30 Nisan 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

30 Nisan 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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-r.T;.- ? .TWB? MS JUKJl .TUKS'JT .t'.IAJSV Wgf W1* . / r? ' ~ THE NEW YORK HERALD. NO. 8999. MORNING EDITION? TU BSD AT, APRIL 30, 186I.-TRIPLB SHEET. PKIf ? TWO CENTS. raifcUMt MOfxr. 1Mb.. SIM Oafrn iwJUt rtrj Wperlorfcoooai m noi mbv loat am motion to blb ?ooilMBd, t1? Ctalwmr.? The Atlantic ??? teeaia Navigation Company will JwmhIi (tw United Si <X'i? tlii'ir (uU powaced Clyde buiU TOM AMtirdafc May 4 lAMHe.hV.Hi tutunia/. M?j II ^BWHUitmrni ?*'<irtv, iuy ib Elnd 0*ar? 8*lLt.U) at no**, f mm pte< M K?ftn nvsr l*nt cabin $??/ t->??f?ga. $W | kfo. a haadou ?j Do M Uldoa 4? ?r??e return tlckH#, guod tori it month* ?. j| ?iWoihi (or ward** '? furls. UaT.e, tiatnbur,, Brazil, V'UtrM*. Antwrp, A*. at >e mead through furei ? WM vbklM M brief mi Ifc.tr fneate cm ha t tsrteu ?m it Kl l^lai rMfclo J*Mr *?*:? /torn Uverpo.* ur %5?s5ir "?? "*?" " HlMfcMMMn kmnfrttr acooamidatitoafor pwaen ?l ca?rr eiperleofled k<inr>"?< Itwr ? -* but'f in ? v woa ? ?y>0? , and Iimi ptttul flit acaihUatore on lifwim appty ^^H/yeni 81 Wfct* atnUi Erocfc ??(On'?; In Queer no ?rn, to I'. 4 U< : II Lontfti, to l!v|? A MfcOET, Offl atoeot . la Pat U, i* J ULBB DMCOOK Mo S Ptooe 4e tee; Id VhtUi.^K 10 JuBM U. DaLb, 1M Walnut *0 OMnpany't otl'oeo ? JHHf U DAiJS. a*-?H. 16 Broadway, N. X. U I miHBir OMEAT gAbTHaW. IWUfiMfOOfc, bUwMlolwnMwlMkawihMtllVtii ^^??riMiliffgb ?*? NHtMtata. ^^W.-Niim wishing to beta* oat MrftMifm ? l U*-r,!U? ?f fee UiMpiny, on the .hut, foot o! Canal ^^^?HUBDtO, &AVBK, LO&.DON AKO Hlb^nSTuRO AVXMICAV TAOKET COWPAlCT'S ?onateacaatuv BAVABlA. 8. Meier, Commander, rarrrlag t of^Bul 2? ?t ? nUlU' >HHriR trom Plar u Kortli river, SaT(}rDAT, May4, at 9000, teas css&hs* ""-??" r" "??"? alternate SatuH ^^^^^^KTXoujHARO 4 boas,^H GB RMAN LLOID'g STBAlQMni* BRE ?? B WiwU tonmiMler. tmrrjimm the UilMi pt?r W MorU rtr?rTTox or Ctem ?Annul AT, May 11, ?l 13o dock M., ?RMMMM Tte ?otJTHAMMrOI?, VMM, SOOTBAMTVOM AND IUMBN, iftSiraMond cabin ,X0; rta.raMfc.A8A ta MzMEFSZ ? MOCUiAJii'TOM ABO BAVSB. I t>M BiATVBOAY, MAT ?. ? Uc Dnliad Mates Mul fcteainat I AR 400, I D. Hum, Coaouter, ? mM Ma pint Ma Si Worth rirar, foot of Beaeb (treet, t HaMiday. Mkjr 25, at mm |htoatOMMr. unwrmiil for aafety and oeafarl, ha? do? &3^%ttw?aKss loa or (UMdlux, to keep the pomp* free t? wort, ?ad ae Be tkoraAvyof rmtl and rox, Lfc/.ll Acenta V.vaJ MAC will m '/.If, ( Mo. 7 uneli. Hi B LIVBBPOoL.? THE FAVOBHB AND F AM T SALL ?laaeMtt lit> HV CLaY hauls Into the MtMm tbia day. ?few nwvilrM and ??oon<l d??? ihm'W" oat) be ac*>m ? nfcitt Tmr luaai' at lowmit ratm, apply on board or to F3u&J^*nolTai l>? gfcaa op pterfo. * BorU. Hrer. |ft0aur*Rror*L-iHBlL10Niri0BNr8HIPi)Rl?ST, H (ML BlU. will po.l'l?ely ?ati May 3, having auperior B^,o?? afCdannodall.il-' tor all ci%**not pea ?W r* J?r ^Hae, at ?-??n raiaa, afp.r ?a board ofio & COLLI* H A ^??t taati( r oa idar No. I Worth rtrar. >UK HV > Bro >L-TAPNCOM S LIXB-*AIL* THIS day at I ? o'rloek, tha fa*orlie clipper chip KO 8 f u l?B, Mat ftr er Pnr paaaaae ?pplv on board at pter No. i'wtk rt*?r, or to TaP*CU rr i t' j;, lit B 'iith atir-t. mod OM TO LI ?E*F(K)l BY *HB BLACK K-th* .IA.MKS KOSTBB, J? . Milt tat of Mar, AT on tha Iith For paeea** apply oa beard, pier rtrrr, or la JACOB w.LBjN. foe Booth at real r LUTB FOB LONPON-8AILB MaT t? THB KAVO k. rtte pa. hat ahtp VICTOBI A, Oapt Anderaoa, will (all > Thnraday Hrr accomodation ? are aatorpaaeed. For nap apalr oa b.ierd, at iHt Bo 1?. Baat rtrar, foot of MhaMae Mrret, a* 10 TAPBuUTT A CO , M South (treat. MB OAJL'NOBNIA VIA PANAMA. ' A Brat elaaa ataaaier -111 loare New for* on tha let. Iith ?<l flat of each month. ?*rrpt ?t i ih?i? dau? fail on gun ty. whaa the day of departure will be ca the Monday fat fertrel|Bt or pae-e?r apply at the only offlce. Ho. ( *o^ . m Oraaa. D. R ALLEN. Atrat. r^flgt^a^vyy-Aap sm. B ^S5"JJiS?cw. ST ? ?? JP? I nTiiWfiMijp _ JB i'ilre i fu ll de*'ln<~1 tBU' N I A. an at ha dStaetlr wmrM -Not cwtrahand1' beat word* tha mm of the ahlppera of the Eper't r-catp' aemafaaytaf eaid afelp fc?i" ? Preatdont N ?. Central SB. ?lAMi Breeder N. T. aad Ma BB ^EjlrH' N, llaetdeat feoa. Coalral BB. KtOT*U -ALBION PIIIVATK FAMILY HOTEL AND H MM llonar.-r .>a*a..t and we'Jf?irnlea>*d H.iotn?. KllaMr for married or *n?l? g?nil >m?a; Mrma modrratr. FTT a^inf ' ' f~ and ihoee .l*ltln? th- city will k a^yet aad drairah'n p'aer. No. MS Hndan atraet, KwafUkariai _ T LAN BERT. Pmpmrtor. _ ItMLT H'OITAFT TO MftW lOBKBBB THB EISb513ir.^t;:!r^45-r^ anlB 1BBLANP.? WIIB l/OIW I ITIMjjr %w.at?r?jvv!: ELw(hwLf?nlM tl' ar????? ?'"< -?-h' ESS P? BOtlU laM Ji <7 m m naM to ??i I'.ltBH, DrBI.lN ? TMIB hTIU ^n.'ortof^Bta fKvate ffifthf r b? i t km if*r, ftpoptmw. ***'??? CrBwraewttJEE oore>i l i k..V>V Tior .. thz V t tiMia, Ktvla.. M *j J purie $ V) uu c li.-atd, I es' Uuea In tve. Mr Brot ealt-rs (. g rtootctuaaii , Imim Wh>-ii:le>y ?tr?| | Honet t Petes , ft Warren mm Berkshire toy ; D Taluiin enters c. m Mivpblue. BEV1B& * POM tilJM. P*>prievof*._ TnjLDK PRINCE, Bl VEKMOB1 8LAi)K Ut?(, DAM P kUte Mcagto, lotted m -W, Mil stead at 1 C. vac de wrtfi HiMs, tiKlt W?m b?f, eicept trntoHdiy. ?v>? tMk,Mtkt?awiou Hotel. U*b> Uw. L?u? l?4au4 M (la The seaaoc [laid la advatio.. t*Or bdl* JoHN DUFFg/ mBOTTUia 8TSLUON OOEAM, Bf LOHO IBLANJ| 1 Hut Umofc, <Um ty AbdaiUh, wiU MaJ until 1st J if IM1, It Cedar swamp, Mar OWn (W? UM| let tod Tarma St. To te paid at time of aervtco, and $t) more wlito tie mare provsa with foal, or >12 Ul The aoaaoa Da alvaaco. ?eebllU AIJUaBDEB WWH8MID. rrn trnomna tetujjou touko jaokbom. will 1 ' ataad for nn the earning season. at Oroahft Hrtet, Pnrd) 'a BlaHon. Weeti-Uester ootiatf, I.T.; terms $14 in Mwn; the aaaaaa to innn ifdi tt and and Julf I At abort- Stalkoa ha* trailed these raoea aad won Uuku all, also, Id a private klal, with uady Woodruff and Lsau-cj.he trotted to tjJU a wagon. For pedigiea, aae atao? btLa. I(OR?EI, CARUl&eBS, Ml. Ah PA.ru or btvlihh or ay houses, seven ax. n ? eight years old, IthaaAa bi? h. wi'l be ecld without r- I serve; u?v are both f irwJli-ut traveler* aad would inalo- fl-at | ra-e cavalry Lorees, with a little training Aooty <u t?c at* I bl-? of CiLMlBB A JAKYlri, No. ?7 Hio ka street, c ?