25 Eylül 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

25 Eylül 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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2 MI'NICAb, ? COOD IIARITONE OK HAMS HINDER WANTE J\ In * 'ithiill' ' liuruh ill lli'x t'lly. Apply to (L S'-lnnli 1M1 Ninth Hli'oi't, la:twi*?ii 12 .*ii(l i oil WtnlmMiln Friday or Sittiirility. 1,11111 8Al,K-A POWERPl'L DOrill.E II ASS, 1 X1 yearn i lil; ft line timi'M i'?in>r, by tlie .Mi-r Kuritrr, ai it i ftlr ol' ilmiWi! Drutna. I'.'i iwiiioiiLirs *.|Ji i'W A. B., N 0 It.iaak Mrml, Newark, .V J, G1HEATUST IURUAIN EYEK Ol'l'KKED IN NIC I V'ifk, far n h?iliil cuiwl riii"-wt?<Ml doillili'. roilii 1'iaiiu, b.u .. ? line iik rrout, trifil** m- 'ililliv.H, m i penllue lm ti.ln, ran.- diiutli' lil.ii'ol, <.v. i -ir(iiik Im.,-, full hull Iriiun extra wid# mitiml board, uivlnu rrat >!?-|itli and rli'lini'M < loin-; mitl l.nally (be (: uiu is mie <>l tin* iiiukI rlciMiill tlliUlii-'l ami l.raiitlfnl imird rv.-r liiilh in this i-uiiii'n mail'' lo nrri rl'iirlbi" (iivmiiI owner l.y thf l?'?t mnlirr I lliu i'lty. ai ii i ?! " JTiall, tliH Carvilw ut'ine ? <tiuy lit $2?U ! ? li, ju-1 at ililn lliiii>, will liny i<. 'I' . li rn ami tlnif vhhui.: i" ay, . iiil I'url,, nt IP.1 II. nn mn t -V V. A Htm Will ro tll?* l>luai?. A I'JtxIl I 'Utum.T I ' I linil a ?,eat? bargain, linxuii ami rUi)iji?il II' ilcsln-d. M in' !> ' -<1>1 iuiiiii <1 lately. ("i uitab vor ^ a i. r: - \ iitAtmrn iwstrcvkxi T mvi'1'1, |>?.? -Pt ill trim-, inndi- In "; Miiul i.m >iar c ( 'otjij".; |'i!< * .'>. I.i'j'ii:v i Mr.'l'lllU.ll'S, nt ft.14.-rKiyni. ill s, 1 .hliiu itti.i-.', iMrmi''I l-u.tjn uiid Nukmui ati JU. 3i:\ I.IM'.IT, Composer nnd IV ?t ? -n? r of Musie, Still Ins* .1 -111 i'i . ff , No. 192 Tenth ntivet. TI<!11TK A- HKAMUUYS Nl.W <cALK OVERSTRUNG J H:ihh l'nteiit Insulated Full <5wi.it and Sip;:.i l'liiii. 1'. Ut Bvoonie Mivet. W' :it i .? . ybui'.y h inu. be true; everybody aa,\b they art* liiu lM-?t, therefore tin unut be tin' best, Mjs.s I'jurmiu). ?;?) kofutii avf.nfk, nkaj Tenth siieet.?Tea< her ot th" I'iaii" ; 1 Iiiam.i f An IJ ?u to re al, write aud *-penk rurre tly mi at hi -iv Irm >\i* IVnua moderate. Musk w.in'strivtion.?mi:. .1 u mm maokath 1 i - 11 l ' <f tl?f l.i I>r. i'Ihi'i'ii, |>la l>io. kjyo, i irher oj i e 1 u it'ovi.', v il r*iami 11twt Uac? ; * u 11? .i ii n"Uii * that In* '..is ?? tiun'd 11: l>r i 1 i!-Mi?*f*, u?ul will?(U' iim oniti ial i?U| .l in N.-u York m i ! -.ii. i' "r | i ; f .< ?;/.?i pie t ? ..:? - til U.il ?hi rr-h, ?v? . il? nry and Cbnion hsr ? i*. lin? Myn. A ! A(JN I ! '! I'NT UOSEWOOP I'l A.\I>; ? >RTF. TO !,t; MH If I } < 'I ol irilllK'iilitti'ly; is 7,1* *eiile, .Hi eoj\h i , i' . i i!?tr?iu^ ban#*, beaut ii i llv rnan. 'i d Ir ?li 11 line *C J ! ,, i!i'l llllt. a |. : e. Si '<> ' III II ... n "\-r, pi;J(, $IVi. Af :< ^<;?J-7 1'w'-ii tre? I, mar Ti. id avenue. (MOXoU A. AUDAVANI. I'A HI 1(>N K OF THE ACADK k? my ol Mu.*iv-, I'm j diMMUii^ : u ol big i..:i. to >rtvim Hin-iii'.' I. -?ui.- i-.i-i-i an- appfy .i fW I: i f N nth hi/vet, can' o| Mensr*. piano : . rrwii m;\v \ni) splendid ton/;d seven octave X r<?w\Yin>it l*lrtnutwitli mil n . t.illir nau.r. sailojied keys, earvod l*ns and over-trimi? bns> 'a .1 !* h?M at .? j;i -at na i liit' ior <.?s!u t'.-iii lw at 171 ridnl avi'iuw, pi ivatii diHjr. I' .11*? utadi' '?> it tir-i < I .*<#? city in.tk- r. VOCAL Ml'MC IN 1'LA.SSI-X saohkb OK SECtiLAU.Mr. ti. C. I?KXi''Oitf), viH-iillnf, uill airiiii^i' with parIIoh for tin* tail arid win:?*i ; alsn I' r iniimi?*it 1 c?ui\*o!.tf<?iiN abroad. C.*iiiiniinii-ntioiiH iu;iy b?* i I i' Win H ii! .v S?n?, W i l?r ?Hd\\ ay, i r hi tin* rt'i-.?i?*ii. >> ol V.r. I! , .V? W ?*si Twrniy-eig!i(Ji New Yurk '-'Itv. l*rivM.* aa iiMiial. ?7? wrWU. ---. J " 11 IWSTltl CTIO.% Alah\ OKT'IM uiullkst uksri:i rarilltv, an r*ii.?rii'rvi'd t.Mi 'arr, liavlu-; a iVw h-.. r* ?lf vnftap'd, ^lt'silVH la.iKi-aut?i i r i ; i;' ?^ \ i i 11 ln*;. u- !r to cliiiiiii'ii ?' ' 'IM s"x Jf?*f ' is.- .it iMtfru<.l!oii ? ?n* brat-vh all Mi Kimll a bran"li?v-. v.'ith wruin ? oinp '-n i"ii, &c., and v I 1 >?? ! and uiin .r iy tl r< i :li 'f in* in m ^,'Iihfa?'tory ret? h'l.ih uiv-ii. Ad.h^sM Iukiiu. ... * \ 11 ma Id ol\l*i?A N KXIM KIKNCr.I) i.A 1 ?\ TKA? II Kit OF TKK KX(IJ\ li>li bran* bi n ??i!? t - In i <%rviir??--. pi.vate vi i iuu in* Structi t>s, (o liidif* a lios.- r.ir'.y <????:.-. ]f-n > iia\. bi'??n ni'^io^ leU, T?nri? inodinat*'. Addr -^A i' ll?'ial l otlicH*. A LADY, EPt'CATKD IN la'KOi'K, COMPKTMNT TO Impart a flnialn-d rdu' iitiou, would Iiki-to obtain ds'liy luiti 'N In s .% V rk or Brooklyn; or would tako the sitinti'-.i of ivaidi-nt Apply at or addro.4 T? Ju her, No. 17 Vyk<. <11 fitifrf, Uiuokiytt. AC.WUV?Tin-; SlTHS41f*IHER WILL RKfKtVE NEW pnpi s I'a.ly for rla > r private instruction in IVninunship and Uoiiti',. Entry ?i< ?kk<?? piiu. Sii' ? ? h< ,;uaranti od. !{ '.! . N*o?i. OKwcrth avc4i'[' , .N. w \ - rk, and Jai'oiirt Mind, Brooklyn. OLIVER Ii. UOLlhSMITU. An ekgliph lady, experienced in tuition, desin .? :iii iigaivineut as hovitui -s in a family ; she in sump'tint to t?- h Eftgltafi, French, music ami ain^iiifr, mi l San :;ive rc<pr?-i.aMe reference* and testimonial*;. Atidivh-* It. G., tare oi T. II. II.1te ?v <N 7 Warren *f., New York, A GERM \N LADY WOULD (JIVE LESSON* TO A FEW ladle* in Drawuni and Painting. The adv? rtlser is m expericu' el ?nd o.mprtent. teacher. Apply at 3d West Ninth street, Ivtwecn Fifth and Sixth avenues. Although bookkeeping, penmanship and . Arithmetic ur?* oma spiH'ialliltitt, yK nmt'lt* pr.i> .? made fa-the iu?triictlon o: adult* in'Rca 'an*,, :> ii n .ml other English branches, each Htm lent u-ceivin^ -t?i. . .u ?vidual instruction, at PAINE't*. CJ Bowery aild t'ulton m street, Brooklyn At renvilles bookkeeping, arithmetic and Willing K??m.-. J Broudway, tlmman <?f Mudents, dnrin^ the punt til icon > curs, have been thoroughly tilled for uvery department ??f business. Instruction impart**! as ugu? al, day and evening. Teruu moderate, BOAKDInTT SCHOOL FOR BoYS AT NEW IlTT clielle?One hour from theciiv, vi.ithoNew Haven Hailroad, T\votity-s? v? nth street and fr'ottrth :i ^ entte. Thin a* ho<,i opened its sixteenth fall term on the t i*i<t , and i? now in cnucssfnl <>;x?r?itnm. R, LOCK WOOD, Principal. (1UOPER UNION MERCANTILE COLLEGE, IH AND 12 J Cmper Institute.?Open day and uvciiiug, The eourse ot inntruetion embrace# lw)?kkeepitig, biiMmsex petitnanahip, commercial U w, commercial calculation#, commercial coires |londencc, ike. BUY A.NT, STHATTON, PACKARD k PENN, 1'rlnrlpal*. French institute for young gentlemen, no, 46 Eaal Twcnty-ftmrtii street. ? Ronrditig ami day n<liool, classkwl aOil commercial, fourteen teacher*?Hi. American, lie* Kreneh, two German, one Spanish. A primary dcjmriiuent ami a pviiinaainm. Sw pro*i>ee!us foi detail*. Pror*?Peor EL1E CIIARL1ER, lMn?K?r. Will b< re opened on Tuesday, September 17. a' ationw, TEACHERS' INSTITUTE, s3& BROAD Ii way? rr.r T earlier*, Parents, Pupils and Trustee throughout tho country. Teaehen* warned?Principal?, av SiMants and educational corrcKpomu'nts. to aid in advancim education in all *ecilon*. Wanted to-day, a male ie?y her o i id ;V| ' . issUtant RICE A AKDRBWS. IIESIDENTOR DAILY GOVERNESS. ?AN HNGLIS1 *i lady of much experience lu the thorough system of a; English education. with mu>icnud French, and oflVring th highest tcstmoniala, wishes an engagement in a ^ ntl?-inan' i nil} Ad renC M., Poet tfllce, Bi Trot rm as seminary.?tHis um iruxiot </f|e?? Dim a^ uroulAted advantaft* ? ot nmr^y litty year ot suftesfilul operation. Every facility is provided lor ; thorough eonrm* of unet'ul ana ornamental education, undo the direetlon ??f a e*?rpa of more than uveuty nmfessors an leachem. For oireulars apply to JOtlN II. W1LLAUL Troy, N. Y. rriiK Spanish i.anuiacse w tai irtrr, ah iierv J. i.il'cur, bytTl'lilANOGOURIN, at flint..n Hall. A hi. I'la.'t', lo'im Nn. 7, Li hi .u v Hour. Ottice liuura tr.au 'Jk t< > 10) A. M , or inn 4 u< 3)'. >1, DllTOire ACADEMIE*. ADODWORTlIf? DANt'lXH Al'ADEMJUS, No. 2(>5 If iff li avenue, ?* . Twenty-sixth bt., New York. No. 137 Montague street. Brooklyn. CLASSES?'TGe*lays and Friday* in Vrnoklyn, ('ommencing October 1. CLASSES?Wodneedays and Saturday* in New York, t Commem-im; October 2. ' In the new building on Fifth avenue recently erected fn tlu- purpose, will be found every requisite for such mi ?