18 Eylül 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

18 Eylül 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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I 2 sS-Iu ? Important from Venezuela. ANOTIIEK DEVOLUTION?OENKHAL PAK7. INVESTED WITH THE mUTATOKSHIl*?TUK ACTING I'BESIDKNT OUSTED, ETC. Ou tlm 29th of August, tho people of Caracas held a meeting, at which It was roaolvod, that In view of tho dangers and ovlls with which the country was overwhelmed I and tho Inablility of tho government, to rostorc peace and , security, n chaugo was necessary, and tho following rosoi lotions were accordingly adopted:?First, that Gonoral Joso A. Paoz bo recognized as military and civil chief of the republic. Second, that uutil the General's arrival at the capital, Colonel Joso Fchesuria should act In his stead with full powers. Colonel Kcln nirla bad previously issued a proclamation or call f,, the meeting, which gives tho movement die sir ratlc r of a military revolt tha i tho act of peaceable civilians. Here it is Fkuow (''ir.rmrs?1The armed force, vigilant for our liberties and Hie safety of the republic, proniHinced this morningnya" : the government of Dr. 1'edroGoal. It (tho urine! ! r ?) surlains public order and gives guar unices to all i liizeus. In Its name and by the authority with winJi 1 am invested, 1 invito yon to meet at four o'clock lion evening at tho San Francisco building, to delib rat lively, ntliesii , at ion and resolve on wliat Is best for tho coohi i v. < owie all. 1 offer you the fullost protection. You will find In mo a defender of soeloly nud cordial friend of all my country meu. Citizens, to San Francisco I with the country at heart, to exorcise an act of popular loverci nt.v. Siiior Miiiien, tho new chief of |K>lico, issued a similar call, with this dilll'ivuao, tlutt ho calls ou the people toeudo what the military had already done. This movement was brought about, in some measure, by tlier-: .uti, n of Heueral l'aez, at the request of Dr. I *, .v ting I'i'r-iiiii'iii. iho General's letter of resignation Is dale,I at Valencia, August 16, ami cvinoes inoro not row than augur. It may bo reincmborcd tint it was for precisely llio sauio ci'urso towards <>oti. Paiot that topular indignation (brood President Tovar to retire, leaving Dr. dual in poaseaeion of the executive power, with tho additional powers of a dictatorship, and, strangely enough, one of tho very llrst acta of tho new Dictate was to send I)r. Qulntero, Secretary of State, to Vale chi, lo d- maud the (iooeral's resignation. Naturally it ha I t'm eft ct of exasperating the military, who aro nmch attached to the veteran hero. So groat was ili indignation that all the ministers were obliged to reMgu. aud Dr. Gnul was left without a Cabinet. In Valencia, wh u th liows spread of the object of Dr. Guititeio's ml, and that General l'aez had actual.y resigned, tho excitement was tremendous, in I the entire population turned out, comIph tely blocking up tho street where tho General lodged. Tho crowd nm ilnod there most of the night, cheering rc|>oate !ly and calling on liiin to show himself, which ho was oblige 1 lo do. fhinechcs were made by severul Influential persons, and the scene throughout m described us having ben no -t animated and imposing. I Tho war in tho interior continues. Falcon had suffered a defeat, though not with very heavy loss, and another fateiofso, named Aeosta, met with similar 111 lurk, being 111 iii-ii in in iiin luiiruuciuiurius wuii luu loss ot a great number of J1'" men. I Academy of Mnsic. TIERHMANN, TUK rilESTl 1)10ATATEt'R. nermann, the oolebratcd preetidigitatcur,orsl'ight or h ind poiTormer, gave his first soiree at the Academy of Music, on M n ley evening, under tho management of M ssrs. UUman it Palmer. The Academy orchestra, led hv "lhoo. Thomas, assisted. 'Ihe Academy was crowded to overflow a.; w iih an audleuco such us one does not see there during a regular opera 6easnu, hut of every class und > condition (f men and wotuon?exquisites, actors, divines, artisans, holies, all jumbled together in a brilliant and appreciative tiros, Not Piccolotnini or Patti evor jammed the house so completely, and so far at; tho receipts were concerned the occasion was an entire sue. coss. Nor was it I s in regard to the orchestral part of the programme, which was most excellently |>orformod, and consisted ot . miniature concert interpolated between the two parts e, Mr. Uerrmanu's soiree. Oi what Mr. Uerrmunu did, it is very dilTlcult to writo without overpraising him. The applause of the audience is the best criticism upon such a performance, ami with that i riticism Mr. Herrmann lias cause to ho extremely well satistiod. The New York public hav" been fairly surfeited with uiagi mns of evorysort, from the p-iily yllniiie Anderson to ilie Ore-cuter of tho Bowery. Tii y are accustomed, too, to look only at results; and provided tho feats themselves ho giand th y caro very little how and with what ituv binary thoy are performed. That Mr. Herrmann should have created a furore under such circumstance., is not a little singular, and very much to his credit; for, in tho (list place, the ?' balance Of most oflc i fi its, lust evenino. had hum, si?m ln.r.ir.. t.i most of Ula audience, and, next, lie differs from all otlior magicians, pn culled, more iu tlie maimer ih.ui in ihc matter of his tricks. It would bo saying too much to assert that he us s no machinery whatever: but he cerla.itljr luis no parapliar nulla, performs his feats upon an entirely clear stage or among the audience, ami wh it littlu machinery?of boxes, bottle;, Au.?Jio nsus ho placos entirely in tho hands of the audi, nee, un.t tin y liooerae, unwittingly, bis confederates in thu tricks. For hiatance, other wizards have brought (iioiies mi. I with gold tlshfrom under ompty cloths, but Herrmann c in-s down am ng the audieuro, brings out globe after globe before their very eyes, and cannot bo detected. Oihc: wizards have boeu llred at and esegpod unhurt, but II irrm.um allows the audieuce to examine hp' at hisImartToiid yet n plate hold before him. Apparently there cau bono d>enption about mat, uor 111 the lutt, n hich he borrows front u spectator, from which he brh.gs factb a stage full d feathers, fans, bells and cups; which ho t hum us into a baby; which ho burns before thu taoeof its astonished owner, and finally restores from the celling uninjured. Two watches and a pigeon are thrown out at the door, and ure found the next moment in a bottle, which lira b -en all the while niK>u the t 'age. Two rabbits aro rolled into one. Kings ate tired from a pislo! and reappear suspended from turtle doves. In short, nil the greatest tricks of modern stage magic aro performed without appato it machinery, without accessories and by tnsrn malum! iloslnrilu ?r? ..?? .. , j ....... , n.vuun,.!; , being given to tli>' spectators to detect the mumer of the delusions. As a sleight of hand performer Mr. Herrmann Is certainly unequalled by any who liave ever visited New York. Or of whose skill we have over heard. Hie most simple deceptions aro most wonderful, and ho sent liomo bis atidloucu, ou Monday oven Lag, after a Quo display of ventriloquism, la a state of great doubt as to their own senses, anil of bewilderment as to whotbnr Mr. llerrnmim was a mere man. Mephistopbeh ? or Caligistrv sgtuu rovivilitd. Affairs at lite Custom House. 1 ' During the last week business has been anything but brisk at the headquarters of Hiram Barney. EBq. The dark, threatening nppearance of the sky yesterday BCcmol to have a depressing'.'