30 Ekim 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

30 Ekim 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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. THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 9181. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 18G1. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE REBELLION. Important News from Western Virginia. (Gen. Bosecraas Driving the Rebels Before Him. reinforcements for tlie Army of tlie Potomac. k. eraticns of the Hostile Ar mies on the Upper Potomac. Fight Between a Rebel Bat tery and a Gunboat on the Lower Potomac. ^Probable Departure of tlie Great Naval Expedition. Important from Missouri. Capture of a Rebel Transportation Train ami Prisoners by Gen. Lane. itiafectory Official Advices from Europe, tic.) &c>t kc? | OCR SPECIAL WASHINGTON DESPATCHES. Washington, Oct. 29, 1861. TJ1B C UK AT EXPEDITION. I hava to inform you that a despatch from Commodore Bapunt, written yesterday afternoon, states that the ox. Ition had not sailed then, but that, the gale havii g fibtided, it would probably move out ^.f the bay early morciug. the assertion In to day's New York Tribune, upon good itliorlly, thai the "private secretary of Commodore ^upont , the commander of the (loot, had absconded, carry - with him tho maps and charts, and even (he sailed tiers of the Commodore," was pronounced ut tlve Navy ipartment to-day, in the presence of the Washington irrespondeut of that paper, to bo totally and maliciously ?. WS FROM WKSTKUS VIRT.INIA ? QKN. ROSBCKANS PRIVIKQ THE REBELS BKFORI HIM. A despatch received hero to-day from General Roee. states that he had advancd some live tnilos in the lion of the rebels, and was preparing to moke au forward movement, with a view ef driving the ?!a from thai entiro section of country. He had iutel mce chat for several day3 they had been rctre lting' intended to follow them as soon as the necessary tur gements could be made. AFFAIRS ALONG THE UNION LINBH. only not Sceablo event on the Virginia sWe ef the Ktomac to day was the rev iow of General McOail's di. [nxe rcbe'.s are very scarce In our front, and have not a heard from to-day on the Upper or lower tatouuM NO RKIJRL8 AT FAIRFAX COURT HOPflE. tare is a report to-night that a scouting party from eral Hancock's brigade entered Fairfax Court House {-day and captured ono hundred rebels. As this is ?ly to reach the press, I have the highest authority for ring that the scouts did enter the village, but did not t ft single rcbeL. AFFAIRS ON THE UPPER rOTOMAC. Recounts from Darnostown, Maryland, state arrivals im the Monccacy, and the scene of the recent battle tow, show that all was quiet there yesterday. Tlie amy's pickets frequented tho Virginia shore of the iteinac and occasionally sent a leaden compliment to r pickets on this eld:?, but no serious casualties have nrred. FAIRS ON THE LOWER POTOKAO ? THE REBEL BTKA.MKH I'A?E SSUKLLINO THE MARYLAND SHOKB ? FIGHT BETWEEN A OUNBOAT AND A REBEL BAT ritHY. bi'orma: ion was received hero to-rtfcy from tho lower to mac that the rebel steamer Pago crossed tlio river tb a large force on Monday morning last, from Shipping kit, and entered the Chlcamoxen river. The rebels 1 not disembark, but a boat containing twenty men I the steamer and wont to a schooner lying at anchor in t rivor near by. The captain of tho schoonor woe estioncd as to the strength and position of our forces, thout molesting the vessel, the boat left and prooe?detl the soath shore of the river, and lauded, and would ve soon been bagged by Colonel Taylor's Third Kcw rk regiment, that was bivouacked in the woods *r by, but lor tho accidental Wast of a gVe. The rebols tjocaruf alarmed , took to the boat, and toon us they reached the f learner she mov?d out into i Potomac river, throwing shells in every diroction og the Maryland shore, but without doing any tuts lef. The steamer wuut over to Virginia, and did not ,urn for the day. (bo Pussy came op from the flotilla last night. Tb? orge Page is new oo?;>wi ap in Qoantloo crock. As our Iteries on the' Maryland shore bear directly on the iuth of the creek, it would be a mattor of considerable k for her to attempt an exodus. Several pm.^ws re run the blockade and come up the rivor. festorday one of our steamers opened fire apon a rebel ttery below Aquia creek, and the rebels returned ?ha i with considerable energy. As soon as the at.iuaor nmenced firing a large number of rebels appeared ua i ramparts. The Bteaunr, after engaging the fcrttsrr some half an hear , steamed up the rh or. Ihis engagement was witiMtrod (ran the Maryland Mrs, and reaches m kr a aaossongor Crun General akcr's division. Tiie steamer has not arrived si the ry Yard yet, mat It Is not kuown whether she was isged or not. here seems to be ?? kxffinatfsn ef tho rrtxjki to eroos, I their movotneats arc interpreted as altogether daftm t, fearing that General Hooker would cross and attack m. Deserters fro tu Ike rebel camp ooniUm this aU4o nt. | TONE OF RECENT OFFICIAL AOT1CTW KROM KVROrB. i was currently reported lost evening that Inte'Ngonoo been received by the government from Europe of the it discouraging charaotor. On the contrary, the n<-ws n our ministers received by tho last mail Is most satis ory , and a much better feeling prevails throughout ope. Our Ministers to London and Paris write that disastrous cflbcts of tho Bull run aBfclr had subsided, I a more oneooraglng view of afffcirs was taken by both ministry and the people. Tho rebel commissioners l their agents were still activo in purchasing and ship I contraband goods to tho Southern porta. WKEVINOS OF THE ARMT RETIRING BOAHD? TBS CASK Of OOC. HENRY L. SCOTT. be Army Retiring Board bare now before then the 1 of Colonel Henry t. Scott, son-in law of General tt, and at prenent Inspector Uenwal of the Army. He been afflicted for some time wtth a disease which vonts his being pat Into active service, and there Is e, If any, hope of his roooverlng. It Is his desire to 'eTieved from active service. He is regarded as a most silent officer. His case will probably be disposed of sorrow. THE ARMT. ke following Is a list of promotions of non-oommis ed officers of the regular and volunteer service to lientenan teles In the regu ar United states Army Corporals James L, Thomas, Johu Cusack , and 1 Sergeants Wm. Briflln, Georgo U. Mel/mghltn, Coor^ Dt< kenson, Jlenry Sochi, II wry C. Cushing, Wm. Ojobel^ Frederick Pevoo, Adam W. Kmtlngec, Martin Muttons, James A. Hall, Robert UuliaH, liermar. 