4 Kasım 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

4 Kasım 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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dry oonns. ELECANT ASSORTM KNT OK, NEW UOOD8, FOIl UKN'll.fcMEN'. SILK AND WOOL I'M I) IS K.HI I IUTS AND DRAWERS, r.u-l'I. .1 ViXKTS, FID, CAL r, t <T<iK, if I'K iE.iVER \ND CLOTH ? ?LOVES AND OA I .N i l, EM. EI.KCANT DKI-'^S .-HIKTS VXD CO!. LARS, UNION' l.'ililMi !!KLT3, 8CARLKT C A II \I K itli SI U i : . VXD DRAWER-. BCAWFS. Tn'H, ROBES in: CIlAMI'i.,,, UK M IT, i;vnKKLL'.f' - rKM)i.i:>, ARMY AND v .'V SHIRTS, SILK, MKKI.NO, Uil'M AND WOOL ii >i \vi> i \ r.p liosH. FOR LADIES: llOUl):-, ONT.M.h, KXIT WAITERS, KNIT KJ.JUtV s iTTri AND FALLS, MERINO AND 1 i.K . N;t|.:ivr> 1'S AND DRAWERS, . CNION I.HI.S-ES, GLOVES, liAl .NT iitrt AND MITTENS; Ft L'MI llAlTKH ?, COTTON, MEK1NO, SILK AND WOOLEN STOCKINGS ; BALMORAL IlOSE r'oic SKATING, Foil CHILDREN KNIT ) tOot'S, cartv CLOAK'S, OATS, MlTTRXS aM> GLOVK.', UMDEUSHILTS, VESTS AND DRAWERS* Union Dkkssm, INFANTS' BOOTS, CLOTH. V EL\ ET AND KMT HATTERS, COMFORTERS V.N O MUFFLERS. A Ur e nr.! flogant vm ->iy -?i the them iiiiinmv.' t ? ?! < m the pv??r?iia tflnewhiM I.V v. ii I fcili'l ;;L !? v. 4?? i? AT KMBKU.-U N . ? -ill. ;,t OF TWENTYnSLCOND Htiuet ami FifO'-i A! (TlON, Tii? flnoat ii <>f Pa is Kiu ?i'ot from 'ho irf?,t*d ho<u>?- i. Jin', hi, VlriUum' \ iioiit t?>u, of I'arix, with ?m? brobleteti i a ? :.s. r ? uud .. -.in u.i ? omrt*, JorSb wor.h 'l Ai o uU .'ii iu>; ou u . m! J? n in- :it 75 i-cnK i* i mil h ( t * ' ' it * ? i'?m; i s ?. or \u> < wot th &)i?onts; Eti 'Ilsii Tbn-ad anc V im i.r.ffi ;-.r r-t' .> 75 worth IU'6. A ifu hiui iv<i.i?' Lin- si ? ' I* .??l }?i I Kiitiiu" ?lid Velv. t Kit lion-, ??_! a ? ; ?*, ?|j Kinila hi" ivul Lnvc, HiWafldV't on i . U*?> 11. i ir N a i wilt*, wor'h ill ceutM. A u? M'<i a?. rtfu " ' ??1 V ? ilea Hood* and Soum^i, Ktuwera ami UV.iilu A CHOICE AND SiIi.l.i'T VSSOIIT.MEN I OK t'ARLS i LO lK:l .1 1 <: r. i' NOVEMBER, PECI MltERm IANI VRY I'' A -HIONS Tfce ftttrnilnn 11' '!i mi.ail i isvl'.t* r In <iarti"<:!urly dlncWU i? ii. ? ui ;i.u: ? rim . of ? ' 1 ? , ut Ti : nil "? ri' ? i :< i. ...ill M lu'.iilu si' iv, ?'?. -ml :?? c ..i I >?ri ft. W B. MACKENZIE i t. OI.O. lAKnf, 1'iop'r. j^Ra'OLD, CONST*. : I.K A . i' ? H.IVH II' V r- H.ly It v*ry ?v, t CLOAKS, ? Of u.i VI: .,ut muilcrata jH'li'fl, Vo wt. ic1! ihi'y inyito i ? i.il :uti ntlon Cm ,.:lsi r-ct.riiriinr i i Men r. JJROADWAY c i : -TOR I :, 303 BROADWAY. NEW EST STYLES OK 'LO YKS IN VELVETS, BEAVERS, Tl ii OTS AND CLOTHS. SOLDAT HE.'SONABLE >R|cesT~ CLOAKS, C! OAKS, CLOAKS. RICH V El V ET CLOAKS. hi I'Eltl l.VK BEAVER CLOAKS, RICHLY TRIMMED MAGNIFICENT CLOTH CLOAKS, HEAVY LION SKIN CLOAKS, WATERPROOF CLOAKS, TRAVELLING CLO IKS, PROMENADE CLOAKS, LADIES' CLOAKS, MISSES' CLOAKS. CHILDREN'S CLOAKS. 4LOAKS, CLOAKS, CLOAKS, A i $f. $7. 3S, Ai ?.), h $10, hi $12, :'.t, ".'1 ? At W. K. I'EYTON'S EXCELSIOR CLOAK HOUSE, L'M liimi'n, u??r Hunalon strrpt. CARPfcTINGS AND FLOOR OILCLOTHS, Ai Ion prii^s. wholesale op rt tail. TAPESTRY BRUSSELS, 7.r> cents in.-i yard. VELVET. $1 per yard. Cotton and wool und nil wool Carpctings from 25 sents ta 75 oeuu per vs rd. A.' JOURNEAY, Ji;.. S7".l Broadway. Cloaks AND MANTILLAS. CHARLOTTE <V SMITH 1HS orrKRKD II KR FALL AND WINTER FASHIONS VELVET. BILK AND <LOTH CLOAKS, BASQUES AND S.M <<l'J5S. 1.142 Broadway, rornrr T\\ emy-sijtth Mroel. QLOA KS.CLO AKSr We offer at retail a lariro jn-l attractive stork of CLOTH AND HEAVEIt CLOAKS, ?4 extremely low pun s The *to< I; oomprises ill th.t !i.?. st and'niost fashionable styles manufactured expressly for ? Broadway ictail trade. E. S. MILLS A CO, 413 Broadway, near Canal strec:. Wholesale stock as usual at 34- ?ud 344 Hroadway. ?J^RESS GOODS. IRISH POFI.INS, PARIS REPS, MERINOS, DE LAINES, WOOL I'LAIDS, OTTOMAN VELOURS. Ac., Including cral large lota JUST RECEIVED FROM AUCTION. LORD** TAYLOR, 4fl to 467 BROADWAY. 2Vi to I'ol GRAND STREET, 47 and 49 CATHARINE STREET. j^URSI FURS! FIR-! BELOW COST. One hundred and fifty thousand dollars' worth of ladles' rich Iftirs must lie Hold rejjardie-s "f coat, comprising real Bod on's Hay Sables. Mink Marten, Stone Marten, Piieli, Ermine, Siberian Squirrel, fe,, Ac., In ( llrcular Cloaks, Tal mas. Carriage Capos, Vletorines, MoTs, Cutis, Ac. The whole of tho entire stock must he sold before the l?t of January, In order to uilccta elenranee. No reasonable offer refused, tlm proprietor retiring from business. Tliia oppor tunity will not again appear befure i lie public, therefore an early call la respectfully vquastnd at the old established PATENT FI..R MI KF EMPORIUM. 1' II, PHILLIPS, No. 279 Grand s' iret, N. T. N. B.-Wi' are selling our Misses' Furs al $1 per set. T71SHIONABLE CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. FULL ASSORTMENT OF PARIS DESIGNS NOW READY. LORD A TAYLOR. 4?1 to 467 BROADWAY, 288 lo 2fil GRAND STREET. 47 and 49 CATHARINE STiiEET. TCI DERBY A COMPANY WERE AWARDED BY T11E P . Association for tnn Exhibition of Industry of all Natious, held In New York in 1S.V?. HONORABLE MENTION far the best Gn. nu ms for the commissioned officers of til t Army and Nun , which they still continue to make to order. TAILORS, 87 Walker street. L ACE CURTAINS AND DRAPERIES, COUNTERPA NEH, BLAN IC ETS, AND Oousekeeylng Goods of every description AT REDUCED PRICES. LOUD A TA\ LOR, 4iil to 417 Broadway. 2Uto2t>l Grand street. 47 a' d 49 Catharine street. T AMBT AND CHILDREN S DEPARTMENT. UNDER GARMENTS HEADY MADE, OR MADE TO ORDER PRICES MODERATE. LORD A TAYLOR, 4f.l to 4P7 BROADWAY. ^duRNUN(TGOODS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, M;i"h below timal prices. ~LORD A TAYLOR, 4f!l *o WI7 Broadway, 268 to 20! t.r. ml street, " 47 an I Catherine sli-ret. jyfOCRKINC GOODS. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE & CO. Have now on Exhibition Their Fall Importation ef New and Choice Styles of MOURNING AND HALF MOURNING DRESS GOODS. Canal .street, earner of Ms KW GOODS. -?.JUST RECEIVED N MILLER A GRANT, 7 J Broadway. LACB COLLARS, entirely new. REAL VEILS, from $2 ?p. BLACK CHANTILLT LAC2S audalf.r?e variety of other ?oi clues at moderate puces. u DRY GOODS. >LAIN OTTOMAN 1MB EMIT ESS CI.OT11 CLOAKS, Well uumled lii < tilurn *uiJ pil<~o*, Kct *i\ oil Kurupft, for milo By AH SOLD, CONSTABLE & < O., _ ? Cuual itr M't, eor#er .* Man-er. 1>AKIS ' LOA.KH. V UIAMI. K. HlNiJHO.N Hull rooolvtU. i? r :-s?t Mourner, Mid hm now npt-nml the Ut i>t t'AKISl VN KT\ 1 .15 OK i I.OAKS, In V IvI.VKT, SI! K .in ' i'i uril, To whlah u i fs iik1 ittMUoa of iiei ciixmnittrf. Jti BlW' Kni' OICU PAJUS SlI.KS. ? Jt A LARGE VARIETY OF CHOICE J'AU. STYLISH NOW READY. Al.su, I.OW 1'ilH KD SII.KS, From auction, including aian) desirable tdylea in plain and fancy. LORD .t TAYLOR, 4i* 1 to 4*7 Broadway. 2&3 t?? 2iii Crand ureal. 47 niu! vj Catharine mreet. I ) EAULY WATERPROOF 11 AOtUStTTFMM, IN BLACK AM) BROWN. MIXED, for the - f olti< .ts in -)*?* Army uiul Navy, made up lo vrder.at VERY .?! i )DERATL I'RK'LS, In K. DERBY X COM I' VNY, &7 Wnlkitr .-treet. MBKELL \S ) N SfLK AND ALPArPA. ALSO NEW STYLES oF 8<* A i:K.S, MERINO I Nf KKSIIIKTS, AT VERY REDUCED PRICES. t\ DERBY A COMPANY, Tallinn and Importer*, 07 Walker street. WESTWARD! HO! ! "VV< ?tw ird i!i*? Empire take* ftaway!" S. tin* >?uu' of Fashion and the (Iraer ? ; Jm I. in-.', at >hsv i>v tin-, v Hit ' rmvdinvuh c!.?y Rushing to \\ AO VS. Ur ?a?l\v.tj !??? ? r temp ts wth eo?tlv ire, With fumy - n> frotilP. h i ! nli* 1 fancier prieee; rii< v pne- ? if ^. 'ut ami last' fu! lor the lair ? 1m u imt '?nru 'iH. TVrofer*, w.? :ii .1 SIXTH AVEM'K to crow Dully in favor vSth it II wiIk and ? 'Ivwl, An I n?n ?i Bruadvwv juC.w.c, people kunw, MACYS wtrpa L?j??W at hi* 4 ; i .< ?v ES ! w hiie other folks elsewhere till for then tilov m a vrici* a'.oio-it la fitioiiH. For SI XTY-TII ill* i*! t ENTS M At'Y robes the fair lu K.ds del ? i ??! - . Fee what a v ?. 'irlnn'iu, loo. h" briu<H or l i-Mv "s, Kw:o;oio+:i!tK > am? I.vcua, ltnnK)>.