(feet or. the spirit of (be omployes, who had ample ilntc touotcal! thcohanges in tbuweaih'r, and attain groat proficiency in signing their names on small scraps of paper?two methods of passing the time, which is much in vogue just uow down at the Custom House, in times like the present, when importations arc light and business of all kludw very dull. Outside there wero, as usual, huge crowds of mat semi nautical cln-a always to bo found about sueh places as (he Custom House and I he lot inspector's bud ling. They del nut, however, appear to have any employment of a more responsible kind tbanwatcbing the passers by, and op]iaroutly inwardly speculating as to the business which occupied those who occasionally sauntered tip the steps and entered the building. Take them aUogetlter they wore a vory lair sample of that large class who havo at present "nothing to do," and who may be easily rsoogui/.ed as waiting for something to turn up. The Secretary of the Treasury lina instructed Collector Barnoy to permit the rebel iulerest in couttecated vessels loading or loaded, te 00 hon led, and the vessels to depart on their voyages. Those instructions nrs doubtless intended to apply to those vessels in which kuown loyal owners havo a majority of the interest. The ship Roalm. now lying nl Quarantine, has been seized by Inspector Brown, of tho Surveyor's office, under the contlscnlion act, sho beiug iiartly owned in the South. The matter will be thoroughly investigated by the proper officers during the present week. Snpreme Court?General Term. Before Hon. Judgefc Clerko (P. J.), Ingraham and Leonard. TfTE STKEET ritEACBUtO CASE. Sspt. 17?The Teople at the Relation of Edward Falk ener vt. M T. Brennan.?Tins was a motion to test the legality of eopviclions mado before Toilet Justice Brennan for a violation of a city ordinance in publicly preaehiug ou Sundays in the streets aud pnrks. FalKsasr was lined $10 by Judge brennan. Counsel for the preacher contend od that it was not a ease in which tha Poliea Jusi i. e had turisdlction, and that the arrest 011 the Sabbath subjected the officer to mi action for fame imprisonment Ihtenriou resorved. Perwnnl Intelligence. Mrs. General Robert Ande e n h a frees, n, fn. , on Monday morning, wtthher family. for New Yoik, hi au cleguut cur. provided expressly for her by th" Vvnnsyl vania Central Railroad fVmpanv. She will not be at her old homo, the Brcvoort, this winter, iu consequence of her being too groat an invalid to go up and down stair*. she, with her little boy and nurse, will ocsupy rooms on tho ground lliK.r at th. Fifth A^atie Hotel. Her three da1ah ters Bhe placer, at Mrs Ogdou liufltaun'A boarding school for young ladies. Captain Hewitt,of the Untitle Nary, is stopping at the Clarendon Hotel. Captain Greer, of the United States Natf General Anderson, of Kentucky; Captain >t*n. of Philadelphia: A. R. llornside,of 'In L'Dtted elates Ariry. B V. Cheney,ol' II slon; C. W. Chapman, of Virginia, and l?. Birntide and wile, of England, lire stopptng at the Fifth Annuo IP tel. Benjamin Coszens, of Providence ,t ?s. Alwood, if Uuds'iu; .1 W. Carrier and wife, Mrs. .). II. Young N. E. Ton Broeok, Samuel Eawson, T. J. Fonda and 1" Y. Cutler, of Now York, are stopping at the Gr.unercy Park Hotel. Hon. .1. W. She loan. K. I.HchlVlduii't c. O.Sampson, of Now York; (?. T. Flidman and wife, of Cincinnati: I P. Wnilamuand W. G. Fargo, of Buffalo, Or. derrick and C. Van UBnthoyson and sou.of Albany < W 1'ai kcr and J C. Browv,of Ik?loo, 11. 1. King, of Ws-blugtoii, P. A. Breiror, and E. 0. Eblon, of Trov. *ie stopping at the , Astor House i CbJ Bddr, V-B. A.; E. W. Rddy.of Son frarr see; Jol n Alatcande.r', of Ohio; p. A. January, of Ft. Inula: CV 1 Howe, C. S. a. , Jo tge Pierce, of Boston I n Ward, of Yatklitft on, M". 1? 0. Brenu, of Ualtiinoie s. Klmhad, ' r 8.H.; AiuMS smiwcll. r.a N., ai.d r. K Ifni;, of Ctttt, ait- sTflpptoy r? the Metropolitan Hotel *" fin Tctrr.-^n4 em! wlo and James Ksid and family, of Albany: E P. at Auburn, Dr. Howard, lT s. a. : j. 3i.EDldtt of ErrAnckj. X. WhscVr, of Bidgsport; I?r. ynrtan., df W;aiht?et,a. O II. Podge nod wifo and J <\ Abbott and wife of WpwllMnpshuv; M Uae* and family, /IT Garucua. J, W.Osb.ru O G. Wjyer and 'P. M. Devour, : Vm. atifl fatnflv, ef IVtnton; fleu. Or wllln'niailt. nf Fan'or Hit', mid Ai-. Apqgrtnn, at Mara- ! ohutmauuH; KWllPUig at -cheat. Mchjut Ui/Vol- 1 NET The McManaa Obsequies. IMPOSING DKM0N8TRATI0N- HRltMON OP AROHDISHOP HU0Ht8. Tho McMsiius obsequies took place in tliw city on Mon<1ny, ami wore of qnito an imposing character. From un early hour in tho morning crowds of (>oo|>lo were assembled In tho vicinity of tho Slovens House, whore tho remains wore laid out In state, aid all those who so desired wore iiermitted to outer and pass round tho coffin. Quite a number of distinguished citizens were anient; thoeo who paid this appropriate tribute of respect to tho deceased. Tho funeral procession loft the Elevens House about ton o'clock, mid proceeded to St. Patrick's Calho dral In tho following order:? Section of Police of the Twenty sevonth Precinct, under coniuiaud of ('apt. Hog rt. Conn oil's llrass llanil and Drum Corps. Detachment of the Pliu nix Zouuves, with arms reversed and crape 011 the left arm. Color bearer, wltli llag covered with crapo Dodworlli's band |H-rforming a Dirge. Two Compunios of tho Sixty ninth regiment, under command of Captains Kreslin and .las. Kelly, in sections. An open Hoarse drawn by four horses with sablo plumes. A C.uard uf Honor of the I'lioeniz Zouaves. Officers of tho Sixty ninth regiment and otflcers of tho rnceilix auuttvub. Grand Marshal, Hon. .Michael Connolly, preceding the McManus obsoqulos. Committee and Deputations of Irish Citizens, wearing mourning badges. The remains wore carried up the main aisle and placed nour the altar, whilo a Holemn dirge was performed on the organ. A grand reipiieui mass wus then performed by the Very Kov. Win. Starrs, V. <}. Mozart's splendid muss in I) minor was sung in a magniUccut manner by tlio choir. At the conclusion of the ceremonies Archbishop Uremics stepped to the front of tlio altar and delivered the following eloquent euk gy on tlio docoosod:? It Is a groat deal for ns to know and to be able to slnto tlint the deceased, whose remains are now before the altar, loved his country. In all times, In all nations, and under all circumstances, whether of savage or civilized lifc.lovo of country has always been hold as a virtuo; and tlto Catholic church alway s approves of that virtuo, for m the tune of hor doctrines tlio lovo of country comes next to the love of God; next to that comes the lovo of frionds, relatives, ticighbors and society. Now, this lovo of country lias generally boon understood as that by wjiieli nn-u defend their native or tiieir adopted soil, and support its government when that government is lawful and not oppressive. If tliut government should degenurato into oppression and tyranny, then would come tho lovo of country, but not lis government. This lias been the rule, not by authority, but by recognition, oft he Catholic < hurch in all ages and throughout tho world. If is manifest, and It is sometimes mado a reproach, that our principles lean, us some say, too much to the side of what Is called conservatism. This is, to a certain extent, true; but If true, it is llie more deforcing of approval. We liavo not read that in tho propagation of tho Catholic faith, even in tho timos ol the Cicsurs, of tho Nitos, the Caligultts,or tho tiloeletians, Christians evor took the case into their own liands and robelled. Tlioy had not in tho (ioBpel which they canto to touch any precept to that olfnci. Whenever they went to other and distant nations to proclaim the truths of the (inspel, they did not find in the charter of their mission any special authority to overthrow tho established civil State. Nevertheless, souio of tho most learned ami holy men of that Church have lai I it down, with tlio general sanction of authority, that there are cases in which it is lawful to resist and ovci throw a tyrannical government. 'lite instances, indeed, in history ore not many, but Ihero is one to which all Kugllsli speaking people refer, and that is the contest between King John and ('animal I jington ami the l!ur?ns of Knglimd at Ituuiiymede. Tins was a lawful resistance, ami n wis one to which the tyrant lmd to succumb. Hilt, on tliuotherhand, it must be observed that those rebellious Karons sought only the riovcry of rights of which that tyrannical Prince sought to deprive the Knglish people. Little by little the throne hint been encroaching upon tho rights of tlio people^ and those men, os protectors of thm rights, took their stand, and finally succeeded in obtaining what is called a Magna Charta, tho great broad seal of Knglish liberty. \.,,l , .1 ol.., i manuscript or In print. It was handed over to the keeping of tradition, and tho violation of it wonI I ho a cause of justifiable resistance agHinst IImgovernment down to the present day. This is a right which the Culholic church recognizes. The only difficulty Is to know at what given point an attempt to redress the grievances com plained of may be commenced. The same authorities to which I have referred, particularly St. Thomas Aquinas, lay down three dlsiiuct cuuditiona to authorize such an attempt. The llr.-.t of these i?, that the grievance should be a real one, an actual oppression,for it is very difficult to re-establish a government when once overthrown. Aud we have seen that it is not more than twelve or thirteen years ago when new ideas gained the mastery over old govorntneuis Changes were made, hut the reforms were very few. The conditions then laid down sr.'