiig l< ' mahsAanr hulas. Chairs, Bedstea<ts. Hair Mattresses, heo .mg.-ttiA ile top Bureaus, Washstands, Extension Tables. Bru??el.< jmd ingrain ( arpets. Holsters and feathsi Pillowa, t rockery, (ilaatiware and c<>oking uteasils bale positive , catalogues at sale. GO. HORTON, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, MON ? day, April 79, at salesroim *H0 11 ttdto a sirest, Fur niture, and about **) j arils Brussels C upel, Oil-loth and Onceiy fixtures and Ulass Cases, Oas Fixture* and Tables, Bt adsteads. Chairs, Ac. hale at 11 o'clock. EBNBT H. LEEDS. AUCTIONEER. ? HENRY H. LEBD6 A OO. will se'.i at aactloi<, on Monday, April a! 10,1; o'clock, at Ai Weat Fourteenth street, all the Fur nk'.ure oontained in laid dwelling, oonaisJng or Brussels, Vel vet and Ingrain Carpets; rosewood Pari >r i 'ilta, c iversd in pltish and allk brocatol , e gan; rosewood Plat o, piano Covar, rosewood Etegere, Htstuettee, Chamb ers, lias Brackets, Chamber Suits of black walnut and raah.igBny, mshoKany Es'enaioa Lrtni * I'ablia, (iUaa aad Ch.:.a ware. Hair Mat trvama. Bolsters, Pillows, Ac. Also, a ,~?r.#ral assortment of KRehea ware TJENRT H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEEB -HENRY H. 4.-1 LEEDS A OO. wil. sell at auction, oa Monday, April w, atlo'cioek P. M , at No. 1J0 Amity street, elegant lioi.se hold FurtiRure, all made to <>tder by Newhouae, in the beet manner, i onAHtlng of two Partor Hulls of > sewood, c )ven?d in rich orange aa l white satin datea-k, in the most perfect order; seven octave r isewood Flanolorte; embroidered Piano Cover; hri.saela t'?n?ta. t Vntre Tab-ea. S*;wiug Chalra. eov e.ied witli wtt;u dauiaak. iuitbogaQy Uui.'e., Lit?u?lon labia, Lady's rosewood Been tary, Worsted de La'nei'urtalns, beautl fill Mantel Mirr tr, roeewooi Hall Maud '^d hairs, Ac. The above are all neat ly new and in good order BBNR? H. LKBDH, AruTIONEBR-aESKY H. LgBIW A COj will soil at auction on M in.iay, April a?, at lt?; o nock, at N<> R3 St Mark s pisre, near Necoo-1 avenue. Oen teei iiouaehoiil Furniture. ouasi?tibg 'if Brussels t aipeta, rwwwood Pianoforte, rose -rood Ffgere and Music Cabinet, ??imew.od I'arlor Mult, coveted pitta'.t. oval Mirror Vasee, ( urtatos, Draj-ertss, Oas Caaadeners, i .'inre Tables,' Marb? Top, Ac. Also, Itedro'JOi Pnruitutf. Bedatea<Li, v.'a^hstands, Bureau, Ac., iu mahotany and biaca ?' alnut; Cottage milt, China anu Oiass, O'lmoth, Pier OL ries iron lieds'sada, aud otbcratticVes no; ennmemted. Including K1toU?n Ware. TTENRY M. LEEDS, AUOTlOF ,BR? HENKV H. XI LEEDS A CO , will ejtll at auo' i u o* Monday, ApMl S'.i, at lb1-; o ?1 K.k, at No. SC Eaat Houaio-i strcH, near Broad way, Household Furniture couta'Tied in the well knowa boarding bouse kept ay Mrs M>-dh i.*t, ?n<> retires tr??m the business, consisting of go d milntaatlal 1'a.lor Purulture, in ineDo^ny ai;d nsir clot a . telvet Ca.pej Mirrors, tias ChanieMtrs, Brackets, Ao ,roecw,>sl i'laaof nt.i t hina. Olass and Table Ware. Ac Aiso 2Miedr>oms ali e. aipleteiy fur Dirtied vkith usual articiss, S?i UUBkets, :?? c- miortables, with usual artieiea, ineluoluti Vattresaea ileilt, tc. A iso several rum of Muffed t rda, iieptllea, V hal* ber.ns with the Kitchen Ware. HH B?BY D. BIN BR. AUCTl'iNRBR -HA.JWHOO*, Si Bansau street, opposite the Post od-c". M ! \Eu A fHOKP will sell at anotlon. on Monday, April ??, i/t#l, at 10S 0 cn s'k, at the Drivate re?l<le?ios 2117 Wavsriey I'lai-a, a large i-aor.nl nil ot lio* . ebu.d Furniture, Mirrors, Ac . i onslsHng in pan as foiiora:- -Velvet, Kinase is and ingrain (arpeta, oilclotha, rose* ood I'arlor buds. Uj t'Moatei ind halrcioth; iaigeiflt frame pier Mirror*, carved roaewc,<J l entre and Side lanles. mabogaay Exwn-t m fahle 4,'. f.-. i |?ng. Dining rocm Chairs, m iboganv Heokcaaes snil Wardrobes, mahoga ny a?faj. T? 'e t tele, leiutjgea, Ibvanaand t'haira, u abogany aiid black walnut Bedautada. Sureaus and VTvhataade, ?uame^lrd Cottage euita. Hair Vatt-ewea. > eat Mr Be<ls, It .'.stere and Pillowa, timhagany Sol ? MMstea-ta, stair Car pets and Rots, dialog and ftednsm CroekSrr, hi'.ehen Uteu slla, Ae. _ __ Henry oreen, auction eeb-ihib day, at iou o t lock, at the auction stoic 194 WQiiam ?ue. ? ;i caaas and li demijohns vartoua * ines and U.|i? .a. 1.7DU lr>a. pure A lute Lead. '4#.UUU 'eears ch ice l.rati la. vlao a small Lev of Orweiies at 12 O'P *k, le>t of Clothlog, fa.icy uouda, 1V??U and choe*. three Hewing Maclilm s, A Henry h. leeds. auctioneer -henry h. LEEDa A CO-. wtllaeU ?t auction, ou I; sday, April So, at ICt, o cl .ok, a' No liV4 Wtst Thirt e;ghlh street, Brus <e s and ingrain Carjiets, mal.Ok.any i'uno, maheganir Arm t hairs. PaAor A no t hair*. Itorker*, Ac. , covered iu hair cloth; mabogany ewretat) Hisikcaa* . cun er Etegete, orna niented C itiage Suit . bair Hnttrease*. Keather Me d?. Bolsters and Pillows, I "gram i srpe's mahganr Hurrsui Waih i stands, Lounge -ti Delaine, i>ak Extension Dining 1 able, new 1 Ing chair-, mahogany bedsteads, spring Mattrwsaes, Ac ; also , an aaeortnient of Ki cben furniture, w th which the sale will I c m me nee. HENkT IE LXEDS, AUCTI01 EEB~~HENBY H LEEDS A CO., will sell a' aunt! m, oalnfaday, April 30, ! at 11 o'clock, at No t cottage row, Raven?wood, o>ppo?lte the cburJh) Hruse< Is and Ingralti l artie'a tVlndow I nrtalns lind flxinree, marble top H-eealng Bureeus, rosewood Parlor suit, i ? vered lu l'luah, Hail atand, Musli stand, Sola, Hewing ; t lialrs. Mirrors, Fire Hcreeu, rostwood Secretary, Work Ta ble Extension Dining table, r.iar. gany Sib- siard, high back chalra, Oilcloths, Ijm*' Window Curtail ? giltfratne viirr ira, I inabogany and Mack walnut H'-dsW idv bilr Msitrcsai^ Fatasaee, Bolsters and Pillow*, Kitchen Knrnlture, Ac, Hte*mlM*t Met uio leaves Kutton nr.- ket slip, at ? o clock A. I M ferry at Hurl Oate, Klghty-siith stre?'t, croaees every tsa mln'tlea. YbMELMY AT AUCTION ; a| GEO ROE HOLBROOE. AUcriONRFR. Will sell, on Mon itav and Tueailiv, a> , and 30tli7ndt.a the entire bal .uoe of B'l-ek of Mttiiulact'ire s sale of Fine Gold and I'lati-d .lowel(j at ftM Broadway, oppoMte Boni stroei, oouslsi Ing in par t of - ( oral, Knoy. La va, ,'e* Mosstr, Ool len Stoae Mosaic Oaniet Turquolae, i.nameile<l Brabant, Tin .if Carbuncle,

