10 Ekim 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

10 Ekim 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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I THE NEW YORK HERALD. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1861. Important News from Hatteras Inlet Brilliant Engagement Between the Union Land and Naval Forces and the Rebels. Total Rout and Heavy Loss of the Enemy. REBEL VESSEL8 SUNK AND DISABLED, OFFICIAL REPORTS OF T1IE AFFAIR Advance of Gen. Smith's Di vision Towards Lewinsville. Ko Disposition to Attack on the Part of the Rebels. All Quiet in Front of Generals Banks' and Stone's Commands, Ac., 4c., Ac. OCR SPECIAL WASHINGTON DESPATCHES. WAcniNUToi?, Oct. 0, 1861. A9VAM0S OP A IHVI8ION OK THE UNION TKOOPS TOWA11DS LEWINSVILLE. About six o'clock this morning the division under the command of General Smith, at the Clum bridge,advanced ad occupiod prom Incut positions in tho neighborhood of bewtnsville. On tho advance arriving at Langley's, ?m hitherto outposts of our army, the division was divided, a portion of them o.ontluuing up th? Little Bo?k Run turnpike and occupying Popped Hiil, tho oilier of the division taking the new artillery road and oc cupying Smooth's and Maxwell's llills, a mile and a half Ait aide of Lewinsville. Hie batteries were drawn np in prominent positions, and tho Infantry placed in nituattons to support them. After remaining Cor about Uirce hours waiting in vain lor the rebels to make an attack, in fact invitUig them to a, oar skirmishers advanced and occupiod Lewinsville, the rebel forces retreating. Lewinsviile will be retained on well as tlio other posi Mons taken by our forces ta-<lay. A portion o. the troops under Brigadier General Porter Slao advanced uud occupied Minor's llill, to the right of Wall's Church, and commanding thai, village nnd Barrett's BID, which latter is now in possession of the rebel pick Mi. General McClellan tmu staff, accompanied by Captain Barker's McClellan dragoons, crossed over tho Hialn Bridge at an early hour this morning, spending the whole *ay in making reconnolssances of the new positions taken hy tho Union forces. Late this afternoon an impression wm obtained that the enomy had broken camp ut Fairfax Court House, and Vere advancing upon our lines. Fortunately, at a later Ciod tho impression wus dispelled by Information tlut force taken for tho enemy was a large body of our two troops ordered to join General Smith. If thore is any desire for fight In the rebels it Is very Mke y they will be gratified to morrow, not only in front, hat up and down the river. A despatch from Gen. Smith's column, at eleven o'clock to-night, confirms the statement given above, that the lorce supposed to be an advance of tho enemy wero a WM-t of our own troops. Deserters from the rebel camp, and our scouts corrobor ate the opinion that the rebel army is not disposed either to advance upon our lines or to accept tho prof.-roil tattle. At a lato hour to-night the army telegraph announces afl quiet in the vicinity of the iiositions of the commonis cf Generals Buuks and Stone, and also In front. Tho enemy is not discoverable in strength in front of our works south of the Potomac. About live o'clock yesterday afternoon Captain Barney, of the Twenty-fourth Now York advanced three mi'es hoyond Fall's Church, on tho Leesburg turnpike, with ton men, where he surprised a picket guard of eight of Colonel Stewart's rebel cavalry. Three of them were killed and one taken prisoner. They also captured five horses, equipped, thirtoon navy pistols, four sabres, one carbine and one telescope. The horse killed wiis white one, which has been ofton seen by our pkkots, and is believed to have belonged to Captain Powell, of Stewart's cavalry. The capture took placo within hulf a mile of a rebel en campment. Bo sudden was the dc?oent of Captain Bar ney upon tho rebels, and so much were they frightened, that they had not timo to draw their pistols. Onlo two horses out of eight escaped. DESPATCHES FROM GENERAL FREMONT. The despatches to tho War Pepartmeut to-day are more encouraging than heretofore in regard to tho move ments of General Fromont In Missouri. *HE EMPLOYMENT OF FOREIGNERS IN TUB ARMY? TIIE INVITATION EXTENDED TO GEN. OAKIBALPI. The policy of tho govcrnmout in regard to employing foreigners in the military (iorvice is ns follows, tho state ment being made on good authority:? First?No one has been authorized to enlist or raise troops In Canada, as has boon affected to be understood there. ?Second?No commissions havo boon offered or other overtures rar.de to military mon in Franco or other Euro pean States, as has been assumed there. Third?Tho government has not tendered the command Of tho army to General Garibaldi, as has been ropreeouted In Kiirojie. What is true is:? Fird?That ovpry foreigner who has come with a good character and credentials, and offered his services to the government for the support of the Union, has been accapt ed, and no other is in tho military employment of the United States. Sffimd?General Gai ibuldi being a naturalized citizen. it was reported to the government by one of our Consuls that tho General w >s contemplating a visit to this coun try, and that ho hud intimated conditionally a deposition to ongage in the service of the United Starrs. Ho wus informed that if this was so his services would bo accept ed with pleasure, and he would receive a commis sion as Major General, boing the a.1110 rau.> whuh Wis conferred on General Lafayette in tlio army In tho revolution. General Garilului, upon conplderation of the subj-ct, has concluded not to offer his rot vices at present, but thinks ho lmy by-and-by revisit tho Um'ted States. PATRIOTISM IN KENTrc'KY. The patriotic ffcoling existing among the Union mon .if Kentucky is evinced by tho fact th;it Judge Daniel Di ? ck, or R chmond, Ky., although over seventy years ef age, hrs enlisted as a private in the ranks of ouo of the r-gl ments being raised th<vo for tho defence of the Unu n Judge Breck was formei'y a momher of Coni ress from Kentucky, and has Uiled tv'ie highest Judicial office In tiic State. TIIE CASE OF THE CAVTAIN OF THE STEAMER FANNV. Hon. John F. Potter, Chalriran of the Investigating Committee of ti e liouso of Keprc.vniatives, on tho 8th |nst.,cal ed the int. nt'on of the Nv>vy I epartim nt to a Statement in tho newpp.ipers that C\'?t. J. H. Morrison, of tho steamer l-auny, which was recently captured by the rube s ell' ?"