?first, tho grievance must he a real one, eithor a new oppression or uii old one magnified almost beyond otultirunce. The second is thnt of a war of resistance. That is, tho impulse to resist should he a general one, taking m the whole population of the lnjurod country, with their united will, their common sense of the wrong inflicted, and their determined purpose to Htaud by each i tlicr shoulder to shoulder till tboy obtain rentier*. The third eond .t Ion is the possession of tliu lues us and tho ability wherewith to accomplish. with a reasonable hope <>r success, w h it they undertake for trie."'; i?.i,? ..muti ,mt il?, olhcr > suviT.ohs requisite it becomes a crime to under takn tho task. It is. at all times,and under ail circlrchmatauccs.an immense responsibility tocomnietco a ievolution, an insurrection, a rebellion,or by whatever uauio it may bo called. It is attended with im tueiise risk to the bodies, and frequently to tho souls of those wlio undertake it, without feeling their wny and knowing thoroughly what they are about. Nevertheless, in the case to which I have referred there can lie no reproach. The young man whose brief and chequered c.ireer has eoni" to an end in a distant land, and to whoso memory and remains you pay your respects, was one who was willing to sacrifice?and I may say did sacrifice his prospects ill life?aud evon lift) itself for the freedom of the country which ho loved so well, and which he knew had been oppressed for centuries. When I lie effort was made it is true he did not stop, lie did not tlallv to iiiouirn about the circnmciniwoo ?-i laid flown by f". Thomas, but be went into it disinterestedly, and willing tn undergo all the risks and res|*>nsibilitioii of the contest. Hot tins was not all. Tbo traditions that surround lite name represent him to us us a man not, perhaps, of the most brilliant rapacity, but one of u constant heart aud mind. and what is still more, one who, because bo loved his country, did not eeaso on that account to lovo his find. Through lifo, with wi a oyer Imperfect hois are common to humanity, lio tvas faithful to his Creator; lie never forsook lAs religion: he loved his ehurrh, arid died in hor holy commtnioa. And it is for tills, beside the public honor you |>ay to bis remains, th.il. these remains are brought before the altar of God. and every prayer aud every soli mn rite Is oflVrod up for his eternal welfare. This IB the part of iho occasion which would refer to mcmoio particularly, and it now only rcmains for you to unite your prayers for tbo repo-e is' the departed soul, and reflect tliat whether taken nivny in the (>rinio of life or at an advanced age. all niest reacli tile same end at last. This is the end of life, aud if any one wishes to study the whole of bis nature, and the great object for which God placed Mm in (his world, he will know that it la to do his duty to God and man. and by so doing to prepare himself for the enjoyment of nuothcr world, in which there will be no insurrections, nor oppressions, per tea's, nor son owe. At the conclusion of the Arelibi.hop's address llie body of the deceased ] mi riot was coaveyed from t ho church to the receiving vault in Calvary Cemetery, the precession moving in the aainc order as before. The remains will rest there for a w?ek or ten days before their Dual departure fof Ireland. Police Intelligence. | ScinrtAR Ceypccv ok a Morn kit.?A singular hicident occurred in tire lower bay, off Statce Island, en Moudny ' al If moon, which came very near resulting In the death ] af a beautiful child. The particulars of the oecurcnoo, as related by the harbor polica. arc as follows:?As the clip per ship lircadnonght, bound for Liverpool, wits proceeding to sea, tko captain's a! tent ion was called to the strange conduct of one of the jmsBcngers, named Mrs. Roes. Hie lady was accompanied by an interesting child about four years old, and to a'J appearance was a woman ef superior s'atlon an I eduration. After watching the woman and child for some time, the captain became conrinocd that I o had an inwine [*.--ouger on board, and he determined to send hor hark in the tugboat. Accordingly, when the ship had passed the Hook, and the lowbout a .is ready to rvtaru to N'ew Vork, Mrs. Koseund the child wore transferred to the lug. On the pussaire up to the city the hdy passenger was cluselv watched, but when the steamer was ap[iroachlng the Narrows she managed to elude tlie vigilanco of the crow,and,seizing the little child la hor arms, deliberately threw It overboa, d. l.uckily, the insane net was discovered In good season, or the lifs of Mie little one would have paid Ilia forfolt. A? it rras. tlia captain of tlie boat met with great difficulty in rescuing the child. Upon the arrival of the lug at the b.rse office, Mrs. Ross and bet ' I..Id ware bandedOVdr M too Twenty-seventh precinct police. When brought tn lite stall.,u house in Cedar ,.v- If vu? nvwil m>KU < MR > URI llllllll* nj|? III "I Mrs. Kose, but Maiy Monroe. Sbo Sftiil ilut she was married, and toid a story in extenuation of bor crime which was conch)fire of Inir insanity. The police arc oudoatroriug to tied th? woman's friends Cirn'm or Au.noeu Foatteiu, khox Rkoiamo.?An Englishman named 41#orge Wilson, and Ills sou, a lad about sixteen years old. were taken into custody at Malborotigh, Ulster county, New York, by infective Farley,a few days ago, on ohsrg# el' being fugitives from England. The prisoners, it is a'lej*d, committed forgeries to ilia amount of ?20,00o on the firm ot Brucofc TattersOeld, of Yorkshire, aud 0<-d to tlus country in the stouiii bip Kangaroo, wl l b arrive1, on the 11th ulc 'Die fugitive" wore pursued by a cmipte of Ingl'sU dc'oetivas, who, upon tiicir arriral in th.s city, consulted with lite auihorith s here ui relation to tlto matter, and at their request detective Fa 1. v was dot-,ttie ' to ferret out the fugitives. Alter a pro trtvcti d searh Wilson at < hi! *on wer? discovered secreted in Mulborotigb, and taken into custody as provk" sly stated. The prisoners weir ent back to ittighind on Jion lay in tbe chip Dreadnought TUnmo AtTinrr at Robbkrv.? Oh Monday evening two young men entered the apartmmii- of CallrAnu* t-chnci der, at No 143 arenuo B, ami, fli . n.g her alone, attacked hor in the ni'st Mirage manner. Whilo one of the res i .".If choked her to insensibility. Ins companion proroeo id to rifle a bureau drawer, as if in search <' plunder Boforo tho thicn hnd fully suereed-d in line en., how rr, po> iceman Wiis u/of the 1 . v .till pr r,v I, ar. ivcd at tiro Hceiio cl hie tro.olo and fright n jd tli I'd nv- off. An oxciting cha^'e follnwod, In which p< man Yai s took part, resulting tn the arrest ofVfllliani Wall.: and Michael Stephen:!, on suspicion of being tli' r bh ig. The aivuiMal wore brought imforo Juslico llrouuun and cow luittod Cor eiwnUielwn. V YOKK HEKALD, WEDJ The Recent Heizures of Veneli and Southern Property. UNITED STATUS PIHTIUOT ATTOHNKY'H OEKICE. Tins following lirtt will show tho number of vosseh seized anil the amount of property libelled by tho authorities hero. The amount la ovor $.500,000:? Sept. 3, ISO J A package, marked A. B., in tho Pork Bunk, containing c rtillcates of deposit for $42,400 82, belonging to citizens of Confederate Statue. Sept. 3.?Eight thousand nine hundred nud llfty s'-von dolluis and twuuty-eiio cents in Ainerican Exchange Liank, belonging to citizens in Confederate States. Sept. 5.?Trotting maro FloraTomplo, bulouglng to Win. Mcl'i nald,ol' Uallimoro. Mure bonded in twice her vuluo and discharged September 7 Sept. 7.?707 corks of llrno, enemy's property, in storo Ko. 4 Washington street. Sept. 5.?$12,000 belonging to the New York and New Orleans Steamship Compuuy, and in tho hands of C'rochoron, I,i\ ingston a Co. Sept. 6.?Trunk and contents belonging to Levy M. Wiley, in lhink of tho Stule of New York. Sept. 0 ,5,000 bugs of coll'oe, onetny'H property, imported in ship Anna lluwou, and stored at No. 200 South Street. Sept. 7.?Bonds, stocks, 4c., in the control of the At lantlc Mutual Insurouco Co., belonging to citizens of the secedod or Confederate States. Sept. 7.?000 casks or wine, enemy's property 8cpt. 7?ltomls, stock, scrip, In the control of the Bank of the Itcpubllc. belonging to citizens of the seceded or Coufodoratc StiUoa ?j> !