10 Eylül 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7

10 Eylül 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7
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HELP WASTED?FEMALES. UNDANCE OF GOOD SERVANTS HEADY AT T1IE UrgeNt Inatltutn, 1.T8 11th at., corner of tith ave.; linn, >le, civil women. German, English, Irish and Scotch; rate wage* to suit the tlmcH, for city or country. Mm. 1 In attendance. THE LARGE SERVANTS' INSTITUTE, COIINER o| Eleventh street and Sixth avenue? Kor Herman, inn, lnbll, iiml Scotch woini o; caiiabk: ami civil; wu;<' a rate; ti' Oil piueea hIwii .h teaily, Order* by luail ptly attended. Mra. Floyd In attendance. THE METROPOLITAN INSTITUTE, .? SIXTH avenue, between 4tU and Atni;>r uta.?Wanted thin day, (? Hituttiomi in families retm-iilnc from the country, t, li >UHe?nrkera, ehamberma: U ami girl* lately landed, nit* with t"od recommendation* cuu huvc i>luco? liumc'y. INDAMK OK WORTHY WKLL RF.t'OMMBNDBD help on hand, to whieh wo would call the notice <t ail lies in want, as no girls are admitted who ar? unable to *h high testimonials. Housekeepers would ttnd J* to lntor? ft to tall at r odd rots First Class Agency, 320 ltli >etween 21th and 25th Ms. > FIRST 11 ATI? COOK WANTED ? IMMEDIATELY, <.that undurstanW restaurant cooking in all Its branches, ftt the Union Dining Room, No. 7 Broad at. ___ P MAKERS WANTED?AT OKN1NS, 013 BBOADway. OK WANTED ? ONE EXPERIENCED, CLEANLY, \vtll!:i;.', ami a pood washer and Irotier, and i.-ne waci'M $6?in a smalLprivate family of three. C.iliat int 30f!i ?t., near Madison a v., from D to 10 o'clock t - lav. AD LAUNDRESS WANTS A SITUATION. CALL ai 2 *>5 East 17th st? between avs. A and 1). 'V1NTS OF THE BEST KIND, ITU TH >BOl IB ty investigated characters and qualifications, Including j ian, Fp'iwh, English, Ret itch, Irish, Ac., m.v l>e found finton Hall, A i-?; place an t H?h at., aix doors eust of ?dway, formerly Bible Uoum*; 1'ieneh and German lanssp< ken. A lady in atti t>< ... e. 0 CHAMBERMAIDS, TWO NUB8Es. six GIRLS for housework and three gi; U lately landed, wanted thin Good glrU wanting pei toinent situation?, and n -ne a, may cull at the First Class Agency, &50 4th av., belt 24th and 25th sts. t < .ANTED. ? TWO GERMAN (PROTECTANT) GIUI.S for a small private family; one to do cooking, wnsh n { ronin^, tin* other as chambermaid and wai' "imh; both be competent, and bring tl.e best of r?*eoioi:.cn<!atioiis their last places. Apply at N . 105 West ilst St., tU .s Tuesday, after ten in the morning. ANTED.?A COMPETENT PERSON AS NTRSE AND seamstress. One accustomed to the care of chidivii *lth good city rei ere nee* may apply at 200 West ll;h ear Eighth avenue. ANTED?AT 1 29 HENRY STREET. BROOKLYN,' A girl to do the upstairs work and to tew. Wages $i a th. City reference required. ANTED ? A NEAT. TIDY OIRL FOR GENERA I housework; must be a good laundress, and bring the of city reference; none others need apply at No. 50 Lei>n avenue. ANTED.?\ NEAT ENGLISH, FCOTCH OR GERMAN Prole tarn girl,In a small private family; ?? cook and an excellent laundress. Only those v illiug >bligin;:, with best of references, need apply at .H12 Lex n avenue, betweeu Thirty-ninth and fortieth streets. iANTED?AT MADAME DEMORESTS emporium, 473 ltroadway, nev^ral Intelligent persona, either Indies pntlerren. to'canvass for Mini*. Domorest** C^uarte? ly or of Fashions. xv?rh whom arrangements will be made will p ay fr in $10 lo $25 ptM v v. t'.Ul I't.r three . is. ANT ed?a resectable gibi* fob general housework; a good waaher and Ironer. Apply at 214 t Brook!) n. anti-d- \\ rn v\'i:sr\\ i,a:>> s maid; rue who understands hairdresMing thoroughly, an experienced German cook; good reference required, y attfl ('lark st., Brooklyn. antkd?a strong, hon::st and willing girl to cook, wash and Iron, and do the Roneral house. : of a small family. Reference* required. Protestant rred. Apply for two days at <65 Pacilie street, near ou avrmue, Brooklyn. ANTED?TWO GIKLS TO GO TO STATES ISLAND; j one who can cook, waah and iron and milk a row; and \s nurse and seamstress, with ^ood reeomwcndu'icn.s. ! y at lid West Thirty-seventh street. ANTE I")?A FIRST CLASS COOK. WASHED AND Ironer, German, Scotch or I'Jtifllish preferred, to >jo avana, Culm; must have the liest city reference. In* at the Institute, 13ti Eleventh street, corner ot Sixth tie, this day. ANTED?A GIUL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK; she mum be a *ood plain co k end excellent w.-ishui* Ironer; the best Of cltV reference required. Apply bcn the hours of 9 mid 12 at iS 2d uv., basement. IANTED?A LADY IN THIS ( ITT FOR AT LEAST on? month, lo perforin on the pianoforte, In comhcwith a p..t>llr exhibition of tc'tie* In the American war. must In* utile to piny with spirit ar.d correctness our nail mid other martial aire. Aj | ly tit Hoie Chapel, 720 dway, this evening, between ,}l ar.d 9 o'clock. ANTED?A OIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK IN the country; must boa ko.mi wnshernnd lroner.ind unlatid cot.kl?(?: coed references refilled. Call ut 3(> Went ren St., Brooklyn. ANTED?A (iOOD PLAIN COOK, FOR A PRIVATE family. Apply at 17ft Lexington av., between 8 and 11 ck A. M. ANTED?A SMART AND OBLIGING GIRL, FOR geueral housework; must lie a enyl plain cook and laundress. Apply, with relerence, In Clinton street, th house south oi Carroll st., Brooklyn. ANTED?A WOMAN, WHO IS A FTB8T CLASS wasber and lronsr and can oook u. She mint bi I UK ami obliging, and be kbit to refer to her last place, y at 20D West lilth st. ANTED?A PERFECT OPERATOR ON WHKF.AER I a Wii-i'ii's Machine, in a private family,at lot; 4:11 we., I ecu 10th itinl 12tli sts. i ANTED?TWENTY-FIVE GIRLS, TO CORD AND I crocket la-i t?-s* Betas also some who understand making I a.nt tiim-i-U, at 02 Liuerty St.. sr n I iloor. I B. M. LEVY Jt P. LYONS. IANTED?TWENTY-FIVE GOOD SKIRT MAKERS. I Apply at No. 7 IttfJlrnad Building, cot tier of Centre and I c RIM. ianted-a chambermaid and WAITRESS; I must be neat and tidy. and well it tnmended. Apply iSPacHlost, Brooklyn, this day (Tnesday). IANTED?TWENTY OOOD STITCHERS TO WHOM I Riind wageihrtll be given. Apply mmealately at I,1M Idway. near 29th st. IANTED-A FIRST I'LASS MILLINER. IN A ltltOADI way establish ment; one who can pet up styles and ft None other need answer thi* advertisement. ' Address | P., Herald oloe, with full address. IANTED-A GIBL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. | to jjo a short distance out of llieclty; must be a good Iwmuier ana iroiier. uerman preferred. Apply after ilock A. M. nt 54 Pike St. ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A HEALTHY YOUNG girl, to do general homework, rook wn*h and iron for all famil\ ; none need apply unless they understand businehs thoroughly. Apply ut U*J West 45th at., from 12. ANTED-A GERMAN GIRL; ONE TO COOK, WASH and iron for a small private family. Call, with refee, at tS Cottage place. THE TK \DKS. RPKT rPH0IJBTKR2R.?WANTED, BY AN EXPB rienfed hand, a situation a? cutter, measurer or layer, or [j take the work of a store under salary: has had ten ?' experience in New York. Apply to \V. A T. Sloane, Broadway. tLTSTERS.?WANTED, A SITUATION AS FOREMAN, to take charts <>f a houee; has been at one employer*! Last tun year*. Good reference. Apply at the corner of ht. and 2d av. fwATCII M A KERS.?WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A [thorough practical and oompetent man from England. i class city reference. Salary not so much an objret as a kanent situation. Address W. E. Oit. n??. 3 Hunter Y (Park ave.), between Adelphi at. aud Claremont ave., Iklyn. I BOOKBINDERS.?WANTED, A STEADY, FAITIII fnl, boneet man, t<? w<>rk ir. and take i barge "i n pamiMnoery. Addrem Henrr, i>??v 8,861 New York ofplating qualification*, real name and then Ml interview be had. [)?A SITUATION, IN CITY OK COUNTRY, IN r's store, by a llrst rate coat maker arid amoral .