14 Ağustos 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

14 Ağustos 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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I? TP WHOLE NO. 9104. THE RE5ELLIOIN Highly Important New from Missouri. TERRIBLE BATTL BETWEEN Gen. Lyon and the R< bels near Springfield. 8,000 Union and 23,000 Reb Troops Engaged. DEATH OF GEN. LYOI Retreat of Gen. Siegel in Go< Order to Springfield. Death of the Rehel Generals B< McCulloch and Price. NTERESTING FROM WASHINGTC The New Iron Clad Stcame and Gunboats. OUR SOLDIERS AT RICHMOND Complete List of tbe Names of t Prisoners. Return of the Surgeons C'aptur by the Rebels. HE PRIVATEER SUMTER AT Cl'RAC NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC Ac., Ac., Ac. OR SPECIAL WISBl!t TO!t DESPATCHE Washington, August 13,180 LH&ITAL OF DON. HORACE MAYNARU?JCIXJE NKL A PRISONER AT RICHMOND. Bon. Horace Maynard, of Tennessee, arrived hen lay. II" and Hon. Thomas A. R. Nelson hail arrange eave Tennessee the day after tlie election, August 1, i Meting at Rentuoky, come on and take their seals in eder&l Congress. Judge Nelson was in one of tbe extr M?tie? of bis district, and In Attempting to cross ounty, Virginia, which is between Kentucky and Ten ee, he was seised. Information has been received 1 o night that he Is in prison at Kichmood, upon the chi t treason to the Confodarato government in eomiu Washington to tako his sea) in tho federal Congress. EX-MINISTER FAfLKNKR. iui miniKier rwiiHiu-r is pun in jiiii, witwu is cure Oder military guard. He will soon, however, he toved to the more comfortable quarter* of the Pro larshal. h is believed by tb? government that he haa been h kg correspondence with the enemy through the So rn Commissioners at Parts, and that a regimen hchmoad is waiting for him to take command < gainat the United Stales. Besides, something like aliatiOD may be intended, in view of the fact that ltoi IcGraw and Harris, who went to Manassas on ni and of mercy, while declaring themselves uoo rare seized and thrown into prison. 'RBTTRK OF rnisoNKRfl. This morning tweuty four prisoners, taken after attle of Bull run, reached here. They left Richmond efore yesterday, and were sent by rail to our lines, i ortrcisS Monroe. The following is a copy of their ob ton ? We, the undersigned officers, nor commissioned offl< rival' s and citizens of the United S'atcs, do make nqua'HIed parole or honor that we w ill not by arms urination or otherwise, during the oxlstitig hostilities weeD tho United States and the Confederate Stud .nvrtca, aid or abet the enemies of the said Cnnfedr totes or any of tbem in any form or manner whafsoe mil rclc tsed or exchanged. Witness W H. Wi.vdm, Brigadier General, C. S. A. Accivrr 11, 1961 The Assistant Surgeon of the First Minnesota rof n accept the parole, and remains a prisoner in Richin "he entire party were threatened with popular viol erx'i.tedlv on their way from Richmond to Fori Ion roe ^r MRP. LINCOLN'S TOUR. Mrs. Lincoln, accompanied by her eiitfr, Mrs. Grimi ml escorted by Mr. John G. nail, the President's pri ocrclary, will leavo here at half.past six o'clock iorrow morning, in a special (rain for New York larrlsburg. The Presidential parly will take qaartc he Metropolitan Hotel in New York until the after f Thursday, when they will proceed to Long Die rhcra Mrs Lincoln hopes lo be permitted to enjin uict of tho sea shore and obtaiu the rest she Is earni ticking and Tery much needs. She has very natu hared the responsibility-', perplexities and anxiiti< cr husband iu fats present trying position, and shou illcved by general consent from rreoptions an f<> ties, and be allowed that democratic freedom etyoye I) other ladies who arc really seeking rest and ended tg to avoid cxcitcm. nt. UK CONSTRUCTION OF IRON-CLAD STEAMERS GUNBOATS. Tho Secretary of the Navy bap lo day Issued 01 ir the construction of Ave of vlic tw lva now heel gunboats authorized by Ibc l?rt Congress, rc to be constructed at the following yares?Mt h oc, two, Charlcstown, one, Brooklyn, one; FMI bia, one. The other seven steamers uiu to bo const i outside of the navy yards by cot tract. There atctt lore iron clad steamers also to bo built by contract r..p"?g!3 having been issued yesterday. Two ol ?ven steam sloops authorized by the last Congress, i course of construction at the Killer y yard, arc i tut completed. Ouc will bo launched in three wo le engines are ready, and the other in about five w he Kittery yard obtains, seemingly, more than iu ortionato share of work, from the fact?outside of special reasons satisfactory to the Secretary e ?vy?that tli? b sl workmen in the world reside nea e employed at that yard. There are no wurkmcu iem any where else; besides, it possesses tho ma id other facilities fir buildiDg the vessels sooner -tier than they could bo constructed at any other the known world. PROMOTION OF BRIOADISR GENERAL HUNTER Brigadier Genoral Hauler,.of the regular army, mtnanded the Second division at Bull run, aud verely wounded, has to day been promoted to a 1 ocrul of Volunteers He U dotcilcJ to command n of Illinois troops, and, it is gratifying to know .1 re over suffenntjy fr im his late wound as t to report for tl' .y Ty acce.ting thic put in IE NE1 J " , - * ^ I *'? * | .aN I volunteers ho does not loso hfs position in tho H|| a regular army, hut will bold tho commission of ' Brigadier General at the does of tho war. The Illinois trooi* may well bo proud of tboir new commander; for a more gallant man does not wear the spurs. Second T? APPOINTMENTS IN TI1E AKMT. it was ' Tho President to-day appointed Colonel TIuntor,who meats, commanded a column In the late engagement, to be a Major and ha General,and Major Stoneman, of tho cavalry, W. F.Smith, geantl of tho Topographical corps, and H. W. Benham, of the En- rebel i gincors, to be Brigadier Genorals of tho volunteer forces. he has E DECLINATION OP A BRIflADIER GENERALSHIP. Four Joshua II. Bates, who was recommended by