30 Nisan 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

30 Nisan 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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'"Uontfiwery * "iriJ c and will b e fully <jo by ike record week ? *T; aud bin;* the tmportacoe of eectu nf it? "'?*?> *s<1 ' 9 imifrom attack and seizure. I>l tarn Wi'.l, MB H. Stevens' t^g-jscer Corps wh eepeclal ly ueU'Kd tv day b7 Uen< : *1 Bragg for the purpose of pronpict'ug To* t*e defr-ceof the rjjcieuteity <>f J'enaaoula. ?Jltore ;? nrore activity tb?n usual at Wanriaslon. General Biagg hivi established rigorous military police rrgu'Riiom. It la witu ditlkclty Mraogors caa ob a* i < o Iritre t o the fcriilied pracs, ai'! evro ro'dlws who write <?liria beuie, gtfiri; suj orixi.il ai\ >uuu 01 the deiencwJ, ne i'keiy lo to r< ? a"" d with sospleton. The oexui itiou e f the Peor ic'a p''o:8 -s gone t ip.. ?lr reel), a brei.ch p lot, to day had fomo coaipnlnt3 to wrke to the (CtuaiADcS'us General, bociusc hu lo*)k oui j?rd ether rppurteDajnoes of piloting bad been die irra*igcd, tf i) t iirernneel, bribe mo raoientR of the troops; Geceral Bragg niM'y rctark'd, in b?e own pectilnr way, that b s services as pl!ot might not lie required for .some I mo, and tbat be f id bet.er I .lie h!3 spyglssi, lxale hiowelf M (to lighthouse, ;ind give timely waruio? of tbe appro.-, eh of battle vessel!. Grmtiell thinks it h -<?.1, bat he will redoubt, rt'y be mdeirn'Gcd bytbeCiufcdc nae S:ikl geiTerumeui for *11 his lor e3 line ii . Iro.id li >n ?nllicieit *n Penric Utoerbcta bam ry, a L.i Sievrr?\ ?*. Ctar^etco, and as for ssnd and tatd v~j,s, there la lo end to both. It ? tci ">r i tMt h curious d ?trucl've clcnent h*i bees Ttrf-'ri.-1 '* r a tore Into F.>rt p.? Vm and the mbe'e ? f e)rtia P.rsa Island. It isieltoer the yellovfe Tcr, el-^ewa, srroil pax or mcaslee-hut a v:n';mouB rep t; e kr.' rn ji? tbo rn:'un*ke. There serpents ore sad to ab< red cn the it'and, ard fcorci of IU?m are diily k ' Yd ?y ;-s tro ;n Fort Pickens, In tue rece;se3 of wh eb ft/tiess they have had Lnmol.sieil rts. deuce for yi^'i T*'1 arrival of hor^e artillery a*. F at* Bosa Ts'ard and Vi rt i xkcar, l> :* r, in >mpe:aB to that br.iuob of mil warfaro c tko artuy cf o.'Cupil'on it Pcmtarola f;?ttri<! Br.ii."^' w 1' rr-n have acivalry force here, which, w '<b - ght Vatteriet at b e i.nn:'r,anl, w'll give a cbecV to ibe ni'jvcitcntt ..f ?bo fciteral forcr3. Aicoitrcmcats for the fair.' *cre cx<1crt? today fr< in Mobile. General { in n t"g !rfi f< r 'P.iilgomerj, to brin^ do*n the cav alry ' ryg "i IV .! I *il!ly. *o tear i/i lo Nov t )? leans lint the Eteamera HibaT t atd fur of "re T, ;n aro ti'.og put ic condition U pro uet the coni'i;rre cf both Not ih und South IaaebJrt t ire 'c.rr s wiM be p'actd in Peiraco'a liarhor w.th guns ol ftsfbeim', (alibrr to enable teem to dogooU aorTiea Tuc t ' j*a 'c here ;? not yei tktibliaiicd. It^re sagoi ttlegrtplt Ice ia "per.tion b^nca to Mebi>, Vit tv? p- rernment d??patchcj are eo TJlumi tooe "? to preclude the of a special dej,jateh witb'ttnji. 'a dt/iy. V?h?n the "war curtain is liftcl, and wc i ro j?, rn ;;tc>l tov.ow Plohcnt id gr'.ni anl hloidy array. *e li -c tJ f-e pe.mtttcd to send u the 11er\id authentic ac:outit3 Petf ico'a s c ttie >f bciag dcclare l under m?r t:*J 'an . but order, and taat of ite best kind, at the prefect itricc-t pn va is. H ,i h-.h treason to eotnm-in;r.i'p with the fle;t, which Ifrtlya* -,t ri railo anl a hUf dt-taat truui Pj.rraici.'', withbet Lii.clal KdH;tiun. *Y 1EW OP JIATTEPS FROM A SOUTH TON SIDE. or ? W ARKIKCiTON t'ORBFSPONDKSC'l1!. Fv Co?>ET>r.KAT>: ^KMV,"l WaRRtxciTtwi, Fix. April 19,1881. f r*/*4.dt La / i-s i *J G .\. B/ojj, JIa s.n J an^l ( m mmd ? Fi' lo Utfanhct Work* ? ih- Ntxt of Fir ?nnia'? Sries.' ? h'niK'isiufn of !he S 'i'.b rn "to>pt ? Dtteri, u't t tj ! hi Uf /i'al, ttc.?7it LidUi of P'.-ma tolu ? rt' ? iry PtrttM-gtt, k:., <fe. I ca.'led u^kt (Jen. Brijc at hia headqnar ^ers yes'.er day, au l foi nd l.lru cn ILe frcnl terrace of the building fce cectp en frr h'treelf and atuT, eog# jed w;th ?n opera glass teai r ii 'he snovetni -jU cr tha Vnltcd SUlos Meet on tte <it<r n.le of finta Rora Island, and a!?> the acl'rre r f a lc?g? ver; apprC'eiirp, bsar r.g H-.l Fh cotrrs. Trtm bis p ition On. P':i7?' can observe all tbat js to'.cg on in the matter of reiaforcing Ko.t ricieas, and alw> *?'i b the movtm- nt 3 of any ven?l that may attempt to ett r t>"- ) 't or. G*ri. B d' 'ted frmn his cccrjat:f.!' to g.ye me aa interview fe?r a few minutea. 1 foonei L.m fi am able p'atUinan. p stealing more acav ly of njanror. gcatlea'"3 of voice and general aildreit ? f meat or than I had been led to be'icre from the n'ood and th mder reports published abMit t.m dtiicg the Mexican war. He loika }.fee a nun who can do a great thing, ?Aleve a great >> ierlakivg, in aqni't an I uno?t,'nta lions way? ?re who can put a "little n ore gripe" Into mVf n;t.v< trett nt dWorbing a muprie of bis fea ture* t cr !< :ll?f his r?:bt hand man know what he is abent. /''bewgb iri'i! in peace, I tfc'r t l.e most be ter rible In vpr, liuai Pie vsry to ilnres aiid stiv possession w hi cli ir.vur.a ily Bark bis actions Hi tVn 0<et tiled ?se of bit aids, Ctplam Kltti, to ai crtupiny me through Ibe works tte t tier portion of e nr time being devoted to as ?.B!iai?(iD Of tbat curious old fortiScatlbn, with KciSem improreoentF, called Bin Cirlo t'.e Barrancts. It ws? er'g'cil'y one < f the old Ppislsb forts, was ttrerpthr'ed l y General Jackson, and commands the esMb noe to the channel. 3n itc rear o! L',rr*ncc3 ;e a redoubt, about a quarter of a m Jo d . (ant, cnmm?ndiog a lagoon, up which a be?t,;e fcrro might attenpt lo yi.n and e."ect a laud ixg in tie rear of the troopi cncamped jn that vicini ty. It. i re l .bt ia g rriscned by some of the t.'ebrf !a it: rum sol battal;c3, the ba'ance being en canje ! in the v cu ha",l hy tin; reeloublalile Mksis siii ;atf, two tbootaad strorg Other troops are encamp td Iiom th's po ''.t for icme three cr lo ir m lei, or from tbe y Vrrd t> bejund the lighlhcuze Ihey have got.d water, ih?:ter and provisions, and iieserve the aLiita 'n fable ditclpl ne It hai been stated that Gen. Bragg decs t v, fU f r any more troops, as 1 tbat he has already us n ts?y as I e has ai y practical uko for. Never tbekfi, vi ! iee'a c .i tin io to j our In daily. He Cool 1 tave an ai c. y o,' tifty th< sai..l me* in l'enf atola in ten ela^B.f :lcii..i .J firm I'msacola t3 Montgomeiy were oc^tp U?d? in I will be by the let of Mty, Tro 'p? frcm the r. j r have new Vi marcii? If they came from the rcct on i i NeeOr.eacs or Mob.!'' ? some forty-tlve a. lee, and if lrom Georgia or Alabama, or any oiher Kiatc in tbat i' : ectlou, alout twenty m le3, tiaiisporta Ilea b?iig bad over oce of l>?e worst roa^x lm?g nable. far ae we o1. old s?e, the workf were progress'ng * gcri r'j 1 1. '1 ; itacool coaaui 'ing the channel, as well ai iB the laterlor, wh.cb com'nand everytb'ng the c< n.iuai l;rg general requires the troops b ild'ng them to ocuRond After the exaalc-tlon, hastily and cursorily began an J occoiadad, I acerep I an lBfiUtloa to dlae with <;er. Brspg .itd itaff a?d er^'iyed an excellent re }?(t, tt? r? rb of which wa a iie'^hteue ! by a few hours' brisk exert ee and exhU ratings a air. u en. Bragg ia frateialt in having as hie atari gent.emen a ho knova Beat's as wel: aa a soldier's da'y. U.s a^jatant, Citonel Wie*i, ia vverruo With business, but preiorre? aa cven reis f temper w h'eb i mmatdi tbe nlmiratloa e>f his tor < \ln r f ,'!,<?? He ;s i l and colb ?e?l, and, like tbe whe e f f.?n. pr?gg'? rr aa*y bmiteti) " . w<> lM heir tte wbrnng cl a ? xty fi ir pound i"?'l by the^r ear.') with as taurb romp ?? ncj as i it were a i . or pellet. Qcartern nfr I \v 1 1 Bacnot, of Mex ?n faae, ia ?!?? eg p'-rt e'Tie ''u'.- atWafrmgt n. io thepU;eof L*m beriem i ei ? for to'itlBf impropef mterco >te w.th tba eaetri/. 1 l"B? 1 to day tbat proof hti 1 ? c die ccvered < g*-~l I am': ri'iu attce h a deptttorc suit, oi, it to barf I ?? J)C *u 'UU r. turn. There bi.e been an ?a'.er ?1 rtnrgo to Jiy in tbe pom ti n tf lb* federal : ? et. It It eup.-nied twit a* ?o <o ?e tbey bran./ tie KtM cf the fo?errnKOl W'Mhinjj'. >n they w?ll ccr met e < fr?B?1*e oj>er?t: na a' obi e A in <?(.! < jiM piiii* b'ji j..m b' .