9 Kasım 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

9 Kasım 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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MOVEMENTS OF GENERft SCOTT. Addrreseii from the Chamber of Commerce and the l olon Defence Committee? Replies of General Srott, Ac., Ac., Si c. In ooeurdanca with the BrrleH or resolutions passed by thaChamber of Commerce on Thursday last, a specia committee fr< >m that body wailed on General Scoll at tho llrevoort House yesterday morning. Tho committee w is combined or I ho following geiiilemen: ? l'e.itiati l'erit, Ka.l , chairman of the Hoard: lieutiingDuor, A. I/>w,C. 11 Marshall, T. Suilern ami ?i. W. Itiubt. The resolutions (of which a copy ha." already ap|>earod In tho Hkralii) hail been b .tut tl (illy eugrossod, and wore promnted to Genera! Soon by lvlatiah Peril, Kkcj. , accompanied by tlii! follow mi; remark!*: ? Oixkhali ? We wait upon you as a committee from th" Chamber of Commerce of New York, to present to you the rcsohitl " - ad< ) ted unanimously by that Hoard, and to eip-i s to \ '.ii personally tlio respect which we enter tain fur you . iini the gratitude, In common with all onr (cllow fill/ tis.for the <! stin;. wished eorvlc s which y u have r 'inter I to our country. We sincere!) pray thai your he r th may be speedily rt-itored, that you may li\ topee tin) In, on esiubliidio-i throughout a! the.-ta uiiil that In lit evening of jour days you tnay witni i-s this nation a i.scouf pro*|>orily and glory which hat nmur bul'or been attained. tuner il .tt i > li ned to the forgoing retnaiks with deep attention ajnl on (he coni lusion of tho aiturcsa ros* rem tho loin n which ho had boon reclining, arid, sn;i. porting him*' If I y the mlo of ttiu table, 8|>oke os follows ? Ml!. ] K 1) KMT AMI 1 1 K VTI.KWKV or TIIR ClIAMIIfcR OK Coil Ki.Hi K? 1 ? I i.- the language of p. aiso when it conies from .> high mrce of intelligence and moral worth, tmd sweet is tli o n. no if s* . I hai lug iu'iorcd n ml through a loug li in .i .i\i' ? in o n ? . 'Hi' measure is mil f ;iid ovorli "whig. Tlitegro.it tuit.v winch has com ? . t ' i ai I' ll lion . I nd til ? fa: nd vauoed in li e. n I by ho labors a'al mixi 'i * wlmh it th ov.' u| i n iiiii .i? Ii, ' ?? n lin uowu. 1 ? lUli i b 'fore .hi quite a wr 11 id this c >lamu> ore .roil w in lli.ee I Of filur >'?ur? r uer It would ii I '..1111111111 yet 111 I Rta e 01 vigor, in a c. i iliti' i' to rond' 1 mnm servlrn to meet that robe .ion, and I think alio inl ili> :sulf mat I . hoii.il have met 1. withi ?nsnti r.ilde \ 1 i.:h it la thrown ini' W.* ? ntnlml, yet I l . ic in 1, pun** of saying to y u. uuu my oplim 11 may b 1 .iiiiir'it .e value 11 |n 'U thai si.li ''Ct 10 yon, that I have lell 111 t.ie 1 ie 1.1 a la g<-, ti 'b and p.lrio i. .unij , tor it is tllti-d w th many u. our l>. 1 Cii/eLs, ollic n anil in n.roiaio.iiMid by gei.e .11* of vi' y great me. it ? gum . a s capable ol comma ding aiv. ol en hamin victory to '.nelr col 1, s. 1 have left 111 1 tic aid yo hg ai il vi^ 1 ons inn, colli lelelit to do all hi' doth* n J, I' ll Uteir COUIitijr ran ? oipiire of 1 1 1**11 1 ? a Major 1. racial Mci lollati, fi.ll ol AUietce and gcnii.s, an.; alieaily of r m,i.i'1 abio e\|icri I lia\e loft Major timer 1. Ualleck, another o c *r of |>,mtui< will ?:;? i.t?, and .nn g menl and dl-< etMii, who c uil.ot lail 10 nvet all t wishes ol ti e government and his cnitu.y. Bebi es Uhiu|h ,"..iii wa Iwve a number ol brlgadi *a aii4 coloneia of ln^li worth. I do not, therefor , . - air ? f the cause ol the Union; nay, I am cntl tofthetri in| h of the oanaa within mm rw uatoto inn -. 1 -1.0 1.1 bopo by the 1"." "WinKspiing the rebellion would bap presard. I -hould h 1 1 ? 111 a short time mor. that i:r Vnion might br> re e-uabllsbod in irnii ? ? 1 1 1 ? . uuu made beautiful, and I triiHt luudugo Urin that it may eiuluro for ever, 'lliat Union has commanded all my ailectiotm. The I'n on is my en itry. 1 ha\ e known no country b.t the Union. 1 owe inlegi uire to noHnnfc but to ihe I into. | Stales, and 1 mean to die in that allegiance. 1 am about to leave Ibis city and my country lor a ilnni tinn. to Itnd Hume I'C i 'lira I ion lor my hoaltli. 1 htn l al a very bad turn ilus aamlM? a giddiners in (lie head verging upon vertigo 1 110,11' In: fore 1 get at in* the ocean to j;i i rid of that Ihlir.nliy of the h ad , ami 1 ro not doubt that I shall lUnl a c 1 taiu individual ol some rulebrity in this Bia*:iality ui givi me relief in til) bailc, that 1 may soon be aide towaiUuinl etyoy the p easurea of locomotion. I >bail th n retarn 10 a city which Ins beau my delight:..! home for many months for ea. h and every year t ? r some foi tj .excepting one. I ahuil return again to tho bosom of this aoci ty , which has always treated ma with much |ie':-?nal kli.d neas and consideration, and ha(Hiy sha I i?. v h :i that time C 'tnes. and that happiness 1 trust will ki.i,, ,n six or aeven nionti 8, again U> claim to lie a ciii e i of S?w Vork, oueoryou,ii ) roiintrymiiiiuml 1 How cni/rns. With m my thanks for the I: uor you have done me 011 tins ore isiou, I must takf my Innve of you. (?od blots you, my I'rien.is. Shortly alter the witinlrnwal of the .!? puiati n from tho Chamber of 1 iiimuercu a in mlior o| g. nt em n belong Iur to the I 1. ion lioenee Couiiuit.ee called on General Scott, accord 1 g to previous ?pp ilntmont. 'llift depulatKiii c 1 sisteil of tho foil w n * geiuj, rneu Juilgi- i'ierr"i?int, ex-tiovernor tiah, John Jacob Astor, Compli Oiler Haws, It 11. Mct'urdy, A. C. Uicliards, A. T. Stewari, R. WlithiMia, tJeneral 1*. M. Wettnore, A. A. Uiw anil Mom's H. tii'innell. The deputation was ushored Into th? parlor oeeuplo I by Oeneral N oti (>y i v>lo els Towuseiid au<t (.'ullum. The) were received 1 >y the General standing, who, atter how nig to e rli gentleman prwot. again took lis seat, bring evident y iu a very feoblo stale. Judge IVri [>"iu lli'ti read the follow inn address: ? > Cm Si-omr? tbo Huii n XofeiicolJom.uitUj of ti.o < ity of New York call to pr, sent to you their com .linieiits, their homage and ihcir rasjvol, alike loo h gl: nd Urn p i.f . nd lor word* lo express. They ask tl?o l.ou >r to take yon h> llio band . and tlin >itgb the electric Chan; by which the heart n mm iflinlea with heart to le I you what tin' tongue rami l utter Before you leave tb ? chores of this your native i.u.d. |<ei ha|i? for* ver, we wish for ourselvi s and for those whom wo represont to ex,<r to you our thanks uud our gratitude tor wli.il you have sun by done for i be prep rvation and the integrity of tb ? great nation of Mlnch we have b-cn ao proud, and for this constituli. nal liberty which wo no much love. Wo are not unmindful of tb ? great dillie iltiof i ".. t<r wheh you have lalwt> d, and of the trying limes i t which y ? nave been pla-ed Bit it 1.4 di/licultv ami trials which tost the purity of the patriot's virtue i, a;.d it is in ca so you have come out ! otn the fiery o.d'-al wi ll every gem m your patriot diadem more br ght tlmt we c m - to do o i honor, On the oil of that aticlei t State wh ch n .r nod ii tJencial \V.u-. Ington and bred a <Joui-r.il Sent, i wlnie me. i slept, tb enemy sowed t e fob i of traitors and hi yo. r modi r'# house you wrr* rail d 1 to draw yo r sword against your moth t h sons because thoso Bona were your couutry's fo - And you did not falter. The honors of the starry 11 g under which that young ho. o earned Ins dawning fam were as bright an i as near to tbo old hero i'l his declin ing day a* when tin y shone at Lundy's l?iu ?. 'lite al vents of true patriots und great men are < \\ ays srpa rated by 1 mg intervals of years; but few have o.er ap pealed ? and in the whole circuit ot the t>. u scarce one? who had the wisdom and the courage to resign Ids power until death called for his ciown, I ; sceptre or his sword. It will be the crowning glory or your honored li , that after remaining at tho soldier's post until a I imminent danger t.) your country was over, uliul you bad railed a brave young soldier to your file, instructed him in all the wis loin of your experienced age, placid your mantle upon his shoulders and called down the blessings oftio'l upon bun and your co intry's cause, thai you bad the wisdom from on Hi,;. i to retire at the titling hour, and thus to make the glories > I" your setting sun ItiO'.l ably in >:e bright for the radiant I s ro they shed upon the youti,: and dawning hope of y. tir b.ioved land. I present to you the Union lMon<0O munitee, with whom you did so cordia iy co-operate in tho e irly pai t of this war. I speas the sentiments of each and all when I say thai their blessings and thi ir prayers will follow yo i u,x?u the great deep and into foreign lauds. Your many battles, all of which were victories, we n .