tho Ohio camp I Congressional delegation for a Brigadier Generalship, has Ther declined the appointment. Donald MR. MEAGHER DECLINES A CAPTAINCY IN TtlK ARMY. preSBlr Thomas Francis Meagher was yesterday ofl'ercd a cup- fused * talney in the regular army, which honor he respectfully avoid I declined, with a request to tho Secretary of War to trans- Tho ! for it to somo other officer of the Sixty ninth New York any lai regiment, who, from circumstances of a longer term of iitilitary scrvico than ho could speak of, Six and a larger amount of military practice and hence l a] information than he possessed, is better entitled to the posed, distinction,assured that there will bo no difficulty in Rope having their wish gr&titled. Ho recommended to tho Se- tia is c crctary tho favorublo consideration of Captain James KoI- A re/ ly, the senior Captain of the Sixty-ninth. cncamj MORE TROOra ACCEPTED. Ther .. At tho request of Major Central Punks, a company was Mar) M? accepted to-day by tho Secretary of war, commanded by along l Captain Charles H. 8. Colli*, of Philadelphia; tho members No u of which have all seen service, cither in the Crimea, Italy, Tho ' , Germany, or Mexico. They will proceed im- will bo )U mediately to join General Ranks' command at The j at Harper's Ferry. Tho Quartermaster General The 1 has issued orders that they be furnished with uniforms similar to those worn by tho Zouaves d'Afrique, in the THE French army. They aro said to be the best drilled and ijl disciplined soldiers in the volunteer army, and were J * highly complimented for their efficiency while stationed A ni at Raitimore as members of tho throo months regiments, publn-1 COL. BERDAN'S SHARPSHOOTERS ORDERED TO WASH- ' INOTON Genera Tho Socrotarv of War has also ordered Col. BerdaN to import send forward h.s sharpshooters as f;ust as the companies eonpti |JJ> arc organized. tiuuing SIMILARITY OP UNIFORMS AN ADVANTAGE TO THE iff?if- MILI One source of advantage to tho rebels in the battle at rs Bull run was the similarity of uniforms of some of their ^.q ,j.j regiments to those worn by a portion of our volunteers. A number of our regiments arc clad in Austrian gray, particularly those from Now York and Massachusetts. In TnE R one instance at Bull run, a section of llapt. Grilllti's artille- ] . ry was in position, and his kuub ready to be fired ut>ou an rjva] j, " Approaching regiment,but Captain Urilfin. supposing it to xhude beoue of our own volunteer regiments, ordered the ttre to nuratiw be withhold. Tho rebels wcro thns allowed to rnmo nr> . person HO within pistol shot, and poured into the baiterv a murder ' i) uil or 11 our fire from rifles and Minio muskets, sweeping every cunnouier from the pieces and killing nearly all the horses. ^ j General mistakes of this kind have occurred, and as our men withhold their flroforfear of flriugiuto thou- friends, C<1 they have invariably been tho sufferers. A da TENDER OF TROOPS. of'his" CaptainSnstoa, AssentQuartermaster United States ivory. Army, hag tendered to the War Department tho services eaglo r - ef a body of 2.-100 men, now ready at Hi. Louie to tit.e "*" the ft Id, who asked that ho shall bo temporarily detach- theott cd from the regular service in order that he may be their these t Colonel, ischni THE WOl'NFED OP TI1E SIXTY-NINTH, ETC. ' Cuputiu Meagher, Captain Clarke and loeulenant Colonel Nugent, of the Sixty niath regiment, are hero looking Hv" after their wounded in the various hospitals, and on hasi leave f ueas counected with the pay meut of their men, vthoht ACTIVITY OF THE POTOMAC FLOTILLA. Broodt ~ , .... .... .... , .. return' i nn roicmac noinia if smii actively cmpmywi. input in #.amjm Craven, who is commander on beard of llie Yankee, in expect 80N forms the Navy Department that ho will report in person event the circumstance attending the capture of ten negroes. 9tf>" On (be evening of the 11th Inst., a negro came on board ^ 10 and mentioned the rami) of an individual who had been ress M """i exceedingly active in procuring supplies for the rebels, threat l',c including arms, ammunition and men,and sending them em? m hn:it loads from Herring creek over intu Virginia, llo t>c further says, that this agent had assistants iu forwarding a few nrs" recruits to the various landings, Anil that at Herring tlero creek there was a minister acting as Southern spy. unteer ,rR,! Captain Budd, of the Resolute, it appears, brckc tip tho rcputa 8 10 depot at Herring creek, at the month of the Macho or, aMoaii rcrtrtM tn Virginia. On going to the creek lie was flred at with doubt muskets. He, however, landed and destroyed the pre- region ct'y mtses and captured a largo boat. He found there a party 1 * uru rc" of rcbeis from Maryland, sheltered in a house, hut they gtatcti wtrt soon escaped to the weeds. the th< Captain Budd and jiarty chased tbem for a mile, but an<* told, owing to superior flectness they soon got beyond tho u'h- reach of harm. 1 at The Captuin took tbo contrabands of Colonel Brown, 11 who was there. Of course his property used for these This re" purposes la confiscated. The foreman of the contrabands Island ,srs- who, it is added, Is a remarkably Intelligent negro, ki- The ?!i 1 er" formed Ovptutn Budd that an exped iti?n Is organized in wet w k'a'i Maehoiloc to capture any of (lie sehoouots which are at the anchored or becalmed in that vicinity. rugger Lieutenant Mygatt, or tha Reliance, under date of the j^'1' tBe I3fb, gays on the night of the 9th, while this tWonc day vessel was at anchor belore Fiuey Point, a cxpros near poat was seen plying about and acting in ft suspicious l)e lntl li?a" manner. Upon being hailed it camo alongside. 'i.',."1*!' 'flu' erew was composed ef four negroes, who represented the Vo :crs> themselves as belonging to Colonol Korbrs, and that he went; lived on the Mnchodoc "ri^cr, in Virginia. They stated theY'.