-n it ?d from the Nil ?y Yatd in h' nor of !he reo *eioo of Vlrf mia, and her reetorattrn t? tbe emM rb io I of C m'e ierate ?>'*ite*. Inere |? Bi rli <n the array upon tbr r?n.t Some f*i.eteitwi have lie eflict ?f <:? the n*vy ot the I'll led S'atta Pr?r deit Pane' proclamation, oiy.-rlcg let'ere of marfj i '? m.'I r?pr:MsJ, ?? received w>& preai ?.i '.infliction bj rfcearay. 1 ? tfir.iii ?:rtrai< r bw of i-ta*!y not'fled (ieoer i! Bean K|Wl itol be b? i "i . pc-e< ed lu eatitBtnd of Fort l'i?ke?B by Ma.er Parvey Itroan. I'd*. el Miw Army M?j' r Br. aim ;?lf,y u c iSiirJ U tii" forces in ;if ! d ly 0?*r rt-e tb^ir.ri pontile nf powder htve b??L intirtro I n??c?l!t n ?? i .? "on1? . ? ? iTtn?-nce1? Whuji ,i. r t i > .irlei?<j.i. w 'i vai r?< J id ibe bun rni"lL.< ot ' f saunter, the iis'rtii' to Yon tit Verr m A roe at I, rearKfoi; inerv. tfatiera b^f iitiiojf to aM?m?i? a very N:i|hmi b?re. oid<-T? for ti.e re. urn erf the powter fro , ih? a<rintl acre f-an?T tted,and Hateveo ?|>K fur.;,- !, aril arritre I wb co were fnrWArde.il thie inert r* ??< ?i . r-i by tie eteatrer Fs np. 'he il ? m] I >ad by the i uiiftderate Mate* .foverament al f ISO par tay 'for ? v between I'miaoul*. lb" N**r VarJ, Ctseral ? hea4t|Qirier*. Fort BarnooM, 1 opt McRj.e, ?& i any t'hir tervne the ? rerBment ? ct?nia?<l tf ?ti-*rai tr ?/ , !<?<?. Tno i i?pi|o:ad ?y Capia a Jcarj 1 IU>wa,raai. .n .ipecimro of an* :r1y j^aje-n atorn. au > r y .iry'jj>>i. bnt who hat live'' born for aquancr cf a ^ictury li!? ti>irecr n. uua^r t, tstflcr tbe imtnediata control of Mr. C. I I s Hiron, thJ rrcfi'V i,r>pi nod r?pr<?eT)fat ve of Cenerai llrAtn IMfUc.l ?lie Eiifala I i;jn?d,i* the rapt i o of i'. e cralt. lie * tlto tbc c nndentid' nxfn r*r ot Cttcr: 1 Hrafg, aad is H ) led tli? O'tutnixJ ire of tlio tied rftre ti nfe<irt?te CUleCOB the I'ewaoolaiHtloti. Caji. cLuii,- edrnuab!/ fitted Ivr lut pA. t wblcb tooue (<r tret; r.ed refiporatMRjr. U? ?"? !4 prefer being with ??'? r* tr?niJ, but > icJdod his profaremea t > the - of fi ?ntl, red acccpUd the place, a* he wot -! tity-pf! , i) at ?(/olJ jToaote the ct i?e la which he t tdft.gr T t>?v< texrr rem 60 fcti'b V*</? r? -;>? n'ritig t ioojj* ?? no; ii. .m.nn i a I h?*e t'.ut'rf my iiiyhero. Tbey aractii#-' ?n niiV-r nay privation w tb .ut a tnurm ir. pr*?r?d vbey ure *?*ur?il tbey w'l' bn *'lo*ei to join In whea it a 5(it't ccrnw ncee, / jor?j|r man of nifby r? apeotii 'e ? i ^iror. I e'orjrinp to t'je Ala'>atn^ Volnn leer tne, wi ?? d<<t?tlc1 for I, .?jniil duty. He ?af> fojnd to ?b?e m thm I apirtty tb?? I?r, Carawe'l peeved to ret.* u ? rn la tt . a ibo -?h the captma of b e oonr.-uiy w aht-.d in have him rce'ored to h ie citnmind. r'kfiil 1 acfeeo w.t'i b;? p?r?t.te, befoi* Irarlng bome, to be reape>neitle fcr hk resminot o? tbe field. The to idb ?hi krfH to leer lie would be oblipert to do hoipif!! d?t? dura* the lifhl. but wig arm red by Or. Cue we! I tbai ha *onld pern I h.m to ,oia hit eowrany when thf act'oe < rniBeocrd. "Vtn premiM, Doe. ' he *.*? d ??ro?tiy, "yoa'll let me joi^ my compaoy when the teht bej loef' ' Ibe Doctor leplled ue wotid. ,"i ? eati?B?4?' crlrd the jtr.thfol loa of Jfn r*, "1'B e*t aped? T il ,'jo Miythirf ye? waet, Dcc , oiij iei *e of wh?? the uim emits to stool the abatttioniala." And away te tir riid en a ri-n to aMend toaome boflpital doty. loe raval besi 1 1*1 ob ttaia atai on ?* one of tbe tia< bn'id'rgs s? the country de*l|crd fci' ? ? ?n-'ar pat par t. iae man ba'd nj romnranda ? tine view of the birbor, oyrrlcon Ko*t PUdrera, being dire: ly opposite tvat forti fication, Hd 's tu'roncdr J villi beautiful groves of live oak, p*ne, bay, pride of Chifa, magnolia anl myi.e tr-es, villi tho scrub palmetto and sassafras, an I lul grown I'g trees. imparling an air of picturesque bur' to tbe icfDc. 'rtie hospital prop r contain* ware's lor t j? aecomiucriation of some six hunlrei patient? The rooy>e nod ball? ?ro large, airy and commodious, thoroujh'y ventilated, and receiving during nearly every hour la tho day snel night tbe healthful aad bracing br: r/ce iresh from tbe be. mi of ibe Gulf of M?x>co. Tbe bu'Uu?g face* ihe south, b?a two tiers of capaaioi's terrace 011 all t ides, and, it would seen, had been erected by I'nclo Cum with ?ti ey to tbe cnmlori of patients and attend i-nts, without regard to expense. To the right and loft, feme thirty feet diatnal, aro two buildings, .-?ma'.lc, but F;m'1arly cor?|r>'cted with tbe ma'n one, of course with tbe excep'. ion r f tbe ho3pitr.l wards. These bui'd lngs are geuerc'ly used lor the quarters tsf the au-g -ops and other t-lhotra; bat at present, tbe one to tbe right <1 occupied by Gener.i' flra^'g is bm hcadquirtei j Alt i gethcr, tbe aituat'on of tne hospital and the adjacent butld'njta surpasses thai of any watering place hi:el .u the l/nited b'latos for salubrity Rod beauty of mirioe uDd landscape view*. There are but few patients o tbe hospital at preset stoops them is Mr. tit. ?J'?ir Morgan, who waisorere'y wounded In a tie e' on the bcacii a short disUu.-c f/otn th* Lotpital a few weeks s.nce. Tte 1 adles'.JJ litary Aid ??ciety of Peosacola are zrni ously at work, Bight and d?y, making cirlri Ijes for tho la'ce gens, sacks ior sand, clothing for troops, repairing r r> i rt cite, and tfjing sue J o:utr needful labor #s tbi #11 (j- uciej til the occa?:On require. There are over one hun dred mrinbtia or the scoiety. ? \ few dajs since In (. in junction with otter ladic3 In Pentac?U, they present' 1 two eleget.t s Ik banners. fiuitabiy inscribed, to the l'eu caeola Guard anl Klda Hangers. '?Win s that ycung fellow beating a drum so vigorous ly'/"' we Kfcke-l tie other d ?y. as u compeay of tr 'Ojid passed dowu the wuarf to icfca the boil lor Warrmg'on. "lhat ia tbe sen of an cx*rv*lo~ of the Unit i Suuj Oocgrrrs. was tbe reply. He drums we'l. A litt'efor tber cn the wharf wa a a youug m'ui iu military garb, oc cupj ii g a lr iuuro hour, whi'e uniting tor th?* stct nep? departure, by eaichiv^ Cm, whien abound so plenUjj'tiy <o I'enraco'a Bo;. , Tb?? yourr tidier Is the grail* acra o* .hhn J. Crittenucn, of Ktntuc*/. No in:ec:ioDS have t.s yet be?n expre?;.)i byr'i u" in i'ensr ;ola to apply lor Ictlcrb of mi'q'to under Presi dent Davis' procluawtioii. j*ju<irg the ii-aitilucTjt mil tiry persoouges who !.r.j here is ColmelT ckvi'^e, of Nxir.igui ce'lcbr.ty. 3e >ej?vea soon for Virginia, ior the parpo .j of e^'ist'D? a regiment for effective aud ilcfeneive opjri-'.'oaa Xurth Captain U'flara, a1 to c." the U' \ an war uud tb? c li'oria' tri; ->d, in cei'jonct on with .l?'in Koi ?y ib, in Mobile, r.n 1 one of tl.e tirst corriniaDder?, under the new confvder a ;y , of Fort VcFoe, is brro. a captain in the- army of the Cou fcceiste ile ^ocs to Kentucky to recruit a cum r?uy, vwib the intention of merchlcg ta Waabitt' ^u with thej.rafr I anu>r. Capt. George II. Shorter, i S. A , of the Montgomery J<ir- ii??r, has jail returned iron the capital of the Conf'-dorate States, au.l will be atta hed *<i ihe tji.urterroa. tcr's department with a proape^t ';f goiiig U> UaH'e Landing to f-uper'ntec i the transit o;' tru -ps coming by that roi te Irom Southern Alabam i an 1 l?ul siana to renpaio'a ,nd Warrior*, ju. One of the I'nltcd States sbipj, suppssod the .apply, put togea this afternoon. A transport stenaer inov 1 frcni her rocorirgs and pf ime l to tbe rnlwirl, proh i bly a'S'j goicg to ec.?, al.er dischar^.iig cirgoat s. mi Ri^a The arrival of the Charleston ikfi in thl3 cjuar.or will net sttonish tbe nalivcH nor the n?>\v co-nor?. I'ut the advant of the entire Navy of tho United 3taf<-:r here cr hereabouts w H not ocsasion any alarm among th ie ahj are here to defend their soil irom the tread of tiiJuis ahnm they rellgtorif'v believe to bj lio-uile lcvad#rs. Three grot'rmen of llagdad, Fla , have taken fVOQO w. rthof Cdt ederata States at^ck. Hs qca' .ru- CoxiEoutATi '.-urn Akxy, \ WaKKtMion, Fla, April 'JO, 13HI. / J.' S'ltUim of Virginia ? Arriral rf Unil.U S'.a'" V< ? i'lt?Trorj.ianil Prori ions Pourini In?Orntcin J.iomat M. Jutt i?llli V'uif to the F.-ijaU Silriru? Ccriouii ltd tit fit, cfc , itc. This morn u f a young express courier, eon of (' auric J L. I. e Baron, arrived lr im PeBga.