16 Ağustos 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

16 Ağustos 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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/ i V I daily ! ' vc U in thejr power to throw obs'i.i ' ia the vtxj of tLo government. It Is to this cause that the sluggishness and Inefficiency of the Navy and War Departments have been, uo doubt, in u gnat measure owing. The labors el Mr. Potter's committee will, however, it is to l?o hoped, soon relieve litem from this clog upon their operation.*, urul contribute to a more prompt iu.1 en.-rgetlc discharge of their duties in couuc jtiou with ihe war. i'AruiOTK Actiox or tio. BamvKIcs?W11.J. Mi. l.'Xi ot.N fill TH AT TllK M "VKV l'.K PllOntM.y vr?- rJ'l e praises of tie buuhers who have jus', subset ib.,1 one lu nJn d and fifty millio, , I" dollars tor the use of the government arc sounded leu ily every where. This is just. The ltil.de ; ay., il.a where a nun's treasure is there $ will hid tieurt ho also; una as our rich men h ive put their money ut t! < disposal of the government, it foilo'.va fhat Iheir hearts must l>e p itrlotie, ami \vi:h U.e govi rumen also. The next question that arises i<, what is to be (done with all this money* It is n matter of Kie.it Import aimo to what hands the expenditure of Biieh an iti.menso Burn in to be entrustedAt tin- recent session of (Jon. fees a committee w as appolrrleit io ascertain whether secessionists I were stili employed by the government. That committee reported, through their chairman, the Hon. Mr. Cotter, of Wisconsin, n distin-gui di -d republican, that to tlieir astonishment they found ail the departments filled with traitors. Now it is well kuown thai the subordinates h ivo really a great deal more to do wilh the transaction of very many really important matters than tho heads of departments themselves. -They actually, through their management and intlueuce, direct and cuilrol the expenditure of much of the money. If they are traitors, for whose benefit will the money be spent?lor our own or that of the rebels? Take the Navy Department, for lust unco, which, if the report of the Hon. Mr. Potter is true, U, like the others, full of traitors. Now. wo will admit the Secretary of the Navy lo be as slow in ii iuUlioient as his most intimate ac Iqnaiutanoea represent him to he; yet does that hjlly necouut lor the utter und glaring dels icncies in tlic administration of his department. Is there not reason to believe?or, rather, relying upon Mr. i'otter's report, is there ground for a doubt?that Jeff. JJavis' interes'.s are as nitteh looked alter in the Navy Department us those of our own governmentY Under these circumstances it might be well for the bankers and merchants of this and all other commercial cities to hold meetings at once, and, without the least personal ill will towards Mr. Welles, petition the President to place some man equally honest, but milch more energetic, at the bead of the Navy Department, 'i his would be u good beginning; and if President Lincoln is the upright and intelligent man that we all delight to consider him, be will not iurn a deaf ear to the patriotic remonstrances of the solid men who, at this critical period, have placed at his disposal one hundred and fifty millions of bard cash. There is no more effective way to support the administration tliun by eradicating?as our first I, move?from oue of the most important departments imbecility and treason at the same time. JkKKKUSON iiK.CK ON THK FlBB Zol'AVES.?We observe that Jeffurson Brick has been furiously attacking the Fire Zouaves for running away at Bulrun, althougn many of them ran buck again imme_ didiately afterwards. He has exhausted the lan. gunge in expressing his abhorrence of their eon Iduct, an<l is determined to give them no quarter. We liave no doubt that there arc some bud timbers in that regiment, as in every other, but that is no reason why the whole should be con* demned. Where two hundred men were lost I there must have been some bravery. But what most amuses us is to hear Jefferson Brick lecturing people about running away, for which he professes the utmost aversion, when he him.self ran fourteen miles before the enemy at Sol1'erino, and on the first alarm at Bull run fled precipitately, breaking bis carriage, cutting the ! horse free from the harness and making the best of his way on the hare-backed steed to Washington, and after all refused to pay for the damage done. A fine thing, indeed, for Jefferson Brick to preach about running away I We doubt not if there are runaways among the Zouaves they would be very useful in Brick's Tunning brigade. Smalt. Piciinus.?It will be seen by the proceedings at the District Attorney's office yesterday that warrants have boon issued against Robert J. Walker, ex-Governor of Kansas, and Zeno Secor, of Brooklyn, as sureties for George N. Sanders, late Navy Agent at this port, who is alleged to be a defaulter to the government to the amount of $21,000. This is a mere baga* telle, and is hardly worth sueing for. Under an administration during which the pickings and stealings of government officers counted l>v hundred# of thousands, so modest a haul only excites a smile. Small as it is, however, it is doubtful whether tho securities are half as responsible as in Fowler's (the Postmaster) case' although ill the end the responsibility of these lntter'turned out to be legally good for nothing. What wjt.i. Bkcomb ok thk Nk.tt Cotton Crop??The rebel government are trying to control it, for it is their last hope?the single plank to which they cling amid the waves. But we have the men, the money and the means to wrest it. out of their hands. We will send h?tile columns to the cotton region when the crop Is ready to take it to the North, and we will bring Manchester here to manufacture it, and cut off England not only from all trade with this country, but from the markets of the world. We can do this aud set her at defiance if she dares to meddle with our internal affairs. We are a greater nation in every way than she was when she so long struggled against Napoleon and brought him down at last. Let perfidious Albion beware. Thk oxr.r Briuut Smr in Enoland.?John Bright'# speech on the American wur. It may be seen in another column. A Grievance In the Eighth Regiment. TO TBI KUITOH OK TUK HKUAI.O. Sir?I, together with a number of my comrades connected with tho Eighth regiment New York State Militia, would like to wake an inquiry relative lo the fact of our be ing charged two dollars and twenty cuts for chaos, which some of us never received. As member? of the State militia In active service, we are entitled to one pair of shoes from the government during the term of our thrco months' enlistment. Now. whilo the Eightli regiment was at the Beat of war, the citizens of New York sent on a (usually of shoes, which were distributor! among us?tho government providing but n small compl"inent. When we came to be paid off, the sura coming to us amounted to fiif To, but wa received only $29 Ift, tie s deducting $2 2'J for Bhoes. I would like to know where this money goes to. Whether it goes to Ihu government, or is pocketed by ome private parties? C. I*. HANSON, Company 0, Eighth regiment, and others. 4 r-!L:TA3Y MOVEMENTS IN NEW YORK. THE ANDERSON ZOUAVES. PltESIWTATlON OK A Ft.AO ON BR1IALF OK (JKNKKAL ANDKHSON, BY 1)11. 8. W. CHAWl'OKl), OF TUB FORT BlUTKR 0AKKI8ON. After ?everui disappointments, the ling of General Anderson was presented to this regiment on Wednesday afternoon thiOir.'H Mu;or (late Pr.) 8. W. Crawford, also a hero o! the Kurt Swmter garrison, who was accompanied by Lieut. uoiiis Marstou and Hawkiua, of tho United States i my. A numerous company visited the encampment at Hiiie'-'j ).