-i i'be- that tliey had run away from their master because ho in- Honor is of tended to use them Tor military puriosts, or, to repeat Severn ver? their own words, because "he wanted to send them to XiVin'v ' the wars." The negroes have been sent to the Resolute smith for transportation to Washington. teuanl Captain CraTen says:?On the shore of the rotemac net xiie'lii "RC<' one in twenty is true Union, and 1 sometimes think there ooc'' arc hundreds of them organized into companies, i? rha| s lJMe regimcrts, and prepared to act against the government at Owl tre88 any moment." It bee w' orders by the provost marshal. varim It is directed by the Provost Marshal that no soldiers Krovn< s'oyi shall he permitted to leave this city by the railroad who report vate are unable to show that they have been propierly dis, Y"' t8" charged from the sorvice of the United States; also that expeU via no negroes, without sufficient evidence of tla-ir being free as abo rs at or of their right to travel, nre permitted to leave the noon city upon the cars. The enforcement of tliis order has CAP inch resulted in taking from the Xcw York Fire Zouaves lour- A t f tho toon negroes, whom tlioy were attempting to convey to Corps fstly thatctty. of w? rally the suppression of the slave trade. artilb os of The visit of the Pccretary of the interior north is in lite ai Id be connection with the meeting of (be United States Marshals, :ii by measures for suppressing the slave trade. IVOT- MK MINISTER TO AUSTRIA. Quara J. Lathrop Motley, wbo was recently appointed Minister one c AND to Austria, will at onoe repair to Vienna. CONSULAR APPOINTMENTS. unlfoi rders The following additional uppoinlniouts of Consuls have Yoik side- also iust been made ? At Fhanghae, .lame# R. Partridge; Tb-y I.eeds, .lumen \V. MarshaII; Leghorn, Andrew J. Stevens; Q ter.y> Geneva. V. Casby; Anistcrdani, K. J. Klanzei. a ul" Ail the impertaut consular appointments are now filled, 5' rucl' and tl is beiievi-d Out shore is no longer any reprcsmta- wast vo or v.p of the government abroad who is not its loyal friend morc 0 the end supporter. It is supposed that no more change- will f"r the be made, except as special emergencies may happen from huh r 1 nowr time U> lime i quiring them. the Y l,pinK ASsiGNMF.MT OF LAND WARRANTS. I. , C^V? ' L*r ' The Aicr Ury ofUio. luterior has recently decided th/vt anij ( ct'ts wsipt inents of land warrants in bank are not valid, and tebro ' Pr0- tliat iliu names of ihe assignors, to lender them logs), t'ttln lur0' must be w.itton thereon at the lime of the transfer. ? . ? ? ihe t/Ar 1 "" TREASURY NOTES IN PAYMENT OF CLAIMS. rand Tlie Treasury t)epar(.mcnt will soon Isaac instructions 1 to dish rsing ofllCi-M to the effect that no creditor of the ggr # lcrial government Is to be compelled to take Treasury notes hi ,m,er ' satisfaction of his claimS. vard incir 1 LIEUT. ROGER PERRY. urged The Navy Pel arlmcut, ever stuac Ihe 3d at of March his )tt last, has been unable to hear from Liout. Roger Perry, to 'he c; wli" whom it has repeatedly addressed orders. He seems to WRK bo mysteriously among the missing. _ of hit a"dT / NEWSPAPER RESTRICTIONS. S It is understood that the Washington newspapers will ^"nie ' hereafter be required to conform as fur us possible to the recti) 0 "e retti ictio- inlo now a iplnol t" k I-graphic correspondence . ard I the in t elation to military movements. vial I Y YO i ^. >?ojEW YORK, WEDNESD EWS FROM GEN. BANKS' ARMY. Savdt Hook, August 12,1881. rday night, Sergeant Tompkins, of Company A, I cavalry, was sent out in charge of the pickets, ami observed that he took with him his entire equip After stationing tho first picket ho itisap|*ared nAS 1 1 a # li i ihn< doe w mn uccu ururu ir<>ui. it ib siuivu ucrc u?h Pumpkins' father ami brothers are ofllcors in tho irmy, and there in but little doubt expressed that oast his lot among the rebels, refugees from Martinsburg were brought into >y Colonel Geary's pickets this morning. 0 was a report yesterday tlmt the notorious Mc, with eighteen rebel cavalry, were in Martinsburg ig mm Into service, and several Unionists who ruto servo were imprisoned. The refugees left to loitig pressed into tho rebel army. refugees from Martinsburg have no knowledge of go bodies of rebels in that sectiou. Smnv Hook, Md., August 13,1861. prisoners, taken at tho l'oinl of Rocks, wore sent to day, uudor guard, to Fort Molleury?it is so sup" irts are circulat ing iu tho camps that tho rebel miliollectlwg at various points in upper Virginia, ijimcut was at Slirppnrdstownou Sunday, and tho pment was visible from the Maryland Heights, e is great activity at headquarters. 'land rebels continue to bo brought in for prowling lio lines. Some important arrests have boon made, ttack is anticipated at present from tlio enemy, work on the bridge is progressing. Tho structure passable shortly. jonoral health in the cnmpR is good, weather is ruiny and somewhat cooler. PHILADELPHIA MERCHANTS AND TIIE WAR. Pun.AnKi.mu, Aug. 13, 1861. amber of the heaviest business firms of thin city 1 a card to-day deviating that, having seen iu the ?pera a statement of the number of regimcuts in d Banks' command, which information is of great i>ns ami advertisements fruui any newspaper couI to furnish information of military movement . TARY MOVEMENTS IN NEW YORK. HE MEMBERS OF THE NEW YORK FIRE DEPARTMENT. EOIMBNT OK KIRK 7.0CAUR8 WILL ARRIVK TODAY. lotice will be given two hours previous to their nry twenty successive strokes of tho alarm belle, jirtiiient m invilod to act as an escort, without api. The Ittic will he formed on tho Battery. No will bo allowed in the line unless he Appears in u. By order of the Board of Engineers. JOHN DECKER, Chief Engineer. . Rrco, Secretary. PRESENTATION TO ERANK E. BROWKELL. [Emm the Host- u I'oui ler, Aug .it 13 ] gger lias he. n presented to IJent Frank E. Browho avenged lite dealk of Col. Ellsworth, by some 'riends in this eity. The handle of the dsgRer is of carved hy Wm. Liutz. At the Cop is the Ameriran it tlie art ot killing a rattlesnake, the symbol ot the rn