1 Mayıs 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

1 Mayıs 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TIIF. NEW YORK HERALD. : WHOLE NO. 9000. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, MAY 1, 1861. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE WAR. Highly Important Mili tary Movements. Fifteen Thousand Men to Con centrate in Maryland. He Route through Baltimore to be Opened at ail Hazards. raryland to be Kept in the Union. fevii Thonsasd Rebel Troope at Kklaeil. ilfteen Thousand More Mot lug Northward. hie Formation of a Groat Camp | at Dumfries, Virginia, ?he West in a Blase of En thusiasm. tmty Thousand Ohio VohmtMn Heady for Service. i _ DIANA ARMING FOR THE CONFLICT. irte Thmsaid M Jeney Bins" Ea Route for the tat tf War. ?partnre of the Twesty-Eifbtb Ee giseit fer Wasbftsgtes. Movements of the Metropolitan Military. Western Virginia to Split from tlie East, e^i . aq.? eii IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. LE ATTITUDE OP THE ADMINISTRATION. Vmnm, Apni 30, 1M1. "he people of the North may rest assured that the gov raent completely realizea the raaponalbilitie* imposed in It by the pretest crtote, ml will d ischarge ta dn i to the full eel extent. TM reativeuees of ? portion ' he Northern prose. at the aeemlng dilatirioeea of it* Ion tn wtr matter*, Is altogether unJuatitUble. Its <as ire ripe, bat th? me*na to carry then oat with rg7i p'omptnese and .uocees, are not yet at ita com od. It would be criminal folly to eater the field with i recruits. An army of two hundred thou d men canaot be organised and mado ctire In the course ft a few day*. Time le wanted to apk te prtspai ati >na, and these are now bewg pushed ?ard with the utmost vigir and deapatcn. In due ton blow* will be struck. In the meantime, let loyal zeaa of the free Sta'ea, wbo are aaxioaa to aee the tbern rebe.lioa crushed, rema n oouddeut that direct DL?)a of c*)mmunicati3B between the North and the nrai capital w.ll soon be opened, if need be by force, high banded outrage of faithleaa Virginia will ox re ?' ucpuolahi d In fine, wherever treason reara 'ta d, the atrong arm of the federal government will be ed to strike it down W^mmOTOW April 80, 1961. tan Krarts, Pierrepont ud VanderpooJ, of New k. bad long interviews with the head* of departmenu ike Preaicent y?*terday. They endeavored to oon to the official mind um faint no* Ion of the attitude be North They told Mr. Llnoeln that this wu so porary excitement, bat a movement growing out of a peeated conviction that free Institutions were now a tbetr trial; that not only the feeling* of tbe people, the latere* I of all clasaes, capital, oommeroe and pro y oi every ku-d, were Involved la the lame? and tbe <te knew 1 ; that thoae who were slowest In war aad t ilkslj to take t ide* in a civil war were the moat con st tve elements of society. They felt that thla wee a -lion between government and aaarehy, and that unleai trvetsment proved tteelf equal to una emergency it Id have to be repiacod by eome ether form of govern t. tbat ibe impulse uf the Nortb, bottomed as It la on ciple ?ad inter eat, oould not he realated, and must be I . tbat thla waa no question of slavery, bst of govern t, and tbat the Northern democracy, and even tbe t pro slavery member* of tbat party, were aa one w in the repnbiieana on Uua point. ?eee gentlemen also adverted to the ooadltloa of ts in Virginia, particularly la Fairfax county , from ?u loyal people? eome of Ibcm Northerner* by birth ? been driven out, while the oppoasals of the govern ( i were sa/s everywhere, aad aaked bow long thle ?tkm of thing* Waa to laet. Upon the Baltimore I tton there wu tbe lea* to be *ald, because an order been tsaued rrom Oen. dqott to Ua^or Gen. Patterns ? ing the whole ground. a President appeared to he Impreeeed with tbe view* need, and promised to giro them hie moat careful deration. i) tie men who h?ve had confidential oca vernation tbe varlooa member* of tbe Oablaet affirm that, a), ig for eilfrrencee of temperament, they are a unit, a well dafleed policy, which will not be wholly of a is Its character. 'ginla la<Mea, residents in thla city, are la receipt a ay to day of letters from their friend* at borne, g tbem to leave tnia devoted etty before It la de ed by the forcee muatering la the South; but theae un>oetleoe have aa yet prodnoed no serious offset. 3 Twenty Bfth New York regiment came In laet ag, no ike flirty ninth, which in atll! at Aaanpolla Mi, but I* preparing to follow. at. Custls Lee, lately stationed at Fort Washington * e Potomac, eon of Oen. Kdbert E. Lao, has realgaed ?euBlaelo* In the United States Army. icw regiment of Rhode laland troops has bean or jet. ' hART AFFA11W AT THE FEDERAL CAPITAL, ETC. W* nmmme, April M, 1M1. i w-hmrngt ng the large nnber of troops new la ?gua.*?ad although many of thaas are permitted - full i n*c* of tbe streets durtsg tha day. aothl*? ear appraasMag to sren a slight dftftarkaaos of the bee at cuned hi any locality. They all seem te be la a i ass i a ohfact, namely the proteet** of I vera ?p?nt aad the espial, Irraapestlvd" of the a! v *?* by wklrh, at their kimes, they may be 1 4 ?e of Ike ?Hf hat* taaisrsd their ssrrVW* as bos r?e Skr-UM mh 0mwu?s be neoweary, white 1 tbem are pre para* Hat, 1a tha p-sslbie ooatln that it mar he a m-H, lM?odfk ?**? * as j apt - - ?"