-i;i(id, ntid at four o'clock the regiment was drown in line, with the color guard in front. Dr. Crawford, having been esoorted to a position boftiro the bat | l.oiojj, te i o the colors in his liaud, o(? k as follows:? In .? - - - Inii i? i I sf-ir '? i< i? ytm r?? no iMiiitniin put ih>?c i<? 'ay. 101*1110 J in I' .. il; "i i, .1 |...i: iutand tioi'linr mU an nam you lw.?r, Uu t Ainl" h'tt. togivo into your ki't'iiiiiK, us 1 |iiilri<4.-. slid I'uM sl I . yn .r ii i lily,i. shjIkts, tin-so I i. . tu ill; ;ianj um n'nil i.uu- us tlm omliivm of ll ' i n ili> nn ity ia ancrud u nl In lov "d, f it 10 llic i-oldinr i i <ii. lily .leu . i.ini y nwl ri'imwrii ci-niri-;i . nn ; it,|. r I ' i Iinin t uuil ml' 'ty. lli'?t:iiii i'vi'T uiiy tu vL-1.i Ida | i< I, uuil lil'o itsuli b hhimom in no vufmi to lnui w/ion clanI "I'l 1. Kll-u-t it T y HI, . iM of til" All '? :?"! Znu[ tit y, this |i Him. I 1 ics a [leci.l.itf coming, | ii lint'.'., tu you 11inn i i!i> win. inw ivi ,11v ilovotn u to | I'i I'l'iirtiy tl .j. in tin- J. j-i d| claiji . Us l i nnum oart |. itJ I i ry. 'n liiH lmuio 1 yiv ii i. in yunr lti'i'i>] 'l K * it iv ii 'i vim us you i >t "onia-d to .loin that 1 hii.iy <f |.itiill MilOii'in in Ui" iiitiiuui I'otiniui, i a.r. as i our yon -'v-t >u*in it in llio bli-oiiau or on Ii i " ti,l?y tu- o.'iin i flro,or ar it bi.i i in a your rallying ; I" I" t lu til" liir r of ivi'i ti, I"t lii ' tii'ju itnd twf.i lim ing ! i' M'luiion Ik> i 1c ii hy ririi hii nil ul y m tiiat it trover uli.i I li ion.rnl in ili,,lnuio| or d Ingram a Tl?oyrsol your follow coi'iiliynioii ar? ii|>oti yot . Tin ir boa 'a wi I tollow vn i, for your very lieatgiMlinn vviil make yon u I'm : u ivyimnnt. hot Una ill gliluuini to you ua yon i I'orw ir.l, ict it tmpjinri ami-: i. oi gtbon you on tii n?y ot l :i t'.o, nr.i, whvij yo i trturn a . , tiny it In' w|ili lliln banner liortin prondly b I yio.iviet rnul ivllinsa o. your |<atrlotiKiii, lldflit; an I v. i n*. (t'b is) I't. t'livMM no then fuinully ).riinutert Uiu c>i?Uf,and I'i v worn imoved bv I tSh-iu-i itu mt, wh . returned hi- thauks on behalf of I I .uii>' I'un I I is re/imuut, ttud p i mi ' t at they would j j1 imilalo the virtu s au 1 valor of tlihi in w i. ..- nam.| ill. lu I I hi h>: T 11 lii'tir in tli'.1 . isiimUim ii tli ir : ,,inn-ut, ii'i t bring buck tlio II tvitho t a n'.alii ol d;s! Ii nor ir itsi/iac . 'llio cor* tunny eiv.olodd tvii't ft | pr.iy l yH'f, Mr. Harvey, chaplain if the r.-,.im nt. | nil i III''. -iivi 8 llii it had :i ill 0-a ji.inul and b illalkia I ill. iv.ill :i . i. ? by tin1 oftlo ir. ff. v. |i ii'l a list of I tli- 11 id, tali ami line ollleorsof tin- ro:1 num:? I Col bi-i .1. l.il ivistip !;.kor;Li til'-iiantCeVnel, Win. S. I TU Inlc; Sl.yur,<i- :ir V. l'aj toil; "t, J. N'ori in Mr i k?a;QuirMnowier, J.J. Yatea amiMI Quart m | tor, Junvn A. siev i-son; Acting Siirg. o- , (I. H. F. hiia;tI n<li; Assist ml MirgruU, \V. Wnl.uc 1 I 'lark; Oolotvl's ! s it-iry mi! MciitViiiiiir., (.'en. I,. Hi'er; y iiteriuaslo.'fi i si: t, Sumttel I!. I'.iCr. Cooi|?inj A?in. Win. Ainl-rson; Fust I.louti-rant, | Jo I'll Klu. 111, See Old 1.. tenant, Win. I alter. C.tiili; iiv I!?'"ii, 11:.'. Wilson II ibbrll, First 1.leu tenant, John F. IVbio: wmi l.i ?.i nut l. (.on. J. t'lark. tnjsiny 1 ?Faptuin, Win. 11 t;ii.?ay; Fi si l.i tuton.mt, Wn. T>. ItosajS. e.oad I.iei.linaot, ll atti W. 1'ralt. F iuijiinj i'?Otphiiti, Itavnt I. N vin;First Lieutenant, .) s hh V.111;.-., Sai'ind Lei.teiait, Wm. Davos. . " ,i i??':ii tain, M. i.. Bit ! i it Tilwilwunl. Jim ! Ma or: si c 'mi l.'onti uant, 1.. s. i'Iiu ko. < oiiipary F?tain,(leo. H. M > 'S-r; First Lieutenant, Win. IckO luia S lun-l I,i uliii'.M , iz-w.s (F imni. t'nmpary il? 'a lain, A. V. Mm Its; First Untenant, I Edward l'nvls; Sen mi l.ioe tenant, Julius Spring. Company Ii?Captain, Jacob Doryoo; First I/O a tenant, Win. A. hoy.I; Sm ati i Lieutenant, J. F. II .kites. f isi : any K?Captain, A. Johnson; First ].iout itmiit, G. F. J. I.awir; Si <:< n I Lieutenant, Jellies l'ool -. Ailvaiu-o Onaril (Froii.th c mtnti: y)?'.ipiain,Charles (I. La laiU; First Li'-i.tenant, Churlrs LUiUut; Fecoud Lieutenant . ijoo. It. It h ii. Lieutenant Charles K. Stirling is detailed to the Quartet master's depnrtincr.t. TIIE CAMEIfON LEGION. A number ol men for this regiment were yesterday gent to tiio beautiful camping grounds at Paltersville. New Jersey, wli"re everything has been provided lor the o m ort and health ?f tho troops. Two companies arrived yestordny front Connecticut, of which .State Colonel Dunham is n native, ami a graduate of or.o of its finest military schools. There aro three companies of returned militia regiments, who have tendered their serve es to this corps and are ready to go into camp imnvdiafe y, if they could only get paid < (T lor services a rea ly n ndcrud the governin s i. A lew moro recruits wanted to till up ihu rcgitr.ent, which arc sent Into camp Immediately lifter Midline the roils. Apply at tho headquarters, 44 Ureeuwicb street. LONG ISLAND SHARPSII00TER8 FOR COLONEL BESDAH'8 REGIMENT. Colonel IVrdan, whose two regim. nts of sha-'psliuDtersi ma le up of companies furnished by the (governors of the several loyal Plates, will soon be ready to take the field, is, at Governor Morgan's request, organizing a third rogiment to ho raised entirely in this State. Three coino.um s of the New York regime i.t are now hi quarters at WooLawkem Colonel 1), having detailed one of bis lloutenants to recruit on I ong Island, that ofilrer has made the following appointments for testing the applicants fbr enlistm nt in their skill in target shooting:? Brooklyn, at tho corner of Tenth avenue and Twentieth street, on Irlday, the 16th Inst, at four I'. M , and Suturday, tho 17th itirf., at half-past nino A. M. Tho Fifth avenue cars run to Twentieth"stroet. Jamaica, Wednesday, 21st. Hempstead. Tliu sday and Friday, 22il and 23d. Babylon, Saturday, 24th. l'atchogue, Monday, 20;h. Itlvnrhond, Tm sdny, 27th. Groenport, Wednesday. 2Htlv Sag llai ha, Thursday. T.nh Pt uy Brook, Friday, 30th. The test required is ton consecutive shots averaging not more than five ii.eln s from the ce..Ire; distance 6C0 feet fr-om a rest, or 300 feet off lsind. A first rate rifle and ammunition will be provided, aud a pro|*r rest arranged i?i.u (Huri 11 unit use uii.'ir own rilles. We predict a sharp rivalry far the (listInc.tlor> of belonging to this crack corps among the duck shooters and deer hunters of I zing Island. The recruits, as soon as enlisted, will rendezvous at Wcehnwlcen, where they will lie quartered, rationed, equipped, uniform' d and drilled by exi<>riencea officers in skirmishcre' tactics. THIRTY-SEVENTH REGIMENT, UNITED STATES VOLUNTEERS. Adjutant C. Murphy, of tho Thirty-seventh regiment, New York fctate Volunteers, has arrived hero from tho seat of war. He comes to take charge of the recruiting de]>ot of the reglmont In this city. Sinco ho nrrlred ho has Befit out forty men, under command of l.lcutcnant White, to the regiment. He also Bunds llfty raoro men m charge of Lieut, .lames I.. Punguu and Widiatn W. Jackson. The men that have been enlisted for this regiment are nil picked men. Tho Adjutant will act in concert w ith Captains Murphy and Leonard. Recruits for tho regiment are a;l equipped before leaving for tho seat of war. Tho headquarters of th'e Adjutant is at the I'ark llarracks. THE TWELFTH REGIMENT. The balance of the Twelfth regiment, New York State Militia, were paid off yesterday, with the one exneption of Company I. The statement that has been mude that a (rui in u in hup iiiui uci-n Krjn iri-ui intm m mcor- I rect, euch soldier having received from the Ibtymastcr the sum of $24 45. The payment lias been going on for j the Inst coupie of days, and, us we slated above, all have now received their money w ith the exception of one company. This was a rather singular feature connected with the "payment,of these men, which would go to show that the military spirit has by no means died out. As each person was paid the question was put to him? 