29 Ekim 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

29 Ekim 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Monday, Oct. 2&-6 P. M. To day's bank statement compares as follows with that of lafct Monday: ? WVrV Endinp. Scant. ffptrit. Oirc'Hon. /Vjwwi't. Octob. r I'.t.f 1M.H2S 4.1S 42,2.v2,BM 8,5|3,0T8 12rt.433,('#3 Ostobur 2(i. 147,20-1.040 4tf, 200,019 8,410,018 121,716.1)64 Decreuao. jW,W-9,7W 22,268 l<ji>,030 4,710,100 This is a favorable statement, inasmuch hs It yofiects the gradual absorption of the seven-thirty Treasury notes by tho public. The diminution during the week is equal to four and a half mil lions. Tho aggregate amount reimburse!) by tho government to the bauks on account of popular subscriptions is 53 per cent of tho first loan Some $567,000 were paid over to-day on this ac count. At the same time, the government draft" proving very heuvy, and tho'Sub-Treasury balance diminishing rapidly, a call was made upon the banks this morning for ten per cent of their second 186,000,000 loan, umounting to *3,500,000, which will be paid in to-morrow. The above return of specie is considerably less than the bunks really told at this time. Money is rather more abundant to-day. Wo bear of large amounts being hawked about among the brokers, in starch of employment at six per ceat. Some leuders have loans still out at 7 per ?rat, and some at 5; the true rate is about G. First class paper continues scarce; it is current at ? a 7 per oent. The brokers oontiuue to do a fair business in Treasury notes. Messrs. liver: Clews Sc, M;?sou report that they have sold ?1, COO, 000 since they began. The Department lias, however, made a great mistake in granting a monopoly of the sale of these notes to six individu als for this city, instead of commissioning as agent ?very banker or respectable merchant who applied tor the post. Had this latter course been pvjsued the sales of notes would have been much larger. There is some red tape somewhere in the Treasury Department which has more than once militated against the true interests of the country. Mr. Chase should find it out, and get rid of it. Foreigu cxchu'ige is firm but dull. Bankers aw asking 107% for sterling tyid 5.31% a 32% for franes, but we hear of few transaction*. There was a strong, healthy market for Btoetas to-day, and prices of all classes of securities were higher. The beam made efforts to depress some o' the railway shares, by offering their options at the flrat board. But the result did not respond to their endeavors. The public are evidently not prepared to sell stocks just now, and a very little encour agement would make tliem free buyers. Govern ments rose about % per cent to-day, the coupon aixes closing at 94% hid. If the naval expedition succeeds, it will not be long before these stocks go to par. Misstouris were active at an advance of % per cent; tho recovery of Springfield and the gra dual extrication of the State out of the hands of the rebels are calculated to imi>art new value to these securities. Among the railway shares the firmest appear to bo Krie, which rose % ; Toledo, which rose % ; Burlington and Qnincy, which roa# and Galena, which rose %. Pacific Mai] abto advanced 1 per cent on vagae rumors about a con tract with government for the transportation of freight. We presume the fact to he that a fsw more persons bcoamc acquainted to-day with tho condition of the property, awl g?e or ders to their brokers to buy. The (Mark ings continue to render ths paymoai ' of regular quarterly dividends of ftv? per ooat a natter of certainty; and with (his pwapeot the present price must he considered low. At (he aaoond board to-day tho market was wall sustained, though the amownt of feivdncas done wan net large. Stocks closed etea<iy, the following being tike loot authorized quotations*? 4Tnit?l States 9t% 1981. , registered, 93% a 04; do. 196JL, noupsa., ' M% a 94%; do. S's, 1874, &U A *0% In diana 5'e, ? a 80; Virginia d's, 46 a 4% Vetmeseaa ' rs, 42% a 42%; North Carolina aouri ?'s, 44 a 44%; Pacific Mail, 83% a Jfcrv York Central, * a 78%; Erie, a *2>? ?>. preferred, 61%a422& 8?dswn River; M% a Harlem, 12% a M] do. preferred. 92 a Reading. 36 a 36%; Michigan Central, 40 a 4 44 MMMgaa Southern and Northern Indiana, a Ut%; da. guaranteed, a SW%; Pantuua, 114% a 0* nois Central, 4>6% a G5%; Galoea and Clioago, ? 71; Clcvelaud and Toledo. W% a I 13%; CJ* cago and Rock Island, 51% a 51%; Chicago, Bar" ling ton and Qnincy, 93 a 63%; D?4uwar?, Laolu* wan a and Western, 69 a 70; Milwaukee and ft-airie dn Cbien, 18 a 19; Illinois Central bends, f'a, 87% * 88%; Delaware and lludson Oanai, H a 84 Pennsylvania Goal, 10 a 78. The businessMrf tho Sub-Taeaauy to-day was m follows: ? 1W oi receipts *? ? ? v - .990 ? ? For rnsft>in? MJM 00 -J.'or Treasury aotf _ 860,133 it paymnnts , including redoomod six por mm w Balance Mh%*y ? The exchanges at the Bank Cianitng Honaa tJite morning wore *22,479,961 2(5, and tl? b&iaaoM tl, 712,051 38. Tlie specie aeserye of the Boston bartta, after naying the government ten per cent, on the mkkuI fifty millions of the national loan, footed up M,U7, 180? an increase for the week of $2il,600. ?b? Philadelphia baifWe aae alao responding on the m eond fifty millions. The receipts of whoat at Milwaukee for lh? wetit ending Oct. 21 reached mohm 000,000 bwdieln. which is the heavios* delivery recorded In the kiatory of the city. The dolrrtrios on Friday, Oct. Flour, WKt<H, OaSt, Com, Brt r*y, Ry*t bbl*. I,u.ih. bush, buth buck, buth. U? and P. dt*C.. 622 41, SCO ? 3-1? ? _ |>0. and M.BR. 1,696 40,240 ? ? ? ? II. and Wtmtorn. 88 20.fi 00 ? ? ? ? Chi. and It. RB.. 360 7,421 2,344 ftlH) 8J.64 731 ByLako. 10 2.839 1,3<J0 2,000 ? ? ToU^. 2^670 112,303 3^U 3,300 3^? T21 Same day, 1880..2, 716 89,384 ? ? *. _ The Fall River (Mass.) Neioe Bays of ttn Shoo trade:? We toarn from many of the dHltrent sboomMcinp lo calities in this State that tho trade Lias greatly revived of Ht%, and that the wagne of workmen havo l>.vi> rat<?<l. Abuer C'urtia,of East Abiugton, has a contract for mak ing twonty-fivo U^msiuid pairs yl' army shoos, which ^rill employ tho industry of the whole working yoptila tiou of that village. B'Wiooes iu Lynu has aJeu improved within a rhort time. The Milwaukee and Prairie du CWeo Railroad earnings for the third week of October were: ? rasswngors $4,323 14 ?rsight , 38,130 33 Mai^i 440 22 ^nt and ferry 1,QS1 21 tbtal $? 8i2 93 Cbrrwpondlrg wjeL. lb 1300 80, 946 37 Increaso $7)0 47 64 Stock Exchange. Mono at. Oot. 28, 1801. 150 UisKrioRR..HCO 32 100 do Brio 32 as do boo 82 X S Erie lift prof.... 61 100 do 61X 10 Hudson Riv RR.. 30 10 t?o 301 i l>0 do b30 3 O'i 100 Chi, Bur k QKR. 02\" fct do (Si 6(3 Harlem RK 1 2% k> llirlem Tilt tenf.. 32 60 KichUent HK... 49 100 Mica S k N 1 KR. m?" <52 Hit i-JAN'lRHsHtJt 38 Bt> do 8&Jh WTViKima RR 118 J 1 11 (Jent RK se.-lp 66^ 10 Ciov, Oai Win liK OS *0 I Vvo A To! RR. . . 3d 200 iTo fOO 36 300 dp klO 3d)< ?00 do ??>; 00" ? Co......... 36 >4 103 do h.H? SO ft 2?0 do blO 3rtft 200 CU ic-Hk MKR. 01 <t 100 do,,.._..l>:)0 ?il>^ 60 dO. bid 61 K f;0 dh 51 J, 60 do slO 61 % -?3 ^ i>Km i fSlOOonSfl's.'Sl.rpg 94 19000 US ?'s. tu.coa 94 5^ JtKio Lft6'H,'7l,cou 83 3000 do S3tf 6000 Kentky 3'a.s30 76 WOO 111 con b* '79. . H2),J OXK) Tcnn fl'e, '90. . 42? 8'JOO d.> 1000 fleorgia fl'a. . . 63 ; *1000 Missouri tt s.. 44 ! 2W09 d i t>W 44 ? MOO do ..e 4Z\ 100(7 M.>6'fsilH.\SJB 48 X MOO California 7 p. 81 10 *) Brooklyn owl 91 *000 ErioRMmb'W ?4 SOvXt MCUpclmsfcS. 96 1000 Mich P 1st mb f* 600 ilie'i R2dm aM >M? 80C0 l!iC?n R'^ t;ii<? 83 10C0 Chi * N <V ltn 39 X JJO ?ha 1'ac M .*S8 Co. . 93 300 do sflO win #00 do 1)30 78 353 do 77 \ 810 do.. TS 100 do bSO 78X 100 do 830 77ft MOErteRR 32 100 do blO C2 >i 460 do S2 m 4- 3 IQiUk 20o s iVTCRR. M T8*.( 60 Krl'i UK, prof.. .. 51 60 Mich On lilt. 1>10 4?'4 50 11 8 4: K I Rl'.slO 18^ V8 <lo 1^'; 7 Hudt>ou lllvor lilt oT 'j 25 ?t?? 36^ 10 J do b3V 30 \ TOO Mich 8 !t S I kb. JjV 60 0*1 h Chi Kit. t>30 7l lOOOov iTUHRbao 110 d- 36 1; 250 (Jilo k Ilk la Kll. . 6 1 26 On:, ISur fc Q lilt tia 65 Mil Jtl'du Chilli 18 New York City U>nki, Oclubrr !S0, 1S01. 