? ilutterns, wtn imprisoned at Fortress Monroe for refusing t/t take the oath of aJIogUnco, ami inquiring If the statement was true In whole or In part. The department 10-day replied as follows:? Navy Dwautmkst, Oct. 9,18*11. Sin?Tour let tor of the 8th Inst., relative to the n 'ws paper ro|>ort8 concerning the master of the steamer Fanny, haa been received. The steamer alludsd to wus &ut, at the timo of her capture, in the service of thi.s de partment, and haa never been employed by It, and the sumo limy be said of her captutu. This department has no knowledge of him whatever, and 1 have no reason to suppose that, ut the time of the capture of the Funny, a single person In any way connected with the nuvy was on board of hor. Very respectfully, GIDEON' WELLES. BARBARITY OF THE RKBKI.S TOWARDS TITE UNION 1*111 HONBH8 AT HICUMOND, KTC. Drs. Ilomistou and Swan, the surgeons who arrived here last oveuing from Richmond, called to day upon Genorai Scott and tho Surgeon General, and detailed to them all the facts In regard to the wouuded prisoners at Richmond, and also tho facts respecting fifty-aevon prisoners who, were released. They detailed to the Sur geon General the manner in which our wounded have been treated by the rebel authorities. They have suf fered everything tbat mortals could suffer at the hands of tho persons who had charge of them. Thorn are no* about eight hundred prisoners still at Richmond. Pcven hundred have been sent to NcwOrleur.s, and about two hundred to Custle I'lckney, in Cbarlislon harbor It was decided to send O ngressmun Ely to Castlo Plckney, but they finally deterni u J t? lot him remain ut Richmond. Mr. Ely's health was protty good, and ho was in flue spirits. Quite a number of our prisoners had beon shot by the guard for looking out of tho windows. They aro not allowed any privileges whatever, and every day the rebel authorities aro more rigid and strict in their treatment. The following Is the list of wounded ollhers under tho care of Dr. Swau while ho was In Richmond:? O. I). Wilcox, Colonel First Michigan; shell wound in right forearm?well. Sent to t.'asi!e 1 inckney. James B. Ricketts, Captain commanding battery, First artillery,C. S. A.; gunsliut wound fui.t above tho loll knee?slowly Improving. At hospital. Hugh McQiutde, CupuiuThirty-olghth, New York Volun teers; musket wound in left leg?amputated; doing well. At hospital. Elisha N. Jones, Captain Company C, Second Maine, musket wound In dorsal region of spinal column; died. Robert T. Sbilltuglaw, Captain Ninth company, Scveo 1 ty-niuth New York Slate Mi'itla; muskut wound in thigh; compouud commiuuted fracturo; well. At hospital. Lconuid Gordon, Captain Company F, F.levc th M assa chusetts; wounded in back. Sent to Castle i'iucku y. Edward Jenkins, Caplaut Comoony F, Naval Brigade) wounded in side and arm. Rent to Castlo Pinokney. R. M. ShartleCf, artist, Lond'n Illustrated A'eia, wound ed through lei t a in aud side. At county jail. John H.Willis, Orderly Sergeant, Company I, First artil lory, Rickctt's battery; wounded In left sido. At hospital John McKenzie, Orderly Sergeant, Ninth company, Seventy-ninth New York Stato Militia; amputated right thigh. A^Baltimore, Hurry Kookafolier,Orderly Serg ant, Company F,Soven ty-llrst New York State Mlitia; amputated left arm. At Washington. F. A. Worcester, Second Liouteuant Company n, Nev cuty-lirst N. Y. S. SI.; slight wound ia right ankle. Sunt to Custio Pmckney. John P. Euckiiug, Second Ueutenaat Company K, So. cond Wisconsin; wounded to left ai,>-..e. At hospital. A. M. Wood, Colonel l'ourt. eiiili r giment N. V. S. M. Brooklyn. Doing Well. At tho L ulvcrsity of Virginia' ('harlott> b-ville. Wm. Lickinson, First Lieutenant Company A, Third Infantry, U. 8. A., wounded lu right thigh. At hospital, John W. I < mp<ey, FirstLioutenant Company H, S<cond N. Y. S. M.; shell wound on forehead, tent t? Castle 1'lncknoy. B. Moach, First Lieutenant, C.'m;>ai.y F, First Michi gan wounded in thigh; died. T. II. Bow don. First Llentonant, fomiiany A, Flevorth Massa* husetts, wounded in right aide, injuring iivcr; tied. H.omits P. Hamblin, Kirst Lieutenant, Company <; fhirty eighth New York Statu UKUia, mi.ek.t wo>.,nd In right thigh. Sent to Castle Plttctoey. ?lames I). Potter, Thal\ eighth New York Stat* Mliitia; slight wound in 1 gs. Sent to Castle Pin( kuey. J. Ford Kent, .Second Llonterat, Third Infantry of United States; a slight wound in leg. Kent to Ca.- tle Pinrkney. Wm. Booth, 8eeond Lieutenant, Company C, Second Wisconsin; slight wound in 'eg. At prison. CONFLICT OK MILITARY AND JlJ>:eiAL .HTJIPWCTION. Brigadier Gonerai Graham appeared before Judge ii r rick to-oay to answer to a charge of contempt o:' court, lu detaining the minor, Jeremlsh Lyons, in tho c*mp of th ? Twenty third Pennsylvania regimen-. nfter t)?> Court had, under a writ of hnbaas corpus, orderen pis r<-l"nse. General Graham annwered by filing au affidavit disavow tog contempt, claiming that ho act- I in si ? n.-t c. ,n:iily wilh law, and literally obuyud the ore t o' h.s eupo rlor offioer, and quoting la this connection general order No. 73, emanating from tho .Adju tant General's office. It Is dated September 7, and says:?Hereafter no discharge thall b> granted on the ground of minority. General Graham's conns. I argued that tho Court has no Jurisdiction lu tho caso, it bring one of a pjrely notary character, to be deter mined alone by tho miliury a it)i.?rity, (ho j?.w? r uf dts charge being specially vs'ed in th? War l epartuienl. 'ihe Conrt liiifered altogether from tho argument, main tainiug by the clamors or tho multitude, and sedulously guarding against dangerous precedents, J us tie-! should beadministered according to the constitution and law*. N) political motives, no reasons of Suite, no plea of necessity, could Justify a disregard of ihe solemn duties of the Judkiary. Ho showed that the power of discharging minors by judicial process had be u oxercis >d in various St.: ton, not ,.niy duiiug (ho War or 1811!, but since ilie c mmor.coment of the present civil con'e-'t, and be himself bad repeated|v exercised ibis jurisdiction without any question being raise.! as to th> propriety of his course. The sol. mn doeisii.n o| thj eutlro Supreme Court was that tho military cannot be exempted from subordination to the civil tribu nals, and at no time can a military officer p i to himself from an Illegal aet by quoting the order of his superior offloer. Following ii,.j example of Chancailor Kent in the case of Comm.lire Chaitn. cey and General Lewis, the Court said that If, by noon to morrow, tho minor, Jeremiah I.yons, shall' not be surrendered to the Court, to bo cio .lt with accord ing to law, and to carry out the previous order, the rule for attachment agoiost Graham (lor contempt or court shall be made absolute. PROCLAMATION OF TIIK l.'E'W TREATY Y.'ITil VUXii ft*ELA. Tlio treaty oT amity, commerce and navigation, ami for the surrender of fugitive criminals, between the Cnitoj States and tho republic uT Vniezuela, ? officially pro elaimod. Its liberal commercial, civil and rohgio>is features are calculated to consummfe its objects? namely, a firm, inviolable and universal peace, an I a t- uo and sincore friendship betwr.n tho two countries. There is a mutual n<;ro-;nent that tho citizens of each shall bo prohibited from applying for or tufcuig any commission or letters or marque to act as privateers ngaiust tbe onmmerco c.r either republic from any princo or htato with u P:h tho United States or V< nor.iteln may he at war. It is also da etari'd unlawful Tor any foreign privateers, whohaveeonv mlsslotis from any prinoe or SUto to enmity with Wtlicr nation, to lit out tholr ships in tne ports <>f eith.