9 Kasım 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7

9 Kasım 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7
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JAT.TCS AT AT7CTl(y. A MORTIMER GRIFFIN <t CO., At'CTIONKI HS -A u\ . tre opportunity to <>hniin ftr*tel?ss II" Fu? nl %tu? a ? urn.? Tiii' <iv (Sh nrdny ) ?' JJo'elo k.all ih?* ele gant I -..Mi . '.t KuruiiiJ!'*, 7 tx-utve Piat'ofo;*, punting* ??nd Works <>i An eonm m?u to Uv law ">?? *"** Uou*?< , No. 7" Wi'si T'.v. ii y- i t,mur Siith .?veu? tonaMiu,' <d ro.scv. ? uu?l ii :\\u%..uy w*oi . Roc' era, Chair*. In >'ie#? . h* ><?.'; .-r < ' . A! *ii Ciia rs, v. ilnut. Dr? *Mnjf , Uurcu > iial-u<a<!? V.i, drobea, Wad. nd , Commo-V*, Ml .vifjg ? ' I. ijj't, La re Cm: t; t ?* lllrror* Sh:.?1 \ a?e? t ?>. kii, Cnh: . >.nd ? ai -v ar , S.lverwutv, T.-.M# cai *ery, Oil i'.d ??-??, Unit V . vi- F<* atlijr Bids, BIjii.. :m, M iir w S> ?' t Ii l- <a A'h", liasciaeut itltti Kn.-ben FumUu its. i >>mtu mh injj at 2 o'el k ihl. after noon. 4 Moirmn.it ,t no., auctioneer*? ? V . Ovi ? r I - i ? -l i\ , .iir a I coailv ijoo?< nu.il Pur* lliuifi*, . | ? Mi .plot V i ,U I* |il?f 'v.KMIO!,. ihlM U i.v (?Suiuri! li ?? . ? v j%i ?? rt aid t.i r. 4S\Vi t Six tl'lUfc HlIVlM. bulVU' 1. I fii : i lit' rtl\lh UVftlllPK ? Ro*eWl'od 7 "' .v i,i .. . t i?i l) # , |t.?, ? j i S i it-M* wo? 1 and uiM,i(?.i!H1v li !'?>?> f j ? Kurmtu e, oft . Dinim? Room VurtiitUu*, HUi in *, Si , -. i , iitonitr ?- a id K ?? ??'<?* . Hook O.KC, >Iin-i K Lo C I \ . Ot I' I tfif n ? , Vi -vol ni.;! iJr.isv - J. S, ]?; , o:i I'a.ile It ti t, > ' ?i V ir?% Ta'.i.i' UuiJ? ry. \\ ii if ?? ? ii -i anil spr n li , \v .its . o i' li.ih, S'.?ir n s . It > ? i; ? ? A) O I it :r a o t ? C H .m Xii? lit ati<i K i .?* ii !? ii. i .? il. pnsit'% ?*. rani "?? ji'iim*. j. ?uj:rrK t;k, ron v ro. wirj.sr.ii!, at pithmc ??} !.? II, ? n i" svi.lN, s ? ? U ? I.', it o . I I k I*. M , fur' v iN'-ira lfiii! ' .it?' on II i., n ;n.'ii ,.-?r t>M roid, tv mi! - f ? o ?>?? vy '' ty fVrn ti ? pu r- ! ter of it null' >outh 1 1 ? \ ? m? I'l nk i- n **i r Mi * i i?c?- of M? #?. 'i Cl'M.'t' ii> . L !r. R-iyo. mi jj i S ? li* ? m. T;. >'.?<? lot* t? i' ? ' o?- b n i n? >?mI t'1 Impr ?v*?nw?nt8 in i hi* ti -tiU orh? -"i urn n ? u hIvuhm* i;:v*t BMBti iVwvi of Set\* York Hay o tl ne iSt, utid the IlacU* eu-.iik V itlry on t'.> w- s I a-'-J -> I ? 1 r<< tho !??' ? v n d value ot thi! piM'j.ii iv ; im.!> .?% ? inluiitrh' vv?JK with* ' ,i for Jeiii y CM . , wh h Ira; ? 'i?vi'r\ i w tmnuti'i oven iJav <1* t!.r La. <* iM-ruon w .> n- , ain on mortj;a^i'. i-Ui >>?*.!? Ui i ; In r* apply at N . 7 p ij. . t. A N M EHM i v A I CI on -? \ ? liv 1>AN0o, MKiiWlN i- ' , Jrving Btilldiiipr, Mi and 3 J6 ISr< :ni\ hv MuS AV aNI) I I ' ^ MVKNTNOS, Novi?:nln*r 1 1 and 12, at 7 o'clock. # .^ if>f rb Rn ? ' r rravu. A m i it in* collection of no <\* \ i: l-'n li^M :'i vi: nt r?*<rlvcd from l.oinli m) ot' tin- I : . i* 1 to rJas-.a:' r ' !? -ii pop iUr *uhj#*ctf of ? tnin-nt Jiriiinh ml st, prim ii U:v iti n? proof mim'c.s. t'anil *z v* ure r^ady aud lUc pictuiY'8 ar,- now on view at ihc A A U< T10N KOTfCR. TMPOUTA \ T SALT? OP I RENCII AND AMKUD N 1'APEH HANGINGS. T'.c . ??.w. ? f-, r '???. i ? inlu" ' to rotirr from ?? i^'nf ?s oi inform 1 k fM'-ti Is an ' f o* r l?* in u*?nio al ili.it lit* vil! nji'ftr at public ao l oo, i rr u"4 W ? xrx. II U LljUDS A CO. auctio.itjcrs, I "?> >> ?k A. >l.,ou W I : ONI' SD V Nov. n. At hta . i . . .i liHUADWAY, KuR CASH. H i v ' U u| lioi* I RV .VP ff a i ' A ' ft fl I < ' \N i'a i 'ii % u ''on.?i*Uiic ?f ilkP !ai t ,) w?>i ^ oc- d ?fock thai ftn m ever I f, m? or.< i.m! .a ? 1? : u k :. Ti,?- aii?-ri tlon of thu tra in Ixptirticn.nrA :???' t<> : is as cvrry lot put up will be jx*ri*mp! triiy " id fori ASH. s. \V ROWKN. M2 bro?dwnv. N. H ? Anv party of ?*ra'a^in in a biiKito-^ long egiabU^hi*.! and t'avora \ l'?ni?-d, ran make must advan t o:i-.)UH arra oicn.entM ;n ior to th? hale lm the purchase of ?thl? cttUrc .stuck and livtupc*. 4 UCTJON vorT rv: -.V RXTKA .4VT> ?r?RCrAL RAM?. Tills i' \ Y <8*?i Ji DA V ) Si )\ K M HE H 9. Wc ir.ne atteii; i 'O to i-ar sine of thm day, whi^h will In Citidi' I a*finvtmentM of stapt.t: vM) k v noy dry (joons, ? JN VOjrj's ok WO'H.LKV flosiKKY, BUOK 0 \ I N TLKT Of.OVES. Ac.. Ac. TiOnT.s AND siJOlJ.s. ^OfHM.^nsTii < r.ud Includiti^a largo and most at i.ra. t v ? ht> >rimciiv. SOFT HATS. IOO ca^cs m? mi 'a and boy > Sot ll.us, lnoludlnpan invoirp ?r the most lnvorii? mauufucturf, in original caeca and uf the Pivli'H. UMBRELLAS? INVOICES. RY ORDER OF ASSIGNEE. At.KO, OTHER 6EAS0NARM: AND ATTRACTIVE GOODS. * 'a UJoaueh and c 'fldM m-w i dv. \V>I. Torri NO A CO., Auctioneer!, No>. 9an J 11 Park place and No. 8 Murray -treet. uction notice. A E. TitTDLOW, Jr., AT'OT'ONEER. PKHENf I TORY SALK OF PARKIA<}ES, AC. V.Zi: \ LUDLOW, Jr., will sell this day. at 12 o'clock, at -ealesroom* 02 LiOeny . >.rt'- f, between Broadway ami Na^au mreet, a larue autoberof < ily ruadi* Carriag?-?, amonu whi?*h will be lotind v very el gnnt four seat I'iai ton, coat $375: two lirat daaa li^ht top Bu^.Li- s, co?t.$225 ea^h, and variou# other icscriptlonp. Buy era will find it to their advantage to attend thlfi .sale, for the vehicles must. positively be sold. Auction sale ok rkaiiy made clothing and l'lcce Goods. ? A. M. (/KJSTALAK, auctioneer, No. 23 Bowery, will sell, on Monday, Nov. 11, at lOf# o'clock, a lar^e and general as-ortnn n: <u scanonaMe cloihinij, comprising Oloth, <-a?im< re, Pilot, i; r,vei( and Petersham Frock, Sack, Butineaa and Ovem)i -v; loeaisln, cloth. caMknere and sati net Paata; aJlk, Naiin, velvet and doth Vesta; alio Cloths, OastdmereR, I v ni't-s Vesrlries D')esk In*. Satin, Lluena, 'Woolh-n Hone, iiooda, r>htr-a. Tr mminu's, Thread, Bu'.tona. * IT! TION SALE. ? THIS RAY, AT 1 O'CLOCK, AT j\ 117 Hi Vli street. Mr ? ".roadway, one eleuant Piano, of ?)>!< -.did in ? ?" nlsh: Ih'i-H rosewisid Parlor Suits, rose. ? oo<i an ? , J} droom Suits, Ko k> r?, Lookinu tilass e?, l) all ? >. >1111 ina .e .'hairs, '1'anles, Bru?sf!s and In sralu Caris-is, and ? vei > lulug thai belong* to a hrst elan, houae. Sale positive. AUCTION 8ALE-OF HORSES, WAOONS, AC., ON Salurt'-iy, at 1 1 o rli. k, at H ; Fulton street, Brooklyn. PEED A COLE, Aunioneer/ One irnm Matrhed Ponies, S:io Work nif Kuart 1 rw, two open Boggy Wagons, (wo (trocis' Wagou*. nun Rockaway, allele ami double 11* n'a?, 4c. Auction notice -rurnhaws furniture ex. press mid PwRtiu. H .ullshu ent, IIS West EJeventh ?street, between FlflH "nnd Slth avenue*. Household Furni >ture boxed and shipped to a'l part* of the world. Covered wagor.x for removing furniture to and from the country. Ir'nOlil'lli: stored. W > KOWNF, .% XICHOLH, A rtCTTOXEF.RR? WILL SELL I tblsday, Hnttirdav, Nov. 9, at 10% o'clock, at their saleiu room and ? .ller!**, Hf> Na*>? in street, a tar^e assortment of J^'QU1} fpwd JJTontMhold l urni ore, removed for convenience bi '??!?!. Ciij.sl-itiii *.' of KrirsseU, I rip;- .in and Three-ply Carpets curled hair Mattress, f?rth. t lie- Is, Pillows, Bol ters. ?tc. ; Jfc?*/latea<!.-<, Bureau, Waal is tan: s, Toilrt Sets, Window Cur arna. kr. ; solid re? wr>0<1 - ' . ' 1 3 In satin brocatel, reps and *rdii?h, French nl.itc Pier Mi nw* gaa Chandelier*. Brackets, TTnlt Lights. k-\\ oak F (-r*\ -n D n ng Tables, Chair*, : Lounge*, Library Tabb*. H ? .'ses, Wardrobes, Secretaries, Ac Oil Paintings, Eng . v.n, s, Mirror**, Stair Rods Oil l ?th. Stair Car|>eifi, j; 'fri.rratora, Kitchcn Furniture, Sloven, Ac. CUIAS D. DAVIS, AUCTIONEER, WTLL SELL ON > Tuesday. November t o'clock A. >!.. at the s?or#? i\ .. li'l oKth live:;. ',!)?! m -n Greenwich avenue and i Tenth street, an extensive ?>. ?; .? .era! a>?-?ortment of Parlor, . booking and Office S >v ?<; K ? ol nil deserlptl r?n?: also a lurgo ao<l v.ul'-d a km rtm-'M' o Furni.