*ttnl lishmeut. In addition to the dancing, Hansen will also h formed for ??serriM*s in a new system ot ?'al 1st turn lea, ectH cially valuable ladle* and children of dellrat* fmme. Mi Dodwortb would be elsd to make arram?em<mu with Hon; uuties for lessouii In Dancing, Calisthenics or Miliisry Drill Circulars for terms, 4c., may be had nt either academy. A CARD. ? MME. FERRERO JACKSON, RESPEC1 fully aiiTTumnf that during tin- alwue** of Colonel Pt?i rero, she will discontinue her school at Xo. 29 Went Thirtj Kixlh street, to take his place nt Ferrero's Academy.No. i West Fourteenth street, and trust* there io receive the su| port of her fellow citizcu.s while her son snm'orw the llag < our country;* BROOKE^DAXt'lXG ACADEMY, 301 R room EST RE El Ladles meet Tuesdays and Fridavs, 3 to 0 P. M. Ueutlcunn. Tuesdays and Fridays, *yx to 10M 1'. M. Children, Wednesdays and Saturdays. 3 to 0 r. M. l'rivate le*M)i>* at hours not occupied by ciasaee. LadJes primary dashes instruct ?1 by Mrs. Brodtca. The new dances nro received, and will be i*oduced in rapi Succession. All the lashkuuibie dances taught in one rourse r?f lesson In connection with the hall are reception, dressing a*: practis.'nsr rooms. Tar tb- free use of pupils* OPENING 80IKEE WEDNESDAY EVEJII3?, SEPT. 1 LOA \ OF new. AT 77 BLEECKER STREET-MONEY ADVANCED T any amount "li Diamond*. W&tchca, Jewelry, Ac.,1 anus, Segara, Dry Goods, Ac. S 1'anubrutrrs Tleke bought, at 77 Bl-'iker atreet, up tain. t~NO. 9 GITAMBHKS STREET-MONEY foi,OAN t any amount on Diamonds, \Vatrite*, Jewelry, ?tc., b the wcll'known and old establi- lo d ISAAC, Hrokrr a<ul Cnti mission Merehsnt, No. 9 Chambers street. N. lJ.?Ni> bus ncss transacted on Saturday. _ a dvaniu:s"made on di amon ns."watt nfes, j kv J\ elry ;m.! other valitaklea, or bmiulit :V.r meh at in value, lly J. S. ("OMEN, 306 Broadway, Ooronr of Dual atrert. runi.as vleiu il at tfcelr resldcncea if detirud. A bualnos* atrmly confidential. At j. h. barringer'8, 212 broadway, jtoo 13.?Tina old eatablUhe.1 oinc advaiues th.- lili-hc ?mna, or litiya l"r '-.i-h, Mflii'liand'.-o, IMiuivnda, art or mis. IVurU, W.iUnvb, Pluie, Oimcal Iuntniuicota, Ac. 'JU Bpuh way, room 13, v^*toiri?. A T CO NASSAU >-PHKET.-A. UONKJMAS, DIAMON Bn.kpr, mak. a llTk.-ml adva:iri >. on Dfamon.la, Watchc J.'walry, A.-., or buyalhain at full value, at liia prlvata <>(Tlu< 60 NiisHau atreet, r?(Au No. 2, hi uialrs. Buaitn M uontldui tial. ?OA TO ADVANCE BY HENRY HYMAN. 4 iP^U.UUU Brtlailu.ny. r-utn N". 3, "II Wntche*. Di 111 ,n It and M< reli.tnUlM ul every d. > n|Hi.iii, Inrni $11 *1 upwar Is. Merchant* and others in n .nit of money will ??. U III I nil. llii-liif-H Strictly erjiilUU-i.tuil, Olfla' will tl.i-.Cil from Wednesday until Monday mottling, 30tfi Inst. x. - agv ----- -?=- -* FUST OFFICE MOTICfcS. IkTOTICK. i\ POST OFFICE, New York, Sept. 23, l?6l, Tin" new St vie of apvi'mmint POSTAGE STAMPS |u nnw ready, ?ml fi r sale nt tills ..lllcc, Ex' hanue will iimile of the in w utile lor an equivalent amount ui' tbe t ji v.c (luringn period ur ST X DAYS ft 'til tit 'ilnte tf tli^ ii i < . ntt rwltlih St?mp*of the i l?nte will no; bereelv. 1 In pay me til uf Postage 0l? Letti fceut from thin uillce. \VM. B. TAYLOR, Puftmibter PBOPOSJULM. \ HEtl \TTA WILL BE SAILED FROM DAVID P< J\ i k h, ii Saltot-vflle, li. J? in Hi ts'l i), S pi. 2(5, li'.j o'l'V.rk pi !-rlv. The prize* will enn?iii> of ? snl?n< ?..| of ei'luts fni in. It itass, Mkoji i'l-JK1 1 mill eat rixneil, e? Cl.li t'l Klart se|?Mtely, Hilil no eiiTttitt. f e. In :it "ft-enther hottlil prove"\i|)Jitvorable the r? wlU t.ik- pi.n o li,.' next lair-jay. A . iml cif.itrder. Slat,. , kavejci* Vity every hour. F im 1<> eentK. VrO CONTRACTORS-PROPOSALS WANTED FOR T1 i J run at ruction of a Ire t pinnl, about live acre* in area, .tUc ?p alt ue uf l, iij 11 111 1 Fur limber particular* i Ipl) tu Mr. A. DOX.Slili, lV'itaUtiut, L. I. NE FOR RALE. _ I>, A HARK t'lIAM'K ?Koll S.VI.K, THE WI5LL KNOW1 ix, 11 l"iitf r?lal>llHhril and t't&nlrally located Billiard Room 1 y, l,afayc'U'- Hull, Hioadwuy, containing ten of I'lujuu's in pimod tnarblp ImhI Table*, toaMher wTtli the Furniture an ? ovoiyiIiIiik appertaining. Will In' ?>|d lit n Kivat MMirlUoi Si) Tli"> urc .I?il!u ^iiuil bu>iu' hii. I or teruii apply at 93 l'rluc id uticnl, corner ?< Men-er. u. A OOOD AND l'KOKITARLR CASH BUSINESS, I'AV iny jl 1 "J.OCO iH'i- annum, for Halo; part payment run b< A' Hindu 1 ii a V\ fsti'i'ii farm, AdtlrcMi bo* 488 Punt oflU'f, Nev id V 'ik. Tills In iiu nii'JIolue humbug nor patent right. Al'AINT AND PAPER IIAMIINfl STOKE, IXUNO / -!<> >d htibiiif mm, In mi excellent location; mnull runt y SitllMii' lory reaxoiin for soiling. Apply liuiuwiiuloly U r; W. A. t'UE A CD., XI I'urk row, roi;in IT. it < BARROOM FOR HAI.E-NOW DOT NO A MOS1 '< j V proiitabic l>u?iiii'?M, Kltunti'il in the Firm ward; U one ol >1 tin' Iwrd ktiiihl* III tliMCity: the proprietor having an appoint r nit*ul n miiil.-r in a regiment leaving for tlie ouatof war li obliged to di.-poac of it. Apply In Urn barroom, Motrin ittrecl corner Broadway, . r ii-.o-ii 11.1.r..-r"lin.iiiB, Ilic, RiABU M). S II r->imii-> i'iiw, West WuNliiugloii uiuki'l. - tM Ti lIKK H 8HOI>, WITH HOUSE, CA11T AND EAR1) IM'hfi I'll!* Kitkt>, nilUlltlli Oil nut' of tin* llOWt aVOUIU'H ill N?w York. Inqufn "i tl. CARDWBLLt 491 lliliii ivohui< /ms.u, no it roB make-on favorable tehms, v 11 n i ulli, and iii llrst rati- order. Apply to SIMPSON, SNKLLINO A CO., pl r 30 Eiml rtvor. . / MAI. YARD FOR SALE-TEN YEARS' LEASE. FIX.t v Hiimm.'.---, CartK. lliH-xrg, <Vr>., iii a Kuud Id'ationt y I.ii ale at a Imv pi-It r. Apply to K. C. BOWMAN, 112 BroadIt / 10NFECTI0NKRY AND lfK CBEAM SALOON .FOR 1.' k.Ii?Ituludltqt SU.uk ai. I Fixture*. Th<> location I* i. yoii'l, i.n<l a iiiir !iiii?.ii.>s ? an li.i U'Hie, A bargain Ih oilcri'd, rill ' .?"in;r h'/mIhv Ii 1"m;v tbft fit jr. Apply utjS Six ill ?v. I.^I >K VLE?A !">t'KRY AND LIOL'OR STORK, WITH , I II r- ni t i' , i i .iiiiI iw >rais Li'uho from May ih'*t; i !'iw, :iii'l 11n l'.ir'iiuIiickm; niiiHt In1 MOliI tliitf i wr ... In pa:: < in i'i.i'4' ut tin* in^i-r 1'i'i-r vuil'i. ii i*or* , i ii. i' il i.:.in 1.1 ( fiuro Maritot iilucc, 1'rnlii 8 to 11 A. Mi I I/i'li SALE?filKAl' KOlt CASH, T11E LEASE, STOCK | 1 nl ii\t r. s " Li<pi r s:or<\ lo.-atcd mtxl to a I ir?u I I . .i i .il 'ih otlu r pulill Wi.rkx, \vr?t Mill'nl' ili'i , | ii . . ry n oumi* i' i nrlliiig. Anply nl "IS Weal ; T" " " ? MOB MALE?A NK'TI.Y 1 IITLD I I' CANDY STORE, r in ;i wvll I ai? .1 il.* -'J II'." I. U ason for Heiljlig ^ivi-ii .tl tbo |il?'luU?'H, 16V ('.lUHl >t|Vrt, I SALE?\ fr'IRSTf'LASS HAki-KY A SI) CONFKC. I" . i y .iltd i'l'i .mi S I m>ii ; of tl?o bent hIum<1<4 Id the nty. I?.in ? -Dull Iniftiiit'**; Kt'?ck ami llxturct all complete; !!? pi p. >-: >i \vr tiliig lo ivlire from the I'l sluun*. Ai?i?ly at liMj Hlri'trt, Jrivt-y tHty. I/OU -AL!-:~y>) TONS MMXICAN AND CALIFORNIA 1 K" Mora W.muJ jjii I M.iJKu'Jiny in niia?tlti?H to h-itt |?m. i a?*rr*, at I ?w Jti.?'n l?y \VM. T. OOLESlAN Jl CO., Hti VVull atrcet. |^ORSU.E-\N OLD KSTABLISUED HEOAR STORK, * ?m.i imii < ? biiiii'i, ri -it: i ii?? I'-.c rmy oi MOMIC ii ! \V.?11 a * > ii w th alt>> thr .ii-cond and third Kloura tu ] ?. Would answer for tami'tun, lu.ljnr; or club room*. A i*d-ihrrtd Uuh?io>m until ran ui: k.?r a fortune. Inquire in Ihe nioiv, I.*> limadway. ? i T^UR SALE?A STAND IN FULTON UAUKET; AN EX , r trioii, ttnit.ihle fur uny business. lnquire at sirnd &)> Fulton market, Country n>\v. IjlOR BALE?A COFFEB \M> SPICE ESTABLISHC :uo.m. nun lhttiig oi . <?U?*r, rn^inr, two collrr roasters, s!ni inc. i u.:, Af., in ompi?-it? order. Apply to HENRY 1 li\V IN? J. l.vjChaui' ^rn turret, up AtaitB. IjlOR SALE I'll! I KAi B AND FIXTURES, WITH OB without th? utock, oi a wholeultt and retail Liquor Store, iiitii.ilcd ''ii Third av? our, neai Central Park elitrunce. to S ('AELL, 196 Third avenue. T^OK SALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF TUB I ]/ '').