-r. to sell their prizes or iu any manner to i-x. hango llieia; neilh-r shall they bo allowed to pjrehase |.rovisio.*, except such nc shall be nectary to their goii g to the next port of that prince or State from which they have received the ir commissions. SUPPl.Uta FOR THE HE8KL n*30t:ERS AT FOltT CO LfltBtJS. Permission bas been given to William F. Martin, who was in command at Hatteras, and 1.1 now in cornnement with his seven hundred associates, at Tort Columbus, to' 'iirniih winterdothli.gr,*. the prisoners, with funds'to bo reooived by him from North Carolina. At.LEOEt) FltACnn op QPAP.TEKMASTEH9. J. W Grimes of Georgetown, has been arrested on tho charge of purchasing government property or Quarter masters &c. which they had no right to sell. It is said that his books have been kept with soch precision as affords clear proor sgalnst the parties implicated ARRIVAL OP RELEASED PPI80SF.RH PROM RtCHMOVD This morning privates Pratt and Woodbury, two of "th* fifty-seven privates released from Richmond,' trrh od in this c.lty and passed to their rcgitaent, tho Secvnd Ver mont. v NEW LABORATORIES AT THE NAVY YARD. Thren new laboratories on the sito of the ono blown up are nearly completed ut tha Washington Navy Yard, and foundations for a fourth have beeu laid. consular appointment. The President hug appointed Joliu do la Montagnle, of New York, United States Consul at Nanus, In France. IMPORTANTJFRO:^ M5S30URI. Jkitku-on City, Oct. 8, ISfll. Colonel Mathews telegraphed to Governor Gamble this moruing from Hermann, Mo., Unit he liad been compiled to 8nrt?niltML)iii camp, with three pieces of cannon,to a superior l'orw of tho rebels. The camp of Oolonol Mathews was twenty mil's from Hermann, and Is mild to have continued about four hun dred Hotne Guards. The rebels numbered some 2,000, and their design is to burn (he Gusconcade hriilge In the vicinity. Reinforcements haw ben rent to Hermann ui d the bridge. On hearing of the approach of tho rebel forco our forces began erecting palisades for their de focoe. At last aconunts tho army of General Price was on Orand river, in Henry county. >On Wednesday last he was marching southward. A rebel r.umnd Wodemcyer is raising a regiment at Osceola I'ur the purpose of making a foray into Kansas. Union men from the neighborhood of L'Xinpton deny thai any s. ssion of the Legislature was held there. Ktlortsare being nude to orgnui/o compunlr* of Mis souri Rangers to carry on aguerrilla warfare after the ?lyl< of the rebels. Geno.aia Sturgis und Ijiiic are understood to have re ceived orders to man h from Kansas City and Join Con. Siege! at Sedalia. General. Siege 1 sent out a detachment of four hundred men on Sunday last to ? u ui ? i f bel supply train. Jci : kk*<>n Citv, Oct. 9, 1861 The surrender of a Union camp near Hcnn nn, which was reported this morning, proves not to have been so serious au allair us at ilrst slat d. Colonel Matthews sliuply abandoned his camp on the approach of the rebels, anil rutind u> Hermann, without loss of any kind. The three canuon mentioned in a pre. vious duspaich belonged to the r.-beN. Colonel Harding now telegraphs from Hermann that ho ha1 no apprehensions ol' nn alt', k on tlat place, and tl at th ? Goscunade and Osage bridges aro well g, aided and secure i.gainst the rob Is. INTERESTING FROM THE SOUTH. Ufflwv i.ik, Ky., Oct. 8,18*11. Richmond papers of tho 1st, aim CImrlcstoa of tho 3d, are received. It Is evident, from tho tone of Southern i'ftlH) s, tha'. tho rebel army of the l'oton ??; will act strictly on the defensive. On ilio evening of the 2Gth of September General l.eo Join'd (I moral 1 toy d w itH r>ur r> gimonts an four ptcces of artillery ut Reui'ow Bluff. General Floyd's forces urc repn : ented to be ^n-atiy de moralized sinoe (ho biute of CarniiVx I'm: y, and llfti'y A. Wise's gonero'v'iip Is seven y criticised by the Ri h niond f'nrjuir r, which say.t that ilia rclai: ns lalween lley 1 tu(i \\ mi-are ; atiiful e. o:r h "> es; lain all ou.' re vr.?. e- iu We !ein Virginia. Ucn. Wise, nccimpaJiled by Oen. liomii"..?... u, had ar r!' <-A in Rivliiu n I. Tho'iorm- will pt*ilubly lnj c ? a t ?utrtiallad. Hen. I.< o ii to till' c< i 11 i'ii <1 of th<? foroes horetofora no lar tlx: orunwod of Ceieral* Wis and Ki >yd. Tho y< ??]?'? :.i .1 ??>?? of the 8:'. icnant eoBtair.B the fc! lowing proclumaMftn ?? Oticutri. i/ 'Hi ;>? in ti e views cxi-r sseil by tlie cott <!: fuetf'i'fi of Now Orleans In the ..niiw. <1 c<>mtn :.i eStKai and ?f;iti m from Ii kii.oss m'fi here, praying tUul no cotton be in ??N**w O: Umuh* luring tlio exiM^uot "i tli'i t>!< cU ulo, i bare determii <*< to tak'o tho must oec i v1 nioims to pre.von1 the landing oi wy cotton in tbts'hy Nt*uc<? is tli? r- 1"In ?ivon t ? n'l ??-'?. ? a' ? owtte s oi si.aiii. li nlH Ofc.i i,tbt>i wator-c aft, that f m nil.: kit* r the 10t.ll of O I :,e. I. > cotton In .Si lie -i '?? -.lit ti. N.'\v Or1 ? ? ? r ?n- wniiia the line* i.'huiil ii Motion i i tli'1 w uUy between tin* ti-* t?... :? o * ulx^vo ( arn).Hi.i. autl th l>c!> the city Mid fx' i, back to ih. ii.( . All Htoiii.bualH ? r ottifv w-U i iiik rtvliK*' within iho pr^vo'lb'- l,r,iiis \>i!l be {'? j'iIj , h pi u-ed In charge of un arnv*d lore an J escorted ibbvc ilie paint lu'Mcsted. Till* course will boadopted in ail ca-uf. ?hi t'.ici the jm.utity * r -tt.*i. r-r >v;gi 11-e l.trgti or small. It'H ihTr'\t^ rM:ip:ml**H have already is*no<l orii" : iu furtbeiMK i nt th-* < tuvt of th?! pt'Clarniiion, and no vl' loti' ii *>i (In n, Ihi usruiittod. Ti l< KM A.- O. MOORE, Governor of Lou islam. ! hi 1 co ojfi: t ? rh IWiW M< ???*??? in th*-v, or, n. Bientcf tieab' veorder. I*. K. TffiCi!; >r?;,r?. rerai' r.inm ding. THh nXi'iiOTED ATTA? K ONPADlJCAil Ki". Chicago, Oct. #, l -i The Chicago Ti?i?;i.*?*.-V C.tlr*? special advloos i,..., i n cab . ipres.-nt that onr troop* to preparing .or >l e re ci'pH'tn of tho rebels, who, iu Htr, ng force, aie Raid to bo ?dv u> ;ingai;aln. t th.it pU :e. The women nud chlklrva 01' that place arc feeing s. nt av. iy. I.viryihinfr indicates au appiooching sirugglo. (icuoial Mot'li-. nand will l^s .? to morrow a proflama tion c .ualug all drinking and r.arahHng Iiomhi:s to on*. 