>. U? audi ..?! ? ami a tiioi >4in'.i tl(i?ii^? Foi pn t'.y ta? - . H'ther tl 1 moihers*. with Ui*-lr pot <, anil lieantt I'orne w.r?i iho of their 1 eartn' ? k:\uUons, T? si i' the Ktei . in^r wiuulrrn M \('Y shu^a in YANKKK MOTIONS. Be<lre,ke.l l,y him, the very plained lass >s Vfoiu^ln h?r lifunVibifl^inatlon ; And von -?if , too ? in uiaminah' <'yi's ? surpass All in t. . a ioni "vr. :\v . : I i!i stir of Fumi.Ioh aU?*? it way!" That i* 'llil )>? ? o'er M A? \ 'S i* no' fntvoy : ?Ti^tha' - l US .;ot?: K'JUAL TO BROADWAY for >i> i v l i:> ^ U If MAI Y, 2'^t an 1 'J?H> Si : It : v? -tsue, Tn-i door:* l-elow Kourteenth sireri. \ y l N TE HI! O.S I RWY AND I NDKR tJAlTMENTS Tair^rsi Htosk In the *i'y, chei p. ~ "loud * TAYLOR, 4*?t to 4??7 Kr mlwav, :!"i5 to 'I rnvii.dhtr.'et, 47 arid VJ ? harine street. ilLUNERY, I T MMK RoaLLlKR AUUILR'S. 324 i Oi'RTH STREET, iY Jii*t r-3 <dv? d from l'a'ia, a tme .i* ? tinuMii ?-f mad? tip mmh of ertj ? Kki: td in cmoi'iadt r>'d mii'ilin, Jax.nct and VaiiMieh iim?K. nleya ? t f-ty !*?;<. Ke il lu'*?? i ? i?l of i-vi-rv de k nption. Dr "??> maoe up in uur iuu.il well known atyle at very reaHomud" j rlt-e^. IjlRKNTTI ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS*. An import?*r'ci hioi-k, omnrminK the newest stylet of 1'aH* Artificial Fmwern and Millinery Uoods, nelliu^ull at low price i Mt 404 Broitdway (np Htaim). pRBAT REDUCTION IN RIC1I PARIS MILUNBEY.* In inns- .t(i?enr?? of the pii*?enl;d?*pre'-si<;ii in hu-dnesn, Mr?. DAYli>SoN, J 25 JJ^'^ek^r streei, new otterM her large and elegant an^on men t nl' Tarts winter Millinerv at prieo? jire.it iy reilm etl, to suit Uie times. 125 lil?* - ?ker street, we*t ' Broadway. * CI.OTIUNO. A T THE OLD STAND, A 1*4 SEVENTH AVENUE, EZKKIELS gnuranswa to rny th e following prices for ladies* and jjentie uien'a cast oil W'.viiiiu Apparel:? From U) $10 for S.ik r>iv*r,i'.x, 1 rum $5 to $'J0 for Coats, from $1 00 to 57 for Pants. Also, Carp. Ls, Furniture, Jewelry, Ae. A note by post punctually attended to by E., I.A Seventh a vi nee. La?He?f attended toby Mrs. E. \ BETTER CHANCE STILL.? LA1>I IIS AND GENTLE* . uie'ii, a g re?*f. dfinunl u?r tiie Wean-in market.. Wanted, h large. ?pia*' ity <?f eahf ?i/f Clothing; hIm? Kurnr ire, l'ar}>eit* and .Jewelry. 1 guarantee to jwiv me highest prh c by < ailing on or nddrt'sslnir l>! . Abraham*, &H3 Se \vn;h awnin', netwe?>n Twenty-itfth and Twenty-sixth streets. Ladies punctually attended to by Mrs. A. t CARI).? ?'iKNTLKMEN'S NEW AND LKIT OFF JY Cioihm* 4)urclniM!?l for the Weso-ru n.arkei, in Inr;,": or K.nn'l l<?tn, t >r which 'lie full value will bt paid, without hag gling or aeekJim; to impose. Please call at the store, or ait ii Thus. I) ( ohm/, 44 Centre street. i (IK E AT I ) K M A N D FO CL< /II f i N< ?. ? J -AIM KS AND -A. R utli'iiien liaviiitf any a*tol ?'lothiiitf. Knmlture. ai"1 l*aii)>ats, will re.-eive t h < ? I. ;{jhe*t pi *ch l?y ' ailing on or ad dri*Nsin^ ?\ MISH, 902 Seventh avenue, b. iwcii Tw. nty uint.h and Thirtieth streets. I.a. Met; attended by Mrs. Mish. A LARUE AMOUNT.? $12, WO WORTH OK < AST OFF ? 'lothli ;?% i' trpets. Teweuy, A'V. want* 1, fur tin; supply oi Wnfttf-ro tna rice's. ? Ladiea and gentlemen may be jnw live to ree.ire the utnne-t value lur them by ? ailing on or ad* dressing E. II., 70 Sixth avenue, near Wuverley place. La* dien attended i v Mrs. E. II. \ GOOD AI)VI? E TAKEN CAN NEVER FAIL.? LA* iV di?*s ii ml gen tl?- men, if you are 'aiiatied by obtain nj ?he full value 'or yonr cast oil' Wearing Appa.Vl, (Janet*. Jew?-Hy, Ac., send ?t onre to the. t 'alil'?rnlnn soil We?tern agei.ry st-ne ,,f H. HARRIS. .V3 lJov ? ry, \ : .-..site Great Jon* k street. There you will be lairly ooalt with, and not humhugaed, as pi a -t .sed by others. Laiii* n attended by Mrs. llarriH, Kow ry. AT 481 PEARL STREET? A LA ROB QCANTITV OF '?ant oil' elothing wanted, to till up orders irom the West. First r ite nrleos will fx* given n 1 eavU paid in cur rent. money. Address or enll on J. MOitONKl, 481 Pearl street, next bl< k to Chatham. I TTENTION, LADIES AND GENTLE M EH. ?IF YOU Jx. wish to vet tin* full value for your Cast OR' Clothing, 'jaiiN'te, Furniture and Jewelry, the best you can d> l? to send a note to F. HARRIS, t">G Seventh avenue; th r?? you may be convinced you v ill be dealt wnh to y<.,:r ^iMM'aetion. For Silk DresM-H, trotn JM to $.J0; for Coats, from $1 to $10; tor Pants, from $1 toft). Pk-ane don't forget. l.Vi Seventh avenue, uear Twenty-first street. Ladles (attended by Mi a Harris. ATTENTION.? LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IF YOU wish to seen re the fell value for your east oft* Clothing, Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry, and not to he humbugged ! ty false nrlee oil'erers, the 1- e#?t j '.it can do Is to s< nd a note I to H. .MINT/, 137 Sixth avenue, where you will be sure to re eetve fid p'-rernt wore than from any other dealer. Ladles : at' nded by Mrs iliutz. 137 *th avenue, between Teeth and Eleventh streets. A 1IIOHER PRK13 PAID FOR CAST OFF CLOTH I VO, | iv Carpets, Furi.it are Ladies and gentlenu*n, If you wish ! to secure the best pric ? for your clothe?-, the best way you can j do Ih to eall on or s^nd a lioie to M. Kills, fl.'J Seventh avenue, 1 between Sixteenth and Seventeenth streets. Ladies attend ed by Mrs. Ellis. Abetter change than e\ er for ladies and gentlemen obt '.in the highest prieo for their Cast. Off Clothing. I guarantee to nav the following prices ? F- r Si'k Drew's, ft ?ni $10 to from $5 t< $2t) for Coat*; from to $7 for Pants; also i'arju'ts. Fu'-niture and Jewelry. Please ran on or addr< ^ J. ANHALT, 152 Seventh avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty -lint streets. Ladies attended by Mrs. An halt. A ORKAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING.? LADIES AND . gentlemen having any eaxt off Clotl ing, Furniture and Carpets, wiil receive the highest pri<ae8 by calling on or ad dreeing C. MFSIl, 31)2 Seventh avenue, oetweeu Twenty ninth a d Thirtieth streets. L;iviies attended by Mrs. Mish. A BEDROOM .nT. IT OK ENAMELLED Ft RMTHRE lor in nil .Nik'tx, of Marnkliloil Inanutft.-tiiru; iiJ>o b iitilcii^KMiut rhnmlx r Suits, plain and oriMRK'U'.iil, kI 11. V. KAllHtNOTON S, 368 OaniU eircet, (i'iikwIU! r. Ks Uhlii-lK-d m I84U. \ LT. KINDS OK FURSITITRE, OII^'LOTIIS, BED, J. 'tlnn, SlovBg, t'litkry, Al.itttc^H^R, K.-aih?': B. 'KiUjtht, nn.lttit hii:ln8i pi loo 1'a.U Uitbo name, al 444 C:tnal BUwl Bear TtfM. ALL K1 ?? ? > < 1 '.MT! KB, I.?HlKIN(J o lapses, Ki'ildt'i;:, 4" rl-??|wr than at nti.-t i n, warranti'd and ?I *lir r< 1 ft ml! at (?. W. bNEDK.N'S, aKlBowery, I;, /..i'.i St. :.um icid 1 1. hi at.in street*. Youwlll save money. Nii'.p the tvj . >J u". tl<i|i4ilr.ng done. I- v IMBLLBD i HAXB8R' SU1TB of FDRlflTUKB, IV "i . lanil 'tyli'S. Hi .vh'.li"?al ? and r. tall. ai$'i*i .ni l ? ?i.v Va ind PiUlift^ .H. WARREN WARD, 277 1 "wiiit f*r>" t, fi'ur d ? r? auxt of liiua<Uvuy; fllKST XA8t MBLLED FDIIXITCRE-PLAIW ilcrnnited ami ^ralnwl; solid walntit and oak Sets, Mat ii a ? rlnaB* ' A Bvlla, (NnSi apwarda, J. W. nsltER t U iniifaeturers, 65<) Broadway, betweua Bl"i" Korand B- r'1 stri tjls, inartjlu bitllnuig. FCKSITrTE. OAR PETS AND BOOKS BOUGHT FOR f ly rmtipy ?? t 123 SlitU avenua, between Nmili and Tenth strooli'. _ I'.ll.I.IAUDS. B^ILI.IARD TABljj FOR RALE.? A KI'LKNdTd Patluwoof! Tunh , with hlaie bod, nin>r< ?>d mslnona, to H^iher with B.dlr, turluirH, Caen and ev^iytluu^.^inyii.t..; will he mild a bargain. Ajiply al Uie M.iuue>;ll.i, Nu. 246 Blui-'Ker (iiroet. Notice.? of.mti.embn wismNa to kee the Ra'iic ol BiIIIiiMh played by tli? la'st player n tl.e ennii try can witn. ss It on Mi-ndav ettulng next, at M? sr?. Fri'e man A Ka?anagh'? Billiard Ki imi hok- on re 1 Mnnm. l'belan, Kavntiajjh, Wli.tc, biunc, Bi i. j.tu. ? , tivary and o the in vrill play. ? : POLITIC .\b ?TA MKI'/t'INl! ()(-?' i'KK MKl'HANlOS1 INOKHKN l/iiic.n Club, h. !ii at U .flics' tiuu-e, i;u avimtm l>. ,iii Saturday ev?inliiK. N- v. 2, Jam-a I'lvai.! .,t, in the chiilr, ii was UMivt J |hit w, tUn li.