- Furnishing Store 2ul Sixth avenue; the mock in new and the fixtures in uo'ut order; lo'-a?i ?u deHlmhle; will l*j hold rrns.?naUli-. F?n term*, \r apply on thr premises or to JAMES Y. WATKINS ft ^ON, lo Catharine atracC T^OR SALE?A LA ROE CORNER LIQUOR STORE, J1 doing .1 u*:od cash tr.nlr; a laiv atnrk; wrll title I lio; 14i#? )>" ,l i ti-.tdmi in in Fourth waru. Good reason for ncillug. Anplv ti 170 Chatham ntrrrt. .) l\ TKAVER, AM ii ... - i. TjtOR - \i.i. flBBI i i W FOB CASH, THE WXTI BBS F ?.f tij'Hvjy s,orr?,'}7) S \th avenue, and a line Exl?r W ;uii mikI II.truest.; a'*o the Store to let. Apply on ihe pmiiUe.* litis week. HOB SALE I WELL EH fABLlSHED LADIES BOARD L ing lit- ; 1* i" i ftoi uk, fill mi ml m I h n -i-a.*..! i'ornlt'ire one year *itier; I in v. m ? i llroadwav, n<*Br Aniitv rri.! house t.'i ^'i 5iK);coht$?,50l?; ? 1 ? i . m, Foi particular* addreii J. | Weal, I3r wltt a> l*u t olAa*. * ? " " v I^OR SALE?A DUl'C, STOKE. CONTAINING A LAUtiE | r and 'ijteriot st?iek, l?efiit.'nl natures; an excellent lo. '.? i; rent $4(j0, live > i ? i . . , in. haling hund?oinc dwrlU i.i .?p.*i tiiHuiU; a ??iii !'<unity I'or a nliyflioiati. Apply t?? VV. A. URE ?V Co., :t7 l' irk niw, room 17. T710R SALE AT IIAI F ITS VALUE?THE LIFETIME r L< hh?\ Fixtures and Furniture ?ompl?'U', ol the l.rst Emigrant H"t?'j in tin- city, 22 year*' humdiog. Inquire at 102 Writ btrert. IlOlt SALE CHEAT FOR CASH?A GOOD CORNER ; Grorcry and Liquor St e up town; a nn>l rati* chance 1 i'or any enirrpilslui; in in. Arijdy at 2iH >W*t F<?rt> Htrert or t?? Mr. WM. ABBO'IT, au -ttouecr, No. -1 Ea?t Broadiv.iy, lor three dayw. I SAI.K CIIKAl* 1'OU CASH?THE LEASK OK |1 II. I !.'(v. ... ...... #1... liquor store* in tin* Sixth ward; rents collected from tenant* leave*. the frton- at a nominal rent. Apply to YV.vf. ABJJDTT, No. 4 East Broadway. Mayward house, no. 171 third iven 0 e - thb !> t. e, Stock and I ivtures of the above named hmuc lor sele loahusine# limit; it will be n good Investment; to be ' I sold in a sariiliee forcash. I ease, stock am) fixti res of a ( orsbt, skirt A and Fancy Store will In* sold low; rent lease nix y< 'ars; house ?onfalns seem ruoms and store; furniture; good piano; Hewing mschines taken in ?>:?rt paymt nt. Apply at 237 Sixth avenue, m ar Fifteenth street. Tease of ho] 5e and store i<> stone street, J situated in the most tlilekJy part of tb?' First ward, between Whitehall aud Broad streets. SatUfnetorv reason* for selling out will be given by applying to M. J. DUNN, 76 Centre street. mo brewers.?for SALE, A PERFORATED J. wrought ir n Mitah Tub, false bottom (new), ten feet In ('lametcr. Apply i" T. IJ. ARNOLD, manulncturer of patent tile for malt kiln*, 447 Broome street. TO BOX MAKERS AND CARPENTERS.?FOR SALE, a Saw Mill, adapted to one or two horse power, with rin and cross cut sse.s and ben -hen. Apply to JOHN 1J. , u BY, Ult Front street. ' r|H> BB 80LI>?CHEAP FOR GASH, WITH IMMEDIATE X. possession, a tirxt rate Stand, suitable for oyster busin?*as, Jfcc., with soda water apparatus and fixtures complete; situated at corner of Gtmrabers and Centre street. Apply on * the premises. , TKTANTED TO PURCHASE?FOR CASH, A WELL i t? located Family Grocery, up town, on the west side m* the cHy. Any one wishing to sell nt a bargain, for cash, will onit at General Agency, 4'J Nassau street. Qinn wn'L m y rI1K THREE YEARS' LEASE, VJLUU Fixtures and 0f? >dwill of a wholesale and retail Liquor Store; rent only $1?)S per annum; will t ike half cash and a note with good endorser (or balance. Call and see for yourself at 288 East Twelfth street. r OlOll WILL BUY A WHOLESALE AND BBTAJL *ir? A mi" / Liuuor Store down town, worth $350, doing a good cash trade. Low rent. Room lor a family. Owner going , into the Custom House. Apply at 12 Centre street. I ZEQJLJO At HA9TTN08. I* qeUWT w',n Y v Kll!*s''''''ASS 1 MTKLUijENT-E ' J\J\r oiiiee. the owner having received u ??inmission i*i the army: profits from to $10; a rare chance for an ln? ~ t-'Jli^ent gentleman or lady. Address S. L.f box 136 floraId ' oAce. s^nttwfii but a large corner liquor i0 Store, doing at present a i;ood pay ins bit si we*. ik which can be shown; a good lease; rent low; will take pari >f cash and wait for the Isilance. u< <nl reasons l\>r selling. Apply to J. P. TRAVBR, ITO Chatham street. r A OHd subscriber* witTTtiifcT~Mail"hooks^ T?vUu Type, Fixtures aud everything belonging ton Newspaper, in seventh year of publication, will l?e sold foi f.r>00; part trade atul part cash. Apply at GO Nnscaui street, <t ajteologtt b. \ 8T0NISHI5G.?MADAME MORROW, 8BVBHTB id jv daughter,has a gift foresight, tellsbow modmu often you will marry, and all you wish tcj know, even yotn 5. very thoughts. or no pav; lucky eharius free; her equal is r*> ? to l>o f?miul; her nutglc Image is now in full o|*?mtion. ltH Ludlow street, btfow Houston. Price 25cents. Gentku** ^ not admitted. .,! / 1LA1 RVOYAMl'E.?MRS. SEYMOUR'S MBDR'AI ^ \J room* arc located nt 101 Went Fifteenth strict-, corner oi Sixth avenue, entrance on Fifteenth street, where she wtl ? be happy to receive hef former friends and patrons. Con i) sulfations on *k'kn*N*t business, absent friends, Ac., and mil y ie> fact ion guaranteed or no pay. /10RA SEAMAN. I X DEI'EN DENT t'UAl KVOYAN'F _ " ' Medical and business consultations day ami cwninq TlieVienee sins unfolds so satisfactory to all. it is unii?*v?a?u^ ,11 t?? ?:ivr illtintration ol' the astounding results, but oouthma ?? at 230Division st wet. 11 T l)OK AT Til IS ?TIIH OJJJ.Y TRI K METHt'AI, \1I ? Aj businessclijirvoysnt In the United 84atci>. If v?*i wfsti U >1 ?4>takn correct Information on evcuta through lire?naiticii It lsrlv absent frfteu.ts, lost or stolen property, yofi should oon .t; suit her. M. B.?Mrs. MILTON in m? huiithu*. but ;lrfn tin d- greatest FatlM'nnfon to ajj who vl^lt her. Hhe manufacture n wntfa that is warranted to cnr*? pimple and remove freckles ? un and sunburn, and renders the skiu perfectly smooth Ladles, try it. 361 Brtsume street. M adame ray. seventh avenue, near twtjx ty-s? ventb strf^et, surprises all who vlsft lies. Tl* si It, trunblori and unlucky should te?| her powers. Sfr ? tellayourNi ry thoughts, lucky uumtoers, losses. Ladtoa, 2 *0 <ents; gentlemen, flff cents. id \fRfl. IVES, OL.VI RVOYANT?EIOHTY-SIXTH KTRBE1 do lfl. first iw u*o want of Tinrd avenue. DevciopocnenQpi re be uardlng dlscas-s anil ?wents of every kind, local or foreign I mat, present or future, made with unerring accuracy. This ___ avenue caw i \ s the >or every few mlnu,^. ^ \T B.?WHO IC.XS NOT HEARD OF TTIH TELlTBI? VfEl XI Mim*. PitEW^TER, who iins boan c^n?uit<Mi by thor nniN in tiii^ an ! other?iuea with entire fiyis(\otb>n? tth t ?ms cMUiiUicnt iih?* l\.i? no ?|nal. Aha toils the nama of f?i tur?'vvjfc oi hUffbaad, and tlia*. nf her visiter. IT you a i> \ti> truth giv<? her :i mil. at 251 Tliird avenue, above Twodty.fljn ! street. Ladies, OOconts; gentlomeu, $1. , 1 | JF.AI) THIS^-A rflRENOIjOOIST AND A8TROI.OOIS' '' I V that boats th?i world, and $.0.1**) reward for any one wt* i .. 'juul Miss SVRLLINOTON, w.lio ts acknowledge^ to b | the only ijujv In this city who truimuflr iclvi s inlormatio I rone? ruing foaKif, lawsiiiis. journeys, a>.- nt friends, lovt rourtship. inaiT.aci*, health, wcnltn.anU who will reolalr drunken and uutnnhiul husbands. Mi^sW. is theonlypej 1 son in litis?Ity who 1ms the genuiia< K 'tnnn and Arabian tn lisinar.s f * . t- i?.v?\ ??> ?<J luck < nd all btisuu s4 a flairs? ami ar Hi guarantee*;or liio, 1^'lay not to consult tbftn naturally gifie ; sod siji-iu; young lady. Lucky numbefs glv<*n. HUli! lid ie-j.?. .tide?i y roicreuccscan be seen at her icsitleyce, 10 ij l? 1 Bixtli avenne. on rriiF oPvKatt>t wonder in tiik World is Till 1 j M idama B1 RON. fi m Parii J who can be ciu)mviIi?mI with the strtyest coniidence on a nuaiis of hi', i-ml ideing love, ootirtsuip, business and sick IE I ness; lvston > drunai n and uniaithtul husbands; bus a sr on ( n t to make von beloved by your heart's ideal, alid bring ip | together tho-e- I -i.u>. i^i.jted. Iwidiss ^5 cc'ilts, gent lomeii 5 i cents, licsidcuct t%o. 90 Third aveuue.above Twelfth ?irce !W YORK HERALD, TVED] NALKS OF RKAL E8TATK. If A SUPERIOR OKANUE COl'NTY PAKM KOR SALE n A It coualita of ? acre* of flint < !??