! >M* on that point ( % V aa uai. S* wf taiaed ill the troops ch^ifn'iy ^?i fo? a e?ery duty istcwl upon theoa w>.n ta ) i?j(? iiBtKr bow aere, tad th we oocstantly irrifi ig, ear tt mm 'aal P1 MO'e *rom outstde or d<* uatoci ftiUu ka, a?.d therefore Utey are couip i-atively 'r*-? frssu di?c|uM?iag eicl'.emert. A* ?itM be ?v|K.ived we ho*- of 1 1> little 1' anr pri ? Ma or ^vvlic exprvssiofc of ttceetsivii a-n'.jioU liiOSrt <u< ?k ar of tuck views tow practicing .00 plinth >phy of *JaBO* C>%ttary '? nwnj arsert> .ne wtncfc ha ?? found rt>"r way kiiu ike aewkptpurs, none are reatrtotad or inter fered with in lit iiiuate pursuitc, and the ^ird adm -ib lrti'4, as b?rcU>f iiit unimpaired The * ? O ic'e aad .ratters, aa a diss, hive been tcf faring in the r bnain. re , tut are now experiencing iobc Tfce (f*J of being " starved wit" to dire paled Pap pi tee tX c^tbe m m other aetwasariee are ooastenuy re ceived. ?real improvement baa Ukea place la oav atresia Some t.me back Um military were moved on oar gre* thoroughfare oalsnuttousJy, aad l.gbt %/t.Jerj an 1 flv.ag sragooaa noielly, aud of an at the top if their Iwraea ?peed. Military oo.rera were ocnaUntfy riding 0 j rather racing tlelr hones jj oomptnles of from two to ?a, tnm uwe tad of the avenue ti the outer. By all 1 this excitement was created among oitla^ns, and apo-e tniliM ware ttirrsd lp on the part of wrmen and others sot properly appreciating thine m>v?m >lis. The f ear was mwatanUy exc.ted that some dread event was htp paUtg at cae pcxt or another to which iLem^lury was directed. It je creditable to the administration that upon hiving tta attention caked to tha subje :t it at onoo appreciated the propriety of BLak'tig arrangemeata for more quiet m the ooadnct of the military aad other movements there with ooan noted Coder the reform no need lees mUitary dispiay a or uaaeoeaaary exhaistl n of borse flesh appear eaocratieesa. The nsolt la comparative q'tlet and ap parent freedom on the part of the poouilariy aeaaitive from the Med lets altrm which heretof re prevailed. The friends cf the Northern troopa now here may be ?stared that the <atter are sedulously eared for by the government, aal are welcomed and cordially appreciated by ear sitiieaa at >arge The eperaUooa of tha treasury for the'past few day* have been coaatdarably emharraased on account of the scarcity of 00 In. It is supposed that there art now mora than eight mil.iona of dollars subject to the government draft la tha different oltiea, hot owing to the obatrus lion of the roada by the diaonkMiiate the Secretary of tha Treasury hss aot deemed it advisable to order Ms trans - pot tation hither. The laoosTenleaoe will, however, onty he temporary. H. Berrien, Chief Clerk In the Navy Department, has bee a appointed fourth hodHor of the treasury. A general order from tha Adjutant Qeaeral's office says ? First Ueu'.enant Charles H. Ogle, First dra goons. having failed to reader his aeoocnta aa required by tha act "coaoeraing the disci urtemect of oublic money,'' approved January 81, 1823, the Preel dsnt directs that ha ha diamtaaed from the army of tha United Matea. He la accordingly hereby dropped from the rolls of the army. Bome Virginia papers quietly hint at tha formation cf a iaiga ^military camp in tha vicinity of tha ancient town of Dumfries, near the 1'otoaaac, and about twenty Ave mliea below Alexandria. Many or the military com paalea which have recently arrived at Alexandria from the Interior sre believed to have been transferred thither. This location Is bc-jw Fart Washington, hut on the Vir ginia shore. The following s^nifloaat article appears In the Virginia ieiUintl of Saturday ? Our people must rest qr.iet -ipon the fact that the m'H lary preparatloaa for our de'e>i>ee a>e nnrt?r tb* direction of shrewd, sfciirui, indeTatlfable, ?xperi?no*d aal patri otic officers Our Ouxi minding Goueral, Rnhert E tjee. hae long been the p*\d? of the aervtoe, an 1 he is soppof ed by luboruinatea of acknowledged oapacity and large ex parlnbaa. The plana of our gnv*rnm?nt are of course nit s /t ib a matter 'f pnblie prfcumation Oar military boar Js k?ep the'r own oooneelr., a* It is otivioue'y prrpn- they ebould <-0 fhe people ?bocid t*ui >l>callv abstain tmm avwn the a'lemot to unrd<il? them, 'or the wiaeat plans sro of'Fu badlert by di^rlorire, bownver nail" lot f fust, wl'b a ^e<<erons o n(l"ea-o, those to whiae hiu lf we have or>mm*tted the on doc* of afftira, *n<i r?rep?'? our s?l ? .? to susta >n them with all tbo pj <rsr of a uniu.d aad coarngeous p?ople. Fcnator Hunter, W. C. R'vee, W. D. Pros ton JAgtn Camden and Brockonbrosgh, b??e been apivrtnie<1 by tha Virginia CmventKJt aa delega. re to toe 8 Mthern Oon gnil. Tha V.rf:lnii Ooovention has passed an erdicanoa ee tabllaning the Navy of VirKinla, and auth rizing the bams to issue one and two d->liar notes. Tte Navy Department is to put tta golad tot a' la on At Ir guard The llgbthouaes at Capea Henry and Charier s^ow no lighta. A schooner la tank in five fathoms of water about aix miles north cf the Wolf Trap llghuhip, in toe Chesapeake Bay. The light!- oat off Windmill Point h&a been removed; alao tha llghtboat at Smith 'a Total. THE ARREST OF GES. HARNEY. WAamuiuit, AprU SO, 1841. It is unnecessary to say that a paregra >h poblwbel tn yeeterdsy's New York 7iski, purporting to have beec telegraphed from Washington, to the effjct that General ! Harney purposely caused his own arrest at Harper a ferry, is a basslsss tianiar. I h?vo J oat returned from an Interview with Gaaeral Harney, who makee tbe fbl* lowing lUtetcnt ? Party on Thursday morning I ww apprlaod by the rail road conductor that we wore at Hirpor a Ferry, and that there were ladlcatioae of an intention to arraat no. I did not holier* thia waa Intended; but a pvty of aaldiora preeenUy entered the oars, and apologlziag for distorting me, (aid that 1 moat oon ider myeslf thei priaoner. 1 aakad, hot waa not allowod to telegraph to the Secretary o? War. 1 waa taken to Geo Oiram a quarter!, and informed that I should bo required to go to Rlohmoad. Accordingly ] i*ft, hafire daylight, tn a carriage, attended by Ore officers of the ataiT They had proposed to aond a large force a* an oaoort, but I aaiured them that It waa above my dlgi.ty to attempt an eecaoo, that the matter waa between them and my government, and that 1 did not wiah to receive an unmo?