7 Kasım 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

7 Kasım 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 9189. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1861. TRICE TWO CENTS. THE REBELLION Important News from Missouri. J Active Preparations for k Gr*&t Battle Near Springfield. rmsmm from hatteus inlet Terrible Effects of *he Recent Ga& on the North Carolina (-oast. ' Tho F.tats "Untenable Supplies Destroyed and Soldiers Drowned. ? Mfe&ttion of Affairs on the Lower Potomac. Ihs* Rebel Batteries at Aquia Creek and Mathias Point* ?^Stnportaa* Military Changes in the Union Army. ^eanroprd Reported En Itoute for Charleston, ?'4c., & c., Ac. <?Ca*flrE?IAL W.ISHWGTOS WBMWIIEg. Waodtciox, !*oy. 6,1861. 'BIMSTANT MILITARY cn ANGUS CONTEM PI/A TED. Tho appointment of Quartermw-'tw Ctaieral Moigs In 'Wrongly urged here by influential who havo con. "Idtnce in his ability as a cr.mmanU;?v? ofllcor, M succrs *?or to M%)or Geueral Fremont, ta command of the 'Western Department, while it it "thought probable that -4toaeral Hnlleck will be sent to Kentucky. The same : -persons who wiph that General Moigs bhouli! be sent to 'Mtaaouri, are { rore.ug Major Be'ger-^cow In charge of the ? depot at Baltimore ? as his Eueseseor in the Quarter master's Department. Acting Major General Hemtzcl ?Mon will, it is believed, bo rahw3 to tho rank of Major vfltneral, while Colonel Cochrane,' of tho Chasseurs, will 1 be given a brigade. RESIGNATION OP BRIO AP1EW SEVERAL MITCHELL. It is doubtleps true that RogaCU r General Mitchcll, of ? Cincinnati, has tendered his rcsipnutiou. *HE REPORT OK THE RESIGNATION OF GEN. WOOL. The story of the resignation of General Wool, set afloat by somo ingenious cerrespondeel, is ? without foundution. Nothing if known hero of any IMantioo on the part of the Qeneral to resign. CONSULTATION OF TDK PRE1UENT AND GENERAL M'CLELLAN. A lengthy consultation wa* b-.ld to-day between the President, Major General MoCleUan and Colonel Scott, As sistant Secretary of War. AFFAIRS ALONG :KIE LINES. The arm;, telegraph to-night reports all quiet along the lines. TIIE RECENT AFFAIR AT PAULEY BRIDGE. It is bolievod at headquarter?, here that the reports .hitherto received in regard to the buttle between Gouernj Bosccrans and Floyd are exaggt-ravons. It appears tluit .Floyd was firing for twelve houri:.upon Rosocrani' camp without injuring a single man. There lias, however# 'been no contradiction of the ropett that Generals B<nham ?n I Schoack had gone to the roar -of Floyd's army and .'hemmed it in. jUBIVAIs OF COL. HAWKINS? ARTA1RS AT HATTERA8 INLET. Col U.vwkins , commandcr ut FortjHatteras, arrived here 40-day. ,}le represents that the exposed position of the fort r?ndors it almost untenable during such storms as ttat which recently swept the coast. He neks that the Areops there may be seat back te Fortress Monroe, or (be works be put in a oocdltiou to af 'ord safety from the overflows upon such oocaaions. A portion of the fort and the frame fheds ttoctqd for the protection of tho troops and stores were waehed away, and a large amount or stores destroyed, ?nd four gentries of the Twentieth Indiana regiment were drowned anAho breakers during tho gale. The whole place was submerged to fue.h an extent that the troops wene compelled to abandon the fort and retire two.mlies up the beach. On Sunday Ave rebel gunboats made an attack upon the Union troops, but after tiring three shots retired juat os tie steamer Helvidoro hove in sight. It is presumed they tho. t'JUt the steamer was only in advance of the great naval expedition. THE NAVIGATION OF THE LOWER POTOMAC ? MORE REBEL BATTERIES ? I>KSTlTl'TION IN VIRGINIA. Tho steam ferry boat Stoppiug Stones, recently pur chased by the government in New York, ran the block, ?deof the Potomac river last night, and was not firod upon by tb" rebel batteries. The Stepping Stoucs is simi lar in construction to tlte rebel steamer Georgo l'age.aud Is about the same size. Drawing frotn three to three anil ? half feet of water only, sho was enabled to hug tho Maryland sliore on passing the (batteries. The contrabands report many more boing on board the vessels of the lower divisxin of tlic flotilla. The Stepping Stones passed a ptiitgy also bound up. Tho Stepping Stones brought hither six contrabands, who woro picked up by the tug Bailoy in the Lower Potomac They had escaitod from Northumberland county , Virginia, in a dug out, landed at Point lookout, and It is evident from tho.r statements that they luul plauued tlieir escape long since. Tho Island Belle had fourteen contrabands on board at Cedar Point , and about til ty wero.sont to Old Point a shi rt ' time siuco from the llitilla. Tho fugitives represent that there is great suffering in the Rappahannock region of ^Virginia for want <{ food, clothing, shoes, kc. T _ Tho steamer Pussy arrived at th? Navy Yard this af oon, reporting all quiet with the flotilla. jb, i Hai-riet I;uie ha* traiifltorrod her officer; and crew to tho Powhatan. Both veesels are now lying ofTGees boro igi * 'ntl *r've caee^ 'n a" smallpox have made their ap learanco among the crew of the former, and she will be tt oroufhly cleansed and fumigated beft ro again going luto active service. affairs at tu* wavy tard. Nothing tie w at tho Navy Yard to-day. Tlie Peneacola expected to bt v0 ^ sl('am 01,11 t"cd her engiuos to/tay, but it was pos\ P?*?ed for some unknown jeoe m. Tlio Btonmeru* Tocob Bel! Het/.el ami Ahumsua will bo ready for soa in a fcw 'lay.-' OPERATIONS 0 V HOOKER'S DIVISION OS TUB LOWER TOTOM. ? ACTIVITY OF TUE BBBCL8. f General Hooker, co mmander of the Union troops on the Lower Potomac, v "ado a reconnoissance along tho coast on Monday, returtiit. 3 his quarters laus a,t nigiit. Tho result of bis observalit, "? will have much inliucnce in guiding tho movements a f that portion of our army. Great activity prevails throup,'10"' tho wholo dlvisl'Hk Mhuy of tho regiment* hive ati u^'l marked proficiency in drill. The Intelligence that 0?en. IfcCleOno has as suiuoi entire control of the Union a.'u'y of thoPntomao was received with Ijr. it enthusiasm. Tb* rebels still continue active., It Is believed th.it they havo thirty or forty thousand men ' ear Ship ping Point within Immediate call. The Indications aro tl?