9 Eylül 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

9 Eylül 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

may attract cotton from the interior of Asia again export her 50,000 bales. A cotton co.mP*uy u now being formed there under excelled auspices. Samples of cotton oft aud silky, produced from American and grown in the neighborhood of Dorussfa, not far south of Constantinople, have been estimated ?>7 brokers at Liverpool us worth sixteen cents Der nouud. Large contracts for supply of cotton from tlio dis. triot of Adana and the south coast of Asia Minor have been entered into. Millions of acres suitable for cotton lie almost within hall of the Liverpool steamers which ply to Constantinople and return by the coast of Syria. When the Smyrna aud Aidin Railroad is put in working order an immense supply may be expected from that region. In Natal, on the southeast coast of Africa, we learn that "several bales of superior cotton hare been produced," and that wife cure "six bundled pounds of cotton per acre may be obtained." A letter to Sir Georgo Grey, Governor of the Capo of Good Hope, states that "the country on our east coast, from the Fish river to Natal, of an average of fifteen tai^ee, is said to be as suitable for the growth of cotton as any known country in the world, aud thV fine tract belongs to and is now usefully occupied by the natives." The writer suggesis thikt? the plant is there a triennial, its culture woK'bl cost but small labor, and the women and child*'l'n could attend to it. As for Egypt, we know tha t the plant bad been cultivated there before the*1 awn of history, and that the mummies are wrapped in cotton cloth. According to the list of the new places from which cotton has been shipped to England, which we published recently, there is a total of fifty-eight new, revived or increasing ports from which England is now receiving cotton. Is it not supreme folly, therefore, for Southern statesmen to found t'uc stability and strength of their confederacy upon the idea that they have a monopoly in the production of cotton? Henceforth the world will compete with them, and by their rashness they will lose largely in their principal market; and as for any political or in- j ternational influence w ! ieh they calculated . > seoure by the plant, that is now rapidly becoming an obsolete idea, and they must depend for sue" cess upon something else besides cotton. One thing is pretty clear, and that is that England will not break tbe blockado nor go to war with the Unitod States about the great staple of the South. She can obtain all the cotton she wants inth ree quarters of the globe, aud she will soon imliktwiMiliini nl' tin* uluva Situtna nnn_ v/? v??federacy. LiCENTiouaxKss of thk Prkss?a Job for thk Grand Jury.?a late Grand Jury called the Attention of one ot the Judges to certain seditious, revolutionary and licontious journals in this city, and it was agreed that the Judge ahoald deliver his opinion to the next Grand Jury, with a view to their action in the premises. Ai Boon as this subject conies before them, we hope thoir attention will be directed to another licentious journal?equally dangerous to society?a nuisance which equally needs to be bated. We allude to the moral degradation of the press as exhibited in recent articles of the New York Times. From the following Selectable phrases the reader may form some opinion of the obscenity of the whole:?"A MM, dishonest and unscrupulous sneak," "the bewhipped and bekicked old vagabond," "parioin a private letter," "lying and treachery," "resorts to stinkpots," "the miserable caitiff," "the pleasure of lying," "falsehood and defamation," "consistent in its wickedness," "venomous and malignant," "the mob coerced harlequin," "a mocking ghoul," "the dotard President," "the hoary traitor of the Heiuijj," "to swallow the filthy vomit," "the predestined felon." This excels all we have ever road in the history of journalism for its scurrilous and obscene ribaldry, not excepting even the filthy sheet of Branch, who expiated its offences iu the penitentiary. And tt is outpouring of vituperation all proceeds from uie fact that wo not only declined to enter into a conspiracy with the little villian to reduce the waires of newspaper print ere throughout the city, in order to nave the Time* from bankruptcy, being on its lust lops and al>out to follow to the grave some half a dozen other little sheets, but because we exposed this meanness and dishonesty to public contempt, and thereby blocked his game. Hence his frantic contortions, like n scotched snake. As a pickpocket who shouts " stop (hief " after some honest man. the little villain accuses the editor of the Ukiuld of being a traitor because he endorsed Mr. Buchanan's message. We did, it ib true, endorse the doctrine that there was no authority given in the constitution ta coerce a seceding Hate. That was sound iu far as it went, but it did not cover the ease. Ok the contrary, wo maintained that the federal government had full power to put down insurrection, for otherwise it would be no government at all, and we advised the President to call out a force of 60,000 militia to crush the rebellion in the bud, after the manner of Andrew Jackson, and we reiterated this counsel daj after day; but Buchanan's Cabinet, including Holt, did nothing whatever. Nor did Mr. Lincoln and his Cabinet talee any step for aix weeks after the inauguration. They did nothing till the revolt attained the most formidable dimensions, and till they were compelled at last by articles in the Herald to show that there was a government of some kind in the United States. Meantime the republican press of New York, including the little villaint were in favor of evacuating Fort Sumter, and advised a peaceful separation of the Southern from the Northern States. And this dodger of the Tim<n in the same who, three or four months ago, did hid utmost to stir up negro insurrections in the South, and encouraged "the landing of John Drowns on the Southern coast to arouse and arm the negroes,'1 which he designated "a strategical more of the greatest importance?a means of summarilj ending the war" (see 1 lines of April 23), and whose effects he described five days afterward (May 2) in the following language:?"All the fear and unspeakable horrors of a servile re volt?burning houses, the slaughter of defence less families, all deeds, in short, that the bad passions of the slaves, stimulated by thirst foi vengeance, can inivict upon those who have tra ditionally wronged tlioin." Such ia the diabolical policy advocated?wt are sorry to have to say it?by a man who wiu once elevated to the high office of Lieutenon <iovernor of this State. He is now a candidal for a place of a different kind, and if the Grant Jury will do their duty his success will be com plete. We would not have him sent to Fort Lafay ette, for the prisoners there, with all their politi 1 cal errors* are gentlemen, and his presence would be too great an infliction even upon secession itsts; but we would have him sent to lilackwell'i , Island, whero he would meet with a class o: I men whose ideas and language would bo en ^r?iy congenial to his own. Strength ok iuk Bu>eaibi#0 vow*?Actcat Progress Madb in Reiakohciao It.?As v. $* *7 Department has been pretty freely assailed for inefficiency in the conduct of the blockade, it recently felt it necessary for its own vindication to publish a statement of the present condition X>f our naval force, with the number of vessels building, fitting out and lately