0)0,61,113. Rctnril of Dr. Uaytt' Polnr i^xpiilltion* H llll AX, Oi;!. il I-III. It. JTayeg,of the Polar K*i*sOltlon, nrrivcd berethi* moiniug in the United States. The party are ali well. Two have dio1, namely, A'igi.st J^ontajf, the aKt:< ?' mor, awl t.ilirr.n Cnrathers. Dr. Hayim i eftchod Smith's strait/? on the afith of An" gust, last year, but could not penetrate the strait, will hie vessel, cither i?Mt sen?on or this. Ho wintered at !V i i-'oulko, uoar Capo Alexander, and with <!o?r nnd fceige roa. hed latitude 81 deg. 35 min. en Ma;, IS, this > <ir. The fi liowing despatch reached this city last evening:? IIai.ifax, Oct. 9,1861. To Hkm'.y GrinMU., 17 I'ond strout:? II, ineward bound. 1 ut In after a stormy pacau*.'. for repairs and water. Wo wort unable to penetrate !-nntii h strait.- either this BMson or the I: ut. i n arconnt ol he \ y ice. Wo wintered at PortFoulke, ne ir Cape Alewn-li r, ii lid I havo ponetrated with d i; sleiige3 to latitude eighty onodegrees thirty five minute*, en the west side ol Ken nedy Channel. In that channel there w.'is mucli ope* water. The thirteen surviving memtersi^ my orlg nii varty are all well. Two < I' my companions:?Mr. Soon tag and Gibson Cantthers?hnve died. J. J. HAYES, American Polar Expeditl m. City Intelligence. DnATn of av Ot.i> atta'iik of rue HsRAtD Mr. Jainrn Kellett.for about sixteon years clerk of tho mail dupai t ment aud one of the asalstauts in the counting r<orn of th'. Now Y'irk Il>rnAi.ii, died at his residence in HolKjk'iii, New Jcrfey.on Wo<1n(-e!,iy, Octobers. Mr. Tellott had botu in declining healih lor nearly a year pant. He wan a f Aith.' al employe, hi>u<?t Iu tho performance if his d itles, and pMwesfed of a heart, open at ail time* to tin- frien I Irfi-H. Ho was greatly regarded by his .tsx.ielatiw, one an I all of whom pronounce him to hare bee.i "an honitt man.*' Wr. Keilett was a nclou of an arieii nt and respect able fa-nily of Kells, ia th County Meath, Ireiaiul. n wa in the forty-sixth year ol tii* ago, aud loaves a widow mid seven children to inourn I if" ioh?'. On LL-ioN' at ,Csa.?John Mi ri 'f-e, a seamat; belonging to th f-hip .T ihn Itrlght, from Liverpool for this [>ort,repot W as foilons:?Tlie John Bright,on her last trip from l.iver pmj, on the Ifith September la?t, about twelve o'elock' midnight, came into collision with an rnknownv -c 1 to which k mo corsaleraliio damasfo was d"no, as inn. ii ate'y afterwards 'he cri*-s of marder were h -ard to l otno from'he unkn wn ven d, hot no one on board cooll t .<? wh ther it waw in consconencs of the co'lieien or not that she cries wore made, h me hil*tMui.-if.'"mcnt on board of either vesiie! waa the cans,; of the collision. The John BrlKht lost her Jib-boom snd |?ort at her cutwater. No doubt all the circumstances conncctcd with the iflhir wi'.i cm" to light as soon as tho unknown ship reaches port. She was about tOO to s. .minted black, aud stcoi lug cat', at tho time of the disaster. Ptmaal Iniilllgijiirc. Ami np the psasocgers by the City of Washington, which arrived yssterdsjr morning, are Rev. Wm. I'attou, p. wife and .laughter; Montgomery Gibtw, &j., h.arer of despatches, wife, da'ighters and sorvant, oi Xew Vork Kev. la*. Neville, of Newark; Hamilton fe. Towle, civii engineer, <1 Boston, who devised tho steering apparatus by means of which tho Great fcstera was roarued fri ra her perilous condition after tho ^ale of Septemlxr 12 and about sixty other passengers, received from the Great Eastern at Cork harbor. Pr. And: ew Mclxjtchie, who wna among the captured prisoners of the Seventy-ninth rcginu-at at Richmond, and recently liberatod on his parole, has arrivod in Now York. lie i -, of course, utiabio by the tiv ms of his re lcaae to ro-onter tho federal service, but he generously volunteers to attend tho wives and families of those of tho Soventy-nlnth re^im'nt as a physician gratuitously, and he may be seen at his rvsidenco, No. S4 Jane street, corner of Hudion. Baron tie s-'toeckl, Russian Minister to tho United Clai-.j, i? stopping at Ihe Clar< ndon Hotel. IMPORTANT FROM HATTERA8. Splendid Affair of the Steam Frigate Susquehanna and Gunboat Monticello. Destruction of Two Rebel Schooners and a Yawl Boat. The Captured Propeller Fanny Disabled. HEAVY LOSS OF THE ENEMY. SAFETY OF THE UNION TUOOPS, &(?) fcft Wawunuto*, Oct. 0,1861. Tho following Intelligence luid been received hore to day from Fortress Monroo:? 'ilio United suito.s aMnrasr Susquehanna, from Hattoras, arrived at Hampt< u roads yevterday morning, with the ln'<-'lix>t?ooof the entire dsfoat and destruction of some three or four raglmcnts, number ;ng four thousand of the ri !>? oonsiRtlng of Georgians and Carolinians. They luid completely surro .tiled iho Indiana regiment ut C'licaiiiicomlco, when news w is hoiiI to tin- M mliooili, ly inn oif tln?light, Liou tenant Itralne, of tUs Unite i dialed Vnvy, commuidor, wlio ordered tlio Monticello under w iy. ttelng of light draught, she crossed tho bar and couimeuocd r holUug tlio rebels. The slaughter I* said to be terrific. They fell by hun dreds. Thi s not wounded liod llko no many sh?ep. 1 hi shrieks of tit ) wonnded w to distinct y hoaid from tlio tlmro. They woro complotciy entrapped, having b la narrow spit or land upon which they woro situated. The steamer sh'llod them P>r foi.r miles. The dead and wo wore 3town upon tho beach in groat profusion. 'J3?..y evidently oaugl.t a tartar. Otto Of tho pickets of tne Indiana regiment, who bad been taken prisoner, tho night before, ma<e lnsowipo afi u killing a rebtd captain of one of tho Georgia regii ments. H' reports th?t, whilst lying conealod In ihe cha >|>arel, he counted ov. r < no hundred diad bodies with in a sh rt d'^tance of him. lb ! ro it ail deft:av of tlio traitors was complete.