> .. i?iwuub, asc., ?c., iu ouviuicui uuuk , Doiuuging Lto citizens of socoilod States. Sept. 7.?Bonds, slock, Ac., belonging to A. R. Taft, J. Filur, Win. JI. Wall unit other citizens of tho U ini'uderate States, in bonds of It. L. Maltlaud A Co., No. 03 Heaver street. Sept. 7.?Bonds and ollior property belonging to Lieut. Harislcue, luto United Slates Navy, and now la the service of tho Confederate States, in hands of tho Peunsylvauia Coal Co., No. Ill Broadway. Sept. 11.?$.'>0,000 in.hands of Peter Campboll 4 Co., belonging to Johu K. Mllner, now In Fort Iafayotto. Sept. 12.?$8,040 in Union Bank, onomy s property, fg Sept. 12.?Bonds, Ac., belonging to Mr. L. Smith and other citizens of tho seceded States, in hands of tho St. Niebolas insurance Co. Sept. 12.?Stocks, kr., belonging to citizens of tho Coufederato Slates, in hands of a lie Groat Western Insurance Co. Sept. 12.?Monoy, strip, cotlon, kr., in hands of Brewer k Cauldwell, belonging to citizens of Confederate States. Sept. 13.?Money, Ac.,enemy's property, tu hands of Bingham k Parsons. Sept. 14.?Money, stock, kr., enemy's property, in hands of Uuboiso k Yumlorvoort. Sept. 14.?Money,stocks, Ac., belonging to citizens of seceded States, iu hands of Yrossliolm Bros. Sept. 14.?Money und other property, belonging t > N. E. Folger, of New (Jrloaus, in hands ot James Clark ACo., Of Hudson, N. Y. Sept. 14.?Monoy, Ac., belonging to citizens of seco led Stall's, in hands of Titos. Monalian, Sept. 14.?Money, Ac., belonging to Goo. Miles, J>hn Garrett Guuthor,enemy's properly, iu bauds of John Young. The following are additional libols upon Southern p o porty:? Upon money, stock, bonds, dues, interests, he., in hands of 11. 11. Cromwell & Co.. No. 8U West street, belonging to citizens of the so-called Confederate States. Upon money, stock, scrip, b 'Uds, Ac., In hands of tho New York Life lusuranoo and Trust Company, belonging to citizens of the Confederate Suites. Ujion nioney,bonds, Ate., in hands of Hawkins, Logtm A Co., belonging to citizens of the Confederate States. Upon money, bonds. Ac., in hands of Bowman A Murchisou, belonging to citizens of tli" Confederate States. Upon tin ney, bonds, Ac., iu hands of 11. H. Frericli A Co., No. 47 Fxchaugo place, liclonging to citizens of the Confederate Slates. Money, bonds, Ae., in hands of it. M Blockweli A (Jo., No. 114 Front street, belonging to citizens of the Coufederato States. Money, bonds, Ac., in hands of Win. P. Converse, Tv ler A Co., belonging to citizens of tho Confederate Ruth's, i Money, bonds, Ac., in hands of Lecesno, FrorcsACo., or Charles Lecesno, No. 24 William street, belonging to citizens of I he Confederate States. Money, stock,cotton bonds in hands of Caldwell A Cole man. No. 80 Wall street, boionging to citizens of the Cnu fedet ate States. Money, scrip, bonds, deposits, and all other property of whatsoever nature, iu tho control of the Merchants' ifcuik, city ot New \ork, belonging to citizens ot th" Cooled rate States. Coroner's Inquest. Tiik ALi.ttr.ib Abor-iion Cask in Hurwox Sritrwr?Tlio inquest in (lie case of Mary Dunl?|>, it young Scotch woman, about twenty-six years of age, who died ut No. 613 Hudson street, from tho oC'cctg of an abortion, was commenced yesterday afternoon, by Coroner Schirmer. The evidence elicited thus far went to show tUefollow iug state of facts:?Poceaged came to tlii country about two years ago, mid went to livo with her undo ut 643 Hudson street, where tho remain at until the month of March last, when she procured a situation an seamstress in Leako & Watts' orphan asylum. On Saturday week she bov earno very ill, and was attended by Dr. Wood, who prescribed some siniplo remedies for her eomplaint. On Tut 9-lay last she wnsdown to her uncle's house, where she. was attended by Dr. Norvall, who preHcrlbed castor oil and powdors, two or ah cS remain. Deceased lingered until Sunday last, when she was found dead in In r tied. There, vvns some hearsay testimony ?i.-.,.i iim o.v pn-eil having confessed that she bad been -educod, hs'1 had had a miscarriage, nui tliore was no direct testimony bearing tiimn these points. Dr. Norvall who attended deceased in her latest iiiem ints, could not be found by the Coroner, bo the cago was adjoc.med for further luvcstigrUon. Arrivals and Departurrg. DKI'AItTt IlKS. Ijvrnrnoi?Ship Dvailnouglil?Mr nn<l Mrs Bovil air I three children, S iiAuel llallilcy, E? |, and 300 In IhttKccnii't oatim ainl steerage. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Tuesday, Sept. 17?6 P. M. The following is a comparative statement of the exports, exclusive of specie, front the port of New York to foreign ports for the week and since January I:? 18s9. 1s0o. lftftl Kor the week $1,544,445 2.151 ,:tJ8 l.ws .i-js Previously reported.. 4u,'.W8,S<12 62,800,376 8s.730.8at Since January 1 $47,541,007 84,781,733 90,71?,3oJ This is another heavy export; that of the week of last year with which it compares was unusually so. We are not impvrtiug two Billions a week of foreign goods; if wo continue to export as much an this we shall draw the specie from the other aide in any event. As the season advances, however, it must be expected that the non-shipment of cotton will inako a difference in our exports aa compared with previous years. The flurry in the money market has subsided, and monoy is offered to-day at o per cent, though some lenders continue to a?k 6. The advance was gratuitous and could not last. There is too much money here anil too little business doing on credit to warrant expectations of a permanent advauce in the rate of interest. The transfer of a lew millions of dollars hi specie from the bunk faults to i tho Sub-Treasury is an occurrence of no importance whatever, so far as the- future of the money market is concerned. The gold returns to the banks iu the comae of a few data, is again Wn owed, and again disbursed, amino on for any long tli of tiuio, without disturbing the relations upon which our present easy money market depends. When trade revives throughout the country, and enterprise resumes its old activity, then it will be time enough to expect an advance in the value of money, and a quick demand ut the advance. Under present circumstances bankers and speculators may contrive, by turning to aceonnl the unusual phenomena of the situation, to galvanize the market into The every now and then: hnt these starts win necessarily be very snort-lived, and will gene rally be followed by reactions. Foreign exchange closed steady at 10'? for the Bos' ton steamer. Very little business was done to-day. There is little or no demand for bill-- from the trade: the inquiry which pnl the market np came chiefly front parties who hold in their hands Southern moneys, and who are remitting tlwm to Europe to avoid the vigilant pursuit of the United States District Attorney. H is hardly necessary to rsntark tluit fliis demand is not permanent in its nature, and that in the course of a day or two it will subside altogether. The Southern banks began to remit their money to England as long ago as January last. The balance remaining to their credit in Northern institutions cannot be very i large. It is probable that there will not l?e much | left after the present week ends. As to the probaj ble demand from the trade, we mod only remind our readers that the tables of the trade of the port ' for August, whic h we published iti this nuraing'g i 1Ikkai.i>, show an excels of exports over imports j of a million dollars tor the month. In previous r years we imported in August tw ice as much as we j exported. It is pretty evident, there for1, that uu demand for bills from the trade can be relied upon to sustain the mark' t. A slm p reaction in the exchange market i- generally ant: ip ited by bankers. Stocks continue extremely elall. To-day, partly owing to the weather, speculation seemed entirely dead, and price - at .he morning board receded a all round, which they recovered in the afternoon. The heaviest decline at tlie i myming hoard was in Pacific Mail and guarau NESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, I toed, both of which fell off % l,er cent. In the nfteruoon the market was all hotter and stocks closed steady, the following being the last 1 quotations:?United States 6's, registered, 1SH1, 89% a 90; do. 0's, coupon, 1881, 89% a 90; do. 6's, 1874, 79% a 80; Indiana 6's, 77 a 79; Virginia 6's, 61% a %; Tennessee 6's, 42% a 49; North Carolina 6's, CO a 02; Missouri G's, 42% a 49; PaciHc Mail, 81 a %; New York Central, 72% a %; Erie, 25% a %: do. preferred, 45% a 4G%; Hudson River, 99% a 33%; Hnrlenj, a %; do. preferred, 25 a %; Reading, a y?\ Michigan Central, 41 a %; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13% a %; do. guaranteed, 29% a 30; Panama, 109 a 110; Illinois Central, 66% a %; Catena and Chicago, C9% a %; Cleveland and Toledo, 29% a %; Chicago and Rock Island, 42% n 43; Chicago, Burlington aud Quincy, GO a %: Delaware. Lacka wana and Western, 07 a 0*: Milwaukee und l'rairio du Chien, 17% a IS; Illinois Central bonds, 7'a, 92 a !?3; Delaware and Hudson Canal, 82% a 83; Pennsylvania Coal Company, 70 a 78. The banks paid #3,500,000 into tlio Sub-Treasury this morning, mailing 50 per cent of their subscription of #50,000,000 paid up. The weather operated unfavorably on the popular loan, and the subscriptions were fewer than usual. The following was the business of the day at the Sub-Treasury:? Receipts 18,034,303 04 ?For customs 8,000 00 ?Treasury uulos 3,803,000 00 Payments 1 ,'>03.102 75