purchased. We publish the list this morning, and a glance at it will show that, the additions made to it under all these heads have been considerable. Soon after the Southern ports were closed by the President's proclamation the Secretary of the Navy, feeling it necessary to reinforce the blockade by the purchase of additional vessels, and probably not having confidence in the acquaintance of naval officers with the character and build of vessels required, selected as bis agent for the purchase of these vessels, MrGeorge D. Morgan?a brotber-in-law of his own, who was also a cousin of the Governor of the State of New York and a partner in the mercantile firm of B. D. Morgan & Co. As the Governor bad as much on his hands as he could accomplish in the despatching of volunteer troops to tbo capital, it was thought advisable that another member of the firm should not be connected with purchases involving such a large expenditure on account of the Navy Department, it was, therefore, agreed that Mr. George I). Morgan should retire from the firm, and the arrangement was accordingly carried into effect early in July last. Mr. Morgan was of course selected for this position by the Secretary of the Navy from the belief that hia superior knowledge of steamships and merchant vessels pre-eminently qualified him for it, and also, probably, as we have said, from the conviction that naval officers are not sufficiently versed in such matters to be competent judges of the vessels best adapted for the purposes of the blockade. With him were associated one naval constructor and one naval engineer, and the Assistant Secretary of the Navy also occasionally lent him the aid of his valuable services. Mr. Morgan's remuneration was fixed ut two and a half per cent on the amount of the purchases and charters. The result of his labors is to be found in the list to which we have already directed attention. From this statement it appears that there have been purchased for the government, in the period of about four and a half months, seventy-eight steamers and sailing vessels of all sizes, ranging from 53 to 2,400 tonsThe aggregate cost of these vessels was $3,524,572, which, at 2% per cent commissions has given Mr. Morgan the snug little sum of $87,000 for very little more than four months' work. If we add to this his commission on charters and on the vessels purchased since this return was made up (now nearly three weeks), we shall not overstate his total earnings at $150,000. Of course this will appear a large sum to the public, but they must recollect that the trouble and annoyance attending these purchases have been very great. Had they been effected through the agency of such an organisation as that through which tho Common Council usually transacts the financial business of the public, the commission aad pickings would not have amounted to less than a million. There is, therefore, a clear economy to the government of $850,000 on tho transaction. This saving becomes of the more importance when it is taken into account that from ten to fifteen millions worth of additional vessels will be reqnired, and of which MrMorgan will be the purchaser. Judging by the purchases that have been effected and the number of new vessels that have been put on the stocks in the short period that has elapsed since the department has been in a position to buy and order freely, there is a probability that by the 1st of January next we shall be in possession of quite a formidable navy. Awaiting tiik Houk op Thkiu Dklivebanck? The loyal people of North Carolina. Head our telegraphic despatches upon the subject. Let otir government take the hint, and, without loss of timo, move for the deliverance of North Carolina. It will remove the rebels from Muitson's Hill and from Virginia, and break thu backbone of this rebellion. A PROI-1k rkcooftltlon of patriotic pltrvi'f.?Among the appointments made by Mr. Collector Barney, of thu< city, ir< tlutt of I'atrick McMahon to the position of mnrkor in tho Coatum House. Mr. McMahou was formerly in thu employ of Sherman k Romuirie, of this city, which he left to go to Fort Sumter. He was there during the whole period of lis bombardment. He wfc) one of alioutone h.ndted laborers. At the beginning of hostilities Major (unw (.moral) Andoison, said totiurm, "All who will stay with me and light for the Sag, I will retain?let them go to the right; the others may go tbo left." About thirty, among whom wu McMahon, went to tbo right, and seveni j went to tho left. Thus wo seo an Irish democrat, who Inn. served his country bofore tho cannon's mouth, ap|ioinlf.l to serve the government In civil ca|>ac,ity, aid his apjiointment is a just recognition of patriotism. When he outered the Custom House ho was .inked if tin knew Captain 1 miblei'ay. He shook all over, convulsed with laughter?"(aptain I oobleday, is llf" he ashed; "Captain bnobleday I isn't he a bully fellow ?' It hap peued that h - served a gt:n iu the fort directly unJer tho command of Captain iHx.bit-day. Tlie Campaign in New York. ELECTION OF UKl.tOATKH TO TIIK KKl'UBLK.'AN STATE CONVENTION. Al.ha.vy, S :pt. 7, 16fil. The Third Assembly district Republican Convention to. day selected J. C. Cuyler and Lemon Thompson as delegatm to tlie Republican State Convention. Honry Fratli and Aaron Vau th.iach wore selected as deli gut.* irom the acooiid district. t'nra, Sept. 7,1801, Ellia H. Roberts and Samuel Campbell were to 'ay , chosen delegates from this district to tbo Republican >tal? Convention. ELECTION OP DELEGATES TO THE PEOPLE'S UNION CONVENTION. Ai.hanv, Sept. 7,1S?1. i A \<r j large and entlmsiaFtlc l/niou mooting wi.s held , here lhis evening. It wua attenlod b> mini? of tbo mosl prom11 ent democrats Mi l republicans of the city. Six , teeft delegates, comprising mm of DM oldest lemocrati and r. p biicans woie s-dccted to atuud the I'eoido'i City InlMllgrnre. I FtRMOx Accident.?Yesterday morning, m Mrs. F.Iiza > both (!?re, an aged lady, was coining ont. of tho chnrcl corner of Fourth avenue and Thirtieth street *b" wai ruddcnly seized'with dizziness while at tho heml of tin llight o>-done steps leading to the church, and Cell he:ut > loug t" the pavement below, inflicting such injuria tha ' her life i* despaired of. She was couveyod to her reel deuce, lai Ho.si Twenty ninth street. Arrivals anil Departures. WMWI. !,itkrpiwi.?Stc*m-hin CUxrow?Mm Annl? Con'taH* ) Misn Murj <?t'oiinci, Mm Aleviuider, Mr Frucnenu. Rm .