Having accomplished tins inueli, and iiercelvlng a flte iiner jnd two prh'Hiners a short distant o up tho 8. wild, the Montn-ello turne ! h>r destructive lire of shut an I shell ii> thai direction. 'Ihe result was tlio total m-stri cti n of the two acltiKiners, the disabling of the steamer I a ny, re ?'y ? ift?ied by tho rcbolrf, and the sinking of a la-go j-uviTa' (Hied with tioops. Another report states that tho Union troopfl retreated to J' Tt Ua tern . but the ni^tanco of t'hie-itn w inieo I mm Kort H uiciiis Inlet rendora tlio tailor rep i t improbable. ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS OP TUB AIT All?. founts--" Mosrok, Oct 8,1 Via llAi.r K >i:e, Oi l. D, l*'il. ) Tim frip.Ho Snsqnehauia lias arrived trom llatior s Ini ?(. ai.u brini'S must intonating Intelligence. IIi> .y .1.1 r ibo capture of the propeller Fanliy by th-* rebels tho tvr a anil Putnam, having one ol' th'? ann.h-s . f the ftjp-iu?.!taun.i til tow, writ up to Chleimiuiomlci ar..i lar.d'-d seven diiys' provisions, returning tin amo evening, without having sou anything of the Uu ?''riilay, li?n ever, word reached Ilattoras Inlet by Mi'' Stars iir.d Strlj eg, tlat twenty-five hundr-'d r bo:*, i t iug ol a in.org..a. a^uth Carolira and s Vir^riuts* ru g,iuont,bad < om? over from the main kind lu nix small ct ..rn -rs md schooners, with llalbmlf, and n Ui'lrod the venlRth Indiana regiment, who woi - obliged to ro l real. Tbo Hus-piehava stonnied up outside, while Colonel Hawkins ni.i.clu-d up with six companies, aud rath d alt ;..sl.Uil by ilighltall, a distmcooi thirteen rules. During ti e t ifiljf toluol II ?^ins was joired by tlw i % . i <lli I it'll ma iiw.i::*nt. who ha J pa.-g.-d in the dark . . * i .a r<-' i> ? y ol" the rebel* who It wl landed for tlio p.ir: r ? 11 cutting them oil'. ('< 1 n?il Crown reported a lose of flfly of bis men im " i-'norK, compi t ln? his nick and wounded, and twenty pi* k 'h who could no*, be called in. Ho succeeded in sa.i:g 111! litf'B, provi. Inn*, if. t);i uturduy moiii.iu the Montlocllo steamed around the rape, and a few mi?s up met the re be is uiarclilug down the n 'now neck of land to attack our troops. 'Hie i rbol stenmi iH wore also landing troops to co operate wt h theiri. They wee mi ua?y ran?:e, and tlio M ntic.llo opened on them w;ih shells of flvo ?ecotids' f><se. two 1 mdred and ei,:bt -nof which wero llred f out three /un? In three hours and thirty minute#, (lo|ig great exc c ition. lb''rebels at first tried to shelter tbemMve* behind a sand hill .uu! then In a narrow copse, but, s<kiii broko iu every direction and took ref go ujion tlinir ve sels. A sbell passed thro igh the whoelbo ,so of the Fanny, wliieh was already employed against i.s. It is reported ;hat their loss must have reached be twoi-n two and three hundred killed and wounded. During the engagement a member of the Indiana regi ment, who ha-.l bo-u taken prisoner, inana*,od to break tho rope with w hkli ho was tied and e?caped. He took to the surf and was picked up by a boat from tho Monti oello. Ho reports that tho first shell from her killed Colonel L'artow. of the Georgia regiment, aud that the hnvoe was frightful. U. on the withdrawal of tho rebels th-j Motitlcollo and Siiflqu.-hn.nnH and tho land forces ret imed to Hatturiis Inlet. Lieutenant Hurkhood, from whom I h ive obtained the above account, thinks that no advance can be made from the inUrt without ihe support of a floet of ll>,ht draught vessels. Ho aIm thinks that our forcus at the Inlet should be speedily increased. The H. K. Spauliing arrived at tho Inlet on tho 7th Inst.,with i cneral MansfleM, and landed her men aud stoics. T > much praiso cannot bo accorded to I.ieut. Ihalne for this brilliant achievineut, wliieh has caused great exulta tlcsi at Old Point. Colonel Rrown narrowly escaped with the Twentieth Indiana regiment. He was shelled from tho Confederate viiwni, and troops wore landed both above ami below I iin, yet ho managed to oscapo with comparatively small i' ??. The particulars of his maetorly movement have not /et crrived. OFFICIAL reports of the engagement. KtPOliT OF CAPTAIN LAKDNEB, Of THE 8l'8'{l Eli ANXA. UxnsD Staim Steam Frioatr Sus^: kiia.\na, ) Off HATrERAS Ixucr, Oct. C, 1861. / Sir?Lato in the afternoon of the 4th Inst. I receive i inform illon that the enemy had landed in large force at Clii amacomlro nnd Klne Keot, and ttint tho Indiana regi menf, [jested there, was In full retreat before them. Also that oi.r three tugs in tho inl^t were aground or disabled. The I-'nnny had been captured the day before. I at once got under way wiMi Ibis ship and tho Montlcello, and anchored for tho iiiglit olosi to the shore in I hit (eras Cove. At dafiiglit I found our troops in and about the light house, and iu distress for want of provisions, which they had been witho"t for twenty-four hours. I supplied them with food, and, at tho requestor tho commanding officer, remained for their protection during the day. Learning that tho enomy was In large force at Kino Kiiet, I sent the Monticello to drive them ofT, which im portant servlse was performed by Lieutenant Command ing Braine with great eflfcet and good conduct. His report is enclosed. I am, very respeclfuljy, your obe dient servant, J. L. LAKDNER, Captain. To Flag OiQcer L. M. ttoiosnoitofau, Ac., kc. RErOHT OP COMMANDER BRAIKE, OF THE MONTt OELLO. tlsrrr.ri Statks Snip Moyncw.i.o, \ Oif Caps Uaituias, Oct. 5, 1861. J Rut?I have the honor to inform you that, in obedieuco to your order of this morning, I stood th-ougli tho h r.^-r Channel of Hattcras fchoaU at half-past twelvo P. 1L, bdj stood closo along shore to tho northward, keeping a bright lookout from aloft. At half past ono P. M. wo discovered several sailing vet oil over the woodland Klne Keet, and at the same tiino a regiment marching to the northward, carrying a rebel flag in their midst, with many stragglers In the roar; also two tngs inside, flying tho samo Hag. As thoy came out of tho woods of Kiue Keet wo ran closo In shore and 0|>eiu'd a deliberate llro ujion them, at the dlstanco of three-quarters of a inllo. At our Urst shell, which fell apparently In their midst, they rolled up their flag and scattered. moving rapidly up tho beach to tho northward. Wo followed litem, llrlng rapidly from three g ins, driving them up to a clump of woods, in which they took rofugo, and abreast of which their steamers lay. Wo now .-helled tho woods, and could ?en thoiu embarking in small boats after their vessel*, evidently in great confusion and sutlbring greatly from our flro Thoir stoamors how o|>enod (Ire upon us, flring, howovcr, but threo shots, which fell short. Two boats filled with men wore struck !>y our shells and destroyed. Threo moro steamers camo down tho Sound and took ponition opposite tho woods. We wero shelling also two sloops. We continued flring deliberutoly upon tin m from half past one r. M. until half prist three p. M., when two men wero discovered on the tcabeach making signals to us. Supposing them to l? two of tho Indiana regiment, we sent an armed boat and crew to bring them off, covering them nt tno same time with our flro. UtHin tho boat neariug the beach they took to tho water. One of them was successful in reaching tho boat?Private Warren O. Haver, Company H, Twentieth regiment of Indiana troops. Tho other man?Private Charles White, Company II, Twentieth regiment Indiana tr ups?wus unfortunately drowned in the surf. P.tv*t?' Haver Informs tno that he was token prisoner on the morning of the 4th; that he witnessed one shot, which was vory destructive, lie states that two of our shells fell into two s'oops loaded with men, blowing tho vchselB to pieces and vinking them. Also that several of tho officers were Killed and their horses seen run ning about tho track. Ho had Just escaped from his captors, after shooting tho captain of one of tho rebel companies. He stales that tho ei emy wero In the great est confusion, ruthr g wildly into the water, striving to got off to their vot-sols. Private Havur now directed me to tho |iolnt whero Iho rebels were congregated, waiting an op|K>rtunity to get oir. I opened llro again with success, scattering tin m We were now very close, in three laihoms water, and the di e of ti e second t-holl told with eflW.t. Si* stesmers wero now oil tho point, one of which I ro cogtnzu'l us tho Fanny. At, twnty live mitiutrs t > flvo P. M., wo ceased flring, leaving the enemy scattered along tie beach for up wards of four miles. 