Balance 10,107,292 00 We are permitted to make the following interesting extract front a private circular by the Huston steamer:? Foreigners, particularly Englishmen, buvo very oxag(prated idea- of the injurious effects of the rohe'liou upon the trade mid prosperity of the Northern states, from supposing that they aro suffering all tin' horrors uud disasters of un inteslino war. This is a grout mistake. To the Northern States the war Is as if it wore waged upon foreign soil, aud hemmed in from tho sea by a powerful lleet. Tho rebel Slates contributed in lio way to tho military or naval strength of our government. 'I hey produced one gr.-at staple, which the North took and sold, supplying tho producers with their clothing, a considerable portion of their food, nearly all the luxuries,and tho greater part of tho necessaries of life. Thoro wus nover a moro complete, rounded and independent nation than were the Northern States before tho rebellion. Tlioy were no more dopetnl! ' lit upon llie South than Ureal Britain is upon t lima, nor half so much us it is upon India. When the rebellion broke out the trade with ti e seceding Slates Instantly ceased. The Northern States wore iu tho iwsilion of a merchant w ho bad lost several good customers, hut w ho. w ith a little economy and the growth of Ills business, very soon finds himself in as comfortable a position u.-. ever. The increase of tho population of the N'oiluerii States will, In a very few years, gives us a trade fully oipial to that withdrawn by the South, should the latter forever disappear. The increase of population iu the loyal States from 1850 to 18IW was C,4U2,048, while the total white population of the rebel States Is only 5 ISO, ill. The value of tho trade of such Increase is worth twice that of the whole South. This statement is con elusive |iris>1' ol' tl?- recuperative energies of uur people. The drift effect of au intestine, or civil war, is the destruction of the internal trade of n country, tor the roa son that production ceases, and mercluindi.-e can notho safely gent over Its highways. No rebel soldi r basset his loot upou the soil of the free States, and their nidus tries are pursued without anymore apprehension of being interfered with on account of the war than tic e of Birmingham or Miilc-hcstcr. In proof of this, wo glvo the follow ing table of t lie earn in;, s of all the railro.ol companies of thoNorthern States that report regularly their earnings, with thosa of th# Erie canal, for 1801. compared with corresponding | erlods for lsto. I! will be borne in mind that the table embraces all the roads that aro ne us tomod to report their earnings monthly, and are these that bear the most intimate rotation to the internal trade of the country:? /Joo-N. ISfiO. 18G1. Tnfi'ftse. New York Central, 10 on $8,(W.V25'5 0,01 1,211- Alll.tllS New York and I'rte. Id nios 4,383,075 ts.ll-.it. l it 0118,-128 Hudson River, II mo? 1,870,781 1,343,263 '-'27.421 Cleveland and totedo, 5 mou 853,071 372,ti'2 Hi,till Michigan Central, 8 inoa StYMW 9t-2.s-tt 3n,3yC Helena and Clit ago, 8 inn- 743,W'7 S". H<2 21!' '-'hi Chicago and Rock Island, 8 mns? 722,123 66S,os.*> '34,385 Clil., Riir'ton A Qulncy, 6 uius.... 121,730 838.033 :uisi Illinois Central, 8 m-i. 1,813,788 1,84.\:,-I7 220,610 Mil. A Prairte du Cbten, 8inoa... 36o,0ii0 646,847 280,187 Milwaukee and Ha Crosse, 7 mm 32'>.18t 824,732 2'"? 5o8 Toledo, Wulauili A Western, 8 tuns 506,703 (127,310 IV) S-, Chi., Atlantic* St. lands, 8 moi. 827.267 688.IMS 67,778 PHUb'g., Kb \Y.-iync A Hhl., 8 mos 1,176,829 1,531.812 878,484 Philadelphia A Heading, 8 inns .. 1,VM,071 1,841,060 '107,211 i -. - ?8 fbwestersi emoa. jgotgS c- 13?;??C ill. n iiiov >e*,."iu ill,.Sit "itlglSI Uric Canal, 6 unxi 2,331,301 S,30t!,s23 93.1,.>31 To'a!? $t!<5,3*2,368 39,343,707 2,701,139 *llccrcaae. Tlio table shows I hat the earnings of the great lines of railroads and cam s of the country, in this year of disasters, when, if wo are to believe the statements tlr-.t arc training to tts by every termor from abroad, ottr government is destroyed, anarchy triumphant, and our matoi ial ng well as otir political deslructi n sealed, are greater by nearly eleven per cent than !u l.-U'i?a remark ilny active und prosperous year. Vre commend tlii:! result, with some-comparative statements of the condition of the internal and foreign toinm roe >>f tho country, to lite with whom our utter ruin is a foregone conclusion. 'fi e activity of tlie internal trade of the country is strikingly illustrated by the enormously iucrcased luoveruent a! the great centres. '11.e receipts of grain ut Chicago in 1801 tiro nearly four times us great, its thoy were in 1339. and tii'ly par cobt greater lUau in 1SVO. Stock F.xrliangr. Ti 1.-UAV, Sept. 17,1901. |6000 U 8 6>, '81,reg COshsPcl iHCCo.hflO 81 1000 U S 0 s, '81,COU WO', t">0 rac Mai! SS Co.. . 81 11OO0 do 90 09 do 80 ;t 5000 T> S 3's. '71,f0g 81 100 do s3u 80 1400 Trea'y 12 pc us 101 4?o N' V Central ItH. 72', 3000 Ohio O'a, '70... 00 241 do 72?., 19000 Tcnnfl's, '90... 40 loo do ?10 72?? 2000 do 42'-; so Erie RH 26'; 4000 Virginia 8 s.... Sly, 100 linrlum Uit pref. 25 1000 Michigan 6's.. 81'., 100 do 25 COoO IIHfetial reg 1-e 80 100 Reading RIl..l>80 35*,, 22000 N Carolina O's. oo\" 10O do .V>?, 8000 Mo O's.itH&SJH 42,', 800 Minh t -n RR 41' , 37000 do 42?* lOOMSo&NlRK.blO 13 5000 d>i h30 43 20 MiobSo iXlt'd sk -js\ 25000 de e80 42 V 10 do 28 >(, 15000 do 1;80 42'; ?Panama RR lio' 5000 do hIO 42 in SO III Ceo Hit scrip.. 65 I 6000 do #15 4214 160 do fu i 14000 Georgia t> ? .. 64 'JiKltal lidii RR.... CS'j SCO do G3*{ 100 do ?00 67 2000 loulsiana 6's.. ftS J SO (to 630 OS 6000 Brooklync vr I.. OS 400ClekTolRH '20 8000 N Y Dent 0'8... 92 100 <lo 29 if 1000 Mich So 1st m b 82 160 Chi fcltk Is RR.. 42\ 20 alts Am Rxcli Bk. SO 10 rto 42', 10 Del k Had CI Cb.. S2Jf 60 CIi!,Bnrk(MlH.?30 00 do 82>? 10 New Jersey Rll... 112 BCONI* BOARD. $2ocors6?, 81.00U 89,26shs?nrCenRB.l.dO 75 3000 C 86 s, '74, coo 78,V W) Erie RR pref 46 000 Tree 6 pr ct 2 r 961,' 60 Harlem RR pref.. 26 6000 Vlrgiiiafi'8.... 91 >? 80 MIeUSokX 1 g St* 20 17000 Missouri 6'e... 42}i 10 1'ananiaRR 110 tiuovj t aniorma t H.. 7><}f 40 Uuleiia i Ohl RJI. 60% 7000 Twin (Ps, '90... 42 V 60 do sir. 6? 'j 4000N'Qirotl?ift6>.. 01 60 do s3 0(? i~ JkXX) 111 coup MP, '70 83 100 Obi k Ro k I KK.. 42^ 6 ah* Metropo Bank 86 % CO do b30 42% 35 Pel * Hud CaCo. 82 S 6 do 43' fOrHoitlcUailSdCo. 81 100 do bl6 42% 50 N Y Ceo KB. 030 72 X C1TT CONMEIljt'IAli KGPOllT. Tubsdxy, Sept. 17?6 1'. U A.-?i?.?The market was eteady but quid, with sma! sales of pots and pearls at $5 25 for both sorts llr.MWn pre.?Floor?The market was ogam firmer and in good demand and eblpjiing brand* were from 6e. u 10c. iwr barrel better, while the higher grader were also ; tinner. The transactions embraced about 21.000 bble. closing within the ftiliewing range or prices Superfine Slat# $4 70 a 4 75 i Extra State. pood to c6oict> 8 10 n 8 60 Superfine It estcru 4 70 a 4 75 i ' (oiunx.n t? choice Western extra 6 10 a 6 10 j Extra Canada 6 10 a 6 50 | I kiixed to alraiaht Southern ? 08 n a mi i Straight to good extra <lo 3 86 a 8 00 Choice extra family and linkers' l>r?iiUs tunii no Hy* flour 2 29 a .1 30 Corn uieul Jersey ami Brandy wine 2 80 a 3 10 ?Canadian floor was steady, with sales of 1.000 a 1.200 bids. sieging within the range of lite tlx to price.-. Southern flour was Hi fair demand, ewpecinllr the medium ' Ktade*. with sates of 1.1100 hhls. obtain# witlnit tin; I ratyja of tho nhove tpiotallou*. Rye flour whs nt | | lair request at enr iptoutbits. (Vim una1 ww | | steady nt our quotations. wrtrlt wtbs at 12 73 tor Jersey and lVandya na. Wheat ? The large ! ) ; (Ktlj ta and firmness hi freight" feuded l?t render ' tlisniaikrt leaa Ivioytint, ami tdescd nt a decline of lc. ! per bosltol for mini grades. The thiol demand nun for [ Krutioe. The salca looted un about 260OOO bushels at $1 '.'8 a <1 20 ft r white Ohto. f 1 for C.inadimt club. If I 3x I tor white ( altadA. 