*ho thoroughly understands the wholo huMinc** lev<-te his entire time to his employer'* interest, reference. Addreps Tailor, box 103 Herald MAN HAVING FOURTEEN YEARS' EXPE nce in hotels and rent mi ran Is, will give the above fk' orcwrrer*! dtoii m, In ;k good house, or amount for a fireman's situation where steam is recommendations. Add re ha J. M. II., Herald EXCURSIONS* SXCUR8ION TO CAMPS ON STATION ISLAND. Ix cents by Staten Island ferry, foot of Whitehall ecn the lintterv and South ferry. Boat?leave from 6 A. M. to 7 I*. M. On hue Sundays every ) 7 P. M. E FAIR GROUNDS AT FREEHOLD, MONcounty, New Jersey, commencing Tuesday, Sepasting thrc? days. The steamer MAYFLOWER ier2<"? North river, bcuvoen Robinson and Barefor Keyport, every morning at 9 o'clock. Staffer e on the arrival ot the Ixnit to convey passenger* (rounds. The public will find this a pleasant route Fare 15 eents to Keyport. Returning, leaves &)? o'clock 1*. M. P8 (iRAND INTERNATIONAL EXCURSION, KMURAC!NO TUB STL11N AND MIDDLE STATES AND THE CAN A DAS, nie States of Maine. New Hampshire. Vermont, ?tt*, Khode Island, Connecticut, New York. New msylvania, Delaware and M-iryland, of thf l'i "ed In, aim i an. ii? r,??i nnn <nn:iua we? and I>"W ?:-juk. , nf the British Province*. rticuUra will be published In these columns ho,mi. T for details nf llii' route, day* of aiartlng, price of ti< kir Uie round irip, Ae., see j osiers aud siuall bill* nt the lpal hotel* and railroad offices. EGCLAR BOAT TO THE FISHING BANKS. Fare M C' ills. Steamer CHOTOX. Capt. Bumont, onTenth street,E. R.,7 K>, Peck flip, 7.43. is Spring Street, N. R., 8:10; pier No. 4, 0 A.M. leaves the Banks 2:!X) I'. M. B.?After this date the following landings will bo Hitlnued:?IJroomo street, Brooklyn aud Thirtieth *t. Angust 29. RAILROADS. "CD80N RIVER RAILROAD.?TRAINS FOR ALBANY, . Troy, the North and West, leuvo Chambers street aud il A. M., and U.;W, and 10:15 I'. M. EW YORK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD ? Rummer arrangement.?Express t :>in for Albany, r, North and Went, leaves Twenty st.^lh street Station I A. M. For local trains see time table. JOHN BU1UT1ILL, Assistant Superintendent, * I NJ THK WAR. ASTOIt REGIMENT, CIIAKLKS KOSKFIKI.D, COST Diuihler ?Tli? lifiiilijiiMrt?ri* "f Ihls r?(flrnel)t Iih? Iweu itimovi il from N < w rhumlier* utrocl to SSO IVarl utreet coi tmr of Ch?rry, whnrs tlift buslnxu nf tha rinim.-nt will hi-i* *Iut bo runuiioUtil. A few good, ioIiuI Im nu n ur<> wauicd a* remmlng nllaira. 4 UMS WANTED?IN LA ROE OH SMALL LOTS; IUxV. lied and smooth bora .-Muskets, navy and cavalry Sabres, Revolvers, Ac. Address, atatlng quantity and price, Armorer, box 106 oilice, N. V. A FIRST LIEUTENANT WANTED?IN A COMPANY of picket men to loin an accepted regiment, a part o!' which is already in the flelu. The regiment in composed of selected men, ana second to none iu the service. No one need upply except such aaare oualiiied for the post, and can furnish two or three hundred u ollars to recruit the company. Address Captain S., Herald office, naming time and place of interview. /10MPANY B, TWELFTH REGIMENT NEW YORK \J .^.ite Militia.?The members of tins command, also the volunteers desiring to re*enlist for the war, are ordered to attend a meeting to be held ul the armory on Monday, Sept. 9, at 7>{ P. M. By order. WM. kUSON, Captain. PAPTAIN'S COMMISSION.?ANY GENTLEMAN CAPAV' bio of taking commaud, and willing to reimburse the oilicer who retirea for the coat of rocruiting the oorapaii>, can have the posit i n in a first class regiment. For address direct Captain, box 100 Herald ofllce. /lOLT'S NAVY REVOLVERS?OLD MODEL WANTED; \ also Wlifnvy'H, Savage's and Adams'. Address Arm ?rer, box 105 Post ofllce. Hiram barney rifles (rchwarze jaeqer).Notice is hei eby given that all tboae w ho h we furnished a n v articles for the above regiment, ct the order of Mr. A* Struck, shall at once preseut their >'Uima at Droadway, ??r ut the headquarters of the regiment, at the lludiou City Arsenal, New Jersey, for settlement. ADOLPH BEER, Quartermnster. I WILL PAY $25 TO ANY PERSON WHO WILL SE* cure for me the position of C**rk on board a steamer, either In the navy or merchant service. Address E. F. T., Herald oilice. NrINriI RflOlMKNT.?A FEW FIRST CLASH MEN wanted in t .mpanv F, Ninth regiment N. Y. S. M. ('he right flank <)mpany.) Apply between 0 and 6 o'clock P. >f. dally at the armory, Mercer House, corner of liioome and 4 1. : street ?ud floor. ONE more FOR old IRELAND SIXTY-NINTH REgiment, or the First regiment of the Irish Brigade.?A icwumh* recruits will l>e t.iTcn f..r Company 1, by applying tttt^HRdiiinu'te.s, 41 l'i i4;^c t 'rect, or to Lieut. Pun.pliy iu TlIOS, SO AN LIN. ORCKUITINrt At J E NTS WANTED?ANY PERSON I\> wh'? ran recruit men for a first < lass regiment will be v. t 11 paid, and receive their uiouey promptly, by coining to G6S Broauway. * RIFLED CANNON.?THE Kl'BSCRfRF.ilS AUK NOW ? prepared to turn, bore and r.tie Cannon, of large nnd atnall calibre. All kmdsof Smith Work cvecuied neat!;, and with despatch. AI - ? Out) Carriages made und mounted lor mute. One mi\ horn power Steam Engine and Boiler for UlC. OnI'M H Solicited. CI ltTIS A SHATTER, 209 and 211 Franklin street. JI < OND RBOTHBI9T N. Y. B. M . COL. TOMPKINS? . ) s. v\ . i the i?s?it of nr. Recruits wanted for ( m pany A, to join the regiment. A bonus of live dollars for in?*n who have seen service. Pay, ration* and quartern at mice. Apply at the recruiting tout in tlie Park, und at 336 Fulton ntrc?*t, Brooklyn. \\rANTED?BY A PERSON OP EXPERIENCE. A PO t? siuou as siith r to home regiment at or ready to go to Mn? ?eat of war. for which $21)0 will be paid. Address, with particulars, Sutler, box 774 Post ottpe, Albany. I \V VNTED?A FILL COM PA NY OF 101 MEN. TO BE AT.? f tached to a flmt clan." rttio regiment, n?v :ft the seat of war, in active service in Virginia: commandants of cotnpaI oies not attached to rcgimetu-s, will lind ii : their advantage I u? address Mnjor T. P. Th jmpsou. Brookhn, N. Y., stating l ull particulars, ami when* an Interview can be had. I RHWIU HE GIVEN TO EVERY MAN STONING t)'/ the roll of the M;uih:i'*:in Hides. 6G3 Broadway. .Vino uniform, shirts, shoes, stockings, blankets, and good quarters. Recruiting agents ran apply. ; ](] ?WANTED, AN < RDERLY SERGEANT. WHO van tiring eight or ton m*n, to whom will be paid i?'ii dollars and his position b?er.red. Two dollars a piece Mud for recruit sqnt Isol five and upwards: wiUreonlve ay, uniform and rations at once. Apply t# UiQt PISK, First Oregon RI.!?*e 4*1 4 ortlatidt street. j a recruits WANTED-To JOIH the tiiikd lv" rcuiincut Excelsior Brigade, Colonel Neiaon Taylor inmandtag. They will be despatched immediately to the tegimnnt now at tlic si at of war. Apply at once to Lieut. PENNOCK. GOO Broadway. Families provided for iintnciiaU'ly. S100 bounty when honorably dls' liaiyed. Of*TII REGIMENT WASHINGTON VOLUNTEERS, COL. OU Charles II. limes, now in camp at Washington. Tiiis regiment, having received orders to increase t ? 1,<U6 men, will accent two hundred able-bodied recruits to servj* for t\v ? vears unless sooner discharged. M.-n enlisting will be desxitehed immediately to camp at Washington. Appiy at 3j'J liroomu street, between Elizabeth and Mott street *. Lieutenant G. W. TAUU, Recruiting officer. /{qth.-tiie enroli.!:n members of company lit/ C. Sixty-ninth NgiM6tti VohmtMts, are requested to meet at 131 avenue a, corner Ninth street, on Tuesday, September 10. at 8 o'clock p. M.; also resiwtaMe young men wishing to i In. jasper k. wiHTTY, Gaplalm. Muutiia Muuput, Orderly Sergeant. CQTH REGIMENT, NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS.?AT* \JfJ tcntion. Company B. Recruiting oiliees for this eomiu" ny have been opened at 12 Hester street, corner of Sulfolk, and at Mr. Cam ll's. No. ?) West Thirteenth stivet, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Rally. bee*, round the obi Green Flag. THOMAS LEDDY, Captain. LAfmoiOAHtLL, First Lieutenant. 