-lrp ?n.itml witcm of th'i hl?t<tM|b wimt, fimi.Kiiii'd. a? a r?, of in*" haulm and u ' ? > ~K 1 1> u ? 1 1 * it )!riii>ia|]y, tiudoiMi ilu* Sillunin^ 'iimii m ? tiudid urii, and vv> bvroby [ l"il ;? our?<iye? i" ?. h? Hi >m our hi'.iri* nupi nit;? g-.r tji; ri?J lanw. t. nHi *??>:? ^ iiiitor, 1 Iftll ? 1 1 . i Lukn K ? '?>/ mis t'.Himy Cl.'rk 1 j I.I V W. I,. I. ft JI]Ktf|i-t tlln nny .Nflmn d.Wa'urt'mv . tin' Coi.i t Tb< :na* W. Cifi'ku 0?'-rtV niiinoti l'l Ml- I.ihn H. Hr i.lv Marine Ouuri K h.imu i,. n ( . An i' ew It .lark man Henry Kugiiin Kdw. McConne'l ( T. H. Ferila For Assembly, Twelfth district .... \ adrew Smith J V \1 I S Hi ?;HKS, President. MINIS BANCO, Vice President. John' Maiii.ow, t c . , Jacom Moo r, !^n, fur'' '? AT V MFEiJNt; OF Till; ELEVENTH WARD CLIN ton I u< ii Democratic Club, held on Novem her 2, a t Sti t . niton street, Jin- names of t lio f. -bowing candidates wore endorsed by the members of the club: ? J- .?? Justice i ? r Mar m? Court, EDMUND I. 1IUARNK. For 'mmy ChrU-UENitY W. tiDNET. F< r Sheriff, J A JUES I VM01I. For Senator of th?* Fifth Senuiorlal District, CHARLES t ; . CORNELL. For member of mb!v foi ihc K'chth Assembly District, * WM. OLVANY. For member cf Assembly for the Twelfth Assembly District, ANfrHKW SMITH. For C ? roncrs, s, Andrew It Jackman. Dr. SchtrniT and WM. CLEEMAN, President. A.mikkw Dckkin, Secretary. AT A RATIFICATION MEETING OF THE SEVENTH _/V ward Peop e's Union, without distinction of party, held on s ?lurday c\ -niim, November 2, fit blast Broadway, the People's Prion Slate and county nominations wero enthu siastically ? n<l.r*ei. A ft**r a patriotic speech by tho Ch-iir man, the iollo<\i.ig resolutions were unanimously adopted, ? U?v.?lv?d, That we heartily approve of the sentiments ex- i rr? used in the address oi the People'/ Union Nominating Commito- ? to tho electors ? f the city and comity of New York, and we cordially adopt the address an the expression of out ifoIini'K mid ^etitimenis In the present crisis. Kcsolvrd, That In the tfeiitlemen whone names arc placed on our tlekets, both 8Uite and eountT, we reeognisc men of sti r!im- |ty and undoubted loyally, and we pledge our ?? Ives to make uso ot' ?very honorabio means to tucure their el.vUon. DR. RoIiF.PT McMUUHAY, Cluurwau. Eowahd M. Hkidmobk, SeereUiy. Amass meeting of the emiitkknth ward deiniwraey will be hebl at Concert Hal), avenue A, betu ecu Fifteenth and Sixteenth atn ?'t?, on Monday ?- veil ing, Nov. 4, ; t 7'^ o'clock, t>? ratify the nomination of Jaimm Lvneii for Shcriil. (io<?d music on the occasion. Committee of Ar rar. 'cnieiits:? Thomas K< ro?, Stephen O'H ira, Jatues Lai kin. John O'Brien, Hush O'Hri^n, Patrick Kelly, seve ral distinguished speakern will address the meeting. 4 T A MEETING OF THE EIC.IITH WARD EXCEL J\ slor cioh, hel<l at lt)9 Orand "ttv?it, on Saturday even ing, Nov. J, the t'olloainx named g? ntlemen \vei?*em>orfM*d:? For Sheriff, James I.yi ? 'i ; forJudg* <f tho Marine Oourt, Al?r.:. K. Maynard; lor '? iriet Attorney, A. <'ake? Hall: for Senator ?. Chrn- Ian It. \,' "Irutl; for Assembly,* David !>. K igali for Cuiintv Clei K. H nry ^ 0?n?*t; for Coroner*, Henry lhr:lies, Ctias. J. Do. in i ;y, TUon. |j Ferris, Captain John Wildey. The members of the Club will meet nt IIW (Jra.nl stree.', at 8 o'eioek, on .Monday evening. By order of John i ox, Sr cret-.ry. E. VAN OHDKN, Cr.airmau. AT A MEETING ? OF THE EK2I1TH WARD INDEI'EX itent W- r-iinginetrs, and also Ja?'kson Independent, atid als > tho Excelsior Clu! ?, held at tin tr rooms. Heruani Ki? man was unauiriiotiMly adapted as their candidate for the Third Assembly District. /1ARD.? UgroR DEALERS OF THE NINTH WARD, \J yturerait in hi danger: your old enemv, Capt. Bush, is in the ti Id, ?"ii U la? lor ' ?? A> '"uldv. louean ami you must <lefe.it bun. Your ??\vu ? uul'date, Mr. Sanutord, is a ^ titli rnau v. ry way ?tnali;ie(! m disehnrir the dut'? sof the otiice, and who v. it nn <? asjMv iai nvar.i tor your interest, whic.ii is all Important ?o you nf this pre t.nt time. So up, then, and do your doty. Publicans, shamrocks nnd II i?v. r niarv , aru" In your'm ght ai d strike one of your teiTiue blows h.r S;?n !l d. I,n . rty and I- . ? r, an?l tho oay is yours, and a was - ho poikly Captain, reeling i o to the head ??: Croton river. FREE TRADE. 7XE. I TIVE COM MITTEE PEOPLE'S bYKAiirSE E Whereas, the flwd iy .-.Ik lititui commit tee, preahb^Fovor by Charles Henry Marshall (who recently, in theI) *IViu e < . o^, reviled the ad: nil rati i o Mr. Lincoln in rs elloris ?o preserve the Union i, ha*. ?? r --signed improper tn. - tlv? s ? ? tli People's Sy:\c u>e Cnion ? ouvt ntion for their re consideration <?t' Hie nomination of .1 < > ah W. llrown r.ud tl."ir endorsement ol' Kredi r.'-u L. Vulte; tlu rcioie, Resolved, That we p. oi .aim to tlie eh i i irs of vhls county that ihu motives which .etuat 'd the People's Syracuse |'i i ?u c >nvcn I n were an admiration for tho integrity, capacity ami ebaructtn* of Mr. Vulte, and do ;usi for* the . orruptlonK wl-ieli conn ctcd themselves with Mr. Brow - , m hlseapaei-y as a ? ity legihlatoi' with the j- .torlous forty thieves of !S5'2; ami t/ *a ?? h ? is now the now nee of toe abolition party ?f tins city, ami cannot rccelvo tho endorsement of any uaitonul orfzsni/.ation. We, therefore. < all upon all good and honest men to tsslsl In d featlng ti.i? "ilspring uf eoirut tiuii and bargain, mi l t*? unite with the Pet>pl? N Unnni *Syr?cusc Comrnitt m?" -n elevating to the oltiee of Shmilf that competent and reliable clil/en, Fredenck L. Vulte. Resolved, That tbe Shoddy Marshall Alxiiition Coinmittce do in.justict; 10 iheir ?andi?.a'e, JuKiah W. Hmwn, in eh.nving him with refusing to pay the People's Syracuse Union Com r;dit4?e a lllieiul ass* ssment. H? nnd his friends proffered them any amount thai tl)"y might reasonably demand tor the expenses of his <.an*.ass, but. !.ho c.anm.ttee did not be lieve. t.?at .any pecuniary expenditure would induce un honest people to vote for such a nominee, or satisfy the conscii nc^-s of the ocmmitloe in presenting such a* man for public suffrage. OI RTH SENATORL\L DISTRK f.? AT A MEETING cf the General Committee of the German Union Lsi?r:?ie, the following resolution was unanimously passed: ? To en dorse the nomination of Ohr. B. Woodruff tor Seuab r of th'j above district. By order, OEORGE MAN* HOT, Secretary. F F>B SENATOR ? SE'. F.NTII DISTRICT, JOIl.N J. I'HELl'N. INDBPBHBBKT DEM'" -RATIO GENERAL COM -.1 1 TTEE. Headquarters, .Military Hall, 193 Bovery. REGULAR NOMINATIONS. For Sheriff. FREDEU1CK J.. Vl'LTE, Kiip District Attorney. NELSON J WATERI1URT. Km' County Clerk-, HEN ftV v\. OENET. Kn r Supei viH'ir, ? OEOKOE KUSTER. For ' :ort-n>TT, ANTHONY EI? KOFF, EDWARD C. Met 'ON a ELL, ANDREW R. JACK MAN. THOMAS II. FERRIS. Fur J iiiii! of .->ii pre ill e Court, THOMAS \V. CLEIIKK. For Judges nf thi- Superior ' 'oart, JOHN V KAUHoCR, CEAI DIES L. MONEI.L, Fc Judge of tin- Court of Common Fleas, JOHN 11. BRADY. Forjudge of the Murine Court, AU? A K. V \ > N ARD. For Senator.), F. iiith district? CHRISTIAN B. WOODRUFF. Filth dl'-'rk't? CH MtJ.KS <1. COHNELL. Slxtli district ? JOHN J. BRADEEY. Sevcatli district.? . a. N. IIKURMAN, Chairman. Mvkr M* t'n, Secretary. Independent candidate for the first as scmbly dli lift HENRY VON GEAI1N. Mil. EDITOIt- I SEE THAT CEO RGB W. MAT8E I.I, In . o ii nominated lor the olliuo of Coroner, by seven I patriotic associations in our rlty. J' l? known io most ol' .. ir community tha' Mr. V.itFe.U held tiii- olllce of Chief oi Vollec some thirteen yearn, or from IhcorxanUatlunof I lie di-purtmrn in IS43, tniiiei Miyor Have, m.'.rr, until ?he olllce v.ii* abrogated Ii/ ih ? M'-iroj .H t.i : J'oUi ?? bill now in forn*. Ui.iiui; ih s entiro iieriod, and tin dePM tyorx of dit'ei ? bt.?| <fte politic- M r, M.r e|| pe formed ih" duties ..f lit - oflloo encrgctlistlly, honestly and faiiiifullv, and acceptably to the whole community, and i course ruine out of It poor. He Is, tkcreiore ? ntitl. 