\ Morrlne, A H'-ntrat ii, T Hrovrue, R II Minion, O S I>o<l<t. Jn ' l family, Roli-ri T I'SVker, K< Im-lt, Iter M I'owi . Mn?! A .la. iix't mi'l tworliihln n, llji Field, wile ni l rhlld 1 Victor Ihidon ami lady, Rev TIios Kiciing. I'atk Kae'.lng. I j Crosliy?and i tlien in the MeeraRe. llojtG Ko.su asp Shanohak. Cum*?Ship Julia fi. Tylnr.1 Arthur B. Bradford, of IVniisylvaiila, United State* 0<ww t'? Amor, China; Ml?? R. B. Bradford, of Pennsylvania; O. 1 Rmdfonl. John R K'nven, of New Vi rk; rhrl?!i*n Mlllor, c Brooklyn. K. l>. i Fulton I'mil, of Hudson, N. Y.; Joseph H i'r.nu. T. II. IV Silver, of I'lnljtiMphiia; Mrs. Rallar<i an child. Dr. Alexander R M l.clluu, Win. E. Fuller, Uo?;tiu>* iju two in the second aaoiu. i JEW YORK HMAi.1V ^ I Thmtrtcal anil Nuniial. There in nothing of any inU'rost to b? recorded of laat week's doings In the theatrical linn. The theull es thai 1 have remained op< n 111 spite of Iho war and of the sum f uit'r goasou have been doing a good busimsx, Itr. Clark 0ie comedian| Imvim; proved a irnmp card at th e Wlntoi Garden, and the military spectacle of11 Bull Bun" aAtractinj large houses at the New Bowery. The negro aud other , concert saloons have excollont patronage, aud Burnum s , Museum w?r nover more altraolire. All tUuau <*Ubi.ah * '?re, have litti- " ,,lv. meats, tiieri-*. *' " to ccmplaiu 01 hard times. Nexiwui. Other theatrcii,Including Wallack's now one, will open for the 'all and winter new n, and their opening wilt infuse new life" Jtud spirit into our public entertainments. Clarke lia* fluinhod a highly successful engagement at the Winter Garden, bis iiersonatloa of Toodles appearing to b? the bright particular feather in his cap. The miiua^Atm fit has engaged Mia. John Wood, who makes her Hi nt appearance tonight aa Cinderella in the muslcul extravuguuza of that name, altered?aa the bill* say?to gi.it the present timos. The tuuaic is arranged by, Mr C. Koppits, the flutist, who made Mich a favorable debut at the Brooklyn Phi harmonic Society lout spring, and who in to take charge of the musical department of tho Winter Garden for the ensuing season. Mr. KopplU wrote and arranged several pieces for Mrs. Wood while in California, and it is to this circumstance and hfg acknowledged must cat talent that he owes his present engagement. The programme of the Now How ery TUoatrekTbr this evening is made up of "null Run," "Cool as a Cucumber'' aud "Kayraond and Agneti." The Blppo|mtamus swimming t* his bath, and obeying tbo orders of bis Arab koe|Ktr, Is the great foature of lutjrest at llarnum's Museum, ontirely eclipsing the Mam moth Boar, the Ilap.iy Family, the "What Is It?" and al( tbo other wonders of that rendezvous of curiosities. This 's announced as the last week of his exhibition. The theatrical performances, afternoon and evuniug, are wall played and amusing. I The entertaiumouts at Mechanics' Hull, Amor Iran Concert llail, the Canterbury, Crystal Palace, Gaieties", M 'lodeon aud Hitchcock's do not differ much from the i.sual routine, and are, generally spooking, highly amusing. Nixon's Circus is doing a good business at i'alaoe I Gardes Tbo parts for tho oponing piece at Wallack's new theatre, on Monday next, have been distributed, and nearly every member of the company la In tho cast. The play is by Tom Taylor, and, although not written Tor Nr. Wallack, it lias nevor been performed In this country. It will be recliristened for the new theatre, and its name has not yet been decided upon. The action of the play Is laid In the time of King Charles, and thus gives every opportunity for the display of the most brilliant costumes and the courtliest graces. The drop curtain.of tho theutro is a copy of Walteau's picture ol a picnic during the same epoch, and It and tho play seem | to have been made for each other. To add to the elltt, Paul Brillant will arrange a dance for the oomody, of the same style as that represented on the curtain. Tho time for the opening of laura Keene's is not yet announced. It will probably be fixed for this day week. The 0|M>ning piece will !> a burletta, in three acts ^called the "Sevon Sons," the characters in which will bo sustained by the following ladies and gentlemen:?Hiss lau ra Keen.', Mrs. J. H. Allen, Mrs. l.otty Uougli, Mis* Sara Stevens, Mrs. Chanfrau, Mrs. Dillon, Mrs. Marlowe, Miss llurke Miss Francis, Miss Everett; Messrs. Burnett, H. Y. I>aly, I.avick, Peters, Dil'.on, J. H. ritoddart, Marlowo, Goodrich, Billiy an 1 Ricliardson. Ilorrmaim, tlio magician, wiH make his debut at th? Academy of Music next Monday night. Those who havo been present at some of his private exhibitions rui>orl that he is a perfect master of "tho Mack art." Mr. Charles Mathows, in a characteristic letter to the sumo of tliu Sunday papers about his domestic luloliciti'-n, ami draw* picture or his connubial bliss which is ul. culaUxl to reduce const ierably th? (tuck of eligible uu married ur unmatcd la .tea. Hie Areh street theatre, in Philadelphia, oiiened last week under tho management of Mrs. John Drew. Mr. Seal Ian, a favoritu actor < if tho llaltitnore and New Orleans theatres, is engaged to All the plocool' Mr. .1. 8. ('lake. Mr. (leorgo Hyun, of California and \V .-lorn fame, is also engaged there. The Havana pajiers are crowing with exultat ion at thn arrival iu their city of an opera troupe engaged iu Kuro|? hy Slgnor Rissoll. It is composed of tho following named artists:?Ilreotor and musical conductor. Signer Mir/.lo; prime donno, Elena Kennett, Adelaide Bitssegio, Is ibella Ilinkley and Madame M.isson; tenor siugeis, ti. Tombesi, Bignardl, Volpini and Lotti; baritones, G. Forrl and A. Kellini; bass singers, G. H. Antonucci and C. Nerini. b (To comico, P. t errain I. Muzio proposes to bring (his cm 1 any to the United States, and to give opera pe fo: inmces in New York, Boston and Philadelphia during the months of March, April and May next. Verdi has c nposod a now opera, from the Spanish drama of "|j? lorza del l*estino" (the Force of Ikuulny). It to to be first presented at St. Petersburg during the coming winter. A uew opera, In two act?, Is announce las in preparation at tho Opera in Cans, of wineb the libretto is hy M. Mel svl.le and the mulic by M. Alary. Mile. Key Itil.a.llis .uiliopated, wi:l be tho heroine. The e is also a ruino. uoncornir<g the > n^ngement, express y for this w >rk, oi a ] female stag r of reUgto> * music, of extraordinary vocal power, who will not venture on the stage, but slug I'mui bohmd thosceues. A letter has boon received in this city from ih father of Adeiiua I aitl, stating that she had made a.i engage, meut lor three in nths to give concerts in Kugluim at hi rate of one tho-*jiid |iounds a month. Our niwspa;*!! iuI urination ivas tloit she had g>t an engagement at the Theatre ISnyal, to commence this even tig. Miss C.irlotia I'atti (sister of Ade.ma) has spent tlm sunitn -r ai l-ith, 1,. I. < arlotta taught Adelina, and lirst illt.od ced her to the public. She has returneu to the fty, and resumes lier lessons and conce. ts. Tho l.yons journals announce that Mollere's "Tar tilde" liw been at last played there to a most crowded house and h til" I with th o loudest plaudits. Bressant and lliue. '.easy w tp en led forward seve. ai times iu tho (.oui so of the evening, and received a complete ovation. The Loudon/-W of August Ifi says:?Considerab e ex citeinent prevailed yest n'.ay afternoon in the vicinity of Creuioi iiu Gardens on utaounl of the annotneem nl tn.it a lady. c .lliiig heiself the "Female Blon.ln," was alsiut to cross thJ i lvcr on a ti^lit rope extending hum tile gnrd' ns to a wharf at liaHeisea. Tiiro gh Home dottciuncy in the gui a ropes, as they are called, the feat was not eonipiet-oiy acv? mpiished, and when the lady, wh > ha-l started from Battersea, had performe 1 about lou. lil'tlis of hw perilous joninoy she was coinpe lod to sitd wn, and ultimately descended into u boat. Tbo co r igo dis piayed unoor these trying circumstances created almost :i greater amoi nt of admiration than would hav> b rn produced had the at list walked all the way from I latter sea to (Jrcmorne, arid or her ability to p.>. form the feat ib're Is n t the slightest do .hi. Itoth Biles of the rjver wore iletiimly thronged, and though the |wi formauce "w.ia over at hall-past seven, the roads leading to Creinorne were scaicciy pa^saDlu .u ume o c.ock on account ot the returning crowds. The experiment was successfully roivaled, as will bo seen from the following specimen of lull writlT'jr in the Ohrinu/e:? A few min .teg i.'loi ? x o'clock this Km''r??n of Manilla,'-Inoeii 01 tho Tightrope ami Lady ??r the il rapen lath, made her appearance on the Battel sea Bide f the river Bi.U ascended to thn eevated stage from which sbo wja to commence l>er walk alone a path which so.med a |>eu cil mark np?rtj tho blue sky. The .?.n sli. ne bnili uilly, and lis rays gilitored to the spangles of her Albai ian dress and danced ou the white auu gold balance |m>Iu which she hen In her hands. Thure wan a long .