0. Reynolds, Claudes. Jtobert-*on, Thomas W. Burton, JOMph Kern Thomas B. Dew ob, Henry Gordon, Franklin Cook, Ralph E. Elerwood, Tb< mas D. Parker, Cbarles Speed, WillUm West and Posdiok. AU the above named parties were strongly ro. [ commanded for tlieir intelligent and soldierly qualities, several of them having previously declined j commissions, preferring to fight their way up from the ranks. They Lave all boon assigned to respective companies. Tit* REPORTED WrPERSKDUBIt OF GENERAL FREMONT. l'be statement in to-day's Now York TVt'ftsinf, that on lust Saturday the order of ilia Ooiinnindcrln -Chief, ihat | Goneral Fremont should surrender his command to General Hunter, accompanied by a letter of instructions to General Humor, was sent out bjr tho President by a siKJeial messenger to fleneral Curtis, I?. command at Bt. Ixnils, with directions to the In' tor !?> deliver it to Ren Fremont, unl> *s he was actu illy in the |iresouce of the euemy, is pronounced tonight by the President to b" wholly untrue. The latter baa not yet acted in tho matter. DESPATCHES FROM UEXKKAL STOKE. Pr. Markie, who has acted as a volunteer aid to Gcrie rul Stoue lor some time past, arrived hero this morulug' with despatches to General McClellan. INCIDENTS OF TI1K BATTLE OF BALL'S Bl.UFF. Among th*intcrestiug incidents that have occurred in Genoral b'tone's column, concerning tho aC'alr nt Ba!!'8 Bluff, are the following, which I learn l)y a communica tion with Captain Mnckie. Tho first duty which Goner 1 8t"no performed after returning frc rn Virginia and roa, Ii ing his quarters at Iooleivllle, without delaying a lit"' merit for refreshment or change of dross, although for tho two dav s preoed ng ho had been exposed to a drench ing rain, was to visit tho hospitals, whore the wounded lay who hud done so nobly on tho '.list inst. With a kind word and hopoful sympathy for every otic, he was lilm solf cheered by tho contented and even hopny expres sions of sutisfae'tii n from the wounded men, who mani fested the most earnest desire to get well soon, so as to get another e haute at tlui rebels. On Thursday evening the Fifteenth MassacusettB regi. mcnt , which is em-amp- d on the plain on which Goneral Stone's tent is pitched, held its first l arade sinco th? battle. The score wns impressive and touching. Ltss than half Di numerical force of tlio regiment before tho battle was piosent. Some companies marched into lino with less than twenty men, many of them without armsi mauy without uniforms, but none without brave and manly hi arts. After the par ado the regiment was formed in square, and their noble and gallant Col' nel Pevens made them an address, to which even a faithful verbal report would do injustice, for no description could reproduce the tender, subdued forvor wi.h which the Colon* I first spoke, ti.o electric sym pathy by which his men wore afltctod, or the earnest dotermination with which the question win askedund answered, " Soldiers <f Massachus< its, men of Worcester county, with these fearful gni>t. in your lines, with tho recollection of tho terrible struggle of ilomLiy fr?eh ujioa your thoughts, with the knowledge of the bereaved and soul-stricken ones nt homo, weeping for those whom they will see no more on eat th, with thai hospital before your ey< s filled with wounded and maimeJ comrades, I ask you now whether you arc ready again te meet tho traitorous foo who are endeavoring to subvert our government, and who are crushing under tho Irvu heel of despotism the liberties ef a part of our country ? Would you 60 next week? Would yen go tomorrow? Would go this moment ?" And one ftearty "Yis " burn from every lip. No man who knows what th.it no bio reirlment did an j tho 21st inst. oould doubt them. Tlieir Colonel had him self stood their sponsor Id the baptismof lira, and Um question was a neodlcsa one; bntias "Iron sharpeneth iron bo doth a man tftc fuee of his friend." A good deal has been said tn same of tho papors, appa rently with tho obJoct of exoitmg a sympathy for Gene ral Baker ?pou false greunds, about his sad presents mcnt s of death, and bin soldierlike obedience of orders which his presentiments tokl him would end in lit death. Whatever those presentiments might have bc?a> they oould hare bad no referenee to tho affair of lionday, for Chptain Hackle, between two and tliree o'clock on lionday rooming, carrk-d to him verbally Gen. Stone's ordore in reference to moving his brigade. Ho found Col. Baker in bed, and was detained In conversation with him for half an hot*. The Colond ws cheerful and hope ful, and con versoil about tho future and his participation Its aflhirs without a single shadow of doubt er anxiety. Among other interesting incidents of tho conversation, it may be mentioned tliat Oiptain ifackie expressed his ad" miratiou of tho regiment ef rhiladeli>hia Fire Zouaves, which he had seen frequently on parade, nud li is belief that they would acquit themselves nobly if they wore i put in the front of battle. Cok'tibl Baker's reply waa: j "I believe all my men will do their duty, Captain, but I owo it to my Californium to giro th' tn tho first chiuioo, anil I shall lead them into battle. '> Some hourti later, after the dispositions for the engaga ment had all boon made, Colonel Baker, with his p?na, visited General Stone, at bis position on tho hill abora Edwards' Ferry. They had a private conversation toge ther, Gen. Btono explaining to liim the important dktpo. sitions on the Virginia side. As Colonel Baker lert Gene ral Stone, In passing Captain Vadcle, who was standiog near, he dr?w o(T his glove, and aliakir.g hands with groat warmth and soeming happiness, siiM, "Well, Captain, wo are going at It at last, and we will give a good account of ourselves." Tho ropiy was, "Good li*k, and safe return, General;" to which ho laughingly rejoinod, "All will lio right,'' and then, going to his stair, ho mounted and gnlioped off. As a bravo, tru^liearted man, whom tho country conkl illy ! spare, whether as a patriot, a statesman or a soldier. Colonel Bake- deserve* and will receive every meed of honor, respect sad sympathy: but to invite for his memory a sympathy resting open insinuating against other men, as bravo, high minded, discreet and trast" worthy as any In the kind, is an experiment which will neithor add laurels te tho dead nor pluck any from thc brow of the Mving. GKN. LANIIEB ANT> TJTE BALL4* B1CFF BATTLE. Urn question has been askod why General lender was absent from his brigado at the battle ef Bnll'a Bluff, in which one of hln regiments ? tho Twentieth Massaclio wjtto ? port ioljia Lai. lie was tn Washington at tlio time, nmier special osders train the government. On hearing of ' lb" engagement he immetMe^y proceedod toPoolosviila, and took j>art to tho action tho next <J*j- at r<fwarda' Ferry, whore he did good service, for which he lias been ccropMmented by thc onnimapdlng Genoral. IJu ntnv lies wounded at his ywMrs in WMlngton. Uoacral IjmJer was mack sore severely wounded than was at first reports. Be was shot while on foat , enoou. raging two oumpontaa of his men, to tho extreme u4~ ant too, to treventareglmmfcaf the enemy oocni<ying a ; woofod em'.nonoe commanding our position at Dd wards' Berry, whkife eminanoe was regarded by the General as vary valuable as a stratogte point. This be effected by sheltering his man behind tho natural defences of tits place, by tho exc.