8 26 a $1 no for w in! Ulchlgitn .fi 26 ' .tfI 30 f'i whita Kint'Kby.fl lbb. a$l 10 for rod b'tate. f! 16 a <l in tor rob Western, til 30 for ami" r do. I 1 10'j a $1 11 for ainbi r Iowa ami \V> on,in.*! 0T a i I jl (10 fir lUich.e spring, and CI a |1 0*J fur Cbltago ' ! spring. It.cue ipuet at 66c. for AVi.-.loin, and 70c. for I North river C in wits firmer for ship; i. g Me, v\ith ; i if "I 2loC00 In.iho;--. chi'dly for Ihe f.i.-uw f .1 and for ecttt rt, nt dite. a WW. for h . i. it: film a ." > . for bastern p i?, nt.it t { > . a 6Ho. for prime t-'i wiv Western mixed, i>* V for Western yellow . anil tu 6he. f. r W d- | e't! whl'e. i to'ley and latrl-> n ill were r, met and "ties 1 iMii-hat " o. itat" Tveroihni. w tb pans of Canadian at I; a Jt2r . e d Mute at 86f. ( unr The luarkc. was Itrm 1 t tj ' t f r Rio A sale j o' l,bn;.t of Java were uV ,v *.'0' Wnt. i.ott A. n t to tbo I'ollowii v w okly ueeourt of sales ft lit I alt k III their eireuiiu of to.day ?Stork of Rm colli'" on tint loth S\ii'nih w, 1 oil, 117.bi d h.tgv. Total sale" j for tin' week, 44,oO.'5: irep r1 ml. 2.620 .'"took of Hbr and , hanto-t en fli l't'i of ,m'a . ltfll. 100,509 hi "..lavn. | I ma C.oiO g eri.t out be , .". to, (.'"Ion, tu b i ! I 11,2SI. bags, 2. Matacai ... 111,430; St. Onutnto, ' I 4Bombay,GOO. Stock of Rio, Septrmbot 14, lialtii more, 15,000 ItagS. (,\m? 'I'll. ma hot was .piiet. TltOro t/ar. uo prcs-uro to sell, w he 1> hi- were holding ol? The sal s wero I coufluud to?Wa WO baler, in small low, which hardly I w 1 1861. afforded any reliable basis Tor quotations. We quote middling uplands at 21 lie. a 22c., according to size of lots, qullity, terms, fcc. Krkkihw.?Kates to Llvorpool were Armor, and 60,000 a 70,000 bushels grain wero engaged at 10<l. a 10},'d. for corn in built and ship's bags, ami at lO^d. a lid. for wheal do. do., for Hour Vis. Od. was asked. To I-ondon, about 18,000 bushels wheat wore engagod at 13d., in ship's bags, and 2,000 bids. Hour at 3s. (id. To Havre about 60.000 a 60,000 bnsbols wheat wero engaged ul 23c. a 24c., and some 2,000 a 3.000 bbls. dour wero roportud at 75c. a HOo., chioily at tbo latter figuro. To Bromen 200 hhds. tobacco wero engaged at 40s. To Antworp 600 bbls. dour were engaged at 4s. Hay was quiet at GOc. a 70c. for city use and shipment. M'Sjcshkh.?A sale of 95 bbls. Now Orleans was made at Mo. Navai.Htoriv.?'The market was easier, witli sales of 125 bbls. spirits turpentine at $1 15 a $1 22, itnd 3,200 bbls. couitnou rosin at f-1 a ?1 12 The exports for tbo week embraced 317 bbls. rosin to Liverpool at 8s. per barrel. To Antwerp 334 bbls. rosin. Total, 081 bbls. rosin. Iloiu.?Mr. Turner in his weekly circular of to-day remark* as follows:?' The market has been quiet since tlio dnto of my last report. The accounts of tbo crop now lit the midst ol gathering are, I hat the estimate previously given was above rather than below tliu mark, the range of estimates now being from one half to two-thir'lsof last year's yield. The weather lias been very One for securing the crop, and the quality is likoly to bo very good, although less rich in ' lupine" than usual, but very line In davor and color. The pretouatons of farmers are 25c. a 30c. per pound, but in this thoy aro likely to bu dlsap I II , V- .1117 K'llUIUOM ll"ll,U"l? nil .l.lllllll * thut our itii|i is h short one, we ahull ho dopendont upon foreign markets to consume u surplus that la inevitable. 1 quote now ut IS' , a 25c . mostly 22c. u 24c.; 1800,14c. a 18c., the Inside price for inferior, with it very limited supply of good on hand; older growths ure entirely nominal, ftp rln for Iho week:?To Isjudon, 62 bales; to llrcmen, 35 do.; to 1 iamb.ire, 2 do.; total for tho week, 89: previously reported, 12,963; total since January 1, 13.016 bales. Ihtovisjoxs.?Pork?The market vvus steady, with a fair demand, with sale ; of 500 a 000 bbls. at $14 25 a $14 37 a fl I 50 for heavy barrels, closing at $14 37 VJ n $lt 50. uu.l at $9 70a.f 10 for prime. Beef was steady, with sales of 175 bbi*. at $10 25 a $11 60 for repacked Western mass, and nt 2 fill a $13 60 for extra do. Hoof hums I were Arm at $14 u $15 for Western. Cut meats were in fair demand, with sales of 200 hlids. ut 6'<o. a 6'^'e. for bains, and at 4,V- a 5,'.Jr. for shoulders. Lard was fli nt and in fair request, with sales of 300 bbls. at 8!4'e. a 9*$c. Htate, butter was ill modoruto request at 12i'. a 14o., and Ohio at 8e. a 10c. Statu ciiocso was held at tic. a 7c., and Ohio ut 6c. a fle. Pin;.?"ales of 130 casks were made at C'?c. Si-cars continued Arm, but owing part to the storm of rain tlioy were loss active. The sales embraced about C')0 lilids, chiefly Cuba, at 7^c. a 7Jfe. for fair to good reflntng grades, and at 7J^r. a 8c. lor grocery qualities. The sales included 140 hhds. Porto Rieo ut 9o. Tlie sules also embraced 142 boxes, part at 9c.. and 300 bhdg. include, and 1,466 bags Chinn sugars at p. t. Tobacco?Prices continue Urm, with moderate sales of 170 hhds Kentucky at 7>ae. a e)?'c.; 62 bales Havana at p. t.; 60 do.Want, do. Wiiiskbv?Tho market was steady, with sales of COO a 400 bbls. ut 10c. fculrs ot Krai Kstntc. By .1 ames M. Miller. House and lot s. ?. 32 I -t., 242 fl. w. of 1st ay $2 000 Do. n. s. 31st st., 2.30 ft. o. of 2d ay 2.000 To. s. s. 84th st., 260 ft. e. of 2d 3,009 I,)t s. s. 14th St., 200 ft. c. of 1st av 3,023 SHIPPING NEWS. Movements of Ocean Steamers* FltOM El'HOPE. JVatnes. T.eiies Date. For Kaneurno I vr?ij.O"i. ..Sept 4...Now York Nev. York Soutbam) in Sept 4...New York Anglo-Saxon Liverp ? 1 Sept 5 Quebec Mnropj! Liverpool Sept 7.. ...Ronton (ii? tt Kastern Livrrp'.i Sept in...New York Saxoniu. Koutiwrmnton Sept II.. .Now York l'ei-sift iiivrrpool Soj t I V .New York Fulton Southampton Sept It5...New York FOR KFROl'R. Arabia Ik*ton. Sept IS...Liverpool ('mgie.s N'f wYovb. Sept Antwerp J! t u lOnia New Yoik Sept 21.. .Hamburg Africa New York. Sept 2.1... Liverpool Kannnoo New York. Si pt 2Y.. Liverpool New York New York.. .... Sept. 26 Bremen FOR CALIFORNIA. Champion New York Sept 21... Asplnwall North Star New York Otto I.. Aspinwall KLNC TOy,,TA., HAVANA,MAYAN7.Ac' AND NASSAU,N. P. Clka*ob?From Now York for KtnjIrtftiL Ja. on the 20th <! nv of e li month. The CleaUu* i.*avua? for Nov; York on tiro G:h i ! e o-h inontli. and will b lue b re about the 15th. i'ov.umttia and Mauto.n?No atatcd days are > ot llxed for the i.vpat Hue o. Hie. Columbia :? .<1 Mar on fur Havana, but tbey will ha I about every tc n d*i \ touching at Key Weal out. v. a rd anil boowwii <\. Karnak?From New* York for Havana via Nassau, ND, r \ the arrival of .-very alternate, Cnn.r.i Ktoamer at New York. M at wax ?From New York f r AI.P tnzaaoi, the 8th day of each month. From Matauraaon the 22 d. due at New York on Im 18th. SPECIAL NOTICE. All letters nnd pacific, inifmlrtl for tic Nfav York TTcrald houtil be era led. almanac fob ssir y mii;?this dat. st'n msfffl 5 41) wmoff "-sk* eve ? ? son met a 0 <15 i itiuH water morn 7 10 Port of New York, September 17, 1QG1* CLEARKD. Ship TInrvt 4 Qu ? . ^ oung, I. rp< ?1?C It Mm shall A Co. Ship Tempo >t, Whimey. Iiavic?.1 <> linker & Co. Ship (iohport, Merrill, Havre?Don d Jt llinckcn. Ship llarr > lliuli, Ncison, Havre?Flinch, Mciucko & Wen it. Ship N< w York, Dev. burst, tlavi c-W F S hmtdt. Shin f.eon! la , Woo f, Rneno* Ayr ? Snow A Burgee. Unr a Tlvolft, li. ?n\ a, I'onco?S :\;cs A < %o. Mrf Antomuti (Ital), Lst"ra, Cad! ? .M K> hcverrla A Co. S. 1 i Ttmmusli '. 'nmlp P -'iin^u, Nnr1'1??McCrond/, Mntfc s l!i ^ Colin C'ampbol: (13-), Vigns, Dcmarara?Smith, Join- ; .V Co. Krin Mary Ar S 'san (Br), Hull, Uas-1 or Island?J Douglass. Srlir BalCe < 15:). Hi* FltC T- isnd?J ]V>tig?aa?. Bclir Ann K :/.u Tui-. Lv, St .John, NH-ll ,f .fc C A Dcvyolf. Jvlir F IMerrf. .1* kson, Alexunlrlu?L Kfi'iuy. firhr Klir.ubeth, Brovv 11, Philadelphia?JJnstcr. 8ehr 1> N If i? ' :i (!/?, Joy, forth Amboy?G L Natch. S? In-Oii.-, i .-on, rortlai.il?W S Brown A Co. SohrS*rah, Y<nk, Portland - Win lngulls. S -hr l.ury B! il.o, Everett, Portland?Vvr S Brown A Co. S'Ur S Ciilnian Ci o-.voM, Boston?S W Low Is A Co. fciohr Kinjrgold, Ct o-.ycll. Bosum? .^2 *tor, Soln- \VnrH?':'. Cnvkclt, Boston?\V S Brown ? Co. S' lir 11 It B irnr Barnes, Providence?s G .twin. St !