-htni; <{o<mIm, too j c uinorous to mention. The 1 tj,;htoek willia* *oM willumt | the l??ast rese*n-e; the nropri ? ?? - re,:rinc irorn the botfiifM; a good chatice for the ir ut'- a d private purchaBeis. Caia |i 0uef i end/ rooi nlng at ? ale. . ClttSTTSVATtnS VXV, ' 1 T >lt'S RALE OF kj uoiiSRHoi.n f ir rri in:, o aiipkts. mirrors, Ac. I ItANlEIiA. MATH will :i at amjinn, r ? day, at St'^g oViocK. at his khI v oin. 7U Nassau ntreel, between Kill (on a;;d Jol.'ii strc'ts. 1 ?? <alai\e>- ol Goods remaining from , C*ta^o?ue of th 8''; i 1*;. ?'?msi>tinq r>f a general assortment of Parlor, Library, D nS * a-' II ??.droom Furniture, Piano, tf'rrors, .v. ; als'" ? Vu e on v ol Velvet, Brusaels, Thrce piy, Ingrain and Stair (' ?vih. Ae. GEOiUiE COOK. AUCTION! Kit. AS <; . I SALE OF ELK.; a N'T n V 3Krr?U> FrUNTTURE. Superb 7 ??' v r"seav?o | Pian orte, T,i'i nr > d OHi Furnui?r<?. This day. at 11 c?'cl k ;.t ?tor<. l tl p, ma < I way, n larrc stf-k of firwt ei?iss Furniture, onsi^ting of Patlor," Cha ober, Li brary .nd Inning Ito' -'t i?*,r. ? i e, on suite; Parho S reta 1 les/Et'^eres, Oanf?r!? ?v?, alirs' S-s-r^taries, Arinoire-a? Glace, SiiU'boards, E-ieu ion t) nine; Tahh h. Chamber Suits of satin wood, trlmmgd wi . rosewood; rasewood, i?la<'k walnut, oak and mab?A.in.v Library ami Secretary Book cases, Ae.; making one ol the largest and most complete Mocks offered this .season. Catalogues at sale. H enrt l. uoarr.r, auction-err. akction notice. TI'T'f'DAY N'"? li. in lUo'flivk, BV WTIjMRRDINO, HOrtlTET ? II CM BERT, Salearriomx, N"< 26 and 28 HnroI?v atrec t, Silvia! inv ! peremplorv aa'.e. MtfNOS 7S0 PIECES OF PARIS CI.OAKINOS AND CUrTHS, Comprlahtit iN> piprca mii^r 101 1411. ilittet lilavk Clollia. MO plf-pca Vi-lonra Tout Lain', f.ir l.idica' eloaka. 1IMI piocea Vnlvnt Cloth, lor m"i?'a wrnr. ISO jilcMia ilrali, .liver, lilai k, brown and other colon of rl' h I'lualiea, for cloakluji.. llK) pieces heavy H c and ln-o?-n Bearer Clotha. 1(H) piece* hcary bhu U l)i>?^k tia, ALSO, CLOAK TRIMMINGS? A l.inte ?aanrtmeDI of theHche.t and neweat atyleao' fancy CI . ik and other ?tyle? of l)reaa rrimtninc?, comprising relerluea, Quipurea, fancy T?t?el Oood.i, 1! itwnannn Bralda. ALSO, 2. ftOO ilnr.'n ^oorted colors kid finish French Cloth Ulovrg, of Kiiucrlor qnallty. N. B.? The above hn.ebeen reeidved per latent arrivals, ami w?-re aeleoted for Ihe very be-t city retail trade, J LEWIS SMITH, AUCTION PER. Eiti'iiKhrc AO t n of SUPERIOR OAHINI.T KURNITt'RR. Ou Tucad.iy and Wednenda Nut. 1] nd 13, at eleven ?'clock each i!->y, at the warai oom.n of ihe late llrm ol J M. Doe A Co., 96 and 98 Kant Hou*t"U slret t, two doora eavtof ] the Bowory. , ?I. BOYl K wtllMdl, a. above, one of the lar*e*t and i?'?t j ?aaortmento of rosewood, mahogany, walnut and oak Ki r. nlturi'i'V ro(Ter?il At auction In thm ciiy, all of ivhi"h will he warranted in every particular Th" .tuik t? now ready for examination, eonalating itf richly upholatered Parlor Snlti oi roKewood ano walnut, in French hroeatel and other fash ionable eoverlnss; elee int msewno-l Eti'cerea, with heavy Krench plate, biu ki-j ladles' Ksi't iti>ir.-<i, Moslc Cabinets, plain and rirhlv earved Centre and ; ? la T. Iile-i, with Matusry mar. bie topa; oak and w.ilnnt BuTei., a iartnt which are of ni w and efi-.-janljlesigna; Extension IMitsie Tal'lea, In evi r; va rlety ol ntyle ai linlth; Im iiteej, Mntiig Ro nn anil Library Chairs; rcwewi ml, walnut, n .Ii' U'ht nnd oak Chamber Furnitnve in great varleiy, all beantlftilly liiiish"d. with p!a*? glasa and n arble tup*; IJnreaua mi I Washktanda, splendid rosewood Afmoirea, with heavy plate g!*sn doora; walnut nnd mahogany Wardrobes Hall Tables, do. sianii*T untl Ch.ilra; straw, cane ^ ' 'tut tiphoistcrcd Rec^pln-n t'. lis; a variety of plain Furio.i..'^. ilc.. Ac., nil of whleh were tnannfactured i?y J. M. Doe ,t Co. for their custom trade. Catalogues ready on tiie day l> i urn the sale. JOS. IIECEMaN. Monday, November II, at If1^ o'elock A. M,, At 111 Pineapple siioet, corner rnlton. Brooklvn. k I.AKtiK AND DENFKAL A sSi tRTMKNT OK HOCB HOLD KL'RNITI lit. M.iioipn Sofaa. Tithlea, Chairs, Bureaus, Mattresses, F*n. the: II", la, '?eiUllnit, To tilt fi 's,AS' i- a lands, oak Iv li nsi r.i T-lile t'li.'.irs, Hatstai I, IJItmer Sl-is, Glassware*. rr*:> Three Ply and Ingrain Carpe'n, 4 c. JCHLE, AUCTION KEK-WILI. SELL, OH SATt/'R . day, No-, . a. at 12 o'clock, at C ? Fulton airect. Mr? kh n, opposite the City Hall, the deslra. ie Resid" ice No .Vi San is ?tieet, Brooklyn; lot .'J feet f liuhcs l.v PHI fee,; h iii-e "!? ?tori, s, l rink, with Iron verau lali: l.as giui and tixtur<'.. bath, furnaee, ncliised bark piai/.a, bul 1 111 uiost. ~ti -i ni tial manner by eavs' work for pro tit occupant, "j lie r I'o'.it on bond and nin".;an". JA8. Ct'SIIINO, AUCTIONEER. WILL BELL TIII9 day, at io.S o'clock A. M , at 1119 Ninth ayenur. on account of a forme, purchaser, Tables. Ciiuils, Ifav t.'ct'io-s, Cktii^h tera* Toola, fea, 4c. N. B.? Auction juie.s <Tr t,ny desf t lptlon attended 10. PAWNBROKER'S SALB.-WM. C. IIIGGIN8 WILL sell oil Tueitday, 12th inst , at 2-t'.? Spring street, a e.cne. ral assor.ment Of ineu's a;xl women's Wearing Apnavcl, Quins, Oounte* panes, Sheets, nnd various other articles, ton ?timerous to mentlnn, well worthy the attention of dealers. Bjr O. dcr of abas. A T7tn. Cudlitip, 2K9 Sjn ing street KAI.F.S AT AUCTION. MORTGAGE KALI Of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURB, Carpets, ?lin..' ? M IO DUTY AUCTIONEER, will sell tills dny at . .r> in H-, Nm-aii ulrei i I v virtu* of a vii.itifl niurtg ??, r??rv *"'1 parlor .** It* l'i brie atel. Id.ick n.uti'.t an I :mi? I'nr In j 1 ndi, r p? slid l ijr. t'lntli, r <? .'Wood HII I niaho h y B'' s, in i I top lircss. ii. ami plant nitres *. ui.uble i *?|? Wasl.st rds. Centre, Curd mid I'll r Tables, 1. 1 r it. tttJ.iUi and . I. t "Iimou Dining T.i |.-? w.ir'... I., .k,U.?k>. li iNtina Croeki ry n.f <: a- .ware, Bi w? la and I -a to C.?ri <?'?, T ill I S-t?, U.I 1'itiiitiii^.a urn! Enijr i" s, I air M itir. -es, i ,i ? ? r BeJs tid ij'- In. , Cooking ? lid I'ai lor Stov. ?, iron Sum -?? ?? I i>K Ma clllne, At ; Hie mTio t-.r it'. " rte ' lie. It;. . r% <" of S. II. JONK8, Auorti y u M ir* :asee. A fORTCACiE SALE -JOHN II. Bt'KI EV, A 00 ill ii i'ir, ?? <11 ii i- day, iii2o''\.c, a III c, iii.il ?ti e S i . S fx I! d Hp s .Ran,! other Mil miii, Pier, >1 iiieliindotlertll i ? WAdr s IJo ?' .tie s, W islo-t mis, M.its iii li if. oih, ma! o toy, til ck walnut ami Collude H''d ? steads, 114a..",.. ii.. it .. 1. ^a ut 1 Ciuura, uuuiuuMjr anil thick waunit Cent ?? an ' .li. : libit*, II t| . 1 ?;.?>, Counter 11. d I) .r Shown*' s, 1 1 Quid Wfcti lien. IS llr.n ?? o 1, 17 tiold I'ii lis. .11 Gold Ch. tins li lit' } ; .1 t- Hill iii tr Mattre ? ?, K 'tl i'" ??"!*, Bnf-cl-. Ti !'"? I'l' l.ml oiler 0..f; tl?, Oil lull. a, Conking Mt-vi' , Ciiiifin 1 r , ft 11 1 . kt I ? , Ke.' ? : 1 r a 5'.' s m ut Jewelry, < li 1. ni 11 1?j 1 ? . Jewelry of all kinds, hi c ten Ki.rnltur ?, JSc. By oi\ier n ,1 .% .d lis UOULD, Attorney. P A WN BROKE R'8 SALE? JOHN MORTIMER, NO 15 I h.iKt III o 1 .Way, v, ill . . I. til 1 1,11,1 ,tO0 111!" <>> 1 11 f II and women's Oh in .- ijuills, I *ln 1 1 . t .ml urt ? I, > tu numerous lo UiCi.t , 1. 1'. tiA.NLLY, t>7 Utvisit ti ?t. > T HAZELL, AUCTI INETTI \. I'll/..' ' 0"\l.. K> " WIS" KALE. WHITTKM, UK 1 I 1 ''I'LL >i.l ?ell ..tluctloo, on MONDAY. NOV. II. A' 12 u -lock, at ii 'i 1 i-t , ' >t i> ni-. : 1 tlit* "Union Stores," one dick Ui.r li ul Hamilton terry, Brooklyn, (Uy order H ' i- i'H??i' im'iiU?itiner?), ii.VBK. I'lONLKK, 743 tons burthen, lirrtm I an;>urpl and furniture, an alio now lies. Alan Thf entire Oarg 1 01 aal 1 voubi 1. 1*. int. mini! ol I,000 be?t i ll in lif I -a 1 s. fiiiitauilnc lul ton* Ji llrey & Dar '???s Kaitlf iiraml III mry til leu klme 1 Suit. G 1r.11 In" 1 iilt'nt lteii Sin-it, luuuiiiuit, titi.t lutit Marnliall'a fuc inry till d Hinmd Salt. 103 doieen M .as. I'- ? 1 m- rash, miehiilftn He pal I to Hie Orl/.e I 'Omni) -.iiiii'-r.' al time ill ante, ilie li lull <? 