-ikot marksmanship of tho Andrew's 1 sharpshooters, and by the enemy's never being able to j ascertain fbo numbers opposed to them. Gen. Lander rtmaino* in tha il ld for an hour after being wounded, and until tlio enemy was oorap'etely repnlcod He was brought to this city, and has been visitad by several members of tho Cabinet, who complimented hkn highly on his gallantry and good conduct. General McOellan, on hearing of his arrival, called upon General lander, and Bent his brother, Br. McClollan, of Philadel phia, to examine tho General's wound. General Scott has axpreflBSd much solicitude for General Lander's speedy recovery. Tire REMAINS OF COLONEL BAKER. OoJonel Baker's body has been embalmed. It will be exhibited In stato In Philadelphia previous to Its romoval to California. ARRIVAL OF WB90NHB8 OAPTtFRED IN THE BATTLE OF BALL'S BLUFF. Quartermaster Howe, of tho Fifteenth Massachusetts, has breught hither J. Owens Borry, First i.leutcnant of the Eighth Virginia ; Samuel E. \aden, private of tho Chesterfield County Cavalry ; William Davis, private of the Thirteenth Mississippi, who were captured at the battle of Ball's Bluff, and delivered them to tho custody of Provost Marshal Tortor. CONFISCATION OF THE PROPERTT OF A RKBEL. Two advertisements are published this morning. Tho #i?t oce is nt the Instum e of tho President of the United Stules, o mmondiiig tha .Varrlial to attach ccrtuiu rea and personal property of William Shield*, and to give notice to all persons claiming the game, or knowing or having anything to gay why tho simo should not be con demned to tho ufo of tho United Stales, to appear before Iho District Attorney on tho 28th of Novembor next to interposo thoir claims, and to make Uieir allogatlens in that buhulf. Ttie second advertisement, published by order of tlie Court, is In accordance wl'.h the first , and Bets forth that William Shioids, formerly of Washington, tome months ago removed with his family to Klchmond, where ho h -s been resisting ever since, and where ho has been and is now engaged in tho Insurrection and railsfnoe to tho laws of tho United States of America now existing in said State, and in secret correspondence with the eutmlrs of said United States residing in tho city of Washington and elsewhere, transmitting to them money and other valuables, a:ui rcceivng the same from th m in return, which hais been applied in part to aid and abet and promote tho said Insurrection aad resistance to tljo laws ;uid those who are er^aged ihercir. ; and tl e said William Shield* lnii knowingly used aud ompUyod, and consented to the use and employment of, the property hereinafter more purtk-ulsiiy described , to aid, altct and promote the said Insurrection and the parties engaged therein, &c. tiKNKKAL K'CLCLLAN ANH 1118 8TAPP. Brady has achieved a great work in history. Yester day he succeeded in collecting togeib r the entire staff cf General McOlollan and grouped them into a picture. It is iho first time they were ail t?g' tlier since they woru appointed. Tho members of the staff included In the group around the General oi o Brigadier Generals Marey , Wil.lnnis, Harry, Van Yllet, liari: ird aud Stoneuian; Colonels Kingsbury and ('lark; I.lc.ti nnnt Colonels Hudson, Sweit/xir and Oulburn; Ma/or Bainmerstein, and Captains Louis 1'hilippc d'Or I "ins, Count do I'aris, aud Robert ti'Urloaus, Due de Ciiartres. REVOCATION OF A COLONEL'S COMMISSION. Governor Pprugue has noli fled one of the lies t Colonels o iiimauding (ho Rhode Island regiments thai his com nil'Sion us Colonel is revoked. The cause of this sudden move Is a matter of surpriso to ail w ho have heard the fact. AKHIVAL OV EX-GOVEItNOIt Cl'HMINtiS. Ex Governor Cumiuings uf Utah, a citizen if (ieorgin, is Iu town. INTERESTINS FROM THE UPPER POTOMAC. AFFAIRS AT EDWARDS' FERRY. Fkiihy, Oct. 20, lfifll. AH remained quiet during the night. No pickets woro thrown ovur the river, but those en this side heard the rebels all night, and saw tlielr Arcs thick!) tcattervd in tho woods along Um shore. Their centralizing point was a clump of trees on the bluff where our troops had ocn structeda picket station, (mil mar tho spot where our aru.l ry shelled them during tho skirmish oa Tuesday last. W li uonr troops woro w ithdrawn fr. m the Virginia sidoou Wednesday night, tlio Pir.ti enth Indiana, occupy bit; the most advanced and e.\| ceed petition, were not a warn of any withdrawal nntlt tho rest hud boon aucetes fuily forried over. They lay upon tho cold ground ?U most frozen, wiih loaded muskets in their hands, every' mom nt expecting ft furious and overpowering assault fn.m the cooccaled and reinforced enemy, wlioae nam ben- wore known to exceed our own by many thousands: yot the onty murSMiringa i.ttered by those har.'y sons of t'te Northwest wore .it the orders to return without dm. puting the ground, faicli by Inch, with their adversaria. Bow ly and mutteringly they retired to the plane of uu b.o lutlon, picking up aid leading themselves down with tliekn ip.'acks, canUens.giins and equipments luft there by wthers who had retired before them. llifc regiment likewise ty-ougiit with them two iirtaon ers ? tlio owner of the mill nu tioose creek, with his son, who ir was charged had j>r ?? pared couibustib'ea to fi-ts the bridge over Uooao crei k, but wor- prevented from carry lug their jinn into e.\eimUon by the sudden descent ujion the bridge by oar skirmit-hers. The o Iticer *(. the nit lit, 1 aptaln Ok! Ms. of (lie Zouave* d'Af; i-jtio, had a prolong * consuHMion with a prisoner of wnr, a very Intelligent gentleman, and nou commis sioned officer of one of tho Mississippi regiments, engaged In the aUhir at Hall's Itinlf. He loft I^eesburg on Sun<lay night, when th'-re wero but Ih e regiments there. There were no defenciblo works at iiesbarg, but every ap proach twos fortlfl'd commanding tho river and land routes. This prisoner was astonished to learn (hat onr ariny whs not almost entirely composed of abolitionists and radical republicans, and Ui.it our main ob|? <t was other than to emanci|iate slavery throughout tho South. Ho said If Uw farts woro generally known to the working jKiplo of the Fouth, that our sole object was to suftain tho government and preserve tho Union intact, t'i r<) would be a revolution in tho Confederate urmy and peace r< u red. He was surprised boyi.id mensuro to be as surodtb.it Bieckitirldgo democrats couitituted a large i component of the army. Captain Vaughn, of the Rhode Island battery, who went over with a flag of truce, bes returned. Ho was captured by a party who did rot trndTStand the law of | riatiers, b,.t was released by tlio military authorities when tho fact became known to them. ARRIVAL OP TIJB TROOPS AT DARNES TOWN. Karmsstown, Oct. 27, 1981. Tho brigades of General Banks' division left Edwards' Furry yesterday forenoon, and arrived in this vicinity last