1 io tie support of o'tr entire people liir the >'li ? of iVmij-i-, .hi 1 particularly ko because !i uxperlei ? In criminal !;u*! lie. iicijiim d during his )oiik connection with the polii ? ol oiircity, ore-cmlnenily nuallficii him to dlaclicr.n the ill !? k i.i i hat iflice Mi. Ma't sell's cliilms io tlx* .-tn port of every vi t. .-, w * .mi! distinction ot |*art\ nro ?itrcnutlicned iiy the fact that Ilia noirilnailoii l>y t:'. i 'rdon nsi-.'.-iations was n l endorsed i.v the old regular poll' '.\j organizations, and Im pos upon 'all ritlicens who ili?i:H the uletathM to olllce of men ol -..ml moral character, ".'I who arc particularly uualllied io pcrl.rfQ the duties vrlilch may devolve upon them, an obligation to vote for Wch men them?el,?s. Should our citizens act jreneraily upon these views we may hone to elect men to Jill the varlotri oillcc* ot our ' ite, county and < it v. ? l.o will bo lu all rci<fic. t ' nnohje. Hon .bin. AN ODD CITIZEN. Mozart hall for the union. DEMOCRATIC ItEPUBEK'A W RFOCEAR NOMI NATION S. For sheriff, JAMES I, Y VCII. Fur i '..iintv i "eric. HENRY W. GENET. For Supervisor. GEORi.K iv I S'lER. For Coroners, Dr. JOHN OAEVAN. Dr. El'CIEN Ii. W Kit HIT. TIIOM'.SH FEN RIM. HENRY IlltJHES. Members oftiie indefendent union c/.ub ok the Fourth and Sixth warda arc poaitlvtly reipinsted to lmvt on Monday eve i Inp, Nov. 4, a 7 o'. 1" U. io t ike liuiti action on in it ii Slat* and i ountv ii -k. By order oi HENRY HaTEMan, Pregldcnt> XTF.W YORK, NOVKMHKR 2, 18B1.? TO THE EDITOIt il ot the New York Herald: M\ opponents In the Third Asuemlily Di ti let havlni; cin ilaind a r. port to thee.llc' t that my object was to hell out, 1 Utke this rnetl ivl ol intorm Insmy friend* that tlie rcpoii :? i. ee, and thatlamtli'i regularly iioiiiinuted c :ndii!.-ite .t ; ii ? Worklnsmcn's, !' - i le'a and Eulon |uirty in ih'- aliove dim "let, an ? .< i'l rcmnli >?> until window n on Tuesday ucx'.. BEKNAKb KIERNAN. Notice to the FRIBND8 of j.vmes ly.v'h.? The un.lcrsioiied has a ji- n hou?. tor the. it kn it . ! Jamea Lynch forihree na s, a MI Sivth avenue, corner of Tin rt y-tii street, Twent ciu ward. JOHN SHANK AO AX. Of It COUNTRY AND NO PARTY. ?WORK I .VOM EV, rall> . ir the People ? Union c? n ictate lor the Ivuhth Asm moly -trie: iwv.rd l'i. eer, I ir A>?"mld) parly polludaua, ol- ar Uie truck, your ila} a are number':-:. f\X dATURDAY EVKNINO, NOVEMBER 2. A I.MtOE V/ none < r i. rcuticncu of the. BrcCKltiii<li:e denei raey metal i h? v.a lie i' J. C. V hi boon. Km) , in Ninth s reel, ami iui ? i. ei Ij eitUoi-Hcd Freoerlek ii V ulte for tii' -rtll', and A. Halt for District Attorney. Pjururi SYRACUSE UNION CONVENTION. - Daniels. Dl kima.ii lor Atnirney Oeneral j F. I.. > ulte for Sh'-rMf; 11"' r. W i?i net lor Couuiy Clerk; Frodertck A. Taiiaiadge for Catnal Oommisslonej. > ?. , : - "DOLrnCAE.? EE AST1 0 RINOS FOR FASTENING ItAL X lots together, win ho had Of C. A BUNNER (aole manu faeturer, under th? Uao.ly.nr patents), at No. II John street, near HroadTVay, and or C. W. BROWElt (at any hour;, cor ner of Nineieeuih street and Fourth avenue. REUUEAR DEMOCRATIC AND UNION NOMINATION. Sixth Se notorial .ttsiriet (Ninth, iTllueuth, Sixteenth and Elchloootti wiares) For State Senator, JOHN J. BRADEEY. 1 OTH ASSEMBLY DISTHICT.-AT A MEETING Or J ii the Twilllh A.flein'.lv DlHlrlct German Union Ecaguc Convention, h'-tu at 2 1 Seventh *1 reel, November ItMJl, Willi. :n E Brim kerhott' v.-as una ilmonslv nominated for member o( Ameuvdy. Z. Oi'l fi.v .1EIMER. C'buirman. \V*. be. mabs, Uenetaiy. # POLITIC Ali* Read this hkfukk yoi; votk T?? the friend a .1 i Mir country? Citizens, whether by ae oent or i Ji >ke. Taat there i any he no traitors In the next Legidature, scratch evorv man's name ot whose patriotism yo.i have the least doubt. Stand by your imply win n you run do ho without ?tu?*riu' iuu yoiip duty to your country in In r day of trlbr^a Vn army u half a mil'iau of in* u is making war a/Min-f !kt, b? *b dug the naioual ??apil'i! and thr. ate -do ' I !.C '? v - 1?* ??? f the goVi'llun- d. I ' ? next !.? {,sl.. ,.i e a ? I . be caled upon 10 fui i.lsh mo?*y for our holdlers aud their aull.-r ik families. *lhei.? no time tor delav. Pinch ing . -.i l and hunger vs I have ???-. i .uS.t-n tlnai ani'a ol' poor w men and ehtldivn. h Mnattr.il mote -ors !,? ? -one to tuo wa,! ', and 'It - uetmn of i ?j < ? Le^n- uture must be pruutpt and lity ral. Wia it he r il .-a; -mm! of am a W J. C. KF.NNEY, DANIEL YOf'.Vt:, JOHN llARDY, la Ki; r CUON^ allot' whom were members ?. ! j ? ? In n J r-,.1 me? And lon$ after the bombardment <>f 1'nrt ' .. 1, Mid \v t li.t nail na I ting was la ing tin iup!r*tl in the .1 ? n nei.rlv half the State* of the Union, rid . rr pnirh.tic .-m ? is stilijeeied to Iom< and indignity of every kind; to a time tike thi*, when i the la ;:i-latnre was called ipou to put foith every energy to iik'oi th" <'Mt<?rg?'tn*y, ihfro wtao -ax t'aNo io?m in Usui body who v '.Miu.st the ai > propria! ion of a dollar of money with . 'i jo pay the defenders of our country for their pa trloilc VicflK, Four of tlnse wore KKNNKY, YOHNil, HARDY, i;u/,avk,

who, noi on y by their vnti vt b?r by ovary parliamentary ex ^HMli iit, and ?po?" h uiaki ' -, tried to preve it the jaii'iage of a bill to uuthork'^ the raising and paying of an army. Had the measure been l<>*t the great cu'rse wo M have been lost alga, t? r nidi un example, ? unfhg from the great Kmn're State, vvoulo' have discourgai and paralv/ed the nation. Secession would have prevailed in our dtv, and those very moil, w ho htivo been aa an lambs aftiee, would have boldly i ontl lined in tho course they hud elioseii, They dare not do ko now in flu open manner, an ihe\ '.id then; public, opinion la two firmly t in the right diie.-iion. and v ??? havt*, all ol ua, to., many friend* ami rt^Utioio* ot??a;c.d in ihu htrugirlc to n u lei ;t wife to tutor scceHNlon s 'nt uncntu uow , and .>>? they oxpi'ct, by Hayinij n toi au', that th ir re- rc,.u y will bo ovci iuoKcd, an 1 tin sea mpite?ly Hocur- d. It in for you to May whether tUov Khali kiu ? oc?t. They do not firetend to den v the charge ?f hnvina labored an i voted to defeat the war bill. Thi-v dare not do It. The l.roofa mainnt them are too man.. Their *?4c* are nub- , lUbeii in Hie public doenments and aro to be found in all the pa pern of the date of April Id, 1N?1. Tur 1 to anv paper of that date? Herald, Tribune, Tiupmi, World, Daily N ".vy, or liven, in;: l'oit? and there you will tind ??ie report ot ? ti?ir np?;(*ehea and their vau s, and, after doin*,' ho, deU'rininc for your Hi'lven w InVher your feelinvH aud sentimentK can be properly represented by Much men. A KIUKND OF TIIK UNION Then and now above Mil iwvrty attack ment?. fllAMM ANY II ALL 1 DEMOCRATIC HKHt'lt! T(\\N REGULAR VOMIKA TION. For Sheritr, WILLIAM M. TWEED. THOMAS W. Al>.\ Ms. rhairinan County Convention. ELIJAH F. 1MJ UDY, Chairman General Committee. y t 81 crel*r'B* <'uuuty Convention. i^'iUki'it*U>'S' 1 CommltU*. ?rnuK UNION HI ST AND SHALL BB PBB8BBV8S." l'EOPLE'S UNION TIi'KKT. STATU .NOMINATIONS. Attorney . . IMMKl' ()I< 'K iN'SCJN, Hwi-turv of S: ' IIORA I IO HAI.LAKI). (!oi> iitro'ili l.l t'lt S KOIIINSIIX. Tr mkoi-.'I- VV'I l.l.l AM 1 l.iOWIH. Slul'' Ki.c ore. W ? 1.1 1AM I!. TAVl.nU. ABltMlAM II. TAI'l'KN. i F1;aN Ki JN A. ALMKKliUR, I.ori^ tcriii. Do. Khorttorio ' FRE!>'K A. TALLta ADUB. Court ol Ai p.m:? WII.IJAM B W'RIUHT. COl' NTT NOMINATIONS. SupriMiie (Vurl Tll*?^4AS \V. rr.KRISB. ? I I. B. WOODRI'KK, Superior l oiirt iMIHRvV llul'KMAN. Common l'li-ii* Kills U. Ilium, III I'l.n- HIKAM KKTCHAM. DWrift Attorn- v R l.AWCI'.N'Mi SliiTifl'. . .JOHIAH W. HKoWN. County Ch?rk, lu, ! . r 1 1 ? ( )X 1 1 !. tiuix i vLs >r ORISON MLCNT. L01TIS NAT M \NN, .1 W. IJANNKY, Coroners * KDW \KD ' 'oLl.lNO. I JOHN NN ILDKY. A VOTE FOR ANY OTII ?