-ola with autben'. c In telligence that Virginia had seceded. He prc-eciel bi^ despatches to Gra. Brapg, wba complimented tbegillaat little fellow cn h's alacrity and energy. llarranras has just fired a sal j'e of eight sans In hon* of the event. The soldiery sre sllve with enthir.ia3m. Two more thips of wsr have arrived. The Confederate S' ue forces a-e incre :sinj in s'.rrnc h wiib every rrri\a' from tbe interior. Provliioos as we 1 as troope, arc pouring in .n superabundance. Tho citho siasm is gcnTa'. No one talks, anl, to judge from t\e r couc tenances no one things of leaving unlil the i't'1 rf I'ickcts is accomplished. * The firing of the salutes In glorification of tho Old Dominion, teemed to astound the forces In ami aroonl l'i.k?ns. Home were on the b ach, others on the ram ] Hitf, but tbey a'l took tocrver a<< the big guns of ' * t - - ftc&iS belcbcd i or ib lac ladings of Joy. i.incrai Rrryg grnda to i'cnsieola t'< day, a force of Ioi.'siana troops for ,iV* pro;?ction of fie ouy. ffloy will be quartered in the o-l worm. Ci|4H o rbtinas M Joucj, CtHnmlseary f?r Iho arjay of ILe < ocfrderate Staii I at tbis place, in lite gt wlmmi whe ran the gauntlet in Texas with some f>n,0C0 01 L'unck Sam's fnnds, ami deiirerei! tliem, after vari-;) j n plots, rafely into the banda of the Unite t siatus re ceiving ciliwr, ia S?u Antonio. Aft -r that he r><s>:ocd imposition ;u tbc lulled .-trtes s -rvice; alihiu^a his friends endeavored to persuade him to rcaniu uniil b.a State (Virginia; scoe<JeJ. Siibsc>tuenlly appo'nted by I'rce.debl ii*vls to the positim Lo now holds, b? litis ths ? tation w tli sreat pit ii'-iCvion. A few days since be was invited to go cn board the I'nUed Sla'.oa ffigt'e Sabine ti Sie a frUnfl, who is an ottlcar on bovd tint ship. Oa read ng the ieck, all bands were piped and bo was ralui' <1 as an ollicir of the highest rank He then intro duced to Captain Adam* his body unrd, as lollow3:? 1'rivaie lion. K. C Bu'loek, Stale Senator of Altbumv private Hon. Jam* s L. i'ugb, e\ Membor of the l uite i Mates Congress, tnd unoiher geatlctnan (a'so a private soldier, whose tame <vcapes n.e) . one of the wealthiest snd moit influential cit sees in htB^rcpion Hits llra{ btdy guard icr a young Commissary made Captain Ad itrs open his eyre w lb astoDithmcn. il was, however, but a ramp'e of the maleri i! of wbW h the volunteer? in tbo OcAfedtMle sta'ea arruy ia compotcd. THE NEWLY ARRIVED VES8EU3 AT l'EYSA C01.A. (From the Ftcracola Tribune | In our iati leer e we mentioned t'te arrival of the at un ibip Atlantic and the irijate Powhatan oil our haroor. A lew umtikn ?n reference to them may be of intere-u to our readers. The Atlantic (one cf the CoMins' Liverpool Pio, of 3,0C0 .r 4 000 tone burthen) failed from New York on laat 6und?y wetk. She bad >>n board nine companies of one hundred men cach.army storca. including bow liters, carb nrs, pun carriage shell* of all cizra and tulaM Irneous wax armament}, fix double bank boit?, w ith ? ?> hundred care, and iminrnre quantrics of prov i?'v?s, t> ar ret* of p. irk. llour. beef, ha-n, Fb> iklers, preserved moat m.'i a gint'Wii Ci'Uitn' iaij at. or UB< at. Sue baa i!jo ca toard eighty horses Some aappers uod m'nera Irom W<at Pi n', rnd rover.'' belonging to the OMDsm e department . un("cr rhirgeof Lieutenant Palet, on coard. t'aptiin Hary, win bis com mand of company A,Peronii a'til'.ery, trai on duty w th hi? men at Wa h'nglon during the icau.nratlon of I'rcai dent i.lncoin. lbe ateam frigi'p l'ow^atac r?il< d from New Yo*k '>n tin 6ih mstant. IShe ia ore of the beat frigates lathe I nitcd Slat* ? navy. Plio has on hoird troipt iui4 navy l torts. THi; FFIDERAL FORCES FKECTISO BATTE HI I S ? THE RKBKL9 I KAIt fO ATTACK. conitrTOsn, >t k ok thk miihh.k apvfrtisvr. I'K-r-A" ?a. Apt il 21, 1M1. The Federal trropf a*e b ?v ps beaveia, erecting sr. ad bag de'enr?a out?ide Fort I lckeus. At a ?ma!i boat sal:e ! clo?e along the harbor side of San'a !'.o?i this morr rig, a pamengcr, acquainted with Ipoalit.es, discovered ti*t mu'b tail timber had be?n telled wiih-n a day or two. aa If a road from b>'\cb to be?' h was iplercif I. of riorae this la speculation, but a a the i'ederaiais now have boref and wigcDS, tfcey may be r?mov!rg the t m>'er for batteries or fuel. Ibe ffftmer Wyandotte has been fij :ng np and dosrn He pulf shire for st* ho'iia. What 'he means we have n< know iedge. The states evidently design a raval depot on Santa li> ?? lilat I It i tneir atrongno'4 in tbeA '.'th, and will defend t to the let m m When tbe fi^ht la to 00? euce no one baa 'he least Idea but if (ten B afg opets i >c in two werka. I n no j 'ophe* Trep-.-od cr not. he will aaawer the frstsh^t His military a<>?ret? are tna own. A large i nl:ed Statu tian?-po: I steamer arrived thia morn Kg. supp-eri) by < apt .lark T poy. the bsrt pored old fa dig in these d? irins to I e the llliaoia sb? tra two ft mn-^a, one in Iroct of U a other. Her Jecks are crowded with men. It mutt b# the Atlantic lba? arrived laat To??dir fbe | ratied from New York with e:gbty borsaa and two light I batteriee, if 1 ai>. not mistaken borsee and bght etillery ?re now on the I<iand, landed from her, whatever may be her name. IMPORTANT FROM NORTH CAROLINA. THE OFFENCES AT FORT MACON. The Raleigh .si?? da saya ? We had the pleas<rrnof S"e np in tie city on Sunday Inet Cipt. Juoloa P Whit-., krr, of the Wayne volunteer s, wb? Informed na that w uks at Fort Maonn are being rapldiv preaue J to com pletion, and that the fort win aeon be in an excellent | tate of defirce. K ght ennon have been monnttd. Tlie I <io\ein<>r of Forth Ciroltna has ?en' r-ome eight or ten ten inch columMade, widch will be distributed between Fo> Is Vlacn ar<l Csswr 11. Here are r me four or Ave hundred trooj# at Fjrt Vt ? , con Ibit < re spuit pervades the people or F.ute'O C'irc I l'ra. Maay of the Wayne voluntcere wbo went down . with ( apt- Whiiskcr w?re unusri to heavy labor, hut we I lf?rn thai tln-y sprar)? t> their work w ith tbe <it?i. t r.<el. fla*t bands will soon become harden* l by ?rv oe. Wayne, and Kdg'i < mbc, and l.enoir. and Greece, sad Craven and Carteret, together with the wbole Rut will perfcrt their whel^ duty. e aw.ilt tbc resp >nee of trio men CaewHI to AsF?, and from l.incolnton to tba Tenncsnee line. '\ TH* /rWKAb AT I ATKTT?VtT.LF. It l?\a?serted by numtpsiicr, that "the Arsenal at Fay eltevflle waa ?urrcndwc4 mi Menlay laat without reatal ar,ce." It appeere that there were but very ;et truopa? under elitj? In tbie federal depot, and tbe am k n* ! foi<e waa ?sti mated at between eight huedre-1 ?u a thousand mas. It eat a further, we .e*r? tbat tbeff n? sboat "4X00 alanda of acme la tbe Arreeel, T.OOO of wt.cb , see of the best modern kind. There are ito cumco , bul, I ,-wwder, h' Tbeae arms ere needel, aad fire footer they are ?e tk< peneesion ef the State the Htter fFi/.i'KB OP Tns UAA ICii MINT. Tit Branch Mn? n Ltiarlot'e, N C., ?*"? taken po*ses ?1 in of oc the 2t?sl( by Co'.oee' Bry' apart the military, by omroi Go rem or ?llts. No r Hilar us w.a m ule nor toe n igLtcal disturbance tccuri I. Tho people of North Carolina are gallantly railing to the lettuce of the South. MfcCTINO AT RALK101I. A Strong anM-Ltncoks meetieg teok p'ace at Raleigh on (he IDih, ami a Dumber of strong resoh'tions? plodding to devote Itiei'lHtij, pioperty aoil tune lo the floulb, una to rei >at the meiuturee put fortU V>y tlie 1 resident < I ttie United States ? were pasted. 'IDe Wilmington (N. C ) Journal of tho 111 pay* ?"bo South CnroJiu asd Georgia troops are pouricsr for wurd to the assistance of Virg uia. Three Geargu ooni!>aniaa p.iFscd '.hi t.'gh here ytsterdtjr, c? route (or Porum ? ith. the Adjutant General of North Carolina ha.- iwied au order to the volunteer forces of that 8t*;e to hold them Sclvet in readiness to march at an hour's notice loo Covernor calls icr thirty thousand troops The follow iog letter w.ti Rent by an ordfrly sergeant 'n the United t'atcs Army buldieg the araeoil at FayCit* v 'e to his filter ? Kj>vi.tievii in, N. C. , April 21 , 1MI. De?r J-i-tks ? 