< AliatiUe. Pruotl) o. A. oood heilVt spbimh CAftr, or peaf-sct om der, ooat f HI, will be aeW for $79 Can be aeea at 151 i?re?y. A NKW MOOT ROAD WAOON HAL.1 CHKAP *e?eoa far selling, the owner lu to further u? for It. Cm be sera at Ccaklfn'a atablaa, Houston atreet. pear Columbia. | CHAERIAOK3, ? Busiiimb Wagooa ol duired prtcee. Ala<. Af ty Meviaa atreet, Kroukl/a. ' TV" LEOANT SFAK OF BLACE HOB8B8. PHAPTOM.AO.? J3i *o be eotd at auetloa, br E If. U. BOOBNCS, thu day, ApctlSO. at their aatearoom, UI Broadway. For partleulam He aiuntoa notiee IfOB BALE? ? VBBT HADDBOU LiOHT BAMKTCHK, JB with pole and afcafta, aad aeata four peraoaa;?r*a built M oeder by ooe of our brat oily maktra. aad baa beea uaed but a few weefca. Caa be aeen at dtt Baat Iweaty-ajeooA atreet. rK BALE? A 8 PUB DID FAIB OF BAT HOR4E8; long talla, about IA S haada high; well matched aad very atyliih; warranted aouud aad kind In ereir reepeei, aU and wen yean old. Can be aeaa from 8 to It o'eloak In Lextag toc avenue, three atablra below Twenty-fourth atreet. FOB BALE? A SPLENHTD FAIB OF QRAT, LONG tailed Carriage Horeea, t year* old, 16 haada high, aad FHiad and kind. Apply at Horry a Urtry atable, Canaaoi rtllf, HeVr fork. TjK>R 8ALB? A DAPPLE OBAV IlOBiE, 15'4 HAH09 J? high, 6 years old, good style, kind in double and single harne^a or under the aaddle, mad a good traveller : haa aiwaya been ueed as a family borae: warranted in every reapect, by a r?*p' nalble party. Inquire of ISAAC DoDUB Opera htabies, jO hatt Thlrty-aecond atreet. TflOBSALr.-A NZABLT NEW UO LBS. ?TA(.0N; FOB " MtB ver-v tow. Apply al 'JJ7 Mnth atreel. For SALE? a tabiety ok hew ani> sbcowd hand Wagrus, Bcckawava, 4 and 8 leat: 2 eerond Coaehea, 1 do. Barou< be, 1 new light Eipreae Wagou. Apply at carriage fa'tmy, 2} Woo?tei atieet. Foe aale? a beactifol team of sobbel Mare a, 14X banda high, 6 and 7 yeara old; trot a mile In tbiee minute* to the pole; perfectly aound and kind. A satis l&ctory trial will be given. Inquire or M. BCKNS, M4 Ifeat Thirty -Brat street Fob bale? a bay. mare mv hands, fi\ e yeabs old, sound and kind, and atyUsh; One driver; warranted to trot single er double la S(.4U. Apply at 99 Bast Thirty aecond street. T2?OE BALE-A PA1E OF FACT ROAD HOB8E8, BAT. ? Uii bands, wall matched, kind and so'incL Mm Ugit wagon and Hamera if reqnlred I'rlee for the whole $M0. Inquire at the Metropolitan Stables, c rner of Prloce and Ctoeby etreeta. rB BALE? A SPLENDID PAIR OF BAT HORSES, It banns 3 lat hes high, well matched and very stylish; warranted soamd and kind la every respeet; 7 aad 8 years o d: icr< lh?r with open Carriage aad Harness, will be sold to gether or separate. Can be seen from 9 to it at Bradley's stables. No 10 Bast 1 htrtT-flrst street. Inquire ot J. UOL I AMD for part'oulars. TjlOB BALE-A FIVE YBAB OLD OOLT, IS?4' HANOI J7 high, waminteS aouad aad klad ; oan trot tn J. AO, also Hoad % agon, Harneet aad Hulkey ; will be aotd at ? bai|aln, separately or together. Apply at 79 Mott street, nsar Caaal. rB BALE-A hPLEMDIO OI'TFIT: ONE PAIR DABt bey Porfea, It hand* high , very atyMab, eight y??rs old. with Uoaeh tWooa-A uro 'irilitle'.^.uiHBr Carriage ' ed Harness, A3 ; all ooat V! !M*i; been In use fifteen mouths; the whole rr a part can be bad at a great aaarlfioe. ta? owner Iraviej|tbeeli{, and lhe? inuat l? auld Call at_pnvat? su FOE 3AI.E? KOB LEI A THAN HALF HER VALUE A Measerger Mare IS1, Sandi high: very handoxne, ?oved and kind; aan trot a mile in thr<e minute*, and one of the be t lady or gentl'-man's saddle hone la thectty. Apply at fij Bowrry. Fob ?ale cheaf-onb excelled r obat Horse, aound C veara old. 17 hasda klgh; well trained for a military horse aad gentle in harness, app y at It2 Wil liam street, remeen Fulton aai John atreet*. XfOB SALE CHEAP? ONE OF THE BEST FAMILT r Hrraea in tke Slate, with or wl'hou*. a llfht, two seated Pockaway aad Harness; touml, kind and without fau'.t, not afraid of oars, a free driver, still a child can manage hiss. Can ba seen at Walters atable, m Mercer street. TjtoE BALE OB EXOHANUE-TWENTY TOCNO J* Hotses, just from Canada West, from UH to It hands high, and from four >o seven years old, all sound aad kind InquM in the blacksmith's shop ltO Norfolk street Also, one matcted Team HOEBEB.-FOE BALE. AT BBOWN'8 STABLE. COE ear of Bute an J Bceruui mreeta, Brooklyn, two pair maichei and four smg'? Horses two of sata horaea g x?d aadertha aaddle and four nf them fast trotters. All kind aad gentle. One pair will be eichanged for liquor. H0B8EB.? TEAM AND CABT HORSES FOB SALE by CBAU1.N A CO., ?83 We,t Twoltth street. HOBkB AND WAUONH FOR SALE.? TWO TOP AND one light Trotting Wngon Al?o, one "orrcl Mare, aouaif a-d kind, atyliah, and quite fast: about I5ti haods hlijh. Ap ply al Bradh v a atab.e No. S Eji?i Thlrt , :irsi trei-t, near r lrth svenua. HMOR^E WAMAD-ANV (iENTLKMAN THAT HAS A go d reliable f amily Horse frr tale, li> banda high, ?ui table tor a loekawav, and willing to aeii at a low figure, can bear of a purchaser by giving dearriptlon. pr*e and wfc ere to be aeen. Addr?s*A-B Herald oinee. Light waqons.? a larch assortment of wa M gena, with and wl'hout taps, weighing from 1W oounds upwards, made og the best Mlected maierials and or It Mat rat > ems, and ?il! be an d at prices to suit the times, may be fonod at the eld eaiabllabed manufactory. No. 114 Elizabeth atrasL OanUsasaa are Invited le call and ecamlne the sSock Orders for any style of Waguna promptly eiacui JOSEPH if. OODwlN, 114 BUiaboth street FiNT FOB P \LE-A HAND BO ME, FULL BLOODED ? hetl .od perfect In the kl -beet degree, H in.