>r O C Ae'.cu, Pock, Staml'orJ?it Sanford. S"ai S P God it;, IloU'rr, N*\r If: vn?Muster. Steamer (oword, Norman, Pbnniio'.ith'.a. Sfamer Bovoily, Pievi;<\ PMhwh- num. IGth?Brig A Peters (not A Pile), \Vcite, Coustantinopl#?C A E J Peters. ARRIVED. r N gunboat Pule. , Boston. .*16 heir*. ship Ami una (<?f K.' inu' a :, M"), Whit more, London, tho h Aug 10. in ballast, to Ne^nuth A Sons. )0th Inst, lat ?03B, Ion ? d-L -poke sehr Joi n W Minor, hence for Londonden r. Shin ArtKin, Pollard Boutou, S days, in ballast, to Hi<k? A Hell. B.ii k Warren Tlalletf, Hattett, Boetoo, 3 days, in ballast, to iva tt*r. Bug Parion, Starrett. Thcmaston. S days, in ballast, to Snow A Br rgen*?. P. 1 g Lady of the Lake, Marshall, Romkmt for Boston. Sehr Prince of WMea (of Itorlcland), Piilsbury, Port an Piatt. Sopt 1, wl;h toba r? Art'to He'-al, A Dnu iu. 10 h , I.f lu( -<1 n i4?^?l ft t.A' b ._h.^vrr o UI. I i:u! with bin fcord'Ti and u blv* anuare in the ?"Dtro. Srhr LntbRih lof FrankfSrt, Me), Luskin, Grand TnrV. I I, 12 dava, rirv Iliduve-' Hole 2 d*yn, with mil, iw W Iugrlls Ctli lu^t, Int 31 96 loo 72 .'9, a poke c.Hn >7 B Hunter, from I'fciIndidphla for Port an Prince. Si lu Gm' e Uirdler. Ohrk, btugan, OB, 8 Jays, with ?c?t, to E Cuuard. Hehr MultruTP lilt), llemkey, Ha'.tfux. 9 days, with flab, to H N Ti: ur i Co S>,hr (!< ? HofTmaa. HcsiirlL, BhrtadolLbia for FslrkAren. tti-hr Kmtnn Warwick. Cadwmr, Kllwhothporti Hchr Mornfnu Siar. \\ take. Kliseheihporl. S' hi- Protection, D?tI.?, Kd;n6nkpui i for Boston. K- lir A J Oyer, R"*r-c Eit/ubcltporl for Bostou. Schr Angel, Lure, F3vnbrtara?rt for Now Bedford. S<lirZne, Potior. Eli/shethpert for Pall Rtvor. S< In Loader, B'a ve, KU/abothpori for l'all Hirer. Rchr Id udaon, On. It. irer. 7 U.ivs. Srhr (oi ?o, Holla?ok. I.' it land, 4d?vs. Nelir Oregon, (tleren, Ho klssd, 4 day*. Bohr I L suow. Arbors. Rockland, 3 days. Sohr Oarolim . Swum. Korkhmd. 4 ley*. fk'hiTbo* Hl>. 11*11, Hook land lorBeiidy Uxk. sobr Northern Bight, Hall, Visfi'baron, 6 day*. TnEn?t River iraji run into by rtrsmer .John Brunts, for'Bridgeport, carry is* airs* bow n in It an* libboom, with all attached. S. hr Tiioa Jffl>r-?n, Kctiny. Sal'iu. 9 day*. Si lir Kuril Happacn, Kelly, CNuiioestor, 2 ways. S' lir Ann Caroline, Baron. Boston, S d ay*. m Ih N tlsrroy. Wi lli, Boston for Albany. S. hr.I K Dnrib ", Daria, Fall Kiicr. Belli ronUiri. Bray. Wmrebarn, 3 ''ays' hr Whistler. Preabrry, Taunton. 2 daj 3. SrhrChanr, Mill*. Proiideiioe, 2 days. S?hr4) Siuii.ll, Barber, Wasterly. S- iti IVaketiol 1, Ilaswll, NnnagHi*eU Pay. Sebr Sterling. Mills, N>or Haven. SoHr Douglas, Jfew IHyu. Si-lir L' D. Crvnnar. N>* Haven. s?hr Banner. I*'*trr? tn*t, Hartford SrUi Ann Amtll*. t)**<*. Pot L .lei! ergon. Scl.r .1 li Hnatln*fon I.ovell. Albany for BosKm. Srbr K A sterrfs Albany i'nr Boston. S In Empire, hovel). Allanv t\ v B^ton. S li .'n/ett?'. Bolt, Aibnnr for Boston. S.'hr I. SpnnlA , fx^eil. Aivany lor Bneton. S lir Vintage, t'oi?vn?n, Albany far Sew Bedford. Si? p M E r>;?? K I>at 'f. HiizaWthpnri 1'er Fall Rive?. S'oopOak, EHzniteIfiport for Full Hirer. Si option W arreti Smith, Klirabothnwt for Kig llarbor. S' *anirr 8ena< a ft' * tnniapmt), Allen. Washington, DC, ?U habitat. Swatner F W Bonne. Faster, Baltimore. ?1 chut Sohrfr# v. rhr!*t#pbev. ItalHnibre. S-oftui' r Taccny, Kit, Philadelphia. Providence. S-.-an.rr !Y.re\ Young, PrOYldeau*. SAILED. 1?? li?Ahipa Dreadnought., and Culvers*, Liverpool; Uv U !' . ,o .tn. of anrl foi Biruun. Golden Hole, A*pinwait; brig llai nali, Havre. Wind n; etitirlw* FF.: at sunset NE rain In the afternoon. MiHCcllaiKonSi The stcamtng Achlki Copt \ Honnesy, came in from ofT Fire Iainud last evening. and reports no vessel* bound in fi in ih" Eastward ?t niis*o{. Tfc* f?\iTn hipDityof Manc',"*,er, Oapt llalerew, gall* for Qer-onstrnvn and Lives pool ?it Saturday next from pier No 41 N . I11. Ship Sharon, of Fn' l arm, .'Wl ions, as disi hanged from hi r ' vmagi . wa.? 'a * nr.* New BedtonilSth fn*t t' .1 ft Jordan, t Ho*t??n. ? r $!3U0. Sl ip St George, of N. .r Bedford 10* tnn% baa L*en par' - h.ij* J ??y Win \S d ? \ l v tin sum ??f $j000(fend urlll lititftflo! vi.pl'.t.M! t . ihi freighting business. Dri-r F- ant. of Now b dford. at th'.Vport, bn* been sold 1 he F S gnvernmcai upon private te4fe&fi, to bo ??>iwerted into a until r*. I 'The i.? w te.imahip Mia- Aalpph 2?X?0 toiH, belonginv, to tboVmnn Stemmhip ?. <">, w/U no launched from the h t; >i I n ll.ii'i - n I ji iiikj, tk\ Sfouth ii> -.ton* <-it Thursday ueSIM high wan . Notice to Maiiuri'Oi UlH?*VkAK.> n\i. Tho Lightvi es"! nfJtheTViil of the lT'i.?e Shrv\ Che^ipriko Day, having cvmj^cd impair*, vya* tvwed IQ her station qp. the 12th Inst. She has a aultabla oomplement of man, Will arms, lo guard her from capture. The Buoy placed to mark New Harbor Ledge, la the epriroaeh to Cautdco Harbor. Me, bas broken from lta moor* nga anil coiio adrift. It will be replaced aaaoon aa possible. A Sjxir Buoy haa been placed lo mark South Breaker Ledtp In tbo Thoroughfare between Ragged Arse Island and MotlniciiM Bock Light, Me. The Buoy Is placed about SO feet 8W of tin) Ledge, with the following buaruiga:? Ragged Aran Island, N bv W ltd miles. Malinlcue Rock Light, SfiJ^.S 2 utilesThe Ledge haa six feet of water on it at low water, with from Haven to ten fathoms all aroiiud. By order of the Lighthouse Board, J i> SKAVEY, Clock lat Llghlhoitsc dlat. rortland, Scpl 13, 1831. Whalemen. Arret Nantucket 11th Inst, echr Samuel Chase, MeCJuir^. Nantucket Shouts, with a 20 bbl whale?(he fourth one lbs* Hhe li.LH ake-u. Art st Now Ho.lforil 10th. hark Dr Franklin, Went port, to lit fur whaling lu Atlantic and Indian Oceana. Copt How laud, of hark Matilda Sears, or Dartmouth, roporta her utf .luau Fernandez May '10, with 05 sp, nil well; tw be at Tnmbca In October. Capt Norton, of ship Splendid, of Edkartown. reports ber nt Timor, Malay Aivblpehigo. Ma y 31, nil well, with 11J10 bbla spatnl '280 do hpbk oil; would rcinutu lit port for two days, recruiting. ? Spoken?Aug 20, lat 4017, lun 38 0.', S 'lir flcorgo W Lewis, or FrovloeeHiwn, whit HUap, steering E. Sept?, bark Elliott) t'liadln.X'lcavrisnd,of NB, 14 meiithM out, 5U0 ?p?by stcuiner Anna, at Panama. Spoken, die. Hark Old Domtuion, Wood, bouco for Havana, Sept 10, lot 31, ton 72. Fo reign Porta. Buenos Arms, duly 27?in purl bark Chevalier, Johnson, from Portland; Br brig Spartan, Met'tilhntgU, from NYiuit. Hi intu it, Aug 18?lu port senr E Kidder, Ilarksen, irons New York arr lilth. CAniutgas, Sept 3?Old brlgO H Frost. Hopkins, l'hdadet'''okandTub*. TI, Sept2-Nn Am vessel in pert. Havana, Hopt 111?In port slil|isj S Harris, Harmon; Bantliorg Wlltmr. and Junius, Ersklne, tine; barks \ Irginia Ann. HivHiii tutd Express, Rnttdberg, for N York; Theodore OnriU, Brazier, uml Canada, Mitchell, tine; brigs A A.Chapman, I am ten I: Hope, Simpson; Ida Kuytie., Jenkins; louim Amerlcn. Collins, and P It Curtis- I Lb v. line: aches Is note. Vance. for Philadelphia; May, Smith, uue; aud the ruccat arrival. lam;aykt, Sept 2?In port hark White Wing, Eslltig, from an I for Philadelphia Srtays; brig Thos ii Wattsou, for dodo. J'oht au Platt, Kept 1?No Am venae I hi port. Kr Iaoo, Ait1! 20? Arr Br schrs Alum, Eldorklu, Now Yoiic; L H I'nhar, Clark, Huston. St John, NB, S pt Id?Arr whr K March, S owers, HiiM. Tuimdad, Aug 28?Arr Hark Nazuvne, Waiiah. AaptawiilV. vivita chits, keptIn por; bark Illinois, Lovejoy, from Boo ton, disg, for Minatltleu7ih. Ainfiici'i't Porta. BOSTON. Sept 16?Air bui/.'