-mil joud cheer commenced by th.'sa Close at hand, w hu ll rolled over al'aig the itatilcs and was caught up by tl.o dtuaut crowds a? far aw.iy as 1 helcea. bowing, or rather curttteynig, to tho cmwdH, ii|kiu which Bhe looked d wn Irom hor ei<>v ited i?;?itU?n, Ih lady stepped cautiously on to the repe and commenced ber progress. The wind, which had b -b blowing rather Ire-lily a sho l tuno before, bad fallen Into a calm, at.d was moat favorable for the w.?.k. Tho lem.ve fi o< din walked slowly till the lowest part of i thocu.veoi the rf>i>? was reached, and then rapidly Ini c.rous U her S[?tt d Ull she reached ti e resting pi. c* pro vide<i lor h r < n the top of the shears. Here she paused a m toeiit. I'Xiked around her with the most perfei t snlfs issi< n, wavlrg her arms above her head in au -wer to , tho uhoerieg which g feted the accomplishment o. this first st.'gool thejou r y, Thegrent c-utralcurvc WMHcross, eii in III smi..'in nne,-,s owly for the first half.and more rapidly frem the later ;.ait. Fn.nll boats aud uli^rrm dart. <i 4tK1.1t up'n 'he water licnenth her, the heavy I I. ok tug oarget. were still and in. tionl.ss, tho vast crowds ! held th' ir bf- a'h, ati.i wailed f. r suothi r op|iort nity to applatil. As the g'ittering figure still pressed on.it . seemed lik son) bird cf rich p. .triage,or, as tie-breeze ! wart, d the s!,o. t ski Js f her *:ess. ass mo moth or butt<Tflv spreading .is w ngs in flight thro-gh tho air?Tor the thin liite on which she stool was scai 10 y visible.' At the siimin.t f the wend pair of shear.-" the |?rforraer paused 1 moment. Rttd again m knowledged the ch ers of th. S|> etators. l'he third stage wit1' passed over with the 1 sanvj api>arcnt ease as the others. There was 110 h.stta, tlon, no wavering, th.) step was firm, bold and certain. , There seemed f >r an instant a more than ordinary curefulnos just at the point where her va kmg was brought j to au unexpected el* ?e on hor llr t performance. Here (he guide lines, owing to their b ing more horizontal than in the otbor parts, afforded a tii. uore play for the ro|ie, but there was notiii::i( to r I h-r progress, and tbo female I'londln lande 1 safely on the esplanade of rretnorne. A n'lier if"Hi imunmrt; says.?Mimraiw ?#? i iniurnra you i f iho na. riu^o of tho Duke of Wuriemborg with I M\8-< Kschhara, i linger at nur o|>ern. T? day 1 may ailtl ii that I'rince I/n>w ibiain Warthlipim hui just l>oen united to an aoirina ol thin cllv, Mtxc Kntilie Wu babe. At Miian rccoutly a ifart awldont occurred. As a Froncli company was representing at the theatre of St. KftiiPu iIm'k tin- farce "La Marire ilu Mardi graF," the lonti il veii worn by one W ftie arirfistes. Mile. Kar?ch, who l. iior.'Oi ttieil iln briilp, iau?lu the at the fnotlighla, anil f shi) whs In :t few i?i>??iinls i-<im|iletely onvcloped in llano*, ; Tbi- s|>ei':.ili'i's raisnl a try of horror, ??il har fell' W _ i? rf'|rmr'j. r i^hiniMi) h'-r <tUl, trial to c&liugiitlh th( ttr'j by r.:'liiig K<-r ou U.e su^t Before, huwerwr, Uiej iNDAK, SEPTEMBER 9, 1! could accomplish tlioir pnri>oeo slio jumped tip and rw away. 'Hut enured th? llamnH to break forth Willi re netted vkdenci*: but xliu wiut ugkin aei/ed and roi.ed ot th? nround unit) tlie tiro wiu put out Unfortunately ni medical mau wits in the limine, and ?he wua convoyed u Ibe hospital In a deplorable plight. the Ik uoi, huwover ' in dtuii or of d?ath. Mr. V.uowit Novollo, the head of a large family of m , B|cimif, >Hi?l at Nice u low d.iyn since, ul tl.o ailvui ajre of Hitfhty. T'?Migh not the author of unj tiling ,io, lined to fl . ' *""* "?rha|is tno ? Uta of j,; Noveuo ttu.. work <>f 'he l>o.n ror?^ .J ,c; n ?1? wntMf i mmntm ,u a,,M ' " tl9U "i^Atiiie* <?i w* ? rj> M catlicdial row*:, uiuV lU? rail Hnvdn Bee ''t"vcja 'fliluu) ^5,11,1 "thor Gorman com nuso'rs as vo'uniarie* " ^v1", ?'? In the liunds u Lil o Kr>l*ts. ?,,r oliouM * " *mlfm ??* ''J* eon.plet and cheap eiUtiout of oratorio* ***'' nugv* , /"! l> blic. timing liis numerous tam ' '> are Mk, , vi-llo, and the musical publisher, .Vim \,fN"v,,l,o *1 In* deceiised was lor nu* y yearn attached to tbc [ stall of the cha|>?l of the S| atiish embuscy, au.t U* much interest in the proceedlugs of tko I hllliarmonle Sotho oonncil of whlih he was a member. London Aiigu*i 2a. Mr. ?kul Slr" Howard J'aul are giving a serin of f*re well tnWk ' Uk-nts at the Strand ihealie, lxindon, pro vious to tWr Ueparture for America, an evont which is to uike plat'o early iu Soptember. On Saturday, the 17th ult., the mortal remains of .Uailani# ('MtlS'i inu Ii?)'?i Bushnell werfuluposited in their lust resting piuce lu ? vault nt keiisaJ Green Cemetery. The funeral procession Jtunslsted of a hearse ami lour horses, imd four mourning c7*?<bo* with pairs, with the usual attend.iuta. 'lhe eoilin was ff plain oak, poishd, and Ixire a massive plate, with the fol'iiynng Inscription:? "Ma lamoCothe< In* Hayes Bushnell, born IfiHh Ucuibor, lNIiS. died Ulh At gust, lhOl." M. Adolphe Pumas, author of two plays, "I<e Oaiap des Croises and Mitt*, do la Valliere," ?nd ol s<rne other workx, has just died at l)iep|>e. lis wus distoutly Connected with his great namesake. Dedication of St. Annr'i Roman Catholic Cliuiclk, Brooklyn. Anybody in tho habit of visiting the Navy Yard for several months pant must liavo seen at soma distance to the Iclt a steeple growing higher and higher, and after wards In the course of finish day hy day. That Hteeple surmounts St. Anne's Roman embolic church, corner <t Gold and Front streets, under the pastorate of Father Glcesui, au?l was dedicated by Bishop laughliu, of Brooklyn, to the service of Almighty God yesterday. The now clinch is situated In the parish of the Assumption, which has grown bo largo as to require a new church to arcom date the overwhelming congregation; and in setting Katbsr Glecsoti over the new |Jarish of St. Anne Uie services of a young, energetic, faithful and competent priest have been secured. Yesterday Hie church was solemnly dedicated to the service of the Almighty by ll.shop Lai.ghlin. At hal' past ten o'clock the ltight Ruvereud Bishop, bearing the ci osier and habited in his robes and mitre, entered the sanctuary from tho vestry room, allouded by the priests and acolytes, bearing the crucifix and other emblems of the Catholic faith. The procession parsed down the ais.os and tin ougli the different parts of the church, roc.ting ttie Litany of the Saints, and tho Bishop sprinkling the inte. I >r oil the eililloo with holy water. After this |Htrl of the oereinouy tho Bishop retired. Solemn high muss was then celebrated?the service bi lug Morcauame's lourth part mass. The foilowiug p tests officiated :? Kaljier Mooney, Chaplain of tho Slxtv nlnth retrlment. (Xdeiirant; Kalher Kii'gan, Deacon; fallier I'atiiek McCa hi I, sub Deacon; Vulb. r J. R.' McDonald, Master of Coremi id tea. The following priests took uo part in the ceremonies, but