confederacy On one s ine of tho handle is exin has relief a like runs of Coventor Andrew; 6n ler tlie head of the tioddca* of Liberty. Between ire introduced, on one ride tlie coat of arms of Masctls. ami on the other thai of tlie United States. IIAWKIN'S ZOUAVES, tenants Andrews nud I\iuglity,of this regiment, ur Newport N?ws to-day with sixty men tn charge, ire been re, roiled during the post week at 516 vay. More than one third cf these are from the ed regiment?. Th<< Zmiavesfcave moved their en lent inside the mtreuchmcuts ut Newport News, in a ion r-f nn attack fi < m central Magrurter, wlih.li it impatiently wailed for by ail tin: troops there. TO THE HDiroH OF THE IlElULb. New Yohk, August 13.1831. our paper or to day yot.r correspondent frien Fortuiroe smj-s, in speaklr # of the Ninth regiment, tliey enrd to stock their musket* on the 14th of Una , and unless paid in port rcluse to do duty any This is a mistake. Your eorresponileni ctthor en misinform! d or hi: lias mistaken the idle talk of discontented men for*thc sentiment* of n whole lit, than which a more loyal anil le-tler disciplined ol exist In our volunteer p-rvice. The Ninth Vols lrarc. since their organization, borne an excellent tion, and the imputation of insubordination eatmot sh the public more than it decs the members or the :nt. Much inconvenience and suffering has no been caused by the delay in paying oil the diflcrant ??ts, but there is probably u cause for it. None of wllliug to believe that the soldiers have hi* n neeH kept in want. 1 hold myself responsible for the lent i hat the Ninth regiment have ncvrnlntcrtainod jught of "reli.aine to do duty" while the war lasts leir country needs tlirtn. W. ft. ANTiRKVCR, Lieut. Ninth Regiment N. Y. S. V. THE McCLELLAN RIFLES, regiment has gone into camp at Fort Hill, Staten , on ground* peculiary adapted to such a purpose. >I>? on which Hie tenls are pitched is porous, and in eathcr perfectly dry. A fine level drill ground lies i base, and the ascent to csnr.i is by a series of I plateaus, adtniiali'y adapted for exercising the in esuataoiug. I ii' i' a r e jiiem y ui suteie wees the camp, uuu water facilities within easy reach. I Le (.al inspected the camp ground on Sunday and fed his entire approval. Three inn companies will slercd in to tn'irrtiw. The 1'otlowing list comprised if the princi:^tl officcra:?Colonel, Kngcno Lc Gal, the Kitty fittli ngim-nt: Major .1. S. 1 ? Apreda, of ncgunlan service; Captain Gutman, Ktfiy-ntth regit aptain Henry Hielts, Seventy first rog.nvnt; < apsmart, Captain de In l'atonroile, Into Captain of inssenrs. de tine. nn<s and Chevalier ?t the Iwginn of decorated in the Crimea; Capt. Fit z James O Brieu, th rcgimentt Lieutenant Sp urs, Seventh rrgirn. ut: nnnt Stewart, Twelfth rrgfm-nt; Lieutenant and ; Adjutant M<unlet, late French II Mara; Lieutenant lai'lei master Klchard B. Ir-eko, late U. S. V.; Lieu. Itrelnz, Kilty filth regiment; Fdward S. Holliiiwi, Surgeon; Captain IJios K. I'avls, Jr., Paymaster, adqunrters are at No. 84 Nassau street. THE CAMERON LEGION. ng to the severe storm whieh prevailed yesterday ame necessary to pnstpooo the dejiarture or the .R companies of this regiment for the camping lis. Weather pet milting, however, the officers will to the hemic uiters this morning, al ten o cmck, 44 tir. enwmii street, preparatory to going to enmp This ri giin. nl is in war t of two or throe go->d lenceil olFicers, who can bring A few men. Apply ve or ul 341 Kullou street. Brooklyn. rAIN J. P. MOTT'S ARTILLERY COUPS, tarty of fifty recruits lor Captain Moll's Artillery , recruited wfthin the last six days, left for the sea1 ir last evening, in charge of Captain M 'I. litis ry corps is new stationed al the Chain oridge. vjrand holds one of the most responsible posiU&pg in THE TIIIRP IRISH REGIMENT. s regiment is now quartered at Camp Oirrigan uliue Lauding, Staten Island. Ti.c mustering tn of ompany set down for yesterday wts postponed on nt of the Ftorm. hut will take place to day, a (tor drug portunify lor th-ve desiring to Join to he immediately nacd, equipped and sent Into quarters. 7he New K, ..l?..,rl>,c ore at Vn It fi.lllr? ilnwl [JJEM MASS FOR A PRIVATE OF THE EIGHTH REGIMENT. James Roman Catholic <hurr.li, in James street he scene cf very interesting ceremonies yesterday ing,a grand requiem mass haviug been celebrated e rojiogp of the sou! of privateI.eyden, of the Eighth ieut N' W York State Mi'it>a, kilted ht the battle of on. The affair wss gotten up under the auspices of o"ng Men's H?m.vn Catholic r!.cict>', of which do d was a worthy member. The chuivh wag tlo?sr|y led with the fi Units Mid relatives of tnc <lcoeag_d, leep aortow was evinced by sit. The mars was ce ted by the Rov. James Rreniun, pastor, aggigled by rs Iiillon, Asbmutb and Conron. TAJN H ARNOLD, OF THE NEW YORK THIRTY-EIGHTH AEG IME.VT. Iiavo been visited by TTllliuro E. Hatch, Orderly ant of Company D, Second Sentt Life Guard,aud members of that Company, who desire to'express entire disavow? <* th6 reported charge of coward 100 aeaiust their commander, Captain Harrotd, during irlicipstion hi tho light at Bull run. They state tltal iptaiu, to itpetr own knowledge, acted braveiy up to loment when the respective regiments became ton , and that subsequent to tho partial demoralnation t company. Captain Harrold ralTled a number ef and by tbeir aid succeeded is removing nw of the of Kieketl's battery alter its desertion l>> Its can rs. Thjs statement, it is needless to a VI, is inrtlr sustained by the official reports of Colonels Ward an...worth, tits coiuuauu.ug vUivtis of the troops to ocality.