night. A sufficient force remains at ard nuar tl;a ferry to ensure fftfoty against any attempt of the rebels to crusa or molest us. B*?tore leaving, yesjprday forcnO'D, tho rebel picket:' thickly lined the opposite store, ami ta-ntwt our men with their "alt nipt to Invade Virginia," and begs, '* thrm to come over and pay them tft'othor visit. The division will remain over tho iaabbrth. or its future movements nothing is known except to the stair. TROOPS ORDERED TO TI1K SEAT OF WAR. HEAVY UOVBUEXT OF PENNSYLVANIA KEOlMEN'iW. nARRisr.vKG, Pa., Oct. 20, isgi. Governor Oirtin, in acoord.i-.ce with Instructions re oeived from the War Department, has issued march lag orders to tbo following regrn i.V : ? ' '"lore! Harteaofl " '# fifty - first , Colonel Podge1* liftj -ccond, Colonel Brooke's Fifty' third, Colonel Omit r> Revonth, Colonel l a' *.' Hundred-nml-fourth, Colonel Cakes' Ninety -sixth, Coiouol Cubk' Ninoty-sevonth, snl ono regiment from Cau.p Cameron, which is near tbk> point. Tteso reglmetit ., ev,ht in numlier, are all full, splendidly armed aiel | equipped, and will remove to their respective deMina tieos during th'w week. MASBAOUfSBTTSBEfitMRVTS KNUEK MAItCntNO OIIPKIIF . I Tho following di spateli has been received by Culone^ FraiJc E. Howe from thu Ciovoruor of HahsachuselM ? lVlBToN, Oct. 30, lfe81. I Hie Twenty fifth reg'mont. Colonel Upton, will leave I *'o:-oesU'r on Thursday , October 81. Tlio Tw iity-sev nth re^lmw.t, Colonel Lcr, leaves 8pr lag field on Saturday. Novembor 2. The Twenty-third regiment, Coetii"! Kurt*, leaves iVvfi tou on Motrday , November 4. JuUN A. ANORRVP. INTERESTING FROM EOSTON. Trre LOPSKB OK TH'.i M AH8ACHU8i;i TS TWEVTtBTII AT THE BALL'S BI.LKF FIOUT ? 0APTITR8 OF A OFF SAVAKKAR, ETC. POffTOW, Oct. 20, 19?1. lieutenant Colonel Palfrey, commanding th ? Massa chusetts Twentieth regiment, has msrto an official re;ort ] to Governor Andrew, in which the lo- ? of this galiaut ; r-giment at Ball's lilutf in shown to be about fifty per I cent. Tli? offloers engaged numherel twont>-two: ofli. i cers safe, nine; killed, one; wounded, five; m'ssim;, seven. Bank and illo enga^eS, throe hunured auil eighteen; killed, wounded and missing, one hundred and forty-seven. Two companies of tho Massachusetts Twenty-fourth regiment, Colonel Stevenson, were sent to Fort Warren to-day, for garrison duty there temporarily. A private letter states that tho United States sloop Sale had captured a schooner laden with rice, while at tempting to run tho blockado front Savannah bound to Havana. The Atlantic Cotton Mills, in Lawrcnee, will resnmo overall >ns November 10, and give employment to 1,100 persons. THE REVENUE SERVICE. Tho l*u to J Mat s revenue cutter Crawford yesterday relloved the cotter Agassis, at tho Amboy station. The latter proceeded to the Navy Yard. THE EXPEDITION. FoKTt;r>n Momma, Oct. 23, } Via TUltjmiijui, 1801. f Ono hundrod thousand nikiw liavo been dlatribated anion* the regiments atlac lod to the groat ex|>edili )) this afternoon, preparatory u> their doparturo. Tho captains of tho tram-iiorts received Mated orders to day. Jt is reported tlial mo of thorn has opened his orders and divulged th? destination of tho tleet. Tho mon and animals un board l.ai o suffered greatly* during the gale of tho laf-t two day*. A detachment of tho Slslo nth Massachusetts to day followed tiio lino <if tl,u to, igraflt to Nowpoi l Nowa with out encountering any opposition. Two recent do*ortcr? fi.im tho rebels stato that tho rebels ut Wrktown iuii?riag greatly from want uud sickness. . THE MAPS, CHARTS \ND SEALED ORDERS OP TIIE EXPEDITION. Wasimniuuii, Oct. 23, 1861. At r.o?in to .lny tho Vavy Dep irtmenl ha I Ibfl b, ut rea soira for believing unlruo the rumor tluit tho private secretary of Cuplaia l'u| .ut bad aLscomled with a.l tlie maps, charts and scaled orders of the gro:vt uaval aiitl military expedition. OUR CORRESPONDENCE FROM THE FLEET. Sit.**- it'v Vakeikiult, Oct. 'iff, 1861. The Or tax Expeditionary J ' el ? lit OtiUr of Sailing ? /' i> pofiticM of the Land t' w ? Fn<,ive-r ib.'C.' ? T'o' .Yew C?li! t/ .Vt{;Nc'U ? DitUh of a Member of <A* J.itnd Force. Groat ?*. Itoincnt provsllcd here yesterday , es)>?< ia'ly among tbo nuval men, owing to a rumor tl at tho priva'j Becrotury < f C'oramo<!ote Dupont bud ?t> aped th ? nlgltl bc fore over to tho enemy at Few all's l'olnt, with all ihe plana, charts, &o., of the expedition; but on Inquiry th'a morning wo found tho rumor to be entirely Inlso. Wo sail to-morrow lu three divisions. The Wabaeb will l>o the head?[iiartoi s of the tbst division, under (Ion. i her man ; the V underbill of the accoud, under tieii Slovens. Of tho third, ufldtor Ganoral Wright, I have not hoar I. Th" llrst divlF;i n will land llrst, the roennd to foil' w. tho third to act;.;. a reserve. Thrco hundred tailors flout the meu-of w.r are delailod to mnn tho aiiri'bouls, to. gother whh the aum ruus sorfmen from New York. tSerre'il'fl regiment of K.ngliuovs will bind with tho first division, togother with oil ihoir implcnif-nts, to erect for - titrations. It seems to bo well understood amonif mili tary mon hero tl.at the ground on which we a e to lua.l hns in bo conquered. 'Iho Vniuloi bill \v ill again lake the Great lU', ul>llc in low, and every steam tr u.spoi l will take or.e liosldes. As iho Vnuderbilt is tho flagship of tho soeon I divi sion, Captain I<e Kevro lus b ?< n all night an<l all day emtio .nUating wUli the ('iili'.r. ut irtuisi oi Is of tiia divi sion, furnishing thi'in wit li tiio now c do ofprtvalo sit; mils he is to display In case of nit I'morgoiwy. We ltan o about two thoifa dpei'Fonnon board il.u Vandv bill, in clmting Gtno. al.f levens and hnhUdT, miiuli'rng .bout twenty -five otllo"r?. Th y all tvem as c mi?>riiibJi" n? if

located in some f mall viH'tgi'. Tho Vnn'b ibi!t I ?> k d up1 ii by all military ol1' ' n bero as t o il.'n st trulispo. t i i ill ' Hi i'l. Captain Ia Kevro says he is iti hop tl at I t'vy wl:l glm Ji.oi a i barter to oa: turo tho privatoor Shunt bo'ovehN return, us tl.e Vandoibdt , l'?-n g tho lioftcfi stc.:m i ossel in tho woi id, is tho iivm capab e i f ?<< .'mpl shifcg that olijeet. Ihe iHhawba a,^ iv od l.- io tin.-' nt 'i nlng with a larc- ix-Oy ( l t r? The VUitnres i? to take =rv'!i hundred c ntraba'ids, tor th" purpose > r bulk! log tort illr.'itiors alter the laudiriR ot the troi.pn at our i? mi uf de i inat km a private, by IMHButifrN*< man, of the Mi' lilgan Hulnh, tlo'd <11 b'?od tho day b. fnro vef t'Tday of r< ingestion of tho lungs, and was b trioil yoi U'talay morno g. You w ill l e.ir from mo i f the di.-omb.i' katlon atsl latoMng of tho t oj.f , and of anj- eni:ai(fmi'ntd which tnaj uike place during o.