2 Mayıs 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

2 Mayıs 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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?hM theaa to low k?o< w upoa hh? w tkc r ftvwht. a*d thetr Ttaa Woad ?( W ^ be ?ud, I riMiM be their oomp*ai"n by ?lgbt ud b? diy, where- j *?e? they wt-nt, anJ n the wwua of Uu.t ?Vwwyi book bo ; tMM say, "BMseaed ? the HU ti*? ? *iketb act ia t*e MOIMI of Uie .iwodly , Ml ?Uu>rJ? s Jio way of mo ?e?8, nor e:tteth u? the seat of the ?cvruful bat whoae d??tgkt 18 to the Uw e? the l/ird, tbatw doth aaedi ; tate o*y and night." The good in alt 14 ?* bo aakl , bad 1 trad tbi* Word ki?M<, a?d the more tbey it with ft b .noire deauro to Warn the wtU or their Hearealy 1 tuber, the more bad they round, it a :oantain of happ> : ?tm. To tan it had been % wollapring of co* atdaliua ana support, aui to them be recomiacaded It sa a formula ttvm wb,ch tby w re aU freely Invited to draw "living water. n*y w<ire for tho mo?t part, be -aid, 5?ui?k trsix, nl>oat U. leure th"lr homes u<l the bnii??iiittutiiooof luTm* r*r?rte? parentn wb.*i heart 19? uga were bound up la xhen? ; whoae hapoe they wo re, aad wh.*o .lewir <m4 prtr.era would follow the* wherever dot* (ailed >Mm. The raiu-tmhr vnce of these pitrnW sod of all de<y; to them whom th?y left bi h nd abo jlu alwaya liu pr <e?tt is thairmii>.!a,auiinapiretlien? tv p?rf<r*i their w'th ardor, remembering that the ?ray br.ir* of their ?a.rac'.H wo., Id be honored bv the gal mat prrormanco cl ?.h* r duty, whtlo a contrary course would hruig tbo^ grtrj bans with ?orrow to tbe grave, tho Memory of tbeir forefather a, whoeo bravery and bltad bail yurtbaMd for th-m the Inheritance, for tbe ee.it tuuod peew??irtor of winch they wero now ca led to tattle -~thia m^a&ory would nerve them in the haur of ?Mlhci ami atiurilate their oflorw to orueh tbe u>? lh\t aeeght to deprtre them of tbe prectoua boon. Tbe ro membranco cf the yray hairs of those vene rated men, some of whom many of them had ?oca and'loved, could not fad to inspire every lover ?r bit* oonrrtry with hero>c ardor and patriotism In eon el'.RMn, bo urged them to remember their duty to tbeir ? d, 1 heir ountry, to tLeuinelvee, anJ to a po4U>rity that would >? tbe future rise up und tleee them, for tbeir pair i?>ttt cfl'ortH to preerrvc tu the uation ita constitution, Me liberty an J its utcreo honor. *?? the aerv/cea the utmost decorum and attention i-patt ,:f the troope ana their MaMB, was mam mm i and after tbe hen*dlctx>n was pronounced , tbe regtat'nt were givuu lea** -of a'^enro for the day, the feiusinder of whir.h they crsnt with their families Tbo Mfmpjaln bpcaka in the b^heat terms of their gentlnatnly ?Ppc^-tment during tbe tim.6 thev bare been qnartered hi tbe Castle, end remark o-l that, to hie knowledge, a profane word bad never e?C\ped their lips. Hueb young noun Hnkii g> o;i citi. ns a: ?! 1 >od BoldWra, and nre an boJMii- W ilKuusvivea mm! to tbeir country. THE WAR. Important News from Washington. Pwteit of the French and English Min isters Against Kebel Privateering. Arrangements for a Complete Blockade of the Entire Southern Coast. Confederate Coininiseion ers Abroad. Tire Conduct ef Our Ministers at Paris and Loudon Rest>ecting thr tionthern Envoys, DTOETANT NEWS FROM BALTIMORE. The Nai&oual Flag Flyiut; Over tbe Oovemment Building. WESTERN VIRGINIA LOYAL TO THE UNION Tbe Military Arrangement# of the <>ov?rnuient. twentf Thousand Troops Ordered to Fass TUrotigb Maryland. SEWS FROM THE SEAT OF WAR, Ac-, IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. VBE SOUTHERN COMW IS>!ON ER9 TO FE A NCE ADD ENGLAND- 1'RO'iKST AUAINftT ?'UI VATEEJUNG-THB HLOCKADE OF THR SOUTHERN 1'OHTS. WAvnscro!*, May 1, 1'fil The ROTC!U?t.Bt raoeivad IntokliKeiwe by Uic atotiioor Adriatic from Park, bta'.iug tint Mlniat'-r FauUuior U%d per^nted the Commissi ->ncr? from the Southern confe '?> racj. Hns is reliable, coming from a high touree. l; is stated, f rtlur, th .t i!r. Ifcllas, ou> iltr' tcr :? Ixxition. refnad to present the Ccmmtftt-oBcrg until Us ted received adv ??.??? or iuatruationa in regard t > tin? ?MiV r from tlx ko:ne government. Mr. ffeuUuior. It appoara, present* 1 thcHniUi m "<m. miaetonern Id vlol&tioa of hai instructions. 1 i cn credibly .nformed ibnt tha 1 agliah and Pront o Miahrtcra have ?ol?mcly prot. *tet to the Montgomery KOvefuncut a^ainot Uie i?<sulcg of lottcm of marque. T5a laapremion In diplomatic circka is th.it iaforson IHvIh Will net dure to tako eo fearful a r> spon jbilit . a^aiu'.'t the protoa. of those two powerful nation*. The government of the re i tod Stitos i.m porchvrl ?wenty-Cve additional vea? la, and will, w ithin twenty daya, btockado <nery Son^icm port aioBf ? .itlro MM'. Commodore Strmpbuoa will be commander <*' U> ? f?>rre* 4o ktorkade the Southern f <rir. CONDITION OF THE TREASfTIR . WaTOrjK.ro*, Hay 1, IxJl. Th> re la not a dollar ui raid. in the troa-urf at tliL ?>nvnt, but half a ralll'ca of dc'lUra In gold i? on the ?way hero from Sew York. Accopt*iic?a arc iw.iie I In ; #iym.wt of warrant*. Vio aerrotary of Uie Traaaury ha* advortised for |,ro rii* |h' "?"*?? "?'???? Lho whole amouLt of feree be pooi or token at par. fir nearly fourteen mil'.ia:* of sWrv V of the United ftatca, under the act of .Tana, 1<I(W, ? ithorlzlng a loan and providing for the rodomidlor oi the 1 Yraaury notea. LOYALTY of WESTERN YUKltXlA ? THE TOL10 Y OF TH* MAB8ACHU8EITS SCHOOl or POLITICIANS. Wtimsr.fvt, Hay 1, 1861. A onamlli g??tJ?M?aB from Western \ Irgioia ?alird upon ti ",c President to -lay, and Maurv 1 hltn that their miction o r Sut* woold r main kvyal to tbo rnton.lf th. p* ?Pte ww" fwnlahad with araia. The ?'OBimittcc claim* <1 ?? repreaent tho popular T?otiinrnt w<^t of tho mm otalns, and brcu^ht with tlk?m, to ?niorce their petition roll aliened by rorrral tlioiaand of tho A rut mi n of W? ,|Mn ^ ,r. ,oi!' ? tenator Wiieon callea "Pon ?*?' rrwildcnt, U?<> &H;r?Hary <if W?r. ajirf othnr oea of def ;rUiM?nt# , la compnar with Att<rney Gem-rat Foatar aa?' Judge K. iU>c> woct Honr. of Mnifift ''uaetta, to-day. AU thrat" ^onth raen ur*csl a i-old, dea ?*lve, BKgrwairc prt>cy. and rept' aented tbat the populA' ^ontitnoBt of tho K'ortta %*-ould be rfltlsflod v Ith noMi.it^' '?<"? Home bold rtroLon with wbt h to inaugurate th'- cns?P*'*W *ore a g/' ftod. Th propr). ty of looking at i-ollv^al as well ai mlliUry noeeflalttea w.>a lllnatrated. and Uh' Wisdom Of Tlgomu polt y was iw/orc<>d fron many pomw of view. 1 Utink that tlo vl^it^ nf .,ommittt o# |?Wo th!:= an.l your St*. Y< rk rommittce cannot liut bo urofc'ictivc of gorl. It moat he imi'oaaiSto Tor nny one .. ho )<m f>oon l--o!at" t in Waahlnfton dac<? the I're^id' nfa ilrpt pKK'Inmition ?aa lagtie-l, to cotrprelitn l the fore<( of Uie great N'ortli ?r? curreot of loyal'y, wbt' h la awceplng all beford It In the frca Statea, which Ima ribmergel Maryliind. ?a-| la j rolling toward \ Iri-'nla and the r.ulf Htttea; nn J it cwinot 1k> tiasa loat for men of weight and character to coqiq here ud ivpreaa ipon th- sdjr t ir trail >u th" groat fact, 00 tlu I a? popokr taffeta* may BM eurely abtf* tM EieeuttT* win w? n?Hey. l aaa rwwil!y assured that thu will 18 grwwxg more and mor* deterc.lo?d. and that policy kau<lM?