29 Ekim 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

29 Ekim 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE -NEW Y WHOLE NO. 9180. ORK HERALD. OCTOBER 29, 1861. -TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. OCR NAVAL AMD MILITARY OPERATIONS AT A GLANCE. The Coast and Land Line of the Rebellious States ? The Union Blockade of the Atlantic and Gulf Coast? The Rebel Batteries on the Mississippi? The Forts on the Southern Sea Line. l* C R ? 7^1 CARROLLTON YELLVJ Vwrnid ^ayeitevillb fTALEQllAtt LEBANON [oCgmACE ^nsPBINCFIELD ?NEOSHO THOMAS V. LEAOIMINES^vI^V ^ ^0 MPJOjfSf. *Ai tx Nil IT ISsR, R ?A - cow HOUSE ? fFTWASHlTA * ETTfiWNSOM ClBSON VcENCY ^SA?n, TORY 5/ C H FfARBUCKl \A B "^A N % UTTLE ROCK <2 (PRESTOM CITARKSV,. ARCHfDELPHIA CHEEK, V ?DALLAS &RTH pranci X USTIN CITY L'd^~y}/C BRCKThIu Xr^ HNG.TON /hempstead 3T0 ny: fcldMOND/^'/ ?Grnacau<Mb*?tMSLe. ? .<\* rnm >. *?ci *^.^^>0.^ . _ ^ jftCAHL Pfg\ ??| rf^V, CUE HAY K^i !? J 5 | ^WoLE^ W^t-^X ^CBEKAQA : Wr -\?LD!)RA[?? -V imfnKKAlJ ' Jfojf &*, '\T ? * vJ 7th? ^ s SAN NATCHffl !>,august>ne %v MIAMI \% ^v5v v YV * TRINIT?}^ \ ^ U V Sn uv.Wst.on WX&?/p"<?&s\ i? i (at)?,yr 4*^ MANCH v*""*.? ^ i Jfcgg^ g- Kqfi fILLEiA. vS CHARLESTON JjJwTaccoon key"!. r* Wl >1 ?? s imi rant suwiei? 9| CZAC fHOTMNS SAYAHN ?B \ I -a, ? ? *S757ZE? ISMITH KIELD ???1 rArfrr gSBSSLJS^G&^* If / ,/ & 'OIWCIC . 79T ^^UAHASSEi smJcusTLM^s V 58 ilv "^??rr=^ u tQALVCSTCMrEA Y JALVESTOT_; ?Slii^ ATA GffTOA B AV-t iCW/Zi" -?* ^ Trr'-i? ifT HARRISON OlpT.AMPABA'f: vV CENTRE i^gf.iosQuno " aBE56rSBS CATLINi ^^HDlANRiV..! W" ' ^A>-: ^ ^;>r -g ^"'|.Br: ;:_--- .-- -.? v..L_ - Vr-J'iiJrB -f/1 'Cd'- V^wWCA^.'v'^i'-^rr, -?- ^oac. K > S-: M fearaPBPigMAOR^^^^^ EXPLAINIATION^A ^y==E ' '(UNIONuXROOPS WmMrlotte ////>: -' ^r.;t;J? V I ui^gfgRM^ t,._. f ?>, ==^oygfjgR^ vaSu/JibKsb w7. VK / MATAMCRAS m C-EAT EXPaiTiON. Our A i nt of the Great liiiion Armada. A Tell h Stow to be Struck on the SoiviJiera Coast. THE SMBAEKATI03 AT ANNAPOLIS. RandoZi ; 3 at and Departure i impton Roads. H' 1, ? 71!E EXPEDITION. a ORSB&Si < - >?l (he Land and Naval <?s Iiider Gen. Sherman and Commodore Dupont. War Vessels, Gunboats, Transports, Ferryboats and Surf boats. Immense Supplies of War Material, Wa gons, Horses, Wheelbarrows, Pick axes, Intrenching Implements, Brick, Lumber, Coal and Stores. OrtKf of Hie War Department Respecting the Fmployinent of Contrabands. SKETCHES OF THE PRINCIPAL OFFICERS, Table of Distances and Depths of Southern Ports. Alleged Desertion of a If aval Clerk with On? ol the Signal Books. A SEW CODE OF SIGNALS ARRANGED. T HE LATEST NEWS, kt?, &C. The groat naval and military expodttlnri which has been tn oourse of preparation for tho lust two or three mouths, sailed from Hampton Hoa is on Saturday afternoon last, tho 28th Inst., on Its mission, and we may now look, at any moment, for intelligence of its earliest altera tions. It cannot, therefore, bo out of place now to give those particulars of th" ontrrprise which we have had ac oumulatiDg for some time past, but which wo declined, in tho interest of th? service and from a desire not to supply information to the enemy, to giro to the public. Nor would we even now make public all the facts, if it were not that the expedition must have been yesterday, or must be, at all events, to day in a (Kwiticn to commenro activo operation! against whatever point has been selected Tor it* flrst attack. It was the earnest request of General McClellan to all the presses In tho loyal Statei, to refrain from every allusion even to the preparations that were botng made. With that request, which was, in fact, an Incumbent duty , wo faithfully complied. It is to be feared .however, that the premature and criminal publication made by som u jo.irr tis in this city, even in advanco of tho departure of tho fleet, may have very In jurious consequences ? not that the journals themselves would be opt, uniler any circumstances, to And their way into tho Southern States, but that tho rebel sympathizers will have been sure to have forwarded them on this occa sion. We may state, In (general terms, that this Is the most powerful expedition that has ever been fltted out on this continent, and that results corresponding in magnitude may reasonably be expected from it. It consists of no less than eighty vessels, some of them first class men-of war, and all armed, manned and furnished to the very highest point of