-ed not here enumerate. Hut now, wh.-ii yo ir departure is al hand, and we know not what may b full s, we ran truly say at parting you havo fought the g.od light, you have kepi the patriot's and the Christian's laith, that on earth you will leave a name of imperishable renown, and iu Heaven, through Go 'a mor y, the e will await you a crown of glory winch ran n v u fa aw.iy. Gen r^Krott rose with much difficulty, and, after afew mom 'til ?eep li ? gm, replied as follows: ? Ot*Tl:*>!K.f of riis Uwmk l*i km* Commi tk* ? I am hi a poor condition to meet this great occasion I nm si tins in inert Wb ? ng under much dizziness. 1 would wish to rue to the height 0< the pre ent m ment.b. t my physi cal debility an l niy want of \ Igor will cause me utterly to I ul in my w ish, a 1 fool that I am g im ly honored by thoso to whoiu honor is due. I feel that I >iu not only in the bosom ot :> y countrymen anil of my toiluw citizens of the town whi h 1 have Inbabitinl tnoro or less for lot ty odd years, hi. t 1 feel thai lam in the Ikmiii of my friends. Would to God that 1 hail more brightness, that 1 might do justice t? my feelings and some iinle jusiic to the dignity aud weight ot tills company. 1 go, gentle men, across the oc an. for a sh >rt |>eriod nd for a ,-jorial purpose. In the hntH), ttitt, of getting rid of th s dizzi ness, which |s plt'ies and confi utids toe at almxpt every moment, and in the hajm of finding some rebel for another Infirmity , which 1 have lal >ored i.u for Home years, but whi. h has greatly increased upon i by the labors and anxieties of the last ten or ? I. \ a months. It is tny hop- aud eziM't ta:ion in a few in ntlis to return ?g?in to that country to which I am. like y >ur selves wholly devoted ? and by thai count iy I m an the Union of then I'nile.i States. The I ui n commenced with the goon old thirteen, slid 1 ho, c again iluil that I nion will mount up to its thirty four. Although I luve lie n ronipel.en my -elf to retire from tho Held and from the aetive :-er\afl of tho limitary profession, I have the conao u n Ol kn wing ? and it will pro baby lie a i m'ort to you to know it, and on that su'vict my j 'gm ntwiil have some little weight with ? a. h and eve one ol y. u ? that I left is the lleld men k'n .o i oMierala Mi'Cleu m and I tail uk ? each o a hub oi ler of Itllelligonco ior ail tho Sciences be., i <i g i tlie military prote.v>mn ? each <f excel lout judgment . : . al m ii discretion. In then bonus, a id in the hau'e- . -nil yo ngrr g. nera! and bri;adier gene ra.s, I nave no do til the a rales of thi . co utry w II be led to \ ictory 1 ha e no doubt tha t tbe ,l?-nines o' the country will b- a.i'e, so far a* ibrv dep. nd on the r "su t of batllus; I have no doubt they will achieve a v.rtory and a siccesalul aud honorable iieiioe within a few month*, and that that great beet and first blessing of every nation, peace, wi.l bo agaiu re stored through our borders in a reasonable p?i i 4 I hare great ronfldence that such will be tb- result. I nave consideralile coiibdeiicr in Iho ailn istrat ?.i <if the co u try. 1 do not sjieak of jiarly ixihtlcs. I have le.ig ceas d to be a party tuati. I have great confldenr. ? m th l'risi dent's good ludgmsnt, bigh patriotism, untiriig en. y and scrujeiious all' litii n to business. II was no a I'r deul ol iny makrig. I ha I nohauior jiart in hlseleva tion; but be has disapjaiiufed me most an ? ? ? > he has inspired mu with (icsonal love iv.d high ofllclal confidence. I can s;>e. k of s veral members of tbe adm.nlstration with emial coulldence a d affection, but I will forbaar. Indeed, I can do b it little more than say It will be my pride and pleasme to reuew my rueiduuca iu this groat metro;*ilis, where I have so ? tmny personal friends, mimy of whom are in my mind's rye at till* moment ? where I have h|h -hl ao many day? ami mol wilh mi much favr ?nd tfoualderate kindness Irotn a large olrola ol friend* and acquaintances. I have much more I desire to say to you, but I cannot forgot, tin tho IIihI outbreak of th.s rebellion, this great rlvll war, the prompt ami Important servloes ren ii red by thin Union Committee. I renvmbor how y ?n hastened forward the troops. I remember lliat yon, by your zeal amiability, and by the nieann placed ill your di8|<mal hy the city , armed and equipped ami gent off with exi o. ding rapidity a large number of patriotic and escei lent troop*. They came forward in good time to turn the tide, whl h had oommeneed at Ilnltlraore, against the on. mil a of our country and our consul' u n. I retnem ber that those were services which tUt linite'J^1?'1'* t'overrimont could not liself supply at the moment. The government had not Its men al the point where they wre most needed, I his c mmi'tee, a bo.ly of patriot! of intelligent ai.d ?? tivo citizens, supplied the remedy , m t the daugor and di-sipa'eil it. l, cs > ne concerned In the delence of the country at tho moment, felt the value of those servic. a, und desire i ow to express my share of the ob'igatlon, and desire now to thank you atld % exprcg-i, as 1 know the gove-nment of the United .-tales thank you, cordially for those services. They were invatpable, ntel will be rem mh rod by in my generations of your fellow citizens. 1 have not tlio strength, my friends, to s.iy more. I must t k? an altfec tlonato leave of you, with renewed thanks for the great honor rati have done me ? an honor which will be its (iu able as mi life ? an honor wh u 1 cui never forget. 1 leg leave to take mj at (lu tho cotie i Ins remaiks the Gflneral Hal down, oi i enily in usted by the exertions he had ma le. v ti iv.- nor i : i - od tiie Genera! as f dloiv ? 1 link permission, on l.ehalfoi my associates of th.i Union Del' me fommitt. e, to ptoseut thom individually, th^t ihey ' .y enjoy the privilege ol Inking the hand t int for o e t. an fitly yens tins wielded sworil and pi n In its nit ? y cause; wli-ldod the gwied always efficiently, v d a w lys with the \ iew . r the ro^toia' ion of im.ire, and 1 whoe pen has never written a word that was not f, 1 1 of loyalty, of truth, of putriotism and ot noble sentiments. t IM m> present to you the ne iubcrs of th.' committee, to tak ? uii a't". 'donate leave of you. Kuc'i member of the committee was then introduced to the General by Governor Ki-h, a id, after shaking hands with him, took their leave. (I ineral Scott was the recipient of a very handsome pi d yesterday, Mr. J'nvld Davidson, or Boston, has spoilt th l.ist eluht io nth-, iu com leiu.i! nn equestrian pl. ture or the t.eneral, in which are contained in minute ex tractors 11' adley's life of tho vote tin and ail oration by iMw od Everett. TI e fol owing W" e among those who ea'led on General I Scott yesterday; ? Count and Oountoss il ntholon, Pro ( l t Henry, of lie -niltlisoolaji Trislit* te; ! ir. Metcalf, W. |l i.udmsii and wife, Southard Hollman, S. Goi til anil ! wife. Davis a I wife, atnl Dr,Ch> tW HXl. Ih<' (ioneral will loave his hotel at an early hour this I morning, to embark on board tho ste inter A ago for KuroH, FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Friday, Nov. 8? G P. M. The money in irket grows easier again: some of the cull loans at seven are being paid oil', and re newed at six. It seems to be the |>revailj?g opin ? ion among financial men that so long as the govern ment borrows all it can get at 7 30-100 per cent inotn y cannot rule far below that rate inopen mar ket. It is not probable, in effect, that money wiil fall below six per cent I'or the present, and the prospect is that lenders will be enabled, every now niid then, t<> mark their loans up t > seven. Having the certainty, however, that money will be abun dant at these rates, merchant* anil speculators give themselves no concern about the money market. Foreign exchange took another upward turn to. day, and closed lirm at 107% a % for bankers' bills on London, and .l.'tl) a lor francs. The amount of business transacted for this mail has been small, and in view of the closing of inland navigation bankers are unwilling to draw more than they can cover at ouce. There was more activity in the stock market to day, and prices were generally higher. The news from Belmont, Mo., and from "ort Royal, though 