lb y w?ie pr sent iu the sa ciliaryKuthers McCarthy, O'Neil, Ma cue, I''uRill, Calm, liatbuin anil MrKei.ua. 'Hie organist was Mr. Witxlel, aoprauo, Madam von I torn kol; alt", .Mill', (h mlel; tenor, Mm h. Krideil. 'I he Hinging wait excel,ont, as wus tho org.ui accompaniment. At tho conclusion of Una portion ol the hi-i viou Bishop Lan^h In entered the sanriuary and preached tho sermon, lie took ins loxt hh follows:? "And Jesi s tamo anil s.iake until them, Haying, All power Is given unto me in heaven ami In earth; "<lo ye, Uieiolore, and teach all nations, baptizing thi>m in the nmne of lbs Father, and of the Sou, and of the lliny lilmpt; " Touching them to observe all thing* whatsoever I havo commanded you; and lo I I aui with you always, even unto the end of the world."?Matthew xxvrtl , 18, 19, '20. It is u:.nec ssury to oven epitomise, still less tocriU cine, the Bishop's sermon. It wan simply on a |nirtlon of the doctrine that tho Saviour oonslit, tid His Apostles anil their giii'C' s(-ors his vicegerents, to declare His wiH, and that it is tbn duly ol' all to hear the i hurih. Alter tho sermon the solemn services closed with the euckariMIc sacrifice,during which a <x l eottoo whs taken up and hanilHomely rospouilod to, one gentleman giving a check lor$lS0. Tho corner slone of Pt. Anne's church was laid on the ?2'i 11 October, I860, tho festival of the Nativity of tho Hlcssod Virgin. The church is built in that sort of gothlc that prevalli4 in the fourteenth century. It is 1.10 feet long by (15 feet wide, and the steep,e is 135 feet high. Tho windows are all of stained glass, with ecclesi.>io.;ical iiguies?the prlnci|ia) having In tho centre the figures of saints, prominent among which are those of ^aint Brliigot, and Saint Anr.e, 'he )>atron ssint of ihucbtircb. 'I he . oof ol thy church is I leant it'u :iy painted in moeair,, aud sup (ixrted with Gothic arches. The sanctuary Is ill ht. d with a beautiful circular window, with the Virgin nnil Child In the centre. Around are four quatiel'olls, each finely stained wltli ecclesiological figures. Kven the high altar is a representation of the Adoiatlen of the Anguis; on ono side is tbe Saviour and on tho other t;io Virgin, with statues of saints in reoeasca; and the sMo altar to the left is a statue to the Virgin; over that to tbe right In a figure of St. Patrick. All around tbe church and between every two windows is a scene fiom tbe 8a vionr's history in altn r>liem. The high and side altars yesterday-were lieautilnlJjr decorated with flowei?, aa<l were brilliantly lighted. Mexico's Coming Pale and Inevitable Kinl-IVlio will Rule Il? r 1 [Krom th ? Mexican Extraordinary of July 25.] We have bud in the last thr e years a most striking Illustration of tho profligacy of the a tininistrator* of lb s rev.'Oui K and the proportion of this nation, in the mariner In which ilii) vast treasured i iclies of the Mexican church have been scattered to the winds. This colossal weulIh? estimated at from $lA:i.U7f>,(MM) to lour times tliat inioiiiit?that was conlkrated but two years ago, may b i said to be already gone, and no ono in the present can, as no one hi the future will, bo nlile to say where. The pillage has been so rapid and complete that even the best a<lvised in the government cannot say how inui h the nation has been lies, oiled of. We Wn iw it has nearly all gone, and tho government, again leil lo Its own resources, is so poor in expo lienl.s anil feeble in strei gib that it is forced lo adopt that most primitive mode of collecting revenue by wxwtii g resources fr in the wealthy who live within its immediate reach. Tho government, furthermore, has recently been coni|ielleil lo suspend payments to all clns. es of creditors, in order to i ev t1 its entire resources ai d e.icrgli s to smothering a fraction of the disorders of the country, and should Its most ambitions a,ins b attained the prospects of the na tion mi.st still rt tn tin, to a great d {.-roe, blighted by the clem n<s ot sell'destruction which arc contained in the government itself. H\; would gUidiy cling to u sinj/, ray iJ h</", if ?!> rovltl tfr it. f/rr thr ft-turn "f l/ti* ro'in'ry, hut thr. U>fOn fit Ok )>cut ??I' n inrtrw fiiv: thf null ili'xi of Alixriro In murh I nprr nxm irt inilrprnd nt by hertwjf u (laintulraU il J ax rl nr at any priJ Irm en r lia It- n. A countty that has been so mi niflrent in days of mllupjico, lluil. Iihs contributed so mne.h to the support of other countries.now comparative'y rii h, that at ono time was the irre:J.est oloee.Lof the I'liniritfereial lulventorors and jirivut 'crs of Kngland?ami which has scattered through tlie world upwards of three thousand millions lit' hard dollars?and Is still |?ossessod of untold mineral and agricultural wealth?cannot bo allowed forever lo pursue ? course to anarchy and rt.lu. That it M* reachnl rhe jiunt it hat. un/pitt/v nobly tuulven atlrit/ulat U. to the. retuiion-e of f'nro}*an pourrx lo rink acr.Uirinn with Ov eot**u* of the A ' l lh on the question of thr M nrne doctrine. The. recent change in the. poritUsn (/ the Northern cokvuut, a.? re. gardu i.tlu-rportim* of America, will, no doubt, give mvi life to bnrt tiumbcring tlerire*. Spain has already tek n :i<l vantage of tlio American troubles to seize on" of her lost colonies, am! if we reflect n|K>n the manner in whii h Dominica has been restored, and consider tho number of Spaniard? in tho dwtf Kr>lw tn Mexico, the reooptlon given to Miramon, although a branded felon, by the Em peror Nn]K>leon, through the management of CJ nernl Alm.nto, it U nut difficult lo tee that the name of />?uu&a ni'iy be very toon re-enmted in Mexico if there he. not great vigilance. "The land, richer than any other In mineral woalth, situated in (lie very centre of tho commerce of the world, and forming the natural highway for iho greater portion of the trafllo between iho Knflt and West," cannot remain long an Inviting prey. Spain, no il"uU, ha* her e>ie* ti;?-n thi* hei once rit hat colony. In times past France made the ait m| t to get a permanent foothold hero, and was only prevented by the timely interference of Kngland, and it can scarcely bequestioned but i-ho might new lie easily induced In secure ?he power,extension of trade aud ihe commanding position that Mexico would give her. Were It not that Knvlanit has already more colonies than -die wants. we might expect that country would seize upon Mexico by ri^ht, en accoitnt of the vast claim.9 her s ibj.'Cta have upon it, awl In consisiuence of tfcemany outr.igcs l> r sub eels resident in tfie country havesn!T?red. NocoutiVy has snflured more at tho hands of Me.tleo than Fug and, and this stiflerance really has amounted to neglect a id In just lee to hec subjects. While Fruace, for the infernal exec tiontif two of her subjects taken with arms in their ban's, and for the recovery of some five hmdred th usaml dol|n>s due by Mexico toI'rci ehnr n,soi? d S.ia J an dc Ulua, England. with a list of diplomatic demands f r redrs* irom Mexico for tho rmird r of tw Lty three peaeu ililo and industrious Kn> i , ami pjcuiikiry 'le m u s ascamltng to upwards ol eighty m 1II10. a if doll us, has Qt v< r so mueh as struck a. single blow a*. t>e |>ride of tins country. In her reluctance to humble Mv\ic.o she his submitted t<> abuses that In some ca?e* (Ave worked wr< ngs even to Mexico heracll, but tbe--e have been insg nillcaut whan compared U< the iiijuslice to her own l>eopte. The truth is Kngland wishes the m>'C]ieudeuce aad prosperity of Mexico, and it would scum th.n m her present hour of trouble and ailliction, she s the only country on the globe that Mexico can turn to i r succor and support. am! the one from whicb she should receive these as real charities. Tho present vear seems pregnant with great events foe tho American conlinaul Tb? arming of half a million <>? m?r? of (N'ople, btilirrto obIt acquainted with lh* ?rn o< |H!Aoo, can lull rrn ill in Blti|i?ndouS change*, which il Is u?e?f* for us to prwllri mure itmn the critical jh K,ti< r of Moxiro. IJwr internal broii* hnv? mode li<*r a tutokrupl from which position aha catHici hope u> ?rc?.