#t they would rest tat s tied with au pffectual blockade of tho rot^n&i, and * coelful resist ance lo any aJvanoe of our ,m upon tl>o!r po?i(jOu. They aro erecting Dew ? points bo low (he mouth Quaulico crook altering already ereoted insufficient to c uo river. l.vorj- r jght Bomo crnfl succeeds in running the block ?dt. asurcs have been taken by 'General Hooker to pro ^ ct tho loyal people of that porwon of Maryland in <xer Cisiug the elective franchise in the State election to-day. A new rebel battery has boen erected near t># old one at Aqula creek. Tho rargo -of tho guns was Vwted yes* torOay by tiring into tho rrtvr. Abmit ttfty uontrabantfs, who have wsaped chiefly the R?pi>.iUiinuucV river to dlflerfut vessels of tlio lower UlvHni^n of the f'otomac flotilla, feave been gent to Fortress Mrtnroe. Raconl dbacrrattrni In the victalty of Mathias Point Uwtictt'i that the tAoIb are preparing to erect permanent fortitlcntlons (hero. They seem to bo strengthening themselves all n> ng tlie river from Quantlco to Matbiaa Point, being tiffin-bowl vo of ??: attack upon them in ttau direction. TOE REBELS NOT r08TKD **( TO THK OPERATIONS OF TUB GOVERNMENT. Information received hefti frotn persons who have lately been among tho roheis at Richmond and Kanakas, Five assurance that of late the rebels have not been kept posted as to the purposes of tho government, and ##ro at great loss to know~*hat (loner .il McClellan intents to do. acid at what poiul tho blow ia to be struck that tbeysre sure will fall upon tbcm soon. ARTILLERY PRACTICE. Sanio cxcitcment was occa^li nod here to-day by sharp tiring across the river, and a rumor was put in circulation thltt the rebel army was advancing. It proved to be only a little extraordinary firing practice in the more distant of our fortification-'. ESCAPE OP REBEL STATE PRISONERS. Daring last night two robel prisoners of State, J. Owens Berry, of Georgetown, D. C., and Redmond Renko, of Virginia, es aped from tho military prison in which they wore confined, and havo oluded the vigilancc of bulb tho Trovost Guard and tbo Metropolitan polico. THE ARMY. Baron Von Hermann, an experienced officer of the staff of tho Adjutant General of tho Prussian Army> has been appointed an Aid-de-Camp, with the rank of Mtyor, and assigned to the staff of Geueral Wuol. THE INVESTIGATION CONCERNING THE DESTRUCTION OP TUB NORFOLK AND PENS ACOLA NAVY YARD8 AND TIIK HARPER'S FEKRY ARSENAL. Thecommitte appointed at the Inst session of CongrcHS ? composed of Senators John P. Hale,** Now Hampshire; J. W. Grimes, of Iowa, and Andrew Johnson, of Tennes see ? to incpiire into tho facts connected with the destruc tion of the Norfolk and Ponsacola Navy Yards and Har per's Ferry Arsenal, assembled to 'day at tho Senate Com mitto room on naval affairs. Only two of tho oommitto* were present, Mr. Johnson not having reached the city. Commodores McCauley, PauMisig and Pendergrast, and Paymaster Bradford, appears? "before them as witnesses, and will give their testimony <4o morrow. The commit tee are determined lo nmlce a thorough investigation into those matters, let tbe-otnseqnencos fall where they may. TI1E MlBSOCia fltVlTE MILITIA. Governor Gamble texs arranged with the government that the United States -shall arm, equip, clothe. transjiott and pay the MissouriiStatO'iRilfeia who may volunteer for service within the State >cr- in its immediate defence during the war. Tilt details' bf the plan secure unity of action between the ?uite asd Union troops, and safety in disbursing money. PROCEEDINGS OF TIIEi5K.II.R0AD CONVENTION. Tho Railroad Convention adjourned to day. All tho companies betweep. Wash ig?sin and New York were represented, and ?6so the W?r and Post Office depart mouts. the former 4 y Mr. bitfield, und the latter by Mr. McClellau, the Second Assistant Postmaster General. The followiug aahedule i ? boon agreed ujion : ? From Wnshiugton, ?# and 11 A. M.. and 8:10 and 6 P. M. All of which are to be througb lines to New York. Frew Philadelphia to Washington, 3 ;30t 8 1ft and 11:38 A. M. nndif! 1'. M, All immediately connecting with UUtimore, Uti 8.15 A. M. excepted. From Now York to Washingtoffl? A. M. and f> an I 11 P. M. The latter, li )\?<ver, iii.not fully decided upon, but is to bo arraugod in Itiiladelpbia. Hie 11 P. M. train from New York and the !>'!'. M. from Vaehtngton, are to make the time in ten bcu:? . All othenihrough trail. s in cloven hours. GENERAL HJuLELLAN'Sil ODY GUARD. Captain Barker, cf General McCIeTlan's body guard, has been promoted to Motor, and authorized to increase his command to a squad ret. An elcctiu i took place yester day, when Lieutenant .-Shears and Orderly D. C. B-own were elected captain*. ?? 1 Second I.ier tenant G. S Phelpg atid Sergeant E. A. Uqi-ster electe< first lieutenants, i The command hns beeo,fno?eMea up to .(he standard, viz: 200 men, and is in fine military condition. NEWS FROM GENEBAL BANKS' ARMY. n*cxn>TO*jf, N*v. 4, 1801. 8evcr.il bodies of the .viottns of Hull's 81ufT flouted down Hie Potomac yesterday nM Saturday. F.vc of them beached on I ho Virginia shore, aiW the rebel pkkfets so licited tho assistance of our piakeU to crocs the river and help bury them, which request, report says, wm con. currcd in. The former, in convcrsatvn , said that if tion. Stone's forces had pushed on to Lcenburg on Tuesday kiic creiliug tho hlnody Monday the town would havo fallen on easy prey, but had the attack been made twen ty-four hours later we would have encountered forty thousand opponont*. The " whito horseman" paid a visit to tho picket sta. lions opposite tho Souoca yesterday. Ho was, as usual, elegantly mounted and equipped, aud was followed by an escort of cavalry. Judging from observation aul report, your correspondent believes liitn Ui l>e an engineer of rnnk in tho rebel ariny. The sigi al corps of this division is fast becoming an indis|iensable military auxiliary. Of its extent and usefulness it may perhaps bo Improjier to speak fuliy at this time. Yesterday signals were discerned and read at this station to a distance of forty miles in an air line, bo pure was the atmospheric medium. Lieut. W. \V. Rowley, of the Twenty-eighth New York Volunteers, has been appointed Assistant Superintendent, and Lieut. F. R. shattuck, of the Massachusetts Twelfth, Q artermx?ter of this division. Arrangements arc now b 'ing made to extend tho communication to a mi.i li grc iter