1 not as decisive as might have been wished, Appear ed, nevertheless, to exercise a cheering intluenco upon speculators. A still more substantial reason for the advance is the scarcity of stocks. It was understood this afternoon that the bears had failed to make their deliver' in Krie preferred, Burlington and Qnincy, and or two other securities, and that they had soufc . and; obtained indulgence until to-morrow. The most active stocks of th<> day were Toledo, which rose */H\ New York Central, which rose l-g, and Krie, which rose J-j. Comparing tho prices cur rent at tin; close of the second bo-ird this aftcr noon with those which ruled at the i.ante hour yes terday, ve note an advance of Y* in United States sixes, registered, and '4 in the coupon stock, y in Missouri#, % in Erie preferred % Hudson, % in Heading, % in Michigan Central, ys in Pana ma, yi in Illinois Central, % in liulena, % in Rock Island, and % in Hurliugtou mid (Juincy. Nothing declined to-day. Pacific Mail a.id the two Michigan Southern stocks were steady. At the close the market was firm, with rather mere acti vity. The following were the last qu tations: I'nited States 6's, registered, 1 ms i" , 94 a do, 6's, coupon, 18x1, 94 a %; do. 6's, 1 " 7 1 1 ; n Indiana f>'s, ? a HO; Virginia 6's, i~ a 4,i; Tennes* see 6's, 42 a %; North Carolina t> s, CO a %; Mis souri tl's, 4:P4 a ys\ Pacific Mail, !>834 a 99; New York Central, 79 a Erie, 3234 ? 33; do. pre ferred, CSJ-j' a V?! Hud.-'on River, 40 a 40; Harlem, 12% a 13; do. preferred, 32 a 33; Residing, 35% a 36; Michigan Central, 50% a ?%; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 1*% a 19; do. gua ranteed, 39 a %; Panama, 11'% a 119; Illinois Central, 62% a 63; Galena and Chicago, 70 a %: Cleveland and Toledo, 36% a 37; Chicago and Rock Island, 63% a %; Chicago, Burlington and yuincy, 66 % a 66%; Delaware, Lackawuna and Western, ? a 70; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 20 a 21; Illinois Central bond!-', 7's, 88 a %: Dela ware and Iiud: on Canal, 82% a 85; Pennsylvania Coal, 77% a 78. ? The importation of dry goods for the week end ing to-day foots tip $6*1,585, against $1.1(11/, 219 same week last year, and $1,510,982 same week of 1869. Of the importation of last week three-fourths are woollen foods, partly, we apprehend, clothing for the army. Of woollens, worsteds and blankets there was inspected $310,000 worth. It is under stood that the woollen manufacturers of New Eng land, foreseeing the demand for blankets which would arise this wiuter for the army, combined to gether some time since, und refused to sell except at an exorbitant profit. This nefarious scheme? whose authors in some countries would have been hanged by an outraged people ? has been properly defeated by judicious purchases of foreign blankets made by the agents of the War Department. It is to l?o hoped that no narrow-minded prejudice or fear of oH'ending the grasping manufacture rs of any section will prevent the government from buying blankets for the troops where they can be hud beat and cheapest. The stock of the Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien Railroad (the old Milwaukee and Mississippi) is attracting some attention at present. Tlie earn ings of the r'iad for October amounted to $177, *79, against 1163,615 same mouth lust year ? iuerease, $14,263. For the ten months ending 31st October ult., the receipts were $949,882, against $664,036 tor the whole year 1*60 ? increase (without count ing the mouths of November and December, 1861), $2*5 ,846. Under the new reorganization, this road had but $41,055 intcre-t money to pay last July; in January, 18C2, $77,350 interest on the mortgage will be due, and the company is already discounting its coupons. The first preferred stock, amounting to $1,100,000, is entitled to 8 per cent after payment of expenses and interest; the second preferred, amounting to another like sum, is entitled to 7 per cent on the same conditions. Since the reorgani zation, large sums have been spent ort the roml Over 1,580 tons of new and rerolled iron have bee* laid on the track; the pile bridge across the lake at Madison has been filled in with stone and earth, a new eating house has been built at Madison several new water stations erected; mnch fencing aud ditching done; several locomotives rebuilt and new c.vrs purchased; various payments have been made lor unsettled right of way: the Milwankee ntution enlarged and new side track laid. Not withstanding these outlays, unless some unforeseen occurrence should divert the net earnings, there is ittle doubt of a dividend on the second preferred | slock. It might probably be shown to have been earned already; but by the conditions of tho reer I gan -ition dividends can only be declared yearly, I on pa' up t of the interest on the mortgage. The business of the Sub-Trua^ury was as follows to-day:? Receipts ?W>2 "'?J# ? Kor customs Si .000 01 ? Kor Treasury notes 214, soft 70 Payments, inclu ting redeemed Operot. notes. 1 ,4oO,M4 74 liiianee ?. . . . 8 ,t?&U 60 The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House tlii? morning were 115,391,828 26, and the balances $1102,429 09. The Pennsylvania Railroad Company has effected a lease to the Kant Brandy wine and Waynesburg Railroad for five years. This r<>? d runs from Down. ingtown to Waynesburg, in Chester county, seven teen and a hall' miles. It traverses a thickly settled region. The lease secures the application of the whole of the net earnings to the payment of the in terest ou the 11-10, 000 of7 per cent mortgage bonds issued by the liiuiidywine Compwiy, tir.itl and thu balance, if any, to the stockholders. The Chicago Tribune of Wednesday notices the exchange market there as follows: ? The Indiana brancho sell oxcham'o to customers at '.j per lint premium, w bile most <?f the other bouses cleii'go ?? a )'t per cent. Tboinaket is firmer, and i life; ? bi-ef and nork tra; . u-t i. us afiord relief the ruling prlt e a.r'-t I 'lu itii tvel' W Vj per cent pr- inlnm many days Tliat is the price now with -ovcral of the leading h 'usw The buying pro ' is a ' , ill.- Ind alia I" nclns sell gold at Tli.< rnjc is >J, v a 1 por cein for lotail parcels from the brokers. The Cincinnati Oaiette of the same day re marks:? Tlu'woi'k hi: t>eon a comparatively quiet ono in the money mark "t . and for good paper lh-Te has boon a le maud in ?'X' i kk of the supply. Hates of interest, how ever, remain linn ai 10a 12 |>er sent, and there i? no 'u sire i n the part of capital! i. to inuk c nc ssli lis or to lower the siaie'anl , w bit h i* still a bii^h < m?? , though not so severe u* it fas '? ?> m mih ago. (' -iru ? -y is la good supply. i?xi -hange, which was scare# a week ngo. is now. ,r'ng to heavy government disbursements, plenty, and tie market is ea^y at far buying and \ premium s'Uiiii' Tie- offerings at the banking bouses urn in execs.t of Uiu demand. Gold is not much inquired for. We read in the Hartford Press of November 7: The Si'.pr. me Court of this State has |i,at decided a ens* growing out of the Schuyler fraud, wMch is the flrsi on? of the kind that has come beforo our courts. Nnmerms ch <?" have been I) Tore the courts or New York, reoeivlnc, in (be course or their pa- age from the lower to the higher courts, n vartaty of decisions. Tbo present ease in vo'.ved sev*r-.l points of much Into- ebt The Hrld -onon Itmik, the platnMtri:i the ras>', In 1840 took from Sclit y lor two rertlt??l< > of stock of the Now York and New lluven Hailroa i Company, one for fifty and the other lor forty shares, as collateral security for mi account which Schuyler bad with the bank. The b.mk held these cut : Urates without taking a transfer of the stock imt'l 1' 5-1, when the Schuyler fraud was discovered, imiyodiatc|y upon wtiirb th 'cashier of th- bank prosei iod ii,? c -rtif< cates. and demanded the transfer yf Iho stock. The nil road oomp n y refused to allow the transfer, having closed th ir transfer office immediately upon the discovery of the fraud. The b nl; sonio tlmo after inadoanotlvr uomand, which was again refused, and this suit was tiro eht for damages for tbo refi sal to allow the transfer. lit ls4'i, wbi'ti the certificates woi-o Issued hy "-Vlniylor and delivered to the bank, he was the owner of oi 3 'cm dud and sixty sbaros of genuine stock. Attholimeof the demand upon I lie. company, in 1H!H, an Immense num ber of spurious shari s b .'I been Issued hy hlni.ii|?ni sumo of which the whole oi his genuine stock lia ' I? >en trans ferred, so that at that time there was no g -nuiii *l?ek standi! g in h '?