|ia t>v l?er ?eIf, tvhil.it is her natural tlrmciili for making a great rich and powerful uaikui, m> country ;* h?r equal, am i whilrt laying lha facta which we have h#r? wllw lnl to I i gcther lifforo our .-??v<lere m Etig'and and oilier cncuiriei we would ai the aatnt lima tirja patriotic Mexicans I \ Itw rti*|>ii!um>i.aicly their own p-??illon anil prepare \ > m?k? profit ?hiI ol viio AmtriQM iiurui I'uiil tU??V ?<-c r UWU lUCU f*U U?I?. ML i Pt'iv.oun! Iut?Ulgt'i>fC< Prlno# Napoto-on p.mt Gen. Kummit 11 viatt onth?5il , mutant, at 8*.. Louis. In th" aftvriKMin, we mpani--'t Ui > r/0uera!? Smith iinil Sti'gpl, tho Mayor of l)>? < |iy ftuJ UUi<< itlsunguiahoit civil ami ?,,nury por?onag>? ho Uiov r.pully throng ^^ ^ ^ On* I. , oa iho gov?rnm?nt ?uam.'r 1>. A. 1 > ? ? *ll?M o.icurKi,>u ott the riter. Tho ? <?? 1>?: !r 1 UP a" K dO\v*|J (1|<J flYtif K J' i ihout ftujc tho Oit^> nur< r?-tn,n.'<! to tl?f? w.ifT . iour o'clock, wlieu tha jiarty rt turuaA t thu hotel, the appearance of the lYlnM'ft ci*' l'8u ott |f J itroct created some very live y nci'uu#, crt>?v * ii 8 us being curious enough to run a i piart ?r tvr * l" luv ' a look at a l'rlnce. Among tl.< '??t of arrlva's s! ftwt r>n f>y the stc I Arabia we notice the uamoa of the celebrated : Anthony Tro" pe and lady The reading , .hi,,, arB ?| ready familiar with him ua tho au.hor of "l)r. Thurne," f^aoMge," "Orley ! '.? m" aud "Slavery In the Weai W1'08-" ?'? vtolt hero at the present turn In no don tit to "lB tt/iike movements tiovr going on In Hi in coirntr-' wir^'-'fro ,,f f 'rnlBliing the iea.itiig world with a bttii >*ti I In oft1' i" America. Judge Halliburton, itf IIa!4fu*, hotter known an "Sam Slick," was amo arr.wg the jtiosdt gora by thu Arabialie baa rocently visited Kug' CflP'0"y ot com tnisfcloucr to look after the lutortsl ^l t*1,e Ooloniea. Hon. Edward Hates, Attorney iSoneral, Washington! Hon. Win. Kelloy and wi t, Khiiieb.s V; Uoti. I', ti. .'paul (ling, Iti,Haiti. It. 11. (.reeim hi.4 winy Ni>w Ilodlo d, It. M u tin and wife, J. Thomson end wile, Thomas (timber, Jr , Philadelphia; J. W. i'r rcr, 1! -toil, ii I'rnl ard, lluffalo: L. H. t arsons,it Uuiu; J. <). Vas.ii \ I'oughkoepsie; W. J. >nnth, Wai-hii' ;(oo; A ^is.neer IUi *1. Ikul*. N Y.; 0 nernlJ. J. Violo, Now \ .k, urv stoppinV at tliu St. Nich'.:us Hotel. Uuvernor Hpriigue, of Rhode Inland, arrived iV * city yost?*rrtajr, and U occupying apartun^ila at tiui Vctropolitun H .k?i, C. W. GoUdard, United 3iat. - Consul at Gonslanlluoplo; S. K. lhuard,of tin- t nili ( mh(. s Navy; C W. I'atA'ti.of tho United states Army; luvlglit Stone, of Ohio, .Vane, Taj. lor,of Huston, and 1- . u. of Tuuuton, Mass., are stepping at tti- A*loi House; C. Cimeron,?f Albany, S. J, Crowrll, of Rrtils port^ T. Thompson ami wife, un l J. Vanduysor,of -V v suchusetis, 11. W. Kwtos, of Providence; tleoige W. Ki?toii,of ltrooklyn: H. W. Th. mpsoii, of t'Meago; W. II. Wmr, of I'hila.loiphia. nml F.'icj Muilli, of dtvt.ai, aro slop;.tug at the Lnfargv House, Judge llrockes, of 'Xew Moiiuo; JuiIJre Ifewtt, of Tota*; Cupta n Plummcr, (>. W Young, \V l>. Hurley, anil W. Owen*, of the United St ies \iiny ; <! W. Young, of t'io United State* Navy; (>. S. Drake, of ,-t. IjOiiuf; Jose 6. , l-Vinaudez, of Unlia, an < (>m?v I'. Kimball, of Kentucky, a e stopping at ibe Metrupo'.ituu Hi .tel. Rx liovernor Joseph M'4hew8, of MiH.-lMt^>pl, tnet with a serieiis injury on iiis way to \ i. gilua, just |M'evi< iie ta the tiattle of Manil las. While the train wlii'ib he ivhs la was pimslni' Heme point In ivu-.t lonncsuoe, a rock wue thrown with great viol< tue by b 'ne |.e son on Uip roadaide at those si al<?I In the ear. Tho rock atrnrk tlovemor Mai hewn 111 the face, breuk.ii., his iaw bone and knocking a n miliar of teeth fn in tbelr j?< ckota. 'I his is the same aii'iileiit that was ri'iMirteil lo h ive occurreil to ex-Ooveroor Jai Lsoii, oi Mlssoia i. NoM-Arrival uf lli? North Ilrlton, Kaiiii k I'or.Tpfii pt. S?B P. M. Horo itro ?> signs of tho .iincr North UriUiu. Wind light, wvst. Weather rlonr. Oennlt-i'felik In liiirhiintrr. Hot IIKKtKK, V. Y , i-rpt. 7,1B91. Counterfeit five dollar bil.s on the t'ambrldKe City U.'tik of Ma^sacliiiseiLa have Ihs u " hlioved" here freely today. The imitation is very gixsl. Official Urmvln^i of Murray, KUdy & Go.'a Kenliicky mid Miweiri Suiie^t,ei|ei-ieH. KKNTUCKr, bla'K.t IH?K.-IItOIIljM r 7, 18G1. 3, Its, 35, 7, til, 43, 12, 34, 20, 4, 07, 73, 24. Kkstuckt, Class 4rr.?SepUMnlier 7, 1S61. 10, 22, 33, 4?, 57, 44, 0, 2!?, 17, 41. ??, I t, 75. Circular! lent Ireool charge liv addressing either to MUltKAY, EjJbv ,t CO., Covington, Ky., orKt. Louli, M<?. Dissolution.?/l'hr t'i>p? rt tivrsli) )i Heretofore misting under the style >! Wootl, Kridy A Co., in this (biy diss lived hv iniltiiil imii.vm?Mr. Heiijiiinin W<>od retiring. The tiiih'inthR will lie eauduuted in future by the rt>. malning partners under lb" style and 11 H<- of Ml UllAY, KJiDV A. CO., with whomorwltb Mr. Wo, I. .ill hi-iiIimii-iiIhmsv he made. Covington, K.T., hepi. % lefil. MtltlltAY, 11)UY & CO. Slorm'i Full Slyln (irntli'inrli'ii Drrm flitlM, now r?adv. Army nml Na>y Caps, Oi i..intents, 4c. 178 Broadway, Howard Butt L Batchtlor'i Hair I>yr?Tl?e Urwt In (lie world?Harmless, reliable aud Instantaneous. Sold and applied at HATCHKl-O't'S wig factory, Id tfoud street. Clirlftaclorn's flair Dye, ami Tonp*?n?the best iii the world?wkolea.iln aud retail, and ilia dyo privately applied, at No. t> Alitor House. Trusses, Klanlic Stixtklngi, Hhnalder Druees, Suspensory Bandage*. I?rs. (,I,(/Vi;it A TIIOKNK, No. 4 Ann street, under Baroniu * Museum. Dr. ReynoHlsoit, 9lagn?Uc Physician, Fourth avenue ami Tenth street. Trnuei?Marih t<> Co.'* Umllrnl Cure Trusses, No. I Vesey street, Asto* House, opposite tho eta u rota. IlirtU (\*nn.?()n Wednesday morning, September 4, the wife of William It. Carr or a daughter. Died. Anew.?On Sunday morning, September 8, (Jukok!.., only son of Ooorge U and Juan Ayori. A^ed 1 year, 4 months ami 1 day. Tim relative." and friends of the family aro requested to attend the 1'moral, from llie re-nji n> <> ol Abrarn V. Ay ere, Ki?|., Hal tie street, near Underbill avenue, Brooklyli, I,. 1., this (Monday ) afternoon, at tliree o'clock. Hid rt mams v, ill In. iuterre.il in (>r< unwind. Miiwm.koe limes, and Wmmiiii and California papers please copy. A.-. *'I.?On Sunday, September Aictkmaa I). Atrni., ftgl?l '"J y?.'U> Slid It HI' ?nt lis. Ills remain* will lie taksu to Orange county for intornient. IlKiir.K.?At No. 3.".'! Forty third atreet, (Itwn Tavi,'. lit, in taut miii of Uiohant uud Jane It. gbie, aged 6 moiilbs uud 21 days. Tli" funeral will tako place this (.Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock. t'yiiriKK?On Sunday. 8cpt/>rober 8, Fiu.ficuv, iiifaut Si n of lir. George S. Hud Sarah K Carter, aged 21 days. Ciiv-ia.vum.?At Hail'in on S unlay m inting, Septem tier S, l i t is, only child ol John and Margaret Coutautine, uged 2 years. Tho funeral will lak place from the foot of llTtti sire t, Harlem, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clodc. Cam runt I.?On Iriils* evrnim;, -e;'l>,ialn!i' ti, Mrs. lij. 7.AI1ETI1 CAMi'iiKM., in the Otti y?ur of ljor /ige. llio friends hi d rolativifl no respwtfully invited to attend ;lio fniiei.ti, from the reuMeeeo of tier -on in law, M. a, Wh.t , 116 8oillvan strwrt,tbtaday ). at lw Ive o'cioeW. 