* limd, iuitaldy dlI. vldod Into plough, meadow and grmlng; t iv r>*> are wood; d (burn in h good orchard; It u well wuteri'd with hprliiga lliat i. never fail; lint feiicea are good, i hlelly aowr atone wail; the e lioiimi li iu 111hi rati- order; b1?o thw Irnin, atabluK, Ar., , for Immediate iwiiiutloD, Apply to A. W. * PBANtilH, Heal engraver, tfj Broadway. BROOKLYN, OMNTON avk.niib. property.?JOR aale, nix I.ou, with tint clu"? House 40x10, with piiizza, furnace, range, i&l*, batb uud 11 ? !; utable In rear; garden '? IH'aokca, eli?rrl>-a, pearn .itid several kinds of grapea, ^ whkh are not aurpuaaeu In xl/n mid qttnllty. Apply on the premises, tlilnl lioiim- ?outlnve.-i irom Myrtle avenue, or at > alHpriu-f mrvft, New York city Farm wamted-a ooon karm ok 7? to ioo ?''ihk, wlihln SO or tit) >! N w York, to liir<?, with f privllime of purchase, or ;i good stork of good* will bo exwM|M. 42draaa jL M., US H'limHf utreei "pirn SAl.K-TIIH VERY DKHIRABLB Til RICH STORY jl una onHi'jwtit t*\mu ston** mm l I Joust* No. West i Twcnty-#< ? ?itjtl Hirt ?'i, between Fifth ami Sixth avenuea, t huvlm* all the itioil* 1*11 i-ii I'litRiitul In complete order, toumher with the Furniture, will be offered at a grout barjMP? Apply on the iiremiiii. IjlOU RALE?A VALUABLE FRUIT FARM, WITHIN onefniie uC the cit y of N< .1 Brunswick, N. J., containing 60 acre*, wlih ifood hnildlurN; alni a Furm of 175 acrcs, and on? of 10acres, with llmt elas<?dwillng, Ac., 15 minute*' walk from deimt; ull floar of ineumi>r.\m e. I null Ire ol WaKUEN II \RDE'NHEn?;U,as Wall she-. Iputl HALE?TO A QENTLJ MAN FARMKR OH ONE seeklnk>? ' /iintr.v rofiiJuDn , a tin Property of 80 acre*, with two clweilini; hoon**, burn*. X>'.t h-'viiig elovatious f??r two mansion**, with dmrminK \v v sliuateu near K yport, N. J., famed for w.-i ImthliiK. The f irm part constats of warm ?a Iv land for murkuiiii ?;uidimlnj;, al*o for grain ami ?<rub#, and no,no flue mba- <11, m>?v -o profit,?!>!< . It hus a Uuo erani" rry bed, pond* tor skating and lillin** ice houses, and Tree from te.ru ai> mosquitoe i. Marl, lime and other manure* m lmn l, au l l.iily steam ? New York; hall'a tuile from Mi?1dlet<m;i i'-rnt, having churches, school*, ice. Apply to.HO.Vf.K MOJUMN, N?. 't Hueaitrot, or C. W. BA RTLJ T'l. j \ n; . i II >r yoa hale -the most choice unoccupied r JIulM.n ijoi .,m the Hii'l- tit, containing eight aures, v an hour from the < fiy, fifteen tnt-mf?? ' v .tifrom the dejxit; admiral! river view . .11 kiud> '-holce fruit in healing; k<mh1 | ponds water, A' . Address J. >1., ho* 1,1ft) Now V? ik Post office. JilOR S ALBION THE SOUTHEAST CORNER OF Madi -ii avenue and fhti I i tb? very bent Hou/e-* in the Hty, jiihi completed in most ex. qui site in.inner; 26%x(*. will l?< ?oM\ery low ami on racy terms. C u) In -n .-ii at all hoil ApplV to IJ. SMITH, 78 4 Went Twenty-uUuh street, or at 4a E ?st Twenty-sixth street. FOK SALE?AN ITALIAN VILLA, ON THE HANKS OP the Hudson river, twelve iiu!??h fr?'iu the ?itv, and half a mile from the dcjjoi at SpUyten Dov'vJl. Th?* house i.s two story. attie aud basement, about (> ct, uii<l contains all . the modern ImjirovMiu uts?opt!? <ddii?K .? '.?? '? houne, ?ial?l", ire hou*?* and uas house. Tlr ? -umU are |>Ud out in the most tasteful manner, with fro and sh ide tni-n. The j is one of fhr m-'St he .iitifiil ai I iieafflu in this a/id will be sold low. For further pai iculsrsapply to t/HAULES MILUK s 8J Oi I ritr IjlOH HALM?CHEAP FOR CASH, OH WILL TRADE F for tity ur Brooklyn prop rty, a lirst rati oruerWqimr Ston% on Ki: sv?nue. l or particulars aud prieo ipply to WILLIAM ABBOTT, .iiietloneef, No. 1 Ivasi Broadway. , Tj^OH HALK?WITHOUT MoNEY AND AT A LOW mice, oiu: of the liest bull > "1 mo^t convenient H?'';fe* in th scity; twenty rooms, tii rtv i.antriee. Two*thlrds on moriapw, i'dUney 011 other probity. Apply at No. H)7 Fourth street. TpOR SALE?A PI I iT. CI - IIOUS1 IN SOUTH P ii: toklyn roiu nlent t?*t ritnit, in order to clow ta estate; halt mort-^Kt' and Iwu small taim ?>r i)!mv In the country, or tn..r; :???. , stocks una m-'r-hanilifce. Apply ? ?NV. ' P. 8 \< ICI r 1 : -J i'< p : -. IjlOH SALE IN BROOKLYN -ONE OFTHREE BtiOWN Kloiie IluUiu : III Portland b tw cil La'aytte ?.nd D-* Kalh avH., f?mr hiitidn <1 i? 11r???i? \V shln?u>n |*ark, tlx bun lred yardsf urn Pulton cum . A splendid lo vi n. Prl 0 Onn b* i.i "i .. ?. quired. Apply to T ii. JACKS'>N, on the premise*. ]7?6lt SALE Oil EXfHAN'iK ;'OI( A WAV IMtlCED Horse, o volu ible Hoe v .s tasll >u i m , 1 a ids high, just ir?un Cnn i'ln West; t\>o ! . oitiful i>nii!!y II and a powerful, last wulkin cruek Horse; u!I warranted. Aj'ply at 43 Chr.stl.* street, n> arC.mal. 17IOR 8ILK OR EXOII1! iK P4)R < ; rv <>;. BROOK lvn I'r-M r \ i.i I- i f 115 aerei nesr Saratoga Spring*; .V) .-teres woodbind an<l the re .t under cultivation. For lull j orticuW*address Fanner, bo* 11K5 Herald othee, or apply at 2wSeventh avenue. 1}K>B SALE <>;; tO EXCHANGE I FIRST CLASS brick House, I rown stoin I . h? 11.? nt front, locateil .>n the corner of Tax lor ?tn>rt an;! Wy" " ivmue; llrst class net ii ilockstro CORDTS A SIIAIU', 170 Chatham street, room No. I. IJK)R SALE, TO LET OR EXCHANGE I*HE I LRQE i I ami eon\ mi "it premise* known as numbers running from 94 to loi K vt Thirty-lir?Nt street, between Tiilrd and Lexington av< nue*. The huildin*!* are mi*? i?' and substantial, wlih ctn?d ? unfile and boiler*, sliaftntf, belt te; and {allies. Will he let hn\. or exchanged for r.u--iieum be red e.aint ry Property, etmri'iihnt to Utr ri.y i)i' New York. Aj ply to JOIIK Kf.TTRETCil 115 rhh a euu . ? TTOITSE (>H LOTS WANTED IN BROOKLYN.?PAR J 1 ties h iving tfood prop ^ri. . with an equity of from $,VH) to $1,0.10, who will ex.'limine it tor m- v hi- machines, with or I without some cash, will vleas.' addre- . with lion ami I price of property, d. P. li., box 2131I? rah! <>{\lce, Udp ;, FOR SALE- kX WH1 E PLAINS, ESI U] tor connty.?A neatcottage built Ilonte, on Lexington avenue; lot .*.0 ??v 22') lr? t Apt !y to I'l'.ll 1'. it \NTA, on the i premie ?, oi M. J0NE8, io Li ?n R CdnpAoy, pomer of Tweviti -i \ i i ai d P urth avenu . 11 USE 'l* LOT 187 DUANE 8TREJ FOB : .I E 14 J U now lined e?m! }urd, and u nga jjood buslm ss. ! i is a quod location for a store or aaloon. Apply on the , preml Murray hill por sale, v, \ i ow pru tine high #N*on brown Ptone 11 -me, in *plendtd eonditton, with <t without pari of furrltwre, newly painte I, wall* pt? milled, \r.; one of n uutf*>nn Mock of lvI.e. tween Ptflh mid .sixth avcn>o s, an 1 on iWe Morth sideof the tlti? st ?tr?*? t ??n tin- lull, v. hi- 'i U well vcred hroo^'.iout, entirely built up on both si<|i ? and i?a- ?l witli the I'f'tfi ui pav Anient. an are nUo tliv uv.i as - ua? *. Apply to O. M. PLY MP TON, tU Broadway, room No. 1)URAL COTTAdE FOR SALE.?TEX ROOMS, NEARt Jyiinlshed; U?l 5'U2IO ; two iron;*. on l.'V?,ri and 137th ?t?e. is, Willi.n, i ar Port .Morris, ov. , th E st j river, Biker's Ikload, fheTwo Broth . Pluiihing, a . ?il the tln?!?l water vI -wk a'^no li md ill's Maud; every ran venienee . |' a city h aii-e; $t.i*H? Ion ten j cei t_ rc^ulr d. AJho H HUlilller eotiaff' '11 l.'i1. street, ileal St. Aiiti'a a\' tine; shiiv ie;niH. Apply ut 'IV Eeekuniu : !reet, or on the iM'einlHOii ila'ly. "tlT ANTEU?IN KXfil.VMi:: FOi: A Kir.ST CLASS If 1 foi? . iii llostoti, \f.yi % K rni, v... )i i'<- k and ti'oJ>i, worth from to $ci,000. A Idros* W., No. 7 Bowling tJroei), third -u?ry, trout. W ANTED TO BUY?IX THIS CITY OH ERO? >K1.YN, A ' lloiLre ;w>d Lot, worrh trout $.{,<?(*)( '$.i,60t'. -tddresH, i Mating i" ?itoil! N. B B, U M !fl/ANTED TO PTJRi BA8B- K S I iLL B< ' SB fcND V !>??, Konio place n tlit-* i>land? not far:'aer up than KUitfH' ridge; mtihl be moderate in prk'e. AMn^s t\ B., ilernU otln-e, biatlng price, w ln n and where n can be noni immediately. % TZTANTBP TO PtTBCllA^E CHEAP V ' A)R 1 PROM io I i"1 i n , mp 1 Ha ik>4 more iIihu half an Jioui di-' .nt fio.n t ?Uip.rtA d'*r?0^ ani b?.-twe? n NorthOrau^o nnd Mi'^rlMowt Aft?!rc^5/ witfr full iwutioularfi, P. C. V., box 145 !!? aid oiv< e. I 1 BQ ACKBS Ot A FIHE FARM IX J5RRBY! KBA3 I*)?j PreohoM, for noIc or exehnn^o for city or Mit?ukl>n property, or a hotel, livery stable, or ll<{ u?r or goodn fur a country su re. Fsirin has good nuildiT/s, jukxI water, &c. [ Apply to PAYTEX, 93 Dlvluion stie-'t, N' <v Yor^ dQAA PCfot K FARM OPfe A4 RES, M MILES o3 | ipOUv i. r># iHbtnd, nenr it* i.-ot; ?.? hnOdlnqH: ii ? bfv twcen two forms, n*?ar a acd n ?riM.,u t vr # ptclilie roads; good toil; howthy location. otu -half < nn Uiy. li. BLAKE, 14 Oh&mbc rsatreet. BXBDICAL. : A N IMPORTANT WORK ?A O! IDB i OR THIS MAR1V. ried, or tr>? ? **? <'OUUmii[4 vtmn ft. "i *,?? atiucl^d, .troiiiiaMHt or disenncd tdi*>itld uoi marry or a<!?