(i ?efMrt*o character-* win and a policy la which ail tho meant* re of the Cabinet share. THR MILITARY PLANS OF TH1 G0VERN MEST. WamsKrcw, May 1, i*?|. 1 am able to state, oa the highest authority, that a ec*7>j d' jrm? will move at the earliest poey.b.e moment from Pennsyhranln, through MaryUad, towaris Wa-hlng ten, under command of Uenerat I*att<*rson. The duvckip-meiits of every day boh go to show that the leu ral government has had IM p'.acs for the sap preaaion of tho Southern ribeUlon perfected woelc* tgo, and that they r.re being carried ont With remarkr.blo prompters as-! ecergjr. Th,' cjrp d'en^ now col lating i nder the command of <;enora! Patterson will move In two columns through Mary land , one down tit; Northern Central and tho other tho w ilm n ;t in and BjU timore railroad. F acb will bo h n thousand strong. Another coips of ten thousand will bo oriranired at An tiapolls, rebdy to march tpji. tkdtliuore la easo of hjct'Ii ties. The sta'* ment that thego-. "rnment has issued an order calling out forty thousand volunteer* for throe yoars twenty tivo thousand rog ilars for 3ve years, and eighteen thousand seamen for live, is errors >us. No such call h as yot been inado. A rc<ruisition for additional forces will be issued in a day or two, but it will bo fbr forty thousand more volunteers for three months, and twenty live thousand volunteers for land and olghtcen thousand for soa service, during the continuation of tho ww. Troops continue to arrive by way of Ann%|>olls, and each arrtva! jives our citizens reassurance of protection A sense of security everywhere prevails. The spent who was despatched toCauadito pvrcluse arms for tho govoi nmont is reported to have be^n suc cessful in his mission. The government has rce.ived advie.es that a large quantity of Tigll-h arms hw b"a purchased from the fans li. ;tt authorities. This niw, sun ply is exported to arrive here booh, and iho distribution will take place immediately. rOltlS PICKENS. McHENUY AND MONROE. Wawnsi.ros, Apt rt 30 18CI. Tt e President received a despatch from V w York ihia afternoon, aiinouncin 'hoarrAai of (Up'.. Me** from i'ort Pickens, lie brings th'1 ilrst oflieial news of tho reinforcement of the fort. All tho troops, provis.ons, ordnance, ammunition, Sc., shipped on the Atlantic anl other transports, were safely landed. Over a t'lousand men are now inside tho fort, ai d nearly an et. ir.l number, incl iding two batteries of I'ying artillery, busily engaged outside throwing up earthworks ;ind placing baitcries. Port Pit kens may new bo considered safe as a -aiOKt any forces the cotton rebels can possibly bring rgainst it Fort McHonry is now garrisoned by over twelve Uan. ?ired men. About a thousand volunteers wore thrown into It afew days a^o undor cover of night. Tho acquaint ance of tho secession leaders of ftilt.more with thL fact bad doubtlessly much to do fcith tbelr manlfsst disposi tion to yield the pa?sago of Northern troops through thoir city. No news from Kort Monroe has fc.eu received at the War Department for some day*, general Sc"tt thinks that point jicrfectly safe. TFK VOLUNTEER FORCES, ETC. WaHHlxoM x, May 1, 1SCI. No additional troops will be concentrated in Washing ton. the eighteen thousand now here bolng considered entirely auliicient for the defonco of the capital by Gen. Scott. Most of the Northern troops will go Into camp, in the vicinity o" Washington, as soon u* the ne-,es3ary pre partitions wiii bo completed. Tiie strictest di dpline id being introduced among the army of protection iiyOol, Man?tield Hi-> followlrg <?rder was to; ued by him to day ? Iho con m.anders of regimeut and Independent bat taliocs and ki ipaiilea wi'i mai.e .mine Uat?iy, in writ-o-,', to these beaiiijuurleis, a toport "f their re?pectivo com manda. setting ^th tho Ptato or district from wh.- n o they came their means Of ;/r ttiug bore, and tho data of the r urriv.i!. and where qaartcrod or located, ttii tir< ngth?f their ri [? tivo cor.muiuda. the character oi their arms, tho sjpi'ly of aiumrnuion, tho dogroe of profleiiuiey i ( ttier drills, and tho ciiaroc* t> r of tho tu.ino : If they undcratau 1 iU'? drill as skirmishes; if the; practised at tho t irt;et and the range, and proL looey thereof, if (they know thj manual of the bayonet cxorctse. They ?.il also state their fc'inditic n, and abilit> to Ut. the Hold, as to camp tiid ^ai rl. on en> "f'e, O'.n the oritani/ationof thoir com mis' ary , q art"! n.a. tor . a.d mediei l departments. Hie c?cii .'i i< i>: <<f r'grjac .t ndepcud' ut Uai iliou ' tnd coiniwnie- t'j .1 chilli he: iftot arrlvev,i,lmai. a lu ? retort i soon after th' ir arrival a; practic.<.bl<i. Stru t ormr and regularity will be nia'.ni.iuied h> there jkx tive commaniorsof r? iiiv nt'jatd 1nde;> ndent battalions and comianie*. at.d the> w;ll be bell ncoount'tbio lor a v.iint ot good discipline, .<nd will t?ke the piopar i-tons toeuforce ,t. The articl -s rf v.ar wi ? hei "adtotho r?"i ectlve cvraaands on t) 'Sabbath at inspection, bn fore tolrg to church, ai d they will be go . eme<l by the regui ti<-i.s of th' arm) of tie Un'ted St ites. Ihe Seventh New >*k r^giin nt ? ill go into c.tutp on OeorgeUi.sn Heights to morrotv. The Twelfth N< ? York rcK .incnt is prej>aring foraa enr.impflH-ui In iraiklin :^iare,on I'lurteentn stroi-t. The cj'T' utere of the rec ni nt ro brny this utt rnooa on the qusre, puttira tip frimo i.ou.136, of whi *h there are to be ooe hundr- 1 . to ..ccoinmoduto sixteen men apiece. In front of Um t'.itent ottiee, also, to day, tin etrpen ters of the Rhode Island regiment wore bupy 6awiagaud planing boaids, o.it of ?l.iuh berths for the lately ar rived detachment veer making, lu tiie long .orrldors h?tv.fr . th' show cam' , two ro*s of borths, tlirer deep, have been fitted ep. Th' ventilatMM is ercelien*.. it is cot probable Uwt the regin. ut wiil l-if.ve S'leh r^wafort able quarter- at prceint. ld taiit Merrlan t. u nearly , recovered i Tm hi fall. Th"' rreekfeat and Herretary or Wu aro now dady v 'jiltinr th'- N? i them troops, it their rctfcctiro qiuirten. : Orai . 1 parade* and drills are now tho order of the d?y. Hrigad' H div -'ioa drills win b?> coourncM at an early i day. ] 1>' find of ? ?"vct?th Now S'ork rt;?ia?ent p>trfn-Bi , od ii th" grounds of the White ll'iius* Una evening. A I brilliant jrithorirf:, enibraclng tho rl& of th* city, and | mo; t of the military and elvi'. notabi'.ties, listened tu i tlie.r aph ndi'l um?ic Th>' Prehi lout an*W*i on th i touth j^jiti' -j during the i^rt'irmar. 