- after tlio landing. THE CAPTAIN'S CLERK OF" THE WABASH. TO THK MIITOK OK TUB HERALD. Pmi.AUEi.rniA, Oct. 20, 1S61. In tlio roll of ofnoers attached to the friynto Walmsh, Com. Dupont, as published Iu your paper of lUis dato, tbo name of J. Henry Balk!?y appears an Captain's ( lurk. J. Henry Bulkley, Jr. , was Captain Mereor's clerk on koar^ that ship when in tho blockade off Cliarleston. He ie'.t tli?? nliip with Captain Mercer, on her lat? arrival in Now York, isnd has since Intra at his home to thin city. Tho rtiino .- of tin- (lay < ail i. r this explaiwtiou anil correo ? tiou, and in givlu< this publicity you wthou'er a tvM. fnv >r 0:1 Mr. Rii.tlry'i Umily and friend*. Pea pec tf i!!y, your obedient servant, i. lULNHY Bl'LKLF.Y. OUR KSWPOBT NEWS CORRESPONDED < Ti Caw Ptrnxa. Nkwtort Kkmh, Va., Oct. 27, lsCJ. Hulxd Destrier? ? Rtlrl Force at Big Belhel ? They Are t'n H'ttiU of Clothing and Art Krr-t VnnmiUinhhi at Prill ? Jlaj/ruder't I'd J'ravcr# ? Relief to L'Wralai.d*, ,i'c. I;wt night, at * a von o'clock, two deserters from tbo rebel camp at Pig Bethel cam* to our ouu,;de pickets fu* protection. Ttirlr names arc William Dennis ami Audiew ,f. F marts, and they nrc bo b natives of Augusta, Ceoiyla, and privnten hi the Tenth regiment Georgia Volunteers* Tho word "volunteers" must not, however, be taken In Its literal sense, for these mcr, with lrmpy other*, were impressed into service. Of course all their proiost tkn3 wu:e unheeded. They left II',; Peiln-1 at . ix o'c'o< k in tho morning, and bjr keeping In the woods and wading through swamps they succeeded In nuking g o I tbclr r-r. i;ie) although at one time they wro very clo.-ely pursued. They (.tain that tho camp at Bethel is about 6,000 strwi; > un e,(ual quant U> of them from Louisiana, Coorgi.i aui Virginia; bcslt'. a there tl.ere aro ?00 cavalry tinder tho narao of "Cobb's tbo camp is under c jt.nnancl of Brigadier General Merino. There cxWg agoeddcil of dissatisfaction ai.ien.: tin m->n on r< ? '?0t 0f |i.0 jn. ancient clothing, tho cruel treatment and 11.. want ct i promptness in th-' pay department; (fine*.* May last tliey I have only received two months' pay , aiiil that of course ! iu shlnplasters, which they aro maldo to Tr?t rid of. ex- | c< a by Inlying sutler's odn at exorbitant prte ?. | '1 viceo costs fine, a plug; butter. w> :. a pnnii'l; stU, I 2 cp'niml, aad M> < u in p >;?>rtk>n. Tlw are ! only tini'i le.u v.'iiW flour and moat, tea and cotfui j aie luxuries t;l:heurd of, iu.u to p.ncuro un u:>li'!o j against lUe fever which innkcn such havoc u;n?.iig . I tliwtiiti.ey dl-r up s.iss.rtt .s root* atul mako n kind el I ,i | [ of ih' in, whicl they ut ink on gelling up Iu tho inorni'.ig, ' Bui irg Ui'M mi !v lis the; 'tuvo Imd totv.-rlc cm j stiuitly 1 u ih hatteri. -. on . a.l Ui ? e; are I u> ?? ?-?? K.m i filled p w.th fall ., iuy ?'.i ills. W.ile ;!, men a; ?: !0:-bill [ d n the utcof Ikluerf, Iho Dircci^ are d) i:Uk ni".-l of llio I ne. mid it is surpi i*ii'g, with all ilie ili.aoontent prevail ti.g in the i'ai.ks, that n-? mutiny li s yet tak n . Onwral Mngrie'er, wb'? Is oomnui-nier o f enti'e liiroo | in that ne:glib !h<>o<l,<K-isaHi<*ially visiKthfir camp, ami, j I to !.;?;? the vory winds of t!ie d<sertorn, "IViicncv . h ? j is in whitkey ho always talks el co ning down to N \v i p rt Kuwa to wii p General Phe'.ps." But n<.i fc;iviiig j oojnt here yot, i'udn >t beii g williup to receive any of i mv iuvitatiens, it . auppos n tln.t wlwn he h is get over l.f ????ri.i k" better rea.tmpt vaitr. The battery at E ? i B. tie. I censists of i we! ve pre t?na'.l rifled cti-.wm, aim is i aid to bo v. '-ll manned. 'ln.se dose: lets <Miro this nKirliiug lortK'd overtoGmw | r . ' Wool hy I.leutenutitCh 'isWuse i, /inl <ie ' ,':imp to i.e.:,. , Phelps, tieiieral IV<u>l, after hav in* e.rcaminod tTi t ? v y closely, had il tn wi t ovet to the Kip Bajw, wlie, .? Ui. > will And work and rcoeive i'eod and clothing, atul where j they w lit alen b out> f hatnv'a v.ny. j ^?vlorday aitoiinn.u Conerali lielng i: ntm;ta tai-h- } liunt Of <?nii?liy 1>, Kii-st New Y'ork V?iiint':e;R, iiudnr i ei minand of iJcuieiiant Ingersoii, to tho house b- ,'nj^in.; j to liikcr P. l/ei\ about three miles from cwnp. 1 r th. I., t month the on y occm aMs of IIk- lic-sc Iiave been a nor, i vhlto woman and three negrcsses. S ine iiayaag * i,i vntu uieSFenger to t is while W n <ui, warning h. r to leave the hoi.se, aa he pari (bed to burn it down ovc?* l ur hvail. TU?w?>man was, of emus , frightettod, an i lie I in tho direction of Hark river, aad when nut uf our seouting port ies, on Friday l i^i , came to the ho* se, tliey fontui one if the uegrews in a dying condition, and li. ? oUiei two, being o.d and ilisoaaad, uiialiSe to Ujto n ; ? o," tli' in.' elve-. Out of feelings of hmtiautiy tiencra! Phei;? j v surday ordered the abore meittknied dctaelinieot to j: i?'ee< I lo the iioi.s?, ai'd, ?ft' r they hud buried th ? d :el waiaan, they brought the other two, with all Itudr bag grge, Iritocamp. and lviit them sent by stoainor U> I'oc. t t ess ll? roe, where the old Indies have Ineuds and rela j tivea. One of them i? "going on a hi .ulred years,'' and i . i ? ined, consicrug her age, to be quite smart. Hereye i sight and hearing w i re :is giswl as in a young i entot), an I slio w emed ni'ieii flff ctcd at leaving the old hnmesteail, w!e. r- she has wnkc I.- > lallldully an 1 sen gen jr at In ufie generatiun pa*' on Ijefoi e h ;r. It wa.- .t touching sight to see ber carry from the house, as tho last relic, Lor washing noard. INTERESTING NEWS FROM THE REBEL STATES. Kichkosd, Oct. 21, 1801. Tbo track of the Alexandria Ruiiroad has been torn up from Fairfax Court House to Manassas. Messrs. Breckinrl ige, Preston and Humphrey Marshal) arrived at Richmond on the 21st. They were received with the greatest cordiality and enthu,- ia-m. General John Grayson, commanding the Florida forces died at Tallahassee. Governor Moore baa issued an order requiring all per sons leaving New OrleanB and Jelfcrson Point on s. oam. bpata for Memphis to get passes from tho Ktecutlvo office. Lonsmut, Ky. , Oct. 39, 1861 . Crnoral Thomas' official account of tbo Wild Cat atfliir, I says the forces were nearly equal, ana tho fodo.al troops repulsed the rnrmy with great loas to the rebels and little to them ?Hvo?. IMPORTANT FROM KENTUCKY. INTERESTING FROM TUB REBEL, CAMP AT COLUlfBUS. OOB CAIRO COBMIWPONUBNOt. CA!KO,lll.,0ct. 24,1801. A VitU to a Rhel Camj>? Special tuft mutton to the Herald ? Eacrhanye vf J'risonert ? O/rmpontlnre Betumn General McClernand arul Central Polk? Cob net Huforil i Report ? Lilt if Uni .n l\itont>t Liberated ? Personnel of (itneral Polk on<l Cfflcer* ? Appearanet of the Hen, <Cc. Without egotism I may lay claim to iho honor? if honor It be? to Iiavo bcoo the IliRt of uowsi?por oorreepondent* t" visit a rebel post, iu?l In safety &ud good will to sec what Is to bo even and loaru what may bo known of the Hay in^s and of theso who aro ariayed In arms against tbo Union. Yesterday I visited the rfbel enrnp at Columbus, whsre Genera's Volk, llllow, Cheatham, MoCown , and I know not how many more, have an army va"toiidly estimated nt from ten to seventy thousand tnen, Iho headquarters of tbo Western division of tho S-'ooihern ffcrcoe, Hew I went you will find by tho <1<-tailn ; why I went was that tho 11euau> readers might 1 avo the ndvaulagc of perusing (ho (list ac counts f-om tho South Hiid tho S.uthorn army. You will roinombor that about a week ago two rol? I officers v bi i U4d fiilro to arrange for an cxchan^o of prisoners, hut that our ufflcort; did not foel authorised to make any arrangements until tho high r authorities c uld be consultod, and General Grant, iu his answer to Central 1'olls, saHl that a* soon as the President could bo cons Hod in t** premises, and hi* views ascertained , ho ((Jen. Grant) would (Ind a way of communicating The l resident was telegraphed, and in duo lime au answer was I'cc.'lvcd, such as led to :m unconditional roloayo of tli ce rebel prisoners, and (ho sending thom,with a Hug of truce, to Columbus, )?