7QTH HIGHLANDERS.?RECRUITS WANTED.?THIS I I t/ regiment have moved to the front, and are now on the advanced post on the right wing of the army. Men wh > wish to see service, are invited to joiu, corner of Mercer and Broome streets. MISC'ELLAAiEOlS. A BAGATELLE TABLE WANTED?NINE HOLESPREferred. Apply at So. l Junes 11 p. Desks, blackboards, mats, appar vti's, Slates. Crayons, 1'ointfi?. Rubbers, Perfection Iiik Wells, Globe* an 1 every artl'le for schools furnished. Three agents wanted in each loyal State. Sou l fur catalogue tu F. C. BROWNELL, Sec., 25 Howard street, New Y?rk. HAVE YOU A HUSBAND, SON, BROTHER OR 1,0V cr at the wart If so, send them a package of linker's Fumigating l'sper. It destroys mosquitoes, bad smells, and all kinds uf Vermin. Sent post free for ii cents. IS Exchange place, room 17. LADIFS. LADIES. LAMES, I .A T1IE-. EDWARD I). BAS<FORP. SOLE lT.niT.IITOK of the most extensive lLmse Furnishing Storo IN' T11K CITY, Cooper Institute, corner Astnr place and Fourth avenue, externum? through to Third avenue, one block from Broadway, is now selling fl-sl c'ass SILVKR PLATED WARK, table CUTIERY, Kiti hcu Cooking L'ten-i:a, Tea Trays, door mats, l-ire sets, Coal Vases. Tin Ware, Iron Ware, tables, step ladders, refrigerators, &c., and every article in the housekeeping line, at considerably less prices than any other house. Please remember the location. Marble mantel^.?great bargains in man tela. Those wishing to liny Mantels at a great reduction will And it to their advantage to call at A. KLAIIER'S marble yard, 113 Hast 13th street, near 3d av. SCREW LATHE WANTED.?ONE FOURTEEN INCH swing Putnam's Screw Cutting loathe is wauled ( uuist lie in good order. Address Cash, li"V I W Herald office. TRY IT I TRY IT! TRY IT! WEST S CATARRH SNUFF. FOR CATARRH AND COLl) IN THE HEAD. Price 26ceuts per box, or six boxen for SI 2.V Sent to any address free of charge. Sold by ail druggists. Address William F. West, .ViS Bowery, New York. Whol-sale agents, DIXON, FKAZER A 1IALLETT, 119 Chambers street, New York. TO DRUGGISTS OR DENTISTS.?THE ADVERTISER, having had several years experience in the inanulacture of dentist's foil, wiilies to make arrangements ? nh some party to manufacture for them exclusively at wholesale prices. Address K. B., box 226 Herald office. YERGNES* ELECTRO CHEMICAL BATHS. 113 FOURTH avenue, attended by Professor VERGNES, the Inventor, celebrated for the extraction of m talllc substances from lli." system and for their success ia chronic discast*. Consu'tu'tlon free from 8 to 12 o'clock. WASHINGTON, I). ('.-CONSIGNMENTS WANTED, HV TT respoii'-.ilile parties now in New York, and who have a store and superior facilities in Washington for supplying sutlers, <te. Consignments In the grocery or military line solicited. Address Washington, bra MM Herald office. fir ANTED?TO BUY FOR CASH, A PRESS FOB tt pressing photographs. Address T. H. C., Herald office. I (WIO SEWING .MACHINES WANTED FOR CASH J.UUU ?None but llr.st class second hand machines will answer. Apply at Second Hand Sewing Machine Company, 300 Broadway, up stairs. ciiOTHnro. A LARGE ORDER.-1 HAVE JUST RECEIVED $11000 to purchase cant ofl"Clothing, Furniture. Carpet*, ?v for the We* torn hihI (' tllforuia marke's. hadien tin 1 gentlemen, I will p:iy lifty per cent more than any other dealer, by calling on ??r addressing a note to the new eHtahlUhmenl ol B. MlS'TZ, l.?7 Sixth avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh street. Ladiesattended by Mrs. Mint/. T EZEKIKL'S OLD 8TAXD?LADIES AND GENTS can obtain the following pric -s for their rnat ofr Clothing:?Fr? i:i $;*> to $35 for silk Dresses, from $3 to $16 for Coats, from $1 to |5 f?r l'ants. A note by J* s' punctufllly a'tended to by Kzeki 1, 134 Seventh avenue, betwewi Ninet' enth and Twentieth streets. Ladies attended to by Mrs. K. AtiKKA'J PKMAND FOR <1J?THIN(J LADIES' AND gentlemen'*.?Wanted, a lot ol rant oil' Clothing, Furniture and Carp t* I pay the bent price In the cily by railing on or addressing M. ABRAHAMS. ITU Seventh avenue, between Twenty fifthandTweuty*sUih streets. Latins attended t > by Mfl> A. 4 POl ItnE PLA( E FOR LADU UND GENTS TO JY si-enre the full value of thrirras'of) t lothina, Korui* tur?*. i'arpets, .tc., bvc.illing on or udivHtin M. HARRIS. 353 Bowery, nppt site Great J- nes street. Ladies attended by Mrs. Hai ris. 4 N OKDKl! RKCMYJ;I? : - ' v o;:TII OF CAST Jx otr Clothing to purchase t< r California and Western markets; Furniture, Carpets, Jewelry, Ac. I do not pretend to offer nominal price*, but 1 ffuaran:?*e t f.'.v tb .? itm? ?*t valil* lor imcIi ar.i.'lf. by railing on or a Mr"f.'vn? K. M., /'J Sixth aveniK', s- ..ml t. >r abort- W'aveiJcy l^ulirs atWndad by Bit 8, II. t BETTER CHANCE FOR LADIES vxr> <;kv n kmp.n j\. t i ilisp<>se of tlieii rnstolJ ! .'Iitr t-' r: ;,,i CarfAMn anil Jcwr iy. 1 caiiraulee to |>-iy 80 )t r i : nt tm.ru t.'iaii any othrr il '.llrr. t'-il on or amli *? .1. Anli. t, I.*2 S'-rrnin wmnii1 efln Th entieth Md Twenty -Ural itmti. Lmii tlMrfrf bjr Mra. Aalwlii A ORE AT DEMAND FOR rj.OTII r.N< l.-I.ADI ES AND ci'titlrinfii 1 ..ivin/ any r.i?t <?.l <'' ...11c, I'u-niiiiv, (' .r|'Cis anil .li ' t iry, will ivieln- 'hi- lii ;|n-sl j-ri 1 >v < uiln,; on "r a'liln --;n:: HARRIS, 536 Third a. ilim.'. i.aiiliM attpmlvd by Mrs, Harris. a rare cnAKCE.?ladtbb and oektucmi-.N-I J.V ivunt r. li'.isi' iol .1 cast oil" Cl-ali li^ l"i I \V> s :il market; r?r|vi?. ml rumltnrr. I iiromU; to, av t i? .. ait. t l>rir.- for iln in lyrilling i,n or all.'.- inj M.'lii.i , .V . 73 Scv. ntli a\ in or, lirtHCiii Sixteenth auti B?\cuiccutb sticcU. Ijatlies attended by Mis. Ellli. IW YORK HERALD, TUES KALES OF UK\L ESTATE. A SPLENDID NEW POUR STORY HOUSE AND LOT, with Store, In Ihn beat location on Second avenue for hunincnt., will !* gold thi* w??'k for $1,fti)0 below com. It in \ ?u nd(m i n About $800l Apply n 117 Eiut Thirtieth |M. ABVSINEfli MAN OF RE8PE0TAEILITT, EOT iiK' lrl at*' uicnna, would like to purcUaae a *niull hou*e in the upper part ot' the city, and in a good neighborhood, provided HHine can be hud on rimy term*, hhv bv paying for c the oatue in either quarterly or half vearfy (umaliuuntft. t Ag?nta need not apply. Anawer*, with full particular*?nay location, price of hottae, and mode of payment?addrotsacd to ~] rrompi, no* z.om run ouice, win oe atteuaea 10. j BREWERY WITH HOUSE AND LOT FOR SALE?A * most exeelient opportunity lor one or two perron* to commence the very profitable business of ale and porter brew Inf. Api>iy at 71 Prince it, Brooklyn. | BUILDING PLOTS AT SOUTH BERGEN?BEAUTI- t fully located, near Presbvterlsn and Hutch Reformed i church*#, i\ milee :r.i? Jersey City, every row mtnutel 1 by horse cars' lor sale very low. Apply ut 41 Water street. "I7URM WANTED?IN WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NOT J1 over tw<*iily miles from New York ami near a railroad f uepot; from nt'tcn to twenty-Ave acres good meadow land, i a large poultry yard and duck pond aaentlal; good houso, burn and other outbuildings. Must he in good order; vicinity or West Farms preferred. Rent very low. Possession imdiate. Address Farmer, Herald oilier. stating full particulars. 1 tpoR SALK THRBK BROWN 8TONS HOUSES ON Thirty-eighth street, one hundred feet east of Madison avenue, at secession prices. Iuquue on the premises. Just liulshed. i WOR SALE?A NICE COTTAGE HOUSE, FULL LOT; L1 gas, water sewer and heater; parlor* pannclled; on?? block from Perk slip ferry; price $3,500: cash, balan^t on long mortgage. For particulars address Star, Herald | office. i l/ioll SUE on EXCII ANtlE?Ino ACHES OF FIRST l .| is f Won L 'i. i, in one of ih. heel e>unU<?In th Slate; will trade, with some cash, for n *<?gur store, a gentle. j man's furnishiu^ store liquors, or furniture in a house in a genteel location th.a could be rented until lit Ml ot May next. Addree* i> u. B , box % "57 Poet office. T^OK SALE OR EXC1IANOE? A FARM, SITUATED IN I the pleasant village oi lleuip&n'.ad. about one houis' rule from lti <mkl> n, and five minutiV ride from depot, eo itninlne sixiy a? ro??ten of wood, rest el ar, w ith new II ?.ise e. ntalning sixteen rooms, with heater in collar; new Ilaru Hovel, Hennery, Crib, Ac., Ac., with plenty of fruit; a location M*ldoin met with. A house pleasantly situated in Brooklyn w hi be takeu in exchange. Address J. II. 11., Bi klyn P? ituffl e. IJIOR S\LE OR EXCHANGE?FOR \ FARM WITHIN " thirty miles of New York, or a house in Jlrooklvn, one of bey tod ftneet fitted np v. : lento and retail ' Stores in the city, on h prominent corner, dolnja very fair business; only reason for selling it is out *?i' line. Ailros .1 B 0.9 Herald ottl IjlOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?FOR COUNTRY OR CITY property, two valuable Patent Rights and h largw number of manufactured Grain, Paint and Quartz Ruck. Mills of dilVereut sizes, In good demand. BIGGS AND ROS8ETER, 73 Nassau stre< t. 1J10R SALS Oft EXCHANGE FOR WESTERN OR OTHEE 1 Lin?ls?A valuable Paper Mill, in complete running order, within twelve miles of this city. Inquire of M1L1JCU 6i CONGER, 271 South street. VfEWARK. KEPT. 7. 