*v* jib/ tn^tmoni till fhoy hnvo iiU'orntrd thcrttaclw's ol h 'rulb, <>i?]v Pond in ; Dr. LARMOS i> Paris In Ian id v >fed si \dvwrrand M.irnukw <VM*\ (50th II'him), utfetLd I'rir $1 't RICHARDSON, No. 1 V.-any I, . . t fl#>SS,. PDl'SKV. ' 121 XaHemt street. Th? do -4 or *uir?*^ .i' > ?' Siul> tU iws roreui or of iotvg <?fmidfTig? tV prfrutrV. t'<?r yfvnH l?wt, ?t 647 Broadway, up stairs, inmi9 A. Mi totii*. M' r piOHVXDENTTAL MEDICAL U>VI< B DR. 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(/?r , a visit. Anoiliti'xmtifylog im?' ueof Dr. I^oifxiw's it-mmico y I mh ih/* hifji r ** m*1 ?N ho !*?? r^tirr*! fut hi? s 1 anperior ti-OHMio fit wftlvoit *n?'!- of .??-'niti \.ut jri-y, j or any oth*r of rer;; i"K \h U invariably uflml l\v (hie \wiMki f'jl. tH*. K i ;*? .*'a h<?on vt i?)r> ) | MiUadtkn are Yrmn II (fll J endrtton l nM HuniUit1 tUIS, ) j 104 Bhit hi r sfr?H^, font' doi/r^ i irnn ?, \r \ oj?. Dr. cooper, !?q. uih inbhtoi *i may bs conflnltod <n all d1>??M.v ,k i itU.*. +. u:-*v TiVmity--eight H i ymreescltiftft'ttlpr'lernrt?d r<? th??M <.<.iia|>iA;mftt'*fiT)W? him to '* wnrmut r mw fn ?tl Tin1 vk ,iu? ?f mktpia< ed ot>nli , defMne In noMiioftl pjctvfj'^i oan ill!, o : h a oertnUnty <>f bo ftiK rji.il.m'K . n.N DU. u. coj^rvim, hembeh ok ? n; mbw yoric tnitrr?slty Mi'WmI t i lh*C". ho tof autteollK ') fx>ndon, win be oonntd <Hl prlvatidy -,1 N<>. 20 On* 3 trc ptLpel, lx?t\w en i.i ' iK-* T*:. X. H. -t)en fir. I r. * Miniona* in nn ??n<xs. ruv.it ? -n* rancc m w. o my Halt' ~ a DK. WARD TRRAT3 ALL DISEASES it PfiMAK&S wit!) unfa ralW* led are-*'**. K.m/thing f?>r c%'t*y lftdv? U ; hit (Trrat l?eii*f.tnlfiv. Oili." , 12 ?an-y|. DM. HU9TBII II V>< fOB TtUHTY YEARS i ONFISKI) Ms attention fn *i ;? '"train r}n*& fa whph h> i* | battrf?<(Nl no lean ih? 11 fifty thcm^aivl wfwKnt j*n ino ) ftUnr* of f+ilnr?% )Ifc< trrnh romtdy, Or. fptntor'a K^d Drop, i- | cure* certiifti (tlftttisw wi*u rt-Hiilar tmtHjhrnt ml all oth?r li i r?mw?!l?>8 fail; ??? < # without ?'l-fIti^ ->r ivsrrktltiu In the 't J huhltflcf tb?L?ntfc'nt;<'?irt*A\?i * -mi t!?.' tn^'i^tin^iind elckon, li.rf olJWis it all other p nw dies; < nv? s In iu*'.v wra ?n lnss - I than *t* hodr*. It rw>!s out t\* pohmnoiiH taint th?? iitond U Y I snr<? to absorb imh'M thn remedy is u*i-d. Imp $1 a rfnt, an 1 I cannot ' *' obu*iiH??l ucmihw anjwin iv than at the ?>ld oJll?v, n \ No. S DM?ion ?fnvf I>??->k for mHhlng that tipcats of ihn M | eilecta of wirly nbiitc*. j t\n. RALPH. oWtcRH 13ft CROSBY street, CORJ_/ tier of 11onf ton, Ifhuft, 11 to 2 And 6 till 9 V. M. S 1 /I &B.AT RUCCBfift OF DR. WARD, 12 LAIClHT ,1 IT Mrfct.?All (ilructt'iiH ransiil ly mercury <?' clisc*?c y \ ourod ft> Wjf tlnw?od rtwuy. ^ Hl'NDRF.DS ARE DISAPPOINTED, TILL PITCD1NO Or. \\ VRD'S ofliri?. J2 Li .-'it slii 't, tiurt giving lit! 3 " t ivmrdica i? trial, ttn'y :m-? nun it

li II AMMONDON NERVOIS, SPECIAL DISEASES, MAR. ;. 1.X ridgr, RICHARDSON, N?. 1 V. * ? . ?, X Y. n i professor ri stell, i? chambers street, can 0 ! ,L li? m? iimii), or by letter to bo* 2.U9. lJosion 1 i oilic#, Nc. 8 Hull be a. a. i.ii ji . VESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 SKIPPING. The briti.su and north amjskican hoy MAIL BTBAMflHfPS. VmOM NKW YOKE TO LIVKUFOOL. Chief cabin pa*&ag?) A Second ci?t>ln pannage iW rKOM lonov TO UTJCKl*OOC.~ " Ckfat CM hi II p#Wi*U gC Kernel IMMII piuttfugo t The troin New York ftil at Oortt harbor. The Khi|)H front lt?mton call art Halifax unit Cork harbor. PERSIA, Capt. JudUnn. I APR1CA, Cik|*i. Shannon All A HI A, Cant. J. Sioiw. CANADA, 0?)>t. J. Leltcl ASIA. rant. R. (1. Lott. AMKRICA, Capt. n<?ckU* A U STIC A L ASIA N, N1 AO AH A, Capt M. idle Cant. Cook, I ElfKMl'A, Capt. Audentc SCOTIA (now building.) Tae?e eo**W? f?ny a clear white light at masthead; gre on Htnrboanl bow; red on portoow. AFRICA, Hhannon, lcavea New York. WodnOMiay, Pep!. Kl'Klil'A, Anili'tsun, 44 Boston. 14 Oct. I'KRSIA* Juriklna, 44 New York. 44 Oct. MA<iAKA. Mwidif, 44 ii iat"n, 44 Oct. ASIA, Lott, 44 New York. 44 Oct. ItertliH ii.if imltl r.... Aii uxperlenoed surgeon ou hoard. The owner* of t kIiIpn will not bo account.1M0 f <?' U1, Silver, Buliion, Specie, Jewnlry, ProclouK Stotics Metals iinlt'MH I i 11 h of lading are signed tlmrefor, and t value thereof therein expressed. For ireiuht or )>hmh:i jo, n ply to E. CUNARD, No. 4 Howling Or< en. QTBAM WEEKLY BBTWBBN NKW YOXUI A.N H Liverpool, landing and embarking i)a.?HongeiH at (juc<*t town, Ireland. The Liverpool, New York and I'lliladttlph Sicaiuwhip Company intend despatching their fnll-powere tMvde.bnilt Iron steamships an follows:? KANOAKOo Saturday, Sept. 41TV OF NEW YOKK Saturday, Oct. KOlNBi;Rii Saturday, Out. And every Saturday, at noon, from pter 41, North river. iiATl H or I'AMflAiiK. First t'abln $75 Steerage $ 44 to London MO 44 to I?uidon J 11 to I'.'lib 8/? 44 to Pari* 44 to llamhunf... M5 u to Hamburg i Passengers als>' forwarded to Havre, Bremen, ilotterdM Amwerp, Ac., at otjually low prle??s. Per* ns wishing i j bring out their friends can buy ticke here at the follow in;; i hu m, to New York:?Fi < ru Liverf** or <^tiecu.?to\vu. i rsi cabin. $7.r?, $83 and $lt!5. Steeruj I'it'hi Liverpool $P). From Oijcenstown $30. Tl.e*r Hteamcr ; have suja*nor accommodations for pasac! fit r*-. ami cury exnnr^ucrd surgeons. They are built i Watertight it >i\ sections, and have patent lire annihilators < 1'ourU. F<?r further information apply in Liverpool to WILLI A IN) N 1 I Watei InUln ?\v to \VM [NMA1 6St. Eli : town to C. \ V . i> SKI MOU A(U; i.i? Lond.m to FIVES A- MAt'KY, 01 Kin- Willlai Ktr^'i: in Pari* lo J I.* LKS DKCOl K, f# Place do la Hours* in Ptiilndefj'hi.t >JOIlS (j. UALIC. Ill NValum street, or J the company's oriccs. JOHN tj. DALE, Agent, 16 Broadway, Now York. rpHI NORTH Q^RMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP HB1 X YOltK. i! Wi-ukc commander, lurrying the Unite States mail, will H4i.ll from pier 30 North river, loot of Chan IjtH'b 6t I if I, Oil SATURDAY, September 28, at 12 o'clock M., FOR BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, tnkim: i vk ?.:*? ?*k to LO.M/ON, ll.iv HE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, ii tho folio win raiM ? For tin* liifsteabm, $100; second cabin, $(Vi; steerage, $35. For freight or passngf apnly to OELTuCHS k ( ).?6BB treat L1TKAM PROM NEW YORK TO LIVERPOOL.?Tit! O atenmahip (IHEAT EASTERN having fulfilled hereon tract with the Britiah govern men will Bail from NEW YORK FOR LIVERPOOL On Saturday, Ortobej 5. UATF9 OK PAHJUGK. Tti first or bin, .1 $133. according stateroom accomm< datiou. all other privilecca heinu equal. In third cabin, from to Suit* of fif-Kt apartments for families may be engage by 8]M-< -i! arraoKi'iut'M. Tin* ORfcAT EASTERN wiH leave Liverpool on her retur trip Tncgdav. Outule-r'!}. Will leave New V<u k ^second voyage), November S3, IStil, Finns of the ship can be m en, and engagements made fc freight and paMuugc ?>u application to IIOWLANL) *k ASPIMVALL. Agents, M and 6ft South street. POH 801 111- ' . IND HAVRE, ON SATtTRDAI JP Oct. 12. -The. I' it*'il States mail steamer FULTON,* A. VVott <>:i "Oifiroaflci'. will nail from pier .'J7 North rivet t?M?t ?>' H* h stri .-i, "is Saturday, O -t. 12. This atenmshiponsin |?.i' >ed fur sa'cy an<l ?*?mi<>rt?has double euainea ut derd eu cd > orator Ug)i1 comnarimcntii,which,bi sides other result*, tend, in the event of collision or atram . ree to work, and m i tiro I be -.nay > vessel and pa^nemrerFor freight or passage apply to Hko! M AHC 1'NZlk,! Ag<!?m, No. 7 Broadway. The Hteaii t?r ARAUO \t ill sail November 9. QTEAM rO HAMBURG, HAVRE, LONDON ani p Southampton. Ti e liunibur;: American Packet Company's iron Hteatnahl SA XON1 A, II. Elm r - c >miiiaud?*r. c.irr>ing tin* United StaU m 11, will leave from pier No. 21 North river, foot of Fulto street, SATURDAY, Oct. 5, at noon, for Hamburg, via rtmilhami taking passengers for Havre Lomlon, Southampton and Hamburg. First cabin, >-cond ealdu, $01); steerage, $39. Tlit steamers of thin line will leave every alternate Sotui d?v, carrying the I'tnt -.i States mail. the <u< ainslilp BolU'SSlA will succeed the Saxonia o Oct. IV. V. B. IUCHAKDS k HOAR, 151 15r>mdway. QTEAM TO LONDONDERRY, OLASOOW AND LIVEIi pool.?The Montreal Ocean Steamship Company's |ir> < ;. .