1 let* rmnaiu* will t>? taken to Cypress lllll* Cemetery, Ci i \Kit.?(ii. Sunday, September ft, Jnn.\ Chlvkk, u Uio Willi year of t:n . 'l'tie relatives a . I friends M" tlio family aro respectfully Invll' l to attend the l iseiiil, from the M"thodist Kpiscopal chinch, cone r ol Koiirlli aud North Fii'li stroeta, Wiliismsburg, on l'.. ?.iay morning, at ten o -lock. ' n*sK.?On I'll 'ay, epliaiher 8, Jaooh L'uase, in tho TBtli j ar - f l,is i Hi.- relativ - ulr' li ie: <!# of the family are regpeet.fiilly Invited to attend the I mei al, from the resid?noe o( ( ant. Wm. K. lVadi.-h, at a Sc.herninrhnrtt street, ltrooklyn, tins (Monday) alt-moon, at three o'clock. l)i nn.?l)n sat u lay, st>,?loinl>e* 7, Jam fx Drxn, a uatlveot carrlckmie' iil.iy.County Fermanagh, IrcUuul, in the 26th year of lie Tim friends of tue ,.mi!y aro respectfully invited to attend the ltmi rnl, I; i.. h!>lato residence, No. 113 Fast Thirty-seventh sir , r/?;ner of Third avenue, t jw ^.Monday) afternoon, at ">e i 'Jlock. Tl?o remains will Imj interred in Calvary Ome; 'ry. I>amei> .?in Su.e aj ttiorubig. September 3,Cimbi.?s Da.mkih, ft native of C unny, withe 6,' Id year of his age. The friends of the family, are reapeclfiilly Invited to at tend the funeral,on T : day afU ritoon, at two o'clock, from his late re:<id n.'i, Xo. 129 Madison street. liUNff.?ou Sundti.' eptcmtsT 8, John Imwv, son of Tuiimaa luui v-aui'ti " mi, ivjeu & jciiiuram iiiuiiiub. Tlio fri"ti>Jn nod re.. ?s at th? family aro respectfully invite lto HttiTiil tli? . tn.nd, thia (Monday) afternoon, nc two o'clock, from tlio f. ni.Wnco of his No. lint MXlcimth str-jei. jtizhatrkk.?Ou stinda?, September 8, Mary Cat* r ?ti, tlw b rfau.:liter ol Peter nn<i Catherine t' Uj ut r i' k ugod 1 fuiht, '( uu tubs anil 13 day* Tin- relative* ami fri'iidx of the family are respectfully invited to atlet.il the Ini.tral, thus (Moiid .> ; a! t> ie*>n, at two o'clock, from llio WMnenoe w' her j^ ruii s, Ni>. 210 K?<t Thirty (birdfltrcot. llor remains *;<1 tiu iutMii.il in Astoria, l? L Italtimorn n^id Wa..li.n?ton papers " copy. L.ibiikk.?(hi Si.n'!ay moruiriif, 8t?pt#i?hcr 8, Aimn** Curios, daughter of Chris to;.her L. auJ Susaiuiuh E. larder, a;v-tl l year, 4 mouth-- ai.d 16 days. Tho rolativeaand trimds ?t" tlw i^ivily u'e innrlted to utt'-n-i the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock, fn m their rvsid -iice, So Viifr Eighth at ??e. McMillan.?On Sunday, September 8. Aumta, the betoi, c.i! wife of John XtcMltwn, agtd-40 year*. Ilcr remains will be taken toGrwnwood, this (Monday) aft' r:u?in, at two o'clock, frost u*r Itta cuitiwco, S'o 4W Ninth avenue. M-.rsiiai.i-?on Satiirdav, 8crstoml)?r 7, bumm.kv r!r>WAHfis, yuuni?est son of tiilbcrt X. and rfaratj A. Martheil. a ml 7 months p.ntl 22 din a The relatives ami frituilf ol the family are rmpactfnily ln\ltcd to attend I ha fuuorai, on TtiesiUv altern..oii,,at twon'cix.k, from the re&ideuc*, on Ilodforti avenue, ?il d< r* f'tim I'uttiam avenue, Brooklyn V: r j\r.?Oil . .Itiiiytar -#?i,ff nihor ? of co -umottan. PmiKiiti,beloved wifeur V:iti ick M Unas , in ln?31IUy*?r of t?*i ! <; *, a native of the town Utd of Strike, county i Leitrliu. Ireland. ll?i I'rleiuli and acn eninlanoce *cd thri?o of Uer s'.star*. Julia Aim and Margiuet Kins, aro rMp'-ctfully invited i-j attend the funeral, <>oin her ln.lv r'idwi' k, ]'47ih r liar piii, Iwtween Statu and Sc*eeth avenue*, this (Mi>u l dnjr) afternoon, m cue o i lock, without further noittu, i lirr remains w.U ke iuiorrcd vn Calvary (Vmetery. I Mci.vimiu..?s>? Sdnuay,>-|i tnbL-r 4, ?r cuuinmpiieri bkk?aki? Htuiuu. a||eJ a-? yriirs and c nwMilln. Th'?fr!?ndni'f tin? family, also thme of his bn lhersdn 1 law, Wiling tluvn am! John Maiouey, are invit'd u attend t'?e ruiicral, llii* (Monday) aCiornc" n, at t.vi i, O'clock ,1rom 11is i?in revldeiMx.', No. 160 .-'eventh Ktrr.-i, i | Miliira*.?On Sunday. N'| tember 8, liu-v K., wife o 0 I JctuiMclntyrc. and daughter of Mr*. Akna lire, n, agi-c a 'H ycareand 11 nuuitlia. The reuitio* wU Lie ukeu from hot laie rwiU?ttw?, U 1 5 Fiv i ' Wteenth Kt'ert on Tues'lny mr>r/ilns,?t I, t< 11? i h N li of the Immioulute l oiic'-pti' n in KourU <<nlh ttUeul, where High Mass of Kequiow will bo ottered up 11 for tin- ro|Mim of tier soul. Tim relatives :m<l friends of r ti:c family urn respectfully Invited to attend the funeral. n The remains urn to bo taken to C*hory Cemetery tor ** tortrvnit. Y ON mi .?Suddenly, on Sunday, Roptnmtol K, at tha r roHi Irnc-i' of hix parent*, 100 Wci-t Tinny wevoiitU uti ol con -ti.?ti of the 1'<?U|, .1 AMIiM, iufoot iwaot j&umm I lira ON I'll, a?i'd 6 1\ -".*'** *? I i ii, oil tWiday, September 8, ? ' ,m tlii' 87th your of bin kro. iy Tli relatives and frionds i f Hie doieiyed aro riMpootfully invltml to attend tbe funeral. from the residum e of lm noil, iM-nrgo ro.il, this (Monday) afternoon, at lw? 0 o'clock, without further notice. tjnvv?on Sunday afternoon, September R, at half. pant three o'coek, Makoakkt, wife of IHinuix Quinn, iigtvi fit years, a native of liullycainas, county Tlppcrarj. li rlnud. 1 ^ Tlio relatives and frl mis of hor sons, John, Timothy. | ^ Kdwanl uii<( Michael, are particularly rmutsteil t > utieua | 1 funeral, from Iter lato rexiilcnce, No. 301 Monro* 1 .,w" ."'elock on Tuesday afternoon, ller r?. man * l<) Olivary C. pu-tory lor Interment. * I<Va*? Sunday, September ?,at throe o cl ck im tin- iift. -ix ' ,n> l,,4K' Kvav, native of thu city oi Liiuorlel, In t ???J 46 years. Tl><> tri. n iiv01 iamtly ami those or hia hroflinrs-fc* law, .fawaa 'S MoNatna nuiH Thomas M itthowB urn rr-jK uifi.lly a veil to attend ihu funeral, trotu lita late ri sideiioe ?rwt V"11"' Twonty s xtb street, on rm.-d.iy a lertioou, at two ja'dk'ck, ,*mtn tb nco to ? ' ilv iry t! aaeU'iy ,tor itiv rinont. Lnnerii'k, Oungaunou and Drogheds papers please copy. Sijuni x?M Mli|itli\town r\?tnt, N- , oti Saturday evening,Soptetnhor 7, ivK*?na P. Si.W"!', <1 ti<i yuaia Tha funeral of the dew ?scd will take place from lux hue rut-iiU'BOi', tins (Monday) .ill 'timin, at *J?ree o'im ok Sm it.?On Si.mkiy moriti'ng, September # at tor u short and Nt'vnro Illness, Sakah i n m>s, sec. ml da. Hfbter of w ley at id Siriih W. Su.Hh, in the* 1Mb year of h.v ago. rho relatives and friends of tS*> family are r< *l>octfiiHy invited to Htli'i d tli > I Moral, fwm the residence' ?f ' *r parents, No. tltf avenue D, on Tues'day morning,at iJovca o'clock, without further hivitatlon. . S'itniMiR?()u Sunday Burning, September 8, at ni^e o'clock, l/ieuteuanl Jonam M. SciuttM-.t, iu tho 37th yumf of his age. | _ Tbu relatives and friends, able the menborw of Cmnpanf (', Twelfth ren mont New York Htato Mi.ilia, ure ro^iioeC folly invited to attend the funeral, <in Tttoetl iy aflernooa, at three o'clock, at but late reatdouce, So. OV 1'nnoa Btroet, llrooklyn. , Sit mi.?Oo Saturday .September 7, Aijjt.ta, daughter of Alfred 1.. and Margaret Smith, aged 2 yearn," nv-ulUo jiti'i 11 days. Tho friends and relatives are ln\'.??wl to mteiui the funerUl, from the residence of her parent*, No. 4T Uelanooy gi toot, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock. f\i>iT. -In Iliookl>n,on Saturday, September T, ta vi Vi lli.NNr, eldeat win of Commander (1. U. Scott, Unite* ? Navy, in the l(lth year of his ag?. The .relatives and frten a of tho family are invited to attend 4h" fonural, from the residenco it bin uncle,c. 8. Paisong', ;10 Monroe place, tbia (Monday) afteruooi, aO J i throe ii<? k. Detroit paprrB pleaaeeefy. Buluva*.?On Saturday, Si ptember 7, Wawiabu SofcavAN, wifvof CurnehuH Sail!van, in the (.M year of lief age. The friend* of tho family are roapootfulty invited to attend the f.uwual, from h.