30 Ekim 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

30 Ekim 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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^ houstcs, noon*. mc? to let, AFl'HVIKHED HO(!|?K TO TjKT ? ' TO I.F.r A TIIKBK ?tory and attk- h a m<k i> t( nu, miv blink from tlu> 1 1 on uiitl Uiiii.ii N.|uur ; o uitili irly fur In J through otlt. Including IP: m and silver. A mo*t desirable lo cation. Ai ;il> to LOU PON .v < 0., 270 Fourth aveuue. A WIDOW LADY. HAVING SUFFICIENT FI RM turn to furnish ter. or twelve ro* inn would rent the ?a mo to i small ??? reful family i a part v proier: vd that would inquire her ?u ? ie< ? i h houseke" per, ??einf? well qualified lu domestic duties. Addreas or rail ou Jlou?< keejier, 9W Broad way. ALAlUiE FOlilt STOHY HIGH 8TO0P HOI* Si; TO . r?*nt, n West -Twenty-ninth at re t. i t good ? rdi r. AH aiodtou improvemuntH. Inexreptk nable location. l'rlce ?? ry low. ? J. R. EDM A 1 ' i 1 - 277 WeM r-.v.-niy third sit -tu t. A BEAUTIFUL SECOND FLO OH TO LET? WITH Boar!. to enteel parties; piltate family, flrat C.i'l at i4l West Eighteenth otreei, or address M. 1?., box 141) Jicruid cilice. A W1IOLK Oft l'AI?f OF A NKAT THREE 8TORY . IIuum*, told, wi'ft uk).'i ru improvements. Kent low to )p>-ponaibta persons. Inquiie ut No. 3U Sullivan street, from 12 i?> 4 o'clock 1a swOON D FLOOR AND BACK BASEMENT. SEVEN rouma. with all the'tmojov'-roenta, llKi Weal Eleventh et; rent low to a*mull family. Also a Seoto.d Floor, a f?w door" from tho above, at a moderate ront to a small Aiinily. Inquire of E. L.& li, T. lil'KMlAM, No. 611 llud aan hi reel. A UAKE CllANCK,? TUB OLD ESTABLISHED LOPO -n U\h House No. lSWulkto treet, will b let, and the K?\U aad Ucdding mid ut a creat aaerltlce by tin* a<" oilnistrutor, a* Hi.* estate of iLu* de?**aaed h-* t- > In* settled up *?k?u as po^-ble. Apply to JOShTH MURPHY, N ?. 0 1 H -utii sir vt. ("lOUN'EIt HTOKK TO LET? 8U1 TABLE FO d A ORO. J '-eryordrug h ore; abo, four i .'is, 2.1 n 4ft :?d, at a low * ut. impart) ui Mrs. EA8TON, 6-tS Hudson street. FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET. ?TO LET, A IITGU ?toop, ele;,' autiy furnished Jf'<u-<', for b.\ < r twelve J**ont! *>. ??> a j ? ivut< i. only, at oir> per uofutb. Ka-ati-d rrt uitei-ntVi ntr ? t, nerr Kl. h'n av? nm*. Iifiuiro ?d J l ? >. XLH Mullti AN', No. .'i I'm.- Mnvl. Fi'kvisuld house to lft-41 KAST twrnty ? l^blb >!??'? .<, to n prit.it**. faudly only; u nUtiis twi^va with tl? improvemtMita. >? | if' t "o :? r. To -??? the h'j.u-ie apply ut oc> lOast Twenty s ???*.*?*! Mivet, from HoiJ M. TiHfRKT^HED trot'SK To KRVT? tlil^RE sTOUIKS, J.' kLJ* k* ', weii f uraii ?<l: ftitl iml 1 ntlowto a i liv .t" lainily. Apply ?*< ' (he ho e? , -1 >,'e*t Tairlevuth at reel, aeruud huUKe Jrom Filth uveooe. I^IJUKTPHRO HOUSE TO LET IN BROOKLYN? Kfautifull;' loea.rd, with all the modern l!npr??v?-m? iits, ; m live luinuuV walk to I'eek Blip ferry; rcntluw Ull May I. A portion taken la Board. Addr V'., UeraM withe. TJIVBM18HKD HOUSE 'i?> UBT NEAR VlflOR v aqua re, in Si'venteentli hired, to ;i landly only. Tae houhe is lour HtorieH, 2"i\u0 1'eet, mouern and convenient. well furuiabed and lurultme ueai-iy new. Addre^a O. \V.f I'ox 200 Herald oiRee. pUUNI ED HOI ! TO LET -ON THII TBBHTR J streri, r.i r Fir.A a?*entH'. ?three, story, . hl^h >to^p; j.plrn il.iUy fur 'iiihhed, rent low; also ?n.e on T?veoty-.. -t street, to 4 'private tanuly only. Apply to 1'KET TiI(?MAF, S20 htia?hwry, N. Y. ? .1VRNISHKD UROWN STONE HOUSE TO LET? 226 J Jbi.o.t Tmrtieth nirtei ; three ktory anil )>a>emeot, hfgh loop, all the mfilern lmprovenie:itP, in perfect onlej*, and Jod iteighhorhood; mont of the rent u?ken in board if de irnd, by the owner and wife. J. lIKNDliKSOX, 267 Broadway, up ataiw. IOUSE IN IIUOOKLYN TO LET? KENT TAKKX IN 1. hoard. The handr.ome tour story houa<*, ? l.'^antly aanted, at 108 Serond plaee, t*> l?'t or 1 a-e, ehe.(p. 'l ie rent i-1 be t ikeu In board If deain i. Thu Court street eara at uit .ij ferry g > w IthiJi a few fct- ps of it. ABOE Ft UN i. SUED HOUSE TO LET IN UKOOIv i Iyu? F?t a term of yeatM, wi?h stal le and tarUeu at cheu, on the Keu;heaat et?ruer of Clinton and Joralem.-n rueta. The hous? in four Morion m iou-ht, with an exten i!?n three atorie> !?lgh, ?t?d in *'le,:antly funiiatied; haa yas ud wau r; on the flrat lioor are three la r^e parlors and a ?n unroom. The situation ot this property, heni#( In the oice part of th? i iiy, ?a admired by il w!o- ktj v it,.inl he garden has fine var*?Miri oi the' diii. r> uit kiuds ui fi .em. The premiKoa will be let on!v to a p ?. iv.-.io l'amilv. nrjuire of JOHN HABLKTT, tk? Wall str- et, S. V. r OFTS TO l.KT.? THE THIRD STOltY, AVI) OFKICi: uli s^.und sp ry, of N'o._ 8 North William .-trcei, *\ c .1 1.4 1 t it fur lul'.t inniiuractuKnt pu poses. K m. low. Iii uire of Mr. HATCH, at Mr. Snnois' o.T.ec , 12 Cuauil eis M. DART OP A FrRNISHRD HOUSE TO LET? ON r Tenth sttvet, near Fourth nveliee. Tl.e veco-vi U,?n>, vo Parlors and B.droom; also, '.thin' 11 suns, luijie Kitchen, ?ut.aiuli>g every rouven Knee, oath, ?<?., occupied by k small irlvau family. Rent lo suit tlu? tlutes. A >iny at tUU Brad lay . FEET.* THOM AS. 3ENTS AT \\ Alt PRICES ?TO I ET, FLOORS AND .ki puns ot Floors, >?U luiaa'd. {Inquire of H, JKLLJFF, -?6 Nintu ivetiuv, Twcuty-slxth ana Twenty -aev? nth streets, 1ENT >240? TO A GOOIt TENANT, FOR A SMALL V three story brick Motive ; hamuli modern iinprovero.'tui,; o yard. AIM r Store, suitable fora drm; autre; r^nt iio: inch a consideration an u pood tenant. Apply to N. II. LILLER, S3 West Thirty-sixth street ; or at N.i.'i Baruluy net, corner Broadway. basement. 'TEAM PoWKR IN GREENE STREET? TO LEASE IN 5 Howard's Buildings, <2, ii, 46, 18 and 80, om Mont rroea tnal and Broadway , r.Kinu, with every convenience, s:eam .1st, Ac. Insurance one pcrceut. Apply oil the premi es. JTOKE AND ROOMS, IN FIRST AVENUE BETWEEN 5 Kilty ninth a -nl Sixtieth streets; good stand f"r any bttsi I s? unit chenp relit, Apply in the re ,r house for three days. r LET? THE TWO AND A HALF STORY BRICK House TKt Se.ie I'lnernoru street, near Bowers street, rooklyn. It contains clot en rooms, ni.a water and pas, and . convenient to three ear routes. Can be seen at uny ' -nr. Apply lo Mi . FISH El!, lud Wail or 11 Pow< rs street, j. o.>K.i v ik hO LET-FURNISHED, IN TWENTY-FIRST STREET n?er Fifth uv. nue, a I'm lor and ono or two Bedrooms, Mb large pautri s ana luth room, on second flour; will he p. to gentlemen or? email family, ivith privilege m kitehen required. For address apply at the Mauioun square foot jttee. MO LET? IN I25TH STREET, HARLEM, A COTTAGE H-use, <? mtatning nine rooms, water and gas; will bo let w until tbe 1st of May. Inquire of J. M. CUBBERLY, 117 Imtre row, West Wasnlr.jrtou mat kit. ^O LET? A HANDSOME GOTHIC COTTAGE AND STA bie, at the Junction of Fulton avenue and Marion street. rooUvu. Rem #100 until May I. Apply u> BEBRIAN, Sid est >orty-third stree i, oron the premises. 10 LET-SECOND FliOOR OK HOUSE 201 WEST KIF teeutli st met, e>jutainiuji four rooms, with Crotou wa'er \lgiis ou t!ie floor, and Bedroom in the attic and .'.purt r.t. in Llie cellar. 10 LET-UNUSUAL ADVANTAGES OFFERED TO RE speeiubiti parties ? the Hontes Non. 'iil an. I W.I We.n ye.nty-thlrd street; also Nos. 14S and 170 We, t Tvventy wi tli str.et. Apply to 1', HARMONY'S NEI'IIEWS 4 CO., Greenwlcb street, or to A. LEAMAN, 217 Wuet Twenty prd street. ?lO LET? THE LARGE F<iUK STORY STONE FRONT House, No. 116 West Thirty -fourth sneel, li. in, shed or kt'urnisbed, all in order, or will sell at u bargain. Inquire the premise*. tO LET? IN NEW ROCIIELLE, UP TO APRIL I, 1802 A;iy bovly desirous of m. ling h lieautiftU stune llou?e, th iarffc garden and coaelih- ufe. admirably situatnu '/ii the und, for a low rent, please adih-eti. box 708 Post oulie. ruuse.men is can be iiijofc for a longer time. >0 LET? NO. IB GRAND STREET, A STORE AND upper apartment; cheap rent, toietlior or se^uaie, sulU > for a shoemaker, barber or taili r. Inquire at No. 17 and street, in the store. O LET? A DESIRABLE APARTMENT, OF THREE rooms. In bouse SS King struct, to n entail family, with it and water. Also, oiiiu!' ueal Apurtuie.ite ki ivt. inuuire 83 Kin^ street. O LET? THE THREE STORY HOUSE NO. 11 LAIGHT street, corm r o! St. John's lane, directly fronting Canal eet, well adapunl foe light buslm ss purposes: rent low inly to R I CI ID. L. KUilMM, 153 Wuveiley i laee, near .th avenue. <0 LET? THE THREE STORY HOUSE NO. 92 TIIIRTY secotid street, between Lexingtou and Third avenue;-, tahle fora genteel family ; has all eonveole.nces. Rent v to May 1 ? J20O. I n ri lie on the, promises from I0l;114 lock, or of R. BUSSELL, )27 West Twenty-ftfth strei t. O I.ET-NO. M BOND STREET, I AT ELY OCCUPIED by a dentist? the jiarlur Floor, tlir. e Rooms nnd a .