* name on tho books which c ai!d be traiu'. ferred to the bank. Hy the rules of the railroad company itn shares e n d ba transferred unless thu eorti;iale* hold for tboni wern surrendered to the transfer ? .??%n t at the time. Thecerti II .it s held by the tiank were signed in blank by Hc.lmy I r on delivery to lie hank . anil were Sec ni'uiiiiod hy i ii ank power of attorney, si nod and scaled by s-.huylor, for the transfer of the stock on tie- lm Ua of the e ill any The certificates thus issued by Sehuvl r wire in a mi a nil eases hold as collateral security by the par tie" to whom th y were assigned, who retained them, often for several years, without taking transfers, regarding them as secure since no transfer could bo made without a pre sentation i f the certificates. The HrMpoport Utiik in this cas held the certificates in this confidence. The pi" in tiffs cla mod that, under the established res torn of negotiating such certificates, taken in connection wiili the rules of the company which secured ilv -Hook from transfer while the certificates were outstanding, the certificates ware to Lie regarded as negotiable or <v>nsi negotiable ? so that t.lio hnui fide Icldor waf prote fod agaltist any defence which could have h -on set tip in the first instance against Schuyler himself, or which might gn w mil of transactions occurring after the certificate was negotiated. The counsel for the defendants denied this, and con ? a coil thi-t , as tho plaintiff* had not taken a transfer of ? a, i ,| oiher parties, with equally gm> Icert.flratcs, : i in and stirronder ad llieir certificate.-: and taken u trans i-r of the stock, the plaintiffs bad lost, their right to it , pri cisely ou the principle that, where a jierson soils personal property and does not deliver it. and afterwai its std s it to a second luma fi'h purchaser, who gets posses sion of it, the latter holds it and tho former has lost it ? the party losing It hiving no remedy except a claim on the vendor for damages. ThU was the important point in the Case, and the f'ourt hold tli it flie raiho.ul company, having, by its rules 'and the form of if h cortiflcatcs. stlp dated that the stock re presented by tho certiiicjites ahoutd not be transferred until tbo cortifl'-ate ??? present -si, could not set up the act that (he slock had lieou t-aiisferrcd toother parties, especisllt#ls the transfer was the fraudulent act of their own ageu^ who was acting within the Mnj>anf hi* < ft cial a .thority.niui therefore made bis own knowledgo and fraud the knowledge and fraud of th" company. The I out did not express ?n opini >ri as to what would have been the result If the stock in question had not heon gonuincVtoi k. The de i-lon, tho: oiore, docs not conflict wi h t! e d.r uslons In N'ew Voir in caiie- where the stock in question was confessedly spurious, and does not poriiaiR C'nlrdiuto very m eh to tho settlement of tbo principal questions growing out of the Schuylor fraud. fltock Kxclin ngtu Kiuimv, N?v. S, 1861. $8000 US 0 ?, '81, rog 94 200 slis JIulU l'.R.blO 40 > ? 10000 ITS 8's, 81, coq? "?4 1 -JO i do b30 6000 Missouri 6 s. , . 4.'!'i 25 Harlem UK pref. . 32 V BOOO Erie i:K 4th nib 70'* 50 do . . ,"'1 ltiOO i rie RR Mhmb -75 200 Reading RR..b30 35 1 . 80MI llii Itsinkg fb 07 10O Mich Cent RR.... BO \ 12u<;OMi h Sosiukf b 7H fly do 60'j 10 0 it <Vnt RR lid* 8$X 70 Mich So&XIndRR 1.7 lot 0 Chin &MV s f b si 48 MiehS.tNIndgFt k 39 1 J WHO IMUD'BWm *8 12 Panama RR.. ... . 118% 10"0 Gal' Cine 1st in 08 \ 26 111 Con RR scrip. . (i:i 11000 ''levofcTol B f b 7?'4 100 do f.2'{ 2000 I,akeKA-W 1 mb 72 lull Gal A Chi RR .. 7? 26 ph." !)k of Otn'ce 83 60 do , ..KM) 70 ftSlio.- M/alherRk s7 0(H) Hove k Tol UR. . 36', BO Climb (I ( <ial prof 6 3iKi do slO 75 I'actflc M Sri Co. . 99 41 >0 #!o 361( 70 do ?8\ 2.J0 do aSO 86V 2150 N York Con UK. 79 I'M) do h:;o .Wjj 100 do bao 7!) 6 CHI ft Rk Ix RR. . (tV 70 Erie 1<K 32K Boo do r,:n4 ir,o <)o 32* ;i o do ti.io 63V 50 Frio RR prof ... . OS lou Chi, R it i} Rll siiO Cm 500 Hudson R RR. .. . 40 25 MM' duCh 2d pro 68 100 do slO 40 75 do... 5S)J SECOND r.OAKD. $1000 Missouri A s 43?-? 60 Bhs Mi ll CRR.b30 50'* 2000 Virginia (Pa. . .0 49 75 do r.u1, 2000 ill ciiu hds, '79. M\' 100 do 6im0 2000 111 con h is, '69. 80 >4 50 do s20 60 500 111 I Vn RR bs . . 88 1 60 MiehS&N I RR g s 39 V, 10 slis Bk Commerce 82?, 60 Clevn k Tol RR. . 3fl?i 100 l ac Mall SS Co... 88 ^ 100 do 38 2(K) X Y 1 on RR . 70 60 Chi & Kk is. ,:R.. 6.'! ^ 50 Eric UR MO 33 60 do slO 5.'! 1S8 Erie RK prof. . . 58 ? 2(H? do 63 60 do oH'f 90 Mil W'r duC 2d pr 6s*J 100 Hudson R RR ... . 40 26 do 69 100 do I)o0 40 300 Chi, Bur it Q RR. 65,'3 CITY OOHinBXi01A.Ii REPORT. Kkihay, Nov. 8 ? 6 P. M. Amif. ? Tlio market *u steady , with limited salos, at $5 31 '4' for both sorts. FRSAiiSTun*. ? Kloiir ? The market tn the forenoon opined houvy and dull, but owing to some decltac in freights It assumed greater firmness, and closed at rather lienor prices for some grad.s. Iho transactions em braced about is, 000 bbls. , closing within the following range of (trices: ? Su|>er8l)OState $5 65 a 6 65 Extra Slate, good to cluice 5 76.16 90 Superfine Wastern 6 55 a 5 66 Common to choice Western extra 6 75 a 6 75 Extra Canada 5 70 a 0 75 Mixed to straight Southern 0 20 a 6 46 Straight to good extra <to 6 50 a 7 25 Choice extra family and bakers' brands 7 25 a 8 00 Rye floor 3 00 * 4 35 Corn meal, Jet sey and Brandy wine 2 86 a 3 25 ? Canadian flour wis steady, while the sales embrac ed about 1,500 bbls., within tlio range of the alxive flgnre; . Southern (lour was steady, with sales of about 800 bbls., closing at the above quota tions. Rye flour was firm at our ligiires, with sales of 2' hi bbls. Corn ine.,1 was quite steady, with sales of 225 lib's. Wheat? The market was urtlvo, and owing to the declkio in l reiglils it closed with tncieamd Amnios*. Ttu- na (? embraced about 190 ,0W) bushels at $1 33 'or mixed Mich igan, $1 40u$l 50 for while Michigan, $( 38 a $1 4:t for white Ohio ai d Indiana , $1 24 for Canadian elub, fl 36 a $1 41 for white Cans lian,$l 36 aft ,*Mi tor amber Mirhi gan, $1 30 a $1 35 loi red winter, $1 27 a $1 33^ for rod Slate, tl>? in.inie figure for sjirinc |l 26 a $t 27 for amber town and Wisconsin, $1 -3 u $1 26 for Milwau kee eluti,$l21 a $123^ for Racine spring, and $118 a $1 23 for Chicago upr.ng. Com was iu go<sl request, with s;iles of alxait 20), 000 b :sh? s, i>ai t to arrive, cbiatty for th# eastward and for exjiort. Sales were made at 6dc. a 63 %c. for the east ward and at 63 for slitppmg lots of Wcniorn mixed, with small sal*f< ilo at 64*. Bye waa stoady at 80c a 81c. for North river. Uar ley tuid Uarly nia.t were uuchang?v!. Oaf s were firm and in good demand, * ith sal>w i f . niern at 42c. and 43>jc. for Stale. (Vorv*. ? Sales of 800 bajrs of Marar.iibo wre made, in hand, for export. o:i private terms, and about 1,600 bags Kk), mostly within the ra: go of ll^c. a lfic. for commoo to prune tVirrow. ? Ttie market continued firm, with rales of about 2,000 bait s, < los tig ,urm at 24 '^c. a 24)^0. for middling uplands. Tho tranraetions were nearly equally divided betwe-ii spinner.' and Bpeculators. KniciiiUTS. ? Hates were heavy lor English ports, and closed at lower pri?o-. To Liverpool about 40,000 but he Is corn ware engagi d, si buik arid bags, at 9 V d. a 10t*d , and some 60,000 do. wheal in bulk and lings at lOi^d. a ltd.; 2,500 bfiis. flour at 2s. 6d. a (Id., with 150 tons weight roported at 32.-. 6d. To l. u ton 12,000 bus e b wheat were . nguged st lid. a 11 ' jd., iu bulk aud bags, and 2,000 bV. . flo ir a' -i. i 3s 3.1. T- IUvr?> ? 0,000 ? 5'.),'i00 bushel* wheat were em-aged at 2 ir. and some flour at 86c.. andone lot, pr< hably to All up, wan reported at 80c. Hav was steady and In good request, with sal"H of ?hip plrtr al 06 r. a 70c. . and 70c. it 76c. for city use Hums* ? The market has been ipiile dull, with but little Inquiry from the local trade, the sales lining chiefly to out of town buyers Kales hav been ,000 Ruenoa Aye', 23 Ibn. , at SS We. , le?s 5 per cen? 2 tOO do. , 20 a 21 lbs. , 23c, , cash 1 ,000 Rio Grande, 19 lb , on private terms; 2,000 I'orto Cn hallo. 21 lbs. . on private terms-. l.HOOOri i?w, 21 lbs , Sic., six months; 2,000 city slaughters, 64 llw., Ho. , cash; 1 ,000 Washington slaughters, 80 lb#-, Sc., cash. Moiaj?<io< ? A small Bate of 20 bbls. wos made at 27o. , four months. Navai. Stohw. ? Spirits turpentine was <iu|et and no minal. Hopin was bold at $4 02, at which noma sales wore reported. Ons. ? l.inseed wn? firm, with sa'?s In lobbing re|>ort -d at 73c. ? 74c. and in eitv barrel* at 76e. a 7fic. Crude was in g'Hid demand, with sal s at 411c.. a 4'c for common to prime quality. T'ttnvi-i'kv- ? Pork ? 1 Tlie market wris heavy an 1 lower, with (ja'es of 400 >i TOO bb's Iji lots, at >15 a $ 15 60 for mens, and old prime at f>9 a $9 50 a f9 02>$, with some new city oriine quoted at $16. IWi' wax steady, with ?<a!e? of 400 bids at $ 1 1 M> -i $12 for now repacked mess, and at f 12 75 nS13 f ir extra do. Ijird wss heavy , hui unchanged in prices the sales embraced SOO bbls. , In eluding <100 dcliverah '? in Itecember unit January at n. t., and the remainder lit K*,'c. n I'^f. Iliieon was In fair de