-hes high, lor H mane and tail, nearly 0 < ears old. With s new elde Bad die and ftridla: price $IW>. Address J. S , boi 4dt Nsw Tork Post vlboe. Ti; ANTED -ONE OE A FAIR OF ROAD nORSEH, IT with Wagon, Harness Ac. Will exchange new seven C*?ate Pianos ?i>b .ill the late Improvement*, city make. A,Mr?s* hot 9,S:19 FosloEoe. WANTKt? HOBSES AND WAUONS, SUITABLE FOB aLlscry btable, in ei hangs for unenc imber^l Real I>taie, situated In s prosperous village .u Wsatcneater c iun tj. N T , within a sboit distance of this dly. Apply M let) Mott street, near Broome street. COPAETIERSHIP SI ?TICKS* N HONORABLE, DPR1QHT MAN WANTED TO ?? A um in a manufacturing b.i?ln*?e which la alreely ??tabn<B<d ami lu profptruu* condition, but 1 wUh to ai Una ke but mtK and more capital i* n? iiUxjf d . from ?*?? to ?MO will place tbla bunlnena wlereln tM.MiO * year can be ciTered. ?Hi for caeh and teotited by letter* of pat?nV aod la a tuple tu?ine?f. Call or addreae F. Ue <r>e, 687 Broad w?f, N*w> tmh. ?inn -WANTklt, A GOOD ACTIVE MAN. TO TARE *>IUu, charge 01 a But er ??4 I'rwUioo gtore, aapari ner, 1 ing a large ca?b uade of I rom $'5 to $40 a day; low rent ant! good Hiernr enu 'or a family ; w'll take part catb a* a van la needef Apply on ike r.remiaaa, I0U ?*en>ie D, near KlgBtk at ret. ' J.OftO -rABTMKE wanted, in a cash maru ?T4 vy ? factuilnf bu loiae penuan-ntly aaubliah .1, j?ltn ttnllmlUd eiunar.n; large orfera engaged; paying at Bie rate < ] (.VWUper annum . parfCM aerartfy guaranteed. A Br?n* aleh'ng a reliable kn4naM may apply toT. V. HT ON TON. .IB , M I.lbarty aims (i; 'jr. j t -parts Kit wantsd, with thiT amount, ?rCH-W. In a plewnt bii?ln*a I will atcu-? hi a wllh rtr onalproneny to any eatl.f actory ?monn'. and n?mn?ee blmfl.OWa year: no further capital re.uired ft# Broad | way, torn. U. -I, A -fHi* CA1PH AND ACTIVE PARTNER WAIT# ? It'V. ed, tn a llgH, genteel and eery prifltibie office bualoeae, fully eetaMlahad aai ctmed on rlN: wfl be atenrlaWd with an unaaoartlowal ami re?pon*t>le party. A'ldieae Caahier, ho? 1(? Hyald ndiaa. $600 warned, bti 'he prenen' ?> * ' nan | fei ted. Atbtreae B. Kaa?nuel, ?taitoa B, for three d^jra. DRNTMTRV, VrTiVtCTAI. BONK, FtLLIN^ W* DBOATEI) A Teeth ? Pwt la while eoft. wtflievt preaanre of pain A citing teeth or "ere ah?lle?iai? be ftlled wl-h It by tfcadla ci^arer. JAR PIAMON, M. IK Reouwed to m Broadway, waat ?Me. abo*e Ualon mu?r? ? Ti. Mri,-r** dBAOtr atid wxwow nnnit, iKiiWaatTw? ty n>a?fc atreet, . Between Broadway aad With aeWNe. ? MATItllOIUL. . VMM m an, HAtnmti icrsr efti bnkd ritoM A fkla*. *lal?ea )o l?*m tb<s aon'-xi'tawf w a ypwtahle fonrg !?flr. wIMi n *lew I" IMttMtML Aa ho haa if"l" mur". mrmrt HKH n*?btoat. J**:-** UWH Wartl ? 11 ?ql?t<P T**\ OlHr. If. T, * AATOftEMBArT*. Waulaci-'& TaiAtaa ff BEMFH 01' Hfc i.iBte* flours, AMP LAfiT OP 1MB 4EAJ80H. MU. Wa^ACK ?! 1 make I. ji fHlSt Al'r ii^.AMB Ir ??? yeai \ Mil wfl! W.'tM th-* ? d.enoe oe tho oora?iu U Ut clow of bo m.naH>ti.cfc. c( uc prarul Waltack'a tl'falre kX, L?*TBK w^r.r.A t MU. ICKY. MR PI.akV m:*s oannon, MB. ?*1> OT. M KB VEBNOM. M? B1\N\I^C, M;.-t.s fANBY MORA NT, MB 101 NO M8H. WaLK)T, MK N< Rl^h, tl.no 7HBB. M* VO ir.M, ?5 . BBfcvFH. MR FLO*D M i AKH tw! UA. T B/iUALU? MB. I'AAJCKB. MK fAWLU, MR ( UVEA, ALL A?? BAB.. 1 tw CrcfceeUa vxil- r (be djreou'n of Mr. NU1. I'ooI-'j f'n? CmeO , of AIM "(UN Alio. W-l begWm. ao'tfc." !?.?'. art or Boutclciult'a ercUing aod nUKR^Wtlt MILr.Aak LBAMA 01 JESMS BBGWN By netuuje.. c of '-is oa.cors.ot t'.u; c^'bratei New York B'ate ree:?reri 1H* SEN EM I ?fMH HlfJHLANDBKJ, WLo ba.e (?<< n 'a.- k'ndert in ereat tu the oocaaiju, THIS CK THE MBQIMBNT ft 1U adn to t.if elle?t aad (.ptnt of the AITaCK CM 1 Hi. B&BELB UW belief ok i4u? b&dan pwr, 8/ their imptrinj at.-<v.n f'?'f a opec At 7S- Jo cTOowooe at B. LAVBA BIPNE S THEATRE LAC'KA Hi. ash * TMBATHE ONE HUNDHED Ay^f^Tl^pTVV^ NIOHttL TR2' 1W0 HCNDMEJ A: FO^pT ElOaT THOUSAND TO-NIOHT aui eveiy olgli! i^r 03 toe w. ev, THK SEVEN b(8TEB? SEVJE.S BlsTES* a*t? UNCLE PAM S MAOIC LANTERN. UNCLE i-.sH H MAC. I C LAMBKN. 0!i* AT jl'CC'E?8 or Tin BEAUTIFJL NEW UNION TABLEAUX, TIC * AK2NO OP COLUMBtif 1HE UMON AND It.S PROSPERITY. V AH'NOTCN AND a:s VP. MY crossing the dehwabh. ' hi? j cture, cowpo<*d entirely o? LlfE rtoUBEB. I* '.re of tie meet beaulifui tableaux vlvaut ever wit nested upon the Ametrcin ump C ? . I MB1A AM> COLUMBUS AT WASH INTO S'8 TOMB. THE HAVl'V PLANTATION HOME, THE TaiR1Y ?CUR STaILS tN UNION. CaLHOUNsi DBSAM WASHINQTON S A&mV AT VAiO.ET FORQB. THE DESOLATION OF '.ilE UNION. in t. APOTHEOSIS OF WASHINGTON, ANU Til* UNION. Ami cundudtat with the fi*nt neeae. THE BiBIH OF THE BUilEBFLV IK TrfA BO\v ER or FEBNR r.nn oliclf ?*?;> m?> '*>mc red rne wtxtk In xlrsnre I'<KTHoren ?t7? cmmenc# ?( 7', ooi<?k Pert or m*uce? te w>i|.?ie kt 'U o titjvk M it* AOBLINA bPBBAN'/.A'g ?)AAM> CoMOkR T Wili uott po.itiv.-ly take place at IRA 1X1 BALI., ON THl'JBDAV EVEN (NO, M?/3. MI. SB ADBLINA HPERAN7.A Wtl! be Ai^Kied Lj the lo lowing artlato Mmc ASSt'NTA BPERaN/.A, cootmlln: Blgnor LOTTI, tea i Ugnor Ptr.BI, butliHie (hit Uit appeartocei; ifigcor dUBINt, ba <o; Mr. APPT, TtoilnUt; Mr. BICHAXD HOFFMAN, pttaMt; y r. R. VILA NOVA. A'eiaadre Organ. 