011 tu- irantlet ut the vt-i el and the delivery ol tlie car^u. OA.) BOtlAllT. A1HTIONKKRS? THIS DAY, AT |T>. li 'j ii'i-Iik I the ..11 tu 11 roiinia No. 1 .Nurth Willlnni sinei. 1 1 1 1 '. si tudd l-' i in' u re, l'tiinos. Ae.t eniisistiiiff of So as. I', ireai Wnslihtit lids, Hedsn a Is, HimIr ind Heililiii ?, !ar e Mil : ina, oi.e 1 r -e counter S1 o.v I' tsi', to: Kitch>-u Kur:.liiii*?, ('no! 11115 ami I a or S o <? :i . 1 m.e i i:,.-'.vntnl I'Uno and Siotii, one mithiiK'tny ^'.ino, VV 1 : lmv t^ r ains, Cloeks, lot lillr wine, one 11. 11 i r.i ktry, inn v ilo'is, ,te. Al o C Iisla le h Sitle, ntle b .1 <i'", .11" III' 1 lit r. Ml. tUM*l II.i 1 'v. O.instiitile. A m' t onsla .... s .1, ]nt I t .ihts, Br ilniy, Wliidiey, W am, ict HSNKV BlSllUt', OonaiatilB y A J. himuht, Ai't'iitiNKi-ns? mondVy, nov. 0. II, ut l'J ot.-iii k. iit 4J An . sti-ei- . * .1 fit t, tiiortxa^e hale , one Iron eiiitllli' I .the, ) 1 f - i In r-d. 'J't ll li s A .11 IUCbABL MoOANN. Al'.orncy far MtrHifM. CEOO.ND ASdIO.VEES SAT.!' O OoNriNHAriOM or MESSRS. J. 4 0 HERRI AN S STOCK or HOUSE FURNISHING OOOIXS, ON TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND 1HUHSDAY, Novenilier IJ, 13 and 14, i'iiiii:ii"iidiun .ti It) o'clock each day, Ai the STORE 601 BltiiADVVAY, Embracing a very di strni.le assortment ul fioodn, in large lots, and adaptud expn ssly lor the Tra.li'. C'ltalngues will ni t lie ready before ilm day o: sale, Tuet day, Novfinb-r 12. Hyurdfi o tin- \Hsi?:iee. i'KRMS CASH, CURRENT MONEY. fliUOM AS VEITCII, AI'OTIONEilR? l/h'f li E :TI UROAD 1. way.? l'utillc Admluistiatoi^ f> , 1 ? of Kttrniiure, t'loth lug. Jewelry, Ac., Ac . on Tnm.lny, Nov. 12, al 10 A. M , at Kit. MO l'earl utrei t, belonglnc to vari msi ^t.ites. S. I*. RUSSELL. 1'ublle. AdmlnUtralor. MILITARY. \ RMORY, LAKAYKTTK HALL, NOVEMBER g, 1M - it Company A, Seventy -Ural regiment, N. Y. S. T. ? Inac ruidiniee with regimental orders, t i.* eompany will meet at (jiiart(ir? oil Saturday, Novt m'.iei '.I, in lull fatigue, white g oves ali.l overcoat, at hulf-iiaat 0 A.M., tor the purpoMe of recolvliiR and i t ortlnir to the City II II th- remains of the late Colonel U;ikrI. ^ :o arilve from l'niliulelplil.i per Sew Jersey ItiiiTroail. Tie meutbei s ol Coiiipany K, as, a, no, the mamliers of the regiment cem ia ly, are Invited to join CotniMDT A in the escort. By orth i 1 ' DAVID W. 11AHT, Captam. J .<>(< D?vts, Jr., Orderly. MISCELltAVaoUS. , Always boy your boots and shoes at con NEU'S, S77 Bowery, next to KlftU street. Uents' prune ealf-sl itched Ho ns %'i 00 " " " double soled Boots 4 00 " " " O ngrt ?sOaiter? 2 50 " " " double soled Balmorals 2 75 " " lonr-legged cralneii Water Boots 2 75 " pegt-'ed Mnots, from $1 25 to H 00 Ladi'-s', misses', boys' and children s Wear at very low pricea. N. U.? Charitable societies supplied al low ligures. BOOKKEEl'INfl ? WANTED, A COPY OK BENNETT'S new wol'i on Bookk "ti.iu, inlverllsed six months aeo, embracing "Exchange* With All N.itions." JolinC. iiall, No. 4 Biiwliug green, over E. Cunaril's o fllee. I EXCELSIOR FAMILY FLOVR? THE BEST IN THE j city, warranted t? ? mitt; price $7 p? r barrel. Alsocheao Floiii* at low prices, lluckwheat Flour ami white Corn Meal. No extra charge I *>r delivery or shipping. W. B. GILLETTE, JAM front street, uear Fulton terry . Hasheesh candy, ok "f.xiiimratja,'' from A thi ua.? Wo are selling $1,000 worth of this wondeiful "Prugol Enchantmmi *' per day- Orders must be sent one we?*k In Advance. Its intoxication sui pa?*?? tUe moat beau tiful dreams ot liquor or opium, wirhout their had alter ttli'ects, at a (.o*?t of two (tents. It induce* sleep, lull* pain, cures nervousness instantly. l'rico 26 cents per package; la r#? packages, $1. Address New York Electrical Institute, Ali fi road way. , .. .<? ? TTOUSEKEEPEP^ LOOK fi EKE.? THE PRICK LIST il and loca'ioD of (ha depots ut the I'eople s ProviMou Company will appear on ttift qlgliih pa^e ot" next Sunday's fleruld. See it and wave money. INDIOO BLCTB DTBINO.-JKO. OAMtT A so.vs. in ditto Blue Dye rn a ud Finishers of cloths, ejissimeres* Ac., 10 rVtier lane, third street auove Arch, I'h.i tdeiph:a. Wool dyed. Mme davf. ait, from rARJs? flutino and iron - ing of all kinds of ladies' linen: ball dresies, lace cur ta;u? washed; the whole done ;vt low prices, according to the , lioie/?, Call at.W Sixth avmue, N. V Marblb mantels- great fcKDtfcnoaf in prices. ? Thine wiMiin:? to buy Mantels very cheap should ca I at A. KLAliEK'S marble yard, 113 East Eighteenth street, near Third avenue, New York. Orders from the country executed with despatch. OTICE TO B i ' TC 1 1 K BS . ? W B have advanced the price of rough tat to 6>? ??tuts per pound. JAMES JtUCtlAM X CO.. 190 Elizabeth street. N'APTHA?BEiVSOL^? SUBSTITUTE F*R TI'RI'EN tine, 'Jfrrptits per gallon. For sale, in quantities to suit, CI1ESBBROUGI! .i WHEATON 120 Maiden Urn*. Parties wishing to co.mj romise with cre ditors, or who havedis.igreeat I ? matter* to adjust and settle* without titration, eau secure the services of the ad vertis15'* on moderate terms. Satisfactory reference* given. All communications confidential. Address J. S.A., box 1,272 PoBt OlU e. N' 1>RESS WANTED ?ANY ONE HAVING A GOOD HANI) J. Press, e.itlier "f Campbell's or any otner improved make, capable oi throwing oil from IttW to i ' K) per hour, which they are willing to dispose of at a I w price, may i?nd a cash pur chaser by dropping a line t<? 1*. IV., h ?v 137 Herald oOlce. Also a Card l'r? an wsnted. Give description of press, its ca pacity. price, where t<? be seen, .Ve. WANTED? A BUST OF l^'EKN VICTORIA, EITHKR <n bronze, tn irlde or plaster. Any ien?on haviu# ouc lor sale may address box 1,0/3 Post office, New York. CLINTON PLACE. 88 DEAFNESS AND IMPAIRED SIGHT CURED BY THE iSTHERIAL INHALATOR. Obserret? Dr. VON MOSCHZISKER, Oculist and Aurist, has removed his ollice to 3d Cluiton place, between Univer sity place and Rroadwav. 38 A1U.L.I!VKRY, AC. LACK VELVET BONNETS, IN GREAT VARIETY, Htiu <?Vcry othwr color of velvet; Keathera, Flower*. Rib bon*. A* , now selling at a great red iclioti In price, at MRS. WM. SIMMONS', t>tf Broadway. B B y?y. INNS' MILLINERV-LAROEST AND CHEAPEST IN ihe world. ? Velvet Bonnet* ut ureal bargains; lflack Velvet Bonnet*; Slili Bonnets at #fi, worth $3; Mourning Bonnet*, Children's Hata. L. MINNS Millinery, Stll Broad way, up stair*, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. BROADWAY BONNETS AT HALF PBtCE.? BLACK VEL vet Bonnet* and Hat* of every de*rr.p ion ; B' aver Tur ban*. cheap, Cockade*, Feather*, Flowers, Milliner* supp li <l. Stlttlu"i> will do we 1 to call uilil get bargir u* at 413 Canal street. SMITH 4 NOBLE, *ucve.ai>r* to Bitto*. Cut this out. 413. T SADEB OF FASHIONS. WHO GOT THK MEDAL THE LAST MILLINERY OPENINOf HIOQINS, Of Slith avenue. CO TO THE LEADER OF FASHIONS ron tuvh P'xth avenoa [irl-e? $2 .10, Broadway, $5 Siilh aveau* price* ;t So, Hroad .vay, ti Sixth avenue price* 6 fill, Broadway, 10 Slvth avenue price* 7 OU. Broudwaj, 15 Show room* 126 Sixth avenue, between Ninth nod Tenth street*. J. II Kit, INS, Mananer BILLIARDS. Billiards.? for sale, two phelan tables ni 'il'1 by D'Conner A Collauder, in the best or.Jei. Ap ply at 7.^ Broadway, up ^ta>i?. Billiard table fou sale. -a first class rnsewood. marble bed Table, ail complete, made by Plielun A Ca lendar, r.e ru m il but n nli .it iluiej w II ln? ?old cheap. Apply to C. O'CONNOR, till an I 6J Ka.t Four teenth *ti?et, between Broadway an I l-'ourtti avenue. T.10R RALK-A FINE STOCK OK NKW AND SECOND 1 r hand Table*, for $74. SIU0, $IW. ?1MJ, tJIIO auil $25il Everything complete. Sa^atelle Tulile* for w? e cheap, and ' Table* to let, by W. II. GRIFFITH, 146 Fulton street. Money advanced on billiard tables-, mi, lianl auit l'-'Ol Hall, iiiiuglii. A ??) wno.l and marble j bed Table* for ,*1?. cheap lor caili, all in good order, )laii?, Ac,, for **le. Apply at Reveille B Uard saloon, No. S94 j hmadway."