1861.?EXCHANGE OF NEWARK, 1\ N. J., city property for a Farm of 60 to 7J acres, in Monmouth sounty, N. J., near the ocean or river. Address J. (J. is, 329 W hingtonstreet, Newark, N. J. KEAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE FOR A GROCERY, ; Saloon or Liquor Store. AU? a House to evehame lor a small Farm. Also a Cash Husluess to exchai.^e lor Merchandize, Stores, Ac. Address G. G., Herald ollu-.e. WANTED?TO "PJJRCHASE, A HOUSE WITH ALL the modern impruvciiK nts, situated above Twentythird street, au'l between Fourth and Etaht'i avcipr . A !, th s II. -T. IC.. Broadway Post oilice, stating location, width, price and terms. UT"ANTED TO PURCHASE OB RENT-- \ OOMFOBTA IT Me House, with about half a u acre of Land, within .U) or 40 miles of the city, near railroads; rent must below; the price of property not to exceed $1,500 or $2,900. Address Mr. 0., c re < f Post offlee b n S 501, is m Y <i k. OD AVENUE, ONE DOOR FROM TWENTY-THIRD O street.?For sale, a House, three story and basement, i>5 leet deep; lot 22 by 100; would exchange for a mo lern built dwelling, in a i ? >\ locality, worth ho n $(V<?00 to $s,n<)0; west side preferred; Brooklyn'might d ?if m ar Fulton ferry, on the Heights. Address House and Lot, H raid oQlee. m ACRES OF GOOD FARMING LAND TO TRADE for any good store or business; perfect title, free Apply at 12 Centre street, corner Chambers. ZEULIO 4 HASTINGS. diQ ftAA?FOB * FARM of five HUNDBBD acus, near Springfield, thc? greatest bargain out; g<?o \ buildings; house, ten rtxuns; two giaal bar. s; g>o l fruit; ,*>00 apple, trees ami other fruit; liX) burr* is c;dcr made last fail; good h. il. B. BLAKE, 14 Chambers street. Qlfi nnn ? A GOOD MANUFACTURING BUSINESS V 1 O.l/UWi forsde; payment may be made in pun in a Western farm, mid laliniro in good svured notes. A-l In a*, with referenc s, St*el, Herald office. Agents oecd not Apply. THE TURF* I FASHION PLEASURE GROUND ASSOCIATION. FALL racks. The following Raws will come oil' over the Fashion Course on th?i ICtli day * f September, at .'i o'clock IV M. .?Two vear old match, carrying S< lbs., for $-1, AM), on September Irt. 1n;I T. H. MOunot names bay filly by Logan, dam Svlphide, by Km lli us. John Hunter name* buy Tilly hv Revenue, dam Young Glpsey, bv Imported Mercer." Sa?iie day, sweepstakes for two years old, ( irrying 90 lbs.; fillies and geldings nl-. low el lbs.; $- ?). Entrance half forfeit. The proprietor to add $2UU. Dash of a mile. Four suhM^rlbcrs. J. B. Monnot enterschestnut lllly by Logan, dam Mary Middle, by Import* ed (Monroe. Also eh. e. by L'>:an, dam . John Iluut -i enters br. coll bv Imported Balrowide, dam Imported Comfort, by Irish Blrdeateher. Also eh. f. by Revenue, dam Fanny Fern, by imputed Olencoe. 1*. S. Forbes not named. F. Morris' entry dead. Special train for the Course will leave Hunter's Point nt 'iy* J\ >!., ami ivturn immediately after the r ire. fixeurslon tl"K"ta to go ami return, .15 cents. Boats Mill leave James* slip ferry at 2 o'clock 1*. M., and connect with the train; also T!'.irky-fourth street f??rry. Every five minuter stag* s from Thirty fmirth street \\ lll'convey puHhongcrs to the Course. Members' stand reserved for ladies. Judges to be appointed by the Association. N. B.?The Revenue Colt'will be sold immediately after the race to the highest bidder, to close a partnership. JOS. CROC HE RON, Manager. ITioi: Salic?the troth nt; imi^k honest peter. ; Apply to IJ (RAM WOODRUFF. HOR9ES, CARRIAGES, A STYLTSTT. FART TROTTING BAY HORSE.?TROTS Jx. inside 2:00, for sale. Also, a line top Buggy nnd Harness, city made. Would exchange for diamonds, line jewelry or a* fine piano. Inquire at 373 Canal street. nvpnrsc WACiAva POD cut avtt? rr<itiT AA IV heavy and ?nn square panel top grocery Wagon: all new and built to order by one of the bent naker Intne city. Will be sold low. Apply to 0. 0. DUBENBBRT, 161 Bowery. FOR SALE?A VALUABLE TRUE BRED CANADIAN trottingstallion; six yean old, i.v; hands high;also i hit beautiful family horses, between fiveand six years old; warranted in every respect, and to travel twelve miles per hour. Apply at No. 10. Eh box street (lager bier saloon), near Canal street. IJIOS &AL&-A BEAUTIFUL BROWN HORSE, LONG L tall, seven years old and fifteen hand* high, perre tly gentle, and Is no* afraid of cars or anything on tli:* road, is a reel trotter and of good temper. To be sold for cash, tipowner having no more use for him. Can be so n at 1/9 L"xIngton avenue. 171 OK SALE?A FULL SPRING TOP WAGON, SUIT: I? able for business or a physician; been ttsed six months: i newly painted and in perfect order; e??*t $-'40: will be sold cheap. Apply to WILLIAM A. BALLENTINE, 52 Grove | str? t. For BALE?A MODERN BUILT HACK COACH, IN good order; will exehango for a good family horse or a shifting t.?p bug?,v. Apply to P. A. BIGGS, lfj Vcaey street pier. West Washington Market, at 9 A. M. FOR SALE, One. Hor*e, 1G hands high, will show 2 35 in harness. One Horse, 15)^ hands high, will show 2 42 in harness. One Horse, 1 r? h ind* high, will show 3:0') in harness. One Horse, ll^a hands high, will show 2*50in harness. One very fine saddle Mare, IJVJ^ hands high. The above a re all sound and Kind, and will show the time stated or no Siile. Address Trotter, box 221 Herald office. TjlOR PALE?HORSES, WAGONS AND HARNESS.? P One grey Morse, perfectly sonnd, kind and gentle, hu excellent family horse. Also/two good esrt Horses, a IUht road Wagon, almost new; a light Rockawuy, a light Ex-, press Wagon, two sets light Harness, two s#*s cart Harness, two sets Double Harness. Also, Sheets, Blankets, Robes, Ac. All will be sold cheap for cash. Apply at No. 11 Bowery. ITtOR SALE?A 80RRRL MARE, SEVEN TEARS OLD. L can trot in minutes, hands high. sonnd, kind ana gentle in every respect, and will be sold for $JiH> cash: not half what she is Worth. Can be seen at the Merchants' sialics, in Twenty-ninth street, near Bniadway. where full particulars will be given. IjlOR SALE-ONE GRAY HORSE, SIX YEARS OLD, 1 warranted sound and kind in everr respect, 15 hands high; sold for want of use; suitable for a noctor, baker or gn>cer. To be s???n at the feed store No. 136 East Twentysecond street, until sold. I^OR SALE AT v GREAT BARGAIN, IF APPLIED r for 1 Iiih d;iv, one two S'*at top Wagon. In good order; one set sllwi plated'single Harness, nearly new. Apply at Oakley's livery stable, one door from the ferry, Hobofc*?n, N. J. 1710R SALE?TO A DOCTOR OR EXPRESSMAN, OR ; any other man, a splendid chestnut sorrel Mare, l.r# '^ bands high, 5 years old last spring, perfectly sound and tine in huddle or harness; sold for want of u_se._ ?. i. Ij \ itui tie, nu HiieecKci street. T1KJPORT\NT TO B0R8BMBK AND STOCK BBBSO i ? r.?.?For wile, two full blooded suihoiih, lw>th Hark, aired by Lung Island Hlnckhuwk, .1 r., nut fit a full blooded i>t?r<'f inare; one nix year*, *oun<l ami kind, \v?*ll broke; can trot in 2:45 The otli*r two year 11, kind and n^ntle, 15 ban ! high. * Al*o one four y 'arold h; ^iit hay Stallion, !* : . 1 . broke, < torTrf U t ; .} for ntah, or exchange for city "r Brooklyn property. Aj#|?!y at 170 Chatham utruvt, accon<i floor. .1 p. TIIAVKI', Auctloi Mr. von S ro GENTLEMEN AND LADIES OF NEW York ?I'or nale, a spirt.did b! *k Mare. >ix yc.irn old, 16 luin?i? high, nib tr; i?mmI for _r?-??tlf-and hennty; broke to d u .1 ilnfli i' bamcM. Po i i d .it Mr. Dilk*' livery l>jand 191 Mrner atre.'t. Si INFIRMARY, No. i . 00 I - K rWO < thr. ni": e valuable van: Hose- mn now be a mmxlate*! at this e?tab!i liin nt. No bii.-t. j i. ?, no ttrii'ir, 5r.it i ?p"< 5y. o.i^y nnd rtTWctual c re. fjlHRl i H lT\ BY . , i- \ . \ P\TR J oi 16.1 hun ts long tall H pree one pair lilt "ii 'mpi!.' iii'-iu-fl, tr?it in thivo minut * to^frtlu'., .x jrt ar* oiil. ju?t from the country, $1,7)0. f. n. TAYMJIt, 101, !05niv1 l"7 Kii^t T\v?-nty-iou;! j*tr?"*ot. 9?J | K< >K A STYLISH BAY HOKsK, SIXTKRN )' f h:in?N. ? ! :*i: vcr-s, houmiI nml kiii'l; h .<?i 11 ! \'. winn, i 'i!i 1 niiafts: If tium, s.