extent. Promluent Unionists In this county have conveyed In telligence to the proper authorises tint "peace" candi dates or their friends have hern promulgating the doc trine that if th 'y are elected Maryland will tacapo tho 'taxation and drifting of militia contineeots upon a vigor ous pros :<?,? ition of tho war a/aiiuyt robolllon. The sum .of this touchng m only be canstruad inka a proposed or ultimate realsu.ncj to tho onartments of Congress, and rebellion to the f 'derul authorities. There is 110 danger thai those pseudo dlsunionists will openly avow such doc trine' at the polls, in this or Hi* adjacent wsrthern coun ties., on tho day of the election. The muster rolls of this diviaiOB fcarving been completed ?iid sent to Washington, ofllcorsa* I soldiers are anxiously a*ai> Ing tho arrival of paymasters, with >tba reword of thcai labors aud sufferings XJU2 FORTY-FIRST OHIO REGIMENT. Clkvkmvp, Nov. ?, 1*61. Tlw frarly-lirHt^liio regiment left ?'*inp Wood , ClevO laml , IUk jnonilng, for Camp Dennisou ?u*l Kontiteky. THE TEJSTH NE5V YORK LEGION EN ROUTE. Nkwih ro, N. Y.. Nov. 6. 1X01. The Tenth" ?/?iion :Wt hero this afternoon by U?at. They will paws through Now York toiuorroiv. Oit us Till bo presented w them*t the Everett House, at twelve .?'clock noon on that d;iy. TUB STATE PRISONERS IN FORT WARREN. Bo tox, Nov 6, 1801. Park*!* it French l?w b en sen< ,'o Fort Warren. Ry ord?r.a fr>m Washington tho flowing political pri sonars wera illrcliarge I t?t 1'nrt W r ??# t i, is aftei noon, af ter taking tUaoath ofjtl!egianc?;? 'aptaln H. L. Shields, formerly of tha Unite I .-'tat' s Atmy, arretted October 25. W It.im fillchi ist, arr 'ste'l iu Philadelphia, October 25; William Kaklna, of 1! olun.)n Vlr ? nil, arrowed at Philadelphia August 2d ; l'et?r .Rcil'y, of C'h?r!c.Voni South Carolina, arrested .-'eptembcr 23, NEWS FROM HATTERAS INLET. Tl'rlblo Storm on (he Jfortl* Carolina Coast? PoldlriV Clot bins Destroyed? Vessels of Iho Naval Expedition t? Uli' trcss, i&c, Fortkksr M ovinia, Nov. 6, l'MJT, The ?tenm?r S. U. Spaulfling hns just rotumed from Hatteraa lutot, bringing Col. Hawkins, wh? prK'ceJs to Vi'aahiugWti iu asjieoial boat upon business couuectod wnli his post. Tho storm at Unit "rag Tiilet wns very severe, and the roront high tides havo completely overflown tho spaee onlrtilo the fort; and .an anew channel in forming between lb* forts, it is approhcudod that thoy may becomo unto DuV.e. About a quarter of the much needed clothing for the t wentieth Indiana regiment had been 1 inded from the It. Sputildlng on Fri<Uy night, wlion tho gale cauie on with tremendous severity, and tt was wished away. Some other stores wuro also landed and 1st. Yesterday ton d iys' rations for tho post were safely 1 mi (led, but the Sputtlding brings back the greater part of tho cargo. Five rebel steamers camo near tlio lnlot yesterday, but retired after firing a couple of gi.ns. Lioutorant W. H. Duslan, who returned from the fleet in tho steamer Bolvidere, also goes to Baltimore to Icok after the repairs to his vessel. Two coal schooners, carrying fuel to the fleet, made Hatteras Inlet during the gale, an I hoisted the signal of distress, but could not be reached by the vessels inside. THE ENGAGEMENT BETWEEN THE REBEL STEAMER CURLEW AND TIIE UNION BAT TERIES. Thrrcport of Captain Hunter, of the rebel steamer Cur. lew, ?f the engagement between himself and tho I'uion buttet ies at llattorss, reminds us uf the famous report of Captain Hoilins, and is equally true. In It he states that "he sighted his rifled gun at the Harriet Lane." The Harriet Lane is not anywhoro near llatteras, being at present flag ship of tho Pototnao flotilla. Again , he says that be came within easy range. A person who was pre sent at the time, informs us thai tiic Curlew did not ven ture within nearly four m of tho batteries, and that hor sl.ot fell short about one mile and a half. So much for tbo report of Captain Hunter. THE NAVAL EXPEDITION. Wabrngtoii, Nov. 0, 1861. Notwithstanding rumors, there lias been no intelligence from the naval expedition later tlian that published In to day 's Hbiulo. Official Despatches to thi Navy Depart ment. Below will be fount two despatches addfWed to tT? Navy Department, announcing <tic safety of tho flertaWur the recent storm had Bubf>i*ed, and that it was rtien quietly pursuing its tvay to ?s destination. Capo Homaln. mentioned in the late* of there des patches, is iAoA thirty mles north of Charleston*? PniLAnsitniu. Nov. 6. 1861. To Hon C.Tt.S'* WruJs "Secretary of the Navy:? Tlio stokintr Florida of the expedition, liar arrived here, re^ulirrip repairs to her m.-vninery. 8hfi lcfi the expeditior.Mircape Ftaron the ntgbt of Fridflf, the 1st: iust. Bn.nMonR.Nkj" 6,1801. Mr. Pox AssWUBl^crotary of the Navy ? The *imticeNo ai-s'vod at Fortress Moiuw yesterdtfv fho reports timt sh* passed' the fleet o(T l^M t lloniain i? i night. Th<- storm bad- abated ,-nnd the fleet was * eenng soiM, wand. The H -ividr re (transfiort) has ret imed, flight* y damaged-by* Uto-?torm. Ow Foftmi Monroe Correspond car*. I ortrksh Monrok, Va. , Nov. 4, lHt] The A?la/>dliitr'GaU~ No Official InUCiyenct frmnHA Arr ral of the Belviilrrr, <Ct , < tc. Tbi report* of >tfie destination if the fleet has hrtdian el?ct?r-. effect upon the people hereabouts, nndthe>*t ly tiimfrthati iB'W?aitiiig i? to hoar of the success of i *b< * -x pedtton. Stretip fears, however, are entertained ill t?l the Ikerce storrot of lust week may hnvo had a damsc,. i| effctl rcUioe.TiKdairn Up to the hour of ray wrtj, 0( notk.itR official 'has been hoard relating to the fleet. J gunboat ttiidtho+tcamcr Beivirtere have arrived j'toatl tb tli< He in authority are sealed, and, beliiR nonec ??' UUitx I sci rnab+i to leurn anything regarding It. Blanc Troops for (lie Naval Eiptdlthl it. knn.AWii.iin a, Nov. 6, JBH t. TfceKlaiUlBOre Nmis Skrft has n statement from jki na poliH 'tii.'it the U.flOO. troops gat here I there are;*) ho sci.tfauth. when the transports of the expedition eulrn. [I-rozn the Chicago Tribune, Nov. 4.] <<CD iFurbStdc, of Kbode Inland, is collecting at Ha np stcad,,L J., a considerable force, which is tuiidtoce in tondocLSc reinforce tin' naval expo lition when it liasta ade a landljg.wi the SoutUrrn coast. This force is tu b io ado up in pari Now KttftJanri troops ? the Filth New lie .up. shire T?:?r.Jty third. Twenty-fifth and Twenty month Ma-Hichi>?'iits, and Tenth Connecticut. Brigadier ral John 'i b'oitfT is askocii ted wilh Gen. Burnsldo . in the collectton.oi these troops and we may expect In. tfiemext toil days ihm hm .many anion thousand fresh men .?ill be under way for the South. A Good Uncn for lite Cicent ExpeAltlon. The fallowing in an cxtrud from a letter written at Annapolis after tfre sailing of liio fleet: ? On the ,ev(?