? I IJHKLAN S PATENT IMPROVED BILLIARD TABLES I J. and Combination Cushion*? The hi i and only reliable 1 one.* manufa liirnd Prb-e* t ault nm l> ? I PHELAN * COLLENDKIt. 63 to ,W Cmaby sii-eei, N. V. CPENi'ER il AS RKTRE VTED I- ROM t'oi: , I. \N ;> r I > j *treet to 13# Fulton m et, a ,1 lor illeU in* | ,.?,i:.i,i ! .tionger than over. The hall* dy arotnnl a* thi< a ?? lia i ilnlif.ad bul *. not cannon bailaf, but the lloi Fi-e Limit] ?vl ?'C7tliiu4 4o? u. SAt.r.S AT AUCTION. 9 SHU HIV AN ELEGANT SEVEN OCTAVE R i.-::W'iOD !'I \NO fori?? tor sale at a sacrihce; n -hlytvi r. e<t 1< x* ami ('(?and c mer*, lull mm pi .te, lined with saiino o , j ; utilt flUM a'i tlnMIX.Ui'Ml i |I..'V lil l> ?' l? "I - j d> r Jor the prc?ent ow uer by city inakei s: t" y n'iar* t el I fur tluee >va>*. ?< h m ws out *?evtui uioutos; cost$o, will Ik- H4.1.1 r i r ;?? *, in imilri , ?t ol .*ti J cover. Also, ?i j' r ? D- i v n ;? K >tu 8 t. a ?' ;> '? ?. * $110 If (Uti'e at No. itf j West Twe.ut* -sixth aUeei, iic.c .S.xilia?i'!iu<>. A LFR1 D 1?\ T'U'LMIN PROVKsKOR OK THE Il.UtP en 1 C' ?m?, I f* e I iMti > 1 lustitii'i Mar . I, uav ing m*u i?:l |i*Mi : i i n -i in New York, wo- Id In* hapny Itec pupils <MI' IV ,1(1. U r, or ?U J. >?'. iiitm ..'si1 p room , 7oi? li nuy, where tomuiuuic lions may be addressed \ YOl Nil FRENCH GENTLEMAN WISHES TO KX V fiii.i.t, ? It -.vinH 4.4 or ?l !)??? )? r-' - l;? :i :u t* c i'i< > .1 . v. uu mil.-' . Ucictomes givt n and required. A il diet.* box 217 i i "raid oillce. FHKT!!. POND ,k CO.? 54? BROADWAY, NEW YORK, ha* 1 one hundred new Piauoioi'tc* to let at 1 ow urice*. ami w ill allow Ui?- rent it iiurchased. Shoot Mum , Ho*ical Work*, G 1 ars, Violin*, lira.v* instrument.'. and twii kind* of Kuaical Good* at low prnen. T UillTE A BRADBURY'S NEW SCALE OVERSTRUNG I i Bush Patent lii" alaied Full Frame Grand mid Suture Pianoforte*, 4J1 Broome *treet. What everybody any* must be true; 1 rryi ony *a>* they arc the best, ?be reture tliey muft be the bent, T AURA TCEKNE'S THEATRE ?TUOX AS BAKERS I I new Waltz, ? .hi't pn'o -.it* d, ' f he Lan * K *one W.lu," for the piano. pri< *>.'? ? ui' lhe >uii<l.iy Tuno- in hj *- k u.: of if fay ? "A vi ry arnunx MUMval f<?nttiro is Ti .?? Liwrit Kt * nt? Wuliz.' I t ^ .. 1 cady tiiliiru iu plit'6 u.? tho laniuou a le winter y&vl -r vva'f ?.'' HORACE WATERS. 431 Bro'uiway. N kw musk*. -the seven sons <i at/ip, as per lVri*M tl iit r.i l\t h Thf itre, i>y fh.otitts* H ? .? r; l?rift? Xrt cent*. A1m? otir (}<>neral? tiramt M^rcli, by C S. Urn ft la, h *i nf the S?'v?'nih rc imcnt Band, with IkmoU i'ui hlho^r.-jr'h <*f thirty-hv* ofo ir ut ncrals; price W) conU. Will be 1C...H W -mlay, .Cm* H i in-t lloUA^K VVaTKK.s,4SI Broadway, Publinlier. ptANOS, MELODEONS. HARMONIUMS. FIRST CLASS I l. 1 Hit!"*, t<? > t, or H??ld <>it luhialmcutH, on rca^onabla term*. I' lor.b 't Ha Mtuiihims, one, two t?r thr???* b*nkk<?f key*. $l?i6 lo $4<M < 'iittuy Piano*, Hilly wars st?'e<1, 1;}^ and 7 octavt *, to J. M PELTON. 841 and H43 Broadway, New York. OlNcrstJ AND PIANO LESSONS GIVEN AT THE 0 pupil'* reald nee, by J. Nuno, late conductor of the Italian Dimti in iiav n::t. Aijdy at Bre is'.ng * music *101 e, 7 11 Bro.o.v/ay, ur.ii 1*S J'a.st T\v. city -second street mi!E HORACE WATERS PIANOS AND MFLQDR0N9. X and Alexandre C:?uua, ai? the n TniiTflm^tltis for 1 rlora nud churches now in * A l ug' nwrimMi' 1 e . ? n af the m w war ,f'.| jiroadw iy, t>"iw ?n iiraiid aud Bro.?nid \vTiic:* will be so d at ex'eeniely low jiiie-s l.,rtnA# *ud Meiodeon* from aundry maker*, new aaftond hand, t<? lei, and rent allowed tt p ir< ha^ed iu per ai;iVeme t. Monthly payment* rcc?,'lv t 1 fT.r?JlA aaihO. Sheet M d , M iA\c B iok*. ami allkindaot >!n.-'? ni rch?nd;.se, at war pricc.% A pianist, in attendance, will try new muaie, d?l f;r; ? war prk^k for my piano.? the pre 1 ' )* )? a nt time* oldiue mc to part with a soper.? 1'iano loitc, ot *up rior workma'i*hip and d? si^n( with all the tn idem ltnpr *>\ rmeni- , n a !?? t < onltr, at a ? ost of $4^1. If f can raiac $h'5 on it tUe Piano ahall go. Apply early at 48 High strt e:, Brooklyn. IXSTIIUCTIOW. Academy or pookkeepino, arithmetic, whit lni{, Ae., ."'ti-* Broadway, for lift*- *en > 1 -ar* in huweasiul operation. Sin ontsare received tlay and evening, and titled (or the counting room or active bu*inc.-^ upon t!o- 10 >stfa\o* ruble terms. W. J. RENVILLE. A CARD.? ' THE SUBSCRIBER WILL RECEIVE NEW pupils daily for instruction 111 PenmaiiHhtp, BiH?kk?-cping and Anthmetlc, at u'reatty reduced charges, tie pa rate pailors ior urivati* inatrnetion. OLIVER i; OOLnsMITIl, No. Fourth avenue. ATOUNG LADY WHO HAS HAD EXPERIENCE IN tea< Kini;. deslrca a re-engageimerii in a s-hool or family; *he i* ft n<t <?d iriatheuiaticiau and fully c<?mp? tent to mgtriu t in the KnyHflit hrau< iie*. nud a;*o in the rudiment* of French, Spanish and drawin.r; no objection* to leaving the city. Term* moderate. Beat of relerences given and required. Add res* M. C. L., Herald office. A IX FOR $10.? PENMANSHIP AND ARITHMETIC, three month*, *e?eiuy?eigbt let*on* each, or double entry Bookkeeping l?*.s*<>ua unlimited, $10; ladle*' day and evening Writinvf lo**on*, $2 for twenty le*?on*, at I'AINE'S Mercantih College*. t?*J Bowery, New Yor*., and Fulton aireet, Brooklyn. Mr. Paine pa* been among u.> lor a term of year*, and has ac ;ulret\ an excellent reputation aa a teacher. "?Providence A<lvertt*er. GENTLEMAN OF FIRST CLASS UNIVERSITY RE terence, is deairoua of obtaining a Room in a ieap?*ctat?le city house for six month*, in exchange for ?ome le*sona. References exchange 1. Address P. P.. box l,0t? Post o^icc. Best ^sustained bo.vkdinu seminaky a the State. $110 per year. Brick building* for ladle* and gentlemen. Ablest teacher* in all department*. Winter term, Dec. 6. Addrrtih lli-v. Jiwi K. Klna.F'irt Edward IniUute, M. V., on UieSurKtogu an.l ./htUhau Railroad. DISH I10W '8 SKATING OVMNASHTM, Kimi AVEM'K, COKNEK or THIKi V-NINTII STREET. Upen du> and evening for * Iiiatructlon anil Kxt'rrlso in Skating. Mr. J. Itftinca will exhibit hla*uarlvulled )>er] ormancu on ak ati'x every evening. AUmiHsl (>i (in the evening) 10 c^nts. A lat INSTRUCTIOH.-A PKENCII GENTLEMAN, WELL educated, desires to en h tnge French for English teutons with a young lady. Address M. Henry, Herald oillce. WIVE, AND MURE WIDE, AND STILL THE WON dor grows. That one large head can carry all he known, flo Astonished art* our citizens at the wonderful progress mude by the students at Nugent's <?olleg#\ Brooklyn, that the foregoing inspired distich oi the jv>et is literally applicable to the distinguished principal. aNtigen '? Commercial College and Premium Writing Koorns urer the Mechanics' Bank, la front 01 the Ciiy Half, Bookkeepers ?. $10. Writing, it??