0. Ho was lustily ! cl ."orcd and loudly asked for a speech. In response he I mat'e a few remari s, in ?hich ho exprc ?<e>l tho hopo j that the cot istiy would emerge safeh from lt? preheat i trials M?*<a'hwntts is tooling after b? r o ilier*. Attorney fieeeru. renter ami Pone toi Wilvna are here ?>? tier lx ' 1' .if, anl ??' vernor Jtontwell, -*!.o camo m th' * an?? I duty, hes.liirt goae. Vietr commir>sa^.at, >ipon which I i ?ia>e iitade ?ome strict m . Ita greatly Imiwoj.-d within ' a few ? :.)*. Tae vieB uate thr><e meals a day bow, an l : U e u" ificlent iu ?uant'.ij and greatly iciKovod .u i i.ual.ty. tjovertior iv?utv.'.'li has ?> ??? bone, aethorlv i t > ral*e I two .dd kmal tt imente, to ? tv.~, l'ne ifajor Gordon's, raring tlK' war. There with three rerimenls here, one at Fort Mf H nrv, nd four new organ l '"d In the MM# or on the waft Make tho cintngontof the (>ld Baj' Htate eleven reascnts beside Major lievhi's billalion of rliUs. Th< re i^ r 5 a?U*"i 'y for tv- rt ?t< m^nt ti> .1 ei-G-.ivei ' n(-r llankf ? gotaf to coim.iand tho liv ia"h'i*Ctt. tri> 'P? | Ih l 'S i.' t reem tied Ids ruliros.i j* - tlon mi nilnoi*, r" ; far o; i> : nowu, D'* Is Mu-Mckiif.'tts uncro< i le<i ??iUi general oC ctni. i.'iierai Rufus Kin , U>e nea y a|ipoint?d lllnister to fteme, has been granted thrie mooths' leave Sf ,?U- 'n^ Jie v ill i "miliar. d a p?*ri;<?!i of the 'A i?ronr .n contingent Oarl ^chur/. pre^ufiS to raise a re.jitnent of etra.'r . . Wa?hi*< eow, May l,1>'il. Ii.* livltimoio i'Mof thi tuornlv eesurei its re.. 1ers ! Uiat to one v. iH Med 'te with the Htar- an I Hrl]"^ haateferth, in the Mes ov>utai City. The .<?un al o fay. that for Maryland to *eceo would be suicidal; that It is t. be Wiped that the cvtrtv iont a Ul not insist 'ii>fi?i Mar;h..d? C- mlrhlng ooMlKS nt o( troops to make war upon th Sooth, btit that Un< trooi.' from th' North kite n tight to mr. fb thro' gli the ^Ute hi the feUcal r lpltal. Is not the 9tu , a ?eees ion organ h-n days a;.o. Imoro eil and iri'i>rovlni{ It even talk- of tho-* who?tt.v V< 1 th" M Sf.ichi rvtt ta?ps as ? viol out mob. It l f>l ? rom ,v. If Uiere woi:l?l be ?,j vitloi In tiie i ?t ago of t^xy? It rough RiOlime re. !t>e f .llowitf inO-lllgonee |d her?tbo t r"l Onl ? While the Rhod* IslMtl tretp^ ware noMbiRtmt.tr tt." Ancapoli* .lunrtio*, tlenir 'OOutS arr .itw: an ru-xend Mu-ry In nd ?>b. ft vc.r. He feared for his life mi ' begp I for m?r iv, The aiy*ita tooie A vo<y wheth t or n it theycheaid hold hi',, ss f prisouer', an4 g.mi lontly d< I led to set hiu at liberty. 4 Atr.or* th* Mtohndco i e>?'Ms |4> day wss one lh.it Ui* War IVp .r'ment ha.? retired a iletpah"! ststii g that Ihe O t fedtrate ,-tite Lrof-pe w ejo flo ieerlratio ? in \n-.inii for an Immed-.lo raid oe WaeMagtoii iMitary men have no fears on thai sab. et. Tho fc<ov. r. ment ie sotu. aely tad yifwylly pWli'irg fee tN l^rn^itf itod eoTn^o't ' ?f trcb Tei?n teere am htft MhMUIyWI tMrnMv empleymeaU tmr the defwee of the capital Reliable arfrvcea fro* Virginia reveal the fact that tbe formidable amies claimed to be gathering la tbe OM Domiaion bj secession prints really exist ?Uy en pa^er, ud lhal the aggregae number of men gathered U var woe points doee lot exceed seven thousand . a large portion of which consists of on -jiieclpi'oed, poorly armed mob. Tb? Richmond ITkip of SatorUy says ? 3o l'ar as we hare been able to 3sd out, the following irmy appoint ment" have been made: ? A'.ii to- the liovernor of VI rg uia ? J. F. Lay, with rin? of Colonel of Osvsiry by brevotj John Kchoie , with rc.k of Ooieoel of Chvalry by brevet: i. Rtssou FYundi w th rsak of I-eut<uant Ojonet of Caval-v; Robert F. Leo, Mijor General comi> -ending tho miuury and uaval forces c;' \ .rg jna. Joseph E. Joboson, lU-or ? leneral of Volunteers. P. St Secrge Oooke, Brigadier <? noral ot' Volunteers. John B. Mjgruier, Cbionel of Volunteers Henry Helh, '...iooienaut Cuionol of V.iljnveers, It. B. Kwell, Lieu'enant (tolonel of Volunteers. J R Oenshew , Ma -or of \olume?rs. Got. I etcher has issued the folio win; order ? I.KSIIHAI aKDn:. Ko authority Las boon given for the taprefcaaeat of horn s for tbe Stato, and no such Uupros-imeat will bo made witbo it ape '.al .astructiens. All hjrsas w h , :b have been impressed will be immediately retmed to tho owners J'JtlS U XI 'ill. Kxr.cu ? >. D* ? i.TursT, April 20, lhOl. Colonel Sim us, of \ xgit-a, Uto I ac -tenant fc'imme, ? Cnit. 4 States Navy, who Las been charged by Got --iwr 1 etch' r, of \ irgu;:a, to retire quiotazid protect defence- j krs families, has lately ^ is ted Cocoquan, anl protr .aed, ; if tho Stato v iU aford th>' sunc protect .on to l"ni->i m;n everywhere within her 12m te, the flitted Stat a mxy bo ?pared the troible of converting \ >g:aia from the error of her wajs by the MaryUnd proc -fs. two armed g3Ti runout steAtuers went oj a srt.se ?'own the Totciuai to Jay. r It is ?*.t?rUln'>d that for every ottloor who Uu retignod on account of th? troubles of the i mcs. there arc tja iipi>H<vatious for ttolr p'.rxes from tha rut .red oil'jere who reigned previous U tbo uoniuiei -jmeut of th.' ce::t^. >u fever. Cv.utru.ry to ef'. ;u repeatod rumors it is reliably asco' tai.od that martial law will no. bo prooiaiui-yi hero, .ji 1ok> thero ihAll be .. reason for it, which cert tinly dooe not no.? ' ilet. Hut fe* o." the government < nr, loyes luvo r::'.lvod thed mouths sal irtea to J -.y , the money Tor that purpiao not yet Ua\ ins ..rrlvou fr< m Now Y ?rL. ILo iateiiigcuoo of a marked linprovcm ut in al faux iii Uary lend in a peaceful aaj^ct imparts geoeral , gratllkatMiB. urJt irj have be u itfs ? ;-j-l to couimauJ<t 'K of re^ m >Ma and IndeiicnJ^nt tjon-.paaies to make iheir r<\wrt? to the iioah, .nrtorK of the department at Waek.ugton, suttee, among o hor thingi, tbo etrongtli of their r?>',>o:t!ve commands, character of their arms, supply ?f amaau nition, d' '^roo of proflciency in their drills, and tho cha racter of tha same; if they usder^tu: J tho drill as skir mishers; if th&y hiio practicoi at tho lariat, an 1 the ration an t proQi ,ency theiejf if they kuovs iho manual of the baj onet e.tcrcise lb y will id?o state thoir a'dii ty to take tho field, as to camp and g rr son oijuipagc, and o"-ram nation of tl olr cummif-'ary, quarVarma^ter and me'li."Al departments Commanders will bo bold accountab lo for a want of xood diacipl.ne The articles t>f war will be read to the rospoctivo i ommands on the Saabath at the inspoctkm before goicj< to church, and ihey will be governed by tho regulations for the army of the I'aite l States. A leave of ab < uce for three months has been granted by tho State Department to Colonel King, Ulutster to Rome, to enublo bir? to command tbo \\ incDnsln volun teers, also to Carl Schur*, Minister to Spain, who pro" I otvs to ra.se a conrpany of cavalry. Tho new rommi?jioner of I'euHlon-i, Mr Barrett, of the Cincinnati r.osrtte, obtercd ou the duties of hi; otlloe to-day. Mr. Fogg, Mioist^r t-i Switzerland, arrive<l iu town to-day. The !