11. mica. Imhu. $i> rie. CircnltWn. Anio ici 0,7-2,6*2 3,371 0S4 134,760 7,6ufl,939 American Kx... #,004,335 8,298*24 182 660 ?,lll'i? Atlantic 7?JS,5>0 U4.I22 90 492 49.1,036 llroadw iy 3 ,658 .387 1.445 6o)i 344,229 4,071,770 Hllll'* lfsmd 431?.707 6.3 i<70 133 561 :W7,4:?t Hoteliers' k D... 1,995,0:11 3AS.679 2,13 118 1,306 143 Chatham 91H.700 121,110 S6.198 072.708 Cboralc.il 1,721,71*8 2,901, <16 S 399,406 4,182.192 City 2,669,7*6 981,968 ? 2,412,030 (Itlzoci' 8' <0.226 1 00. HOI 144 938 746,089 CouunorM .13,316,197 6,190.78.'. 1,976 11,412,491 CV>rnm"nwe.llth. 1 ,6."i > 299 192,589 253,910 1,105,019 Gmtincntal 3. 726. IdS 64 S. 684 191,389 2. 136,0! *9 Corn ICxcbaugO.. 2,627,090 378, 4SS 197,211 1,804,850 Pry Dock 384,982 62,362 139 907 146,356 Ka-sl itivor 411 3. >4 #7,791 99,001 821,010 Kultoo 1,620,608 796,217 181,207 1,817,2(5.3 liroenwich 030 A* 180,464 136,271 413.312 lirocers' 068,130 16.3,009 61,678 641,108 H.iuover 2.0 >7.031 160,646 82.556 1,216,820 Imp. & Traders'. 2.904 *20 622,102 196.262 2.1 72 3.?7 Irving 1,017,361 144,298 126,702 779,813 I /either Maiif... 1,893,879 SJ1.60H 263,876 1,107,821 Manhattan 6,828,lJ3 1,763.688 244,626 4,669.493 Market 1,8>6,357 518.101 173,046 1,631,978 Marine 8S0.134 167,7?0 167.696 769,249 Mucliauics' 4,609,238 1,040,862 227,606 3,752,200 Mechanics' &Tr. 1,146 610 286,624 149,782 1.080,144 Mech. I'kg Aan'n 1,966,677 212.238 86,969 911.929 Mercantile 2,S)07.4N 765,972 20.927 2.502,782 Merchants' 6,602.564 1,734,110 186,626 4,293.463 tforchaabi' Kx.. 2,327.666 434,260 112,686 1,544.643 Morch, k lfanuf. 902,441 174.016 109,980 0.(5,484 M"tro|>olttan .. . 8,14.3,426 2, 60S. 168 248,301 6,9.11.772 Nassau 2 018,037 62.; ,668 146,666 1.6. ,0.021 National 2,609,891 637.395 112,778 1.829,258 Now York $6,337,018 1 053,842 35 S ,738 4,387.430 N. Y. Exchange. 325,563 20,802 33,454 271,287 N. Y. County 322.576 109,'U3 69.0S6 284,734 North America. 2,-39.649 347,766 93.350 1,66), 413 North Klvor.... 706,223 122,111 71,472 013,829 ( >oc:in 2,339.994 403,298 93 500 1 ,6vJ ,254 Oriental 640,664 121,161 101,206 66.3,081 I'aiiftc 1.142.609 215,182 141, !?:* 960,1, 71 1'ark 6,718,737 1,6sh,617 2:17,362 6,600.02'. lVxiplo'S 864,607 142.S79 96,642 710,464 Ihenlx 4,360,68^ 1,031,9:16 11K,382 3,299.316 Republic 4,165,700 1,019,113 189.260 8,146,743 St. Nlotwlaa .... 1,490, 70S 211,197 81,710 1,005,03* Seventh Ward . . 1,293,301 47-4,997 173,807 1,010,158 Shoo & Leather. 8.114,440 325,016 233,067 1.962, 2ul FUto 4 ,336 ,0:<4 1,162,021 190,831 3,309,867 Trivnesmon's ... 2,076,287 219.466 106,674 1,221 ,908 Union 2,863 164 660,040 178,093 2,464,084 $6^00 tr SO'g '(tl, rrg 94 6i,oo N (Vo'l (i o's; 60 30tK)T on 6 8, '90... 42'; 10000 Misuari O'a.. . 4 1 '4 1601,0 ?! 4 '.4 It 0 0 do s30 44 looo Gal k c isv m'g 9S 9 .'?lis Corn Ex IJank 85 000 Erk lUl 32^ 100 do 32J,< 6 Amer Kx (tank.. . 80J ? 100 Paette Halt 88 0# 93t* 360 N Y Cent Bit. >10 78 100 do 7s;.4 60 do. . .'. . .f'30 78'f 100 do !>30 78 (4 Total CITY COMMERCIAL. REPORT. Monday, Oct. 28? 8 P. K. Amis. ? Tito market was firm for both sorts at $5 81 >4, while sales wore limited. BR&tuervFFg. ? Flour? rhe margct wna Arm, with a' good demand from the tra<k>, and for somo description? prices elightly improved. The sales for tho day footed up hero and to arrive about '27,000 Ibis., clusi'.g within tho following range of prlccst? SuiiorflnoStato $6 -15 a 6 30 Kxtra State, good to choice...... ?> lift a ft 95 SiiperflneWeHtrn 6 45 n 5 fl8 Common to cboiue Western oxtra.. 5 70 a 0 GO Extra ''anadii. 6 70 a 7 75 Mixed to straight Southern B 20a6 40 Straight to good extra do 6 -.'5 a 7 25 flioice extra family and b ikers' brands 7 -5 a S 00 Itye Hour _ 2 WO a 4 26 Corn moal, Jersey ami ftraxulywine 2 80 a 3 26 ? Canadian flour was Bra and to good rosiest. TIm sales embraced 1,M> bbis., closing within tlto range ?f tine above prieos. Southern flour woo In good damaial, with sales of 900-u 600 Mils., oiosiug within the range of the above patcee. Rye (lour was c toady ut quotatka*, with saloeof 400 bUW. Cora steal was in fair roquretani ?aU? steady at w *gure? ? Mb sales ?f 200 bhie. Wheal was flrronr at ?ho opawtofc, bm owing to firmness to freights and largo woeipts the mnrkot, th?vh uofl?a, closed du* and rather ea.si.if at Saturday 'h pric e, llu tronaact luna onbraeod aJxnit 900,000 bathos, liero oad te arrive, at $1 46 a (1 to for good to prime Kentucky white, (1 80 a W at f?r ?ol Waete.rn, $1 M a $1 46 for white Uicttgaa, $1 25 a $1 28 far umber i?wa, (1 20 a (1 22 for Milwimkoa club, $1 22 a $1 25 K, for Raotee spring, and US a ft 22 for Chb cage spring. Onto oittMti firm aitd active, but tUe (nk iiess in freight^ with Sua r?<4f to. aa used tho market to oloso rather k.?vy. tt>e solas tented ap About 2/>t,tO# bH^hals at 60c. a Od^c , for the eastward, sjm! at t0ik,a. a 61Jic., for goad Western aiised, far oxport. Rye waa euiaiiy aud >n geod tetunod, with sales of 2,000 baaheto North rivor ut tide. Barley wan to fair iteaMud and prices steady, witli?alae af 0,000 bushels State at *lc. Uate were lower 1m* antive, and the supplies kirgo. t>?M* sf Oauadlan ware tuuto at 40c. , and fitete at 40c. a ! la. Comv& ? The market wee steady. A sale of 5,000 bout of lUo was made on private torina, 66 da. at 16 &c., and 40 ds. St. Dutnlago at te&cs. Oorro.t. ? tt?c market irvaaotedtx) change of mo?n?.nt at to prices , white Uieijdci" kvwi ,ry prooee<loil from gpinnera. . A sale from t<Uiro ofl.OQO bake wob uvula to u Boawa Ixo.ite, on-ffidnnura' mco*at,an private uraie : and front 100 a 200 baks oddkaaoi, hi into, were soltl. We continue b> noote mbidliiK *|4ai??te within Uie range of 21)?o.a 22c. The stack Vu ihie uiarJvwt M in eoaHViv ed docs net ezceod 2d,000*halak and a?y tali below it. Funu Scpteab bur 1 to October -^8. 1859, about 500,000 batue weai auived in the Southecs porta. t'muoii w. ? were lb ut, with a te?letv:y to hiflbor rates, with inefc effb'tog for shipment. To Livcrpo?t abont 00/XK) lj??4ek- graat w?i?e uu,:iigod, chiefly whlaat, at 13d. a lSWd. iu b'Jk aXxt Uijk; tlour was at He. a 3s. 3d., and aiteedoajul toatter at<Ms. To 7/inuoa ahnui tW-ftttO baKhols wheat Wttfn engaged in shijis' batm at 13^d., while at tho duse 1-Ul. wa. ainkud; ch eese wjd at 60s., butt".r at 4 Sr., as>d flour at to. l'o Ulasgow 404 bbbt. of rof. wj wore hdtai^t 4s. To Hnvre ab<xtt?0,ooo a 70, (MO bushels wheat were engaged at 24c., tnd 5 (X)0 a ? ,000 blile. ikru at 00c- So Uttnu<Mi 200 wawa ot t -tuoua w ere enpttgod at 21s. 61. Hay. ? Ti?) martlet rns firm, vrltti a goml shipping cto nvnid, chiclly en acoatuit sf govariini -ut, wt.li saias at . a 70c. for shipping and at 70c. a T Tic. Vor city vsc Natal Hroii*< ? 11 w market for spirits t irpenttao waa l^iet, with a-s:Cc ut 360 bbte. at $1 68. Kilas of 1,U00 bble. common r<<sin Ntere made (400 of which w.rre f<jr ex[>ort) at>$4 02^ and 3'4> do. Une Woae nit uC i* a $7 75. ( n ia ? Vbnie and sperm ware Arm , bnt q toot, y-rrr*1 was flini, with sal? of Jobbing lots at 70 Crovtwo.-*. ? (-"Mrti? The market was Ixviry tmi (kill, white (he sales ombvaoed 1W0 bbis. at $14 Ji a $15 76 for tncflB, and at $0 75 a $10 ?>r Ji'-ime. Hoof was qaiet, whU) pri.as were steady, ?vukw emlwaeed 11 S bbis. at fU 60 a $10 60 tor ropmlind Wcslerii m?i, snd at $? to for n?w do^, ?n$U* $12 50 l'o i extra. Out uionts ivere m f;rir deiiru'd, while nrteea were uncivuiged. Baooa wna ste:uly uihI sulna Ught, while prtc?P *.?<** tmchmgod. I>ud was beavy, whiln sales ?nbraoed (JM bbis. , at 8J^c. a 9>?c.? the latter n,;nre for prita-1. 8tete butter waa in goo-l exi>of? roquest nt 14". a We. ; good to choice family dairies ranged from 10c. to ISc. for domestic use; Oiiio butter was at 10c. 1 12c. Clioeso w.is at 6c. a 7c. for iicate, and 6c a 6< . for Ohio. Rtca was nolet, at *. a 7J{c. St";Aiu were comparatively qiriet tn l s?Vs m > 1. rate, closing raUier dull within tho langu of lust weelc s tjno. Utloiis. Tho sales embraced 200 hhda., cbieily within the r-ingo of 7?i<^. a S ^c. for refining and grocery graifc-s; 8(10 box'is and 81 hhda. melado v?re sokl on private toruia. W hiskity. ? Tho marlwt wad Arm, with sales of 100 bh'.s. at 21e. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. Jjwwx? ' Wbwv ? On Thursdav, October 27, at B ish wick, Ij. I., at tho resilience of the bridegroom's mothc: , by tuo Rev. I)r. Kemps-iy, Mr. Couitajri 0. Jaksks or Amrtirdum, Holland, to" Mis* Uxtu Wkkh, of Ulster eouuty,X. Y. Mo<?i'jks ? Ruit*. ? Ou Thursday, October 24, by Kcv. G<orge lioClosky, at the resilience of Dr. HcOfTrey, lha bride's uncle, Joskru IIcGu kr to Catiiaiuxk J. Riaaa. Dictl. Baht.kb.? On M >nday, October 28,at 30 13a*l N1n t#. nlh street, Maria, widow of the late Thomas Hunt Barber. 'lhj friends of the family aro respoctfully invited to at tend the ftincral, ut Itr. A 'lams' church, UaUisou e^uaio, on Wednesday aft<?moon, at two oYl'- k. HiaiOMFiRLt'. ? At St. Ijouis, on \Vcdne?'lay imriiing. October 2.1, Wiijjam 11. ltiooiinnji, tncrchaut, Commer cial stroet, ti'ed 49 yuan?, a native of Kolso, Roscburgh. shtre.Sootia'.d. Rb iwxlow. ? On Mondty, October 28, of consumption, Oaptain J.'.iaes Ii. BttowKiiiw, teacher of na\ ij;ati"n, a^i>l 35 years. Ilia friends are rosjioctfnlly Invited to attend tho funo ral, on Wednesday nfteruoon, at. tvro oVI<ick, from tho M.fiacr's c!i iroh, corner of Ma lison .uid Cath vinentrooSs. URUsn.? On Buiiday evening, October 27,MiS. Etu.voB Bri aa, widow of Cuieb Urush, Sr., in the OStli year of her age. Tn-i frien 's and rdaUvos of the mmlly ai-'* rospectfnlly invited to attend tho faiu.al tar vices, this (Tuesduy) afterceoo, from hor lute r?sldcn<:#, No. 33 (Jrovo street, at Hue j o'clock. The remains will be talvjn to iariy tewn on Wednesday imrniiifc for iutermcbt. Camibs.? On Sunday, OctoUor 87, of con^ :m]itlon, .loiw CaSiiw, a native of Kliinurry, jjuiih of liionuutown, co inty Kllkfluny, Ireland, cg><l 88 ye ire. The fuaeral will take |uaco this (Tuofday) ai(or:i'?n, at t.vo r.'clok, from his lata rosidenoe, 121 Wilt r street. Ilia frii'nds an ' thef iondtof his brotliers-in law, K. Hiiu'J and 3. J . Uifcguus, aie most ieSi?ct(iUiy in vited to 'ttend. CAtn> ?.i.i' 't> Monday, October 2B, Ci <r4e Wn ti,> x Cahk.ki h Hi ' bNi'Vrd son of .1 ?eph aud U.2t Cauitlotd, age<l 2 v ?<!:>', f Ki'WtitN en ! HI J*?f. Tho iri n 'smul ,u ^it.Miuati' c-iof the t imily a'o roipoct fuliy hui *ii? it.?u<l :lto fi.uer.il, this (Tu^'iay) after n xin.at tw ? o t'ock, fi'em tho rtsiidoiioo his paroate, No. 864 Third avenue. California and Halifax pv^era jtleape coj-y. Uniacou-? !n UutUoo City, on tfaturdsy. Oc? bw 30, Timiituy Ato>/.o, son of Timothy Alon/.o;?ud Rosanna i r.K coll, ago I 0 yenrp, 1 month and A days. A'i >, on Tuesday, | * i.t. Ml" 1 al , .a. | Fou.trr. ? At ntagtmmtnn, on Sunday, October 20, of OOuautBptiun, KO'.-si l i;ai< h Xou.irr, aged 32. Ito was for iniuy y a s > tiijilojvi iu the coin]' siug room Of tUo Now York Hu. rM. .lu.-ncn ? AtC'spe Hutterog.on Sunday, October 13, of pVirisy, Thomas H. .Ir i r, M dicil Assistant of tho Ninth regiment Now Yoik Xouavis. Cork p nioi8 pleuse copy. Kki.l>.? On Sunday, Oototv Maut Ak* Ifm.i.Y, daugii ur of Thomas and K,i. Kelly, a,;od X your, an ! 10 months. The friends and aequalr family wo to- , speotfuiiy invited toatteu moral, this (Tuesday) afternoon, from the ro; i hor parents, 701 second avenue, at two o'clock. I/inu. ? On Monday O tobor 28, Joint Lojta, aged 98 years. The friendB of tho family . and those of bin song Jam"s aud j&WUow; also thuso of bin sons-in-law, Ijiwreuce (?raham, John randy and Edward Huckl-y; also those of John 8fchari| (Carroll, aro respectfully iuvitud to attend tlio fuuoral, tliis (Tuesday) afternoon, ul two o'clock , from the residence of lus sou Jamos, No. 03 Madison street, between CatU irn.o aud Oliver stroets. Millsr.? At Iluford, Westchestor county, V. Y., on Sunday, Oct iber 27, AticuNS Aran*, daughter of Honry ate I Ivuiso Miller, aged I ninth. O'IVin vku. ? On Sunday , October 27, Kujw wifoofEd m >nd O'Donnol, a native of IJsmore, county Watorlord, Ir land, In tho 45tli year other ago. The frien<l? and relative# of tho f.unily are respectfully requested to attond the funeral, from her lato real ience, No. 101 Meadow street, Iloboken, Now Jersey, this (Tues day) aftornoon. at throe o'clock. I'arskr. ? In tliis city, on Saturday, October 26, of diph theria, Willia* Hr'iwn.shi of Isiuc B. Parker, of Bur lington, Now Jersey , agi d 4-'$ years. Ilia friends and those of his father-in-law, the late Jf nry W. Hills, and of his brothers In law, K. 1. MinAn and John II. Ma ie, aro invited to attend tho fuueral it tho Church of Hi j As ohmou, this (Tues lay ) in >runig,(kto her 2;*. at ten o'clock. Kkso. ? At his residence near Peeks kill, on Monday, October 2S, A?m-ov W. M so, af;ed 4 1 years. Tho friends of the family aro lnvitod to attend Uto fu neral, on Wo Inesday afternoon, nt two o'clock. Sharp*. ? Ou Monday, October 28, of pneumonia, ITafrt, only s >n of J amen and Sarah K Sharpe, aged 3 mo:itlu and 7 days. The frlenos and relatives are most respectfully invited to att'ind tho funeral, without further uutioe, this (Tuus day ) afternoon, at one O'clock. Titi s. ? In Brooklyn , on Monday , iVtobor 28, su?ldcnly. Mr. Jams* Titi s, in tho 70th year of hbage, Tho frionds and reUtlres of tho family are respectfully lnv ltod to attend the funeral, at No. 40 1 leruiont avenue. Waikr;. ? In Brooklyn.ou Monday lnorniug, October 2S, of scarlet fever, Bnuvo Calvin, sou of Richard H. L. and Cornelia Waters, agod !> months and 18 days. Funeral services at the residence of th ? family, No. 2U8 Jay street, corner of Fulton avonue, lirooklyn, tills (Tues day) morning, at eleven o'clock. The remains will bo oonruyed to States Island for 1 itermont. Waitbs. ? At Ureenpolut, ou Monday, October 28, Owl Waters, son of Hosier and tho lute William Waters, aged 24 vea-s, I mouths and 18 days. The friends and relatives of the family, and also the members of K1 igawowl 11 ??' t'iimiwny No, 7, Vallev Forge Oomp iny No. 11, and the l-'lro Hepirttumt in gene ral, aro invtud to uti. ud tile funeral, from his late resi deuce, Java stre t, Urocii) nint, on Wednesday afternoon, at two o'clock, without furlh r notice. WusiittMAN. ? (in S in day . October 27, after a snort but severe illness, Caiiiakise Wuummmn, agod 14 yoarg,8 months and 2 days. Her friends and acquaintance aro requestivl to attend tbe funeral, this (Tuos lay) afternoon, at half past one o'otock, from ber latorosldoeoe. No. 3S West Xbirtoouth street, without furthor Invitation. Wvcworr. ? In Elizabethport, N. J. , on Monday, October 2S, llisi Oornei.u A. Wyck^ut, In tho 31st year of her ago. Tho funeral will be at U-nded from tho house of her father, Mr. T. K. Wyckolf. oa W luesday morning, at half-past t<-n o'clock. SHIPPING NEW ALMANAC FOR WW YORK?THIS DAT. if rt?*s....... 6 | moom itisRs. ...... .morn 1 M m skts 5 02 I high water eve 4 27 Port of New Yorlc* October :4S, 1831. clra uno* Ship Progr^ns, Woodward, L1vt| ool? Nesurith ftrSons. Ship City of Brooklyn, ?'hw, Liv<u?poo)--->6K*rntth A Koxvj. Ship A Richmond, SMih n. Loudon? J W Elweli Jk Co. Biup Liverpool, Uhaiub.M i.no, London? Urinnell, MiuSurn A Co. Ship Yomif Eagle, Walker, Havre? Funch, M'inctoa ft Wenut. Bavk E Wright, Jr, ftibba, Marseille a ? Moore ft Henry. B*rk Xantho, Chapmau. Asplowall ? Pima oa Kailr *ftlOo. is rig W AtXiitb ilir), Wadmun, Si John, SB ? 1* 1 Swum J L San*. Bri* Albion, , Eliaahethpoft ? R P Ruck A Co. Bri* 4ien Boyd, (iilpattkk. Bo ak?n ? Master. Brl? Jean uippolyte, Oft nc hard, New Bedford? Kiog ft ?adrtlot. B<iw Sptmer D, Penny, Fortress Monroe? E D Iluribat ft Os Sehr B D Pitts, Webb, Baltimore? Van Bruat A Slngbt fcv hr Statesman. Mott, Baltimore ? Merrill ft AbbOtiL Bchr C Daft'?r, Baltimore? Master. 