-.!?: I'KoKI>SED t'NION TICKET IS THROWN VWAY1 1 We ndilrenH you ? u ' oh.itf of the l'MOi'l.K'S CNIOf NOMINATING ? <?.MM!T? r.1%, a id app? tlnu' ut >?? a? pair otie citizens, without ?iMtiu 'on of , arty, to il by ov un ars in your powe' in k.t : i in ^ tin v ? >??, at tlie en.Hi.ii ; elet tloti, of th?j sevof al ti' k?'ts w'ai. h it (-revnis for yo* r k iifraut wea^k >oor ato jaJon ton brief htatement o{ the f.n ts which justify and eti?? v?* ? thiM ap|>eal. The repri'hentHtlvi h of?:ie peoolf ot t' ?? KUite of New Yo: k, discard.ng all po.ltv.l tivi>ions, and waiving, for tiino 1'oin,", ? It party rl,?if" m* .i a t tradition^, a^seaible I i*? ?^invention t Svraen. e on the IDth Sooi# no er, 1S?I, and noupnated ratnlidateH tor the appin.i lnni; State *' ' lectio il upon the single and s an ? lo ha:d? ot an uuipialfiled r.'iTiporr .if the national adunni nat on in mm otfort-H t ? > nuppn -s r;'i? i lion and t ? wMere the Miiprcmaoy of the government inevuy part d the Tinted Slates. In aid of tie* loyal otlori thufl irrillated tl?e Con eniion in vokeo the united action of ail cllt/eUM ot Thin Suite, ilTC apee:1vi?of pr.-vious or prcMer.t poiiiiea! tiei <?r proferem . ?, and recommended the (ieiejja ? a ' rom the Uttlercnt dlMtri 't* a take such action wishi.i ?he limitc. ?f tiieir several euiHtltu ?neios an mn;ht on m c<-.?sary f- ? orputj/e th? oplo .s Union iMoeement and to encore it- succchs. Inpuinuao r of t Ins recMinmeui! ltlon, and at the i -a'tl of their del. .at :? to the IVople ? Stat" (^invention, the ?:ie? tor. *4 of the city and eotimy met in mas* ine?.Um: al t!o? Coo|wr lu Kfitute, on liie eveuintM '. Sept. mtiei ^5. 1S61 and aftet unani i.aniMly ratify int; the Hta'e ticket, P?ok further act loti r> Milling la aj |??dnliu? a committer, of sixty-six iwi soiim, com I mimI of three delogatcs from each ward, and elected so as. to secure an e?piasr?*preH?*!itatloii ol tin: three p-diiiiyil particn it u* wn as the de, mo vatic, tive r??pub!i- an, and the Constitu* tlo il I .i i II. '!'?? th i s committee wan -nt runted the duty of perfecting the or^aalzaliou ot the. iVopic'H tjuboi in the dillVrent want?; of uominaliiK candidatf-K for t!i? .Judiciary end Omiisy tickets, aud for the .Senate and Assembly, and of taking s?e u oilier steps a? the caw* required. Tney w? m? also inMr u ted to confer with wittier or^aui/ation.H uaving the same obje?ttM in view, mo as to hecurc, aa far as practicable, harmony of views and action. Tne duty thus devolved upon the Committee they Imve en d Mvorcd laithfu'ly to tliMUiar^e. They have assumed that i:i tills treat popular movenu-nt the v?d?*e of the. pcoiiie of the Suite of New York unni^tikab'y demands that doHiu? the present Hirudin nil mere party in ten -at must and shall be xfleuced and sot asri? ; th if ko lone a* the question of our Ua!i.>mtl c\is?4Mi? ? is a n . teal Ik a. staae, there is no neutral ground np"U whlc'i party issues an 1 par y nrefroeu ?< can titai plaw; tiiat wlnic v> many ot our trtllo.v eiti/euw havn UK nupnrnn for th" h f. n of tire gov ^rm n n', and so many have fallea in 1 att'e. s ?ilinj; thi ir d -' ^yrai t ? the CaU.se of their eouniry W t t.'ieir blood, |!|C i-a .t that < an i> ? asketl of them- whoan- not io the lit Id !* a cheer.' ul and uu N.dtiHh surrender of all par io?n pr? t t em <?:< for tne K.vke ??f tne same great oi-j c'. ? tie- | res? rvat: 'n <>f the const .u.tion >om th" govern oent, and tlo en'orc? :ie nt of The iawv We b?'l eve thel the. tielets now presei ???<! by fJ:< I'eopleN 1' i. Ion State and County -ir^a* '.nitons lairiy embody this ? a riofie S' titiraeni. The eatid .dates havs been m 1 -cted fr?.oi i tin several partita, ai t**r confer .?e wun other no m i rail n;f, con . en lions, tifMiu the basiM of their p rstinal in'ov rit} aipi enptrity, ot their tried devoti an lo tie- Uti 'oi and th.* consiitutioii, and ut their itne--s to rejireuer.t, i'vow 'Im people, the great prim 1 pie Invoiced in t hi pres*ui ??rit?i-?. We now a; |mviI ??? all our fellow eitl/.ens t?? rally in their Flip port, to tils' ar 1 nil p.: ty ties a ud. by earnest, oivasn/.t . ami untiring C.llort. to k ?? re the eh?e'ion of the ,? 1< :S I.i. k 'l Oy an ?>, erwiu Ifiiinu majot ity. 'i are many ? "ii^idei :.u us reiaunu to our S;at.: ami Its-til interests whlcl. o.iiht p operly ?? un.e \ in i>eliali of ;? united movement ain tug, as ;his d-tes, to ; l? vate the utamlaid of qual' hellions >? ?? p.a es t .t irust, to correct exiting abr.-?.'-s crowing >ut o? had le::>;la i k.nf ami to -et'tire the rer\i- ?'.s ot good men jn public ollic ?. Tu?'se sj. odd not b.' h?st sigiit o , and theyeut^r into the grounds of our present app al. We insuS, ? pon i,oin ^t; in ? ?very department of the cove rnm nit? -economy in pufr lie ex. pemlitur ?? redttCliou of puliii.: buttie.ua, and a strict oe.nt at 1 1 : 1 y on the part of public ser.ant*. B"' tlie p n ;? niou it md control :ng motive .-prings from the twril re tnr.i.eiii. Mti; utions, and that regard to tin Hiitety of (he rep ipii - whica, n a popular . ?.vernmeiit, shoiihl In- tlie supr? u.o law t.l old; vMi.ai as well a ? ??r national a- fi-.o. T!?ia rejjr.ru can r . w be irsU'tl by the m ppoi . ot a candulacy : . pre? . *itlng this . Sun ??. 'Sslie. "Tlie rijiitt "f tee snilro^e, ?,.v,ays e! I: ? 'llllaOle ? alite, wa.Mievt : invested wt;u su- h dignity aud respo'.- ilnl 1 1 y as at this moment, wh< n il is to be e\ei ?:i.-!.-d. m j .a t ?? or/an o; milvi.ual pr teremcs to* political oplniooc. but in ?i en e.u all the uu. 't. sucred righ:s an i int i-'/?t;o ho ..an free loin. WM. lM'CKEIt Chairman I# ophi's Nominating Convention. Wm. C. Con.nkk, t vv'areMriea Hob't 1 Ik ati v, \ ' ' ' rpo 'ft ik Ei kctous or tub < itv a nij count v of I t*' >v York.? I : b. lit? peralsiently reported thai I con'im pmliMvitfiffltiWiui; iri'M l!ie chuv.?>m as a ci.tniidnUi for 1?' tiv ? Aliorli .v, I lier.-i >y ?ive null' ?? '! .11 1 have nut' hikI will 1101. w tlidrau', nor 0" *'il U'i raw 11; hut a. . and I1.1II remain a candidate, 1 1! rcpm ts and assertions! o my opponents to the contrary iiotwiilu'auUinv. illtAlI VI R. LAWRENCE, JR. rpIIIKI) ANSKMBI.Y DlfiTRK T.-TIIE FRIENDS OF I. DAVIDO KUAN ctn iiriKiup ?! Mr. John Hour'. .It Leonard street, and Mr. Johu 11. Hurley s 4UC.uiali.ip el, or at ? ach polling plue?. rpiIH INDEPENDENT I'MoN DEMOCRATIC CM ill J. hi tii-- Eighteenth election district ni flic i.Ii voimIi ward, mrt lit M r. ? ?', ."'il cam Tnlricenlh -1 i-t, n ' iturdiiy, Novemlier 2, imil unanimously cndoti*'i| 1I1. ..I! ni'1; j ciiii'tl dates for Member 01 Assembly, -V- ? in hi 1 lii it I'll:'. , Andrew Smi .!!. For Senator, Fifth Seuatirial iilntrl'*(, Charln U. Cornell. For County Clerk, H. \V. Oeiiet. Km Sheriil', Jam s I.ynli. Adjourned, to iwci. <>u Monday, Nov. 4. By order of FRANCIS KIEltk.vN. 1'renldent. John lliuny, Sb retary. fPUE PEOPLE'S UIYRACII8E) UNION TICKET. J PEOPLE'S UN JON NOMINATIONS. Attorney (ieneral ....DANIEL S. DICKINSON. Secretary of SUto llOHATIO liALL.Itl). Con 1 lit, oiler MTll'H RO. INXON. Tri'lli' r. r WIU.IAM B. I.KVv !H. Smlo Engineer WILLIAM 11. TAYLOR. Pr.SOU Inspector AHIIAII VM II. TAI'I'fc V. f FRANKLIN A. ALBEiUiER Canal Commissioner j FREI)K?K A.'' T V LLMADUE I (hIioi t term.) COUNTY NOMINATIONS. For Sheriff FKiJDK. L. V'l'I.TR. <*OUi.tv Cl?rk ...I1LNKY W. ObNET. l/lslfi t A-".r: \. OAKKY If .ALL. Jiistii'uof Supreme? Co? ri Tllos. W OLKKuK. t . , rc.r, v/' M.., iLKWIS H. WO'.nurFF, Justices of Sup" nor , trt..jM| K,tAY HOr I'MAN. Jr.yilco or Court of Common 1 J0,IS ,{ BRADY. I*lras ) Marine OtKiit A. K. MAYNAKD. For SutMi! vl?or KI.MAH F. ? ' U K f TII OS. II. FKKK1H, _ For Coroners [edwr C.N>M'ONn'e1x, (ANTHONY Eli KHOFK. SKNATOKS. Fourth PI ? rl< * CHRISTIAN B. WOODRUFF, Flftli D.nnct CHARLES O. COKNELL. HI -h Diairlct HKN.I A.VilN F. MAMKRRK, tjcvenlh District RICIIAKD H. CONNOU.Y. fhi' ICiOcutiTo Comn.lU' Ail: be in session daily at their hiM |i|.iurU'ra, No. KJ4 Broadway. rroum VOTERS -OF THE FIFTH ASSEMBLY DIS 1 rl. 1.? Having understoiKl trot iii kris havo linen printed and e.iri nlated In the dlmiint lu arinu my name M a enndi laie fer member of the Asuembiy, tb Ik card is published to warn all good citizens that It Is lint n dying efl'ort to help the nomlni e of the enemies of the Union, as I positively decllncit in In vol of Mr. James W. Bnsli, who Is the . lily cnndMiUe 01' all tin) Union conventions of this city and district. W.M. TPCtBB. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE 12TII ASSEMBLY DIS tnct:? It having N-en rcprewntcd liy evil disposi d )>er snns Unit I had Indneed John Lambreeht, the nlNtilnee of I .'??? republican party for Assemblyman in tliat dimin l, to v th draw his name as a candidate, for a pecuniary consideration, and fearing tli.it an undue Influence ml^lu thervhy be ex erted amonrt ilnise ?lth whom I have no personal acquaint ance, I lieii'by d' ciaro ati *ueh n-ports 10 !?? falae and tiniwe in every particular. They have lieen circulated as well 10 in jure Mr. Ijimbre hi as myself, and I hereby appeal to tli" voters of that district to enable me to given lei' nation yf Ihem at the ballot Ikjx on Tu'.'sdav next. Novkmbsv 2, Ictil. WM. E. BRLNCKEK1I0FF. POMTICAL. rpAMMANY HAUL. LEBOORAT!' UKI'l R|.t< AV KKi- * K NOMINA I'lON.S. > f 11, Wit MAM W I >VBED. : II. mil A. lorn, y d NKliHCN .1. \V I'l'EKlil R\ . ? Fi l- !?. IIUV I ? . k, III 4 BY W.'MKNKr. EPtt ,\HI> i ' Mi i ONMKI.I., AMII'i. ' I'.. ? V( KMAV, AN i liUNV H, t.K ill niAlO.I s .1. Hill'! ;'i;i:rY. HT.r S 1 1 1 ?< rvl*r,\ F.I. I.1AII I', t't ROY. v 1 1"' THOMAS W CI.I'.KKi:. !?'. ? . S 1 1 1 ? "l i'ii Cum. ri.A.'lHI K L. VONKIJ., ?JOHN M. HAUHOl It For ''oiiiiuhii I'I.-ik, .IIIIIN It. (lltAllY. (?'or MiuIih) i'luiri, EPMUN1) 1.. HEAil.NE. rpiin tl?|i>N, TUB <x< UvHTlTlTION AMt THK EN J. fotvi'iiwiii of tlm 1:iwk. national i nio.n rorvTY ticket. Fop Phi HH' Jil.'lUI W. HIU>?'N. K?rf.imiy(!|?-rk 11 E'.itY VV. *;ENKT. Fur I)i.mri, t Arum y \. (HKI'V Fo?' ,1 usti" *? ; upiMiwi tt'i.t llluM.'S W t'lti-IIKF O.KWSII WooDKIFF. rt.r.niK ui k sup. run < ,, a. ..>M| ft it -V Y Hoi'FMAN. FopJn-Mw Coiniiuisi I'l. -is. ...IOHN K. IIUAOY. Fi r Juhi'uh M.irlmi ?Juu. i till: \1 K K l'< 1 1 A , Si Fnr Kii|w>rvihur Kl.l.l All F. I'I'Klli. f.l. W K\.NK . Fort'nrim.Tk J JOHN \Vil.l>i;V. rort.oMu.r* .j AN1 HitNY lMrKIIOFF. (TlloMAK II. FB I'M IS rpo THE KEKOTORK OF TUB T1IIK1) ASSEMBLY X l>;-hi t ? 1I< Mi'iliK that rep.;ts at.- ? ir.-.tlaUul ihn-urh the Yhir ! Amrmblv l)tstrn l, t?v ?omc lualHntm persons < liut my nomination wuh got up ft.it!?. pi. ??f -fit, therefore I Uenounee all s.ieh nip >rtH jih ni?li< ior.K tuln\c?o tioiiF, ami ealouiamri to iujtne im*; ami T ihmk n due m my fri'tidK ami constituent* to flat" t?? thciu t!uu I, in the W rk hitmen'*, Peopled and I'm n t\ui<H?lan\ ami ..ill k.? remain until mimlown on Tue*i!:iy m>xt, ? h*' n 1 w< ? t to '-on.-.r.' late thrui mi my election. HICUNAlID IUKKN \N, flio THE KLECTt US OK THE COL'N ? V OK WFST J chenlcr. At the l'eople1* 1'nion ? ?onvention, h d nt tie OM Cent Houfte, in tin: villain of White I'laui.-., on :2ie[it!? Uay of ? tober 'a*t, and preiude tl over by Robert If. Oolew, Rm|., tn? iiiitlci kiumI x, i\? a rori'mlU"* (o tali 'utoi' ?Mii vtMitimiH, with I "11 jiowvr to tili :?,n\ yhcu m-um . : ? nhoitkl occur it| on tht* tii k< t t.V*-n noniiuvU-d. Tlmf contain Sng upon It the naiiu-Hof men w * ?m?? 'icvolMi ?<? lo * common i'ltimo was Hiip<*rior to all ivn ??tiil>i am: 1 ol our?\ tk'H, was the c>pr?>h>ion of tho ioyal spirit of the. prop'* of W ert b< mtcr, i.inl wa? comn.unth'fi to m pport o: v.'l who wcro more ?H |uiLrloth liian ^.MrifNiiiN. Hu?, iiuiu the o. an unl'irtunaio ? 1 1*, trie -tiou ; n>j flu* t Hioii m?* of t]? county divid-Mi their s;rem;th nml j .'rflh*.! thi'ir <nnf?>. Another Union ti' k'M, i ?u'ipos?rti .if >u?.o o t'.! fo twr ral |?riMlih'ctionK, whn i !;???? ?- I.t-l'.-ro : ! | ? Wi. ? .*. <ii vi<H ii front our t.mioe'i .v.im eirl. ? -r? ?!- . in! the ioynl voieu of Wi Kieleftcr ? ? n< ?i lik? ly ti:.;e ar*!. We rejoice tos-ythaL f.liis ili'i.i .< < tan nu l.uufi r cx.st^. , Willi a ?l iit?-r< mJ la'iioti^m w'.?:n t. ? Uui.-.i nun of Wf^'t l-t'rtter u ill a; .'#?< late, apoln .1, a li i -ee n.ner, Me -h. ! Twil'>hllu,M -Mi lie.ii' y, our ? amlMi.'e* t- !? ?! <>. r ollh es of Slicriif ami 11 "J- 1. r, lav . v ? a-li' ivmi I'r -;u the v'aKN, in outer tluu .ii< voies ?.f all 'vlio ?!? .are tOMitna i e their hiipport of t.li?? jjo i rntneni, in i h vj^.j <s ? k. ^ ? ? of tin1 war for :In vistiMM''', may I? ? ( 'ic?nP <!? ?! ne :? a Hiiii e tick* t, ami M? a' lin a trlmupii wnh ii fail iuili.":taki?. blv ?ii,< iar?> the ste.i ! ! a::'. loyally o. ?.? <:? ..my *;? tl? ? ? itl-.tilu tlom foi \?'.i Me ti ' ' ? i ulixxl < ou I at ra enriched its noil. Ky v trine, the .'f..r?', of the a iihoHty ver.vf >f fn iih ty the act Ot f..Nc lVoph'*s I'll O r.oUVUilti III. we livr?iy *u!' illlille, ?n lh" place ot the ^iMUli'imot who1..- ic nftlit.ns v\ <? hnve an. uontii. I, the uau - 1 i I TlKMoN H TUIPt' JorM.critr iui.1 of V " i I \ M OA i '\M I i. NN.- on-ratul i e ocr !?-1!oa , Uif. mh ti j o;i ii. union M? s io-aiel, iuid ^ .iMil i>.l' ir nupport t *i (..twIiJI-m tlvm f. rmcil. ftf; I which v* | T?*H- Mm t ?' T^?i? .i UK lit ? our count \ .ii patrioiiMli uf Alir poo; I II ' I KI>\V I i I.. i AMBIU?Sc; i'UNDLI I Civ, I N J. ir \\'\ ! Li* t*K< ??:< K MtrriK! A Kit \ kt A M I'l l Ji JOHN l. .II NK, NovKnm.it 2. lh?H. c 'I IK 1'.: .EVE NTH ir t n lor \ ?? I- 1 iv i .? i'..r .im f\v ii'iii ,\y n i.olv ,hm ,:??? I Tint" ill. in; four ? ,?i >i ? ? i in nu? ;.,i 1 ' ? ; o!ii<M\ ? ?1 win ! it iii Uilr. I, ??:????!.?? i?o. ? ? of t-i- <?)?{ \ l .il|? ill ? ' I : * I ' I / ? i ' " ? 1 ? M , Tit" I ?!!??. lllll'.ii .1*1 1* 1 l.t . M I'. \\ tl> . ' iv 8rltiflk<>rl}o0>, la tb* i ?** ol the (Tnlm rouv?*;. h>n ii. tli . * . n?t. In time* I I ? ? I t ui I s I'M-o^uinn him :i?i t.?r i?*i?r?>c,i . ittv .* *?t* the luvv'mli'u; IT i?l mi isolitlUVItt, I Ifl I do P 'I v, i to ? i,jy f.irvfiit pohlt.ii'ii <?:? ii !|m ?.? <i'It to aulv.*rt ??. ci; ? <nn ?rrilv\ Notw kUMiindoiK th?* in.ototaf ton# that hav: b*'i-i\ ?'ii? ulati'd 1?i u?> |M ?* I'l l ' ?? Dl ha* ii. i< < ! *ct n..icd *ol- >* by jicru nlttry root i\*-A in ih" ? ?? p I it:* v u :ak**ti, to It i- . 1 here u. \ i im i iv" ami ur^'-inivcc : ' m-niti,., I i-h-ill ' oldlv and IVurli-xsIy d!soh.:vg" a ?i*i?y whili ??itv .iMMaiurs i?;i mi i,|n?n mo. In Vt?*v of l i ? ? ? j it-, -n* . vkfiiry, 1 vicri lii't' par i) ??? iifiindfd", in u i It Ir . llm, aa I tt?'* do, Hi** pr*- sent politic;*: ? i 'uj ait'ti, lay ?*.!!*??? .is ?, amild.ite, and I tVUM'^tkj MMjUf'-t ' Y ? ' V HI Wollld <Mlp)*01 I V ill Ta?' Coll. <11}* *?l?M'tl III 1* M*'MY Ii ,ll''t. 1 .1 irii.1% lor l!;t* lo tion of Wiliiam !' ilriv* *?"?i*otl. Nov. 2. * S' '? | . JOHN LAMBHE< UT. WARP. flu* ua? of M* !? . - ' in. it to tcircilu *i lot* nfl 1 *avld H. < 'oduti ?< ?til" t?i* it ?**r ? ' A'Win'.'.y i r? ? lie Kil? Iroitlil AnH**Ull>iy dftftlruit, WHH V. Oh Ull'i o *rt ?/???? WV E POiuiE. ISA V N |M||.'.f,rK\ .'AVI-.H VS. UKUiUAV, II K.N J AM I \ ?? KIKU?. N.w Vin.K. Nov. 4, lSi'l. An".::!.' r< "I^JNIUN NOMINATION MIK IH' TI'.liT ATTOj<\r,Y \HK\ilAM LAWlMCNi.F ?' . Wm. < \ riirvi i, t < , . Win fa : * r, llOiMM*. H?i*!tv, s' ' ' .ii tii *a I*' plo'n i'nUm. (icor^R F. T. ^iiMiij Ivl'.\ iintfi I *i? <*i ' ^o- !, Si ? p'tary. rha- mhii KiCh Av. C?m. Wm. H. Woog\*oo?l, (Tifhti l.i? ? 4, >?.? ii lurv. t/'huiruw ii Va-jun. ??'' L'nlou. Gevrw W.nir) ?t. II N. Wii;i* i.o. S' -ri-Uiry. 1 3*t*n ? .* ?i !.t I i.m J/r*axtf*?. Eu Piuiik.M, I'l.n mh U. fl.iir, ? r?*tnrv, t*Jun<'n v Si 'io!ua I'tiion, Wm. H. hum-.. W. ?. kf. it,. SiMT-'lllfv. UM'it l it. r. I'oriJ. Onuv I'll. r'NK.V lIKi TM.rrAN ^Nf> INOhi MM>KM" NOMi. 1 J t.a'Jojiioi .7 iK'.t,- ? i ? M.'t- ' < IMl.U Jn A. A Ii VMS in i/riv k r ii I'KiKf*.? v r:3?iiEK^ am? i:\ mj;m \ oi'ts at :h?! T??-J*tii r**ifif?l? ri I, u- .1 t;, i ?iti n .? . r, w ?,o WiT'' out it! Vli'ijifilj; III'' ii' r ? . I ? i: V ;*U?l vo'C* for lilt l '11 'i ''.4 . l;,y in 1. \\r<?UKIN(JMr:vs wMl> \Ti')N V V I ' r ? ? ? i .. . .. WUJiain M Tv.. ?i|. I or Di-U i" I A :orit?> .NY mi: W.it? l try. For Ooui.ty i'ierk . . , !i H . r.foh.i .M-.. For o..MM>n> I I \ ki CV * i' 1 a. W. (I A KD.N J %ti. ?'