mand, with sal's of o'Oh' X' S, ut 7 tfc. for Cumberland cut . and at He. for sh rt ill 1 ? ! c|iy. Butter was in good d ntand, with fair sah - wl e ch'-es v-.-is - nchanifed Sid m?- ? Th" market w as?ti-*dy, with sa in of 400 a 6(H) hlila. Cuba, and HO boxes mid 4F l.a ??. I KATintn. ? The market for With hemlock and oak his b en cry dull. Tlio recol] Is c< ntitiue la . e and exceed tin* Sllics. T'>iiA<'(o. ? As stocks are decronsing holders are firm. Sales393 bhd>'. Kentucky at 9c. a 13i^c ; 137 bids. Itv vain on p. ?. and 72 eases seed loaf at 7c. i 9c. Woi>i?~The myket this week pre-' ut-' le < tnirnation. Wo have heard of no sains nf any Importance. Fi reiin wools hecin to arrive, and the stock will soon h'- worthy th* attention of buyers. rtotnestie i:- le?s In request for tu c?. I'ulle I wools hold their own be"er; very little in (In rnnrk 't. The ample supply of sure consumer and the wools to arrive has crei ted ,'i slight c.hutigo In demand. ^Vernal no m Vrhl eh'.nge in pi iocs for army wools. W" do not |(".' my it present. Wi";i ky. is mark 't was s'c 'y, wilb Pales of 500 hhls. at 21,' ,c. a 21 ^o. TIIK IMt Y COODH TRADE. The following is a comparative statement of t ho Im ports of foreign dry poods at New York for tho wo'-k em 'In ? November 7 and since Januury 1 ? For thr week. 1S.T) 1NW) TRflt Kntomd at the port... $i .fiio.oxg 1, If, 9 240 681.565 Thrown on market... 1,362 718 1. 01;! 754 843,443 SVnttJoH. 1. Rtr -red at the i ort. . . $0 >.rtM ,7.12 ?|,1<t?,072 39.S07.109 Tli own on market . . 1>9.:191,012 1H .V2.044 40,019.222 l'v the ahovo ftatemei.t it will be seen that the dry Hoodn entered at this port the past w. ? .s well as those thrown upon the market, were still materially less than these for the smne poriod In the two preceding yours. The Hg^regatcs since the 1st .'anuary last show a larRft fal'lng ofl compared with those for tUesimo time ItrlnR the two preceding years. Of the ^?>!s ente d for c u siimpti on, woelleioi nnioimtod t fll.OPt. cotton to $30:576. silk to $9(4, 5?8, flex to $'2,540, and mis* nellaticoiis to $21,210.? Total, $G36,'.?40. The expoito cotton piece goods was moderate last wee'e, and Chiefly mode to South America, as \y i I ' h, se i from the fo'low in;: t bio. Ext >rts of domestics forthi wook ending N'ovcmber 7, lsbl ? null. Vahli'. Mexico I'>S Brii/.il 3.10 Arric,:i 102 Glasgow 56 Total 076 $6.1,262 Prey iotisly rojHirtc d ol; Oil Since .J .wiary 1 63.686 Th 1 business doing durini' the w?"k has beer, moderate, and the season is drawing towards its close. The stocks of domestic siomls in coinm .s.- ion warehouses were i ot larpe, while tin- recent advance in liiiivy brown ?hoetlngs and shirting, duck, Arc., v is iiiiiintaitioil. 'Hie gr. ate t r c'ivity was ci.tifl:e d to c. otls -nd clothing re quired for army pnrpos-s, and heavy purchases of arm.v goods ire being made in tbif city. Woollen goods, including blailkets, flannels, hosiery, ko., wore active. The army and navy standii d ? blue cloths ? were wanted in advance of simples. Foreign goods were In f lir demand, es necial.y heavy woollen for army use. S.V. s continued to be made a! auction, though less freely than on the pre vious week or two. Among the sales a catalogue of rib bona brot'gbf satisfactory prices, especially colored vel vets. Several sales of importance arc advertised for next WlHlk, DOAlrt)ING AND LODGING. \ HANDSOME SUIT ANI> AI.SO A Dorni.R AND SIN git* KtKuu to (?f, in the first rhw..< h <?usc\ ] i1 So ro w! ;iv*nn<\ corner Seventh ?tre??t, <JiJiiR?r at dix. dull a t boiiwo or nd?it ogH box S.583 Post oflirA. APURKISHBD PABLO* AND KKI>Kr>f)M, f>N TJfH Mpcond Hoor, h]ho a Room *>:i third floor, to h-t, with Bo?n: i!" dttriircd, in ;t |?rjvatc r n tullv n-siilinj; at No. 21 Went Twonty-Hmmd Htri-ct, near Fifth nv??nu?\ \T 33 WBST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN1 Fit th and Sixth avrnno*, lar^ hand?*om?ly l umisli?Ml itootns, v. itli Hotirtioma on s eoml and third lloors; also am glo lioomn t'oi ^entloinen. All mod era Lnpiuvem ma. Re fevtllUUH <*xoha!i^oil. * SUIT OF NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM.0? TO LET, *-ifh partial Board if desired. to one or two :;ontiemen. '? i*mt location. li?for, r es ex -hanged. Apply at 91 Eleventh street, between Firth and Sixth avenue*. A T THE LARGE FIRST CLARA DOUBLE HOUSE NO. J\ 127 Bleeokcr ftri-ct, west of and near Br- a lwny, is a really first elass family Ronrdint* House, with Iv'oms unsur puss^d in size and comfort, in suits or single; the cheapest place In tin; city tor thes^yle and quality of what is offered. A T 12fi NINTH STRRET. A FEW DOORS WEST OF J\ Broadway.? A suit of front Room*, with Board, con sisting of Parlor, two Bedroonn; and bath room. Also single K"o;n.i. Host of references giv en and required. \ 8 MALL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LIKE TO TAKE l\. a tew select llrst class boarders to form a pleasant cir cle for the winter. Apply at No. ',*> Ea*t Twenty-first street ((I rami* try park). 4 gentleman a no wife ok two single gen .4 V t torn may obtain pleasant Rooms, with good Board, Iti a small private family, where the comforts of a home can b" enjoyed; honse ban vra<|ern improvements. Dinner at G o'clot Apply at 23* West Twenty-!, eeond f? :eet. \ N UNUSUALLY PLEASANT, LARGE FRONT ROOM, J\ wutu m without H <li > ?m eommuni ating, also .i nice Be Iroi.rn, wtih his r cla?1* H?*;. r?i. House nice nad private. Kei'ct en, exchanged. Apply at 19 University place, corner of Nin i street. ? 4 Fl I NISI1ED SECOND STORY FRONT AND BACK J\ Ro rn to let, ' 'pother or separately, with Board, at Ul East Taitt;, -foarih sir. et No o? ;-t boarders Utken. Lor i tion 1?1- -admit. Terms moderate. Good ret ere noes ,tvt-n and required. A HOME FOR TIIE WINTER.? PLEASANT FURNISH J\ ?'d Rooms on the second ll* ?<?r may be had, with B ard, In a small quiet family near Union square Apply at liiKa-d E< '.hteentli street, nea r Broadway A SPLENDIDLY FURNISHED PARLOR, WITH BED J\ room ? tt vdied, to let to on** or t.w<? ^?*ntlem?Mi or a gen .a. in ami In*; will* for lm laeheepinj*. wj'-j t,?e of laundry, in a pvi house, with all the modem improvements; also sin ;le R? omn f >r g'M.tiemen In a f mat* h use. Apply at 06 Prince street, a .e > doors west o? Broad v. ay. 4 GENTLEMAN WISHING ALL TIIE COMFORTS OF j\ a home can :ind in a ?mail genteel family a w- 11 fur nished iV'.n' Hedroom und I'antrv, with use of parlor an I fir-; aim* one Hall Room ;.t $1 2b per week. Apply at 7U7 Sixth avenue. Ttt8 rENTH STREET, NEAR SECOND AVKNUB? _? T ? let, with Board, very desirable Rooms on the second ih>or, together or separately. A1 4 T 55 WEST TWELFTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH 2Y a ad Six; It avenues? Furntan ?J Rooms to rent, with Board, in ill or? >arate, s itable for gentlemen or gentl man and hi* w i.e; house has modern improvemeti's, Itefe renC4-s exchanged 4 T .r>S WEST TWENTV-FIFTH STREET.? A NEATLY ^\. furnUlmd Room, with alcove on the Ui;rd ?toryt to let t . two gentlemen, or a gentleman and wife; also, one on the lotirth .-?torv. for one or two gentlemen. Reiercacca ?\ changed. Dinnerat 6 o'clock. AT NOS 1,123 AND l,ir? BllOADWAY? HANDSOME suits of Rooms, with private table nrtaMecPimte. Al?o Itoomx for sin , e k> ntleineti, with Board, bctwe-n Twent.. til th and Twenty-sixth streets, near Klith Avenue Hotel. AT 130 MADISON AVENUE.? A GENTLEMAN AND .iV wife seek inn a home tn a tirst cln-s private house, can find a Suit of Rooms, on second tioor, with Board, ?i* ao ?vc. Also a Room for a single gentleman. Heat of reference giveu and required, 4 LADY AND QBNTLBMAK CAN BB ACCOXMO dao d w ith handsom- y t urmsbe t Rooms and Board lor the lady only, with a widow lady occupying a mow a si^nc house replete with modern leu] p. vrmenta. Apply ut G3 Wea. nfteenth itreet A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM WITH CI.OSET TO J.KT to single gentlemen or .? ?enilem ?n and wife, wim or without Board, in a small private family; house weii far nished, has bath, ga^. ?tc., and is neatly k. pt; terms mo?ie rate. Apply at 1$) Filth street, near Second avenue. A WELL Fl RNISHED BACK PARLOB AND THREE Rooms, with bath and >;a\ with or without Boaid, in a umall private family of adults only. Please caii at 36 West Twenty-tldrd street, near Filth avenue. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN OR QUIET LADY CAN have a ni.ely furnished Room at ?J, without B ard, or with Bo^rd, tor lady, at $ii. Few l>oarder? and ail modern Improvement?. Location central and qnlut. Apply at 'ilB Greene street, between Amity and Fourth. A LADY WISHES TO OBT UN BOARD IN a OBNTBBL priv.tttt family, when there are no other boarders taken. Best of reference given and required. Audresa lor two days C. U., Union square Poet otlice. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN BR AtVoMMO ^.ite<| with haudsomeiy furnished Rooms, wuh good Boaid tor in*' lady only, in a hrat (lass houw) contain log all the modern improvement*, near Union square, at a moderate pri' e. Address box lti2 Herald oiflce. A STRICTLY PRIYATE FAMILY, HAVING A SPARE R<x)?nf would let. it to o tie or two sioj<le gentlemen. Inquire at 114 East Eighteenth street, near irvlng place. WoARdT-A GENTLEMAN AN I) WIFE OR SIN OLE JL/ gontiemen can be accommodated with Board at 2t)9 East Broadway. "I > OAR IV ? A OENTLEMAN. AND WIFE. AND SEVER AL J) single gentlemen, can obtain very dssiiabl ? furnished apartments on the seeond ami third floors, with Board, in an agreeable family Apply at 26 We*t 'lVenty-neventfi street, i a few doors Troni Broadway Board. --gentlkmi-.n and THEIR WIYBS or single gentlemen can he aciommorta #?d with ham s irne | Rooms, at 17H West I our eenth street. V^it^Tiu^u given and i requtred. Terms moderate. Dinner at 6. Board wanted? w ith furnished room, firs and g?s, bv a youi.g lady in a respectable family, where there s re no other boarders, Location m*i?t be ceu'ral. Ad* dre.. A. B., Br?)?dway Post offloe. HO MIDI NO AKD U)U(iIN?. Board wanted.? a kamilv ok nine, incluoino children ttliree of thrill ainall), wl.li to ,,blaln i lain Hard In a private 1'tir ml in family, on tin- naat aide, between Twentieth unit Fortieth street*. An.ueri -dating I rin?, wld< h iiu. hi lie very moderate, way bo adilr. used to Uural, bOS 4,740 N -w Vol* Poll O0O*. Board WANTED? -between tenth and thir Ueili afreet*, III II Hdii'Uy private faintly whu wi?li lo ie (J'tort expenaeH; p-iit'einun wife unci noli i'l.;lit yeaiaold; two Koum* required; pno- lull I tin 1"W, to mm the liuii., anil a ycnteel place. Address B., bux 3, illli l'o*l oflli*. Utileteuc a exchanged. Board wanted- bv a uknti.eman and wife. in h gi'utiifl private family; where there are no oilier boardera preierrml. Lo atlun between K'HirLeeiitli , and Tiitrty-foiii ill *lri eta, llcli ri iiuoa exchanged. Addreaa K. B., box ISO Herald i ifllee Hoard wanted? in south biiooklyw, in a pi i vale family, liy a .wille'naii and lii? two dauglitera; I' irtli'l Board 1. ii- Hie uiruileuian. Addr< -.a, ?uilu< tei lua, Ai.'. , li. K., Herald oll'ioo, Hoard wintkd-* v<>: no <;i;>.t;.k?an and wile dehlro u laitfu, h m a urn iy f urni?lu d, aecuiitl ur third *tory frunt Eooiu, or Iluuma, with lire km mid u? ?? uf buih, In a muilet i, n -'iae, beluw Teiiili atrf'<tt, near Broa>iw,iy, Willi full Board fur lady, and blvakfuit an I tun m lata din ner, for g.-mleman; a prlvale faintly pr. ferred; p : 111 ui-nt If Hgrei .iiile; lerliiH al>"nt $10 per week; extra ar 'imiunala tJd.'i*, $12, ivfrrcncea um-ic- puunaMe. Adare&a 0?' ar, bux S.S08 I osl ofliee. BOARI?IN(J._TWO GENT1.KMEN AND Til Bill WIVKS, ur a lew Hlnnle ,;??ittl, iu< u, an ubt.iln B'tird lit a prtrivl family, wlierr lliev nan have all Hi" 1 iiifui t? uf u liuiue, by |.I ?!> ? 11; .1 1 M tin t K'll'ly .mirth stfji t, IJRoOKI.YN BOARD.? A OENTL.EMAN AND WIFE, I J and ?ln?lo ircuil rnrii can old mi lli-nnm, with M l I'll, nil leaannable lerliiH, by applying at Hi kit strm t, n ai Juialemun; huuse li.n. every modern cunvenn-ime. IV >OARD TN BROOKLYN ?10 CLINTON STREET. A front Parlor, with Bed aim attach ed, will be rented at rvouced y. .. . to permanent bonnier*; ?l* ?. i li >oiu mutable I .r anin^le rntleman; dinner at one o c. ek. HOARD IN BROOKLYN. -A FEW KINtiLR ORNTI.K in n or H u' uUriu.iii anil wife can have a oomlorta <le <? in a jirst class bona", with hot and ? old vvat?.". i ? ail the I I ?o i !?:-?, l-a'h, f.iib, A *, 1 i* Jo ?IHy is <|r?j r ibh\ h ! wi hin (hr ininutoh' v.?lk of th SouUi ferry. Uumvrut half*i>aftit 0. Afi i> Jy ai i'l i'o %'f< sk >treet. OA HI) IN UltOOKLVN.-W ANTED. H<lt A (SKNTI.B 1 jiian ana Wht\ ' w.? . r . ti t IC?mmi - ??ii tii ?i : ?l with all njudvni iT'ii enienc ? (h-hln-M. l,?? uli'in wj'.hlii U?e (I s'ri'i bouu (''<i I), A", ntn, ili kn, Fulton ami Court streets. Ad I ?? - be* . ' J ? N v. k )' o v, . Boar ) is b ooklym -om pi ??. \ kwt fhIont iiiioin, t'n: ninhoU ??r onfurniBb d. a;.otw? hull In tlb* iiou.M of a hinall lamlly; '-ath in tue house. Apjilv at 77 on street, one door from Livingston. IV r ins rate. B B< ?A li J> J N UKOOiCLVN. ? A FRW SKLE? T BOARDEHH can oolnln dt'hiraoie Kooiuh in a iir^t ' h*-* | rfv ate lion (\ having ill ?h?* mod- rn imurovenu-nt-*, wheri* t-very at ? nti .1 1 v\ iii i?r pai 1 1 o their comfort, at ?i- VVdioa^li ?y *?trc?;l. I 1 - ? ? 1 .i< . ? OA KD IN HUOOKLYN.?MARRIEDORSIft.LE GKN > th'iocn d 8innu pl?- tK.iiii UtMiuia where tlm Uoardt'i-M are and wln iv j? very c-i tn: rt ran b?> wernred .it a \ ? ry ino ,u lat.', may he aiconimodatcd l^y oaiimfc' ut 4/ i'onend n str l>OAR!>OM H1UKIKLVN 1IKK5IITS -A (JENTLEMAN |> and wife, or uvo or thre ^vmlemt n can lie au ? oinimM.iU'd wnh !'?> ? r- 1 in a private famliy; clmrgi .s niode ratc. Inquire at No. .% II n ks htH'et. V7LMANTLT PI BNISHKD OR UNPfTRNI8pBD I'J Ko-'?m?, with ex?elieni Hoard, in a lirst elans br**wu stone hoi ?.*<* ; lor atlon central and v? rv an<-; n- i iilmrhood uxidx* -?('iniouaoh-. French and Kn Jjsji ?poK''fi. Hf'tefi and r ? J park. iulred. ('all at No. I LiVin^ti?n place,* Stuyvusan't fi^rU.sT CLASS BOARD IN SOUTH UKOOKLYN-POR I1 ? .[I'jjll'-man and lady or mji all family, 'or the \sint'-r, where, no other hoarders will be taken; all the modern me jir-tvea euts ami convenience*!, including bath and closet it \ v he-.l to the rooinu. Terinn mod< -rate. Kfteivncen ?-\ i n ui^ed. For further nartlcular? iiuiuirc of A. II UhMJT, r t, V'urt H.nd Warl* n strceu. l^UHN ISilED ROOMS? WITH FULL BOARD. TO LET I1 (?i a family or single ^entkiflen. !il the lirgt rlass house No. Washington place, in a r iiroad ray. Apply as above I 'I RNi ROOMS ?NICE, COMFORTABLE ROOMS II ami Jl diOoma, for amall re,KpiTtai>ld families or sin ><ie gentlemen, from $150 to $2 per week. It is particularly ndiipted for person* wi.'.hing t<i live chcap and quiet. Apply at J.^0 Elizabeth street, near JHroome. nil HNIHHBD ROOM TO IBT-TOA OBNTLRMAN^ I i> L a very pleasant house, oc.-upf ,1 by a private French family. Apply at 171 VVet?t Twenty-Sicoua g reet. Refe renceN exeuan^ed. LM.'KMf .1 MM ROOMS TO LET TO ON E OR TWO OK.V 1* i.lunicn, with *?r without KrcukJast ?nd Tea; ^asaiui wa t?-riii rooms. Apply to Mrs. Hcshiti. 1,015 li road way, be tween Twenty -seventh and Twenty-eighth g reels. IjH'RNISHED ROOMS TO I BT? TO GENTLEMEN only, with br?*.ik last, and private table if uesired; or Rooms only, in one of the finest locations in the uty. at 23 We*.t Ti<- rnty-seeiind street, a few doors westot Fifth avenue.' lirl'Teie t s required and given. Apply as above. TjlURNISHED BOOMS TO LBV? WITH OR WTTHOUT I; Huiijil. A laixe front Room, ne.? fly furnialied, suitaole for a rule man and wile, or two single gentlemen; also, ?wo hall ii drooms, can be had at 3i2Wcst Fourth street, near Broadway. Dinner at C o'clock. LIU RNI SUED ROOM TO LET ? A l.AROE FURNISHED V Room, suitable lor two genllemen, will be let very lo?r; N. B A iirst I'luxA dining room atUichcd. WOODWARD ^ POTTER, 43 w ? ? r ctreet "CU.'RNISHED ROOMS TO LET? DOWN TOWN, WITH I? out board.? Nicely furnish. ?! front Rooms, i rout $1 to $1 W) per week; also a front Room on urst lloor, suitable for a o 'tor's or lawyer's ofliee; womd be tet as a sleepin,; room to a g- n tinman ; terms %S per week, with tire. No. '21 East Beoadway. TjMJRNISHED ROOMS TO LET? AT 76.1 BROADWAY, I1 between Eighth and Ninth streets. A l.ir^e Parlor ou urst floor and Rooms o.i second floor to lei to gentlemen; the h. use hiva modern Improve menu and is iu a pleasant loca tion. Terms moderate. ?