8 hr I) C ttUigios, Mathewn, Baltimore ? Mastex, tir.hr White rvtasn, Oonley. Baltim ore ? L Kenny. BnUr K P Kin*?. JjBed?, Phtlak'mda ? Jaa XV M<'Kaeu Sehr J B Jobntson, Johnson, Philadelphia?' T itunyan ft Oo. B Jir Mar? Taylor, Wilaon, E^g Ilurbo- ? Master. fcfclir W Kallanaj). Edwards, Perth Amboy? H & ' fUjkr Protector, watts, Keyport? ? Master. Safer Crectan, Ilaffgerty, Bangor-? Master. SeJrr John Adam#, llnoh, Portland ? CI L Hat<?h? 4' tar W Gregory. Bnsklln, Portsmouth? W S Brovaa ft Uokr M R Ckr)f*)+. K M*r, Bo*ton? .Maafer. Bohr E Kegar, Tribble, New Bedford? Master. RcJw Monte* am a. Perry, Providence? Master. Bohr Niagarn, Donovan, Providence ? Master. Mir B Strong, Smith, MvKtic ? Merrill ft Abbott* UUxtp llt-npttr, F'HHi<nin. Phi!ad' dphia ? Mantes. gloop Mary, Baxter. Philadelphia? M ister. Sloop B/itUm, Van Name, Egg H arlior ? MtKtea Btaamer Jersey Blue, Cha l?ey, Baltimore. Steamer Albany, Lewis, Baltimore. HttNuiwr Haiiny (Juviu, Spencer, Philadelphia. ARRTVED. Ship l?onai<leafChaae, Loudon 39 days and HtarlPcfc>L t7 days, in b.UlsMt. to Nesmitk k Sons. Sept SO, off Start Point, ?.*?v hLM> Tbos Jf Perkins, bound W. Slhlp Repnbtlk (Br<?m), Wcnke, Loudon, 23 days, to ballarrt, !? / ient?eik?*n ft Pnkart. Bark ?'Arah Kay ( Br, of Sninderlantl), Ifanunond, Dnbfla, 44 days, ki ballast, to Fachiri ft Co. Had strong westerly galW *(j? to the Banks. Bavk Montevuma t'Br, of Liverpool), Bonfllnlaek, Buenos Ayrw, HO davs. with hides, wo ?l, Ac. to or<lvr. Bark U (l W P*vfffe, 1 ?rvi?, 'frinftdad, Ci/bn, 19 d??vs, wJta ai^'ar, fte, u? C k li J Peters. Been C days N of 1 (alteram with Ueavv K and E winds. Bark J A R Younj? (Br), BaoU, St John, NB, 8 days, In baW lftHi, to Boyd \ Huuaten. Bark Maryland, Jelly, P#ovMenae, 2 days, in lialkk-t, *r> master. Brig M nnehaha (Br, afVarmonth, X3), Perry, Oreenoek Sept w>, via Yarmouth 5 days, in ballast, to Ark'dJ ft Buret. Brt^f Calmaek (of Ea^t MachfanJ, Johnson, Car Jiff, 42 daya, with eori, to SSmpaon .fe Mayhew. Experienced heavy woew erlv eai?*H. kwt aod ^iriit sail*, carried away cutwater, Ac. Brjtf Forto ]*ift'a (Breui), Haebtmaiio, Port mi Piatt, 12 4av*. with muii'Kjdiiy, Ac, to (' C A II E Schmidt. Brl^Jaiues (Br, or London), Wllfiams, Bermuda. 8 days, in kalktat, to MWMIetoii A ()?. Ofl Bennuila, saw U 6 guiv ?oat J CI Ar>d? rs ?n, crtilettuz for prlva'e"rrf. Bri? VVm Crawford, Smith, Kii^abediport IVjr Boston. Hrift B Younjr, Cook, Mystic. :u ballaet. Brig Sami?son, Murray, Mystic, in ballast. Hebr Proareas (Br, of rly month), Bennett, Plymoiii, E, 47 days, In oattast, to H L Ho?i?h ft Son. ExiM?riei>?cd heavy west ?rty aales during the pa.<*saQe; lost and split nails, atovs bulwark*, sprung aleak, l?r*>ke main part, an 1 received othsr damage; is leaking ah^mt 4 inches par hour. Hehr Prince of Wales (Br), Clrisholio, Ltn^an, CB, 10 days, wHh coal, to II J A C A J)ewoLf. Behr Ahec, Davis, iingan, (JB. 12 days, with coal, to Merrill ft Abbott. Schr S V Cionan (Br), Coonan, Windsor, NS, 10 dAys, with planter, to V I Serin s ft Son. Pehr Henriettfi, Shaw, Klua'?ethport for Boston. Ho* ton. Wells, Elizabethport for Boston. Sehr Isiae Hlnklfy, I/i/flU Saro, 3 day a. S?'hr Augtutla, ? - ? , Machias, 6 dava Behr John Oliver, Sand*, Kdgartown, 2 days. Schr Plymouth Hock, No: rl?, B iston, 2 days. S? hr Cnrn, Ketley, Boston. 3 day*. Sehr Ellen Rodman, Bowman, Sew Bedford. SehrW R Neweoinb. Bacon, Providence for Albany. ScbrOaean Binl, Hull, Provlib'nce. 2 days. H?-hr Mary A Eddy, Kimball, Norwich. Serr Louis Spanier, Lewi^, Albany for Boston. Sfhr Jtrtlet, Croshv AH-anv for Boston. Schr Korr-?st City, L ?vell. Albany for Host on. W br P'Tue, Tl orndlke, Rondout for Boston. Sloop Byron. Allen, Eli/.?bethi>ortror Tubby Hook. SI<>op Franklin, Avery, Kllzabethport, New Haven. Sloop Comet, Pmvost, Eli/Ahethport for Stamfosd. Sloo)) Stt/f 'lk, Riminson, Elizabethport. Sloop Ue?ra, Hull. El lr.a'?ethport for Clinton. Sloop Mount JIo ipr,Sulllvnn, Tu'inton. Sloop E Sprneue, (nbhs, Providence, 2 days. Sloop (>< n Kossntb. L?'e, Lynn. Sl*vip YJetorine. AJdrleb. O dd Spring. Steam? r Kra altlln, Dotiguertv, Baltimore. flteainer WfBlrir, clirstofer, Baltimore. Steamer Laurel, C!aT|M?ol, Baltimore. Steamer Mars, Nle^ots.Rblla'lelphla. Steamer Sarah, Jones, Philadelphia. Bloamer t; W Dciter, Bawier, Boston, 2 days. BELOW. Ship Yorick. Soule, frt^m Sunderlaud Sept 7. Ship Jt?nn 8 pea*. Also two barks. PATTED. 27th? Sp Steamer NSra da lie-Ja nsrana; shlpa Orpheua, and Plying i'hlld'M S, San Francisco: Prince or Wales; Somer set, and Stwley Chradoar (Pros), Tiavre; Arthur Chiid. Fsl mo itb; tileaner, London; bark? Aldebarsn, Para; Belvldcre (Br), Cork; Harriet ftpaldlng. Glasgow; H?*rsilia, Marseilles; Palmyra tBr>, Queenetown; VVnrsaiA, Havre; brigs Snnbury (Br), Cork 5 Gen Pleeec, Cardenas : Mary Ann (Hr), Manwtw nllla; Oii??ne (Br), St Job ???, NF; Oreyhound, C'iba: Seldn*! 2d ( A <)oern towo; Two B yt, 8t Jago: sehrs Marshall, Havre-; J a S!? wa?t, StJohna, Kr; C|neen or the South (Br), Rloflr.m de; Gen Co'>b (Br), Havre; Eclipse, MatanJUij; .hi lift (Br), Port an Piatt; Elliott lieuiar.tra; Voiautc, Monte video; O E Lirttion, Port ru Prince. Wind during the day NW. Mlsccllaneoiiu. EFOTrrcnTnt vi. Trtir orTnK V^tTKn Statts Mail Steam. siiir Cosk oroMTA!f ? This new and superior vtefcsel made her : trial trip < n Sunday, proving herself in every respect a j staunch and excellent sea boat. IW engines worked to the ! entir.' sntia faction of her engltieen. We predict for her en. tire siiOLesc in the Hue oi which f?he }* to take the Initiative ?lartonTues lay, 29th, between this city and Havana. Her accommodations for passengers sro unsur;?assed by any vr s* sel that haa ever been on this route. She will be commanded by Oapt A C Crooker. Bhe left the pier No 14 North River at 11 :ftO All, and r wt up the river as fa as Canal street; turn, ing ih^re ahe passed fh N irrows at V2 M, the Bonier beacon at 12 27, Bandy Honk 12:41, the illohlan l* at 1 I'M, rounded the Lightship ai 14 ), ana returuedia to the Uouk at 2:12 I'M. Fare Maunkt, at San Tranci^co 1st li.?t, was ?dr Cape Horn 30 dnys with very heavy ?. wither; lont cutwater, stove bul

wark*, Si \ Bark Motooir- A despa'c^ received in Boston from San Franci , mh'cs tu,.t the hark Mou^ol, of Boston, OapUiin Tho.'opso ?, ! '<* been tota.ly wr^. ked at the mouth of ttio Ain? u* Riter. Th U'Mtsol wa4 a ne vessel, and wat on her first v(?yftK?'. Sb* wa* mvned bv William H Board man, r u I wa? insuml lor all tut hftlf her valine Toe Mongol was 6? tons, rated Al, and wa.; built In M? dford in 1HC0. SciiuJunr? Newport, Oct 28? Tv e sehr June, of and fr.r Weymouth frojn Ne v York, with a carg<> o t Hour an I corn, Is asnore n?ar Fort Adams. Ve?iel wiu be got off and cargo saved in a damaged condition. COLMFfoif? Taro of the (Gloucester fishing fleet whf?-h h is be* n crulsipr oft* Cape Ann during the pas', two day*, were In eo'l l? t n-Ti her*s Island Is-t Thursday. 1'h< v wer?* ^0>cU vu luuwduuvioit.tii/ iui ivy+ilm UU ft* lalwtt" Saimlied!'*1 ' " 1,18 han,y ,love forward, and otherwise !??>. .villi a vo'y ff!1? i- H...I ford iiih 1,,*,, |>y m.,j h J "J" ^ Bod lSI.Vti.kl. Slio wiii bcioiit Nurih liii i ? " ' K"1' ",r liiKt one, ' ou * amuar voyage ttx U, r tnn'' b"ut ,n ? .at- *, %VU?iciiicn. Arr at Ban Francisco i!*Jd inst /u,. ? t\ n Nil, Crnm Ui<> Aretiu O.-ran w,,|. L?i i.'i?, !"nl7 > His Ikiiip thl? ?(??*, (i. C'aiitKrll ,? ? i ,, I4.I*W New Bedford ?Ull ;u,k,.a for ln.lr i^ nV,r , M i," " l" audit, Immediately lel.vnnli.-.l iC.^jT.. ' , Howard. her Alao :>rr, Carlh, Iro,,, "t iff, *" C""3? *"J h"uu-" whal? UU* "S"'1 6' "U1f Cju^??, Caal.no, Nil, W t?3W ?/ X&t ^i!(,w"ka, S,B?W:^Wv 1?"' Hi0 js NB< rrporu A ltittarftom Oapt ruhiv/. f barlc iien 2f S?R *MWB? 'li I do wit of I tin, 1 i(m r?ou?. all toH? 3ra) ^,1 .{ifi, ii M.ihe in Way Would ,ali tl.it U^Ivv^'tIS new* fmm the Ri c!(*ri'|ii? fl round Waa dlaooaiwrini R, p"its .s|iokt? Aiw 1, hulk* I'latiu-i. Ailrn, We.it.ort 40*iinin >' i.h. VVin- XB, s^!bbl?'ll',i r??"' ttodMe' J*h ?' hM?p, uarvrt<\ *??*??*. ??? nu. ?V"?rh!Jl "U we"-"M 1011 190 * -hip. Ooe.iu Rover, wt?' U? Ul' 4c' 8l'lo,ld"1' Norton, Edgartown, 1400 up Spskeii, A?, PO K lp Klmln. rrom Calcutta !ut NOrloan*, Aug 3, kit 9 S, Ion Li^f^,rAB!!cE^1;;\^1Hi!e.no,?fs'^n rr4aoW ? ?* 4"* L w ,i Au?7 f?r u"?i?v. tojn%%rlts,\i"uw"' from ^rAUtj SforUvcrpool, Am .hip Natltasket, Au-.1I, Lit J N, Ion 23 W 3, lnt?.'loii"l5lf ' K0 '""0"' '"J1" UaiUIU'jor Gi'im*. O t -^lui'Vu'lln'V? MV,?'' fr?'" L "U'?" fur St Nil. 0,1 ()c1,'T^U4t"TlU":illipburnif,0,n A,Uw"P fur NVork. LiUS^lmUO^ 1>n!uaM' fr<"" Liverpool for B .?tun, Oct _, f?' ??w. J7?i.'