'Wi.l you enlist again?" and to this Interrogatory moro than one lialfauewered in the aflirniutlve, the balance probably having family tits or something urgent that compels them to remain. PRESIDENT'S LIFE GUARD. Colonel Goodwin has Just received a despatch from the War Deportment, slating lhat every obstacle will bo removed from the path, and the regiment he enabled to take the field in a very short time. There is a vacancy existing in the regiment of a company which the Colonel would like to Oil up by an entire company of good m.-n. Applications to be made at the h adquartrrs, No. 590 Broadway. LIEUTENANT COLONEL FARNSWORTH, SECOND SCOTT LIFE GUARD,THIRTY-EIGHTH REGIMENT NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS. This gentleman, so well and favorably kiownas an I efflcer in thu Nuw York Volunteers in tho lato war w.th j Mexico, and for his gallantry at tho recent battle at Hull j run, as Lieutenant Colon,I of tho Thirty eighth regiment New York Volunteers (Second regiment Scott Life Guard), | arrived In this city (his mm Ding from Virginia. He comes, hy order of tho War Department, for the purpose of ! establishing recruiting depots, la order to recruit his 1 rcgWucnl to the Standard number of 1.000. The Sxill ; Life Guard was greatly reduced in numbers at Bill run ' hy kilted, wounded and mining, and now parades not ' more than half of its Tiginal number. To tlmse w bo are j i particularly Inclined?and all should be at this time?we | commend this regiment to their notico. It is ottlcer-d I principally by men of oxporlem-.*, who have " braved the i i cannon's mouth" on the baitin fields of Mexico. Lieut, j Colonel Farnsworth was oi tgb.ally a Second Lieut* mint in J the Firtt regiment New Ymk Volunteeis, and waa twice ; promoted for his gallantry on the field.receiving thee m , liwnd <tf his compaoy alter thu death of the gaiiunt i Captain Van O'Linila at Chipultopce. At the battle of Hull i run Lieutenant Colonel frarnsworth conducted himself so | gallantly as to rvccivo the especial notice ofhlv immediate commanders. 'fhp commandant of the brigade to which he was attached thus Mora to him iu his ofilcial report;? Where all acted so well It would appear invidious to make comparisons; but In the cose ?f I.lentenum Colonel Farnsworth,Thirty-eighth regiment. 1 cannot find words to express my admiration of his cottd./ct. ilo was confined to a sick bed for several dayg previous to the engagement, and arrived on the scobo of action in an arnhu- j | lauce; and the fact of his rising from a sick bed and | j entering the field with his regiment, and hiv courage and I ; coolness during the day, eutitln Inm to tho highest commendation. 1 Lieutenant Colonel Faruswwtlt deoci ves promotion, and ^ MEW YORK HERALD we have no donht the cnlopelrr of sotu? of tho msnj menu uuw organizing h?rc will be tendered hlin, Governor should overlook his claims. Lieutenant C l'arusworth's headquarter!, at iln> present time, No. 34b Broadway. CONTINENTAL GUARD. TliU regimout is still progressing, but like intuit m is groully in uoodof means to support tlieni until uiui into tlio United Stales service To obviate thisdiil the follow lag gentlemen liave vol u Live red to ;ut committee to collect and receive funds:?C. 11 M i iind S. U. Wyinan, 38 Hurling slip (ieo. W. 1 lint Water street, M. H. tiruuiell, 4!? Wall Street; (lis k Co., 84 South street, A A Low k Hro., ,".1 liurllti} tv. E. Dodge, 19 and 21 Cliff street; .lob a French, c of Cluitou and l ulton uvutnics, Brooklyn. FESTIVAL IN AID OF THE SEVKNTY-N1 REGIMENT. Tito festival and picnic in aid of tlio families o killed and wounded members of tlin Seventy ninlh ment, which was to have ukeu place ou Wednesday pnstpotted ou aicount of tlio weatbor until yest< wlent, the elements presenting no obelaolo. It waAt an early hour the famous plate of resort. Jones' \ was crowded Willi [Dirties wbu iuut come to spend ill In the country and eat their bit on the sod. Tlte tin t i thriv o'clock was spent In the customary ntnusi n of a public picnic?dancing, small shows, eating, dm ,1,1,1 awliwhia in,.r !...! ..1 11... i. (Icon," who had oU'ercd their nervier gratuitously ( r 'tint or the occasion, edified the assemblage by tna their choic<st la-rforiuances, which was 1'iillj predated by tho people. At tho close of imrfoi luanco the audience scattered over the grounds proceeded t? enjoy themselves as they thought .-cotkind was fully represented, from old to young many a heart wiih u armed by tho sounds of the li.ie. A number of thn Seventy ninth were presi full costume, and attracted great nltoutlou. I' lily the greatest attraction of ull was the uutnlx pretty young girls who, freed from the rer.trnlt o city, enjoyed tic-amusements and the beautiful so "f the woods to tint fullest, it was estimated thai d the day thero oould not ltave been less than 10,(MK u'e pn sent, and that in a pecuniary bouso apart, I'roi enjoyment, the festival and picnic wag a decided sin THE TIIHID UHODB ISLAND BATTKK1 The Third Rhode Island battery, fornusl in lean throe works, under ihe dirts tiou of ('apt. Barslow, e Klrsl urtlllury corps, arrived in this city yef .e day i lug and resumed their inarch towards Sundv Hook. ! I not, where the company lire to he stationed. The number 160 men. This battery will form part of: t:\lion under Mo/u Tompkins, which will comprisefi live tailbu tes from Rhode Island. It is nrrompunie twi uty four recruits lor the Second Rhode bland hul who wiil take t!>? places of those who have been kill wo'ir.nod. It will late the hnltcry of llic Kirsl corps, l?>S''d of sis of Jam's' six-poundcr rifii d cannon, car fourteen pound shots. After reaching Study llook t tin ih'Hstow will return to I'rovidi ncc for the purp" raising another company, the ftourlli lr>>iu Rhode I org tiM/.eil for tho war. tine or two additional huh w id lie formed as soon as practh-able. Quite a muni !io r< turned members of the f irst?although they b en home bet u few days?enlisted with those gotn >va.d vi steiday, and nearly all the old nu mbers v enlist iu other organizations. The olllcers of llic .utlllory co ps arc Major f'lias. H. Tompkins, cotutrti tuv .