^IJRMS1IKJ> ItonMS To LET-TO SINGLE GENTLE I? men, in tin- lirnt clas? uou.>e, No. 11 Perry street. limner k r. If. GENTLEMAN AM) Wire AND IN 1 LB < i ENTi.EMEN can obtain pleasant U ioiiih, with Board, at 115 West Fourteenth street. Family .small. /GENTLEMEN DESIRING A COM FOitTABLE HOME UT with a privet - l'amily, can obtain pleasant, w<ii l'ur nished Rooms, on m >dera;e terms. Applj at 47 Eaai Twenty third street. References exchanged. G1KNTKEL B< >Alll >1 N ? J IN \ l* 111 V ATE HMil.V No. T '.'4 Ehii Twenty-Urn street, two doors front Broadway. b'ivv persons .in be accommodated on rea-toiiablc terms on immediate application to Mrs. Lawrence. nOBOKBN? 15 HUMOft TERRACB.? FURNISHED Rooms to let to sim.le ttentlen o;i. M Rooms to let to single gentl | AISON MELBLEE, 70 AtfD 72 WEST THIRTY 8 eighth street. ? Rooms, elegantly furnish d, or whole s, with kitchen, eel ,ar and yard, lions s new, iirst< lass, story, brown stone. Meals furnished. Whole I'arlor Floor ami Basement for physician's ollioe, llOOMS AND BOARD. ? TWO FRONT ROOMS ON THE XV second story, in a tirst class house. Family small and select. Also a front i'arlor on the lirst door. D.uner at six o'clock, Inquire, at 122 Madison avenue. DOOMS ELEGANTLY FUBKIfiHRD? WITH g hates, Jy gas and bathroom, with lull Board, at live doll.. rs a week. Also Dout.le Rooms, with lio.iri, for two gei ilcmen, .t lour dollars each. Hon# 910 Broadway, between Twentieth and Twenty-Ur.st streets. None but respectable parties who an pay w.?kly need apply . ^POUTING.? SNIPE, RAIL, QUAIL, RABBITS AND 0 Wil 1 Ducks, on the Newman Springs Estate, situated on the banks of the Shrewsbury river, one mile from the depot, Red Branch, N.J. Good Board $1 per day; permauent win ter boarders 011 very reasonable terms. ^ CORNELIUS MORRIS. rpwo LA ROB PARLORS, WITH 17ANDSOME CHAN 1 dell' TK, Pantry, witn warm end cold water and water closet, all on the first lioor, to l?* t, unfurnished, to de liable parties, with or without partial Bond; also, tncvly furnished Rooms on second and third floors, in a lirst class house iu a quiet, reape'-taWe location, at 2M Greene street, between Wa verly and Clinton places, mo LET? WITH BOARD, A I'ARLOR AND EXTENSION X Room, for a gentlem in and wife; al o, a third story hack Room. Term* reasonable. Dinner at six o'eba-k. ' Refe rences exchanged. Apply at 109 East Fourteenth street. WANTED? IN BROOKLYN, IN A, GENTEEL PRI vale family, or where there are few hoar ers, Bo ?rd for a gun tie man and his wife, with basement soluble for a doctor's ofllee, in a good location; board not to exceed $ U? per month, lire and gas Included, and rent of oillee $100 per year Address for three days, S. H. 11., box l&ille rald ofllee. WANTED? A parish and BBDBOOM8, with board, in a respectable private family, for four ladies. Private table preferred. Term^musi be moderate. Address, stating terms and p ?rtieulars, box 170 Post oillee. \\f ANTED? BY A GENTLEM-AN, WIFE, TWO YOUNG f? children and nurse, a Suit of ph-JiSant, furnished Reoms, with all conveniences, on the first or second floor, withpriv.it t .ble, or near a first class restaurant. Must he near Sixth <>r Eighth avenue, and not above Twenty-third street. References exchanged. Address l'or four Jays, 131 W est Twenty-second Street, with full particulars. SWE8T ELEVENTH STREET, THREE DOORS FROM Broadway.? Handsome Rooms to sent, to gentlemen only, with Break cast it desired. no WEST 8IXTEBNTH 8TBBBT, M AR FIFTH avenue. ? Rooms to let. with Board, lor families or single gentlemen. UNIVERSITY PLACE. CORNER OF NINTH _ ? .. street. ? Elegamly lurnished A artments, en suite, with full Hoard, or p. hate table if pre. em d, t ? let. Also, very desiraole single Rooms. House f urnished with all the modern improvements. References required. * (J REE NIC STREET. IN THE NEIGHBOR HOOD OF ) the best hotels mid restaurant s. ? Fui i she I Rooms to : lo gentlemen only; Ku.iih at 7.m n ? t $< |*?i wee*; bouse has ;as, ( roton war, Ac., and is very quiet. Or EAST TWELFTH STREET.? L \ DIES AND GEN Of / tlemcn desiring Board for the winter, will find rjood Room sand accommodations at the above desirable house and looation, Iwinga tew doors west of Broadway References 1 exchanged. i Off AND 87 WEST THIRTIETH STREET ? OlfE <>R OO two select families nud'woor tbr*e gentlemen ran now be accommodated with suits or single lUxuns. The houses are new and newly turn shed, and toost delightfully lo ated between Broadway and Fifth avenur. Taule lirst class. References exchanged. Floor with a front Parlor ou the first floor to let, * Hoard, in a first class private family, to families orsjngle gentlemen. A I* WEST TWENNTY-FOURTII STREET, BETWEEN tU Fifth and Sixth avenues ? Parlor and Bedro. m on se<ond floor, front, handsomely furnished, can he hud on reasonable t? rms. 21 2fi /TO ST. MARK'8 l'I,ACE, NEAR SECOND AVENUE.? ''u Very jileu-mt Kimms. nently lurnlslied, with ?xcrl lcm Hoard, faming!. g?tuleni<'ii or ? K?nilruwtn .nil wife; lO Hiiun quint Hint (ji'iHrel; no nervanii. or children Uk.u, tmuii. flr?t uliu?; 'linner nt on. o'clo.-K. r.') west nrrsBvrH street, bstwkbs tutu *)*j ?nd Sluh ?venu?s.? To let, to h ?;? ntl' tnun, a Roniu, wi ll ? j-rJ, tj ivlnjj gn?, ,.;r*tc, 4c. B#!U ou iuc ?aaic floor. BOARDING AKD liOOGUTO. r 4 WEST TWELFTH STREET, BBTWKI'.M FI?TH l) r aiM S j * lit avenues.? PleaaanUy rum lulled front Jiaois, on second floor, with lar^e pantries; ulno, single Room. Dl? uer at 6 o'clock. CP EAST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET.? ONB ENTIRE ?.)?/ Fliair, whIi line, large panti ie?, well furnished, to If i. with Board. Also two Rooms on tin- flrtt Uoor, and a single K'lini. House Ural class. Terms low. Reiurenco* ex ebaofi d. KQ VARICK STREET. ST. JOHN'S PARK?SECOND ? JO aiurv front Rooui, with bathroom adjoining, to let, with first class Hoanl; suitable for it faintly or single gentle mi'U. Terms reasonable. Alan, a I. all Budioom, tor a siugfe gentleman. KANT FOCHTEENT0 STREET -LAltOE AND 9 '' *'* * ?o<>rn* to 1ft, with or wii&out Hoard, t<? ?entle men and families; dinner at 6*# o'clock; referenced ei chan^mi ; ttfinn moderate. QO EAST FIFTEENTH STREET. ? FURNISHED ! . R *rT?Ji! f ST*.1 eduction irom forrtier price*. > u t !? L- 15 i required. AUo a Koom for 'V" V Apply at 9- Ktfteenth street, one door cast of i mru avenue. QQ ORKENE STREET, ABOVE SI'RTNU? AIST)N ? 9f Hun ?? ij|i j antics I urnis ?m! Mi lt> of K<> ion, wi'h ;.<*/?, ( ro'ou water an I evry convenience for UoUMikcepiiiij e<*> 11 A MACDOUOAL STJiEET.? RICHMOND HOUSE IS I J*/ now opened us a private imilv H t- 1, for the i eeep tion of h.nglt gentlemen, < r small fain 1 . ? * s tired of Uoftrdiug. Pait.t'H desirous Ol" house coping cjuj fi d every con vwilcnoe a' i h ? a >ove eMabllHhtnent. mHiilErKEH STREET, WEST OP AND NEAR Br?>a w.iy . ? P!eas;< tly furnished Rooms to let with 0 without Board, xlrr.'ie or in huh? ; m als s> red in rooms If desirud. Tiansieni boar. era aciommodaied. Location p'e jfuit and central 1 rut PEIVCB 8TBBR r - BT. OLAIB IIOUSE-ELR. J 'JV Kantiy furnihhed Booms, with B *drooms attached, with nil the convenience* for housekei pine complete, in cluding gas and Oroton water, to let to respectable families or j.intfle gentlemen. 17fi BLF.ROKEK HTKRKT, SIX BLOCKS WERT Of 1 Ml Broad wa ?A new In nine, with ail the nvd -rn im provements, nleasaut Riximh, with excellent Board, troin $3 t > $'> per week; breakfaht from 6 to K; dinner at 12,V? atid 6. ?|(U^ BLEECKDR STHKET.? A PARTY OF TEN OB I'JmJ tweive pfwra, \sish n>t to ha ate themselves to g t i.er, could be accommodated ; house h is all the niodera improvements. r,oom->, wuh or without Board, from $lti $0a week. Also a front liiHernent to lei n|A KhM STUKET? JACKSON 110USE.? TT1E MOST Jj 1 v? eojoior:al)Jy and conveniently fornlslicd A|?artinenUi In lie- city to ineei the waiita ol hinali families, withe\?*ry rftrjti ] -?