*nty lessons $'A. Arithmetic ^ Navigation. . . Mechanical l)rnwh*t* $10. Principal, E. Nt'CJKNT, member of the Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce*, London, and of the America n GwiKrapiilcaland Statistical Society, New York, Ac*., Ac. Many of the graduates oi Nugent's College occupy t-ome of the highest merantile position* in our country, while several others have been assigned high positions in our army and navy, Nugent1* famed oo!le#e, our country's prid<\ Leads young men to fortune on business' tide. TITANTM)- A C2RNTLKMAN CAPABLE TO TBACH ?V and to write English composition In the most elegant manner. Inquire on afternoons at 72 West Twentieth street. WILL PUR0HA8B COMPLSTB OUTFIT AND I ^ instruction in a new, delightful, legitimate busi ness, which can learned in a few hours, and is suitiAle for any lady or gentleman. Can be attached to an v other busi ness, and pays from $1,000 to $3, (XX) per year, Total expense of carrying on one cent per day. Is a splendid thing to travel with. Aj'p.y at New York Electrical Institute, 5G1 Broadway, second Jloor. DANCIN Q ACADEBfl KS. Adodworth's dancing academies, ? No. 204 Fifth avenue, cor. Twenty-sixtlrst., New York. | No. 137 Montague street, Brooklyn. CLASSES? Tuesdays and Fridays in Brooklyn. CLASSES? Wednesdays and Saturdays in Now York. Circulais tor terms, Ac., may be had at either academy. At trenohs PRIVATE ACADEMY, NO. 65 west . Tliirly-iourth street, New York, and 90 South Eighth street, Brooklyn, E. 1), pupils ean entor at any time. For mer patrons will remember that the third Soiree of the sea son, at 90 South E.ghtb street, will take place on Monday eve Ding, 1 J tli in St. % IftERKBRO'B DANCING ACADSM7 \ B9 W EST Font. ' teenth street. ? Classes for mioses and masters on Wed nesdays and Saturdays and Mondays and Thursdays. Par ticular attention is paid to tin easy and graceful deportmeut of the pupils. Circulars may be had at the academy. Madame sa l*vageal"s da m <r no academy will be open for the lirst time to-night (Saturday), at eight o'clock, iu her new and elegant rooms, No. 609 Broadway, corner of Houston street. Her former pupils and patrons are especially invited. MR CHARRUA I D S PRIVATE DANCING CLASS AT Mra Htters*, No. 66 West Eleventh street, near Fi th avenue, is now open for the rereptionof pupils, at 3 o'clock in tiie afternoon on Tuesdays and Fridays. A new class is forming for Wednesday and Saturday. Circulars for terms as above. POM T1CA1*. A MEETING ok 798 YOUNG MEN'S UNION CLUB ol \ Twelfth Alderman ic district will be held on Saturday even. s-4, Nov. 9, at 220 Third street, at 8 o'clock. All person* wishiug to join are respect fullv invited to attend. Bv order of PETER BRAl)EL, Chairmsn. W. M. Iloso, Secretary. Headquarters national union central com mittee Rooms? Brown's Hotel, corner of Broadway and Eighth street.? The dubs of the various wards subordi natv to the above named hotly are hereby ordered to usac ru ble in their v.irious club ro ?ms to elect delegates I ? ?r n ?m' uatm* Co.iucilmcn jtnd Aldermen, to be voted lor at the ensuttu election, as follows: ? K??: C >? ncllme ?, Friday evening, 15th inst. 4th distnc/ )'at'< Row. ftth 1 * l? \dway. 6th 44 . Totel, comer of Broadway and Eighth 7th 44 TV, hi 1'orl.y-seeond street. F r A: vineh, .Monday, M'h .'ns t. 24 ** Crook's Ho. el, <'H;itli;im g'reei 4tff u Onderdonk's li t I, e. rner Or. n \ and Clinton tfth 41 SOI Broom- street. 8th *4 Mozart Halt, c humbia street j loth 44 298 Bowery. i U.h 44 Union lla earner of Sixth avenue and Fourth street. 14th 14 Fulton Hotel, corner of Eighteenth street and j Third nv?*nue. 1 lf>'h 11 138 East Forty-second street. i 17th 44 Corner of i2H h street and Third avenue. By order oi the Corn uittee, J. C. HAM, President. I JostPH Forbks, Secretary. TUB MAYORAZ.TT KOXUUXIXQ CONVENTION OF t ).<? National I'nlmi Clulm mrl at Brown'* Unti l, ?l H P. 1 M . O'i Tliurmtuy e?i'i.i??. an ordered tij Hie 1,'ehlral ('oinmlt tee iii i k n?l when M -. J. (1, Ham uu? clectndcbulr | in a:i and O. Slnan Hil l^n sccrntarj. The dele .?''?? pres ni havin({ had iVIi . rriruii.iU .ijmrnv ! ed, Wm, < Kurd tiiovi'd tii.it wpj; -.Hot fur M iy. > -, tlmt l>e n?- ib" I)r?t bet r ('niivi-iuion. An ?Ti?endini t,t n?s uilernl thai C. l??. lumber l-e nnnil | II le J hv ?>. . I iTnatinn; which, alt>'.- i?vi'.i't ? bid en. I loglzcd Mr. 0., and the ptoprlety ?t' i. - ?? s: bin), waicar j rb-d miMilniotndy, utid the luiluw -n.n w-iv aji I p iinto i bv the . hair tu wait ii|iiiti M 1 i ni1 'i.rtn him of biHuoiiiinatii.il, and report to tLi is i n at Its u.'it iwe ici{, vn ? GEO KEI.SKV, F. K. LONtiKNUVKE. \V. II. 1'AI.V.KU E. MOlniMKK OBEY, 1.. V. U. BK ?UK8,

And Chairman added to the commitic.'. .1 C. HAM T' e Conrei! lion then adjourned to i all *i Hie Chair. O/JTII WAFT) \V<y It Iv I N'O M EN'S I NIHM RF.MDCRATK' fclv OJub, ? Tiie: e will be n ?? of th-* meml'i-ra of this ( lull on Tuesday even...*, Nov. i2, at 7 oMo-k P. M,. at P.itr..-:. VleminR'a, 477 Sev.- itii ar.-n-ie, bolivei n Thlny-ulnHi and If'oitb lb atr. ets. lly ni -4 TEUENCE SMtTU CUalrrom ?Jiikl 0'Uuis.f, S?r?:;i >. I URV LiOOUS. At mr*. c/.vkock -tii K\t bargain's ark now . off -red. Soirni of the. beat abate s atul .| ..-'i \, ?dwbUjr mn.r 1, f n- {I ,.n! $: r.. J??' r. i , ' I* ? i),.. f,l Pan- i < " u 'I I r r n'n pi'.- ?< n<l 3 ? ll ?? J:i mil $4. All' the I'. ma \mveli It. Werielv I i. and n.'w >.n?? .i I- 1 .. . - k i-, mi ?n:a >1 ionic i?m-* llri>u>!\v.iy, riiNii I' >? >. ni?rr. A VOTION L >T :i B ins XI Alt I'lO.M l.uT Hi BBOVS AUCi'lO.S 1.UT Klillio.NS RlllPOS'S A N It FLOWKRS, KllltXI AUCTION, whlrh are verv Ilax ?!?'?:? e We ntfi-r Chmii ITSII.MAN A BROOKS, 40-'lSmt!i avenue, corner Twvmj ? I itth vlreet. AT RON ALD.SoN A M RAKES' CORNER OK SIXTH aveiiin' .mil NiuetcoHlh ii lades u.ltlitd a ? ?hoiee i. ? ir-tiii *? i. l i>:' II . Mri, l'it i tjmi ite-nta, Rtbb->n , Soota a, Honda, M>. libra, Willi i!l?vi ?, i nidosotir nana line .i.-.urt tuolil of small warea, Ac. Guods from auction every ila> . TJKAli SHAKER UNDERSHIRTS. LA M11S WOOL DOUBLE lilt HASTED rNDER8IURT8. 8CARLET r.MJKKsUllTlS AND DRAWERS. MERINO CNDKHSHIUTS AND DRAWERS. HEAVV SILK UNDEUsTiTrTS AND DRAWEU8. SHIRTS AND COLLARS. Iltalery, Shawlx, BUmkeis, Di* KtinR Rote ?. Niitht Shirt*, Stoeka. Scarpa ? ?<i 'i'i , ut low | rices, at the Shirt anil Collar Di pot No?. S7 ami ?9 William atreet, one door n >i tlrnf Muideii THEODORE C OR ANN IS, A ;cnt. QONTINUATION OK T11F. GREAT CLOSING SALE of the Mo k nf EDWARD LAMBERT A CO., No. 447 Broadway. , FRESH REDUCTIONS Aro constantly heiun made In |n ! ??'? to injure Hie sale of the entire stuck prior to the Ui nl Decctnbtir. SPECIAL ATTENTION Is Invited to the slock ot EMBROIDERIES, SHAWLS AND CLOAKS. SILKS AND OTHER DRESS GOODS, ht 'lich will be roil ml sums very ehottM ?tvlet, at exceedingly low pricc* Ai.cn ror. ;ale cheap A large l it ol Store Klilttrea, constating of Counters, Shelving, Herrlng'i Safe, Ac. QLOAKaS, CLOAks. We ofler at rwa l a iarc* hii.I uttractlve fltocV of CLOTH ASD UEAVKR CLOAKS, at extremely low pi ires. The comprise* all the latest nnd mnHt fruit iniubl* Htyle.s, manufactur <> ?xifte*?lv for the Broadway r?UU trade. K S. MILLS A CO, 413 Rroa Iwity, near Canal atreet. Wholesale ?to< k us ustt.il ui .in , 344 Broa I way. anion M.itti:i?s, Drugget*, Ruga, Ac., at reduced prioea, nrlmlea tie or retail. Tapestry Iti'tiasela 7 He. per yard. Velvet $1 porynrd. Three I'I v. . 7rM'. per yard. in grata tram aoc. to 76c. per yard. Kor Male by A JOURNKAY J|{., 37:1 Broadway. CUSSIMERE l'ANTS, 75 CENTS A l'AIRj JCASSIMERE J Yt'iitx, fiOeftits raeh; Overeoata, >t 1-arli ; jliihliieKt t' a .1 $2, at 4S5 Broome street, eorner of Mereer, In tne hnsimi nt> F DERBY \ COMPANY WERE AWARDED BY THE ? Aa?iclatiiin tor the Exlii!>:ilon ol Iniluatry of all Nations, held In New Voik In 1KM HONORABLE MENTION for the )>int Oarrtn uK fur the roininlsshined nflleera of the Amiy and Navy, which thev "till c intiiinc to make to order. JAILORS, 57 Walker street JJOSIERY AND UNDERGARMENTS L Better atld cheaper than ever. A. RANKIN A CO., 96 Itowery. OOIC HERE. ECONOMISTS, CLOTHING IS DOWN. OVERCOATS f.r $4, worth >7 OVERCOATS lor ?, worth !? OVERCOATS for H, worth 14 I'ANTS for I, worth !l PANTS for 2, wortli 4 Ban atus In everiihlneat THE 1'KOPi.hS CLOTHING STORE, No. 4' -6 Broadway, coiner of I'riiice ?tie >t. JJICH PARISIAN SHAWLS Positively ibe last week. GREATEST SAORinCB EVER KNOWN ?? j J 9? r' (K9 Broadway. RH. MACY SELLS LADIES' DOLLAR KID GLOVES, ? all rolors anil mjhh, lor ftt cents (by mail 69 eenta), at 2t 1 1 and 2tM", Sixth avi nne, two doors Iteluw Fourteenth atreet. No oinne etlon with any other store In the elty. u w Really waterproof AQCASCUTCMS, IN BLACK ANI) BROWN, MTXED, for the use of oflbers in she Army and Navy, made up to order, at VERY MODERATE PRKTC8, by F. DERBY ft COMPANY, 67 Walker street. SECESSION ? RECESSION ? PROM BROADWAY price*. ? Store* 93 Prince and 455 Broom** street* re moved to 474 Broadway, between Broome and (Jrund street*. Casti mere Pant*, 7ft cent* and upward*: Casslmere Vents, 60 cent* and upward*; Frock, Business an t Overcoats, and upward*; shirt*. 