\ !'II^nn<t !1 rial ( Jt &W0 i?t .M. v |.?m; owner ^ .ng to Caliiorni.-i. Aildivitit ' box 3,051 l*iitt office. Ill UAHds. pii.i! via?s.?rop sale, a sn r.M>n> . tiicic of Ij IH'W jiii'I h :i?l I T u i!??r I'l ivn ir or pui.lt* iw. ! TnMf*Pto i?-t. Ordt'w by nmlt nlin \v*\ M>. W. 11. QIUK* l-'ITlI, Billlnrd Taiftr maicr, iif Pulton Ml I), A MODKKN iVlLLlARd . K-ANY i V f one liuviiic hiic.i a one to rent, will ij!casu uddrca* box I 1,SU Yoilt i'Ottl OfllCfe % DAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 18< FOE IALK. A FASHIONABLE DKESSMAKKK, ABOl'TTO UF.T1KE, being eighteen ye*ro< iutl d, .1, 1 woi i \ lor (he v.althieM iHiuiln a ill the t:ity tttul Brooklyn, wish .s to h?*11 ?er entire Builo -si, iuclmlliitf ihc Furniture and Leiuu ol'u veil turnip hod home. Addie** S. L., H i aid oillce. BAKERY FOK SALE.?1u2D STHEKT AND TENTH AVonue, rarinaiihvtUo; the only ikeiy in tin* j l u , with r without lior*e u?d watfoii. Inquire on the^remine* or at he Abingdon Bakery, corner Jai<>< .street and Ei ;hth avenue. BAKKKY ?A FIRST CLASS HAKKKY, ESTABLISHED over twenty yearn, ?u ordinary times doing u luuinews I per week, and favorable )< 1( ,,j four years, will be .oiu til m greui uurf,ui?. nvi'ij ai oroanwiiy. C. li. HQWB8 A OO. plONFECTIONERY STORE FOR SALIC ? A HARE L/ chance.?For tale, the Hio.-k and Fixture* ?>1* a confeelottery more, in u g<?o.l neighbor aoo 1, suitable for a saloon; cut moderate, Sickness ie the < u!y tut-uw for selling. ^ptly at 372 llleecker street, near lYrry street. ^ DIUJO STORE FOR 8A1.K.?an old established Drugsi1 i> . w' ii atock< , ind uleel) fitted . d . ... i air business; will be sold low in coiisc'jticncc oi the illness >f the proprlotor. Inquire at Jol Monroe street. Dnuo STORE. DOTNO A (1001) RETAIL BUSINESS, will be Hold low tor cash. Satisfaeti ry reusonn given 'or nelling. Address Drug Store, Ue.ald ollke. Agents need not apply. E10B SALE CUE IP?THE STOCK OF I FAHOY STORE* I? Including Futures, situated on Broadway, with Dwell"

ng. Kent $500. Now doing a gotnl business. Reason* glvn i r selling Address H. M. I., Metropolitan lfotel, N.x. tjlOR SALE?THE WELL KNOWN OLD ESTABLISHED F Saloon, eornet of Whitehall und State streets. The above place will be * !d reasonably to a nu?h customer. For further particular* apply to the proprietor on the premises. IjlOR SALE?MILlv ROUND, llORSE, WAUON AND Cans, selling over two hundred quarts of milk. Apply U 682 Third ivonue. ? T. M< G< w IN. OR SALE?TT1E OLD ESTABLISHED AND WELL L knowit Saloon "The iJ. ie :<tl. Lean.* Stock and Fixtures tor sap* cheap. Saitsi.<- t-iry r? iachs ;tven tor sailing. For particulars applv on the j tones, No. 0 Aiultv street, New York city. Ti^OR SALE?A LADIES AND OKNTLEMliN S OYSTER r S.i 1 ,< ;i, at -Vj Fiord aven:; . .11 be .old cheap for c:t?h, with > ar ait irlo'd. te \ doing a good business. Apply on the l i enil* >. 230 Third avenue. L^OR SALE?A FIllS'P CLASS CORNER LIQUOR I H ?ii :m ths best iu . ? Eighth WiltL Apply to .1 \M1)S FAY. 137 Charlton street, lit the hla? ksuilth ? suop, fbr three days. l^OR SALE?A a ROCK it Y WITH A GOOD STOCK OF r Uroi t ies, Wlucs slid I id s good 11 use tnd Wagon. Apply ;:t 170 Eust Twentx-fourth street. li^OR SALE?A HANDSOMELY FITTED Ul? LUNCH II Hnom, in one of the be?t lo ation.4 in the city, opposite the t;.-nei.il |'o! t olltce. Impure at the Un.i, 26 Sat-sau street, corner of Cedar. "tfOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS HOTEL; LOCATION UN ed; now d For pa I . rs T7H>tt SALK?A VALUABLE PATENTED IMPROVEr in hi 11 wi il n 11 vi i i"' y t introduced. Arrangements lor tlx ir manufacture can be made with responsible parths It will s .11 Iu part or whole. A<Miv*4 the inventor, Mi. V. Lambert, Pout oflice. Agents need not answer. TjlOH HALE?A VALUABLE MANITACTU RING 1IUSIr ihmm doing a safe, nroiit.?'?! and Increasing trade, unci excellent chance for good itiv*stiili-Jit. Leaving ill city, It i* offer* d iU a g.oat savrltice. 601 THWICK .1 WOOD, 6J Nss&iu street. TinK S \LK i ?)!{ i, A II M r INTKl EST i V ONE I ?'f the best auction and commission bus'news -s in t Ills c it, b> one "t tin* partners. wh i ?tlresImmediately. Apply to S. BOLIVAR A CO., N* Ksrsau stre. t. f^OU SALK?at a GREAT SACRlM? 12, A BAR, II Oyster Stand and Bowliu,; Saloon eoiuMned; in a line I ;:siiiehs locution, all in good order. Apply to S. BOLIVAR A CO., K'5 Nassau street. "LloH SALK?A BOARDING HOUSE, FILLED WITH r good paving boarder*; location ui>.-ati pni, muM le sold at one**, in* the fMinily are going to leave the country. For particulars apply at 314 Grand street, near ()r? li.?rd. T710R SALK?A WELL KSTAB LIS UK I) HOTEL, NICELY II fur ilshed, doing a t; >o t busir.cMs; lav. > <l.le lease , will h* 11 on liberal tern *, or tahc a partner u ith ?2,0tX). BIGGS .1 ROHSETER, 73 Nassau street. FOR SALK?A GROCERY AND LIQJ'OK STORK, WITH Stock Miid Fixtures; i? a i.rst rate location for the ImsiuenH. Will be Hold at aix tion ?l not sold priwitcly. It is worth the money aitkcd. ('all all the week at 110 J'labt Twenty-second Street. IJIOR SALE.?A SLOOP IN GOOD ORDKR AND WELL . found la pod salUu rigging and two anch i nd chains eomplcte; will carry 11 1 ton* ?-isy. (-an be > n at liallrt Cove, Astoria. L. L, by applying to JOS. BIU.AVN, boat builder, Astoria. Can be pun-hue 1 for $!k)0< i- b. I^Oll SALK?THE LEASE \ND FIXTURES OK A OUOr eer\ and L'.'iuor Store, with ,;ihm1 accommodations f< r a family. * Ileut very low. Also it florae and \\ oi, If r? (Hired. Mum. be n >ld this week and will go Hi a s lerilics 11 called for immedbitely. Apply at 277 Seventh avenue. 17* OR SALE?A Kin ST CLASS RESTAURANT AND DIN^ in : Saloon, well < stabhshed, neutl\ Mlc.l up Willi a favorable I a>e, r a goo ! 1 ?e,i?|.?n; a! a ft-HIT*an* urn] O* stor Saloon, <?n one of the principal corners downtown. Apply at HA J Iiii *trect. TilOR SALE?A DINING SALOON, OPPOSITE WASHJ? ington Market. In(|uiru at WU Ve*ey Ktre?;t. TLIOR, SALK?A WHOLESALE AND RETAIIj LIQUOR r store, lilted up 111 the ticst Htyic. Situated Oil tx good corner in a re*pc. table nelghhorbood, nnd doln?; a tiptop biiftine**. Any man xn ishliig a goml place and having $1 ,o?n> eaxli, can make a sure and nal'c investment. Tisuv irouide, H i person not having this amount n< e?l apply. No ee.enlM wtllbe d tleod Adarat Joseph M N fht, Iiorald oflke Tj^OR SALK CHEAP?THE FURNITURE VND K1XP ture- ??l one ot t!??* best located Re.?l lCMate i ?:!? * in the upper part ol" this city. R. ;im)ii for selling, the ov. n- r 1?- .ving for the sent of war. Address, giving real name, Allied llerald Office. IJIOR SALH C'llKAP?LKA^E AND FIXTTRKS. WITH " orwKh " ilc, of one ol ilia beat loeated oori i Liquor Stores on Third avenue. Satisfa t rv re,i-.?:.s ;;iv? n for pulling. Apply mime liatcty to J0SKP2I Mcdl'lKK, 777Thlid avenue, I I I; 1 to 7 P. M. JIOR s \ I K CHEAP? A MILLINKRY SToUE, DOING A gootl cash an l :ustom business in a good lo ..tion and cheap rent. Having other business to attend to, cannot, attend to both. Apply to Mrs E. API'EL, 2^S Eu. t Houston street. TJH>R SALK OR BXCHANQB I LIGHT DRAFT SKA J; going Steamer. Address box 1,805 U. Y. PustoJIiee. Hotel and dining rooms for sale?in comll y'3 order; lo tioa nnsuri-issed. ram s wishing to CUmSP 4-'a business TT4'! #,v>d Hits a chance seldom otf. red. Apply to J. M. BROWN, 72 Coi tlamlt street, or dddrew K. J., box 200 H n Id 0 e. IIQUOR STORE FOR SALE?GOOD DOWN TOWN J location, now doing a r<M d business. Satisfy torv reasons for selling given by applying to S. liOLlVAU L CO., 63 Nassau street. QU \Rrz R< OK KILL AND PITEJfT FORI I! B CON19 led bt mini ra the ei i bt si for radi i ni i > k . i ther hard S'.iI simices to impalpable powder, with hardened bil ling grinding surfaces. m: Iv eha'.tred. SOUTH WICK A WOOD, 82 Nassau street. RESTAURANT FOR SAMS?ONE OF THE MOST OK(drably located, doing a larg?* first class paying busine**, and completely lilted nj) ami furnished; or will h?