-mail ? In the basement. Also a three story ltoase ou Niutli < et, near Broad tv a v. Apt ly nt At Kust Twenly-socjiid eet. before 10 and aft r 4 o'clock. O LET-IN A VERY DESIRABLE LOCATION, A three story liii;h slo> p Houre, Willi all tho modem lm iveiiieuts, tas fixtures Included. ? Ki nt $400 per year, uatt'd at 135 East Forty-flfth ptr . between Second and inl avenues. Znqnlm of JOSEPH POTTER, 411 Canal eet. Can be seen from 10 to 2 o'clock. O LET-LOW. TO A RESPONSIBLE TENANT, THE lii^h tuop dwelling House 126 West Tweltth street, three una deep, containing tie w mantle und pier glasses, clian lieiaanu gas lixtures. A( p.'/at 7a West I'hirt^'nth street. O LET-IN WEST THIRTY -EIGHTH STREET, NEAR KUhth avenue, a brown st.ine basement House, v. ith uli lera Improvements, tas fixtures, 4c. ; would be separated mittivo respectable families; lower part suitable for a , -iclan's ofifee; rent extremely low. Apply to JAMES lOi'.E, No. 6 Boorman place, West Thlrty-ihlrd t.trcet. 0 LET-AT 298 FOURTH STREET, NEAR BROAD way, front Bawment, with tw i Rooms ou second Uoo.', utsned or unturuished. <) LET? PARLOE AND BASEMENT STORIES OF House No. Ms West Fiftieth s:reet, near Broadway. Ap on the premii cat* Rent low to a good tenant. O LET? THE THREE STORY HIGH BASEMENT 11 use, 1*3 WestTwenty-fourth ^li eei, contain. n# all the ?dern improvem nts; gla?s? s, clmndi ii rs. ke., will be leit. ut from No.e nhcr t to M;i> 1, Apply to li. C. KWING, Ch iitiliei-s street, up i-iatrs. O LET? THE W HOLE OB PART OF A M ODE UN 11 eis ?, partly furuished or uufurulabeti. Ajply at 21*) .irih street. U LET-FIRST FLOOR, COMPRISING HVE ROOMS, in a genteel nelghborhoo I, on ni - .?t reasonable terms, to ol M ly. Inquire at 172 West Nineteenth street. ;> LET? A FINE < ORNER STOI'E AND ONI'. V-TultE middle of block} also, several Floors In brown St 11' nt h 'Uses, with gas, range, boiler*, nniii tubs, <te. It'-nt n\ JI2 io $:? per month. Apply on the premises, Fittv rd sirei t and Eighth avenue, too. M. CROMv or RlCli D PETfON. o LET? THE UPPEB FART OF HOUSB US 8PBINO tic-t, onRlst:,,i; of six rooinsonthe second tluor jnd I' In the attic. Water, waste pipe, gas, 4c. Very conve nt apartments. Apply us above. 0 LET? A LAUB&B1ER STORE IN NEW HOUSE SI Cr< shy street; alsu trout Booais, With light Bedrooms 1 Kitchi -is ; m1-.? tiont Roams and Bedrooms in 3T l.'rosbv ?et; Crrton water, Ac. .j LET? To A SMALL GENTEEL fa*lLY. A FRONT Par* r Bedriiomiind Pantry on the se-ond tloor, wiih er .lt d wis, with or without buck Basement; will sell the p its ana other furniture. Apply on the pmuiia<is, 49 El l?0 street, between the hours ot.lOand 5. > LET? A THREE STORY BASEMENT BlUCK House, m Portv-uinth street, between Eighth avenue 1 Sioadway; imlnted throughout. Inquire at ItW West enty-slstb street. j LET? THE KBAT THREE I ?JTORY BASEMENT dwelling House (W West Twenty- second street, between h.and sixih avenues, new, and Unbilled In the best inan , with all Hie modern Improvements; rent nil May 1 j Inquire nt 112 West Twenty-second eireev -ii. 'X. I HOI 3 ITS, ROOKS, ?*??.. TO lET.^ rpo LI IN )'l:QOKLYN A COTTA ill HOI'SB? TES I ruoi.m, ?nl? ?VI|-I!J|;>1I. t-id' t III'.*, (j;w <?"J "U,?*i"i"l w.iU-r? nil, ,11 1(4 oil the s irA ?. u! ?? ncri.f Hc'IfiKd mmur; rent til! May $15 * m mh. tultoa or MjitlenreniMcarc. To LET? GUOOKKV AND DWK.tXTMl, CORKER Of a>- itiwy unU SuU'olk t<. K*c^l?uibii*.n", < ?t?ad. Imifltiliau- b hkIoii, Aj ]>'y to K. If. l?UuWN, lH Nahn&u ?trc*t, from 1 to 3 o'clock 1*. M- ^ m? ) !,]?; r? a TWO svroKY and attic HOt'^F. with J subeeilar, 159Lhlridc tr.et. Pos-tvaion l*t Sovciu ber. In- iu.ro a J aMES L^SLY, 71 Deiun-a y bin ?t. TOLKT.? fcMALLSiOJ'E:*, Kl f A lT It A N T,1AC.?? S M \ 1 L htrr.'K at IS Twelfth tar ;?'*.? Has.ia. Ht and S< so ,<( Floor at 819 Broadway, eornwr Twelfth street; also Front Kooinn, on Broadway, iv? ? !???** S Ve. JOHN S. KELSO, (12 William Ktreet. rpO LET* Tii i: NEAT KOI Ml STORY IfOf'SK 98 iiVNR 1 Jil f, to Ol.tt 01* tV\<l fill tl.i.'K. l'? ^ -h.OU ilM?r<iu?U'.y, Kent #4tH) } ii" annum, or In proportion to tao room* required. Apply at ay Kowery. rpo LBT? TUK FOUR PTOHY ELNL1SH H \SRMENT x Sou** No. H'.i West Twtmty-iiUlU itjci, betwoaii Sixth and Seventh avenu *; hits ail liiodorajmipn v.?mon'?. R<*nt very low wjiiiJ ,M..v I. J Maun o *f HLMiV tf. MOitANUE, 167 livi >adway, N Y, rno LET?TO A SMALL VAWTLY, WITHOUT OHIL 1 ilivn.iaj i.h.iirri c utMiH, tiic nop* r or lower i art of a handsomely furnfalnd House on MurraN Mill; otleroeeu i iiii'h in- in *r au 1 wife, inquire at No. 7- 'i'duity building Bru>"lvay rno ' T'"l? TT! F, TWO STORY AND U \ KVHVT JIOC'B I . "t Twenty-!', mrili *tivw. 1 1 o in ? rnnUi'n* n no r > ti.s and alien >>., | piazza. Neighbor mod is t;ood, both 1' >nt ami reur. TV ilttie let on reiH.n.'bl ? term* to a good t? na; L, v\ o will j,<tv ..i?t claa" hoenrit; . riv.i u;r~AV .v low ua p-:. a i I r class koi u X ?'?tv br? sn ? '< no Ih ? of t-lxn- n roon ?; pa it of the r '? i taken in boat if by ono poison. Itniuirc froiu 1- to 3 Ht bV K&f 'iVonty-i'i .'ftf'i street. ANCK FO!t A FAMILY I to hoiiM .v ?<-} n^, ? i ? i:i.ill tlirei! FU>r?' tiutik lloua *. tv!th all Uv- mode.-u i.i;, mvt'ui itK. nowly piini .1, . v lures undch nit?'i.' rat-on ptcus; rent per aimaui. Tlo furui , tare, whi< l? ia neai ly nt u . v\ nl l?o suit! at a gr< ,| su? > an the present t>. i"U| antft a ?? U' lvmj the city, i'all at t!;?4 pre mb?K, 185 We." F? 1 ty-ei^h;li htrtu i, net vv veil Kigali) atlti Ninth avetiae.s ?roin 11 A M, nil 4 P. M. rno LKT IN 1IROOM LYNf? TH12 TWO ST??UY H.VSE 1. livui aii 1 rellfl I { ? ?> ? i ^ e (reeeuiiy flu it- ?'!#?! ) No. !'r?ncf <treet^ ne? r WiiJo" :M?y at reel. Has aii tin u;< ?!'tu iukiM-oventcnis, t o iM.irnle ,a,iUtelH, wattu*, ^af, Al<\ li tit mi ill May 0 : unm m. \] ply t" W V| . 'UtOWN, No. .;0 Law rencv; threat, or No. MI tVuter aiioet, N. rno LLT IN liKOOKLYX? TliK rftTI'KKIOR 1JUOWX 1 Mane <lv**"!!in#; ilou.s ?. 2'J'i iJnfUou av- au-*. heiiuilfuny loeal' il, ovevt(K?k.'ng WaKhiintton I'ark, ct>}ni>U t. ? " cy im\ l ov- tiu'iit ami rent low. Apply t<> I;. I?A? ;K HOt SL, i'J'.M \.ri ton ..veu ue, or No. 1 N;:-vm RU-et-t. .N. V. rnrt let AT I.OW rent^-tiib SKCONDAND T1TIKO I ?'-n ????? - the hainl." -ue r? . saTesUT ami 'jO Sixth u ve nue, near Jefferson nwirket. "t bilharl. 'Idll, I (.ire rot>ui.-, Ve. Apply to HU111). I*. SLV'DAM, li>a Waverley place, n? -?r ?? txili av- iht rrto i et ? n i ease- the rwo story a w attic J 11 'tia . lo 7 I'fitiee Miu't ; modern in pi . v.-inentK, in ^<;od oi ler, line location li-r a waioon, oi wouid be alten vl for besfn- a jiurpote?; rent low. Also &ereral salts i?f K - tar-, sui'.<l -!e !i r so. ; ll r?- i k? table families. Ap]>ly to J, MA TilEWSOX, 647 ltu lbon a.reei, bef -i< y A. M. or Irotn b to 8 1'. M rpo LET OH J.KASK-THK HOUSE NO. Mi KOI.'KTKI .1 si reel, lb) ?ect wi bt ot Hr> a '. way. Apply at 2(j'0 Fottri li street, opposite Wa.'ihluKton sipiure. rno LFiT OK FOR KALK.? PARTIALLY FI KMSHED, 1 the three s:ui*j% loll front, modern H' use JS1 Jay Mre. t, ji ?? r < it> Hall, Jir?/<.k2yn, eoritainin^ ail tii? nio.u in f i.i pi ove im at? ? "rai l? t?*. A 1 irn' portion oj' tb^ rent would, tf ai'ree abb , b 1 tak' n in V-oaru l?y a shield pontb-inan. ImnaaiiMe P'i^ -.'K.- ion t an i e h.n\. Apply all tins week to J. K. OAKLEY Co., i(i Court street, Brooklyn. TO RKNT? TO A SMALL KENTEEL KAMILY, AV ELE ^nntl> fnrnisbeij English b.i ' ne nt Hon near Ma : s .n uvetiup, in line, order, houK?- "! ft! wi; ? by r,~> feet fee p. Will be rented l' -r ??igbtecu month*, a* tne lam: v are going to Kil.-"i>e, Mil l wi!! l.e put ai S ) l.?\vr a tu.ee 11 will 1m; an ill i\ r ??own! io any party w.shii.:; f'-n h a b u^< It is an on P ?r; unity that seaiom <Vcnr? of obtainitm ?o desired and well lo a e<i a lurnisiaal lions ? at. so low a luie. Apply to E. II. LI* U LOW .V CO.. X? . 3 Pine s'r< . t. rno KK NT? A BACK KITCHEN", lkAI<LOR floor. i F' oi* ulvivt* the parlor.', and Bedroom on t->p tloor: ail lUOvTll <?<#!. \e'M<tlrts; to ft ?Mod tr .Ult \ '.\ 1)0 I'lUiU l OX ceedingly low; 1 ali> n v\o* licit, on \V<vt TNirtv-first street. J. K 1?D*V A HDiS, 277 West Twenty-laird aircet. TO RBNT.-A HOUSE,PARTIALLY Ft RNI&HBD, SBV ccteen Rooms, in Bond stic-i, near Mulberry, will bo retitod for a ti vht * iKiardtughou^e ; rent very low to lat of Muy ; for cards of admission aj?ply at 7W Broad* ;\y. tfO RENT?A LAlROE FIRST C&A88 imrsE. FASJf. 