*> j*d of Tubllc Works of Virginia have ordered the suspension of nil work uprn the railroads of tbe Stato. They li*ye atro concludod to put no more Slate bonds in the market at -present. ! IMPORTANT IT.3PATCH I ttOM THR STATE DEPARTMKNT. C NIOH DFI'KNCI COMMirrKB. At the sr.oeti' ir of the Union Defence Ojnimitt hold ; at their rooms yeterday morning, tho followicg dcapttch wiik rec vod by Simeon Draper, 1>( , Chairman of the j Comndtte W'AS'n\..To??, May 1, 1W1. Pr. rov r>T" "in' t '|., Chairman I uion I vfcDce Com i tiiitte-o ? j There is net on> word of truth In ;a>y of the news paper re:>ort'< of iivmistn es >na<i<) or i>roi? -?d. That Sort of buBiu^fs riw ed on tlie 4th ??f M i eh . 1 \V. S11WARD. The buslnesj transacted ;it I io rnoitlni wi? merely routine. A resolution wa- adopted calling o.i tho Alder nien of each ward to t.ik<- appli' tionu fr,?m parties who ? ?(> in want of assistance from this committee It w 1 roixjsv . Lhu provision should fern, tho principle dona tjoi.- grauu-d to tin lauulier' of th nh.-eut Toluntoers. A u tmbor <>f rf; Itir nts ajfi'ied for assistance to enable their, to folly arm aid e<j.:p tbcm?:lve3. The ap.tci l tioii- will Ik? acted upon in due tint.-. Tho ma^or porti.m of tiie day ^ eoni.um''d by the eji ? r.ttc in ej. cutive h. -'ion, a';d c..rrl:i es Ijk th> ?tr< et from tu rning uutll ev ui' with pirlles triinwctiux with tin com ; inittee vn\ VTIF.ItS FIT UNO OCT NO DOITI1T ABOUT IT. i W< be\e pofitire ir lormitioti, from a privato source jk i fectl; roll- :?le, that at Charic>;ton, list week, L!ou j V nnnt Merden, Ule of tb<^ Harri. t Lane, w us nogotia' og I for tb^ Kt'Mmship V. lhvi'le, with I bo op. n'y avowod I p. ri'*< Of convert ng le r u.to a nrlvaiser. A gontlem m familiar with llio Kaehviile exprswe tbe opinion, how ever, that if s g :r of the sue pr -p i--' I by I.leuteenot Mer len wer- put upot. t .0 steamer it wouM spilt h? rL'ht II tw i ut the DiK di-chaigo. fh;a wx.ld eonnf i t<> ii '.e >rrOf' ute b"tli lb ? pirate a d bi" ?hip. lint per haps it is not quite safe, e'ther for our merchants or the Secretary of th<- Yi\ y , to n-ly u|>uii all tho pri inAc^r dlsi>e irgof tbemseive- in s>> econor e ti mul ?ommary a mnnnt r. WEST F.TtN VIRGINIA. v\ rue ?*!?, V*. , V. ?> 1, 1?<I. v nv ??tine of the m< retwoto of th.- ctly war hol-l to dajr to <IMenri<n< what actios - ' on <1 i?< t inw m ri;ir ! W> * reoewal of the state licon-e, winch evplrod y^ter it?y. A rosmttteo wae api-olnt'ri t-> drv't re-'oJuthw, I ' on! tl" m ? "tla#r adjourned nut 1 t> morrow. Iho fu'i.ag wa* utrongly tn oppOHlUoo to U?' reeewal. j foirie e*pre?fc?l thoir dow-i initiation I > d<?!?e Uit lr t-v>eee | r?IJn i thaa p?y trtl i te to tho Southern <' >nfiM?r*r.y I 1 JFK CO?!N t CXTC1 T US(<'I?iiA fURI. H'nn >kii, llj.y 1, 1*1. j TJv roiuvctleut .*efc.*lature c invi-ruxl to-day . A was j t t* tVatidf jfle, Of ?? Iond'>n, w.i.? mido Sff <.W"f of Utc j ? Houci'. Governor Hack tn? ha?n , to Ui* men****, r<yr*n?',n<l? an , relent ! t?tc My* tint forty one fOlnnt?' , cow pah io* k re already bKi lOCpted, an ! t'.n the Fifth rr raont win be-full In a few day*. Th'' nvriofi' nw vilt aot leare the state nntil they are folly e>iu!ppr ' with i *ni|. ?rd baggage tr tfr.f, ;a prepar-J to Uko r* {?? j if tl.eoMf.ree on all c> efkm*. The l<ejfirlati.r* nr!ll oeake liberal a?rnHrUnoc for wri pucpMrw. All partta are icl.ntc In h.krw?iy on that qilCfllon. TV HUte N ool of debt iu.d owiii ?400 000 baak Mock. KWORTH from KKW OKLfiAKS. No* (mirivB, May 1, 1861. PrentdOM jHMrle Mrnoago Li expected to hi?vo o <r *t | reactionary tendency on N rtUoro oonmrratlve*. -am1 ?l I!, rion, ppoelal ?orfeRffCdeat of the K** \ V--RA1P, rn.tr urn trJ v.cro j -?Wr-1ay * a l.- p't"' from Mobile, b it v.;i* hMMdt?t?ly r ;?ajyd <m hi# character he in# pi 'te kix wn Tront* ore f.tW i our In,- in from tj* (WUtry. Tiiraj thc?i#ai)<: ar? D"TK> amp-M at tho ?t( t*ie Race Owr NATIONAL SOLI <: BIS MOXI'MKfl IV < l'< Tn S '/ PARK. i" i i)k i r?nv.? or itfi Q let ii ?? Kr ? V?m , A it ' Hi I V't. 1 ilrrlre yoo U u . pt ny of t?< thonftol (tollara toworlo Of erecUoo ?r <? ni?. -iia. nr* uja it, in ? bttm/e or other tatdiuablo iu iM' In <, to ! ? fcofoolu* ere l ed m U.e Central I'ark, ua wi'kfcHcULO* inoi rll ? 1 the nam.' of e\ory efl'/vr, * 1 *r ;.r mi tHU ' t; . * ^he - lif* <y ! ' ??>?!? .u tlM honor.'. ie dii Uirg" c4 h.f duty In tho rii'itary i-r iiar*1 kerv? ?f the rev try J* the war now lx'|?n far iti r. .-ital' ' itnent wi4 del SU1 of '.he I :.| n T, n I oro^e u y)< of ? TtTj * WWf : or mM1># irbove Itf m%y henH. <? on <? ? oa " '< *?' I HfBttfled trfkl tho of V 4ijkln!,eli0'tM >,-? j ot Mm tablet of hi t*>ry?? itn rMfketunp'o >r | rlrt ie,ehd traWfUttwl to h,a m % pr.)',?' 1 m?"H?itoe orftttl h?.?er, nathamm. NttW. IMPMTART FROM VMMBM. TROWS a RICHMOND. We k*Tl M nrioai r*p?rta uhnt tLe ?* trotyl which w?r? quartered in tLeksuad, mm rcnntag the HggrtgBii) aa high u thiri> tfwcsaod. TW R?tamo?d JTn<< jirir ->f Bat u -ay last, makes out the follow*? nui? b?r . ? Cm>ma'4. Mtn. Virginia volunteers in tho eity 19 l.*?3 It jaaan ai Wr?.io? nis 13 MA South tUrcl.iJb troo|i? ? 400 Tote! 3,?l? KX rr< rr.o moon. K ? rsh~? ? reg I WBt toO "Hiflle r'glneBi from tTttrloston *75 rum*'. to Guard . ..100 "-it*l fm By the a core figures it will bo mv?q ua1. at moat th?re tri sot at the j>r???nt t-*no in Hfctmond, over fc.r iboi r*B I 'hr c b'jnJroi mcu. tiovern.r Letcher L w orders! the traekste beon n?; ?)d through P.K luauad and !'*iHmburf ,?o '.bat Um tooth ?73 troops iad bo r a from WeWhn to Alexu>-%a W thOUt illBBf? Of AfO. The oannon thai were sp.H'd tt >?wpori ^avy '.'ard are now N*i?g removed to \ irth Gfcr 'Vna, by way of .1.9 B*?boarI rai.road, to Weldoa. klost ...'the ej- *w are w thdrawn. E j largo Oiufed' rat? aft wor? fyti.g from gysamore B'.roet, In retorsb'irf, on Tuoaflay. T^o n iiement is unanimous to atiac* Washington an S destroy the *?er.t ci government. Troops boljofjiri' to tho Confederate Suites are da, 'y ent oruig Hi.:hm?>iiii ;n largo r. inhere. By a geathsaan v t > wae there yoatei Jay wo learn thai tba nuu.ber wtil actually reach fr >m : weuty to t wenty :>o ?.Lo.a*-; i awn IhtMivtihirtof arma, lot withstanding ??.v? i^reo bo:.dred ?tr til arms aro t irned out of a mm<: :' i:tcry &t Hk lun?nd dai y. in V'j?..u.a the Megroea aro guarded Aiy axi n.ghi, is it ts foired th there will t>o a rising attnng it orc