-s full vetoed OhTde built steamer AN'OLO SAXON Cap* tin Hurras, carrying the Canadian nml United Stat* m.'iilN. will sail lrom Oo-l.ee next Hutuidty, Sept. 2H. Rate of p<is?:igo from New Y? ik:?First class, ar'coruing to acroir modiitioti, and $85; steerajje, found with cooked prov Hici>. ^3n. tVrlllieates issued for bringing out fiasseugn from atU tin principal towns In Great Britain and Ireland fl v??ry low rat< *. For pissaj;e apply at -l\ Broadway, Nd York. SABBL A 8EARLE, General Agents. HOYAL MAIL STEAMSHIP AFRTCA, FOR LIVES pool.?The A1''HK1A, N. Shannon commander, will sa 11' in the stream on Wednesday next, 2Mh bi^t. A Ueamboji vn.II ply between the company's wharf,at Jm>c> City, and th Afrien] from J to 10 o'clock A. M., to <otivey passengers tui i ii'.rii-iL.c i.ji lxmrd. None but passenger* can be taken o Im>;?ril. The I'Ei'Si A will ' til on the O'U Obtober. I-!. CVS AMDt No. i Bon Itn ;Ori n. T/OR LIVERPOOL.-THE MAUNIVICKNT CLIPPE i shin ELLEN ACSTlN, Captain tiarri k, will fail Sep JS, hiving uncMpiiilbsl state ro >m ac jonimodatlons ?n dee* For p:^sjijiC, ?L the lowest possible rates apply on hoard, c t ? E. COLLINS .V CO., ait th ollice, on pier !it North River. Ij^OK LIVERPOOL.?BLACK BALL LINE OF PACKET; i Ti e clipper ?hip YORKSHIRE hauN Into the strea thisduv, in.lsoU to-morrow. The ALEXANDER MAI SIlAl.ii sails October 1. ForTVissaKe apply <>n board foot < ib okiimn street, J?haI river, or to JAUOIJ WILSON. No. li Smith *4eet. T/OR LIVERPOOL.?THE PACKET SHIP CYN 061711 P sails tM> <1ay noon, nt which b >ur a steamboat w1 leave pier 27 E?*i river, to convey p isscngmK on hostd. Tl t ilAMKU oK >.4iN September -V ; the CCLTIVATO <>" ?' -t L'. b'or passage apply to WILLIAMS A (JLION, Pulton streei 1/N)K l.l VEP.POOL-TAPSCOTT'S LINE.?THE i'ACKF I? s11i ?til YMANNERINtl, now at anchor in th* strear .vii; .nil this Jay. Room fur a few rnoro j*uscn;,'e*s; jU low rates. Apply toTAPSCOTT it CO., 8o South atroet. * v R LONDON.?THE SPLENDID SHIP CORNELU ' r GRINN'ELL mils Oc tober I, from pier PJ La t rive 1' <#f ?'Tiye?s taken in second cabin we! found in nrortajous w?!tie -i sie<: a%je prices. For passage, Ac., apply to "HIO C UK, WSouth street. Xi.lNii n>k loxtk)n.?sa?ls~svtTki)aV,' sUP t! ?r. splendid ?'Upper ship HF.IRUS^, lvin^ ;U pk*r i K 4 i i- r. Fer postage, at low rates, or rtr; its on any pn <4 Or?at Britain or Ireland, apply to TAP8COTT A Co., South s.reet. i/oi? iiavrk.?tiie" splendTT) clipper sir i. V OF NEW YORK, Cant. Salter, positively ^a S^pt- 'uO'-r 30. Pas=a^? $18, aud l'ound with proviaiw Apply on board, at pier No. 0 North river, or to P. M. D M VUKST, 40 South street. T7H)R CALIFORNIA VIAPASAMA. F A IIrat claa* steamer w?H leave New York on tie l?ft H ami 21?f. of each tni>nth, except when iheso dates t all on Su j ?Wiy. when the day of departure will bo on the Monday i' lowing. For fi lecht or pnaaage apply at the onlvofllce No. 5 Bo >?VOre? n. 1). B. AI LEX, Atfent, FOR A i ST R A LI A?FIRST V R88EL TO SAIL.?Til fine flrwt eh.s?? clipper ship .JACK FROST, now loadii fbr Melbourne, will be despau'heii on or about October I. F freight t.r pnaaa^e, haTiux spiendid accoinmodaUons for Mr and second <Hbln pjiSMnger?, apt?ly on board at pier lo Ka river, or to MAILLEU, LOKU Jt Q13EEBAU, No. HW Wi itii\\HDS "i * <>. "vvstkaLiT smi'i'i-Tf r lin?? of el pjht sitlps for Melbrrurne direct.?The favor Al elippt r Fhtp CONTINENT. J. Gibbs, commander, 1,1 I tot?a bttrUien, now rapidly lowlm^ a* pa?r 12 Eaat rivor, u hating the >ir?-ater portion ?j<' hefcarco encaged (and t?ei ! known Ui fhh>p#;r^ in fbn trade), will po*itiv*4y be t i first vtssel to sail for Melbourne (Ur*vt? For bawnee i fj-eiuiif - r njiasajjM, havinn beftutital accoinmodatlona for li j Aal > ? ?^ass pu?scng$r?, apnly to FISHER, RICAUDt^ j t-^? , i Wall - wet,Tj utirie Ptuwlngi 1 KI'5- .IANRIKS. LOTA (NEAR VALI-ABAIS P ...1 _'l<^ PaM<U Mnil C.u-.ii.i l\. i \nniy \tin iu. h their uew pU'.uuhMp 0OX8TIT! TIO > a. 300 tone toirtben, trt>ni Nw Ybrk fbr t+>c above ports, 011 HfK.nl 1* c*> l.vh November uexfc Cttfttn passage to Rio $' Ouhin pn.'Maige u> Lota. *. 1 Cabin i?tssai:e t?? San s freight will Also be uik?'u for San PraticUco if suffft'ient Uno^ments sue. offered1. Apply at tfcc ofllec ol the coin pa j 8B Wall street. fron Havana, via Nassau] n. p. ' P Brit Mi ami North Amerieen njal mnil Rtoamsl KARXAK, Oapt. L* Me wirier, will sail for the above poi from the ctunpnity*i wharf, Jtsrsoy City, on? Saturday September Monday*. Octobcr Monday ' November tWHBue money t? Nassau i Hum ,1 money to Havanu For freight or itfteaago apply to B. CUNABD, 4 Bowling Greeti COAL. fVOAL.-W TORS SOOtta HQU8B COAL. To . i-l,-n pernhlp Kt. I.oiuK fiDtn for wile by V I NBI><)5 A SO.Np. 66Boutft street. ! \\7-YoMll?OVAl.LK?COAtr-M80.-THE Br>T CO TT nuYv in n?f for store* and rsiMus; I'urus t! <". \vi?!i ! iv.'iir.iK<vi l'uU LOYlJ & CO., 322 ElfcUtU u : o?n?, coruer of Twcotywmib ibnmt. = " i*" most oraitikVi. lt'.iar katkbow WAS VI i j\. hie the other i.mJi', a phenomenon rarely soeti, in.lic , ft?u, #? .nu- -ny, that the Liquors soli by S121UKNT, at GO V I ij.uii street, and the AW He kerp?, of Ouniop's ami fi i man's b.*ewing. are ln?? mparahle. He has a free lunch li ! 11 to 2, to which he invlfM his friemJs. DEcroEnnr Tnn best placB to ksjox \ Bt*w Hit brenkfnst, filmier and ten ! < tli?> I'nlmi Re.*' >nt-, I SI l.llrrty street, tried ltultlml, fried l'ot.i'u" *, i dell :ou? Coffen, l!V .: prime Beel, Mutton. Veil! ; I ?'iitletn, lOe.; sweet PotHti.w, Lima Ueuiia, I'uit.!': B.-, . Ple?, <c. ;Tesv%;. OYSTERS.-THE BKiQEST HTKWS, THE ;,Vi((i| Fries, t'ie 1111^1'Kt li' lisis ami ill" mumim Mi Sn , 1 nrnf Ilm.ik! .v B.?OytiU?r.s ttltlmut rr;i. k, ' thi'ir. y tvniding Hn. plciv# of *li>:!l, rp.vi.k ahoi't nr.kmann. thk curvt wit \t I 1 vim *ii 11 Mint with nil his tAlont, nti'l imik; . " I run <if a lean tnnti. Th'-'vefore ho Is not t'tiuiil to Si'.'-.N'! , i ! i?r lif hii* miitlo humlre.l* ol'oni. ar. I \ ill luA ii.,' i i Ale U mht*. Northwest corner of CoiD.imlt Min t ;>n i U : \r ly W-kdsespay.?our SUPERIOR oflowii;; V \y be h ivcdto.^ny, at 12 M.. it our avi-.it Al- .. V. V.ialts, 7i? Liberty ttreel, rorncr of Iti .1<I1<<1;.. r 1 1 A'l . >! Ales of ill the celebrated blowers on Unit 1 i j^ytn the wood. 5, 1861 . , BIILLHKRYi-^ \L ,* CARD.?KRH. VVM. SIMMONS TAK'Fff PLEASfRB 1 In uiiiiimuring to lier cuatnutera mnl ihe LNl.li s tliut atie wlU opeti full ilyltt ut Paris Millinery uf the luw.'?t uovcllle* IV) on YVedueoUay, September 23. f j Mr?. W M. HIMMOW^637 Broadway. rm A UTU1IKAL DISPLAY OF KRENi.Il EAKIMON8 IJf TO A Millinery. Mrs. CKJPP8 will exhibit tile tawing tlrlei In MUUuery, 4c., uu WiHliir.vtiy, i3lli Inst. Bu/iutr ii KimMuu, 312 Oluial street. ' A larch assortment ok fall and winter A Millinery.?Mian J. SMITH will ii|i?n a neloetMannnn lit ill' French imlU'iii iiuuneta ?" e-lni'inlu)', iln> 23ili "i. iuat., tn whicii aliu reapeetfully iinltoa your atteiillun, ut Sli Cmiiii Htrnel. en ? A LIZZETTE, TILL A CO., 168 BOWERY, TAKE PLEA~ A mire In anniitinrlng their F*U OpatilnK nt MilUimry. on - Weilnimlav, Sept.'J5. Tlie enuutry trade will lie ?n|H?ie<1 ,2 Willi Puiiern UniiuiitN. A call lor iiiauectinii In niuat reaKct f? ruily solicited. AT MKS. BELL'S, NO. 3 CATHARINE 8TKKET, THE Litest Htylfvt of fall and winter Bonuet* now ready. I "r, N. B.?New pattern# of Zouave ]>a*qu?Oared Drowci, tlioaks, MuntilUn, W.iintH, ('open, Kleeven and Aprons for ,,L ladie** and ehiMren. Stamped and embroidered Yokes and ''* Bauds in great variety and dime to order. 0 A T 473 HBO A OW AY, UP HTAIB8.?PABIS FLOW ERrt ,s. /v ??|j?*i??m1 this May; a flue assortment ode rod to ilie trade jA at the lowest prtoe* lor cash, by 1}. W. BASSFOKL), No. 47$ 4.1, Broadway, up atairs. 2S i M. STEWART. (PORMEELY OP THE PI EM OP 6 1\? Brown * A To.,) Importers aad >l?inii!;u:iiirrr? <>i Lug* 1 '2 horn, Straw and Silk Bonnet8, No. 003 Broadway. w 4 If OrENINO OK PABI8 PATTEBN BONNETS.?MUS. >o a V O. LEVINS o|iens a select asatirttiieiit of French IViUern u Bonnets on thin <Sav (Wednesday), 'iolli Ium. Ab-o l)r<*as >K t\ip* and Ilea l Ureses. Mrs. C. LEVINS, Mm. J. II. (j(Mv n HON, 757 a lid 38ft Broadway. u DINN8' MILLINEEY OPENING?THIS DAY, \ r >i ((j I J i I road way, largest millliV'i'y in the \> >rld. opposite Meiro u P'?llian Hotel, tin stairs. Bai kal in tor all. Fall and Winter * Bonn.'fx. Travelling Bonnet*, Mourning llonnetM, Ribbons ll% and Flowers, Mourning Bonnets. IS IAAU. AND WINTER OPENING 01' I'AUIK MII.UXE- I r ry.?Mr?. 8. I*. I.OVKTT, V??