1 ionably located. u j? town; the propriet ?r will take tarec. fourths ot the rent in be ard, and allow the lessee to take tirst citts b'Nird^rPj none need ujij !,v wbo cannot furnish a part ol t!?) ?* h? n.-e with fclegant luriiiture. A hircsa Llvmghtou, box 1,127 Post oltiee. . MistELti\VEOlIs7 A LWAYS BUY VOUK BOOTS AND HHOiSS AT CON J\ NElt'S, 37 T Howerv, next to Filth street. Geuta* p nue cai'. stltch'cd Bo ot? . $S tK) '* ?? 44 doutde aoled B<?ots 4 01) 14 11 44 C -tigress; Gaiters 2 60 44 41 14 double so!c I Balmoral* 1' 75 44 1? n;-leg*eil ;,a.iloed Water Bt> ts 2 75 41 peppeil li ot>, Irom $1 25 to 3 IW Ladies", luistK s', hoys' and children's Wear at very low p'iccs. N. 11. ? Charitable societies supplied at low figures. Agricultural.? guano -p*;rk iciiaboe oita do, direct from the islands. ThisartMe cia^e*, with Peru vlan, m shown by ana'ysts ol Campbell ilorfit. ItcouUina agricultural expressions, to wit. ? Ammoula, 8.96; alU.Uiue sails and phosphate acid, M.40; bone phosphate lime, 12.75. F or sole in ha*r? In quantities to unit. BASH FORD A AiOt'LTON. WHeardrstroet. BOILER AND ENGINE WANTED ? 50 TO 00 HORSE power; uu objection to good second hand. Apply <?r a 1 dress, for both or olCuer, a. once, to A. rilJlSON, 71 Fulton power; no objection to K??d second hand. Apply <>r a 1 s, for be " " ? - - - - ? street, S. V. ri.vuPEnm floor oilcloths. \J RUGS, DKUGUKTa, M \i'dr AO., For sale at reduced prices, wh?d"sttl** oi .-.?tail, by A. J( )CJRN R A V Jr., ->T3 Broadway. UTCII BT'LFiOrs ROOTS AT A rCTIOX.? THIS DAY Al 11 o'cloc k, at No. 3 Broad street. Including Hyacinth Tulip- , Giadinhnt, / Ac By A. 0. TUTTLK, Awdioneer. D DRILL WANTED.? A SECOND HAND DRILL, TO run Willi steam power; want it to fasten tu a ; st, un 1 large enough to rlriU ill inch hula. Aiirlv itriminliately to 16HEU1H.1K? s'rc^L K11T A SUN. flOR SALE? A LOT OF OREEN AND BI-ACK TEA-', one SO pound Cofffta Koaster. Apply n No. 1 SuilollL itrert, corner of Dtvi.t hi. LIPP.VUVS CELEBRATED MUSCAT ? I'OWDEK IS A suri' dm'royc r ot ail vt rmln. One- appllr 1, aii'l m it'i"r r.iuchpf, l.uys, mice < r iat? will lnf?at jour Uouhu any more. Our heft recommendation i". I>s efllripiK y uihI t'.io It-wMmi ny of thoucnndH of yrrtoui wbo liuve mod tt. rrincipal d'.-jiot, 43<) Broailwny. .'ind for sale at all r??i*'ct4iiili? drug i-'.urus. Machinery? the advertiser, a practical mc hank, will i on tmtt w itb ptirtn a liarlns any work li do, such u? small Rnijlnes, I'uuipn, Model* f- r i'n:>'nt Of. tire, part* or Flro Anns, dun Corrumi or any work m'npti I to a annill ahuii. A Uiio addrvsged to KatlinuHt, I. s lile He rald oflkv, will iricet with prompt attoi.tlon. H i' n u'es ?ivn. Marble mantels.-orsat reduction in pr(p?i>.? TIiop" v.'inh'.nR to buy Mnntf!* veryclmap should ot 11 at A. KLAliEE'h Marbll Yard. 113 K.nt Eightocuth street, nejir Third ?' rnnp, S' w York. Ord'irn from the count.':, oxecutcd with dusji.tkh. M AKBLE MANTELS AT J'.ERrCED PRICES. An oxtrnf ire awortmant of MantoN, ? ?f variotiw pattern*, muy i)f Joiind al the Hoiorooma of FISHER .ti BIRD 07 to 1U3 Euat Houston airoel. Notice to skirt manufacturers ? h wino superior facliitluM for rolling and t"mp'"t tng *ttll wire, I would aoiicit the patronage of wire worker* an*! doiiicn. Ferleet tali 'faet ion warranted. 1'rlcej ti flit t ie tinier. New Haven UaHroad d< i n White etreet, room Z9. f>if'm,uRAPnr ? apparatus wanted ?wITi > r,n X hijLis ht* ret/* !>io do. camera, staod, hi ail r> -t, i.luto bolder, hailx. Pftrtlcs having ?:.r of t!;e avve ai ides, good and cheap for cash, can address A. X, I ox W] II f raid office. SKELETON'.? WAN TEH, TO pri'.CH.VSE r ?K HIRE, A O good Skeleton (<t the Human Body; also, a M inakin. To 8 ive trouble, atite loweet price. Addrrsa Medic i -, hoi 773 Post offl. . New York. TO SOAP MANUFACTURER?.?^ WANTED, A COM. plete Ri>t of SoinmaUcW L'UinnlIr, for c?- U. Apply l> P.OUKKT JI HERDELL. 3J Front street. rpo CARPET DEALERS.? A FIRST RAT8 PRI IFE390R i. of Mai l': wishes to give len?on? on the pi .no in toe fa. mily oi' a carpet merchant In exdianv f r i ar; etin ?, to l>o taki u out for paymmit next ipring. Best rcfeteDces giueu. Addies, A. B., Musi . Tciu her, II ntld ofllee. rpo CRACKER BAKERS.? WANTED, A OOOD CRACK- < X er Machine (Fri paratory and Cuttei ), in perfect order, either new or aeeond liaud. Addrc -s, sutlng condition und terms, C. H., box 2,737 Post Ofttbe. ANTED-A 9EOAR STORE, IN A OOOD LOCALITY. Address, ^ivius part leu :.ir*, William Addla, Btoailway w post ofli w ANTED-A SECOND HAND POR'l'\BLE FUR. nace. Apply at 3.S Tohn street. Qi ? any person FEVi rriMi *i BY MAIL TOTfTB vJ ? undersigned will ri eeive bv renin, tn.iii ono of the b ? t Receipts loi Curling the llalr, rendering It m>I I and p! a ble, i>erfe< tly free from dan in.tr, ever km wn . a tcieut dii coTciy. Tobehadofanv reals iitah'.c diugaist. TH08 A. HACKbfT, Starling, 111. C>r. ?0 $!'? A DAY CAN EE MADE MY BSL&INO < . R v?> I tnon l'ri?? stationery and l>ipi Packages, liv.ry b ly , "il? them. Each i a- k ice c..nt iim< 7S ri i-lir-. ,.b rii worth ?l. Rlt'KARDS A CO., 102 Nassau St. WIMiS AND LJtivO IIS. But .< BON WHISKEY.? *10 RBL8 FOR s\t,E. DIRECT frmn tit n Iiiui.e itirciain Bourbon couutv, Iveotin tv. lrotn one to six yeura ol I, in lots to suit, ul 4.'nemsto #1 ?.'i p-i gallon,? held by outside ptrtles, and arrai '..'d pure. p. D. tiRKELL, 113 Mai b u lane. L1INE OLD BRANDY. IN ONE GALLON DEMIJOHNS, JP at $2 per gallon, and in Ave gallon detnljolma at *1 hd per gull in, di?mijohna ineiuded at the French brandy raolt*, So. 71 Prince street, Bro,/kl>ii. TO AHMY CONTRACTORS. ? &*) BIIA OLD BOOR* b hi Whiskey, Iroiu r i;t. a f: J. on up, direct fioni I bo maiiulai tur, r* In Bonrb, u county, JCeot c?y, :,i ,alu til lots to ami, and warranted pure. D. D. ORREi.I., 11S Maiden lane, up ai. ii*a rptlE ATTENTION OF THE TRADE IS RESPECTFULLY 1 aolirited to the superior q iallty of Hamini r's frnsli brewed Chairpugne Ale. Thi? 'i >? is breired fresh at all a, . sons ol' the year, and it's keeping quality, es)Mvially of thai bn'-.vi'd durlug the moat exceasire hot weather, is guaraute.-d lor any length of time. Cha-g" tl> per bhd. and fS per bbl., delirerfd to any part of Hie ritv of New York. Payment, cosh on delivery. Orders sent to llanituer'a iticwcry, in Har em, will be atiended to with deapaieh. STEAMBOATS. / ill ANOK OF HOUR? STEAMER GEOROR LAW \ 7 leaves Barclay street pier every day, S,in>lnT, s t-\ ' -I, at 2:30 P. M., for Perth Atnboy, making the int. t mediate Jud'r^ . ltcluriiiuj, icitvci i'eil'i Antbcy ui ( '.'A >1. BOAli Dl Yl* AM) liOUGlNU, AR V ItE (W ANCE -~A W! l)OW L.V '>V RKS1 , >i N' . IN a ? ea .td'ul in. altty, two L >ai?s rul ? irom L. ,,i>. u.< r aratLoal, w. uta ?! tamily, or a few ^ t - > rd, whore the comfort^ of a home can L? ? iv.aU/- ; tonus moier at*. \ pi> , DANIEL R. T iYLo C. f? Wall I, or Mr . Bt ): i i i; . .> > > l , .> . A WELL FURNIftHED I'AiU >11 AND BEDROOM DS the tu* ?t iloor; also a uice I' u! Roan 011 the ? iinl tloor, suitable l or a ^euUuiuan and Uu wifo, or two hin.<Je Lvml men. to lot, with or without Hoard, hi a small private family, i,v> Laurem street, near B'eecker. 4 T p2 WFST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN *V I'lith an Sixth uionma, large, harm <io?ucly furaUhed Ptoloraand I'.e 1 mix*, with B > rd, on the ae< oml ami ti.ir<l i,it. >1 ; all modern huprov cio. tiU; reference* exchanged. 4 T M -d AND 1,125 BROADWAY -HANDSOME SUIT OF hwwii*, uirtt ;> !?.?(. tiMe or ta< . d'iioie, aifto, Rooma lot* gentlemen, with iJo.'iil, h<:?veen fwentj-hUhttiid Tweuty feixfu fcU'ivis, ufur K4I1U Vsanullovl, 4 SMALL I'KlVATi: I MILY WOULD LET A HAND /t aomeiv formatted U . 01 the set oud door. with Board, 1 I" a e ll -A' ni.Mi t I I gentleman ulid h's Wife. The I room e. intainahot and <??>)<! >? wrrund j.m*, hath room adjoin. I in,;. Alhu au t at r> ??- n j the third lioor. AppJyat2Sl Lexington avenue. R .j iva ca required. 4 N A M flKiOA N FAMILY WOULD LET? WITH BOARD. 1 ^ \ one or two Kooms, handsomely t'urnfithed, on h- ??.,.( 1 Moor. to a desirable ;an. at a moderate rate; location d? sta ble. Apply at 215 V* t 'I'lnrlv fli at atrett, between Eighth and Ninth avonuo. \T 121 NINTH STREET, A Fl.W DOORS WEST OF Boadw..y, a gentleman an i wife m^wo Ingle gmitU ? men can ohiaoi ple.uv.n' Rooma, with Imird, in a modern , houac with all th inprov?m ma. 4 PRIVATE FRENCH FAMILY, LI VINU AT NO. 11VS J\ i t in avenue, vould ue aomja . dnt.* v. .th - n. U in I ;,<'0 i liuaul a Av w ,>? i>on? oi < ela aiity, whoe.tu turliiaU ' i, ?? >fi n u run . ? Tii' io i'^ a f iv meat n tne hwu c. ?ult I able tor a i>Uy*icjmi. 1 'inner at t) oVhrk, | 4 SUIT OF NKATLY FlMiNlSHKD l'.OOMS TO LET? A To:-?'th* r or M'^kira- >. wi'hurw thout paivntl lio.n to fc'?'ntlenM*n, inasaiao i-inily; the aitu. lu.n )?i. ..n int anil ?h i*ir..oi?4. it. tvnrtv ??