Itiu of Binerild, btoae Onyx. Int. Euoscan, fine Oval Ban I, Une Chain, Hne Baud. Klne Mosaic ani Fine Coral Brace lets fine < uyx S uds and Button*, Enamelled Mtuds and But*ori a, Ilii Carbuocled Studs and Button fine Neck Chains wl'b Oam?t and Ooral, fine l?4jes Dpr sa 'halna, fine Ladies' Curt Chains, t<ent 's r ob Obalne, Ia)-keia of tiety sl/e, together with an r i'IIh* asa .rttnent oi i'lna, I blngs PeueUs, P-?ia, Tbimbiesk WaUh .mis. iswkeu. Chains. Studs, Hleeve ihit or s, Ol-arttu, Arm'.eia, Emblems, CriHsea, far nlrg", Belt Elides, C-alti ''Ira, ,<ibb ma, Sbdea, Ti.-th I pinks, Penh' I iars fie Rinses bnsiiie;;,.^ i>v., and a t>,(rn*nd other articles to. ? nien'loii, aueb as ef* tisnal'.y kepi in llrst ? las<.'eweiri esmbh-iim -at*. all of weiafc will be ho'-d wRhoUt reserve to 'li? b ghrat btdde 1 TOHN II. B"BLF.r. AtWTIOMEER SriiRR 444 refill el a'rewt, will sell lhi? .'ay, a. SI v oiook, at ' 741 tt'eei Talrty I [ aiven'. ' e. ?. o?ar Eigo'b a>e a'i t!.e a. Jen, lid r-inil i>,r< * lie Ive story house, c .? s<m? o: tii a roe-w<wsl itBts in brera'.el Lrg'l?? vtAvo Mr issela (breep.v and Otb ' > i-ts: -uits | -? n?V.?a-i . 10 I'bsrs, tea '>le toy Mid Ollter |urr m, i.?i ?, < .?o-> n end other 1 abl ? ? fltehaTr * ?* siat' e.s?. P11 >s. <?-ilste i? which 1 i h fid It. M BUiM AT AfOTIOR. JOSEPH HLOEMA> I ueaday, April 30, at 9 o'clock A M . at No. II Wrcfca* meet, between Court Mid Baulk streets, handsome rural tuie, la excellent order Price Medal Orr'a Plana, by One beck; two K reach plate Pier Ulaadeg. wnwo d bofsa. rloih ; Outre Table* Writing I teak, lice Curtains. two Oban re.iern and Gas Biackets, walnut marble toy dreaa Bureau ?, do Wsefcstauda. walnut and Iron Bed* Loads, spring and hair Mattieaaea. feather Bods, oak Dining Boom Furaltum. vrhlta <liina Dinner and Tea seu, cut Uiaaa Ware, HeAen'g HenMr and Flxturea. Refrigerator, Ac. same day, at 1 o'clock P. M , at No. 97t Henry street, be tweeu Baltic and Barnaoo streets., a general assortment of (rood Fuj ruture. walnut Bookcase, rosewood, mahogany, w*l nutand enamelled marbie op Parlor, Chamber and Dining liimu Furulture; rich Curtaina, Shades, mahogany IlaUtaod, rluna Dinner and Tea Seta, and ingrain Carpets, OUoioths, lleater and Futures, Ac. Same day, at 3 o'clock P. M , at Ko 111 Montague ttree', Is-twe- n Clinton and Fulton atreeta. the balanoe or the Fur niture and aU the Bruaaeia, three ply and ingrain Carpet* in Uif house. JOHN R. WII.ua, AUCTIONEER. ? TOORHIBB A WILDH will aell, at auction, on Monday, April 29, at 10 o'olock, at the Malta Hoitae, kep*. by John J. Vklti. Baq., ooraer or f ork street and Hudson a/tnue, Brooklyn. all the Furniture, Stock and fliturss or tall Hotel, oon stating lu part of vJnrpeta, Oilcloth, Tables, Chairs, Ho/a*, Loungea, Minora, Otl Paint Inge, Engravings, one m Hard Table (PheUn's patent) near!/ new, Waahstanda, stoves, Counter*, Bar Ftetur**, Wine*, Liquors. Btsgam. Ac. r. WILLIAMS, AUCTIONEER- WILL SKKL, ON L. Monday, at 10^ t 'clock, at 161 Weal Thirty-*eveuth t, Household Furniture for parlor, bedroom Aid kitchen. AU'i Picture*, Minora, Brussels and otuor Carpet*. Jr. WILLIAMS, AUOTIONBRR? WILL HULL ON . Monday alteration, at 2V? o'el<?k, at 1M West Thirty third street, the lloujetjold Furniture of a farnl/r about to leave tseeii}, comprising Carpels, Mirrors, Solas, Ohalru, B itches Pu culture, Ac JMORIARTV. AWT!ONEEB. WILL hSLL Tllli day, at lltocloik, at 17'J Chatham square, Furniture, f ?ni mifiii fHctiirers uud houM'km-iierj winch must be sold , t>Uk>, Oil Fhmtlujis Minors, Clocks, Carpets, Feath l r,Beds, b ? *d f*. v ariety of other goods J P. WILLIAMS, AI.CTIUNKKK -WILL SBLL ON . 'I uetdny. April .xj, at W', o'clock, at 14.'! Wes. i'hirty s'Klh BiKet ar anworiniBct '.r llouseuuld Furniture, for Par lor, Bedroom and Kitchen Ala ., Pictures, Carpets, Ac JOHN P. TRAVER, AUCTIONEER, WILL BELL, ON Monday. the 29th liu>t. . at lot; o'clock, the si ? is and Fix tin cm of a Grocery and Liquor store, 96 Esse* utroet, corner of Dclancey. tuo Coi ilera Beer Pump, Counter and other Scales, lee Hoi, Tea Cans, taiga Gla*> Cuee. Stand Cask* and Cheats of Tea, Tub of Hi; iter. Soaps, Caudles, Bpioaa, Li quors; also Horse, Wagon, Harness, Ao. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, AT AUC ? lion, on Monday, April 29 at 2 o clock, at No. li& East Thirty first street, comprising genteel Household Furnitui<> of a family leaving f ?! cl,y, consisting of mahogany Tete-a Tetcs, Sofas, Parior imd Arm Chairs, Mirror*, Table*, Itrua HP|? and Ingrain C i-peta, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wash tands, Mattresses, Ac., together with a general assortment ot Kite lieu sud Basement Furniture. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL HBLL, ON MON . day, April 29, at 10K o'clock, a', salesroom Hi Nassau ?tr?et, the entire Household Furulture of a lour story reel denoe, removed to saleuoom lor conveu'eiic*' of sale, eonsut iojt of solid n>3?vvo< d Parlor Suit, coverei lu crimson and mv joon b'ooatel'. mabogany do., covered In hairuloth, viz:? Tete a 1c ten. Solas. Parlor aed Aim ("hairs ; Brussels, Tapes try and I ngreln Carpets, Oilcloth, Canton Mattmx, K?t?n?lon Dining 1'aoles, Butfuts, Dining Chairs, Dressing Buruaua, Washstiiuds, Bedneads. Hair Mattr?.wes, Feather Bed?, Ijounges. Wardrobes, (las Chandeliers, Ac , Ac rhe wbol to tie peremptorily sold to the highest bidder for cash. i>nal i rs aud housekeepers will Sud the above sale worthy of their attention. MORTCAt.E HALE.? WM. WOLF, AUCTIONED A, OF tice 4V Jackson street, will sell, tli'.R day, at 1 o'clock, at 162 Baxter street, oue Ave horse sieaui Engine, Boiler, i*ipe, Ac.; two Coffee Houeters, and all other things in the place. B. ANDREWS, M irtgaifee. T>AWN3BOKERB' BALK. -W. N. LEWI *, AUCTIONEER, Jl will aell, at 10' j o'clook, on 'loegday, April :?), at 195 bowery, a lar^e uss.irlmint of women s t-annu Appurei, Remnants, Beds, Ouilts Blankf-U, sheets, Oattbrs, and also, at 12 o'clock, a Wheeler A Wilson's He ?lrt Machine. By ordtrof W. A R SIMPSON. Pawnbrokers, 19ft Bowery. P~ AWNBBOKBR8' 8ALB -W. C. WIGGENS WILL BELL this day (Monday), April 29, at No 3-i Eighth avenue, K 10 lots Wearing Ap ja.el, Watches Jewelry, Diamond Rings. 100 pair Ladles' Gaiters, Carpenter's Tools. Mun'cul Instru meuta, Ouns, Pistols. Ac. By order ol' T. Rlt erruan. PAWNKBOKER'S bALK ? W. N LEWIS WILL BELL tomorrow (1 ueeday i at 196 Bowery, a large assortment of women a Clothing. Also a Wheeler A Wilson's Bewing Machine. Sale to oommence at 10\ A.M. By ord*-r of W. A R. SIMPSON. PAWNBROKER'S BALE ?ON TUESDAY, APRIXTml AT 10 o'clook, JtiHN MORTIMER wlllaell at 16 East Broad way, a large assortment of Weaiiug Apparel. Iledd:n?, WsH'bes, Jewelry, and a great variety of otu--r goods. By order of H. Barnard, 26 Third Avenue. STTTWSSSl a (k itici.nb ?-.rs w i ll' sTllT on . Monoav, April 29, at 10S o'clnck, at No. 14.1 Ninth streel. near Broadway, a quantity of Houieholil *nd KIioIkhi Furniture, comprt.itng mahogany Hofaa, Divan* aud Otto mans mahogany and cane seat Chairs, Extension, Dining nnd other Tames; Pier Glassee, Carpets, Bureaus, Ofl Paint l'.i?-. Feather Beds and Pll taste rs,i) Bedau-ads, Cots, Wash btanss, FatsUnd, Toilet Tables, Crock'-ry aa I Glasiwa'a, eastern, Liquor Stands, Tie and Wood Ware, Kitchen Utea ?ll?, Ac , Ac. The good* posltl rely to be removed the sam* day. A ,1. HOC ART, AUCTION K E R8-BTOHE NO 1 North William street. Bouwliold and Bar Room Furni ture, Tuesday, April 30, at 2 o'clouk P. M., at No V> Kraakfort street, about ao Bedsteads HI Feather Beds, Bolsters and I'lUonva, tjullts. Sheets, Mattrerses, Ac. ; Tables, Chairs, Look ing Glasses, ("rockery and UUsa Ware, large Cujklng Kangc, Coni.ter and Class One, Rac'n Bar, 1 Rag ? telle Table, Halls and tlues; 3 Cases stuffed Birds, Ei graving*, Decanter*, Tumblers, Ao., As. SOLOMON DINGER, AUCTIOttBEIt" AL'CJION sale OF HOI nRHOLD FURNITURE RV DINGER A HCLDKN TMs day, Monday, April 29, at 10 o'clock, ?. M., at No. 1,214 Broadway, one ill or above Tiirtv flr*t soeet. All the Furniture, Carpels. Mirrom, Beddiug, Ac Ac. con tained in raid house. Sale positive, rain or shine. Catalogue* on day of sale. SHERIFF'S BALE-CBOCKERf, OFFICE hAFE, AC C11AMBESA FAIRCHILb, Austioncer, Falesro nn 113 Kaiaan street, Will sell this day, Monday, April 29tb, 1st 11 o'clock at then sale* room, a quantity of atone China. Table and Toilet ware, one Iron Safe, made by Stearns h Marvin, Coay l'ress aud lulile. four fine Counters, otlice Desk.!, Tables, Chair*, oue large platform Seals, Ac Ac. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. SHERIFF'S 8 ALE? N OT KB OF HAND. O CHAJiBEBs A FAIRCH I LD, Auctioneers, Will sell on Monday, Apnl l!9tb lnat , at lu\ o'clock, at t-alearoc-m 113 Nassau street, all the right, title and Interest of the Locomotive Oil Compant In and to t iro notes of hand, tt b? eiamlned at the time of sale JOHN KELLY, Bherlfl . 8" I1EK1FF S BALll?DKUO STORE7sT<~C^T AO^ CHaMHEKk A FAffti'HILD, Auctioneers, Salesror>m 113 Nassau strvet. Will sell on Mondav, at 9 o'elxk. A. M? at the eomer of Ntntli avenue and Fourteenth street right Utle and interest of A. Wolff in stock and fixtures of said store JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. s. A J BOGAlir. AUCTIONEERS, WILL SELL, BV virtue of n che'lel m?rtg? <e, on Tuesday, April i), at 12 o'clock M., at 4JH liroMlw *y, od i tplendid Kngiish I oar pull Beer I'nmp, with rosewood case and mirrjr, ono regulat"r C' <k, cane seat and w< od bottom Arm Ohairs. round and ?nuare Tables. Cocoa Matting Tumlilers and W ines, large Counter and back bar, Ac . alsr a lot of aasotted Liquor*, h A J. Bf^i ART, Al'Crnn.VRERS MONDAY, APRTlI ? 29 at 9 o'clock, at No. 327 West Thirty first stre?t, near Tenth avenue, inortgs. sain ot thirty-two Chairs, light Tables, I eunter, I'rxl ry and Glassware. Cooking Utensils, Aa W. THOMPSON, Atmrney for Mortgagee. O A J BoGART, Al'CTIOb ERRH -MORDAV. A PrTl I ? ? >9, at 12 o'clock, at the aucttou rooms. No. 1 Nort.i Wll iiam -treet, Ucusehoui Furniture, rof.is, Tables. Chat's, Bu reaus. Wa?h?tan<!?, Carpet*. Bedstead*. Beds aa 1 Budiliog, Kitchen Furniture. At . Smt A J. BOGART, AUCTIONEERS.? MONDAY, Ai'RIL ? 