<aary amotrat of attention from the public oa the way Wa wore three daya on the j>jraay, which waa made partially on wbe* la and partially by rail ! waa treated on the route, aa well a a at Harper 'a Kerry, with the greateat courteay. Regret waa expressed that orders were such aa to compel my deteattoa No die agreeable subjects were Introduced, and no effort m vie to obtain my confidence. On Sunday evening wa reached Richmond, and went at onco to Gov. Letcher '? house. The Gov am or waa dining ont, but was aent for Imme diately. Ha releaeed me, stating that hla orders had b?en misunderstood I learned that the Harper's Ferry force bad been directed to stop all armed bodies, and that tue telegraph had announced me aa coming at the head of fourteen hundred troops 1 waa treated with great at tention at Richmond by Governor I/tcher, Qotooel I-ee, Colonel Johnaon and others, whom I have long known, aad waa waited upoa bf a lumber of other prominent oltiaana. There seemed to be sowe curiosity to aee toe, aad some belief that I intended to resign my oom aia ?km la the raited States Amy. Oa this latter point they wars deceived. At half peat five on Monday saorn tag I left for 41-*an drla, where I arrived in the afteraooa Gov. Letcher of farred escort, which 1 refused. The people along tbe rente seamed to hare heard that 1 wm erasing, and at seme of the stations wars gathsrsd In oowMerable num bers. At <ae point there waa a great smwd, who stares tad sailed ma to cams oat aad show myaolf; tag exoapt by sme boys as AiograssfoJ rsmmhs wore ssada. I did aat jsa mare thaa half a doaaa soldiers is aU, and as fortitmtkaas sad as batteries a* Alexandria, which aaessad like a dasartsA vUlaga. At Mshseoai aaA Bw par*s Twrry, it hetsg Asrk, I saw flaw troops. At the far. mar ptass, I asUaad, as 1 same away, Utrsa iargs sseaa stoa lags la the smlastrest; hot ths display of Bmte* was as aethhig css^srsd wtth what 1 had s tsars* In Ctaciasatl sad other Wsrttwi oHios. Th/oighoet mj Jonraay, a* at Mi oossmsaeemsat, 1 was treated wtth geaat wirfciy, ersa deiloafly sf attsattoa. Is far m I soaid judge ftsm ssavsrssMsas which 1 had, both wtth a^i -era sad stilllaas, the taae sf Vtapala is calm hat i mstnd. Vm has ao lalaatf of afeaslMf Washington, hat aaass* la ast aa the Asftasl**, dMmtag, ad*w?>f to tisAsstrts# ft mm ngM^thsi mm leave the ftwt at pleasure, snd t*Ue?lcg 'be Njrth ind Voutb u? two distinct peopi-*, wl.lah ought to nave sepa fate government 1 beard math r*gr|| eipr>-a">d at the present coii-iitVin of affairs but saw oo tad>c*?Kiu* at the exwtetc* of an unktod feeling toward <b? North. I tu assurtd by Governor Le.nber and others blgb In aaiborlt? , that Virg nia entertained no #1ea of attack 'UK ^ashingtor. This of on arse cannot cover Jeif. Dav.b' movementa, but I cuinot believe be, though ttubborn, ban i*> little shrewdness aa to on tier take the enterprise. I left iM. Louis on Tne? l*y I think tbat, although ?i&ce tbe affair of Tot t Hum tor, the reeling in favor of secession has s'-rengthened in jaimour,. She will not at unapt to go oat of the Union. General Barney reported to tbe Secretary of War thla morning. Be baa aa yet rooelved bo orders, bat will pro bably, inasmuch aa bo la tbe only general officer of t&o regular amy, except General Ssott, now bore, be ptooed to oommand of thia military department. General Har My aaw one of tbe regimen U from the But on tbe avo nno laat evening. Be aaya bo neve.- saw better march mg. ! General Barney look* older than ia generally imagined. Bia hair ia growing gray, and hia mustache ia enow ' whito. But bo la fine looking, unusually tall, and at tbe aa<ne time a robust man, cf w?ll kott, muscular farm, active and energetic. Some of tbe square* In tbe city, aa well aa tbe Heights in tbe neighborhood, have been surveyed, preparatory to the formation of encampments. As soon aaneoeaearv P'tparatiun otn ie n ado, a oat if tbe regtmenta now quartered in tbe public buildings will be In oamp. Ob and after to-cay Washington will havo a regular dai y mail, by way ot Annapolis, leaving here at three o clock in tbe afternoon and arriving at six A. M. A ticket will be tbe only paaa required of a passenger. Washington, April 30, lfttil. Judge Me.Ciinn has bean rendering distinguished sor vices to tbe government ataee his departure from New York Be has superintended the rebuilding of ihedo at'oyed portions oi railroad to Annapolis, the tranjpirta tion or troops and stores, acted aa Onmtniss&ry for tb< -ixt -nibtb, acd General Bo tier hat highly complimented him for bia untiring seal and general uefulneas. Heiator '?beraaan, of Ohio, is now attached to Geticrs) PaMmon's sur in the capacity of Aid. lhu>!ow Weed returned North to-day with deepucbea for Governor Mor gan. General Nye started for Hew York this aTternxir.. As be en'ered a carriage at WiJard 'a a luge crowd of frkondw cheered him. Gei e>al Jim Lane has left for the West. Be is deputed to seelst in organising tbe volunteer forces weat of the Mlre-ssippi. He will doubtlessly take an importaut cim mard. R guiar trains for passengers bound North commenced fining todav to Annapolla. Locomotives, cars rails acd ties are beirg brought from tbe North t) expedite tbe t> asportation of men and proriskma over the Anna polis ioao. Tb* greatest activity continues to prevail at the War and Navy Departments. Aojuiabt M-m?g ot the Rhode Island regiment, met wt'.b ?n aocident last evening. Bis home slipped on the ?v< one and fe 1 npon blm. The point of the saddle struck lr the smn ach, knocking the breath otitof h's body He fainted twice, and it was feared be bad Buffered some Internal irjury. Bo ia much better to day bat ia atill mid up. Tbe PrwMent and General Scott were ao much pleased wiih the appea' nee of the Khode Island regiment, on review ycet< 'day. that they at once conferred concern ing the request of Governor Bprague for another regiment lr- ru ''L'ttm hb dv ," aid in oroer dt'ocling its ursaoi safon waa at onee leaned. Tbe Rhode laland boya here ray that four regiments can bo raiaod within her borders a* term ?