>uk7j 21?" "( >h* S' *' "'""""tt li< "??? *??> 0.? 21, tat i! tat4il,*loi*21 S>VaU* t'0'l"t'^, ,ro" Aredbo for Europe, Oct 7, U.'tsf'm sil't from pwl~>?'Phla for Port au Prm^, Foreign Port*. r^nJuT;' Vi'm' i |h'yeV ^Z^ln'u3'. !? to IJo.uUiy; Iuif rivuiou ?l, S -avVy, fa r il tcilm i/n J*.C^ timber to t!i? Unii?*?t K njidom ? Mo Ail Si? ! # ? <! , ^ ?nd Wk to Bunilxty; b.irk K-ililn mak.., U. iidw. d-2 'gid bay ? 'iir.vlt' pilmw'f r ?l l'1'1'" N?l:l!*'1/",,hntoi for ?"">? "ri!,?n' for BtKfc'U 1 hl *f"?" M ,,r Whit# Cloud (of Prori. I1.H: 831? of SS5!f ror'Sra^oi!" g? OkrrK, Octo-Arr l,rti U .1 It, Try, Sutum S ' t,jv^T>>TiK(>i'i.K, S |,t -it?Arr lilina O, (il uliilMi Boston ^ "!:? ?LT* J'X' Tr'^ lirf;a'p,rKt 1?^"?:!!' from N( l/iom-is to I o.'w] tur Hostan. ' ' ' John ( ink, /j'ftourtiiit), fur ii.ii; lino'*** 2JUi * f UsBON, Oct 0? In |M>rtnhl|> iUmsburg, WiswoJl, from Car ?Ui.iOA n. t I? Tn port * hr Char)? JI Cook, Srnrka f?,r A t'r ,! il:|1' '' ^fadonla, Irird. NV nk, Jj.li 'w-'.ir A h L'nnell, 1 civival. do; 2St!i, brig \ Ooci*: \v<?ll li-iinfilin MiU ba.k? youti Turk, it,, Ml if W??l)-i.4jr, Uy<|??r. do; ? lir Amy < %h.uM*t Htvikmin, NYork ? ,nKNY^\M^.^ *\7- xSi Ut\ Swu /?' 11th. Nlilu KL-.h, Fivj'to, IViiuriU Roi l* Poijr au i'i. ATr, O -t L5 ? No Am v.?mo1 In port. StJoivs, .Ml, O 121? AiT?"iipi Short n-,r 4? ntix; KOrc^Uum, CwighUMi* Umvesco JtlchV 5w?ii 'llv SIS' i&Sh; l'UunU' ?re>or- A'<i? American Porta. ?i. Soutlier, S*wyor, Mvornool via Ulon?*t.!r; Marine, Cjok, Clentuuiroa: Orlxava h?S52 ton, I'hUalilphia : neb ra M?ry 1) ".aoX"* C Jrn^r Alert Cliamplon; J It Meyer, Own; Cumbettead, bmitli;1 BUvor terry: VVlilliim Cullver, iCayner; l.>iran Sniff, ? 'i Ui",u'"huwr,r, "Uler; Annto 11%. ] v Ch.r.1*. L'x'.wr, liiwK; Henry 0.ile, II iz. lt ,> - V a?litl Sharp, Hal^yi James 11 lliwrtt, I Mi; T)4o)] ? s It vvr M , . . , 1 1 cr . MrjiUualilin. an.! War Kteed, WmUh.l'kffiln!," ? j'!hn K Matlu r, Nt.ikera.jn; Klorld.i, Kotk-y, and Haneriur iS Elli.lHUiiH.rt: lleudrkk lludwn, llnmLi \l'u *' u! ?now; J OCnllyer. Wile.,*; fliunn. He ?. ?; W.)lrou Park?r an l U 'orm K iMttiair, Sih.w, NVork. ?;i.l ate.miur Hi d' .n-ne ^iv.n ?.lUjln ,la For.rew Manr .^T^ H; ??lk>, Uuvena, l'optnu l'rn? : ndiis Kin.oui V boiik T, ,.. Illoand Omna: Jo? j,h. Wa;U, Ai Tlioinas; Morllla lvttijr."w" Taniti. r, V a; Mary Bliuidlall, AlwucO, Plill?lrli,li|a li. , ! F'li/a ie(b, Keller, N.'vr Vork, N LlvZuZT PEL** Martin, iluixiui,;, do; L libber (lir), C.?rk. B?. John,* Oct, 27? Ajt brl* Rebecca (Br), Plekct I, (Jlhraluar- * hnj nhi' '?r? ? J1!' uiV' "?Alain, 1'icrsni, I'liila'i,-! nhta;.Orria Fr.incfa, Hawley, and Uuty n( tlie Oueau Tib. Beit-, 1 ort Ewen; Ueanlin L alge, C;rrnv; ( abidla K..'iLlin and t .1 Mnnsell, Kelley, NYork. HI I tiakur lav, wind S>V t ! HL, ?t. JIII.O;- iiaKimore ; bark Tr.-jiiwnl; au.1 I mm t>i - ahlp Amelia; bark ttn>w*r. Hnn iay, wind NE, bark Jau.! ltusa, ana an.'hore.l lit the ItoailB. b"k A,l''nn' r',nooln; acbr 4SM A1('<iK' <>el-,,3?rArr 'Chr S II Pool, IfcFadden, .Work. CM ? Jir M S.'wall, l'oinroy, (Julia. ' 1 r*~ IIRISTOI, <), r 25? Arr sloop Rhoie liiand, Keftiln"kin Atom t il' l'rovld. llee. ' 1>I0IIT0N, Out, 2V-Arr itehra Smil T, Croeknr, Pi-eahr"* and AllMU-t Ki.iVI, Phillips, I'liilail' l^lila for Taunton. Sid ?ul.r C. Lt. I^ovei i:ig, J.?n'-s, (I'rotn Ta-lutrfjii) l'lli/ ili^ihi. KAIX RIVER, 4M.2&? Arro-hrM Jlr>-naa Po'tter (ftov.'r Diiutwarej City; 0 1j Hoi cr, Eli/.al,. tjipurt. Kid 26^' ^hpcilnun Borden; HllaaWrlgbv H-.nr, an. aj.d iohi ii W tUon, I fl'-kcr, Elian botti port; N< i?iuim . Hiiiiuc- nv .?w KAL^OUTIf, <>cl 24? Arr Aolir* John A Ui*, htilU-it Nmv \ork; I- uiutnlne, Uui ucy, do via War-limn 81dJ<.r clKMt, Perkina, for Piinen feiiwnrit lalaikd. Ni>Wi nlll, Oet. ^6? Ari a. j,ia Mo U Le'inar.I, L,,vi** an I I_,LU- llinekley. Lovltt, K.ieo i.,r NYork; <1 ver, or Wn7 ..?', Bost"i. for Philadelphia; M M Kroemau, Howes, dofor do; Jane l-i?h, Mes-rvey, Cal.na for NY-.rk-. MUL r, |.'iii mor.-, CIioh Bo -.-on for UalUm ,rc; MarW Hu^hina. " i-orami r,,r Ba'timore; Rto *ir .nde,' AlV-n, (i i,!t -..~i"r for 1,-," 'nli ^ E-llston, Provinceiown Un do; 1 I'll,, am all'lwiled j for do; ?a*\vell, Croamnan, do fordo, (ami PlULADBLPmA, Oet M a 27-Arr Br bark Piwl k-, B -n iv-tt, M III- -U.ir.-n ; Milir* !?><.!. tn-, York Havana- JOn . J ,ues, Halifax; >1 If... Keen, and A Ha^, 11 b vran, u?m .l<din Joncit, C >: ..on. NV.irk it ii ?, ,;u 1 ?m tu, l)aM7,rL ? How b?ri. Kio^t urH Tm! v?Uor. Kao aU, trom lito Jau^iro; brig }|??nrv Lccd* t iriio from K.r U.,1 Cld br|ff Tli.? w'altm- Aji^^ H/r!^ ?rljrf Martha Mnor?>, Uennutt, lUfa i mm; S A Hoi <\ A Ual?*jrf lljilejr; Kinma An?*lta, J St' C. i k tori j l JJo'wht. ; M MhIioji t, K*'?t?'r, a.'i<! M A majjcc, Uagof, Boston: John Kamum, ila.il. i'rorkien'i** K n rvun^A\^n:iHi!;,f;embroke: vviuk' Evil, Norcnitp, Lil. ii'ietiipoi t; Sein.? riUrt liu - R,,,*..o' Y!MinJ1,?',?nd??tt' ' WWW' rvey' ro,t Kw"'i i - 1'xjp Ka.iilui,| r 27V,7,Arr "M"* r?s|?.iy, Kanney, NYork; r+rsKie trk Ljml, Ahixandrta; ICo\aitiia Hurn y, /tiHtin Eli/iUft 'it.?.?^. W D Car*, II, Hawklnn, ?nd M *lo , 11 ,r n\k' Por K 8i"0ps Win S Mount. Weld, ,lo; Suli .lk (Iv -rw,, sL-y X' li?iow K b.-Na all M 8lterm.<n. rib -.-m in ir on ilm,.*!.' Sid nark Ma y land, CuU.-r, NYork; "IK,* w d Par on*. Pair!, del,, hla; Ann 8 S?lt,r. KiMi, and I-\, viilon' C r,,?,nrw T? er"^o Rowen. BroOiei t?n, New York; di'lphla'1 (jK'/r' <Jot* 2<J? Arr aclir Oocau Ware, Prirc, PhlLu KAL.KM, Oct. 2&? Sid bark Storm Kinp, p?,Mi, z in7.i:.nr. BIU<URDff< BIELIARDS*? FOR CALK, A FIRST CLASS BILLIARD Table, tutUnwued frame, KlitU' .md the Inti si im proved ciwhiorm, Willi markers, cue* mi 1 everything com plete; will I* xukl I'll ?iit p. Apply al the MoutlceJio, iio. S4C Bleecker street. JIOR SA EE ? A FIRST CLASH ROSEWOOD MARBLE tied Udliarl Table, Finikin ? p it-nt cushions, Willi balt-i, eues, ttc., all cuinplei.', havlug be.ji us-'d but a fihnrt time. Inquire at (J. O'CONNOR'S DUlterd Rooms, Wan J 63 East Fourteenth street. IT IS MARVELI/JL'S TO SEE TUB CROWDS THAT I iaily ni' li to SFENCF.lVfl new Blltinid Saloon, 1.1!) Fulton street, but il Ik a great ilia! raori marvellous to hop tie: smllm.: countenances nime from there afU r having tasted his splMidt 1 three cent Al ?. Hut Kroe Lunch from 11 to 1. BHli irds IS e <nt s u ir.itiie. lyilELAN'S- PATENT IMPROVED HILLIAKD TAHLE 1 ANL COM HI NATION CUSIIIOKS. TrlocB ri.ilU" d to suit the times. fUELAJf A COEEENDKR, 67 Crosby street. MATlUMOSIAIi. ATOUNd MAN, 98 VRARS 0? AOK, DESIRES toloriuthe ucqualutuucc ol a >o'1Iik lady uUmt ... will) a rl'W to matrimony ; mu-i )>>?? ?*:< a iiilr sln.iv of l'.">i1 luwk* anil Hoeoniultshmems; money uot rtu object. Atldios S. M.T.bo* U7 Herald iTic.-. Aonmix uF or we iltii, 90 yearjj or age, ol ijiH'ii personal aj>|i amine and addrc:*, desire* to form tho oennr.lti'snre of a .voiiii" lady of from 1 H to 2S. She mil 4 !>k good looking, ratified and intelligent, and nfltacUu - nte in dlvosltiun, pleasing itn.l s-lf-pofc.s -sed lu licr in. u. ner.1. Adilietw lor three d .yi Clarence lJuvorly, Herald ollice. VOENTLEM \ V, A' J ED TT5TRTY ITTK WT8HEH TO marry a young lit'y not over t'nlri}, religious. ol a nod t rami! ', and now po jm s-:nl i.r not let>s than $I2,0(J0 in her own rljilii. Hone o.hers need rejijy. Address Richard Hoe, city o! New York. ? KKS'IAIKAKT^ ~ Ori; -I ?? K'.'ETON STREET, NEAR THE HE r .i ! i office. ? The Shrov. /?!.<? iy Stew* an< I Fancy a:?d | Bid die K<? k roa?t* at LIBJIY'S/ arc indispensable. t<? an t 6pi-.it. re, K. H. ? Oysters opened wiiuout cracking, thereby | avoithn# places of ihell. MlT?M\KltY, &C. /SlIOjrE KUH3. 49 HKOAOWAY. \j 0|j?n.n<? at rotuil of au entirely sttv K "I J^nUSe, .Mink *u-! other clflec Fur*, in the most desirable ttylr*. mu-'h be* Uiw uauai prico*. rt. (iOOE, Practical Furrier. ? Excmsioss. run: w excurbton to camps on htaitn vm and. vV Far** mx ?.? ii t-. i?y Siahm I #. imi i?rry, l ?ot vt Whifcehall R-ie^t, lattery ant Ho nth ferry. Ho?t? leave every hour ir -m H A. M. to 7 I*. M. On tine Saiiiiaye every i?ali" hour to 7 P. M. . Pt5RH.