29. at 2 o'clock P M , at No. ~i? Flgli.h *v nue, near jlav third street, Household Fuiutture: one l lano, Sofa, Table, Clialrs, Bedstead, jledding. Carpet*. Kltchi'O Furai tuic A<s. S~1TeK1FF-.s sale OF ltOOKB. STATIONERY, Jr.WEL H ry, Ac ? lle'nr the entire content* of the Metrjpoiitan [Gift hook C< neexa.oti Tues-lay, April 30, at 10 A M , on the prem rm. No. Sit Fulton s'reet. Brooklyn, I'Eb'D A COLE. Auctioneers. Consutlngof standard and mi'ccllaneoiis works, ID various styles of binding, Bibles I'raver Books Ac. Also one targe Jewtller'* Safe, onn Ltllie's chilled Iron do , Show Csaes Store and ofllre Furniture, Fitturej, gold and plated Jewel, y, Ac , Ac. By order ANTHONY F. CAMTBELL, Sheriff. J. W. Hic.oins, Deputy 1LLIAM WITTERS Al'OTIOMEBR? WILL 8?iZ?0> Yv Monday, at 2 j'clock, at ?f4 Canal street, a Urge assort ment of h xiseh' Id Furniture, frem several families breaking up hoi -ekreping, fine l'ailor Suits, s-r. as, t>o'.t i>. dsievw. W ardrvtiei. Bureaus Wasbstands, Tolls! ware. ma io*so> and cittage Beds lewis, feather Beils sad Beddi;i(, flfi. en splend'.d Brussels Cans ts. thlrtyfl p i sad Ingrain do . al.idos Shades, ( nrtama and t 'rntcea, damask, lace, ami other Curtains, nler sod mantel M'rrors, oil paintings, hat Htands, mahogany and other Chairs, table and bed Linen, hall and l?>etnent Oil Cloth, .Vardnibea, B osanees euam-iled suits dtntng roin Chairs, Gloves JAc. : Chins Glass and Mil ret ware diutng room and kitchen Furniture The ab>vc sale is we'll wortnv the attention of bou xkeopera. Every art.cle will l>e aold without reeerre. \v il jam wiTrERS, auction he a? will" ikll on 1 1 Mordar. at .0', o'eioek at 19 lav street, the Furniture of a large lloatdlng hoe?, twenty Bed* and Bedd'ng, twenty Feather ^wls, velvet Is (?e itry, 3 ply and Ingrain Carpets Bureaiw, Washstands, Toilet sets, naU and basement Oil CVflthi, Mirrors, Painting*, one la-ge Book. ate. gas Fixtures, v. tnd ?* Shades, Curta.tis and < ornlces, ?nahi<g*ny dining Ti.l)l'?s. mahosany Tete a-Tetes, cane seat aid other t hatr? hat Bland hall chairs, onn large English Ten *et, A ardrobei, silver ware. Stove*, Ac , dtntr.g nwn anil kitchen Furniture W it. iT WRIGHT. AUCTIONBRB? WILL BELL OB M oid, v, April 29, at lit1, o'elonk A. M , at 93 Ullntna street, Brooklyn. Elegant Vtousehold Furnlltirw, oouaist dig of roeaweod rlaaoforte, roeewood Parlor Suit, tn ortmaon bromtnl; nehly eanred rosew hM hi a Cere. Biusaels. Tapestry aiid Three ply l.irmiit ttne HI ratntinga, PaHtn Marble figures, \ a*es and Mantel Or nsirenU, LaeeC'iirtaine, haudsonie gilt frsme Pier M'rror*, with lab es to maul, inah iganj' and bliv-k walnut Bumana, Bedsteads and Washst-ands, lialr and spring Maltreat s, ak ?<1de' lard <nd Extension Table and Chair*. Cut IF ass China Llaii' r and Tea Seta, Kitchen Utensil* Ac. Catalog nes at the oibdw of the auc'loneor, 341 Kult?in street, Brooklyn. \IT dv.lAM ABBOTT AlItlTIONSBR? AHBlilNBE'S f f ails on Monday at 1 o clock, at No. 8 Wooster stre<H, eonsi*tlngof splendid barroom flxtures and fn-nltnre, one four-pull Poii' sn Beer Pmnp, Mugs, G'.aasea. IMI cloth, four do/en ak can, >>'a'. Chairs. Paintings, with t ha (amiturc of the vbole Carpets, Bedstoads, Bedd'nii. Ac OEOBGE EKERT. Assignee WITntBS. .? 't H- a ; - v v ?day. April 2"J. at 10' . o' clonk, jit 19 ,'ay s'reet, all the hj^rnlt" re. At , lo the aoove house Same <ly, w ?n - _ M t a .al stree', a l*tge lot Ol Hoe?eli >id F'irn'tiire, Car p)-!* A' TBtsday at 10' i o ""lock, tn Chatham sf.-*et. Fur uitnre. Ac same day, in Laight street .uame day. tn Urotd wry. saloon (lituree, Ac WILLIAM WITTERS WILL BELL ON TUB I DAY, AT vf tut1, Hro?'l?ja>, ih. spx-k and Flttnree of a Salmn, rs-onpr ' i '>? the usual sseoitment. k> ssL'Tv a mortgage 1 If i lLI a M ABBOll , ATCriONBkR? BElLH ttfiM v? da> atteraoon at 2 ociivk, ibe Lease, 4totk aod Fix tures of the Otoeeey ani Uqiio* sti-e, 411 fenth aveaue, coslstlng of Pumps s, d Connte.-s, oholee Pon aud Saer-y Wibee Hiaodlrs and an Flttnres.se \\flLLI A M~AKit' > TT, AUCTION KE.-t ? HBLLtt ( ! H Ti'Kri vv day mnrnhlg s' JO o'clock, ih" entti* fmMl, Osrpetg, ' e4?te?ds 1 adding 'A aaanands, t .r >cke-v enntsine t In the bowi'.ng heuM N ' 9 . pr ig s.reet, vear ibe Poser'.. De p s('s retilred vy TLLIAM W7?!,v AUCTJONRBR, riffTtT? ii?,'ac<. ' K'O Wili Mil, Oil Apr! .Wfc 11 i O OtOCfc, n* 96 ^ 1 Tf*r ? lot i>( ncNKl ?l L of tin V\ I INEFR ? t r \ar 49 It 'K ' of assignee on foe day. i" Tv ?' reet, iiyi Clwdt WnHfc* if iro"\ ' dssi M,d - ea*s Wit a>4.'.vB A*, AflMgaM ?OAROIWtt AIP l^DOIl^ j _ . . r AptiHTi rAiiibi, uyimo is a mod*** ?*<>? trmrt hoeue, wtll wt lk? .000 ad fle?r ParVw *nd tw ? bed r owe. erttn board. <? raUdstii or * small '*?"* ?! ?? m?l?Jl?iiully situated ou Murray aill, Mat ana* re quited. Iaqsdre u ItU Iiwliitm arsons __ Aobrman family or THK highest sjejpbcta. bdMr would M a faw etegsatly furaiah.d iMai, M eecoud and foarth floor*, with ex iuUlic doard, w eiugte *?n fleas an or a gentlemen and his srtfe. Apply MWWi. Ninth etreet, betweea Firth and Hlxtli avenue*, liefeieaeea at fi n* Mi aad BngUeh spoken. AHmDSOHI LARUE BOOM. WITH BO A HO, SdlTA Ma far a lady and geutieman or two genti-meo, will be vacant 00 the 1st of May at Si Weal Fourteenth Urea*, " tweea Fifth and Sixth avenue*. 