-in, lifts l.-.ivc t<? iiil .t-m Iter enstotnera that she will oi>en her fall an I winter s'yles of I lata on Tnu*dav and Wednesday, Sept. 'Ji ;m.! 2 V to jJ wlndi nhe respectfully Invites yonr attention, at 7.*J Broad* (ll way, three doors below Eighth .street. *t TiiAIJi AND WINTEK MILLINEKY.?WE TAKE J'LEAr sure In announoltttf to our friends and the bulletin general tb'it we shall open a la rue and elegant assortment of iall and winter Bonnet* on W? dm >dav, Viaih litht. v COLKY x STElNBKKl'-L'llfcK. nil i.'.nml stiret. i ... '* Jjl LOWERS. S ?ine of the fairest trilles In creation are <?rnam<*?tid Mower*. A kpeelnllty In BltlDAL WREATHS A HI) BOUQUETS, Bio tho lentetual favoHti'* o|Vivlll/.?'il ?> ? ty. JAMES TITKEK, 759 Broadway. / 1HAN1) OPENING OK FALL AMD * It winter kasitions. b VV. OI'ENHYM, >fos. 21 and 21k Div.M.n s-; J. uki* pleasure in anuoiineltig to the tnld**, and 'h" imhllc generally, tli it lie will open, on \Vednesdav, the Will lust., with a l? new und splendid s?oek of French Bonnets and Milllnoey Goods, all of his own importation and manufacture, uud which he oli'ers at prices to suit tUo tunes. A call is respectfully spirited before purchasing, as il will be for jour benefit. > w. openiiy.^ No*. 21 am! 21Jg Division street. "IT OPENIiYM, 1??; DIVISION' STREKT, WILL HAVE n 1 1. an opening, thi? day, of a large i*8ortiuent ot French l'attern H>>nnetK;alNo r cboice lot of Ribbons, Flowers, Velvets, Satins, Ac. " "VIISSFS V. c, \M) V. 11. TllOM\S?WILL OI'F.N It! their fall Millinery on Wednesday, Sept. 25, I SGI, at 11 Clinton place, Eighth street, near Broadway. it \V** WARTS, Ml CANAL STREET, WH.fi OPEN, ON ' i 1*1 Wedncade v, Sept. 25, aa elegant assortment of Fall aud r? If Inter Boai its, ; \fRS. MULCH I NOCK, MO CANAL STREET. BEOS , iTI leavo to announce to her customer* mid la lloftgrmeI rally, that on Wednesday. the 25th in ?t., she will optm a splendid assortment fail and winter Bouuets. \f"K8. AYFR AND Mfs'S 8IIUGG, AT NO. 315 SfXTfl 111 avenue, will open their show room on Wednesday, 23th ? ttist., with a pretty assortment of iall and winter B uineus of D the lati Mt style?, and also:* qreat variety of ltil>bon?, Floweisand Feathers, Silks and Velvets, cut on the bias. * tritll HfTlfWTT.T. irtrt amiTVn bvdvv* wawn im.< -i.?l Mvt i Hy announce to Her customers mid the ladies K nerully Hint h>T opening of fall unit winter sty].'- of ladles' < Purls Bonnets will take placn on Wednesday. September 26, mi examination of whieli is respectfully solicited. ' Vf US. JOHNSON, 39) CANAL STREET, WILL OPEN It I oil Wednesday, 25ih Inst., ;i lar?c anil select stock "f Fall nud Winter Bonnets. Als > a choice assortment of Mourning BonniUs, to w hich slie invites parttcuLir aucmlou. - \f Its. LAZAlirs ISAA.CS TAKES PLEASIRE in ant iVl nomu iuu In Hit numerous friends that she will open it her stuck ix' Fall and Winter Millinery to-<lny. The latest , modes at very moderate prices. 1!) Division street. '8 ____________ s \fLLE. BARNETT, 711 BROADWAY, WILL Ul'EN FALL j" i'L Fashions of Purls Millinery Wednesday, September 25, \JfLLE. B. BAKNETT at lU WILL OPEN FALL FASHIONS. WEDNESDAY, SEPT tt. !. 'ii Wavertoy place. It !\f.ME. ELVINA GUEHIN i? ji Will open on the 25th d with a hiimlNnme assortment nt n PARIS FLOWERS. DliESS CAPS, if!., at her New Store, &>9 BROADWAY, corner of Houston Rtroot. K "If ME. RAUJNUS IIAVIKU JUST RECEIVED TllE } lfL selected in Paris by her husband, whneo ia* ctliticH tnr obtaining tiio mont desirable 1'attorns have Ion# l*??u appreciated by the ladle* of Netr York. ojn?iih ?!ii? dayji assortment of Paris Mtlliii ry. Iler customers and the ixiMii* ^??n?'nilly are invited to call, without other invitation. No. Canal street. m ? ? ? - .?.? *; \fADAME KAIIX, SUPERINTENDENT, TAKES PI.EAI'L Hiiro in announcing to hor customers and the ladies that will orien tail styles of Paris MUlinorv of the latest no__ veltics on Wednesday, September 25. 686 Uroad way. H "YfAH.VME ISAACS, Kf? lllti 1ADWAY, BF.dS TO ANt<, 1*J n.inn-o thRt sh?? will ojh n her extensive show room this it duy, i.HI? in.it., with a splendid assortment of i'miuhwi MitU> i 10 iwM y, jn.-t imported for Uh* soaaoti. VflLMXKRY ?MRS. WRIGHT, OY NO. 9 8ULLIVA2C 1 ;i? ivI street, npt'tiA her estalJiahTTie.nt, for the rrtfaH wile of ,, tft> aw Honnem, "t thin fall's stylo, Flowers,. Ribbon*, Ac., cm Wednesday, lift h instant. SJio invito insj^ntjum. Htiuw Bomn ts inanufiiciured and altered, by the case,' for iv ^ ohiuUis at the. lowest price. 9 r. ry'ENINO OV FALL MILLINERY, f ?W. .TACKSO#, ft* " / N<i. 5S1 Br.?id??a.?, irtll o(>en ori TTiwtnewlin-, the 2Sih, a P. Wvrg? ""'I <U?l?*bl??UKjk u< Motuvln^Mllllnery, Cloaks, Dinw Ch ods, Euinruldcrles, Ac., 4c. f. "Daltis and new "mill|nm r I'EELY, ItD? 7 ??<! 7X DivMon Htfcet, has now reody irt :m extensive and be;M?thnl ansortiment of Fall and Winter Millinery, for wholesale and itMail ti-ade. Mereh&pUt Mid milliner* supplied with Pntteiv Bbtiuets ou the UKMit retwmivblu terms. lis TJAfTElisis?PATTEJKS^MMEl DEMOREST'S " 3Efj. L cotid Oi'nnd Fall Openlntof the roost rwherche MiwirtE ment of New DchIsim ever onernd, on Wednesday, Sep?cm1* r 21V, at 173 Broadway, aud all tliu Brhnohee, Mme. Demoiest's yrinrterly Mltrorof FkshlonK, Willi ?plen , did Fashion Plates, full size of patterns; nearly one liun1 ilred flno EnsPHvings, with full divmriplious, now ready. ' i The most complete, elegant and roliuWo Faehlou Mugaeino ol" ever issuml. 1)HY 600W. * ^ ~'^T* " fiLOAKS AND SII AW LP. ' # K. S. MILLS ,h CO "I" OFFER TO CASH Hl'YKKS GREAT BARGAINS ?t IN CLOAKS AMI SHAWLS. at i?<>s. ::<a ami sm hkoadvvay. A MIL Y AND HOTEL LINENS, \Z OV EVERY DESCRIPTION, SERVICEABLE AND CHEAP ALSO, HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS, CURTAIN MATERIALS, V IN DOW SHADES, CORNICES, ^ CARPETING, OILCLOTHS, RIGS, 4c., tic., M very low jirlnes. 0) LORD*Jt TAYLOR, in >N, 461 to 4fi7 Brondwtf, or 1!5"> to 261 Grand striw**. 47 tinil 49 Catharine au-eet. IV) ! WO XfASniONABLE CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. MOST ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF __ THE SEASON. ,fp LOW PRICES^ AT RETAIL. ts' LORD k TAYLOR, !1 4C1 to 4(17 BROADWAY, i , 2M |.| 281 GRAND STREET. 47 and 40 CATHARINE STREET. GO ^RISII POPLINS, PARIS MEIUNOES, lr PRINTED VELOURS, REPS, DE LAI5ES AND f FASHIONABLE DRESS GOODS ? Of every kind?fine assortment now ready LORD & TAYLORS, vc" 461 to 467 Broadway. ? 2,"5 to 2C1 Grand street. 47 and 49 Catharine el net. N"EW FALL DnF-vS SILKS JJjjj RICHEST STYLES OF THE SEASON. JUST RECEIVED. ALSO, LOW-PRICED SILKS, ""! NEW AND DESIRABLITTS GREAT VARIETY. '""' I LORD A TAYToR, ?l I.e.; B'MADH'W. 2.V5 ?.. 2 51 li'tAXU SrERET. t' . 47?n<f<00ATHARINB8T. I> II. MACT, IV. Ni ?. J l AND 200 SIXTH AVENl'E, . N" ' l-MIIIIU "" rrt v rni: < ami ai n* \st 1A1.I, STYI.K> HAT UIIUIMNH, NMV ! * !!}:< il'KKir.s, 11 I I.A' K Oinii. ?I-.II.<. V". '! Full * . I VI I. SI'VI ?:s I l(l.S< II KI.OWERP, ni-.ah imr.ssi-s. ur< mi-s. *< .. KVCt.lSH uM <;RKMAN UosIKKY '"'I UW?VES. I' I. , I'M-i.K ?:i.Oili!N?i. \YHITK COODS. IiTNKNS ' 1 liniM .Kl ;.I I N<; MI'M-IN*. TAlU^tANS xc. Ill" ' K..'! Hicr-k YANK1 1. NOTIONS, \ N I1?1,'?I0 <ln*. Iipm quality 1 Ki l (iluvr*. il | llic lull ami ? lutci tolois, W tisum ' r*"'? II. H. MAUY, - ^ ' TH* TVH9. C1KNTKKVILLK r(JI'RSK.-TBOTTINO.-> J and MUke Of $350. ?Ou Thursday, Saptemb o'clock. 0. M. Young name* BulM; E. War Howdy: Mr. UtUi uatn?M Jupiter, Jr.; Mr. jflott nu Chuinplou. John Connolly name* uvly Bevtim. to wagon, Uwt throe in live. BBvTMfl A 0< T7U8HION PLEASURE OBOtfffD ASSOC V On Thar?diky. September Jo, At 3){ o'aloc fltake and Purse, |2fl0. Mile heat* b*-*t 9 in 3, Owner nanu* l>. R. Jack KohaUit; owner uamta Ellen; owner namea g. in. I^i.ly Onotxv. JOSEPH CROOHBRON, 1 JUPITBB.?THIS OBLBBBITBD TftOTTH lion, the wluner of the tlrm premium a? tl Uortm Show Ht Hprfngtield Iniit Seine int*T. will b at Great Ilia iTlnglou on (he 20ih and ZTUi iiiKt 8tnn<lliiK |hm niaiiniillv at tlir farm i>r tiU owner, (ioluiiililri county, N. Y., at IfiiJ tin* amuou. UNION COl.'KSE, I.. I.?TBOTTINO.?ONTl Sept. 24>. hi 8 ii'clia'k, ii niatili fur ?ii>0. i | beat 3 in 5. II. Woo Irutl' ii.iiii.