*, iia AppL .*tyi Weat Elcveuiii ktieet, between Filth ami Sixth a%\ n?.ea. 4 hi IT OF HANDSOMELY F?itM. IH l> ROOMS TO J\. 1?m , w it!? ltoarilt ait U) I ni 'ti Mtu.i?c, F au u n\c;.uei Kootna tor veotl'*in? ti; rei< ivne. Kgtv?-n aucl r< -ititicii. A SMALL ri'IV VTK FAMILY, H AVINO A FIRST elash noiihi.-, th mj 10 let to a m iy afnl grutl tikiu or two '<?ni,? lnei, a Suit oi 1 u?',4-. u?i;. tun, - nil I'.n... ? and beurooius, with every conv- nv-a- e, near F? th Avenue Hotel; partial iio.n.1 it \< pun?;, t< rt. s n? tiriata. Relo uuw< exc'uangi'U. Appiy at 47 Kasi Tacnty-tiurd hi reel, Mltd^OP a.jiiari'. 4 T TUK LAKQTi PIRS'l t'LA^S l)Ot WW. HOI SK No. j. V 1)7 Ult^'cker ctrocL vreii of and near Broadway, la a really hra. ?.la- ?, latnily liourdllu1 ll> >e, with K ?onis utiaur ii! sit ? i.nci co to fort, in atii'a or alngte; the t:heap'-at I lace in liie uny lor Uien-yle and quality ?'t w hat it* oil? n ?i, 4 SMALL FAMILY, UliSIDIKU AT NO. U7 VYKST lv.^uten h htr< et, have a Suit of H? onis to let, with iioani; uiho, feiuail Hooms lor at nj;le gentlemen ; hout?e vnd uetKhborhoud iirntih H . and tenu^ moderate. 4 FRONT ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR, iO LET TO A jfV. l eutti in-iii ami wile or k!ii -ie geij:l?,imm; a Room on luat it "f, HiutaM'- for a ph> tl mn or ilenUat'a ollicu. Apply at 125 Ninth utreot, weM ot Rroudway. 4 GENTLEMAN AND Hid WIFE OR A FEW SINGLE J\ gentlemen <ao obtain furtiNhed H ?>ma with lull or iiariial Ro.ijm, at <1 Wi t F ourte^-i 1 . struct, tirat brown atone house wet | ot Sixth ;weuii.'. A FEW SINOLE GENTLEMEN DESIRING TO ROOM together or M p-t r: trly, e m have pluaaaut Rooma with lull or nurtial Boat u, In a piivate funiiiy; location de-tnible iorbnain ?? men; Within one hl?ick W'-?t ol Hroudway; ro lerenreh ? xrhauged. Apply u i IZI Spring at roe I. AGE'H \ FAMILY, OF TH E HIGHEST RESPECT A btli(7, w ill let a teW t'ieaaaiit Rooma, with excelli nt Boar.' au t th." comfort < of a home, to gentlemen or n? ntlo men and their ariv?-a; the houac haa all 1110 tern improve. \\icu\f ; location in Ninth atieet, la twcrn Fifth and Sixth avenues. . Apply at N ?. 1 Barclay atreet, in the ba.-em-'iit. 4 FUKNLSHKD SECOND BToRY FRONT AND BACK J\. i? oin to lt:t, lo^' iher or B-parately, with Hoard, at Ul K i-t Thirty-fourth street. No other boarder** tak? n. Lo?* ? t ion pi ? I - ai.i. Terjua mod- rate. Good rclereitcea ^iven and reijulied. A WIDOW LADY, WITHOUT FAMILY, WOULD TAKE a gentleman and wito to board, or two young men. Apply *?t No. 6 iYince atroet. \ I-ADY, HAVING A NICE FURNISHED W*i\i K, J\. would like to let a few Hooms to a gentleman and lady ; Board i'or the lady only. Location central and le-ar to Broadway. Terma 'moderate. For particulars add;caa D. a C, Herald ofltae. A LADY, RESIDING IN* HEii OWN HOctiE IN Jx2R 8e\ City, ten minutes' walk from tue ferry, will let tho Second Fioar and From Baaement, well iu'uiahed, wiih cloaeta, water, bath, Ac., w i th all the tacilitlcK for houa< ke? p tug, to a gentleman and hit wife. Apply at 151 York a '.root. O l d reference* required. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE GEN tlemeti, can be accommodated with Board an t a 1 r^e fm ninhed R? om ut 401 Fourth atreet, a lew doora l'rotn Third avenue. A SMALL Fl RNIS1IED ROOM FOR A SINGLE GEN tli uian, with gaa and wau r, in n ainall family. Terms very moderate. Apply at M Tnird aveuue, between Tenth ana Eleventh at recta. Die of bathroom. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE A LARGE SECOND atoty front Ro tin to let to a gentlomau, without Board, neatly furuiahed; bathroom adjoiniutf,; piano if required; terma moderate. Apply at &2 Amity atreet. A LADY WISHES TO BXCHANGE A NEW SET OF Furutt urn for Board; location between Twentieth and Twonty*aeventh ativ.eia, Br mdway and Third avenue. Ad drecwi Econctnlat, Herald olllre. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN MAY FIND A PLEASANT home, with a private family living in good siyh Jn a modem house; a Parlor an1 Bcdr??om, with lire, gaa, cloaeta, Ac.; dinner at Co clock; t rma moderate. Address Twenty ? ae?s.ud atreet, box 114 iicrald olliee. A COUPLE OF GENTLEMEN, OR A GENTLEMAN AND wife can be aeconimo dated with Board and elegantly furnihb' d Rooma, by applying at .V5 Irving placMi. AN ELEGANT SfcfIT OF ROOMS ON A FLOOR WILL be let. with Bo, id, to a gentleman and 1. is w ife, or a Jamiiy drafting Dr*i ciu*? accommodation*; houae looaM tri the vicinity ot Filth avenue and Twentieth atreet. Addreaa S. P. E., Madiaon a?putre Post ottlce. A COMFORTABLE BOOM ? IF POSSIBLE, WITH A Cabinet nttuched? wauted, forthe winter, l-y a gentle mm. Sltual'cri In iwi'vu Fourth a .?! S:*th avenues und KWi tth ami Twenty-fifth Ktreeta. l'nvatii la?uli> pro U rred. Add:e??j, with lull particulars, box *2,747 P??m oillce. A FURNISHED ROOM TO LKT?TO A OENTI.EMAN and his wife or two single genileimn. Convenience tur making. Fleas* call ?t ?15 Went Twenty-fourth htreet, twuveen Lifch'h and Ninth aveuu-M. AoENTLEMAN AND WIFE OH SINGLE OBNTLE men. wl-hiim li<?ivrd uiul a good Home with pi. annul Room*, willimd U to their interest to call at 115 West Four teenth street. A PLEASANT FRONT FARLOB IN SECOND STORY and larce Room and Bedroom In third hi iry, front, in the ftrei cla ss brow n Btone hou*ef ,rH L?et Twenty -eighth htreet, near Fourth avenue, tact, for family or single gentle* men. Reference gheu and required. D;nuer at t> i'. >1. A T 1 A3 NINTH STREET, A FEW DOORS WEST OF jY Hnadwaj ? A suit ol Room*, with Bo*i^f eou*i>nng of I'u rlor, two lie'lroouid and i>ath room; ui-o hingtc Roouia. Uc*t ot references given und required. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN (A MEDICAL STUDENT) and b:? wile wish Hoard in u pr ivut- * lami y ; iiouce to have modern improwment<, ;.vl !?? in fie vicim* ty of the Fourteenth htrct Al< '.le*l t.'oliejo\ T rms must be very moderate. Addrea?J. I*. tj.,Kiatlou i\, bitting, fully the terms and u't pa rtioulara. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, WITH t.i without Hedroom, ;?? J< i, in a pnv m f<> u h iamilv, to geiitl mm only. Partial B.i.ud given if rsquiit-d. Apply ai 224 Fourth ?tre? t, Waahln^ton aquare. NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, WITH CLO het, to let to MUgle ntlerrten, wMiOuf R iitrd, loi $ t. oi to a gentleman and wife, with Board, fm $iu a week, l>y u final 1 private lauilly. Uouh< has bath, ,Vt:M and kupt in good order. A j.piy at, 120 Filth street, near Second uv. 1 N ENGLISH WIDOW LADV, OCCUPYING A ViiliV J\. convenient ano hand- >mHy lurnihne<l hom e, can uc c on;nio.nit ? t\s ? youi>;,' fl'ntnmen as Hoarders, win. Jin ak l.i.-; and Dimuu*, i? lat^e Room, with gaa und lire, ou reaaoi.:. bl?* ternia. Th .?-c wishing a comlort-ble and quiet hom?*, where ne um??H and order are predominant, will pleas * applj at &~i Lhh Eleventh strret. A T 28 EAST TWKiNTV KHJUTH STREET, NEAR MADX J\. eou av? nue, a I urnmhed Room to l? t on aeeond i.o >r; bath and wat'-r closet attached. Lara and btu^ea within !? ?U' a bioeic. Fine room *Tor two oil much, rnce low. 1'artial Ro .rd It desired. A T 71 E \ST 1 WENTV TI1IRD 8TJU.ET? II ANUSoM E LV furnlHUfld K ''in., may ti; fuJ, wiib ISj.u U; lucalii '0 ttctr OENTLBJIAN WHO IS EASILY St 1 TED WISHES B a prU'f.u: laraliy: a Hfidow la.iy preleriel; i? moil i' rate. Add rem W., IJtrlld >*. T 20-i TENTH STREET. NE \R THE Slit'OM) AVE nui:? lu let, with lio.i. a, n very dtsirttl.l.! bftoii.l 1 1. -r, lujj.-th' r or ggparately. ADJOI.N'INO BOOKS, "WITH or. WITHOUT BOARD, l uriiMiMl or uniurnidin f. lu I"i, to ? ' ciollj', ?.ii< ,i?- h tlmncii or l&UiKS, ou h I'otxt D'jjrol >. modern limirc, mmr curK mul stagei. Apply at SO Went WalUln^tou plate, woat Ot Sixth avenue. A YOU NO MAN' WISHES A NICELY FURNISHED j\. Room, wlilioti! ItiMrd. for the winter, in a priva' : buuse; nei^lilmj ;.ood of br uhvuy mid Mrit-t pre f erred. AwM .lutinn term*, &<?., J. f., Uemld ufflee. A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A J\ tit ?t cl isnliouite, between Eighth mid K..ur!eenU? ?irei i uuU Koiirili und ???.?tb av?uii'-?, w.ul.l let an Hli'jiauUy fur iil.?:i. d r.ul >r;.|j'l to-: i "'iii on ?in.-, with ei-ery lui provern nt, on the ? cond floor, (rant, b uii. ? >r : 1 ? u >??? i ?."!!, wi ? full or | .irtlnl Bo .r . In lh.- honxi' Is a Une bil li.u-4 UiM?. Tin- li'^liesi referenoo given ui.a r.-?tuue4. Ap ply to Mr TRACY, 135 Broadway. i small PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVIKO TWO SPARE Jx Rooiiie would let them to gen-li-mon, wit:, or u. ,.?,t purttul B tard. Apply for three dnys u 10 Cottage p:.ic", between Bleecket and H0U?t0B <W?H Apartments.? an kleoant scjit or rooms to let, wRh private U'?le only, hi 61 Kiitli ft.e iue; f. is- ? <iue ur i? ouiuii;e Ro"lu? lor gelitli lueu, Willi 11! L.,..l.,ai U aire i. A OKNTLEMAM AND WIVE OR SINCMaB OEN TI.E J\. m-uoHn have h.tndi>i>me Ruomt vYith i t ? U^ii lloii -l atlS, HU, #U in!$iip.-r?e. le tm t? i, with fir mil em In Tilled; iilnner from6to7. liefei'ene'H r.-emred, Apjily a; 4 ? Bieeekei at reel. AHANUSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT AND BACK R :n, with pantrli-A, g.<?, luitattd i old water, futtaln" forii K-ri'.leinan and wife or ?in,jli' > ..i:i-m- n wuh liuard. Fiiinily sui.ill, I.o and neie'i . Ii. .1 mst ci;.?s. i rule