RK E AY, AUGUST. 14, 1861. IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. Terrible Battle Between Gen. Lyon and the Rebels. DEATH OF GEN. LYON. The Union Troops Under Siegel Retreat in Good Order to Springfield. MILITARY POSITION OF GEN. SIEGEL. Death of Generals Ben McCul loch ami Price, &c.t &c&c. TUE RETORTS FROM BT. LOl'IS. St. Ixjcw, Md. , August 13?3 TV M. Rumors arc curreut on the street, iu which sotno reliance is placet!, that General l.yon'a command in the South weal lia? been totally routed by the rebelB. General l.yon himself was killed, and General Siege! was in full retreat with tbo remnant of tho Union forces. Tli is information ie sa d to have been received by rebel* last evening. The messenger who brought the news killed four horses between Springfield and Kolla, in his haste to outstrip the government messenger. It is also reported that Gen. Fremont received despatches about midnight corroborating tho above, but that their contents havo not yet been divulged. Great anxiety is fell by the Union men here, and most serious apprehensions are indulged in for tho safety of our army. We shall probably get Romctliing reliable on the arrival of the train to-night. The following ie tho official report of the tight near Springfield on Saturday last, forwarded by one of General Lyon's aids:? To major gcmtrah FrwonT:? General l.yon, in throe columns, under himself, Oenoral Siegcl and Major Sturgis, of the cavalry, attacked the enemy at half past six on the morning of the 10th, nine miles southeast of Springlield. The engagement was severe. Our loss ie about eight hundred killed and wounded. General Luon uias killed in c charge at the head qf hit ichttnn Our fare was eight thmitand,inthuhng (too thousand Home Guards The mutter nils takenfrr.m the enemy give hit strength a twenty three thousand, including rcgimenls from Louisiana Mississippi ami Tennessee, Willi TeXnn Hangers and Chore kce half breeds. lboir loss is reported heavy, including Generals Mc Cuthek and Price. This statement is corroborated by prisoners. Their tents and wagons were destroyed in the actlsn. Getieral Siegel left only one gun on the field, and re treated toPpringdeM with a largo mimborof prisoners, al thrco o'clock in tho morning of tiro 11th. llo continue: bin retreat upon Holla, bringing off his baggage truint and (26,000 in specie from the Springfield Hank. Tho following is a verbal report taken from & spccia messenger who brought despatches for General Fre moot ? Early on Saturday morning Gen Lyon marched outot Siiringfie4d to give battle to the enemy. He came up U him on Davie creek, on Green's prairie, a few miles south west of Springfield, where he had taken a strung pusltiot on rolling ground, at twenty minutes past six o'clock it the morning. fienrral I.von fired the first gun. when the battle imme diatcly began. Severe cannonading was kept up for tw< or three bouts, when the (Ire of Captain Totten's artillery proving too severe for the enemy they gradually fell back towards tbeir encampment on Wilson's creek. General I.you's cavalry was posted on tlw enemy 's lefl flunk and General Stegel's artillery on the right. Thei began u terrific attack, spreading slaughter ami dismay ic the ranks of the enemy, ^*1 pursuing them to their ciunp shells from Toltcn's artillery setting fire to tbeir tents out baggage wagons, which were all destroyed. A liOiilsiana regiment and a Mississippi regiment seomet | to have suilored tnost in the fight, and were almost annihi latcd. Sometime in tho afternoon, as General I,yon was lend ingnn his column, bis horse was shot from under him. Hi immediately mounted another, and as he turmal arount to his men, waving his hut in his hand and cheerinj tln.m on to victory, he was struck in tho small of tin buck by a ball and fell dead to the ground. The command then devolved on General Siegel. Pursui continued nntil nightfall, when our little army rested fo the night in the encampment of the enemy. Sunday morning Gen. Siegel, fearing the enemy migh recover and attempt to cut his command off from Spring field, fell back upon that city, where the Home Guard were stationed. On reaching Springfield, fearing th great numbers ?f the enemy might induco them to get lx twecn him and Holla, General Siegel concluded to fa bnck upon Rolla with bis provision trains, and meet tb reinforcements which wero on the way to him. At th latest no)ir."nt of the departure of tho messenger th enemy bad not been seen, and it is probable Gencri Siegel bad cot been disturbed in his march. Ninety of the rebels were captured, among whom Colonel of distinction, the messenger not rcmernberin fiit: name. The sword and horse of General McCullotigh were tli trophies taken. Reinforcements are on the way to Rolla, and Ccncrt Siegol and his army may be considered safe. THE NEWS > ROM WASHINGTON. Washington, August 13, 1881. The War Department to day received a despatch fror Major General Fremont saying, amnug other things, the General Lyon's aid reports an engagement, with a sever joss on both sides, and that General Lyon was killed. General Sieged was in command, auu retir Jg m goo order from Spt ingdeld towards Rolla. The following is the ottlc.al report received to night b General Scott? HlADQr/'ITKFUl WtSTSRN PtPAK MINT. "I St. Locts, August 13,1801 ) To Color it. E D. Townsendi? General Ljron ra three columns, under him-clf, Gen orals Siege! and Sturgis, attacked the enemy at ha past six o'clock, on the moroiug of th 10th, nine miles southeast of SpringSoJd. Che engagr meet was severe. Our loos wag about hod killed an wounded General Lyon war killed ma charge at th head oi hia tolumn. Oiw force was 3,009, includu g 2 90 Homo Guarus. The mus'er rofl reported taken fro. the enemy gives thvir force at 23,100, includii [ERAI regiments from Louie Inns, Tennessee and Mississippi, with the Texan Rangers ami Chcrokeo half breeds. This statement is corroborated by prisoners. Their loss is reported as heavy, including Generals McCulloch und Pries. Their tents and wagons were destroyed in the action. General Stcgol left one guu oil tbo field and retreated to Springfield, whence, at three o'clock on tho morning of the 11th, continued liis retreat ou Rolla, bringing elfins baggage traiuB and $-5,000 in specie from the Springfield Rink. . ' J. C. FREMONT, ?r Major General Commanding. pri ? ha' flTrXrirO 1 T ernoui i.i III! irt-intr i.noiirmw eiv nicviCiL o m 11ji i i\u l ruoiiiuii* Arc (.on oral I.you. while at SprlngllcUl according to the most fori rccont reports, could not have had with him moro than (0 si* thousand troops, of which, however, ouo-tenth may did havo boon regulars, under Major Slurgis. Ity Gonora) wel Siegol fulling back on Holla, ho strengthens his position at cm DM every step, as small bodies of troops liavo been located ut inlermediato places for the puriawa of organizing the for Homo Guards. At Holla Itself Colonel Wy man's com om Tie maud, recently strengihcnod by several regiments, iB ea( located. This placo is in direct railroad connection lug with St. Ixmis, General Fremont and all the points at 1,01 which troops are stationed in Missouri. St. Louis being ''' on the Mississippi, that highway can also be used as a means of transportation for troops from Iowa, Northern ^ Illinois, Ac. General Fremont is rapidly concentrating large bodies of men at St. I/iuis, where they can readily be marched to any point where their pn sencc may be desirable. They will prwbably, many of them, be Kent to , drivo out llio hordes of traitors under McCulloch and am Thompson. mc SKETCH OP GENERAL LYON. A telegraphic despatch received last evening announeed lc>l the dentil of Brigadier General I.yon, during a severe en" w0 gagement with tho rebels near Springfield, Missouri, aud tins news lias been conllrmed hy a despatch to tlie War 1 Pepartment from Major General Fremont. General l.yon wc has occupied ipittc a prominent position before the public In connection with tlio military movements in the West ,ar for tho suppression of the insurrection, and hail won for himself no little prniso for tho energy ho displayed while "U! at me beau <?f the Uulou forces in that region. Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon wan born in F-astford, lro Windham county, Connecticut, iu the month or July, 1818. Ho entered tho West Point Military Academy July l'K 1,1837, and graduating four years afterwards, standing number eleven In his class, was appointed Second Lloulcnant In tho Second United States infantry. Ho served In "u the latter part of the Seminole war, and, with the rank of Rl" First Lieutenant, accompanied his regiment to Mexico, and 111 there shared in the glories, dangers and operations of ' Gcnora) Scott's career, iu the famous brigade of Lieutenau1 s|" Colonel Bennett lliley. At tbe battle, of Corro Gordo, the company of Lieutenant 1 ^ Lyon was the only one that reached tho erest of the bill "" iu time to engage tho Mexicans before tho.tr retreat, and 1,1 ' Captain Morris (who commanded tho re&knent) thus u' * alludes Incidentally to the conduct of fcioutdfltht Lyon? < N "No sooner bud the height beceme ours, Uoui the enemy 1" appeared in large force on the Jalapa road, and we were ' ordered t? hasten to that point. Captain Cunby, with a S'' ' small detachment, accompanied liy Lieutenant l.yon, 1,1 pressed hotly in their roar, and were soon in possession ('"j of a liatiery of tliroo pieces whtab had be< u flchig ripon tlx UB 111 rev>:i?=e. ?.? ? i if moil Inik a most Important part in resisting the onslaught ? the enemy's cavalry, ami his own command hold in ' rrwrvu in the centre of the hollow equate, formed tor resistance to tho attack, did most sii;rml service. On tlic <lny succeeding the battle be hiniFPlf, at the brad j of Ins men, followed iu pursuit of the routed Mexicans, and succeeded in capturing a quantity of their artillery, w< ' which he Immediately turned u|ion the flying enemy with ' , good execution. At Chorubusco he also uistuigwlslsid 'l himself, and for his gallantry in both actions received the 11 I following recommendation in the regimental returns of his commanding officer, Acting Colonel Morris*?" J here take '* the ojqiortunitg of recommending those two offloers (Cap ul tains Casey and Weasels) together with Captain J. It "" r Smith atul First Lieutenant Lyon, to the special notice iff Wl , the Onloncl commanding the brigade." Ttw result was his "" upi?ointment to the rank of Brevet Captain. In the cap ,MJ ture of the city of Mexico, his position in the i attack was at the I)o Helen gate, and in the engagement *' i he was wounded. After the Mexican war he was pritrci- l'' pally engaged with his regiment iu arduous frontier ocr- ,1(' vice, receiving the ruuk of fuil Captain us the 11th of ^r' June, 1861. In this service he was comparatively loe l'' sight of, but again made his appearance prominently " ' in the early stages of the present wur, by llsj capture-of lo I a band of rebels nt Camp Jackson, in Mifsonrl, for whii' ,n ho was promoted to tho rank of Brigadier Coin on the 17th of May toff, ami on the 281 h i of the same month to the command of the mili. j 'lr i tarv Department of the AYcst. In tiersonal appearance t General l.yoo was about five feet eight inches In height' Mi and wiry an<l muscular in Iwild. His hair was long an<l 'w ' thick, his whiskers sandy an J li?u\y, arxi his eyes of i I blueish gray. His forehead, high uud broad, with a rt'i (Inn expression of his bps, indicated nn int/ifoct nf no or I dinary capacity. He was a strict disciplinarian, endeared ^al hissoldiers to him&eit to their tallest confidence, and in camp was familiarly known as "Daddy." in fact, Gene- 1VI rul Lyon, both in military and sivil life, wng held in the l'' highest esteem by his country, and in his death the nat ioa 10 has lost an aide soldier and an upright citizen. I'a w ' AFFAIRS IN SOUTHWESTERN MISSOURI. ' LKTTKKH OF MOHOCK TO LAND F1 HATES, HMt.SK a THIEVES AND PCAL1' TAKF.HS. *f [From the St, I/uris Jiemoerat, August 10.] Our verbal advices from the Southwest reveal a fearful w , slate of things in tliat region. With the destructive march of the rebel invaders, a system (f hors st?ft ing, robr bing and general outlawry prevails. Numberl. s? atrocities T and cxocsses arc duly committed hy tile rebel forces, and those in league and sympathy with tliem. It Is estimated ( that four tilths of the horses in possession of the rebel troops, who are generally mounted, were stolen from His coimtiis of .Diaper, Burton, Ijiwrence and Newlon, llic ( Section overrun by the Invaders. Marauding Jiarties are 8 furnished with a commission to "hunt"?a mild b-. 