1 he vhola under the direction oCHlgaor 1?, 8PBBANZA. liiket* One Dollnr each. To be kad at C. Bretuiag'i, 701 Bioadway, and other f ria ( pal muaic atorei fcl.OllEON, 5U? BEOADW1V- MAI^DEON NO. M9 BLOSEON, att i H way. MBL? DEvjN, M9 Broadway M t , OI BON. M9 Buadway. MELOUSOlf. ki>0 Broadway MJ LOLEON.fM Eroadwey. MM.'DBON, 5,fl B'way ? MODI! Oft. BW Broadway. MBLODKON, 539 il'war MBLODBON U9 Hroadway. MBLODKON. M9 ?MFLOUEON, V? Hroadway. MBLO.ISON. m MBLODBOS. b. <3 troatwaj. MBLODBOm, M9 MBLODBON, r a# Broaaway. MKLOJBON, M9 MELODEOA.iliS Br?a4?ajr. MKLuuEON MELODEOH, K-.9 Nroadway. MEl.'iDBON MEt.OLEO>.5M?Hroa way. MKLODSON MEi'UD&ON MELODBON " CONGt.tr HALL. PIONZEB CONOEBT HALL Or tje VTo-Id. MFL0DB0N,"fti9 BJBOADH AT. B?twren Ptwirg and PHoaeatreei* It K not (iaimtd for the Mp.odeou that it U pwticularly OBI AT, bat It la rlaimrd tbatlt ii the oldrn flargeit, beat ventilated ai.d moat pouu'ar plart of AMObKMENT IN THE WORLD. . It Unot ?pALjL0K of loou^q OLA88ER, Yft it if fleets ihe BEAUTY OF NATURE, Ai exhibited by the tioupe of LOVELY IOUKQ I.ADIES YVho eompoee tbe ballet compant and vocalhts. Nfitler la it required or umxaaaiy for mtrrora to be placed at mrh analea aa TO MULTIPLY THE AUDIENCE. Andn-aVe one hundred four I old. But It la claimed that the moat TALENTED COMPANT In New Yoi*, iepr*??n' a programme nne<(nalled.foT length, kdentlfle aojK in'.njeuU attended with beautiful noen>-ry. I Ainorg thei'xmpi'nT tasaged will b<- found thenamea of oe let rated art late, who have juat landed from Hotel, In Chatham e'.reet. Other*, who bare arrived fr.<m ?d ? ?tofitrttJfmt.fc ln f,<,, 1WEBNEY B la a ponular u'aee with all the male member* of the eompany, who. * ben ibey need r< fre?bmenta, the amount aad certain ly of their salary enable them t;> go to ' BABANET'S Alihouch It ia not slaimed tba' ihe m?mberaof the com pany atou'd all have Jnii landed and atop a'. itWEENBT'B, ^ . A cn.bata from Oermany, . .jn.naau ln>m rniaala, *, ' ble'm from H'teala, Magirlana f rom India. Y.jralieta from Bngland, Dan?en?e froai Franca. and proroJmtit otara from Spain, Denmark, and even Tur key can be found on the bl'la, vti:? y' ThK ORPIN FAMILY, Mi?a Fanny Fori e*t, Minx Blink, Ml?? Kn'e Pennover, Mtaa Jonea. Mlf a Adele Ca<la, M1*h Entlae, M las 8<>t>b la Walton, Mtaa Bane, Mine Kelly Oray, Mtaa Love. Mi-aA. birHh, _ Ml? McCarthy. THE WORLD RESOWNFD DE>?ZEB BBOTHBRfl H. Bounarv, R. Hoyt, C. McMlllon, M. Bu'ton, Pail Cane. R. Yoke, (J. o. Warren, L De Van. L Andemm. Mr. Amea, \c , Ac. lAat week of the cea braird CKIlIN FAMILY, who will appear In a n-.iu.'ier of iheir une<|iuMed ? erforman en. N. B.? Great pleasure Is taken in annonnring to the pub'le the arrival ol MR A MRH. COl'NT DE BANO WHA.NH, mm Jera? j Cit?. The? ate now atepplng at SWEENEY'S, acd will make their flrat npuearante on MONDAY. MAY t , being lor tb? BFNEFIT OF THE ORFIN FAMILY, ard p<?IHvely their last appearance in New York. W1L/L CLOHK WBDNBHDAY. HAY 1, ? IBB HEART OK I^HB A?6k8," At Low a Building, Corner of Cutirtand Jorakmun Htrneta, Brooklyn ?*(K. iA* COW ELL. JY| i fc t it eat cat and moat ori final MUSICAL COMKIilAN AND OOBlC V03AU8T The world baa i?? prq? C p?rn lila BOCCOtR PANtHlOK ?wj rwilgf, At tM Broadwayf oppotlte B?1 drw. Mr. COWXLl.'S POPULAR DHAWINO ROOM CONCERTS Are patronlr'd by 'bertrat ramlliea in ihcclty. Poor* open at ball pant 7 Concert begin* at g o'clock. Admlaaion 2b ccntl. R*eerred acaia tu ocnta Iifbll&i J. NKWhllAM, Minager. XI MW lOHB BRJTINH TOLT^IMRs! IN BEOIMBNTAL ORDER Dr*ll will take place ibla day rYueaday), at IS M, 4 1*. M. and 6 r. M By order of eomnsandluc oftcor JOHN HABI.F, A'ljn*an?. LlAtYL* MINftTRBLS, LLOYD'b MIimTRBLII. LLOYD H B1MHTRELM. NIRI.OS SALOON. NI BLfVS SALOON. TBI BEST BAND IB THE WORLD. YHB BRUT BAND IB THR WOflLD. rue.. MR. nlNBT react, Tbe popular tenor. 'bB wltJoS: Tbe rhuapWi Cloi Dtncm". Wambuld, Btdaus, Blrck, Tow, J&laa, Cool White, and aU Door* ope* at 7; commence at R ticket* t& eenla rrrfiATRlCAL NOTICE- REMOVAL -T;H a 8. THOU. 1 Fantaa, draaaMe acaat; MtaiMitud IflM r**peet?tt?y Infnma ike proration tkat oa and after tke Utof May, bla oflloe will he at No. 16 Bart Boveton rtraet, near Brnadway ; cat ranee h> Nuiement. Homra of buatnaae from 10A. M. to I 1*. M. Latter* to be addreaaad T. 0.. bat U U. ITLLIWIKT, AC. ifim MAM, wwhiBi'mit iiAm>yiBTjijbh b?y*n dfpattefn Bonnet* a INM tndonement wfll be iff <t+i aa? na ormllaily Invitee an taapMMm of h?r ? b for* pr raharlec etac wWr?, confldeat that hi i?aipm U> at.H ?**? atd faehton her '?iabltahmant will ba found >torlr%" ? I ft I "?nadwar, between *Prtnf and Friaa* aireeta, In a Ml ?.-?? '*'** K? Km IS* AO*. N9 Brivlwey Atrrsr.mcwr*. \IT!>TtR OUOSII Tf fcM'O ?D MUBT OS the fcUhMkK K b ? OK aoJ of IM ftfgngroK u. o' t&o betuUfttt aud brUU*?t coate lieiiu*; MfU. ,'OHN WOOD 4MB (he adttMfcbte erroe.li*e, Mi<- JOKKPH J*FFERbr>N. ? bo vill ***??* ia two o ' itu* t? iNtt6t> iu wfclch tUW U*1 aba m. a unf/irca k ini ch DBLKHfi Hit) JENKT LiND ??KMEBT, a?.) ., . THK GOVERNOR'S WIPE ?Nsoof Lind Mr*, Io4q %/00i witt tm ceiebraiec lmlt*iR an of Brtaioil Amodio

Lagnngf, Ae. Oiaahy Oag. . . t.L v ...... . . . v Mr Joseph Jeffersou w4ih hi* wWmu. d down After which. tte Ugroarious comedy of THE Oi.VianO?h W1PB. l*M? BHgg* ,. Vrt ?obo Woo* Sbert... .ijm. ???:?? l;--* ? ???? _!??? Mr Jeaeph Jeffewou "???'? Daehtat. J. H ttmddsit, Marlowe, John* ua tad Mr*. Ctuwf mi In the u*t BW BOWK** THEATRE ?We |?ro|>i ietorn tf. L Koi ft J. W. Llngaed. lueedajr, AjtI! SB, 1W1 BENEFIT OF *HB BAM i LIES Of VOUJNTEKRA The interned Arl<?t, MR r H UHANFaAO; "Mi' lavortte Aetor, ??t K. JOHNaToVf. Al4 ?!< the company, h*vp kind!? given i heir services tAe letaiiAble ( omnliM>4 of the School i* an u pr^ah. CbMlM Oeytor'a Onion SperUcleof 'IHK SIAa.s A.OII oTRIfEB OB, THE PATRIOT'S lBEaS: fiftafcepere's PhwhIj or kaihekine and PsrBucaio. And the eom!c Fnioe of 8IATE 8BCPET.H N* BABNHM '8 AMERICAN MUSEUM IS THE FAVORITE xewwt Ume st?rKn* time*. I* the BRKT fuel- IN Tile. C1TI TU SBB THE MILITARY, also (he beat placs or atnusen em In the cmotry. (HYING A UUFATKR VARIETY than any oiber establishment known. THE 1>?AM.?'I1< PERFORMANCES ALONE axe every way eqral lu those given at other uUc? whaee tba pr*ee of adnilaaiiiu ta Just double? to u; notbln i of the mill. Utude of UvtaKWonderaend curlnaim*. which now laolnde THE OLD WASdlNGTON FLAG, raised on the Battery by order of General Waahlnarton at the EVACUATION BY TOE BRITISH TROOPS, HERE TlRItS BACH, THE LION TAMEB, With OLD APAM8' Uan:lQ? kd<1 i'piiormios Bean. "1HE GREAT ttltlZZLY MAMMOTH BEAR SaMMOB, THE GBBAT LIVIKG ULAOK SEA LION, TbE CELEBRATED S\ns8 BEARDED LADT, MU? E. REED, the LlLIf UllAB gUEBB. TBE REMARKABLE