1 Bred repeatedly at the enemy's steamers with our rifted cannon, a Parrott thirty pounder and streck the Fanny, 1 think, once. I found the rango of this pieoo much short of what I had antl'-ipatO'l. m my of (he shot turning end over end, and not exceeding much tho range of the tiro otli bore tliii ty two-ponnder. 1 enclose herewith the memorandum of the nmouut of omm inition extended to-day. I am, rospoctfuily, your obedient servant, Lieutenant !>. L. HKA1NE, Commanding United States steamer Monticello. To Captain J. I> I,aki>\icu, Oomni .ndlt/g United States Bte.tiacr Susrpiolini.na, off Capo llatterus. N. C. THE FREMONT IMBROGLIO. COL. BLUR'S CHARGES AND SPECIFICA TIONS At.AlNKT (iKNLRAL FREMONT. COLUM.L DLAIS'8 M'.TTI It TO AlMt TANT GE.'.f.RAL THOMAS. BltHIADIKR tiKNKHAt. Thomas, AdJ tnnt (Ji neral United ?tnti*R Army , Washington City,I). <J..? (Jic.\shai,?1 h erf Willi uio.oeo a letter frcm Captain Mcl.i uxor, Assittaut Adjet.mt General, aMrisred to me U\ ?h? outer of Mujn General John 0. Fremont, com uiiudtng tho Weatern Department, which is dated Hup Uwbor 24,1881, olid was received bjr me latt evening. Yoi. wi l observe that tho letter ordure my release f m arri Bt, n* it all' ges. in COtiseqi once (if the re(ptest of my b other, the 1'ostimiBter General Blair, and aoooinpa mes mo ordiir !?ir letaiM-'e with gem" strictures ujcn "the l?rr oh of military proprieties," of which it states T have 1." n guilty; and states moreover that tlie improprofy ,n ut-ing my "family luisitiou to lay private l"t t' rs, with uusimtained ?ce b ith its, before t!ie President. dMurbiug the President's ooulldenco in the ? mm inding Gene.al,and seriously imimiriug tho olili iency ot tlio de partment." 1 leel myself oosst rained to Boy tliai 1 li >ve not, In my opinion, been guilty of any net of Improprli ty, but have j,.-( ft rni"d my slmp'e di ty to tho government In tho act t? wld^h the letter tefers. which was moreover dot? at the instance of tlio I'resldet t himm If, mid that 1 am un w.iling, under uny circumstances, to glil.ld myself from respousibill y by the Influence or furor of ony lndfvidral. I r.otild not, without utter disregard f >r my clmrncto.- as hi. iitlner and g ntleman, |>ermlttho statenu nt that 1 had made uusustati.ed aecusa;lor.s agau.Bt tin; commanding Gene al of this department U> pass without notice,and II ei elore, as soon as i he cliargi s can tv made in f" m, I shall t/iinsmii ii? ui to you, through the pro|?>r channel, t. Iw laid before the IT sidnit, and, if h>- Khali collier It expo lent to order a court martial, I shnJI bo prepared to 9ii-tain the accusations 1 have mado against the com manningGeneral ot this department. in the m- an t me, tin I find myself and my actions us ?ailed In thept.blic piess of this city, wli-ch, tinder the mtiitnry survl'laiice which ousts in this department, cm i hat diy liuve been allowed exr. pt by the sanction < f the comtwuidii g Genera' , and its my arr st and release, Without any rhurge preferred against. not, has given uio to imi' tat Ion* u|>on tny character us an olOaer, 1 demmd a c urtof inquiry tontl?>id me an opportunity oi clear li'K myself I'n.m ail stain in a m.ttter which I consider v al to the honor of a soldier, and in whieli 1 boliovo tint 1 have acted fir tho (p.od of tho aervice alone. R<i spcctfully, vour obedient servant. FRANK P. IXAIR , Jr.. Oilonel First regiment Missouri Light Artil.ery. Dpi n this letter being mode known to General Fie nioi.t, tho following order was issued for tho Colonel's re ariest:? KPEnAL OltttER?KO. 209. JIkaI) h*art>:ks Wic-n.H.v Dkpastmkxt, 1 Sr. l ouis, M<>.,Sept. "'1,1SU1. | Colonel F. P. B'air, Jr., Firt t Missouri Ugiit Aitlllery, is hereby placed in ui'reet. He wi l priced without de lay to Jollerson Barracks and report hiuist lf In arrest to 1,1 mm.nut ColonclS. liurbanlc, Thlrte^.tith infantry, com nianding. Ills limits will bo tl?o?o of tho {KWt of JeflcrBon Bar racks. Fly order of Major General FREMONT. CnAi wuY McKwvbk, AsBistiuit Adjutant Ceneial. Immediately u|ion his rearrest, Colonel Blair prepared tho following clia.ges and specitlcati' ns against tieneial Ir mont, and forwarded tho same to Wa hlogton :? COI.OKEI. BLAIK'S OOARGES AGAINST OKNEKAL FKK MONT. Charges preferred by Fiank P. Blair, Jr.,O'lonel (4 tbo First icgfment of Missouri Volunteors, a(;ai. nt Major (j neral John Frcm 'nt, of tho army 'if the United ytates, commanding in the llepartmoni of tho West (imt k 1?Neglect of ciuty and cuci; cor like conduct. St*i ift. mil-n (1)?!n failii.g and nt'gio* ting, from the 3d duy of July, 1801, to repair to the city ot M. I/>i,Ih, in tho Htuteof Mawiurl, th,i headquarters <4 the Western lic l>artment, md there enter upon tl e (h tite belonging to him as tho military chief of said do|ia: tment. to the serious injury of tho public service therin and the loyal people thereof . NjirifiealiLii (2)?In failing and neglecting to mfoi ni blmsell of the wants and necessities of tin waid Western Uofiurttnent, from the a.i day of .J . y, 18(51, to the 20th day oi July, 1861, to the great detriment (k tho -mblic Service and the Injury of tii* said depai uncut. SjeeiJi'wUm (8)?In failing and n. giectin^ to take pro per ne'ii.-M to reinforce awl succor Brigadier (.moral Nathaniel 1.yon, commanding a part of the army of tho United Stiil'a. ut Springfield, in tl.. f'ate of Miii>sourt, from ihe 3d day of July, ls61, to ths 10'h day of August, 1861, the said |K>st of SpringlV Id be i g <11 the wiole in immediate narii fh m th - ttierny. who liy the forces of the I'uitet'" uties, ai c ' "ear said Spi iiigliel !, were many Of them sacrifice ., and the residue c mjieilcd to alian oti said post, to tho serious detriment ol the government of the United Mates, and the State oi Mi > n?i, and ihe peo ple then of. SjeciJUalun (4)?In railing and negiocting to tuke pro per mensures to reinforce or succor Mi^ot ,^vken, coniniandtng a part of tbo army of th i'ulU?d . t.ites at I/iXington, in the State of Missouri, from 11 e 15(h day of Augu t, 1801, t?