1 t?k? p'oasure in "writif; yen these few Ines. winch will b" mv I ??t In FsytUevHle! I FV itwlth iny blood bco.ii g in my ve!ns and my heart Allcil with soiiow, that we have 'o give up the arsenal to tot reltois to morrow inorn>n but it id notour fault, for ?vo c.iuaot be'p it. The echo's *re eight n and r >1 strong. ""d we I*i or r u's number only hixty. Tue officers tbtuk it would be of bo v?t for us to ??crlfiee our li?e?, when tho Pru dent did net reinforce us We have only got live uayd' fw.d, io?d we thouul tcon narve Mithoct Arlng a shot. ILe rebels have had or gurroun led for two days, and will not Itt us In or not, anil we are compel'*1 1 to pull < own tue Stars and mi ipe3 and let them put up thereof! il*". eigLt stars and three Btrlpro, two red and one whit"- "to! bow we feci. niid it k cur prayer that we w !l ho nlj'e to j ay Hum hack for tkus bctoro a>iar jianes over ocr be ids I thibk the North has the (pint and the will to do it. We le*ve here no the 2'd, and an ho >n a:< 1 ar rive I Will write you again. Voui loving brother, THOU V"3 WEIGHT. liTTER FROM A SOLDIER IN TUB 30UTH KUN ARMY. \ gentleman In this city has received a letter from a toidfc t in the Southern si my ; and ss it mev be t'iken as affording a tort of Index to the folio* prevailing in Uiarlt -ton, a few extracts will no d.oub: latere I our readets. The letter is dated Charleston, H C , April li, atid is orrajrented with a tlaxhy reprcac otiUon of the Southern confederacy Hag, with csveo stars a.id other he vy i'.ouTifh(S. The words, ? mts 1s tho tiag tb it floats over Fort ft niter," are closely written at the side of the I'B? 1 ne 1efi?r begir* thi"): ? V.ilak Jok? 'iour kind iavor of the 8tli is to hand. Heafe accrpi mv tb-in'r* lor yonr nrompt reply. I would have rntwerod your letter porner hid 1 beeu In t 3 c ty. ' gni fosc ; on will see what 1 said in my last a ? vm :e goii g tobavc? a real ll^ht? which ha? b, i-n tue cw>. A ol odlets flgbi ? coboily hurt 'a ibe spice of tVntysix hours; one of the most fcmgnUr thlnKS on rc 'urd. I am K'iri / te f-v that I wr.s not In tho cegijemnnt, alibou^-h' 1 was rlose by. It trai rather a sp'endei flpht to tee ll)o shell, red hoi shut and round shot ponrltg In Vort .Sumter 1 ko a shower of bi.il. I never Brw tie like. M -jo.- Anderson sio;<d it well he fought like a bi isk? game t > the lw?t. He did his hest, and he could do no more. 1 am sure 'f there had heen one thou sand men o Fort 8n mler ?e would have ma le them sur rem er. I am sorry to call thn fleet a d*?nodSCtof co*.ir<!e, to 'ay within si^li of Fort Sumter. :xl we i'ie whole fi''.bt and Audcison s distress, And not to m<ke the attempt to assisioim. No. no! even whoa the fort wu in (lames It waj a ^irgr.are to the (lag thay W'-ro sailing under. Per n^ns tbey were ri>fht In oiio respect, as they never would have loacbid the tort. We would have blown them to liell in a very shori floio At prefect 1 an? out oi nl^ht (tut f, in a boat, kc ^plo? a loi'ken'. incr=e of >our iiiggtrK liuon.g troaj ion our . oil. 1 w -h yon wonld n>id tronps, and. between y->.i and me, lee, thev wou'd gei a warm reception. But I don't think thtre w'l be ary mere flg.n 'tg ?n this quarter for a time. Tbert is I k< '/ t > lie . une ho( woik in t'."* border .>t>tes. Ou' IVeiWcnt sa>? if I.tnco'n dou't come to our tuims, in a tbori t iie fie tlaj tf tho Confederate Pta'ej of Amerlon will wave over W?.,hlnfft?l. What do you tbink ef that, Jeef But my tme is up, Jm, to go on duty; so 1 hone > oe wii "xaeeoe, M sends bis kind retard. Mr. JfcK 1 have not sun: 1 believe he isoo ^!orri^ I land. L >UH BlM)l It. NEWS FROM GEORGIA. Th? Filling Oat of Pflvatccn? H? vunnli Throw g d With Troop*? The Southron* ilitlosi to Meet the Mam < hu?etti Tioops, <ke., ?Vc. A gentleman who but born connei te<l with the Soutlicrn press f( r some t'ane, and who a?rivc,l in tl?<?s city in tha ship Samuel Hobrrtson, yesterday mirniij:, given tha fi How iLg account of the date of public feeling in Sayan cab. The gentle mm d lutes that be lei I, Savannah 011 23J ins'.., at 6 A. II., In tbc chip above mentioned, them being bi t four pnssingeis on t >?rd tm.- ida hinjuelf. jU tbe Mttif uf leavlrg tbe port four Northern vesaol} wes^hefn, whi<fe tb' ? habitants ? A preparing to ^tci v, ftreat exctteiaent prevailed among all in Samnnih, and but one MB UK ent reigned thr^Jghout all parts of the South through which be travelled ? thit > t stern, uuiilnehing adherence to the preservation of tho nop irate indepen dence M tbe enttre South li it Impossible to walk through a itrect in Savannah and saj th t you are a i nioi- man: tbe \ery intimation tbat you an su. b wo'ild le a lure token of the early r.pprotcb of . our demise. Whether tferoi gh fear of the c< asciuence of breathing Ah t g'<- 1 i .on sentimest.or a natural en thti?iwtlc fooling for the lVmetto flag, not ?n tidl vidua! in it e wh ile city can fee few ad to fire exptasnlon, for a moment, to any word's which would lead to ihei nuppos t;<>r tbat he was In favor of tha i'ntan. .v stioig belief a'sj 'trevalied, that befcie tfere,' weik* bail passed tie Palmetto fag would wave ti wrupitai.t'y from ttie (ap.tol at Wash in; t<.n. The Bwtt'~ernera ? spte:-* i k-slrj in special terns U> meet the MafsacbuiuiU Irnope, as tboy wish to re.ttle n privflt' gn: 'ge w nh tb*?n wiiU r. jjiid to tho af lair at B*'tia:ote. lira * iuh Is exceedingly strong amorg tbe .i, and ?/.? o the t.rst. ora \h 01 Jatt'o commence thef nay that tliey w '.1 seek o.tl the M >?su'hus"Us bs, ? io the thick est of the B;bi, ar.l wreak upon their beads a ter ril>'e verges nco. Itw>sr#f?rt; !, it the tltiM o.:r inform ant writes, that tV ntenu-er .VI ibunt bad 'eft New York for ?<vannsh, and preparation <*ere tnik.n, to captu'e :.n hut t:?;i: rumor proved to bo falie, as the A'a'ntna atiji iiui?'i'S in Nt a Yi tk. Iru|* i ro.n all qua'tei^ were pouting lots the ' inn, .it.il tht witrH .<m-s ;m1 oih< r plscis were tilled wito tbttn l.ie m lemwt wh eh reo r? d was mesl int'i ee au 'lie clink < ! military pre ptrafon w is hi aid worn ea-ly mun Mitil night fhe I eopic tt.cre did not seem t > r. < /e she unai|mo<ia foci, teg * bleb prevail d through nu the North with respcet to tie presenattcn of the I'oton. Frem anotbtr source we le:ini th- foHowing partiou Utf: ? ( o the convening of the Mimtfl rwy CitfTCM t > d*j comtrlesxiit' t'or prlvatecrn, wii. h i cs r- uy prepared, wtll !;? InimcJiately ,esc< i tSr? ? m ?? are waiting in the f?rt of Saficrth fur ?Iter- of ? rjnc and re priral, whiob they will teceive .n n few lays, fheii* rxibus and otber doccmcctg are i< .< y D be hutded In. It m c-ii.. tb <t tbcre is no lack of ? > I men. amoog who-n are ie*?i.i! ri-neya'le Yai kees. r to tike cMtmand of these rjinit lopaltwd plr?t< ??. Iti vi* of these pro cc( dings, it wt uld l e vvt-'. * ? * ?n 1 >'>mi'gnecs of No: ibi rt> ibn ping t.* be i n the aiit i. .u,.l ad< pt means to av>v:d the capti.re of tbeir v- . i# The rxclictaOM M Skvpnnsh ts reprt ent^d s?m-*tln t.Dte. Item cvnry parlot theSt?:? ie:rmu were paar 1ns <n to Jcin the j'aa 'ir : of rcb. i;. -tbe.r drea;n feeing a limits I and ?n Up-ti li nt - ? th, lor which they prof?M to fee w, ".ug to rit! e t'aeir l.ses. For three days pseviona to 1 1..> lUptrtnre of the 8im tel R<beit?on. tr>>p? wen natkiog ;te paratloas to join the icvo tiocists Ir IhS border ytstcn, snd io march open Waihuigi n. wh htbey mere sanguine of ciplsrtpg as tUe Iqi v men are > m plitely Sllnrc J, the most ,>srff t unan mitv i f s.-ntimcnt teemt t.j a rtrwyer usacqnalnt' i nth tha -tVstiteof allaljf, to I erva'Je lliectuir.- ^ th In - i a i.n govc?a mei.t in dtuounetd, and death . t re\teest toS wbo tball atU i ipt to support it. OUK 8AVANMAU OORRi O.ViCNr*. Havox .1. A| rii is, 1SC1. 7?lt 5eOfSt it.n of 1 / z iSewtetii i n in<im<n! of H rt PukuH? i'.u rri-t i?? ,.r FjT' fiicl. mn Prill "f the Ctlu u'nn Gu jr J?f * . Una of ikrir Move nutUi?l Ytfarativmi for an A'vt Cast; atm, ,( , The newo of the sereesien i ( V.rj.c .a T'. ached hero to day , and created the utmost emhup u>m umong the citl nens. They looked upon the set a- -.n ai axomrli some weeks s.tte, and the itaws wsi not wAoll/ unex pected. A salute of sight ?una wm m i ;n benor of Vir ginia, and a sin ilar aalote for G< v> rnr r 1 etclvr. Fort Pulaski, at the mouth of Sav.tncah r.v r, has ro ceived Its foil antsn eat? one hwtdred and u;y sunn? thirty cf which rje eight inch COlaufeUds. Most of the guts are in batteries, enept u.ree f, r the la hette tier, which ere r aw he rg placed on the.r carr,Sf;e? l ie fort is in a mcStdelens tlecond.lli c, an : is garr.aoned byftar hundrel and Cliy troops of lbs regi.lar Qocfed r ite army 1 ort Jacksot, ot the Savannah r.ver, two -n lea from flavantah, m the .nterlor Jlceof fUrilfuattonn of Savan nab, Is rene:?irs ,ts due .ilten* ->n to?iri? render'nc 't impregnable i t>s irk Is un.ier ths eomntand of cap tn c R' 1, late of the ?larlue c? T* f the re<? ivitg ship Nf rth CsroMM lhe fort ?