26 cent* and upward*; Dreadnought ( a us, 25 emit*. Gentlemen'* furnishing g ?od>? equal :y i heap. SIMS A IIOPKINti. MBRELLAS IN BILK AND ALPACCA. ALSO NEW M'VLKS OF SCARFS, MERINO UNDERSHIRTS, AT VERY REDUCED PRICES. F. DERBY A COMPANY, Tailor* and Importer*, 57 Walker street. HOLES ALE PAPER WAREHOUSE SHUTTLE WORTH A ENSOR, 22^ Fulton *ireet, New York, Di alers hi all kinds of WRAPPING PAPER AND PAPER BAGS, TWINE AND CORDAGE. Shipper * and to i?itry buyers supplied At lowest cash price*. " ~ RAlItfROADS* Hudson river railroad ? trains for albany, Troy, the North and Went, leave Chamber* street at 7 and 11 A. A!., ana l> an \ 10.16 1'. M. New york, it. i rle >! knd'albany RAILROAD. For Albar . IVoy, S >rtU an I We*t. Winter arrangement. ioinrn< nclug Monday, Nov. 4, IWI. For Albstiv? ID 'S? A. M., Exprens Mall Train from Twenty Jgsixfh stree? depot, stopping at While PlaiiiH an I all station.-; ^ north to Chalh.mi Four Corners, and at KindeihooK to land New York paweni/er*. Fo. Croton Fall* ? 4 P. M , from Twenty -sltth street depot, st' ' j pl ip: nt nil Htttl inn north of Yorkville. For White Plain S.lft A M. 2.30 4, 6 and 6.45 P. M , from Tiveritv--iJcth street depot, stooping at all station*. For While Plains ? 0.15 I*. M., from White aireet depot, ?toppi uk at all *t?ti<<n*. For Wlliiama ;rld ?;e? H.16. 11.15 A. M.. and 2.30. 4, 5,6.45 and 8.30 P.M., from T.venty-slxth street depot, stopping at nil statio im. Return in?, will leave Albany 10.30 A. N., Kvoh ms Mail Train, stopping at all *tntion* nor h of and at White Plain*, and at Kinderhook, on signal, for New York patenter* only. Croton Fall* 7 A. M., stopping at all station* north of Tre mont. White Plain* 6.10, 7.15, 10 A.M. and 4.45 P.M., atopping nt ?>\l stations. Wi.lifeu Abridge 6.30 A. M. and 1 P. M.. *topping at all ata tion*. JOHN BURCHILL, Aasisiant Superintendent. MEDICAL. Afflicted restored? ignorance EXPOSED* Fallacies unmasked.? Dr. LAKMONT S Pan*, London and N>w York Medical Adviser and Marriage Guide in form* the dobiiiutted and diseased, including those whe are ignorant of the cause of their ill health, and who have been diaappointed in their ph>*i* ian*, of the most certain and c"uv. meat mode of cure. Mailed for $1 by RICHARDSON. No. 1 Vesey street; DEXTER A CO., 113 Nasftau street, and DEW ITT, 13 Frankfort (street; or the author, 047 Broadway, up htairh. A PERFECT CURE IS GUARANTEED.? A RADICAL cure is always eilerted by Dr. WaRD, 12 Laight street ('ure*. beside*, in half the usual time and at half thuchargex. AFFECTIONS CAUSED BY MERCURY AND CERTAIN disease* /.re speedily cured by Dr. WARD, 12 Laight street. The Doctor is in constant a turn dance, iff f L'MAN FRAILTY v POPULAR ILLUSTRATED J 1 Medical Work, p .blixhed by the author , Dr. II. A BARROW, I' 4 1*. ? ? t, lour doors frotn Macdom^at street, N w \ ? r" ? -ids, ir. postage stamps; sent free everywhere * u itmn.' ?* usual. DR. R COBB FIT, VL>iBER OF THE NEW YORK Univers'iy Meiheai i du ne,) and College oi Surgeon*, lx?ndon, can be consulted with the most honorable conhdenoe on npee...l dis? a ??, at ois" ??, jjf) Centre street, near Cham bers street, N. B.?See I): c. s diploma* In hisolQce. Private entrain e at No. 0 City Hall place. DR. COOPER, NO. 14 DUANE STREET, MAY BECON anltrd ?m all til ?u*e.s oi a certain nature. Twenty-eight | year* exclusively devote. J to these complaints eimli.o him to i warrai.tu run i i all cay- *. The victims oi misplaced conti I d-'ii e in n li? ?1 p- ?"."n a rs cau call, with a certainty of j b-'iiigr.i ally ? urud >r no jnv. DR. HUNTER HAS FOR THIRTY YEARS CONFINED hi* alien ion di?eax -s o I a certain class, in which h 1 ba* treated no Uiori than (AX) ca>ci?, without ait instance of latin*"'. IIj.h greai reiue'?y. Dr. II inter's lied Dr< p, cures certain disease^ wb'*n reg-oar tren'tcnt and all oilier rente ; die* I ail; enre^ ? i. ui? - ing or re-ti u tlon in the. habits of ; the |ta'|<-nt; cure* v%.th<uit the diH<4usttn.: and sitkrning ef i jecuof all other remedies; cure* in new case? in Ickh than [ six hours It roots ou1 the ; msonou* laint the 'ood is sure to a 'Si rb !? e ..e remedy n-e.l. It Is $1 1 rial, end r% \ ? rin: '?? ? obta lie I -111,111.' uny where than at the old office, No. 3 Division -tre?'t. Look (or nothing that treats of thQcnects 1 of early abuse. Dk. ward is r re ati no all mseasbs ok p.; ma'es nunvjiht i RuctV' . v s? f thtug Gir4vctj | I* J jr, M? 1 > i e*l ii' a Ucl.'r. < nil .? 12 L:,: :M I K. cox can I'.E CONS', I, TED FREE ON ALL SUB P* hnr t reil, , n?rm > i)?- luu Ho i PnOF.'.SSOR ttKS ? 'I AM PERS STREET, CAN !>'? r(iiHull.-J, .? I ? in . 'er to i (<x !!??;,, n offlrc, No. S tUrn.'Oii ?vt nui. CJEEK THE TRUE " ? |. vv . >OWBIM, WITH v; |?t tVu*i '? *ir?'rt |t. 'iiM-r-b < .t* ,-irwl will t n ? tvstoie >au. .V'UivA- . 1'ioor.v: un.i:e not, but mil wiri/. -rJtlVATE OTREAKE9 CURED POB ONI' DOLLAR, . In ii few hour., U tlM MmHshI Stoclridl (.OH Ur".nl* 'ml llwor. Thi? i>, peril I H" '?>">' ' '"HI Imkhvh ivliifih tlii"-pol*on, anil lidi ili. .Ily r?inc ,ri<m ill. IJ.ittui. $1 \ .ur.HBarrc.vT.1** At'KA KEENE'S THEATRE J TO-NIUHT KVEKV NlOlt i" l Ills WS1K f'KVV SON'S, 8KVEN M ,.s SKVKN So V OltEAT *J II KICK \C? UNION BPBLMQUE, THH SKVKN sovs .?BVEM PON'S HEtEN SONS, SKVKN SONS, 8KV1 . ho.NS. SKVKN SONS, SKVKN SON-?, iSI.V l.N SONS, Which hti bfen rwiw j ditrinf ^ ' FIFTY-KIOIIT NIOIITS w ITU 0 t ^ fcNTHUSIASTlU APPLAUSE. During which lierio.1 ii Im? l. ?n wllors \ l,v unn'ardaof ElUHTY-SlX THOUSAND I'Kol'ill ny whom h in um vet ttiiu pronoui)r<<| :>i F1NKS1 SPECTACULAR E XTHAVAO ANSA r.ver pro lured, pre rntlng brilliant aucciineu* m 1 icturrmjuf h> nufry, Novel (mIim'U, Beautiful tableaux, Ext|ui^ni* nnj-j \ MillUii v t'VnluMfm*. Murch??*. | ril u, Union hours, ami * * . . Union ?*ntlments, an <i a rnM?m!)PHPtnrr th?- *riMr<? *fr?-o th <H tl ?? folluwiiiR Ml?* LAURA (.e.';?^k NAMES,, v Ma! tlu^lP*- Mrs. LoTTIK lloUUH, M *; Mile. MARIE, Mrs mov kE' ?"?*? Af?U si A. ?" Mlm FRANCES, ? I r m M KiiIIK::TSOK, Mr I KVII'lc ' Mr. II. I IMl.Y, \h VlViiiAr Mr *' 1'KTKUS, Mr:];; ?,art ft. ?&Err I ilk OVhKTl'Rfc ASP INCIDENTAL MtTSTO My TIIOMAH It A K lilt. a ?,n Also 4 A MEDl,KV~TUNi:s FOR TIIK MILLION, rr..rh ? . "The Nulor ?ithiml n !, !,?. ajJS fiiinouM ri jrfon?*t Solo una othttr novel cfliHls, unci his new nul popular LAURA KKKNE WALTZ. Poor* oprn ?t if.; corn?n?-n<v nt 7 V Drew OircJe ??i4U may beMeoured ten dayii m advanre. "ITTIHTER OARUKN ? ' In eoiitif ipieii.'f of hnndrRila belnfi unable to obtain ail. mlaMoii, owlii|{ to tliu ciowi.rj htate til lite theatre, on tbi* uc t.ision of MR. J. K. CLARKE'S BENEFIT Laat firenln(t, tin- sump euteruiinment will be repeated for 1'ohitivbly this niomt only. LAST API'KA RANCH OF MH. J. S, OLAKKK NotiC*.? OwliiK tl. \|1 iui| fr-nivi' ei. a'tmentat tin* Wit! tint atiert tlieatie, PhiliMte.phia, <oluin"ii''. ll,{ on Monday nest, this admirable artbt tin not upprarbrre alter this evening POSITIVELY LAST NKillT OF noritfiiuri.rs octoroon. HOI m 1CAULT S OCTOROON. ONLY NICi I IT OK TOODLES, TOOUMJS MR. J. K ClIUKE IJ< TUK OCTOROON ASH TOOOLE8 ON THE SAME NMIIT The Bor Offli" \t ill lie oiwin tl iti H .rciofn Ihlt morninr for tlii. sccnrlnK of [nitres. Ciirl.iin \vi t rise at 7'-j piecianly. Perlorniam n will tennitiate licloiv 1 1 . MONDAY MISS JULIA l>ALY tvill app-itr In Oayler'* female ami;km:an 1,'OUSIN For a few ui^lils only. Bowbbt thbatrb. ? S, P. Stlf,ney I^>i?ee ami M tnaarr. STH'KItKY'S IfRI: XT NATIONAL (MR IIS Tlila (Saturn iy) Afieruoon ami K-eiilna, November 9, IIHILIIKKN S 1>AY! ORAM) FETE I ?KS ENFANTSI FESTTAHE Ft It KINDER! AMEItlOAN. KNOLISH, FHENfUl, <f KKM AN AND ITALIAN RIDERS. (IYMNASTS AND A< 'KOKAT8 1 Comprising all the Kreat art lata in Uie pi'oleuiioa, iiMluding the world t liallt'iidiif: Imrebaek Ameiiran rider, EATON STONE, Known aa th" Wild ilor -mnii of the Far Weal. SlliNOlt SEHASTIAN. The iiieat Italian Hnrebat'k ilrliliie Leapinff ilbicr. TIIE DE LAV ANTE MROTIIEHS, From the Berlin and Vienna Oyiniiastir S -boots. W. F. SMITH, 111 his perllotia "LEAP FOR LIFE!" Orand Entree, railed THE FLAti OF OIIU UNION FOREVER! Clown* ? .lite PenVland, Den. Stone ami K. Stlekney, Jr. Aiterlto II |M-rfortnaneea etnnmenee at ^>4; Etenini; at 7>tf. Children to B itea in the Afternoon, 15 rents Mr. AI.ONZO 1IUHBEI.L, the Ameiiran lieruuiea, ia en it,hi'. 