*!1 half interest. SoUTllWlCK A WOOD, K2 Xas^rt street. fVIO PRINTERS.?FOR SALE CHEAP. ONE <>; CAJtP X bell's improved medium Cylinder Presses; machinery complete to run either by liand or steam, Been used but once. Address B. Jk R., box 100 Herald ofllce. TO PRINTERS.?FOR SALE CHEAP. ONE OF CAMP* bell * improved medium Cylinder Preset*; machinery e??mplete t > run either by hand or steam. Heen used but once. Address, for three day, B. IR., box 101 Herald ffl e mo PRINTERS.?Foil SALE TO MAKE ROOM, A SMALL J_ Cylinder Prows, 86x50. or a large Adams Press; both in go "i ordi r Mid now working. J. C. IIANEY, 109 Nassau street. mo PHYSICIANS.?POR SALE, A DOCTOR'S OFFICE, X in which a lucrative practice has been conducted t?/r fifteen years past; reason for selling, having an ni!vu;i uient as surgeon. Apply at 73 Crosby street, from 4 to 6 o'clok P. M. 5?-A WILL BT'Y the fIxtrres and oood will /*/ oi' the well known Milk and Uutter Depol, 210 Greene KTMi , Q W i TO SI.mii -V RESPECTABLE. PKOFITABL8 ptJUl/ cash Bu-inev*. favorably located on Broadway, for one-half its value, by immediate application, as the proprietor must leuve for Washington without delay. Apply from 12 to 1 o'clock, or after .5 P. M., at 44 Lispenara street. *Sfi()0 WI|LP PURCIlA*E TIIJ,: *TO(!K? WILL Liquor Stores on Broadway. Tin1 j ropriutor Is about leaving lor the war, Ai ply nt -17i14 Broadway. ?7nn KOK A "WJC-EUV'IN NINTH AYK.WEY $iw p I ' / U for n corner Grocery; SI,WW for one down town; $100 for a Liquor Store in Orand utrect; one for $150 ; one for $500; $2'io for a Candy Store in Hudson street. Apply at 12 Centre street, corner C;i:iml>er?. ZEOLIO k HA8TINQ3. C: 1 OAA ?FOR SAIaB, DTNIHO ROOM, WITH LODG. Inn Room* attached; will aell nt a sai i lliee as tin proprietor has received a sutler's appointment. Cull immediately for further purlieu lain at No. 211 Eighth avenue. Agent! need not apply. DRY GOODS. A BHOU>, C0N8TABL8MOO* WILL OrE.V AT BETAIIi on MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 9, their fall importations of FRENCH, GERMAN and BRITISH~DRY GOODS. VI/ KILKS, MERINOS, OTTOMAN VELOURS, ML'SLTN I)E L UXES. I'LAIDS. STUFF GOODS, 4c., Ac. <"an.il utreet, corner of Marcor. i'lKMTliiK. AREPROOM SLIT OP ENA?iKM,ED FI'HNITl'KF, :.>r in nil onions, '>[ warrnuti'.l m um In -i >i i"-; alto * h ! <' i nmt r|i:ii>il Suits, pluln lind orinini it;il. ut fl. K. i' VitKIN?lTi IX'S, 3CJ r.uial lli. i l, uppofcUn tViMfh'r. Kmtablisii .1 in i >W. ASMAI.I. FAMILY DEStBOCS OF HOUSEKEF.riNO I'll.l'i -It!.' II ; till' I'll j 11111 ! of II |i!i lut'r.'i! i" : tl li'.nyr' '.ii -'iMC'litl: : <Tt, l"!wcrll Slxt'i ;ini! Scvnlll live II-. T :'pr'-i'!ii iiiiiti > ! : nr flrovwi por-nii.i "ill Iwunt Willi' i .. .. -1 Inquire at lii W t a;xl""iitl, i fi fr 'i.i 3 in 6 1*. M. "iron sai.i: i ii;:ai*?on A(vor>,; of a t.?iii.y r ii "1.1 > r. ,1 hon iii^-, :i s.'t of Ch nn,I Sofil. ii.'H > i'"wnti . ? 'II pri'Kci'vi'il. Apply at :H2 S<-.n I iivi'iiiii', i. mi- f .viiiy-Ui'nt sticet, lUli J Uour, lu the uiomiiu, from r lu 1U o'clock. 51. AMl'KB>IEIVT)i. \V INTtB UAKDEX. SECOND NtOJIT ol the Lrill.iiui u 11'I i iiniilnl coini 'lK'naC MHH. JOHN WOOD, who will appear km , ? C1.VDKKKM.A, In t.10 mimical euriiv ii-ihi/.i uf that lltio, altnrM from i'l.iiirltit ? vcrnl in, in nun Hit' dm Ia I'harh'X Dmvsml Slmulcy, of 'Va.iity F-aIr," uml will Lie protl'iood Willi entirely NKW Ml'fllO, OonipuwJ and nrriui)p-,i i.y Hi,, o-inducor, Charlee K'>|ii>iU. N'-? an.I miim i Ii winery In Mr. C. S. Ueu. NEW COSTUMES, PltOl'EIlTIKS, NEW AND STAKTIiINO EFFECTS, nni) with tlm I'lillmvllit! caul ? .. V.I .ii.lv vvli.i aiu.u liim-aa . I... .. .1.... for the great Mm. John Wood Miss Patch aula, out* of the Cantankerous Sister*? more given io 1<1U* way* than g*?od bo ?k* (Hi nt appearance thin season) MIms Ada Clifton Mis* Rondelitla, the other Cantaukerous sinter (ilrnt appearance hero) Mm. Geo. Kkcrreti The Baroueiis Sol do If, made al ter the pattern ??1 Mm. Caudle?a copy from Puurii, (h? t* timt appearance here) Mr*. W. It Blake Fairy Queen, (her tint appearance here) Mint* Lothian Fancy, in team Mint Bennet The Princ* Itodolph, a reformed young man, an regards latch key* ami coikUtils. No relation to Prince Napoleon Mr. A. II. Davenport The Bai on SoMotf, very nearly *buld' himself Mr. Lewis Baker Capillaire, a corpulent young gentleman, recently returned from a country retreat .... Mr. II aVry Pearson RumplcMtltKkln, the great German Gnome ami Pros* tldlgitatcm (his llrat appearance here). ..Mouh. Szollosy The Reneachal Mr. Clark The Flunkey'4 M 'Hsm. Galloway, Thompson, Clower and Pkidder The Harou'it Hand * Menu*. Fendel and Lester <' 1 irl ere Ueeui. R te, MelvtUe, Ac. Fairies Hunters. Sprite*. Amazon*. Lackcvs, Ac. INCIDENTAL TO THE 1)1 HI.USUI E, THE FOLLOWING Ml SIT: Hcknec First?Song, burleMJiie?'14 Come, Bustle, Little Elvea." Bcicnb Rkoomd?Duet, Karon r.ud Capillaire?44 We Won*t Go Home till Morniiig.,> Serenade Baron?"Oh, f^r Contract'* in I'll go." Sckme Tuirj>??oeua. Cinderella, ''Froui Poker"?(Fra Pwo). Souk?(Cinderella, 14 Once a King.** Unci?Huron and Cinderella, 41 Faint and Wearily.*' Recitative?l'rinei', "All Around u Silent." Jiuet ?Priuee tad < apl'l.iire, 4' Put on this Cap." Guartetie?" 'i'lio Prince i? a Corn lug." Concerted I'olk;i ? All the Character!. 44 Dome, th Dinner* Wailing." Scknk FotJRTu?Dm t. Prlu^e and Cinderella,14This Heart no more l>? Mine.*' Duet?Patehoulfa and Kondeletla, 44 Oh, Pa, Let us Go." Sci.m. Fijtii?Soujf, Cimli rella, with tlute acejuipaniment, arran.a I hy M. K?>; it/, " Home, Sweet Home." Sckvk Sixth?Medley, Capillaire, "Bacon and Greens," ami ? " I)r p of Be.-r." Duel?Baton and t 'a pi Halt e, 44Liber I ad." Sckm Skvkntii?Finale, Cinderella, 4,Oh? Joy Uubound* i." in m IMnora." Before the buri?'Mnno the charming comedietta COOL AS A CUCUMBER. New bowery tkuut k. Sole Proprieiom .. ..???? ?. (J T?. Poi A J. W. Llngard For in n \vf..:k of Charles Gayler*s great military drama of BILL RUN; Oh, Tiik Sacking or Kaiii/ax Court IIou3i. The eomedy of AN t DIMI A.S A jmnn, At M thn loninntlr itrinm nf havmond A.NU AUNKA, JJAKMJM'S AMEIUOAN MUSEUM. r.Asr wkf.k i I.AST lVI'KK I LAST WKliK I Of tlint mopt wnti Ji'i fiil and o?lr.inrdln? 1.1\ IN(1 lin'i'Ol'OTA.MITS, MVINO inrroroTAMrs, 1.1 VI N?) lill'niPllTAMlIS, I.IVINU IIIITOI'UT AMIS, Which has rroalcd tin' i/rr ' t . ?.-I 1?>iiii-nt among the scicntltic uii'l curious, rvt'i'v hmi' nf v*'l???ni rt'^urd Mm an T1IK MARVKl, or Tin: ANIMAI. KINUDOM, am! declare, i'i Ihe lannu?ij:> of dob, eli. *1. nml *11, "I PON THE EARTH 'i I IK UK IS NOT II1S LIKE." Ami well they may, lor In* is the strangest, tin* most wonderfit! iixl extraordinary animal ever scon in America; it amI'll.Dl IIM. LIVES IN TIIK WAT Kit OR OVT OF IT, walkm on the land or on tin- bottom ??l the river, Hvvlins on the surface or beneath the surface, ami irrows to be HEAVIER THAN ANY ELEl'II INT. while h'l* power and strength ?re described, by both sacred aud profane history, to be k'itti?*. His exhibition has afforded the moat unwonted satisfaction to visiters; and, as ho la Um FIRST AND ONLY MVINO HIPPOPOTAMUS Ever kim n in America, and tl..- dltlieiiltv of obtaining them makes it probab!e tli.it this is the last that will be seen here, no man. woman < 1 S11 < >r !.I) FAIL SEEINO HIM; And as this Is tin* I ??t \ve??k uf Mm hlbltlon, and after leaving lie: . he R<i ,v !' remote parts, NEVKIl AOA1N TO UK SEEN IN NEW YORK. No tiiii?* i." i be I'i ? bv t!*. wh> wonbl look upon THE c J RE ATE ST WONDER OF THE WORLD, And who would fit It of seclins tb" FIRST INI! V HIT AM OF THE RIVER NILE Thai ever visited our American shore*? To add td the Interest of ih-? r,<hU?t on i NATIVE A RAH KEEPER, SAL A AM A, Who nmUted tn hU rupture. l.;.s htm In charge, and with him Is to bo soen nt all hoe.?s. while the Hippopotamus U EXHIBITED AND DEs<*EM!EI> EVERY HALF HOUR, When he is neon botli in unl out of the water. A LI VINO SHARK. WHAT IS IT? Of:. MAN VON KEY, SEA LION, MAMMO'Ml i:E\R VAMXd.V, V ON'STB It SNAKES, AOl'AriA. IIAI'l'V FAMILY, Ac. Mi-., D.UVHON, I)nl :jL1: ViiP'KI) VOCALIST, Mile. MATILlM E. TOBDT. thi t ib n ted tin j VltilH Ira TWO .t'lKHH |)K VM \ TIC PEKKORM ANCES ' E\ BR? DAY .it 8an I;?, < * slo I P. *. At e ii of wiiit.ii is produced an elegant petite conn ly, entitled TIME TRIES ALL, And the laughable nnd ever amusinR f tree, entitled LUVE IN Id VERY, Making the most attractive entertainment in the nity. Admittance to -ill only 25 <vnU; ehildren under 10, 15 cents. A RASS HINOER, OF SEVERAL YEARS* EX PR. J\ r in t'hou, ?>o#?ratic and ('otic -rt M r, is i> v.v open for an on?a : oi-nt. Ad Ircss M. T., 427 lSroumo street. iraoFosAU. 