* garr.i ? * i Py ,,r? htindroJ men of tl e regc aeConfed?raie ftat?a a'my. An extt rjor line of fort ; \\ n >. " rg ere te1 to protect tf.e m ".ih of tie ^tvanuan river on ttn sea apptcich on Tybee Island. The con struction tl these w^rks is entrusted to the nv p< i-ctendep- e of Ms or \. || C. Wfetimg , or tne Or is of J-t^:refr?, Confederate fta'. s Anny.f*mer|? of t?e | I'l.U.<i ttatts /Vrmy M . ir Wtittog ww om /the cou snlt'cg erg ceeis wboa?i ntodt eceral Itoauragard la tfce ? jarg r g of the fort h 4i? >rsat< iarleK'>.n I wss innted to ineie. to.r".iy a dr.i c( toe femotia Ocilumfeits <? nard. wlio chkJier jeri the i L go /.onavrs to a trial of skill ?"bcy are now ,n th seity. ?<,.* te ,w slst iu gams' r.mg 'he n< ? wotkt at Tjb-< ;?iand. they ai ?( entawped tn the public ?qoart, an exes) I set plateau ofgronndof twenty nc.res Tney << ,rrtber ore hunlred -/ ii ttrer.iy men, all extreme! marksmfi. and hive estrv ajpenrniKe of tr'.e ml 'try rr.rr Th#,r drill to day was la the light nfantry eiereis.'?v ? a-'vanemg In lite on rift; a?d Bla into l.ne, deployments as skirmish ers, rally on the rtorve, ! ring UeeLrg. ly:n('. Ac., mi ts^nrthM la pe n< of ski I tbev rave rrtsnperora in ibe Nortfe , and tbe Cfe icsgc ana wju'd fxd the'.r peers in tha t<' up oi ? CuarU Tfr city pw setts <u its a nrart al appearaoe#. and feeth wan aid maa?s appear tot to be n nosrt itj fft act ve ssrvi^o

?.I! 6! BUtea gorernuieat bat? now two ! oateid* the haroor, lOukiTf on , for lyiiiltd urmc<4 v*r. ?eia. oir rT^^MHk! a-a exclusive,/ by ex ott.rua oi the On tedB:a.w? Navy tbat Preatrtent Davli has iMacd * proelama 1 tin . " 8 '?tteT* ?r *i"?rque ani rcpr 3aJ is premv ?.,A? ? K^ r? 1H BO doubt tbe 'I'ltaton has bee a ' !l,( T ol y wt'.o a'oee can act io the mat:.'r; s^'.h *? ?ak? ?he announcement thai, wiU muea 1116 "Juration U hi May ^ city "*ve blJ for ?liO i'5w loan, and ,1 is ttoughi by many that two millwim oX dollar^ *-11 be taken n tb in city alone. As regards the titling oul.of prlvateorg to operate m 1 Northern cc>mmeroe, three teasels are now t>ejsg prepar ed to a. m themselves, in anticipation of t be act of Con gress, which will soon be announced. tJX.'' Bte.4B,etap Klor,da' rn h?r last trip from New York to tbis city, occupied ninety Dour*. Sne experienced u ?ery heavy gaJe off Oape Maueraa, and tbe sacand toy o?;t another gale en Gape Lookout. She met wiih no da mage, however. 1 Bavimub, April 20, 1861. The JHtictfoted I, tier, of Man/iu?Prtvo&r VmeU t\'.'.ir-g Out ? Tkr >7t* Million Lcnn ? Ik? D- fmctt <>/ Pa atituh?lnti?rtion ./ the F?rti? Irrupt frtm Hit In 'TUT ort\ ? ?!e! e-.Vcw Sir.d F*t at Jubee hlaii fbrl Fickent, etc. Jo a T'roTioui letter 1 elate 1 that the proclaim ticn of President Uavis, intimated aa<( dcc'ar <*1 tbe policy of tho Confederate Slate i to ?s&ue letters of ir.arquc. He doca n ;t a38ume to have tbe power to ..rant such letters until the ta bling and (be endorsement of On?grm. Tbe pros'umi ion merely invitee bids from thoae pwrti -i who m y re ,1 disposed to tit out ves->o'i t<) levy rep r gg'g on the ?? my'? ships und goods. Hie t-nllo tors of the seve, it pet Is of the South, to whom tbcfe bids ar<- to be given, b-ive received the meet positive ord < a fiom the Fccrc tary of the Treasury not to receive ?ny propositions unlets tbey are rally convincrd or tb; abiiily of the j ir ties to fii'ly end f? iibfully carry out tbe terms upon which these lette-s may be granted. In this city a'oao sevnal applicitiors haye been made and arocp- 1, :>r d the ve?Ke s nr ? b? i- g prepared In aottcip.ition o" the re tion or Co'tgrcss, which is scan to nsiemb'e in ?jn ?f sio j. The prompt manner in which oneibirdor tho dfteen million loan for the Hiipport of the Cmfcderato St t a w i? t:,ken ie acothfr ' videiiLp of tho tin ;.y o! sea. latent pre\,?i Tit in the new coiifoderncy, and I h"vfi u<> h??it\ tioo n> i latin? th.it were 1'r sident D vis to e:ier the wh.es of the hu':.nce or the flii. cn millions, pi .ll8tj won .1 Ve prompt ju inveatiug. There 8"< ms io be a cou m. ie ? ii tho new republic among it3 pe >pk> riot crcditcl u.?i iippreeia.cd at thi North, ?n>l whjeh the arbitrament oi the hwerd ror .tefeat ran shake. I he reported resignation of Gen. feott, and h s rji'rac7 irem the I'nited State? /rtny, created gr; it .nthu ?b m on the receipt of tho teloffiipbic .tespatsh j c^tor dfiy. It anything couid add to the enibiisiatm or Cie p? etile here that event did it. The atly.k on the lla? sehu?otts troops a* thev pijcod thui'H'i) i a.uroore was reported nere at lirst erroneously, ae it vvfs stated that the Seventh ie;? inept of New V'ork , ? tl'e r^'-v attacked liany gentlemen here, who n.ive ro en d letiers froot 'he members of tbe Seventh did not believe the Seventh would I. xvo the Mate oi' Nevv Yoitt i n j>ny or oimi iu the attempt to c.crce the South wi.h v. honi ihty u-e so ckdely Wt tit, lied in marit.il con nrct)0L3 Ami business t*' 3 The de erets o.p this city are n..tv heitu; put in Iho mo;.t pcr.eaortlir Brigadier ?tner? A. K i awtm aid etatl. ace. u>nok J by Commodore Tato-ill, of the C;nte ler.Ue "7la-u " '\e^y. wil'i ? steamci', arrived d-> y before ve3t?r 1 ?y, snd tea 'e a fiurougb ex.mioafoa er the preset t roiutiry y.orks snd the Savannnh tiver, and inspected all iter 1 ? . and iii'. i that alloril an Rp?i (.ie*? to tho city An mni'i'?f wnd woik on Tybto Isliui ?>a3 just boon ?.( niuiecc e 1 Miiicii it dotigncd to i jnmand the external tea approac ? tin* mouth or the Savanntb river, lm in<no 'ji'ai lit ? .1 of Kind bn^g were cent down from th"? clt> yoterd; y to ;,e us d iu the work. Tbe ?un cirria gr<i mid gi.j^ <<* II I e sent dowu mm this eit ' ui a tew i.^v, ii e ^?l)'li,nbus (.uajd, one hundred and ten men, n l'^t i' V ( ,";1' of '''ucty m, o, who have been in<,in |iel :u t-e puhlh jiara.le Toond ior the p^t wefk ai-il the Kurke i^pi.nty Sharp >h-itere. ri'nety two men,' whHhr-riv-i here I art D-.-ht, will p,o tii a: oace to ly i< ; Inland, toaid n the construction of the rew sand tort. Ibe r.-vaiitiHb Rep.iblican nines, two hou ored and t,n tutu, are under orders for tbe tame d.-H ta'ion. 7 wo very excellent lijht art"l' ry rompMles < T tb^ eily bavej.m comp'etrl tbefr eqn.pa rt and hive n'nndy g,\ej a , red liable dsp'ay ?l (btir camb.l.ty to t>ke the Held p . once. W.tbm two weekstjemilitaiyand stiatesic appronshei to this city wii 1 e 1 in a condition to resist a ! ad or oavat t'orcc of tb'ity thcusund tiooj s. The people here, however, fc:r no tti? at pit'Bfni, but tUe 11nl1i.11 y mr ./are ruran^ne a eoiuse. oircctcd by a i.t or |irudeo;e, t> be ready t> mi -t :iny sudden opp sing emergency. 1 t|V;?L.LrnM": be,i, vo thai an ,r,,frie.l?ate nttirk on ? HKete 's not uten^el. lie author, t c" a'. Mont j.e meiey La .? ..t./immj not t > ac; l.aM-iy mi.emat 1,1 1,1 ?oer t? ?;-.-ioi:3 !?"J 0: ti-.-r e -j.- Tuev are co..i,d?.,tui their abihtyt.) lake the fort wiwnMrata pleted" 'I V' C0W 10 ' 15,11 ^ive been com- I 5-<vev\.ui, April 2t, 1861. /r ruty MilUar>j M, ?x.-aU?Vk Ntw Sin J Wort* o: Tlt >c J.-lmnd ? Max n nl <,/ Ho.vU all t ail? I:' t ? n Irade PMll?KUe in th ?? f'ri-e t,f fr>.risicnt, dc Tbe military aath ,-ilie;< Lere, acting -.nder :t-truc;ions fre-m Mont-ornery, t-re raking ftrcnoom asd extc-iCve prcparntiors f. r the defence 0 th.g c,*y. Volentr ? tre? p' from all parts ot the State cont.cue n arrive da 'v and the streets of th , olty are : ' .1 xv.th miliury m.*n hutryirg to s?i fro iu executlig orderp. Ti e new sand foitrn Tybre tc?nd, two or three mi'es seaward of 1 ort 1 u'wki, was comtnen e I yetterday. Two hut' d red nejroi^.wb ?e services were voluntarily ten c'eied were lilitcg s ltd ba-s all lay, and tba Co umbm Guard (ene hunlred end ttn l) aLd t',. Mi^nGnard CBinety seven mm) a go ass sted in the wjrk. hav.c^ art c.l id the mere rg Ihere being to pe-mancci bi :dit :s at fjb - Is' .rd, tbe tr. ap? live put u, t uts ?Kot <tjc_,0,"th ,r a u,.le rtea, I' ? rich re The the re K.e Trow iM'em. n (.re Ii. Dire twenty men i , S..;1 ^ f1snt"1 -t.?J here Iv.t i j i 3 d ,v i'-ened to Tr,.o?