'I and Will appear on Monday Gali.kry o* PAormra and soulttubb, Location t t the old Diihsel lorf, W8 llliOADVVAY. CHURCH'S NIAOAItA. MAOAItA IN WINTER, bv Oiitnoiix. BIERSTADT S Rockv MOIfN'TArNS. THE COUNTERFEIT NOTE, by Hnntinitton. DOVER CLIFFS, by Sh.iy.-r, Sr. CRAWFORD 8 DANt'lNO JENNY, a?d the DEAD PEART. DIVER, by Alters, In addition to more than nil" himdr-'d other worka of art. Adinlaalon It) rents The entire prollta to be niven to the S' s;n ty for improving the coudilioti of the poor. TIT F.VNY A CO. Grand assembling ok billiard players prior to their departure tor Cincinnati, l? wltueaa tin: great matcli between Tietnan ami l>?ery. M'H-ra 1'helan, Ytavanagh, White, ami other celebrated player* of tiilN city, logelher with a ho*t of ancomplUhed amileurd, will play at GEARY'S Room*, J39 Fourth avenue, to night. Extraordi nary play on this oocaatoo, CONNER A roours < ON'CKRT AND THEATRICAL Ajpwiey, 4*: IJroadw.ty, roomi No. 7.? Wauted, I.' lirat elanii Ethiopian performers, 0 lady vocalist* and 100 waiter girla lor the National Concert ll ili. Apply inmi 10 till 12. CONNER ? POOLK, A xent*. WANTED? A l.tDV DANCER, NEGRO PERFORMERS and oilier talmit, for Uitahoock'a National Concert Hall, 17S new Canal at. Apply between ill m I I to-day. .VrEAMBOATU. I^OR I'ERTII A* BOY. ? STEAMER GEO. I/AW LEA YES ' pier loot of Barclay atreet every ilny, Sunday* excepted, at 2 .'ti> I*. M lor I'erth Amtaiy, making the itiiernic<iiaus landing*. Ki'tnrnln/? leaxrea IVrth Anvlioy at 7 1*. M. IjlOR FORT SCHUYLER.? THE STEAMER C.VTI.IN ' will leuTo Kulton lorry oh Sunday morning, at 10^ o'clock, for Kurt S liuyler. lv'luraiui; Will leaTO ut 1*. M. Fare for !he trip. V e.nta O'kUEFFE, Agent, No. 12 S cith street. STEAMER LONG ISLAND LEAVE* JAKES' SLIP every day (Sundays nx cpted), - t2 4W'. M , lor N ?rtb port, making the intermediate Undin^H; returning, [raven N.rthport at 6:30 A M. F.ire from Glen Cove, 2) cents; from'Kands Politi and Great N. <k, Id cent*. Kr?M jht fr??m Glen Cove, Sand* Point ami Great Neck, at half the usual rates. CLOTlilNli. A great demand for clothing.? ladies and g-utlemen having iiny < ;? a o 1 Clotnlug, Furniture and Carpeta, will rcelv tin l.'^he t pri'fs by railing on or ad dressing r MISIJ, 302 Scvcim li avenue, l?"iwn it Twenty* ninth am! Thirtieth street*. La lies attended l?y Mrs. Minh. Attention, ladies and gentlemen? ff voir wish to get tin* Cull value for jour Cast O If Clothing, t.arj>eta, Furniture and .lewdrv, the best you can do Is to hcikI u note lo K. HARRIS, V-6 Seventh avenue; there you niny be convinced you %n ill be dealt with to your satisfact.on. For Silk DreMc-i, trom $rt t > $.'.0; for Coats from $4 to $10; for Pants, from $1 to $5. Please don't forget, Seventh avenue, uear J Went) -lit at street. Ladies attended by Mr*. Harris. BETTER CHANCE THAN EVER FOR LADIES AND gentlemen to obtain the highest j >rlce for Mieir < 'ast Off Clothing. 1 guarantee to nay the following prices ? For SjJk Dp s m'?, from fin to $40. from $5 to $20 for Coals, from $2 A A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING ? LADIES AND gentlemen haviiy any cast off Clothing, Furniture, Car peta and Jewelry, wdT receive the lushest pri? e by entiling on or nddrfMing A HARRIS, 58.S Third avenue. Ladies at tended by Mr?. llarriK. AT THE OLD STAND. IM SEVENTH AVENUE, EZEKIELS guaranteen to pay th * following prices for ladies' and gentle inen'n c ant off Wearing Apparel ? From pi to $40 0>r Silk Drew***, from $5 to $20 for (Joati. from $1 W> to $7 for ?anU. Also, Carpets, Furniture, Jewelry* Ac. A note by j?oj*t punelually attended U> by K.. 1^4 Seventli avenue. Ladie* att^ided to by Mra. E. ATTENTJON.-I WANT A LARGE LOT OF CAST OFF Clothing to send out Weat. I-adi^n and genllenten, th<' following prices are guaranteed? For niik dre<se?< from $10 (o $36, for coats t rum $8 to $i<i, and pant* f rom $2 to $7 ; al-o Furntture, C\rpetvf B>'<1<linp, Jewrlry. <? Plea^w addresi A. Diiw, 21/i Seventh avenue, between Tweiity fourth and Twenty lit t b streets. Li.cflea perHoUally attend'U by Mr*. D A LARGE AMOUNT.? $12,000 WORTH OF CAST OFF Clothing, Carets. Jewelry, Ac., wanted, for toe supply or Western markets ? Ladies and gentlemen may be jx>m tive to receire the utmost value for them by ailing on or ad dressin# E. H., 70 Sixth avenue, ncur Waverley place. I*a dics attended by Mr.i. E. H. AT THE NEW STAND, 293 THIRD AVENUE, LADIES and gents can securo the full value for their east olf Clothing, by calling on or addressing C. Jacobs, 293 Third avenue, between Twenty* third unJ Twenty-fourth streets. Ladies attended by Miss F. Jacobs. A TTENTION.? LADIES AND c;ENTLEMEN. I F Vol! Jl. w?.*h to secure the lull value for your cast otr Ciothing. Carpets, Ftirniture and Jewelry, and* not t- ? be humbugged by fal e pri^ e offerers, the bent y? u ran ?' ? i? to c n ! a note to B MINTZ. 137 Si xt!? avenue, wn ere yon wd' hui - t ? ? re. celve 50 per cent more than ) rom any other dealer. La i.ei anendeu by Mrs Mints. 14? Sixth avenue, beta ? n TantU and Eleventh streets. /1LOTHINO WANTED-IN EXCHANGE FOR A NEW " ) sewing machine, front the estabiisbtnents of I. M. Singer, Wheeler A Wilson, Grover X B iker, <?r Howe. Any m- -r chant tailor or journey nt ?n wisi-.inj t ? m.Ae the ??*< !. a n/e will please address G W. L., box 21 1 Herald ofl'n e. NOTICE.? LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S CAST OFF Clothing* Furniture, C irp ts and Jewelry l*nnght and the highest price pitd for tln-m, at S FICLLEMAN r.rw *vs Ublisbment, 2t)3 .Ninth av-um . third do ?r be'.ow Twenty ninth street. Ladies attend. <1 by Mn. Fe'lenia i. KVUMTIUE. A BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED F URN ITU RE Jo? $Jt, in all * oiors, ?>f waj r.?no'd nunntu' itiivi ul-o olid chestnut Cnauiber Suits plain and ornamental, at 11. FARRINGToN'S, 368 Caual street, opposite Woosler. Es la /lished in l-i" Iii urn it c re wanted? a ladv* wishes ;o hire ? Until the 1st nt >l \ a wuiUb" am ? o* I'ui .ot and Bedroom Furniture, carpets, oik!' uw and Kit-hen l ien lis, to furnish a three st<>:> hovi , would pa> a i a^onable rent and give satisfa toiy r?;f.*r n , would Lao the ,)i ;vd >-e of buying the funiltur? tf'tcrtl.e l? ><t .?! ?y If t'.e p v ?. .es let. ti >ig would ?ell at a reaiouable rat". Address A. it., nution 1)., Bible house. ' n'Ot SEliOi.u' FURNITURE WAN . KD -I WOULD , Jifce le p.uchftsea fui.titv o Furilil ttv, a i.t.ihl- for a m -dium sized hnu e, I n which I will |>a; cash. SbouM my ? f wish o^ ii tii j xn i> a idrens ?i ime to w. D.,box 1,2 H j'ust of lie**, New YorK. ____ PLIMPTON' 'S IMPROVED PA !l LOU BEDSTEADS AND I other tirst class I' irniture, noi l wh i> sale, r. u.-laud by Monthly payment? at 116 TcU'h street, fortu *rly Na;iou.il \< Y\r Atl? SKDI i:\Ti. f AIjI.ACK k, 1 1 i? . | ! !. .. }} ' ' w' ' i n i r ? ' kii'Ii street w tu? ? ' HOWDHD llwt'vi:H "?A-? I attbst tiik (aiANuUs!l *?'* or tiik ? Ami'.f) AND Si UliviNi; T VIII f-'Airr VAIUKK ts,? iTiaf-iNu " M \ M V.I ??: mo MOIIN rAIM *? I'.M y MAiK.vnr vdi'm'.vi.n s i;.iiiuv* ( IUHVINIJ nr-i. ? CUAIt VI 1 N< } Ml ,-ir' COs'i UMKs. OOHTUM US. (Fromtllnwui uyC.ul llaag.) AOMIIIAKLB AiTINd AOMIKAUI.IS A' UNO % A> * A <V* 4. \ aO KING OF THE MOUNTAIN, >1. \ \ . V? % * "O <)? KINO or tiiH MOi M AINS Mil LKNTK H WAI.l.AOK, Mil. HI.AKK. Ml:. OIIAIU.KS I'ISiiEB. A, 1:. vol' m;. REYNOLDS. Mil KI.OYO MIvS IIOKY. MltS. VKltNON mis* lirvidyirM. KINO or tu r MOI V r A IN.