*;g of the day that ordere wore received for tbo omtwtrkaiiaa of the fourteen regi minis encamped hore, I joined a small persty to go. down through th? Navy Yard <? to a sort of pieri to get a better viow of tlio interesting scenes trans piring in the harbor. Au oT.cer of the Allegany, the re ceiying ship stationed l.ere, observing ub, immediately sent a boat to row us about tike harbor. Nothing could be more animating and Impressive than the some. Twenty transports, many of them large ocean steamers, were scattered about the harbor or lying in full view in theofllng. The smaller ones were passing and repassing! as they came up to the wharf to receive their living freight, nnd then steamed otf to transfer their burden to the larger ones, Tho air was vocal with tho frantic cheers ol' tbo soldiers au;l tbo stirring strains or ?? Hail Columbia, v the " Star Spangled Banner" unci good old "Yankee Poodle," inspiringiy played by the bands, while the gorgeous "ensign of tho free" floated from every niast lieud. Our attention was for some time so fully occupiod with what was trnnsplr.r g around us that we bid failed to notice tho magnilkeuce of the heavens. The air was warm as on a July ni.<ht. The vault above us, blue and calm, was cloudless, but over tbo sun had gathered a cloud use enough to conceal it, but receiving from Its radiance a lining and outline of molten gold. Tbo form of this cloud was so marvellously like an eagit, vit,b its head t uned to tho North , and its wings spread to tUe So tn. that every i no in our little br at uttered an excla mation crmirprjse as thvyboheld it. As the sun sank away irom beneath 11 , I bo " majestic monarch of tbo cl- ud' seemed to mount heavenward, oil it was dissipa ted nod lust in ll. g rgroi ? hues of tlio gotlingsiili. Wo hailed it as an otucii ot goodi-r. ha binger of victory. As the daylight fa. led, t be ' vtaing -tar ? tlio star o; hope? sh ine out bright and clear, while in tli ? opposite quarto." of the heavens a fall moon, ri?:na in unclouded -p: -ndor, shed us silvery I wire over tlie waters, type or llint poauj we hope to conquer. Against the Western sUy. still fatal ly i.luininait*! , rose the doine if 'hu old State House, in wlios1 Senate chimbcr Wiwhington re signed bis commission as -Co i n.andcr in-' hiet of tlio American forces. 1 cosld not divest mys If of tlij feeling that bis spirit must linger around the hal lowed s;>ot. and bis bl<~-?ing aco?>mpany the patriotic men who wcr.- ,noinp forth to die, if need be. for the j ro sorv.it ion of that I nion ho >o loved and cherished. Another look at lb ? harbor, and what atfhonge! One by one the tranr pn'ts bavo hung out thwr lights: tbo bnildiugfl in the Navy Yard cso llluminnt^l : the light reflected from evcii' window 1< oks Iikot*. ? y bai els of flame across the r.ippling waters: tho labors of tbo < lay are uspended ; tlio inusiu has ccased; the ti'oil sjiidiers hive g no to IlidriTuSt , to dream porcbtiace C iovod?mos (aru'vay, an.l our h 1 1 ly dipping < ars ak>Di .iicik Jhe - I.'liee .is we g?l.tly .-."judo liouiewai il , terv ail; | .lying ,vr God's blessiD^ on ilk-i -'greiit^xpedltlon. " il. I'UILAVKLI IIU, ??OV t , 1 801 . A NEW GUNBOAT PURCHASER. lilfg rvern meat purcliaeeti onSuurday rile iw^ ller Saniu<4 J. Hollcy, of fiilltaiui & HatUicws' Poopk - Troy ' PropeUi* line. It if tntaDd^l to coiiTort bor Ictei^in boat. tor uriaanient will wnpist of tur ^uns. MovM'tiltt of Sccntary Cameron. Albamv, Nov. 6, IRfll. Rev. Father M?>ore, pastor of St. Mary's church, Ro- . Chester, lias brvffl authorized by <!'>v. Mifgan to raiue an 1. .sh brigade in Western New York, to which ho w81 be ? e \ nod as Cliapbt.n. Father Moore is wcJl known in W^tin Now Yoilt, Mb'l has already the premise of a iarge number of men. Secretary Cameron and jRovcrnor Morgan visited W# tsrvliet Ar?enal to day, 'lliey arrlvod shortly after tho accident, of irhich they were (..reviously iinaware; and exhibited <oucb rympathy towards sylftrors. N5WS FROM THE KE3EL STATES. We have received additional iutulligonee from tho South Our advices from Now Orleans are to tho 36th uit. TIio following Is a summary of the uows: ? An cntorpr ij.ir?K luan ts about to establish u glass manu fa' tory in South Carolina. A government b< (T-pncking establishment is 10 be or gun I zed on the Rod river. A bill, providing that bankers and brokers shall not rh irgo more than live per cent for coin , has been brought to ward iu tho Tennessee Legislature. The New Orl?sn ( rotten' fays thtro is a largo demand for gold in monetary circles there, which is sent over into Kentucky for ihu purchase of supplies for iho South. The Memphis Ajptal expresses tho opinion that the army of General ltagccrans, in Western Virginia, has been ordered to Kentucky, trnd t' at it is the design of tho go vernment to 0|>en a vigorous campaign against Ton nes; co. Til. Protestant Episcopal Convent i< n of tho confederacy met at Columbia, K. C. , on the loth ult. All the bishops wore present but Hishcp l'oik. Tho K irl'olk />ay It kJL- announces with a flourish that a large number oi coutiU rfcit notes on the Itank of Comdon, Hrnth Carolina, were found In tho trunk* of tho lridlaniuns taken at ChicuiuuooinlcA. It says tlte original ulatcs are iu the hands of Northern people, and it his no doubt that federals have urea t numbers of the notes, with tho design of Hooding the riouth with th" worthless trash. The free market iu New Orioiuis, for tho supply of tho needy famllleti of soldi ts and )>oor people generally, has proved a great success At the last opening of the mar ket supplies were Tut uislied for from six to seven thou wmi irnpove, i?lied citizens. The Vic.ksburg Whig exhort ?< tho planters of the South to prejsirc for tho coming year by raising |>ork, beef, mutton, he. ? sticli tilings as Will soil and enable planters to pay taxes. It says it can seo no prospect that tho bVi Undo will bo opened . and thinks there w ill be no ponce utiliJ tho S >ulh shall invade the North, which must bo doue next year. From thu tone of the Southern journals it is fair lobe" lieve thai the rebel army of the Potomac will winter iu Its present position if not driven out by the gruud army of tho Vnlou. The papers and people u! the Mouth couusol the authorities to attack Washington, but tho lenders