In Cbes:*itown, Mi) . two la'uo Atnericvn "Vsm were iyiag lU the principal stroe'. yostorlay morning Tho is'-- amor Lo.itsi-i.un, rwnniair from . *itiia<.:s to ": Mr folk, re I orders from <wr s >von.zi -nt not tc ret rx The pcrts n \ jginia are hot, b'K'kaded uy Lbo ncrora ment vessels. UNION CANDIDATFK FOR CON^EfcSS TV VIRGINIA. In tho tenth congri' ?.'strict Of Virg.n.a, which ia c jmpoKil of the count .^s <-f linrshaU, Broote, e?c c^ck, Oh. 3, Wetiil, Tyler, rie.v*a.ti!, ilir.on, b)U, ayler and l"r.>ston, ail iylng .n the western ? ?: tions, the I'nion p.rty, comf "wed nf Dougia* d jud T' pub:m?n^, hwo p,:t iu nomination Mr. V iliiai G. Brcwn, as their cai.J Uio for tl.o uext CvUgroM. tfr. Urown v l'.l probably be tie on!y mm run for represent ative In the whole State, as tho geeeasioo'ita r.onr '.an tider that tb- y will net rc'iulro to bo reprosstttod in tap federal Congrcns. Vlr. B.-own accepis the B.oca'.n'.ioa in tbo following letter ? H n..*' nr>. '.prll 26, 18(51 < >n my arrival at home on y^torfUy 1 fomd y j r very kind lettor, infofE.icg mo that tho Kationai Deanncrat^o v.'oovont!on, bel*I at Wheeling on tho lk/tU In ft tid aonl natcd mo an ttieir gtandar 1 boarcr In the ooottc^ 0:a grrsnional election. The OnmtiOO was cerroctly In formed in relation to my >h*.n<?'.jaatK>n to be % ..d'.Jtuo for an j tiBot, sad particularly tot that of a sett j?Coa lir <v. My health, my ag.\ b::t moro p?rti:;-'ar!y :n? rjwat and'appalliog crisis throygh wh .-h ocr once a?p;-y and yet dearly be^ived eouutry is pas.^.og, a?lr. m no that some younger ai. 1 ab:or ruia saoLid i^ive t-een ?.J;j<1 tioar Ker.ice. Ir. love, !r? deep devotion to tho :.d democratic party I yield to r.o living maa; I foigtt for it md foll<jweu iu \arying Vortun^s throogh evil -oi through k x>l rejori for u^ riy forty voars, aid ^rr.-n, twolvc wontbs ago. T ?.ns lorcod tj witness, at Ctirlee ton and Baltimore, its unnatural murder, T pradiotoi all tbe sad conso'Vieu os that lave followed .a t&e trt'x. 'J IcouM do aujihiu.. that would ho p r-?u>ro the pr:doic uance of a ureal, |>t;re ;icd ?'onstltutional '{vs y and leal tbo dlstra tious ot our ng coumry, I wo- 1 f iv! y accept tho nomination and devote all tuo rem .le t < on orgies oi' my b^idy and mind to the g'.or o is Usk. If y friocds bail selected soni' ot Uor standard bearer it v. raj 4 b.a.e been more Ir. av.ordaii j w tli my wishes, b t wh-;n I remomb<5r t'.o luany faroi i the people of ti. e district have bestowed upon mo, and tbo debt of grat :ud- ' >*o thom. aii l whl'h my poor abilities will never oa,.b:e ir.o to rcpa' , 1 do not fe-jl at lii'.-rty to docltra the non. .na tion, ow so i^ui ro;:sli tendered to n o, i rti : riy ."5 tho election is now "o if .r at Itand. But I :"":re to sajs to my friends in this my letter of ac , ?anc? *hal while I highly prl. a. t shall novor forget tti? ;ast rv denco of thefr rontieeueo in me. tl":t if thoy s -j -eod .n electing mv in Way next, I w I expect thom "o oic-fe mo fr^m all future public --trv tco. . w isb, ^"c-' non, to eommunifJtte t?iru'!,"h you to thoeo you have the t-.a-ir to represent, th?t >11 my eflWrts, boUin i ,oii:anl r*' vato life, uliali be m^t faithfully directed to stay tho desolating hand of civil and fratricidal war. rcr.-.U me, n cor.i-lueion, t?i return you my arktnwlolgni > 'BW f r i ho kind and iUtt< r ia- mauu r in which you con r.va > led to me the ts-x of my nomimt.on. ant to e*i resa e h< po that v, .? may all live to Roe a br.,: .tor T^"i o o r country's UtsU.ry. W. G. B! JlS. NAVY OF THE SOUTHERN CONFEDERACY. The Navy of tiio Southern . onfeier y, rut glvou ia mm of their ewn Journal*, ooeaiata of the f objuring rev? aoe cuttcrs, In., Mi/cd from tin i nitci S'-.ua- g .um moDt:? jVim <v IVuI. .Vo. of O'un S.'jk of G it. ( rn i MoMc'ian.. !* I side g? :.?? ad ! p ; j J^w.g Uksg 1 6* P0"D<: r. Al >? 1 \> rjA- r *?> Washington i 42p~ji;i>4er iKvJgO 1 Pi .' * ? A' d, in addition to the a'wve, tlio fo.l . .ng ? iVama i CtaM. lAtrv. BoiadAiind. ?i.imcH i.ray P opeltor. 1 . . . . Purciixv ' at P. Lr. -ad. Bonitt Urig ? Upt' jo ! e^aviir. N ir.a Ml m g'.:nb<>i?t 1 . ?*. ? (?; "rRlado. . .SUaamor.... ? .... ? i'ultoc I . H. War Stmt 4 . .Seized ai PjomooU. Tlio Kin on tl o .lama* Gr?y la a fjrty two posed CUuMrf -a> I tli iHe on the Tultoi tr"> thirty-t?> |kj l.dara. The l'jllon w is wrivkod o . i 'r.-ar/.la, ?u.l tj put lur .nto proper trim wi.lcoat $10,036. mca th uti.'n. Vo??"!b in Hf '.th'Gurolli* Vavy. "0 Mi.mbor of Omul 16 Tho wo'ght of metal tJL ':e L.'ujeu k :!iB v. :? at;; -fr;->ra jumtiveiy light, only one being a e.gt: p. ndcr, throo, forty two poi udcra and thereat of .' t;illewca.'ilre. 1h . niton an'.1 her gun. <5aa Ltr ilj l<o h'teu .t1 a:c > .at ? although w have dwue *? ? tbo vc o' bo'.n? a: pr.+ at alni>?t uarltM l IIK VIRGINIA NAVYYAKJ'. fits following letter, which we iiinl in tue jurg 1 .yrm givia somo lntollv -uoe of the work nj./ p-^r< lug Hi <h much in iuat- at our \ r>;lc a J i- y ur<I ? Pftr sotiti', Va. . ,'pr!! -5, 1901. At Ui? Nm y Yard tho pr'-paratiors f r war are in fall b..cot. fc\try hour dMolose to ug new ooomijo for grati tud . on a: ? ?ant of tl"- fruatrat'.oD of the malicto-t p :r p. ??* of o .r onei. wb) u ktBd rrot1<knco It ?> riy nf th w ill be gotten into tbo dock to da*, and will aooo be for sort ice Tho fai.ing oi' th o *h<?arg oc tho Gern junt. ivb ? |i toO'IM fir bor utt"r liietric'.ioa? :>d Uor much !? ?? ! itnaco tt an wot feared, w 1; J<? by carry ing a ay lior Mart a wl rig; ing It tiivei Uor from ri.in hy conria; ration, rhcy h.tvp already (xmmocyKl raia'.ng h r. Tb( Morrlfai: 1m pwbtbly moro InJnrod: b t It U hellwrei ihnt al?- may still be turned to g?o-i ac-'i-nt. Realdeff, "ho Ua? 30 'rJi p >undc of jwwder id her mag* *in< , wucb, alUio'.gh tindar wntor, la t'-t tx ocurc by biung ?>nrlo"cd in copper n'coi'oru th t there la ii" danger of lt? being !'imxi?td. Uer battory of live gant ? on" of tha boat la tl>c world? wa? gotten upyoatcrday ami removed to w .'"a Point, wboro li ww rom. mteil boh r.d a Hr"n>; br.-i?t,?orlt, wxl will <'|.?q-<;ntly na^tU t>> <j>y attempt o ta hontio ship to pa?* tfcro'igb the HouUt. Wbon b aimllar l>tiury nhaii be piialod ou tarn btrt a P< int? winch will be cLr<'c-t?<l in a Tea dsyn ? the EBT> of Ike '.'orthoTU ;r:rni i<ma will bo Olmctually ba<'ko?l down t i ttx pretext In;: f>eacb of HwllBM Monroe. Tin inagmUo.nt I.cmsI 't battery of tho (.ormauUjWTi, roiKi.-sUi, of u : . una, wae also r*i-"d yc*tortlay ami *':.tto Jiicbiii'>n'l atan tj^e ateamor vorthvapt'in Hi./- w ill faUy e&ible oi.r ai*!er city to give anotbor wei rom t>> tU> Ni w Vorl 9e. 'nth regiment, or t<> wiy other fri' 'iil? wl?o m v ( luUl' ug'' thau riwpo* (?< fio allot, M" II and tlior ammaaiiiaa which ware tin 'wn Int-. Ui ? ri\ or <y ti ?? N'andal l.ordiv* before thoir : '.t, ar< a'ao !