-UUOK .t, v,M'oio. II. o. wwi'.n , 111 I'liaigv I third battery; lirst Jdeiitenaiit, I^aymoiut Perry; S l.i-ut 'li.iut, tieorge Adieus, Third I.leuteiuuit, U llioodgood; hour 111 Lieutenant. F. A. Siuitb. The Treasury I.imn. MKKT1N0 OK TUB HANK OKKICKKH. At a mooting of the Ita ik Oilloors, held at ttie Aim Exchange I tank, on Thursday, August 16, isijl.ai i thirty nine hank* of this city were represented, th lowing plan foe assisting the Dinted States goven was nuaniii i isle adopted?the votes beiug taken call of nnnne:? Section 1. An immediate issue to lie mndeliy I lie 11 States Treasury Department of treasury noter, August 18, IStti, bearing interest from that date at ja r colli, to thn extent of llf ly millions of dollars. Sec. 2. Hie hanks of New York, Itoston nnd I'lii pliia aBsoc.i.ited to lake jointly this llfty millions ill ivK.lt the privilege of taking at par an additional lift \ lions October 16, by giving their decision to the IK rnout October 1: and also ut pur fifty million-- It re 15, Viy giving their decision December 1, unless amount shall have been previously subscribed us tioual loan. It li 'tag understood and agreed thai no government stocks, I seels or t reuse rr notes (except aury notes jmyalrlc on demand, and flio Oregon war jliail b' negotialed or paid out by the government February 1,1HIV2 should tin- ass is tales avail of IkiII vilegoa, or until Dotvlnbor 15, 18C1, should Ihoyui the first only, or until October 15. lsfil, if they taV the present fifty millions?except that the govert may negotiate m Eurupe, or through subscriptions I 1 national loan. tsec. 8. An a|gieal to the iicopie for subscriptions t national loan. In la) uiade by I lie government, and t subscriptions for the notes progresses and the mi arc paid in, the same shall bo jmid over to the go ment, or deposited with lonks selected by the Seer of thoTroasnry with the concurrence or u Commit the Associates; and so much of ilie proccei said loan as ahull lie rmpiired for the pu shall l>o applied iu rsinibiirsemuut of the associuti subscription, by'thein paid In ami not otherwise burned. Tho treasury notes Issued to the a^soc bo far as the New York bunks uro concerned. shH received by the I<oao Committee of Now York bat 60 per cent, as a basis for issuing ('hstriug House r elites to any bank desiring. under tlm existing an ment (which must necessarily be continued), at. subscription of tint hunks shall ha in the projs'rtt capital, except thai tint Interest ami proportion of t institotlou bliull exceed one-tenth of (be who!" millions. fee. 4. On the 1st of October, should (lie As oeiatr any cause decide not to avail of the privilege of t tho second (tfty millions, then tho h.ilnneo of note malning of the fifty millions already taken l>y thein. be apimrtioned and divided among them (pro t and they shall make payment lor lUoir tos[iectjyi portions. Sec. 0. Of this sums subscribed by the as?octnb per rent shall be paid forthwith to the Assistant Tree at Now York. Boston or I'hilsdelphla. and the re shall be placed to the credit of the United t-'tsttso books of tho banks subscribing. Certificates sin issued to each subcriber, stating the amount so pi and deposited; and as the deposits shall he withdrai paid into the Treasury (which shall be, as tn arty ?? be, in proportion ol tie- sevcrnl subcriplious) Tret notes bearing 7.1k) interest shall ho issued i.t amounts to the subscribers respectively. Ami wb dapctri 11 ahall be ?w rely pant to the United States sury notes for tl?o ten per cent originally paid sli d bo issued, and ad notes issued to such subscribers bear even date with the corliQcutfg and carry Int from such date. Sec. 0. In part payment of deposits for the first miIli ais dollars, the Treustiry I) jsirtiniiiit will rei from the Associates, any past due treasury notes,or < days'treasury notes, fliould the second amount of millions dollars betaken by the Associates, tho Ik' ment will receive on account of de|>osits. any trca notes outstanding, except 7.DO per cent notes. Sec. 7. Tho transaction on the |?irt of the Assoc may lie conducted by a committee in New York, in w tho banks of Bosom nm^l'hilndclphh should bo ri sentcd?which committee ibould tucei daily lor thod tlon of details, and at le i t weekly lor deliberation consl'lerntl'n of imjortan business. See. H. In a idition to tin banks of New York, Ik and I'h I id- pdi.i, It w.iild b 'd'sliable that other jm st o il l bo tome assoe a'.es. siy trust ci inptnics, so banks, i a mm i ci uipanlos and private bunkers, ili I ?vi hi pro rata of capital, should d-signate. i J o tn' tho Association, what amount of interest the en i t<> take. Se . 9. Tit capltul i f the banks of Now York, fti ami I' i la 'e idi a, and the res|0<;livo proportions ttnil t ro tata div s.ou, would be as follows:? , Pro rata projv) HanV rapUal. of Ml ?ii7i Now York $70,909,009 26 50 Boston as,000,(100 15,A0i Philadelphia 12,000,000 f.,00 It is proposed that the division should he, Buy to New York $00,00 Region 1.1,00 Phlladeli hla 0,00 Kiw Yokk, August 10, 1801. DUmarliuiiettii Politic*. Ikifrro.v, August 10.18 The Democratic State Commitltie met yesterday at coster an 1 agreed to call a convention to nominate officers, to ho held on September 10 in Worcester. Tlio proceedings of the committee exhibited a I and patriotic policy, an 1 tho call for the conve asserts that the present crisis demands the anbordir of tho interests of the party to those of the country. Market a. rUH.AhKI.rillA STOCK HAKKKT. Prii.AI)KI.I-niA, August 15,18 Stocks steady. Pennsylvania Stale flves. 77*f: Ret Railroad, 18 316; Morris Canal, 36; long Island Kail (1%; Pennsylvania Railroad, 38\. Sigtlt drafts oil York at par. pmuaosi tutu . August 15,18 Flour ntlvaneed Is.: sales 4.600 bhls. W'.-storn s hue at $4 75. Wheal advanced 2c. a 5c.: sales 1 bushels ri-d. $1 18 a $1 29; white, $1 27 a $1 85. Cor van cert 2c.: sales 2,000 bushels at 52c. a 64c. Wli steady at 18c. a 18>ic. Rt'fKAto, August 15, 18< Flour steady. Wheat, firm ; rales this morning bushels No. 1 Chicago spring, OIu. ; 3,G0B b ishel.winter, choice, $1 08 Corn better : ??|es 40,000 bit ul 88c. Canal freights st??dy. lake imports to d 10,000 bids. Hour, 97,000 I) .sleds wheat, 07/881 Im corn. Canal exports?M0 bbly. flour. 36,806 be wheat, 104,000 bushels corn, 19,000 bushels oats, I1 bushels barley. Rcvtalo, August 15. 18 Flour unchanged. Wheat (Inner, u ith a modcral mand: sales T.tKlO bushels No. 2 Chicago spring at 8" 6,000 bushels No. 1 do. at 91c.; 0.300 bushels rod w at $1 08. Corn bolter and In good demand: sales (* bushels at 36c. Canal freights?11c. on corn, 12 wheat to New York. lake imports?8,000 bide. I 84,000 bushels wheat, 56,000 bushels corn, 9 006 hu outs. Canal exports?100 bbls. (lour, 80.000 hu wheat, 98,(K8t bushels corn, 19,000 bushels oats, 1 bushels barley. OttWKliO, AllgURt 15,181 Flour firmer. Win at. In better ut man l: silis night 19,000 bushels No. 1 Chicago spring at 60c. ket to-day advanced ye. a 8e. on sprufg. with only a ottering: sale* 3.000 bushels No. 1 Chicago spring pi Corn better: sales 81.060 bushels Illinois at 98c. ( freights dull but uncliangeri. The break at Mud will be rcpai'-ed so that beats can pass tor, lake imports?32.600 bushels wheat, 1,000 bushel. Canal exports?13,000 bushels wheat, 20,000 b corn. , FJtlDAV, AlttiUST 16, 1861. r r?*jrt Morrmrntii of Prlnrf Hnpnlfon* d Aotording to previous arrangement, a tVw of the mem- t "jV'ii If is if the Tniou (Tub, of this city, with wine invited fj fried 1, last cveuiOK entertained his Imperial Uighiios* l'rltie* Na|?>l<i'ii ut 16 ir rooms iu Twenty first street and Fifth avium*. Tim parly nas a strictly private one,end I from u11 that transpired wait very be lee I, social and ,l'' Hfrceahle. The room- were decorated in style and the ho 'Vs'u proceedings wore marked by harmony aiul good fooling. wl rsh ili The I'riiiceV vibt to the |mt?lie institutions on tin Kast ho If river on Wednesday wax begun and concluded in the j;, "al'iji- mint felicitous maim. r. lilt liu|ieriul Highness eh orner nils much pleased with the delightful locntlon of tho Me prison and asylum, which look more like palaces than pai roformalory*iuwtiIut iei s. Tho Vriuce asked u inunber of nu