?*.! in. 5T r. Hoyt. Srcvptar '. *1 st WAi:f> washtni;ton union <?; ^.? a I ill'^ot !> ' K n?v?* I .;?;ii('(| ? Job W I' 1 i?r J|H : i .J^Umii. BIm ? , on MouC.i .' oiliv, r?? .i inti 4. ?m :nt ?r? Hy ur?i"^-??r i*'. .?:iit. M ? . if \ Kf. Pir/aiKViAi.n, ft r'ni SKNAToHIAf. DISiUh'T r?> Til. V )TI.!'S OK r) in K l'it Sr.' iUori ii ? il tviiv i ? en tt> ?? ? iii' *1 I'.iil hai:.Il?i!i - n-Kl t ft. ti ts ,1 ??n *<W .-mi lioii I lutvc wiUi(!r>iwn fiom 1 1??* f nout'y mV fri'-ntU I'l.it ..n n" will I uU|im..,n, ?" . ill n I br ,l raniii'li.to t? it * 11 ti<* |t" '? ' lt?K< 1,1 KK f. rt>.c.'k.NS rr TII WAUI). TT!K MT MVP.ILH OK 'JliK MHSr i fS ? } ti i ??* :jiion Ol. i- s:r?' -not ?.? t?i? * ? r , .. {#?.? ?:? rrt Ktrf i I hit- 1 .u h 1 . jo ti.ikf mi i,;.>4cjin-nt - .oi* til.' '' I'". '! it tl . )IEM'\ II. SA1 "/mU. Ww. lUuvrrr. F-V r t: ry. 7TII W A J : I ? ' .V i)K? 'K. ? A MMKTIN'J or IMTK ??'' NO 4 M?*n'- 1 1 : ? i '??!. O ir . . < .o - \ W. ril w :ll ?m h? M lit 40 Elint Jlr.?mlWi.y - t. Mi rxliiy -?'??riincr. Mm. '?tnh*fr4. Tho im'rr.b o ^ ol t #? ? "lu.i n t-? ? i.' ? ? ? d :o i puti<" I4? t' tl. 'iiv o, ? l or .1.1.. rfAUKIS <!"/?>.' Ti:.:. r i i; ' r>- 'V'.f. J^wkh II l IX, Si??rn'!arv. iV ? ? r, 'I f. ?m'. 7TII SKN' A TO HI A L DISTKKT- >li' 'J" T!!K | ? v . . m i':? ' i ? \ i; J oft i. ? - lit ' ?'* I *? "I 1 1 .?? I \+ : '.tit .it' *?1 ' l! ' M: 1 |>- ' *|| ||a*. fill . 1 > . < I I . Ii i' I ' ' 1 III' ' S ' .1 ? 1 ' H^ttiitn lor s?!it tor. D.-mc nils.' r*M??l?llcnti Union .noinuia t ion for Stat* i.;.:? r, Hu*i:nvt ii. ( "m.- i y "1 ?JTI( ASSEMBLY OiSTithT All) '.if).) 1?) Tif JV%jj>U- ^ rsvn.r i>?'> i n'otj N.miui u i. For \J ' -ui.*-! <?: \- ' ? I v . Mil II M I. V ! IJ*Ef{ j *^TII ASKKM KI.Y l?I>' ! h T T'?f N ???. i*4i \: Kor V- -oil r -f A MlfOAKL MW.LKH *1 OTM A ^ S K M B I > Y PI STItli rj*i I) \\ A II P. ) LO 1U*' K> gmai llfpii li in Nomina io? . K r M-mii1'? ?.l A ? ' in'-'lv. MICHAEL MILLER. n'lJT ASSEMBLY PIS^Kl' T? TY.'ELFTH W/ IIP.? AT a iiiwl.ii^ of t!:f? *1* . to t !u* refill ir Na ???"..:?! I n '.on rotivniit'on. f!t E'hvar i .!oi?*'f? u ih uiianioio.iKly n^iniriatoU lor in??iiii>?'r of A**' tni?l\. STEPHEN ilOBEKT, Oil airman. J. L. K?krt<i,Sc*t? I QUI WAUI> PEM ?' RATIO ( LI B ? A MONSTER V O 1 1 ;4 ?sl tho w o. f ?? lution ? ?!1 !>?? h?*l i ?t their r loins, *,"t t. r ?.( Firr u-.ei; ? ?? mi-! T\v? ntv-ijih -n * on Mottil.-i\ "V* r in-', NovimI**^ 4. In>l Th': d'Mjioi'nwv * ! fli? *iiNtri* i .*r" i? l?? a<H<'inl U' In full fore*' fMi ihftt ??<?*%, ?l? i?, it tl*?? ?*vi? i f * i?-.'t !??n, ami i?nal io.t.ion will b" r;ik**ii on 'h- 'lil|i'i"iit c ?nii'cii.to tl. ?i v ?? tn'<-n<i to Hiippnrt on tin* iollou ii*k day. All t io. ? infu. . : * Mr. Lynch for SM'rlil mnl *ti? "til l 'Mii'lniit* . ml hav?* Ih-imi airn ftiih ? ii?* tril J rojii t tit* ) >ol i isc.il baliU* I I'lil. will < n<|r:o or to 1h* fjri-s.?!it *>?? *? a! toiimml *p'?*ko:< wfll atlilrf^ th*? :in" i n?{ PtinfUml iitJi inli'i.c*' i^ r' .po- 'i"'. By onli'i* ??f IT. Bkahv. S? n"iary. A ABBKHTON, I'n sldi'nt. M. La uk i n . V'linirtvian. TOT1I WAKT> I'Nms ci.ni -TiIK *; i:mbE!:s of 1 O th*' ii'kin '? Olnb ;tr?! j?artl?M.iaply r**qi.: ? 1 to m* "t Mt Hi'iol'i'iMrti't *, )2T> Ejft Tw*" ' oil .?? i^et, on Monday ??Vt inny, N"V"in',,'r 1. Pi*u?*t ti 1 1 *Jtt t#?n '!?? n?*?* ri^i'tlr'-'l, a* buslin es of in.iH '*Uir'^ will *i*; ran a ???!. Bv oj |< r '?f TIMOTHY 4'ONNOLLV, PnwiMiu'. riUNTIS REYNOLDS, >*?< rvt i y. OOP WARP I>EMO<'KATIC INION PEHRKYKR Mj .i.i' ? \>*o xViot!.? I li" :ti??inb?*M ??(? n'-|.i***?rfi; ?o ?i. t a* ri'VJ W.-M h'ort v ? lubtl. mri ?*i, at Mr. Jtt?v* < Hnm .an's, .a 7K -I'M-k, for th?; jvirpo.so of ftnloi Minp '^udidut**". whom v.o will Fitppoti, oti Tui* <1 iv n?'Nt, Nov. .V PuiH'tual h' tcmlaure H r'MineHtcil. By order ?! PANI E L PHAPPY, Chainnwn. KOBT. OOSiilCtlYE, Vi e Ohnii un*a. pATmcic Muwrny. Sem^tary. )'ath"i?k MooRK, Tr*'*" *ror. DAKCniG A CA DB M ! BS. ,4 boPWORTU'8 DANOINli ACAPEMIE8, ^V* N'?. Kii'th avenue, ? r. T\r* nty \ili -*' ? New \ork. No IS7 Montague sti ?i t, Brooklyn. tMiASSK"' ? T M'vi.iuys ai. l Fridays In Br-?okty n. OllASSEH? Wednemlayaand Sat'irday* in N*"v York. Circulars for terms, Ac., may i'o hwd at tilth erarad*** vy. Bf ROOKIVS 0AN' !N(i AOADKMV. 361 BUOOME >fT JJ N'i.W CU%SS KOli Tl'ESDAY. \ll ihr fH?hl<niRhlr- (Imiei S in . n.. .-."ir* of lewni. 1.AIH KB muft TuciIbtii miuI Kridajr*. 3t.fi M. UK.NTI.KX I.N. 1 .>d?y* ??<l JVi.tav., "K l"l? P. M. CUILDRKN. W. .11.: >al"i i)? H..|. i'. M. X..V11. h' nnnrv '? .??ln*tru '' !hv Mi. Br. < k??. iSOiUKti kviiiu WhiJ.NtlsDAi U\?MMu. HSU '?a t Mo' " HOUSES, CARRIA(iES, &C. A WtlMLKB WAOON UK TWO HORHK J 1 Ihny Wiuittjd. ill .?x 1, n f.,r u hoim or ?1< ibl. Ro k .1 iy Wi>?i'n n.| ra.li; Ki'Mtrly mv. \.l ri for .no k B. M., I...* I, us | ,,i ?|.i, . i !' \IB OK 8TVU8I! liVV HOUSKS VM aud h'UiitvHu#, In tii" 4 |t , i ? , trained muM1?? hm*i ? v. Iv, ' v, day, Mini will n- ??? ?>., , n. i'j? v v. ta?m->, Tweulv-ihud i, h*h. m ui ?vun d-l if the day in fair, if nut, uuTut^l iv, Th ? U<?im ?. 4i . iy to. (.'cable lit ewrv * i FINK BROWN UOUM-: *;oor> LKiVK'i \nu *. A\ . d Busitnws ILim***.*', ? ! I * ... i|'4c i ? ' i \ in litKo'jr ' ouy built 1 1 o? -4 ?, file- drive", tor . , a ImI .iU''' 1 Horn**, 97U. V{ |?lv I'-'PlWn da/ . <J M' inoihf. HOUSli, WAGON \ND II. V KVI'SS FOR SALE.?THK eannm l>e *ni\ H**'d for ?tyl?*, e.itln i m h.m. , ; i?r under |be Tl'?? W i ;?m is ;i custom niaib*, ?lnitb fc, ?"P, full Hnrlu;;; very .1 .'Mi, aud nearly u* k'm-i! hi mh' Tin- ii.it i S.ddfo mid Itri ! ?? in in ui mi ? m ;!??? I *t epy mikeis, mid ban hemi u*'d hut little. The above i*bi-i i^ I ?'i lor want ?d 'i-'* and will ! ?> Hold at a low ibmi * Af p > a. 1 HI \V(iM'i>y i-l.i- *? llOKhKS TO KKKP FOR 1'IIK WINTER.? GOOD A' ? II e m n dutJotis t<> k'- ; ji' o-. o' r hm'ttfM ( n II *??? ? .1 an. I jjtio Mai by au exp^rlmioed baud ', on I?ong I h n !: }> ? ? o r< u ' a' t?*. hnmliv f Art Pino Uivet, I'KUMONT HOUSES Foil S ALK -A rtPLKNIU D VP4V ? ofhiaek Blaekhuwk Man- , 5 . id (> ye. r ; old. l.V? iiainlfi ||? . ui 1 Homi.i ai : Rio t, full *? lf? ?ood ru.oh ?? s una flit" Idlo fiuiuiiiift; to* ? v i ? ? u;.d tu-'floi wait not \ imv ?Ml. Also v vi'va! >?o*' I U pm h run ?i n . ? Wj\ ni itigt.in Hall Stable^. I 115! iii??! I W. TINrd avciua*, H?. u $18 $300 A MOM H i OR IIOHSMS AT A riJTB ST/HI.K, No V'S \\ < Ivmmiv t rh tit Htrwt. Ki arm ?niti<?. A | .i . l lo-aUbv siiibto, abovi* liitmrtil. TImk-o in want of rood *taM:up nn* m\ itiul t ? kIv U a rail. KOB A IUNII (?MH. STYhfsfl HI.M ic ?p i llni'M'. s.kUm ii liit n?i h biiib, iM?iht yi' ii'M old, Hound, ami kind? a iihiaMa'ii and hat .a aily llorn< ^ lon^t.ul; imiftc tw s ?id t liiw liy. 1 nun lit* at. mH W?st Tw^n' y-?l^luh .* < nvi, WII Ij riTIU'U \sK A sn.VNfil!) BAY SI VI, In u. sound a. id kind. 10 hands hir?b, lino a uton; ?oitU'nl KitddH> li?n>. . li.is .ro'iinl In L' 4fl -.;t tln? ro d. \ rx'iiitnr .an" IMS- Ar(?> h OKORGE IIA? KKIi, tfntniHhioiuM' of !>'??? ; ;.i N. tu ?? rnot. H l(\lLROAI)S. rn.SOK iUVCR BAI!.UoA1> ? TUA1NH F6u ALBANY, IV")', tin* North iuul W^vt, Inavo i lu.iobeiH inrwl al 7 uau 11 V. M , .tud :\\M, ft i4i. d l?i;i& l\ M. \7i;\V TOKK. IIAKLKM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. _ \ For Albany, ft "y, North uud W???i. Winn r i?rran?- nmil. < > :r? ??:? -lifting Mmnlay, Nov, 4. IHtil. For Alba nv ? l'l ,'I0 M.. II\|'?.vs M ; J I Train fro.n T\MMi!y. sixth M?r< i t di?i>oi, s? ??opiutf at White I'I iIiim and nil station* p. th jo i 'hi-ib.t:n F'-ur t'?? in-rh, iiml at Kin It ; bo>?k to iand >e\r V??. k \>.n ??>#Mij;nrs. Fort'roton FallM? 4 IV M , ironi Twenty ndxth street denot, 8r 'l?|dii? at all "Uillvim no: th of Vorkvllie. I ? , n*Mte Plain- ? s if, M . l' .HU 4, f> and ?.45 l\ II., from 1'\\ ill ? i vili HMi i'i di',?"t, Mopi'in.ral all stations. I'-.r White Plain d l.? I' M., Iioui White strci't depot, *'o|.nlntf at all >?!?! iik For NVUIUiUfc . idu's'-H IA. II.IA A. M . and 2.30. 