4 ran 8*1* OF BOOMS, FUBMISHKD, WITH BA.ru A room exclusive, may be uhUiued by a party af tbraaer fwruatwiwicli, with prlvaflFwble If desired. Apply at IX Ninth mne ?, a few doore went orRroadway. A LADY HAS TAKEN A HOUSE OK FOURTEENTH street, between Fifth avenue and Broadway, where she will receive a few boarder* front May l?t. A chaise of rooms eau now ba had. Call at <2 Eaat Fourteeat* etreet. Terms UK>t'? at a. A KBATLY FUBN1SHBD PARLOR ANI? BEDROOM A to lot cheap, witb Boa'd or not, at 4} Harrow street, be tween Bleecker and Bedford. AH the modem improvements A PLEASANT FRONT BOOM AND BEDROOM? FUR untied, on second floor, to Let. with <r withou'. Hoard ; also, a large t rum AtUc Boom. Term* moderate. Apply at 148 Fourth etWjA A PRIVATE FAMILS. OCCUPYING A FINE HOOSE opposite the Theotogioal ?Seminary, Weat Twentieth street, woulu aooommodate two or thne gentlemen wiU uleanant Euonu and Botud, at a fair priee. AXiroai C. U , Herald otlioe. APARLOK AND BEDROOM. aUITAiJLK FOB A OEE tieman uml lady or one or two tingle yrntleotea, wt'.ti Board Few hoarders and term* reasonable Reference* ex < lia.igea. 1,172 Bi oa?lw*y, southeast corner Twenty-align ifc eu?M A PRIVATE FAMILT CAN ACCOMMODATE ON* OB two yonng m? n, with a pleasant furuuh*! Root* and Board? u> two at $7, 01 oue at *4 per week, luciudiug km Apply at No. 101 West Tenth street, betwojii Fourth and Bleecker. A 1'ARTMEN IS NOW READY? EN SUITE OK BINOI.E J\ Boom*, with Board. Tsoxe specious house*. Uragaad favorably know u, m aud 8-i hast Fourteenth stro.'t, b?t*?ea Hfth avenue and Inlvemitv place; location unsurpa ee<L Bv immediate application parties eaa have choice of apart ments for May L A LARUE HANDSOME FRONT ROOM TO LET- WITH Board. furnished or unfurnished. A.o Ball Kooui* front and back. Inquire at No. M Seventh aveuue, thiee doom trom Fourteenth street. AQENTLEMAN AND WrFE. OR HtVOLt OBNTLE men, cau lie acc immolated with lull or part: domil. IvrniH uiodrrate Aluo thnt! Boom* to let hcc md tlojr. Kent $2(M. Apply at K6 Went Twenty-hfth etroat. ABU1T OK FURNISHED APABrMKNTS TO LET? lu Twenty HrMt etreet, ncur Broadway. The Roti.- is r'plflu with ill thf mod am nuprovauieiita Th> 0e.1i or r-M f tfiicea rv?|Uiiv<L tor addre-jt apply to Maiuou h juare !*??< office. A FEW HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM* CaN SK hal. with board, in a hnt clasa oou#-< in I'ou'taeiiU etri-et. oe^weon liuton Square mii'1 K?ta ?/eaue FauiUw ana geatl**inen wishing supenor aeoommodv.i'jni f ?r thfl summer should api>iy atonae to E. LAV> il&cuJJL & JO., ?1 fca-t Fourteenth stieet. A LADY 11 AV1NO TAKEN THE FiRrfT GLASS UOtTsE 114 Heooud avenue, coru?rof Hev?n;h stretx.. ii .? a f#? haodaome SuiU, and also some single tfcxHua. U) d.?p x** ot, and in now road* t> mite a: 1 eugeaidiiU. Cail a: ujum, m address hot 2,StB l'"al ulUoc. A PLEASANT SUIT OF FUBNIIUBD OR l/NFIJR nlshed Rooms to let, wtth Board, on eec md floor, ?'*?? frmt Hell Rooms ou seooad anl thira floors, for single ifsa tlemaa- i?rm* mo<lm*te; location unsurpaMendi Uecereooes uchan^ed. Apply at lit West Forty-geeonil atr?-?i. A FRONT BEDROOM ON SECOND FLJo.t. ALSO Rooau on third floor, tn*y be had, wlta Board, at UU West Twenty secou l street, this is a private houa*, 1a a ur?t nUeftOcatioD. Call Tor t wo day* References feinhan^ed AQENTLEMAN AND WIFE Wl^UINO HANDSOME Rooms and Board, may obtain very desirable ouet, on m" oDd floor t ront, by calii-'ig at Ki West Sixteenth street Be lerftioe re<tulml. A MAN AND HIS WIVE, OR TWO SINGLE PERSONS, can be accommodated witii Board and a mrasaut room, 1:' a plain private laiui.y. In )ture at ;c?3 Sixth aveuue, near 1 wv nly third street. A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. ON SBCOND FLOOR to let, at 2* East Twenty-eighth etreet.? Bath room and water closet attached, with tse t'Xcius've usa A'.m ont uns a iar^e pantry. Will let it to one or two gentlemen to lolge Breauaat served in the room, if desired A PRIVATE FAMILY. UVTNO IN A FIRST CLASS house, delightfully located, in Thirty fourth street, near Broadway, would let a large, elegantly furnished parlor and bedroom, with board, to a gentleman aud wt'e. No other )?>erders. Address 114 West Thirty "ourih etreet. A FEW VERT PLEASANT ROOMS TO LET? WITH bath, gas, Ac., furnished ir unfurnished, with orwithaut Breakfast and Tea Family small. Call at 5S Twenty fourth street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues. AT 104 EAST TWEMTT-FIRST ST1JEET (IRAMERCY A Park), des rablw and handsomely turnish M Booms to let, with B< -urd. Also itoomi for single gentlemea No mov ing in May. Reference required. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN, OR GENTLEMEN AND their wives, can be accommodated in a small private family with pU-a-utnt Rooms and Board- Location :',?!? West Twenty-thirn stn-e'.. Terms reasonable. Beferenons required. Address W. M. H., boi '.Oi Heraid 'Hire. A SMALL PBIVATE FAMILY RE8IDINO AT NO. 1M West Forty third street. ')?t ween Broadway aud Flchth nventie, would aocomne^date a sent .em an aad his wife or two hlngle gentlemen, wi. a pleasani jDotiia and Board. Refe re:ce? required A private family would let two onfur nli hed Booms to feDt'em-'n, with Breakfast, i: desired, in a flrst class house lu Thirty tour h street, near tilth avenue, Addre.M Alpha, box 1 tW berald otl.ee At re east twentieth street, near broad. way ?A very desirable and hand* im?iy furnlshe i *i;)t of Rooms with ample closets with modern mpro-wneuts, m?v be obtained by a getitu man and wife, w.ta Boai o. A very p.easant location for summer. AQENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO SINOI.B GEN tlemeo, ca.i obtain large, pleasant Rooms, with partial B >erd, in a private family; bene with modern Improve mints. Apply at 171 West Twenty-sixth street, near E'.KhiU avenue. A GENTLEMAN AND H13 WIFE. OR TWO 8INOLK gentlemen, can h? r.ecoumod.ited with a piea^aut front R kiib and Board, at J00 Bast Twenty secmd street ; the ho.ixe has all the nu.decti mprovements. No moving ou the 1st of MaT IT NO 7 ORAMERCY PLACE, IN TWENTIETH t\ street norond house from Kou'-'h aveni"( ?To lit, to* s!ig!e gentleman, a fumlched Sitting 11" ,m and Be'iM >m at taciied , hou?e And class and private. Break1 aV. and te* if required. A HANDSOMELY Fi'KNISHBD SUIT OF R00M< TO .