01 to e used to cover up these predatory attacks Horses, mates I I and wagons are captured wherever found, flue <A limse . r^immissiens or "furlsiurlis to linut" was found (?i the | pelroii of a lieutenant, from Hickory county. Thedeeu. " I rnont was signed by lie Witt C. Hunter, Ooloti"!. e A man, earned Smith, lately moved in from FanBaa, watt known to lutvo captured twenty horses, c and marched with tie in to li.s hotne iu Jasper county tor pi his private use. Tho community is iletnorultied by this a.0 system of "horso (irivateering," tho lowest wretclies in s. the community taking udvantage of tho anarchy which prevails to prey on tho property ot their neighbors. A man uamsi lion, of Sarcnxie, has made a successful in "hunt," having oaptured, it >r re ported, nearly a hundred ,j, R horses. Foraging i?irties levy their contributions on . friend and foe alike. Frequent robberies ot stores have been committed. Largo quautilks of grain have been ol taken,and nil tlie flouring mills have been pressed to per form a sliare in tho "grinding" exactions. This sysh m v of pluudei is hut a email port <>f the aggravations which alllict the inhabitants in tho region indicated. Their fears are excited by roving bauds of Indians, who, it is con il (bluntly believed, accompany Hie rebel horde. The Indiaus I iciig to the Cherokee and Creek tribes, an ! are mostly half-breeds, with faces of hideo-s Vi asp'ct. Il is averred on good authority that a Cherokee, named Fry. ha* a commis.-on in his deerskin (ouch ensuring Itim a reward ol fid for the scalp crually worn by Dr. Steintii r, of .lasper county, 'llu names of other loyal ac " clliwnsbre meutioce-i, whose scalps are in good lemao 4, ^ at a (laying figure, The morals of tti<- women s-'cm also to Buff r from the Inhumanity of thtimes A benevolent e lady, whose name for the lemur r-i tho sox we suppress, offers a liberal premium for human scalps sulncumt to | ' make a In d q .tit Hor devotion t* the rebel cause ex JP j ceec's ill a digrie the wore mercenary motive of the Che re! e*, Fry We might add in :uhci less instances to t 1 the above, biit we forbear lor the present. The /ample j tie are De'diig froin these terrible evils that atlltct th.ui at , j,y home, and arc seeking an asylum among utter strange, s. ? ITio road be 1 ween .Springfield an i M nut Vernon S.v, been ' filled with fugitives tor severe, wet ks Wecaii but hopo p that the tlnie lor fheir dclivctatice is hear at baud. " M0VEMENT8 OF TRAfCSPOKTS. Tlic steamabip Marlon, having had her machinery tho [f rongbiy overhauled, is now loading government store* at K pier 4 North rlvsr. Phc will de/iart (or Havana in a day ? or two, tocching at Key V est to laud 3,000 barrels t?f pro M ' visions. jv d The steamers City of New York, at pier 9 North river, 0 Thomas .gparkr, at pier 11 North river, and Belvidere, at j ^ pier 4 North Ivor, arc all loading stores for Wash ngluti. j ll The steamer Florida, of Sow i I- Mitchill \ Fou's line, ' 11 ws tcvi d b W. it. W.Vb'a y or . list evening, to Pa g 1 tuitieil mio a gunboat. I 1 j D. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE BLOCKADE. THE PRIVATEER SUMTER. IK PKIVATEKK BUMTEll AT Cl'HACOA?HKR RKCEI'TION I1Y THE DANISH GOVERNOR?THE MERCHANTS OPPOSED TO TIIK CONDUCT OF TIIE OOVKKNOK? DUTCH NAVAL OFFICERS HKKU8ET0 AflSOClATB WITH THE OFFICERS OF THE SUMTER?FATHIOTIU CONDUCT OF AN AMERICAN CITIZEN ON THE ISLAND? ARMAMENT OF TIIE SUMTEll? A UNITED STATES WAR STUAMEK REQUIRED AT Cl'RACOA? STATEMENT OF CAI'TAIN DOUKUAMOF TDK BRIO SEA FOAM. By the arrival of tho hrlg Sou Foam, Captain Rotam, wo have received intelligence and particulars a visit to tlio island of Curacoa by tho vatecr Sumter, whose into piratical exploits te been tho theme of much comment. Tlio Sumtor aro<l oft' Curacoa on tlio night of the 17th of July, and id a gun to attract tho attention of tho people of tbo t. Tho oftleiuls in charge declined to permit the Sumter inter until tho Governor had been consulted, as they not recognise her national llag. A pilot, however, at on board, and tho next morning the Sumter was disered close to tho mouth of tho harbor, with tho rebel ; flying at hor fore. After some time a bout was low 1 friitn 111.. ' ? t, where uu utllcr disembarked, wlm was at e conducted to Uto Governor of the island, s result of the iutervlcw which followed was isfactory to the privateer captain, and on the follow: morning the Sumter entered and anchored at Uio liar r, with the rebel fi n? Hying. Captain Horeltam, of tho t Foam, which vessel arrived off Curacoa on tho ruing of the 17th, sumo hours previous to the appear:o ol the Sumter, reports that tho Sumter lay in the 'bor a whole week, during which time sho was sup >d with fresh coal, painted and rotlt'ed an ! again put sea on the 24th, heading eastward. It is gratifying to to that a general feeling among tho merchants Curacoa wan against admitting the privateer1 the conduct of tho Governor has boon ich auamadvorled upon. Tho officers of a Dutch in-of wur, at tho timo lying in the harbor, refused issoclate with the privateer officers, and to avoid them nt on shore without their uniforms all tho time tho titer remained in tho harbor. Tho proprietor of tho nolpal hotel <>n the Island is an American, whose nama diil not learn, who, when it was ascertained that a ithern privateer wus entering the harbor, mimedialely l tip the Stars and Stripes, which he kept affoat during stay. The privatcorsraen for a time refused to enter i hotel under tho stars and stripes, but i loyal American kept them doflantly waving m his hotel, and they were ultimately forced to .ruuise tho establishment. Captain Simms entered i Sumter as