4, A, H IA and h " UP M., ii u i*>.? nlv^ixili -l i e? de|H,t, n. it .t.i At.lllOllH. Rut riin^, w ill lea\> AP*att> 10.T0 \ X. . Mail I'rdn, nto|>pfnc t>t all - ; ? 1 1 . . ? s \iorth ' and W niii' Plains, and at Kindcrhook, k iji tail, lor Ni'W York iia^^ei rsnulv i'rnron Fall* 7 A. M., M'P?n;, at ail AtatlooK north '?! Tre mom. W u-e !*la.n < f> Id, 7 1.%. 10 A. M. and 4 45 1*. M , ^loppin^ a! d. f ation-. \\ iUiani*ln ;dk A M. nil 1 I P M. Ptopplnt; a all Mta? I Iouh .lo'HN BFR* HILL, Af.dmant HuperiiHHudnnt. PKMSOV \ls. J I INFORMATION \N \NT11? OF I If R WHFRABOITH OF .loll n Dull, from !!.?? i -a., id* Man, t ofev rKniltb and tin at d tro:< worker by trad*. Vr.v tiding* w 111 I ? aratafully ro i y lii*mi i;'"> , Kii- 1m* 1 1 1 Dull', S'e rami nto l l'.v, t al. IF K. KKAitNV. L \TK THflJ I) IRISH TIKOIMI N i IK I io thli elty. ?'apt. W'.dp . - ; aii ?n? to t.a: liini. Inij.ihrt a ; LH tl B ! ? aid \* ?i y I . d ?t? ? - INFORMATION WANTKD of JOHN J. JM'Km V, I o ii.--.iio; hlrn-'* Si-pti i.iber 1 ; ?,i[ pof I fo have jidneo tbo a ! . : lie l:? !??'! ? . ? :? led I t ? oa . . ? t ?. ;? !?? w ith hi '.iioth", \i^- *,?i,-u,nitt,h?n ill b,? t!;ankCullv : ?? riv^d by hi - hr? tin i, P. .i.i ks .u, Cu.-:nru lioiiM'. N-'u Vrn-k. 1 I.) N" DON? 1' ALL I A RLV TO IMY FOR A 1. UTTER* I j |m. I wIMi t.? !i?m r tin tlo*. : von. I U K -YOU WILL FIND A NOTVi FOR YOU AT THU I J Mr .a.lwiy P?i.i* oihi f. ?\f LSSINO? SiNi'K THURSDAY. V YOUNG MAN" At named .lani'-s >lo'.(ii. ..'??ut ti left Ri\ ni-hi'i hluu , k ? ? ? . s t bul'*, with dar'. um'-i. lie. Any iuforoi . inn of film \v-m he thankfully r?' ? Iv ^ ids I i nhi r. ai No. Ii Eiigln^ hi n or by bin wit'i ? N ?? oJ I'J* hi. Mrss ida.? vol i;s is i;;,? Eiri.ii. i < e<;i:kt voir lcaye mi hooo. It h'III In . ivn, ple?^> ? .noi .'.-r 3 o> r uel- minatlnn and rail mi uie 0:1 Wi? i:.i>, a m*k, ..h it im in . sftirv I Hhoul.l *<*?? you on h>.*diit**H ol n i- fi lm|N riaui'o h? If; ?? yon i?o. Trust nil* At all ? u ins nnd by nil means wrd ? ?ne iH.n a^ain, an I I m, uh' k t; ?\v u leoe a let ? 1 will I nd you. A-.uiu, trunt ne a< I relir on my di-si'itdioti. G? ? ?. \\nLL THE GLNTLKVAN V. II'? PHOMISKr? To MKKT 11 th- youiiif lndy. on Fi day .? 1 t nii n.?u, at Wasiihi' on Pnuid" (?; muni, mldr-'ss a I 1 : n- * ? ;lu omili to*? UP> ? ?onaV* h atin^ v? lien In ? an ???? In r hui nil w ill lie nK|.laini -:Y voa i*. / tOAL.-.VEAt'U ORt UA-ilf, I-Klll' ill ANIl WVUt*f \J k n'ain, vmu'i ;iuu' t to i? ? >, itnin*1 i\rtic los. at i \ i mark' t pi m* J t oni ; >. I; ? ! * r t. .n u-*-, in i i .?.?? . Atao Knjili ill holism * iiiurl tuio i ri Orrol, < ? 0. >? . Hi-n, ut fnnvht ran *. ill N'HV KMiVfc, ' Ootliei' of t ';tl IVtttll*, Mini f??|\ .Jane M I V 1 1 \V ? hi h'l. SPKC f.%k? M)TUaKS. A FAilt ? 1-Xil; TJFK OK TIIK oUI'l'\N.^ j \. H?"u?* it lid Asylum ??; i )\< I aw' ftjii /oj.al t'ho h ?\ ii I" : slo- inpfiiuf&oi; ? Foru I ?it!i KtH'i-t, ' orMT of J* .\it0,fton avt'.iHH I. mi I -it ? 'dio-selay and Tliil.foa v, UH- IJlti. 'Mi u-Mi J1 or S >\r:n .M . ol' < ?!????, 'hhI ij , . , I rice > cm i i nt.. C ? i (ii i r?i u 1 1 'i* ? m'i /MTV J MI*Kf 1\ : !?! .A ! ?' Till. ?'liVSTAr# \ -M, i ,#lH, . .it.- .MX ? ? ? , ' %? t O i t : H ? U'l r ' I ? VI-. ... M Ih! . ? ])T7 K i'??h' for iiu .1. U>lli? . *Ji a lul'hiui in. I liAltliE % . >ir /v lp'VH . < wrr? ? ;o> i. .jurist J.- ?*.' ? ' (he i' u.", o?u 7 J'? Im-t ? n 'ir.t<.r \>>t' s. \ ; / : - No. U '* ?'..(? ?!' ? .?!???? ? . ? V u ; n.i. II,.. 14, <o I,. /,|? r O .? In\ .? L '..Ii . No. Itfcfc. t?i to" or !? r ot A. It. \\ in?fceutl; ? m . tfi<* > !?:? v|i?4 tK'Ul iiuta.Mf ?: 1?> T' 1, ..mi ll. -i: |?.i> ineiii i?* ** . . | <OUK\TH k linFFMAX. X'1. r, Wall rtre<.?, V V ? . \ #\ . .. I- ' \' v? n? K.--THK mi-* Tar; vs^ociatiox <>k i> ?. ? S'itv?? . I n.-ti iMtt .r : II. ;< U T?- . al-u.-.H ' > r .? ' ? ? i * 1 1 yin-n ?' Jit. v.nW . - i'.v ? ' .Nc.v V???k. un?l ? ? v.i'?r ? . 'i' T. i?y nr. in v irWic. t . . n If- ru "A i M 2t A" u ?V ?... I t! ? ftt'i ... v.'iu b??r . I 7 ! ; < ' ' >?jl ?? L ? 1?; i,i i?' My m; ? ? I.,! I'Osif.K !?( u ? I! if., I hi* IriUMf ?.( i?| flu- j'!M L'lif ?' 111 *11 ii: . ?m, ? m I .. i if to ?!?;.. .mr*. J iv . for V ii N'.MV,, i'iv k! Ml. ritAHi.KH M".' :.t C^'rw!4po;?-Iii?u .S^ '^uiy. Y 'Av Vi.iKK \Ni) 'f AtOjK.V ISAILKOAU r'OMi'ANV.? -*II ? 1 ? ullf ?, I'.. | ' ? K. II " A\ ? ?! Tv. - if ? it t. -v Yva oi In h;: ?HK'oiijNNiMol lit.- !? ir- 1 M.m-1 . Bi.ndsr; ISC7 -viil l/r j. i.i fit ..ml tiu*r X ?? ' mt'or i. o . ?? . IV' . -..r. '?. ..a, .? W. ii i MKI'SON, I ' ur.T. OKKF< -K OF TIIK AVKNTK KAILHOAD <*< >M ??Mtiy, ti?'i i , ii* ? . Thlnl i* \ ? ? <u- l i.c i: I r.." ii?.n ot lliii - 1 Pin ? ?"i ur?'l tbrro 111 < ? -runs i?f KW.-ctlon for ti?#? ??n^tjiii-i >?*. . will uik< jilnr#* at i ?' ? of l ii? ('? 'tijimy oil Wi -*i i lay. X \ 1.1. i'.iila oiumi f "?i2 io 4 I' >1. ' MMl KL K. iS.tACh, S.?. ivuiry. Xv vv York, 21. IMtil OK net-: OF TIIK I' \i?! FI' ' MAIL HTRAMSHU* <'OM j'auv. ? Xi'.v V?:ik , Of. i r .'ill, 1Si?I. ? Xoiii1 ; 18 Iien'tiy /; ivr ; fh a tin \n oal KI*i?iU?u tor X'iue Din^tirrn of tln? |':i ? ii ? ?Ih)I Si".im?lif|) t* mionny tor !ti?- ?usulioc yenrwillbe h? m! i" i!m ottU ? f L.? ompiniv, SM Wail sir- < t.o!i flay, Novio.iImt I .'I, -twceii 'V- I1^ M. mi'l 2 I'. M. Tin* : imml it Wile will I ??? i'IomsI ? Satonlny, N" . ,-inlM r 2. a. - I'. M.. and v. hi be r?*i ?| N*aif:U on Thurw'lav, Novt'inW^p I t at 10A M. ti. i.. MICI'.OH ANT, S- cirury. nEDlCilM " mpiiifiiiK It. Tlte uOilctcd, orUiN?*MM<l .*h<>n|,l not ninny or miript miiv tr?iiUn<*nt lill they liavi- informetl thein?*lv#'M of t> ?ivith.on!y h und in Dr. I?AKMONT'S I'ariK, )?oii(toti and Xew Vt?r!< Mfdlral AdvlMrr an i Marriage tit. liln (f?Oih ?*<llti' ii). Mailed for$I ot RK*H? AKDSON, No. | V.-M-y m.h-i, unii ROSS X TO I hKV, V2\ Nasi- in i ^tavi't. The l><? t#?r tun'M i'ii nucli alfecilonM, re^'-iit or of lonx st mdinf, ex|f'Uitiou^!> aiol hh for y? ai e 1:10*1, at 647 Hroa?lway, up sum .-.from 9 A. M. u? ti I*. M. ! \ FPF.CTION8 (AT Si; I) ?V VJiUt'lKV AXT> CERTAIN ; iV hi" .-|HS- l'Jy ' \rv?J t?y l>r U'Atlj), ill 1 -tacio. The Dui'ior in in cuKsiMnt aitoiKinniie. VPKKFECT ri:iU? HI AKAXTEEO.? A ItADIrAL cure *dnays et|iw#*?l tiy Or. U'AFil>, UI^uKhi sti? ?u. | i'i.r?"\ U s ?"A lu.'i ilie n?u#i! tiua. ai.il at hail' tiK* hartfi ti. DU. Ilt'VTLU 1IAS FOR TMIRTV YEARS CONFINED hit atri'iiiJon t<? <.? 1 eertain in which ho has Mrated no than without an in^tanc?? of fiillun*. Hi? great rtwu#?dy. Dr. I/unt'T'd It* d Dr ?p, rsttren c -rain db?% wti?*n nv ?' r ?? oatinent <?ail ail oilier re roe <1 i s ! mJ! ru.'^'M irltliout dl' ,,n^ "J r vifi rtloft tu tho hahli ? of th- nt ; cunui w.thout tit* ? iisKUstiin; and slcki'uinp n f?" !- ol all other rt'inedien; e?? renin i?**w r.uten in ie?K tiiau *i\ h-airn It i?k> {m ou? thr i;oiB.>o..iis umt the blood i.s * ro tiialwurh uni'* m ijie reiri'-ov ?s i,?M?d. It in SI a vial, 'in d?;:an ;V t im 4?.>ouitte auywin-rf .1:111 a1, the old oflice; X .HI?ivi4ofi ?mt. B onk tor nothing that treats of the *?!!> -ia oi eai 1? ail tit'*. DR. tXKlPER. NO. 14 DV WE 8TRKET, %l \Y HE OOX Htiliod on sli <!H*a**v o. ai*?*rtaln nature. Twenty cl^hi yeam eNcituslrely dc?rK4vl to tiiene tionip. intHe?v?ulo iiiui to w.'iMtuita vure iu ait Tfc** vii'.im* ? i lui.HpUe d court ?iifi' ?m m< dicui pr<Mvnaum ?-au II, h v.h a ci r. ilnty of b *it.|<rtdKmUy .jt no pay. DR. It. COBBFTT, MEMBER OF THE VEW VOKW Univ^TMity t Al*du ;il 1 ' ? > and Colle..- .j S'irpetm liondon, cau )>e cviwulte si h i lw ni^t hoo^nnble eoni.ileito on stieciiU dii^a^'?, at ' J *t. y*l\ ut? ? nir- *t,A ar v'ham t?ers r4tix?? t. X. B. ? Me** lir t .'5<ti|>k>tuea In hie uIiUc. l'rtvaie entrance u ^'o. 6 Cuy til ( iaor. DR. RALfH, OFPM'FS 139 CROSBY HTHLBT COR uer of H 'Ofiivi'. UouiK, 11 to '2 and 6 till 9 I'. ?. R. WARD IS TRFATINti All. 1I10EA8E.S OF IT. maU v v?iih univuailrh'.i auci-^s. Soitiethtoc f''*' every > . nis ??reut Beit tWTactor. OUi- e 1 '2 l?aijKht nlroe'. ' OROKK^OU RESTFUL, 162 CHAMBERS STREET, CAM J I \h- oMHul;ed, as u -oai, or by letter to bui 2,3 W. Bofton ? t lE v e , N o. b llan 1 s uii a u u ue.