(I let, wtth conv nienccs for housekeeptag, or separately It. c "ill. men, with. .Ill loard, In a ft rat clean ho r- terms re. sons b e re'er?nera exchanged. Apply at 1J0 WaveH?y place, near Sixth avenue. VERY DEHIRaBLE SUIT OF ROOMS, ON RBOOND floor, fi niuht-d to let to ntngle gentleman, ? r to a ^e it.e man and wife, In a private family . pirttai rfoard n required . gas, bath, Sc. ATrpty at 6i -Vmity stiwt. A DESIRABLE SCTT OF SECOND STORV, FR'>ST floomn, ? r tt-f> \<-hcli? floor to let, with full H iaro, fn rh? flist clarw house No. 5 Wert Twenty fr irt:. st-eet, o >pouie Fifth ^venue Hotel. Possession the 1st .u Mar. A A MCE FRONT ROO 1 TO LET-FOR TWO GENTLE men, or to a Re^tleman and wl'e, with or wtutoal H >inL Also tw o v?Ming ladies can tm acmmmidated. Tortus loa Appli at 871 Broome street, n-ar Allen. Arson room, on the second floor, suit able for two tingle k Ttlemen. with Boaiu aad gas, auii s young lady Location c< nventent and pleasant in s-;m-ner TeniiK reasonable, apply a" il f?acend etreet, near .secoad avenue. I TOUNO OENTLEM>N AND WIFE WISH BOARD, ?\. in a prtvste family, whfl* the comforts o! a (iiiot home ean be enjoyed. Wa'?r. ?ss and mo>iente 'erms sre Indt" pen?.ible. Addreta this day A. W. T . box US Herald oilice A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY WILL t.RT A LARC.E Ro>ro to two g*n:!emeii. wl h partia! Board, on re* ei naole term* House new, wtth all the modern impiore iriente. Apply at >J6 M^edor.gal street, flrst house fr >m Bieecker AfROf.T AND BACK ROOM, ON SECOND FLOOR, TO let, wtth Hoard, f amished or unfurnUheJ. wltii UaUi, hot ant eold water, to centlsmea end their irtrea, or ehtgie gen'. earn. Terms moderate Apply a'. 30# East Thirtieth xtreet. near Third avenue AT fl'fl SE< UND AVENi F? FtTUNISHED OR CNFUR nt>hed ? oms, w ith or wtt'. out Board having 444, la. hut a.id cold water imam*, pantries Ac. Dtmer , o c. Trtns with b^ard for one f.i tC tc ?6, or $7 to ill for two BOARf ?SET REAL PLEASANT FRONT ttOOVB CAN be l>ad, with Board, at 4M Fast H,tteouth street, near union sip aie The house is flnsiy I03aU<<'.. has uas ba'h, ?i>t sndot 'd water Aa Dmner at H1 , o'e'oek. Terms 1 >1 two persoiiH, to $14 per week, aooordiog to meiA BOARD.-TO LET, WITH BOARD A LAROE ROOM with a ?mall It virn and Faniry ?t:*<'!)?d en tlic third flivjr suttaol" for two or three g -n' >inen w".i hatii'aud g is No inoHng on flr*t of May Applj at 4-S Olinton place OARI) -A FRONT STTTIM1 Rn >M AVD PRDit >OM t> let. fumisheil fir unfurnlehed. with Board, t > a u*n. ' tern * n and wife,tn a tii'.v*te family, o? m nlera e ter:?s. Apply at No 1711 West TbliL.* ?dub street, nea Eighth ? e Board.? larof;, ci.ea>.ant and wile f"js nishe,t ho "ms, *lth t entries gaa, hot and Qold water, to let, with Board Location good, and coa enlent to cars and <t*?' s. Apply at 81 West l'? -at, sixth street Dinner at els o ciork. Board.- an rlderly widow, without family, wishes to let 1 furnished front R mm an ' 8sdnH>m. with c ??> < nlenre for bo???ke?rln?r Being an rvoenenced nu'ea. t-ouid t*t<' s lady * ho would require nursing. Apply at *tt Weet Twenty fo'-rth stress, between Elfhtb sail Ninth B ?OOARD? M CROSBY SVS1ET, BETWRHlT HR<>OMB D and spring, emgls or double r >ma,for genllemsi. a u-at roon fora t ntlemaa and wife ; price $7 Ajt i b suatial '?ble; etriot attention to c imfort . family Engtish. Board -two gentxeeencan be acoomodat'd with a targe Wo m. on sec uid floor, wl:h Baai t ?ra' ?e they touid ehlo; th?[c to f "tie of e borne, -vlth uee of I'll 1 >. N other '?Oaroers Irmg Moderate, "viuld be le ' fwj:h >-ii board if r? quire I Anply at l:it Suffolk street BOARD? A FAVILY OE TWO OSNTI.RWKN, CAN BF. a rKCotnoda'ed with pleasant Rooms, o ltb Board, In a prt v?te 'arnily, by apnlylngat the flr^' brnwn srone ho .?? west o' Tnird si en' \ m Thirls -foil th si. wet, cinven'rntly located to ears snd stages. i7~ . *a ery r e <mnt Hi ms '-n third 0c?r. 'lei 1 Appiy at Hi Clinton place, two door* ea?* of F. )A?D.? ? 1,'NTON FLAOK -TO LET, WfTJ^ a furnished Farnr ami Bedroom, 011 eeeosd tio hlrd flcr. ntfaiMUl rcqured. ly at HI Clinton place, two doors ea?' of ivth sveaaR OARD A GFNTLUV AN ?NT> T"FT on TWO >TN gie geatletivn eanr bta'n pt-^uian' *r 'ms ! a moiera ^etll?, wiU aU th? tmprnvemente, at No. It* S alU sirse; s few d >or* a est ot Broadway. Board -di^irahle rooms, ha'P!.) mode -j* imp^r> ?n?en'? suitable rdMMtrried .' t?a'. etn;n to ltt. wttb Bond. W ^nieftrogt. BOAAOnfU AND L.ODOIWO. T)OA?D. ? 