-K hi-, g. Tom Tliumh It Wrtlu-rii iiituioK Bay L'cdt, to harm-M. To coin good Jay. ?" ? " . ? nuna, m 1-NloN' C<?ri:*E, L. I.?TUoTTlNll.-ON I U day, S< ii?ttuber 35, at 3 o'cluck. A purse ol horse that trots the nearest to three minutes wing, i repeat. The following jceuttauicn have entered tin Mr. O DonueJl, Mr. McBridi-, >lr. McMan, Mr.c. Wollcy, Mr. M??*s, Mr. White, Mr. Shaw, C. lj Owner, Admission fifty cents. S1IAW A WHITE, I'r< HOBSi:s, GARR14GBI, Tji< )\t S \ I -I i EXEBN SOUND YOUK<i r suitable for down town carmen, coal <*art* any kind ol' heavy work, Can be seen at 17 Leroy twwn Bedford and Bicooker streets. flOB SALE?A I'AIR OF BAY HORSES, aeeu ai 27 Montgomery street, Jersey City, n ? >', on Tuesdays, Thursday - and Saturdays, fro One 14't hom in an excellent saddle horse, and wc septum ? . blOR SALE?A RAY PONY, 14*? HANDS H years ??ld, trots iiihiiie of three minute*; trained l'<?r sts-eil; w irrnnted souud and kind; wil a bargain. Apply at 96 James Htreet, ijlOIi SALE?A FINE CHE M COLORED HOB ' lo h Lai n iui geuUi ili p sHit well, an t if* admirably adapted for a buiy's u*o; w cheap. Apply at .* <*'?V 1*7 Eltta>>efli strew. - - - # " For salk-a handsome bay mark kind and fax*. Apply to WM. J. .t J. R. l'E Thirtieth sueot, h??rih river. Alao a Ton Wagon, onier. Apply at West Twenty-fourth street. VTIOR 8ALB?A SMALL BLACK mark. A 1 I top light W.^Sun, a stnuli business Wn^joii and Harness. Price $2tn) ApplyVt 807 Broadway, uti lilOR SALE?A PAIR OK BAY HORSES; < r gone in 2.W. They will be aold at a low tlfcui m separately. Alao a l?ay Horse, lt> hnnd* high, i a doctor or coupe. Inquire ai FINNKUAJf'd, 1 |JM,IV -> Vlib?x MAitl-i is IIANUS HIGH, 8EVI I. < !?l, perfectly sound, kind and Inst; ?he in ill a very desirable animal, and will be sold ch*tp. Bo crtfc h i liable, 8! ite uoai U.nr\, BnN iftor sale?A 1'AIK ok CAItltlAGE ho* I one Horse, bay color, about \5\ band ftrtly genil'.ind believed sound, the property of a leavm M'or Europe. t'au bo seen at Lawrence's Weal Fifteenth ititet. IpOK SALE-A SPLENDID BAY HOUSE, 15 hU'h; would suit for military, a doctor, cttniti or siiu;'??, or iart, truck or express. Apply iu the 'Jib Kldrnlge miyet. C10R 3KLR ' in. IP?A PAIR OF HANDSOM I. Horses, wound and kind, long tail*, bay color, high. May Ih? Keen at 78 East Twenty fourth st separately ??r together. irn" sale cheap?OlOS pair OF BBOWN V 16 bauds high, six yeais old, Mound and kind; Horses, suitable for army o111'-cm; also, two hi Coaches. To be Keen at Pelton's sUUdes. corner i seventh street and Broadway; Inquire for 0. B. 11 CHA 8ALB CHEAP?A BEAUTIFUL 8ADDL r well broke a Cor . ? Iad]/i uw, warraotad mit and gentle; nUo wo last Pouiea. Address lor i A. B. C., bo* 145 Herald olllee. I*OR SALS CHEAP?A SUPERIOR LIGH1 and lUrneWi Apply it fl and K Wot Thirty I7TOR SALS VERY LOW?A TWO SKATED 1k>\ Wagou; been used only two months. 1>uboise's carriage factory, 202 Greene street. Gig for sale?a good second hand wkh a leather top, in good order. May lie East Twcnty-lifth street. \\ 111 be sold cheap for? ObAOftd. * Horses, horses, houses.?wanted, ately 1,0u0 Horses. For particulars apply 1 aerlber at the stables of Font A Nichols, 7S, 80, o2. East Twenty-fourth street, near Third avenue. PHILIP COP Houses.?wanted, a pair of goc Horses, also a good Sl< l^b. in exchange ft excellent Land In the town of Islip, Long Island, address J. Hopkins, 232 Fourth avenue. Horses and carriages for sale.?a man about to go abroad, ofl'ers for sale a f imy carriage horses, a Udx'i saddle horse, and as a match i" the arrlafe horses; also, two very fla They will tx; sold separately, If desired, at aver; Appivat BRADLRvS Btajnei, oornerof fourth Eighteenth street. Iir.H r WAGON, MADE BY DU8ENBUKY . J Nr. Also a two seated Wagon, with pole Will be sold cheap, if applied for to-day, at prlvu West Eighteenth street. Stable to real QTOOK FOR SALE.?THOROUGHBRED A O Oown and Heifers, of all ag??; Chinese 8he?? I half bred Whiff* Qbe?.ter Pin**; ulro yearling and Oolta, of auperlor broods. May be seen at the I far in. at South Orange, S. J. WILLIAM REDMOND, 43 Ban OTABLE TO LET.?AT *0.40 WEST Elf O street, rQom f?>r six homos and carriage**?rei one :u l(jf West KiglitcMMitii stn ei; accomin four horses anil carriages. Inquire o4'J WAL amine, oornor Twenty-first street. Trotting horse for salb-wihi j \vnrrantee. warranted In every way soun< bay Horse, 15V{ liancla high, 7 yw?r* oM, warran Unve minuter; with superior style ami action. <4ty horse he is Invaluable to any gcntleiunn w Also a very superior l>ay Mare, 0 years old, 15% king tail; a prompt driver and spJejidid ?*ddi? i hordes are u?e h?4c property of a gentleman and Uva mih? AiuAy at 150 Jane street, 0. E. H., ^nrth river. TT7"A*VTED?A IIORSE OR MARE, 16 HA f trot Square in 2:.*V5 to fc:40; a**; under nit a one a liberal rash prfeo will ba paid. Add *crlp<Jf>u and price, Frank Kaftn, 121) South Sin lfcumslmrgi "\Vr A NTK n-TltTv" ifmtsB, CULL StXTl TT hl?b. shurl tntl; hp must, he yoiwiifc soun InfyiMt* of DAVID JOHNSOff, m Clloton plae VHo * EWIJO HT CARR IAGBS. coaoh J.?JO Family HoufcaWays, top and no top or* ^ mid Business Wagvns. 50 seooad baud w lidirru'.ss, tfce. NoK 0, 8, 10 hihI 12 Nevins stre X) t'luMwtsh avenue and 18-1 FuRon avcuue. , _ pj^sciAL, ATLANTIC SAVINGS BANK, CHATHA. A OPEN DAILY. R*cetrea Deposits from ttcnts to f. SiX l'KK CENT INTEREST ALI Interest will commence O<*ober Josotii r. CoorER. Secretary. M. D. VAN HE Chemical bank ?new york, sept. President ami Directors of this l?nk hav clarert a quarterly dividend of six (6) pot cent, stockholders on nii<l after Tuesday, the first next. By order of the Board. (J. O. WILLI A "I RVINO SAVINGS INSTITUTION, no. 1 SritEET. Interest allowed at the rate of 6pere?n<ot to 8500, nnd I per cent on g uns over that anfe mntlo on or before October 1 will draw Int c!ii te. Open dally from 10 A. M. to2 P. M., and on! day and Saturday evenings from 4 to 7 P. M. JOHN CASTKE Vaxokrbu.t L. Buxton, Secretary. -WroTICE?'TO THE ASSENTING ROND^H J.1 the 1-a Crosse ;md Milwaukee Railroad plan Hi'ennproui se nn I ]niinKe ofthi? r<^H that inay be made of li, dated Sept. 3, 1S#1, sn ed tn by about $3.<KK>,fHW of the Land (i^H Mortgage Eastern Division Bondholders, thereto \v?:l moat al 2:) William street. New 4, I, is,i. ?t 12 M., t', select Trustees intoclTeci. N. A. Secretary of Committee <^H PATRIOTIC IjOAN. | 'I'll IT,-It) p-rcent TREASURY N'H for delivery, and may be had for CITY FU our office*. TAYLOR BROTHER No. 7ft Wall street, corner of No. -il Broadway, corner of Tt> t'AlMTALI STS.?$30,000 WANTEIVlM till ing bii^ir.' 8-s iu tills city, protected l>) IH return $60,000 jw annum to a silent partue^H will make all plain. Address Manufacture^^ 'Nil. o. TTNIO.V DIME SAVINGS HANK, H t NO. 42') i \N\I. STREET. CORNER* Open dully from 10 to 2, and from A Six Per Cent Interest allowed ou all tinder, and Five I'er Cent on lamer atnountn^H ?KF<IRK OCTOHKK 1 Will. *11*11 11Ty.KF.ST rtioi^K THIS HANK HAS KE<KI\M ON DEPOSIT DllilNtl THE-PAST H $301,2?< 33. M E. V. HAUOilWcH (Iasdxrr S. Cmrt.f, Secretary. WANTED?A PARTY, TO MAKE AD\^B \j nmoiint oi ji'i.OOOon t'oal Oil and situated, or a partner. Address for one i Herald ofllee. OO CAH TO LOAN ON BONDAjH ! "ii productive Real Estait^H lJi"?kly:i. for one or nioi e year*, in sum* will'!-.' Apply i" .It>11N K. fOVREY. ' M ' People'* Fire I nsuiani . Company, No. (JO \^B w> lUVM WAN?IN ONE SOl'.UUU oil bond and mort:;ai^B I prnperl\. lit six per cent. Apply to W. II. ! William sire.at. t:i'st ll"0r, rear otllef. AWQ AAA TO UOAN ON ?"> t U,IM/U li -?' -in ? improved prope^B 4,111. : .mi" !n IU1? ' ty. Only prin-inals^M 1 i" K. WETZEL, N". il Third avenue, | store, Cooper Iuslitnte. DEJIT1NTRY. I \ RTlKIt'IAlj BONE FILLING Wtl^l j[\ fiMitfl. WarniiU'M Vrtlftdul . bi?niitlf[il!y mounted pa ymH nin r, vul. .mitt? . t Pihlvr. I 'nlw 1 1 Til Kit. i.ti-t. (twnniy J'??' *n-r TWIMI'V ? (? ? Unworn L*\> oglot V ' "* 1 \ u\-. vtr.d wbllf soil i.ntl i;?? n. ' I ii?-io I,i lls, t !. ..? ! icy" pri'WI'vcit I'KAUSDK, M. IV, in.'iius r,. \ Hi.imiwuy 1 nbi>v?? ilW *li i'*.*. N. B,?lK'Vi. I tuuoubof cWv ojWiM^rs. * . A4