' questions suggested by tho oeensiou, on which he was (.fi duly enlightened by the Pried. nl ol iho Commissioner8 hie ^ ",u of Charities and Correct;on. l,ir Mrs. Abraham Lincoln, having arrived In the city, yes p. , was terduypui la visit to tie Princes:-' tTothlldo, in lier private j rilj>1 apartments at tho New York Hotel. The reception was pa] held, a moat cordial and friendly one. Clo Vood Tlie yacht Jorotno Napoleon lias boon filled tip hi y.,| oduy n 8(V|0 ?p ex<piisit> beauty and magnificence, and *),. l'-iits indications arc that a grand soiree ilantante is to I j?r, liking come oil' on lioir.d. II was rumored that lite event Molo- would occur last night, lint up to a law hour ever) thing n ac- en the vin lit was, in ill d.i.-.lauee, still and iiiuiiunloos. ny of Tho yacht lay at aneh ir quietly on th river, and cot an .5 ' ap- extra light gleamed from her |sirts. Tho Interl r decora- j?j, the Hons have, however, been got up with great taste and ' '.and magnltlc em-.e; the companion way and inner bulwarks ri best. arc tin dy drapi d and fe.teoncd with silks, brocades and bet ;. and flowers, and the (lags of all natkins are Intertwined ou M bug every side in hariieuilona uuiou. U is supposed that a )im ... ... m-iiim |ki: i,v nm mviiru u> "iri|i it on me ngni inn roba- t ist io too " before tl><> <li-|xir(urv of the Imperial visiters. 1 )r of H:y imperial 11 igloo* the I'rtiu'u Jerome will shortly rio; f l)i<> leave on hi* tour to tlieGroat West. 'l'iits expected vir-ll . nory in mid to be one ol (lie principal attractions of the protiling sent tour. Tho I'rinee Is extremely dc:-irons of witnessing * ) !> <> Fome of tlie beauties >unl natural mngiullccnco of a luud mil in the wliiuc tiuiio liil gouo abroad throughout tlic world. . oucss. As wo yesterday anuoutieod, the serenade to the imperial visitors ha* tieen postponed until the return of tho rn< l'rinco trow his Western tour. It w ill then lake place Miti . tvltli all th?trlaJ that Muzlo awl llio baud of the Academy . can givo it ; and instead of being in front of the New f the York Hold II will bo on board of llio yacht, which is uow rm Dorn- titled lilto a Boating paluee. Up Murv- " tin rnr'r# Netting of the lireckl>irltlp;o State Cen- ^ l imt tral Committee. (|u iuror Aliuny, August IS, 1*61. llio Ri e-klnridgc state Central Commit'Oc met at tbo ;tory. J?Ll ed or Delavan House, in thin city, to-day. Twelve mem- j. eoni burs out of s.xtcen wore primal,ouo oi tho ub o .to> s be. ryi"H |ng Matthew McMaUou, tho Sum tary, who u >n l.o'.da a ^ pMof custom bows* appointment wrier tbt ndntin wtstioa. (()| aland Hon. J T. lUplce was elected tiecretury in hi. place. b'1 '''J. k'r. John A. Green, Chairman, called tho Comnuttoe to (lUVt. ord r. After an interchai gf of views, the followiug feio' A g f?r- lotions were ad ipted unanimously J,p: Itesohod, That 11 It State Committee, representing tli it 1 third iiorihHi of the democ rat c party of the Plate of New of aimer Yoik winch m*ta.u<d tl.e Mury und Insiitulu platform at '' , tl.e last ei< ilion, wliiiess w ith deep eincern and appro croud beiiaion the long p cdleted result ol iho Northern scotl-uial lit oraco npgr S iena upon the righ aof the Southern 8tatos; that vi> a.- vie havo muformly opimsod iu the past the , policy whwlk wo fors.aw must prfHluee dimine n, ro we ure equally prompt to rulso enr vnlnen against civil war; that the worst and most inelfeetual argument that can Y be addressed to seoodiug States in war; Unit wc deny that rir:ul the prcseul struggle n I iu any sense ''a war lor the " .vliicli Union," and iusirl that those who havo precipitated the e M Slali-s into host ilitlcs neither caro, nor expect, nor desire to restore the Union, thereby, uncnt JWolved, That we advocate tlie proposition for au ex liia armistice between (In-now contending armies North ami j,.j, South, and the Immediate convocation of convention of oiled delegates from all the Si ate.-, which acknowledged them- "" dated aeliec member* ol tlie I ui?n iu November, ln?o, to the let 7 ;it) end dial all diilcreneea may bo peacefully adjusted, our (|(l land saved front bloodshed and testored top aoe, concord j Lgol- uMl Unlaw. our RexoIv?*l,Tlinl I he endeavor to coerce I lie Pi coding Slates ile: 'mil- has had Its filling oottniertiBrt In tho recent aggros-ions q,, iparl- made upon the right of free speech, and u free press In mber I hose Stales which still udtiorc (o the I nieii; that after s.,,,| tho announcement Ibat th're wc a 'aw higher than the n't,a- owed it tit ion, no wore prepared to see the party now In other ' |s>wer declare the constitution suspended at and during pn tn-u- i I heir pleasure; and thatth< arre-ts without warrant, and leant ' the iicaroeratiou. without examination, of citlzous not until adJadged guilty or any crime; the denial ot the right of Pi i pri I petition: the licit ing at do.li.itieo tho courts of law of nip- <ir ail of Stale, by order of military officials; the suppression of :e but I newspapers; the diqwlvati"ti of the militia of their i merit I arms; the declaration and enforcement of mar- ol i, (ho tirit law; the unauthorized seizure ami search | es, without sanction, of legal proofs; and the 0 tho I conversion ol our forte Into military haetlli .., demand ut is t lie tho hands of a people Jealous of their liberties, u Fo'onui *t; liieya | end indignant protest. |,? veru- i Resolved, Tliat this State Committee lias learned clary j with much satisfaction of the refusal of the State Comtee of ' mitlit of which lteati Richmond is chairman, to accept "n la of I the overtures of the republicans for a coalition with them nn r|Ktsn upon ? aingle State ticket for the approaching eloelion; s for l that for this dedai ed determination ioeontlmie to labor relm- for the overthrow of the republican party and policy, wv v,t iatcs, respectfully tender to them the right hand of fellowship, ('<" iti bo tl'U< .saeritteiog ail tnittor considerat ions and liarying past wi ikJ at dirSensfotis lii a de?in? to fee n consolidated and untied crtiii Irontopi?'-ed to the republican parly,this State Com I aii>e- tiiitlec-will led e.iil a Beparale State"eouventiuti at this (| th" ' time and that we recommend those dotnocrais oil of who have recoRulwv! thi.s orjinuixatiun to unite in I lie lOnne ! election ol di le-y'I b? Hie Wale Convention, tolled to filly meet at Syracuse on Hi" 4th day of September. lielievlti(t I that Convention will distinctly declare Itself for uiea s for i siife*"l ptueaod reconciliation, aking i tai mnlion of C.ideon J. Tucker the following resolution 's re- I was also adopted:? shall I Resolved, Thai Ma!tliew MeMabon, Ks<|., member of *ata), 'his State Commit lee from the Third judicial district, liav pro- ! tab';n pled an appointment to office under the I'nlou J adniiiii-lral'ou, and declared himsolf a supporter of its p, ten I pulley. Ik- and is hereby extolled from this committee, surer j Carri'il unatifrnot sly. an sldue | The committee tlien adjourned nine <Uf. W ti lie | Trial Trip of (he Ktearner Huiitliiras. i Yesterday morning the new ateanvr Honduras, built I','1 Ml or [ ' Go may I IbrGapt. S. X. A< kerntan and others, to trade between sit sitry ! Cuba and Honduras, loft, her pier, foot of l-lightli street, an I'i'the : Kaal "Iver, on her trial trip down tin bay. C'apt. Acker- JJ" frei j man, who eomDiuDileil the II m hints himself, invited a 1 also ; select number of friends to parti-ipate in llio excursion. ] nr'e-'t f'0 party, though .small, was hartii'inions .mil agreeable, and the steamer moved ott under the Influenceof a sunny , fifty sky and propitious weather. The run down the bay sit iTxlv wi,s Vl,r} pleasant, an I served ti test the "" (in v ca|<aliilities of the vessel arid her m u.liinery, though, l>oel of course,considerable ailowance must bo made for the Ul|r-V stifliiesa of llio latter, who h was used yesterday forth" ' iates lir-il time. Sandy Hook was reached in one hour am! fifteen (lp hi li minute*from Coventor'* Island, and in exactly two hours li'r P?"" I'"' Honduras wits alongide I ho lightship. She continued .mil her course, working toward* the land, till nearly alireust jT long llrancli, when " about ship" \vh" tlio word, uud rite dim steered toward# Now Vork, which was readied at'ier ] i 1 as a dellghMul excursion. Captain Acker-man had provided a who. iiauiii lilil store of rcfre.