ni ! rate. Apply lor three d.iys at JUS West Tweuty-lifth Street. I FAMILY, OR A OBNTLBMAN AND WIFB, CAN J\ obtain a pleasant fl out Room aiel Bedr >oni. i n the sr. e.md U'Kir, with lull or pamal Board, and ? .i> muderaie ienn?, a: N ' illceekor street, near lln.a livay; or wmild iieeoiiiiuo tale s pai ty ot gentlemen. lUnuer hi u. 4 CARD.? AT 2-0 BLIZABETII STilKET. FOUR DOORS j'\ front Bleeek.-r street, doubk: a. i! .? ? I. It ?'! ?, n !i Kosrd, fur i i-ntlem n nr i;i ialemen .in . wlveii. Thi- v\ tit i t i iri m i. u i a Ion i-mvvn'-f.ttv ..ij?u ! .i ? ? ?. UOA Cm\G Wl) U)DG1VG. i MORI/YPI UN UK H ?OM, WiTM '!A-v ST IT.V : I .!?! J \ uir u w in ..nt| i.: . wili,l ci i,. iti > i ~ I * i nk ii ? i rl vaie hou ? ? I'M' ? M i. { i i* ii . V PR! VAT P. P\M1TjY, Ml. TDINO IV KLKVRMM ?Umti MAM VlfMi avenue, .. . i i u> n ut, .villi W wi h ? it Ifoaril, n very Unii'f'oi suit ??f mvond i..ry trout koom**. II?.(iKc arid I e ? ' in at r > (a - K?!' ? an-;e?l. \})|?ly at the i> ? i< - . OINUKK, .S<> .? P i. >t AVUIVATH lloPsK, OK NINK TKKN iiDOilH, No. 47 (?reeiiwieb avenue, to lot to i wo p irtie* without Mnali children, ftUuait'ti on sta120u1.il at' route*. llout&, according to apartment*, very tow Apply at So. Tenth street, be tw? i n Filth ami Sixth avenue*. 4 (iKNTLEHAN AND W1KK, OH ONI? OR TWO 8TV 1\ file sCntlemen, tony he ac'ominu.li ?? : with >>i? <#ant K" nun, with or wittio it Board. at li \V IV -.?.?ntit Mr ?? t, between Filth and rflxilt avenue*. Iteleivia.* r? i-iiie-! BO IRD -OB N I. 5MBN IND rtlEIli Wi Vft* OR i >'M? iMU i?)>| I ) 'J Iie.t Jy ItO'lfU4, will* Hoard, ait N ?. .r? \V--s \V.i- iu ;i mi | ?5 ? I ho io a?<un I* very pleasant, belli# <1 i?vM opp < .' ? the W.i >h|u jton par i hi uruiml, T)OARP ?TO I.KP, I'tfftM WlvS'rr.V Oli P Mi OC V I> *1 ?n il o?* -up. u v. a n y 'if li-'i"!.; k Parlor, wi h flre.eaH. privilege in k?' .hmi r Jioari I' >r n invalit. Applv at No. ??- Stxtii avenue; r . u ? o. e !>??!?. No children or boarder*. Hoard a nnhsi.y pi rvtrhkd room, < r room i.n.i H. ?lr.?)n '.u l"t. Vi u . i m i :;otitietneU, with lio id 1' rlH'iy, tia-malli mi' v. To' 'unlet pae ie*, wh ? would be !??? 1 1 ? n in f r tli v . ?is , Mnhfl very low. Aitli>>u?A. K. i>., Ki utiwm tniinn r ?i ?v a. >oa rj> a f r \ .v i>- ' * : i . f .v ppun'khkd paui/ir ) ami Kvt''H 1 u ?;.( if oor, with i>o,u.i, ? t if I ? per w t k. Also nr. ? n <1 Hoon o.? >? owl u t?l thltvi !' ioi'>, ii' $?s. Apply. i. i J Fo 1. 1 ? re.-t, twt> '>!?>? k ^ east of Droul way. Hi A J?.? A (iTNTI.KM AX AND WIKK OU TWO OR | l',r>c I" ' n. <"o ; ?vo !?{. v -vii '? p(?':i-;i!lt Ito?)iM?, nt) ii,o?i r t nn-i. ai No, ; i: . I ie--.itl? sinset, u U to lr? inu pin ' *, i'te- noum U m-1> 1 ? at ? !, !> ih ?; ?*, kit!., hot niut cybl wain , \w fjOARD.? SKVKUAIi 1*1 K K A NT AMD WSl.L FUR ' If K'o<!moi, wif'i I'oaiti, at 83 Clinton piic-', near Fithavonue, J^innrrnt 0 ? <*1<? k. Board? to i/KT, with hoard, a parlor and e\t?MiHion Koom. A *? ?, . m?i t .fk an 4 H-'dmo 'i. o i foni tloor, on r<* ?fioiif.;>l" t"r li* ?? ???*?* at ' '?>?' lo'!er??ea ? m. !. no.e?\ Apv.y at f' )lv ' V r i\i h ???.??? Boa r p~ in rro<?k(,yv. a (tknt i:man anhwipk, a/i 1 a f? w t!?*ntl''fn?*n ran ii i t o- ? oufo ts ??i' a Iio m?\ witn i o l H?nr<l: 1 > a i >n ? ?inble, wi h n n .* ?nlnu' "?** v\a I of SoMth or Wall ?t VI" . . T. rn:j* i?> Mult th? t Apoly at 87 ^?taie hir* > :. "130 A liD. ? A PRfVATK I \MIIX DKSIR1N0 T<> KK I> 'liK-o U '.nM ?|"< :-(V.rniioi[:Mi ii t I'll !' w ill four It m iiH. vv i ii JI aril. De? rabh- p ut <?' M.ay obtain a t-!ea. ?>ant h? me f r flu* whiter n r?\i ? j i ; ? i ? : enn . II' tut' l n?'\ n ?tone, pleaKintljr ludU*4. Now Tttirly-vevoiith atreot, umir lyxinuton ?? en ;e. Wo i'itfn ilsli private table 1' require !. ReUr i-es exiliangevl. AudreMH I.. O. W., Kiation P, lor three tlaya. Bt > / R'? ? 11 A ND "i iM M-Y \ .NISIIKD PAIM.OIt \ND H"Uro th to let, t< ? a r ntle nan and 'vlio o ? two whiKle is'efiilrioeii, in the lirHi ? lana U m.-> 40 West NiutU rttrert, in ar Pi Mb ftl enne. BOARD? ''KNTf.KMKN DIRE< Ti:i> PRKK TO OOOD \\ ?artjin : pla 'e-.-~\\ e have a nun.erou ii^t of r up -ta ble plae? s, w?b lull partleulatH. Tlioxe wiMiiii^; lloir i 'ji will <lo well to leave par iculms with U8. Kutiaiife tee $|. Qeneiai Age a y, tKi Nasmti !*tr? et. B OA UD IN A PRIVA i'K I'MULY? AT 21 WEST TWEN ;>j?d liroet, near FH th avenue. BO MIDI NG ? 105 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET. ? Persons wishing accommodations |*? ?r tfV- winter will tin ci f i 1 1 <* Rooms handsomely furnished, an I wish every comfort and convenience. Tho lion .?? nu t locality lint flam* In every r??poct^ Boarding ? oenttf.men and THEIR wives or sl::.lo cntlcmeii can t aeco imoda'etl with H?>.ir<!f on mod- r--te terms. at .V >. KMt Ninth s r < t, near Broadway. Pinner at six rVlork. A ' - < ? a large Parlor on first Uoor io Iff. |>f.OTIKM ?f:v -banLCd. BOARDING ? FL RNISUKD OR I ' N !?* J R.N'fSIIKI > Rooms to I t. w 1 1 ! i or without Hoard, on he most rea sonable terms, at 2(>t Eis Tenth street. Fami.l s givtni' ? j) housekeeping would uml it to their ad . aatagc to apply linmc dia'ely. BOARDING. ? A HI * IT OF HANDSOMELY FPRNISHED Rooms tor a e??nMeinr.n and his wife or ;.?r sbvl" ? ?,ni!c m<n. Also, single Rooms, extremely low, for single gentle men, at 97 Clinton place. BOARDING.? TO LET, TWO HAND . o M L ItoOMS OS t )? ? lirnt lio ?r, suitable it r a pin k -ciati n office ; nl?o a ti ' ?! Room ami Bedroom on the third floor. Would bo 1? t furnished or unfurnished, with or without Hoard, Cull at V. id Knit Eighteenth street. BOARD WANTED? BY A gentleman and his wife. In a '/rivet*- family, below Six uviith ft* pet; dinner b< ' ween 2 and 3; one sHtiii4 room and two bedr n?ms neces sary ; good references and ensh regularly. Addre s, with price, w. U. M. li k , 407 H roadway. BOARD WANTED? FOR THE WINTER, IN A PRIVATE family, for a widow and little son ? elderly persons? and where they can be made at borne, t>ref? rred. Location west | Md", below Fourteenth strte\ Terms low. Best of refe- i re nee* given. Address Home, box 194 Herald oittce, lor three days. Board wanted? near forty-seventh street and Sixth avenue, lor a gentleman, wife and child; pri vate /aiui I j' preferred. Address imtnediaUly W. Bh river, 72 Went Forty-seventh Hire*'!. Board wanted by a gentlman? in a social, private family; ? nicely furnished Room, with lire, pus and breakfast; full meaUoh Sunday; location below Four teenth street desired ; terms must be. moderate. Address, lUiinu' price and full particulars, C. F. B., Herald oflh e. Board wanted.? a comfortably furnished itoom and liou rd wanted by a i CMlemni In a inivae fam ly Address, statin# p irucula a and tefuts, which must be mo derate, C. ?? K., box 160 HcMid ofUet. Board wanted? in .iersey city, by a gentle man and his wife, in a strictly private lainily, in a good i or vi t ion; good Parlor arid Red room; nicely furnished; gus, bath, and good table. Addre** L., Herald o.'hce, Board wanted? by a gentleman and wjfe, Itolow Twelfth street; must be a lower room, in a ????,<! loc ation; private family preferred; terms not to exre.nl $s; paid weekly. Addrn*, prepaid, B. B., Rroadway Post olllce. Brooklyn? to let, with hoard, a suit of R -.ms, larnlsUed or unHirnihhcl, io a private family; hotise ha . ail m'Mlern improvements; ten minutes walk from ferriee, one block from c.-r^. Apply at 284 State street. Brooklyn.-' TWO GOOD ROOM# to LET, To single 'entlenien. with or without partial Boar-', in a private house, coitvenieni to the Fulton and Wail street ter ries. Apply nt 18 Clinton street, Brooklyn. BROOKLYN.? A LADY FROM NEW YORK, HAVING X) taken a first class house, will accommodate families or single gentlemen ??n reasonable terms; hxation i etvvceu Fiiiton ami Wall street terry. Apply at 16 Monroe place, be* ween Pi? rjvpont and Clark, streets. Brooklyn.? first class accommodation for lw? ; enilemen, or n gentleman and wife, f u a nr?dcrn hi tiF??, having hot and '.old waU r in all the bedrooms, b.ttli room, &< . Dinner at six o'clock, and terms moderate?. Ap ply at i'js Clinton street. Brooklyn? to let? the three story brown stone lJ'/ug'1 870 Henry street, r-e.vr Union, containing bath, t as. iix lures, Ac. Rcut low. Inquire of H. M. SUj VKRMAN. 