* me. the President and Governor Sew ?r 1 Vie t d the regimen; a Its quarters, in tbe Patent OfLue, this morning The ? xct 11. nt band cf the New York Seventh regiment pert Tm in the President's gr> nnda to morrow afternoon Tbe Seventh wLl probably soon be oamped on Oe^rpf town Be'gnis. Tbe Norfo k Savings Fault is isaving bills if tbe de ne m nai.ois if an I'ar, fifty aid twenty cents It is said that Govern- r U'tcher la about to m ue * piOi I* motion foi bid nog tto pasaage of tt' itliern *. - >ij ? tbiousb V ?g nis. Let b'm follow this op by meia-ires tascrmg a protection of Union men in the old Dominion andVi guU may yet escaps Oicomlng tbe theatre of war. A \r rti ti of tbe bagiageof the Mt?av;huac '.to Sixth regsmeo h*s arMv*<i from Ealtimore. It ebon Id b* entente >d tbat tbe uojjstitlab!e homicide of Oorneoiis Fo)d, In bia own honee, by a sergeant and men of tbe Dtttrict militia, of which I advised yon last clgbt, * the first nnprovokod act ef violence that has bof n commuted by aekllars since tho ooccpation of tbe city by troops. Toe only intoxicated persons whom 1 bate ti "i were civil ans. Mr. ?. B. Hill, s- n of the late N cViaa B 11, of A;t>*ny of nhoee appointment to a Sec ltd Liou tenancy I app'tesd you, b?e ?e*n totfceF!?tartulery, Major An derftoD a cor,*. lb* Preeid nt V# day made the folio wing appsintmanta, Ricbaf i CLdney , Navy Anent, San Franc leoo, Qai. ; H. nry W Depu , Agent Taw ee Ind Ana Nebraska; Mark IVlabar, Survey i r 'Jentral for tbe d: truvof Kansas. Job Bought- a, I>g#iei of tbe land office, Santa Pe; J no. Vail' Kaim < L-u a and loan Antonio kw nares, Indian Ajenta, Janes W Chamber*, Vary Agent, Philadelphia; 0. B. Iriab, Indian Agent, Omaha Agency. Telegraph to o?n m <ai at o . ? lib ui? North, via Balti more, i now note ?*! ted.e*oept by government. The supervisors wt on the ? I ??? <ver the wir?e have dis appeared. T le e another inc c>tloc that Baltimore la o ruing to he > enaeo It ee?n a uow ea If the nsxt de tachment of troope thai mar .bra from the north through her ? tree la, will be unn.oieewwl , and ttat she will, there tor, ooatlnae to be ft City. A little Iron strengthen* tbe booy politic eometlwee, wonderfully. To-day ba< been very doll here. Last night a man waa arrested U Oenraor rnnague a qoar ?ri on suspicion of being a st y. He wae o e?ol in the uilform of the Ktxde Island corps, * d bai pret .oua \ been arretted at Antapolla He m x tosvorfy, and s considered .aeune by tbe aatbertties. TV New Yurk Taeifth an aeat ng ihej- new uni forms. Tbe fhearenre a Pwd ?tl' crest bairaeVs on Franklin square for the President Tbe New if rb ? ? entb * ft1 ft '# dr-w rara^e at the Chfttnl this afternoon. Iu band w.ll pay in the Presi dent's grouada k> merro*. Tbe rer>rth eipect to en ramp to morrow nt ???! day. ab ir* has bji ye. been drrlded. No beopa hare arrtvtd te-iay. TlaOkn raglmaat ? eipecte*' hour y. TV morrow tbe ae? OaUarar ?aae? at tar re the Cos tomBou* a HaUmore anient. ? e America 1 CUg I'd ten e?mpa' tee are ermms all over the Stale. TV a<mtaisu *Me< are m?ei ? atad at mie btoolteas ne lory. :'Ug?e etui ran f? m Waahmgisn In Alasan drln. Yesterday, Mee t** i asft* of Wmbiag toe, deliver- d ?p a i<?llt*e ear# m u>e au ?h< rittee there, sreaMag much ssnsatian Twa vsmsIs were ar~4 mt> and etapp ? yafcraay by aaeea ?k awta there. One esan ad 'be 'bar, laden wl b Mi vara geoda wss nlmd, ta? ? ileseid day Tbegwd there did ft "Wf thine " fbey aataad , after much troetle a fat mar wba was eenvoytm three eairai la Weamagve. M ct one dollar par ban*, ft a army upon New Terb twin# Mr las trweon la bft mnfte fen troopa bare, bnt wUI eean be tbe Inagbing Mb af the lnw? If naft aUennad ta. TVy neat Bft baft sent ward ta Osnsrml BnUer k ?ap He and fro the Iftl I bam. ?? says that lb* regular army Is ft mm* sftsd end la in* way. All Ma taMad k b Ike eaganma end fteaeanawm. Re maaaa la Inlrilesa a MM Mr Na Fimpulmi ia wftaa important military movements. The Probable March of Fifteen Thousand Troope o? lalfiiiore? The Boute to be Opened at all Huarde? Maryland to Bemain in the Union. IMPORTANT FROM HARRISBURQ. Tkf Ktyntosr HtaU Araulag for the Ooa- I tnt-ffh* Miners KallaUag to Deftod ' thetr Coantr y? The >amb?r of Troope I" tfc? *??ld-riit CoMrnirUloe of Mte I In Ikli HtotcTht Heal Pwttloa of Washington whu the Troope were ?topped In Baltimore? Hnppoacrf Move menu for Maryland, Ac., Jm. Ha*kikbc*0, April 39, 1M1. The inhabitants of tbe Keystone State are fully aroused to the importance of tbe contest thtl la now upon them The people are amni| the twelve, ,iod can be teen pour ing forth from tbe mountains and valleys of tbe jute oy bonJ rids. They spring up from the very bowels of tbe mountains, arrange themselves in military in*, and march for tbe scene of aetien. Tbe min ert, who have ?pent years beneath the ground, seldom teeing the sun except on Sundays, are enlist tag tn large numbers Tbo furnace men , whose toil makes them naturally powerful, la a muscular point of new, are dally uniting in tbe ranks of tbe army, ready and panting for the contest. H has been generally suppossd tn New York that Pennsylvania was dotng but littls by way of sustain ing the government. Tbey bad beard that Gorernor Our tln promised one hundred thousand men . but there was no report of their being rent to Waukingtun, and the pub be bad about male up their mud that bis promises were e game of brag. A personal visit tosmieof the aomp fields has satisfied me that the Keystone f>t?te n doing Its ibareof the work, and before many days rail around the public will bear a report Ocas u?< m that will turn some of the newspaper grumblers la your eity. This State ban in the neighborhood of sev-nteen th>o. sand already la the field, and taoueands more begging for the opportunity of nvchlng. Tbey have full sin ttiou sand stationed at Oamp Soott.near York, ODder the command of Generals Wynkoop and Negley. There are twenty six hundred at Ckmp Sli'ar, near Cbambersburg, under the ooaunand of General F. A. Williams, ene of thee Sioere of the Pennsylvania volun teers in the Mexican war, who baa Ontonel J. J. l'atteraon for bin aid. This oamp Is under the beat discipline of any ia the State, clearly showing that the commanding officer understands his business. Then there are a large number at damp Ourt'n, near Barrisburg, but tbe troupe are going and coming from this oamp so rapidly that It