-huieiitnon hourd, and each of the in*'(! ' xpartook n.- In* inclination prompted, without ' llio formality of a regular meal. Rj" aston 'fin. Honduras is a side wheel steamer, one hundred and ',r !4 fifty feet in length, twenty sis feet beam, nnd ten feet six I tii.m inches d( |>th id' hold. She is of four hundred and twenty IV fiV.iij. t,,ns hnrtheu. still is constructed in a most substantial anon manner of oe.k anil yellow pine. Her engines are of two ii msi hundred and llft.v horse power, with thirty-sis -inifli ' cylinder, eight fi et stroke, and capable of a pros ?|J o onn 8l,ro ur I went v two ponnilx to the square inch, 0000 v,vs'' W"K ''J' Titos, t'oltynr, and the o'ntm i engines liy Hoar.[man, Holbrook h Co., of the ' I y?,,t,mc jr?? Works. The Honduras is intended to carry I cattle. As It is contemplated to carry a deck load ot one iitindred oxen, she has bean strengtliened liy a hog frame. Ittl fctlie Is, besides , exceedingly strong in her timbers, which } Wi'.r- are oniy otic ineti less than there id (tie gunboats to he \ State built lor the government will be, though these lattc.r will yoi ' each be one hundred tons lurger than the Honduras. ' ( road ' On reaching Xew York last evening the Itoniluras was ]j nlion 1 r"n ",c "'"'""K dock above Clinton street, where j;? nii,,n ! she wid bo coppered. She is otherwise In nn miflulsli il \ ! state, in regard to ttttings, which will lie in keeping Willi I the general characteristics of the vessel, substantial, and r)? I rather lor use than ornament, as is essential for tin- trade it. in which she in to hi' engaged. jte Overtures hnvo l>een mail" by the government to * ;. irt iiitf Captain Ackerman for the purchaso of the vessel. The ]j? r ait Captain in n?>l unwilling to sell, it' ho can got h remuners- p.,\ ?r ting price. She api-oara ns If, w ith gniue slight altera tious. she can bo adtot ably adapted for service in the f, crooks and shallow* of tho Chesapeake an'l the Fl'tmnae., . iiMT "* *tl,> **'" <,r*w' when liMi'leil, hut aovoti feet His inchea. . n nisi I The Kreeboro draws nine or ten feot. Yesterday alio i,' n h 1 ! drew Imt five feet. Chplain Acker man calculates on aii , ) average speed at aea "f ten knots, with the expenditure of , only oight tone of coal in twenty-tour honra. _ R.000 Mporll?S. J . red C'KICKKT?ST. (IDORftH 8 Vft. EAST NEW TURK. I*. diola Thoseclubs played a return match on the St. thurge's '* st'iids ground at Hohoken yesterday, and resulted in tli signal J diels defeat of tho Kits! New Yorkers. The following is the al'l 11,000 I score:? R. i ,Sl. (Jrnrfe't ('In!*. Huns. Bid iTrui roit. Hon*, j ? I Fang. I. b. w., b. North. "0 TTudanu, e. ford K t . i . Kord, e. Bedford 4h Kox. h. liihltes M I tniAi* i Bainbridge, c. Stncey.... 4 North. 1>. Tinson I , ,. anno ! Cilhh.a, not out 07 Cuvp. b. Vinson I! on ' Walker, e. Andrews 7 Hull, h. ftihhea 0 I , ij ?r i Ttnson, b. Andrews 0 lfeld, l>. (lilihca 1 j .J., aliela I". Robinson, t. h.w.jb.do 1 Rodfiml, e.. Ikiinht idge,, 7 j ( ishel? i Bailey, c. Cuyp 0 Stacoy, not out It ' . DOOO K Vail Uur- n, not out... 110 lifter, e. Its!!,A t> , ' I Houghton 0 Andrews. I>. T n.teu 0 y, i>I | Walker..* 0 llnagluud,b.(Ilbbes 4 . list Uvea 13 Byes 4 1 tv M?r- la'K hys 1 Wide" t> light ; , ? IV i JW(. ' ? Total ."kt Iniial t Total / 4 aleek | This was nOtic riny match, nnd of e oir-e vra- dceidi I > u ight. j by the. ibove Innings. I?r. Tr. ii* r. o| iP- St tioori *s, eorn. nctod as scorer foi ins side, wblio \li 11 >11 nd'ai-itcd fe.r ' in ahelft | the SfcstNctr York. ipr fetafccal , Ifetrrj fTrtghl I A I nnd J. Sutuk, stt'Oil Ulu; Irr a, j T\ MOVEMENTS CF IIT.3. ITTTCOT.I7. rr l)lnvftnru(4 in IVrw Vovh?lfor K*? Vfliil Arrival nt I.nun Hinni-h? Mr*. l<tutlilu*b Sllill' 111 till' Mil lloil.ll liouai ? Pri'paraliniiH for u 11 i n nit iiitI!,iVr. Mr . I ..n ,?' , . m mi- ' l.y r'.'ttn of tl.< ti n.i'P . <f r futility mul Mr> . itrtitv i.'i, v its mil >dn.pt>ni,; (he tola nf.y tiTi! i in..' Hi iiiii-i, ' !!|;m-.-' i .;11 :.t: liorill I)> 1 .-r |.|- r.'iii-f v..m tha Hit" rldM.-iri .*> 'I ! tr. Iti.. W- it;, ti.iiiv, Aflor i"' t'H?i ( i K l WW tlm parly i!. .1 .-i ? it. , i j i y t i?'.ita. an ! ".!!,: a j ' . oil in. ;v i.i t '.-li'It Uo' up I'll : .. i..r:i ..i 11 our ,, , j tcli plnartorn? i ;ir i\ in I i t f Pi i . ttcoliary and if f '] la tlld ip;. i-in pri ".t <1 bv Ibo i y from tlm pi.,nt (n wh1'ii ili. i . n i.-tt X lOOlli and I?rty Will IO.iV III." I." .1 III .us- b ...-In,...' j lay, i.i .i jiivfitilily bj tli'.i nlu'ii!' o n tlto it'ii iy p ul ul yi'oWr.Uy I Im. I i. >'u cull I 1 hor roip. < tb 1oo.tr diulitoti! .'I: I I" Ml, Ibo 1* '< >" lUU.Io,lit tit.' Now York II trl. Th \. :lw . r . | O Oil,', nil I p.l. look ol 111..I 1 > ' ' il'j' I'i.ill'.' 'I.i ill! I .11 I 'Mt'rli tl.o I'rnl' " unit t!' Will' ui t! til Unit uf lit, I'.ttl,'.! Slut. 'MlK KXCJTK.IUINT A I' I.OMI MMNi'lf. Mawii v 1Ii??">k, 1.OK0 IiniMti, A'i| -I I ft, Jl#l. In I.inC' lii ilid tint iitt ivo hero no'"i|> ? i> >t i ? , Inn Mr li liirl t. ii, ,]r> Mr. llty.H, lit ' IVi of I v?to Soorot'iry; 11. ('. MiCiil- ') , of r >nl? 'ulpi' P. j 't'o cinl 't;. .it..'..', tit.J l). Hal......'ml I'..'.yPit t.-, MM ! Mrs. l.ii cDlo's i.iio, noil Itioy r iv ol.c mil iurivf to rrovu ntiipitltiif 1 Ticre was a great crowd of people and n tuess of on gea awaiting tho arrtual of the dUlingnishe 1 | arty at ile-ixit. V oi s i am fn in all purIF of tlu nt y i t I Icoiuo Mrs. J.litco'n i n tier arrival. Anion;, th ;? I'. ( i, Mrs. Ilnejr, an I other celt brittea. Tiere was:? great ru It to get a lo e, ;it the party but no tenons wrat ma Mo .-to 1,01 orybody boing in the It. t p ? lo burner. Young l.lti 'eltiand blairi u In diovo ipiU t y , tho Mansion Iloue v On lite way lit re tlio pc p'.1 i ibeil mil from lb lion .*, nip cutto Mr. lam .? n on the arrival of th>p.iii\ t ie leaders Htoppiiv ill ; diflferotit botela tbronte I Ilia pius/a and tho d ski islted K Jests exptui-'iteed great li.iilcijlli. j in niekillA ?lr way through tho crowd \ fine suit of rootai hate bo n secure I at lb" M.ins'on use and a handsome cottage In Ilia immodiat vl Inity tb iru* '. Dun will he no dniniwnt alliin. tilth tin(K'plton of a grand ball, for wlii bp pi atlon :tri now hit! itiado, niid every caro will be taken by Ibe propria b of the 1 louse lh.it the dostrc of Mrs. Inucolu lobe let bb'til be fully obK'rvrd. New Mlul.<>fci from Nnciltn foe M'nshingtou. Count l'i|wr. nt i1 nun .-in di -b Mini1 Icr near t>,e< onrl Turin, lnut been named Mln I or of the King nt Pud n the United Stales. Tin' Count Inn been very p'pular I Ibe Sardiulnu capital, and Ills approaching depart ire Is j wed with regret. rim King of Sweden embarked on tlio 1st of August, at risUuusnnd,ou liis way to France lo visit tlio Kinperor ipileun. fttK Fmikkm km, lisviug perk el* J nng ig'ineiits in (treat Itainatid Ireland, will laku their departure from New rk lu the i'nrxiv on the '.pith lu.da.nl. Their tour will lend to Australia and California. The New York notice Association, tinder tho Presidency of Inuucclot nerts, iu*t., nave, in view m uirir eariy ueparuire, idered tliege artists a Farewell Benefit. in take place a1 i) Wuiler liarden uu Friday evening. Ttic orchcstia, at tconclualmi of the performances, will proceed to the rcsiBcc of the lieueOeUreB, In East Broadway, aud louder ut tlic compliment or a giuud serenade. Our War Maps?Colored Kdltlon. A new oclitiiin of the HKKAl.lt War Mans, on calendered per, beautifully colored, is now reu.lv. Mzc of sheet Inches; contains thirty-four maps:?'Tun IUihk I t-njt at Bcix Rt/.v; A Biro'.