>' ud to-morr. w ? -tr y ??p< .varr.e-,) as . arrived j.tier^uy. l.ney are crmptnedof the we*jthiest IjHtueis m Bcrke county, in ties -Ute. and represent, t " "> Lie nillKii.s of uol org 0,* wealth, and over 2 03o ue.krf ? Ibe remr-ny :* armed w.;h ;or; raccn ri 'eg ?no ' Oi t e m , ro\eo revolver p'stoig. Tnev are noire m ' dumiar t. 'he I I., \,Lth regiment of New York city u :y <tt to* ii to day i n tbe stealer Ioias for I erti'e ? ,! Nt t! e month <,f t';e garaor.sli rirer. Vri v t .stn e j?\ 1 f ,? n Ibev 11 ? let thrjuj.", f?e ?tr?et? ofSarac i.at, , ;tr .. ? n g". i < ptntons of t ? populace by th?ir e\ei i tt n "i ; . 1, t n. ?t i i?l .''ppeuracr-'. At th ? etesmbaat -?ck f.ve tUutand p:op:? astetno'cd to b. I tt(ir 11.1. a-i'i ? tho s; ;,n,cr ia#t ? i Ler : nes th<- < r tar w :th tieaj at.d f, ad bys. IT.o recrtii:,ne for tho Jfc1'' ' " ';>? ? * ny vm l?!,fk,ac,l ' "?? m- r r.iiM < ? r" > ' ire ? fmiTieiso gup-. i,r military ?toro? and munit oos of war are e. Pk: , Me; .1 ited he- r j ? re r<.e Tner.' are rew al out t? ? tUoesstd tr< J a a tblo * circuit of JWi f.y rn -<s cf thtf , .ty ?',i ,,;r rt oom'np". L ' ? F l,""ld " "l pr< f?nt inde-utor? . a ..nr.il' at .1 isarprea- he* ?. 1. itiort time b? ;.r, pregnable nfnlHt t n MtMk ig oroc ef thirty Um i I*0B. The great h pe c.f tbe people hen I* th-it the North WrtilfOUp lp tendipg Ir c Itere unl 1 .July or Ang.;at. wb<u tbe f'rk'y fftraw NnrJ MW n aete .n Ihey eay t&at tbeir "CciK ce' Yellow ./?;!< would annihilate them without the til of lit; fharp sbxit.Ta 1rcr<* ere a '?r^e number of i t V'r?U?"l ftttei naval of ficers ia tow r ante ting in work ng out the j. in for tbe t??c at; defet ce Prominent au. tg ?kem t>ag Officer Jf?iab Tatria' and CaptVn Harttlete Ail tbe bote!* are full of guealt, priecpslly military men. and J regent more the eppoarance of military bar ia< W? Tr.'i'le berc it pencra'iy dt ill The principal tbipping in port ia Brltiab, lenrtitg tetWn :itd lumber for i arope. Falet of cotton are veTy dull. an 1 very little of it la being ita.ppr 1. Ice report ieach<d b?rn >???:. rdty that Fraa' dent Lincoln Lad declared tbe Foirbem port* <n a ita'e of bleekaoe, and had the etl*rt to raite tie pr.ee of pr< vi ylaloct and grocer en. B#iOt, Ijub, tide*, Ac., went up two and ttrve cectr per j Jtnd. WPORTMT FROM VIRGINIA. THE CONFEDERATE AllMY IN VmuHllA. TV R VP1TMIIK F0*< * AT ?n*8T.>T !N EH'DHOM. i*"rotr tie Richmond Fnqulrer, April 27 i We biire taken tome paine tj gvt aluil ml or the to lnnucr lorcea, loi numerating .toee oeicngipg to Rieb Bfto, ai pieeent id tbta Oil/, and beiow we ghe tlM ft n.it ei our labors. Cimpen'eo cert'nue to arrire ao very rapKllv, Lowever ih*t we ; nd rcme d ?r ,u ty in keep it j' pa' * witfc them. *n?TH I A10L1NA V0tr>'TF.l,R8. Ttere are about aix h.mdrod '>rol na troop* here row. The following ? a iitt of the offlce-a of ibe reg men ? Br< i </>r Pfnra/? K. ... Bothacr Roj ?/Gmtrner rfSfu'* Otrcit** ? Co'. M. A Moore, Cb). T. <*. Caihor.L. r.U'i W. C. M( ragne, Ot A 1'. Aldrlch, Qb). R B. RQMM. CM S . ;*comi' Co). J W. fliaop. mr M?."r S w Neb >r, V-unr Fd fpnrr Hammond, Ma or .<?wiiel W. Melton, Co). M. F. 'iiKton ."nrgeoo ftr,t .???'<?* Cawf-.t J* c ;tit? Co! Vtiy Crogg, I -nt ?*c '? H. Hair. "Wn, Va, tl ;tt. lb. * jt. Fer guert s"i - tc. Aas.er MrO*";B, foam!a?a?y Kcor.ed) i ?rj'fui.r? C>?7ia.- A , l <i t. J?. i). Wilier Coin pan? ^ ' V ' ? , ' B ir ar d pg, C- ioj an/ C, nM> rva. Cora")"-ay ( ?jt J 1' (^C ferry , Ciropar.y fl, Oljii. U ri Jvr itUT ; Conpory 7 <)ipt. Paria; Company K, lii t. .V'*. c:itnjac<l'.cp Cerr.f*nr L, Lieut. Knolta, )* ? i\ .t Kail. Guards, Or*. l^e leg'TSH'lt * rriifdw.i... F.oPeld rjfef, M!nienod ??;??rton M ?'? Nire trrekftr--?3J a?i *rior arms <?r? " . * - I n I r ! < , v ? <" I I I' in'irruw The TUPa r g'meat, f*?m t'btr'eeton city, cotnciasdtd by Cbl. . . F. PatVgttir, ia alto expected ahoitly. Tlie jimottj Oond. oapu'jD Onhbert, compored of rji > 1^1 soldie*!, trd wtll eqnjpptd, wlJ atcobb j? 17 C5' :rg<mrrt. 1 1km Sfttii C'rj V'at i rupa "rraerrt l be appeeranre of i.l ? ? rriceable n body of men aBwoeror )<Hkc> up*. 1 *7 ??< ?m^atiPtl for action, and ?:at rg ?m^:' tie ?tea T,ntve,arear*)opeto,)ewbero ifcere :? a?o?k to 'eTane. Tbe b?ar tg|a)?o or iheee it' ;? t Vaat o' y^r.'ect g ?Di(emen a erety reapeet. VlrtO ' A \OIPfTT?RI?. 1 'le f&?;'w:tg Tr'at'ter totriwei ar* aico qaariored t H ekinond ? | E'StO utfll cf ijwbbrfg, r'tet^egbl mop, Oapt. P. 8. CwIaAd. . T.jicy uf aroaed with Hat peri Terry ?osfet* I.yccbbur* V. t:e Gra?b, Cart. M g. 1 nagtorne, on* i.i idnd und four m< n? sixi?-m bavirg bcm etui btck. Ab<-ut thirty memtcis itf t1 * tpaa^aay wore not re ceived. It is fald tlKte, w .b uthwu anxious U eiii'it, wiil form u addith aal company L>i.kbLurg Ar iilki y , mutty-four men. Vjx<7 bave four pie ct ? e f 1 ;-bt artillery. Wise Feneib!'?, eighty live men, from Montgomery cesuty , Capt. K C. Trif g Aimed w tb flint !ock muskets. lilatki Guar', entity four mm. Captain James A. Walker. Aimed with f!:nt lock mu?kets. Froepect Bi le Grays, seventy- two men, Captain F. G. Waller Armed with flint lock rlfloa. They ere f?om Fain, v tile, in Prince l.award county, Va. FainivDle Guard, ninety six men, captain R. A. Booker. Tbey alao are from Farmville. Tie Kanuville Guard, Line Vy-S'x men, commanded by Captain B. A. Boeder. Tney rre armed with miunie mikktw. Fprlrg Garden Volunteer*, Pitts. v'vsnia, Captain James 0. Lock seventy in? n. Aruird witb {ercossion nuakei*. Tl.e liuirlotte 10C"t, uveniy :?o l. ieu, commanded by Ciptain I'hcmss J. Spencer. Tbey are armed witU Unrper'a Ferry Minnie rilles, with fibre bayonets atiat bed. The Chatham Grafs, eighty lour men, f/om PiUsyl v Kate county, comr anded by Captata W. II. Worth. 7L>'j are armed with Ifarjc r's Ferry muskets. ? lie Wy tiie Grays, scvcnty-tbri e men, commanded by Cap:" u Joeepb t. Acnl. Aimed with llarper s >e rry moskels. ? lie Sir.) it Elues, seventy two mm, commanded by Capta n A. G. Pendletcn. Aimcl with Harper's Fe-ry muskets. < htsterfle'd C at il Guard, slaty meo, Cap'sin T'Vman lughill, aimed - tb the rifle. .Montgomery n j: ti'am'ers, seventy-sis men, Captain Cbsrlca A Hopi'd, or mod wltb the i-iflcd mr -ket. ileoct Vernon Guard, from lla'.fax eounty, sixty I j r<*0 men, Capta'a E B. Young, s-med with the r'fle Baiifsx Blues, seventy men, Ciptain John Grammar, aimed with the rercusslou mubket. Brooklyn Grays, fcixty-iour men, iron Halifax county, Cui 'ain William J'i; mta. armed with perc ssiein musaeis. Ver'na Troop, sixty men, from Hen -ico connty, om raacded by Capta a Albert Aiken, ermtl with Ualted Statu f abi i 3 and oav y ehootcia. Camp < J In Kiw i .i at the Central Fail- Ground*.? The fo'iowmg companies pre Ftat.cnclat the )'air grounds; ? Lexington Cadets, one hundred and seventy 3 vo men, commanded by Major luiston.smt armed With the smooth bfcre percussion miitkei. Company A, TL'rty third regiment, ICO men, cam mauded by Captain Atkinson, a * m .. J with the parcusaioa m ket. Hanover Gre y?, forty four men, commaaUed by Capt. Tj'ley, armed with the j ^raiifstou mnoket. PamesTil'e Hiflrs, eighty .ei cn men, Ceptain M '!cr, armed ?'th the percjEEieu mi iket. Aihland Grays, fli ly-fvi o ircn, Captain T ick;.-, armed wi-h the peretmsion musket. Henrico Fojth. in t uard, sixty seven men, Captain Cail t'rey, arn.? d with tbe percutiinn mr.fket TatrVk Henry Rifles, ti'ty <e\cv rrcn, Captain Dabney, n^iuetl with tbe peieutsion musket. Ccm)?iiy .^.liauville battalion, firty-nine mca, Captain Crr .es, aimed v.ilh tbe percussion lnudket. Company B, Danville battalion, seventy seven men, Capta<n Claiborne, armed w.tb the percussion nitLik<~l. 1 be above companies coast ituto the Firt>l Patia'ion of A'oluntei-rs, under con n tnd of If" jor Witbcr3, of the Danville bottalion; 1 leuterast t'dwarr'F, Act'.ig Jdjatant. Stand Ballalitu ?/' Vi.lurtetrt. ? Company A, cieven teesth rrximeiit of \ol\.utcer?. sixty men. Captain Harri son aimed with tlie minie miuket. Nottowey Grrje. s;xty live men, Ccptain CwaMy, aimed with tbe i!iitii? mi"!-.' t. Nottoway Rifle Guard, Mf.y one men, Ciptain Owen, armel with the M.nle musket. hui^rtin, lir. Blaekbnrn. Ko Major lias yet been ap pointed to this linttilion. Cai airy ? ' ompiny B, Chehterfleld civatry, sixty-one mec, Cuptain Ball. Armed with I nitca Stat, a sabres and p strle. J-'iddtnd Stuff. ? the foMowing are tbo oifcers at the camp of iDMiuctiou.? Colone! Gi'bam, Colonel commai ting. Mil jor Madisou, burgeon. 