ALBINO FAMILY^ THE CVRlODN AND AMUKIBG WHAT IS ITf Till WWPERKuL L1VTBQ HAPfT KAMiLT, f HB DEN OK LIVING MONHTBR SNAKES, THE LIVING > EAL. f?l,COO OCRlOHITOtS, *c. Mile. DEL BONI'E, Up Fortune TeUer. Tbc new tad tpleudld Di.ima. OAPITOLA: or. TIIK llKIRE?Sof the BIDDEN HOUSE. EVERY ATTRHNOON AND EVEKINU this ?ift at 3 and 7 M o'clock. Admlaulou a& Mill. Children under 10, 13 BETANTS' MINSTRELS. Mechanic* Hull 472 Broadway, abovw Grand atreet. Monday, April 18, and every rrening during the week. THE KbGGED PATH: OB, THEY WOULD BE SONS br MALTA. Norton. N?il and Drii Biyaiit *h the oandldatea. Aynatey Cook, the great bairitone, In new Mtladx. Billy I. O. V. GrNpevine TwUt Dr. Tumbleln outdone. DAT'8 WHATS DE MATTER. Doora open at 7 ; curtain i-l?e* at a o'clock. Tfcketa 25 oanla CANTERBURY Ml'8IO HALL, CH,. H ROADWAY. TO-NIGUT, MONDAY, APRIL ?, TO NIGHT, MONDAY, APRIL W. KIRrtT APPEARANCE KlltST APPEARANCE OK MR. AKD MRH. SWEENEY. MR. AND MRS. SWEENBY, MR AND MRS BWEENEY, MR. AND MM. SWEENEY, MR. AND MRU gWKFNBY, MR. AND MRS 8WBBNBY, MB. AND MRS. fcWEKNEI, MR. AND MRi. BWBENEY, MR. AND MRS. SWEENEY, MR AND MRS. SWEENEY, ME AND MltS. BWBENEY, MR. AND MRU. SWEENEY. MR. AND MRS hWEENEl, MR. AND MRS. HWf f!? A25 MKB 8W F K>*v. mr. and Mrs. swebney; MR. and MBB. 8WEBHEY, MR AND MRS. SWEENEY MR. ANB MRS. iWtENEY, MR. ANU MRS. SWEENEY', MR" A2? J!RS- iy*BNBY, MR. AND MRS SWBENEY IS- *?R iwEENEY, MR AND MBS. SWEENEY! MR AND MRS NrRENET, MR. AND MRS. SWEENEY *5- *2? WRJJEY, MB Alio MRS. 8WEF.NET, SC its i& iittill i5:tSB!S; sSISS55' si: ? m illsR: St m s? s , *11. ABD MltS MB. AND 41 K8 aWBEfiBI ', M R AND MRS. SWEENEY", MB. ANDARS. iWEBMBV. MR. AND MRS. BWBENEY, ' thk Mom CKUtnnaTr.D { itOMU! Dl'ET SINOFRS I'tiMlC DI ET SINGERS lallieworll enaa?ed In Europe nt an Imtnenae expeDM. ex ixeaaly lor Ihia MtaUlabment. Alas FIRST APPEARANCE or BENBJCO K1NU lARDO, HENRICO KINGCAHOO, HENRICO KINO' aRDO, HENUIOO EiNuM/ARDO, .1. R. BAN KINS, I R 1LANKINS, J. R. HAN KINS, JlSD TH* RURDEAB BBOTBERH, B< RDEAN BROTHERS, BUHDEA* BKOTBEKB, BI RDBAN BROTHERS, JOHN AND IIEVRY, JOHN AMD HENRT. THE MOST CELEBRATED llYMNASTS 1? THE t'OUNTRY. J. H. OGDEN, J. H. 09DBN, J. H. OGDEN, J. H. OGDEN, J. H. 0<IDBN. J. H. OtlDEN, J. II. OGL'fcN, J. H. OGDEN, J. H. OGDEN. J. H. OUDBN, The Irish Ambassador, as usual. Second week of BYRON CHB18TT, BYRON CHRISTY, BY BON CHRISTY, la ble original stomp apeech of "Dat's what's de matter." Third week of AONES SUTHERLAND, AGNES SUTHERLAND, AGNEH SUTHERLAND, AUNES .SUTHERLAND, AGNES SUTHERLAND. AOMEH SUTHERLAND, THE SCOTTISH NIUHTINHALE, THE SCOTTISH NIGHTINGALE, In new songs every night. MUe. MARIETTA, M'.le. MARIETTA. Mile. MARIETTA, late leading danseuce of the Ravel troupe. Also, THE MOST EXTENSIVE BALI^T CORPS IN THE COUNTRY. Ooeoftbe main fraiure* of the CANTERBURY le it? celebrated Orrbestra, under the leadership of Mr. DAVID BRAHAM, numbei lag 18 pieces. numbering IB pMcee jconca. The celebrated Carlo Family are engaged, and will make heir first sppearance oeit Monday. KOX A Cl'RRAN, Proprietor*. 4 MERICAN MUSIC HALL, A 444 441 414 Broadway. 444 444 44 4 RrMAwnr. THE GREATEST ENTERTAINMENT IN THE WORLD. 444 I u *<Med oilier name* to their long list of alenled P*r rwian. 444 tbioib? all the beet Talent in the country. At 444 we <o not allow our audience to rcilect on mirror*. 444 doei not adrerti?e their mirror* or revolrlnf chairs, m acne of oiil I ival* of mall note doe? At 444 ?*e have Talent tme jeelled, en ? rjy itnceaning. we have a refined and faitldloug public to cater for. At 444 we haw tiwty* and will tn-r bo op to the iWrit of the *ft. BEAD OCX LIST or FEATURES 8AM bORO, ?am lokq, ham U>NU. The treat Clown and Comic Sinerr H. BUDWORTH, J. B. Bl'DWOBTH. J. H HUDWOITH, The celebrated Etb*ni?n Comedian. C11ABLET WHITE. ?HASLET WH1TK. CHARLET WHITE. The renowned d'llnnator and eveiybody'a favoritA ADD WEAVER AND MASTER BARNEV ADD WEAVER AMD MASTER BABNEY. ADD WEAVER AMD MASTER BARRET. JBNKT ENOF.L, JLNN T ENOEL. _ IENNT ENQEL, The accomplished Voc*ll*l. w. bo i> worth w. budwobtk, Vn h?# treat and unequalled ban to loloa. BILLY UUINV. R1LLT (JTTIMN, Hi hie great Hump apeech R. har? R HART. la bii aong and 'lane*. mi E ?? 1? hie aveal centum ball featA WONH. VELARDE AMD MLLE. CLARA, ?IONS VELARDE AND MLLE CLARA, 1MB GRBAT SPANISH DANCERS. THE URBAT BALLET TROUPE. HALLET TROUPE. BALLET TROUPE. CoBPCitd of flrr. data dencet*. THB best OB? TIBSTRA OECHBSTBa IN THB C1TT. IN TUB CITT. t Oder i be iead*r*Un of MR F. viW ALKBR. A !?orovKhh?*i mtiateiMi t ih? jam Kiule. whose abiliue* we leaee with oor frteodi itnd nitron*. the vert many *o>U ntlma* overture* *?d oatohiru little melodtw tntrodwoed \rj t.bie?entieman and bl? ald? nave been one of our ti'*ate*t feemree, wbkh (uceese h*? cauaed tu to unbhuoa tke name of VAN ALKBR aaoaeof the beet leaden is America. ADMISSION: Parqnet, 30 cent*; Oaterj, io or?t*. Private Bote* for FaiallR*. RO OBERT W. RCT1.EB, M*na#er and Proprietor. Marom b thomas' sixth and last soibbb WOJ Miiicn a* Dodworth'a Ball TPRmDAV h< KNlNO. April ? A Voartei'e ia B fat major, by leethor ea : a Soeate r?* ?1?>I'D, by Tanlcl, and a Ouaiielte tn B 1at major, for piano, one and t we tWIm and vmllneeiln, by Schniaaaa will be per. ftiWd 1 cketeeoe >v,;ur To r?.n.meiMe at ? o'olnefe. D?or* npea a? 7 !+ Tie treed plam forte will be fuu.Uhed h? Nteiawav A H<ma i HE NOBTM. ' <"HCRCH'S PICTP1E I0V RfMI, TikU/ikii for the beiwIK't the Patitetie Fend, at (JoopM'i 77 .t f<. ?d??T, I. MtC^URF fav'*?tr THE WAR. Important from the ^ South. Vetjr ln<tr?