hesitate. The New Orleans Cnteent oxpressos the belief that the federal governui nt is concentrating men and supplies in Kent a kv, preparatory to an attempt to invade the South from this direct n n. Tho Mosilla Timet of tho 12th ult. says an extensive campaign is to be made against the Indians, so soon us it Is known what the movements of the federal troops are to be. The Timn says several companies wHI be kept in tbo II Id, und tho war tu .st be one of extermination The federal troops had abandoned. Kort Craig. THE KOCTIl KHN (.OMMKRCI AI. CONVENTION. During the session of the Commercial Convention at Macon, ou the 17th, tho following resolutions were parsed: ? 1. To sequestrate the property of such alien enemies as have tnnii in the Confederate ariny for tho bcneltt of sucli ?win. ! 2. ApprovfeR tlic plan of Iho marine battering rum i?- | Vented by 5 K. and recommending It to the 0<)ti federate Sttl. 8, aud that a subscription lie opened w tbe Convent !<*? t<> i>nt it in operation. 3. lv-claring tho imrortnnro of oi>eiii?i? tjailw:<y?om , munieatton with tbo coal and iron milieu it" North Vitro ? linn. 4 'fcn laricg thnt return cargoes of eiir. prodnfeMhor ^ I bo rtrni.-iiied vessels bringing poo in foreijTi i*>r tn, ! but'hat no accumulation ol producc ilWil J be .ifiw oorseaiiorls. , "f. Requesting the J'ost ?'tBVi' 1WJW I merit' to'estal jhsk pfc'.lal relations with the Ksroiie.inip.KornrtiUf.F ax F'><? possible. The Convention, a1Vr aOfrt Injr rr.fi oilier *iimp< jrin?; "^solutions, adjourned ut ttriif paat.it ?n o'clt-Mi to n> m ^l??tgomcry ?u U?<irstV mday'Jn May , lWt . ArFATK* AT Tho Rlckmood eorre'\>oiidrt- -of tbo Chr rlest< a Sftr 1 eurg/, <>f a rr-cit* ORC s:mr?AmenK 'Ih- on < it', and floating rumor* 1 may merttia*: the follm ing ? General 1 Wwe I* Atngei^tiftywkrGeniral Turuhbn is said Aoharo oiid Mere v,8"be no'tghl at"*anatisaii l? lil nw J^spriag; f here t* wwofh tjIKvfo in' Knj laud to 'ts? two y fnrr. ; tort I tfioiisan Ilia*"* ol d tttoU'arc-rt a ri?rtatr point fi Fiorina ) ?fuinnr; Tot nictYiicepK; 'X?r had a'ri^fc. FlAriUftoruj to? Wind an4?ialn 1M! t.iglit. . varvAlRH W? cOLUHW i. / A tii'thi "New Ort-ans I'rmr*) , from Col unft'W C<laU?d tfc* 18th October, say* the fortifications thti I" -proRiw floyty., hut ttt< indication are that ColuMttt j ?will y<?'oe nw?i- a tiilmi'ur in pofriC .f strength. 'Pina aro <** guns .uitl K"* enough i* Minted there. T io writer says'liv. is forhiddtn' to 8|**> of l he strong!. ? of thn pla">, biti 1i? thtMr that preci* tlon useless nf .lie . an roll nji.ee '01 UieetiK-iiy, with their gt.rt" oat 1 observation-., pla^e ?iivrn in ion ol till the it* 1)1 gi'noe Tim ripmeSit ?li?rc work on tbe deM n* I six iKMtrs-Pieh ilay. : TiiKcvwr wir.n <n r rionr. A (tasiRtnlh liom KnowiIV", Tonnesxeo, to the Or leans rtingane lit' fte 2Sth ult. , makes mentioifrf the baltlo of 'Cinnp Wrii/'-'at ThJ J>!H|mtch represeirtf. Ihat 1?rllKofl< r?'omir?arAi*l In |'i*rr,oi?; I hut the retrda. was ?ccam?m?tt1iy ''fiomc'mJsctonccptlon of ordnrs, c* that I Vbe re'.itlN'w in-'t!'# d atid <t&.indo.l in put dows U two I iViDdrM! 'soti r>lxty iy^il. I 'nCTRI.'TOBTAOK STAMPS. , I Tt*e fln* rtf Ihotifw ti'ibol portam1 stain|* wir issued I on |OMHfl<rr 18. 'Tt?' new stnrip is green, with' lltho I gr. iptnt Ht"nffif>nl Jt'fT. Tlf. vis within a double* /a! Iior I <Iej wiirnsiiintrd -tvith the InFrription, "(ViT: ederate I Shi V 'UT An'.ei*??." "Ottin<y> or the clrel? aVi< at tno hea> tu:l 'ft?j SK' Hp Is th(? f ord "poslage," ?fe at the lowi T ?''Ojfc'' Itfe <tri- nflrtifion, "live ceule.-' p<?? ^e being J inert *'?"'! vl:i H>#> Binro ?cwsslon b?*xn. V Is cm- f |ilai? stantps t re rather ?'??II- te;rf n atihe ? siven TH. ?WHI'I. t they l ick the |?rloral i?* i ol' th< f fednri, UnntXiO, H ns rendering tho ww of rs necet - mi y t Kiivirr di'Miion Wtict- purchated in fUiMl . . TUK K (JIUKFTAO. J EAt'HK.OAItD !? * UTE Ft m CK.ltLESTON. Philadelphia , N?jvV 3, 1861. , Tho ft ?!??!* Sun aa^sticn. Heau regards nsatC |sr donsvlllo fiir.^cttii oDJUocilay, bound fofChar sstoti. SavaxmaK-, Ht< 2. 18f |. A fedora' Wfri|atto.aM?Ta^ted to bnrn a venerf which waa agronnd'on W.itkj?^ 6c?q The attempt 1, and , the frig ilo rctlr ^ Thero wcr. iwittt? "n ndred and eleve*^ risont ps at Riehmond on liWturdaj' Tho Norfolk 04v.tir>ook k>* ? Momtay wftS!prflO> d on 1 irown wratminn nam |oiu of pii.g in M ob ir Mal ivith u ARRIVAL 01 * ffirEBTENAXT KUBZ2 IN TIII IHASJELPHIA. I'IIILAIJKU'B'jI, N*r. fl, I 801. bLiOffifcVDnlted States N'avy, w!i Dy at w. : frou K?c!intoiul, in p.-i urn m'ujI/ noiined* is ntw-sioj >k >"* hte - ie Cor fifty d.-?y>. w lltllio jMbO-'aef^k'n of ?r-.?erai (tef ??w?ral kf- ,? in cm pany eori.t? Wuu, ntacfteo na\ y, tho 4?6ll. tr .vxm:-A nuliiorH^ for Rr, IDtifig '???. lif/.irtenant Knrfc V inil ucnre Qtili.iw. itoarnKBjn for an ex hfenn;, himself:, aiic it irfhimler t? u?- oulintrd ? * ,o j * : o: ?jji? <k!6<jr:t? (in ?>f tho t I'NiiOiier^,, ?? I n have ,r ! *-'ir<k ?ard a?.'. Se'-retiry fcta the RRiHN(<M? i lint the i*f IIxj ileopiT,! -.or. ?idora i >ij?r?npe<t of. qu*-*yewig in nir ??rhiuh.'.v.K tn?et tho f the rebelR. and at tl *? .ou.it-' Uone p..e:#rvi^ I ho dignity of the coverniTient. ... , ... I ]. *(Mi tenant Kurt* will p oh:, e?ih?fgc4 with a ! I)r. th.irii, now prisoner at K( i t Lieutenant Km rival at Wn?hinj:t' honor, has hceu | this city. His pan tuned chiefly tliroi lory , after enduring " fellow prisoner, IJoul horrors <?f a Kichnion The chief object of his parole won to oh I with tho Vaehiugton change of prisoners, Ice Btofxi that he has i hies of tho govern moi ill treatment of the I r?c-'ivot from Secrelar. Welles, as well^as the I'res: C.i oii.ct would give the in tion without delay, with tli effecting wuno arnlc&hl IC.fiMiry. OUR NAVAI, ('OK KI-. tl'/fcNDB.VQJ]. I'.NIIKI) SrATI'.t 1'ARK Of >*?*?'<. N"oy^4, 18fil. Copfvre rf lite. Enylith Sclux>r.er$ 1 V?'