<?#(?? day. The mis. iou was entrusted to (ho b.iMls of I' .lone! V. P. Dolor.', of llio Twenty sev> uilj III >n M Volunteers, who solecieU tho ' >!? lowing g-ulleraen (o aeeempanj him ? <apt.iu Dresser, A.d -<!? -Camp to Gen. McClernand. I io. tenant Kin l inn, of tho Twenty seventh ugimcut. Hr. ;? Imroous, Hod an I Director. I r. Hi mu n, As-< clato of Dr. Simmon*. Tho Cairo correspondent of tl.e Nrw York I i u:. i a.itC. S. Cooler, of General MoCioriiau i s stall, ai 0 i ?i! crew. Wo n barked on board tho llttlo steamer R*m|?"'n ?t twi nty I! .iiiutin punt tvrelvo I'. M.,aud arrived op|Kgt<6 ("el ambus at twenty-live minutes past three P.M., all in the li"rt of spirits. As we approached within perhaps a in.io of the town, a gi.n w;r. lire I in m iho fort ut llio upper ond of the t iwii, wli oil had llio ult'ect of causing our llttlo tug to scieaui her loudest whistle, but on isho ki 1 1, unlit another (; .n cautloi ed us n? t lo be too na.i.ry In o.tr approach. Il.tt our < ilkvr* ill, | not understand H o slgna'a,and so wo kept on and ou, llttlo dreaming iliat we w.-r oonrling a reroptii-n aurh ajt camo irigh <1 vest i tho 1 nion arm} of s ;ve."al callaut odicers a.id (h-i II. r.Aiv't a rcp<irter: !< r, llmling tl.at WO <?! ! not round to when tho so ond |'un w.is llrwl, tho Ki:nn<-rs "chiicUisI" a shot Into t!io Jaws of o o of their w i! do, . 'jQii Cir lain l'olk iitfui m' me would lia\e sent it throi1()h us wero it 11 t for lit ? fa i tlia' Ihey woro afraid < I sh'K'Oiig into ilieir own c inpen lb t op;s?lt? m e of III t river. The foil nvin.; ?i>rre?|io ilim ? will e> plain (ho ini -ii n ain; us ri'.-'i I ; m> ti:at all Ih it will l?j m| 1 1 ue v. n! bj I'i - .1 .( h outi i 1? wtuot s of Interest us com e wi'hin my ol..'.-rvNlion. It will he (e tieed tiiat our < liie'Ts liie1 li 1 u;s . a 1 inn (.; I'od^c iiic i| .estion of re ogtiizlog the < oiifedorates as bu.li.creuis; butono has d Cie.-Iiy in 'li.jeiivernig is wh it e-s ul al point (lie plan a ' pled diHers i" its r M ilts f ont a tegular exclnn.'ie o' pi h nets, and General l'olk is 1 11 lit in Inn nadoi>landi! g uf the uiatte.r as exi -n'rod in his loiter (o Cono.al Jili: t'lernauii. llere is the c urespowioiico in full : ? LETTER OF lKSTI'.L'CTIONrt TO COI.ONKL Bl'FOUP. 1'KKIAIK He.wm;; \ Camp Caik<>. Oct. 23, lbfil. ] Colonel K. B. Bnm*, C muiaiiding Twenty-seventh regiment IlIiiK ts Volunteers: ? S'ji ? Yon are hereby entrusted with a delicate, and, in a i oiiiicui as, < ? t, a highly rvst-oneib c ml^ion. A. A. Woodward, l?wls Vo;.ii,; and KioJenofc Penny were captured in the nilii'r it CluM'tei-loa, Mo., on tli? '201 li ?ii tact Aug ft. and liuve since been detained at tU.u [kibI u.- p isooei s ol war. Y< u v, iil take them in cha-geon a government steamer, an t uuder tho ptotM i ion <if a nig ol trice ) recoed to the camp of tli emmy at 0<i!umbut , Ky. , nml iliere, makii g knowu your mis ion to tho commanding otiicer, will dob vor them to such pom u us hi: may auihorizo tn^ncoivi thorn. When you havo fnlUIIM your mission you wiil ark of tho commandant of th? camp safe conduct therefrom, ami immediately ret- rn to this pout. In >our converwUiou with ihe ?omniau'aut,?r with hln tv pre* ntatlve, yo.t ?* ill avoid all dire. s.-isn upon the rights "I biliigereuts, and place my aolinii liu'ehi glinpiy upon the ground of humanity, and a desire to relievo tho Villi pp> war now wagod In two u kindred ?f peculiar and v^'xiavatod ulficulUi s. Reyood ih'x limit 1 do not deem it . ?dv hl<- for y< u tego. Youis,&c., JOHN A. McCIKKVANII, Brigadier General < otuu&ndmg. ULSfcllAL M'CLBUNANll'tS LETTKlt TO ''KM. HAL roiJC. Bli-IIAI t llKAIK.ir-.il Tllia*, I Camp Cairo, Oct. 23. 1801. j To mm Commakdijio Omm* at Com aim e, K.Y. ; ? ttiH ? Tim chances of tho present unhappy war having left in my hands a number of p . me n who have b-ti detained at tli is post ! r fi -a" I ium p M, 1 Itavo, lor h;io C.ai i'i uj3img,aH well .?? In ubodtcne-.* to tho dictates of hum mi' j , unconditionally ?. '-aHed tncm. ?i lie p iaonois alb did to t.o : A. A. Woodward, f/jwi.i Young and hdw.ud A. Penny, all ti.k'ii by a party < /' United Ruies troops, in tli- uil'alr al Chari. gtwi, Mo. , on tin 2Hh i f 1 n,p'*t last. Cont.elN B. ilufotil, of tlm Twenty sovenih r ? iroent Illinois Volurtecrs, is ch i. i:od ky me with tfi de'iv ry oi'i id prisoners to such person us you may a.ilhor ? r. ceiv ? hero, net for tint pop,* >-o \ ? ?h j ?? r cimip ui".ei tli p o.e.t.i n of nwhi:e tin,:. You will ji'.eafo r> ceivohiu\ in the. B;.?" :al clwirni.t r with v.h:< li I,-., is c"'-.t I ? , ?? d if rtli' i onij l'tii-n of lik Hii.-,:ioBfiveliim safo conili.ct f cm y- urcf-.rop. 1 luvo t:.o hon i ' e, yonrH, ><?. , JOHN A. VcO.K.W.Nn, li: ! ... <.''ij. Couiroatiding. OV.NF.TtAl. POLK'S ltl l'LV. IIk 'IHlfAI-.TBr..--, V:K-.-| 1. ?- J K, WK'i'Klt.v IWiURnUWT, > Cr)l."?U)l Ky., Oct. a.), l?til. i Hrii;.'tdlcr CooMSl JoiiN A r: >'A.\r>, C'otntr.nn'Hog, Cairo : ? ftju liuve leceived yottr r.oti <f tlii? dnto by Colonel N. i*. ;:?fo: I,' ' tli- T'.vvtity .??. vM.tt Illinois n ,im-it, re spon-.tiDR to th> overture itied" by nu t# O'cncrak (,"aut .. :,n ? i :\ys sii.e on tho s*lv' t oi ..it , cbnugo ol pi i ,),i ? aBilaUUo : our node of aovciiipi;. )>m ;r it wuivi ih" i ? ? '.: l; ion o: mir ' : !???;?,; ..?en(.-( J am Lot. iliupoc J to upon an uiiiirtporUiM tochuiciUity wl i ' tuo lot' fstf c hun i a a? i take. 1 .';ceptthe ?? ii- 'I'liri tin' tifiii mm toedproil in bcin,r, OP y> 0! 0 t< ii'ii?!i? r. all of ttjr?o of (lwCo'i ?Jr "? arrov in j" > r ; o. ? : ,, i ami .a re urn t luiv pie . ur . , I, a, ns- , .'ti t':e > Irt' ei; or thoie cf lb< ' '."ii pi Ho; 'I i' Unit ill III' pi'-'i' i ii ii ... I iuppy coo'i.et . i wh'ch v.? nr.- ? i: ? I we .-li".:l rn c.i'j'.itnlatmsef ;e.,(--i ij :n tlio C wb: 'Jin -t I Iboopeiaitoi.KOf tho ?'.it..i'? ot ???! i e?; ecllvo wen i- I mostF,l have, i ho honor ?o be,re*i cctl'i I y,yonis, LEf.i.Sll; ,!? 1 OUC, liajor liennral C?