*tii>K from Hffl aacoltt. South Side View of Oar Na tional Trouble*. ABBAfGII StS rOB PRIVATEERS, Stentnets and Sailics Vessels Fitting Out to Prey upoa Northern Commerce. NUMBER OF TROOPS AC RICHMOND, Harcbteg ?C bettors Tfcragti the Hotitk Towards (be Ntrth, ktM kf., kf. from the south. THE FEELING IN THK SOUTH. Wo learnel yesterday tint totters tad btwu received by the proprietors of several of our principal hotel*, from Southerners living in the cotton growing States, astflug whether It will be sate for them to bring their families North to New Voile. This ia a signidraut fact, and clear - 'y proves 1 ha imat exaggerated accounts bive been given to the Southern newspapers of the condition of the things in the North, and alio the feeling with which the people of the seceded SU'e-i are legarded by tbelr North orn brethren. THE KJtCITKMENT AT THK FUTI! AVRNUK KOTKT.. I Jifct Wednesday evening Mr. Birneoa Draper read a despatob at Ibis hotel which he had that day raceived from his correspondent, announcing the wife arrival of the Seventh regiment in Washington. <>0 prev<o?s even logs despatches had bee 1 read l>y other gentlenaeu wheu their contents where bm-Ii as to interest the Ur^e Lumber of pentlemen who are to be found more every night, but On lhursday evening I art tbe Kjkitiia of this aotei were astonished to observe tho following notice posted up In the bar-room, reading-room and the vestibule NOTiCI. The comfort of the guests and tbe proper transaction of tbe butiuessof the house, are considerations which prompt the proprietors to respectfully 1 fluent that there be no speaking In this hall. OUR SPECIAL CINCINNATI C< ) RHUS PON* ? DENCE. Oim uisati, April 'M-, lrtfti A Hying Try throHijk Alabama, U'.rgta and Outer SiAithern St tei- l'olitical Prrlivo of the Projiir?Sot ,'im-nt Toir<ti Jt tkf tleraW ? AxmtVnui of Vci'inhmt? \S'hat Jtoj Say and Think? Plan* of Jeff. Da*i;? Hragg t Annu at tort Pi> keni ? Pmjtotiiitm of the A" O. C?. ? Offrtw of Mm from T<nn*u*' <*?'! Hi tonri ? Speech or Col. Icipl, of Murouri ? Travlla ? from tht SVorth, dc. , ?ft . rft 'Mie hist time I wrote lo tbe FT? a' ? from the Sooth was about one week ago, sines wbic.b time t have been constsntly travelling through tbe States of i.eo.-gu, Ala boina. Honda. Tennessee and Kentucky; b?:t as all tele graphic and postsl facilities have been positively pro hiblted Northern newspaper correspondents by the Con federate States government. 1 have been uo.ilile to chronicle events as they have transpired In my letter dated Favaxitmb, Ga , tho l'Jth t??t , m which 1 warmly and briefly alluded to what seemed to n.e th? sll-por vading sentimeutof Ibe people of the South in the pr Hen. political crisis, tho principle upon which it stau Is, an t Its determination to resist what an/ be tormed a viola tion of those principles of the new Southern government my opinion wis then based upon con', enations wita eml> nent men of Savnnnah who assured me th it tue ?eutl. ments therein contained were nlwr-d by the ?Dtire Suite of Georgia, and, indeed, throughout tbe new Southern confederacy. Proceeding lystematijally it tny uarntive or event*. I would say that It ?u after I arrived South that tho HKR.ti.n lent It* whole aid to the pwaent national administration n its e.Bjrts to rruab out bold anarchy acd rebellion. Tlionee of this fact came upcn the Southern peop e like a tb tnderMt, and lla leading men appeared more like men (loomed to be banged, by tboir elongated countcoancw, at what they choeetocall an abandonment of its 8jutherr> pnoclplee Tbc newt of tbe fact referred to w a not only ootijmdi cated through tbe ordinary channels of information, tut was telegraphed 10 every import, ? -it city an1 leading politician in tbe South The latter seemed aa though they bad kat their bent friend, with this excepting, that bitter curate and opprobrious epithets fell <>cm th^ir lipe, with all sorts of threats of annihilation. Interaction, tie. ('reeling from Savannah through thecea'rai part of the Slate of Georgia, putting through Xoocn, Columbus bmI other lurge cities nod towns tow.irds Montgomery, 1 carefully examined into tho political sentiments of tiie p<opleas I jTogregned. I found un my tour, and very shortly alt or I left Savannah, that tbe sentiment of tbe pcfj le of the latter city, and which seemed cool >nU <ie fibtiating. was entirely of another type In tbc interior of Georgia Ciow<.'s of people at every station on the route arermb'ed as each trsin arrived to hour the laUst bevi : but their whole and entire principle waa , to annihilate the damn<d YaLkees forUiwitb, at all b*- i rarda, in ord? r to put <owr what they i-erm an Intcrfe- I rctce with their local rgbte and ir.stitutiona. They i s|?:ke of UtcgiBfi the Northern people with aa miM'.hcontl- j d?nce as tbo'gh it were a feat oaay of accompiiahment, and that the North was merely living on suiterance. To att*mpt ta combat any of tbeie erroneous irapreesioos would have been like throw id* a firebrand into a powder n.iig.'/tL'- . aa I would not have been permitted to hate ?an <1 a profHaition without incarring the hot displea sure of men who seemed to look u[>on Northerners, of j whatever polttiCiUtentimi'nta, In the lightot' radical aboli | ilonista, not to be tolera'ed nor permitted to live. My , ourney frtm Pavaiuah to Montgomery, a dtstauce of j ocarly four hundred miles, wa* tysntfol, a. id one which I i wball Lever f' rget. Every pass ng train of cars seen: ed , u> have a lesaer or gtenter numoer of newly raised volon- ! Utr troops, who, acting under orders of President Davis, were wend log their wsy Awards Washington or Rich mond. to take part in the combat, which, I am arsvrtd, will positively occur within a few weelu. I i tefer to Prsaident Davis' <le? ent upon Washington city. 1h?te in* n seemed tome to have come principally from i the jeomanry of the< ouutry , w >ioee MMS RM boni? I ?j up uniforms, conrrn language nod inveterate loro of *h?key. combined to Impreaa a atruncer w.tb istonlsh ment snd dlfguat. The grholo tendency o( tbelr conver sation t imed npon a loudly expressed hatred of evarvtblng and everybody from tbe North. President I mcohi and bis administration were partavilar'y spoken of in no complimentary terms, and a promise wan given or w and then frcm a stentorian veice that be would seslp them before tbe Fourth of Ju'y, in the city of Washington They spoke of >fortherners u ir tbey wero m*r? potpetn, who were to be as readily put out of exlat erce as n lijuirrei from the riflo of a good marksmao. They boasted of their superiority and prow* In invks ?ratsblp, and tn< ir perfect rxinfldeaoe to wak Into W.