would bvnerely guesswork to state the number that are at present there. Blattered along between K&t<-n, Per ryville and Philadelphia are six tbowand more, and there are one or two regiments from Ohio near I Ancestor, with some twelve hundred I'n'ted States troops at Car lisle Barrack*. In tbe Utter number are those that were under the oommand of the traitor Twiggs la Texas. In all of these camps, as well as In official quarters at HurrlBburg, there is at present a general stir and bustle that betoken tbe approach of an eventful day. Ibe movements of the Stale offi cers are wrapped in mystery. The messengers omo and go with sealed lips. Spe ial trains are By tog in every direction, while tbe tick of the telegraph InsLrumart one ttnues from morn until night, uxi fr wr. o.gbt to day All this means something. It is the sudden gathering of tbe clouds before tha s orm It Is genertlly supposed here that the eonceatralMw of these troope at tbe particular po nta la for tha purp qf beading cfT the ntovements of the Southern army at a eery point It being underatuod that the Aral hera for ws would make one of their rendezvous at ilarpar a Kerry and another below Washington, and lh<n throw sa large a foroe as posa'Dle ,nU> bi.timore t* 1 etrecg hua tne aacea slon feeling tn that locality and resist all federal traov? that attempt to go through. The fri' m, , hn*>t ao1 other r"j>\Ai)ean y yr>%n have been severely <V. BOni i ing ?r<j 101. r uifiratx>u for brut, loact.r* and apolog^ng to traitors, aa if they did not comprehend tie st r ,gg e of the h mr. Bit the real facts show the very reverse, and tha' ?h.? have been preparing w ith a mat ?r buid ibe r e ments, and heiore tbe .South are aware Ui?v w 1 ..<1 themselves caught in the trsp that has horn laid r<r u..m by tbe veteian lienerai Soon. I have seen ro-n from Wasb ngUn direct s'n e my ar rival here, who knew all tbe movem-nts tt-re up to Thursday last, and from their rut -eroents the o?p. at ot the nation was really a? a lamentable c udr-i.n Up to Wetneeday night last, three thousand a-ln-rs were every man tbat the government ha 1 there?one ih ?u send regularp, about one thonsand volun eers. u?i the buaivemrn from the District 0' (.'>!? rnbia W in '.hi' small force, bj th?- actiin of tlie Hut i more m li the ccvernment were hemmed In. and any porson wh? know* the 1 1 catkm of Washington and how easily a i Tree ran march down frcm any aouroe, caa at once c.>mtT?ben'l the (larger that It was in for a while week. Ttw-y were in fact at the mercy of the Southern forces and would' have been taken almost without a struggle there avro so many points to guard that but few m<n could <*> ata tioned in ar.y one i?nition. In order to keep up an prarat-cee General feott kept his men in consuni m 'kh. ihe general tustie giving the appearance of a large lorce. soon as the trains were etorp- ud tiio soldiers prevented from pass. rig through ' <? by tbe mob, General Scott held the Washing me telegraph office, and prevented any common ,m soiDg over, except those of the departmimt* ?. .ary Cameron continued for three days to send his orde 1 ovor the wires for supplies and movements of troops, snpp*. Irg all the time tha' thoy were raoeived by th we to wb m the despatches were directed , as word was sent hack from Haiti more that the wir.* were in working order through lo New York Not recelvxg any reply to his despatches, bis suspicions were ar^isel, and upon extmuiiBg into the matter, it was found tuat' Marshal Kane, of Baltimore, had taken pm^on of tbe < fflce in tlmt city and detained everything, tbus beirg ahle to understand the true pie.tion of tbe Kvernment, and in their contemplated movement* us tied up, it in realty s wonder that the capital ?as not taken from the hands of the government The charges of the Tritmru and tbe T.nm, and tbeir accueatiecs against the sdininiat-ation. in view of these facts, is contemptible oowardioe, rink ing even be low tbe attack of the Grartr and Emruvrer upon the gal lant Anderson, and proves at once that If the advice of those sheets Is followed by the people, our country will surely sink beyond redemption. The capital is bow out of danger. General Scott has enough men there to defend It against any atta'k that may be rude , and the public may rest assured that as loeg ?s Hrovldrncs gives to Scott his mind and present energy, Jefferson Davis will not be found marrbmg bis forces into Washington. Krom all spp teraaee the South ern forces will make a demonstration in Mary land first of all, in order to assist the mob there to prevent the pMsase of troops throogh that State. It * *aid that tbe Raltimore roughs have not only ma le loopholes through tbo doors snd sbntters. bnt have taken into the upper ro^ms and upon the roofs of bouses, brickbats, pieces of castings, car wheels, and other missiles to roll down upon the troops as tbey peas in tbo street In adiltioe to this tbe mob is being rapidly arm*i, and It >s ea'd. upon good and reliable authority, that i.<ies Winans has two of Ins steam guns in operation, which will enable them to send balls at the rate of two hundred per mlnuto upon the federal troops. These statements are made apon the word of a re*>dent and business man of Baltimore, wbo be* left his all and tied to this locality. It shows that thev are preparing for a struggle, but all this amounts to nothing when compared with the arrangements of 'km. Scott t.> mhold thi government, evin against the lunatic Bob of the Mouum-ntaJ City. There 1? one eiugular fart in oonaectloQ with lb# ?n latment of tronpp in this Stat* th*t may be of ?|?<cul in tereet U thnee Southern men who have claimed thai one port >?? of lb* North would aaatet th<m la fighting tkelr bau*f. It la an actual fact that at leant two tbirdH o f tact* who are en I m ling voted the democratic ticket. I Mi informed that one regiment that was aent off wer* all democrat* bat fortyflTe Thta at oace prove* that tba Moutb^anaot rely upon the democracy of the Nor.b to auetain then la their treaaonable mora meets The <1 emocrecy of the Keyatooe itate keep utep to the maelc of the Union, and will allow nooe bat tho (?tare and suip-e to ware omr our onoe happy land as Inag ae H*ar> d giree then an arm to defend It: aad wbea the Houth reitee upon tbem to aatiat in polling down that lu and rairmg ta Ha Head the Palmetto they are eouat tag without their heal, aad the aoooer that they under ita*4 thta the better It wUl be for them. The orderly action of all of th* treope that Imve peaaed thr*|b ?r eacamped her* * a aub)eet of general re mark Me oae baa beea moleited by them, aad the la tm |* about ?re* lag" with aa moon freedoai aa thongh aethu.f oauaual wm tnaartrtag. Th* Woopa alao atate that they reeetre nothing bat klndneee from the peopt*. Thar* m a universal feeling of indignation here agalnet Cafe eel OeH, the llartftrd ptatoi manufacturer. A letter * ha had A hat la. i machinery 1 eelUag all far plate* at that tlaM flam the North ^t"ia fair to all weal South. No extra [?Kt?i 'oh, in' iwworo pwi maaaiaatarcr. t wee reerteed hare *a Saturday, etattag that I rawed fee prtee ef hla flatHa twenty ftva per a I gaaUimae who netted Hartford la December formed me tbat Mr Cott waa then pHM hla tfl aif bt aad 4a j. working two eeta of bead*, and that he eeuld make at that time 4a there w ? >ha?f?