-! Fvk View ok tut; C \ ;r/;o atik; large maps of Mi-su .n and tiik S1..1T ok War in e Went and the Skat or Wau in Viwiinia, and thirty hers, allowing at a glance the Whole Heat of War, and trking clearly and distinctly lite armies' movements | eitIons, cnmpH, harbors, forts, Ac., priuted In superior ! rle, on one*aide of a large sheet, so that they can bo i tig lip in library, office or workshop, for preservation I d reference during the war. These maps woro drawn d engraved expressly for the NEW YOllK UKKAl.lt, | d nro the most perfect War Maps ies.ii .L Single copies, | cents'; C for $1,45 for $fl and 100 for $12 fttt. Agents niteil everywhere. Address EPWAHB F. I.I.OYB k ' t., exclusive agents for the colored edition, 208 Broad ' iy, Ns?v York. I DAW lu I Drawtiig* of Wood, Kildy <V C'o.'s KENTUCKY ASH MUfcOllHl STATE IAJITF.UIKS. Kknti'i ky, Ci.tss 4:t?3? August I t, lstll. 6, Gih :io, k, i, uti, :i7, 27. vi, sit, 77, 72, 32. Kistccky,F-xtkaCi.ajw 4:17?August l.A.ivti. 6, 02, 4(1, 3B. 14, .1!), 1, 42. 66, 157. .74. Kmcrt'i ky,Ci.ass448?August lit, lkdl 41, 56, 77, !>, 74, 27, 65, 15, 26, 5, 52. 7. Circulars sent free of charge by addressing either to WOi'H, KPliY it C(i., Covington . Kv.or St. 1/ouis, Mo, _Sa_..._ Prizes Cashed In nl' Legalitnl I.otterlrs d Information given, hy .lii-Krll IIATKS, Broker,No. IP all bltei t, up stairn, New York. Greatly Improved Shuttle Mewing Moines. produced by (iltllVKK k I.AhKK Hewing Machine ni|suiy,4U5 Broadway. They arc noiseless, very rapid, liple in construction, and adapted to all work, h-nvy d light, for which the shuttle Stitch is suitable, and ich superior to the shuttle or "lock slltcli" machines retoforo in use. l'riee $40. Prime Napoleon, l'KINCESS CT/>T1I.DK, lift "MBit Hi: ABKANTEH. Hiesc distinguished \ Ialters favored us with their first ling in tlm United States for their Carte do Visiles and i?r photographic, tikeucrs *. Oo|de- on exhibition and sale at our new Gnllcrv. 887 Broadwav. " t. P. KRKDfclUCKS 1 CO. BuIrliflor'f Hair Uyc?Thf Bi nt In the >rl<l; harmless, reliable and instantaneous. Sold and plied at ItATCHKI/lK'S Wig Factory, 16 Bond street. Crlttatlnrn'fi Hull- Dye, WIjjh and Tones. the best ill the tturld; wholesale ami retail, and the ; c privately applied at No. 0 Alitor House. Hill'* Hair Dye, 5? Cents, Black o? awn, best In use. Depot No. 1 Barclay street, and sold ull druggists. | rruases, Kluatlr Stockings, Shoulder ; sees, Suspensory Bandages, Ate. I 'US. (It,tlVKIt At [ !ORNK, No. 4 Ann streot, under Barnaul's Museum. j Holluwuy'e Pills Mill Cure any Bilious j ver if taken In doses of ten night and morning. Military Shoulder Braces and Ahdoml- 1 ! Mnpporleis combined?\ new and superior article, at IKsil k CO.'8 Truss ottlee, No. 2 Vosoy street, .Vistor I also. Married, "lusiire.i.is?M?k.'imhoit.?On Tuesday, Anon*' 13, at > Stephen's tthnn h, l.y ltislit It- v. Aivhtdshop Ilus. s, Mr. lis V. r.HAWiiKBr.iN, of Si, Louis, to Mies Ki.i/.iartii iKCiit.tiorr, of tins city. 't. I.oul- papeis please copy. iV'e nro re. pi ogled to ton t noli, t, tie' above, published in itcrday fc paper, the fuels staled Ix ing iitiLr.t.-. )am.i>w.ir?tkuoi sov?<in Thursday morning, August by the liev. .1. 1'olsal, Mr. ( utnitet CIaipowaV to Miss at P. Kkk..i sots, nil of this city, iiliforn in and W> stern papers plem-o eopy. <ki.!*k?Kkmi"?th; 'fin si lay, August 111. tit .at. Void's irc.b. f ourth avi nue. tiy ihe Rev. John H. lf.igaoy, \kv v. Kki.ikr to Makv 1., daughter of the lali it. ? . tup, all of ibis city. icmnkk?lb. ji.tromis.?On Thursday. August 1?, by the i\ |ir. Weston, Adamst. Stasia; pi I Imps Ki*1-, dangle of ihelato John \V KicUardgon, all of tnls city. Died. Ikikm.?lu Brooklyn, K I , aniMotily, on Monday, 12, Mr*. KniMv, widow or tho Into 11. fnnl'i-rd ten, of Morriii enmity. Now Jorscv. ilorrU county . Now JorMy, r- (>!o?so Copy, 'loiw'n,?tin Wednesday, A'lyn-t 14, Hoiiun Cxst.t>. nyo . 75yearn Bmnotheana 14 day*. n?e friend*">f tlMt'.imily ore hereby invited to attend tiuieral. from I Ho residence of Uor son In In w, John ,\<kor, No. 4 YiuhIhiii street, this fkrulny) alleriiouti, nt 0 oVlook. without further notice. Yoyidenoe pupoi plena i >p>. Aumnan- it' i > city, n Ibvaky, Amount u. i or ii lonjtaiiil 4ovi-ro lllnoiv, Enwi* Apnrrui'w. fob of j iopU B. anil irjuily Orannier, a/o<t Si year*, 10 monthe | 1 H JaVH. I >uo not loo of tho funeral will He given. 'ox.?In Brooklyn, on Thursday meirn na. Augo t 1 j, sir. \\ .. vo,io);, -t chiltl oi M.iry Jaa<* ami William ll i ry x, act'i I" w " nttd 24 day*. I'll,- f, ; su! ot llio ..unlly ;iru kv 4<d to attend the funei. thin (Kfhiaj'V altera-mil. it half past throe o'clock, no tho r. si'lot.e of hex lather, jsh i,.vt?i ohm street. 'Vit n ?At OM Ufi lye, Now J? i -ev, on Sunday, Vit.,mt , V' .1 tVl" fit ' fx. I. '"to'llr I In ..III ..tl'l 7 'i.ik;,.?im Tlni' lo v .;u.it 1.". -U'ter a lio.'i ilinI*11A1 T. t*1 MM, tlgl'll .SI ; |ho i'iiio r-i! n il take phus thi t'Kivl.r. dVii-x.ii. at I o oVlool-. fr ini hiu late r> .hp. >. 121 tVortli ;-tri < '. 0 frl' U'l-i'tnl ;o'i|o..lot:i>io, s. fho p. '> ; S of t'" ! '.toll l.iti .1 fllln I fo o. rtt ill;. invited to II 1 :.->v <>ti AVi . 1 r.i lay \ 14. .?i.i\ I > . .. t. . ' t Hot if Joint itli'UV Hi.l'ou !' 1 I Mai- ,? ;<1 1 lay-i. Th frii iuIm nnil rei.' t' ' "( tlo '.tm'.ly i i.--, ,;' V tr.'i d to ' ' tie Cut"' tlo- 'I- i.I i. :?"i. i rr-.'o' ! -H.froo th re Ki'veul V.. ; i a,. U.kw'.t. \ utiti.U attwl, \ 5 Ci- r-y ?hy \ i?v I Jl, M.'-WV, )<? ?>? a# il.ii ? iU'f n? r . and Hmtii ill drill u. I i ii' ii , , i.n anuir il ui tft. Miirj '* OraotoCKi I'llilu'li'll 1| I . r dniKHiii-.--i.ii Char- h\ AtiKim' IS, Kowm, yo' li "vt# until !>i 1 I. in in,, i)-in i.i.i,HI,a, a,.'il ! mou!In anil VII iluj a. rtmortil diia fKrl?.'u> ) a I ohhi, ul two oY'ork, frr*? 'h'l 10 r! I It , lilt l'.,>. N". I I (' I ltd* s.ro (. :: ,.ilr. . ii'l fr ? >i a . i- t< <nu 1; lnv',1 d. Ill' iiv; "i Tot: , A , ' IS, lun > u> t'M? * ,ii " 'III, j'Uw mil K.l'-a M Hnmi'lOd, <111 RV'tlll ' ttll'l V'l itllVH. on ' p* q ' I In ntlomt I'm i', i,i 'to non, nt otir o'clock, from tin n ?. U-l -it'' n i ' J'< t ,|, Y , n'.fi 'T f ' y, V Y , on ,k-?i i , ill t" ir t'l i 'lti"s , Mi- m '.1 I'Wiily J " I . , "t M, <1 ' *V, MaUT *'? 1 1 tl . ? 'ell fl I Vi'U.'T. i. ' il r a Ill ' W, ' "" ' l t t :i ! I 'l tii" .'it* n Till. rl < r l-V. , ,v .. r,.M t. An, ' ' ' ' i I'i will b tMJi'nt ' ' ' * will I?o iut rro-t in i i v:n y i iucI*1 y. v i 'in 'It i- ' in" hi \ It, at lits I'l JII'VS 1 inly W.Mtn-uili,?' iri-1. : >. . rimm, Jr-Iawl, in ll' 4 An iir ?i' li'ir ??. . I ' : I M Iii' 11ro Ji rn. >' ' ' I I. y r I (I J I" ill" ' I 111' I : mi, 111 - (I .y) .1 , tiii-i, n\ mo *'* ' 1 ' -M . I .'.T of Tlll'iy I 1. litb i I' Ninth i' ??'!: " V ' Vi '.I 'V, A"K I M,Jiiii.t O'Kxnxr, ii;,''.I :;ii ii.i m,i in _ i Hi. I ' , ! i ' 'f "y iiivtt * to nit, ill tl. 1 'it" il, th i> ('-1'i l " i : i i .ii,' nt ihnt "'old , from liio lu' id . ' N" l.'c Court slrwt. Pr, l.lyIi. I' i..