-wh irptrn city , when the appointed t ime will havo ooase, with ae trnch esee and iMWam aa would be enjoy*! In a coon hunt. Tbe drill of the conversation of thee* president ela??rs seemed to me lo be the inspiration or liMolse of the whiskey Jug, devoid of tbat coolness and ?libera tkh which lisure suocees On reach log Montgomery I found the hotels filled with afraogtrs, subdivide! Into office seefters and military aa piranie, from tb" grade of filibusters to the more nxora piisbed in the art of arms. I vwrybidy seemed to have si me military title, from high private lo Major General, principally of the higher grades. 1 found Prsnldsnt Davi* fab'net 'n pmfn?itd stody ovr the fotore conroe of % ti<?. Of courte, their proceed Inge wero to them atrlotV secret, but emmgh wonld transpire now and then to g'" tbe kucwlrg rnes si'Ulclent information thatsnmegrW Bpovmont was on foot, and that nothing more nor 1wm than the captnre ?| the city of Wasblngtor The plau has ??en decided, and witl be attempte.1. This step I may ?0tm rs?h on the part of rretldcnt farla to Northern readws-. yet If thev oruid htit understand the precise 1 MtHnett of the Vnass of the thioklng people of the Hontb. they wteiid st onc^ reiltse the oe<*wsityof 1 ll>r measure and ^nh n full 99nfldeoc? 9( iuce??i( ia or flu to ret><i>. e ? kg CpaA4#ttg > 43 ibe ^Xk^'X add'. ? v ti,<Uiaa of i >v'ao' ji'itUirn repiMic. Afceaif tki ???'.? t7v(i i-j i/f tend* iu.!e -ir.m9 i ? h*?r? (kmhom t>i t^e Scj .u , Made o ' ?l: k:ada iu-. I'oo.imWh*:. ' -?J 'stairst* are ieg^ct.1, witu uo t~rw tar ttl.cf, but r?li.-r >i j rOt>:iIi:l!ty jJf a hOCCeUtM Of "Utl ?n'4trfbiiMu|) Ti ? i.. 'to but * few omUu b?w?' iLe .-jcthrrn republic is a .?'*!e of aanrhj The Mr i titi*: of the groat (i'.UUiI fc> :.'Lo4r to th<! iujH'O ?el' ' ntfcl (lave, aa.; ? ufUdag gg ths ;u?m, ?hi> . a . e*;-nD?oW< Opp rtuutty ?U.t 'j Ct'OiW', iS Uwfca# cpoi with #i*i si lb.' policy of tbe S"ith >c-3 t? Im tbe cwi'i* ?eg ?til sedition of the Mexican territory, r3r which tar:? abJ hi* (hbliiet a. r now .'LteitaioiE.; (do oropotu <">u of Ceudikl CUiitoc, of tLe Knights of the Golden Otr ? cw, rtw piOftPres to raise aa<i eipiip twenty th hwaad ? ?*-. ?t hia own expei.#* for ft pro r*u of the cwxju we* i *rU>ry. Heeoodly, a ainiiia.- *i propriatioe of AmaraMB t rr tw?> ' wdrrtug o-i the Statu of Texa>. for whj.fi Geo. Rrgti t-, of tint 9tai<> . has made a proportion atmtlw te >u*4 of Gen. l-'tl'.ton. These mnvenieiUa ere t > be ai<.U ot oec.v and tbe leaders prom^e I >acrctn;>i.? i ibeai wlJ* O'A kcivaiftfig iti any w?v the nuiveiueale of lite aaw 8 xWwiru g'ivet-nmeut. C?cr?i i>'u.o, of Tet!iie.-se<> h%.< another p * i. nal wfi ch l ?tt fl3?uied u but an ei^ar^.'meot of ta? a?ir tie* oi. h plot iiaugtusted kt Italt.nore, In which hi pN p B>8 to B(tu a body or tvr> tho-i-aad deaperadoee, ar jifciet afrit*, to be curuiatai in portiJOJ of Mary bod tea U-" Dotnct ot Ommbltt, to ?cl m ap.e.4 ?ad to ?????? otly oiurder tae leadir} mm of the Ca:ted H>alM C mtwMt. Ci'kiuel Todd, of M!.-? ?url, cu at MontfMiMr j i?0t wtek ait tbt* special euroy from the Ooverow of Mm - ?'c, to ten Jw tbe eerricos of two tbo- wod MlaaouriaM to tba Oo? fed* rate StktM. Tbe offar waa accepted, and lodil ruturim' h^ine iu great ^lee. At A'fanlk, Ueor it, t? ?- te-'ow was introduced to a !arge crowl at tl?e r?i it ad drpot by Mr. Yauvey . He gave vent to bla bad tm pti o n moki blaspbeoaoua tir*je agaiost all dystonia af tnw Hoa or ef , aod waa pai ticulaity bluer In apeafcwg pf <h? Auieiican tl?g. Hia latigt'jige waa foul mouthed, fea atoi'Ot.B and poattWeiy fau->e, >i t it fouad apptaudara huinng bla kcdirLce. l*?e<-ido?.t Puv\a ib act rataUig tro >iw vith tbe alaarlty be outtcipated, although be will aoon bare a larga ooa cectratioc of them near Washington. lu rcgaru to Foil l'vokfoa ajid Petikacola I am ab t ta ?ppi>k poclilvelr. 1 hvt cearly a' cumpliahed my looraegr ibillifr, acd was witbio sixty miles ol my deetioatMa, I'avel'irg iuc.'gaito, wb?a my mUsion wa? su. pected, aad I WktffalJ t>.> a aooocratie coiuai.ttee. I had prtvfouKly learned, hjwevr, that Oeoetai Rragg bad Ml |Md? ib> MM oo Korl Pb BMH, nor d.d lie ritead to. am ill** contrary, sitco the relnlori i meet of Fort Plckeas aad tbe tH8\:Luiig of tbe command of that wark by il?jor Bkwii, Bragg bw been dtv<|>kiriag ef aiiccep-i. Hia resources both In ariuiitry iui ii'OO have beta gioal Iv e.\ iggoiatiid, ai 1 Ud bat il? tnatrd to bis a.<vi?eifl Cut Lie -e not ab e to an-iMnpliah auyib'i c for tbe present. Hs h* tberefoM iiveu ord-?'< and made ixeparat'ooft to art on tbe d -'euai vw. H?a tioops aie ulter'y demoralized I woull aute tbat, ?in<..'g ttrsiig's rtiit' ci rjw ia a battaaon of >*?4 li rti.i. wto wi re liberated by t;ov Moore ou C3udition ttaef aotild .iota tbe army. Tbe^e fellow* are un ler Uw coaa a>aud ot a dare devil, uamed Major Ren lane Voaey A" I ?taU-d In u tulfgr:kpbic despatch. It ia very uamf? forNoitbern people to tiavel :u tl??- South. Vi?iu mum' mittees are formed In all the gre.it towna, wtio a h>8itin <h eepieuage up< n all airangere. Several la Siant outrage* upon Northern |vsople were told ma, irfctdh icpi?v n totul depravity on t lie p*rt of the a^ t >r I fball write further narticufars in my n >xt. f ntaaM via it Indlaaapolia ou Mouday to inbpect tUe great IniiMn niiMtarv encampment. NEWS EROM PENSACOU. Ol'R PKN8AC0LA CORUfcSPONDBSO*. Pwmwu, Vi?., Hprll 19, MM. * ilti*mer.k 'J Cr.it' i Slot** /fed? f 'lay of Tr*ct it tut Pickens Two Uuitod States war vefaels tave put to sea. Tin ikot wm probably informed or tbe secession of Vlrgtate to-day. There aae many Virginians in (be fleet, ft *? Mippoeed tbe ships will put into Norfolk for a uutrbor. Captain Vearaon, for many year* sailing tnaater ta War riDgton Navy Yard, went to Fort Pickens to day with ? tt?g of truce. Subject of visit uot tranapir^l. There nre thre Hritlah fhip" In p"rt, via: ? The niatiley, Higb>.iDd Mary aimi Coufcut. strange to Mgr, thore ii uo British Ooua>;l in i'ciikacola, wboreoae la uuua n? . iied at tb.a time. Mr. Wm. II Judah uc e l aa Vioa i <?