>? . rah -d in lar^'C - .luuitlliea And it i? gl*t:fyinc t > 1 0b re. t at- <">-ntr*nr to our fiirt lraproa (?ion- ond bi ii^f ? lb Ibc'r livte an.J fright tier act'ially l< :i i-cv-' rai hundred f u' In a remote imrt 'if tho yard un.?i>1k? d. Tli' defen -M at ' rao'7 inland and thr H wi taj arc go M forward v? ry f cr^fuMj . At Uf Litter p'aoe atx of tl :>ali'gr n thirty t*" |>o<iiidera ?nd two brass Sold p . ?' a Imm alro-ijy I. . n m'< it?'d, and air more gu?j?oi' lh>' form r n.uW w ill, within two day', be plno-d tu 'l'ie tin ni. Tli'* la hot shot battery, nnd will l>e ii reHstibio, ?f. ?n ^rdoi i<> p(?a K, TMBM m > t cmo within h 'i a in ? '? it, iifiii liot?e?n It ami a f .nailar .' alt ;j at >- rt \ foiu. The furnait of the Ho ptt*l battery ia ilr': ? ly >.p and in ; oo>l worVing < rdor. ,n |<t ?!, to alu.w th promptu- 3 and onthu u <>f the m ^ m tl<< ?r?l, 1 am crellb'y infermeil that tlicy W' re iwrd ??! w rl at thin f inuieo hj eleven i i onf i. ! iv, whti ? t. lir-* were yot burutng, and tx ff'r# the hi ii'i? fiigiits k u t'rn lalrly out of akght. io t'i'lri-i ?r ha le, th? > li.Tolefi ui more urau asm tin i ti ??? and equl|iiiei if thvi wo ? >uld t>ro<laoo in lir< yearo. A hrgf i 'mi my of gdlam and icirdv io^'khyr ra?n, iatei- mriM' fi"tn <;i*>:g?t, l? < <'tnmanje<f l>y a r iintater ?? l In' '?? id I Kin t-il ' that the) .re nil t-\. teinpe iiim' m i ? -n th :rarnv?l the) w?re break. aateil at tbo Uwon Htr ..'- , und It ?raa an im;>o? . apd cn-orin ? octei.ie to u.om in the Here babiilmenf uf war. r.nrrevfl.v atJUWin ar ov. ?>. i Uiv tablo, while th.>ir io>r. r n<' r pt ii l(if?ntly iatpiored tli'- M? ^'Ing of i;o?l mi thdr rtf|i.'t?t i in iL.-h mon 1> i onci oo sev>?r. Mm are Btilln' i?k in fr im dir' r. nt 'iuartera, mi l ti.e j ?apti'l ' f "itatf? if hi ijb'.i'Sii. g. I (I K MMT14 H AN1M HI' HANOVKR SvUABEj Till'. j'LAU. If. *ing fL<- y-nr 'tv.iijlril Rpj.ncr to the bre*-.- haa i onto tn bt at i h v. ? v< ry day ceoi.rwi a naw aM to bo I f steely il?e rv i - uf metiMon OMe<kNMl]y iertaln'ir- 1 can ia".' i ?? . aitc I to m?k-? the (eromnny of more thau j Hitai Ibtaftat. ? iu ih< ? oevW ieaa happeao I yoater ?; y. Tii^ tirrc'u i U of H.iuovor ??. i*r? li-rtal-yl an im n vc .n;?, w.th a j-'?af t ar"???npiiiim"n' of can nan Or p',-. cp" ? ? h n? .n<{ aet m*"-ie. voe?l nil Hntru annul. 1 .\ Ui^i' r 'Wd of ieopUt win" ?vi the ?-iie'-Uol". 1 i . er *h f \??'t c tnado b.v tlr. Andoraan, !)r. VtniM acl j tl ?. I" ? Mr r. rtWf. l?i tnsr w? .? i^ o I fro*> tha ! jttahl 'ui .'!?( of M*a?r? ft.io't, V? ?"er fS. MOVEMENTS Of TAOOH. HEW YOB*. gratcon, N. T., H-y 1, 1001 ? TW F\fty-tr?t regMaent m tmiiMlf full, sad *? for the resde/vra at Um*ra to wo rrsw. 1m* regimont Mm abready twined farok-sg uu?l ihe eegtroeas with which vahisteeri urge tlMBMlvsa co?Umi?J onabaiod. Ike eitizene' oontrfou'.-on V) (be rofcictoer relief fond now amounts to U8 000. Tt*-y km utfmilM under U?? g<n?ral isw o' tbe vute 'or Ms proper itotrlbutk?. The Ooaamoo rviuact) of ib" eitf bai? ci te an addition*! ap propriation of 910,000 for t*?e *"m<- purj- ?e TU<' On-m dsga regiment, tea -orapanlci ia full, ut<t rctkij Tor service, will !e?Y? to- sr.?-rew for I'trora under the o <sn caud of Ool. C. L. Wahath. Pxcimj, Hay 1, lbOl General Van Valk?ab?rg ami tariltaat i.wiart-rniswter ften- ral Walker are bus'ty at wjrk, d%y ud night, pro paring accommodations for vo:..ni?jr x>:np%kl<.a orders 1 ;o reed o. roue at this military Jepot. ?our corup*u < i frvu> Auburn, one from Oturego and one from Hone ' t FfcLs are <iuartered here. It la thought thai by M 'inlay or l'uesdsy tbe number of troops hire will bo ncre&sM to thr?e th nsai;4. Comfortable a oom utodal.ocs bare bcoa Mwd up for t:.o Seventy fourth regiment, cf Mui'a'o, wh>3h is ttpeotei Friday. Tbe extension barracks, for additional tro3p?, Will be commenced to morrow, and finished io tone lor tbe Rochoetcr an<i ^yrscive regiments, expeoteJ within a few days. Three wmpwii-w t*\ e been raised bore au 1 accepted. They will be mustered into service this week. Ton thousand dollars have been raised for the families of volunteers. r us, Hay 1, l-ol. M.Uu?? s regiment, 800 s'.rocir, left th>- city at twj o'clock this afternoon for Camp Wlltins, nttsburg, v ? Cevfland. Ovir ten tho-sand persons of bo'.h sosiu av terablod to witness the .r depirture, anU grt.it enth'i bosm wa? manifested. i> nrmiito, M?y l, 1-?l. O r Ssccnd ompan; of Tol-uteer-i Seft for Albiuy to day. \ in -d eoapaay is forming h re. NEW JERSEY. Trxf^iy, li'iy 1, 18t>l. -U hal: ui#t i ? o' j<x '? tfcia cven'jjg the )\>urtl? rogi ra'nt .*o?on<-l ML. klJ.*r, Vo w Jersey volvinteers, number irg ?$0 m?u, ?ir.k.,irWo't in the u'.oam projMjl'.eiH K. W. Grille and Vatrom at tbla city, via the Djlaware iu I lUrlUtn Cinal ac \ lV.i-.wi.rc fiver, g<iithv,:irilly. Tl. ; F". W. Buns cirrid two !>r;yw c.i locnder <una. The regin -'nt will probably ort proce?d m<, ;h b?'io-v I'orden iown, the ontlet of the canal If .t does the vee^'l w !1 | stop above Philadelphia. The other roglraorta will fo'Viw to morrow, or a r<?} idly hp p"<ail)h. Groat indignation l<? clown by tb? Kirnt P'glment, Msei brigade, with t?e wret.hed fvod fur nithod them by a Newark re..n with whom they had contractor for prov skraa dnriag their etay hire at Oin n Olden, anl today several comroml'H ktc'."d ovr t'.o U> lep, broke the dlahe", andcarno ijito th ?: town to v''*t dinner ..t the hotels and r osta :rai?te. PENNSYLVANIA. Hi rkjim ., ! .. , ll?y 1, 1W1 We a ro J ust Informed that the second requisition I t voIjeio' rs ? jb m.f interpreted. T >? Utul n<;>iibnr ol' re o menta asked for Tttvx Pennsylvania in twenty r \, making OLty tes for the second ro<:'?t!on. Thw ij ri (.hie. RHODE IBLANY). P*u\ muicic, K. I., Miy 1, 1801. The Secretary of War hiis tendered to Governor Bprax io the ofrlce of llrigadicr General ilic Governor telograplia that tl.e Second Jlhodo Island raiment is not neodod a present. HASSlCIif-EITa. Bowr-m, M^y I, IWI There K talk of calling an extra session of tho legisla ture to maki au ^ppropriatlon?alai;tbor./e the Govern r to e?tal>li?ih a Ciaap In Maa*i :1 u? tt?, where a'l the ne.v ly orxwliod \oltnteerH :aa ron lcsvu.-s -unit catted inn active ?eryice, the privates .a tho meantime to be paid 120 r>er month by tho Stat*. William Gray has g:v n $10;000 f t th} hem fit of tho soldiers' fainilios. Mert. Coiner, "f tie ' nlted SUtes .arln? j. attnehtd ti tho Mlnne^ia, rained the >meri3an tag to-day on tlie Kt.^epie of the Old 8111th church, l leut. Collier is a u i ti'.e of Maryland. ThoUinneetta k** Uito co'iin '.on tomjirow, and w'.U probably sail & Saturday. NEBRASKA TERRITORY. Oiutta, Uay 1, lH?ii. Governor 'ia* issi-xla pr'Ciamt.in recommend injf a th.?ro"(|h t J'jntoe organlaaflan throughout tho Tirrit >ry. He hna already n pplio<l conipinioB with arms and equipment*, ac t ro- raa <letornilae<l to pla^o >ebrjrik.i in the host po?iilo oouditlon of defence. It Is nppo?cd (hat at least one r 'g ment of Vobrasku aid bo w.is ercd int>j tho terrioe of the I nitcd -tntea for hnm<> del' o.o. Vebraaka is a unit for tho constitution and th?? Cn.ou. ItlRrimcre<l that ?