158 B;oHdvvity. IMtOOKLYN,? A QEN'TI.EMAN AN1) WIFE O It TWO } sim;!* tM iitlemen < an be a commotiated with Board atid p! "S vi 1 1 Rooms, turrit -bed or un:urn Ucd, in an American family. Dinner at si v o'clock. Terms reasonable. Apply at .ViStite street, tivcminule*' wala from the fci rle*. Brooklyn iieioiits ? one of the pleasantest front Rooms to bo fount! Pi Brooklyn i.s n vv nnoccu jd? <l at No. 97 S'ato street, eorner of (-liiifon. Modern im proviuncnts, cle <?n bouse, punctuality in meals, late dinner, Ac., k<'. LIVING , wilt lei a line St.it of R.airus, on trtlowt'<>i- the winter; Io a bm fiist ( I isi Itelere?)C?;? given and re tmred. B i VUD IN BROOKLYN.? A GENTLEMAN AND Wil l: oracoup'o of s'.nni ? gentlemen t in 1 >? a <* omodatt w cli p i ;<san ii' .our- tuo. it ?aid iu a Htnall family, by in H ih nt ' it S<>. 216 < 'i .iii"" street. Board in Brooklyn -a ok.ntli; m a n and wife and om or t\> ? .-in^ie gentlemen u ti u i ple.tKant !?? ?< >j ii ?> an 1 k""d B ard i. apriv.. e tamily, within l'i't? eu minute-' walk of oouth ferry, and e ?uvi.i"'.4t toa'.ltl.e lerro .- by AMt'itic street cars. Apply at St&! Bergen street. Dinner ai six o'clock. B( Ai.D IN BROOKLYN. -HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Rooms, on second an?l third tioors, ^lth hot an I coid vster, b.'iii, .t in a Lrrtchj?s house, wiibin three minute-1 w#lk ol i)h: South t'ei iv. Suitable for single tstiemen, or g *ntb *nen ?n?l th"!r wlv? s Table uncxc ptlonabh . Dinrn r at half-past Apply at 94 Congress street. T) ) A li 0 IN BROOKLYN.? A GENT LEV \N AMiWI'-K, Jj o; two sis :Ie i^'titlemen, can be i^^eommodat' l with a p' >ns.mt K om and lizard in a genteel privaU: Luniiv, by 't 2>)7 Jl '.ry.-tr I, between Stale and Atlanu . li??u>e i ? ? i ti i a !? h all the modern Improvcin1 uty. BiRD IN BROOKLYN.? A PRIVATE FAMILY. RE siding in a delightful part of the city, wlthlu ftva mi nufes' walk of the ferrfe.s, will aceommodat-i one jr two ge,>ilctn?n with ? ao most d' -lrablc Rooms, connected, on the ? ?nd I! .or, either furnished r cot, as rnn y be desire I Please apply at 'V> Llvingsion street. Board in bro(?klyn? for gentlemen and their wives or sfnu'e geutlnnen, wuh full or partial JJ/.-ir l, in ? sn.all prfVe.te family; wilt accommodate with a nie-? turniahed jje?lr-j ni, o,i m-'-d ><- e term-; isaveryio r. forUhle hou?". Apply .n2 h Henry street, between Stateaad Atlantic sircets, near the South lorry. a s.Tojoi floor for a nth-man and wife or tw ? single ..'??ntb-mci. ; live minutes' walk from Fuuou or Wall s'.re- i t-rry. R? *.\?rein "?? hanped. DOARD1N BROOKLYN -PLEASANT ROOMS, SI' IT \j ... ?i ? 1 . a tie nan an I wife or sltigle a- ein-rn, with n . m;.tut s' w-? ?' at' tha Atia.itb: ferry. References ?.x h'lnjed. Apply at BIO Pacia ? stteer. I>U V!1D IN BROOKLYN -ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN [ > or v 4':iUl"iu?i!t and ife can obuiu superi >r Board < ad : . >iii - in a 'mall pu*. ?? l.mily, atM Stale Htr? et ; h? s> ?>- b'lth, i* wttnln ?'e n ^notes' waia of South and Wall tree: i- i#-s. Dfnue: a <>}? <\-l . k. \RD IN BROOKLYN WANTED? BY A GENTLE wife, child and c oor-d nursf. Us s, fuel and con for wa.-himj. Three r > ;ns rc.juired, AdJress, rs icula : :? bux No. 9 Bniokiyn P< ?' olli e. ^OARP IN BROOKLYN. ? A SMALL FAMILY WILL k:\ furnislfd, with H .at ! sui?ab!.. ? or two nil -men and their Wi" ? a . if g? n ."men. Apply at 2j H trr?sou street, b. - tw a Cd. ton and Court streets. "f30ARDf.N(r JN BROOKLYN? AT 245 COl'UT STREET l> opp Mte Si K.'tt sue a, wifh ev.tycomf.rt an l ? on vetii-n H- terms t ? *".t the tie. om; ,.,r.iluy del::;litful ; Cars pass vhe door, leading to lerry. "I J MRDI.NU IN' HI! lOKLYN. ? rilNiil.K U'aNTLEMES I > tf. 'II '"'I Wl?l m ? .n II .?r.t at I .'<1 ive p.- 0"? will pli-1 ill ?' .v 2t tut: i?-u Nir-'Cl, Br.xiklvn? ?I ???? ? "tit wuliln live mlnul) *? W?l* ill Hull Htr-ct or Sou' ii ferry. Dinner at six o\ l ?ck UOAttDlNC* AM) liOUUIN'O* "QOA.UD ON BROOKLYN 111 i UH'S -A NlMT OP J) " m o i l'u*.! tl i.u u '.?? ? i- ii l u i-ly, may be ob tained, wilt. Hoc !, byappijin at 1 I llenry street A pri vate ta'ilu If desired* T>OAROOV IlltOO fUA'N Hill Til t'S? PEE \S VNT FUR J 9 nished Roo n*on ih 1 s ?' ?oi ?t> > . t it .tbl ?* for a i'.tmily or ?i Muitlemcn; also pleas n* >i.i ' ? Rooms at 18 Willo** street; between Fulton au I Wall street ferries* Ttt.un moderate. B)ARO ON BROOK!, YV I?KC : i'J NO. Ml HICKS ? Room*, ?nltabb? for cent h?men ami their wives or for single ijentlenien. Location deniable, threw minutes' walk from Fulton or Will strai t ferry. IVrmn lo null thu liiiVH. TIOARD WANTED TV M ROOK f.YN? B V A (lENTT.F.. Ii man an ! hi - wfe. Mi a 'i huh tio'i whet- ? th rearo n ? n? Jj? i 'onrdeiv, at $.*><> ) ci ? lonta (.' r hvn lartje rooms on seeoml tin >r, 1 1 i't> tin I .* i ; Mi 'lu led Rei'erens'e* exchanged. A?l ircss .1. .1. D., Post o.ll'e, Riookh'ti /iharmifo rooms with pleasant hov.*d? in a " ) * i ?!;?? |?rf- it,* fnnffv wli >.mt ?'!.iMr??n/an I"' ml Inn <Joii,'htful!\ am J <onvenimttl\ ?"clml?"t neighborhood, by ap plying at \Wt West Twenty se. oniJ s! root* T?I.KOASTLY FURNISHED OH UNFURNISHED !'/ R? O * ?Stylish FretVli Mi l T'; .;!|j?h lalle; I i fit ehlSS hot,* e a u| ni^hlio! hooii . !o :i n c nt ra? h ii J eleuant ; French an 1 En#!!"' spoken; i?- ?*n e r? *i uiivd ami given. Call at No. I Livingston place, Stn\ vcmhi park. TJllFTH AVF.NUF -NTCF. ROOM a IN A PRIV\TTS ' family; Fr< tvh ir.d FnjjVsh table; dinner at ft oVIoek ; fr-t c'h -h t -*u 'tul lomticn. Fem'h ami S| anlsh spoken. Tt'r'in rc.t?orinhl?% Address D. D* D? HeraM ??M' ??. i IIF.O ROOMft TO tBT? TO OBNTLBMRN I onlv. I? nino h;iH all the m<nh?vn ItrtprnvMnrntw .?n'l i? to t I .>*, v'MSMt: aMo. fail at III Ninth Htrvr.t, near Hro uIwm v. "^UoMSI'I o MS TO IK -WITIKM'T HOMIll.W irnth'M.' oty. JIo.jm* ntalns all tho ?no<V?r(i I . iiV' ? ;?'[! m. \\<> iv ;?t ;? 7 l,v> i" i Htroet, l^tsvei'ii Rowcrv n.i ii ,V? V. Nii'rjNfsif n ci n wkkk. H i ? ..ir i tin ? m#?m . >.{???? , > i i ? y*.?r n ?' 1 ' j ? ? ?! ,-H i) | J >.,"<? ' a. n ' t ?? ? !? ? m n: \ - i aM.t I i ; Fo ir h avi-nue, F 7 ? i:o l: FOR c;F.STT*r. } lUcir i simi ? |M?ntliMi? n. \. 1 " ? jh] )-. .)??; IimI ' ? ? <? ( "mforfs of u ami ' I'hl i\?\ !"? i, < ' ? '? <?? ?i ? I ;> ? tin ail mn<lcru hn I rttv nicius. # Xn<\n!n' ?' !'?" F. r-t F vn th street* TT* URN TStlKO RO( IMS ? AT I 1 10 RROADWAY, RK 1 hw?- i Tuv> 'v-sivth ?! lid Tweoty-scventll street'-, a piwufe J'ii ? ; 1 , A h.*?li<h:<?me v tit of Rooms o:i tirs? tloor, "s;siln?r ot larii(* front parlor, with bedroom aMaehed. A No o o Uit rv I ront Uoom on sernml lh?oi\ haniUoniely furii'Hh?Ml. tl ih, hath, .te, lV.-ea^fft^t It required. TjirRMSIIRD ROOMS TO f.TIT-SPMK AT $1 VRR I wt'i ; wa'cr, tml h.ith n'i INi- c; bn-ak fn<t can re h:< I In the to 'in if i' 'pi r tl ; v t.i r?? - and earfc < onv filetit to nil jiartrt oi ill" e ly Ap| :y at ISO M ?t' ^t. < rt, alu ' e Hro uu*. T^C KMSMl n ROOM*i TO LFT-TO OKNTMCMEN; A y iin:c Ko nit, KMiUhie tor two j,cui lomeo : uh-o hmall 'r H i?? m i > : h < i , 1 1', i A j t * I y at 1W < ithariue .-treet, hr tweeti Mailt m n an 1 Henry. IjlURSlSlIKO ROOMS TO LFT? WITH OR WITHOUT partial H mN, at 7-' Ka?t Twelfth Htreet, near Broadway* Term* re t?" tt ?id?. "Tj^I RNISHKfl ROOMS TO l.BT? IN SFITS OR MCI'A P ra:ely, ? ?i * ? ry rea" omhle t> ? ms, at 371 Fourth at ? ? et, near Imfa\ < t'?- p a e and Rro.idway. UntBNCR HOARD - A FKW STWaiJB GENTLEMEN. P deMrous (d' 'superior aee.omntodnthms and Ro.trd, in the bent style, can he s 1 1 1 < d In a French family, ofeupylrt^ the Siist class Inniso HO Went Twelfth street, hetwem Fifth and Sixth iivettnes. S]>anish, Oi lman and Knulish Kpoken. itior <;i:nti.kmf:n only ? vi:ry neatly fitrnipu. r ? il Rooms, ?H the com ft *r ??.- of a Inline, may l.e had in the , Hvaio honr?e UD Frinee strtel. n est <?j 11 r* nut f IKNTFjKMRN' PI>'TIUN(J A COM FORT ARM? IIOMK "1 iv. ill a p. liafe ? mi t l.taMt | !? i.t. \v ? !l fur niched Mi-oiiin, oo ieivon ?l' lo t . l?y /ii'p'yMj- at K'l We-.: i went. M-eottd ?tn et* i' ivate table a preferred* Rele UWDSOMRM' FlTRNf.-HF.Ii ROOMS, IN SUITS OR M 'P irately, to le , w ii Ii !i ?ani, in a private ('a olly : hoti e ha.-+a)l the >n ? l rn imfiro. ni< t -, ami i desirahly io -.?t '??! tu Fourteenth Mre -t. Rent of re.Vren.-* * elieu an<! rmpilred* Addre; -?