<rna:aiidlng. COLONEL BUKORB's l.Bi'ORT. V' ?r M< ' !KKNam>. t'Aii: ?, II!., Oct. !;3, 1861. Brlgad'er < ? ? e el J. A. M- Cu i..* .av"? jjin ? i hud tl- li'.u or t!i,|j day io eoiivey your dc-, aich, *ith ivlimr oi trivo, on Ivmni ibo ?!e..mtrg Sumj.? < u to Jiajor !?- lien I i c k,?.on tn " r /. ?'! Coli.nihr.f, K y. i ww.-: rv. no 1 by U.0 ' t. ral Willi t uo m 'Utry cour tesy, and dei -red to him, wi.u Jroiir i -iiatcii, throo at tfciiierf wlej had he e ..I'ured i>y ov.r f'no.-s at Clm! h jttun, M ?. He '???; re- ?. v i;hm?ttH-<|< i .ia of an ? xciia iyo ? i pi yo-i": : ; but ipon my exhlbiilng I. Mm my <u org troll y< iuf< ?iiiinjt him that I gi i, U1 c ?.li! '? mycsell htrii;tl> to them, tluti ? entlmei.ts of huimur.ty iiione hud promote.', voi.i ttctn.n, ho reafeil to pr.fct the sioii, tut' w ?' ' h to ifltoiin ne that be b.ul*ixuej) el your troo, s an p i ?j*i- rrof war, nr.d tliat ho would wmr Jiatoly liheratt iiani unconditionally. Thniieoi i reeeiv<-<l my i t ? (Sii>t. Dn-ssi r. of tho Artl.'.ory: l.io t'-naiit Pheidin,' licTv.enty icves.th re ghhentillir i* V'e'.uiitf^rf : *'>? r," ns MHima.:? and Hrlu tun, (f ii Unit. ds.. ites Ai my . and Mr. Qtapinati,of New i yrk, tny -cioretary ? with ixirdluiit) , aud wo woro intro duix.tl tocoiioraig I'llkw and McOwn, Capl ilns lliaek hod pi ik, ' r Hi" (ioiierai':f stjil', a d ir.auy othor oflloors. lie remain dun the steamer Cham, with our teg alon;; fiit.'. f i louc -hours, while the prisou'-rs weru being got ro.idy to On 'loliven.d to me, Uuiiu^r which time tho most friendly cotiverwiiU ns were oi joynl. My i.irty were ho?pil<ibly entertained, ahd 1 twitnred to prolog*' the gintiinci.t, "AVasMi gt( u and his piincl pi< " ," whhh wah io, eati d vith hmrty apprcbatii n. i leuai ais i oil; and Pillow expre"sod a high app eei.il km of yo n character, and cenunonded you l'or Bending the lia< on an er, arul xif hunuinlty. They deplored tins uti iiitur;. war, b<u maintn tried that tho S-iuth would be pejni ats<l Inovocahly l'r"tn the North. Hi :y pi-'Wessed to heii 've tn my tilings which 1 thought crn neons, and whiih I combattod mith argummta aad statements of facts, 'ilio eouforenco ended without any unfriendly Vord or occurrence. I l-ft C.it.r. at twenty minutes past twelve P. M., rcachud foi mbus at two P. M. , parted company with (kneral Poilc on the steamer Charm at six P. M. , and ar rived at Cmto at ifltio 1'. M., happy I'i hiving been on tn st"d with a mission which lias le I to tho liberation of nineteen oni>ti\"ee. Your obedient servant, N. B. HWORB, Oilonol Twenty-seventh liituois Volunteers. I'. H. ? Iherowith a;ipeud a list of thoprisouorg libo rab.'d by General Folk. lstof i:Mn>5 rwsojigni libebaikp nv okkerai. poi *. J.io .t. W. Campion, Co. C, ?th Illinois Voluntoors. 11. 0. Menken, Co. C, -Oth Illinois Volunteer*. A. U. Rowan, Co. C, 20Ui Illinois Vol :nte rs. John llenicke, Co. I. Fourth regular cavalry. >l. II Tjutibcrt, Co. I, Fourth reg ilar cavalry. Tbeodort K. iiergo.Oo. H, PIRitre artillery. Aug'.s ufl -hoi: eman, Co. H, I'fEHffV artillery. Churl , MtrubriBg, CO. H, PltiilTs prtillory. P. 11 Lippart,Co. F,24th Illinois Voiuntoois. I.ewis Wnlteis.Co. A, Oth Missouri Volunteers. Chare* 11. sFonphing.On. A,8th Missouri Volunteers. Hertry Henscr.Oo. C, Oth Mtsnourl Volunteers. lioorgn I- ise.ber, Co. A, 9th Missouri Volunteers. Alhet t B .bbietouro, Co. C,9th Missouri Volunteers. John Ik. it, ui 1 1 "i bouri Volunteers. F. .ScLm.ui, ( o. C,9tb dinsourl Volunteers. N. R. BUTORD. vkh>(wi?i. of rut ro.vFKnriuTK <iffi<:?rp. G. noral l.oonr.is I . the It ijor flo ici'al < f the Wcst orn l/lvln|f>n, I should ji,< i.'- to be m nui i of fifty wlnteis, toll nn l straight, lioaiin.' m ov- rv w> >1 and look tha impress of (hn g n>'rnl ralhir than tho divine; gray eyes, doep net, keen and penetrating; noun rulhrr of Mi? lionmii order of u tlnuvi/ue, month sunken, ll| a lightly o iiiihcm ,h1, li.iir and side whiskers (<? I ? miti'nire) tirtt ?'?'? loinly fr<*t. il.qnic!; om'Ici n?nd readv, and, withal, nfI..blo lu o>nvi<rvatii n. To glvn Kew Yorkers a better Idea of tho looks jnd bearing of tho rebel loader, I would stiy , t?vk?- l!io elder S t- U- < ? ; > , t\t the Astor II 'ose, add two Inches to his st.iture,snrlnk'o a few more gray hairs over his head and !'.\ee, dtvr htm In a wu'nr go'icral's suit, ;uid they will have nidas folk to perfection. Ho is by no moons an austere man, if we aro to Judge by his address during the ih o or fourhour< ho romalusd III onr company; v ot il l mlnat'on sits upon every lluea ment of hfci c mnW'UU' ee, an. I ill mncst creoj*iout lu ovorjr look and gesture. Co-neril did eon ,T. ri::.)W f tandH ftbmit five r?-vt nlno and a hulf Inches in hi- fl: i* a flii',!y formed man. md looks much you n?er than biastr[>orlor,tbo< k.I> I am told It' rank In 'lie army wore but\ l upon age ho wmild uuik an tho holier olt!c >r. A hi,.h ai. I broad forehead U oir a pleiminvs I'aco to a vorj line advantage :? small, koen,h'ack or rather b \i. I eye, full board , classical nope, toetli whltu ami regular, and hUwh'uo pei&omtl appearance betoken Iit him rather the g >ntlen.;.n than tho h- ?i?IK?r. (ioneral in strictly teuiperuto In bib lrihlta, drinks nothing ><ut water, mica no nurcotlcs, employs uo phytr.cian, and bu a fair to live to m> novo'.ii uioro campaigns, uiitena.st an unlucky moment, ho should fall Into the hands of tho United Suites govcrt. eiit, wlion, In ail probability, lila suavity ?? a gouticma.i, bin good looks and temperate habits Jxjii. billed, would bo ina .cpiuto to prolong his exHefico. (Ioneral lieOown has 'ho exterior look of bolng the (1.:IiIuik man of tho siull~a tall, well nvido, mniiniilar man, a face sunburnt and ba d from exposure; bluff and ab rupt in his manners, yot , withal, not uuplea.^u?; Junl Booh a m;iu as niio would ol'oi.. o for a friend and fe.ar as an enemy, 'lhlrty live yearn of vl^oroun manhood, wrapped in leather, ni'i va.i web Iron, prop. lli<l by light iiii'K, and mbed in Uio plslnoHt and roughest of common cluih, form the Unit entt-mbU. Whf-n bo F peaks ono ctin almost lmanlno ho h -tus tho rtuap and snarl i f tho hull terrier; yot bis men love him, and he is a man toward whom oiui feels drawn the more ho poos aud km \\s of him. Of tho Inlei lor offlcorH I must bo allowed to nay that a mors p'litleman y, aitontivo and kindly dU|H >ed net of men 1 havo ma seen anywhere, liut t)f tho troops (t ought hardly to call thorn s ch, so roiiyh, ill olad and umnriormeil did they a;>p 'iir), I imiy say tberu iieems to be a vast field fur miprovometit. I notiood, however, that the horse" of tho e .iap wore much sujierior to tboss of our own ai my, mnl 1 could not help Indulging In lbs mm t invidious comiukrlsoes between them ami the poor, old, brol-.en-ilown, s)wvinod, ln?aiy, rough- e??t?d, ki '.ock kneed, purblind, win I -broken, condemned tilings that tho War rcpartinent is furnishing our rava'ry aud artillery. Ol' the fnrc*s at ('< 1 mbus I can suy nothing, for our mi-Hioii there w is not t>> pry into the secret- '>f their camp; hot 1 discovered that tie -ro was no lack of forts arid caution, of touts un-l Htibks,and 1 Judge iliat, 11' tho place is ever taken. i? wbl be at tho sxiicnso of inor* ilv.'H than the public at present imagine. TIIB REBEL OCCUPATION OF KENTUCKY. IMI'l DKNT 1 '?