1>ROPOSALS FOR REVENi E VESSELS. Tir: \suur Drtv*.HTMKNT, i Wasi.inoto.V, S<-;it. 3, 18(11. S The depnrtment will ree *ivr |-rouosals. nee ?in|mied by models, plan.* nnd sv^clfh'adons, until 12oVl??? !;, Monday. 30411 September, 1S6I, f<?r the complete c?ns!ruction and e?|uiprmnt "f two steam rew re\ - nne vessels of 750 tona ea'dt, and of three steam f e\v revenue vessels of (jUU ions I CiU-Ii, Unit' d States mensnrement. I Proposal* v 1II only be considered from attercsafnl steamship builders actually e;";a.:e 1 iu 'h it business, and the name of tiic nuu ine ate tin en 'ino eslablUhinent at which the steam u\.y> iiiacry in to be made must be slate and will have due weight. The load ?^n^t of Of th* vekscls of 750 tons must not exceed isn '11 , .. ? t, and tin y will be ai med with one rilled pr., t Kim ' f A,0O0 lbs. weight, two 3J pounder gnus of 42cwt., and one heavy navy 24pounder howitzer oa the twp-galiaiit forecastle. The comnlement lor each vessel t<r> l>r* 120 persons, carrying provisions lor sixty days, and 2,&h) gallons < i water j(i tJinJ^s; to be furnished with a con denser l'or distilling potaThe vess* Is to be schooner rigged, with Hying gaff topsails, square sail, and yard to set (lying. The load draft of water nt the vessels of COO tons must not exceed 8>* fret. irid they will lie armed, evh, with one rifled pivot gun of G,wOO Km. weight, two !l2-ponndt rs of i'2 cwt., and one light na\y 21-poundcr howitzer on the top-gallunt forecastle. The complement for each vessel will be ninety-five persons, carrying provisions for sixty days and 54,000 gallons of Vf.it.M-, In tanks, and to be furnished with a condenser fur distilling potable water. The vensrlfc to be sell. nier rigged, with Hying gaff topsails, square sail and yard i>> set flying. Th proposal musl bfl for ths nail,spars, rl g!njr, sails and canvass work, mast coats, awnings, harnnioeks and bags, boats, anchors and cahlcs, tanks, c asks, binnacles, bells, furniture for cabins and mc&srooms, cooking apparatus and .utensils complete bteam machinery, snare work, coal bunkers, lilled with Buck Mountain coal, with all the equipments and on tills of every kind, and in all respects ready to receive her olflcers, men, provisions and armament, and at once proceed to sea. 'Plie armaments, provisions, nauMenl instruments and charts only will be provided by the government. It is des:ruble to ha\e the hlglicKt attainable speed, which must be stated in the ofTer, together with the length of time it can be maintained and the quantity of coal that can be carried in the bunkers for that speed, which .should not bo ! fs than for ten days of twenty.four hours each. The sjMwifleatioiis must describe fully the material to be used; the manner and size of fastening; the detail of the si/.", finish and arrangement ol' the machinery, and of the various iquipmcnis and outfits included in the proposal. The plans must be working drawings, from which the vessel and machinery can be built, showing the allotment of space for accommodations, steam room, magazines, shell rooms, disposition of coal, and convenient stowage must be piovided. It is to be understood that in the contract a guarantee will be inserted of the fuliilment of the condition of draft of water, speed, fuel, satisfactory working of the machinery, and otlwr points required, with a forfeiture in case of failure. The bidders must state, the least time from the signing the contract or acceptance of the proposal within which they will ngrcu to complet the vessels ready for sea and deliver them at any ports they may name. The total amount for which they w ill engag*' to do ail that is required in the foregoing advertisement, and to be embr.'i' < 1 In their specifications and plans, must l>e stated, and the bids must be accompanied 1 v the guarantee required by law that. If awarded, they will execute the contract. l'.iymeus will be made fit four different Intervals as the work progresses, retaining oue-liftli of the whole .mount for ninety ('JO) days after the delivery of the vessel, to repair any defects that may be discovered within that time on trial at sea. Tiw Department reserves the right to accept the proposals made In conformity with the conditions prencrioed which It may consider most to the interests of the government, and to combine the greatest number of a 1 vantages, aud to reject any or all of them at its option. A competent person will Ihj appoiuted by the Department to superintend the construction and equipment of each of the vessels. The specification*, plans and models of parties not obtaining contracts may be withdrawn by them. 8. 1*. Oil ASK, Secretary of the Treasury. SEALED PROPOSALS ARK INVITED TILL TIIE 20TII day ol September, ltifil. for supplying the Army of the Potomac with Potatoes. About 40,two" bushels will be required, in lots of about 8,000 bushels par week. The Potatoes to lie of the first quality and equal in quality to the following Kinds:? Mercers (blue), I ink Eye, Mercers (white). TJie pot. toes to be delivered in Washington, and subject to licit inspection on delivery an the Subsistence Department may require, and payment to be made in Treasury notes, if go vet mnent should desiie it. Tli- potatoes to be delivered !n good, strong barrels, and ea b bushel to be estimated at sixty p?>umls. The bids to be directed to Captain A. Beck with, C. S., U. 8. Washington, D. C. SrORTINO. F i:\Ncis BUTLER, NO.S PECK SLIP, HAS ALL THE choice Br 1' r mock and Mir. Bmlcr'n Infnillljlfl Mnnr-i' Cure and h'len I'xtrrmlnalor, 50 ornls i r h? irI.- 1! l.-r'n "Hit- din:. Training. Oitfni-", Ac., ?.f Dot;*," $|. I) ,;<> Boarded, Trained, Ar. Medicines for all diseases. Tj^OR SALE AT A GREAT SACRIFICE?A ROW BOAT, X Id 11 : ' ?!iu. clinker iMiil.ind ct)]i>er I'-ist'-n.'!, with I'llrn 1 i i i i k lowloi us, mu .t aud nail, rudder, ,Ve. Address ll.'iaM olllcc. REAT FTPHWO AT KLTDfGVILLK, STATED \ | Irl.n: !.?1! is to let hy J. R. W1IJ.K Tak-s i: o car. for Kil' iKvlII"!. Or at tak -H of wisu UbIi.Mu" I sh nri.l Sjimn.<li mackerel. ut Prince's Ray, anil sti ipej l>a.-:s in plenty nt Uroat. Ki; s. Most LN1 KI.MtiKKT AND BB8T TAl.KINO VTNO Bird In the uwivl and thn tamc?i Ti |in>!?? in the city; ills.i .i number uf Bla<k and Tan Turrioin, t'luia 10 to 4 pounds weight, for sale ut 3i'J Uowcrv. JUU.N SOBECK'S Bird Store. I I 7 AMUSEMENTS. ^ ACADEMY OF MI'SU (I'KNINO NK1HT. AUmlMloit SO crnm to *11 liaru ot ttm A'?l.-mr, MONDAY KVI.NlXii, SKI TKMBKll 16, J'liai iii'uiui.r in Ni'w York of the OltEAT 1*1! KSTIDIIIITATEU U, HKltllMANN, A??!.(rit liy the ifli'luMoil on?'i[i.sri(A ok Tiik ui'EitA Tha m.vMR-r n^pretf illy i nil* tin nuuuilou of the public to tho lilac buuc^rauo* 1" V 11> of MI)MSIB''H HKKUMANH, who In unlT<'t?:ii:y r ourn/rd ;ih IhB lltlnj I'UE.VUI>IU1TAIEI It. ami ?ho.n por.'oimaucr* at theprliiclii.il opor? hnnwa In Kiirotm ; nvti been pronounced tho must votiiferful in their pjMilUrllno. and novel. Th.-itist n - feature ia the entire A?<Si:M'v i,k aNV Ai'lVVKATI'S, Ail cffivta Lulu# s ,i. ly i rodti'N'd by extraordinary At AN ('A L v KILL. tT llf . To TlliS i'UBLIC. I ntll nmv th&p'iltl.c have been aretmtomerl to nee in th9 under-dj.ned list* Dirert.r ,?r the opt-ra. and the manager of the very jrivutext mwhI and instrumental stars, auch a* SonLakiangr. lMc<olumiiil, Au^il, TUalberg, Henri Hera* Leopold do Moyer, Kivnrl, Vicuxtempa, and others of tha arne rank and atandintf in the KurojM'nn art world. For ihi llr.Ht time during hi* managerial career of fifteen years In thta country, h<' haa temporarily at ?p|?d out rotn Win legitimate ui!i uu' RV'* eml,Hrkcil iu hia prehent enterprise with Mr. II LKKM AN N. T> ihls he haa not ?1mplv lieen actuated by an intie> rent love of prollt, a* he has frequently refused to become Interested lu miiue of the ii?