^)\ernor l'lic' will iinme- j d lately on tli'' arr.ralof b.x "wor, return to Pctinsyl raLia, haviog boon caUod th ro to aw< iiiicau liuportant | mll.tary comn.and. REPORTS FBOM PHIL ADKLPHIA. PHTUIDKI PSZAy May 1, isfll. TIkto ia notliiup doing to Jay ?>r any rona<v.ieaoe hero. The fl.\th regiment of 1'cn nay 1 van ia Yo! onto, r* nt.il re tnaln at their quirttn tn tho tent of the Yo.ogMea'a tHrmti.in Ajsao<:iat,on near th<- Halt mare depot, awaiting order 1 woe informed by a pollo< ottlocr to day that a larg-: quantity or proriai job of every dearlptioa are b" og aunt South every d ?y , and thit no on* attompta to pat a (top to it. Tone are ae1 1 to Boll an>t I'owell, at Sa.iabnry, Md. Tho freight onaial. moatly of barrels of Cour, tlab, |ork and bcof, bogaheaila of hams, molMMa and a. (rar, and varioi ? other articles ,n the Hkai* of provlnlotiH. They aiv bought at th rate of from forty totbty blink p< r day, and tho otiiccr told me tha*. he had tried top;taat-'p to it, by informing what bo thought to bo {he proper authorities, but b i \\ .m referred to a etUI lumber oflicor, who le. t tho aendin;- of U?e irtlcloa at the discretion of tho oorapwy, and they mpondod to the kir Im-as with a beoomtOK apirlt md gent the articles to their death .ition. The oflloer ia o<' course isUn?.tt<-aily indignant, an-! think* the t-endin> of aitlclea of any kind to the aecedcd States ahouW at oooe be forbidden. RKPOBTS i'ftOM ROSTON. Bnw*, Hay Cbas. Krancta Adams, Vluiater to England, CMSiua M. Clay, MlBiater to Ilusal*, *cl Jacob H. lialdomati, Minis ter to Stockholm, were passengers p?' the Niagara which Bnilod to day. lbc remains of Hire-- of the MaantttawstU soldier? who were killed In Baltimore, arrtvel In tho IlTe o'clock trn n in charge of private D. S. Wright, of tho Sirtli regiment, wbo wan detailed by (Vloncl J"wm for the duty. Tho bodies w-re U?i.en from the ro civ lug tomb In Baltimore under the eupervlflW-n of Minor Itrown, who left Tuesday morning, The fuel vil< not generally known until th.a afternoon, but n la ge crowd gathered at tho depot. TUe bodtea wrrc ia W'ta'Uc cotHna cnr|<*e>l in Ive boxes. Governor Andrew iin<! star, tbe Ktecutlve Dun cil , with the dlvUlonary oorpo of Ctdets *<i an ifr*>rt, were present t?> reeelte tho bodiet-. fiie coffins wero coven 1 w th nati >naJ flags, as were the h'aracp whie'i t -ire tbotu to Ktone chapel, oader will A they w<ro depr.p ted to a wait final and m?r< p'.bllc j ol f' quics. On the ro :te to the rbtpel, the band played dirj-ea, and the r.ipidly gathcie'lcrvw Is uncovered a1! the proce -flon moved pvt. Corporal ?umn> r H. Seedliam of Iawtsms, la one of j the dead. Tho other* an yet remain unknown. T o Granit" State Guard, of Great Flails, N. n.,peo- j eei ded to Fort Oonatitutl' n at l'ort mouth to <u% SI.IZURE OP MILITARY UNIFORM*. I'MTBI* STATW M AH8rt A OT FICK. ( n\i i rallortonand N'orat. of the I'nK'- li't.itoa Mirelnl'a Depnrti ' lit, have ael/ed thirty alt military unifornw, i w tb buttMa hi>vlogac*?li ?t?r? and the Ameri'-un e-.?alo i on the Hi. The ptukiig' CJaUmlag tbeae article* ? * kftw tha morel.ajit down t>wn, v hoae name did not app< v, an I were to be en", t > *naun?l. Ga. The nnl fjima r ru ;?'r? al tho Marftbai i oitlo', no claimant having a* >i t ?emo forward. XKtUHI 01 V T.Ot'B. The ?' in*h no (Md ) " *ta?i Uhat 2.WK) tin rela ' f i ur.be'eiiftBg to Mr. John Xloodamua. of tt.*i place, whir U we: ? atored .n a wareh <ute In (Jeoi fetowa I ?, C . hate > een pnlMd by the re h ral goremmau*. for the >-e of th? "olJiarf -taiion. .} at the cupit 0?t.HH TO TI.I.KCiRAVHIC OPERATORS IN ORIO. 1 be Govern r of i?hio baa ?ert the Mliw ng enter to a1! ll:? ! ?!.?? r.ipbli opora ora In th flta**:? N'r ij.. i t*i "*mlt or deliver -ny o i>ei for artu? or in lit it lone of war, un.rii* for lafeii'f o' th" { n'mmmi of the I'u. 1*1 8' 4ten, n?r any m?a??K* in cypher unleaa <r?.m l)>e g?N eminent the Called sioiee w. e*ven?i < f ?>h;?. IMPORTANT FROM BALTIMOftf. Ikr Katlrakl Flag ilotaUxt Over <h? Vo* vnimint Building ?? The ?Uar Spaia |lm uannrr Cut DjW? by a K?iUuwn Vuldli r->irroM Ku*|M mf Ifce OfftBdir liuiu l.yBiliiBK?Chtryr of Itie Ja<tge ?r ihc CrlmlBM Court U?a*nUtf U?% Riot, Air. B?i.:ivioHK, May 1, IW1. At noon the Star K.pug'<y| Banner was w. '? great ilemooatratkmi* 01 eotfe iivm.iinm tins fM iw? *> an<ICitB'omHouao,byoM ;r of the newly apno nto.' "A'KU.. A largo ciowd im*m> o<! n front of the Outrun HewM t* witness tho flag raising. A b?w titg ruii ww i over the portico, and at p'cciaely <4 ... r v?" to twufro ?api I ra#i or, a veteran aea "iv"1* ,n Fell" iv>*nt, who was signed the honor, drew up '.bo utg, which, as ,t spread w ? the brc* ze, vu greotcd with twmeidoua *pp "?*, v.\t leg of fcatB, cheers for the I'niou and the oW ,'.v I?-? crow a Uuu joined lu sing :i?g "*o "War Sp.i awd nor.'1 AJUr tho crowd tail loft the Owtan House .% n.au Lamed George Leuimon, In the uniform w tb> fcu- ? laud Guard, deliberately c-A Hwn the Aaierlcw i. wli.ch Toll into the om?8 of a bystander. He wm lm o? d lately a tr< died by a Peputy Sh'riu, and with ton*) w ill ? cully saved front the wraiti of tho few I ni 'n men pre -cnt, and conveyed to ti e polico ststlon wher* he ????<? t* examination. The t.aurd, it in sold, will eipel tb? on'ender. Judge Bond, of tho t'rUn^iul Court, ehargad the ?r*mf. Jury this moi lung. Ho ca'.iod attention pftrtictiiarly 1 * the attack of the mob uu the rn.liUry on llu if> h 0: April, that the guilty might bo brought to pin aliment. Tho following is Judge Bmd'e clurgo. ? A riot ban occurred iu o r midst, and a fKito i>" th'n?-' ha* since ooutmued t.i ci..nt *hicu denii"' s a U.or luve tlgation at your ha ;?j .or tho punishment. of in* crime and the vlndmticu of the good f.we of tfcla 00*m nunlty. On the llMh tf April a body ot I i?ited 8t*t?j* tn ope, on their passa.- 10 ibe federal capiUU th?oatfiour 6ti, ots, iu obeJicnr to tUo call of the I nit^d authorities, was as.aulted i>y a riotous* mc, tL-*jr way Mookodcd aiid uuwUera ot them kul^d o. gerlmialy wounded. TLo .?:ort and protection g.vi-.. ny the v^yor of the city. aid.Mi b> -'ich lo:ce u?s thw pollci aaiioruea deeme i suiUciont. did no; 8< c.^re the ?nt> of U1.3 trocno Tho mob ovorcami- th:^, aod th^ etty authorities wer# powerleca lor ihotr protection. Several 01 our cit.xflM, ini.orCDt of ov'.' int. ; :. a. woro klhi'd on tiro Kpot, while other*, both o; our citizen* and eltlMSUi of u Bisler huius then wounded, iwvo s?n"? .llod. lho ozcitei.' nt and ai irrn. which ??*? nn air.cd Bin 0, iu.' boeu appalling, rhc pewfiil pur 1 mu <>f trudi imvo b'vn abr.o-it t nti'ely i.b'indotMyl; ta? laborer no longer has bw htro, and our citiaaia await itt 1 uD\iet\ the re eatal.ii-1 u ^Bt of Uu 111 our niWst to ae sine tiiiw of the si.o-y orta ir wive? unl e'..idfei. It ? your d'it\'. goiillo-.iori. 1 ruler the fn ? rr?n o^ha yoi> Wre Uk< n, nn'Virt.al'j w in?n-ir.? iuUi tie' e o curr^?e?