/M7iiy .and Sewrli/ an'l Hrig Ariel ? I) t (ilitm lo ( ^ fj 'mm Fnlixt as Scant' n ? Armament of lit- ^/&9mMc,i?c.t ttc. II ivi'if observed in the New Yoik 1 ttqC eins h I: and \raanda hail arrived til llampti ?l!i'?d.u, thq, 'titer having cap ti rod four prizes, I would ri -fully rudest that you correct the above through your *ifliu$bloj<>ap>ftL Th" fallowing if a correct statement:? -1i * >?t?ite<l Mat h l??'k (Je.nsbok, Lieutenant lMwun! Cav'Ud) **'<it?Uiandiii?" loft Hampton lloads on the 17tli of ^eptenil 1W01 in d fuj Wtiiain^tou. N rth Carolittr. ,on the blockade. ,l;>' the U>y of S"|>teuit>er. off Beaifoii , Noitli < urollmi. ( V* red tfit Koglish sciu ?ner Harmony, fron; Yarmouth, r Scotia, loaded with try in;; to run the blockade. '*? <lic Ji.'d Sep*?nl>or., oil Krving 1'iin Shoal, captured tho V-W'oner Mary A . 1'iudar., of Wilmington, North Carouia. J^fled uiih lime. After which we y|'Knl in f..r New* f*lot, di.<Kua*ed tho ship a* n merchant ship, and limn ted tl f'^ack f '^a. pilot; alter wh li two pilots came off in n b<>-t. i ouiin^ d?*s?s nloiuglde; the . iptum hailed ih>m,aiid told them to weni' <>n board ijuick. that there was a era.'*'' oil short-. , ftftd iioinutt get in that nk'ht. After this uV pi/oth ca?.-?e id board, and, seeing the g?u?* iinJ mm on"' dock, oxcVumd ' ? ^ re on a I'uitcd .-tat?? man-of-war." i \fter ex[ii? ii .j.' a wUlingoej* to mpjiort tio United ytnte?, lliey tort the oath of allegiance aud wore rated ordinary *e*ro<u. On i't." "d of October Mfturod tliu KngbsA ?clioar>er Beverly, from II tUfiut, off Wilmiagton, N. C. , loaded o it I1 dry goorin, ligh, ft<\ On the l?th of (>ctob'r, captor> 'i the Kugh-j brig Ai "rom l.,vrj*oi, i/l" TVilm<t\gto^, P.". C , londedvltfi salt, Ac. Arrived a* imp ton Hoaditi); Ob- rCO, for ofileeratid nu*n. Vho Gemsfi(.'< utmed with foni* sixty eight pounders aud .two thirty t ?(' venders, with & complement of cue huixljvd men. Ti>V lo'Iuwing is a Irstu'f her officers Lieit* riant Ooii iii Vidhif? K/lward CaVtldy. Actiii? Mdslm ai ?.iccutlvo (tilicer ? diV I-unt. Acting U.iHterp ? (iio. ff, Domett , no. F. (?.ddlngs. Acting Assistant Pay rj*Mtor? R. 11. P.oberuV Acting Asa i ttant Sar.-coiW Arthur Kemblc Miistor sJIdtOS? Oliver Th atcher, Wrr, K, IJurke. xlllen 0, Drody. IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. Movements of Gen. Price and Ben. McCulloch. Intention of the Rebels to Offer Battle at Wilson's Creek. Departure of Gen. Fremont from Spring Held, &c., &c., &c. Si'RiNitmLP, Mi)*, Not. 2, fil. A special despatch to iho SI. I?uis iJhpMican say*.? KHIalilo Informal Ion h.is been received here ffom dif ? fori ut sources that Gen. I'rico wasint Cass\iUC'*>uThiir? d:>jr last, with 2S.000 mon, and VU?l Bun. Mcfculloch was ton miles this sido of that place ^ xvith 10,(W moro, with the intention of marching SpringlM?^ and ofRsrlng battlo on tho old Wilson's ere fa ^rounifct. McCnlloch was expecting 10,000 additional '^oopgfrotn Arkansas. l/ir^e numbers of tho residents ^ yireen, 'JVspor and other ad joining co;iutles recently . n/tnrd (id*. Trice's army, and many of onr olDmra th that tbevebel force now num beis nearly 60,000 mor . Geu. Fremont has I up ncmr;y tho whole of tho past Hvo nights, making most f*> feet arrangements lor a battle, and tho roi >u?n<>c 0f |.ta army in hiin was never so grout us at the tMt. ^ Generals l.iro havo arrived, and Generals Pope and McKI ^ju.y arcli*virly expected. ^ruixOFiBi.n, Mo. , Nov. 3, 1881. Goueral F /tr>v haa^wen Inducod to dilny bin de parture nn / iVac arrlv*' ot General Hunter, who is ex pected th< Genera nrrftr t this morniug. Effort' ^ makih;t' oy the friends of General Fremont to induce |)?s to rfltmJn with tho army, even in a aubordi uatr r a?i?'riy. }*? ly or his staff ndlcors are anxioui to stay attle, and tJolonels I-oveJoy, of Illinois, and h nr^i gadaoo, of Indiana, will do bo whother l'lu Hffi'.ral or not. <?' * cilethj/ # .< reported moving north from Cassvillo. " ?t" ^-nuraiita Kinetry is Just about to start, with a con 1 /Wabble l**t of cavalry and artillery, to make a recon 0> iW i\\to it furoe. SpRi*onti.r>, Nor. 4, 18?1. ''tie s to induce General FreMout to romain with '!? firrtiy,' :o act in tho coming tmttlc in a subordinate apncHjfc' o 0 Amoral Hiiutcr, hav? raited. Certefl II juivr arrive? during last night, and General i WWii h? ar: d aioft of bis stall' departed to-day. "G:<t)0t.il J jutiter had an inlervic'w rif wi hour acd a half dui'-Jtita v /nt, (,'eneral Krcminft 1hls morning, In which ttio'M cr (si vo the fmmer all iihs intelligence in reference po fiin.n of tho r?ewiy , and hKl before him the plflj of tot tie {decided by lifciueir and the oom ***** tern f of d/visiows "rttttioireouDCflte of war held last ywt lingy * ne rfcono />t8f*irce d-vrmlncd 'On yeeterday wa? poat '?* icdjueto c the we'tf iftt depaMirv! l>y ordor of General f cmont. A fc.on i, ? (f>y> ?rvhrc*1 rilptit report* llie enemy mov ng nlowl' / an oin (liTKt.nn. MH'tilloch ha* tiro advance |w)nl , nrirl ta fWUy \?r, Mti miles this Wide of l'n*svlllej so that 1 f tv, ijjjj. liwynuaAt be TSty near us. A buttle ii Imminei f >*ayf*{tnwttt. Tlie ysnrtny jyreadly oxeweds our fort ft ibUimo fec.twtro felt for'the result. Our army Is all h 0,, now , crrpf etiw Genoral Hunter's divisi ?*?. Tli" |<n:iy gwird nr,>:(5Wlmnn's nb.irpshooterR were the only t twnfm tL\U'1<Jf(wtlt Gon*t A1 Tti'morit. General Ab" both irr t^wJCnerul/fcnd Acting'Hrlgadler Ge nera' icvrr." hns'taW?!? e? mmand of hi* division. tsmrts'l/r "toy, Sfc.rkx and ' IlftUscn, Into of Gencrttl Jrr'' m in'c' f Sttf r. #bo timairt h?rc to participate in any bat iu wtkifcornay lake plae?, hi ve received api?tictmt?n on Iwfi Albunter'e waff. 0 us ? surrniaiAff" Mraorju corhhspw DKK(?E, Xov. 4,3 Wl. OA tbor?urn>r.K> '2d 4 Mifil Information rwu ro ?.!>?*? I . a' .ii+ so heao* tarter* ? iJ?? tlie enemy ?*u?l vmirtniiii ii! f 'rco , ujk;b Spriuijtakl -with tho cvlb'til in .h< nU'in fit nit ug -?iS tta le, ntther an 'tho place whuro iwr At ibv wer<v?? camped, tor .to meet tin, could wo uiaich i.mit. Ptcfmta i""" wore. t onceima* i to meet the r* l aru-:, , and. an a few La -in cvorjlA n g was in oompi:lo ?enter Sot Axiut ikh .1i ri'thj hk day an odfcrer from Gen.'Sai i( 'hrr?i. division irrivcd, bringing the <itncondlti K'nl rrhr 1 (to* '%\'uMhnin?