\>''S AfcANIJ JSXCVIWION TO W VSI! INOTON, Haltlwore end Funrewi Monroe. Three dayn l<'r (it r ! '" Fo?* particulars r*c ndvertl?emc:U m .New ioik AUuUuC HOARDING AND tODClfirO. 4 COOM MOD.VVIO N S ?'\N HE IIAI) IN ONE OP TUB J\. privttie Htnbl m in the city I <?r two horses, with or i without Board, hiuuii d in West Eighteenth stret't. .Sta ll above around ?n 4 ample room for earriaKea. Iuuuire alter 11 A. M. of J. WALL, 338 Six(h avenue. A RARE CHANCE.? A WIDOW L.vDY RESIDING IN 2\. u ^eauttiui locality. two hour's ride from the city, near araUroal, wants a family, or a few gentlemen to HOiid, whtjre the comfort* 01' a homo can be realised: tortus moler uto. Apply to DANIEL it. TAYLOR, 2j Wad *uoet. or to Urn. BOlJ HER, mo Dou jl.ii.s street, Brooklyn. A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM ON HBCOND FLOl)R? vv iiti B jdroom adjoining, now vacant, for a geutleman and l tdy, or single genUomeu, Willi foil oi partial Board, at 141 Mum street, three uoors from Broadway. Hefcrouce re quired. i A LADY OCCUPYING A SMALL HOUSE, WITHOUT ho *rders or othur occupants, in a phasant part oi Jer sey City, won lii let two or t.uve Ho nns, furnished, lor house keeping, or would Board u g milium aud his wife, Apply at JSJ south Secoud street, Jo rtwy .City, a lew door* front Ji r Mjy avenue. A LARGE SECOND STORY FRONT itOOM, WITH two larje paatrlus, hot aud cold water, bathroom and board, for a gentleman anil wife, for $6 a week in a ne w brow n sum^ house, third story. Front room, same sjxo, $/, at 13?j East Thlrty-ufth street, near Third avenue. AT NO. 54 EAST SIXTEENTH STREET. NEAR union square, spacious R ?ouis to let, wuh Board. A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM, WITH p miry, to rem to a gentleman or geutleman and wife, it*- mtvuees required. Inquire ou the premise*, 4itS Fourth avenue, between Twenty -ulutn and Thirtieth street. ttciit *10 per mouth. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN, OR A GENTLEMAN i V. atid hU wi.e, can be accommodated wuh pi ?.i.-aot R >ouui and ?,ood Boar 1. House contains modern improve meius; location desirable. Apply at No. 10 First street, near too Bowery. AT NO. 29 CLINTON PLACE.? A FURNISHED B AC IC Room, on flu? n< c ii I iiojr, (o let; in weil fur ash ? I, wl n K i?* ? u l hot and cold w at r. G.ui b ? nad r asoua ly, with or wit lout Board. Please apply at J 'J Clloluii pla.v, L>^;li 4 NK'VLY FURNISHED PARLOR A NO BEDROOM, J\. ot mi HtV"ii I ii ? j ; ;iU?, Jiooios on tun d lloor; p. luy ol lo." ? f? an i ao i.v .u i. r?, t > let, With Boaru, to K 'tuu'iiirtt and th -o' wi?'. . p f. 'ii- ueMlrin^ coiniort r . ii r iuaa iat.uon pivu-ivou. ... o^i s .uioui* n $4 waeii p -r wc?.-k. Loi-atlou d?iMirabie. Call .a 41 Sevenui avenue, between T well m aiid Titirteentli mreets. APLEAHAN'* FURNISHED ROOM, IN A SMALL private ia; *\y, at 1/0 VVei?i Tblrtydourtli street, lteie retioe* exchang^o. Terms moderate. A WELL FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON the Urst tloor; also a nice front Room on the third lit o. , suitable for a geutlemiu aud ms Wile, or two ?iu ,ie ge.iul 'ineu, to let, with or with >. it Burd, in a small private tamliy. 15o Laureun street, near Bleecker. \ PARTMENTS, WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, FUR XL nutted or unturuislted, .sul abui for a Mini y, iiu^l gentlemen or ladies ; i ^uvonient to ears aud bU^>, modern hoUKt'. Apply at M Wcat Wanllln^tou place, a u W doors West of S.xtli avi'iiuo. A PRIVATE FAMILY IIAV1NO A NEATLY FURNISH ed Room, Be ir jorn an i Pantry, would l?*t them to a H -mlemau and wile; liie house h?s uil Uie modern impr>ve uieuts; would give p. ivil?we of ran^n an I i<a. .or. Terms ver> moderate. Apply at Itfl West Twenty-savenlti street. ? Board.? a small private family, occupying their own houae, wikiuu^ to cc momUe, will lot a Suit o. Jtv/o tis to a genueuian an l wile wao are wiling to pay a suitable price tor the comforts and advantages ouerod. lloase itrst chws, elogantly furnished, aud la aia*hionao?c locality. Addroas box 2,174 Po?t oiUee. Board.? gentlemen and their wives oit Mingle gentlemen cano'itaiu ne iuy lurulshed Rooms, with Board, at No. 5 West vVashingtou pi;v ?. Tan location ts viy pi, as.iut, bein^ due :tly opposite tho Wasuington parade gro uid. [>OARD-79 EAST SIXTiiENTd SlRIiEr, NEiR ST. 1) Geo i ;e'tt cliur'h, in t private t'a.ully. Tun ?e *on.l ll<? u loi twogciitiumeu and their Wives or several biu^lo geiitlo men. host reverences given and required. Board? to let, permanently or for occa sloiial oseupaue.y, a msatly i urril-.hed Bai-k Parlor, with in ./as, privilege in kitchen or Boar.i for an iuvali 1. Apply hi No. HJ bum avenuj; nuj o uco bell. No children or boarders. BOARD.? TO LET, W1T.I BOARD, AT 157 SECOND atcnne, between Kuhtn and Ninth Btrteta, ou - nlc iy furnished iroiu K?>m, 011 nevjjni iloor. an 1 one on third Uoor, *uit.*ble for gentle tn<ui ami their wive*, or gentlemen. Location very de*ir.u>le. Rjicreneo* excliau#ed. BOARD. -A FAMILY UAVINO MORE R JO.VI THAN re^'iired would diep^.ic of due accommodation* to a small ge/ta?et lamny, on neeoi id tor t In ensuing winter; lo a turn desirable; a ;'*sibtc by cars am! ut*,;cs. Apply at 17*2 Went Twenty-Ural street. Board and lodolno? a lady and gentleman, or lad> *10110, >'4ii liu I pleasant RjOtii*, and goad Board, Willi the privileges of au owu horn**, gat, bath amt patio. Apply at 125 Greene aired, for one we, ok. BOARD IN A i'Rl VAl'K FAMILY?AT 21 W?3T TSVKN ly-*econd street, near Fifth avenue. BOARDINO.? PURNISIIKDOR UNFURNISHED ROOMS to let, with or without i>o ird, at JA Teuln street, b* l?i" n Fir t avenue anl aven ic A, 0:1 the must reasonable terms. Families breaking up housekeeping would do well to ?i^y: Boarding- nbar buoadway and Kouuru street.? Room*, furumhed or uufurntsiiod. To tU loriilshtu^ a liberal deduction; house ha* alt matftern u* prove meats; dinner at six; references exchanged. Apply * t 72 Second avenue, cornerof Fourth ?treet. BOARDfNO ? 1(15 WESf KOI? UTEHSCli STREET ? 1'ersoiis wishing accommodations lor Ui'- wtiwr w iti ltii4 lui" Rooms, lian Isom -ly furuisued, ai*l with every comfort and convenience. Tue hou?e and lo. -aitly llret cla** in every resect. Brooklyn.? a gentleman and wife, or two single j; ntlenVMj, oau be a : :ouim >daied witii Board at?4 Roomi, 1 mulshed or unfur< lulled, in an Am -it:. in family: dinner at si* o'clock; terms r *.im> tabic. A;>py at 50 Stat ; 4t reel, live minutes from tins ferric*. Board in Brooklyn,? families and pinole gentlemen cm be well a ?? mim-Usled will rtehgtit?*! Ko /ma, uir.iihued or uii.urnlsht d, 0:1 vcryjnoUcr.ttj i?ni?s. Apply at 4<i Hand* slfttet, near Ad uns. Board in Brooklyn.? a patvatk family would lot, wltn Board, to a ^entl *in 111 an 1 wife, :i 1 1 rt;ts , nit.cly tuinuho-l front uoom. Tu ? lion*" im nc.v airi cotitain* Nil IV; in > lem l:nprov?*inents- Cars# j>w?a in tuc Viouity 01 the Uoun.: to all tae jerries. i'criiH, in In liu ; n?s? and g;M, $1 p?-r w.Vi<. In^uira at 1J7 Dean ncreet, bc:.v.:#n Hoy 1 and Betid ttrk'UI. BOAI!D IN BROOKLYN.? ONE OR TWO OENTLKWrTW can obtain ?ti|H3i ior Hoi rd an. I Uooiuh, in a 11 mall pri vate la.utiy, atdi^tite ?L?. et; i???u - : Un* bain, X<'.; i* witai# live miiiuieft' walk 01 rt.>iith anU Wall street ierii-j, Dninoi' at hali-pas., ?.x o't iocK. Board in south Brooklyn? may bk obtain &d lor a^etulem.in an. I wise an 1 a ^cntlemau; pi ' i??Mit r >om* an I tf?od boaid, wh tho c-nn'Ort* ol a lio.o-' tuuf l?a had; / ih, bath, hot and cold waiter; convenient 10 t'm ferry. Apply at 52 llarriaoa street, tv^' ?d M?r ? I roai vHiiuo'i. BOARDON BROOKLYN II RIO! I T.H? PLEASANT F!*R iit.v.i :d Rouuia on the * u oad dotw, *nita ne for a fnrnLy <>r M./i^ic RMiiWtn ji; alno ploa.i nit Min ;?<; Kwiiui J3Wi io v Htrc t, l/etwcen Fulton and Wall nireet ferric*. Tc.nn m*>*(erate, Brooklyn iiRiotirs.? two or tiiukk oentle men can b.* aooo.n. with [d<*?