a man of war. duly commissioned l>y his ,-eminent, which he said wan not yet recognized, bet Id shortly bo. The officers and men or the Sumter inhered 160. She was armed with four thirty twos ;1 two sixty-fours. Seine of tho officers woro the ited States Navy uniform. No provisions were puriscd at Car area. One of the officers stated, when iken to on the subject, that they needed no provisions they bad taken sulllt icnt out of tlieir Inst prize to servo men for several weeks. One of tho crew deserted tho irinlvg of the Pointer's ?Voj ariose, and the Governor lent e aid ol' the police to capture hrni, but his hiding placo is undiscovered, and lie was luckily K'f-t behind. As an idrncc of Ins intention to pay another visit to Curacoa, ipt. tffmma left directions for the detentlse of tho runray until he returned. As there is a probability of the mter's revisiting the island, there is a chance for somo I in; viiM.ru m.'lfcca yckkcjb, rum .uim'mim^ ini.Klllg uucr r n hereabouts, In capture her In the neighborhood of racna. C'upt. Boreham dul net leave Curnci* until after 5 departure of tlio tnmUn Jit- had disposed of u cargo ieo prevfcug to tho Planter's arrival?an article which s privutevrsiuoii expressed themselves muck iu want of. IfZURE OF A VF.SFEL UNDER THE CON" FISCAT10N ACT. llnilcr the opcratlu? of the Confiscation art, passed at plat? extra Congress, the sclioincr Craham was last N'k seized by tho Unite I SLatea Marshal on suspicion being engaged in the contraband trade. The partial* re of the seizure and the clrcumsiauccs which attinde.U arc in follows:? About two weeks ago United States Marshal Murray oelved Informal lull that a suspicious vessel was loading pier 46 East river. He at once instructed ofllcrrsDevoe id Pampaon to Invest igate the mAtter, andih; result ** flie seizure of the Graham. Tho first action of the leers was to wutcli for a time tho action of those on ard. Tho vessel win theu lying at pier 46 East river. ;r nana; was plainly net forth, no<1 under it were Ciw >rds, "tlf St. Andrews, New Brunswick." They found at her tailing was conducted iu a very suspicious manr. After nightfall u lighter used to haul up to her, :>m which was takeu and placed on board quanics of leather boxes, implements for cutting leavr, Ac. Tlie cai ts engaged in bringing other articles tlie schooner wore engaged in distant par Is of Hie city, d were only somewhat half loaded. One evening the < rs noticed that a box plucud on the pier was turned cr so as to hide tho mark "0. T." On T hursday last a itisli flag was Imisted; but the officers ascertained that a register of the vessel had not been changed. Tho irsbal loek the necessary steps for her seizure and doitioti at tin; proper time, and having learned at the slum House thai she was to sail under an American gl?Wjr,uo 1WI milieu " liieainiiou 10 oo wnucu. niui is clearance the Graham started, but had not proceeded r when the Marshal ovcrhv.'ilcd her and look ixjsgcRRkm her under the provisions of the confiscation act Just stud. The seizure had been contemplated in auoi* ipiarter, and Captain lowlier was despatched with a *eniio cutter to effect it, but Mondial Murray hod anticlted him, and of course declined to yield bis prize, el liicli he ib now in possession. It appears it was the intention of the captain of the Graiin to leuvw under English colors, rnu the blockade, and, possible, accomplish a successful speculation in a Southii po<t. Three other ve.-sehf, nil under the Oritifh (lag, lis'h him appis'd for cl- aiauces, have been prevented ntn sailing immediately by the attic-u of the Marshal. HE BOSTON BANKS AND THE NATIONAL LOAN. Bouros, August 13, 1861. ITm. Gray. Krsnk Ilaven and J. Amory Davis, have ien cheeen a committee by the Boston Bank Directors, oonler with the committees of the New York and nladeiphia hanks in regard to the government loanto no cting adopted tho following Instructions to the inenltU-e:? That the committee he authorized to say to the gentleen ol the committees from the New York and I'htladellia banks that, In the Judgment of the genti. men hero tu mbled, tho bunks and bankers of Boston, mid of the ule of Massachusetts, and us people, are prepared, any aid willing, and determined to do ail In their power view of their July to themselves, their trusts and uir country, to aiJ it in suppressing the present rob' I>11, by furnishing mea anJ tuotioy to (bo utmost extent tbeir ability now, henceforth and fotorer. NEWS FROM ALEXANDRIA. Ai.M/K -RM, A' *ust 13,1801. fbo name of t lie sol J lor killed ust night by the sentry is Corporal Tliuiniisoo, Company B, eighteenth New >ik i 'gen. a', instead of Daniel Nuderlioud. Lieut, lotin H C Hyatt, r,r the TJi rtysecond New York igiment . has been ap|>oioicd Provost ' usbal lor Alex, una, iu place ol Captain V niter a, r signed. NEWS FROM CAIRO. CaiK , August 13,1881. Three scouts returned thin evening front Charleston, i , brineing three rebel prisoners, well irmcd and AinteJ The prisoners sold the Tennessee iorcun under aeral Pillow bad rclaudeJ at New J/aJr J. and tint If Thompson contemplates an immediate attack on pe Girardeau A.YTNC OFF OF THE TWELFTH REGIMENT. RPKC1AL ORPKRS. HsATkjrmrntas T wui.rrn Kkmmkmi. N Y. t r. ) Nkw York, 694 Broadway, Angcsl 13.. 1861 J The rog.ment will be paiJ "II as follows. Wednesday. August it?Company A,9 .v M 1 Company , 10? A M Company C, li M ; Company It, I p. M.; jinpany d, 4 i". m. _ . Thursday, a>husiR6? Klsld, Staff and Fugmeort, 9 A. I : Couii>any k,10 A M . Company E, 11!-, \ M .Cotn any <:, 1 P. M : O'Hipauy H, 2 P. *1 I Company 1,3 P. It Commandants of r. nipuims will gel their poy loltsoom icte fr> m Wttj-r S? ule, I'aymastsr Pnitrd fates Army, l tho M-iropoliiaii Hotel, assemble their companies at ten ormari s two t" previous to the time"! payn. ot, ri I uve their roll- -ignol and proceed to lh* ivi'monta' e i hi arb s. 694 fro ,uway, at the Lour f.rviCc I. By r",t, of Colonel DAN ILL BtiTTUU ILLD. ih,.L>. T. Lucas. Adjutant.