1 Untenant Page, Assistant Surgeon. Captain Ship, assistnnt Adjutant General. Captain Cusningbi'm, Ai ting Afsistr.nl Adjutant Gocet al. Captain l'oyner, As?istant ^'uaiter master. BXCAFITULATION. South Carolinians I ?00 First battalion Virginians 2,2<i5 Second battalion Virglnlars 178 Cavalty, Viiginluns el Total in Virginia 3,072 Btigadier (Jeneral M. I). Eonham, at tbe head of five b ttlred troops from Poulh Carolina, arrived here last tventog by the Southern train. >iour bar, within the last week, advanced a dollar to a dollar and a half per barrel. Meal from ten to fifteen eintsporbnsbel. Paeon, witb which on.' market was but lightly supplied, from three to lour cents per piond, and in hoh e instances more b?3 been demanded; while 'ird, colfee and many other article" in that line have jone up in proportion. ( w '.Eg to the high rate of exchange which ruled all the tjr|Dg. e>ur niercbni ig boivbt very sparingly of beron from the North or West ? benco our limited supply; bat there are large quantities of this article in Wetteru Vir ginia and Teunofee? enougb, we think, to supply tbe en tire army ; and we tbink tbo present prices will bnn^ that Leie ?t an early day also. Tlit/(Mlnaiite?r Ko tMriva-Ailoptloa of the Conleueir*te 8uui Constitution? ( onttMttan of the Confederate States. THK SKCEFFION ORDINANCE, /N etU'.VAJNI TO FKiSAl TWt IUTIHCaTIOM OK TH* COMSTlTtT t;un or ins roino mats* ok amsk,.'a hv thji htats or M* (.!>)/ , A>li TO Klhl'M ALL THE R1UIJ18 A&D 1 'OWKRS i Kjonto vm hajd WRfrnrnos. The jwop.e of Virginia, in their ratification of the can rtitution of itc I nitca States of America, adootea by tt; m -n CcjventAU Cu the twenty fifth day of Juue, iu tue j ei.r of car l.ord toe thousand seven hundred and >gui. hnvlng deci&rcd that the powers granted orcer the : - d ct neiuuttou tt; . e derived from the people of the I , "' i ?.-??< *, an'* might be r-?i.med whensoever tiie r*n e tho.ilU be i erverted to Ibeii in. ary and oppres sor: ?r \ ice federal goverLireat hiving perverted said j.j ?iis cot only to the in., my of the people of Virginia, ut 10 tbe oppression of the femtber j r avehollmg States; New therefore, we, tl>e people of Virginia, do declare m J c ?'ain that t-e otJInence aiopUd by the people of tbir S'.ate is Convention. ta the twenty. ftfth day of June, <igb.y-< ght, whereby tiie constitution c' t'ae Unite 1 f.mes >>f America ..a? ratiled. srd all acii of the (General Ats? n.bly cf this State. lamyug or adapting amend runts to raid < institution, are hereby renrnled and abrogated that tbe Union hetwe< i. t?i* Siate of Virgin!) a. d tbe oilier Sta.es under the constitution a'oresa.d is hereby d;rsol\ed, and thu the ct?te of V.rgtnii is in the fill pMMHk a and tun isl or ail tbe rights of sovereign ty which bcicng aid appeita>n to a tree and inleptndent Mate Atd tbtv do farther (tacUre that the taid coulti tut.cn of ti e I'ulUd Stiit of Amer;ca is no longer bind tg ou aty of the cil.-ets of }h!a '-"late. Jbr or<>it(a:e (La.! take el!ec? and an net of this day tUt ratiCkd by tu r. ty of thevoUsof the peo ple of iL't State. CMt at a ptu to .-e taken there jn on the iounb 1 l, u ridav in May next, in pursuance of a schedule to be bercaf er cuaritd. 1 ote tt Convent , n, in the City of *Vhm< nd, on the 17%) h) ( f Atif .. . m tbeyew ol our Lord tnet <owa4 c -jht ti.cvirei. aid sixty c^e, r.ncl .u Cue sigbtvlift'i year I t fllheCen.n;onwea.tb of Virginia. JNt> I EUBANK, 8 cretary of Convent; m. am < rmhascs ros n s <r>( iti . ? ths eo*smrfjea or th* . ?t > an .<ai . i \ iiuiwt i !? tbi ? omtaun nAiss ok /imrc*. Wc, the f.e.( gates of the it pie ->f Virginia, in Conren t or. erstnbled, solemnly impr<r-ted bj the perils which f urn. td the C. mii-ocwt a'tb . acdappeal^ag to tbe seacber * r i (LMf ft r tfe leetitiioe of nr MlllM msssuniiog the grave rdi'tcibiltty d this act, do, by thiscrdinancc. ? (!? i i <.Ed istify ti e C< nftituron of the rrcTisionai i (vdtinfii of ire Confederal* States of America, on:a Led tr.d eetabi.ebed it McMrrmery, Ala^-<.ro%, on the eighth da} of february e ghte?L huncici and e xcj oi.e lit t.ced tliat th s c?'litao:e ?htl) .-en^e tohare any '.ega. < feratltn or ?B?ct, If the ptepleef it r OommrLwealib. i.pt the tc'c directed to i>o ' .Ven cn the ecdintnos of ttcers'en patsed by th ? Convenlitn, on the I7tn day of Apr 1, e.gttcen tun<..rt?i and sixty one, shall reject the ran e. A irne cony. JNO L FV'BaNK, Secretary. ( > ..K1WSKK TBS ( I'M M 3N WBALTV or VIJUJIX1A AJIB n*.' > >' r. srat* rtAiw < ? amkrka. Tie C? ir.tLon*eaith of Virginia, looking to a speedy ut <ncf raid ( on ir.otataitb and the other s' are States w ith tic C< nft ?'* rate nates of America, ajcording t3 the pitivicccsof the c^nttitu'.on for the provisional govern m< at of sa d Slates, entirr into the following temporary cccventirn and agreement with said Slates, for the por ptre rf mtet rg preriirg <x geLcies affecting tbe oomtnon t*gl ts, tc'.erestr *nd aa'ely of raid OommenwealU) and ra d confederacy. 1. Until the i:n on of said Corr mot wealth with nil coafederaey rhail be perfeeted, and said Commonwealth 1 1 j ire a atmber of sa. 1 ronfederacy, aceord.ng to ite rsnMUrt'ir? Of bott;>?wers. tte w'r.o'e military fo.-ce and mtl.tary operaliotr (!Ten*;ve and defensive, of said CcKmcuwaltli, >n tho .mpecding contl.cl w.th the Ui'ted Ptate*, rball be tinder the chief conttol and djirtisn el the I'res-.dent of said Confederate States, op f d the tame priaetpias, basis and fooung as if svd Ci n trenwealtb were now, and during the interval, a mtT.ler ff said confederacy. 2 Tte Cemmrnwcaltb ?f iVlrg nia will, after the com iLtraiicn <f the union eontemplaied la this Conves t!<n, and hi r adopt < n of the Cons t tul. on for s permanent g( veir ment cf the raid Confederate State# ?n<f she shall 1 ?c ir.e a mer her of Fa;d confederccy under said perms tttt (omtilutlon, If the asms ooetr, torn over to tbe fa.d Ctnfederate St* tee all the public property naval iu res. at. d muc.tlonr of war. kc .the may then be in j*ff ea*ion of, acquired from the United Slates, on the si.n e termr and m like manner as tbe other states of md ((..-{ederscy Lave done .n like cases 3 Whatever expecd.iures of money, if any, said Cnm nn wealth of Virginia shall m\ks before the union, n d er the 1'rovisiensl gcvernmcntasabovecontempiated (hail he e< t rammated, ahall be met and provided for by' ra J Confederate ?tat?s. "h?s CcTivent'rn entered Into ard agreed to, in the city of H (hmoD'V Virglrla.m the twenty fourth day of April, 1(M. by Alexatder U Stephens, the duly authorized Ctrta, irivter to act !n the matter for tbe raid Onfele rv.e Stattr. at : Jcl.n Tyler, t?. Ral?ard rrosun ^waoel KcD. Wf ore, Janur P Bnloombe, James C Hrt.ce and Lfwisli Hai\ie, parties duly authorlred to act in like matter fcr aaid Cf mnonwra li of Vtfginie? tbe whole ft.b.rct to the aprwtl w:d ratiflost on of tbe propor au Itomies of both coven metis respectively. In usfir my whereof the parties aforesaid have I < if to let ibe.r hands atd seaJs, the day and year afore t ad, srd at tie place aforesaid, in dapiioate originals. Al IXANfirR B. Sm-RENS. Ccmm istesier for Confederate States 10BN TYLER, WM. BAIJ-ARP TRISTON, F. *< 0 VOORJT. JAMKS r B(iUt)M?F, J AMI'S C. BRUCE, i rww p. uarvif, (SOCIlim iMtCAUffi fOV VtrffiiilA .A 1 1 roved aad ratified by the Conveniioa of V rfia'a, m .in Utk of April, 1MI. KmN JANNEY, | ? ,*c?r 1. frwss, Secretary ? ?HOCfcAJUflQW BY nil ?OTKJLIO*. WduilMU1?^i,,l*ffteLoy w*" aapptd^dtbar ?n aivaa* JTT ^v . ' vmiD* from Uiform?i ?n Umt m.,;f 'ivers of Uu Slat- ?u About to be SUk?*jUj!fSS<i',v*,B*,>l*<'' tu* 'eeaeisof I be L'nitod and lLo m u?n?S^ ? ^ waters *>l tnis Cuiumou *ealth, at the (Jc.pnrt \avv T f?T * *oth ?* Harper's rer ry ud lief; and wUrn? ?.Spto reM0? for*uc*> be tels to tbe u^^,^.ci'?'l?#^n??. '"fJW Vork and Potomac rirer^J , tte {Uppahannosk , bcenLfi^d and ^ta,ned by^S? aulwui^"^^' 2* or offtceis aciirit irnier -- ,?r #*1*, ty ana It i, p,."p?r tbaUuuT ">?*?? ??'"wrl be promptly reacted to iff '>f<>|)W"i ahould tbe own. rau.tr. u. ll*??rfwe. command, or to I, Joiin Utchur. Governor 'of the rv hereby proclaim mat ail private th. . a*a**lw>*ck. ?0 aelw d or detained, with &^o4^A75G2L2 Jamestown and Yorktown, shall beieleas- d ?;! up to the said masters or writers, biate navy have U?n a?aign 1 to et?h SfaJf rivet! herein mention*!, with orders to realueM " and property, and give ceritileites Tor damages iocurr?ri by the seizor* and detention. * incurred <hi teel-il ?y du,T? furthermore, to adv se life people of Ibe Commonwealth (uot in the military service <jf l?, with iii?