>D. to Gen. Fremont to bo supo, ig< d"<! toy i >M?: f rt-t ir?tiM?ned .comn?..tulor. Immediately Uon. Er--'. ! iw. amioiuM'-i' to the amy tbat ho ? as about iolc?w, ] jhuI ikSlredlUu the obedfc:nce and d> voti n 1 ?o shc>*va ! 4otj?- >siw o??s r tlmt.fcad btr n shown tohirn. T W> can.p , j -oii :t> fceingi <<u; imiuilratod to them ttut their' Get??cfcl | w?;)atSjout ta ?1 part, ^vort.at onto in a reiu -m nliw>m? 1 4onA.u ODf an*?j?'y tlio timely eieriioi R of G< hc. oUF?? i? ev?'ite.M.Jo out le irful consiliences. .As it m*8 f tuvernl .EQgiJtcnts thrc v down thoir arum i nd re I ifu?t t-i servev*^ r aoy oth. r commander, and d< V'4* j ,i.o? f??4?r dopi*MUi n of lield oH'.cors and liuc odlc.'is tame itotU.a^uul<tiui(VM'<i and prouvtod in the t test cai ??rt i inxjuicr ?igainpt i<t\e clva^e ? of commute 'ere. Var tiruJfj4y nnic^jig tlio Germans was Ik !b feel Ang ?not ieviibi? ., nnd ,,j* tiling but the earncs reqiu ?t .of Gen aw I'rwncU. that joq ik.ubordiiuitloti should I Vo idhown, <Mn/ed tho. ?rti y from utter demoralin* on. Ilaift rliio c nuiu- mndo ,?a 'ittacK at ?* y tinio witU t tuflvo I Uouraallei iho vfW* of reiruiva' became town, wo ?i*v>i2d; >j?.? been, * , 1 1 1 <x 1 1 ti, cu* , utterly raw'-od attid I' tO-ivcn IroBit'he groan* ?tLwua Go# ral 'it'p dotAnt .nation to htve for fti Ixjuif <i*. u-iyjight on 'he next a*. rump snhMik -'ntly | *o ,<<ie recaption of :Uk ordor, that d?c?. ient 'J wif. percmpi?-y and,, emitted of ?; o delay. <Jne. l rciiK?nter >\v4c not here, .md (ienorai Fremont dc?(t ed I U) wrn the coiktriand over* ) General- Kd^e, tho nuJtn, ^ I crflkr- tinder Gtu> *ral Iluutw. . I Oril^u rooejxt^kt of this formation, ot tho roinniAii- I d*n;.ct JiU>-'iiin^#i(l brigotbs united in s roMoriBtranci agaiiM). .General it < mont'n JinquiFbmp ?!,. o command uutl)G<?*(ral I! into" eiuno up ^nswei- w'astfrluriit.'d ihat i their DC')u?st etiopk^be complnja with, and t*.it the com maad>?iiot44 not. be fivcti up u ;iny one savetvbe proper oOlcer nftei;ij< .no!' th" 31, Gen. Hunter *<>t having arrived, aui no ie: tigenco beiif recaivetl htm, atioth/r re.|,t.r. t w*H,?ade IhM t? o army phouW bo led to batf.f ou t: ?! fo!ti?^ ^ momint;, as It w:ia etattd that the enemy .were in forae in the oUlnattle ground s i Wil son's rrcek. -VJter dttfy considering the request, /(Jen Fremont replit i jJiat l?. wirn'.d aceo-jt lo it in case (/en. Hunter .U? heard from, uuil once i.??ui <1 *n order to all t,'ie wumatulcfF of aivislone.au 1 bi i?a leg (jr a^ ill and cxact statement if-i/ie size and bJi.d.t ion ol'thetr respective force, asU on ll?e roception a* that informa tion, proceeded Uj perfect his ?.'nil of haul*. The intelligent <if <iis detesttfnatlon of tie Command ing Goneral wu* at orico c.mwunicated from catnp to c*mp, ami tlic wii Imt enth'iHht'-m pp vii.Wd. Kvery five minutes during tit* sucree ling "wo and a li*Jf hours ^ tli ? wildest cheering could bo liearfl from me portion of j the army rk the information was conveyed to the ra j rious regiments. A down bands at u<. k-o proccalod to ! -'l.o headquarters and torei.a.U-d the Ud>>:.al. Crowds of era gathered in front of his quartern ai. >1 gi ?eted him by loud and prolonged chC'-ring, and J>.u! the battle transpired according to arrangements the troops would h?tv? fought in lit" most determined m miner; but the ar rive' of (Jeucral Hunter, about ton o'clock in the evening, mac a complete change In the matter, and the baitio ' lias Lvrt n delayed. (.'cusvla Fremont and Hunter had an Inter view of two hours, in wliirh tbo former stated his entire plan of battle, mi I turned over to the latter* all the official documents pertaining to the l.e ulrini ti rs of departnunt. The interview was entirely official in itif character, and at its close the General, v retired to their hb.'?lqn?rt< rs Tor the night. General Fremont and ktati , with the exception of Colonels Lovejoy, Hudson and 8ehe?.'ck' left for Tipton to* day, at six A. M. Tlio camps were uot generally made awarooftho departure, as it was not itemed prudent for the soldiers to recoivo the informs."0? until tho General should bo some distance on tbo ,w"y rho (1km Iif all vvbo w r? around tin- h. ..!? , .m ? M t(Mi tlmo of tlje departure w<u,' an > xi r. .. , . Ul j winced (but a tore blow had heei ?trn< k at tt.? mthusl urn of the Western army Only the Imuv u ?te pr<w * )f the enemy, uiul ilie prospects of battle in % f?? days, topt our camp In order aud Uio army fr .m d.iixr.lua lion. Whatever may have boon the Itformatiea thai tarnished grounds for tho removal of ojr fun maud lug General, it la certain ihat ih? ?<1 ministration Is In error in tal ng Irn away <? Ui? ovo of a groat and decisive battle * nb tho r- >h* of tha rcbi'la of tb': Southwest. Tho 8oldl?rs of tlia r*irrm?o4 had Implfclt fuith in General Fremont . and nuMU** follojn.d him to victory over a foe of tr? lue tin ir iiuttibrrl MjT'wM they are much dispirited, and tl. ougb thejr %ould doubtless behave wetland gallantly in arte n , their great enthusiasm while f>< i v in^: under I' m"iit te l et Many of the regiments wore rauted w.Ji tho ?|kh i*l vie# of being paced In the command of the man whom such a feeling of a Imitation ha* hen raawwfi throughout Iho West, ami Ujosj in pari c . ar refct blf 'oes. Gen. TTuulor will mako b.s headquarters at the I Chambers House, on tho p<ibllc ? i .?r?' of th? town, tho rime building ocrtiplel by the confod<'rato commander at ilia tune lh? robots occupied Spring Old A p>rt ti of h? laff >? here, ana the remmndor will soon arrive or he ap|> >kii?4 at once. What hi plana will bo agal' ?t the . ne-ny I am not aware, but It Is quite probable tb?t h ? i'.I in a great measure carry oat the designs of General Kr it. out. Tho latent intelligence from tho euemj w n by a eroql? who arrived this morning. lie reports that the !^t?la turo, utulor control of Governor Jackson, is in suasion at f "ass vllle. and that a portion of the army reman s tliere as a guard. Wilson's Crcok, tho battlo ground, is hold by a;?irt|onnf the rebel army , w ho arc ongaged In throwing up earth works, and tho remainder of the furrc, null the eicof. tion of tho body at Corsvllle, is within ten or tlflw n mt- M of tho creek , somo of tliern being at Curran , and 01 beta at Crano Creek and Hug Springs. Four days ago General McOullorh IffikmI ten days ra tions to his men. and informed them Ihat they would (Ightberoro thoso rations were exhausted. MCulUwh ia very anxious for battlo, and his troops share bia euthu 8 (asm. The whole force of tho rebels Is ta:d to ho about 60,006, but of these some 10,000 or 16,000 are net ia fighting > condition. My opinion is that wo shall meet not far from 46,00* men In buttle, many of them finely arm' d, and tiavhf from thirty to Ufty pieces of artillery. It i<< i?w?ililo inat the battle may occur bofnre tti in leltor reactive jrou, and at liAMt it cannot be much delayed. The families of Culon men ia the vicinity of Wileoe'i Crock and below there are coming Id very rapidly to ?