*aut ti> i u4*4i?i lio.t r ? I , in a .hoi ill family, at 27 Fopiar direct, three mlauu^e' w.ilk in hi Fnlton ferry. C10MK0RTABLK LOD.JINOS AND SEAT ROOM FOR A / tailor and hi* wile; can have tin.- u#e oi a Sln^'-r's cw Ing mac lime li required, to 111 tu that will draw in* own work. Inquire at SJ liroome *treet, second lloor, frunt room, In the rear. fl 12 n'TI.EM EN BOARDING UP TOWN, AND I'AYIVl VT 'tigli pnoea tor pint a xminmod <;i nix, h 'II lin I u No. 80 Wni.e street, one door eaulol ii< m > way, a ^<">1 tab!:!, ploa ha:ii rooms, bull an I everything us a ir Ukc bom ? ut piidbie. i'rloes from St to ?7 a woo*. Bjlercii e i- i|'il>v ). Handsomely furnished roov3, in surra qvl separately, to let, w ub Boar I, in a private innitly; hnu < li.ts .1,1 the modern iiuprovtsmenu, and u desirably to :itoJ In F"ur(?eiith direct. Boat o( micron:: ?? given and re<;iiu.iU. Addresn Hume, Union square, Font office. IN THE FIRST CLASH SOUSE NO. 114 SECOND AVE nut, corner ol Seventh ?tru <t, a handsome Walt and two h . i !?; I < - Kki tun to dispone of. Cad at bouau or address box 3,S83New York PoitBiUoe. rno LET? WITH HOARD, FUJA3ANT KOOM.S, SUIl'A X ble for Otmlliea, or gonllemoti willing to ro jiu together. Apply at 416 k'ourth street, between Bowory and Second lO LET? TWO FINELY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH . g is, lire [)l kx>, A '., lor two single gentlemen, in it pri i." German lumiiy. Apply at 4&J Fourth street, n<iar S? iii 1 avenue. WANTED? BY TIIRBE YOtTNQ MEN, A FURNISHED Room (without Board) in a pleasant neighborhood, and witbln li e minutes' walli of the Llty Halt ; n i obl<- tiom In liaiies belli,' in the liou? : strongly ubje?;t to children. Ad IreM Frank! .a .1 (?., Humid ogkic. MTU STKEET.-TO LET, A HANDSOMELY FUR niih'^1 ba-k Parlor, u> one or two gentleman, v.i h Hoard. Al?o R Hiiaaon the fourth U tor. A;iplv at lid liout Fourteenth strcot. KJVrenocs required and given. Qf\ WEST TWENTY EIGHTH STREET, ON TUB COR it\J nrr of Broadway.? (Bjv ml pleasant and writ f?imfali i' 1 i'arlois mid )!? droom.-, Ml t uiu. to let, Willi o. v. rriou', Board, tof?milies and amnio gentlemen. Modems terms. Dinucmt nt x o'clock t)(? ST. MARC'S PLACE.? BOARD AND J/JDOINU 4" fbr gentlemen and their wivca or single ?enlt run. A lan;c third story (runt Itooni and a ptauwnt in fc fourth story iUioni. Dniuer at <5 o'cio k. R defence* excliungod. ST MARK'S PLACE ? HANDSOMELY FURNI SHED Rooms, i-u s<iUi- or tingle, to rpul. with full or parti. ! .!, in a ilrst cl.iva bouse; utility ?moll and a limited num ber ol boarders tfl ksti. R -fori n '??? cxcli.iti'v'd. 34: ! OiX E VST TWELFTH STREET.-LAlHE A AND GEN ?J?J tlemen deairing Hoard .m the ivlutor, will lind good B lotnAand ao'orninoil.aain^ at the a bore dc-irai/!" ho.-c and loo illon, beluga lew doors west of Broadway. Refcrcuccs exchanged. I /? WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, BETWEEN Fifth and Sixth avenitea.? Knrnlilied Roumf wftji Bedrooms attocli'd, on s-cond and tuird tloors, irout, Willi Board. Terms r?i*on?ble. House Hr-t elan. 51 TENTH dTREET, BETWEEN FIFTH ANI) PIXTH aviiues. ? A iurg", very pl^atunt aud fur iiiw d from Il/'Oin, >v ih h.ij Bedrootn connoctlag, on Uie jM?co tid fl?>??r, 10 let, with li? ai d, to a goutleman and wife or tw<# Bfngie gcntlcuidu, wparatHy or to#' turn A Lo, t ugl* ruoiiib iortingio g>;mien-eii. i>iiui?:r at nix o'clock. nn EAST TWKNTY-EIOIITH STHEBT, N K A R FOURTH ty I I'vencc.? ' A tin. Ury Jioum tm tlm neoontl floor, un 1 ons on the third, d.jrfiraljle f??r gentlemen nr.fl their wives, c. -n I hi Iia4. Aif?.?, one Room, ituitable lor two ?Siiglo gentlemen. Rolen ru et exchanged. Of CLINTON" PLACE, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE.? AX tJJ. entire Beeonrt Floor can now be obtained, ?'n auite or - finely, with or without flrat cla^a Board. Reference ijiren | and required. mWAVEULEY PLACE-HANDKOMKLY FUR nibbed Room?, on Kec?>nd and third llonre, for mar I rird gentlemen. AUo IV-oniH for Mingle gentlemen. Terms ?- ' ? ; !* ?'!?>? t, .in ' 'i ! I ??#? " >tf.' .*n notations 1 a of wouiiu^ acasuu. to ouii umi uv.uuci ?. BO Alt DING AM) LOIHUNO. "1(1 I HAST TRNTII "h'i' U t J WO AM) A 1IAI.P iwl blocks Ir >111 U'oadway ? A'party of two or iltren gentlomen can obtnlii a handsome I'arior on llrst or second tlonr, neatly furnished, w Ith or without Hivakf ixtand Tea", at moderate price*. Also two small Rooms, with gas, bath, heat and good attendance. COUSTHY IIOAHD. /COUNTRY BOA I! D. ? ONE OR TWO FAMILIES t'A^i l?' ic omm utoluil with Board foi' the W'luter lit Ocrn wull. Churches and s hoo]-, In the neitfliborhoo.l, Apply at W East Kerenlecuth street, or address 11. Smith, Cornwall, Orun gc county, S. Y. as PUUTICAI? ATA MEETING OP TUB FIFTH WARD DEMO J\ cnitlc Independent Olub, held at No. 10 Leonard street, mi Monday, the feth Inst, tho i ?>i I >\vii>?{ preamble and resolu tion were unanhiio i .ly adopted Whereas, four candidates are In tho field for the Assembly In this distrkit, noiuinauM from a* mauy dlil'erent com Bu llions; and, whereas, David 1>. Egan, who 1ms not onl* prolessed to Ik' but lias always acted an a good, souuu, staunch democrat, who never wm a political wire puller, but who has been deceived liy politic*! til ktlcri and Japanese would-be kw indicts, who solemnly promised thai It' In* with* drew from tho contest for Alderman last year, and that should hu iivor run for any ofllce in this district, that they and their friends would give him their firm support: ?uJ, whereas, 111 lieu oi this taumlMsl support lor hi* withdrawal for the good and strengfitU oi the party io whom he belongs, these wily politicians, now In power, only sneer at him whoa he asks their support; therefore. Resolved, That we ratlty the nuinluatloti of David P. Egan, whom .vo know to no an hoitiiot and upright man, woo acted straightforwardly al tiie last election for the good of the democratic party, and whom we know Is a man w ell Vallfled to tvuroauut us iu the Assembly. Rctotved, That we shall show those political hirelings and Inconsistent deludei's, on election day, that David D. Egan w ill be elected, not only Independent ol ill or assistance, uut In spite ol their opposition; ami wn ||m wish them to know that should their nomluen offer a.am fin oilicu we will oppose his election by all honorable means lu our power, Resolved. That wo meet to-morrow ?v n iil', at the saina hour and place, to ratuy the nomination of it a ever candi date we may soloot. illliill U Bill Ed, Pro Id ol. PATRICK McUUtllK, V ico t'rcsldent. William IIautwell, Secretary. \T A LA ROB AND ENTHUSIASTIC MEETING OP iV the demo racy oi Uio I'wenlilll Waul liuld it Military Eitfhti uvouue, uu >1 >uday evmillg, October i!8, 1*M>1 , the following preamble and rosolutiuus were unanU molisiy adopted.? Whereas, Oliver Charllck has reoelvod the regular nomi nation of the united democratic party for Senator from the Seventh Senatorial district; and whereas, Ins public spirit, cinlnentc >pacuy uu I strong devotion to our lu ioveil Union needs no black repuniirau endorxemcnt to oniiou'iid him to the voters of this a'ard and distri. t; tli rolui ' be It Resolved, That we, the fricn ia of Oliver ^Uarllck. of the democratic party an ! our /s'lorloos (Fnion, nud the unwaver ln?( political opp'omoiis oi black republican uoniiuees, pledge ourselves to use all our liillueuco and excrtious to sccure hie in iinph and election. Resolved, That we denounce no man opp >H"d to tis, but we s tuply renew in our support of the i gulardemoeralle noiol n our life long dovoimn to democratic a? ? Qd< iu y In oor city, au<l maniu -at our preference for one who lias never held public ofliee except for public good, itenolvtd. That ltlchard 11. Connoi.y, the nominee of thn bin k republican party, has from b.s youth lip been kept in lucrative otllcca by the democratic pur,) ? is Uustuui lloueo odlccr for severe! years, an countj clerk for six years ami as eomintssioner lor num 'nms ? reel opening, ne hae grown rich and Insolent on diono ratie patronage, ahd now. with an inttralitude seldom equalled and ii- vt r e veiled, has tnrni.'d rouuit, and is now endeavoring to stliij the hand that fed htm. Resolved, That Richard B. Connolly, during bis two years' beuutorslup at Albany, was more devoted to private srhemea for self ajtgrAniiir.