< Home, Union square Fost olhe s II OTi;i* l.ODOlNtiH.?F !*'?'. AN AM) COMFORTABLF. Stni'le Rootie-, fr?un ^ I 'J.'> to $1 f?o \ er we k or 2 ;*? him l;tht, at thel'nioii Hotel, No. lf><? Prime street, corm-r of i oi.ip- n. Meals at all hour -. Open all ni^iit. "I N THE FIRST 0L\S4 IIOU.SK NO. Ill SEOONO AVJ! J mi", eornerol Seventh ??tro set. a hand?im" Suit u ad two sin/ie Roonm to dlsisise of. t'ail at house or aildres* box 3, IS3 Nt-'W York Pint oflhjo. JKRSKY CITY BOARD ? HOFSE FIRST OIjASS. WITH all the modern improvement*; a splmidid view of the hnvjshort walk from the fi rry . for i" ntlen s n ami wife; $1 for slncle n{ertlem"n ; <iintier at fi; hent of reterenei* given and required. 15S Grand si eet. Family private. MRB. M. B. 8UMNKR, No. 22 W?:sT TWENTY NINTH street, has three simr'e Rooms not yet iMTnomently dp. posed of for the winter. The house has' been enlarged and improved, and the table ami style of hoiisekee ping are unex ceptionable. Matron meitrlkr, 70 and 7 2 west thirty elithth sit - et. ? Rooms, elfHatr.ly furninhed, or whole lloors, with kitchen, icllui attdyard. Hon. ?h now. fu>t class, four story, brown atone. M? a?% fnrntshed. Whole p irl .r floor and l avement for j>hys|ejan's oflico. Mansion rrorsF, hicks street, "rrooklyn. Very desirable Rooms, wttli Hoard, for famfhes vr sin gle jersoiiM. ean now be ohmim-d at this well known hous.> lor the winter on favorable terms, MUSIC LESSONS AND FSE OF T'lANO. MELO0EON, ?icc. ? A tfentfeni in wishes n Rrtoin and Redr(?om* where I' Sions an the ptano, m?:l"?l on, sim imr, Ae., ? I I he eon si?Iere ! etjuiraleiit to the rent and part hoHrd. Address Musa, Herald oflh-e. VfM'EI.Y FUR VTSIIF!) ROOM -J To I.ET IN S II S ii or S'ligly. on se on1 ami thod lh?ors, with eh nth He ?<, W(t 'r, Ae , wtth or without pirt al Hoard, in n r. -p ? ni ie Oioet location, at 2i9 (Jreene street, between Waverly an.l Clinton phe e?, > nd one blo. k from the Rievoott Hou.-e aud New Vol K Hotel. I>LEASANT ROOMS? EITHER FURNISHED OR I X furnished, wi-'h H uir-l. a; J- Wavcrley place. PRIVATE BOARD IN BROOKLYN.? A FEW SlNOf.E X renth'inen or families e.m be ae? ntnuj odai* d uiihple.t Ki'it 11 fumlsle ?l Rooms on scoioi ti?a>r, with Boar-I. i t 'jJI State streel. Every eonvenler.ci; of built, Ac. Pleasant I'KMt on. T( rms moderate. Rooms ne\tlt ffknjshed, is a pkivate fa ? i i v, miit 1 for MinrU* !4<nUeirien ; p.uti 4! JP,.ir?i If re* 'I'll red : hoiiw ha i* all tin; n:o?P*in impr? vratenP;. Apply at 23 West ffrmfttoii street. rno HOTEL A SD lift \UDJNt.* If <> : SFI keepers.? a X gensl'?'m?n of njirciii'l'' wonl I ilk'- to P. -.rd for any n^shi m e he woiil ' jr. v ? in securing b < ?rd??r>, ,ic or i at t ii-; iorwarl, Mem* ml'. . , ih? ? n' ? ? hn . ? ',)\ ? h .n-e, ' r would pay pa' * l-o?r?l. A j:? od nlnjifc ?or a lady bavin,; no in. hi to umhIsi her. Addr< ns Ii d -\, Herald oil.te* To let? \ runxrsKKT) hack PAnr.or: and MT??n l Floor, w i! h ? r \>II! ? ?;> Bi>,,?i. in a Kmali privi ? family of ad .Uh. Gentleman incfi'i'i o .1, or f.-.niHjr ? niihi ?? ? M.?a : ? lill .ti'ii. AppiyatlSti Went Twenty-third h;r"?*f ma/ Fifth avenue. To LET ? WITH HOARD A LARGE FURNISHED H"o n on ilj** ' or 1 Moov, t>> ,i {?o.arb'in in an ! wIP- or two g 'titl^mrn, for ?10 25 per \ ? a. imduUitt.x lir< nnu -a*. Al#o a ball Hm>in. N ?. 40 S?? ond ?r enue. TO LET? WITH BOARD, PLEAS VST R > )M SUITA ble Itjr ImnlUtic, or it lnu?u wil au to r a?m to :?M.h?':\ A; ply nt 41I> Fourth mt< '<t, between ib>wer/ ami S-jimii i avenue. mo LET-TWO FINELY FURNISH FD ROOMS, WITH 1 f' lire* |i!a?;r, lor two nitric .'??iitli-.Tinu in a pri vate <r"rman family. Apply at 15' Fonttli stre r. n ar S ? cou'l avenue. rpO LET? WITH BO VRD, TO FAMILIES OK SiXULE I ;.enilem? n, plea an. Uooms on ?- on-l li > !?) ..'?? in t. f i."' . D tmr-r at 0 '<?!?;? At plv at IV i'.a??t Twelf; fu 1 t )><?< *< tut Fifth a venue and UniVfHiiy place. TO LET? TO A GENTLEMAN A VD WIFE, 01? \VIIK?V,' .t lv .mil daughter, a i ront Kontn a nl IP <l:ooin in ? ww* tf< , ?u??\ Inquire at No. 105 M iiltsoii h't-'-ft. Tpo LET? FURNISHED OR LN FT UN 1ST IT; D, TWO I ll-'tanH, t" a nentl'Tii # ri ar^rl IiIh wife, f< r hou:-ck<*fpif l ; or w o ' 1 Irt them to Bin^le w'rU am h >. r<l. ?v ' ? , ??f ?h. Maine lloor. Apply at 't S Fourth nivii'ic, ro-'o r of Tw- ntyM irhth BUcet, rntranro on Twi-Miy-cightU street 'P'i HOTKL AND HOAROIN'U HOUSE KEEFER-s'.? A I )? un of #'.? !(? add i <,es W'MiJcj likt; t> rot Bo ird I -r a**iNtiincu l>n W'.'.M j?h ?? in ???rur-n : 1> ixrdrr*, or (iitttiti^ forward, r,??n rail, , th". interc m of ill ? lio i.sn, or would p.?v p<rtl>oa:d. Addrr?H ind?*x, II r aid oltn;r-. A r EHV HANDSOMELY FFRMSHED ROOMS, IX SUITS \ or wp irr'f .y, to M, with Hoard on iva^malm- ir-rnm. in . (i.-irab..- .? .non, l^iwen University place and Broad* v> a. Ap/'y al .H Clinton j .a *e. "tfERY DFSIKA1JLE ROOM8~EN* SF1TE OH SINGLE, > can ' ? o! t ii i' -I vitfi Hoiinl, r.t 55 Wf.n Twr l!tl. ?tro?.t. h<iwt>c. i Fifth and SUth avenuer* ' ? - ino.Jrrn Jmprovemenni; r>'frr^w of aj:e, by a renpr r1ed woman, havin * no i hthlr : : thry will \ ?? a* * ? n>l r? mothers care: f *' * * ** " E. II YVnkrrs J*. A ir AN TED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, WIIEKE THERE t* ai?noother bonr 'cr*. a i';.,l -r a?i.l H.'.Jr -or* ;i?- hi, w *.!i P. ar l f?.r i\ 'adv, whore fdi* can have the privilege of I rr.'?iving her trieudafn bflr own roomn, LoTJion not al>ovt? Li.?hth an ! tmt o< i..w Canal strol l, w^ntai'lc ot pv. v, ! a u i '.i'-m ? >inh avenue railroad. AddiefH It. M. M., box 108 11 raid o'.U?-e. 2A1USOD0N SQUARE, WIST SIDE.? SUITS OF ! fP mm, with IP.ard. tor f.Mnitb'?; lir: and hand- i si r < iy furnlhh< (i, aii?a Single Rooma; cars and b'tijf* p -.*4. | "j r. WLST TWENTY SEVENTH STREET.? A OENTf.E- | 1 ? ) man and wue, or two ningle &?i,i ern*!i n < ' t tio j pl- atari t R? <mi?, with lioaitl, an ' th" cor.jfort* of a rpii"t, I i aiii . nu-. gan and bath. T? . n.s from $3to$l. Fulton a? d Wall street stag \m ptis.-# the : #or. K**p rentes hantr- d. ? J ^ A MIT V f-TRKEr, NEAR BHOA DWAY.? Nirj.LY j .{.*) 1 urn a V:d Root 04 <0 ict, with Bo.irU, on rean'-ualde I t'-.m.-. II 'in** contains ?ja?, bath A . Dinin ralO o'clock. ' A: py uphove. 1 | Z BOND STREET.? Vr'HN IS H ED Ko( MS TO LET, j 1 t J on ihv* tecor.l. third nnd fourtU floors, with or without I ? l)Q w EST SIXTEENTH STIUiKT, NKAH 1'IFriI AVE nue ? Ho; u to li t. v. .th K n.l, !? i J..rniii<?s > r single , gmtletnen. ________________ I <? !; K F. N E ST It E KT-^KUKXIsiTE i> K< )OM 3 To LET; ?iO i.r ? K?. urn ui $1 pur week. *n.l >t R? >ui ?>ilU' Ip t-r j tw.i iinntlcnicn, w.ili irate b.jdn, at *1 W The ioim? : (li.'verjr rrasnaablt, an there aru sccomai xlutions fortlro. Appif i* abotQi, I O I .1 M UtK -lUM???>TEi.V i-'l KN1S1IRU I ? ) t R.iuin*. ?!i ?.'!:? or to l 'nit. >vttb futl or bat uut l(',ar \ In .? I?MS ,li < !t . .? ?; . ,i , If ?ffl?ll mid n liutitrd num. I..- ..i i/.nW* t?.??n. U -i. i ? ;i. - mi ?' .-.miti ?!. ? ?- EAST TWKf.KTII S r!lCK I . ? I. A DIES ASS? CKN ? }') I VII t! :.?>!. .nu IhtJf.l t.. t:l ? Wlll'.'l , Will III. I nt K ? ? ii - . u J uc iimi" t iti..n? al Iht" uhovo df irMe li . i?e ami U. .ti'.ri, ii.'ing ? lnv il ... s w.^; ot Hro?dw<i y. Kdereuco* e* :linti|[r.1. i-T xlXIEKNTII hTREK' , .'1/ Cm ,'it-h ? I Ko. ^piuk.n-.t anil t^i"i.' tvh' >; h? hi-. lrhf ?; .Hint' i llO/lil DINGS- \\a L0DUI\0. A O WES T TA T r.f ? lf BETWF.I N FIFTH r *) an 1 Sixth av nucs. A . ? .?te family o n; . umattret class house, eon tain in# all > < oderu Improvement >. will let a low handsomely furnished Romna in * iiN.,ur miiJ ?, to^en lletm n. with beakfa t If required. A(\ WEST TW K NTY FO I * RT1I STREET. B ETWEE N H) F' : til a i. I S:\;!i ;iv. ' - .n? -i f,o?nv with Redroon attached, <>-t sec md and thirl . i: out, with H a l. Terms reasonable. Houe tot ? 1> > r' J TENTH .VTRERT, BETWEEN F1 K V ?f A\*l> B I XT II ? ' f av.-nues. ? A !ur?e, very plea* mt im>i hamU ?uu ly fur n shed front Room, with hull Bedroom < oun . . .4, on the * ?< >n | iloor, to let, with it ?ard, to a gen'i.- ?i r.; I w ife or two Mingle gentlemen, separately or together. AUo, aingle 1 ? ti???i lor single gentlemen. Dinner ai iu o'i loc ;. r\7 EAST TVV KNTV EIGHT II STREET, NEAR FOURTH ? / I avenue, - A limlaii.e lto? m <>n the se vitl lloor, irnt one on the third, desirable for tfenFeni'm :> ? their wives, can b * had, with B>>>?rd, Also, ono Ro< m, sid able for two sin;lc ;;etulemen. References cxciianucd, QO NINTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH WT5NIJB f a tut I'niveraitv place,? A neatly fornH>r I front Room ami Hedr<>om to let, on second lloor, with Board. Also sintfle Room for gnnileman. Dinner at fix o'clock. Reference* ex changed. f (41 WEST FORTY- SKt'OND STREET FOR SALE? MI D * ' 1 way h<?tv."en Sixth avenue and Broadway. north j row in splendid order; new matilda, bla?