< thea. hat aw that the North waataa euptrfy the prtee a rataed tweaty frre per eeai. The feeiiag here le Mh that it weuH aat be aaf* Mr Ur. 0?K to make hla ikfeM uroiTAirr militait moybmehts m pihibtltabia. i, April W, 1M1. 1 have Um beat a f for iainii| that with la a rutera to their ataaee *-??* mw ? ? York where several thousand men ir? encamped. At Um> bead of fifteen thousand men be will march toward* Baltimore with tbe intention o f going to Washington. An advance detachment will reootstroet the bridges <>n ttte Ncrthein Central Railroad. If any attempt at resist uuoe is made to tbe Intended movement of General k- im s army open his arrival be ore Baltimore, be will usue a proclamation of hie intentions, for tbo security or women and children, and ine loyalists ai d will then carve his way through Baltimore at what ever cost This Is the programme. It is believed by many that all necessity for this military demonstration will be remtved before General Keln moves. If so, it ta most likely that tbe troops will not pass through only the oattk rts of the o.ty, it being more convenient to do so. H is determined on the part of the people, as well a (he government, that thai route shall not be cloned ?gainst the Great West. The route by way of Annapoll will be kept open as a military rood. Yesterday the Now York (Seventy -first) regiment was g'lard lag 'It, General Butler, of Massachusetts being still In command of that point. The burning of the two long bridges over the " Big " and " Little " Gunpowder rivers on the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore road, *11 mako it dlllicult to pat that road In immediate running order. 1 have conversed with distinguished military and civil officers of the government within a few days, and they are agreed in the opinion that there is not tho slightest fear now of an attack upon tbe Capitol. The South hin evidently been renting in the belief that there existed a division among tho people of the North. She Is now startled to find that tbe Northern people are a unit against tbe South in this exigency, and are for light U> a man. INTERESTING PROM PHILADELPHIA. ABKIVAt, OK A COMPANY OK AKTILLKUY BUMS KE CKKT MM- ARRIVAL OP A COMPANY FROM WILMINGTON? THB UNION FBKL1NO IN PHIL4DKI. PIIIA- ? T1IK WHKRKABOITH OP TROOPB, BTC. Philadelphia, April 30, 1S61. More than a week has now passed since any troops arrived here, except the First company of tha Rhodo Island Flying Artillery, which came from Rub ton, Pa , on Sunday, to Join their regiment in Washington. Though all ready for instant departure when they arrived, no orders have yel been given to that effect, and they yet remain in this city. The some may be said of the Sixth regiment of Pennsylvania volunteers, who are now tho roughly uniformed and ready to start at any moment, for any point, when the order shall arrive. You have probably learned that a train of eighteen cars, filled with soldiers from Newark (I believe two whole regiments) , left that city for Trenton last night, and that more leave for tbe same city to-morrow, alto gether numbering four thousand men. You will peroetve by these, that there Is an Intentkmaj delay or holding back of the men on the part of the government; an unnatural calm in these unnatural l.moe, which is but the gathering of strength before tbo blow Is struck. 1 believe that all this secresy of move ments of (oldlers and their destination will, before three days have expired, be centered to one point? Baltimore. There are now, in volunteer regiments, no leas than fifteen thousand men, who, In one day, can assemble here without the slightest trouble. In Little York, Pa, there are natty four thousand troops, and at Lancaster, Pa , two Ohio regiments The men ars all uniformed, an I ready to start lor Philadelphia in one hour's notice. The Fourth regiment infantry Hcott legion, Oolwl W M. Gray, numbering 740 men will be ready for orders in forty eight hour*. Their headquarters are at the gov ernment building. No. 420 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Th'S regiment has been formed and oompletel in eight eo>s. To-day tbe men are being Inspected , and to mor row they will probably receive their uniforms, rhn Field ('Hirers are? Colonel, W. R.Gray; nontenant Ool , Gcorgi Moore M*>or, Andrew Tippin The <H<*ktoo < adet- a line cimpiny of yornx men fr< ni eighteen to twenty one jears of age, wua orgau ze.l at tkmdea, N J., on Wednesday night last. In a shore time over two b udred ntn.es were . nrolied, bul more th?i fc?lf were refused, sh but elyhfy fon- men wore all '.' d n tin onmpany. M*uy of ?tv?e refusal ottered ten loliars, toe month *, and s?me of litem even two ntortiis pav . to lb* fortunate nnee, to take tbelr olace*. It will Uitu !><? reeii that t' oopa to almost any amoint oan ?e tne'ehd! In Baltim ore, to rev nothing of those o?(?reen lln-iity and Waabiog'-on, ard tbe sixteen or eigqtonn lli.'tirat.d olrradi lu the latter City With tljM army, be*.') hy Its death dealiiiK steam hittery which I men tioned iii my leiier yesterday the reign of mob ism in Pall more will be utterly ejiinguished. The blowl of the wart) r* ?< the M?sa?rW.