<Muent than to measures for the puhlio guod, and h.is done nothing to distiitgulxh hintmeli Hi any way M worthy of re-elnettou. WM. J. fKCit, Ohalriuan. Tuoe. UjiKKK?an, { Tuus. A. LKDWITU, t 8 At a meeting ov tiik Eianm ward indei-en dent Working n'? Asso -iation? John S II nry in tho chair and Francis M' Uanur, Bee.rntary-.it was moved and ear rled that we meet on Wednesday evening, at o'clock, at ilS SpriU'{ stre' t, for the purpose of endorsing tho candidates for the ensuini? election' By orU r >>i JOHN S. HENRY, Preslnent Fbani'is McMunus, Secretary. ____________ A MEETING OP TIIE SEVESTUEN I'll WARD DEMO cratio Union <1 to will be h< id at Jauiea McUaughlin'a Union Hail, ISA b'ir?l av line, ou fo-tilay ev niiii*, Oct. 23, at <)? o'clock. ELlsiUA KINU-SL,.VM>, rroaldent. J allies Fox, Secretary. At a meeting op tup; skvkntu ward isde pcndent Union Club, held at th : K w nih Ward Hotel, a resolution to tfUAUtm the rudorsriwDt o Wot. M. Tweed for the olllce ot Bhcrllf. and also to vndora.: M a#r.?. li. 0. Mo (Joncll, Dr, .John Gaiviu and T. H. Ferrl"*, lor the office of Coro,.. rK, was ad-vtad. JAM iis> K VAN, Chairman. Kuamoih J. Krikxii, Secretary. TjlMPIRE WAHD ON DBCK.? THE RESIDENTS OP lli the KightU w?4Vl, irrespective of luriy, tutd who are in favor of the Vigorous prowvcuilon of the war, arc invited to meet in their ?'-j -n,'th at Spnn ; fcdruet Wall. lai? Spring etrcet, this creniiur, at 8 o'clock, and endow*** by iU -ir presence tho uomiuatiou* made by the Feopi ?'* Union Convention. Kuii uont inum y*vs will addivgn the mertitu:. WM. C. MONiiYFHNNY, Secretary. FIRST WARD ON I>E0J?. Nrw Yoa.;, Oct. 23, 1*61. Patrick Fitz5ivmoxk, Esq., (-haunt m o( the Flint Ward Democratic Club: ? 1>kak tiJ?? Cirtrtiuuttaneef bavin* tr*n-?;4iv4 whic i reader mn unable to Hr; a candidate fer Avimbly at th'' coming elec tion, jMjrtait me, through vim, to state to th f Club in which yen are chairman, that 1 never wiil forget 'Lwr kindness for ecleeting ma. Hoping thatyair aoniitui*i>:i of bomu other candidate mtltablefor support of dw d- mo iwlc party for tho Fir?t ??4?ea?biy eiauivt may be I iwuvmUi, your*, v ery Irily, JACOd L. SMITH. Wn*r?as, th* lion. Jacob J*. Ktatflfc hwun;: -Ucliued to l>o Uie candidate for the First A* ?em?iy dh-trUi it H?nolved, Taut Cornelius Fly an i?e **ti?iVt4 UA#d for the First Aaaembly dleiriet, and that we w-4s;? ?u?*?elv?* to support hiK u.iun:uLU>a. 1'A'fK Fi fAri. HUo.Srf, President, t, J. MvuiiAt, K?- r-Utiy. 7TH ward llBMOOmflC AAdQCtATiOS.?kT A ia?*tiug oi th? above awfio -Mti?e, fctU on Monday eve ning, tbc 2HUi in#t.# 00 ti*j earner ?f K*et iir<<M iwuy and Rotjh?m btwt, the regular nomi:u?ted i*y can li dates we.it irn'ihtiUy and vmhutitn*(i<'AUy endured. and the *>up part oi ih* Henri in < itu? n* ??f theS vmub wart to Wm. II. rwoed lor Hfce otliee of HherlJf enaeclnliv ,>l*, lywd. AUG Tim* J ti Sj'tetttfjitt, Chairman. W*. G vfiT, R?ioroairy. 7'1H WARD ON DKCK.-AT A MSKnKU OF TUB I Yomii.* Man** In h i? ?,i *nt ??;: <!l?i'? 01 tho tS<;venUi ru-d, heMMt.'ii iia?t i**w^?r.4jf, it '?* <01 motio(>? Keftolvt**!, fnflt th ? m-111 ** r.i ?. t,4.4 ?? i' o i, do fiji'^ge anra-lvi^ t ? a 1 . o -:i te and f 1 ? ?. 1 ta.- < -j a. ?a of Janiaa J^ynch '>* Kh??i-i;f 01 tu ? - it. *-> *?-./ > S v York, and ah??% hiai Utat the d n* ? ra ? ^ o i>i? te ?ve:r.'i w.?r I w 11 not U'- be Uiud bind h? roiling up a miio.'y c?r hiit^.it . Ii?s ooiuin^ t lecti' n JOHN ij. II V LUIS, iV b idem. JaMkri Hiix, s .cr !ary. 8Tfl WART) EXCFIvSTOR CIA I .-AM, XXM.iEUA OK am K\i' '?toloi' ( ' ubaio r- o-iu U ? ,u t ,r? in ? .ii-nv r II him, ? >rner Him ??ne m l >f ? ? ? ? *?:? M n lay liiiK, Ovto ci 'i8r at 8 o' K. V.Y r* oiit<4kN, Pr.-aMe y; II WA1U) WO UK ISO Ml'.N'S < il? ! i. :: CLUB will iim* r m Hirn trd M !o!!u:n'*, / 1.1I tine, <lO Waddo^ton k'.ivci, thin (To s I ?y ) ?^c.ni 1 fj.d i ?b. r^'J. iOM.m>?r-i ??i tk" C4u'.? ar*; iv | i,'-i*(l t ? s ?, p ioct '.at 111 the attend*:K?. By enter of VI MK-* 11 AM 1 1. T )N, !'i si lent. Jon* U*Ji'AKS, S cr?*tar . MTU W A lit). ? AT A I'RiSLtMIK \!IT M . .fLNU OF U?e Fo?rt<*ei*tii ward V ' hm ? J r> ???. f uie C??n? irai (71 nh, h id a' .l? Barry'#, &<?. li mark -t place? on Monday ?veiling, 0??t-?ber i < i*. at 7'a o hi k tho f<d. l.?*uitf odvei# ele. t^'d Jw#. It . ? i'r s. ,e . t ; lid waia M?-Uonald, Jobn O O moor and i'a .:p J. C dgaii, Vtcfs i'rtfcuiknt*; JvhuJ. Oelme^j and Wm.tV.d-4i, > u:ret iriea, andTim nhy O'Brnoi, Tn i?ar-.-. A i j ????*.? 1 1 1.1 et, oil Tiiurttday Mvemng, 31st Inst., at t ?? ??run t ?? . . ? , 1 pla r. JAo. II A an ?, F/f.nleot. %rJiS?roM' i8owyr OnTH WARD MA.MIA.TT A. K yi.OB, -TU 1 CL.UK WtLt. Uils (T.i iHit.iy ) ?v.- ii virr iW ? .V'j n Vl iui, ut lUu Uo.m-' irf Mr. J. urn lvi-u', >' >. vj/ NihL. it curocr ?I TllllHy- li'hl HtlV t. Il IIIII-l'H *.-? if 1 n?t. ? I t.l IH! puiio uul, +n Ui? 'Un.lMtatoH fur tbu K:>'. >>? Ui.mui to id! miuuurlwl by kho ?lub at llio .?!??: I mi ?.ll 'j ? ?? 1x 4. B, .r.fcr ut' JAMB.) KILl.Y. l'r..'.;ikinh Wii.uau JOMOM, S. i.lsry. B MISCELUNEOrM. ^ OTLER AND ESUISB WANTED > TO 60 HORSB powi'.r ; no objt'.aiuu lo (JikkI ki'. u... . .111. Awily or iwl I, f'li- both or ultli.T, at mice, to A. SIMiiON, 71 Kulton HLTKkl, K. T. (lABI'JBTlNO, FU)0R OIUJLOTIJ-', J RUOri, DHCUOETM, M AT.J, AC. , Fur *ak? ?h1 ??Hsa iirtwn, wluii i i ... I>y A. JOUKNUAY, Jr., Brnadway. J8TKKI.R Jt <*0., OOMMI.H8WW DKALER8 IN I'RO . *i ii, WiiaUliiKton, 1>. 0., i two un running weekly from Ni w York. All c m.i^nmi'iiU aot't for cariii ari l pm nut r.'luriui mail, wii'kly. For tut orma! ..... up^ly t? K. K. Xiaplian, 7S L>uy tuuei, or J. 0. Cratic, 213 Waatiiugton sirctt. SOMETni.Va NEW. ? 91 CAPITA I, REQUIRED A^. iiut tnnkr u >l.?y ?v. a tin a.' iuu time,; our urtlvks ar" o: rral ui?mt mi.l ?i;!l r.ipully , aiilii cil'ru Rivn nr nruiiiey returned; ?vtiil ?Ump. RICE .t CO., >vl N.na hi n:o t. WANTEI>? A LARQE NUMBER OF SEWI.N0 MA cliltiM, with operator., at 41J ilroa.lway, third floor Call during Uie wvclL. - HOTELS. Hotet, ht'iiekr, corner ok jiuoadway and Clliilon pla'?.? Ro'ima for mt.iII faiaillr. and c'ntle tii. u; ?li.o tlrst i liws U'-sLiurauti int.!. wired ut all lioiira. rpHE ONDER8ION8D WUIIIR8 TO 1NKORM HIS 1 fiii nd< and ili<r pul>Mc In ** ;n r:?J that ).u hua miuoved from hla idd pin"*. Liiuftui fir'. P.nk 1 1 ? ?t .1 corner PWty fixth atruvl and Eiglun aruaur. u, 5 . b?t?'. ?n Kifly thlr.l and Fifty-fourth utrreta, E.xii'.h m.-nM Opening day, Monday, wlib'fruv luiio:i. Billiard m.iicli in il?s veiilnir. j. M.,im;nnER. WAR PRICES. SMITIIS0NI1N Il'irg"'., nrr.ad'.vay. crrtiorof TT.ma ton street, ouidoclvd on tin. E iropv.ui plan. Light itnj(le Uooui-i. to $3 M ii wcuk; ltimdi , well ventilated do., IS to a ill* ) n tit. Funily H ioms, $5 to $15 a week. If itei V.itcd throughout by ileum, m l in flitt rate order. M'a.K at rfdiiueil ralea. Joints, 10 and 15 cent*. Steak* and chop*, 13 and 20 Rents. V. ?eiable?, pait:iy, Ac., 5(seuu. 8 mpa, Ai* , A to 15 cents, Au i utlH:r ihingn in proportion. D'tim. r from 12 to 8. M - 1 1 ' to order utall hour*. Entrance lo the realauraut for gentlemen through the office ?f ilie liotwl. 8. ( i MKAD, Proprietor. . VkATCHES A.\D JEWELRY. Diamonds uouuiitfor cash? jjy d. druiil no. a Maiden lane. For sale? at cost, a laroe lot of unke deemed Oold and BHv.t Watcher. |J.?! Uold Hitntmj L,- vol'#, warranted, trom (25. Mon?v leu; o au> amount ou gold lui.l .liver wa ? he*, Ac. A. AD i' I'lU'^, llcenacd Pawn broker, 421> I'oarl street, corner of Obnm1' ?? alreet. JKOAKI AUD TOliirijp. QBOARS VERY I'nBAl'.-THE AKSIti ? EE AT NO. 17 O Hro.idway la clo.in? out the n oek, nml ia offering ureal Indtiociiieuu ill lias ana. Domestic and 0?- i.i n Mgara, Piir ol?aa-ra wouid do well to exatiilun ?;o.Jt an : i>rlceii. 3frn/\ CHOICE keoalta seoars? for balr ?tJUO at hall' pike, by one not in I lie trade. Inner {?? t romllilnn, and a choice lot. Ad.lreaa Del Valley, uuiaia i,a.