*, .,nd pn mt i i<"h p<'iRou wtie tni> b-< V i.owo t ? yoa, ?r shall br alicwn before >? ? to hire bo. apirtkntttiie not. Tho very oii?t"iioc of society depends upon your faithful di char-fe of U. 0 -.ty now devoWod aj>on yeu. If eithor ol you h ivn any 1. no.v!<vlg> or ni" 01 <.i?eover lug the truth, yo 1 are boi:-. I to mi'We it kMwn. and to ado).t er?,-\ other lawful in-'UM el" hrirglng to the bar of i"t,eo U?e author* of tho pr.Miat. irouDlte, their aidois u?i<l abetters. Vour inreatiget^inr is not to be eontlncd to the ix-c :rrenee ot Uiat day a^no V011 ? il lti'i'i.ro whetbei tboro waa *? preroinert eM pr. parol ion and bv vvb ?n. Voti ;ir<- bound to r***1 those who aided in ofes'.- ucting the railroad, pr rrenUvf tho rafe march of the t'-nop .nd agisted 111 l?j??inR their p.-.hsage. At th<> siauo time It la your d ity to ln .|iitre whether any of our "%n ci ur^ns wc/o ?tU?ou?. justification or pro\ .icali'?n Urc i i |n n i?y the troojie, and k'Ue.' Wo profe? to llvo nr.d- r 1 verniner.t af Uw and order, improve.! bv t'i<> people Ui -nfolv.a .n ?elvl! i/cd age and country, itud aubjc t to the Just restrain. ii Christian hum'j.ity. lr t.ixh prceoodiugc as haf? la'. It .listurbed our e!ty , iu\ a lo<l our poac.', nu 5 filled eur b"m?'B with terror, ore to be pnaaed over whUoi; pu&bh in nt. or acoeptcdaa lawful and paidoned an o\o^ta?J<j. lho 1 1(0 and property or no clinon is nale. U'sidea tb>> loss of life violence done to property, breaking sntft uteres Bwumlng unUwful authority, Irregular and Illegal urrain'r of troopa without compliance with tlw muitw. la? of the Mato, and tho at e.npt by oi^ vcLiiti in. I unku-.wn to law to u-"Tp lawful p' verrmeT., a.'..", leserve vour atten'km. In this comv eiirm, genUemon, 1 call jour alter.! ion U- ??..;tion.' of tue o. U: of pub lic ecneral laws rerpcettog the ohst-'ictim Oi rail rcuils, and to tho ^celion r. sis-c'.ing the 1: rin/ 01 Kk irraphs w ithin the -taU-. Tb ? ? ouit tn" uow Ci-.:h.trg M its duty to laying bo'ore you what h a <* curre j, an > vour duty under the law in consequence. 11.0 reaf*?e; idlity is now with you. To tho fuitilmeut ef doty y 0-1 are sworn ne well as 1113s. It. 1 have only to add t^a. tb* tumult ot iiopular pafiou should noi oist rb delbara tints wiih'n the halls of justice, lho poteut ve?oe ?f ?? # rhouM br heard above the din of j-vrrtoi: str.f i *jm ai rcpuntv 11 nd nubility are lone, and th< r< wid i>o aotb nr loll of our social fume worthy of eilort to pre- rve ANNAPOLIS. Avsa'-oii , tld., \pril2', He I. Four eoinpanita *f Morila' ity Riilc haie juatarrifel from l'erryev Ule by the Htoamcrs H. 1? t.a? and llary land. TLo atcamcra WoBtlwtlo and Coat/.ar?tlccw u'e u.o harbor. Au Albany re >ment man b. 1 this moriiing n tb- d' rection of .tnnnpolis ..un tion. I ortifleatlons cominan lie." the Anuai?lis RUroau au I the country ro*tJ, t. .me two miles from Aan?,. dl- we. ?? thrown up yt^terday. Annapolis was ma !.? a military depot fo?i. aay. B,*i gsdier Ueneral 15. I. Mutler will remain here. AU ti?.? in )\cmen's ar- ? ft a i ^vible. ord ra wore giv a yri-'erday to arrest .til n * 1 jp<*r corresp ndt li 3. S ni' thir.g important la uug on. l'roiu an 'iK<i. h' of Mr. T'iyU>n, Minister to I'ariS, j?st from VVai hingten , 1 tave reliable informa'.tou. Teitho i. Fa ud tro>p? from the rtjutb rn confederacy are now in 1 Virginia, and more are pouring In. The admlimtratioii has noti tied (lovemor I d' her that one step of atvanc* from I'd. hiaond will eiur. a speedy lnvation of Virgin; v from tl.e IV eat. larmcrs from Virginia have forced tho recfsBion line- . and report a Ktrong Union feeling a miles from the capital. Tlie Seventh regiment, or Kew York, hive made ap a. ptiii-c of one lb UL-ind d'.lura for i.ieutenant H.irri.-k, ?' the Kighth thiaiA' liuFettB r< im??iit, who waa B*ldeoUUy wounded and had to have h s leg ainputoted. Toama run from Brlt'jnoi- to Wheeling, but are search ed by w 1 1? li nlrtii. who are ali along the route. I tears from a jirivat-: BO'irce Ilia, the ?ecessionlirta manage! to save six tbo -iar 1 av.tket ' at Harper's l erry. <.11 Saturday the Super. nten lont of the BUtlmore aaf ? >hio I'Jiilr.iail went U) Washington in a special taun to t et the road rr ?i Baltimore to WasblngUm opeeed b>i?. be had no iucccrs. The weather here to duy Is warm and sunny. Information hits Just arrived tliat tho Mary land Ugia lature has refnaad to pa^ a secemiou ord .nance by a two tbirda majorit ASKATOilP, lid., April 30?/ MBtBff. Shortly aiu?r nine o clock Uct night the garritoa waa cW'rd to *ra?F la coDs^.u^nce of the discharge of raefecta ami the i.rlng of cannon at Kort Madiaoa, on Lh? eppetftw Fide of the river Severn. The magaclne here waa ipaM and the men supplied with five rounl* of carlrM|ts. They slept oil their arm* all night. A demonstration w w expoctcl from Um ItrecU? at Baltimore. The ?amp is unusual!) qui' t to day, tad tttil iaa ! been no arrival of troop*. The RtcomtT Coat/acoAlcofl tailed loot flight for Wsab tagtoa. About four thousand troop1' we now at ftninpnht There bnre been no dlstnrbaoMI beUeca the seMlera and flitlzeaa. Thomas A. Pcott, of !*et nsylvania, Um tak?n charge eC the military route, <~?Hcr beginning to tafce the yltoa or confusion. Trtnaport* leav at loa*t twice a <Uy for PerryrtlkiL New York papyri are In irr?at demand. Great preparation* are being made to transport tterea to WtfhlDgtoa. REPORTS FROM PIRRTTII.L1. pKanrrtu^, Hay 1?4 P. If. ' v. rythug it quiet to day, but It la probably the quiet that precede* a rtom. So transports have trrlred from Annajoiin. Ko troops h.?ve arrived hero, aad aona La vo betu sent to Annapolis. The * '.comer Uarjlaad tit oltier there or c tlio way here. Oapl M.won United States X try, arrived here t> day from IWlimore. I very thing was* fatal th?re, aod ib?i Union feeling still Incre -tng. 1,'erfecl ~c. urity prevails in Wash In . ton. The uIibkl ?rtlvlty prevail* both at tbe Warnnd Jfevy r*>parta#?nta. There is wf>rk ahea<1 for both branches cf the tervlee. A dctachn<?nt of the xe\ onth regiment pi##"i Uirocr'j her' Uiit* nfterniv?, t>. route for Washington. Tbe Htflrr and Stripe* ? ft ? t Mai this afternoon, amnl great i h< Tlni* by tl;n sohltorf. ( . I V L 1 -i THEfR NAM BR. r? THE to ion "F ltlK HPItoD. N'rr Yon , April 24, Ml. lr. tut the Prcv Ictcrt jipcrs have published tk? | eamee ofsll the ?'!*nt lore from thu Ftite, tk'i l>a> e re*i<<>D I 1 to their 'o iatry't call, private* ?s welt is offerers, a v c t '' their comptniet io?l <n>M> I el us do the *?m< tbtug la Now > ork M l! tone yet aa b?rn will 'l.*te IN ir tlt'r of nnbi'ltv and flory o* tothalitti ! roluatccrt wlvi ralliod from Wow > o?-k tit^e Ueteni e of the at: ? n . ?? capital, in the month of April, 1"<4. I would n< ' '? >' o Mho fact U at my gran 1ft b> > fbu|ht at T i nker IM' vi'l Aualoct for tbe pro<?l*sl J ? etl earonet "f I ' TOP". Wr are livip* a t ?n<t ?i tjry j. it tow, I t us luifet itt rnord t ompiete. I " ?