> the- 1st day of Septembev, 1801, the said po^t,at Lexinifctdii,lielngall the while in imminent puill from tho c;:' my, whereby said post wa- ,ett t<> the power of un ove; whelming foe, and was assailed by said f o and pre ?rvel from destruction only by tho heroic valor of tlio officers and men of tho post, afur they had boon so gruH- v abandoned by the said Majer General John C. Fromimt Sfwijisation (f>)?In falling and noglocting to take pro per in L-urcs to reiufurce and succor Colonel J?mos A. Mnllig.-in, c mmanding a post of ths army "f tho United Rtates at I/oxington. In Lafayette county, in tlio Sia'.o of Missouri, from the 10th d?y of September, 1SS1, to tho 20th 11 ay of September, 1801?the sal I pst at laxity ton be ng all tho tunc In Imminent peril from theoneray, whertby the en mv wres' fibred to assault the said post and conquer and tako the same, to the great ilisg-aco of the nat ional arms and the detriment of tlio service. tjiiafu n (6)?In s ftlsrlng eno Mai tin Green and Other guerilla i hiefV of the enemy to recruit an army in No. theastern Missouri of fioni 3,000 Ui 6,000 men, and to overrun and ravage Northeastern Missouri from the ? riav ol Aiyust, 18S1, to obisit the 10'h day of September, 1801, wlihont taking proper measures to sitppress tlio bands of sail Martin <?reen >uid other ges-rilinf:. whereby a vast amount Of the properly of the loyal inhsblt ntsof ?Aid section of tlic Stato of Mi:90arl was wasted un ' do- I stroyed: many of said inhabitants were driven out of ' gild North".i-tern Mi soon by the enemy, and many ; were OOUDeUed by the enemy to take oath of an allg. glaneo to the pretended, traitorous and Ins fectlonary government culled theConfederateStates?? ;'nii rieu. bincyku'itm (7)?in aufftirlug and ixirnil'ling one Swphen A. llurlbutt, a Ilrigidl. r General In tlwnrmy of tue I tilted states,and his authority, to l> ? ami i om tin In command of the tore \ of mini government In Mar thorn MiSB0Url,fr0m tho loth day of August, 1801. to about tt>? |Oth day of September, isol, knowing him, th ? said !? lephon A. Hur!patt,(Vom the ollirial rep- rt > f his supe rior officer. Brigadier t>onoi.ii Popo,to 'e a common drunkard, olid ui'tit all of j-ald time to c mnu<nd, to tb<> great detriment of the service and of the ?.vu peoplo of Missouri. SpecfJIeation (8)?In neg'octing or refusing, on or about tho 1st day of September, 1861, when a ;? st of the army of the United btat*?, at Lexington, in ihiiooi.tity of Iji fayetto, state of Missouri, was In Iniml in p . il fiom tho ?in my and in nerd or immediate sucoor and reinfo eo in ins, to receive or hear one Kichird V'.i i lin, I - l., who had come from said lenati n to his hoiul'pi i i ?, In tho city <if si. liiiite. to lay beiorohlm, the sahi v o ? i onoriil J. f. Fremont, the distrcHsud condition of b;> ? ' licit,ail I to solicit succor and reiuforoeracnta for the h "tin*, h , (ha said Major General J. C. Krem<>nl, pretending and inalfting that ho waa tno.bnay to recelvo or h ur the g*i of wild Vaughn; ami a though he, the aald Ma;oe t. nerul J. ('. Fremont, was informed that the message f -k:.I Richard Vaughn related to mat (era of the moot v. n' n-c a lty, and demanded immediate lutlon, lie, ti>o suid Major General ,1. C. Krum< nt, would not recelvo lilm, the aald Richard Vanghn, nor henr linn: nor did he give any aa Btsi'uico to the aald post In Lexlugtm, m> in "Imminent peril. Sptetycatitm (0)?In appointing, on or about th Oth day or Augustus?!, to a high plain of ooniMotx e and trust under his authority?vlic: Milter of Transport ?' n in tha WesternDepat tm nt?one liootor Kdwanl 11. >' ? e.apor son of d Is reputable character; in keeping the Kit d Cistlu in sai I1 ilice and place of trust after being fully m'ormed of li s character, to tho groat detriment and ilLngraae of I the service. fijwJh'tM' n (10)?In establishing about hie U adquar tera lu the city of St. Louis a barricade, whi r I-y infor mal n alisolutely Indispensable to tho public ?er\too was re|iclled and chut out from Ms mln '?lie, t!i ; -il<* Ceneral Krem< lit, refusing and preventing hiinai 'r.liys chmeans, from being infoimed of matters ot the utmost ur "ort.uico for ho iih and oven days, to tho great detrn n.ntof tlio public service. Sj> riflm i n (11)?In not taking proper measures, whf'o iu command of said lc|iartnirnt ? ' tha Wi st, to put down rebo lion within tho Stato f Ul-"*'> rl, drtvo out and oxpel tie invade; rt from said State and ro-es tablish thu auth' rity of iho I'nlteil Mat h tl>oi'< in. Sj r> ilnnlini (12)?In this. tbiitCapta 'i \\ u d,ol" tho steamboat Sunshine, a steamboat in ti e empl v of tho United 'tales goverment, was rent Ii Colonel M/HIgm fr> in i oxingion.on or about lb lOih day of tteiiteinber. isoi, to com oy certain oftleeis with deai ntcli a toOulouel I lav is, commanding at Jefo. H' n < iiy, in the M*ii- of M s 8'iori. And whi n tho fluid Ktonmboat Itonshine reached (ilnSgow, iu llleStutoof Mis ouri.on lUs Way to .leilorsuu City, it was ilrcd Into and upon by tho armo I neinlos of tlie Ct.lli d Stall a govoi ninent, and tompe.Iud to landamt trmiBiKirt the forces of llio ene > y from tli<' north to tho south side of the Missouri river; that the paid Captain Willard, obtaining tho diPimtches I'rotn Coloriel M d? lii;an to Colonel Pav.s from the ofiloers having them iu charge, and making his osca-te, eamc with out delay to the city of M. Loi.iB aid resialnd immi diatcly to hcadi| arters, and tlicu u Miv acd a not' to the said Mai?r (leneral John t, Ki ctaont, s;.itl g hi idly tho fuels above p cited, au I that lie h id Important Information In regit tl to the m< vementa "i tin. enemy u? commonloato to him, and a.ho the dtfpatches or Colonel M'lllhon to Oolonei liavis, tho said Man r < ?u"al J. C. FVenvnt refused to s e or hear him, and Infoimed bin that if he ?>?