-t'H soldiers cry aloud for vea geaix ? the ?r< ngs, todlgaitte* an I insults offered to a humired eti'es. demand tt, and tbe people as with one vohv repeat (be ery, and ad I a tat>os vengewoe' Aboni ha f [>ast taelve o clock this afternoon company X, of the I tiled States Fourth artillery, Major M irrls rummon- ipg, arrived herefrom Pott Hdgiey. Minnesota. Tbej nun. her fifty s'x men. The officers are Captain G A liemaay tjeutenanis, ({. H. Weeks and J D Bing ham? tin' loiter of th? Seeded artillery. They took the fust ca s from Philadelphia. This company h.is not been in the IAtt?rn 4tates since the Mexican wa' 7h< nil st intense excitement ha existed in all tbe villages m Mlno'sota and volunteer t -n pan lee are being orgai lted rtiis<v i p. was relieved by company K , of the t'nited Mu i. s ->eooi d infantry, commanded by Major I'at ter from Fort Ripley. Tbe rittes of aompany K, of the Fourth artillery, made at Harpi r s Ferry, are said to be very effective, and are the handsomest I ever saw They have all the nudern improvements, will carry a bsil with precision a thousand yards, but are very seldom usod beyond six hundred They are tbe new rifle muskets, calibre fifty eight Tbe Indians (among whom ihey have been for the last five years) are very much afraid of them. They are under secret orders This company oame from the same fort si Sherman's i.at ry , which arrived here a few days ago, and is now IccaU d at Kiktoa. Fli teen men. under tbe oommand of Ooptain Pheldon, belonging to the First regiment of Rhode island Hying Artillery, arrived here today and proceeded to joio the regiment. I should mention that the first oompany of this regiment, which has been here sinoe Sunday, left this morning for Havre Tie Grace. >? The First company of the Hecooi regiment of the Na tional Guard, Captain T. A. Pmllh, arrived here this af ternoon about four o'clock from Wilmington, Del. They number about seventy men Heoessloo is not know a in the part of tbe country from which they r tme. A dr spate h was received Inform J g them to ooae at oooe and receive their uniforms. l'blladf Iphia looks Ike a waving city of Fifs, the ??*m and stripes fly trg gay ly from every tain g that wil bold a flagstaff. Tbel'nkn feeling oannot he strong' r any *h' re than It Is here. Home of tbe city ear* bare the ft .lowing painted on a square piece of canvass on each side ? L t MUlOUrK HU'WLY. ACT PROPBU.Y. Aloo, la ft similar manner ? THK GOVERNMENT Ml (f Bl MtlVfAlMn, MtiVrAlVCD. [ Commotion *tockt<*> r*< !<?* about l b jnl?l(>h.? in hm ooupn. With tllf* uD each ?.de Of the dftVW ? B"ftt, I of oat id, with gold stars. GOVERNOR CURTIN'R MENAGE. HaBRiwKii. Pa , Apr I SO 1MI (lortnior Curtia'c Uoh(? on the opwiii of the *im ?erslon, ?prsk?f>f the oummpM promptness Bad i*tr?i ism wl<h which rennsylranta and Um other loyal states have iespriB<1ed to the call of the Plreeldeat. !t earn that the s'aughter of Northern trnopa la Baltimore for Uk pretended oflence of Bisrchlag at the oall of tha feteral government peaceably orer aotl admittedly In '.he ralm, with the cbjeH of defending tha common capital, In pore* new dot lea and responsibility on the Mate aad ad mis titration. This slate of things oanoot be aabmittel to, wbetner Maryland may profeas to be loyal Vi tha I'Btcn or otherwise There can be permit ted no boatUa aotl. no obstructed thoroughfare, between the State* undoubtedly loyal and thatr nattoo al seat of government There la raaaon to hop* that t?a route through Baltimore may be ao longer cloaed agalaat the peaceable paaaage of oar people armed in the eervtoe of the gorammeat, but we moat be folly aaaurad of this, and uninterrupted enjoj ment oqpe paaaage to tha oapl tal, by any aad every rout* eaaeatial to tha parpoam at the gorerameat, moat be atuiaet, peaceably If possible, bat by force of arma if neoeaaary The tlaaa far tempo rising aad for bear tag with tbla ribellioa to pact. Oa Saturday laat aa additional requisition waa aada tag twsaty-flve ragtmeata of iafbairy aad oae af aaTsiry. There have beaa mora oompaalea taadanit thaa wtl) make op tha aattra nw|ln?. fka tiovarnor m?nalnaf tha teal that tha baaka of tha Ocmmaawaabb Mr* rol an tartly taartirU aay ameaat of maney aaaaaary for tha aoaamon Mkata aaa gaaeral welfare of the State aad pal tea. The taaa of ?to haadred tbouaaad dollar* to aot yat eahaaated, aa N la impoaaible to hare tha aeaaula peupsrlj eat tied, bat a much larger mm will b* required. Tha Leftsktaro baa it aaly ta i pf flftaea I exclusive of those sailed into tbe ?erv C* if the United Kiau-s. He recommends an aot legalizing the authority* of :ti>pn>)>ri?iiuii? of tiorporaiMWH for tbe iudum of vo? UtltecrH he also reemmirends the passage of a Judtaiary >aw to prevent ttof! sac'iflce o f prope ty by forced sales ro tbe c Uoctiou of debts. TROOPS EN ROUTE FOR WASHINGTON. TBI NEW JKKPKY VOLPNTUM. l'niL*PKi.PBU, April 80, 1M1. The whi le force of the New Jersey volunteers, thrM thousand men, will leave Trenton tomorrow for Waab' ington. They w ill embark in twelve r?pellers, t?nh aimed with two gons, ud go through the eanal to Bor d* ntown, and tbense down the Heltw t re to the OtltWt ni.d Chesapeake canal, and proceed to Anna polio, IMPORTANT FW0M~ MONTBOMERf. Alerting of the Rebel Congrtss Jeff D?tI?' Mtiaaf* Monti .omkry, April 29, via New Orleans 30th. Oongre'-s met at noon. President Davis' message an nounced the ratiilcatlon of the permanent coastitu Ion at the Confederate 8 la ten. and that it only remains for an election to be held tor the designation of offloers to ad minister the government. It Fays the declaration of war male against this Ooo federation by Abraham Lincoln rendered It neiessary to convone Congress to devise meant to replenish lbs trea sury and for the defence of the oouuirj . The President then revi jws the relations here, tofore existing between the States, and the eveata which have resulted In the preient warfare. Referring to the result of the mission of ttx Commissioners to Washington, be says the crooked paths of diplomacy can scarcely furnish an extraple so wanting In oourtesy, candor and directness aa was the coarse of the United States government toward* the Oommtas Win er*. The President incidentally refers to the prudent caution obtorved by the fleet off Charleston during the bombariment of Fort Sumter, and pays a high compli ment to tho Carolinians for their forbearan ? befere, and heroism, daring and magnanimity after the bxnaard ment. Commissioners have been sent to England, Prance, Prussia and Belgium, to ask our reoogaition as a mem tor of tho family of nations and niako treaties of amity ""f commerce. lie recommends tho appointment of other diplomatic agents. Be says the oonfoderaoy , through Mr. Stephens, has concluded a convention with Virginia, oy which Vir ginia has united her powers and fortunes with us. Be has latiifactory assurances