- 'in Tim: s I-iy, .' ngnst I"), I'm a May, yonngttrt i'i "I t'T I).'i mill Ayn .s l*oi tin', iig il I j .ir a.ul I in n l.li . Til iVti u I ', of the family rtri' r"=pnrtf;illy Invltod t?? att i 'A l 11' nl, 11 (1 u i y) li 11: i . nt t-ii oVVi-k. T' i.; . ' t; of It; , \' . f? > V"i'k tru* I, I '. Iv () i inr"' iviJ! h" <: ! i }'' .I to I' li'hwo <f IVtm ' , v. I" Tii'lln, ,'nr n ' no'ill.' I ?n ') it" I . mi- i . I'f 1 15. it! Fl? '?' T > k, '' n. " " ' o h ' \ -I po nl A it ii ! nml 11."J i' 1 ]> ny, i! 1 y a , ! ni : ?! ifl . jh T i I' I i it f ii 1.1 .1 \ . o "f ' j li" t '1 ! i '1 ill.'i ii , iin " 1.1 h i v ircot. I' ' ;t'i l't V) ft 1! on III lAO'.'c " wit!"i li f irt.:' t u I it . lOm.?Oq Wi hi I'.iy, A yn.it 11 afl'T n ftlior. ll'nrf*, Mahia l.l o. n i i I' M n I".iv,ui roimly hihWf, I , m .1 .i i. 4o y o >. 'l'h I i . .-ii.. i- i-f .'.'.y iir. I'd to at, tin'. ' lio it'll,''i (I ; i'lii ) nl'i iii"...:"1''1 ;'?t"U> Ii'cliu'k, 'i 'till tl: ' l-l.,ii ' llioi'I'll'i 111'.' !', 10 Amity |'l . ft. Sa.'.'o A! I i f . i.i'.', Ill '.'it , "ill ;i . i ' . It noli, lvn, no Tinii'-' iy, ,i -t I.'), Jo .i ii Mm , i iii m nl I In, I . I n,'! iV, y . . l-'iim it.: : v . ,i will iai.a ]t! " .it St.. Anil's cli irt-h, W i.- hir ;.| , 1, <n . rn1 , li. ,i U.rr. o'cl. -I.. llii- I',i : At of C.o tiiuiiiy a.v UJ'ud tc ill, ltd wit hoot I'M lor In v ' ,i in. StlVA. 1 ! .,:i In n. ll; , All". I 15, MA'.'.HL Ban, n n .;o > < n ?. Piio not if" wi'i I, itivoii of th fin. i nl. It's I'i i i , A |; t 15 ''i'.'RiJtt N. Wa'iumi it '> liMoJir i.,i i' in vi'ii.i' P Vi'n 'h'll. 'I'I . i'..-I \ ;i 'I . 'ink'of H ' .i '. n < ? rt fully invito 1 i" ;i 11 mi' I in.' fno. 1, ll. il . ii ) mo . i.ii.; I in- . ' o !> I". l:i tllf IVa.io'I'ii- of hi , [ ;u ..U, fill (linfj t' ii slrot't. Y'o .... 'i. iVo mo !?} , v. ,n t id, r.trii./ii .n Yorstn, UK ml .id v i I: ItllSCIdM. im VT noiuti.1': sou', UIDKS; AU o AT $S so, i.' .i.ti-l tVngroMi (jiiiiui ' ', ii non >' ', nt JONW li lleil I'd "ill fll'"t't. C1oRNi?, M'SIMNJ. lNVK'.Vll D S I.S. l.\!.ll.r.KJl ) J -.iiIj, and im d.sca..r?>of i' e lei.cind .s;ih.-el i>r ii.minvi ! .eve ( tin- i> i'i-1 , by ' '/.JVCITAKJU, Surgeon Chii'oi ftli4, 700 Ihuadwuy. Refers to Jiuyslciun.s ami HUl(!<>uUa ill' this city . G( KOCKHQCB AND H/ODIt 1 OB TH1 Mil I ION. f Pli.ap.vl ?tui fin Hit) ton I.i. Goods delivered free. '1 Mi it. it. AUNI-W, Num. 200 Urcenwi. !i street um! 3b >1 inrny at., New York. TMPORTANT. IBW licit, in fur Now O'leans and all place* Sue.Hi should 1)6 hi nt by Express lit No. 74 Broii way. S PRONG'S I'ATKNT ARMY 1 III N'K AND I o'lTAIHJ It., Istcad combined, w nor ol' Warren itrniii and llioadi u\. Price $17 and ">. IiOni'I' ANI) FOl'Nli. AINM'KKI'ROOK?LOST, l\ GOING KKOM Nil. 14 TO No 7(1 Ural avenue, 'I In.) ' was aim. t $20 in It. Tim Under w III bo we.J rewiir. e i by leaving it in the *a I*. .11 No. 70 KiiKI avenue. Boat lost.-?19 rai t keel boat, tajnied black outside mil limit i In. 1 e*, b aridod N. Ki-iiter (Miten. Stale i Island. *.7 reward \v 1 lie | nl I by roiain. |ng h boat to Ibo abi v ' address by Willsber & Haiintrol 53 Nassau street. BK) !.<? P -$6 DOLLARS BT.WARD.~A 8MAIJ poodle I e, with a black spot no one ear los t A g igi 7. I'iie Under will reeetvn Hie above rcwaru liy loluruing hlm to 17' (iratul street. r 11ST-IN A HARLEM CAB, NEAR TWENTY KU HTM j street, on Men nv evening lust, a Pnckclbook, taming a subscription list, h unted by Phelps, podge A Co., a letter from Col Adams, and other pnpors of no value W any one except the owner. Arewtrilwill Isi given roi the return ot the sutu.t to 37 Cranberry street, ?>iuoklya, by ('apt !. win M. Peek. IOST?IN GOING FltOM WILLIAM STREET, NEW j York to Jersey City. a note of the Jeis City !/? e..motive Works, for $274 II, drawn, August 6, 1801, to tho order of Van lerlieek A Morreil, pa'yuble lit the Hudson CWunty Bank Jersey City, and endo sod hy Chas. Knee Intel. T!"' ji?r ?.1! mom ... ,.?mc to the Jersey City Loe niotivo Works, Jersey City. "I. T OST OK STRAYED?!N SEVENTH AVKM K, NKAB J J Thirty ninth street, a while Hull I ov. answers to th? i. one of King, lias a sear on Ins si e. A suitable reward will be paid if be is left at No. 606 Seventh avenue, or foi any information concerning liira. LOST OR STOLEN?ON TMi MTH1NBT NEAR TBI Ntiw Haven Railroad depot, twenty seventh street a gold la'Viir Watch, gold dial, N . 11.71(1, m .ker's nam* Savory A Sons, I-nJn'i li. A si.ltabb r ward will he |a>id and tie questions asked by returning the sumo to 6> J.'ront street, New York. STOLEN OK NTKA YHI?AN~ITA1.1 \N'" GREYHOUND Slut, fawn color, white on fuee and feet: answers tc the name of Kan. The Under will receive $A reward by leaving her at 296 Kleeckcr street, or at 15 Seventh ave. REWARDS. ~~ (iht) REWARD?.DOG LOST. ON WEDNWDAY, IN Wulkcr streot, a small, light lirown Dog, baek heif HUH VIM I (in. i rjc rewaru will oc pant ny loat ing it at 89 Walker fctreed. Strt RKWAKO?T.OST, OS- SI'NI'AY NIGHT (IH MON)?) day morning, a smiid !>ln?-tc and fan terrier Hlul. Whoever returns the same in 00 University place, In the 1> rrl store, wiil receive tho above reward. J||4)A RKWARD.?LOOT, JN BROADWAY. ON " J Tuesday, August 13, a white and brindle Slut, hull terrier; answers to the name of Kan. Any person returning the -aiue to LU'2 l'rmca street, shall receive tho atwive reward. tJIt 4)r RKWAUI);?I.OKT, ON THK MORNING OK TIB 13th.a smail black and tan Terrier Dog; answer# to tho name of Sport; has clipped ears, nnd a small Alt oI hair burned off bis right hip. No. 101 Bleeokor street. jib V ?) ^ RKWARD.? LOST. ON O.VK OK THK KoCKTH l^f) a mile cars, on Wednesday afternoon, a gold Hunting fuse Watc/i, Jules Jurgensen maker. It in chiefly valued as ilio gift of a deceased l'rieud. The above reward u ill In: jntiil. and nui|ui'slieD? asked, on returning to Win. Merrick, 7.j John street. PROPOSALS. OFT'H'K OK OIJCRK OK HO Mill OK St TKRVBORB? No. 7 City Hall, New York. August H. JSdl. Ssiled |iru|HiMils will bo received at this office until 10tb day of August at I'd M. lor g.'S) to ;l'ht tone of tlio best Anthracite Coal for tttt uso of the <dirts and Offices of the County, the ton to hs calculated at tt.i'OO pounds. Also proposals for On cords of Kindling Wood fpine), cut sud ?pltt for use. Tit# Mid Coal and Wood to be delivered it such tiuies and places us Its; Committee may di.-ige.ue. Tie; Committee rcsorvo the right to reject any and aU proposals. KM J VH V. ITRDY,1 WM 0. OONNIK, WM. M. 1 WHICH, ( ?mniP.c^ TIPK J.irn.K, ^ OKIWX Bf.tafT, J HOTKU. AJ. '.KMAJIIJ-; 1KJTKJ..?APARTMKNIM I'lN SOW KB obtHlK'vl at this now and el. ;ant establishment, corner of Broadway, Fifth avenue and Twenty fourth street, at prices cotiliu itmble to tho exis'oti.y of ili'. time*. JONES IKH si", t:;4 BRAADWA1 . KUl AKFAbTJ. HLVSliltS ANII Kl VI1JJR. Si'LKNIMP 1UM'MS Kit!'. PRIVATE PAKT1B?. FU>T SlYI.I. PARISIAN COOKIM;. ttUEAT RTOf'TlON IS ' R|| VS. The Jitntst Howe, 7:i4 Broadway, upposito AVaveriwjr plvto, IS tirovorblle. art OD?5 of tile most compile nn I '!? dart ostaWisiimcut" ot'it? kind. Ittias tvv.. cti t rviibho dining roontit ui.d tt jnvTour elegant priv iwlot-. As any hour of the <iay, and until late at t .it j --r.. a - may have s'trvod v. then a la carts, on tit- Kv.miictui plan, yv, ry r'*itm >. for a spit nlid or r xlr-win ?1a., at very m.*l? "htc i i' , re haul t" ? n'. tt c n y < ri - * *sx? l>i;n i *.,j is j.j-onuyed to tllor" wh i will lav r lb1' eeka1 VirAry lit. A Hi - la---Pa.'if!? t ' ,s ' ' boo ??ii : cw<sr' ic.fii', Tin-moat:. vcr it"' -. t m l ". iocs ifi,|. ,, I t.y nivr, nod ' '' r- A*. '..<: ? tut .toi 1 i t' n ov and r-v;--d e lstv u rf ite-Kd' . A i<w etiriiitv't and ? ??-t >r? for ??'.! a ' \ew pi uMo vnoxs. \ ("Vi.ii1 . II!i S. ? MH I i Ki' Sl-.-.ir.S 'h< oVtvn.-'l ,vM> ? :?'. MM>>' RKltiKTKH of V . ,, .... .. t, , a c - ! o ali'i :i. ,j! list of Hi | |i r V- .iv ' i ' ii. ... and Mrr l?l,lt.|,l , . |, , r V! >-. ..I " ' lit H IV- H ks, }, ., 1.- . v. Price 1W Ctii'-S a C'-pJ . iv.* 1 vitva stiV.i.