144 UlUMUHY STBEKT. NKAli GRaW? I) Boom for t?o or tnrw y xiog a*ta *t 91 per weak ; tw4 ladie-i at $S BO tlw tare front n?ai 00 brat tod imw4 Hours far meu laotr wtves $7 tu $4 per week. Ma BM Itlg 1? t*f. Board? wasted, rrawrruaK poa a thsxs ?WfJ Iwum. in eicaange f jr Board : house la Bowl atreet ' beet of rjftrenoes can be given. AdAres* H , box lit lLrrald oflioo. TIOABB ? {MbM&ABLB BOOKS. USUI AMD MUU. 13 --t? - ? t u ? bDu ??odsrahausa OMtaMultkik iMte* liultNm aeoking k pitiaatkaMWon Ik* Ui?f Ma # oan aoauro sufh tot applying at 40ft atwl ?n?nr, lif ? Twenty fifth aki ItoiI# -stalk MMlk. Ommptm thedasr IfUltDM ? BOARD -W> I.ST. AT 57 BTOY FBSANT BTBBBT (OOB tin 1 aloe of Aator ?Um, a tow* Parlor, to a aad wife or a stogie gentl'-maa, with or I - rnil* e?i hoi and coUwaUr, Ac. BOAKD? IN A OENTXBL HOHSB, WUBXI AU, TH cooiforta of a h um- can beenjoyad. Boua 1 on saaaad floor, suitaMe for a party of geuUem 11L or faat'lM*; aiao, twa single Boom*. Si Cuntoa p-aoe near Br.tadway. Board ? a obntlbman and his wipbosmfo atngl* ii uUwiwd oan be acooaauiooau-d wtih Board * here lb* comlorta of a borne oan be found. at 24 8ta; inaai afreet (continuation of Astar place), aeaoud .if tha ne* Bag Ilau b*.-ttueij. tiounea es*t t>f Third a?o?iue. 1JOABD.-' TWO OB raSKE PL.HASa.31T *bomv J J Room* can be had, with Board. a; 44 Baat Sixteenth street near Cuion square The bona* is finely t reat*'!, has ebaUn. li-A ana <oU water. Ac. Dinne: at 6S j et <*. ma f or too pasauaa. W aad $14 par week, according ta room. Board ? ghntlemkn can obtain si>olb xorma I row $?'. 00 to 9* P"r w?ek One l\rgJ fcUKin. au.iauuj for two person*. Location pifisant aad o n rnuteo< Ajip% at 434 to udaou ureal, aontar or Morton. BOAitD DOWN TOWN. -A GhNl I/&X AN A.nD HU wife aihI muffle gentlemen oan have g iod Board, with p,eaaaut. desirable Kootui (or ?3 jper week, at MM irveuwioh street, I*- ?(*o North Moure and Beuch. B0A8D IK CLINTON PLACK. ? UOOM8 IN 80IT OWL uingle, I or s>"itiruim nud Um ir wire* or for a:n#te gentle u> t a, at 97 Cttatoft p<ac*. BO/KOAT?:?KOCKTH AHSNUB OORWBRrVrBNTT (iftii .tret ? Mr? AiuoU baa very de-tlrablo Hoooia t* let, with Bjanl? ?n ?ie o>- In ault. K'fvy ttoonix for nn^le Ri'tiUrniei) lio tuo>iug iu May Uofertnce e*cnaa!teJ. Board t? a ?ki??cb kamiIj? m brookx.yh.? ? iet. t > two gentlatueo, a l&ripi Ao-mt, w tu hot tod enld water, x'ii, L'loeet, ?& Dliuiar at 6 o owci Apply <u US OUa tou atreet, Siootdju. |>0ARX) WANTBD--ON OB NBAIt rO^STBRHrH 1 1 .itr.s t, for a K'uueniiui, wile tuid ?ju, a PaHor 1 a 1 two bodroyme, wntei '.'ng ar.d unf ?ri ( ?(bed, ex<H>pt caryeta, oa Hecono n,M>r, or tlitrd tluor through; nUo a ball Rjom, I'or a single gentleman^ Addreaa boa 2,?li fpgt ullice. Bo audi no ? at 118 bast thirty kirht btreht, u.'ar ^ataad areuM second and third floor*, trad* (urtiiatuMl, for aing'e griDllctne,; or u*atl> ioe<i aid taefr v irea. [HtruiU Bo^it if ;<-m uireU. AUo a K.i >ui for a phy ?XJUi, wtth attendance at tae door. No worm;. BOARPINO.-VERY SESIRABLB ROOMS OITTHR SB ix>od ll<K)r, either t'lrtitohed or un'ura -thod, cjan uturof J ailor and two Uetlfoouta to tet, with liojud, .1, a tiouae hartoc all touvmiefcCfH, wvuid bandnomely aeeoaasaodate a gentle man iiud hio dit'eor two or th-wj alugle ge'.t.cmBn, Ke(e n-uca? gAev and re^ulrtd Apply at lut Secoad aroaue. BOARDIMJ.? UNK L.ABOE BOOVS. WTTB HOARD, buitaolr for jrent.e>iian aad wife or RlngLe geutleniea. 'l eiuu eiQlit und ten d?Bar? per weefc lluut* fir?t eLwt with (41 Uie luodero linpiuveineata 332 Wuat Tweuiteta ntr?el ueat Siuib avenue. l*o moving to May. BOARDtNO.?A OBNTLNMAN AND ilia V-TKK OK two or tbree mu;:'*' g?ntlomeu can l>e a^omatod^tod with Hoard and pieaaant Kooou iu a private family In Pour* street. hou*e L?? all the in oora unprovmeaU. Ternaa raodtfntA. Apply at 14 I<er?y ttreet, naar Bleecltrr. BOABDINQ DOWN TOWN.? TO IjKT, |A SUIT Or throe or four Uoutn* on tbe second tlaor of hcu*e ho. 1M Vartck sim et. near liroome, with a.! uta modern 1114)1 jt? toont.i. )'ar?ial ' oard, it required. BO a*D*NO AND INHZRtfOTION.? A XiAO V, BBMIDINO in h plaaaaot and healthy part of tha city, would like ta 1 C 've lnt<> her family two or .hr^e children to Board aad Instruct T'aoy will roeetve all the adv*uUg?? aad oomf >rU ol s home, aud no pains will be spared to tn<ii>- them e? teuted and LAp|>y. Addres< L., box 1,7 If-' Post oflioe, N. T. ? OARDINO IN FOC8TKBNTH STBXET. HBPWEKN Ftf 1 h avtnue and Unlvistty place. ? Handsomely fur rushed f'iilor an d Bedroom, rod one single Koctn, ta a plea earn f.vrtly with flr^c clam table, as above Addraia H B , box IXC Post otOoe. Betareaeea exchanged B BR<>OKLV (t. ? TO LET. FULLY FTTKHLSHKD, A tlirce story brick bocse, for a reapeolab.e t.uan /; aoa* oihera m-fd apply; eigt-i inuutei from WaU aad Pui'oa jerrirs; teitn 1 t-aaj . Apply al 176 Adiins a.reet, near Ooa c td sweet B BOAUD IN BBOOBLfN.? BUPEitlOR ROOMS A^B Board can be obtained, in a private family residing ta a first class modem brown alone house, 101 Amity street, cm venki.it t> nouth aad Wall atree*. (errtaa, dinuor at ?i o'cioefc; reference* exohangad. Board in bbookltn - rooms to let, with Board, at 49 Gonctrd street, br-iwu stonx home ca taltung die modern Impro^utnenu. pteasaaUy located aad cuivenitut loeil&cr Kui.ua or WaJ ?tr?et terry Beferenoe requirtd. Board in ubooblyn ?two binulb i)f.mlbmbn can obtain good Board la Port Green plaje, where the oomfi rt* of a liome may be bad, tamlly str.i'UT private A* dress J. A D., Herald odtce Board nr Brooklyn.? pleasant front booms. m a drhghtf ul locatiou, only Ove mlnuuw' waik froui tha ferry, saii?ble for * gfeutletuan and l.idy, or stngie geatleineB. in a tint olam tum ie wlib ah the modern Imiir.ivetneats May be obuvinwl "?y applying a" Njl 10/ Amity street, first door from Henry xtroet, sontk Brookl/n BCA KD IN HBOOKbTN.-A PAMU.r CAN BR AC commodAted with pleasant Rooraa on th- ?<-and door; a tan. a few iingh- gentkmen, houae in .dern, 1 -carton deatr% ble, b> ing neu H. utU and Wail street ferric a Apply at 74 htate stri-t, betweco Henry ana Clinton Board in Brooklyn. -elb.iantly pkhhishbd Boi>tnscai> lxr iiad. with boarl, in A private t.tuiliy tu in a very d?. Irable locauou. Keltnuce* exchanged. AJire*? 