!.? a C 11< I!, Shackelford, BarMre; brigs Nahaiit, Ktrout, Philadelphia; North America, Wallace, Kondout: schrs H Chile, Ha/clUm; C Moore, lugersol 1, M K Clark. Clark; A M A Id ri die, Ban man; J C Baxter, Boire; L P Pharo, Cra timer; Kxcefslor, Riley; John TilUdi, Tiltnn; Wui L Springs, Jonen; J II Moore, Ing'M'Moll; J II Allen. Ke.t'bnm; HOclia, Wlie.itJii; Snow flake, JMckersou; K A Wood. Oramncr; 1) <i Floyd, Within; Crisis, lie near, and .1 S WheMin, Smith, Philadelphia: .1 Lawrence, Allen, and J Tinker, Elbngwood, Elizabetnnort: S A Mount, Gerard; J M Freeman, York; Alida, Holt; .1 R <vd, Stetson, and Giunit? State, llallett, NYork. Cld sehrs C Grant, Pressor, Phiiaddtphia; Jane. Haskell, and Diamond, Norton, New* York. BALTIMORE, Sept 14 a 15?Arr barksKedron, Ferr.tll, Ri# Janeiro; Stella (Bremh Wolf, Bremen; < lir Astrea, Pine. Kastpori. ('Id brig A B Paiterson. Knight, Havana (and hid). Sid ships Arnold Boninger (Prus), Hnsbagen, Rotterdun; Ocean (Brum), Klopper. Bremen; Sir John Franklin, Dcnpeanx, R'oJauelro; sclir U W Troth/Johnson, StThomaa ami a market. BANGOR, Sent 12?Cld brigs Poitnh col. Edgerly, Najdea (not Sicily>; 14?ft. Aimer Taylor, Tajdey, lviiif-ton la; ficbr A E WHInrd, Conly, Santa Cruz. BRISTOL, Sept 11?Arr s. hr Eva, Nprthnp, NYork; sloop Rhode Isl.md, Remington, do for Providence. FALL UrYEK, Soot IS?Arr hi hr? A'exander Blue. Crawell, Philadelphia; Fair Wind, Jones, Alexandria (not Elbabethport); Silas Wright, Seaman, and Adele Felicia, Cartwri ht, Klizubothpor:; sloops Helen, ikibcock, do; Albert Richard*, Vnnderree. Sangcriiex. (iLOCCKSFEU. Kept 16?Arr brig Henry. Bates,Demnmra. KKNNI'MHNKPORT, Sept 10?Arr ship Abb/ ttrowu, Curtis, BrUl-l, K (and wan ordered to NYork). NEW BEDFORD, Sept 16?Arr schr* Ir* Div erty, OartoH, Nliriinswirk: I6?li, Ceiestln, Rankin, New York; A C Reeve*, Lake, and H English, Holloa, Phlladelnhi.i. SI 1 s Iii r Maryland, La. gford, Baltimore; Cbnnuoey si John, Doyle, Eli/abcthport. NEWPORT, S*?pt 14?Ait schr Seupor:, Velaer, Elizabethport. PHIL YDKLPIIIA, Sept 10? Arr steamer Kenalmrtofi, Baker, Ronton; barks Titos Dallott, Dill, Lugua>ra; Sen Eagle. Keuncy, Turks Islands; sihra Mecca, Edgett, Eegtnort; E M 'riiinnu. Hamilton, Portland; J K Dalev, Hart, ana Mercy Taylor, Niekcison, Boston; Cohnsset; Tohey, N Bedford; SL Crocker, l're. i *y, and (' K Yh kery, Babbitt. Taunton; Thou Borden. Wrlghtlngion, Fall River: !>r Franklin, Chipman, Norwich; Tantamount, Davis; Danl Webster, Perry, and Lavom Jane, lveb hum. NYmk. CM steamship Oriental, Levy, New York; bark Oak, Ryder, Boston; brig Jain'-s Crosby, From h. St Thou.a.-; scbis Ii \V prvt. Wheldeu; Polly Price, Adams: S A !> !< ? , Boiee, ami G W Cummin's. WVIdo'n, Boston; C riiiim uj, 'Futile, and K lleght, Kee.be. Providence; It B Gibson. Oro< ker, Norwich; C II ft, Shoe, Bridgeport; Flyaway. Davis. Folly Landing. Below, brig C II Frost, Hop kill . fit tip Car I, P'JBTLAND. S?|i' 14?Arr *?cbrs Joseph T.ong, Gilchrist, Philadelphia; Electric Light, llaskc'.l, Klizabcthport. 1.1th?Arr brigs Nellie Mown, Pik?\ and Resolute, Dvsr, Philadelphia; F. F la'wis, York; Georgia, Gilchrist; L A May, Baker: It G Whelbin, Neul; White Sea. IdUlehoM, nod Outs Francis. Rawb y, do; PhUnntbropi t, ChlpTiian; Pawtatnck, Hopkins, and Hurd. Brown. NYork ; M<?un:uhi Mcr:c, Ames, St John, NR. lor Philadelphia via Holmes's Tlole, fuilof we cr having i con in collision as before ret orted. PAWTCCKLT, Sepl 15?Arr schr Johu G Wright, Walliof, Philapelphia. PROYIDE0CE, Sept 14?Arr steamers Pelican, Jonco, and On pray, Kennrv, NYork; schrs Albert Pbaro, Lippinrott; Filon., Haker, and Wm L Dayton. Hand, PMlademnta; Nmhl Lank, Fleming. Frederick. Del; Amanda Moore, Kingsland. Haveratraw, NY; sloops David Sands, Bradbury, do; Fashion. Young, Rondout ; Mary Brush. Young, Jersey Oily; Wm 11 Bo wen, Brother'.ou, and Mary Attvmcr, D.imon, New York. loth? \rr steamer Petrel, Young, NYork; sehrs A Middleton Jr, Sipple, Gmvgetown, DC; Win II Rowe, Harris, vud T Ih iu'dlct, Gohisoiith, Phlli inlnhla: Cbaritv, Fowler, Port ih en; Edward Woott.cn, IHbblo, CoxsaclJe; sloops Benj Aiv n. Martin. Rondmitfnrjl'awtucket; Velocity, Piatt, Port hv.i n. S..I senrs J M Taylor, Pernio, NYork; M try A LoreO, KB. 1 :li and Th?>s P Cooper, Taylor, do; sloop Thomas Hull, Hull. <h-. SA LFM, Sept 11? \rr sehr S Moore, Slvout, Philadclpbii. TAUNTON, Sept I t? Vi " sebr.* .lames Neiloon, Burt, Alexandria; Nino lie, While, Philadelphia; 14th, A'lbcrt Field, Phillips, do. W VKl.ll AM, Sept Id?SI I If,th. Rehr Angler, Bo<sc, NYiu*. WAR REN. Sep; U?Old b t.k Mary Fr \n cs, B.irtoti, ManrRjus and a market. bOBT A\n FOVm DOG LOST?STRAYED. A SK YE TERRIER, GRAY, with bloc* ears and Uul; ha i o i < hi pa c ' ir and answer* to tbo name of Nelly. Arovwrd of $10 will^bc paid Height". DOG LIST?ON SUNDAY N{(IiIT, 15T1' INST. A liver colored Turner Dug; had i.n a o'.aek leather collar, with red e l;_-e; al*o claw on hind foot, find antvent to Ihe nam-of l'hilu. Whoever will return him to 1 lei Thulnpsoa street will lie suitably rewarded. DOO LOST?ON' SATURDAY SIGHT. HTH INST.; A Newfoundland Dug, black ba-k. white round the neck, breast, belly, Ac.; had oil a steal collar; ar?were to the nama of Spou Tit8 Under will clve $"> reward bv leaving In'm ai 158 Seventh street, or giving In Cot ma/Inn that will lead la his recovery. I pound?on ttik morning on the 7th inst., on the corner at Fifth nvonue an 1 I'oc'y- "ronil street,a bhi'-Wsti '. white Newfoundland Dug; a tan ted spot on one df his fare ir.pi, The neruer ran bavo hint by I'rovtug property, and paying expenses. Apply at No. 4 II ,us ton street. ' ' RDW. o'snuu I BOUND?IN THE CARS COMING FROM PmLADEL. phta, In the six o'clock train, on Mt> n lay, 16t.li mat., it Pocket Book, wilh some money aud pape.w In it. The owned cue have It by describing it auduttylng for this advertises menl. Apply al the ooul odl-e, 632 Washington street, corner of Barrow. TOST?ON MONDAY, 16TU INST., A LEATHER TITOR J Memorandum Book, with imparl of bo use to tuiv but tliuowner. A liberal reward will be |udd by leaving it at MS Water street. t t iST?ON SATURDAY, 14TII INSTANT. IN OOMIND Js home from the Control Park, a rettl blank Lnco Veil. Thi tinder will 'oe suitably rewatded on leasing tho same as No. 22 West Nineteenth street I08T?ON YESTERDAY MORN IXG, IN GOING from J Third avenue snrt Eleventh st reel to tiariem Roll road depot. Twemty.sixth street, a ladv's Slat k Shawl. Tbc finds* will be suitably rewarded by hair lug It at 41 East Seventh street. ^ Lost?on" the way from Brooklyn to new York. Certffleste of fait In Cypress Hilt OsneLery, No. 644, Lot No. 41, section one. The tluder will please return the same to John M. Cottgblln. 89 Beaver struct. Lost?on sunday, inn inst.. a fair OF gold Spectacles, In Barelav street, or la a Third Arenac Raifroad car. The ttader will be liberally rewarded by leaving I them at 230 Bowery. Lost?one centre part of a mink mantills; lost going from William to Dirlsien street, corner of Bayard street. The Under wOt bring it to MO Wlllistit street fourth flour. Every one t* required not te buy it. CtQ nnn -T OST, ON THE MORNING OF TIIE 9Trt ?JpO?UUU. tast.. $8,000, tu Certificates ef Deposit nn the Chemic.tl Bank, payable te the order of George \V. Hill. The above are of no use' i? any one hut the owner, payment hsving been stopped. Whoever will return tb? saeto to No. 14$ West Twelfth street, will tie suitably rewarded. G. W. HILT,. BVW^UM. _' j | (1.41 REWARD.?LOST, ON THE HTH INST. A BRINDI.R ipO Dug; has white tret, white oil the head and breast: had f dark. Wb i'fur will return him" to No. a White street, will receive the nbove reward. Off REWABD.-I.08T. ON SATURDAY E TEN I NO, UTtt <t>0 lust., iu Twelfth atreel, b-twrrn Fourth avenue anif Hrondw.iy, in a Madison avenue tdagv to Twenty-third eireet,gold Braeilet. The nbove reward tvlfl ho paid io th? Under, by leaving ii ai No. ,42 V< aer ttrrer, up arulrs. Off REWARD ?I.OST. OX 8ATCRDAY E.E.NINO, V?J Uiii Inn . in Kt.riy flitk (treet, nenr Bivni.v.ui, iw Bltt' lt and Tali Hlul; anawtrn le 'he nauiu of Mngcio. Th#r above reward a ill ba paid at 30' Third aimuc, on delivery of the do* {>9(\ REWARD.?LOST. A YOUNG BLACK AND TAN Oaiv" Terrier Priy. veMrrSay. la Oieeiaa atreet; bad on Ok Ulaek lud red leuMiri otdlnr; answers ic die name of Priure. The i>hove reward will Le paid by leaving linn at 646 Broadwet, '<ue"ineut, from I t" 7 o'clock. TIN YORK \Mi*. (h-A um AIM'. -LOOT, ON FRIDAY EVEN I NO, TUB; PtJvy bbii ins,.. auppeard on llroadwoy.it alngle atoufrj Uuuuoud I'ln. Tti?nVn\i reward will ba paWl upon ietiun-| ,?T l eg," I: 1.51 I'lillcii M I (e-rt RHWAnn.-TTOI.EN OB TAKEN IN MlrtTAKEr ?!N)Lr (rem rhe vteaiui r Oenrai; Law, font <d Kit relay - veri. on ?nnuvtitty, Auonai.SI, owe Trunk and V.tljUr. marked I. I'. Mi'.ili'i. Woodl.rlllge, New Jersey. Ally I returnlug tha Trunk. Vnl1?c and cnni-i .aun board -rumor (S-tDrgn i.mt.ioot e< B.ircl?y street, will receive the above reward and no q iaaoa na iiahad. or/i BHVrARD.?LOST, ON SATURI tY ETENINO. <!? >'' aenrnallan cameo brooch. liiedi i. nlemalelieaa In blqii i'/ier. en with e row of dinnmi. !? and pr?rl . fnp! poaoueli'Aer 111 Tlilrty-freith street, Kit : h avenue or Uroad; witv. Tfit above reward will be i?id, hy leaving ihc -ami lya, 1 i Titfaey A 660 Broadway. f SPORTIMh ! "litHANOIS L 1'TI.m, NO. H l'Ei K SLIT, HAS < f,r, THE | I rtioicr I'rr-ils I n- *u ck nrnt ante. Hntler?fyTufalHM? Mjv("lire ftM.t n?'ii K&tcrminaUir,80 cent* per i:LitIv'ii Hi i v . Ti Inl i \ Dis<\?-' s,oi iMfy* -- Dugs P*Mr?iM, Tm<:. it ?w. Mttftiutnc* lor nil \2 .VSfl. >' OU ST. HKHN'AK!) SLI T ivAMi.'' IIR All Hi - ' -i'1 ' ' JBI I .i 1 .1 bu* vV:<1- Vo*i QHtcCe I