< ?sl lor the Uritlvh governmei.t for a numb?r of year*. < mill (he t ome government retclnded the emolumeMsog 'heoOire and made it eae of Ubor without r tcootpaaaa, ? hen Mr. J declined further service. There are ?'paaiah, Mexican and Braailien Vice Conauls here. I be appetracce of a Freuch, K/gHsb or flpaolak MM M hourly anttolpated off this harbor. Ibe war star rages, and bo one can predict tbe r'aMt. Pnumu, April 14, IfM. /nti-fti fer.ee qf the nV of Fhri Sumt-r?fton feyiM ? 4r ftt of a Nei'i./->ye Carres i*m lent ? Reinfnr,* iniMl t* tl" Confederate Arm ?; ? Movtvi nts of the t'nitri JMlW Fleet. ?B? , <fc This city was thrown Into an Intense atate of esoita ia?iit to day by the arrival of a telegraphic Ueapatcfc t* Mr. Baron, of the firm of Judah k Le Baron, m* no memg the aorrecdcr of Port Sumter. Crowds war rounded tbe telegraph oftlco for hcurs,and a copy of UM de*patcb b lag placed on a bulletin, It was copied aad reooplcd, and carried poet baste through tbe adjaceat oouatry. the jjyfol lutelllgence was received with ? tb n>la*tlc cheer* by every car load of troopa aa Ukagr arrived. Ibe eogerntfs for an asaauH on Fort Tickcna la ioematog hourly, and It Ift not only from day to day, luffrea bonr to hour. that, tbe order for tbe attack Is Expected M be given. Whether Gtnaral Bragg tblnks hioMelf atroac enough to r.?k ati attuck at present reals with aimseM. Re will act witb vtg, r whou be do?a act. A correepondeit ol the Pema xila iMnrier was placed under a'rfB'. to day, by order of tieneral Hragg.for ha prudently dlaelca.Dg tuwe of the General a designs to tb* em my through the cr.'.umus of a newspaper. The corraa potdent was bronibt up from Warrington, whleto ?a about six milea from {'ensacula, and Oeoeral Bisgg s he?i)(|ukrtera. In iharge of a guard of N aw (trU ans /ouavrs The s<)l<llery and t^ot?le were mueh In eused against bira, ?ad It was Tear" J at one time ha would l> mobbed. He waa, however, aeot uader a guard of I oar of tbe i*eusa<.ola tr<?op? to MoM g'tterv, wtere his case will be dlapoaad of tiy the gor?rcmont Newspaper correspondents haw ta to be careful, and properly it>, for tbe country is now la a ftate of war. Two ditachments of a ?p.'endid regiment of '/ooavea from Newilrlenra arrived today, tinJer command of Capt. Howard /achary, wtu spoKe in ooaaplimeatary terms of tbe llKUMit. Capt. /acbary brought uia command overland rroM New rrleane. dofog about forty live milea marching oa tbe way, and piesenltog bis n.ea to ?ien. Bragg fraab aad ta t;p lop i-onu.u. n Am. ng .ba letacbmoni are a aaai irf r of French '/. >uav?a who foight In the llillaa war, aiid w ?ra ? ?tlngu!"tei at Mfartno T wo more eompa ?iea of Acuavee aie expected from New Orient*. Ite government at Moatgemary i? overwhelmed wHIt ofera of tro <pe, an<t th^ai ti.e private secretary of tbe Secretaiy of War, Mr .I J. Hcoper. ta kept oooatantly busy wnting letters declining the offers. Tw j cimpa niea were cflerfd from Minneiuta It is reported ibat about i hundred troops from th9 l aited fUUs Keel obUised entranoe to F??rt Pickeaa a few nigbta ?g-i by lanJu.g oo Santa lloaa faland. The Biovftnenia ot the reel have b. en regarded lo dar witk f'Ukpb oo. Tlie 8 tie klyn has haul.-d la shore, far the {?ryggf, probably, of getting a belter view of what (ieueral llra.g is doing. Ibe Sabine has dropped below, nearer to Von !'<cker.s The W) aadot is bobbiag thoat, . wit* b like. POSTSCRIPT. Pbmwu, April 31, 11M. SI?jOr Brad.'uril a c ^maml of I,ou:*i*u? troopa, on a .at leg of Itc Creaceflt an. I Lo'iialana <>u*rd, at* trrded dirlne iorri<e to day at tb? Kpi??jpa! cbircb act! ltaUned aw entirely to an eloquent luwoiraa from He*. Dr. tcoti To ntorrrw \*ti k tbc CoDfelerate 8tate?CoB*re<M imMk at Montgomery It :? expelled that among th? !tr*t aci?, Will b? a Je.-larat.on of wtr.MJ then we Bay eipaou the ball to ojkl on I'icftena It will be a *arara light ucieea Major Broun lurrendera before the worai b?*gtaa. Ten tbouaaod dollar* a to be given to the mem bar of the M'wiMlppI Kl-ee wfco tlrat reachea the interior of Kort Plcl'na. Kveryth'ng ia ",o!e? here to- 'ay. and the ch'jrebaa. of wbn'b there are ftva or *i?? Catholic. Kp . opaliaa. Preabyterian Haptlat and Method iat, and orcaatoaafly ? I'niverral at? ware well attended to day Mayor fSmgtea made a foray on the gambler* yeaterday. making a number of arraata. fetmacoU la a very moral an* religiose city , for Ita aisa and temptation*. l*rmlta to vt?it Mie cam? al Warrington bare to b? written in KYeach and rtgltah, to loaar* aafe lagreaa and egreaa to atrangera Many of the 7o'iarea no guard 4m not nnderatand KrgMab . ? . Aecouata of dueorbarcea *l the North are raoeieed. They are read with ntereai, bTt etc te no ai'PrebenakM aa to th<- Una) reault of the areaaat atruggle. 1 Mated in ay laet that there were but thrae RrttMa reaaela here There ara al*, and the ateraaU of tb* Dritiab mariae Meat to requira the preaance of a rM conaul here PrntfACItLX, April '22. 1M1. Jfa xxmcttti <y Om Inilrd Sale* Hwt?1\ ? HMIrmd (a Mm U prate* i AmWv 0?at / >t/rd ? IMfi no4 of tk? Tmm flM Mmr lur *f /Vwwot ? Kiiri* SniHt lamc*?Pmm?l* tt 1 t/t?RaWtna: '< in #b.( Pi-Jctm?' r?eiln/ OrMtratf * I tk< OvHpStmmm //abmm* and *Kt+r ?f ?v Wmt ? IA' 7 ? Itgraph? High TV'aaen, <??'., dk. . The licet have moved toward Vort PtrHena, baring pro hahly accompltrh< d an they intended white at the waaM of %inta Rcaa. The fleet hare not yat heard of MaeaM'M bV*Wag proclamation. The defeacc af the city of Penaacola haa l>ec?o?e aa ab ject of late* eat to tbt> a?wi*nandiog Oetieeal. Th^ raUjaad com^u^ati^n b?twft? thrt W Ml %