/0 ,""lr umMU avocationi, is connection with tbe traoo and commerce of the country anuria* ? vefnr.uUCllr? a?d defpac#- ,r ? *? TOniSSS ty an attempt o invade this Commonwealth, or to use seerCiOtt agaujti the boulhern Confederated .Sta'es a coa ??s<\epw tBt?" ?" ? ?---rirTiSssrtx Lctled States? it shall lie met and conducted by thin SMYbKS1 'v.1?0" fflnc!p4'i w<*thy of Civilised nat.oud tf eBl,*h*fn*,l ?*e- I appeal t> all oar people uo2 Wilh V?evble, unoffending citiaeos, or iirt i i? h pr?**rre P?aoe and conform to our laws ? ?iiLdJrhffeb.y "PMffy discountenance all acts ?C "?^rSuSstfn !&?? aKMsar-1 "??ssaaa* MOVWBNTS OF 1RK8IDEBT DAVIS ANf> Sfvait, WAPBKGABD. * we learn, says the Baltimore Sottlk nnm ,hat on Oove^or mS^r^ v^ d ? patch from I "resident Davis statiov that with ''enpmi Beauregard and a well appointed army heVu |1|Tn,?i J? "'tr ^'aahington se soon as Virginia was in a CMd! Hob to afford such asaUtaace aa *** - -- * Wise replied. "Come on: Virrinia ? osassry. G?r. to march with yon Into the federal capltaP' "* biger THE DERTRFCTION OP THE NAVY yaw* A}lv SSSSA2L?? ? ?orVoi2bd <?. m J, ^USSSSiF^Sf.- ? ) , vailed iii etcrtement pre. ??S?Zi^ ^ *r> able ?o obtain toe dertS5^infOT*at!oa UD '^?Cum^land wu SSTtTtn ^TtSTv^f preparations were made to prevent her i?? i ? an offlcer came from the yard bear ing a flag of truce, and was conducted to Geh nliiftwm'a w?2^,rU"k',!i ^ ^ii0 Hotel^hereao^^' was held, which resulted In a promise ftom the com ESWfaV"*.?'-' "MwJv, that nooaoftAe ,h')",1^ be re?oved nor a shot fired except la self defence. This quieted the excitement- bot It w!L rntsed at a later hour, when it was asnortalneil that the German town and Merriusac had been scuttled, sod that the heavy shews on the wharf at which tbe Geraantown acrola h!fe^2r.5l*n CQt *.w'*y *nd "U0"** to fall midships if Mi -0arr^' away the ma in topmasts and ^ yards. 11 wss also perceived that the men werebuiTihr M ?^Sif <frm. ^r?y lhro*lDf overboard side sad ^ ?mall srms, kc., and other property, and boats w<wa constantly passing between tbe V.n^V. ^UJTar* land and other voaaels. The ssaurance of the Commodr.r* given by his offloer at the truce interrlew however' tended to sllay tbe sppraheniion of an immediate colli ' |!'D' ?Qt the continued stirring movements at ih!! i*5 ,,*0CD rendered it certain that it was I, ui n Macau ley to destroy all the buildings and other property there, and it was therefore with not much surprise, that about midnight, after two ?<^rte "^tot exp.csions, the light of a serious conlis * ration w?s observed at the yard. This oontinned te ia E6> aB''bc^r* daylight the demon work of destriie A ur7n fn ? 10 ?blp houses kn ?wn as A and B (the foimer containing the entire frame of th? v?."iyil5 vMVfntjr four- "h,cn h& l been on^he stocks t.ni.ni?hed for some thirty-eight jeers), and also to tbe if ?hr?*JLg7 .tw? "i?,y ??oe8 and rtQr?? on each side of the mala gate of the yard. The and huurwm! this tremencous msss of burning material was set h>i southwest wind directly towTrds tbe liM of^l^i moored on the edge of the channel opposite theVard anl Camse.41 ?f ll*M' t??' ww enveC^n The scene at this time was grand and UrriSc beyond 1 ccecriptlcn The rear of the oenflagratian waTloTd 1 enough to be beard at three or four iues th,tl?. to this were ?lded occasional discharges from tbe heavr guns of ths old Psnnsylvsnia, ship of- the line, as they bl esme successively heated. These guLs it . were double shotted and llrected at different parts of the P"P?*? ol insuring lis eompleUdw^iih m6Q!. Tbli, however, is oorUio. thtt <r mil kav? m .no not hlr0* Mf^dlrect6di Smw m0r? con,plet*'y c,e*re<l iU apparte TH* CUMBERLAND AND P AWKKT ^?^.SijSSSlS^SV'SiifSSf^fea dasssr fretehud with' lh* Jf** out ?* "?? reacii of om?';*Ch ^ the yarafand t'hTS'aimod^o"^ "C ?k ?o ^ a ^ssrrszjaSTT barrlcsdts at the narrows, where U?e Cumberland A Mor roe. ,D' ^ ^?nee contmaed^^ wZ. 4 THB rBOriBTT DBRTROYBD Ifcfv .W*f2l<1 judf? f">ra a cursory obasrvati >0 the property destroy sd embraced, besides the bon.es sn.l contento, the range of boZZ, T* 1m6 yMd' tb* 0">"B?toro s sntTc j sa m which ""hnrt.) tbe old marine bar e hears "he m?' s^o"?-' M<1 brl* I)0lf'tin? burned to tbe water s edge tUe sloop Germantown, brtken an1 ?Unk ' tSi arnonnt T* ^ 1 *T?*11 chronometers, and valuable en gicee and machinery in the ordnance other thm broken up and rendered utterly useless. THB DRY DOCB. ..iprsijss UNION FEELING IN WHEELING VA (From tbe Wheeling [ntelllgencer, April' IV 1 " J The Xnion meeting lsst night at the djuth Waaeiimr ichool house was a very large ant enthusiastic one thf 5TJ Tea? ^dCr?^.^ 11 WM ??* seats *tood ?P0? the window sills tad i?i?,?,el2et?e ww called to the cha'r and Mr ?? i. ^"^t* appointed Secretary. ' it<?e of?fcrair?. r"?tlDf "" *uu<1 10 b* f??- the pur pose or rcrmlng a Lnion Guard. A committee h*?in? ses ?*ir?-a3:3 ts?aswsfs?,i,M~'i'"w*u" Resolved, 1 bat we owe s paramount alleeiaBM taiku.^ Be*oir?d. That we, with our hearts beat lilnorf ?m - - ? ? sS?J?S!WM waeatet sxii K?5ns. ssarSB& ? QpWArdtof five tho'iMBd traitor* ?wilkd bjr "n,K,t ^ storming of Fort EXECRABLE NEW YOBK. (From the Richmond, (Va.) Dispatch. Of all the execrable apots cd the American continent, the city of New York bears off tb? palm. Sodom, to which, on acconat of its horrible piotllgao/ of moral*. It has 1 1 lea bun likened, had in it at leaat om man who atnod by hi? principle! amid an uacieaa and aoeartaf ge r eratlon. II Naw York baa < ne, he haa not the courage to :et hia voice be hoard. We could not hare believe?, nothing could hare petacaded us, that the city of Nam York, which had been enriched by Southern trade, aa? Lad cTtr profesead to be t rue to tha Cxwtitutlon aad tba Pcu h, would in ooe day ha ecircrted Into onr MKerest trrn.y. paatixfr for oar bloo-l. fitting out fleet* and nrm:<e, and raiaiaa mlUluaa tut ojr <leatruct?m. Hm pr?DS to us increiTble? Impoa* i !>le ? wo can acirce'gfl heUers even now, that a whole <x#nmtiatty cm. w]M ne c nr?m, be tmnsflormcd Iron uea to ?a^ is . *td all became Foit Sumter, a fort in a fljothartt I arbor, waa deprived by Southern citlzoas, without spili ng a drop of blood, of its power (o sasail rad dea'roy an itmccnt and nncflcrdii g people. It is unnatural, It is nmastroui, It serma to be r mir f e'eof Pata&'s own working, this hideout acd uap.irai cud tTraafcm atlon. And yst, I Is oaly tba falling of a fti), which hypocrlay had thrown over the fjceo' tha m<st titeue asMfhaess sad gr<cd, and otter ev<! naa riots of the human hcait. New Voik baa beoome Is we* th and mngniiicenos. as we'l u rice, the Dabrloa a f t he New World , aad the xtream a b<cb feeda her afflocaoe, i?r purp, Ler pride, and luxury, flows from tba flanth Tie :>ar that thia atrenn will be diverted bas crushed ot in her heart all resides 0f gratitude, delicacy aad otor. and ihe haa Barred herislf for any orlma afl outrage aealnat God and man which will scours l.er hold of the stctlon which baa hitherto 1 the chief irii'Oiary to her trade ant onmmerna. n ibia uf-roa baidncrs of h'art abe la the mars Ind rraelot>' becana? her poputa km are anppos<d}o ha an r.o ptrtonal danger, and she can carry m Is per act Is f canty to berst!f the work of ruin, death aad daslxac t id to otlii rs. w> re we to ill jatrate by example the aaparaBehd per ( dy ?od vileaeaa of New York, wa contd 111 a vo'npw b?.t we n#nl only apeak at present of a ease which aim rests H?e!f to erery man's mlad? the Seventh regiment, lie tnp!tK?iy tbey received here appeared to flTi them w Hh (B'htfiarm. At the fsstive board aad orer tnm^ lirnjcra, they peered forth the waramet protesiattaaa ? piamaiie. and >owed aad a wore thit jmutst abonld t>)lr arn.a i>a turned agatrst Virginia; bigaKt in b -r br.nr of t?r ' tha j would raab to ber rr*c^^WAn<i how have the/ rcteemcd tbat pr> m!?e that pledge. Tj Madlag the wayi la tflKmsuous w'c.K*ine?s if tbat war upon ou^VkonM* aad free Idea which the black rr publican ?Fata at Waahla ton baa tsgio. W bea wc heard they?poft that tbeae wretches