* cape the v Monro of tho rebel* wlt'i their approaching aimy. Yesterday the public square wag half filled with wagons containing tho household good* of those rK'ugeee. THE REMOVAL OF GENERAL FREMONT. ' T1IK KE8IUNAT10N OP TUB STAFF? WHO UUMI'UFKS it, etc. t As the staff of the ox chief of the Western Tlepnrtmcn will all have to resign, If thoy have not already done so, ,ho names of tho members thoreof may at the present time be Interesting to our readers. How many of them may be appointed on tho stall of the new commander cannot us yet bo stated: ? Chief of Staff? lirigadler Cenerul A. Ash th. Assistant AdiuUmt General ? '.'apt. Chauncey McKoever. Military Secretary and Fcnlor Aid do (imp ? (Mono! J. IT. l aion. Chief T?pogr*fihlcal Engineer ? Colonel lobn T. Kiaia. Chlof of Ordnance? Colonel Gustave Waaguer. Chierof Artillery? Lieutenant Colonel . las Jotton. Jin'? ? Advocate ? Mnjor R. M . Corwluo. Division Surgeon ? 1 vector T. Telle am pe. Assistant Surgeon ? Poctor .lohn Cooper. Acting Annie Unt Quartermaster Gfiier^u? Major Robert Allen. Assistant Q'.artcrmuter ? Captain F.. il. fa via. linpuLy Paymaster t.'eneral ? Lieutebaut Colonel T. P, Andrews. Commander of Body Guard? Major Cfeas. Zagony). Musical Director ? Captain A. Waldauar. AvU-dt-Camp. Colonel A. Albert. ?? Colonel Gustavo Ko^ner. , Coloucl J. T'. C'. ?hnnks. , ; Colonel Owen Lovqjoy. /i Oulonol Jolm A. Gurloy. Colonel I. C. Woods. Colonel R. IS'. Hudson. Major James W. Sivage. Major Frank J. While. Major William Don-be. mcr a Major H. Rush rii.jnley. - -7 Captain J. H. Ho\\**d. Captain U'oiililus HiuAell. Captain Joseph Ueniinly . J. ? Corres[ioc<liug and Phonographic Secretary, F>r* K lieutenant Joseph McCiillegh. iii ? 1 1"' sjwclal duties ag.-tignod to iho aids de uainp ar? e |j follows: ? i'i 9"i' nel A1,M,rl' Adlntws (aid) to Chief of Staff. Ir "*?'?' ,ne' director of Tran p.ji tat i in. ft Miyor Savage, Military Registrator and K'Kju-lltor. \ J6 Major Pliniloy, Postal Director. i(J Criptain U isk -11, 1'ulleo Director. f u.r >f lA^hcimur ;mJ ^fUiiu ilowar J, Private 1 v - r 1 EFFECT OF GENERAL FREMONT'S RB 1 MOVAL. j Milwickjw, Not. fl, 1801. Then ewe of tho removal of General Fremont Is received STilli taiuii regret , ?ud swras to be the absorbing topic. THE WESTERN MILITARY CLAMS INVESTI GATION. St. Iioris, Nor. fl, 1801. yhe memhere of tho commit* Ion to investigate tM .?Uiums agnjnst tho government in the Western Military jptparUuHii luiw all arrived. They will probably enter iliMe their (lul leg immediately. A?WS FROM FORTRESS N0NR0E. OUE FORTRESS MONROE COHHESPONDENCE. FoKTRfMl Mo.mrok, Va., Nov. 4, 1881. ' A rrirr.l of Conlralmntlt ? Death of Volenti Elder , <t c. Twenty-sloe contrabands, consisting of twenty -fotiF men, one woman and Tour children, have just been brought down from Newport News, whither they had pome from Siuithrtold. They report numberless rebel sol-' dlers above Newport News, and Mm! they have had plenty to oal; but their stories are not reliable. The death ol Lieutenant Colonel Elder, of tho Tenth regi ment, New York Volunteers (Colonel John E. Bendlx)f ? ios cast a gloom over the member* of tlmt organization, ^asmuch as that officer had been very energetio .in<t Miwaye working for the advancement of his command. Ot., revolving tho first information of his demise a meet ing mf tho oflicors was held at tho headquarters of Colonel IV-ii'Ia.t. The last named ofllcer presided, when Captain Tbos. l\ Clowdsley, in an eloquent spcech, eulogised tha late Uot 'ennnt Colonel. A committee of three was ap poialUxl U draft a aeries of resolutions, and tho following arc tho ruwvlt of their labors, which were unanimously auopieu . ? At a mcSt a* of the Board of Olflcers of tho Tenth reg 1. iri'ut, New Yot.k Volunteers, held at Fortress Monro*, Va., on t lie sfc'iti '? >' of November, 1801, in conso.|iionc? o( lulormatlo. : of the death of Lieutenant Colonel Alexander It. ' to of this regfcnont, the following preamble and i .<:s wore unanimously adopted . Whereas, It hiv p! a.-rd the God of baltl s to remove by death, from di3 a*= contracted while attending to tlia duties <>f his p sition in Virginia, our worthy and (SU-ewed fellow officer, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander B. Elder, who was known but to bo resjioLted and loved, and to whose onrcinitting exertions we aro indebted for much ol" tho discipline and efficiency which our regiment at tained while under his command; therefore, Resolved, That we deeply feel his 1 >88 and comprehend the void which his death has occasioned, knowing that hi* place in our h urts and our reirimout cannot well ba Oiled. K"solvod, That w o condole with his alllicte l family and friends in th- Ir loss of a devoted sou. an affectionate brother and a ti ne hearted , high minded friend. Resolved, That a copy of the foregoing be sent to tha fkiniiy of Lieutenant Colonel Alexander 1). Klder. and that they be published in the New York papers. Captain S. WINCHKSl'KR, ) CommittM Captain GEO. F. HOH'ER, J. on Ass't Surg, h RANK W. IIOOLITTLE.J Resolutions. Yesterday morning Lieutenant Colonel Oorge N'anman, of th ? Fourth artillery, arrived here, and reported him self for duty. The Major General has not as yet assigned him to any particular position. To-morrow Major f. O. Wise, of tli ?*mc regiment, is expected here, also for duty. Ma, or Joseph lloborts is in command of the post. In the naval world there is scarcely anything to re cord. Tie; lnilk of tho frigate Brand} ? no is anchored m the strenfn, and is to be made a store a: d receiving ship. The rebels call that class of vessels '? Yankee grocery ptorcs." At Camp Hamilton everything is quiet. The brigade of lirigi i-rCeneral Mansfield Is bec miug more orott cio.'i t in the manual of arms day by day.