efficiency. On these vessels are em barked from twenty thousand to thirty thousand picked troops, with all tho munitions and supplies necessary for a campaign. Saturday broke amid gre-it activity and excitement in Hampton Roads, inasmuch sis it was clearly to be seen that tho fleet would positively sail on that day. The taking in of eoal, water aud provisions was actively prosecuted all uight, and tho anxiously awaited Colonel Itoutelle, of tUe Coast Survey , having arrived and joined the flagship Wabash, nothing wm Ihen left but the general order to weigh anchor and proceed on tho ex pedition. The officers on loave of absence and on shore had been ordered to Join their various commands, and the squadron is now under full sail for its destination. Tho magnitude of the expedition can only be apprecia ted by beholding the vast fleet anchored in tho roadstead. TUe ponderous Wabash, with her doublo tiers of bull dogs ou each side, down to tho skimming little schooners acting as tenders to tho larger crafts, aro represented in this monstrous enterprise. Tho originator of tho expedition, Genera Shcrnvin, certainly deserves tho greatest mood of praise in planning it; and tho Navy Department, for carrying out the plans, are not by any moans to be overlooked, as on them the most iint>ortant duties will devolve in paving a way for a foothold to our troops. If the expedition is successful ? of which tho boldest croaker does not even venture to utter tho slightest doubt ? the names of Oenoral Thomas W. Sherman and of Commodore Samuel F. Dupont will live in the pages of future history and remain forever a bright

spot in the incidents of the present rebellion. The arrange ments for a brilliant issue aro as complete aascierco only can dictate, and all thr.t remains to be done is the ro turn of despatches and the lapse of a few days to unseal our lips as regards its destination. The troops engaged in ibe expedition hart been car? fully (selected and apportioned into brigades, wilder trusty and experienced officers. The entire control, however of their actions devolves on Major Gnn. Sherman. This officer has hail carte blunrhr from tho War Dep&rtnv ut, and has made his arrangements as only skill aud experience could dictate. Ho takes with him a full staff of signal officers, whose duties, however, only extend to the land service. All the signalling on board ship, devolve upon the signal oiflcergof the Navy, under control of Flag Officer Dnpent. The fleet was getting under way at five o'clock in the afternoon, the "blue Peter" having been flying from the Wabash since noon, aud by Sunday ni^ht the cntiro fleet had sailed in the order given below. The bands on hoard the transports and frigate played martial airs, and the oxcitement on the wharf at the fortress was intense. All the officers who were on shore wcro recalled, and nu merous cutters were plying the bay filled with ihose ro joining their vessels. Tho following w the ORDER OF RAH.IN0 Of this great expedition, to nail at one and a half cablo'l length apart I Wabash. Pawnee. Isaac Smith. Unadilla. Pembina. Baltic, ?ing Ocean Express. Pocahunuts, Illinois, towing OoUI'-n B*f r. Locust I'ol.it. Star of ihetouih. Piirkersltui*. Betrtdcre. Ooatxaooalco*. Marion. Penguin. Atlantic, Gen.HUermau's Bg'h Vanderbilt, towing Great Republic. Otx an (juecn, lowing fccn.ia Coffi. Po'omac. WlnfMd Scott* Union. Oi iental. Umpire City. Kricsnon. I'hlladeliihia. Florida. Roanoke. Matantaa. Ben. Deford. Ferryboat . Daniel Webster Angus'*. Arli*!. Otfbawba. Alabama. Gurhoat O. M. I' Uif. Gunboat Mert iry. Gunboat Moliii an. Ounbiai Seminole. This Rrand naval an I mil, a y expedition in des n >d against several points of the Southorn coast. W ere th': blow will ho first struck will bo known to the public in a very few day . Wo can only await with confidcuce the tidings that rr-y come at any momont. The expedition has been fitted out un<! r the joint auspices of the Army and Susy l <.pa> uncuts, Ma or General Thomas W. Sherman nnving f-ntrol of ail th ? military matter connected with ii.and f'ommocloto t'amu I F. Pupont organ iiing tho hjv.i! p. . ! n o!' it. Itoth th s? officers and their > u :>i?r ? ' . t ci= n-,. l?.