-' walnut, bath ro'-m. ili e.; homo 21hf>7.0; lot 20xltM>.5. Appl to W. U. , MCHOL8, 41 Fine street, New York. ( QQ GREENE STREET, ABOVE BPRTNO? AL8TOJI ; ?'?> Home ?El<'t amly furnished sidta ot R? u s. with cae, 1 Cwton wster nn I every convenience 1 r h.?u*' i-a'- i ing eeo 1 ? 1 mi? i ally; pariJcularly .suited lor una: I, re.,,- ? aole families* I Rout low, 1 1 (W FKINOK STKRKT, KKiIIT DOORS V, F.ST OP [ 1 ' . Brouiway? l'len??nt Unomn nnd |*<?? ??1 H< ul torui n , F'-oirn or K<>rui<'mc'tt and their wives. Family ftn^liMh. Ht?-*k;"ant Jr? m 7 o> 9; dinner at 12 and u. (i?;M and bath, ; 1 ? i joh low. Kfft'rt?ut,i,< t'xehan -ed. ! 1 fv I EAST TWr.NTY-KinST STIII'IT. okambbct j i v ? I park, two bio k* from RrrMtdway ?. >d Bou4 0 ' 1 i i' .i^ni Kootnw, Nultalile for ?tiu;le ^ctitUMueu or laud h? e - ratviv. JteJiTenca exohan^ed | ; j ' \>T FOlTRTKKNTIl STRKKT, olM'u 1 I K TIIB I M' I A< a ferny of Music ? Roomn to let. wtih ard, lo 1..' km' M- vIe per?on?, In or ain%!y, furni?*ln?a or ! if <l y I'tu mImIi. *d; (?ne larce and very i?leao.?ot iroiit Hoom. i' ? 1 j f ? 1 oni-' # i iv? n .md 1 oouired.* 11A MACBOUOAL STREET? RICHMOND HOUSE IS . Ill' now opened as a privute fmuilv Hotel, for (he reeep , (ton of sir ^ie Kriitleuo n, or Niuall fuoiilu n tired *>1 tionrdintf. destrotm of horis- keeping can liud every convenience at the alu've e Jabll -hmmt. 107 NINTH STRKKT? A FEW DOORS WEST OF 1 * J I lit id vny. To l??f, without Hoard, a Suit 01 Rooma, e ? n I ! y furni hed, tultahle lor a ,:ent!?M mii and wile or r'lMeMtcu vv.hM: g to r??< 111 together; aUo. MU^Ie front Ro. jua. rrival'1 fable if desired. Mr EIGHTH STREET, IIKAD OF LAFAYETTE ?l p uv.? FurtiH.hed or unfuriddied Ro <?ni ? to rent, j wet' or w tiiout Board. Tertna moderate. Kct'vvciweii ex ! C?Nt M|j?d. 1 { p? EA iT TWELFTH STREET, NEAR SECOND AVE I II'' i ? , Komuih 011 vei ond and * 1 ? * I il<?? ?; frail, with I' rlo R.u-noi oinmtinlratln^ if drain 1; font- kIu^'o ue*>tlH no n, orp nili in 'ii and wife, will -i?el pb a.-ani ac onunoda tioiix ou re.i ? r aid- termii; only a few received. 1 ~\i\ PETNCE STREET-ST. CLAIR 1! MTSE.~ELE !?)' ? g ititly lurnish'Ml Rooium, with H- booms ?tt ached, with ail the.fcojivrnieuccH for ho\tn- ke< | complete, in cludmg kjaH and I'roloti water, to let to respectable families or alt ?!/,.> ^<*uf lornrn. mj RLEEt'KER STREET, SIX BLOCKS WEST OF ' Broadway. ? A n?*w Houae, wiih all the modern Ifoprovoinenta. Pleasant lltTtmia, with exerlli i?t Board, from j?."? to $5 per week. Braaklast from ti to b; dinner at 1 i!!-? 11 14 | "I QO JILEEFKER STREET? A IJENTLEMAX AND j i< will', win) wish a ?i'ii.'t comr?'rta!?lc 1?? do, ran bo .1 ??ouimo-iati d with a I'nrlorand M?d;o ?m, and Itoard; also, I t\s 1 "i 1 1 r- ?* siiij, le gen' leni'Ti. Dlnin r aMi o'cio k. I 1 (lO BL7-:E('K'ER STREET. ~FI l? VfSHED iCOOMS TO I ' 1 le* to ie-.fi -table parties, ?.% i t it or nli'.< ,i B<>ar<l, j Iron, i- y t ? 5. h? u >? h a ^ all mo lern impr-'veraeroft; ineabi !to k 1 1 i ? l?e *?i ti' kh people. Also a t rout H?ih? ?luem o let. 1(\ \ FAST TENTH STREET. TWO AND A HALF 1 1 ? " I bio 'ks t r .11 Broadway. ? A party"!' two or three gentlemen cj; ; i obtain a handsome p. i!'!<-a' ?oi v -1 r second !h n -Mly ! iirnishe l, with or with" f I -n V. * and Tea, at n ' lei ate j? ieei Also two amail K'/ftm-., With lsMH, batll, hem uimI li'itid att-'udanee. I TWENTY THIRD RTP. EET ? A ST IT OF Furoished R.hmio lo let, will- ib'trd . foi ntle. man and ! .it i!y. Also Rooms to l-'t. wt, a iiir.ni, for single Kentlcuier. Dinner at 0 o elork. Reierem-*-) ??><?; ?<*n red. ELM STREET? JACKROV HorSE.? THE MOXT jj I \* ? ou lorial>iy and ronvetnetitiy furni-vd A; ajunente in tin city to meet the whu'b ot" smali ' . .mli . itli every requisite t'urnitun , cb an linen, co iklug ran^e ami uten?ila. pa - and (>oton water. CU) I YAI.I.'K HTREET.? room a.vm bedroom \ to ao. i 1 . rinole enilemen. a otieman and hi* wit'-; mo.lern improveuu nts; terms tn??der:i'>>. OOr, WFST FOI' R TEE NTH STREET ?TWO Vl.FA Mint Romnv., commun'.catinu. to let ? itlier sej a ratefy or 1o;a ther. with first <?? s< 15. ar ' Also, a single Room. Tet ms ttU'deiate. Refer, nc ? hit5r;i d. | j\?) WEST TWENTY-HIIRO FTR fSKT, SECOND \ HO d -?r wen t of Ninth aven :e, lo I m ittra e, a l'..rt .;\ with c\th' r one or t?v? 1 -li- .1 r. ou ae -e ond t ?r, fr.eu, iti a ftriet'y |irl...te tan l.v. it. -i of lel'^rence given and required. 710 BROADWAY 7*4) ! * ' ' ir/ridjomciy furrtisfe ?l Km v. r r fa in : es ami ?fu g'.e >;entleiio n, to let with B a ?!. 7(*0 BROADWAY. BETWEEN EitiHTH AND NINTH % ? f* I ? i*. ,? m ?A 'arte Room on t no he-; I' r ..n I Room t mi tti'- ? ? ml floo: to lei to |?"nt.eiii? u ; t ? rn - e fi ni>e ; hua all t b e m lern Improvements and I in a p e i < n. !?? ation; terms mod-rut*. COIIVTIIV lilfAUD. / lOl'NTRY BOARD.? ONE OR TWO 1 ^MI!.l .SCAN i te om.i?" III. , with Boa.' 1 fo- F, ? w .u-er at t'orn w.-.li. tj'mreh. ^ an 1 .v hooi-. in I in .?; iu ? m\. ?? -d. Apply at KiH'l't S. v?*ntee-jfb f,o r a Id'e H < - 1 .*!? ,v all, Oran>i 1 . S. Y. ffoi I'Ki; V/KI'K.-HOUtU ON T!!r; N'o.iiu : DE OF ?pt ) I.I.; Isf ind, 8i) r . .. s Irom t! ?? ? ity, -t. ? n t^Mib'ety iai . i l ami ? a* I':ii -h !ie;ili{. . -, ? ? t" 1 1. 1-.: Uin iH nnd ; -bmc Ad .iv. s E-* mo- . I v Z\) He-ahl l 'l UM'i L liiC, ? hi iiko'im siii op i:na>;ki. rru.-iTi ?it iV :?>. fit, in all "f ?? i ... ? 1 1 ; i,i> i. ',i . eh- (Mill <ii ' f Si r. . vhj:in< ,j < -s t 'i ? i .. i-i I IE? <?'? '? " Ti ? V. I, |."or'iitiy p r' .. r Mm ?'..?? ? I'm ikljrn. l/l RXt CI UL-. OAUPMV. HO< I1 turns. moi.cy n lij s.viii u r. i ii mi.'i ? V URN IT. IS J- -Till? m<7Xft-> I - ?? h i h.ui I l-'.iniltu .11 tutu . .r 1 A 'I . l.dllliy, alwny. on liti. . A .'uU ii i '? i ?- ? i . i tr I'vrry. Dim i forget I nunt'i-r. IJLIMPTi.jrg 1>'I'?"U*ED 1'ARLolt BED IKAD \ND J otlm .? I M ela?? *?'<! in it it >f. ? n . r i ill, K'-n bymm" i i ..j lo'iitii, at 115 Tenth ? ? : rlv N.i tiolii.l Ai rt . . , ? i ? , >' .->( id Hli-t) Bli.UAKl>?. A GOO!) GAM 15 pi. i.w .l mi u hii| tiibii n i?Houlii vi?i; si'EN i Kirs ii< w !.i i- 1 Saloon, !.<!? Kulion afreet, wnera the lir-l lili! >s i? ilic fry ?ii U?- pt. 1.1 r'.t- i i ? All! 3 tent -. II 1 1 1 1 'i; mil. 111! .11 ii lo i . , . B tl,r,'.VIM>~. ???):: SU.B; A F! HI <?;. \<4 5111,14 IKD T.i ' ? . h.i' .r. I it'.irn \ slate !. ?. I s .y I. lin T/'.il .? W I-, * fil;<T CLASH RnSEiVo .O MARBLE I In i 'tli. i IT.-1 Phehtti'ii :>it 'tit ? .-liioi.. with bill", ei.cn, a. , ill i.np. , li*v! ig ... i . Ii -l ilr.'iit U. O i OS'NUii'S Uili ird II K -hi I ?filth mr jet. ASTROLOUY. Astonish inc.? madame mobrow, seventh daughter, bli.1 a gift lit forest J.t; o ils I.o-.v mmii ?i!d often >iki will marry, and all Jim wis'i to know, even your v'-r? M Kilts. OP II.. piiy; lucky eh.i -ns is ???, I, r. pal i? Hot to be louml; lit r magic limne N now In l ull operation. 1M Ludlow M reel, Ik-|o\v Houston. Price ceti! S. Gentlfr. in ii notadniitred. A STROLOOY -PROFESSOR WILSON, THE OELE Jv brnted A?trol".;er, niny ho r'tst ul'.-'l "Si rt? o.iit, lirc K-:.i ii nil I iitnrc evt nut of 111.', at -i.'. EhIi'hI.,'' .- tit*.-!. i> ? iliior above Ornnd. Pee BO c>-nt?. Time of Mrth require At teniUuci: from 1UA. M. toa I'. M. / ILAlBVOVANt'E. ? MB8. SKYVOUB'S MKDICAb V.V vooiiih an; ii iiviv.'.l t.. No. It,' J W'e#t Kiflecnth m <?!, corner ol Slxtli avi-mie, t-nlnni'i' on Flflrenth ulreri. Con? 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WKLI.I Ml'FOS, w bo 1h ack nowlnigivl to be iIk only laily in this . if y who truthfully give-. tnforn..itiou i-.inc. inlni;loni?a, lawsuit*, jotirm-y?, HbVnt friend*, Iota, ooi.rtfliip, marruKe. health, wealth, mi l who will reclaim drunken and unfaithful hu-Wimlr. Mis W. la the only j.eiv son in this city \v!io him the genuine Roman and Aral .an !..h*niri!!s lor love, uood luck ami all bnxlMss alluirs, and are u'laranleca for life. Delay not to consult this natitiully K.I c.l and beautiful young iinly. Lu< ky numliers given, tiii.bly ie?])e. table eity referencea can bo aoen ?i her real deuce, 101 sixth avenue. THE GREATEST WONDER IN THE WORLD is THE yotMKsnd at. mpllahed Maiiame. B ViCON, from Paria, who - an be cona lilted with tin* 'trlcteat conluie <?" on all affali a ofllfo, cm'trucing love, c.arHliip, bunln ?? ?? and ?kk ness; rertorea drunken and nnfalthful husluiuda; ha? a ?c cr.-t to make you beloved by your lieait's Ideal, and brlugj together th ine I nj ?e|>ariited. 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