>.?t lucrative exhibition*?oxlubttlotta which, however lucrative, w ould have afforded t.nt Itltla K.'itt-stiK-t! >11 lo hl-t pride Mini amour propre. Hut tin-caa* I) dillercnt with Mr. IIKRRMANN, who is not only a ureal artist, but tinqucftlionablv the greatest living in Ills peculiar ni l. The undersigned, during hi* yearly tmvi la lu Europe. huaaccn the perforinaneea of Mr llliKRM ANN at .move of the first an 1 most exclusive Opera Hnuhes drawing immenM crowd* at (M'KHA I'RIt'ES, and creating a scnaalion second to none of the greatest In- haaw llnessed, whilat the dUlloctloa of hia manners, and III* piquant delivery, have made htin unlveraal favorite, lie can, therefore, fully endorse w hat the lioroiic.in press has -aid of 1IKKIEM ANN, that "hUaipearanoe im* been a new revelation In the art of prestidigitation, nmhnl of Jenny I.liul haa been ill singing."and lu thisoplnioa he la borne nut by that of some of our IIrat cltuens and <!! tlugiiishi <i member* of the press, who hnve had an uppor tuiilty of seeing Mr. IIEllltM ANN at several private soiree* he has given since his arrival, and who all predict I I* I ulleat Hiiccens with the public of New York, wh i so n adily approciatc genuine merit, anil who will, it la conllde.'itly believed. Hfllrmwlih He ir voices the verdict which the beat critlea of Europe have pronounced. It. ULLMAN. MR. I'M,MAN Respectfullj announces that he is making arrangement* for A REtil'LAR Ol'KUA SEASON during the winter, Willi the two real prima d uiue, MADAME MEDORI . iMADAME VliARTOtf, with whom he haa made cuu IP tonal engagementa. Mr. Ulltnan taken mueh pleasure in announcing thai ha haa at iaal succeeded in persu .idmi? 4 ? MA DAM K K1STORI i. ~J to make n profensional tour in America, accompanied by hei J own troupe of THIRTY FIRST CT. \Sfl AKTIST*. Although Madame Ki*t<?ri will only arrive in Sei'*eml>erv 1802, Mr. ulluian gives thus early inulce t ? the public, Imlievfng th ?t the announeemeni of thin hum eKjMvted >in<f great artixlical event will be received with mueh sutUlaotiou. NIXmn g ROYAL OIBOUS, Located in their illuminated pavilion, corner Fourteenth aireetand tJixth avenue, adjoinhu l'ALAt'K (1ARDEN. On this (TUESDAY) night, S pt. 10. It It 11 >1.1 A N't' t'llANOK OK PROORAMMF, HKI l.lilANT CHANUE Uf 1'RUt)KAJIME, Replete Willi new and CHARMING AIU3N10 SPEKES, IntriHliielng the * Th" two greatest ttiieback Rider* living, EATON STONE, i:\ToNSTnNK, EATo.V STONE, BATU.I SiUISIS, 1 (IIIS MII.M,, EATON SIONK, Ami t)in Italian. sebastian quinlianf, sebastian quikltakt. SEBASTIAN (JUINLIAM, SEBASTIAN yUINLlANI, AIhh the greatZOYARA, GREAT XoYARA, great zoyara, great zoyaka, great ZoYAllA, great zoyara. An.I 111.' WONDERFUL DUVERNEY, WONDERFUL duvernev, Tonother with AH I he STAR EQUESTRIANS from Nl'-V's Onrden. The LEARNED BUFFALOES, LEARNED BUFFALOES, Eleven In iiiuulH'r, Willi tlielr Indian trainer, und a varletf of other novelties. FOUR (JHAND DAYLIGHT PERFORMANCES Will 'in given t!iin w.'i lt lor the gratification of family parties Weilnrhiliiy, Thur...l.iy, Friday ami Smurdny At temoona, Commenting hi 2 o'clock. Admittauen S5 cunts; Children 15 of urn. BRYANT'S' MINS11EES. m ec 11 an ics' i (all. <72 BROADWAY, above Grand street, Kondny. Septrmbi'r 9th, and every nlcht dnrlsR the week. tin-pano-ni-on RAW RECRUITS. DR. TUMBLETY OUTDONE B. C. CAMPBELL In hi* (Hiniilur Ballads and Warbllnge. the stranger. Mr*. Haller EPI1 horn | The Stranger.. .D an BRYANT Doors open at 7 o'clock; curtain fines at 8. Tickets 35 eta. The great Canterbury music hall, M6 BROADWAY. GREAT ACCESSION OF TALENT. IMMENSE SUCCESS IMMENSE SUCCESS IMMENSE SI CCESS IMMENSE SUCCESS I1IMENSL SUCCESS IMMENSE SliCCBtMJ GREAT SENSATION OI'.EAT SENSATION GREAT SENSATION GREAT SENSATION canH".| hv the antonndinf Fi*at<> of tlio AS 11 ToN AC ROGER* TROUPE, ASIITON A ROGERS TROUPE, ASIITON a ROGERS TROUPE, ASIITON A ROGERS TROUPE, asiiton ji rogers troupe, ASIITON a ROGERS TROUPE, asiiton A rogers troupe, ASIITON A ROGERS TROUPE, ASIITON a ROGERS TROUPE, am1ton a rogers troupe, ASIITON a ROGERS TROUPE, ASIITON A ROGERS TROl HE, ASIIToN a ROGERS TROUPE. ASIITON a ROGERS TROUPE. GREAT GYMNWI'S, GREAT GYMNASTS, GltEAT GYMNASTS, GREAT GYMNASTS, Till'. IMiiING T.'ECTIELLE FEAT, THE 1) \ RING L'ECHELLE FEAT, with the uiiuarulhiled LEAP OF TWELVE FEET LKAl* OF TWELVE FEET LEAP OF TWELVE FEET To a . SWINGING rope, swinging ROPE, SWINGING HOPE, SWINGING ropb. li.-uvin.; ii:I competitor* fur In Ihe shad". The i*i inriiiBiicca of this must talented Troupe include l'echelle, trapeze, TUMBLINO, LA PEROIIE, SLACK ROPE AND CLASSICAL groupings. By particular desire the great Burlewint Eight bctweeu JIKI. NAN AND SAYbKS, HEENAN AND 8AYER8, HEENAN AND HAVERS, IIFFVAN A\T ?*V?H.S, IIE KNAN AND SAVERS, FI'N V\ AVD SAYh uT 1!KENAN AND HAYEKS. HKKNAN AND SAVKRSj ?.?**** ?**?{? HEENAN AND tvA YERS, H KEN An " OA'ER". Mil T'lE BATTLE OF FARNBOKOUOU produced under the immediate supervision ot the ORE AT HERNANDEZ. ORE VT HERNANDEZ. CHEAT HERNANDEZ. GREAT IIERNANDBS. ORKAT IIERNA NDEZ. OREAT IIERNANDBS. (J HEAT II ERN ANDEZ. ORKAT IIERNANDBS. Who "ii tliia occusIkii win rnict thf character of TOM SAVERS. TOM SAYER8. IIEENAN by PAUL BERGBB. Oth"r characters hy CHARLEY FOX, J. II. HIDWORTH, FRANKSPEAB. Fifth week of the eraud PANTOMIME PANTOMIME PANTOMIMB PANTOMIME PANTOMIME PANTOMIMB PANTOMIMIC PANTOMIME PANTOMIMB OF THE SOUTHERN REFUGEE. OF THE SOUTHERN REFUGEE. OF THE SOUTHERN REFUGEE. NOTICE.?THE THREE CONTRABANDS will make their lii>t appearance Thursday night. THE MANAGEMENT have great pleasure In announcing an engagement with th? in nut succcssful and original Ethiopian Comedian of the pra> h>' lit dav, 8AM SHARPKEY, 8AM 8IIARPLEY, 8AM SHARPLEY, 8AM 811ARPLEY. Also with 8IGNOR AliECCO, 8IGNOR ABECCO. The celebrated Tenor. Also with T. LA MONT, T. LA MONT. The great Basso. Also with DAVE REED, DAVE REED, The great Bone Player, who will appear shortly In a ltand of Eighteen Minstrels, tit* largest and most talented company In the world. Notice.?Duura open ut 7. Performance at 7W. FOX A C'L'RRAN, Proprietor*, ADOLPH BERNSTEIN, LEADER OF THE UNITED STATES HOTEL OBC1IESTRA, AT SARATOGA SPRINGS, Taken much pleasure to announco to the fashionable world III' New York and Brooklyn that he has returned with hla Orchestra from Saratogo Spring*, thin morning (Sept. 10.) and will prepare now, for the ensiling New York season, to fnrnliih tin' moat fashionable and *e!euted niuaic for Serenade Parties, Weddings, Sociables, Receptions, Ac., Ac. N. H.?Any number and every class uf Instruments that nay lie desired furnished. Orders received only by A. BERNSTEIN. Leader of the Orchestra, No. SO Crosby street, near Ikooroe. QCRX-O-UKAPH OF THE WAR.?THIS IUUIILY BKi> tertnlnlng and instructive exhibition will open to-morrow (Wc lii"s(la;. ) evening, atelght o'clock, ill lfo|>e chapeL 730 Bronil? ..y. This is a most milendtd auil lifelike lllustuition of the great Arneriean conflict, prepared by eminent artists. ami will be exhibited with diaratnlc effects, In connection with a popular discussion of thin most eiciiiug topic. rpiIBEB LIVINO WHALES I NOW ON EXHIBITION UNDER AN ELKOA.NT PAVILION, AT JONES' WOODS. The?c Whale* have been obtained at great etpenge FROM THE NORTHERN SEAS, And at a great outlay of ' '1 labor and money, A LARtiE TANK Ha* been e.rected in these beautilui grotinds, which it IQ^> plied with PURE OCEAN WATEB From the East river, at the rate of ONE MILLION GALLONS DAILY, By noans nt" a powerful Steam Pump, which throw* a dx inch Stream through ONE Tllol SVND FEET OF IRON PIPE, Wbi'!i h-i? been laid exptessly lor that purpose. Kv>TYb>.!v I as h' arl of WhRb s, IN "NrflSKItV TALES" AND "SAILORS' YARNS;" Kvervb "I' !? * i ?<l ol Whale* in Slow, Kong atel History; EVERYBODY WANTS TO SEE WHALES, And now they h ve the < p|-.,rttinlty o( seeing them in their own native element, swim elnp n'i<rat :n ALL THEIR BEAUTY AND tJRACE, A* If disporting in their own native seas, the mom pleasing, In trnmivQ and Interesting exhibition ever introduced to the New York public. Admbson only 23 cents; children under twelve, 15 cents. BOWERY THEATRE TO LET?WITH SCENERY, WABProbe and prop li Immediate jswsessioii given. Apply to JOiiX S. OIL;*, Receiver, Ac. .No. 31 liliwbclk street. GttBAT VICTORY! WHERE? In R; Miwaj". WHY? Becano the Parisian of Wonders t.1! Anatomy Is 111". . y In Theatrical.?Atrmit-i and m-iki ks ok reci^ tr?'il :-'iilitv, rinil im nitrui'tiv#* I).ir' ?l titiigrn:. 11; 'ni * fur tii.' I'll I iml wiiii-r s. -.1 - M, w 1 1 iii>?* ih? lill V i.-l^i 'l limiii'iliKt v, Muting '.11Kit/ii.;i<*? and Irani alar,. TlMtatoopw. about U^Kh. ^ p Metropo.iuu Tbc*Uc, IXiruit, Uiclk %