-r late renidence, 79 llaxlor Btrci t, liiia ( iai'iay) aftcrueon, at two n'clialt. fooijj.?)n llrooklyn, on sturdily, Septoriber 7,1'arKtt.'K II., nidoat m ra ot 11<i^h Toole, late of t^ie paritth ?f Itnthvlll. y, ooilBty of ? arlow, (relaml, atf'd .14 yoora. 11 ih fi i 'oda, aail those of the family, aal aluf cha memberaaflhe Mt lrepniilan Police of tho K^>urt.t> preouiul, New York and of the Third protlnct. Bax.kljn, are in I vited to alUmd tha funeral, Icoin the residence of hia fat hor, U'bColutnlitaatieet,South Brooklyn, thl* Monday! mornit>K, at eleven o'chrk Ills remains wNI be taken to St. I't ter'h r.hurch, corner of HiclU and Warren-atreeto, and front I'kence to lAa Otnotery ot tho Holy Cr< a>, Klatbuah. Ttai-gox.?In this oily, on Saturday, September 7, Asm M., daughter of ib<' lata Wm. Tlmpnon. The relatives ami ft ira?i? of the family are reap tftfoOy Invited to attend the I'iui ral services, lit her Ins? rent doiico, No. It) W'fHt Tbirty-aeoond atreot, on Twwday morning, at hall' |>aat ten o clock, without further rratioa Tho remains will he taken to Wcatchester for interment. Vamikkoaw.?IlKt.ior J. Takokiu'.aw, wife of John Ta?dnrgaw, agod 47 years, 4 n> out ha and Si) days. The fri'-nda of the family aro rea|S'ctfully invlte.h'lo attend tho funeral, this (Monday) al'ternoou, at two o'clock, from No. 44 Kleol i-tieet, Biook'yn. VA?inuiiAW.?Hkixh J. Va^w oaw, wife of John VHK diigaw, am-rt 47 years, 4 months and '?> days. 'lhe frl' iidaof the family aro respectfully invited to T&* tend tho funeral, tills (Monday) afternoon,at two o'clock^ from No. 44 Kloet stroef, llrooklyn. warkmnn.?Ou Saturday evciMBK, September 7, Juor Wahkbnk, of Tullamore, Irelaml. aged 'M) yrant. , Hi* remulna will be t-ken from his lute residence, N*. 4.!.*? Seventh avenue, this (Monday) afternoon, at Ml* o'clock, iinil be In tor red ib Calwj Cemetery. Wai human.?On Saturday, September T, Cakoijml wife of Koliorl Watorman, .igod 26 yearn, 0 i/i<?ith8 ana Si! days. The friends and relatives of the family are respoctfuHp invited to attend the funerul, from her lute residence, No. 81 iAurenn street, on Tuesday afternoon, at one o'clock. WkiiIiII.?On Saturday, September 7, Hrnrt, Hon of Frederick W. and Aunio Wuber, mjed 5 yuttra, 3 mouth* and 11 days. Ttm friends and rolatlvrs arc respectfully tnvitod to attend the funnral, from No. lfrlieouurd street, this (Monday) ufternoon, at one o'clock. UISCEIiIAIKOVI. AT $3?IIOUBLJ5 SOLE SIIOBH, AT JONES', 10 AND IS Ann street; at|3W, quilted sole Oiogrenj(Jailers, m new hlylc. Ai-kx. i>fi.mar, 706 broadway. ?bar fourth street, respectfully Invltei ihe aUenltottof bin patrons la 11ih splendid usftnrinicnt of House Furnishing IlsrdwaMu Wooden, Tin and Willow Ware, for Uio fail and winter J 181.1. Black lava earrings and pinh.twddoli,aim and four dollars a net, at tk O. ALLEN'S, 41S Broadway. . BfM.l \RD8 ? BECAUSE BEMED HAJMVORD OCCURS i 1,000 Ins cushions will make more truu angles lliau aaf others. CIORNS, BUNIONS, INVBKTBD NATftS. KKI.ARORO J Joints, mid all disease* of Uii! feet, cured without paw or inconvenience to the patient, liy Dr. AACIIA K1K. Surgeon Clilropodixt, 701 Broadway. Rater* to phyaiciana aud surgeon* i/f thl* rity. JpACTH ARK STUBBORN.?read. N<i. 8 Marion Stkkkt, New Touk, July 20, 1m. Drar Doctor?I have Inieu afliicted with total dehfuea^ and this nioinliiK f wasludueeit to pay you a visit. Noon* ran Imagine tn> delight when, after one opci-stlon at your lianda, my bearing wax suddenly, and witbuut rwwn, rest.,red til me, fur which 1 feel very grateful. After tmiug totally deaf, almost shut out from the pleasant of uning *? necesaar; a kciihc, to have It returned, and to hear no distinctly. relf-.l- r.reat credit on y i for the immense amount nf skid you pov,8h*. I lien to thank you for wuat 1 can no truly ap pruoiale. I am, sir, your obc tient servant, EDWARD TXMHLB HARRISON. Dr. VON M0B0HZISKEF28 oillce for<!i?rtat?r the deaf aad the blind Is at 107 Oliuton plane, imweeii l<'ifth aud Hi&lh avenues. > r Strong'S pa'm:.n't a*my it.vxk roirrthlji *jr l edntcad combined. Corner of Warren utre?t and Droitdway. l'rico $17 an i $25. rr-ro SHIPPING MERCHANTS. J WOLlT.'.i tXH'KIt IM S'llNAPPSv 'JOJiOO B'-ffl .f Wolfe'iCv.le.bi ktod Schiedatu Aromatlo Schnapps f?r sa.o in boui or duly- paid, put up with Gorilla!., J>..te ll, Spanish, French Mid Kiigiit-ti labvls. Shi|toing inercha its can p ireluts' for the Steilb Amerii an, Ins! India and K.ii*ui>c.m rwketH, delivered on board ship ut I.h?. i??)l, Wuwlon, K Aterduca or Hiaiubiiry, at lens than tlio New Yoi* jirico The .Schnapps is well fellows-ami s?lk- Ct*?ly in all Uio nuirkcti'cf the world. for price, &c., apply lo UUOIJ'HO WOI.FU, New Tork. IJUFUAXX, DOCKKP-AAL A<50., Rotterdam. vaviyikt. stun h no ' Hamburg. , US. IMKSfoKIH.?NO PKRH?? CAN I.KAVK NOW ? thoUnited v?lth'.iilotu\ They arufurnished in llii' ty nix hoiua^, on implication to ami by KDWAllD BISfKIJ., I' S. I'.'jhQMrt Agetit, An., 2711tio?dw*y,cornor ClUiiiiberK street.. PUMTIOKL DKMOCHATX llKMIHUC./Ji OENF.lCAti COMMITt-'".?A *j meotitig of tfco above otitmlUCo wlh Im 1,-M at M rurt H/ilI, on M'mJjtv ounrnR, September 9, Ht 8 oVI<M!k, tn hew ?? re-*rt of tM 't*lr;;alinr? from the H/ntcun? Cmtviu ??, mnl i? take m-ilon the rem k By nrjer. JOHN UttflUKAMB. (.'hnlrmnn, UKO. 0; G hi N ET? Ttce-CbainniMi. LOST AN!* KOI VH. AHL/IJCK *11 X MANHUA LWT-ON SAT I RX?\Y liiat,. In Sixtti Av?riii?, t*tw#eu .SfUffiMith *a<( rft t? ? nth will ruturik ii H. II. Jut >, No. 412 UrtKiilwiy, will bo natto: maturity r^wurd.-tl. IQ81M)N 8MBOA1 XTIKIRG, K FOCfl . BOOK J * mimumf: IX or $-W. Tin* lr?*! > will br ) ' r>?! v i * wnnlxk l>? reluming il t> .h?: <ari'/#?Aii ?l N- MV2 ' ut r ?\ JOHN HEliKVUAN. C*:; i:i;\VA*U ? LCKT, ON si N!?AV A FTKJ*>oi>V JS ) buy ami ihe loll l#iiilu<\ ?v irm>!v ? C"M lV?"??*lpn;t with slon*. Tfcr hi?<ti rr ct t\* u.? nUi%*i? rov.nrd by upijtying to D. Sweeny, 106 W&th i^ton Rtre?*i, New *ork. LOST- ?KSTKfU?AY. A PftJ-TATLED MONKBY, WITH. < ham uttHchvd. Tl??* r*>l?*r will Ih? libumlly taw*nl??) vy lU'MIWHj; 11,111. n?h I.WI llltoiUKn.uni. Ul.W Alius. REWARD.?LOST OR STOLEN, A BL VCK ANU tvn IVriier I*u|v, tin Snii?f;? v Srj '"mber 8, all wrek'i out. Any |n .vm r??tiiriiiiiK him in 1^ i h?thM.u M(U wv wiit X*:Ctrrr. tli? above reward and no qnt'fcUoni* L. llAKiUSQN. (in i KtiiRD-triUi Bt paid ronui kixbrho* Vl" a Duuwmt I'm, lo>t !.%Ht ' vrums, ri^ltttfoa -in*- of lli?? nvr.inifH up town. Tin* reward M be p*id on dullvtu lug Hkld |>in to Alfred Pnitey, 43 Ikum *L C I i\ HE.WARD.-LOST. ON FRIDAY LAST, NEAR OR . : vl'' ill spt I'i^ sUMfi, H ii'H kskin i'urwr, rvnii ;t*?m j (' tiMilnlm.'. <it IHM4* in riii [>?' r?M 'oilcvleri, b^twren $ W a ml Tin-' tiu l.T will r?-Hvf lhi* ..U ?ve re\v*rd by 'leaving ;h? ' j mim? 4l lh? itiiMiu* Ittt Wuo?tT ?ir?,*l. | UKU'Alll#-I.OST OU STOI KN'. ON Tflt'Ki* * 01?'?' 'J** i."'- ^^ 1,1 A? K??*I Ian itioiit II>ii? > ; 4,f Jv. in i;?r'T!i?: l hi???i* ?*r?. ? >' > m*#<l got 1 W ?*? h# j li;t? in? tw i.f n? .vnnri.t#, nm i* liv .i?iU-?.l??rf??n??i , N-?. r ! //.11>. m |J?? k ' t*?H intlde *? * 1'^rnvoo 0.* unit * ?t , * <*. !U<ktt, Nutriitbrr ?. IH&. li hut ;?rrv?u % ill 1 I ih stunt* u>". mnUt?1 ?v n*)iii J |J??- a lib him *>* ib> iv i W ?.i l*?y tu liitn iH-i ioo ill* iuui. JOU.N K. UALk&n, m