> I.AMATION OK JOHNSTON. V.'inM u-, u,(< ai in ii <? t itioii of a pa t of Kentucky In the United States, .11 ? 1 !n prepar iiio. s uliich muni le.-t tho intention 1 if t> ii- governm t:t t<? Invade tl o OiWV.'.i :ato States ihrongh ; luU territory, liwn imposed ll nil the i> ia.-t, us a ??;? c "soy of g'lt-defenoo, U) enter that state and meet th?' iiivsfi n apon tlio bust lino fur military oiierationt; oml wh roas, It in propor that the motives nf tit" governui 'nt 1 f tin Confederate St:?t'iH tt> t iking ttiis Kteji should li>. fully kuwii to ti e world; now, then tore, I, A bort J> Siiiku mi , General aul Commander nt tho Western IH'iia. fluent ot the Array of the Canfs4e rate States of America, do proclaim that these stnti g havu lh h marched tlK-lr truo(>? into Kentucky w.tli no hostflu h.toiaim toward its ] vople, nor do tUoy dosiro or teek to control their choico in record to their union with either of tin confederacies, ir to s ii i:^ntn their Mate ur hold its soil a.ainst their w id. 0:1 tlio contrary, they dix'tn It to bo the right of the people of K' ntucky tn determine iln-ir own ]iosltlon In n ^ard to the be'lii'ere It is for tin m to say whetlic they will join 1 iilior eotuedvr.oy ,or maintain a separate existence as mi iMdepet d<*it *1 1! i rei<u State. The nrm<d occu pationof their soil, both aft to Hs extent ati ! duration, will tW Tefure bo n!ri 1 y limited by tlio exi* n.:ics of/ulf defetioo un the part 01 thu Confederate Slat's. Tneso St. us intend t" conform to all the requirements of public law and Infccrruitioual itm ty as between themselves and Kentucky. ai:d, a-nordlugiy , I hereby oomtuusd all who ar e si;t>je t t<i u?y orders 1 1 pay entire ret poet to the rights ef prqpfrty an! the legal anther, ties within that. .?Hate, no fair an tlio same may b; compatible with t ho necessities ef mtif defence, it' it be um faslro of the people ef Kentucky to maintain a strict iwi imtiartial netitnJity, Ikon tU" elliut H drivs i?H the lawless iit tiodois.wno# ekmma'io tltcirStutethe th atr< .,f war, m iil aid H'oie at the attair.m rat of ih"?r wiwlMi. if, as it tiiay sot l?o aureituiuibJu H suppose, *1if ?; peoplo de f.!" t enlt4- lie ir ?srtouen ivrth Ms- On:f? derate States, to v. liiit.i they aro already IhhiimI hy m> many t.i*s 01 iai. t< st. th '!i the uinn trance imd aid ef Qmfedorate tri ope will iissidt them t<> tniiVe iin oi'portnnKy fer thf free and nulv a. -od exprewk :t of ?lu-ir will uj aa the m/hiret. !!ut It ii Ik; true, wlii' h ix t" t to he presnu > 1, that a majority Of thoj'- Jicnple desire to (idiiero to tl;e I'niied }? tales and I/, come feuti- s to th'' war, tiieri nono c:w <U:<lit tho rucht 0 I he o'l.r ? iiel'i.* -rei.t to lie i t tlsa.' w.t ' wti tt'rver at wiierovpr it trwy be wrnged. But hni borliii( tn> suctt mw [i e . 1,1 t.uw doela e m the n.uno 'f tJe :;o\ crmnent ? '! ( ; I serve , that iu .-fin) will b.* wi!V.fw,i.i fii-.m Kefui ky an f-'i hi. there slnl bo t ill- :-u > -.'Ucnco o' ihe e\,siotieii anil ex ? uti'jfl of a U..e iiiX-titiou 'i:i the C?.rt ??: tin United pic.t s. I'V ori'cr ol til ' I'reh'i-livit of the !??: ;. t . M of Ait.'-' lea. .1. :: IV. T N, t.enernl romm-'mlinr tie V> l> ?;.art;;.ent of the Army Of the Ctiitfuclerate .?'t.if s .if Atiii t lea. IMPORTANT FRCM MISSGURI. CArnJUE OF A I-FIiKI. niAN^l'OKTATJON '1'itAlN AND I'itiSOM i.RH. C'K.' M'i?..,..- . Ve., ) (T!:irty four i':i:<- ; ..;h ' i \V- ???,*.) (Jjt. 2<t. ! r.l. ) A c irrr: in.ii.'enl ?.f a St. I/mis p.-per s..>n that tlene/al I/ine captured ? ' itir i t: tninef the c.-'tny near (Sutler, n> W. * coin ty, ai d lo' kiho escort |i."iii nieru. Anions tbo latter wi.rc Captain IVhiiltig and I.:ctttets ii-.t V:iiig!'nn. (h iieial I. ino a. 0 r. j:. ? l> that he fun: d a liivv n*:m. b r of pick and wounded r nels at Iti" Hill, Johnson 1 1:1. ty, In 11 Htar\ 'iiig <? mlit. i.n, in wh- wuniK he ad. ii.irtcrcd. '..in coi trabandt --ivH in canm a du y or two ago, ? ?.( hereby one of tieneral f-me's e,i;e.-..-. t! elr ?"MW ',u ti "ii !nven.| : I an 1 It i? itiiic.-Dtocd th;. Genera' i ! v. 1!! return them In tv.'r mastets. Oi crnl !a!ic a -o ci.tin da kirp' ipiant '.v of le.wl in oiio i)i' the Vi'i colt: tic.-', an I s at it to Fori Scott, Katifaa. There is no d -finite mnvs 'k to the wueroah'.uli of (b neral Pi iec or 1 ? n. JIcCuIIih h. TIIE IlEDEL GENERAL l'H!CE AT NKOSHO. IV , Mo., Oc! ;:i.icni. Tlilrly-r!:;lit ni'ii 1; <,f o r wouik.' 1 rolttnie t? arrived today from SprlDgflold, which \iU'jo tliey left ou riiui'g day lax I. (ictiural I'rico was then at. Koosho, lu Mow t in county, (in Wei'nesiUy aboil rr.e t!t msand rebels entered Spriu;;ficld, aiul took away a considerable quantity ef stoi t: left by Colonel Taylor. MAJOK ZAGONYf, t)F FllEMONT'3 BODY GUATiO. ? TO TUB KT-lTOIt f)V TIIE nTOAT.P. Nrw Voitii, Oct. i.9, 1861. Permit me, through tho columns of the Huuin, to cor rect an error which was pi:b',:shod in yonr yesterday's edition, hi reference to Charles 7.. 'onyl, Makir Command' irg the body guard of Cone: n' Fremont. MaJ' r 7a^ony' is a Hmi|.a inn by birth, hm! foofrht lu tin If.:t;g.iriin army durlnn tho r vohitlon of IHIS, then liuldin^ a rank as ca; tain 1 f a cavalry ryirncil, and, after that strangle had f.o iai' ncceFflfviilj lermitatwl, was exlM.with 11 great many i f ids rmmtrywen. Ho arrived iu this c a.;try in 18S1, and l-.a' been r.- id'nt' 'fro as a e|fl/.>n ever since, and could r.ot, therefore, have been In Italy during th* Uit? campaign. Ma;< r 7a"onyl, whn.by his gallant charge in Missouri. b.,g wen him'elf a pv nam", deservin-: tho praiso or eiory loyal 1 illren as well as that of a soldier, ,? a mar ried man. about thirty revon yeaj* of ape. and nboct nv? fcot s.x inches lu height. Al.liEKT RUT1KAY. MAILS FOR KEY WKFT AND FORT PICKENS. Tho United State* tramport George Peabudy will leave tho foot ef Murray ptre<-t this day, 30th inst., for Key West, l art JeiR'raon and Fort Pk'kens, F.'a. Slio will take a mall for those posts, to clotso at odo o'clock 1'. M. , and for the tiulf ?<4uadron. Proohlys Acai;k?t ov Mrsir.? Mr. Ullman's second tenetlt wat' numcnmsly attended last night. The "per form :nces were the same as 011 the previous evening In Fourteenth tsirw t. Kellogg, Ilink ey , Brlguoli ami Snaiul wore all lu exociHcnt voice, and the performances went off brilliantly. This representation clones the present short a-arton. Tlds afie noon Mis* Ilinkley and Signer Susini will be united in the b?nda of matrimony. They start immedi ately after the ceremony for Philadelphia, and will per form together in opera to morrow evening, in iiiitinicro.