-!. KINO ()K llli: MOUNTAINS. KINO OK TIIK MOUNTAIN* PRICK*. ? Uuim hiui Paripn t, Wcc.iu*; Pr; vale Rnros, $1, OnmilmiUlli||l; Family Circle, 850 nta New 11 >\v I-:!IY rHBAT&K. Sole Proprietor 1 ... ... v.- .ma. Km A Lingfcrt SATUttOAY, Nov. 9. I/Ml. Firtt appekt mh'P Iht* wcttou uf M It. o. (' Hi iNtFACB. tiluO'ius miucvus ..r Chun ?? Oayler'* nautical ilrttm?of . HA TTKRAS 1 N 1.111- , On, 0u? Nival VuTOut 'n. Willi * vivid description of .1 OH AN 11 SKA PlOlfT Between t?n full ri?i; ?! f*hl J>*. After which, El' imiBR. Tiik W ah Wiw.r or IIinoostan. Ami the comle mt-r n.li- ?r TIIK YOI Til Wil l NBVBIl SA'V A WOM Ktt. B ANNUM ? AMERICAN MUSEl M. .SiTOltfJAT, Nov. (I. IAC1 ORANH PA Mil Y IIOMUAV. TWO RUPP.KH 1>K\MATI(' I'B^POUM ' N'*R3. In (In- afternoon :vt S oVIook ami oi.mii" i| 7', at each of which (tie new and pon erf ul |ii- 'in MiUr drama, TUB ANf.'KI, OK M 1 1 ? N I ' ; II IV TIIK AX'iKL OK MIDMOIir, TIIK ANUKI, OK MIDNK.II f, will be produced Tlu? l? one of Ihe UiiimI an I infi?t attrac tive piece* Introduced Ki the New York public. In artiiix, nrcni>ry, (in <| ?- rtiea, continue** iiiubI Ac., 11111I tlm arr ing? inrnt iMi >L>;< * I.ADll'.t, CIIILDHKN, KAMIKIES AND SOIloOLH to wiiiich it, rind Him nil iho woud cful Biivnlth'K of Hip M? iiimiiii and ri'turn Immtt Imfori- ilark IaoIi'd anil i lilliirro, ? h im> liimliands and fathiTi are unalit,- to a.:ci)iii|iaiiy Ilium here, r?? thui BN.IOY TIIKIK AMUSEMENTS aluiic, a* the uiniont vigilancu i.i nn ic;? il liy the manage no-lit to protect Mich wliilo in tli<* Museum, and in all Impro per KcrxniK of both Hiixi'H nr.- cai, fully exi-luiicil. notliln/CM mar tlxdr eajoTmrnU. ?'i m ?, then, one aid all, and nee TIIK MAONIVIOKNT MKAMa and at the name time ju-r the LIVINtl HIPPOPOTAMUS, Or River Horne, from the river N,le, In E?j"pt, Tlieyrrat IV hemulh of the Scriotuj 01, The nw?t wonderful animal known, the llr.it and onlT r>n? ever In America lie In to be (ecu at all hjuri>, with bU us live Arab ke?per. Alwi the lil VINO ELEPH ANT TURTLB. over 1.WW j'Mil olil, and weUlilm over J;KJ pounds: lh" WHAT IS ITt Al< HI NO PAMILY: SEA UON, MAMMOTH DEAR SAM SON, ami near a million iitlu-r curiosities. Ai1iu1n4Iom tu all, i cuts; children under 10, 16 cent*. E BYANT'H MINSTRELS. Mechanic*' Hall, 472 Brnadway, iili-ivc Grand atreet, M ndiiv, November 4, nml i vi-i v mailt during ll?> ?<>?k ? DA.N BRYANT, N ML BIiVaST, El'H. HOKH, S. C. CAMPBELL, T. LESLIE, <1. S. KOWLKR. W L. lloBBS, J II NAVORI. J G AHATAGN A. N. W. GOULD, .1. MORRISON. J. W HILTON. T. J 1'V.Kii, Japanese tommy, r gei'tcnos. THE KXOEI.sH ill TROUPE OK THE WORLD, In a brilliant variety ot ??nija, .dance*, liu i league*, 4c, "The Raw Reefulti," " r u te de VUlte," " Lord Lnveil," ?? Tln-pan onlon," " Dat'a What's d? Matter," "Chaw Kniist Beef," ?? !'he Black Wl/ard." Do.ir* open at 6>? o'clock, curtain j-Im-i at 7% o'clock. Ticket* 25 cnn, HOi H.EY'S MINSTRELS (I, ATE OP NIBLO'S HA loon>( St'iyve?nt Itall, 8S9 Broadway, nuinwlte Bond atreet. MONDAY EVENINW, NOV. 4, AND EVERY NIU IIT. THE ST A It 1 KOUI'E STILL TRIUMPHANT. TREMENDOUS SCOCESS OK HIE NEW KP.ATUUEH. BAKUAItY A l.ItF.S ? SALLY, COME IIP! THE BARBER OUS POLITICIANS. THE DILAPIDATED MUSICIANS, *a Th? Vo'ul Qiinrtelte In new SonBH, DueH and l'h<iriiiwc?, IJ?or* np-tii atl>t?; to commence at 7*4. Ticxeta 36 cent*. Broadway musk; h w,l. 4i3and 4.16 HKOADWAV. 483 and l? grand matinee, GRAND M ATI NKIi. flit AND MATINEE, GRAND MATINEE, GRAND MATINF.B, GRAND MATINEE, GRAND MATINEE, I J HAND MATf NKK, ORAM) matinee this AFTEKNOOV, at v, o clock, for LADIES AND CHILDREN. LADIES AND CHI I.DitEN. GRAND CONSOLIDATION <>K NOVELTIES. Carlo's great comic pumoinioie of Till'. AI'K OK BORNEO. THE AI'K OK BORNEO. THE AI'K Ol* BORNEO. THE BROADWAY MINSTRELS, THE BROADWAY M INSTHELS, HIE HKOADWAY MINSTR^LB, in an entire new prnnr&mme ot hoi f;?, glee*, clmruw , -V' Paul Krdlant1* now Imllet, entitled I, A PRIMA DONNA. I. A PRIMA DONNA. LA PRIMA DONNA. LA PRIMA DONNA. THE (JltE AT CA RLO TilorPK, TilK IJIIEAT CARLO TROUPE, TDK URKAT CWtl.O TRflUPB, In tbclr wonderful eynnn-dic perform aneea It. W. BUTLER, Sole I , nance, MONS. La THORNE, Stage Manner CIANTERP.URY MUSIC BALL, US U.cuadW'ay ? J G REaT hit. DOR\ DAWRON, | - DORA DAW HON, "2 2 DOItA IIAWRON, g 2 liOUA DAWRON, ? 5 DORA DAWRON, 2 ? DOItA DAWRON, ^ f9 Tll? cull linitcd ft ~ DOUBLE VOICED SINGER, DOUBLE VOICED HI NO lilt, w double voiced singer, v. IN DUETTS 5 O IN DUETTS O X IN DUETTS K n ii nil . ? * BALLADH, '* 5 UA LI, ADS. g THE GREAT I'ANTOMINE, m 5 MACHO LAUREL, 2 M MAOIC LAUREL, M 75 MAillll LAUREL. ? "S MAOIO LAUREL. X y To night fourth apn^urancc of w x Si h\H BALDWIN, SII.AH BALDWIN, 2? g SILAS HALDWIN. SILAS HALDWIN, 2 2 THR CELKBRATKD JlKKiI.EK 3 Notick. ? OruMl N'?velii?!8 hi ration UNCEASING WONDBK3. At iIip i'ari?t*ti Cabio?aof Wonder* an ! Anatomy, 561 Broadway, next <ioor to Hall, Bla< k ,t I'/O., Ni;w Yurk. Ju*l ! add??l to this larg'-j ??ij)crb and world lamed collf-ctton, m iwrfect l n*ak of nature, a monnl<*r < hil<l witU two Iu?adfi, four j U^aandthr e arin*. In conjuhction with this in ten-afiniaj I HiKiit then- are wonrtrrs of an miHurpataable and tbiii)in/{ Qitture. At one Is Heftn 1, 70 f p.irin of the ii'itnan bod/, j The iuMtUution ban n prono nu^d by tue many thouMitida who crowd to It d illy t < have a truly moral tendency. Lectures daily on lnter?*?Unj;, acieritUlc and pathological , tubjecti. 1 Open lor gentlemen only from 10 A. M. till 10 P. M. I Admit hi??n 26 oenlflb - PHIl.IIAftVDNK: soi IETY Of NEW YORK ? (Tweiilie.ii tu a*on? IH6I-C-' ) .. ! The iioblic rch imnl (No. V |T"|?riit H-y u.tlieflml l otic rt 1 of the an.iwin % 111 lake |d?c- at In Inn Hall, on Saturday morninK, Novcnit?*r9 at III nVlin-k , EXTRA TICKETS KIH Y CENTS ItACU. ! Tb"> first Concert will inkc j.Iik' at IRVING HALL, On Satiirlny fvcninK, N"V?'|iiUt 9, at 8 o'clock on whlrh ao ca< on will tie ii ri'M ini-d llcctiioven h Symphony, No. f, in t: mi rft, Brrl'o'."* Overture ' I * <i -iieral Carnival," .iiid R V stivcrtnrf ? Ri?u/i." mi "i - the direction n| Garl 3 <: minor; Bvrlio/.'jf Uvrritite i*** <? 'ii'-rrti iv.u nivai, ? .nu K AV.vfljtH'i ov rtiir** ' ?ij !?'i the direction of <Jnr( hi r<u)aini. The following dlKt.n.; nslu d artiata wlil Ui ir ir - MLS8 ABBV P*A\T. SOl'HANO. SI U M. 1* MJLLn, I'lANO. I For miha rip: ion- apply at ihi- innxic atoren of gearrenbwe 1 ?V Liiih, 7o 9 Broaiiway; C BrciiM),^, Jul Broadway, ami I during the r<!h<',ir?nl at Irvliu Hull. DOOIts OPEN AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. Suhvrll*r? are r>- |.i"*t ! to 'na n their i-xu u I ckctn at ib ? jitiove mu*ic?tnre? bet ore ait o'clivk on tUed^yoi the concert. By order. .1 G. BEI8HBTM, Secretary. C1APTAIN WILLUJU1 ) SOUTH SEA WHALING VOYAGE. Hope Chapel. 7- 1 Bi-oad v ? , E/pry evening at q iarter fo eiulit u'clnck. Wedneaday and Saturday afternoon-, at .4 -I-, <? *k Opening soiree to-night, sati rd\y, A l MADAME SAl'VAGEA U'8 DANCING ACADEMY, Af) P ROADWAY, C 'Tier '>f II nntn. A'lmlmlOii 60e?ni? 1TWO LIVING WHALES AT JONES' WOODS, EAST riT?'r and Stxty-iifvh aireet. AdtnmHlon 25 cent*. Call* [ Uien unU?*r t?vn, 15 1 euta. ; |>1K)A!?VVAY ANli KOHTY -SEV K?NTJ! STKEliT HALL - 1 If S:tt*n-d, Pitrm if and Miiwliam-owtt ('omert, !?>? 1)j? r?'|?'brnted Sunday School V?x alUi?. under the dire'" t o i nf Mr ll ?r??;? W.vt? ri. TicK-U 25cent*. Kor the beueflt j of i- !'m 'f Sunday School. LI///.IE 1' AKK Kit, RAVINU ACt'KPTKD FN ? JVi. , m n'g which prevent h*''.* iolns to Europe at pi. ; ;???,!? i 'or (.ngag unentH to 8iu4 m oratorio or conocrL Any >. > i'.'U' h or tKT<?int den i n ' he:* aervieen will ;> eaac ad ! (lr"s* >1 h l*,?rk?'r, box I>, Brooklyn IVxt oiiirv*, N Y. Ci WTSS I1KLL KIS(?EKS, AT Ilill'S 0HAl*EL, 720 O 11 -o.ida.iy .-The Al.?-^ i.?niau?, V .<aiUtt ui t S -l->a H 11 i "V ' v A<l?i?*U';n '?' * (xsntn, ciiil'Jr(*ri ?3 r - Cumin lie-* it 7\ >i ? .? ' sv ? J... iflmtM a ? I n'uo.-lt C li.i-cu to 'ju;aee iJecaW.