< nn ofticer of tho army ho ?oiid tnko tha train tlio neat day for tho city af.'eft'ison, with tli ? d s jinti bes t" Col' nel I)avlf, and it n< t an oilier of *!i ? avniy lie could leave he dospntclr h there, ami call and sou him, th ~ Bald Mao. General J. C. Kremonl.ou lli1 noxt day; tiiat by the re 'osal to seo Cuptaiu Wlilotd,atiil r?ce;ve tho i?;i rmatWu which ho was prepared to pive, Uw publio S'TvicewsB 'eeply inj'ired; that the succor inm i.d nl in Uio dtspatcbea rent by Colonel Mulligan to CokmelUavia was not sent, and Colonel Mulligan, with all his force at |o>.incton, hi th Stale of tilBSoarl, wnsoajturtd by tho II emiei of the United States government. ( ii <nfeK 2?T>ie< b dlcntn of orde (1)?In tblc. that thn sold Hi.Jor General John Krei iont wh"U orde o<l by tho Socrotai v of War, on or a'jont the 3d <inv of July, llfit, to pn ce?d to tha city of St. IiO?i% hi the Stalo of Mlsa ii, from tho city Of Washing 40B, In tho I ietrlct of touni'ta, did uot.and would not comply with said order; but, In disregard thereof, w nt to thecltyof New Ymk, and iliora re mained until or Hhotil the 23d day of July, Hill, to tho gn-iit neglect ef the duties belonging to hlB tlop nient. "i*, t'o'V.? (2)?On the 3t)th day of Aeg''St,tWl, tho Bald Mtilor Central John 0. Krein' lit issued tlio following proclamation ? [II..10 followH General Fremont*! emancipation pro chuualion of /ugrpt .10.] That nn the day of? ,1801, the President o' tbo l nited Pi#iia ordered the raid Vn'.nr Geuual J. C 1 I'fiDl1 lit tn modify tin* futil proc amaln so as lip make it conlirmto an act of Commas, entitled "An act tocon iifcato property nf il for Insurrcctloiary purposes," up pri Ted Ai-gest 6, l*0t which tlie puid Mnl< r Ceuoril J. Fremnet bus c\or sinco [nil ;l pagiected and roluPed to do, in disoboriioni eof suid otd r.and in contempt of the authority of the Prwdnii of the United r'tnt y. X/KCiJUatun (8).?Tint aft. r the order af< rosnid i f pnid Preside!.t of lie United States, comnruu diiut the said Ma jor (iet.eral Fremont >o to modify bis mi.' proeltimati'n, ho, the ffttd Fr< aiont, aid, in or about the ilst day if September. 18<ll, cause io t,c p rliitcd and circuloied a lu gc in rnber of hie proclamations in original form, < on traiy to tlk* order of tfae I* <h dent of tin) United States, a?d in ro trmplof his outh"rit v. OhahokS?Conduct unbecoming an officer and a gcntlo man. Spe>ificatv? (1)?In declaring to <>' iver 11.1i.lty, on or atari the lptflay of Heptembcr, 1BC1, a'tor h?h?' ap the Mid Edward H.' ostie, that ho ha-' sus;*ndcd pail ie from said appointment, whan in fa. t be hid not i;usp?aded the paid taslle. and said dc lu at'.?u was false. ,'/vri > .r'tfrt/i (2)?In Icttinr out to leonldns Ilaiko l a government cortrnrt for A,000 nudes, to He jmrohapod by iho saie liBoirfitas Haskell, who waa a ?onu a tor of ths government, a|?|?>toiftng- hiai. 11rr- s? d [.eonid'iR i)a*l e!l, to a i in. an ilio staft o." Mm, tbo wid Major flfrnorai John Frem" nt to iho o- mni"ii scandal and eerkii ? detriment of t he serv.oo. S] /-'ifieoh at (8)?In oonnteMUK ing ano erioo' rag.hp offl rpi? mid privates of the army tinder his command t" wrlio letters to p blbt n> waoapt-rp, to prntw of himself and in denuociatii n of nil who differ Tn m bun. m (4)?n Euflerli g end countenancing, and not prohibiting,officers and privates of (he wmy under bis command from bold tig meetings in ili- ir ctunps and p p?lug resolutions adulatory of hutself,end publishing the r nlit reson tions, contrary to nrny reguliitir'n 210, and In contempt and dip afvo tfieroof. ( u hi k 4?(!r?a ??itravajiat.ee, wa?te, mtemanagem-nt am: m!siip|>l:cati< n of the ; ublic tu< r.ejp. RptrifirrMon (1)?In tlii-, ibtii '??> ba? snrrot tuhd him poll with man <t niarept uiblii ehaincti r, his fi rmer ? to per.i! nt,: nr<' ba1 j'Cf* in fconi tl.o i-u.!" of tallToinia, with * bom be ?iif connocted In bu.?ine t:, am' Willi wl.os i character and reputation fit fraudu>ont jloalirps bo was we I acquaint* !, and has be: i<rw> .1 upon He m argo con tracts mid i.l t for supplies lor the n toy atui 'or mnkini? fortllloatlotiS, 4i'd f. r other exiienslvo and nun cotrary wi-rks, wltl'O t adnrttpimint, t>i? if? or ci'mm llttun, whereby tbo (?ovemment of tin-I'ttHed Htal s ban Iwen deppoUcd, the poldiers tlelayrd In receiving their pay, ard ills own attention and tltr^ abaoi b< d, so ap toprev nt him from attending to the great work to widt h hu waa appointed by the govemme: t of the United s:utc?. t'tiAiu e. 5?ro otle and lyr.innlcol Cflt.'luct. SiccifrfiHift (1)?In this, that b< ic.?r/.l nn H'epnl ordef on Hie ? day of September, lKOl, fttrblddlog officers of the irmy fr< in corresponding with 'flic in Is of tl.e Statu and other fioternments, to iho end tliat bis errors might not be extK?"d, and bis conduct i>>ntiol|. d by l.is supe riors, whereby the government of the United Ktnt' h unit the people bave Kiistilne I yr. ft detr ment. .v, ecifua1i<h (2)?Tr. tbip, 'bat 1 o ordered a public Jour nal In the < ity of St. L/miP, State o! MirfPouri, eal'ed an't known bh Hie Xwvin? S wt, to be auppresked, asd its editor and t'roprietor to be arrepted and iiuprls' ncd for a fair and lust crltic'am upon bis i.ondui t, nltt Ot (rli be well knew that Bald newspaper bad alwoys given aiairund 1'iy.il support to the government of th" Ui iled Stnt* ?, and Its only crime was making public bis errors of judgment atui incompetency to command b.p <ie artment. I have tue honor to lay before tbo Presiu'ent of the United states (be above < bar or and ri ecifb atim p ut aiust Ma,|i r C.-tiem1 Jol n f. Fren "ni eomn n ding ll .? I. (art nientofthi West, which n r siiectfully submHted for tho President's consid' iati'n. Riwtwctfidlv, KKANK P. I I A'K .In., t'olonel First regiment tUspouri I ij;bt Artil'ery. Accomp-iuyiug the above charges was the following letterfremColonel I'". P. Blair,.Ir., to lirigadicr Gen<nl L Thomas:? Bri'wmkk 0KKKtt.it. I,. Tbumas, Adjutant General United Hub's Anriy, Wasbingt' n li. :? GESiEftAL?I have tbe I: nor i > ir irfinii to yon, tliwttli the proper chanr.ul. certain charpi s an>! siieclflratl. n- im plic.uiuig tbo official colu'tietot Majir U i.e 0. Fremont, m the In I ted Siaies Ann} r> ti'snding ttio Waa too be Murtmeat, and beg that yon w 11, w I o t un necessary delay, lev them b. lore tlie 1'resbient of tho United si' ' - iV'i' bis cuiisidi r i '? n. U- si? ctfully, : nA.V/i P. P.I.'W Coloi "i Fir'1' rei m ? M ? ourl I,ij,ht Aitil'ery. St. i/>ris 2?, l?fil THE PUBLICATION Oi'' THE PAPERS IN 1MB ULAlit CASS. Captain r? MeKeever, Arsista; : .< IJi.tnnt General at St. Louis, rr> ived a desf ?;ch 11 ? m General Fremect on tto 6th intft., to the follow eg i flW;l ? llKAli VAuTK'IS WkSTTWI DniMl'.TIfKWT, \ Niur Jtmmntt CTrv, t;ct. e, isoi. f The publication U the diaries ami spocilk.it ons, with accompany it.g paper*, it b can of Colonel K. P. Plalr, Jr., as in tbo Si. !>? p /Hut ra i t j o t. .-da; , I ;n . i. < k ed and vexod m*. Ym will immo in', 'y pr< eu u> in vi H'igato this vtt ?tion of tny <?? i.<1 ei-c ?: ai d forthwith that the pe |ietrat' s in lie pr> ee. t gainst and puni?hed aucordi y. I have teb frui he the l ? ?i dent and General 8coi t ihat H b i" b n done wlioiiy with out my knowledge ir panction, and mods with my u? qiialifl.'d disiti |'n batii n no I regiel. JOHN'C. J IU JIO T. Ma nr (ieU' ral Commandlrg THE BLAIR-PI; EMON'T TROUBLE. ClNWUMTfj 0? '. 9, IheCincinnati Xnquinir, the paper in ?hk . ill th? Blair Vrsmont charge^,k*iters, k- ? ? appuared ? r'nailv, In anrwer t ? <jen. Freni Qt s 'Vs, ' h, oxouli atas t!* Co oral or any Btcittber f hi* dei u. ,i ly i'i' ta any ro ?Ill-ill ity m ill 'i l':; ' it, 1 ? ? '. 1 w?rcobUuwdthr 11 b ail ontu u , <*'. 1 ce,