-e:i m t untiring* and assiduous in urrnngiv not u'y it:l tli ? grand feutures of the affair, but in alt>-ndi ;; also ? Hi* ? minor features, on which, no matter how iMlvn :eant they may appear, the succ $h or failure of tl: ? tin taking n:(^ht lunge. The fleet cleared from Annapolis in three columns on the morning ol' Monday, Oct1 i' r and anchored in Hampton Roads, off Fortress M t.r <?, next day. from thence it sailed under sealed orders, and with increased strength, on Saturday and Sunday last, THK EMBARKATION AT ANNAPOLIS. The following general orders will elucidate the move ments that have tak?n place up to this time, and also serve to give indications of those of which we may expect U? hear at any moment. We give ihem in the order of time ? the first having been issued at Anna|>olis on the 1.1th, and the last on board tho stei mnr Atlantic (Gen. Sherman s headquarters), off Fortress Monroe, on the 23d. UKNKKAI. ORDER? NO. 13. HKMMjt-xftrgKS Ktirnrno.vARV <orw, I Annapolis, Md., Oct. 1A, ISfil. / The following instrnctinre are promulgated for tho in formation and guidance of the tr ps of th - command : ? 1. T1i? troops w embark on tho transports which will bo speedily assigned to brigades and regiments. The senior officer on board oa?;b trans|iort';will ass i i,-n each company, when embarked. as position, and srn that oaclt man has been assigned a place or bunk, which assign ment will remain permanent while on board. a. The arms, accoutrements and kuapsaaW of each man will be disposed of with a vnw to couvunienoe and secu ritv,audihe ammunition to cartridge boxes will be so placed as to be entirely secure from lire, 3 Every procantton will be taken agaiust Are. Smok ing between d^cks or in the c?bins will b? prohibited. No lights will be permitted between decks, except such ship lanterns as may lie directed lo be suspend* d in c cure positions. 4. As transports, on tea voyages, can carry but a limited supply of wuter, every precaution will be taken to pi ' vent waste or its unnecessary use. The daily ai own ce per man. including f furpi#**, will bo limitod to ' do ^nHon, nn?l the allowance for each horM thr< o callons. Tliis quantity may b? reduced by tho senior oflicor on ijach it an port if derm oil ti* c'seary. Fresh water will bo used for drinking ; ml cooking pur l? :->'3 y. A neglect of tlt-su preauttlor.3 might hallo extreme ufforln;.'. f>. A..^ki''tit g ard will li ? tnotintnd daily, with side nrn.M, uAi'idtcl as will b- -t proven 1 11 ri and any 1m proper t^Rf wite* 0. No arms w II bo l.ipdcd on board of transports wlth 0'it pro^r order.1'. U ? arms and amnv.nit un will ba kept in ii servtceab*1' c .t-PtiMi. iin<i sit ail times in readi ness for" v.so at a t.ionieut's noti u. Uusorv o ammunition Jii t? deposited in a Mn position, tl?? master of tin uui ort to id- oonsnlted .is to its lo<- ui< :i. '. ITie manor of each tram-put will be requested by |ml m offloer un boai 1 1 > pmMi wM ffif fifhtftat kerii the m mi Ik^w decks cem.ortablo it all times. S. Much atleutlK will'bopaid to the cooking. Such arrangements will l>r maite with tlio meters of tiie trans ports as will Insure rt ???ginar supply of meals to all. Tho cnbiio.te will be kept f roe of all persons not sent t? it on duty. Fancy ci>>k ng, such, fur ins'anco. "t ?; frying meats and dough in fat, it' prohibited. Sou; s, boiled meats and hard br- ad com'Kwe tho true and healthy diet of tho sol dier in transports sit S'-a. 9. The <}uartermnster'fl Department will supply the proper disinfecting agents to sci urs" tho comfort and health of the command. By order of (;F.N. T W. PHKRMAN. Loris U. Psun'is, Assistant Adjutant. General. Tho second order relates mora es;?ecia!ly to tho em barkation. It is as follows:? SPKC7AI. ORPIIR ? NO. 15. llongrAKTSKS KxnmiTi'W^Rr Cor 0 Akrai-o us, Md., Ot t. 17, IS' The emharkatlon of tho troops of this divisio monce immetiiate y . and in accordance with I' order atnl pssignmen' ? 1. First brigade, Brigadier General Viele Third New Hampshire Volunteers, stean Furly sixth New York Volunteers, Webster. Forty -seventh Now York Volunteers. Forty eighth New York Volunteer City Eighth Maine, steamer Ariel. The horses and wakens pertalnlT" ' arc assigned to the steamers Belvl 2. The Second brigade, lirigadi (late Governor of Oregon), vii: Hie Roundhead (Pennsylvar steamer Ocean Queen. Kite companies Fiftieth Queen. Five companies Ftftie' i Eighth Michigan re->rtnr Tlie horses and w-goh' to the ."ti'an)?r Bfln l>e 'J III. Third Brigade, a\ commanding. Fourth rcgbnent V J ?"?"ST* ef fV6tfc0Uf cirst iT?i J . 9t?v* - ?) 1 < joean gleam?1 "* eam*Tvw,aerblU' T^SS'f o?'??88'lgDe4 ,ot br,g*a' 0 Wright, v< iV\ ' olOBtMf'