251 OliiitoB street Board in Brooklyn. -a gentleman and wtfb or a couple of ningle gentiemen can be accommodated witli pleasant Koomx auJ Board, ia a small family, by in quiring at 216 Clinton street BI/AKD IN BBOOKLYM ? PLBA8ANT BOOMS, ON tecond floor, for gentiemen and then wives or stagie gen tlemeo. at 122 I1erre(iont street. OARD IN BBCOBLYN. ? DESIRABLE . ROOMS, ON > ei-cond door, fitnushed or iin'umishad. a'litahle for a gentleman end wife or s nglc gsutlemon. Qonvdaleat ta booth or Wall street ferry. Dinner at 6 ode*. Apply at i.'t7 Amity utreei Board on bbooblth hemhts. ? parties look Ing f or a ifilet pl-wint Uoae tor Ihe -i iinuier ?Ui 4t well to call at K> ('olumbu atraet, thrse mluutes from Poltoa ferry: front Rooms oa first and second floor* now vaoaat. g vlng the occupants a fine water view Hoard on brookltn heiohm-a plrasant uo ratiou. will- modern impruveme>iis and nice rooms. b?th Isrge and small, frirnJshnd or unfnrnlabed for a gaat.ftman ant wife, or ?tti?'e ueotlemen Inquire at 202 Hicts street. BBfX.KLYN BOARD -TWO BKAT Tirt'L, LABGE ?nund story Kooms; also one ui third sto y, ta let, at Jilt Hicks sinet two ?Inula*' walk from ferriea. TTie ho t<e nitiimiiitf a fine rtow of the bsv, and contain* all modern tm 1 1 ?vetnonta 1 Honor a( t o ilock. Befere;iors ??ehaufe<i Brook m*n rrmoffrs? wan?rd, by a ptuyatr fiw I nglMid family, a fesr select boarders. BmiMt inrge, ally and pi aiaatlv situa 1 d, with t).au, K 'Onu fnrnisbrd oe unfurnlshe,!. lniuire at No M #!l!w st-eet, within 11 va uii iutes walk of Pultoc o- Wall atree'. ferry. Brooelin heights-board -taoanoim at ho. 6 Winow *tre?H: a fine I vati in, a-'d a few imnnt <?' walk to the f 1 ni? a. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Terms m >4e, ate. No moving In Msy ? Board in hoivjkkn -onb or two oentlemrn ran be aroooimtxlated with ple.?sarit B'tonu aad part aJ IkiarC, iu a pnvue family, by inquinng at 17S Washington street, near Kifth BA< tZF.l,JlJL- A SMALL FAMILY OP PI VR PERBON4, In a rerj t.lce houae, and first c'ass local. on, hare a 1 ront ?iuare Ctiaaih,>r, with cl >*ets. gas. Ac . also haU Room ad joining, nin. h lh-7 will rent 10 one or two single g*nts, with 01 without Hoard The rooms are uuinrally rfeasant they overlook a bar garden Terms moderate House is la Brook lyn, five minutes' walk from South ferry. AdiressP <J? !?>? 174 Bern hi olllea Cmp*r ri rnihhbd b?k?mi' at thb psaNKPobt / House, wnrer of Prankfcwa and William streets Oao<4 He.iins ft .m $1 to S3 per week. Lsxlglnga fron merrnm to XT >*it? per nlitht. Open all nlghk Go id rentaiirsnt aMbdhed DFR1 B ABLE AND HAND30M ELf PTJBN "811 KD ROOMS to let, with henrii, at 13S West Twenty fifth *tr?M, ? ?oatiot pleasant neUbl-Ortwxl Orw c:*??: oars and sfsge* (vnrruieiii. EHROkJTLY vrTRIO?HRD BOOMA FOR ?)R?fTt.B t llle^. wit* all the romfort* and eonveni <:,cw ?f a h ime A|iplv a' 'ft I'rta> street, onewest ofBrovJway FnjnitShPD IIU?)H-A NKATLr VHRBIDH8D ?TH g'e Koom to let, to a g?otieni%n, without m?ai*; also, a front BAS'-meut smta^le rrr?no'*ci for a physician, in a ?mall | rlrate family, st 13 Eaat Twelfth street, toetw^aa t'o?v*r#i'y p'**e and Ptfto avenue. FU llNIBIiED BOOMS TO LET.? VEST DE8IRA3LB fnmlshed Rootns, wtth or without partial Hoard, ran be obtained l y applying at 1 25 Ninth street, a few door* we*t 01 Bruadwny Also, n iArge Ru-im, ou first floor, suitable t<jr a I hyslolen or dentyt's office. T^VBflflhBD ROOM AND BEDROOM TO i.BT, SUIT P ah:e for liou?. ?wplm: Terms on'y It per weok, ia duding gae Moure in <1-rti Apply at I.SbJ 3' iadwa/ be la ecu Thirty first an Thirty second streets French bcard-a panily op adults or a pbw grntlemi n can be sti!te?) with first cl??? Boar f and A part - mens, in s "V neh fsmily, oecitprln* s modem h'oise Na tSWest Tneiffh street, tietween filth and 8Uth aven ???. Rpanisli, Oermsn (varl English spoken liURNIeHED ROOM8 TO LRT -A LaB(?E TBONT I? room or second door, with cl. sats attaihed. *1. table for mi t) ^ man and wife or two single ir?nt>m ?n. Al*o s?veral snvali B'Kuns with full or partial Board, a; N x 137 West Eleventh afreet. FVUNTSIiKD BOOMS -A rtftliOIt AND HFD1UOM to n nt to a ?ltBg e gentiemi 1 or to a gentleman ard wife, with or withot.t t! oard. In a house with all th* modern ta I nf*Murn'.l, t.imily small, at fil East Tweniy e.ahth street, ortie* of **rtrth avenue no w>vtnglnMsy 17UTRN1MTED RCOMfi TO L?T, WITHOUT SOABD ^ " i lrs' fl'Mir, thrca Boomstitmautt'-Cktbig t"*eiii?* or ?? t>a-aU>.y: a;s >. a few alngte Beoms; eorve m-nt to ears ai.t* st:.ge? hnil ni U Bnadwa-. up; :y a No. *'12 Fourth straaC Ftp*1* AYI>- e BOA ID -A 3 1, IT or HANDSOMEST rnrntshed Riv rns, with prl* ale table and every ilsdraBii" B.nvar, let'i-e, to et to a f.rst r;a*i rs:utly , the atcomtno<^ us vp ^n?p^e f or * good si *rd fa-tilH . or W6?' a lel nM 'f re.|" red A|>*?lv > 19 lit th s ??'" UUM l.iK'' AND OBWTUIMKW MAT J"E0i TE prpg r nor ili'iimsor F-i)is,wltb Board, :r m *sy I, In Mr*. '.,!*? de? 1 ? otatjd h ti -, hetna 1 uf ? 1 floe order an* ti' ?'v f irnldied Pamitnent pst'les p 'rre 1 Ajp.'i a. 13 f nivtrsny plaoa, mmm oC ?iw? glraef. inrRNianBD paswjr and r.*DR > >? aNOS(<ol.k JT S- < in 10 let w'tb or wttli nt B' ?rd to gentle* wiMtv,tri s firs', c'aie model h -uss wtih *11 toe W dera 'aoir ivm^ttla gas, hsih. At No moving In Ma, ?;i?jit 17? %1M f nt. iswnth lUNt, nea." won 1 ?rwme.