< furniture, clean Iin? n, cooking range and utenmU. ^a*. and water, FINANOIAii* VmcoVED BILL8 FOB BUPPUE8 FURKISHB9 tin ?V .'r and N.ivy Departin1 nt> e^?i?ed )>v JOHN kt. MUk KAY, No. H9 Nassau street, ojjpj>sitf the Pout ofTiee. Army and navy pay a4\d dekbkked and dfb putcd eialms on the v .ri.nis D p-tri inenta collected by JOHN B. .MUKKAV, A iiiv .ind Navy Hanker, No. 39 Nassau street, opposite the rod oilicc, Nj^w York. XBW TOSS ami 6BOOKD MttlpiQI Bonds. ? Holders oi th se l>on<'s not yet ex ended fof twenty year s are requested to p. c sent their bonds w.ihoutde 1 y at the oMew of the eonipain , hi the foot o. Ou.ine strf?t? lor extension. Those utnwil.ing ;o extend will recei ? par and int? r< Mi for their bond-, fit mi parlies who are willing to c*xt< ndth n?, on prcsen'inu them at h ? i I olliee on Tuesday and Thuraoay of each trom 10 to 12 o clock, until lh? 1st dav of l?e NKff VTihk, KoV, K, I8?l. C;'2 COfl -first mortoaoe on rEax estate; t|pU?UUV/i iirsteUMs in every i sneer, ior?-ale. SEYMuUK & Will TON, 132 Broadway. r?n nnn to lend? on first class mort at'i urlili'H on Improved |<iO)i?rL\ iii ilia fiyol Ni-wV.Ti, Jifo Miiiiiulii- i. il lmr.,i'd. Koo.i bot urln lUwla I1?M ar ply. Apply to K. RANIIOM'U ROBJN.SON, ?I hsjm a Tracy's btw oniee, w Woll mtwl ADA AAA T() LOAN OB BOND AND MORTOAOE? ?J5' M/.l" "O on Rt'al Km ate 111 Hiih cuy ,<i lliMuklyn, In Hums nf $1 1)0 1 ;inri npwarilM, nl low?*t rale of jrit<*rr>Mi; aia? $30, I**) tn un eHt In ptiri'liualiiK niort^a^ia. Apply (o A. 8ER lib vNT, li Wall stri et. L.OA.V OFKKKS. AT 6(1 NASSAU STREET, ROOM NO. 2- A lIONId MAN contlnucB to pay tlio hlgtu ni p .o*' for Dlatnomla, U'atchen, J^wrlry, Ac., ami maki a caab udvaiicrs on Iba K&me, on liberal tfrnih. All bi alnrairon.iili mial. AT 111 ORAND STREET, THREE DOORS WEST 07 Broadway? M ncy a.lv/turoii on Wau-bna, 1 iiumoriL Jrwi-Iry, J'l.iU', Dry (l.ioil* anil peraonal p.operty of cvpiy ilea, rlptinn, or laiiiglit ami sold, by JOSl^i'll A. JACKSON, auctl.mc. r and lirok.-i'. AT J. H. BARRINilEB'S, 212 BROADWAY, BOOM 13. ? Tb'? old paliitiiiani .1 ollii e i,.1Ta4ii'PS me lit heal Hiiina, or biiy .-i lorraah, Alari'liaiidlHO, Diamonds, aetor unset; t'i'arls, WatoUi-.<, Plate, Optical Itiatriinienls, Ac. 2 12 Broad way, room IS. up stairs. AT 77 RLEEOKER 8TBEET? MONET LIBERALLY ailranned to any am H , 11 ,I11 diaiunmm, watcl?-s, jewel ry, piaiiiis, se^ara, dry Kooda, A' . N. B.? I'u wubroktrs* ti keis bouiilil. 11. N EWTON, 77 Bleenkrr street, up atalrS. Liberal advances madk on diamond^ Wat. lies, Platu- ami Jew. Iry, nr bn ght for i as!i at tha higbeat prire. P- nton* liarni- o.,i U. 'Id or Silver to sell can. nut do better th.m will on LOUIS AMUCU, <23 Broad wjjr, under tlie New York Hotel. IOAN OFFICE.? MONEY LENT TO ANY AMOUNT. J nn i;nlil and sllaci >\ ?(. he-, ,t Knr wtle ut cos iinre deemed gnnl and -.uv-v Wutcbes -o id silver T a .--el, (V , by A. ADOLPIIUS, 42!* Pearl street, cm-iter uf Clri lieca H'reet, A O CEDAR STREET.? MONEY LIBE.ULLY A? S.fJ vanced, In sumn to suit n Watches, D aioouds and other persoi.ul proju rty, or laitijiht mr cash, and tne hi.ji.eM price paid. Uunlm-ii* Kirktly i o 11 1 n-utial. L. JACOBS, Jraii.-ta olB- e 407 Broad-ray. LOST AM) KOl'M). TBVT? IB A NINTH AM N E AM) TWEtiTY-TL! 1KB J street atae?, when coin p n.wn ns far as Chamk?*r? street, at abwut i o'clock 1'. M., 0:1 the hih inst., a brown siU Umbrella, bamboo hand If, mounted wuh a red cornelian knob. The finder will be suitably rewarded by returning till same to 34 Barclay street, tip stairs. Lost-a letter, mailed in bostov, oct 25. to A. Michel, New York, c uita niug $2'J i*? bills and oar note tor $20K, due tfo ? mber IS, and on !<?. - e?1 by L. SI >eum. Said letter not having reached U des'.iuatou, pieties are hereby cautioned not to nog ui.Uo said not a, payment having bftettiioppi . KRAFK it ULliT,, lit Diiahe St. TOSt? A POCKET DIARY. CoNTAl.MNl BILLS OV J hiding and other papers, drtwo in I . f W. W An^nsi the likeness of a la- y, an I otaer article- of no value except to the owner. The tinder will no - ? I bly r?-w tided i.y .leav ing it at th> < fn<*e of the M rchant'? Despatch, No. M irruj street, or at tho Her.* -i uiflce. IOST? A BLACK AND TAN Sl.V T. ABOUT TEN DAYfl J ago, at Washington ni/? *??!: la e.v a 1 return hei to 29 Preside ut street, Brooklyn, w , i - e?v 2"> reward. LAKKrN. IOST ? IN PHILADELPHIA, ON TI R DaY, 7TH J inst., two Treasury Noti h of $nx) > <c'i, d ,*wn to (he order of Alb rl Fii/>v raid. A suita revv rl w!!ltcpa'd and 1 10 questro . u*fced if ret .rn -d to .1 Fl*z ?? Mid, 27S Broadway. lir? ?K ers and oth r ? are a ttlone 1 a^iiu-fc nego tiating tlo* same, as payment h s ?een si-?op*d. IOST? NO*' I M ; ER 7, IN UOlN r FIvO I THE I1AR. J le i n KnC road depot to the t . y If ill, r in Bro ? I w y, a Pocket Diary, coiiiafnmg some pap-is. The finder wi b? liberally .ew irded bv leaving it at the te. graph oiace, i-?*ew York and Harlem Rai'riad, corner of Twenty-sixth sti ^el and F nirth avcuae. 1 OST? A SMALL 'SPANISH I O };~ ANS. VEKS TO THE i J name of Spot; marked wi. . ?: >\\ n n the lv ad and black spot on the back. Any one inline anil returning hi in to Mrs. Biglow, at the Astor Place Hotel, will re vovc $!>. IT)ST-fcN MONO \ yTaStTa i l A N K book N( ). 22i.2?*\ i the same .. io*t ingoing lrom Bl<?eeKer to Eldfi gt sueei. The fine, r will receive t.ie taanksot the ov.uei, y leaving it at No. Iti Second nv n ?e v -i I > >r. ]"08T? IN TtlK VIlMNITY ltK v OOJ'KK INSTITUTK, A J tine l>npli a oold Hnnliiig^Vaten, o.a i' by M.aUf, No. 3,7i)7. Thi* linder shad recclve $J5 by leaving it at 7a Beck. man strei t. Lost.? on Thursday mo ?" ^ fo? nov. 7, in aoiNa from Hoboken, N. J., to N and tln-.n e via Bur* clay street and Fourth avenue ? . ? - Tenth stre t, a laciy't Oold Wateh Chain. Slide, ,tc. Ti ?? ?n ler will oe auiiaoly re warded by returning the same to Ititi Kast Tenth .street. IOST? ON WBDNBS0AY BVXNINO, ON OOnWTO J Yuikvillo by the ear?, an .\ni<-r c..u Al dtacy S h i, of the lai gest, size. The lincler will be amply r irde d by 1 av iur. the same at the other of Lo.vis J diny.ton, 41 Ann ?tr et. OST OB MISLAID? Ctt&TI F10ATK, NO t,8l? FOR J fifteen shares ol the st Jck oi the New Yor.% arid N vr Haven Kail road Company, standing in mjj^ name. A.I \wf sons are forbidden to negotiate said stock, a new certificate having been appliei. for. JOIfN VVALKElt, A??tr.r place, New York. ^JTR A Y F. D? FRO M CLIFF STKKF.T. \ SCOTCH ki Terrier Dog, of a yellow inh gray coi-.r, w mi1 vrk s^?l on his ba? k. Any one tind.ng the aJ>ovv and ;e rnin^ it to fltClUT strvet. or ft Ferry street, will he sttltabl rewarded. yTOLKN OR STRAYED aWAY FR?I THE RESIDENCE O of the subscriber, a sncili w. iv<- llonnd, with brown spots, and somewhat sickly in his i?|-p aiance. 11" had j blue leather collar about his neck. A Mailable reward will ' ? | aid t />r ins r ov< rvatid no <pi?'?tinns asked, by John C. ti t., ut ibb Kas: Tenth stre? u rkwarps. REWARD. -LOST, ABOUT I B 'B MONTHS Aoo. 1 white Poo lb*, with .t slight d ?? ? ? t ion on the lu< k; hi, wrriug to the nam" n t Fide. Wix r wld m i n h *r or give inloruialion whieh win h ad u? h- r recot. ry toia' pentef In the rear of TV Fifteenth Htr?"*t, will re eive t.ie ao ove reward. If the ooy who called about >i w .?? .*t ii!> the name street will apply ;;8 almvc he *do?!l I ae r '""'*rd^ 1 Or RBW \ul?. I O0t9 A BLACK |M1> TAN 1 HI K. in Twelfth street, nenr Br .oiwa , on Tinirsd y even In?:; had on a collar with owne r's ?*?><'. nas a w.. t on lue head, and baa lost his front teeth, r. p rty tii. I'ok him will pH'i! ive the above reward on his re.lirn to il:3 E.ist Ti nth street. 0?1 ARE WARD.? LOST, 4 CRN I BR BOARD. AUOlTT 3>JU twen y tive t?'.?i I ?ni', piint- d if?d color An v per. rOU rotumin.i; the same to tl?e ship >ard, to<?t oi Knst l^ir'y third *t eet, will receive the above reward, or will bus it.abiy rewarded for any Inlormation. A1A UEWARD-FOR A 1U.ACK AND T\ N TKK'tlER, IplU lo<t Thursday ni^h' : hui .d st/.?\ wu t hi Ln-eau. 'Pa be delivered before ID o'clock at N ?. 7 Wall si rant, room 8. OCULISTS AND AVRtlTsi EYK. BAB AND I. ' NO INFIRMARY? FOR 1 treatment of Blindness an<i DeaTnesM, Consumption, tJaUirrh, Bronchitis, Astlima a id Chroui ? OiMe,.<es of every nature, by a uew and bu vp.vs.nl treatment. OnnsiiltaKoa fr?*? . Dk. GRAVES, i',(W Broadw ?y BATBIX^rZAIs AYOUNO WI DO VV* LA.IY, -1" YKArtS Or' AOE, IS DE sirousof forming Uic n-.j eaintain e "f a profoeelonal or Southern gentleman, u< t ov. r :V?. n ' Inclined to good looks, with s view to umiorii ?;iy. a?I r ?.> Oonudence, box 111 Herald oilice. AYOUNO UBNTLEMAN. AGED 2.J V^ARS. Jt/ST AR. rived from England, Is desirous forming the ae. qfiaiiiiatiee ot an ainlu i<- youni; lady she *t be ^ood i< ok. ing, and of a lively dlsp- -sitjon, with matri.n . lal incilnate'Os. Please address, iu oo u tide nee. tw Henry Edwar In s. odice, Brooklyn.