that otber Southern states will soon stake their fortunes with ours. Be says the most of the Executive Departments are la successful operation. The Postmaster General can sow be ready to assume the direction of postal ?ff ?lrs. In conclusion he congratulates the Confederacy on tbe patriotic devotion exhibited by the people of ike Con federacy. Men of high official and social position and wealth are serving in the voluutner ranks, the railway companies propose libera! rates for tho transportation of the mails, and to receive In compensation the bonds Of tbe Confederacy. He says a people thus united and resolved cannot fal of final success. Our cause m just and holy , and we pro teat solemnly, In the faoe of mankind , that we desire peace at any sacrifice, save that of hoa<;r and indepen dence. We seek no oonquest, no aggraudiztment, bo concession from the free States. All wo atk is to be let alone, that none shall attempt oar sabjugatioa by arms. This we will and must resist to the direst extremity. (1m moment this pretension Is abandoned the sword will drop from oar grasp, and we shall be ready to enter Into treaties of amity and oommerce mi'u*iiy bene Octal. So long as this pretension is maintained witb a firm reli ance on that Divine Power wh> h civers ?eh -lis protec tion the just cause, we will contli.ue to struggle fjr our inherent right to freedom, inJopendunce and self govern ment. GOVERNOR PICKENB' ADDRESS TO THE SOUTH CAROLINA VO..U?\ i-EEdS. Wxummimit, April 80, 1M1. Governor Pickens in officially ad JreauiOtf tbe ro/usteer rcg'nwnts of South Qaiolica, >a> r be is informed by high [ authoi Ity that Virginia hss adopted the Om/ederaie con stitution and is virtually a member or Ui-< crweneracy t and add* ?"I called for volunteers beoaus* I did not ca Rider Virginia under our government; but woen I am offi cially informed that she has joined our cmedoraey, I shall consider ber a part of our country, and de fend her or Maryland aa I would d?fead Soatb Oaro lit a Whatever troops may be ordered will be etll] considered volunteers from South (Jkroiinn, and there m no power to lengthen tbe term of ?r vice. They are still volunteers from Houth Carolina for twelm months, bat If they leave tbe State, they will be under tbe oonmand of a General in tho provisional army of th.< Owederate States " Th< .overror exhorts the eo.diers as f >ilow* ? "Bold yourselves in readiness to march at tho wo d ti tbe tomb of Washington, and swear that no Northern Ujtos and Vandal* shall ever desecrate its sac>ed pwnMs, and that you will make of it an Aiae'ran Mecca, to which the votaries of fieedom an ! lndopeadeneo from the ?ou?h shall make pilgrimage th'ou^l ail tliao. I-et the s< es of Carolina answer tti- ca ?? from '.He auas of leal Howard, who ltd the Mar} land line in tri mph over tbe bloidy battle tl.-ld sf Cowp^ns I>? ib?in knew we will return that blood with full interest, aa i let ib*m feel now. ss tben, that we are toeir brothers " He oon eludes ? "1 shall endeavor not t<> exp-w- w ,>wn -tt?te, and s ball only march yon bejont our hnriter* voder a pressing emergency ; but wbo> ever tbe C*red?ra>? U.tg floats, there, too, is our oountry , now u..d f#?ver." NEWS FROM BALTItfORb Hai.tibomk, April 30, IMI. FYom Information fathered from gauihaeo wbiee po sition toil Influence put tbem la tbe *??? of knowing the feei.og ltd viewaof the majority of the \n* eUuire of MtrjUn-1, w feel warranted In aating th*t V>dy mil ooi er<*n paw a bill to call a aui* Oonveuima , but wtil on. Unt thetbaelvea wtib making a caim, tLguiiled appeal to th<- country A de patch from Frederick ??y? ? 1 1 r'U'l-orm fro? Waetiingfein m for ma me that Oeneral A ott ?bn*ed htm y< *t?rday the oopv of a procla -nation Ut *w i*xii?l im-ae dteteiy, doclaflog partial mirtial law In tbe Dtnlrkjt of Columbia and over the I too of railway rMjib ;<b*i by the |i vrruirit for naiiooai purpoeea, eo Tar ?a to auepand tbe rtgbt of haheaa -orpue " MATH OP A M*NHAcm KBTT<? MilllHHR. Thr fWiimor* 4?m rw-iM of April ??) ??.? -<?? regret to Hat* that private 3 H. Kr^ibam, of ib? *1ith regl no. it Minchne?t a Volunieera. died ab mi Ave o otoc< Hatorday BUN n lag at tbe Lombard IgVotrr. He MB on'- m ihnae wn<> were ? n l on PVtMf, 10 h oa Pratt atreat, and waa atn.ck by a paving etooe on the bach part of th? bwwi with auch violence aa to fractora tiir ?kull. He wee r?naived ta the boillio* no the evoe ray , Mid never rpok* but a f?w word* Tbia van la ro f><) to a laeetwm whether he had a famtlv or not Ha at rwvred no but a folli-mta reeMtof in thla city itated that be had a wife uvtag r*>e dammar.) did n >t?oomp'e bead tbe queatioa wlien be apuka Thn operation of tra BB'Dg lb? ?kull mm p?rf>? rned on Frt-:ay,and the pa it nind* but little reaiatiaco He received every poa ?Ib e at'eatlea from the faculty and the -<wtore of OM rttv The uneral took ptan? oa Halttrday evening. aad thr miermrnt waa at the flreenmouijt Ometery. Tha body waa depaetted a the ^auaoleoat , and plaoed alai at< a tha two other* of tha aame regiment who fleet thaw c?ath at the hand of the war mob All are aatyaot to the freer of either < .over nor Andrew, of Maaaacauaetta, or tbe officer* of the regtaaeat to which tbe IioimiJ be loafed MtiAMrrrFyn in BALmioita. Tha ?em'jara of tha Owa Rmhaag- of -Ml I more pra * rated loth- Board of Pol toe, on tbe aT'b oit , ? oa refally enm piled iial?iat of the q (Matty of flour, whe*t, oora, he , anw la that city. It appear* tbe atook of Dw li aome M COO barrow, aad tha- it oaa be laoraaaad to It, 09 0 by radaetag tha wheat oa h?nd UNIO* MMTIHI^Tn BALTIMORE. IttmnM, Ap-ll 30, IM, Three afeataaemir Patea awe* lag* ware haid toolgbt la 4tm-r*at aeeiloae of Ue <My. Thay war* wak .Miag ad straight oat L nk>n reaalutlaM ware adopta* ta fiavo* of **?talnlB? the gov* naaeat, ampraMg agprobaitoa t? Oaaeral Seott, aad a de?analaaUaa to malntala Um MM ?f the oatleaaJ flag. UnkM bmffm ara MliHg ?kM previaMt oa tae ?>r??ta UTUBN OF BALTIMORXARt TO TBDI ma. I ?i-AoainaA, April 19, IMI. A la?f a amber of fclHaaraia eha war* drlv?a fyaa thair komaa oadar mab rule, Mae niannd to ttal ?Hy wltk thati Ma I MM, IM t'Bioa mgarlty haiag reatavad ?o pa** Pbr additional vmr mm mo F^lhami Mfhfk pagt$ v